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ceara [e]
Love Your stories. i would love to see more of Your story "Master" if at all possible
Thursday, August 12th 2010 - 04:42:23 AM

orkchild [e]
I really enjoyed both of your original pieces as well as your Harry Potter/Severus Snape pieces as well. Keep writing.
Friday, January 11th 2008 - 09:56:17 AM

Hey I completely adore all your fics, you even got me reading fandoms I normally don't :) I love both your original stories, the concepts behind them, characters- everything really. I've probably read most of your stories at the least three times each. I have my favourites that I'll read whenever if I feel sad or in the mood for something paticular or just because. Yeah I'm sadly addictted to your writing and always makes my week when ya update.
Monday, July 2nd 2007 - 03:20:21 AM

gull [e]
hey ho, I love your banshee key story. these two are made for each other. I would like to know how the story goes on. Do you write more?

wl gull
Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 04:16:12 PM

Shelly [e]
I just thought I would like you know that I love your stories. Thank You for writing!
Friday, March 9th 2007 - 03:35:23 PM

RD Wind [e]
I loved the birthing chapter from Meet the Family! I look forward to the continuation of this story! Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new layout!

Friday, January 12th 2007 - 03:29:17 AM

Brandon Heat [e]
I really like the story Peorth it's one of my favorite. I was just wondering if you were ever going to finish it or if you have writer's block or something. Just wondering

X Brandon Heat
Tuesday, December 12th 2006 - 04:47:32 AM

fire of the lioness [e]
I´ve gone back to your site sooo often to see if there were any updates, but I didn´t see this dreambook before. Maybe if I leave a message here I´ll get updates Please?? pretty please? I love the story "Master" in the HP section and I truly want to find out how Draco will react to Sev and Harry pairing up. And I also love the "A Cub and his Master" or something like that. Hmmm, you may notice I like consensual D/s stories. I´d love an update for either. Great work so far!
Thursday, October 26th 2006 - 04:54:28 PM

Karen [e]
Just wondering if you'd done more or will continue the story Peorth. Just completed chapter 15 and find that I'd like more please. I think you are very talented, and I enjoy your style of writing. I really enjoy the relationship that Snape, Draco and the gang have. Please update soon. Thanks
Thursday, October 12th 2006 - 03:09:54 AM

Stephanie [e]
OMG Bleudiablo, i've known about your writing for years and i periodically come onto your site to see if you've written anything new. Today i saw Peorth, which was one of the few HP fics you have that i haven't read yet and i loved it! Please update soon, i know u updated in June, but please can we get something sooner? Please please? I love Harry as Sev's pet stories and there are so few good ones out there, so thank you for writing it. I Also love all of your HP and Smallville smut, yum yum! So...have i kissed your ass enough for you to update sooner? Haha Bai Bleu
Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 04:40:10 AM

Lizzy [e]
Ake! i just read your pireates series! i cant wait for your up-date! when will sev and harry get togeather? will harry and draco be friends again? i have to know!
Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 10:38:10 PM

Lizzy [e]
hey i loved your SS/HP Master seires! will you have the third part up any time soon?
Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 09:01:28 PM

Al [e]
You have the potential to be a great writer, you already are a good story teller, but you need a whole lot more life experience. I was enjoying your story of a deaf/mute Harry. I overlooked the first time he cried, hoping that it was an aberration. I groaned out loud when he started bawling in Dumbledore's arms and again when he crawled into Dumbledore’s lap, but persevered onward...hoping for the best. However, you totally lost me with Snape's reaction to Harry and the snake in the library. It was totally unrealistic and just plain stupid. You give Harry and Snape the emotional reaction of 13-14 year old girls—teenagers. Therefore, I assume you are one. Don’t take this LoC as negative feedback. You have a story-telling gift. But boy do you need to grow up. Adult men don’t behave the way your Harry and Snape behave. I am not going to read any more of the story. But if you ever decide to rewrite it…I think it could be one of the great HP Fanfics. Your ideas are sound, your descriptions are vivid and believable, your dialogue is believable, and you teach your reader something positive about deaf/mutes. But your men behave like teenage girls anytime they have an emotional moment. It just totally spoils the story for any adult woman.
Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 02:50:57 PM

