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Young Girls Tied Up in Bathing Suits
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Name: Marcy
Comments:I am 15, this happened last summer. The guys and girls though it would be funny, so I agreed as well. I was wearing a one piece swimsuit with a crossstrapped, swimming, then they put me in this corner of the basement where there is a grate at top. They took my hands and handcuffed them over my head and the bar. I was not going anywhere for a while. Then taped my mouth. Thinking this is going to be a long day. Either someone has to remove the tape on my mouth for me to speak or I have to get a key and unlocked my self to speak, either way I am not getting out without a key. So I was there for a while. Another girl too, she was 13, dressed in a tankini with a skirted bottom was there too, bounded like I was. I felt her ponytail keep on hitting my head, then I tried to turn and try to say "Stop that." Then I saw what she was trying to do, get the tape off. For a half hour like this. Then someone said "you look tired want to get free from that. " We both said "yes" then they only took one of the cuffs off, and the other was still on, then they cuffed us both behind our backs to the pole in the basement. "What I did say I would free you from the rack." Which they were right, stayed like that for about another hour. Then we were freed, eventually.
Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 08:06:39 AM
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Saturday, November 30th 2013 - 08:43:54 AM
Name: Jen
Comments:Part 2 Back to my story. So Rachel threw a pillow case over my head and tackled me, then I was rolled over and my hands were pulled behind me and tied tight, as well as my elbows. I was yelling to let me go but someone hand gagged me and I was stood up and walked around. I thought I would be walked to the house but apparently I was walked in the direction of the pool, and was walked around to the far side with the diving board. Someone walked me up the steps on the board and I was slowly walked across the diving board. I could hear stifled laughs behind me as I was laid down on my stomach and my feet were tied together, and I was hogtied from there. Then I heard something I wasn't quite expecting. "this is to get you back for what you did." I couldn't believe it, it was Haley, the girl I had hogtied in the pantry! How did she get out? "Surprised? Let me show you something." the pillowcase was removed and i saw on the other side of the pool all the girls Rachel and I had tied up in the house, laughing at me on the diving board. I looked over my shoulder and Haley had more rope in her hands. She tied me to the diving board across my back, tight, so I couldn't move at all, let alone fall off the board. "I want to make sure you're safe." Haley said as she smiled and the other girls started laughing. Then Haley took two scarves, bundled one up and put it in my mouth, then tied the other one across my mouth to keep it in place. I struggled alittle before I looked over and realized Rachel wasn't with the other girls across the pool. Haley at my confusion and told me she and the others were fed up with me and Rachel having fun at everyone elses expense, so they were getting there due revenge, and Rachel was somewhere else. I tried to pull away but Haley took one more scarf and blindfolded me and I heard her walk away. I struggled against my bonds for two hours before I finally got my hands free, so I unblindfolded myself and saw the girls had put the cover on my end of the pool in case I fell off, so I guess they did care alittle. I untied my feet and started the rope on the board but one of the other girls, jasmine actually, saw me getting free and started running at me. I got the rope off just as jasmine was getting around to me and stood up and jumped off to the side of the pool as jasmine got on the board. She jumped after me and I ran around to the other side of the pool and jasmine went to grab me but I pushed her in the water with a loud splash. She came up coughing and swam to the side and got out quickly, but she lacked caution, so I jumped on her as she got out and tied her hands with the rope that had been used on me. I stood her up and walked her to the shed in the back where I knew there was a lawn chair or two. I pushed her down on the chair and locked the shed behind me and started to tie her properly so we wouldn't get out for hours. I took the scarves that were used on me and gagged her so she could barely be audible, and left her in the shed and cautiously went to the house. I heard footsteps running and all of the remaining girls came running out and I snuck through the door behind them and locked them out. I went upstairs to where I heard moaning and opened the bathroom door where I saw Rachel on the floor mummified in duct tape except her head, and with what looked like half a roll on her mouth as a gag. I was about to untie her then I saw her swimsuit on the floor next to her and I looked at her and she just nodded, so I knew she was naked under the wraps. I pulled the tape off her mouth and got started on unwrapping her body, and all I could do was laugh and say, "Well, you were right, this was a pretty unique party
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 07:24:16 PM
Name: Jen
Comments:We were having a pool party at my friend rachels house and it was all 16-17 year old girls and we were all wearing our swimsuits, some one piece some two. Anyway I was talking to rachel by the side of the pool when she told me she wanted to show me something in the house. I followed her and she opened a drawer full of scarves and rope. I asked what it was for and she said we were going to make this a much more unique party. She told me her plan was to tie up all the other girls at the party with my help so I agreed, thinking it would be fun. We figured we had to get most of them secretly first if we were going to get everyone, so we picked our first target, a girl named jasmine. We called her over and told her we needed some help inside the house. We led her upstairs into a closet we had previously prepared with a chair and some rope and closed the door behind her. She turned around to see what was going on and rachel jumped on her pushing her into the chair and held her in place while I started tying her wrists to the chair arms. I tied the rope off and we started tying her legs to the chair legs and tied some ropes around her legs and stomach. I picked up a scarf and went to gag her but Rachel said she would do it and I should go back to the pool to choose the next person. I left for the pool and started some small talk with a few girls to make it more normal, then Rachel came down and started chatting too. One of the girls, Sara, asked where the bathroom was, so Rachel volunteered to show her, and winked at me as she was going in, and I knew there was one more victim right there. I looked around and seeing there was 6 girls left, I asked if any of the girls wanted some lemonade which resounded positively through the group. I asked if anyone would help me make some and a girl named Haley volunteered so we went inside.Haley was looking in the cupboard for a pitcher I grabbed some rope and scarves and tossed them in the walkin pantry, pretending to look for lemonade powder. I called Haley to ask her help me reach something on the top shelf and she came in looking up at the ceiling, so I walked around her and pushed her to the ground. I grabbed a scarf and gagged her first then tied her arms behind her tight, then tied her legs at the ankles, then tied her wrist and ankles together in a hogtie. She tried pulling out and struggled alot so I doubled up on the rope and pulled it all tight so she couldn't get out. I went back to the kitchen and closed the door behind me and grabbed some lemonade out of the fridge and went back to the pool. When I got there I only saw three girls left, meaning Rachel was WAY faster at this than I was. One of the girls finally spoke up and asked where everyone was going. I told her I didn't know so they decided they should look for them. I was panicking inside because I knew if they found out now they'd be really mad so I tried to stall them enough for Rachel to come back. I was starting to run out of excuses when the other girls looked behind me and gasped. I turned around and all I had time to see was Rachel throwing a pillowcase over my head and tackling me to the ground. More in part 2
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 05:05:23 PM
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Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 02:09:56 PM
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Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 05:19:01 PM
Name: Shazar
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Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 03:22:35 PM
Name: randy
E-mail address: private
Comments:well i was 10 when this happened.my friends where planing sonething and i didnt know what.so all i hward was lets tie her up.so i go to take a shower and all my clothes were dirty so i put a bathing suit on.allof a sudden they jumped out and tied me up abd gagged me and put duct tape on my mouth putt a towel around ny nouth rubber banded it and put more duct tape on my mouth.i couldnt even talk.they tied me up and i was left there for a hour
Friday, July 5th 2013 - 11:06:53 PM
Name: Helen
Comments:Hello I am 14 two weeks ago I was in a bikini for the 1st time, let's say guys took notice, took rope tied me up, hands behind back, legs and use a sheet to gag my mouth. Nothing really happened, just me tied up, I was scared at first, then nothing was happening, it got boring, not being able to do anything. Then I was release an hour later.
Tuesday, June 18th 2013 - 05:01:18 PM
Name: noone
Comments:Hi, im going to tell u about a day i will never forget. My 16-yr old friend, Emily, and I (im 16 too) were that the beach and oh man did Emily look SEXY in her bikini. Now I had some rope in my truck, but i know rope wasn't enuf so i brought some chloroform to make things easyer. It was 10 am when i told Emily we needed to go she agreed so we got into my truck. When we reached my house Emily opened the door to the house then when she was halfway inside, i put the chloroform over her mouth. As she fell asleep she gave me a ''i love u '' look when she was asleep i took her to my room, put her on my bed, tied her up with some rope around her breasts, then i put some tape over her mouth and the ring i gave her into her cleavage, then i puting my hands on her legs. I stopped when she woke, she tryd to talk but, she couldn't. I then put my hands all over her body. When i did, Emily made lovely mourns, after that was Sexy and We loved it.
Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 06:12:36 AM
Name: Emily
Comments:I was 14 at the time, wearing a two piece bathing suit. I was swimming in a creek with others, and some older boys grab me, took duct tape and tied my hands behind my back and legs together, then gagged my mouth. I could not move and scream. They took pictures of me, would not release until I agree to do many embarrassing things with them. Which I did give in, but did not let me go. Another friend came over, they ran off, and then he untied me. It was all around school, then I had to tell my mom what happen, she called the school, and this situation, nothing could be done. I am so ashamed, I don't know if I could have done differently. All I am going to say is, stuff like this is not funny.
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 06:16:01 AM
Name: no one important
E-mail address: vargasamor2@yahoo.com
Comments:One day i was at the beach my cousin had brought some ropes for some reason. Many mins later he snuck up on me and took out the ropes and went inside. We got in he tied my legs together and tied my waist and tied my arms behind my back. then took out a gag. and said,"open up your mouth. i opened it he jammed it inside my mouth. So i just sat there. after awhile i started struggling but the ropes were too tight. i was like that for 2 hrs, then finally he came and got me.
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 10:21:01 PM
Name: Mindy
Comments:I am mindy, now I am 13, this happened to me last summer, I was only 12. A few months before, my mom left my dad just before Christmas of all days, and moved in with this guy who is a real creep, and his son only 16 but he was a bigger creep. I have no idea why they leave me with him all weekend. On the start of the summer vacation, my mom when on vaction with her boyfriend, a part was to finalize the divorce. They would leave us together for the weekend, with others. Which is I don't like to be. Since this time, was summer, and hot so the first thing I would do when I would get up in get a bathing suit on many cases I would put a shirt and shorts over it for now, I had both one piece and two piece, so I had a one piece, incase he would see me, I would rather have a one piece if seen, and believe me this is the type of person that I do not want to be around in any bathing suit. So believe me, like others said here, I am the same way, if I knew what was going to happen, I would definately have worn something different. On that morning, I didn't even have breakfast, just being in a bathing suit, one piece, he just bardge right in the door, I said "what the, why did you just bardge in here without knocking, I am in only a bathing suit as you can see" Before I can get clothes on, he grab both of my hands and dragged me, and he took me in a basement, I am like screaming let me go, let me go. Then he put me on this chair, and put my hands behind my back, behind the chair, I am like "please don't, please don't, I am in only a bathing suit, don't do it." Then I saw that he had handcuffs, and grabbed them, then I was like "NO,NO,NO, Please DON'T" Then he put them on me, cuffed me behind my back, and behind my back. So I was there, in handcuffs to a chair. Then he took like some type of strong wire or rope, wrapped it around my neck, just enough for me to breath, and then tied the other end to a pole. So I was their handcuffed to a chair and neck to a pole, and I was just in a bathing suit, I guess a good thing I was one piece. I asked why he was doing this, then he said that I was taking his candy, and telling my friends about him, but my mom said that the candy belong to both of us, he said my mom don't count, just his dad. Telling others about him, didn't like, like I said he was one that I did not like to be around. So he left me there for a half an hour, then he returned with a camera and videotaped me. I am like "please don't, I am in a bathing suit if I would have known what was going to happened, I would have worn something different." First thing he did was, told me that "You are the star and wave to everything to say hi" I just looked, then said said "wave to everyone watching" Then he had a stupid look and ask "why aren't you waving at everyone" All I said was "you know the answer to that" He said "oh yeah, you can atleast say hi." Then he had the nerve to ask what was wrong. I said nothing, he asked agian, then I said you know why. He said oh yeah, tell everyone else so that they know. Then I said "I am handcuffed to a chair behind my back, and my neck tied to a pole in the basement, and I am wearing only a bathing suit, and believe me if I would have known what was going to happened, I would have worn something different." Tell everyone why are you like this, I said " I don't know." He said you do, if you tell all why and I will let you go." I said "no, this is not what happened." Then he said be locked up like that, complain more and I will gag you too." Then I said to him "Ok, I took you candy, I told stories about you, I am sorry, I am sorry, please I am sorry, I promise I will never steal your candy agian, I promise I will never tell stories about you ever agian, now let me go." He goes "No." I go "please" He says "This is what you get for making me mad." I said "please" He said "no" I said "let me out, I am handcuffed to a chair, I am trying to get my arms up over the chair" I was trying that maybe I get get my arms free and then put hands in front and untie my neck. Which did not work. Then he puts the camera on himself, and says "all you bullies out there, this is what I do to people I don't like, who anoy me, if you see this face, don't mess with me, and this is what will happend to you. Handcuffed" I said " I am handcuffed to a chair in a bathing suit." He then put the camera on me, then he said "I will show you the bathing suit she is wearing first, isin't good looking" He put the camera all over me, to show everbody, which I told him "Please no, I do not like people seeing me in a bathing suit." Then he shown the handcuffs I was in, and he said to look at these, they are pretty, real handcuffs. I said " I think everyone knows that." I am trying he said don't will not work, real handcuffs. I said you jerk. he was telling me, that if I don't start behaving I he will gag me. I said "don't gag me, please don't." I am saying great "he is going to gag me" I heard one of his friends say gag her. I said " I refuse to be here handcuffed." He said "unless someone has a key and releases you, which they won't, then you have no choice." I told him 'please let me get some clothes one, if I knew what was going to happen, I would have worn something different. it is cold down here." he said "though" I said "please I am sorry, I admit that what I did, I admit I was wrong, and I said I am sorry like you said, let me go." He said "no you must realized that saying sorry does not work in the real word. I am doing this for anti bullying, show what should be done to bullies." I said " being handcuffed like his is unconfortable, it hurts and believe me it is not fun." He said "you should have though of this before you did what you did." Now you are paying for it. He was being reference to the fact that we our school had three kids commit suicide because of bullying, our area had 7 all together. So he said he was doing this to stop bullying and prevent suicide. Which in reality he wanted to do this just to embarrass me and to get me in a bathing suit on video. I was saying "Seriously this is not funny, this is not funny." The then took duct tape, and cleve, he put the cleve around my mouth, and taped up all around, then he put rubber bands and put it around the duct tape, and then put more duct tape around it, which all I do not even "MMMMMMMPH" in the movies, I could not make a sound at all" Then he blindfolded me. Then videotaped me some more like that. Then he said that he is putting this on facebook, told me how long it takes to put a video, well he had more videos this time and longer, he told me this is how long I have to wait, this time it is not getting on the computer but to get released, it would be and it was well after dark Then he walked away. some of his friends came over including his girl friend, so they then picked on me, touched me over, I could not do a thing about it. I was like that forever it seemed. Then they tooked off the blindfold and gagged, and was able to show everyone the videos he posted on facebook, everyone is seeing it now. So I was still handcuffed like this, no breakfast, lunch or dinner, nothing to drink, so I was more thirsty than anything, one of his friends that came, a friend of his girlfriend, came down, while everyone was up she stayed here with me which is nice of he, she counseled me alot of things. I did most of the talking and she did most of the listening I can't remember one word she said, but she was a friend and now we are friends, I talked and I was still in handcuffs. I told her that I became a christian just like my dad, and we wanted mom to be one too. Our older sister in college became a Christian first, going to church a new life, I like the church I went to and the people there, better than the people here. Which is probably why she left dad, and went to this jerk and his son who is a bigger jerk. Then my mom and her boyfriend, who had relatives who were lawyers and phycologists and had then testify that they don't think that church was good for me, or appropriate to have to go to sunday moring, sunday night, wednessday night, friday night which is no appropriate, which then appropriate, like what they are doing to me know is appropriate. I remmeber screaming saying this, "I would rather be in church getting brainwashed and being here handcuffed to a chair." She is a christian too, has no idea why she even hangs out with them. We prayed to gether, and she secretly on her cell phone, called her boyfriend to come over for a party, which she had to talk hin out of it. explained the situation, brough the key over which release me. My dad was told of this, then my new friend here, her boyfriends parents went to the police about it. Since it was our word against theirs police could not do a thing about it, too many conficting reports, even though attornies were working on our behalf. His friends at school told those with me about it, I was teased like crazy. harrassed and everything, this was suppose to be anti-bullying film project. yeah right. Pictures are all around with me in a bathing suit, so sitting in a chair but still, embarrassing. Then he said " I bet you won't do that to me anymore." Still living with them.
Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 - 08:25:52 AM
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Tuesday, March 26th 2013 - 01:45:25 PM
Name: amora
E-mail address: rolando74@yahoo.com
Comments:i love tied up things
Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 06:27:31 PM
Name: Lindsay
Comments:Hi, I am 14. This is really no real big story, We were having a weekend party, the weekend before Christmas, and it was snowing. we were playing video games, the highest score, gets to choose who would be outside tied up in a bathing suit. So I did not get the high score, and the one that did, choose me. I only had a two piece, they tied my hands behind my back with duct tape, and feet as well. Then they tied me to a chair outside. Then the gag me with Duct Tape. I was out side like this for two hours. It was cold, but luckly it was not real cold. I was like this for about two and a half hours, got dark. Then they realease me. That is all.
Monday, January 21st 2013 - 09:09:34 AM
Name: Samantha
Comments:I was 14th year old. One day my mum was angry at me for not having a better report card. She basically told me not to go to the beach, which I did. I didn't care. When I got home my mum was angry with me and told to respect her. I told her no. Not an good idea. My mum grabbed me and dragged me up to her bedroom. She found some scarfs and tied my wrists behind me. I had on a pink bathing suit with cross straps in the back. She tied the wrist scarf to the crossing of those straps. So when I pulled the wrists I also pulled the straps of my bathing suit. She then gagged me with another scarf. She then tied on scarf to my left ankel and one to my right ankel. She then tied a third scarf between them so I was hobbeled. She then told me to stay in her bedroom. She went out and locked the door. I was stuck in her bedroom until my dad came back and I had a smacking on my behind. Since then I have listen to my mum, but as an extra punishment my dad told my mum not to untie me before I had to go to bed. So I spent hours bound and gagged in my bathing suit. I loved it. So to bad no one wanted to tie me up again.
Tuesday, January 15th 2013 - 09:58:26 AM
Name: Lisa
Comments:I am not sure if this is suitable for this page, but if it offends I applogizes. I am Lisa and was 16 years old and I had a girlfriend called Maggie (or just Mags for short). Mags and I was good friends and we shared secrets. One day Mags was all excited when she got over. She had something in a bag that we had to look at she said and closed the door to my room. It was July and hot so the window was up. I had my bedroom in the second floor. - Look what I found in my brother's drawers, she said and picked up some magazines from the plastic bag. She layed the out on the desk I had at the window. - They are magazines, I said. - Look closer! Mags said. I looked closer. It was magazines of women bound and gagged. - Wow! Why do he have those? I asked. - How should I know, but I looked at them and they look very tightly bound. - I bet I would get out in no time, I said. - Yeah right, Mags said. - I bet you. If I don't get out I will go out with the geek of your choice. - Okay, and you do I will do the same, Mags said. - Deal. We shook on it. As I said it was July and hot. I had on my pink bathsuit and Mags had on a blue t-shirt and miniskirt. Mags looked around and found some belts to tie me with. I locked the door. - Use some scarfs for my hands, I think the belt would make marks, I said. Mags got my scarfs. I stood before her and had my arms behind me. Mags tied them palm to palm. It wasn't that tight. She used a belt just below my breasts to pin my arms at the side. She looked at the magazin and fasten another above my breasts. Then she tied my legs at the knees and ankels. - I should gag you, she said and took a scarf that she tied over my mouth. - You have four minutes to get loose, Lisa, she said and started the count down. I stood there twisting and turning to get loose, but the scarf on my wrists was tighter then I thought. And the belts over my arms wasn't making it any easier. Mags counted down from ten and I lost.
Saturday, January 5th 2013 - 01:24:52 PM
Name: Carrie
Comments:I was 13 the time, infact the day after my 13th birthday. It was memorial day weekend. Had off of school friday and Monday for the holiday season. I was wearing a two piece Bathing Suit. it was about 3 PM. My older brother, older(his girl friend) sister(her boyfriend), my best friend, and another friend of my brothers. Our parents were away for the weekend. Left us home alone for the night. They just left. So one of them, had a few pairs of handcuffs, and cuffed me behind back, and then cuffed me to a gymset outside. I was like, let me out, let me go, it was intended to be a joke, suppose to be only for like a few minutes, the other friend who had the cuffs, had the wrong key, he lived like an hour away. He realized it, never told me, told others though, they acted like they had the key, so I was cuffed like for about 20 minutes now, then it they tried, could not free me, knowing it was the wrong key they took, so they tried to buy a pair of kids handcuffs, to see if that key worked, they had left for about 30 minutes, tried to free me, that key did not work. So he had to go a hour trip home and back, so two hours were gone. I was having hands cuffed behind back, then cuffed again to a gym set, anchored to the ground, where I could not move at all, could not lay down of sit, where they cuffed me, my feet barely touched the ground. which having cuffed behind back, makes shoulders really sore, which I agreed it did, and could not sit down. It was like 6 PM. A storm came, though stuck to metal in a lightning storm, not the best situation. Then after the storm, returned like 7:30 or 8, they acted like they did not have the key, so they tickled me, acted like they were going to remove my bathing suit, which they didn't. Then they decided to free me. I was worned out, tired. I did not really have, lunch, so I had something to eat afterwards, so tired, legs sore, shoulders sore. So I even decided to sleep in my bathing suit. I told them not to do this ever agian, please.
Sunday, October 21st 2012 - 06:01:41 AM
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Friday, October 5th 2012 - 07:10:05 PM
Name: Jphn Holms
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Comments:What site is this?
Saturday, September 1st 2012 - 12:45:15 PM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: androgynonimity@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:It started off as a regular Summer day. I was in a bathing suit and so wa me Mum. I got some rope, fashioned a few knots and waited... then Mum made me tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. I always must kneel when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste. Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Just the idea of Abe Lincoln on the toilet is great by itself, but this woman adds a whole new meaning. Good for her! I'm a little sore from the whole experience, but my ropes and bathing suit will live to see another day!
Tuesday, August 21st 2012 - 06:19:07 PM
Name: Abby
Comments:Hi I am 13, this summer I started to hang out with a bunch of friends mostly from school, and their relatives. We started hanging out at a campground that is used by hunting clubs and church groups. We were going to hang out all weekend, It was told that there were going to be adults there, but not responsible adults, or if you think 20 years olds as adults. It was a hot day, and there is a big pond, many are going swimming, and I was going to do is mostly swim, that is why I had my bathing suit on already. I think I was so far the only one in a bathing suit, the others did not, or had clothes over their suits. Mine was a two piece(it was more coverage than a bikini, but not as much as a tankini so you can see it was a two piece.) But suddenly my plans were coming to a change. It came to a surprise to me, but these like to play tie up games. It was suggested that we play an all weekend tie up game. So it was also suggested that new people get tied up all weekend. So someone pointed the finger at me. Then they put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me, to the point where I could not move my hands at all, let alone slip through them, so I was stuck in cuffs, and a chain around my legs too and cuffs to locked them. So I could barely walk as well. I sat there, it was very uncomfortable. Then I was gagged, and blindfolded. COuld not see or could not talk, all it was as "MMMMM, MMMMM" Could not scream. What are you guys doing. So they took me to a basement, where there was a cot there, Then cot was achored to a wall, and then the chians around my legs were removed, and then the hands were cuffed, that was chained to the wall. Nothing really, just chained and cuffed, did not really do anything to me, my shoulders were getting sore. I can hear some of the people swimming having a good time, I am the only one wearing a bathing suit but not get wet the whole time. They took off the blind fold and the gagged. Asked "what is going on" The said "relax, it is just a game, just having fun." Eventually they did release me, just the chain was off, and then I was cuffed behind my back still. I ask " Can I have these things off of me." They said "Not yet" I was cuffed the whole day, I was getting really sore. Because I was yapping, they re-gagged me. I went all alone, laid in the sun, which is the only thing you can do. Nothing more really happened, I was gagged like this for 10 hours. I was eventually released end of the day. After that, I went swimming. Being cuffed behind back like that, wears you out really good.
Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 05:23:40 PM
Name: jim
E-mail address: wowmannn@gmail.com
Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 10:03:54 AM
Name: Marie
Comments:Hello I am 17, I will tell you what my tied up experience. I was in a one piece bathing suit, which I go to camps lock-ins and parties, they only allow one-piece for girls, boxers for guys. So that is why all I have are one pieces, I have two of them. I had one on, because it was a day for swimming, so many are just going to hang out, all day, and even sleep over. These people had the habbit of tying people up and gagged them, so I was aware of that, I think two other girls and a boy was taped, not sure how long they were though. Then there were two boys and one of their girlfriends, which they tied me up, first with rope and then with Duct Tape, and taped gagged my mouth as well. The way they tied me, hands behind back, and legs tied as well. Could not move, or talk, or even make a sound. They used also rubber bands around my mouth over the duct tape, and then duct tape again. Probably why I cannot make a sound. There was a huge pond that those who go swimming in, But I could not go swimming, because I was bound and gagged. When they were swimming some of them left me there, trying to free myself but I could not. I could not say anything, so I was there alone. Swimming, maybe they forgot about me. Notice I did not eat lunch or supper, but I got hungry. Night came, it got cold, for a summer night, it was getting cold. Maybe all I had was a swimsuit, then maybe that had something to do with it. Some of them remembered, so they raced but forgot where I was, if I could I would screamed for them. Then they found me, completely in a bathing suit, bound and gagged. Then they untied me, ussually they only tie someone for like a half-hour so maybe a hour at the most at a time. The others were tied for that as well. I was like 7-8 hours, for their tie up games, I had the by far record of being tied up the longest. Oh, well I don't mind being tied up, just not for that long, and in a dark woods.
Monday, July 16th 2012 - 10:21:58 PM
Name: Heidi
Comments:I am 15, my older brother,sister, her boyfriend and all their friends also like picking on me and tying me up. The first time they handcuffed me, behind my back, this is when I needed to get my swimsuit on, because I was going to a swim dance party that night. I didn't get a swimsuit on, before they were about to cuffed me. I was tellng them to get these things off me, because I need to change into a swimsuit. Which all I had are one-pieces. I was cuffed behind back for like an hour and a half, until I had someone call mom, and she told them to release me. Then forward it to about three month later. The ironic thing was, this time I was in my swimsuit, and this time I got tricked into putting my hands around a pole, which they cuffed me like that. It was before noon hours, and I was telling them to release me. I was like that for a while. They were tickling me, touching me all over. Telling them to stop. This time I did not have to go anywhere, so they kept me like this. How Ironic, the last time, I needed to get a swimsuit on, this time I was in a swimsuit, hands were behind back before, now they are front, and this time also, I was cuffed around the pole. Which I could not go anywhere. They also then decided to gag me, which they did it so tight, then tape around. So I could not scream. So I was like that for about most of the day. Then they had to release me before mom got home. There it is, now I know I cannot trust them, or I will get tied again.
