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Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 09:00:21 AM
Name: older woman, younger husb and
Comments:I hope this is the right dreambook for this story. My name is Beth, and my husband is Tom. Tom is 15 yrs younger than I, 26 to my 42. He's my second husband, and we got together in 2009, about a year after he left the military. He was in for 6 yrs, with 3 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I had been divorced for 5 yrs when we met, and somthing about him just made me feel that he was my Mr. Right. So, I had to actually pursue him. I landed my catch, a real world record according to my 4 kids. He just fit right in with my family, friends, and we have so much in common that it almost seems unreal. About a year after our wedding, we were at some friends' house, and after a few glasses of wine, my girlfriend and I began talking about sex, and fetishes, and related subjects. My friend asked me if we ever tried bondage and I had to admit, no, the subject hadn't ever come up. She told me that she and her husband sometimes played kidnap/hostage tie up games, and suggested we try. I was reluctant to bring it up, but the idea kept rolling around in my brain, and I asked her to give details about their "adventures". After some very spicy stories, I got an idea that I would kidnap my husband for a whole weekend and asked her for ideas. She was only to glad to advise me, and wanted me to tell her how it went, whenever I did the deed. I planned for several days, biding my time, and the opportunity just basically fell into place. My kids all wanted to go on a youth trip with the yought group from church, leaving on a Friday afternoon when scholl got out and not get back til Sunday afternoon. I knew that was my chance. I made arrangements to take the day off at work, but told my husband that I had an important meeting. On the day of the "happening", I got up with my husband, fixed breakfast for both of us, as he had to go to work early that Friday (he works construction). I dressed as usual for work, skirt, heels, blazer, and instead of pantyhose, wore thigh highs. I got the kids up, fed them, got them ready for the trip, loaded them into the Suburban, and took them to the churchhouse. I waited til the bus departed, then went shopping for a couple of items I hadn't already obtained. On my friend's advice, I was going to take my husband by surprise, and take him someplace and "have my way" with him for almost 48 hours. I didn't think he would refuse, once he figured out what was in store for him. Although, I did intend for it to be "no holds barred". While out doing y errands it began to rain, so I told myself I had to hurry home, change into my planned kidnapper costume (black jeans, black pullover cotton blouse, ski mask, and a pair of mid-heel black boots. I had hidden a backpack filled with several lengths of rope, scarves, tape, and plastic zip ties, along with a toy pistol belonging to my son. I got home, pulled in the garage, and was relieved to not see my hubby's truck already there. So far, so good, I thought to my self. I went in the house, and felt myself actually getting aroused just thinking about what I was going to do. My girlfriend had insisted on loaning me some adult "toys", but I wsn't too sure about using them. Oh, lest I forget, my husband is 6ft, 1 in tall, 185lb of lean, fit, ex-paratrooper, manliness, brown hair, eyes, and eyelashes that women envy. I am 5ft 5in, blond, blue, 125lb, 34C-25-34, and I work out on a regular basis, altho, I don't worry about my man straying, I intend to keep myself looking good for him. After going inside, I put down my purse and the items I had purchased, and for some unknown reason, decided to use the hall bathroom instead of going to our bedroom and using the bathrooom there. When I came out of the bathroom, someone tackled me, wrestled me to the floor, and pushed a rather large ball into my mouth. I was almost in a panic, but then heard my husband's voice as he whispered in my ear, "so you were planning on kidnapping me, huh?" I then realized either my girlfriend had blabbed to Tom, or to her husband and he told Tom. At least I knew it would still be an interesting weekend. He lifted me off the floor, and using some of my own zipties, bound my wrists snugly but not painfully behind me. He then went into his role as my kidnapper, telling me "give me any trouble and you'll regret it." He then led me into the basement, where he grabbed an old raincoat of his from the Army, draped it around me, put a pair of sunglasses on me that had been taped over the lenses with black tape, led me out the basement entrance and, in the rain, walked me to our barn. I could tell where we were going even though the glasses did a fair job of blindfolding me. We went in the barn and I felt and heard himopening the doors of his truck. He sat me down, buckled the seat belt, copped a feel which instantly got me very hot, then ziptied my ankles and knees. To say I was aroused was an understatement, as I was ready right then for him to take me. He backed out of the barn, and I tried to ask him where he was taking me, but nothing intelliglible came out of my gagged mouth. We drove for several minutes, so I'm pretty sure we went into town (we live 2 miles from city limits), and made severl turns, stops, other moves so I really had no idea where we actually were. Finally we stopped, he got out for just a few seconds, then got back in, pulled forward, stopped, shut off the engine, got out, and then I heard the sound of a large door, like a garage of shed or something, closing. My door opened, my seatbelt came off, he lifted me out of the truck like I weighed nothing, stood me up on my high heels that I hadn't been able to change out of, removed the raincoat, and lifted me onto his broad shoulder and carried me into whatever building we were in. He finally set me down, removed the glasses but not the ball from my mouth. He thne told me he ws going to cut the zipties and allow me to use the ladies room. As soon as I came out of the ladies room, he led me into a large room that appeared to be in some sort of warehouse. There was a double bed, with pillows and comforters, a sofa, a dining table with two chairs, a tv and dvd player, small refrigerator and microwave. He told me to turn around, put my hands behind my back, and stand still. He pulled my blazer off, said, "sure wish you were wearing long sleeves, because I dont want to mar your lovely skin." He then proceeded to tie my hands rather snugly, he tied my elbows, which to both or amazement, touched with little effort. He backed me up to the end of the bed, gently spread my legs, and securely bound my ankles to the lower bed rail. I was so aroused that I was trembling, my nipples were so erect that they almost hurt, and my crotch was getting soaked with my juices. I wanted so badly to beg him to throw me on the bed and just take me with everything he had, but, alas, again the gag was wroking quite well. He stood in front of me, and slowly began unbuttoning my blouse. I was very glad he had grabbed me before I had changed clothes, as a skirt comes off lot easier than tight jeans, and pullover blouses just get in the way. He finished unbuttoning, but did not open the blouse, just let it reveal only a little bit of cleavage. He dropped to his knees, reached behind me and unhooked and unzipped my skirt, untied my ankles, raised my feet one at a time and took my skirt, carefully folded it, laid it on the sofa, and with an incredibly light but sexy touch, ran his fingertips up the inside of my legs, first the right, with a very light caress of my soaked crotch, then the left, again with the light touch at my crotch. By now, I wanted toscream for him to fuck me, but just trembled inmy bondage. Finally, he pulled my blouse back agains my bonds, and with the gentlest touch, caressed both breasts. I arched my body, trying to get closer to him, to rub against him or just dry hump him but he stayed just out of reach. I was so desperate for him that I was sobbing, begging with my eyes to have him make love, or rape me, fuck me, screw me, bang me, whatever. I just wanted him more than anything I ever wanted in my life. He finally took pity on me I guess, as he dropped to his knees again, and slowly removed my soaked panties. Then, he retied my ankles to the bed, again snugly, but not too tight. I felt his hands start caressing my legs again, getting closer to my crotch, but not quite touching it. I strained to push myself to his touch, to no avail. Finally, I felt his finger go inside me and rub my clit. I immediately had the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. He rubbed a little harder, again sending spasms thru my helpless body, then as I looked down, he licked my clit, gently at first, then harder and harder and harder. I was literally fucking his tongue as much as my bonds allowed, and he kept licking and fingering, and, without warning, inserted a finger into my bottom. He had never done this before, even tho I had tried anal sex a few times with my ex. I was almost hysterical with desire and arousal, but still he never attemtped to enter me. Then, to my dismay, he arose, and went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of very expensive wine, poured 2 glasses, and brought them over. He removed my gag and offered me a drink, but I said "please fuck me, now and forever, pleaes." He insisted I drink something since I had been gagged for a long time, and was worried I might dehydrate. I told him to put me on my knees and I would drink whatever he put in my mouth. He kissed me as passionately as I had ever been kissed in my life, told me he loved me, but he wasn't going to rush things. I begged him, but he just touched my clit again, once more sending spasms thru me, kissed me again, and when I was kind of expecting him to just tempt and tease me more, he bent his knees a little and then entered me in one movement. I instantly started to orgasm nonstop, something I had never done before, and he settled into a rhythym that caused sensations and feeling I had never experienced. I soon realized he was as aroused as I, as I could feel that he was almost lifting both me and the bed I was bound to off the floor. I felt him start to cum, and once again I began having violent orgasms. I must have fainted, because when i finally got some sense about where I was, I realized I was laying on the bed, under the covers, and I was no longer bound, just exhausted. Tom was sitting on the edge beside me, and asked if I was alright. I assured him I was, and also told him that I expected to be made love to like that much more often.. The next 36 hrs were the most unbelievable, satisfying period I had ever been thru. I found out later that my girlfriend had indeed told Tom what I was intending to do, and he just found a way to beat me at my own game. No complaints from me. We now enjoy some bondage on many occasions, but not when the kids are in the house. I have a tendency to be kind of loud during these sexperiences, even louder than normal. I can only say to other ladies who might read this, that don't be afraid to get envolved with a younger man. Our life is great, and we are expecting our first child together. That makes me a mother of 5 over 40, and still going strong. Maybe there will be another in the future also, but who knows?
Sunday, June 12th 2011 - 03:47:13 PM
Name: TJ
Comments:Okay well I'm 5'9, senior, skinny but with muscle, athletic(I play football, basketball, and run track)tanned, and medium brown hair. We just won a football game that clinched a playoff spot for us so my friend had a party at his house( rich family, big house). Tons of people from school was there. There was alcohol but I dont drink so none for me. I was trying to walk through everyone to get to my friends when I bumped into a girl and she spilled her drink.(it wasnt alcohol) I said I was sorry and asked if I could get her another drink. I looked at her for the first time as she spoke. Brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, tanned, about 5'6, great sized breasts, beautiful face, was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and jean shorts that barely covered her legs. "No, its okay" she said. "You sure?" I asked. "Yeah, its totally cool" she said with a smile. "TJ" I said reaching my hand out. "I know" reaching her hand out. "Everyone knows you. I'm Taylor" she said. "So what grade are you in" I asked. "Freshman" she said. "Really? I've never seen you around" I said. "Oh. Well I see you all the time" she said. We talked more but it was really hard to hear. "You wanna go somewhere thats more quiet?" she asked. "Sure" I said. She led me upstairs and into a bedroom. She shut the door and we sat on the bed talking more. "I cant beleive I'm here" she said. "What do you mean" I asked. "With you. You're one of the cutest guys in school and I'm just a freshman" she said. There was a silence. "You know.....I've had a fantasy with you for awhile now" she said. "Oh really? Whats your fantasy" I asked. "You tied up in a spread eagle in a bed" she said. In my mind, I was like YES! Finally someone else likes bondage. "What if I could make that fantasy come true right now" I asked. She sat on my lap, facing me and said "I'd like that." We started kissing and we layed down on the bed, but I flipped her where I was on top of her and we made out. "Have you done any kind of sex" I asked in between kisses. "No" she said as she pushed me over and then got on top of me. "But I know what to do" she said. I smiled and we began making out again. She stopped and said she'll be right back and begged me not to leave. Minutes later, she came back with a roll of duct tape. "You ready" she asked. "Of course. Just tell me what to do" I said. "Okay. Strip to your underwear" she said. "I will if you will" I said with a smile. "Thats fair" she replied. We both stripped and I was already hard and seeing her only got me harder. She had on a black bra and panties. "Okay now lay down on the bed" she said. I did and she tied me in the spread eagle on the bed. "You're excited" she said looking at my groin are. I looked and my penis was sticking straight up. "So what can I do to you" she asked. "Taylor, I'm tied up. You are in charge so you can do anything you want" I said. "Okay" she said with a smile. She started kissing me and then went lower to my neck, to my chest, my abbs which she hit to see how hard they were(6 pack), then she stopped at my waist. She brought in scissors with her and she started cutting my briefs. Before she removed them, she looked at me and smiled. Then she exposed my rock hard penis. She grasped it and gave it a hard squeeze. She kissed it then licked it over and over again. She then guided it in her mouth and gave me head. Minutes later she stopped right when I felt my load in there. But it was GREAT. "Oh I'm not even close to being done" she said. "I hope not" I said. She smiled. "Since I'm naked, shouldn't you be too" I asked. "Thats fair" she said laughing. She stood over me and took of her bra and panties. I wanted to just cum all over her. She saw me looking at her tits. "Oh you like these" she said bouncing them up and down with her hands. I nodded. "Well I'll give you a chance but you have to prove yourself worthy to me. But now, let me get back to pleasing you" she said as she put my penis in her mouth again. Minutes passed by and I was about to lose it, but she stopped again right before i cummed. "Why do you stop" I asked. "Cause I know when you're about to cum and the longer you hold it in, the better it feels when you do cum" she said. "Are you sure you've never done anything like this" I asked with a smile. "I'm sure. But now you have a chance to prove that you're worthy to me" she said. She put her foot on my cheek. "Kiss my feet" she said. I kissed her feet all over untill she pulled it away. "Okay. You're one step closer to getting to these" she said touching her tits. She then sucked my penis, stopping right before I cummed. She watched as I struggled to keep it in. "This time you get to give me a hicky on my butt" she said and she stuck her butt in my face and I left her a hicky. She gave me head 4 more times, taking a little break in between them, waiting for my load to cool off a little bit. She never gave me another chance to suck her tits though. "Okay, this is it. If you can hold it in here, I'll let you suck my tits" she said. She gave me head again and I really struggled to hold it in and was able to do it. "Okay, you win. But let me just get it outta there so I can taste yours" she said as she stuck it back in her mouth. I cummed in her mouth and it felt so good. "Delicous" she said. She then stuck her tits in my face and said here;s your reward. I sucked them non stop until she got wet. She put her vagina in my face so I could taste her juices. We sat there for awhile. "That was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime" she said untying me. "Maybe you gettied up next time" I said. "Sound good" she said. We kissed and she left.
