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Welcome friends and relatives!!

This page is dedicated to amateur genealogists worldwide looking for other Groth families or researchers tracing the Groth surname. To join our happy bunch, take a quick moment to fill out the GrothWeb Form or simply drop me a line at greenmnm@earthlink.net And if you have a webpage about Groths, send me the URL and I'll be glad to post it. For those of you new to searching for your Groth ancestors, I'd love to hear from you too! Happy hunting!!

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Thursday, March 7th 2013 - 05:01:37 AM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: Champion
Groth Family Locations: Fockbeck,Germany
Dates: 1830,s to 1880s,
Comments: Trying to trace a Catharina Groth who was married to Claus Hinrich Moller, somewhere near Fockbeck north of Hamburg (Kreis Rendsburg, Schleswig Holstein). They had a son Heinrich Moller born Fockbeck 17-11-1875 who married
Martha Wilhelmine Julie Lutten in 1902.
I have drawn a blank on Ancestry and other sites so any help welcome.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 04:32:16 AM
Homepage URL: http://WWW.GOOGLE.COM
Groth Family Locations: MONTGOMERY CO. KS.
Dates: 1880-1900
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 06:56:15 AM
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Monday, December 26th 2011 - 11:41:33 AM
Name: Kathy Hoey
E-mail address: yeoh@fairpoint.net
Groth Family Locations: Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Boston, Washington, D.C.
Comments: Seeking information on my grandmother, Martha Bertha Groth, & her family. She was b 7/9/1892 in Benton Township, Carver County, MN to John F. Groth and unknown spouse. D: 9/24/1929 in Watertown, MN. Siblings listed at the time of her death as: Mrs. Clara M. Patterson of Washington, D.C., Edw (Edward S.)Groth of Oregon, and Fred (Fredrick H.) Groth of Boston, MA. Her father was born in Germany around 1861, arrived in the U.S. about 1878, lived in Great Falls, Cascade, Montana in 1929, and died there in 1930. He is also shown on the 1900 census living there with his 4 children, ages 6 (Martha) to 12 (Fredrick), as a widower. Would appreciate any information about any of these members of the family, espeically Martha, and her mother. Thank you
Sunday, April 3rd 2011 - 11:38:43 AM
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Tuesday, March 29th 2011 - 05:05:20 PM
Name: Cathy Groth White
E-mail address: whitegroth@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Illinois, Wisconsin
Comments: My Dad is Dwight Groth, Son of Alma & Edward Groth. They lived in Wisconsin and Illiois. They had 4 kids, Richard, Chuck, Dwight, and Jerry. Both Alma and Edward were from 12 and 13 children. There are a lot of relations I bet we don't know about...Just curious...
Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 09:06:42 PM
Name: Phyllis Martin
E-mail address: Phyllis7739@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Oconto Falls, WI
Dates: 1900
Comments: I am looking for any information on Wilhelm (William)born 1866 and Amelia Groth. They came from Poland in 1900. They had children Emil, August, Gustave, Edward, Adolph and Hilda. William was my grandfather's uncle (his mother's brother). They are the only relative of my grandfather that came to the US. I would like any information.
Tuesday, January 18th 2011 - 01:00:25 PM
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Tuesday, June 15th 2010 - 08:39:14 PM
Name: Colleen Groth Johnson
E-mail address: cjohnson61@live.com
Groth Family Locations: iowa,wisconsin,germany
Dates: April 27, 2010
Comments: I have been working on my fathers family tree...GROTH. I have gotten back 7 generations. Otto, James, Fred, Hans G, Hans J, Christian, Claus, and Karsten Groth, I have info on most. They came from Prussia, Stralendorf, Ludwigslust, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. I know Christian had sons nameed William, Fredrick, and Otto. Fredrick was my great-grandfather. He had 6 children John F , Frederick, James Guy (my grandfather), William H, Elizabeth m, and Charles H.
These family members where born in Iowa.
My ggggggg-grandfather Karstian and his son Claus, I don't have much info on....no dob or dod.
If anyone has any info or would like to know what i have please contact me. I don't have any more Groth's above my generation left to talk to...so I could use some help....Thanks a lot....Colleen Groth Johnson
Tuesday, April 27th 2010 - 11:22:11 PM
Name: Debbie Miller
E-mail address: debbie@unakwik.com
Groth Family Locations: Wisconsin Chicago Ill
Dates: 1856 1892
Comments: Hi, I am searching for any information on Frank (Franz) Groth born in Germany in 1856. Immigrated to US to Milwaukee area. One of his five children (Edward August Groth, born Chicago Illinois in 1892) is my grandfather. I am attempting to learn more about either Frank or Edward. Frank was married to Wilhamina Kruninski and Edward was married (second marriage his first wife died) to Dorothy J. Finnigan. Any information about any of these ancestors would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
Sunday, March 28th 2010 - 01:36:47 PM
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Sunday, March 21st 2010 - 11:55:22 AM
Name: Patricia Groth Butterbrodt
E-mail address: butterb@bellsouth.net
Groth Family Locations: Iowa/Florida
Dates: Dec 2009
Comments: My father, Charles Donald Groth, was born in Stoughton, WI in 1932. His father was Henry Groth, but we know very little about him. I know he had three sisters. My grandmother, Jennie Peterson, was his second wife, and my father had only one full brother, Richard, who died before he was 20. Henry had other children by the name of Groth who live I believe in New England somewhere. Would love more info on Henry Groth and his history - he died in Florida in 1964, I believe.
Tuesday, December 1st 2009 - 06:10:19 PM
Name: carol ann miller
E-mail address: miller45ca@att.net
Groth Family Locations: Monroe Mi Detroit Mi, Macomb County MI
Dates: 1857 to 2009
Comments: My Great Great Grandfather was Johann (john) Groth he was born in Monroe MI 6 Nov. 1857 HE died In monroe mi 22 Nov 1883.He married Mary OR Marie Dehart OR Gehart in 1881. He is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery IN Monroe MI His son (my Greatgrandfather)George Leonard William Was Born In Monroe Mi 29 Aug 1882. He died in 1955,in macomb County mi He married Emma Wachtmeister,My Grandfather George William Groth was born in Detroit Mi I Would like any help in finding out John's Father and mother. I know they both came from Germany but that is about all I have.
Thursday, May 14th 2009 - 12:42:15 PM
Name: carol ann miller
E-mail address: miller45ca@att.net
Groth Family Locations: Monroe Mi Detroit Mi, Macomb County MI
Dates: 1857 to 2009
Comments: My Great Great Grandfather was Johann (john) Groth he was born in Monroe MI 6 Nov. 1857 HE died In monroe mi 22 Nov 1883.He married Mary OR Marie Dehart OR Gehart in 1881. He is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery IN Monroe MI His son (my Greatgrandfather)George Leonard William Was Born In Monroe Mi 29 Aug 1882. He died in 1955,in macomb County mi He married Emma Wachtmeister,My Grandfather George William Groth was born in Detroit Mi I Would like any help in finding out John's Father and mother. I know they both came from Germany but that is about all I have.
Thursday, May 14th 2009 - 12:40:57 PM
Name: Mona Elverum
E-mail address: monelv@netcom.no
Homepage URL: http://www.myheritage.no/site-59373561/elverum-web-site
Groth Family Locations: Brabant; Belgium
Dates: 1570
Tuesday, March 31st 2009 - 05:48:52 AM
Name: Andrew Groth
E-mail address: Leo1jungle@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Iowa
Comments: I am a Groth living in Sioux City, Iowa. I am researching my family. My great, great, great grandfather may of come from Prussia by way of Pen. Or Wis. His name was Conrad or Conard. His birthdate was 1825? His son William Groth Sr. is buried in Ponca NE.(1851-1920) Along with his son, William Groth Jr.(1883-1928) William Groth Jr. had 3 or more sons, George, William and Andrew Christian Conrad Groth (1891 - 1954)my grandfather. I underdtand that George and William moved to Cal. I think Williams Jr. was married at one time to Susanna (12-24-1861 - 9-7-1899)she is buried in Martinsburg, IA. My father was Ray Groth (1916 - 1974)buried in Sioux City, IA. We have some conncetion to the Barens also buried in Ponca NE. Can anyone fill me in on Conrad? And maybe what happened to the brothers who went to Cal.? You can see the headstones of the Groths buried in Ponca by going to www.nebraskagravestones.org. Email me at leo1jungle@aol.com
Sunday, January 25th 2009 - 05:11:43 PM
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Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 06:40:36 AM
Name: Simone F.
