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Dreambook for Young men Bound And Gagged By older Women

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Name: Fan
Comments:Dang 24 days without a story. Please someone post something. I would but I've got no imagination lol
Friday, January 24th 2014 - 09:18:46 PM
Name: Webmaster
Comments:Story sucks !!
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 10:18:14 PM
Name: Wrong Robin
Comments:It was my first Chamber of Commerce costume party fundraiser. I was barely 18-years-old, but was teased about looking twelve, but being only 5'5" tall, with a baby face, big blue eyes, thick clean-cut brown hair, and weighing about 138 pounds soaking wet, had that look. It also made me the perfect Burt Ward Robin look-a-like at the big party. The problem was there were three other Robins, although one was a woman, who put a tennis ball in the front of her leotard to give her a manly look, and here I was trying to tuck my thick circumcised 10" in.

A very attractive 5'11", redhead of about thirty-five, with big almond shaped green eyes, and weighed about 165 pounds, that her light gray spandex catsuit, black belt, and black riding boots hugged so well her huge 38HH bosom looked like they would burst from the stretchy material seemed to follow me around. I had to admit it aroused me to no end. After my third glass of punch headed to the restroom in the hotel lobby.

I was grabbed from behind, a balled up worn pair of pantyhose were jammed in my mouth and a wide 6" ace bandage was wrapped around my smooth lower baby face four times! I was aroused when I saw that the gorgeous ultra-buxom redhead was doing the capturing! She shoved me into a first floor hotel room and then onto the queen sized bed. She was prepared. I didn't struggle at all as she taped my hands behind my back, my ankles together and wrapped more white 3" wide stretchy medical tape around my knees and arms. I had a feeling it was some kind of initiation for new chamber members. She took off my black mask and swore out loud!

She swore at herself and it dawned on m that she was after one of the other Robins at the party. I still had serious wood in my spandex costume though. She rolled me on my back and swore to herself again. She liked the big package in my tights and rubbed me to a climax!

I meowed through my stuffed mouth that tasted of stale sweat, urine and feces. I then rocked on the big mattress as the lights went out! I should have panicked, but was too excited.

I struggled on the queen sized bed as I heard people in the hallway coming and going. A lot of the people at the party rented rooms, some were even really husband and wife. I realized I never stopped to take my needed pee and regretted being tied up and gagged so thoroughly.

I meowed as loud as I could, but with the noise from the party would never be heard or for that matter missed, after all I was only a junior member of the chamber.

The door opened and the lights came on about two hours later and my bladder was aching. I wasn't surprised to see Chad, the 5'6", boyishly handsome, 22-year-old, with big brown eyes, thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair and a very fit 145 pound frame his tight spandex Robin costume barely contained. He was gagged just like me and his hands were taped behind his back with the same 3" wide white tape. He looked scared and had wet his green leotard, which didn't make me feel any better. She pushed her new young bound and gagged captive on the bed beside me and finished binding him up just like me!

"Now I told you as soon as you gave me the alarm code it would go easier, young man. Chad swore through his pantyhose stuffed mouth as she spanked him. He was the manager of the local jewelry store.

We were left in the dark hotel room on the bed together. I was very aroused, but Chad looked defeated. I had to use the head in the worst way and hopped off of the big bed and hopped across the room. I almost tripped twice but caught myself just in time. I banged against the door and slowly worked the knob and lock. It opened in and fell down opening it.

As luck would have it two women were pushing a tray of food down the hall and saw me struggling on the floor. At first they thought it was a party joke, until they saw poor Chad on the bed. He looked upset and scared.

Security finally freed us after looking around the room and taking pictures. I never did make it to the bathroom to pee though.

Oh well.
Monday, December 30th 2013 - 11:36:32 AM
Name: Webmaster
Comments:Post ppl !! How about a good kidnapping story ?
Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 07:32:35 AM
Name: Mailroom Clerk
Comments:Every time I looked at Mary Ann P, the 5'7", absolutely gorgeous 60-year-old, although looked barely forty, office manager, with big doe shaped blue eyes, thick shoulder length curly frosted-blonde hair, and an hourglass 145 pound shape, that her tight white blouses barely contained her 36EE breasts, tight knee length skirts, controltop pantyhose, ( I grabbed a few ripped pair in her office restroom when cleaning up at night), and spiked highheels, my trousers got tight in the crotch. She always yelled at everyone in the insurance office, especially me, or at least it seemed, but she was a real looker and had a body of a woman half her age.

We worked half days on Saturdays, and usually went casual. Since I had planned a bike ride after work one such Saturday snuck into the restroom and put on my yellow spandex shorts, white t-shirt and sneakers, which hgged my well-toned, tanned and smooth 143 pound body on my 5'6" frame, and being but 19-years-old, with big baby-blue eyes, and very thick clean-cut golden=blonde hair was considered a cute mailroom clerk. I felt my thick circumcised 10" penis struggle in my yellow spandex shorts as I thought of Mary Ann in her tight black knit top, shiny red spandex leggings and black 4" highheels doing last minute filing. I was grabbed from behind as I walked out of the bathroom and a balled up pair of worn pantyhose were stuffed in my mouth as my hands were secured behind my back with wide flesh colored stretchy 3" medical tape! I was terrified as as two wide strips of tape were plastered over my smooth lower baby-face and I was shoved in the conference room!

Poor Mary Ann was already on the plush gray carpet, her hands taped behind her back, which made her ample bosom look well more ample, her ankles and knees were taped together with the same flesh colored tape that had been used on me and her mouth was taped shut and cheeks bulging out from balled up worn pantyhose. She looked more pissed off than scared, but was still very helpless and could only meow incoherently through her own worn pantyhose! I got instant wood in my shorts as I was sat in a chair and my knees and ankles were taped together. The two intruders were both women, in shiny black catsuits and wore black spandex hoods, one was about 5'7" tall and very buxom, the other was about 6' and athletic. Their voices sounded familiar and the way they knew the layout of the building made it clear they had been in the office before and often. I had a feeling they were former employees, but there were scores of them both men and women, since Mary Ann fired so many people over her thirty plus years as office manager.

I was placed on the floor next to my angry bound and gagged ultra-buxom boss as the two women went into the president's office and shut the door. I struggled helplessly as Mary Ann tried to remain calm. She then inched her way to the back of the room to the landline. I was harder than ever as I watched her slide across the carpet on her belly. She still had the ass of a teenager and the spandex looked like a second skin on her lower body! She made it to the small table under the window.

"Looking for this bitch!" The buxom robber with big brown eyes held up the phone and then cut the cord with a sharp pair of scissors. "I see you are going to be trouble."

Mary Ann glared at her! She mumbled through her pantyhose packed mouth as the buxom robber grabbed a fresh roll of table off of the hardwood conference table top that sat twelve. She pulled Mary Ann to her feet and the statuesque robber held her up. Soon a liberal amount of 3" wide flesh colored tape was wrapped around her torso, which made her huge breasts look even huger and then wrapped around her upper thighs and calves, She was more helpless than before.
For good measure the buxom robber wrapped a worn pair of suntan pantyhose around Mary Ann's pretty lower face three ties and then wrapped the flesh colored tape on top of it to effectively gag her. She was then dropped on the floor and to my dismay I was bound the same way. I got so hard as the worn beige pantyhose was wrapped around my lower face. The sodden pantyhose in my mouth tasted of stale sweat, urine and feces, which made me hope Mary Ann had worn the controltop pantyhose, she practically lived in such nylon stockings.

The two women returned to stealing files from the computer in the president's office and the buxom robber when as far as looting desks drawers and even stole the toilet paper from the three restrooms. Mary Ann studied the two robbers and former employees as I struggled.

The buxom robber pulled down the blinds and then left the conference room. She shut the door and the two women pushed a desk against the door so we couldn't open it. We were bound, gagged and locked inside of the conference room on a Saturday afternoon. No one would be around for the rest of the day. To make matters worse the robbers would be long gone before we could tell the police or insurance company anything.

Mary Ann never looked sexier. She was a goddess and in many of my erotic dreams and here I was a captive audience. What could be better? We were bound and gagged, but unharmed, with no chance of rescue anytime soon. The best part is she was with me, willingly or unwillingly. Such a treat for a teenage pervert like me.

I had been tied up as a boy too many times to count, but this time was tied in a real robbery with the most gorgeous older woman I had ever met. I had a climax in my yellow spandex shorts as she watched!

I should have been ashamed, but I was a teenager and we have erections and get horny at the drop of a hat! She purred through her effective gag as she looked me over. She was old enough to be my grandmother, hey my mom was only 41-years-old!

She pressed against my sticky cum stained spandex crotch and rode me! She moaned differently through her gagged mouth than before as her pants got soaking wet and I spurted again more intensely than the first time!

Mary Ann seemed more excited than me as she even rode my girlish bubble butt more for her amusement than mine! It was mind boggling to me as to how aroused this older ultra-buxom beauty was! had she been without so long, was it a fetish for teenage boys, or just that she liked me? I didn't know or care, just that her motives benefitted me!

Hours passed and the building was dark as night set in. We were still bound and gagged and not rescued. Mary Ann started to sweat in the right places as her hair got messed up a little and tiny blood-red nipples poked against her tight knit top, but the restraints made her bosom look so much bigger and she was already the most top heavy woman in town.

Of course being a long term captive has its setbacks. I had to piss like a racehorse and well that #@ thing began to overwhelm me. I had never held my bladder this long, almost seven hours and regretted the big pancake breakfast in the morning. Unfortunately the conference room was on the second floor and overlooked the empty parking lot and not on the Main Street side of the building, again the two spandex clad robbers planned things well.

