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Dreambook for Bound and Gagged By Burglars

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Name: trueloveintightbondage
E-mail address: playingcowboysandindians
Homepage URL: http://wildwestcomic.blogspot.de
Comments:Hi B.G. Thanks you for your comment and encouraging commendation. Regarding the gags, my wife and I, when coming to the garden party, we were wearing bandannas matching to our outfits. So the Indians used the bandannas we were wearing to gag us. They were used as cleave gag and they fitted quite well, but were not very tight. In any case, we played along with the game and did not talk to each other the time we were gagged, even not during the time when we were alone in the tent. Our Indian captors indeed were very gratefull that we played along for so much time without doing any resistance. Later on, our host told us, that she, her daughters and also some of her friends, on other occasions had agreed to play Cowboy and Indians with some grandchildren and kids of the neigbhorhood and they had also been bound to the stake. And they had to do use a lot of begging and persuaviseveness to become free again, because the kids loved it so much to have them captives. So, our host was really gratefull that we took the part of the captured cowgirl and cowboy, so that she could pay attention to the guests of her party. For my wife and me, it was our first reallife bondage experience and it turned us really on, we should have some others thereafter, most in our fantasy and some in real life and we may have more in the future, but this shall be stuff for other stories. Some of our wild west bondage phantasy you will find on our blog: http://wildwestcomic.blogspot.de/, too.
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 03:39:23 AM
Name: Heather McPherson
E-mail address: se@gmail.com
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Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 10:24:22 PM
Name: Victor
Comments:I remember when we robbed that nudist camp.

It really was a lot like a home invasion, I guess. But we managed to round everybody up pretty quickly and separated them by the sex so we can do it leisurely.

It was fun for us anyway...
Sunday, November 10th 2013 - 03:48:50 PM
Name: Stephanie
Comments:This happened to me just a couple of years ago. It was during the first week of summer after I had just turned 18. I was housesitting for a very wealthy couple, who are very good friends of my family. It was a gorgeous and huge house that this couple had put up for sale at the time.

Anyways, after I had been laying out by the pool one hot afternoon, I was coming in through the sliding glass doors and into the kitchen for a drink when I heard a knock at the door. I was a bit apprehensive about answering the door at first, because all I was wearing was just a little pink string bikini. The person knocked on the door once again, and then I thought better answer it, because part of my responsibility with this housesitting gig was to accompany any real estate agents who came to see the house.

Sure enough, when I got to the door, there was a tall and pretty blonde-haired woman (probably mid 30's) dressed in a black pin-striped blazer and matching skirt, who said she was a real estate agent who wanted to preview the house for a buyer she was working with. I then let her inside.

"Sorry I'm not dressed very appropriately," I said to her after she came into the house and closed the door behind her. "I was just out by the pool and wasn't expecting anyone."

"Oh, don't be silly," she replied with a friendly smile. "You look adorable in that swimsuit."

I thanked her for her compliment, and we then engaged in typical girl to girl chat for a few minutes. I didn't suspect a thing. I remember her asking me where I bought my swimsuit, and me telling her the bikini shop where I had bought it. She then asked me if I was home alone, to which I replied "Yes." That's the point at which she told me that she had a confession to make.

"I'm not really here to preview the house for a buyer," she said. "In fact, I'm not even a real estate agent."

"What do you mean?" I asked her, as I began to know that something was up.

"I'm here to rob you Stephanie," the woman told me, as she pulled a small handgun out of her purse. "Now please put your hands up where I can see them."

"Please don't hurt me," I pleaded as I placed my hands up in the air.

"As long as you do as I say, you'll get out of this mess just fine," she said in a reassuring tone.

"What do you plan to do with me?" I asked.

"Well, first I'm going to have to make sure I keep you out of my hair, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to tie you up." she told me.

"Please, that won't be necessary," I complained, as I saw her take some rope out of her purse. "Just take what you want and leave."

"Stephanie, the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I'll be out of YOUR hair," the woman replied. "Now let's head over to that kitchen so I can tie you up."

The woman took me by the arm and walked me into the kitchen, before she pulled one of the wooden chairs out from the kitchen table. She then instructed me to sit down. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest! Standing behind where I was seated, the woman pulled my arms back and placed my wrists together behind the back of the chair. I could not believe what was happening to me!

I could then feel the nylon rope being wrapped around my tender wrists, and my heart was pounding harder and harder. I had always been curious to know what it would be like to be tied up by someone, but I never imagined that my first time in bondage would involve another woman tying me up against my will. This was truly an experience that I would never forget.

After she finished tying the knot to the rope around my wrists, she got down on one knee in front of my chair with another piece of rope. After placing both of my feet together, she then began to tie the rope around my ankles.

"You'll never get away with this," I said to the woman, as I glared down at her while she finished tying my ankles together.

"Trust me Stephanie, by the time you get out of these ropes, I'll be long gone," she replied with a look of confidence.

"Let me go!" I pleaded, as I strained against my bonds when I saw the woman pull a pink bandanna out of her purse.

"Stephanie, you know I can't do that," she said as she rolled up the bandanna and stretched it out from side to side, while walking to the back of my chair. "Now be a good girl and open your mouth for me."

I knew that resistance was futile, so when I saw the bandanna coming closer and closer towards my lips, I reluctantly opened my mouth to allow her to gag me. She then stuffed the middle of the bandanna into my mouth before tying the two ends of the bandanna behind my head. The way this woman had complete control and domination over me was making me crazy inside. It was a feeling that I still can't explain till this day.

After she tied my gag into place, she proceeded to rob the house, taking expensive jewelry, china, crystal glasses, artwork, you name it. The whole time she was rummaging through the house, I was struggling like a wildcat to try and get loose from the ropes, but it was no use. When she was finally done taking just about everything that she was going to steal, she came back into the kitchen, where she pulled another chair out from the table and sat down in front of me.

"Stephanie, you're a very pretty girl, and I'm sorry I had to put you through all of this today," she said, as she gazed into my eyes. As if things couldn't get any more creepy at this point, she then began to rub the tops of my bare thighs with her right hand. "You are in such great shape. Wow, do I wish I was 18 again. You have such a great body!"

"MMMPH!" was the muffled sound of my response, as I squirmed in response to her touch. She then began to admire my diamond belly button ring.

"You young girls with the navel piercings these days," she said to me. "Are these real diamonds?"

"MMMPH!" was again the sound of my muffled protest, as the woman began to remove the belly button ring from my navel.

"This ought to go for a few bucks," she said as she slipped the belly button ring into her purse. "Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I really have to get a move on. You have a great day sweetheart."

She finally left the house, leaving me there bound and gagged. I continued struggling to try and get free from my bondage, but it was useless. The harder I struggled, the tighter the knots seemed to become. Still, I kept on struggling, as my tender wrists were beginning to become painfully chafed.

I had been tied up for a good couple of hours, when I then heard my cell phone ring from the other room. It turned out to be my boyfriend calling. He left me a voicemail. After I didn't return his call, he tried me back an hour later when I was still tied up. He knew where I was housesitting, so he then tried to call the land line. After I was unable to get to the phone once again, my only hope was that he would become suspicious, and then he would come to my rescue.

Luckily, within fifteen minutes, I heard him walk through the door. He called out my name, and I was moaning into my gag to alert him of where I was tied up. He came rushing into the kitchen, and he could not believe what he saw!

"Stephanie! Are you okay?" he said, as he rushed to my side. I remember him removing my gag so that the pink bandanna was harmlessly draped around my neck. By this time, my gag had become moist from my own saliva, and I was so relieved that my knight in shining armor had finally come to my rescue.

As he stood behind the chair and untied my wrists, I explained everything that had happened to me. Once my hands were free, I rubbed my wrists while he got down on one knee so that he could untie my ankles. It was so romantic! He was my hero!

After he had untied me, I jumped out of my chair, threw my arms around him, and gave him a big kiss. I was so lucky that he cared enough to become suspicious when I didn't answer or return his calls.

Later that week, the woman was caught and arrested. All of the valuables that she had stolen were returned, including the diamond belly button ring that my boyfriend had given me.

Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 08:33:11 AM
Name: Amanda Billows
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My gym teacher broke into my dorm last night.

She grabbed my wrists and pulled me down the hall into the bathroom. "God, no," I thought as she opened the bathroom door and spotted the nightie, the thigh-high stockings and the HANDCUFFS hanging from the shower curtain rod. "Well, what have we here?" She pressed her heel into my fprehead and laughed.

"You're just a little whore, aren't you?" Her Southern accent really got to me.

"And you're just a crappy college gym teacher with a wig!" I stood up, empowered, ready for anything.

"Shut up," she said, and pulled on my hair. Then she kicked me in the belly like 100 times.

I shit my pants. She put on a black top hat and said, "Mrs. Lincoln commands you to flush the toilet with your foot."

I did, and she ran into the kitchenette and microwaved some Hot Pockets. I wet me panties when I think about this.

Mum made me tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog.

I always must kneel when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her.
Tuesday, May 28th 2013 - 09:24:20 PM
Name: from KP Presents
Homepage URL: http://www.kppresents.com
Comments:It happened a few months ago – and to be honest, I had tried to put much of it out of my mind. Walking in on Barb, though, and seeing her there, and then hearing her description of the man who had robbed me brought the memories back to me....

I had been getting ready to go out for an evening with some friends. Nothing special, just a night out with the girls if you like. We were going to a few bars that had a dress code, so I had decided to wear a new dress I had picked up. It was cotton, with a white base on which was printed those patterns that were popular a few years back – fractals, I think they were called, but all I knew was the blue and dark swirls pattern was one I liked. It was short, but not too short, with the skirt coming half way down my thighs, and the front neck line coming down and across the top of my breasts. The shoulder straps went down to the small of my back, with a strap of material across the middle at the rear making it not entirely backless. I also had on a pair of dark leather heels – at least to begin with.

At any rate, I walked down the stairs, brushing my hair as I did so, and stood for a moment to look in the mirror and put on my lipstick. As I applied the finishing touches, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but just put it down to a trick of the light. Realising I had left my handbag in my front room, I went in to pick it up, and that was when I was grabbed from behind. A large hand clamped over my mouth and nose, and as I struggled I felt a strong arm pick me up around the waist. That struggle only lasted a few minutes, however, as I slowly fell unconscious, the gloved hand tightly over my lower face.

When I came to again, I found myself sitting on the floor, my back against what I later realised was my bed. My mouth felt dry, and my tongue felt strangely rough, but as I tried to say something I discovered that I was - well, in a bit of a bind.

To be more specific, as I looked down I could see that my legs were tied together at my ankles, the white rope going around and between my legs. My hands had also been pinioned behind my back, and I could feel something pulling my arms into my side. Feeling with my fingers, I could tell that my hands had been tied together with something soft and smooth, while a glance down showed me the soils of rope around my chest, both above and below my breasts, rubbing against my bare arms.

I tried to say something, before realising that the rough feeling in my mouth was more than a bad taste – something was holding my tongue down, but I could feel with what little movement I had the cloth that had been pulled between my lips, rather effectively silencing me.

So, someone had forced me to faint, then bound and gagged me. Well, what else would any girl in this situation do? I screamed, “SMBDYHLPM” out of the gagged mouth and started to kick my legs up and down as I twisted myself round to try and get loose. The thing that I discovered very quickly was whoever had done this knew what he was doing – there was little or no give in the ropes, and I succeeded in doing with my feet was kicking my shoes off, leaving me bare footed as well.

It was while I was looking at my ankles that I first heard him. “Hey, hey, hey,” a voice barely above a whisper said, “You will do yourself a serious injury if you keep doing that. Please, calm down and sit still – I promise you I mean you no harm.”

I looked up to see this man standing in front of me, dressed casually but with a dark stocking pulled over his head. He was about five foot ten, well built, but the most disarming thing about him was the smile on his face, clearly visible under the nylon as he knelt beside me and brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes.

“I’m sorry I made you faint,” he said as he checked the ropes around my arms, “but you just would not stop struggling. You need to stay calm now, as I am afraid you will be this way for a little while. I promise you, I will not harm you in any way, but for your own safety do not struggle.”

He held my chin up and looked at me, as he said “I just want to take a few things from your house, and maybe help you to relax a bit. Now, are you going to try and stay calm?”

“Hru,” I mumbled through the cloth, and he said “Nobody you need to worry about, Amy.” My eyes must have widened at that point, for he took my driving license out of his pocket and showed it to me. “Now, I want to spend a little time downstairs. Can I trust you to stay still?”

Something in the way I looked at him at that point must have made him realise the answer, as he took me by the shoulders and helped me to lie down. “I had hoped this would not be necessary,” he said as he rolled me onto my stomach, “but something tells me I need to take further precautions.”

I finally noticed the knapsack on the floor next to me as he drew out a length of rope and shook it loose. I felt him tying one end around the rope behind my back, as it tugged at the coils, before my legs were pulled back and the rope wrapped between them as well. I looked over my shoulders as he wrapped the rope around itself, noticing that he had used the sash from my dressing gown to bind my wrists together. I tried resting them on my back, which made my legs go further up as they pressed down on the rope running underneath them.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he whispered as he left me on my stomach, watching his legs as they went out of the doorway and the sound of him descending the staircase receded into the distance. I lay there for a short while, not sure what to do as I could hear the sounds of somebody searching through the cupboards downstairs.

Eventually, I decided to try and get loose again, and started to roll round on the floor, pulling up and down with my legs to see if I could get loose from the ropes that were holding them in place. I felt the sweat building on my back as I did so, as well as running down my cheeks, and whatever was in my mouth was slowly becoming heavier as it soaked up the saliva I was producing.

“Having fun?”

I looked up to see the masked intruder standing there, a can in his hand as he was watching me move round on the floor. Placing it to his mouth, he took a long drink as I stared back up at him.

“I did say you should stay still,” he said as he knelt down next to me. “Now I need to check to make sure you have not hurt yourself. If I untie you for a moment, do you promise not to try and get away?”

Well, by this time I was getting tired, so I just nodded and said “MMM” as he started to release my ankles from the hogtie. As I stretched my legs out, he helped me to roll onto my back and sit up, before he started to take the rope away from my arms. I could see the slight red lines where it had rubbed against my skin, but to my surprise he picked up a pot of skin cream and massaged some in with his gloved hands. To my eternal surprise, I found I was enjoying the feeling of the latex against my skin, especially as his touch as so light and delicate.

“If I help you to sit on the bed, then I will untie your hands for a moment,” he said as he helped me to stand up and hop over. I sat on the mattress as he walked behind and removed the sash from my wrists, allowing me to bring them to the front and rub them.

“Now,” he said as he sat down next to me, “I’m afraid I need to start looking for valuables in this room, so I’m afraid I need to prevent you from moving round again. I promise, however, that this time I will make it simple.”

“Cnt u ntmft,” I mumbled, but he simply shook his head and said quietly “No, I cannot. If you allow this, however, I will give you a special surprise before I go. Now, put your hands together, palm to palm, in front of you.”

I did as he asked, and watched as he used the sash again to bind my wrists together. “Shuffle back on the bed, rest your head on the pillow and let your hands rests on your lap,” he said, and I pushed myself back so that my head was indeed resting on a pillow. He picked up one of the lengths of rope from the floor, wrapped the end around my wrist and then pulled them above my head. The headboard to my bed is an old wooden one, a shelf that goes back and a lamp attached to the wall, and it was around the metal of the lamp that he secured the other end of the rope.

