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Name: Donna
E-mail address: dathey@telus.net
Comments:please sign me up
thanks :)
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 11:01:25 PM
Name: Christine Patty
E-mail address: christine.patty@yahoo.com
Comments:Need cutting directions for 2.5 strips to cut for Pineapple Blossom Workshop on April 12, 2014. Terri Ayers at Mountain Creek Quilt shop said I could find them on your web site. I cannot locate. Please help. Also need pattern for quilt. Thank you. 865-850-3691.
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 09:29:19 PM
Name: Juanita
E-mail address: brooksjuanita54@yahoo.com you sound like me .But now am running )
Comments:You sound like me. But you have to use them sometime .there is not enough time in the day to finish all the UFO+S.Really like your blog.

Saturday, January 25th 2014 - 02:24:36 AM
Name: Verilyn Smith
E-mail address: fsmith@comcast.net
Comments:I am signed up for your lecture and classes through Ritzy Thimble Quilt Guild on March 14, 15 and 16. I look forward to meeting you!
Wednesday, January 22nd 2014 - 09:42:44 PM
Name: Bernadette
E-mail address: bubizod@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie

I am from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, and I must say that it is very rare that we can say that we have had the coolest days in whole of Australia, but the last 3 days we have. While the rest of the country is suffering a heat wave, we have been basking in the rain.

Ihave been viewing some of your archive Quilt Cams over the past few months and have really enjoyed watching and learning. Thank you for sharing your very precious time with us.


Wednesday, January 15th 2014 - 06:10:22 AM
Name: pamela ferland
E-mail address: macklin_ferland@hotmail.com
Comments:glad I found your site on setting squares on point. I almost cut all my setting triangles the wrong size. Your chart was excellent. I lost my book Hidden Blocks which had the directions to finish my quilt.
Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 03:06:03 PM
Name: Birgit Rahm
E-mail address: birgit@orcon.net.nz
Comments:Loved your boxy stars quilt and did one myself! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 11:36:11 PM
Name: jackie
E-mail address: jax1950@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:wonderful scrap using ideas - cant wait to try them - thank you
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 06:08:02 PM
Name: Leonora Suglio
E-mail address: Leas530@gmail.com
Comments:Can't wait to meet you next week in Punta Gorda!
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 12:55:34 PM
E-mail address: dslodding@cox.net
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 09:56:21 AM
Name: Sheila Stewart
E-mail address: sheilastewart@outlook.com
Comments:Your site was passed on to me to check out - great!
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 11:26:48 AM
Name: mary maloney
E-mail address: marykmalon@sbcglobal.net
Homepage URL: http://stripquilts.com
Comments:love your ideas
Friday, January 3rd 2014 - 09:30:21 PM
Name: Dawn Dorrell
E-mail address: noahsarknotions@gmail.com
Monday, December 30th 2013 - 06:37:12 PM
Name: Sandra Phillips
E-mail address: Sandra.james.phillips@gmail.com
Comments:Hello from Niagara Falls, Canada. Love reading your blog, Facebook posts, and also viewing Quiltcam. Your work is very inspiring.
Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 08:20:44 AM
Name: Sondra Smith
E-mail address: Sondra763@gmail.com
Comments:Love your Quilt cam! I watch one every time I sew.
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 10:10:41 PM
Name: deborah cozine
E-mail address: debjinx1@aol.com
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 02:19:50 PM
Name: Leona Shivji
E-mail address: lshivji@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie,
I just love all the help you give all of us.
I seen you at weatherford quilt guild meetings this year,
And I am loving using leaders and enders now.
Thanks for all your advice,
Leona in Texas
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 01:30:39 PM
Name: Sara Stockton
E-mail address: momstockton02@yahoo.com
Comments:i am so glad i found you completely by accident. I found you in my favorite quilt magizine Quiltmaker. I follow your blog daily and am currently working on two mysteries, Lazy Sunday and Celtic Solstice. i have your book Adventures in Leaders and Enders. I follow you on quilt cam on my phone. Thats changing though, hubby got me a tablet/pc for Christmas. now i can set you up in my sewing room and join in the fun! You are a great inspiration to me and thousands of other women all overthe world. keep up the great work and all you do for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bonnie.
Sara Stockton
Monday, December 16th 2013 - 02:32:26 PM
Name: Sara Stockton
E-mail address: momstockton02@yahoo.com
Monday, December 16th 2013 - 02:21:25 PM
Name: Judy Lee
E-mail address: jpendot@aol.com
Comments:I am so happy to have found you on YouTube! I now have all your books and the scrap handler system in place. But most of all, Thank You! Thank you for getting my imagination rejuvenated. I was watching Quiltville and saw all the beautiful machines, especially the treadles. You helped me to see that these machines have a wonderful history and should be preserved. After much investigation and homework, I found a treadle just for me!!!! Rosie! The lady That I purchased her from is in Springhill , Florida. She said that her father had built machine coffin boxes for you! Small world!
Now I sit at my treadle and smile while making 4 patches and think of the person or persons that Rosie performed for! LOL!
Judy Lee
Winter Haven, Florida
Thanks again
Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 04:46:18 PM
Name: Janet Cody
E-mail address: jandjkode@charter.net
Comments:I have finished your Scrappy Trip quilt and now I am working on Star Struck. Love your site.I love making scrap quilts and I have started doing leaders and enders. I have learned so much from you. Thank you.
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 11:54:44 PM
Name: Janet Cody
E-mail address: jandjkode@charter.net
Comments:I have finished your Scrappy Trip quilt and now I am working on Star Struck. Love your site.I love making scrap quilts and I have started doing leaders and enders. I have learned so much from you. Thank you.
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 11:54:20 PM
Name: Debra P
E-mail address: PenaPunky@aol.com
Comments:Hi, I'm signing from Bishop, TX (deep south). I am sooo happy to find ur website. I have the "Cleo" replica machine & cabinet. My father got it for my mom, but I've no info about its history-til I found you. Thank you very much! I'm changing the cabinet to a 1916 cabinet of wood. It's been a real pain because this is the 2nd cabinet I purchased due to faulty shipping and broken iron pieces. And adapting the cabinet to my mothers machine. So I just wanted to say thank you again.
Friday, December 13th 2013 - 05:14:44 PM
Name: Joan Stanley
E-mail address: stanley_joan@hotmail.com
Comments:I am sew enjoying your trip to the Christmas Markets. About 4.5 yrs ago I was able to visit many of the places you are seeing. Salzburg is wonderful memories and one of my f-a-v-0-r-te places............Maastricht the Netherlands was the all time favorite.

