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Stories of Bound Women
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Name: Susan
Comments:I have played tie-up games since I was a kid, sometimes the captive, sometimes the captor. During my marriage, my husband never displayed any interest in bondage, hardly any interest in sex, even. So, I wasn't too shocked when he asked for a divorce when our son was 8 yrs old. After our divorce, my son showed some interest in tie up games, which we played a few times, on days when he was cooped up inside, unable to play outside with his playmates. A couple of times, his friend, J, helped catch me and tie me, but nothing extreme. One summer, my son went to a summer camp that was a whole month long. My dad paid for it, as it was an outdoors/survivalist, type camp, which my dad was into, and my son showed interest also. So, on a hot, humid morning, I delivered to to the departure point, gave him a hug but no kiss (might not look macho to the other guys) and waved as the van pulled away. On the way home, my cell rang, and R, the mother of J, asked a huge favor of me. Also a divorcee, she struggle to make ends meet, and had taken a job as a travel agent with a travel agency and they wanted her to accompany a busload of senior citizens on a 6 day trip. If she turned it down, they would replace her, and she needed the money. She asked if J could stay with me while she was gone. Being alone for the next month, I said, "of course, be happy to help out." J didn't hang around with my son as much as when they were younger, (both now 14) but still considered each other friends. R said she would have J walk to my house and when he arrived, asked if I would call and confirm he arrived so she could leave with peace of mind. He showed up with a large suitcase on rollers, big enough for a month's worth of clothes; turned out he had brought several video games, a laptop, and other non apparell items, and needed the capacity. I called R, she thanked me profoundly, and said one last goodby to J, and our week began. I didn't realize how long it had been since I had seen J, for he had really grown, at least 6ft now, broad shouldered, slender, and unlike my son, wore his hair very short, like a military cut. He was also quite handsome, very polite, and he also thanked me for helping his mom. The first day or two were uneventful, the heat keeping J inside. He helped with meals, cleaned up after, washed dishes, etc. I told him that with an attitude like his, all the girls would be after him, and that caused him to blush. The evening of the third day, he went to the room he was staying in, to watch a dvd he had. About an hour later, I went to ask him if he would like some ice,cream, but he was in th bathroom.. I saw the screen of his laptop and what I saw got my interest quickly. Don't remember the name of the movie, but Marlon Brando was tying up a blonde woman, first spread eagle on a bed, then in a hogtie. It was fascinating. J came up behind me, and said, "not a very good hogtie, got her hands across her chest, not behind her." He had moved so quietly he startled me, but I recovered quickly. "You can do better?" I asked. He nodded his head, then reminded me, "don't you remmeber thtime we hogtied you? You weren't able to escape." "Well, I didn't try very hard, and there were 2 of you, anyway" I retorted. "Wanna try again, just with me?" he asked. Since I do like bondage, even though he was a kid, I accepted his challenge, but told him I didn't know where any rope was. "Brought some with me" he replied, causing me to wonder why. I asked for time to get ready, i.e., use the bathroom, remove jewelry, etc. We agreed to use the basement as it was cooler down there. After leaving the bathroom, I went downstairs, and J was waiting. I guess I need to describe my self. I'm only 5ft 1in tall, less than 100 lbs, short brown curly hair. I never thought about changing clothes, so was wearing a tank top, denim skirt that was about mid-thigh but fit like a pair of shorts, and sneakers. "I'm going to tie you so you can't escape. I'll gag and blindfold you, and you will not get free, believe me. I've practiced on mom enough to know how to prevent escape. Still willing?" "Bring in on" I replied with an air of confidence. He stood behind me, draped a very long rope over myshoulder, under my armpits, around the part on my shoulder, then I felt him wrap it around my arms above me elbows. After several wraps, he began pulling on the rope, drawing my elbows together til they touched. This was entirely foreign to me, a bit uncomfortable but not painful. He told me that my elbows went easier than his mom's. He wrapped around my forearms, about half way between wrists and elbows, again making it snug. Finally he began to tie my wrists, wrapping then cinching the rope tightly. My arms were completely bound and useless now, and I could sense several feet of rope just dangling from my bound wrists. Catching me off guard, he stuffed my mouth with a huge wad of matereial, quite slick feeling, like panties, but couldn/t figure where he had got any. A piece of tape covered my mouth holding the wad in, and then applied gauze and tape over each eye. I was gagged quite well and blindfolded. For some reason, I began feeling aroused and was happy I was blindfolded so couldn't tell if he had a reaction as well. Then, he began wrapping something very wide, and only slightly sticky over my mouth and eyes, pulling it tight each wrap, making my head feel like it was in a vise. This caused some concern, but only fleetingly. He sat me down on a stool, and tied my legs above and below knees, then my ankles. When He laid me on the flor on my belly, I knew a hogtie was coming. I was right, but didn't know how strict I was going to be tied until my sneakers were touching my forearms. He didn't stop there. He fed rope thru my shoulder rope and pulled, pulling my shoulders back, which was painful, but gagged as I was, couldnt tell him. Then, I felt him grab my elbow rope and ankles and lift me, and felt being carried. He depositied me on an old dining table that hadn't been used in years. "Okay, Sue, get loose" he told me. I don't know how long I tried but made no progress whatever. Finally, he whispered in my ear, "time for a ride". I heard a zipper being opened, then was lifted from the table, and sensed being put inside something. I realized it must be his large suitcase, and panicked, but was so completely helpless it was useless. I felt, and heard, the suitcase being closed and zipped. He had placed me so my head was up, kees down, and then could tell I was being rolled across the floor. Then, he was dragging the suitcase up the stairs, with a thump every stair, and out side we went. It was still hot, especaillyu hogtied and stuffed in a suitcase. He wheeled me for several minutes, as I could hear traffic driving by, kids playing, music ffrom homes, etc, just normal neighborhood sounds. Finally we thumped up stairs, back into air conditioning, then down stairs again. Finally, the suitcase was opened, I was lifted out, and he wiped the sweat off my forehead, then began untying me, although slowly. Not only was I soaked with sweat, but my crotch was almost dripping. I hoped he couldn't tell how aroused I was, but when my blindfold came off, he was staring at my erect nipples, not so much in lust, but confusion. He began to stammer, and seemed like he couldn't untie me fast enough. When freee, i excused myself, went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, he was in his room, packing his things. "What are you doing?" i asked. "Going home. I shouldn't be here, shouldn't have tied you up. I'm sorry. Tell the police where I live. I'll be there waiting for them." "J, why would I tell the police where yhou live? You havent done anything I didn't allow. It was quite an experience, I must admit. Very creative. We might try again in a day or two. It was actually fun" I reassured him. "You're not mad?" he asked. "Of course not. How about pizza for supper?" Maybe I will tell that story later. I've taken up a lot of your valuable time.
Saturday, January 28th 2012 - 03:12:25 PM
Name: MILF Lover
Comments:When I was a young teenager my best friend's mother a 5'3", blue eyed, beauty with long curly platinum-blonde hair, was involved in a burglary. She and a woman client were looking at a house, Tina was a real estate agent. They walked in on a burglary and were both left bound and gagged and not found until early the following morning, this was in the late 70s and before cell phones.

Since Tina was a divorced woman, not a good thing back then and already had a reputation of a loose woman, which she wasn't, my parents insisted that I spend more time with her son Terry, since he was an only child and could use a friend. I had a major crush on Tina and would look in the hamper and sniff her worn panties, pantyhose and bras, she wore a 34DD, which really impressed almost every boy and man in the county. She was a huge C&W music fan so wore the tightest jeans, cowboy boots and tight shirts and when spandex pants came into style, well Tina was the first woman to wear them in our town.

Terry became as interested in bondage as me, and one day while cleaning out a garage, found a bunch of old detective magazines and brought them back to his house. The stories were awful, but the covers really got us excited, beautiful women bound and sometimes gagged. We began to experiment, at first on each other and then we managed to invent games with the other boys and a couple girls in the neighborhood, a pretty blonde named Amy was usually our victim, she wore glasses and a lot of guys called her a nerd, but she was well developed in middle school and had long legs and since we all played in our swimsuits, Tina had an above ground pool in the backyard, which lored a lot of kids to his yard, she had a great bikini tan. My favorite time was when Terry and a few boys tied up and gagged Amy and me with about a hundred feet of rope and used two worn panties that were taken from the hamper and wide bandanas to gag us with.

Tina arrived home early and insisted that her son mow the lawn and catch-up on his chores, of course being young the other kids flew like jet planes out of teh yard, afraid of having to help. Well Amy and I had been bound and gagged for hours and Tina found us in Terry's bedroom. At first she was mad, I was already very aroused, since Amy and I were tied face to face and she was as tall as me. I was even more excited when Tina untied us, we were very good at tying and untying, but the gorgeous buxom blonde MILF was no knot expert and it took quite a while to free us, not that we were in a hurry. That day made quite and impact on me and when I took a shower since we were both a mess by the time Tina found us, I did pleasure myself.

I dated Amy through high school and we tied each other up quite a bit. Terry became the school jock and dated the pretties girls, but had little luck with them as far as getting into bondage or just frisky. Amy grew into a healthy 36C, and quite a looker.

20 years later;

I went to the twenty year reunion and visited the old town for the first time in years, divorced with no children gave me a little more freedom. Terry was on his third marriage with three kids, Amy on husband #2 with two kids. The reunion was pretty awful, so I visited with Tina, who was almost sixty and although a little heavier, was still a looker. She could pass for forty-five and still wore the tightest jeans she could squirm into. We went out to dinner after everyone else left town.

We talked about old times and the time she found Amy and me tied up came up, by Tina no less. I nervously laughed about the incident, but the way my jeans bulged out in the front was obvious. The sexy buxom blonde ran her long red fingernails across the front of my tight jeans in teh restaurant. To say the least we skipped dessert and went to her house.

She asked me to tie her up and when I asked how, she wanted to recreate the burglary. She was ordered to strip to her bra and pantyhose, which I had her do and boy did the leopard print bra strain to contain her 34DDs and her controltop suntan pantyhose really gave her bubble butt a rounder look, I insisted that she keep her 5" leopart pring pumps on made her happy. I gagged her with a worn white panty and a wide white cloth, tied her hands behind her back with pantyhose and used another pair to secure her pencil thin ankles together! I was throbbing like never before! I was soon down to my jockey shorts and my cock was throbbing inside.

I put her on my lap and spanked her as she squirmed and wiggled! She knew what she wanted and milked me and had a few orgasms herself! I left her bound and gagged that way for an hour and then tied her face down on her queen sized bed spread eagled with more old nylons and removed her bra, her breats were huge and her pinkish-brown nipples hard. I poked a hole in her pantyhose and rode her like there were no tomorrows! She was the was insatiable. When I finished with her vagina, she wanted me to do her anus. It was the best night of my life and by morning we were exhausted.

I left town a happy man and with the used pantyhose as a souvenir. We made plans to meet later in the year.
Sunday, January 29th 2012 - 03:12:47 PM
Name: MILF Lover
Comments:Part 2

After the reunion and visit with Tina, we stayed in touch. Sure she was almost sixty, and had over twenty years on me, but she was gorgeous and the kinkiest woman I was ever with. I finally had some time off and we made it a point to vacation together close to Niagara Falls. I splurged with a honeymoon suite complete with heart shaped jacuzzi.

We met at the motel and checked out the room. Tina was wearing the tightest jeans she could get into and her top only emphasized her ample 34DDs, she looked so hot an older businessman tried to set up a 'date' with her. We went to the falls and checked out the Canadian side that included the wax museum. The whole time Tina groped me every chance she could and we even went into a bathroom and made out like a couple teenagers. After eating dinner we headed back to our room. As soon as we crossed the border Tina had me stop the car.

"It is time to play." She informed me. She reached into the backseat and handed me a plastic bag that contained two fat rolls of 3" wide white medical tape and a worn black panty that she put in a plastic bag. I stuffed her own worn panty deep in her luscious mouth and placed two strips of tape over her full red lips. I taped her well-manicured hands behind her back which made her ample bosom look even bigger inside her tight blue knit sweater. I then helped her into the backseat and taped her 4' red highheeled ankles together.

I took my time driving back and welcomed the red lights on the strip. Tina hammed it up as she struggled on the backseat. I was very excited as we approached the motel. We had a first floor room and a sliding door to the parking lot, however someone was moving into the room beside us. I had to wait until they got their stuff into their room and go through their van in case they forgot something, even though the older couple made about ten trips each and chatted with me in between trips. Poor Tina meowed helplessly through her panty stuffed mouth as she waited impatiently. I had a lot of wood in my jeans.

I finally had a chance to help Tina into the room. I cut the tape from her ankles and helped her walk through the sliding door and placed her on the bed and taped her ankles together again. She began to act up and pretend she was a damsel-in-distress! I reached down and played with her huge sweater covered breasts as she tried to kick and wiggle away! I spanked her plump round denim clad bottom and got very erect!

She went wild and when I reached between her thighs found her very wet! I helped her sit up and then slowly stripped to my white jockey shorts that barely contained my hard circumcised wonder and tight walnut sized balls! Tina's big bright blue eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as I inched down her tight jeans, no easy task and then licked between her nude controltop pantyhose that were very damp! She had a few intense climaxes! I finally took off her pants, but put her highheels back on since they looked so sexy on her. it was then i discovered what a naughty lady Tina was, she had a 4" buttplug in her tight bumhole!

I poked a hole in the front of the pantyhose and rammed my penis deep inside her quaking pussy and pressed the plug deeper inside of her! We both had earth shattering orgasms!

I finally untied the willing captive and helped her to get into the bathroom! She sat on teh toilet did her business and took care of me orally at the same time! I dropped another load!

That night I taped her hands in front of her and gagged her with a bandana and slept close to her, the red baby doll and matching panty looked so sexy on her. It was a wonderful night and early the next morning I felt her bound hands play with my hard penis inside my tight underpants. It was wild!
Tuesday, January 31st 2012 - 02:05:31 PM
Name: Lilly
Comments:Hello, my name is Lilly,

This is my story about me being in bondage and gagged,

Ok so, I was coming home from work and I work in a pub when I stopped in a parking lot to pop to the toilet and it was just me and some guy I went to the toilet got back there was another car but the owner gone shopping the weird guy was still there though and he grabbed me and covered my mouth and he tied my ankles and wrists together but he couldn't find a cloth to gag me with so he took my car keys opened my car boot and grabbed a pair of panties out (I bought them before I went to work) any locked my car and gave my car keys back then he shoved the panties in my mouth the ductaped me to shut me up then he drove away and left me leaning against my car then I struggled to my feet and hopped to the other car then fell on my butt then I leant up against the other car and waited about 4 hours for the owner to get back to there car and un tie me then I called the police.

Saturday, February 4th 2012 - 05:01:59 PM
Name: Lilly
Comments:Hello, my name is Lilly,

This is my story about me being in bondage and gagged,

Ok so, I was coming home from work and I work in a pub when I stopped in a parking lot to pop to the toilet and it was just me and some guy I went to the toilet got back there was another car but the owner gone shopping the weird guy was still there though and he grabbed me and covered my mouth and he tied my ankles and wrists together but he couldn't find a cloth to gag me with so he took my car keys opened my car boot and grabbed a pair of panties out (I bought them before I went to work) any locked my car and gave my car keys back then he shoved the panties in my mouth the ductaped me to shut me up then he drove away and left me leaning against my car then I struggled to my feet and hopped to the other car then fell on my butt then I leant up against the other car and waited about 4 hours for the owner to get back to there car and un tie me then I called the police.

Sunday, February 5th 2012 - 12:09:50 AM
Name: Rick
Comments:It really surprised me that this happened. Jamie had been married to a friend, who cheated on her, so she divorced him. At the time, I was still married to Lorna, but we were on shaky terms then, as well. She had a serious alcohol problem,and I tried to support her in trying to quit, but she would leave AA after just a couple meetings, so they finally told her she was unwelcome. I was unable to cope, so I finally filed for divorce. It was finalized before I even thought about entering the dating scene, and one Friday my buddies asked me to go out on the town with them. Some were single, a couple were married, so we just planned on a steak dinner, couple of drinks, and call it a night. At the sports bar we went to, Jamie was there with friends, and one of my buds asked them to join us. We made small talk, and Jamie asked me how I was handling divorced life. "Getting by" I told her. About 10pm, I began saying goodnight and got ready to leave. Jamie asked if I would give her a ride home, so I said sure. When I pulled up in front of her apartment building, she asked me in for coffee, and since it was Friday and no work the next day, i accepted. I sat on the sofa while she put on the coffee, and when she brought it in, she also sat on the sofa. We began to talk, and I found it easier to talk to her than anyone else I knew. Jamie is a blond-haired, blueeyed woman, her hair hanging below her shoulders. She wasn't slender, but not fat either. She has D cup breasts, nice bottom, and her blue eyes twinkled. After about 30 minutes of talking about things I never expected to discuss with anyone, she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. Not just a quick kiss, but and open mouth kiss with tongue. We began making out passionately, and I could feel the heat of both our bodies. I at first figured it was just lust, since I hadn't enjoyed any intimacy since before my divorce. She caught me off guard when she asked me if Lorna had been truthful when she told Jamie we had tried bondage a few times, which she didn't enjoy, so we ceased. I enjoyed it, had since I was a child, but it's not for everybody, and we had enough problems in our marriage then. I confessed it was true, and she surprised me by saying it was something she had always wanted to try, but her ex was too conservative for anything like that. My heart began racing at her disclosure, but wasn't sure where she was heading. She asked if I was willing to try bondage with her, and I admitted, readily, I was. She then kissed me, told me to go home, and she would think about it and call me. I left my cell nr, and departed. I sat up til almost 3am waiting for her call, but it never came, so, disappointed, I went to bed. About 10am, my phone rang, and it was Jamie. "I"ve really thought about it, and I want to try it. I know I have to trust you, but, you have always seemed honest, and a really nice guy, so I don't see a problem. Can I come to your house this evening for the experience?" I assured her I would not do anything she didn't agree to beforehand, and she was welcome at any time. At 6pm, the bell rang, and Jamie was standing at the door. She had on a long coat so I didn't know right away what she was wearing, but when I let her in and took her coat, I gasped. She was wearing a silk blouse, that really accentuated her bustline and was transparent enought to let me see she was wearing a dark colored bra. Her skirt was snug on her hips, about knee length, and she was wearing seamed stockings (found out a little later) rather than pantyhose. She had on high heels, about 4 inches, but not stilettos, rather of the stacked type. She was gorgeous and sexy. I told her to decide again if she was willing, and if so, she would set the guidelines and restrictions, and could end it at any time. Without a seconds hesitation she assured me she was, and that I could do anything. She then opened her bag, removed some papers which turned out to be photos, and said she would like to be tied like the photos. Only 3 positions were on display: balltie, frogtie, and a rather brutal looking hogtie. The remaining photos were just of the model being bound in preparation for the positions. While I studied the photos she went to the bathroom. When she returned, she said she was anxious to begin. I said, "we'll use the basement. It's roomy and no windows for prying eyes to look thru." (I kept the house in the divorce). Once in the basement, Jamie face me,and grabbed and kisssed me with longing. "Im yours for the night. Do anything you can think up." I began binding her, using soft cotton rope, but using a lot and making it pretty tight. She never groaned, flinched, or grunted while I bound her quite securely, finally laying her on the double bed on her stomach, and began to hogtie her. That's when I discovered she was wearing stockings, and also had no panties on. As I pulled her feet up behind her, she said, "pull then as far as you can bend my body, make me helpless, and have your way with me." I honored her wishes, and when she was tightly hogtied, turned her around to face the side of the bed, dropped my jeans, and my erection was right at eye level. She stared at it, and said "Lorna never told me you were so big." I told her if she didn't want to perform oral sex, that was alright, but she just licked her lips, and said, "feed me". So, I did. She wasn't real practiced at oral, but still gave me a good blowjob, for a beginner. Since she said anyting goes, when I came, I never removed my cock from her mouth, until after I had cum an unbeleivable amount. She struggled for a few secondss, but swallowed it all. I produced a ballgag, buckled it in her mouth, then retied her in a frog tie. By the time I had her retied, I was fully erect again, so began fingering her until she was moaning over the gaga and was dripping wet. I took my position between her legs, and placed my cockhead at her cunt lips. As soon as my tip touched her, her cunt was like a vacuum cleaner, and just sucked my cock right into her. Instantly her cunt muscles were working on my cock, which felt unbelievable. After about 30 seconds of this, I took over, and began moving in and out of her, gradually increasing tempo until I was pounding away at her, and she was moving back against me with as much vigor as I was using on her. I managed to hold off climaxing for about 10 minutes, but could hold back no more, and began pumping another huge load of semen into her. I was moaning, she was moaning, the bed was groaning, the world was spinning, and finally I collapsed on her back, breathless. After several seconds, maybe a minute, it dawned on me she might need more air than she was getting, so removed the gag. I got off her, lay beside her, and we kissed for at least 2 minutes. Holding her in my arms, trying to decide our next venture, she asked me to roll her on her back. I placed the pillows under her so she wasn't putting so much weight on her bound arms. She then asked me to make love to her face to face. I willingly agreed, began kissing her again, and felt my organ stiffening. I unbuttoned her blouse, discovered her bra was front opening,and unclasped it exposing her large beautiful breasts. Alternating between kissing her lips and each nipple, I again entered her, but gentler, slower, and began to make love, not fuck. We made love almost an hour before we both achieved climax. By now I was tired, she had to be tired, and offered to untie her. "You still owe me a balltie" was her reply. So, I began tying her in the final position she desired. When I finished, I was regaining an erection, even though I had already enjoyed her 3 times. I told her I didn't think we could or should have sex again, as the position might make penetration of her pussy very uncomfortable for both of us. Her response floored me: "then fuck my ass." I had never had anal sex, she admitted she never had, but was curious about it. I told her I was reluctant to try, as it might be too painful for her. Basically, she insisted. So, I went looking for something to use for a lube. I found some old baby oil my ex had left, and also some Vaseline. I took both and asked her preference. She suggested a combination of both, so I generously applied Vaseline on her bottom, working as much in her anus as I could. I applied the baby oil to me, and with some reservation, began trying to penetrate her anus. She groaned several times, grunted a few, but finally I was inside her. It took some patience and perserverance to achieve full penetration, but eventually was fully inside her. I was as gentle as I knew how to be, and she was incredibly tight, so it took quite some time to achieve orgasm, but finally I felt the tingling that I knew meant release was imminent. Just as I began to withdraw, I began to shoot my load, so some went inside her, and the reest on her bottom. It took me at least 15 minutes before I was able to untie her, but when I did, she grabbed me in a bear hug and kissed me with so much passion, it took my breath again. Needless to say, we started a relationship that turned into a marriage. We refrained from bondage until our youngest child (of 3) reached her 5th birthday. That was 5 years ago, we renewed our bondage practices, and our marriage is fantastic. Our oldest, a 13 yr old girl, says we are worse than kids her age as far as hormones go, as we kiss, hug, make out, all the time. Jamie even told me that Alexis told her that sometimes we get kind of loud at night, but the 2 younger ones apparently don't hear us. The joys of having the perfect mate.
Sunday, February 5th 2012 - 02:48:27 PM
Name: A new Family Tradition
Comments:Normally, when I watch my nephew during the summer, while his parents travel on extened vacations, he comes to my house. This year, his folks asked if I would come to their place instead. They have a small acreage just outside of thier town, and wanted Josh (nephew) to keep up with the mowing, the garden, etc, so I agreed. I was married to Josh's mother's younger brother, who lost a battle with a viral infection and died at the age of 30, same as my age. That was 3 years ago, and I've remained close to the family, even though I have dated some, but not gotten interested in long term relationsships. Josh is 15 now, fairly mature, and wanted to stay by himself for the 6 weeks his parents would be gone, but since he's not old enough to drive, the were concerned about an emergency popping up, or needing groceries, etc, and no transportation, so I was going to stay with him. He's a good kid, makes good grades, causes no problems for his folks, so I knew it would mainly just be keeping him fed, and available in case of emergency. I teach, so was off for 2 months, no interfernece with work. The night of my arrival, I asked Josh for a recommended running route, which he provided. I love to run, and helps me cope with losing my husband. I am tall, 5-10, blond, blue-eyes, with an athletic build. After about the first week, I began to feel as if someone was watching me when I ran, but never noticed anyone around. I didn't say anything to Josh, so as not to worry him. On a Friday night, I asked Josh if he would like to dine out rather than me cook. He eagerly accepted, so we went to a Mexican restaurant, where I again felt I was being watched. There were some kids about Josh's age there, who he greeted and introduced me to. "Dang, dude, your aunt sure is hot" one of them said, and the way he said it bothered me for some reason. We enjoyed our meal, and stopped off at Walmart on the way home. It was about 9pm when we got back, and Josh told me he would get the bags from the trunk, so I unlocked the door and went inside. Something struck me on the head, and I felt myself falling just before I blacked out. When I began waking, I had to blink several times to clear my vision, and my head hurt, a lot, but I saw Josh's worried face looking at me from a dining chair. As I started to push myself up, someone said, "oh, good. She's back with us. I was afraid you hit her too hard and killed her." "Aunt Sandi, are you allright?" Josh asked with a concerned tone. "I think so. What's going on?" From behind me, a voice said, "we decided to pay a visit, maybe have a little party." I turned and saw the boy who made mee feel uncomfortable at the restaurant. There were 4 others that I saw, but they hadn't been at the restaurant. "Damn, she's as hot and sexy as you said, dawg" a tall, pimply-faced, overweight boy said. He then reached out and rubbed my breasts, and I slappped his face. He punched me in the stomach, sending me to the floor again, on my knees this time. "Good thing I brought the bag" I heard, as someone yanked me to my feet by my hair. "Here, use these on rich boy there" the leader said, and I saw him hand acne boy a handful of those plastic ties that electricians and mechanics use. He pulled Josh's hands behind him, and must have pulled the bindings tight, as he winced in pain. Then his ankles were zipped, and then, just for meanness, the pimple guy put one around his throat and pulled it tight agains the back of the dining chair. Then, one of the boys grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me, and began tying them with rope, pulling it as tight as he could, which was very painful. "Don't hurt my aunt, you motherfuckers" Josh said. "Looks like we need to shut him up" I heard, then felt hands under my dress. I tried to pull away and told them "keep your filthy hands off me", which drew a slap to my face. "Don't mark her up, man." I felt my panties get pulled down, since I wasn't wearing pantyhose, and the cretin who removed them wadded them up and stuffed them in Josh's mouth, then taped them in with numverous wraps of ducttape. By now, my elbows were being tied together until they touched, and then one leg was grabbed, bent up, and the ankle was tied to my thigh, leaving me wtanding on one foot. I was glad I was wearing wedge heeled sandals, rather than stilettos, but I was still pretty unstable. "What do you want? Just take it and go" I said. "We want you, or rather your cunt, ass, and mouth, and since its all attached into one fine piece of fine pussy, looks like we're gonna take you." A wave of fear and dread went thru me, causing me to shiver noticeably. "Just so you know, if you don't cooperate, we'll cut his throat" the leader said. I looked at Josh, who had an angry look on him, staring at the leader with pure hatred. "I'll do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt Josh. Just take me on another room so he doesn't have to see." "What's the fun in that?" pimple face said with an ugly sneer on his face. At those words, one of them kicked the back of my knee that was supporting me, sending me to the floor once again. I felt that ankle being tied to my thigh, just as the other was. I was now completely helpless, and the boys were laughing preversely. "Over here" the leader said, and I was lifted up and carried over to the coffee table, depostied belly down, and the table was slid over right in front of Josh. "Let the party begin" I heard, and in an instant, the leader was in front of me, lowering his zipper, and pulled out his erect penis. It was nothing exceptional, circumcised, probably normal teenage boy size. "Open wide, aunt Sandi" he said, pinching my nose to opern my mouth, and inserted his member, holding my hair and working y head back and forth, and in a very short time, ejaculated in my mouth. It wasn't a huge quantity, but still disgusting. The 3 others all took a turn, about the same as the leader in skill, sized, stamina, and amount. Pimple face was last, and the game changed. He pulled out of his trousers the longest, thickest organ I had ever seen in person. Uncircumcised also. He stroked it once or twice, and it was aboslutely massive when erect. He also had no pubic hair. I tried to turn my head from him, but he forcefully turned it to the front, and in a flash was in my mouth. Not just in, but shoved as far back in my throat that it would go. Gaggin and retching I tried to pull away enough to breathe, but he held tightly so I was unable to. Finally claming down enough to realize i had to breathe thru my nose, I endured his ramming member for an eternity until he grabbed the back of my head, shoved it as far as it would go, and shot a massive load of semen into my throat. Gagging and retchin again i swallowed as much as i could, but not all, which infuriated pimpleface. "You're goona pay for wasting my jizz" he said, and stomped away. The leader then pulled me backward down the coffee table, and I felt his erection enter my vagina. Again, nothing impressive, and he was done pretty quick. As before, the other 3 took a turn, and that left pimpleface. He had returned from wherever he had gone, and that's when the terror began. He had a tube of some sort of cream, which he began rubbing into my vagina and anus. "Dude, you not gonna fuck her ass, are you?" the leader asked. "That warclub you call a cock won't fit anything that tight. Hell, I'm not sure it'll fit her cunt." "Too bad for her,then" pimpleface responded, "she shouldn't have spit my cum." I felt him work a finger, then 2, then 3, into my anus, and the cream was oily, so I knew what was in store. As he pushed his swollem member against my tiny puckered opening, I tried to relax the muscles as much as I could, but it still felt as if he was ramming a baseball bat into my lower intestines. He struggled, prodded, and strained until he was in me full length. It felt like an enormous pressure building in me, as if I would explode, and he rode my posterior like a wild man, finally discharging into me. When he withdrew, I expelled a quantity of air, which brought laughs from all of my assailants. To shorten the story, they stayed for almost 2 days, raping and sodomizing me as often as their bodies could recover. When they finally left, I was hogtied, Josh was hogtied as well, both of use completely nude. We struggled for a long time, until Josh overturned a small table that had a pair of scissors in a drawer. We cut each other free, called the police, Josh gave them the names of our attackers, and they were apprehended. The trial was several months later, and the one who had been the most brutal, pimpleface, turned State's evidence, testified agains the other 4, and was granted immunity from prosecution. So, the one who needed punishment the most went free, the others got ling jail terms and have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. I don't live where it happened, luckily, but Josh tells me that pimpleface brags about it constantly
Saturday, February 11th 2012 - 10:47:18 AM
Name: Melissa
Comments:I am a divorced mother ofa 15 yr old girl. This happened pn her 14th birthday. She wanted a slumber party with 3 of her friends attending. Initially, I was reluctant to agree, as we live in the country about 15 miles from town. My ex pays tthe tuition for her to attend the Catholic high school, in town, where these girls all lived. Everyone knows how expensive gas is now, but Kaley persisted and eventually i gave in. One of the other girls' mothers said she would bring all 4 out after school Friday, and another mother said she would pick them up Saturday afternoon. That pretty much eliminated my arguement, so the plans were made. I agreed to stay pretty much out of sight, letting the girls pretty much have free rein for their party, but, I knew all the girls and they are all good, sweet, bright young ladies, so I didn't have any worries. The girls took over our basement, taking everything they could think they would need with them, and Kaley made me promise not to bother them, unless the house caught fire, tornado, flood, or other disiater, or they ran out of snacks, which was pretty unlikely, as all 4 of them eat like birds. After a lonely supper in front of the tv, I decided to just go to my room and spend time on the Internet. I hadn't really changed clothes after work, still wearing my dress but not my heels, pantyhose, jewelry, etc. After a couple of hours, I sent Kaley a text asking if they needed anything, as I was planning on going to bed early. Assuring me that they needed nothing, I roamed thru the house turning off lights, double-checking locks, etc, and noticed it had began to rain and was also foggy. I headed back upstairs where the bedrooms are (2 story plus basement home), so I was 2 levels above the party. When I went back into my room, I saw a wwet spot on the carpet and, wondering how it got there, bent over to investigate, and someone tackled me, with a hand over my mouth and pinching my nose, pretty much cutting off all air. I struggled but was in such a tight bearhug and unable to breathe, that when a voice whispered in my ear to be perfectly still and quiet, or suffer the consequences, I nodded my head. My attacker laid me on my belly, straddled me, then pinned my arms under his knees. He lifted my head by the hair, and shoved a wad of something deep into my mouth, then taped it in. He shifted his body, pulled my arms behind me, and bound them with a small diameter rope so thightly I thought I was being cut to the wrist bone. Getting off me, he lifted me to my feet, and I heard the doorlock click. I tried to ask what he wanted, but could only manage a muffles "mmmmpppphhhh". I turned to look at my attacker and saw he was wearing a ski mask. He now bound a lot of rope around my upper body, over shoulders, around elbows, pulling evrything so tight that my elbows touched, my shoulders were pulled back, which caused my breasts to thrust out. It was extremely painful. Next, he bound my ankles, almost causing me to topple over when he pulled the ropes tight. Next, he pulled a nylon stocking over my face down to my necck, then wrapped tape around the outside over my eyes and ears. He hopped me across the room, and I panicked when he pushed me onto my bed, but all he did was pull my ankles up behind me and tie them to my wrists. I was immobilized, completely, except for my baare feet. He then whispered in my ear "time to take care of your company" and I sensed him move away, and heard the door open, then close. I lay there for an eternity, then heard the door open and close again. I heard him rummaging thru my chest and bureau, then my bathroom. Eventually, he was beside me on my bed, and spoke, aloud, "those 4 girls are allright, but its up to you if they stay that way." I didn't know what he meant, at first, but soon found out. I could tell he was rearranging my bed, and then he untied my ankles from my wrists, and then I was belly down, with pillows under my belly and my bottom in the air. That's whe it dawned on me what was going to happen. He flipped my dress up and I felt him lick each of my hips, and then he stuck his finger inside my vagina and began to work it around, and I felt my area moisten, against my will. Then, he jammed his finger into my anus, causing me to flinch with the pain. He withdrew, but shortly I felt him rubbin something oily around and into my bottom. I began trying to scream, but he whispered in my ear, "remeber the 4 girls. You want me to hurt them?" I shook my head, but began crying. He worked the lube into both my openings, then I felt him crouch behind me and pinned my legs down. Then, I felt tremendous pain as he rammed his erect member brutally into my bottom. After penetration, he began to ram into me with all his might, and after several minutes, he grabbed my waist and yanked me backwards to him and then I felt a warm liquidlike sensation in my intestines, and knew he had ejaculated into me. He left me for several seconds, and I heard water running in the bathroom and decided he was washing himself. Then, he was back, and untied my ankles, flipped me onto my back atop my tightly bound arms, then my ankles were bound to the sides of my bed in a spreadeagle manner. Again, he rammed into me, this time my vagina, but took a different approach, not being nearly so brutal. He opened the top of my dress and began sucking and nibbling on my breasts, and slowly entering and withdrawing from my vagina. It rapidely became moist, actually very wet, and was soon basically riding me as if it was casual, consensual sex. Having just recently raped my anally, he took much longer, but when he neared climax, he again began thrusting brutally into me, making my bed groan even louder than I was, and again filled my with his discharge. He once againleft me, and I once more heard running water. Whe he returned, he lifted me and carried me to the bathroom and lowered me into the tub, already filled with warm water and also, I felt the bubbles of a bubble bath. He actually washed me, fully clothed except panties, for several minutes. Then, He patted both breasts, said, "thanks for a fun evening" and was gone. I lay helpless in the tub til long after the water turned cold, but finally heard my name being called. My daughter and the mother who had come to pcik up the other girls found me. The other woman sent my daughter to call 911, and began untying me and draining the water out of the tub. She wrapped me in a blanket to warm me up, and stayed with me til the Sheriff's office arrived. Apparently, my rapist had done this several times around the country, as the pattern was the same. He always bathed his victim, still dressed, which destroyed all DNA, and seemed to always pick single or lone women. It was traumatic for me, the girls, who were unharmed, just bound and gagged, especially my daughter. She wantes to move to town or go live with her dad, so so afraid of it happending again. We are working to get past this, but it's difficult.
Sunday, February 26th 2012 - 02:16:42 PM
Name: julian
E-mail address: three.keens@ntlworld.com
Comments:does any one want to plese tie me up and gag me as well okay lol
Sunday, March 4th 2012 - 07:34:00 AM
Name: speedob
Comments:It was turning out to be a bad blind date. Sure Julie, the 5'10", absolutely gorgeous, 55-year-old, who looked more like thirty-five, with big almond shaped hazel eyes, that her red framed glasses highlighted nicely, thick shoulder length curly fiery-red hair and a very buxom 175 pound frame had a good thirty pounds and about 4" on me, and even though I liked older women had no idea there would be a twenty year difference, and I looked more like a teenager with big blue eyes and thick wavy honey-blonde hair, but she was a city librarian and I was male underwear model. We had a nice dinner together with two other couples, went to the theater, and even stopped back at her place for coffee and cake with the others. It looked like just one date.

My friend and his wife left and then it was just me and Julie. She looked hot, and the red knit knee length dress, wide black belt, nude controltop pantyhose and practical 2" black pumps hugged her shapely figure like a second skin. I felt my thick 7" cock struggle in my tight khaki pants as she bent over to pick-up the cups and plates. I made a feeble effort to help and then went to use the bathroom to empty bladder. It was then that I found our common ground!

Being nosy I looked at the stack of magazines on her toilet and there it was and old copy of Bondage Life magazine! I could not believe it, the sexy librarian was a pervert like me!

I finished my business and returned to the livingroom. I then browsed her library and again was rather surprised by some of her video tapes, The Collector, a few Avenger episodes that had bondage scenes in them, and a few other choice videos. I was hard as a rock and had to look over the big redhead a lot closer. She looked across the room nervously and looked a little embarrassed.

"Are you interested in bondage?" I finally asked as I picked up Die Die My Darling.

"Why?" She blushed nervously. "Does it bother you Terry?"

"No, not at all." I smiled. "I love bondage role-playing."

"Really?" She seemed interested. "Are you a top or bottom?"

"Both." I admitted.

"Well can I tie you up now terry?" Julie was direct.

Well how could I turn that offer down. She had me strip to just my white bikini brief and taped my hands behind my back, my ankles together with 3" wide flesh colored stretchy medical tape and then stuffed a balled up worn pair of suntan pantyhose in my mouth and placed two strips of tape over my lips. She pushed me onto her queen sized bed and spanked my bikini clad derriere and made me climax.

I rolled around the bed, still aroused and even more so when she removed her dress and heels, her black bra barely contained her 42EEs and she was clean shaven between her thick but well toned legs. She surprised me even more. She taped her pencil thin ankles together, stuffed a balled up worn black panty girdle in her luscious mouth, placed two wide strips of flesh colored tape over her full pouty red lips, removed her glasses and then snapped a pair of shiny handcuffs on her wrists and placed them behind her back, which made her bosom look even bigger! She hopped on teh bed beside me and pressed her bra covered breasts against my gagged face and almost smothered me with them! To say the least i was never more aroused in my life and she made me climax two more times that night, and she must have have at least good orgasms herself, at least that is what she claimed. We remained bound and gagged on her bed until 6:00 in teh morning and then she hopped across the room to her dresser where she grabbed the key and slowly freed her hands and then feet.

She punched a hole in her pantyhose and inched down the front of my semen stained brief and rode me to the best climax of our first date! It was wonderful being humped by the big buxom redhead and both being gagged seemed to add to the love making!

She got off of me and then took a shower and got dressed for work, and left me still bound and gagged. She finally appeared in front of my, white blouse, knee length gray skirt, nude controltop pantyhose, black 2" pumps and her hair in a bun, a true conservative librarian by day, but wildcat after hours.

"I have to go to work." She informed me.
I meowed nervously about my helpless condition. I had to use the bathroom in the worst way, and she didn't seem to want to free me.

"If you can cut yourself loose before I get home, I will be your's for a whole night.' She placed a pair of scissors on her dresser.

I helplessly watched her strut out of her bedroom and leave her third floor apartment!

I had motivation, and soon rolled off of the bed and hopped to the dresser, no easy task. It took a few tried to reach and grab the scissors and since I really needed to go hopped into the bathroom!

I struggled for about ten minutes with the tape around my hands and of course had to go by feel since I couldn't see. I wet myself before I finally got loose, but it was worth it. I jerked off in the shower and hid my underpants behind her hamper for her future gag.

I left her a note and made sure she remembered her deal. I can't wait until tomorrow night.....
Wednesday, March 7th 2012 - 02:59:44 PM
Name: speedob
Comments:Terry and Julie part 2;

I spent the entire shoot so aroused the Donna, the 5'5", very pretty, and extremely buxom, 52-year-old, former model and now photographer, with big blue eyes, and thick shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair, that her tight jeans and sweaters strained to contain yelled at me at least a dozen times. I was modeling tight white jockey shorts, t-shirts, bikini briefs and even a few thongs, which always gave me trouble anyway. I spent too much time thinking about my chance to bind and gag Julie for entire night!

"Terry!" Donna finally said as she put down her camera. "You are never like this, what's up, besides your penis?"

"I am seeing someone." I said, as my cock strained in the tight white thong. "She is a lot of fun."

"Well if you don't behave I will have to tie you up." Donna said half serious.

"Now you're going to make me misbehave on purpose." I teased.

We finally got the shoot done for a big department store and I quickly got dressed and practically knocked a few people over on the way to the bus to see Julie.

I made a stop at a Dollar Store a couple blocks from her apartment and bought two rolls of 3" wide flesh colored medical tape, six pairs of pantyhose and three 4" wide ace bandages.

I was very aroused when the door opened, the statuesque redhead wore a red spandex leotard, nude tights and shiny black 4" highheels that really made her tower over me. I was staring directly at her ample bosom and perky nipples that pressed against the thin stretchy material. We had some Chinese food and then went about a fantasy, I would break into her apartment and bind and gag her.

Within ten minutes I had her well-manicured hands secured behind her back which really made her big boobs strain in the leotard, her pencil thin ankles together, which made me wonder how such dainty looking ankles support so much woman, and then completed the bondage with a balled up worn pair of pantyhose and wrapped an acebandage over her full red lips four times to effectively muffle her cries for 'Help!'.

She struggled on the floor while I pretended to rob her house, which gave me a great excuse to go through her lingerie drawers and look over her bra and panty collection. She had a lot of bras and mostly panty girdles and pantyhose, but I liked the panty girdles and pantyhose, especially the controltop styles since they tended to show off a lady's bottom and legs better. I hit paydirt in the bottom of the bra drawer, a vibrator and a few dildos!

She meowed through her pantyhose packed mouth as I turned on teh 10" silver vibrator and ran it all over her spandex clad body! She screamed through her gag as I hit the right spots and soon she was very wet between her legs! I placed her on the bed and pulled down her controltop pantyhose and lubed up her bottom with some K-Y and shoved a 6" plug up her bumhole and then a 7" dildo in her wet vagina and pulled up her pantyhose! I drove her crazy with the vibrator and made her climax so many times we both lost count!

I left her bound and gagged for over two hours with both holes plugged and ran the batteries down on teh vibrator!

I soon stripped to my white thong and lay beside her and felt up her ample tits for awhile. I finally cut the tape around her ankles and leaned her slightly standing against the bed and pulled down her pantyhose again! She was a soaking wet mess between her legs and when my condom covered member entered her she just clamped down and made me climax way too soon!

I finally walked her to the bathroom to clean-up, her pantyhose clad legs and bum were a mess. I slowly freed her hands and removed her gag. We made love under the hot water of the shower and slept like babies, worn-out and very sexually satisfied.

She entertained the idea of the two of us being bound and gagged. I informed her that our first time we were, but she reminded me that she did self bondage and could get away at any moment. She asked me if I knew a willing person to render us both helpless for an entire night?
I knew such a person! Donna!

The three of us had dinner together and Julie explained her idea, while both Donna and I listened. Donna seemed very eager to bind and gag us for the night, as long as she could take some pictures for her private collection and touch us now and then.

An hour later Julie was wearing a leopard print bra, matching panty girdle, nude thigh high stocking and her 4" black highheels and had a buttplug in her bumhole for a more intense experience. She handed me a 6" buttplug to wear, and helpled me put it in, boy did it hurt and then helpled me put on a tight white panty girdle, so it wouldn't slip out. Donna then did the rest and left us bound and gagged on the livingroom floor with 3" wide flesh colored stretchy medical tape, she gagged Julie with my worn black bikini brief and a 4" wide ace bandage and me gagged with a worn black panty girdle and a 4" wide ace bandage. We were completely helpless and effectively gagged

I was in a constant state of arousal and so wasn't Julie, her nipples poked out prominently through the bra and the front of her panty girdle was soon quite wet. Donna took pictures of us and even stuffed vibrators in teh front of our wet panty girdles! I came three times that night and Julie must have had four or five intense orgasms as we struggled on a canvas dropcloth that was placed over the plush gray carpet. Donna was soon down to her red bra, that barely contained her 36DD bosom, suntan controltop pantyhose and 5" red highheels. She teased us often and even pushed our buttplugs in and out of our asses! It was a very erotic night!

Donna slept in the bedroom while we tried to sleep on the floor. I got uncomfortable with the plug up my virgin bottom, but it stimulated me. By morning I needed to be let go! Donna took her time of course which really drove us crazy, we got what we wanted and more!

To say the least we were a mess by the time we were freed adn got into the bathroom. The intense love making in teh shower was certainly worth the pain in my butthole!

Julie insist that we go out with plugs in our bumholes, which is a turn-on and she even has one in her hot pussy now and then. Donna wants me to pose with toys in my butt soon. I can't wait, but Julie plans to be at the shoot.
Thursday, March 8th 2012 - 01:59:30 PM
Name: joos
E-mail address: three.keens@ntlworld.com
Comments:i relly love the tie up stors relly cool so wants to tie me up and a frend as well hehehehehehehehe
Friday, March 9th 2012 - 10:11:14 AM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 08:45:31 AM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 05:42:25 PM
Name: emily
E-mail address: emily1a@hotmail.com
Comments:When I was 14-15, I had as one of my teachers a woman in her mid thirties. She was a good-looking, outgoing and likeable person, popular enough with her students. Though I am not sure anyone else spent most of the time daydreaming they were her helpless captive.

There were a number of different variations on the fantasy, none of which was exactly very believable. A common fantasy was that only she and I were left in the classroom, with me tied naked to my chair and she'd be standing before me and reprimand me for being a disappointing student.

A scenario that happened a lot in my own fantasies was something like this:

She would ask to see me after the last class of the day, as everyone else was going home. After they’d all left, she would start lecturing me on my disappointing performance lately. She'd threaten to sharply lower my grades unless I'd accept my punishment. She would force me to strip naked. I would try to cover myself with my hands, but she’d tie my hands behind my back and then gag me. Perhaps blindfold me as well. She'd check out her helpless captive, squeeze my breasts. Tell me I was becoming a woman and it's about time someone taught me to stop acting like a spoilt child.

She’d grab me by the arm and lead me along as her naked captive down the empty school corridors, with a chance we might just run into someone still there. If I'd try to resist, she’d just tug at my hair to make me come along.

She’d walk me into the empty parking lot outside and lead me to her car. I would be lying on my back, naked, tied and gagged, on her back seat while she drove me to her house.

And what might happen once we were there would depend a bit on my mood while daydreaming up the whole thing...

As an example, I might find myself, in my imagination, tied naked on the floor, with my hands tied behind me and my legs tied together. Where she might force me to kiss her feet. She might gag me and just leave me there. To return a short while later… with some boy (or boys or girls) from school, whom she'd invited to come over and check me out like that. And they would of course be delighted to find smart and good girl Emily all helpless and humiliated, laughing at me. Mocking me and caressing me.

Sunday, March 11th 2012 - 06:18:11 PM
Name: Miranda
Comments:I experienced, along with 3 dear friends, an absolutely horrible experience. We are all professional women. I'm an accountant, Lynn is an attorney, Sharon is a stockbroker, and Rhonda is the Chief Aministrative Officer for a regional helathcare provider. We all experience a lot of job related stress, little personal time to enjoy life, and almost never are able for all 4 to get together at the same time. Therefore, we made arrangements to take a week off, jointly, go somewhere away from cellphones, email, test msgs, We rented a lovely residence near a large lake in an adjoining state. We all arrived on a Friday evening, within an hour of each other. The first nite, we stayed in, drank some adult beverages, and did a lot of remininiscening. Saturday, we went out for a night on the town; dinner, some clubbing, just generally letting our hair down. We are all single, althoughRhonda is in a relationship. We other 3 are either divorced, or career focused. Anyway, Lynn was designated driver and didn't indulge in alcohol but she is suck a fun-lover that she enjoys herself readily anyway. WE each danced with some of the guys who were there, not really knowing if they were single, attached, married or what. About 11pm, we called it a night and headed "home". Lynn didn't drink anything, but she has a terrible sense of direction, so we drove around for almost an hour before we got back. The house we leased for the week is lakeside, with a driveway about 1/2 mile long thru the woods. Laughing giddily, we opned the door and went in, and Rhonda said, "why didn't we lock the door?" WE all looked at each other, then burst into uncontrolled giggling, even sober Lynn. Feeling as if my bladder would burst, I stepped into the hall bathroom. I took rather a long time to finish, and when I stepped out the house was quiet, too quiet. I headed to the family room where the liquor was, figuring all were in there for a nightcap. I stepped thru the doorway and saw the others sitting down, very quiet, with odd looks on their faces. Just as I started to chide them about being party poopers, a gun was placed against my head and was told,by a very gruff voice, "don't make a fucking sound." I was told to sit down and looking around, noticed at least 4 men, who I recognized from one of the clubs we had been to. 2 more walked into the room, and one of them said, "been thru all the purses, bedrooms, luggage, and think we got anything of value. Got all the cellphones, couple of laptops, some jewelry, and this." At that, he dropped a pistol on the coffee table. "Who owns this" the apparent leader asked. Sharon spoke up, "it's mine". "U a cop?" he asked. "No, I'm a stockbroker, but work in the city, so I have a Concealed Carry permit for personal protection." He chuckled, saying, "this little 380 might make someone mad at you if you shot someone and he ever found out. You need a real gun, a 45, or at least a 9." I know nothing of guns so had no idea what he meant. About this time, Rhonda made a break for the door, hitting the nearest thug in the balls as she ran. He doubled over in pain, almost vomiting, and the others started yelling and gave chase. It was over about as fast as it began, as when she pulled the door open she ran right into the arms of a 7th man just coming in. She attemted to fight, but did no good, being totally outnumbered. She was jerked off her feet,by her long dark hair and was dragged back across the floor til she was right in front of the rest of us. She attempted to rise, but was shoved back to the floor, and one of them put his booted foot against the back of her neck. The leader said, "find somthing to hotie these rich cunts, and do it fast." Several of them headed in all directions, and about 15 minutes later, they were all back, each carrying a lot of stuff, mostly rope and tape. Rhonda was furious, and challenged them; "put down ur guns and I'll fight anyone of you one-on-one." "A real bad bitch, huh" he said. Not thinking, I said, "she's a back belt in karate, and can kick all your asses." The leader, chuckling, said, "then, we'll just give her special treatment." He asked the one Rhonda had hit in the balls if he wanted some payback, and when he nodded his head, leader said, "hogtie her, and don't worry how uncomfaortable you make her." Sore balls grabbed a huge pile of ropes, and sat down straddling Rhonda's lower legs. He pulled her arms behind her, and began tying, first her wrists, yanking so hard Rhonda yelped. After her hands were bound, palm to palm, he then bound her ankles, also yanking brutally on the rope. I was glad Rhonda was wearing hose, so her skin had a little portection. "Dude, you're being too easy on her. She's a bad ass" on of the others said. Her binder said, "just getting started. When I'm done, she wont move anything." At that he raised her to her knees, then wrapped rope around her arms above the elbows, stuck the loosed ends thru the loop and yanked, again causing her to cry in pain. The cretin pulled so hard her elbows touched. This caused her rather large breasts to jut out even more. The onlooking guys all cheered. Rhonda told them, "fuck you assholes", and one of them said, "what a mouth" and stuffed something balled up into her mouth, and another began wrapping duct tape around her head, sealing her mouth. They all got a laugh out of this, and the guy tying her was feedin rope thru her ankles, looping it, then fed it thru the rope around her elbows. "One of you grab her shoulder and lift them for me" he said, and the youngest looking one obliged. They pushed her shoulders towards her feet and pulled her feet towards her shoulders, bending her at an impossible angle. Sweat beads were visible on her forehead due to the pain, but they kept it up until her stilleto heels were flat against her elbows, and then tied as tight as her binder could yank them. He then ran rope around her throat and bound it also to her elbow rope. "Now, bitch, if you struggle, you choke yourself." He stepped back to admire his handiwork to the praise of the others, and the leader grabbed the duct tape and used it to blindfold Rhonda. When finished, only her nose had no tape on it. "Alright, guys, tie these other bitches up." Soon we were all hogtied with very tightly tied ropes but nothing like Rhonda was, although the one who tied me tried, but I'm just not limber enough. The leader had gone walking thru the house while the others bound us, and when he came back, he was whistling, and tossing something in the air then catching it. "What you got, man" he was asked. "Found some KY in one of the cosmetic bags back there" he replied. They all began laughing at that, even tho the youngest looking one seemed confused. "Whats KY" he finally asked. "Ass lube" one spoke up. "We gonna look at all the assholes to see which one been using it?" one asked. "Nope, we gonna use it on all of them" the leader said. The kid said, "I never fucked an ass before." "Well, there's more of us than them, so you can watch and learn." "We all gonna fuck each one of them, or what?" someone asked. "Up to you" the boss answered. At that, he walked over, grabbed Rhonda by her ropes like she was a suitcase and dragged her over to the coffeetable. He untied the rope that pulled her akles up so far, and leaned her over the table with knees still on the floor. He raised her skirt, showing Rhonda had thigh-hi's on, not panty hose, rolled her panties down, and began to lube her up. "This one's ass feels cherry" he said. Then, he told one of them to put a pillow or cushion under her upper body. "Why?" he was asked. "Don't want to hurt her" he replied chuckling. This brought a laugh fromall the others. He dropped his pants and lubed his erect dick with the KY, then more on Rhonda, who was trying to scream or cuss or something. "Showtime" he said, and began trying to push hi cock into her tight anus. She protested as much as the gag allowed, but did no good. You could tell it was a strain for her rapist, but eventually he yelled, "paydirt!" He began slowly thrusting at her anus, also using moe of the KY as he did, until satisfied he had enough, then just began to pound at her ass with all his might. Rhonda's head was bouncing off the pillow with each thrust, gaining in tempo as he thrust harder and harder. He tookd what seemed like an eternity, pounding at her so fast the the slap of his skin against hers almost sounded like a machinegun. Finally he yelled, "oh, fuck" and one last brutal lunge, and he was done. All the others applauded his finish. Rhonda was whimpering, then sobbing, with semen oozing from her anal cavity onto the floor. Our ordeal lasted for 4 days, until our captors were tired of us. We were each raped so often we couldn,t count. Rhonda and Sharon bore the brunt of the assaults, but Lynn and I endured almost as much. We were left hogtied, blindfolded,gagged, and nude when they left, laughing as they went. The only reason we were arescued was the property owner came by to check on the house and the lakeside dock. We filed police reports, gave descriptions to the Police artist, they gathered DNA samples, then told us no one matching the descriptions lived in the area, and no hits came back on the DNA. Non of us believe them, figuring we're outsiders, so not worthy of a thorough investigation, and to date no one has been charged with this crime.
Monday, March 26th 2012 - 02:05:27 PM
Name: Hans H.
E-mail address: Midnightfireraven@gmail.com
Comments:Miranda, I don't believe what the police is telling you ethier, and I also believe this is not the first they had done this sort of thing. How else would they know where you were staying if they wasn't local.
Saturday, March 31st 2012 - 11:24:36 AM
Name: Bridget
Comments:My marriage was on rather shaky ground for a couple of months, my husband and I each seemed to spend all our waking hours totally envolved in our careers. We have practiced bondage over the years, which was quite exciting when younger, so when I suggested we try it to put some spark into our relationship, he agreed. On a Friday morning, he called me at work and told me we were going to a bondage party that night. I didn't think I wanted to go to that extreme, but he convinced me. He told me there was an outfit for me to wear, laid out on our bed, and to have it on and be ready to leave by 5:30 pm. Thinking about it actually started to excite me, so I took the afternoon off, went home, and began to prepare for the party. After showering and doing my hair and makeup, I opened the large box on the bed. The outfit consisted of a leather skirt that reached just below my knees, with laces up the back. The top was also black, sleeveless, and very low cut and TIGHT over my 36C breasts. There was no bra or panties, but there was a garter belt with dark, seamed stockings. A pair of pumps with ungodly tall heels, at least 6 inch, completed the outfit. A note in the box said to wear only what was in the box, nothing more, nothing less. The ensemble fit very snug, but once on, I had to admit that I looked pretty damned hot. About 5:15, my husband came home and I met him at the door with a kiss and a cocktail. His eyes said he approved of my appearance. "I need to finish you up, shower, and then we'll go" he said. Finish me up? What did he mean? He escorted me to our bedroom, and fromunder the bed pulled out a black leather bag. From the bag came several devices which I knew were intended for me. He kissed me gently, turned me around, pulled my arms behind me, and put an armbinder on my arms. This armbinder was open on the end, not a single glove, so my fingers stuck out. He pulled the straps snug, ran his hands over my breasts, and gently tweaked my nipples. He then knelt down and began tugging on the laces in the skirt, drawing even tighter than it was. He pulled quite hard one last time then tied the laces into a double knot. "I don't think I can sit down in this, and won't be able to take very long steps when walking" I told him. He just winked at me. Then a device with a small rubber ball and lots of straps appeared, and he placed in on my head, the ball in my mouth. The straps were tightened rather wxcessively, I thought, and told him so. He pulled out a hose with a squeeze bulb on it, attached to the fron of the gag, and in just a few pumps, filled my mouth so I was unable to talk, only make some mmmppphh sounds. He squeezed my breasts and went to the shower, leaving me perched on excessively high heels, arms bound tight behind me, mouth gagged, and a skirt that I couldn't hardly walk in, especially down stairs, and unable to sit at all. I just tottered there while he cleaned up. He finished his shower, dressed casually, walked to me and turned me to face the door of the room. Then he pulled the arm straps much tighter, causing my boobs to stick out like a hooker's. A couple more pumps on the gag and my mouth was completely filled, my jaws afire. He literally carried me to the garage and lay me in the back of my SUV and covered me with a quilt. Nervous, but also so aroused I could feel my crotch was soaked, I lay there while he drove for quite some time. Finally stopping, he removed me from the back, and, looking around, I had no idea where we were, but there was a very large house, at least 4 floors, and numerous outbuildings visible. He lead me up a gravel path to the house, which was difficult to walk on with legs wo tightly restrained and my high heels. Again, he carried me up the porch stairs and to the entrance, rang the bell, and stood me on my feet. The door was opend by a tall, gorgeous black woman who I did not know. Without a word we were let in, and then I could hear soft music, laughing, all the sounds associated with a party. A man who appeared to be in his late 50's walked up, shook my husband's hand, and said, "is this the one you told me about?" "Yes, she is. She's probably a little nervous about tonite, but she'll come around." The older man took my shoulder and led me thru the house, past several pairs of leering eyes, both male and female. He stood me agains a pole and strapped me to it. As a final act, he blindfolded me with a tight fitting blindfold that sealed all light. Then I felt my ankles strapped together. I was totally immobilized, no sight, no speech, only sound. For the next probably several hours, I was felt up almost nonstop, my breasts were kissed and sucked, even bitten once. I was frightened and turned on both. Finally, I heard my husband whisper in my ear that we were leaving, and I was going to be fucked like I had never been before. With the blindfold still in place he carefully led me to the door. When we got there, he told me he was leaving me on the porch and going after the SUV, so I wouldn't have to walk on the gravel again. I really didn't want him to leave me alone, as I was afraid I might fall, but couldn't say anything. After a couple of minutes, I heard the truck stop at the bottom of the stairs, and a door opened. I was picked up, carried down steps, placed in the back of the truck on my belly, but this time he did something different. He pulled my ankles up behind my back, which was difficult in my skirt, and then bound them to my wrists. I was now hogtied. I was also so horny I all I could think of was a night filled with sex. The truck began moving, and then I realized something was wrong. Neither my husband or I smoke, and the truck reeked of tobacco smoke. I tried to make noise or wiggle to attract attention, and was successful. My head was pulled up by the gag straps and then something was hooked into the straps and my head was now pulled back. Then, someone whispered "by the time your husband wakes up from the knock on the head we gave him, we'll be 200 miles away. If you cooperate, you might, just might live to go home." I now panicked. I was totally helpless, at the mercy of God knows how many, headed for who knows where. I started listnening to the sounds, and thought I heard at least 3 males and maybe one female. About that time, someon grabbed me pulled me forward, and a cushion was shoved under my torso. I felt somehting sharp stick me in the throat, and heard, "we're gonna have some fun, and if your make a sound, or bite, or spit, I'll cut your throat and while you bleed to death, fuck your white ass. You hear me, cunt?" he asked. I couldn't speak or nod or anything, but I felt the gag slowly shrinking. "No, please', we can pay you. Please don't hurt me." "It won't hurt if you just go along, honey" the female voice said. The gag was removed frommy mouth and a erect penis was shoved down my throat I thougt I could feel it agains my tonsils. My head was worked back and forth with the point against my neck never wavering. After about 5 minutes, my head was grabbed and pulled brutally forward, and a gush of disgusting semen filled my throat, and I had no choice but to swallow. I almost vomitted but remembered the threat and managed to kee it donw. I began to cry, but in an instant another penis was shoved in my mouth, and the action was repeated, ending with another throatfull of semen. The truck stopped, doors opend, and again my head was grabbed and mouth filled with cock. This time, it was a much thicker, and longer, cock, but my assailant was less impatient this time. When he achieved his climax, I thought he would never stop shooting his load down my troat. When he finished, I was re-gagged, and left alone for a while. Finally th truck stopped, and I felt my ankles being released. I was dragged out, stood up, and immediately hands were on both breasts, squeezing and rubbing them, them my top was yanked down, exposing them. I had to walk on those impossilbe heels, in that tight skirt, for several yards. I was lifted and carred up a short flight of stairs into a musty smelling room, stood up, and then I felt my skirt being unlaced and removed. I knew what was about to happen, but wan't goin to make it easy for them. Unfortunately, it made no difference, for as soon as the skirt was gone, I was thrown face down on a mattress and instantly penetrated by what could only be the largest of the three cocks. He was much more energetic than whem I was forced to suck him, as he began slamming into me so hard I could hear the slap of our skin as they met. His attack lasted for an eternity, but he finally finished, only to be replaced by one of the others. This went on for what seemed to be forever. I couldn't count the number of times I was raped, sodomzed, forced into oral copulation. When they finished with me, they drove me to a state park, and left me hogtied naked with harsh hemp type rope on a picnic table, at night. I was discovered by an elderly couple in an RV who had stopped to have breakfast. They untied me, covered me in a blanket, called the police, and waited until an ambulance arrived. I spent 11 days in the hospital, my uterus was damaged rendering me unable to bear children, my anus was torn, and have been in therapy ever since. My husband was struck so hard, he suffered permanent brain damage, making himunable to work, drive a car, and making it difficult for him to perform even the simplest of tasks. Our lives have been impacted severely since my kidnapping. I hope no one ever experiences what we did.
Saturday, March 31st 2012 - 02:44:27 PM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: Crossed!
Comments:Oh,hi: This is a fiction/fantasy tale about nylons, knots and naughtiness...well, you'll see!


My heart pounded with jubilation and excitement as I stepped onto the stage to accept the first place trophy and $3,000.00 in cash. After several years of trying, I'd finally won the city crossdressing championship! My 4" black stiletto heels clacked and the beige pantyhose massaged my legs as I approached the judge.

"You were spectacular, Tommi," he said as he handed me the awards. "If I didn't know better, I'd want to date you."

He wasn't looking me in the eye as he said that, of course. His attention was on my yellow, long-sleeve blouse, false breasts of pronounced size and black slit skirt which went to just above my knees.