Mary Ann wet her spandex pants with warm wet pee as she meowed and groaned incoherently. She began to stink, which for some reason excited me a lot! The odors and smells aroused me as I relaxed my full bladder and let things go! I didn't think I would ever stop peeing when I started! The carpet was soaked with at least two hearty accidents, in my case three healthy doses and Mary Ann had held her bladder almost as long as me. We were too helpless to be embarrassed and I was too aroused to really care.

It was impossible to relax. I couldn't get comfortable and no matter how I laid, felt a little sore and wet from the urine soaked carpet. Mary Ann had other ideas.

I watched as she slowly got to her feet by using a chair to support her huge chest. I got hard as I watched her kick off her heels and hop to the door and push with a shoulder. She just got more upset as she tried to move the desk on the other side of the door three times and passed smelly wind after every try. I had a feeling it wasn't so much trying to get free as using a toilet came into play. She groaned and hopped to the big picture window. Seeing her huge breasts jiggle and her firm round spandex clad behind made me climax a third intense time! Mary Ann was a sight to behold or in my case watch and enjoy!

Even in the dark room I could see tears coming from her big blue eyes, from the parking lot lights. She meowed and whimpered through her one layer of packing and three layers of mouth covering as she wet her pants a second time and blasted the most unladylike fart I ever heard or smelled! I couldn't believe my big blue eyes as I saw the brown stain grow and expand in the seat of her skintight, but stretchy shiny red spandex pants! The poor woman was pinching a loaf in her pants! It had to feel humiliating to be forced to both wet and defecate in your pants while bound and gagged. She then seemed to get excited as the three melon sized bowel movement almost split her pants apart! The woman had multiple orgasms!

I then saw it for the hundredth time and it finally registered in my brain that I could be some sort of hero. I rolled to the wall and slowly and clumsily got to my taped feet. I tried to lift my secured hands, but couldn't so did the next best thing and backed into the fire alarm on the wall! The sound was almost deafening! I stood and waited as the sound of sirens approached the insurance office. Ten hours later I figured out how to get help. Mary Ann meowed and smiled under her effective gag in approval.

The police showed up five minutes after the firefighters and left us bound and gagged until at least three rolls of film were used in their camera. I had a feeling most of the shots were for their own amusement. I was stiff during half of the pictures and ten minutes after the first picture was taken my bondage modeling career came to an end. Mary Ann stormed into the bathroom and realized that the toilet paper was stolen and that she would have to clean up at her house two miles from the office.

To my pleasant surprise she invited me to clean up in her house since it was too dark to ride my ten sped bike and I too was a mess.

The toxic smell in her white Mustang should have repulsed me, but aroused me. I followed her into her quaint white ranch house with green trim, seeing her spandex clad brown stained ass was a turn-on for me and when she helped me peel off my pee stained t-shirt and spandex shorts, I was stiff as steel. When she knelt down and placed her full red lips around my thick hard shaft I was in heaven! When I came in her mouth she was in heaven!

I was allowed to help her remove her ruined top and poop smeared pants and nude controltop pantyhose. A condom was placed over my recharged cock and I fucked her tight asshole in the tub under the hot shower. That night I slept with my gorgeous older boss in her queen sized bed naked as she taught me some new sexual tricks................
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 12:50:06 PM
Name: Webmaster
Comments:What I wouldn't give to be tied :)
Saturday, November 30th 2013 - 01:48:36 PM
Name: Jen
E-mail address: Happy Holidays
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=123450471002828
Comments:Yeah, the kid used to shart in the car. We could have been driving home from his grandmother's in Poughkeepsie or on a liquor run. Didn't matter. Wet farts almost every time. He shit his pants more than I got wood. Damn kid thought he was special.

So I took him to the edge of a cliff while we were vacationing in Vegas. I told him, "You got wings? You gonna fly?"

He knew. He quivered. Five times I told that punk to back da hell up.

Funny thing- he propositioned a dude. Turns out the dude is my great uncle. He wearing lingerie, all sexy getup and whatnot. Yeah? Who dem panties? Who dem Birks?

My great Aunt oh shit.
Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 09:52:23 PM
Name: k
E-mail address: blahb196@aim.com
Comments:Awesome page!
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 08:38:26 PM
Name: Jen
Homepage URL: http:// http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=123450471002828
Comments:SELECT * FROM tugphp.phpbb_config WHERE `comments` LIKE 'brushed the crumbs off his chin and threw his passport to the floor' OR DIE('Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.')
Friday, November 1st 2013 - 08:42:50 PM
Name: Jamesbound1997
Homepage URL: http://tieupgames.net
Comments:Jenny can u stop spamming every dreambook with the same story as i have at least one from every dreambook i use and read
Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 11:28:32 PM
Name: Jenny
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123725010975374
Comments:Am I allowed to repost? Okay, here goes...

I enjoy gagging my mother's mouth while she's sleeping.

I remember last semester how she made me hold my hand over her mouth and tie her to the toilet. I'm fascinated with watching her pretend to be Mrs. Abe Lincoln on the toilet. I call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and she always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. Silly, silly animal that I am, MMMPH!

I kneel... then she pulls the paper out of my mouth. She pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf, then moistens it in her hole. She goes in and out about 20 times really, really fast then shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. She's all fucked up, kicking bottles and slicing herself. At one point she pisses on the wall.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. Fuck, it makes us both feel so good.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Perhaps a guy couple.

Hopefully I'll find one this semester. I'm not wiping this semester so my pheremones kick in.
Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 06:24:55 PM
Name: Slick
Comments:Nice Jennifer! Please continue!
Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 06:18:26 AM
Name: Jennifer
Comments:"Morning sweetheart" i said as i walked down the stairs and saw my step-son sitting in one of the kitchen chairs.

"You look like you had a rough night of sleep let me fix you up some breakfast." I offered.

The sounds of eggs sizzling in the frying pan filled the air followed by some bacon and toast.

"Your father called me last night after I left you and said he would only be another two weeks." I informed him as i placed the plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and juice in front of him.

He looked up at me and glared his crystal blue eyes matching the blue ballgag in his mouth.

"I guess I should untie you" I said as i pulled out the handcuff key from my bra and unlocked his hands and ballgag letting him eat his breakfast.

"Thank you mommy" Jake said after drinking his orange juice.

"I have alot of fun planned for you now finish your food" I ordered as Jake finished up his meal and washed it down with the last of his beverage.

I re-cuffed his hands in front of him and led him into the shower pushing him into the cold water.

"You have five minutes use it well." I ordered closing the bathroom door and blocking the door with a chair.

"5 minutes are up!" i yelled as i barged into the bathroom and turned off the water dragging his naked body from the bathroom and into my bedroom.

I tossed Jake onto the bed and jammed the ballgag back into his mouth.

"Now I have a surprise for you" I said as i pulled down my night gown revealing a large black strap-on.

"Mmmmppphhhhhh?!?!?!!?" Jake screamed.

"Dont worry hun dad will be home in only two weeks" i said with a smile.

Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 07:08:09 PM
Name: Speedob
Comments:It was embarrassing. Aunt Sue caught me for the third time in a week sniffing her underwear from the hamper and had the upper hand, again! Soon I was tied up on a kitchen chair with my hands behind my back, ankles to the legs, gagged with pantyhose in my mouth and another pair over my head and the legs wrapped over my mouth. I was wearing a leopard print thigh length panty girdle at the time and she even placed two skidmarked support briefs in the front and back of the tight panty girdle to humiliate me even more.

Aunt Sue is a looker too, even at 46-years-old, could still model for Gent magazines since at 5'4" tall, and weighs a 127 pounds, wears a 34HH bra! She has curly blonde hair and the bluest of eyes, and when she is around me, makes my thick 10" circumcised dick hard. Smelling and tasting he really made me erect!

She left the house in a red sports bra, black spandex pants and white sneakers for her three mile power walk with a few of her girlfriends. I prayed she wouldn't return with any of them.

I squirm and struggle helplessly as I hear people outside by the kidney shaped pool in the backyard! I am sweating and have peed myself! The kitchen door opens and a dozen of Aunt Sue's friends walk in and drape worn undergarments over my head, stuff them in my panty girdle and put me in a hogtie while they have coffee and cake. I am warned about having a climax in front of the gorgeous older women.

To make mattes worse they each take turns touching me! I lose control and meow incoherently as Aunt Sue and two other women massage me to an intense climax. I am brought upstairs and tied face down spread-eagled on the full size bed in the spare bedroom. They stuff more dirty stockings in my already panty packed support brief that was tight on me in the first place. They comment on how cute I am, at eighteen still look more like twelve and standing all of 5'5" tall and weighing 135 pounds with big blue eyes and thick clean-cut blonde hair look like the boy next-door, not the neighborhood panty and pantyhose sniffer.

I struggle more as a vibrator is jammed in the front of my stuffed panty girdle. To add to my troubles is my full bladder and bowels! I have again been warned not to soil the bed.

The sound of motorcycles in the driveway really scares me! Aunt Sue is talking to the local branch of the Sons Of Hell. Big Bubba can't wait to break my cherry!

As I hear the sounds of motorcycle boots coming up the stairs my bladder and bowels explode! I meow through my pantyhose stuffed mouth that taste of my gorgeous aunt's sweat, urine, feces and boy juice as the 6'6" giant pulls down his zipper and pulls out a monster sized hard penis!

I pray it will be over soon. More footsteps coming up the stairs................
Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 02:07:11 PM
Name: Brian
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Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 06:48:00 PM
Name: Sandy B.
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:I spent the summer at my Uncle Frito and Aunty Mary's place in White Plains.

One afternoon, she came down the stairs wearing nothing but a black top hat. She made me tie her to the toilet with a pair of my sister's nylons. As soon as I had her tied up, she had me take off my underwear, then shove it in her mouth.

