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stories of girls tying up boys
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Name: NBC
Comments:Nothing, I was just wondering if there was anyone here who spoke english as his mother tongue.
Tuesday, January 28th 2014 - 03:21:04 AM
Name: Wyatt
Comments:Yes, why?
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 09:02:04 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Wyatt, are you from US?
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 02:00:57 PM
Name: Wyatt
Comments:Part 2.


The four girls grabbed me and stood me up. Jessica grabbed the clothes and stuffed them in my arms.

"Dress quickly sis. You'll come to find I'm not patient." She smiled at me.

"You gotta be kidding me." I said.

"Is this peasent wench questioning me?" Jessica shouted. Panning to the other girls.

"What are you -" The three girls grabbed me and threw me down on the floor, Cassie quickly kicked me in my stomach, knocking me out of breath. The other girls held down my arms and legs as Jessica approached me.

"You'll learn to not question me." Jessica said. She lifted her bare foot above my nose.

"Lick it." She said, staring codly at me.

"No way!" I yelled at her, trying to shake off Casey and Claire. They were too strong, and Cassie shoved her hand below me and grabbed ahold of my balls.

"WHOA!!!" I froze, the cold fingers were just waiting to hardly grasp my area.

"My advice is to lick the foot baby." Cassie told me in a child-like voice, moving her fingers around slowly.

I grimaced as I looked at Jessicas foot. She had the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. I opened my mouth and slowly started licking the sole of her feet, the rotten taste spreading in my mouth.

"Mmmm, that feels nice. Get in between the toes now sis." Ugh, she was calling me a girl again. But I obeyed. I licked in between her toes, getting every inch of her foot. She forced me to suck on her toes as the girls laughed at me. After what seemed like hours, the girls finally let me up.

"Now, we don't want another incident like that again." Jessica said, touching my cheek. "Now get dressed." I obeyed, slipping on the black lace panties. They felt weird going up my thighs. The girls watched as I slipped the skirt on, the fabrics softly carressing my inner thighs, it was insanely pleasurable, and my face showed it.

"Hehehe, he likes it!" Claire said, pointing at my face.

"I knew he would, he's always been kind of girly." Jessica said, smiling at me.

"Shut up." I said, snipping on the bra.

"Hold on." Casey said, handing me some false breasts. "Put these in." I glared at her, but obeyed.

When I was done, Jessica handed me a blond wig. "We've already done your mascara and lipstick, so this is the final touch!" She smiled at me. I reluctantly put the wig on, and saw myself in the mirror. I was crushed, my dignity shattered, Jessica took notice.

"Aww, get used to it sis, this is the new you. You can't go back." She put her hand on my hip, and let me to the rest of the girls out in the living room.

They were all already standing there, waiting, with a few tools in a bag that I couldn't see.

"Are you ready to face todays task?" Jessica asked me.

"What the hells 'todays task'?" I asked her.

"Oh you'll see." She said. "Just step over here." She led me to the other girls. Cassie, Claire and Casey all stepped twards me.

"We hope you've realized that we can easily overpower you now, so resisting is pretty pointless now." Casey said. I nodded.

"That's a good girl." Jessica patted my cheek, my nostrils flared with anger.

"Now we're gonna put these on you, it won't hurt, and it's just a precaution. Before I could really react, Cassie clamped a pair of handcuffs on my hands, forcing them behind my back.

"Hey hey, what the hell are yo-" Jessica put her hand over my mouth.

"Shush honey, we're just getting you ready." Casey clamped another pair of handcuffs around my legs. After she was finished, her and Jessica stepped back, and Cassie stepped forward and lifted up her skirt, revealing a strap-on.

"What!?!" I immediately started trying to hop away, but Jessica and Casey grabbed me and dragged me back.

"Get on your knees." Jessica said, forcing me to kneel down.

"Please Jessica, don't make me!" I begged. "I'll do anything else!" I yelled, pleading with her.

"Hmm..." She wondered for a minute. "Okay, if you eat me out I won't make you suck it." She smiled at me.

"WHAT? No way!" I shouted. "That's disgusting!"

"Then I guess you gotta take this." Cassie said, stepping forward and grabbing my head. "Give him the ring gag." Casey forced a red ring into my mouth and tied it behind my head, forcing my mouth competely open. Cassie slowly approached me and forced the strap-on into my mouth. I could feel it on my tongue, I grimaced but there was absolutely nothing I could do, the ring gag was forcing my mouth open.

"Go on sis, suck it." Jessica forced my lips around it and started rocking my head back and forth. "Cassie will keep it in there until you willingly suck it." She said. A tear fell down my face as I started to suck the cock, rocking my head back and forth. The girls all laughed in sync as Cassie pretended to moan with pleasure.

"MMMmmm baby, that feels so good." Forcing the cock down my throat. I felt a liquid coming out of it into my mouth, and my eyes widened as I was shocked.

"Oh don't worry hun." Jessica said, noticing my surprise. "It's just some formula we made that sticks to your mouth so you get the real experience of pleasure!" I grimaced again, but didn't stop sucking. After entire minutes of sucking, Cassie finally pulled the strap-on out of my mouth, leaving some formula on my lips.

"That's a good girl." Jessica said, kissing my cheek.

"MMpphh." I tried to say. Casey removed the ring gag. "What was that hun?" Jessica asked me.

I spit out some of the formula. "Fuck you." I panted. Breathing was hard with that thing in my mouth.

"Tsk tsk." Jessica said. "What a naughty girl." She grabbed my head and shoved it down into the floor, making my body flat. "You're gonna get punished now."

My eyes widened. "Whu- what are you gonna do?" I was getting really worried.

"Blindfold him please." Jessica told Casey, and I was quickly surrounded by black.

"Jessica please! I didn't mean it! Don't hurt me!" I panicked.

"Don't worry baby, this is gonna feel good." The girls removed the handcuffs but forced my arms and legs outward, until I was spread-eagled on the floor.

"Gag her too." Cassie suggested, and Casey quickly took off her panties and shoved them in my mouth.

"MMPHH! MMMMMMPHHHH!" I tried to squirm out, but I was completely surpressed, as Casey ducktaped the gag around my mouth, I felt cold fingers lift up my skirt and slide down my panties. Jessica left the skirt on, above the panties, exposing my asshole, but still letting me feel the soft fabric on my crotch and ass.

"I'm going to lubricate you now babe. It's a little cold, but don't worry." Jessica told me.

"Mmphh?!?!" Lubricate what? I felt her cold fingers again apply a lubricant around my asshole, and I suddenly realized what she was going to do.

"MMPPPHHH! MMPPPHHH!" I vigorously started shaking my head..

"Ohh baby. It'll be okay." Jessica said as Casey held my head down. "I'll be gentle." I felt the tip of a noticeably different strap on on my anus.

I kept trying to mmmpphh, but the strap on was going in one way or another. It slowly penetrated my ass, as Jessica started riding me very slowly. She started slow and got a little faster. It was deep inside of me, I could feel it, it was different that I pictured it. It felt sort of, good. I slowly started to arch my back as she went faster. My muffled cries turned slowly pleasurable.

"Ohohoho, do you like that?" Jessica asked me, I nodded. "Okay baby, I'll speed up a bit. Get ready!" She started going faster, it felt so good for some reason, I felt terrible and pleasured at the same time. Jessica went faster, it started to hurt, she went faster, the pain was getting unbearable, but I had to bear it. Jessica was riding me insanely hard and fast now, I couldn't handle the pain, I screamed in pain and pleasure, I drooled through my gag and completely arched my back. Jessica didn't stop. I couldn't do anything, it hurt so bad, but it was so pleasurable. I didn't want it to stop, but it hurt too bad.

After a while, Jessica finally started to slow down, I felt the formula released inside my asshole, it gave me cool pleasure as Jessica finally pulled the strap on out of my anus.

"Hmmhhmhm." Jessica smiled and patted me on the cheek. "That's a good little bitch. We're gonna leave you here for a while okay babe? Give your ass a little time to rest, because there's more where that came from. A lot more." Jessica slipped the panties back up me.

"Oh, and this is for cursing at me." She shoved the panties up my ass, wedgieing me. She forced it up until the lace from the panties were shoved far into the cracks of my ass, crushing my crotch. Casey removed the gag and blindfold.

"Owowowow! Sis! That hurts!" I moaned.

"Where?" She asked, looking a little puzzled.

"My crotch! It's too tight!" I was panting from fatigue.

"Haha! Silly sister, you don't have a crotch!" She forced the panties further, and left with the other girls, leaving me lying there on the floor.


Got a few more parts in mind, good suggestions guys, thanks a lot. If you have any more let me know.
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 10:03:41 PM
Name: Paul
Comments:Awesome story Wyatt! Can't wait to read more! I personally think it could use more physical torture as well, facesitting, wedgies, foot worship etc but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great!
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 03:53:05 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Wyatt- thanks! I'd personally like more feminization, like corset and dressing in extra- feminine clothes, but it's already turning out really good, so do what you want.
To everybody, I'm starting a new story, if you have suggestions please post em here, because I haven't chosen what I'm going to wrire, but I will before Monday.
Friday, January 24th 2014 - 12:37:23 PM
Name: Wyatt
Comments:This story is based off the one written a long time ago about a boy who wants to mind his own business and his sister who's having a slumber party. It's a different storyline but it's mainly the same.



Jack - Boy (15) (me)
Jessica - Sister (12)
Cassie - Jessicas friend (12)
Casey - Jessicas BEST friend (13, has a crush on Jack)
Claire - Jessicas other friend. (12)

There's gonna be at LEAST 3 parts to this story, this one's the prologue. Please give me more ideas since I'm going to start writing again.


Mom and Dad had left Jack in charge of the house while they were away and Jessica was having her slumber party.

Jessica's friends all showed up at Seven.

"Jess, I'm gonna be playing Xbox so keep your friends out of the game room." I told me sistery

I settled in for my night of gaming. Before O knew it, four girls ran into the room and started jumping on me and grabbing me.

"Hey! What the he-. Jessica! Get off o- mmmpph!" Jessica clamped her hands over my mouth while her friends overpowered me and tied my arms and legs to one another.

