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Little Girl Bondge Stories
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Name: danny
Comments:I had a dream that we lived in a big house with many bedrooms. At the time we had four little girls ages 7, 5, 3 and 18 months. Each girl had her own room with beautiful princess beds with canopies. A closer look at each bed revealed a soft rope attached to each of the four bedposts. The 7 year old was Sarah. It was her job to put her sisters to bed for the night. The 5 year old was a cute blonde named Hannah. Hannah was already in her nightgown which she was told had to be a short one. Sarah said, Hannah lie down on your bed, time to go to sleep. She laid down and already knew what to do. She spread her little arms out so Sarah could tie each wrist to the bedpost. When that was done she did the same to her little feet. Then it was three year old Rachels turn. She was a feisty little thing and Sarah knew she needed to get her tied down fast. She tied her little hands together and hooked them to a ring in the ceiling. Her feet were also hooked to the ceiling. Now the baby, at 18 months old was no different. Tina must also be tied for the night. She changed her diaper. Then put her on her tummy and tied her little hands behind her back then roped her feet together. Now all the girls were tied for the night. She thought I need someone to tie me toi but there was no one so she picked up two sets of handcuffs and snapped her wrists tightly behind her back. then reached down and did the same to her ankles. She hobbled over to her bed lad down and went to sleep.
Friday, January 24th 2014 - 11:15:08 AM
Name: Mike
Comments:Yes, please share!!
Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 02:12:00 PM
Name: Kim S.
E-mail address: whydidharryhavetodie@yahoo.com
Comments:Say please and maybe I'll post a handful of mine from when I was younger. =D
Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 09:13:11 PM
Name: Sorth
Comments:Does anyone read this anymore? I see no one writes in it anymore. Where is an active one? I got contributions but not if I'm the only one.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 09:53:23 PM
Name: Tim
Comments:Sunday had arrived and we all got ready for church in the morning. After we arrived home from church, my wife and I sat Emily down and talked to her about the new technique we are going to use train her for her toe pointing exercise and it would involve binding her ankles with rope to keep them together. She did thing it was little odd but since she was having such a difficult time with this exercise, she happily agreed to try it out. I told her to run upstairs and change into her tutu dress and out of the Sunday dress and to keep her shoes on.

I went to the master bedroom to fetch the rope and told my wife to meet us in Emily’s room. Once we reached the room, we found that Emily had already changed out of her Sunday attire and into her tutu outfit. I told her to sit on the foot of the bed and extend her feet towards me. When I asked my wife to do the same thing, she looked at me oddly but went ahead and hopped on the bed with her feet facing me. I grabbed one 20’ length of rope and began tying my wife’s ankles with 7 or 8 revolutions around the ankles and a few in the middle to make it tight. All the while, Emily sat and watched and waited for her turn. When I was through tying my wife’s feet tightly, I told her to place her feet towards the headboard and I began binding Emily’s little feet. Her ankles were smaller, so I was able to get about 10 revolutions around her ankles and finished it off with a few in the middle to cinch it tight. I asked both of them if they were ok and they both said it felt fine. From there I pulled Emily’s feet as close to the left corner of the 4 poster bed as I could and used one of the 10’ lengths to secure her feet to the bed. She wiggled her feet with amusement as I went towards the headboard. I put some pillows under Emily’s head so she could watch some TV while she got used to the ropes. Then I took the final strand of rope and bound my wife’s feet to the headboard so that they would be right next to Emily’s face. They sat and chatted after I was done and my wife didn’t think it was all that bad.

With both Emily and her mother bound to the bed, I sat and watched some TV with them and chatted with them. It was cute to see Emily try and wiggle her ankles to get free while wearing her peep toe pumps. My wife also put on a great show for me but struggling against her bonds with her beautiful feet and great pedicure. My wife is a nail tech at a local salon so her nails always look their best. As they were watching TV and chatting, I decided if Emily does good with the toe dance exercise, I would have my wife paint her toenails for her so they would look great when she went to school. If she still had issues, we would continue to bind her feet until she gets used to it.
Saturday, July 18th 2009 - 10:33:14 AM
Name: Tim
Comments:Recently, my daughter Emily has taken up ballet. Although she is 12 years old and had a late start, she has been working very hard and goes through her exercises diligently. One exercise that has been giving her difficulties is the dance where you are required to dance on the tips of your toes. While up on her tip toes, she loses balance and stumbles. This was frustrating to Emily and the dance instructor had suggested that we use something to keep her ankles together to give her more balance during the exercise.