My daughters and I attended one of your work shops in Ohio several years ago. It was Smith Mountain Morning being done.
We were doing ours in peaches/cream-tans/turquoise.You said it reminded you of a Caribbean sunset! It was gifted to my hubby's 94 y/o mother earlier this year. She absolutely LOVED it! The biggest things was "no one has ever made ME a quilt before". She was so deeply touched. Toted it everywhere to show it off before putting it on her bed. We told her it is full of hugs and prayers...........which is.

Thanks for sharing yourself and your quilt knowledge with us.
Lower Alabama
Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 11:23:18 AM
Name: Sandy Howard
E-mail address: shandyr01@gmail.com
Comments:I love your site. I just finished your Trip Around the World quilt top. Still need to quilt it. It was so much easier than others I have seen. I started it Friday morning after Thanksgiving and finished the top Saturday evening. Thanks so much for the great web site. Have a very Merry Christmas.
Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 04:23:39 PM
Name: Helen Benallick
E-mail address: hbenallick@yahoo.com
Comments:just found your sight and raring to go on the mystery quilt. Have not been accepted yet??? BUT hoping get on the chat programme with the other mystery girls
Saturday, November 30th 2013 - 03:39:39 PM
Name: Rosie McGinnis
E-mail address: rjmcginnis@centurylink.net
Comments:You really inspire me. I love your system of leaders and enders. Making the most of time and resources is a true way to sew quilts at this point in time. Would love to hear you speak and lecture some day. Thank you for inspiring us quilters everywhere. Rosie McGinnis
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 05:06:40 PM
Name: Rosie McGinnis
E-mail address: rjmcginnis@centurylink.net
Comments:You really inspire me. I love your system of leaders and enders. Making the most of time and resources is a true way to sew quilts at this point in time. Would love to hear you speak and lecture some day. Thank you for inspiring us quilters everywhere. Rosie McGinnis
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 04:23:25 PM
Name: barb schuler
E-mail address: barbshoe8@yahoo.com
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 01:31:34 AM
Name: Sandi Adger
E-mail address: Poknthread@gmail.com
Comments:Miss Bonnie,
I just wanna say thank you, I'm grateful for you in my life.