"Now you get to play with us Jack!" Jessica yelled in delight after her brother was bound. She took some duct tape and wrapped it firmly around my entire head, sealing my mouth shut. Then, the girls started dragging me upstairs.

There was a big open floor in the upstairs of my house where they threw me down.

"MMMPH! MMPH!" I was trying to escape the ropes but they were bound tightly.

"Let's shave him!" Casey said. And the girls started to proceed to me with razors and shaving cream.

After shaving my head and eyebrows, Jessica loosened the bonds on my legs, which allowed Casey and Claire to hold them apart while Cassie shaved them clean.

"Hey, I wonder how much 'hair' he has!" Jessica said.

"MMMMMPHHHH!" I protested, but it was no use. The four girls pulled down my pants and boxers.

"HAHAHAH! He's sooo excited!" Casey yelled, noticing my erection. and started to shave my pubic hair.

After being completely shaved head to foot, I was rebound, but my duct tape gag was removed.

"Jessica, what the FUCK are you doing?" I screamed at the girls.

"Oh cmon big bro, you were enjoying it!" She said.

"Uff, my feet are tired." Cassie said.

"Well, we have our own personal foot massage right here!" Casey said, looking at me.

Cassie shoved her foot into me mouth, forcing me to lick in between the toes, under the toenails, top to bottom. The other girls followed suit. Then, I was forced to like their armpits.

"Well, that was nice, but he looks dirty. Maybe we should put some makeup on him? Casey asked.

The girls seized the opportunity and made me up from head to foot. They smeared lipstick, applied mascara, and sprinkled glitter all over me.

"Smile for the camera, bro!" Jessica told me.

I tried to avert my face from the pictures but I was still bound by my legs and arms.

After many embaressing pictures, the girls finally gathered around me.

"Hmm, so what do we do now?" Cassie said.

"Well little bro, you're our bitch now. Forever. This weekend, and every weekend after, we're going to teach you how to be a cute little princess. Get used to it." Jessica

kicked me hard in the torso which made me reel and lay flat on my stomach.

"Oh cmon Jessica," Claire said. "She's never had the chance to be a boy first." She smiled at me. I realized she had referred to me as 'she' and I started to get scared.

"Hmm, you're right. Casey, you do the honors." Jessica pulled Casey forward and she looked right at me. Casey had the biggest grin on her face I've ever seen.

"Oh I've been waiting a long time to do this." Casey said. She slowly bent down and started to kneel over my crotch. I realized what she was about to do and I started to squirm away.

The other girls were too fast for me though, they jumped on top of me and pinned me down, forcing me to be still as Casey wrapped her lips around my now bulging erection. I could feel her warm tongue, tickling me, I moaned

as she started to suck, and I immediately orgasmed. She lifted her head up, smiled, and took a big swallow, I was horrified.

"Mmmm, that's good." She said. She leaned in tward me. "Now tell me you love me Jack."

"NO WAY!" I yelled, trying to squirm out of the girls grip.

"Oh, okay. Then I guess I'll give you a nice big smooch, with tongue." She smiled. "At least you know where my mouths been." She leaned in twards me. I panicked.

"Okay okay! I love you Casey! You're the most amazing girl I've ever met!" I started to tear up, and Casey turned to the other girls and they started laughing.

"Aww, thanks babe. Since you're so in love with me I think I should at least glorify you with a kiss." Before I could react, she pressed her lips against mine, thrashing her tongue around in my mouth. Forcing me to take in the awful taste.

When she was done, the girls lifted off of me, and started to walk twards Jessica's closet. But Jessica stopped, and turned around to face me again.

She looked a little angry, as she paced twards me.

"Look bitch, you're my little sis, so don't you dare think I'm about to treat you a little different than the rest of these girls." She had a hint of laughter in her angry voice.

Jessica knelt down and started to stroke my belly.

"After all," She said, nearing closer to my mouth. "We are pretty similar." She forcefully planted her lips on my mouth. Disgusting! I was kissing my sister! She seemed to be smiling as she did it. I started to thrash again as I felt her tongue penetrate into my mouth, but I was weaker than her. She easily overpowered me and forced me to bend to her will. She straddled me for what seemed like hours, forcing me to take in all of her tongue, making sure I didn't miss any spots with mine. When she was finaly finished, she brought her mouth closer to my dick.

"And don't you forget it." She kissed the tip of my erection, and I was so shocked I squirted a little.

When I looked back up, Cassie, Claire, and Casey were standing above me with black lace panties, and a bra to match. I couldn't see, but they had an entire outfit layed out for me.

"We're going to have so much FUN!" Cassie yelled.