"Oh, thank you, hon," I replied with a smile and a tilt of my head, showing off my artistically applied make-up, lip gloss, eyelashes and shoulder-length, red, curly wig.

I strutted down the steps onto the main floor where the rest of the "girls"-that is, crossdress contestants- awaited me. This was the traditional time of celebration, champagne, dance music and a comparison of fashion notes. After I was showered with accolades and congratulations from the other crossdressers, I was approached by "Michelle," the reigning city crossdress champion for the last three years..before tonight, that is.

"Oh, Tommi, well done!" she said as she bussed my cheek. Michelle was about my size and weight, with long, straight brown hair. Smartly attired in a white blouse, with matching red slit skirt, jacket and stilettos, it was easy to see how she was enormously successful at this contest. Despite her congratulatory words, the look in her eye told me she hated my guts.

"Michelle...oh...what can I say? I guess this was my lucky night. I mean, you've dominated this contest for so long, so this must've been an upset, really."

"Not really," Michelle replied as she pointed toward her left calf. A small but noticable run was visible on the beige hosiery-encased leg. "This shit'll get you all the time!"

"Oh," I gasped. "You're right. If not for that, I think you'd be the winner instead of me."

Michelle smiled and nodded, but that sinister look in her eye remained.


I made it back to my apartment, closed the door behind me, kicked off the stilettos and enjoyed how the plush carpeting pampered my stocking feet. I got into crossdressing way back in college, when the fraternity I wanted to join made it my initiation process. I guess I did such a good job that I was voted in unanimously, and dabbled in it from time to time as a gag. I'm sexually straight, but fortunately the women I've dated have been very helpful in giving me the ins-and-outs about women's attire, walking techniques and other body-movement habits. One night, years ago, I was in a bar in drag, and some guy tried to pick me up. That was what persuaded me to enter the city crossdressing championship. Mm-hmmm.

The red digits on the alarm clock read 12:15 a.m. I normally turned in well before then, but considering the night I had, I guess I couldn't complain. I took off the wig, removed the blouse, falsies, skirt and pantyhose, removed the make-up from my face, then showered. After I dried myself off, I slipped into tight, dark blue bikini briefs. They were sexy to dance in and oh,soooooo comfortable to sleep in.

I was about to climb into bed when I heard a knock at the door. I slipped into a black, silk kimono and answered the door. A man, about my size and weight smiled at me.

"Hello," he said. "I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm Micky."

"Huh?" was my response.

He immediately saw my confusion and continued, "That is, Michelle. You dethroned me from the city crossdressing championship tonight. I don't believe we've ever met outside of our drag before."

"Oh, of course," I exclaimed as I recognized his eyes. "Please come in. It's a great honor to see you, always."

After he entered and closed the door behind him, I was stunned to see him lock the door as well.

"Um...," I said, "there's really no need to lock the door. You see, I'm about to go to bed. I mean, if you want to talk about the crossdressing and all, that's ok for a few minutes, but--"

My mouth hung open in surprise as he took a small automatic pistol from his jacket pocket and pointed it at me.

"Wh-wha-what's this about?"

"Well, Tommi, I have come here to discuss crossdressing with you, but perhaps not in the way you expected."

"P-p-please....don't shoot me."

"I won't, dear Tommi," he said as he waved the pistol at me. "As long as you do precisely as I tell you. Take off that kimono."

After the silk garment slipped to the floor, Micky examined me carefully.

"Ah, those bikinis look sexy on you, and the color's good on you too."

"Look," I said. "Micky...if you want the cash, it's over there on the table. You can take it...I won't say anything to anyone."

My heart pounded harder as Micky removed some lengths of twine from his other jacket pocket.

"You're right about that, Tommi. Now, sit in that chair and put your arms behind the back...palms together.


I squirmed a little, but it was hopeless. Mickey had expertly tied me to the straight-backed wooden chair. My arms were behind it's back with my hands bound at the wrists. My upper body was tied to the back, while my thighs were trussed to the seat, while my bare feet were tied at the ankles, which were in turn tied to the lower rung of the chair.

"Micky...Michelle...what's this about?"

"Shhhhhhhh," he said as he placed his finger across my lips. "I thought I'd share with you how I'm going to win my crossdressing title back next year."

I squirmed more in vain. It became clear to me Mickey wanted his title back, but not through wardrobe comparison.

"You see, Tommi, you're not going to be at the contest to defend your newly-won championship next year."


"Unfortunately, Tommi, you've just decided to pursue a life of crime, and tonight you're going to rob that liquour store down the street."

"What? No way! I'm not gonna-mmmph!"

My speech became muffled as Mickey clapped his hand hard over my mouth.

"Now, ther'll be no more outbursts or interruptions. Am I clear?"

I nodded and he took his hand from my mouth.

"Ok, Tommi, where do you keep your crossdressing wardrobe?"

"Down the hall to your left. In the bedroom. Blouses, skirts and pumps are in the closet. Wigs and false breasts are on the dresser. Pantyhose are in the drawer, and make-up is in the bathroom."

"Thank you. I think I'll go peruse them," he said. "Again, keep your mouth closed and don't cry out. I'll use that pistol if I have to."

I nodded and Micky walked into my bedroom. The pistol rested on a table only a few feet from me, but I was securely tied and had no hope of getting near it. And Micky knew that.

Later, Micky came back. On the table where the pistol lay, he placed one of my orange blouses, a white slit skirt, beige control top pantyhose, orange pumps(4") and one of my shoulder-length curly brown hair wigs. I looked at Micky and was stunned: He'd made his face with make-up, lip gloss and lashes, including earrings. All he wore was a pair of my false breasts strapped on and dark green bikini briefs. I became even more alarmed when I noticed a bulge in his briefs.

"Don't worry, Tommi," he said as he noticed my alarm, "I'm not aroused for you. I just get this way when I pull off a clever caper...and this'll be the best I've ever done!"

"Micky...what do you mean by this?"

"Ah, the part where I tell you my plan," he said as he sat on another chair and carefully slipped into the beige pantyhose. "You see, a woman dressed just like this is going to go to that liquour store and rob it at gunpoint. Of course, the security camera there will record the event and a bulletin will be sent to police stations far and wide."


Micky put on my wig, donned the blouse and climbed into the white slit skirt.

"After the heist, I'll come back here and take off this drag and get into my own clothes. Then, Tommi, you're gonna get into this drag, then the two of us will take a little ride downtown to the police station, where I'll turn you in. I'll get that nice big reward check, and you'll be in the slammer for the rest of your life. Then with you out of the way, there'll be nothing to stop me from reclaiming my crossdressing title next year."

"Micky, you evil villain," I said as I squirmed against my ropes, "you'll never get away with this."

"Ah, Tommi, but the truth is, I will get away with this, because it's you that's gonna take the rap."

I gasped as Micky took one of my expensive silk French scarves and tied a knot in the middle of it. Then he took one of my beige nylon knee-high stockings and wadded it into a small ball.

"Please, Micky--Michelle--that's my finest scarf. I paid a fortune for-mmmmmphhhh!"

My voice was muffled as the wadded nylon stocking was shoved into my mouth. He then wedged the middle of the scarf-where the knot was--between my lips and firmly tied the two ends behind my head.


"Now Tommi, I realize that being gagged is so undignified, but I have to do something to shut you up while I'm gone."

Mickey--Michelle--grimaced as she slipped his pantyhosed feet into my orange pumps.

"Goodness! I know we're about the same size, but these pumps pinch a bit." (I had to admit, he crossdressed very well.)


He then grabbed one of my purses and put his pistol inside. As he strutted out the door, he looked back at me.

"And Tommi...one more thing before I go."


"Don't go away and mum's the word!"


"Michelle" smiled, blew me a kiss, exited, and closed the door behind her.


While "Michelle" was gone, I naturally did all I could to free myself. The fingers of my tied hands wiggled, my bare feet twitched and my midsection heaved as I strained against my ropes. Also, I twisted my head in different directions in an attempt to loosen the gag, but all I accomplished was to bathe myself in perspiration. It became obvious that I wouldn't be freed on my own.

Shortly afterward, I heard voices from down the hall. I recognized them as belonging to one of the neighbors, Kelly and her girlfriend, Cora. I was about to cry through my gag when the thought struck me: Did I really want to be discovered like this? I mean, If they heard me and became curious enough to investigate, they'd come in and find me stripped to only my dark blue bikini briefs, thoroughly tied to the chair with a gag in my mouth! Finally I decided that the embarrassment would have to be worth it.

"Helllllllmmmphhhh! Hellmmphh-helmmmphhh!"

"Did you hear that?" I heard Cora say.

"Yeah,' Kelly replied. "Sounds like it's coming from Tommy's apartment down the hall."

"Mmmmmphhhhh! Mummphhmmmm-ummmphhhh!"

"There it is again," Cora said. "It sounds like a muffled man's voice with heavy breathing."

"Ooooooohhhh, I bet I know what it is," Kelly said with a giggle. "Tommy's got something going on in there."

"Oh!" Cora said, "You mean--". She couldn't finish the sentence because she was giggling also.

"Yeahhhh," Kelly said. "Tommy's a real nice guy, but he's kinda, you know...kinky."

I heard the women laugh once more and then heard Kelly's apartment door open and close. Only silence from the hallway.


Damn! Those two coming in here and finding me were the only hope of being freed before "Michelle" returned. Once again, I struggled and succeeded in tipping the chair to the floor, but my ropes and gag remained firm.


Later on, I heard the ominous sound of 4" pumps clacking down the hallway in the direction of my apartment. The clacking stopped just outside the door and I heard a key unlocking the door. When the door opened, I saw only my orange pumps and beige nylong legs, since the chair I was tied to was tipped over.

"Well, Tommi," I heard "Michelle" say, "It looks like you were quite busy while I was gone....and so was I!"


"Michelle" grunted as she got the chair upright.

"You know, Tommi, for the city's new crossdressing champion, you sure weigh enough!"

"Mmmphhhmmm," I moaned into my gag as I squirmed against the ropes once more.

"Hold on. Let me change first, then we can continue our lovely chat."

Later on, Mickey walked back into the room, dressed just like the man he was when he first came.

"It went like clockwork," he said as he placed my wig, blouse, skirt, pantyhose and pumps on the table.

"Nmmmphh! Nmmmmphh!"

"You should have seen the shopkeeper, Tommi. He thought I was so hot that he was gonna try a pick-up line on me--that is, before I held him up at gunpoint."

I was awestruck at the huge pile of cash Mickey brought back as I looked at it on the table. He unfastened my gag.

"Mmmmphhhhh--Oh, no..Mickey. You really did it, didn't you?"

"That's right, Tommi, I really did," he replied as he untied me.

As I stood up and rubbed various parts of me to get the circulation going again, Micky turned on the television--just in time for a news flash.

"This just in," the anchor announced, "A city liquour store was held up shortly ago and a great amount of cash was taken. Police are on patrol for the woman seen on this security camera video. A substantial monetary award is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this female culprit. If you have any information, please call--"

Micky turned the television off.

"Micky, this can't be!"

"It sure is, Tommi," he replied as he tossed me the false breasts. "My big payday is about to happen, so be a good girl and strap those on. Then go into the bathroom and make up your face, nice and pretty."

After I obeyed and came back out, Mickey said, "Beautiful. Now, get dressed." (Of course,the prick had his trusty pistol in his hand.)

I was about to put the pantyhose on when he stopped me.

"What," I asked.

"Ok," he replied, "just checking to see if you needed to shave your legs again, but they look pretty good. And be careful putting the hose on. I don't want to see any runs. Just think, It was a run in my pantyhose which caused me to finish second, otherwise, I would've won, and we wouldn't be going through all this."

Yeah, I thought, how about that?

After I slipped into the pantyhose, donned the wig, put on the blouse and climbed into the skirt, I slipped my feet into the pumps, I was once again Tommi the crossdressing champ, ready for a night on the town. Only I definitely didn't like the trip this time.

"For what it's worth, Tommi, you were the toughest crossdressing competition I ever faced," Micky said as he finished tying my hands behind my back.

"Gee, thanks, you prick--ow!" Micky had a thing about tying tight knots.

"And remember," Micky said as he escorted me out into the hall, "keep your posture straight and sway those hips...just like that security camera saw me do."


We walked together down the hall and to the elevator which, took us to the ground floor. Micky had his jacket over my shoulders so nobody would notice my hands tied behind my back. He had his arm around me affectionately, and I swayed my hips as I walked and my 4" pumps clicked on the sidewalk. Passers-by must've thought I was proud to be his girlfriend. Micky made me keep my mouth shut or he threatened to use the pistol.

We finally made it to his car. He opened the passenger door, seated me, then fastened the seat belt over me which, combined with my hands being tied behind my back, made me quite immobile.

"I must say, Micky, you're the most evil scoundrel who ever lived. How you can look at yourself in the-mmmmphhhh."

Micky gagged me once more by pressing a large strip of tape over my lips. I guess he wanted to enjoy the ride to his big payday without hearing any more from my mouth. As the ride continued, I bowed my head in defeat. I knew he had me fucked. There was no way I could escape and no way I could prove I wasn't the crossdressed robber the city was so zealously looking for.

We finally parked in front of the police station. Mickey opened the passenger door, unfastened my seat belt and escorted me up the steps into the building.

"Mmmphhh..hellmmmphhh," I called to a group of men who were watching me intently. But I can see they were far more infatuated with my swaying hips, pantyhosed legs, 4" stilettos and plump breasts to even think something strange was going on. When Micky hustled me into the police station, several officers dropped what they were doing and pointed to me.

"Hey," said one, "isn't that the bitch who knocked over the liqour store?"

"That's right," said Micky. "I caught her myself, and now I'm doing my civic duty by turning her in." He gave my buttocks a good, firm squeeze.


The police chief wrote Micky a check for a huge amount of money as a reward. An officer took me by the arm and hustled me to the booking room. He didn't even bother to untie my hands or remove my gag.

"Hey, Tommi!"

I looked back over my shoulder to see Mickey with a giant shit-eating grin on his face.

"Can you immagine the headline in tomorrow's paper? CITY CROSSDRESSING CHAMPION ARRESTED FOR LIQUOUR STORE HEIST."


As I was booked and processed, a moral occurred to me: The next time you're in a crossdressing competition...finish last!


Tuesday, April 3rd 2012 - 01:00:35 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Tommy another great story, love the crossdressing theme. Being dressed and in jail must have been interesting, what happened then? A bound and gagged inmate? Thanks for the story.
Wednesday, April 4th 2012 - 01:52:29 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
E-mail address: Story of 4 Bound Black Beauties
Homepage URL: http://(from kppresents blogspot):
Comments:One Dark Night

As Janet Dubois knocked on the wooden edge of the screen door, she hitched her satchel back over her shoulder with her free hand. She did not particularly want this babysitting job tonight, but she needed the money, and her mother had promised to come and pick her up later that night, so it only mean a walk of a few blocks for her.

She watched as the door opened and Mrs Jenkins looked at her. “Come in, Janet, come in,” she said with a smile as she opened the screen door, standing to one side as Janet came into the house.

“Thanks for doing this,” Mrs Jenkins said as she looked at the seventeen year old, “I had to go and meet John at the last minute, and there was no way I could leave the kids on their own.”

“It’s all right, Mrs Jenkins,” Janet said with a smile, “I can keep an eye on them for you.” She smiled as she looked in the living room, where Jack and Jill were sitting watching television. Jack was fourteen, and Jill twelve, both wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Janet went to the local Catholic school, so her uniform was a stricter affair. She was wearing a short sleeved white cotton blouse, buttoned at the front with the collar open and the lapels flat against her chest, a blue and red pleated tartan skirt that came halfway down her thighs, white knee length socks and flat black shoes. The white blouse and socks contrasted with her own dark skin, while her long black hair was tied back in a ponytail that fell down her neck.

“I’ve left some money to order some pizza with,” Mrs Jenkins said as she pulled along dark overcoat over her dress, “and they need to be in bed by nine. I should be back by ten - when’s your mother coming round?”

“About seven thirty - her flight touches down at six,” Janet said with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind her staying over until you get back?”

“Of course not,” Mrs Jenkins said as she went for the door. “I’ll say you later - bye kids. Remember to do whatever Janet tells you.”

“All right Mum,” Jack called out without turning his head from the television screen. Janet watched as Mrs Jenkins ran out of the house, then sat down and looked at the two kids.

“What are you watching?”

“Just a Disney film,” Jill said as he turned round and looked at Janet. “So what are we going to have for dinner?”

“I’ll phone for a pizza in a little while - you can tell me what you want. What would you like to do after that?”

Jill looked at her brother, who turned and said “Can we play a game after that? There’s nothing on television anyway.”

“All right,” Janet said as she smiled at the two children, “but you need to go to bed after that. Now, what do you want?”

As Janet picked up the pizza boxes, she looked at Jack and Jill, sitting at the table as they ate the last slices of Pepperoni pizza.

“Now,” she said as she sat back at the table, “What sort of game did you have in mind?”

Jack looked at the young sitter, before saying “Can we play Cops and Robbers?”

“I suppose we could,” Janet said with a smile, “How do you play that game?”

“We like to be the robbers first,” Jill said with a sweet smile on her face, “and you can be the housewife we surprise. Then we come back as the cops and rescue you.”

“Rescue me? From what?”

“From the ropes the robbers left you tied up in.”

Janet looked at the two kids sitting there, before saying “Do you play this game with all your sitters?” She had heard a few stories from her friends, but they had all said it was just harmless fun.

“Sure we do,” Jill said as she continued to smile, “and they all like it too. Please say you’ll play with us, please, please, please...”

“All right,” Janet said as she threw her hands up in mock horror. “What do you want me to do?”

“Go and sit in the front room and watch television,” Jack said as he stood up, “and we will surprise you.”

“Well, if I do this, then you have to wash the dishes up, and I have to be free before my mum arrives, all right?”

“All right,” Jill said as she got up from the table as well. “Go and sit on the couch - we won’t be long.”

Janet walked into the living room, turning the television on and watching the news as it came onto the screen. “It’s just a little game,” she said to herself as she watched the latest news of President Obama, “What could possibly go wrong?”

“Hands up, Lady!”

She turned and saw Jack and Jill standing there, each with one of their mother’s stockings over their head. Jill was carrying a pink bag on her back, while Jack was pointing a toy pistol at Janet.

“Oh my God,” Janet said with a smile as she raised her hands, “What do you want with me?”

“Just do what we tell you, lady,” Jack said with a snarl, “and you’ll be just fine. Turn round and put your hands behind your back, slowly.”

“All right,” Janet said as she did as Jack had said, “Just please don’t hurt me.” She looked over her shoulder as Jill took off her rucksack and opened it, taking out a length of thin white cord and doubling it over. She crossed Janet’s wrists behind her back before passing the rope round, pulling them tightly together as she continued to bind them.

“Hey, that’s tight,” Janet said as she saw the cords against her dark skin. It was also not too uncomfortable, but she was beginning to get a sneaky feeling she may have been tricked into giving up control of the evening as she felt the ropes been cinched between her arms.

Turning her head, she saw that Jack had taken a second length of rope, and was crossing her ankles before wrapping the rope around them over her socks. “Please, don’t hurt me,” she said in a scared voice as she felt her ankles been drawn together as well.

To her surprise, she could feel her arms been drawn together behind her back, and as she looked over she saw that Jill had wrapped some more rope around her elbows, forcing them together and pulling her shoulders back as she did so. “Hey, I didn’t say you could do that,” Janet said as she felt her chest been forced out and the front of her blouse stretching over her breasts.

“I think she’s going to give us some trouble,” Jill said to her brother, “you need to shut her up.”

“Shut me up? Kids, I promised to play this game, but I didnmmdsamsdm.” Janet’s eyes widened as Jack stuffed a cloth into her mouth, before picking up a roll of white tape from the bag.

“Dntudrrdttt,” Janet mumbled as she watched him tear a length of tape from the roll, before holding it in his hands and standing in front of Janet. She shook her head from side to side, but as Jill held her head from behind she was unable to stop Jack smoothing the tape over her lips, the material pulling at her skin as she watched him take a second length of rope and start to tie her legs together above her knees. She also saw rope pass over her head and felt her arms been pulled into her side as Jill worked from behind her.

“That ought to hold her,” Jill said as she tugged one last time on the ropes, and Jack stood up in front of her. Janet stretched her legs out in front of her, looking at her crossed ankles and the white rope against her dark thighs, and glared at the two kids as they watched her.

“Ntimnw,” she screamed through the gag, but that only seemed to make them laugh. “Come on,” Jack said as he took her sister’s arm, “Let’s get all her stuff and get out of here before the cops arrive.”

The two children ran out of the door, leaving Janet twisting on the couch, beads of perspiration forming on her dark skin as she twisted round. She had agreed to play a game, yes, but these kids knew what they were doing - the knots were out of the reach of her fingers, and no matter how hard she tried she was not able to loosen any of the binding. She finally sat back, screaming in frustration and anger and wondering how long this was going to carry on for, when she saw the door to the living room open.

“Janet, are you in there,” she heard her mother say, and she called out “NHRRRR” as Catherine Dubois walked into the room. She was dressed in her airline uniform, of a light blue silk blouse that was open at the collar, a darker blue silk scarf worn as a cravat around her neck, a tailored dark blue jacket and knee length skirt, and a pair of black leather heeled boots that came up to just below her knees.

“Janet, are you - oh dear, have the Jenkins kids been playing Cops and Robbers again?”

“Uknw?” Janet stared wide eyed at her mother as she walked round in front of her and looked down through her horn rimmed glasses, her greying black hair tied in a bun at the back of her head.

“I’ve heard their mother telling others about this - didn’t she warn you?”

“Nshdddnt - ntem!!”

“Well, well - looks like Mummy came home.”

Catherine looked to the door to see Jack and Jill standing there, the stockings still over their heads and Jack holding the toy gun. “I guess we’ll have to take care of her as well.”

“Oh dear,” Catherine said as she raised her hands, winking at her daughter as she did so. “Please don’t tie me up as well.”

“Dntdtmmm,” Janet tried to call out, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as Jack said “Kneel down, lady, and put your hands behind your back.”

“Hgddddd,” Janet moaned as she watched her mother slowly drop to her knees, then move her hands behind her back as Jill took another length of rope from her rucksack and started to tie Catherine’s wrists together, keeping the cords over the cuffs of her blouse as they stuck out from her jacket sleeves. “It’s just a game, dear,” she said as she looked at her wide eyed daughter, “They don’t mean any real harm.”

“Tlthmtthttt,” she moaned as she watched Jack begin to tie her mother’s ankles together side by side, the rope squeaking as it rubbed against the leather. “Please, just leave my daughter and me,” Catherine said as she felt her arms been tied to her side by Jill, “I promise we won’t raise the alarm.”

“We know you won’t,” Jack said as he tied a length of rope from Catherine’s wrists to her ankles, before pulling the scarf off from around her neck, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle of the band. “Open wide lady - we need to keep you quiet.”

“Please,” Catherine pleaded, but with a hint of laughter in her voice Janet found surprising, “Don’t pllmmmdmsgmmgsmg.” As Jack pulled the knot into her open mouth, he quickly passed the band around her face and tied the ends tightly together at the base of her neck, before the two kids helped Catherine to lie on her side, looking up at her daughter as they put a cushion under her head.

“Now don’t move, either of you,” Jill said as the two kids ran out of the room again, leaving Catherine and Janet alone.

“Jstpllng,” Janet heard her mother say as she looked up at her, “Thermmlbhmsn.”

“Sefrutsa,” Janet said as she twisted her body round again. She could feel the top bottom on her blouse starting to give, and did not relish the prospect of a fourteen year old boy seeing her bra and breasts.

Catherine lay still, the front of her jacket open and sweat visible on her dark neck. She occasionally pulled her legs down, forcing her back to arch, but she seemed resigned to a short period of time like this before the game became boring.

As the door opened again, she looked towards the gap, hoping to see Jack or Jill come in. Janet looked at her, wondering why her eyes were widening with very real fear in them, when she heard a deep make voice saying “And what do we have here?”

She turned and looked over her shoulder, to see a tall, broad shouldered man standing there in a dark boiler suit, looking down at her and her mother through a black balaclava that only showed his grey eyes. “FKKKKK” she screamed out as she tried to twist round, looking at her mother as she started kicking out on the floor.

“I found two kids upstairs,” she heard a second man say, “so I forced them into their mum’s closet and locked the door on them. What did you - oh my, what a pair of beauties we have here!”

Catherine could see the second man behind the first, leaner and taller but with the same cruel look in his eyes. He walked over and tugged at the ropes around her daughter, making her squeal through the tape gag as she felt her breasts been pulled up.

“Did those kids do this?”

“Must have - talented pair of brats, aren’t they?”

“Yeah - but I can do better. You get what you can and I’ll make these two a little more - comfortable.”

Catherine screamed out “dnttshhhmdohtr” as the taller man pulled a long coil of rope from his pocket, shook it out and passed it over Janet’s upper body, pulling her arms even tighter into her side as the bands above her breasts forced them out even further. She could feel these were much tighter, as the rope went between her upper body and her arms under her shoulders, cinching them tightly into place before she saw the ends falling in front of her over her left shoulder.

“Fcccknhlll,” she screamed as he pulled the ropes through the bands around her lower chest, making a “V”-shape that ran down the center of her chest before pulling it up and back over her right shoulder, the ropes forcing her breast even further up and out as she screamed in pain. The sweat on her body was glistening under the lights, and she could see a small damp patch forming on the breast pocket of her blouse on each side.

“Plsss, plsssdnthrthr,” Catherine pleaded as Janet was forced to lie face down on the couch, her ankles pulled up and back as the masked man placed her in a hogtie, the ropes from her ankles tied to those in the center of her back. “Your turn now mummy,” he said as he picked up the roll of tape that was lying on the floor, “but first we need to make you a little quieter.”

“Dnttshmmmm,” Janet screamed as she watched him tear a long strip off the roll and then press it over her mother’s lips, the tape covering her mouth and the dark blue band between her lips. Three more strips followed, covering her lower jaw before the man walked back over and squatted in from of Janet.

“You,” he said as he slapped her bottom, “need to be quiet as well.” Her eyes widened as she watched him tear another, longer strip off the roll and smooth it over her mouth, repeating it twice until she could barely mumble through the white band on her dark skin. She could feel the hot tears running down her cheeks as she watched the masked intruder walk back to the mother and proceed to tie her arms tightly to her side as hers were, the front of her jacket opening to the side as the ropes pulled her own large chest up and out. As this happened, the top button on her blouse came undone, showing more of her dark skin and the white bra she was wearing underneath. Once this was done, he bound her legs together above her knees, ignoring the squeaking from Catherine’s boots as she tried to free her legs at the same time.

“Nice work, kid,” the older man said as he came in and dropped a leather sports bag on the floor with a loud jangle. “But we need to get out of here - fast.”

“I’ve got an idea.”


“Remember that guy you told me about - the one who was a collector?”

Janet and Catherine looked at each other, hoping they were talking about some jewellery or antiques the other guy had found.

“Yeah - you think he might be interested?”

“Could be - let’s find out.”

Catherine watched as the smaller man picked up the roll of white tape, and tore a long strip off before kneeling in front of Janet. She heard him say “Close your eyes” and Janet’s muffled pleas, but when he stood back up he could see he had blindfolded her, the tape covering her eyes.

“You wait here, momma,” the man said as he and his partner picked up Janet, the younger girl struggling as they carried her out of the house. She screamed into her own gag and tried to struggle free, but to little avail. After five minutes, the two men came back in and Catherine watched as another strip was torn off the roll, and she heard the same message.

“Close your eyes.”

As he smoothed the tape over the older woman’s eyes, he turned and looked at his partner.

“You’re right - he’ll love these two. Schoolgirl and air hostess - I don’t think he has them yet.”

“Even if he does, he likes spares,” the other man said as they carried Catherine out of the house, her struggling useless as they walked towards the van that was parked on the driveway. It was dark outside, so nobody noticed the two men as they dropped Catherine next to her daughter on the dirty mattress, closing the door on them as the taller man went back to close the house door. The other man pulled the balaclava off his head, running his hand through his pepper grey hair as his son pulled the hood off his own head.

“Let’s go,” he said as they climbed into the front of the van, turning onto the road as they switched the headlines on and driving down the street of houses.

“Do you think those two kids are going to be all right?”

“They were scared out of their wits, Dad - they may have been playing Cops and Robbers but the sight of a real robber just turned them into gibbering wrecks.”

“You didn’t...”

“Didn’t need to - they just did as they were told, and I made sure they were able to breathe by opening the slats on the doors before I locked them.”

The older man nodded. “Good - I wonder what their mum will say when she gets home.”

“Who can say? Anyway, we may have a little extra profit for ourselves tonight. She had some nice jewellery, and then there are those two in the back.”

As the van went down the highway, they passed a billboard, not noticing the bike that came out from behind and started to follow them down the road.

“Damn,” the older man said as he looked in the side mirror, “Did you fix that tail light like I asked you to?”

“Didn’t get a chance - why?”

“Because we’ve got a traffic cop on our tail,” he said as he watched the bike approaching, “Get in the back and keep those two quiet while I take care of this.”

The younger man nodded as he climbed behind the seat, while his father slowed down and stopped at the side of the road, looking in the mirror as the bike came to a halt and the rider got off, walking towards the door. He could see the tan colored shirt and trousers, and the dark knee length boots, but as he watched the officer approaching he saw something else that grabbed his interest.

“Can I help you, officer,” he said with a smile as he wound down his window to look at the cop, standing there with a white helmet covering her hair.

“Did you know your tail light isn’t working, sir?”

He looked at the black name badge attached to the chest pocket of her blouse. “I’m sorry, Officer Hope,” he said as he continued to smile, “I haven’t had a chance to fix it yet. I’ll take care of it first thing in the morning I promise.”

“Do you mind if I ask what you are doing in this area at this time of night sir?”

“I was just making a late delivery to a customer - and all I really want to do know is head for home.” As he spoke, his eyes looked up and down Officer Hope - she looked about five foot ten tall, piercing blue eyes and dark skin that was illuminated by the light from his cab.

“Well, I’m afraid I’ll need to write you up a ticket,” she said as she pulled a pen from her breast pocket. “Can I see your license and registration please?”

“Of course, Officer Hope,” he said as he reached up and pulled the documents from the rear of his sun visor. Handing them to her, he watched as she wrote the ticket out, her breasts moving up and down with her breathing as she did so.

As she tore the ticket off, Officer Hope handed it to him, saying “Get that light fixed as soon as possible,” but as she turned around she heard a thumping sound coming from the rear of the van. “Is there something in your van, sir,” she said as she turned back to the window.

“It’s just some boxes falling over, officer - nothing serious.”

“If you could step out and open the back, sir, I’d like to make sure.”

“If you insist,” he said as he opened the cab door and stepped out. He looked at the police officer, standing there in front of him, and noticed especially the knee length brown leather boots she was wearing. Walking to the rear of the van, he grabbed the handle before saying “Perhaps you should stand here, Officer, and then you will be able to see the boxes.”

Officer Hope stood there, her torch in her hand as he pulled the handle down and swung the door open. She shone the torch in, gasping as she saw Janet and Catherine staring back at her as they lay on their stomachs on the mattress.

“Not a word, officer,” she heard him say as she felt a cold metal ring against her back. “Slowly, very slowly, remove your gun belt and hand it to my son here.”

She looked to her side to see a younger, taller version of the driver standing next to her. Reaching to her waist, she slowly unbuckled the heavy leather belt and handed it to the young man, the revolver still in the holster and her radio sitting on the small purse that was attached to the belt.

“Take your helmet off,” she heard him say, and she reached up to remove the crash helmet, her long red-brown hair falling around her face as she did so. The younger man took possession of the helmet as well, saying “thank you” as he carried them off.

“Hands behind your back, Officer Hope.”

“You know kidnapping is a federal offense,” she said as she felt her own handcuffs been fastened around her wrists, holding them together tightly. “If you take me that makes three counts.”

“Well, that kinda sorta presumes they’re going to find you doesn’t it Officer Hope.” She looked at the two women lying on the mattress, mewling through the white tape covering their mouths as the tears glistened on their dark skin.

“What do you expect to gain from taking us prisoner,” the officer said as she watched the man take a coil of rope from the back of the van and pass it over her arms, pulling them tightly into her side and stretching the fabric over her chest as the ropes bit in.

“You’ll see,” the younger man said as he returned. “I’ve hidden the bike and other stuff off the road, dad.”

“Good work, son,” the older man said as he yanked down hard on the rope, making the police officer cry out as he did so. “Help me get her into the back of the car, and we can make her nice and uncomfortable.

The two men forced Officer Hope to climb into the van, making her sit against the side as Janet and Catherine watched from their prone position. The older man took the rope down and around her upper legs, just above her knees, while the younger man picked up a dirty looking cotton rag and folded it into a pad.

“You can’t be serious - I am not putting that in my mouaaarghhhhmdmsamdsmmf.” Officer Hope screamed as the younger man pulled back on her hair, forcing the smelly rag into her mouth as his father tightly bound her ankles together. As he slapped a layer of tape over her lips, he secured the final end of the rope to a small ring in the floor of the cab, leaving her trussed and gagged on the floor.

“We’ve really scored tonight, son,” he said as the three women called out through their gags, “three beauties to pass on.”

“Pity we can’t have more fun with them,” the younger man said as he knelt next to Janet, making her cry as he grabbed her breasts from behind and massaged them, “I bet we could have given them a real good time.”

“Lvmydautralnubstrd” Catherine called out as she tried to kick him in the side. “She’s a wildcat as well,” the older man said, “but what does he say?”

“He wants them as they are, so we’d better leave them,” his son said as she climbed out of the van. “Come on - he’s expecting us.” The van doors slammed shut, leaving the three dark and trussed beauties in darkness as the van drove off again.

How long the journey took, they could not say, but eventually they felt the van stop and saw the rear doors open. A strong torch was shone into the back, making them squint as they heard a cultured, refined voice saying “Excellent - they will fit in very nicely. Bring them in so that I may see them.”

Janet felt her legs drop as the rope holding her in a hogtie was relapsed, before the father and son carried her out of the van. She saw the star filled sky as she was carried across the courtyard, struggling in their grip as she did so, before she was carried down a corridor and into a large, well lit room where three camp beds had been laid out.

She was placed on one, and watched the two men walk out. There was a third person standing there - a tall, thin African-American women in a black maid’s dress with a white apron on the front, fishnet tights and high heels. She stared back at Janet, shaking her head silently from side to side in answer to the question. The answer had to be non-verbal, given the large leather pad that was strapped over her lower face.

She watched as her mother was carried in, and laid on the bed next to her. “Rulrrgntjnt,” Catherine said as she looked at her daughter, her eyes red from the tears.

“Mscrdmmm, whtshpngn?”

“Dntkn - bbrff.”

As they carried Officer Hope in, her boots squeaking as she tried to kick her legs apart, they got their first good look at their fellow captive. In return, she looked at the schoolgirl and stewardess beside her, trying to look reassuring even as she was conquering her own fears.

“Oh how simply delightful.”

The three women looked at the small, slightly fat man who was standing in the doorway, a cravat tucked into his smoking jacket as he looked at them. “Three more wonderful young ladies for my collection.”

“Whtdumnnn,” the police officer screamed out as she looked at the man.

“Do you see my servant here,” he said as he walked over to the maid, pinching her bottom as he stood there. “She was the first - I love women in uniform, especially those of dark hue such as yourselves. As my great-grandpappy used to say, they have their place in my household, as will you.

“I‘ll introduce you to the other six later - Once my nurse has finished examining you, I’ll have new clothes made for you in the same style as these. Y’all have a good sleep now - you have a lot to do tomorrow morning.”

He walked out of the room, the maid following as he ignored the screams of the three captives. “Secure them to the beds,” he said to the two robbers, “and then come and see me for payment.”

Walking down the corridor, he opened a door and looked at the nurse, gymnast, waitress, driver, minister and lawyer strapped to their beds. “You get to meet your new friends tomorrow - good night now,” he said as he closed the door and walked away, the maid following behind.

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Name: lela
E-mail address: don't have one yet
Comments: I have had a few bondage experiences, shud I post them?
Sunday, April 8th 2012 - 11:41:26 AM
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Comments:To Lela:

Please feel free to post them
Monday, April 9th 2012 - 04:34:22 AM
Name: Susan
Comments:I have a close relationship with my daughter/only child, so we visit each other quite often. I had her when I was only 18, so I'm still young (41). Jen is married, my son in law is very polite, handsome, and totally devoted to Jen. On a recent Friday evening, Jen was at my home, just a casual visit, and after a couple glasses of wine, mentioned she had finally talked Josh into trying some bondage in the bedroom. I know most daughters never talk about sex with their moms, but we are best of friends and tell each other everything. After asking a few questions about the tying-up, I mentioned how I played tie-up games when I was a girl, but not since the. As Jen readied to go home, she invited me over for a cookout the next day, and said some of Josh's buddies were coming over, and she wanted someone to talk to while they did the guy stuff. I arrived about 1 pm, to help her prepare for the cookout. I was wearing a short denim skirt, tanktop, and wedge-heeled sandals about 3 inches high. As the guys arrived, they all went to the garage and backyard, talking about guy stuff; i.e., cars, sports, NASCAR, hunting, and, probably, women. Josh did the grilling, Jen and I visited with the other guys, and, finally we dined. After cleanup and loading the dishwasher, we again joined the fellas in the backyard. One of the guys, I think his name is Dan, was talking about doing some rodeoing, and Jen asked if he rode bulls. "No, I do calf roping and team roping" he answered. After explaining a little about the events, another of the guys asked if Dan knew how to lasso. "Dude, lassoing is what the events are about. That, and tying the legs together so the calf can't get loose and get up." At that, all the guys asked him to teach them how to lasso. Jen and I just sat drinking some beer, and laughing at the efforts of the guys trying to lasso an empty plastic barrel. Dan finally gave up on teaching them. That's when it became, um, interesting. Josh asked Dan to demonstrate lassoing a moving target and volunteered Jen. Jen jumped up and started running for the back gate, but Dan dropped the rope over her, and in a flash had her hands bound to her ankles in front of her. Jen was giggling, either from the beer or embarrassment, not sure which. She then said, "lasso mom, she likes being tied up." Trying to decline the offer, I denied her statement. Josh said, "Susan, Jen has never lied in her life, and you know it. After all, you raised her." Yeah, mom, you taught me to never lie" my darling daughter said. Dan tried to alleviate the situation by declining to lasso someone he had just met, and also that I was Jen's mother. Dan grabbed a length of rope and told me, "take off running, unless you want me to lasso you in the chair." Resigning myself to my fate, and also giggling from the beer, and the attention of 4 young, handsome men, I stood up and headed for the gate, figuring if I got to my car parked in the rear drive, I was home free. I made only a few steps when the lasso settled over my torso, pinning my arms to my sides. Jen was cheering Josh on and also urging the guys to tie me up. Josh looked over at her, and said, if we tie her up, we tie you up, too. Jen said, "duh, I'm already tied up." "not like we're gonna tie your mom one of the guys said, and I found myself on my belly, my hands pulled behind me and tightly restrained. Then my ankles were bound. I looked over at Jen, who was being tied much more strictly then Dan had tied her. Like me, her arms were now behind her, and I saw Josh roll up something a stuff it in her mouth, then a scarf appeared from somewhere and was tied over her mouth. The same was done to me. I was stood up, still laughing thru the gag, and they hopped me into the house, Jen close behind, also laughing. They took us into the family room, and we were both placed belly down on the floor. Josh left the room for a couple of minutes and returned with an armful of ropes, gauze bandages, tape, and 2 racquetballs. "Dude, we're company, so you should let us do the tying" one of the guys, I think named Steve, said. "Okay, don't want to be a bad host. Have at it." 2 of them tied me, and 2 tied Jen. I couldn't believe how tight I was being tied, or how much rope was being used. Josh was just sitting on the sofa, watching as his wife and mother-in-law were being tightly and helplessly bound. And we were helpless. After pulling my ankles up and tying them with no slack against to my wrists against my rear end, I was turned so I could see how Jen was being tied. She had already had her gag replaced, mouth taped over, and had been blindfolded. The guys tying her seemed to be trying to get her shoulders to touch her feet, but that's impossible. The did get her in an unbelievable arch, and succeeded inbinding her wrists to her elbows. Jen and I are both rather top heavy, and, being braless, Jen's right nipple was clearly above her halter top. My cloth gag was removed, a ball stuffed in, and then taped over, as well as my eyes being covered. We were both totally helpless. After a couple of minutes, Josh told his buddies, "you guys better go on home, so I can untie the ladies." The each said their goodbyes, and left. I could hear Josh moving around, and finally, he must have ungagged Jen, as I heard her speak, "honey, are you as horny as me?" "Hell yes, I've got a hard on you gotta see to believe." "Well, do something with it" she said. Then, I heard gagging noises, and realized Jen must be perfroming oral sex on Josh. I heard her grunt and groan, then Josh said, "oh, fuck!" It dawned on me that he had ejaculated into Jen's mouth. Finally Jen spoke, "that's the most cum you've ever shot in my mouth. Almost didn't swallow it all. Now, untie me, and make love to me." "No, we're not going to make love, we're gonna fuck" Josh answered. I heard more movement, then Jen said, "doggy style? Don't really car for th----oh, god!" Then, I heard an unbelievable amount of activity, the slap of flesh against flesh, and it lasted for a long, long time, finally Josh saying, "I'm cumming!" Jen responded, "Me, too' baby, ram it to me." Then, an extended period of heavy breathing, then more movement, with Jen saying, "you ready again?" "Yeah, baby, watching you and your mom get tied up made me so horny, I think I can go 3 or 4 more times". "Well, I don't think I can, maybe once more is all I'm good for" she said. Then, a gasp and I could hear the sofa creaking and squeaking. It lasted for at least 30 minutes, then it sounded like it was even bouncing off the floor, and both cried out at once, then heavy breathing, then finally, Jen spoke, "better untie me, my arms feel like dead weight, with both of us lying on them." That's when I eralized my arms were basically numb, as were my legs. Then, I felt Josh untying me. When free, he began to rub my arms and legs to restore circulation. "Where's Jen?" I asked. She's in the bathroom, cleaning up, and I guess she really needed to pee. She doesn't hold beer in too well." He helped me to my feet, and supported me as we walked down the hall, so I could use the guest bathroom. Assured I was okay, he left me, and I did what needed to be done. When I returned to the living room, Jen had put on sweats and was hugging Josh fiercely, and told him how much she loved him. She then hugged me and apologized for the events of the day. "Sweetheart, the only thing I didn't like about today is that I didn't have anyone make love to me." She looked at me, and said, "you could have asked any of the guys, I'm sure that anyone of them would have been willing, but Josh is all mine. I'm not sharing, so don't get any ideas." Josh turned a deep shade of scarlet at those words, as I'm sure he never would have dreamed of anything inappropriate with me. I drank some coffee, and decided to go home. Jen walked me to my car, hugged and kissed me goodbye, then said," I think I can give Josh some more loving now, so gotta go back inside. Love you, mom." That was a memorable afternoon, for sure
Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 12:22:09 PM
Name: Kevin
Comments:I guess I'm just a big kid at heart. Still like cars and motorcycles with loud exhaust, action and war movies, etc. I got the idea from my stepson, and had to wait for the right opportunity. My wife works at the school district office, and during the week, the kids, (girl 12, boy 10) have homework, chores, then bedtime, and my wife and I usually are in bed by 10;30. I am 4 years younger than she, don't need the details on that. Anyway, we have a great sex life, but it seemed like Saturday nights were always the most passionate. One Saturday, due to a breakdown at the ashpalt plant I was hauling from, we were sent home early. I knew my stepdaughter, Katie, was spending the day at a friend's, so I figured I'd take Lucas and Jane out to lunch. I parked in the driveway, rather than the garage, and went in. I found my wife,sitting in a dinig chair, all tied up and gagged and blindfolded with bandanas. Fearing we had been burlarized, I pulled the gag and blindfold off and, when I began untying her, the ropes basically just fell off. Glancing around, I saw no sign of intruders, and nothing appeared missing. Jane quickly assured me nothing happened, she and Lucas were just playing cops and robbers. That explained the loose ropes. Anyway, Jane explained that Luke played Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians, every Saturday, with Jane always the captive, Katie usually the rescuer, occasionally a captive as well. Jane assured that nothing inappropriate ever happened, and that she liked taking part in her kids pastimes, whether tie-up games or video games, board games, card games, etc. Anyway, it was over a month later, and Katie and Luke were invited to spend the weekend with Jane's sister's kids about an hour away. She picked them up after school on Friday, and we were to pick them up on Sunday afternoon. As luck would have it, Jane was invited to a brunch with some of her girlfriends, so I was going to be alone until early afternoon. Jane offered to cancel so we would have the time alone, but I told her to go, that I had a couple of errands to run. She went, albeit reluctantly. She dressed western, I think you call it, i.e., denim skirt, knee length, western style blouse, a bandana around her lovely neck, turquoise earrings, bracelet, and rings. When I saw her outfit, I almost asked her to cancel. She left, and I began preparing for her "surprise". I had bought 200 ft of rope earlier in the week, and cut it into varying lengths. I also acquired the type of bandage that is sorta adhesive, sticks to itself, but not so much to skin. I took my truck out to the detached garage by the alley, so when Jane returned home she wold think I was still out. I selected a toy gun from Luke's room, that surprising looked authentic except for the orange at the muzzle. Some black electrical tape took care of that. I "borrowed" one of Jane's tan colored stockings (not pantyhose, she hates 'em) and hunted up my old ski mask. Then the waiting began. About 12;30, I got a text from Jane that she was on the way home, and hoped I was done running around. Wasn't sure if she was upset with me or wanted to spend time with me. I almost called off my plans, but decided to go ahead. I pulled the stocking over my head, (don't know how crooks stand that), then the ski mask, next gloves, which I wan't sure I could carry out my plans with them on. I stuffed the rope, tape, a rubber ball I found in Katie's old toybox, some scarves, into an old gym bag, picked up the gun, and waited. Just thinking about my intentions gave me a rock hard erection. At last I heard the garage door open and her mini-van pull in. I hid in the hallway from the front door, and waited. She came in, closed the door, and I heard her sit her purse on the table, the carkeys and cell phone. "Damn, he's not here yet" I heard her mutter. When she walked past the hallway, I pounced. She apparently thought I was a bonafide attacker, because she put up a good struggle, but I managed to get her on the floor and put the gun to her head. In a disguised voice, probably soudning like a poor mix of just about every European language, and a few Asian ones also, told her to stay quiet and not struggle or "I shoot you, pretty womens". I was able to straddle her hips and arms, and managed to get the ball in her mouth, then tied her hands behind her, tight, but not so it would be too painful. Then, I tied a scarf around her eyes, then used the bandage to cover her mouth and the bandana, then taped the end down with electrical tape. I then bound her elbows, but not touching, even though I knew she was limber enough. Standing her up, I took her into the spare bedroom, which had a bedspread on the bed but no linen. Evne the pillows were bare. She tried to resist the whole way. Once I had her on the bed, she really tried to fight me, and I almost told her it was me. Sitting on her ankles, I reached under her skirt and intended to remove her panties, but they weren't there! For an instant I thought maybe she was having an affair and the brunch had just been a story, but common sense prevailed. She was only away from me at work. Otherwise, we went everywhere together. Besides, I trust her. Anyway, I bent her right leg up and tied the ankle to the thigh, then repeated with the left. Once completed, I again felt under her skirt, and inserted a couple of fingers into her vagina, which was already wet. I fingered her until I felt her orgasm, then pulled the pillows down and lifted her up on them under her belly. I pretty much ripped my jeans off, and my throbbing erection was jammed into her, and I rode her like a wild man, and in no time was yanking her back onto me with all my might as I came inside her. I realized whe was breathing pretty hard, and fearing the gag would suffocate her, began removing it. When the gag was out, she said, "oh, please, baby, fuck me again. Pound my pussy as hard and often as you can." I roller her onto her back, again on the pillows, and just ripped her blouse to shreds, so I could suck her breasts. I was fully erect again, so I plunged into her soaking wet depths, and aagain gave her all I had to give. She matched me thrust for thrust until she began to cum again, and she went wild. I thought she was gonna toss me off, she was bucking thrusting so hard, which made me pour it on, and I never thought a person could ejaculate more the second time so soon after the first, but I thought I would never quit spurting. When I did, I just collapsed on her. She said, "if you're going to fall asleep, at least let me on top." I rolled over, pulled her on me, and yanked off the ski mask and stocking. I asker her when she knew it was me. "Well, the accent was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, I smelled your Old Spice, which I doubt any real burglar/rapist would wear while committing a crime, and you were extremely gentle, even a bit protective, while you tied me. Plus, I could always recognize the feeling of your cock entering me, its the most blissful feeling ever. The next time, you need to be a bit more 'criminal' when you assault me. While you were very energetic, it still felt like you wanted me to enjoy myself. A real criminal would only be interested in his own satisfaction." "When did you get so knowledgeable about criminals, and, oh, yeah, what do yu mean 'next time'." She winked at me, and said, "I plan on sending the kids to my sister's at least one weekend a month. I was so ready to drag you into the bedroom, that I took my panties off in the van coming home. I was disappointed you weren't waiting for me." "I was waiting for you, you can be sure, just it seems like every Saturday, when you have been tied up by Luke, you are awful horny at night. Most times, we go to bed before the kids on Saturday." She winked at me, and said, "I think you have recharged yur battery again, judging from the huge bulge under my belly." I wiggled around just a bit, and I felt myself enter her still wet privates. We took our time this time, and when finished, Jane asked me to untie her, as she was getting leg cramps. When free, she stretched, asked me to massage her lovely legs, and said, "don't forget where you put those ropes. Might come in handy one weekend a month."
Friday, April 13th 2012 - 06:57:20 PM
Name: Thomas
Comments:I can honestly say that bondage is what brought my wife and I together. She is a few years older than me (6), and first met when she and her first husband moved next door to my parents during the summer before my senior year in high school. They were both teachers, and this was the first teaching job for each. I didn't have either as a teacher, as he was a math teacher and I had all the math credits I needed, and she is a phys ed and Health teacher. When they moved in, my parents "volunteered" me to help them unload their furniture. They did pay me. After graduation, I felt adventurous, and went roaming thru the great American west, working in the oilfields of Wyoming for a few years. When I grew tired of the sever winter and working outside in it, I went home. It was a surprise that Barb and Joseph had split up. Apparently, he liked to have affairs with students. Any way, she still lived next door, alone. When my parents told me she had trouble keeping up the maintenance and repairs on her place, I offered to help her if she paid for materails, my labor would be free. She wanted to pay me, but I said no. Any way, after doing a lot of painting, carpentry, and fence repair (it was in the country), she asked me to come for supper one night to discuss some plans she had for the place. During the meal, she said she wanted to become self sufficient, meaning growing a large garden, raising her own meat (beef adn pork). Anyway, we discussed it, and again I offered to help as much as I was able. I am a coountry boy, and what she desired is the way I was raised, and had a little knowledge about these things. While she started the dishwasher, I went into her den, and her computer was there. I asked her if I could log on and show her some sites that might help, and she allowed me to. Apparently, it wasn't password protected, cause when I right clicked, it came right on. I was caught off guard when the sire that popped up was a bondage site. It was a lot of photos and vids, all of women, some bound very strictly. I was scanning thru it when she brought in some coffee and cookies, and when she saw what was on screen, she turned a deep red. I stammered, "Uh, this was an accident, I was looking for a site aboout cattle raising." She sat the tray down, took a couple deep breaths, then explained she had been looking at the site. In fact, said she visitied it on a regular basis. I was at a loss for words at first, then assured her I wasn't offended. I have been interested in bondage as long as I can remember, but never really told anyone. I had tied up a couple cousins when much yunger, but it was frowned on by all the adults concerned, and I felt like something was wrong with me, for a long time. The rest of the evening, and into the wee hours, was spent looking at the site, and discussing bondage. She admitted it was her secret, as well. Even her ex had never known. After walking home (next door, remember), I lay awake for hours thinking about the evening. After work the next day, I stopped in at her place, just as she was coming out the door to go grocery shopping. I had mustered up the nerve to ask her out, and to my great joy she accepted. I went home and cleaned up, hopped in my truck and went back to her place. She is a beautiful women, kind of full figured but not fat, reminds me of JJ Plush. We dated for only 2 months, I proposed, she accepted, and we didn't begin our bondage experiences until after our honyemoon. They have been absolutely fantastic, and we look forward to our fun, normally every Saturday. Occasionally, depending on her "female schedule" it takes place during the week. I think she would be willing every night, and, eally, so would I, but I'm afraid we'd tire of it eventually. We've been married since 2006, and our first child is on the way.
Saturday, April 14th 2012 - 11:21:27 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Creative Writing in junior college was a course for jocks looking for an easy mark and little or no studying. That was until Mrs. Ann Mavis showed up, the 5'6", centerfold gorgeous, 52-year-old, who looked much younger by the way, with big doe shaped hazel eyes, thick wavy fiery-red hair she wore in a bun, and a massive chest,(I would later discover she wore a 36GG bra, but that is another story), was a stern woman and made us work, but most of all after a few weeks made us like to learn and express ourselves.

Being on the swim team and not a great student, needed to do well so out of need and being a complete pervert sat in the front of the room to admire the gorgeous redhead with a perfect hourglass figure. She had us break-up into groups and had a contest to see who could write and act in the best one act play and it had to have at least five characters in it. I had a very devious mind and loved to watch anything that involved a tie-up scene in it. My best friend Bob was just as evil and soon we began to write a script called the Bank Robbery, and had two bank robbers, two tellers, a female customer, and two police officers!

The class of 21 had 12 boys and 9 girls, and we needed three girls for the parts in our terrible play, and only the cute and studious, 5'2" curly haired brunette, with big blue eyes, that her red framed glasses highlighed nicely and a very curvy shape agreed to be in it. I was thrilled since Kathy was so cute and had a great bottom and wore the tightest pants and skirts. We finally drew short straw and I became the bank manager so needed a female customer. Mrs. Mavis was impressed with our play since we had the most characters with speaking roles and liked the plot. She volunteered to be the female customer. Bob and I were in heaven.

The first couple play practices were simple reading and going over things like where we would stand, walk, etc. The third practice got interesting.

I had just gotten through a workout in the gym so had on my white sweatshirt, red spandex shorts, and worn sneakers, that hugged my 5'7", 135 pound frame a little too well, being only 18-years-old and looking twelve, with thick brown hair and matching eyes got my share of ribbing from the other boys, but being the best swimmer on the team kept them somwhat under control, until the first run through.

Bob and Fred played the robbers and walked into the classroom with toy guns and a canvas bag. They ordered us to put up our hands, so Kathy and I cooperated. Kathy was told to place a strip of 3" wide stretchy medical tape over my mouth and her's and then open the safe. Kathy looked so hot in her red knit dress, nude pantyhose and black 4" pumps, both Bob and Fred changed the script so she was ordered to tape my hands behind my back and ankles together with the same flesh colored medical tape we bought in the Dollar Store. They then secured the gorgeous brown haired beauty the same way.

Mrs. mavis walked in the bank, they forgot to lock the door, and quickly ordered her to place a strip of tape over her full red lips and then taped her hands behind her back, ankles together and had her lay on the floor in between kathy and me. I felt my member get hard as she bumped into me with her huge bosom that her blue knit sweater, barely contained, that went well with her skintight jeans and blue 4" highheels.She played up the damsel in distress like an old pro. Soon the three of us were struggling and trrying to escape. I rolled to teh red silent alarm buttom as the two robbers looted the safe and drawers for money, all the while looking at Kathy and Mrs. Mavis.

The two police officers finally burst into the bank toy guns drawn and captured the two robbers. They then led them out of the bank. We remained bound and gagged for another five minutes before they returned to free us. They played it up with the arrest and Bob made an effort to get away. We wanted action.

I had an erection the rest of the day.

We finally did the play live in the auditorium for the college to see. I wore a suit, Kathy a tight white blouse, short red skirt, suntan pantyhose, and red 4" pumps, Mrs. Mavis wore a tight black knit dress, nude pantyhose and black 4" highheels. We went through the same process as the previous rehearsals and all ended up bound and gagged on the floor. I pressed against the buxom teacher's round firm dress clad bum and had an orgasm! Mrs. Mavis wiggled her bottom against my bulging crotch! The old buxom broad was a naughty lady and i loved it!

Whent the play ended we took a bow and Mrs. mavis smacked my bum as the curtain came down. I couldn't wait to work on our next play that involved a kidnapped heiress, a bound and gagged made and butler!!!!!
Sunday, May 6th 2012 - 02:22:58 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Don't forget to include Kathy and her "tight white blouse" in your NEXT story with your restrained teacher!
Sunday, May 6th 2012 - 08:43:21 PM
Name: Speedoboy
Comments:Creative Writing Part II

Well since Mrs. Mavis struck a chord with all of us in her class she decided to have us write another play. To my pleasant surprise Kathy joined our group and came up with a mystery play, where she and I played amateur sleuths and were investigating a haunted house that of all people Mrs. Mavis lived in, our ultra buxom teacher again offered her services as an extra. She played a wealthy widow being haunted by her dead husband.

Well soon we had a police officer, the son from the. husband's first marriage, his wife played by the overripe but pretty 5'5", long haired blonde with big blue eyes, Cindy, and a reporter.

We went on stage and filled the auditorium as the play was almost two hours long. Kathy and I stayed with the wealthy widow and on the big night after a late night swim went to check on the gorgeous widow. She was missing from her room so we seperated in search of her on the stage.

Bob the evil stepson grabbed Kathy who looked exta sexy in her red one-piece swimsuit and matching 3' pumps. He soon had 3' wide white stretchy medical tape placed over her full red lips and pushed her to the basement, where shefound Mrs. Mavis, trussed up in her white turtleneck sweater, black spandex pants, and matching 4' highheels, she was trussed up with white rope that made herample bosom look super huge and being a 36GG she was already bigger than average, an ace bandage wrapped around her full pink lips and hogtied! I wished I wasn't just wearing my red Speedo, white t-shirt and white sneakers, because I got wood when I looked across the stage. Bob and Cindy soon had Kathy bound the same way and her ample 34DD's were quite on display. I had a feeling the male audience was very entertained.

I showed up and was soon gagged with a red bandana, my hands secured with 3" wide tape and ankles the same way. Bob of course decided to make sure no one else was around.

I quickly grabbed the knife from teh floor and escaped. i quickly placed a strip of tape over Cindy's full mouth and taped her hands and ankles together, she was wearing a gold spandex mini-dress, beige pantyhose a black belt and black 5" highheels so looked really sexy. I was impressed at how large her 38C bosom looked with her hands taped behind her back. I then went to the cellphone and called the police to let them know that Bob was trying to make his gorgeous stepmother disappear. I then freed the two sexy leading ladies.

It was another blockbuster play at our junior college!

That night Mrs. mavis insisted that kathy and I go back to her house to practice for the next play. Bob and Fred came along and soon had the three of us helplessly bound and gagged on the livingroom carpet, I was just in my speedo and kathy in her one-piece swimsuit and with her hands and arms secured with red nylon cord looked extra busty! The best part was that Mrs. Mavis stripped down to a leopard print bra, matching panty girdle, suntan thighhigh stocking and black highheels and with a leopard scarf wrapped over her full lips made me climax and with kathy pressing her perfectly plump bottom against my teneted out spandex swimsuit it was not difficult to stay excited!

We rolled around the carpet and pretended to be frightened and kidanpped. I thought this would be an hour game but saw the sun come up!

Bob and Fred returned only to bring in Cindy, who's mouth was covered with three wide strips of flesh colored medical tape, her hands secured behind her back with the same tape and wearing the same obscenelly tight and short gold mini-dress. Fred taped her pencil thin ankles together and helped her beside me on the floor only to be pushed aside by Kathy.

Bob mentioned that his girlfriend a nurse at the hospital got off work in less than an hour. Fred said he had another roll of tape and held up a worn white panty girdle he grabbed from our buxom teacher's hamper. The two amateur kidnappers then left us lone and helpless again and went to grab Robin, a 5'7' blue eyed brunette with a killer figure!

Kathy pressed her ample bosom against my gagged face and mrs. Mavis pressed her massive bra covered bosom against my back! It was the beginning of a wonderful day. Cindy rolled up to Mrs. mavis's overripe panty girdle clad bottom and meowed happily..............
Wednesday, May 9th 2012 - 04:21:28 PM
Name: Marilyn
Comments:The incident I am relating happened years ago, in the 90s. My husband and I were never blessed with children of our own, so we became foster parents. Until my husband suffered a catastrophic illness and had to be placed in a facility with round the clock care. When he was stricken, we had at that time, twin teenage boys, age 16, a 13 yr old boy, and a 14 yr old girl. I had to go to work, since my husband had been the breadwinner, and reluctantly, I was ending my tenure as a foster mother. I decided to take the kids out for dinner on a Friday night, to a fancy restaurant. The Family Services people were to pick them up on Monday, and I was to begin a new job on Tuesday. I instructed the kids to dress nicely, and I wore a skirt, blouse, jacket, heels, stockings. Dinner was rather quiet, with me doing just about all the speaking, telling them how much I regretted letting them go, but I had to work to pay for my husband's care. They said they understood about the work, but not why I couldn't keep them any longer. They insisted they were old enough to be trusted alone until I came home from work, that they would do more around the house, etc. Tearfully, I explained how most of my time away from work would have to be spent with my husband. Finally, all conservation ceased, so I paid the bill and we headed home. Our house is located out of town, about 10 miles, and is my husband's boyhood home. It was part of a family farm, but after John inherited it, we sold most of the land, keeping just about 6 acres, with all the outbuildings. The house is about 300 yds from the county road, surrounded by trees, and we have a gate at the beginning of the driveway. We arrived at the house, and the kids all jumped out of the car and ran into the house, almost while I was still rolling. I pulled into the garage (detached from the house) and walked thru the door, into the kitchen. J, the 14 yr old girl was waiting for me, holding one of my husband's shotguns, pointed straight at me. "J, put theat gun down, that's dangerous" I said. "No, Marilyn, I'm not putting down the gun, and yes, it is dangerous, but I know how to use it." To emphasize her point, she pointed it at the ceiling and fired a shot. The noise was deafening, celing plaster rained down on us, and the smell of gunpoweder was very distinct. She worked the pump to reload, and said, "see?" Ears ringing, plaster all over me, I began feeling fear. About that time, the twins appeared with rope, a lot of rope, and the 13 yr old showed up with an arm full of what appeared to be scarves or hankies. "Get her tied up, make sure she can't get away, then we'll load up whatever we can sell, and we're out of here," the girl said. My arms were pulled behind me, and one of the twins began wrapping rope around my wrists, yanking it tight every few wraps, then I felt him wrapping a cinch rope around the wraps. Holding my hands, he raised my arms up, causing me to bend over. Holding me by the wrists, I felt the other twin wrap tape around my hands, over and over until my fingers were totally immobilized. "All right, this has gone on long enough. Untie me right NOW!" I yelled. The kids just laughed. "Marilyn, since you don't want us any more, we aren't going to do what you say anymore. Somebody shut her yap. I don't want to hear her any more" the girl said. I was shoved to my knees, and an absolutely huge wad of cloth was crammed into my mouth, followed by severa strips of tape to hold it in. One of the boys sat down over my ankles, pinning my feet down, then tied my forearms tightly, then began wrapping rope around my upper arms, pulling tightly, causing me to try to cry out in pain, but the gag kept almost all sound from coming from my mouth. He kept pulling on the rope until I felt my elbows touch, which I thought was physically impossible. The pain was intense, the ropes felt as if they were cutting to the bone, and was becoming terrified of what they intended. "Here, let me make some improvements" the youngest boy said, and he stuck a large folded gauze patch over each eye, taking away my vision. Then, he stuck something into each ear, greatly reducing my ability to hear. Then, I felt something quite wide and slightly sticky, being wrapped all around my head, over mouth, eyes, and ears. Wrap after wrap after wrap was applied, until I had no sensation of light at all, and almost no sensation of sound. I could hear them talking, but was unable to understand anhything they said. Hand lifted me to my feet, and I was guided/led thru the house, until I felt my legs bump agains a bed. A hard shove caused me to fall on the bed, with feet hanging over the edge. Rope was immediately wrapped around my ankles, then above and below m knees, just as tight as the othr ropes. Then, my ankles were raised until they touched my wrists, then were tied to them. I was totally helpless, and the heels I had on didn't fit too good, a bit small, so my feet hurt as well. In just a few minutes, I got the sensation of bing alone. Alone, helpless, far from town, not expecting any company until Monday afternoon, I begn to panic. I had even told the facility where my husband was that I wouldnt be in until Monday, so no one would even miss me for over 48 hrs. I tried to struggle, but it seemed to only make the ropes tighter. Plus, I needed to urinate very badly. I was in a real predicament!
Monday, May 14th 2012 - 11:29:35 AM
Name: TommyVictim
E-mail address: New Story Posted.
Comments:Hi, everyone:

I've recently posted a new tied up and gagged tale. It's a five-part fiction/fantasy story, entitled, "The Fresh Air Kid".

