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Mother Bondage
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Name: Sofie
Comments:I had never heard of the Vixen's Club until that morning.

Madam (Susie) was out but the rest of the crowd was in - including Jason in his boots and kilt

I thought I heard the sirens in the distance but within 2 minutes there was police car at the front of the house

Four beautiful policewomen, all in their uniforms with freshly pressed blue skirts and jackets and wearing shiny boots jumped out.

They dashed into the house and overpowered us, that is Miss Gemma, Miss Rachel, Master Jason, Mistress Jennifer and Mistress Amy.

I made a dash for it but was unceremoniously dumped on the floor tripped up with a truncheon. I was then handcuffed and taken back into the room and forced to my knees with the others who had all been handcuffed and now were on their knees.

I was ball gagged becasue I had tried to escape.

We were all lined up - and made to kneel straight for 15 minutes. We were not allowed to speak - for fear of being whacked with a truncheon

Then the Chief Inspector came in and addressed us:

"You are being investigated for being part of a slave trading ring" she said and then laughed.

We all went pale until Madam came in:

"Lori", she said to the Chief Inspector; "It's time to spill the beans."

"It's 1st April today" Lori replied " And Susie wanted me to play this trick on you. Susie and I are great friends at the Vixens Club - a club dedicated to promoting women and their rights."

She turned to the policewoman and said " OK, girls you can release them - except that young man. He's mine."

And with that all of us were released except Jason, who was taken away in the police car, still handcuffed and now leg shacked and ball gagged with my ball gag.

He was released the next morning from Inspector Lori's house after a quite eventful night............

These policewomen can be quite merciless when they want to be

Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 04:40:48 AM
Name: Chris
E-mail address: chrisj_88@yahoo.com
Comments:When I was about 16 my mother and dad divorced. He was running around with a secretary at work and she got pregnant. My mom was 38, and about 5'4", 130lbs and very busty. I thought she looked like Tanya Danille the bondage model.
She cried alot and kind of let herself go in the first two months after the divorce. I came home one day and she had called in sick to work and hadnt gotten out of her robe all day.

I really tore into her and had her clean the house that night. I helped her but I made sure she cleaned alot of the mess up. I told her she was beautiful and had to snap out of it. I even hit her on the bottom once and she jumped and looked at me. I then told her I was going to punish her for letting herself go and she just looked at me.

I got up the next morning and checked my ropes and a ballgag I had gotten on ebay (yes you can order ballgags on ebay). When I got home I made dinner and when she got home I told her to go up and change for dinner.

I had laid out a short very short black skirt, stockings, her highest heels and a blouse that was really tight. She came downstairs about 15 minutes later with this strange look on her face and in the outfit.

I didn't say anything except to serve dinner and tell her how beautiful she looked. She was blushing and I poured her some wine and she drank two glasses.

After dinner we both cleaned up and I told her to sit in the chair. She looked nervous and I told her I was going to punish her for what happened. I was going to tie her to the chair. She didnt say anything but I noticed she was breathing very hard. I pulled her hands behind her and quickly tied them and cinched the knot twice. I then put rope around her elbows and pulled them closer together. Her elbows got within about 4" without really seeing her strain so I cinched it there. Then I tied her waist to the chair tight. I loved that look and I told her how good she looked. I took some pictures and showed them to her. She asked for more wine so I poured a glass and let her sip it. I felt pretty bold then as she was drinking from my hand so I asked her how big her breasts were. When she said 38E I almost dropped the wine. (I will finish later if you like it). It was alot of fun.

Sunday, June 3rd 2012 - 04:37:03 PM
Name: Susie
Comments:I had a soft spot for Sofie but does she looked beautiful tied up.

One evening I told her to go and get changed - the clothes were on the bed in Jason's room

Jason was there too - already skirted and bound by Rachel

Sofie was then dressed in a red midi leather skirt and matching boots and released the hogtie on Jason and took him downstairs.

We took them both to the courtyard and they both got into the car but first Sofie was tied up and she was stretched across my knee where I carressed her.

We took them out for a drive, with their hands tied to the Vixen Club.

I released Sofie and she escorted a bound Jason into the Club

She was asigned one of the rooms and I have never seen a girl be able to get a man to climax without going but she did this for a full hour.

I then tied Sofie's hands behind her - and this time she was ballgagged and then we (Jason, Sofie and I) left.

"Sofie - that was your treat for being so good" I said and she beamed.

When we arrived back at the hall, we released Jason but left Sofie tied up.

"Jason, you too have been good and she's yours for the evening".

Sofie blanched and and with that Jason took her upstairs.

Jason climbed on top of her - still in his skirt and began to nibble her ear. He ran his hands all over her and then hogtied her.

It was time to pay her back

we heard her squeals into the night..................

Monday, June 4th 2012 - 03:43:47 AM
Name: Rowena
Homepage URL: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrbhiy_revidmarvilgirl01_shortfilms

It was the first day of our honeymoon and we were travelling on the SS Marie Celeste.

My gorgeous wife looked stunning in her black slinky skirt blouse and red jumper and black shiny boots. She dressed just as I liked her

The wind drifted through her hair as she sauntered along the deck and it could have been heaven.

The Marie Celeste was also carrying seven white Miss World contestants and besides Jenny and me there were no other white people on board. the crew consiusted of our black Captain and three other crew members

Suddenly there was a crash into the side of the ship and a number of pirates sprang aboard.

I was surprised to see they were all pretty women - I guess they too believed in equal opportunities for women - dressed in skirts and boots and carrying submachine guns.

They quickly rustled up the women on board planning to take them to sell on as white slaves at Mogadishu, as time was short.

The Captain of the SS Marie Celeste and the crew jumped overboard and were allowed to swim to land.

The Pirates rounded up the white Miss World Contestants and my pretty wife Jenny.

Each one of them had their hands tied behind their back very quickly and were each gagged with a ball gag including my Jenny.

I tried to intervene but a gun was put to my head.

" Stay out of this" the pretty pirate said "Or we will simply shoot you"

"But you don't need my wife" I cried.

But as luck would have it - Jenny was the Pirate Captain's own special choice.

And the Pirate Captain was a buxom woman, very pretty herself, with a lesbian taste for pretty women and an even bigger taste for money!!

She stood arms akimbo in her black leather boots with her skirt fluttering in the breeze .

" If you know what's good for you, you'll jump overboard and swim to land like the other men have done" the Pirate Captain said

At that moment one of the Pirate crew came up from the cabins - having gone through the clothes in all the cabins - holding a black skirt, white blouse red jumper and black shiny boots size 8 (my size surprisingly - but then I found out lter that that pirate had previouslyt works for a boo stor and had the ability to gauge size simply by seeing the subject)

""Capt'n, how about making him look like a girl too" she said: "He looks pretty enough to pass for a girl at the market and CDs sell well in Mogadishu."

The Captain smiled, paused and looked me in the eye. "Yes what agood idea. If you are so keen to be with your wife, so be it"

And with that I was forced to change into the skirt, blouse jumper and boots (with a gun to my head) before being quickly bound and gagged myself.

I was taken off the ship with Jenny and the seven other white contestants and we were all "stored", hogtied in the hold of the ship - except for Jenny

Jenny was reserved for the Captain's cabin

She was taken into her cabin and roughly tied to the post in the centre of the room, helpless to await the Captain's return.

It was later that evening that the Captain returned to her cabin - sufficiently eniebriated after this quick success - and she started to play with Jenny. It was a painful eveing for Jenny I was told by the crew hoping to add to my discomfort.

During the night we were all hooded and we travelled like this for the next few days - having the hoods removed only to feed and water us - and take us to the bathroom.

In Mogadishu, we were all taken to the market.

Jenny was one of the first to be sold to a local Arab chief
and I never saw Jenny again.

I was sold as a Cross Dresser (I was tightly gagged so I could not say anything to protest) for a very high price to a white woman with distinctly kinky and fetish tastes.

At the end of the sale, we slaves were all hooded and transported to our new "homes".

Two of the Miss World Contestants came to the same ranch as me.

All three of us were taken to a barn, where we were quartered in horses stables on straw.

The two girls were forced to change out of their beautiful dresses and each wear a black skirt - midi length, black boots and a blouse and red jumper - just as I had been forced to wear.

We were then shackled to the rings in the walls of the stables - usually used to tie the horses too and our hands were re-bound - forcing us each into a reverse prayer position - which makes it extremely difficult to go on resisting.

The mistress of the house came down to the stables with her black maid - a fierce Amazon of a woman and she gave me to the Maid.

I was untied from the ring and led up to the Maid's bedroom where I was forced on to the bed (bum sunny side up) and my ankles were spreadeagled apart on top of the bed.

I was helpless when she came to bed...............

(Shall I continue with the tortures she had for me?)
Tuesday, June 5th 2012 - 12:11:32 PM
Name: Rowena

The black Maid (I called her the Amazon) would regularly wrestle with me. She always brought one or two guards - just in case I got the upper hand but I never did.

She would stand me up, ungag me and untie me.

We would then circle the stable until she could catch hold one of my hands.

She would delight in whisking my arm behind my back and forcing me to my knees and then she would place her knee in the middle of my back as she forced me down on my stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as I howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until I put the other behind my back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in my mouth and proceed to ride me, her skirt caressing my bound arms as she rode up and down.

I would then be yanked to my feet and taken to the buggy where I would be harnessed to it.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (you will see why I always describe what the women wear later) would go for a ride - with me pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and I would come back drenched after 3 hours.

I would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, we dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier.

I would be taken to the dungeon where I was suspended by my arms behind me back - one can only survive that for max 2 mines - standing just on tiptoe. She would then stand and caress my hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make me look like a girl - while I suffered and then I would be released.

Occasionally I would be strung up by my ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind me with the skirt over my face for ten minutes, while she again caressed my hair. She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, I could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning my owner's sister Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached me and said she had persuaded her sister to make a present of me to her for her twenty fifth birthday. The deal was that I come back to the US with her (my passport had been part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

I would have to sign a contract of my own free will and the only "strange" clause was that my uniform which I had to wear at all times as a skirt, blouse and boots.

Given my present predicament, I agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (I went into the notary's office in my own male clothes - but my mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied us (- for protection!!)).

I then travelled back with Fiona to the States and went to her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was.

There I found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse. Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

The Vixen Club celebrated skirts and boots - and was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted) with guns with live ammo. Most of them were ex Special Forces. You didn't want to mess with them.

I was Fiona's PA, and to make sure I showed no stubble on my face each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted to treat my moustache and beard electrolytically so I would appear as a woman.

As I had not heavy growth of beard, I never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though I could be bought for special services by special friends of hers.

Most of the time this would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they cummed off.

Sometimes I would be tied to a post as part of the furniture while the clients took "afternoon tea".

As they have my contract - I have to go along - and if one is honest what else can I do.

My old life is gone and Jenny too.

I heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction and it was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and everyone was drowned and had then righted itself later. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat -who couldn't have told the real tale.

We had all been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out.

And anyway, how could I escape?

I ahve been renamed Rowena and I only answer to that now.

All I am ever allowed to wear is a skirt blouse and boots - and at night my wrists are always tied behind my back as I sleep in the spare bed in Fiona's room. If I try to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk I am simply gagged.

And believe it or not I am beggining to enjoy it.

Fiona has come into the room so I have to sign off now

Love Rowena

Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 01:36:27 AM
Name: Rowena

The black Maid (I called her the Amazon) would regularly wrestle with me. She always brought one or two guards - just in case I got the upper hand but I never did.

She would stand me up, ungag me and untie me.

We would then circle the stable until she could catch hold one of my hands.

She would delight in whisking my arm behind my back and forcing me to my knees and then she would place her knee in the middle of my back as she forced me down on my stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as I howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until I put the other behind my back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in my mouth and proceed to ride me, her skirt caressing my bound arms as she rode up and down.

I would then be yanked to my feet and taken to the buggy where I would be harnessed to it.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (you will see why I always describe what the women wear later) would go for a ride - with me pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and I would come back drenched after 3 hours.

I would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, we dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier.

I would be taken to the dungeon where I was suspended by my arms behind me back - one can only survive that for max 2 mines - standing just on tiptoe. She would then stand and caress my hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make me look like a girl - while I suffered and then I would be released.

Occasionally I would be strung up by my ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind me with the skirt over my face for ten minutes, while she again caressed my hair. She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, I could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning my owner's sister Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached me and said she had persuaded her sister to make a present of me to her for her twenty fifth birthday. The deal was that I come back to the US with her (my passport had been part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

I would have to sign a contract of my own free will and the only "strange" clause was that my uniform which I had to wear at all times as a skirt, blouse and boots.

Given my present predicament, I agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (I went into the notary's office in my own male clothes - but my mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied us (- for protection!!)).

I then travelled back with Fiona to the States and went to her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was.

There I found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse. Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

The Vixen Club celebrated skirts and boots - and was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted) with guns with live ammo. Most of them were ex Special Forces. You didn't want to mess with them.

I was Fiona's PA, and to make sure I showed no stubble on my face each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted to treat my moustache and beard electrolytically so I would appear as a woman.

As I had not heavy growth of beard, I never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

I was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though I could be bought for special services by special friends of hers.

Most of the time this would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they cummed off.

Sometimes I would be tied to a post as part of the furniture while the clients took "afternoon tea".

As they have my contract - I have to go along - and if one is honest what else can I do.

My old life is gone and Jenny too.

I heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction and it was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and everyone was drowned and had then righted itself later. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat -who couldn't have told the real tale.

We had all been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out.

And anyway, how could I escape?

I ahve been renamed Rowena and I only answer to that now.

All I am ever allowed to wear is a skirt blouse and boots - and at night my wrists are always tied behind my back as I sleep in the spare bed in Fiona's room. If I try to talk to her and she doesn't want to talk I am simply gagged.

And believe it or not I am beggining to enjoy it.

Fiona has come into the room so I have to sign off now

Love Rowena
Wednesday, June 6th 2012 - 01:37:06 AM
Name: Polly
Homepage URL: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xofsw4_jasmine-secretary_sexy#rel-page-6

I came across your wife - you said she was sold at the slave auction in Mogadishu.

I was working for an Arab Sheik for many years in Mogadishu - and I recall him buying her - I remember it because it was such a strange buy.

She was wearing - unlike any other slave we ever bought - a black skirt, red top (and red pullover - in that heat)and shiny black boots. All pretty designer stuff - so we knew she was something special. Must have been around 19995

And she was given special treatment! What she did to deserve it I don't know

She could be bought for "special services" by special friends of the Sheik's.

Most of the time these "special services" would entail no more than being tightly tied up on the bed on her stomach with her legs spreadeagled, so they could "play" with her until they were sexually satisfied. Usually she was respected but not always.

What made her so atrractive to these men? I think it was to find a girly girl, skirted and booted in the desert and so I think she was rented out quite expensively.

Yet she was given to some of the worst perverts as well.

i) For example one day she was brought hooded into the room with Abdullah - she was generally only given to men.

Abdullah then caught hold of one of her hands as she stretched her hands out to feel where she was. He then whisked her arm behind her back and forcing her to her knees as she squealed in pain. He placed his knee in the middle of her back as she was forced down on her stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as she howled in agony.

Then he would demand the other arm be presented immdeiately - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until she put the other behind her back quickly to ease the pain.

She was then tied up - reverse prayer position I recall - and was fitted with a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) with the the bit fitted into her mouth.

Abdullah placed her on a table and sat on her riding her. The pain in having the bit yanked in her mouth was such as to draw blood.

ii) On another occassion she was taken to the buggy and harnnesed to it her hands tied behind her - which made pulling the buggy far more strenuous as she has nothing to hold on - not even the hraness she was pulling.

She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (obviously as a punishment) were harnessed together in a buggy and were taken for a ride - pulling a buggy with four twenty stone men in over rough terrain.

The two woman were regularly whipped if they did not pull hard enough. This was exhausting in the heat and she and the tortured guard came back drenched after 3 hours. Both were stripped off and hosed down.

The guard was then released but Jenny, (your wife Rowena), was then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, jumper -oh the heat must have been unbearable-and boots). She was then hooded which made her plight even worse as she gasped for breath with her hands tied behind her - to stop her removing the hood.

iii) On an other occasion, she was taken to the dungeon where she was suspended by her arms behind her back - for ten minutes - standing just on tiptoe. She told me that was agony as your muscles start to seize up.

iv) Again on an other occassion, she was strung up by her ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind her back with the skirt over her face and whipped for ten minutes - and I mean whipped. The man seemed to be turned on by her howls of agaony

v) There was one case only when she was given to a woman (or shall I say the woman was entertained while Jenny was present).

Jenny's torso was tightly tied to a thick post in the middle of the room, the rope being tied to accentuate her breasts (after the blouse and jumper had been removed) but the skirt and boots would be free of rope so she would be "part of the furniture" while the clients took "afternoon tea".

I remember Abdullah coming in and going up to her. Her face froze in absolute fear as he bent down and started licking her breasts and then started to bite them hard. She screamed as the blood flowed and a strong security guard had to be called to avoid Abdullah biting her breast off and killing her.

I have never heard a woman scream so loudly and so fearfully and for so long as I did that afternoon. But then the breasts are the most senstive area of our body.

vi) I don't know what it was with Abdullah - but as he was his father's favorite son, he persuaded the Sheik to give Jenny to him for his 25th birthday.

What happened to her after that I don't know.

What caused Abdullah to be so sadistic to her, I don't know? After all he was always so gentle with me.

But perhaps it was becasue I am black.

I guess you'll never give up looking for her.

If you do find her alive, give her Polly's love and tell her I so wanted to help her but I was fearful of reprisals -especially from Abdullah

With love
Thursday, June 7th 2012 - 01:24:04 PM
Name: Ben
Comments:I had coffee with my Aunt Anna. When we were alone, I asked her if she remember when we played tie up games when I was young. As soon as I mentioned it, she kicked off her shoes and put her feet onto my lap. She's still very attractive and I found myself wanting to tie her up right there and then. She then told me that she enjoyed being the center of attention from us kids and liked the idea that some man would risk something to save her. She and my Uncle are not that close any more and she's mostly living on her own. I asked her if it would be weird if I wanted to tie her up right now. She said, "Yes it would be." but then went got up from my lap and left to what I thought was to get us more coffee. But she never came back. A few minutes past and I suddenly hear her "MMmfffing" from her bedroom, what sounds like, "melp fee, mennn". I get up go to her room and find her bound and gagged with pantyhose, scarfs and tights. She's lying on her bed slowly kicking her tan colored pantyhose legs that are tied at the ankles with a nude color pair and at the ankles with a dark brown colored pair of stockings/pantyhose. Her hands are tied in front with another pair. She's gagged with a pair of black tights over her mouth. She looks very seductive because she's squirming and wrinkling at me, as she struggles against binds that don't look like they are that tight. I hop into the bed with her and start to untie her hands. This is weird for sure, but I am mesmerized by her need to please me. She rubs her bound legs together and pulls her hands away and with her tied hands, hikes up her skirt. I get nervous but right then the doorbell rings. She then calls for help and giggles. I got scared and grabbed another pair of hose and stuffed her mouth then tied the tights tighter to keep them in. I then took her bound hands and hooped the hose over an arch of the bed post and tied another pair over them keeping her in place. The bell rang again and she kicked her legs up, which then caused me to tie another pair from her ankles to the opposing bedpost stretching her across the bed. She moaned and tugged away. I looked her over seeing a gorgeous woman giving me these pleading eyes. I went to the door and it was a package being delivered. The man asked if Anna was home and I told him that she wasn't and would be back later. I signed for the parcel and came back into the room. Aunt Anna was moaning and nodding towards her legs and feet. I told her that she was going to get me in real trouble but as I did, I put my hands on her thighs and felt her silky legs. I then untied her feet from the post and began to rub them in my lap. The whole things was very special to me and reminded me of when I was younger. Her hands got loose and she wrapped them over my head pulling me to her. I turned towards her and she was able to rub off the gag. She spat out the hose then kissed me gently and asked to be untied. I did so and she gave me a huge hug and started to cry. She then told me that she missed a man's touch and she was not doing any good for me. she said that my mom and aunts all knew about my weakness to ladies wearing pantyhose bound and gagged and she was taking advantage of my fetish for her own selfish reasons. We laid together for several hours and she allowed me to feel her hose legs through out. After she got up, patted me on the knee and asked me to get ready to head home as she was going to drive me home. She got changed and told me that she was sorry for putting me in that position. I told her it was ok and that I understand. The drive home was fairly quiet. She gave me a hug and told me to come and visit her next week. When she said this she put a pair of tan hose into my pant pocket and rubbed them in. I came back into my house and then called up my mother telling her, not about the bondage, but about how Aunt Anna seemed very sad and allow. Then mom said, "I am glad that you went to see her. she was always so found of you ever. She always calls you her little hero. Ever since you rescued her. She talked about being a helpless damsel in distress and you coming to rescue her." While mom said this, I smelt the hose and knew I would be back the next week. I then talked to mom about about the times she was bound and gagged, which were a few. Mom asked if I was still into that sort of thing. To which I lied and said no, that it was only just a phase but that I still remember it fondly. Mom then told me about another time she was bound and gagged that I didn't know about. I will save that one for later.
Sunday, June 10th 2012 - 09:44:57 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Ben, I would love to hear more! Keep up the fantastic work!
Tuesday, June 12th 2012 - 12:57:19 AM
Name: Jason Ravenscar
It was my last year at Uni and I went over to my girlfriend Jenny's flat.

She and her three close friends, Lucinda, Gemma and Cindy were there playing cards

They were all beautifully dressed - skirted and booted as they were part of the Vixen's Club - a Club dedicated to women always looking their best in skirts and boots - a reaction to the scruffy student jeans and teeshirt look.

I sat down and got myself a coffee and we got talking.

At some stage - I think it was Gemma who said it - "Why do guys always think of us as the weaker sex?"

I replied " Because you are!"

"Do you think so" said Jenny "Let's see, you can wrestle with Cindy"

"Fine" I said "You're on" and I got up to wrestle.

Jenny said: "Whoaa - it has to be fair. You have to wear exactly what Cindy is wearing. Like for like."

I sat down "I have no intention of getting skirted and booted"

"Chicken" they all said in unison.

After teasing me a bit, I relectantly agreed and they got me the kit out

A black skirt, tights, boots and a silk blouse. As I was about Gemma's size they were Gemma's clothes and surprisingly too her boots fitted me.

Just putting on the tights and then the skirt really was quite a turn on. Just feeling the tights on the hairs of my legs was sensational. Gemma's boots had six inch heels that put me at a great disadvantage as I could not stand up easily.

I came out into the sitting room and they all clapped. My long hair and lack of beard made me look quite girly and Jenny said: " You have to wear lipstick and mascara like Cindy too"

So Jenny took some lipstick out and mascara and "dolled me up".

"You look really sweet" Gemma said " I quite fancy you. By the way, the loser will be tied up for a couple of hours."

I'd gone this far so I could hardly quit now.

I was facing off against Cindy but what I didn't know was Cindy was a practised wrestler.

Gemma chimed the bell and we circled each other in the room - except I slipped in the 6 inch heel boots.

Cindy was lightening fast behind me and put one arm around my throat and her knee into the back of mine. I fell on my knees, and she released the choke hold, pushed me on my stomach, and - as I fell - she sat on my back.

It took the wind out of me and, as I placed my hands on the floor to lever myself up, she seized one of my wrists with both her hands and twisted it behind my back.

It went into a hammerlock and she pushed it up into a " reverse prayer mode position". Wow it was pianful.

"Tap" Cindy said " And I have won"

The horrible girl applied more and more pressure until I could bear it no longer. I tapped.

My other wrist was then brought behind my back and the wrists were tied and the excess rope tied around my waist.

Lucinda then tied my feet and knees together - and then the four of them sat around me - having pulled my skirt down flat again - so tied up and played cards on my back.

"Yes, I think I agree with him" Lucinda said "We are the weaker sex" and they all laughed.

"Keep still" Cindy said as I wriggled to try to get loose and she put her hand under my skirt and pinched my bottom - really quite hard. " Do that again and you'll get more of that"

" Funny girl " I said " You only won because I could not walk in these boots., The fight was unfair"

" He's talking too much" Jenny said " Let's gag him"

And with that they took out a ball gag and said "Open wide or we'll pinch your nose"

I had no choice and they fastened the ball gag in tightly.

"Comfortable?" Cindy laughed and slid her hand under my skirt again and pinched my bottom.

She then lifted the skirt up and gave me an almighty whack.

"Behave yourself" she commanded

And they played cards that afternoon.

The winner Lucinda won me for the evening and night and took me to her bedroom tied and gagged.

As Jenny went to bed, she knocked on Lucinda's door. "Mind if I give him a goodnight kiss" she said

" Be my guest" Lucinda replied and grabbed my hair (as I was hogtied on her bed and twisted my head around to allow Jenny to kiss me.)

As Jenny bowed down to kiss me, Gemma and Cindy snuck into the room and pounched on Lucinda.

They twisted her arms behind her back and tied them there. They then hogtied and gagged her and left her on the bed - (still in her skirt and boots) tied up next to me

Turning to Cindy, Jenny said: "That should keep him faithful to me tonight, don't you think girls?"

Lucinda was furious - but what could she do. She had won me - but could not enjoy the fruits of her labour - and I know that she had a crush on me (but I only found that out later).

Actually it was really good fun as we tried to help each other escape - and she was able to roll over enough to allow me to release her hogtie.

As she rolled further over, I loosened her bonds until she got her ahns free and then she untied her legs.

But would she help me - hell no.

I remained gagged hogtied and to add insult to injory, Lucinda hooded me too.

And she still enjoyed slipping her hand under my skirt to pinch me as she massage other parts of me.