E-mail address: Simone.Fueg@gmx.de
Groth Family Locations: dithmarschen
Dates: around 1900
Comments: I am lokking for the parents and ancestors of "HermannGroth", who is the father of my grandmother.
Her was married to "Hertha Botin"...
Sadly no dates known to me...
Greets from Germany!
Tuesday, March 20th 2007 - 02:50:13 PM
Name: Barbara Matul
E-mail address: bmatul@comcast.net
Groth Family Locations: Waseca County, Minnesota, Goodhue County, Minnesota; Wausau, Wisconsin
Dates: 1885 - Present
Friday, October 7th 2005 - 07:57:33 AM
Name: Eva Groth
E-mail address: begroth@mail.tele.dk
Groth Family Locations: Svendborg
Dates: 26.-5.-03
Comments: I am looking for family to my great-grandfather Heinrich Carl Christian Adolph Groth born Schwerin 20.10.1846. He died in Bergedorf (Hamburg) 4.7.1919. He was a "kaufman". He was married to Anna Auguste Henriette Marsmann born in Wismar 24.1.1855. She died in Bergedorf 30.3.1902.
His mother was Wilhelmine Groth who lived in Lübeck. His sister was called Emma Groth and she lived in Lübeck,too.
This is all I know. I would be gratefull for any information. Thank you.
Monday, May 26th 2003 - 01:56:49 PM
Name: Heinrich Heinz
E-mail address: hheinz@shaw.ca
Homepage URL: http://publish.shaw.ca/lheinz
Groth Family Locations: Pottum, Westerwald, Germany
Dates: late 1700's - early 1800's
Comments: Looking for the ancestors of Anna Catharina Groth, born 1786 in Pottum (Westerwald), Germany
Monday, May 19th 2003 - 10:45:58 AM
Name: Carl Fredrick Groth, Jr.
E-mail address: carlnjean@earthlink.net
Groth Family Locations: St.Louis, Missouri and Longview, Texas And Black Diamond, Washington
Dates: 1915-1-2003
Comments: I am the son of Carl Fredrick Groth, Sr. and Rozelle C. Groth(Willhauck)
My father had a brother and sister. The sister died ata very early age and my uncle died of cancer in about 1956 and is buried in California.
All of my father's people are buried in St. Marcus Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.
My grand fathers name was Charles Groth. He died in about 1939 and was a police officer in St. Louis for 30 years, retiring in about 1935. My grand mother's name was Pauline Siegel.
The reason I am pursuing this is that my mother died on April 1, 2003 and my father is virtually incapacitated but while he is still alive and could provide reasonably accurate information, I would like to find out as much as possible.
thank you for any information.
Thursday, April 17th 2003 - 10:04:32 PM
Name: steven groth
E-mail address: groth2244@netzero.net
Groth Family Locations: cincinnati ohio
Dates: late 1800's present
Comments: would like to know any info on how the groths got to cincy.? was told the groth name did use to have an e on the end of it.
Thursday, March 13th 2003 - 09:07:13 PM
Name: Helen Hayes Sebesta
E-mail address: helen.sebesta@cox.net
Groth Family Locations: Schleswig-Holstein
Dates: 1800's
Comments: See my entry from July 25, 1999. My email address has changed to what you see above. Also, here is a bit more information:

Wiebke Cathrina Groth, April 6, 1855 - Feb. 14, 1919
Spouse: Wilhelm Andreas Boetger, 1850 - 1916, Iowa
from Lunden or Hemme
Father: Johann Groth, b. 1809 in Bargen
Mother: Elsabe Billerbeck, b. 1825
Grandfather: Marx Billerbeck
Grandmother: Anna Trede
Monday, March 10th 2003 - 07:57:48 AM
Name: Lesli R. Groth
E-mail address: lesli23@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/lesli23
Groth Family Locations: Illinois
Comments: I would like to add our Groth family, but I want to check out your website first. I have a large family, mostly in the Illinois area.
Monday, February 24th 2003 - 12:31:34 PM
Name: James S Groth
E-mail address: jsgpjg@frontiernet.net
Groth Family Locations: New Richmond WI
Dates: 1950 - present
Comments: Located in Wisconsin 1950. Prior to that Minneapolis and prior to that Iowa
Sunday, February 16th 2003 - 04:58:51 PM
Name: Warren Groth
E-mail address: warren@groth.com
Groth Family Locations: Australia
Dates: Mid to late 1800's
Comments: My great grandfather John (or Johannas) Groth immigrated to Australia. He fathered 12 Offspring and my grandfather (Otto Oscar Groth) was his youngest son. My father Wesley was Otto's only son. I'm very interested in researching a family legend that involves John being held up and robbed of his gold pocket watch by the bushranger 'Thunderbolt'in the late 1800's. The watch was returned to John some time later by a local postal clerk as it was engraved with his name. If any of the Australian Groths has information about this legend please contact me via email.
(now temporarily residing in Surrey, England)
Friday, January 31st 2003 - 01:06:45 PM
Name: Theresa Groth
E-mail address: theresa.groth@sympatico.ca
Groth Family Locations: ontario Canada
Friday, January 24th 2003 - 11:12:20 PM
Name: Dennis J. Groth
E-mail address: djgroth@att.net
Groth Family Locations: Bethlehem, PA, Allentown, PA, Glen Gardner, NJ
Dates: 1850 - Present
Comments: Father's Name - Harold W. Groth, Jr., Born 1926. Married to Betty Sutton.
Grandfather's Name - Harold W. Groth, Sr, Born 1905 in Bethlehem, PA. Married to Lizzie Super.
Great Grandfather's Name - John Groth

I am interested in finding out where my great grandfather, John Groth, was born, what year, his parents' names, and where they were from or born.

Any help is appreciated.
Tuesday, December 10th 2002 - 08:18:01 AM
Name: Brian Groth
E-mail address: bgrothy@tpg.com.au
Comments: G,Day to Groths everywhere. MERRY CHRISTMAS and PEACE on Earth to ALL men Brian.
Sunday, December 8th 2002 - 10:54:00 PM
Name: Dietmar Groth
E-mail address: dietmar@grothweb.de
Homepage URL: http://www.grothweb.de
Groth Family Locations: Neustadt/Westerwald Germany
Dates: 01.12.2002
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 03:59:36 AM
Name: mark
E-mail address: mgroth69@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: australia
Comments: can any help me out just chasing the family coat of arms
p.s go grothies!!!!
Monday, November 11th 2002 - 03:33:50 PM
Name: Ketty Lykke Jensen
E-mail address: ketty.lykke@jensen.mail.dk
Groth Family Locations: Denmark
Comments: I have a lot of members with the name Groth. From Denmark, Norway a.s.o.
Friday, November 8th 2002 - 04:46:42 AM
Name: Lesley Groth
E-mail address: lesleyis@wi.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/lgroth_1999/groth.html
Groth Family Locations: Racine, Wisconsin
Wednesday, November 6th 2002 - 11:27:32 AM
Name: Bob Gilbert
E-mail address: lbgilbert@worldnet.att.net
Groth Family Locations: Minnesota
Comments: Looking for any information on my great-grandfather John A. Groth who emmigrated from Germany to Minnesota in about 1883. He was married to Bertha Domke. They had ten childern; Anna, Henry, Clara, Martha, John, Albert, Elsie, Arthur, Bertha, and Lisbeth. I have a birth place of Stolp, Germany for his son Albert. Any help would be appreciated.
Monday, September 23rd 2002 - 05:52:56 PM
Name: terry john groth
E-mail address: greenbenny57@iprimus.com.au
Groth Family Locations: australia, nsw,new england area, tamworth.