A brief summary: It's about me and my female sidekick, Sereta. We're youth counselors attempting to help a troubled youth get his life back together. This leads to some rather....knotty situations, and although I'd like to say it was just a "gag," we were kept quiet for a while.

This is posted on the Dreambook Bound-and-gagged-by burglars site (the site by victor).

Feel free to check this out and let me know what you think.

Friday, May 18th 2012 - 11:04:58 AM
Name: Anne
Comments:It was Halloween season, and, even tho my boyfriend and I had been kind of on the outs for a while, I made some plans for costumes for us to wear to a party. At first, he was opposed to my ideas, but a few days before the party he agreed to attend and to create a costume to follow the theme of mine. I had come up with the idea of him being a cat burglar and I would be his victim/hostage, and he would tie me and take me to the party bound and gagged. I even told the hostess of the party and she loved the idea. My costume was really just an outfit I already owned: black, low cut long sleeve blouse that really accented my 36D breasts, a very snug pencil skirt that came to just above my knees, but fit so tight it made walking difficult, seamed stockings and garter belt, black, and a black, shelf type bra with front hook. It allowed my nipples to be very noticeable, even when not aroused. I intended to entice my boyfriend to a lot of loving after the party and knew this outfit would do the trick. I had just finished dressing, and doing my makeup and hair, donned my 5 inch heel back pumps when the doorbell rang. Standing before me when I opened the door was a figure clad all in black except for the hockey mask, and I saw that under the mask he wore sunglasses. I let him in, complimented him on his costume, and said I was ready to go. He quickly spun me aroound, and bound first my wrists, then wrapped tape over my fingers, rendering them useless, then bound my elbows, and did a better job than usual. A wadded up sponge was stuffed in my mouth, then taped over with black duct tape (color-coordinated with the rest of my outfit, huh). As a surprise, a bondage hood was placed over my head, covering the gag but leaving my eyes exposed, although barely. More rope went around my torso, over my shoulders, under my armpits, thru the elbow ropes, then pulled snug. This really accented my breasts, which he fondled readily and often. Since I had complimented his costume, not another word was spoken by either, and I was unable to now. The ropes were tighter than normal, which had me so turned on, I would have told him we weren't going to the party if I had been able to speak. My crotch was soaked, nipples trying to burst thru my blouse, and my heart was racing. He just continued to securely bind me. Finally satisfied with my condition, he led me out the door, closed and locked it, before I could tell him my purse, with my house key, was still inside. He had to help me down the steps due to my tight skirt and tall heels. Again, he fondled me liberally, and patted my bottom affectionately. I was led to an unmarked, windowless van, like a plumber or electrician would have. Once inside, I was laid on an old carpet remnant, on my stomach, and he raised my legs behind me then began tying them to my elbows, pulling roughly until I was uncomfortably arched. Then, a blindfold was applied over the opening in the hood, and I realized I was totally immobilized, couldn't speak, see, or even wiggle my fingers. I've enjoyed bondage since I was a little girl, and this was the strictest I had ever been bound, and LOVED it. I felt I could almost have an orgasm just thinking about the way I was bound. He started the van, and then I sensed it moving. Once moving, the radio came on, but it was Country music, which my boyfriend hated. Then, I could smell tobacco burning, which my boyfriend doesn't use. It dawned on my then that this wasn't him! I panicked, tried to escape, but only succeeded in making my bonds tighter. After a period of time I couldn't determine how long, the van stopped, then the door slid open and I was dragged to the door, then lifted like a suitcase by my bondage, and carried for some distance, then depositied on a mattress that smelled musty. In the distance I heard a door close, the footsteps approached me, my hood was removed the I was re-blindfolded. My gag was removed and instantly replaced with a hard cock. Holding the back of my head, my captor fucked my face for about 5 minutes, then ejaculated deep in my throat. The gag was re-inserted, and then he began squeezing my breasts very roughly. Unfortunately, I enjoy breast fondling, tho not quite so rought, so my nipples got rock hard, which he immediately began pulling and twisting. Finally, he released my hogtie, put me in a kneeling position with my knees under my torso, ripped my skirt off, then my thong panties, and without any hesitation, rammed his once again erect cock deep in my ass, then just literally pounded my ass with as much energy as he could muster. Finally finished, he withdrew, shoved me onto my stomach again, and re-hogtied me. I lay there for quite some time, when, without realizing he was still there, he again released my hogtie, rolled me on my back, lifted my legs straight up, and rammed himself into my vagina and again began thrusting almost brutally. I was terrified, sobbing, but unable to escape. The attack lasted for an eternity, but again he finished. He dropped my legs, then began untying my feet and legs then bound them in a spread eagle fashion. Then, my gag and blindfold was removed, and I saw my attacker's face. It was my BOYFRIEND!! At first I cussed him, but when he offered to re-gag me, I quieted down. Then, he reminded me that I had intended something similiar to take place, but he figured it would be more interesting to make me believe I was actually kidnapped and raped. Reluctantly, I had to admit that it had seemed very realistic and frightening, and the music and smoking really threw me. He said that was the hardest thing to do. as he hated both. Then, with a salacious look, he reminded me I was still bound helpless, and he had another erection. This time we made love, and I achieved numerous orgasms before he was able to cum again. I told him that I thought we should have more experiences like this one, and he agreed. I can't wait.
Saturday, May 19th 2012 - 11:36:14 PM
Name: jtrix
Comments:great site well done to all submitters ....but can anyone say how to access arcives?
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 - 11:59:25 AM
Name: Big Girls Like Bondage Too
Comments:From the time I was old enough to use the local library I was in love with Mrs. Love, the gorgeous 5'6", 165 pound librarian with thick curly fiery-red hair, big almond shaped green eyes, and wore a 38GG bra, I looked in her hamper one time while doing some chores at her cottage with my mom. The gorgeous widow always wore conservative outfits, but nothing could conceal her huge breasts, she lost her husband when she was young, he died in the service. Like any small town there were all kinds of rumors about her, especially since she remained single and seldom dated.

By the time I turned eighteen I would go to the library at least twice a week to do my homework or do research for a paper, but really just admire the 50-something ultra buxom redhead. I was such a regular I got a weekend job at the small library.

Well one weekend shorty after I graduated from high school a collection of rare books made their way across the state, two of the books alone were worth about $1,000.00 each and all total the collection was worth about $5,000.00. I was helping Mrs. Love put things back after the Open House, when a robber showed up, she was about 5'9" tall two inches taller than me and weighed about the same as me 140 pounds. She wore a black catsuit, black spandex hood and black leather gloves. She made me strip down to my tighie whities and Mrs. Love to her white overstuffed bra, white thigh length panty girdle, nylon stockings, and black 4" highheels. I felt my thick 8" circumcised penis struggle in my underpants as Mrs. Love bound my hands behind my back, my ankles together and wrapped a 4" wide ace bandage over my lower face, I swore my big baby-blue eyes would pop out of my head as I saw my fantasy girl stripped to her underwera and boy were her tits huge and yet her blood-red nipples look so tiny. I was placed behind the desk.

Mrs. Love was ordered to wrap an ace bandage over her full red lips and tape her pencil thin ankles together with the same 3" wide white adhesive tape she used on me. The robber then taped her well-manicured hands behind her back.

The robber grabbed the book collection and turned off the lights. We were soon alone in teh library, helpless, gagged and in just our underwear. I had a raging erection the whole time and she meowed incoherently to me. She rolled onto her side and her red framed glasses fell off of her pretty face as she tried to reach out to me in hopes we could pull the tape off of each other. The task was impossible and I was just too aroused.

Five hours later the town police officer found us, it turned out the robber didn't lock the door and he decided to look inside. I was rather upset that we were freed so soon. Mrs. Love looked hotter than ever coated in sweat and her hair messed up.

One afternoon a month later she brought up the robbery, the woman was caught a few states away trying to sell the collection at a rare bookstore. She asked if I was alright. I told her I didn't think much of it, but she knew differently, she knew what books I checked out and almost all of them had bondage scenes in them, especially the romance novels I had been reading, I guess when an eighteen year old boy reads those books it sets off alarms! I blushed as she ran a hand through my thick dirty blonde hair and smiled. She told me she liked damsel-in-distress scenes too.

That night she allowed me to tie her hands behind her back, her pantyhose clad ankles together with the same red nylon rope and gag her with a worn panty girdle and red cloth in her bedroom while wearing just a leopard print overstuffed bra, controltop beige pantyhose and red 4" highheels. I could see her green eyes glued to my erection in my white jockey shorts.

I knelt behind her on the bed and rubbed her shoulders and to my surprise her bound hand played with my hard package in my underpants and made me climax!

Later that night she broke me in and sat on me while I was tied up and gagged with a worn pantygirdle and white scarf on her queen sized bed. I never had a better climax and soon we began to explore darker fantasies and role plays.............
Friday, May 25th 2012 - 12:05:22 PM
Name: Jason
Comments:It was many years ago. I was dating a girl called Rachel and she asked me to go and meet her mother at home (actually it was a scottish castle).

She siad my mother has a hang up about men in kilts, so please can you wear one. And boots too in case we go for a walk.

That evening I came to the castle and was shown up to a room by the maid where the kilt - a black dark tartan lay on the bed with black boots to match.

I dressed into these and went downstairs, where I saw Rachel in a stunning black shirt and red top together with her mother and Aunt Mavis, both suitably dressed and looking stunning.

As I tottered down the stairs - 6 inch heels were what I was used to - Aunt Mavis came up behind me and twisted my right arm behind my back. I bent forward over a table and she grabbed my other arm and it joined the first one behind my back.

Rachel then came along with some rope and tied my wrists together and then my elbows.

I was then marched into the lounge and forced on to my knees in front of her mother.

I was forced to walk on my knees over towards th fireplace where I was pushed on my stomack and my ankles were tied together and then brought up to my wrists and I was left in a hogtie.

Her mother then said: So you think women are the weaker sex do you. Wrong boy. And with that she thrust a ball gag in my mouth.

I was left there squirming trying to escape until I agreed to submit.

They then untied me and we had a great evening together.

Quite an experience
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:40:32 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:One morning, Rachel's mother came down to breakfast and asked me if I would be her escort to the Club that evening. Only stipulation was that I had to wear a skirt.

I went upstairs and put on the red skirt she had laid out.

The maid tied my hands behind my back - as was usual

Strange I thought as we travelled in the taxi - a women's club.

When we arrived, I was taken into a small room where I was searched for contraband. I was then tightly re-bound, ball gagged, blindfolded and returned to my owner - Susie, Rachel's mother.

Hobbling down the corridor - in six inch heeled boots, I was taken to the gym where my hands were released and my blindfold taken off.

"You will be wrestling with Jen this evening" Susie said.

I looked at Jen and realsied this was a mismatch.

She was a gorgeous Amazon, tingling with muscle wearing a short leather skirt - very much like Xena on TV.

I got into the ring rather reluncatntly and heard there were bets on how quickly Jen could tie me up.

I advanced to the centre of the ring and Jen grabbed my outstretched hand and whisked it behind my back. I went forward on my knees and she pushed me to the ground and sat on me.

It was a no contest.

She had rope dangling from her waist and soon had both my wrists tied tightly together behind me and in a flash I was hogtied.

"One minute, ten" said one of the bystanders. "Bit slow by your standards Jen."

I was released and escorted from the ring to the red room

There I was tied up Japanese style.

Jen took the rope, laid it in the middle across my neck, (having first tied a loop off in the middle) and wound it around my arms to my wrists. She then twisted my wrists behind my back and tied them together with the ends of the rope and then connected the rope ends with the loop dangling from the middle of my neck.

I was then led into the main room where I was paraded around and a score was made of the ropework. I noticed a number a girls and crossdressers similarly tied up.

We came last and I found myself released and told that as Jen lost, I could tie her up that evening.

I took her wrists behind her back and tied them tightly - she winced.

I then took her to one of the side rooms and pushed her on the bed and hog tied her. I removed her shoes and tickled her until she submitted.

We had a great night together.

What happened to Rachel's mother? I saw her tied tightly to a pole in the middle of the main hall, with some Amazon torturing her with a feather.

At the end of the evening Rachel's mother was returned to the taxi, hands tied behind her. I was free and so got to escort her into the castle.

Once in the castle, I had my revenge. I took her to her room, ball gagged her and hogtied her - and thn had fun.

In the morning I released her
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:42:15 AM
Name: Rachel
Comments:Jason and Mum have told me about this site and so I thought I'd add my bit too

Before I met Jason, Mum and Aunty Mavis often used to tie me up. But after Jason came, they switched to him

Somehow Mum thinks men in skirts look brilliant.

Having tricked Jason into wearing a kilt when he first met Mum, we connived to get him to wear skirts too.

One evening he came round and went upstairs to change into his kilt when Sofie our maid suggested a skirt be laid out instead.

When Jason got to the room he was shocked - a kilt was OK - but a skirt was for women.

But Sofie sweet-talked him saying she would lose her job if he didn't and fluttered her eyelids at him. She even turned the sob-story on telling him that she had to tie him up too otherwise Mum would sack her.

And he fell for it.

Sofie tied him up - and wow - how effectively. Wrists together behind his back and elbows too.

She then wound a piece of rope around his torso tying it off at the top of the skirt.

She then tied his ankles together leaving enough rope for him to walk in those 6 inch heel boots and she escorted him down to Mum.

Mum was gobsmacked - and made Jason kneel down in front of her.

He was then forced to lie on his stomach in front of the roaring fire and then hogtied.

She then turned him on his side and lay down next to him and tongue kissed him and played with him - arousing him but stopping just short of him cumming.

She the released his legs and led him up to my bedroom - where I was allowed to play with Jason - and how I wound him up. He was pleading with me in the end to let him cum.

Aunt Mavis snuck into the room later on and seeing what I was doing overpowered me and tied my hands and feet behind my back next to him on the bed - so we were both facing each other side by side. She stroked by skirt down and then connected our necks together with a rope so we were within kissing range.

She then played with us - teasing me unmercifully and arousing me.

Jason she aroused too - then disconnected our necks and left us both hogtied on our stomachs.

The next morning, Mum came in and said she needed two servants for lunch and would either of us like to volunteer and so be freed - otherwise we could spend the day like this.

Not much of a choice but we agreed - and both of us had to dress up in a frilly French Maid's dress for the day. Jason looked superb.

However when Jason wasn't working, I was allowed to handcuff his hands behind his back and play with him.

By the end of the day he was exhausted - and after the last guest went I tied him to the post in the lounge - on his knees.

He dropped into bed at 10.00pm and fell off to sleep.

I wonder what he dreamt of...............
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:44:00 AM
Name: Jennifer
Comments:As Jason told you we met at the Club.

And, as he said, I overpowered him and tied him up in just over a minute.

I then took him over to the Japanese bondage competition, which I lost - on purpose because I really fancied being tied up by him.

He looked so gorgeous in his skirt and blouse - it just turned me on.

Having lost the competition, I was tied up by the Club enforcer (men are not allowed to tie up women in this club) by having my wrists tied behind me in a reverse missionary position and shackles around my boots limiting how fast or far I coudl walk.

Jason took me to the prisoner's room laid me on the bed then put his hand up my leather skirt and wow how that turned me on.

Not content with having me like this - at the end of the evening Amy, a girl who had a crush on me asked if she could have me for the night

No problem Jason said becasue he was going to deal with Susie that night. And as I was still tied up there was nothing I could do

Amy hooded me and took me to her car and then off to her home.

I was forced into the house - and although I am strong, when you are seriously tied up, you are as weak as a lamb.

I was laid on my back on the bed and my legs spreadeagled to the corners of the bed.

Then Amy mounted me - and I was tortured for the rest of the evening until she fell asleep on me

Thanks Jason, there will be a payback time
Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:45:21 AM
Name: Sofie
Comments:I had never heard of the Vixen's Club until that morning.

Madam (Susie) was out but the rest of the crowd was in - including Jason, who I had help to dress in his boots and kilt earlier that morning.

Seems like Madam had a fixation on his wearing a skirt. "Doesn't he look gorgeous in it" she said "especially tied up"

I must say, I agree.

That moirning, I thought I heard the sirens in the distance but within two minutes there was police car at the front of the house

Four beautiful policewomen, all in their smart uniforms with freshly pressed blue skirts and jackets and wearing shiny boots jumped out.

They dashed into the house and overpowered us, that is Miss Gemma, Miss Rachel, Master Jason, Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Amy.

I made a dash for it but was unceremoniously dumped on the floor, tripped up with a truncheon.

One of the policewomen droped on me as I lay on the floor catching my breath and twisted my arms behind my back into a reverse prayer formation.

"Don't ever do that again " she hissed and then proceeded to handcuff me

I was then taken back into the room and forced to my knees with the others who had all been handcuffed and now were on their knees.

I was gagged with a ball gag because I had tried to escape.

We were all lined up - and made to kneel straight for 15 minutes. Nor were we allowed to speak - for fear of being whacked with a truncheon

Then the Chief Inspector came in and addressed us:

"You are being investigated for being part of a slave trading ring" she said and then laughed.

We all went pale until Madam came in:

"Lori", she said to the Chief Inspector; "It's time to spill the beans."

"It's 1st April today" Lori replied " And Susie wanted me to play this trick on you. Susie and I are great friends at the Vixens Club - a club dedicated to promoting women and their rights."

She turned to the policewoman and said " OK, girls you can release them - except that young man. He's mine."

And with that all of us were released except Jason, who was taken away in the police car, still handcuffed and now leg shacked and ball gagged with my ball gag.

He was released the next morning from Inspector Lori's house after a quite eventful night............

These policewomen can be quite merciless when they want to be

Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 08:53:41 AM
Name: Rowena

It was the first day of our honeymoon and we were travelling on the SS Marie Celeste.

My gorgeous wife looked stunning in her black slinky skirt blouse and red jumper and black shiny boots. She dressed just as I liked her

The wind drifted through her hair as she sauntered along the deck and it could have been heaven.

The Marie Celeste was also carrying seven white Miss World contestants and besides Jenny and me there were no other white people on board.

The crew consisted of our black Captain and three other crew members

Suddenly there was a crash into the side of the ship and a number of pirates sprang aboard.

I was surprised to see they were all pretty women - I guess they too believed in equal opportunities for women - dressed in skirts and boots and carrying submachine guns.

They quickly rustled up the women on board planning to take them to sell on as white slaves at Mogadishu, as time was short.

The Captain of the SS Marie Celeste and the crew jumped overboard and were allowed to swim to land.

The Pirates rounded up the white Miss World Contestants and my pretty wife Jenny.

Each one of them had their hands tied behind their back very quickly and were each gagged with a ball gag including my Jenny.

I tried to intervene but a gun was put to my head.

" Stay out of this" the pretty pirate said "Or we will simply shoot you"

"But you don't need my wife" I cried.

But as luck would have it - Jenny was the Pirate Captain's own special choice.

And the Pirate Captain was a buxom woman, very pretty herself, with a lesbian taste for pretty women and an even bigger taste for money!!

She stood arms akimbo in her black leather boots with her skirt fluttering in the breeze .

" If you know what's good for you, you'll jump overboard and swim to land like the other men have done" the Pirate Captain said

At that moment one of the Pirate crew came up from the cabins - having gone through the clothes in all the cabins -holding a black skirt (size 8), white blouse red jumper and black shiny boots size 10 (all my size surprisingly - but then I found out later that that this pirate had previously worked for a specailist dress shop specialising in boots and skirts and she had the ability to gauge size simply by seeing the subject)

""Capt'n, how about making him look like a girl too" she said: "He looks pretty enough to pass for a girl at the market and CDs sell well in Mogadishu."

The Captain smiled, paused and looked me in the eye. "Yes what a good idea. If you are so keen to be with your wife, so be it"

And with that I was forced to change into the skirt, blouse, jumper and boots (with a gun to my head) before being quickly bound and gagged myself.

I was taken off the ship with Jenny and the seven other white contestants and we were all "stored", hogtied in the hold of the ship - except for Jenny

Jenny was reserved for the Captain's cabin

She was taken into her cabin and roughly tied to the post in the centre of the room, helpless to await the Captain's return.

It was later that evening that the Captain returned to her cabin - sufficiently happy/drunk after this quick success - and she started to play with Jenny.

It was a painful eveing for Jenny I was told by the crew hoping to add to my discomfort.

During the night we were all hooded and we travelled like this for the next few days - having the hoods removed only to feed and water us - and take us to the bathroom.

In Mogadishu, we were all taken to the market.

Jenny was one of the first to be sold to a local Arab chief
and I never saw Jenny again.

I was sold as a Cross Dresser (I was tightly gagged so I could not say anything to protest) for a very high price to a white woman with distinctly kinky and fetish tastes.

At the end of the sale, we slaves were all hooded and transported to our new "homes".

Two of the Miss World Contestants came to the same ranch as me.

All three of us were taken to a barn, where we were quartered in horses stables on straw.

The two girls were forced to change out of their beautiful dresses and each wear a black skirt - midi length, black boots and a blouse and red jumper - just as I had been forced to wear.

We were then shackled to the rings in the walls of the stables - usually used to tie the horses too and our hands were re-bound - forcing us each into a reverse prayer position - which makes it extremely difficult to resist. Try it and see.

The mistress of the house came down to the stables with her black maid - a fierce Amazon of a woman and she gave me to the Maid.

I was untied from the ring and led up to the Maid's bedroom where I was forced on to the bed (bum sunny side up) and my ankles were spreadeagled apart on top of the bed.

I was helpless when she came to bed.

She then simply sat on me my back - to be precise on my hands) and rocked on me until she was sexually satified.

She would also to tousel my hair - pulling it hard from time to time to jerk my head back making it hard for me to breathe - and incidentally "turning me on"

At the end of the session she simply hogied me and hooded me for the night.

The black Maid (I called her the Amazon) would also regularly wrestle with me. She always brought one or two guards - just in case I got the upper hand but I never did.

She would stand me up, ungag me and untie me.

We would then circle the stable until she could catch hold one of my hands.

She would delight in whisking my arm behind my back and forcing me to my knees and then she would place her knee in the middle of my back as she forced me down on my stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as I howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until I put the other behind my back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in my mouth and proceed to ride me, her skirt caressing my bound arms as she rode up and down.

I would then be yanked to my feet and taken to the buggy where I would be harnessed to it.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (you will see why I always describe what the women wear later) would go for a ride - with me pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and I would come back drenched after 3 hours.

I would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, we dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier.

I would be taken to the dungeon where I was suspended by my arms behind me back - one can only survive that for max 2 minutes - standing just on tiptoe.

She would then stand and caress my hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make me look like a girl - while I suffered and then I would be released.

Occasionally I would be strung up by my ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind me with the skirt over my face for ten minutes, while she again caressed my hair.

She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, I could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning my owner's sister Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached me and said she had persuaded her sister to make a present of me to her for her twenty fifth birthday.

The deal was that I come back to the US with her (they ahd been given my passport as part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

I would have to sign a contract of my own free will and the only "strange" clause was that my uniform, which I had to wear at all times would be a skirt, a blouse and boots.

Given my present predicament, I agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (I went into the notary's office in my own male clothes - but my mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied us (- for protection!!)).

I then travelled back with Fiona to the States and went to her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was located.

There I found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse.

Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

In that way we could differentiate been staff and guests.

The Vixen Club was set up to celebrate skirts and boots - a kick back against the ugly modern sloppy tend of jeans and sneakers.

The Club was highly secretive - I guess none of you ahve heard of it??- and was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted girls with guns with live ammo. Most of them were ex Special Forces. You didn't want to mess with them.)

I was Fiona's PA, and to make sure I showed no stubble on my face, each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted - to treat my 'tache and beard electrolytically so I would appear as a woman.

As I had not heavy growth of beard or 'tache, I never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though I could be bought for "special services" by special friends of hers.

Most of the time these "special services" would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they were sexually satisfied. It was so unusual to find a girly man who was prepared to be skirted and booted that I could be rented out quite expensively.

I think many of them hired me because secretly - deep down -they would like their husbands/boyfriends to be dressed and compliant like me

Sometimes I would be tied to a post - my torso would be tightly tied to the post, with rope twisted around the body but my skirt and boots would be free of rope (though occasionally my ankles were tied with rope to the post too) so I would be "part of the furniture" while the clients took "afternoon tea".

As they have my contract - I have to go along - and if one is honest what else can I do.

My old life is gone and Jenny too.

I heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction.

It was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and everyone was drowned. The owners then found "scientists" who came up with the proposal that after everyone had drowned, a tidal wave had righted the schooner. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat - who couldn't have told the real tale.

We had all been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out.

I think the owners were in on the scam - but who knows?

And anyway, how could I escape?

I have been renamed Rowena (I was Rodney) and I only answer to that now.

All I am ever allowed to wear is a skirt blouse and boots.

To minimise the risk of my escaping at night, my wrists are always tied behind my back with rope - ocassionaly handcuffs are used instead whihc is more comfortable - as I am forced to sleep in the spare bed in Fiona's room.

If I try to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk, I am simply gagged.

And believe it or not I am beginning to enjoy it.

I will have to sign off the computer now as Fiona has come into the room

I don't know if this story was interestibg enough for you to hear more about the Vixen's Club?

Let me know

Love Rowena
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 09:34:47 AM
Name: Rowena
Homepage URL: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrbhiy_revidmarvilgirl01_shortfilms

It was the first day of our honeymoon and we were travelling on the SS Marie Celeste.

My gorgeous wife looked stunning in her black slinky skirt blouse and red jumper and black shiny boots. She dressed just as I liked her

The wind drifted through her hair as she sauntered along the deck and it could have been heaven.

The Marie Celeste was also carrying seven white Miss World contestants and besides Jenny and me there were no other white people on board. the crew consiusted of our black Captain and three other crew members

Suddenly there was a crash into the side of the ship and a number of pirates sprang aboard.

I was surprised to see they were all pretty women - I guess they too believed in equal opportunities for women - dressed in skirts and boots and carrying submachine guns.

They quickly rustled up the women on board planning to take them to sell on as white slaves at Mogadishu, as time was short.

The Captain of the SS Marie Celeste and the crew jumped overboard and were allowed to swim to land.

The Pirates rounded up the white Miss World Contestants and my pretty wife Jenny.

Each one of them had their hands tied behind their back very quickly and were each gagged with a ball gag including my Jenny.

I tried to intervene but a gun was put to my head.

" Stay out of this" the pretty pirate said "Or we will simply shoot you"

"But you don't need my wife" I cried.

But as luck would have it - Jenny was the Pirate Captain's own special choice.

And the Pirate Captain was a buxom woman, very pretty herself, with a lesbian taste for pretty women and an even bigger taste for money!!

She stood arms akimbo in her black leather boots with her skirt fluttering in the breeze .

" If you know what's good for you, you'll jump overboard and swim to land like the other men have done" the Pirate Captain said

At that moment one of the Pirate crew came up from the cabins - having gone through the clothes in all the cabins - holding a black skirt, white blouse red jumper and black shiny boots size 8 (my size surprisingly - but then I found out later that that pirate had previously worked for a boot store and had the ability to gauge size simply by seeing the subject)

""Capt'n, how about making him look like a girl too" she said: "He looks pretty enough to pass for a girl at the market and CDs sell well in Mogadishu."

The Captain smiled, paused and looked me in the eye. "Yes what agood idea. If you are so keen to be with your wife, so be it"

And with that I was forced to change into the skirt, blouse jumper and boots (with a gun to my head) before being quickly bound and gagged myself.

I was taken off the ship with Jenny and the seven other white contestants and we were all "stored", hogtied in the hold of the ship - except for Jenny

Jenny was reserved for the Captain's cabin

She was taken into her cabin and roughly tied to the post in the centre of the room, helpless to await the Captain's return.

It was later that evening that the Captain returned to her cabin - sufficiently drunk/happy after this quick success - and she started to play with Jenny. It was a painful eveing for Jenny I was told by the crew hoping to add to my discomfort.

During the night we were all hooded and we travelled like this for the next few days - having the hoods removed only to feed and water us - and take us to the bathroom.

In Mogadishu, we were all taken to the market.

Jenny was one of the first to be sold to a local Arab chief
and I never saw Jenny again.

I was sold as a Cross Dresser (I was tightly gagged so I could not say anything to protest) for a very high price to a white woman with distinctly kinky and fetish tastes.

At the end of the sale, we slaves were all hooded and transported to our new "homes".

Two of the Miss World Contestants came to the same ranch as me.

All three of us were taken to a barn, where we were quartered in horses stables on straw.

The two girls were forced to change out of their beautiful dresses and each wear a black skirt - midi length, black boots and a blouse and red jumper - just as I had been forced to wear.

We were then shackled to the rings in the walls of the stables - usually used to tie the horses too and our hands were re-bound - forcing us each into a reverse prayer position - which makes it extremely difficult to go on resisting.

The mistress of the house came down to the stables with her black maid - a fierce Amazon of a woman and she gave me to the Maid.

I was untied from the ring and led up to the Maid's bedroom where I was forced face down on top of the bed (bum sunny side up) and my ankles were spreadeagled apart.

I was helpless when she came to bed.

She decided to sit on my back (or to be more precise on my hands,) where she rocked back and forth until she was sexually fulfilled.

I could feel her skirt as it rubbed up and down on my arms which was quite sensuous.

She also loved to tousel my hair, though occasionally she would pull my hair thereby jerking my head back and stopping me from dozing off

When she finished with me that night, she simply hogtied me and hooded me for the night.


The black Maid (I called her the Amazon) would regularly wrestle with me. She always brought one or two guards - just in case I got the upper hand but I never did.

She would stand me up, ungag me and untie me.

We would then circle the stable until she could catch hold one of my hands.

She would delight in whisking my arm behind my back , forcing me to my knees and then she would place her knee in the middle of my back as she forced me down on my stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as I howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until I put the other behind my back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in my mouth and proceed to ride me, her skirt caressing my bound arms as she rode up and down.

I would then be yanked to my feet and taken to the buggy where I would be harnessed to it.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (you will see why I always describe what the women wear later) would go for a ride - with me pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and I would come back drenched after 3 hours.

I would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, we dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier.

I would be taken to the dungeon where I was suspended by my arms behind me back - one can only survive that for max 2 mines - standing just on tiptoe. She would then stand and caress my hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make me look like a girl - while I suffered and then I would be released.

Occasionally I would be strung up by my ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind me with the skirt over my face for ten minutes, while she again caressed my hair. She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, I could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning my owner's sister Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached me and said she had persuaded her sister to make a present of me to her for her twenty fifth birthday. The deal was that I come back to the US with her (my passport had been part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

I would have to sign a contract of my own free will and the only "strange" clause was that my uniform which I had to wear at all times as a skirt, blouse and boots.

Given my present predicament, I agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (I went into the notary's office in my own male clothes - but my mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied us (- for protection!!)).

I then travelled back with Fiona to the States and went to her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was.

There I found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse. Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

The Vixen Club celebrated skirts and boots - a reaction to the sloppy jeans and sneakers of today's society.

The Club was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted) with guns with live ammo. Most of them were ex Special Forces. You didn't want to mess with them.

I was Fiona's PA, and to make sure I showed no stubble on my face each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted to treat my 'tache and beard electrolytically so I would appear as a woman.

As I had not heavy growth of beard or 'tache, I never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though I could be bought for special services by special friends of hers.

Most of the time this would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they were sexually satisfied. It was quite a novelty to have a man skirted and booted and looking pretty - perhaps they fantasied that their husbands and partners would look good like that) as your prisoner

Sometimes I would be tied to a post as part of the furniture while the clients took "afternoon tea".

I would have my torso from the neck to the waist tightly tied to the post with a ream of rope but the skirt and boots would be free (though occasionally the ankles were bound to the post too)

As they have my contract - I have to go along - and if one is honest - what else can I do.

My old life is gone and Jenny too.

I heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction. It was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and "scientists" posited that after everyone drowned a tidal wave struck it and righted it again. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat - who couldn't tell the real tale.

We had all been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out. Was this a scame from the owners for the insurance - which is why the Cptain and Crew never turned up again? I don't know

And anyway, how could I escape?

I have been renamed Rowena and I only answer to that now.

All I am ever allowed to wear is a skirt, blouse and boots.

To make sure I cannot escape at night, my wrists are always tied behind my back (though ocassionally I may be handcuffed which is less painful) as I sleep in the spare bed in Fiona's room.

If I try to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk she simply gags me. How cruel

And believe it or not I am beginning to enjoy it.

Fiona has come into the room so I have to sign off now

Love Rowena

Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 03:57:32 PM
Name: Karen
Comments:Oka, right up front, there's no sex in this story, although maybe some latent arousal. It was a Saturday, I was home with my 13 year old son, and my 20 yr old daughter's finacee. My daughter had to work this particular Saturday, so Eric came by for lunch and to play video games with my son, Chris. The 2 of them get along splendidly, so Eric is always welcome. I was doing some housework, then read for a while, then kinda migrated into the rec room and watched them play. Chris was really beating Eric in a new game, and when they took a break for a snack, Eric asked Chris for the secrets and shortcuts to win the game. Chris turned him down, and the 2 of them wrestled a bit, then Eric said he would tie Chris up til he agreed to tell him the info and loan him the game. He used Chris' shoelaces and his own, and shortly Chris was tied hand and foot and Eric tickled him. They were laughing and carrying on and got kind of loud, so I admonished them, especially Chris, who was making the most noise. "Mom, I'm the one tied up and getting tickled, not you. If you think it's easy to resist, let us tie you up, then see how you like it." "Yeah, Karen, see how you can resist a little tickling" Eric chimed in. After a little taunting, I finally gave in. Growing up, as a tomboy with 4 brothers and living on a farm, I was tied up a few times, and usually could escape rather easily, so wasn't concerned. Besides, it was my son and future son-in-law. "Let me use the lady's room, okay?" I headed for the bathroom and heard Chris tell Eric, "I think there's some rope in the garage." When I returned, Eric went to the bathroom, leaving Chriss still bound on the floor. When he returned, Chris said, "Eric, let's see who escapes and who doesnt. Leave me tied just like mom, then we'll each try to escape. Untie me so I can pee, tho, and then re-tie me, but use rope, not shoelaces." He scampered off, and when he returned, he dropped a bundle beside the pile of rope, and said, "here's something to use for gags and a blindfold." "Okay. Karen, you first, so Chris can recover from already being tied. I'm gonna tie you both the same, and it won't be easy to get loose." Then, he stood behind me and asked me to put my hands behind me. I did, crossing them, but he uncrossed them, saying, "this way's better." He placed them palm to palm, wrapping several wraps of rope, then cinching them quite snugly. He then tied Chris' the same. Next, a rope was draped across my shoulders, the ends tucked under my armpits, fed up thru the shoulder rope, then back behind me, around my upper arms, and I felt him drawing my elbows towards one another. "Tell me if I hurt you, and I'll stop" he said. As I said earlier, I grew up a tomboy, the only girl in a family of boys, so told him, "I can take whatever you think up." Chris chuckled and said, "Eric, she's kind of cocky, isn't she? Do it right." "Dude, she's about to be my mother-in-law. Don't intend to get her mad at me before I'm even in the family." I chuckled then and told him I'd probably be madder if I thought he wasn't doing his abolute best. To my surprise, he said, "I see where Megan gets that attitude," At that, he pulled the cinch rope binding my elbows quite tight, and I knew getting free was going to be difficult with bound elbows. He then bound Chriss the same, causing him to wince a couple of times, but Eric apaologized quickly. Then, Eric helped me sit on the sofa and bound my legs above my knees. This is where a bit of arousal appeared. No one but myself had put a hand on that part of my body since before I divorced my unfaithful husband 3 years earlier. Then he tied my legs just below my knees, then my ankles. Then, I was lowered to the floor, on my tummy, and he pulled my ankles up behind me, and it seemed as if he used a mile of rope, pulling my feet way up behind me, first tying the rope to the rope across my shoulders, so the soles of my feet were very close to the elbow rope; then rope went around my torso, pulling arms and legs down to my back, then my wrists were linkded to my ankles and back to my elbow rope. Finally, he stuffed a rolled up cloth into my mouth, then used the adhesive bandage to tightly wrap my mouth so little, if any, sound could escape. I was thoroughly helpless, and knew I would never escape. He then turned his attention back to Chriss, who he gagged before placing him on the floor right in front of me. I noticed Chris' face was red, and at first worried he was having breathing difficulty or worse, but when he was lowered first to his knees, I saw quite clearly a bulge in his jeans, and realized he was embarrased, which made me feel somewhat embarrassed as well, but neither of us could speak. Soon, Chris was hogtied, too, but I don't think as securely or strictly as I. The final touch came when first Chris, then I, was blindfolded. Total helplessness, and I felt myself getting damp in my crotch. I hoped, fervently, that it would not be enough to seep thru my cutoff denim shorts. I struggled for maybe 2 minutes to get free, with no luck at all. I could hear Chris struggling as well. Eric's cell phone rang, and it was apparent the caller was my daughter. "That's great you're getting off early. When will you be home?" Pause. "Okay, great. You need to see something, so make sure you come straight to the house." Pause. "Love you, too. You won't believe what I have to show you. Bye." Now, I realized my daughter would see me, and her brother, helpless. I Wasn't sure I wanted that, but helpless and gagged, I couldn't tell Eric. I don't know how long, but finally, I heard the door open, and my daughter's voice, "okaay, honey, where's my surprise?" "Take a look." "Holy shit, you got mom tied up too?" I sensed her presence next to me, felt her checking the ropes and knots, then she said, "she's tied better than you ever tied me. That's not fair." Eric spoke, "I'm spending the rest of my life with you. We'll have lot of opportunities." Then, I heard several clicks, and Chris' voice, "how come the pictures, sis?" "Evidence, and maybe a little blackmail" was her response. Eric spoke again, "What? If I had thought you were going to do that and maybe use it against her, I would have set her free. You don't blackmail your mom." "Its only for last resort, baby, and not to humiliate her, so chill." All this transpired with me laying helpless on the floor, unable to move, or speak. Finally, I felt hands untying me, both Eric's and Chris', and, at long last, freedom. My limbs were both stiff and numb from being so well bound for so long. My daughter was eyeing me with what actually appeared to be a look of approval. "Mom, take a hot soak in the tub and the rope marks will go away quicker, and gets the stiffness out. Guys, go get some carryout Chinese food, so I can talk with mom." The guys left, and she sat outside the slightly open bathroom door, and we discussed the day's events. It seems she and Eric practice bondage as part of their sex life (I know, not yet married, but it's today's society). She revealed how much she enjoys being helpless, and has to coax Eric be stricter with her. He was plenty strict with me, but not forward, or salacious in any way. We've never repeated our 'adventure', and Eric is still the sweet, polite young man he has always been. However, Chris on occasion looks at me thoughtfully, as if he wanted to ask something important, but never does. I think I know what he wants to ask.
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 04:22:54 AM
Name: Bill
E-mail address: bvogt@allstaryeswecan.com
I loved your story! Thanks for sharing - I hope there are more to come. Wonderful description and detail; what a great, fun, open family you have.

I have just one problem or observation - it seems you only got half of what you deserved. You admonished Chris & Eric for making such a racket - didn't you have some well deserved tickle torture coming your way? Sure, Eric didn't want you mad at him, but he made it very clear that was the point of the game - "see how you can resist a little tickling" after you're tied up. It seems to me you earned some merciless tickling punishment, after being so cocky and so sure you could escape! Eric, Chris and Megan should have all had some laughs at your expense. (or at least gagged, muffled screams)

Oh, well, maybe next time
Thanks again for sharing!
Tuesday, June 12th 2012 - 04:53:02 PM
Name: Jenny Ravenscar
Comments:It was my last year at Uni and I went over to my girlfriend Jenny's flat.

She and her three close friends, Lucinda, Gemma and Cindy were there playing cards

They were all beautifully dressed - skirted and booted as they were part of the Vixen's Club a Club dedicated to women always looking their best in skirts and boots - a reaction to the scruffy student jeans and teeshirt look.

I sat down and got myself a coffee and we got talking.

At some stage - I think it was Gemma who said it - "Why do guys always think of us as the weaker sex?"

I replied " Because you are!"

"Do you think so" said Jenny "Let's see, you vs Cindy"

"Fine" I said "You're on" and I got up to wrestle.

Jenny said: "Whoaa - it has to be fair. You have to wear exactly what Cindy is wearing. Like for like."

I sat down "I have no intention of getting skirted and booted"

"Chicken" they all said in unison.

After teasing me a bit, I relectantly agreed and they got me the kit out

A black skirt, tights, boots and a silk blouse. As I was about Gemma's size they were Gemma's clothes and surprisingly to boots fitted too.

Just putting on the tights and then the skirt really was quite a turn on. The tights on the hairs of my legs was sensational. Gemma's boots had six inch heels that put me at a great disadvantage as I could not stand up easily.

I came out into the sitting room and they all clapped. My long hair and lack of beard made me look quite girly and Jenny said: " You have to wear lipstick and mascara like Cindy too"

So Jenny took some lipstick out and mascara and "dolled me up".

"You look really sweet" Gemma said " I quite fancy you. By the way, the loser will be tied up for a couple of hours."

I'd gone this far so I could hardly quit now.

I was facing off against Cindy but what I didn't know was Cindy was a practised wrestler.

Susie chimed the bell and we circled each other in the room - except I slipped in the 6 inch heel boots.

Cindy was lightening fast behind me and put one arm around my throat and her knee into the back of mine. I fell on my knees, and she released the choke hold, pushed me on my stomach, and - as I fell - she sat on my back.

It took the wind out of me and, as I placed my hands on the floor to lever myself up, she seized one of my wrists with both her hands and twisted it behind my back.

It went into a hammerlock and she pushed it up into a " reverse prayer mode position". Wow it was pianful.

"Tap" Cindy said " And I have won"

The horrible girl applied more and more pressure until I could bear it no longer. I tapped.

My other wrist was then brought behind my back and the wrists were tied and the excess rope tied around my waist.

Lucinda then tied my feet and knees together - and then the four of them sat around me - having pulled my skirt down flat again - so tied up and played cards on my back.

"Yes, I think I agree with him" Lucinda said "We are the weaker sex" and they all laughed.

"Keep still" Cindy said as I wriggled to try to get loose and she put her hand under my skirt and pinched my bottom - really quite hard. " Do that again and you'll get more of that"

" Funny girl " I said " You only won because I could walk in these boots"

" He's talking too much" Jenny said " Let's gag him"

And with that they took out a ball gag and said "Open wide or we'll pinch your nose"

I had no choice and they fastened the ball gag in tightly.

" Comfortable?" Cindy laughed and slid her hand under my skirt again and pinched my bottom.

She then lifted the skirt up and gave me an almighty whack.

"Behave yourself" she commanded

And they played cards that afternoon.

The winner Lucinda won me for the evening and night and took me to her bedroom tied and gagged.

As Jenny went to bed, she knocked on Lucinda's door. "Mind if I give him a goodnight kiss" she said

" Be my guest" Lucinda replied and grabbed my hair (as I was hogtied on her bed and twisted my head around to allow Jenny to kiss me.
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 04:08:25 AM
Name: Jenny Ravenscar
Comments:It was my last year at Uni and I went over to my girlfriend Jenny's flat.

She and her three close friends, Lucinda, Gemma and Cindy were there playing cards

They were all beautifully dressed - skirted and booted as they were part of the Vixen's Club a Club dedicated to women always looking their best in skirts and boots - a reaction to the scruffy student jeans and teeshirt look.

I sat down and got myself a coffee and we got talking.

At some stage - I think it was Gemma who said it - "Why do guys always think of us as the weaker sex?"

I replied " Because you are!"

"Do you think so" said Jenny "Let's see, you vs Cindy"

"Fine" I said "You're on" and I got up to wrestle.

Jenny said: "Whoaa - it has to be fair. You have to wear exactly what Cindy is wearing. Like for like."

I sat down "I have no intention of getting skirted and booted"

"Chicken" they all said in unison.

After teasing me a bit, I relectantly agreed and they got me the kit out

A black skirt, tights, boots and a silk blouse. As I was about Gemma's size they were Gemma's clothes and surprisingly to boots fitted too.

Just putting on the tights and then the skirt really was quite a turn on. The tights on the hairs of my legs was sensational. Gemma's boots had six inch heels that put me at a great disadvantage as I could not stand up easily.

I came out into the sitting room and they all clapped. My long hair and lack of beard made me look quite girly and Jenny said: " You have to wear lipstick and mascara like Cindy too"

So Jenny took some lipstick out and mascara and "dolled me up".

"You look really sweet" Gemma said " I quite fancy you. By the way, the loser will be tied up for a couple of hours."

I'd gone this far so I could hardly quit now.

I was facing off against Cindy but what I didn't know was Cindy was a practised wrestler.

Susie chimed the bell and we circled each other in the room - except I slipped in the 6 inch heel boots.

Cindy was lightening fast behind me and put one arm around my throat and her knee into the back of mine. I fell on my knees, and she released the choke hold, pushed me on my stomach, and - as I fell - she sat on my back.

It took the wind out of me and, as I placed my hands on the floor to lever myself up, she seized one of my wrists with both her hands and twisted it behind my back.

It went into a hammerlock and she pushed it up into a " reverse prayer mode position". Wow it was pianful.

"Tap" Cindy said " And I have won"

The horrible girl applied more and more pressure until I could bear it no longer. I tapped.

My other wrist was then brought behind my back and the wrists were tied and the excess rope tied around my waist.

Lucinda then tied my feet and knees together - and then the four of them sat around me - having pulled my skirt down flat again - so tied up and played cards on my back.

"Yes, I think I agree with him" Lucinda said "We are the weaker sex" and they all laughed.

"Keep still" Cindy said as I wriggled to try to get loose and she put her hand under my skirt and pinched my bottom - really quite hard. " Do that again and you'll get more of that"

" Funny girl " I said " You only won because I could walk in these boots"

" He's talking too much" Jenny said " Let's gag him"

And with that they took out a ball gag and said "Open wide or we'll pinch your nose"

I had no choice and they fastened the ball gag in tightly.

" Comfortable?" Cindy laughed and slid her hand under my skirt again and pinched my bottom.

She then lifted the skirt up and gave me an almighty whack.

"Behave yourself" she commanded

And they played cards that afternoon.

The winner Lucinda won me for the evening and night and took me to her bedroom tied and gagged.

As Jenny went to bed, she knocked on Lucinda's door. "Mind if I give him a goodnight kiss" she said

" Be my guest" Lucinda replied and grabbed my hair (as I was hogtied on her bed and twisted my head around to allow Jenny to kiss me.
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 04:14:48 AM
Name: AJ Redman
Comments:I arrived at Glasgow airport to travel to Toronto, wearing my traditional Scottish kilt and shirt (and boots because it was winter).

I came quite easily through immigration and passport control.

Mistress Peggy Sue met me just outside the "Arrivals" door of the airport and introduced herself.

She was wearing a leather black miniskirt, matching leather top and black boots and looked cool for the good 60 years of age that she was.

She stroked my bum as she kissed me and then showed me to her limosine car.

I carried my case to the car.

It was quite an adventure into the unknown responding to her website and meeting this lady I had never met before for a bondage session

"Shall we discuss the finer details when we get to our destination" she said.

"Fine by me" I replied

I got into the back of the limosine - where her two pretty daughters (both skirted and booted like MPS) were sitting and they beckoned me to sit between them.

As I sat down, one of them grabbed my hair playfully and pulled me chest forward gently over her lap.

The other grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. She then proceeded to tie them together.

"Now these are the rules" Mistress Peggy Sue said. "In my house, it is the women who are in charge. And you will do what you are old whilst in our service"

And with that, the two daughters proceeded to tie my ankles and legs together.

I was then pulled back over the first daughter's lap for the rest of the 2 hour journey.

I think she must have quite liked me because she ran her hands over my kilt and under it, which really quite aroused me.

When we arrived at the other end, my knees were freed and my ankles were then tied so I could hobble out of the car to the house.

What ever happened to me there - would anyone like to know?

Mistress Justine led me out of the limosine and Mistress Rebecca and Mistress Peggy Sue joined us in the entrance of the house.

As I hobbled into the house, I asked if I would have any say in the length of service I had to perform.

"No" was the reply

I was led upstairs to the bedroom and then my hands and feet were untied and the gag removed.

I was led to a bathroom and told to have a bath and then come down and join the family.

I relaxed in the bath and got out 15 mins later to find that my kilt and shirt ahd been replaced by a black silky skirt and a red blouse.

I therefore dressed accordingly and went down stairs, where Mistress Justine proceeded to twist my arms behind my back and Mistress Rebecca tied my wrists together tightly.

Then Mistress Justine gagged me but the gag used was not your usual ball gag but one that could be pumped up in your mouth to enable the gag to fit 100% (and more).

I was then escorted to the room where the family was and I was sat down on a chair.

My ankles were then tied to the chair and a rope was wound round my waist pinning my back to the back of the chair.

And then I was hooded.

It was strange - yet exhilarating - to feel a hand go under your skirt knowing that you were totally defenceless and at the women's mercy. They could do waht they wanted with you.

Mistress Peggy Sue then said: "In this house, while men are subservient to the mistresses of the house. We will treat you with respect, but you have to remember that we are in charge.

It is your duty to work out how you can be of service to me. Do you understand."

I nodded my head and the hand under my skirt gave me a gentle tweek - sending me almost explosively sky high.

She then started to stroke my leg and her hand.......

That afternoon, Mistress Rebecca took me upstairs and spreadeagled me facedown with my hands tied behind my back in the middle of a double bed.

However hard you try you are unable to turn over.

She gagged me with a head harness and muzzle gag and then hooded me and said "See you later, aligator" - but not before putting her hand under my skirt and giving me a final tweak followed by a vicious smack on my backside.

After about an hour, I heard another woman enter the room (who I gather was it was Mistress Kathleen):

" Hi Slave AJ" she said "I hear from Mistress Peggy Sue that you are really quite a good looker."

And with that she took off the hood and flipped me on my back, with my legs still spreadeagled and my skirt just resting above my knees.

She then dropped on my chest and started to stroke my hair for a few minutes, before moving down my body and getting me quite aroused.

I guess I looked quite feminine by now, with my long hair allowed to flow and in a beautiful black skirt and boots, all of which Mistress Kathleen said later made me look quite sexy.

Mistress Kathleen then untied my legs from the spreadeagle and led me down the stairs.

I had trouble walking in the six inch heels as I just wasn't used to them.

" Just off for a walk with Slave AJ" she said as she led me out of the house.

We walked across the yard to the barn,and Mistress Kathleen took me inside.

In the middle of the barn was a support pole and she led me to it, stood my back to the pole, undid my wrists and whipped them around the pole and retied them.

"My - was she strong!" I thought as she wrapped a second rope tightly around my torso to the post starting just below the neck and ending at the waist.

She then looked around and found a piece of wood about half a metere long, to the ends of which she attached my ankles in a speadeagle.

She stroked my face playfully and then with one finger ran her finger up and down my bound torso

She then removed the gag and inserted a spider gag and she started to run her index finger gently inside my mouth.

I had never experienced anything like the emotion I felt then. I thingled all over.

I was helpless as her hands moved slowly downstairs under my skirt - where they shouldn't be - and I nearly exploded through the roof, as she started to tongue kiss me too

Just as I was about to explode, Mistress Peggy Sue looked in.

"Kate, please can you pop over to the house to help Justine."

"Sure" Mistress Kathleen said as she had just climaxed but I had been left dangling.

She was such a sadist to be able to go but to leave me still wanting to.

"I'll look after him" Mistress Peggy Sue said "Ever since he started to put his stories on the "Women Bound and Gagged" site I have been wanting to get my hands on him."

"In the nicest possible way" she added with a twinkle in her eye.

I looked at her and thought, I find it hard to believe she is sixty as she doesn't look a day over 40. And she's actually really cute.

" Slave AJ" she said " Now you helpless. You teased me for so long with your stories and I couldn't find you on the web because you gave me a dead web address. Now I have you, it's pay back time"

And with that she approached me.

Perhaps Mistress Peggy Sue, you can tell them what you did with Slave Arman that evening in the barn.
Tuesday, June 26th 2012 - 11:48:33 AM
Name: Rita
E-mail address: rita.hickey1@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http:////http://books.dreambook.com/chien20/boundwomen.sign.html
Comments:Love the site
Friday, September 14th 2012 - 12:28:23 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
That hyper-link does NOT work~
Thank You!
Saturday, September 15th 2012 - 07:40:20 AM
Name: Laura
Comments:The way it happened was not planned, just sort of spontaneous. I am a divorced mother, just one son who currently is serving in Afghanistan. To my dismay, he decided to re-enlist in the USMC. Nothing wrong with being in the military, just not in war. His best friend who had joined with him right after high school decided to get out, and my son asked him to come visit me, to convince me he had made the right decision. These 2 had been basically inseparatable since 1st grade. Michael is just about the handsomest young man I had ever seen, but rather modest and shy. I am only 19 years older than both boys, who not only are the same age, 22, but share the same birthday. Since I live outside town, whenever Michael came to play when younger, it was an all day event. Until my divorce, I was a stay at home mom, and after the divorce I became a real estate agent. That meant when he was visiting, I usually was a playmate for them. I got divorced when my son was a senior in high school, so Michael didn't seem as shy around me. I hadn't dated or anything since that time, and Michael returned home and came to visit me when I was feeling a little lonely, so it was fantastic seeing him. The Marines had made a handsome young man even more handsome, trim, fit, and even sexy. I guess that's why I invited him out to dinner the next evening after he visitied. He seemed surprised but accepted. I told him to dress rather nice as the place I intneded to take him was rather upscale. He came to pcik me up, saying it was the gentleman's duty. He actually wore a jacket and tie, and was so dashing it took my breath away. I wore a cocktail dress that was about knee length, pantyhose, black thing panties, and black sandals with a 4 inch stacked heel. I didn't really have a bra that would be suitable with the dress so went wthout. I don't really need one for the support, as I had breast implants years before at my ex's urging (naturally, I am very flat chested, now I'm a D cup). I wasn't planning anything, just like to look nice. After a very nice dinner with much reminiscing, Michale asked if I would like to go for a drink. I agreeed, we went to the most popular club for the young people, and I consider myself still young. We had a couple of drinks, and we danced a few times, then I suggested we go to my home for some dessert and coffee. Michael re-offered for us to go to his place, also for coffee and more remembering and that was what we chose. He lived in his parents' home, mainly because they draveled just about fjll time, having retired from their careers. We talked a bit more when we got there, then kind of hit a time of silence. I suggested we play a game, as I remembered he really liked board games when yonger. He looked thru the closet for some games, but when he came back, he had a deck of cards. "All I could find" he stated, and thats when I got the insporation. I said, "do you know how to play poker?" He admotted he did, as it was a common pastime in the military, usually Texas Hold'em. With a sly grin I suggested draw poker, and Michael, ever the gentleman, accepted. He asked, "what stakes?" Thats where I did something totally not me: "I don't really have any cash on me, so we either play for fun, or something else." Michael siad he had no chips, and fun was not really all that mch. "How about strip poker?" I suggested. Taking a long time to answere, and watching me intently, he said, "OK. Since you played with us so much when we were kids, how about this: the winner gets to tie up the loser." Now that was an offer that intrigued me, as I began visualizing having Michael bound at my mercy. As I said, I hadn't dated since my divorce, which meant not sex, and he is absolutely gorgeous. I also mastered draw poker growing up, routinely defeating my ex and anyone else I played. Hadn't played for a long time, but you never forget how to swim or ride a bike, right? We began to play, and I won the first 2 hands, and Michael was quickly shoeless and sockless. Then, fortunes changed, and I began to lose, even when I dealt, so he wasn't cheating. I first lost my shoes, one at at a time, and made as sensual a show I could; then, my pantyhose went,again with a show, and I realized I was getting aroused even tho Michael wasn't displaying any skin, I was! His eyes never left me as I finally had to remove my dress. I turned my back to him, and teasingly removed the dress, as slowly and sexy as i knew how. Looking back over my shoulder at the gorgeous ex Marine, I lowered the dress to the floor and turned to face my vanquisher. His expression said all that needed to be said-he was ogling my body, eyes wide open and mouth agape. I broke the awkwardness by reminding him he now had the right to tie me anyway he desired. He left the room, telling me he had to get some stuff, and returned with a medium sized carboard box that was taped shut. He ripped the tape open and sumped the contents on the floor. There were countless coils of rope, rolls of tape of various types, and what looked like some ballgags. It was about to get very interesting. He stood behind me, tenderly pulled my arms behind me, the very quickly and tightly bound them, pretty much from wrist to shoulder, elbows touching. Backing up a bit, when I joined the 2 boys in play over the years, I usually ended up a bound and gagged prisoner, but it was my son who did the tying. First time Michael had ever bound me, and it was stimulating me in an unexpected manner. As he continued to bind me, the tuch of his hands against my skin had my knees so weak I was afraid I would fall over. He gently lowered me to my knees, and his hands very lightly brushed across my bare breasts, whixch caused me to gasp in desire. I felt him bind my ankles, then lowered me to my stomach, bbound my knees, then raised me back to my knees, caressed my breasts very lightly again, and kissed my neck, which sent shivers throughout my entire body, and I could feel my crotch almost dripping. To my surprise, he next kissed my mouth, slipping his toungue between my lips, which I tried to vacuum from his mouth. Next a kiss to each nipple, which was like electrical shocks, then he gagged me with the largest of the ballgags, lowered me as gently as could be to my stomach, and then bound me in a tight hogtie. This was the first time I had ever been bound in an erotic manner, and I was so aroused, I began begging over the ballgag that he make love to me. His response was to cover the ballgag with tape, blindfold me, and run his fingers over my entire body except my vaginal area. I was quaking with desire even if he was my son's best friend. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "you have 30 minutes to get free. At the end of that time, I will then help myself to yur body, using every inch of it for my gratification. You must be completely free, no rope, no gag, no blindfold, nothing still on you. If you accept, nod; if not shake your head, and I will release you immediately." I nodded my head maniacally, wanting him right them, not in 30 minutes. "Okay, time begins now." I decided to at leasst make a show of an attmept, and when I began to struggle, the ropes seemed to tighten. He was so silent, I was afraid he had left the room, and it dawned on me that absolutely no one knew I was with him at his place, and I was completely incapicitated. The time dragged on but finally expired, with me still completely bound. I could feel a wet spot on the carpet where I lay, and hoped it wouldn't leave a stain. He lifted me to my knees, unwrapped the tape covering the ballgag, and then removed the ballgag, and began kissing me again. I kissed as passionately as I ever had, and felt his hands explring my body again. "Please, take me, now" I begged, and he lowered me to the floor again and then I felt the tip of his penis at my lips. With not hesitation I took it between my lips and began to work its length. I am not to experienced at oral sex, but I managed to bring him to orgasm pretty quick. He tried to withdraw from my mouth, but I appled too much suction and he discharged into my mouth, filling it to capacity. Whe no more spurts occurred, I released him, then swallowed what he had presented me with. "If you leave me tied up, you limit your options" I told Michael. "Knots can be untied, tied in a new manner, just about any possibility"he responded, and then proceded to release me from my hogtie, then retied each ankle to a thigh. I realized I was now available, and he took advantage of that instantly, sliding his newly erect member gently into me, then slowly began ti thrust, and this time I was immediately orgasmiing. Micheal didn't stop just because I had cum, keeping his motion and bringing me back to orgasm again and again, and finally began quickening his motion, and I knew he was near, and unbelievably I was too, and for the very first time in my life, I achieved orgasm at the same time as my lover. He collapsed atop my back, nuzzling my neck and ears gently, causing shivers to go thru me again. To shorten an already long story, we have continued, our relationship, and my son has accepted the fact, although he was surprised when told. Actually, due to our constant desires adn urges, I am now pregnant with Michael's child, and he insists no child of his will grow up without a father, so I now am planning a small wedding.
Saturday, September 15th 2012 - 10:19:40 AM
Name: Raouf Ragai
E-mail address: rrfhg_007@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/raouf.ragai
Comments:Please Continue posting stories of women got bound and gagged
Sunday, September 30th 2012 - 05:04:09 AM
Name: help
E-mail address: jazfdcw@gmail.com
Comments:hello i need help, i want to talk my freind into letting me tie her up, we are both 16 and are good freinds, how do i ask her without sounding weird?
Saturday, October 20th 2012 - 01:10:54 PM
Name: help
E-mail address: jazfdcw@googlemail.com
Comments:hello i need help, i want to talk my freind into letting me tie her up, we are both 16 and are good freinds, how do i ask her without sounding weird?
Saturday, October 20th 2012 - 01:19:18 PM
Name: help
E-mail address: jazfdcw@googlemail.com
Comments:hello i need help, i want to talk my freind into letting me tie her up, we are both 16 and are good freinds, how do i ask her without sounding weird?
Saturday, October 20th 2012 - 01:19:30 PM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:here's an idea. It worked for me a couple times with older women, rent a movie with an extensive bondage scene like The Collector, Die Die My Darling, or Play Misty For Me. Then after the movie talk about the scenes and see how she reacts. If she mentions the bondage scenes then suggest to act them out.
Sunday, October 21st 2012 - 11:27:48 AM
Name: L.S.
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:Some advice, Joe...

First off, the two of yous need to wait a couple years. What might work is if you get some cotumes involved. Something from a particular era, like say between the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution.

It has to be no touching, no getting out of costume.

Especially if it's Halloween. Give Kate a newspaper and a black top hat to wear. Tie her to the toilet with a pair of cheap nylons. Around the wrist and around the handle. Bind her feet with duct tape. You could be wearing a suit and bow tie from the 1860s while she's reading the paper.

Make sure you have plenty of dog biscuits and look up Murder Junkies on YouTube.

When she's ready to be untied, help her work the flush handle (which you might the first time; as you get experience tying her, she should have just enough hosiery tension and movement to flush it herself). That's her cue to shout, "I'm freeing the Slaves!"

Works every time. It will be worth the wait for Kate.
Monday, October 22nd 2012 - 06:14:10 PM
Name: Sitter Binder
Comments:Like most neighborhood kids, we spent the summer outside and played a lot of tie-up games. Getting the girls to play along was difficult, although my classmate 14-year-old Amy was always willing and able to take our abuse. The blue eyed blonde with an overripe figure spent more time in her blue one-piece swimsuit than anything else and was always captured first in our demented games. I know she liked the attention and already filling out in the top managed to get all of the boys attention by that age. She was looking as good as her two older sisters who were both gorgeous as well.

Well one Saturday, the town had a big meeting about building a new school and a few otehr things and back in teh early 70s those things were all day affairs. Julie, Amy's 17-year-old sister, a buxom redhead, with big green eyes, was the designated town sitter. Amy was a fox, but Julie was the type of girl that made all male heads turn and when she walked around the beach in her black bikini, well let's put it this way, up until Julie wore a bikini, my mother always took us to the beach, after my father volunteered as did all the other fathers.

Well we all decided to play a game of cops and robbers and with about ten boys on each side, Amy talked Julie into playing. She was a cop. Well even a few of the boy cops couldn't resist the opportunity and let us capture the bikini clad beauty right away. She had planned to work on her tan that day. Well six ofus soon had her tied up with 25" of white clothesline and gagged with two bandanas, since there were so many binders we overdid some things. We then captured Amy as well and left teh two captives in my parents kitchen floor.

Five of us stood guard that day and I swear we all took turns hitting the head to relieve more than our bladders that day. I had to masturbate twice.