But that is another story
Sunday, June 17th 2012 - 10:56:40 AM
Name: Ben
Comments:I have read a lot of pantyhose bondage stories and even though I am a huge fan, the reason why I like it is foreign to me. But I was lucky to get a story that mom told me, which explains how pantyhose tie up games became a thing in our family.
Mom recently told me a story while we were having coffee about a day back in the late seventies when I was too young to remember. My mom had gone shopping with me and a neighbour's kid that she was babysitting. When she came back to the house she tried to carry several bags and walk us at the same time, she ended up losing a couple of bags to the sidewalk. This strange young man ran up from the sidewalk and grabbed the dropped back and walked them in with mom. He put them into the kitchen and mom thought he was just a nice young teenage boy. However, the boy grabbed a kitchen knife and then asked mom for the keys to her car. Mom said that he walked me and the other kid into a bed room and closed the door behind us. She said that she stayed calm and was able to get calm and controlled as me and the kid were not in harms way. Mom gave him her keys and he then took her by the arm and walked to her to her bedroom. The kid pushed her to the bed and opened a drawer of pantyhose. He grab them and started to tie her up. She said that he was rough with her yet he seemed really nervous. I asked how she was tied and she said "Hands behind back. He tied my ankles together. He stuffed my mouth and tied some pairs over my mouth. The then tied me above my knees and tied my arms around my breasts and stomach." That's when she showed me a couple of Polaroid pics. The boy had bragged about making her helpless and he teased her while he searched the house for more valuables. He took the Polaroid camera and took pics of her bound with her pantyhose and threw them at her. The pictures were amazing. One was a full body shot. She's very angry in the picture and looks like she's screaming at him with her mouth gagged. Mom has a frizzy straight long hair. Pantyhose were every where around her besides the ones she was tied with. She had a striped brun sweater type shirt and a brun mini skirt. her legs dressed in pantyhose, dangling from the edge of the bed. The second picture was of her skirt hiked up and the boy took a picture of her pantyhose and panties underneath. Mom told me that he was a little perv but besides feeling her up did nothing more. He took a bag of stuff, and left her bound and gagged. Mom said that she stayed still for a long time and thought that she would just remain tied and gagged until my dad showed up. But she over heard one of us kids calling for her and her survival instincts kicked in. Mom gave me this great play by play story of how she slipped from the bed, onto the floor and kicked her tied legs to get out of the room and into the kitchen. She said it took a lot of time and strength but was able to get to her feet again and hop to a drawer where she was able to get some scissors and escape. She then got us out of the room and took us to our neighbours where she called to cops. I asked her why she kept the pictures and mom thought for a second and said that it was one of her finest moments. She was very proud of being able to escape. She also said that she liked the way she looked as a damsel in distress. I told her that she looked good in them too. She then showed me again the leg and panties picture and said that she liked that she was tied up with pantyhose because it made her feel sexy.
She then told me that after that day she became a hero for surviving and rescuing the kids, although none of us were in any real danger besides mom. However, she took a lot of pleasure telling and retelling that story that year. And one night when she was bragging about escaping, my aunt made the comment, "What, you couldn't escape being tied up with pantyhose without getting scissors?" mom then said that they should make a bet to see if either can escape with out cutting the pantyhose. And so the pantyhose tie up games started in the family. Mom told me that she likes the adventure of having to escape and save herself. She says that a lot of the time she enjoyed being rescued as the pretty damsel in distress as well. I of course asked if she wanted to be tied up again. And the next thing I know she is hopping from her chair and getting changed into a skirt and some pantyhose. She brings me a handfull of pantyhose and giggling places her hands behind her back. I tie them together, gag her by tying hose in her mouth as a think cleave gag, walk her to the couch and tie her ankles. I let her look at the polaroid and show herself in a large mirror. She starts to try and escape and it's fun to watch. The phone rings and it's my Aunt Anna and I use the phrase, "She's a little tied up right now." My Aunt laughs then realizes that consider who's talking, it may not be a joke. Mom mmmffffs from the other room. I invite Anna over to join us and she says that she will see. I can tell that she's not going to come but I am still hopeful. I hang up and go to mom who's gotten her ankles free somehow. I pick her up and carry her to her room, place her gently on the bed. I retie her ankles, and the feel of her reinforced toe pantyhose was amazing, then put her legs into one leg of hose and placed another pair over her head. I watched for a while as she mmmmfffed and struggled and couldn’t get loose. I finally untied her and she was soaked in sweat. She thanked me and said that she didn't have the capabilities of escaping like she use to have and that she would not let herself be tied up anymore. She then kept talking to me telling me other stories that I didn't know happened as she checked each pair of hose I used on her for tears. There were a few pairs that were ruined and she threw them at me asking me to throw them out. I kept them, no surprise, so I could use them on my Aunt Anna again in the future. Mom was a good sport about it and it was fun and very naughty experience. I tried to steal the photos but mom hides them as they give her special feeling seeing herself tied up with pantyhose.
But from that first incident, a chain of incidents hit our family and pantyhose tie up games became a thing that only our family did... until I read these stories.
Thursday, June 21st 2012 - 08:38:25 PM
Name: Shon
Comments:Great story, Ben. I hope you write some more stories about your mom.
Friday, June 22nd 2012 - 06:00:41 AM
Name: Lingerie Store Fun
Comments:I had past the outlet lingerie store all of my young life and wanted to look inside. Being 5'6" tall, smooth and well-tanned, with thick dirty blonde hair, big baby blue eyes, and a well-toned 130 pounds and just over eighteen decided to venture inside. I pulled my ten-speed in teh narrow alley between the lingerie store and package store and walked inside. the smell of exotic perfume made the front of my yellow spandex bike shorts tent out slightly as I browsed the narrow ailes stocked with women's underwear. I found myself lost and aroused.

The panty girdles and old fashioned bras seemed to excite me the most, was it because my grandmother wore such items, and even my own mother worried about her big butt and wore support briefs, and then there was Mrs.Sparks, my middle school History teacher, who stood almost 6' tall with flaming red that she wore in a severe bun and a very huge bosom and bigger than average ass that her tight blouses, pencil skirts and pantyhose clad legs got everyone's attention. She was over fifty but never looked more than thirty-five.

"Are you sure this one will fit me?" A familiar voice said in the back of teh store.

"I special ordered them." A husky female voice reassured the other. "38HH just as we measured last week.

I was too curious not to see who wore a 38HH bra and tripped over Legg's pantyhose display rack.

A 5'7", absolutely gorgeous blue eyed woman of about 45 with thick curly platinum-blonde hair and a very buxom figure that her light blue knit dress, beige controltop pantyhose, and white 4" pumps showed off perfectly looked down at me. "Can I help you sir?"

"Well it feels alright." Mrs. Sparks walked up to the sore manager in just a leopard print bra, that strained to contain her enormous natural wonders and matching thigh length panty girdle. "Oh my a visitor."

"A clumsy one at that." The manager helped me to my feet.

"Well what brings you in the Lingerie Factory Terry Harper?" Mrs. Hazel Sparks remembered me, but how could she forget I was in her detention class three nights a week.

I had to think quickly. I picked up the Legg's eggs and put them back in the rack. "I am working on a project and need some pantyhose." I lied.

"Oh." The manager asked suspiciously.

"Props for a play I am working on." I lied again.

"So you are trying to be a writer." Mrs. Sparks seemed impresed. "Most of your history reports bordered on fiction."

"Well it is about a robbery." I was on a roll. "The robber captures a woman and holds her for ransom. Since he breaks into her bedroom used pantyhose to bind and gag her."

"Of course." The manager may not have believed me but played along anyway, after all a sale was a sale. "And waht type of pantyhose would she have in her dresser drawer?" The buxom blonde asked.

"Now that is where I need your help." I said, feeling more confident by the minute. The two older buxom beauties were at least entertained.

"Perhaps you can demonstrate Terry." The former teacher suggested.

"I have an idea." The gorgeous blue eyed buxom bombshell dashed into the back room and we followed.

She had a box filled with rejects from a bad shipment of pantyhose. "I'll sell this to you for $20.00."

"May-be we should see if they will secure a captive?" My old teacher held up a pair of beige pantyhose. "They seem flimsy."

"Well it is just for a play." The manager reminded the ultra=buxom redhead.

Mrs. Sparks held her well-manicured hands in front of her. "Terry tied me up."

It was an offer I couldn't refuse. I wrapped a pair of beige pantyhose around her hands in front of her and then wrapped a pair of suntan pantyhose around her black 3" highheeled ankles and got super erect as I touched the tan thigh high stockings! I swore my erect 8' penis was going to burst out of my spandex shorts.

"Of course since you are kidnapping Hazel she must be gagged too." The manage reminded me.

I startd to wrap a pair of white tights over her full red lips, but teh blonde stopped me. "Stuff a pair in her mouth first. Like this."

Hazel opened her luscious mouth and allowed the store manager to gag her with a pair o suntan pantyhose and then wrapped a pair of white tights over her red lips four times and a pair of beige pantyhose over the them to really effective muffle any coherent speech.

"Now that is a gag young man." The woman pointed at her handi-work.

Hazel meowed through her effective gag and hopped around the storage room as if she wore really a kidnapped heiress.

"Of course if teh maid walked in on you." The manager seemed to enjoy the storyline.

"I would have to restrain her too!" I exclaimed and quickly wrapped a pair of shiny black pantyhose around her well-manicured hands.

"Please don't gag me with a balck panty girdle the heiress just wore!" The blonde played it right up.

I saw the black panty girdle and matching bra laying next to hazel's blouse and skirt. I wasn't a history major, but knew a hint when one was thrown my way. I jammed the worn panty girdle deep in the willing victim's luscious mouth and then wrapped a pair of tan pantyhose over her full pink lips three times and a second pair for good measure. I tied her pencil thin pantyhose clad ankles together and helped the two bound and gagged older beauties sit down and pretended to call the husband.

The two buxom beauties acted up in teh metal chairs as I stepped into the bathroom to play with myself! This kidnap stuff was becoming too much for my 8" friend!

By the time i got out of the bathroom the two women had freed their hands with a pair of scissors that were on teh counter.

"Well that was fun Ann." Hazel gasp a little damp between her well-toned muscular thighs!

"Perhaps we can help you with the next part of your play next Saturday?" Ann asked.

"I plan to check the script for spelling errors." Hazel warned me.

"Of course." I agreed.

I left the pantyhose in the store to use the following week. I had a lot of writing to do. The two women tossed few ideas out as I left the store still aroused and happy.
Saturday, June 23rd 2012 - 04:34:28 PM
Name: Ben
Comments:So other stories with mom getting tied and gagged. One that I remember was during one of the family games, where several family members were playing this hide and seek type of game. Like many of the stories on this page, the game ended up being a kidnap type of game. I don't remember exactly how it started but my memory kicks in when I came into the living room of our house and see that my two cousins Susie and Charlotte were tied back to back and sitting on the floor. Both Mom and Aunt Collette were also tied, both sat on the couch side by side. Aunt Collette was wearing a grey suit skirt with white top, mom was wearing a summer gown. The two were tied with rope, skipping rope and this white rope and scarves. Both of them had a lot of rope around their bodies and my Aunt's legs stood out as she was wearing shiny beige pantyhose, mom was wearing her tan reinforced toes pantyhose that I could see on her feet but not her legs as her gown as really long. Aunt Collette was gagged with a polka dot handkerchief while mom had a white clothe over the mouth. Why it stood out, was because both mom and Aunt were gagged and tied elaborately while the two cousins only had rope around their arms pinning them together. Both mom and Aunt Collette were mmmmmffffing for help, but in a playful way. What I found out from the cousins was that mom and aunt Collette dare each other to get tied up and try and escape. This was told as though it happens all the time. Both mom and Aunt nodded and rolled their eyes. I left them not really knowing if I was a part of this game or not. I came back later, forgetting that they were still there, and now my aunt was kicking her legs, from nearly being untied, the rest of her was tied up tight. She saw me and mmmfffed and nodded for me to help her. But just before I did, I saw mom. She was no longer in a playful mood, but I assumed it was because Aunt Collette was getting loose and she wasn't. That's when I realized mom's ties had changed. Her gown was now lifted up and exposing her leg. Her legs were bound with pantyhose above and below her knees and another pair by her mid section, with a tucked in gown. As I was gathering what I was seeing, my two cousins came back in giggling at the sight of Aunt Collette's legs getting free. The two then jumped Aunt's legs and tied them like mom's, with the rope on the ground and a pair of hose that they had in their pocket. Both mom and Aunt Collette seemsed to be very well gagged as they tried to call for my help. I watched and loved seeing their legs being tied with more pantyhose and seeing them helpless. I got embarrassed watching and left again. The next time I came back into the room, it was only Aunt Collette there. She was only rolling around on the ground and looked very pissed off. I then ungagged her and she spat out some wrinkled pantyhose. She was spitting at that point in discussed. She told me that sometimes these games go too far. I helped untie her and got a glimpse of her pantyhose up her skirt and as a child that's an exciting moment. She thanked me and ran upstairs. I followed her and we ran into mom's room. Mom was on the bed really kicking and struggling against her ties. When she saw me and Aunt Collette she stopped struggling. Mom was now not wearing her gown at all, but a short white silky nightie. Mom is very tall and at that time, very pretty woman and seeing her bound and the way she was struggling made me excited. We untied her and my aunt covered her with blankets. Mom shook the gag off and spat out some soaked pantyhose and said that it was ok and that I saw the worst already. Once mom was untied she pulled me into her and hugged her.
Years I didn’t know all the details, but in the last while with mom confessing the reasons why she gets tied up with pantyhose all the time, I finally asked her what happened that night. She remembered it not too fondly and said that the neighbour Mr. S (I don’t remember his name and mom didn't either) came over and saw both mom and Aunt Collette tied up. He was told mom's first story because we went their address when it happened. He panicked at first but when he found it was all in good fun, he untied my cousins gave them money to go to the store and locked them out. He went to mom's room and got some of mom's pantyhose, came back and stuffed their mouths. The man untied mom's legs, lifted her skirt and retied them with pantyhose. Mom said that he was feeling her inappropriately. When the cousins came back, they knocked at the window and the man opened the door and let them back in. Mom and Aunt Collette tried to get my cousins to help untie them but the two thought that mom and Aunt Collette's mmmfffing was still playing, as the first gags were not stuffed or tight. I then came up and that's when they retied aunt Collette's legs, but they liked how mom's legs looked and copied the pantyhose tie. When I left, the man came back with the cousins' not in sight. He picked up mom from the couch, and carried her to mom's room. He threatened to hold aunt Collette if mom did anything, then untied her hands, and removed her gown. He retied her with, of course pantyhose, and laid with her feeling her legs and kissing her. He told her that after he heard her story that night, he tied up his own wife and has been day dreaming of mom bound and gagged with her pantyhose ever since. He heard aunt collette talking to me when I ungagged her and left the room. Once mom was untied and I was out of the room, the ladies called the cops on the neighbour. Mom told me that even one of the police officers while taking a report kept asking for graphic details about how mom was tied up, and when he did, would put his hand on her knee and feel her legs. She was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and still felt that she was being looked over by perverts.
The games of tying up mom took a long break after that. She finally got into again during a board game. Then it became a constant. She told me that she liked feeling like she was worth being kidnapped and rescued by good and bad men. She liked the attention and between her and dad, always had plenty of their own adventures.
Sunday, June 24th 2012 - 10:21:06 PM
Name: Shon
Comments:Ben, great story. Keep up the good work.
Monday, June 25th 2012 - 05:10:50 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great, Ben!
Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 11:02:39 AM
Name: Ryan
E-mail address: ryan_93@charter.net
Comments:Love reading these stories!! Got some stories of my own!!
Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 07:45:51 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Let's hear those stories, Ryan!!
Friday, July 6th 2012 - 11:00:47 AM
Name: George howler
E-mail address: georgehowler@yahoo.com
Comments:hello everybody

I am a amateur story writer,I am willing to write stories for those here, who want to see their mom tied up
If you are interested send me word to my email....
Friday, July 13th 2012 - 10:48:39 PM
Name: Josh
Comments:I will be really happy to write some of your stories. That is my e-mail. liverpool363@abv.bg If you decide to write me a story can you include me in it, please.
Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 10:26:10 PM
Name: AJ Redman
E-mail address: redman@hotmail.co.
Comments:I arrived at Glasgow airport to travel to Toronto, wearing my traditional Scottish kilt and shirt (and boots because it was winter).

I came quite easily through immigration and passport control.

My girlfriend Kat's mother Peggy Sue met me just outside the "Arrivals" door of the airport and introduced herself.

She was wearing a leather black miniskirt, matching leather top and black boots and looked cool for the good 60 years of age that she was.

"Wow, Kate has said a lot about you" she said

I replied "None of it is true" with a smile.

"Well you're as pretty as she said - sorry handsome" Peggy Sue replied

She kissed me on the cheek and then showed me to her limosine car.

I carried my case to the car.

It was quite an adventure as this was the first time I had been abroad, but Kate who I had met and fallen in love with at Uni said it was OK and her mum would meet me

I got into the back of the limosine - where Peggy Sue's other two pretty daughters (both skirted and booted like their mum) were sitting and they beckoned me to sit between them.

As I sat down, one of them grabbed my hair playfully and pulled me chest forward gently over her lap.

The other grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back. She then proceeded to tie them together.

"Now these are the rules" Peggy Sue said. "In my house, it is the women who are in charge. And you will do what you are told whilst in our service"

And with that, the two daughters proceeded to tie my ankles and legs together.

I was then pulled back over the first daughter's lap for the rest of the 2 hour journey.

I think she must have quite liked me because she ran her hands over my kilt and under it, which really quite aroused me.

When we arrived at the other end, my knees were freed and my ankles were then tied so I could hobble out of the car to the house.

Justine led me out of the limosine and Rebecca and Peggy Sue joined us in the entrance of the house.

I was led upstairs to the bedroom and then my hands and feet were untied and the gag removed.

I was led to a bathroom and told to have a bath and then come down and join the family.

I relaxed in the bath and got out 15 mins later to find that my kilt and shirt ahd been replaced by a black silky skirt and a red blouse.

I therefore dressed accordingly and went down stairs, where Justine proceeded to twist my arms behind my back and Rebecca tied my wrists together tightly.

Then Justine gagged me but the gag used was not your usual ball gag but one that could be pumped up in your mouth to enable the gag to fit 100% (and more).

I was then escorted to the room where the family was and I was sat down on a chair.

My ankles were then tied to the chair and a rope was wound round my waist pinning my back to the back of the chair.

And then I was hooded.

It was strange - yet exhilarating - to feel a hand go under your skirt knowing that you were totally defenceless and at the women's mercy. They could do waht they wanted with you.

Peggy Sue then said: "In this house, while men are subservient to the mistresses of the house. We will treat you with respect, but you have to remember that we are in charge.

It is your duty to work out how you can be of service to me. Do you understand."

I nodded my head and the hand under my skirt gave me a gentle tweek - sending me almost explosively sky high.

She then started to stroke my leg and her hand.......

That afternoon, Rebecca took me upstairs and spreadeagled me facedown with my hands tied behind my back in the middle of a double bed.

However hard you try you are unable to turn over.

She gagged me with a head harness and muzzle gag and then hooded me and said "See you later, aligator" - but not before putting her hand under my skirt and giving me a final tweak followed by a vicious smack on my backside.

After about an hour, I heard another woman enter the room (who I gather was it was my girlfriend Justine):

" Hi AJ" she said "I hear from Peggy Sue that you are really quite a good looker."

And with that she took off the hood and flipped me on my back, with my legs still spreadeagled and my skirt just resting above my knees.

She then dropped on my chest and started to stroke my hair for a few minutes, before moving down my body and getting me quite aroused.

I guess I looked quite feminine by now, with my long hair allowed to flow and in a beautiful black skirt and boots, all of which Justine said later made me look quite sexy.

She then untied my legs from the spreadeagle and led me down the stairs.

I had trouble walking in the six inch heels as I just wasn't used to them.

" Just off for a walk with AJ" she said as she led me out of the house.

We walked across the yard to the barn,and Mistress Kathleen took me inside.

In the middle of the barn was a support pole and she led me to it, stood my back to the pole, undid my wrists and whipped them around the pole and retied them.

"My - was she strong!" I thought as she wrapped a second rope tightly around my torso to the post starting just below the neck and ending at the waist.

She then looked around and found a piece of wood about half a metere long, to the ends of which she attached my ankles in a speadeagle.

She stroked my face playfully and then with one finger ran her finger up and down my bound torso

She then removed the gag and inserted a spider gag and she started to run her index finger gently inside my mouth.

I had never experienced anything like the emotion I felt then. I thingled all over.

I was helpless as her hands moved slowly downstairs under my skirt - where they shouldn't be - and I nearly exploded through the roof, as she started to tongue kiss me too

Just as I was about to explode, Peggy Sue looked in.

"Justine, please can you pop over to the house to help Becks."

"Sure" Justine said as she had just climaxed but I had been left dangling.

She was such a sadist to be able to go but to leave me still wanting to.

"I'll look after him" Peggy Sue said "Ever since Kate told me about him and his stories on the "Women Bound and Gagged" site I have been wanting to get my hands on him."

"In the nicest possible way" she added with a twinkle in her eye.

I looked at her and thought, I find it hard to believe she is sixty as she doesn't look a day over 40. And she's actually really cute.

" AJ" she said " Now you helpless. I am going to have some fun

And with that she approached me.

Thursday, August 9th 2012 - 02:59:22 PM
Name: Jason Ravenscar
E-mail address: JR07@hotmail.com
Comments:It was my last year at Uni and I went over to my girlfriend Jenny's flat.

She and her two close friends Gemma and Cindy were there playing cards together with her mother Lucinda

They were all beautifully dressed - skirted and booted as they were part of the Vixen's Club a Club dedicated to women always looking their best in skirts and boots - a reaction to the scruffy student jeans and teeshirt look.

I sat down and got myself a coffee and we got talking.

At some stage - I think it was Gemma who said it - "Why do guys always think of us as the weaker sex?"

I replied " Because you are!"

"Do you think so" said Jenny "Let's see, you vs Cindy"

"Fine" I said "You're on" and I got up to wrestle.

Jenny said: "Whoaa - it has to be fair. You have to wear exactly what Cindy is wearing. Like for like."

I sat down "I have no intention of getting skirted and booted"

"Chicken" they all said in unison.

After teasing me a bit, I relectantly agreed and they got me the kit out

A black skirt, tights, boots and a silk blouse. As I was about Gemma's size they were Gemma's clothes and surprisingly to boots fitted too.

Just putting on the tights and then the skirt really was quite a turn on. The tights on the hairs of my legs was sensational. Gemma's boots had six inch heels that put me at a great disadvantage as I could not stand up easily.

I came out into the sitting room and they all clapped. My long hair and lack of beard made me look quite girly and Jenny said: " You have to wear lipstick and mascara like Cindy too"

So Jenny took some lipstick out and mascara and "dolled me up".

"You look really sweet" Gemma said " I quite fancy you. By the way, the loser will be tied up for a couple of hours."

I'd gone this far so I could hardly quit now.

I was facing off against Cindy but what I didn't know was Cindy was a practised wrestler.

Susie chimed the bell and we circled each other in the room - except I slipped in the 6 inch heel boots.

Cindy was lightening fast behind me and put one arm around my throat and her knee into the back of mine. I fell on my knees, and she released the choke hold, pushed me on my stomach, and - as I fell - she sat on my back.

It took the wind out of me and, as I placed my hands on the floor to lever myself up, she seized one of my wrists with both her hands and twisted it behind my back.

It went into a hammerlock and she pushed it up into a " reverse prayer mode position". Wow it was pianful.

"Tap" Cindy said " And I have won"

The horrible girl applied more and more pressure until I could bear it no longer. I tapped.

My other wrist was then brought behind my back and the wrists were tied and the excess rope tied around my waist.

Lucinda then tied my feet and knees together - and then the four of them sat around me - having pulled my skirt down flat again - so tied up and played cards on my back.

"Yes, I think I agree with him" Lucinda said "We are the weaker sex" and they all laughed.

"Keep still" Cindy said as I wriggled to try to get loose and she put her hand under my skirt and pinched my bottom - really quite hard. " Do that again and you'll get more of that"

" Funny girl " I said " You only won because I could walk in these boots"

" He's talking too much" Jenny said " Let's gag him"

And with that they took out a ball gag and said "Open wide or we'll pinch your nose"

I had no choice and they fastened the ball gag in tightly.

" Comfortable?" Cindy laughed and slid her hand under my skirt again and pinched my bottom.

She then lifted the skirt up and gave me an almighty whack.

"Behave yourself" she commanded

And they played cards that afternoon.

The winner Lucinda won me for the evening and night and took me to her bedroom tied and gagged.

As Jenny went to bed, she knocked on Lucinda's door. "Mind if I give him a goodnight kiss" she said

" Be my guest" Lucinda replied and grabbed my hair (as I was hogtied on her bed and twisted my head around to allow Jenny to kiss me.)

However the other two girls rushed in and overpowered Lucinda and tied her hands behind her back up. She was still wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse and bra off and so the worked some rope around her lebows forcing them together and her breasts to stick out.

"Mum" Jenny said "You didn't seriously think I would leave you free with Jason did you? What would Daddy think? You won so you can have him in your bedroom and agreed but we never said in what state you would be in!!"

And with that they ball gagged Lucinda, lay her on the bed face down and drew her tied ankles up towards her elbows in a hogtie

"Sweet dreams Mum" Jenny said as we both mummphed into our gags
Thursday, August 9th 2012 - 03:07:02 PM
Name: Rachel
E-mail address: b00tsandtights@gmail.com
Comments:I know this is probably a fetish sight. but... i have nowhere to turn. I was recently robbed and tied up and gagged during the robbery in Brooklyn, NY. I just wanted someplace to talk about what happened. I can only say now thank goodness only was home and he tied me up with stockings which somehow was probably not as bad as telephone cords or other stuff he threatned me with.
Saturday, August 11th 2012 - 09:58:33 PM
Name: Another guy who wants to share
Comments:These stories are great. I too had a couple of incidents in my life that would fit these tales. First off, a little back up info about my living conditions. I don't know who my father is, have one brother and of course a mother. Mom had my bother when she was 17 and me when she was 19, and practically raised us on her own, well with the help of her old her sister, Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim and their daughter Amanda. Uncle Jim was basically my father, after my real dad die when I was 2 from a tragic work related accident. With the compensation from my father's insurance, my mom working as a dance instructor at nights, my aunt a teacher during the day and Uncle Jim a travelling reporter kept us well looked after. Our uncle would play these type of intelligence games with us while we were growing up and that's how one of my mom's tie ups came to be.
The first time, happened on a Sunday. I remember this because it started with Uncle Jim coming to me and Adam (my brother) saying that he would like to hire two detectives to find out where his junk food had been stored. He told us that he would give us a bad of cheesies if we could find out who stole them from him. he gave us a Polaroid of an empty shelf in the kitchen with a black book in the back. He told us that he thought this was our first clue and that we could figure it out for him. We went to investigate and found the book was a small bible with a note to listen to today's sermon at mass for the next clue. He always had these tricks to get us to listen to mass more attentively and he thought he was really clever about that kind of thing but we saw through it. After mass we didn't get any further clues because neither of us paid that much attention. He then told us to go interrogate mom, Aunt Karen and Amanda. we started with asking mom questions. She returned with asking us about what we learned in mass to which we didn’t know and she had to retell us the lesson. I don't remember the clue she gave us, and I don't remember the clues Amanda gave us, but we somehow figured it out and Aunt Karen was the thief. We told her to put her hands behind her back and with tied them loosely with a scarf. We walked to her to my Uncle's office and walked through his door feeling victorious. Inside we walked into a trap. In the room was my uncle sitting at his desk with all the junk food. He was clapping sarcastically as he began to laugh at us. Once in the room, I saw mom. She was sitting on a couch, bound with rope and gagged. The sight was life changing. Mom is a slim and tall brunette that was wearing a Sunday dress, and seeing her as a damsel really opened my eyes. She mmmmffed for help behind an over the mouth gag. When she saw that we saw her, mom began to try and stand. Her arms were pinned to her sides with rope, and I could tell by the way she was trying to stand that her hands were tied behind her back. Her ankles with tied together and over and above her knees. As I have seen on this page, there is an interest in mom's and aunts in pantyhose and I can add to that. I think it's because pantyhose are such a mother kind of clothing. When I was growing up I remember always noticing mom's smooth and shiny legs. Her legs were a big deal, specially with her dancing. But seeing not being able to stand, mmmmffing with her mouth gagged with a white cloth was mind blowing.
I remember my aunt Karen didn't care for seeing her sister tied up in Aunt Jim's office. She started to ask what was going on and Uncle quickly walked over to Aunt Karen and tied another hankerchief over her mouth. She wasn't as successfully gagged as mom. Uncle then started to explain his diabolical plan, which I don't really remember because I was really mesmerized by seeing mom and Aunt Karen tied up and gagged. Uncle told then pulled out a water pistol and told us to finish tying up Aunt Karen. He sat her beside mom on the couch. I was quick to grab one of my uncle's ties and tied her ankles. The feeling of Aunt Karen's pantyhose was smooth, warm, and very sensual. I looked at her gagged face and then at mom's face, who seemed to be enjoying herself despite her predicament. I then remember walking past mom and feeling her knees as I passed her. Uncle make some small talk about how he had something to get to and left the room only to lock the door behind him. Both Adam and I went to the door and tried to get it unlocked. Neither of us tried to untie the two ladies and I have a feeling that Adam was like me enjoying the sight of the two women trying to get loose. We kept telling them that we would save them, but never made the effort to untie them. Mom ended up slipping off the couch and her dressed raised up, which showed her legs completely. That's when Aunt Karen showed us that she wasn't really tied. She quickly had her hands loose and was pulling off her gag. Aunt Karen commanded us to help untie our mother. I went right for her legs while Adam went to her hands. I took a lot of pleasure getting a feel of her legs as she squirmed around. I untied her feet and then her knees and then she waited to have her arms loose to remove her gag and then pull her dress back over her mid section. I took a good look at the mom's control top hose and panties underneath. Aunt Karen untied herself. We helped mom up and she gave us hugs and thanked us for saving her. We were able to unlock the door by slipping Adam through a window and unlocking the room from the other side.
Ever since that day, I took notice to mom wearing pantyhose and had secretly wished that she would be kidnapped and I would rescue her. I don't know if she even caught on, but I became her after work personal foot massager. There was one other time in our life that she was bound and gagged and I will save it for later.
Saturday, August 11th 2012 - 11:57:04 PM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:Thanks Justaguy. Great story and love the use of pantyhose.
Sunday, August 12th 2012 - 09:24:02 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Another guy, that was a great story! I can't wait to hear about the next time your mother was tied up and gagged. Rachel, I am glad that you are alright. If you'd like to share, it mighht help.
Sunday, August 12th 2012 - 01:19:30 PM
Name: BIig Chief
Comments:Justaguy........great story hope there are more especially if you uncle also enjoyed Cowboy and Indian games!.
Sunday, August 19th 2012 - 11:26:25 PM
Name: GaggedMom
E-mail address: elina.gagged@gmail.com
Comments:Hi!I am Elina.Recently found this site and my son inspired me to share our bondage stories.So here is a little background before I start the story of our first tie up.I am 43 years old and my son 22.It all started about a year back.My son was in a live in relationship with his girl friend and they both stayed in my house.I was okay with it.Sorry forgot to to mention that though I was not divorced but I and my husband stayed separate,actually he lived in another state.And I was a working mom so I used to come home late.It was one day when I told my son that I will not come back home that night as I had a lot of work in my office.I planned to work overnight in office.But as it turned out that my work was finished quite before than I expected.So I decided to go back home as I had time.Decided to phone my son to let him that I was heading for home but his phone was switched off.So I send a text saying that I would be home in 15 minutes.It was quite around 12:30 in the night,I didnt wanna wake up anyone so instead of ringing the doorbell I opened the door with my set of keys as quitely as possible.Finding no one in the hall and all quiet,I went upstairs to my room.Now my son and his girl friend lived in the ground floor while I in the first floor.As I had already dined,I took a hot bath and changed into a comfy shorts and a tank top.Feeling thirsty I went downstairs to the kitchen to have a drink.Came downstairs, had my drink and was gonna go back to my room.I heard a thud sound,I ignored it at first, then I heard another.It concerned me.So I called out my son's name(Kevin).Getting no response I decided to peek into his room.Turned the knob and quitely opened the door.I entered his room silently.The lights were dim,it took some time for eyes to settle to the dim light.I didnt believe what I saw then.I saw Kevin's girlfriend,Tess in her undies(she had both her bra and panty on)tied spread eagled on the bed.I noticed that her her eyes and mouth was taped and there was a headphone on her ears(i knew later that she was listening to songs).As I was going to untie her..............do u want me to continue
mail me at elina.gagged@gmail.com
Monday, August 20th 2012 - 07:23:20 AM
Name: connor
Comments:plz do go on gaggedmom! :)
Tuesday, August 21st 2012 - 01:23:39 AM
Name: connor
Comments:plz do go on gaggedmom :)
Tuesday, August 21st 2012 - 01:26:20 AM
Name: GaggedMom
E-mail address: elina.gagged@gmail.com
Comments:So here is the better half
As I was going to untie Tess,with my back towards the door a scarf was whipped about my mouth.Before I could give any response,I was jerked back and the scarf was knotted tightly at the back of my head.I was horrified and tried to call out for help but the word that came out of my mouth was "Hemmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhh" and the next thing that happened was that I was blindfolded with a sleep mask.That thing frightened me a lot,being both gagged and blindfolded.So I was desperately throwing my legs and arms.I felt my wrist being pulled back and held there by a strong,determined hand while the other hand took me by my waist and dragged me outside the room into the hall.All this while the only thing that I had done is Mmmmmmppppppphhhhhhh-ing. Then I was shoved to the floor. I felt my tank top fly up above my waist as I fell. I tried to reach back to pull my top down over my bra, but someone heavy sat on my back and grabbed my wrists.
'Uhhhh,' I groaned as my large breasts were flattened against the rug.
He was now holding both my wrists in one hand while he rubbed his free hand up and down over my wiggling bottom and waist.I wriggled more.At that, he spanked my ass hard, with his bare hand.
'Owwwmm,' I moaned through my gag.
My bikini panties and shorts had given me little protection against the stinging slap that now made my buttocks burn. I tried to twist my hands free again to cover myself.
"Seems like that its time to tie you up MOM"
The words that came out of my mouth were"Mmmmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhh"
Sunday, September 2nd 2012 - 01:16:24 AM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:Gagged Mom please continue. So far your story is very hot. Tell us more about your bra and panty size. Thanks for sharing.
Sunday, September 2nd 2012 - 05:03:40 AM
Name: Tony
E-mail address: canthony659@gmail.com
Comments:hey if any mom's have interesting stories, send me your msn sceen name to chat :D
Friday, September 7th 2012 - 07:03:45 AM
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Sunday, October 7th 2012 - 03:02:16 AM
Name: Dolly's son
Comments:People in town always kid my mother Barbie, a 5'4", centerfold gorgeous, 43-year-old, with big bright blue eyes, and thick curly shoulder length golden-blonde hair that she looks a little like Dolly Parton, of course the fact that she wears a 36GG bra certainly helps the argument. Every year the neighborhood has a Halloween party and last year mom dressed as Dolly parton, complete with a curly platinum-blonde wig, tight red top, white spandex leggings and red cowgirl boots with 3" heels. She was the hit of the party to say the least.