God Bless you and yours,
Thursday, November 28th 2013 - 12:24:39 PM
Name: bl adam
E-mail address: adambl@rogers.com
Wednesday, November 27th 2013 - 10:01:39 PM
Name: LaVonne
E-mail address: marv53@msn.co
Comments:Love this site helps me to get a little ,urge on what to do with my fabrics.
Saturday, November 23rd 2013 - 03:43:50 PM
Name: Jackie Holmes
E-mail address: jackie-holmes@att.net
Comments:Just found your site.. where have I been? Love it !!!
Wednesday, November 20th 2013 - 09:53:24 PM
Name: Rhonda Perez
E-mail address: rhonda.perez@comcast.net
Comments:I love scraps and like you pull out two pieces of fabric and sew.
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 09:45:56 AM
Name: sandy mora
E-mail address: sankiakal@yahoo.com
Comments:Aloha, I love your website.
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 09:14:11 PM
Name: LaVonne
E-mail address: marv53@msn.com
Comments:All very intriguing I will have totryit.
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 06:57:47 PM
Name: Grace Chappell
E-mail address: granny_popo@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo
Comments:I love making scrap quilts. Was making scrap quilts before I ever heard of you. Have your book Leaders & Enders. Love it. Lots of new ideas.
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 07:28:21 AM
Name: Barb
E-mail address: schreiber@madisontelco.com
Comments:Well I'm going to try and register for the 100 block book giveaway . Sure hope this works.
Monday, November 11th 2013 - 06:20:17 PM
Name: Barb Thompson
E-mail address: Bcatpcb@gmail.com
Comments:Heard about you from a quilter inPanama City, FL an wanted to check ou your web site
Saturday, November 9th 2013 - 06:03:37 PM
Name: william
E-mail address: sheridanw@ymail.com
Homepage URL: http://we.hobbiesandcrafts.net
Comments:i just found you website and just getting to know my way around here from what i seen so far it fantastic keep up the super work i got to go now but i be back very soon best of luck to all you people. graphics very nice very cool website
Friday, November 8th 2013 - 05:19:11 AM
Name: Judy
E-mail address: JudyJaneCalley@gmail.com
Comments:I like your web page and all the patterns.
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 10:26:05 PM
Name: Cathy Sunnquist
E-mail address: sunnquis@yahoo.com
Comments:Just looking at the colors for Celtic Soltice and glanced out the window to see among the trees they very same colors. I didn't realize that they are fall colors but I see yellow, orange and still some green leaves all against the bright blue sky! Gorgeous! Can't wait to make it with you!
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 02:53:07 PM
Name: Virginia Boudwin
E-mail address: ginnyb1313@verizon.net
Comments:Hi Love your web site! I and a group of fellow quilters are planning on doing the Mystery Quilt. I can wait to get started.
Wednesday, November 6th 2013 - 07:40:08 PM
Name: Nancy
E-mail address: nankc@comcast.net
Comments:I wanted to tell you that for the last few days since you posted about your brother that I have thought of you every day and want you to know that he and all your family are in my prayers.
In Aug. our middle son (we have 3) was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and became completely paralyzed overnight--unable to breathe on his own and was put on a ventilator in ICU. He has a very severe case of this terrible syndrome. He turned 45 a few weeks later. He is now in a skilled nursing facility in Phoenix and still has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube inserted in his abdomen but is able to breathe on his own but he has a VERY long recovery ahead. He is always having drawbacks to his recovery--like pneumonia and other infections. He is still mostly paralyzed and is getting PT every day.
I have made him a quilt and will send it in the next few days. I think it will brighten up his surroundings
We are very concerned, of course. He has a wife and 2 children ages 9 and 13.
I realize how hard it is to see someone you love suffer! My brother had brain cancer so I can relate to your suffering also.
I took your class in Little Rock, AR, when you were here. Loved every minute of it. Thanks, Bonnie. I follow your blog every day and quilt cam.
Tuesday, November 5th 2013 - 02:18:12 PM
Name: Suzee Newton
E-mail address: ddiqc9213@twc.com
Homepage URL: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DewDropInnQuiltingCo
Comments:I really enjoy looking at your site....your scrappy patterns are so inspiring
Tuesday, November 5th 2013 - 08:25:38 AM
Name: Jeannie
E-mail address: theinsbabe@comcast.net
Comments:Love your site!
Friday, November 1st 2013 - 06:20:05 PM
Name: Carol Padovano
E-mail address: carolpadovano@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com
Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 01:40:47 PM
Name: Melody Brown
E-mail address: mcmelly89@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie, Good to see you. I'm enjoying Quilt Cam as I missed the last couple of them. I'm working on bindings for my guild's Christmas fsbric exchange project and my secret pal's gift. Cousin Jilly and I can't wait for tomorrow's announcement of the colors for the mystery quilt. You made me a big believer of bonus triangles!!! Melody from Erie, PA
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 09:46:09 PM
Name: Marga
E-mail address: w965343@hotmail.com
Comments:Thanks for the inspiration!
Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 11:09:25 PM
Name: Cathy
E-mail address: Bonevillequilter@bellsouth.net
Comments:Four of us are here in edisto beach sc quilting with you tonight. We are making plans to go to pidgeon forge next year and take a class with you. You came to augusta several years ago and taught us the virginia bound quilt just before it came out in your book
Helen Marie
Monday, October 14th 2013 - 09:17:46 PM
Name: Lynn
E-mail address: Quilter172@aol.com
Comments:Your are the answer to my mile high scrap bins!! With the help of your books and website, I have found my niche in quilting and have reduced my scraps significantly!!! I LOVE making scrap quilts!!! My imagination runs wild and I love my results. Scraps is the only way to go for me. The biggest bonus is I get to buy more fabric to create more scraps!!! Thank you!!!
Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 10:51:43 PM
Name: Peg
E-mail address: pegstjohn@ymail.com
Comments:I love these quilts I have a lot of scraps and am definitely going to make one. Thanks for sharing them.
Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 10:21:12 PM
Name: Lovay Broussard
E-mail address: lovaybroussard@gmail.com
Comments:I have been enjoying your Webcam and have just ordered one of your books. I would love to find out about how to get in on the Mystery Quilt. Right now I am just sewing rows out of the crumb strips and half square triangles and will post a photo when I get it put together. You are an inspiration to all of us who are following your posts. Thank you!
Friday, October 11th 2013 - 12:10:50 PM
Name: Delores Hernandez
E-mail address: DJMHern@aol.com
Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 10:35:17 PM
Name: Linda L. Pyke
E-mail address: lspyke2@aol.com
Comments:Love it! Already doing most of these things, but picked up an additional idea or two. Thanks!
Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 03:07:44 PM
Name: Loraine Jarman
E-mail address: lorainejarman@att.net
Comments:I was so glad to meet you today and share my Nines are forever quilt with you and the group.
Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 09:02:48 PM
Name: Carolyn Sands
E-mail address: Casands1@comcast.net
Comments:Hi Bonnie,