Dates: 1830 on
Comments: my father TREVOR JOHN GROTH, his father PERCIVAL GROTH, died tamworth 1979, after any info on groths from nsw aus
Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 01:28:43 AM
Name: terry john groth
E-mail address: greenbenny57@iprimus.com.au
Groth Family Locations: tamworth new england area.nsw. aus
Comments: hi,me just started family search, my father is trevor john groth, his father was percival groth, died tamworth, nsw, 1979, thata all i know at thistage
Saturday, September 21st 2002 - 01:15:12 AM
Name: Karen Tillquist
E-mail address: pipersponds@coastaccess.com
Groth Family Locations: California and Washington
Comments: I am one of the many grandchildren of Dr. George William Groth Sr. The entry of Ms. Weekes is this family. Dr. Groth was a kind physician in Sierra Madre California. He leaves a fairly extensive family.
Friday, July 26th 2002 - 11:29:25 PM
Name: Karyn Groth
E-mail address: karyn_groth@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: Australia
Comments: Parents names are Peter and Janet Groth.
Grandparents both from Germany - Albert and Annastacia Groth.
Saturday, July 13th 2002 - 10:01:39 PM
Name: Barbara Groth
E-mail address: bmatul@attbi.com
Groth Family Locations: Goodhue Co., MN
Comments: I am the granddaughter of Fredrick Carl Groth b.6/9/1915 d.10/11/77. Son of Julius Groth b.7/1/1889, d.7/15/1954 and Alfreida Altenberg b.9/3/1891 d.11/1960. I believe Julies's father's name was also Julius, but have no other information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - 01:40:42 PM
Name: Jeffrey A. Groth
E-mail address: jgroth@corgan.com
Groth Family Locations: N. E. Iowa ,Mn and Wis
Dates: B;1953
Comments: Father is Keith Groth. grandfather was Luther. great grandfather was Ernest. all lived (and father still does) in N.E.Ia. Have 3 brothers Daniel, David and Richard living in MN and Wisconsin.
Tuesday, July 9th 2002 - 02:25:49 PM
Name: william ralph groth
E-mail address: wgroth1950@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: wausau and portage, wi
Comments: My great-grandfather was Albert Groth, born in Portage, Wisconsin in the 1860s. Do you have any info on him?
Tuesday, June 25th 2002 - 08:37:31 PM
Name: Theresa (Groth) Kirchner
E-mail address: Speedbuggy Log @aol.com
Groth Family Locations: West Salem, WI
Comments: My Grandfather was Rinehold Groth born Abt. 1890 in LaCrosse
Wi. Looking for any information on brothers or sisters.
Friday, June 21st 2002 - 03:25:23 PM
Name: Theresa (Groth) Kirchner
Friday, June 21st 2002 - 03:20:37 PM
Name: Brian Groth
E-mail address: bgrothy@tpg.com.au
Groth Family Locations: Utersen.Tornesch,Haseldorf. All in Germany
Dates: 1865
Comments: All my info is already listed. This note is to change my email address to bgrothy @ tpg.com.au Thanks
Wednesday, May 22nd 2002 - 12:28:30 AM
Name: John Groth
E-mail address: debrad@itlnet.net
Groth Family Locations: West Bend, Jackson, Port Washington, Wisconsin
Dates: Any
Comments: Looking for decendents From John and Addy Groth. I know little about famaily history. I have Aunts Uncles and Cusins That livein all the areas Listed above. Researching the John Groth Name has become a hand full. I have been told of a family thing with the name John Groth and That many of the first born sons of this Family line are named so. I know that my grandpa John Groth has a couple of brothers still alive. Their names are Herbert and Herman I belive i know the live on a farm in Wisconsin Around Jackson. If yo have run across this or know any of the people please e-mail me. Or if you are my relitive i would love your e-mail address to talk to you. Mom doesn't


Daniel Allen Dorough

Monday, April 8th 2002 - 12:19:02 AM
Name: Mrs Christian Groth daughter Anna (Heuer)
E-mail address: jvb56@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Pommerania, WI
Dates: 1836-1903
Comments: Groth, Mrs. Christian


The Cedarburg Weekly News (Ozaukee Co.)
October 7, 1903
DIED - At her home in the town of Mequon, on Saturday last Oct. 3d., after a short illness, Mrs. Christian Groth, widow of the late Ferdinand Groth, aged 67 years. Deceased was born on the 26th day of August 1836 at Pahulent, Province of Pommerania in Germany, and came to America with her parents in 1849, settling on a farm in this town. In May 1859 she was married to Ferdinand Groth, who owned the large tract of land on the town line, a half mile south of this city, a portion of which is still owned by the children. Eight children survive her, four sons and four daughters. They are Ernst, Herman, Ferdinand, Bernhart, Anna Heuer, Friedericke Kurtz, Emilie Luebke, and Ida Hoppe. Since the death of her husband the deceased has resided with her daughter Mrs. Wm. Hoppe. The funeral took place Monday afternoon and was largely attended, Rev. Wm. Lange officiated.

I am looking for info on daughter Anna Groth Heuer b.March 1866 in Cedarburg, WI and married August Heuer.Children were Valeska,Benno,Irma,Kurt,Waldemir and Margaretha Heuer.
Saturday, March 2nd 2002 - 06:22:59 AM
Name: Helen Groth
E-mail address: alicegee007@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: South England, UK
Comments: just wondering
Tuesday, February 19th 2002 - 10:36:27 AM
Name: Ted Johnson
E-mail address: johnsont@wfu.edu
Homepage URL: http://www.wfu.edu/~johnsont
Groth Family Locations: Milwaukee, WI
Dates: Early 1900's
Comments: I am looking for informaton about my grandmothers birth family. Her name is Annie (also in records as Anna) Groth. My grandmother was born on December 18, 1902 in Milwaukee, WI and given the name Louise Groth. My grandmother was adopted by Alfred and Bertha Campbell who changed her name to Julia Louise Campbell. The fathers name was listed as Herman (Hermann?) Manske. Anne and Hermannn were married in 1903, and had two children Herbert and Frederick. It is possibe that my grandmothers adoption was arranged through St. Jacobi's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee,
but that is just a guess. Hermann passed away in 1908, and after that I have no record of Anna (Annie). What I do know about her family is as follows.

Her name was Anna M. Groth. She was born January 4, 1883 in
Milwaukee, WI. She married Herman Manske on June 18, 1903 in
Milwaukee, WI. They had two children Frederick and Herbert, both born after 1903. Herman passed away on July 5, 1908 in Milwaukee and is buried at Forrest Home Cemetary in Milwaukee. Anna's parents were Ludwig F. Groth (Louis)
who was born in December 1854 in Prussia and immigrated in 1881. He married Anna Kalies on May, 21 1881 in Milwaukee. Louis's occupation was listed as "teamster". He passed away on March 4, 1903 and was buried on March 5th 1903 in Pilgrims Rest Cemetary in Milwaukee. Their children were Frank Groth, born between 1881 and 1883 and died before 1887. Anna, Louis (born between 1883 and 1887), William J. Groth born 12-25-1887 in Milwaukee (changed his name to Christian Groth on 10-8-1942), August O. Groth born August 7, 1890 in Milwaukee (possibly passed
away on December 22, 1966 in Sacramento CA), Carl Richard Groth born September 17, 1894 in Milwaukee (named changed to Edward on 5-20-1942 possibly passed away in December of 1979 in 53051 (Menomonee Falls, Waukesha, WI), and Ella M. Groth born August 17, 1897 in Milwaukee (born at 3 o'clock, delivered by midwife Emilie Roller, parents Lousi Groth and Anna Kallies residing at 711 Mineral Street. Siblings listed as Anna, Willie and August).
Sunday, December 30th 2001 - 12:14:55 PM
Name: Amanda Groth
E-mail address: amgroth@iastate.edu
Groth Family Locations: Winterset, IA
Comments: Grandparents: Lois & Lloyd Groth
Friday, October 5th 2001 - 02:31:21 PM
Name: Ann
E-mail address: susy_q69@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi!