I watched as he started to open my drawers and search my way through them, and realised that he was going to take my jewellery once he found it. Closing my eyes, I started to try pulling on my arms, but with little success, but I discovered something else.

To my surprise, I was actually enjoying the sensation of being helpless now, and I started to roll around on the bed, moaning slightly as I moved my legs up and down. Yeah, I was scared, but I could not help becoming a little aroused by my predicament. I tried to keep my noises as quiet as possible, but obviously he had noticed, as I felt him stroking my legs when my eyes were closed and saying “I do believe you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I looked into his covered eyes, and found myself nodding. “Well, then,” he said quietly, “Would you like to play a little game? Sometimes the ladies I visit I help to relax in a different way, but I think you might like this.”

Hell, I wasn’t going anywhere, so I nodded and watched as he quickly folded one of my red bandanas into a wide strip. “This will help the surprise,” he said as he tied it over my eyes, cutting off the light as I raised my head to allow him to tie the ends together at the back of my neck. As I let it drop back down onto the pillow, I felt his hands on my legs before my wrists were released, first from their position above my head and then from the sash around them.

My relief was short lived, however, as I felt some rope been tied around my left wrist and it was pulled back over my head. As this was repeated on the other side, I wondered what he had secured them to, but that was a moot point as I felt him stroking down my legs again.

“I need to keep looking,” he said in that soft voice, “but please, knock yourself out.” I tried pulling on my wrists, but to no avail. Later I realised he had effectively tied my arms in what I think is called a spread eagled way, fixing the ropes to the headboard, but at the time I was starting to just to try and wriggle round, using my imagination to take me somewhere very, very different.

I knew I was getting warmer all over, and I could feel my body responding to what after all was just a fantasy, before I heard him saying “Well, I think I am just about finished here. I just want to make sure you are comfortable – it is not safe for you to be left in this position. Please, lie still for a moment.”

I felt the rope around my ankles been slackened and taken away, before his hands massaged my legs to bring the feeling back to them. To my surprise, I then felt something silk-like been pulled up first one, then the other leg before my ankles were crossed and tied together again with the rope. I protested, but he just stroked my hand and said “shh, shh – I promise you this will not be for long.”

The next thing I knew, he had untied my arms and brought them together on my lap, again rubbing my wrist to bring the feeling back into them. They were feeling a little numb, but I offered no protest as I was turned over and my hands brought together again behind my back. The silken touch against my skin told me the sash had been employed once more, before my legs were brought back and secured to the silk in another hogtie.

“Forgive me for leaving you like this,” he whispered into my ear, “but I am sure you will be all right.” He removed the blindfold and kissed me gently on the cheek, before picking up the rucksack which jangled slightly. I turned my hand and watched him as he walked out of the room, before looking over my shoulder to see what had happened.

He had indeed hogtied me, my ankles perpendicular to my knees. It was tighter than last time, but one other thing was different. Well, two, if you count the fact that I realised the silk touch I had felt was him pulling a pair of white knee length tights over my feet and legs.

The other was that, with a little effort, I could reach the knot that held the rope wrapped around the length holding my ankles to my wrists. So I bent my legs a little more, to gain some extra slack, and slowly started to pick at the knot with my fingers.

The shoulder straps of my dress were starting to slip slightly, exposing my bra straps as I kept working, but eventually I let out a satisfied grunt as I felt the rope slacken. Slowly, carefully, inch by inch I unwound the rope, releasing the tie as I felt it start to slacken and eventually give way as my legs fell back onto the mattress.

I shook the rope free from my wrists and lay, my face down in the mattress as I started to regain some composure and my breath. After a few moments, I started to move my ankles round, eventually managing to uncross them and leave them side by side. I lay still for a little while longer, wondering if he was still in the house, but there were no other sounds save the birds and the traffic outside.

Rolling over onto my back, I stared up at the ceiling wondering what I should do next. Looking to one side, I saw a pair of scissors lying on the chair by my bed. He must have left them there, offering me a way out, so I slowly started to slide myself over on the bed, inching my way over to the side so that I could somehow get off the bed and cut myself free.

It took me half an hour to free myself and call the police, telling them what I could about the man, but leaving out what he had done to me. I only said that he had tied me up on the bed before leaving me there. The rest I wanted to keep private, and eventually forget about – but now it has come back again.

I’m meeting Barb for a drink tonight – I think it is time to tell her about what happened to me. After all, you never know when you may need the support – or who may be next to be visited by this guy...
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 07:54:31 AM
Name: none

Thank you for trying to get this site back on topic
Saturday, April 6th 2013 - 02:33:13 PM
Name: from KP Presents
Homepage URL: http://www.kppresents.com
Comments:It must have been about three months ago. Eve had just come home from her last trip, and she was sitting talking with me in the front room about our plans for the next few weeks. It was a typical day – a little damp outside, but nothing unusual was going on.

Eve was wearing a white short sleeved polo shirt, bleached denim shorts and flat shoes, with a blue bandana tied over her hair. I’d just got back from a shopping trip, and hadn’t taken my jacket off yet, so I was sat there in my red jumper, grey skirt and knee length boots, talking away happily when the front doorbell rang.

I clearly remember saying “Can you get that, Eve”, and watching her as she stood up and made her way to the front door. The next thing I knew was, while I was looking through some information I had to hand, Eve saying “Mum?” and me looking up.

Looking up, I saw that someone had come in with Eve. He was a young man, about twenty I would think, with his arm around Eve’s chest and – well, the first thing I noticed was the woollen scarf that covered the lower half of his face and the sunglasses.

The next thing I saw was the gun that he was holding against Eve’s head.

“This is a robbery,” he said, “Just do as you’re told and neither you nor your daughter will be hurt.”

“All right, all right,” I said as I put the paper I was reading down and stood up,” Just please don’t hurt us.”

“Go and sit with your mother,” he said as he pushed Eve towards me. I gave her a reassuring hug as we both sat down and looked at him. He was wearing a dark sweatshirt and blue jeans, and stood looking at both of us.

“All right, ladies, all I want is your valuables and no-one needs to get hurt. Do you understand?”

“Yes – but what are you going to do to us,” Eve said as she looked at him.

“Well, I need to make sure neither of you can get in my way, so I’m afraid I need to make sure you’re both securely kept somewhere.”

“You mean you’re going to tie us up?” I said with a quiver in my voice.

“That’s right – so the first thing I want you to do is to close the curtains. Do it,” he said pointing to Eve, “without attracting attention to yourself.”

She slowly stood up, walked over and pulled the curtains in the front room shut, before returning and sitting next to me.

“Very good – now you’re going to do something for me.”

“What,” Eve replied, and the man handed a length of white rope, about six foot long.

“I want you to find the centre of the rope and double it up. While she’s doing that, I want you,” he said pointing at me, “to turn round with your hands behind your back and cross your wrists so that your daughter can see them.”

“All right – just do as he says, Eve,” I whispered, and as she doubled the rope over I moved myself round so that I was sitting on the edge of the couch, with my back to Eve. He moved round so that he could see both of us.

“Take the rope, and pass it around your mother’s wrists, then put the two ends through the loops and pull as tightly as you can. Do it properly – I’m watching.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Eve whispered as she did what she was asked to do. I stifled a grunt as the rope bit into my wrist through the sleeves of my jumper, and sat still.

“Now, pass it round her wrists three more times, pulling tightly each time, and pass the ends that are left back through the loop when you are done.”

I could feel the ropes tightening each time she did this, but I still sat silently.

“Now, take the ends and pass them between your mother’s wrists – and remember to pull tightly.”

Eve did as she was told, so that the already tight loops were further tightened around my wrists. When she had finished, the intruder told her to tie the ends together with a knot on top of the ropes, and as she did so I tried reaching round with my fingers - to no avail.

“Very good – what’s your name?”

“Eve,” she replied.

“All right, Eve – I want you and your mother to come upstairs with me to your room. When we’re there, I’m going to make sure you’re nice and safely secure, then your mother and I are going to go through the house."

“And then?”

“Then I’ll bring her back to you. All right – stand up and walk in front of me. You first, Eve, then your mother.”

We made our way up the staircase, Eve first, then me and finally the young man with his hand on my arm and the gun against my back. At the top of the stairs, Eve went into the door that was facing her and we followed.

Her room was a typical teenagers – posters on the wall, TV on the desk and other paraphernalia scattered around. He took a look around before saying “Lie down on your bed – make yourself comfortable. Your mother can sit on that chair there.”

He took me over to a chair next to her workstation, and sat me down while Eve lay herself down in the centre of the bed, her head resting on a pillow.

“Don’t move,” he said to me before placing his gun on the bedside table, and taking some more lengths of rope out of his pocket. “Eve, I want you to put your hands together and hold them up as if you are praying.”

Looking at him, Eve did as she was asked, and taking a length of rope he quickly doubled it over and started to wrap it around her wrists, I presume in the same way she had done to me. Three times he passed it around them, then between before tying the ends together, but leaving a foot or so dangling.

“I’m all right mum,” she said looking over to me as he gently pulled her bound wrists up over her head, and secured the loose ends of rope to the centre of the white headboard that was against the wall. I admired her courage as she lay there, watching as the man took another length of rope and started to tie her ankles together, then her legs above and below her knees.

“How does that feel,” he said as he tied the last knot off. “I don’t think I’m going anywhere.” Eve said as she twisted her legs around.

“One last thing,” he said, and he started to reach up to her bandana. That was when I said “No!”

“I beg your pardon.” He said as he turned to look at me.

“Please – leave that scarf alone. Can’t you find something else?”

“Look in the cupboard,” Eve said as she nodded toward her wardrobe. Opening the door, the intruder looked through several racks of scarves and bandanas that were lying there.

“I’m going to put this in your mouth – do you promise not to spit it out before I come back,” he said as he came back, scrunching up a paisley handkerchief in his hand.

“I promise,” Eve said, and he pushed the cloth into her mouth, leaving the ends protruding from her lips.

"Come with me,” he said as he took me by the arm, and I took a quick look at Eve as she lay there quite still before he took me back downstairs.

An hour or so later, he brought me back into Eve’s room. By this time we had been into my bedroom, and he had taken a large Hermes scarf and used it as a gag. Eve looked up and saw the knot he had tied in the centre protruding slightly from my mouth as he brought the chair over and made me sit next to the bed. He then reached over and pulled the handkerchief out of Eve’s mouth.

“If you wait a few minutes, I’ll get you a glass of water – I just need to make sure your mother is secure first.”

“All right,” Eve whispered as she watched him take a length of washing line he had found in the kitchen and begin to pass it around my upper body and arms, securing me to the chair back as he did so. As my arms were constricted into my side, the cord digging into the black leather of my jacket, I kept my eyes fixed on my daughter, wishing I could tell her what had happened.

Once he had secured me to the chair, the man knelt by the side and pushed my ankles together, passing another length of rope around and between them before securing them to the leg of the chair. As I tried to move them, the creak of leather was the only sound that could be heard. Finally, he took one last length of rope and tied my legs together, below my knees and above the top of my boots.

“Don’t move,” the man said as he left the two of us alone. Eve looked up at me, twisting the ropes round her wrists as she did so, and asked “Are you all right, mum.” I nodded; too busy assessing my own predicament to try to even grunt at her.

The intruder came back in with a carton of apple juice, a straw sticking out of the top. He put the straw next to Eve’s lips, and she took a long drink before saying “thank you.”

Walking back over to the wardrobe, he took a white bandana out and rolled it into a band, tying a knot in the middle as he did so. “Open wide and raise your head,” he said as he knelt on the bed next to Eve, and as she did so he pushed the knot into her mouth, tying the ends tightly together at the base of her neck as he did so.

“All right ladies, just try to relax – I’m sure the men of the house will be home soon,” he said as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I looked down at Eve as she lay there, and she returned the look – one of complete serenity and calm at her situation. Even though my mouth was filled with a silk knot, I nodded and kept looking at her.

She tried to move around a bit, but the ropes were holding firm, and she seemed resigned to just waiting – I followed her example

Well, my husband came back a couple of hours later and freed us, but we didn’t report it to the police – after all, nothing was taken.

I’m sitting here now, looking at the list Eve and I made four months ago of the things she wanted to do. There, about fourth on the list, was “Be involved in a robbery and experience what it is like to be tied up.” Each item was ticked off, and at the end was note that said “Thank you – Eve” dated two weeks ago.

Just before the cancer finally took my baby away from me. At least we got to fulfil all of her special requests before that day, and she went to her rest happy…
Wednesday, April 3rd 2013 - 03:49:14 AM
Name: Jason
E-mail address: Jason@hotmail.com
Comments:The Librarian

I looked across the library at the Librarian, her hair in a bun with a pencil tight pinstripe skirt and boots and thick rimmed glasses.

She glowered at me as I talked with a colleague in the library.

6.30pm came and she wandered across to me to tell me the Library was closing. A faint smile came across her lips.

I stood outside as the Library closed but as it was dark and drizzling and so I waited in the entrance until the rain let up.

The Librarian came out and asked me if, as it was dark, I would walk her home. Her smile relaxed me and so I agreed.

We came to her house and she invited me in for a drink.

She went into her bedroom, as I remained in the lounge.

I picked up a magazine on her table "Men in skirts" with the subtitle "A lesson in bondage for women" and started looking in it.

There she had various men tied up, skirted and booted; men tied up by women.

"So that is what turns her on" I thought. "Men in skirts in submission"

And then she came out - having let her hair down and changed into a red blouse and split leather skirt.

"Wow" I breathed in as she looks fabulous.

"Surprised” she said.

"Yes" I replied.

“And the magazine" she replied seeing what I had in my hand. “You up for it?" she asked

"Well, I have never been skirted and booted in my life". I replied

"There's always a first time" she replied

And with that she led me into her bedroom.

On the bed was a silky black skirt, a white top, a pair of tights and a pair of black boots. All my size.

"How did you guess my size" I replied.

"I used to work in a clothes shop selling women's clothes. You soon get to work out sizes just by looking."

Curiosity got the better of me and so I took off my clothes and soon was skirted and booted standing in front of her.

She came up to me and twisted my right arm behind my back and marched me over to the wall.

"Spread-eagle" she said "Hands on the wall and feet part - now lean forward".

As I leant forward with my arms and legs in the form of a star at 45 degrees to the wall, she took my right wrist and turned it behind my back followed by the left one.

My head was now forced onto the wall as she held me there.

She took a piece of rope from her waist band and firmly tied my hands together and then my elbows - as close as they could go.

She then put me in a chokehold under her right arm causing legs to be bent in a right angle to the rest of my body as she took me over to her bed.

I was forced face down on the bed - I couldn't resist her as she caressed my bum underneath the skirt.

Suddenly a woman dressed in black in a skirt as a burglar entered to room - and whistled. I could just see her out of the corner of my eye.

“Spot on" she said "You win the bet, I never thought you'd get him here - let alone so helpless like this". And she laughed.

And as I listened more carefully I realised it was my girlfriend Helena.

"We are going to have a great night Jason - or should I say Jane." I squirmed as she tied my feet together.

"I see I can't trust you with the fairer sex" she went on as her hand went under my skirt to my private parts and I wriggled s she squeezed.

The Librarian pinched my nose and, as I opened my mouth, she put in a spider gag.