As usual, I'm open to requests for future parts of the story. Anything you guys want, go ahead and let me know, this is just the introduction.
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 - 09:08:41 PM
Name: Wyatt
Comments:Dayum NBC. Nice stories. I loved your earlier parts. Just humble advice, you don't want too many parts to one story, starting new ones keeps things fresh and everybody horny, I know when I was writing I never went past three parts.
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 - 08:49:01 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Rest of the story: told ya it was too long.
“Great!” I thought, just
before falling, face down, on the floor, breaking totally the hypnosis. I hurt my legs and arms, and,
while falling, I managed to scream. I lied on the cold floor crying. “Wh...Why are you *sigh* so
cruel? I did.... did... nothing to you! I wanna... go home... fuck... FUCK YOU!”. I kept crying, while
they realized what they really did. The worst part was that I was becoming hungry again, and I
didn't want to humiliate myself more in front of those assholes. I felt a hand touching my right
shoulder, and another one on my hairs. Katherine turned me and put my head on her lap. She started
caressing my hairs, whie with the other hand she wiped the tears off my face. “Please don't cry,
Jack. Shhhhhh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were suffering so much. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
I opened my eyes. Katherine was trying to cheer me up, her sweet face right over mine. Karen was
blocked, over the sofa, and stood up, asking with her eyes if she could come too. Katherine sent her
away with a gesture, and she disappeared behind a door.
“C'mon, don't be so sad”- I stopped crying, but I was still offended, so I turned my head and looked
at the floor. She remained silent for a bit, then pinched my cheek, smiled and took me in her arms,
carrying me to an unknown destination. “Wh-Where are you taking me?”- “To my bedroom, we
have to undress you, don't we?”.
I looked around in the room. In that moment, I just felt a strong urge to go home, put on some
comfortable extra-sized pajama and go to bed. “I-I want to go home!”- I said, trying to make myself
the most secure and imperative I could, failing badly.
She looked at me and smiled, while we entered the bedroom. She threw me on the bed. “I'm afraid
you'll have to stay with us the whole weekend”- she turned me over and unzipped the dress- “We've
got to look out after such a cute and helpless girl. We're going to make this really enjoyable,
sweetie, so don't fight back”. She took of the heels and undressed me.“We're leaving the ears for
now”. She went to the wardrobe and took a white girly t-shirt, a light-pink sweater and a pair of
daisy dukes.
She went back and helped me put them on. I decided to make a last try “Please... I'm talking
seriously. Could you release me? I just want to change in some boys' clothes and have a little
lazying session on my couch. You seriously hurt me before”- “Uh, I know, and I'm sorry. I just
couldn't understand why you were looking at me, I should've stopped you sooner”.
Yes. Talking about hypnosis, the hunger was getting stronger.
“And... um.. another thing. My.. I'm hungry”- she giggled. “Gareganaya”- I felt my hunger
disappear- “that should've put you again in normality, apart from your breasts”. I mumbled a “thank
you” and looked away. “But, if you really want it, I'd be more than happy to give it to you”- she
added mischeviously.
She closed the daisy dukes and gave me a pat on my hip. “Get up, now, we're going to the living
I stood up, uncertain if to follow her or not, but her apologies were convincent, and I thought that if
I didn't follow her of my own will, she would've forced me with hypnosis or something. I just
followed her on command, led from her to the living room. On the sofa was Karen, tormenting her
hands. When I came in she stood up, nervous, and said. “I.. um.. wanted to apology for before. I
didn't know that you were suffering so much”. I didn't know what to do. I thought that she played
the part of the evil girl, the mistress who never apologied to anyone- “T-Thanks”.
She smiled, while I sat next to her. Katherine sat a bit further and we started watching some tv. I
was really offended, but after a bit I loosened. After a Sherlock episode, she patted on her lap and
said- “Sweetie, could you come over here?”. She gently put my head over her lap. I was a bit
embarassed, both from the position and the fact that I was letting myself go like that, without even
resisting. She looked at me- “Won't eat you, you know”. I blushed and looked at the tv again.
I remained like that for some moments, then she adjusted her hairs behind her hears, brought her
face right over mine and turned my head. I blushed even more- “W-What are you doing?”- she
smiled- “I just wanted to know if you've accepted my apologies, make us clear”- “I don't.... I don't
know”- “Oh, please, please!”- she begged. “Yes... sure..”. She giggled and smiled- “Thank you!”-
she came even closer and adjusted my hairs. I noticed I was getting an erection, and blushed. She
looked even more beautiful from that distance. “ Awww, you look so cute when you blush with
those ears”. She stopped, thinking about something, then tapped my nose- “Let's see if I moved
something”- she brought her hand nearer to my bulge. I retracted in vain, and when she reached it I
just turned my head. “Whoo, I think I have”- she tapped my nose- “You know, even with that little
defect, you make the cutest kitty-girl”- I couldn't blush more than that- “Now smile, I didn't want to
embarass you, try to think you've always been a girl and loosen yourself for this evening”.
She remained silent for a bit, then asked me: “D'ya wanna get up again?”- “No, thanks”- “A
drink?”. I was still uncertain- “Ok”.
We watched the TV for a bit and moved to the room with the pole and the tables. We sat and played
a Monopoly for some time. We had some drinks, not too alcoholic, but which made my head dizzy.
I didn't lose control of course, but we all were having fun. I was really enjoying it, and I started to
laugh naturally with them. Katherine would occasionally play little games, like making me purr or
scratch the air, to get a contract or something. “Just pretend that we are lesbians and you are a sexy
bitch”- said Katherine. I didn't mind anymore, I was having fun as much as them. “One last time”- I
smiled and posed again- “Whoa, you're so cute. I think you're already a little whore. Look at how
you have to look sexy to get one of those”- she handed me the contract, for which I paid only 3,500,
and of course, I had to pose for her photos.
I smiled and stood up, walking sexily towards her chair- “Oh, I am”- I smiled and licked her neck. I
sat on her lap and gave her the cutest innocent sad-little-puppy face ever. “Then I might take this
one too”- I took another contract I needed and stood up. “Hey”- she took my hand- “I will give that
to you if you promise me that tomorrow you'll do some lap dancing”. I bent over and kissed her on
the neck softly. “For sure, babe”.
We kept playing and chatting, then had dinner and moved back to the living room, where we kept
chatting and watching TV. I was in the same position as before, with my head on her lap.
“Are you having fun, sweetie?”- “Yes”- I kind of blushed and smiled at the same time. “Tomorrow
you'll learn lots of sexy things”. She pulled my cat's ears a bit. “I would LOVE to see my boyfriend
like this. Could you do it, Karen?”- “Sure”. We remained silent for a bit. “Wait! Has HE got a
girlfriend?”- Karen giggled- “Why are you asking me?”.
She turned back to me- “Have you got a girlfriend we could possibly sell those photos to?”. Alice.
Oh no, that was never gonna happen. “Yes.... but.. really, I would never forgive you if you gave her
the photos”- she made an innocent face- “Why? I would love to see my boyfriend like this. Who
knows, maybe she's interested”. “But please....”- “I could contact her if you want. Of course, I won't
tell her about our experiences”- said Karen.
I was still uncertain- “Y-You sure? Wouldn't it be, embarassing or something?”- “No, of course, I'll
ask her if she's interested in feminizing you an evening or something, and if she accepts we'll make
a nice surprise to her. Tomorrow we'll check if we have some common friends”- “Okay, but don't
give her.... don't say her that I, well, like it”- “OK. Oh, anyway. We had to call your sisters by
Katherine went in another room and returned with a laptop. She sat next to me, while I was still
lying. I was two hundred times better with my head on her lap. I looked at her with a pleading face-
“Meow”. She looked at me- “Come over here, c'mon”.
We were both lying, me in her arms, both with the pc near us. “They'll call in moments”.
After some minutes I heard the call sound, and Katherine pressed the answer button.
My sister Julie's face appeared on the screen. “Hey Katherine, how are things going?”- “Good,
aren't we honey?”. I meowed happily. “She's the most well behaved kitty I've ever known. And she's
realy pretty too”- she raised my chin with her finger, and I playfully bit it and smiled. Julie looked
both amazed and confused, but she was smiling- “H-How are you doing it? Hypnosis?”- “No, we
were a bit bad on her and we decided to have a fun evening toghether”- “Well, Sarah's gone out
with her boyfriend, so I'm alone here, and also a bit bored. Has Helen been behaving?”- “Oh, yes.
You should've seen her pole-dancing as a kitty, I'll send you the videos”- “Can't wait. Hey, are you
girls drunk?”- I looked at Katherine, then we broke in giggles. “A bit”- she admitted. “Oh well, it
doesn't matter, just don't... put her in a strange state. Don't want her to get addicted or something”-
“Oh, trust me about that. Do you want to come?”- “No, thanks, think I'll just stay here, I want to
relax a bit. Send me the video soon and don't go to bed too late. Have fun, bye!”- “Bye!”.
We kept chatting, drinking and watching TV. We were having lots of fun, we danced and played
games, but I wasn't used to alcohol, and at the end I was falling asleep on the sofa.
“Sleepy, little kitten?”- I nodded- “Do you know what happens when kittens are half asleep?”- I
shook my head lazily- “Mom cat takes them”- she took me in her arms- “And brings them to bed”.
I gave her a little smile “Meeow”- she brought me to the bedroom, while Karen remained on the
sofa “Good night Helen”.
I was practically falling asleep in her arms. “You just can't handle alcohol, can you?”- I shook my
head. She dropped me on the bed, put me under the sheets and put a pillow under my head. “Hold”-
she went to the wardrobe and took something out of it. I opened my eyes, the second she snapped
the handcuffs to the bed. I was too sleepy to protest- “Why... is... necessary?”- “You never know”.
She reached me on the bed- “Now try to sleep, hun. I'll be here in minutes, if you get to sleep
before” - she kissed me on the forehead- “Good night, lil' kitten”.
I slowly closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep.
Tuesday, January 21st 2014 - 12:29:49 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:As Maxwell asked, here's the story. Don't comply if it is too large.
I woke up and looked around.
The room was empty, and from the windows a morning light came in the room. I was still dressed
as a girl, and my ballgag was removed.
It took me some moments to realize that I was still tied to the bed, with the wig still glued over my
I waited some minutes to see if someone came, then I started speaking, still with my girlie voice,
“Hey, is anybody there?”, at first in a low tone, then higher and higher, until Katherine came in the
room. She had a pajama on, and looked worried. In her right hand she held a white cup.
When she looked at me she smiled and said “Morning. Why are you screaming?”.
“Um.. wasn't the deal to untie me and undress me completely?”. She sat on the bed and took a
drink. “Sure. But we told you that we would have untied you in the morning. We're taking an hour
of fun, then free you. Look, I'm sorry, we're taking advantage of the deal but we HAVE to put you in
that outfit”- she took another drink. I looked at her. “Just coffe, want a cup?”- “Um, sure”.
She started untying my hands from the bed. “Watcha gonna do now? When we'll free you. You're
staying?”. I sighed “No, probably I'll go to one of my friends' house. Does this voice get off?”- “Of
course, there's a drink to reverse it”.
She went down to untie my ankles from the bed. “Sure you don't want to stay with us today? No
assfucking, we'll just cuddle you”.
I looked at her as she was joking, but she seemed completely serious. “Oh, no... thanks anyway. I
wouldn't bear a second more in this corset”.
We remained silent for a bit. “'Bout that, you'll have to wear it the friday before the weekend. Just to
make sure your waist remains tight”- “What!? You mean I'll have to wear it at school?”- “Oh, not
that, just the afternoon. And by the way stop complaining, we've been even too nice with you. We
could do literally anything with those photos”.
I looked away. She finished and ordered me to stand up, then dragged me to the kitchen and made
me sit at the table. The girls were surely in the living room, because I could hear them chat.
She brought some milk, coffe and biscuits and I rapidly ate my breakfast. In the meanwhile, she
went in the living room again.
I finished the last biscuit and sat there silent for a bit. There was nothing to do, and I wasn't sure if
to call them.
I went to the door and looked, with my body hidden from the wall, in the other room. They were
chatting, and on the table there was a short, pink dress, with a white collar, that looked so delicate
and feminine.
“Um.. Katherine..”- they stopped chatting and looked at me. Then they smiled toghether, in a pretty
scary way. I gulped “I finished...”- “Yes, yes. Come here”.
They made me sit on the couch while explaining me my duties. “We decided that we were going to
try this on you, it's about what you'll do the weekend after this one. Relax, it's just trying and an
hour of telly with us”.
Well, it wasn't so bad. They made me stand up and undressed me, then slid the dress over me, with
some difficulties. It was really tight, short and cold. It felt like I was nude, but it had a tight grip on
my skin.
“Turn now, honey”. I turned and waited patiently for them to tie a bow behind my back, then sat
and put the five inch heels back on my feet.
They made me sit on the couch again, on the edge, with Katherine on my right, and turned on the
“Wait. Last touch”- Katherine searched for something in her bag and took a little clip with a pink
bow on it. “Hold still”- She clipped it to my hairs.
I just looked at the TV. It was a nice program, one of my favourites. What are they going to do?
“She looks like a doll!”- I turned. Katherine was looking at the other girls- “Can I keep her on my
lap?”- “Sure”.
She turned back at me. “Come here hun” she said, patting her legs.
I obediently sat on her lap. What was the point of that? She circled my waist with her arms and held
me tight.
I was medium-high for my age, but she was two years older and very tall. Her head was a bit over
mine. I looked at her, to see if she was looking at me. She was watching the TV normally.
I kept staring for some moments, then she turned to me and smiled. I blushed and looked back at the
The other girls were chatting about nothing in particular. “Um.. Katherine, what are you going to do
with me?”- “Nothing, we just told you. An hour of telly with us. Just relax, we're not going to rape
you or something”- “Yes, but wouldn't it have been the same if I just undressed and went to one of
my friends's house? And, by the way, will I be free in an hour?”- “No, it wouldn't have been the
same. And by the way, yes, at the end you can go wherever you want”- “Hm”.
It was just too strange.
I looked at the clock all the time. In the exact minute I saw that an hour had passed, I said. “It's
done. Can I go?”- “Fine, just five minutes”.
I protested, trying to get out of Katherine's hands. “But an hour has passed! You promised”.
She sighed. “Fine, go”. She let me out of her arms. I stood up. “What should I do now?”- “Not our
business. You can go to one of your friends' house, stay here and play some videogames, do
homerworks. None of our business”.
I went to my room, practically laughing from the joy.
I went to the mirror, held my long hairs with my right hand and reached with the left the zip on the
back of my dress. Wow. I had to admit I made a really nice girl. Maybe I could've fooled one of my
friends in a prank. Or maybe I could go out on Halloween dressed as a girl. But for now, I would've
just gone to Steve's house, until the girls went away.
I tried to pull the zipper off, but it was jammed. Damn. I went down again and walked to the living
room. The girls were giggling and chatting. “Katherine”- I walked before her, turned, held my hairs
and bent down a bit- “Could you zip it off?”. The girls giggled. I heard my sister say “She's so sexy,
isn't her?”. Katherine looked at me and smiled -”I can't, honey. That thing is locked until this
evening. I couldn't take it off even if I wanted”- “WHAT!? YOU PROMISED!”- “We promised to
free you in the morning. And look at you. You're free to go anywhere you want”- “But I can't go out
like this!”- “Why not? I think that your friend would appreciate it”- she said with a mischievious
smile- “And if you don't want to you can stay with us or in your room, playing video games”.
I understood. There was no point in protesting, I had to convince them. “Oh, please, pleaseee. I
behaved. I'll be a good girl next time. Please, I just want to breathe again”. They smiled. Katherine
said: “As I told you, I couldn't even if I wanted to. You'll have to stay in that dress for all the day.
And I sincerely suggest not to ruin it or try to cut it. It's a beautiful piece from Karen here, and we
would give you hell, if you ruin it”- she held the remote of my collar. “You bastards!”- I stomped
my feet. “I didn't do anything to you! Why are you so mean?”. Katherine stood up and took me,
then sat with me sitting over her lap.
“What are yo...” She put her finger over my mouth. I just shut up this time. “Sweetie, we don't want