Am working on the borders for Bricks in the Barnyard quilt class I took from you in McKinney, TX. In addition, I am stitching on a border for a QOV.
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 09:27:40 PM
Name: Holly Ohrt
E-mail address: hollyjanice@comcast.net
Friday, September 27th 2013 - 10:46:58 PM
Name: Sherry in NY
E-mail address: Shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:What beautiful FABRIC!! I have a 4 year old Granddaughter that would love to help make a the quilt out of these fabrics.
Thursday, September 26th 2013 - 08:54:57 PM
Name: Lorrie Troncone
E-mail address: mom1256@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Tuesday, September 24th 2013 - 06:41:29 PM
Name: Diane Loeb
E-mail address: DLoeb610.DL@gmail.com
Comments:A number of people at Capital Quilts in Maryland have been making your Easy Streets quilt and raving how much fun they have working on it. I am interested in seeing what is involved and how I can signup!

We have worked on your hunter star quilts and other rulers.

Thank you so much for making this hobby more fun and exciting.

Wishing you all the best! You are a blessing to quilters!

Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 04:35:30 PM
Name: Harriett Poore
E-mail address: pooreharriett@yahoo.com
Friday, September 20th 2013 - 05:13:18 PM
Name: barb
E-mail address: barbd36@yahoo.ca
Comments:this is a different twist on a strip pattern-its beautiful..im just learning to sew
Wednesday, September 18th 2013 - 02:46:35 AM
Name: Sandy Howard
E-mail address: shandyr01@gmail.com
Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 11:45:10 AM
Name: Ingeborg Groth
E-mail address: Ingeborg.groth@atos.net
Comments:Dear Mrs Hunter
I have never come aross a better and more inspiring website and webcam sessions. What I like most is your sense of making use of the "useless". And that you do not feel irritated by rude comments on what you do.
(May I admit that you are the first American I ever write to?)
Many thanks for your efforts!!!
Ingeborg Groth
Munich area, Germany
Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 11:17:38 AM
Name: Ingeborg Groth
E-mail address: Ingeborg.groth@atos.net
Comments:Dear Mrs Hunter
I have never come aross a better and more inspiring website and webcam sessions. What I like most is your sense of making use of the "useless". And that you do not feel irritated by rude comments on what you do.
(May I admit that you are the first American I ever write to?)
Many thanks for your efforts!!!
Ingeborg Groth
Munich area, Germany
Tuesday, September 17th 2013 - 11:13:12 AM
Name: Laurie in Bradenton
E-mail address: Laurieg3588@yahoo.com
Comments:A quilt is a way of sending a hug to someone far away and for as long as they need a hug.
Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 03:03:11 PM
Name: Laurie in Bradentong
E-mail address: Laurieg3588@yahoo.com
Comments:Welcome back! Have missed these times! Working on a special gift quilt for a friends brother who is suffering from liver cancer. Have taken his collection of concert tickets and music albums copied them now putting together top. Back will be a collection of tshirts.
Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 02:28:41 PM
Name: Donna Rail
E-mail address: cj12mag12@hotmail.com
Comments:I did finally finish Easy Street even though it took me many more months than my friend who got me started. She had even done the first 3 steps for me.

Can't wait for the next one!
Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 02:54:24 PM
Name: Kathy Travis
E-mail address: windstones@aol.com
Comments:I love scrap quilting! I am overwhelmed with full yardage pieces. I see things in the scraps that make my brain go POP! and a new quilt is in the makings. I only do small quilts for now. I don't have the space or the ability to quilt anything to large. I like small quilts anyway - they get done quicker that way I don't get bored. Sometimes I just sew combo and save them for future use. I am currently using clear shoeboxes stacked in my closet. I am out of space and am considering getting rid of a lot of my clothes to make room for the rest. I already emptied one dresser to put my fat quarters in. I love your storage idea - I had the same idea this might work and recently bought one to try it out, I have no place to put it at the moment but ... I am so addicted to scraps! My favorite ting to do when stressed is sorting through scraps that havven't found a home yet, straighten edges and get them ready to sew and then I'm ready to go when I am I have time to get creative. Looking forward to hearing you speak at the Gems of The Prairie meeting! So glad to know I'm not crazy. Blessings!
Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 05:05:55 PM
Name: Stephanie Socha
E-mail address: stephanie@sfsinteriors.com
Homepage URL: http://sfsinteriors.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie,
I listen to Katie's quilting corner podcast and she is a huge fan of yours, so I had to check out your site - especially the magenta featherweight machine!
Great Blog!
Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 03:37:44 PM
Name: Bill Overton
E-mail address: overton1564@hotmail.com
Comments:I very much enjoyed your program at the Abilene Quilt Guild last night. Thanks for being our guest in Abilene. I hope you come back!
Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 02:27:06 PM
Name: Johnnie Mae Fleming
E-mail address: michael31320@yahoo.com
Sunday, September 8th 2013 - 09:11:13 PM
Name: Jackie Mooneyham
E-mail address: JMWJM@aol.com
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 05:41:10 PM
Name: Jackie Mooneyham
E-mail address: JMWJM@aol.com
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 05:40:50 PM
Name: Joann Riener
E-mail address: Jomarcook@aol.com
Comments:Would you please send me information about your quilt workshops? I just moved to the area and would love to get more information. Thanks, in advance.
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 03:19:49 PM
Name: Sherry in NY
E-mail address: Shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:Thanks for the chance to win the 100 blocks! Can't tell you how much it is appreciated what you do for us quilters.