During the next few days, my wife and I have been trying to figure out what would be the safest and easiest thing that we could use to keep her feet together for her exercise. After reading a few post on internet forums and talking with other parents who have had daughters in ballet, we decided to use simple rope to bind her ankles together. My wife was also concerned that Emily may find it awkward to have her ankles bound and try to dance on her toes. So we decided that we would bind her ankles an hour prior to the exercise to allow her to get used to the bonds before trying to dance with her feet bound together.

Sundays are the day when Emily has to practice her toe dance exercise. On Saturday, I went to various stores to try and find the best kind of rope to use on her feet. A trip to the local Home Depot store proved to be a gold mine. They had plenty of different kinds of rope and the bulk nylon rope in the spools was the softest. I bought 60ft of the 5/8” nylon white rope and when I got home, I cut them up into two 20’ lengths and two 10’ lengths. My wife came in while I was cutting the rope and was wondering why I bought so much rope. She felt them and said that they were pretty soft considering they came from a hardware store. I taped off the ends of the strands of rope so they wouldn’t fray and put them in the bedroom for Emily’s exercise tomorrow.
Monday, June 22nd 2009 - 10:21:39 AM
Name: stepfun
E-mail address: baljones5@gmail.com
Comments: this is a cool site. It really be cool if these stories could be illustrated
Saturday, June 13th 2009 - 07:25:07 PM
Name: stepfun
E-mail address: baljones5@gmail.com
Comments: My story begins last summer when my fiance's 9 year old daughter. It was a Friday evening when Wendy, My fiance had to go out of town for the weekend on business. She asked me if I could give her mom a break and I keep Katie for the weekend. I agreed. I was to meet her at her house Friday evening after she picked up Katie at dance class. So that evening we met at her house. We kissed and she kissed Katie bye and she left.
Katie went to her room and came out with her over night stuff. Still in her dance out fit though. She asked me if I would play a villian and kidnap her. I laugh a little and said ok.
" First you have to tie me up, Said Katie.
" With what? I asked.
" I don't know, find something, Katie said.
I looked around and did not find anything. Finally I looked in Katie's romm for some belts. I could not helpotice Katie's bright red bed sheets. This give me an idea. I grabbed the top sheet, went into the living room, spread it out and told her to lay down in the upper left corner. She obeyed. As soon as she did I began to wrap her over and over, pulling the sheet as tight as I could each time. Pinning her feet knees togather and her arms at her sides. Finally after I rolled and tucked her she tightly cocooned in layers of red linin. I tucked some cloth in her mouth and cleave gagged her. I went outside first and opened my trunk. Then went back in , got her and brought her out and laid her in the trunk. I eased it shut and went to lock up Wendy's house.
On the way home I stooped and very quickly went into a hardware store and got 50 foot of soft 3/8 white nylon rope. When I got to my place, I got Katie in the house. I unrolled her then I tied her feet, knees, thighs and hands. I brought her up to a hogtie and tied the final knot. I kept her that way the rest of the evening. Then when it was time for bed I freed her. She took her bath. She came out in her night shirt and asked me to roll her back up in the sheet for the night. So I did. I unfolded an old military cot, laind her down on it and used the rest of the rope to tie her securely to it. She slept that way all night until morning.
Saturday, June 13th 2009 - 06:02:27 PM
Name: kayla
E-mail address: kaylab2992@yahoo.com
Comments: I loved your stories. they took me back to my younger days . Thanks Kayla
Sunday, March 29th 2009 - 06:10:59 PM
Name: julian
E-mail address: three.kenns@ntlworld.com
Comments:i love you dream book to bits
Friday, July 21st 2006 - 11:05:35 AM
Name: From Canuck's archives
Comments:Here’s the story of how I tied up my g/f.

One day, I was really bored at home so I decided to call my g/f Carla to come over. Carla was 13, had brown hair with streaks, was wearing a pink tank top and black skirt and she was wearing sandals when she came over. She took off her sandals when she came in so I had a chance to look at her feet before she noticed.
“what do you want to do?” I asked
“lets play rush” said Carla (rush is a racing game)
“ok then”
we were about halfway through the race when I said “lets add some stakes to this game”
“like what?”
“the winner ties up the loser”
“you're on!’
it was a close race (we were both good at the game) but I won by about 1 sec
“looks like I get to tie you up now”
“no…please don’t…” she was playfully pleading
I left the room to go get some rope and duct tape. When I came back, Carla was still there.
“put your hands behind your back” I said
she did and I wrapped a couple loops of rope around them. I did the same to her elbows. Then I helped her on to her stomach and tied her ankles and knees. I then used my last rope to pull her into a tight hogtie, so that her fingers were touching her toes.
