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College/University Bondage Stories

Have you been tied up by your roommates, girlfriend/boyfriend, or during hazing or a sports team initation?

This site is for you to post stories, or discuss,true experiences of of bondage that happened when you were in college or university.

E-mail me at Canuck100@hotmail.com if you wish. E-mail is not anonymous!

Other forum:

Stories of Tie-Up Games
New posters: please remember that most visitors prefer this site for the (relative) innocence of the stories. If your stories have a rather strong sexual part please consider leaving them out of the story or posting the story somewhere else. You will probably get more credit and reaction anyway!

A good story has to fulfil the following points:

-No participant is harmed physically or emotionnaly (that includes humiliation).

-All participants express their consent to be included in the event.

- If sexual aspects are mentioned at all (it is possible to write an excellent and fascinating story without them!) they are not to be too explicit or take up a lot of room. It is OK to mention the attraction of the scene or to give a short description of a person, if it helps the story.

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Friday, October 21st 2005 - 12:32:00 AM
one day i was in my back yard i heard two girls playing in the backyard. they were my neighbors so i walked over. they were in the laying on the lawn talking. they have a tool shed in there back yard that can be locked so i asked one girl to walk over because i had to tell her something. when she came i pushed her in and locked the door. when the other girl came walking over i grabed her and tied her hand above her head onto a tree. then i let the other one out and grabed her and tied her hands behind her back to a different tree. when i went back to the other she was tring to get out. i asked her if she was ticklish she said she wasn't so i touched her under her armpit she jumped a mile. i tickled her for a while then went to see the other one. i also got some ice. i slipped one piece down her pants and it got caught in her undies. the next piece i put down her shirt which got caught in her bra she didn't say anything at the time so i walked away. after teasing the other girl for a while i let her go she went and freed her friend.
bob45@ cox.com

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 09:26:53 PM
One day, coming back from school to my dorm, the mailman stopped by to deliver a package to my dorm. I asked him,

-Who's the package for?

-Look, babe I only deliver the packages to the designated dorms, I don't know who they are for.

When I got the package, I opened it and found a strange thing with ropes on it. I decided to ask the mailman what it was.

-It's a gag.

-You mean like the ones to keep people quiet?

-Yes. You want to try it on?


So he buclked the strap around the back of my head and then he tied my ankles to my wrists after putting them behind my head and leaving me in a serious hog-tie.

-So, how is it?


-I'll take that as a yes.


He left me there to struggle until my dormates came back from their classes.


Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:45:37 PM
So Leia. did you ever find out who sent it? Was it for you? What did your dorm mates do?

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 06:31:57 PM
I have an extremely good paying but boring sales job that requires me travel the Midwest and East Us. I was in a Hooters in Ohio and got to shooting the bull with 4 guys in the next booth. I showed them some card tricks and they remarked the they enjoyed playing cards. I told them I would love to have them come over to my motel and play with the agreement that they would win some money if anyone beat me but if they lost they would have to be tied up for a picture for my collection. If some lost but someone won, the winner would get money but te rest would be tied for the picture. If they are all beat me then they would get a larger prize and would get to tie me up. I have always like to try to escape like Houdini.
All of them seemed to be real nice guys and apparently good players. With great luck they all managed to make me lose first and collected their money. I wanted to play again but they insisted that they get their chance to tie me up. They took the 100 feet of rope and started to tie me up. It seemed that they were skilled at tying and after finished a very tight tie-up they confided that they were all rodeo studs the previous summer. It was about 10 in the evening and they said that they would go celebrate there win and spend some of the money and would return to free me if I couldn't get loose. I struggled for hours and there was no way I could escape. Finally about 2:30 they came back drunk as hell. After playing with me and tickling me they gagged meandtold me that the maid would find me in the morning. Allnight I struggled to get loose or free the gag to yell but no way. I gave up and went to sleep but woke about 5 and tried to figure out what I could say to the maid when she came in andfound me in my shorts all tied up. I hear a plastic key in the door and it was one of the winning four. He smiled and untied me and gave me a bunch of crap about Was I nervous? I have done the same thing on many campuses around the country and some of the most interesting ones have been co-eds. One gourp kept me for three days...that was hard to explain to my boss!

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 06:40:48 PM
Just a quick note to apologize for my grammer and type overs. It loos like it was written by a junior high kid and I blushed as I saw it. If any college people read this and think it sounds cool give me an e-mail.

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 10:10:44 PM
Does anybody have any stories or pics of girls wearing tubesocks or legwarmers?

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 09:01:44 AM
I was a college professor in the west when a female student of mine indicated she was low on cash to pay for school. We got along just fine, so I proposed she come to my place for a bondage shoot. She agreed. Now it was known she was a gymnist that ran her own place. I suggested she bring a change or two of clothes and I would provide the gags and ropes.

It was a Friday afternoon when a knock came at the door. It was 23 year old Beth. She had a gym bag and was standing there waiting to be let in. Since I wanted to cover any and all bases, I made sure to have consent form ready to go on the kitchen table. She walked in, and I showed her where to put her bag of "costume" changes.

When she sat down to read and sign the consent form I started to notice the absolute cuteness and sexiness of her. Her body was in fine condition. Great legs and great butt. She also had strong, but not muscular arms and beuatiful blue eyes surrounded by strawberry blonde hair. Needless to say this was going to be excting.

On the table I had laid out two bandannas, a red ball gag, and some silver duct tape. I also had the ropes pre-cut and laying on the table. She read the document as I powered up the video camera. When she signed it and provided me with a copy of her ID (proof of age), I said, "let's begin." She was nervous so I started with one of the bandannas as a blindfold. It was black and worked well. I then tied her wrists behind her back in the chair. She did not squirm or make any sound, I think it was such a new experience for her.

I then proceeded to tie her ankles under the table. She then said, "Wow this is tight." I agreed. She was dressed in a nice pants suite, with her hands behind her back her breasts seemed to firm up and show some signs of arousal.

I taped her directing her to struggle a bit, and wimper, to make the video exciting. She did. Her hair tossed back and forth as she struggled against the ropes.

I told her I had to gag her and she could choose the gag, "Remeber you will do all three types of gag today." I said.

She said the white bandanna. I picked up the bandanna and twisted it, said "Open" and in it went. Her great jaw line closed down on the cleave gag and she started to mmmph into it.

Because I do not like blindfolds and gags, I slowly removed the blindfold to see her pleading blue eyes. I slowly did a close-up of all of her bonds, but especially her gagged mouth and face. I recoreded her first tie up for about 15 minutes.

She then was untied. I let her change clothes into her gymnaist uniform. When she came out of the bedroom, I was breathless, what a very tight hot body. She wanted the tape gag next. So I hit record and gagged her with two strips of duct tape. I could hear her moist breathing as she got aroused as the ropes surrounded her ankles legs and wrists. I eventually hogtied her, and recorded her rolling on the living room floor. Lots of good sounds.

Finaly she changed into a mini-skirt with black pantyhose. It was ball-gag time, but before we did that she asked to be put in a fake kidnap scene with chloroform. I did not hesitate as now I knew she was enjoying this. I hit record and tripodded the camera. I waited until she came out of the bedroom again and then clamped the white bandanna over mouth. She struggled against my body and then rolled her eyeys. She layed still while I taped me tying her up and then as she "awoke" I demnanded that she "OPEN YOUR MOUTH" and inserted the ball gag. I was so hot at this time. I let her play up the kidnap scenario to her liking. I untied her, wrote her a check and sent her home. After about a month she e-mailed me wanting to do more bondage shoots, I have since moved and have not seen her. The tape got lost in the move and wish I could do one more session, if not recreate this one again, it was hot.

Sunday, November 6th 2005 - 01:01:46 PM
I was just thinking...people should draw or make pictures to go along with the stories...
freakish little man

Wednesday, November 9th 2005 - 11:49:10 PM
Anybody here from the midwest, interested in possibly meeting up. Im 18 year old male from nebraska.

Friday, November 11th 2005 - 11:19:21 AM
John: send me a message and we can discuss things. I live in Iowa and am about 100 miles from Omaha. Lcbobapple

Friday, November 11th 2005 - 11:44:06 PM
Hi, my name is Leah and I have been into being tied up for a few years now. My two friends Lauren and Emily are the ones who got me into it! I am glad that they did because I absolutely love it! We all have an apartment together and we tie each other up whenever we have free time! If anybody wants to hear some of my stories and see some of my pics then just say so!!

Saturday, November 12th 2005 - 09:20:18 AM
Hi all. The events I'm going to relate occured a few years ago when I was at University back in Australia. It was near the end of the academic year, and one afternoon I received a call out of the blue from a friend inviting me to a costume party that every evening. I had been out of town and contact, and my friend had almost given up on me. She said that she understood that it was short notice, but cunningly let slip the fact that lots of cute girls were invited and she needed extra guys there. The theme was to be 'Crime'.

There was no way I could get hold of a costume in time. No coming as a convict or Mafia Don for me. Luckily I hit on the idea of going as an 'Undercover Policeman'- all I would need is a suit and a pair of brown shoes. On the way to the party I could buy a fake badge from a local newsagent that sold cheap toys. To make the guise perfect though, I was going to take along my handcuffs, a Smith & Wesson pair that I had great difficulty in obtaining (handcuffs are illegal in Australia for non-law enforcement types).

I drove to the party and walked up the drive, looking a tad odd-one-out in my Boss suit amongst a throng of criminals, thugs, convicts, and gangsters. Most people wondered at what I was supposed to be, but were amused when I opened my jacket flap and flashed my 'badge' at them with a straight face. I met a group of girls who were very popular that evening- dressed as they were as prostitutes. Luckily for me the prettiest one, clad in a tight top, very short skirt, fishnet stockings and black leather knee-boots found my costume hilarious.

We got to talking away from the others, and it just seemed natural to 'stay in character'. I played the deadpan detective, and she the flirtatious vixen- named 'Catherine' (she must have seen 'Belle du Jour'!). We talked for a long time, and later on when I asked her why she was here, she innocently said that she had come to the party looking for 'Johns'. In mock horror she suddenly 'realised' that I was in fact an undercover cop, and whether I was going to arrest her. I opened my jacket wide to show my badge, as well as a glimpse of my handcuffs, held in a belt clip.

I could tell Catherine was intrigued, and dying to ask if they were 'real'. Everyone else had assumed they were as fake as my badge, but she wasn't so sure up close.

I told her that she had admitted to propositioning (in fact prostitution is legal in Australia, but we ignored that small detail!) and she was under arrest. She reacted by looking me straight in the eye and holding out her hands to be cuffed. Trying not to loose my cool, or allow my hands to shake, I locked my handcuffs onto her wrists, and began to escort her towards the door. People were laughing when they saw me lead Catherine away, 'The Cop who caught the 'Pro' but I kept a straight face and led her by the arm all the way to my car. It waw dark outdoors, and we were both breathing harder than was necessary. At the car she asked me what I was going to do with her. I told her I would take her home for 'questioning'. I was trying my luck, seeing how far I could go in this charade. To my surprise Catherine went right along, holding up her cuffed wrists and saying 'Well, I am your prisoner'. Glad of the darkness that concealed my excitement, I put her in the passenger seat and drove home. And that's a reminiscence for another time! Well, let me know what you think- and any girls who envy Catherine that evening out there, feel free to drop me a line! R.

Monday, November 14th 2005 - 01:03:37 AM
If anybody is interested in seeing my tied up in my school uniform outfit then just ask! Also if anybody has and pictures of schoolgirls tied up then can we trade?

Monday, November 14th 2005 - 06:10:51 PM
During College, I had the job of the superheroine Star Girl.

One day, I came home to find an obsessed comic book fan waiting inside for me! I was shocked and demanded that he leave but the fan quickly played on my ego and talked me into doing some power moves just for him. I loved to show off so I gave him a few power moves to amuse him. When I aked him to leave the fan's friend suddenly snuck up behind me and chloroforme I! I was heavily fondled as I was slowly chloroformed by the other obsessed fan and was carried over to my bed where I was bound and rendered helpless.

When I woke up I was immediately handgagged and fondled by one of the fans while the other shot the scene on his video camera! i tried to argue with the fans and tell them that it was wrong to do this to me but the fans have waited too long to live out their fantasy and I was soon ball gagged while defiantly protesting. The fan continued to record the scene while his buddy groped me as I struggled and "Mmmmph"ed. They soon reveal their plans to have me pose for a new bondage comic illustrated by the legendary superheroine bondage artist Mr. X!


Tuesday, November 15th 2005 - 08:39:44 PM
If any of you girls out there want to share stories I have a ton of them. I have been tieing up girls and have been tied up by them for years. I own 7 different gags, 4 kinds of whips, 4 pair of handcuffs, blindfolds, and of course, tons of
rope. My bondage adventures include humiliation, torture...about anything you can think of. I'm willing to share stories and ideas if any of you are interested. Hope to hear from you. Have a good one.

Wednesday, November 16th 2005 - 01:31:17 AM
Hey everyone! I have this thing for schoolgirls,lol. I personally like to wear the outfit. So if anybody can help me out by finding me some pics of schoolgirls tied up, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Leah

Thursday, November 17th 2005 - 05:52:04 AM
Help! :-)

I'm a 26 year-old guy, loves tieing and being tied up but have no-one to enjoy it with! If anyone fancies chatting (female ideally!) and possibly something more, please feel free to email me!

Steve -- UK

Monday, November 21st 2005 - 03:24:54 PM
Hey, Leah. You still offering those pictures/stories? Cause if so, I'd like to see/read them... so just e-mail em to me, k?

If you do, I'll show you a yahoo group you might like ;)
Jesus... no seriously!

Friday, November 25th 2005 - 12:21:43 AM
Id love to see them too, please send :)

Friday, November 25th 2005 - 03:25:45 PM
Ditto for me Leah!

Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 04:06:38 PM
Leah, please send those pictures to me also!

Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 04:45:19 PM
Please send some to me too, Leah!

Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 04:55:05 PM

Monday, November 28th 2005 - 09:34:19 AM
would love to see the pic leah

Monday, November 28th 2005 - 06:18:50 PM
This story happened about a year ago. Me and my friend Chad were at one of our friends house named Kassidy. But she wasn't there. We got there right as her mom, Ginger, was getting home. Ginger is what you'd call a milf, lol. She is about 5ft6in, pretty tan, brown hair and green eyes. She has some really great knockers too! Well anyways she gets out of her SUV and it looked like she had just got back from the gym or something.
She told us that Kassidy wasnt home but we could come on in and hang out. She's really tight, everybody likes her. So we went on in the house. She took off her shoes after she got inside. She was wearing a pair of short, tight black shorts, a tight sports bra, and some aerobic socks(the kind that are long and you slouch down) and over them she was wearing a pair of long black leg warmers that were slouched down just below her knees. She looked really hott!
Chad asked her where she was at and she told us that she was at an aerobics class at the local Y. Well she was in the kitchen and you can see the living room tv from there and Chad was flippin through the channels and stopped on the movie The Transporter. That movie is tight! So we started watching it and it came to the part where the guy finds the tied up woman in the trunk. Ginger was like "what a wimp! She could get outta that!" I was like rigght, you dont know what your talking about. Chad said "you think you could do better, and get out." she said definitely. I told her "well lets do this right now Ginger!"
She took us down to the basement and we found a bunch of rope down there. We kept her down there because there was a living room down there. (they are a wealthy family with a big ass house). we told her to get down on the floor and she said its not gonna be that easy boys. We didnt know what she was tryin to get at then all of a sudden I think it just clicked in both of us and we just tackled her and took her to the floor. She was stuggling and fighting like crazy to get away. But it didnt work.
I immediately sat on her legs and grabbed her legwarmered legs and tied rope around her ankles tightly and then below her knees and above them too, and her thighs. while I was doin this to her legs chad was busy tieing her hands behind her back and then tied her elbows together. then i showed him to time the rope above and below her boobs and tighten it so that they looked even bigger than they already are. We had her tied up really well. We got off of her and looked at our work! I said hold on ill be back. I ran to the laundry room and grabbed a couple pairs of her socks. there were two aerobic socks and and a pair of red striped tube socks. (I didnt know if they were hers or if they were kassidy's, i figured they were probably kass's socks) i shoved the 2 aerobic socks into her mouth. Now aerobic sock are pretty long and thick so it kinda says how big her mouth is lol. then i cleave gagged her with one of the tube socks and blind folded her with the other one.
It was great! Just watchin our sexy aerobics woman tied up on the floor strugglin against the ropes and mmmphhhinng into her thick sock gag. It was awesome. We started to tickle her on the inside of her thighs and on her aerobic socked feet too. it was funny watchin her struggle. Then we left her down there and went upstairs to watch tv. lol this is when it really got funny. Her husband came in and we were like uhh. He's tight tho, he treats me like his own son pribably because i only live like 4 houses down from them. But he asked where ginger was and i was like, "uhh shes down stairs" he said that he had to show he somethin outside and he went down to get her and we followed him. He saw her and immediately laughed. We quickly said that it was her idea! We asked him if we should untie her and he said i dont care keep her like that for a while if you want I'm playing poker and my buddy's house tonight so she's all yours. later. And it was just that lol we had her for ourselves and we just messed with her all night. tieing her up in different positions, too. It was a great night.

Tuesday, November 29th 2005 - 11:20:14 AM
if anybody has pics of girls tied up in socks please say so please. I've got pics too.

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 10:14:21 AM
i just wanted to post a few storys here for i have a dream and it came true many times i have tryed to get my friends to like bondage but they all think im crazy its very sad im only 18 and im in college now i went out for the basketball team and had made many friends but that day scared me forever i think it restarted ny heart
well this is how it went i was in the locker room with the whole team layla,kameron,sarah, dania, reada,samie,me, and last but not least sharon
well basket ball practice was over and we all were taking showers some of the girls went home and we were just about to leave when all the lights went off all the girls screamed and in the locker rooms we saw the cheerleaders they dispiesed us alot after all the lights came on each cheerleader had a HUGE JUMBO IM TALKIN BUT SIZED ROLLS OF DUCT TAPE and nylon ropes there were only 5 cheerleaders and the captain bratney we all call her when her real name is britney she said you will vote me this years spring fling college dance queen we all said no way then ill just make you miss saturday each cheerleader took on one baskett ball girl one of them tryed to jump on me but i hit her in the temples and she went unconshious [sorry i suck at spelling]eveyone froze and the cheerleaders had dropped the tape rolls and we all grabed one we took on at least 4 of the cheerleaders and one ran away i grabed britney and the other basketball girls grabed a cheerleader there was only sarah reada me sharon dania kameron since there was six girls against 4 on basket ball girl had to take on one girl each girl bearhugged one cheerleader and formed a line i made me and sharon in charge of tying them up ond girl would hold a cheerleader and stand in front of me and sharon and hold the cheerleader while me and sharon taped up the cheerleader i would wrap around there legs and sharon would stort at the eyes and mouth and work her way down to the hips were i would finish wrapping up she looked like a mummy only her feet were left and her nose so she could breath she struggled very hard so we took off her shoes and socks and put her in the shower and did the same to the other cheerleaders but i did britney all by myself i rapped nylon ropes around her toes and feet [i bet it hurt]she really started to scream so i rapped tape around her head and i used a sweat band to cover her eyes she was thin and pretty hot [IM NOT LESBIAN] so i took scicorrs and cut off her skirt so i only saw her panty hose and a pad i cut off her shirt and kameron said awesom now she cant leave or the boys baskettball team will see her i just rememberd the boys were having practice here to if the girls leave they will be humilyated AWESOME so i put nylon ropes between her ankels so it will look like she has white cuffs around her feet i tyed her hand behind her back the sme way i tied her feet and we carrie or dragged the girls in the showers and turned the showers on we each said goodbye to the cheerleaders and turnedthe lights off we heard loud MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH'S ON OUR WAY OUT THE MONDAY WAS AWFUL THE CHEERLEADERS SAID THAT WE TYED THEM UP AND THE TEACHERS DENIED IT IT WAS SO COOL

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 02:32:52 AM
I tried to send a message to you regarding stories but it says that I have to get a digital signature but when you click the digital bos there is no webpage for it

Saturday, December 3rd 2005 - 10:19:55 PM
Hey Leah if u still have those pics please email them to me

Sunday, December 4th 2005 - 08:47:48 PM
i have pics of myself tied up if anybody wants to trade. Im looking for schoolgirls tied up

Wednesday, December 7th 2005 - 10:47:11 AM
If anyone has pics of guys tied up please email them to me, or let me know of the site I can find them on. I love tieing and gagging guys. They make fun captives, and would love to have more pics of guys in that situation.
Thank you

Saturday, December 10th 2005 - 03:33:43 AM
Mock Kidnapping/Beauty Contest for Charity

This happened a couple of years ago. I was attending college and also competing in beauty contests. In fact, I won a scholorship by winning a Statewide Miss beauty pageant in my home state and went on to the national finals.

Anyway, our college was putting on a Miss _college beauty contest and everyone who knew me wanted me to enter based on my background. There would be two hitches;

1) It would be a fundraiser for a local childrens hospital
2) The winner would agree to be part of a mock kidnapping
that would be open to the public.

I had no problem with doing something for charity but didn't understand the mock kidnapping. What was that for?

