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Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 11:45:34 AM

//Hazel McMahan


At JSM Thanksgiving Campmeeting 2011 you preached at the afternoons, I listened to your DVDs and I was there. I lost disc 8 and 12 and I can't find them. Mike Primeaux is in jail and I need to know the 7 days of creation. Mike wanted me to tell him but I couldn't. Maybe you can tell me what to do. Love, Hazel

Sunday, January 20th 2013 - 12:40:39 PM

//Janet Pursel


Brother Marty, I am so happy to find your ministry and website! I had it marked on my computer, but, lost it when my computer broke. I am so thankful to Jesus for your ministry, your humility and down to earth approach is so refreshing! We are in such a great need for preachers of the true Word of God who take this message to the world in such a serious manner. I am so happy to see BJ with your ministry. She always appeared to be a sincere lady of God. God bless you and your precios family for your endeavers!

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 10:18:33 PM

//Diane Springfield

Brother Martinez, I am so wonderfully proud of you and your work! I was channel surfing almost two years ago and I paused, entranced by the word I was hearing. You were preaching on SonLife Network. I was so blessed and I began watching. I always looked for your ministering - no pretense - God's anointing was all over you. Just recently found out about your endeavors. My prayers and support will surely follow you, B.J. and the ministry. Much love!

Wednesday, November 14th 2012 - 04:25:12 AM

//John Ralston

Marty... I LOVE you..!! But you need some website work drastically. I can't find anywhere to 'DONATE'. IMO, this should maybe be a priority, lol. Personally, I'd opt for the lower half of the 1st page... a big, florescent red, shiny button. Otherwise, it is a privilege to listen, preach & heed God's word. May you & your family & staff enjoy great health & prosperity. Thanks again, John

Saturday, September 1st 2012 - 12:40:17 PM

//Chaplain John C. Bayer

Great site, Love what you guys are doing for the Kingdom of God. Are you open to a Prison service in Youngstown, OH. a Federal Prison one hour from Pittsburg. Our web-site is www.freeatlastprisonministries.org my direct cell# 225-810-6108 God Bless my Brother, John

Wednesday, August 15th 2012 - 04:29:51 PM

//Ken & Sue Taunton

Hey Amigos, The temperature has finally dropped below 100 here. We hope all is well with you. I never seem to injure myself, but three weeks ago I stepped off a ladder the wrong way and before I realized I had REALLY injured myself, I lifted some haevy rocks. My left leg is extremely painful. There is no swelling, no bruises, no blood clots, and I guess it will finally heal. It goes away, but suddenly comes back. Thankful that I can sleep without pain and even drive but the rest is not so wonderful. Appreciate your prayers as usually I'm a guy who can't stand still. Thank God, Sue is fine. In closing, we wanted to ask you what is the title of the Hispanic song on you tube you feature and what exactly are they singng about. My Espanol is fair but limited. We have a good friend in his early twenties named Gregorio. We hope to witness to him and by faith, in the future will give him one of our unopened Biblia De Estudio del Expositor versions from JSM. Please take care out there, Ken & Sue T

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