My two best friends and I dressed as pirates and captured poor Mrs. Vera Standish the 5'7", very attractive 51-year-old librarian with big brown eyes and dressed as Elviria. We hustled her into the ofice of the grange hall and gagged her with a red bandana and tied her hands behind her back with red nylon cord and her black highheeled ankles together with more of the same rope. She had grerat legs and the black controltop pantyhose really showed them off well. She was a good sport and allowed us to capture her, but had no idea how long we planned to keep her.

Well my mom did some checking and discovered us in the office. Well my friend Cal grabbed her from behind and wrapped a wide black scarf over her full red lips as Mike taped her hands behind her back with red duct tape. She pretended to struggle, but went along with the game and soon sat beside Vera as we taped her booted ankles together.

Being three 13-year-old boys we got wood as we noticed how much bigger mom's ample breasts looked with her hands bound behind her back and for that matter our town librarian's 38C breasts stuck out prominently as well,(I looked at her bra as we restrained her). It was a sight to behold and we were all at full mast under our costumes!

We took turns getting something to eat and mingling with our classmates, all the while one of us stood guard over our two captives. We tried to lure a couple cute girls into our trap, but our reputations preceded us.

We finally untied the two willing captives, and as punushment agred to help clean-up. It was a fun Halloween party. Mom is going out as Jayne Mansfield this year in a tight leopard print dress with matching highheels.
Tuesday, October 9th 2012 - 04:44:55 PM
Name: Jennifer
Comments:I let my 16 year old son get away with a lot of things because I can't say no to him. Now, he is telling me what outfits to wear while he ties me up and gags me! Last weekend, he had me wear black fishnet stockings, short black leather skirt, a tight red tank top and blank stiletto heels. He tied my ankles together with white rope. Next, he tied my wrists tightly behind my back. Then, he put his hand over mouth to keep me from screaming. With his other hand he began touchimng himself. I have to admit; it was turning me on! When he finished, he forced a red ball gag deep into my mouth and buckled it behind my head.
Wednesday, October 10th 2012 - 12:09:14 PM
Name: Jennifer
Comments:I let my 16 year old son get away with a lot of things because I can't say no to him. Now, he is telling me what outfits to wear while he ties me up and gags me! Last weekend, he had me wear black fishnet stockings, short black leather skirt, a tight red tank top and blank stiletto heels. He tied my ankles together with white rope. Next, he tied my wrists tightly behind my back. Then, he put his hand over mouth to keep me from screaming. With his other hand he began touching himself. I have to admit; it was turning me on! When he finished, he forced a red ball gag deep into my mouth and buckled it behind my head.
Wednesday, October 10th 2012 - 12:12:11 PM
Name: Latex
Comments: Jennifer, please excite us again with more of your stories. I'm sure there were other weekends to share. I also believe that you have been dreaming of future bound adventures. stay horny and enjoy life :)
Saturday, October 13th 2012 - 05:39:10 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Dolly's son, I really enjoyed that! I hope there will be more to share. Jennifer, I am very curious to hear about your adventures with your son!
Sunday, October 14th 2012 - 12:47:18 AM
Name: Abigail.samantha
Comments:Hey Alex,

Go ahead and start the page and post the address here so that I will know when you started it and where I can find it!

Abby Sam
Monday, October 15th 2012 - 08:41:26 AM
Name: Lady Wrestler's young fan
Comments:Like the other boys in the neighborhood when Dick's Aunt Jane, the absolutely gorgeous 5'10", well-tanned and toned 175 frame, 40-year-old, with big almond shaped brown eyes and thick to the middle of her back wavy auburn-red hair. She looked bigger in real life than on the flat screen TV on Tuesday nights. Being all of thirteen and a total blonde pervert had an instant crush on her. She spent almost two hours a day working out in the backyard and seeing her in tight spandex leotards and tights only made her look even sexier.

It was the hottest summer I could remember and seeing Jane sweat really excited me. However being a young boy the games went on and of course playing cops and robbers was one of our favorites. The trouble was getting girls our age to play was almost impossible, since we had pretty much scared them all away. As luck would have it laying by teh above ground pool next to Dick's parents yard was Trixie, a very attractive 50-year-old, divorcee, with big doe shaped blue eyes, thick shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair and an overripe figure her white spandex one-piece swimsuit hugged like a second skin laughed as we ran around the yards pretending to shoot each other. Dick and I decided it was time to take a hostage and pointed our toy pistols at Trixie who had been a victim before. She pretended to be afraid as she stood up and held up her well-manicured hands. I quickly pulled out my fat roll of white adhesive tape and taped her willing hands behind her back, which made her 34DD bosom look even larger! She pretended to call out for "Help!", just before I placed two wide strips of tape over her pouty pink lips! We marched her to our big camping tent in teh backyard.

Jane was either amused or bored, because she ran to save poor Trixie! I pointed my toy gun at her massive bosom and came to a stop and begged us not to harm her. She allowed me to tape her big strong hands behind her back and Dick placed three strips of tape over her full red lips. The sight of her in a sweat soaked red leotard, nude tights and worn sneakers was arousing and to see the way her massive 38EE bosom stuck out made all of our skimpy bathingsuits tent out! Soon we had the two buxom captives in the tent and taped their ankles together with the rest of the roll of tape. I offered to stand guard, while the other boys went about their business of shooting, running and hoping for a stray girl in the neighborhood to bind and gag.

The two bound and gagged older women pretended to struggle on the floor of the 10' X 10' tent and we all began to sweat profusely. The sight of Jane's perky blood-red nipples against the tight stretchy out red fabric made me go outside to jerk-off!

When I stepped back in the tent the two buxom captives were back to back and trying to remove the tape from their hands with no luck. to see their big bosoms heave was a sight to behold and for the next half hour I took in every movement, drop of sweat and stain on the two bound and gagged women's voluptuous bodies! I swore I would climax in my yellow Speedo just watching.

The infamous dinner bell all of a sudden ended our war. I untied the two damsels-in-distress. They both thanked me for rescuing them and ran off. I kept teh tape that covered Jane's mouth as a souvenir. The red lipstick was on the sticky part.

Two months later while watching wrestling night on TV the plot involved Jungle Jane having to wrestle the bad girl on the circuit. Two of the bad girl's evil friends grabbed jane in the lockerrom and restrained her with white adhesive tape and placed two strips over her full red lips and left her in the shower stall in her white leotard, nude tights and red boots. She struggled while the good guys tried to find her so she didn't get counted out from the match. Dick said we could have done the scene better and I agreed. We watched as Jane meowed through her gag as on the split screen she was counted out by the dumb ref as the shower drenched her spandex leotard and thick auburn-red hair. The show came to end as some good guys called for her in teh lockerroom................

Sunday, October 21st 2012 - 03:09:15 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great story, Young Fan! You said that Trixie had been a victim before. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would like to hear about that, as well as all of your adventures.
Wednesday, October 24th 2012 - 10:17:29 AM
Name: Lady Wrestler's young fan
Comments:Well since you asked back to Trixie the absolutely gorgeous, 5'5" blue eyed, buxom beauty with thick curly shoulder length platinum-blonde hair. She was a thorn in the side to most mothers including mine and especially Dick's since she ran around in the shortest dresses, tightest jeans and highest of heels, and even in her late 40s and early 50s attracted a great deal of attention. As long as I could remember everytime I saw her I got wood in my undershorts.

When I was about ten my mother sent me through the neighborhood to borrow a cup of sugar so she coule finish her baking before my father came home with the groceries. She answered the door in a leopard print bra, matching panty girdle, black thigh highs and 5" leopard print highheels. She was very embarrassed and thought I was a male caller. But being a good sport gave me the sugar and quite a show. It was then that I discovered she wore a 34DD bra, since the tag was sticking out as she turned around to go to the kitchen.

Well one summer day while playing pirates, she was laying by her above ground pool in a red one piece swimsuit that barely contained her firm big breasts and perfect bubble butt. We were about twelve and managed to capture poor Lucy down the street, a cute curly haired brunette who wore glasses. She was our age and at that time liked our games, but by the time she was fourteen tired of being the only girl in our games and bound and gagged almost everytime. Trixie had one matini too many and pretended to go after us with a sword, which was just a stick. Dick and i surrounded her and she begged us not to tie her up like the other girl, which of course meant that she did.

We threatened to make her walk the plank if she resisted. We soon had her hands tied behind her back and upper torso wrapped with about 50' of white clothesline. I wrapped a red bandana over her full red lips and marched her to our ship, which was the back of a trailer. Lucy was thankful to have company if only to meow helplessly through her blue bandana gagged mouth. Thirty minutes later we had to get ready for little league practice, so untied our two willing captives. I must admit seeing the top heavy blonde tied up made me go home and masturbate. I have a feeling I wasn't the only pirate who was aroused that day.

Fast forward to when I was 19-years-old and in teh Army.

I was on leave and doing some chores in my parents backyard and saw Trixie fumbling with her car. I used my father's truck and gave it a jumpstart, meanwhile being a healthy 5'11", teenager had wood in my shorts and she either noticed or assumed, but then again when a man sees a buxom blonde wearing a tight gold spandex halter top, skintight fadedjeans and 4" gold stiletto pumps, and even at 56-years-old could put women to shame half her age why wouldn't she! She invited me in teh house for a cold beer and we chatted about things. She brought up Jungle Jane and how they still stayed in touch. I blushed as she stared at my bulging shorts when she mentioned our games of pirates and cop & robbers. She went as far as admitting the game even excited her a little and upon further conversation brought me up to her bedroom.

Sure enough there were handcuffs hanging from the four poster bed and on the floor were two rolls of white adhesive tape, she was a nurse at the hospital. I got bold and asked her if I could tie her up. She only agreed with teh understanding that for teh first time she wouldn't get naked and have sex. It was too good of an opportunity to refuse and soon her hands were taped behind her back, her pencil thing highheeled ankles together and I shoved a worn pair of pantyhose in her luscious mouth and placed a wide strip of tape over her full pink lips. She rolled around her queen sized leopard print spread covered bed and went as far as humping it! I had to use the bathroom to give myself some relief!

Two days later, just before I had to go back on duty she called the house to have me fix a leak under her sink. The leak I fixed was not under the sink as she put one more notch on her bedpost and I even got to do her with her hands taped in front of her and a balled up panty in her willing mouth! It was pure ecstasy. Unlike the teenage girls I had she taught me how to make love and a lot more about the ropes.