Sherry in NY
Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 09:57:27 PM
Name: Jan Brown
E-mail address: rdrunnr923@yahoo.com
Comments:Love the video on de-boning. Can't wait to meet you in Peoria! Safe travels.
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 02:03:05 PM
Name: Sherry's in NY
E-mail address: shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:Have a hard time see you on quilt cam so I'll just pretend its a radio show. Tonight I'm working on your Midnight Flight block form Quiltmakers 100 blocks vol 4. There are 5 of us working doing this block and when we meet again in Lancaster, Pa next Spring we will see how they all come out. Will send pictures of all of them at that time.

Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 09:31:19 PM
E-mail address: quiltingheirlooms@gmail.com
Comments:Thank you for your page, I am a new quilter and this will help
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 08:37:28 AM
Name: Elaine S. Rohloff
E-mail address: Searay260@comcast.net
Sunday, August 25th 2013 - 12:44:08 PM
Name: Larry Clark
E-mail address: rclarry59@yahoo.com
Comments:I am hoping to start quilting when my wife and I retire in a couple of years. I remember my father doing quilts years ago. Right now, I am checking out this possible hobby. Thanks
Saturday, August 24th 2013 - 07:12:26 PM
Name: Jan
E-mail address: gramabear335@gmail.com
Comments:Just came across your great site. Bet I'll be back often.
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 - 11:58:35 AM
Name: pansy
E-mail address: plight2@excite.com
Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 07:51:28 PM
Name: Sue Briggs
E-mail address: SueB1214@aol.com
Comments:All I can say is WOW! I could literally spends days on your site and blog. Thank you for all the great info, tips and tricks to make quilting fun and easy. :)

Monday, August 19th 2013 - 12:13:05 PM
Name: Linda
E-mail address: lindaflicker1@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi I Was directed here to see how you fold your stash ... Loved your Paralyzed by the stash. I haven't gotten to that point as of yet, but I am sure I will some day.
Sunday, August 18th 2013 - 11:24:43 PM
Name: Nancy
E-mail address: nrw0924@gmail.com
Comments:I found your web site by accident. I enjoyed going through it slowly and looking at every nook and cranny. I have signed up for the Yahoo group and I ordered books....that have arrived. I was so fascinated with crums that I have been playing with those for days. You make scraps sound fun and I must admit that I have been having fun, however, I have not made a ding let alone a dent in my scraps. The drawer still looks full. Thank you for all the free patterns and the many ideas you inspire.
Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 10:40:55 PM
Name: Carol Pennington
E-mail address: pennca1@att.net
Comments:Love all that u do. Thanks
Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 01:09:11 AM
Name: melly
E-mail address: ym1681@yahoo.com
Comments:Bonnie, not sure if this is exactly like the one you came across. Worth a look any how. At my age anything would help.


Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 07:16:59 PM
Name: Gabriella Pettit
E-mail address: gkpettit24@gmail.com
Comments:I am very new to this wonderful world of quilting. In fact, I just found out there are things called quilt retreats - I am so looking forward to something like that! As I am an East Tennessee gal, I will start watching and see when one swings within a 6 hour drive for me! I have watched the last 2 quilt cams you have aired (I'm not counting the 3rd that was a bust) and find them enjoyable to watch, listen, and learn. You are very down-to-earth and I can see why you are so highly regarded - heck, I'm just new here and I already think you are great! Looking forward to discovering even more adventures in the future through this wonderful world of quilting!
Monday, July 15th 2013 - 09:41:30 AM
Name: Marjorie Whetstone
E-mail address: ellamildred@yahoo.com
Comments:I love love to us it all up, even the scraps.
I don't like wasting anything.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 10:01:28 PM
E-mail address: SHERYLTIGGER123@AOL.COM
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 05:25:57 PM
Name: Hope D
E-mail address: shdrans@gmail.com
Comments:Love the innovation and creativity. With scraps no less.
Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 04:33:32 PM
Name: Mari
E-mail address: mrus02@comcast.net
Friday, July 5th 2013 - 05:52:44 AM
Name: Norlene
E-mail address: Norlenep@yahoo.com
Monday, July 1st 2013 - 01:52:56 PM
Name: Susan Peterman
E-mail address: rpeterman@hotmail.com
Comments:HI Bonnie, I've been following you for a short time now but you have helped me "justify" my scrap stash. :D
Thank you!
Thursday, June 27th 2013 - 01:29:35 PM
Name: Carolyn Sands
E-mail address: Casands1@comcast.net
Comments:Hi from Lake Jackson TX. Am binding a baby quilt and next up on my list is to finish Bricks in the Barnyard. Can't wait to see you at the Jamestown Landing workshop in Dallas on Sept. 6th!!!
Wednesday, June 26th 2013 - 10:06:57 PM
Name: sherry in ny
E-mail address: shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie,