"I can explain" I said helplessly.

"No need" Helena replied “No need for further evidence and anyway I have you as I want you. I have been wondering how to get you like this for a long time but didn't know how to bring the subject up."

The Librarian put her fingers into my mouth and began to play.

Helena's hand went under my skirt again ................

The night was long - as was the next morning.

As it was the weekend, I remain bound and gagged (just allowed to go to the toilet in cuffs when I needed to) like this till Monday.

It turned out that Helena had a sister - the Librarian.

So beware if a dowdy Librarian asked you in for a drink...
Thursday, March 21st 2013 - 11:39:36 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:Jenny led me upstairs. She laid a skirt and blouse out for me on the bed.

"You said you'd do anything for me" she said. "I have this fetish of men waering skirts and boots. So get changed"

I had no choice. I had been stupid but I didn't want to be a liar, so I changed.

I must say I looked really quite pretty in that black leather split side skirt and red silk blouse.

As I finished dressing, Jenny came up behind me and twisted by arms behind my back - and then knotted my wrists together.

As I went down first on my knees and then on my stomach, Jenny jumped onto my back and started to tie my elbows together.

"You know that film you were watching with the girl being tied up really turned me on" she said.

I grunted as my elbows came as close as they could togther.

"Jenny, this isn't fair" I said.

No not fair but yoiua re my fair one" shje replied as Anthea her sister came down and started to tied my legs together.

"You see Anthea fancies you" Jenny said "Adieu and have a nice time"

Anthea was beautiful kid of 18, who looked so cool in an outfit that could have been worn by Xena (from the film of Xena).

I was turned over and Anthea dropped on me.

"Just to let you know who is boss" she slapped my face a number of times until my face was red.

"Ok you bitch" I replied and suddenly her fist smashed into my face and blood flowed from my nose.

"You mean Mistress" she replied.

"Try again"

"Mistress" I replied.

She then untied my legs and retied my hands so that they were in a reverse prayer position and then tied a dog collar and lead roudn my neck and led me to her room.

There she attacked my hands to a pulley and yanked it high so I had to stand on tiptoe in a strappado.

My legs were then spread with a spreader bar - the pulley had been released to allow me to drop slightly - and I stood there legs stretched apart and almost suspended from the ceiling.

I was helpless and she knew it.

She then brought in this beautiful black ebony girl into the room, her hands tied behind her. She too wore a skirt and boots but no top at all. The black woman knelt on a stool before me and Anthea wrenched my head back. "Now suck her breasts - and if you bite I will break your teeth one by one"

And with that I started to suck the black womans breast.

Anthea stood behind me encouraging me with a little reach beneath my skirt to my provate squeezing each time I didn't suck enough.

Finally her friend was aroused and went and my head was allowed to flop forward.

The black woman then reversed roles with Anthea and the same happened again.

When they were both finished, I was released from the spread bar and the pulley and taken to lie in the kingsize bed next to them, gagged and my legs tied together - as they cuddled into the night. All could do was watch in fascination through my gag

In the morning.......
Tuesday, March 19th 2013 - 09:09:46 AM
Name: JRKelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:Jenny led me upstairs. She laid a skirt and blouse out for me on the bed.

"You said you'd do anything for me" she said. "I have this fetish of men waering skirts and boots. So get changed"

I had no choice. I had been stupid but I didn't want to be a liar, so I changed.

I must say I looked really quite pretty in that black leather split side skirt and red silk blouse.

As I finished dressing, Jenny came up behind me and twisted by arms behind my back - and then knotted my wrists together.

As I went down first on my knees and then on my stomach, Jenny jumped onto my back and started to tie my elbows together.

"You know that film you were watching with the girl being tied up really turned me on" she said.

I grunted as my elbows came as close as they could togther.

"Jenny, this isn't fair" I said.

No not fair but yoiua re my fair one" shje replied as Anthea her sister came down and started to tied my legs together.

"You see Anthea fancies you" Jenny said "Adieu and have a nice time"

Anthea was beautiful kid of 18, who looked so cool in an outfit that could have been worn by Xena (from the film of Xena).

I was turned over and Anthea dropped on me.

"Just to let you know who is boss" she slapped my face a number of times until my face was red.

"Ok you bitch" I replied and suddenly her fist smashed into my face and blood flowed from my nose.

"You mean Mistress" she replied.

"Try again"

"Mistress" I replied.

She then untied my legs and retied my hands so that they were in a reverse prayer position and then tied a dog collar and lead roudn my neck and led me to her room.

There she attacked my hands to a pulley and yanked it high so I had to stand on tiptoe in a strappado.

My legs were then spread with a spreader bar - the pulley had been released to allow me to drop slightly - and I stood there legs stretched apart and almost suspended from the ceiling.

I was helpless and she knew it.

She then brought in this beautiful black ebony girl into the room, her hands tied behind her. She too wore a skirt and boots but no top at all. The black woman knelt on a stool before me and Anthea wrenched my head back. "Now suck her breasts - and if you bite I will break your teeth one by one"

And with that I started to suck the black womans breast.

Anthea stood behind me encouraging me with a little reach beneath my skirt to my provate squeezing each time I didn't suck enough.

Finally her friend was aroused and went and my head was allowed to flop forward.

The black woman then reversed roles with Anthea and the same happened again.

When they were both finished, I was released from the spread bar and the pulley and taken to lie in the kingsize bed next to them, gagged and my legs tied together - as they cuddled into the night. All could do was watch in fascination through my gag

In the morning.......
Tuesday, March 19th 2013 - 09:07:13 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: FJK@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:Pt 3

They hogtied and gagged us and then hooded the two of us.

They then loaded us into the back of the lorry and my skirt fluttered in the breeze, as did that of my fellow captive.

We arrived at a small farm outside Cape Town – and were unloaded - literally and then carried into the farm house where our arms and legs were released but we remained hooded.

They say us down in high back upright chairs and tied our hands behind our backs again – and then unhooded us. Finally they took the ball gags off.

To my surprise, I saw my fellow captive was Heidi.

“ Hey what happened Heidi” I said.

She looked at me sheepishly and said: “ It was Lindi, she was in on the whole white slavery project. She told me that, as a joke, we should leave you tied up – after all she said you looked quite pretty tied up like that in a skirt and boots - and we had a good giggle about it. But as we went out of the room, she reached over and took my gun and pointed it at me.”

Heidi went on “ I looked at Lindi and she laughed. ‘You’d going to be sold too’ Lindi said ‘I have had a buyer for you for weeks now – I just needed a pretence to get you here.’
And with that she took my cuffs and cuffed me. I was taken with you on the plane and here we are”.

A few minutes later, Lindi walked in with an enormous grin all over her face. “Well, well who have we here” she said.

Heidi looked pained as her betrayal came home. “Why did you do it” Heidi screamed. And with that Lindi walked over. Heidi stopped as Lindi’s fist smashed into the side of her face and grimaced. “ Want more of that?” Lindi growled and Heidi went silent.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of helicopters above us, and then the door crashed open. South African shock troops smashed in and Lindi and her gang were overpowered and quickly cuffed. Having established who we were, Heidi and I were then released.

Then the Chief of the Belles came in. “ Sorry to have taken so long” she said “But we have been trying to bust this ring –and we needed live bait. Sorry lad we don’t have any other clothes for you, but you look pretty in what you are wearing. Can you put up with it for another night?”

I looked and Heidi, who was rubbing her face. I nodded and then said to the Chief of the Belles. “Do you think we might have Lindi for the night – I think we have a bit of pay back.”

The Chief replied: “Yes, that seems a good idea, we leave at 7am tomorrow morning. I am sure you can arrange comfortable accommodation for Lindi tonight!”

We left the room, with Lindi – who was still dressed in her Austrian police uniform – boots, skirt and handcuffs – though her handcuffs were around her wrists which were behind her back.

Heidi grabbed Lindi’s long hair and led her up the stairs into one of the rooms and threw her on the bed.

Lindi squealed as Heidi jumped on top of her and started pummelling her – until I pulled her off.

“Come on Heidi, no bruises.” I said as Lindi shivered with fear.

We left at 7am the next morning – but what a night Lindi had!!

The End
Sunday, November 18th 2012 - 07:49:12 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: FJK@hotmail.com
Comments:Heidi Pt 1

My cousin Heidi lives in with my Mum and me and had been asked to babysit me – even though I was 17 and she was only 21. Heidi had a soft spot for Mum and could never say no and so I was left in her hands as my babysitter which rather annoyed me.

Heidi had been training at the Austrian Police Academy for three years now and today had been her graduation day, which she had invited Mum and me to

She drove us home in a shiny new Gendarmerie car together with her police partner Lindi.

As it was graduation day they were both dressed to the hilt – in a policewoman’s uniform – skirted and booted with cuffs and a gun.

Once Mum had gone off to work at the hotel in Klagenfurt two hours away (and she always worked the whole weekend Friday to Monday) as a cleaner, I said to Heidi “Isn’t it a bit dangerous to give a girl a gun, because any bloke could quite easily take it off her!”

Heidi smiled and said” Want to try then?”

As I reached for her gun, she whisked my arm behind my back and forced me face down to the floor, with my arm in a half nelson. And then she sat on me, twisted my other arm behind me and cuffed me. Wow what a turn on as I felt her skirt brush the hairs on my legs.

She turned to Lindi and said: “He can’t be a bloke then – can he – as he couldn’t take the gun off me – a mere girl. I think we should make him into a girl for today”

And with that they marched me up to Heidi’s room and she chose a black skirt with a split for me to wear. Now I should say at this stage that I had a white La Crosse tee shirt on and shorts, and also had long hair but no beard.

So when they dressed me in the skirt, I looked the part except for my legs.

Lindi said: “His legs let him down” but Heidi replied, “Let’s hide them in boots”

“Wow” said Lindi when Heidi had finished “He really looks the part. Let’s take him down to the Blue Danube Gasthaus, you know the one that trades in girls and see if we can earn something off him.”

I started to protest but Heidi took out a ball gag from her draw and gagged me. And then the tow of them hooded me

After an hour’s drive they came to the Blue Danube where they marched me in. The hood was taken off and the owner inspected the wares – me!

As she had a big TV clientele, she nodded and gave Heidi 1000 schillings for me for the evening telling Heidi she could pick me up again at midnight.

I was marched to a purple room where a TV called Tina was “practising”. Tina paid 500 for me for two hours. She or was it he took the handcuffs off and give them back to Heidi. As I was getting used to my freedom a big girl called Gerti came up behind me as did Tina. Tina held my wrists together behind me while Gerti took a long piece of rope, made a loop on the middle and laid the loop across at the base of my neck onto my back.

She then started to wind the rope around both my arms until she came to the wrists. She then tied the wrists together behind me and took the rest of the rope back up to the loop at the base of my neck.

And then pulled – pain waves shot through my arms as I was forced into a reverse prayer mode and my eyes watered until the pain subsided

Tina sat down on the chair and lifter her skirt up just above the knees.

I was brought to stand before her and suddenly Gerti kicked the back of my knees forcing me to kneel with my face on Tina’s skirt.

As she moved her short up, I saw she had no underwear on and I realised that they were going to force me to ………..

(I’ll finish in Pt 2)
Thursday, November 15th 2012 - 06:40:47 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: FJK@hotmail.com
Comments:Part 2

Suddenly the door flew open and the belles from the Vice squad burst in

Gerti was immediately handcuffed with her hands behind her back as was Tina and I was pushed to the floor.

To stop me escaping, the beautiful young booted and skirted vice squad girl sat down upon me. She then tied my feet together, ball gagged me and then hogtied me with the rope left over.

“We’ll come and get you later” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Well done, Heidi” the squad leader said “they fell for the kidnapping ploy and we can put the brothel out of action for a number of years.”

Heidi walked passed me and smiled; she knelt down and checked to see if I was sufficiently incapacitated so as to not escape. “Well done, JR “she said “You make a wonderful woman – and a pretty slave. Perhaps you will be more appreciative of cops in the Police now”

It was about an hour before the beautiful girl from Vice Squad returned. She released the hogtie, freed my feet and released the ball gagged, but kept my hands tightly bound.

“Sorry, but you are evidence and we have to take you down to the station, just as you are. Rope knots are so individual that they act as fingerprints – and Gerti has denied tying you up. We need to photograph it all and then have Sylvia untie you slowly to check the way you have been tied up.”

So she walked me out of the room, and I asked her if she would hood me so no one could recognise me. She obliged and put me in the police car.

But we didn’t go to police station – it was all a hoax and I was taken to a house, where together with other girls who were due to be exported, we were all held – all skirted and booted and hands tied behind our backs. My hood was removed and a ball gag inserted

There were some real beauties, but I couldn’t talk to them as I was so securely gagged.

We were herded into a container and loaded up – with guards to ensure we behaved ourselves and who would feed us

We were in the container for four days before we landed in Cape Town, where we were unloaded.

There we were each sold – I went to a white South African family…..but that is another story
Wednesday, November 14th 2012 - 08:50:41 AM
Name: alpha-omega
Comments:I would very much like to post a suitable story for your redaing pleasure but I am currently bound excruciatingly tight in a hogtie, gagged with an enormous ball gag and blindfolded. You wouldn't believe what I'm using to type.
Wednesday, November 7th 2012 - 11:58:05 AM
Name: Pop_Goes _The_Weasel
Comments:My partner and I lost everything in the housing crash of 2008, business, homes, bank accounts and cars. She and I were left without a means to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table for our families. Crime, which before would have been absolutely unthinkable to us began to have progressively more appeal. She and I decided that we would begin to burglarize the homes of people we thought would have a substantial amount of cash and other valuables lying around. We never, ever wanted to encounter the residents of these homes for our purpose was theft, not assault and most certainly not murder. We live in a "castle doctrine" state in which a homeowner is justified in using lethal force to protect himself, his family and his home, [his "castle"] from harm.

Since it was inevitable that eventually we'd encounter a resident of a home we had targeted, we always brought rope for binding someone, duct tape and cloth for gagging him. The first time we ever had to bind and gag someone was about eighteen months ago. We had selected the home of a family in a high income area of the city, watched the comings and goings of the husband and the wife and became expert in their routine. They always went out to dinner on Friday night, so that was the night we chose for our burglary.

After waiting a safe interval after they left and darkness fell we approached the house from the rear, cut the telephone wire and shut off the main circuit breaker, leaving the house in total darkness. As soon as we entered the house I knew we were in trouble, for I heard someone coming down the stairs, cursing and stumbling in the dark. My heart was about to jump out of my chest as I rushed as quietly as possible to the foot of the stairs and waited for him to arrive. I touched his neck with the barrel of my pistol and whispered for him to not make a sound.

My partner was right behind me and dropped the bag containing our restraint equipment on the floor. She immediately set to work on him by the light of a flashlight. She was apparently an expert, a magician with rope. When she finished with him he would have been lucky to be able to move and eyebrow. He was seated cross legged on the floor with his wrists crossed and tied between his shoulder blades, at the base of his neck. His legs were tied at the ankles and then to a coil of rope about his waist. She had stuffed enough cloth into his mouth that his indignant screams couldn't be heard outside the room we were in. The lower part of his face was covered in several layers of gray duct tape, running about his head and covering his face from his nose to his chin.