Friday, May 6th 2011 - 11:25:21 AM
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Tuesday, March 8th 2011 - 11:02:25 PM
Name: Paul
Comments:The story was unfortunatly fake, but the people weren't
Thursday, November 4th 2010 - 04:06:45 PM
Name: Paul
Comments:Let me descride myself first. I'm 16 years old, rather on the skinny side, but I got some muscle on me (by the way Im from Kentucky) . This is my favorite bondage experiance ever.
It happened about a year to a year and a half a go. My parents were going on an aniversary thing overnight, and were taking my sister to my grandparents place. Being the "resposible" parents they were they hired a babysitter for me. This made me a little mad. When the sitter came I just about fainted from shock! It wasn't my usual sitter, it was Sakino, about 20 years old and is from Japan. This girl is HOT! She has long black hair, nice ass, and hot face. Also she was wearing a tank top which showed some cleavelage and a medium length skirt.
After going through the usual babysiiter stuff mom and dad left. After a while, me and Sakino hung out for a while and just watched tv or played WII (she was good). Finally she went to go get dinner ready, and I quckly went to get ready for the show. After dinner I went downstairs and called Sakino, she came down and turned the corner and I jumped her. Pulling off strips of duct tape I taped her wrists together and her ankles all the while she struggleing and yelling at me. After her ankles are taped I ball up some bandanas and shove them in her mouth sealing it with duct tape.
I go back and get some stuff out of the garage and begin to tie her up more securley. After Im done sher is triple- gagged, ankle, and knee tied, and ropes circleing above and below her breasts and she's hogtied (it's about 8 now). After she is securley tied I take her to my room and un-geg her. She tells me that she's not mad that I tied her up, but is mad that I assulated her.
I say "ok would you let me tie you up if I asked?"
She said sure and that I could tie her however I wanted. I tell to strip to her bra and panties. And she doses. I ask to get up on the bed and proceed to tie as I had before only this time I tie her to the bed. That was an awesome night, she allowed me to grope her boobs. I kept her tied all night and into the morning, but I had to let her before my parents got back.
Anyway thats my story. Please comment on how awesome it was!
Thursday, November 4th 2010 - 04:04:34 PM
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Thursday, September 2nd 2010 - 04:05:11 PM
Name: Casey
Comments:My relationship with Selena has took off. We started tying each other up more. But none of those times were good as the last story. Probably because we had kinda sex in the last story and no sex in the other times. We both wanted to do it, but we were both afraid of the outcome. It was the summer before we turned senoirs. My parents were out of town and I had the house to myself for a weekend. Selena came over at about 7 pm and we watched tv for a couple hours with making out every once in awhile. She was wearing a white shirt with the NFL shield on it and grey sweat pants. I began thinking to myself that I never had Selena tied up and helpless. It was always me and I was ok with that but it was time for a change. I got up and told Selena that I was going to the bathroom. Instead I snuck upstairs and found all the things that we used to tie each other up. I set those things aside but brought the duct tape with me and hid it under my shirt. I snuck back downstairs to find Selena looking for me. I snuck behind her and tied her hands behind her back. "What are you doing" she asked playfully. "I noticed that I get tied up all the time. This time, it's your turn" I said. "I can't wait" she replied. I stripped her to her bra and panties. White bra and white thong. I led her upstairs and into my room. We got up there and I untied her hands. "What are you doing" she asked. "Lay down on the bed" I replied. She layed down. I took of my shoes and blindfolded Selena. I tied Selena in a spread eagle tie. "Oh, ok. Going with a spread eagle huh" she said. "Oh yea" I replied. I stripped to my boxers. We made out for awhile. I started kissing her neck and kept sliding down until I got to her breasts. I took off her bra and began to suck her tits. I never gaged her because I liked when she moaned. "That's nice. That's very nice" she said. I kissed her stomach and slid down more when I got to her crotch. I slid her thong off and fingered her. She moaned everytime I pushed my finger in. I reached off the bed and grabbed my condom. I stopped fingering her and pulled off her blindfold. I stood over her showing her the condom. "Are you ready" I asked. Her jaw dropped a little bit. 3 minutes of silence past. "Yes" she replied. I slipped it on and stuck it inside of Selena. She moaned everytime I pushed in. After we were done, I layed next to her. "That was the best time of my life" she said. "Mine to" I replied.
Tuesday, February 9th 2010 - 04:26:34 PM
Name: Casey
Comments:Part 2
As we made out, we got tired but really couldn't catch our breath since we were mouth to mouth. I tried to stand up but lost my balance slamming Selena on the ground for a 3rd time. She tried to yell in pain but all she did was send her hot breath in my mouth. "I won't do that again" I said. At this point I was stumped in how to escape. Selena started to roll as she was probably tired of being squished between me and the floor which got me and idea. We rolled next to a couch in the basement. I was able to keep my balance long enough to sit on the couch. We were both starting to sweat after all the work we had done the past half hour. I spen 10 minutes sitting on the couch trying to wriggle one of my feet free, and finnaly did. I was able to stand up and walk without falling. I started to walk but the only thing I could see was deep in Selena's eyes. I thought to myself that my friend had planned this for years and was just waiting to try it. "Ok, we gotta get this tape around our head off" I whispered to her. All we could do was whisper. "I know" she whispered back. Selena reached her hands up to where the tape was wrapped on the back of my head. I tried to reach the tape on the back of Selena's head but couldn't reach it. Selena tried to rip the tape off but couldn't do it without pulling my hair. "I'm sorry" she whispered. "It's ok, just get this tape off" I whispered back. 3 tries later and the tape ripped. Also lost 20 strands of hair. We was finnaly able to talk without kissing now. Selena was able to untie her ankles so we could both stand up now but since we were still tied under the rib cage and I'm taller, she was not able to touch the ground with her feet. She wrapped her legs around my body so that way she was easier to carry. I lost my balance and started to fall foward where I would slam Selena but I turned my body to where Selena landed on me. "Doesn't feel too good does it" Selena said. "Not really" I replied. She layed the side of her head down on my chest and we layed there for awhile. Hands tied around each other's body and our bodies tied together. She started kissing my chest and climbed up to my neck where she gave me a hicky. After she was done, I rolled over to where she was on bottom and lifted her up. I walked to the door that led to the staircase that led upstairs. I used the door knob to rip the tape that kept my hands tied. I turned around so Selena could do the same to hers. Now all that was left was the tape that kept our bodies together. It wasn't that hard to rip off since we both had our hands free. So we were free of all bonds after struggling for an hour and a half. I put on my clothes and noticed that Selena had no clothes to put on. I took off my shirt and shorts and gave them to her to wear which left me in my boxers and shoes. We snuck upstairs to surprise my friend. My friend was gone long before we untied ourselves. He left a note on the T.V saying "You will thank me for saving your relationship later. But until then, I imagine you guys want revenge, so I'm gonna lie low for awhile". My friend was crazy, but he had a plan that livened up our relationship.
Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 10:21:00 PM
Name: Casey
Comments:So after the last story, Selena and I started dating. At this point we were both junoirs. I told my friend who was Selena's cousin from the last story that we hadn't done anything like the last story. We have been dating for a couple months now and really no sexual intercourse. My friend told me that Selena was a girl that got out of a relationship that didn't excite her and I better come up with something or it will be over. Now I didn't want that so I told him that she was coming over that night. My friend said to come over to his house and he'll take care of the rest. I asked him what he was planning but he didn't tell me. So later that night Selena and I goto his house which was empty other than him. He greeted us at the door and led us to the living room where we watched T.V for 10 minutes. I had no clue what his plan was and Selena had no clue there was a plan. "Casey, can you help me with something" he asked. I figured this was the start of his plan so I played along. "Yea" I said. He led me downstairs to his basement which was like a secondary living room. "What's the plan" I asked. "Ok just" he wrestled me to the ground and tied my hands together. Me trying to process what the plan was, was on the ground, hands tied in 10 seconds. He gagged me and taped my mouth shut. Me still trying to process the plan, was on the ground, hands and ankles tied, and gagged in 20 seconds. He began to strip me. At this moment I thought he was gay. He stripped me to my boxers and went upstairs. 2 minutes later, he returned with Selena. I was embarrased. "Selena, will you do the honors" my friend asked. "Why yes, yes I would" Selena replied giggling. She stood over me and grabbed my boxer and slid them off. Now totally embarrased. They laughed as I got a little hard. "Come with me Selena. I gotta show you something" my friend said. They walked up the stairs and I was alone in the basement. About 5 minutes later, my friend returned with Selena on his shoulder, wrists tied behind her back, ankles tied, gagged, and naked. He set her down next to me. He made us sit face to face no more than an inch apart. I thought my friend was a genious. He took off the tape on our mouth and let us spit out our gags. He took out a roll of duct tape and taped our heads together. Face to face, eye to eye, mouth to mouth with my girlfriend. He then taped us together right under the rib cage. Selena breasts pressed against my pecks and my hard penis against her leg. He untied Selena's ankles and wrapped them around my body and tied them together again. He untied my hands and wrapped them around Selena's body and taped them again. He did the same to Selena. He then pulled out a condom. This could be bad I thought. Selena probably thought the same way as we both started to struggle at the same time. He slipped the condom on to my hard penis. He rolled us over to where Selena would be laying on her back, but my hands were tied around her and pinned between the floor and Selena's back. He then forced my penis into Selena's pussy. "Well my job here is done. You guys will thank me later" he said and walked upstairs. We were left in an awkward moment. Our first plan was to get my penis out of Selena's pussy before I cummed but since we were taped under the rib cage made it very hard. We wasn't ready for sex. I was able to stand but I lossed my balance due to my ankles were still tied together accidently slamming Selena on the ground. "Sorry" I whispered. She moaned and couldn't help it. Everytime my body moved, she moaned. I was about to cum, but stood up and kept my balance. I was able to slide my penis out and lossed my balance again slamming Selena on the ground again. "That hurt" she whispered. We both chuckled. Everytime we talked or laughed, it was like a weird way of kissing because we were mouth to mouth. We began to make out.
Part 2 Coming
Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 12:20:35 PM
Name: Casey
It was a very hot August day, sun starting to set. I play football, physically built, 5"7, brown hair and brown eyes, great tan. I was walking home from a little get together with some friends. I lived 5 houses down so no need for a car. There was a girl at this get together by the name of Selena. Black hair, about 5"4, nice sized boobs, great butt, beautiful face. She was one of my friend's cousin and didn't go to our school. She was kinda a tom-boy. She played a pick-up game of football with us about 3 times. She was pretty fast too. But since I never really got to see her so I never got to really know her. After this story, my friend who was Selena's cousin said that she had liked me since she first saw me and asked about me all the time. So I started walking home through the alley which was behind my house. At this time it was dark. I was behind my house when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and there is Selena. "Hey Selena...What's up" I said. She just stared at the ground. "What's wrong" I asked. She slowly looked up and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my body and kissing me. I was shocked but let her kiss me and I started kissing back. She started using tounge and she was great with it. I carried her to my garage while still making out. In the garage I layed down on my back and she was on top and we made out several more minutes. We stopped and she rolled off to the side of me. We layed there for a minute breathing hard. I remembered that my parents out of town. I told Selena I would be right back. I walked into my house just to make sure I was alone. Nobody in the house so I started walking out to the garage. I open the garage door and asked Selena if she wanted to come in. She nodded yes. At this time, I was just realizing what Selena was wearing. Tight dark blue jeans and a black shirt that the sleeves was just long enough to cover her shoulders. In the house, she asked to use the bathroom. She was in there for a long time. I heard the door open and went to meet her but didn't see her. Then, my hands were being jerked behind my back and wrist tied together quickly and tight. I turned and saw Selena. Before I could say anything, she pushed me on the couch and jumped on top of me and gagged me with a cloth and put tape over my mouth. She lifted me off the couch and led me upstairs to my bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and took my shoes off, followed by my socks, and pants, and shirt. I was starting to get hard and you could tell by looking at my boxers. She took her shoes off and crawled on my bed. She was on all fours with her head right over my hard penis. She looked down and put the bottom of my boxers in her mouth. She slowly slid my boxers down by using her teeth and looking up at me the whole time. That got me super hard. She threw my boxers off the bed and looked at my penis that was sticking straight up in the air. She sat there staring at it for a second and poked it like she was seeing how hard it was. She then grasped it in her hand a gave me a hand job. That hand job later turned into a blow job. She stopped after awhile. She got off the bed and started to strip. The shirt and jeans came off and she had a blck bra and a black thong. She took those off slowly. I got harder if that were possible. She crawled back on the bed and sat on her knees almost on my neck. Her pussy was no more than 2 inches away from my face. It looked great, no hair anywhere. She took the tape off of me and I spit out my gag. I looked at her and she grabbed the head of my bed, looked up, and said "ok". I began to eat her out. She moaned and groaned every 5 seconds. She rolled next to me. I saw how hard her tits were and tried to get them harder. I started sucking her tits. I looked at her while doing it. She looked up with her mouth open and eyes closed. After I was done, we just layed there. Hands still tied behind my back. I broke the moment of silence by saying "That was unexpected". She laughed. "Does this mean we're together" Selena asked. "I don't know, do you want to be" I replied. She kissed me. "I'll take that as a yes" I said. She untied me and left.
Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 09:07:49 PM
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Name: kelly medina
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Comments:Well...this is my first tim posting on ths page. my ame isely and i'm from US...i'm 5'6, long sexy legs, shoulder length brown hair..brown eyes, i have a big as..if i'm allowed to bragg, and i'm a 34 DD cup.