Then she commanded me to pull a pair of her own dirty underwear out of the hamper and and wrap her wrist tight around the flush handle.

In the background she had a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

She kept repeating things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and stuff. Right before she aksed me to untie her, she yelled, "I'm freeing the slaves!" Then she flushed the toilet.

I untied her and she pulled out a strapon with a broken strap. She grabbed my wet panties that had fallen in the toilet and tied the strapon to me that way. She made me go at it with her until she came. Then my uncle came home...
Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 12:18:14 PM
Name: Aunt Mary
E-mail address: auntmary69@outlook.com
Homepage URL: http://tieupgames.net
Comments:To answer your question speedoboy
I did often gag him with hose and used panties
By the way I love the stories you wrote about your aunt
Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 12:34:09 AM
Name: Aunt Mary
E-mail address: auntmary69@outlook.com
Homepage URL: http://Tieupgames.net
Comments:Part 4
Just realised that I forgot to mentioned that I'd tied his arms
I simply wrapped the rope around him a dozen times, pinning his arms to his sides. 
Crude, I know. But I was a little rusty with the whole bondage thing and he had no experience whatsoever so I didn't need to worry about him escaping. I just let him wriggle to my heart's content XD
Meanwhile, in the present. Ken was stunned at seeing his hot Catwoman auntie standing over him with a smirk on her lips. 
I don't know what he was thinking at the time. I know he had a crush on me when he was a kid (until he saw Lady Fucking Gaga, but I dealt with that) or maybe he just thought it was cool that his aunt looked like Catwoman (or maybe Minnie Mouse) but either way, I think he liked how I looked
I took advantage of how stunned he was by pouncing on him and tickling him sensless. 
I hovered over him with me knees on either side of him. It was good to get off my feet while wearing those shoes (I swore to God he was going to massage them later). My face was inches away from his. He probably thought/hoped I was going to kiss him but I started giggling at the thought of what I was going to do to him. 
I suddenly moved my hands to his ribs and went crazy. 
I was tickling him non-stop for about 2   minutes. His face was red and there were tears streaming down his cheeks.
I stopped tickling him eventually, undid the tape on his face and pulled the sock out of his mouth in order to let him breathe. He lay there wheezing for a minute and then thanked me for taking the sock out of his mouth. I told him there was another one where that came from (you should see the look he gave me). 
I accepted that our game was over for now. So I stole another kiss (just because) and started untying him. He got up shakily and limped around the room for a bit. I was kind of worried and asked him if he'd enjoyed our game and he smiled and said yes and that he couldnt wait to do it again. I was relieved
After that, things went back to normal. We went back out into the garden (after I changed back into my normal clothes of course), he was a lot more helpful this time (I wonder why ). We had dinner and then I put him to bed. 
He kept talking about our game and when we would do it again. Later on, when I was getting ready for bed. He was still awake and wouldn't shut up.  I told him to go to sleep but he said he couldn't. I sighed and took off my other sock 
The end
Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 12:17:32 AM
Name: Bigmike
Comments:Whomever is the host of this site, "PLEASE" do me and everyone else a favor. Go into your books preferences and switch the site to a descending mode so we don't have to try and keep reading this thing backwards. New entry's should be at bottom of the page. Thanx
Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 10:25:50 AM
Name: Slick
Comments:Love your story Aunt Mary. Hope theres more!
Saturday, September 14th 2013 - 07:48:36 AM
Name: Austin
E-mail address: jrg6190@hotmail.com
Comments:After coming home from taking the family Great Dane for a long walk around our upscale Neighborhood, It was around 2:30 in the afternoon. It was cloudier but hadn’t rained, yet kind of day. As I walk up the walk way with the dog, walking past my new WRX in the drive way, that mom had bought me the week before; I noticed that Nancy, our 52 year old house keeper was dusting the window in the family room. With her breasts pressed ever so slightly against the window, my 18 year old mind began to wander. I made my way in the house walking past Nancy, I noticed she must have come from the gym by the way she was dressed, she tires very hard to maintain her figure that would be more commonly seen on a 37 year old. Nancy has been clean our house for years, Mom and Dad I think almost see her as a friend rather than an employee.

Now walking into the kitchen without taking off my red Nike’s or changing out of my gray gym short, still wearing my black North Face rain Jacket, I grabbed a Monster out of the fridge and went into the living room to watch some TV. Nancy shortly came into the room and very politely asked me remove my shoes, stating that she had just vacuumed. Being that I was 19, and a dude, and a little cocky, and the fact that Nancy had worked with our family for years I said, “Make me!”

Now like I had said Nancy had been with us for so long that she had seen our whole family grow up over the years. Mom and Dad’s marriage grow stronger and my sister grow up and move on to college in Oregon, and especially me. I grow from a somewhat nerdy “book worm”, well mannered, 8 year age into the soccer player with shorter brown hair, a tanned fit body and a guy that the girls at school all keep eyes on – therefore being a bit cocky and losing all my manners.

Nancy after I said “Make me”, she looked at me and replied “if that’s the way you want it?” turning and walking off to somewhere, to clean I assumed. I noticed hearing the garage door close, but didn’t seem to think much about it. And again hearing the same door open and close again, but still continued to watch TV and not really care what she was doing. A moment or two went by and I noticed that someone was standing behind me, and before I could turn to see who it was, I was placed in a head lock and forced out of the chair. I heard Nancy’s voice say “take off your damn shoes” as she walked me over to the front door where all the shoes were placed. I squirmed and wiggled but didn’t know that Nancy was that strong. Trying to bind down and take off my Nike’s, she put a bit more force behind her strong head lock and said “actual, let me help you”. At this point she drags off to the my room, now I say drags because the grip of her head lock was rather great and Nancy stood just a bit taller than me, being that I am only 5’8. After we get in my room, she pins me to the wall against my closet, removing the head lock but still keeping one hand on me keeping the force of me and the wall. I told her to move her hand, and let me go; also making the comment “don’t you have some cleaning to do?” She told to stop talking and said that she is doing some cleaning. Not much more than 5 seconds later, she wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around my head three or four times. Then Nancy pushed me over the bed, saying “let me help Austin”, and then pushing me on the bed and onto my stomach. At this moment my mind was wondering, full of comments like “what is going on”, “do I stop her” and what does she mean she wants to help me? Naturally me being 18 years old, just the touch of a woman makes me hard, add in the thought and confusion of what could happen makes it even harder. Nancy then forced both hands behind my back and duct taped them several times as well and rather tightly at that. She then grabbed my north face and turned me onto my back, looking me in the eye. Nancy then said “Austin let me help you take them off” pulling down my gray gym shorts and my underwear at the same time exposing my rock hard and fully erect dick. Standing over me while I lay on the bed looking up at her, Nancy begins to touch me with a force and feel that I can not begin describe. Now, I am not a virgin but there is a difference in the 18 year sluts at school and a 52 year old fit, white, blonde haired – blue eyed house keeper. What seemed to be hours and hours of what now I can describe as fun and certainly wanted, being tied up and forced into my bedroom was coming to a end, and really soon. As I approached my… end if you will, Nancy said “not yet” as she pulled her head up out of my lap. I moaned and squirmed a little more, wanting her to finish the job, but not being able to tell her thanks to the duct tape over my mouth. Nancy walked into the bathroom and grabbed the icy-hot out of my medicine cabinet; Mom bought it for me after a soccer injury months ago. Nancy walked back into the bedroom; I was sweating a bit due to the fact that I still had my north face on and my shoes for the record. She then pulled my shorts that where down around my ankles and used that duct tape to tape my feet together and then to my bed post. She said “you will learn to talk to me with respect Austin” and rubbed the icy-hot on my still hard dick. I moaned a little more for two reasons, one being she didn’t finish the job and now it’s been at least a few minutes and two, the cream was very cold to start. Nancy continued to rub my penis and the cream then turned very very hot making me now moan out of pain. She then said to me, I will come back when you have found some manners, I notice the clock on the wall said 3:02 and she walked out closing the door behind her. As I lay there in pain and discomfort taped to the bed I hear her vacuuming more, and the pain continued as I moaned a little more and a little louder. Around 3:25 Nancy came into the room with a look of happiness on her face. “Did you find some manners in her” she asked me as she approached, I nodded my head and hoped that she was going to either untie me or finish the job, maybe both. “Good boy” she said, as she cut the tape off of my ankles and pulled me up on my feet by my jacket yet again. She placed a towel and a pair of scissors on the bed next to me. She told me that she was wanting to clean my room before my mom and dad returned home around 4:45 as she cut the tape off of my hands and then walked out.