So I was told that the promoters would charge two admissions, one for the pageant and a second one for the mock kidnapping then there would be a auction of sorts to release the winner, sort of like a slave auction.

Apparently the promoter got the idea from a couple of places. One, one of the other would be contestants had jokingly said that she would hire somebody to kidnap me to keep me out of the competition. And the promoters daughter had seen a tv show (I believe it was Angel) where the star, very beautiful was part of a slave auction.

A bit unusual but I thought what the heck it is for charity and it was only a mock kidnapping. I could hell the local childrens hospital that needed the money and raise my ego for what I figured would be an easy win.

The day came. This wasn't Miss America but it was a decent competition. First we came out in evening gowns walked across the stage for the judges one by one and walked off.

Then there was the question and answer interview. I smoked this one as I was by far the most experienced.

Then there was the talent competition. I chose playing the piano and came in first in this event as well.

Finally there was the bathing suit and this is my forte if I do say so myself. I am stacked, if you know what I mean.

The judges called out the winners

5th runnerup
4th runnerup
3rd runnerup
2nd runnerup
1st runnerup
1st place Miss _College for 19__ ME!

Okay nor surprise. But to my surprise all of the girls were great sports. Some felt I shouldn't have competed since I was overqualified. Others were happy to see me win because the pageant was open to other local colleges as well.

So the contest over, everybody congratulates me. The local paper takes my picture. The reporter from the college paper takes my picture. Local tv stations cover it and interview me asking me tons of questions and thent he promoter comes over and says it time to go on with the program and get into the kidnapping scenario before people start leaving.

This was a part that we didn't rehearse and the promoter didn't even go over the details with me. All he said was that I would play a kidnapped victim and then there would be a auction where I would be sold to the highest bidder.

So as I walked across the stage, Bob the promoter takes my trophy and tiera and places it down and says to be ready for anything, it probably would be a surprise.

About that time two, maybe three guys grab me from behind. One starts tying my hands behind my back while one of the others throws a red bandana over my mouth tightly and ties it behind my head. The other guy binds my feet while somebody throws a hood over my head and two of them carry me off.

The audience is watching all of this and starts clapping. My heart was pumping. Event hough this was a mock kidnapping, it all happened so fast that it seemed almost real.

I was taken outside, placed into a vehicle which I couldn't see but was apparently a car. They drove around a circle several times to simulate being taken away and then the car stopped and I was brought back to the college auditorium where the audience waited.

The emcee of the beauty pageant handled this part as well. He shouts out: "How much will you pay for this beautiful woman? Do I hear $10?"

"$10 I thought. I am worth more t han $10 but then this was a charity auction."

Somebody yells


Then another person yells $15!

Another person says he wouldn't bid untill he could see my face. So now the hood comes off and cameras are flashing on me recording this event.

I look out and see a audience of about 1,000 people or more in the auditorium. It looked like most if not all of the audience stayed for this part.

$20 shouted a caller.

$40, $65, $80

The emcee said you guys have to be kidding. $80 for this beautiful woman?




WOW! I was thinking of having another mock kidnapping and pocketing the money myself.


HOLY SH__ I Thought!


The emcee now said that this was a fundraiser for the Childrens Hospital. What will $5,000 buy?



The emcee wanted to spurr the sellers on and he did.


Now the bidding stopped.

The emcee says:

Is that all? $12,500 for this beauty pageant winner and for the local childrens hospital? C'mon!"

$13,000 and that is final said a man who turned out to be a major businessman inthe community.

But he was outdone by another local businessman who pushed the bid up to $13,500.

$14,000 said the first businessman.

$14,500 said the other businessman.

Now I felt like I was watching a tennis match as I watched these two guys who were seated in opposite rows inthe auditorium






And the other bidder sat down.

The emcee says $30,000 going once, going twice,

$35,000 yelled another person from the back.

$40,000 retorted the first bidder.

$50,000 was the reply.

$75,000 came back.


And the bidding once again stopped. The bidder who yelled out $100,000 also said that he wanted me to do a promotion for his business. The emcee looked at me. I nodded okay. I figured the childrens hospital needed this money and I was tired of being tied and gagged and wanted to get loose.

The promoter says he has to check the businessman and make sure he has the funds. The businessman did. Believe it or not this businessman paid the $100,000 with a credit cards which cleared immediately. The promoter and the treasurer of the college checked and double checked the transaction.

So finally I was untied, the businessman came over and kissed me on the forehead and the entire audience gave me a standing ovation for my support and for being a good sport about the whole thing.

Meanwhile I stood there on stage and the emcee kiddingly says that he needs more money to untie me. I look over and mmmppphhhed. He looked back, smiled and said "Only kidding." At which point I was untied and left after mixing with some of the audience, the promoter and the college officials.

Although I have been in many pageants, this was the first one like this. I'll never forget it. In fact, every time I see or hear about the pageant, I immediately think of this event. Overall, it was fun though and the Childrens Hospital got some necessary funds.


Sunday, December 11th 2005 - 12:58:32 AM
i'm new to this site but I WANT MORE SEXUAL BONDAGE STORIES!!!

Monday, December 12th 2005 - 01:02:28 AM
Well, I'm sure most of you have heard of cyber-sex. Well, I had an idea...cyber-bondage. If there are any girls out there who would want to give it a shot, email me and maybe we can hook up via YIM, MSN,or AIM. :)
Billy-Bob Thorten

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 07:30:22 AM
First "Real" Bondage Experience

I had realized that I enjoyed being tied up much more than other guys when I was about 6-7 years old. When we played games involving cowboys & Indians, or cops & robbers, etc., I always wanted to be the one who was caught and tied up by the other side. I came to understand that I was truly different than most people of either gender when I was left, tied and gagged for 8 hours while on a field trip with my classmates. When one of the supervising adults found and untied me, I acted like I hated being tied up all that time, because I thought I was supposed to hate it. I thoroughly enjoyed a situation that anyone I knew, boy or girl, would have hated and been frightened to death to have experienced.

My first real bondage experience or one that involved sex came when I was 17 years old. I was at my girlfriend's house on a Saturday and we were lying on the floor watching TV. Her parents and brother were out, somewhere. I rolled onto my stomach and propped my chin in my hands to continue watching the movie on TV. Suddenly, she jumped on my back and started to wrestle with me. This was nothing out of the ordinary. We did this sort of thing frequently, so I thought nothing of it. I started to respond and she grabbed my arms and held them behind my back, saying, "Now I've got you helpless, on your stomach with your hands behind your back" or something to that effect. I said something like "I could get away any time I wanted." "Not if I tied you like this," she said. I could not believe what I was hearing. Did this girl I had known for several years just say what I think she said? "Do you really think you could tie me up so that I couldn't get away?" I asked. "If you promise to wait right here and not move, I'll show you," she replied. This was just really too good to be true.

She flounced off into another part of the house and I lay there thinking that I shouldn't get my hopes up; that she'd probably do a lousy, sloppy job and I'd have to act like I was really tied up and couldn't get loose. Soon, she was back with lots of rope and some cloth strips. "What're you going to do with that cloth?" I asked. "Silly," she exclaimed, "I'm going to gag you, of course." Damn, I thought, this keeps on getting better. She straddled my back and again pulled my arms behind me, placed my hands palm to palm and began to wind the rope around my wrists. I began to realize that she knew what she was doing when, after each turn around my wrists, she stopped, cinched and tied the rope. When most inexperienced people endeavor to bind someone they wind great loops about the body or arms and only tie it when the rope is used up. This type of bondage is ridiculously easy to escape.

When she finished the loops about my wrists she ran the rope between my arms several times and cinched the coils tight before knotting them. I remember thinking that she has obviously done this before. I was going to have a hard time escaping from this. By this time, I was also thinking that it was a thing I was on my stomach. My erection would have been an embarrassment and a dead giveaway that I was enjoying this a little more than I should have. She turned her attention to my ankles, binding in the same manner as my wrists. When she finished, she pulled me into a tight hogtie, my heels against my hands and finished off the job with a couple of knots. "Still think you can get away, now?" she asked, sweetly. "Time for your gag," she said, "open wide." I opened my mouth and she stuffed most of a large piece of cloth between my teeth and tied another strip of cloth over it to keep it in place.

I had never felt so completely helpless and excited in my whole life. I was in the very situation I had always dreamed of, being tied and gagged by a pretty girl. I rolled around and struggled as hard as I could. It was no use. I was not going anywhere. She lay beside me on the floor, put her arm over my shoulder and started to watch the movie. We lay like that for another hour, I suppose. I occasionally shifted to try to find a comfortable position and grunted into the gag. Soon after, she got up and went into the kitchen. I could hear her getting some items from the refrigerator and bustling about. Soon, she returned with a sandwich and a glass of water. "I thought might be hungry, so I made us a little something to eat. If you promise to be quiet, I'll take your gag out and give you some of this food. Do you promise?" I slowly nodded my head and she undid the strip holding my gag in place and took it from my mouth.

I panicked when she turned me onto my back for I was still as hard as a rock. She seemed not to notice and sat, holding my head in her lap. She fed me about half of the sandwich and held the glass to my lips so I could drink. "Sorry, Bobby," she said when we had finished the food and drink, "But I'm going to have to gag you again for what comes next." What comes next, I thought. What the hell could that possibly be? She disappeared into the kitchen again with the dish and glass.

(Author's note: This is getting longer than I had intended. Continued later if you wish.)

Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 10:54:03 AM
Sorry for the delay...Christmas doings, you know. I suddenly realized that I had never mentioned my high school girlfriend's name. I just referred to her as she or her...sort of dehumanizing, eh? Her name was Carol. I was a very naive boy at that time in my life and learned a great deal from a lady much wiser than her years. I could've done a hell of a lot worse...gotten someone who would have really hurt me, physically or emotionally. I have only seen her a couple of times since our senior year. Who knows, given her interest in the subject at hand she may be reading this. If so, a big shout out to Carol...wherever you are.

Anyhow, here goes...
I heard Carol putting the dish and glass in the dishwasher and bustling about in the kitchen. I caught a glimpse of her as she hurried down a the hall toward her bedroom. I began to worry about her parents coming home and finding me hogtied on the den floor. I wondered how I would go about explaining that to them. Soon, she appeared with what looked like a white sock in her hand a bottle of hand lotion. She knelt on the floor beside me and said, "Open up, sweetie. I told you I was going to have to gag you again for what comes next. I dutifully opened my mouth and allowed her to stuff the wad of saliva-soaked colth into my mouth and tie the strip between my teeth. I was so monumentally dumb that I had no idea what was about to happen. I remind you that this took place a long time ago. I hate to admit it but I was 17 year-old virgin. I had concentrated all of my efforts on becomming a good football player and was woefully stupid about just about anything else. I was the stereotypical "dumb jock."

After reapplying my gag Carol turned me onto my side facing her and began to undo the fly of my Levis. I couldn't believe what was happening. These were the old type of Levis, with the buttons down the front instead of a zipper. With some difficulty, she got my fly open and started to reach into my underwear. This was the first time a female of any age had touched my genitals since I was a baby. (I told you I was dumb and naive). nature being what it is, my heart was beating like a jackhammer and my cock was at full attention. Carol leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said, sweetly, "Just lie back and enjoy this, Bobby. You deserve it."

Squirting a large dollop of the hand cream into her palm she started to stroke my cock. when she had lubricated it sufficiently she placed the sock over it and continued her rythmic stroking. With all of my sexual experience, this probably lasted all of 4-5 minutes before I exploded int the sock. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and sexual madness I did the only thing a strapping defensive tackle could do; I burst into tears. It felt so absolutely wonderful and at the same time deliciously sinful and decadent that I could not contain myself. Carol held me close for a long time while my sobs subsided then untied me, quickly.

When her parents arrived, we were sitting on the couch with me in sort of a daze. They thought I was a dope anyway, so noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

I don't cry after sex anymore and have been tied up by many different women over the years, but this first time always stands out in my memory. When I think about it, I smile.

Hope you enjoyed my tale.

Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 08:06:06 PM

I enjoyed reading about your story. Would you mind describing Carol a bit more? How old was she? What did she look like?


Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 11:10:08 AM
Yo i go 2 uni in england n i woz jes wanderin if ne 1 cud send me sum pics of girls tied up, i love bondage, o n brooke nice story, keep em cumin xxx

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 12:10:42 PM
Hey this is Leah sorry it's been a while. Does anybody have any girls tied up in socks?? just wondering. I'll post some of my new times being tied up!!

Saturday, December 24th 2005 - 11:13:05 AM
Please Leah lets definatly hear more of your stories. But what do you look like?

Sunday, December 25th 2005 - 11:41:38 PM
Okay, so I've always loved to be tied up, I've fantasized about it for years, and even when I was thirteen I loved it!

There was a neighborhood boy, lets call him George, and he had a sister...say..Lindsey. Well George had a shed that could be locked, and he enjoyed locking Lindsey into it.

I was kind of a fiesty teenager and I hated to see him do this, although I wished he would do it to me. So one day I decided to hide in the shed with the key and catch him at it. I told Lindsey my plans over the phone, and little did I know he was listening!!

My plan was to take the key into the shed, and slip Lindsey out the back. Then we would go after George and lock HIM in there for a change.

Well, I didn't realize he'd listened to my whole conversation from the day before.
Turns out, he had arranged for my other neighbor...say Phil, to come over and get me before I got Amanda.

I was young, and didn't know much about bondage then, so I didn't know what I was in for.

So, right as George pushed Lindsey into the shed, I slipped around back, and Phil was there. He grabbed me and secured his hand firmly over my mouth. Then he tightened his grip on my wrists.

I squirmed and pretended to hate it, but I loved it. Finally, I just stood still. I realized I couldn't break free from Phil's grip..so I waited. I expected him to just let me go, but no.

George came around back and he looked me right in thet eyes and said "Gotcha" he explained how he knew my plan and his eyes sparkled. Then he looked at Phil and he said "Part two"

Phil took me to a tree in the woods behind his house and held me firmly against it with one hand. I was too nervous to shout, and I wanted this to continue, so I stood there, struggling.

He grabbed rope from his pack and started wrapping it around me. "You are our prisoner"

Now you have to remember, at the time we were about 14, so I thought to myself 'What's he gonna do to me?'

He reached into his pack and to my dismay, he had a roll of duct tape. I wasn't expecting that. I I started to protest "Hey, wha.." but he slapped the duct tape across my mouth and then I saw George come out from the shed.

He looked at Phil "Lindsey's hogtied, time to deal with Laura" He pulled my wrists out from under the rope and tied them firmly together, then he took me to his Garage.

His big brother used to live in an "apartment" on the second story of their garage. They led me up the steps and into the room. It was dark and I was really excited.

They set me down on a chair and tied me firmly to the chair, but this time, the rope was much thicker.

The duct tape was still over my mouth, but I stayed very still, I was nervous, but excited. Phil whispered something to George then looked at me "Laura, struggle, you're not being much of a prisoner"

I laughed through my gag. That was funny, like they could get me to do anything..

I refused, shaking my head no, well they had a plan for that too. George untied me from the chair, but quickly bound my whole body together, in a hogtie.

"Naughty Naughty" Phil laughed and took off the duct tape.

Immediately, I screamed "Are you guys insaine?"

Suddenly, they stuck a pair of socks in my mouth and put a fat layer of duct tape over top of it. Then another, and another.

So now, I was at their mercy, helplessly hogtied, in a living room sort of place, gagged.

They left me like that and got Lindsey, they brought her up to the house and tied us together, back to back, so firmly that we couldn't move.

After about an hour they came back, and realeased us from our ropes. "If you tell anyone" they told us "You'll really get it"

I was excited, and wanted more...
But we moved the next year to a small little town, and I hadn't been bound until two nights ago, when I remembered and..well you see.


Monday, December 26th 2005 - 02:15:23 AM
Emma what is you email or screenname?

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 11:02:09 AM

or redphantasm on yahoo messenger or AIM

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 11:32:22 PM
Well this is a story about something my girlfriend and me when we were in college.

When we met i had never explored bondage before but now i am hooked! At the time i was 17 and my girlfriend was 31 which was something that added to the pleasure.

One night we had arranged a nice evening just the two of us, and for this we had made some purchases and some alterations to our room. We had bought and installed a ring into the ceiling and we had bought a good amount of rope and tape. O not forgetting the ball gag that we had made.

Anyway the evening started with a staged abduction, nothing fancy. I hid behind the door when she entered the room and grabbed her. i forced a pillow case over her head and tied it with a sash that went in her mouth, doubling up as a blindfold and a gag. from her i quickly, but tightly secured her wrists behind her back and forced her onto the bed. As planned she was putting up some resistance and some muffles through the gag.

I cut her clothes off now with some scissors, obviously we had arranged thatt she would be wearing old clothes for this. With my girlfriend now stripped to her underwear i proceeded to tie my girlfriends wrists to the hook in the ceiling. a nice simple strapado!! very nice and very hard to escape from.

from here i left her, with the chaallenge that if she managed to escape before i came back she could do anything she wanted to do to me. i gave her fifteen minutes for this........

if you want to find out what happened email me

likewise if there is any female submissives out therer that are from the uk that think they could complete the challenge email me and we can exchange details!!!

Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 01:13:41 AM
When I was a sophomore in High School I had been dating this girl Carina for about a month. She was about 5 foot 5 with long dirty blond hair, a pretty face, large, perky breasts and a gorgeous ass. I was a young kid then, rather innocent and immature. Carina was really my first experience with the wild side.
One day we were sitting in her living room watching Seinfield. It was the episode when George is tied to the bed and gets all his clothes stolen. As we we watching it, I remember hearing Carina say "Wow, I can't believe she's going to tie him up." Just the sound of those words comign from her mouth made my heart begin to race, and I looked at her with a slight smirk on my face. She smirked back at me, and jumped up from the couch. She was wearing a small grey t-shirt with almost skin-tight white shorts that barely covered her shapely ass. My heart was pounding as I follwed her upstairs.

When we got up to her room, Carina opened up her drawer and took something out. As she turned around, I saw a pair of handcuffs hanging from her hand, her smirk widening. My blood began to pound even more. I took the cuffs from her and said "You've been a very bad girl." I then pushed her up agaisnt the wall, taking the cuffs from her. She looked back at me with widening eyes as I began to frisk her body. I moved from her arms to her wasit, feeling her firm, tight behind with my fingers.

I then said "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent." I then pulled one of her arms behind her back and attached the handcuffs. I slowly pulled the other arm behind her and cuffed that wrist as well. Her hands were tightly cuffed behind her back, just above her beautiful, shapely behind. I felt my heart race as she squirmed in her binds, struggly with the handcuffs.

I let her onto the bed and pushed her ontop of it. I then told her to stay put and raced to her kitchen. I then reappeared with a roll of duct tape. I taped her ankles together and then, as her eyes began to widen, I stuck a piece over her mouth.

She began to mmmmhm mmmmh, sqirming around the bed helplessly, in her tight white shorts, all tied up. Eventually, i let her go, and she told me that she loved it. i never forgot the feeling that experiece gave me.


Monday, January 2nd 2006 - 09:59:19 PM
This one happened in my first year at uni and wot an intro 2 uni life. i had always loved bondage, bt neva as nethin real. after about six weeks i had made a nice strong group of friends (name not mentioned) bt there were 3 guys and 5 girls. the girls were very very attractive an 2 of them were very big breasted.

ne way one day we were sat round jes chattin an da girls got 2 sayin sumfin bout burgleries (dont ask how, i aint a clue) and dey were sayin how they would b terrified if 1 of dem was burgled, one of da lads sed "we shall c", no 1 thought much of i at the time. wen the girls left he turned 2 us n sed lets do it, we all wanderd wot the hell he woz on about, he sed lets burgle/ kidnap the girls. I WOZ UP 4 IT, as u can imagine n the other 2 guys dint seem 2 objective.

That nite we stocked up on duct tape n rope n wot eva else we cud use, luckily about a week from that nite the girls were having a slumber party bt one of them cudnt make it leavin it as four on four :>.

so the nite leadin up 2 the evenin were mostly spent plannin how 2 tie the girls up.

wen the nite came we waited 4 them 2 go 2 sleep n den climbed in through an open window (lucky bt not recomended) an saw our first target. she woz one of the big breasted girls n 2 our suprise all the girls were stripped down 2 their underwear. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!

so we first of all handgagged her, i think that she knew it woz us cu she dint struggle 2 much, we then taped her mouth with a lot of tape n tied her hands behind her back n her feet 2getha, we then proceeded 2 tie sum rope under her breasts n it looked good :P, after this we decided 2 totally restict movement 2 wrap her from neck 2 toe in clingfilm. SHE LOOKED SO HOT!!!!!!!. den more tape on the mouth and took her 2 a corner.

this went incredibly smoothly which we dint expect so we were glad, the next target woz a moving one so it woz a bit more tricky, we snuck up behind her n taped her mouth with a lot of duct tape (much like the last one), then we put her arms behind her back n proceeded 2 tape her completly from neck 2 toe in duct tape (she wasnt naked bt fully clothed :( ) so it wudnt hurt so much wen we took it of, we putnher in the corner and moved on, 2 more left.