to harm you, and trust me, you will get to enjoy it at the end. Just try to be a little more obedient. I
told you that if you're good we're going to be good with you. Right?”- I shook my head- “Do you
want me to tell you again what could we do with those photos? Come on, it won't be that bad. Just
spend a day in the dress”. She let my mouth go. I stood up and turned. “I even behaved yesterday!
You could've done me a favor this small!”.
And so I left the room. I went to my bedroom, still angry.
I climbed on the bed and lied down, looking at the ceiling. I sighed. What could I do? If I took the
collar off, I would try to take off the dress. With what? Even if I found a knife, it would take some
time, and the risk was high. I couldn't even take off the heels, because they were too tight to place
the blade inside and cut the laces out. I'd have to cut the laces from outside, risking to cut the skin
And then? Fight? Attack them and knock them out? Too many risks. My only chance was the
soporifer, and that was before I was locked in the dress and the heels. I tried to take off the pink clip
on my hairs. Damn. It was locked too. Where exactly did they get all this stuff? Is it all electronic?
Oh, what was the thing they used to disable electronic circuits in films? EMP or something? Oh yes.
I could try to disable them with a powerful magnet, but I risked a pretty serious electric shock. And
by the way, where would I find one? I sighed again. There was no escape. A whole day in that tight,
short dress, which couldn't keep me warm.
I heard someone climb the stairs. “Helen”. I looked at the door. Katherine slightly opened it.
Probably she was regretting locking me in that dress. “Helen, do you want something to eat? Do
you want do come down?”- “No”.
She looked at me, a bit worried, then she smiled and came over the bed too.
“W-What are you doing?”. She climbed until my face was just under hers, her hands near my
shoulders. Was she trying with me? Was she lesbian or just trying to cheer me up?
“Look at how cute you are”- she poked my nose You've really been nice in the past day, but what's
done it's done. Anyway I can try to loosen the corset a bit if you want, but I think it will be painful,
the dress is too tight”. I looked away. “Never mind”.
“Hm. Do you want to come down with us? We're just playing some table games, I thought you
could enjoy it”- “No, thanks. Anyway, could I have my voice back?”.
She smiled. “Well that will vanish only this afternoon. You sure you don't want to go to one of your
friends' house? You could literally kill them with a heart attack”- “No. Guess I'll come down for
lunch. Just leave me alone for a bit”- “Right. And, umm, could you put on some make-up? You
would look much cuter”- “Do you think I care?”- “No, but I do”. She was definitely lesbian or bi. I
wanted to ask her so bad, but I feared being indiscreet. “Could you do me a favor?”. I sighed-
She put some mascara and a bit of lipstick on me, then left the room. I stood up and closed the door.
“Guess I'll just play some videogames”. I went to the pc and started playing some, went to
facebook, and started watching a film. Then my eye caught the reflex in the mirror. How many
opportunities do you get in your life to see yourself as a sexy girl? I paused the video and went to
the mirror. I posed, looking at how my body changed in the past days. “Guess I could really make a
prank” I thought, while trying to pout.
I turned and looked at my back. Damn. I will make for sure a prank to Steve.
I went back and turned. I put my right hand on my waist and started catwalking. Oh god. I still
couldn't believe it was me. I stopped and moved my weight on my right leg.
Someone was climbing the stairs. Shit. I fastly went to the chair. A bit too late.
“Helen, lunch's.....” Katherine stopped and looked at me. I blushed and sat on the chair, pretending
nothing happened. She smiled, amused. “What were you doing?”- “N-Nothing”. She smiled even
more “Aww, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You sure want to make an impression on your
friends. Is there anyone in particular?”- I blushed- “I was just looking at the dress.. to see if it's..
um... okay. And by the way, I already told you I was staying home”.
She kept smiling- “Oh. Well then, lunch is ready. Do you wanna come down to join us?”- “Yes”-
“Well then”.
I went down the stairs, my face burning. Did she believe that I was some kind of pervert now? No.
It was perfectly normal for me to look in the mirror. After all, anyone would be curious.
We went to the dining room, where lunch was already served. They were waiting just for me.
“There's your spot, Helen”. She pointed at the center chair. I sat on it and crossed my legs.
“Hmmm. It seems like you're missing something”- Julie said. I looked at her. “Real ladies scoop
their dress when they sit. Go on”. I looked at her as she was mad- “You're not expecting me to do
this, are you?”- “Yes I am. Else some photos are going on facebook soon”.
I sighed, stood up, smoothed the skirt down and sat again.
“Good girl”- I blushed. “Now eat, but be careful with your dress. Do you want an apron?”- “No”.
We ate, chatting. The girls seemed to have lost some interest in me, and they were not trying to
involve me in the conversation. Anyway, I tried to participate, just not to bore myself.
At the end we all got up and I went back to my room without saying a word. I kept playing
videogames, and then a thought crossed my mind. I could take some photos of myself as a girl. I
payed close attention to the sounds, because I didn't want Katherine to discover me again.
I took two photos of me and hid them in a crypted folder.
After about an hour Julie came in the room. “Hey sis, we're going to Joanne's. Do you want to come
with us?” she smiled. “No”- “Well then, come downstairs to greet everybody. While we're out, you
behave, I'll get here by eight o' clock to get you out of that dress. I want to find you in it, even if the
effect may vanish a little before”.
She led me downstairs, where the girls were getting ready to go.
“Hey, girls. Helen would like to say goddbye to you all!”- “Aww, thank you!”.
I greeted all girls, kissing them on the cheeks. Katherine was last.
I kissed her right cheek, but I felt her lips on my ear.
“See you on 20th. Don't worry about your little secret, I think many boys would enjoy being girls.
Won't tell anyone”.
I kissed her left cheek and we separated.
They all got on Jane's car and went away.
I closed the door.
I went down the stairs, a little nervous. Julie and Sarah were already having breakfast. “Morning
bro, you ready for today?”- “Y-Yes”. I went to the table and sat down. They had already prepared
breakfast for me. We ate silently, until Sarah broke the silence “Are you really nervous?”. Of course
I was! I had to spend an entire weekend in the hands of Karen and Katherine in a unknown location
dressed as a girl, exposed to their tortures and games! I had searched on the net about feminization,
and I discovered that often the slaves had to do incredibly embarassing and disgustous things, such
as feet and clit licking, and gagging with dirty panties! And there were lots of scary outfits. The one
I feared more was the horse, pony one or something. And on top of that, I wouldn't have known
where I was! “Of course”. She smiled “Well, they're going to be here in twenty minutes, so you
better get dressed. I left some panties in your drawer, the rest is up to you. Oh, and don't pack
anything, they said they're giving you the clothes”.
I finished breakfast and went upstairs. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I tried to focus on what I
was two week before. A sexy girl, at the mercy of my sisters and her friends. Two weeks flew like
they were an hour, and gave me no time to recover. The previous day I had to wear a corset, not too
tight, for the entire afternoon, and I had to take a bath in the evening. I smelled my skin “Camomille
Paris Flagrance”. I sighed and proceeded to dress up. I put on the panties, some jeans, a tight white
t-shirt with and hoodie. I put on some nikes too.
I spent the last moments of my freedom on my bed, thinking about what would I be at the end of the
“Bro! Karen and Katherine are here!”. My heart started beating fast, as I practically ran down the
Katherine was on the threshold, chatting with Julie. When I came down she smiled and looked at
me. “Are you ready, Jack?”. I just looked at the ground “Yes”. I said good-bye to my sisters and
jumped on the car waiting outside.
Karen was driving “Hey Jack”- “Hey”.
She started the car and started driving. I was too scared to ask for something, so we just stayed
silent for a bit. I looked at Katherine, which looked kinda worried and nervous. At some point she
just turned and said: “Ok. Imma make this plain. We need to make you fall asleep to hypnotize
you”. I just widened my eyes. “Yes. Karen here thought that we should've just knocked you out”.
What were they going to do? Where was this going? “So brave. You look like a deer in the
headlights”- she smiled- “Honey, please, don't make this hard”. I suddenly unfroze. She could've
just knocked me out. There wasn't a reply. Being angry was useless. “R-Right. What... do I have....
to do?”.
“Just relax, bend and put your head on my lap”- I started bending, but halfway I had a nervous click
to retract. She put her right hand over my head. “Calm down, little deer. Won't bite you”
She put her other hand over my head and started caressing. “Do you honestly think that you can fall
asleep in less than ten minutes by yourself?”. No, I was too excited, too desperate and confused.
“No”- “Then I'll have to use the soporifer”.
She took out her bag and searched for something. She pulled out something made of plastic. I heard
some sounds, then her hands showed before my eyes, slowly approaching a tissue to my mouth.
What?! Was it going to be so easy? Hell no.
I rapidly raised my arms and pushed hers away. “W-Wait!”.
She sighed- “What now?”- “Um.. Er... Will I be able to.. control... well.. would you be able to
control everything about me?”.
I was trembling. “Yes. Trust me, we'll be gentle and won't abuse you. And if you really want to,
you'll be able to fight back, right Karen?”- “Oh, well. If he really wants to. Told ya it was worst for
him. Now he's scared too”.
“Thanks, very reassuring. Anyway, do you want some minutes to calm down?”- “No, just go on,
“Sure”- she put the tissue over my mouth. “Breathe fully”.
I fell asleep.
I woke up.
The first thing I noticed was the corset. It was so tight I could barely breathe. The second was my
breasts. They were big, felt strange, and the stranger thing, they felt real.
I opened my eyes. I was lying on a soft bed, under a white blanket. A tight collar was on my neck,
the same one from last time. I looked down at my boobs. Holy shit. What did they do to me? They
were big, and looked real. They were trimmed with a white lace on a black base. What was I
wearing? I could feel my feets pointed down, and the heel's laces. I could feel the soft material of
the skirt caressing my legs, and the stockings.
I tried to raise my arm, but I couldn't move a muscle, just move my head muscles and breathe.
I looked around. The room was empty, and from a window a moring light came in the room.
I opened my mouth. “Someone”. What was wrong with my voice? It was girlie, obviously, but there
was something else I couldn't figure out. “Katherine”. Still couldn't. Karen came in the room
smiling. “Hi. Feeling nice?”- she looked a bit amused- “Can you guess what happened to your
voice?”- she snapped her fingers and I was suddenly able to move my muscles. I immediately raised
the blanket. Shit. I was wearing a French maid outfit, very slutty, and really high heels. On my neck
I had a choker, on my wrists little trimmed bands. Wait. FRENCH maid. “Oh, non!”. Karen smiled-
“I think you've figured out”.
“But why? And what are those breasts? Mon dieu, they feel real! How long have I been sleeping?”.
I said in a strong French accent. “Aww, I couldn't wait to hear your new voice. It's so cute. Anyway
today we'll train you to be a slutty French Maid, because you'll have lots of experiences in the next
weeks. Anyway the voice is to help you get in the part”- she smiled- “the breasts are just incredibly
realistic forms glued to your chest, helped from a bit of hypnosis”. Shit. Could they really put
illusions in that way? “Is anything else an illusion?”- “No, and call me Madame” she said, snapping
her fingers.
“Why?” I left the sentence uncompleted. I felt a little pain, like an itch, to complete it. “Madame”.
“Good girl. See, I can give you any order I want. Nevertheless, it is true that you must learn true
obedience, so I will use it only in extreme situations. We expect you to obey immediately every
time we give you an order. Is that clear?”- “Yes, Madame”. I brought my hands to my mouth, while
she smiled. “How many of those have you put in my head, Madame?”- “Oh, you'll discover in some
time. Now follow me, we have.. well, I have to begin your training”.
I followed her out of the room, through some cold immacolate rooms. Wow. This seemed a rich
house. “Where exactly are we, madame?”- “We're currently in my grandmother's old house. I
inherited it two years ago and I find it a pleasurable environment to train my boys”.
We finally arrived to another room, which seemed bigger, and had a large table with more than ten
chairs. At the end, eating alone, there was Katherine.
“Hey Helen”- “Good morning, Madame”. I curtsied. Shit. I couldn't control myself during these
short periods. It was a kind of action/reaction thing. She giggled and stood up. “I wanted to see your
I was very hungry, and when Karen said to go in another room, I kindly asked: “Madame, I'm really
hungry, could I please have breakfast?”. She looked at me and smiled devilshly. “Well are you sure
that is hunger for food? Or.. well... something more specific?” she asked. I gulped. The hunger
wasn't natural. I wasn't hungry when I woke up, I had breakfast and it had passed only something
like two hours. What did she mean?
“Ooooh, I have to film this”- Katherine fastly took her phone from her pocket and put it in
recording mode. Karen was playing with me. “Madame, please, tell moi what it is”.
“It's simple, honey, really. We programmed your mind to be..... how can I say it..... cock-addicted”.
Shit. I widened my eyes. “Non! Please!”- “No escape, honey. Every two hours you have to suck
one, or you will feel like an inner itch, that'll become unbearable. Now come here and kneel before
I looked at her with fear. The hunger was becoming stronger. I looked at Katherine. She was smiling
and filming me with her phone. I was doomed. I knelt down before Karen,
It was just too realistic to be a bad dream. I looked up at Karen; she smiled and raised her skirt with
her right hand, revealing a large strap on, with transparent balls filled with honey.
She put her left hand on the back on my head and started pulling slowly, approaching my mouth to
the strap-on.
“Remember what we taught you last time. Now say aaaah”.
There was no escape, no way to change it, so I just opened my mouth and closed my eyes.
I began working out the fake cock, remembering about last time's lessons. The action itself gave me
a feeling near pure pleasure. When it “cummed” in my mouth, I felt so bad.
“Well, if that's not an obedient good slut”. I blushed.
She helped me up and they led me in a nearby room.
It was a large blank room with a mirror and a stereo, like the ones used to practice dancing.E>
She took out a long whip from a bag on the floor. I looked at her with my eyes wide open for fear.
“Now start walking, and try to stay on a line”- I was moving my first, shy steps, hoping to look as
sexy as possible, when I felt a sudden pain on my butt. I gave in a little feminine cry. “Move more
your ass. Look in the mirror if you want, but try to move your weight from one leg to another, and
keep your hands crossed before you”.
I spent the next two hours practicing walking, keeping a book on my head, receiving an
inimmaginable number of whip cracks on my ass.
They also made me change in other outfit and gradually tightened the corset. They also taught me
how to act in a feminine gesture, of course filming me the whole time. Katherine spent the most
time reading,
At the end I started noticing the hunger. It was like before, a kind of inner itch I couldn't scratch. I
noticed the little smiles on the girls. Probably they were waiting for me to ask, to humiliate me.
The minutes passed fastly, and with them, my hunger grew stronger and stronger.
I was practicing walking and sitting properly, when Karen said: “Ok, Helen, ten minutes pause”.
I sighed and went to the armchairs, then decided to ask them about the strap-on.
I sat “Madame Katherine.... um....” I couldn't find the words. She smiled mischieviously “Feeling
right, Helen? Do you want something?”- “N-No, Madame”- “There are some magazines on your
I took them. They were all feminine magazines, which I couldn't read properly, because my mind
was thinking of other images. At some point I decided that I couldn't bear it anymore.
“Madame Karen....”- “Yes”- “I.... Could you... do what you did two hours ago?”. They both smiled.
“Do you want it?”- I nodded- “Ask it properly then, directly”. I blushed “Er.. Could she give... you
give me... your...”- “Go on, honey”- “cock?”. Their smile grew even larger.
“No”- she said. They wanted to humiliate me even more?
The itch was becoming unbearable. “Please, madame”- “No”. They both were smiling. Probably
they wanted me to humiliate myself a bit. I decided that if things had to go that far, well, it would've
been better to do it fast.
“Please, Madame Karen, give me your cock! I need it!”- Karen smiled. “Well then. Just wait some
minutes, I'm not ready now”. I had to go through all of it. I kneeled down before her and pleaded:
“Please, Madame! Give me your cock now! I want it!”- well, I couldn't do better. There wasn't
anything more humiliating I could do.
“Do you like cocks?”- “I LOVE cocks, Madame!”- She slowly raised her skirt. I looked at her.
“Well then, go on babe”- “In this position, Madame?”- “Sure”.
I blushed and proceeded to take it in my mouth, almost dying from the joy the simple action caused.
At the end it cummed again in my mouth and I was “free” from the hunger. “What a nice cocksucker”-
“Hey, next time it's my turn, Karen”. She smiled- “Sure, Katherine”.