I never said anything to my mom and dad because in the end, I found it fun – and found myself looking at Nancy in a different light. I certainly always used the manner I had “found” with Nancy from then on out and we never spoke of out punishment. I am at College now away from home, and haven’t seen her in about 6 months. Mom told that she quit about 3 months after I left for school to a new family without any kids.
Monday, September 2nd 2013 - 01:22:46 AM
Name: Aunt Mary
Comments:I ran upstairs wondering how I could improvise a catwoman costume on short notice. I wasn't going to leave him tied up in the house while I went to the costume store. 
I put on an old black leather jacket that was a little too small for me and zipped it all the way up. At the back of the wardrobe I found my black balaclava from a skiing trip years ago. The closest thing to cat ears I had were a set of Minnie Mouse ears I had from a bachelorette weekend I went on. I slipped my already sore feet with one sock still on into some black stilettos (Ken better appreciate this!). As a finishing touch I applied some bright red lipstick. I couldn't help but growl at myself in the mirror. Even the pink rubber gloves didn't stop me looking awesome. I just barely managed to stop myself stumbling down the stairs. I managed to stride elegantly in those freaking shoes into my garage to my captive. Ken stopped struggling and looked up at me, obviously stunned.  "Well Batman. Let the interrogation begin." I purred.
Saturday, August 31st 2013 - 03:27:30 PM
Name: Scott
E-mail address: yaphankfd326@gmail.com
Comments:Aunt Mary, thank you so much for telling your story. I am really interested in more from you. Please tell more of the evil Catwoman playing with her victim.
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 08:33:58 AM
Name: speedoboy
Comments:Aunt Mary did you ever gag your nephew with worn pantyhose or panties?
Tuesday, August 27th 2013 - 01:43:29 PM
Name: Aunt Mary
Comments:Part 2
I'll never be sure of what went through my nephew's head at the time. 
I think he thought it was actual chloroform. 
It was the thrill of being knocked unconscious versus the rotten smell of my sweaty feet. 
I moved the sock down slightly so that it was just covering his mouth but leaving his nostrils free for him to breathe (he probably wished I hadn't because of the smell). I caught sight of his reflection in a mirror and his eyes rolled and fluttered closed. 
He was either taking the hint and playing along or some kind of placebo effect was making him lose consciousness. 
He went limp and because he was so small, I was able to carry him under one sweaty arm. I carried my hostage to the garage and set him down on the blue mat where I practice wrestling. 
I hadn't tied anyone up in years but I grabbed the rope from earlier and tied his hands behind his back. I held him in a tight bear hug that he wouldn't have been able to escape from. I had a moment of clarity and asked him if he was ok. He opened his eyes and asked to be chloroformed again. I was relieved because I was worried that I was being a bad auntie. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Being a typical boy, he screwed up his face and said "Ewww". I couldn't help but being slightly offended as he'd just had my sweaty sock held over his face :P .
I lifted my sock from where it had landed on the floor. I noticed it had started to dry and I took the bizarre notion to stuff it into my own mouth. It tasted disgusting and in hindsight it seemed cruel (I thought my nephew deserved a medal).  But I was too caught up in the game to care. I moistened the sock up with my saliva and spat out a soggy ball. I pinched Ken's nose with my left hand and he opened his mouth to breathe and I stuffed the stinky sock inside. Holding my right hand over his mouth to stop him spitting the sweaty ball out, I grabbed a roll of silver duct tape with my left hand. I hadn't tied his legs yet and had to straddle him to stop him getting away. With one hand still clamped over his mouth (his eyes were really bugging out at this stage), I tore some duct tape off the role with my teeth and stuck it over his mouth. I tied his legs together at the ankles and stood back to admire my handywork. He struggled so hard but couldn't get free. I said "Stay there Batman, my evil plan is just beginning!".  I left the garage and went upstairs to prepare for what was going to happen next.
Sunday, August 25th 2013 - 04:07:42 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Wish you were my Aunt, Mary. Love the Catwoman and Batman angle. Thanks.
Saturday, August 24th 2013 - 03:31:12 PM
Name: Slick
Comments:Please continue Aunt Mary!
Saturday, August 24th 2013 - 03:28:26 PM
Name: Aunt Mary
I love this site. I always felt weird about tying up my nephew but now I realise that a lot of people do it. 
The first time I tied my nephew (we'll call him Ken here) was about 10 years ago when he was 8. 
I was looking after him at my house while his mother was away comforting our sister Stephanie after she'd had a miscarriage. 
Ken didn't really know what was going on. We thought he was too young so we didn't tell him. 
I was working in the garden, it was the middle of August. 
He was supposed to be helping me but he was mostly goofing around the way kids do. 
I went in to take a break because I was sweating like a pig. I went in and sat down in front of the tv with a glass of water. Ken kept badgering me to play with him but I was just too exhausted. 
He wouldn't leave me alone but I remembered that he liked Batman and thought about all the rope I have in the garage. 
I said to him "Ken honey, how would you like to be Batman?". He looked thrilled and said sure. I told him that I'd be Catwoman and that if he waited outside for 5 minutes he could come back in to the house (which is now Catwoman's lair) and try to stop me. 

He seemed excited and ran outside. 
I think I'd better describe myself at this point. I'm 5'8" and have long, dark brown hair. My friends tell me I'm pretty but I'm kinda chubby which I've always been self consciouss about, as well as my problems with body odour. 
I was wearing a black tank top and black footless leggings. On my feet I wore white socks under grey trainers. I had misplaced my gardening gloves so I was wearing pink rubber gloves instead. 

I walked quickly to the garage and got the several lengths of rope that had been there when I moved in. I waited peaking through a crack in the garage door as my nephew walked in the front door looking excited. I had a thought that seemed kinda nasty in hindsight but soon became a staple in our tie-up-games.
A few weeks before we'd been watching that Danny Devito movie, Ruthless People. Ken was playing with his toys and wasn't really watching it until Judge Reinhold chloroformed Bette Midler. He was glued to the screen as Bette was struggling until her eyes rolled and she passed out. He kept asking me questions about what had happened. I explained to him what chloroform was and he loved the idea of it and wanted to be chloroformed.  He asked me where he could get it but I told him it was dangerous and illegal to use. He seemed really disappointed by this. 

 I quietly kicked off my trainers and peeled off one of my sweaty socks, the smell was terrible. I love Ken but he could be kind of bratty back then and I wanted to teach him a lesson so I snuck up behind him with my humming sock in one hand. He was walking into the living room looking for me when I came up behind him and clamped the stinky sock over my nephew's mouth and nose. He started squirming and mmmpphhing but I held it tight and said "I've caught you now Batman! This chloroform will knock you out while I prepare my diabolical plan" I laughed evilly. 
Saturday, August 24th 2013 - 06:26:39 AM
Name: Aunt Mary
E-mail address: jennytroll@hotmail.co.uk
I was wondering if there are any women out there who have tied or been tied by their nephews.
I tie my nephew up fairly often, usually pretending to be some kind of villainess and knocking him out with my "chloroform socks" and sometimes I let him tie me up if he agrees to give me a foot massage.

I just wanted to know if any of you had similar experiences.
I'll post full stories later
Friday, August 23rd 2013 - 11:10:45 AM
Name: Boy Toy
Comments:I was all of 18-years-old, but looked all of twelve, with baby-blue eyes, thick honey-blonde hair and a well toned and smooth 134 pound well-toned frame on my 5'6" body. that my white Speedo barely contained my thick circumcised 10" penis and hairless plum sized balls. I laid on the red leather couch and watched batman. Robin was tied up and gagged on a horse sculptor, which made my cock throb.

Martha, the 5'11", absolutely gorgeous, 52-year-old, family housekeeper, with big almond shaped golden-brown eyes, thick shoulder length auburn-red hair, a very curvaceous 180 pound frame and wore a 40HH bra, walked by, and looked better than ever in her tight black spandex pants, white sports bra and white sneakers, she had just finished her morning workout and with my filthy rich movie star mother doing a movie on location in Aruba it was just the two of us in the modern white stucco mansion for two weeks.

Martha teased me about watching old Batman episodes. She couldn't help but to see the massive bulge in my too tight Speedo and knew I needed to be punished again. She left the den and returned with a roll of 3" wide white stretchy medical tape, stuff we bought by the case, a worn pair of my mother's controltop nude pantyhose and a roll of 6" wide ace bandage, another item we bought in bulk and had since I was thirteen.

I pleaded with her not to bind and gag me again, but she made me stuffed the balled up pantyhose in my mouth and wrap the wide ace bandage around my smooth boyish face four times to effective stifle my cries for mercy. I was forced to tape my ankles together with the wide stretchy medical tape as well as above me knees. She took over from there and taped my crossed small hands behind my back and wrapped the tape around my arms and chest. I was again her helpless captive for the weekend. We started out with hour long bondage sessions but slowly got kinkier and I stayed bound and gagged longer. Martha was a true dominatrix and I loved her for it.
Friday, August 9th 2013 - 11:23:33 AM
Name: Caught in a motel room!
Comments:So I won five grand on a scratch ticket and being 5'5" tall, and all of 20-years-old but looking closer to twelve, with thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair, big hazel eyes, and a smooth well-toned 136 pound frame was hardly the manly looking type girls at the local gym went for. I had the money and decided to splurge on an escort in a near-by small city. The 5'11", centerfold gorgeous, well-tanned, escort of about forty, with thick long wavy auburn-red hair, big almond shaped brown eyes, a shapely 165 pound hourglass figure and wore a 40EE bra was better looking than I imagined. We met in a sleazy motel room and soon she was stripped down to a red bra, nude controltop pantyhose and shiny 5" red highheels that really made her tower over me. I was stripped down to my yellow Speedo that barely concealed my thick circumcised 10" penis and plum sized hairless balls. She suggested a little bondage. I wanted to bind and gag her so bad. She compromised and suggested we take turns. To ease her mind I allowed her to tie me spread-eagle to the queen sized bed with used pantyhose, that had a leopard print bedspread on it, that went so well with the bright green walls and plush burgundy carpet. She ran her long red fingernails across my spandex swimsuit and then to my surprise jammed a balled up red thong deep in my mouth and wrapped a 4" wide ace bandage over my smooth lower face four times to effectively gag me.

She then went through my wallet and took the $800.00 I had in it. Took my cell phone and my suitcase with clothes and left me helpless on the motel bed at 4:30 in the afternoon!
I was a victim, bound and gagged in a small city and know one even knew where I was!

The TV was on and at least I wasn't alone in bondage. Poor Robin was tied and gagged on a horse statue by the Mad Hatter's henchmen. A marine biologist and Dianna Prince both ended up bound and gagged on Wonderwoman. I struggled helplessly as another episode of Batman came on and this time poor Batgirl was left bound and gagged on a pattern cutter by Catwoman!