The next 2 we found sitting back 2 back sleepin in the bedroom. both stark naked (we were becoming a bit curious by this stage) so we split into pairs n did our seprate things with these 2, we had the big breatsed one, so we woke her and very quickly gagged her with our last bit of tape and then tied her hands behind her back with rope, then her feet then knees then thies then waist then under the breasts. the others did practically the same with the other lass. we bought the other 2 in n took of our balaclavas and then ungagged them all, they the askd wot we wanted 2 do with them now. but thats a different story for anohter time ;).

wen he evenin woz ova we al jes continued as per usual, they swore revenge but neva got it :( lol. bt it woz an almighty turn on for me 2 c 4 georges girls (2 with huge breasts) all tied up in the same room. sum naked sum not, one wrapped in cling film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

hope ya enjyed it!!!!!
bob harding

Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 - 01:24:44 AM
bob harding.... PLEASE USE REGULAR ENGLISH!!! It is extremely difficult to follow all the childish chat room abbreviations used throughout your story. What are you....14 years old? The story was decent, however, the manner in which you told it was TERRIBLE!!!

Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 03:51:40 PM
yeah sorry about that, i was in a rush and i had a lot to et in there, in my future stories ill use proper english, and for the record im 26 now.
bob harding

Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 03:51:51 PM
yeah sorry about that, i was in a rush and i had a lot to et in there, in my future stories ill use proper english, and for the record im 26 now.
bob harding

Monday, January 9th 2006 - 09:46:26 PM
Whatever happened to the bound and gagged by burglars story site ?

Tuesday, January 10th 2006 - 02:34:14 AM
i would like to contribute a story about the game i played with a girl prajakta who lives next door. she loved getting tied up and gagged.
so i just stepped into her house one day. she asked me whether i had come to play with her. i asked her if she didn't mind. she said she didn't.
so i took her to my house as there wasn't anyone at home.
we usually made up stories from movies and cartoons. we decided to make up a story about scooby doo in which daphne and a girl named shannon get kidnapped. so i rang up a friend of mine and asked if she would come.
she readily agreed. in the meantime we made up a story.
the story was about the ghost(me) and two detectives who solved the mystery.
devarshri(my friend) arrived. we told her the story.
the story runs as follows.
The ghost gives three warnings to daphne and shannon to leave the place or else something terrible would befall. but they do not listen and continue to stay in the house. actually the ghost is a fugitive who smuggles drugs. the girls do not know this. so i kidnap daphne(prajakta) and shannon comes looking for her and i kidnap her as well. but in they all escape and catch me in the act.
both of them agreed to this.
So i went and hid in the house. the two girls had come to stay in the house little knowing it was haunted.
one fine morning, daphne thought she heard a noise and went into the kitchen. i came there and gave her a warning to leave the place. the next two warnings were given to shannon. but they did not listen. so i had to do something drastic. and the chance was soon to come. one night i heard daphne telling shannon that she was going to the kitchen to get a midnight snack and asking shannon if she wanted anything. but shannon was asleep. so daphne set out without a torch. into the narrow passage i quietly filled a handkerchief with a so called chloroform- it was actually perfume- daphne cmae up the passage slowly. i was quick to react. i pressed the cloth against her mouth till she "fainted" and carried her upstairs. upstairs i quickly grabbed a rope and tied her to a chair. then unravelling some duct tape, i wrapped it around her mouth thrice. she was still"dazed" to say anything. i hid her in the attic.
next morning shannon woke up to find daphne missing. i don't know how she understood where i had kept daphne, maybe because of he mmphing of daphne. she opened the attic door and she found daphne tied up.
Shannon:"are you all right?"
Daphne:"mmmmmmmmmmmmmph ummmmmmmuuummmmmmmummmmmummmmmmm"
Shannon: what is it?"
Daphne:"mmmmmmmmm ummmummmmmmummmmmmummmmmmmmmmummmmmm"
BONK. the world went dark for shannon. she woke up tied in a chair next to daphne and gagged with four rounds of duct tape.
I laughed and told the girls.
Me:"soon this place will be full of my drugs and i will escape from the country while you sit her mmmphing.
I slammed the door shut and listened.
Shannon:"mmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmummmmmm?"
Daphne:"mmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmm ummmmmmm mummmmmmmmm."
I laughed and went into another room. and what a peaceful night i had. listening to the girls mmphing all night.
Shannon(whispering) i've got my bonsds off. let me see if he is still there.
Daphne:"ummmmmmmmmmmmmummmm mmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm uumm."
Shannon:"shut up you moron. there you are.
Daphne:"thank goodness."
so they went up to my room and tied me up and called the police. hence i was caught and the game ended. both of them were very happy.

mihir bajekal

Thursday, January 12th 2006 - 10:37:02 PM
i would like to tell you'll a game i played with my girlfriend priyanka nakhole.
she was a sexy dame who loved getting gagged and i was the thug who loved kidnapping and gagging her.
so one day when i asked her to play with me she readily agreed. i was accustomed to playing these games as i had played them before with my cousin sister.
so my friend and i decided to play this game with priyanka who is supposed to be a princess and my friend is her father, the king. so i kidnap her and hold her for ransom. i just loved those parts of being the villain.
so she went to the bathroom and was pretending to get dressed and come out when i clamped my glove covered hand on her beautiful face. she struggled but i held on firmly. then i carried her on my back to the basement and taped her up. she then told me to gag her as well. so i gagged her with duct tape and there she was, bound, gagged and helpless. and here is a conversation between us.
P is for priyanka and M is for me.
M:- What is it?
M:- you want water?
P:- (shakes her head) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
M:- you want me to untie you.
M:- sorry, i cannot do that because you are my hostage. now i'll call up your father and ask him for a ransom of 20 crore dollars.
so i finally let her go and she told me that her mom was calling her. so the game ended.
Mihir Bajekal

Saturday, January 14th 2006 - 09:23:45 AM
Same question as previously posted.

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 12:07:58 AM
Well, one day i got sick of using the same old gags, the scarf, the tape, the cleave and so on on my girlfriend priyanka.
so today i decided to use some innovative ways to gag her.
so i told her about it and she agreed. so i started.
1) i first stuffed a lollipop down her mout and i taped it all up so that she couldn't throw it out. the noise she made was" GRGRRRRGRRRRRGGLLLLLLGLLLLG"
2) next i used a small dish and held it against her mouth and taped it all up. the noise was"PPPPPHHPPPPPPPHHHPPPPPH"
3) next i used my hairbrush and put it on her mouth and taped it up.the noise"PPPPPRRRRRPRRRRRRRRPRRRR"
4) next i made a long wrap from my rug and mummified her, leaving her nose open of course. the noise"MMMMMhMMMMHMH"
5) next i took her long hair and tied it across her mouth with some thread.the noise"PHHHHHHHPHHHHHH"
then left with nothing else to do, i gagged her with my handkerchief tightly, then taped it all up, added another hanky and another round of duct tape.the noise" ", nothing. so i gag kissed her while taking off all her gags and let her go.

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 09:59:30 PM
One more time.

What happened to the bound and gagged by burglars story site ?

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 01:41:38 AM
I would tell you a game in which i kidnapped my schoolteacher(with permission) and her daughter.
now me and her daughter poorva, were watching a documentary on the new detectives on discovery and there was an episode in which a man uses duct tape to enclose some secret.
so i pretended that i did not know what duct tape was.
i asked poorva,"what is duct tape?"
She said"well, its a tape that the villains use to strap the kidnapped victim's mouth."
I said,"Strap the victim's mouth!"
She said"don't tell me you'venever seen a movie like that before.
I lied,"no, never."
She said"want me to show you?"
this was the opportunity i was waiting for. i readily agreed. she brought some duct tape and then sat on an armchair.
Poorva: so now, mihir, before you gag anyone, you must always tie one up. so now pull the tape from the round and tie my hands.
she placed her hand on an arm and i wrapped up. after the hands, i strapped the legs to the chair so that she
could not bump them as she was going to be gagged for a long time.
Poorva: now rip the tape and gag me however you like.
Me:what's a gag?
Poorva: oh sorry, i forgot. rip the tape. good! now take a small strip. yes and now place it over my mouth.
Me: are you sure?
Poorva: of course i am. come on now do as i say.
Me: O.K.
so i put the tape across her mouth and began laughing.
she was startled and looked at me.
Me: no no no, i will not untie you so easily. you must
sit with me like this for at least some time.
I then strapped four rounds of duct tape over her mouth.
then i sat on her and gag kissed her for ten minutes and she was very happy too.
but in the end she protested and i took the gag off and untaped her. she said that she had liked the game very much and she told me to play it everyday.

the next day, i met Poorva's mom, a teacher in our school. she told me to wait after school in a classroom. I was scaredthat poorva might have told her about the happenings yesterday. but i was surprised when she asked me
"ever abducted a schoolteacher?"
my eyes nearly popped out when i heard this. i was flabbergasted. here was a teacher standing right in front of me and telling me to abduct her!
i reluctantly agreed and she told me to bundle her into a car and take me off to her old house in which nobody lived. i got my friend into the task and he offered to drive the car.she agreed and at 11:00 pm , we started of towards her house. as told, she was standing on a footpath near the park. seeing that nobody was around, i told my friend to drive the three door van fast and stop at the teacher Miss Shilpa(with permission)
he did so and stopped in front of her. knowing well she would not recognize us as we had worn masks, and also that she might scream, i quickly covered my mouth with my hand. and as for sure, she didn't recognize us and started struggling. but i pulled her inside and silenced her with duct tape. then i tied her up with duct tape itself and took off my mask.
my friend drove as per her mmmphing directions and reached her old house. as it was 1:00 am, there was noone on the road and so we carried Miss Shilpa up the stairs and into a cramped room. i then told my friend to keep the van near a well built house so that noone could suspect. in the meantime i gag kissed her. my friend returned and did the same. we finally took her home still bound and gagged at 5:00 am and entered the house.
poorva knew that this was going to happen. but we decided to play a trick on her.
we dropped a vessel in the kitchen purposely.poorva woke up and came down the stairs slowly. as soon as she crossed the passage, i covered a handkerchief over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. seeing her mother, still taped up, she heaved a sigh of relief. i let her go and untaped miss shilpa.she then made coffee for all of us and we went home very pleased

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 12:33:23 PM
Hey everyone!

Wednesday, January 18th 2006 - 12:15:13 AM
today i decided, come whatever may, i will kidnap my cousin sister.
she is a cute little girl 14 years old and extremely sexy. so she was dressing up in her room when i went in and covered her mouth with my hand. she hadn't expected this and she struggled and i hit her head with a soft pillow. she fainted. she was acting. i lifted her and took her to the basement.
there i tied her up very tightly with rope.
i then shook her awake. she started screaming. i placed my hand over her mouth. she would still try to scream. i would let the handgag off and then put it again. in the end i got sick of her screaming and so i gagged her with a long scarf. but it wasn't tight and so i then cleave gagged her, then another detective style gag and then i taped it all up.
i then lifted her to walk . she started mmmmmmphing. so i pressed my hand over her mouth hard so she couldn't mmmph. i then ungagged her and handgagged her again and finally let her go

Wednesday, January 18th 2006 - 02:32:53 AM
i was 13 years old i tie my sister best friend and gag her until she told me to let her go or face her fathher alone
Richard G,Santek

Sunday, January 22nd 2006 - 07:32:51 AM
I had an experience of bondage when i was 14. (To get a picture of how gorgeous i look, if youve ever seen the film, home team, i play alex.
There was this girl, Beth, same age as me and ultra gorgeous. She was an athelete like myself and very fit. I had fancied her since childhood.Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair with blonde streaks in. You can believe my excitement when i got invited by her to come to a party at her house.
However when i got there, i rang the doorbell, but noone answered. I opened the door a walked in and shouted Hello?
I walked ino the lounge and sat on the sofa thinking theyve probably gone to someones elses house to round off the party. I sat there for about 2 mins wen suddenly i got grabbed from behind and then i remember being knocked round the head and falling unconscious. I awoke to find i had been bound to a chair with this super hottie stood in front of me. Beth. For about an hour she interrogated me about this local gang, (she was apparantly in a gang and i had a brief spell with their rivals) she wanted to know about some of her gang members who had been taken prisoner and where the hideout was. They were trying an assault to free the prisoners. Finally, i was set free, and i set off home. The next day at college she mentioned nothing of it until after college finished when she said "same time tomorrow? You can be the interrogator".
5 years since then and we are now a couple. Ahhhh...

Monday, January 23rd 2006 - 12:08:05 AM
Hey everybody! Whoever wants to talk just email me or just IM me at Allsport1411! buh bye

Monday, January 23rd 2006 - 11:19:25 AM
The time where i was interrogator for Beth, i had untied her to set her free, and she pushed me onto the sofa in the basement and we made out. Thats pretty much how the boyfriend/girlfriend sort of thing started. By the way the girl who mentioned the guy Sontiogo, strange name, Santiago perhaps but Sontiogo?

Monday, January 23rd 2006 - 09:25:57 PM
I've got more pics of myself and roommates tied up if anybody wants to trade and share pics! just IM me or email me!

Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - 11:36:27 AM
I'll have some pics

Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - 02:45:23 PM
I'm very interested in your pics. Can I see them? please....

Thursday, January 26th 2006 - 10:15:20 AM
Hey does anyone have pics of where they were bound and gagged while dressed like a girl by their g/f or sister or whoever? if so please email me.

Thursday, January 26th 2006 - 10:18:13 AM
Hey does anyone have pics of where they were bound and gagged while dressed like a girl by their g/f or sister or whoever? if so please email me.

Thursday, January 26th 2006 - 01:49:47 PM
Can u post an address LEAH 4 the piccies?

Thursday, January 26th 2006 - 02:22:12 PM
Is any1 here a fan of bondage, (haha, this is a bondage forum), and barefoot girls tied up coz ive got a story about Rachel and Sarah.
When i was about 14-15, there were two GORGEOUS, FIT girls called Rachel and Sarah. Sarah was a teensi weensi little bit more prettier than Rachel. I used to flirt with them a bit and they would sometimes invite me round to their house for sleepover. (When Rachel invited me i would come and Sarah would come too) But, once when sarah invited me, i asked my mate Adam (who was also a fan of bondage) if he would come round with me to help me tie the girls up. He gladly agreed (who wouldnt?) and he went to get the equipment from the store.
He brought them in a duffel bag and he pretended that they were his clothes for the night. This particular night the girls had hired a movie and were sat watching on the couch in the lounge. Both were barefoot and Sarah was wearing this top that made her boobs look big (which was normal) and a short denim skirt that showed her sexy legs. Rachel was the same from the waist below but she had a top that girls usually tie in a knot at the bottom. Me and Adam silently planned our attack in the kitchen. When Sarah had gone to the loo, we pounced on Rachel and before she could scream Adam had gagged her with tape whilst i roped her wrists and ankles. Then Adam wrapped rope round her top half while i did the bottom half. We then pulled the cover from the couch, placed Rachel on, and then put the cover over.
Then we crept back to the kitchen and waited. Sarah finally came back and realized something was wriggling under the cover. She whipped it off and gasped. before she untied Rachel, we jumped on her doing exactly the same to her as we did with rachel. We then stood looking down at these two beauties, bound and gagged and under OUR control. We took them into the bedroom and layed them on seperate beds. Adam gavw his own tickle torture/whatever torture he does to Rachel and i followed doing the same to Sarah. After about half an hour. We stopped and untied them and straight away Sarah wrapped her arms round me and we started kissing, and as if by coincidence, Rachel did the same to Adam.
The next morning we left happy men. Adam told me on the way back: "this was great. A bondage session on the hottest girls in the world and i get a girlfriend!" "Mmm" i replied.
Bondage Beast

Friday, January 27th 2006 - 04:30:02 PM
TYPO: Adam gavw
correction: Adam gave
Of course!
Bondage Beast

Monday, January 30th 2006 - 11:21:19 AM
Once there was this really cute girl i fancied and some of my mates new that. Fewer knew that i liked bondage. So when my birthday came, those few delivered a special present.
It was quite big so i decided to save it till last.
When i did open it i got the shock of my life, for there in the box was the girl i fancied, bound and gagged and blindfolded and barefoot. And by the looks of the slight tear marks on her face underneath the blindfold it looked like she had been subjected to immense tickle torture that my mates could do. "Poor thing" i thought and i unblindfolded and ungagged her. She immediately told me that she had been watching tv and someone banged at the door so she went to answer it. My mates then had some rope and tape and at first they roped her wrists and ankles together then covered the ropes with tape, then cleave-gagged her and placed her in a duffel bag which was then bunled into a van or something. She had then been driven to a house and taken into the basment where she was tortured then put in a hogtie and tortured again before she slept there tied up. The next day she was put in a box and taken to my house and it had ended up i had opened the box to find her there. i untied her and she fell in my arms before she asked if she could use a bed. The next day i confronted my mates and they said that Sara Booth had paid them to. It turned out she didnt like Roisin (The girl i fancied) and she ordered this. The next day my mates became 10 richer while Sara spent the night in a basement, tied up and tickled to death.
Cackle, it served her right!
Borninabinbagboy (not really)

Thursday, February 2nd 2006 - 01:50:15 PM
Nice story Mihir, keep em comin, what is it with the barbies?!?

Friday, February 3rd 2006 - 01:23:49 AM
this is the story of the girls i kidnapped from school. i was in college this time and had a crush on a particular girl. but she would always brush me aside. so that day i decided that i would talk to her somehow. i asked her if she would come out for lunch with me after school. she reluctantly agreed.
i told her to come to my house as there was noone there.
meanwhile, i called the girl next door because she wanted some help. now she is a sexy damsel who loves getting tied up. i helped her in her homework and then asked her whether i could tie her up. she agreed but for a very short time. so i got the ropes and the tape ready. i bound her to a chair and then told her that my girlfriend was coming and she should assist me to kidnap her by not shouting. i then gagged her with several rounds of duct tape.
after some time my girlfriend arrived with her friend.
so i took both of them upstairs.
i had hidden this girl prajakta carefully in the closet.
my girlfriend poorva and her friend preeti sat on the sofa and i went to bring some water for them.
just then poorva heard some mmmmmphing. she went to find out where that noise was coming from. preeti was alone in the room. i grabbed the opportunity and chloroformed preeti. i then carried her upstairs on the errace and hid her in a shed. i then taped her hands together and tape gagged her.
poorva came into the hall and i pretended to look for preeti.
she asked me where preeti was. i replied that i hadn't seen her and was searching for her. we decided to search together. i led her in front and as soon as she was within grasp i grabbed and chloroformed her. i then carried her to the same shed and taped her hands and her mouth. i then brought prajakta upstairs too. i ungagged her, chloroformed her and tape gagged her again. i then took some pictures of the helpless damsels. prajakta woke up first. i let her go. gradually, poorva and preeti came to their senses and started mmmmmmphing.
Me: now i have you in my clutches girls. poorva, i wanted to kidnap you for such a long time but i never succeeded. now i've done it.
saying so i gag kissed poorva and preeti for a long time. finally they started mmmmmphing loudly and i realised that i had to let them go. they forgave me because they loved getting tied up and they went home.

Friday, February 3rd 2006 - 01:48:28 PM
I . wa . handcuffed gagged , . !

Friday, February 3rd 2006 - 01:53:30 PM
Sorry about my previous post, it was, as you might have guessed, in russian.
TRANSLATED: I got tied up by my cousin when we went camping. When i was sleeping he handcuffed me to the tent pole and chlorophormed me and tape gagged me. I finally woke up and easily got free so when my cousin was slepping i di the same. Only difference: He couldnt get free!
Russian Bound boy

Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 07:03:42 AM
if anyone wants sandy duncan jekyll and hydes in which daphne is kidnapped and gagged video clip, email me at mirbakshi_007@rediffmail.com

Wednesday, February 8th 2006 - 06:06:44 PM


Friday, February 10th 2006 - 11:11:40 PM
I never found who the package was from. The gag was not for me, but I later discovered that the mailman had wanted to bind and gag me for some time. When my dorm mates came back from their classes, they began to tease me about being so helpless and after an hour or two, they untied me and asked me what happened. Thanks for your question, Lee.

Sunday, February 12th 2006 - 05:07:11 PM
It was my 18th birthday and me and my mates had decided to go out drinking and get comletly sloshed.sorry about the spelling but i have a few literacy problems but hope you enjoy

Any way me and my mates are at a bar and we have had a few beers by now and i am getting a drink when i hear to of mates Betty and Tanya talking about bondage. Tanya is telling Betty that her lastest boyfriend Josh my best mate could not escape from her knots when she tied him to the bed and the 2 girls laugh fondly. I was over hearing and being a little drunk and wanting to show off a little jump into there converstion and say "I can escape from any bondage situation me" even though i had no experience of bondage at all.

3 of my mates arive ,Carl,Harvey and Josh come over and hand me and Betty a drink as Tanya was driving home she had to stay sobber and Josh comes over and says "what where you talking about" and Tanya laughs "Dean was just explaining how he can escape from any bondage situatation" and being on the spot i had to try and explain and act like i knew what i was talking about but it came out as complete nonsense and they just laughed at my face Carl goes "yeah right" and i had to defend my self and goes "yes i can" and the guys just laughed at me.