Sadly when I got out of teh service she had moved away to Florida, and most likely drove a whole new bunch of guys crazy............
Thursday, October 25th 2012 - 12:49:22 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Very nice, Young Fan.
Sunday, October 28th 2012 - 01:56:48 PM
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Wednesday, November 28th 2012 - 07:58:13 AM
Name: Sue
Comments:I'm the mother of a teenaged girl and a 10 yr old boy. Recently, when a freind of my daughter's was over for a Saturday afternoon, I decided I'd stick my head into her room to see what mischief that they might be up to. I found my daughter's friend laying on the floor, with tape wrapped around her wrists and ankles and then they were taped together. It seems there is some sort of Youtube challenge about escaping from being taped up. For the life of me, I don't know why I did what I did. I first chided them for wasting so much of her father's duct tape, then told them tape was easy to escape, just had to pull hard. They asked me to demonstrate, so I let my son tape my hands together in front of me, and in no time was able to escape. "See, easy. Stop wasting tape." My daughter's friend said that was the challenge, and I again opened my mouth, saying "rope would be a challenge. Tape's too easy." My daugther asked if we had any rope, and I said I would look for some. I found several pieces of various lengths, sizes, and types, and took them to my daughter's room. "Now, if you play tie up, be careful. No rope around the neck, and don't leave your victim alone." My son immediately asked if he could tie up my daughter's friend, but since she is `14, and quite well developed for her age, thought it was inappropriate. He then asked to tie my daughter, who quickly refused. The 3 of them just looked at each other, and the friend asked, "what about you, Mrs. R? You want to try the challenge?" I said no, but instantly my daughter said, "mom, it was your idea to use rope, but you won't let anybody get tied up. You even brought the rope. That's son unfair, and typical parent." Now, I've always had good relations with both my kids, and didn't want to strain them, so I relented. I was wearing shorts and a tanktop and thought I should change, so told them I'd be back in a few. I went to my room, used the toilet, and changed into a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. As an afterthought, also put on socks and a pair of black loafers. I returned to my daughter's room, and was met by all three of them. "Who gets to tie you up?" they all echoed. Wanting to be a good host, I selected our guest, who giggle with excitement. "Okay, mom, the rules are wrists wrapped 5 times, ankles wrapped 5 times, then wrapped together. Your mouth is gagged. When we say begin, the timer starts, adn see how long it takes you to free youself." Seemed easy at the time, so I lay on the floor as instructed, hands behind my back. The girl began wrapping rope around my wrists, my palms were touching, and when she cinched the ropes down, they were pretty snug. Might be more of a challenge than I planned on. My ankles were bound next, again snugly. I heard tape being torn from a roll and was about to remind them about wasting tape when a wad of cloth (turned out to be a scarf) was pushed in by my son, and taped over by my daughter. While my kids were gagging me, rather extremely I felt, our guest was tying more rope around my legs above my knees. Not what I had been told at all. Next, she tied my elbows together, also not part of the deal, but by now I was to well tied to prevent it. Then, my ankles were lifted, rope was run thru my elbow rope, and pulled. With my daughter lifting my shoulders, my ankles were pulled very far up behind me, then tied. My back was arched in an unnatural way, very uncomfrotably so, and I was trying to tell them to untie me. Hard to do with a scarf stuffed in your mouth, then covered with tape. The 2 girls then high-fived each other, and my son was looking at me oddly, the rushed into the hall bathroom, shut the door, and I heard the lock click. The girls kept me tied for 30 minutes, then freed me. I instantly began scolding them for their actions, and told my daughter's friend she needed to go home, and not come visit for 2 weeks. My daughter objected, saying it had all been my idea, but I told her she had overstepped the rules, and she was grounded for 2 weeks. When I found my son playing video games, I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't look at me, or talk to me, just ran to his room and locked the door. He didn't even come to supper, when called. My daughter went to get him, but returned saying that he told her he didn't feel good. My husband was home then and offered to check on him, but I said I wanted to. When I got him to let me in, he still wouldn't look at me. It took some time, but finally I got him to talk, and he was embarrassed at what had happened. It seems he became aroused and had gone into the bathroom to ease the situation. "We did something bad, didn't we, then I did something worse" he said with tears in his eyes. I told him that the only bad thing they had done was go outside the rules they had told me, and that he hadn't been the one to do it, his sister had got him to go along. I also told him that as he grew older, his body was changing, things were happening tht were normal, but not to keep doing it. Then, after he came to the table and ate, and helped his sister clean up, I told my husband it was time for him to have "the talk" with our son.
Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 02:59:22 AM
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Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 05:22:29 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great one, Sue! Do you think that you will let them tie you up,again?
Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 07:16:21 PM
Name: Sue
Comments:Ohhh well a little tie up fun could be good, just make sure they stick to rules in future
Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 02:01:49 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:That's a great attitude, Sue! Let us know what happens. Thanks.
Tuesday, December 25th 2012 - 07:05:44 PM
Name: tim
Comments:all these stories are fake:(
Monday, December 31st 2012 - 12:59:41 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Tim, I'm sure some of these are real. Even the ones that aren't have a lot of creative flair to them. We should all just enjoy them. Thank you all for the great stories. Let's make 2013 even better!
Monday, December 31st 2012 - 06:28:17 PM
Name: 1 of 2 stories
Comments:My experience with my mother and aunts being bound and gagged took me by surprise. Then first time was during the one of our holiday nights where our family stayed travelled to my Aunt Kathleen's house. We were three, me and my parents, while Kathleen's family had 6, five kids and her as my uncle left them for another family. So every christmas we would go stay at their place as a tradition ever since Kathleen we left with 5 kids.
One time while we were at their place, my dad and I sat watching some movie, and assumed that everyone had gone to sleep. There had been a lot of giggling and hijinx happening while we watched the film and it all ended close to the end. My dad went to bed right afer the movie and I stayed up watching some christmas special. My parents room was downstairs, mine was upstairs with everyone elses. The hallway light was still on, and as I walked by one of my cousin's room, I caught a glimpse of what was in that room and it's my aunt sitting in a chair but moviing and stretching around. I took a look closer because it didn't look like the way she usually moves. When I look into the room, I saw my aunt staring back at me. She was over the mouth gagged with a stripped cloth, it was tight over her mouth and went over her chin. She was nodding at me to come in. I slipped in and she was nodding towards the corner of the room, where two of her kids, my cousins were sleeping quietly. I tip toed in and saw Aunt Kathleen closer and it was life changing. She was wearing a green slim fitting summer short dress, no sleeves but rope went around her arms and chest that pinned her to the chair she was tied to. My aunt usually wears glasses but her glasses were off and her long hair was over and under her gag. Her legs were tied up with different ropes and pairs of someone's stockings and pantyhose. She was wearing pantyhose, nude colored with light colored reinforced toes. I was fixed on her legs because they looked so silky and shiny and because she had never showed so much leg before. I wondered how long she has been there since my cousins had fallen asleep. When I got to my aunt, I tried to pull down her gag but it was tightly tied to her mouth. Seeing her sweaty, wide eyes, over the mouth gag, and squirming was very exciting to me. I untied her gag and she suddenly ssshed me. She whispered to untie her quietly. I untied hands and a few of the knots of the rope that held her to the chair and she was able to slip out of the rest. "untie my feet" she said as she was untying her thighs. As I did this she moved her toes and I was in heaven. I was rescuing this stunning adult woman. I then untied her knees. She then winked at me and she and I tipped toed out of there.
when we got outside, she belt over and hugged me. "My hero." she kissed me on the cheek. "Now let's get you Kayla and your mom." My excitement just sky rocked. Kayla is the oldest of the three girls and she is a stunning red head that everyone says is the beauty of the family. Mom is too is the fitness freak and she is always slim and looking young. So much that when we went into Kayla's room, and I saw a figure struggling lying on the bed, I assumed it was Kayla. The body on the bed was hooded with what looked like pantyhose, the legs were used as over the mouth gag and blindfold. She is wrapped up like a mummy with rope. She is barely capable of moving. The only spots with no rope are her breasts and ass. Her pantyhose covered feet are sticking out and that's what told me it was mom, being that Kayla was walking around with black tights that night. We heard some mmmffing in the corner and that's when I saw Kayla. There wasn't mu effort in tying her up, just hands behind her back with pantyhose, legs tied to gether with some string/thin rope and her mouth was taped gag. Kathleen told me to untie my mom, which I was disappointed by, because I wanted to rescue Kayla. But untying mom ended up being very exciting too. I pecked at the knocks of the pantyhose on her head and pulled them off after having to unravel them. Once they were off, mom took a deep breath in through her nose. She was still gagged underneath with more pantyhose. Now seeing a woman gagged with a pair of pantyhose was strangely sexual to me. I loved the look of legs with pantyhose on them, but being rendered helpless by these silky pieces of clothing just made me turned on. Mom's mouth was over the mouth gagged with a pair of tan/nude colored hose and once I unravelled those pair she then spat out another pair. Wow. How did she let someone do this to her? She laughed it off taking in her breath. "Those brats." she said out loud and was hushed by Kathleen, who still had a sense they were not in the clear yet. then mom whispered. "They wrecked my pantyhose." then my aunt said she could borrow a pair from her. This talk as I was untying my mom was also exciting me. It took a long time to untie my mom. I have never seen that much rope. Once we got to her legs, I saw that her skirt had risen up with the rope that was tying her and I got a clean look at her front mid panel of her hose with her control tops. It was very sexy for a 12 year old boy. Mom was very sweaty and exhausted. She hugged me and pulled me down to lie with her as she started to fall asleep again with her arms around me. I fell asleep too. When I woke up I saw that mom's ankles were still tied. I untied them and felt her pantyhose covered legs.
the ladies then explained during breakfast that they had been teasing the girls and two boys and each one was kidnapped throughout the night. Aunt Kathleen was the first and they used her to lore mom into a trap. Mom said she thought it was a kind of joke and next time she wouldn't let them get her tied that much. Kayla was kidnapped because she was mad they were using her pantyhose to gag mom. I then got excited thinking that they could tie up Kayla with her own pantyhose. I would instigate one more game but only one would ever happen again.
Monday, January 7th 2013 - 10:30:32 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:1 of 2 stories, please continue. That was a great one!
Wednesday, January 9th 2013 - 10:39:50 AM
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Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 08:44:51 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:The first time I saw my mom tied up, I wasn't the one lucky enough to die her. I am an only child, my folks divorced when I was 3, so mom tended to let me get away with more than some kids, I guess. A friend, Danny, came over every afternoon after school and hung out with me, cause his mom worked even later than mine. Being normal adolescent boys, we played video games, raided the fridge or pantry for snacks, and took turn tying one another up. One Saturday, he was spending the whole day, because hi mom had to work some overtime, and my mom told her to have him spend the day to save paying a baby sitter. After our usual activities became boring, Danny asked if I had ever tied up my mom. Stunned he would ask that, I repled no. He told me he had tied his mom up on a few occasions. He even said he would tie her stricter than me, which ws pretty strict. He then suggested we ask her, but I just knew she would say no, and told him so. He kept buggin me, so finally, I said, if you can talk her into it, go for it. "If I tie her, you have to stay out of it, not interfere, okay?" I agreed, knowing it would never happen, but, by just hanging around in the room mom was in, sighing and looking at magazines then flopping them back down, mom finally asked why we weren't playing in y room or the basement. "We're bored, Mrs. W. We've done everything over and over", Danny said. "Surely, you can think of something" she said. "Nope, nothing, mom" I answered, joining in the act. "How about you doing something with us" Danny asked. Mom just shook her head and said, "I wouldn't be any fun." Danny kept it up, tho. "Oh, come on, I bet you'd be a lot of fun" he goaded. "Well, what do you want to play?" Bingo! She's taking the bait! "Well, Jas and I ttry to tie each other up and see who can get loose the fastest. So far, Jason always wins. Guess I can't tie as good as him" Danny said, head down, drawing her into the trap. I had to help out; "Yeah, mom, Danny can't keep me tied up at all". To my surprise, after a couple of minutes of thought, mom said, "well I guess I can try to maintain the family honor". We told mom to give us 10 minutes to get our stuff we needed, then Danny recommened we use the basement. Mom agreed and we were off. We got every piece of rope, some rags, 2 differnet types of tape, and headed for the basement. Mom had gone to the bathroom, and changed clothes while we rounded up everything. I think Danny was a bit disappointed when she came to the basement, in her jeans, long sleeve blouse, and boots, instead of the shorts and tank top she had been wearing. As if she understood his thoughts, she said, "my brother tied me up when we were kids, and i learned then to wear longsleeves and long pants to protect my skin from ropeburn and marks." Danny nodded, as did I, but the next surprise was when mom said she wanted to see Danny tie me, so she could evaluate his work. So, Danny started to tie my wrists, then pushed me to the floor, tied my ankles, pulled them up and tied them to my wrists. I knew I wouldn't get looses, as he always tied me this way, and I never got loose. We had told a fib to sucker mom into playing. Danny then asked mom how he should gag me, and to my shock, mom said, "roll one of those rags into a ball, stuff it in his mouth then tape over it." Thats exactly what he did, and accomplished all this in about 10 minutes. "You know, Mrs W, that I have to do a better job on you,don't you?" Mom answered, "if you tie me like that, I'll be free in no time." She then turned around, put her arms behind her, and Danny began to tie her, using a piece of rope about 15 ft long at first. He was obviously tying her tight, as her body jerked a time or two as he pulled it tight. He next gagged her just like me, at first. He used 2 rags, and mom's cheeks were bulging like mad, then at least 3 pieces of first aid tape. He had mom set on a stool, facing me, and he knelt in front of her to tie her ankles. Mom looked at me, shrugged, then winked. Next, he tied her legs above the knees, and I was glad she had on jeans, as the rops really seemed to be tight. Still, mom seemed unconcerned. Danny next went behind her, and fumbled around in his back pack a bit. When he stood up, I could see what appeared to be some gauze pads with tape on them, and I knew he was going to blindfold mom. Kinda surprised me, but it really surprised mom. When he stuck them over her eyes, then pressed the tape down tight, she made what was probably a sound of disapproval, but he didn't seem concerned. I was looking at my mom, sitting on a stool, wrists,ankles, knees tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded. Mesmerized, I watched as my friend rendered my mom totally helpless. After the blindfold, he grabbed more rope, and used it to tie her elbows together, which had the effect of pushing her boobs out noticeably. More protest noises, but Danny was relentless. More rope, then a Ace Bandage appeared, and he wrapped mom's lower face, stopped, then stuck cottonballs into her ears, then fnished wrapping her head. Mom was definitely protesting now, but Danny wasn't thru. He stood her up, then hopped her over by me, helped her to the floor, then pushed her legs up behind her, so he could hogtie her. He used a lot of rope to do this, first tying her ankles to her elbows as close as he could pull them, then more rope tying them to her wrists. He must have used 200 feet of rope to tie her, more than ever used on me. Mom was renedered absolutely helpless, no doubt about it. Danny then left the basement for a bit. When he returned, he had mom's iPhone, and his cell phone. He took a lot of photos of each of us, mostly of mom. After about 30 minutes, he untied me and took me upstairs, where he told me he knew mom was going to be mad. Then, he told me he would send all the pictures to everyone in mom's phone list on her phone, as he had downloaded her addres book to his phone. He then went home, and I went to untie mom. After I told her what he said, mom was even madder, and told me he couldn't come over any more. After that, I managed to talk mom into letting me tie her a few times, but I lost interest when a new girl m oved into the neighborhood and I began pursuing her. I was successful as now my wife
Thursday, February 28th 2013 - 02:43:57 PM
Name: Vensylvain
Comments:Great Jason !
Friday, March 1st 2013 - 07:04:39 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Jason, great story! Please tell us about the times you tied your mom up.
Friday, March 1st 2013 - 11:00:23 AM
Name: classified
Comments:when I was in my teens my parents divorced. I lived with my mom who worked a lot she was a heels and hose worker as she put it. She would often complain to me how she hated wearing pantyhose but strangely enough she would leave them on even after she changed into her sweats or pjs. The only time she would not wear hose was on the weekends or her days off unless it was cold and snowing out. Mom really thought nothing about walking around in her bra pantys and pantyhose in the mornings as she dressed for work. For some reason I really enjoyed seeing her like that she had a great body. I never gave bondage or tying up much thought. Then things would change in a very intense way. First I had a very close friend who approached me during a camping trip and told me he wanted to tie and gag me. I thought it was very strange for a guy to want to tie up and gag another guy. He kept asking me untils I gave in and that night in our tent He hogtied me stuffed a sock in my mouth and wrapped duct tape all the way around my head. He told to struggle and make mmpphing sounds. I did what he said the ropes were tight the gag tight. He then took out a pair of pantyhose and said my mom wore these so you can smell her crotch panel. He pulled the pantyhose over my head placing the crotch panel over my nose he wrapped tape over my eyes but left the legs dangling he laughed and asked you like the smell of my mom. I could not help but nod yes. He said good and said I am not going to untie you until you agree to do what I say. He told me how he used to tie up his mom when his dad was gone. He said he pulls her dirty pantyhose over her head also. He said it turns him on. He told me his mom does whatever he wants because he has pictures and video of her tied and gagged. He then said you will also do what I say and he took out his camera and took pictures of me. He then told me from now on he was going to tie me up and gag me. I agreed my body was hurting now. He then said I want to tie up your mom. He said your going to help me or I will show these pictures to all our friends and your girlfriend. He said your going to help me right. I nodded yes. Hey said good. He untied me and looked at his watch I am impressed 20 minutes he said we will get you up to 30 minutes soon. Over the next 2 days he hogtied me in our tents. He told me how we should get my mom tied up. I could tell he was very turned on by telling me how he was going to make my mom smell her dirty pantyhose and shoes and then he said oh by the way your going to be bound and gagged watching me take care of business hope you don't mind but I don't need you fucking things up. I laid there helpless picturing him with my mom bound and gagged. A few day after we got back from camping I came home and heard this thrashing and strange noises coming from moms room her bed was squeaking. I figured she was getting it on with her boyfriend. I quietly walked down the hall and noticed the door was open and there on her bed was mom hogtied and gagged! Her mouth stuffed and tape wrapped around her head a strip of bed sheet was tied tightly over her eyes. She was in her pantyhose and blouse her skirt and shoes on the floor. her pantyhose were torn and had many runs in them. her purse dumped out and drawers opend and her jewelry box smashed on the floor. I yelled out mom thrashed about wildly. I grabbed the phone and called 911 and then untied mom she sat up and peeled off the gag which made her cry. The police arrived and mom told them her exboyfriend pushed his way in the house and tied her up and robbed us. I was freaking out. I told my friend about what happened to my mom as he was still tying me up almost everyday. I figured he would forget the idea and stop tying me up but instead he said to bad I did not see her like that I am jealous of that guy. He said your still going to help me tie up your mom. He kept tying me up for over a year and then he said it has been enough time tomorrow night I want your mom. The next night was Friday night. I was so nerveous he came over and we hung out until my mom got home told me he was not going to tie me up until he got my mom because he was going to tie me up like never before. He showed me a bag inside his duffle bag. It had rope tape and 2 ballgags and he held up 2 pairs of pantyhose he said they are nice and stinky one for you and one for your mom. I am sure she will enjoy smelling my mom. He said he got a guy he knows to go buy the ballgags for him. I was stunned and sat there frozen. He was hyped up. My mom came home after 10 pm she greeted us and we could tell she had a few drinks in her. So she was giddy. Mom sat down and said what are you guys up too? I said nothing she noticed my friends duffle bag and she said whats in the bag? My friend smiled and said a suprise for you and "Jon" She said oh really I love suprises. He said I am not sure you will like this suprise at first but I am sure you will get used to it. Mom was confused and she said what is it. He stood up and dumped out his bag on our coffee table. Mom saw all the rope,gags,tape and pantyhose. She said what the hell kinda suprise is this! You guys are not tying me up mom looked at me with a pissed off look. My friend grabbed a piece of rope and said I am afraid you don't have much of a choice Susan. He said you see I have been tying and gagging your son JOn here for months and have pictures of him. So if you don't want those pictures all over school you need to let us tie you up. Mom said yeah right. My friend pulled out a pack of polaroids and gave them to her. She looked at them and said one condition we get all these pictures no exceptions. He said agreed and then told her you better go to the bathroom then come back in here. She said I am taking the pictures with me. Shoe got up and left to the restroom. My friends said well it is time to hogtie and gag you so I can spend time with your mom. He ballgagged me pulled his moms pantyhose over my head and had me get on the floor. He quickly hogtied me. He said I am not going to tape you eyes because I want you to watch me tie your sexy mom. Mom came back in her sweats but still wearing her pantyhose. She saw me and said why the hell did you tie up Jon and why are there pantyhose over his head. He said Jon would be in my way so I got him out of my way beside he likes it don't you jon. I knew to nod yes and mmph. He told my my mom to kneel on the floor she got down on her knees and he began to tie her wrists and then elbow he wrapped rope around her chest pushing her ample breast our further. She asked him if he had to tie her so tight he told she has not seen anything yet. He then said it was time to shut you up he grabbed the ballgag and strapped it in moms mouth she moaned and whimpered. He then sat her on the floor and tied her above and below her knees and ankles together. He told how much he had wanted her like this. He then said that he was going to keep us over night as his captives. Mom strated to freak out and he then said I got a real treat for you sexy. he grabbed the pair of pantyhose and he told mom that his mom just wore these to work out and they were nice and sweaty since she never wears underwear. Mom shook her head no as he held them to her nose. He told her to smell them and he made her smell the feet and crotch then he pulled them over her head crotch panel over her nose she was not happy as he wrapped the legs around her mouth tying the toes under her nose. He said I learned that from a porn movie. He then rolled mom on her stomach and put her in a hogtie. He pushed her next to me and then ok struggle you 2 or I will add more rope. Mom and I struggled and mmpphed until we were exhausted. He annouced 35 miuntes good job. He released our hogtie sat us on the sofa our legs still teid and wrists tied behind our backs with the pantyhose and ballgags on. He retied mom and I over the next few hours he would hogtie me often saying I was troubl. He rubbed moms feet said some pretty nasty things he wanted to do to her he told her how he wished he would have been her exboyfriend. Mom was sobbing he then said I am going to take some pictures of you both tied together her took some with the pantyhose on our heads then removed them and took pictures of us. He told us that was insurance that we would not ever tell anyone. He then tossed a pair of Scissors on the floor and told us to cut ourselves free. Since I was hogtied I could do nothing. Mom was just sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her and above and below the knees with ankles bound. Mom after many fustrated tries got the sicissors and managed to cut my wrist ropes and elbow rope. I sat up and took the scissors and cut mom loose. Mom was so pissed off she was cussing and grabbed the phone and called the cops. My so called friend was arrested that night. He tried to say we wanted it and that the whole thing was my idea and that I wanted him to make me have sex with my mom. He gave the cops the pictures of mom and I they did not believe one word he said. He was charged with a hadful of crimes and he kept making up different stories even in court. He was found guilty and is still in prison. Somehow later on down the road mom and I began playing tie up games. She asked me one night to tie her up and play the role of an intruder. It felt really strange but I been doing it a few years now. she admitted she would sometimes get off during the games. I felt the was TMI but being in control feels good since I was forced to play the submissive.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 05:23:37 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Classified, tell us some of the stories about you tying up your mom.
Wednesday, March 6th 2013 - 12:11:29 PM
Name: classified
Comments:Thanks for your interest BG. To put things in a proper order. Mom was the one who suggested we "play" tie up games. Please keep in mind it was a year or more since the incident happened to us. Prior to her making that suggestion one evening I knew for certian mom had been doing self bondage for sometime. I had heard her mmpphing and sometimes moaning her bed squeaking as she struggled. I caught a glimpse of her self bound once she did not know I saw her but I must say I found it interesting that she had tied and gagged herself wearing only her bra,panty's, pantyhose and slippers. I was snooping around in her bedroom one day and came across some bondage mags and toys stashed in her closet. I was very suprised to see these things and know that mom was tying herself up. I admit I found myself wanting to play some tie up games. There were a couple girls I was friends with who would let me tie them up for a price. Then one evening my mom came home from a ladies night as she called em and asked me to join her in the living room. Once I sat down she said I really want you to do something for me. She went on to say it is something you might have a hard time doing but you are the only one who I trust to do this favor for me. I had a faint idea of what she might be hinting to but figured it was my own mind setting me up to hear what I wanted to hear. She then took a deep breath and said I want you to start tying me up and gagging me. Before I could respond she explained several reasons why she wanted to be bound. She then said there is one more thing I want you to do for me if you are willing to start tying me up. I listened as she said I want you to be a "intruder" she told me she wanted me to dress in all black and either wear a dark nylon over my head or a ski mask. She told me how she wanted me to "treat" things she wanted me to say and do during the game. After she finished she looked at me intently waiting my response. I was speechless for several minutes trying to process what she just told me. As she was about to speak I told I will do it. I will be your intruder for as long as you want to play this out. She got a huge smile and said I knew I could count on you to help me! I stupidly asked when do you want this game to start. Mom said how about right now. She told me to give her a few minutes to get freshned up. She also told me to go into her closet and get the little brown suitcase. She said you will find everything you need to tie and gag me. She went to her roon and came back she tossed me a pair of black pantyhose she said here is your mask. She said go put on some black clothes for me. I went and got the suitcase and changed. She yelled for me to take her in her bedroom when I was ready. I was shaking my hear pounding as I pulled the one leg of the pantyhose over my head. I put the rope tape and ballgag she bought into my pillow case. I looked in the mirror and saw my face the nylon had smashed my nose and my eyes looked freaky. I hoped mom seeing me would not have some kind of flashback and freak out. I walked down the hall and pushed open her door she had her back to me she was pretending to read the paper. I got a surge of energy as I approached her and without thinking clampped my gloved hand over her mouth. She began to struggle and try to scream especially when she looked up and saw me looking down at her. She froze and I began to rattle off all the things she wanted me to say to her. I found it crazy that saying those things to her came so easy. I made her get on the floor and tied her wrists crossed behind her back. I stood up telling her not to move or make a sound I went to her dirty clothes hamper and dumped everything out. I grabbed a pair of her pantyhose she was watching me. I walked back over to her straddled her pushed her dirty hose into her mouth she was protesting like I knew she would I grabbed the roll of black tape and began taping her mouth. I taped under chin which I have no idea where I got that from to this day. After that I turned around and tied her ankles she was mmmpphiing and stuggling as I tied her ankles but she was not making any progress since I was still straddling her. I got off her and then put a rope between her ankles to her wrists putting her into a nice hogtie. No mom was wearing a tank top and bra and satin running shorts with shiny brown workout tights and sneakers. I was not suprised to see mom dressed up in her workout gear but wondered why she chose this outfit. she thrashed about widly trying to yell for help and cussing me out as best she could through her gag. I had to go to the restroom down the hall and I could hear her trying to yell for help! I got freaked out thinking shit what if our neighbors hear her and call the cops. I went back to her room and told her to cool it with the yelling that I could hear her down the hall. She did not give a shit and kept it up. I then undid her hogtie and decided to take her into the basement where I figured her noise would not be so audible. I grabbed all her dirty pantyhose and stuffed everything into the pillow case and took one of her pillow cases and put it over her head and picked her up over my shoulder and carried her struggling body down the basement. She was so into this game she dam hear hit her head 2 times as I was carrying her to the basement. Our basement is semi finished so I knew we could continue the game there in some comfort. I pulled the pillow case off her head and told her she was now at my hideout where I planned on keeping her. she played it out perfect. I rolled her back on her stomach and rehogtied her. I dumped her drity pantyhose in front of her and told her she was going to wear every pair of these for me some your going to wear over your head and others on your sexy legs. She let out this kind of sexy moan but caught herself and went back to being the defiant captive. I untied her after a few more minutes and let her use the restroom and get a drink. She told me not break my role even during giving her breaks. It was kind of hard for me to stay in that role because I founf myself not really having the harsh stren words she wanted me to say to her for simple things like having a drink of water and using the bathroom. I managed to keep my role even during the breaks I just used the slang terms. I retied her to a chair and used the ballgag on her I guess it was a bit to tight mom drooled all over her tank top. I pulled pantyhose over her head and soon they were wet with her drool. I plyaed out everything she wanted me to do or say. Then I decided to play out one last trick I thought of. I pulled out the sofa bed. She had no idea what I was doing since I still had her tied to the chair with the pantyhose over her head tape over her eyes and I put headphones over her ears something she did not expect. Turns out she really enjoyed that which she told me afterward. Once I had the sofa bed out I tied rope to the corners. I decided to use 2 pairs of her pantyhose to gag her with and tape. I then removed the headphones. tape over her eyes and the pantyhose over her head. She looked very suprised whenn she saw the sofa bed out and ropes tied to the corners. She looked at me with such a submissve look and whimpered. I told her she was going to sleep tied to that sofa bed. I removed her ballgag and a huge amount of spit came out of her mouth when I told her to spit it out. Her cheeks had strap marks on them and she quietly said fuck you don't have to be so rough with me I am doing everything you say or want. I laughed and told her she is lucky I am in a good mood tonight or else she would be treated rougher. I had her untied by now. I told her to stand up and strip to her bra and pantyhose. She looked at me and said please no. I told her to strip. She stripped down and I told her to get her ass on the bed and grab the corners she laid down playing the damsel role to a tee. She was pleading as I tied her hands to the corners. I then took 2 pairs of her pantyhose and put them into her mouth and taped her mouth with alot of tape her cheeks were bulging when I finished. I then had her lift her head a put a pillow down for her to lay her head on. I then went and tied her ankles to the corners. She was all spread out nicely. I told how sexy she looked she was not happy about being so tightly tied she was not able to close her legs or her arms at all. All she could do is wiggle feet and toes and fingers. I decided to really play the asshole intruder and went and got the floor length mirror in the laundry room and bring it over to the sofa bed. I set it up so mom could see herself all spread out. At first she did not want to look but I ordered her too and then she began to look at herself. She soon began to wiggle and mpph which turned into mppphs mixed with moans. I was amazed it looked like she was doing some kind of slow dance. I could not take my eyes off her. She had long forgotten I was even in the room as she stared into the mirror at herself and would close her eyes and lift her hips off the bed. I noticed she had pulled so hard on her wrists ropes her hands were starting to turn colors. I grabbed the safety cutters and cut the rope on her wrists and ankles. I sat her up and pulled the gag off of her mouth. I yanked the nylon off my head and told her game over. She saw my concern for her I gently massaged her wirsts for awhile and then her ankles. Mom had some big time rope and gag marks. I felt like shit seeing the rope marks on her. Mom could see I was a bit shaken by the sight of her wrists. She talked me down as I told her I was sorry about 20 times. She told me it was ok it was just a game and I did the right thing like she knew I would. Once she got me settled down we talked about how things went. She told me she was very happy with how I took care of business meaning her. I told I found it hard to act and say harsh things to her. She told me she really needs me to give her this type of treatment. She asked if I would be able to keep playing the role for her. I said I will do it will not allow her to be in any real pain no matter what. She agreed and said she does not want to be in real pain either. It is just a fantasy role play nothing more. That is how our first experience went.
Thursday, March 7th 2013 - 11:41:57 AM
Name: classified
Comments:Here is another one for ya BG.

After that first night mom and I continued the game as she called it. I found it easier to play the intruder role for her. She was in control at all times meaning we had a safe word and signal. Since it was her game she would set up the scene and I was free to play it anyway I wanted all I had to do was include the thnigs she wanted and everyone was happy. We took our game on the road so to speak whenever we would go out of town we took the suitcase. After the first night when I had tied her to the sofa bed she would often ask me to tie her to beds or the sofa bed. She would often tell me that she wanted me to tie and gag her to a "bed" while is dressed in her bra, panty's, pantyhose and slippers. Which she would just kick off anyway. She wanted to have her hands tied above her head and ankles together and connected to the headboard and footboard if equipped. The gag was my choice, She also suggested I blindfold her. She told me she wanted me to be sitting on the bed next to her while she is all bound and gagged. She told I could watch tv, read a book or whatever she really wanted to be able to feel her captor next to her and hear my breathing. I have to admit it felt really cool having her that way. Once while we were at one of her companies conference/events where we got caught by one of her bestfriend/coworker. It was pretty late mom and I went to our room which was a mini suite. We had been playing tie games for 2 days we have been there without any interuptions. That is until this night the long and short of it is. I just finshed tying mom to the bed she was ballgagged and had on a soft leather blindfold which she bought. I was just about to plop down next to her and watch some tv when someone started knocking at the door! Mom struggled and mmpphed I told her softly I don't think you should play hostage right now. She shook her head yes and quietly kept playing her role. I took off my skimask and went to the peek hole in the door. It was mom's friend. I thought just freaking great we are just getting started and now drama is outside our door. I could see and slightly hear mom doing her thing. I quietly stepped away from the door back to the bed since mom was blindfolded I did not bother to put the skimask back on. I whispered in her ear who it was. Mom nodded and then got really loud! Her friend who I thought left began knocking louder. I told mom that was not cool now I gotta go talk to her drama queen friend. Mom was loving it as she kept up making noises. I went to the door and looked back you could not see mom but could hear her. I knew if I did not open the door she would call security or the cops. So I unlocked and opened the door. There I was dressed in all black my hair was sticking up from wearing the skimask. She looked at me like I was some kind of nut as she always did. She asked to speak to my mom and I told her my mom was not feeling well right now. She told me it was important. Now mom is making noise which both of us could hear. She asked what the hell is that noise I told her a movie on tv. Then mom got me into some shit when she was calling help. Mom did not realize her friend had not left! So now she heard mom calling help and she said what the fuck is going on. She pushed past me and went into the bedroom. I shut the door and knew shit was about to get out of control. She said what the fuck are you doing to her! I told her it was not what is looks like. She moved to the other side of the bed asking mom if she was ok. Mom realizing she fucked up was trying to get one of us to remove her gag. Her friend was not interested in removing mom's gag but instead calling me a fucking sick pervert and how she felt sorry for my mom. Mom was getting pissed off. I told her friend to chill out and I reached over to remove mom's gag and she screamed don't you touch her you sicko. I told her then your remove her gag. She went over and removed mom's gag. Mom said to me untie me! I untied mom and her friend was babling on about whatever asking my mom if i hurt her and if she wanted her to call the police. Mom removed her blindfold and asked for her robe. I gave her her robe she stood and put it on. Then she told her friend to shut up and listen. Her friend was taken aback to say the least. Mom we are all going out to the living room area and talk about this calmly. We went out mom told me to get some sodas and water. Her friend glared at me with digust. Mom then set her straight about what she saw and that I was not some sick fucking pervert.
Her friend knew what happened to mom and I. I heard her once tell one of my mom's friends that it was all my fault. That hurts me because I did blame myself and still do for what happend to us. Anyway after mom set her straight. Her friend said she was sorry to me and her only excuse was that she was scared for my mom. I told her no offense taken I would have done the same thing in her place. Mom told her I know eventually your going to tell everyone about this because we all know you like to gossip but when you tell everyone just make sure you tell it like it really is not how you what it to be. Her friend just stared at mom and said I would not tell anyone about this Andrea. Mom smiled and said that's fine good night. Her friend left and mom looked at me and said while I am sure you and I will be the talk of the ladies room by lunchtime tomorrow. I said to mom I told you to cool it she laughed and said come on you gotta admit it was kind of exciting! I told mom she was nuts what if her friend would have called the cops. Mom laughed and said it did not happen so let's get back to business shall we.. I said are you serious she said your damm right I am serious I want you to put on your ski mask and tie my ass to that bed like before and do whatever you were going to do. She got up went into her room and after 5 minutes of sitting there astonished by the boldness of my mom and how matter of fact she was about us getting caught by her friend just blew me away. I finally got off my ass put on the skimask went into her room and took her captive bound and gagged her like before and plopped down took off the skimask and watched a movie while mom did her thing next to me. After the movie I untied her and went to my room. We slept in as we were up very late. It was about noon when her friend came by and mom opened the door they chatted then I heard her come in they talked like they always did. I felt a sense of relief because I did not want my mom to lose her job or her bestfriend. I was funny that after that incident her friend treated me very different meaning she was very nice to me in a real way not fake like before. One time she and I were sitting outside at my house and she said I understand why you do what you do for your mom. She said it is because you really care about her. She was right.
Mom and I have been playing this games for several years now. We make it a point to play whenever we visit each other.
Thursday, March 7th 2013 - 12:34:43 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:That was awesome, Classified! I can't wait to read more about that. Thanks.
Friday, March 8th 2013 - 06:31:00 PM
Name: John
Comments:I am so excited that I found this page. I too can relate to most of these stories. For me, seeing my mom tied up and gagged started around when i was 12 or 13. During one of the family gatherings, my family and my Aunt Jen family were having supper together at our house. We ate, cleaned up and all the men went and started watching tv. Mom and Aunt Jen were playing games with the younger kids.
While I was watching i heard a sound of Mom mmmfffing from the staircase. I looked up and saw for a split second, mom being pushed and pulled passed the staircase. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I thought I saw mom with her hands tied behind her back, and an over the mouth white gag. It was hard to really tell because mom had long brown curly hair that covered her face. And there were four kids dragging and pushing her, that could have gotten in the way of her hands behind her. So I thought nothing of it.
About 10 or 15 minutes later, I heard the same mmmfffing but coming from my Aunt's voice. I looked up and saw a couple of kids pulling someone, and then spotted my aunt's gorgeous legs tugging back, then followed by her head coming into view and she was definitely gagged. Her hair wasn't as full as mom's and didn't hide her over the mouth checkered gag. Aunt Jen saw me seeing her gagged and being pushed and pulled by the kids. She tried to call for my help as the kids pulled her across the way. The sight of her helpless and wanting me to rescue her was kind of a turn on. Aunt Jen is a beautiful and tall woman, who was wearing a slim fitting skirt with matching top. I could see skipping rope wrapped around her arms and chest. Once she was out of sight, I started picturing her getting her feet and legs tied too. All night, I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. I see a few stories about moms with pantyhose with reinforced toes and i understand the attraction. When ever i see a woman wearing pantyhose with reinforced toes, it brings me back to remember my loving mom and aunts. It was their style and i can't remember a time where they were not wearing pantyhose. I often massaged mom's feet when she was still wearing pantyhose and the feeling of her silky hose was much better then her bare feet.
Now at this time, I was starting to think of what my Aunt Jen's feet might feel like and thinking they might tie her feet, I went to see if I could rescue them.
Nobody else seemed to notice and I was heading up stairs on my own. When I got to the top, I could here my Aunt mmmffing and the kids giggling that was coming from her room. But before I made it to Aunt Jen's room, I heard some bouncing noises coming from the guest room and opened the door.
There mom was struggling hard on the bed, her ankles tied with thin white rope. She was struggling and bouncing in her spot so much that her high heels had fallen off, yet were dangling by the straps from her ankles. Her skirt was pulled up and I could see she was wearing white panties under her tan pantyhose. I wanted to see Aunt Jen but mom looked frantic and a little annoyed, so I entered and as soon as she saw me stopped struggling. I pulled her skirt over her waste as much as I could. I pulled down her gag and saw that her mouth was taped with a transparent tape. I pulled it off and the first thing she said was, "Well this is embarrassing." and laughed off the situation. I help untie some of the knots which were a few. And as she was untying her chest and arms, i was able to untie her ankles and knees. I was aroused because seeing her legs tied meant that Aunt jen would probably be tied the same. Mom told me how the kids jumped her after she told them she was to strong for them to kidnap her and was quickly mistaken. then she said, "I think they got your Aunt too." I took the hint and before i headed out, mom pulled me into her for a hug, I lost my balance and my left hand slipped between her legs and as she hugged me, I felt the warmth of her legs squeeze my hand too. She thanked me for being a gentleman and told me to be the same with my Aunt.
I went into my aunt's room and it was exactly what I was hoping for. She was lying on her bad with her shoes off, her ankles tied and her feet raised onto the bed rest as the kids tickled them. She was mmmffing body was jerking around. Her body was tied all over with scarves, skipping rope, and pantyhose. Her ankles were tied with pantyhose and that sight was amazing. She saw me and tried to call for help through her gag which I assumed she was taped mouth as well under the scarf. I tried to sound like a hero but was quickly jumped by my nephews, nieces and sisters. Five kids altogether.I probably could have been fought them off but, i allowed myself to get tied up too. it was incredible how quickly they had tied rope around my arms and legs and I was sat down onto the bed beside Aunt Jen. They gave me a cleave gag with some of Aunt Jen's scarves. they pulled my legs up and i was laying on the bed, with my feet by Aunt Jen's legs. i could see up her skirt while her legs were still on the rest. Once i was down, i heard the kids see mom was escaping and they all ran out of the room after her. I could hear mom squeal and quickly mmmffled. The door was closed and Aunt Jen started to mmmfff something to me. She then started to twist in her spot and turn her body around. In doing so, her legs rubbed over my face, chest then laid on my stomach. She was tryng to tell me something but realized that she couldn't say anything and began to turn around again. She finally got face to face and started to rub her face on my to get me to remove her gag. i bit down on a corner of her scarf and she pulled away, pulling off the over mouth gag. She then nudged at me to help her with the tape. I was able to get my teeth under a corner of the tape and with a couple of tries and tugs, we were able to get the tape off. She gasped for air then rested her head on me while she was planning a way for us to get to untie each other. It ended up being her hands were able to reach one of the knots on my chest ropes and i was able to get an arm loose and was able to untie her hands with my free arm. And once her hands were free, she layed on top my me to reach over to my other arm. I was able to kick my leg ties off and once Aunt jen got off my, I bent over to untie her legs. And they felt amazing. She laid back exhausted, panting and allowing me to pick at her ties on her legs. She even lifted them back onto me so i could reach a knot on the back side of her legs. Once they were free, I gave her legs a rub as if to get circulation back into them. I laid back with her and she turned her head to me, hair messed up, our of breath, sweaty and just gazing at me like we had just made love. "That was exciting. let's go save your mom." She then decided to hop over me to get off the bed.
We went back to the guest room and mom was there, tied up again. No kids were in sight, so we entered in to untie mom. This time mom's hands were tied in front, but had a bed sheet tied over her chest and arms that pinned her arms down. Her ankles were tied with a pair of tan pantyhose, which were not easy to untie and had to be cut off. And she was gagged with tights and pantyhose, which were cleave and over the mouth combination. She was able to talk through her gag. She was pretty upset this time, as her ankles were tied really tight, the pantyhose were not clean pairs, and she was left in the room by herself with the lights out for over an hour. I then realized that it may have been that long to take me and Aunt jen to escape. As we were going back to join the family, Aunt Jen put her hand on my backside and walked with me, keeping herself close. Then separated from me and went to the bath room. That night was amazing. and I told Aunt jen in the future that it was one of my favorite times with her to which she told me that she loved that night and our escape tactics. She then told me that if she ever gets bound and gagged again, she hopes it is to me again. This comment caused another tie up adventure with Aunt Jen. But I will save that for another time.
Thursday, March 14th 2013 - 08:39:51 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Very nice, John. I'd love to hear more!
Saturday, March 16th 2013 - 08:17:37 AM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:John you are a lucky guy. Please tell us more.
Thank you.
Saturday, March 16th 2013 - 09:11:37 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Cottage

My Austrian second cousin Heidi (he one who was a Belle in the Austrian police force) and I were down from Scotland and it was Burns night.