They made me practice for half an hour more, then they brought me in another room, which seemed
a salon where they gave me full manicure and pedicure and refreshed my makeup a bit. Then they
led me to another room and put a feather duster in my hand. “There you go, sweetie, now dust the
rooms, then reach us in the dining room”.
I started walking around, dusting the shelves and the tables. I discovered that I couldn't drop the
feather duster or bend my legs, and so, to reach the low shelves I had to bend over my waist,
exposing my butt. “Lucky there's no one filming this”.
After that, I went to the dining room, where there was a set table with some food.
We sat down and ate toghether, chatting.
I was becoming “hungry” again, and so I asked: “Um.. I'm hungry again, madame. When... are you
going to give me a cock?”- she just smiled- “Soon,don't worry”. She looked at Katherine and added:
“And you won't just suck it”. Shit. I wasn't ready for that again.
When we were finished, Katherine stood up and went to another room. Karen ordered me to stand
up- “Now hold still”. She put a pair of handcuffs on my hand, forcing them on the back, then she
raised my chin and brought me to the other room.
It was a completely blank room, with some chairs, a sofa, a table, and a kind of padded
parallelepiped, maybe 30 centimeters or a bit more high, and 70x70 large.
Katherine was wearing a t-shirt and a black skirt.
“There you go” said Karen, pushing me before her.
“What a lovely piece of candy”- said Katherine- “If you don't mind, leave the room. She may get
nervous”- “Of course I don't mind”.
The air was cold, and the place seemed a torture room. I heard the sound of the door being closed.
“Well, then”- said Katherine, approaching me- “You're hungry, I presume”- I nodded- “Then kneel
down, and then we shall proceed to the big entertainment. I gulped and knelt, quickly working out
the cock and bringing it to cumming.
“Good girl”- she said, helping me up- “Are you nervous?”- I nodded- “Don't be. It will be
She led me by hand to the sofa, and put me in a lying position, with my face down.
She took some ropes out of somewhere and bent my knee, so that my right foot touched my right
buttock. “It's called a frogtie, hun. Don't worry, it's not painful”.
She tied my ankle to the thigh, then proceeded to do the same with my left foot.
I found myself completely at her mercy, in the cold room, my skirt caressing the bound thighs.
“If only you could see yourself in this moment”- I looked at her- “Do you want a ballgag, ring gag,
tissue, or adhesive tape?”- “Is there one that doesn't get in your mouth, madame?”- “Sure”.
She took out a roll of large adhesive tape and cut a piece. “Hold still”. She put it on my mouth,
forcibly silencing me. “Awww, you look even cuter now. I guess being helpless fits you”.
She took out a blindfold too. I widened my eyes. “Don't worry”- she said, tightening the lace
behind my head- “won't hurt you”.
Darkness. I couldn't see, I couldn't move my mouth, I couldn't move. It was scary and exciting at
the same time.
What is she going to do now?
She took me in her arms and started walking. She dropped me on the floor and gently moved my
body until I was knelt on the floor.
Then she pushed my back down. What was she doing? Was I going to touch the floor with my
With my surprise, I felt under my belly some kind of soft material. The padded cube!
She reached my boobs with her hands and gave them a squeeze. I arched my back “Mmm!”.
“So soft and delicate”- she slid down my panties- “Now, I'm going to lubricate you”- I felt her cold
fingers in my anus. “I am going to tell you THE moment”.
I waited a bit, scared and excited. She took my legs “Now”. I felt the tip of the strap-on in my anus,
then going up and down inside me. She was doing it fast, but careful not to hurt me. I soon arched
my back and began to moan with plesure, immersed in the joy. Was it helped in some way from the
She stopped suddenly. I was still immersed in the exctasy when she said: “Do you want some
more?” in a playful tone. Without even thinking, I nodded. “Hmm”. She rode me again, this time
leaving me out of breath, and hurting a bit. She stopped again, and I let my back go, and relaxed.
The end of the excitement and the action left me without energies.
I felt her soft hands raising my panties back in place, then she walked before me and raised my
head. She removed the blindfold. I was so sleepy that the only thing that kept my head straight was
her hand. “Is my little deer sleepy?”- I nodded lazily- “You've done a great job. Now just a bit of
relaxing on the sofa, then you have to stand up”.
I was brought to the sofa, where she took the tape off my mouth. She sat and put my head on her
lap. “Tell me when you're ready”- she said. I wanted to ask her something so bad. “Madame
Katherine, can I ask you something... personal?”. She looked at me with a strange look, between
curious and amused: “Hm?”- “Are you lesbian?”- “Bicurious sweetie. But I guess you can't apply
normal laws about you. If I like having you it doesn't mean I like girls or boys, because you're both.
I have a boyfriend, if that's what you wanted to know”. I looked away. “But I have a particular
predilection for crossdressing boys”- I looked back at her, and she smiled- “Yes, I like when they
make cute girls like you”- she tapped my nose- “And you what to know what's worst? I don't know
I blushed- “So your boyfriend is a crossdresser, madame?”- “No, I think he would look pretty, but I
don't think he would like that, though I would. I'm going to make him a girl sometimes anyway.
Now sleep or we're going now”- “I'm wide awake now, madame”.
She stood up and sighed- “Then get up”.
I slowly rolled and stood up. “May I know what we're going to do now, madame?”- “Just some
training. Uh, I know, you'll be a kitty”.
She brought me to another room, with an wardrobe. She opened it and took a full kitty outfit out of
It was made of a pair of knee-high furry white boots, white furry gloves with little bows on the
wrists, and a tiny ittle furry dress. She helped me to undress and to change panties, then she slid the
dress on me and made me sit on the bed. While she adjusted the high heel boots on my legs, I put on
the white goves. They were delicate and silky, and felt somewhat strange on my arms. Over my
hands I had some kind of padded tissue, that made them feel kinda like paws.
She finished tightening the boots, and stood up. “Feel kittenish?”. The tight dress seemed to fit my
skin at perfection, sightly tight, and I could feel the fur on the edges of the gloves. “Yes”- I smiled-
“I'm kind of enjoying it”. She smiled back: “Nice, because there are other three things that I don't
know if you will enjoy. Do you want to start from the best or from the worst?”- “B-Best”- I said,
slightly scared. “Then hold still, I have to put some glue”.
She took out a tube of glue and a pair of cat-ears. She glued them to my head, then went to the
wardrobe again.
“Now the leash”- she took out of a drawer a leash, with a metallic end, and brought it over. My
istinct suggested to retract my head, but instead I let her do. “Now get on the bed, please. The worst
one is coming”- “In which.. postiion?”- “On all fours, kitty”. She guided my hand in assuming the
position. “Now, I want you to relax. And trust me completely, okay? I'm not lubricating it much”.
What??? “I'm sorry, madame, I don't understand...”- “Well, you don't have to. Just stay still, or I'll
have to spank you. And don't turn your head”.
I closed my eyes. She went behind me and started lubricating my anus. What? She had not slid the
panties off me! “It's just a little hole in your panties, relax”. How could I not notice it? But, most
importantly, why? Assfucking me wasn't a reasonable option. She could've just slid down my
panties. Then I remembered about the butt plugs I read about online.Oh shit.
“I lubricated it a little because it's your first time, but it still won't get off”. I felt
Shit. I felt the butt plug enter my anus, blocking in an uncomfortable place.
“Pumping it a bit, tell me if it becomes unbearable”. I heard some strange sounds, then I felt the
hard object getting bigger in my butt. “Alright, stop it, it's painful!” I squealed. She stopped and
gave me a little slap on my ass. “Good girl. Now you look like a full kitty”.
Oh my god. I was a slutty dressed cat-girl, just assfucked, with a tail too! “The tail won't come off
even if you try, you know? It's a very special valve, only I can take it off”.
I looked back. It was a long furry tail, with a little pink bow at the end. Just where exactly did they
get all this stuff? It was kinda hard to bend, like it had a boning inside, and looked really real. I tried
to shake my butt a bit, and I discovered it moved just like a real one. She played with it a bit, then
gave it a strong yank. I gave a little squeal of pain, then almost shouted angrily: “I'm not a fucking
kitten to play with!”. She just giggled- “Such strong language for a beautiful girl like you. And you
forgot even to call me madame. Anyway I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. Now get up”.
I turned, gasping in pain, and managed to get standing, balancing correctly on the heels. “Would...
would you mind shrinking it a bit, please? It's a bit painful”- “Oh, no, you'll get used to that".
She took my leash and started pulling softly. It was incredibly hard to resist, and I had to follow her.
She walked me around the room, eventually giving me some tips on walking. At the end, after some
minutes, I managed to walk correcty.
“What a good kitten you are. Now get here”- she pulled again and I was forced to get right before
her. “Get on your knees and lick my shoes”. Why? That wasn't in any way pleasurabe for both of us.
Were they going to make me do disgustous things now? Maybe it was just a proof of obedience.
I got on my knees, then looked at her expectantly. She slapped me hard across the face. “I told you
to do it, so be a good kitty and follow my orders exactly how I give you, ok?”. I gave her shoes
some licks, then stopped to spit on the floor. I turned my head up and gave her a sad look. “Do.. I
really have to do this, madame?”- “Awwwww, don't ever do that again, I almost died. You're so cute
with that face and that outfit. Right, anyway it was just to test your obedience, get up”- she yanked a
bit on the collar, while I stood up again, with some difficulties.
She walked me to the living room, where Karen was waiting, reading a book. She suddenly moved
her eyes over me. “Well well well, if that's not the sluttiest cat-girl ever”- I blushed- “Anyway nice
job cleaning that room, honey. I was tempted to call you just to assfuck you. I gotta show that video
to you, Katherine, she would get you so horny. She didn't notice the hidden cameras”- I blushed
even more.
“Oh, I'm sure she could. Anyway I've discovered that this little slut likes it, so I won't assfuck her
for free. I will only if she asks me politely and she's been a good girl all day”.
They had me practice for at least an hour, walking, both standing and on all fours, then started
filming me doing embarassing poses and short dialogues, holding dildos or other things.
When I became hungry again, I didn't wait for long, but instead, pleaded them continousy,
embarassing myself. Karen gave it to me almost immediately.
I sucked her strap-on with pleasure, which I noticed increased every time I did, and licked it all up
from the honey. “What a good girl you've become”- she complimented- “Should we take her to pole
dancing?”- “I'd LOVE to”.
She stood up and helped me to balance again. “Well then. Enough of that French accent”- she
snapped her fingers and said a strange word. I felt like a part of me was gone. I tried to speak and I
discovered that my voice was “normal” again.
They brought me to another room, with a stereo, armchairs, sofas, a pool table, some chairs and
tables. And a pole. Oh, well, I knew were that was going.
Karen placed me right in front of the pole. “I'm gonna make it a bit more spicy”. She handcuffed
my hands in such a way that I couldn't get away from the pole. She went back to the sofa and sat.
“Now entertain us, sweetie. Pretend we're horny mens”. I blushed and started going up and down
the pole, not knowing what to do, rubbing my body against it. “You call that a dance? Karen, 'd you
be a love and put on some music? Thanks. You need to show off, sexually speaking”. *Click* the
air filled with some kind of club music. “Come on, sweetie”- they both smiled. I didn't know what
to do. I started shaking my ass, moving it in front of them. “Wooo!”- “That's it babe”. I smiled.
They were really pretending to be men, even trying to lower their voices. I turned and gave them a
smile, then kept shaking my ass, and started licking the pole.
They made me dance for at least half an hour, eventually coming over and grasping my ass.
At the end I was really tired. “Could I please have a break? My feet hurt”. They talked about
something which I couldn't understand, then Karen went to me. I stopped dancing and waited.
“Get on your knees honey”- “W-Why?”- “Because you've made us horny and now I'm giving you a
I got on my knees: “W-What are you going to do?”- “Relax, it's your just a cock, don't be nervous”.
She raised her skirt and put the strap-on in my mouth. It was much bigger than the ones I had
sucked before. I couldn't speak, almost suffocated from the plastic phallus. “Keep working it, keep
They both worked hardly. At the end I was so tired I just fell over and lied on the ground. I thought
about what I was doing. I was a slut, getting raped in a sexy kitty's outfit, and worse, I was actively
taking it in and not fighting back. I would've spent maybe every weekend of that year in a similar
way, and that made me feel so sad.
They took me up, unocked the handcuffs and brought me back to training. They pumped my butt
plug a bit more, ulocked my leash and ordered me to walk around in the room.
After half an hour I was almost falling. “Could we stop here for today? Please”- “Keep walking,
slut”. After an hour I was so tired that I couldn't keep on walking straight, and my butt was hurting
like hell. “Please, can I go? I'll be a good girl and everything tomorrow”. Katherine looked at me a
bit worried: “You have to learn to wak in heels, babe”. After some minutes the pain was really
intense. I looked at Karen. A little object on a pendant had drawn my attention. It was the one to my
collar! When I was near her I tried to jump to her and get the key off. If I made it and unlocked my
collar I could get in a room and close me in. Unfortunately, I had just reached the key when she
blocked me with her arms and slammed me down. I landed on my back and gave a little squeal of
pain. “What were you trying to do?”- Katherine looked nervous. “Seems like we have a naughty
kitty to punish” Karen took out a strange object from her bag. “Are you sure, Karen?”- “Yep”.
Katherine picked me up and put me in a lying position, face down, with my face right over her lap.
“What's happening?!”- “Nothing, sweetie, just a little punishment”- “Wh..Wait.. What's that
object?!”- I screamed, as I felt Karen's hands raise my skirt and slide down my panties- “Nothing
dear, just a spanking paddle”- “What?!”. I realized that it wasn't going anywhere. “Please! Please!
I'll do anything! Don't use that”- “I'm sorry, sweetie, but you really earned it this time”. Katherine
held me down, with my head in her skirt, and Karen started spanking me hard. It was so painful I
started crying buckets of tears, and by the end Katherine's long skirt was filled with tears. She raised
my head and noticed the tears, held it and wiped them out with her tumb. I kept sobbing for a bit,
but somehow I managed to stand rapidly and correctly. At least my legs had recovered a bit. Karen
just snapped her fingers and said “Keep walking and don't talk”.
I felt an unescapable force pulling my legs and closing my lips. I kept walking, trying to shake off
the hypnosis. I couldn't say a word, and I kept getting more tired. I was getting so tired that I
thought I would've fainted. Who knows what hypnosis can do? Could it kill me or injure me badly?
I started panicking. I looked at Katherine, pleading her with my eyes. Unfortunately, she didn't seem
to notice. She occasionally looked at me with a curious face. I kept looking at her, hoping to get her
attention, but then I started to feel a lot of pain, and I felt the hypnosis slightly get less powerful.
Yes! I focused on a single thought. “Stop your leg. Stop your leg. Stop your leg”. I wasn't sure, but I
felt it loosening and loosening, while the pain was getting stronger. I would've screamed, but I
couldn't open my mouth. At the end, I managed to move my foot a bit. “Great!” I thought, just
before falling, f
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Name: NBC
Comments: I'm not trying to earn something or else, it is not possible on ge.tt, just the approximate number of people who read stories here right now, which is, if everyone downloaded between one and two times, something like 30 people. I'll post this one here if you want, but I would've posted next one here anyway.
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 10:29:19 PM
Name: Maxwell
Comments:NBC -- don't be a dick. This is the dreambook for stories. Post your story here, don't make us follow some shady link to get to it. Either share it or don't, but don't post a link for the sake of saving this site from having stories on it. Just stupid.
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 08:28:35 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Here's my latest story. As always, I'm late, and as always, I'm sorry, but I really couldn't find the time.
Anyway, I'm posting it on ge.tt again because I don't want to delete all the good stories on here.
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 12:41:54 PM
Name: ali
Comments:If people want me to i will tell the syory of my sister making me dresd as snow white 2 years ago but it doesnt evolve tying up
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 02:48:12 AM
Name: Paul
Comments:Great story! Please continue!
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 01:18:52 AM
Name: ali
Comments:Okey so this is a true story about my sister and her friends attacking me at a sleepover and tying me up.