An hour later me and my friends where still talking and you could see that Tanya was getting bored and says "Dean you could not get out of one knots if tried" and i was drunk and excited as it was my birthday and said "want a bet" big mistake she smiled "sure 50 would be enough" my heart sank and the others looked at me and she goes "i know where to do it" and takes a breath and says meet me rigly playground in 20 minutes" and we left the club.

all of us meet at the playground i felt scared. i could not just backout because what would my friends think and maybe that it my bad but Tanya arrived and said "the monkey bars" and i knew i was trouble but Tanya spoke and said "here are the terms okay if you escape by 12 o clock tomorrow then i will give you a 50 okay" and i nodded the money would come in handy then she said "okay this is the way it will work you have your hands tied above over your head to the monkey bars and your feet will be tied together and a gag over your mouth so you do not ask for help" i nodded trying to act confident but at that momment i did not put my brain in gear and "I could do that blind folded" and Tanya laughed and said "as you wish."

Tanya said "lets begin" and she moved me and said "to the monkey bars" and i started to move feeling a little frighten as i was about to make a fool of my self and i could not back out as i would look like a fool for saying the thing in the first place Carl looked at others and says "why don't we make this more interesting" Tanya smiled "what did you have in mind Tanya asked "how about he does it nude" those words sent shivers down my spine and i say "no, no i will not" and Tanya goes "well come on whats the problem if you are as half as good as you say you are then it will not be a problem and to make it fair if you do this then i will make it 150 how about that " and the other start saying "come on , come on" and feeling pressured i say "sure but i keep my underwear on" "that sounds fine to us" says the others.

I am standing there i start to strip down to my briefs as my boxers where in the wash as the others looked and sniggered and i say can we get this over with and Tanya makes me walk over to the monkey bars and says "hands up" and i raise my hands abover my head and Tanya starts to tie them together and really tight then ties the knot to the monkey bar and the knot was really tight then she tied my feet together really tightly then put tape over my mouth and a bind over my eyes and i was completly bound up and i was freezing cold in my underwear tied to a monkey bar and Tanya spoke and said "let it begin" and i began struggling. I could not see the others but i could hear them laughing as i tugged on the roped about an hour later i was exhausted and the others had gone and i musthave fallen a sleep believe it or not.

I must have slepted straight through i woke up after i had felt this weird sensation as some one had pinched my bum my head felt like it was going to explode as i had this bad hangover i was freezing cold and i could not see mush but i could see that it was daytime outside and i heard a voice saying "it's a wake" and other shouting things and pinching my body and one said "school starts in 15 minutes" that's when it hit me it must be about 8.15 i was starting to ache all over soon all the noises from the kids had gone as they had scampered and i was left alone.

i was by my self in this bound postion for about 4 hour when i felt somthing licking my leg and barking at me then i heard the owner say somthing and i was scared as the owner would call the police but the dog and it's owner soon dissapeared then i was a lone then i was was getting quiet aggitated when i heard the school kids arrive and they crowded me and started pinching me and putting cake in my hair and over my body and pulling at my briefs then i heard a rip as my briefs split at the seams and came right off leaving me exposed then i heard a filmarour voice it was Tanya and she shouted clear off as the kids ran with my briefs.

Tanya walked over removed the blind and the gag and said "guess you lose" i in a humble voice goes yeah and then continue with let me out of here" Tanya got out a pen knife and cut the rope between the monkey bars and my hands. my hands where not over my head so i was relieved i thought about covering my self but could not be bothered it was Tanya i could not care what she saww after 15 hours tieded up if some one passed then sure anyway she says put your hands out which i do excepting to be releaswe instead she places my keys in my hand and walks off leaving me to get home.

Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 04:34:03 PM
My trip to Germany

I am not much of a talker when it comes to bondage. I dont spend much time in front of my computer just talking about it, I rather look for occasions to actually do it. I take the time to know a potential candidate, but when I am confident and comfortable enough with the person, I get into the action.

My work allows me to go to many places and I take advantage of that fact when someone interesting happens to be in the area. The other day I was in Germany and I had been in contact with a guy who was very much into those games. Hed ask me many time to get by his place so we could do some experiment. So that was the occasion we were looking for.

The first day I was in town we went to dinner, which was nice. It gave us the time to talk and see if there was indeed compatibility between the two of us. And I must say there was. One thing that I noticed was that he knew what he wanted and was not afraid to say it. So right from the start it was clear what he was looking for, and he was not to go around and pretend otherwise.

To me, bondage is a game, I like when it gets physical and in fact I am physical in many aspects of my life. And the way this guy envisioned an encounter between the two of us was pretty much on that note. Also he seemed to have quite a bit of experience, something I secretly wanted. I am done fooling around with guys who have no skills and dont know what to do. So anyway, our meeting was quite enlightening. We couldnt meet again the next day, our respective schedules didnt allow it. But the day after I was still in town, so we decided to get together and see what we would like to do.

So the day came, he gave me the direction to his place and I got there early in the evening. He welcomed me and showed me around his house. It was a normal suburb house in a very normal neighbourhood, it was clean and neat, every bit like a perfect bachelor. So we did some small talk walking around the house, we talked about my job and the people I meet with, our respective hobbies and all that. And then it came to the subject of bondage. He asked me straight if I wanted to try some right away. I could see he was very eager to get down to business. So I asked him how he wanted to proceed, and he returned the question right back at me, since I was the one involved.

Ok, I knew what this guy was about way before I got to Germany. But he seemed honest and straightforward, so I sort of knew what to expect. Also I like a little adventure. Normally I wouldnt let anyone tie me up on the first occasion, but since he showed some honesty, telling me clearly what he liked to do, it gave him the credibility that I needed to actually do some stuff. So when he asked how I wanted to proceed, I said: Well, maybe we can try some basic stuff and see how it goes. Of course he was all up for it. He went back to one of him bedrooms and came back with a big luggage. We were in the living room, sipping some wine, so he dropped the bag beside the couch and opened it. It was, of course, full of ropes and all kind of restraining gear. He asked me : Any preference?

- No, not really, I replied.
- Would you like to get comfortable before we start?

Well, I expected that. He told me he like to have the girls naked when he ties them up, and for the record, it is a preference of mine too. But for that particular occasion we settled for some workout gear, which was actually close to get naked. Just a top and some tiny shorts. When I came out of the bathroom after I changed, I could see he was pleased.

While I was changing he got down to business and prepared some ropes. He congratulated me for my choice of attire, and pulled me by my arm in the middle of the living room. Then he told me he would start with my hands. So I crossed my wrists behind my back, and right away he started to tie them together. He had a very firm grip to hold my hands and he didnt loose any time tying them. Very fast, the ropes were rolled and criss-crossed in between my wrists and soon he was making the first knots. Then right after he got a new rope and tied my elbows together. In fact, he was doing a very classical tie, one which every part of my body would be restrained very carefully. He got some ropes around my arms and torso, around my thighs, knees and ankles. For every step he clearly announced what he was about to do and did it very efficiently. Also when he completed every step he was enquiring ever so politely if I was good. Nowhere along the process had he pinched my skin, and yet the bondage was tight and very firm. Thats one of the many advantage to have someone who actually had some experience. To tie my ankles and knees he had me sit on the couch to avoid me to fall. I could see all along that he was having fun.

And to a girl like me, being bound like that is a real treat. It was solid, no flaws, no pinching anywhere, just a plain good bondage. Once he had finished tying my legs he asked me again if I was ok, and then told me he would gag me. So he asked me if I had any preferences, but he knew already what I was used to. He took a piece of cloth, he rinsed it many times, folded it in a ball and pushed it in my mouth. Then he used a leather mask to keep it in. This was one of those masks with many straps going all around the head, holding the main piece firmly in place.

I have to say, it was a very good bondage, everything that I hoped for. Once he had fixed the straps, he told me to have fun and that he was getting his video camera. Sure enough, he ran into a room and came back right away with his camcorder, pointing it directly at me. I had not started to move then. I was just sitting on the couch, a bit laughing of the situation, because I was nervous, and I just watched him going around filming. At first I didnt quite know what to do, I was just sitting there realising what just happened. It was fast, and maybe I was still on the surprise effect. Anyway, after a minute or two I started to try to move. I tried to pull on those ropes and check them out. I was really well tied up, and it felt pretty good I might add. I was excited and a bit aroused, as it always do. I tried to struggle and find some flaws in this bondage, it was too well done.

He kept on filming and watching me, and I kept on struggling, harder and harder as seconds passed. I really couldnt find any loose ends to those ropes and, in the presence of this man, I started to feel a bit like a prisoner. It was actually quite fun, and exciting.

Then I got on my feet and started to hop around the living room, as if I tried to escape. But of course I couldnt go very far, and every second I had to fight to keep my balance. Sometime I would against a wall and struggle some more, just to try those ropes, but to no avail. All along he would pursue me and record my every move. Then I got to a bedroom, and I took some acceleration and jump right on the bed. There I continued to struggle and moan, louder as minutes passed. It was like I became less shy as time went by. Then I realised he was not there watching me any more. But he soon came back and he had my shoes with him. They were high heels and I had removed then when I got changed. But he came to me and pushed them back on my feet. I let him do it without fighting, but then I realised that with them on I would have a lot more trouble hopping around. But maybe he wanted to see me with them badly, so I let him do it. He secured the little strap that kept them on, and then resumed filming.

It was cool to be on the bed struggling for a while. It was comfortable and it got me aroused quite a bit. I always get very aroused when I and all tied up on a bed, and this time was not exception. So I kept on struggling and moaning as long as I wanted. Then I took time to catch my breath for a while, he was there, recording everything. Then I relaxed. I stopped moving all together and I let some time pass. I thought he would do something, but he didnt. He just kept filming.

I felt some shyness being observed and scrutinised like that. I plunged my face into the pillow for a while, like he had seen me enough. Then I turn back at him and continued to relax.

I just stayed there for the longest time. Every once in a while I would check if he was still there, he didnt move. Probably that he enjoyed my ass a lot. I would look over my shoulder from time to time and he was always there. He wouldnt talk much, but he told me that if I wanted to have a break, just to tell him. Well, I felt pretty good so far, so I kept on enjoying it. I didnt see any reason why I wouldnt take advantage of the situation.

So I stayed on the bed for a while, relaxing so much in fact that I could eventually get asleep. But these ropes were putting way too much pressure on my body, it kept my arousal quite high all along. So then, after a long while, I decided to move again. First, I started to struggle again. I started slowly, increasing in intensity gradually. I took my time and managed my energy rationally. I kept on increasing my fighting until it was complete madness. I was growling and moaning loudly as I fought furiously, and the good thing about this bondage was that it allowed such fighting, without hurting me anywhere. This is how you recognise a guy with skills. So I was really going at it, as if I really wanted to escape and break these ropes, but obviously nothing broke.

So after a few minutes I was completely breathless. The guy was mocking me in saying: What? Thats all you got? I didnt reply to that. I relaxed for a couple of minutes and caught back my breath, I felt good. And I felt quite as a prisoner, in a room that I didnt know, with a guy who, in a sense, was still a stranger, and I felt like a real kidnapped lady. That gave me some excitement just thinking about it.
Anyway after a while I sat down on the side of the bed. I prepared to change room again, as if I was looking for a way to get out of these bounds. The guy was still there, his eyes riveted on his camcorder and the camcorder riveted on me. I tried not to look at the camera because when I see myself, or any bondage movie for that matter, it seems weird when the model looks at the camera. I just didnt want to feel so weird, if ever I was to see that video.

SO I prepared carefully before getting on my feet. This was more tricky since I had my shoes on now. But then I got up, and it was actually not too bad. SO I could hop my way out of the room, immediately followed by this director, and he followed me in the hallway. I didnt quite know where to go, so I rested against the wall from time to time, just to take a break and give a chance to my ankles. It is seriously not so obvious to keep your balance when you have no arms, that your ankles are all tied together and you are wearing high heels. Seriously not obvious.

Anyway, I went back to the living room, and then I got an idea. I kept on hopping to the kitchen, and then I started to search for a big knife. I was to try to cut those ropes. I saw a stand on the counter with a few big knives hanging from it, but it was way out of reach with my hands tied and my arms pinned against my body. So I had to re-evaluate.

As I was leaning against the counter, my butt was just against a drawer, and I suspected that, like in every kitchen, that very drawer would contain some knives. So I seized the handle and pulled it open, and sure enough there were plenty of knives in there. But they were these sorts of knives that are not very sharp, actually not sharp at all. Trying to cut those ropes with that would take forever, if ever I could cut anything. Still I kept on looking for a sharper one, and on the side of the drawer, in a place where you put some special utensils, there was one that looked ok. But it was quite small and I suspected I would not do much damage with it. Nevertheless, it was the only decent one I could reach for now, so I decided to try it.

I knew fully well that I would not be able to cut the ropes on my elbows with that small knife. But still I thought that, maybe, once my hands would be free, maybe I would be able to maneuver and reach those big knives on the stand. SO I got down to it and started to work. I took the small knife in the drawer and, holding it in one hand, I tried to start to cut the ropes on my wrists. Of course, my little friend was just there, not raising a finger to help me. What was even more insulting was that, as I started to work on the cutting, he asked me to turn around so he could see what and how I was doing.

But I was getting tired and I stayed resting my butt on the counter as I worked the ropes behind me. Well, my little friend came over, he seized me by my arm and turned me around. I moved so he would let go my arm but he was holding me firmly and I had no choice but to turn around. Well anyway, it didnt make the job any harder, so I stayed leaning a little forward on the counter and kept on trying to cut those ropes.

I had to be careful not to cut my skin, but this knife didnt seem very sharp after all and I had the impression that I was not progressing. But what else could I do? So I kept on working on it, hoping something would break at one point.

I had to change hand, because the hand I was using became stiff and I couldnt put any pressure any more on the knife. Ok, you guys try it and youll know what I mean! Its like the blood doesnt flow very well when you have your elbows tied, especially as tied as I was. And it seems your hands are not getting this precious blood, at least not as much as you would need it, and if you make an effort with your hand it gets very difficult very fast. So I tried to change hand, but then I couldnt keep on cutting the exact same spot as I started, so it was like I had to start all over again. Damn!

I thought for a moment about stopping. Maybe I should ask him to untie me, but he didnt seem like ready to let me go. I guess he had too much fun watching me trying to escape. So I complained a bit, and as expected he just laughed. And he said : Come on! Try something!

He definitely wanted me to continue. I relaxed for a few seconds, and I moved my hands trying to activate the bloodstream. It didnt do much good. Then I got back to work. For a while, and with much effort, it didnt seem to do anything. But suddenly I felt as if a rope got loose. My hands were still very tightly tied together but there was definitely a rope touching my hand that was not there before. That was encouraging. So I kept on working. But then I heard my friend saying: Ok, thats enough

I was wondering what he meant by that. For a moment I thought that he would just untie me, but then I saw him go to the living room, he got to his bag and took a new rope. I said or tried to: What??! And I saw him coming back unfolding his rope. So I started to moan loudly and complain, and I tried to turn so he could not reach my hands, but he grabbed my arm, pulled me firmly towards him so I couldnt keep my balance, and he laid me on the floor. I moaned and swirled as much as I could, but he put me flat face down on the floor and sat, literally, on me. Then he grabbed my hands and retied them firmly with plenty of rope.

I moaned and struggled as much as I could, but he was holding me and I felt my hands being tied more and more. Ok, I told him many times on my mails that I liked to be kept prisoner for long periods of time, but that was getting a bit out of hands. Well, it had not been that long but for a first time I felt it could be quite enough. Anyway, it seems not to think so, and I got retied very firmly. Moreover, once he had finished tying my hands, he had some rope left. So he grabbed my ankles, folded my legs and tied my wrists to my ankles in a hogtie that was quite demanding. I tried not to fold my legs but he pulled the rope so hard that I didnt have a choice. It was quite strict since the rope on my knees got then much tighter as my legs folded, as for the rope around my thighs.

Wow. Now, as he knotted the rope many times, I realised I couldnt go anywhere anymore. And this floor was somewhat cold, I felt it pretty well since I didnt have much clothes on. Ok, now what?
As I lay on the floor, he got back his camera and started to film again. I tried to relax, there was not much else to do anyway. That gave me time to catch my breath since I had struggle a lot and was quite tired. He kept on filming for a while. I was not paying any attention to him. I preferred leaving my eyes closed, my head down, it didnt seem worthwhile to waste any more energy. I was to wait until he is done filming and releases me. Although those ropes were somewhat very tight, I just tried to ignore the biting on my flesh.

Sometimes I would open my eyes and check him out. He would go around me, ever so slowly, not missing any second of my predicament. Sometimes I would try to move because the biting of the ropes was a bit too much to bare, but it didnt change anything.

Then, suddenly he disappeared. I put my head up to see what he was doing, and I saw him coming back with some stuff. First he had a tripod, which he place at a safe distance from me, and put the camera on it, directly pointing at me. I could see it was still filming. Then he got some sort of a scarf and came directly to me. Without warning he placed it on my eyes and knotted it behind my head. Now I couldnt see what was going on. What was that all about?

Then I heard him going from here and there, but I didnt know what he was doing. Then suddenly he grabbed me, lifting me completely, with no apparent effort and held me in his arms. Wow, that guy is strong. But anyway, he took me from the kitchen to I didnt know where. Then I felt that he struggled with something, always holding me in his arms. And then, wow! I felt some very cold air coming against my body, and it seemed like we were going outside. But it was in the middle of winter?!

Indeed, he were outside, and he kept on making a few steps. I was about to moan and start to struggle, but then horror! Believe it or not, but he literally threw me in the snow! Danm!

I was in a strict hogtie and I couldnt move, and I was completely covered with snow! Also I was wearing next to nothing, so I felt very well all that snow. I was stunned! How could he do that?

I just couldnt stay motionless because that snow was so damn cold. I yelled and moan as if my life depended on it, and I struggled like hell. But all that didnt do much to enhance my situation. I was still on the snow and couldnt move an inch. I tried to ask : Whats going on? But he wouldnt reply.

I whined and moaned my discomfort, wondering what the hell he was doing, and I was getting damn cold. The snow in contact with my body will partly melt, making moisture on my skin, which made it even more freezing to be in the snow. I kept on struggling and moaning furiously, and then I heard him: Come on girl! Lets see what you can do now!! I was out of my mind. I couldnt believe that he would leave me here like that, not mentioning that the neighbours could see us. Soon I was shivering and trembling, and believe me it is such a rush to really try to escape and not being able to do anything.

He didnt leave me there too long, finally. Well, it was long quite enough, but he finally came to grab me again and he took me inside. Then he transported me right to the bathroom and placed me face down in the tub. He immediately opened the hot water to fill the tub. While the tub was filling, he undid my hogtie, which was great. That released some severe tension on my wrists. As soon as I got free from the hogtie I turned over so I would not have the water on my nose. All along I kept my legs up and I tried to tell him to remove my shoes. I didnt want my pricy shoes to get into the water.

He didnt catch right away what I wanted to say. Obviously it would have been too easy just to UNGAG me! But it seemed that he wanted to keep me still. I kept my legs up and moved my feet, to grab his attention to them, and he finally got it. So he removed my shoes, and I could rest my legs.

As the tub filled, I felt the hot water warming gradually my body. Still tied, I tried to find a comfortable position on that tub, and I tried to stop shivering. The hot water did a good job. Even he helped. He took a sponge, plunged it in the water and warmed up my upper body with it. That felt good.

Now I was still tied. I didnt know for how long he would keep me like that. Anyway, he filled the tub right to the top and I could immerse almost completely in it. Also I could keep a comfortable position without much effort, so it felt very good.

He let me there, and I didnt see what he was doing. But as I heard him going out and back in the bathroom I was sure he was filming again. Now I couldnt care less because I was warm and comfortable. So I just relaxed. I stayed there for several minutes. But then, you have to know what that kind of situation does to you. Being tied up in warm water produce a weird effect. Its like the warm water softens the skin and makes it more sensitive. In fact, I had been tied up for quite a while now, and I started to feel the ropes biting my flesh. With the warm water effect it made it even more obvious. SO even if I wanted to relax its like I couldnt and I kept on moving from time to time. Also I felt that my jaw was stiff and my shoulders ached, because my arms were pulled way back behind me. So at one point I had enough.

I moved myself in the tub and tried to get to a position where I could get out of it. The guy was right there, I could hear him, but he wouldnt help me at all. Anyway, after a few effort I could get over the side of the tub and sit on it. Then I moved and moaned in a way that I was saying that I had enough, and I was presenting my hands so he would start to untie them.

He had to keep me waiting for a little longer, but finally he got to it. He started to untie my arms, and it was about time.

For those who experienced it before, they know what happens then. As he removes the ropes, one by one, you feel it very strongly on your skin. The skin became softer and quite more sensitive in the water, so it is quite bad. But I has happy, nevertheless, because it was a good experience. It was a bit off the wall, but you cant expect living any adventure if you dont take any risk. To me, this was a calculated risk.