We were beginning to be an item

We were both sitting in this little cafe just before the B&D Burns Night Ball,dressed appropriately in a knee lenght kilt and boots (as it was ferociously cold that evening).

Suddenly three policewomen from the Belles special task force came in and one of them arrested Heidi. She twisted Heidi's arms behind her back before cuffing her.

As I tried to intervene, the other two each took one of my arms and twisted them behind my back as I stood up.

I hunched forward and one of them kicked the back of my knees forcing me into a kneeling position and then she took over the other wrist of mine from her colleague. She then placed her booted foot on the back on my knee forcing me to remain kneeling but in a very upright position.

Her colleague then put a dog collar around my neck and then tied my wrists together (still twisted up my back) and then attached them to the dog collar.

You can guess that I felt helpless as I knelt there with the Belle cop holding me down with her foot on the back of my knee.

The Chief of Belles then came in and stood before me

She was a magnificent specimen of tough womanhood seductively dressed in a red leather shirt and white blouse and in magificent riding boots.

" I told you to stay out of this" she said to Heidi and me, Heidi having now also been forced to her knees in front of the Chief. "That was an order. Now I am going to have to enforce my order."

It was all to do with the financial affair that was going on in my office that Heidi and I had discovered. Or so I thought.

"However, as I can't get that through to the two of you, I am going to put you in bondage until this is over."

And with that we were hauled of to the awaiting police wagon, where we were shoved in the back with two of the Belles.

Heidi and I were then both shoved on our stomachs and hogtied.

"That should keep you docile" one of them said.

As Heidi opened her mouth to protest, a gag was inserted into her mouth.

" Have you got something to say too" the other Belle asked.

I shook my head.

We travelled about ten miles until we came to an old cottage in the woods - far from the maddening crowd.

We were released from the hogtie and led into the house. Heidi's gag was removed on the condition she kept her mouth shut.

"Actually this is one of our safe houses" the Chief said "And you will be out guests."

We were shoved to our knees again and then allowed to sit.

Heid was almost comfortable in her cuffs but my wrists were aching.

"Please" I pleaded with the Chief "will you release my arms, as they are killing me"

And with that the two Belles came over and untied me.

"Get yourself a drink" the Chief said and I got up and stretched my legs.

"Don't you wnat to know why Heidi's still manacled" the Chief said.

" I have learnt to keep my questions to myself this evening" I replied, secretly enjoying the sight of Heidi in kilt and boots, hand cuffed behind her back and sitting demurely on the floor in front of the fire. She just looked so cute.

" I know you think she looks cute" the Chief said mischeviously." We have seen the magazines in yoru appartment."

"Well she's yours this evening - only the cuffs will stay on. I know you won't take off with Heidi as her hands cuffed behind her back and she wouldn't get far in the woods like that."

"Have a nice evening. Oh by the way I'll leave the Fonz with you for protection and to stop you escaping."

Well, the Fonz was a beautiful woman, muscular, six foot two and all woman looking seducively cute in her boots and black skirt. She could ahve been a model.

"Don't try anything on the Fonz - she'll have you for breakfast" was the Chief's parting words.

And with that she left.

"Want some food" the Fonz said and I replied affirmatively.

Heidi looked at me forlornly.

"Sorry Heidi" I said "I can't do anything about your cuffs. And there is no way I will be able to take the keys from the Fonz"

After 15 mins, the Fonz came in from the kitchen but she looked different.

I looked puzzled until I realised that there were two women next to her and her hands were tied behind her back.

Not only tied behind her back but there was also rope tied around the top of her torso forcing her breasts to stick out - like a Sergent Major's on parade ground.

Her elbows had been tied together. She was also ball gagged and blindfolded.

"Hands behind your head and interlock your fingers" the woman with the gun said.

I complied

"Down on your knees"

Again I complied.

The scene was surreal.

I was on my knees, hands behind my head with fingers interlocked. Heidi was handcuffed and sitting on the floor and the Fonz was hooded and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, her torso was roped and the end of the rope was used to pull her into the room.

The woman with the gun gave her colleague a piece of rope and she approached me.

She pushed me forward on my stomach lowering me down with my long hair until I was on the floor.

She them hopped onto my back - and took my right arm and twisted it behind me back so my hand was almost touching the base of my neck.

Lucky I was double jointed as that didn't really hurt at all.

She did the same with my other hand but then tied the two togther at the base of my back, slid the rope around my stomack and the tied it off so my hands were tied tightly together and to the base of my back.

The woman then came and uncuffed Heidi.

"Heidi dear" she said " Not much of a gentleman"

" I was pulled to my feet and Heidi took over.

" I'll sort him out this evening" she smiled.

The other woman looked at the Fonz and ran her hands over her .

"And you my dear Fonz are mine this evening"

The Fonz shuddered as she could guess what was coming.

You see Maria Moriaty was the Chief of Belle's mother and she had a crush on the Fonz.

I was going to be a long night for the Fonz
Thursday, March 28th 2013 - 05:21:10 AM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Cottage

You will be surprised what happened to me, not least because I doubt you have heard of the special task force known as the Belles.

It is a counter intelligence group made up solely of women, because it is recognised that women have superior mental powers - and also can be trained to be as lethal as the men

My mother the one who is a Belle in the Austrian police force) and I were down from Scotland and it was Burns night.

We were both sitting in this little cafe just before the Burns Night Ball,dressed appropriately in a knee length kilt and boots (as it was ferociously cold that evening.

Mum had been given tickets to the ball as a fund raiser from the Getty Institute for whom she worked. As she was recently divorced she asked me to be her partner for the night.

Never having been to a Burns night ball nor indeed having wore a kilt before, I thought it would be an interesting experience.

Suddenly three policewomen from the Belles special task force came in and one of them arrested Mum.

She twisted Mum's arms behind her back before cuffing her.

As I tried to intervene, the other two each took one of my arms and twisted them behind my back as I stood up.

I hunched forward and one of them kicked the back of my knees forcing me into a kneeling position and then she took over the other wrist of mine from her colleague. She then placed her booted foot on the back on my knee forcing me to remain kneeling but in a very upright position.

Her colleague then put a dog collar around my neck and then tied my wrists together (still twisted up my back) and then attached them to the dog collar.

You can guess that I felt helpless as I knelt there with the Belle cop holding me down with her foot on the back of my knee.

The Chief of Belles then came in and stood before me.

She was a magnificent specimen of tough womanhood seductively dressed in a red leather shirt and white blouse and in magificent riding boots.

"I told you to stay out of this" she said to Mum, Mum having now also been forced to her knees in front of the Chief. "That was an order. Now I am going to have to enforce my order."

It was all to do with the financial affair that was going on in my office that Mum and I had discovered.

Or so I thought.

"However, as I can't get that through to the two of you, I am going to keep you tied up until this is over."

And with that we were hauled of to the awaiting police wagon, where we were shoved in the back with two of the Belles.

Mum and I were then both shoved on our stomachs and hogtied.

"That should keep you docile" one of them said.

As Mum opened her mouth to protest, a gag was inserted into her mouth.

" Have you got something to say too" the other Belle asked me. I shook my head.

We travelled about ten miles until we came to an old cottage in the woods - far from the maddening crowd. We were released from the hogtie and led into the house.

Mum's gag was removed on the condition she kept her mouth shut.

"Actually this is one of our safe houses" the Chief said "And you will be out guests."

We were shoved to our knees again and then allowed to sit. Mum was almost comfortable in her cuffs but my wrists were aching.

"Please" I pleaded with the Chief "will you release my arms, as they are killing me"

And with that the two Belles came over and untied me. "Get yourself a drink" the Chief said and I got up and stretched my legs.

"Don't you want to know why your Mum is still manacled" the Chief said.

"I have learnt to keep my questions to myself this evening" I replied, secretly enjoying the sight of my Mum in kilt and boots, hand cuffed behind her back and sitting demurely on the floor in front of the fire.

She looked such a damsel in distress. Wow was she so cute.

" I know you think she looks cute" the Chief said mischeviously." We have seen the magazines in your appartment."

"Well she's yours this evening - only the cuffs will stay on. I know you won't escape while Mum has her hands cuffed behind her back. Anyway if the both of you ran, she wouldn't get far in the woods like that. Have a nice evening. Oh by the way I'll leave the Fonz with you for protection and to stop you escaping."

Well, the Fonz was a beautiful woman, muscular, six foot two and all woman looking seducively cute in her boots and black skirt. She could have been a model.

"Don't try anything on the Fonz - she'll have you for breakfast" was the Chief's parting words.

And with that she left.

"Want some food" the Fonz said and I replied affirmatively.

Mum looked at me forlornly.

"Sorry Mum" I said "I can't do anything about your cuffs. You heard the Chief. And there is no way I will be able to take the keys from the Fonz"

After 15 mins, the Fonz came in from the kitchen but she looked different. I looked puzzled until I realised that there were two women next to her and her hands were tied behind her back.

Not only tied behind her back but her elbows had been tied together. On top of that there was also rope tied around the top of her torso forcing her breasts to stick out - like a Sergeant Major's on parade ground.

She was then ball gagged and blindfolded.

"Hands behind your head and interlock your fingers" the woman with the gun said.

I complied.

"Down on your knees"

Again I complied.

The scene was surreal.

I was on my knees, hands behind my head with fingers interlocked. Heidi was handcuffed and sitting on the floor and the Fonz was hooded and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, her torso was roped and the end of the rope was used to pull her into the room.

The woman with the gun gave her colleague a piece of rope and she approached me.

She pushed me forward on my stomach lowering me down with my long hair until I was on the floor. She them hopped onto my back - and took my right arm and twisted it behind me back so my hand was almost touching the base of my neck. Lucky I was double jointed as that didn't really hurt at all.

She did the same with my other hand but then tied the two together at the base of my back, slid the rope around my stomach and the tied it off so my hands were tied tightly together and to the base of my back.

The woman then came and uncuffed Mum. "Lori dear" she said " Not much of a gentleman, is he?"

I was pulled to my feet and Mum took over. "I'll sort him out this evening" she smiled. I swallowed in horror. I had been set up and my ownmother was going to torture me.

The other woman looked at the Fonz and ran her hands over her.

"And you my dear Fonz are mine this evening"

The Fonz shuddered as she could guess what was coming.

You see the woman was Maria Moriaty was the Chief of Belle's boss and she had a crush on the Fonz.

It was going to be a long night for the Fonz - and I guessed for me too.

Mum chuckled as she led me into the bedroom....
Friday, March 29th 2013 - 07:54:34 AM
Name: cool zero
Homepage URL: http://youtu.be/boX1Jlj6fxU
Comments:I been wanting to post here for a while now but was kind of waiting to see if this dream book is current.

My experiences with my mom are similar to classifieds if I am recalling correctly.

I started tying up my mom in my 20's since her experience took place when I was around that age.

This was back in the late 80's.
My mom was a manager of a department store.
So it is pretty safe to say she was a heels and hose women during the week. Unless it was winter then she wore thick tights or hose everyday.

It happened one morning in the winter. My mom and 3 of her employees were robbed at gun point by 2 masked men.

Mom told me every vivid detail prior to us starting our tie up game.

The men grabbed one of the employees as she opened the door to the store. My mom and 3 other women were in the back working when they heard a voice tell them to get on the floor! It was then they saw the 2 men holding guns. One man held the employee until my mom and the other 3 women laid on the floor face down. they made the woman they were holding do the same. The men asked who was the boss?

My mom said she was and then the men told them to stand up and strip! They stood up and began to take off their clothes. One man said leave your bras and pantyhose on. One women was not wearing pantyhose or tights. the robber who told them to leave on the bra's and pantyhose told his friend go get her a pair of pantyhose! His friend left and came back with a package of pantyhose he tossed it to the women and said put em on! she sat down and everyone watched her put on the pantyhose. Mom said the women was so nervous she ran the hose. They men laughed and said now back on the floor face down hands behind your backs ankles together and don't make a fucking sound.
Then one of the men tossed a large black duffle bag on the in the middle of them and said time to tie you bitches up. They laughed and said this is our favorite part of robbing bitches! One of the men dumped the bag and mom said there was a huge pile of rope and rolls of tape. The leader told the other guy go get some more pantyhose so we can stuff their mouths before we tape em.
The man left came back with several packages of pantyhose and opened them tossing them on the floor next to the rope.

will post more later
Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 11:14:21 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Looking forward to it, Cool Zero!
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 10:50:58 AM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:There is something erotic about hearing about a real victim telling their story. Although I have never met a woman who was the victim of a robbery, am friends with a man who was involved in a robbery in the early 90s while he attended college. He was left in just his jockey shorts restrained and effectively gagged with duct tape and a jockstrap was shoved in his mouth, he worked at a store that specialized in expensive sneakers and sports wear. He was left bound and gagged in the storage area for sixteen hours.

In spite of the robbery and the danger he was initially in, he still gets a rush being bound and gagged for long periods of time. He seems to crave tighter and longer periods of time.

So please continue your story and tell us more about your mother, especially after the robbery. She is alive and sounds like was unharmed physically.

Thank you.
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 01:27:47 PM
Name: cool zero
Comments:Thanks for the interest in my post.
Continuing where I left off last night.
The other guy who I will just call robber 2 from here on out to prevent confusion.
Robber 2 tossed several pairs of pantyhose on the floor next to the pile of rope.
Robber 1 told each woman to take a pair of pantyhose wad it up and stuff it in their mouths.
Mom said she was surprised how calm they all were they put the wadded up pantyhose in their mouths. Then robber 2 grabbed a roll of tape and wrapped several times each of their heads except for my mom. Mom said their cheeks were bulging robber 1 told them to scream except for my mom. The other women screamed and realized they were muffled well and the robbers told them no one is going to hear them so they better keep doing as they are told. They all nodded yes.
Robber 2 told them all including my mom to lie on the floor on their stomachs with their hands behind their backs and ankles together. They did as they were told.
Robber 1 grabbed some rope and began tying their hands while robber 2 watched them mom said they chatted as if they were having coffee. They decided that the 2 older women will be tied back to back. The other woman closer to mom’s ages which was in her 30’s. She would be tied to a post until mom was brought back into the room.
Robber 1 finished by tying moms hands crossed behind her and then told robber 2 to fix up their hostages while he takes boss lady to the safe. Robber 1 reached down and helped mom to her knees then her feet which were untied at this point. He told her to walk slowly in front of him to the office where the safe was. Mom said she started walking and robber 1 began to comment how sexy her pantyhose covered was and looked. Mom said she was afraid of what he was going to do to her once they got into the office. Once in the office she said he helped her get down on her knees facing the safe. He told her she could spit out the pantyhose in her mouth after he untied her wrists which she said were hurting. He warned her not talking unless spoken to mom nodded yes. He untied her wrists and she spit out the pantyhose. He told her to open the safe and then to move over and put her hands behind her back face to the wall mouth closed. He asked mom if she understood she softly said yes. She told me her mind was preparing for the worst concerning his sexual comments as she walked in front of him.
She opened the safe and then moved over and followed his instructions. Robber 1 picked up the rope tied her hands crossed picked up the pantyhose and then said since you are being a good hostage I will get a clean dry pair of hose to stuff you mouth with. He called out to robber 2 and asked for rope tape and more hose. Robber 2 said here I come but Robber 1 said are the other hostages done up? He said yeah man got those fines asses bound and gagged well. Robber 1 said let me hear em. Robber 2 told them make some noise for the man bitches. Mom said she began hear mpphing sounds and struggling sounds. Robbers 1 said cool tell em cool it and bring the shit I told you. Mom said her heart was racing as robber 2 brought in the stuff as robber 1 called it. Robber 1 then said go watch those hostages I am going to spend some time with boss lady and shut the door on your way out. Robber 2 left shutting the door. Robber 1 told mom to open her mouth and he stuffed 2 wadded up pairs of pantyhose in her mouth grabbed the roll of tape and wrapped it around her head several times. He said scream mom tried to scream but she said it was like nothing came out. Robber 1 said good girl you realize no one can hear you or help you right? Mom nodded yes holding back tears. Robber 1 said relax we are not going to rape any of you we are just going rob you and leave but until we are ready to leave we are going to tie and gag you all until we are ready to leave. He said we have to stay in practice for our next hostage right. Mom nodded yes. Robber 1 said I am the leader so don’t think my friend out there is doing anything to your employees. Mom nodded yes. Robber 1 then said you are the sexiest hostage I have had in a long time and I am going to enjoy tying you up in different positions and you’re going to put on a nice show of trying to get loose and making lots of noise for me ok? Mom nodded yes and robber 1 said well let’s begin. She saw him check his watch he said we have plenty of time before the rest of your ladies get her. He then stood mom up and walked her over to her office chair sat her down and began tying her to it. Mom said he tied rope everywhere and quickly when he was finished her legs were tied spread and feet pulled under so her hips kind were kind of pulled forward but her upper body was tied to the back of the chair. She said she felt like she was arching in a way. He sat down and said sorry about the spread legs but I love seeing pantyhose crotch panels on my hostages as they struggle.
He told mom show time and she tried hard to move and please him but he had her tied to good she could barely move anything. She made noises like he wanted. She said he was smiling the whole time.
After what seemed like hours but was some minutes he told mom good job and now for your next tie. He untied her and had her bend over her desk long ways with her hands out in front of her. He tied her wrists together and then tied a rope between them to the desk and then tied each ankle to each leg thus again spreading her legs. He then tied a rope over her and around the middle of the desk pinning her to the desk. He then turned on the radio and found some upbeat song and told mom he wanted her to shake her ass to the music and struggle and make good noises for him. She did as he said she could see his reflection in the glass when she turned her head to one side. She said he was smiling probably touching himself over his jeans. When the song ended he untied her from the desk. He then made her stand up and put her hands behind her back this time he tied her wrists side by side and then he tied her elbows. He then took a knotted rope and tied it around her waist and between her legs. Mom said she was frozen as he passed the rope through not touching her then she felt him pull it up her back side and then a knot hit a spot as mom called it and she tried to scream but no use. He said got it didn’t I mom said her face was red and tears filled her eyes. He told her it is a special treat for her only since she was the boss. He then hobbled her ankles and took her by the arm led her back into the store room with the others who were putting on a show to robber 2 she said they were sweating from struggling. Robber 2 was drinking a cup of coffee and eating a doughnut. He saw mom and smiled so you’re the lucky one today. Mom said the other women were told to look as robber 1 told them about mom’s new friend the crotch rope and what those knots are doing and going to do real soon. Mom said she was so humiliated as robber one put her on her knees facing the other women.
Robber 2 said time to go lets hooded tape and get the fuck out. Robber 1 said let’s do it I will hood em and tape em you grab all their clothes and shoes dump their purses take all their jewelry and cash even the fucking pennies. Put all that shit in a bag with the real cash.
Mom said Robber 1 took a pair of pantyhose and pulled them over the woman who was tied to the poles head he said crotch panel on your nose too bad they are clean he then grabbed the tape and tapped over her eyes and mouth around her head several times.
Then robber 1 said now to you 2 fine old ladies. He cut the tape that was wrapped over their mouths around both of their head holding the heads together.
Robber 1 hooded each one the same as the first woman taped them the same and once he was done run the tape around their mouths pinning their head together again they were tied back to back with their legs out in front of them tied above and below the knees ankles side by side.
Robber 1 said ok boss lady your turn mom was hooded and taped. Then robber 2 said ok got their shit. Robber 1 said come here and help me hogtie boss lady and her friend on the pole. Robber 2 untied and put the women on the pole into a hogtie mom was placed next to her and hogtied as well. Robber 2 said hey lets tie their faces to old broads feet like we did those chicks before. Robber1 said good idea. Mom said she was pulled forward until her face was pressed against a foot then rope was tied around her head forcing her face to this woman’s foot. The woman next to her was tied the same way. Robber 2 laughed and said enjoy smelling her stinky ass feet bitches I can smell nasty things from here! Both robbers laughed Robber 1 said fuck lets rope our 2 hogtied hotties together for the fuck of it make it harder for the cops or whoever finds them to untie em.
Mom said they tied ropes all over her and the other woman moms toes were tied the soles of her feet and anywhere else they could tie a rope and connect it to the other woman and the same was done to mom they connected the other woman’s ropes to her.
They laughed and robber 1 knelt down whispered in moms ear enjoy that crotch rope honey and slapped her on her ass.
They women heard the back door open and close. Mom said they just laid their quietly afraid to move.
Eventually they all started moving and making noises mom said every part of her body was hurting and the crotch rope was killing her not in a good way she told she just began sobbing uncontrollably. She said they were all sobbing when they heard the door open and voices they went for it making as much noise as they could and soon their co workers were in the stock room freaking out calling police and untying and cutting ropes off of them.
Mom said they police got there very fast and she was humiliated even more when the officers took over and cut the ropes off them and knowing one of those officers saw the rope tied between her legs and going up through her behind. The tape and pantyhose were removed and mom said it hurt their faces were red and sticky.. Paramedics came and wrapped them in blankets and treated them.
Mom said the 2 older women quit the next day and the one mom’s age stayed on with her and eventually transferred. Mom got promoted to the corporate side. The men were not caught until about 2 years later.
Monday, April 8th 2013 - 11:12:51 PM
Name: cool zero
Comments:It is that experience that got me into tying up my mom on a regular basis for several years.

I knew she was robbed at work and small bits of what happened.

Then one night I am guessing about 6 months after it happened. I was driving her home from a party and she told me that she wanted to really tell me what happened during the robbery.

I was shocked, pissed off and wanted to find those guys. I went through a million emotions as I listened to her tell me every detail I felt like I was actually there.

When she finished she looked at me and said I am drunk and need to be to ask you what I am going to ask you.

Then she said I know you are into tying up women and have been tying up girls since you were in Jr High. I was speechless.

She laughed I know all about you and your games.

She said that is why I want you to start tying me up now.
I said are you kidding she got annoyed no I am not kidding I want you to tie me up but your going to be my robber not my son for this game.

I was not making the connection just yet she was more annoyed and said look genius your going to pretend I am your hostage hello role play here!

I got it and said are you sure this is a good idea she got pissed now. She said yes it is a fucking great idea because for some reason I think this will help me get over this shit ok.

She said are you going to help me or not?
I said I would be the robber but was not sure what to do.

She looked at me and said give me a break what you do is put a mask over your head take me tie me up gag me pretend I am your hostage.

I said ok so I can do whatever I want to you then?
she looked at me and said no your going to do things to me like that fucking guy did but no crotch ropes ever!

I said I am cool with that she said I know you have ideas and fantasy's so I am sure you will be a good robber after a few times right.

I said you are right and to show her just what a good robber I was I drover her back to my apartment took her up stairs tied her to a chair ballgagged her a first for her at that time. Went and put a stocking over my head came back made her struggle and took a few polaroids of her.

It was about a 2 hour session and by the end of it she was impressed at how I handled her.

We began our sessions as she like to call them weekly we would try to start on Friday and play off and on throughout the weekend but sometimes with work and things we would have to start on Saturday.

We took our games on the road with us as well. We both had very high stress jobs and it was a great way to relieve that stress dumb as that may sound.

I was never a big pantyhose guys but it did not take long to win me over that soft silky material awesome!

we played for several years until one day she told me it was out of her system and that was about the time they sent those 2 criminals to prison for a very long time.

Mom and I still hang out but no tie ups or any of that stuff. We chat about it once in a while but it was fun well it lasted as she said and I am ok with it.

Monday, April 8th 2013 - 11:35:05 PM
Name: Abandon
Comments:Oh man these posts are intense. I thought mine was wild.

I never got to tie up my mom but I got to watch my dad tie and gag her every night.

I was in my teens in the 70's when I first got to see what bondage was all about.

One day I rolled in from school and heard some hard rock playing my dad was old school Nam Vet and loved hard rock.

I walk into the living room expecting to find pop drinking a brew. I not only find pop drinking a brew but see my mom and aunt encased from head to toe in pantyhose and taped up!

My pop looks at me and says have a seat and watch the show.
I watched as my mom and aunt wiggled and rolled around making noise for about an hour.

Then dad handed me some medical shears and said cut em loose son! I knelt down and cut them loose as dad watched.

My mom and aunt who were in bra's and panties stood up and left them room to go put on clothes. Dad told me I could watch him tie up my mom and aunt and will be his official untier but he would not let me tie them up.

It really did not make sense but my dad made the rules and the cash plus you never argue with a combat vet.

So I got to see my aunt bound and gagged daily see my aunt divorced and moved in with us for 2 years and I learned from dad that her rent was bondage on call.
Meaning dad paid her way for the 2 years she lived with us but her job was his personal bondage model as he called her. Then of course mom got her share as well daily for her mom however had her sister my aunt to keep dad happy while she cooked and cleaned and mom worked so my aunt filled in she also helped my dad with his business. He worked from home so he had it made he could have my aunt tied and gagged in his office and still work and make bank! Way cool is what I thought.

I used to race home from school to enjoy seeing my aunt tied and gagged some how some way somewhere in the house.

Dad had a friend from Nam who was a leather worker and he made dad gags for his ladies as he called them dad had 3 of every kind of gag ball,bit,plug and one ring gag which was for mom only.
He had blindfolds and straps and piles of rope.

I would sit and watch my aunt and mom struggle and mmmph as dad worked of watched the game or listen to music. I could see he enjoyed running things as he put it and everyone was cool with and enjoyed being run so to speak even my older sister. One time she was home from college and I get home from practice and find her my mom and aunt hogtied and gagged Mom in her bra and pantyhose ring gagged my aunt in cut offs and tank top ballgagged and my sister in running shorts tan knee hi's and white t shirt plug gagged!

I about shit myself when I saw my sister she looked at me rolled her eyes and went back to struggling with my mom and aunt. mom was drooling all over and dad scopped her up took her to their room and took care of his needs. I was left their with my aunt and sister not sure what to do they were trying to say untie them now game over. But I was frozen staring at them. Then dad yelled out good ahead untie em boy and shut the door. I untied them and they removed their gags leaving me with rope and gags. My sister raised 1 finger she said this is our safe sign that means untie us dip shit! I did not know about signs she and my aunt were pissed off at me the rest of the day.

I looked forward to seeing my sister tied up she treated me like shit and seeing her bound and gagged watching her struggle was priceless to me she hated the fact I got to see her bound and gagged so much so she complained to my dad who told her to get over it.