I was a friday night and my sister had around 4 of her friends round. I sat in my room playing my xbox as usual. I had my beats on with music so i could hear anything. Thats when thry striked. All of a sudden 3 girls grabed my arms and rolled me on my desk chair to my sisters room. Once there tape was put over my mouth and my arm held tiggt by the girls. I was 13 at the time and they girls aged from 15-17 so were stronger than me.
"Right little brother, mum and dad just went out and told us too look after you. But this party is girls only so we get to dress u up" Emily (my sister) said. All of a sudden i was stripped of all clothes and panties were put on me. Then FLASH. They took a picture.
"Now if ustruggle or shout for help these will go onto facebook understand?"
I admitted defeat and nod my head yes. They unties me and stood me up. I was a late blumer so had no pubic hair watsoever. They seperated into groups.3 went off to get make up. 1 went off to get stuff for my neck long blonde hair and my sister stayed to dresd me. She made me wear there plaited school skirt which blarley hung above my knees. A black bra which she stuffed to make boobs, a pair of black tights her school top which she buttoned up low to see my 'breasts' then a pair of her black ballet pumps. As i slipped on the shoes another picture was taken. The 2 girls then returned with make up. My sister left the room to go get sometjing whilst the girls donw my make up. They put foundation on me. Followed by blush mascara eyeliner then bright red matte lipsyick. They then paintedt nails hot pinnk. While thry were doibg the finishibg tounches my sister came back with her old halloween costume. french maid. She made me change into it and gave me some 6 inch black heels with ankle straps. Then the final girl returned. She curlee my blonde hair and put a black bow hair band in it. Another picture taken.
"Right ali. Your new name is Alicia and you are our maid. You must do everything we say and refer to us as misttess. Understand?"
I bowed my head in defeat "yes mistress"
"Right to make sure u apply..."
Two padlocks were locked on the heels
"... u will be let out when we decide" and for the whole night i served them as a slave. This wasnt the last time Alicia came out she still has the pictures and makes dress up every hallowen as a girl or somw girly cotume
The end
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 01:18:43 AM
Name: Asdf100
Comments:Let me know how you liked the story!
Sunday, January 19th 2014 - 04:27:07 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:I've never copied anything, if that's what you want to imply. To vrrify it, just google search a random bit of 16 words or something on google :). Anyway you gotta tell me which stories you're referring to
Sunday, January 19th 2014 - 01:39:47 AM
Name: Asdf100
Homepage URL: http://h
Comments:Don't make a bet you'll regret