So he untied me and he was careful doing it. He clearly saw what was going on and he proceeded slowly. He removed the ropes from around my upper body first, then my elbows, then he removed my blindfold. After that he took my legs, which were still dipping in the tub, and he turned me around so he could untie the legs. He removed the rope from my thighs, then from my knees, and then my ankles. All along I was still gagged, and he wanted it that way. He was looking at me as he was removing the ropes, one after the other, and if I felt some pain, as expected in that kind of situation, I could only moan because of the gag. And everytime I moan he would look at me and have this little grin on his face.

Anyway there were only my hands left to untie. So once he finished untying my legs, still sitting on the side of the tub I just move slightly sideways so he could reach my hands, and I presented them to him. He made me wait again. He took the time to fold all his ropes that were all over the floor. I was so tired I just couldnt get up, so I waited. Once he had all the rope neatly folded and tucked, then and only then he deigned to untie my hands. Finally, I was free.

I had a hard time just to pull my arms around in front of me, because my shoulders were so stiff and aching. So I proceeded slowly. Even then my hands became all numb and I didnt recover my feelings right away. I rubbed my wrists and elbows for a while, while he was suspending his ropes to the curtain support to dry them. And I was still gagged.

Well, he didnt even ungag me, I had to ungag myself, as he was STILL FILMING!! I had a hard time at first pulling on the straps because I didnt have enough strength back in my hands yet. But I finally got it. I removed all the straps and spit down the cloth, and threw it in the sink. I was so exhausted.

I kept on rubbing all the places where the ropes were for a while, and the marks were very clear on my body. And then I had reassembled enough strength to just get on my feet. But then I saw my face on the mirror, and I got shocked.

I had the leather mask and the straps all printed on my face, and it was as clear as the rope marks on my body. Needless to say that it was pretty weird. Hopefully nobody was to see me like that. I would get right back to the hotel and hide until tomorrow. And all the rope marks on my skin would be covered with my clothes, that wouldnt be a problem.

So my host took down his camera, and I grabbed a towel to dry myself up. Then I went to the room where I previously changed and got into some dry clothes. My host took advantage of this moment to prepare some food, which we shared after that.

That was pretty cool as an experience, considering. As I said I am a bit adventurous and I like to be surprised. So that was a real surprise. I was expecting some stuff like that from this guy because he never hid what he was up for. And from what I know from him, a lot more stuff can happen. But then, well have to wait until my next visit.

Monday, February 20th 2006 - 01:06:41 AM
i have posted these looking for anyone that likes to be tied or that likes to tie up and that lives in NJ i am a 19 year old male, doesnt matter female or male, well keep it up people great stories.

Monday, February 20th 2006 - 01:17:05 AM
i have posted these looking for anyone that likes to be tied or that likes to tie up and that lives in NJ i am a 19 year old male, doesnt matter female or male, well keep it up people great stories.if enterested just email me

Monday, February 20th 2006 - 01:16:15 AM
i have posted these looking for anyone that likes to be tied or that likes to tie up and that lives in NJ i am a 19 year old male, doesnt matter female or male, well keep it up people great stories. just email if enterested

Tuesday, February 21st 2006 - 06:29:14 PM
Well me and my grilfriend were having a bit of a play arround u know just feeling each other up. then she went into my draw and found a prezent i was going to give her one of those Sybian things (a vibratior that you can sit of and is controled by remote). I had always wanted to tie her up but never had the confidece to tell her. so when she asked to try the prezent out who was i to say no.
we pluged it in and sat her on it. i turned it to the 1st setting and then she jumped up off of it. i couldnt help it it seemed like such a good time to tie her up so i insited that she sit back on it and i would turn it down to a lower setting. she tought i was changing the setting while infact i was putting a pair of handcufes through a hook on the back and when she didnt expect it i grabed her hands and hooked her on.
she was shocked at first and didnt know what to say but she took it as a bit of fun and started to play along. "ooooh i have been such a nughty girl". she was naked apart from her socks which was such a turn on. i got a rope and tyed it arround her ancle and then put it under the Sybian then tyed her other ancle then ran it over the top funning it through the loop with the handcuffs.and tyed it back to the 1st knot. i decided to do the same to her knees to make shure her body stays on the vibratior. she then said im tyed up enough now. i replyed with a smirk. then i walked over to the control and said now are you ready to be punished. as her face droped in horror she must have decided to play along then and said. "yes master". i turned it on to the 1st setting she tryed to jump up but could only get her clit just off of the machine. she was strugling. i turned it off and got some more rope. and tied it arround her waist and ited it very tight to the machine so there was no way she could get off of it. she asked for me to not turn it up high. i was sort of sick of moaning by this poin so i got a pice of duct tape and put it over her mouth. "there we go" "ready now" she nodded her head.
i turned it onto the middle setting as a scream of pleasure came through the gag. she didnt have time to beg me to stop as she was to busy trying to cope with the vibrations. she came so hard for the fist one i walked over and asked to her have u learnt your lesson. she nodded and was still moaning as i had left the machine on. you have i said to her well i suppose its more fun for me then now. she looked shocked as i turned it up to full power. she came 3 more times in ten mins. i turned it off and removed the gag. "now are you going to be good now". all the pleasure must have worped her brain or she ws trying to use reverse pycology cause the first thing she said was "no im going to be a noughty slut".
i walked away putting the vibratior back on to the 3rd or 4th setting and said "right we will see what your like in the morning then" kissed her then walked out shuttig the room door behind me

Sunday, March 5th 2006 - 12:58:38 AM
If you are over 18 and want to do the most ulimate practical joke to your friend roomate or lover give me a email. If you are in the NE 1/4 of the US I will even help. North of a line from Iowa to KY to Virg. Great stories everyone. lcbobapple
most ultimate pracitcal joke

Monday, March 6th 2006 - 04:48:09 PM
once i was at a friends house for a sleepover and just as i fell asleep the other boys pounced. one of them tied my wrists while the others tied my legs after 5 minutes i was nicely trussed up with a nice little tape gag put on my mouth and a blindfol.. after that we all fell asleep. in the morning we drove to my frends house where they tickled me for an hour. with the blindfold on not knowing when they would strike was very unsettling after that they let me go and we all laughed about it. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK
cool boy

Monday, March 6th 2006 - 04:48:13 PM
once i was at a friends house for a sleepover and just as i fell asleep the other boys pounced. one of them tied my wrists while the others tied my legs after 5 minutes i was nicely trussed up with a nice little tape gag put on my mouth and a blindfol.. after that we all fell asleep. in the morning we drove to my frends house where they tickled me for an hour. with the blindfold on not knowing when they would strike was very unsettling after that they let me go and we all laughed about it. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK
cool boy

Monday, March 6th 2006 - 04:50:40 PM
when people are reading stories wat do they do to "feel good" can u tell me
cool boy

Friday, March 10th 2006 - 09:10:54 PM

The story from Cool boy..
Did any of these buddies happen to be female, or were they all male? Soundss kinda gay to me.

Friday, March 10th 2006 - 09:12:23 PM

The story from Cool boy..
Did any of these buddies happen to be female, or were they all male? Soundss kinda gay to me.

Tuesday, March 28th 2006 - 01:53:28 PM
at the moment i have got my girlfriend tied to the bed whith her legs wide open and hands above her head. she is naked and is strugling alot. i think that she can hear me typin and that is why she is mumbling. she has duct tape over her mouth.
i can see right between her legs.
so far tonight she has been tied on the floor and put in the shower.
for what im goin to to her next week please email me for ideas.
goin to play with with her privates.

Wednesday, March 29th 2006 - 04:12:50 PM
looking for anyone in the pensacola area that would like to have some fun.

Wednesday, March 29th 2006 - 04:28:39 PM
looking for anyone in the pensacola area that would like to have some fun. daoctavio is aim mess. i have yahoo and hotmail names as well.

Thursday, March 30th 2006 - 11:44:48 AM
From time to time I like to leave a message here at Canuck's college/university site for interested readers. I am a writer of FemDom HOM material and I have just written a new story that I will make available through e-mail request. All you need to do is contact me and I will e-mail you the story absolutely free. No spam, no strings attached, no further contact guaranteed.

The story is Part 3 in a 4-part series called Girl Power! It concerns a high school boy who just can't seem to keep quiet in history class, forcing his exasperated teacher to take desperate measures. In Part 1 of the story, she finally resorts to keeping her hand over his mouth during the entire class period. The teacher hopes the embarrassment and humiliation will teach him a good lesson.

But it doesn't. In Part 2, there is a fire drill. The teacher feels she needs to re-inforce the lesson, again subjecting the talkative boy to a tight handgag--this time outdoors in open public view of everyone.

In Part 3, the current chapter, she allows a young female student volunteer to take over the silencing duties, appointing her the noisy boy's official classroom disciplinarian with total authority. The girl ties his hands behind his back and keeps her hand over his mouth all during classtime--and she keeps him after school for detention in this same manner.

The story is written in first person, from the boy's point of view. Girl Power! celebrates the power and control of woman over man. She may not have the same physical strength as a man, but her hand over his mouth sure can keep him quiet! So if you are a female who wants to applaud the triumph of woman over man, this series will delight you. If you are a man who loves the erotic feel of a woman's hand over your mouth as soft bondage, this series is for you.

The writing is clean and free of sexual overtones or profanity. It is safe, clean, and erotic--no handsmother or gloved HOM. To get your free copy of Parts 1, 2, and/or 3, just drop me a request at the e-mail address below. I will get your request out to you immediately.

Friday, March 31st 2006 - 08:28:12 PM
Does anybody know any good sites or yahoo groups that have girls tied up wearing kneesocks??

Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 07:20:58 AM
i have a fascination with people tied up someone help me get over it i think bout it 24/7 maybe the only way to overcome it is to get tied myself but what do i say "eer m8 here's some rope tie es up" he'll think im mental.
please help me!

Sunday, April 2nd 2006 - 10:38:46 PM

I would appreciate it very much if you would send me pictures and stories. Thanks in advance

Sunday, April 9th 2006 - 03:15:32 AM
I will soon!!:)

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 12:30:55 AM
leah, i would also love if you could send me some pictures and/or stories
not sayin

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 05:21:34 PM
id love to be tied up and ball gagged and mumified ect.
but none of mu mates know that im into bondage and none of the are. but when i see my mates i get nervous because id just love some of them to tie me up.

what can i do i want to tell them but i can. is there any other way i can tell them that i want to be tied up without telling them im into bondage.

someone please help me.

also i no im under age because im well 13 but still can anyone help me please please please!!!

if you have any info on how i can tell my mates that i want to be tied up without actuilly telling them im into bondage then please e-mail me, speak to me on msn or add a comment on this page.

please please please please!!

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 06:28:52 PM
hey my name is vicki and i have been reading your stories for a few days and they are rockin, i have a few stories of my own i would like to share. here is one.
when i was in college my friends lisa kevin and me would all hang around after school messing up the place and annoying the younger kids especially this one kid named edgar, he was so annoying to us that we just had to annoy him back. well the next day i was on my way to my first class (with a hot tube top and mini skirt) when edgar and 6 of his friends jumped me from behind, before i could do anything they started tying my wrists together and taping my mouth shut. when they finished they had a length of rope about 5-6 feet long hanging off my hands so they used it as a leash kinda thing to pull me with him, all i could do was mmhphmp through all the tape as they pulled me to the back of the building my class was in. then they said that i shouldnt tease people like i do and that they were gonna have fun with me as payback. first they pulled me up to a near by tree where they tied me there so i couldnt get away, then i saw them grab more rope, tape, and alot of plastic wrap. they untied me from the tree and my other bonds so i tried to run, but 7-1 isnt good odds for me and i got caught before i even turned the corner, i tried screaming but it barley even came out as a muffle. then they said that because i tried to run my punishment was gonna be worse. first they pulled off my skirt(showing my thong) and my tubetop(showing my size D 32 bra) and started wrapping me in the plastic wrap from shoulder to toe so i couldnt run anywhere, then they taped every spot where the plastic was making a very effective and restrictid mummy out of me. then they grabbed 3 lengths of rope and threw one end over the same branch, they rolled me over to the rope and tied 1 length to my ankles, one around my thigh's , and the last below and above my breast. then pulling the other side of the rope, hanging from the tree they pulled me into the air. they tied down the ropes to a lower branch so i wasnt going anywhere, then they laughed at me and just walked away with all my clothes. it took about 4 hours for someone to find me and get me down, and another 10 min pulling off all the tape and plastic without a knife. after that i had to run to my proffesor and explain why i missed class, it was the most embarrising story i ever told a teacher in my life but he forgave me for missing the class and told me to get to my dorm and put on more clothes than what i had( thong and bra) and ever since then i have had at least 1 of my friends with me at all times. and those little freaks haven't let me forget what they did to me, a couple of them still track me down once in a while just to laugh at me.

give me your thoughts and i might write more stories
helpless #1

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 05:53:17 PM

Coulkd you send me some pics and stories also

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 02:13:35 AM
This inccident happened last thursday night.
It was about 7:30 pm and I was getting myself ready for my intramural soccer game. I had on a tight blue t-shirt, soccer short, and a couple pairs of soccer socks. I told my roomies that I was going to be leaving and that I would be back in about an hour or so. As I was about to leave I got a phone call from a girl that said that she had found one of my textbooks, and that she still had it and I could come by and pick it up anytime. I told her that I would come over and pick it up right then, I had about 30 minutes until my game started so I figured I would pick it up and then head on over to the gym. She gave me her residence hall name and room number and I was on my way.
When I got up to her room I looked at her door and found out that her and her roommates name were Katie and Beth. So I knocked on the door and one of them opened it and I introduced myself and she introduced herself, it was Beth. I asked her if she had my book and she said she wasn't the one that called me but Katie was the one who did. Beth said that she didn't know what Katie did with it, and she told me to come in and chill with her until Katie got back from the store. Beth and I just talked about random things, she seemed like a fun outgoing girl, someone that I would probably hang out with.
Finally, Katie came back and she walked in with a bag full of something. The first thing she said to me when she came in the room was isnt it a little to hot to be wearing tube socks? I said with a laugh, never!, and I also have a soccer game tonight. She said ooo soccer, I love soccer I play too! I asked about my book and she said oh yeah, let me get it for you. She put the bag down right next to me and I took a quick peek into it and I was pretty surprised at what I saw, there was a whole bunch of rope and duct tape! I asked Katie what all that stuff was for acting like I didnt know, lol. She kind of laughed and said oh you know, just going to have some fun tonight!! I laughed alittle and looked over at Beth who was on her computer with her back to us, then I looked back at Katie and asked quietly if she was surprising her tonight and she said yes. She asked if I've ever done anything like this before, lol, I lied to her and said that I never have and that it sounded fun, so she asked me if I wanted to stay, and I couldn't resist, I said yes!! She whispered to me that she would be holding the rope and that I was to hold her down while she tied Beth up. We both got ready to jump her.
As we were moving in on Beth, Katie knocked something over and I glacned to see what it was and in that split second Beth turned in her computer chair and I looked back at her, and she had rope in her hands. I was stood there frozen, it quickly came to me that I was set up and that I was the one that was going to be tied up! I was getting kind of frightened mainly because I was about to be tied up by two girls that I do not even know, so I had no idea of what they could or would do to me. I made a dash for the door and opened it up and as I was about to get out they grabbed me and pulled me back in and shut the door and locked it.
Beth had a firm hold on me and Katie got right in face and said "why did you lie to me?" I kind of gave her a confused look. She then said "You lied to me and said that you've never experienced this kind of stuff, but you have, haven't you? We've heard many things about you!" I asked her from whom did she hear this from and she replied "Oh I have my sources. We wanted to have a little fun with you so I took your book while you were away from your desk at the library and you never even noticed it was gone!" I asked if they were really serious about doing this to me and she got right in my face again and said "Girl, this is as real as it gets!" With that I started pleading with them, I was seriously afraid right now, I dont even know these girls and they were going to tie me up for how ever long they wanted me tied up and I didnt tell my roomies that I was coming over here either so they wouldnt know where I'm at.
Finally after some pleading Beth said "I've had it and she drug me over to a bed and wrestled me down on it and she was sitting on top of me stratling me with my arms pinned to my sides. I started yelling for help but then Beth clamped both hands over my mouth and Katie came over with some socks. Katie said "Hey! since you like soccer so much I got some long soccer socks here for you...I figured I should gag you with these because it fits your outfit so well!" She balled one of the socks into a big ball and told Beth to open my mouth. I wouldnt open my mouth so Katie tickled my thighs. I tried to resist for as long as I could but I suddenly burst out laughing then Beth held my mouth open long enough for Katie to shove the sock deep into my mouth then she tied the other one around my head to prevent me from spitting the sock out. I was mmphhing as loud as I possibly could. Katie said "Finally, we can get to business!" They quickly flipped me on my stomache and forced my hands behind my back and tied them tightly together, at the wrists and elbows. Beth said "Quick get her flipflops off and let's tie those lovely tubesocked legs up!" I felt one of the girl's begin tieing my ankles up with the other was feeling all over my tubesocked leg, then she started messing with my socks on my left leg. I heard Katie's voice say "Damn, these are some thick socks! Oh wow you're wearing two pairs of them! Atleast we'll all know that you won't get rope burns on your ankles and knees!" Then she said "I find them very sexy, too!" After hearing that I starting mmmmmppphhhhing more loudly into my sock gag. Beth got done tying my ankles up and then Katie worked on my knees while Beth went on to my thighs. After they had me tied up they went over all of the roped areas with duct tape, they said so that none of the ropes will get loose. I definitely wasn't going anywhere, and seeing these girls, I probably wasn't going anywhere for a long time.
They then flipped me back over so that I was on my back. I was to the point where I was about to shed some tears but I didn't, I was still really shocked though. They both got down close to me and Katie said "Awww, is our bundle of fun going to cry? Is she, is she? Hahahaha, Beth blindfold her ass!" Beth came back with another sock and Katie lifted my head up so that Beth could tie it tight behind my head. Right when she did that I couldn't help it anymore, I began wimpering and mmmppphhhing into my gag. Katie said "Well, Leah, we have you all to ourselves! I've always wanted to tie up an soccer player on top of that an asian one too! Beth let's have some fun!" Beth said "Yeah, Leah you like to be tied up so much that we decided to tie you up and torture you all night!" All I could do was lay there mmmmpppphhhhing into my sock gag, tied up so tight in my t-shirt, short soccer shorts, and both pairs of long soccer socks. That night was sooo long!

If anybody wants to hear more about this night just IM me sometime at Allsport1411. I'll be more than willing to share this interesting, yet weird night.

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 02:49:41 PM
id love to be tied up and ball gagged and mumified ect.
but none of mu mates know that im into bondage and none of the are. but when i see my mates i get nervous because id just love some of them to tie me up.

what can i do i want to tell them but i can. is there any other way i can tell them that i want to be tied up without telling them im into bondage.

someone please help me.

also i no im under age because im well 13 but still can anyone help me please please please!!!

if you have any info on how i can tell my mates that i want to be tied up without actuilly telling them im into bondage then please e-mail me, speak to me on msn or add a comment on this page.

please please please please!!

Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 05:57:01 PM
If anyone wants to chat, just email me or IM me at Allsport1411!

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 05:46:58 AM
hi everyone. I have a story. it all happened when i was 12. i was at my best friends place. it was getting really boring, when out of the blue, he said...'wanna play a game'. as it was so boring, how could i resist, so i told him yeah...

he left the room and came back with a bag. he then left again. i had time to look in the bag. in it was rope, duct tape and 2 scarves. i heard footsteps. i put the bag back. my mate, say... bob (not his real name, but...) came back with his sister, who was tied up. he exclaimed' wanna end up like this...thing' it was something i had never experienced and cos i was so bored, i said yes.

in a split second, he turned nasty. he grabbed me round the neck and threw me onto the bed. it was getting freak. he then tied the duct tape from my neck to my feet. i wasn't goin anywhere, i can tell you. He then took the duct tape and kept wrapping it round my mouth. for some strange reason, i don't think i was going to be as chatty as usual.

He then dragged me into his room, where he dumped me on his bed. he then pulled the scarves out. he used them to blindfold me. he then took a sleeping bag and bunged me in it, dragged it and threw me into a cupboard. he was quite small, so his cupboard was, well, tiny. it was cold, quiet and dark. i tried to shout out, but the many layers of duct tape over my mouth were stopping me. i then heard a voice. it was his sister.

she was in the same place as me, but in a different cupboard. i heard her mmmppphhh. all of a sudden, i heard her make a load mmmppphhh. then, he grabbed the bag and threw it out onto his room. i rolled around. he then kept kicking the bag. he then kicked it soo hard, i rolled down the stairs and cracked my head on the wall.

It wasn't until a good 3 hours later he decided to untie me. he draged the bag upstairsand got the scissors. he cut the duct tape, pulled off the blindfold. everything was really sore. i think i was bleeding as i felt something running down my face. he then pulled of the many layers of tape over my mouth (i tell you, that hurt.) he then acted as if nothing had happened.