See dad told me he was paying for my sisters college and apartment car basically my sister got spoiled rotten and all she had to do is join the tie up payment plan.
My sister ended up getting her Masters degree so I got to see sis tied and gagged plenty she hated it which made it even better for me.

My aunt remarried her first husband go figure and moved out after 2 years.

So mom was our main source of entertainment she did not care as she told me dad started tying her up after their 2nd date so she was used to it nothing new. They were high school sweethearts according to mom.

My sister had set times when she would come home to visit but also to pay her debts in full.

One time dad had my sister hogtied and ballgagged in her room when one of dad's clients stopped by for a business meeting dad told me to get in my sisters room and watch her while he had his meeting he said I just tied her up. He went downstairs and I strolled into my sisters room and she saw me and gave me that pissed off indigent look. I smiled and said it's just you and me now sis dad has a meeting. I shut the door. She gave me her sign and I said sorry no sign time dad said he just roped you up. She struggled hard and pouted to bad. I noticed for the first time my sister was wearing tan full fashioned stocking and I could see her garters peeking out from under her skirt. Her chucky heels next to her. I sat beside her looking at the soles of her feet I found the stockings very sexy for some reason she was staring at me. I said my your feet stinky she got pissed struggled hard then made pouty sounds drool was starting to leak from the corner of her mouth. I then said I am going to touch your feet and you cannot stop me can you ? She shook her head no as I slowly ran my hands over her soft damp soles. I then said fuck it I undid her connecting rope and told her I was taking her to my room.

Just then dad came in and said sorry honey I am in a meeting we will finish later and shut the door. Then he came back in and said go ahead and untie son.

Ok I said and he shut the door I heard him walk down the steps. I looked at my sister and she lifted her finger and I said nope your going to my room now! She was still tied wrists and ankles I told her my room or here either way I am not untying you yet.

She made whinny pouty sounds and I said my room she nodded yes.
I helped her up and held her as she hopped down the hall to my room. Once in my room I got my ropes out that I used to play tie up games with my friends. I told my sister I was putting her back into the hogtie and was going to play with her pretty stocking feet.
I helped her on the floor and put her between my bed and the wall so if dad came in he would not see her and she could not roll away. I reconnected her into the hogtie and she struggled for me and her skirt rode up to the point I got the full show black panties black garters and of course her stockings. I played with her feet for about 30 minutes. I sniffed and rubbed and kissed her smelly feet. I enjoyed telling her how stinky her feet were as I smelled and kissed them. She just pouted and made whinny noises.

I let her go after the 30 minutes and she called me a bunch of names and slammed my door.

About 10 minutes later I heard dad tell her he was ready to get back to business.

I heard some mmpphing and squeaking sounds and went to see as I always did her door was open and dad had tied her to her bed her feet were lifted off the mattress and attached to the foot board her hand were tied to the corners and her head was on a pillow she had the plug gag blindfold head harness on. Dad also tied her legs above and below her knees he said we don't want to see up her skirt.

We watched her struggle and mmpph moan and what not mom came home and soon found herself hogtied in my sisters room ballgag harness and blindfold for mom dad had her strip to her bra and pantyhose right there before he tied her.

Now dad had got a phone call right after he had mom trussed up and he left and I could not resist moms hosed feet. I could smell them from where I was they were sweaty her tan hose were damp as I moved in and touched them. She jumped and I whispered into her ear it me and I did the same to her feet as I did my sisters who had stopped struggling and was listening intently. Mom mpphhed and struggled but I went for broke. I heard dad coming and he untied moms connecting rope picked her up and told me to untie my sister and he took mom to their room. I untied my sister she was surprised and I went to my room.

I never got to help or do any tie ups and my mom was not happy I smelled her feet that time and she decided to try and teach me a lesson.

One day when it was just her and I she scolded for smelling her feet and told me to get down and smell her feet. I got down took off her shoes and was blown away by the smell she said I want to smell my pantyhose that I worn for 3 days now maybe now you will learn to not be a pig. Mom was getting off on being in charge sadly for her it back fired and she got really pissed off when she realized I was loving every minute of it.

She told me dad when he got back he cussed me out and by this time told me to pack my shit and get out I was old enough to leave home.

I left and never went back my sister got in touch with my once to try and make peace with everyone but I was not interested.

All I have are the things I got to see and that is good enough for me
Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 12:43:51 AM
Name: Young Lad of the 70s
Comments:Cool Zero

Touching stories. Thank you.
Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 03:47:11 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Nice, Cool Zero! Abandon, it's too bad that things ended the way they did, but that must have been something to see.
Friday, April 12th 2013 - 11:25:02 PM
Name: Classified
Comments:First off Cool Zero glad your mom and co workers were un harmed and justice was done! Hope you might share a bit about the times you and your mom played.

Sorry you had a rough go of things Abandon.

I had been thinking about one of the road trips mom and I took when we were "gaming".

As I stated before I jump around with my experiences.

This road trip came about during a winter. Mom had signed up for a weeks time at one of the company's time shares they had for the executives.

It was a ski lodge about 150 miles from where we lived. We had been there many a time and mom loved skiing and it was just a cool place to relax and play.

Anyhow she got the week off and the lodge when I came home that from work she told me about her time off and asked me to take sometime off so we could go and catch up on game time.

She had been traveling a lot and I had my own tractor trailer which I had decked out nice. I was running local so I could take care of the house while mom was gone. A good friend owned the company and I could pick and choose to go out of state when I wanted or when mom wanted to go on a trip.

She loved riding with me and she got to see a lot of the states.
I enjoyed having her company and it was fun to have her tied up in the sleeper while I drove sometimes.

I called my boss and asked him for a run to that state. He told me he had one within 15 miles of the lodge which was perfect and I got a load coming after our stay so I was happy.

Mom was excited as well and told me she had been missing game time since we were often both busy.

I agreed with her on that I missed it as well as Cool Zero put it was a good stress release for me and I think her as well.

The day came for us to leave and mom packed her stuff in my truck and we headed out. We stopped at the yard and I picked up the loaded trailer and paper work.

It was lightly snowing where we lived and with rush hour traffic driving was a pain in the ass. Mom could sense I was getting annoyed so she kept the conversation light and picked out good cd's to listen to. Mom loved to make food for our trips so she busted out the coffee and snacks. Pretty soon I was content.

She told me how much she was looking forward to hitting the slopes and softly said feeling her captors ropes.

She asked me if the captor was looking forward to spending time with a ski bunny hostage.

I smiled he sure is in fact he has already planned something for his little ski bunny.

Mom smiled and mad a hmmmm sound as she took a sip of her tea.

The weather got worse but mom was a great navigator and kept me on point as I drove.

It was pretty late as I recall when we got within about 15 miles of where I had to drop off the load before we headed to the lodge.

I pulled into a truck stop so I could fuel up check my truck and mom could use the ladies room.

Now if it matters mom was wearing jeans a heavy sweater and some black leather winter boots which looked like work boots but had a fake fur around the ankle. I knew she was wearing either black pantyhose or black tights that was a given she was wearing nylons of some type.

Once we got back in the truck mom asked me how far are we to the yard. I told her about 15 miles. She said I want you to do something for me.

I knew where she was going. She wanted to be tied up for the rest of the ride in.

Normally I would have had no problem with it but the weather was shitty.

She told me to rope her up in the sleeper and once we got close to gag her. Like you have done before.

I told her I did not think it was a good idea with the weather she pouted and said my captor would not care about the weather when he had to hide his hostage.

I smiled ok you win as always.

She smiled of course I win because I wear the pantyhose and get tied up!

I took out my ski mask and put it on she had climbed in the back of the sleeper.

I went into the sleeper and pulled the curtain.

She had pulled out the bunk and taken off her boots heavy shiny black tights that had a reinforced toe very nice.

She was laying face down her hands behind her back.

I tied her wrists and elbows then tied her down to the bunk and blindfolded her.
I tied her ankles and connected a rope between them to a small hold down ring in the floor.
Her feet were very sweaty and the smell was strong. She tried not to giggle as I was tying her feet.

I told her to be quite as I did not want to gag her until we were basically in the yard in case she needed to be released.

I opened the curtain took off the mask and headed down the road. I put a mirror on my dash once we started this game so I could see her and make sure she was ok but also sneak a peek of her struggling.

Post the rest later

Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 03:20:20 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Classified, awesome, so far! I can't wait for more!
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 06:39:16 PM
Name: Classified
Comments:Thanks BG here is the rest.

Mom was doing her thing as I drove and about a block from the yard I pulled over and since she was blindfolded went back into the sleeper and looking around for a gag saw moms scarf.

I picked it up and pressing it to her lips told her sternly to open she opened her mouth and I wrapped the scarf twice around her head and tied it off. It was a thin scarf which was easy to work with.

I told her to behave herself she knew I was about to enter the yard. "behave yourself" was one of our code words we used.

She nodded and mpphed she wiggled around as I checked her ropes to make sure she was ok and to reinforce to her she was my captive.

I climbed back in the drivers seat reached over and closed the curtain.
I the proceeded to the entrance of the yard. I stopped at the guard shack and the guard climbed up on to my truck.
I gave him my paper work and then he climbed down and buzzed me in.

I dropped the trailer where he told me to but I always got anxious when I knew I had mom trussed up in the sleeper and I was out of the truck.

I am very protective of her and never liked leaving her alone when we were game on.

I took about 10 minutes to drop the trailer because of the ice and cold. I was in and out of the truck and made sure she was ok she would nod yes to my promptings.

After the trailer was dropped I headed back to the gate and the guard gave me my paper work back and we headed to the lodge.

I opened the curtain and asked my captive who began to struggle and mphhh if she was ok. she nodded yes and played her role the rest of the way.

we got to the lodge and drove down the road to where our place was.

I parked and went to untie mom and got her down to her gag, blindfold and wrists she shook her head no and pulled away when I went to untie her wrists.

I told her to stop we had to go inside she pulled away from me again.
I then said so I have to carry your ass into the place she giggled and nodded yes.

I then told my captive to get ready and I went around to the side of the sleeper and opened the door and with her help slid her out in my arms.
I carried her over my shoulder because I had to dig in her purse to get the keys and open the dam door.

She enjoyed playing around as I carried her basically she was being her usual princess self.

I got the door open and got her inside found a light switch no thanks to her wiggling.

I set her down on the sofa and told her game over I had to untie her.

I untied her wrists and she removed her blindfold and gag then busted out laughing. She said the look on my face was priceless. She said she loved to make me work for it.

I went and brought in the rest of our things and mom went to her room and unpacked I did the same.

We ate a really late dinner and chatted she wanted to know what surprise the captor had for his hostage.

I told her is was a surprise. My plan was to encase her in pantyhose first surprise and second to tie her to a chair in front of this huge window overlooking the slopes and the trails.

We went to bed and mom went skiing in the morning so when I woke up she was gone.

I got ready made coffee and sat looking out the window. Eventually mom came back she was fill of energy. We ate breakfast and talked she told me she wanted to change into something more comfortable.

That was a cue for me so I went got masked and our little suitcase with ropes and gags.

Mom was on her way back to the living room when I got her from behind perfect timing.

I held my hand over her mouth and took her to a chair near the big window which was open. I sat her down and took our white ballgag from my back pocket pushed it in her mouth and buckled it. I then tied her to the chair which I pulled into the center of the window.
She was playing her role but also looking at me like I was nuts! She had no idea I had tested this out prior to doing it.
From the trails you can just see 2 shapes in the middle of the window.

Once she was tied I pulled the other chair next to her and the small table.
I went and got myself a cup of coffee and came back she stared at me and gagged talked I was nuts!

I smiled sipped my coffee and sat down next to her and told her to enjoy the view.

Now really quick mom was wearing a very nice gray sweat suit the kind not meant for working out she had on fluffy white socks and slippers which I tossed off to the side as I was tying her ankles.

She shook her head struggled and mmmpphed but when she saw people she would not move.
I laughed because I was sitting there with a black ski mask on!

I told her no one can see us but suggested she just enjoy the great view telling her she will have plenty of time to struggle against my ropes and gags later. She kind of let out this little moan of anticipation.

We enjoyed the view for about 20 minutes and then I untied her leaving he wrists and ankles bound I took her to my room. I laid her on my bed and tied a rope between her wrists pulling her hands up over her head tied the rope to my head board.
I then tied a rope between her ankles and lifted and held her ankles in one hand pulled the rope tight so when I let her ankles go her feet were suspended off the mattress.

I then tied her above and below her knees. She was loving it.

The beds are European Kings they are freakin huge and had heavy wood 4 posts with head and foot boards great for tying.

She struggled as I kind of dozed off. I stayed close enough to her so she could nudge me.

She nudged me and I woke up she was drooling like crazy. I took out the gag thinking something was wrong she said thank you look at me I am a mess. I cut the ropes off her asking her what happened and she said for some reason the ball felt really big in her mouth when she was laying there and drool just came out like water.

She said she was ok and it really made her feel so helpless as she could not stop drooling.

Mom really amazed me she truly enjoyed the game.

She told me to get ready for lunch. We went and ate lunch I walked her back along the trail pointed to our window so she could see.

She laughed and said that I got her on that one.

She said we are going to eat dinner at the steakhouse which you have to wear a suit and tie to get in to eat.
She asked if I brought my suit and tie?

I told her I did she asked me to take her into the city she wanted to get her hair and nails done.

We hopped in the truck and drove into the city. we found the salon where her co workers go when they stay at the lodge.

I went in and after 5 minutes went and got some coffee and sat in my truck. Between the smell of hair products and women gossip I thought my head would explode.

Mom looked amazing when she came out. I never described mom before but she had the Ann Bancroft look from the movie the Graduate.

Mom was no slouch she took great care of herself.

We headed back to the lodge and got dressed for dinner.

I was waiting for her in the living room when she came in. My jaw hit the floor she had on a very nice simple black dress and patent leather pumps closed toes. She had on some black hose with seems down the back. and she had a fur coat she loved to wear.

I told she looked awesome she smiled and thanked me picked up her purse and said I am sure my captor with enjoy his rich business woman hostage tonight. What do you think?
I smiled oh yes he will enjoy her very much.

She took my arm and we walked to the steak house we got our table and had a great meal and mom was hinting around about our game later.

I played it off. After dinner we went over to the lodge bar type area they had live music mom and I had some drinks and enjoyed the music.

Everything was cool until this guy came up to mom with a drink and tried chatting her up in front of me.

She told him she was with someone and turned and grabbed my hand. They guy was older then my mom by about 10 years but thought he was hot shit I guess. I got pissed off pretty quick. I said a few things to him and he backed off and went away. Mom told me he saw her on the slopes this morning and tried hitting on her she told him she was with someone but she figured he did not believe her until now.

We walked back to our place and mom went to freshen up I locked up and went to get the game stuff.

I was still pissed off by that guy as I pulled a nylon stocking over my head
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 08:46:08 PM
Name: Classified
Comments: Sorry Here is the end technology sucks some times.

I heard mom in the living room already she had turned on the stereo and I made my way down strairs into the hallway.
I ducked into a bed room and made a noise mom came to see playing the role and I took her and got her back into the living room and helped her onto the floor face down.
I wasted no time and panel gagged her and roped her up into a hogtie. Mom struggled and mmphed. I was still annoyed by that guy to the point I did not really pay attention to how tight I might have tied and gagged her.
I came to my senses when her shoe flung off her foot and hit my leg.
I went and began to check her ropes and the gag strap.
She looked over her shoulder at me and shook her head yes I think she knew why I was checking her. I sat back and let out a sigh and watched mom struggle in her dress.
Then I saw she was still wearing her dress it was not a cheap dress and I said I cannot let her ruin this dress.
I told her I was going to make her change. She shook her head no and really thrashed around she was going play it her way for now.
I told her that defiance is going to cost her later. She rolled on her side looked at me and pretended to be angry calling me names. Mostly asshole I think.

She had her fun and when her dress had ridden up to the waist band of her Cuban heel pantyhose I called back time. She was ready for a break and I wanted to get her changed into something else workable.
I untied and ungagged her she went to change came back in some denim shorts t shirt still rocking those sexy Cuban heel pantyhose.
She came over to where I was standing hugged me and said thank you for taking care of me all these years and protecting me. Don’t let that ass get to you.
I felt a little better . She laughed and said game on and ran into the living room.
I ran after her and after a few trips around the sofa I caught her and tied her up. I told her since she wanted to defy me earlier and try and escape from me now that I was going to put her into a very special bondage.
I helped her up off the sofa and held her arm as she hopped to the center of the living room.
I picked her up and set her down then went to our case and took out 6 pairs of pantyhose and tossed them on the floor next to her.
She was cleave gagged and looked at me and said oh no.
She knew I smiled oh yes it is encasement time for you feisty little hostage.
She tried to stay in her role but giggled at my comment.
I came back harsh laugh now but soon your little ass is going to be bound gagged and encased head to toe in pantyhose.
She pouted and I told her to roll over on her stomach. She did pouting as I untied the rope from her wrists and wrapped her wrists with tape. Then I did her ankles and above and below her knees. I realized after I just trashed those sexy Cuban heel pantyhose.
I then lifted moms legs so her feet were at my face and told my hostage how sexy her smelly pantyhose were. She played her role and pressed my lips to her soles and kissed them and took a little sniff.
I was not a hardcore foot fetish but the smells were interesting and her feet were pretty and soft. But the main reason was she was self conscience of the smell of her feet. She told me my dad and one of her really close friends and called her out about the smell of her feet back in the day and it humiliated her because some other people heard it and laughed and stared at her.
She knew why I was doing it and I admitted to her several times the smell does not bother me and it is kind of intoxicating.
I do toss in some foot smelling and tickling of her feet in our games.
I began encasing her at her feet first and worked my way up to her head. I had a pair of her freshly worn pantyhose from the day before we left for her head.
I knew she would not love having them over her head but I have hooded her with her dirty hose many times before so it was to be expected.
She knew when she saw them in my head and pretend to get really angry as I had removed her gag so she could talk shit to me during the process.
I smiled grabbed the panel gag and strapped it in her mouth she was still trying to talk shit and then I pulled her smelly hose over her head cotton panel over her nose of course.
I wondered how she felt have her own dirty hose over her head and having the panel over her nose.
I asked her afterward because I always wondered and found her answer interesting.
I then tied the legs around so the toes were under her nose.
Then I taped her upper and lower body and soles of her feet.
She was mmmpphing more pouting then anything I teased her about smelling herself and of course she acted pissed off .
I finished with the taping and sat on the sofa watching her explore her new bondage. I went and got a drink and sat on the floor near her as she rolled around and mpphhed and tried to cuss me out.
I decided to take her upstairs to one of our rooms.
I made sure everything was shut down and knelt down and got mom on her feet. I went to grab the suit case and she decided to start hopping away.
I got her and picked her up over my shoulder and carried her and the suit case up stairs and seeing her room was a mess with clothes and stuff took her in her room.
I laid her on her bed and she was staring at me I then went to the foot of the bed and pulled her down toward the foot board. I then cut the tape from her soles and tore open the hose encasing her feet exposing those fully fashioned Cuban heels. I rubbed her feet and she began to relax and then I tickled her feet and she rolled around and laughed and then I would rub them until she was letting out big sighs and then tickle them. I then got down and did a bit of smelling after a long foot massage and she moaned as I pressed my nose between her toes she was wiggling and curling her toes so tight. After this I cut her loose and we called it a night.
I am no fool mom told me sometimes she really really enjoys the games. I knew what she would do after tonights game.
A few times over the course of the years I saw her doing a little self bondage with a gag as she took care of herself.
She never knew I saw her and I did not stay and watch but noticed because she did not close her door all the way or one time happened to be in the living room when I came home from work.
That time she knows I saw her because she saw me but we never mention it.
Which brings me to the dirty hose over her head she told me in a round about way it arouses her not all the time but certain times. She said the first time she felt that feeling she felt very ashamed but she was powerless to do anything since I had her tied up.
The rest our trip was just like the first 2 days skiing and hanging out with a good dose of tie up games mixed in.
I decided to beat mom to the punch for the ride home I tied her up in the sleeper ballgagged her over the pair of pantyhose I put over her head.
She called me an ass of course but we enjoyed the ride and once we got bondaged out she was riding up front with me looking at her rope marks and went in back came out with a ballgag put it in her mouth and put on her sun glasses. I laughed my ass off as she wore that dam thing off and on until we got home.

At one point she had it in her mouth and another truck pulled along side of me at the truck stop the guy did a double take when he saw mom with a ballgag in her mouth.
He honked and waved and then held up his cb mic and number of fingers for a channel.
I tuned in and he said that is one hot lady you got with you mom was blushing but loving it. He said honey you look great with that big red ball in your mouth I gotta get on of those for my wife.
He said you know how to keep your lady nice and quite for those long trips alright.
He asked if she was tied up?
I said no mom lifted her hands he said if to her if you were with me you would be tied up in some sexy panties and that is it.
Mom gagged talked into the mic for him a bit as he pushed on passed us. He told mom honey you made my day the next 400 miles I am going be thinking about you.
He said to me you are one lucky S,O,B.
After that mom took off the ball she was blushing and all flustered I laughed and said you asked for it I told cars cannot see up but other trucks can see us.
She said I think I will just behave the rest of the way now.
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 09:59:54 PM
Name: Cool Zero
Comments:Thanks for the interest and kind words.

Man Classified your experiences were as intense as mine.

I like your style and I think I will just share the experiences that come to mind instead going 1,2,3.

I have to admit when mom and I started this role play I really had no interest in pantyhose or feet but as time went on I found the pantyhose mixed with bondage exciting and feet seemed to work their way into the mix as well.

When mom and I were not meeting for role play I dated some girls who were into bondage one girl was a friend of mine in school and would have never guessed she was into bondage. She just told me she liked it one night as I drove her home from work.

I had bondage games as much as I wanted so to speak. Of course my games with my girlfriends were much more different then with mom for obvious reasons.

The first time we played took some getting used to for me not the bondage but the role mom wanted me to play for her and how she wanted me to play that role.

She was not to thrilled by our first 2 games and she laid it all out for me exactly what I was to do.

Our 3 session was spot on and by our 8 session she was happy with my role.

Mom went and bought some gags a plug gag/ballgag harness with blindfold and 2 ballgags one normal size and the other was 1in 5/8 or 1 in and 3/4 either way it was a big hard pink ball.
I called it the drooler everytime I used it on her she drooled.

One time mom had went to house sit for a friend of hers and I was to drive up and keep her captive over the weekend. She told me in no uncertain terms were we going to break roles bathroom eating and the other things would be done in role.

I she told me a few other things I was to make her do or do to her depending how I looked at it.

I got to the house it was already dusk and she saw me pull up so she went and opened the door.

I grabbed the bag and went in shutting and locking the door pulled the black stocking over my head and went into the living room where she was. She had on skirt blouse and pantyhose which was what she wore to work so that was her thing for the game.

I walked in and did the burglar role I did a quick tie and gag of her and then took her by her arm and she hopped while we went and checked the doors to the house.

I led her into the dining room and made her take off her skirt and bend over the table I tied her to the table the way the robber tied her to her desk and then I went and turned on the radio and told her to dance just like the robber did.

She just did it. It was as if she tuned me out.

After that I retied her to one of the dining room chairs and sat and ate in front of her taunting her.

After I ate I fed her and took her to the restroom.
Once she was done I pulled out the sofa bed and tied her to it. Prior to that I put her in the ballgag blindfold head harness. Tied her spread out and turned on the tv.

She did her thing and I kept my eye on her eventually she gave up.

I untied her and retied her hands behind her back I removed the ball harness and regagged her with a simple cloth between her lips. I made her walk me around the house pretending to look for stuff. Of course she expected me to say things as she walked in front of me. I have to say saying the stuff she wanted me to say to her was the hardest part of these games it just never feels or is right.

After the tour I hogtied her in the owners bedroom and found her friends dirty clothes hamper and hooded her with her friends dirty hose. That really threw her for a loop she was not expecting that and the funny part about it is her friend like my mom wore hose everyday so I had plenty of smelly ones to choose from. I had her wear a couple pairs that I liked the color and style and she was hooded with a few more and I stuffed her mouth with a few pairs over the weekend. I was thinking what her friend is going to think when she sees her pantyhose on top of her laundry hamper instead of mixed in with her clothes like they were.

I roped mom in every room including the garage. She stayed in her blouse bra panties and whatever pantyhose I wanted her to wear. Nothing more nothing less. The only time she was untied was to sleep, use the restroom and eat. Other then that I had to keep her tied and gagged in some way.

I bought leather cuffs and straps to use on her for the in between times.

After the games mom would tell me what I did good and what I did bad.
She was not shy to let me know I sucked at certain parts of my role.

I had to remind mom a few times that this is not for real meaning she was back in that day she was robbed.

It was fun though I mean I got to do things to her my girl friends would not let me do like pantyhose hoods.

I know there was more to mom wanting to re enact this thing then she will ever tell me which is cool but It was fun while it lasted.
Sunday, April 14th 2013 - 11:13:57 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Cool Zero and Classified, awesome!
Saturday, April 27th 2013 - 12:06:43 AM
Name: Gotcha Mom
Comments:Pretty interesting posts here.

My mom's ex boyfriend left her tied and gagged dressed in her girdle with graters attached to tan rht stockings.

He tied her sitting up to her head board arms stretched out toward the posts her chest roped to the headboard to keep her pinned against it.

Her legs spread with ankles tied to the foot posts by longer ropes which were tied tight.

He strapped a large black ball in her mouth.

Before her left he left a detailed note for me on the kitchen table.

When I got home from class I was in college at the time. I found and read the note and walked down to moms room where she was exactly as the note said.

He set up the cam corder on her which was live fed into the tv so every thing she did she could see on the tv screen as it was also being recorded.

I was fucking blown away to say the least have to admit mom looked HOT!

I reread the note to her out loud she was blushing as I finished and I went to the "toy" drawer and found all her toys. Mom was so humiliated she just pouted.

I rewound the video tape in the camera and we sat and watched the video. Her ex taped everything even shot close ups of mom.

Mom just whimpered as the video played finishing up with me reading the letter out loud.

I removed her gag and untied her and then I took the video out of the camera.

She asked me where I was going with that video of her?

I told I was going to keep it and put it somewhere safe and sound.

She asked why and I told her because real soon your going to let me tie and gag you like your ex did.

Moms mouth hit the floor she was speechless and all she could say is why? I told she looked really hot tied and gagged so I want my turn.

She asked if she let me tie and gag her if I would give her the video back. I said I would.

Little did mom know that I was going to film our session so I would have a new video.

We had our session and I filmed her once we finished I gave her the video her ex made of her. She asked for the new one as well. I told her next time.

Tuesday, May 7th 2013 - 04:50:48 PM
Name: B.G
Comments:Gotcha, Mom, let's hear about your experience with her. Thanks.
Wednesday, May 8th 2013 - 12:26:51 AM
Name: Grandma Tied Fan
Comments:Does anyone have a link to the Grandma Tied stories? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!
Friday, May 10th 2013 - 12:37:26 AM
Name: Robowarrior
Comments:Happy mothers day to all you moms that have been tied and gagged
Sunday, May 12th 2013 - 10:19:36 AM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:In December of 2012, at the ripe old age of 25 (and a half!), I was finally financially ready to move out of dear old mom and dad's place and move in with my GF (fiance, when I get MORE financially ready). Most everything was resolved--the cable guy was coming, the electricity had been turned on, my parents were ready to say goodbye to me being in their house each and every day (even if I'd be moving to an apartment just a short distance away). However, something in me was unresolved. For about a year before that, maybe more, I had fantasized about tying my mother up. One day, about two weeks before I moved out, I decided to tell her about it. My father was out with friends, doing an annual Christmas shopping trip.

At about 5:30 PM, she pulled into the garage and greeted the cat. I was in my bedroom, ready to work up the courage to tell her. She came up the carpeted stairs fairly quietly, but once she reached the landing and the hardwood floor, I could hear her heels clicking. My door was slightly ajar and she knocked it open, greeting me. I turned and returned the greeting. She was wearing a cream colored skirt that was tight around the waist, but fairly loose everywhere else, and fell to just above her knee. She had on pantyhose and a modest, but attractive pair of heels and a blouse whose color I can't quite recall, but I'm sure it matched everything. Her hair is short, red, and curly--features I got from her, minus the red hair. For her age--pushing 60--she looks pretty good. From the outside, I'd never guess she was that old and had me at 25 and a daughter six and a half ears older.