We reluctantly released the two gorgeous sisters an hour later, just before the meeting in town ended.

We tied up Amy until she was sixteen and by then she had filled out almost as nicely as Julie, but we only had the one opportunity with her older sister. It was worth every second though.
Tuesday, October 30th 2012 - 02:46:39 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Comments:Dear Sitter-Binder:
(IF you have ANYTHING ELSE to contribute!)
Saturday, November 3rd 2012 - 04:38:01 AM
Name: Sitter Binder
Comments:Well here is another Amy story;

When we were fifteen the games of cops and robbers slowly came to an end, although the binding and gagging did not. The blue eyed blonde had filled out quite nicely and wore a 34C bra, and at 5'6" tall had well-toned legs that seemed a mile long. To say she looked good in tight jeans and short skirts was an understatement. Amy was not only a bondage fan, but loved to move in on jock's and piss off the school cheerleaders.

Well she up and did it in her freshman year of high school and managed to snag the stud quarterback, a junior named Rick, now being a jock on a team with a 14 game losing streak was hardly an achievement though. Well Jamie a hot as a pistol 5'4" brunette with big blue eyes was mad as hell, she had been Rick's main squeeze for two years and wanted the blonde vixen to pay. If that wasn't enough after losing the opening game to our arch rivals 49 to zip made the players mad as well. It didn't take Jamie long to convince the other players on the team to join her. Although only a freshman and on teh JV team, hinted that Amy hated to be tied up. A couple other friends confirmed it, after all since Amy went star football player on us we were left without a bondage victim.

Well the following Saturday after the first home game we lost by a more respectable score 34 to 6. Toss in teh big smooth before halftime and even the coach was pissed off and benched Rick during the second half. Amy looked super hot in her tight denim shorts, nude pantyhose, tight red top, that barely covered her ample bosom and white sneakers. An hour after the game she showed up at the football field to see her boyfriend, who was taped to a goalpost in just his jockey shorts and a jockstrap was stuffed in his mouth. The cheerleaders and a few angry fans went as far as wrapping toilet paper around him and the gola post.

Well Amy never had a chance and ten girls tackled her and soon stuffed three pairs of worn panties in her mouth and had her secured behind Rick with two full rollls of 2" wide adhesive tape and wrapped two 4" wide ace bandages over her pouty pink lips to hold in the balled up panties in her mouth.

Well girls can be meaner than boys and sprayed her with water bottles and everyone could soon see her perky pink nipples through the wet red bra and too tight red top.

I watched among the crowd of fifty kids and a few adults. It was quite a show for an hour or so. The football coach finally chased us away and untied Rick first and sent him to the lockerroom and then waited for the cheerleading coach to aid him in rescuing Amy. I swore he had stiff wood in his trousers, like the rest of us male viewers.

Rick quit the team after that incident, but Amy moved in on the sophmore QB Steve, who was dating Sophie, a 5'3" cute blue eyed blonde with a nice ample top.

Ironically Sophie was found in the girls lockerroom bound and gagged with white adhesive tape and gagged with a worn pair of pantyhose in just her pink 34C bra and matching thong panty on game day.

After the game poor Jamie was captured and left bound and gagged in her white 36B bra and matching bikini panty, with a very skidmarked full-cut panty placed over her tape gagged mouth. The masked girls managed to surprise and tie-up and gag the entire cheerleading team including the team manager before the season ended. No one could prove who the culprits were, but Amy stopped by my house twice to borrow some adhesive tape I stole from the team room from her. I especially liked the pictures of Sophie.

Jamie was again found bound and gagged during basketball season, in a black bra and matching tights before a game, this time with a jockstrap stuffed in her mouth and a wide ace bandage over her full pouty red lips.
Sunday, November 4th 2012 - 12:07:26 PM
Name: Billy bob
E-mail address: whitejamesmw@me.com
Comments:I want to be bound and gagged. I have no duct tape. I want to be kidnapped. Please help me
Thursday, November 8th 2012 - 01:48:40 PM
Name: Billy bob
E-mail address: whitejamesmw@me.com
Comments:Please email me with help. Please.
Thursday, November 8th 2012 - 01:50:52 PM
Name: Billy bob
Comments:Can I have some help with bondage someone. Contact me to let me know
Friday, November 9th 2012 - 10:32:54 AM
Name: Gary
Comments:Her name is Helen, and we work at the same fuel distribution company. I am a driver/service tech, and Helen works in the office. It's a small city, less than 25,000, so a lot of our business is rural customers. One Friday afternoon, Helen, who is 40-something, mentioned she wanted to see the latest hit movie, but the nearest place it was playing was in our state's largest city, about an hour's drive away, and she would feel 'odd' going alone. I wanted to see it also, and, when I found us both in the breakroom by ourselves, offered to take her, but not until Saturday night. She seemed surprised at first, then accepted. The time was agreed on, and at that time Saturday, I rang her doorbell. She opened the door, and, to my surprise, was wearing a dress, heels, new hairdo, looking fine. Helen has blond hair, possibly colored, since no gray is visible, green eyes, about 5-7 tall, with a body that all the guys at the shop talked about and admired at length frequently. I was glad I had decided to not wear the cutoffs, tanktop, and flipflops that was my original choice. Instead, I was in khaki pants, a pullover shirt, and an unusual freetime choice, I was even wearing socks under my sneakers. We drove to the city, and found that just about everyone wanted to see the same movie. The line was so long we knew we couldn't get tickets for the early show, so I asked Helen if she would like to get something to eat, then try a later show. "I didn't plan on this being a dinner and movie date, but I am hungry," Helen said. Date? I hadn't thought of it as a date, but she is a beautiful woman, so date it could become. We ate, killed some time, but didn't get into the movie until the late show, so it was early a.m., about 1:30, when it was over. On the drive home, Helen asked me to come in for some tea, so I accepted. Forgot to mention that Helen is originally from Britain, married a US serviceman, moved here, then divorced, but stayed here and became a US citizen. Still a bit of Brit accent, and prefers tea to coffee. Anyway, over the tea, we discovered we are both movie lovers, and talked about movies for quite some time. Not even noticing the time, we got into the subject of bad movies, where the stunts or special effects, etc, were lame. Somehow, the subject of people bound and gagged in movies came up; we laughed at how poorly they were tied, how a simple scarf over a mouth completely silenced a victim, etc. I made the statement that they should hire me to tie, as no one would escape, and it would definitely look, and be, real. Helen said that it sounded boastful, and I told her about having 2 sisters, 1 younger, 1 older, plus cousins that found out different. "Bet I could get lose, in half the time it would take to tie me, regardless of how I'm bound, or with what, or how much. Rising to the challenge, I asked if she cared to try, and also to make a wager. In an instant, she accepted. End of Part 1
Saturday, November 10th 2012 - 12:41:18 PM
Name: Gary
Comments:Part 2. Helen and I had set the following Saturday for the challenge. I spent the most of the week planning on how, and what to use, changing my mind several times. I finally went to our local 24 hour Supercenter on Thursday evening, and found a 300 ft roll of 3/8 inch soft, pliable, nylon rope, that was easy to knot, and with just a bit of tugging, would actually tighen the knots. I found an old Nerf kid's basketball, about the size of a softball but very soft and spongy, would compress to just about a mouthful, if the mouth can stretch a bit. Some adhesive bandage about 3 inches wide, some gauze pads, and, as an afterthought, a roll of black electrical tape, 3/4 inch wide, 50 ft long. I rummaged around in my mom's rag bin and found some old pantyhose. I cut the legs off of 5 pair, threw away the panty parts (no evidence I had been there), and then prepared for Saturday. On Friday, while delivering some propane to a farmer, I got a text from Helen, wanting to know if I was still up for Saturday, if so did I want her to prepare or dress a special way. I thought about it for some time, then, feeling daring, told her: tight blouse, tight skirt, the highest heels she possesses, and I preferred stockings to pantyhose on my women, but that was her choice. A second text later asked, "feeling a bit randy, are you?" Not sure what that meant, I figured it was a British thing, so just answered with "?????". When I returned to the shop, it was past normal hours, so no one, especially Helen, was in the office building. I retrieved my paycheck from my timecard slot by the timeclock, and in the envelope was a handwritten note from Helen, saying, 'see you tomorrow, come for lunch, then we can begin our challenge.' I arrived just a bit before noon, rang the bell, and when Helen opened the door, I hoped I hid my disappointment, as she was wearing an old sweatshirt, baggy jeans, and barefoot. I entered, sat my backpack containing my materiels beside the door, and joined Helen in her kitchen. Lunch was very tasty, some sort of casserole, some of her excellent tea, and we made a bit of small talk. Finally, Helen stated, "we haven't made our wager yet. What shall it be?" I asked her what she thought, and she said, "well, I could use someone to do all my yardwork and mowing, raking the leaves in the autumn, and shoveling snow in the winter. Tired of overpaying the neighborhood boys who take advantage of a poor, single woman." I asked for how long, and she stated, "the next 12 months." Thinking that was a lot, and she seemed extremely confident she was going to win, that I was reluctant to accept. I said as much, and she reminded me I was still able to state my wager, and then we could negotiate. I thought hard for about 2-3 minutes, then a light bulb went off, and I felt rather emboldened. So, I stated my wager: "If I win, for the next 12 months, you belong to me. I mean, totally. For work everything will be normal, but after, you dress how I want, let me tie you any way as often as I wish, and have sex as often as I want." Figuring there were a lot of items to negotiate, Helen kind of surprised me when she said, "why would a young man in his 20s want to have sex with me? I'm old enough to be your mother. Remember, I see all employee qualification files and know exactly how old you are." She kind of had me for a bit, then I said, "don't care how old you are, you look hot, have a great body, and we like movies. Also, my mom is in her 50s, so you are not as old as her." She watched my face a bit, then, to my complete surprise, agreed to all the terms, so I agreed to hers. She then suggested I clean up the kitchen while she got ready. I thought that was a bit demanding, but before I could decline, she was up and gone. She closed the door to her room, so I cleaned up. About 30 minutes later, I heard the door to her room open and she called my name. I retrieved my backpack and started down the hall. When Helen stood in the doorway of the room, I almost swallowed my tongue. Instead of a skirt and blouse she wore a dress-but that a dress it was. It was of a fishnet material, concealing nothing underneath it whatsoever. It was cut quite low in the cleavage area; under the dress she wore a quarter-cup bra which supported the bottom of her ample breasts, but exposed nipples and aereolae, as well as almost all of her boobs; a garter belt supporting fishnet stockings and the highest heeled shoes I had ever seen on a woman. No panties were visible, but her bush was. I just gaped. "Well after the wager, I figured this might be more sutied for our challenge." All i could do was nod in agreement. Helen crooked her finger and beckoned me into her bedroom. In the room was a queen-sized bed with tall posts at each corner. The light was soft, and the only n oise was a slight hum from the ceiling fan. I began pulling out coiled lengths of rope, directed her to turn and place her arms behind her. Once she complied, I began binding her, starting with a rope draped over her shoulders, the ends tucked back thru her armpits, then back over the shoulder rope, then around her upper arms, pulling her elbows together. Several wraps then a tight cinch; next were here forearms, same method; then wrists. All ropes were pulled tight and cinched as tight as I could pull, causing a few grunts but no complaints. Helen was apparently getting aroused, as her body heat was causing her perfume to work in overdrive. She smelled delicous enough to eat (later!!). I turned her to face me, and her nipples each were poking thru the fishnet material. "I think I'll just like those beauties" I said, but Helen said, "you haven't won yet, so off-limits". I wrapped a long length of rope around her torso, which allowed me to surripticously cop a couple of feels of those gorgeoous tits. I next bound her legs above her knees, and copped a generous feel of her calves and thighs as I did so. She actually moaned a bit when I did that. I helped her sit on the edge of the bed, bound her ankles tightly, then rolled her onto her flat tummy. "Looks like I'm going to be hogtied", she said. "Not until i silence you" I replied, then used the Nerf basketball as a stuff gag, which did, indeed, stuff her mouth to capacity. I taped gauze pads over each of her beautiful eyes, then wrapped her entire head with the bandage. Next, I grabbed the electrical tape and wrapped her bound hands entirely, until it appeared to be a black ball. Then, I used one of the pantyhose legs and pulled it as far as it would go, and stretch, over her completely bound and taped hands and arms, with several wraps of tape to hold it. Finally, I bent her legs up behind her, got behind them, and kept pushing them as far as possible,then ran a rope from her ankle rops to her shoulder rope, and pulled until I couldn't raise them any more, then tied them securely. During all this, Helen never made a noise, so, concerned, I asked if she was okay. She nodded yes. I asked if I she was ready to concede and wanted to be unboound. She shook her head no, vigorously, so I said, "that took 34 minutes to tie you like you are. Half the time is 17 minutes. I begins in 3-2-1-go. I sat there and watched as Helen tried, vainly, to free her self. As expected, the knots appeared to get tighter and smaller as she attempted to gain her freedom. It was apparent, to me at least, that Helen was unable to free herself. I waited 20 minutes, then asked again if she conceded. She again shook her head, so I stated, "I have already given you more than the agreed time, but you can have another 17 minutes. After that, I win, no arguement. Understand?" She hesitated several seconds, then nodded, 'yes', so again I counted down-"3-2-1-go". For another 20 minutes I watched as Helen was unable to escape. "Finally, you lose. You are mine for the next year. Agreed?" Helen slowly nodded in agreement, so I began to untie her. It took longer to untie her than tie, as she had stretched the knots so tight that I eneded up cutting most of them. Finally removing the gag, Helen asked for a drink of water, so I filled a glass I found in the bathroom with water, and held it for her as she sipped. The rope marks were quite noticeable on wrists, arms, and legs, but those delicous nipples were still erect and poking thru the dress. As the victor, I decided to begin claiming my rewards, and kissed each one. This drew a moan from Helen, but no resistance. When I began to pull the dress off of her, she raised her arms to allow it over her head. I grabbed her and pulled her to me, then kissed her on the mouth. She eagerly returned my kiss, and I felt her hands at my groin, opening the fly, unbuttonwing the waist , and fumbling with my belt. She managed to pull my cock out and began slowly to jack me off, causing me to shoot a load of jizz across the room. With a rather evil grin on her beautiful face, Helen said, "now, the first fuck will last longer." She kept stroking me until I was hard again, then she lay back spread her legs, and said, "collect your winnings". As is slid my rock hard dick into her soakded cunt, she wrapped her legs around my back, and we each began slamming into the other with as much energy as we had. I fucked her three times that afternoon, rested a while, had her blow me, then lubed her nice round ass, and butt-fucked her. This happened 3 years ago, and Helen is still my fuck slut. In fact, she gets jealous when I eye another woman. She never says no, regardless of how weird or perverted an idea I get. Not really interested in any changes in our lives, we stay together, live together, but do not intend to ever marry. Too much fun the way it is.
Saturday, November 10th 2012 - 02:11:50 PM
Name: Carrie-Anne
Comments:My current husband is my second. I won't go into details about the first. How we met is not relevant to the story. I have always enjoyed bondage, and, so has Tom. We didn't discover our mutual fondness until a few months after our wedding. We were kind of playing around, and he pinned my arms to my side, and then held my wrists together in one of his strong hands. When he kissed me, the passion and intensity was unbelievable, and when we finally broke the kiss, both were breathless, and my wrists were still pinned behind me. My nipples were poking out so far, they could have supported clothing on hangers. With a gleam in his eyes, Tom started walking me backwards in the direction of our bedroom. Pausing at the door, he suggested I use the bathroom, change into something racy. Then, he closed the bedroom door, and I heard his footsteps as he walked away. Bewildered, I went to the toilet, freshened up a bit, then searched for something 'racy' to wear. I decided on an old foundation type garment, black in color, with a snap opening crotch, garter straps, and front hooks over the bodice. I searched and found some old stockings, altho they didn't required garters, I used them anyway. I also dug out a pair of heels, and waited for Tom to appear. About 15 minutes later, I heard a knock at the door. I quickly pulled it open, and in a flash I was grabbed, pushed face down on our bed, and my arms were pulled behind me. Looking at the mirror, I saw a figure in a gray sweatsuit, wearing a black ski mask, and felt him begin to bind my wrists, quite tightly. More rope went around my arms just below my elbows, and I felt my elbows touch. Altho i was being tied tightly, and thoroughly, there was still a gentleness about the whole thing. I was completely aroused, as well, encouraging him to bind me completely, and use me like a slut. My feeet were raised behind me, and tied to my wrists, then he said, "time for your gag". He appeared in front of me, but no gag was in his hands. Instead, he had pulled donw his sweatpants, and his erect organ was pointed straight at my mouth. Feigning fear, I said, "please, sir not that," but eagerly opend my mouth and took him full length into my throat, and worked the full length of his shaft with all the gusto I had. I was quickly rewarded with a series of spurts into the back of my throat, and gulped down everything he gave me. Finally, he withdrew, but then a wad of cloth appeared and was inserted into my mouth, with several strips of tape covering my lips. I was then retied, with my ankles bound to my thighs, the snaps were opened at my crotch, and, still on my belly, I was raised slightly, and his newly erect member slid into my dripping vaginal cavity. Again, he thrust into me rapidly, energetically, but for quite an extended period. I began to climax almost nonstop, and if I hadn't been gagged, my husband would have heard me encouraging him to "use me, fuck me, pound my cunt" until he finally yelled out, "motherFUCK", an filled me with his load. He collapsed onto my back, breathing as hard as I, but after a few minutes, began to kiss and nuzzle the back of my neck. Eventually, he rolled me onto my back, and asked if I wanted my arms untied. I vigorously shook my head, 'no', and he unhooked the front of my garment, and began kissing and sucking my breasts, teasing my nipples with his tongue, taking love bites at my neck, even kissing my tape-covered mouth, until I felt another erection probing at my still wet labia. I managed to raise mself slightly, and he again entered me. This time, he was less physical, but just as sensual. He took me to the edge of orgasm quite a few times, but then pulling back from that point until I was almost insane with the need to climax. At long last, he began to thrust with all his reaming energy until we each were climaxing like maniacs. Finally, several minutes later, Tom again turned me onto my belly, but rather than takeme again, he began untying me, rubbing me now numb limbs to restore circulation. After I was free, I just lay there, fondly remembering the night's events. Tom reappeared, picked me up, and carried me into the bathroom, and carefully lowered me into a tub full of hot water. It was the most memorable night of my life up til then, but since, we have had numerous more adventures.
Sunday, November 11th 2012 - 01:07:28 AM
Name: Sitter Binder
Comments:Gary tell us more about Helen. Love the fact she is a hot older woman. Thanks for the story.
Sunday, November 11th 2012 - 08:05:27 PM
Name: Happy Young Neighbor
Comments:When the new kid moved into the apartment complex, I was amazed to find out that his gorgeous 35-year-old mother was an exotic dancer. To say Stacy, the 5'7", well-tanned, mother with big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick just below her shoulders curly flaming-red hair, and a very healthy ultra-buxom figure was gorgeous. When she layed out by the kidney shaped pool in her leopard print bikini everyone took notice. Sam her 13-year-old son and I became close friends and I spent more time in his two bedroom apartment than mine, since his mom wasn't home too often, especially at night.

One day Sam's deadbeat dad showed up and the police were called because of a restraining order violation. He dumped a box in the dumpster and being curious I grabbed it after he drove away in anger.

I opened the box and discovered twenty magazines, mostly bondage. I was all of thirteen and never saw such porn, oh a Penthouse, Playboy and even Hustler, but never Captured Kittens, Kidnapped Damsels, or Bondage Bunnies. My next surprise was seeing Stacy in every magazine, usually bound and gagged!

At first I was too embarrassed to show Sam, but he already knew his father had dirty magazines with his mother in them. I don't think even he was ready to see exactly what type of modeling she did to put food on the table.

One day after a swim, Sam went to the bathroom so I took the opportunity to look in his gorgeous mother's bedroom and found some underwear in the laundry basket, she wore a 38EE bra! She also had a box tucked away under her huge queen sized bed with bondage magazines, and video tapes. I grabbed one. Sam saw me and smiled.

Stacy had straight red hair down below her shoulders, but the same voluptuous figure, that her tight red top, skintight white riding breeches and black riding boots hugged like a second skin. She was grabbed as she walked through an empty horse barn and in the next scene was bound and gagged in a dirty stall with a wide white cloth wrapped over her full red lips. Her hands and feet were tied with white cord. She struggled helplessly as she meowed through her effective gag for 'help!'

The two of us had serious wood in our Speedos watching such a video. I had to use the bathroom three times and not to pee or poop in.

We began to sneak a video in the VCR and watch a movie whenever possible and one night when Stacy was working at the club, while watching her struggled as a helpless secretary in an office with tape over her lips and her hands and ankles taped to restrain her the door opened and we were caught!

"Oh my God!" Darla Dare, the 5'5", ultra-busty, blue eyed, 29-year-old, exotic dancer with thick to the middle of her back curly golden-blonde hair, gasp in surprise! She was Stacy's best friend, and looked almost as hot, and with her new boob job was up to a 36GG. "Where did you find this Sam?"

He told her that his dad tossed a box of stuff at the door the day he was forced to leave by the police a lie, well we did find the magazines that way. We told her it was with the magazines which she demanded to see. Soon the three of us were going through the magazines together and she commented on how the knots were not very good and the tape bondage was too loose. Meanwhile Stacy was on teh 25" television screen bound and gagged with saran wrap from her neck to her toes and gagged with at least two ace bandages.

Sam asked her how she became such an expert on bondage. Darla admitted she did a couple bondage shoots for extra money and that whoever tied up Stacy wasn't very good at tying women up. We asked her to show us.

Well she went into Stacy's bedroom and returned with a fat roll of flesh colored stretchy medical tape a couple pairs of pantyhose she grabbed from the laundry basket and a 4" wide ace bandage, she knew where everything was, which excited me anyway.

She guided me through securing her hands behind her back which made her huge boobs look even bigger in her tight black spandex bra, and Sam taped her pencil thin ankles together, she was wearing black 4" highheels and silver spandex disco pants at the time. I then stuffed a balled up pair of nude pantyhose in her luscious mouth and wrapped teh ace banadge of her lower pretty face four times! She meowed happily as sam ran his greedy hands across her long spandex clad well-toned legs and I just oogled at her. She was gorgeous and bound and gagged just like Sam's mother on the TV screen!

An hour later we were sitting on teh couch and watching the movie where Stacy was bound and gagged in the barn wearing her tight white riding breeches, boots and red spandex top, which didn't stay clean very long. The gorgeous buxom redhead rolled around the manure covered floor and tried to get away, meanwhile Darla just sat between us bound and gagged and watched.

At 11:00 we released Darla and hid our stuff so Stacy wouldn't know what we were up to. She did ask sam if darla stopped by to grab a gold belt from her closet, which she did.

One day while Darla and Stacy had a rare day off they laid out by the pool, Stacy in her leopard print bikini and Darla in a white bikini. They talked about a Hunter episode where Staphanie Kramer ended up bound and gagged.
When Stacy went into the cabana to pee, Darla gathered sam and me up and came up with her devious plan. We readily agreed and went back to the apartmen and put bandana over our faces and grabbed our toy pistols.

Twenty minutes later the two ultra-buxom beauties returned and we held them up. Darla played it right up, with the'You're not going to bind and gag us are you?' line.

At that point Stacy knew what was up and played along. Soon we had thier hands taped behind their backs, ankles taped together and stuffed balled up worn pantyhose in their lusious mouths and placed 3" wide strips of the stretchy flesh colored medical tape over their full lips. They squirmed on the floor and meowed incoherently as Sam took pictures with a throw away camera he bought at the local drug store. It was quite an adventure and boy did the two women look sexy and with their hands secured behind their backs their ample bosoms looked enormous!

We let them go an hour later and went out to dinner where we confessed to finding the magazines. Stacy seemed relieved that her son took it in stride and even kidded darla about having to be punished for tricking her. We all agreed that Darla needed to be bound and gagged soon. I had a feeling dalar was more than ready, willing and able to grant Stacy her wish//////////////////

Thursday, November 22nd 2012 - 08:16:33 AM
Name: Mailroom clerk
Comments:When I was 18-years-old, but looked all of thirteen, with blue eyes, thick fairly long blonde hair, and a well-toned 140 pound 5'7" frame, and right out of high school got a job as a mailroom clerk, back in the early 80s before computers and e-mail were around. I usually delivered the mail and memos early in the morning and sometimes had to stay late and get things ready for board meeting and important deliveries.

One Friday night I had to stay at the last minute and right after I put on my running shorts, t-shirt and sneakers to workout in in the basement gym. I was kind of pissed since I had my eye on a goodlooking new employee who always worked out on Friday nights, but a job was a job.

The package finally came at 7:30 via UPS and I went to the vice president's office and knocked on teh closed door, which was a surprise since Mrs. Sarah Buxton, a 5'9", absolutely gorgeous, woman in her early 50s, but looked fifteen years younger, with thick culry auburn-red hair, big brown eyes and a 175 pound hourglass figure that her red knit dress, suntan controltop pantyhose, wide black belt and 4" black highheels showed off generously was expecting me and more importantly the importand package.
The door flew openand before I had a chance to react was grabbed from behind as a wadded up pair of beige tights were stuffed in my mouth! I was terrified as my hands and feet were secured with yards of wide white medical tape. The intruder even wrapped the tape over my stuffed mouth that tasted somewhat foul from the acrid taste of a woman lower region.

I was pushed on the plush steel gray carpet as the intruder took off down the hall. It then dawned on me that I wasn't alone as I heard muffled sounds behind the luxurious oak desk in front of me. I rolled and inched my way around and was shocked to see the gorgeous VP clad in her black overstuffed bra, she wore a 38DDD, I could see the tag, her torn suntan controltop pantyhose and heels on, her well manicured hands were secured behind her back like mine, and her pencil thin ankles were taped together with more of the wide white tape. I got very aroused as I admired her huge bosom that stuck out more than usual because her hands were secured behind her back. She looked more angry than scared as she meowed through her pantyhose stuffed mouth and tried to get me to roll behind her so we could free each other.

I just stared as my thick 6" circumcised penis throbbed, but at my age I got wood all of the time. She slid up to me and almost smothered me with her huge firm mammeries as I came in my shiny red shorts and white bikini brief! I know she felt the semen against her pantyhose clad legs as she tried to roll over, no easy task for such a top heavy woman who was restrained and effectively gagged.
I finally realized what she wanted to do and rolled on my side so we were back to back.

I ran my secured hands all over the place, and since were gpoing by feel and couldn't communicate coherently, I managed to touch her firm big round derriere and muscular pantyhose clad thighs. She on the other hand seemed to spend more time with my firm round little butt and even inner thighs than my hands. I swore she felt me up on purpose, I know I was feeling her backside up a little too much, since I got a second major erection and came in my shorts again!

About 10:00 a security guard found us while on his rounds. He called the police and didn't untie us, since he was afraid to ruin any evidence. I know the old guy was aroused, and even left the office as soon as the police arrived ten minutes later. Mrs. Buxton was furious with the guard since the package was so important and she didn't have a chance to tell her story earlier.

I was allowed to clean-up and had to jack-off in the stall one more time since I was still very aroused.

The package was never recovered, the intruder never found, the guard was fired , but I still remained employeed and was even given a little extra money in my next check, overtime, for staying late at the office.

Mrs. Buxton remained, although other than saying 'Hello' and talking shop never mentioned the robbery to each other.

I did hook-up with the new young female employee later on and she always mentioned the incident. If interested I will tell teh readers about that............
Friday, December 7th 2012 - 11:59:24 AM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Comments:Dear "MailRoom Clerk":
ALWAYS interested in stories with bound-and-gagged women!
Friday, December 7th 2012 - 07:26:07 PM
Name: We All Have One
Comments:Growing up in the 70s my parents would take us to the city to see our relatives. Every year it was a different place for the family reunion. The reunion I remembered the best was when I was a senior in high school and a cousin on my mother's side was there, she was 25-years-old, and very attractive, about 5'5" tall and weighed about 140 pounds and had a very large chest, her hair was long curly and flaming-red with big doe shaped brown eyes. The inside joke in the family was no one ever knew when Fran would show up, what color her hair would be and how big her boobs would be. She worked as a consultant, however I would later find out that she was a high paid excort. She looked super hot in her black one-piece bathingsuit at the beach and all of us men young and old had wood the whole time she was around.

Fast forward twenty years;

Went to a business convention in the city. My boss was a 50+-year-old horndog and there were three young executives, including me, with one a young woman, she was left in the dust on Saturday night as Mr. Horndog took us to every strip joint around and then brought us to a massage parlor, all on the company credit card. Well like massage parlors back in that time the girls would hang-out in a waiting room reading magazines and watching the tube. The customers would take a shower and walk into the room and pick out their girl, who wore a leotard, tights and highheels to show off their bodies. The three of us walked into the waiting room and I almost had a heart attack!

The five women all looked at us and smiled, and all of a sudden the older very busty masseuse with thick shoulder length aubrun red hair gave me a huge smile. The red leotard, nude tights and 5" black highheels showed off her hourglass figure to perfection and although forty-five looked better than the younger spandex clad women, by far.

"It has been awhile Vic." Fran said as she led me to the massage room. "So what can I do for you minus?" She asked as she pointed to the house rules which of course made it clear no intercourse was allowed.

After some nervous family updates, the economy, and small talk we finally got down to business. I saw the leather paddle, whip, and a few other items on the black painted wall as well as a few pieces of white nylon cord, a roll of red duct tape, and what looked like a blindfold on a table next to the massage table.

"So who gets tied up in here?" I finally asked as my thick 7" penis tented out in front of the towel around my waist.

"Well considering your boss tipped me $200.00 the choice is your's." She smiled as she removed her leotard, but I stopped her at the nude controltop tights and highheels, since she had a great ass and well-toned legs that the silky material showed off all so nicely.

I taped her well-manicured hands in front of her and her highheeled ankles together as she sat on the table.

"If you don't put those worn black pantyhose in my mouth I will scream bloody murder." Fran motioned me to the old pantyhose on the table.

i balled them up and put them in her mouth and then put two strips of the duct tape over her pouty red lips. I ran my hands across her muscular legs and firm round ass as she moaned through her own pantyhose that had been recently worn.

She meowed for me to get her off of the table and knelt down and masturbated me to a climax as I toyed with her meaty pinkish-brown nipples! It was a wonderfully erotic hour and we only stopped when my boss knocked on the door.

I gave her the hotel phone and room number, foortunately we all had our own rooms, also on the company expense account.

She came to see me at 4:00 A.M. in the tightest red spandex pants, same highheels and black spandex sports bra she could slip into. I taped her hands behind her back and jammed a pair of my underpants in her willing mouth and massaged her spandex covered pussy and ass. She had several mind blowing climaxes and so didn't I.

We still keep in touch, even in her early 60s she likes to be bound and gagged and still wears pantyhose and spandex pants.
Friday, December 14th 2012 - 11:56:16 AM
Name: kimberly campos
Comments:I was on my way to jacks house when i heard laughter coming from jasons house.i went up to his house and to my suprise oi found the front unlocked.i his mom tickling him with feathers.i asked how long has it been.i made what he said.2 hours.i was like damn.i felt so sorrt fopr him.his mom saw me she made a wild grab and missed.i started running for the door.she made another wild grab and missed again.i took a diving dove and closed the door behind me.i was safe for once i thought.i finally went to jacks house.when i enterd hois house it was a mess.i was like whoa.i finally found him cornerd rocking back and forth.after about 20 minutes of doing it i asked what was he doing.he tokd me that his mom was having a baby.i was like wow how exiting.he said i know it sounds exiting and told me they couldnt mak it0to the0hospital to deliver the baby.the end
Friday, December 21st 2012 - 08:59:05 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Comments:Ms. Campos:
You "disappoint"~
this is a "bound WOMEN" stories DreamBook
and so I/we were hoping for a story (from you)
of a bound LATINA!
Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 05:29:04 AM
Name: kimberly campos
Comments:it all started when when my parents were leaving.sorry let me introduce me my name is kimberly nichole campos.my parents name are sandy campos and jose campos.my little sisters name are marissa renee campos.when my babysitter came over she asked if we can have sex togther and i said sure.so we went to the guest room with the giant guest bed. i locked the door behind me. then i got undressd and got ready for sex.when and when jewel came out of the bathroom she had her bra and panties off.she even let even let me touch her boobies.that was the best thing i ever touched.i even let touch my penies.she was impressed.
Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 12:01:45 PM
Name: John
Comments:I didn't grow up with my biologic mother as she died some years after I was borned and my father remarried a woman that didn't want to have anything with me to do. So I grew up with my calling my aunt for mum. She was a divorced woman with and three year old daughter.

At the age of 17 I got an hold of an old bondage magazine at a second handstore and I had hidden it well; I thought, in my closet. At night I would look at it and imaging I was the one tying up those women. I studied the pictures well to see how it was done and luckly some of the photo sets showed the progress of the tying.

- Look, what I found? Tess said; her three year older daughter, as she enteted the kitchen. In her hands was my magazine. - He has a magazine showing women bound and gagged.
Tess gave the magazine to Maggie; her mother (and mine). Maggie looked at it and looked at me.
- Why do you have this magazine? She asked.
I had no good answer. - Eh, I am not sure...
- Seriously, John, you most have a better answer then that, she said.
- He is a pervert, Tess said.
- Be quiet, Tess, Maggie said and told her daughter to sit down and eat.
- I like seeing women tied up, I answered her and looked at them both. Tess sat with her mouth open and Maggie smiled.
- Finally a MAN that enjoys that. It is hard to come across men that enjoys that. Well beside your idiot uncle, but he is not countable for anything since he found that blond bimbo with the big breasts and IQ as a doorknob.
- Mum! Tess said.
- Tess, I know you like it. I have seen Todd (Tess's boyfriend) tying you up when you think no one sees you inside the window of your room.
- Mum!
- Well, John, here you have two willing ladies wanting you to tying them up. So let's go.
- Seriously? I said.
- Yes, I haven't been tied in years, Maggie said.
Maggie got up and went out of the kitchen and came back with a bunch of ropes.
- Here is your ropes, mister, now get cracking! She said aggresivally.
I got my magazine from the table and searched fast for the picture that I felt for. I pointed at the picture and said: - That is how I want it.
It was of two girls hogtied on the floor with ball gags.
Maggie and Tess stood with there backs towards me, hands crossed. Tess was not happy about it, but Maggie threaten her with no more money for two weeks and Tess fell right into the line of "victims".
I then helped them to lay down. I tied their knees and ankels before I tied the rope from their wrists to their ankels. I got them hog tied.
- I don't have anything to gag you with, I said.
- Use some tablenapkins, Maggie said.
I walked over to a cabinet where she kept them and got out her best silk tablenapkins. She was about to protest against that, but I pushed the napkin in her mouth and tied it tight. Tess laughed, but not for long. I gagged her.
I took off their socks and started to tickle their feet. They was both ticklish.
Thursday, January 3rd 2013 - 06:39:38 AM
Name: jools
Comments:i well and trully love this site lots okay all
Sunday, January 20th 2013 - 09:21:03 AM
Name: Pool Party Pantyhose Sniffer
Comments:I really didn't like Larry, but he had the best pool parties in town and always managed to get a keg and a few bottles of hard stuff to drink. It made the rest of us 18 to 20 year olds very happy. The other plus was Larry's 5'6", Barbie doll faced 43-year-old mother, with big brown eyes, thick curly shoulder length flaming-red hair and she wore a 36GG bra, I know because I always snuck into the bathroom and looked in the hamper, and usually walked out with a pair of well-worn pantyhose to jerk-off with later on. She sometimes showed up and looked very sexy in her skintight leopard print one-piece bathingsuit, but usually stayed away. She worked as a Hooters waitress and part-time lingerie model, rumor had it she did a couple spreads for Score magazine.

I snuckout of the busy pool party and went right to the downstairs bathroom, next to the master bedroom. I heard muffled sounds and then a couple thumps behind the closed door. I had a feeling a couple fellow teenagers were having sex, although Larry and his mother jane made it clear the bedrooms were off limits. Being a full blooded pervert decided to take a peek. I quietly opened the door.

The muffled meows and the thumps on the mattress were louder! Poor Jane was hogtied on her own queen sized bed with yards or red nylon cord and gagged with a well-worn black panty and a leopard prints scarf four times that completely covered her lower pretty face. She was wearing her spandex leopard print bathingsuit that really showed off her hourglass shape to perfection. She was covered in sweat and looked pretty pissed off and from the huge wet stain on the bed been in her room for quite awhile. I felt my thick circumcised 8" penis struggle in my red Speedo as I admired the best looking cougar in town. She pleaded with me with her big brown eyes for release. Being a horny well-tanned, boyishly handsome, 5'9" 160 pound, 18-year-old, with brown eyes and sandy-brown hair, took everything in, a little too long!

All of a sudden three other teenaged boys led by Larry grabbed me and before I knew it had a worn pair of suntan pantyhose stuffed in my mouth and two 3" wide strips of white adhesive tape plastered over my lips. My hands were secured behind my back and knees and ankles taped together as they teased me about tresspassing and giving jane some company. Larry had his three football jock friends toss me on the bed beside Jane, who they finally released from her hogtie, but left her well secured and with her hands tied behind her back, her enormous bosom looked even bigger. I shot a load right then and there!

I didn't even bother to struggle as I lay beside the gorgeous ultra buxom redhead. She nudged me a few times and feeling her spandex clad bottom against mine really recharged my Speedo covered manhood. Feeling her long well-manicured red fingernails against my tush made me lose control again!

For two hours I was in bondage heave, next to the sexiest MILF in town. Unfortunately a couple teenagers ruined things by showing up. The pretty 5'4" brunette quickly untied Jane, while her handsome 6'2" dirty-blonde boyfriend untied me. I swore he had wood in his black Speedo as he looked over the sweaty gorgeous redhead.

The party was broken up ten minutes later and larry was tossed out of the house.

I stop by now and then and the pretty brunette and her boyfriend tie us up and pretend to find us about once a week.
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 04:24:59 PM
Name: chase
E-mail address: what
Sunday, February 10th 2013 - 07:37:23 AM
Name: Where's the money Lebowski
Comments:Joyce was a divorced mother with a problem. Her 17 Year old daughter Martha was getting well out of controle. Martha partied every night with her friends and was neglecting her school work and basically defying her mother. One night as Martha was getting ready to sneak out for another party night Joyce walked in and caught her getting ready to climb out the windo. Joyce shouted, where the hell do you think you are goin young lady. Martha told her that she was going out and there was nothing she could do about it. Well, Joyce lost her cool. She grabbed Martha and shoved her to the bed and the fight was on. Joyce eventually overcame Martha and stripped her down to her panites and bra, hogtied her face down on her bed and gagged her. Joyce them removed everything from Marthas room including her cell phone so she couldn't call out, then left her in her room with her own thoughts. Around midnight Joyce fell asleep on the couch. Dave and Kipp showed up trying to find Martha who had not showed up to thier meeting site. They got in to her bedroom through the window and found Martha bound and gagged. At first they were scared that Martha and her mother had been robbed, but after untying Martha and removing the gag, she told them what really happened. They were just going to sneak back out but Joyce had removed all of Marthas clothes from the room. Using Daves Cell phone they called their friend Tina who brought Martha some clothes. Tina showed up, and as Martha was getting dressed she came up with an idea. I think we should tie my bitch of a mother up and get all of my stuff back. Tina said, I don't know, that could get us into a lot of trouble. Dave and Kipp were all for it. Tina was about to chicken out but was grabbed by Dave and tied and gagged to keep her quiet. Then the snuck down to the living room. They snuck up behind Joyce, clamped a hand over her mouth. The struggle was on, Joyce resisted for several minutes but was no match for the strength of Dave, Kipp and Martha. They yanked her shirt and pants off, Joyce was wearing a white thong paniy and no bra. They tied her hands behind her back, tied her ankles and gagged her with scarves. They then forced Tina down to the livingroom and stripped her down to just her white bikini brief panties. Dave yanked off Tinas bra laughing, its not fair that Joyce is braless and you are not. They untied Tina and Joyces hands and ordered them to hug each other. When they resisted they were shoved together face to face and arms and hands forced around each other. Their hands were retied, then they were wrapped together with a roll of duct tape Dave found in the garage. They left to go out for the rest of the night taunting that they would come back in a few hourse. Both Joyce and Tina knew that it was now Saturday and no one would miss either one of them for at least tow days.
Tuesday, February 12th 2013 - 11:01:43 AM
Name: Johnny Adams
Comments:Hi, I am new to this site and would like to add a new story. It is a work of fiction.
As Cal sat at the table, he drank in the goddess across from him. Cindy, a 5 10 blonde, curvy body, and beautiful face, had tired of the usual banter. As they looked at each other, Cindy broke the silence.
“Look, I am going to sleep with you. So let’s cut to the chase. I like to be kissed on the breasts, and tied down. Anything else I am good with. “
Cal, a little shocked but the forwardness answered.
“OK, I like to tie women up. How about a little game, just to make things interesting.”
Cal told Cindy what he liked to do and she agreed.

An hour later back at Cal’s place, Cal told Cindy to give him five minutes and then come up to the bedroom. Cindy kissed him and watched him go. Cindy was wearing a short skirt with a fuzzy white turtleneck. She also wore long black boots and a fur coat with a hood.
At the five minute mark, Cindy pulled her hood up over her head and walked to the bedroom. She left her panties at the door. When she reached the bedroom, Cindy pushed open the door and walked in.
She was immediately grabbed from behind. One arm pinned hers to the side of her body, a hand closed over her mouth.
“Don’t make a sound!” Cal said.
Cindy nodded and then Cal proceeded to tie Cindy’s hands behind her back. Once secured, Cal turned Cindy around and placed a huge piece of tape across her mouth. He led Cindy to the bed and blindfolded her. Cal then tied her feet, rolled her on the bed and stood over her.
She could hear Cal stroking himself. Then she felt his hands rubbing up and down her leg. When he reached her crotch, he stopped and then found his way in. Cindy moaned through her gag. She loved being trussed up like this and now with his hand inside her, the sensation shot through. When Cindy had cum, 3 times, Cal untied her legs and stuck his tonque in her clit. The waves of pleasure flowed through Cindy.
After a few orgasims, Cal stretched out beside Cindy, he caressed her clit while asking Cindy if there was another lady she was in love with. Cindy moaned yes and thought of her good friend Janet. A buxom brunette with the same sort of curves. He told Cindy to think of her friend doing this. Cindy’s imagination took her to a new level of orgasim as she pictured Janet doing this. Almost exhausted, she pleaded with Cal to fuck her. Cal climbed on top and fucked her hard. Cindy struggled through her bonds loving every second. She thrashed her head side to side within her hood as Cal came.
Afterwards as Cal tried to untie Cindy, she shook her head and allowed Cal to hold her in this position. She now thought about Janet, cumming at that same time. She may have a new thing to try out.
Thanks for allowing this new work!
Friday, March 8th 2013 - 12:43:58 PM
Name: Jason
E-mail address: Jason@hotmail.com
Comments:The Librarian

I looked across the library at the Librarian, her hair in a bun with a pencil tight pinstripe skirt and boots and thick rimmed glasses.

She glowered at me as I talked with a colleague in the library.

6.30pm came and she wandered across to me to tell me the Library was closing. A faint smile came across her lips.

I stood outside as the Library closed but as it was dark and drizzling and so I waited in the entrance until the rain let up.

The Librarian came out and asked me if, as it was dark, I would walk her home. Her smile relaxed me and so I agreed.

We came to her house and she invited me in for a drink.

She went into her bedroom, as I remained in the lounge.

I picked up a magazine on her table "Men in skirts" with the subtitle "A lesson in bondage for women" and started looking in it.

There she had various men tied up, skirted and booted; men tied up by women.

"So that is what turns her on" I thought. "Men in skirts in submission"

And then she came out - having let her hair down and changed into a red blouse and split leather skirt.

"Wow" I breathed in as she looks fabulous.

"Surprised” she said.

"Yes" I replied.

“And the magazine" she replied seeing what I had in my hand. “You up for it?" she asked

"Well, I have never been skirted and booted in my life". I replied

"There's always a first time" she replied

And with that she led me into her bedroom.

On the bed was a silky black skirt, a white top, a pair of tights and a pair of black boots. All my size.

"How did you guess my size" I replied.

"I used to work in a clothes shop selling women's clothes. You soon get to work out sizes just by looking."

Curiosity got the better of me and so I took off my clothes and soon was skirted and booted standing in front of her.

She came up to me and twisted my right arm behind my back and marched me over to the wall.

"Spread-eagle" she said "Hands on the wall and feet part - now lean forward".

As I leant forward with my arms and legs in the form of a star at 45 degrees to the wall, she took my right wrist and turned it behind my back followed by the left one.

My head was now forced onto the wall as she held me there.

She took a piece of rope from her waist band and firmly tied my hands together and then my elbows - as close as they could go.

She then put me in a chokehold under her right arm causing legs to be bent in a right angle to the rest of my body as she took me over to her bed.

I was forced face down on the bed - I couldn't resist her as she caressed my bum underneath the skirt.

Suddenly a policewoman entered to room in full policewoman uniform - and whistled. I could just see her out of the corner of my eye.

“Spot on" she said "You win the bet, I never thought you'd get him here - let alone so helpless like this". And she laughed.

And as I listened more carefully I realised it was my girlfriend Helena.

"We are going to have a great night Jason - or should I say Jane." I squirmed as she tied my feet together.

"I see I can't trust you with the fairer sex" she went on as her hand went under my skirt to my private parts and I wriggled s she squeezed.

The Librarian pinched my nose and, as I opened my mouth, she put in a spider gag.

"I can explain" I said helplessly.

"No need" Helena replied “No need for further evidence and anyway I have you as I want you. I have been wondering how to get you like this for a long time but didn't know how to bring the subject up."

The Librarian put her fingers into my mouth and began to play.

Helena's hand went under my skirt again ................

The night was long - as was the next morning.

As it was the weekend, I remain bound and gagged (just allowed to go to the toilet in cuffs when I needed to) like this till Monday.

The Libararian said " The weekend is a long time to babysit you"

It turned out that Helena had a sister - the Librarian.

So beware if a dowdy Librarian asked you in for a drink...
Thursday, March 21st 2013 - 12:07:21 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Comments:It looks like Jason went to the library but NEVER learned HOW to READ!
Hey, "GENIUS" this is a web-site for bound "WOMEN" NOT bound men!
Wednesday, March 27th 2013 - 10:26:56 PM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Cottage

You will be surprised what happened to me, not least because I doubt you have heard of the special task force known as the Belles.

It is a counter intelligence group made up solely of women, because it is recognised that women have superior mental powers - and also can be trained to be as lethal as the men

My Austrian second cousin Heidi (the one who is a Belle in the Austrian police force) and I were down from Scotland and it was Burns night.

We were beginning to be an item.

We were both sitting in this little cafe just before the B&D Burns Night Ball,dressed appropriately in a knee length kilt and boots (as it was ferociously cold that evening).

Suddenly three policewomen from the Belles special task force came in and one of them arrested Heidi.

She twisted Heidi's arms behind her back before cuffing her.

As I tried to intervene, the other two each took one of my arms and twisted them behind my back as I stood up.

I hunched forward and one of them kicked the back of my knees forcing me into a kneeling position and then she took over the other wrist of mine from her colleague. She then placed her booted foot on the back on my knee forcing me to remain kneeling but in a very upright position.

Her colleague then put a dog collar around my neck and then tied my wrists together (still twisted up my back) and then attached them to the dog collar.

You can guess that I felt helpless as I knelt there with the Belle cop holding me down with her foot on the back of my knee.

The Chief of Belles then came in and stood before me.

She was a magnificent specimen of tough womanhood seductively dressed in a red leather shirt and white blouse and in magificent riding boots.

"I told you to stay out of this" she said to Heidi and me, Heidi having now also been forced to her knees in front of the Chief. "That was an order. Now I am going to have to enforce my order."

It was all to do with the financial affair that was going on in my office that Heidi and I had discovered.

Or so I thought.

"However, as I can't get that through to the two of you, I am going to keep you tied up until this is over."

And with that we were hauled of to the awaiting police wagon, where we were shoved in the back with two of the Belles.

Heidi and I were then both shoved on our stomachs and hogtied.

"That should keep you docile" one of them said.

As Heidi opened her mouth to protest, a gag was inserted into her mouth.

" Have you got something to say too" the other Belle asked me. I shook my head.

We travelled about ten miles until we came to an old cottage in the woods - far from the maddening crowd. We were released from the hogtie and led into the house.

Heidi's gag was removed on the condition she kept her mouth shut.

"Actually this is one of our safe houses" the Chief said "And you will be out guests."

We were shoved to our knees again and then allowed to sit. Heid was almost comfortable in her cuffs but my wrists were aching.

"Please" I pleaded with the Chief "will you release my arms, as they are killing me"

And with that the two Belles came over and untied me. "Get yourself a drink" the Chief said and I got up and stretched my legs.

"Don't you want to know why Heidi's still manacled" the Chief said.

"I have learnt to keep my questions to myself this evening" I replied, secretly enjoying the sight of Heidi in kilt and boots, hand cuffed behind her back and sitting demurely on the floor in front of the fire.

She looked such a damsel in distress. Wow was she o cute.

" I know you think she looks cute" the Chief said mischeviously." We have seen the magazines in your appartment."

"Well she's yours this evening - only the cuffs will stay on. I know you won't escape while Heidi has her her hands cuffed behind her back. Anyway if the both of you ran, she wouldn't get far in the woods like that. Have a nice evening. Oh by the way I'll leave the Fonz with you for protection and to stop you escaping."

Well, the Fonz was a beautiful woman, muscular, six foot two and all woman looking seducively cute in her boots and black skirt. She could have been a model.

"Don't try anything on the Fonz - she'll have you for breakfast" was the Chief's parting words.

And with that she left.

"Want some food" the Fonz said and I replied affirmatively.

Heidi looked at me forlornly.

"Sorry Heidi" I said "I can't do anything about your cuffs. You heard the chief. And there is no way I will be able to take the keys from the Fonz"

After 15 mins, the Fonz came in from the kitchen but she looked different. I looked puzzled until I realised that there were two women next to her and her hands were tied behind her back.

Not only tied behind her back but her elbows had been tied together. On top of that there was also rope tied around the top of her torso forcing her breasts to stick out - like a Sergeant Major's on parade ground.

She was then ball gagged and blindfolded.

"Hands behind your head and interlock your fingers" the woman with the gun said.

I complied.

"Down on your knees"

Again I complied.

The scene was surreal.

I was on my knees, hands behind my head with fingers interlocked. Heidi was handcuffed and sitting on the floor and the Fonz was hooded and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, her torso was roped and the end of the rope was used to pull her into the room.

The woman with the gun gave her colleague a piece of rope and she approached me.

She pushed me forward on my stomach lowering me down with my long hair until I was on the floor. She them hopped onto my back - and took my right arm and twisted it behind me back so my hand was almost touching the base of my neck. Lucky I was double jointed as that didn't really hurt at all.

She did the same with my other hand but then tied the two together at the base of my back, slid the rope around my stomach and the tied it off so my hands were tied tightly together and to the base of my back.

The woman then came and uncuffed Heidi. "Heidi dear" she said " Not much of a gentleman, is he?"

I was pulled to my feet and Heidi took over. "I'll sort him out this evening" she smiled.

The other woman looked at the Fonz and ran her hands over her.

"And you my dear Fonz are mine this evening"

The Fonz shuddered as she could guess what was coming.

You see the woman was Maria Moriaty was the Chief of Belle's boss and she had a crush on the Fonz.

It was going to be a long night for the Fonz - and I guessed for me too.

Heidi chuckled as she led me into the bedroom....
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 02:27:47 PM
Name: Wanda's nephew
Comments:Since I lived so far away from home while attending college, stayed with my 5'9", absolutely gorgeous, 56-year-old, although she looked much younger, Aunt Wanda, who had thick curly flaming-red hair, big blue eyes, and a very curvaceous 175 pound frame and wore a 38HH bra. She was twice divorced and her son was in the service so it worked out well for both of us. I have to admit being around her put a major strain on my jockey shorts and bikini briefs.

Being only 19-years-old, and a healthy good-looking 5'7" well-tanned, blue eyed blonde, who just came off the set of Bay Watch, had a lot of offers from pretty college girls my age. I soon hooked up with Maria, a studious, but very pretty, 5'5", olive-skinned, 20-year-old, with thick shoulder length brunette hair, big almond shaped brown eyes and an extra curvy 150 pound frame and wore a 36EE bra. She was a nanny for 14-year-old twin boys, so getting together was always a chore. The two boys were always into trouble too. Chip and Chuck looked like the cute boys next-door, but were on their way to prison if they continued their wild ways. They were all of 5'4" tall and weighed a whole 110 soaking wet with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Of course their parents traveled a lot.

Well the Homecoming Dance was coming up and Maria could not find anyone to take care of the twins, of course their reputations tended to get in the way. I finally made a deal with aunt Wanda to watch the boys in exchange for helping her in her lingerie store for a weekend of her choice.

Wanda was wearing a tight red knit top, skintight white spandex leggings, and white sneakers, that showed her hourglass figure off almost obscenely. Maria of course looked extra hot in a gray spandex dress, nude controltop pantyhose and 4" black stiletto highheels.

The dance was a blast and we stayed to the end and even joined our friends for breakfast at Denny's. We didn't get back to the estate until 4:30 in the morning. The livingroom was a disaster zone, we went up stairs and noticed the two boys bedrooms a mess and empty. I began to get nervous since we hadn't seen or heard Aunt Wanda. The guest bedroom was empty and so was Maria's small bedroom, although the dresser drawers were open and rummaged through as was her laundry basket. We then opened the master bedroom suite door and there were the two twins sleeping soundly on the king sized bed in just their underpants wearing what looked like lipstick on their face to look like war paint.

"Mmph! humph!" A voice groaned from the opposite side of the bed! I quickly went to look as Chip bolted awake!

"Please tell me you didn't do this." Maria pleaded upset as Chuck woke up and snuck up behind her.

My gorgeous aunt meowed incoherently on the floor, her hands taped behind her back, with her ankles secured together with more 3" wide white stretchy medical tape, a balled up worn leopard print panty girdle was jammed in her luscious mouth and a 4" wide ace bandage had been wrapped over her pouty red lips five times to complete the bondage. I felt my thick 9" circumcised penis struggle in my tight gray dress pants as I admired their handiwork.
All of a sudden Chip grab my hands and handcuffed them behind my back!

Chuck stuffed a balled up worn black panty girdle deep in Maria's sensuous mouth and wrapped a 4" wide ace bandage around her full pink lips. He then removed her dress, so it wouldn't get ruined and taped her hands behind her back and her pantyhose clad ankles together as she stood in front of us in a black full-cupped bra, controltop nude pantyhose and her black highheels. She seemed to enjoy being bound and gagged and didn't resist.

As for me a balled up pair of suntan pantyhose was forced in my mouth and two 3" wide strips of white stretchy medical tape were placed over my smooth baby face. They yanked off my shoes and pants and left me in my white polo shirt, white bikini brief that was bulging out prominently and black socks, which they soon wrapped with more tape. They then taped my hands together and removed the handcuffs. All three of us were bound and gagged!

My gorgeous aunt rolled around the floor and began to ham it up as the two boys spanked Maria and me. I was embarrassed when I lost control and from the way Maria meowed she was just as excited. I had to admit it was fun being a bound and gagged captive with two ultra-buxom beauties.

We were placed on the floor with me in between the two gorgeous women. I felt both sets of huge breasts against me and had at least three more climaxes before a pair of scissors were placed on the plush gray carpet.

The boys left for baseball practice at 9:00. Maria quickly squirmed over to the scissors and worked her way loose. It took her ten minutes. She then freed me and finally we both helped my aunt free.

It turned out my aunt had been captured during a game of cowboys & Indians at 8:30 and remained their prisoner until 9:30 the next morning. I was amazed at how well she took it, although showed some wear and tear and spent a good thirty minutes in the bathroom cleaning up.

I couldn't help but to think of the fun the two delinquents had feeling her up and touching her during their kinky game. I got wood again just thinking about it, at least this time Maria helped relieve me of it in the hallway bathroom where we cleaned up and more.

Maria confessed that the boys tied her up at least once a week and she enjoyed it. The mother paid her extra knowing about the abuse since they tied her up as well.
Sunday, May 12th 2013 - 06:17:16 AM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Comments:Dear "Wanda's Nephew":
Thank you for the really HOT story of "olive-skinned" Maria
("repeatedly") bound-and gagged by the two (2) YOUNGER boys!
Any ADDITIONAL accounts (like HOW they over-powered her and/or what type of OUTFITS she was wearing at-the-time
~like a school uniform)?
Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 07:52:23 PM
Name: Wanda's nephew
Comments:Glad a few people enjoyed our first adventure.

After our exciting night in bondage, I finally asked Maria, my 5'5", absolutely gorgeous 20-year-old olive-skinned, girlfriend, with big almond shaped brown eyes, thick straight brunette hair and an ultra-curvy 150 pound frame and wore a 36EE bra more about her job. She had been Chip and Chuck's nanny for over a year and she had been tied up at least fifty times. I got serious wood just thinking about it.

She told me the first week she was working at he estate the parents had to go away, and since the two boys were den leaders for a cub scout pack they asked her to help out and even went as far as buying her a den mother's uniform, a light blue blouse, that was too snug, a tight knee length skirt, nude controltop pantyhose and 3" navy blue pumps to look the part. It turned out the eight cub scouts were learning about Indian ways and of course Chip suggested tying a woman to a tree. They ganged up on Maria and tied her to a pole in the basement and used yards of rope and gagged her with a blue bandana. The boys did a war dance around her and finely let her go after an hour. She wrote it off as a scout thing.

Two days later the boys were working on a school paper. They were doing a report on a local kidnapping and wanted to try to understand how it would feel to capture a college co-ed. Maria didn't pay that much attention and as she returned from her night swim in the pool went to her room wearing her white bikini bathingsuit. The boys ambushed her and before she could cry out a balled up pair of their mother's worn pantyhose were shoved in her mouth and her hands were taped behind her back with 3" wide flesh colored medical tape they bought at the local Dollar Store. She struggled at first, but a few playful smacks on her spandex clad bottom excited her. She allowed the two boys to complete the capture and was soon on the plush carpet with her hands taped behind her back, which really made her huge bosom stick out, her pencil thin ankles were secured and a 4" wide ace bandage covered her lower pretty face three times. The boys went as far as taking pictures and video taping her struggles. She swore their jockey shorts tented out prominently during the whole episode. She was freed two hours later.

One afternoon when she returned from college classes, she walked into the house wearing a short plaid mini-skirt, suntan controltop pantyhose, a white blouse and black 3" highheels. She heard muffled sounds in the boys bedroom. She called the mother, a 5'8", very attractive, 37-year-old, with big blue eyes, thick curly frosted blonde hair and curvaceous 140 pound frame, and wore a 36C bra, struggled on the plush carpet in her red skintight riding breeches, black riding boots, and a white blouse, her hans were taped behind her back, her booted ankles were taped together and a balled up white cotton panty, Maria's, was stuffed in her luscious mouth and a 4" wide ace bandage was wrapped over her full red lips four times. She meowed through well stuffed mouth as the ultra-buxom nanny walked into the room!

Soon Maria was bound the same way and gaged with the mother's worn black pantyhose with three strips of 3" wide flesh colored medical tape placed over her pouty pink lips. She felt the older captive press herself against her plump skirted bottom. She climaxed as the older woman pressed her bosom against Maria's well endowed top. She swore the mother was excited and from the wet patch around the front of her riding breeches climaxed a couple times. Maria was at first uncomfortable, but soon got into the kinky scene!

There was an extra $50.00 in her weekly check and the father informed her that there would be more bonuses as long as the boys were happy.

One night when she got up to use the bathroom she heard sounds in the master bedroom and quietly opened the door. The mother was tied spread eagled on the huge bed with a ballgag in her mouth as the black hooded husband teased her with an ice cube. She knew this would be a fun place to work.

I couldn't wait to help her with the two boys again.............

Saturday, May 18th 2013 - 04:24:48 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Homepage URL: http://re: "Wanda's Nephew":
Comments:Thank you for the up-date!
Even IF your stories are fake
they were very "stimulating"!





Sunday, May 19th 2013 - 09:46:42 AM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
Homepage URL: http://re: "Wanda's Nephew":
Comments:Thank you for the up-date!
Even IF your stories are fake
they were very "stimulating"!





Sunday, May 19th 2013 - 09:46:52 AM
Name: Wanda's nephew
Comments:It was two weeks after the Homecoming dance. The boys were at a weekend scout campout and Maria had the weekend off. We decided to spend Saturday together and started with a ten mile bike ride. Seeing Maria in a black spandex sports bra and red spandex shorts was a nice extra bonus. We spent the entire morning and had a nice lunch before we rode back to the estate to lounge around the pool. I couldn't wait to see Maria in her new swimsuit, but with her great hourglass figure who wouldn't' want to see her in a black high-cut bikini?

Maria headed up to her room to change while I used the downstairs bathroom to slip into my yellow Speedo. I laid outside by the pool for a good half hour and began to wonder what my gorgeous Latin girlfriend was up to. I called out as I headed up the stairs. There was no answer.

I opened her bedroom door and walked in. I was jumped from behind! I tried to call out, only to have a balled up pair of worn nude pantyhose in my mouth and a red bandana wrapped over my smooth lower face twice! I struggled as my hands were tied behind my back and ankles tied together with soft red nylon climbing rope. A short length of rope was used to put me in a secure hogtie! I rocked on the plush carpet helplessly as I heard muffled meows ten feet away.

Maria was still in her spandex sports bra and red spandex shorts, restrained just like me, only a balled up black panty girdle was shoved in her luscious mouth and a 4" wide ace bandage was wrapped over her pouty red lips four times!
I had a major erection as I looked at my helplessly restrained girlfriend. I then saw the two teenage delinquents in their scout shorts and shirts smiling. Chip admitted that they were tossed from the campout because they tied up and gagged another scout and left him in the outhouse as a joke. Since the parents were away the scoutmaster's wife took it upon herself to drive them home.

Chuck checked our bonds and gags and then left us alone. I must admit Maria's bosom looked extra large with her hands bound behind her back and in a tight hogtie. I should have been angry about getting captured again, but being with Maria made it a special date.

"Hello!" Aunt Wanda yelled as she walked into the huge house!

We both tried to warn my gorgeous ultra-buxom aunt with thick curly flaming-red hair. I wondered how they tricked her into coming to the house. I was extra hard thinking about it.

We heard muffled protest and a scuffle at the foot of the stairs. The boys had the upper hand, but they were experts in their field, Bondage.

The door opened and we saw poor Aunt Wanda, in her leopard print one-piece swimsuit that showed off her enormous 38HH bosom to perfection, and with her hands tied behind her back they looked even bigger and her nipples poked through the spandex material. A balled up pair of jockey shorts were stuffed in her mouth with a 4" wide ace bandage wrapped over her full lips four times to stifle her complaints. The boys then tied her pencil thing ankles together with more of the same red rope they used on us and put her in a hogtie. I was in bondage heaven as the two top heavy beauties struggled on either side of me.

The boys were always full of kinky surprises. They walked in Mrs. Paula Walker, the 5'4", extremely beautiful, well-tanned, 47-year-old, scoutmaster's wife, with big bright-blue eyes, thick shoulder length curly honey-blonde hair and a very nice figure that her white short sleeved blouse, green plaid skirt, white full-cut cotton panties and white sneakers showed off a little too well, and with her hands taped behind her back, he ample 37DD bosom was very much on display. A balled up yellow bikini brief was stuffed in her mouth with a blue bandana wrapped over her full pink lips. The boys tied her pencil thin ankles together and put her in a hogtie. They spanked their newest victim's plump bottom a few times to let her know they were in charge.
I wanted to be spanked, but they turned their attention to Aunt Wanda.

They helped he to her bound feet after removing the rope that hogtied her and spanked her as she hopped across the room. Seeing her huge bosom heave up and down as she hopped was very arousing. Chip did the spanking while Chuck videoed it. There was no end to their demented games.