It took us about thirty minutes to find sufficient valuables to make our crime worthwhile. I was shaken to realize that she and I had now progressed from simple home burglary to kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and home invasion. If we were caught and convicted we'd be the guests of the state for a very long time. When we left, my partner took the remaining rope, tied one end of it to our victim's ankles and ran the other end around the back of his neck. She then looped this rope again under his ankle bindings and slowly pulled his chin down to his crossed legs. He was now bound in an incredibly small, tight ball and able to make only the weakest and most ineffective movements. He most certainly would not be able to escape without help. He looked terribly uncomfortable in that position and I considered loosening his bonds somwhat but thought better of it. According to the police and the newspaper he remained bound in this position and gagged for four hours. I imagine that those for hours seemed to him like they were four days.
Wednesday, November 7th 2012 - 10:29:47 AM
Name: joe
E-mail address: jazfdcw@googlemail.com
Comments:hello my name is joe and i love thinking about tying up girls i know, i want to ask my friend kate but i dont quite know how to, any suggestions?
Thursday, October 18th 2012 - 12:59:46 PM
Name: Loren
Comments:The White Slave Trade

I came home the other night and looked for my favourite black leather skirt and matching red blouse - only to find them missing. So I had to put on my black silky skirt and a green silk blouse instead.

I was annoyed because I had planned to go out that evening with James - and, as we were due to be at his house, it was his choice what I wore and I knew he like me in black leather skirt and matching red blouse and of course booted too.

Half an hour later, Gwen came home wearing what I had been looking for.

I pounced on her and twisted her arm behind her back and forced her face down onto the floor.

Her legs kicked around but once I was sitting on her, with both arms twisted behind her back, she stopped struggle.

I took the rope I had nearby and tied her wrists tightly together and then her booted feet.

I forced her then to her knees where I proceeded to bind her elbows together and then to her torso. She grunted as I tied her tightly.

I turned her to make her sit on a dining room chair, with no arms and then proceeded to sit down on her lap.

" I told you what would happen if you took my clothes" I said.- She dropped her eyes and blushed meekly.

"Yes" she said "That's why I didn't fight you. I thought I could get back before you came home."

"Well you are coming over to James' with me this evening" I replied.

I then pulled her to her feet and tossed a cape over her body and buttoned it up

It is amazing that although she was so tightly bound, yet the long cape covered it all. You couldn't tell from the outside that she was bound at all

I undid her feet and led her to the car.

As I got into the garage, I suddnely felt a hood thown over me - and my wrists were whipped behind behind my back and tied. In a second, I was helpless.

I then heard Suzy's voice: "Well what have we here. We come to burgle the house and we find two damsels for sale"

I said: "Suzy, you cheeky little bitch - you are only 18 - who do you think you are treating me who was old enough to be your mother like this"

With that she took my hood off

"That's who I think I am " Suzy replied " Your new owner"

And with that she slapped my face as one would a naughty little girl.

"You will learn respect" she replied " On your knees"

I stood there defiantly until she started slapping my face until my cheeks were red

Slowly I slid to my knees helplessly and hung my head in defeat

Suzy grabbed my hair and roughly pulled my head back - and kissed me on the lips.

"You're mine and I will do what I want with you. Get it?"

I nodded meekly.

One of her goons then ballgagged me and hooded me agin

And with that we were bundled into the back of the van.
and the next thing I felt was a needle in my arm and I soon passed out.

The next thing I remember was waking in a very hot country. Apparently Gwen and I had been KO for 2 days during which we had been freighted out of the country to Africa

When I came too, I and Gwen were together, and my hood had been removed. My wrists were still tied tightly behind my back - as were Gwen's.

I heard foreign voices - was it Arabic, I don't know.

Gwen too started to come round too.

We discussed our plight but we were simply helpless - our captors knew how to incapacitate us

I saw myself in a mirror and could just marvel at how pretty I looked tied up as I was.

After about an hour, the door flew open and we were gagged and then hooded.

We transferred cars and were driven, still tightly bound for 2 hours.

We were both taken outside and forced to walk single file down an alley and before being tied to a post.

An hour later, our hoods were taken off and as we adjusted to the light, we saw were were in a slave market.

There was a lot of interest in us, being the only white females for sale.

Arabs came to handle "the goods" and they put their hands in place where no gentleman would have.

But then, we weren't ladies, we were slaves. We were going to be sold for use as our Masters wanted.

We shivered as we thought about our fate
Sunday, September 9th 2012 - 06:05:24 AM
Name: MPS
Comments:Yes I will tell the story further

My friends, I had been waiting for my chance to get my hands on Slave Arman for a long time. Pay back would be sweet. Never had a male got the better of me - even if it was only on the Internet.

Not only had he posted, but he had posted a story in my name!

But I don't like to lose to a male - and Slave Arman was so pretty that he looked like a pretty girl.

So I will call her "she" becasue I don't believe that a mere male can get the better of me.

Slave Arman looked so helpless there with her locks falling on her bound torso - with the skirt hanging seductively down from her bound waist to the top of her boots.

But I didn't have pity,as I devised a pay back plan

I ran my hand under her skirt and went wandering.

I found what I was looking for and started to pump it slowly.

Slowly she began to sigh and started to struggle but Kathleen had done a good job. There she was struggling and I had her totally under control.

Suddenly after a bit as she settled into her stride I took my hand away and smiled - as she tried to climax and could not.

There is a special technique to getting that just right - years of domming have taught me. And then I pinched her bottom to bring her down to earth.

"Not so fast" I said " The evening is young."

And with that I untied her. As she had been tied up a time, she started to rub her wrists to get the blood circulating again.

By that was her second mistake - I came up behind her and whipped one of her freed arms behind her back in an agonising half nelson.

I frogmarched her back to the house - and pushed her over to Kathleen - who tied her hands behind her back with wet rawhide, pushed her to her knees and tied her ankles together.

Then Kathleen took a noose and fixed it around her neck and then to a pulley system in the ceiling. By pulling on the noose, Slave Armin could be made to kneel up extremely taut.

" Now Slave Arman" I said " You messed me about on the Internet and you are going to pay for it this evening.

Kathleen slide her hand under her skirt and started to play where she shouldn't. Slave Arman began to moan as she groped. But she wouldn't let him climax either - pinching him each time to stop him going.

This went on for hours until he begged for mercy. And the rawhide statred to dry out. Rebecca had some mercy as she poured water over the rawhide to swell the rawhide and alleviate the pain

" Mistess Peggy Sue" he said " This is a torture I can't take much more of. Have mercy on me and allow me to go. I'll serve you as you want me to - please let me just go"

We left him strung up there as we went in for supper.

After supper we all trooped back into the hall where Slave Arman was still on her knees stretched taut by the noose to the ceiling.

" In this house" I said" The women rule"

" Yes Mistress" he gasped " I will be your obedient servant. Please have mercy on my and release me"

" I'll think about it" I replied. "After all you drove me mad with your e-mail stories.I think we might put you through one of them tonight"

"Which one would you like?"
Saturday, June 30th 2012 - 02:53:19 AM
Name: AJ Redman
E-mail address: AJR@hotmail.com
Comments:I arrived at Glasgow airport to travel to Toronto, wearing my traditional Scottish kilt and shirt (and boots because it was winter).

I came quite easily through immigration and passport control.

Mistress Peggy Sue met me just outside the "Arrivals" door of the airport and introduced herself.

She was wearing a leather black miniskirt, matching leather top and black boots and looked cool for the good 60 years of age that she was.

She stroked my bum as she kissed me and then showed me to her limosine car.

I carried my case to the car.

It was quite an adventure into the unknown responding to her website and meeting this lady I had never met before for a bondage session

"Shall we discuss the finer details when we get to our destination" she said.

"Fine by me" I replied

I got into the back of the limosine - where her two pretty daughters (both skirted and booted like MPS) were sitting and they beckoned me to sit between them.

As I sat down, one of them grabbed my hair playfully and pulled me chest forward gently over her lap.

The other grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. She then proceeded to tie them together.

"Now these are the rules" Mistress Peggy Sue said. "In my house, it is the women who are in charge. And you will do what you are old whilst in our service"

And with that, the two daughters proceeded to tie my ankles and legs together.

I was then pulled back over the first daughter's lap for the rest of the 2 hour journey.

I think she must have quite liked me because she ran her hands over my kilt and under it, which really quite aroused me.

When we arrived at the other end, my knees were freed and my ankles were then tied so I could hobble out of the car to the house.

What ever happened to me there - would anyone like to know?

Mistress Justine led me out of the limosine and Mistress Rebecca and Mistress Peggy Sue joined us in the entrance of the house.

As I hobbled into the house, I asked if I would have any say in the length of service I had to perform.

"No" was the reply

I was led upstairs to the bedroom and then my hands and feet were untied and the gag removed.

I was led to a bathroom and told to have a bath and then come down and join the family.

I relaxed in the bath and got out 15 mins later to find that my kilt and shirt ahd been replaced by a black silky skirt and a red blouse.

I therefore dressed accordingly and went down stairs, where Mistress Justine proceeded to twist my arms behind my back and Mistress Rebecca tied my wrists together tightly.

Then Mistress Justine gagged me but the gag used was not your usual ball gag but one that could be pumped up in your mouth to enable the gag to fit 100% (and more).

I was then escorted to the room where the family was and I was sat down on a chair.

My ankles were then tied to the chair and a rope was wound round my waist pinning my back to the back of the chair.

And then I was hooded.

It was strange - yet exhilarating - to feel a hand go under your skirt knowing that you were totally defenceless and at the women's mercy. They could do waht they wanted with you.

Mistress Peggy Sue then said: "In this house, while men are subservient to the mistresses of the house. We will treat you with respect, but you have to remember that we are in charge.

It is your duty to work out how you can be of service to me. Do you understand."

I nodded my head and the hand under my skirt gave me a gentle tweek - sending me almost explosively sky high.

She then started to stroke my leg and her hand.......

That afternoon, Mistress Rebecca took me upstairs and spreadeagled me facedown with my hands tied behind my back in the middle of a double bed.

However hard you try you are unable to turn over.

She gagged me with a head harness and muzzle gag and then hooded me and said "See you later, aligator" - but not before putting her hand under my skirt and giving me a final tweak followed by a vicious smack on my backside.

After about an hour, I heard another woman enter the room (who I gather was it was Mistress Kathleen):

" Hi Slave AJ" she said "I hear from Mistress Peggy Sue that you are really quite a good looker."

And with that she took off the hood and flipped me on my back, with my legs still spreadeagled and my skirt just resting above my knees.

She then dropped on my chest and started to stroke my hair for a few minutes, before moving down my body and getting me quite aroused.

I guess I looked quite feminine by now, with my long hair allowed to flow and in a beautiful black skirt and boots, all of which Mistress Kathleen said later made me look quite sexy.

Mistress Kathleen then untied my legs from the spreadeagle and led me down the stairs.

I had trouble walking in the six inch heels as I just wasn't used to them.

" Just off for a walk with Slave AJ" she said as she led me out of the house.

We walked across the yard to the barn,and Mistress Kathleen took me inside.

In the middle of the barn was a support pole and she led me to it, stood my back to the pole, undid my wrists and whipped them around the pole and retied them.

"My - was she strong!" I thought as she wrapped a second rope tightly around my torso to the post starting just below the neck and ending at the waist.

She then looked around and found a piece of wood about half a metere long, to the ends of which she attached my ankles in a speadeagle.

She stroked my face playfully and then with one finger ran her finger up and down my bound torso

She then removed the gag and inserted a spider gag and she started to run her index finger gently inside my mouth.

I had never experienced anything like the emotion I felt then. I thingled all over.

I was helpless as her hands moved slowly downstairs under my skirt - where they shouldn't be - and I nearly exploded through the roof, as she started to tongue kiss me too

Just as I was about to explode, Mistress Peggy Sue looked in.

"Kate, please can you pop over to the house to help Justine."

"Sure" Mistress Kathleen said as she had just climaxed but I had been left dangling.

She was such a sadist to be able to go but to leave me still wanting to.

"I'll look after him" Mistress Peggy Sue said "Ever since he started to put his stories on the "Women Bound and Gagged" site I have been wanting to get my hands on him."

"In the nicest possible way" she added with a twinkle in her eye.

I looked at her and thought, I find it hard to believe she is sixty as she doesn't look a day over 40. And she's actually really cute.

" Slave AJ" she said " Now you helpless. You teased me for so long with your stories and I couldn't find you on the web because you gave me a dead web address. Now I have you, it's pay back time"

And with that she approached me.

Perhaps Mistress Peggy Sue, you can tell them what you did with Slave Arman that evening in the barn.
Tuesday, June 26th 2012 - 11:44:13 AM
Name: Arman J Redman
Comments:Mistress Peggy Sue,

Having done my sentence at the Castle I was released and, dressed again in my kilt, boots and sweater- the same as I had been wearing when I was first captured - I was taken back to my flat.

I had been at my flat for about a week, when there was a ring at the door.

I went to the door, dressed in a black tartan kilt, shirt and boots - as I was expecting my girlfriend Susie only to find Kate at the door.

As I went to shake her hand, she grabbed mine and put me into a half nelson and marched me back into my flat.

As it was painful, I went down on one knee to ease the pain.

" I have missed you" Kate said "And was wondering if we could have some fun"

Well given I was in a half nelson on one knee and the other girl with her (who was skirted ann booted like Kate) had grabbed the other arm and done the same, I was in no position to resist.

I was on both knees in a full nelson, I didn't have much to bargain with.

"OK?" Kate said as she pulled my arm up my back

"Yes" I almost yelped.

And with that they lowered me face down on the floor and tied my hands behind me. They tied a loop in the middle of the rope, then laid it on my neck and then wound the rope slowly down my arms. Once they had finished winding the rope around my arms, they then pulled my wrists together behind my back and tied them together. Then with the end of the rope, they fitted it through the loop and then pulled my wrists up to form a reverse prayer position.

My girlfriend Susie, suitably booted and skirted because she knew how much I liked her in it) came to the door just as they finished gagging me and walked in.

"You must be Kate" she said as she admired my predicament. "Nice job - he looks cool and so helpless"

But as she said that, the other girl who knew Susie from the bondage club they were in (and that Susie loved to be tied up as much as to tie others up) took Susie's wrists and twisted them behind her back

Soon Susie was tied like me and Kate connected us by a noose round each of our necks tied about a metre apart.

We were then taken to a van just outside my flat and put into the back.

My noose was removed and I was laid stomach down.

Susie was made to sit on top of me - her hands still bound and her noose was attached to a hook on the roof of the van to make her sit upright on my hands.

Ivana, the other girl with Kate got into the back and Kate drove.

Ivana was a bit of a sadist and cut the front of Susie blouse open exposing her breasts. Then she started to pump them hard, then sucked them and in the end bit them so hard that Susie screamed as blood flowed.

We were taken into the castle and when the sergeant saw what Ivana had done, arrested and handcuffed Ivana. She then put the arrested Ivana in the same cell as Susie - but significantly Susie was freed from her bonds.

The sergeant said: "She yours to deal with as you like - we don't condone that sort of thing!"

I was put into the next cell - but watched all night until I fell asleep -- my hands still tied behind my back as Susie got her revenge on Ivana.