I dozed off for a while. I woke-up with an awful urge to urinate and move my full bowels. I was so helpless and well gagged no one could hear me. Unfortunately I could hear the marathon sex-a-thon in the room to my left and constant arguing in the room to my right. The arguing was so bad the police showed up and arrested the man. Little did they know another crime victim was in the next room! I could only meow incoherently as the police left the motel.

I wet myself and the bed around midnight. The couple to my left continued to have intense sex and the bed banged against the wall! To my dismay the woman in the room to my right found someone to have wild sex with her after the police hauled off her husband. Sleep was all bu impossible!

Of course being awake made me aware of other things, like my need to void my bladder and bowels! I regretted eating at Taco Bell before meeting the escort from Hell! The pressure I felt was unbearable. The only bright spot was April Dancer was bound and gagged in a closet with Mark Slate her UNCLE agent partner.

By 2:30 it was quiet in the rooms on either side of me. I sighed through my gag as warm pee soaked my Speedo and the bed. I was at first embarrassed it had been years since I wet myself, but didn't have a choice. I dozed off and had very erotic dreams!

At 4:00 the couple to my left began to shake up the room and she was a real screamer! I wished I could scream for 'Help!'. I made a futile attempt to get free but the pantyhose became tighter as I strained and struggled!

I strained and struggled a little too much and felt a hot, smelly, solid, thick, golden-brown torpedo gathered between my tight semen filled balls and rear upper asscrack! I stunk to high heavens! I came in my pee soaked and poop filled Speedo as the last of the four grapefruit sized deposit packed my spandex swimsuit!

I fell asleep exhausted at 5:00 A.M.

The sound of a vacuum next door woke me up! It was 10:30 and I was still bound and gagged on the motel bed that was wet from my pee and stained with my feces! I smelled like an outhouse and yet had wood in my Speedo!

Stephanie Kramer was tied up and gagged with a thick bandage in the back of a demented man's van as Hunter tried to save a lawyer.

The door opened! I froze as warm piss soaked my soiled Speedo again! I meowed incoherently as a cart rolled into the room. I was so upset an egg sized lump of smelly crap plopped into my too full swimsuit!

"Oh my God!" The 5'4", well-tanned, centerfold, motel manager, with big doe shaped blue eyes, thick shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair, a very voluptuous 135 pound figure and wore a 34GG bra, that her red spandex pants, white spandex halter top and white sneakers struggled to contain exclaimed! "Is this some kind of kinky game young man?"

I tried to tell her my sad story, but only incoherent sounds left my red thong filled mouth that tasted of stale sweat, urine and feces! I was a mess and yet the front of my Speedo tented out prominently! She walked up to me and ran a long pink fingernail across the front of my soiled Speedo. She pulled out my stiff penis and jerked me off! I came all over my flat and empty belly as she licked her fingers.

She was old enough to be my mother, but was so pretty, sexy and busty! I was putty in her well-manicured hands.

"I should call the police." She smiled at me. "I'll bet that buxom redhead did this to you."

I shook my head and tried to beg her not to call the law! She ran her hands under me and patted my poop filled Speedo! I got erect all over again!

"Of course if you cooperate may-be we can work something out." The motel manager thought out loud. "May-be you can do some chores around here on weekends and be my little bitch."

The chore part didn't sound so bad. I meowed in agreement in hopes of freedom and a hot shower.

"I'll be back in an hour with my decision." She pushed the cart out of the room. I had to admit her backside was just as nice as her plump 34GG wonders!

An hour later just as Superman rescued Lois Lane from an old Superman episode the ultra-buxom platinum-blonde returned. She cut me free and then helped me off of the badly stained bed. She led me to the bathroom and had me remove my soiled Speedo. I was hard as a rock as she scrubbed my feces covered cock and bum cheeks. I came hard again and had a feeling the rest of my stay would be interesting and erotic.................
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 12:08:34 PM
Name: michael jordanson
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Monday, July 29th 2013 - 04:13:14 PM
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Monday, June 24th 2013 - 03:50:05 AM
Name: Auntie's Boy
Comments:I am barely 18-years-old and being all of 5'6" tall and weighing a 145 well-toned and tanned pound, with thick golden-blonde hair big baby-blue eyes and a still silky smooth face and body look more like twelve. I work part-time for Aunt Jenny, a 5'9", absolutely gorgeous, 45-year-old divorcee, with thick just below her shoulders length auburn-red hair, big almond shaped hazel eyes, a very shapely 175 pound frame and wears a 38GG bra. She is a knockout and owns a successful real estate business in a small city.

Well one day I got in early after a long morning bike ride wearing my tight white t-shirt, skintight yellow spandex shorts and white sneakers. I planned to shower and change before I started work. I was grabbed as soon as I opened the office door by Velma, a 5'7", very pretty, 51=year-old, real estate agent, with thick shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair, big doe shaped bright blue eyes, a very curvaceous 155 pound frame and wears a 36EE bra. She had the element of surprise and was stronger than me. She soon had me pinned against a desk and taped my hands behind my back with 3" wide flesh colored medical tape.

"What are you doing Velma?" I demanded.

"Shut-up sissy boy!" She exclaimed as she shoved a very well-worn pair of beige controltop pantyhose deep in my mouth and placed three wide strips of flesh colored tape across my smooth baby-face to stifle my complaints! She taped my ankles together and pushed me on the steel gray carpet and went back to my gorgeous aunt's desk and began to push a few keys on the PC.

I meowed helplessly as she downloaded sensitive information. I meowed and squirmed on the floor helplessly as the older buxom blonde stole important information from my aunt. I was so helpless the older woman just looked down on me and laughed at my embarrassing predicament. I felt my thick circumcised 10" horse struggle in my obscenely tight spandex bike shorts. Velma was wearing a skintight pair of jeans, tight brown sweater and navy blue 4" spiked highheels and boy did her jeans show off her fantastic bottom!

She finally finished her illegal transaction and knelt down beside me and pinched my t-shirt covered nipples and spanked my bubble butt. I spurted boy juice uncontrollably as she stroked my egg sized hairless balls through the this stretchy material. It was bad enough she had me helplessly bound and gagged, but made me her sex toy too! How humiliating!

She was so busy playing with me she never heard or saw my gorgeous ultra-buxom aunt walk into the office. Aunt Jenny had just finished horseback riding and looked extra sexy in her rust colored skintight breeches, a white blouse that barely concealed her enormous bosom and shiny brown riding boots. She pulled Velma to her feet and soon the two buxom beauties wrestled on the steel gray carpet. I was more aroused than ever as the two full-figured beauties struggled, huffed and puffed all around me! Secretly I hoped Velma would win so we would spend a few hours bound and gagged, but the realist told me Jenny had to win, since she was the good girl.

As luck would have it Velma fought dirty too and after ten minutes had poor Aunt Jenny pinned between her desk and corner of the room. Before Jenny could crawl out Velma expertly taped her well-manicured hands behind her back and booted ankles together with the rest of the roll of stretchy medical tape. She complained and reminded Velma who was the boss of the office, although something told me Velma already had resigned from the real estate company just before I interrupted her.

"Oh shut-up you big titted bitch!" Velma said s she stuffed a balled up well-worn pair of beige controltop pantyhose deep in her luscious mouth and then wrapped a suntan pair over her full red lips. She wasn't through as she then placed a pair of nude controltop pantyhose over my gorgeous aunt's head and tied it in place so her gagged face was distorted and she had trouble seeing. I busted a nut as my thoroughly gagged and restrained aunt was pulled to the middle of the floor next to me. Aunt Jenny bosom looked extra large with her hands secured behind her back with the 3" wide stretchy flesh colored medical tape.

Velma placed a pair of suntan controltop pantyhose over my head, and made sure I got a good whiff of her 'asshole second hand' as she put it! I meowed helplessly as I inhaled the fragrance of the long golden-brown skidmark! I swore she intentionally didn't wipe herself just to humiliate me. I loved the kinky idea and was super hard again! My yellow spandex bike shorts were drenched with my semen as my bladder ached for relief not to mention I was a morning person.

My aunt was very wet in the front of her too tight breeches that showed off hr camel toe! Oh how exciting being robbed was! The fresh smell of her urine filled the small office. The nasty realtor from hell finally gathred her things and left the office. We were locked in and the phone lines were cut.

Aunt Jenny struggled and tried to get my attention, but I was a sexually charged wreck. She slowly got to her knees using her desk and watching her get up was very arousing to say the least! She was all woman and boy did her chest look huger than ever! A couple buttons snapped and her overstuffed white bra was visible! She hopped across the room and hit the fire alarm on the wall! The sound was deafening and my captivity would soon end to my disappointment.

We were soon freed by a local fireman.

As for Velma she was arrested at the small local airport ten minutes after we were freed.

Saturday, June 15th 2013 - 11:54:33 AM
Name: Concerned
Comments:Oh my gosh a whole month with no posts? Please someone help this dieing site and post a story.
Saturday, June 8th 2013 - 06:17:35 PM
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Saturday, May 4th 2013 - 05:22:44 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotamil.com
Comments:The Cottage

My Austrian second cousin Heidi (he one who was a Belle in the Austrian police force) and I were down from Scotland and it was Burns night.

We were beginning to be an item

We were both sitting in this little cafe just before the B&D Burns Night Ball,dressed appropriately in a knee lenght kilt and boots (as it was ferociously cold that evening).

Suddenly three policewomen from the Belles special task force came in and one of them arrested Heidi. She twisted Heidi's arms behind her back before cuffing her.

As I tried to intervene, the other two each took one of my arms and twisted them behind my back as I stood up.