Four hours later they left a pair of scissors on the floor, close to Maria and took off to the movies, using our bikes! I had a feeling they were afraid Mr. Walker would come to look for his gorgeous wife so flew the coop just in case. Maria was an expert at freeing herself at his point so thirty minutes later we were free. Paula took her captivity in stride and my aunt even admitted she knew she was walking into a trap when Maria invited her over for a cookout.

I am sure the twins will end up in prison someday, but in the meantime plan to enjoy being bound and gagged with my girlfriend and aunt until then.
Sunday, May 19th 2013 - 10:04:25 AM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
E-mail address: "My Final Shade of Red" by J.D.
Homepage URL: http://from Bob's Archives (Mon Feb 9 20:55:41 CST 1998)
Comments:Mon Feb 9 20:55:41 CST 1998

First time contributor - many time reader. I have a babysitter story that may sound stranger than fiction. What makes the story unique is that my sisters were the ones that usually tied the babysitter up, not me. I have two sisters Dana and Samantha (she went by Sam at that time), both younger by a couple of years. When I was around thirteen, my parents would invite a local girl, Janet, to watch us. She probably wasn't so much of a babysitter for me as she was for the two girls. As Dana and Sam were about the same age, they could become quite difficult to handle for me alone (future subject of Canuck's page) and Mom felt that an older girl could do a better job of keeping them under control. They didn't run around tearing up the place, but they were very mischievous when left to the own devices. I would guess that Janet was around sixteen at the time - she had her own car. I was enamored with Janet and she knew it. High school girls are fascinating for guys that are still going through puberty in junior high. Janet loved to flirt and tease me when she could as I think she enjoyed the adoration. One time prior to this story she came over directly from some function at her high school. I remember her showing up at our front door wearing this outfit that drove me crazy. I had learned over the years that one of my turn-ons was a woman wearing boots. This was during the mid-seventies and it was common style for women to wear a shirt or sweater and jeans that were tucked into knee-high boots. That evening Janet had on a black sweater, blue jeans and these tight black leather boots. I thought she looked spectacular. Her boots were cuffed on the top, had a zipper up the inside and about 3 inch heels, and came up to the lower part of her knees. I must have gone "gaga" that night because Janet teased me quite a bit over the years about it. Regardless, she ended up wearing those boots many more times - I think because she knew she could get to me.

The evening in question, she had on that same outfit. It would seem like I would always find something to do near her when she dressed that way. It was a Friday, and my parents were out for the evening and were not expecting to return until at least eleven. Janet had come over around seven. For the first hour or so Dana and Sam had stayed in their room playing Barbies I think. I was watching TV and Janet had made herself comfortable reading a magazine in the room with me. The evening was passing quietly - a little too quietly I think because Janet started getting curious about what the girls were up to. They had been in their room for some time without emerging and I guess Janet decided to check up on them as she got up and headed down the hall toward their room. I glanced up, because I loved to see her walk in those boots, and watched her knock on their door and enter. I went back to watching TV when about five minutes later I hear this partial "Hey!" and some thumping as if somebody was wrestling around. I yelled back to their room.

"What's going on back there?"

"Oh nothing" I heard Sam yell back and then I could hear this muffled cry.

I really didn't think much of it so I went back to watching TV. Not two minutes later I hear their door open and this cry from Sam of "Get her! She's getting away!" I turned to see Janet running down the hallway as fast as she could in those heels toward me with the girls in close pursuit. At first, it looked like she was holding her hands behind her back. When she had closed to within fifteen feet, her brown curly hair moved away from her face and I could see this really tight white gag over her mouth. She let out a "mmmm, mmrmmrrrfff" as she tried to maneuver herself so I was between her and the girls. I could see then that her hands were tied together. She plopped her self down on the sofa and leaned behind me as Sam and Dana ran up.

"Mmmmpfg, mmmphfhf"

"What are you two doing to Janet" I said trying not to stare at her too intently.

"It's none of your business," Dana retorted.

"I think Janet wants it to be my business," trying to be the knight in shining armor.

I looked at Janet and she gave me a big nod and a "mmmgpgh" in response.

Dana turned to her sister and said slyly, "Do we have any more rope?"

I knew a threat when I heard one and coming from these two this was definitely a threat they could make good on. I had been on the receiving end before and I knew that the two of them were more than capable of overpowering me. I quickly thought over the various scenarios and, although I wouldn't mind being tied up with Janet, it might be more fun to just watch.

"Alright. I've got an idea. I won't bother you, but you have to mess around out here in the den where I can keep an eye on you."

I could quickly tell that I hadn't scored any points with Janet as she flashed this look of terror in her eyes and added a few more "mmmppphhh"s.

"JD wants to watch. JD wants to watch." Dana quickly began to sing which turned my face into numerous shades of crimson. My sisters had previously caught me intensely watching a movie where a damsel is tied up, gagged and struggling nicely. It may have been "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant" but I have not viewed it since so I would not know. Since that time my sisters were confident that I enjoyed the sight of a bound and gagged beauty. So much for secrets. Now Janet was in the loop. She looked up and gave me that teasing glare as if I know something else about you now. I tried to act unperturbed.

"We'll bring her back out when we're done and then you can watch her" Sam decided and her and Dana grabbed Janet by the arms and pulled her up off the sofa. Janet looked so helpless and she was marched down the hall back into the girls' room. Their door closed.

I sat on the sofa for not more than a minute or so before my curiosity got the better of me. I ran down to their room and knocked on the door.

"Secret password?"

"C'mon you two, let me in."


"I want to make sure you're not hurting her."

"Sure you do. You just want to watch."

Overcoming my growing embarrassment I lashed out with my mightiest weapon. "I'll tell Mom if you don't." The door quickly opened.

Glancing around the room, I could see my helpless babysitter sitting on Dana's bed. The girls had been adding to their masterpiece. Janet's ankles were tied together, another rope had been wrapped tightly around her body, and she had been blindfolded.

"What have you two done to her?"

Janet moved her head around as if searching for the source of my voice.

"She was teasing us and we decided to get her back." Dana added obviously setting up a defense if needed later for Mom.

"I'm letting her go!" This brought a series of "mmmpph"s and struggles from Janet on the bed. I could tell that the girls had done a thorough job, as she was not making any headway towards getting loose.

"Dana?" Sam said in a soft teasing voice as she dangled some rope and looked at her sister and then looked at me.

"I'll tell Mom."

"Fine, you sore loser." Dana said. Looking at Sam, "Let's let the little lovebirds be together." She and Sam giggled and left me alone in the room with Janet. Now, you are probably thinking the exact same thing I was. "Why do you want to untie this damsel in distress?" I was fighting that urge with the urge to be the hero to the girl I adored. I also realized that if I didn't do something, Janet was really going to figure out that I was enjoying this. However, that didn't mean that I had to untie her quickly.

I sauntered over to where she sat and started working on the ropes, starting at her ankles of course. The girls had used nylon rope that my Dad had out in the garage and it wasn't that easy for me to release. As I worked on the rope around her ankles I admired the high leather boots she was wearing - remember she was still blindfolded. After some time delaying "problems" with the rope, I was finally able to release her ankles.

Thinking quickly, I decided to tackle the rope around he body next. It was tight, but they had not done a good job of tying it off so it was easy to release. Janet took a deep breath as I removed the rope - the girls had tied it so snugly that the lungs in her slender body had been squeezed.

Decision time. Do you untie the wrists and let her remove her own gag and blindfold? Ha ha! That's a funny one. I went for the blindfold first. It came off relatively easily and then I was staring face to face with my tightly gagged babysitter. I could tell that there was sense of relief in her eyes, but she knew she was still very helpless and unable to speak. Finally, I worked my way to the knot in the long white handkerchief in the nape of her neck. The girls had really put a tight gag on Janet. Not only did her cheeks bulge out from over the top of the gag, but the knot was difficult to loosen. I "struggled" with the knot, glancing back at her face occasionally to enjoy the view. Finally I managed to loosen the knot and pull the white cloth from her lips. To my surprise, Janet opened her mouth and pushed out another handkerchief that had been stuffed in there.

"Whew! What a relief! I thought I would never get free."

She continued to talk as I worked the ropes loose from around her wrists.

"Those two are going to have to pay!" My heart leaped. I was afraid at this point that the girls had driven off Janet from babysitting again. It was nice to hear feistiness in her voice.

"Maybe not tonight, but those two are going to pay."

"You want some help?" I asked, imaging the fun this might be.

"Are you crazy? You think I could do it by myself?"

"You just tell me when" I said eagerly. Perhaps a little too eagerly because it seemed to change the subject.

"Were they kidding when they said you liked watching me like that?"

I turned bright red. My damsel is turning on me I thought. Any inclination to bolt for the door was smothered by the instant realization that it would only make me look worse.

Mr. Cool replied, "I liked rescuing you."

"That's not what they told me. When they brought me back into the room and were tying my feet they said you liked to watch women when they were tied up."

I seethed in fury. I was going to get those two if it was the last thing I did.

"You're okay JD," Janet said realizing my discomfort. "You did come and rescue me even though you seemed to take your time untying me."

I think I may have turned even redder except that I found out shortly that there were still a couple of shades to go.

"Why did you take so long to remove that handkerchief from my mouth? What is it called?" she looked at me inquiringly.

"I think it's called a gag." I said innocently.

"Well, why did you leave me gagged so long? You sure worked on it awhile."

Another shade of red.

She could read me like a book. "You like the way I look gagged, don't you?"

Yet another shade.

I think she realized my discomfort as she grabbed me by the head and applied a quick "nugee" saying "You beast!" kiddingly.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me," she said getting up to leave. "Just think, all that and I was wearing boots too."

She winked and strutted out the door.

My final shade of red.

Tuesday, May 21st 2013 - 05:55:21 PM
Name: bound-black-girl lover
E-mail address: to "Wanda's Nephew"
Comments:Loved the scoutmistress in
Tuesday, May 21st 2013 - 06:00:30 PM
Name: graham
E-mail address: grahamcolin50@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:good site. Please people add more
Wednesday, June 5th 2013 - 06:54:37 AM
Name: Wanda
Comments:Four years ago after a really nasty divorce, I made friends with a fellow divorcee, Elenore, at a support group. Elenore and I became very good friends and would go on trips and do activities together and it was good to have somone my own age I could relate to. Elenore and I are in our early 50s and started taking exersize classes together and got in pretty good shape. Last year at this time I was invited to go to a party at the lake and invited Elenore to go with me, I thought we might even meet some ment there. We mustered up our courage and wore the skimpiest bikinis we dared to put on and went to the lake party. While there we got some nice compliments from several of the men there about how good we looked, some of those men were considerably younger that we were. Three young men in particular began flirting and paying a lot of attention to us and we were very flattered and having a great deal of fun. It started to grow late and Elenore and I decided it was time for us to go. The three young men tried to persuade us into letting them come home with us, but we felt we were a bit to old for that foolishness and politely declined their flattering offer. When we got to our house it was very late and I invited Elenore to stay the night. We were still in our bikinis and looking for somthing to change into when I heard a bang on the front door. Foolishly I went to investigate, and when I opened the door there standing in front of me were the three young men we met at the party, drunk and ready for more partying. I was quite alarmed and told them that this was hightly inappropriate and demanded they leave at once. How did you even find out where I lived, I demanded to know, One of them pulled out my drivers license out of his pocket and waved it in my face. I took it our of your bag while you weren't looking, he laughed. Give that to me at once I ordered, but instead of returning it, he pushed me back into the house, with his two friends behind him. I think we'll just stay here and have some more fun, and he grabbed me and held his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream, Elenore came rushing in to find out what all the commotion was about and the other two jumped her and also put hands over her mouth, we were both silenced and unable to call for help. They shoved us into the living room and made us sit on the couch. The first young man looked at me and asked if we were going to cooperate and join them in some more fun. Both of us defiantly shook our heads no, and he told us that we will do it without your cooperation then. Two of them held us down while the other searched the house for somthing to tie us up with. Obviously not a well planned raid. He came back several moments later with some scarves, belts and medical tape I kept in a first aid kit in the bathroom. The scarves were shoved in our mouths and taped shut, out hands were tied behind our backs with the tape and our legs were tied together with the belts. They carried us into the kitchen and put us back to back on chairs and taped and belted us secure to the chairs. One of them walked into the kitchen and pulled a butcher knife out of a drawer. Oh God they are going to hurt us, but all he did was cut out bikini tops off, yanking them from our bodies and throwing them to the floor. If we are going to stay here for awhile we might as well have a nice view, he said. They ransacked the house, ate food out of the refridgerator, drank all of my beer and wine, rumaged through my drawers and jewelry box, taking whatever they thought might be valuable, emptied mine and Elenores purse on the floor taking the money, credit cars and ATM cards. During all this they took turns fondling and groping us with their hands and force kissing us. I was certain we would eventually be raped, but for some reason that did not happen. As morning started to come and they sobered up a bit, I think they got a bit afraid of what they had done and abruptley ran out of the house. Seconds later I heard a car start and pull out of the drivway and down the street. We waited for at least an hour before trying to escape in the fear that they would change thier minds, return and be enraged that we were trying to get loose. Finally we started tugging and pulling at our ropes. I tried pushing my tongue against my gag but the tape was wrapped tight and secure, as was Elenores. The phone rang and we rocked the chairs back and forth in an effort to get to it, but only succeded in falling on our side. We continued to struggle and eventually worked out way out of the chairs, and wiggled our way face to face in another attempt to get out of our gags. No use. When we were face to face I could feel her breasts up against mine and got a strange calming sensation. We wiggled back to back and began tugging and picking at the tape and belts holding us down. We couldn't get the tape off, but did eventually manage to get the belts loose and off of your legs. We worked our way over to a wall and together were able to get ourselves to our feet. We ran to the house next door where a nice couple and their three kids lived. We pounded on the door untill the woman answered, then shouted for her husband to come help. They cut us loose, ungagged us, covered us with a blanked, gave us some water and called the police. The three boys who put us through ordeal were not difficult to identify and were soon apprehended. It took several weeks before Elenore would call me again, and she never came over to see me again as she was to traumatized by the experience. I dare say she never wore a bikini again. I on the other hand made every attempt to recover from that horrible experience. After a reasonable recovery period I went out again, made new friends and even have a new man in my life. But every once in awhile the frear of that experience creeps up on me.
Wednesday, June 19th 2013 - 10:56:20 AM
Name: Trish
Comments:If you ever get in a serious enough relationship to give your new guy a key to your place, be careful! I kind of got distracted one Saturday afternoon, looking at some videos on my computer, and was wearing my headphones. Umm, they were bondage videos, which has been my little secret. I love the images of helpless women, often dreaming that it was me in the videos. Steve came by, rang my bell, and, when I didn't let him in, became concerned since he knew I was waiting for him, and let himself in. He apparently observed me from behind, intently watching my monitor with all the helpless women. Not sure how long, but finally he approached me from behind and when his shadow darkened the screen, it startled me. I jerked upright, turned around, and was both relieved and mortified it was Steve. It wasn't a burglar or someone like that, so that was a relief, but now he knew my little secret. I stammered a bit, attempting to explain, but the look on his face somehow calmed my fear. He didn't show disdain or scorn, but, rather, a bit of a grin was on his handsome face. "Well, well, seems like we share more interests than we've told each other" he said. Still a bit shocked, I couldn't find any words to say. He lifted me from my chair, surprising me at his physical strength, as I am 5-7, about 155 pounds. He's tall, 6-1, but so slender and wiry that if he turned sideways and stuck out his tongue, he'd look like a zipper (his mother's descritption).Anyway, holding me with my feet off the floor, he kissed me on the lips so passionately, I had trouble catching my breath. We then sat on the sofa, and discussed our little fetish. Seems he had tied up his sisters, and a couple of cousings, so much when a kid, he was always in trouble for it. I hinted that I'd not tell on him if he was to tie me up, and he said he was leaving, going to the store for some rope, and would gladly bind me before "taking advantage" of me. As soon as he was out the door, I took a quick shower, then agonized on what to wear for our little adventure. I finally decided on a rather tight halter top, a denim skirt that was about 4 inches above my knees, and pair of high-heeled sandals, with nothing on under my clothes. When Steve finally returned, he had 2 plastic shopping bgs full of binding, gaggin, and blindfolding materials: at least a mile of rope (or so it seemed), 3 different types of tape, rolls of gauze and Ace bandages, a rather large sponge in a plastic wrapper. I guess for the sake of 'atmosphere' he also had a ski mask and a toy pistol. Donning his mask, and pointing the toy at me, he ordered me to sit on my coffee table with my arms behind me. The first thing he did was cut a rather long length of rope from one of the coils, and then bind my wrists palm to palm. At first it seemed a bit loose, but then he cinched the rope and it got quite a bit tighter. AS an added measure, he wrapped my extened fingers in tape, basically turning my hands into a tape ball. Sure wasn't gonna be able to pick any knots, that was for sure. Next, he soaked the sponge int water, wrung it out til just damp, then stuffed my mouth with it. As if he read my mind, he said, "to keep the sponge from drying out your sexy mouth". He then wrapped rope over my shoulders, under my armpits, then around my upper arms til my elbows were pulled together. A bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable; plus, Iwas getting so aroused by his deeds, I was willing to let him do anything. I noticed that having my elbows bound together caused my breasts to be thrust out much more than normal (I'm a 34B). I was noticably wet in my crotch, my nipples were erect and tingling, and my heart was racing. He used some gauze to wrap my eyes, then the Ace bandage was wrapped over eyes and mouth, then plastered down with strips of tape. He raised me to my feet, then guided my blindfolded and bound helpless body down the hallway. I knew he was taking me to my bedroom, and I wanted to kiss him and hug him, and make love to him for hours, but couldn't initiate any activity in this direction. Again, I marveled at his physical strength as he lifted me as if I was a feather, face down onto my bed, then bound my ankles to my thighs in what's known as a 'frogtie'. He rolled me onto my back, atop my bound arms, but then lifted me and arranged pillows under me to ease the strain and pressure on my limbs. I was literally begging him to take me, but my gagged mouth could only 'mmmppph mmmph nnnmph' (fuck me please!). Instead of ripping my few garments from me and taking me, he began to ever so gently touch and caress my body all over, with fingers and his tongue. I was getting so worked up and aroused I was lifting my hips so my crotch was elevated, hoping he would take the hint, but he just toyed with me, until I almost couldn't bear it. He actually used his mouth and teeth to remove my halter top, then kissed and sucked on each nipple, driving me absolutely insane with desire and need. When he finally pushed my knees far apart, I thought, 'finally, he's going to fuck me', but instead began to lightly lick the inside of my legs, from ankle to crotch, but when he got to the top, instead of targeting my pussy, he began on the other leg. He did this 2 or 3 times, driving me so wild I was almost hysterical, until he finally stuck his tongue into me, finding my clit almost instantly. AS his tongue worked my clit, his fingers also begn explosring my depths, til they joined his tongue in the assault on my now swollen clit, driving me to the most intense orgasm of my 23 year old life. My hips bucked and bounced so hard I am surprised we didn't break my bed. Just when I thought I couldn't bear any more, he stopped. As I tried to regain normal breathing, I felt him reposition himself between my legs, and began to anticipate being penetrated. I din't have to wait long, as he stuffed his eight and a quarter inch (yes, I measured it) erect cock into me, and begn to ride me slowly at first, then faster and fster, until I again was climaxing violently, and repeatedly. He surprised me at his stamina, lasting at least 20 minutes, then yelled, "shit, goddamn, fuck!" then I felt him shoot his prodigous load into me, then collapse on me. After about a minute, I gues it dawned on him it might be difficult for me to breathe, and rolled over, pulling me with him, until I was on top of him. He held me in his strong arms, caressed my forehead, neck and ears, then whispered in my ear, "I love you. Will you marry me?" Now before anyone thinks that he asked me only because of the sex, we had been dating for almost a year, had sex countless times, and each of pretty much assumed we would marry. Just hadn't formalized it yet. Since I wa so effectively gagged, all i could do was nod my head vigorously. We have now been married for 15 months, and bondage is part of our intimacy, but a special part. Once a month, eagerly anticipated, and none of our friends or family are aware. Its our special time, not to be shared with others. Absolutely fantastic!
Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 12:46:59 PM
Name: Brandi
Comments:A rather unusual story, I admit, but it's a true story. My mother recently re-married, to a fantastic guy, and I gave her a bachelorette party. Mom, according to my friends and hers, looks more like my sister than my mom. I'm an only child, born when my mom was only 19. She divorced my father 2 yrs later, and stayed single until now. She just turned 42, looks 22, and acts 22 also. Anyway, after a few adult beverages, I talked mom into wearing a pair of vibrating panties. It really didn't take much convincing, as she was really having fun. Mom was wearing a very tight, short, low-cut dress, with stockings instead of pantyhose, and matching pumps. I managed to convince her to wear the vibrating panties and let me hold on to her lacy panties she wore from home. The panties came with a remote, which I retained, at first. I took it easy on her, only giving her an occasional tingle. We had a big stretch limo to drive us around all night, hitting a couple of treendy clubs. On the way to another, Sue, mom's dear friend, suddenly yelled, "stop the limo, quick". Thinking she might be about to heave, the driver pulled to the curb. Sue jumped out and ran into a store. Less than 10 minutes later she returned and got back in the limo, and had a bit of an evil grin. "Brandi, give Beth a tingle or 2, please" she told me. Having imbibed a bit myself, I sadistically did her bidding. Mom howled each time, giggling crazily also. "Okay, Beth, turn around, and put your hands behind you", Sue said. When mom hesitated, I gave her a zap, so she did as Sue asked. Sue pulled something from her purse, and I heard a zipping sound. "Hey, that's tight" mom complained. "Just making sure you keep your hands off your new underwear" Sue told her. Then, she pulled another plastic band from her purse and pulled mom's elbows together, making her breasts jut out. About then, we arrived at our destination, and Sue got out first, helped mom out, then asked me for the remote. I gave it to her, at the urging of the other women with us (all told, we were a party of 6). Probably shouldn't have, but I did. I draped a cape over mom's shoulders so bystanders wouldn't see her bound arms, and we started down the sidewalk to the club. After just a few steps, Sue must have hit the "high" button on the remote, because mmom let out a shriek and stopped walking and crossed her ankles. Sue kept it up for at least 15 seconds, and mom was going nuts! The liquor was really working on us as we all began laughing at her predicament. Sue would stop for a bit, we'd walk some more, then she'd zap mom again. This went on for at least the next hour, with one of us holding the glass for mom when she took a drink. Sue didn't zap her again until we were back in the limo, at which time she hit the switch and held it for a L-O-N-G time, with mom beggin for mercy at first, then she began to moan, and, I swear to God, she began to have an orgasm right in front of all of us in the limo. She actually was telling Sue to not turn it off, yet. Sue was kind enough to honor her request. When we decided to end the evening, Sue handed the remote back to me, and said, "why don't you take her to see Will, with her arms still tied, and give him the remote, and go home." Mom was pretty smashed, and I knew Will would never do anything to harm her or humiliate her, so I decided against that. After dropping Sue at home, I fished my nail clippers from my purse and cut the zipties Sue had bound her with, and, in the limo, helped mom remove the vibrating panties and put her own back on. I had the driver take us to my apartment, as I didn't want mom alone with so much alcohol in her. After helping her take a cool shower, pouring a couple cups of hot tea in her, I put her to bed. She slept pretty well, I guess. And, yes, I tried the vibrating panties also, but the batteries were too weak by that time to ve very effective. Next morning, mom asked me if she had dreamed what happened or if it did happen. When i told her it was real, she turned the darkes red I've ever seen. I gave Will the panties and a package of zipties to take on their honeymoon. Mom admitted she had "the most marvelous time" on the honeymoon.
Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 10:29:07 PM
Name: Military Girl
I am a 30 year old Latina who is in the Military and wears pantyhose a lot especially when I have to wear my dress uniforms. Women in the Military have no choice about wearing hose when they have to wear their dress uniforms. I am so used to wearing pantyhose that I often wear them under my BDU’s. I wear more of a support hose when I am wearing my BDU’s during my daily duties and especially when it is cold out. Now I have to agree with you Sarge about it being a cultural thing at least where I was born and raised. My mom who was a housewife wore pantyhose everyday regardless if it was summer, fall, or winter. My sisters and I were expected to wear hose when we went to special parties and church. We attended a private school also and you had to wear either white or brown hose every day. We had no problems having to wear nylons because our friends and the older women and mom’s around us wore them all the time. So as my sisters and I got older we were used to wearing them so much that we would feel funny if we were not wearing nylons. My mom passed away in my late teens leaving me to take the lead and help my dad with raising my sisters and taking care of our house. We were all crushed especially my dad. My sisters and I made a promise not to argue or fight around our dad to help out with chores and bills. We all got part-time jobs to help dad with the bills. He was so touched and very proud of my sisters and I the way he had become such grown up responsible young women. It was during this time I got introduced to “bondage” but I knew it as being tied up. I never told anyone how I got into being tied up until one night a very close girl friend and I got drunk. She and I grew up together and she followed me into the Military. She was shocked when I told her it was my dad who first tied me up. She said did he do it as punishment? I said no I was not being punished. She became more curious and asked me why did he tie you up then. I told her one day he was really sad and it was just he and I home alone. He said he missed my mom I told him I did too. He said your mom did many things for me and now I will never have anyone to do those things for me again. I asked if there was any of those things I could do for you dad? My mom was a housewife from day one so she cooked, cleaned, sewed, and many other things. Dad looked up at me and said there are some things you can’t do for me and then I got it. He looked down at the ground and said if you think of anything I can do for you that she did just let me know dad and I will be glad to do it. My dad looked up at me and said ok I will let you know. A few days went by and dad and I were home alone again we were talking as I cooked dinner. He seemed happier. During the course of our conversation dad said I have something to ask you. I said what is it dad. He said it was something your mom used to do for me all the time. I told him I would do whatever I could to help you like she did. Dad said I am not so sure you would be willing once I tell you exactly what it was. I laughed and said just say it dad. He said your mom used to let me tie her up almost every day. I kind of giggled and said you used to tie up mom. My mom was a very strong women and it was hard for me to picture her tied up and gagged in their bedroom at night while we slept or watched TV. Dad said yes almost every day she let me tie her up. I asked him why he said it was something he liked to do when he was growing up playing cowboys and Indians cops and robbers. He said when he was a teenager he still enjoyed seeing women tied up and loved when girls would let him tie them up. He said believe it or not your mom actually really liked it she told me it was the only time she really got to let go and relax. He told me she said for once in her day someone got to be in control of everything. I told dad I have never been tied up so I have no idea how to act or what to do. He said it is very easy and I will teach you like I taught your mom. He said there is just one more important thing you need to do. I asked what he said when we do this you must always be wearing nylons just like she did. I said that is not a problem lifted my pant leg exposing my hose covered ankle. Dad said this is just between you and I only so don’t say anything to your sisters. I told him I would not tell anyone. He told me we could work out the times for him to tie me up. I suggested when my sisters went to sleep. Dad said that would work but we must be very careful I don’t think they would understand why I have you tied up in my bedroom. I told dad I am very curious to do this for him and asked him if he would tie me up tonight. He smiled chuckled and said you are just like your mom eager and curious yet strong willed. Later that night after my sisters went upstairs to their rooms. I did not have to worry too much about sneaking around my bedroom was on the first floor my parents bedroom was on the other side of the house. I had on my sweats with the pantyhose I been wearing all day under them I slipped on my slippers and made my way to dad’s room his light was on and his door slightly open. I pushed it open and he was sitting in his chair watching TV. His face light up when he saw me he motioned for me to close the door. I was careful to close the door since it was a little squeaky. Once the door was closed dad said I will oil it again so it will be quite. He said are you sure really want to be tied up? I said I was nervous but I trust you and I did say I wanted to help you anyway I can. He said ok please sit down on this chair. He pulled out a heavy wooden chair I sat down and watched as dad went to his closet removed a black bag. He told me this is where he keeps his ropes and gags. He opened it up and took out a huge pile of white clothes line. My eyes got wide he said I will never use all this rope on you. He said it is cut into various lengths to tie in various positions. He held up 2 ballgags. He handed them to me to look at and feel. He said I will use one of these to gag you with. He said your mom liked these best. He explained others ways to gag someone but told me he did not like tape, cloths or any of the other ways. He said the balls are easy on easy off and I will be responsible to wash them since they will be going in my mouth. Dad asked one last time are you really sure you want to do this. I told him I did and will try to do what mom did. He laughed a bit and said I am sure you will. He had me put my hands behind the chair and I felt rope being tied around my wrists. Dad explained all kinds of “bondage” things to me as he tied me to that chair he took his time always asking if I was ok and still wanted to do this. I assured him I did finally it came ballgag time. He told me to open my mouth wide he carefully pushed the ball in my mouth and told me to slowly close my mouth around it and not to bite down on it as it is hard rubber and will hurt my jaws. I did as he said. It felt strange having a ball in my mouth and feeling my lips curl around it dad asked are you ok. I nodded yes and he buckled the strap. He told me all mom did was wiggle around and try and get free she would make some noises as well but I am sure your natural gag noises will come out as you struggle against my ropes. He also said I want you to lose your slipper during your struggling and move your feet a lot wiggling your toes and things like that ok. I nodded yes. I slowly began to struggle and it did not take long for my slippers to fall off. Dad sat across from me watching and smiling encouraging me and telling me how I was just like mom. I felt so womanly I tried to move my feet as much as I could dad was very pleased and then told me I want you to see how beautiful you look. He turned the chair toward the mirrored closet door and I saw myself I could not help but stare at the mirror as I moved I loved the way that ball looked in my mouth and how dad had me tied so intricate. I was so helpless and yet knew I was safe with him. I felt like such a woman more than ever before I loved seeing my stocking feet tied as well. Dad said I see you are enjoying how you look as much if not more than your mom did. I had been gag talking try to answer his questions and found my own MMPPHING style so to speak. Dad and I spent about 2 hours doing and talking about my first tie ups. Dad asked several more times if I still wanted to do this. I him yes I do I like it. He laughed I see that you do so we will continue our game. I went to bed but hardly slept. I found myself day dreaming during class about how he would tie me up tonight and about having one of those balls strapped in my mouth. We waited until my sisters went to bed and dad went to his room and said he will be waiting for me when I am ready. I went to my room and fixed my makeup and hair tonight I put on some short s and a t shirt I had worn black hose which I left on I slipped on my slippers and mad me way to dad’s room he was sitting in his chair watching TV I closed the door and he said you look amazing just like your mother when we met. He got out his bag and I went and washed the ballgags. Dad said tonight I am going to tie you in mine and your mom’s favorite position. He dad me lay on my stomach on the floor and put my hands behind my back. Dad tied me quickly and asked me if I was ok when I said yes he gagged me and then connected a rope between my ankles and pulled my legs back toward my wrists he asked where I was ok with my legs being pulled back. I let him know when he found my comfort spot with a nod. He tied the rope and said I am impressed you take a good hogtie just like you mom. He moved me by the mirror I was strange seeing my feet pointing up in the air and yet I again felt so sexy seeing myself all tied up. I began struggling and mmpphing as dad watched smiling and encouraging me like before. I really enjoyed making him happy. He then said there is one last thing he needs me to do. I stared into the mirror at him and nodded yes and made yes sounds. I was really turned on for some reason and did not even know what he wanted but I was agreeing to do it. He said I want your feet began to rub my feet which sent shivers in a good way up my spine he massaged my feet as I lay there bound and gagged I began to moan at some point and he just massaged and kissed my feet. He said you have pretty feet like your moms and your feet smell just like hers also. He told me how happy I am making him. He had no idea so I thought how good he also was making me feel. I loved the way he handled me tying gagging foot fetish all of it the compliments and attention he lavished on me. We kept up our tie up games until I joined the Military. When I went home on leave a few times I asked him to tie me up. He was very happy to have me ask him to do that. I flew him out where I am stationed at and took some leave and had him tie me up every day he was with me. After I told all this to my girlfriend she was so surprised nothing sexual never happened or was ever tried. That crap never crossed our minds we knew who we were to each other and he respected me and treated me like his daughter in every way even during the tie up times. I always was fully clothed and wearing pantyhose. I was a little pissed off that she went there with those questions. She knew it and said she was sorry but never heard of anything like what I told her. She asked about my sisters and I told her I was the only tie up he had. My sisters had no idea and I told my friend ever to even mention it. My dad had passed away about a year before I told my friend about what I was doing. I have a boyfriend now who is into pantyhose and bondage he has no clue how I got my start and never will since all he needs to know is that his girlfriend likes wearing pantyhose being tied up and having her feet played with. He told me he used to tie up his babysitter who wore pantyhose often. I just have to say Sarge I have a pretty good idea of what branch on the Military you are in. I am sure if we would have met we would have had a lot in common. I would have been hot have met you at one of the depots where you guys passed thorugh . We could have enjoyed some in warzone pantyhose and bondage before you hit the front lines! I will say your sister is a very lucky girl to have someone she trusts to truss her up. I am sorry you got hit and it sounds like your folks turned their back on you. At least you have your sis who supports and stands by you. If your still deploying be safe out there.
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Name: C Money
Comments:I wanted to share about my mom. My parents used to play bondage games when I was growing up. I first discovered this when I heard these strange noises one night. I went to see what they were and discovered through a slightly open bedroom door that my mom was what I would learn later was hogtied and ballgagged. I still remember she was in her bra panties and black reinforced toe pantyhose. I was amazed at the sight of her especially her feet and toes wiggling and curling. I saw flashes and heard dad telling her to pose this way and that. Then I heard dad say action to her and she was struggling and mmpphing. Dad turns out videotaped mom. Which I would discover later on as well. What really blew me away was I saw dad come around and slide mom to the edge of the bed and begin to smell her feet! Not only had that but dad had a nylon stocking over his head! I was blown away watching dad smell mom’s feet and soon he dropped his pants and got off. After that I split back to my room but did not sleep everything I just saw went through my mind again and again. I found myself really curious to find out what moms feet smelled like and to touch her stocking feet. I was always interested in my mom’s feet and legs when she wore pantyhose. Mom worked in an office and she was as she called it "heels and hose" however seems dad had a house rule for mom which was she had to keep her pantyhose on when she came home from work and to wear pantyhose everyday when she was not working. She was only allowed to not wear pantyhose when dad gave her permission to not wear them. Again I would learn all this later on. I was on the lookout for a chance to smell my mom’s feet. One day I got my chance mom came home from work and fell asleep on the sofa. I moved in and even before I got my face close to her feet I could already smell that wonderful intoxicating aroma. A “sweet sour smell." I was hooked and without realizing it I had pressed my nose on her foot which woke her up! Turns out she had been watching me for a little bit. It was when she wiggled her toes I realized I was caught. She asked me what I was doing. If she did not know. I sheepishly admitted smelling her feet. She said what do you think of my stinky feet? My face felt so hot and I meekly said they smell good! She raised her eyebrows oh they do. I nodded yes and she said ok you want to smell my feet some more? I nodded yes and meekly said yes please. She giggled well go ahead and smell away. I was stunned and without hesitation buried my nose into her toes! She mumbled I wonder where you got this idea. I would often ask if I could "play" with her feet when dad was not around of course. She allowed me to do so. Every time I heard those noises I would sneak around the house to sneak a peek of my mom bound and gagged. I was really floored when I saw her encased from head to toe in pantyhose. I noticed dad always wore nylon over his head during their games. He always took pictures and video. I began to want to tie mom as well but never tried. I was afraid she would figure out I saw her tied up. A few years later my parents games seemed to stop all of a sudden. It was then my parents told me they were getting divorced. I was in my teens already and did not give it much thought. I had no idea that I was going to get my wish of tying up mom. It was during one of visitation weekends with my dad I would get a surprise of my life. I arrived at my dad's house after school and we chatted as I put my things in my room. I noticed my gym bag on the bed. My dad said your mom noticed you forgot your clothes so she stopped by to drop them off. Then dad said she is still here if you want to see her. I did not see her when I walked through the house. I thought she was in the restroom. Before I asked dad said she is in the basement. My dad had a tricked out finished basement so it did not strike me as weird that she was in the basement. I had no idea what I was going to see. Dad said we better go check on her. I followed dad and as we walked down the stairs I could hear those noises my heart began to race. Dad stopped me before we entered the room and said you’re going to see something really different and I want you to know your mom is ok she likes to play this game ok. I was almost speechless but said ok. We entered the room and there was my mom tied to the sofa bed she was dressed but her skirt was hiked up to the top of her pantyhose. Her shoes were off. She was tied spread out and a panel gag was strapped tightly in her mouth. A video camera was pointing on her. She saw me and her eyes got huge to say the least. She struggled pretty hard but soon just stopped as my dad sat me down and told me about how much my mom liked to be tied up and gagged. He told me that he knew I was smelling my mom’s feet all these years as well. Seems mom asked dad about my foot smelling interest. Dad told me I was free to take a sniff of moms feet if I wanted. Mom was just looking at us mostly at dad like he was nuts. Dad said I just tied your mom and she has agreed to let you join in our game today. Right Susan? Mom was blushing but nodded yes. Dad said see you mom is going to need to be tied up and gagged regularly and I figured you would be the guy to take care of her. Dad looked at mom right honey? Mom nodded yes again. So today I am going to teach you how to properly handle your mother only if you’re interested of course. I was nodding yes and stammering our yes before dad finished his words. Dad smiled good. He said your mom is going to tell you all the rules after I take out her gag. Dad walked over and took the gag off mom. Dad untied her as she told me all the rules of their games that is how I learned the pantyhose rule. She told me she would follow the same rules with me as well. I listened of course mom added a few new rules since I was her son. I agreed with all of them. Dad said to mom well you should go to the ladies room and freshen up we have much work to do. Dad taught me everything I needed to know that day and afterward we watched some videos of mom after she left. Dad even showed me some pictures he had of her. He even let me choose a few to keep. I could not wait to tie mom up by myself just her and I. I got my first tie up about a week or so later. I was so nervous but we had a good session. I also wore a tan nylon over my head during the game. It was part of the game it felt strange having a nylon over my head but at the same time I felt like the captor she wanted. I really enjoyed tying up mom and having her being my captive. Outside of game time she was mom the career woman but behind closed doors during certain times she was my captive. Mom took me on some business trips with her and it was pretty intense having her tied up in hotel rooms. Once I had just finished tying her to a chair and was about to gag her when someone began knocking at the door. Mom jumped and looked at me I clamped my hand over her mouth they kept knocking so I took the ballgag in my other hand and held it to her lips she looked up at me but opened her mouth and took it in. I buckled it and moved her and the chair out of sight. I walked to the door and peeked out. It was one of her coworkers I told her hold on a second as I realized I had the nylon over my head. That would have been an odd situation if I would open the door. I removed the nylon opened the door and she asked for my mom. I told her my mom was taking before we went to dinner. She handed me a packet of papers to give to my mom. Now mom decided to play the captive and started struggling and making little mpphing noises the dam chair was squeaking. The woman heard these noises and asked what those sounds were. I said oh the TV. She looked at me strangely and said ok and walked left. I shut the door and pulled the nylon over my head and I noticed mom had got the chair into the center of the room and she was in front of a mirror. I could not help but think if she saw moms’ reflection in the mirror. I removed her gag and she busted out laughing saying I wish I could have seen your faces when I started making noise. I bet you about shit. I told her she did freak me out but I think your coworker might have seen your reflection in the mirror. Mom said so what if she did what she is going to say. She saw me tied up and gagged. Who is going to believe it? That night at dinner she was sitting across from us and just stared at me with this strange look the whole night. The last day of my mom’s trip. Mom came back from a meeting and told me she needed to relax before the next meeting in a few hours. She added her feet were really sore. I took the cue went into the next room pulled on my nylon grabbed the rope came back ready to tie up mom. I told her a hogtie would help her relax. She rolled her eyes rolled over and said not to tie her to strict. I got her hogtied and got her shoes off and massage and smell her sexy brown reinforced toes. Mom asked me not to gag her since she had to go to a meeting and did not want any marks on her mouth. I was cool with that she and I actually talked about stupid stuff as I started smelling her feet. Dam if someone did not start knocking at the door. We thought it was housekeeping but they already cleaned the room. Mom said I bet you it is. We both knew and then as I stood up to go see mom said quick put the ball in my mouth but don't buckle it I will hold it in. I looked at her she smiled come on. I picked up the ball and she took it in her mouth. I walked to the door and sure enough it was who we thought. I looked at mom and she spit the ball out and said open the door! I looked at her she put her head down and got the ball back in her mouth. Now mom was hogtied on the bed pretty much in plain sight. Once I opened the door she would get a look at mom for sure. I said hold on and took off the nylon and opened the door. She had more papers for my mom. It was at this point mom began to struggle and mmpph she noticed the motion behind me. I shifted my weight slightly and she got a peek at mom for sure. She looked at me and her face was flushed and she was blushing she tried to explain the papers as mom keep up her little soft struggles. I shifted again as she was trying to peek around me and talk at the same time. This time I let her see better who it was. She looked at me with a blank look and just turned and walked away looking over her shoulder in disbelief. I shut the door and nylon over the head mom spit out the ball and we laughed our asses off. Mom said this is once conference that woman would not forget. Once on vacation mom and I hiked out to this remote spot she knew about from when her and my dad together. I put our tent and we did some outdoor tie ups that day. Mom's pantyhose were ruined by the time we got back to our cabin that night. I still remember how sweaty her feet were from her hiking boots! Mom and I had some really good times over the years. The last time she visited me we had a few tie ups. Mom is in her mid 50's now but still looks good bound and gagged for sure. Her feet still smell so wonderful and she still rocks those reinforced toes..
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Name: Melissa
Comments:I found this site while using my step brother Dereks computer. I was suprised to see he has never posted here! So I will post for him since has been tying and gagging me for a couple years now. I guess I should share all this came to be. Dereks mom walked out on him and his dad a few years ago and Dereks dad braced for Derek to just rebel since Derek was just 13 and took his mom bailing out very hard in fact there was incident at the local mall where Derek saw his mom with her new boyfriend and she walked pasted him like she didn't know him! Now this should have set Derek off but instead Derek withdrew and regrouped and got really into school and soon was in honors classes. Derek loved school and was just a normal kid so he just seemed to move along unseen. In fact he and his friends earned the nickname CIA as they just blended in so much so that no one seemed to notice them which they really enjoyed. Derek says he and his friends have no desire to be involved in high school drama. Now I attend the same school and I the co captin of our cheerleading team. So I am involved in the drama. My parents divorced when I was born so it never bothered me to not have a dad in my life. I felt bad for Derek but he seemed to focused to care or share his pain. The funny thing is when our parents started dating Derek and I were cool with each other in fact we hit off great which suprised and delighted our parents! I was 15 and ahead and Derek was just turned 14 and Derek seemed to find some common ground with everyone so know had any beef with him and some of my friends even thought he was cute. So Dereks dad asked my mom and I to move in with him and Derek which we were thrilled too do. Before we moved in however Dereks dad "Bill" did a complete remodel of his home my with my mom's help so she could feel this was really her home and not the home of Bill's now ex wife! Bill offered Derek his parents old room again so he and my mom had a new room. Derek was happy to accept this as his parents old room was huge and had he would have is own bathroom and the balcony. Now Bill told Derek he could redo the room to his liking so I was given Dereks old room and Bill had the wall rebuilt so I got the other bathroom in my room! So basically Derek and I owned the upstairs. Now I loved the way Derek set up his room his room lookede like a College Dean's office he choose and black leather couch with a sofa bed instead of a bed room set. He had a small dorm style refrig and a microwave and a built in entertainment center with a bookshelf. He had all his clothes in his walk in closet so when you walked in his room it looked like an office. I asked Derek if he minded if I stole his ideas for my roomand he said no and helped me set my room like his but mine was softer then his but similar. Now it was during this time I sort of noticed Derek seemed to be interested in pantyhose. He would often stare and my moms hosed feet when she would be relaxing after work and he would stare at my feet when I would wear hose or tights. It din't bother me or my mom as she had mentioned it to me when her and I were out doing the girl thing. Now because I am a cheerleader we ofetn wear shiny hose or dancers tights suntan browns. Now Derek seemed to really enjoy seeing me in my uniform with my shiny hose on especially when I was not wearing shoes! I spent a lot of time in Dereks room hanging out and believe it or not he would help me with my homework. We liked a lot of the same music. I was sort of a brat because when I would be wearing hose I made sure he saw me wiggling my toes! Derek just seemed to have a foot fetish because he liked see mine and my mom's feet. Then one day as we were hanging out Derek asked me how I felt about wearing pantyhose? I told him I wear when I have to they are ok I guess why? We proceeded to hav etalk about pantyhose and during this talk he let out his love of pantyhosed feet and legs. I giggled and told mom and I were well of his interest in our feet:) He turned a bit red and then said does it gross you out Mel? I said nope if you like girls feet you like girls feet if your into girls with pantyhose then so be it. I told him your just a normal guy. He smiled and said well I would not say normal because there is more to my passing interest in womens feet Mel. Now was like so tell what else is there. Derek paused and said I like to tie and gag girls wearing hose or tights. I shrugged my shoulders so once you got em tied and gagged then what? He said then nothing I like to watch them struggle and try and get loose. I said sounds weird but harmless, the I was curious to see who we may know that may have been some of his tie ups so I asked him tie up anyone I know. he smiled yes now I was dying to know who who I asked. Derek said now that will cost you Mel. I said cost me what Derek as if I didn't know what he wanted from me. He said let me tie and gag you and I will tell you everything! I ok but you see i am not wearing pantyhose he said I don't care Mel just wanna see you bound and gagged now. So Derek shut and locked his door just in case our parents came home early. he then went into his closet and came out with a red and blue nylon gym bag and inside was a buch of white ropes bandannas tape and 2 blue rubber balls. Derek said since this is your first time Mel I will keep it simple he tied my wrists behind me and tied my ankles and clevage gagged me. I was sitting on his sofa I said now waht he said you can sit there or you can move around whatever you want. So I sat there then said hey you said Derek smiled oh yeah sorry almost forgot. Derek proceeded to tell me his first tie ups were on his mom and he said I always bugged her when she was wearing pantyhose. She was ok with it. He then told me about 2 of my best friends he had tied up sometime ago! I was suprised to hear the names because these 2 girls are the biggest snobs I know! The thought of them bound and gagged was interesting and I am sure if I conforted them they would deny it but I always looked at them different after that day but not in a bad way. Derek told me I was the first tie up he has had in a long time. I think I knew why so he kept me tied up about an hour he took out the gag after 30 minutes so we could talk. I told him this is really no big deal Derek and if you don't feel weird about it you can tie me up when you feel the need just let me know and I make sure to wear some hose or tights for ya. He smiled sounds great as loong as your cool with it Mel I said I am cool with it. Derek said I am going to tie you up in different postions and gag you better in the future so just so you understand. I told I won't know until you do it right. He smiled I said just try not to run my pantyhose they can be expensive he laughed I buy you new ones if I do. So began my in home bondage experiences with Derek he was always so careful he never tied me up when our parents were home even when I wanted him too a few times just to feel the thrill of it. He had skills as well I had no idea he was used to be in the scouts or something like them. He made sure I was helpless and my mouth was taped good! After the first few times he would just go about his business while I was bound and gagged he would read or do his homework. While I laid there or sat bound and gagged near him he would glacne at me and ask if I was ok and when I nodded yes or gag talked yes he would say good and go back to his studies. I found it strange but soon figured out he wanted the fact of security knowing I was not going to leave him made him feel good. I really didn't mind it most of the time Derek would do my homework for me just so he could keep me tied up longer now that was a win win for me! If he wanted to keep me tied up longer he would remove my gag so we could talk. It was strange to sit next to him bound and gagged or ungagged but tied up watching tv! Now this still goes on between me and Derek but last year I was suprised at the following incident. Bill had to go out of town on business and my mom was in and out so I expected to be tied up a few times during this week. I was busy with school and cheer and Derek was into some school project so no tie ups. I told Derek he could tie me Friday after school I had cheer practice that day so shiny hose. Derek said cool looking forward to it I said me 2 I need to relax I said but do me one favor ? Derek said ok I said please no hogties today. He laughed no worries! So after practice some of my friends invited me to the hot Friday night party and so I had to go. I wondered if Derek would be bummed out but I figured I could make it up to him on saturday. I got home and told Derek and he said hey we live together there will other times. I got ready and waited for my friends they arrived the same time as my mom so I told her my plans she was ok with it and said she was just going to relax and maybe challenge Derek to a game or scrabble mom loved that game and derek was her only real competion. To make a long story short the party was LAME it was crowded but just LAME guys and boring so I got a ride home. It was around 9:30 pm when I got home the lights were all off I figured mom was crashed out in her room. I knew Derek would be up and when I went into the back yard I saw his light on and I was glad I had on some thick black tights tonight I wanted Derek to tie me up and gag me and put me in his walk in closet the door has a full length mirror so he can see me from his desk and I love looking at myself plus mom couldn't hear any of my mpphs her room was on the other side of the house. I walked in and was so excited to suprise Derek. I walked up stairs and Dereks door was slightly opened and as i was about to walk in I heard my moms voice. she said the following what no gag tonight Derek??? I was blown away NO GAG he had my mom tied up in his room I was dying to see so I snuck into my room and listened as Derek was finishing tying her up as he was asking her if she was ok. Mom said she was ok she joked I guess I shouldn't play scrabble with you anymore. They laughed I was so tripping out hearing this. Derek said while Sue I think you can realx now she said it seems I have no choice Derek seems you have me tied up again! Again Mom said again so he has tied her up before. Derek said please feel free to lay back and take off your shoes Sue. Mom laughed thanks Derek I will try to do it but the way you have my feet tied I might be a few minutes he said we have plenty of time Sue Mel won't be home till late. My mom said your right but how come no gag tonight Derek said I felt you might want to talk so I decided to not gag you plus I can keep you tied up longer. Mom said you know me to well Derek. He said I Know when you want to be gagged and blindfolded Sue. Mom said I guess you do. I had to see her so I took off my shoes and tip toed close to Dereks door and then laid on my stomach and peek inside and there was my mom tied up with a lot of rope I mean she had rope all over her it was crazy! Derek has never tied me up with that much rope and there was still a big heap of rope on the coffee table. Derek must have been at his computer he and mom takled mom was wiggling around I assumed trying to get her shoes off as Derek asked her how she was coming with the shoes. She said well I think I am getting one off he said while once you do I have another treat for you. I saw her look over at the rope she said well I don't think you can possibly tie me up anymore then you already have I am completely helpless Derek. He said we shall see when you lose the shoes Sue. I was sort of Jealous now I thought Derek was only tying me up. I also wanted to be in there tied up next to my mom but knew if I walked in the poop would hit the fane so to speak mom was very proper and I am sure she had her reasons for doing this! So I knew to give her space and just watch. Mom lost her shoes and then Derek walked over took a thin rope and tied the soles of moms feet she was was quite and then he took a black shoe lace form his pocket and said now the suprise he pulled her brown pantyhose up from her toes and then tied her big toes together then he took another thin cord and tied it between her bound toes and pulled her toes back toward her and tied the rope off on her knees rope. Mom said now Derek I think you have succeeded in tying everypart of me. He said I thought you might like some tight toe bondage Sue. She tried to wiglle her toes she said my feet and toes are tied tight Derek. He was happy to hear that mom struggled a alittle trying hard to work her toes and feet. She would stop and talk with Derek she asked Derek to turn on the Tv so she could watch her favorite Tv Show. so Derek turned on the tv and sat mom up and sat next to her and watched tv with her. She was tied up tight with a lot of rope she was tough because she never complained or asked to be untied Derek would give a drink of her wine of a piece of chocolate when she asked him for some. She looked so at ease he was smiling ear to ear as he sat with my bound mother. Derek said Sue you sure take a good tie up I mean look at yourself I have to tied up so tight with so much rope and you been tied a good hour already and not a complaint! My mom said Derek I hate to bust your buble hiney but your not the first guy to tie and gag me although your are one of the better ones. She said I hate sloppy bondage! I was so stunned my mom has has been tied up by other guys and she likes this! I decided the next time Derek ties me up I want him to tie me up like he did my mom my toes 2. I was gong to be better then she was i was jealous:( So I watched the them for another hour my mom was tied up a good 1 1/2 hours almost 2 hours by the time Derek had gotten her completly untied. Mom drank some wine and said look at these rope marks your good Derek I am gld you dad is not coming home tonight it would be hard to hide these rope marks. Derek said that's why I can't chance tying you up when dad is home this my private business. Mom then said Derek may I ask you something? He said sure you know you can? Mom asked so how often to do tie up my daughter Melissa??? He looked like a deer in the head lights. MMMMellisssa he studdered she said yes Derek Melissa. How often do you tie her up I know you tie her up I have seen rope marks on her and have heard her mpphing! She said I bet you been tying her up since we moved in hmmm is she does she take a good tie up Derek Mother Like Daughter! Derek said you have heard us my mom said Derek I have seen her tied up in your room. I have heard her. I have come home a few times and knew what you 2 were up too. I never stopped it because I know what your intentions are Derek if they were not what they are I would have ratted you out to your dad long ago she smiled:) So Derek told my mom the whole story and she was happy to know that her suspicions were confirmed and that nothing bad was going on! She made Derek promise to never ever over step his bounds with her or me and he swore to it. So that is the story of Derek and you better believe I got my turn on Saturday and Derek told me about my mom before and I told I already knew because I saw and heard you 2 last night! He was not suprised and now life goes on bound and happy
Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 11:53:44 PM
Name: suzy sue Q
Comments:My husband found this dreambook and suggested I post some of our frequent pantyhose and bondage experiences. He liked the posts he read here so far and thinks it would be hot to read about our experiences. I am in my 30’s blonde with highlights green eyes and wear size 7 shoes. I never realized until my teens that some guys really enjoy seeing women who wear pantyhose. Today many women seem to wear tights more than pantyhose which I wear both depending on what I am wearing and my husband’s suggestion. As for being tied up when I was growing up my younger brothers had it made I was the on call “hostage” so to speak. It seems every game they played no matter what involved me being tied up and gagged. They used to ask me to wear nylons for our games. I think it was because our mom wore nylons to work every day. It was fun playing the hostage for them my one brother definitely has a pantyhose foot fetish. He used to love to touch and rub my feet when he was guarding me. I did not mind in fact I really enjoyed and still enjoy having my feet rubbed. When I was in my later teens my brothers asked me one day if a friend of theirs could join in the tie up game. I knew this guy for years he was my brother’s best friend so I agreed to let him join in the fun. Plus he was a cute guy. He was thrilled to tie me up and gag me for sure. He told me how hot I looked tied up and gagged in my sexy pantyhose and he too loved touching my feet. He was the first one to tie the soles of my feet and ask me to wear reinforced toe pantyhose if I have some. At the time I did not so I swiped 2 pairs from my mom and made a point to wear them when I knew he was going to be in on the game. He loved it when he saw me in reinforced toes for the first time. I found it kind of hot when he told me he used to get himself off thinking about me at night tied up in my pantyhose. We started playing tie up games alone after that. My brothers had gotten girlfriends and I was of no real use to them anymore. Soon their friend “Jay” for the story and I began dating. He loved tying me up every day he tied me up. He would tell me how he used to tie up his mom, aunt, and cousins especially when they wore pantyhose. He said his mom and aunt were reinforced toe girls which he found reinforced toes really sexy. Jay and I dated even after we both entered college. Since we went to different universities but in the same state and a few cities apart we still saw each other and played tie up. Then one day Jay told me he was no longer interested in dating me that he had grown tired and bored of being together. It broke my heart because I did everything he asked me to do and let him tie me up in every way and place he wanted. I really did not understand why because we very rarely fought about anything. Come to find out about 2 weeks later a friend of mine called me and told me Jay was dating one of the professors at the college. My find said she was in her 30’s blonde my height and had green eyes like me. Seems Jay wanted an older version of me. I stayed single for awhile until I met my husband. I used to study in the library a lot the dorms were just way to noisy. On the day I meet my husband I was wearing a black denim skirt black hose boots and a white t shirt type top. I was really into reading this book and failed to notice this guy checking me out. At some point my feet were hurting me so I slipped off my boots wiggled my toes and just rested my feet on top of my boots. I was used to wearing reinforced toes and really never gave any thought to what kind or color of tights or pantyhose I bought. My now husband whom I will call Jim said he could not keep his eyes off my feet! He must have got up enough courage because he came over introduced himself. I smiled and we talked a bit and I invited him to sit with me. My husband is Asian and I really enjoyed hearing about the country he was born and raised in before his family moved to the U.S. I teased him a bit because he told me he was a martial arts competitor. He was in get shape for sure and still is. I teased him and told him he was like a real life Bruce Lee. He laughed and asked me out on a date. We went out that night and I found myself really into him he was so polite and just a real gentleman which is kind of rare considering we were basically just out of high school. We began dating seriously and a few months into the relationship he told me he had this fetish. He seemed uneasy about telling me which was strange for him because he was always very confident. He told me he had a pantyhose and bondage fetish. I remember giggling which made him blush. He said if you want to break up with me I understand. He told me he really needs to have his fetish fulfilled it was very important to him. I said I am no stranger to pantyhose and bondage fetishes and told him about my experiences. He was thrilled and he tied me up and gagged me that night. It was the first time I was ever ballgagged which took getting used to. Jim used a brown rope which he told me is made out of hemp. It was very soft yet held me tight for sure. Jim showed me how he made it soft. Jim tied me up very differently than my brothers and Jay did. A lot of the same positions but I guess stricter and with a lot more rope. He told me he liked ballgags he felt they just looked sexy on bound women. I had to agree because I did find it sort of sexy seeing a ball strapped in my mouth at least when I was near a mirror. We got engaged about a year later. Jim’s family really welcomed me from day one of meeting me when we started dating. His mom said I was the first American girl to enter the family. Many of Jim’s family came from overseas for the wedding. Jim and I got married and about a week after the honeymoon Jim said we have to go to his parents house for a big dinner to not only celebrate our marriage but also to say good bye to the family who came from overseas. Jim told me wear a skirt and blouse and my shiny brown hose which were control top support style hose. Now Jim was the head of our household which I was ok with it was part of his culture. I enjoyed having a strong man lead the way we worked together and I have happy being a “submissive” wife. We both had very high pressure demanding jobs by the time we got married and I loved being able to come home and let Jim run the show. Anyway I picked out an outfit and a dark brown pair of coffee colored reinforced toe hose Jim loved these hose because the reinforcements were a tan color while the hose were very dark brown so the contrast was sexy even to me. I really had no idea what was going to take place later that night. We had a really good time and the men went off for a few minutes and then Jim came and asked me to come with him into the basement. I did not think anything of it. I had been in the basement many times and it was beautifully finished. Once we got down the basement Jim stopped me and told me I was going to be welcomed into the family by his dad, brother, uncles and grandfather. My eyes got really wide because my mind went to the gutter. Jim held me close and said you’re not going to have sex with anyone. I looked somewhat relieved but still worried. Jim said we have a family custom that have been for generations it is very important to us. He then told me how he got his bondage and pantyhose fetish. I was surprised. He told me he and his brother were taught how to tie up women by his dad who used their mom to teach them. He then said every time a male in our family gets married we all gather and take turns tying up the new wife. The wife always wears a skirt and shiny pantyhose. Jim said don’t worry I will be there the whole time and you’re just going to be tied and gagged by the men in the next room that is it. Jim saw the worry on my face he said relax and trust me. Jim hugged and kissed me he said plus you’re the first white woman in the family and these guys have never tied up a white woman. Jim asked are you ok with doing this I said I guess so he held my hand as we walked into the main rec room. The male relatives were seated and chatting sipping on their drinks. My heart was pounding they must have felt my anxiety. They all smiled and his uncle said please do not worry we will not hurt you and we will respect your limits and wishes. They all nodded yes as some did not speak English. I saw huge piles of brown rope and a few ballgags a head harness blindfold and plug panel gag. They had me sit down and have a drink with them. To calm down my anxiety. After 2 drinks I was calm and said ok boys tie me up! My husband translated and they all smiled and gave me thumbs up. My husband was the first to tie me up he tied me to a chair and ballgagged me. I knew what to do but I was going to really give these guys a good show tonight. They stared on awe as I struggled and mpphed flinging my shoes off and I ended up drooling which they really seemed to love. I was untied and went to clean up and next was my husband’s dad he put me into a hogtie and used the head harness and blindfold on me they actually clapped at one point because it was a pretty strict hogtie and I managed to struggle pretty good drool flowed from my mouth like a faucet. I was untied and had to go clean up again. I was given a break and drank a beer with them. My husband’s uncle from overseas told my husband to tell me I was amazing he had never seen a woman take such tight bondage. He gave me a smile and thumbs up. After the break it was that uncle who tied me into a lotus position with a ballgag. Eventually everyone even grandpa who need some help from my husband due to his arthritis took a turn. After they were done my husband said we want you to do one more session but you will only be tied up by one if us and you will not be alone. I was pretty worn out but asked for a longer break and I will do one last session. They gave me smiles and claps. I felt somewhat proud to have taken their bondages. When I got back from the restroom there was my husband’s mom, aunts and my 2 sister in laws. I put 2 and 2 together and figured out we are all going be tied up together. The men discussed how we were to be tied while the women asked me how it was. I told them tough but I think I did ok. They laughed and said they loved you that is why they clapped. My sister in law said you understand that from now on every holiday, wedding, or special occasion you are going to be tied up. I said no they left that part out. My mother in law it has been a custom for generations for the men in this family. She said it takes some getting used to but you will just think nothing of it after a little while like the rest of us. I said I am ok with it already. They smiled and said Jim must have been tying you up very early on in your relationship for you to accept this so easily. I said I really like being tied up it is easy to relax and not have to be in charge of anything sometimes. They laughed we never thought of it that way but you are right. My mother in law said yes when you are tied up and gagged you cannot cook or clean. It was then the men told us they had decided how we were going to be tied and gagged for the night. Those who were wearing shoe were told to remove them. We were all told to lie on our stomachs and put our hands behind our backs. My sister in law said get ready girls we are getting hogtied. It seems the men play a little game to see who gets to tie up whom. My husband tied up his mom who was next to me and my sister in law on the other side of me was tied up by my husband’s dad. I was tied up by an uncle. Once we were all hogtied including the soles of our feet and toes. The men laid out all the gags and we were all ballgagged my mother in law got the ballgag head harness since it was the only ballgag left. She never even batted an eye about having the harness put on her she looked at me after and winked. It was at that point the cameras came out and we were photographed and then the video cameras came out and we were taped as we struggled they took pictures as well. We were all drooling by the end of our time. It was very interesting to watch these other women struggle and the noises they made. I could see how well we were all tied no escape at all would be possible. They watched me as well my mother in law was amazing she pulled herself into the arched position like nothing. I had a very hard time holding it for a couple minutes. I think we were tied about 20 to 25 minutes and then we were cut loose. We removed our gags and we all went for the restrooms lucky the house had 3. Afterward we women hung out up stairs talking about being tied and gagged by our men. They told me about their first times after they got married into the family and how nervous they were. The men were busy down stairs sharing the pictures and video with each other. When we left that night my husband thanked me for parcipitating in the indoc as he called it. I told him I have no problem being tied up by any of your relatives or in a group like you had us. My husband was surprised to hear me say that. He said you will tied up a lot when we have get togethers. I said no problem here. Once we were home my husband showed me the pictures and vide they took of us. I was sexy to see and hear us. Afterward my husband took out a thumb drive and told me this was his collection from over the years that he scanned and got videos from his relatives. He had folders of all kinds of female family members tied and gagged the videos were just like the ones they took of us tonight. He told I was free to look at this thumb drive anytime I wanted especially since you will be added to it from now on. We went to bed and I could not stop thinking about everything that happened tonight and how I realized just how excited it started to get me. I got so worked up I work my man up to take care of business. He loved hearing me tell him how excited it got me to be the center of attention. He said if I wanted he would ask some of his relatives who live nearby to come over for some tie up time. I told him I would really enjoy that. So now we invite some of guys in his family over for ties up sometimes. They love it of course no need to wait for any special occasions when your sister in is a willing pantyhose bondage “model” so to speak.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:00:40 AM
Name: SGT Bullet
Comments: I have no shame in the fact that I have a pantyhose bondage foot fetish. I love to smell womens hose or nylon covered feet after a long day. I love it even better if they let me tie them up. I am pretty sure I got my interest in pantyhose from my mom and older sister. My mom wore them to work everyday. Mom does not buy into the anit pantyhose in the work place game. My mom said pantyhose tights nylons whatever you chose to call them make a women look more professional in the work place. My mom is Mexican and Italian she is a very strong willed woman. She told my sister and I she wore pantyhose even when she was growing up she said it a cultural thing where she was raised and expected for decent women. She said this because my older sister who went to private school complained about having to wear nylons everyday to school. I realized my mom was right her sisters my "aunts" my cousins who were mine and my sisters ages and my grandma her mom always wore nylons. Even many of my mom and grandma's friends always wore nylons. Now my sister and cousins did not have to wear them all the time just to school which was required. They had to wear them anytime we had to "put on our sunday best as dad would say" Now my dad's mom was the same she always had on nylons she had the same thinking as my mom and her mom did. I never gave it much thought how much I really enjoyed seeing pantyhose covered feet. I was in 9th grade and went to public school which my sister was bitter about. My parents let me choose if I wanted to stay in privet school or go to public school. I think they were glad I choose public school because they did not have to pay money for me to just goof off and get into trouble at school. Once I hit public school a few of my private school buddies joined me their parents felt the same as mine did why pay a lot of money for my kid to just get into trouble and rebel. My friends and I were very much into punk rock and now that we were in public school we shaved our heads and went hardcore punk. My sister resented the fact I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted and she had to follow different rules. My sister did not realize how smart and talented she was. She was the headcheerleader and other good things. I was the black sheep as my dad called me. It did not take me to long to notice that public school girls never wore nylons even the teachers! It was a very rare sight to see a teacher or student in nylons which were really black tights. I asked a girl in my class once who liked talking to me why girls don't wear pantyhose anymore. She laughed and said because pantyhose suck and none of the famous women wear them anymore. She said only old ladies and your private school girls wear pantyhose. She ended by asking me if I missed seeing girls in pantyhose? I said hell yeah I did. She laughed and told her friends who made it a point to tell me how much pantyhose suck and would boldly point out whenever a teacher or student walked by who was wear tights or black hose. They would say hey this guy likes girls who wear pantyhose. Then they would giggle. The person would ususally just keep walking although a few teachers would turn to see me standing there red faced. I took no offense to them they were sort of popular girls who thought is was cool to hang out with the private school pucks as we were known as. At home I really enjoyed seeing my mom and sister sitting in the living room talking after they got home from work and school. The sight of their hosed feet wiggling toes and such was freaking hot. Sometimes I could even smell feet from across the room. I wondered whose feet it was or if it was a combination. I soon went in search of the smell. I hit my sisters laundry basket and my moms taking the pantyhose they had worn the day before. I found the smell of their feet very enjoyable but the one who had the strongest scent was my sister! I began to use hers and moms pantyhose daily to get off with. Then one day I was flipping channels and came across some spanish movie where a women was tied and gagged to a bed and the camera would always start at her hose covered feet and end up with her gagged face. She would struggle and the old bed would squeak it was the most intense thing I had ever seen. I turned off the volume and was glued to the tv everytime they would pant to the room where this women dressed in blouse,skirt and pantyhose was tied and gagged to the bed. I found it sexy her shoes laid next to her on the bed and that she had a big run on the sole of her foot. I never found that damm movie on the internet but I did discover many pantyhose and bondage websites. I found 2 that even to this day I like because the women are fully or semi clothed and the focus is on their stocking feet. I added the free pictures from those sights into my use of my mom and sisters pantyhose into my daily routine. I also noticed my sister always had reinforced toe hose some reinforcements were very apparent others were hard to notice. My mom was a sandal foot girl. Mom always liked to wear open toe shoes which I guess is why she never wore reinforced toes. I made it a point to hangout in the living room when my mom and sister got home. I would just sit pretending read or use the net but in reality just getting off watching their feet. I never thought about tying up my mom or my sister but one day I did notice the pictures of women I saved off the net had some type of resemblance to them in some way hair color eye color body type on and on. Even though I was a rebellious shit at school I still managed to carry a 3.0 which also pissed my sister off. My sister went out of her way to be a bitch to me in front of my pparents and especially in front of her friends. I just ignored her which pissed her off more and she would say really hurtful shit to get me into an arguement with her. She was always searching for ways to get me busted by my parents. My parents treated her like the little princess she thought she was which made her act more like a bitch. She got a car before me and hers was brand new, mine was an old piece of shit. To me it was 4 wheels and a seat. Anyways I found myself really wanting to tie up my sister and play with her pantyhosed feet until i got tired. I started tying up this girl from school who looked a lot like my sister she was willing to be tied up and wear pantyhose for our tie up games because I was doing her homework and helping her pass tests in her classes. I made a similar deal with her best friend of course they swore me to never tell anyone. Punk rockers are not high on the social ladder in high school and these girls were at the top of the popular ladder. I enjoyed tying them up sometimes I would have them booth bound and gagged in my room while my sister and her friends would be upstairs acting stupid. No one ever came in the basement to my room not even my parents. The only time they came to my room was to yell at me for cutting classes. The girls from school were grossed out at first when I told them I was goiing to smell their feet. Then they said screw it if you wanna smell our nasty stinky feet more power to you as long as you get us passing grades. I would often picture them as my sister which got me excited. They had no idea. I was content with my girlfriends from school paying me in tie ups. I still searched for a way to get ahold of my sister. Then one day I got lucky. My sister was in 12th grade and I was in 11th. She was still in private school which really worked out for me. Everyone had big plans for her when she graduated. She had been accepted to a major university in our state. She had big plans for herself as well. She got even more attention then before and played that shit to the max. My mom and dad catered to her every whim. I was pushed aside by the whole family which worked out for me because I did whatever I wanted and did not have to worry about getting into trouble because the spotlight was on my sister. Our parents had just left for a week long vacation they took every year at the same time with the same friends of theirs. My sister and I had the place to ourselves. I skipped school and stayed home getting off my moms and sisters pantyhose. I heard a noise about noon. I went up to see what it was and noticed the mail had been delivered. I picked up the mail thumbed through it and noticed a letter to my parents from my sisters school. I knew this was a warning letter to let parents know your failing classes or skipping school. I smiled and opened the letter. I was right my sister was failing her science class and had 2 unexcused absences! I felt like I hit the lotto. Now I had her right where I wanted her. I was about to have my sister as my pantyhose bondage princess until I got bored of her. I could not wait until she came home from work. I was so confident my sister would give in to me to keep our parents from ever seeing that letter which if they did she would not be going to prom that I went to the home improvement store and bought a package of rope and a nice roll of black duck tape. I found out how to make a ballgag on line and went to the local pet store and got a nice red rubber ball and a long dog collar. I did get some strange looks from the cashier. Picture a guy with a huge mohawk buying a dog collar and red rubber ball. She never said anything but I could see she wanted too. I got home and drilled out the ball and slid the colloar through. I tried it on to make sure it woud work on my sister. It would fit her fine. I went and washed the ball and watched the clock. Just before se was due home I turned up my music which she hated puck music. I knew she would come down and start bitching and carrying on. True to form she was standing at my door screaming for me to trun it down. I turned off the music and she went off calling me names and on and on. She told me I was never going to be anything but a loser who will live in our parents basment until I die. I laughed and asked if she was done she stood there and siad why. I then handed her the envelope from her school. Her eyes got huge she said where the fuck is the letter. I told safe and sound where you will never find it! She demanded the letter I made a copy of it which I took from my pocket. She stepped into grab it but I was to fast and put it in my pocket. She was pissed off and even hit me in the chest. I told her if she did not want mom and dad to see the orginal letter which I have hidden then she would have do what want. She told what do you want money what? I told her you are going to be my pantyhose bondage princess? she said what the fuck are you talking about pantyhose bondage princess. I said well everyone calls you princess so you will be my princess also but I am going to tie you up and gag you and your going to make sure your wearing pantyhose for those times and if I want you later on after you change then you will have to put on the pantyhose you just took off and come down here and be tied up. She said your fucking sick in the head no way am I going to let you or any other guy tie me up and gag me let alone wear pantyhose for you so can get off or whatever sick shit you have in your mind. I told her I am sorry you feel that way I will give mom and dad the letter when they get home and I will get grounded for opening their mail but you will not be going to prom with your football jock of a boyfriend and you will fail those classes for sure which will go on your transcript which I am sure the college will review before you offically walk in the door. Seems the princess is in a world of shit! However I am offering you a way out of trouble and will make sure you don't fail your class and the 2 absences will fall off your record. She then sat down and looked like she was going to cry. I told her the choice is yours. You give me what I want and you get to keep doing what your doing without any problems. I alsoo told her you can still act like a bitch to me because if you agree you cannot all of a sudden start being nice to me or else your going to bring heat on us. She said you promise to help me if I let you do the shit to me. She asked your not going to do anything sexual to me are you? I said of course not your my sister all I want is you and your pantyhose feet tied and gagged. Everything stays between us no pictures videos nothing but real time you and me. I said if your down to roll We will burn the letter when the time comes but I will have to keep it hidden in case you decide to try to get out of doing your part. She said what about mom and dad they will see me coming down here or you going to my room. I told her we will do it when they are gone or asleep. Plus you come down here to work out and wash clothes so that is not unsual. She asked are you sure there is no other way then you tying me up all the time. She said I sorry I treated you like shit honest I am I am just jealous that you get to do whatever you want and noone expects shit from you. I told her this is the only princess she put her head down ok I will be you whatever you said princess just don't do S&M stuff on me ok. I told it was not like that and showed her my collection of net pictures. She said it looks scary but I trust you.