Monday, July 16th 2012 - 06:10:54 AM
Name: rich
Comments:what is with these young girls being tied gagged in bathing suits, pretty young.
Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 02:09:51 PM
Name: Abby
Comments:Ok, I am 13, I was at a campground that has things going on all summer. It was one of those days, at early in one summer morning a few weeks ago, Some of the guys took handcuffs, wanted to handcuff people. They tried for me, but then I talked them into atleast letting me, change into a bathing suit first and they can do it behind my back which they agreed. I had both a one piece and a two piece, but I choose to get into the two piece(which was more like a tankini than a bikini), it would be easier to handle in handcuffs. So they did cuffed me behind my back. So I guess this is going to be a tradition, having people handcuffed. It was right after breakfast(which all I had was just a donut), so it would be like 9-9:30 in the morning somewhere around there. I though about swimming in the lake, which is why I wanted to change into bathing suit before they handcuffed me, but I don't think swimming with hands behind back all the time was a good idea. About an hour later, my sholders were getting sore, I said "Can I have these things off of me soon." One of them said "Not now, you agree to it." I wonder since either my mom or dad was going to pick me up at dark, So I wonder if I am going to be in handcuffs all day. Thinking that I should not have agreed to change into a bathing suit, and them allowed them to handcuffed me. I just sat in the bench most of the morning, then it was lunch, no way I could eat anything. So I skipped lunch not sure how I could do it with hands cuffed behind my back. All they had really was sandwiches anyway. They others went swimming, another girl as also handcuffed, an older girl, and he boyfriend as well. Both of them were handcuffed in front while around a pole. They were stuck in one place, but atleast I can move around. Girl was in a one piece bathing suit as well, one piece, and the boy had a hawiian shirt with swim trunks. The others went out to play games or swim, all I can do is lay in the sun, since I had my bathing suit on, and my hands were cuffed behind back, this is the only thing I can do. About on hour later, I saw the two that were handcuffed, were freed. So Went and asked If I can get the cuffs off, they said they forgot the key. So they were leaving for a while to get the key. My shoulders and hands were hurting now. Wanting to get these things off of me. I guess I have to live with these things on me for the rest of the day. So then they return, it was supper time, they got pizza as well. So wanted these things off of me so I can eat pizza, one of them, finally got a key and unlocked me. My shoulders were hurting, my hands were as well. After suppertime, someone took me down stairs, where one room was a tv people played video games, I was in another room, one them put cuffs back on me agian, this time I was cuffed in front and around a pole. I was like that for about an hour and a half. Then unlocked me again. Only because parents were on the way. So I guess I got drafted into the tie up games. Who is next.
Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 10:30:26 AM
Name: Mallory
Comments:Hi today I will be sharing one of my stories with u Ok so it was about a month ago when this happened FYI I'm 16 and I was at a pool party so I just got out of the pool and I had to get something out of my car so I go to my car and I'm ambushed by the host of the pool party he gagged me so I couldn't scream he took me in a room and hogtied me if u want to know what being hogtied looks like search hogtied girl in a golden bikini but anyway he hogtied me and took me to his basement and his basement is really cold so I was freezing but to make it worse he got like six fans and surrounded me with dans making it feel ten times colder then after about 30 minuets I assumed everyone left because the music stopped and u couldnt hear anyone but he comes back down with a squirt gun and shoots me with ice cold water then goes upstairs gets some ice cubes and puts them in my bikini bottom and top then he left me for hours just sitting there and trust me when u are tied up like that u go crazy after about an hour but next morning he comes down and says I'm done with breakfast u can have the left over syrup then he turns me on my side and poors all the syrup on me and rubs it all over me even in places a girl never wants to be touchedthen after about 2 hours of sitting the all sticky he decided to be nice and let me take a shower at his house so I did and when I come out he says u won't tell anyone about this and I said yeah I will I'm making sure every girl knows and I'm calling your mom then he said well could u watch this video I made first and he leaves and comes back so I watch the video and it was me taking a shower and he said if u ever tell anyone he would put it on the Internet
Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 12:49:27 AM
Name: Kelly
Comments:I am 14 years old. I will share with you what happened like a few months ago. I was in a one piece bathing suit. I have both one piece and two pieces, but this time I put on a one piece. Some of us, put on bathing suits, and stuff like that to fun around in. So I was in mine, so which is why I was in mine, which it is not quite swim season yet. One of the older boys, he tough he would do something very funny. I had my stuff in one of the rooms, so he took it to another bed room. When I found my bag, he grabbed me, I screamed(not sure if anyone heard me or not), and put me on the bed and handcuffed both of my hands to each of the bed posts. I was in a bathing suit with both of my hands cuffed to each bedpost. Stayed there for a while. He started to put his hands on me, and kissed me. He did all kinds things to torture me, he light matches, put them on the bed, I told him to stop, it is not funny anymore. Still then touching me all over, kiss me, telling me what kind of a body I have. I told him to stop. I did not know where everyone else went, he came back, then he showed me the key, asked you want this, you want loose. So here is what he did, put the key down my bathing suit. Keep in mind it was a one piece and my hands were cuffed to each bed post, so I was impossible for me to get the key. So he left. Then some of the others came back, saw me there. Well one of them had to, you know to get me free. Which that did happened. So embarrassing, this all had to happened.
Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 04:30:35 PM
Name: Michelle
Comments:Hi I am 12, and I will give you one of my tie up stories. About a month ago, this happened. I mostly wore 1 piece bathing suits, this is the first time I wore a two piece. Didn't feel comfortable at first, but got use to it, others wore them for a while as well. So usually a two piece is cheaper than a one piece so my parents suggested that I wore a two piece, I can wear a shirt over it, for more comfort if necessary. It was at a friends house who parents are really popular, everyone loves coming over there, and they owns a lot of land including a large pond with a two islands on them both size of a football field. It was a hot day and early in the morning, so many decided to go swimming. Two of the boys that I was hanging out with, decided to tie people up. Well they got me, and a friend of mine, she was also wearing a two piece bathing suit. Decided to tie us up with duct tape. Hands tied behind back and legs were also tied up as well, use tape to gagged us as well. Tied us up so much we could not move and gagged us, that we could not talk, or make noise, very little. So we were tied up, put on a small island on the pond. Both of us were there, could not untie ourselves or each other. So we were there, could not do anything, or talk. The only thing we can do is sun-bathing, hope to get a tan. We were on the island, the other kids were swimming. Some people were waving at us, asking us to wave back, or say hi. Which neither we can do. For some reason they left, were going to watch a movie. Left us there for the whole time. About half hour later some of them came back to get my friend because her mother was here, and wanted to take her somewhere. So they untied her and she went home. I guess they forgot all about me, which I was tied up in the island. So the rest were still watching a movie. After the movie was over, some of them went for lunch. I did not see what they were doing, they forgot about me. So then after it was suppose to be supper time, they realized that I was tied up, in the island. The others went to get me, pretty much they feared if someone else found me tied up, people can get in trouble, which no one saw me and no one was in trouble. They quickly went over to get me, and untied me. Well glad they finally came to get me. Their parents were coming home, so that was a close one for all. I am not sure if anyone would be allowed to go there ever again. There was no hard fealings, I told them if they were going to tie me up again regardless of what they used, or when they do it. Please don't leave me, and only tie me up for a short period of time.
Saturday, June 30th 2012 - 05:23:34 PM
Name: Kara
Comments:Some of you are laughing, but I was in a bathing suit(one piece) and cuffed behind back the whole time. Like for over a day in a half. I don't think anyone would want to be tied up in anyway after that.
Friday, June 29th 2012 - 09:38:52 PM
Name: The most embarrassed kid in the world
Comments:I know how Kara feels cause I'm 14 and im now the one who gets picked on and mocked but here is my story Ok so it was the middle of summer and I was extremely board so I go out and jump on the trampoline so after a while I got board so I started doing something very embarrassing something so embarrassing I almost ran away but as I was doing the thing my gf shows up FYI she lives write behind me so I didn't see her coming but anyway she video taped me and showed the whole school the video now people mock me all the time and I have had so many swirlys and wedgies that it's not even funny
Tuesday, June 26th 2012 - 07:07:30 PM
Name: Allie
Comments:Here is my experience while being tied up that was two weeks ago. I am 15 years old. Our little gang of ours were hanging out in a friends house for a pool party. So we were having a good time in the hot summer afternoon. I was wearing a tankini, swimming with others. When I join this group, I did not know that there was a tradition they have, that is to tie people up. Today it was my turn. They took zip ties, tied my hands behind my back, and taped my mouth shut. I could not free myself, I though Ok. I sat and watch others have fun, have a good time. But me, I was tied up. Then another girl too was tied the same way, also in a bathing suit as well. We sat, look at each other, could not really talk to each other. So others looked at us, ok what kind of joke is this. So we were able to take the tape gags off of each other. Sat and talk for a while with hands tied behind back. No one though of it that our tape gags were off. They didn't care too. So that was good, they were not really interesting in torturing us, just having a joke of a time. We were tied for about a little over an hour and a half. I though it was not so bad, looking back. Since it was just for fun and not a sicko. So I wonder who's turn is it next, or will I be tied up again. Who knows.
Saturday, June 23rd 2012 - 09:30:40 AM
Name: Allie
Comments:Here is my experience while being tied up that was two weeks ago. I am 15 years old. Our little gang of ours were hanging out in a friends house for a pool party. So we were having a good time in the hot summer afternoon. I was wearing a tankini, swimming with others. When I join this group, I did not know that there was a tradition they have, that is to tie people up. Today it was my turn. They took zip ties, tied my hands behind my back, and taped my mouth shut. I could not free myself, I though Ok. I sat and watch others have fun, have a good time. But me, I was tied up. Then another girl too was tied the same way, also in a bathing suit as well. We sat, look at each other, could not really talk to each other. So others looked at us, ok what kind of joke is this. So we were able to take the tape gags off of each other. Sat and talk for a while with hands tied behind back. No one though of it that our tape gags were off. They didn't care too. So that was good, they were not really interesting in torturing us, just having a joke of a time. We were tied for about a little over an hour and a half. I though it was not so bad, looking back. Since it was just for fun and not a sicko. So I wonder who's turn is it next, or will I be tied up again. Who knows.
Saturday, June 23rd 2012 - 09:30:31 AM
Name: Kara
E-mail address: none
Comments:Ok, I am 14 right now, I am going to share something that happened to me just under a year ago. My parents are divorced, my dad lost custody of me even to visit me. I am the one that is always getting picked on, getting teased, and made fun of, in home and school as well. I am the one always getting punished for everything, even the things that are not my fault. Though I did have some friends. My mom and step dad went away for an anniversary vacation. So it was me, my older step brother, his cousin, both of their girl friends and another friend of theirs, we were all spending the nights at our house. It was the second day of their trip, they were suppose to be away for 9 days. It was afternoon, hot summer day, I was in a one piece bathing suit(I don't like two pieces, and I don't really care to wear a one piece, only wear a one piece if swimming or laying in the sun.) So like I said I had a one piece bathing suit on for laying in the sun, then I would go swimming in the lake borders our land. Believe me when I say this, if I had any idea what those guys all were going to do to me, I definitely would have worn something different. So I got done laying in the sun getting a tan, so I put the towel around myself, and started to the lake where I was going to go swimming with other girls that lived around the area. Little did I know, the others were hid behind a shed waiting for me to come, my towel can undone, and I wanted to put the towel back on me, which was a big mistake I made. When I had my hands behind my back trying to put the towel on, I heard clicking sounds and felt something around my hands, before I knew it my hands were cuffed behind my back. These were not the handcuffs that are sold in kids toy stores, these were real handcuffs. I turned around it was my step brother and his friends, that did this. The towel was also taken from me, just showing me in a bathing suit. To more embarrassment this was being videotaped. They all laughed, even their girl friends laughed at me. I said "What a way to find out that your step brother has handcuffs, when you are in nothing but a bathing suit, he puts them on you." I demanded that they take off the cuffs, but to no avail. They claim that the key was at the house. So they are keeping the key at the house. Looks like my plans to go swimming changed in a hurry. Even though it was a one-piece, I was able to get out of it, to use the bath-room, stuff like that if needed, which was hard to do, and putting back on was harder to do. Thankfully this was not videotaped. They all assured me that the cuffs would be off of me in no time. So a half an hour went by, and the guys and their girl-friends decided to go swimming, and I stayed back, sat in a bench for while until they got back. Still in handcuffs. I remembered them saying that the key was in the house, so I tried to get someone to go back to so I can get the key and get off these handcuffs, they said "Not yet" Then they went back to the house, which I was relieved that thinking that I would be free. But it was not to be soon like they said." The video camera was on me almost the who time. So I went in the bathroom, to look at the mirror to see my cuffed hands. The one of the girls said "Your the star of this video, look at the camera wave and say hi." I am like "Really, you can really say that." The other girl said "What are you really worried about, why are you upset." I looked and acted like that I don't know. They were now all teasing me, I felt like actually crying. I said "I was put in handcuffs, in nothing but a bathing suit, and if I had any idea what was going to happened, I would have worn something totally different." I started crying, said "Being handcuffed like this, hurts, it is so uncomfortable, and believe me, it is not fun at all." Which it was not fun at all. They guys said "She talks to much, let's gag her." Now I am going to be gagged. Then they acted like they were going to put a dog shock collar on me. They did. Every time they push the buttons it started hurting. Only for a few minutes. Then it looked like the unthinkable, though they took the collar off, but not the cuffs, then they pretended to try and take off my bathing suit. I begged them not to. Which they didn't. All of this since I was cuffed, like almost four hours have gone by. A lot of this was on taped, they taped much of it. I just then sat on my bed, cried alot. I was scared, embarrassed, and now being frustrated that this is happening to me, people who are suppose to care for me, are doing this to me. It was getting late, about time to go to bed. I then demanded again to get these things off me, Not sure of how I would sleep if they keep me in handcuffs through out the night. I begged them to get these things off of me. I told them "Please it is getting late, I need to change clothes and get to sleep. I have slept in a bathing suit before, but not in cuffs. " Then the boys including the step brother started like to touch me all over, I screamed to stop it. Then I went to my bed sat down and cried more. They said they were going to gagged me. Which I did not want that. Then they did gagged me, put a gagged in my mouth, and then taped it around. I screamed, I could not understand what I was saying. Then they went in and went "MMMM,MMMM,MMMM" Like that to make fun of me some more. Then the guys decided it was enough and go to bed with me in a bathing suit, cuffed and gagged. I got no sleep at all, or little if any. Then the others woke up. I decided not to eat anything, did not have any supper, wanted not to eat breakfast or lunch. Which then I got very hungry. The second day was alot like the first day of this, but worse. Tooked the gagged off. Then kissed me hard kiss. Again touch me all over. The parts where they all put their hands on me, were not on video. Then they crew went to the lake again to to swimming, one of the girls stayed behind with the cousin. My boy-friend(Not really, he is older.) came over, stated that friends did not see me when swimming tried to called, came over to see if I was ok, he saw me very tired. I was able to have him see my hands, being cuffed. I told him he needed to leave because the others may see him. Which I was able to arrange for me to see him later, he had a key that may work. He cuffs me too, but it was with play handcuffs and it was in front so I can release myself when ever I want. So I was hoping that this would work. When they came back, I asked "How long are you guys going to keep me in these cuffs. It been over a day now, where it may as well be a month. " Then they gagged me more. Then it got close to dark again. I walked out, hoping that my boyfriend would find me. I was late so I did not find him. Then I waited, saw him, he had a key, which it did work and took off the gagged. I kept the cuffs. hid them. I was able to put on different clothes which felt good, showered. Then I told my step brother never to cuffed me again. I hid the cuffs on him. Which he found them. The night after, even though I was no longer in handcuffs, I still did not get any sleep. the after math of this, I asked my boyfriend I can report him, but the problem is, it is my word against their word. More witnesses for them. They told my mom and step dad that I was the one misbehaving, fighting with them, so I got grounded for this saying that I was the one who ruin their anniversary. I feel like they are the ones who violated me. I had my boyfriend tell my dad of what happened, but it was made out that I was the liar. He tried to take back custody, which no real proof of what happened, it would be hard for him to do so. Now I am still trying to get on with my life. Still kids are teasing me, picking on me, they know of what happened, and saw the video which it got worse. My step brother now going to leave for college. Probably will not see his cousin around that much as well. So thinking that I need to be thankful that it did not get worse like it did. I hope it never happens again, it was not fun at all.