well this happened tw nites ago with my girlfrend. well we where on the couch watching tv..when all of sudden she went onto me and started kissing m..."u know what my fantasy is? she asked" have u naked...and all tied up..and then iget to have my way with u."

this turned me on...so i said ok..with that she told me where to find ropes..so we went to the garage and i found alot o f rope and took it to her..we went upstairs...and i put on some muzik and a strip show..first my shorts..then my shirt..i was in my black thong and bra..and next came my bra..(before i go on..brittney my girlfirnd is 22 like me, about 5'8..nice body..long brown hair in layers..big boobs..wel not like mine she's 36 c..but its great..and a beutiful ass..we are both girly lesbians..neither of s dresses like boys..=) and finnaly my panties...next i laid on the bed next to her with my hands behind my back..she quicly gagged me first...she stuffed my thong into my mouth and then some duct tape. next she tied my wrist palm to palm..and then cinched them tightly but comfy..next she did my elbows. then she slid her hands down my ass touching and grabbing..i was wet now....my nipples where getting hard..and damn...then she tied my ankles together..and cinched them..then my knees...

finally she flipped me on my back..and sat me up with some pillows..she then stripped for me...she was wearing a black tanktop..white shorts..and whit braand panties(thong) then she came and layed ontop of me in her panties and bra...she then took off the tape..and took my panties out...she then started kissing me...her left hand behind my head..and the left one traveling down to toy with my boobs..and ten my pussie..she stuck a finger in me and i started to moan..then she started kissing my neck and my boobs....she then slid down and entered her warm moist toung into me..i was moaning with pleasure..after a while using her hands and toung...i came..gushingo out juices....
......To be COmtinued.

tell me if u wanna hear more..i am on email..and yahoo messenger..thanks..i am bi sexual..i've had sex with men and women....and both at the same time..hit me up....(i'm horny..=)
Friday, January 9th 2009 - 02:09:37 PM
Name: Caitlyn
E-mail address: kateinperil@hotmail.com
Comments:I was doing a project for my school newspaper about this local puppy mill... So I went right after school to interview the manager I was still in my school uniform since the puppy mill was only open until 4pm on weekdays and I had heard stories about abuses there. So I went to interview the manager "Brian" about the condition of his "kennel" as he put it and to talk about allegations of abuse
The guy creeped me out totally, He kept looking down like he was looking at my legs instead of me I really started to feel like my skirt was a lot shorter than it really was.
I started in on him about the accusations even more and then he started asking me questions about what paper this was for and was this an assignment by the editor
Not thinking anything about it I told him it was a piece I was doing since I had heard rumors about it at school
He looked a little nervous and I figured that I was on to something... He tried to change the subject to "shouldn’t you be getting home?" and I simply responded with, "No, I need to be talking to you about the mistreatment of animals" Brian said "I am sorry miss, but you need to leave. You got people at home who are expecting you and I have work to do before I can go home for the evening. Please leave."
I walked out the door muttering, so much for initiative... went down the road just a little out of site of the front office, then doubled back through the rough brush near the mill, trying to stay out of sight. I snuck around back to check things out for myself
Getting to the back of the building, I found that they had a door propped open and decided to have a look around for myself within. I could hear puppies all over the place, hundreds of them, the clamor was amazing
I snuck around looking for injured or maimed puppies, to see what kind of conditions the animals were being kept in and it made me heartsick. They were penned up in tiny cages, almost too small to move. I took out my cell phone and starting snapping off pictures for downloading later. That’s when the hand clamped over my mouth and I dropped my phone. His other arm wrapped around my waist and my assailant dragged me towards some back room.
I was backed up to a support pole in the middle of the warehouse room. The man pinned both of my hands together behind the pole and began wrapping something around my hands, I think it was a dog leash, but I can’t really see. He wrapped it around several times and fastened the other end on itself with a click I was now pinned to the pole.
I began yelling when his hand came off my mouth, but this just excited the puppies and my cries were drowned out by their barks and squeaks!
As soon as he finished tying my hands I tried feverishly to get them loose, but in short order, the guy (I couldn’t see his face) began using another (leash?) around my elbows, so I couldn’t twist my arms around, to loosen the hand lashings. I was quickly loosing control of the situation. I began begging with the guy to let me go. I told him I wasn’t going to publish any story about the mill and I wouldn’t tell anyone that I was there.
He just grunted a "yeah right"
Then my captor came around in front of me and told me to sit down. I never saw this guy before. I just looked at him like I was crazy, “My arms are behind my back, I cant move them!” He grabbed hold of my legs and put one arm under my thighs to support my weight and placed me on the floor, my hands were now resting on the floor and still quite stuck. He produced 3 more leashes (I could clearly see what they were now) and began wrapping one of them around my ankles, I was grateful that I wore white tights today instead of knee socks, I at least felt a little less "vulnerable", but he stopped again and was looking at my legs. He drank in my ankles (just about my penny loafers) and walked his eyes all the way up to my thighs where my pleated skirt began. This only made me more nervous, but he shook his head as if he was hearing a suggestion by someone else and continued wrapping my ankles up and cinching the knot between my feet. I was then treated to the same wrapping around my legs just below the knees.
I was seriously beginning to worry about the fact that no one knew I was here.
What was this guy going to do and why didn’t he just take my camera and throw me out?
Why was he tying me up? I was about to ask him this when he said, "oh yeah" and grabbed a roll of duct tape off of the counter. He then took a small wad of cloth and forced it into my mouth. A simple nose pinch made me open my mouth so he could stuff it in.He began placing strips of tape over my mouth until there was no way I could dislodge it.

I was completely helpless!

I tried to work at my bonds, but with my elbows tied close together and the circulation somewhat cut off I just rutched around. I realized my skirt was hiking up a bit and the guy had just stopped to watch me struggle. I was pretty sure he began getting a bulge in his pants. I froze still. I didn’t need any more problems
Lastly he said I have two more things to do with you before I can get back to work… He brought my cell phone in and took the SIM out in front of me Then after he pocketed the SIM he informed me that I was to be his guest at they finished up their business for the night.
He closed the door and I was stuck in there, hopeless and helpless. I tried to scream, but the gag and the noise from the building were more than any match for me. My arms had pretty much gone to sleep so I had no means of getting my hands loose. The support pole that I was lashed to was too far away from anything I could get my legs to, try and get me loose. There were a few pieces of broken glass nearby, but the guy had made sure to pick them up and throw them away when he came in to check up on me; it wouldn’t have mattered, they were out of reach anyway.
I heard lots of moving and shifting of cages. I could see out of the window that night was falling, but I wasn’t sure what time it really was. The noises out in the main building were getting quieter. There were other guys moving about out there, but they didn’t see me and I didn’t see them, but I heard Brian ordering them around. This went on for a while.
I began to drift into and out of sleep only to be startled out of sleep by the guy barging in every once in a while to make sure I was still there. I was really scared at this point. What was he planning to do with me? I was stuck and at his mercy.
Later, I don’t know when he came back in. the main building was silent, dead silent. Brain came into the room and hunkered down in front of me. I pulled my legs up beside me in try and keep him from getting any ideas. He told me, that because I was so nosey I had to be dealt with. He told me, that I had to remain tied up here for a while more while he left. They had been thinking about closing the puppy kennel down since allegations had begun surfacing and I was the last straw. I didn’t like the words "last straw". He shook his head and then looked my right in the eye. For a long time, like he was seriously thinking about doing something else. Then he just went behind me and untied my elbows. He began explaining that they decided to pack up the kennel and move so as to avoid any further complications. He said that I was too nosey for my own good and had cost him a lot of money.
He began to untie my hands, but I was so weak from the lack of blood to my arms that I couldn’t even move them. Then, he took me and rolled me over onto my stomach I began to panic. I tried to plead through my gag to please let me go and I wouldn’t tell anyone and that I would be a good girl and , and, and…
He began tying my hands behind me again. I felt the leash get cinched off and secured. He walked across the floor and dropped a box cutter and my cell phone
And told me I could leave the building when I wanted.
He said they wouldn’t be able to find him, or the puppies, they would be relocating somewhere else. I was left to struggle in the late hours of the night to get the box cutter and get myself free, to give him time to get away. My cell phone was useless without a SIM and it took me forever to get feeling back in my arms to get my hands to work. Once I had gotten some feeling back in my arms and hands I did manage to get the knife. I finally got out and made it home.
I was a dirty mess. I went into the quiet house to find a note. My mom didn’t know what happened and had just gone to bed thinking I had gone to a friend’s house. I decided to not tell anyone that this junior snooper had been caught and could have been really bad off. I just left things go at that.
Saturday, April 14th 2007 - 05:43:02 AM
Name: kimmy
E-mail address: niteball8@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.Bondagemate.com
Comments:lover the bdsm storys sooooooooo cool
i was boundin the van last nite
lt meknow if you want to hearit.
Sunday, February 25th 2007 - 09:03:36 AM
Name: june
Comments:I was told to tell it this way.....

I'm 34 yrs old,
5-10, 138 lbs., I have creamy white soft skin, shoulder length curly blonde hair, light blue eyes, with a 36C-26-38 figure.
I'm a mother of two children, Jessica, my 14 yr old daughter, David, my 11 yr old son.

It all started when I was down in the basement, spring cleaning, getting rid of some of my husband's old boxs when I found a bondage magazine!.....

I was shocked!..... How could my husband be looking at this filth!.... I mean he has some playboys, which I allow, as long as our agreement that David does'nt find them!.

But this?!?!.... How could he do this?!?!.

I was going to toss it out!......

But something very strange happened!....

I mean as I looked at the cover I see this blonde woman, her name is Laruel Blake, I later found out, in a black latex maids outfit, slightly bent over, facing away from the camrea, rope tied tight around her ankles, just above her knees and her wrists crossed behind her back and tied.....

But what got me!, was she had this bright red ball strapped into her mouth as well as around her head!....

What is that all about?.... I mean I guess she can't scream for help or even shake her head and try to get the ball out?.

This really intrigued me!.....

Then I realized that our sex life has been rather dead lately!.

But is this what my husband wants?


That is when I felt a strange numbness wash all over my body!....

Like when the first time I played with my pussy when I found that playgirl magazine when I was younger.

I notice my breathing getting heavier as I lick my lips as I get a dry mouth.

So then it hits me!.... This wild idea to fullfill my husbands fantasy!

It took about three months to get everything I needed from ordering online.

And since I'm a perfectionist, my plan has to go just right!.

I planned to have my husband find me when Jessica is at cheerleader camp and David goes camping with some friends.