I never realised how inventive and sadistic Susie could be -but was she!!
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 07:12:51 AM
Name: Mistress Peggy Sue
E-mail address: peggy-sue@rogers.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mistresspeggysue.com
Comments:I tried this e-mail:

Name: Arman J Redman
E-mail address: AJR@hotmail.com

and here is the reply I got:

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [RCPT_TO]

amd dani has not left an e-mail regarding Kat and her so in both cases they have crapped out and we will never see their parts 2...I really enjoyed the stories

Mistress Peggy Sue
Thursday, June 14th 2012 - 08:17:50 PM
Name: Arman J Redman

I had met Kate at a pub, attracted to her by the smart leather skirt and boots that she wore together with that beautiful red jumper.

She worked at the Castle but told me what was going on was top secret and so couldn't talk about her job.

And on our third date, she missed it ,but when I came back I found her with a pretty girl called Susie - also skirted and booted rifling the flat

When she saw me, Katie took out a gun and pointed it at me and motioned me to the floor - face down.

With that the pretty woman dropped on my back, pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me.

She and Susie then took various things from the flat including me!.

I was hauled to my feet,gagged and hooded.

They led me down to their jeep, where I was forced inside.

They drove me to the castle and woman sergeant on duty let us in and I was frogmarched to the cells.

But then to my surprise, Kate was hogtied, gagged and saw her being hooded on the floor of one of the cells.

I was put in the next door cell and the cuffs were removed.

But my freedom was shortlived as the company sergeant major - a tough veteran of 40 years of age wearing a midi long black skirt, boots and a red sweater twisted my arms behind me forcing me to cry out in pain

She then pushed me to the floor where she proceeded to tie my hands behind me in a reverse prayer mode.

It was painful.

She then stood over me as I lay on the floor and reached over to get a hood and then hooded me. A young guard (they were only female) - was assigned to hogtie me which she did very efficiently.

I was left there hooded, gagged and bound until the morning.

The following morning Kate and I were de-hooded and led out into the courtyard - where I saw there were two poles.

We were quickly tied to these, very efficiently.

We were attached to the poles by a single rope around our necks that went around the pole, a single rope around our waists and the pole and a single rope around our booted ankles and the pole.

It was surprising to me how these three ropes simply immobilised us totally

The company sergeant major came and read our sentences.

"Cpl Buxholme - for fraternising with the enemy and theft, you will be taken out every day for a week and tied up out here from 7.30 to 6pm come rain wind or warm weather."

"Young man for trying to infiltrate our organisation, you will be sentenced to a year as our prisoner and will join Cpl Buxholme being tied to the pole for the first week of her punishment after which you will be her "guest"

A week later Kate was released but I was taken by Kate to the guardroom.

Here she made me change into a black skirt and red top and then proceeded to tie my wrists together behind my back and then applied a strappado.

As I stood there she came behind me and started to run her hands all over me, then turned me round, pushed me against the wall and started tongue kissing me.

That sent me high but as soon as she had relieved her sexual emotions on me, she gagged me before I could cum.

I was then frogmarched to her bedroom where I was pushed on her kingsize bed - (bum sunny side up) and my ankles locked into a spreadeagle.

It is amazing but you just cannot turn on a bed when you feet are spreadeagled. And this was the effective way I was kept a prisioner for a year in the Castle.

Of course they had their fun and games with me

Do you want to hear more.............
Thursday, June 14th 2012 - 02:04:08 AM
Name: jack
Comments:Before i start I'd like to say that i know just how far fetched this story is and if I'd read it on here I wouldn't believe but it is 100% true.

So anyway one day i was coming home from school, I'm 16 so i'm in my dinal year at secondary school and because i'm at an english school i need to wear the whole tie and blazer etc.
as i was walking home i decided to walk through the park because one it's a lot quiter and two it's slightly quicker than my usual route.
as i was walking past the large pond in the middle i saw one of my mums friends, tasha who lives just up the road from us.
She was around 5ft8in tall and was quite chubby but not to the point i'd say she was fat and is around 35 years old, she was wearing a black tank top and a pair of denim jeans, i said he to her and asked how she was but before she could answer we heared a loud rumble coming from up the road, i turned around and saw a large rusty lookin pickup truck driving towards us.
it grinded to a halt around three feet away from us, three woman one of which had two large bottles of vodka in her hands climb out the back and two large men got out the front.
both men pulled a gun out of their pockets to this day i don't know where they got handguns in this part of the country, one of them shouted "don't fucking move!" as they made their way over to tasha.
i quickly lost sight of her as the three drunk women pushed me in the back of the truck ad started pulling my trousers down without undoing the buckle for some odd reason, after after five minutes she got annoyed and shouted her friends to help which pretty soon turned into a tug of war game.
after another five minutes they pulled them down to my ankles taking my boxers with them, the girl who had the bottles earlier pushed her way to me and said "time to have some fun girls" she then pulled her skirt down showing that she was going commando and had her friends pin me to the front of the car and sat on my now rock hard dick.
all three of them kept whistling and cheering the entire time, i also tried breathing in through my mouth a lot because the one sat on me reaaked of beer i thought it was gonna be over soon as i could fell myself about to cum but it felt like she knew that was about to happen so she climb off me and open of a path so i could see tasha who was completely naked and on her hands and knees.
the girls then puled my blazeer off, pulled my tie over my head and ripped my shirt open before pushing me over to her.
one of the other girls said "get behind her." i did and one of the guys pushed me so i was kneeling down behind her. i thought i'd figured out what was coming next but it seems i was only partially right, they push me forward so i was now inside my mums best friend.
they then got two large ropes out of the back of the truck, they began tyiing my left leg to hers and my right to hers, then they got a bottle of super glue out the front of the truck.
i thought to myself why would they be using that there's not my other was we can be joined... but it seems i was wrong. they put some glue on both of my hands and then made me hold onto her pony tail for around ten minutes while it dried.
they all began laughing, takign pictures and filming us then they got back in the truck and drove off just as quickly as they arrived.
we then had to start our long crawl home which was made even worse when we got to her house and her husband answered the door...

As i said I don't blame you if you don't believe me, i wouldn't either. depending on the feedback received i mitgh post what happened on the way home
Wednesday, June 13th 2012 - 12:38:34 PM
Name: Rosie
Comments:Tricked into being skirted and booted in bondage
Comments: Hi guys,

I met first Debbs at my first year in Uni at a party.

After the party I dropped her home but couldn't go in to her flat because it was a "boys no- go" zone.

Her landlady, Mrs Mc Allister, a pretty 40 year old, didn't want the flat to degenerate into a "student brothel".

Having a boy in the flat would constitute a breach in the contract and then Debbs would have to find another place.

We had been going out for three months when I took Debbs home and she said: "Why don't you dress up in skirt and boots - and then she won't notice you as a boy." and yiou can come up to my flat where we won't be disturbed.

As I fancied more time with Debbs alone, I agreed.

After all, it wasn't such a crazy idea as I had beautiful long blonde hair that most girls would kill for. I was slim - svelte you might say, and no growth at all on my face. I might have to shave once a month - and there was never a 5 o'clock shadow.

In fact Rosie was Debbs nickname for me (just between ourselves)

"OK" I said and I changed into the skirt and boots in the car. Debbs applied some lipstick to make it look more authentic.

As we went in, I caught a glance of myself in the long corridor mirror and I really looked like a beautiful girl.

Mrs McAllister poked her head out from her flat door as we disappeared upstairs - and then returned to her flat.

As we walked in, two masked women(I assume they were as they wore skirts and boots) held a gun to Debbs' head.

We were given to options

1. Debbs would be taken prisoner by them or

2. Debbs would have to tie me up and deliver me up to Mrs McAlliser tied up for the day for her to do what she wanted with me - though she said there would be no sexual intercourse.

And she had a consent form - a standard BDSM release form - for me to sign.

"No choice, Debbs" I said after thinking a bit "I'll do it"

And with that Debbs bound my hands behind my back - quite tightly and wound the rest of the rope around my torso pinning my arms to my back and tying it off at the top of the skirt. Everything below the waist was free.

I was marched down to Mrs MacAlliser who smiled.

" I thought so" she said "Rosie, let's go" and with that she went to get the car out. I was surprised she called my Rosie - after all that was Debbs' special nickname for me.

Now I need to say that Mrs MacAllister was dressed beautifully in a red leather skirt, boots and a beautiful silk blouse. And her perfume was alluring.

Debbs accompanied me to the car and kissed me goodbye as she helped me into the passenger seat and buckled me in.

Mrs McAllister turned to me and said “We are off to a bondage party and you are my prisoner.”

What could I say or do? I just nodded

We arrived at the secluded location and just before we went in, Mrs McAlliser ball gagged me and then hooded me.

She dropped a noose over my neck and led me in like that.

I heard a number of female voices saying “Hi Zoe, wow he looks as good as you told us he would”

It was then that I realised that Debbs had been in on this too - how else did Zoe know that I would be her prisoner that evening or my nickname.

I was taken and tied to a post in the middle of the room.

During the evening, my hood and gag were removed and a number of girls came up to kiss me. "Wow Zoe has a beautiful prisoner" They would say.

Then I saw Debbs who came over to me.

“You do look beautiful, Rosie” she said "all tied up - it is a real turn on for me."

And standing there in front of me she started to fondle me and kiss me passionately for a few minutes.

“I’ll get you back” I smiled at her as she regagged me.

Later that evening, Zoe MacAllister was brought over by two beautiful skirted and booted women and was tied to my pole –her hands behind her back and also around my waist.

She had lost at poker - and her forfeit was to be tied up - though she could choose where. So she choose to be tied to me.

Once tied up around me - her hands started to wander and she started to play.

“ Ever since I saw you outside the flat the first night you brought Debbs back ” she said “ I have wanted to have you – you see my fetish is bondage and skirts. And I knew you would look beautiful skirted, booted and tied up."

At the end of the evening, Debbs and I sat in the back of Mrs MacAllister’s car as she drove us home. I was still tied up – but Debbs had me on her lap and had her hands all over me. She seemed to love stroking my bum over the skirt

I was allowed up to the flat - and Zoe and Debbs teased me -still bound tightly - until midnight when I was released.

I went home the next day - in my male gear

But what a fabulous evening with the two of them.

Zoe and Debbs yiu are really hot!

Love Rosie
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 01:33:25 PM
Name: MSH
E-mail address: MovieSerialHero@aol.com
Comments:Interesting Stories. I have a good one to add to your list.
Sunday, May 27th 2012 - 06:00:12 PM
Name: damsel
Comments:i'm a secretary,5'2" and single.so last night i was working the night shift and i was bored so i decided to take a nap.i woke up 20 minutes later and started to hear some noise in the back room.i walked in,found nobody then all of a sudden i was grabbed and i was told to not make a sound.i was placed on a chair,tied up and i begged him not to tie me up but he just keep going.then grab a ball gag and put it on my mouth then he told me to stay here and don't go anywhere.about five minutes later i manage to escape my bondage didn't care if i left my shoes and keys behind all i cared about was getting the hell out of there.when i opened the door he grabbed me again and said
"where do you think your going right now.".about 5 minutes later i was hog-tied on the ground so i said "your not going to get away with this.tying me up in a hog-tied position.".i can tell we was having fun and enjoying seeing my hog-tied.he started laughing and taking pictures with his iphone.then he started touching me places i didn't enjoy.he said "i have a nice rack",i started to cuss at him then he found duct tape and gagged me.about 5 hours after he left i finnally got out of my second bondage and went home.
Monday, May 21st 2012 - 08:57:14 PM
Name: Me
E-mail address: Mine not yours
Comments:Well I've never had an actual home invasion nor have any of my friends so this is not serious, just a prank I pulled on my girlfriend( I ended up begging her for a week to forgive me).

My girlfriend said she was getting bored of watching movies for the night and realized it was about 1 in the morning so she went to bed. I continued watching for a bit and had an idea, if she was bored, I would entertain her myself. I went around the house ( we were at hers) and found some duct tape, rope and a few scarves. I snuck into her room and realized how fortunate I was that she was someone who touched the bed and was out like a light. She was sleeping on her stomach in her shorts( about halfway down her thighs) and her undershirt with no sleeves, just straps. I pulled her hands behind her back and crossed them, tieing them together with an X fashion. I looked down to tie her ankles and raised an eyebrow to see that she still had her boots on that go just beneath the knee, with socks that go just above the knee( the boots were black and the socks were
white. I didn't really mind since I had a fetish for them and she loomed really hot in them. I tied them together anyways and that was when she started to stir abit, I kindof freaked and grabbed one of her scarves and blindfolded her, which was uneccesary since she went back to sleep. After securing her knees and her elbows using duct tape, I took a water gun I had ,which didn't really matter due to the blindfold, and pressed it against her head and whispered in her ear( which i was surprised to see that woke her up) not to move. She tensed and kind of tested her bonds and did the classic what do you want. I thought for half a sec and said to tell me where her jewelry and money was. She told me it was on her desk and I pretended to sift through it. I came back and said if it wasn't valuable enough I'd have to take something else to compensate, like her. She freaked at this point, to the point I stuffed a scarf in her mouth and cleave gagged it( it looked hotter than duct tape) silencing her. I felt that this had gone kn long enough so I flipped her on her back and removed the blindfold at the same time as I squirted her with water from the gun. When she saw it was me she screamed, or mmmmmmmpppphhhhed to be more accurate, to let her go( i think). I laughed and told her since she wasn't being kidnapped what was the point and walked off to get something to eat.

Later that night I did untie her but I made sure I got my fill of watching her struggle. I'm still surprised it only took a week to convince her to forgive me, but I'm not complaining. She will laugh at it if you were to ask her now and she told me maybe she would like to be tied again. (one can only hope)
Monday, May 7th 2012 - 04:20:59 PM
Name: Me
E-mail address: Mine not yours
Comments:Well I've never had an actual home invasion nor have any of my friends so this is not serious, just a prank I pulled on my girlfriend( I ended up begging her for a week to forgive me).

My girlfriend said she was getting bored of watching movies for the night and realized it was about 1 in the morning so she went to bed. I continued watching for a bit and had an idea, if she was bored, I would entertain her myself. I went around the house ( we were at hers) and found some duct tape, rope and a few scarves. I snuck into her room and realized how fortunate I was that she was someone who touched the bed and was out like a light. She was sleeping on her stomach in her shorts( about halfway down her thighs) and her undershirt with no sleeves, just straps. I pulled her hands behind her back and crossed them, tieing them together with an X fashion. I looked down to tie her ankles and raised an eyebrow to see that she still had her boots on that go just beneath the knee, with socks that go just above the knee( the boots were black and the socks were
white. I didn't really mind since I had a fetish for them and she loomed really hot in them. I tied them together anyways and that was when she started to stir abit, I kindof freaked and grabbed one of her scarves and blindfolded her, which was uneccesary since she went back to sleep. After securing her knees and her elbows using duct tape, I took a water gun I had ,which didn't really matter due to the blindfold, and pressed it against her head and whispered in her ear( which i was surprised to see that woke her up) not to move. She tensed and kind of tested her bonds and did the classic what do you want. I thought for half a sec and said to tell me where her jewelry and money was. She told me it was on her desk and I pretended to sift through it. I came back and said if it wasn't valuable enough I'd have to take something else to compensate, like her. She freaked at this point, to the point I stuffed a scarf in her mouth and cleave gagged it( it looked hotter than duct tape) silencing her. I felt that this had gone kn long enough so I flipped her on her back and removed the blindfold at the same time as I squirted her with water from the gun. When she saw it was me she screamed, or mmmmmmmpppphhhhed to be more accurate, to let her go( i think). I laughed and told her since she wasn't being kidnapped what was the point and walked off to get something to eat.