My girlfriend said that she wanted to hang out tonight, so I told her we could. She got to my house and i was still doing my homework. She told me she would help me with it for a cost. I asked her what she wanted and she answered to be tied up. So I made her a bet. After my homework, I would tie her up and if she could get out in ten minutes, she could dress me up, give me a makeover as if I were a doll, and tie me up and keep me tied up for as long as long as she wanted. I also agreed to be her personal bondage slave every weekend for a year. If I won, I could strip her down and tie her up 10 times a month for a year. She hastily agreed.

I finished my homework and we began. I took off her shoes and tied her ankles together with purple duct tape. I rolled the tape around 5 times before moving on to her wrists. I crossed her wrists and rolled the duct tape around 5 times. Then I went over to her mouth and told her to open wide as I shoved a bandana deep into her mouth. I then put 5 strips of duct tape over her lips so she couldn't spit out the cloth. She made a loud mfff in protest, but I ignored it. I counted down from 5 and the started the ten minute timer. She struggled in her bonds for 5
minutes before she got her legs free. With eight minutes she began to make progress on her wrists. I started to fear that she may escape in the time limit. With ten seconds left, she ripped off her gag and hit the timer. I hadn't expected her to escape, so I was scared of what she would do to me.

We went to her house and she gave me a bag of clothes to put on. Inside was a purple leotard, long , purple gloves, dark purple high heels, nylon tights, and a bra. I reluctantly slipped them on, and she helped me with the bra. She then gave me a purple skirt with puffy shoulders and a built in corset. She knew I liked purple. Once that was all set, she put me in an arm chair and used the purple duct tape to secure me to the chair. She got out a roll of electrical tape, forced me to make my hands become fists, and rolled the tape around until there where 2 purple balls attached to my wrists. Then she took off her purple panties and shoved them deep into my mouth, and then she buckled a purple ball gag into place. I knew what was next. She got out her makeup kit and walked over to me with mascara, lipstick, and hair pins and ties and set up her iPod so she could record the entire thing. She applied the makeup to the appropriate areas and came over with bright pink lipstick. I whimpered at the sight of it, but my gag allowed no sound, not even a mf, to be heard. Then she took my hair, played around with it for a few minutes, tried many different hair styles and decided to put it into 2 small pony tails. I had always wondered why she liked playing with my hair. As she pulled and tied, i wondered how girls could deal with this every day. She Asked me if I liked it, but my gag wouldn't allow me to answer. She told me i looked adorable And she pinched my cheeks and took a picture of her next to me in the mirror. She promised not to share the pic though.

Since the makeover was done, she unstrapped me from the chair but left the gag in, and led me to her bed. She set up her ipod then took some long pieces of rope and tightly knotted my legs together at the ankles and above and below my kneecaps. She then tied my wrists in the same knots, and then tied my arms at my elbows. Then she used the purple duct tape to reinforce the bonds, making them even tighter. There was no way I was getting out on my own. Then she tied a rope around my feet. I couldn't move my feet anymore. Over my arm ties, she used an armbinder to make arm movement impossible. She took pictures of her holding me in her arms as if I was a baby, and others where I was on the ground and She was sitting or lying on me or had her foot on my chest or face and was doing a victory pose. She also took a couple of her licking or kissing me. She then passed a rope through my ankle ropes and the ring on my armbinder and pulled until there was no slack left. I was now hogtied, and I could do nothing about it. Then she tied a rope through the ring of my ball gag to my ankles and my head lurched up. I could no longer move my head around. She started to tickle my feet, and I tried furiously to escape, but couldn't loosen the bonds at all. She tickled me non stop for 2 hours. She took some pictures and
left for a few minutes and came back in her pajamas. She told me her parents said I could stay over for the weekend so she wasn't going to untie me. I tried to struggle in my bonds, but I couldn't move an inch. She said she was going to bed, so she kissed my cheek, got in bed and fell asleep with her feet rubbing on my face. I couldn't help but wonder what tomorrow would hold.
Saturday, January 18th 2014 - 08:55:52 PM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:To NBC: Hi, i am sure i read the story u posted on another forum before. :) And btw, i think it was not as good as the previous anyway.