Sorry to hear about your flight. I must tell you southwest wasn't much better here in Rochester today. My friends flight was cancelled today and the last time I heard they may need to drive to Buffalo tomorrow, which is about an hour away, to catch their flight. Tried watching quilt cam on my new nook hd+ which I could do as long as I didn't make it full screen. But its to hard to see, so watching on the laptop and sending the note with the nook. Working in an afghan I started who knows when! Thanks for quilt cam. Sherry
Wednesday, June 26th 2013 - 09:35:24 PM
Name: Donna Knapp
E-mail address: dmknapp@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Love your tips for scrappy quilts. I have been looking for storage solutions and will use some of yours.
Monday, June 24th 2013 - 06:31:10 PM
Name: Rhonda Duewell
E-mail address: Rduewell@yahoo.com
Comments:I am ever so happy that I found your website and your Facebook page!
You are such an inspiration to me. I have been quilting for three years, but don't get to spend nearly as much time on it as I'd like due to working full time. I love scrappy quilts most of all, and you have so many I want to sew one day. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creativity! I have made my four grandchildren "I spy" quilts which they love, and many "dolly" quilts, among others.
Saturday, June 22nd 2013 - 08:39:28 PM
Name: Annette Lunnon
E-mail address: alunnon@cox.net
Comments:Bonnie, I love your website, especially the free patterns. I make quilts and donate them to the OU Childrens Hospital and I am always looking for something new to make. I appreciate you!!
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 08:37:25 AM
Name: Susan Wallingford
E-mail address: wally27@embarqmail.com
Comments:You are such fun and full of great ideas! I enjoy checking out your site whenever I have a chance.
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 02:05:34 AM
Name: Kathy Tyndall
E-mail address: kattak58@yahoo.com
Comments:I am going to try the Strip Twist Quilt. It should be fun to match up the strips in my collection. Thanks for sharing your pattern.
Tuesday, June 11th 2013 - 06:19:35 PM
Name: Tania Mace Gilliam
E-mail address: tamagill45@gmail.com
Monday, June 10th 2013 - 05:50:16 PM
Name: Jenness Draper
E-mail address: jenny@chocolatethimble.com
Homepage URL: http://www.chocolatethimble.com
Comments:Looking forward to meeting you on the Alaska cruise in August. I will be able to cross two things off my bucket list after this trip - visiting Alaska and taking a quilting cruise.
Sunday, June 9th 2013 - 04:07:46 PM
Name: Rita Wright
E-mail address: ritawright62@gmail.com
I just want to say I enjoy your website and how your personality shines through is just delightful - if you find yourself in Weirton, WV, we would love to have you share with us! I look forward to future posts on Facebook ~
Rita Wright
Evangel Baptist Church
Weirton, WV
Monday, June 3rd 2013 - 08:22:00 AM
Name: Margaret Stephens
E-mail address: r.stephens2@bigpond.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie love watching you sew on Quilt Cam keep the videos coming you are great.
Saturday, June 1st 2013 - 06:30:56 AM
Name: Ursula McGriff
E-mail address: fantazy928@yahoo.com
Comments:I have been watching you since April 2013.I was Laid off work,so now I have all the time in the world to watch and quilt with you. I have enjoyed watching all you're videos and have learned a lot more from you. I have been quilting since sep.11,2001. My first quilt was a king size
be-centanial quilt. I have not stopped since then. Hope to see a lot more or you're videos. How do I get on your live feed ??
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 10:30:51 PM
Name: Margaret mac Donald
E-mail address: Bill.maggie@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi from Margaret in mount gambier south Australia i am loving the quilt cam and quilt with you keep up the good work.
Friday, May 31st 2013 - 01:53:59 AM
Name: Pamela Jenkins
E-mail address: pamelai.jenkins@yahoo.com
Thursday, May 30th 2013 - 02:25:48 PM
Name: Dot Howard
E-mail address: howard238@myfairpoint.net
Comments:great stuff
Tuesday, May 28th 2013 - 01:35:30 PM
Name: Penny Thompson
E-mail address: penny1950@aol.com
Comments:Great site
Saturday, May 25th 2013 - 09:06:18 PM
Name: Cathy Park
E-mail address: cathy.stitchin9@ntlworld.com
Comments:Searching for 'how-to' strips and squares quilts I came across your page abpout organising and using scraps. FANTASTIC! Clearly written, to the point (ha!) and sooooooo helpful. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Thursday, May 23rd 2013 - 02:23:01 PM
Name: Cathy Park
E-mail address: cathy.stitchin9@ntlworld.com
Comments:Searching for 'how-to' strps and squares quilts I came across your page abpout organising and using scraps. FANTASTIC! Clearly written, to the point (ha!) and sooooooo helpful. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Thursday, May 23rd 2013 - 02:21:53 PM
Name: Cathy Park
E-mail address: cathy.stitchin9@ntlworld.com
Comments:Searching for 'how-to' strps and squares quilts I came across your page abpout organising and using scraps. FANTASTIC! Clearly written, to the point (ha!) and sooooooo helpful. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Thursday, May 23rd 2013 - 02:21:37 PM
Name: Lisa Morales
E-mail address: quartzmt@jps.net
Comments:Love your post on FB,keeps me excited about Quilting! How can you fly around so much and still finish so many Quilts?
Sunday, May 12th 2013 - 09:59:19 AM
Name: martha
E-mail address: vaughn
Comments:Thank you for all the information u give, which is a gold mind to many ..
Tuesday, May 7th 2013 - 01:55:41 PM
Name: Barbara McDonald
E-mail address: mcdonald.b@sympatico.ca
Comments:Just wanted to add the Canadian quilt wave :)
Monday, May 6th 2013 - 12:15:51 PM
Name: Pat
E-mail address: patbloem@sympatico.ca
Comments:I just make pot holders to get rid of my fabric. Many years ago I sewed for myself and daughter but stopped after starting a job that was for a two week period but ended up for 15 years.