Later that night I did untie her but I made sure I got my fill of watching her struggle. I'm still surprised it only took a week to convince her to forgive me, but I'm not complaining. She will laugh at it if you were to ask her now and she told me maybe she would like to be tied again. (one can only hope)
Monday, May 7th 2012 - 04:20:05 PM
Name: Jane Doe
Comments:My husband and I planned to go to our cabin on the lake for a week and do some fishing. He worked in a machine shop as a tool and die man, and I sell real estate and do some bookkeeping also. My husband was off Friday, some sort of union thing, but just as we were about to leave, I got a phone call to show some industrial property the owner was desperate to sell. My husband was furious with me for agreeing to show it, but it was too large of a commission to chance losing. He said he was leaving at 7 am, with or without me. Needless to say, that was a difficult night, but the next morning, as I dressed to show the property, in a professional outfit, i.e., skirt, blazer, heels, hose, he again got angry, and got in the truck and drove off. Driving to the appointment, I tried to call him, but he didn't answer his cell. I intended to tell him I would drive to the lake after the showing, but I got mad, and decided if he wanted to be difficult, I would also. So, I just decided to spend the day at the Realty office after my appointment. About 5:30, I left the office, stopped off at a diner for a quick supper, then headed home. We live outside the city limits, not far, but in a rural setting. Our home was an older farmhouse we had bought while our kids were still at home and since it was paid for, had no intention of selling. It sits back from the highway about 200 yards with a lot of trees between it and the road, so it was not visible when the trees had their leaves. I stopped at the mailbox, got the contents, then drove to the garage. It is not an attached garage, as the house was built in the 1920's. I had removed my high heels when I left the diner, butput them on to get the mail and to wear inside. I was so looking forward to my slippers. I have a lot of heels, but rarely wear them for an entire day, so my feet were hurting. An old white van, without windows, was sitting by the garage, and, for the life of me, couldn't figure out who it belonged to. I pulled in the garage, and walked back to investigate the van. As I closed the sliding garage door, a man who seemed familiar came out of my house with our laptop and a bag in his hands. We saw each other about the same time, and as I grabbed for my cellphone to call 911, he pointed a gun at me and told me to drop my purse and raise my hands. Another man came out of the house with his arms full of my husband's guns. "I thought you said they were gone for a whole week" he said to the first one. Then, another, older looking man came out, empty handed, and said, "get this cunt in the house before someone else comes up." The one with the pistol dropped what he was carrying, and waved me inside. Once inside, he had me put my hands on top of my head and sit down in the living room. About 5 minutes later, the other 2 came back in, and the older one was carrying an armful of rope. I knew what it was for, and I told them, "you don't need to tie me up. I won't be any trouble." The other one was carrying my purse, and I heard my phone receive a text message. He read the purse, and said, "her old man told her he's staying the whole week, as planned, and she can stay and sell her real estate. He thinks it best if they use the week for time to think. Guess hubby is pissed." The older man chuckled, and said, "sounds like he has a girl friend." He then told the first guy to go find something to gag me with, and grabbed my neck and raised me to my feet. "Be a sweetheart and put your arms behind you." He then proceeded to tie me unbeliveably tight, causing me to wince and groan. He wrapped rope around by upper body, making sure to pull the rope tight, and as he crossed the rope n front, he took the liberty to fondle my breasts. I'm not a super model, but not ugly either, and my body was voluptuous. "Nice big soft tits, lady. I'm gonna be getting real familiar with them while we're hear." The first guy returned with a pair of my black panties, which were stuffed inmy mouth, and then my mouth was taped with first aid tape. Then, I was pushed to the floor, my forearms and elbows were tied, my knees, and ankles, then a rope from my ankles to my wrists was jerked tight and tied. They then resumed removing anything they considered of value. After about an hour, the the older man, the apparent leader said, "let's see if there's anything to drink. Joe, go pull the van into the garage so nobody can see it. We have a lot of time, so we might as well enjoy ourselves. She might enjoy our company, anyway." They searched thru the pantry and cabinets and found our liquor and began drinking. The ropes I was tied with was a vary coarse type, and irritated my skin. It was pointless to try to escape, I was too thoroughly bound. After about an hour of drinking, they came back into the living room, and I got a dreadful feeling. They were looking at me totally different than before. Then it had been as a nuisance for discovering them. Now, it was very salacious. "Pick her up and put her on the sofa" the older one instructed. I was grabbed, fondled, lifted, and droppe on the sofa, belly down. The older one then removed my gag and said, "showtime, bitch." He opened his zipper,pulled out a rather large penis, and stroked it a few time, making it absolutely huge. I'm no prude, have always enjoyed sex, before and during my marriage. I had never seen a penis that big, even in pictures in the porno magazines I had discovered when my son was a teenager. "Now, here's how this is goin down. Your gonna suck and fuck as much and as often as we want. You refuse, don't cooperate, or give any trouble at all, my nephew is gonna carve ur face off, cut your nipples off, pour bleach down your throat, and generally mess you up. Understand?" I nodded my head, unable to take my eyes off the gigantic penis, due to fear, not anticipation. "Open wide" I was told, and he immediately rammed that monster as far in as he could get it. I swear it touched my tonsils. I gagged, almost vomiting, but he didn't care. He repeatedly jammed it down my throat, and I got a very close look at it. It was as thick at the head as the base, uncircumcised, the veins looked like ropes, and felt like it was made of steel. Finally, he grabbed the back of my head, and filled my throat with a tremendous discharge of vile semen. He was so far in my throat I had to swallow most of it, but some leaked out around his shaft. He pushed my face down to it and told me to lick it up and swallow. Even though I was retching I did as he said, due to the fear I felt. The other 2 also forced me to fellate them, shooting loads of semen down my throat. By the third one, I was able to avoid retching. Then, I was dragged to the first bedroom they came to, thrown on the bed, my legs untied but my mouth regagged. My blouse was ripped open, my breasts pulled out of my bra, my panties and pantyhose yanked down, and that huge penis was rammed into my dry vagina. The pain was horrible, but he didn't care. He just raped me as hard as he could, pounding into me so fast and brutal the bed felt as if it would collapse. Again, whenhe finished, the other 2 took their turn. This went on for hours, alternately raping me and then hogtying me til they had "recharged". It was dayligt again when the leader said, "a little bit more fun, then we need to take off. Untie her hogtie but leave her ankles tied, roll her over on her gut, and put her knees under her." I had never been in a position like that before, but then, I had never been tied up or gangraped before. The 2 younger did as told, while I could hear the boss rummagin around in the bathroom. "Yeah, this oughta work just fine" I heard. Then, something greasy was rubbed aall around my bottom, into my anus, just about everywhere. I didn't have to be a genius to figure out what was going on. I tried to scream, to get away, anything to avoid what I knew they were about to do. "You guys go first, with those little dicks of yours, you'll get her loosened up for me." The 2 younger ones did as he wished, raping my anus with a lot of pain and each ejaculated into my intestines. "Okay, boys, watch and learn" the leader said. I felt more of the greasy stuff being rubbed into my anus, joining the semen that they had each depositied into me. "Damn, you guys didn't stretch her much, but you did lube her pretty good." At those words, I felt the tip of that giant penis against my anus. While they had obviously stretched it some, it was still sheer agony as he pushed that instrument of torture in against any resistance my body gave. I felt tremendous pressure building up in my intestine, making me afraid I was going to void my bowels. He finally achieved full penetration, making it feel like I had a baseball bat shoved up my rectum. Holding me by the hair, he violated my anus with sheer brutality, pounding in and out so hard and fast, I bounced up and down. I wanted to scream, to kill them, to castrate them, anything for revenge. This final assault seemed to take an eternity. By the time he gave his last thrust, I had been pushed all the way against the headboard of the bed. He finally withdrew from my bottom, slapped my buttocks as hard as he could, then told the other two to retie my feet so they could leave. They did more than just tie my feet. They tied each ankle to a thigh, then tied my right ankle to my left shoulder, my left ankle to right shoulder, pulling them so far I thought something would break. When finished, only a short section of my stomach was touching the bed. Then, I guess for fun, since I had seen them clearly, they pulled pantyhose over my head and wrapped my head with tape. I don't know how long I was like that, but it was still daylight when I heard a vehicle drive up. I tried to make as much noise as I could but it wasn't very much. Finally, I heard the door close, and my husband call my name. He had unhooked his boat from his truck and unloaded his fishing gear before comeing in. I made enough noise by rocking the bed to get his attention, and as the door opened heard him saying, "why the hell are you in the gu-----oh, my God, what happened?" He untied me, and as soon as I was free, called the Sheriff. While waiting for the law to arrive, he had the nerve to tell me this wouldn't have happened if I had left with him rather than try to sell that property. Needless to say, or relationship is very rocky now. He blames me, and acts like I'm contaminated goods. One bright spot. I gave good descriptions of my attackers, and one of them was a co-worker of my husband's. That's why they robbed our house, because my husband had bragged about us being gone for over a week, and how much stuff we had. They haven't been causght yet, but I'm confident they will be.
Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 09:56:42 PM
Name: Liz
Comments:It was the day before Thanksgiving. It began with some snow flurries, but as the morning progressed, the snow got gradually heavier. The law firm I work for was closing down at noon for the long weekend, so I left the office promptly at noon. The snow was sticking on the grass but not the highway as I left town, but by the time I got close to my place the road wass getting slushy. I am single/divorced with no kids. That was the reason for the divorce. I had inheritied the family farm upon the death of my parents just one month apart. My only sibling had been killed in an auto wreck when I was a teenager. I was resigned to being alone for the holiday. As I drove down the lane to the house, I thought maybe I should plan on getting a 4 wheel drive SUV. After parking in the detached garage and sliding the door shut, I went to the back door and unlocked and entered. After hanging my coat in the closet, I looked at myself in the full length mirror. My tailored brown wool skirt accented my bottom, my long sleeve silk blouse hugged my bosom, and my 4 inch heeled boots were the latest fashion. I am considered an attractive woman, so why am I alone for a long holiday, instead of in the company of a handsome, nice man? I went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker, and opened the fridge to look for something to eat for lunch. I decided on some leftover stew, and as I turned and closed the door, I was confronted with the barrel of a pistol pointed right at my head. I recognized it as the one I kept in the bottom of my bureau. The young man holding it also had found the bullets, as I could clearly see the gun was loaded, rather than empty, the way I normally kept it. "come on out" the gunman spoke, and from the pantry another young manstepped out, and a third came around the corner from the basement stairwell. "Just go ahead and fix that food" the gunman said. He then handed the gun to one of the others and told him, and the other also, to "keep your eyes on her, I'm going to look around some more. Make sure she doesn't do anything to the food to makes us sick. Call me when it's on the table." He then walked away, and I heard him walking up stairs. I busied myself with heating the food and also setting the table. About 15 minutes later, the one with the gun called out, "hey, D, the chow's ready". He returned with a pillowcase full of something, but not valuables, as my room was on the main floor, and my belongings were in there. "You guys go ahead and eat, I've got something to do," he said. At that, he grabbed me by the arm and led me into the living room. Once in there, he told me to get down on my knees, and and I began to panic. He knelt down behind me, tho, and pulled my arms behind me, then began to tie my hands palm to palm, very tightly. After binding my hands, he then bound my elbows together so tightly that they touched. Besides being uncomfortable, this also pulled my shoulders back and made my 37C breasts jut out and pulled my breasts tightly against my blouse. He lifted me by the rope around my elbows, sat me on the sofa, crossed my ankles and bound them as tightly as he could pull the ropes. I was glad I had kept my boots on. From one of his pockets, he pulled out a scarf, balled it up, and shoved it in my mouth, then a roll of duct tape was used to seal the scarf in my mouth. He then removed my glasses, lifted my legs, rolled me onto my stomach, and pulled my ankles up and bound them to my wrists. It reminded me of playing tie up games when I was a babysitter, except much tighter. He then went to the kitchen and ate. I tried to work my bonds loose, but not luck. If anything, the ropes seemed to get tighter. After the 3 finished eating, they came into the living room and turned on the TV. There was a special news bulletin predicting a major winter storm, up to a foot of snow before it ended, and officials were advising everyone to stay put til it was over, avoiding the roads, which were already apparently well covered. "Dude, what are we gonna do. We need to get away before we get caught and sent back to jail." "We'll just wait til its better, then we can 'borrow' her car and I found some cash for gas so we can go wherever we want. We're warm, dry, have food, so it's gonna be okay." The third one said, "what about her." "She stays tied up til we want her to cook some more, then we'll just tie her back up. We're not gonna hurt anybody, just get away." The third one then said, "I've been without feminine company for 2 years, and she's available. I think we should get to know her better." "Leave her alone, we're just escapees, not rapists or murderers." For the next 3 days, I was untied long enough to cook for them, occasionally use the bathroom and bathe, and to stretch my limbs. When they finally deciced to leave, the one who ogled me constantly said he would tie me up to ensure I was unable to call the law until they had enought time to get far away. He bound me so brutally, I was completely helpless. He taped my fingers after tying my hands, pulled my ankles so far up behind me I thought I was going to break like a wishbone. While tying me, he kept groping me, even fingering my vagina and anus. My whole head except for my nose was wrapped in duct tape, even around my jaws and over the top of my head. I was in agony, and when I heard the door close, figured I was going to die. I lived alone, 20 miles from town, was not envolved in a relationship, ad not relatives anywhere nearby. My employer might send someone to check on me when I failed to show up at work, but otherwise, I felt doomed. I don't know how long I lay there before I heard someoneknock on the door, and shout "Sheriff's Office" then footsteps and finally hands were untying me, slowly removing the duct tape, and finally I was free. It seems the boys had hit a slick spot and slid in the ditch. When the cops showed up to investigate, they found they were escapees from a Juvenile Detention center and the oldes was only 15
Tuesday, April 10th 2012 - 08:17:13 AM
Name: Christine
E-mail address: strengthjustice9@yahoo.com
Comments:mike i tried emailing you but it bounced back
Sunday, March 18th 2012 - 12:51:09 PM
Name: Mike
E-mail address: bndgguy1@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi, Im a male interested in bondage. If any girls on here see this, and are interested in roleplaying with me over email, please email me. Thanks!
Saturday, February 25th 2012 - 10:40:01 PM
Name: Jeff
Comments:This event happened when I was 11 years old. My parents divorced when I was 8 and my brother was 12. We lived with our mother, a very pretty brunette. My brother went on a weekend camping trip with his Boy Scout troop, so it was just mom and me. She had to work Saturday morning, at a Savings and Loan office, and I spent the morning with a classmate. She picked me up after work, we stopped at a diner for lunch, went to the supermarket, then headed home. Mom wore a dress or skirt at work, so was still wearing her office clothes. When we got home, mom unlocked the door into the kitchen from the garage, and told me she would help carry the bags as soon as she took off her high heels and put on sneakers. I opend the trunk, grabbed a couple of bags and went in. I heard mom making some stranged noises,in her room, and, since the door was closed, figured she was either singing or humming. I went for another load, and when I got back in the kitchen, a very big man wearing dark glasses and a wool cap was pointing a big pistol at me. "Be quiet, kid, if you don't want to get hurt" he said. Not being familiar with guns, I was scared I was going to get shot, so just dropped the bags I had and raised my hands. "Put your hands down, and walk down the hall" he told me. I started walking down the hall, and when we got to the door to mom's room, he grabbed my head and turned me into the room. In the room, another man was tying my mom up with a lot of rope, and she had tape over her mouth, a LOT of tape, it seemed. The guy tying mom threw some rope to the other guy and told him to tie me up. Mom started making a lot of noise, or at least as much as the gag allowed, and was shaking her head, but the guy tied me up. He tied really tight, hurting my skin where the ropes were. He tied my feet also, then tied me to the chair at mom's dressing table. He shoved a wad of what later turned out to be a pair of pantied from her underwear drawer, the taped my mouth like mom's. By now, the other guy had finished tying mom, and I saw she was hogtied, with ropes around her wrists, elbows, ankles, just about all over her whole body. The 2 left the room, and we could hear them tearing up the house, but I didn't know what they could be looking for. After about 20 minutes, they came back in mom's room and they looked pretty mad. "Lady, you don't have s#&) worth stealing, no pills in the medicine cabinet, and only $18 in your purse. We gotta get something out of this venture, so you know what we're gonna take, don't you." Mom started shaking her head and making all kinds of noises, but the men just stood there with funny looks on their faces. They untied her ankles fromher wrists, but mom started trying to wiggle away, or escape, or something, but the first guy grabbed her hair, pulled her across the bed and said, "if you don't want the kid hurt, you'll be a good girl." I didn't really understand what they meant, or what really was going on. The one who I thought was the leader dragged mom over the edge of the bed so she was on her stomach with her knees on the floor. He flipped her skirt up, and mom was really trying to make noise, and the other guy said, "make it fast, I'm about to shoot my wad just looking at her." I watched, not really knowing what was happening, and the first guy began bumping mom from behind, causing her to bounce up and down like a ball. This went on about 5 minutes, then mom really started bouncing, almost in a blur, and the man let out a yell, and mom seemed to be crying an awful lot. He patted her on the head, and said, "not bad, but you will have to do better next time." Mom wouldn't look at me, and the other guy stood behind her, and began doing what the first guy had done, but it seemed to be a lot harder, and mom was making strange noises. He took a lot longer than the first guy, but when he stopped, it was just like the first guy. As soon as he walked from behind mom, I wondered why he was buckling his belt. The first guy then began unbuckling his belt as he walked behind mom, and he grabbed her head and turned it so she was looking straight at me. "Let's give the kid a real show, lady" and mom really began shaking her head no, and tears were streaming down her face. "Damn, girl, you have a tight bunghole" he said. I had no idea what that meant, and just stared as he seemed to shove his body against mom's with a hard push. Whatever he did really got a reaction from mom, as her neck stretched out so far I thought it would come off her shoulders. The veins and things seemed to just bulge out and the look on her face was one of pain, a lot of pain, and once again she started bouncing again, and making different noises than before, sounding like she was hurt. Again, it took several minutes before the bouncing ended, and again mom wouldn't look at me. The second guy positioned himself behind her again, and the first guy said, "guess this will have to be the last time. That thing of yours will probably keep her from crapping right for a month." Mom's reaction when he began what he was doing was even more intense than previous, and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her skull. This time it took almost 30 minutes, according to the digital alarm clock by the bed. When he buckled his belt, the other guy pulled mom fully back on the bed, the re-hogtied her, but it looked a lot tighter than before. They left us tied up, and we heard the back door close, and I tried to get loose, but all I did was make my wrists raw. Mom just laid there for the longest time without moving. I was too young to really understand then what had happened, but knew it hadn't been good. When she finally tried to get loose, she had even less luck than me. We stayed tied until my brother got home Sunday afternoon and cut us loose, and called the police. Mom never seemd the same after that, never smiled, and seemed afraid to enter the house til someone else went in first.
Saturday, February 18th 2012 - 09:17:59 PM
Name: Sara
Comments:It happenned so fast, my husband and I were eating dinner when we saw them coming up the stairs from the basement. We had no time to react. They pulled guns on us and grabbed us from behind, there were 3 of them, 2 men and 1 woman. They told us to cooperate they only wanted money and pills. We told them where to find both. We were then told to strip. I was made to strip down to my panties and my husband to his boxers. I was scared and embarressed. We were pushed into the living room. They zip tied our hands behind our back, shoved us down on the couch and zip tied our ankles. They then put tape on our mouths and over our eyes, told us not to move for an hour and then left. We sat still for awhile making sure they were gone. We struggled for what seemed like forever before my neighbors came and found us.
Monday, January 30th 2012 - 07:45:38 AM
Name: Sandra Bernabei
E-mail address: sandy.bernabei@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lincoln-shitting.com/images/lincoln-shitting.gif
Comments:I had my babysitter, who is my nephew, look up pics on Google Images.