After that.. experience, it has made me want to do it again. But, being underage (14) i have to wait ages. anyway... if you wanna chat to me, email me or MSN me at snapey001@hotmail.co.uk

See Ya

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 11:54:10 PM
One night my junior year of college I woke up to the sound of girls("my friends") laughing. I was lying on my stomach and realized that my hands were tied behind my back with duct tape, my feet were tied too. The lights went on and I saw four girls standing around me laughing. I decided to scream "untie me!" but all that came out was "MMMMMMPGH!" They had taped my mouth shut too, with several pieces of tape. They picked me up and carried me out into the hallway on a blanket. As they carried me through the dorm I pleaded with people for help by looking at them and going "MMMMMM, MMMMMMM!" like crazy. But they all just pointed and laughed. So here I am in my boxers bound and gagged, being kidnapped and no one is concerned. They took me back to their place where they dumped water on me and took pictures. Eventually they decided to "let me go." (Here is the really humiliating part of the story) They dropped me off outside of the security office. Two officers came out to find me lying on the doorstep still tied up and gagged. I was struggling and mmmmphing like crazy. They seemed pretty amused as they picked me up and layed me on the couch in the security office. They looked at me and chuckled for a couple minutes as I wiggled and MMMMMMMPHED like crazy. One security guard went into the other room and the other began to unite me. He took his time untying my feet and asked me questions, knowing that I was still gagged and could only answer "MMMMMMM!" He then ripped the tape off my mouth and it hurt like hell. I screamed "OWWWW!" and he then clamped his hand over mouth and told me to relax. He said, "Are you going to relax?" Though I was furious at this point, I nodded and said "MMMM MMMM!" He held his hand over my mouth for a couple of seconds. As I was lying there on the couch with his hand over my mouth, he was staring at me and seemed to be enjoying it. I felt completely helpless as he hand-gagged me like this, my hands were still tied behind my back. The other security guard came back and looked surprised to see his associate gagging me. To cover himself he said, "This kid is out of control." This angered me, but I didn't react because I wanted to be untied. He then took his hand off my mouth and finally unwrapped my wrists. The security guards then wrote up a report and drove me home. Hope you enjoyed my humiliating story. What do you think?


Kidnapped, Gagged, and Humiliated

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 06:28:30 PM
does anyone have any good stories about being tied up hogtied style or with a swimsuit on would really epressciat it if you would email me

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 11:38:49 AM
Hey, if anybody wants to chat just IM me at Allsport1411 or email at Allsport1411@aol.com!

Friday, April 28th 2006 - 08:10:05 AM
i liked your story plz write more if you have any!!!

Sunday, April 30th 2006 - 04:14:45 PM

Funny thing that happened a little over a year ago.
Who knows?

Sunday, May 7th 2006 - 11:21:59 AM

Tuesday, May 9th 2006 - 06:39:53 PM
Hey everyone, just thought I'd throw in my story, been reading this for a long time, so now its my turn. So I go to the University of Illinois and live in the dorms, called the six pack. I personally live in Hopkins. This past halloween, a few of the girls on my floor decided it would be fun to play a prank on me. I said i wasn't going to dress up for halloween, but everyone else said they were going to. So at 6:45 am on halloween morning, some guys in black masks (turns out they were friends of the girls on my floor), took me and carried me to one of the community bathrooms. They took me into the shower, stripped my clothes off of me, and had a chair ready. One said "Sit down and don't you dare scream, or else it will be 10 times worse." I did the only thing I could, I screamed, so then they said "now you're going to get it" I begged them not to, but they said it was too late. Now that I was naked, they brought rope and duct tape, and tied me to a chair, with my arms behind my back and my ankles taped to the bottom of the legs. They started carrying me, and I was asking where I was going, but as soon as I did, they shoved one of the socks that they took off of me in my mouth, and duct taped it around my head. Now I couldn't talk, and they brought me to a parking garage in the area. (Fifth and daniel if you are at illinois). They carried me up to the roof, untied me from the chair, and tied me to a lamp post ON THE TOP OF THE BUILDING!!! OMG I was so embarassed. They said "Your friends said you didn't want to dress up, well now you don't have to, we did that for you. I had no idea what time it was now, but when it got dark outside, im guessing later that night, they brought me back to my dorm room, gave me a pair of underwear back, and told me I was nice to be a good sport about it. I still talk to those guys, and they did something like that to me again, but tell me if you want to hear that story!!!!
illinois girl

Thursday, May 11th 2006 - 05:36:21 PM
good story could you plz share the other w/ me id like to hear about it

Friday, May 12th 2006 - 05:40:03 PM
By Tonya! Hands down the most interesting. Also the story by Gregg was sensational. Honorable mention and most unusual was the one by Anita. The rest were so so.

Also check out this dreampage which is now my favorite.

http://Best stories on this board by far were......

Saturday, May 13th 2006 - 08:31:20 PM
Illinois girl-----If you want to get even with some of those guys I could give you the most ultimate revenge. Email me and I will explain.

Tuesday, May 16th 2006 - 07:29:08 PM
Icecababble, why not post your ideas and share with all of us should be interesting!


Tuesday, May 16th 2006 - 08:39:41 PM
My girlfriend Courtney and I went to see the new Mission Impossible III movie the other night. Great movie with lot's of action. If you saw this movie, then you already know that it opens with a tape gag scene featuring the beautiful Michele Monaghan who plays Tom Cruise fiancee/wife in the movie and bears a striking resemblence to his real wife in real life. She is tied and tape gagged to a chair for a total of three times. First in the beginning and then twice at the end.

I was really enjoying this scene and telling my girlfriend how all woman should have their mouths taped shut from time to time as they talk way too much and make very little sense. Couortnet has teh hots for Tom Cruise and keeps bragging him up, going crazy everytime her appears on tv or on a magazine cover and "ooohhing" and "aweing" as soon as she saw him in this movie.

So I started making wise cracks about Tom Cruise and his personal life. How his popularity seems to be dropping. Then I made some wise cracks about the movie and was going on and on and on when all of a sudden I felt Courtneys long fingers and soft hand covering my mouth.

Courtney was sitting on my left and had reached up and across and nailed me with a thumbs down handgag and kept that one me. I was stunned! To my delight, I could smell the sweet perfume she hand on her hand and was amazed how easily she was able to silence me. Undaunted, I kept right on talking right into her hand acting as though it wasn't even there. Courtney responded by pressing even harder against my mouth. The more I spoke the more she pressed and the more muffled my voice became.

I wanted to reach up and pull her hand away but felt som helpless. It was as though imaginary ropes were holding my hands and arms down. But there weren't any! Such was the affect Courtney's had on me. I literally melted in her arms or on her hand. The sensations and sheer helplessness of this situation intriqued and excited me.

Courtney whispered in my ear that she was going to keep me this way throughout the entire movie. "No popcorn or soda for you." She whispered. Luckily I had a big drink and several mouthfuls of popcorn before this happened.

I was on her right and she nailed me with her right hand, thumbs down palm right over my mouth and would feed her face with her left hand. As she got tried, she would reach around me, over my shoulder and nail me with a thumbs up handgag resting her poor tired arm on my shoulder. When that got old she woulf switch to the front, thumbs down handgag or she would switch hands, put the soda in the right drink holder, move the popcorn over and giveme a HOM with her left hand, thumbs down while leaning into me slightly.

I continued to talk despite the soft hand when someone behind us yelled:


At that, Courtney pressed even harder againts my mouth making my words and sounds even more lower toned than they were before.

The movie lasted two hours and fifteen minutes and a I STAYED THAT WAY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE! I could not believe the helplessness that I felt. I mean, all I had to do was to reach up and pull her hand down, but I couldn't. It was bizarre!

Even when the lights came on, Courtney maintained her firm and erotic grip on my mouth. My arms and hads layed helplessly by my sides, limp. I was unbound but still too paralyzed to do anything. People were looking at us. Some smiling. Others laughing while others looked confused.

As we exited the theater and walked toward the car, Courtney maintained her hand gag on me. She told me to enter from the drivers side. It was my car and I was driving but I obeyed. She then told me to slide over from the passenger side to the drivers side all the while keeping her hand on my mouth.

I put the car key into the ignition, started the car and drove off all the while Courtney kept her beautiful hand covering my mouth.

She would talk to me all the way home and ask me questions. Of course all I could respond with were mmmppphhs and mmmmfffs. Nothing understandable. Courtney would just smile and laugh. She was really enjoying this and in a bizarre way, so was I. AGAIN....What surprised me was that I was totally unable to get myself to reach up and pull her hand away which I should have been able to do easily. I also had these wierded sensations vibrating through me. It was very strange, erotic, sensual, exciting and strange.

I drove Courtney home, stopped in front of her house. She enjoyed her monologue and having me as her silent date. Once we arrived in front of her house, she b riefly removed her hand, kissed me, replaced her hand and with the other hand pulled out a white glove from her purse, put that over my mouth and secured that with a scarf. Then she told me to pull out my cell phone and callme on her cell phone and she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. I complied and called her and then looked at her wondering "what for?" Courtney then told me to speak to her and of course all that came out was gagtalk. She laughed and ordered me to talk to here all the way home with that glove-gag on. I was not to remove it untill I got home.

Again, this was wierd, all I had to do was reach up and pull it off, BUT I COULDN'T! So all the way home I would talk like the glove-gag wasn't even there and talk and talk and talk to Courtney on my cell phone as I heard giggles from Courtney.

What a night!


Mike - Great HOM in the movies

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 - 12:39:29 PM

I posted a story on here a long while ago about my fantasy as a mature schoolgirl subjected to bondage. I was going through my old laptop the other day and came across the story again, so thought I'd post it again. A bit about me - I'm a bisexual girl from England, I have a long term girlfriend and we like to tie each other up (mostly be being tied) and dressing up. I would be very interested if someone wanted to act out any scenes from this and take photos or a movie. Would love to see what your interpretation of my story is!

PS. Sorry for some of the British terms, hope it all makes sense tho.

E-mail me maria_in_cuffs@yahoo.co.uk

Take care
Maria XXX

Hi, my name is Maria Smith, I am a college student in England. I have
written this piece of fantasy for your pleasure. I certainly got pleasure
from writing it. I do hope you enjoy it. It is a piece of pure fantasy, and
any names used or similarities to real life are pure coincidence. I would
love for someone to illustrate this story with photos or drawings, or
perhaps you may produce an illustrated story based on mine.
Maria's Story

Part 1

So there I was, in my schoolgirl uniform, in a cold, dark concrete police
cell, sitting on the cold, hard concrete bench. My name is Maria, I'm 18
years old and in school sixth form, and it was a Friday afternoon before the
May bank holiday weekend. I had been there for about four hours, once I had
been processed from the holding area of the police station. I was wearing my
white long sleeve school shirt, a school tie, short black skirt, black
tights and black shoes. My black underwear was clearly visible through my
shirt. My hands were handcuffed behind my back, and my legs were shackled at
my feet. A leather strap went around my body pressing my arms into my back,
preventing any upper body movement. I was wearing a red rubber ball gag,
which was harnessed around my head and padlocked in place.
It had all started earlier that afternoon. After school, I went into town
with three of my friends. It was a warm and sunny day, so we had each
discarded our hot stuffy black school blazers and grey school jumpers. I was
the only one wearing my school tie, but it was hanging loose with my top
shirt button undone. After about an hour, my three friends caught the bus
home to the village where we all lived. I decided to stay in town a bit
longer, and would have to wait for the next bus home about an hour later. I
had a history of shoplifting, although the shops never actually took me to
court. A slap on the wrist by the police and a severe telling of by my
parents was the norm. I don't know why I did, but I was in the music store
and casually placed a couple of CDs in my schoolbag, hanging from my right
shoulder. I calmly walked to the exit, only for the alarms to blare out,
when I ran like hell. I was quickly stopped by two burly security guards,
who each grabbed an arm and dragged me back through the store and into a
back room. There, my bag was search and the items retrieved - it was placed
to one side. I was sat down on a chair in the middle of the room, and my
hands were handcuffed behind me. I began to protest quite loudly, so a cloth
was tied around my head, effectively gagging me. It was not long until the
police arrived. It was obvious what I had done. The shop wanted me to be
taught a lesson, but were probably not going to prosecute fully. I was
unhandcuffed from the chair and ungagged. One of the police officers, a
woman, recuffed me with a pair of those rigid handcuffs, behind my back. A
leather strap was then placed around my upper body pressing my arms into my
back and preventing any upper body movement. Heavy metal shackles were
placed on my ankles severely restricting leg movement, and the red ball gag
was placed in my mouth, despite my protests, harnessed and padlocked. This
was apparently the new way to deal with unruly, unpredictable and loud
criminals who resisted capture and arrest. I was humiliatingly walked
through the shop, restricted by my small leg movements, and into the police
car outside. My school bag was carried by one of the police officers, the
man, and put in the boot of the car for safekeeping.
One we arrived at the police station, I was lifted out of the police car
and walked into the main holding area. It was now about five o'clock
according to the clock on the wall. The rigid handcuffs were removed from my
wrists, and replaced with a pair of regular cuffs - the ones linked with the
small chain. I was sat down on a bench in the middle of the holding area,
and a further pair of handcuffs were attached between the pair on my wrists
and the metal bar running along the back of the hard wooden bench. It was
quite busy in the area, and so I was sitting there for about half an hour.
Finally, I was unhooked from the bench and walked up to the main desk for
processing. I was asked my name and details, and was told that the store had
decided not to press charges after all. I would, however, have to remain
locked in a police cell until my parents could come and pick me up, or until
I could be driven home by a police officer. Well, as I said, I was in this
cell for about four hours, without any word from anyone. I had been offered
a glass of water and a sandwich. I was temporarily released from my bondage
to eat and drink, but my hands were recuffed in front, and a female police
officer remained in my cell watching me. I was retied afterwards though.
Suddenly, the cell door opened and a sympathetic looking female police
officer came in. She was wearing the typical uniform - a white shirt, black
tie, black jumper and black trousers, with utility belt and handcuffs. I was
informed that my parents were going to punish me by leaving me at the fate
of the police, and that it was not possible for me to be driven home tonight
because it was after the end of the day shift. I would have to spend the
long bank holiday weekend at a special detention centre for young girls
until Tuesday morning, where I would be driven home to my parents.

Maria in the UK

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 - 12:41:02 PM
Part 2

I was then lifted from the bench, and walked out of my cell, through the
holding area and into a side room marked 'Transportation preparation room'.
Inside was a large stern looking female police officer looking directly at
me and several other prisoners all standing in line. The rest were already
prepared for transit, and now it was my turn. The ball gag was temporarily
removed and the leather strap around my upper body removed. I took a moment
to exercise my jaw which had been held shut for so long. My school tie was
loosened and another button of my school shirt undone. A large metal collar
was placed snugly around my neck. From it a chain ran to the handcuffs
behind my back, and to a leather belt which was fastened around my waist. A
further chain was run from my leg shackles to the belt around my waist. The
leather strap was then reapplied to my upper body, restricting my arm
movement completely. My high heeled school shoes were removed, and a pair of
standard issue prison slippers were put on - bright orange! The ball gag was
refastened to my mouth and around my head, and padlocked once again. Now we
were all ready for transit, as I stood anticipating my long weekend locked
up. What would my friends say about this? I was somewhat excited by the
prospect. I had always been fascinated by bondage and people being tied up,
but had never experienced it to this extent before. I also quite liked the
prospect of remaining in my sexy looking school uniform all weekend long!
Before we knew it, we were all led one by one out of the opposite door and
into the yard outside, where a large police van was awaiting. I had not been
outside for several hours, and it was now pitch black. We were sat in the
back of the van one at a time. A chain was placed across my body, and my leg
shackles were attached to a ring in the floor. Finally, the cage door was
shut, followed by the outer door, and we were now all in complete darkness.
The journey was quite long. It must have been about half past ten by now.
The back doors opened and we were all led one by one from the van through a
cage door into the detention centre. I had no idea where we were, but
suspected we might be in the next town. We were all female, led down a
concrete corridor to various cells on either side. My cell door was opened
by a female prison officer. There were two bunks - four beds - in the cell.
Three were occupied by girls all similarly aged. They were wearing blue and
white striped shirts and blue light trousers. They were tied spread eagle to
their beds with leather cuffs, and were each cleave gagged with rope. Also,
crotch ropes had been applied. I stood there in the middle of the cell,
flabbergasted by what I saw. The prison officer removed my bondage one by
one, except for the handcuffs and leg shackles. She directed me to a toilet
bowl in the middle of the cell. I was uncomfortable about using it with the
other girls there, but had little choice and needed to relieve myself
anyway. The officer lowered my black school skirt for me, and lowered my
tights and panties, revealing my vagina. Afterwards, the officer helped me
back into my clothes, and instructed me to stand as she removed the final
restraints. I was told to lie on the spare bunk, which was a lower one, and
spread my arms and legs. The leather cuffs on the bunk were attached to my
wrists and ankles. A rope was tied around my head gagging me well, and the
crotch rope was added despite me wearing my skirt still.
So there I was, in my school shirt and tie, skirt, tights, black underwear
and these ugly prison transit slippers. The prison officer left and slammed
the door behind her. Soon after the fluorescent strip light in the cell
turned off, and I was in total darkness once again.

Maria in the UK

Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 - 12:41:40 PM
Part 3

Morning came, marked by a loud bell ringing and the light in the cell
flickering on. That same prison officer came into the cell, and one by one
untied us from our beds and ungagged. We were each made to stand in the
middle of the cell, as handcuffs were applied behind our backs, and leg
shackles placed at our feet. One by one we formed two pairs. I stood behind,
next to a beautiful looking blonde with shoulder length hair, a petite
figure and a friendly smile. Both our handcuffs were chained together with a
short length of chain. I was to the left and she was to the right. The
prison officer left the cell, and shortly after the bell rang once again. We
began moving forwards, to meet other girls paired up, walking down the
corridor to the dining hall. A clock on the wall said seven o'clock. I
followed form, and in the hall we each stood at a table place, where a
meagre portion of breakfast was waiting - a small bowl of cereal, a dry
slice of toast, and a cup of water. Prison officers came round one by one,
removing the chains between us, and recuffing us with out hands in front.
The door to the room was shut and heavily guarded. The girl said "its about
the only time when you're hands aren't cuffed behind you, apart from in your
cell of course". I introduced myself - her name was Jennifer. She was here
awaiting court, and was fascinated by my story. We chatted quietly whilst
eating until other girls began to stand, and prison officers came to recuff
us with our hands behind, and reattach the chains.
We were walked back to our cells, where our bondage was temporarily removed
as we were ordered to strip naked. I nervously complied, and my hands and
feet were recuffed, and I was once again joined to Jennifer. Similarly to
before, we all walked down the corridor to the shower room, except of course
we were all naked, although surprisingly no one else seemed bothered apart
from me. I suppose they got used to this. We were walked into the shower
room, and the chain connecting me to the other girl was removed, and my
hands were recuffed in front of me. After a quick shower, we dried off, and
were our hands were cuffed behind our backs again, and I was once again
attached to Jennifer. When we returned to the cell, the door was shut behind
us, and I noticed that my school uniform had been taken and was replaced
with a clean prison uniform lying on my bed. There was a blue and white
striped long sleeve shirt, and a pair of blue slack trousers. Once I was
uncuffed I changed into this, as did all the other girls, and then we were
rehandcuffed with our hands in front, and the leg shackles were reapplied.
We now stayed in our cell until lunchtime, which was at about twelve
o'clock, and the procedure was much the same as at breakfast. Following
lunch, we were led two by two into the yard for 'exercise' - this was half
an hour sitting around. Two girls who were chained together started arguing
and then started pulling each other about, and trying to kick each other.
Their movement was severely restricted. Two prison officers rushed to the
scene where the girls were separated, leather straps were wrapped around
them, and they were both gagged with ball gags, which were harnessed around
their heads and padlocked. A hood was then placed over each of the girls,
and then they were both carried away. Jennifer told me they would go to the
isolation wing, where they would spend the next 48 hours in solitary
confinement, in that strict bondage, hooded, and tied to a chair. She said
one of the girls was due to go home that afternoon, but would remain here
until her term in isolation was over.