There is so much to learn that I seem to get more confused, but I'll keep trying to use all the different designs in my little pot holders. All my stuff is given away to anyone who likes it. Pat
Monday, May 6th 2013 - 12:52:45 AM
Name: marycantwell
E-mail address: merrrye103@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://merrrye103@aol.com
Comments:great web site just found it and will be using it much more oftenyou have donr a greay job
Saturday, May 4th 2013 - 03:06:27 PM
Name: Ruth McIlwain
E-mail address: strudel45@yahoo.com
Comments:I loved your article on scraps. It gave me also some ideas about how to store them, i.e., based on sizes, squares as well as strips.
Thursday, May 2nd 2013 - 11:08:41 AM
Name: Suzan
E-mail address: wvquilter@suddenlink.net
Comments:Thank you for challenging me to think outside of my normal comfort zone. I love your technique and approach to quilting. Fun, Fun, Fun!
Wednesday, May 1st 2013 - 07:58:40 AM
Name: Sharon
E-mail address: srmsmile@hotmail.com
Comments:Your website has so much to look at, and well it is going to take me a while to go through all the information and great ideas. Thanks for sharing it with me. I am also a quilter, and take each quilt as am acomplishment, as I have Multiple Sclerosis, and at times my hands dong cooperate. I piece and quilt all my prizes by hand and may take me several years to complete, but aht just makes them more special.... Keep up the good work...
smiles from Arkansas
Wednesday, May 1st 2013 - 12:14:41 AM
Name: Jill
E-mail address: yankeesabroad@aol.com
Comments:Bonnie, I was admiring these quilts and thinking that some looked familiar. When i saw Blue Ridge Beauty it hit me. I had purchased your Leaders and Enders book last summer and this quilt was a favorite of my son. (Its my next project)

Gorgeous quilts and inspiring for a newcomer to quilting. BTW I am a traditional quilter myself. ;)
Tuesday, April 30th 2013 - 10:36:17 PM
Name: Lynn Patrick
E-mail address: noneyet49@yahoo.com
Comments:A real nice place to visit. I enjoy your books, too.
Wednesday, April 24th 2013 - 11:29:30 AM
Name: Roberta
E-mail address: 2bailey@att.net
Comments:I love Quiltcam. It is always the highlight of my day. I arrange my schedule for our sewing together. You are most generous! Roberta
Wednesday, April 24th 2013 - 09:04:19 AM
Name: Sherry in NY
E-mail address: Shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie,

Welcome home from NH we're glad to have you back. We are still here in Lancaster, Pa quilting away. Since last quilt we have finished many tops. Fran has finished 4 of your Scrapy Trips. Debbie has finished Easy Street and a Little Brown Bird block that she is doing by hand. Bettie has finished 2 tops. Our other Betty is doing red work, she has one block done. I've finished 4 quilt tops if you don't count the 3 I made out of the Turning 20 pattern the every one help me unsew, than made it into you Bricks and Stepping Stones. As you can tell we've all been busy, glad to be able to watch quilt cam tonight.

All of Us.
Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 - 09:01:34 PM
Name: Peggy Hart
E-mail address: phvaldosta@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie, I have enjoyed reading your articles and joining in the Quiltmaker lazy Sunday mystery for the past few months. I have looked at all of your quilt patterns and ordered (and recieved) the easy angle and companion angle ruler. My question is: I have saved the family "scraps" in a controlled environment for quite some time. Unfortunatly, I foolishly whacked them up 10 or so years ago. I was just a beginner and bit off more than I could chew. I would like your opinion on which of your quilt patterns would most take advantage of your small wild geese , double triangle and 1 1/2 inch strips. Thank you so much for your time and you are such an inspiration to us all!
Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 07:16:47 PM
Name: Gloria Stahl
E-mail address: glojoequilter@aol.com
Comments:Bonnie just discovered your scrap quilting always liked scrap quilt but you do it with tiny pieces. I did your Easy Street mystery quilt.
Saturday, April 20th 2013 - 02:45:35 PM
Name: Sherry in NY
E-mail address: Shermcar@rochester.rr.com
Comments:Hi Bonnie,

There is 5 if us here in Lancaster.PA. On a 10 day
Retreat, watching you on quilt cam. Along with me
There's Fran from VA, Bettie from MI, Debbie
From OH, and Betty from AZ. We all just want to say

Sherry from NY
Wednesday, April 17th 2013 - 09:23:52 PM
Name: Carolyn from TX
E-mail address: Casands1@comcast.net
Comments:Love, love, love the Wild and Goosey block from your Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmsker magazine. It's too stinkin' cute! Am working on a baby quilt tonight.
Wednesday, April 17th 2013 - 09:12:15 PM
Name: Karen Nelson
E-mail address: karen.nelson31@gmail.com
Comments:I have already registered for your classses for next year's sewing expo! I have been following you on FB for awhile now. I am really looking foward to taking your classes!
Wednesday, April 17th 2013 - 08:52:42 PM
Name: Sandi Myer
E-mail address: oceansand47@hotmail.com
Comments:I've been watching your Y-tube videos and have leaned some
wonderful tips. You have great personality, energy and fun
Thank you for your inspiration.
Love your quilting and your description of an artist.
Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 06:53:51 PM
Name: Eileen Nouwens
E-mail address: daisyfam@yahoo.com
Comments:Great project, I was looking for an idea for a jelly roll quilt for my sister. If the colours work then I can try to use this.

Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 04:39:56 AM
Name: Dianne Lee
E-mail address: dlee119@cox.net
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 09:00:39 AM
Name: anita
E-mail address: Victoria, BC
Comments:love the movement in strip-twist!
Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 10:14:54 PM
Name: Debi Rowlings
E-mail address: Rowlingsdebi@yahoo.ca
Comments:I love your site, I have only started quilting 3 years. I don't belong to a group yet. I machine piece and hand quilt all my quilts, I've done 10 quilts. My husband is my biggest fan, we just returned from a month holiday including a cruise to the Caribiean. On our way home we stayed in Lancaster,Pa for 2 days. We went to Th Old Country Store in Intercourse. We met some wonderful people there. I plan on coming back there again. I live just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia! We don't get a lot of quilt shows here, but I did get to one they had here last year. Have you ever thought of coming here?
Debi Rowlings
Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 07:57:10 AM
Name: Brenda Capps
E-mail address: bclc60@bellsouth.net
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 09:54:11 PM
Name: Gail sabramsky
E-mail address: Notionnanny@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://notionnanny.com
Comments:I will be linking your binding tips to my blog tomorrow. I am doing 15 days of questions on binding and tomorrow will be question 5. I would love if you would pop over and have a look. www.notionnanny.blogspot.com.

I follow your blog and often have a few links to you in my newsletter. www.notionnanny.com/Newsletter.html
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 08:33:00 AM
Name: Sue Goodridge
E-mail address: sue.goodridge@sky.com
Comments:I have a subscription for Quiltmaker magazine sent to me in England which I thoroughly enjoy. I have cut out the first instalment of your Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt so am awaiting next edition to come for next set of instructions. I also enjoy your Addicted to Scraps some of which I have done.
Saturday, March 30th 2013 - 06:02:00 PM
Name: Dale burnett
E-mail address: Psychgirl43617@yahoo.com
Comments:CVSis going to wonder tomorrow what is going on with the tape. LOL Thanks so much for sharing.
Wednesday, March 27th 2013 - 10:07:40 PM
Name: craig austin
E-mail address: cup2go@comcast.net
Comments:OK, girls! If the truth be known, Laura dared me to post the birthday shout-out request, so the flurry of praise isn't deserved. (But, she really got a lift from it!). Thanks, Bonnie.
Wednesday, March 27th 2013 - 09:33:37 PM
Name: craig austin
E-mail address: cup2go@comcast.net
Comments:HEY, BONNIE! Laura Austin's husband here! (Jax, FL). She just got home in time to watch. Give her a shout-out for her birthday & ask her what she got home from! HaHa! Thanks. BTW - she loves your techniques and presentation. High praise from a former corporate trainer and 25+ year quilter with a dozen Houston trips under her belt.
Wednesday, March 27th 2013 - 09:08:40 PM
Name: Kathleen Campbell
E-mail address: pjkbm@live.com
Comments:I'm buing all of your books because I am hooked!!!!
Friday, March 22nd 2013 - 10:38:40 PM
Name: Cindy Delacey
E-mail address: akagordoc@aol.com
Comments:love apple crisp!! I hope this is the right place to tell you for the giveaway???
Friday, March 22nd 2013 - 10:38:51 AM
Name: Elsie Weaver
E-mail address: Elsweaver@hotmail.com
Friday, March 22nd 2013 - 12:02:10 AM
Name: Denise
E-mail address: drosbicki @hughes.net
Comments:Absolutely love White Chocolate Cheesecake topped with Raspberries and drizzled with chocolate. Best part is there is no baking!
Thursday, March 21st 2013 - 02:06:23 PM
Name: gloria stahl
E-mail address: glojoequilter@aol.com
Comments:great website love your patterns
Monday, March 18th 2013 - 10:05:35 AM
Name: Bev Dean
E-mail address: bdean3@maine.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com
Comments:Recently discovered your site and am really enjoying and learning a lot from it.
You have solved my delimea of what to do with my scraps. I wasn't sure what to
do with them, but now have started using your saving plan. Just wanted to mention that I have also found a use from the trimmings of the trimmings!!. I save these and use them along with batting bits as stuffing for dog beds that can be donated to a local animal shelter. That really ugly fabric you have can be used for the outer cover, too. Dogs are color blind and won't mind a bit! Check with your local shelters to see if they have a need or any particulars. Mine only stipulated that it needs to be washable. Love your new Cam site, too. Really clear now compared to earlier one. Thanks, Bonnie. I love doing scrappy quilts and you are the first one I found who embraces them....
Sunday, March 17th 2013 - 02:17:59 PM
Name: Donna
E-mail address: quilter29@live.com
Comments:Really enjoy your site...scrappy quilts are my favorite.
Friday, March 15th 2013 - 11:41:14 AM
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