I hunched forward and one of them kicked the back of my knees forcing me into a kneeling position and then she took over the other wrist of mine from her colleague. She then placed her booted foot on the back on my knee forcing me to remain kneeling but in a very upright position.

Her colleague then put a dog collar around my neck and then tied my wrists together (still twisted up my back) and then attached them to the dog collar.

You can guess that I felt helpless as I knelt there with the Belle cop holding me down with her foot on the back of my knee.

The Chief of Belles then came in and stood before me

She was a magnificent specimen of tough womanhood seductively dressed in a red leather shirt and white blouse and in magificent riding boots.

" I told you to stay out of this" she said to Heidi and me, Heidi having now also been forced to her knees in front of the Chief. "That was an order. Now I am going to have to enforce my order."

It was all to do with the financial affair that was going on in my office that Heidi and I had discovered. Or so I thought.

"However, as I can't get that through to the two of you, I am going to put you in bondage until this is over."

And with that we were hauled of to the awaiting police wagon, where we were shoved in the back with two of the Belles.

Heidi and I were then both shoved on our stomachs and hogtied.

"That should keep you docile" one of them said.

As Heidi opened her mouth to protest, a gag was inserted into her mouth.

" Have you got something to say too" the other Belle asked.

I shook my head.

We travelled about ten miles until we came to an old cottage in the woods - far from the maddening crowd.

We were released from the hogtie and led into the house. Heidi's gag was removed on the condition she kept her mouth shut.

"Actually this is one of our safe houses" the Chief said "And you will be out guests."

We were shoved to our knees again and then allowed to sit.

Heid was almost comfortable in her cuffs but my wrists were aching.

"Please" I pleaded with the Chief "will you release my arms, as they are killing me"

And with that the two Belles came over and untied me.

"Get yourself a drink" the Chief said and I got up and stretched my legs.

"Don't you wnat to know why Heidi's still manacled" the Chief said.

" I have learnt to keep my questions to myself this evening" I replied, secretly enjoying the sight of Heidi in kilt and boots, hand cuffed behind her back and sitting demurely on the floor in front of the fire. She just looked so cute.

" I know you think she looks cute" the Chief said mischeviously." We have seen the magazines in yoru appartment."

"Well she's yours this evening - only the cuffs will stay on. I know you won't take off with Heidi as her hands cuffed behind her back and she wouldn't get far in the woods like that."

"Have a nice evening. Oh by the way I'll leave the Fonz with you for protection and to stop you escaping."

Well, the Fonz was a beautiful woman, muscular, six foot two and all woman looking seducively cute in her boots and black skirt. She could ahve been a model.

"Don't try anything on the Fonz - she'll have you for breakfast" was the Chief's parting words.

And with that she left.

"Want some food" the Fonz said and I replied affirmatively.

Heidi looked at me forlornly.

"Sorry Heidi" I said "I can't do anything about your cuffs. And there is no way I will be able to take the keys from the Fonz"

After 15 mins, the Fonz came in from the kitchen but she looked different.

I looked puzzled until I realised that there were two women next to her and her hands were tied behind her back.

Not only tied behind her back but there was also rope tied around the top of her torso forcing her breasts to stick out - like a Sergent Major's on parade ground.

Her elbows had been tied together. She was also ball gagged and blindfolded.

"Hands behind your head and interlock your fingers" the woman with the gun said.

I complied

"Down on your knees"

Again I complied.

The scene was surreal.

I was on my knees, hands behind my head with fingers interlocked. Heidi was handcuffed and sitting on the floor and the Fonz was hooded and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, her torso was roped and the end of the rope was used to pull her into the room.

The woman with the gun gave her colleague a piece of rope and she approached me.

She pushed me forward on my stomach lowering me down with my long hair until I was on the floor.

She them hopped onto my back - and took my right arm and twisted it behind me back so my hand was almost touching the base of my neck.

Lucky I was double jointed as that didn't really hurt at all.

She did the same with my other hand but then tied the two togther at the base of my back, slid the rope around my stomack and the tied it off so my hands were tied tightly together and to the base of my back.

The woman then came and uncuffed Heidi.

"Heidi dear" she said " Not much of a gentleman"

" I was pulled to my feet and Heidi took over.

" I'll sort him out this evening" she smiled.

The other woman looked at the Fonz and ran her hands over her .

"And you my dear Fonz are mine this evening"

The Fonz shuddered as she could guess what was coming.

You see Maria Moriaty was the Chief of Belle's boss and she had a crush on the Fonz.

I was going to be a long night for the Fonz
Thursday, March 28th 2013 - 05:15:17 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Manor

I met Lady Rosemary Kirtpatrick at a "skirt and boots" party organised by my girlfriend and her daughter Lady Jenny Kirkpatrick.

I was debating going because it was a "skirt and boots" party.

Lady Rosemary had been my Law school teacher at University and wow was she beautiful. How many of us first year lads fantasied at going out with her.

After leaving law school and entering Lady Rosemary's law firm, I had been out with her daughter Jenny, who had similar tastes to her mother.

And so I was invited to Jenny's birthday "skirt and boots" party.

As I was the only bloke, they made it easier on me by allowing me to wear a kilt in place of a skirt. But I still looked feminine in the boots.

During that evening, Lady Rosemary surprised me, when she came up behind me and handcuffed my wrists behind my back.

How Jenny laughed as I struggled to stop Lady Rosemary but she had the drop on me and I was quickly subdued. It may also have had something to do with the fact that she had two other women hold my arms behind my back as she applied the cuffs.

The rest of the evening I was allowed to mingle with the women, but with my wrists handcuffed behind my back. The girls seemed to enjoy my plight and many hands ran under my kilt. Jenny was the most persistant and squeezed quite hard. The girls plied me with drink - after all I couldn't even hold a glass!!

As the last guest left, I asked Jenny to release me.

"You have to be kidding, doesn't he mum?" she said.

"Yes" Lady Rosemary replied. " You are Jenny's present this evening"

And so I was led to her bedroom.

There were two dark and powerful Amazon types - dressed provocatively in leaher skirts, boots and blouses.

As Jenny took the cuffs off, the two Amazons took my wrists and forced them high up my back in a "reverse prayer" while Jenny took some rope and tied them together.

With the rest of the rope she secured the wrists to the rest of my body by wrapping coils around my body vey tightly. I was left helpless satnding there as she finished to examine her work of art.

I was then taken to the training room and forced onto a training horse with my feet off the ground. They were then tied beneath the horse, the lights extinguished and I was left there for about 20 mins.

I couldn't move.

Jenny then returned and untied my feet and led me away from the horse.

" Hey Jenn, come on please let me go" I said, just before the Amazons put a tight muzzle gag and harness on.

My ankles were then shackled with tight leg irons.

I was then led to Lady Rowena De Ville's car, the same Lady Rowena I had referred to as a horse.

I was forced to my knees in the back of the Limosine, and the leg irons were removed.

Lady Rowena then pushed me forward on my stomach and one of the Amazons tied my legs together and then hogtied me.

"Jenny, you can have him later" Lady Rowena said

"That's fine Auntie Ro" Jenny replied. "Just make sure he pays for calling your a horse".

I shivered as Lady Rowena took me to her castle, her riding whip cracking down upon my legs from time to time on the road home.

At the castle, I was led to the dungeon, where my wrsts were eventually released from the reverse prayer hold.

However the Amazon took me to a post, shacked my harness to the top and twisted my arms behind my back and the post before tying them together again.

And that is where I spent the first night.
Saturday, March 23rd 2013 - 09:39:13 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:Jenny led me upstairs. She laid a skirt and blouse out for me on the bed.

"You said you'd do anything for me" she said. "I have this fetish of men waering skirts and boots. So get changed"

I had no choice. I had been stupid but I didn't want to be a liar, so I changed.

I must say I looked really quite pretty in that black leather split side skirt and red silk blouse.

As I finished dressing, Jenny came up behind me and twisted by arms behind my back - and then knotted my wrists together.

As I went down first on my knees and then on my stomach, Jenny jumped onto my back and started to tie my elbows together.

"You know that film you were watching with the girl being tied up really turned me on" she said.

I grunted as my elbows came as close as they could togther.

"Jenny, this isn't fair" I said.

No not fair but yoiua re my fair one" shje replied as Anthea her sister came down and started to tied my legs together.

"You see Anthea fancies you" Jenny said "Adieu and have a nice time"

Anthea was beautiful kid of 18, who looked so cool in an outfit that could have been worn by Xena (from the film of Xena).

I was turned over and Anthea dropped on me.

"Just to let you know who is boss" she slapped my face a number of times until my face was red.

"Ok you bitch" I replied and suddenly her fist smashed into my face and blood flowed from my nose.

"You mean Mistress" she replied.

"Try again"

"Mistress" I replied.

She then untied my legs and retied my hands so that they were in a reverse prayer position and then tied a dog collar and lead roudn my neck and led me to her room.

There she attacked my hands to a pulley and yanked it high so I had to stand on tiptoe in a strappado.

My legs were then spread with a spreader bar - the pulley had been released to allow me to drop slightly - and I stood there legs stretched apart and almost suspended from the ceiling.

I was helpless and she knew it.

She then brought in this beautiful black ebony girl into the room, her hands tied behind her. She too wore a skirt and boots but no top at all. The black woman knelt on a stool before me and Anthea wrenched my head back. "Now suck her breasts - and if you bite I will break your teeth one by one"

And with that I started to suck the black womans breast.

Anthea stood behind me encouraging me with a little reach beneath my skirt to my provate squeezing each time I didn't suck enough.

Finally her friend was aroused and went and my head was allowed to flop forward.

The black woman then reversed roles with Anthea and the same happened again.