Part 4

The three days incarcerated had passed very slowly. I only got to know the
three other girls in my cell, including Jennifer. Other than that, there was
little opportunity to speak to anyone else, particularly as Jennifer and I
were always tied together when out of our cells. After breakfast and
showering on Tuesday morning we were lying in our cell catching up on some
sleep when the door opened and a prison officer called my name. I replied,
she said "time to go home girl". I was told to stand up whilst she removed
my handcuffs and recuffed me with my hands behind my back. She then attached
a chain from my handcuffs to a cuff on her left wrist. I quickly said my
goodbyes as I was lead out of the cell and down the corridor to a room. In
that room I was left standing for some time - about ten or fifteen minutes -
whilst the officer behind the desk there sorted through some paperwork and
produced my school uniform and schoolbag from behind the desk. The handcuffs
and leg shackles were removed by the same officer who came to my cell, and
she told me to strip down naked. Both prison officers stared at me as I
revealed my nakedness. I wasn't so embarrassed any more following four days
of showering and being paraded up and down the corridor naked. My school
uniform was handed to me. I put on my panties, then my bra. I pulled up my
black tights, which were laddered, and put my long sleeve white school shirt
on, and buttoned all but the top button. I put on my short black school
skirt. Then she handed me my school tie. I asked was it really necessary,
but she said I had come in like that and I would leave dressed the same. I
reluctantly tied the tie, hanging loose. "Look smart girl. We can't have you
leaving looking a mess. Do up your shirt properly and straighten that tie,"
she said. I reluctantly complied. A set of handcuffs was then reapplied with
my hands behind my back. Shackles were placed at my feet, and a metal collar
was placed around my neck, just above my shirt collar. A chain ran from the
collar to the handcuffs, and to a belt which was put around my waist, and a
chain ran from the belt to the shackles. Then a leather strap was tied
tightly around my waist, pressing my arms together. A ball gag was held up.
I resigned to this fate, and it was harnessed around my head, and padlocked
in place. I was then led out of the room and into the yard where a police
car was waiting. The prison officer carried my school bag and handed it to
the police officer who was waiting by the car. I was put in the back, and we
drove away.
We were indeed in the next town. Although the windows in the back of the
car were darkened I could still see out. I took about forty minutes to my
house, where the police officer knocked at my house to check my parents were
in. My mother stood in the door way, as the policeman returned to the car to
get me. I was lifted out of the car and walked to the house. My mother
looked shocked to see me in this bondage, although she had been warned by
the police that this is how I would be transported. Inside the house, I was
untied and ungagged, and my school bag was returned to me. My mother asked
the police officer "may we keep those handcuffs. It could prove useful as a
punishment for my daughter". "Well Mrs Smith, I must ensure that all police
and prison equipment is returned in tact. I can't really allow you to keep
anything...", he hesitated, "but, as your daughter has been in trouble with
the police so much, and in case this weekend locked up hasn't taught her
anything, it may be a good idea. I can sort it with my boss". He handed the
handcuffs to my mother, who pointed at me - I held out my arms in front, and
the police officer cuffed me once again, and handed the key to my mother.
For the rest of the afternoon I had to go about the house in handcuffs. I
was to return to school the following day, but that afternoon I had to do
chores for my mother in bondage.

Maria in the UK

Friday, May 26th 2006 - 05:01:57 PM
Does any one have pictures of them selfs tied up send them to me at kd114314@yahoo.com

Sunday, May 28th 2006 - 10:27:47 PM
My story was when i was at my friends house one day and we where watching a movie with his mom cause his parents where divorced so he stayed at home to help out his mom which i thought was pretty cool who by the way was not bad for her age and decent size chest. Well in the movie a part came to where the captive was bound and gagged to a chair with rope and bandanas blindfold and gagged with them. I was so ingrossed in the scene with my eyes that i didnt notice my friends mom watching me get into the scene cause of the way i was acting while watching it. So when the movie was almost over i was like i could get out of that tie just kind of joking around. Well my friend went to work and i was getting ready to leave for the night cause it was saturday and that was club night well his mom said wait i need some help with stuff and i said ok i guess i was going out but will help you first i was like should i call your son back and she said no i just need one persons help. Well she went downstairs to the basement i went to the bathroom then when i was done she asked me to come downstairs and help her so i did not realizing i was walking into a trap like in the movie she was wearing a bandana mask over her face like the robbers in the movie and she said i saw you get into the tie up scene and i went to say something thats when she pulled out her toy gun and said if i scream i am tightly gagged so she ordered me to sit on the chair and put my hands behind my back and said i wont hurt you but if you yell your done just like in the movie by then she could see i was turned on big time and i said yes mam and she wrapped ten loops of rope around each wrist tied it snug then a seperate rope and tied them to the chair and then tied my feet and elbows to different parts of the chair when she was done she asked if this was to my likeing and as i was about to say yes she took three bandanas and gagged me real thick and then said now thats what i call good acting. Now i am helpless in my friends moms basement cant move or speak and she says now its time i make you tell me where the jewels are and she takes her silk scarf and rubs my balls and chest until i start to moan through the gag for orgasming time. Just as i am about to orgasm she stops then starts up again for about 6 times then she finishes me off by that time the ropes are so snug from moving around while being teased. I ended up being tied up for four hours at her mercy and she said if i told anyone the bondage would be a lot worse which i was going to enjoy anyway to this day we still meet and she does this to me and sometimes i get to tie her up as well so let me know what you think..

Saturday, June 3rd 2006 - 06:08:08 AM
What Every Happened To Tonya???

I loved your Bus Trip story, will you ever finish it?




Friday, June 16th 2006 - 11:04:45 PM
Hey everyone! I've have been trying to find some time to post my most recent incident. This happened two days before my school year was over. It involves the same two girls, Katie and Beth, who had pretty much kidnapped me and kept me tied up all night in their dorm room. I remember them telling me that they would come get me again before school was out and they sure did keep their promise.
I was hanging out with a bunch of my friends and I had forgotten something out in my car so I told my friends that I would be back in a sec, so I put on my flip flops and headed out to my car which was about a block away. I was pretty dark out, probably about 11 pm so I didn't even see it coming, I got to my car and all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind and forced into a trunk of a car. I was like, what the heck!! when the car stopped and the trunk was opened I realized it was Katie and Beth, my eyes opened really wide and told them that I really couldn't be doing this right now and my friends would be looking for me. Katie said she had already taken care of that. She had already taken my cell phone before I was put into the trunk, and she had called one of the people and told them that I was walking back to my house.
They led me up to their dorm room and once in there they locked the dorm behind me. I pretty much knew what I was in for. I knew not to yell for help because they would have eventually forced me into their room. They stood there starring at me and they Beth says,"Katie this is not good!" and Katie says, "Leah this is not acceptable!" I was like What!?! They said that I was not dressed completely dressed for the night ahead of me! Beth walked over to her drawers and pulled one out and dumped it on a bed. There had to have been about 20 pairs of tube socks and five pairs of leg warmers. They told me to put on as many pairs of tube socks as I could. I did as they told me, and I ended up putting on nine pairs of tube socks. Then Beth said that she wanted me to wear a couple pairs of her long thick leg warmers, so she gave me two pairs to put on. So I'm sitting there on a bed with nine pairs of tube socks and two pairs of thick leg warmers, jean mini skirt, and a shirt from hollister. They told me that I was now ready.
They both jumped on me and forced me to my stomach and tied my hands behind my back and then tied my elbows together. After that, they tied rope above and below my breasts. They then flipped me over on my back. They both then said we can't let you be the only one wearing all of those socks, so they each put on as many tube socks as they could and some leg warmers. They each grabbed a hold of each of my tubesocked/legwarmered legs and started sucking on my toes through the socks and licking the socks and leg warmers. Then Beth told Katie to take both of my legs and work on them and she got up by my face and told me to open up wide and start sucking on her toes through all of her tube socks and also lick them, so I did as I was told.
After about 15 minutes of that she stopped and put a blindfold on me and they shoved a large ball gag into my mouth, after that they tied my ankles together, then above and below my knees, then my thighs. I was completely at they mercy now. They both started rubbing their tube socked feet all over my body for about 20 minutes and all I could do was just squirm and MMMPPPHHH loudly into that huge ball gag they shoved into my mouth!
They kept me like that the rest of the night and just messed with me all night long. That's pretty much it. If anybody wants to chat just IM me sometime, Allsport1411! I don't know how much I'll be own, I work at hollister and they have some demanding hours sometimes, just email me if you'd like! peace!

Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 09:19:33 PM
She is now writing stories on this board:


Other writers there as well. Check it out you may like it. And I agree, Tonya's stories were tops on this board.

Looking For Tonya?

Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 09:29:10 PM
Hi, my name is Robert, if anyone wants to chat please im me on yahoo at gogoman543215, thaks

Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 09:32:36 PM
Hi, my name is Robert, if anyone wants to chat please im me on yahoo at gogoman543215, thaks

Wednesday, July 12th 2006 - 06:51:23 PM
This happened a few weeks ago.

So we'd all just graduated from High School. Those of us who didn't know what we were gonna do with our lives all tried to pretend we did, and those who did were secretly despised. By me, anyway.

I bring this up because I think that it's kinda an important point. It's a point in time where you're expected to start making a bunch of important decisions you'd never had to think about before. In this way I think a bit of bondage can be comforting, to not have to think about it.

But I continue.

I had been talking to this girl, Hannah, online. We knew each other from school, and during our discussions it had come out that I liked bondage. It's not something I tell a lot of people, but we were doing the, "You can ask me any question you want" thing back and forth, and it was asked. Well, not specifically, but the "Do you have any fetishes" was asked. I have two: bondage, and nudity. I don't even know if they're fetishes or not. I just like em. When I'm home alone, I'd rather be naked. When I'm swimming, I'd rather be naked. I'm sure I'm alone in this, and I got the impression from Hannah that she agreed.

So anyway, Hannah asked me if I was doing anything the next day, and I said, "No. Why?" She and a friend were hanging out at a local park, and they wondered if I would come. I said, "Sweet! I'm free, yeah!"

The next day I show up at the park. It's a fairly solitary park, set on a hill over a lake, with a lot of trails going through the woods. I waited in the parking lot for a while until they showed up. Hannah, and her red-headed friend Larissa. We all welcomed everyone else, and began walking. The trails were long, and eventually we were ready for a rest. "Let's go that way," I suggested, "We can stop by the lake." "Sounds like a good idea," Hannah replied.

Reaching the lake, we sat down on this tree that had fallen over. As we sat on it, I wished I had something to eat. Walking makes me hungry.

Hannah leaned over close to me and said, "Hey Alex," I looked at her, "Guess what," she said. "What?" "No! You have to guess!" "Uuuuummmm... you got your license." "Nope! We're going skinny dipping!" I looked at her thoughtfully (Whenever I get really excited, for some reason I automatically try to hide it by looking thoughtful or analytical. People say sometimes I look angry) "You serious?" She grinned, "Sounds good!" I finally said, and gave a grin.

I leaned forward and looked at Hannah's friend Larissa, to see if she was in on it. She was grinning. That right there made my day, to know that at some point, while I was eating or sleeping or mowing the lawn, that these two had been planning this. It's was strangely motivational.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that the removal of the clothes was without akwardness. It wasn't. There was plenty of, "Should I wait for her, or just go for it? Should I worry about not looking too eager? Were they kidding me? If I started, would they just laugh?" Fortunately Hannah solved most of those problems for me by quickly pulling her shirt over her head.

WOW! My mind was blown. Not cause of her great body (though it was awesome), but just cause I was surprised. Even though I was expecting it, I was surprised. There are things that people do and don't do in society (in my society, anyway), and this was one of them. Excluding once three or four years earlier, I hadn't seen a girl naked. Not wanting to look shy, I pulled off my shorts, and glanced over just in time to see her unclip and remove her bra.

WOW! Mind blown again. Just, I mean, that doesn't HAPPEN, does it? I honestly gasped out of surprise. Not that I wasn't expecting it, I knew she was going to take it off, but for some reason it took me totally off guard.

Well eventually we were all naked (Larissa lagging behind a bit, but that's cool) and standing there, kinda checkin' each other out, without trying to look like we were. And by we I mean me. So we walk the few feet over to the water and step in, which is when I make a startling revelation... this water was cold! Hannah and Larissa knew something which I have sinced learned; just jump in. It's ALWAYS cold when you inch your way in. They got out about 10 feet and looked back at me standing there, which leads me to a good point.

I think the most akward thing about nudity is WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR HANDS? Do you clasp them in front of you, trying to block people's view? Do you just let them hang (which always feels so unnatural) Do you put them on your hips (an action which always seems to imply, "Hey! Look at me! I'm naked and standing like peter pan!" I eventually just interlocked my fingers and rested them on my head, until coming to the conclusion that crossing them against my chest would 1.) look natural and 2.) not look like I'm trying to imply anything.

I'm WAY too overanalytical.

"Come in, you doofus!" "Naw, I'll just watch you guys." "It's warmer once you get in! Seriously! Come on!"

I took their word for it, and just kinda fell over into the deeper water. After a few gasps, it was decent.

Well, after a bit of splashing and swimming we were ALL cold, so we got out and huddled together on the log, Our towels wrapped around us. We found it hilarious. We were laughing it up when Larissa shushed us. We didn't even have to ask what. When your sitting naked on a log in a public park, a couple feet off the trail, if someone shooshes you, you know they mean, "HOLY CRAP! SHUT UP! I think someone's coming!" After a second of listening, and not hearing anything, we did what anyone would do; dart into the bushes.

Turns out we were lucky, a couple was walking down the path and stopped right by where we were (a good place for watching the lake). We sat in the bushes, making shadow puppets in a spot of sunlight. Though they weren't very good.

The couple eventually left (they only stayed for a minute or so) and we were about to leave the clearing when I noticed Hannah and Larissa looking at each other. The old, "communicating without talking thing". "What?" I said. "Alex," Hannah said, "we're gonna make your day."

At this moment I suspected something to do with bondage. We'd just talked about it the night before, and she'd acted interested. However, I hate acting presumptuous, so I said,

"Yeah? How?"

"You tell him," Hannah ordered Larissa. Larissa laughed and shook her head. So Hannah told me. "We're going to tie you up...naked!"

My heart skipped a beat. Sure, I suspected it, but having it said, in front of me, to my face, like it was in so many fantasies. I wasn't prepared for it.

But what were they going to tie me up with? Ah! Their backpacks. They obviously had supplies in their backpacks.

We scuttled back and shoved all our clothes into the backpacks, and ran back to the clearing. Then, deciding that it wasn't private enough, we moved back a bit more, to a small, leafless tree. It was one of those cool trees where it's more like 8 different trees splitting up once they leave the ground than a single trunk. "Ooh! Perfect! Stand up against that!"

Twitch, twitch, throb throb... you know what I'm talkin' about. Can you blame me?

So they pressed my back up against the tree, and Hannah pulled a handful of long scarves out of her backpack. I have to admit, I was unsure, at first, about how well scarves would work. My tensions were soon relieved.

My right arm was pulled straight out to the side, and Hannah began tying it to a branch. "Get to work on his feet," Hannah said. Larissa did, squatting down and pulling my legs apart about 2 feet. I wondered if it was akward for her, her head right at the level of my crotch. If so, she didn't say anything, though she did glance at it more than a few times.

Faster than I would have expected I was tied, in a pseudo-spread eagle position, to this mass of thin tree trunks. Now, when I say thin, I don't mean breakable. I mean about the width of a 4 by 4. Spread eagled has always been one of my favorite positions, possibly even beating hog tie, just cause the hog tie can be just so darn uncomfortable.

I tried an obligatory struggle, and was pleased. I could only move more than a few inches away from the tree. The girls stepped back and smiled at me, looking over their handiwork.

"I think we should gag him," Larissa said. I was thankful. Not because I really wanted to be gagged,but because otherwise I felt obligated to make conversation, which would have been akward. "So... here I am... tied naked to a tree." "Yup." "Good job on the wrists. Not too tight, but I can't get free." "Yup."

A scarf wrapped around my head, wrapped tightly into my mouth, with duct tape (from the bag) over it solved that problem. The girls once again stepped back and admired their work. Hannah came up and leaned against me, "Wow! What an odd tree this is! It's all warm, and has this really weird branch sticking out of it."

There are few things better than full body contact when you're tied up naked. Makes you feel helpless, but not alone. And really turns you on. And by you I mean me.

Larissa reached in the backpack and pulled out a final scarf, and wrapped it around my head so that it served as a blindfold, and after a bit of whispering I felt their hands moving over my body. It tickled, a point which became more obvious once they started tickling my armpits and thighs (still haven't figured out the thighs, I guess they just wanted to tickle me there).

It was then that I realized my situation. bound nude to a tree with two other equally bare females moving over me. I mean, this just DOESN'T happen! I tried to appreciate it as much as I could.

Eventually they removed the blindfold, and I stared at their grinning faces. I tried to smile as much as I could with the gag, to let them know all their work was appreciated. But I couldn't. Not well, anyway.

They sat at my feet, leaning against my legs for a while, talking about college plans (Which turned me on almost as much as anything else had. The juxtaposition of boring routine and the current situation for some reason really affected me.

That's when we heard it. The dog tag jingling. Ever since I was attacked by a dog in 5th grade, I've been kinda scared of them. Not of dogs I know, but of dogs I don't know. Just kinda make me cautious. However, being bound to this tree meant I was totally helpless. I pulled as hard as I could against the scarves, but they held fast. The girls heard the sound as well, and bolted behind the tree. They realized what I hadn't yet. If there was a dog, there was also probably an owner.

Standing there, I was the woman slowly walk by. I was afraid to take a breath until she passed out of the clearing. Fortunately she never looked up. The girls came out from behind the tree laughing. I chuckled too. Nothing like a close call to make the world seem inexplicably funny.

Well, after a bit more teasing they undid the scaves (apparently the knots had really tightened... a fact that probably wasn't helped by my epic struggling) and we all put on our clothing.

Walking back up the path we all couldn't help randomly laughing. The whole experience was awesome. And a few similiar events have happened since.


Thursday, July 13th 2006 - 06:30:58 PM
Alex, wow, a great story - an awsome experience, and told very well. Way to go.

If you'd like to talk (not in any gay kind of way : )), but y'know, compare experiences perhaps, my MSN messenger adress is bis256 at hotmail.com

Monday, July 17th 2006 - 11:43:21 AM
Not sure about the nudeness, kinda scares me but otherwise OK

Thursday, July 27th 2006 - 05:24:40 PM
has anyone ever been tied in mid air in a harness with a duct tape gag. i have magor turn on

down boy if u get wat i mean

cool boy
http://bum face

Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 09:13:19 PM
Any college guys that are reading this...check out the new game that we have been playing in my area. It is like capture the flag but it also is a prisoner game. This version can be played in a house, a park, an old warehouse is great. Get about 6-10 people on a side and one off each team starts as a prisoner. Each time hides 3 2 liter bottle of pop on their side of the area. They tie up and gag the prisioner given them to start the game. The midpoint is the dividing line between territories. If you get touched on the wrong side of the line you must go with them willing and be tied up. The object is to free your tied up team mebers and find the bottles of pop. It really gets interesting if there are only two of you left and they have six chasing you. It takes all of your skill and brains and your tieing ability comes in handy also. Do not put the prisioners in any problems that could be dammaging to their health. If like a frat house it is awesome because you dont know what is lurking around you and it is easy to get the shit scared out of you. If you want more rules or are interested in haveing a game, I travel east of the Mississippi river and would be happy to help you get started. Frat versus frat.......you against the neighboring school.....or even guys against girls. Contact me.

Wednesday, September 6th 2006 - 12:32:48 PM
i love these stories, but brooke i would love to hear more of yours, if you could send some to nymets1121@yahoo.com i would really appreciate it

Thursday, September 7th 2006 - 03:53:38 PM
tying hot girlfriend

This happened in summer probably 11 years ago in the beach house that my father used to has in Chile.
I was 19 my girlfriend was 16 (she was blond, pretty as a doll with an incredible body, not really tall, but incredible hot) she didn't know about my tasted for bondage. We where boyfriends for about a year and we loved to go and watch the sunset on the hills.
I always kept a belt or something in the car in case of an opportunity, I wasn't sure if that opportunity will ever happen, but at least I was prepared.
That afternoon my girlfriend and me went to the hills in my mother's car, like always we kiss and touch a little and when became dark, I started to drive back to her house. (Was rare to see somebody on those hills)
I was driving back and my girlfriend was listening music, so I don't know what happened to her, but she started to sing really loud and kick me a little, passing her hands on my face.
That was my opportunity, in a cynical way I told her to stop or I'll have to restrain her, but inside of me I was hoping that she continue doing that, of course she didnt listen at all, so I stopped the car and I grabbed the best that was on the back seat, she continue doing the same, I grabbed her arm and I twisted it, then I pulled her sit back so she could be face down. Really nervous I tied her wrists on her back really tie. I let her go, this time with her tie hands on her back. As soon I did that she started to do the same that before, this time without her hands.
This time I took the belt that I was using out of my pants and I tied her ankles.
I look at her but she seems that she didnt care; she was playing, and she didnt notice anything suspicious on my behavior.
After that, without kicks and hands passing over my face, she kept singing really loud, I have only one thing left to do, so I took my shirt of which had sleeves and I tied my shirt tie enough around her pretty mouth, know she was silence but muffing sound through her gagged mouth.
She still didnt react helpless but she knew her condition, she was really tied and gagged, looking prettier that ever, at that point I was really turned on. I decided to drive, this time without my noisy partner.
While I was driving through the hills she was moving, fighting against her bonds and trying to annoying me but this time I could only hear her mmmmmfmfmmhhhmm.
After 10 min, that for me were like 5 sec. I thought to myself: I have to do something. I stopped the car, this time closed from town, I took a good look of her in her bounds, I knew this time could be the last time watching my girlfriend tied and gagged like that, and like I had a camera on my eyes I pictured her the best that I could.
Then I started to touch her slowly on her stomach and her breasts, she put me that angel face that I love but this time completely helpless and better than that gagged, after 2 min doing this with a pain in my soul I took her gag off and I started to kiss her, she was still firmly tied, we kiss each other for others 4 to 5 min and then I let her go.
I ask her if she was acting or she really couldnt get lose, she told me: my bond where really ties and I didnt has any hope in free my self. Later on, I gave her a ride to her home, and she never knew about my taste for bondage, until 2 years later. I hope you like it!!!!