Ash Mouse [e]
Hey, i've read all the following of your HP stories The Master Series, Indentured Servant, In the Family way, The Claiming Series, The Pirates of the Hogwarts Sea Series, Meeting the Family, The Pheonixes Series and i really hope that you continue to write more in the fandom, as you have an excellent writing style and seem to be the sort of person who prefers their characters to saty as much in caracter as possible, as well as having original characters without having Mary-Sue's. Keep up with the excellent work :-)
Wednesday, July 5th 2006 - 01:33:44 PM

RD Wind [e]
I wish Family -- Harry Potter would be updated a little more often!
Tuesday, May 16th 2006 - 04:46:43 AM

Em [e]
Hey there, just wanted to say how much i love yer HP/SS fics . And was wondering if you were continuing the Pirates of the Hogwarts Sea.
Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 01:56:17 PM

Twilight [e]
So far I've only read The Scent part one and Destiny's Couple. I really enjoy your writing, it's very discriptive. I feel like I'm right there with Lex and Clark. I really wish I was there, some of those scenes are to hot for words. Sequels would be much appreciated.
Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 04:12:00 AM

darrena [e]
I've read mostly all your Harry Potter stories and I must say that I really like them and I think you have a natural talent.
At the moment i'm extatic because I read the 10th chapter from Peorth.
Brilliant story.
Also loved The Pheonixes, Master, I'm Not a Veela, hmmm... and the rest but at the moment don't remember their names.
U rock. Keep it this way.
Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 11:07:19 PM

Love your Peorth series! Absolutely entrancing!
One of the best and most original works I have read.
Please write more soon.
Thank you for sharing your talent.
Wednesday, December 7th 2005 - 05:37:34 AM

i loved blood and teeth. it was great. i love the dom lex and sub clark stories. i hope you write more. bye now!
Tuesday, November 29th 2005 - 03:03:33 AM

methoslover [e]
I love The Pheonixes story on the Harry Potter page. Is there any chance of another sequel? Maybe Harry being pregnant with the child/children of both mates?
:-) :-)
Monday, November 21st 2005 - 07:02:47 AM

Gerlinde [e]
I'm so glad that you do occasionally update your fics. I love the aditions to peorth and meeting the family, I almost gave up hope!And I think that the world you created for Kinshar Academy is too good not to be explored further - with elementals and magical creatures, not to mention a hot pairing!
And Master and Tattoo are also favourites of mine! keep up the good work!
Sunday, November 13th 2005 - 02:52:09 PM

i love all your fics but peorth is my favourite, please add more soon. and is their a sequel to master?
Tuesday, October 11th 2005 - 07:37:53 PM

B [e]
I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your original stories. Especially 'The Banshee Key'
I hope you are still working on this. I would love to read more.

Monday, August 15th 2005 - 04:58:30 AM

Lothirielwen [e]
How do I get to the sequal for "Master"? It won't let me pull it up for some reason....

Must say, I love your Snarry fics
Tuesday, August 2nd 2005 - 02:30:50 AM

cj [e]
I love your story called master! It has a link to the sequal but it doesnt work. I am dying to read the sequel. PLease either write it or fix the link!
i'd love an email with the link if it already exists. keep up the great work, your stories are fantastic.
Monday, July 25th 2005 - 01:21:29 AM

Violet Hatts [e]
I love your fics. I have not read one of your fics that I didn't like. The Harry Potter stories are some of the coolest I've read. Is there a sequel to Master? There's a link, but it doesn't go anywhere. It would be awesome if there was. Umm, is The Pirates of Hogwarts ever going to be updated? It is a super cool fic. Like all your fics. What is the key fiction? It's not under original, so is it like a book or something? I've read all of your Harry Potter fics, A Fragile thing, and The Banshee Key. They were awesome. Sorry. It's 2 a.m. and I'm not making lots of coherent sentences, so I'll just sign now. Bye bye
Friday, July 22nd 2005 - 10:00:01 AM