But in case anything should go wrong!, I want to practise, a dress rehearsal so to say.

It just happens to be that one month before, Jessica is gone with her grandparents, my husband and David are going out of town for the weekend!


So as I wave goodbye as they drive off....

I quickly lock the door and rush up stairs and get ready!

I strip nude, sit at my makeup vanity, brush up my wavy blonde hair and put on alot of makeup..... especially since I think my husband will want me to put on three coats of bright red lipstick and alot of gloss, giving my lips that really wet look!......

Last I glue on some 3 inch fingernails on.... that same exact color as my lips also my toes!

"Tee Hee!" I giggle as I know I'm having fun!

And that horny feeling is slowly start to build!

Then I pull out the box from my closet and lay out the latex maids outfit on the bed and start to get dressed.

I put on the white lacy frenchcut panties, sit on the edge of the bed as I slide the sheer black pantyhose as they come up on my upper thigh, just inches from the white lacy panty.

I then powder my body slightly with talcum powder and step into the outfit....

I cannot beleive the feeling!,

That latex smell is so intoxicating!,

I pull with the pads of my fingers from the side as I wiggle my hips side to side as I pull it up,

I gasp as I feel how snug it fits!,

I quickly reach behind me and zip it up and feel how really snug the boned corset squeezes my ribs and my breasts fit snug!

My breasts are buldging up!...... like creamy white globes!

I cannot decide to leave the puffy shoulder sleeves up or down?.... Down for now!

Then I clip on the white lacy choker around my neck,

I slightly grunt as I bend over and buckle the 6 inch black open toed heels!

"WHOA!" I gasp as I teeter on such high heels.....

I've never been on such heels, so I waltz back and forth my bedroom until I get used to walking on them!....


I cannot help but squeal like a little girl as I see how sexy I'am in my mirror!

Last I slip on some soft opera gloves, gauntlets actually with the loop on my middle finger, they slide all the way up to my arm pits...... I spritz on my husband's favorite perfume and go downstairs....

I feel soooooo sexy!..... soooo slutty!

"I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees me!".... I say outloud.

I just love the feeling and the way I look as I see my breasts and butt bounce with everystep I take!....

KLIK-KLIK-KLIK!..... I love the sound of my heels on the hardwood floor as I waltz thru the kitchen towards the backdoor, take a right at the basement door, flip the light switch on and walk on down the stairs....

Now to execute my plan.....
I get to the bottom and pull out a foldout chair,

Put it about 30 feet to the right, so when my husband comes down the stairt he cannot see me right away!,

Then I uncover two full size mirrors and adjust them, one to my left and right, this is more for me to see what I look like!

I then set the bondage magazine at the foot of the steps,
So that will be the first thing he sees!

Now I'm starting to get that tingling feeling washing all over my body!..... I feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet!.

Next I open the box of restraints I ordered from bdsmtoybox.com and pull out the training gag.

I sit on the chair and watch myself in the mirror as I buckle the bright red ballgag deep into my mouth.....
I then buckle the strap under my ears, behind my head snug, then pull the strap over my head, the two straps touch my eyelashes as I buckle the strap behind my head....

I moan as I'm loving this feeling of sounding helpless!

then I buckle the small strap under my chin....

I look at my gagged mouth and decided to buckle the straps tighter!..... and feel the total encasement of the straps!

Next I pull out coils of soft white rope and bend over and tie my ankles together nice and neat, then cinch between my ankles........ then the same just above my knees.

I lean back on the chair and slowly twist my shaply, bound legs!.....

To surprise even more I tie a bright orange "FOR SALE" sigh around my waist!.... and written in my own handwriting it says,


I can just feel my pussy dripping!

Last I get another coil of rope, I have too much coils!.
and tie a small loop on one end and go, hopping, trying hard not to loose my balance, but loving the feeling of my breasts bounce and loop it to a hook, then tie a noose to the other end....
now put both my hands behind my back, palm to palm and lift my arms up until the noose closes snug around my wrists.....
twist my hands around the rope, as neat as I can, about eight times...... hop back and undo the loop from the hook, try as hard as I can and get the loop between my wrists....

Which is really fun since I bent over and feel really horny from the smell of perfume, latex and the feeling of helplessness from the ballgag and tied legs!.....

I cinch the loop three times and the last time I lean forward feeling the pressure of the rope squeeze tight around my wrists....

now I unhook the loop and hop back, and sit on the chair...
really tired!.....

So here is the plan,

when the kids are gone, I will set up just like this, he will walk down the stairs, see the magazine and I will moan and struggle for him!

Wow!..... that is really hot!..... I close my eyes and moan and slowly writhe testing my bonds!...


I heard a male voice say as I glared in total shock at you!

BRIAN!, the 17 yr old, pushy, arrogant boy who made feel really uncomfortable as I felt you were undressing me with your eyes!.....

BRIAN!, the one I forbide Jessica to date, very much talk to.....


Is My Master Brain pleased with my version?,

I did tell it before your birthday this weekend!,

FEB 18th,

I will go to the movie theater, to watch Ghostrider, I will have a seat waiting for you and meet you dressed in Jessica's clothes, that are two sizes smaller than me, and give you your present, My Master!

so this is my owned milfs story guys
what do you think?

do you want to know what I did to her when I caught her?

or do you have any ideas for me? yea! I would love to hear some ideas from you guys!

I just might have to do them to her and have her tell you!
Thursday, February 15th 2007 - 03:34:43 PM
Name: Kon
Comments:While we're waitin' for 'im to respond, let's assume that it is, and you can tell us all about your experience.
Monday, February 12th 2007 - 06:20:06 PM
Name: june
Comments:Is this site still open?.... I have an incident that happened to me when I was caught in selfbondage by a teenage boy and he asked me to write how I really felt about it on this site, if he still reads this site.... are you still there Brian?
Monday, February 5th 2007 - 03:04:23 PM
Name: Cheri
E-mail address: cheri_handgaged@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/cheri_65/cheri2.html
Comments:Hi. Since you came on my board, I thought that I shoul come on your board and say "HI"

Have A Great Day!


(-: :-)
Saturday, November 25th 2006 - 11:10:00 AM
Name: Unknown.
Comments:The son and his mom are home alone. Mom is dressed in a bikini even though summer is over. The son is hard as a rock from looking at her. The son makes his move. Handcuffs are snapped onto mom's wrists. Mom is taken to the living room couch where mother and son lay down together. Mom's token cries of protest are quickly silenced by a cloth gag pushed deeply into her mouth by her son. The son's hands probe every inch of his mom's bikini clad body. The gag in mom's mouth is soon replaced by her son's cock. Mom sucks it in hngrily as it geysers down her sexy throat.
Sunday, October 1st 2006 - 02:45:31 AM
Name: Withheld
Comments:Tonight, my mom and me were home alone again. My mom turned out the living room lights so that nobody would see us watching two guys in the street below arguing over a parking space. I saw an opportunity to indulge my handgag fetish. I stepped up behind my mom and put my hand over her mouth. I whispered in her ear. "Don't let them hear us or they'll know were watching them. So be very, very quiet, ok"? My mom nodded her head. A flimsy excuse to put my hand over my mom's mouth but it worked. I kept my hand over my mom's mouth until those guy's were done arguing.
Saturday, September 16th 2006 - 02:24:06 AM
Name: Withheld.
Comments:My sisters, brothers and dad left me and mom home alone. Mom had on her one piece body suit that she excercises in. She looks fantastic in it. As soon as we were alone I started complimenting my mom on her long smooth legs. She looked embarassed at first. I lightly stroked her thighs. She said I really shouldn't do that. I told her I had to. She was so sexy, I just had to do it. I put my hand over my mom's mouth. I told her that I just wanted to run my hands up and down her legs. I told her it would be our secret. The family wouldn't find out. My mom nodded "ok" and layed back down on the couch. The rest of our time alone was spent with me stroking her legs while keeping my hand over her sexy mouth.
Sunday, September 10th 2006 - 02:56:12 AM
Name: Withheld.
Comments:Whenever my sisters, brothers and dad are out of the house, I try to handgag my mom. I will come up with the flimsiest of excuses. I'll pretend she's talking too loud or I'll say I thought I heard a noise in the basement, whatever. Anything to have an excuse to put my hand over her mouth. She says not to do it but yet she never takes my hand off her mouth. The best time was when I grabbed her waist and covered her mouth. I tilted her head back and listened to her try to talk with my hand covering her mouth. She never tells anybody about this. It's our little secret.
Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 01:11:07 AM
Name: Handgagger.
Comments:Tonight, my mom and I played a little "kidnap" fantasy on my sister. My mom was a little drunk on wine coolers tonight. When she gets like that, I can usually talk her into anything. My mom usually wears cut off short shorts and halter tops around the house. The sight of her sexy legs just a few feet away from me, on the couch, gets my mind and my heart racing. Thats when I talked my mom into playing along with my "kidnap" fantasy. Mom agreed wholeheartedly. She said that maybe I should practice on her first. What an excellent idea. I told mom that I would hide somewhere in the house and when I thought her guard was down I would "capture" her. Mom went off to watch TV and drink her wine coolers. My excitement was incredible as I waited for the right moment to grab her. After about her third or fourth wine cooler mom wandered into the kitchen during a commercial break. That's when I made my move. I stepped out from the pantry and grabbed her from behind. I wound one arm tightly around mom's waist, my other hand clamped tightly over my mother's mouth. My mom put up a good fight but she was no match for me. In a few seconds I had her legs and arms tied together in a "hogtie" on the kitchen floor. I took a bandana out of my pocket and pulled it tightly between my mom's sexy lips and gagged her into a sexy silence. I got busy stroking my mom's beautiful legs while she struggled to get free of her ropes. After a long while had passed I untied my mom but left the gag in her mouth. I thought she would pull it out on her own. Instead she started rubbing my erection through my pants while still wearing her gag. This was extremly erotic and caused me to orgasm right there on the couch. Only after I had finished coming did my mom pull the gag from beteween her beautiful lips which she then used to give me the sexiest kiss of my life. Just then, we heard my sister's car pull up in the driveway. Quickly, mom and I took up our positions on either side of the front door. My sister's key turned in the lock, the door swung open, mom grabbed sis by the arms and I shut the door. Before she could scream, I put my hand tightly over my sister's mouth. She began giggling when she realized it was just me and mom having some fun with her. She played along beautifully. She pretended to struggle as mom tied her hands behind her back and sat her down in a kitchen chair. She made delicious "mmmppphhhing" noises as I kept my hand over her sexy mouth. She shook her head "yes" as I rubbed myself against her beautiful, firm, flat stomach. I orgasmed for the second time that night.
Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 12:28:43 AM
Name: gregg
Comments:stumbled across this sight v interesting. i once tied my cousin is ther a sight for me to post these storries.
Thursday, September 7th 2006 - 02:58:15 AM
Name: Handgagger
Comments:My fetish is the handgag. I love to clamp my hand over my girlfriend's mouth when she least expects it. I love the muffled screams of protest she makes as I press my hand firmly over her mouth. It heightens the pleasure of lovemaking if my girlfriend is gagged. I make it a point to gag all my girlfriends. I live with my sister and my mom and I have even gagged them. It usually happens in the evening. I'll sneak up behind them and clamp a hand over their mouths. They seem to enjoy it as much as I do. My mom will kiss the palm of my hand as I hold it tightly over her mouth. Sometimes, my sister will hold her hand over mom's mouth while I get a cloth from the linen closet and push it deeply into her mouth making her nice and quiet. We call this our little "kidnap" game.
Monday, September 4th 2006 - 01:14:57 AM
Name: lexia
Comments:wow...i guess i love scenes where a girl is all on her own, tied up in a chair and her captor is circling her....like in Goldeneye...Alec and Natalya.
i would soooo love that to happen to me..my fantasy is that i get kidnapped, get taken to the ring leader, he flirts with me and tries it on..i knock him back and he signals for me to be tied to the chair. Then he tells everyone to leave and has his wicked way with me!!!!!
Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 11:46:57 AM
Name: sweet emily
E-mail address: emily_08123@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/boundgirls.com
Comments:i love to tie women up to bed and lay on them and love to tie their hands and legs gag them with duct tape and kiss and lick them all over

Sunday, June 18th 2006 - 06:37:36 AM
Name: Dark Shady
E-mail address: deathcomestous@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:hiya all im new to this site i love the story about being stuck on the tube then subbenly being a slave if you can,can you email me the rest please also hi everyone hope to see more storys soon also anyone wants to add me at msn its at the top

btw im a 15/16 year old male dark brown hair,hazel eyes,
very pale skined and im from Newcastle,England if anyone
is intrested

Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 08:49:43 PM
Name: Josh "Kidd" Hunter
Homepage URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/kidnap_roleplay_anyone_21m
Comments:The beginning

Lookin back, I guess my first bondage was right around when I was 16...