Anyway, she asked how my day was and what not and we bullshitted for a few minutes. As she turned to walk away and get changed, I spat out that I had a "funny" dream in which I tied her up and wouldn't let her go. Her face turned a bit red and she laughed it off.

I smiled and said, "The best part, though? You were gagged and couldn't talk!" She and I have had some fairly lengthy screaming matches in our life, mostly due to butting heads thanks to very similar personalities. She chuckled.

"I'm sure you'd love that to be real," she giggled out. I nodded and then asked the question I'd been waiting to ask for quite a while.

"Want to try it...for real?" I thought I leaked this question out to her meekly, but I must have been more authoritative than I thought. She was taken aback, but after a few moments worth of deliberation, she agreed! My heart fluttered and I smiled excitedly before dashing off to the garage to grab the minimal supplies we had in the house. "Pickings were slim," I said on my way back into my room. "But I managed to find some stuff." I held up a coil of rope and a roll of duct tape (my father's a carpenter, so some of these supplies make sense).

"Where do you want me?" she said.

"Right here in the middle of the room is fine," I answered, positioning her so that if she lost balance for whatever reason, she could flop onto my bed or into my desk chair.

Nervously, I stared binding her wrists as she--no doubt also nervously--held them behind her back. She gasped a few times as the ropes tightly coiled her wrists and it took quite a bit of effort for me not to return those gasps with moans of excitement of my own. "Snug?"

"Very," she replied. I turned her around and grabbed her by the shoulders, careful not to make too much eye contact. I sat her on the bed and knelt down and began to tie up her ankles and knees. "Don't make runs in my pantyhose!" she pleaded. I ignored her and kept working. She asked if I heard her and I replied with a half-serious, half-melodramatic retort.

"I heard you the first time. And if you ask again, you're going to get gagged sooner than you think!" She clammed up quickly and let me finish on her legs. "Done!" I pronounced. "Well, try to get out!" She obeyed my command and begin to writhe on the bed, twisting, turning, struggling.

"I can't," she said with a half-defeated tone.

"I suppose that's the point!" I said winking at her. "Now, the finishing touch..." I bent down and picked up the roll of duct tape and began to finger it softly.

"Do you really have to do that?" she said with a nervous twinge.

"'Fraid so," I replied with a half-grin, half-frown on my face. I ripped off one strip and plastered it to her lips. Her eyes went wide, bulging even, and she began to talk into the tape, asking how long she'd stay like this. I ignored her and ripped/pressed three more strips onto her mouth before answering her with, "However long I want!" (You'll notice I didn't pack her mouth with anything...didnt' want to scare her off)

She resumed her struggling, this time with some more grunting and gag talk. It was heaven for me, a fantasy fulfilled. And, frankly, she looked pretty good struggling on my bed. Wrists tied. Ankles and knees cinched. Mouth gagged. It was a wonderful early 'going away' present and she stayed tied for about half an hour.

Since then, we've played more games that have gotten slightly more PG-13 and have involved me being tied up as well. I'll be sure to recount those here when I get a few free moments. Hope you enjoyed the story! Email me for chatting/role play, whatever. Hope to hear from all of you soon.
Sunday, May 19th 2013 - 06:48:48 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Hi, all! Hope you liked my first story. This next one brings us to the very recent past--as in this past Monday!

Rare is the time when my schedule and my mother's will match up. I generally work 12-13 hours a day and by the time I'm back to my apartment--which I share with my GF--she's long since settled in at home and not by herself. It just so happened that this past Monday, my first job had a meeting which caused me to call out of my second job. Mondays also happen to be my mother's regular day off. We agreed in advance to meet at my place after my work day. Luckily the day flew by and the meeting was a short one, so I was able to get home fairly quickly. Waiting for me at my apartment--she has a key--was mommy dearest.

Her outfit was simple (to start, at least!): jeans, flip flops, and a gray t-shirt. I was still in a shirt, tie, and suit pants. She made a small crack about me being overdressed so I promptly fixed the situation by stripping to my tank top and boxers. It was then that I noticed the bag by her feet. "What's that about?" I inquired. She replied:

"You'll see!" and she sauntered off towards the bathroom. When she reappeared--after I'd gathered some rope, a ball gag, and some silk scarves designed for bondage--she was a little less dressed than before...but more dressed up. She came out dressed in a pair of black stockings--complete with garter belt!--and some lacy black bikini style panties and a matching bra.

My jaw dropped--this was not the first time we'd seen each other in our underwear during the course of our games, but this was certainly the most flattering set of lingerie she'd put on, even if it wasn't as outrageous as a thong or boy shorts or some crazy push-up number.

"Wow! I said out loud. "Let's get you taken care of...." I walked over to her, careful to try to hide the 'discomfort" that was beginning to peak out of my shorts. I sat her down on one of my dining room chairs and she placed her hands behind her back obediently. I wound the black rope I owned over her wrists and and elbows--which sadly wouldn't touch. She breathed deeply as I bound her, but tried to make conversation about the day. I distractedly answered questions before pulling my black ball gag off the table. Obediently again, she opened wide and I strapped the gag in easily and tightly; that's the nice thing about her short hair: it never gets in the way of the ball gag straps. Love it.

After quieting her down--though her gag talk was stronger than it had ever been--I moved to her stocking clad legs. With great concentration--which was rather difficult given her sudden struggling and the outfit she had on--I managed to tie her ankles and knees.

"MMM....mmm....mmmmpppppphh!" came the noise from above me. I just winked and stood up, appraising my captive.

"Hmmm, what more do you need....?" She shrugged her shoulders in response and threw out a chorus of more muffled moaning, slipping forward on the chair. "That's it!" I exclaimed before grabbing more rope. Mostly ignoring her moaning, I grabbed more rope and looped it around her upper chest, harnessing her securely to the chair. Despite her new restrictions, she struggled harder and more vigorously now. "Not going anywhere!" I joked. She retorted with some gorgeously garbled words and I just winked and picked up one of the scarves. "I"ve got work to do," I say, pointing to the stack of papers behind me. "So I'm going to leave you here for a little while. I'll come back to you either when I'm ready or...." I stopped talking and tightly tied the black scarf over her eyes. "...when you manage to work this off!" She gave a frustrated grunt into her gag, but immediately went to struggling.

I moved to the nearby couch (hooray for glorified studio apartments) and began to mark up papers. Reading student work is hard enough sometimes...it's even harder when there's a bound, gagged, blindfolded, and lingerie clad woman sitting just feet away from you. Every so often--more like every five seconds--I'd pick my head up from the teenage memoir I was reading and admired the view. The black of the bondage gear matched the black of the undies quite well and the red of her hair made a good contrast.

"Ungh...ungh...." she said, tossing her head, trying to get the blindfold off. In her struggling--and perhaps because of my earlier distraction--the ball gag had suddenly popped from her mouth!

"Better come back and fix it..." she teased over and over again. I jumped right up and firmly held her mouth shut with my hand. Her lips vibrated softly but vigorously onto my palm. I unhooked the fallen ball gag from her neck, then grabbed the second scarf. I deftly balled it up and shoved it between her motioning lips. "MMMMMMMM!" Once her mouth was stuffed, I undid her blindfold and fashioned it into a cleave gag. "MMMPPHHHH!" once more as her green eyes adjusted to the comparatively bright light of the room.

"Now I'm going to have to make sure THAT gag stays on!" I said authoritatively. She gave me a puzzled look as I dropped to my knees and began to unwind the rope around her knees and ankles. She shook her head no and said

"Doonfff gagpphh meeephh wipph ropphhs!"

"That's not what I'm planning..." I said as the last knot came undone.

I took a deep breath and unhooked her stockings from the garter.

"Mmmmm!" she mumbled in surprise. She tried to make my task harder by struggling a bit more now that her legs were (temporarily!) free. Still, the harness stuck her to the chair pretty well and she wasn't going anywhere (not that she necessarily wanted to) After a few minutes, I got the stockings off of both legs.

"My reinforcements..." I said as I wound the stockings over her already gagged mouth. A few deep moans emanated from behind her silky gag and I could tell she was a big fan of this new addition to the gag. Smiling and nodding, I walked back to my couch and continued to "work" while mom moaned and struggled the afternoon away.

I kept her tied to the chair for the next 45 minutes or so, occasionally going to check on her knots and add a touch of hand-gagging over her stuffed cleave/OTM gag before she had to depart. We haven't had a chance to play yet since, and I'm not sure when we will again. But until we do, I have the wonderful image of my redheaded mother, struggling against black ropes and a black gag to hold me over.
Saturday, May 25th 2013 - 02:41:55 AM
Name: Curt
Comments:I love it when 50-60 year-old women get tied up! Many thanks for sharing your stories with us Squints. Anybody know a site that features such women in bondage, like older bondage models who have given up posing for pay or such ladies as Squints' mother? Squints, how about you posting a couple of pics on the TUGS picture page?
Sunday, May 26th 2013 - 12:09:57 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://email for chat/rp
Comments:Sorry, Curt, no pics. But I do have a new story...


First off, made a tumblr: http://ofhumanb0ndage.tumblr.com/ check it out!

This is the story of the second time my mother and I played bondage games. You'll recall that my first story took place in late December. This one takes place in early/mid January. My GF was sleeping at her parents' house for something and my father was out at a Union meeting, so mom decided to drop by my place after her dinner. She brought over the original rope and tape we used, and I got my meager bondage supplies (purchased stealthily by my GF and me over the months) ready; I had some rope, a ball gag, handcuffs, and a few silk scarves. My mother called to let me know she was on her way. As I hung up the phone, I looked down at the supplies I had and decided on a hard/soft surprise for when she arrived.

Minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Making damn sure it was her, I checked the peephole and confirmed mom's presence outside. I made a quick move back to the bedroom and grabbed my hard handcuffs and soft scarves. "Come in!" She entered, an I pounced. Positioning myself behind the door, I was able to close it as quickly as she walked in and jump her, my hand holding her mouth.

"MMMMPPPHHHH!" she yelped in terror.

"Hi, mom!" I said in a cheery voice, just to remind her it was me and that things were all okay. She calmed down a little, but started to struggle in my arms, so acting quickly, I pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them.

"Ow! Ungh! Are those handcuffs?!"

"Yup!" again, with a cheery voice. "No more questions!" I passed the silk ribbon over her mouth and cleaved her teeth with it, tying it off in the back. "Hard bonds, soft gag!" I giggled. "Now, if you'll excuse me..." I added, putting her on the ground. "I've gotta eat!"

As she writhed on the floor, battling the stiff handcuffs, mumbling into her soft gag, I watched and ate a quick supper of soup. When I was about halfway through the soup, her gag started to slip and her face was getting about as red as her hair. Taking some mercy, I stepped forward, slipped the soak silk out of her pleading lips and undid the cuffs for her.

"I don't like surprises like that!" she said in mock anger. I apologized and told her that she'd know what was coming from now on.

"First off, I need to finish dinner, and you need to be tied up while I do that," I said. "And...you'll be tied up for that, but not handcuffed. You'll also be gagged with that tape, and something else."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I need to make sure the gag is effective, so I'm going to need to stuff it with the scarf. See if you can do that without gagging." She tried balling up her former gag and putting it in her mouth. It worked to perfection. "Fantastic..." I said, a prelude to pressing strips of tape to her lips. I moved to the floor and began to tie her, this time starting with her legs, which were clad in jeans. She wore flats over and she had those on two. To be nice, I complimented the shoes before tying her ankles and she grumbled a muffled thanks from behind her stuffed tape gag. "Time for your arms!" Deftly, I spun her over onto her stomach and reveled in her labored and moaning breathing as I immobilized her wrists and elbows.

I ate my soup with eyes on my struggling mother, whose struggles started to make her shirt ride up, exposing her stomach. "Trying to show off some skin for me, are you?" I quipped. She looked up at me with just her eyes and blushed, whimpering an embarrassed utterance into her gag. "Haha! We'll discuss that later..." I finished the soup I was eating and did the dishes, all while mom struggled and MMMPPHHed! on the floor. After I finished the dishes, I noticed that her shirt around her shoulders was also starting to slump, showing me a nude colored bra strap. "You can't help yourself, can you?" Again, an embarrassed moan into the tape. "Well in a roundabout way, it's my turn to show some skin...I need to shower. Come with me!"

She shook her head no over and over again, moving and twisting hard now. "Don't worry," I said with a hand raised. "I"m just bringing you into the bathroom with me so that you're not alone and tied up, okay? I'll even blindfold you before. Okay?" After a few reluctant seconds of thought, she agreed. I used the silk scarf to blindfold her, stripped, and showered. When I got out, I tightly wound a towel around my waist and lowered her blindfold without my warning. She shrieked with surprise into the gag and frowned at my being mostly naked. "I'll be back...." I said exiting the bathroom. I returned wearing boxers and a t-shirt and dragged her into the bedroom. "I'm going to untie you now to give you a break. Then, I want you to pick from the stuff how you want to be tied next okay?" She agreed and I untied her and we chit chatted for about 10-15 minutes. When the time came...

"How about you just tape me up? I don't think I'm ready for the ball gag," she said.

"A wise choice!" I smiled and began to rip off the strips of tape for her mouth. She went to gag herself again and I slapped her hands away. "No, no...that's my favorite part!" She blushed and agreed. Without another moment's hesitation, I began to tape her up. Writs. Elbows. Thighs. Knees. Ankles. I got onto the ground with her, and backed her up to my chest. "Ready to be gagged?"

"What kind of question is that? I don't have mu---MMMPPPHH!!" I cut her off with a swift handgag before stuffing her mouth with the scarf and then plastering the strips over her lips. "MMMPPHHH MPPPHHH!" I cackled with delight as her helplessness was made complete. Acting cool, I hopped up onto the bed and pretended to watch TV.

"Want to watch this? Oh, right! You can't answer!" It was corny as hell, but I couldn't help it and it elicited a few frustrated moans from her, so it was totally worth it. I stopped watching the TV after a few minutes and just stared at my captive matriarch. Again, her bra straps were showing and from this vantage point, I could see down her shirt. "That bra really wants to come out, huh?" She blushed and shook her head no. Sensing her discomfort, I let it go. I just watched her struggle in the tape for another fifteen minutes or so before it was time for her to leave. As she left, she apologized for her bra's behavior. I told her it was no worry and that if it wanted to be seen, it would be. She shifted uncomfortably, but hinted that she wouldn't mind if her shirt came off.

"It gets kind of hot when I'm tied up..."

"I bet," I said, trying not to overly acknowledge the double entendre.

I crossed my fingers, hoping...


Hope this was also to your liking! Email me, please!
Monday, May 27th 2013 - 07:30:23 PM
Name: cc
Comments:Enjoyed your second story very much, Squints. You do a mighty good job of tying and gagging your mother, and describe it in a very exciting way. I can understand your not wanting to post pics of your mother bound and gagged (but am open to your changing your mind)but do you know of a site featuring 50-60 year-old women (or older)? Amateur (preferred) or pro. . . Look forward to more of your stories. . .
Tuesday, May 28th 2013 - 07:43:20 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Hi, guys! This was semi-unexpected, but mom and I just finished a session tonight. My GF had to go back to her folks' place for the night and my father happened to be playing golf. Even though I had all night to play, by the time I got home from work and we both got done with dinner, mom had just about two hours to play with.

Due to the relatively impromptu nature of the "game," my hopes of another sexy outfit from mom were dashed (you'll recall her lingerie from a previous play session). She showed up in jeans and a t-shirt and flip flops. "Alright, I suppose we've gotta make this quick..." she nodded and quickly went to the chair. I shook my head and told her to lay on her back on the ground. "I'm going to try something on you, ma. It's called a frogtie." She looked at me inquisitively and I tried explaining it. Her face contorted more and more and it seemed that my excitement belied my explanatory skills, so I resorted to the trusty Internet. I walked over to my laptop and found this picture: http://www.americandamsels.com/bondage/free-stills/DVDLegacy-SarahBlakeGoldieP.jpg (NSFW, bondage/nudity) and showed it to my mother, who blushed quite quickly. "Their legs are frogtied!"

"I...I don't know if I can be that flexible."

"But don't you think it's worth a try?"

"Okay, let's try its," she said a bit nervously.

I sat her up against the leg of the dining room table and decided I was going to tie her arms around it to restrain her further. "Jeez," she said. "I"m certainly not going anywhere tonight..." I simply shook my head at her, and chuckled. She tugged against the ropes and the table and neither she nor the table budged much.

"Mission accomplished!" I chortled, before instructing her to bend her knees. Fiddling, I wound her legs with ropes and got her into the frogtie, occasionally glancing up at her nervous green eyes. Once I was done, she remarked,

"I'm pretty exposed, huh?"

"Well," I replied. "Just be glad you're not in what those ladies in the picture were in. Or..." I paused for effect, thinking of our game last Monday. "What you were in last time." Instantly, her face reddened and she averted her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't wear something like that again tonight..."

"Next time!" I said cheerily, mentally crossing my fingers and toes. "Now, no more talking. Open up...." She opened wide, readily accepting the black rubber ball gag I whipped out of my pocket. Biting down as I strapped it on, she was silenced.


"Looking and sounding great," I said as she helplessly struggled and moaned, restricted completely by the frogtie. I let her struggle for a little while before I noticed that her nipples were starting to poke through her bra and shirt. She threw me a knowing glance, her face again supremely red. I looked away as not to make her feel self conscious or embarrassed. Instead, I quipped, "Wow, mom. Those girls may be models, but you certainly look better tied up!" She blushed again and giggled behind the gag...

Unfortunately, the clock was ticking and I had to let her out and let her go. I'm not sure when we'll be able to play again, but she and I agreed that when we do, there's going to be a roleplay/character aspect to it, which should be fun! You know the drill, email me for chat/rp/whatever. I've already heard from a few of you and I hope I hear from more!
Wednesday, May 29th 2013 - 07:40:47 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Squints, you are coming through with some really cool stories! Thanks.
Monday, June 10th 2013 - 06:50:37 PM
Name: solarcharger
E-mail address: solarcharger01@yahoo.com
Comments:You know, a LOT of this sounds like pure fantasy! Personally, I'd like to see MORE TRUE stories of Mother's being tied up and/or tickled on the feet! Not so much of someone's fantasy, altho, we've ALL had THOSE!!
Thursday, June 13th 2013 - 12:05:07 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Hi, all. As you'll recall, during my last story, I relayed that mom and I agreed that we'd be doing some roleplay for the first time. So, we decided to incorporate a teacher/student game into our latest tie up session. She had off on the day and I didn't, so despite the age inappropriateness, I played the roll of the teacher. She, in her jeans and t-shirt and flip flops, played the role of the student.

After some awkwardness and some giggling, we started in earnest. As I tried to teach the "class," she would make noise (pop imaginary gum, tap a pencil, etc.).

"Miss ______," I said. "Please stop that." She rolled her eyes and stopped for a few seconds before it started. Soon after her restart, I began to walk around the "classroom" making sure I ended up behind her. Once behind her, I continued teaching my lesson while undoing my tie as stealthily as possible. As soon as it was off, I swiftly reached down and pulled her hands behind her back and tied them in place with my tie.


"I'm sick of your tapping and this extreme measure is certainly warranted." She glared at me and continued to talk 'out of turn' and pop gum that wasn't there. "I can stop your oral distractions if you'd like. I have a new tool for that."

"I dare you!" With that, I moved over to the bedroom and grabbed up my supplies--a ball gag and three lengths of rope. "No! No way! You can't do that!" she protested as I forcefully buckled the ball gag in place. "MMMMPPPPH!" After she was silenced, I removed my tie from her wrists. She tried to reach her hands up to her gag, but I was able to pin them down and get them bound up. The tighter I tied, the harder she fought. To secure her to the chair, I put a second length of rope around her body, tying it to the chair just below her breasts. Finally, I tied her ankles together.

"I guess you're bound to pay attention now, huh, Miss ______?" She gave a frustrated grunt into her gag, which I reinforced with my tie. Sitting across from her, I kept teaching, growing more and more distracted by the second. Her moans danced across the table, blissfully blowing into my ears. Her struggles seemingly sent vibrations through the floor. My tie began to darken as it sopped up the drool from her ball gag....

When our time ran out, I untied her and we agreed that this scenario was worth repeating. "But next time, be...naughtier."

"What do you mean?" Silently, I pointed to her outfit. "Oh...well....we'll see if I can dig something up..." I smiled and told her not to pressure herself, but I know she'll come through....

Until next time, everyone! Please shoot me emails. I love hearing from you!
Saturday, June 22nd 2013 - 04:14:09 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:A very intriguing story, Squints! I would love to hear the next one!
Wednesday, June 26th 2013 - 05:07:13 PM
Name: joe
E-mail address: tapegag69@gmail.com
Monday, July 8th 2013 - 12:01:09 AM
Name: Tom
Comments:I been checking out posts here off and on for sometime now.

I decided to share some of my experiences.

Growing up it was just my dad and I.

My dad was in business and very up in the industry he worked in.

We had a live in house keeper named Cyndi she was in her mid 50's I am guessing she had some curves along with a big chest. She wore a black uniform either slacks or dress with the soft black leather shoes that maids wore. She seem to prefer the dress and she wore very shiny hose with those dresses. I asked her once when I was pretty little why her legs were so shiny? She laughed tossled my hair and said support hose honey.

My dad was gone a lot so Cyndi and I were very close. She was the closet thing to a mom I had ever known and she treated like I was her son. She told me she had worked as a maid, nanny and house keeper ever since her husband was killed in the Vietnam War.

I used to ask her what place she liked the best and she would smile and her eyes would light up and tell me working for your dad and taking care of you is the best place I ever worked.

Sometimes when I was in bed supposed to be asleep I could hear Cyndi and my dad talking and laughing. Then I noticed at some point Cyndi would ask my dad if he wanted he wanted the "usual." I sometimes would hear these muffled sounds or squeaking sounds. I could also hear clicking sounds of a camera. Dad's hobby was photography so hearing camera clicks was not unusual.

Sometimes I would hear some muffled mmpphing sounds pass my door and dad saying come on just a little more then his bedroom door would shut.

I tried to sneak around to see what was up a few times but no luck.

Then one day Cyndi were watching a movie that had a very quick tie up scene I was glued to the TV something about it got me interested. I wanted to see more but there was no more scenes.

Cyndi was watching me during this time and teased me a bit about the tie up scene. I was blushing at being caught. She said nothing to be ashamed of lot's of boys and men like seeing girls women tied up.

I said you ever been tied up Cyndi? She blushed and giggled oh sure lots of times. Without missing a beat I said can I tie you up Cyndi?

She smiled and said yes you can tie me up I was so excited. Cyndi said follow me I followed her to her room she went into her closet and took out a black leather bag. She opened it and took out some rope.

She sat in her desk chair and I attempted to tie her up.
She was a good sport and got loose so fast.
She giggled and said you need lots of practice if you want to keep me tied up and gagged.

So Cyndi gave me some lessons in tying up and eventually gagging her. She had firm rules for being tied up since she had to take care of our house.

As sometime passed and I got better she made a comment that the apple does not fall far from the tree.. I asked her what that meant and she giggled and said I will tell you when you a little older.

We had fun and I have to admit I love the feel of her support hose against my skin and hands as I tied her legs and feet.

Fast Forward to my mid teen years. Cyndi and I were still doing some tie ups. I was also tying up a girl friend I had she was not very good at struggling and mmpphing.

One day as I was watching Cyndi struggling in a hogtie it hit me those strange muffled sounds I heard growing up were Cyndi! The Apple Comment Came Back To Me. Dad was tying up Cyndi!

I had no idea that good old dad was into tying up ladies.

Dad dated a lot of good looking women and I thought wow probably everyone of them got tied up by dad.

I was around 15-16 at the time one evening I heard Cyndi say the magic words to dad. This time I heard dad say oh yeah I been really stressed out Cyndi. I listened as the sounds soon came from our living room. Then I heard dad say lets take it upstairs Cyndi. She reminded dad that I was home and awake. Dad said he won't hear or see you he is plugged into his headphones and never comes out of his room except to eat. Then dad said who cares if he sees you tied up and gagged going to my room. This is my house and I make the rules.

Cyndi said ok if this is how you want it. Dad said you just do what you always doo Cyndi and don't worry about my loser son.

I heard dad tell her to open her mouth and the a few mpphs. Soon I heard them coming up the steps. Dad talked to her in a normal tone of voice compared to the whispers like before. I think dad was on a big time power trip.

I heard them pass by as dad said hop hop Cyndi. I could hear her as she passed by then I heard dad open his bedroom door and he said ok hop over to the bed then the door closed.

I was pissed off but not surprised my dad thought I was a loser. It was because I did not act like the self righteous asshole he did.

I walked out of my room and toward his door ready to bust in and tell him off. As I approached I could hear mpphing and struggling and dad telling Cyndi to hold that pose as he took pictures of her.

Then dad told Cyndi to get busy like the good girl she is. I heard Cyndi thrashing and mmphing and then I heard dad making the I am about to blow my load sounds. Then Cyndi stopped and it was quite for a few minutes then dad said thanks Cyndi I needed that. She mpphed. Dad said I am keep you tied up longer Cyndi hope you don't have any plans tonight.
She mmpphed.

Dad removed the gag Cyndi asked to use the bathroom before she is retied.

I heard her return and dad told her lay on the bed and spread out..

I heard his bed squeak and then I figure dad was tying her down it was quite. Then dad said ok ballgag time again. Open wide Cyndi girl. I heard her mpph as dad asked her if it was tight.

He said now I am going to take a shower so you just relax because I am afraid your in for a long one tonight Cyndi.

I heard dad's bathroom door close and I was dying to walk in and see Cyndi tied to his bed. She was quite never made a sound the whole time dad showered.

Then dad came out and said now Cyndi let me get changed and then I can really put you to work.

Cyndi mpphed and struggled as the bed creaked and then dad said but first Cyndi I think I wanna see your big old tittes. I heard a snip and then dad said no that's better love your big old tits Cyndi. Dad said don't worry about the bra I will buy you 10 new ones.

I was frozen by the door the interaction was intense. Just as dad was about to get busy. The doorbell rang.

I darted back into my room before dad's door opened.
I then heard him passing by he was pissed off cussing whoever it was at the door.

Once I heard him in the hallway as the doorbell kept ringing. I looked toward his room and the door to his room was open.

I stepped out into the hallway and walked toward his room my heart pounding not sure what I was about to see!

I almost turned around but I just stepped in and there tied spread out to the bed posts in just her shiny reinforced toe support hose was Cyndi! A Large red ball filled her mouth. She was crotch roped and her big tits tied making them really stand up.

She saw me and mpphhed at me I walked toward her my mouth wide open as I never seen nothing like this before.. She looked at me intently I could not take my eyes off her and how she was bound.

I asked are you ok Cyndi? She nodded and then I noticed she put up 2 fingers that was her sign for gag removal from our games.

She lifted her head and I unbuckled her gag and out with it came a bunch of drool.

She thanked me for following our rule she told she was ok and that I should not be there and that I should go back to my room before my dad comes back. She said he is in a really bad mood.

She said we will talk later or tomorrow I promise. She said gag me and then leave ok.

I regagged her and went back into my room.

As I was walking I heard a woman's voice and went to see who it was.
It was this new woman my dad was "dating". I walked in into the living room she was sitting next to dad.

When dad saw me he jumped up and said good to see you son. He introduced me to her for the 20th different time.

I was pissed off the he left Cyndi tied up stairs and was fooling around with whatever her names was.

Dad asked me to step into his office and he shut the door. He looked at me and said son I need a favor a big one. That statement was not something my dad ever said.

He said I need you to go upstairs in my room and release Cyndi.
I looked stupidly at him Dad got pissed he said look dummy I got Cyndi tied and gagged in my room just go up there and untie her!

He then turned and said maybe you should play with her because the rate your going that is as close as your ever going to get to having a naked woman in bed. He laughed and went back to the living room.

I hauled ass back up stairs to his room poor Cyndi was drooling all over. I took the safety snips and cut every rope off her and removed her gag.