When they were both finished, I was released from the spread bar and the pulley and taken to lie in the kingsize bed next to them, gagged and my legs tied together - as they cuddled into the night. All could do was watch in fascination through my gag

In the morning.......
Tuesday, March 19th 2013 - 09:08:44 AM
Name: J R Kelling
Comments:Jenny led me upstairs. She laid a skirt and blouse out for me on the bed.

"You said you'd do anything for me" she said. "I have this fetish of men waering skirts and boots. So get changed"

I had no choice. I had been stupid but I didn't want to be a liar, so I changed.

I must say I looked really quite pretty in that black leather split side skirt and red silk blouse.

As I finished dressing, Jenny came up behind me and twisted by arms behind my back - and then knotted my wrists together.

As I went down first on my knees and then on my stomach, Jenny jumped onto my back and started to tie my elbows together.

"You know that film you were watching with the girl being tied up really turned me on" she said.

I grunted as my elbows came as close as they could togther.

"Jenny, this isn't fair" I said.

No not fair but yoiua re my fair one" shje replied as Anthea her sister came down and started to tied my legs together.

"You see Anthea fancies you" Jenny said "Adieu and have a nice time"

Anthea was beautiful kid of 18, who looked so cool in an outfit that could have been worn by Xena (from the film of Xena).

I was turned over and Anthea dropped on me.

"Just to let you know who is boss" she slapped my face a number of times until my face was red.

"Ok you bitch" I replied and suddenly her fist smashed into my face and blood flowed from my nose.

"You mean Mistress" she replied.

"Try again"

"Mistress" I replied.

She then untied my legs and retied my hands so that they were in a reverse prayer position and then tied a dog collar and lead roudn my neck and led me to her room.

There she attacked my hands to a pulley and yanked it high so I had to stand on tiptoe in a strappado.

My legs were then spread with a spreader bar - the pulley had been released to allow me to drop slightly - and I stood there legs stretched apart and almost suspended from the ceiling.

I was helpless and she knew it.

She then brought in this beautiful black ebony girl into the room, her hands tied behind her. She too wore a skirt and boots but no top at all. The black woman knelt on a stool before me and Anthea wrenched my head back. "Now suck her breasts - and if you bite I will break your teeth one by one"

And with that I started to suck the black womans breast.

Anthea stood behind me encouraging me with a little reach beneath my skirt to my provate squeezing each time I didn't suck enough.

Finally her friend was aroused and went and my head was allowed to flop forward.

The black woman then reversed roles with Anthea and the same happened again.

When they were both finished, I was released from the spread bar and the pulley and taken to lie in the kingsize bed next to them, gagged and my legs tied together - as they cuddled into the night. All could do was watch in fascination through my gag

In the morning.......
Tuesday, March 19th 2013 - 09:05:49 AM
Name: Sissy Boy
E-mail address: f_bryan21@yahoo.com