She actually was a friend of someone I knew, but we started to get to know eachotherm ore and more. I aint gonna lie, the chick was HOT and i do mean capital H capital O capital T. What she wanted with a guy like me when she coulda had some teen dream is beyond me.. but dont look a gift horse in the mouth right... so anyhow we were startin to spend all our free time together at her place and i couldnt help but think of how hot and heavy we were getting in terms of petting making out and such and I defintely couldnt shake the thought of seein her tied up from my mind.

One day we were sitting semi makin out on the couch watchin TV and it happened to be a show where a girl got tied up... I was already quite hard from my own damsels attention so I dont think she made the correlation between the two... nonetheless I decided to take a chance:

"ya know, thats totally unrealistic, even I could get free if tied like that!"

(ok how many of you HAVENT used that line at least once lmao)

She agreed, said not only could she have gotten loose as well but she coulda TIED much better than that...

And thus the trap was set lol... I ssued a challenge to her, that she could tie me up as eleborately as she wished take as long as she wished to do so,. but if i proved her wrong and got free... I got to do the same to her, however I chose to... She agreed to it (thus sealing her doom, and giving birth to the realization of my fantasies) and ran off to search around the house for things to use... returning with bout 25 neckties. I told her take her best shot and positioned myself as she instructed. she spent about half an hour using the tied to bind my knees elbows ankles wrists and thighs... and, tto her credit, was quite inventive with the ropework, if you will.

Still, it was all for naught. We are talking about a guy whod tied himself up on more than one occasion after all, and had ample experience in all sorts of interesting tiess as a result. I made quick work of getting free ( maybe 5 mins, tho in all honesty I didnt want to hurt her feelings so just acted like i was struggling with my bonds for 3 of those minutes) and soon stood the ties a mass of knotted silk and cotton at my feet, smiling to her comment of "Damn, howd you do that so fast?" I just smiled, telling her a magician never revealed his tricks ( corny I know, but I was 16, and hadnt gotten out of the awkward with the opposite sex phase of life lol) and told her it was her turn, fully expecting her to back out. Instead she simply asked "how do you want me" ( a loaded question if there ever was one) and stood as i told her hands behind her back wrists crossed feet together.

Now was the time to put all my fantasies all my planning and dreaming and desire into fruition... I tied her the same as she had done me, then laid her on the floor... and proceed to cinch the tied around her wrists, ankles, elbows and thighs with 4 of the leftover ties, then tied all but two of what was left together and tied one end to her elbow restraints, looped the long long ban through her ankle bindings and tied it off to the cinched fabroc around her thighs, effectively hogtying her. She asked had I dont this before and I told her the truth, that I hadnt ever tied another person before in my life. She saw I had two ties left in my hand and asked what they were for. I smiled and told her they were insurance, and before she could ask what I meant by that ( well actually WHILEshe was asking) i balled up one and shoved it into her mouth, ising the other to cleave gag her. ( a gag im not ENTIRELY fond of but worked best for her current predicament given what I was using. I stood back, telling her the clock was ticking and admiring my work as this luscious, ample, gorgoeus girl rolled around grunt and mmmpphing and trying to break free...

45 minutes passed and she suddenly stopped, breatihng heavy, sweating and looked up at me, nodding. I bent down and straddled her, and undid her gag. She told me I won, she gave up, she couldnt see herself getting lose. She then looked down toward my crotch, and saw the reaction I was having, and smiled as I blushed...

" why dont you untie me, Im all sweaty I could use a shower, and my dad will be home pretty soon..."

I undid her ropes... helpled her up, uncreased the ties and helped her put them back, then headed home, Hard as hell, and bissful, amazed and what had just occured and maming myself beleive I'd never get so lucky again...

A phone call a week later changed ALL that...
Wednesday, March 15th 2006 - 02:23:50 PM
Name: sub1ime_uk
E-mail address: sub1ime_uk@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://profiles.yahoo.com/sub1ime_uk
Comments:Here is the story you asked for Brian -- part one of a two part thing I wrote a long time ago. Hope you like it:

First Encounter: Part One

The Beginning

It had been a long day, and now it was turning into a longer journey home. As usual the tube was packed solid, and to add insult to the injury of being squashed like a sardine in an underground tin-can some sort of power failure had caused the train to stop between stations.... and the lights kept flickering.

I'd been caught like this before, the last time had been only a couple of months ago. That time it had lasted only about 15 minutes, but even then the people I was trapped with had started to act a little oddly. One woman had announced in a very loud voice that she was claustrophobic and that "Someone had better do something!". Of course, being typically British, as about 10% of the passengers actually are, but 100% try to act, we all ignored her completely.

This time it seemed like we were in for a long, hot, sticky wait. The first thing I noticed was how the air was becoming quite humid and sort of metallic to the taste, and I began to realise just how much tube trains owe to the movement of outside air for their ventilation. Following closely on from that I also realised that both my arms were raised up high -- holding on to the support rail above my head -- and I couldn't put them down now we'd stopped moving. They were raised up like that for the duration... and beginning to get a little "pins and needles" feeling.

I don't know I didn't say anything when I felt the hand caressing my inner thighs from behind me. There was no way I could see who was doing it -- or turn around to confront my mystery molester. I think I was a little flattered that someone might find me attractive even in these circumstances. Then I started to worry as I remembered how odd people become when trapped like this. I tried to bring my hands down for some protection but just succeeded in annoying the rather large skinhead, who was standing squished up against me on my right, with my elbow in his ear. I gave up any idea of protecting myself from whoever was touching me and concentrated on just where they were touching me.

The mystery hand had been rubbing up and down the inside of my legs, first one then the other, briefly brushing against my balls and straying delicately over my penis (which was beginning to swell in spite, perhaps because, of my fear). I still couldn't tell who the hand belonged to or even from what direction it was being directed. All faces around me held that same look of stoical acceptance as my own most probably did. We'd been trapped and immobile now for at least 20 minutes -- I could hear someone whimpering up the other end of the carriage.

The Hand, as I now thought of it, was loosening my belt and delving down inside my trousers. I had been waiting to see if something like this was going to happen, almost hoping it would.... but I hadn't banked on it making a bee-line for the back of my pants and down between my bottom cheeks!! I was pretty sure The Hand belonged to a female -- I could feel quite sharp nails scratching my bum gently now -- making me shiver a bit from both the wonderful sensations I was feeling, and also a little fear that the person in front of me would feel my hardness pressing into his back.

The Hand seemed to sense my fear, and capitalise on it -- it delved deeper -- scratching the sensitive skin behind my balls -- getting me totally erect and aroused. I had started breathing deeply, a couple of sidelong glances from my immediate neighbours showed they were sizing me up as a possible panic victim about to explode. Little did they realise what sort of explosion I was contemplating.

I almost stopped breathing as I felt a second hand snake around from behind me and into my shirt -- this hand felt different to the other -- somehow more slender, softer -- but that might have been my imagination, or lack of oxygen in the fetid carriage. All I knew was that I was being, literally, assaulted on two fronts. Below I was being teased and aroused quite expertly, almost lovingly in its attention to detail and reaction to my every change in breathing of minute changes in posture. While above, I was being punished almost -- any sign of pleasure at my cock treatment caused a hard pinch to one or other of my nipples -- any whimpering sounds I made resulted in a nipple being twisted almost cruelly... yet somehow very sensually...

Then the lights went out completely.

There was a general shuffling of feet and mumbling complaints from the passengers around me -- and the two hands seemed to go wild in the relative security that darkness had brought -- my arms still trapped above my head were going quite numb and I felt a small flower of anger blossom within my skull. But that blossom soon died and drifted away under the dual assault of pain and pleasure the hands were supplying -- I was feeling weak at the knees, was actually being held upright by the pressure of bodies around me. I was also quite dizzy from the combination of deep breathing and no oxygen in the carriage. The hand below seized its moment -- reached around to the front and started to rub me -- hard -- rhythmically. The hand above pinched and stroked, caressed and tortured, my poor sore tits. A soft whisper in my ear said, "my slut now", as they both moved faster and faster until....

I came.

I had cried out softly as I came, and, surprisingly tenderly, the skinhead next to me said "Don't worry mate -- we'll soon be moving again". As if by magic, at that exact moment the lights came on. Seconds later we were moving and arriving at the next station. The guard's voice came over the tannoy providing a gruff, almost apology followed by instructions to get off the train and take "alternative routes" to our destinations.

As the crush abated, I remembered to tighten my belt, very conscious of the sticky mess inside my pants, and tried to look around to guess who my attackers had been. A couple of people smiled at me, but I think that was just their relief at finally getting off the train. I could only wonder and hope that it had been someone like the elegant looking lady and her friend leaving the train now. They looked as if they might be going out for the evening, on a "girls night out", and had already had some fun.

As she passed me she smiled and handed me a small card on which was written an address and a time.

Taking a Chance

When the door swung open I was overwhelmed by a vision from one of my wildest dreams -- a real X-rated fantasy -- she was just so beautiful, so commanding, so wonderfully *there*...

I was completely dumb-struck as I took in her attire -- she had obviously taken a great deal of trouble to achieve a certain effect. Well that effect was making my knees wobble at that precise moment! Was that a *leather* corset I could glimpse behind that blouse?!

Eventually I managed to mumble a typically English, vaguely embarrassed greeting:

"You asked me to be here.... I was not sure if..."

That seemed to trigger her to pounce. Before I knew it I was inside the lovely apartment, had been told off quite abruptly for being late and most scary of all, she had locked all the door bolts. I was trapped with this feline creature masquerading as a beautiful woman! I shook myself and told myself to be a little less fanciful. Then I looked around, noticed there were no signs of blood-stains on the carpet, or of the other lady from the train.

I felt I should say something, make sure I was there for the right reasons:

"I wasn't sure, and ... I got a bit lost...errr"

"err?", she mimicked my pause quite accurately -- made sure I was kept on the defensive. I tried to continue:

"I am not sure what to call you, my name is..."

She told me I was to calm her "Ma'am" and that I had no name. This puzzled me, but gradually even my porridge filled globe was beginning to realise that this was not just a fantasy... this was very real. She practically pushed me into an armchair and handed me a drink then started to explain my situation to me.

At first a little rebellion rose up within me -- I had come top see her -- yes -- but come to serve her? Had I really? I found that concept so incredibly exciting, but also very scary -- my fight or flight reflex engaged and I tried to fly -- only to be softly yet firmly pushed back into the big soft armchair and told:

"I am a good mistress... And you know you want me to take over for you."

I made one last effort to escape, but it was a pretty feeble one -- deep inside something yearned for the control that this Lady was offering me -- I needed to be guided and to obey. While my intellect was fighting a staunch rearguard action -- my heart and soul were surrendering totally. It only took one deep look into her eyes as she said:

"Sit. Stay. You came tonight. Let us talk about it a little, and if you would then like to leave, you can. If you then chose to stay, you will."

She sounded so reasonable, so amenable to discussion and negotiation -- a small still voice deep inside me was shouting something about "...she will own you..." but it was smothered rapidly by the beating of my heart in my ears.

Then she touched my neck, softly -- with fingers I am sure would have had small electric sparks dancing from their tips. She asked me if she was being unreasonable. I knew that reason had very little to do with what was happening to me but each second longer near to her was one more second nearer to my submission -- I could feel my strength to disobey ebbing away as we sat there. I took a look around the room one more time, smiled at how normal everything looked, then took a deep breath and sipped the lemonade she'd handed me.

She started to speak now -- she was obviously very certain of what she wanted... I hoped she'd want the same things I did, because I had a feeling she would always get her way in this....

"There. That is better. Now what I propose to you is this.

You will become my slave. You will visit me here at the times I decide, and do the things I wish you to; or be punished.... sometimes both.

You will agree to this odd request because I can sense immediately your deep-seated desire for someone to take control of your life away from you.

For my part, I will undertake to protect those aspects of your life that are important to your well-being. For example I shan't order you to run down the road naked (although I might if I thought it was a road where no-one knows you), or quit your job or anything like that.

Now I know you are feeling a little wary of all this, but you really do understand you have no choice don't you?"

She smiled at me and looked deep into my eyes again -- all I could think of to say was, "Y.yes Ma'am"

"Good boy", she continued, "you'll soon get the hang of this."

"Now other rules will follow as I see fit, and you will have to tell me all about yourself so I can judge what areas of your life I shall have to be careful not to upset (and coincidentally, what areas I can use later to persuade you how silly any thoughts of escape might be) ".