Friday, June 22nd 2012 - 10:28:14 PM
Name: beth
E-mail address: cc
Comments:You can see my mom model swimsuits at Youtube. Just punch in pin-up stars. My mom is wearing a sailors cap and is the one with the really tight ass.
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 10:58:58 AM
Name: Emma
Comments:I forgot to mension somethings When he came down I said I wasnt calling for help but he said it doesnt matter and he started to lower me he saw my butt and asked "what did u wet your pants?" I said yes actually i did and he took a picture of My wet butt and when he put me in the trash can I went in head first
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 04:00:54 AM
Name: Emma
Comments:Ok so I was actually babysitting but they told to to bring a swim suit but anyway I was babysitting a 13 year old 10 and 9 year old I was 16 and a 1/2 so I showed up and the mom and dad left btw I was babysitting for 3 days but the mom and dad left and the kids wanted me to go swimming with them so I did after a while the oldest dried off and went inside I wanted to go inside so i could start making dinner for them so I dried off but I decided not to change I just wrapt a towel around myself so everything is ready when the oldest asked me if I wanted a coke I said yes so he got me one I ate my dinner and drank the coke but at the end I swallowed something that made me gag I didn't think anything of it but when I got up to put the dishes away I felt really dizzy so i layed down and I felt better so I got up to call the oldest one down to help me with something but once I got up I fainted but it was really weird cause I could hear them and feel stuff but I had no control over my body then I felt something that felt like someone was tying me up then I fell asleep when I woke up I was in a shed tyed up over a garbage can that smelled horrible so I was just hanging there and I yelled Justin are u there btw Justin's the oldest but I yelled two or three times and finally justin came I said get me down now and he said shut your mouth or else then he got a garden hose and filled the trash can with water but just a little bit I said what are u doing and he said if u try screaming for help I will lower u into the trash can and then he put a baby monitor on a little table thing and he said if u need anything just say something then he left and after a while I really had to pee like my bladder was about to explode so I couldn't hold it any longer and I said justin I need to pee he said he wouldnt help me with that and after a while it was hurting to hold it so I said I have to go and I wet myself after about thirty minutes a bird comes and lands and poops on my head when it did that I screamed at the top of my lungs and jousting thought I was screaming for help so he came down and lowered me inside the trash can
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 03:53:16 AM
Name: Nobody important
Comments:Ok so I am 17 and I had to watch someone who was sixteen because apparently he threw a party before while his parents were gone now I have to watch him but anyway when I was at his house we played a board game and in the middle of the game he bet me that if he won I would be his slave and if I won he would be my slave so I took the bet cause it looked like I would win but at the end of the game he won so he to me to take off my pants and shirt I said no at first but he told me that I had to or else so I did not because I was afraid but because I said I would so I do and he says to put my hands behind my back so I did and the moment I did he handcuffed me btw his dad is a cop and he took me in a room and started making out with me I tried calling for help but he duct taped my mouth shut and then he decided to torcher me he gave me wedgies, swirlies and did all kinds of stuff but the thing I remember the most is he left me for a minute and came back with maple syrup he rubbed maple syrup all ove me every single part of me to so I was super sticky and he simply just left for a while after about 10 minutes he came back and unhandcuffed me and said he was sorry and said I could use his shower to wash off so i did but when I got out he went in and ce out right away I said what are u doing he said just getting something I said what he said nothing then he came out and said he wanted to show me something and he showed me a video of me taking a shower so he said he wouldn't show anyone if I didn't tell anyone do we agreed and thats when his mom and dad got home
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 01:36:34 AM
Name: Someone
E-mail address: Dont have one
Comments:I forgot to mension that now I have to do whatever she wants me to do because of the pictures she took
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 03:41:38 PM
Name: Someone
E-mail address: Dont have one
Comments:Ok so I am 14 and my sister Susan is 19 and Susan has never been a bad girl so when my parents went on their vacation they left us home alone so the first day was fine but when I woke up the second day Susan was talking on the phone which was wierd cause she usually doesn't talk on the phone all that much but around 2:30 I decided I wanted to swim in our pool so I called some Of my friends and they came over it was me, Jessica, heaven, and isibella so we are swimming and my sister comes out and says everyone has to go home so everyone left after about five minutes I said what was that for and right when I said that two boys jumped in the pool grabbed me by the arms and took me the garage put someone's panties in my mouth and duct taped my mouth shut then tied me up and wedgie hung me on our privacy fence then they duct taped my arms together and left me there just hanging but then a lot more people came and I knew my sister was throughing a party after a while of hanging there some dude put ice in my bikini top and bottom it was cold my whole body went numb then my sister takes me down and into my room and starts taking pictures of me then she takes my top off and took a few more she then takes me in the bathroom and gives me swirlys for like half an hour then she puts me in the garbage can outside and told everyone to put there garbage outside in the garbage can at the end of that day I was covered in soda, nacho cheese, salsa, guacamole, almost every other food u would find at a partie
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 03:38:51 PM
Name: Nobody important
E-mail address: Dont have one
Comments:Ok so here is the story I was invited to my friends house for a pool party so when I get there everyone was having a good time the people there were Jessica Susan Randy (the host of the party) Dony Me (my name is Jennifer) Bill And Natalie So that was everyone who was there so everyone is having a good time but after a while dony went inside by he didn't come back but I thought nothing of it I thought that he left so I was gonna stop swimming and change so I open the door to the bathroom and out of no where i was blind folded so I tried calling for help cause Jessica was inside to but dony put duct tape over my mouth then I felt him tying me up when he took the blindfold off I was completely tied up so he takes me and puts me in a bedroom and leaves me so I'm laying on a bed in my bikini and then him and all the other boys come in with all the other girls tied up to so they take me and jessica and tie us together and susan and Natalie together and put us in the trunk of there car so we are driving for a couple of minutes and we stop and the boys took me and Jessica and striped us of our bathing suits and tied us back up again and did the same with the other girls and they take us back to Randy's house and u can guess the rest of the story
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 12:42:30 AM
Name: Seth
Comments:Ok I read back through my story and realized I forgot to say the girls age. The girl I saved was 18
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 07:37:30 PM
Name: Seth
Comments:Me and afew friends went camping at an old park area and it had a nice lake that was really clean so we were on the lake most of the first day. We would be out for 3 days and we are all 16-19 years old, but we've known eachother our whole lives so it wasn't awkward. There were 3 boys and 4 girls. On the second day we decided we would go fishing since the boys were all scouts and 2 of the 4 girls lived in the country so they liked that stuff. We fished for about 30 minutes and me and girl were getting bored so we went to the boat to get changed since we were going swimming after this. I got into my swim trunks and then looked away (I'm not a total perv) so she could change into her bikini. It was black and covered most of her breast but some was still visible. Then I saw the tow line and had an idea for fun. I told her to sit down and I would give her a massage, which she immediately agreed to. She sat in one of the boat chairs and I started massaging her shoulders, then I told her that the next massage needed me to pull her arms back. She gave me her arms and I pulled on them alittle to make her think I was actually doing something. Just when she was saying it was actually more uncomfortable I took the towline for the water skis and wrapped it around her hands an then secured it to the back of the chair and over her stomach. I grabbed some extra rope we had and tied her feet together. She started to protest so I looked around for something to gag her with and saw a scarf she had been wearing earlier, so I wrapped it around her head and into her mouth in a cleave gag. I tied her upper legs to the seat of the chair and looked back to admire my work. She sat struggling in the chair as I watched and it turned me on alittle. Then I heard something and turned around to see the other guys laughing. Apparently they wanted to show me something they had done and I figured it out when they said that great minds think alike. We walked sorta deep into the trees so as to prevent ramdom people from seeing what they had done in case they showed up. When we got to a clearing, I saw two of the girls tied to trees with their hands behind their backs and their feet tied to the tree with other ropes here and there to secure them. They were also gagged in a similar way to the first girl. I looked around to see where the other girl was and I saw her tied to a log on the ground with her tied hands going through holes on opposite sides of the log. Again she was gagged. All of them were wearing their swimsuits and all of them were bikinis, two were blue and one was a dark red (I can't remember who had what so imagine what you will) we went back to the boat to get the other girl and I noticed the boat was gone. I looked out and saw it drifting on the lake with her still struggling in the chair. The other guys were about to go call the patrol men on the lake when I told them we would get in trouble for one, tieing up a girl and leaving her, and two, we were actually in a part of the lake we weren't supposed to be in so we would get in even more trouble. I noticed a life jacket out on the lake so I ran and jumped off the dock and swam to it. Once I had gotten it on I swam the remaining distance to the boat. I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long when I noticed that there were bubbles coming out the back, which meant the motor was running, slowly but surely. Eventually I managed to get to the boat and when I climbed on I was shocked by what I saw. Not only was my friend tied to the chair, their was a girl tied on the floor with her hands behind her and her legas tied, she was also gagged. I looked up and saw a guy slouched in the drivers seat, which is why I didn't see him before, since he had slouched below the outer wall of the boat. He saw me and got up, he had a knife in his hand and looked like he knew how to use it. He walked toward me slowly but I walked away too, to the front of the boat, just far enough away so if I had to fall onto my back, I would stay in the boat and I wouldn't hit my head on the wall. He charged at me and I stepped to the right to avoid his arm. I realized he wouldn't be able to stop so right before he hit the wall I pushed him into the wall which sent him head over heels into the water. He was wearing a life jacket so I ignored him and went to the steering wheel and drove the boat back to shore. Once there my friends hopped into the boat and helped me untie our friend and the mysterious girl. We called the cops and before they had a chance to get there we untied the other girls and the other girl told us her story. Her boyfriend had invited her on the lake to apologize for freaking out after she broke up with him, little did she know he had a house on the other sid of the lake so he tied her up and was planning to steal our boat to get to the house, since walking around the lake would pass camping areas where there was a chance to be caught. It was sheer luck we had chosen here to camp and we actually helped her out. Being the gentlemen we were, we didn't accept any reward and we weren't offered one anyway. I actually became friends with the girl and the last time I spoke to her she invited me to her house and said "I only went out with the other guy cause he said he would tie me up." I was surprised at this for a sec but then I got her message and smiled. "how would you like to continue that tradition?" I'm gonna see her later this week so if she's wearing her bathing suit, I'll post it.