“are you finished yet?” she asked impatiently.
“nope. Looks like im gonna have to get you to stop talking to me like that.”
I took a cloth out of my pocket and stuffed it in her mouth, then put about 10 pieces of duct tape on her mouth, covering her whole bottom half of her face in gray.
“now its time to have fun…”
I bent down and started tickling her feet like crazy and she was laughing and screaming under her gag and struggling like mad, but the knots held tight and she didn’t budge. I tickled her like that for about 15 minutes and then I played rush for about another 45 min before I untied her.
“that was fun” she said once she had gotten the cloth out of her mouth. “lets do that again some time.” Then she kissed me and went home.
Unfortunately we broke up and she moved so we never got to do anything like that ever again. So sad.
Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 11:26:09 AM
Name: From Canuck's archives
Comments:I'm a single mother of a 9-year-old daughter, Ellie. This is what happened one day when Ellie came home from her ballet class which she attends twice a week. That day they exercised their feet by walking on tip of their toes like ballerinas do. Once home, Ellie was determined to do her usual practice routine by repeating what they did that day in her class, so she stumbled around the room trying to walk on her toes which proved to be impossible since we don't have parallel bars they use in her ballet class. Finally she came to me asking me if I could help her out with her practice. It turned out to be pretty hard even with my help, but luckily I remembered we had an iron bar above the kitchen door which we hardly ever used. "Why don't you hold to this bar?" I asked her. "Then you could stand on your toes and do your practice." "But it's too high, mommy", Ellie answered; "You'll have to tie me up to the bar." "Well, if you wish, we could try it out", I suggested. "Yes, lets do it then", she giggled, only too eager to try this new game. I took some clothesline and threw it over the bar. "Now I'll have to tie up your hands", I said. She smiled and gave me her hands which I tied together at her wrists with one end of the rope, while the other end was hanging freely over the bar. "You must take off my socks, mommy", Ellie said when I tied her wrists together. "You're right", I agreed, rolling her woollen socks one by one off of her feet. "Now tie my feet together", she spoke again. I was little surprised she wanted me to tie her bare feet, but I did it anyway. I tied her slender ankles with a separate rope until they were firmly bound and impossible to move apart. "Alright sweetheart, lift your hands up now", I said, pulling on the other end of the rope that bound her wrists until she finally stood on very tip of her toes. I secured the free end of the rope from releasing her down by tying it to a door handle and looked back at my daughter where she hanged suspended by her hands. Her T-shirt came out of her shorts and rode high on her chest, exposing her taut tummy while her little bound feet were arched and her toes barely touched the floor where her little socks lay discarded. I left her tied up like this for fifteen minutes, wiping off tiny droplets of sweat from her face as she grew more and more tired, until she begged me to let her back down. We repeated this exercise every day for the next few weeks until she was confident of doing her ballet exercises without any help.
Monday, May 31st 2004 - 10:35:12 AM
Name: From Canuck's archives
Comments:Our next door neighbor had a live-in maid who had a daughter. I spent a lot of time 'next door' because the neighbor was a farmer and I loved being around so I could drive the tractor. I was 16, the maid's daughter was 12. One day the daughter and I had taken a walk in the timber. I don't know how it happened, but I had pulled her arms behind her, pressing her wrists together, and I was pushing her in front of me much like pushing a wheelborrow. After only a couple of minutes, she asked to be released. The girl ran to a nearby fence where there were several lentghs of twine that had been around bales of hay. She selected some of the newer lengths of twine and returned, handing them to me. She turned her back to me and put her hands behind her back, telling me to tie them so I wouldn't have to hold her. I couldn't believe it! I tied her quickly going around her wrists several times, then around the twine between her wrists which created a super secure tie, one she couldn't get out of. She tested the bondage and smiled her approval. She stayed tied for about an hour before we decided to sit and talk. She was wearing white cotton socks and penny loafers. One shoe slipped off as I helped her to a sitting position on some bales of straw. Through the sock I could see a hint of red color on her toenails. I took the other shoe off, taking her moist socked feet in my hands. Soon I had her socks off, at her suggestion, and I was treated to the most beautifully red polished toenails I'd ever seen. I took some twine and tied her ankles as well as her big toes. She was very receptive to being tied, the tighter the better. She was a real bondage nut. After about 30 minutes I released her toes and ankles and reluctantly put her socks and shoes back on. As I assisted this young lass in getting down from her seat, our faces were very close and her lips actually touched my cheek. Without hesitation, I slowly and deliberately turned so our lips met. It was a very nice kiss. Her wrists stayed tied until we were within just about a stones throw of the house. Once her freedom was restored, she hugged me and kissed me again. I went to sleep that night thinking about her pretty feet. After that, whenever we would go walking, there would be time reserved for me to take her shoes and socks off to view her pretty polished toenails. Her mother did them for her and the polish job was excellent. Once when her toenails looked like they could really stand to be trimmed, she talked her mother into just touching them lightly with a file and leaving them as long as possible which pleased me greatly. I would sit and hold her feet and run my fingers across her toenails. I'll never forget the day I finally got up enough nerve to kiss her feet. To this day I can see her as clearly as if she was with me right now.