She smiled that predatory smile again, almost daring me to object. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights of a juggernaut. Nowhere to run -- mesmerized by the bright lights bearing down on me.

"First rule is, I decide what you wear when you're here. So give me that glass, stand up and strip off. Slowly, I want to watch how you move."

I gave her the glass and got up awkwardly out of the chair. I could tell from the smile on her face that that chair had been chosen especially for this "interview". I stood before her, thinking about what she had told me -- how abrupt this change in my life had begun. One second trapped in the rush-hour tube chaos -- the next trapped here with her... She didn't act or sound like some sort of maniac -- in fact she looked absolutely divine... She was so... so... well, so dominant. What I'd always dreamed of -- and she'd recognised that fact in me somehow. I was amazed by that.

She started to tap her foot. "Well? What are we waiting for?"

I undid my shirt buttons and took it off -- stood holding it awkwardly, not knowing if I should drop it on the floor or fold it up and put it somewhere.

"Drop it on the floor."

She could obviously read my mind that was it!! I dropped the shirt and undid my shoelaces. Took the shoes off and my socks -- trying not to hop as I stood on one leg -- wishing I was more agile. I undid my belt and unzipped my trousers. I considered turning to face away from her for the next part -- but realised how silly that would be. The threshold was already crossed -- I hadn't run away (not that I ever felt I could) -- so I was her slave now... She was just making me believe it -- discover it for myself. I removed my trousers and pants quickly and dropped them onto the pile and stood self-consciously before her.

She put the glass on a table and walked around me -- quite close but not touching. I felt very intimidated by her -- she was so confident. I looked down at my feet and worried about the spiked heels near my bare toes. Not knowing what to do with my hands. Her hand patted my bum softly:

"Stand up straight -- don't slouch -- look straight ahead -- hands at you sides, and breath deeply and regularly."

Before I knew it I was saying, "Yes Ma'am" and doing what I was told -- some of her order reminded me of a book on hypnosis I'd read once. Something about deep breathing and relaxation being the key.

She bent down and picked up my clothes and bag and put them into another room, then locked the door.

"You won't be needing those until I decide."

She next went to a desk by the window and opened the bottom draw -- from it she took some leather belts. As she returned to me I could see they weren't belts but something made from leather with buckles and studs.

"Since this is your first time here my slave -- I'm just going to make sure you don't embarrass yourself by moving about or doing anything I haven't told you to. Now hold still."

She fastened a thick wide collar around my neck -- it smelt lovely, the leather smell mixed with the lavender from her hair -- then I heard the click of a padlock. The collar had a strap attached to it that now hung down to the small of my back. She gently -- always so gentle and soft, yet irresistible -- pulled back my wrists and locked them similarly into the cuffs attached to the end of it. It wasn't so short as to put any pressure on my neck or arms -- just immobilising me.

She stood back to admire her handiwork. "Hmmm... nice -- needs an extra something...", she smiled and looked at my cock, "I don't remember telling you to get hard, oh dear we might have to do something about that in a bit."

I blushed at her obvious enjoyment of that thought and suffered a severe case of butterflies in my stomach.

I felt her hands on my cock and balls briefly and before I realised she had locked a sort of collar around my genitals... It even had a short leash attached to it. She gave it an experimental tug or two -- I lurched forward quickly -- there seemed to be tiny little pinpricks inside the collar.

"Don't worry -- just stay within the distance of the leash and it won't hurt at all", she smiled.

"Now, tell me the truth. Did you enjoy what I did to you on the tube train. Answer carefully slave."

I thought about how I'd felt, the fear, the excitement, the orgasm. There was really only one true answer:

"Yes Ma'am -- it was the most wonderful experience of my life."

"Hmmmm... well follow me closely slave. I have some new experiences to show you in the next room... Whether you'll find them wonderful or not is another matter".

I followed her through the door -- keeping the leash slack. We stopped just inside and I looked around in amazement at her preparations. I swallowed nervously -- tested how tight the cuffs were on. Looked down at my cock and balls -- then finally into her sparkling eyes -- eyes full of humour at my expression.

"Now my fun really starts", she said.

I looked around the room again nervously, my eyes becoming adjusted now to the light cast from the halogen up-lights that stood in each corner. The room wasn't very large and it smelt a bit musty -- an irreverent voice in my mind asked "like a dungeon?", and I almost giggled at the thought of a dungeon on the 3rd floor of an apartment block. Then I looked around again and swallowed nervously, that didn't seem quite so comical now.

My Mistress, as I was already thinking of her, gave a little tug on my leash that suddenly brought me back to reality. She was speaking to me and I'd phased out for a moment...

"Well, I can see you are impressed little one", she smiled like a cat who'd just swallowed a canary, "Let me take you on the guided tour my sweet."

She walked me around the room -- showed me her handiwork. Explained, with justifiable pride, how she had improvised in the few hours before she had *known* I would arrive. Some of the items she had arranged for easy access had obvious uses -- like the crop and the ropes -- others had possibilities I wasn't sure I wanted to even speculate about at this point. She was speaking to me again -- I had to focus...

"Today is our first of many times together little one. I am going to use it to discover what you like... and what you don't like. From that point onwards my plan becomes much easier to arrange.

Whenever I tell you to do something that I will like, and you do it well, then I shall reward you with something I know you like. If, however you fail to please me, or don't obey me properly, then you will be punished with something you don't enjoy at all.

It's really quite straightforward, and don't for a minute think in those simplistic terms of 'reward = sex, punishment = pain' my boy. It's plain to me that you have much darker needs hidden beneath that scared looking exterior!"

She was smiling again.

"Or do you have some other explanation for that erection you are waving about despite the pinpricks from the cock-collar?"

I could do nothing but shake my head and look embarrassed.

"Aaaahhh!! So you're easily embarrassed are you? Good!! Another tool then.", she was almost rubbing her hands together in glee by now.

"Quickly little one -- stand here!" She was pointing just in front of the wooden plank arrangement in the centre of the room.

"That's it lean back against it and stand perfectly still."

First she tied my ankles together -- wrapping soft nylon rope around them a number of times and then tying them off to the plank. Next, keeping a firm grasp on my leash, she un-cuffed my wrists and re-cuffed them behind the plank. Finally she used a number of belts and ropes to secure me tightly to her plank. Most disconcertingly she then tipped the plank up so that I ended in a slightly head-down position.

"This will be perfect for now -- while I interrogate you my sweet."

Her enjoyment of my predicament was unabated -- and positively oozed from her voice.

She dimmed the lights and put on some music -- playing it quietly, it sounded quite strange -- some sort of heavy rock beat mixed with Asian overtones.... Then it clicked.... an old Velvet Underground classic... Venus in Furs!! How apt.

She spent some time checking my bonds were secure, and also not cutting off my blood supply -- checked how ticklish my feet were with a feather duster, then picked up a sheet of paper and a pen.

"Now my lovely victim, this is going to be a little voyage of self-discovery for you. I am going to hold you like this...", her cool fingers to a firm, yet almost impersonal hold of my cock, "while I read to you the fantasies and possibilities I've listed on this sheet, and use these implements that I selected earlier.... Rest assured dear one -- your darkest secrets will be revealed by your body's unconscious reaction to these ideas and toys.... I shall know you... intimately..."

She started to read...

She read me snippets of fantasies, sometimes they were obviously her own, others they seemed to be designed to shock or arouse some other responses within me. As she read she would idly massage my cock -- coax it back to hardness when some image caused it to shrink away -- sometimes she seemed to be trying to gauge just how swollen it had become after something that had particularly excited me. Never was I allowed to cum, although she seemed to particularly delight in getting me as close as possible to that point. Then to stop suddenly and watch me writhe within my inescapable bondage and moan from frustrated disappointment.

The stories had started quite innocuously and she gave a little comment after each snippet...

"You are kidnapped by two beautiful Dominatrix..... hmmmm.. You like this one, I can tell already.."

"They dress You up in silk panties and corsets.... aawwwww.. that doesn't turn You on at all now does it? Shame", she smiled.

"Then they force you to wear heels and make-up..... Oh-hoh?? So you like to be forced do you? This is all good stuff my little slave."

"They order you to serve as maid... at a mixed party. Uh-huh.. You like to serve but are scared of public embarrassment"

"Then they tie you bent over a table and whip your bottom in front of everyone.... Aha!! The bondage always gets you going -- overrides the embarrassment! Or was it the whipping perhaps?"

"And then suck a male's cock... Oh... so that's something you've fantasised about is it?"

"And one of the ladies fucks you with a strap-on... I see, always more turned on if the Dom is female..."

"Let's try another scenario.", she was smiling -- knowing that I knew she could have taken that one a little further than I was comfortable thinking about. Keeping me on the edge, between knowing and understanding -- fearing and wanting -- a little longer.

"You did well little one", she said, then kissed me deeply. "But I need more honest reactions", she remarked as she strapped a ball-gag in place. I'm going to mix the story snippets with a few applications of my toy collection. "Any objections?", she asked, waited for a second... "I didn't think so."

"Now let me see... You are in a dungeon, not unlike this one, You are standing with your wrists tied securely above your head, and wrapped from head to toe in saran wrap -- except for a small area around Your cock and balls, and a tube in your mouth for breathing. I am standing in front of You, holding this whip." She waved her braided leather cat in front of my eyes as she held my cock firmly.... "Hmmm... I can see that helpless is your middle name little one.... but what reaction would this bring?"

She flicked the leather strips at the underside of my balls -- one or two curled around viciously and seemed to bite the base of my cock -- the others slapped into my balls. The pain was intense but, surprisingly, not excruciating. She had chosen her distance and force very well. I screamed from the shock more than anything.

"Now you know why I used the gag. Hmmm... that *is* interesting -- You're even harder now, yet I can see a little fear in your eyes too. An interesting conundrum that -- how to use something you both lust after and fear simultaneously...."

"Let's take a break -- I'll get us something to drink and then we'll continue slave. After all I haven't even touched upon, enemas, caning, sensory deprivation, candles, plugs, paddles, male chastity devices.... Oh! a little twitch there did I feel? I must make a note."

She left the room humming to herself.

I, of course, had to wait patiently....

On Her return She removed the gag and allowed me to sip some iced water through a straw -- then She rubbed some of the ice on my nipples until they were numb. Putting some quite stiff clothes pins on my nipples She said:

"Don't worry my pet, these are just to encourage you a little -- you'll find that the sensation is not unpleasant as the numbness fades -- well not at first.... it may start to ache a little ... even hurt quite a bit after about 10 minutes or so.... Then I will give you a nice surprise!", She smiled, "Well nice for me anyway..."

She had been speaking in a soft, quiet, warm tone of voice -- very sexy sounding and gently massaging my cock and balls as She spoke. I, of course could do nothing but struggle ineffectually. I could already feel a dull aching, pinching, sensation in my nipples and it seemed to be spreading to my pectoral muscles.... it felt so ..... so implacable... yet it also made me feel very sexy to be tied and unable to escape from that sensation.

She was examining my cock closely now -- looking at it with an upraised eyebrow....

"Hmmmm... you are full of surprises little slave.", She smiled again. "I wonder what the effect would be if I denied you the possibility of any orgasms without my permission -- perhaps even erections... hmmmmm? "

While speaking She had been holding my cock softly yet firmly again -- gauging my reaction to Her words.

"I bet you know all about the different types of device I could get to lock around this don't you? Well do you???!"

"Y.yes Ma'am... but.."

"Silence! Just answer my questions and no-one will get hurt... much. If, and that's a big if, I decide to do something like that you'll just have to endure it -- to please me. And don't say you wouldn't enjoy it because this", She squeezed, "is telling Me another story. You *do* want to please Me don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Good. It's time for that surprise I promised you -- my little toy. Close your eyes and count to three."

I closed my eyes -- fear was coursing through me, but it was a sexy fear -- an arousing fear. What was She going to do now? Lock something onto my cock and balls??? I hoped it wasn't that -- but a feeling of resignation and submission was overwhelming any thought of complaint.

"Yes Ma'am", I answered quickly. "One... Two... Three."

On "Three" She removed both clothes pins. That was all. That was enough! After 10 minutes of being pinched the blood rushing back into my pinched and crushed nipples was excruciating! I desperately wanted to cover and protect them but my hands were tied, and anyway the pain was inside them; throbbing -- I cried out and She held my head against Her breasts and soothed me softly.

"There, there little one -- it won't last long -- in a minute it will just be a memory -- just slightly swollen throbbing nipples to remind you of it. I love to do that. It's such a gentle torture -- yet so effective and un-damaging. MMMMmmmmmmm.... Your face was a picture my sweet."

She was right -- the pain faded rapidly after the initial shock had passed -- She soothed my nipples with some more ice, before saying...