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 05:25:36 PM
Name: Kyle
E-mail address: Bucky032@gmail.comw
Monday, June 4th 2012 - 10:10:16 PM
Name: Not you
Comments:Okay I realized I forgot to say what happened to the guys. There story wasn't interesting so I guess I subconciously left it out. One of them got a phone call that said his girlfriend was missing(it was Jessica) he looked around and realized she wasn't there and freaked. It was actually just my friend trying to get rid of them so he pretended he had kidnapped her and ge told him not to call the cops. So he got up and left and since he was the other guys ride, he had to leave too. After we had untied the girls my friend called him and explained the situation, and I was expecting to hear a loud scream of anger but he just laughed and we went our seperate ways for the night. I thought it was a dickmove but I won't complain
Sunday, May 27th 2012 - 06:47:00 PM
Name: Not you
Comments:I think this site needs more stories other than Beth and Jo-Anne, so I think I'll write one. We have a pool in our backyard and we had a little party for one of my friends since he didn't gave the money to have his party at the main place to swim, cause were nice like that. Well he invited about 5 people over, 3 girls and 2 boys who were all about 16 or 17, and we had fun for about 30 minutes or so. At about that time he pulled me over and told me he wanted to show me something. We went to his car and I looked in the back seat and saw one of the girls from the party, who I thought had just gone to the bathroom or something, tied up in the back seat of his car. She had blonde hair tied in a ponytail and a pretty face, and she was wearing a one piece swimsuit that was a dark blue. Her hands were tied above her head with rope and duct tape over it, with a piece of rope extending to the handle above the car door. Her legs were tied together with duct tape at the ankle and the knee and she was gagged withmore ductape over her mouth and around the back of her head. She saw us walk up and started moaning into the gag and I didn't have any reaction other than asking "what the hell?" to my friend. He smiled and told me that he had invited the girls over to the party for no other reason than to tie them up, and now he only had two to go. I laughed at that part and told him that I was into bondage too, as long as it's duct tape, scarves or rope, not all that bondage gear stuff like ballgags. He smiled and opened the trunk of his car to reveal a roll of duct tape, about 40 feet of rope( I found that out later), and what looked to be about 20 scarves, all my favorites. He said he had planned to use one type of material on each girl and using rope on the car girl was just to keep herstill in the car while he tied up the rest. I offered my assisstance because one of the girls left was a friend of mine who I had wanted to tie up since I met her. We took the rope and scarves carried them into the house and we both chose a girl. I took the girl mentioned recently and he got the other girl. I invited Angel ( that is her name) into the house to show her something. She was wearing a bikini that actually covered her pretty well, but not completely, that was black and her hair is a sandy blonde that goes to about her neck. I walked her into the kitchen where I had my pile of rope hidden and I told her to take a seat while I grabbed what I wanted to show her. I reached into the cabinet I had the rope in and pulled it out. She asked if that was all and started to get up, but I told her I wanted to show her what I could do with the rope, and she sat down again. I tied the knot into a crude version of a lasso and spun it around my head like a cowboy. She rolled her eyes and started to get up again when I said, in my best country accent, "Sit down little Missy, the funs just startin'." with that I threw my lasso at her and it went over head and landed around her feet. She gave my a wierd look and I pulled the rope tight, making the loop tighten around her ankles and sending her falling backwards as I took her feet out from under her. She landed in the chair with a resounding thud and I took the opporitunity to wrap te rope around her legs quickly and tie it off, then I ran around behind her with the remainder of that rope.( about 10 feet left, I chose a long one by accident) I pulled the rope under the chair before tying it since there were no bars to keep her from moving. I crossed her wrists and tied them together and when she pulled on them she just pullde her legs under the chair. She started to protest so I grabbed a cloth and gagged her with it in a cleave gag. She could have easily talked but I think she thought I was playing a game so I don't think she seriously tried to get out. I took more rope and wrapped it around her stomach three or four times tk keep her from falling off the chair and escaping that way. I looked at her again and she moaned through her gag before I walked out and I guess she realized it wasn't a game and started to make a lot of noises that actually sounded relatively like talking, so I went back in and replaced the gag by putting a cloth in her mouth and then using another one to hold it in, and then I grabbed a thick, wide cloth to put over that to muffle any sounds abit more, and to make it look hotter in my eyes. I went to the room my friend tied the other girl in. (Jasmine, and for the record the girl in the car is named Jessica) I walked in to see jasmine, who has black hair to the middle of her back and was wearing a bright blue bikini, hogtied with a bright assortment of colored scarves with I later found out to be two scarves shoved in her mouth and another one covering it. She looked up at me and started moaning through her gag which caused my friend to look up and wave at me. We carried jasmine into the living room and then went into the kitchen to get Angel, and when my friend saw her he high fives me without even taking his eyes off her (she really did look that hot) and we carried her into the living room where jasmine and angel saw eachother and started moaning to eachother. We went to the car and pulled Jessica out and carried her into the house where we retaped her arms to her side and laid her on a table where we taped her down and stood back to admire our work. Us In a room full of girls tied up and struggling, that just fulfilled one of my greatest dreams. I can't remember how long we kept them like that but we enjoyed every minute of it and eventually we untied them and they left, and before they left, angel walked up to me and said she enjoyed it, when could she do it again. She left me her number and ive tied her up many times since then.
Sunday, May 27th 2012 - 06:39:49 PM
Name: graham Edwards
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Saturday, May 26th 2012 - 02:47:30 PM
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Friday, December 24th 2010 - 08:15:35 AM
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Sunday, October 24th 2010 - 10:31:49 AM
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Sunday, October 10th 2010 - 05:45:59 AM
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Friday, July 2nd 2010 - 11:19:42 PM
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Comments: As soon as my friend and his hired help left, I walked around the boxes, looking up and down at them. The taller one, Caroline and the shorter one, Amanda. It was a strange feeling looking at these boxes knowing what was packed in them. Finaly I took my pocket knife and cut away the top of Caroline's exposing her head. There was a twelve year old blonde girl totally wrapped tight and encased in a styro foam cube with only her head showing at the top. Then I went and done the same with Amanda. Stepping back again to enjoy the moment, looking these two boxed cuties up and down. Caroline and Amanda kept glancing back and forth at one another then they looked at me. Caroline started to muffle some sound through her knoted cleave gag. " Well I guess it time to remove these," I said. I went around behind Caroline and untied her gag and removed it. Then I went over to loosen Amanda's when Caroline spoke, " Don't, leave her's tied." So I reframed from removing her's. Amanda seemed content with it. Caroline then told me, " You will have to lay me on my backside and slide me out of my box, lay me so I'm looking up." So I did. I eased her over backwards and layed her down so she could look up at the ceiling. I tilted her feet up some and shook the box and Caroline came sliding out. She was still wrapped and cubed in styro foam from her neck down. Setting her back upright, I took another minute to enjoy the moment. Looking at Amanda still boxed and Caroline out of box but still wrapped and cubed. Caroline said, " UH you can get me out of here now." I looked at her and shook my head from side to side motioning NO. Then she began to plea, " Please get me out of here please unwrap me." " Hush now or I will replace your gag," I said. She quieted down.I went over and removed Amanda's gag and slid her encased body out of her box. I then raised her back up. I told both girls, " I will free you in a little while." Then I replaced the gags and went down to my boat docked behind my house on a small salt water bayou. LATER WITH THE REST
Sunday, May 31st 2009 - 11:48:54 PM
Name: CaptainAme
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Comments: To finish my last story, My friend had his daughters packaged and boxed. I did notice that all safety measures were taken. This what he told me him and his wife had done, I started first by wrapping Amanda up, wearing her dark blue string bikini, super tight in a bed sheet.While I was doing that, the wife tied Caroline to a chair. This all was their plan. I rolled and tucked Amanda up in that bed sheet so tight that her arms were pressed tightly to each side and her feet and knees were bound tight. Then I began wrapping her with shrink wrap. Each wind pressing tight against her. After four or five layers I applied hot air with a hair dryer which made the shrink wrap shrink. After several layers of plastic I applied some box tape around her shoulders,and down to her toes about eight inches a part. Then she was encased in styro foam and boxed. I placed an oxygen with the tube lightly blowing in her face and air holes were placed at top of box. Handle with care wa written all over the box with This end up. Now it was Caroline's turn. Once She was wrapped, encased, and boxed The dock worker he had hired to diliver the girls. But he had no idea that girls were in these boxes. So my friend and his hired help dilivered the boxed girls to my home. There will be more to this story
Saturday, May 30th 2009 - 11:42:33 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments: Its has been a while but surival been rough in my line of work lately. Last August Caroline & Amanda's dad called me. He wanted to talk to me about watching the girls for two weeks. Him and his wife wanted to go on an adult vacation. I told him that this was the tailend of a sucky season and I would be grabing fishing trips when I could. He told me, " No worries, I will make it worth your wild. I agreed. The next morning a dilivery truck pulled up in front of my house. My friend was driving it. He got out of the truck and walked over to me. In his hand was an evelope. He handed the evelpoe to me and I looked inside. There was a check for a very generous amount. A gentleman that was with him unloaded two rectangle boxes labled this end up. He carefully placed the boxes in my living room floor. My friend explained to me that him and his wife noticed their daughters interest in bondage when they were much younger.So they decided to kind of let it go but maintained limits. He handed me a list of rules. " Why me?" I asked. " My wife and i liked your business card with the three little monkeys SEE NO EVIL SAY NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL. So after a little back ground check plus the girls loved you since the fishing trip. They feel safe with you. So my friend walked over and kissed each box and said, " I love you, be sweet. Then it dawned on me that the girls were packed in the boxes. You could hear them from the air holes in the top of their box muffle through their gags. " This was their idea, they wanted to be brought over here like this," My friend said. Well I got to go finish story later
Friday, May 29th 2009 - 08:44:46 PM
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Sunday, October 5th 2008 - 01:15:27 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments: Well nope to honestly answer your question, at Carolines last birthday I was invited over for a burger and dog cookout. after it was over and all of Caroline's friends left Mom and Dad broke out more presents. none that I shall mention. Just things the girls can have their fun with. That is all I know
Thursday, October 2nd 2008 - 08:29:08 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: Sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments:It has been a while but I am back with more adventures
Friday, September 26th 2008 - 01:55:09 AM
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Comments:i know this will be good :)
Monday, August 25th 2008 - 09:53:02 PM
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Comments:I love the story.
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Comments:Beth Please send me the rest of the story about the girl being kidnapped and taken to the cabin. It ends with her getting captured again.
Tuesday, March 4th 2008 - 07:44:59 PM
Name: nope
E-mail address: dont have one
Comments:what happened after the point of no return Ame!?!? and i can't believe that Caroline knew how to do all that stuff, and how she got all her supplies and whatnot like the ballgag and leather straps. hahaha man i wish i could get some of that stuff! but please keep the stories comming!