This story is 100% truth, and if you like it sends me some kind of feed-back


http://tying hot girlfriend

Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 04:25:12 PM
Great story. You said she found out about your interest in bondage 2 years later. I assume that means you tied her up again ... or you got her to tie you. Please tell us about it!

Thursday, September 14th 2006 - 01:07:31 PM

Quick! tie her up again! Great story, very well done.

Remember, if it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee

Thursday, September 14th 2006 - 11:26:47 PM
I never went to college, but I did go to a trade school and got some pretty good responses there.

One was from an instructor. I was taking a computer typing class and as a quiz we could type anything we wanted, as long as we saved our uncorrected drafts (before spellcheck). Someone else asked if it could be dirty and she told us that it should be relatively clean but she was willing to stretch that a little. I typed the story about Robyn's (see next door (Canuck's Tie Up Stories) first time. Well, this little blonde asked me a few days later if it was true and quizzed me on several of the facts. I finally said I could show her. She said no and that appeared to be the end.

A few days later (Thursday maybe? same week anyway) She came into the computer lab where I was working on something else and leaned in close next to me (rubbing my shoulder with the only body part she could not completely control the movement of). She asked if I could stay after to help her with some boxes she needed to bring in from her car. I told her I would and went back to work. That evening, we went to her car, after everyone wsa gone, and sure enough, she had two boxes in her car. Both no bigger than a shirt gift box, and neither of them heavy. In her classroom, she had a blanket laid out on the ground and told me to show her how good I really was with rope.

One of the boxes had close to 20 3m lengths of rope, and the other had one 30m lenght of rope. Now you can do a whole lot with 30m of rope. I used that, just so I could say I had. (I have several times since) I started with her ankles. Doubling the rope and creating a loop, wrapped the ankles in both directions and cinched them in the middle. I strung the rope to her knees and tied them in the same fashion. I had her sit on her knees and and wrapped the individual ends around her thighs and shins, tying them in front about where her ankles were in back.

Threading the rope between her legs prompted her to tell me to be careful. I wrapped the ends through her ankles and back up to where her wrists would be, behind her. Shortly, as her ankles and knees had been tied, her wrists fell victom as well. I wrapped the individual ends around her arms, but this time I listened when she complained about how tight it was becoming and slacked off some. I tied the ends around her arms, just above the elbows. I was running out of rope now, so I had to decide. Her body or her breasts. The body was pretty tight, and the breasts were a large B cup. Since size matters (dont lie, we all know it does) I went for the breasts. I wrapped once below and once above. Then I did it again. And again. And I lost count but the 250mm or so that I had left was tied in the back and to the elbows.

I asked her if she needed to be gagged, in case someone came back in and she said no, that way she could call them to release her. I called her bluff by unbuttoning her blouse and pulling the sides away from her breasts, exposing her bra. She told me that was enough, but I told her she was getting what she wanted so I at least got a show. I did stop before ever touching her and gave her plenty of time to tell me no. She did not, so I exposed her breasts nicely.

Then I left for the break room. I had a snack and went back about ten minutes later. She had aquirmed all over the floor, but had no luck getting free. It looked like she had attempted to cover herself, but that too had not worked. When I asked if she was ready to give me the rest of the show, she said no, rather vehemetly, so I just turned and went back to the computer lab. When I went back she was much subdued. I asked her if she was finished fighting me and she said she was. I knew better than to take much more of an advantage, so I released her. she did allow me to help her back into her clothes properly, but otherwise we were through for the night.

I did get her once again, but it was a simple hands behind, from elbow to wrist, while we talked. What about I do not remember, but I do know it was for nearly an hour.

Then there was Tabitha x3 (2 with nudity and one that will be very hard to tell here), oh and Maria's handcuff adventure - but those are for another time.

Canuck - I am counting on you to tell me if I overstep your lines and if these are more approprite for the other side. This one technically could have been, because it was her first time.

Anyway, you know the drill

Remember: if it is not fun for everyone, it is not fun for anyone.

Mister Lee
http://By Popular Demand - Coming Soon (might be called the plastered unicorn)

Monday, November 6th 2006 - 06:12:49 PM
Could not resist
Hi All,
I was working in a bar on Campus, and in that environment the bartenders get a lot of attention from the ladies and when things get too simple you tend to be a bit arragent. I had had a boyant dating career from it and as I have always liked tie up games I would suggest it and got a reasonable strike rate. However as the relationships did not last long they remained fairly tame and I had never really had the opportnity to push it to where I fantasised about. Dont get me wrong I am no sadist but to play tie up games in any depth you require some trust and that can take time to build. Also the girls I had met were a little apprehensive and I had not come accross one that was really into it, however to keep me happy most would give it a go but it was too tame and put on . I would never push someone past their comfort limit (Unless asked to).

Anyway its New Years Eve the bar had a low key party going as a lot were away on holidays. A regular girl that used to try to hit on me and c0ck tease was in with a friend from the middle of the country. I had never taken her up as she was not my type and I was not attracted to her, but her new friend was hot. Guys had been hitting on her all night. She had worn a small tartin Mini skirt, very small boob choob, little lacy socks with black strap hih heels. This outfit her confidence and sexuality appealed to me and during the night exchanged a few brief comments.
At 12:10 we had sung Auyl Lang Syne and drinks had been chaged for a toast, The bar quietened for me to have a smoke and a 5 min relax.
This hot number waltzes up to me, leans over the bar and whispers "How would you like the best offer you have had all year?" The smart Arse in me replies "its only 10 minutes into the new year I have had no offers". "It better be good".
She smiled coyly and said "Anything you want"
I said "that is pretty broad, wanna be more specific, I dont wish to offend or assume"
She simply said "Anything"
It was one of those moments where you consider if you are being set up or will embarrass yourself for being presumtuious. I went through the worst case and though why not. I leaned over and whispered into her ear "I want to take you home and have you totally at my command while I Fu&k your brains out" and waited for the reaction.
She just smiled and said "ok"

I finished at 3 and we headed to my house. I have a large room with walkin wadrobe that felt like two rooms. I fliced some music on and sat on the bed. She joined me and we kissed. Not wanting to loose the moment I pulled back from the kiss and said sturnly " Right, get naked"
She smiled and said plent of time for that lets just cuddle and get to know each other for a bit.
I needed to set the theme early or loose the opportunity and look at her and replied "You said anything, if you are not into that then I suggest you head home. I was prepared to toss her out, always been scared of women who say one thing but do another when it comes to sex.
To her credit she sighed and said "Ok I'm sorry" and started to remove her colthes.

She stood naked in front of me and walked to me till she stood between my legs and bent down to kiss me.
I stopped her, took her hips and turned her around. She had an amazing body, toned and tanned.
As she complted the 180 degree turn, I told her to kneel. She tried to turn back around to face me but I stopped her again and said "Kneel in front of me facing away and be close" She obliged but I could tell she was confused.
Once she had kneeld I lent to the side of the bed and grabbed my duffle bag full of ropes, gags and assorted entertainment. I left the bag open so she could not see its contents and noticed her peeking but simply turned her head.

Once I had a pre cut length i carressed both her arms, from shoulder to wrist. At the wrist I tighten my grip and pulled her hands toward me (behind her back). She did not resist. I crossed her small wrists and secured them in one hand, with the other I dould looped the rope and slid it over them.
I felt her flinch and try to look round, so I raised her arms forcing her to lower her head and bend at the waist.
As I clinched and knotted she spoke up "So you're a bit kinky then"? To which I replied "You Have no idea"

I stood up and circled her to stand in fron of her. Picking her up underneath her arms I noticed how fuller her ample breasts were with her hands behind her back. As I lay her face down on the bed I could see her testing her ropes and coming to the conclusion that it was very secure.
Bending her legs at the knees I bound her ankles together and the looped a rope around them and attached it to her wrists. As I pulled back her wrists and ankles came together nicely and I secured them off.

She started on about " How are you going to fu** Me" but did not finish as I pushed a gag ball in her mouth. I knew she really didnt want the gag in, but secured it tightly as she struggled mmmphffing through it. I looked at her face and said "Anything" She rolled her eyes but was helpless to do anything.
Quickly I secured her elbow and knees and once she was totally bound I had some fun tweeking her nipples, ticking poking and proding.
At 6 am The coffee shop on the corner opened, I had her in a frenzy wanting relief, I had brought her so close to Orgasm that she was screaming into her gag for it.

I stood up, got dressed and left her as she was for a coffee.
I returned an hour later she had not been able to move.
I released her from the hogtie but kept her bound. She was really pissed off but I had my way with her before I released her ensuring she Came also.

She left 2 hours later happy but I never heard from her again, funnily if she had been round I probibally would have married her as she was the first to let go of the boundries, however as I had now a taste exploring it came a lot more of a focus for me and I persued it with many others.

let us know if you like this I have afew other experiences that you may enjoy

Tuesday, November 14th 2006 - 12:19:09 PM
Hey there it's been a while! I have been busy with classes and partying, and I finally have a little ebit of time to post a recent incident. I came home from the gym, because I had a coed intramural basketball game, and one of my friends that shares the house with me, Lauren, told me she wanted to have some fun, but I told her that I wasn't in the mood because I was all sweaty. But, she said she didn't care and just tackled me to the couch! I said with a laugh,"what the hell Lauren!" and she said "oh keep quiet!" After saying that she handcuffed my hands behind my back and she led my room where she told me to sit on the bed. I kind of just relaxed and went along with now since I was handcuffed. She said,"whew, I'm going to have to do something with these socks!" so she started take my tube socks off. I just laughed and said, "great, I was going to take them off anyways." Then she laid them next to me and told me that she wants me to have some socks on though. So she went over to my drawers and looked until she found my sock drawer. She said,"damn Leah, did you buy more socks over the summer?!?!" I laughed and said "sure did, my feet get cold back home in good old Minn!" She laughed and said,"well I'm going to have to try some of these on you to see what you look like in them!" So she picked out four pairs of my new thick tube socks and brought them over to the bed with a big smile on her face, and she laid them by my feet where I was lying. She began putting on each pair of tube socks until all four pairs were on and pulled up to my knees but they were slouched a little because they went a little bit over my knees! I have small feet so what! She started looking and my legs and said,those look great, now let the fun begin! She left the room and came back with a lot of rope and tape. She asked me what I wanted and I picked the rope. So she started tying my ankles together really well, too. Then she tied above and below my knees so that my legs were firmly secured and I couldnt move them well at all! Lauren then flipped me onto my stomach and removed the handcuffs and quickly started tying more rope around my wrists, and then she tied my elbows together. So now my arms were firmly tied behind my back. She rolled me back over and sat me up and started tying rope around my upper body. After having so much rope put on me, she said,well I have to gag you with something! Then I saw her eyes widen, and she reached for both of my sweaty tube socks lying next to me. She balled up both of them and forced them into my mouth and then she put a few strips of duct tape over my mouth. After doing all of that she rolled me over on my stomach and she debated on putting me into a hogtie and I yelled and screamed as loud as I could into the thick socks but nothing came out! I was squirming everywhere and she said,well I think Im going to put you into a strict one so that you quit squirming. I tried fighting against her pulling my feet up to my hands but I couldnt really do much against her. She tied me in the tightest hogtie Ive ever been in before, and she put a crotch tie on me also, which was tight. I was staring at her with my best puppy eyes but she didnt care. She started tickling my tube socked feet, and even though I have four pairs on it still tickled. Then she started rubbing and licking up and down my socks. I was starting to get turned on, and then she broke out her vibrator! When I saw that I started screaming loudly into the socks, but it just didnt work. She removed the crotch tie and pulled my shorts down and started rubbing her fingers all around my downstairs! Lol. It was turning me on so much and then she turned on the vibrator and rubbed it around down there and stuck it in me and I moaned long and hard into the socks. This went on for about 15 minutes then we both heard the door open and shut and some voices. Lauren says,It sounds like we have visitors! and she just left the vibrator in and left the room! I was moaning so loud now. The next thing I know Lauren comes walking in to the room with the other girl that we share the house with, Emily, and two of her friends! They were all like laughing and Emily asked how she managed to do this to me. One of Emilys friends came over to the bed and tested the ropes and said that it was a good job, and then she gave me a little tickle on the sides. I noticed that Emily and one of her friends, Hannah, were talking behind Lauren, who was staring at me while she was talking to Jess. Next thing I see is Hannah and Jess grabbing Lauren and Emily saying that it wasnt nice to tie me up like that and they all carried her out of the room. After about 30 minutes they brought her back in to the room in just a thong and a bra and some socks and legwarmers on. Her ankles, above and below her knees, and her thighs were tied tight. Her wrists and elbows were tied behind her back and rope was wrapped above and below her breasts and she had a large black ball gag shoved in her mouth. It looked like she was fighting with them because it looked like she was sweating a little bit. They started saying that she put up a big fight but finally got her good. We stared into each others eyes and I could tell she was hurting, and surprised at the same time, and I laughed into my sock gag thinking I was going to be freed. But I thought wrong, all three of them said, what are you laughing about, your staying with Lauren! After saying that they blindfolded both of us. For the next 10 minutes all I could hear was the loud moaning of Lauren and they worked her over with the vibrator and then at the same time two of the girls started fingering me. They kept us tied up for about 3 more hours before letting us go. We will get Emily back soon!

Email me at Allsport1411@aol.com or IM me at Allsport1411 if anybody wants to chit chat.

Tuesday, November 14th 2006 - 12:37:58 PM

Wednesday, November 15th 2006 - 12:29:27 PM
Excellent story dasdsa; can't wait to hear more

Thursday, November 16th 2006 - 12:31:55 AM
Leah if your still offering sharing picture i would love to see what you have
-please email

Thursday, November 23rd 2006 - 05:46:42 PM
Hey I was wondering if anybody could help me out with getting good yahoo groups! If so, please email me at Allsport1411@aol.com, or IM me at the screen name, Allsport1411

Tuesday, November 28th 2006 - 03:36:24 AM
I love reading your stories, we both share a love for tube socks. I would love to talk and share pics and stories. E-mail me


Wednesday, November 29th 2006 - 03:09:19 PM
Leah if those pictures are still available i would love to see them, preferably the school girl ones or the ones with the leg warmers. thank you

Monday, December 4th 2006 - 02:37:51 AM
Hey leah can u send me some pics too. please

Monday, December 4th 2006 - 02:41:06 AM
Hey leah can u send me some pics too please!

Wednesday, December 13th 2006 - 01:31:14 PM
This happened when I was a sophomore in college about 30 plus years ago. I was a very innocent guy but I was really into tying up girls. Anyway, I used to hang around this dorm that was originally a large old Victorian style house with the guys rooms down stairs and the girls upstairs. I lived about a mile away from the dorm. One Friday night there were about 7 of us, both sexes, talking in the main hall and just having fun. One of the girls that in the past seemed really interested in me sat next to me and we just starting talking aside from the others. We were hitting it off really well and in the conversation she said that her room mate went home for the weekend. I sort of made a note of that. A while later she was talking about how she used to sneak out of the dorms through her window, how she could walk on the roof to the back and climbed down the fire escape stairs. Another note. This was at a time when keeping the sexes apart was the norm and having strict hours when girls could be out of their rooms was closely watched.

Then everyone gradually left to go home or to their rooms. We were left alone to talk and she talked about her two brothers and how they were football players in high school. Then she said that they used to tie her up and leave her in the closet when their parents werent home. She smirked that she could always get out and they just couldnt tie her so she couldnt escape. What a break! I told her if I tied her up there was no way she could get out. She then just said with a smile yeah right and ended with well see one day. She was flirting the whole time and would just look at my eyes all the time. It was curfew so she had to go up to her room.

Short break to describe her. Lets call her Susan. Susan was a gorgeous girl. Short about 53 and very curvy. She was oriental and had that very exotic look. Very cute face and very animated when she talked. At that time she reminded me of a model that was popular but whose name escapes me. She could almost be a twin of Akira Lane.

I drove home took a bath and then my mind began racing and plotting. Hmmmm. my roommate went home for the weekend. Hmmm there was a way to sneak out her window and down a fire escape in the back. I was getting really nervous. I remembered several days before her pushing out her screen window and rolling something off the roof to her roommate who had forgotten something in her room. It looked like the type of screen that was hinged on top and I vaguely remembered a hook dangling to keep it closed. My sister wasnt home so I looked around her room and found three large scarves and two of her long cloth belts. Hmmm. Hands, ankles, knees, arms, gag, ok, I had enough stuff. I found a thin metal rod that my mom used for knitting or something. I had the same kind of screen window and figured out I could use the rod to squeeze through the screen and push the hook open. Went back to the dorm about twelve midnight and waited across the street until her light went out. Sat there really nervous and I could almost hear my heart beating. Waited about 20 minutes and went around the back and found the escape stairs. Got on to the roof and went around the house to her room. The moon was especially bright that night or it could have been that I thought everyone could see me up there. When I got to her window I could hear her breathing hard so I knew Susan was out. The windows were in pairs and on the first one I pushed the hook with the rod but it was really stuck. Her roommates bed was under that window and the moonlight shown on it brightly. I didnt want to make a lot of noise so I went to the second one and it came off rather easily. Opened the screen quietly and the glass window was already all the way up so I crawled in and shut the screen without putting the hook back on in case of an escape.

The moon lit half of the room and it seemed like I had to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I also waited because my heart was pounding and I was getting really nervous. Gradually I began to see stuff and with the light coming through I saw this incredible sight. Susan was lying there uncovered in a short teddy. Her teddy was made of four loose layers of this nearly sheer material but with the all the layers together in the dark you could only slightly make out her figure. The layers went from white on the bottom layer gradually morphing to a light pink on the top layer. Her legs were perfect and as I said she was very curvy. What a vision! I stood there watching her for a few minutes thinking her teddy was soooo sexy. I was curious about the material and what it felt like. Then I bent over to touch the material when she opened her eyes. I instinctively clamped my hand over her mouth and quickly lay on her and felt the warmth of her body. She really tensed up under me and made some muffled sound but I whispered dont scream, its me. I felt her relax as she recognized me after a few seconds.

I took my hand off and she whispered what are you doing here?. I told her that I was going to kidnap her like her brothers but she was not going to escape. Now?!. yeah. I got off of her and told her to turn over. I was surprised that she just turned over without complaint. Took out one of the scarves and tied her hands. Figured the scarves wouldnt scare her if I started with something soft. Crossed her hands, tied it in both directions loosely and then tightened it with a cinch. I found that if you tie it too tight when you cinch it there are large gaps for someone to squeeze their hands out.

Her bed was as on the other side of the room away from the windows and I wanted to be able to see her tied up when I was finished so I told her to come over to her roommates bed which was next to the window and in the moonlight. I had her sit there as I then tied and cinched her ankles. Then tied her above her knees with the other belt. Her legs were so soft and unbelievably sexy. The belt was too short to cinch and it looked like it was going to slip down so I had her lie down and I took one of the scarves and tied it to the front part of her belt, went below the belt and then up back to her hands. Sort of like a hog tie but only to the knees. This prevented the knee tie from slipping down. Then I took the largest scarf and tried to go around her breasts but it was rather short so I tied her elbows together. In the moonlight I could just make out her breasts under her sheer teddy. I hadnt planned on the hogtie to her knees so now I was out of things to gag her with. Her closet door was opened and on a hook on the door was a long full length white slip. I grabbed it and told her to open her mouth. She nodded no but I told her if she made noises they might find us and kick her out. She opened and let me gag her with it. It turned out better than my scarf because it filled her mouth completely. It did a really good job of muffling any noise she made. Of course no gag will completely silence a person trying to scream (unless you also shut off her nose but you know what that does) but I knew she didnt want to be caught so I could tell she made noises but just soft enough that you couldnt hear it outside of her room.

I told her to try to get out. She started wriggling and tugging at her bonds. Stopping every so often to look at me and catching her breath. Here was the most beautiful girl in my life, lying in the moonlight with an incredibly sexy teddy struggling to get free. The length of her teddy just covered her panty and with the struggling it started to rise above it. I was getting really hard but I had never did anything with a girl beyond just kissing. But I was getting really turned on and at one point she turned away from me, faced the window and struggled to get out. I lay next to her which was behind her and lifted her head to put my left arm under her head. I then put my right arm around her waist and drew her near me. I then told her that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen (wasnt lying) and secretly admired her. She stopped struggling and just listened. I then kissed her neck and she moaned a little. I slowly ran my arm up to her mouth to stifle any sounds that she might make but on the way there I brushed against her nipples. She let out a low moan as I brushed against it. I whispered did that feel good? She moaned so I started playing with it through this incredibly sexy layers of material and she started tightening up and moaning even more. It was the sexiest feeling to have this girl totally helpless squirming against me when I touched her.

Ok, things got beyond the bounds of this site so I'll end it here. I did leave the whole story on another site but I'm not sure if I can put the url here. She ended up my girlfriend for two incredible years she ended up tied up almost every night but all good things come to an end.

Wednesday, December 13th 2006 - 10:48:30 PM
Great story, Ko, thanks for posting it. And to answer your question, yes you can post the URL of the site where you posted the entire story here.

Actually, instead of posting it here, could you please report your story on my new board http://tug.ezbbforum.com/ which now replaces this one.


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