I´m looking for Groth relatives
from Liege Belgum
If you have any information
please contact me

Ann from Sweden
Tuesday, September 11th 2001 - 12:04:01 PM
Name: marjorie
E-mail address: nbr1nana@aug.com
Groth Family Locations: ben
Dates: mn 1871-1933
Comments: my message is already here, I just forgot to put my email
add. thanks
Saturday, June 23rd 2001 - 08:11:39 PM
Name: marjorie ayo
E-mail address: nbr1nana@aug.com
Groth Family Locations: ben & carolina
Dates: mn 1871-1933
Comments: ben groth came from sdweden apparently with no other family
members in 1871. he settled in Mn near Amore a few miles
from Fergus Falls. Would like to trace his family. He
married Carolina Miller. They had 4 children. Bill, Jack,
Ida, & Melvina. Ben died in 1902 & is burried in the Amore
Lutheran cemetery. I would appreciate hearing from anyone
who can connect with this family roots. thanks Marjorie
Monday, June 18th 2001 - 11:36:15 PM
Name: Vicki Rice
E-mail address: vrice@coachella.org
Groth Family Locations: Germany/NV, CA in USA
Dates: 1750 to now
Comments: My 1st Groth is Johann Carl Groth b abt 1750 in Germany d
abt Jul 1808 in Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, Ger. He m
Dorothea Christiana Kolling b 1750 in Eutin, Schleswig-
Holstein, Ger and 3 27 Jul 1808 in the same place. My
immigrant Groth was Albrecht Claus Leo Hugo Groth b 28 Dec
1868 in Deutsch, Rixdorf, Ger m to Sallie Read b 26 Jan
1877 in Audrain, Mo. Albrecht deserted his family while
they were living in Nevada, and I don't know what happened
to him.

I'd be happy to share any info I have.
Friday, June 15th 2001 - 10:43:32 AM
Name: Linda Scham
E-mail address: ljscham01@netscape.net
Groth Family Locations: Mecklenburg > Minnesota > Wisconsin > Illinois
Dates: 1856
Comments: I'm just starting my research on my great grandfather
DETHLOFF (1861-1940). Immigrated in 1889 from Mecklenburg,
through Hamburg, and settled up in Minnesota. Their
children are WILHEM GROTH (1883-1925); ANNA GROTH
(1885-1982); HENRY GROTH (1888-1925); CARL GROTH
(1890-1971); FREDERICK GROTH (1891-1958); ELLA GROTH
(1893-1991); LENA GROTH (1895-1982); PAUL GROTH, my
grandfather, (1898-1979); ALMA GROTH (1900-1981); EDNA GROTH
(1903-1969); and LYDIA GROTH (1909-1963). I'm currently
trying to confirm information on my Paul Groth's line before
concentrating on my great Aunts and Uncles. I have names of
several spouses and children for all descendants of Heinrick
Groth. Please feel free to contact me.
Wednesday, June 13th 2001 - 09:03:33 PM
Name: Brian Groth
E-mail address: bgroth@acay.com.au
Dates: !865
Comments: My greatgrandfather Wilhelm came to Australia with his
wife, Anna Both and 2 sons, Wilhelm and Claus Hinrich in
1865 from near Hamburg Germany. I am trying to find
ancestors before that date. Wilhelm senior may also have
had a brother who emigrated to U.S.A.Thanks for a great
site. Brian
Wednesday, April 25th 2001 - 04:10:09 AM
Name: erik groth-andersen
E-mail address: amjuer@get2net.dk
Groth Family Locations: helsinore ,denmark
Comments: My late uncle was very interested in our genealogy and
traced us back to a family in Rome who lived in a Palazzo
Grillo, a building I believe still exists.I am interested
to hear if any of you have any information about this
Wednesday, December 27th 2000 - 06:15:59 AM
Name: C. Groth
E-mail address: Plezewiludoagame@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dates: 1860's and later
Comments: I am doing research on my husband's side of the family.
The Groths. My husband's father is Rev. Harvey Groth.
Harvey's father was one Harry Groth born October 9, 1899 in
milwaukee, Wisconsin. He married Leona Auguste (Pergande).
Harry's father, my husband's great grandfather is the end
of our trail at this time. His name was Henry Groth. He
was born on August 11,1863 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and
married to Albertina (Hilgendorf). Per the 1900 Census
Henry's parents were also from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We
have no information or clues as to who Henry's parents or
other ancestors mught be. We know henry spoke German so we
can assume he is of German descent. If anyone sees any
correlation with thier family notes please let me know.
Thanks and Good Luck.
Wednesday, May 24th 2000 - 09:52:55 PM
E-mail address: denee@mail.cth.com.au
Groth Family Locations: australia /schleswig hol.
Dates: 1850---on
Comments: Carl Groth,born Archangel,Russia in 1827, Father ,Paul Groth
(a seaman) from the Isle of Sylt,wife Marian Thomson.
Carl was 2nd. master of the sailing ship "Chatteau Wattel"
to Australia with immigrants (1854). On ship he met and
later married Sophia Barbeler at Sydney Australia and
settled in country area ,later moving to Maryborough
Queensland, now many decendants.
Groth origanilly spelt Grothe on old documents.
Hope this may be helpfull to someone.
Saturday, March 25th 2000 - 10:14:09 PM
Name: Barbara Beckley
E-mail address: BeckleyBJ@aol.com
Comments: I am trying to locate Tom Groth who lived in Glendale,
California in the early 1980's. He was a professionial
pianist, musical director, and arranger. He would probably
be around 60 now. He created some beautiful orchestrations
for a musical show I produced at the time. I am planning a
revival of the show and I need his orchestrations! (We'll
never come up with anything as good.) If anyone out there
knows where he is, I'd sure appreciate hearing from them.
Thanks. P.S. I'm not a Groth, but I enjoyed the web
page. It's excellent.
Sunday, March 19th 2000 - 02:40:39 AM
Name: colin patrick brady
E-mail address: chimpklaypot@prodigy.net
Comments: hello...i am looking to get in touch with an old college
friend Diana Groth. We attended Millikin University in
Decatur IL together. Please email with any info!
Thursday, March 9th 2000 - 09:58:42 PM
Name: Sharyl
E-mail address: ferrall@mtaonline.net
Groth Family Locations: northeast IA
Dates: 1860's-present
Comments: Frederick Groth and his wife Caroline Hast were born in
Germany around the 1840's. They had at least one child,
Ernest, born October 6, 1862 in Germany. Ernest immigrated
to America at age 16 and settled in NE Iowa near Frankville
in Winnesheik Co. He married Augusta Kampka. Ernest &
Augusta had 7 children: Walter, Esther, Arthur, Frederick
[1899-1998], Luther, Harold & Ruth.

I would like to correspond with descendants of this family.
Friday, March 3rd 2000 - 07:41:05 AM
Name: Tony Korec
E-mail address: akorec@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Groth Family Locations: NY;Texas;Oregon
Comments: Great, Great Grandfather John Groth came to U.S. from
Germany in approximately 1849 as a young boy. Mothers name
Elizabeth Groth; Father unknown. served in the Civil War;
Owned a hotel in Rockville Centre NY in late 19th century.
Can anyone connect with this?
Friday, February 25th 2000 - 05:25:35 AM
Name: Tony Groth
E-mail address: n7911967@bcuc.ac.uk
Groth Family Locations: Leeds, England
Dates: yes please
Comments: From my intense research i have found that the name groth,
meaning fierce ferret, originated in Cleethorpes, on the
east coast of England in or around 1637 during the invasion
by the Mexicans. The late Hermon Groth ( my great, great,
great ,great, great, great, grand father) was also known to
have invented the bucket!
Monday, February 21st 2000 - 01:54:28 PM
Name: Dennis Loy
E-mail address: loylaw@compuserve.com
Groth Family Locations: Marburg, Germany>Illinois>Indiana>Ohio>Michigan
Dates: 1600s to current
Comments: I descend from Anna (Groth)Loy - Frederick Otto Groth (Edna
Hampshire) - Adam Groth (Anna Gertrude Wick) - Karl Groth
(Anna Bender) - Friedrich Groth (Anna Maria Bauer) - Johann
Jodocus Groth (Klara Elisabeth Wick) - Johann Adam Groth
(Maria Elisabeth Erckel)- Johann Christian Groth (Anna
Maria Hamp) - Christian Albrecht Groth (Anna Elisabeth
Interested in hearing from anyone with common ancestors.