Friday, February 22nd 2008 - 12:25:58 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments:Caroline took the bags that contained the rope and tape and I carried the rolls of shrink wrap. We carried the stuff into the den. She told me I could lay the stuff down any where. Caroline walked over to Amanda and untied the ropes that she had tied around the carpet Amanda was rolled up in. Caroline took a hold of the carpets edge and pulled it quickly. Amanda came rolling out of it coming to a stop laying on her back. Caroline untied Amanda all but her wrists and gag. She pulled out a black leather studded colar and buckled it around Amanda's neck. Caroline clipped the end of a leash to the crome ring attached to the colar in front of her neck. She lead Amanda out of the den and up stairs. After about forty minutes the two girls came back down. Caroline had changed into a shiny blue one peice bathingsuit. Amanda was wearing a real skimpy dark blue tight bikini. Amanda's wrists were untied. Her arms and hands strapped to her sides with four two inch wide black leather straps. One was fastened around her upper arms right below her shoulders. The next one was just below her undeveloped breasts. The third one was fastened right below her elbos. And the last one was fastened at her wrists. These four straps had her arms pinned tightly against her body. The colar with the leash attached to it was still around her neck. Caroline replaced the cloth gag with a leather one that had a small red ball attached to it. This ball was in Amanda's mouth and the leather strap was buckled tightly at the back of her head. Caroline lead Amanda back to the den. I told Caroline I wanted to watch her do what ever she was going to do with Amanda. She looked at Amanda and asked her if she didn't mind. Amanda shook her head side to side gesturing no as if she had a choice in her pardiciment. Caroline had Amanda set down on the couch. She picked up one of the rolls of shrink wrap and began wrapping Amanda's feet,legs and knees. She wrapped them several times. Caroline then had Amanda stand up. Then she began wrapping Amanda over and over from her neck to where she left off at Amanda's knees. Then on the last nine or ten layers she wrapped Amanda tightly from neck to toes. When Caroline was finished with the wrapping of the shrink wrap,she gently pushed Amanda back down to the couch. Caroline told me she was getting Amanda ready for bed. Amanda was tightly mummified in several layers of the heavy shrink wrap. Caroline picked up a roll of duct tape and pelled back about two feet. She started wrapping the tape around Amanda from her toes to her neck. After the first layer of tape Caroline wrapped another layer of shrink wrap over the tape. She wrapped Amanda five times this way. Finally she finished wrapping Amanda with three layers of duct tape to cap her off. Caroline asked me to help her. We picked Amanda up and layed her on the floor on her back. Caroline again wanted my help. She and I went into the garage, in there was a plywood rectagle box. This box was five feet long, two feet wide and a foot and a half deep. Caroline got on one end and I got on the other end. We carried back to the den and set it down beside Amanda. Caroline got a thick quilt, unfolded it. In the bottom of the box was a peice of foam rubber cut to fit in the bottom of the box perfectly. Caroline spreaded the quilt out and through it over the box. She then tucked the quilt down around the edges of the foam rubber. Next Caroline got Amanda's feet and I got her shoulders and we picked her up,put her in the box. Caroline folded the quilt over the top of Amanda and tucked it in all around Amanda's tightly wrapped body. Amanda raised up her head touching her chin to her chest, Looking down her mummified body.Caroline layed more quilts and layers of newspaper on top of Amanda from her neck down to her feet. When Caroline closed the lid on the box her and I had to sit on it so it would close pressing the Quilts and news paper tightly against Amanda's wrapped body. The box had six lock hasps on it and Caroline latched and put locks on all of them. I told her that I hope she didn't lose any keys. Caroline laughed then she looked at me and said, "What are you going to do with me?" " What do you want me to do?" I asked back. " Think of something, If I tell you it want be no fun," She said. So I thought a second, then I asked, " Do you have a two peice bathingsuit and a short short pair of denim shorts?" " Sure," She said and quickly darted up stairs. When Carolina came back down, she was wearing a black string bikini and a tight pair of real short blue jean shorts. I told her not to move from where she was standing. I had cut off two peices of the himp rope, one two feet long and the other some what longer.I took the shorter peice and tied Caroline's wrists togather behind her back. I took the other peice and ran it through her belt loops around her waist and tied it off behind her leaving a loop hanging down on her behind.I hooked my fore finger on the rope above her fly on her shorts. Then I gently lead her back to the den. On the back wall of the den was a set of slidding glass doors with a curtain the girls had pulled closed earlier. In front of this glass door was a large aframed plant hanger. I had went and removed the plants while Caroline was up stairs. I put the stool with three thick books on top of it underneath the middle of the aframe. Once I had lead her over to it, she started to ask me what I was going to. Before she got what out of her mouth, I put my finger tip over her lips and said, "Shhhh I don't want to spoil your fun." I gently spun Carolina around and tied a peice of himp rope between her Wrists and dropped it down for a minute. I told her to back up until she was standing under the aframe. Then I tossed one end of a ten foot peice of the himp rope over the aframe. the other end I tied to the loop hang down on her behind. I pulled the other end down so it was pulling on the waist of her shorts. I began wrapping the rope tied between her writs around one way the other then wrapped the himp rope fourteen or fifteen times Around and around her body and the rope tied to the loop on her back from her shoulders to her waist and tied it off. The next thing I told her to do was to step up on the books on the stool. I pulled the slack tight on the rope running up her back until it tugged on her waist and tied it off. I also tied her thighs.upper and lower, her her legs just below the knees and her ancles. I then tied the end of an eight foot peice of the himp rope between her ancles and tossed the other end over the aframe. I stopped to take a look at her then asked, "Are you okay." "Yes," She replied. "before I go any futher I want to let you know I wanted to suspend you some way and this was the only way I could come up with that you wouldn't get rope burns. Before I finish up and I gag you, I wanted to be sure you are okay with it. She smiled and said, I think I will like this. It is good I try it out first. If I like it I will tie up Amanda and suspend her this way.Slowly I removed one book. Caroline's weight pulled the rope she hung from tight. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes opened real wide. She was struggling to stand on the second book with her toes. Then I just pulled books stool and all out from under her feet. Now Caroline hung freely from the aframe. Struggling against her ropes slightly finding as if she didn't know that there was no getting lose until I was ready to let her down. I tied off the other end of the rope I tied between her ancles to the aframe. This put her in an almost hogtie postion. Then last I suff a small ball of clean rags into her mouth and tied it off with a large peice of linin. I looked over to the box Amanda was stuffed in. It did have air holes in the sides beside her head on either side. I asked, "Everything okay babydoll?" "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!mmmmmmmm!!!!" came from the box. Then I looked back at Caroline dangling down from the aframe and told her, Now is the point of no return, I'm going to keep you hanging there until at least the morning. I wa
Thursday, February 21st 2008 - 04:01:14 PM
Name: Ken
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Comments:Sounds good!
Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 01:54:30 PM
Name: nope
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Comments:Ame love the stories please keep them comming!
Monday, February 18th 2008 - 02:48:06 PM
Name: Captain Ame
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Comments: About an hour later That Thursday evening, Caroline came into the living room where I was and asked me would I go to the store for her. She handed me a list. I looked at the list and then looked at her and smiled.Yes I will go get this stuff for you. But I can't leave Amanda all tied and rolled up and you running around free by yourself. I looked at her batting my eye brows up and down. Caroline widened her eyes and said OOkaay. I gently lead her by the arm over to a full sized statue of a unicorn. I sat a step stool beside the statue. I told her to step up on it and get on the statue. She stepped up and eased on to the unicorn, sitting on the left side. I told her that was not how you ride a unicorn. Coroline hesitated a second and then lifted her right leg, swung it over to the right side of the unicorn sitting straddle of it. I told her to lean foward some. I wrapped her arms around the unicorn's heck and tied her wrists togather.Caroline softly spoke and said Amanda this is your idea, I will get you back. Amanda was strugling slightly raising her upper body and umm ummm ummm through her gag. Next I wound rope X shape around Caroline's arms securing them to the neck of the unicorn. Next I tied a peice of rope around each anckle. One had a loop on the end and the other was straight. I took the straight end and run it through the loop on the other one.She pleaded to not tie her legs. Regardless of her pleas I pulled it tight and tied it off. caroline struggled a few seconds then realized she was helplessly tied straddle to the back of this unicorn statue. Last I stepped up on the stool and told her to look away from me. When she did I applied a cleave gag to her mouth and tied it off tightly behind her head. As I was leaving I turned a looked at Caroline. Raising her head she mummed through her gag and Amanda mmmmmm through hers and struggled again slightly raising her upper body. You girls don't go anywhere now until I get back. The last thing I heard from them was both mmmmmmmm. With the list was a fifty dallar bill. The list read, Two large rolls of heavy duty shrink wrap, a dozen rolls of duct tape, two hudred feet of 1/2 inch white soft rope and two hundred feet of himp rope. I returned a hour later with the items on the list. I freed Caroline, gave her the bags of items and told her to go and have fun.
Sunday, February 17th 2008 - 08:53:01 PM
Name: A fan
Comments:Would love to hear more. As long as there is nothing sexual with young girls, that's fine. =)
Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 06:36:22 AM
Name: Captain Ame
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Comments:Ever since that first exprience I want to see some pics and videos of young girls in swimsuits, one peice two peice, bikini, leotards, or costumes of that nature tied up,taped, or wrapped tight with suran wrap or even a bed sheet by other young girls wearing the same
Thursday, February 7th 2008 - 11:05:46 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments:hope my story was liked. I love to read others. If anyone has pics or videos of young girls in bondage please email me. Please no nude and no sex. swimsuits or leotards or leotards costumes.
Wednesday, February 6th 2008 - 11:05:02 PM
Name: Captain Ame
E-mail address: sharkhunter48@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a boat captain and I have seen a lot but last week took me totally by surprise. Surprisingly a friend called and told me him and his wife were going away for the weekend and would I come and stay at their house to watch over teir two girls while they were away. I said sure. He told me they would leave thurs.evening and be back Mon. evening. I got to their house Thurs. about 2 pm. They were just about to leave. A couple of hours after they had left, Caroline the oldest ( she was about 12 yrs old ) came out of her room wearing a sparkely light blue leotard that fit her real tight. It had no sleaves and a tight callor. She asked me if I would help her. I said sure. I followed her into her room. On the floor was Amanda the youngest. Wearing a blue two peice swimsuit with pink flowers printed on it. She is about ten yrs old. The swimsuit looked like it was a size to small for her. Anyway her wrists were tied behind her back,her elbows were tied togather, rope was wound around her body between her shoulders and waist 13 or 14 times pinning her arms to her upper body. Her thighs, knees and anckles were tied tight with rope. Her mouth was tightly gagged with a white hankercheif. Caroline said not to worry she tied Amanda up all the time that she liked it. Caroline wanted me to help pick her up and set her on this large peice of carpet. So we did and Caroline rolled her up in the carpet real tight and tied it off with with four peices of rope. I'll leave her like that for a while until I think of something else to to her., Caroline said. For a long time I could not get that out of my mind. It kinda turned me on. I could never do anything sexual to a young girl Amanda's age but I liked seeing her tied up and gagged wearing her swimsuit
Wednesday, February 6th 2008 - 06:25:35 PM
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Comments:hope its good
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Sunday, October 14th 2007 - 11:39:41 PM
Name: sam
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Homepage URL: http://msn
Comments:i want to see girls in bikini tid up an duck tape on ther mauth
Sunday, October 14th 2007 - 11:39:38 PM
Name: Snidely Whiplash
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Comments:Beth will You ever finish the story from last oct..I have enjoyed Your stories over the years and wanted to ask two questions .. first have you ever posted any pics of You and sis and mom bound and gagged and if so where ??? second one having read Your comment about utube do you having there and if so whats the name of it .. villian evil grin .. thanks Snidely
Thursday, September 20th 2007 - 11:38:40 AM
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Comments:iam looking forward to this
Sunday, September 2nd 2007 - 02:24:35 PM
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Comments:Daneilla is a an 11 year old girl and this is a true story!! she got kidnapped by some guys a few weeks ago.. they put her in a garage full of wood working equiptment. They tied her up to a saw and cut her arm! (not a lot a little)They stuck a hammer in her pussy and filled it up with glue. they tied her up on railroad trackes while she was naked and took pictures of her!! she was left there for 2 weeks without food,they only gave her water every two day,after that she was taken to an island and was almost drowned!! Daniella is now in a sex slave for anyone who likes raping, sex, bondage, etc. the reason i know this is because the guys who kidnapped her were my x-friends brothers!!!
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Name: chuck
Comments:beth, i did not mean to kill your dreambook. i will not ask you to write any more tickling stories about your mom.
Monday, February 12th 2007 - 08:57:14 PM
Name: brett
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Comments:I love ur stories! Did you say that you made movies, about some of the adventures you have had? Is there any place where i can watch a preview of them or watch them? If you could send me some pics please. Well keep up the good work can't wait to read about your next storie!
Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 06:22:20 PM
Name: Walter
Comments:Your book is graet
Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 12:53:05 PM
Name: Walter
Comments:Your book is graet
Tuesday, January 9th 2007 - 12:53:01 PM
Name: Jo-Anne
Comments:Good going Beth my love. Put some more ink to page for me.
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Name: beth
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Name: beth
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Name: beth
Friday, October 20th 2006 - 02:11:06 PM
Name: beth
Comments:they were cruel old women. obviously me crying into a pair of panties stuffed down my throat excited them. they prefer we all wear a slinky black thong leotard and nothing more. all you girls have incredible gams! one of them said while she held her hand tight across my lips in a vise-like grip. wriggle that tight ass of yours! the other woman told me. I began wriggling as best I could. hoping it might help me not be smacked again. that wire tying my wrists and ankles was so tight it was cutting deep into my skin. while I kept wriggling and gyrating, I felt fingers move my thong aside and explore my snatch lips. they slowly entered me and the woman then finding me moist, lifted a large dildo from the table beside the sofa. it was slowly inserted inside me and they both laughed while it was stuffed in deep. I said for you to wriggle that tight ass bitch! do it! the woman told me. my arms were lifted straight up over head. I strain to continue gyrating. did you see the size of balls we put in their mouths? one of them said. this bitch will get a nice big fat one too! the other woman said. they squeeze one of my tits. yummy fucking little cunt isn`t she. they laugh. they toyed with me for awhile, then finally I was stood-up and tried to balance myself, cause my legs were crossed so tightly at my ankles. the wet panties were removed from in my mouth, and true to their word, a very large ballgag was pushed inside my mouth. the straps were yanked as tight as possible. a soft black leather half hood is fitted over my head. it buckled under my chin and that strap is tightened as tight as possible. there is no room to budge my mouth. my jaw is vised-up tight. I then felt a leather collar go around my neck. my knee`s are tightened together with this wide leather belt. my wrists were lifted high over my head and tied off. a short leash pulls my neck down by my knees and now I`m teetering my my wrists. it was a punishing way to be placed in. suddenly my bum cheeks are being paddled again hard. wack..wack..wack..again..wack. and it hurts! I couldn`t help but try to say no. not a sound escaped me. I eventually was given a reprieve. I dangle like a doll from my arms. apparently brenda was loaning us as extremely good looking trained slaves. these ugly old woman had seen many pictures of us and was willing to pay top dollar to punish my mom, my sister and me. six foot plus gorgeous babes for their pleasure. my sister and mommy were in a bedroom each lashed very tightly to either end of a large king-sized mattress and steel tubed frame. they were both ballgagged and wore a similar soft pliable half-hood and tightened-up chin straps. they were collared, and tightly bound-up with long leather straps. they couldn`t budge even if they dare to try. the old ugly women fondle and squeeze their tits and tight bum cheeks. they love our simple sexy costumes. I knew it was quite late at night. I was taken down, and was then lifted and carried to the bedroom. I was tossed down onto the mattress. I had no idea mommy and my sister were at each end fastened tight, and me in the middle. apparently the woman were snapping photo`s of us, planning what to do with us next.
Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 12:07:49 PM
Name: beth
Comments:brenda arrived quite late at our house. she gave mommy, my sister and me each a black slinky thong style leotard. they were super sexy with high cut thighs and deep scooped back, and strappy little shoulders. we were ordered by brenda to put them on. we put them on while brenda watched. we each stood barefoot and leggy. us all being quite tall, they did look nice. now what? I ask. were going for a ride! brenda informed us. she owns a van. once inside her truck, brenda sped off. she drove an hour. we arrived at an isolated area and turned onto a gravel road. five minuted later she pulls up to an old house. brenda opens the side door and we climb out and brenda points toward the back door of the house. we walk up the stairs. a light turned on and the door opened. this rather ugly and old woman smiled at us and stood aside so we could enter her home. another older woman equally as ugly guided us towards the livingroom area. there we were.. barefoot and leggy in our slinky black skintight leotards. they are tall girls! the woman commented to brenda. brenda told us to kneel and we did. hands behind you ladies! the older woman instructed. we quickly comply. brenda was given a rather large amount of money by the woman. they are well trained brenda? the woman asks. why of course! and dressed exactly as requested. brenda comments. brenda then left us with the two women and we heard her van start and drive off from the property. the two women smile while standing over us with a folded leather belt in each of their hands. I do hope we will not need to use these. the woman said. I watch one of the woman lower her strap and reach for what looked like a length of black wire. our mom is instructed to stand while her arms were bound behind her at the wrists. she is your mother girls? the woman asks. laura and me both nodded yes she is. I was handed a length of the black wire. bind your sister hands dear, the woman instructed me. I bind my sister`s wrists firmly. I`m then next to have my arms tied back. the wire they used had a heavy copper strand through it. I watched while our mommy was blindfolded with a black scarve. mom stood helpless. laura was lifted to her feet. a large ballgag was strapped on her. the woman took glee and time fitting laura with it. it looks good on you dear! she told laura. laura now stood next to mom. I was told to sit on the sofa. my ankles were crossed, then tightly lashed by the woman. I watch as mom and laura were taken away by the two women. you stay put honey! I was told. they each slap mom and laura`s bare bums with their hands. ten minutes go by till they return. they each sat on either side of me and soon had me face-down across their laps. one of them lift a leather belt. open wide honey! the woman said to me, and a large pair of cotton panties is pushed deep inside my mouth and a hand clamped over my lips. then it happens. very hard smacks across my bum. boy it hurt! I counted twenty times.
Wednesday, August 30th 2006 - 08:53:24 AM
Name: beth
Comments:just in case you may be interested.....go to your computer and type in youtube.....then ask the program to take you to gagged....or bondage...or tied-up....or actresses tied-up and gagged....or whatever you want.you may be surprised what you find.
Thursday, August 3rd 2006 - 08:02:16 AM
Name: Warren H.
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Comments:This is great for story readers but unfortunately I depend on sight for my fetish needs. Thank you, though. Good idea.
Tuesday, June 13th 2006 - 09:27:05 AM
Name: beth
Comments:betty prepared lighting with brenda while thelma set-up the super 50 film camera. carl couldn`t keep his hands off the well tied female. what made the woman so appealing was the fact she was an abduction victim, so filming her as a sweet gorgeous beach babe who finds herself terrorized by a crazy clan would make her a perfect actress for the part. nancy`s quick abduction surprised her. now she would have to do as told by a group of rather ugly fat women and a skinny ugly man. nancy was filmed all night in the isolated cabin deep in the woods. she wore her dark green thong one-piece swim suit to perfection. the tight cords binding her, enhanced the skin tight fabric. they each posed with the wide-eyes tearful woman. they fondled her, squeezing at her firm tits and bum cheeks. they each had a turn tying and gagging her while filming the entire process. it was a contest, to see who could tie her best. brenda and thelma went first, then betty had a try. the poor woman sobbed at times, wondering why this was happening to her. she was strung-up at times by her wrists, then hogtied on the wooden floor naked. they eventually insisted she undress. the terrified woman obeyed as requested. she sat on the floor with her arms around her trying to cover herself. thelma wants the woman to lie on her tummy and be fitted with a tight ivory coloured corset. it needs to be laced-up. after the corset was tightened on the woman, she was given silk seamed nylon stockings to put on. take your time and make it sexy! betty told the woman. she tried her best to obey the instruction while the camera filmed her. carl wants the woman to pretend she is phoning her mother. hi mom! I`m in a film.... I get abducted by my uncle. I am taken to a house of dicipline... I get tied-up alot. the woman spoke into the phone. they filmed the babe sucking on carl. brenda held her head down on him at times. guzzle all of him dear! brenda instructs the woman. she is a great actress! betty complimented. I hope for your good, that if a single drop of squirt isn`t swallowed.. you will be in serious trouble dear, brenda warns. the woman milked carl perfectly on cue. they filmed the poor woman till she collapsed from exhaustion, and the put her to bed upstairs. she awoke in the afternoon, and found herself securely tied to the bedframe. that day she modeled the nylons and corset by walking around on her tip-toes with her wrists tied back snug. it became dark again, and filming began. what she did not know, was that carl had enabled her to free herself by loosening the cording. when she did free herself, she darts from the house in stocking feet and began to run into those dark woods. she saw lights behind her and was terrified the clan would capture her again, so she kept running thru the woods. she heard them calling for her and changed direction and saw a farm house with a light on. she began to run fast towards the porch. her nylons were tattered from the sharp sticks that scratched her legs. the woman ran up the stairs and knocked hard on the door. an old woman answers the door and the terrified babe begged the old woman to allow her to come inside and phone the police. what on earth happened to you dear? the old lady asked. nancy began blabbering how she was kidnapped by a crazy couple and taken nearby to an old cabin. the old lady gave nancy a blanket, then had her sit and try to calm herself. the old lady lifted her phone to dial for help. nancy felt relieved. the old lady spoke, then hung-up the phone. okay dear! the police are on there way! she promised. nancy was trembling with fright. awhile later, there was a knock on the door. an ugly older man is smiling, and looks at nancy. he had a burlap sack dangling in his left hand. the old lady became angry, then asks why he hasn`t started tying the woman yet. he reached into the sack and lifted a handful of rope from it. nancy`s eyes are wide with fear, and she tried to dash by and escape. it did take a bit of work to subdue her, but between the old lady, and the old man, they soon managed to bind nancy face-down and gag her. the best fun is the capture! the old guy said to rosey. isn`t that the truth! rosey cackled. the sack is pulled over the womans head, then they carried her outside to the old truck. within five minutes, nancy`s again taken to the cabin where the clan waited. she really thought she escaped us? brenda laughed. the sack came off nancy`s head and see saw them all laughing at her. a cloth gag kept her silent. so what should we do with her now? rose asks them.
Sunday, June 4th 2006 - 08:29:36 AM
Name: beth
Comments:carl and brenda now had themselves an extremely attractive swimsuit-clad tall leggy babe captive in their trailer. it proved an easy task to lure her. inside the trailer at the back part of it, inside the small bedroom, a confused and upset woman began struggling to free herself. brenda knelt with her squeezing at her perky tight bum. wearing a thong- style one-piece obviously made her charms visible. she was still drenched in baby oil which made her soft skin glisten and shine. do you know who you look like? I swear that you look like kathy Ireland. brenda said. you sure are tall and slender. brenda laughs. the woman made girlish sounds thru her tight gag. the way carl bound her wrists...he weaves a figure eight pattern once, then knots it. then again he`ll figure eight around her slender wrists, then knot it, and a loop between her wrists, then a knot, and carl continues till he used a twenty foot length, and it was then simply impossible to escape. using venetian type cording is simply the best material. carl had used a lasso rope at first for tying her feet, but now brenda can finish the job properly at her whim. I hope your not frightened sweety! we are just going to have a little bit of fun with you! brenda explains to nancy. brenda even brought her little dog into the room, and peanut licked her face. I hope this dog isn`t lassy, or he`ll have you free soon! brenda smirked. brenda squeezed the womans elbows together, and they touched. so.. have you ever been tied-up before sweety? brenda asked. nancy moaned and shook her head no. so it might seem a bit scary, since it`s your first time. try to relax! were just going to have some fun with you! brenda insured her. brenda did want this beach babe hogtied, so she did. the woman was on her side. her little dog kept licking her face. brenda smoothed over nancy. I want to see these tits! see how nice they are! she laughed. later when carl arrived, the job of packing-up her tent gear, moving her small sports car, was now finished. I took her car to the farm. I got a ride back from thelma! he explained. carl had a look at her fantastic set of tits. I believe I am in love! carl smiled. this one here is a top-notcher! brenda smiled. we make a great team brenda! carl said. she is a beginner carl! brenda gleed. her first time tied? carl asks. uh huh! my favorite kind. brenda replied. they waited till night time to move nancy into the car. it is only a twenty minute ride to the farm. they arrive with their captive, and carry her inside. thelma and betty were playing cards. they dropped the swimsuit-clad babe onto a couch. carl went to fetch peanut from the car. thelma went to examine the new student. she sure is pretty! thelma was quick to observe. how come your all tied-up dear? and what did they stuff your mouth with? thelma asks. she might not be able to explain! brenda laughs. she sure is leggy! carl said. will anyone miss her? betty asked. nope! she`s alone and vunerable. brenda replied. well she sure is now! betty cackled. sweety! do you have any idea why you are here? it is because your so lovely! betty said. we gave her some of the gas. works like a charm! brenda brags. we watched her for three days. then caught her today, carl laughed. well she sure is darling! thelma said. nancy`s ankles were now tied differently. brenda used a thin cord, had now crossed her bare ankles, and tightly lashed them together. a thick rope bound her knee`s together tight. her elbows were now tied together. she is flexible! the best kind! betty said. carl removed her gag, then removed her panties he had used to stuff inside her mouth. look at these! they are yours! carl proudly explained. nancy began to plead with everyone to let her go. they ignored her, then the poor woman began to cry. I`m scared! please let me go! nancy sobbed. I told you we would! brenda said. were just showing you off to our friends. carl said. the fact of the matter was, that nancy would be trained. that they plan to make movies with nancy as the star attraction. brenda had already taken rolls of photo`s while at the trailer eariler. the wild eyes and a willingness to struggle and get free, make for the best of pictures.
Friday, June 2nd 2006 - 04:52:14 AM
Name: beth
Comments:brenda and carl were a dangerous pair when they worked as a team. they had a trailer they parked during the summer at a lake known for the hottest beach babes. they watched close for a single woman who tented alone. a few weeks after they arrived, a twenty something female arrived alone with a dog she called peanut. this babe was gorgeous, and what both of them always insisted upon was that their targets be the top notch type they desired. the woman looks like kathy Ireland exactly! a tall slim build and gorgeous face. she spent her time at the beach tanning and swimming. her choice of swim wear were super sexy thong bikini`s, or a thong one-piece. the problem for her was that a beach rule was that no dogs are allowed on the sand. she had to leash her small dog at her camp site. carl went by her tent. he decided it`s safe to invade her privacy, and he climbed inside to investigate her suitcase. carl stole several pairs of pretty panties he found. brenda was at the beach next to the brunette beauty. brenda did speak briefly with the babe. she seemed friendly and open. awhile later the woman stood and wrapped a sarong around her dark green one-piece swimsuit. she went to feed her dog and go for a walk, but she was surprised to find a missing dog. she was upset, and began to look for her buddy to no avail. the woman eventually walked by the trailer and carl waved to her. do you own a small dog? carl asked her. she smiled and walked towards carl. they have a trailer and an attached screened and wooden area for extra space. when the attractive woman stepped inside, carl offers her a cold drink and reveals that they found the dog wandering. brenda took him for a short walk, carl explained. they`ll be back soon! carl assured her. the woman is happy. she introduced herself as nancy. carl and her went inside the trailer and chatted awhile. brenda came thru the door with her dog and the woman had this huge smile of relief. nancy hugged her dog and thanked brenda. I just saw you at the beach today! benda said. carl offered nancy another cold drink, and she excepted. carl kept glancing at her cute feet and toes. it is a rule they have. to remove your sandals or shoes. nancy wore leather sandals. brenda gave the dog a bowl of doggy kibble. brenda asks nancy if she was alone. yes! I love to camp! nancy replied. nancy was given a tour of the trailer, and arrived at the back of the trailer and the bedroom has a queen size mattress on the right side of the doorway. it is nitrous oxide carl made her breath. just a few breaths. nancy began laughing. oh my gosh! what is that? nancy asks carl. brenda sat with the woman and gave her a few more. it is carl who arrived back with a cowboy hat and ropes draped over his shoulder. he had a rope he`s twirling with a lasso at the end. the babe can`t stop laughing, then brenda came back the same way.....a cowboy hat and cord draped over her shoulder while twirling a rope lasso. the babe took the gas herself a few times. are you guys into bondage? nancy asks them while carl looped her slender ankles in the trap. she fell back onto the mattress face-up. your planning to tie me up? that is so kinky! nancy giggled. carl finished tying nancy`s ankles quite tightly. she pushed her hands out for carl to tie. brenda unknotted nancy`s sarong and pulled it away. love your swimsuit honey! brenda said. carl explained to the babe that he wants her to turn and lie on her tummy. oh! you want to tie my hands behind me! nancy giggled. yes I do! carl replied. brenda gave carl a narrow length of the cord for him to tie the beach babe with. carl is so good at tying. brenda gave the babe a few more deep breaths of the laughing gas. carl used a pair of her panties to stuff her mouth. he used a rolled-up white cotton strip to cleave in between her teeth. he cinched it very tight. nitrous oxide is funny stuff. you feel disoriented after it is not used. you wonder what happened, and suddenly the babe finds that she is in trouble. carl will go take her small tent down. brenda has the pleasure of guarding nancy and tightening a few knots. what happened baby? why are you all tied-up? is what brenda asks nancy. your a pretty little thing! brenda praised.
Friday, June 2nd 2006 - 12:50:48 AM
Name: me
E-mail address: buddhist_panther@yahoo.com
Comments:Any one here who lives in D.C.?