"Hmmmm... almost time for dinner... You will be staying of course. I hope you appreciate the trouble I have gone to today...."

She walked out of the room and left me waiting -- still completely immobilised -- wondering just what I had got myself into... and how long I would be here... I had a sinking feeling inside the pit of my stomach -- this could be a very long-term arrangement. Somehow that thought, while a little frightening, was also very exciting...

Seemingly ages later -- after some sounds of table laying, pan crashing and muted swearing from the direction of the kitchen -- She returned to the room I was lying in. She gathered together some items -- ankle and wrist cuffs, lengths of chain -- a neck collar -- small nipple clamps.. and proceeded to put them all on me as I lay there helpless to resist.

Once I was adorned to Her satisfaction She tilted me upright and removed the straps that bound me in place -- I felt very light-headed and a bit wobbly on my feet and took little notice as She completed the attachment and locking of several small padlocks and chains to the various D-rings on my outfit. The pinch of the small nipple clamps was a gentle reminder of Her earlier "surprise" and I soon found myself shuffling into the dining room encouraged by little tugs on the cock collar again. This time I was bedecked in such a fashion as to only be able to walk in tiny steps and my wrists were now chained to a belt around my waist.

She led me to a chair in front of the dining table -- there were place settings and candles -- it looked so romantic. She placed me in front of table -- pulling out the chair.... saying:

"Stand there for a moment little victim -- I have a different chair for you..."

She left the room carrying the chair and returned with a stool, slightly lower than the chair had been, which had a medium sized butt-plug fixed to the centre of its seat!!

"Don't worry -- I’ve lubricated it very thoroughly -- although it will probably feel very thick to someone unused to such things..."

She took hold of my cock leash once more and showed me a crop in Her other hand. "You really don't want me to convince you little sub... So Sit!"

I squatted over the plug -- and lowered myself as carefully as possible onto the offending item -- it was hard going for a few inches and then it seems to slide into place and I felt my bum cheeks finally resting on the cool seat. I felt invaded, stretched, penetrated and very full -- I wondered if this was how women feel sometimes...

"Good -- that seems ok -- now put your ankles up off the floor please."

I groaned as I lifted my feet off the ground and She linked my ankle cuffs to D-rings on the legs of the stool. My whole weight was now pressing me down onto the plug and I had no leverage or method left me of easing the pressure.

She smiled and rubbed my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock, arousing me once more -- I groaned -- it seemed so long since I had last cum....

She next attached thin chains from my neck collar, nipple clamps and cock collar to fixing points on the stool -- in this way I was immobilised and totally restrained. Not in any real pain -- just uncomfortable with no means of escape or relief.

Dinner was excellent -- a stew which She fed to me in small mouthfuls -- with bites of bread. Some bites I had to stretch forward for -- others I had to push upwards for -- all caused incredible sensations inside me -- and, of course, pulled on the nipple clamps...

When we had finished eating She said, "No don't get up -- you are my guest after all -- I'll just do the dishes while you relax there!!"

She had a wide smile on Her face as she left with the dishes....

So there I was left to contemplate the sudden change in my fortunes. Chained and plugged by a beautiful dominant Lady -- my dreams and fantasies coming true; and more of them every second. Somehow though this was different. She meant what She was saying -- She intended to actually do all those things I had only dared dream of. She was *real* -- this was *real*.

I looked down at the erection I had. Scared as I was by all that was happening, by the total loss of my will-power in the face of Her calm self-assurance, I was still extremely aroused. Almost painfully hard.

I tried to relax a little -- but of course She had already ensured that my position -- anally impaled and nipple chained -- precluded any release or ability to slouch. I had to sit upright -- my full weight pressing down on the plug -- head up and back straight or a chain somewhere would punish my bad posture.

Some time later She returned, still smiling.

"Comfortable my little one?", She asked, obviously noting my discomfort.

"Yes Ma'am, as comfortable as possible like this Ma'am", I answered cautiously.

"I've been thinking a lot about what I shall do with You from now on little slave. There's so many details to iron out -- such a lot of marvellous possibilities to try. So much fun... for me.

I was considering keeping you there like that for a few hours more -- just to prove to you that I could if I wished. But that's a little boring for me and I'm in the mood to play tonight..."

"Whether you will still have that look of relief later slave is debatable!".

Her tone had gone from soft to steely in an instant. I was shaken by the suddenness... I trembled as She once more grasped my swollen cock.

"Let's get some things straight my slave."

"This", She squeezed and massaged slowly, "is mine now. It cums when I say. It doesn't cum until and unless I say."

"These", She squeezed both nipple clamps, hard, making me moan a little, "are also mine. If I want them to be swollen and sore, then rest assured that's exactly how they'll be."

She stood behind me and put her mouth close to my left ear and continued to talk quietly, very calmly, almost eerily calm:

"I think you can understand the rest slave. Basically you have become my property. You are my toy now. My whims control your pleasure. My desires decide how much or how little it will hurt. The irony is that I know this is exactly what you wanted and wished for. Didn't you ever hear the expression: 'Be careful what you wish for; it might come true'?

Well it has, and you really should have been more careful."

She stood up straight again and walked around me -- touching me softly on my hair -- Her hand stroking my cheek, rubbing my thighs. Another warm hand on my back -- just caressing and stroking. She was looking at me with an expression of love, greed, appetite.... At least that's how I interpreted it. I was fascinated to just gaze upon the changes in Her look -- the tiny frown that came and went as She 'took stock' of her new toy.

"Eyes down slave. I gave no permission to look at me."

I bowed my head quickly -- again surprised at the depth of command Her voice could carry.

"Hmmmm.... I think it's about time we started to train you a little. Lesson one is a hard one but will save us both a lot of trouble in the future.

Listen to me carefully slave.

I am not a Mistress who enjoys hurting Her slave a lot. I am not a Mistress who enjoys to humiliate or belittle Her slave either.

But I am a Mistress who knows the value of discipline in the right context, and I do enjoy to see my slave squirm from a little therapeutic embarrassment now and then too.

At the moment I know that You are a little off-balance. Not surprisingly you are trying to build a new world picture in your mind. A picture which no doubt has you serving Me now-and-then, almost at your whim. A picture where you think you will soon find ways to encourage me to do the things that you crave, and not the things you fear or hate.

Well think again slave. We are a partnership, but I am in control. Lesson one is making you believe that.

I don't enjoy hurting my slave, but that doesn't mean I won't sometimes. Punishment is a way of correcting faults in behaviour or attitude. For it to work properly you have to fear it -- believe in it -- certainly not enjoy it. I am not talking about play scenarios here little one -- if I find that a particular form of punishment turns you on it will be moved to the list of potential rewards immediately. Tonight I'm going to make you believe that I can punish you effectively whenever I wish...."

Having said that She removed the chains holding me on the stool and unlocked my ankles too.

"Get up off that stool and go and kneel over there in the corner -- nose to the floor -- until I call you. Do not speak, fidget, or move until I order it. This is a serious part of our evening together."

I obeyed immediately -- feeling greatly relieved to finally be off that dildo -- but troubled by thoughts of what She might be planning for 'Lesson One'...

I knelt there for quite a while -- listening to the sounds of Her movements around the apartment. I soon became quite uncomfortable and very aware of how silly I must look. I smiled to myself -- surprised at my own good humour under such trying circumstances. I didn't feel at all "humiliated" -- a little embarrassed, yes. But somehow -- obeying Her order -- doing as I was told.... Well it turned me on -- made me happy.

She came and stood behind me -- jiggled my balls and probed my anus with the toe of Her shoe and said:

"Well done little one, you've managed to obey an order -- that's a good slave. Now I want you to crawl backwards into the centre of the room -- keep Your nose down and behind up -- I like the way it looks my pet."

I crawled carefully back until She told me to stop.

"Now I mentioned earlier that I was keen to convince you of my ability to both reward and punish you my slave. That's probably going to take a little while to sink in. For now I think I'll just show You a few snippets -- some idea of the possibilities I have at my disposal. You already know I have a good idea about what turns you on and what horrifies you. That knowledge, coupled with my own desires and interests could create quite a synergistic situation.

Now, keep still -- spread your legs wider apart. Good."


The impact. on my left buttock, of what I found out after had been a crop took me completely and utterly by surprise! There had been no warning at all. It wasn't a very hard blow, just the shock had made me jump almost out of my skin.

"You moved pet -- I told you not to. Get back into position."

I could feel a slight stinging from my buttock cheek -- a warmth that throbbed slightly. I wondered how much harder She could have hit me -- might still hit me..."


This time was ready for it -- it still didn't hurt an awful lot. It still made me jump, but I stayed in position this time. Now both cheeks were thrumming in time with my pulse. I could imagine two little red triangular patches glowing there. I realised my penis was rock hard and hanging down slightly between my spread legs.

"That, dear slave, was something I knew would turn you on. So rest assured, from now on that kind of thing will only be used if I wish to reward you. Of course there *is* that saying about 'too much of a good thing' -- so don't assume it would always be so pleasant and enjoyable."

As She spoke she ran her cool hands over my buttocks -- feeling the impact sites -- tracing their outlines with Her nail... One of Her hands dipped lower and encircled my cock -- the other held my balls -- pulling the sack down and back a little.

I whimpered a bit -- trying to understand what She was going to do. I heard a *click* and felt something cold surrounding the base of my penis and circling my ball sack above the balls -- quite tightly.

"I'm just showing You a possible punishment slave... no need to worry... well not much. I've locked a chastity device onto You... this one is quite tame -- it just stops You from touching Your cock -- I have others with little spikes that punishes erections... This one allows them -- but doesn't let you do anything with them. Must be very frustrating...

I have to go out for an hour or so. I'm going to leave You here -- restrained just a little -- and I have a lovely porno-video for You to watch while I'm out...."

With those words She fastened a chain, to my neck collar, that was fixed to a sturdy looking bolt in the wall - the chain looked long enough to allow me fairly good movement within Her apartment.

"There's plenty of water in the kitchen, and the phone is here if there's a fire or something -- be a bit embarrassing to call anyone for any other reason of course. Watch the video over and over until I return -- I'll might be testing You on it later."

She smiled and kissed me on the lips -- causing my erection to get harder and remind me of the constricting tube locked around it.

"Until later!!"

She left. Leaving only Her perfume behind -- and the video in my hand.
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Name: Bondage Brian
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Comments:Hi all i am back and i have a bondage story

when she got home from work i hid and chloroformed her and took her in the bedroom took her hands duct taped them behind her back and taped her legs and took off her clothes with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged and took her tied hands and legs and tape mouth leaved her tied bound and gagged on the bed all night took her hands duct taped them behind her back and taped her legs and took off her clothes with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged and took her tied hands and legs and tape mouth leaved her tied bound and gagged on the bed all night took her hands duct taped them behind her back and taped her legs and took off her clothes with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged and took her tied hands and legs and tape mouth leaved her tied bound and gagged on the bed all night took her hands duct taped them behind her back and taped her legs and took off her clothes with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged and took her tied hands and legs and tape mouth leaved her tied bound and gagged on the bed all night took her hands duct taped them behind her back and taped her legs and took off her clothes with her hands and legs tied and mouth gagged and took her tied hands and legs and tape mouth leaved her tied bound and gagged on the bed all night
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Comments:hi love to read bondage stories and have them happen to me i love to be tied and bound and gagged with duct tape and rope and chains if you love to do the same email me

bondage heather
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Name: sick'n twisted
Comments:nice wallpaper Brian i love the woman tied and gagged where did you get it let me know thanks

sick and twisted
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Name: Rick
Comments:Hi nice site i love to duct tape my wife and love to kiss her all over and love to lick her breasts and lick her hairy pussy till she groans in her gag i love to duct tape her mouth and her hands and legs together behind her back and love to lay on her and feel her all over

if you like to do this email me
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Name: bond 13
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Comments:Nice site bondage Brian I have some great stories to share I hope you enjoy them.

Kidnapped My School Teacher (With Permission!) PART I

This happened to me many years ago when I was in High School. At that time we were very fortunate to have a real knockout English teacher who we will call Miss Emily. YES--She was a knockout. A very attractive brunette with beautiful brown eyes, firm tits, beautiful legs and a nice tight butt. She had a straight nose, but a beautiful nose. Smooth skin. She was about 5'5 and probably about 120 lbs. BUT WOW! That was 120 lbs packed just right!

Some of my friends were not so fortunate in that they got the other english teacher who looked a little like Angela Lansberry only a much older and meaner version of Angela Lansberry. We called her ferocious Broscious. More on that later.