Sunday, February 20th 2000 - 02:48:12 PM
Name: Gary Paul Groth
E-mail address: thundermountain@earthlink.net
Groth Family Locations: Detriot & Monroe Mi.; Berlin Germany
Dates: 1885 -
Comments: My grandparents names were Emma & George Groth. My parents
were Harold E & Virginia B Groth I have a brother Douglas
George Groth in New Baltomore,Mi. and a sister Karen Ann
Patten in Clinton Township.
Tuesday, February 1st 2000 - 11:17:18 PM
Name: Brian Groth
E-mail address: bgroth@ozemail.com.au
Groth Family Locations: ex Hamburg
Dates: 1865
Comments: My greatgrandfather was Wilhelm Groth, married to Anna Both.
Left Germany in 1865 with two sons for Australia.
Am trying to locate connections with Wilhelms brother who
emigrated to U.S.A.
great site,thank you. Brian.
Tuesday, November 23rd 1999 - 01:31:27 AM
Name: John Groth
E-mail address: JGroth5001@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Dates: 1882, 1883, 1886
Comments: Grandfather Franz (Frank) Groth (age 21) emigrated from
Germany on ship Irthington, arrived New York 15 June 1882
with sister Wilhelmine (age 26) and brother Carl (age 22).
Carl married Johanne Mueller in La Crosse, WI 12 March 1883.
Franz married my grandmother Ida Bolduan in La Crosse, 14
January 1886. Having a problem tracing Carl Groth and
Wilhelmine Groth. Appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks!
Monday, November 15th 1999 - 07:07:17 PM
Name: William Dean Groth
E-mail address: MarciaGro@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Kansas
Dates: 1877 - 1999
Comments: We have genealogy on a Broderbund program but have been unable to upload it to the web.
Sunday, November 7th 1999 - 02:24:08 PM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: wawomel@prodigy.net
Groth Family Locations: Germany/MN
Dates: 1862-1956
Comments: Re: Albert Groth dates should be b. 1862, came to MN> 1899, d. 1956 ( see prior message)

Thursday, November 4th 1999 - 12:16:00 AM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: wawomel@prodigy.net
Groth Family Locations: Germany/Spring Valley, MN.
Dates: 1862-1956
Comments: My great-grandfather is Albert Carl Groth, born in Germany 1986, came to USA about 1999, and farmed in the Spring Valley MN area, where he died in 1956. His children are: Robert, Paul, Richard, Alma(Prinsen), Della (Schunke), Frieda (Griebenow) and Amanda Groth. I would like information on his history, or comments from anyone knowing the family. Thank you.
Thursday, November 4th 1999 - 12:09:34 AM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: wawomel@prodigy.net
Groth Family Locations: Germany/Spring Valley, MN.
Dates: 1862-1956
Comments: My great-grandfather is Albert Carl Groth, born in Germany 1986, came to USA about 1999, and farmed in the Spring Valley MN area, where he died in 1956. His children are: Robert, Paul, Richard, Alma(Prinsen), Della (Schunke), Frieda (Griebenow) and Amanda Groth. I would like information on his history, or comments from anyone knowing the family. Thank you.
Thursday, November 4th 1999 - 12:04:18 AM
Name: Amy Groth
E-mail address: agroth1846@Vax2.winona.msus.edu
Groth Family Locations: Minnesota
Monday, October 18th 1999 - 02:03:21 PM
Name: Barbara E.(Groth)Whenal
E-mail address: barbara.whenal@dot.state.wi.us
Comments: Born in 1950 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin and currently live in
Central Wisconsin. Youngest sister of Charles E.
Monday, October 18th 1999 - 07:56:09 AM
Name: Charles E. Groth
E-mail address: Vondestein@prodigy.net
Comments: Spent nearly 40 years in Northern Wisconsin. Birth, (1948)
until 1988. Now live in suburban Los Angeles. Father was
originally from Marshfield , Wisconsin area,(Wilbert, born
1920 to Charles and Edna Groth).
Sunday, October 17th 1999 - 10:04:03 PM
Name: Bonny James
E-mail address: bonnyjames@ausa.net
Groth Family Locations: Christian Groth
Dates: 1850 to now
Comments: I am looking for parents of Christian Groth born Aug 11,
1850 in Bohnstead, Germany. He was naturalized in Clinton
Co., Ia inMarch of 1879. He wed Emma Stall on Oct 12, 1878
in Clinton, Clinton Co., Ia.. He moved to Buena Vista Co.,
Ia. around 1883. He is buried in Newell, Buena Vista Co.,
Ia. on July 19, 1905. Emma rewed to Henry Nagal who was
also from Germany. I am seeking any information on other
family members. I hope someone can help me. I love this web
Thursday, October 7th 1999 - 05:42:23 PM
Name: Norma Sieppert
E-mail address: richnorm@telusplanet.net
Groth Family Locations: Germany, Russia/East Prussia
Dates: 1884 - 1929
Comments: My Grandfather, Johann Groth, born Jan. 30, 1884 in
Felsental or Felstental Russia, or Tagenrog, Russia (every
document is different!) My father, Karl Groth, born Aug.
12, 1912 in Marienpol or Marienburg, Russia or East Prussia.
Nobody knows my Grandmother's name - she died around 1918.
Johann remarried about 1920 to Anna Klemish or Klein Lisch.
Moved to Schonberg, Kries, Osterburg (doesn't show up on
any German maps) then to Gladbeck, Germany Nov. 6, 1921.
Johann came to Canada in June 1928 and rest of family came
in January 1929. Can anyone help with any of this???
Thursday, September 30th 1999 - 06:04:24 PM
Name: Maike Groth
E-mail address: MaikeGr1@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Halstenbek, Germany
Dates: end of 1800-present
Comments: My farther, Walter Groth was born in Iserbrook, Hamburg 1928. He is the son of Adolf Groth. He has a sister named Renate Fenner (Groth) and a half-brother (killed in the war of 1944) and a half-sister named Ellen (died in 1985). He married my mom Gerda Heinsohn in year 1953. They live in Halstenbek closed to Hamburg. The have four children: Bärbel Groth, Karin Groth, Ute Groth and me, Maike Groth, the youngest of them.
My farther told me, our ancestor came from Pommern, East-Germany in the end of the 1800. The farther of my grandpa should be the son of a baron and a gipsy-woman. Who they are? I don't know. Should you have an idea, please write me an e-mail.
Spezial thanks to you in advance.
Sunday, September 19th 1999 - 11:41:02 AM
Name: Eric T. Groth
E-mail address: eric.groth@kohlerco.com
Groth Family Locations: Wolzow,wITTENBURG, Ger
Dates: 1800
Comments: Fredrich and Anna Dorothea nee Wichmann to Outagamie Co. WI
in 1869
Friday, September 3rd 1999 - 10:44:56 AM
Name: Donald Knopf
E-mail address: knopfd@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Chicago, IL
Dates: 1870-1890
Comments: I am attempting to make a family connection to a HERMANN
GROTH, who lived in Chicago in 1882. From an original
German-script letter written by HERMANN GROTH on the 1st of
February 1882 from Chicago to my grandfather, Albert LEGNER
in Alpena, MI, I am trying to figure out the connection the
GROTH name has to my family line. Other names mentioned in
the translated letter are Adlima Groth, Carl Bonke, Carl
and Herminne Ka"mpf, and a Heinrich. Would love to hear
from anyone who may help me with those names.
Donald Knopf in Fort Wayne, IN
Thursday, August 26th 1999 - 07:49:44 AM
Name: Andrea Groth
E-mail address: 110555.3015@compuserve.com
Groth Family Locations: Round Lake Beach, IL & Oersdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Dates: Present
Comments: I am from Germany, originally. I have married an American,
and am living in Chicago area. Curious about Groths living
in US and around the world who may be relatives. My family
is in Oersdorf, Germany. This is just north of Hamburg in
the far north. My father is Klaus Groth, and his father
was Wilhelm Groth, born in Malente, Germany in 1898. The
father from Wilhelm is from Preetz, Germany. His name is
unknown to me. Any connections would be of interest.