I am 21-years-old and I am a crossdresser. I have been for a few years now, however, with school and all I have not been able to dress up as often. I also enjoy a little self-bondage from time to time. No one knows about my secrets. I am just looking to find new people (male or female) who may share the same interests as me. Please feel free to contact me via email if anyone would like to talk.
Monday, March 18th 2013 - 10:16:48 PM
Name: Eric
Comments:I was happy. The punishment from my aunt had stopped and Steph was in charge of me when we was together. I know my aunt had tried to talk to Steph, but Steph had brushed her off and told her and her mum (Mrs. Johnson) to back off from us. Steph had not been tied up for a long time and I had tied her up a couple of times when she requested me to do so.
Mrs. Johnson was away one weekend and I was told that by Steph that she wanted me over.
I greeted Steph with a kiss and we had a good time over lunch.
After lunch Steph took me upstairs to the bathroom. I felt a little unsure if I wanted to go into it and change, but Steph told me that I had to get over it and that it was only me and her now.
I stripped and started to get dressed in the clothing that Steph had laid out for me. The silk panties, the seamless stockings, the silk bra and the silk camisole. Steph wanted to see me before I continued dressing. She adjusted the stockings a little and filled out the bra cups with silk scarfs. I was then sent back to the bathroom. Next came the white silk blouse that was button in the back, an blue underskirt with lace at the hemlines and a blue skirt that went just under my knees. It was tight and made me take smaller steps. Next came the high heels. I went out of the bathroom and presented myself to Steph. She approved me.
She had me walk down to the kitchen again and she found a half apron that she tied on me tightly.
- A housewife always wears an apron, she said and giggled.
I smiled a little shyly.
She lead me over to a chair, but before I was allowed to sit she tied my hands behind me with crossed wrists and tightly wrapped ropes. She made a good effort to make the ropes tight and they was unescapable.
Next I was told to sit ladylike, so I crossed my legs. I had to hick up the skirt a little to manage to cross my legs.
Steph took a long rope and tied my knees crossed and clinched the rope tightly. Next she tied my ankels and with my knees tied crossed she tied my left ankel with a rope attached to the left chair leg and my right ankel to the right chair leg. My legs was now secured to the chair.
Steph ran her fingers around my neck as she found more ropes and then tied a rope over my lap. My legs was now pressed down towards the chair seat. Slowly any hope to escape was disapearing.
Next she started to tie a rope around my waist. Securing my waist to the chair I could feel that I was starting to have an reaction in the panties. The rope was tight.
Steph looped a long rope above and under my breasts and also over my arms so they was pressed against the chair. The rope pressed the fabrics tightly against my body and made the conture of my female shape get even more featured.
She secured the rope tightly in the back of the chair.
Next she took a scarf and cleavegagged me tightly. She traced her fingers on my neck and I shrivered. I could feel that I was hard in the panties and there was nothing I could do about it. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
- Now be the perfect housewife and sit still there and be quiet, she giggled and disapeared out of sight.
I tested my ropes. They was tight. I couldn't move one bit and I liked this. Steph was a good tier and I enjoyed being tied up and dressed up with only her.
Steph came back into the room. She had on a tight pink bikini that had ties in the back and neck. The cups barely covered her breasts and the panties was g-string type. She walked over to me and took a hold of my head.
- Do you see anything you like, she said and pushed my head between her breasts.
I could smell her. She smelled good. She let go of my head. She sat on my lap with my crossed legs. She wasn't heavy, but you could feel how the leg bones was pressed against each other. She kissed me again.
- Going out to tan, see you around, housewife, she said and giggled as she left.
I looked after her and could see her from where I sat. She took off her top when she was out side and laid down topless on the tanning bed. I felt my hard on geting harder. I struggled to get free, but I was bound to the chair.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 12:03:33 AM
Name: Eric
Comments:My aunt was angry with me again. I had been "caught" talking to Steph and Mrs. Johnson didn't like that we had been that close to each other without any parental overlooker. So I was again punished. My aunt and Mrs. Johnson had big plans for me and Steph.
We was at Mrs. Johnsons place. My aunt had told my uncle that I was going on a trip with some friends. I was only going two blocks down the road. I was brought to Mrs. Johnsons place with a only my male cloths. I didn't need anything else had my aunt said. She followed me inside. Steph was siting in the living room doing her homework as we entered. We had to look down all the time while our "adult supervisors" was talking. I managed to catch a glanse of Steph. She smiled to me. I smiled back.
My aunt left and we was commanded to go up to Steph's bedroom and stand with our hands behind our backs untill Mrs. Johnson came back. We did that, but we touched each other lightly before she managed to get back there.
We was told to undress. We did it. I could see that Steph smiled when she looked over at my naked body. She most have liked what she saw.
Mrs. Johnson brought forward the clothing. It was new and bought by her and my aunt. First we had to have on silk panties. The silk was soft against my private part. Mrs. Johnson made sure that it was tucked in right and I felt her hands around it. Next came a silk lacy bra. She padded mine out and over it came a silk camisole. Mrs. Johnson looked at us and told us that we looked good. I felt I was growing soon.
She then found some silk dresses. The dresses was floor long and had a haltertop neckline. The dress was zipped in the back all to the neck and it had no sleeves. No slit in the side either. Before we had them on we had to put on stockings. White seamless stockings. It slided up my legs and was fasten to a gather belt we had to put on also. Then the dress was put on. Mrs. Johnson zipped us up.Next came long opera gloves that went to the elbows. The tight gloves made my arms feel cocooned.
She then took our wrists behind us and tied them crossed. The long rope was crisscrossed behind us and was snuggly tighten into a knot. I felt how my arms now was useless allready. Next came our elbows. The rope was wrapped around our upperbodies pinning our arms to the backs and making the elbows and arms more useless.
Next she gagged us with Steph's clean panties and scarfs. Our mouths was filled up and silenced. Mrs. Johnson then had us walk around in the house in our silk dresses. She told us to walk proudly. It was hard to be proud I thought, but I did as she told because her smacks in the back of my head was painfull.
We walked around. I thought about being a supermodel when I walked around to get the right feeling for it, but it was hard to keep it up. The tight dress and gloves made sure that I remember I was dressed in woman's clothing.Not to forget the bra and panties. Garther belt and stockings. We marched around for twenthy mintues before we was ordered to go back upstairs again.
Facing the wall Mrs. Johnson pulled out some chairs for us to sit on. We was tightly bound to the chairs with ropes around over upper bodies, lap and legs tied to the bar under the chair. We sat so that we looked at each other.We could only look at each other and it was hard not to feel some kind of sensention in my panties looking at Steph dressed and bound like this, but I had to try not to do anything that marked in the panties.
We sat like this for an hour. Looking at each other. Trying to gag talk, but wasn't possible. We tried to break free, but couldn't. We was to securely tied up.So we sat there looking at each other feeling excited and not trying to show it.
Finally Mrs. Johnson came back and she untied us from the chair. We still had the gags and hands tied behind us, but everything else was untied. We was marched to the basement. A small room was set up there that (I guess) that Steph could use with her friends. It had the female touch anyway.
The room had a sofa, a table, some chairs and some shelfs. The floor had a nice soft carpet. We was told to lay down on the carpet. It was hard to get down with your hands tied behind you and a long skirted dress, but we got down on the floor.
Mrs. Johnson hogtied us. Our legs was tied to our wrist ropes and it was a very tight hogtie that she had put us in. She then left us there hogtied on the floor. It was hard to lay like this. I felt my breasts pushed up in the bra and into my body. And my private was starting to enjoy this and press against the floor. I looked over to Steph. She was looking at me.I think she was smiling behind the gag so I tried to smile back.
We rolled over to each other. We tried to stroke each other and managed some stroking, but it was hard with your legs tied to your wrists. But we managed some strokes.Steph manages to find my knots on my wrists and starts to untie them. Suddenly I am free from the wrist ropes. I roll over and unties her wrists.She undoes the gag and puts her fingers over my lips to tell me to be quiet. We hear that Mrs. Johnson is on her way down the stairs. Steph stands behind the door as Mrs. Johnson enters and grabs her from behind.
- I will take over now mum, she says.
Mrs. Johnson looks over her shoulder. Steph stuffs the panties in her mouth and gags her with the scarf. She quickly ties her wrists behind her and puts her into a tight hogtie.
We can hear that someone else is coming down the stairs. It is my aunt.I lay down pretending to be hogtied. My aunt comes into the room and looks at us.
- Mrs. Johnson? She says.
Steph grabs her too and keeps her still. I get up from the floor and Steph ties my aunt up with the ropes. I gag her with my gag. Steph puts her into a tight hogtie too.
- From now on I will be the one that ties up and dresses, Eric. Not anyone of you two, she says and we goes upstairs. Behind us we can hear angry mmmphs. Steph walks down again with her cell phone and takes some pictures of them to blackmail them into to stay away from me and her.
Steph rubs my breasts.
- You look so good at being a woman Eric.
- Thank you.
- Will you let me keep tying you up and dressing you up?
- Yes, I would be honored to be your submissive girl,
She smiles. Steph grabs me and holds me close as we kiss long. Her hand slides up the long skirt of the dress and finds my silk panties that are bulging.
- You need to wear female underware more, she says.
I just nods and submits to her.
Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 11:01:18 PM
Name: Nic
Comments:again Eric i love this story i hope you can go on forever i check every day for the next part of this story x
Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 01:06:54 PM
Name: Alice
E-mail address: alice@comcast.net
Homepage URL: http://perso.wanadoo.es/dart18/actos/generic-drugs.html
Comments:Our partners :
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Friday, February 22nd 2013 - 07:53:42 AM
Name: Eric
Comments:My aunt was going away for the day and since my uncle work all day so thougt my aunt it would be good for me to spend the time with Mrs. Johnson and Steph. I had nothing to say in the mather since she threaten to tell my uncle about my "crossdressing" fetish. So my aunt dropped me off at Mrs. Johnson and told me to behave.
I was dressed in a pink bikini panty and a sports bra. I had a camisole under my sweater and had a bag with me with more cloths if I needed a change. I was not happy when I rang the doorbell.
Mrs. Johnson opened the door and let me inside. I was smacked on the back of my head because I didn't address her correctly.
- You will call me Mrs. Johnson, she said stright.
I was then guided to the bathroom where I was told to loose my male cloths and put on the skirt and blouse in there along with the socks and shoes. I sighed as I closed the door behind me.
On a chair was a plaid skirt, a white blouse with frilly cuffs and neck and small white socks and shoes. I got dressed and walked out into the hallway.
- Good girl, she said and lead me to Steph's room.
Steph was dressed the same way. She sat on a chair bound and gagged. Mrs. Johnson tied me the same way to the chair as Steph was. I was gagged with a pair of Steph's panties and a scarf over the mouth.
Mrs. Johnson went out and then locked the door behind her. Steph and I looked at each other. We was seated to far from each other to touch each other, but we could look at each other. We tried to do some gag talk, but it was hard.So we sat there. I could see how Steph's breasts was pressed against the fabric of her blouse and I looked down and saw how my breasts was the same. I felt a feeling in my bikini panties.
Not long after Mrs. Johnson was back into the room. We was untied from the chairs and was told to go to the kitchen. We was still gagged and had our hands tied behind us.On the table was food. Breakfast. We had to promise to not yell or run away if Mrs. Johnson removed our gags or untied us. The promise was made just to be able to have some food - and to have our limbs untied.
Mrs. Johnson left us for some minutes to use the bathroom.
- I love you and I think you good in female cloths, Steph whispered to me.
This was the first time she had spoken to me since we had been "introduced" to each other.
- I love you too, I said.
We touched each others knees before Mrs. Johnson came back into the kitchen again.
We was brought up to the Steph's bedroom again. We was told to undress. We did very embarrased get undressed before each other. We looked at each other naked. We wasn't allowed to cover up.
Mrs. Johnson found our new outfits. But first I had get my "female figure" as Mrs. Johnson said it.
First I had to put on a pair of Steph's bikini panties. Then came one of her sports bras. Next came the bathing suit that she owned. Mrs. Johnson padded out the sports bra. Next came one of Steph's panties.
Then came the petticoat. It was fasten in my waist. So came a long femini dress with frills and lace. It was fasten in the back with a zipper.
Over this again came a pinafore that was buttoned in the back.
Steph was commanded to tie me up. Mrs. Johnson told her how to tie me. This was the first time that Steph tied me up. And I felt better about it.
Steph first tied my hands behind me crossed. Then she tied a rope below and above my breasts. This pushed my breasts more out and they jutted out since Mrs. Johnson had made sure that they was bigger then normal. Next came a rope around my knees under the dress and then my ankels.
Mrs. Johnson had me sit down on the edge of Steph's bed.
Mrs. Johnson had Steph dress up in a sports bra, panties, petticoat and a dress with a pinafore over it. She was tied up the same way that I was. We was then told to sit still on the bed while she was going to get something. Quickly while she was gone Steph leaned over and gave me a kiss. I blushed.
Mrs. Johnson came back inside and we had to stand up. She had gotten some tape. She tape gagged us.Then she used the tape to tape us together at the waist. We was forced to stand like this for one hour while she was doing some housework downstairs. We gagkissed over the tape.
Steph leaned her head against me and I could smell her hair. It smelled good.
We could hear Mrs. Johnson come back and Steph stood up again. She untied just me and told me to change. My aunt was coming back. I looked at Steph as she was secured to the chair again while I had to change back into the cloths that I had been wearing when I got there. Mrs. Johnson sent with the bikini panties that I had "borrowed" from Steph and I got a hard smacking when I came back inside at my aunt. Telling me to behave around Steph.
Wednesday, February 20th 2013 - 07:10:23 AM
Name: Nic
Comments:Eric your story is fantastic, please continue xxx
Friday, February 15th 2013 - 10:11:03 AM
Name: Eric
Comments:My aunt took me to Mrs. Johnson and Steph the next day. I was brought to Steph's room. Steph had on a long dress and a pinafore over it. I was told to strip and I knew that I had no other choice then to do that.
I was handed a bikini. It had wide straps over my sholders and a wide panty. I putted it on. My aunt padded out the cup in the bikini. She then handed me a long dress. I had to put it on. Next came the petticoat and then the pinafore.
Steph and I was then tied up to two chairs. Our hands was forced behind the chair and tied tightly. Our legs was crossed and tied. Our upper bodies had ropes below the breasts. Our mouths was gagged with strips of cloth with big fat knots in them.
We couldn't move. We was placed beside each other and then my aunt and Mrs. Johnson went downstairs. When they wasn't looking Steph and I leaned over against each other and gag kissed each other.
We sat that like for two hours. My aunt checked my panties and found some spots. I was spanked before we went back home.
Tuesday, February 12th 2013 - 04:57:17 AM
Name: Eric
Comments:The next days I spent hogtied on the floor in my room. My aunt had been shoping and had bought me lots of "new cloths" for me to wear. I had on a pink panty and a training bra that she had stuffed out. She had me put on a blue swimsuit over this so that my girlish figure stood out. Over this again she had bought me a blouse and a skirt with petticoats. The skirt went to my knees.
So I laid there hogtied and gagged with her panties in my mouth. I heard her come running up the stairs and told me to behave or else. Next I knew Steph was over. She was told to play with me. Steph didn't want to, but was forced to feel my legs. She also had to feel my breasts. After this she was hogtied next to me by Mrs. Johnson. Steph had on a short miniskirt that when tied like that showed her panties. She had on a bra and over that she had a tight t-shirt that pressed against her body.
We laid there struggling, but to no use. The ropes was tied tightly and the struggling just made it tighter.
Mrs. Johnson and my aunt came back up again. They pulled us close and told us to kiss. We was gagged so how could we kiss. My aunt pressed my head against Steph as Mrs. Johnson held her head still. Our lips meet and we was "kissing".
We laid still after that. I felt that my privat was stiff after this forcefull game. Steph winked at me. After they left we leaned in and kissed. It was strange to kiss someone while you both was gagged. I felt a turn on. I sort of enjoyed being tied up and kissing Steph.
Not long after Steph and I was untied. We was expected to join Mrs. Johnson and my aunt for cake and soda. We sat in the sofa as two little girls.
- See, it helps to hogtie them, Mrs. Johnson said.
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 01:07:25 AM
Name: Zak
Comments:Very Nice stories
Monday, January 28th 2013 - 12:45:41 PM
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