"Don't you want to show me where the food is?" I looked at him sternly: "No. I want to show you where parties can happen." He brushed the crumbs off his chin and threw his passport to the floor. "Looks like you have a fondness for Presidents on the can," I squealed. Hooray, we had a party started.

So he says to me, "I found a nice picture of Abe Lincoln on the can reading the paper." I wiped the sweat off my brow and said, "Nice work. I decided to stay home and I don't have any food."

He didn't want to stay because his wife was coming home and expected him to bring home some babysitting money. "Don't worry," I said. "I'll pay you fifty smackarooniss to feed my chihuahua." He obliged, went home and borrowed some money from his brother-in-law to get a flat screen.

Where he has it hooked up to a computer to find his Abe fix.

You got a great thing going, keep up the good work.
Thursday, January 19th 2012 - 04:40:24 PM
Name: bobcjr
Comments:Nice story Carlene. Happy New Year to all.
Monday, January 2nd 2012 - 06:45:23 AM
Name: Bulging Speedo
Comments:Thanks Carlene. Nice way to open the new year.
Monday, January 2nd 2012 - 05:37:17 AM
Name: Carlene
Comments:Ok guys here is another story I wrote. I don't think it is that great personally, but maybe you'll enjoy it. It is actually partially based on a real life incident that a friend and his sister endured.