Sunday, August 15th 1999 - 08:15:44 PM
Name: Anne Marie (Groth) Hamilton
E-mail address: anneed@sierratel.com
Groth Family Locations: Drobak, Norway
Dates: 1859-1997
Comments: I think this is a WONDERFUL page..I am delighted to find
it...... Keep up the GOOD work!!! My GROTH family
originates from Drobak, Norway. My grandfather,
EDWARD(EDVARD)HANS GROTH, b-4-3-1883, who was a custom
tailor, met and married ANNA MARIA JOHANNSON,(Johanson?)
of Hassleholm,Sweden. His father was named, (?KARL)VALDEMAR
GROTH & mother was JULIE(maiden name, ALVARSEN). Edward &
Anna married before they came to America in 1902, but I
don't have any details. They had two children, WILBUR
HOWARD GROTH, b- 09-19-1910, and EVELYN GROTH. I am
Wilbur's (nick-name, Bill) daughter, Anne Marie. They
originally sailed to New York, and settled in Chicago Ill.,
where my father was born. I understand they moved to Sioux
City Iowa, and then stayed in Miami, Florida. I am trying
to locate my Norwegian ancestors. Edward had sisters,
Helga, Jenni, Anna, Inga, Signe, and 1 brother named John.
I would truly appreciate additional information if this
family of Groths sound familiar. I also have a cousin named
Kristen, but don't know the last name, I have a picture of
her when she visited my father & grandfather in Sacramento,
California. She still lives in Norway, I believe. I also
have pictures of my grandfather's family that I am willing
to share if you are part of my family that I am seeking.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:54:34 PM
Name: Art Groth
E-mail address: acgroth@snet.net
Groth Family Locations: Stolpe Germany, now Slupsk, Poland
Dates: 1750 to 1890
Comments: Looking for bmd information on Johann Frederick Groth
married to Lisette Pieper, living in what was once Stolpe,
Germany and is now Slupsk, Poland in the 1800s. Johann and
Lisette had two sons, Carl Frederick (b 1857) and Johann
August Ludwig (b 1850), and three daughters, Helena,
Antonia, and Frances. Carl married Bertha Luebeck and came
to New York on the Rhein in 1886. Any info about this
family would be appreciated.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:46:24 PM
Name: Brynne Nodolf
E-mail address: brynnen@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: Holstein, Germany >Scott County, Iowa > Treynor, Iowa
Dates: 1844 to present
Comments: My great great grandmother, Louisa Margaret Groth, born Sep.
14, 1844 in Holstein Germany. Married Henry Jacob Rath and
lived in Iowa. If you know how old she was when she came
over from Germany or any other information, please contact
me. Thank-You.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:39:10 PM
Name: Allan R. Groth
E-mail address: kd4va@sumter.net
Groth Family Locations: ND MN
Dates: all
Comments: Just starting the search. My father, Alfred Groth's
background was in Norway I believe. My mother's maiden name
was Estella Berland (definitely norweigian background. You
have a nice site. Thanks Al Groth
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:38:01 PM
Name: Judy Groth Abernathy
E-mail address: jabernat@lostsierra.net
Groth Family Locations: Bremen, Germany > San Francisco, CA
Dates: 1876
Comments: My Grandfather Frederick William Groth was reportedly from
Bremen, Germany but may have only left from there. He was 14
and left as a cabin boy. At age 20 set down roots in San
Francisco and died there at the age of 54. Am looking for
any possible relatives for him. Possibly one sister who was
much older than him, maybe as much as 10 years. Anything
sound familiar?
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:36:26 PM
Name: Per Holmberg
E-mail address: perholmberg@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://home.bip.net/perholmberg
Groth Family Locations: Sweden, Lubeck, Brabant, Lie´ge
Dates: 1560-
Comments: The oldest family member I have found was Bryngel Groth from
Brabant Lie´ge in Belgium.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:31:57 PM
Name: Bob Groth
E-mail address: bob_groth@gradycorp.com
Groth Family Locations: Treptow, Prussia (Germany > Cedarberg, WI
Dates: 1840 to present
Comments: Specifically, I'm looking for a family crest or coat of arms
for the Christian Groth family originally from Treptow,
Prussia (Germany)
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:30:38 PM
Name: George Groth
E-mail address: ggroth@msn.com
Groth Family Locations: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany & Denmark; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Wanatah, Indiana; Garnerville, NV; Carson City, NV
Dates: 1800 to present
Comments: My grandfather, Joachim (Jacob) and brother, Otto were born
about 1835 in Germany. They lived in Schleswig-Holstein
when it may have been part of Denmark, between wars. Otto
settled in Indiana and I have cousins there, but not
interested in genealogy. My grandfather, Jacob, spent time
in mining camps in Nevada/California. I understand that
their mother's surname was Loman. Would appreciate any
information. George Groth
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:29:22 PM
Name: Dale Robison
E-mail address: b.robison@worldnet.att.net
Groth Family Locations: Tessin,Schwerin,Mechlinburg
Dates: 1835
Comments: I am looking for the antecedants of Henry Christian Theodore
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:28:05 PM
Name: Richard E Tech
E-mail address: gabby@midusa.net
Groth Family Locations: Albion, Mi. and Schwerin, Germany
Dates: 1800 s
Comments: Ida R Groth was my Grandmother. She married Reinhold Ludwig
Tech and they immigrated to usa Oldest son born in 1889, He
was from Schwerin i believe. One of his sisters lived in
Chicago Ill and the other married a tuchtenhagen in
Albion,Mi. She had two sisters Marie Karoline Franziska
Groth, and Hannah Groth Her father was Karl Groth and
mothers maden name Caroline Gliffe. If any of this fits into
your family hist please let me know. I could stand some
filling in on the german connection. Believe that the area
was once pomerania and was cedded to poland after ww1.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:26:32 PM
Name: Jay A. Whipple
E-mail address: jayw@nibinc.com
Groth Family Locations: Wisconsin/Minnesota
Dates: 1850 - present
Comments: Searching for any info on Carl Groth who was the father of
Robert Groth b. 6 June 1878 who was the father of Gertrude
(Lillian) Groth Whipple
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:24:39 PM
Name: Hermann Groth
E-mail address: bucher0z@t-online.de
Comments: My name is Ursula Radford, I am doing this for a pen pal,
Hermann Groth in Hamburg Germany. He is trying to find out
about his great-grandfather: JOHANN CARL FRIEDRICH GROOTH
1826 as the son of the Dutchman JOCHIM GROOTH and his wife
born in POREP/GEMEINDE SUCKOW/GRENZE, Feb. 26 1824. The
GROOTH couple married on Dec 29, 1849 in SUCKOW/GRENZE
(border) Their last residence was in Nettelbeck in
BRANDENBURG/OSTPRIGNITZ. His great-grandfather came to the
USA with his oldest son, WILHELM CARL FRIEDRICH GROOTH( or
GROTH ) born on Sept. 20 1851 in PREUSSISCH POREP.
Mr. Groth says that his grandfather emigrated about 1868 to
PERRY, TEXAS. He does not speak English and I have written
letters, but received no help.