She asked when do you want to start doing this to me. I told her we start tonight and every night while mom and dad are gone. My sister told me her plans. I told her when she gets home then she can meet me in the living room, her room or mine. She said ok I am home for the night tonight so what now. I told her let's eat and you show me what homework you got to do and after dinner. We will come back to my room I will tie you up and gag yo and work on your home work after which I am going to play with your feet then untie you. She said I can't fucking believe this is how it is going to be until you give me the letter back. After we ate she went and got the home work and showed me what she had to do. She was very behind and what she done was shit. I told her we will start easy on you. I got out my bag of ropes and gags. She said are you going to use all the rope on me? I said no just enough to keep you secure. I had her lean with her back against my head board and I tied a rope around her upper body and secured her to the head board she was quite as I tied her wrists together and tied her above and below her knees I used a short rope to tie her wirsts down to her above the knee rope keeping them down. I removed her shoes and her sexy black reinfocred toes were right there the smell was intense. She turned red as she said oh my gosh my feet really stink bad please let me wear my shoes. I told her no shoes pantyhose feet remember plus I want to smell your feet. She said smell my feet that is gross. I told her she agreed to do what I wanted. I tied her ankles together and then the soles of her feet I connected everything to the foot board. I had her struggle I wanted to her to see she was not getting loose. I told her I was going to gag her but not until she told me what each assignment had to be done. After she told me I put 3 strips of black tape over her lips. I then took a few snifs of her feet she made eww sounds through her gag. I told her to get used to it princess. She rolled her eyes and tugged her ropes. I said oh yeah feel free to try and get free I like to watch my captives struggle. Oh and feel free to make nice pretty gagged sounds which I am sure you will start making when you start struggling. She just stared at me I showed her the clock and said this assignment which is due tomorrow will take me 30 to 35 minutes so that is how long you will be bound and gagged. I put the clock on my dresser facing her so she could see the time. I knew the work would really only take me 15 to 20 minutes but I factored in time for foot play. I turned around in my chair and began doing her homework she stayed quiet and did not move for about 6 minutes on my computer clock. Soon she was struggling and began mmmpphing and gag talking. I took a few seconds every now and then to rub and sniff her feet. She always made the eeww sounds when I would smell her feet. I made her wiggle and curl her toes for me. She did everything perfectly and I made sure to tell her how good she was doing for her first time. She just rolled her eyes. I finished her work in 25 minutes and spent the last five smelling her feet. I untied her and she peeled off the tape. I gave her the paper and she said you better hope I get a B on this. I told her a B not likely you will get an A. I told her I will see her tomorrow night for her next session. She left and I closed my door took out the hose she wore the day before and jerked off. The next night she came to my room and said ok time for tie up right. I smiled and said good girl have a seat I tied her to a chair sitting her next to me at the computer.. I took off her shoes and crossed and tied her ankles pulling back under the chair just so the tips of her toes touched the floor. I then introduced her to her new friend the ballgag. After she gave me the instructions for her work I put the ballgag in her mouth and she looked so fucking hot with that ball strapped in her mouth. I called this one 40 minutes she looked at me and I told I need 5 minutes to smell your feet ok. I worked on her work while she sat next to me I was so awesome to have her bound and gagged next to me. I explained what she needed to do to pass the upcoming test assuring her I will help her. She struggled and mmpphed for me a bit but gag talked the ropes were tight and the gag too. I removed her gag but told her I had to tie her snug that was how I tie all my girls. She was suprised to hear that I was charging pantyhose tie ups to girls like her who were failing classes. She could not believe I had one or two girls bound and gagged in my room whille mom was down here dogin laundry or working out or dad doing his wood work. I finished her work untied her feet set them on my foot stool and smelled her feet she was not gagged and told me she could not get over that I liked smelling girls stinky pantyhose feet. The next night I hogtied her and used the ballgag. I like tying the soles of her feet a lot. She was a quik study and struggled and mmpphed for me she would wiggle and curl her toes and gag talk to be untied. The next night after I had her hogtied I took a pair of her pantyhose and put them over her head I forgot to tell her they worn. She was not to thrilled having the ballgag strapped into her mouth over the crotch panel which meant she had to taste herself. In my mind it was payback. She acceppted it and struggled and mppphed this time I was slick and had my laptop camear on filming her as I used my desk top to do her homework. I loved watching the 20 plus minute video of her from that night. I gave her a break the night our parents were due home because we had no idea wht time they would be home. The next night she came to me room dressed in her workout attire and I hogtied her and gave her another suprise this time I used a pair of mom's smelly hose over her head and the crotch panel in her mouth with the ballgag strapped in. I showed her the toes of the hose and when she realized she was tasting mom she got pissed and thrashed about cussing me through her gag so much so she was drooling by the time I got done with her work.. She was sweating from he struggles as well. When I removed the gag and hose she told me that was fucked up using moms dirty pantyhose on her and making her taste the crotch panel. I said I was sorry but felt like paying her back for all the times you acted so nasty to me in front of everyone. I promised not to do it again. She was still hogtied and said she forgave and agreed she had that coming. She said if I feel the need to put dirty pantyhose over her head to just use hers. I agreed. I untied her. The next few times I gave the pantyhose over her head a rest. The time and she passed her classes with straight A's and perfect attendance. My sister never knew it but I had one of the ladies who worked in the school office on my pantyhose bondage payroll. She spent a lot of time in my room unknown to anyone and she got to taste mom and my sisters dirty hose a lot stuffed in her mouth or over her head. The day my sister graduated I gave her a really nice card thanking her for all the good times we shared and inside the card I put the letter that got me what I wanted. I went into the Military after I graduated and was invloved in heavy combat in Iraq. I would go from Iraq to Afghanistan several times before coming back to the states. My sister is the only one who wrote or sent me any packages. In a few letters she told me that she missed our game. She sent me some pictures of her wearing pantyhose and her feet. She sent pictures of her legs and feet tied also. She told me she needed me to come home and finish the job. My buddies had no idea the hot girl was my sister. I never said shit either. One time she sent me a pair of her worn pantyhose in a zip lock hidden in some long johns. A sticky note said enjoy. I ended up getting hit and sent home. She was the only one to come an see me in the hospital. She was done with college and had a great job. She told me she bought a really nice condo on the beach not to far from the base she asked me to move in with her she said she gets scared sometimes. She asked if I got the pictures and hose. I said I did and enjoyed them very much. She told me she tried playing tie up games with a few boyfriends but they either were not into tying her up or had no idea how to tie her. She said one guy tied her so tight she had to tell him to cut the ropes because she was losing feeling in her hands and feet. Said another guy tied her so loosely it was stupid. She never let any of them gag her because they had no clue how she wanted to be tied. She told me how she could not wait until I was strong enough to go home and tie her up good and use a nice ballgag on her. She said maybe I will be a bitch to you so you will pull some pantyhose over my head. She told this time she wants me to take pictures and some video. So when I get deployed again she will have something to get off with. Then she did something I did not expect she closed the door to my hospital room and pulled a chair up next to my bed slipped off her shoes and said how do these smell? I said fucking great she said this is the second day I worn them! I was in the midst of smelling her feet when a Navy nurse came in she looked at us mostly me and said hate to break up your fun but visiting hours are over you can come back tomorrow. My sister got up put on her shoes gave me a hug and said see you tomorrow. She walked pass the nurse like nothing. The nurse just looked at me but did not say shit. I looked down to see if she was wearing nylons just to be a jerk. She said sorry no nylons for you to smell and left. The rest of the time I was in the hospital all the female nurses just looked at me strange especially after a few of them walked in on me smelling my sisters feet. I got out moved in with my sister and we resumed our games. I got deployed many more times before I got out. I still live with my sis and we still do our bondage thing. She dates and I date but we agreed to just do bondage each other. Since we both know what we like. Works out good for me.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:06:15 AM
Name: Big Jim
Comments:Pretty cool posts here so I figure why not share mine. J

My mom play and every once in a while still play a little game of tie up.

I never had a clue mom was into being tied up until I was 15.

One day I came home after practice and went down into our fully finished basement to stow my equipment and shower. As I was heading down the stairs I began to hear some strange sounds. I heard the TV on but it was a ball game. I also heard my dad talking then I heard those strange mmphing sounds.

I got the surprise of my life when I walked into the room where my dad was watching the game.

He smiled and said come on in son.

He said great timing son. He then reached over and pulled the blanket off a what I thought was a bunch of pillows. Only to see my mom hogtied ballgagged and blindfolded with a leather blindfold.

She was only wearing bra,panties and pantyhose. Dad reached over and pulled her back up onto the stomach she was facing me.

My mouth was wide open in disbelief.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:10:42 AM
Name: Gotcha Mom
Comments:Pretty interesting posts here.

My mom's ex boyfriend left her tied and gagged dressed in her girdle with graters attached to tan rht stockings.

He tied her sitting up to her head board arms stretched out toward the posts her chest roped to the headboard to keep her pinned against it.

Her legs spread with ankles tied to the foot posts by longer ropes which were tied tight.

He strapped a large black ball in her mouth.

Before her left he left a detailed note for me on the kitchen table.

When I got home from class I was in college at the time. I found and read the note and walked down to moms room where she was exactly as the note said.

He set up the cam corder on her which was live fed into the tv so every thing she did she could see on the tv screen as it was also being recorded.

I was fucking blown away to say the least have to admit mom looked HOT!

I reread the note to her out loud she was blushing as I finished and I went to the "toy" drawer and found all her toys. Mom was so humiliated she just pouted.

I rewound the video tape in the camera and we sat and watched the video. Her ex taped everything even shot close ups of mom.

Mom just whimpered as the video played finishing up with me reading the letter out loud.

I removed her gag and untied her and then I took the video out of the camera.

She asked me where I was going with that video of her?

I told I was going to keep it and put it somewhere safe and sound.

She asked why and I told her because real soon your going to let me tie and gag you like your ex did.

Moms mouth hit the floor she was speechless and all she could say is why? I told she looked really hot tied and gagged so I want my turn.

She asked if she let me tie and gag her if I would give her the video back. I said I would.

Little did mom know that I was going to film our session so I would have a new video.

We had our session and I filmed her once we finished I gave her the video her ex made of her. She asked for the new one as well. I told her next time.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:13:37 AM
Name: cool zero
Comments:I started tying up my mom in my 20's since her experience took place when I was around that age.

This was back in the late 80's.
My mom was a manager of a department store.
So it is pretty safe to say she was a heels and hose women during the week. Unless it was winter then she wore thick tights or hose everyday.

It happened one morning in the winter. My mom and 3 of her employees were robbed at gun point by 2 masked men.

Mom told me every vivid detail prior to us starting our tie up game.

The men grabbed one of the employees as she opened the door to the store. My mom and 3 other women were in the back working when they heard a voice tell them to get on the floor! It was then they saw the 2 men holding guns. One man held the employee until my mom and the other 3 women laid on the floor face down. they made the woman they were holding do the same. The men asked who was the boss?

My mom said she was and then the men told them to stand up and strip! They stood up and began to take off their clothes. One man said leave your bras and pantyhose on. One women was not wearing pantyhose or tights. the robber who told them to leave on the bra's and pantyhose told his friend go get her a pair of pantyhose! His friend left and came back with a package of pantyhose he tossed it to the women and said put em on! she sat down and everyone watched her put on the pantyhose. Mom said the women was so nervous she ran the hose. They men laughed and said now back on the floor face down hands behind your backs ankles together and don't make a fucking sound.
Then one of the men tossed a large black duffle bag on the in the middle of them and said time to tie you bitches up. They laughed and said this is our favorite part of robbing bitches! One of the men dumped the bag and mom said there was a huge pile of rope and rolls of tape. The leader told the other guy go get some more pantyhose so we can stuff their mouths before we tape em.
The man left came back with several packages of pantyhose and opened them tossing them on the floor next to the rope.

Continuing where I left off last night.
The other guy who I will just call robber 2 from here on out to prevent confusion.
Robber 2 tossed several pairs of pantyhose on the floor next to the pile of rope.
Robber 1 told each woman to take a pair of pantyhose wad it up and stuff it in their mouths.
Mom said she was surprised how calm they all were they put the wadded up pantyhose in their mouths. Then robber 2 grabbed a roll of tape and wrapped several times each of their heads except for my mom. Mom said their cheeks were bulging robber 1 told them to scream except for my mom. The other women screamed and realized they were muffled well and the robbers told them no one is going to hear them so they better keep doing as they are told. They all nodded yes.
Robber 2 told them all including my mom to lie on the floor on their stomachs with their hands behind their backs and ankles together. They did as they were told.
Robber 1 grabbed some rope and began tying their hands while robber 2 watched them mom said they chatted as if they were having coffee. They decided that the 2 older women will be tied back to back. The other woman closer to mom’s ages which was in her 30’s. She would be tied to a post until mom was brought back into the room.
Robber 1 finished by tying moms hands crossed behind her and then told robber 2 to fix up their hostages while he takes boss lady to the safe. Robber 1 reached down and helped mom to her knees then her feet which were untied at this point. He told her to walk slowly in front of him to the office where the safe was. Mom said she started walking and robber 1 began to comment how sexy her pantyhose covered was and looked. Mom said she was afraid of what he was going to do to her once they got into the office. Once in the office she said he helped her get down on her knees facing the safe. He told her she could spit out the pantyhose in her mouth after he untied her wrists which she said were hurting. He warned her not talking unless spoken to mom nodded yes. He untied her wrists and she spit out the pantyhose. He told her to open the safe and then to move over and put her hands behind her back face to the wall mouth closed. He asked mom if she understood she softly said yes. She told me her mind was preparing for the worst concerning his sexual comments as she walked in front of him.
She opened the safe and then moved over and followed his instructions. Robber 1 picked up the rope tied her hands crossed picked up the pantyhose and then said since you are being a good hostage I will get a clean dry pair of hose to stuff you mouth with. He called out to robber 2 and asked for rope tape and more hose. Robber 2 said here I come but Robber 1 said are the other hostages done up? He said yeah man got those fines asses bound and gagged well. Robber 1 said let me hear em. Robber 2 told them make some noise for the man bitches. Mom said she began hear mpphing sounds and struggling sounds. Robbers 1 said cool tell em cool it and bring the shit I told you. Mom said her heart was racing as robber 2 brought in the stuff as robber 1 called it. Robber 1 then said go watch those hostages I am going to spend some time with boss lady and shut the door on your way out. Robber 2 left shutting the door. Robber 1 told mom to open her mouth and he stuffed 2 wadded up pairs of pantyhose in her mouth grabbed the roll of tape and wrapped it around her head several times. He said scream mom tried to scream but she said it was like nothing came out. Robber 1 said good girl you realize no one can hear you or help you right? Mom nodded yes holding back tears. Robber 1 said relax we are not going to rape any of you we are just going rob you and leave but until we are ready to leave we are going to tie and gag you all until we are ready to leave. He said we have to stay in practice for our next hostage right. Mom nodded yes. Robber 1 said I am the leader so don’t think my friend out there is doing anything to your employees. Mom nodded yes. Robber 1 then said you are the sexiest hostage I have had in a long time and I am going to enjoy tying you up in different positions and you’re going to put on a nice show of trying to get loose and making lots of noise for me ok? Mom nodded yes and robber 1 said well let’s begin. She saw him check his watch he said we have plenty of time before the rest of your ladies get her. He then stood mom up and walked her over to her office chair sat her down and began tying her to it. Mom said he tied rope everywhere and quickly when he was finished her legs were tied spread and feet pulled under so her hips kind were kind of pulled forward but her upper body was tied to the back of the chair. She said she felt like she was arching in a way. He sat down and said sorry about the spread legs but I love seeing pantyhose crotch panels on my hostages as they struggle.
He told mom show time and she tried hard to move and please him but he had her tied to good she could barely move anything. She made noises like he wanted. She said he was smiling the whole time.
After what seemed like hours but was some minutes he told mom good job and now for your next tie. He untied her and had her bend over her desk long ways with her hands out in front of her. He tied her wrists together and then tied a rope between them to the desk and then tied each ankle to each leg thus again spreading her legs. He then tied a rope over her and around the middle of the desk pinning her to the desk. He then turned on the radio and found some upbeat song and told mom he wanted her to shake her ass to the music and struggle and make good noises for him. She did as he said she could see his reflection in the glass when she turned her head to one side. She said he was smiling probably touching himself over his jeans. When the song ended he untied her from the desk. He then made her stand up and put her hands behind her back this time he tied her wrists side by side and then he tied her elbows. He then took a knotted rope and tied it around her waist and between her legs. Mom said she was frozen as he passed the rope through not touching her then she felt him pull it up her back side and then a knot hit a spot as mom called it and she tried to scream but no use. He said got it didn’t I mom said her face was red and tears filled her eyes. He told her it is a special treat for her only since she was the boss. He then hobbled her ankles and took her by the arm led her back into the store room with the others who were putting on a show to robber 2 she said they were sweating from struggling. Robber 2 was drinking a cup of coffee and eating a doughnut. He saw mom and smiled so you’re the lucky one today. Mom said the other women were told to look as robber 1 told them about mom’s new friend the crotch rope and what those knots are doing and going to do real soon. Mom said she was so humiliated as robber one put her on her knees facing the other women.
Robber 2 said time to go lets hooded tape and get the fuck out. Robber 1 said let’s do it I will hood em and tape em you grab all their clothes and shoes dump their purses take all their jewelry and cash even the fucking pennies. Put all that shit in a bag with the real cash.
Mom said Robber 1 took a pair of pantyhose and pulled them over the woman who was tied to the poles head he said crotch panel on your nose too bad they are clean he then grabbed the tape and tapped over her eyes and mouth around her head several times.
Then robber 1 said now to you 2 fine old ladies. He cut the tape that was wrapped over their mouths around both of their head holding the heads together.
Robber 1 hooded each one the same as the first woman taped them the same and once he was done run the tape around their mouths pinning their head together again they were tied back to back with their legs out in front of them tied above and below the knees ankles side by side.
Robber 1 said ok boss lady your turn mom was hooded and taped. Then robber 2 said ok got their shit. Robber 1 said come here and help me hogtie boss lady and her friend on the pole. Robber 2 untied and put the women on the pole into a hogtie mom was placed next to her and hogtied as well. Robber 2 said hey lets tie their faces to old broads feet like we did those chicks before. Robber1 said good idea. Mom said she was pulled forward until her face was pressed against a foot then rope was tied around her head forcing her face to this woman’s foot. The woman next to her was tied the same way. Robber 2 laughed and said enjoy smelling her stinky ass feet bitches I can smell nasty things from here! Both robbers laughed Robber 1 said fuck lets rope our 2 hogtied hotties together for the fuck of it make it harder for the cops or whoever finds them to untie em.
Mom said they tied ropes all over her and the other woman moms toes were tied the soles of her feet and anywhere else they could tie a rope and connect it to the other woman and the same was done to mom they connected the other woman’s ropes to her.
They laughed and robber 1 knelt down whispered in moms ear enjoy that crotch rope honey and slapped her on her ass.
They women heard the back door open and close. Mom said they just laid their quietly afraid to move.
Eventually they all started moving and making noises mom said every part of her body was hurting and the crotch rope was killing her not in a good way she told she just began sobbing uncontrollably. She said they were all sobbing when they heard the door open and voices they went for it making as much noise as they could and soon their co workers were in the stock room freaking out calling police and untying and cutting ropes off of them.
Mom said they police got there very fast and she was humiliated even more when the officers took over and cut the ropes off them and knowing one of those officers saw the rope tied between her legs and going up through her behind. The tape and pantyhose were removed and mom said it hurt their faces were red and sticky.. Paramedics came and wrapped them in blankets and treated them.
Mom said the 2 older women quit the next day and the one mom’s age stayed on with her and eventually transferred. Mom got promoted to the corporate side. The men were not caught until about 2 years later.

It is that experience that got me into tying up my mom on a regular basis for several years.

I knew she was robbed at work and small bits of what happened.

Then one night I am guessing about 6 months after it happened. I was driving her home from a party and she told me that she wanted to really tell me what happened during the robbery.

I was shocked, pissed off and wanted to find those guys. I went through a million emotions as I listened to her tell me every detail I felt like I was actually there.

When she finished she looked at me and said I am drunk and need to be to ask you what I am going to ask you.

Then she said I know you are into tying up women and have been tying up girls since you were in Jr High. I was speechless.

She laughed I know all about you and your games.

She said that is why I want you to start tying me up now.
I said are you kidding she got annoyed no I am not kidding I want you to tie me up but your going to be my robber not my son for this game.

I was not making the connection just yet she was more annoyed and said look genius your going to pretend I am your hostage hello role play here!

I got it and said are you sure this is a good idea she got pissed now. She said yes it is a fucking great idea because for some reason I think this will help me get over this shit ok.

She said are you going to help me or not?
I said I would be the robber but was not sure what to do.

She looked at me and said give me a break what you do is put a mask over your head take me tie me up gag me pretend I am your hostage.

I said ok so I can do whatever I want to you then?
she looked at me and said no your going to do things to me like that fucking guy did but no crotch ropes ever!

I said I am cool with that she said I know you have ideas and fantasy's so I am sure you will be a good robber after a few times right.

I said you are right and to show her just what a good robber I was I drover her back to my apartment took her up stairs tied her to a chair ballgagged her a first for her at that time. Went and put a stocking over my head came back made her struggle and took a few polaroids of her.

It was about a 2 hour session and by the end of it she was impressed at how I handled her.

We began our sessions as she like to call them weekly we would try to start on Friday and play off and on throughout the weekend but sometimes with work and things we would have to start on Saturday.

We took our games on the road with us as well. We both had very high stress jobs and it was a great way to relieve that stress dumb as that may sound.

I was never a big pantyhose guys but it did not take long to win me over that soft silky material awesome!

we played for several years until one day she told me it was out of her system and that was about the time they sent those 2 criminals to prison for a very long time.

Mom and I still hang out but no tie ups or any of that stuff. We chat about it once in a while but it was fun well it lasted as she said and I am ok with it.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:16:22 AM
Name: Abandon
Comments:Oh man these posts are intense. I thought mine was wild.

I never got to tie up my mom but I got to watch my dad tie and gag her every night.

I was in my teens in the 70's when I first got to see what bondage was all about.

One day I rolled in from school and heard some hard rock playing my dad was old school Nam Vet and loved hard rock.

I walk into the living room expecting to find pop drinking a brew. I not only find pop drinking a brew but see my mom and aunt encased from head to toe in pantyhose and taped up!

My pop looks at me and says have a seat and watch the show.
I watched as my mom and aunt wiggled and rolled around making noise for about an hour.

Then dad handed me some medical shears and said cut em loose son! I knelt down and cut them loose as dad watched.

My mom and aunt who were in bra's and panties stood up and left them room to go put on clothes. Dad told me I could watch him tie up my mom and aunt and will be his official untier but he would not let me tie them up.

It really did not make sense but my dad made the rules and the cash plus you never argue with a combat vet.

So I got to see my aunt bound and gagged daily see my aunt divorced and moved in with us for 2 years and I learned from dad that her rent was bondage on call.
Meaning dad paid her way for the 2 years she lived with us but her job was his personal bondage model as he called her. Then of course mom got her share as well daily for her mom however had her sister my aunt to keep dad happy while she cooked and cleaned and mom worked so my aunt filled in she also helped my dad with his business. He worked from home so he had it made he could have my aunt tied and gagged in his office and still work and make bank! Way cool is what I thought.

I used to race home from school to enjoy seeing my aunt tied and gagged some how some way somewhere in the house.

Dad had a friend from Nam who was a leather worker and he made dad gags for his ladies as he called them dad had 3 of every kind of gag ball,bit,plug and one ring gag which was for mom only.
He had blindfolds and straps and piles of rope.

I would sit and watch my aunt and mom struggle and mmmph as dad worked of watched the game or listen to music. I could see he enjoyed running things as he put it and everyone was cool with and enjoyed being run so to speak even my older sister. One time she was home from college and I get home from practice and find her my mom and aunt hogtied and gagged Mom in her bra and pantyhose ring gagged my aunt in cut offs and tank top ballgagged and my sister in running shorts tan knee hi's and white t shirt plug gagged!

I about shit myself when I saw my sister she looked at me rolled her eyes and went back to struggling with my mom and aunt. mom was drooling all over and dad scopped her up took her to their room and took care of his needs. I was left their with my aunt and sister not sure what to do they were trying to say untie them now game over. But I was frozen staring at them. Then dad yelled out good ahead untie em boy and shut the door. I untied them and they removed their gags leaving me with rope and gags. My sister raised 1 finger she said this is our safe sign that means untie us dip shit! I did not know about signs she and my aunt were pissed off at me the rest of the day.

I looked forward to seeing my sister tied up she treated me like shit and seeing her bound and gagged watching her struggle was priceless to me she hated the fact I got to see her bound and gagged so much so she complained to my dad who told her to get over it.

See dad told me he was paying for my sisters college and apartment car basically my sister got spoiled rotten and all she had to do is join the tie up payment plan.
My sister ended up getting her Masters degree so I got to see sis tied and gagged plenty she hated it which made it even better for me.

My aunt remarried her first husband go figure and moved out after 2 years.

So mom was our main source of entertainment she did not care as she told me dad started tying her up after their 2nd date so she was used to it nothing new. They were high school sweethearts according to mom.

My sister had set times when she would come home to visit but also to pay her debts in full.

One time dad had my sister hogtied and ballgagged in her room when one of dad's clients stopped by for a business meeting dad told me to get in my sisters room and watch her while he had his meeting he said I just tied her up. He went downstairs and I strolled into my sisters room and she saw me and gave me that pissed off indigent look. I smiled and said it's just you and me now sis dad has a meeting. I shut the door. She gave me her sign and I said sorry no sign time dad said he just roped you up. She struggled hard and pouted to bad. I noticed for the first time my sister was wearing tan full fashioned stocking and I could see her garters peeking out from under her skirt. Her chucky heels next to her. I sat beside her looking at the soles of her feet I found the stockings very sexy for some reason she was staring at me. I said my your feet stinky she got pissed struggled hard then made pouty sounds drool was starting to leak from the corner of her mouth. I then said I am going to touch your feet and you cannot stop me can you ? She shook her head no as I slowly ran my hands over her soft damp soles. I then said fuck it I undid her connecting rope and told her I was taking her to my room.

Just then dad came in and said sorry honey I am in a meeting we will finish later and shut the door. Then he came back in and said go ahead and untie son.

Ok I said and he shut the door I heard him walk down the steps. I looked at my sister and she lifted her finger and I said nope your going to my room now! She was still tied wrists and ankles I told her my room or here either way I am not untying you yet.

She made whinny pouty sounds and I said my room she nodded yes.
I helped her up and held her as she hopped down the hall to my room. Once in my room I got my ropes out that I used to play tie up games with my friends. I told my sister I was putting her back into the hogtie and was going to play with her pretty stocking feet.
I helped her on the floor and put her between my bed and the wall so if dad came in he would not see her and she could not roll away. I reconnected her into the hogtie and she struggled for me and her skirt rode up to the point I got the full show black panties black garters and of course her stockings. I played with her feet for about 30 minutes. I sniffed and rubbed and kissed her smelly feet. I enjoyed telling her how stinky her feet were as I smelled and kissed them. She just pouted and made whinny noises.

I let her go after the 30 minutes and she called me a bunch of names and slammed my door.

About 10 minutes later I heard dad tell her he was ready to get back to business.

I heard some mmpphing and squeaking sounds and went to see as I always did her door was open and dad had tied her to her bed her feet were lifted off the mattress and attached to the foot board her hand were tied to the corners and her head was on a pillow she had the plug gag blindfold head harness on. Dad also tied her legs above and below her knees he said we don't want to see up her skirt.

We watched her struggle and mmpph moan and what not mom came home and soon found herself hogtied in my sisters room ballgag harness and blindfold for mom dad had her strip to her bra and pantyhose right there before he tied her.

Now dad had got a phone call right after he had mom trussed up and he left and I could not resist moms hosed feet. I could smell them from where I was they were sweaty her tan hose were damp as I moved in and touched them. She jumped and I whispered into her ear it me and I did the same to her feet as I did my sisters who had stopped struggling and was listening intently. Mom mpphhed and struggled but I went for broke. I heard dad coming and he untied moms connecting rope picked her up and told me to untie my sister and he took mom to their room. I untied my sister she was surprised and I went to my room.

I never got to help or do any tie ups and my mom was not happy I smelled her feet that time and she decided to try and teach me a lesson.

One day when it was just her and I she scolded for smelling her feet and told me to get down and smell her feet. I got down took off her shoes and was blown away by the smell she said I want to smell my pantyhose that I worn for 3 days now maybe now you will learn to not be a pig. Mom was getting off on being in charge sadly for her it back fired and she got really pissed off when she realized I was loving every minute of it.

She told me dad when he got back he cussed me out and by this time told me to pack my shit and get out I was old enough to leave home.

I left and never went back my sister got in touch with my once to try and make peace with everyone but I was not interested.

All I have are the things I got to see and that is good enough for me
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:17:13 AM
Comments:when I was in my teens my parents divorced. I lived with my mom who worked a lot she was a heels and hose worker as she put it. She would often complain to me how she hated wearing pantyhose but strangely enough she would leave them on even after she changed into her sweats or pjs. The only time she would not wear hose was on the weekends or her days off unless it was cold and snowing out. Mom really thought nothing about walking around in her bra pantys and pantyhose in the mornings as she dressed for work. For some reason I really enjoyed seeing her like that she had a great body. I never gave bondage or tying up much thought. Then things would change in a very intense way. First I had a very close friend who approached me during a camping trip and told me he wanted to tie and gag me. I thought it was very strange for a guy to want to tie up and gag another guy. He kept asking me untils I gave in and that night in our tent He hogtied me stuffed a sock in my mouth and wrapped duct tape all the way around my head. He told to struggle and make mmpphing sounds. I did what he said the ropes were tight the gag tight. He then took out a pair of pantyhose and said my mom wore these so you can smell her crotch panel. He pulled the pantyhose over my head placing the crotch panel over my nose he wrapped tape over my eyes but left the legs dangling he laughed and asked you like the smell of my mom. I could not help but nod yes. He said good and said I am not going to untie you until you agree to do what I say. He told me how he used to tie up his mom when his dad was gone. He said he pulls her dirty pantyhose over her head also. He said it turns him on. He told me his mom does whatever he wants because he has pictures and video of her tied and gagged. He then said you will also do what I say and he took out his camera and took pictures of me. He then told me from now on he was going to tie me up and gag me. I agreed my body was hurting now. He then said I want to tie up your mom. He said your going to help me or I will show these pictures to all our friends and your girlfriend. He said your going to help me right. I nodded yes. Hey said good. He untied me and looked at his watch I am impressed 20 minutes he said we will get you up to 30 minutes soon. Over the next 2 days he hogtied me in our tents. He told me how we should get my mom tied up. I could tell he was very turned on by telling me how he was going to make my mom smell her dirty pantyhose and shoes and then he said oh by the way your going to be bound and gagged watching me take care of business hope you don't mind but I don't need you fucking things up. I laid there helpless picturing him with my mom bound and gagged. A few day after we got back from camping I came home and heard this thrashing and strange noises coming from moms room her bed was squeaking. I figured she was getting it on with her boyfriend. I quietly walked down the hall and noticed the door was open and there on her bed was mom hogtied and gagged! Her mouth stuffed and tape wrapped around her head a strip of bed sheet was tied tightly over her eyes. She was in her pantyhose and blouse her skirt and shoes on the floor. her pantyhose were torn and had many runs in them. her purse dumped out and drawers opend and her jewelry box smashed on the floor. I yelled out mom thrashed about wildly. I grabbed the phone and called 911 and then untied mom she sat up and peeled off the gag which made her cry. The police arrived and mom told them her exboyfriend pushed his way in the house and tied her up and robbed us. I was freaking out. I told my friend about what happened to my mom as he was still tying me up almost everyday. I figured he would forget the idea and stop tying me up but instead he said to bad I did not see her like that I am jealous of that guy. He said your still going to help me tie up your mom. He kept tying me up for over a year and then he said it has been enough time tomorrow night I want your mom. The next night was Friday night. I was so nerveous he came over and we hung out until my mom got home told me he was not going to tie me up until he got my mom because he was going to tie me up like never before. He showed me a bag inside his duffle bag. It had rope tape and 2 ballgags and he held up 2 pairs of pantyhose he said they are nice and stinky one for you and one for your mom. I am sure she will enjoy smelling my mom. He said he got a guy he knows to go buy the ballgags for him. I was stunned and sat there frozen. He was hyped up. My mom came home after 10 pm she greeted us and we could tell she had a few drinks in her. So she was giddy. Mom sat down and said what are you guys up too? I said nothing she noticed my friends duffle bag and she said whats in the bag? My friend smiled and said a suprise for you and "Jon" She said oh really I love suprises. He said I am not sure you will like this suprise at first but I am sure you will get used to it. Mom was confused and she said what is it. He stood up and dumped out his bag on our coffee table. Mom saw all the rope,gags,tape and pantyhose. She said what the hell kinda suprise is this! You guys are not tying me up mom looked at me with a pissed off look. My friend grabbed a piece of rope and said I am afraid you don't have much of a choice Susan. He said you see I have been tying and gagging your son JOn here for months and have pictures of him. So if you don't want those pictures all over school you need to let us tie you up. Mom said yeah right. My friend pulled out a pack of polaroids and gave them to her. She looked at them and said one condition we get all these pictures no exceptions. He said agreed and then told her you better go to the bathroom then come back in here. She said I am taking the pictures with me. Shoe got up and left to the restroom. My friends said well it is time to hogtie and gag you so I can spend time with your mom. He ballgagged me pulled his moms pantyhose over my head and had me get on the floor. He quickly hogtied me. He said I am not going to tape you eyes because I want you to watch me tie your sexy mom. Mom came back in her sweats but still wearing her pantyhose. She saw me and said why the hell did you tie up Jon and why are there pantyhose over his head. He said Jon would be in my way so I got him out of my way beside he likes it don't you jon. I knew to nod yes and mmph. He told my my mom to kneel on the floor she got down on her knees and he began to tie her wrists and then elbow he wrapped rope around her chest pushing her ample breast our further. She asked him if he had to tie her so tight he told she has not seen anything yet. He then said it was time to shut you up he grabbed the ballgag and strapped it in moms mouth she moaned and whimpered. He then sat her on the floor and tied her above and below her knees and ankles together. He told how much he had wanted her like this. He then said that he was going to keep us over night as his captives. Mom strated to freak out and he then said I got a real treat for you sexy. he grabbed the pair of pantyhose and he told mom that his mom just wore these to work out and they were nice and sweaty since she never wears underwear. Mom shook her head no as he held them to her nose. He told her to smell them and he made her smell the feet and crotch then he pulled them over her head crotch panel over her nose she was not happy as he wrapped the legs around her mouth tying the toes under her nose. He said I learned that from a porn movie. He then rolled mom on her stomach and put her in a hogtie. He pushed her next to me and then ok struggle you 2 or I will add more rope. Mom and I struggled and mmpphed until we were exhausted. He annouced 35 miuntes good job. He released our hogtie sat us on the sofa our legs still teid and wrists tied behind our backs with the pantyhose and ballgags on. He retied mom and I over the next few hours he would hogtie me often saying I was troubl. He rubbed moms feet said some pretty nasty things he wanted to do to her he told her how he wished he would have been her exboyfriend. Mom was sobbing he then said I am going to take some pictures of you both tied together her took some with the pantyhose on our heads then removed them and took pictures of us. He told us that was insurance that we would not ever tell anyone. He then tossed a pair of Scissors on the floor and told us to cut ourselves free. Since I was hogtied I could do nothing. Mom was just sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her and above and below the knees with ankles bound. Mom after many fustrated tries got the sicissors and managed to cut my wrist ropes and elbow rope. I sat up and took the scissors and cut mom loose. Mom was so pissed off she was cussing and grabbed the phone and called the cops. My so called friend was arrested that night. He tried to say we wanted it and that the whole thing was my idea and that I wanted him to make me have sex with my mom. He gave the cops the pictures of mom and I they did not believe one word he said. He was charged with a hadful of crimes and he kept making up different stories even in court. He was found guilty and is still in prison. Somehow later on down the road mom and I began playing tie up games. She asked me one night to tie her up and play the role of an intruder. It felt really strange but I been doing it a few years now. she admitted she would sometimes get off during the games. I felt the was TMI but being in control feels good since I was forced to play the submissive.

To put things in a proper order. Mom was the one who suggested we "play" tie up games. Please keep in mind it was a year or more since the incident happened to us. Prior to her making that suggestion one evening I knew for certian mom had been doing self bondage for sometime. I had heard her mmpphing and sometimes moaning her bed squeaking as she struggled. I caught a glimpse of her self bound once she did not know I saw her but I must say I found it interesting that she had tied and gagged herself wearing only her bra,panty's, pantyhose and slippers. I was snooping around in her bedroom one day and came across some bondage mags and toys stashed in her closet. I was very suprised to see these things and know that mom was tying herself up. I admit I found myself wanting to play some tie up games. There were a couple girls I was friends with who would let me tie them up for a price. Then one evening my mom came home from a ladies night as she called em and asked me to join her in the living room. Once I sat down she said I really want you to do something for me. She went on to say it is something you might have a hard time doing but you are the only one who I trust to do this favor for me. I had a faint idea of what she might be hinting to but figured it was my own mind setting me up to hear what I wanted to hear. She then took a deep breath and said I want you to start tying me up and gagging me. Before I could respond she explained several reasons why she wanted to be bound. She then said there is one more thing I want you to do for me if you are willing to start tying me up. I listened as she said I want you to be a "intruder" she told me she wanted me to dress in all black and either wear a dark nylon over my head or a ski mask. She told me how she wanted me to "treat" things she wanted me to say and do during the game. After she finished she looked at me intently waiting my response. I was speechless for several minutes trying to process what she just told me. As she was about to speak I told I will do it. I will be your intruder for as long as you want to play this out. She got a huge smile and said I knew I could count on you to help me! I stupidly asked when do you want this game to start. Mom said how about right now. She told me to give her a few minutes to get freshned up. She also told me to go into her closet and get the little brown suitcase. She said you will find everything you need to tie and gag me. She went to her roon and came back she tossed me a pair of black pantyhose she said here is your mask. She said go put on some black clothes for me. I went and got the suitcase and changed. She yelled for me to take her in her bedroom when I was ready. I was shaking my hear pounding as I pulled the one leg of the pantyhose over my head. I put the rope tape and ballgag she bought into my pillow case. I looked in the mirror and saw my face the nylon had smashed my nose and my eyes looked freaky. I hoped mom seeing me would not have some kind of flashback and freak out. I walked down the hall and pushed open her door she had her back to me she was pretending to read the paper. I got a surge of energy as I approached her and without thinking clampped my gloved hand over her mouth. She began to struggle and try to scream especially when she looked up and saw me looking down at her. She froze and I began to rattle off all the things she wanted me to say to her. I found it crazy that saying those things to her came so easy. I made her get on the floor and tied her wrists crossed behind her back. I stood up telling her not to move or make a sound I went to her dirty clothes hamper and dumped everything out. I grabbed a pair of her pantyhose she was watching me. I walked back over to her straddled her pushed her dirty hose into her mouth she was protesting like I knew she would I grabbed the roll of black tape and began taping her mouth. I taped under chin which I have no idea where I got that from to this day. After that I turned around and tied her ankles she was mmmpphiing and stuggling as I tied her ankles but she was not making any progress since I was still straddling her. I got off her and then put a rope between her ankles to her wrists putting her into a nice hogtie. No mom was wearing a tank top and bra and satin running shorts with shiny brown workout tights and sneakers. I was not suprised to see mom dressed up in her workout gear but wondered why she chose this outfit. she thrashed about widly trying to yell for help and cussing me out as best she could through her gag. I had to go to the restroom down the hall and I could hear her trying to yell for help! I got freaked out thinking shit what if our neighbors hear her and call the cops. I went back to her room and told her to cool it with the yelling that I could hear her down the hall. She did not give a shit and kept it up. I then undid her hogtie and decided to take her into the basement where I figured her noise would not be so audible. I grabbed all her dirty pantyhose and stuffed everything into the pillow case and took one of her pillow cases and put it over her head and picked her up over my shoulder and carried her struggling body down the basement. She was so into this game she dam hear hit her head 2 times as I was carrying her to the basement. Our basement is semi finished so I knew we could continue the game there in some comfort. I pulled the pillow case off her head and told her she was now at my hideout where I planned on keeping her. she played it out perfect. I rolled her back on her stomach and rehogtied her. I dumped her drity pantyhose in front of her and told her she was going to wear every pair of these for me some your going to wear over your head and others on your sexy legs. She let out this kind of sexy moan but caught herself and went back to being the defiant captive. I untied her after a few more minutes and let her use the restroom and get a drink. She told me not break my role even during giving her breaks. It was kind of hard for me to stay in that role because I founf myself not really having the harsh stren words she wanted me to say to her for simple things like having a drink of water and using the bathroom. I managed to keep my role even during the breaks I just used the slang terms. I retied her to a chair and used the ballgag on her I guess it was a bit to tight mom drooled all over her tank top. I pulled pantyhose over her head and soon they were wet with her drool. I plyaed out everything she wanted me to do or say. Then I decided to play out one last trick I thought of. I pulled out the sofa bed. She had no idea what I was doing since I still had her tied to the chair with the pantyhose over her head tape over her eyes and I put headphones over her ears something she did not expect. Turns out she really enjoyed that which she told me afterward. Once I had the sofa bed out I tied rope to the corners. I decided to use 2 pairs of her pantyhose to gag her with and tape. I then removed the headphones. tape over her eyes and the pantyhose over her head. She looked very suprised whenn she saw the sofa bed out and ropes tied to the corners. She looked at me with such a submissve look and whimpered. I told her she was going to sleep tied to that sofa bed. I removed her ballgag and a huge amount of spit came out of her mouth when I told her to spit it out. Her cheeks had strap marks on them and she quietly said fuck you don't have to be so rough with me I am doing everything you say or want. I laughed and told her she is lucky I am in a good mood tonight or else she would be treated rougher. I had her untied by now. I told her to stand up and strip to her bra and pantyhose. She looked at me and said please no. I told her to strip. She stripped down and I told her to get her ass on the bed and grab the corners she laid down playing the damsel role to a tee. She was pleading as I tied her hands to the corners. I then took 2 pairs of her pantyhose and put them into her mouth and taped her mouth with alot of tape her cheeks were bulging when I finished. I then had her lift her head a put a pillow down for her to lay her head on. I then went and tied her ankles to the corners. She was all spread out nicely. I told how sexy she looked she was not happy about being so tightly tied she was not able to close her legs or her arms at all. All she could do is wiggle feet and toes and fingers. I decided to really play the asshole intruder and went and got the floor length mirror in the laundry room and bring it over to the sofa bed. I set it up so mom could see herself all spread out. At first she did not want to look but I ordered her too and then she began to look at herself. She soon began to wiggle and mpph which turned into mppphs mixed with moans. I was amazed it looked like she was doing some kind of slow dance. I could not take my eyes off her. She had long forgotten I was even in the room as she stared into the mirror at herself and would close her eyes and lift her hips off the bed. I noticed she had pulled so hard on her wrists ropes her hands were starting to turn colors. I grabbed the safety cutters and cut the rope on her wrists and ankles. I sat her up and pulled the gag off of her mouth. I yanked the nylon off my head and told her game over. She saw my concern for her I gently massaged her wirsts for awhile and then her ankles. Mom had some big time rope and gag marks. I felt like shit seeing the rope marks on her. Mom could see I was a bit shaken by the sight of her wrists. She talked me down as I told her I was sorry about 20 times. She told me it was ok it was just a game and I did the right thing like she knew I would. Once she got me settled down we talked about how things went. She told me she was very happy with how I took care of business meaning her. I told I found it hard to act and say harsh things to her. She told me she really needs me to give her this type of treatment. She asked if I would be able to keep playing the role for her. I said I will do it will not allow her to be in any real pain no matter what. She agreed and said she does not want to be in real pain either. It is just a fantasy role play nothing more. That is how our first experience went.

After that first night mom and I continued the game as she called it. I found it easier to play the intruder role for her. She was in control at all times meaning we had a safe word and signal. Since it was her game she would set up the scene and I was free to play it anyway I wanted all I had to do was include the thnigs she wanted and everyone was happy. We took our game on the road so to speak whenever we would go out of town we took the suitcase. After the first night when I had tied her to the sofa bed she would often ask me to tie her to beds or the sofa bed. She would often tell me that she wanted me to tie and gag her to a "bed" while is dressed in her bra, panty's, pantyhose and slippers. Which she would just kick off anyway. She wanted to have her hands tied above her head and ankles together and connected to the headboard and footboard if equipped. The gag was my choice, She also suggested I blindfold her. She told me she wanted me to be sitting on the bed next to her while she is all bound and gagged. She told I could watch tv, read a book or whatever she really wanted to be able to feel her captor next to her and hear my breathing. I have to admit it felt really cool having her that way. Once while we were at one of her companies conference/events where we got caught by one of her bestfriend/coworker. It was pretty late mom and I went to our room which was a mini suite. We had been playing tie games for 2 days we have been there without any interuptions. That is until this night the long and short of it is. I just finshed tying mom to the bed she was ballgagged and had on a soft leather blindfold which she bought. I was just about to plop down next to her and watch some tv when someone started knocking at the door! Mom struggled and mmpphed I told her softly I don't think you should play hostage right now. She shook her head yes and quietly kept playing her role. I took off my skimask and went to the peek hole in the door. It was mom's friend. I thought just freaking great we are just getting started and now drama is outside our door. I could see and slightly hear mom doing her thing. I quietly stepped away from the door back to the bed since mom was blindfolded I did not bother to put the skimask back on. I whispered in her ear who it was. Mom nodded and then got really loud! Her friend who I thought left began knocking louder. I told mom that was not cool now I gotta go talk to her drama queen friend. Mom was loving it as she kept up making noises. I went to the door and looked back you could not see mom but could hear her. I knew if I did not open the door she would call security or the cops. So I unlocked and opened the door. There I was dressed in all black my hair was sticking up from wearing the skimask. She looked at me like I was some kind of nut as she always did. She asked to speak to my mom and I told her my mom was not feeling well right now. She told me it was important. Now mom is making noise which both of us could hear. She asked what the hell is that noise I told her a movie on tv. Then mom got me into some shit when she was calling help. Mom did not realize her friend had not left! So now she heard mom calling help and she said what the fuck is going on. She pushed past me and went into the bedroom. I shut the door and knew shit was about to get out of control. She said what the fuck are you doing to her! I told her it was not what is looks like. She moved to the other side of the bed asking mom if she was ok. Mom realizing she fucked up was trying to get one of us to remove her gag. Her friend was not interested in removing mom's gag but instead calling me a fucking sick pervert and how she felt sorry for my mom. Mom was getting pissed off. I told her friend to chill out and I reached over to remove mom's gag and she screamed don't you touch her you sicko. I told her then your remove her gag. She went over and removed mom's gag. Mom said to me untie me! I untied mom and her friend was babling on about whatever asking my mom if i hurt her and if she wanted her to call the police. Mom removed her blindfold and asked for her robe. I gave her her robe she stood and put it on. Then she told her friend to shut up and listen. Her friend was taken aback to say the least. Mom we are all going out to the living room area and talk about this calmly. We went out mom told me to get some sodas and water. Her friend glared at me with digust. Mom then set her straight about what she saw and that I was not some sick fucking pervert.
Her friend knew what happened to mom and I. I heard her once tell one of my mom's friends that it was all my fault. That hurts me because I did blame myself and still do for what happend to us. Anyway after mom set her straight. Her friend said she was sorry to me and her only excuse was that she was scared for my mom. I told her no offense taken I would have done the same thing in her place. Mom told her I know eventually your going to tell everyone about this because we all know you like to gossip but when you tell everyone just make sure you tell it like it really is not how you what it to be. Her friend just stared at mom and said I would not tell anyone about this Andrea. Mom smiled and said that's fine good night. Her friend left and mom looked at me and said while I am sure you and I will be the talk of the ladies room by lunchtime tomorrow. I said to mom I told you to cool it she laughed and said come on you gotta admit it was kind of exciting! I told mom she was nuts what if her friend would have called the cops. Mom laughed and said it did not happen so let's get back to business shall we.. I said are you serious she said your damm right I am serious I want you to put on your ski mask and tie my ass to that bed like before and do whatever you were going to do. She got up went into her room and after 5 minutes of sitting there astonished by the boldness of my mom and how matter of fact she was about us getting caught by her friend just blew me away. I finally got off my ass put on the skimask went into her room and took her captive bound and gagged her like before and plopped down took off the skimask and watched a movie while mom did her thing next to me. After the movie I untied her and went to my room. We slept in as we were up very late. It was about noon when her friend came by and mom opened the door they chatted then I heard her come in they talked like they always did. I felt a sense of relief because I did not want my mom to lose her job or her best friend. I was funny that after that incident her friend treated me very different meaning she was very nice to me in a real way not fake like before. One time she and I were sitting outside at my house and she said I understand why you do what you do for your mom. She said it is because you really care about her. She was right.
Mom and I have been playing this games for several years now. We make it a point to play whenever we visit each other.
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Comments:I had been thinking about one of the road trips mom and I took when we were "gaming".

As I stated before I jump around with my experiences.

This road trip came about during a winter. Mom had signed up for a weeks time at one of the company's time shares they had for the executives.

It was a ski lodge about 150 miles from where we lived. We had been there many a time and mom loved skiing and it was just a cool place to relax and play.

Anyhow she got the week off and the lodge when I came home that from work she told me about her time off and asked me to take sometime off so we could go and catch up on game time.

She had been traveling a lot and I had my own tractor trailer which I had decked out nice. I was running local so I could take care of the house while mom was gone. A good friend owned the company and I could pick and choose to go out of state when I wanted or when mom wanted to go on a trip.

She loved riding with me and she got to see a lot of the states.
I enjoyed having her company and it was fun to have her tied up in the sleeper while I drove sometimes.

I called my boss and asked him for a run to that state. He told me he had one within 15 miles of the lodge which was perfect and I got a load coming after our stay so I was happy.

Mom was excited as well and told me she had been missing game time since we were often both busy.

I agreed with her on that I missed it as well as Cool Zero put it was a good stress release for me and I think her as well.

The day came for us to leave and mom packed her stuff in my truck and we headed out. We stopped at the yard and I picked up the loaded trailer and paper work.

It was lightly snowing where we lived and with rush hour traffic driving was a pain in the ass. Mom could sense I was getting annoyed so she kept the conversation light and picked out good cd's to listen to. Mom loved to make food for our trips so she busted out the coffee and snacks. Pretty soon I was content.

She told me how much she was looking forward to hitting the slopes and softly said feeling her captors ropes.

She asked me if the captor was looking forward to spending time with a ski bunny hostage.

I smiled he sure is in fact he has already planned something for his little ski bunny.

Mom smiled and mad a hmmmm sound as she took a sip of her tea.

The weather got worse but mom was a great navigator and kept me on point as I drove.

It was pretty late as I recall when we got within about 15 miles of where I had to drop off the load before we headed to the lodge.

I pulled into a truck stop so I could fuel up check my truck and mom could use the ladies room.

Now if it matters mom was wearing jeans a heavy sweater and some black leather winter boots which looked like work boots but had a fake fur around the ankle. I knew she was wearing either black pantyhose or black tights that was a given she was wearing nylons of some type.

Once we got back in the truck mom asked me how far are we to the yard. I told her about 15 miles. She said I want you to do something for me.

I knew where she was going. She wanted to be tied up for the rest of the ride in.

Normally I would have had no problem with it but the weather was shitty.

She told me to rope her up in the sleeper and once we got close to gag her. Like you have done before.

I told her I did not think it was a good idea with the weather she pouted and said my captor would not care about the weather when he had to hide his hostage.

I smiled ok you win as always.

She smiled of course I win because I wear the pantyhose and get tied up!

I took out my ski mask and put it on she had climbed in the back of the sleeper.

I went into the sleeper and pulled the curtain.

She had pulled out the bunk and taken off her boots heavy shiny black tights that had a reinforced toe very nice.

She was laying face down her hands behind her back.

I tied her wrists and elbows then tied her down to the bunk and blindfolded her.
I tied her ankles and connected a rope between them to a small hold down ring in the floor.
Her feet were very sweaty and the smell was strong. She tried not to giggle as I was tying her feet.

I told her to be quite as I did not want to gag her until we were basically in the yard in case she needed to be released.

I opened the curtain took off the mask and headed down the road. I put a mirror on my dash once we started this game so I could see her and make sure she was ok but also sneak a peek of her struggling.

Mom was doing her thing as I drove and about a block from the yard I pulled over and since she was blindfolded went back into the sleeper and looking around for a gag saw moms scarf.

I picked it up and pressing it to her lips told her sternly to open she opened her mouth and I wrapped the scarf twice around her head and tied it off. It was a thin scarf which was easy to work with.

I told her to behave herself she knew I was about to enter the yard. "behave yourself" was one of our code words we used.

She nodded and mpphed she wiggled around as I checked her ropes to make sure she was ok and to reinforce to her she was my captive.

I climbed back in the drivers seat reached over and closed the curtain.
I the proceeded to the entrance of the yard. I stopped at the guard shack and the guard climbed up on to my truck.
I gave him my paper work and then he climbed down and buzzed me in.

I dropped the trailer where he told me to but I always got anxious when I knew I had mom trussed up in the sleeper and I was out of the truck.

I am very protective of her and never liked leaving her alone when we were game on.

I took about 10 minutes to drop the trailer because of the ice and cold. I was in and out of the truck and made sure she was ok she would nod yes to my promptings.

After the trailer was dropped I headed back to the gate and the guard gave me my paper work back and we headed to the lodge.

I opened the curtain and asked my captive who began to struggle and mphhh if she was ok. she nodded yes and played her role the rest of the way.

we got to the lodge and drove down the road to where our place was.

I parked and went to untie mom and got her down to her gag, blindfold and wrists she shook her head no and pulled away when I went to untie her wrists.

I told her to stop we had to go inside she pulled away from me again.
I then said so I have to carry your ass into the place she giggled and nodded yes.

I then told my captive to get ready and I went around to the side of the sleeper and opened the door and with her help slid her out in my arms.
I carried her over my shoulder because I had to dig in her purse to get the keys and open the dam door.

She enjoyed playing around as I carried her basically she was being her usual princess self.

I got the door open and got her inside found a light switch no thanks to her wiggling.

I set her down on the sofa and told her game over I had to untie her.

I untied her wrists and she removed her blindfold and gag then busted out laughing. She said the look on my face was priceless. She said she loved to make me work for it.

I went and brought in the rest of our things and mom went to her room and unpacked I did the same.

We ate a really late dinner and chatted she wanted to know what surprise the captor had for his hostage.