KC [e]
I love all of your Harry Potter stories!! I love the way you write your stories and play out you characters love! Right now I'm going to just review three that I hope you are going to continue...
First is 'The Pheonixes'.. I read both the first and second part and loved both!! Now Harry has a real father!! I think you should continue with another part. Mabey Harry should be kidnaped protecting the younglings of the Dark Lord!! Harry still hasn't gotten to know his father and Sev and Remy need to play with Harry togeather!! Any continueation to this story would be great!
Then comes 'Peorth'.. I actually found a link to this stroy on a message board that was looking for the best Pet!Harrys!! Yours was one of the first!! It's a great story and I can't wait till the next chapter to come out!!
Last and not least is 'The Pirates of the Hogwarts Sea'.. This was the first of your stories I've ever read and I feel in love with it forever ago!! I just now read the new chapter and it is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!! Will Harry stay with Sev (who wouldn't want to *hehe*) or will he try to find his godfather and getsome revenge or will he leave Sev forever?!? I can't wait till the next episode ~on the Hogwarts Sea~!! Sorry to much sugar!!
Also, I was wondering if you were going to make a sequal to 'Master'!! That is a lovely story also!! Sev still has to explore Harry's toys and learn how Harry became a Sub. Do you know any other good Dom/Sub stroies? Right now I'm reading 'How Severus Spends His Summer Hols' by sevs_lil_secret off of Silver Snitch!! It is a great story also!! Anyway..
Please continue writing!! I love all of your stories so much!! I just realized this is a really long review, sorry if you don't like it! You can flame my if you'd like. Love KC
Monday, June 27th 2005 - 03:19:13 AM

lothestel [e]
Oops, I think I forgot the underscore in my previous comment. This is the correct email.

*gives you a hug and waves as she runs out the door for work*
Saturday, May 28th 2005 - 08:07:35 AM

Lothestel [e]
Hey, I loved 'The Claiming'. I have yet to start on the sequel because I hate reading unfinished stories and I've been waiting forever for you to update it. *looks pleadingly at you* please update soon?

The storyline was something I'd never seen before, I mean, there are loads of stories out there that have Severus Snape as a vampire. But none I've seen so far have put him in the context of being a 311year old or so vampire living in America. I also found the way that he made Harry his childe interesting. Never really thought about that part before.
You could have expanded a little bit on how Harry was turned though. Its a bit vague.

Your story, "Peorth" has also captured my interest. I got coerced into reading it by some rec, that I can't remember. But... its been stagnent for ... A really long time.

Thank you for creating such wonderful stories that enrich my life and imagination. Do update soon okay?
Saturday, May 28th 2005 - 08:05:34 AM

Lothirielwen [e]
I've read more then just the three stories that I'm going to mention and I do plan to read all of them (at least the Harry Potter ones), but I wanted to mention these. I really hope that you plan to write a sequal to "Interactions" and "Master". I would love to see what happens next. Both are really great. And now to mention my fav (at the moment at least), Peorth. I love this fic!! But what is a Panivco? Did you make it up? (Tried doing some research on it, but couldn't find anything...). Hope you update it soon, can't wait to read more to it!!
Wednesday, May 11th 2005 - 05:57:44 AM

I really liked the Harry/Snape story THE MASTER and thought that it would be really cool if you continued the story.
Tuesday, April 12th 2005 - 01:02:52 AM

xAmi x [e]
I'm totally in love with all your Harry Potter fics, and I especially adore Tattoo.
Fics with Voldemort/Harry/Lucius or any combination of them have always been a favourite of mine and I think this is one of the best I've read.
Please do write a sequal!
Also, do you know of any other good V/L/H fics becuse they are very hard to come by! Please email me if you know any!
Thank you and keep writing!
Love, Ami x
Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 11:45:31 PM

Please write more to your story "Banshee Key"!!! I love what you have so far, and I REALLY want to read more of it! *fans herself*
Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 04:30:23 PM

Kenda [e] [h]
oooooooooooooo...please please write more in the world of "Fragile thing* that is such a good story!!!