Maybe you can help, Ursula Radford
PS. Mrs. GROOTH stayed behind with the other 8 children.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:21:53 PM
Name: Renanne Baker
E-mail address: rabbit@texoma-ok.com
Groth Family Locations: Stettin,Pomerania
Dates: 1850-Present
Comments: G-Grandmother,Johanna Groth,Born 1871 In Stettin,Pomerania
To Fredrick(H) And Louisa Pappenfus Groth.Came To Us Approx
1884,Settled In Winona County, Mn.Johanna Married Jacob
Schmitt,Who Was From Baden-Baden,Germany After Coming To
Usa.Looking For Siblings,Info On Parents,Etc.Thank You
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:18:35 PM
Name: Patrisia Manusos
E-mail address: rawlins68@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: Vilz>Teterow>Tonning
Dates: Vilz>Teterow>Tonning
Comments: Johann Groth/Sophia Lemcke>Charlotte Johanna b 19 Apr 1832
Vilz; mar Heinrich Eduard Jaeger 17 Oct 1856 Teterow. Their
son, Friedrich, was born in Tonning 14 Jan 1896. Fred is my
grandfather. Desire any info on Groth family--siblings,
aunts, uncles, etc.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:14:30 PM
Name: Mark H. Groth
E-mail address: markgroth@asapnet.net
Groth Family Locations: Wisconsin
Dates: 1800 to present
Comments: Interested in Groth family in Kirchhayn, Wisconsin and
involvement in David's Star Ev. Lutheran Church. Also,
reasons for coming to America.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:13:09 PM
Name: Jonas Groth
E-mail address: jonasgroth@of.telia.no
Homepage URL: http://home.telia.no/seven/
Groth Family Locations: anywhere > sarpsborg, norway
Comments: HI THERE!!! didn't know there were so many groth's out
there! i'm the greatgrandson of Oskar Fritdjof Groth. he had
a son Hans Leonard Groth (1908-1995) who had two daughters,
Edel & Eva, & two sons Hans Erik & Jan Leonard Groth (b.
1946) who is them my father. i have an older brother,
Stephan Leonard (b. 1971) & two younger brothers Thomas (b.
1981) & Andreas (b.1986). i'm born in 1977. Stephan has a
daughter, Iben (b. 1996). i'm just wondering if anyone can
suply anything to my list before Oskar Fridtjof Groth.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:11:28 PM
Name: Julie Groth Mulligan
E-mail address: jlm1963@gate.net
Groth Family Locations: North Dakota
Comments: My step grandfather Robert William Groth left me his family
genealogy but I was surprised and pleased to see a Groth
page. I'm not looking for information just wish you all luck
in your quests!
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:09:35 PM
Name: Jan Erik Neun
E-mail address: jneun@ibm.net
Groth Family Locations: Wenings, Germany
Dates: 1850's and back
Comments: My Groth's tie into another line by marriage in Wenings in
the 1850's. Have fairly large amount of data from German
researcher. Any contacts welcome.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:05:11 PM
Name: Michael Groth
E-mail address: mgroth@hotmail.com
Groth Family Locations: Denmark/Boston, USA
Comments: My father's side of the family was from the west coast of
Denmark. My grandfather was Kristian Groth (1910-1978) born
on the island of Aeroe. He lived most of his life in
Marstal and Esbjerg. Please contact me if you have more
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:04:18 PM
Name: Helen Hayes Sebesta
E-mail address: HS84EGRI@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Dates: before 1855
Comments: Wiebke Cathrina Groth, 1855-1919, my great grandmother, came
to Davenport, Iowa from the Schleswig-Holstein (far
northern) section of Germany after she married Wilhelm
Andreas Boetger. I think the family was from
Westerdeistrict. Wiebke's parents are listed as Johann Groth
and Elsabe Bellerbeen, but I have no dates for them or names
of other children in the family. Please write if you have
any information on this family.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:03:33 PM
Name: Sue Sanders
E-mail address: ses@primenet.com
Groth Family Locations: Marburg, Hesse, Germany > Joliet, Illinois
Dates: 1750 to present
Comments: I am looking for the ancestry of my great-grandfather, Adam
Groth of Marburg, Germany, who moved to Joliet, Illinois in
the late 1800s. I am also interested in any information
about his wife, my great-grandmother, whose name was
Willhelmina Fredericka Fallscheer Groth.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:02:42 PM
Name: Ann (Groth) Carr
E-mail address: mmcardinal@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Schleswig-Holstein, Hanarau
Dates: Pre 1930
Comments: My Grandfather, Hans Otto Groth, was born in Hanarau,
Germany circa 1870. Died in 1927. The family owned and
operated a mill in that area. My grandmother, Gretje
(Wittmack) Groth, also born in Hanarau, 1875. My father,
Paul Walter Groth was born in Hanarau, Schleswig Holstein
area, Germany 1904. came to the US circa 1926. Any
information would be greatly appreciated.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:01:55 PM
Name: Dick Bechtold
E-mail address: richhels@coastalnet.com
Groth Family Locations: Wenings,Germany>NYC
Dates: 1874 to present
Comments: My grandmother Sophie Groth born 1874, Wenings parish,
Hesse, Germany. Parents Heinrich Groth III
and Sophie Menzel. Married Henry Bechtold in NYC around
1900. Looking for any information related to Groth line.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:01:00 PM
Name: Adell Schlichting Grant
E-mail address: wgrant3390@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: Mecklenburg, Germany
Dates: c.1850s
Comments: Could anyone help in finding an ancestor by the name of Carl
(Charles) Groth? He lived in Mecklenburg and came to the
states in 1857. I have come to a dead end tracing him back
in Germany.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 09:00:11 PM
Name: Wm Lenhart Groth, Jr.
E-mail address: Birdbill@AOL.com
Groth Family Locations: Mecklenburg (Prussia)
Dates: pre 1840
Comments: Interested in parents of Wm, Fred, and Ed Groth who came to
St. Louis.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:59:25 PM
Name: Judy Grote
E-mail address: GroteJM@classic.msn.com
Groth Family Locations: DEU>KY,USA>IL,USA
Dates: c.1837-1910
Comments: Interested in hearing from anyone with information about
Charles Grote (b. 1837 in Hannover, Germany; died in
Chicago, Cook, IL). He married Elizabeth (Unknown) (b. 1834
in Prussia; d. June 09. 1911 in Chicago, Cook, IL). Their
children: Richard Henry Louis Grote (b. Jan 01, 1857 in
Newport, Campbell, KY; d. Feb 05, 1905 in South Chicago,
Cook, IL; wife: Matilda Catherine Rake, Dec 11, 1890 in
Bactonville, IL) and Gustav Grote (b. 1871 in MO).
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:58:40 PM
Name: Francine Smith
E-mail address: francine@isbe.accessus.net
Groth Family Locations: Dahame, Germany>Jackson Co, IA
Dates: 1850 to present
Comments: Looking for information on the family of Johann Hinrick
Groth and wife Catharina Margareta Elizabeth Hagelstein from
Dahame, Germany. They had a daughter named Johanna
Christina Henrietta Hagelstein Groth (married Johann
Frederick Bruhn) who died in Jackson County, IA. If you have
any info that may be related, please let me know. Thanks.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:57:51 PM
Name: Dorothy Weeks
E-mail address: dweeks@ix.netcom.com
Groth Family Locations: Nickelswalde, Germany>Guelph, Ontario, Canada>Los Angeles County, California
Dates: About 1800 to present
Comments: Looking for information on the family of Jakob Abraham Groth
and wife Agatha Carolina Muller from Nickelswalde,
Westpreussen, Germany. They had a son named Ferdinand
Groth. Both Jakob and Ferdinand were ships captains.
Descendants immigrated to Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Los
Angeles County, California. Please contact me if you have
any information.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:57:03 PM
Name: Miriam Hawk Fetters
E-mail address: mhf@bright.net
Groth Family Locations: Frauenmark (Mecklenburg), Germany>Canada>Albany NY>Auglaize Co, OH>Mercer Co, OH
Dates: 1851 to present
Comments: Heinrich J Groth b 1832 left Germany 1851 & came to Mercer
Co, OH via Canada, Albany NY, Auglaize Co, OH & settled in
Liberty Township, Mercer Co, OH. Later his father John
Groth came. John was married to three sisters named Foskuhl
(after one died, he married the next sister, I guess).
Heinrich's brother Fred also came to U.S., first settling in
Toledo, OH and later in Michigan. I'm not sure they were
from Frauenmark, but Heinrich's wife (Dorothea Lempke or
Lehmkuhl) was from Frauenmark. My mother says the Groth
familly mentioned Eisleben, Saxony also.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:55:48 PM
Name: Diane Church
E-mail address: dnchurch@fdldotnet.com
Groth Family Locations: Bristle, MN>Shawano, WI
Dates: 1883 to present
Comments: My name is Diane Church, nee Groth. My Grandfather was
Henry Carl Groth, born in Bristle MN, April 6, 1883. He had
a sister Izzie Groth Hanning of Preston MN. His parents died
when he was 11 years old. He married Bertha Wilbright in
1904 and moved to Fond du Lac, WI for 2 years, moved to
Milwaukee and retired in Shawano, WI 1944. They had a son
Melvin Daniel Groth. Henry died January 12, 1951 in Shawano.