I told her is was a surprise. My plan was to encase her in pantyhose first surprise and second to tie her to a chair in front of this huge window overlooking the slopes and the trails.

We went to bed and mom went skiing in the morning so when I woke up she was gone.

I got ready made coffee and sat looking out the window. Eventually mom came back she was fill of energy. We ate breakfast and talked she told me she wanted to change into something more comfortable.

That was a cue for me so I went got masked and our little suitcase with ropes and gags.

Mom was on her way back to the living room when I got her from behind perfect timing.

I held my hand over her mouth and took her to a chair near the big window which was open. I sat her down and took our white ballgag from my back pocket pushed it in her mouth and buckled it. I then tied her to the chair which I pulled into the center of the window.
She was playing her role but also looking at me like I was nuts! She had no idea I had tested this out prior to doing it.
From the trails you can just see 2 shapes in the middle of the window.

Once she was tied I pulled the other chair next to her and the small table.
I went and got myself a cup of coffee and came back she stared at me and gagged talked I was nuts!

I smiled sipped my coffee and sat down next to her and told her to enjoy the view.

Now really quick mom was wearing a very nice gray sweat suit the kind not meant for working out she had on fluffy white socks and slippers which I tossed off to the side as I was tying her ankles.

She shook her head struggled and mmmpphed but when she saw people she would not move.
I laughed because I was sitting there with a black ski mask on!

I told her no one can see us but suggested she just enjoy the great view telling her she will have plenty of time to struggle against my ropes and gags later. She kind of let out this little moan of anticipation.

We enjoyed the view for about 20 minutes and then I untied her leaving he wrists and ankles bound I took her to my room. I laid her on my bed and tied a rope between her wrists pulling her hands up over her head tied the rope to my head board.
I then tied a rope between her ankles and lifted and held her ankles in one hand pulled the rope tight so when I let her ankles go her feet were suspended off the mattress.

I then tied her above and below her knees. She was loving it.

The beds are European Kings they are freakin huge and had heavy wood 4 posts with head and foot boards great for tying.

She struggled as I kind of dozed off. I stayed close enough to her so she could nudge me.

She nudged me and I woke up she was drooling like crazy. I took out the gag thinking something was wrong she said thank you look at me I am a mess. I cut the ropes off her asking her what happened and she said for some reason the ball felt really big in her mouth when she was laying there and drool just came out like water.

She said she was ok and it really made her feel so helpless as she could not stop drooling.

Mom really amazed me she truly enjoyed the game.

She told me to get ready for lunch. We went and ate lunch I walked her back along the trail pointed to our window so she could see.

She laughed and said that I got her on that one.

She said we are going to eat dinner at the steakhouse which you have to wear a suit and tie to get in to eat.
She asked if I brought my suit and tie?

I told her I did she asked me to take her into the city she wanted to get her hair and nails done.

We hopped in the truck and drove into the city. we found the salon where her co workers go when they stay at the lodge.

I went in and after 5 minutes went and got some coffee and sat in my truck. Between the smell of hair products and women gossip I thought my head would explode.

Mom looked amazing when she came out. I never described mom before but she had the Ann Bancroft look from the movie the Graduate.

Mom was no slouch she took great care of herself.

We headed back to the lodge and got dressed for dinner.

I was waiting for her in the living room when she came in. My jaw hit the floor she had on a very nice simple black dress and patent leather pumps closed toes. She had on some black hose with seems down the back. and she had a fur coat she loved to wear.

I told she looked awesome she smiled and thanked me picked up her purse and said I am sure my captor with enjoy his rich business woman hostage tonight. What do you think?
I smiled oh yes he will enjoy her very much.

She took my arm and we walked to the steak house we got our table and had a great meal and mom was hinting around about our game later.

I played it off. After dinner we went over to the lodge bar type area they had live music mom and I had some drinks and enjoyed the music.

Everything was cool until this guy came up to mom with a drink and tried chatting her up in front of me.

She told him she was with someone and turned and grabbed my hand. They guy was older then my mom by about 10 years but thought he was hot shit I guess. I got pissed off pretty quick. I said a few things to him and he backed off and went away. Mom told me he saw her on the slopes this morning and tried hitting on her she told him she was with someone but she figured he did not believe her until now.

We walked back to our place and mom went to freshen up I locked up and went to get the game stuff.

I was still pissed off by that guy as I pulled a nylon stocking over my head.

I heard mom in the living room already she had turned on the stereo and I made my way down strairs into the hallway.
I ducked into a bed room and made a noise mom came to see playing the role and I took her and got her back into the living room and helped her onto the floor face down.
I wasted no time and panel gagged her and roped her up into a hogtie. Mom struggled and mmphed. I was still annoyed by that guy to the point I did not really pay attention to how tight I might have tied and gagged her.
I came to my senses when her shoe flung off her foot and hit my leg.
I went and began to check her ropes and the gag strap.
She looked over her shoulder at me and shook her head yes I think she knew why I was checking her. I sat back and let out a sigh and watched mom struggle in her dress.
Then I saw she was still wearing her dress it was not a cheap dress and I said I cannot let her ruin this dress.
I told her I was going to make her change. She shook her head no and really thrashed around she was going play it her way for now.
I told her that defiance is going to cost her later. She rolled on her side looked at me and pretended to be angry calling me names. Mostly asshole I think.

She had her fun and when her dress had ridden up to the waist band of her Cuban heel pantyhose I called back time. She was ready for a break and I wanted to get her changed into something else workable.
I untied and ungagged her she went to change came back in some denim shorts t shirt still rocking those sexy Cuban heel pantyhose.
She came over to where I was standing hugged me and said thank you for taking care of me all these years and protecting me. Don’t let that ass get to you.
I felt a little better . She laughed and said game on and ran into the living room.
I ran after her and after a few trips around the sofa I caught her and tied her up. I told her since she wanted to defy me earlier and try and escape from me now that I was going to put her into a very special bondage.
I helped her up off the sofa and held her arm as she hopped to the center of the living room.
I picked her up and set her down then went to our case and took out 6 pairs of pantyhose and tossed them on the floor next to her.
She was cleave gagged and looked at me and said oh no.
She knew I smiled oh yes it is encasement time for you feisty little hostage.
She tried to stay in her role but giggled at my comment.
I came back harsh laugh now but soon your little ass is going to be bound gagged and encased head to toe in pantyhose.
She pouted and I told her to roll over on her stomach. She did pouting as I untied the rope from her wrists and wrapped her wrists with tape. Then I did her ankles and above and below her knees. I realized after I just trashed those sexy Cuban heel pantyhose.
I then lifted moms legs so her feet were at my face and told my hostage how sexy her smelly pantyhose were. She played her role and pressed my lips to her soles and kissed them and took a little sniff.
I was not a hardcore foot fetish but the smells were interesting and her feet were pretty and soft. But the main reason was she was self conscience of the smell of her feet. She told me my dad and one of her really close friends and called her out about the smell of her feet back in the day and it humiliated her because some other people heard it and laughed and stared at her.
She knew why I was doing it and I admitted to her several times the smell does not bother me and it is kind of intoxicating.
I do toss in some foot smelling and tickling of her feet in our games.
I began encasing her at her feet first and worked my way up to her head. I had a pair of her freshly worn pantyhose from the day before we left for her head.
I knew she would not love having them over her head but I have hooded her with her dirty hose many times before so it was to be expected.
She knew when she saw them in my head and pretend to get really angry as I had removed her gag so she could talk shit to me during the process.
I smiled grabbed the panel gag and strapped it in her mouth she was still trying to talk shit and then I pulled her smelly hose over her head cotton panel over her nose of course.
I wondered how she felt have her own dirty hose over her head and having the panel over her nose.
I asked her afterward because I always wondered and found her answer interesting.
I then tied the legs around so the toes were under her nose.
Then I taped her upper and lower body and soles of her feet.
She was mmmpphing more pouting then anything I teased her about smelling herself and of course she acted pissed off .
I finished with the taping and sat on the sofa watching her explore her new bondage. I went and got a drink and sat on the floor near her as she rolled around and mpphhed and tried to cuss me out.
I decided to take her upstairs to one of our rooms.
I made sure everything was shut down and knelt down and got mom on her feet. I went to grab the suit case and she decided to start hopping away.
I got her and picked her up over my shoulder and carried her and the suit case up stairs and seeing her room was a mess with clothes and stuff took her in her room.
I laid her on her bed and she was staring at me I then went to the foot of the bed and pulled her down toward the foot board. I then cut the tape from her soles and tore open the hose encasing her feet exposing those fully fashioned Cuban heels. I rubbed her feet and she began to relax and then I tickled her feet and she rolled around and laughed and then I would rub them until she was letting out big sighs and then tickle them. I then got down and did a bit of smelling after a long foot massage and she moaned as I pressed my nose between her toes she was wiggling and curling her toes so tight. After this I cut her loose and we called it a night.
I am no fool mom told me sometimes she really really enjoys the games. I knew what she would do after tonights game.
A few times over the course of the years I saw her doing a little self bondage with a gag as she took care of herself.
She never knew I saw her and I did not stay and watch but noticed because she did not close her door all the way or one time happened to be in the living room when I came home from work.
That time she knows I saw her because she saw me but we never mention it.
Which brings me to the dirty hose over her head she told me in a round about way it arouses her not all the time but certain times. She said the first time she felt that feeling she felt very ashamed but she was powerless to do anything since I had her tied up.
The rest our trip was just like the first 2 days skiing and hanging out with a good dose of tie up games mixed in.
I decided to beat mom to the punch for the ride home I tied her up in the sleeper ballgagged her over the pair of pantyhose I put over her head.
She called me an ass of course but we enjoyed the ride and once we got bondaged out she was riding up front with me looking at her rope marks and went in back came out with a ballgag put it in her mouth and put on her sun glasses. I laughed my ass off as she wore that dam thing off and on until we got home.

At one point she had it in her mouth and another truck pulled along side of me at the truck stop the guy did a double take when he saw mom with a ballgag in her mouth.
He honked and waved and then held up his cb mic and number of fingers for a channel.
I tuned in and he said that is one hot lady you got with you mom was blushing but loving it. He said honey you look great with that big red ball in your mouth I gotta get on of those for my wife.
He said you know how to keep your lady nice and quite for those long trips alright.
He asked if she was tied up?
I said no mom lifted her hands he said if to her if you were with me you would be tied up in some sexy panties and that is it.
Mom gagged talked into the mic for him a bit as he pushed on passed us. He told mom honey you made my day the next 400 miles I am going be thinking about you.
He said to me you are one lucky S,O,B.
After that mom took off the ball she was blushing and all flustered I laughed and said you asked for it I told cars cannot see up but other trucks can see us.
She said I think I will just behave the rest of the way now.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:22:39 AM
Name: Tom Gagger
Comments:I been checking out posts here off and on for sometime now.

I decided to share some of my experiences.

Growing up it was just my dad and I.

My dad was in business and very up in the industry he worked in.

We had a live in house keeper named Cyndi she was in her mid 50's I am guessing she had some curves along with a big chest. She wore a black uniform either slacks or dress with the soft black leather shoes that maids wore. She seem to prefer the dress and she wore very shiny hose with those dresses. I asked her once when I was pretty little why her legs were so shiny? She laughed tossled my hair and said support hose honey.

My dad was gone a lot so Cyndi and I were very close. She was the closet thing to a mom I had ever known and she treated like I was her son. She told me she had worked as a maid, nanny and house keeper ever since her husband was killed in the Vietnam War.

I used to ask her what place she liked the best and she would smile and her eyes would light up and tell me working for your dad and taking care of you is the best place I ever worked.

Sometimes when I was in bed supposed to be asleep I could hear Cyndi and my dad talking and laughing. Then I noticed at some point Cyndi would ask my dad if he wanted he wanted the "usual." I sometimes would hear these muffled sounds or squeaking sounds. I could also hear clicking sounds of a camera. Dad's hobby was photography so hearing camera clicks was not unusual.

Sometimes I would hear some muffled mmpphing sounds pass my door and dad saying come on just a little more then his bedroom door would shut.

I tried to sneak around to see what was up a few times but no luck.

Then one day Cyndi were watching a movie that had a very quick tie up scene I was glued to the TV something about it got me interested. I wanted to see more but there was no more scenes.

Cyndi was watching me during this time and teased me a bit about the tie up scene. I was blushing at being caught. She said nothing to be ashamed of lot's of boys and men like seeing girls women tied up.

I said you ever been tied up Cyndi? She blushed and giggled oh sure lots of times. Without missing a beat I said can I tie you up Cyndi?

She smiled and said yes you can tie me up I was so excited. Cyndi said follow me I followed her to her room she went into her closet and took out a black leather bag. She opened it and took out some rope.

She sat in her desk chair and I attempted to tie her up.
She was a good sport and got loose so fast.
She giggled and said you need lots of practice if you want to keep me tied up and gagged.

So Cyndi gave me some lessons in tying up and eventually gagging her. She had firm rules for being tied up since she had to take care of our house.

As sometime passed and I got better she made a comment that the apple does not fall far from the tree.. I asked her what that meant and she giggled and said I will tell you when you a little older.

We had fun and I have to admit I love the feel of her support hose against my skin and hands as I tied her legs and feet.

Fast Forward to my mid teen years. Cyndi and I were still doing some tie ups. I was also tying up a girl friend I had she was not very good at struggling and mmpphing.

One day as I was watching Cyndi struggling in a hogtie it hit me those strange muffled sounds I heard growing up were Cyndi! The Apple Comment Came Back To Me. Dad was tying up Cyndi!

I had no idea that good old dad was into tying up ladies.

Dad dated a lot of good looking women and I thought wow probably everyone of them got tied up by dad.

I was around 15-16 at the time one evening I heard Cyndi say the magic words to dad. This time I heard dad say oh yeah I been really stressed out Cyndi. I listened as the sounds soon came from our living room. Then I heard dad say lets take it upstairs Cyndi. She reminded dad that I was home and awake. Dad said he won't hear or see you he is plugged into his headphones and never comes out of his room except to eat. Then dad said who cares if he sees you tied up and gagged going to my room. This is my house and I make the rules.

Cyndi said ok if this is how you want it. Dad said you just do what you always doo Cyndi and don't worry about my loser son.

I heard dad tell her to open her mouth and the a few mpphs. Soon I heard them coming up the steps. Dad talked to her in a normal tone of voice compared to the whispers like before. I think dad was on a big time power trip.

I heard them pass by as dad said hop hop Cyndi. I could hear her as she passed by then I heard dad open his bedroom door and he said ok hop over to the bed then the door closed.

I was pissed off but not surprised my dad thought I was a loser. It was because I did not act like the self righteous asshole he did.

I walked out of my room and toward his door ready to bust in and tell him off. As I approached I could hear mpphing and struggling and dad telling Cyndi to hold that pose as he took pictures of her.

Then dad told Cyndi to get busy like the good girl she is. I heard Cyndi thrashing and mmphing and then I heard dad making the I am about to blow my load sounds. Then Cyndi stopped and it was quite for a few minutes then dad said thanks Cyndi I needed that. She mpphed. Dad said I am keep you tied up longer Cyndi hope you don't have any plans tonight.
She mmpphed.

Dad removed the gag Cyndi asked to use the bathroom before she is retied.

I heard her return and dad told her lay on the bed and spread out..

I heard his bed squeak and then I figure dad was tying her down it was quite. Then dad said ok ballgag time again. Open wide Cyndi girl. I heard her mpph as dad asked her if it was tight.

He said now I am going to take a shower so you just relax because I am afraid your in for a long one tonight Cyndi.

I heard dad's bathroom door close and I was dying to walk in and see Cyndi tied to his bed. She was quite never made a sound the whole time dad showered.

Then dad came out and said now Cyndi let me get changed and then I can really put you to work.

Cyndi mpphed and struggled as the bed creaked and then dad said but first Cyndi I think I wanna see your big old tittes. I heard a snip and then dad said no that's better love your big old tits Cyndi. Dad said don't worry about the bra I will buy you 10 new ones.

I was frozen by the door the interaction was intense. Just as dad was about to get busy. The doorbell rang.

I darted back into my room before dad's door opened.
I then heard him passing by he was pissed off cussing whoever it was at the door.

Once I heard him in the hallway as the doorbell kept ringing. I looked toward his room and the door to his room was open.

I stepped out into the hallway and walked toward his room my heart pounding not sure what I was about to see!

I almost turned around but I just stepped in and there tied spread out to the bed posts in just her shiny reinforced toe support hose was Cyndi! A Large red ball filled her mouth. She was crotch roped and her big tits tied making them really stand up.

She saw me and mpphhed at me I walked toward her my mouth wide open as I never seen nothing like this before.. She looked at me intently I could not take my eyes off her and how she was bound.

I asked are you ok Cyndi? She nodded and then I noticed she put up 2 fingers that was her sign for gag removal from our games.

She lifted her head and I unbuckled her gag and out with it came a bunch of drool.

She thanked me for following our rule she told she was ok and that I should not be there and that I should go back to my room before my dad comes back. She said he is in a really bad mood.

She said we will talk later or tomorrow I promise. She said gag me and then leave ok.

I regagged her and went back into my room.

As I was walking I heard a woman's voice and went to see who it was.
It was this new woman my dad was "dating". I walked in into the living room she was sitting next to dad.

When dad saw me he jumped up and said good to see you son. He introduced me to her for the 20th different time.

I was pissed off the he left Cyndi tied up stairs and was fooling around with whatever her names was.

Dad asked me to step into his office and he shut the door. He looked at me and said son I need a favor a big one. That statement was not something my dad ever said.

He said I need you to go upstairs in my room and release Cyndi.
I looked stupidly at him Dad got pissed he said look dummy I got Cyndi tied and gagged in my room just go up there and untie her!

He then turned and said maybe you should play with her because the rate your going that is as close as your ever going to get to having a naked woman in bed. He laughed and went back to the living room.

I hauled ass back up stairs to his room poor Cyndi was drooling all over. I took the safety snips and cut every rope off her and removed her gag.

I helped her sit up she had rope marks and gag marks on her cheeks.

Before she could say anything I told her come to my room dad has what's her name here. Cyndi picked up all the rope gag her bra and followed me to my room.

It was crazy seeing her walk in my room wearing nothing but her pantyhose.

I gave her one of my t shirts and a pair of my sweats.

As we were sitting there dad knocked on my door and when he saw Cyndi he smiled sorry Cyndi. I got some new stress relief for tonight.

Dad said that being said you guys be quite until we are in my room then you to go out for the night because I want to play in my house.

It was not before to long before Cyndi and I heard whats her name saying oh your kinky dad said to her you talk to much so I am going to gag you then we heard her stupid pouty voice and then mpph gag talk.

Once they went inside Cyndi and I went down stairs and she got changed and we left I drove us to the drive in movies. She still had gag marks on her cheeks so that was the best choice.

We never watched the movie Cyndi told me everything about dad and his bondage fetish. I was blown away once she had finished.

She told me it was no big deal being dad's bondage model. She said had been tied up and gagged since she was a teen. She said she attracted guys who liked bondage. She confessed she loves the attention.

That night Cyndi and I became even closer and our bondage sessions took on a whole new meaning.

Dad also shifted gears when Cyndi would ask him the question he would say no and then he said I won't be needing your usual services anymore. You just stick to house keeping.

Shortly after that what's her name moved in. She acted like a real bitch to Cyndi.

It was then Cyndi quit and moved to be closer to her daughter.

I also left home after Cyndi I went off on my dad for the way he treated Cyndi and called him out on his tying up Cyndi.

Old what's her face did not even seem to care. In fact she laughed and told dad it was nice that he threw that dog a bone.

I went to visit Cyndi many times and eventually got stationed near where she was living when I was in the military.

We had some really great bondage sessions and good times hanging out. Her daughter often joked that we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend rather then friends. What she don't know won't hurt her.

Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 12:23:54 AM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:Tom, Thank you for sharing. Tell us more about Cyndi. She sounds hot and sexy.
Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 02:29:22 PM
Name: Tom Gagger
Comments:Thanks for the interest Young Lad.. I will post about my time with Cyndi when we lived near each other.

One funny thing though I was not really into pantyhose until I really noticed legs and feet later on in our games.. Something about those shiny reinforced heel and toe support hose she wore. She told me she liked the silky feel and the tightness on her legs. She joked reminded her for having her legs tied..

Cyndi and I got my intimate with our bondage games.. I am sure that is why her daughter seem to notice we acted like a couple.

Cyndi and I were together all the time and never dated other people so I guess we were a couple but never said will you be my girl like high school stuff.

I used to tease her a little and call her Milf and Cougar.

She was a looker and my buddies told me she had the older Milf thing going.

She heard one of my friends tell me she was a hot little Milf and she blushed.

The cool thing about it was she never done any sexual stuff with my dad.. No Second Place for me..

In fact she expected him to ask her but in his true asshole self he told her she was good for tying and gagging but not for fucking and sucking! He then said plus I like my women younger then you and not 10 pounds over weight..

Cyndi said she cried after he left and was ready to quit but she only stayed because of me..

She told me she enjoyed being bound and gagged so she played dad's game.

After hearing her tell me a few different times my dad insulted her in front of his so called girlfriends I was pissed off.

I wanted to call him and tell him what an ass he was again but I had not see or called him since I left home.

Funny thing is he had no idea that I was fighting in Iraq or that Cyndi and I were together..

Anyhow I will get back to some bondage posts ASAP>>
Friday, July 12th 2013 - 06:52:48 PM
Name: Tom Gagger
Comments:Cyndi and I have done a lot of bondage over the years so it is hard to pick one session out over all the rest. we enjoyed them all.

I guess I can share one of our first after she and I moved away.

As I said Cyndi quit and moved to be closer to her daughter. She took a job at a friends jewelry store.

We kept in touch and she would tell me how she still wears those shiny pantyhose and how sweaty her feet get.
She would also mention she misses being bound and gagged by me.

I told her I would be moving to an apartment near her very soon.

Actually sooner than I thought pretty much right after that phone call my dad and I had our blow out.

I packed my car and headed to south.

I called Cyndi as I drove she was very excited to see me and to have me living near her.
She said no matter what time you get here I will be ready for you.

I got so hard driving thinking about her all tied and gagged and her sweet sexy shiny hosed covered feet and her big tits.

It seems like I got to her place so fast probably because I had the pedal to the metal.

I think it was about 3 AM when I arrived at her place and true to her word she was ready for me.

It probably helped that I called her about 2 AM as I was getting very close to her place.

She was wearing a very sexy black nighty and shiny black hose. Her hair and make up done.

I noticed she lost 10 pounds she said she wanted to look even sexier for me. I never minded her weight but told her she looked smoking hot.

She told me to grab my bags that I was going to stay with her as long as I want.

I went to grab my bags and when I came back she had a plate of food and a cold beer waiting for me.

She had me put my bags in her room and said she would like me to sleep in her bed with her!

How the heck could I refuse that.

I ate and we talked I told her I was going to join the military but would request to be stationed where she lives.

She said I will come visit you no matter where they station you but it would be so awesome for you to be stationed here.

She took my plate and I said Cyndi I gotta see you tied up and gagged before we go to sleep.

She smiled I was hoping you would say that.

She said wanna tie me to our bed?

I said sounds great I made sure everything was locked up and turned off the lights Cyndi was already in bed waiting. She beamed and said it is so nice to have you here and I am going to love coming home and seeing you.

I told her I am happy as well that it is just her and I.

She told me she bought rope and blindfold and ballgag for me to use on her she said it is almost 2 inches!

I said can't wait to see it strapped in your sexy mouth.

She opened her night stand and pulled out the rope,gag and blindfold.

I asked her to take off her tope she smiled sat up and removed her top and those big tits were out and looked really good she was tan all over.

I had her lay back on her pillow and had her grab the posts over her head. I then knelt on the bed and tied her wrists to the posts.
She was loving it her nipples got hard and her eyes got glossy.

She told me she would play with herself and think about all the times I tied her up she even admitted to tying her legs and wearing the ballgag as she played with herself.
She said every time she came she would call out my name.

I smiled and said I am here now so no need to play with yourself.

She smiled and kind purred.

I went down and tied her legs slightly spread to her foot board. I noticed her crotch panel of her pantyhose was soaking wet.

I then stood up and kissed her hosed covered feet and rubbed them. She said careful they really stink wore my favorite flats and they make my feet sweat bad.

I smiled knelt down and for the first time smelled her feet and I could smell a mix of leather, perfume and sweat it was interesting and for some reason I got hard.

She giggled I can't believe you smelled my feet! I told her they smelled good to me. She laughed and said yeah right.

I told her I got a hard on look. She said your serious smelling my feet got you hard.

I said I guess so who would have thought after all these years of what I was missing.

She laughed and called me a perv.

I then said time to see your new gag baby.

I walked over to the bed reached down and picked up the big red ball and she lifted her head and opened really wide.

I gently pushed the ball inn she mpphed and said big in gag talk.

I buckled it snug but not tight.

She looked freaking awesome.

She began to struggle and mmpph for me her tits jiggled she wiggled and curled her toes. and drool leaked out of the corner of her mouth.

I almost exploded I stripped down to my boxers and she was nodding yes and pointing to my hard on.

I took a quick sniff of her feet she tried to pich my nose with her toes.

I then got on the bed with her and ran my hands all over her body telling her I dreamed about doing this to her for so long and how I used to jerk off thinking about her and even used her worn pantyhose.

She looked at me and nodded yes and I let my hands go between her legs she was soaking wet and let out a huge moan as I gently rubbed her.

She really began to drool.

She gave me the 2 finger sign I removed her gag and she said let me suck your cock.

I asked if she wanted to be untied she said no I wanna suck it tied up like my fantasy about you.

I took off my boxers and she you have a nice cock.

I thanked her straddled her and slide it in her waiting mouth. she worked it for a bit then said please untie me so I can really suck you.

I untied her and then she spun around and said tie my ankles.

I tied her ankles and laid back on my pillow her feet were near my face. She said since you like the smell of my stinky feet or at least your cock does she smiled then you get to enjoy the smell while I suck your cock. Her walk in closet door were mirrored glass so I could watch her sucking me and she could watch me.

She sucked and curled and wiggled her reinforced toes my cock jumped watching her toes curl and wiggle. She put her feet close to my face and rubbed her bound legs against me.

I shot my wad and Cyndi took it.

She kept going until I was clean. She then sat up untied her ankles and went to clean herself up.

She came back and laid back down still wearing her soaked hose. She said I want you to feel my nice silky legs and ass as you sleep.

I feel asleep fast I was spent.

In the morning Cyndi woke me up with a blow and I went for it tied her to the bed gagged her and F##cked the day lights out of her she came a few times before I did.

I took off her gag and untied her she said the was f@cking

We showered together and she put on her panties bra and hose she walked around and ate breakfast in just her bra and hose.

She got dressed and gave me a huge kiss and went to work.

When she got home the night she was ready she sat next to me on the sofa and without a word unzipped my pants pulled out my cock and started sucking. She said I been thinking about your hard cock all day.

I said I been thinking about hogtying you all day.

She laughed and said here I am ready to be hogtied after I use the restroom.

I got the rope she bought as well as mine that I used to tie her up with and we had 3 ballgags.

I laid everything on the coffee table she came back into the living room laid on the floor rolled on her stomach put her hands behind her back and ankles together she opened her mouth.

I grabbed the 1 3/4in ballgag and strapped it in and proceeded to hogtie her.

I watched her struggle and she lost one and eventually her other shoe. Her skirt rode so far up all you saw was her pantyhose covered ass.

She was a awesome struggler no fake tugs or fake mmpphing she was the real deal.

I sat next to her on the floor and ran my hands all over her and rolled her on her side and unbuttoned her blouse and then put her back on her stomach and reach under blouse and unhooked her bra.
I then tied her elbows.

She looked at me when I was done that was the first time I tied her elbows.

She struggled and her tits popped out of her cups one was half in half out but I saw some nipple.

I untied her she had been hogged for a good 1/2 hour.

She went got cleaned up changed except for her pantyhose . we ate and were watching some tv when her daughter came over.

She noticed some rope marks on her moms wrist and ankle.

she said mom what are those marks?

Cyndi tried to play it off say oh those are from my heels they have straps.
The ones on my wrist are from my bracelets.

Her daughter eyed me and said if you say so.

She stayed pretty late but like the night before we hit up some bondage.

The next day was her day off and after running errands we got home and Cyndi got tied to a chair and gagged with her worn pantyhose and clear tape.

I then moved her still hose gagged into the living room on the floor and hogtied her and this time tied the soles of her feet.

Funny after I finished tying her up her phone rang it was her daughter she wanted to come over and take us out to dinner.

I told her give us an hour. She agreed and then asked to talk to her mom. I said she is in the shower right now I will have her call you when she is done.

Mean while Cyndi was struggling but not mpphing.

After her daughter hung up I dropped my pants and jerked off watching Cyndi she loved it.

I untied her she tool off her gag and spit out her dirty hose.

She said your mean but giggled saying at least it was not my dirty panties that would be gross!

I said sorry honey just wanted to try the dirty hose thing.
She said dirty hose I guess I can deal with but NO dirty panties agreed. I agreed.

We went to dinner and when we came home Cyndi said tie me up and do me like you did this morning.

I tied her up in the living room laid her on the floor pulled up her dress and down her pantyhose and panties and did her up. No gag.

We had so many fun times and eventually we took pics but mostly video.

I got more into pantyhose so she let me hose hood her and even encase her.

She liked everything about our bondage games and she would make suggestions and tell me what gets her turned on and gets her off.

I got lucky and got stationed where we hoped I would.

I was able to move off base when I attained a certain rank and Cyndi and I got a bigger place in her building.

Her daughter asked when she came to see our new place where I slept. Cyndi and I were caught off guard.

She smiled and said I am not stupid you guys.

So we admitted that we slept together.

We took care of each other for a few years until Cyndi felt that I needed to find a woman younger than her.

She told me she was not going be able to keep up with me and our lifestyle forever.

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 11:32:54 PM
Name: Johnny Adams
Comments:Hi, here is a little story that fits your site which by the way is fantastic.

The Game

My girlfriend came over on Saturday night. She was wearing her fur parka, long black boots, tweed skirt and white turtle neck. She was already a tall blonde but the boots added a good three inches.
She was also carrying a gym bag full of stuff. After a kiss and a drink, we sat down and she told me of her plan. She had heard of a game where, a person was tied up, blindfolded, gagged and left by themselves for 20 minutes. At the end of this time, the person tied up would be horny and ready for sex. It seems that the whole captive thing is a turn on for some people and my girlfriend wanted to give it a try.
I said I was game only if she wore her fur parka as well. She agreed.
We went to my bedroom and she opened the bag. It contained ropes, scarves and duct tape. I took the rope and started to tie her hands behind her. As I did this, she started to moan in anticipation. Once hands were tied, I tied rope around her torso, pinning her arms. She sat down on the bed and I tied her knees together, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and then her feet. I blindfolded her with a kiss, tied a scarf around her head, gagging her. I pulled her parka hood up over her head and stood back.
She looked marvellous. I got a hard on just looking at her. I lay her on the bed and set the timer for 20 minutes and left the room. I came back every so often to check on her. At the sound of the buzzer, I walked in, pulled her to the sitting position and removed her gag.
“Your cock in my mouth, now!” she said.
I pulled it out, already to go, and put it in. She sucked me hard. I looked down at her and drank in the site of her bound in her coat and sucking me off. After I came, she asked me to untie her legs and to eat her out. I complied. She lay on her back moaning and groaning with pleasure. Once she came, I re-gagged her and lay beside her, rubbing her clit. She moaned again as I told her to imagine her BFF doing this to her. She came hard.
I then climbed on top and fucked her hard for at least an hour. I came and came again and still could not get enough. Once we were finished and she was released. We sat and talked about another game, and another time!
Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 07:28:54 PM
Name: C M
Comments:I came across this page and thought why not share about my intro in bondage.

I got my real start when I was 17. I played the all the classic tie up games but everyone always got loose. Now I knew my parents did bondage games. I had seen little peeks of my mom bound and gagged over the years and heard her mppphing.

One weekend my dad asked me to help him get the basement and garage cleaned out.

He told me he would pay me some bucks for the help so I was even more eager.

My dad and I were like friends once I got into my teens and we talked about a lot of things.

It was during our cleaning the subject of tying up came up. Dad asked some probing questions which I answered and he seemed to get excited by my active interest in tying up women.

He then took out his military foot locker which he always kept locked. My dad served 20 years in the military and saw some action so I figured all his medals and stuff were in there.

I was half right dad opened the foot locker and skipped ove his medal and other military stuff. Instead he took out a small metal box with a combo lock he turned and opened the box. He then took out a stack of pictures told me to have a seat. I sat down he handed me the stack of pictures and I noticed a woman not my mom hogtied and tape gagged. I looked my dad he was smiling keep going.

I looked through all 20 or so pictures of different women bound and gagged in different ways and dressed all kinds of ways.

Dad recounted who each woman was to me.

Then he told me he had something really cool to show me. He opened the box and took out and envelope and handed it to me. I opened it and took out a stack of pictures of my mom tied up! I looked at my dad and he said these are all of your mom..

He had the pictures organized from the time they meet when they were my age until recently.

I was sort of shaking as I thumb through them dad told me how he got mom into bondage and over the years how she came to enjoy being tied up.

After I looked through the pictures I was excited and wanted to tie up my mom for the first time.

Dad then said how would you like to tie up your mom?

I looked surprised but said hell yeah pop.

He smiled and said good I need some help. I said but will mom go for it.

Dad said leave it to me and soon you will be my helper.

Dad put the pictures back into the box and then gave me the box these are for you he gave me the combo to the lock he said hide them good.

A few days went by and I was anxious, excited hoping dad will make it happen.

I looked at those pictures so much studying how each was tied and what they were gagged with.

Then the day came dad came home from work and said good news tonight you get to help me tie up mom.

I was stoked.

Dad sat down explained all the rules of their game. He told me mom will be wearing her work clothes for our session as he called it.

Dad said we will go out to dinner and when we get home he will get all the bondage equipment ready while mom freshens up.

Everything went as dad said and soon I watching mom being tied to a chair dad handed me a ballgag and I got to gag her.

She smiled at me as I held the ball and said I bet you been wanting to shut me up for a long time now.

I smiled and said your right mom and told her open wide.

I strapped the ball in her mouth. She started struggling and mmmpphing right away.

Dad and I sat and watched her as she struggled in the kitchen chair she tied too in the center of the living room.

Mom was wearing a skirt blouse pantyhose and pumps.

She lost her shoes and dad had unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her blouse before her tied her chest which I could see her bra her boobs were about to bust out of her blouse.

We eventually untied mom and we took a break.

The last tie of the night was a hogtie with stuff gag with tape over it.

Moms skirt was hiked all the way up as she struggled I got see her sexy pantyhose covered ass and the nice gusset and sexy black lace panties she was wearing under the hose. She would push her ass out when she laid on her side facing dad and I. I noticed her nipples were rock hard.

I untied mom after a good 15 minutes she was sweating her blouse was soaked with sweat and she was drooling her forehead had beads of sweat.

We had a quick chat about our experience then I went to bed and my parents went onto to do whatever they were going to do.

The next few days were more of the same mom dressed in her work clothes good bondage and an array of gags.

After about a month dad and I were out doing dude stuff and he brought up our game with mom. He said I would like to change our game.

I listened as dad told me how he wanted to direct the bondage sessions as he wanted to video tape them.

I was ok with that then dad hit me with a big bomb. He told me he wanted me to wear a certain outfit for our games.

When I asked what he said I want you to wear your all black t shirt, black cargo shorts black pantyhose and ballet style flats!

I was stunned pantyhose ballet flats what the hell. I stammered pantyhose pop. He smiled yeah black pantyhose then he said. I was about to say I never but he stopped me and said I know you have tried on your mms pantyhose a few times. He told me how he had come home and caught me but I never knew I was seen or caught by anyone.

I was blushing but agreed to wear the outfit but what about mom what will she say. Dad said she won't say anything. I said where will I get the pantyhose and shoes. Dad laughed from your mom of course.

After dinner that night mom said we could play tie up after her favorite tv show. Dad looked at me and I went to my room and noticed on my bed was a pair of moms black pantyhose and her black ballet style flats.

I put everything on as dad wanted. I was nerveous as I walked into the living room.

At first mom did not notice but during a commercial she noticed what I was wearing she looked at me then at dad he said it was my idea. Mom then looked at me and said nice pantyhose and shoes sweetie. I felt red instantly.

Mom said relax I am ok with it if your ok wearing them she looked at my dad and said he don't have to wear them if he don't want too right!

Dad said of course he can wear what he wants just wanted to try something new.

Mom looked at me do you want to go change? I said no I am cool with it in fact they feel good.

Mom said guess I better buy you some pantyhose so you don't ruin mine. Dad said only black mom looked at him he said get a few pairs with seems.

She said ok black hose with seems it is.

We did our bondage thing that night it felt strange tying her up wearing pantyhose and her flats.

At one point dad told me to remove the shoes as I hogtied her.

Mom was in jeans and socks and eventually he had me remove her socks ball one up and put it in her mouth. Mom took the sock and I wrapped an ace bandage over her mouth and tape over it.

The next day mom came home and handed me a bag from a local department store she said here are your pantyhose black with seems she said some have reinforced toes your dad did not say no reinforced toes. She smiled and said I got you the same size I wear. I noticed she was wearing her black ballet flats dad asked me to wear.

She laughed saying never knew you and I would be sharing a pair of shoes.

I was ok with with her teasing she again asked me if I really wanted to dress in the outfit as my dad asked.

I told her I was really ok with it and let out the fact I had tried on her pantyhose many times she looked at me raised eyebrow really.

I smiled yep really.

Then mom said why don't you go get dressed up and you and I can do some bondage before your dad get home.

I went and put on the outfit mom came in my room in jogging short and t shirt she still had on her nude hose.

I tied her to my bed and to a chair then a nice hogtie.

After we finished mom looked at the clock and said we still have a good 4 hours until your dad comes home.

We can have dinner or play some more.

I smiled lets play some more. Mom smiled and said sounds good but now I am going to tie you up and gag you!

I stuttered mom smiled I wanna see you all bound and gagged in your sexy seemed pantyhose.

I agreed and mom roped me up in the positions I had tied her in and she just used the ballgag on me.

She enjoyed the show as I struggled for her.

She untied me and we cleaned up I stayed dressed as dad was due home anytime.

I helped mom prepare dinner and we talked about her tying me up.

She then said I think from now on after you tie me up I am going to tie you up. Of course it is only when we are alone.

Dad came home we ate and did our bondage thing.

Mom and I did our thing when we were alone.

Mom and I still do our thing even now. She is in her mid 50's.

Dad tired of the bondage games when I was like 21 he said been there done that for years now it is not fun or exciting like it used to be.

He gave me all the videos he had made of all our sessions.

I destroyed them to make sure they never got lost or any nosey girlfriends found them.

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 03:53:20 PM
Name: young lad from teh 70s

Great adventures. Did you dad ever tie and and your mom up together while you wore pantyhose?

Thanks for sharing.
Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 02:39:58 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Tom...could you tell some more stories when you had Cyndi tied up while still at your dads, how was she gagged, tied, what was she wearing. Did you you ever get to tie her up in her underwear? Thanks.
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 05:50:36 PM
Name: CM
Comments:Thanks for the interest young lad.

I did not think anyone would care to read about me being tied up with me mom while I was wearing the outfit with pantyhose.

Dad told me the day he informed me about having to wear the "outfit" from now on that I would also be bound and gagged from time to time with my mom.

He said that would it would be a reminder that he was in control of not only mom but also of me.

I have to admit it felt strange being hogtied and ballgagged next to mom.

Or tied together with our pantyhose legs and feet rubbing together as we struggled against our ropes mmmpphing thru our gags as the camera rolled.
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 08:24:09 PM
Name: Tom
Comments:Just passing through and noticed some interest in my experiences with Cyndi. Thanks Jim. Would be happy to post some more soon.

To give a quick answer to your question I never and Dad never tied her in just underwear. She always had underwear on and wore her reinforced toe and heel shiny support hose.

Topless yes many time with dad and eventually with me. Early on one during her struggles one of her big tits would pop out or just the top with some nipple showing.

As for gags dad had a gag arsenal ballgags different colors and sizes harness gags ball, penis plug, ring 2 with blindfolds attached. he also had just ring and penis gags. one penis gag was inflatable. He had rope tape pantyhose and straps hand and ankle cuffs everything bondage and a huge box of pantyhose he used for encasing and hooding his women.

I did not have shit when I started tying up Cyndi when we lived with my dad so I used his stuff. Good times
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 08:32:16 PM
Name: PHB Mom
Comments:Cool site.

I did not start tying up my mom until I was in my mid 20's.

I never knew until we both were a bit tippsy after a party one night.

When we got back to my place mom and I were sitting on the sofa she was wearing a nice summer type dress very sheer nude hose and white low heel sandals. Her toes painted pink as I recall.

My mom was always a looker nice chest nice body but I found her even sexier after her and my dad divorced 2 years prior. Mom put on about 10 pounds and she looked nice and curvy like the women from the 50's

Her brown hair with a hint of blonde and her blue eyes always drove me crazy.

Sorry so we are sitting on the sofa mom asks for some wine that she brought over.

I pour her a glass she take a huge drink and then sets her glass down takes my hand and looking down says she wants to tell me something about her and it is very personal.

Mom then recounted to me how she loves being bound and gagged!

I was surprised as she told me how it started with her dad tying and gagging her as punishment when she was 17. she said even when she would not do anything wrong or my aunt would do something wrong he would tie up mom in her room.

She said he never hurt her or was mean in anyway even the first time he tied and gagged her. she said he was very soft and explained why she was being tied up and gagged.

Mom attended private school and was in her uniform she said she was tied to her bed her shoes and socks removed exposing her stocking feet. He rolled up one of her socks put it in her mouth and then used her robe to tie it over her mouth holding it in.

He told her she needed to struggle and make mmpphing sounds for him.

But not to loud or her sister would hear them.

Mom did as he said and he sat and watched her he told her to wiggle her feet and curl and wiggle her toes as she struggled.

After a while he untied and ungagged mom hugged her and told her she did a great job and to remember all the things she did for the next time.

Mom said he tied her up just about everyday.

Even after he remarried and her stepmom and step brother moved in. She would be bound and gagged in her room or in the basement while her sister stepbrother and stepmom would be doing whatever.

Her dad told her that her stepmom don't like to be tied up or have her feet played with so she needed to keep taking care of him. Mom said she was more then happy too and felt special.

Eventually her stepbrother was brought into the game by her dad.
He was more then willing to tie and gag mom. He would also have to tie her up before her dad got home so she would be ready for him.

she said she was doing double bondage duty because her stepbrother wanted her alone. she said he had a huge pantyhose fetish and would make her put on the pantyhose she wore the day before if she had not wore any that day.

Mom said he never did anything to her or was mean to her. she said he would get himself off in front of her.

She said many time her dad and stepbrother would tie her up at the same time. She said they would discuss different ways to tie her and how to gag her. She would always be dressed in something wearing pantyhose and sometimes with garters and stockings over her pantyhose. Her feet would get a lot of attention from both of them.

She said she really enjoyed the attention and would get moody when they would not have time for her.

Enter my dad he was my mom's stepbrothers best friend and they all went to high school together. Mom said they were love at first sight and high school sweet hearts. She said dad started tying and gagging her the first week they dated she said he was more of stockings and garters man then pantyhose.

A few times he and her stepbrother tied her up but eventually her stepbrother stepped out of the picture. Her dad stepped out when she and my dad got an apartment mom said she was 19.

She did say after her and dad were married and a few days after their honeymoon her dad and stepbrother came over. My dad and them tied up and gagged mom the whole day and into the night she said they took pictures of her dressed in different outfits. She could not believe it after it was over she said she was sore.

Dad told her he made a promise to her dad and brother of one last tie up with her.
Mom said she was cool with it.

Her and dad carried on over the 14 years they were married I never went to spy on them but heard noises and just figured they were getting it on.

I loved seeing mom walk around in the mornings in her bra panties and pantyhose as she got ready for work.

Good fodder for jerking.

I did some tie up games with girls in school got inspired from tv movies and comics.

I had a girlfriend my freshman year in high school who loved being tied up. She shared a very similar story to my mom's which blew me away back then.

I mentioned that to mom during our talk.

She finished her story and told me I could ask her any questions I had.

I asked a few she was straight forward no holding back she did blush.

I then said so I guess I am your new tie up man now.

she smiled hugged me and said will you really do that for me!

I smiled of course I will mom your a hottie and how could I not want to tie up a woman regularly.

She hugged me tight and said I will wear whatever you want.

I told her just everyday clothes mom still worked in the retail industry so I said your business outfits pantyhose heels the sort of thing. she smiled got it. I said jeans t shirt maybe some nylons now and then she said got it.

I said would you do a bathing suit she smiled I will but I am wearing pantyhose under it. I said I am cool with that.

I said how about some garters and stockings maybe with a girdle like a 50's look.

Mom smiled your just like your dad and uncle.

She said grandpa was a pantyhose and skirt and blouse guy you guys are more difficult but I can do it all.

I said asked what do you want to be tied with she said rope pantyhose tape.
I asked about gags she said ballgags panels head harness stuff gag with tape, bandage or pantyhose.

Blindfolds she said are ok.

She said she likes it old school simple.

She told her her safe word and signal.

Mom told me she would like us to play often as we can she had not been bound and gagged since her divorce and needed to catch up so to speak.

I was working and our shifts were dam close so I said how about everyday and even the weekends.

Mom and I hung out together just about every night and even on the weekends we would hang out.

Mom said we can try it but we both have to be flexible with work.

I agreed plus you will need a rest I am sure.

Mom laughed and said is that a challenge. She said honey I been tied and gagged for many years now and the men in my life did not bullshit around they tied my ass up good and gagged me good.

I said well mom you can put me on that list because I am also going too tie your fine ass up good and tight and you will drool from your tight gags. I even have some pantyhose I might like to stuff in your mouth or put over your head! She again laughed been there done that honey. Your grandpa bet you to it!

I said oh yeah but were they worn.. She laughed and said of course I was supposedly being punished. she said your uncle loved stuffing his girlfriends worn stockings in my mouth and if all else failed I got your aunts or my stepmoms dirty stockings or pantyhose in my mouth over my head or tied over my nose. she said even my own smelly shoes.

Mom said so do your best honey I can take it trust me.

I went and grabbed my ropes and a ballgag and tied mom to my kitchen chair I tied every part of her and buckled the ball a little tighter.

I asked if she was ok she nodded and began to struggle and mmpph drool leaked from her mouth and she was sweating after 10 minutes. The front of her dress was soaked.

I untied her and she removed the gag she said that was fucking awesome you are good.

I said you aint seen nothing yet she dranl wine out of the bottle set it down and made this sexy sound and said show me.

I took her into my bed room had her strip off her dress and sandals

I had her lay on the bed on her stomach and she said hmmmm a hogtie nice touch.

I again roped her up and even took a chance and crotch roped her. She moaned as I pulled it tight.

I then said now I think a nice pair of smelly worn pantyhose should be stuffed in your mouth.

A girl I was fooling around with left her work out tights at my place and they smelled bad.

I held them under moms nose and told her to sniff the feet she smelled em and told me they are really stinky.

I about shot a load in my pants she really did not care I was going to stuff some girls dirty tights in her mouth.

So I turned them inside out so the crotch panel would go in first she watched and said oh no not the sweaty pussy panel. I smiled oh yes the smelly pussy panel in your mouth. Mom laughed oh please I told you been there done that many times. She opened her mouth and I stuffed them in.

She chewed them and then muffled said hmmm tasty. I taped her mouth and under her chin.

She struggled hard and I just got excited and slapped her ass a few times she shuddered and then moaned and stopped moving. She was soaked with sweat and she was flushed.

I will be dammed if she did not just have an orgasm.

She rolled over on her side looking at me blushing her eyes down submissively.

I told her it was ok I will untie her.

I untied her she stood up I could see her pantyhose and panties were soaked.

She walked to the restroom still gagged.

I heard her ask for a towel and something to wear.

I gave her a t shirt and shorts.

She showered and came and changed my sheets. She then laid down on my bed and said good night.

I stupidly said hey where am going to sleep?

Mom said
I think not only as you mom but also the woman your going to be tying up and gagging and being a gentleman you should let me have the bed right.

I said your right I am sorry for asking that stupid question.

She giggled and said it's ok I am sure you had no idea what was going to happen tonight.

I said I did not be I am looking forward to what is going to happen tomorrow and I turned off the light and went to the living room.

I laid on the sofa thinking about everything her back in the day.

I got so turned on I must have jerked off 3 times before I fell asleep.

Mom and I played the next day she gave me ideas how to tie her and even broke out the pictures that had been taken of her over the years.

As our game progressed things became more intense

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 11:02:00 PM
Name: Tom
Comments:There came a point where my dad would tie and gag Cyndi somewhere in the house and just kind of leave her for me not on purpose but he would tell me he is bored of her.
He expected me to go and do whatever with her.

My dad was on a huge power trip and had an ego to match he was a playboy so he figured he could treat women how he wanted and they just had to like it.

He knew Cyndi was going to be there to give him his fetish and take care of me and his home.

She told me that my dad told her she would also need to give him sex when he wanted it.

Cyndi was open to it she found my dad very good looking and was impressed with his big dick.

My dad instead would instead humiliate Cyndi by telling her she was not fuckable or she was not pretty enough to suck his cock.
He would call her piggy and other names.

She took it she was always tied and gagged and after ward my dad would reassure her he was just role playing.

One time he told Cyndi she was going to give him a blowjob and when she went to go down on him he told her stop do you think I let a woman like you suck my cock.

Cyndi said she cried during their sessions a few times but dad did not give a shit.

She said once he had her tied spread out on his bed her nipples clamped panel gagged and a vibe attached to her crotch rope.

She then said the door bell rang he left her then she heard voices coming down the hall and it was a woman.

Cyndi said she struggled but it was useless and just then dad and one of his girl friends entered the room.

She saw Cyndi and laughed nice support hose bitch.

Cyndi was nerveous as the woman because nasty calling her names.

Dad then told the women that she was free to punish his fat maid.

She said the woman used dads toys on her she said the woman was not nice and Cyndi said they finished off by having sex next to Cyndi who was tied to the bed.

After they finished the woman took a picture of Cyndi telling her she was going in her hog bitch collection.

Dad came out and untied Cyndi and told her go clean herself up.

Cyndi told me many things over the course of our time slowly she would let things out.

I look forward to when my dad would be gone because I was able to tie Cyndi up as much as I wanted. I would have her sleep with me in my bed.

Sometimes during the night I would feel her hose covered ass against me and I would dry hump her.

Then I got brave and took off my boxers a few times and managed to slide my cock in between her hosed thighs. She was half asleep and woke up when I came for sure.

She never said anything until one day she called me out and said take off your pants I did now Cyndi had her ankles tied and her hands tied behind her back at the time.

She then said sit on the sofa I sat down and opened my legs I knew what was going to happen and then Cyndi got herself between my legs and sucked me off for the first time!

It felt so awesome and from then on I would bug her to do it again.

She added that and hand jobs to our routine.

She would rub herself to the big o or have me use her wand on her when she was tied.

Her pantyhose would be soaking wet from her orgasms!

I tied Cyndi ever where but my dads room I felt there was to much bullshit that Cyndi had to go through when she was in his room at night.

One time we almost got caught when her daughter came to visit but I cut Cyndi loose in the nick of time!

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 04:09:00 PM
Name: Military Man
Comments:I'm a liaison officer to a special ops group where I'm stationed. Naturally, due to the nature of their activities, I can's say more but what I can talk about is a time when one my civilian workers was bound, gagged, and taken captive by one of the teams. Jan (not her real name) was in her early thirties and was a groupie. She was always bothering me to take her with me when I would meet the units while they trained. They were doing some training and they needed to have a live captive and asked me to get some volunteers. I told Jan so she jumped at the chance. Jan was a very attractive woman, athletic build, long brunette hair, blue eyes and big breasts. I told Jan that this particular unit's training was realistic with live ammo and real world training and that if she volunteered, she would be subject to what the team needed. She said she wanted to do it. I told her to be at the office at 0600 hrs. (6:00 AM for you civilians) and to wear casual clothes that she didn't mind getting dirty or torn.

The next day, Jan was there waiting for me. She wore a tight t-shirt with a blouse over it, a pair of designer jeans and a pair of slip on Vans sneakers. All of it was quality clothing and I again warned her that it could get damaged. She said it was all old stuff. I shook my head and said "OK". We drove to the training site, the shoot house which was also a maze. We met with the unit representative and I told him Jan was their "captive." He then directed Jan to walk into the shoot house. We went to the observation area which was lined with kevlar insulation and bullet proof glass. As I saw Jan enter the house, the door closed and I thought I heard a "MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" but I wasn't sure but I could only conclude that Jan was now a "hostage."

We entered the observation area and the shoot house was dark. The unit rep then turned on the lights and there was Jan in the middle of the room, bound and gagged. She had her hands tied behind her back, rope tied around her chest and waist, and her legs were bound at the thigh, knees, and ankles. To top if off, she had black rigging tape 5 inches wide over her mouth. She was trying to talk but rigging tape is tight and sticky. She could only 'mmmmpppphhhhh' when trying to say something. The room was also surrounded with silhouette targets with balloons attached.

I was getting a laugh that Jan was gagged and for the first time, she was unable to run her mouth!. All of a sudden, the team burst in and fired in all directions, Jan was screaming and all targets were hit as indicated by the popped balloons. I then looked at Jan and she had wet her pants! The team leader approached her and said "We're Americans and were here to get you out!" He then cut her legs free but left her bound from the waist up and left the gag on. They rushed her out of the house.

After the exercise, I went to the team area and they had released Jan. Well, true Jan form, she was flirting with the team and they were laughing with her. On the way home, she talked about how exciting it was. I asked her how she felt about being bound and gagged. She said she actually liked it and had done some bondage with her ex-husband but this was far more exciting. Last I heard, she was dating one of the team and I suspect she was bound and gagged even more.
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 11:41:42 PM
Name: Military Man
Comments:I'm a liaison officer to a special ops group where I'm stationed. Naturally, due to the nature of their activities, I can's say more but what I can talk about is a time when one my civilian workers was bound, gagged, and taken captive by one of the teams. Jan (not her real name) was in her early thirties and was a groupie. She was always bothering me to take her with me when I would meet the units while they trained. They were doing some training and they needed to have a live captive and asked me to get some volunteers. I told Jan so she jumped at the chance. Jan was a very attractive woman, athletic build, long brunette hair, blue eyes and big breasts. I told Jan that this particular unit's training was realistic with live ammo and real world training and that if she volunteered, she would be subject to what the team needed. She said she wanted to do it. I told her to be at the office at 0600 hrs. (6:00 AM for you civilians) and to wear casual clothes that she didn't mind getting dirty or torn.

The next day, Jan was there waiting for me. She wore a tight t-shirt with a blouse over it, a pair of designer jeans and a pair of slip on Vans sneakers. All of it was quality clothing and I again warned her that it could get damaged. She said it was all old stuff. I shook my head and said "OK". We drove to the training site, the shoot house which was also a maze. We met with the unit representative and I told him Jan was their "captive." He then directed Jan to walk into the shoot house. We went to the observation area which was lined with kevlar insulation and bullet proof glass. As I saw Jan enter the house, the door closed and I thought I heard a "MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" but I wasn't sure but I could only conclude that Jan was now a "hostage."

We entered the observation area and the shoot house was dark. The unit rep then turned on the lights and there was Jan in the middle of the room, bound and gagged. She had her hands tied behind her back, rope tied around her chest and waist, and her legs were bound at the thigh, knees, and ankles. To top if off, she had black rigging tape 5 inches wide over her mouth. She was trying to talk but rigging tape is tight and sticky. She could only 'mmmmpppphhhhh' when trying to say something. The room was also surrounded with silhouette targets with balloons attached.

I was getting a laugh that Jan was gagged and for the first time, she was unable to run her mouth!. All of a sudden, the team burst in and fired in all directions, Jan was screaming and all targets were hit as indicated by the popped balloons. I then looked at Jan and she had wet her pants! The team leader approached her and said "We're Americans and were here to get you out!" He then cut her legs free but left her bound from the waist up and left the gag on. They rushed her out of the house.

After the exercise, I went to the team area and they had released Jan. Well, true Jan form, she was flirting with the team and they were laughing with her. On the way home, she talked about how exciting it was. I asked her how she felt about being bound and gagged. She said she actually liked it and had done some bondage with her ex-husband but this was far more exciting. Last I heard, she was dating one of the team and I suspect she was bound and gagged even more.
Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 11:41:56 PM
Name: CM
Comments:Here is just a bit more info for you young lad.

One time prior to mom coming home told me that he felt I was not really playing my part tying up mom and really slacking when I was bound and gagged with her.

He told me he was disappointed in me and felt I needed some correction along with mom who also was slacking off. He said he wanted me to struggle and mmmph more when I was bound and when I was tying her to focus on my rope work and really take charge of her when telling her how she was to be tied. I felt it was bullshit but agreed with dad with his problems with me.

He told me to go put on my outfit. I went and changed noticing it was about 20 minutes before mom got home.
I had the feeling I was going to get my correction double.

I would be right.
When I came back into the living room dad was set up camera in place.

He first had me give a pantyhose foot show starting with dangling he filmed and directed me as to how he wanted my to move my feet.

After the show he placed me in a hogtie with the ballgag head harness on. He said I was going to stay like that until mom came mom.

He told me the camera will be rolling and I better get my act together and do a good job.

He told me action and I began to struggle and mmhhp I heard him leave the room but I did as I was told.

I heard mom come in the door she passed the living room and saw me.

She me dad was back in the room now she said really you can't wait.

Dad said no he is being corrected just like you will be after dinner.

Mom said nothing but I don't know how long you have had him tied up but I think he needs to be untied so we can eat dinner.

Dad agreed mom went to change but as always she knew not to take off her pantyhose or there would be hell to pay for her.

Dad untied me but told me I was not done being corrected and that I will be joining mom after dinner.

We ate dinner and relaxed a bit then dad told us time for her and I to pay for our laziness as his bondage models.

First he had mom strip to her pantyhose no bra.
Mom had nice plump tits and I liked to see them when I could during our games.

Dad had her sit on the floor he then took out a plastic shopping bag it was filled with pantyhose.

He said tonight you both are going to be encased with fat girls pantyhose and then I am going to tape your asses up and you both better work hard for me or you will have a long night.

He then started to encase mom and when he got to her waist he rolled her over pulled down her pantyhose and cut off her t back panties! Mom protested but he told her to shut up.
I sat on the floor watching as he then cut out the crotch of her pantyhose again mom protested but he told her to shut up!

I could not help but see moms private area I noticed she had a little strip of hair she saw me looking at her area and coughed to get my attention we both turned red.
Dad pulled up the encasement pantyhose but cut out the crotch mom was about to say something and he told her to shut her mouth.

Dad looked at me smiling and said I bet you never seen a pretty snatch before.

Mom was stunned as dad told me to keep looking.

He stuffed her mouth wit 2 pairs of pantyhose and taped all the way around her head when he was done he said now you will learn to shut the fuck up when I tell you too.

Mom stayed quite as he pulled pantyhose over her head and upper body totally encasing her.

Dad then had me take off my shorts and flats I was in just black t shirt underwear and black pantyhose.
Dad grabbed 2 pairs of pantyhose and gagged me just like he did mom.
He said I don't what to hear nothing out of you either! only thing I better hear is mmmpphing!

Mom watched as dad encased me like her.

When he was done he grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped mom starting with the soles of her feet he used the whole roll of tape on her her legs and ankles taped in 3 or 4 spots he taped her wrists then taped her arms down he taped her above and below her chest.

The then wrapped more tape around her already taped mouth then taped her eyes!

Mom stayed quite I could see dad was really excited he was breathing hard.

He tossed the empty roll on the floor stood up grabbed another and taped me the same way.

He said you 2 bitches both are taped with a full roll of tape.

He then did something to mom as I heard her moan and kind of squeal all he said is this will keep your attention.

I would find out he crotched roped her with a knotted crotch rope.

He then told us action and mom and I flopped around in our hose encasement.
We struggled and mmpphed like pros.

I heard dad doing something that sound familiar to me and I had an idea what he was doing.

He must have finished and said camera is off but I am not finished with you 2 yet.

Mom whined thru her gag dad told her shut up as he left the room

Mom and I ended up near each other I could fee her body next to mine she was trying to gag talk or was gag talking but I could not understand her.

Dad came back at some point and said now for your special treat.

He rolled us both over on our stomachs and mom and I were tape hogtied he taped our eyes and pulled it back to our ankles then the same over our mouths he then taped the tape together that would keep us hogtied.

Mom and I were totally helpless but he said action and she and began to struggle and mmpph we were bumping into each other throughout.

At some point she and I just gave out we could not take anymore and were pretty sore.

we just laid there. Dad asked us if we were done I nodded yes I am sure mom did also. He asked us if we were going to be lazy in bondage anymore I shook my head no and I heard mom try an yell out no.

He said while I think you both learned your lesson and have paid the price for your laziness.

Dad cut the tape from my hogtie and he undid my upper body and told me to remove my own gag.

Which I did spitting out the soaking wet pantyhose my mouth felt raw.

He then pulled mom next to me and laid her on her side showing me her crotch rope.
It was deep in her that you could not see it in her middle because of her folds.

Mom laid there as he tugged it she moaned and whined she had no idea I was watching dad tug her crotch rope he held it and told her to grind on it she lifted her hips up and down for about a minute.

Then dad lifted her leg up and rested them on his shoulder so I could see everything.
He made her rub her rope again then he spanked a little and set her legs down rolled her on her stomach and held the rope and made her go up and down on it again.

Mom was moaning but also whimpering.

Dad then cut her loose and when she free she stood up still crotch roped and walked to the rest room.

I guess she figured it covered something.

I watched her walk down the hall.

Dad told me to clean all the stuff up and he went down the hall after mom.

She came out of the rest room holding her rope dad had rope and a ballgag in his pocket she went into their room dad followed the door shut and locked.

I cleaned up and tip toed down the hall and listened at their door.

Mom was sucking dad for sure I could hear her slurping and dad telling her to suck it good then He said time to fuck.

He told her open your mouth slut he must have ballgagged her she was mmmpphing.

Then he tied her to their bed her told her to stop moving or it would get tighter.

He then said so you like to be crotch roped I heard mom gag talking no dad said you could have fooled me slut.

He told her to spread her legs and he tied em to their bed posts he said now you cant keep your pussy from me.

With that he mounted her and fucked her hard she was moaning and mmpphing through her gag and their bed was banging the wall.

I was about 6 minutes then dad yelled out fuck yeah and moms name mom also let out some loud gagged noises.

Then silence and I heard dad say time to untie you he took off her gag first and mom said that was fucking great.

I never heard mom swear before. Dad said glad you liked it.

I could not believe what I was hearing mom said my pussy is raw from your crotch rope you know.

mom said I got pee and dad turned on the tv mom came back and dad said how about we watch tonights session while you suck my cock?

Mom said sounds good and soon I heard us and mom slurping.

Mom said you were pretty rough on us dad laughed.

Mom saw my pantyhose foot show and hogtie she said he takes a good tying and has pretty feet for a guy.

dad said yeah he does and I think he will be taking your place when you have to go out of town from now on.

Mom agreed that would be a great idea since I enjoyed it!

It came to be when mom would leave town dad had me for bondage.

Then one day mom and I started playing our game when dad was gone.

We took turns one day I would tie her and she would tie me the next.

She had me wear the outfit and also made me give her a foot show. She made me rub and kiss her hosed feet when it was my day.

I would make her do the same to me when it was my turn.

dad never knew.

This is how her and I still play the only difference is mom has me wear brown pantyhose and my running shorts and t tops.

I am pretty buff and she likes seeing my muscles tighten as I struggle.

She put on some weight over the years and I like seeing her soft body and little roll belly roll.

Her tits seem to have gotten fatter with her weight gain.

She tells me we will not be able to keep playing our game when she turns 60 that means I still got 2 more years!