*pouts prettily* pwese pwese?
Wednesday, November 24th 2004 - 02:53:16 AM

Dawn [e]
Wow, that's all I can say... I have proabaly read almost all of you stories now, some in genres I usually don't even read! you are a fantastic writer. I esecially love all of you original work, it is much harder to come up with you own characters and settings than when they have already been istablished, and you pull it off magnificently! I also would like to say that I have indeed read ALL of your Harry Potter fics and they are great. I especially liked Tatoo. You had a very dificulty pairing and you pulled it off. You are one of the only authors I have ever seen write that pairing and make it work.
I look forward to any new stories, or updates, you write.
Keep up the great work!
Your loyal fan,
Sunday, October 31st 2004 - 12:24:58 AM

ysth [e]
I loved Kisnar Academy, so hot and diferent.
Can you write more of it, please????

I also love your Hp fics, and i'm dying to read more.

Never stop you are great.
Friday, September 24th 2004 - 12:29:11 PM

danea [e]
absolutely fab
keep writing esp B/S/A stories as i love them.
your writing is brill and i think more would be better.
Thursday, September 2nd 2004 - 01:33:03 PM

On your story Scent in Smallville and Master in Harry Potter any sequels coming up. Cause in Master Severus was going to show harry that he was his. And didn't you also write that they both teach at Hogwarts, that would be extremely interesting seeing what happens when the go back into the wizarding world.
Friday, May 7th 2004 - 05:32:33 PM

Realm aka Fanfic_gal [e]

Please make more....pretty please with a cherry on the top?
Saturday, April 10th 2004 - 12:11:37 AM

emma [e]
oooooo all the fics i read were wonderful, i loved the smallville slash, the hp fics and the original series. Keep writing!!!
Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 06:32:34 AM

Another chapter of the man who was the boy... you have no idea how happy you just made me ;)

More... soon... please
Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 09:33:27 PM

Laura [e]
I am so loving "The Man Who Was The Boy", but I want him to get together with Severus NOW!!!! Oh please, tell me that I won't have to wait too long for them to be reunited as a couple. They are so good for one another and Lucius is icky.
Friday, February 20th 2004 - 04:31:49 AM

Yay! three new installments. *is very pleased* I still like your 'the man who was the boy' very much and I hope that the nextchapter comes soon. Preferably yesterday ;)
Friday, February 20th 2004 - 02:01:23 AM

Mynona [e]
I really liked your 'the man who was the boy' fic. I never liked stories with Grown-up Harry but I want more of this, please.
Wednesday, January 28th 2004 - 07:35:09 PM

Realm aka Fanfic_gal [e]

The story PHOENIXES is
really really GOOD! Please
do make a sequel! Also for
tattoo! BYE!
Tuesday, December 16th 2003 - 07:17:30 AM

Nicole [e] [h]
I really liked your vampire HP/SS story. Please update it. I loved it, actually. In fact, I'm now desperately wishing I had a boyfriend who has no qualms with sex...oh well...keep up the wonderful work you've started.

Saturday, December 13th 2003 - 03:39:56 AM

Mishap [e] [h]
More, more, more, more, etc

In other words I love your writing and want to encourage you to do more of it...a lot more
Wednesday, November 26th 2003 - 07:41:38 AM

Laura [e]
PLEASE add more to Tainted Love! Even though Harry/Daemon is bound to Alderon, I'm kinda hoping that you'll eventually get him and Sev back together--maybe a HP/SS/OC??? Please let me know when you add to it!!!!
Friday, November 14th 2003 - 07:24:45 PM

deathscythe [e]
I like the layout for your site. What I need to tell is that the link for "The Tattoo-Part Two" is broken. I was enjoying the fic till that happened. When you fix please tell mr so that I can read it. Thank you.
Wednesday, November 12th 2003 - 10:55:42 PM

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