Tuesday, May 30th 2006 - 06:46:08 PM
Name: ghetto
E-mail address: cc
Comments:whatz up u suck sike
Wednesday, May 10th 2006 - 04:26:44 PM
Name: beth
Comments:she`s been snooping! what shall we do with her? carl asked. cindy pretends to be unconscious while sprawled on the sofa with brenda squeezing at her. do you think anyone seen her arrive? brenda ask. mmm? good question. carl replied. they use shiny black electrician tape on each of cindy`s narrow hands. carl began wrapping her fingers together, then made each hand into a fist and closing it tight into a ball. he used plenty of the black tape, till each of cindy`s hands, were a helpless useless shiny mitten. cindy remains asleep while carl worked on her. brenda slipped each of the girls stiletto heel pumps of each stocking foot. rosey films the girls feet and toes as they appear. rose zooms onto cindys perfect slender ankles. cuban stockings enhance each sweet gam. a tight black scarve is tied tightly across her eyes. a soft pliable buttery black leather half hood is squeezed over cindy`s head. but first.. her buttery blonde ponytail is drawn thru a sewn hole in the top. cindys hair cascaded down her back. the hood covers her eyes perfect. carl then adjusts it. the gag they use is a big fat ball with a wide strap. it needs to be wriggled in cindy`s mouth with some force. carl took care in tightening the gag straps so that the corners of her mouth were drawn back tight and sealed-up her thick lips around the size of the ball. cindy won`t be able to speak. then the soft hood is then cinched tight under her chin, the straps drawn snug before being buckled and closed. a leather collar is buckled on around cindy`s neck. leather wrist cuffs go around each tiny wrist. cindy never moved! she pretends so well she is asleep. a leather waist strap is snugged around cindy. this one is an escape artist! we need to make certain we have her properly! carl mentions. cindy is allowed to lay quietly on the sofa now. there was no need to confine her further. where could she go? rosey was keen to film cindy`s stocking legs and feet. a steel chain is fastened onto a clip on her wrist. it was a three foot chain. it went behind cindy`s back and is then fastened to the other wrist cuff. plenty of room for cindy to be comfortable. cindy is clueless. brenda has a special pair of high-heels for cindy. quite high, and with a strap to buckle-up around each ankle to insure the shoes stay on the girl. cindy will have some difficulty walking in these shoes, rosey felt. again...a three foot length of steel is clipped onto each ankle cuff. the clan was confident now. cindy has been sucessfully captured!
Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 01:10:05 PM
Name: beth
Comments:cindy is looking incredibly hot! the snoopy detective will begin her journey by creeping inside the house on cue, by brenda. cindy held a flashlight as a prop. she slowly came inside the back hallway. rosey films. cindy went downstairs to the basement to search. it is a slow process to film. we need you to probe! search each closet, nook, and cranny! is what rose wants. cindy looks darling dressed-up in a black slim knee skimming skirt. the seamed nylons gave her a dash of sophistication. the black shiny pumps look sweet on her narrow feet. cindy took to acting naturally. she really did seem to enjoy it. after a basement search, rosey filmed her as she crept upstairs to the kitchen. again..cindy searched each cloest. where can they be? cindy muttered. okay! cut! let us discuss the next scene shall we, rosey said. I want brenda to notice you first. brenda will creep back to tell carl you have arrived. you will not notice as they approach you from behind, and then cover your nose and mouth with a chloroform cloth to put you asleep cindy. rosey said. cindy agreed. search a few more closets slowly. keep looking for the fashion model. then when they capture you...stay asleep while they subdue you! sound fun? rosey chuckles. cindy and carl wink at each other. rosey began the film scene, while her young actress gave a star performance. carl grabbed the snoopy detective...cindy fell asleep...brenda and carl drag cindy to the livingroom area, and place cindy on the sofa.
Friday, April 28th 2006 - 03:00:57 PM
Name: beth
Comments:rosey filmed many movies. cindy was interested in starring. brenda and carl agreed to be villains. our mom was told by rosey to arrive saturday morning. when cindy met our mommy, she was astonished. I know exactly who you are! cindy gasps loudly. mom smiled. your a fashion model! I have magazines with you posing! cindy comfessed. rosey wants mommy to play a woman who has been abducted. cindy will be a snoopy type of detective. rosey explained. if carol agreed to help with the film, she could be your identical sister, which she is, but we can add a twist to the plot. rosey said. cindy is on the phone in a flash to contact carol. within an hour she`s arrived at the house. carol was amazed to meet mommy. carol agreed to co-star in the film. first was costumes. rose was thinking a fifies style of shoot. carol and cindy dressed-up in beige seamed stockings, white ruffly blouses, then a black pencil style skirt, with stiletto black pumps. for my mom, rose wants beige seamed stockings, and a simple black slim dress. once the three females were in costume, brenda ans carl went to wardrobe. carl had this fake mustache, and a pinstripe suit. brenda wore a rubbery black dress. carl`s outfit looked cool. cindy is given a flashlight. it is her job to find the abducted fashion model. carol has searched for our mom already. she arrived earlier. she was caught by carl and brenda while snooping. now carol is a prisoner. it will be cindy`s job to find them and help them escape. rose explains. rosey spent an hour outside in the backyard with carol and cindy filming the two girls plan to search rose`s house. I think she may be inside! cindy told carol. so what can I do to help? carol asks. you stay away from there! it will be dangerous! cindy said. carol agreed with cindy, not to investigate. but later, carol arrives alone, and entered the house to snoop. rosey needs to setup her camera inside the house now. the twins ask rose how their acting is. not bad at all! your both naturals! rosey answered. brenda was in the kitchen making breakfast. cindy and carol ate. where is carl? rose asks brenda. probably upstairs with yasmine! brenda replied. I can not believe that you know her! cindy said to rosey. you would be surprised who I`ve filmed! rose replied. so do I go to find her? carol ask. uh huh. that is your job. to be a snoop! rosey said. how about me? I`ll be waiting downstairs? cindy ask. that`s the plan. we`ll need to film your sister first. rosey explained. you can watch a t.v. show. brenda said. after they ate, carol began to peek around. she opens closet doors. she slowly moved towards a staircase to climb. rose wants carol to move slowly. try to investigate like a detective. rosey instructs. the house is empty as far as your aware! rose said. carol nods yes, and rosey followed with her camera. carol crept upstairs, then opened doors to rooms. it took a half hour to film. yasmine is in the last bedroom. you find her...you run towards her, and ask her if she is alright! rosey instructs carol. she`s tied-up. you start to release her, but a cloth is put over your nose and mouth. it is chloroform. you fall asleep! the villain is carl. okay? let`s film! rosey said. carol crept to the last room. she slowly opened the door. in a chair is mommy. she moans, and carol ran towards her. your alright? carol ask. she knelt down and began untying mommy`s ankles. carl quickly forced a cloth across her nose and mouth. soon carol collapsed. cut! rosey said. now what do we do? carol asks. carl! you tie-up carol. carol! your alseep now, so he will need to carry you to the bed. rosey explained. try to pretend your asleep while carl secures you. okay? rose asks carol. uh huh! she nodded. carl carried carol to the bed. he placed her face-down on her tummy. rosey filmed the cute leggy blonde being tightly bound by carl. each cord he used tying carol was expertly applied by the master. carl slips carol`s stiletto pumps off. she remained asleep the entire time carl bound her. the gag was a big fat rubberball type gag and strap. carol needs to open as wide as possible for carl to insert it. he strapped the two ends as tight as he could. rosey filmed the entire bondage scene. carol is now a star! brenda enters the room. look who I caught snooping around. carl said. how did she get inside the house? isn`t the backdoor locked? brenda asks. I better go check! carl said. rosey kept filming carol. close-ups and angles. rose wants to film footage. she films our mom too. carl tied her in a chair quite well. a fat ball is gagging her. they did enjoy using large balls to gag females with. downstairs is cindy waiting. your awake now dear! you realize your tied-up now, and you begin to struggle, rosey explains. carol`s now attempting to free herself. it is delightful to watch! rosey smiled.
Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 06:51:18 AM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: pjb8237@yahoo.com
Comments:Beth, love your stories. Are you going to finish the story of when Rose was filming Cindy with Brenda and Carl? What happen when her sister Carol was suppose to show up later? Paul
Monday, April 24th 2006 - 11:14:41 PM
Name: beth
Comments:being a typical boy, brad was never satisfied. our pretend game was usually on friday nights. I even asked brad to tie me before I went to bed. I wanted to stay tied during sleep time. my costume remained the same for a period of time. I wore the sheerest thong panties. they were see-through! he asked me about these see-through thong one-piece teddies. I know my mom had several. he kept bugging me to bring one of them with me. so I did. I chose a black form-fitting teddy from my mom`s dresser. I can`t believe I wore it for brad. it revealed alot. it was nine o`clock friday night, and his brother went to bed. I went to change. first I had a bath. then I put it on. I came downstairs. brad had all the cords sorted and doubled, then draped over a chair. brad smiled. you look nice beth! he said. a person could see through it. my nipples were visible, and my snatch. it fit me extremely snug. I turn for brad, and I put my hands together palm to palm. brad soon had my wrists tied tight. the t.v. was on, and brad wants to watch a show. I sat with him on the sofa and asked him to pull a blanket over me. he complied and I thanked him. his hand began massaging my feet and that made me happy. aren`t you going to tie my legs? I ask. brad told me to relax. I wanted to be tied-up tight. I had waited all week. I got up and lay face-down on the carpet. can I have a pillow brad? I ask. he threw one on the floor. how can I put it under my head with my hands tied? I giggle. brad got up and put it under my head. then he took a cording and he crossed my legs at my ankles and roped them tight. ouch! I said. but you like it tight beth! brad said. yes I do! was my reply. my bum is on display, I have worn barely nothing. now brad was ignoring me, I thought. this isn`t very tight brad! I complain. brad sat on my thighs. he massaged me as he usually did. his hands were around my narrow waist with him squeezinf it. so? you like what I wore for you? I asked him. uh huh! it`s nice. brad replied. so then? why not tie me tighter? I ask. brad sighed. he made me kneel. he needs to help me. I felt him bind my waist snug. he brought that loose end between my legs. brad made certain that the cord was squeezed firmly inside my snatch. I moan softly, but I didn`t think brad heard. he fastened it to my waist ropes. brad told me to open wide. he had a stocking for my mouth. he pushed it in deep. a scarve is tied between my teeth and knotted tight behind my neck. I moan for brad because I can tell he wants to hear me make sounds. he surprised me when he pushed my neck down to the floor and lashed it tight to the back of my knee`s. brad pushed me onto my side and then he hogtied my wrists to my ankles. I will admit I felt snug and tight. he began tickling my feet and legs, and I began to squirm like crazy! I am so ticklish! problem is that I`m not going anywhere quick.
Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 10:04:12 PM
Name: beth
Comments:I`ve always felt safe playing with brad. I did babysit him and richard. brad is three years younger than me. brad and me agreed to a few rules. brad loved me to wear pantyhose. brad insisted I wear a nude colour that was sheer from the waist to the toe. brad didn`t want me to wear panties, but I told him no. we agreed that I would wear a pair of nude toned thong panties. I didn`t mind my bum cheeks being seen by brad, but not my snatch. another rule we made was no bra by me, but a camisole. if I want, I could wear a one-piece thong style teddy. my mom had very expensive pairs of nylon styles. I took several pairs, and kept them at brad`s. for panties, I had these incredibly sheers that worked exactly. usually I spent friday nights babysitting, and I will stay the night. brad is an expert at tying. what I liked, is he would tie me very strict in a variety of ways. he loved to massage my feet, and I liked that too. richard would go to bed, and brad and me would begin. I went to change into my costume. brad would fetch his cordings. brad loved it when I painted my toe nails with pink polish. that`s my favorite colour too, so brad was granted his wish. he commented alot that I had pretty feet and toes. brad always began by tying my hands behind me. it was obvious to me that I could never escape his method of tying them. I think that is important. if I could slip free, the game we played would hardly seem interesting. lucky for me I am flexible, because my elbows would be tied and made to touch too. brad would ask me to turn and lay on my tummy. then he would straddle me and sit on my thighs. if I squirmed, his hands would push down onto my bum, and warn me to quit! I love to tease, so I did not always obey. I knew by being naughty, brad would tie-up my legs tightly. brad would massage my feet for hours. I will admit I enjoyed that. we watch t.v. together while my legs were rubbed and my feet and toes. so? are you going to tie my legs? I ask. when I`m ready! brad said. brad would bind my waist extremely tight using a cord. he made certain that ten feet of free cording is left to pull between my thighs, and tie to my wrists. as brad cinched my wrists, that cord sunk deep into my panties and nylons. if I tug at my bound wrists, it made me think twice. brad began tying-up my legs tight. first he tied each of my legs ankle to thigh. it was interesting. I wonder where he learned that technique? then he would push my knee`s apart as wide as he could. he then crossed my ankles and lashed them together tightly. I can`t budge! brad pulls cord under my chest and binds my arms to my side even tighter. once I`m tied to his satisfaction, he would massage my legs and feet again. I don`t like it when he gags me, but he always did eventually. it depends how I behave. his hands enjoy rubbing my bum cheeks too. he will squeeze and knead them alot.
Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 02:32:48 PM
Name: trevor
E-mail address: t.orum@ntlworld.com
Comments:hi beth your still doing good stroies, i wrote you in march 2005 but forgot to ask if it was possible to ask if jo-anne would let me no her web site address, so i can see if i can the stroy of hers i was reading but didn't get to finish and can't find it on your site now. thanks from trevor
Monday, March 13th 2006 - 09:22:50 AM
Name: beth
E-mail address: http://evil-guide.tripod.com/index.html
Comments:I thought this was an interesting site. I hope you do too.
Wednesday, March 1st 2006 - 07:48:43 PM
Name: Lee
Comments:nice story Scott and Beth, keep going.
Monday, February 13th 2006 - 05:41:35 PM
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