Monday, May 31st 2004 - 10:33:37 AM
Name: From another site
Comments:This is a true story from my childhood. I don't know how exactly it all began but I'm guessing it was an arrangement between my parents and one of their good friends who was a photographer. I was eight years old at the time when my parents asked me one day if I would like to be a model. I was delighted of course, like any little girl, and soon we were off to John's place. John was a friend of my parents. He was a professional photographer and he worked in his own little studio which was a part of his house. I liked John, who I met couple of times before, because he always loved to play games with me like hide and seek and dollhouse, which I found funny because I knew boys don't like to play with dolls. But this time, my parents told me I was going to model for him while he took photographs. I always wanted to be a model so I couldn't wait to get there. As soon as we arrived, John took us to his studio. It was one large room equipped with lights, tripods and various equipment. I saw one light was pointed to a part of the studio which was set up for a photo shoot. It was child's bed covered with silk white sheets, pillows and several toys and dolls placed in strategic corners. I saw my mom come to me and said John wanted to take some pictures of me on that bed, so she took me over and started taking off my shoes and socks. I was a bit surprised by this but she explained that John would like to tie my feet with some rope because he was working on a project where a little girl is held captive in a harem in some far off land. I kind of like the story so I went along. I wasn't nervous because my parents were in the room, but when John approached me with ropes and began tying up my bare little feet, I could almost hear heart going bump bump... I looked down where John was tying up my feet. He appeared very skilled with ropes because the knots seemed very intricate and complex and held my feet, which were crossed at ankles, very firmly together. Once he finished tying me up, he gently laid me down on the little bed and positioned my legs so they were little bent at knees, then he took his camera and began taking photographs. I saw him position his lights and most of his photographs concentrated on my bound legs. He asked me few times to pint my toes like a ballerina which I did. It wasn't hard because I was good at gymnastics and could point my toes very easily. After several minutes, he readjusted my pose. This time he tied another rope to my ankles and then used the lose end to lift my legs up and tie them to the horizontal bar above the bed. My legs were now lifted up while I still lay down on the bed. I felt my little dress fall over my waist revealing my thighs all the way down to my little panties. I looked over at where my mom was and she smiled at me which made me feel better. She even waived and I wanted to wave back, but then John took my hands and started tying them together over my head. He assured me everything will be all right and that this was only a game but I remember feeling very strange and excited. He then took my Barbie T-shirt out of my dress and pulled it up around my chest to reveal my naked tummy and then placed some stuffed toys next to me. He asked me to arch my back and then he tied one more rope around my slim waist rather tightly because I could feel it more than any other rope. I looked back to my mom and dad and saw them talking and smiling at me. Then John brought a little hand-held sprinkler with some water inside it and sprinkled my tummy and face with the water. He said it will look better that way on the photographs which he continued to take for the next half an hour. By the end of the session I was a bit tired but happy that I became a model. We all agreed that I should continue to model for John's project, which I did. From that day on, my mom or dad took me to his studio once a week for modeling sessions which always involved bondage but he asked me to pose in different costumes, so one day I was a princess, the next day a fairy or a ballerina and so on. After a few weeks, his photographs became more daring and revealing and bondage more extreme. His project revolved around a fantasy represented by his photographs, where a little girl is held captive in a harem and as time goes by, she is subjected to various scenarios of bondage, and later punishments. Even tho the subject was highly erotic he never crossed the border and took any pornographic pictures of me as it was common back in the 70s when I was growing up. However some people would say that they're still explicit or at least obscene because he photographed me when I was still a child. But no matter what the case is, I still like to remember my unusual childhood modeling sessions with John which continued until I turned thirteen...
Monday, May 10th 2004 - 08:28:56 PM
Name: Steve
Comments:Welcome to my Dreambook! Here you can post stories, fact or fiction, of little girls in bondage. This could be childhood experiences, sisters, and/or daughters. Stories can also involve foot fetish or details to foot bondage. Please try to keep the stories to an innocent and playful level. X rated stories will be deleted. So please post and have fun reading!
Monday, May 10th 2004 - 08:05:23 PM
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