But Miss Emily was a gem of a totally different nature. She was as sweet as she was beautiful. Had a nice soft tone voice almost angelic and she was a great teacher. She knew her stuff and made teaching absolutely delightful. Although I have to admit, I was more focused on other things than English.

She seemed to like me because I was athletic. I was on the wrestling team and had lettered in football and track as well. I also lifted weights and could bench press 400 lbs at about 170 lbs bodyweight. That was lot for a high school kid and this was back in the 70's.

Found out that Miss Emily was also into weight training for firm and tone. She had also been to a weightlifting meet and even dedicated a class to her new found friend and hero a competitive weightlifter and seemed to check me out more and more.

As class was being dismissed and I was walking out, Ms. SALLY GRABBED ME BY THE ARM and asked me to wait. She wanted to talk to me.

Needless to say, I complied. I have to admit that I was concerned that she was going to complain about either my grades or perhaps she had caught me a time or too checking her out wehenever she had her back to us to illustrate something on the blackboard and swiftly turned around seeing me checking out her posterior.

Once everyone left, Miss Emily closed the door and had me sit down next to her. She took a deep sigh, looked down and then looked up. Now I really thought I was in trouble!

She looked up quickly and then said she had to tell me something but didn't know quite how to ask me. Just ask me I said.

Then she asked me if I believed in fantasies. I said of course..BUT...where are you going with this?

She then got right to the point and said that she had this incredible fantasy of being kidnapped by a student. The student would have to be athletic and someone with average to decent grades and had to be good looking.

I responded okay but what has that to do with me? Was I naive or what at that time?

She responded; "well to get to the point, your grades are marginal to decent, you are athletic and I think you are really a cute guy. I like the athletic types. You heard me talk about Ned right? (I nodded) Well Ned is athletic and a real nice guy. He did something to me over the weekend that was sensational."

She just smiled and started to speak to say MMMMMMPHPHPHPHH!

But Miss Emily quickly jumped back in and told me how she had been tied up by this guy and put into a submissive situation. She said she loved it!

Thinking to myself, I thought yeah I would love that too only to be Ned!

She saw me smile and asked me what I thought about bondage and what did I know about BDSM.

Bondage, I understood. BDSM? What does that stand for.

Miss Emily then went on to explain BDSM. I heard her explain the discipine, submissiveness and so on with as much clairty as she explained English, pronouns and so on.

Now I was really getting excited. Miss Emily had a way of speaking. She was so enthusiastic that even if she wasn't a 9-5 on a scale of 10 I would still have been excited!

And she said that she was soo excited having just been in a bondage event, that she was anxious to do it again. Actually horny for it. That was the word she used. Horny for it.

I asked Miss Emily WHAT THE PLAN WAS! She proposed a couple of ideas. Since she had been in a bndage event with Ned, she was looking for something a little more spicy. Something different. So she went b ack to the kidnappng idea. It would of course be a mock kidnapping only and I would have her complete and total consent.

BUT...she wanted me to make it as realistic as possible...but also within reason. I could get a little rough, but not too rough. No bruising. (Like I could bruise this little angel!) and there could be no sexual intercourse, just kidnapping.

It could not happen on the school grounds and neither of us could ms school for this. She wouldn't have her job jeopardized nor my grades for this game.

I was smiling from ear to ear and nearly slobbering thinking how much fun this would be. I would actually get to kidnap and have fun with my english teacher! A very beautiful Demi Moore-like woman who caught the eyes of every guy in the whole shcool, students and teachers!

My next question was where and when?

Miss Emily indicated that the sooner the better, today after school if possible. She indicated that time had passed and I needed to get to my next class and she needed to get ready for her next class some of whom were knocking on the locked door. This was in the morning and Ms. Sallie said she would reach me by lunch and we could talk abt it from there.

Well my next class w World History but needless to say, my mind was on something other than World History. My teacher noticed this and kept asking me questions just to be a pest. Some of the questions I had no idea how to answer since this was new material and I had not been too atentive to say the least.

That class didn't end soon enough.

As I walked out of the World History Class I walked past Ms. Sallies room and she was in the doorway waiting for me. She handed me a note and as many other students were walking by she said this was the list of books that she recommended that I read.


I ANXIOUSLY opened the note dropping many of my books in the process. Everyone was laughing and making wise cracks about perhaps I was losing my coordination.

The note simply said to "Meet me during lunchbreak here in my room." Signed Ms Emily.

Although I had been hungry, eating was the last thing I had on my mind. I went through my next class. Then a study hall and then it was lunch time. I was really excited.

Ms Emily had me walk in to her room, she closed the door behind us and locked it. She then had me walk with her to the back of the room, away from any peeping Toms. She also closed the blinds to the windows so nobody could see from another room.

Miss Emily said. "I want to do this tonite!
Do you have any plans?" But before I could answer, she said: "Break them if you do!"

Ms Emily then went on to say that she wanted the full treatment. She told me where she would be going after school and that I was to follow her but I was to decide when to make the move. She wanted the excitement of surprise.

So needless to say, at this point my hormones were moving at warp speed. I WAS INCREDIBLY EXCITED. In a matter of hours, this beautiful lady would be in my hands and at my mercy. I started to picture her all tied up and with me free to do whatever I wanted to with her! WOWSA!

Then I started to think how I had secretly dreamed of being with her. I had my own fantasies of what I wanted to do although it wasn't necessarily bondage. I had my collection of Playboy and Hustler magazines. I had dated and was seeing a girl that was so-so, but never had I had a chance with a
beautiful dame like Ms Emily.

Ms Emily noticed that I had drifted off and brought me back to earth. "Brian, Brian! Earth to Brian. This is Houston calling."

Ms Emily then said that judging by the look on my face when I was in the Twilight Zone I LOOKED like I was enjoying whatever it was that I was thinking about. (I WAS!)

I told Ms Emily that I had some fantasies myself with her. She said she thought as much and that was one of the reasons that she selected me for this game.

She said she knew that my father had passed away just a few months ago and she had talked to my girlfriend as well as to people who knew me. She felt that I needed this as much as she did. I agreed.

So we decided it was a go and that it would happen sometime after school. I told her that I needed to make some stops first but would catch up to her so I needed to know exactly where she would be going after school.

Se m or less told me all of the places that she would be stopping after school. Only one stop was absolutely necessary the rest were pretty much routine.

So 3pm came, school was dismissed for the day. I was excited as all be hell. I knew where Miss Solley parked her car but also knew that she would not be leaving for at least 45 minutes. She told me! This gave me the time to run to a local department store and pick up some supplies that I could use.

I got my tools and came back to the school parking lot. Ms Emily's car was still there. No surprise. I had made it back with time to spare.

Then I saw Ms Emily coming out of the school looking ever so sharp. She had a fantastic walk. Her hair bounced as she walked and so did everythingelse. I was getting more and more turned on by the second!

Ms Emily pulled out of the parking lot. She drove right past me and I am not sure if she really didn't notice me or was just playing along.

I followed her. She made her one necessary stop downtown ne ar an office building. I was waiting up the street about five cars up from where she was.

Ms Emily came out and drove off. I drove off but keep my distance. She next stopped
at a McDonalds. She went through the drive through. I waited for her to get her order and pay and then I followed her out.

Her next stop was at a shopping center. This would be it I thought. She sprly got out of her vehicle and started walking very fast towards a cosmetic store. I got out of my car, locked it and walked over to Ms Emilys vehicle. The vehicle was locked but no problem, I know how to pick a lock really well. I learned it from all of the times that I locked my keys inside my own car.

So I picked the lock, opened the door, and laid on the floor in the back waiting for my prey. Ms Emily had a blanket, so convenient. I used it to cover myself and my tools which I had in a bag.

It must have been at least 1/2 hour untill Ms Emily came back. I was getting restless.

So after a very long wait, Ms Emily finally came back to her car. I pulled the blanket over myself while lying on the floor in the back. She started the car up and drove off.

My emotions were both anxious and nervious. I thought what a deal, I get to kidnap (in fun) my teacher and have fun with her. Just being with her was exciting.

Now I heard Ms Emily talking to herself. I looked up and saw her looking outside her nearview mirror and saying:

"Where is he?"

"He better have not stood me up!"

"Did he get lost or what?"

I waited for her to stop looking in her nearview mirror and I slowly got up and looked out the back window. Not a car in sight. I then looked out the passenger side of the car, we were in no mans land. Nobody around. I looked out the other window, same deal. Not a soul in sight.

Now is the time I thought. I reached into my bag of toys and pulled out a Nichard Nixon mask and put it on. I then grabbed a roll of clear tape and sat up.

Ms Emily was stunned so I quickly covered her mouth with my hand. He tried to speak with what sounded like Brian. But my grip was so tight, it was in audible.

I then quickly ripped piece of tape off the roll and secured it on Ms Emilys lovely mouth. To me this was perfect. From the outside it was invisible. But from my vantage point, I could see Ms Emilys bright red lips through the tape and she was effectively gagged.

In my roughest tone possible I told her to pull over up the road. But the excitement actually caused her to veer off the road slightly. She drove about 1/4 mile and pulled over as I commanded.

I opened her door and told her to slide over and I would be doing the driving from here on. She did as I asked. She kept looking trying to see my eyes. At this point she wasn't sure if it was really me or a real kidnapper.

I told her to place her hands down on her lap and as she did I secured the seat belt around her arms fastening her securely. She was effectively bound and gagged. And the best part is that even if I had to stop at a red light or stop sign, no one could tell what was going on as the plastic clear tape was barely visible.

The butterflies that I had were still very much running around. I was enjoying this BUT..still nervious about the whole situation.

My aunt had been out of town and asked us to watch her house while she was away. This would be the perfect place to take Ms Emily. I had the key and had to do my usual daily mail check and so on anyway.

I ulled up to my aunts house, went over to the passenger side of the car, opened the car door for Ms Emily while releasing her seat belt. I then grabbed my bag of toys from the back and poltely walked Ms Emily into my aunts house.

One of my aunts neighbors yelled out to me I quickly responde but moved on in hustling Miss Emily into the house.

I put the mail on the table and then took Miss Emily upstairs to my aunts bedroom. Miss Emily moved her hand up to try to remove the tape but I blocked her. She just gave me a steery lock with her eyes and mmmppped something which I could not makeout.

At this time I reassured her that she would be okay. I had not intention of hurting her but was playing a game with a friend. At this point, she stil had no idea that it was really me.

I sat her down into an upright chair and gently pulled her arms behind her back. I then pulled out some rope that I had gotten earlier andbegan tying her hands with her hands crisscrossed behind her back.

I then tied her feet together and then tied her thighs to the chair top. With the rest of the rope I tied her arms and torso to the chair.

Then I looked her straight in the eye and told her that she was my kidnapped victim.

I pulled the tape off her mouth ever so gently. Her first question was predictable:

Are you Brian?

I then reached inside my bag, pulled out a bandana and cleave gagged her.

You only get one question and kidnapped victims should be seen and not heard I said.

She struggled in the chair and mmmppphhhed in protest. She was really getting nervious and me Mr. Softie wanted to level with her but I was enjoying this too much. On the other hand, nothing I would have rather down than to untie her and take her to the sack and fuck the hell out of her.

Miss Emily was able to work her gag off while I was in the bathroom. She would tell me that she had to use the bathroom too.

Great! I thought. After applying all of the rope, now she tells me that she has to use the bathroom.

"Why didn't you tell me that before I put all of that rope on you?" I asked.

"How could I with that damn tape so tightly over my mouth!" Ms Emily said in protest.

She had a point.

"Okay, I untie you. Do you have to do #1 or #2?"


So I untied her bonds hold her to the chair and her feet so she could walk but kept her hands tied. I also still had that Richard Nixon mask on.

I told her she could do #1 with her hands tied and told her to call mehen she was done.

About 5 minutes later, she yelled she was done. I helped her up and this time walked her over to the bed.

"How did that chair feel?" I asked.

"Like a hard wooden chair that is hard on my butt."

"Okay. I am going to retie you but this time I will tie you and let you lay on the bed.

I grabbed the loose ends of the rope, tied aroud her arms agains going inbetween her upper arms and around her torso and then tied her feet. Before letting her lay down, I tightened up her gag and put an additonal bandana over the cleave gag, detective style.

Then I gently layed her down on her back and gag-kissed her.

Ms Emily was feeling a little better about this and I presumed now knew that it was me, so I took the Nixon mask off. She smiled with her eyes. It was like looking at an angel.

I then went over to her and gagkissed her again and this time she closed her eyes as in a real romantic kiss. She didn't struggle anymore and felt that she was in safe hands.

There lying in my aunts bed was my high school english teacher, all tied up, totally helpless and I could have my way with her.

Hmmmmm. What could I do to her and get away with?
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