Bertha survived until 1972 when he died. Melvin was my
father, who passed away in January of 1989. If there is
anyone out there who knows of any other relatives please let
me know. I do not know the names of Henry's parents or if
his parents had brothers or sisters. If anyone can help
please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:54:44 PM
Name: Shelley Green
E-mail address: sdgreen715@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/sdgreen715/index.html
Groth Family Locations: Kartzig, Sabow, Pommern
Dates: 1810-1910
Comments: I am looking for the family of Carl Freidrich Groth who
married Charlotte Sophia Christine Zastrow. He had 2
children that I know of - Johanne Friederike Emilie
Wilhelmine Groth b. 31 Jan 1866 in Kartzig and Carl August
Gustave Groth, b. 27 Nov. 1868.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:53:46 PM
Name: Tom Reise
E-mail address: tom.trip@maqs.net
Groth Family Locations: Redefin/Parchim, Meck-Schwerin, Germany>Milwaukee Co., WI
Dates: 1769 to 1881
Comments: Looking for information on family of Joh. Juliane Maria
Groth (b 1807) married Joh. Christian Heuer 1827 in
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:52:00 PM
Name: Dennis Groth
E-mail address: djcg@worldnet.att.com
Groth Family Locations: Bethlehem, PA
Dates: 1850 to present
Comments: My grandfather, Harold William Groth, Sr., was born near
Bethlehem, PA in 1905. I'm looking for his father/mother
name, when this branch of the Groth clan came to the United
States, and from where.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:51:06 PM
Name: Heirich Groth
E-mail address: hgroth@entelchile.net
Groth Family Locations: Santiago, Chile
Dates: 1850 to present
Comments: In the 19th century one son of Klaus Groth named Albert
Groth came to Chile, made a family and died in 1929.
Actually were 30 Groth.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:50:18 PM
Name: Mike Bengtson
E-mail address: MBengtson1@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.netcom.com/~mneb/index.html
Groth Family Locations: Norway > Minnesota
Dates: 1812 to present
Comments: Looking for information on Eric Grott... I have a relative
Selmer (Paulson) Groth, who is Eric's son, changed his name
from Grott to Groth, and only used Groth for a business
name. He used Paulson as a personal name.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:49:35 PM
Name: Leona Garcia
E-mail address: lgarcia@ncia.com
Groth Family Locations: Saratov, (Medveditsa) Frank, Russia
Comments: I am trying to locate the Ancestors of a Koch male who
married a woman with the last name of Groth. They had a
daughter named Barbara Koch who married Conrad Lenhart in
Saratov, (Medveditsa) Frank, Russia. Conrad and Barbara's
children are: Conrad, Marie Barbara, Anna, Marie Katherine,
Catherine, and another daughter who married a man with the
last name of Floth.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:48:24 PM
Name: Audrey Parkinson
E-mail address: roeriver@mcn.net
Groth Family Locations: Rummelsburg, Pommerania>Wisconsin
Comments: Looking for Heinrich Groth, born 1856, came to Wisconsin in
1891 (?) from Rummelsburg, Pommerania. He had brothers,
Rudolf and Wilhelm and sisters Pauline and Bertha. His
dad's name was Gottlieb.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:47:40 PM
Name: Erica Groth
E-mail address: erica@elite.net
Groth Family Locations: Leba, Germany>Chicago, Ill.
Dates: 1890-1950
Comments: Have been unable to find parents of Erich Groth, born in
Leba, Germany> brought to US as a child by some type of
relative. He married Elin Palm (from Sweden) and had 3
sons: Edward, Clarence, and Albert.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:46:59 PM
Name: FGrothnj@aol.com
E-mail address: FGrothnj@aol.com
Groth Family Locations: California
Comments: Looking for Groths from Wedel, (Hamburg) Germany. Need info
before 1860.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:46:10 PM
Name: John Helmersen
E-mail address: Johnhel@post3.tele.dk
Groth Family Locations: Lille Ladager, Koege, Denmark
Comments: Seaching for early members of our Groth family. I know about
3 Groth families coming from Denmark (perhaps they are from
the same family back in 15xx). If you are interested, I can
supply you with some information about a number of Groth's
emigrating from Denmark to US.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:45:40 PM
Name: Kristen Groth
E-mail address: jgroth@aracnet.com
Groth Family Locations: Oregon
Comments: Stumbled across these pages while looking for the origin of
our shared surname to include in a school project. Looking
for anyone with knowledge of Henry Groth of Chicago, IL who
was a firefighter.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:44:33 PM
Name: Mrk781@aol.com
E-mail address: Mrk781@aol.com
Comments: Looking for info on Herman Groth. He served on the USS
Vandalia during the civil war as a ships carpenter. I have
his discharge papers and war uniform buttons and a few
other things. Pretty sure he lived in NYC.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:43:42 PM
Name: Jørgen Bang
E-mail address: jbang@post3.tele.dk
Comments: My Groth family members have lived in Denmark at Fejoe from
about the year 1800, at Aeroeskoebing from the year 1650.
Before 1650 possibly in Scotland/Ireland. Please contact by
email with any connections.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:43:03 PM
Name: Kelly Henkemeyer-Groth
E-mail address: kellyhenk@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/KellyHenk/index.html
Groth Family Locations: Hillsboro, Oregon (originally from Minnesota)
Comments: Searching for these surnames: Henkemeyer/Hinkemeyer, Stock,
Thering, Smieja, Groth (of course), Klug, Schlueter, and
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:42:09 PM
Name: Sandra Cullen
E-mail address: slc@auracom.com
Comments: Looking for these Groths from the 1880's to present: Alice
Toombs, daughter of Albert and Mary (Reier) married a Mr.
Groth. Albert died in Stillwater, Minnesota. Alice and Mr.
Groth had a family of 5 children (that I know of): Alta
Groth, Donald Groth, Gerald Groth, Phyllis Groth, and John
Groth. Any information on these people would be most
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:41:11 PM
Name: Edward J. Groth
E-mail address: EddieG@zianet.com
Comments: I am looking for info on Frederick Groth, born 25 Dec 1841
in Mecklenburg, Germany. Married Mary Elizabeth Krause in
about 1866. Left Germany and moved to St. Louis, MISSOURI
area. All five children born in St. Louis area. Leopold (b
1868), Mary (1869), Frederick A. (Aug 1869), Edward James
(24 Aug 1872), David (Oct 1876), Jacob J. (Dec. 1882),
Frederick Groth died 8 Sept 1915 in St. Louis.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:40:35 PM
Name: John Grothe
E-mail address: jgrothe@gnatnet.net
Groth Family Locations: St. Marys, Georgia
Comments: Wondering if the names Groth and Grothe could be related.
Maybe someone just dropped the "e"? The only information I
have is a genealogy of indecipherable names and places,
commissioned by my grandfather sometime in the 1930's. My
family was originally from the Philadelphia area.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:39:13 PM
Name: Adrian Groth
E-mail address: agroth@agroth.demon.co.uk
Comments: My personal family history includes one or two very eminent
entries, including one Hugo Grotius who you may have heard
of. If your family tree leads you to this side of the pond
and I can be helpful in your research please let me know.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:37:07 PM
Name: Jamie Groth
E-mail address: mmmm@vax2.winona.msus.edu
Comments: Looking for ancestors of my grandfather, a farmer named
Keith Groth, who has lived near Decorah, IA his whole life.
He is the son of Luther Groth, also of Decorah, IA. His
mothers name, which is all I know, was Augusta. Luthers
parents farmed near Postville, IA. Any information would be
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:32:55 PM
Name: William Groth
E-mail address: pxmd55a@prodigy.com
Groth Family Locations: Wisconsin
Dates: 1850 to present
Comments: I live in Indianapolis. My father and his parents were born
in Wausau, Wisc. Great-grandfather lived in Portage. Can
trace Groth ancestry back to Prussia.
Sunday, July 25th 1999 - 08:30:44 PM
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