But thanks for great work!
Saturday, January 18th 2014 - 02:37:32 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Forgot to say that I absolutely want part 2.
P.S: I will post my story on Sunday, sorry as always for not keeping my promises. The downloads of the latest link I posted were over 35. That makes me hope that this blog is still alive. If you read this, if you've never posted a story: I hope you will, sometimes, not because of me but because of this blog.
Friday, January 17th 2014 - 10:01:24 AM
Name: NBC
Comments:Forgot to say that I absolutely want part 2.
P.S: I will post my story on Sunday, sorry as always for not keeping my promises. The downloads of the latest link I posted were over 35. That makes me hope that this blog is still alive. If you read this, if you've never posted a story: I hope you will, sometimes, not because of me but because of this blog.
Friday, January 17th 2014 - 06:55:20 AM
Name: NBC
Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 10:53:34 PM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:To NBC: Please, I would like to read all your stories! I can't wait. :(
Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 02:18:02 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:If you want more of my stuff and you haven't read anything of The Bet, I can post a link with the story
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 05:46:23 AM
Name: NBC
Comments:It's coming, just give me some time :)
I've been writing other stories too, because I had lots of ideas lately and wanted to write them off
Gonna post one before tomorrow
Monday, January 13th 2014 - 05:29:26 AM
Name: HannahLynne
E-mail address: dingdong4213@gmail.com
Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 05:03:55 PM
Name: for the purpose of privacy i will not use my real name :D
Comments:so i was hogtied on a bed wearing tight pink silk panties, thigh lenght spantyhose and a tight black bra, you mmay wonder how igot here so here is the story from when it started.
It was a normal school day and it had just finished so i was waiting at the bus stop so i could take the bus home. The only other person who took the same bus as me was a extremly sexy and beutiful girl in the class above me who i was slightly in love with. We were pretty good friends since we had been taking the same bus together for 2 years. Her name was Elizabeth bur everyone called her lizzy. "hey luke can you give me a hand, i thinky my phone is a bit broken" lizzy said to me "yeah ok 1 sec" i replied. I started walking over to her but then tripped over a small rock and fell onto my back a few inches from lizzys feet. "crap are you ok??!" lizzy said while moving over to help me, "yeah im fine" i said while opening my eyes, i looked up and saw that i was almosr directyl under lizzys skirt and so i was getting a nice upskirt view, since iwas a bit pervy i kept intensly staring, she was wearing floral pattern silk panties with lace round the edges. i assume she noticedme staring at her crotch but still stayed standing ther but turned around and pickedme up by my arms. thanks i said, since the upskirt had given me a visible boner and a lust for more i started looking directly at her breasts. she definatly noticed this and my erection and started to blush then turned away. a bit later on the bus she said hat sincecwew were good friends we should hVe eachothers phone numbers. later that day she called and said i should come round to her house this weemend cuz her parents were not home for the weekend. so that weekend i packed some stuff and told my parents i was going to a friends house for the day and then headed off . when i got there we talked about stuff and helped eachother with homework. then she asked me if i could doo something on her computer while she got some food. so i was installing something when i felt a stinky cloth over my mouth when i couldnt resist falling asleep any longer i realized it was clorofoam. when i woke up i was tied naked to a chair, i tried to say something then realized i was gagged with something soft wth a strip of duck tape over my mouth. then i heard footsteps and then saw the beutiful form of lizzys body. she was wearing only a leopard print bra that really made her tits look great and a leopard print thong that showed off her nice ass. she came up to me and sat on my lap facing me with her legs curled around my waist , "i noticed youve been looking me over recently" she said whilpushing the chair over so she was on topbof me then she mooved her ass forward to my face and started to rub her crotch on my face, it felt great after a wjile she moved down to my cock and said wow its rock solid slave boy., oh and did i tell you yoou haveto do whatever i tell you or i will show everyone at school pictures of you in girls clothes
".personally i didnt have a problem with that sinc i was enjoying this and then she started to suck my cock it felt great

say if want part 2 lol
NBC where is your next story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!?!?!?!!
Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 03:39:55 PM
Name: Sorry mate
Comments:My little bro did the spam thing that jack ass
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 06:39:06 PM
Name: Hhhhiiiii











Clint info
Tuesday, January 7th 2014 - 08:55:49 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Wait lol I'm losing count of people and things. WHO wasn't you? Who was him then? Why did you stop writing for that long and you show up now? Who tells me that you're not a fake too? I suppose it does not matter. I'm writing the sevond part of the sleepover story and posting it before Sunday
Tuesday, January 7th 2014 - 08:21:27 AM
Name: Nicky V.
Comments:NBC- Seriously, that wasn't me. As much as I did like your previous story. There is no way i'd waste my time spamming and changing names.
Tuesday, January 7th 2014 - 06:57:05 AM
Name: Michael
Comments:Alyssa left the room, and when she came back her mom, Mallory, who was also my aunt, was with her. Mallory still looked really good even though she was 50.

Alyssa said, "I got them all tied up like you wanted. Now what do I get in return?" Mallory walked over to Jack and grabbed him and dragged him into another room. I heard her tell Alyssa, "You can do whatever you want to him." Then Mallory walked back into the room and shut the door. I tried to hide my dick, but I couldn't because I was tied up too well. She sat next to me on the bed and said, "I've been wanting to do this to you for a while, but I knew you would never let me tie you up." I tried to talk, but I was still gagged with Alyssa's sock. She took the tape off my mouth and took out the sock. I started to talk, but she slapped my face and said, "You are my slave now. If you talk without permission, I'm going to have to punish you."

I said, "I won't be your slave." She said, "You just made a big mistake." Then she pulled off her pants and her panties. She shoved the panties in my mouth and put a piece of tape over my mouth again. Then she sat on my face with her asshole right over my nose. She sat on my face until I lost track of time, and the whole time I had to suffer through the smell of her ass.
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 02:28:39 PM
Name: Nicky V
Comments:Haha ok ya got me :D
NBC all your stories are really great, I was hoping you might be planing on writing a new story soon? Also if you could maybe make from the girls point of view? Hope your work continues :)
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 02:23:31 PM
Name: Frankie
Comments:Im wriiying this cuz im bored and feeling horny
so i was tied spread eagle on a bed naked and an extremly hot girl was rubbing her boobs in my face
The end
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 02:16:58 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:Oh, please, Nicky, stop changing names.
It's so obvious. Anyway it's not because of the comments I have stopped, but because I don't have enough time. I want to keep this blog alive as much as you.
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 08:46:51 AM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:Michael: Keep writing please, nice!
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 08:36:20 AM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:NBC: I think forced-femm is good. :)
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 08:35:34 AM
Name: Lary
Comments:I am also post something. NBC I like the amazon story no mater what those other people say please post the rest
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 07:46:42 PM
Name: Michael
Comments:I went over to the house of my cousin Jack. I was hanging out with Jack, and his younger sister Alyssa kept bothering us to play with her. Eventually we agreed and asked her what she wanted to play.

She said, "Let's play cops and robbers. I'll be the cop, and you two can go be robbers. I have to find you and capture you and take you back to jail, which can be my bedroom."

Jack and I went outside and I said, "I guess we should let her capture us so she can feel good about herself and we can get this game over with." We decided that we would hide in different spots in the garage.

A minute later, Alyssa came looking for us, and she spotted me first. When she tried to capture me, I pretended to struggle, but I ended up letting her get me on the ground with my hands behind my back. She said, "Since we don't have any handcuffs, I'll have to use rope." I held still while she tied my hands behind my back. Then she dragged me to my feet and led me to her bedroom.

When we got to her bedroom she said, "I'll have to tie you up so you can't get away while I capture Jack." She untied my hands, then pushed me on the bed and tied my hands to the corners of the bed. At this point I was still playing along, thinking it was a harmless game.

Before I could stop her, she pulled off my shorts and my boxers. I started struggling for real now, but she slapped me in the face and said, "If you don't stay still, I will kick you in the balls." I stopped moving, and she tied my legs to the bed. I was completely helpless. Before she left the room, she picked up a dirty sock from the floor and shoved it in my mouth. Then she picked up some duct tape I hadn't noticed before and covered my mouth with it. She said, "I couldn't have you warning Jack."

She left the room, and I was alone for several minutes. I tried to escape, but she had tied me up too well. When she came back, she was leading Jack. She had tied his hands behind his back and blindfolded him, so he couldn't see me. I tried to tell him to get away, but he couldn't tell what I was trying to say. Alyssa quickly pushed him on the floor and hogtied him. She pulled off his blindfold, and he saw what she had done to me. He tried to escape from his ropes, but it was too late.

Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 06:12:11 PM
Name: NBC
Comments:I'm sorry but I don't have much time to lend for the stories in this period, I jope that another author will show up soon. Anyway this forum was created do long ago that nobody knows who did it.
P.S: If you dont like forced feminization, please tell me, I can write something different
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 09:14:50 AM
Name: Post something
Saturday, January 4th 2014 - 09:51:47 PM
Name: RandomZiggle
Comments:Guys who created the forum?
Saturday, January 4th 2014 - 02:57:19 PM
Name: Josh
Comments:Fuck that I like Sandy's story.
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 04:38:02 PM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:I am sorry, i thougt the story from: Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 11:59:28 AM
It's a bit better, but I think all your work is great...
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 09:05:47 AM
Name: Josh
Comments:NBC's story sucks balls
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 05:57:12 AM
Name: NBC
Comments:Which was the first one?
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 03:29:05 AM
Name: NBC
Comments:Which was the first one?
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 03:21:54 AM
Name: Sandra
E-mail address: bernebai@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:I decided it was time to tie up my friend Jerry.

I was wearing dirty Wonder Woman underear with a black top hat. I tied him to the toilet with a pair of my sister's khakis. As soon as I had him tied up, I took off my underwear, then shoved it in his mouth.

I commanded him to watch me pull another pair of dirty underwear out of the hamper and drool whilst I wrapped his supple wrist tight around the flush handle.

In the background I had a home video playing of my grandfather stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

I kept repeating things along the lines of Lincoln shitting and stuff. Right before he aksed me to untie him, I yelled, "I'm freeing the slaves!" Then I flushed the toilet.

I untied him and he pulled out a strapon with a broken strap. I grabbed my wet panties that had fallen in the toilet and tied the strapon to me that way. We went at it until I came. Then his mother came home...
Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 09:25:41 PM
Name: Jablobublebublibab
Comments:To NBC: Nice story, but imho not as good as the first one. :) Thank you!!!
Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 02:41:34 PM
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