Mark and Megan were your average brother and sister pair. They had their arguments and sibling rivalries from time to time. They even told each other how much they hated one another at times. But as they matured, they actually grew rather close to one another and found a strong need for each other in more ways than one.
Mark was now 21, a slim man with a naturally toned body as a result. Megan was 19, not slim or chubby, but she was quite busty, which got her a fair share of attention. They lived together in a small house during their college years. It was a simple house with a bedroom for each, and it was thought to be in a good peaceful area in the city.
One day in late August, as the school year was just beginning for Mark and Megan, the temperature reached 99 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 39 degrees Celsius) in the afternoon. Many people in the college town were enjoying the weather; jogging, beautiful girls in convertibles, swimming at the city pool, were all common sights in the area throughout the day.
As the sun set that evening, Mark and Megan were getting ready for bed. It was a typical evening for them. They stayed up until midnight studying their books and some upcoming projects and papers. The usual college town noises were outside their window: motorcycles screaming up and down the main streets a few miles away, the occasional loud fast car, and the occasional group of college kids walking by on their way to the bars and clubs.
Finally, Mark and Megan went to their rooms and got ready for bed. Mark stripped down to his boxers as he always slept in, and Megan changed into nothing but her lace bra and thin panties. The night was passing by like any other.
Suddenly, Mark was awakened by a sound of something being pushed open and wood cracking. The clock said 2:45 AM. He quickly put two and two together and realized the front door was being opened. He tried as quietly as he could to get out of bed and walk towards the hallway to see what was happening. But before he even made it out of his doorway, he saw a tall masked figure standing in front of him. He appeared to be 6’3 or 6’4 with a fairly strong build, although with his dark clothing and mask, he couldn’t tell anything else. And almost as quickly as he saw the man, he could barely see a glimpse of a bat connecting to his head.
The burglar then quickly moved to the other bedroom, where he found Megan was beginning to wake up due to all the noise. Before she was fully awake, the burglar closed his hand over her mouth very tightly. Megan tried to scream but it didn’t sound like more than a soft moan. The burglar whispered, “Make a sound, and you’re dead,” as he showed her a shiny knife in his hand. Megan quickly nodded. The burglar then quickly took a roll of duct tape from his bag and placed it on her lips and wrapped around her head twice before ripping it off and patting it down all around. He then tore off the sheets from her body, leaving her in her bra and panties, and quickly produced some hemp rope from his bag. He tied each of her wrists to a piece of rope and took each end to the opposite post of her bed and pulled tightly on each end before tying it off. He then produced two more pieces of rope and tied them around each of her ankles and stretched them out to the opposite ends of the bed before tying her ankles off to each post as tightly as he could. Megan tried to yell at him to stop, but all it came out as was “mmmmuuummm” that no one could hear. When he finished, Megan looked like a perfect X on her bed, in only her lace bra and panties. The burglar then said, “That should keep you out of the way for now.”
The man quickly went back to Mark’s body still lying unconscious near his bedroom door. He picked him up and threw him onto his bed. He nearly duplicated the procedure he had just performed on Megan, as he took away the sheets and placed him in the middle of his bed in only his boxers. He used the duct tape again and wrapped Mark’s head two times before tearing it off and patting it down around his face and head. Again he quickly tied off Mark’s wrists individually to his bedposts and with two more ropes, he tied his ankles to the end posts, putting him in the exact position his sister was in on her bed.
He tied up Mark just in time too, because almost as soon as he was tied, Mark began to wake up from his hit to the head. Mark immediately tried to grab his head, but quickly realized he couldn’t move his hands or arms at all. Then he noticed his feet and legs would not respond at all. “MMmmmmmuuuuuuuummm,” was all he could scream as he realized he had been tied up and gagged by the man who entered their house. The burglar then looked at Mark and said, “Nice try pal, but I don’t think you’re going anywhere until I say so. Now I need to find a few things in here.” And with that, he left the room and began to search the house.
Mark and Megan could do nothing but struggle and moan very quietly for the next few minutes as he searched their house. The siblings both wondered what had happened to the other, but they then assumed that the other was in the same position they were in on their own bed. They were both right. After about 30 minutes, Megan saw the burglar again in her room. She tried again to make her feelings known to the masked man, but it was nothing more than another, “Muuuuum” through her lips sealed by the duct tape. The burglar laughed at her efforts, and said, “Well I’ve almost found everything I want, but first I want to try something else with you and your brother.
He then got on the bed and approached Megan’s face and whispered, “I’m going to untie you and bring you into the living room. If you try to run, you’ll die. Got it?” Megan nodded again, knowing the best thing to do for now was cooperate. He untied the ropes from her wrists and ankles but left her tape gag on her mouth. The man then brought her to the living room where he brought out a heavy armchair. He pushed her into the chair and produced a large cloth and tied it around Megan’s eyes very tightly, effectively blindfolding her vision in the already dark house. Megan quickly became more nervous at the thought of not seeing anything that was happening around her. The burglar then took her hands out and up over her head and then over the back of the chair. Then with the rope he tied her wrists together in that position. He tied her hands with double loops and cinched the ropes in between her wrists before tying it all off tightly, insuring she could not reach the knots at all. He then took another piece of rope and tied one end to the wrist bonds and took it down under the seat bottom and tied it off on one of the crossbeams of the chair legs, pulling her arms down in back as far as they could and very well tied. Then with more rope he tied her legs so that they were up off the floor and tied tightly to the sides of the chair outside the arms with her knees really bent. It was a difficult bend, but Megan was young and flexible and able to handle it. More rope then went around her body holding her to the chair very tightly. He tied rope around her upper thighs and under the chair bottom. Then he tied rope around her stomach, going in between the rear spokes and around to the front again.
Then Megan felt something scary happening. She could feel the burglar cutting off her bra with a pair of scissors and removing it from her chest, exposing her breasts completely. Then she could feel her panties also being cut up and completely removed from her chair, which meant she was now completely naked and helplessly tied up to the chair and blindfolded from all of it. Megan immediately began to worry she was about to be raped, but the burglar, almost as if he knew her thoughts, said, “Don’t worry; I’m not going to rape you. If I wanted to rape someone, I could find someone a heck of a lot hotter than you anyway. Haha! I have something else in mind for you two.”
With the insults made clear, Megan could feel another rope being passed through her crotch. This really surprised her, and she really began to wonder what he was doing. The rope was carefully passed behind her ass and after a few minutes, there was nothing but silence. “What did he just do?” she wondered to herself. The burglar then turned his attention back on Mark. He did nearly the exact same routine as he did with his sister. He warned him not to try anything funny, and untied him from the bed. The burglar also produced another cloth with which he blindfolded Mark over his eyes just like his sister. He obviously didn’t want them to see each other’s situation. Then the burglar brought Mark out to the living room, where he produced another heavy armchair and placed it in the living room.
In nearly the exact same manner, the burglar took Mark’s hands out and up over his head and then over the back of the chair. His wrists were tied in the exact same manner as Megan’s, all double looped and cinched up tightly. He then proceeded the same way with his ankles and knees, and his thighs and stomach. He was finally tied up to the chair just like his sister a few moments earlier.
Then Mark felt a funny thing happen. He could feel the burglar cutting off his boxers with a pair of scissors and ripping it away from him and the chair, making him now completely naked, blindfolded, gagged, and tied to the chair. Then an even crazier thing happened. He could feel the man touching his prick and balls. This really surprised him, and Mark really wondered what he was doing. He felt some rope get tight around his balls and then around his dick which also surprised him because it got so hard very fast. He heard the burglar laugh and say quietly, “Looks like you’re actually enjoying this.” Mark didn’t know what to say and couldn’t say anything anyway because of his tape gag. Then there was more feeling on his hard prick and he felt it pulling away from his body a slight amount. Then the burglar stopped and left him alone.
Then the burglar said out loud, “I thought you two might have been worried about each other, so now you can keep close watch on the other while I keep looking around.” With that, he took off both of their blindfolds, and the siblings were amazed to look at the other in the exact same state they were in: tied up, tape gagged, tied to a chair in the same way, and completely naked. It was the first time either of them had seen the other naked in many years, although those were obviously different times. They were slightly embarrassed and ashamed at first, but then quickly realized a deep concern for the other if they were alright. They tried to talk to each other, but the duct tape kept it from being nothing more than a “Mmmmmmuuuuuuuum” back and forth.
Then they both noticed another crazy thing about their bondage. The burglar had tied a rope from Mark’s prick and balls to a hook in the ceiling, and then the same rope went back down to Megan’s crotch where it ended. Therefore, every time one of the siblings tried to struggle, the other would feel the rope grinding in their most intimate area. They were only about three feet apart from each other, so they were very close.
The burglar then said, “Have fun keeping an eye on each other,” and left to go do more searching. Megan and Mark kept trying to struggle, squirm, or do anything to get loose, but they were both too well tied. After a few minutes of struggling they gave it up again. They could do nothing but look at each other’s body and make small noises. The burglar really seemed to know what he was doing.
The burglar spent another few minutes looking through their house. Whether he was looking for something in particular or just looking for the most valuable item, no one knew but him. And he hadn’t asked Mark or Megan where any items were located specifically. The siblings were just bad that no major physical harm had been done to them. It was very awkward to be looking at each other so well trussed up, naked, gagged, and completely helpless, but there was not much else they could do. Neither Mark nor Megan had seen the other naked in any recent year, and they actually spent a few moments looking at each other’s anatomy. Now they knew what a mature male and female body looked like, at least their own. They tried their best not to move too much, as they were essentially also tied to each other’s crotches, which was the last thing they wanted to hurt in each other.
Finally after a half an hour or so, the burglar made another appearance in front of the siblings. He said, “I am having trouble finding a specific item. I know all about your grandfather’s service in World War II, and that he had a German soldier’s helmet hidden somewhere in this house. Now I want to know where it is.” Mark and Megan did not know anything about their grandfather having a German helmet from the war, and as best as they could they tried to say so, although it sounded like nothing more than, “Mmm muuum mmghhhhm.” The burglar went over to Mark and took off his duct tape and said, “Where is it?” Mark exclaimed, “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about you bastard! Now lemmmummmm” but was cut off as he put his hand back on his mouth. “Oh you don’t know do you? Well maybe I should get you two to regain your memory.”
Mark and Megan looked at each other wide eyed and scared once again, and the burglar immediately started to untie Mark from the chair. He took off all of his bindings except for his hands, and then threw Mark down on the floor and kept his left foot planted on his neck. He then proceeded to untie Megan from her chair, and again left her hands tied and the tape on her mouth also.
Then yet another crazy thing happened to the brother and sister. The burglar told Megan to get face down on top of her brother. He then lifted Mark’s arms up over the top of Megan and placed her head and shoulders through his arms and brought them down on her back side. He then turned them over onto their other side and placed Megan’s arms through the inside of Mark’s arms and then on his back side. Afterwards, it looked as though the brother and sister were holding each other’s backs on a dance floor, although that was obviously not his intent.
Next, showing great strength on his part, the burglar lifted the siblings onto their feet so that they were standing together, and then brought more rope out of his bag. First, he untied the rope around Mark’s wrists and placed his arms as low as possible on Megan’s back and also as tightly around her body as possible. Then he tied his wrists back together tighter than before, and also in the same manner as before. He looped his wrists together and cinched them in between his wrists before tying them off again. Then the burglar went around to Megan’s arms and did the same thing to her wrists as he had just done to Mark’s. Her wrists were tied tighter than before and forced her to tightly hug her brother Mark around his backside.
All of a sudden, Mark then felt his wrists being looped with another rope and taken downward. Megan tried to squeal as she then felt the rope go through her ass and under her crotch. A few moments later, Mark felt the rope going up under his prick and balls and his ass before being taken up to Megan’s wrists, where the end was looped tightly around and finished. The siblings noticed this had done two things; the burglar had forced their arms and wrists to be pulled even farther down to where their wrists now rested on each other’s ass. They also noticed the rope now running through their asses and their crotches making their squirms a harmful decision.
The burglar was not finished yet. He then tied and cinched up each of their ankles individually with rope. Then he brought out of his bag something the siblings did not quite recognize. “You kids are going to LOVE this,” he laughed to himself. He brought out what looked like two large balls with straps coming off of it. The siblings had never seen such a thing before and were confused, but they knew it would not be anything to benefit them in their position.
They didn’t have to wait long, as the burglar tried to place the ball in Mark’s mouth first, but Mark refused to open and protested, saying, “You are not putting that thing in me you fucker!” The burglar pinched Mark’s nose shut for a few moments, which made Mark have to open his mouth for air. Then once he did, the burglar stuffed the large rubber ball past his lips and past his teeth before it nicely popped into place inside his mouth. The burglar then removed Megan’s duct tape from her mouth and told her, “You’re next honey.” After seeing what happened to Mark, she pretty much accepted her fate and allowed the man to place the other ball inside her mouth. Once that was done, he brought the two sets of straps around each of their heads and buckled it off very tightly. Mark and Megan quickly realized they had been gagged, in a way they had never been before in their lives. Their mouths were filled with this very large rubber ball that was so big it kept their mouth wide open, and also kept them from moving their mouths to make any kind of speech, not to mention giving both of them a weird expression on their faces they couldn’t control. Mark tried to talk once but all he could do was make a very quiet moan. Their gags were connected to each other by a piece of rubber about an inch long, which also kept their heads very close together and almost made the appearance that the siblings were kissing each other, but it was obviously anything but that.
“Well what do you think?” the burglar inquired. “Mmuuuummmmmmmm Gruuuummm” the siblings both moaned in response, much to his delight. “It’s called a double ball gag, in case you were wondering. I always bring that with me in case I have a situation like this for two people.” With that, the burglar brought out the large roll of duct tape, and then began to wrap tape around the rope on their ankles and went completely around both legs, effectively taping their legs and ankles together. The burglar then moved up to their knees and taped them together with 5 wraps. Next he wrapped the tape around their lower backs, starting just above their wrists and wrapping it around to the other side. Finally, he made one more wrapping around their upper arms with 5 wraps of the duct tape.
Satisfied, the burglar left the room once more. The siblings had been tied directly onto each other, still naked; their arms were hugging the other person and rested on the other’s ass. Another rope went from their wrists through their ass and crotch to the other set of wrists. They had been completely bonded to each other with their ankles, knees, lower back, and upper arms all having received a large wrapping of duct tape. Finally to top it all off, they had been gagged with a device they had never seen anywhere before, which had kept their mouths wipe open and incapable of closing and incapable of speaking above a whisper.
The siblings became even more embarrassed then they were when they were tied in the chairs. At least they could only SEE each other naked in that case. Now they were tied TO each other’s NAKED body, and so tightly that they were forced to literally feel each other’s most intimate areas. Mark could hardly bring himself to look at his sister for a few minutes, and instead tried to struggle his way free again. But once again, it proved pointless, and all he did was make his crotch and ass burn, as well as his sister’s this time. After a few attempts at struggling, they lost their balance and suddenly fell down to the floor. They weren’t hurt, but they found themselves in an even less desirable position.
At this point, the siblings were sweating a lot onto each other, which only added to the humiliation and discomfort. Mark or Megan would occasionally try to say or hint something to the other, but they could never understand what the other meant. It wasn’t as if there was much they could do in their position anyway. Mark began to wonder what the burglar meant when he talked about finding a German helmet his grandfather had. “Do we really have such a thing in the house?” he wondered to himself. Megan wondered the same thing to herself. “I don’t ever remember hearing about a special helmet.”
The siblings were growing more and more frustrated at being tied up to each other in such a provocative position, with their hands literally all over each others’ naked bodies, rubbing and sweating all over each other; it was all so beyond anything they had ever experienced in their lives.
The burglar literally ram sacked the house in his search for the German helmet, but he still could not find any sign of it. He was getting angrier with every moment. He had searched every inch of every room, and after nearly four hours in the house, he still had found nothing. He realized he had one last hope. He came back into the living room and stood in front of the siblings once again. They had been tied up directly to each other for nearly two hours.
He looked at the siblings and said, “I’m going to give you one more chance to make things a lot easier for you. Where is the helmet?” “Mmmmuuuummmuuuuuuuuumm,” moaned Mark and Megan together through their ball gags. “I know you can’t speak, and I’m not taking off your gags now; just tell me, is it in this house or not? Moan once for yes, twice for no” Mark thought for a moment, and decided that maybe if he convinces him that what he is looking for is not in the house, he’ll let them go and leave. “mmmmm,” Mark silently moaned one time.
“So, you’re saying the helmet is not here, and that all of my research and questioning which led me to the house, is all incorrect? I don’t believe you, you little shits. You know exactly where it is, don’t you?” “UUUMMMMMMMUUUM,” Mark moaned again. “Your grandfather fought the Germans in that war. He has that helmet, and he lived here in this house for most of his life. I’ve already looked in the other houses in your family, and damn it, I know it is here! But if you refuse to tell me where it is, then I’ll just have to make you two really uncomfortable.”
The burglar then dumped out everything from his bag onto the floor. It included more bundles of rope, another roll of duct tape, and a few long cloths and socks. Mark and Megan were suddenly curious. What in the world could he do to us that could be any worse than how we are right now? But he figured he and his sister would find out very soon.
The burglar then began to untie the siblings from their bindings to each other until they were finally free from each other’s naked body except for their tied hands and their ball gags. The burglar then removed their ball gags from their mouths. Megan tried to scream, “Why are you doing this tuuummmmmmuummm” “Because I must find that helmet you little bitch!” the burglar remarked. “And now you will both pay for your lies and your uncooperative attitude.”
He took a small blunt object and smacked Megan on the head, knocking her unconscious. Mark tried to run at the man, but he was quickly grabbed by his neck and knocked out immediately. With the siblings both unconscious, the burglar began his next move. He first took Megan’s body and laid it out flat on the floor. He then placed her wrists behind her back right near her ass. She placed her hands palm to palm, and then proceeded to loop her wrists with a piece of hemp rope. It was obvious the burglar knew what he was doing by the delicate and yet so firm construction of the bindings. He made a double strand loop around her wrists three times before taking the trailing ends in between her wrists and tying it down firmly, cinching the bonds firmly together even tighter. All of the knots were made on the opposite side of Megan’s hands, which ensured she could not reach them. The burglar then moved down to Megan’s legs and pulled her ankles together. He grabbed another piece of rope and proceeded to tie up her ankles in the exact same way her wrists had just been tied.
After cinching up her ankle bonds, the burglar went back to Megan’s arms. He grabbed another piece of rope and proceeded to loop around her arms, just above her elbows. He pulled hard and her elbows were brought almost completely touching each other. He then looped and tied her elbows together in the same way as the others. After he cinched up her elbows, he turned his attention back to Megan’s hands. He made her hands clasp into each other as if she was clapping her hands, and he then took a roll of the duct tape and began at the tip of her wrists and wrapped her joined hands in wrap after wrap of duct tape so that her hands were not completely encased in a large cocoon of duct tape.
Then the burglar went back to her legs and proceeded to loop and bind her legs above her knees in the exact same way as her ankles. After cinching those up, he made another binding with another piece of rope just below her knees. Then returning to her feet, he placed a loop of rope around her feet and tightly bound them together as well. He then even took a small piece of string and managed to bind her big toes of her feet together.
The burglar then grabbed one of the large socks from his bag and very tightly rolled it into one large ball. He pulled Megan’s mouth open with her fingers and, making sure her tongue was up towards the top of her mouth and out of the way, stuffed her mouth completely with the ball. It took a little effort, but he got the entire ball inside of her mouth and just a small amount sticking out of her lips. When he was finished, it looked like Megan had swallowed a large marshmallow. It was nothing but white mouth. The burglar then quickly grabbed the duct tape again and placed the tip over the sock ball and proceeded to wrap the tape all the way around Megan’s head, wrapping the tape from just under her nose to under her chin. He made four wraps and then tore it off. He patted the tape down making sure it was smooth all around her head. Then he tore two long pieces and stuck them in a U shape from under her chin and up towards her eyes, in effect slamming her mouth closed on the ball of socks.
Still not totally finished, the burglar then took a longer piece of rope and tied a rope from around her wrists to around her stomach on the other side, cinching her wrists to her backside firmly. Then with another piece, he took a smaller piece from her wrists and down through her ass and around to the other side through the middle of her crotch, and tied off to the rope around her stomach.
Next, he began to loop a set of ropes around her elbows and around front and around her breasts, moving in out in an S shape through her breasts. He took the longest rope from his bag and then made a rope threaded through the rope inside of Megan’s ankles and took it down to the rope around her wrists. He threaded it through her wrists and under the rope that went around her stomach and then took it back again to her ankle binding. He pulled hard and her legs bent backwards until the edges of her feet were touching her taped up hands. The burglar then tied it all off in this “balltie” position.
He stood up and said, “Perfect.” Satisfied with his work, he then moved over to Mark, and began to tie him up in the exact same manner as his sister had just been tied up. When the burglar was finished with him, the siblings were both tied up, hogtied very tightly, balltied on top of that, completely gagged, and naked on their living room floor. The burglar could hardly wait to see their reactions to themselves being tied up so strictly.
He had tied them up just in time too, as he noticed the siblings were beginning to wake up after being knocked out. Megan woke up first. “oooh,” she thought in her head as she felt herself awakening. “That guy really hit me hard in the head,” she thought. Suddenly she realized she could not move. “Whmmmm?” she tried to say, and realized she had been gagged. She tried to stretch out her legs and realized she could not move a single part of her body. “Whuuuummmmuuum?” Megan tried to say as she began to realize how well she had been tied.
Her wrists were looped with ropes and even her hands had been taped up over the outside to keep her hands closed shut together. Her elbows were tied very tightly together, and she felt more rope around her body around each of those bonds. She felt her legs were pulled up behind her near her ass, and she realized she had been hogtied very tightly behind her back. She then felt more rope around her ankles, above and below her knees, and even around her feet. Even her toes felt like they were tied up and secure. And her mouth felt completely stuffed with some kind of cloth, filling her mouth to the brim, with tape wrapped all the way around her head. She was totally and completely tied up in a helpless and perfect way. All she could do was moan and make small movements on the floor and wait. She thought her gag was even more effective than that ball gag device she had on her earlier when she was tied against Mark.
She then noticed every time she tried to squirm, there was yet again some rubbing on her crotch and her ass. She realized the burglar had tied up another rope through her ass and crotch area. She quickly decided to stop struggling too much.
Mark began to wake up a few minutes after Megan. He went through the same initial shocks as his sister had. He then noticed that Megan was just a few feet away from him, and tied up in the exact same way as he was. Their eyes met again and they could do nothing but moan at each other and wonder what the other was thinking.
The burglar then spoke again, “Before I go, I just felt like I should explain some things to you kids. I won’t tell you my real name, but let me just say that I am an American citizen who has a father who fought in the war against the Germans, and he mentioned your grandfather’s name on many occasions. He told me that your grandfather was a British soldier who stole that helmet from him to make a large profit in the London market, but he had a change of heart and decided to keep it for a few years until the value would go even higher. Unfortunately, he died before he could ever sell the helmet to anyone, so that’s how he and I both knew that helmet has to still be in possession by your family somewhere.”
“Mmuuummmuuuuuuum,” moaned Megan and Mark in protest, but the burglar quickly said “Shhh” in response. “I’m going to leave you here now, and as you can tell, you will never be able to escape from your positions right now. I have tied you up in a way that you will stay in that exact position until I come back or someone else helps you, and don’t plan on that happening since you two live here alone.”
The burglar moved towards the door. “I think I will make a visit to your parents now and see if they feel like telling me anything about this. So I will see you kids later. And, uh, don’t go anywhere. Haha!” With that, the burglar closed the door behind him over the slightly muffled moans and protests of the siblings. They kept struggling over the next few hours, but they knew they would either have to hope to get help from someone, or wait for the burglar to come back from visiting their parent’s house. The waiting game began.
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SO they tossed Tara a maids outfit and me a tight speedo with bow tie and untied us and took our gags out. They told us that there was no use screaming because no one could hear us. They left us and we started to get dressed.
"Im sorry you got intot this" Tara said
"You didnt cause it so its fine" I said
I started to notice that Tara looked very sexy in her outfit and i got a hard on.
"Ya know you don't have to be embarrassed. Your a very attractive boy and I did notice you before i noticed your father."
She came closer and i couldn't hold myself back and i kissed her. The men then came in and pulled us apart roughly.

sorry for now i have to go. Ill be bakc later to finish
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