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 03:18:31 PM
Name: Karen
Comments:I found this page book marked in my brothers computer and after reading all the stories I noticed no stories about brothers tying their sister :(

I am in my 30's now and happily married my husband is not at all into bondage I asked him many times to tie me up and gag me but he says that is strange once he said it was dumb.

That pissed me off he does not know what he is missing.

So my younger brother who is 28 has bee tying me up for the last 3 years I been married.
I trust my brother and would never let some strange guy tie me up.

My brother started tying me up when he 13 and I was 15.

It happened because of a sad event in our lives our mom passed away suddenly in a car crash.

Our dad told us he needed us to be grown up and do the right things as he had to run the family business on his own.
At first our aunt would come around to check on us and stuff.

But I got resentful of her bossing me around and trying to control us and the house.

I told me dad and he told her to back off that I was the woman of the house.

My aunt laughed and said my dad would be sorry by leaving me in charge.

I proved her wrong my mom taught me and my brother how to cook and clean and sew.

He and I made it happen and were honor student all through school.

My aunt is still bitter and we don't talk to this day.

It was the 80's and Madonna was doing her thing so all the girls in my school got into the neon tight fishnets and pantyhose. I was a cheerleader all throughout school and they always had us wear shiny dark brown pantyhose basically support hose or a dancers tights.
Never paid attention that they had reinforced toes that will come up later.

My brother was very withdrawn and sad it was hard for any of us to cheer him up or even make him have a half smile.

He took moms death really hard. He and mom were always very close one because he was her baby boy as she teased him but also because he got very sick and almost died and mom never left his side.

So they had a special bond which I thought was very cool. I had no idea just how special until one day.

My brother and I got along and never fought or even bickered about stuff which surprised everyone even my girlfriends from school the ones that had brother or even sisters always were fighting.

Back to my brothers and moms special bond. I never knew just how special it was until one day a few months after her death I came home and found my brother in my room going through my pantyhose drawer and he had my worn hose on my bed.

I freaked out on him of course calling him names like pervert and stuff. I told him I was going to tell dad if I did it again.

He never said anything and left my room I was pissed off for a few hours but forgave him.

About 2 weeks later I caught him with all my worn pantyhose in his room. I went to wash my clothes and they were all gone.

He had them on his bed and was hold the brown ones I wore for cheer.

I freaked out on him again. He spoke up softly and told me why he was into my pantyhose and more.

He then took out a small suit case and opened it and inside were every pair of pantyhose thigh hi knee hi and tights my mom ever had about 30 pairs I counted after he gave me the suit case.

My aunt and I were looking for them when dad told us we could have whatever clothes of moms we wanted.

I was surprised and shocked they were just how she left them mom always rolled her pantyhose into balls.

My brother had not undid one pair.

He then with big tears in his eyes asked me to sit down I sat on his bed as he poured out his heart sobbing about how he and mom used to play tie up games. He said she would put on pantyhose or nylons for him but she wore them to work just about everyday so he never had to ask her.

He told me how it all started with his interest in rubbing her stocking feet and progressed into him smelling her feet and then tying her up.

I asked him when they did all this he told me when dad and I were gone of course and sometimes she would let him stay home from school just to play their game!

I asked what mom wore or was she just in pantyhose he said she was always dressed.

I was curious about the foot smelling and how mom reacted to that he said she just let him do it and never said anything. He said sometimes she would tease and him say her feet were really stinky and he better be careful.

I asked him how her feet smelled and he told me in great detail every question I asked.

I questioned him for over 2 hours.

Afterward I told him I would take moms place if he wanted me too.

He looked at me are you serious I said I told him was really serious everything he did with and to her I would let him do to me as much as he wanted too.

He smiled and said then tested me saying take off your shoes and give me your feet.

I slipped off me shoes and placed my blue neon tight covered feet in his lap he rubbed my feet which felt awesome and watching me he lifted one of my feet anf pressed his nose into it.
I could feel him sniffing he never took his eyes off me and I never took my eyes off him although it did look kind of funny with his nose against my toes but I did not laugh or smile.

I think he was waiting for me to say stop your gross or put him down.

Instead I asked him if he liked the smell he nodded and said yes. I dared not ask if they smelled like our moms ever.

He then stopped and said now let me tie you up.

I told him ok but it had to be no more then 10 minutes for now because I had to cook dinner dad was due home in and hour.

He grabbed some rope and he had me sit in his desk chair and before I knew he had me tied to the chair dam good I was not getting loose then he gagged me with a pair of my pantyhose not a fan of dirty hose in my mouth and dirty hose tied over them but I took it and said to myself just 10 minutes he told me to struggle and make mmpphing sounds I did my best and he smiled such a wonderful happy smile. I knew I hit the jackpot how to make him happy at least around me.\\\

more to come

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 03:54:28 PM
Name: Young Lad from the 70s
Comments:Thanks CM. What a wonderful relationship you have with your mom.
Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 12:56:02 PM
Name: CM
Comments:Your right Young Lad mom really has and does take care of me in many ways ;) if you get what I mean.

It is going to be a sad day when we can't do tying up or the other things she does for me however we had a great run and all good things must come to an end.

I will share some more experiences trying to keep them more recent.
Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 01:52:22 PM
Name: Karen
E-mail address: the rest of my post
Comments:I am back to finish my post.
After 10 minutes of being tied to my bros desk chair he released me and helped me get dinner together.
After dinner he and I talked well into the early morning hours he told me so many experiences that he and mom had all the while massaging my feet.
I reminded him a few more times I would do for him everything he and mom did as often as he wanted as long as he was willing to work with my busy schedule of cheer hanging with friends and eventually I started dating.
He was always totally cool with my entire busy schedule throughout our lives and even now.
My brother gave me the suit case with all of mom’s pantyhose and nylons. I asked him he I could wear them he smiled hugged me and said of course they will just sit here in this suit case and besides I am sure mom would have wanted you to have them anyway.
I got to see the brother I knew before moms passing.
We began the next day he took his time with tying and gagging me he told me the names of the positions and gags he was going to use. It felt strange being tied up not to mention gagged then struggling and mpphing but I loved seeing him smile and give me so much attention he was always so caring and made sure I was ok. He untied and gagged me on the times we agreed.
He helped around the house more than ever dad noticed his change and asked me what happened I smiled and told dad I told him I am there for him and make sure he is taken care of when he is sad.
Dad said we’ll keep it up I like seeing my son smile.
I said no problem.
Then one day after a few weeks of tying up he took out a red ball with a brown strap he told me this was a ballgag and it goes in my mouth.
I was nervous he said he and mom made it! I was surprised at that he said mom got tired of having her mouth taped.
He said I think she looked even prettier with it in her mouth. He said I would always tell her that and she would blush.
He had me open my mouth and he carefully pushed it in behind my teeth then buckled it loose.
He asked me if I would be ok with it in my mouth. I nodded he smiled looks great on you too sis.
He took a little mirror and showed me how I looked I blushed seeing my mouth filled with the red ball.
It was not really comfortable but not uncomfortable if that makes any sense.
On that day he put me into my first hogtie as well.
He only had me tied and gagged for about 10 minutes and then untied me when I asked why he said I don’t want you to get uncomfortable and not want to be tied like that again.
I asked him about mom being tied like that he laughed and said mom was a pro she could stay hogtied for about 20 minutes.
So I found myself hogtied more and more as time went on.
I was also tied in many of my day to day clothes and many times in my cheer uniform her loved to tie me after practice or a game which was no secret that my feet were very sweaty.
I noticed he was getting aroused a lot and I never asked if he got aroused with mom but I think he probably did. I never called attention to his arousal early on.
I was always out and about so we did our tie ups at night after I got home most of the time.
He stayed home and read books and worked out. Dad bought him a weight set and he loved it he worked out and he got really buffed out by the time he was 16 his body was amazing I must say sexy.
He is one of those people who read a how to book and do things he taught himself to play instruments.
He never was a scout but after reading a book on tying knots he did lots of interesting rope work on me.
In fact dad caught us about 4 times.
Dad respected our privacy because we never broke his trust and were excellent students and took care of our home which gave dad time to relax.
The first time dad caught us he came up stairs looking for me to ask me a question and not finding me in my room he came to my brothers room and dad never knocked on my brothers door since my brother always wore head phones listening to his music.
So dad opened the door and saw me hogtied and ballgagged on his bed. My stocking feet sticking out of my jeans and toes pointed.
Dads mouth was opened he stuttered what are you guys doing?
I started giggling as dad stared at me he asked me if I was ok. I nodded yes and gag talked.
Dad stepped in and came to his bed and removed my ballgag.
He asked my brother why is your sister tied and gagged.
My brother said we were bored and got the idea from TV.
Dad said to me are you sure you are ok with being tied up like you are in fact your really tied up with a lot of rope.
I said its ok dad I asked him to tie me up like this.
Dad stuttered you asked him to tie you up.
I smiled a huge smile yeah I was bored and wanted to know what it felt like.
Dad said ok if you are ok being tied up then so be it. Dad told my brother you take care of her don’t leave her alone and when she says enough you untie her dad was stern toward my brother.
He said I will dad.
Dad was about to leave when I said dad he turned and said yes honey I smiled you forgot to gag me.
Dad looked at me like I lost my mind gag you? I said yeah put that gag back in my mouth please.
He stepped toward the bed but stopped short I think your brother can do it that for me.
My brother reached over and put the ball in my open waiting mouth and buckled it dad saw it and then shook his head and said bored and left.
He walked in and saw me hogtied and ballgagged again late one night after I had gotten home from a date and game.
This time my brother had tied my big toes and soles of my feet.
My feet really stunk the smell seemed to fill his room and once again dad walks in and the look on his face was priceless! I gagged talked hi dad.
He looked at my brother who is bored you or her.
He looked at me and smiling said I was bored and she lost a bet so she offered me the deal.
Dad stared at me as he talked to my brother I felt self conscious because I knew he had to gotten a smell of my feet from where he was standing!
I began to blush as he stared at me then he told my brother you seem to have a talent for tying people up and seem to use a lot or rope on your sister and stuffing a ball in her mouth.
Dad again removed the ball from my mouth and asked me if I was ok and how I have been tied up.
I told him I was fine and only 5 minutes which was really 15 minutes I was going for mom’s record.
Dad was walking out and I said dad you forgot my gag he turned and this time came over picked it up I opened my mouth and with shaking hands he put the ball in my mouth I held it and put my head down he fumbled but buckled it loose he said 2 times are you ok honey.
I nodded yes and he just looked at me with a strange look and left.
My brother removed the gag and untied me I went to change but came back and stayed up with him the rest of the night my brother barely slept. Often times I would sit with him and he would massage my feet and I would fall asleep in his bed lucky dad never saw me sleeping in his bed next to him.
Regardless dad had a long talk with my brother about this tie up thing as he called it after the 3rd time he walked in and saw me cleave gagged ankles tied hands tied behind my back and my brother massaging my feet. We were watching a crome movie and the lady in the movie was tied up so I told my bro it would be fun to be tied up like her and watch the movie.
Dad turned on the lights and when he saw me he just walked away shaking his head.
My brother told me I think we should go upstairs and give dad his space.
So he untied my ankles and helped me up he took my are softly and walked me down the hall and upstairs hands still tied gag in my mouth.
I saw dad and said good night dad and he not noticing me said good night then he saw me and my brother walking me.
He said you two really need to find other things to do and stop this nonsense.
The next day dad talked to my brother about an hour I could hear him asking him all kinds of questions the who what where when and whys.
My brother said very little and only gave very brief answers finally dad said I am finished talking to you now tell your sister I want to talk to her.
I went into dads office he shut the door and had me sit in his recliner.
Dad talked to me very softly and was very careful in his questions to me unlike his questions to my brother.
Dad wanted to know if someone did something to me and tied me up to do it.
I told him no one did anything to me and nothing happened to make me like being tied up.
Dad was stunned you like being tied up I said yes I do and it makes “him” my brother happy to tie me up and that is something I value. Dad was surprised at my adult responses.
I told him I trust my brother and he trusts me and I am going to keep letting him te as long as he wants too.
Dad was silent I said you were very harsh with him for no reason. Dad knew I was dating a guy in school who he liked. So I said would you rather have me tied up by my brother just having fun or would you rather my boyfriend tie me up and do whatever to me?
Dad said I would rather no one tie you up but if your going to keep doing this no matter what I guess I would rather your brother tie you up.
I don’t want anyone to hurt you and I know your brother will not hurt you.
Dad said just please do me a favor just keep it behind closed doors I really have a hard time seeing you bound and gagged.
I agreed but told dad not a problem but I think he should on on my bros door. But don’t be annoyed with us if you walk and see me bound and gagged ok.
Dad agreed deal.
I went and told my brother everything he was very depressed dad did not know it but he cut my bro to the quick.
I however made up for that he was laying on his bed and I took off my shoes and laid down with me feet near his face then without warning put them on his face and said smell these.
He got into it and I saw a huge bulge in his pants he groaned.
We had been playing for a couple years by this time.
All I will say is I asked him to get comfortable by taking off his pants.
He was very well endowed and his boxers were bursting at the seems I told him to take care of his big problem.
He asked if I was serious and I smiled of course I have seen my boyfriends dick and not to freak you out but have watched you jerking off a few times!
He looked at me and took out his big cock and stroked it as he smelled my feet he did not last very long and he shot his load I told him to say my name as he came.
It was so sexy to watch his muscles and his abs tighten and hear him calling my name!
This became part of our routine and I could not help but start giving him blowjobs . I wanted his big dick in my mouth so much I just took it one time and sucked it he loved it and so did I so I just kept doing it.
He would tie my hands in front or behind me my choice and tie my ankles I totally got off on being bound and having to suck his big cock.
He and I were so close and now even closer.
I hooked him up with one of my girlfriends and when I saw her tied and sucking him off I got so jealous which was really stupid since I was dating my now husband and my bro never was jealous of any of my relationships.
I was a real bitch and managed to break them up I wanted him for myself and I later told him that I was the cause of their break up.

He was sort of pissed off at me and it showed when he tied me up that night it was strict and tight I was drooling so bad from the tight gag he kept me tied up for a pretty long time.

After he let me loose I took care of his big problem and he soon forgot about being pissed off.

He has protected and done so much for me and still does that as strange and even gross as it sounds I know what he loves and I enjoy it all so what the hell.

On one side note when my bro and I lived together in college my dad used to come and take me out for dinner and shopping. He never invited my brother one time. It was like he never had a son.
He seemed to treat my bro very different after the talks he had with us back in the day.
My bro never said anything or acted hurt by the way dad seemed to cut him off that is another reason why I look out for my bros needs and wants.

The long and short of it my dad would always ask if I was still being tied up and if so by who?
He would cringe when I told him my bro. I noticed he started looking me up and down when he would ask me if I was still be tied up. He would follow up by asking do you still like it?
I would smile and say I love it!
After one of these Q and A’s I said dad are trying to figure out how to ask me to let you tie me up?
He turned pale the blushing then pale and stammered tie you up don’t be silly why would and then he said ok yes I wanna tie you up I have wanted to tie you up ever since you had me gag you that night.
I but I was afraid to ask you but I would think about having you all tied up many times.
I listened and could see he was excited and out of the blue said please can I tie you up one time.
I told him yes he could tie me up but he needed to be cool to his son my brother or all bets were off.
He agreed and he drove me to his /my old house.
I knew he was going to do that once I said yes.
I was wearing jeans and a sweater had on some black nylon trouser socks no hose because my bro was at a body building contest.
Once we got in the house dad said I want you on your stomach hands behind your back and ankles together he said don’t say a word just do what I say understand.
I nodded and dad was more than ready to tie me up.
He took out a huge thing of rope and dropped it in front of me and then a red ballgag he said I am sure you are used to this being in your sexy mouth my dear.
I stayed quite like he told me and dad hogtied me and then ballgagged me!
He did a great fucking job too. I struggled and mmppphed giving him my big pouty eyes.
He was so pumped up by everything that he told me that I was going to stay the night and he was going to spend the rest of our time together tying and gagging me.
I was too worried about having to stay over.
Dad had planned out exactly how and what he was going to do to me.
He had me dress up in a couple different outfits and he tied me to his bed, the kitchen table, kitchen chair, the coffee table in the living room, one of the posts in the basement and he bought and set up a bed with steel head and foot boards which he tied me too he then took me out to the garage and tied me up.
He kept me gagged the whole time reminding me not to say a word he told me if I needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink of water to raise one finger for bathroom and 2 for water.
Eventually he was getting tired as was I and I thought he was going to untie me and we were going to get some sleep. The fucker took me back down the basement panel gagged me blindfolded me stripped me to my pantyhose and bra and chained me to the fucking bed!
He told me that I was a fucking tease and I should have asked him to tie me up not just my brother.
He told me that he was not going to let me go because he knew my bro was out of town and would not be back until late on Sunday this was Friday night.
He called me his little bondage whore for the weekend and told me I better do everything he said.
I was freaking out I had never seen or heard my dad act this way.
He checked the chains and my gag and blindfold.
He then said sleep well honey you will be very busy tomorrow.
I heard the light go off and he went up stairs and shut the fucking basement door.
I laid there reeling from what the hell was going on and what he was going to do to me .
I wiggled around trying to find some comfort but was hard since he had the cuffs and chains hooked giving me very little slack.
I just laid there.
Then I heard him come back and he unchained me but left me gagged and blindfolded he carried me up stairs and into his room he dropped me on his bed and hogtied me calling me a little bitch that needed to be taught not to be a fucking tease.
Now he was freaking me out he left me there I just rolled on my side and laid there my wrists and ankles were numb and drool just leaked from under the gag.
He came back and retied spread out and kept on with calling me little bondage whore and asking me if this what I like and of course I could not answer from the gag and he warning.

Finally I think he jacked off or something because he calmed down and untied me.
I had really bad rope marks and gag marks. He stared at me and said go clean yourself up and get dressed.
I went and took a shower and got dressed when I was done he said get your shoes on I am taking you home now that I had my fun with you bitch.
I could not believe the way he was act toward me.
On the way he called me a stupid cunt and told me that he had his fun with me and I better not tell my brother .
At my house he stopped the car and said get you fucking slut I can’t stand your ugly ass.
Then he peeled out.
I told my bro and he was pissed off but I told him let it go we moved after that and I eventually got married.
We never talked to our saw dad again he still lives in the same house and has retired he sold his business
Thursday, August 1st 2013 - 02:50:57 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Tom did you gag Cyndi with anything else other than the gags your dada had? Did you ever hood her with the pantyhose? It's interesting that he would leave her bound and gagged for you to find. So where all did he leave her?
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 12:16:57 PM
Name: Mike
Comments:Thank you for sharing your story Karen. It's good that you and your brother are close and look after each other.
Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 04:03:52 PM
Name: Tom
Comments:Jim I did gag Cyndi with bandanna between the lips and tape pantyhose or sock stuffing once the black satin panties she wore the day before this was after we became and item.

I love ballgags and She can take an 1 3/4 ball behind her teeth. We tried a 2 incher she can only take it for a very short time but we agree she looks fucking hot with on it is hot pink.

I used duct tape med wrap ace bandages pantyhose microfoam and inflatable penis gag on her.

"keep in mind when I lived with my dad I did not have bondage stuff so we had to use his"

When we split Cyndi and I our own collection of stuff she has a ring gag and head harness panel gags she wears them so she gets to pick the size and color.

I think it is only fair right. I really like to gag her with her pantyhose she wore the day before and then hood her with another pair clean or dirty always gusset over her nose.

She says it is gross but her nipples give her away as does the wet spot between her legs after I untie her and remove the hood and gag.
She always blushes she likes it but don't like to say she does for whatever reason so I just go with it.

We have done hose encasement now she really gets off on that especially when she has me put a vibe on her during the encasement so after she is all bundled up in soft silky pantyhose and taped up over the hose she is trapped with the vibe buzzing inside or outside of her again her choice. Really cool to watch especially when she has the BIG O"S

As for dad leaving her tied and gagged for me to find I go back to his asshole ego power trip personality.

For him it was like see what I can do that you can't. My house my fucking rules as he would remind Cyndi and I when he was acting like the self righteous ass that he was.

He also left her like that as a way to keep her submissive and maybe humiliate her in some way.

She and I talked about a lot of shit he did and said to her that is really all we can come up with.

Now why he left her for me to find or go untie was because as far as he figured I would never get to see and feel any tits or get any pussy so he felt he was doing me a favor by leaving Cyndi for me.

One time he even told me in front of her while she was tied to his bed he said you should fuck the fat bitch I know she has not gotten any dick for years.
He laughed and shutting the door said don't fall into her sloppy fat worn out pussy boy!

I untied her and always said I was sorry for his behavior toward her.

She would be fighting back tears sometimes she burst out crying! I told her to quit and go live with her daughter and be happy. But she told me not until I was old enough to leave as well.

My dad left Cyndi tied up in his office his bed room the kitchen her room the garage the fucking patio one time the attic the basement my room many times the living room often he would pull the curtains open just enough that as you walked up the side walk to the front door and looked left into the window you would she her tied to a chair and gagged often blindfolded.

She told once he saw the mail man coming and pulled the drapes open wide and the mail man saw her tied and gagged to the chair, She said the fucking mail man smiled tipped his hat and gave dad a thumbs up!

He would tie Cyndi up and then invite people over and leave her tied up in another room and he would check on her telling her to behave or else he would have everyone come and see his fat slutty house keeper tied and gagged.

He would video tape her while she was alone. She said he got off on having her tied and gagged and hanging out with his friends and knowing she was being video taped.

If things got to long like his parties did he would come and get me telling me to go get Cyndi and bring her to my room and keep her there. Not tied up or anything he would tell me he don't want anyone to see her. He said horrible things about her to me.

He told me to be mean to her which I never did he wanted me to be like him and when I did not act or think like him he would attack me.

Now those times he would tell me to get Cyndi and keep her in my room. It was easy in a way he had a huge fucking house. I knew the hard part was he would make her strip to her pantyhose nothing else and then he would take her clothes and put them in her room or toss them in mine since I had to go get her.

After finding her stripped basically I would bring a blanket for her. Once I had her in my room she would get dressed if I had her clothes or she would ask me to go into her room and get her sweats or jammys as she called them.

I would get her stuff then grabb food and drinks for us. I always got a bottle of wine and a glass for her. Dads stupid friends always brought all kinds of booze and Cyndi liked wine so I said what the fuck and took a bottle.

My room was really big It was like a small one bedroom apartment so I did not have to really leave my room. I had my own bathroom and microwave and mini frig like you have in a hotel. Dad also went through phases of not wanting to see me around when he had women over. If they saw me he would tell them I was Cyndi's bastard son or that I was his nephew once he told this women I was a refugee he rescued!

He did not want these young women to know he had a son because they would figure out his age.

I never gave a shit I was so used to him calling me names and telling people I was a refugee or bastard son of his fat slutty house keeper that it just sounded like blah blah blah.

I loved having Cyndi in my room I knew she was safe with me and I had her all to myself. I loved rubbing her feet and legs she told me I could not go above her knees. She knew I really was into her feet and her shiny pantyhose and reinforced toes.

One time when she was with me she had a run and I found that so fucking hot! She noticed and kind of teased me asking if I liked her run?

I told her I did and then she talked me into tearing her pantyhose open. That was kind of cool we laughed because support hose she wore were hard as fuck to tear unlike regular or cheap pantyhose.

I loved the smell of her feet a sweet sour smell and she wore perfume and I never could figure out how it seemed to also be mixed with the sweat of her feet and smell of the leather shoes or black sneakers she wore.

She would tease me and say she put perfume on her pantyhose and feet just for me!

Of course I thought that was so cool but it was not for me and dad used to really make fun of how her feet would smell.
He hated smelly womens feet any woman he dated or fucked if their feet smelled they were out of his dating or fucking list. He told me that is one of the reasons he was going to divorce my mom. Her fucking feet smelled no matter what kind of shoes she wore he said they were wore if she wore tights or pantyhose..

He hated my mom and made no bones about telling me what a whore or bitch she was. I never even knew her or remembered what she looked like even to this day.

Cyndi was my go to girl dad thought he was punishing us but not having us at his dumb ass parties but he was so wrong.

Cyndi and I had fun doing regular shit like playing video games or watching movies.

Also she was more then ready for tie up when I wanted all I had to do was say Cyndi can I tie you up for a little bit?

She would smile and say sure sweetie you sir can tie me up as long as you like.

Playing with her feet was a give me never had to say shit just grab her foot or put her feet in my lap and have at it.

We used to love to do these kinds of tie ups. I would loosely tie Cyndis hands in front of her so she could drink her wine or eat whatever and use the remote and then I would tie her ankles side by side and put her feet in my lap and we would watch tv or whatever and I would just rub her feet like everything was just normal every day shit people did.

We would also do the full on tie and gags she was so cool because if you think about what I said dad would have her tied up and gagged for lets say 15 to 20 minutes on average before he would come and get me to go get her.

So you think she would be not into being tied and gagged again but for me she did it never said no to me.

Once I saw her hogtied then I was into tying her that way so much.

She again was cool being hogtied by me after having been tied up.

She helped me to know her limits when it came to being hogtied.
She later told me my dad would disregard her pleas not tie her so tight or strict that she could not take it.

She said he would look her in the eye and say to bad I am paying you to work for me and this is your fucking job so deal with then she said he stuff a gag of some sort in her mouth and buckle it or whatever tighter then usual he tell her she needs to shut her fucking mouth.

I can't believe Cyndi had to deal with that shit for years before her and I got into tie up time.

She has always and still tells me that of all the men she ever dated and even her ex husband that I am the most gentle and loving guy she has ever known and especially when it comes to bondage. Cyndi did some role playing off and on but even then I never wanted to make her feel like she was with my dad and not safe with me!

Friday, August 2nd 2013 - 10:02:11 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Tom...curious how he had her tied up and gagged in the atttic and the basement.
Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 01:32:16 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Tom...forgot to asked if you ever tie up and gagged Cyndi in the attic or basement?
Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 04:22:25 PM
Name: Tom
Comments:Jim thanks for the continued interest in Cyndi.

I will post what I can short on time.

Dad's house was huge the attic is not like the one you might expect in regards to it was fully finished. First it used to be dad's at home office then he turned it into his "entertainment room" He had the builders leave the exposed beams which if one looked carefully had pre drilled holes for a set of pulleys he kept in a table with several drawers. There were also a set of rings that could be attached to several predrilled holes. There was a large sectional sofa which housed a huge sofa bed.

Dad told me his play room as he called it was to fuck women he felt were not worthy to fuck in his bedroom. Now Cyndi was not the only woman whom dad tied and gagged by any means in fact I am confident any woman who was with him was bound and gagged at least once.

I never saw but heard many different noises.

Now as for Cyndi being tied up there yes I had to go and get her from there many a time. She would be tied to the sofa bed or to a chair sometimes her feet were suspended in the air with the pulleys. I never found her hogtied there but tied mostly to the sofa bed and a few times encased in pantyhose or at least hooded.
Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 11:08:03 PM
Name: inside
Comments:I wanted to share something here about something that happened to my mom.

I was 16 when this happened.

My mom worked in a store dressed up everyday for work.

One night after the store closed up a man appeared in the back room holding a gun.

It was my mom and 2 other women.

He told them to shut up and sit on the floor.

They did as he said and mom said he zip tied and taped their mouths so fast.

He warned them and then went and broke into the main office and got into the safe.

He came back they were still as they were no one made a sound or moved.

He smiled hold a gym bag full of cash.

He then looking at the 3 women said you know it has been a while since I had a hostage to keep me company.

They started sobbing he laughed sorry ladies tears won't make me go away.

He looked at the 3 women and then said to the 3rd woman today is your lucky day you get to stay here. She was balling.

He looked at my mom and the woman next to her a blond.

He said now blond or brunette.

He then went down a check list and then he took off my moms shoes and said so your wearing pantyhose after all good.

Mom had on nude hose but the blond was wearing black ones.

The man told the blond he liked her big tits the blond was freaking out as the man leaned in close to her and said today is your luck day blondie I am going brunette.

He looked at mom and smiled today is not your lucky day because your coming with me.

He stood mom up and then took out a pair of pantyhose and put them over her head he taped her eyes and mouth.

He picked mom up over his shoulder warning her not to make any noise or movements.

He said as they were leaving sorry again blondie had some blond hostage pussy about a month ago.
He laughed as he carried mom out of the building.

Mom said he was strong and walked fast carrying her and the bag of money.

He opened a car and put her in the back seat he told her she better no a fucking sound or she would be very sorry.

He tossed something over her and then drove off.

Mom said she was in shock and could not believe what was happening.

She said the guy played music and sang even went through a fast food drive thru and got food.

She sensed he had done this before and was not at all worried.

She said they arrived somewhere and he pulled the car into a garage as she heard the electric door opening and closing.

He left and then came back opened the door and said welcome home honey.

Come let me show you your new home.

He carried mom in over his shoulder and stopped somewhere.

She could smell the fast food and heard a tv on.

He set her on a sofa cut away the tape and pantyhose hood.

Mom saw her captors home. It was spotless clean and nice.

She said she expected a run down dump.

He sat in a chair smiling and said what did you think my house was going to be a shit hole.

Mom shook her head no.

He said you must be hungry and thirsty so I am going to take off your gag but don't scream no one will hear you.

He said I am going to untie your hands but cuff them in front of you so you can eat.

He did as he said mom tried to eat and drink but felt sick.

He eat drink and afterward told her she was going to use the bathroom.

He took mom to the restroom and she did her thing.

Afterward he took her into the living room and she said he told her he was going to hold her for ransom.

They were going to make a ransom video and pictures now.

She noticed there were 2 boxes with rope and then he began taking out all kinds or things gags and tape.

He smiled and told mom all these things are going to be used on your sweetie.

He said your going too be my little bondage hostage and you will be a good girl and make me very happy understand.

Mom nodded and said a soft yes.

He told her she would love being tied up by the time they paid her ransom and if they did not then she was going to be his sex slave.

Mom sobbed and begged him he laughed and said lady your not my first or last hostage so that shit do work with me. Just do what your told and we will get along fine.

Mom said he made her strip to her pantyhose and tied her to a chair ballgagged her took pictures and video taped her.

Then he placed a kidnapped fro ransom sign in her lap and told her to struggle as he taped her.

Mom had no idea what was going to happen.
Tuesday, August 6th 2013 - 05:50:44 PM
Comments:Mom had no idea but said she hoped her kidnapper was going to ask for a ransom for her.

He did send the video and a few pictures to our home along with one of her shoes and empty wallet.

The police were called and had already been at our house for hours since the women at the store told them mom was taken hostage.

It was very intense and without thinking about it one of the officers used our vcr to play the video and that is when I saw my mom bound and gagged.

It freaked me out and the officer asked me to leave but dad stayed and they shut the door.

I sat in my room confused and scared I wanted my mom back home. I could not get the picture of her tied and gagged to that chair with a kidnapped sign in her lap out of my head.

Over the next 48 hours more videos came to our home.

I would call dad and he would pick them up and say he was going to call the police and let them pick them up.

I noticed dad started acting strange when it was just him and I home alone. He seemed not to really care about mom being held hostage by some crazy guy who keeps sending videos of her.

In fact when he would see I was stressed he would crack a joke and say relax son your mom is ok and will be home soon I promise.
He seemed very confident.
96 hours into moms abduction I was a wreck was not eating or sleeping. Dad was going about his business as usual and the only time he seemed worried about mom is when the police or our family was around when they would leave he would relax.

I was getting pissed off at him but said nothing late that night I went downstairs to get a drink and I saw that dad was up watching tv all the lights were off but the flickering of the tv could been seen in the living room.

I really wanted to talk to dad so I walked toward the living room and when I was about to walk in I got the shock of my life.

There was dad pants around his ankles jerking off to one of the ransom videos of mom!

I froze I had could not believe what I was seeing the kidnapper had mom heavily bound and gagged she had a head harness on her head and she was tied down to something and the guy was slapping her ass with a riding crop.

Mom was in distress.

I quickly turned and left dad never noticed me as he was jerking off.

I was pissed off dad lied to me he had not turned in any of those videos to the police.

I did not know what to do and was about to call the police myself when I picked up the phone and heard dad talking with a man.

It was the kidnapper! The kidnapper asked dad if he thought the package was ready for delivery?

Dad said based on the videos he thinks the package was properly trained for its new role and he would like to have the package delivered as soon as possible!

The man said he would deliver the package tomorrow. Dad thank the man.

The man said no thank you for giving me such a nice payday and letting me enjoy my hostage.

Dad asked the man if he sampled the packages goods. The man laughed and said only it's mouth!

They laughed and hung up!

The next morning dad was rushing me to get out of the house and told me not to come home until he called for me at my aunts house.

I was so fucking mad at him I wanted to tell but was scared they would hurt my mom.

I was so worried and anxious unti dad called my aunts house he told me great news son your mom is home she was released!

My aunt and I did 100 mph to our house the police were there and mom was dressed in a sweat suit she was talking to an officer when she saw me and she ran and hugged me we both cried. I told her I was never going to let go of her again.

Dad was happy but not because she was home I think he was happy because he was planning on doing the stuff to mom the kidnapper did.

I was right after a few months I heard dad telling mom something and soon heard some very strange noises in our house at night.

Mom got really depressed every time dad came home. One night I heard him tell her he was going to get someone to kidnap her again if she did not do what he told her to do.

The guy that took mom was never caught for several years.

Then one day mom and I got a visit from the police and they showed mom a picture and she cried saying that is him that is the man who held me hostage.

The officer said he was arrested overseas trying to rob a bank and he has been telling the police a very interesting story. The officer said the man is in very big trouble over there and is trying to cut a deal. He told mom he is also in big trouble over here as well and will pay for kidnapping mom and other women.

Then the officer asked if he could speak with dad.

Mom said he was at work he said he will stop over there and talk with him. Little did we know he was going to be arrested.

The long and short of this is mom's kidnapper had a business of kidnapping women and "training them" It seems he would be paid by husbands, ex husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles or sons to kidnap women in their families and do things to them that we agreed upon before they were abducted. He would film and take pictures of them during their abductions as proof he was training these women.

After a set period of time which depended on how much these men paid him he would release the women by brining them back to their homes and leaving them bound and gagged inside so they would be found by the men who paid for their abduction and training.

We went overseas to his trial as the country where he tried to rob the bank would not send him back to the US but said the US could file charges on him in their country and they would prosecute him on those crimes he committed here.

Mom and I went and to hear this guy proudly talk about holding a mom and her daughter or keeping a mans ex wife so she would not make any court hearings and lose her case.

He bragged at how he took good care of all his hostages and did not do anything to them that was not in the paid contract.

When it was all over he got so much jail time the judge told him that he will never see freedom or the light or the light of day again.

Mom divorced dad right away and dad went to prison along with all the other men who paid this guy to abduct the women in their families.

Mom has told me in very clear detail of things this man did to her and also how dad also did the same things to her after she got home for years.

Mom on a very few rare occasions after she got very drunk at a party or something. Talked me into tying her up. She told me she needed to let go of things that happened and it was hard for me to do but I did it for her.
Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 02:45:37 PM
Name: Lisa Ann
Comments:I like to share some of my experiences all rolled up into one post here.

I got introduced into bondage tie up games in my late teens.

I had no idea at the time that some guys like to tie up and gag women.

I also had not idea some guys were into nylons, pantyhose, stockings, tights or whatever anyone chooses to call them.

Lastly I learned many of these nylon guys had a things for feet in the nylons.

All of this I learned on cold rainy fall night.

I am not really sure how to set this up without writing a novel about being tied up.

So I will try and say it like this. My mom worked in business and her job often required her to travel a lot. I looked up to my mom and we got along great and when she was home we hung out and did lots of girl stuff.

However I also liked to hang out with my dad and his brother my Uncle Jon.

They were big time into sports and outdoors stuff hunting fishing and things like that.

I played sports and was also a cheerleader. I enjoyed fishing and shooting with my dad and uncle but not into hunting.

My dad and uncle never missed any of my games and when mom was home neither did she.

Where I grew up 4 had all 4 seasons and many women wore pantyhose or tights in the fall and winter instead of long johns many times with long johns. I never had a problem wearing hose being a cheer leader we always had to wear hose. I also would work part time at a store in the mall and had to wear hose to work.

I did not mind wearing them. I was not hose crazy meaning I did not wear them everyday no matter what and I did not have 100 pairs all different colors. I had about maybe 15 pairs 10 browns some with reinforced toes for those who care and some without the other 5 were black and I think 1 or 2 pairs had reinforced toes.

My dad and uncle always treated me like a grown woman a lot of that had to do with the type of young woman I was. I was a good student, athlete, and took care of the house when mom was gone and worked a little job.

It also helped that I was the only girl in the family not counting my mom aunts and grandma of course but the only niece and only daughter for my dad.

All that being said.

When October came one year dad, jon and I got ready for the annual hunting trip to our cabin.

I loved going on the hunting trip now I was not into the hunting part at all. I did love being in the woods and going hiking and shooting with my dad and uncle not mention hanging out in the cabin. It was really nice and dad and my uncle kept fixed up nice.

I was the honorary "housewife" when they went off to hunt I would cook and clean while they were gone. I would just chill reading and listening to music by the fire while they were out. I was never afraid because I had my own gun and we always had our dogs so I always felt safe.

We packed up all our stuff and headed out.

We got to the cabin and opened everything up and aired out the place and dad and jon took care of the other things and I took care of setting things up inside and making a home for us.

They finished and asked me if I needed any help.
I told them no I was ok and almost done.

Uncle jon teased and said always nice to have a good woman with us for the hunt. Dad agreed and said we have no idea how we would do it without you Lisa your amazing!

I was all flustered it was hard to be complimented.

They said they were going into town to the store for some food. Jon said he was going to BBQ us some steaks.

I loved his bbq he and I cooked some awesome meals together.

The first night was pretty much over I always got to drink a few beers with them we talked about all kinds of stuff they would tell me about their times in the war. Then Uncle Jon said Lisa would you like a nice foot massage? He said you been on your feet all day and I would like to do something nice for you.

I smiled and said ok but my feet probably smell real bad uncle jon.
He laughed not to worry Lisa he scooted forward on the sofa put your feet here.

I lifted my legs and spun around toward him bracing myself against the sofa and setting my legs in his thigh by his knees.

He smiled at me you ready for the best foot massage you ever had Lisa?

I smiled it is my first uncle jon. He smiled while then it will be the best.

He reached down and slipped off my slippers and let them hit the floor. He said smiling hmmm brown pantyhose he looked at my dad who was sitting in the recliner and said see brown pantyhose I told you she was wearing brown pantyhose. Dad looked long at my feet he smiled your right jon they look like brown pantyhose to me. I was blushing a little. Uncle Jon looked at me these are pantyhose right Lisa. I was a little flustered yes uncle Jon I am wearing brown pantyhose. He smiled like he discovered gold. He then said and red toe nails very nice Lisa.

He said Lisa curl your toes one time. I curled my toes and then relaxed them. Jon began massaging my feet it felt so good. He could see I was loving it and dad went and got us a couple beers. Jon said anytime you need a good foot massage you just let me know Lisa I would be honored to massage your feet anytime.

I smiled thanks uncle jon I will let you know he said I am serious Lisa I am always here for you for anything you need no matter what.

I smiled again I know uncle jon. Then dad said hey not so fast you too I did not get my turn.

Dad stood up and he and jon traded spots dad began to massage my feet he was good too.

Dad asked after a few minutes so Lisa who gives better feet me or jon.

I smiled you both do it is a tie!

They laughed and said she knows who to keep a good thing going.

Then I got all emotional and told them I loved always spending time with then and I would always be there for them.
I told them I would do anything for you guys also.

They looked at me and smiled and then they glanced at each other.

Jon nodded his head dad kind of shook his head no.

Dad said excuse us honey we need to have a moment.

I felt bad did I say something wrong dad. He smiled no we will be right back.

I heard them talking in the kitchen but could not understand what they were saying.

They came back and I got all strange and said I am sorry if I did or said something wrong.

They sat next to me and said you did not do or say anything wrong Lisa relax.

Dad said Lisa there is something uncle jon and I would like to ask you but we don't really know how.

I said just ask me you guys know I will do it.

Dad smiled slow down Lisa you have no idea what we want to ask you.

I told them I don't care ask me I will do it I promise.

Dad fumbled with his words would you can we kind of thing.
Uncle jon looked at dad and said what my tounge tied brother is trying to say is would let us tie you up Lisa?

I laughed tie me up? They both looked at me I said all that hemming and hawing just to tie me up.

I jokingly said I thought you guys were going to have me kill a bear or something.

Dad smiled and Uncle Jon did too so does this mean you will let us tie you up?

I laughed and said sure go ahead and tie me up all you want I told you I would do anything for you guys and if tying me up is what you want me to do then tie me up.

Dad said well honey that is awesome but we are going to gag you also is that cool?

I laughed and said not a big deal dad. Then they said has anyone tied you up already that is why your so ok with it.

I said no you too will be the first to tie me up and gag me but I have see tv and movies so what is the big deal.

Jon stood up I will go get the rope and stuff you tell her the rules.

Dad explained to me what I needed to do for them when I was tied and gagged.

I was told I needed to struggle and make noises. He gave me a signal and a word he said they were if I don't feel good or the ropes are too tight.

I felt confident uncle jon came in and said still ready for this Lisa?

I said sure I go my word and signal and dad told me I got struggle and make noise for you guys.

Jon smiled good to go he went got a kitchen chair sat it in the middle of the room have a seat her Lisa and lets begin.

Uncle jon tied me to that chair and I was helpless. My wrists were crossed and tied my ankles tied to the legs of the chair and ropes around my waist and chest pinning to the chair he tied me above and below my knees and then tied my thighs down to the seat of the chair.

Once he was done he and dad admired his work and told me how pretty I looked. I smiled at them uncle jon then said one more thing to finish the job Lisa and the is to gag you. He bent over and reached into the bag and out came a red ball with a strap.

Dad's eyes got wide wasting no time are you jon he smiled and said ballgags are cleaner and will look amazing on her.

He asked me to open my mouth and he carefully put the gag in dad was in front of me watching he never took his eyes off me.

Jon buckled it and said all done Lisa honey now it is your show.

He and dad turned me so they could sit on the sofa dad and uncle jon in the recliner.

They said together Lisa you look fucking Hot amazing.

I blushed and said a gag talk thank you we all laughed uncle jon said good girl lisa gag talking already.

I began to struggle and soon I was making the famous mmppphing sounds guys love.

They never took their eyes off me. It felt so strange to have them so focused on me.

Dad looked at his watch I think she got time on the chair jon. Jon agreed great job Lisa 20 minutes of pure energy.

He took out my gag as dad untied me.

Once I was untied they asked me how I liked it and I said it was ok kind of fun in a strange way.

Dad said you think you have one more tie up in you for tonight honey?

I said sure I just need to use the bathroom.

I noticed rope marks on my wrists and ankles and the strap mark from the gag on my face when I looked in the mirror.

I felt kind of strange not really sure how to describe it but I felt this sense of pride at being able to be there for them like I said I would. Walking back into the living room the chair was gone.

Dad said for this last tie honey we are going to have you on the floor.

Dad took my hand and helped me down to the floor and he said now roll onto your stomach honey and put your hands behind your back and keep your ankles together.

Uncle sat in front of me and said same rules ok Lisa.
I smiled got it uncle jon.
Dad knelt next to me and he tied me up palms together ankles side by side and even my elbows then I felt a rope go between my ankles and my legs pulled up and coming back toward my wrists.

Dad said let me know when your ok honey I need to tie this rope to your wrists.

He pulled my ankles back more and then I said ok.
He tied it off jon said fuck Lisa that is a really close hogtie your in.

I could feel my silky hose covered heels on my finger tips.

Dad picked up the ballgag and I opened my mouth wide for him he gagged me.

I laid there and slowly moved jon knelt on one side and dad on the other they rubbed my feet and told me some many wonderful things I was swooning. They told me to struggle slowly because hogties are tough.

Soon I got into it and began struggling more and did not realize I was drooling before I was done.

When dad called time another 20 minutes they were amazed that I stayed hogtied for 20 minutes.

Dad removed my gag spit went all over the carpet.

I was sweating and my make up and run.

Dad untied me quickly and helped me sit up.
uncle jon got me a cool wash cloth to wipe my mouth and face.

He also brought me a glass of water.

I sat there cleaned up as they told me hot amazing tonight was and how great I looked.

I was happy to make them happy and I said well we better get some sleep or you guys will be to tired to tie me up tomorrow.

They about shit themselves when I said that.

So It began The Bondage Adventures of Me Lisa Ann

Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 05:59:36 PM
Name: old school op
Comments:Great post Military Man.

I can relate to your post 100%.

I was an operator for a very long time.

Our teams always enjoyed having ladies volunteer to be "hostages." Prior to the training they seemed to think it would be like some TV Drama where they would be loosely tied to a chair and a silk cloth tied over their lips.

When training day came they soon realized it was not like any tv show or movie. Except that they did get rescued.

Many of them afterward said "this was like I thought it would be" or " I thought it would be like on tv." We all got a laugh out those comments.

We had our hang outs and had "groupies" as we called them. They were wonderful women who just liked hanging out with "professionals." So when we needed "hostages" all we had to do was ask and we had plenty of volunteers.

Many of them were "repeat customers" as we called them they loved being part of our training and hanging out with us in our world.

Some of the guys dated and married some of these women as time went on which was cool.

There were quite a few of us who were into bondage and one of our team mates broke our code and told a group of these women that some of the guys who tied them up during training were really into tying up women outside of training.

I did not know he just said that as I was walking by to get a drink when some of the women asked him who were these guys?

He laughed and said there is one of them now.

I turned and looked and saw about 6 women staring at me. Many of them I personally tied up at some point during training or rescued and I always kind of took my time untying them after rescue.

I felt in the spot light and the women asked me to join them and my team mate.

He was smirking and busted up laughing when I stepped into their group and one woman whom I will call Nikki said so we just heard you like to up women even when your not training.

I smiled and said who the hell told you that faking being annoyed.

Nikki and the other women pointed to my team mate and in unison said he did.

He just busted up laughing.

The women turned back to me and began to put it all together among themselves saying he seemed to take longer to tie us up then the other guys did and one said and he seems to drag his feet about untying us after rescue they all agreed and then one said he also always takes off the gag last.

They said yeah he does as if I was not standing there.

I thought quickly said he right ladies I am Mr. Bondage on the job and off.

They giggled Mr. Bondage that is a good nick name for you.

I then said you know I would love to tie up all 6 of you right now and gag you with 6 nice big ballgags.

They all raised their eyebrows and Nikki said you could not handle all 6 of us at once.

They giggled one said speak for yourself I know he could have all of tied and gagged in no time.

Another said it sounds kind of kinky fun she said I been tied up in training with one other women once. That woman was not there that night.

I laughed and said trust me ladies I would have all of you bound and ballgagged in no time and then I would sit and enjoy the 6 of you struggling and gag talking the rest of the night.

Another woman Shelly said I am sure we would get free at some point.

Nikki agreed and said this is not the training grounds and I don't think your really that into tying up that you could keep the 6 of us bound and gagged without one of us getting.

My team mate was still laughing his ass off and adding fuel to the fire saying your right ladies I don't think he could keep all 6 of you tied up in fact he sucks at tying people up. His ex girlfriend told me she used to escape all the time.

The women laughed and teased me. They had no idea my team mate made up the ex girlfriend part.

Nikki said I bet you that you can't tie and gag the 6 of us and keep us from escaping.

I said I bet you I can keep all 6 of you from escaping all night long.

They said if one of us gets loose the 6 of us get to tie you up in just your boxers Shelly said and you get ballgagged.

They smiled and said and we will make sure you have no time to escape.

My team mates mouth dropped when the women said that he had the look of oh fuck. He knew what those ladies planned on doing to me if one of them got loose.

As good as that sounded my pride and ego got in the way and I knew they were not going to get loose if they were serious.

I knew if they did yes it would be great to have 6 good looking women on me but I also knew they would bust my chops every chance they could if fun of course but my ego said NO to letting them get the best of me.

I said ok I will take your bet and in fact I will give all of you a 15 minute time limit to get loose.

One of the women Kelly said either way he wins. They laughed but Shelly said if we get loose how fucking hot is it going to be to have a hot buff naked guy tied and gagged to his bed. She went on to say we can tease him and play with him all night. Shelly said I will take that bet Nikki said yeah I always wanted to see you naked and touch your bullet wounds.

Another woman said I want to see your tattoo and your package I heard from a woman who got to see it that it is very nice.

I spoke up what happened to me wearing boxers?

They laughed and said yeah right your ass is going to be naked.

Shelly said what do you guys tell us that in the real world "a naked prisoner is a compliant prisoner"

My team mate was standing there listening not laughing anymore.

He tried to worm his way into the deal but the ladies shut him out saying sorry this is between us and him.

Well I said lets leave this place and head to my apartment and make it happen for those of you ladies who are not chicken.

Much to my surprise all 6 said it was on and agreed to the bet.

Now I did not have 6 ballgags only one. I did have plenty of rope.

I told them I needed to make a stop and would meet them at my place in 5 minutes if they did not chicken out.

They said we will be there if you don't chicken out.

I said I will be there don't worry.

I drove over to the local adult boutique and went to the fetish area and just my luck they had 5 ballgags.

They had 2 red, 1 pink, 1 orange and 1 blue.

They woman at the counter looked at me smiled and said having company?

I smiled and said yes I have 6 women who made me a bet she said but you only have 5 ballgags I said I have one at home already.

She asked me what the bet was and I told her very quickly she looked me up and down smiled and said wish I could join the fun but I don't get off until 3 am.

I smiled and told her I would be glad to off her a one on one of that bet anytime. She was a cutie had the Bettie Page look with some cool 50's hot rod style tattoos.

On a side note we did got out on a date and she took the bet lost and was tied and gagged for the night. She loved it and she also became a volunteer "hostage" for us.

I got to my place and did a head count all 6 where there they had bought beers and wine.

I said you are all very confident they giggled and Nikki took something out of her purse and held it up to the street light she said we are very confident. It was a vibrator.

Now I was for sure going to make sure these 6 sexy ladies stayed tied and gagged.

We got into my place and cleaned the ballgags they turned on lights and music put the beer away and chilled the wine.

Each of them used the rest room.

I walked into the living room moved my coffee table and dumped out my bag of rope and tossed 6 ballgags on top of the pile.

They looked at me and at each other shelly said oh shit. I told them we could call it off now but once we start no calling it off.

They all looked at each other for support and agreed to go through with it.

Nikki had on a dress with black pantyhose. So I asked her to take off her dress she smiled and dropped her dress.

She playfully smacked her ass you like this shit cowboy?

I smiled yes I do. One other woman had on a dress and pantyhose I asked her to take off her dress she smiled dropped her dress and then without a word the other 4 women took off their pants and tops.

Now I had 6 women in their bras and panties 2 in pantyhose one was wearing knee hi's

I had them all lay down on their stomachs and put their hands behind their backs.

They did so and talked shit to me as I first tied nikki and then ballgagged her the others watched I tied Kelly and then shelly.
They all watched each other and I finished with the woman wearing knee hi's

They were all tied wrists crossed and ankles side by side and ballgagged.

Then I went back to nikki who was busy trying to get loose and grabbed a rope and said sorry babe not done yet and put her into a hogtie she gag talked oh fuck!

I did Kelly and shelly each of them saying a gagged oh shit or oh fuck.

I hogtied the other 3 one said no fair.

I laughed and to make it even harder as I noticed nikki and Kelly were trying to pick each other knots I took a roll of tape and taped all of their fingers they were really worried but I was not done yet I then tied the soles of their feet and big toes.

Now I was done I told them 15 minutes starts now.

I sat on my sofa drinking a beer watching the show they all looked at me annoyed and gagged talked I am mean it is not fair and on and on pouting but they all tried so hard to get loose and each other loose.

15 minutes was up I set my alarm.

The game was over and they stayed the night as agreed and we all had great fun

Friday, August 9th 2013 - 07:21:02 PM
Comments:That night was fun taking turns retying them and tying them all together and tying them all in different positions.

Many came back for some one on one instruction especially Nikki.

Things got more personal when the ladies came over to be one on one with me. Sorry I don't kiss and tell but you can guess what I am suggesting.

Even the women from the adult boutique became a "regular" and a few times became the 7th woman during re bets.

I have to admit and swallowed my pride and did let one of get loose once or twice so they all won.

They loved having me tied up and gagged but as they said prior either way I won.

Those women wore me out!

Many of them seemed to catch on the tie thing and they made sure I did not get loose.

It was exciting to have 6 or 7 women all over you.

Saturday, August 10th 2013 - 06:01:22 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Tom...you said your dad used the basement. Was it a big one or an old one, small insize, Rooms? How was Cindi left down there.
Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 06:07:15 PM
Name: Tom
Comments:Thanks Jim for the continued interest in Cyndi.

As I may have mentioned before but most likely not have.

My dad's house was very large and finished top to basement.

The basement was broken up into rooms. We had a laundry room, a full bath room, game room pool table and stuff a bar area with a media center full of equipment.

The bar and tables and chairs and a huge leather sectional sofa with a pull out bed in the middle.

The last room was a work shop area had work bench, cabinets and chest of drawers to hold tools. My dad was not a tool user so the room just stayed empty however he did tie up Cyndi in there a few times. Nothing big just put a wooden chair in there tied her to it gagged her with some type of gag and took pics or videoed her.

He would tie her to the sofa bed spread out a lot as I recall Cyndi backs me up on this saying she would be tied spread out in just her support pantyhose gagged usually with the large plug gag which he loved to hear her sucking on.

She said dad would watch the game and mess with her during commercials. She also said sometimes he would tie her tits but most of the time not.

She said he jerk off while watching her struggle.

He would get bored and untie her or later on come and get me and tell me to go clean up his mess "meaning Cyndi" in the basement.

I find her tied and gagged mostly to the sofa bed sometimes hogtied sometime chair tied once or twice balltied. Once frog tied.

A few times hooded with pantyhose not hers she said always well worn and they really smelled.

She said she would know if he gagged her with this other woman's stinky pantyhose she was in for a long night.

I never wanted to or ever did tie her in the basement for a few good reasons.

My dad could be unpredictable he might say he will be home at 10 pm and he shows up at home at 3 pm.

So having Cyndi in my room was much easier to control if he came home.

There came a time when I sweet talked Cyndi into taking care of me with her mouth.

It was one of dad's party nights and I had got Cyndi into my room from where he had her bound and gagged.

We did our tie ups I enjoyed her feet and I was always aroused and would take care of things after she left.

However my dad called my phone in my room from his office downstairs.
He got me my own number so my friends would not call his line and bug him.

I answered and Cyndi was next to me and he said tonight she sleeps in your room because I am letting some friends sleep in her room.
Then he hung up.

She did not mind and we slept in the same bed I could not fall asleep I needed release. I laid there thinking how to and was to lazy to get up and go to the rest room to handle my problem.

I had no idea Cyndi was awake.

She reached back to clam me down and as she rolled over her hand brushed my package and I groaned it fucking hurt.

She whispered to me are you ok?

I told her no I am hurting she carefully let her hand down until she hit my package I groaned and squirmed as she touched it.

she said she was sorry for causing my discomfort. she kept the hand on my stuff and I begged her to please take care of it.

She gasped it was dark and I could just see her barely she said I am not sure if that would be a good idea.

I was fucking dying and asked her again.

She agreed to take care of it.

I thanked her she laughed and said take off your boxers.

I pulled them off she had me get up and she got up and fixed the covers nice so we could relax.

I brushed my junk as we laid down she took my junk in her hand and worked it nice and easy.

asking me if it felt good I was a ball of mush she had me so at her will it was bad.

She stopped and I begged her please don't she put her finger to my lips and said tie my legs and tie my hands in front of me.

I went to turn on my lamp she said no use a candle of cover your lamp I want soft light.

I covered my lamp with my extra dark sheet the light was where she wanted it. She asked me to light the candle as well. I was lavender or something.

I then tied her ankles and hands in front of her once I was done she patted the bed now lay back down and let me finish what I started and as soon a I laid down she just went down on me and would look up at me with her big green eyes.

She teased me stopping and starting she looked so hot tied in just her pantyhose going down on me.

Finally I could not take it and let go and must have called out her name 100 times.

She fucking loved that!

After I cleaned up I untied her she snuggled up next to me and we fell asleep.

After that night Cyndi began to handle my problems for my hands tied in front ankles tied.

Thursday, August 22nd 2013 - 10:53:33 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Comments:Dear "Tom Gagger":
LOVED the story of how you were
"serviced" by a bound Cyndi!
MORE like that, please~
Any white button-front blouses unbuttoned-at-the neck?
Friday, August 23rd 2013 - 05:07:50 AM
Name: Grateful Fan
E-mail address: modelcorrine@aol.com
Comments:THANK YOU Lisa Ann for breathing new life into this Dreambook!!! PLEASE continue with the rest of the camping experiences and any adventures once you returned home. Different gags? Different ties? Outfits/bikinis/undies/cheerleader outfit?
Tuesday, November 12th 2013 - 06:30:33 AM
Name: GF
How about telling us about the times your brother tied you in your bra and panties/nude while you serviced him? Can't imagine things going that far without some skin showing. Loving the "All in the Family" theme.
Tuesday, November 12th 2013 - 08:25:33 AM
Name: Where's the money Lebowski
Comments:Margo, started her day just like any other day. She woke up early and got ready for work. Although she was 54 years old she had worked to keep herself in fairly good shape. She admired herself in the mirror for just a second then got dressed. She ate a quick breakfast then left for work. Danny and Craig, two local high school kids, met up that same morning and decided that they were going to skip school today. They started walking down the street and started checking out houses and found the second one they checked unlocked, so they went in. Fortunately nobody was home so they checked the place out. There was a nice big screen t.v. and plenty of food in the fridge so they hung out there for awhile. After watching a movie and eating their fill from the fridge they moved on to another house to see what else they could find. Margo had a busy morning at work but was able to complete all of her work early and decided to take off work early. She knew she would be home alone because her oldest daughter was away at college and her high school aged daughter was also at school and would be staying over with a friend when she got out. Things were going well for Margo as she drove home, she hit all the lights green, her favorite songs were playing on the radio and it was such a nice pleasant day that she could drive with the top down on her convertible. She pulled up in the drive way, put the top back up in her car, locked it up and went inside. The first thing she did was go into her kitchen to get a drink, hmmm, the thought, that's odd, I don't remember leaving a bottle of wine out on the counter, oh well, she thought, I guess I just got busy and forgot to put it away. She went up to her bedroom and began taking off her clothes, taking off her conservative business jacket, black tank top blouse and slightly tight white pants. She still had the courage to wear thong panties and still had the figure to get away with it. At that moment she got the feeling that she wasn't alone and a shiver went up her spine. She turned to walk to the closet when two boys jumped out and grabbed her pushing her to the floor face down and clamping a hand over her mouth. Craig looked up and Danny and said, what do we do now, she usually doesn't come home until after 5, and its only 1:30. Danny looked down at Margo and said, look, we just skipped school today and were just here having a little fun, we didn't want to steal anything and we really don't want to hurt you but we can't have you calling the police. Craig, you keep holding her down and keep her quiet and I will look for something to tie her up with. Margo began to panic, she sure as hell didn't want to be tied up and began to struggle and nearly pushed Danny off of her back. Danny called for help and and Craig rushed back with a knife he had found in the kitchen. Danny, you hold this knife up to her throat and make sure she doesn't move again. Margo was now terrified and quite struggling. Craig left and returned a short while later with scarves and some medical tape he found in the medicine chest. Lady, Danny said, I am going to take my hand off of your mouth, don't scream and I won't hurt you. Margo shook her head yes and Danny removed his hand. He then grabbed her hands at the wrists and pulled them behind her back and held them together while Craig wrapped them with tape. He then went down to her ankles, crossed them and also tied them with the tape, then wrapped the tape around her calves, knees, and thighs. Then they picked up Margo and threw her on the bed face up, causing her tits to pop out of her thin bra. Please don't hurt me boys, Margo said, Just leave me tied up here and you can get away, If you feel the need to, pull the phone cord out so I cant call the police. She noticed that both boys were starting to stare at her fit body and getting hard ons as they stared. Danny grabbed her boobs and began fondling them and rubbing his hands up and down her legs. Cut that out Danny, Craig demanded, you'll just make things worse for us. Were in a shitload of trouble as it is and we don't need more. Keep her quiet while I look through her room again. Danny clamped his hand back over her mouth but kept his hands rubbing her crotch. As scared as she was she was starting to get aroused and wet. Craig rifled though her drawers and came out with a pair of cotton briefs she often wore, walked over to her and Danny, Pulled Danny's hands off of Margo's mouth and shoved the panties in, then put several strips of the medical tape over her mouth. Then blindfolded her with one of the scarves he found. Just then they heard a knock at the door and a female voice call out, Margo!!, Margo!! are you there. The woman knocked a couple of more times then left. Danny and Craig got pretty spooked by this. We have to get out of here Danny Craig said. Danny looked a bit disappointed as he thought how much fun it would be to stay and play with her a little bit more like the pervert he was. Before they left they wrapped some of the tape around her upper body and arms to make her more secure and walked down stairs. they looked out the front door and saw a couple of people walking by. They looked out the back and saw the woman that had been calling from the front door looking for her there. As soon as she left, Danny and Craig snuck out the back door and disappeared into some nearby woods. Margo, disoriented and confused by the shock of the experience and the blindfold stayed silent and still for what she believed to be an hour. When she was certain the two young intruders had left she began to struggle and shout through the panty gag in her mouth. Her shouts were so muffled nobody could have heard her from the outside. She struggled and make her way to the edge of the bed and managed slide to her feet. Hopped towards her drawer where she kept a pair of sewing sissors, but lost her balance and fell. she struggled and rolled and pushed as best she could but was unable to get back to her feet. She wiggled and wormed her way to the door but was still unable to get her self up and finally, exhausted, stopped struggling. When she would get her strength back she pulled at the tape binding her hands and body but could not get loose. She was sweaty and tired, but grateful the two boys left before they went further with her. The next morning at around 10 Margo heard her daughter and her friend coming into the house. She shouted for help through her gag as loud as she could until she saw her daughter open the bedroom door and find her mother bound, gagged and with her breasts hanging out of her bra. Her daughter went down to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut her mother loose. The phone cords had all been cut so she had to quickly get dressed to run to a neighbors to call the police. When she, her daughter and her friend knocked on the door, Danny answered.
Monday, November 18th 2013 - 11:18:50 AM
Name: "Where's the money Lebowski?"
Comments:Is Danny going to force all three (3) into his house,
get the two (2) women to tie each other up, then tie-up the daughter himself and call his friend Craig over?
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 04:58:17 AM
Name: "Where's the money Lebowski?"
Comments:...for some "fun"?
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 05:00:09 AM
Name: "Where's the money Lebowski?"
Comments:...for some "fun"?
Tuesday, November 19th 2013 - 05:00:17 AM
Name: Face Palmer
Comments:Who ever wrote the last two stories, please not the name of the site is WOMEN bound. It is NOT sissy boys who wished they had a vagina and got bullied by mean girls growing up. Please find a better outlet for your homo-erotica.

Respecting you, please respect us.
Wednesday, November 20th 2013 - 02:45:34 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 03:05:54 AM
Name: None
Comments:How is, two young men tying and gagging a stripped attractive older woman a homo erotic story. Where are all the stories you posted face??
Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 08:26:37 AM
Name: Face Palmer
Comments:The homo-erotica has already been removed. The moderator of this board is on the ball. As far as my stories, I have posted several under different names and from the perspective of both the captor and the captive.
Friday, November 22nd 2013 - 09:01:17 AM
Name: Abigail Samantha
Comments:Can I post stories here about me if I cross-dress 24/7 and live my life as a woman?
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 08:45:30 PM
Name: RE: Abigail
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Sorry. Wearing panties does not make you a WOMAN!
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 08:54:43 AM
Name: john
E-mail address: johnmelchor98@gmail.com
Comments:i have a fantasy were 2 beautiful tie me up and use their dirty thongs and stuffed them in my mouth have some fun with me and dress me in nice dress and have their way with me if anyone live in los angeles and wanna make my dream come true message me on my gmail johnmelchor98@gmail.com
Friday, December 27th 2013 - 06:48:50 PM
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