I helped her sit up she had rope marks and gag marks on her cheeks.

Before she could say anything I told her come to my room dad has what's her name here. Cyndi picked up all the rope gag her bra and followed me to my room.

It was crazy seeing her walk in my room wearing nothing but her pantyhose.

I gave her one of my t shirts and a pair of my sweats.

As we were sitting there dad knocked on my door and when he saw Cyndi he smiled sorry Cyndi. I got some new stress relief for tonight.

Dad said that being said you guys be quite until we are in my room then you to go out for the night because I want to play in my house.

It was not before to long before Cyndi and I heard whats her name saying oh your kinky dad said to her you talk to much so I am going to gag you then we heard her stupid pouty voice and then mpph gag talk.

Once they went inside Cyndi and I went down stairs and she got changed and we left I drove us to the drive in movies. She still had gag marks on her cheeks so that was the best choice.

We never watched the movie Cyndi told me everything about dad and his bondage fetish. I was blown away once she had finished.

She told me it was no big deal being dad's bondage model. She said had been tied up and gagged since she was a teen. She said she attracted guys who liked bondage. She confessed she loves the attention.

That night Cyndi and I became even closer and our bondage sessions took on a whole new meaning.

Dad also shifted gears when Cyndi would ask him the question he would say no and then he said I won't be needing your usual services anymore. You just stick to house keeping.

Shortly after that what's her name moved in. She acted like a real bitch to Cyndi.

It was then Cyndi quit and moved to be closer to her daughter.

I also left home after Cyndi I went off on my dad for the way he treated Cyndi and called him out on his tying up Cyndi.

Old what's her face did not even seem to care. In fact she laughed and told dad it was nice that he threw that dog a bone.

I went to visit Cyndi many times and eventually got stationed near where she was living when I was in the military.

We had some really great bondage sessions and good times hanging out. Her daughter often joked that we acted like boyfriend and girlfriend rather then friends. What she don't know won't hurt her.

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 12:31:58 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Tom, it sounds like you had some wild times with Cyndi.
Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 01:49:17 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://email for chat/rp
Comments:Hi, all! This is as fresh a story as you could get; my mom just left after a surprise play session. Mom called on her way over to the beach on her off day saying she wanted a quick round before laying out in the sun.

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Your pick," she deferred. I stood for a few moments and rubbed my chin pensively. Silently, I pointed to my queen sized bed.

"On your back, limbs spread eagle!" I said excitedly. Silently, but with a small, excited smile, she walked over to the bed and flopped down. Now, my bed does not have posts, so I had to get creative. I looped ropes around her ankles and wrists and tied them to the corresponding legs on the bed frame. After securing her, I heard that the neighbors were coming home and inspiration struck me. "Shhh!" I said in a slightly sinister voice. "Wouldn't want them to hear you...hostage," I said, laying it on a bit thick (so she'd get the point) at the end. She snapped into action and began to playfully call for help. I threw my hand over her mouth. Immediately, her lips began vibrating on my palm and it drove me absolutely wild. It felt as though her entire body were behind the moans, and judging by the sudden struggling she was doing, it was! "I can't hold you like this forever..." I said, reaching towards my nightstand for the ball gag in one of its drawers. "Got it!"

"Mmmmpph..." then my hand released. "Help! Helppmmmmhhh!" As the gag was fastened into place. I smiled and proceeded to fake rob my apartment as my quarry struggled on the bed, moaning, begging, and pleading into her ball gag to be let go.

After finishing my "robbery," I pulled up a chair and enjoyed the show and it was nothing less than mesmerizing. The gag? Tight. The ropes? Tight. Her swimsuit? Tight. My pants? Suddenly tight. It was one of the best struggling shows she's ever put on. It was a shame it had to end; hopefully, she can scurry back later this week. As always, I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to hearing from you!
Monday, July 29th 2013 - 07:14:10 AM
Name: Jane
Comments:It is school holiday time here in the UK and reminds me of the times (many!) when I was the victim (probably willing) of my son and his friends games.
They were probably around 10/11 when they first tied me and it was during a game of cowboys and Indians. I was relaxing in an armchair when my son and his friends (another 4)burst in wearing headdresses and brandishing toy tomahawks, they shouted that I was now their prisoner and not wishing to disappoint I raised my arms in surrender. Not sure if they had expected success but judging by their faces they seemed happy that they now had an adult captive. Iwas not sure what to expect but I was in a way looking forward to finding out.............to be continued
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 07:43:15 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:A really great story, Squints! Jane, I would love to hear what happened! Thanks.
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 02:51:46 PM
Name: cc
Comments:Hey there Squints! You and your mother are really doing great these days! I look forward to each new experience. Hope both of you are having fun!
And Jane, why is it I think I know what is about to happen to you with your son and his friends. Still, look forward to your telling it!
Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 07:24:08 PM
Name: Jane
So I raised my hands in surrender and my captors now started making noises and jumping around one of them seemed to take control and motioned me to put my arms down. He then announced to his fellow "braves" that the White woman was now their prisoner and should be taken back to the village. This he did in his best attempted accent gleamed from watching many Cowboy (and Indian) films. Two of the boys now stood behind me and started pointing towards the door and the journey to the village(the next room!) began. I realised now that I had to play along as stopping now would ruin what I hoped would be a game of fun...after all what could they achieve??.
On arriving at the "village" my resolve almost gave way as I was motioned to a chair set in the middle of the room as I sat down two of my captors produced some ropes and started to tie my arms to the chair as this was completed another placed a loop of rope over my head and over my body and then started to run around me using the rest of the rope to secure my body to the chair as well. Even if I wanted to escape it would be pretty near impossible now especially as I remembered that all of them were members of the local cub scouts and had all passed their knot tieing badge. I glanced at my watch and realised there was still considerable time before any other adults were due back at the house it looked like I had put myself in jeopardy and could only sit and wait for the next phase of the game......to be continued
Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 11:40:05 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great, Jane. I can't wait for you to continue.
Friday, August 16th 2013 - 11:25:12 PM
Name: chris
Comments:I'm really sorry to do this, as I do enjoy read these stories so much, but Jane I would say that your story is a work of fiction.

1. Scouts in the uk dont have knot tieing badges.

2 10/11 years old they would have not been scouts.

please keep writing, but be truthfull and say its a work of fiction, or a mixture of both.
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 - 05:08:28 AM
Name: jane
Comments:Sorry if I had strayed from the story guidelines should have said it was a work of fiction (I assumed most of the postings were slightly embellished!). Just my luck to find an expert on UK scouting matters.
Thursday, August 22nd 2013 - 04:11:18 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:It's ok, Jane. Let's hear the adventure! Can't wait!
Sunday, August 25th 2013 - 07:40:31 PM
Name: cmely
Comments:great posts Vincent ready to read some more soon. Love those reinforced toes myself
Monday, August 26th 2013 - 10:48:48 PM
Name: Toes & Hose
Comments:Great Posts Vincent hope you can share more.

I also am a huge fan of reinforced toe pantyhose thanks to my parents bondage games.

Might share here how I got my fetish sometime soon
Tuesday, August 27th 2013 - 11:08:13 PM
Name: jane

Seated on the chair with ropes around my upper body I realised that I was not in control of the game but very central to the game. My captors sheepishly watched me as if they had not believed the game would go this well (from their perspective) one of the boys started to take control announcing to his colleagues that I was now their prisoner and that I should undertake the challenge. This provoked another flurry of activity with a low table to be moved towards me and a couple of the boys now starting to tie my knees and ankles together with yet more rope. I watched as all this unfolded around me, saying nothing but wondering what was in store.
My tied legs were lifted onto the table with my feet just hanging over the edge, and more rope now used to secure my legs to the table. I now seemed ready for whatever was planned and sure enough the boys now gathered around with the "leader" kneeling by my feet...he removed one of my house slippers and started to tickle my stockinged foot!. I tried to resist but movement was difficult if not impossible due to the ropes also too much movement would ensure that my clothing would move and I could end up in an even more embarrassing state. It did not take long for another boy to take my other slipper off and soon both of my exposed feet were being tickled ..........to be continued
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 01:00:42 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great, Jane! I can't wait to read more. Please continue.
Thursday, August 29th 2013 - 03:49:25 PM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for RP/chat!
Comments:Since work started back up for me, it's been hard to find any sort of time to play with mom. Fortunately, today, Thursday, I had a day off and she was able to go into work a little later than normal.

She came into the apartment as she always did on work days--makeup fully done and a nice outfit. Today, she had on a flowy skirt that fell just below the knees. Her legs were bare and she was wearing some fashionable flip-flop style flats. Despite the recent coolness here, she was also sporting a tank-style top that still managed to be appropriate for work. Mom and I have had our differences over the years, but she does always manage to dress well for work and have good taste.

"Do you want to roleplay or do you want to just get tied?" I inquired. Her lips moved this way and that and she tilted her head from side to side, seemingly racking her brain for a roleplay scenario. She couldn't think of one, and frankly neither could I, so we agreed on just straight tie ups. "Are your shoes comfortable?" I asked.

"Yea, why?" she said, a bit puzzled.

"Because I'm going to tie you standing up!" Her eyebrows raised and she looked around.

"Where? There's no poles or anything." I motioned to the large clock hanging on my wall. "I don't follow..." Silently, I walked over and took the clock off its perch, revealing a few large nails that could certainly hold the weight of a little rope. "Oh..." she exhaled.

I left the living room, got the supplies from my nightstand and returned, quickly tying her wrists in front of her. Once they were secure, I lifted them up and hooked her up to the nails. My mom's fairly short, maybe 5'5", but being stretched out definitely helped her out; her body looked more slender and her legs certainly appeared longer--if only she'd been wearing heels! I stood back to admire her a bit more, smiling on one side of my mouth and she wiggled a bit, getting used to the security of the ropes and the nail. Speaking like an appraiser, I told her this just wasn't going to work. She gave a disappointed look.

"Your skirt will get in the way of me tying your legs!" This probably wasn't even remotely true, but I felt like it needed to be said. Her disappointment wore away as I lowered the skirt and she stepped out of it, revealing nude colored panties. Smiling, I began to work on her knees and legs. When I stood, her face and her body were red with blush. With that same smile, I gave her cheek a reassuring peck. "Hmmm," I sighed with an obvious intent.

"Let me guess, the top needs to go, too?" she said, not surprised in the least. I nodded, removed her hands from the makeshift hook, and slid her top off. Her bra, also a nude color, was modest, but still gave her bust a little flattery. Again, predictably, she blushed. I shook my head and giggled, then said,

"Here, now you won't see me seeing you..." Continuing the improvisational theme of the day, I used her tank top as a blindfold, tying it around her eyes. Nervously, she laughed, but I think it was more comfortable that way. I was out of creative ways to gag her, unless I removed her panties, and I sensed she wasn't quite down for that, even if she's been very close to nude with me before. For a more conventional gag, I gave her a simple stuffed tape gag. The best part? Because she was blindfolded and the floor is carpeted, she didn't hear me approaching. I saw her flinching at the rips of the strips of tape, but I could tell she wasn't sure how close I was.

"Oh just get it over with..." she begged over and over again, until one time I cut her off in the middle by stuffing a silk bandanna into her mouth before applying five strips of tape over it. The shock made her moan and grunt into the gag excitedly. Her muffled cries continued as I sat back and watched her struggle and sway...

Previously worn sexy outfits aside, this was the best I'd seen her look during one of our sessions. Stretched out and stripped down to undies and shoes...my goodness. I kept her like that for about 20 minutes, admiring my handiwork and her inherent sexiness until it was time to free her so she could go to work. I have no idea when we'll play again, but this was definitely a great time to hold me over! As always, please email me so we can chat or RP or whatever you'd like to do! Love hearing from you all!

Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 07:39:48 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Squints, terrific, as usual! Thanks. I'd like to read more.
Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 06:00:00 PM
Name: Tyler
Comments:Hi all, I'm hesitant to post because my story isn't really like others. I was tied up with my former step mother who is only a few years older than I am. (Yes, my dad is one of those guys who married the younger chick.) We had been "kidnapped", would anyone like to hear? It gets a bit sexual in nature, I warn you.
Wednesday, September 18th 2013 - 08:08:49 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Tyler, I'd like to hear it.
Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 12:57:26 AM
Name: beaver
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://none
Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 06:34:29 AM
Name: Tyler
Comments:Alright, well where to start. This happened when I was 19. I was home from college for the summer so I could visit my dad. A few months before he had married Bailey, a 25 year old with a smoking body. No joke, Brunette hair, curvy but fit, large 32 DD breasts. She was every boys dream, which is why I'll never get why exactly she married my father. He was in his late 40's. she wasn't some dumb golddigger either, if she was she would have stayed away from him cause wasn't super rich. Either way, it had all started when Dad has left for a few days and I was at home with Bailey. I walked in the door from running around with my friends and I called Bailey's name, she didn't respond. I thought this was weird because her car was there. I kept calling her when I heard a loud thump whih I ran to. Sorry, heading out for he evening, should I continue later?
Saturday, September 28th 2013 - 05:55:19 PM
Name: Tyler
Comments:Anyways to continue the story, I heard a loud thump and went to the source. My dads room. I knocked to see if Bailey was in there and just hadn't heard me but I didn't recieve much of a response, just another thump. So I went ahead and went inside. Checking the main room she wasn't there so I went into the bathroom, she still wasn't there so I checked the closet. Lo and behold there she was, but she was in the floor stripped down to her bra and panties. She was blindfolded with a silk scarf, and had another silk scarf tied around her lips and she was hogtied tightly. I sort of freaked out and yelled "Bailey!? What happened!?" I reached down to untie her and felt something poke into my back and heard a deep voice. "Here's what's gonna happen, you're gonna strip down to your underwear and allow my lady friend here(I'm guessing he nodded to the woman who I found out was standing next to him) tie you up. After that we take what we want from this place and leave. Ok? Good." I nodded and stripped down to my boxers. I then turned around and saw they were both wearing masks. The woman went behind me and took my arms and tied them, then tied my legs as well. She then forced what tasted like some used panties in my mouth and tied a scarf around my lips and eyes. Then they both got me to the ground and hogtied me very tight. They left, I think then came back. "Alright, so now to load you to." We both jerked at this and started trying to say no through our gags but couldn't manage to much. "Shut up, and no struggling." He picked Bailey up first I'm guessing then came back and got me. I was put in a trunk right up next to Bailey. He took more rope and tied us together at the hips and chest. Then shut the trunk and drove. That's all for tonight because I'm tired. More later
Saturday, September 28th 2013 - 11:11:31 PM
Name: boundsubmum
Comments:hi where do the stories start
Sunday, September 29th 2013 - 02:56:27 PM
Name: boundsubmum
Comments:silly me they're aove this post not belowll ab
Sunday, September 29th 2013 - 02:57:46 PM
Name: Tyler
Comments:To continue, we drove for what seemed like forever. Hitting every bump and pothole. Bailey and I both had blindfolds on so I couldn't see but she was breathing very heavily, I wondered why when I started to hear her moan and realized there was a vibrating sensation down near my crotch. They had shoved a vibrating dildo in her and turned it on high. I was wondering why some random kidnappers would do that when we jerked to a stop. The man came around and untied us from each other, then untied us both from our hogtie and picked us up one at a time out of the trunk. He then pushed us forward and told us to hop. So we hopped, I fell once or twice but Bailey fell enough to where the man finally said "Oh fuck it" and picked her up. I heard a door open and was shoved inside, then we hopped some more and were shoved on the ground. He untied us completely and tool the blindfolds off but kept the gags in. "Take those out and there'll be punishment" he said "Now get dressed" then he walked off. I looked around and saw we had been pushed into a cell, alittle larger than a normal jail cell but not by much. On the one twin sized bed were two "outfits" mine looked to be just a bowtie and black speedos, and Baileys looked like a full on playboy bunny outfit. Ears and all. We put them on and the man came back and told us what was gonna happen. We were to be kept there until they could find some replacements for us, at which time we'd be sold to the highest bidder as a pair of well trained sex/bondage slaves. We both got a frightened look and he glared. He said "Now look, I've provided a good bed for the both of you, a fridge, a working toilet, and a T.V" pointing to each item as he read it off. "You will have use of all of these things whenever you want while you're in your cell. But you will follow every order I give you and will be trained correctly. If you resist you will be punished and lose one of the nice things, if you cooperate and do well, there may be a reward in store. Understood?" We both nodded. "Good lets get started." (Be back later, grocery shopping)
Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 03:52:22 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Intense, Tyler! Let's hear some more.
Monday, October 7th 2013 - 07:42:57 PM
Name: CMTM
Comments:Pretty interesting reads her in fact I can really relate to Michaels and speedoboys posts.

Mine is a cross between the 2 so to speak.

I was around 15 when this took place. My parents divorced when I was 14 and my mom who is really pretty started dating a guy named gary shortly there after they had been friends in high school.

Gary was a good guy we got along great and he treated my mom like a princess 100 times better then my dad did for sure.

I had no idea that my mom was into or should I say enjoyed being bound and gagged.

Like I stated I was 15 at the time. I had come home early from my part time job and walked into the living room only to find my mom hogtied, blindfolded and gagged. She was in black garters and stockings with a black bra she was wearing heels but one had fallen off.

I was frozen at the sight not sure what the hell to do. She was heavily roped I mean everything that could be tied was with the exception of her soles and toes.

I walked into closer to her she was squirming and mppphing I called her name but she did not respond I had no idea she had ear plugs in her ears which were covered with and ACE Bandage and white gauze pads. Her eyes had white gauze pads under her leather blindfold which was tight. Her mouth was fully stuffed and taped with clear tape and an ace bandage wrapped over her mouth so you could barley see the clear tape peeking out. The bandages were taped with black tape as well.

I called her name again she did not respond but I then heard a voice say she can't hear you CM.

I jumped hearing the male voice I turned and it was my mom's boyfriend gray.

I said what the hell.

He said relax CM your mom and I are into bondage she enjoys being tied and gagged I swear.

I looked at her again she really seemed to be in her own little world wiggling and mmpphing away.

Gary said you know me CM I would never hurt you or your mom so please trust me.
I said I know but I never seen no shit like this before.

He said while have a seat and check her out.

I sat down on the sofa and watched my heavily roped and gagged mom move she was fucking sexy to say the least.

Gary sat next to me and explained that mom has liked being tied up since she was around 14 I know this because I used to tie her up back then to.

He said you know your mom has a lot of stress on her all the time from her job. "Mom was in charge of some huge corporate accounts and employees who have track them."

Gary said she says coming home and being tied and gagged relaxes her as stupid as that sounds. See CM when your tied up and gagged you have given up all your control to the one who tied you up.

I understood and watched her then Gary hit me with something crazy.

He said CM I will let you watch her everytime we do tie ups if you want.

I was into seeing what I am seeing for sure and said yes I want to see more Gary.

He said while CM that is going to cost you to watch. I looked at him puzzled.

How much I said he laughed and said not money CM.

He said you can watch everytime but you will have to watch while you also are tied and gagged.

I laughed you mean your going to tie me up and gag me as payment for watching you and mom play tie up.

Gary said yeah that is the deal CM. Gary said see your mom and I play a little role play so it is not just me tying her up.

I asked what is role playing. He said pretending CM I pretend I am a burglar who breaks into rob your mom but find her here so I have to take her hostage.

I said oh like cops and robbers. Gary said yup but in this game no cops CM.

So I take I will be your hostage as well. Gray said only if you want too CM I would never ask you to do anything you don't want to but that is the cost of admission.

I was pretty for the lack of better words "turned on by seeing mom tied up."

So I looked at Gray while Gray looks like you have a new hostage.

He smiled and said you will like it CM. I said I am pretty excited already. He laughed cool then lets get started. He also said he had just finished tying mom as I walked in the back door so we still have time. Your mom is good for an hour.

He said you better go to the bathroom CM cause I am going to rope you up good.

I went to the restroom and the excitement I felt was intense.
I came back into the living room only to be greeted by a guy in with a black stocking over his head that had a scary cut mouth hole.

He pointed a toy gun at me and told me to shut up and sit in the dining room chair he had preset.

He walked toward me and I was so tingly Gray looked really freaky with the creepy nylon on.

He pointed the gun at me and told me I better do as he said or her would do some bad stuff to my mom.

I said I would do whatever he wanted he smiled waving the guy and said then start by taking off your sweaty socks and stuffing them in your mouth.

I reached down took off my socks balled them up and put them in my mouth.

He then said you better not spit them out.

He said put your hands behind the chair. I did as he said and before I realized it because I was staring at my mom. He had tied me to the chair really good.

He then wrapped taped all the way around my head sealing my mouth big time and my cheeks bulged like mom's.

He finished my tying my ankles side by side and my big toes he then pulled my ankles back under the chair and tied them off to a rung.

He stepped around and admired his work squeezing my cheeks he said now yell I tried to yell but nothing really seemed to come out he barked I said yell!

I really tried yelling but it was nothing more then a muffled sound.

He said good i don't want your neighbors to hear my 2 hostages making noise.

I sat there watching mom but Gray said hey hostage you need to struggle and mph like her.

I began struggling and mmmpphing and grunting Gray sat and watched the both of us.

He was happy and I could barley see a smile under his creepy stocking mouth hole.

Mom and I were kept tied an hour to the minute she was tied more then and hour by the time Gray cut me loose.

He said go get ready for dinner your mom wants to go out to eat.

I will untie her and she will have to get ready so no rush CM.

I went to my room and showered and dressed I could not stop thinking about what just took place. I had never been tied and gagged and of course never seen my mom bound and gagged!

I would have never guessed that I would be playing along with her as a hostage. I also knew Gray did not mess around with tying I was not going anywhere and mom was not getting loose either.

We had a great dinner and conversation it was hard at times for me to not picture mom all tied up but I managed.

When we got home I was so turned on I had to handle business before starting my studies.

At some point Gary came into my room and asked if we could talk. I said sure he wanted to talk about my experience today and how I felt and to really see if I wanted to play this game.

I told him the whole thing was fucking intense and I did want to play.

He told if I ever did not want to play anymore it was cool. He then gave me a safe word and signal same one mom uses.

He told me about mom being ear plugged so I could make as much noise as I wanted while tied up.

He told me he would be tying me in different positions like her but I would not be blindfolded or ear plugged and would always has a clear view of her.

I asked Gary are we playing tomorrow he laughed yeah we can make that happen it will be later in the night cause your mom works late remember. I said that is right she does.

Gray told me some info about mom's love of bondage.

I was getting turned on again and kind of wanted Gary to leave but at the same time to stay and tell me more stuff.

I told him I wish we could play again right now he laughed and said slow down CM there will be plenty of tie time.

Gray had a long pause and was about to ask me something but backed off.

I noticed he looked like he had something on his mind so I pushed him to ask me.

Gary looked a little pained but said I want to ask you something CM and I am not sure how you will react and I don't want this to ruin our bond.

He said it is something I have had a few fantasies about over the years but never have been able to make it happen.

I said what is it Gray it can't be that bad. He took a deep breath alright then CM how would you feel about doing a little crossdressing during the game.

I said crossdressing he said wearing some of your moms clothes while your tied up. He said you ever try any of her stuff if I can ask.

I said no but have been a little curious now and then.

Gary said it is totally up to you CM if you don't want to that is cool and we just roll as is.

I said I was curious and would be willing to try it to see if it was something I could do regularly if that is what he wanted.

He smiled and said CM the crossdressing is what the role players called forced crossdressing.
He explained you will be hanging out for example and I will come in in burglar mode and toss you some of your moms clothes and tell you to put them on and afterward tie and gag you. Gary said I don't want you to pretend your a girl when I pretend force you I want you to be your guy self when you struggle and mmppph if that makes sense.

It actually did he said I already know what I want you to wear so it will not be a surprise no wigs no make up.

I want you to pretend to you hate it and struggle more.

I asked what do you want me to wear Gray.

He said your mom's work out clothes we know she works out 3 times a week so she has spandex, leotards and yoga pants workout tight and pantyhose. Sports bra or tank top.

He said mostly you will be in your stocking feet but I would like to see you in her tennis shoes, house slippers and those red patent leather pumps she has.

I am sure your feet will fit in the pumps.

I said that is it Gary he said yep those outfits of course they will be the ones she already wore so she don't know.

I thought about it and said fuck it I don't think I will have a problem wearing the stuff and playing the angry forced crossed guy by the burglar role.

I did say I am not sure about wearing her red pumps Gary said we will give it a try but no biggie if they don't fit.

I was really excited now.

Gray hung out a little longer going through some scenes and asking several times if I was really ok with this.

I told him I was and if not I will just say no more.

We shook hands on it and as he was leaving said tomorrow night CM we will give it a try.

After Gary left I had to go handle business again and could not wait for tomorrow night.

The next night it was game time. Gray roped up mom in the living room again she was hogtied again like the day before she was wearing panties and thong and her bra her work clothes skirt blouse blazer and black pumps tossed to the side. This time the soles of her feet were tied and her big toes.

I was in my room doing homework with my head phones on when Gray came in creepy black stocking on and carrying a bag.

He surprised me for real and I jumped as I saw the toy gun in my face and looked up to see this creepy burglar.

He motioned for me to remove the head phones which I did he told me to shut up and stand up.

He tossed the bag on the bed and said now strip.

I begged him not to hurt me he said I told you to shut up and stripped to my boxers.

I stripped and he said open the bag I sat on my bed dumped the bag and there were moms things. Brown shiny workout tights her black yoga pants which when the sun light hit them were see thru. Sports bra and her black slippers.

He said put that shit on and hurry up I need to check on my other hostage.

He turned and I took off my boxers and put the workout tights on they were so shiny and tight mom must have worn them to the gym earlier. They still felt dame and smelled. I pulled them up and adjusted them as I had seen her do a few times after she put her pantyhose on.

My burglar turned around and I pulled up the yoga pants and I put on the sports bra which pinched and squeezed me tight.

Then the slippers. My captor said no put this in your mouth he tossed a black ballgag at me I put it in my mouth it felt huge but that is because I had never worn one. "Gray said it was normal size."

He then ordere me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I did as he said and soon as I felt the rope I began to mmpph and grunt and try and twist away from him. Just like he wanted he pushed me onto my bed and finished tying my wrists and then tied my elbows. He pulled me up by my elbow ropes I never let up grunting and mmpphing. Gary teased me about wearing mom's workout gear.

He tighted my ball by one notch that ball was buried deep in my mouth. Gray said you will be a drooling mess before to long.

He then walked me down the hall and downstairs into the living room where mom was doing her thing.
He picked me up and laid me on my stomach a little ways from mom and hogtied me just like her I was big time roped up.

I struggled grunted and tried to resist during his tying he was loving it for sure.

Once done I joined mom in struggling Gray sat and watched us and then went got a beer and watched us some more he taunted me about being forced into wearing moms clothes. I played the angry guy part an drool was flowing out of my mouth and looking over at mom she was drooling as well.

Gray got me a towel and put it under me mom already had one.

It was very intense and I lost it while struggling the tight softness of the tights and I guess yoga pants got to me as I wiggled against me ropes.

I tried to play it off so Gray did not notice don't think he did as he was checking mom's ropes at the time.

I did suck having to lay there in my mess.

After an hour and about 10 or so minutes Gray cut me loose and I went got cleaned up and put mom's clothes back in the laundry hamper in the basement.

Came upstairs chilled with mom and gary. Mom was untied and changed into her sweats.

Gary looked at me and gave me a nod and wink I nodded back looks like I will be rocking mom's sweats sometime.

We watched a movie ate some snacks and just chilled out.

After the movie I went to study but not before handling things.

That was how the game went after that for several years well into my college years.

Mom and Gray married after I graduated from college moved away for a cool job.

Stupid as it sounds when I feel that intense stress I can't help but think back to our game and sometimes wish I could do a session to give up control to someone I trusted.

I dabble with a little bondage with my girlfriends but none of them are into bondage which is sort of sucky.

Hope to read some more good ones.
Friday, October 11th 2013 - 10:05:43 AM
Name: danny
Comments:Cool posts here recently.

I like yours Ben hope you share more.

I also got my pantyhose bondage foot fetish from some mom aunt tie ups like you.

Same type of cops and robbers game with my cousins. I had 4 girl cousins who seemed to love tying up their mom my mom and my other aunt and Grandma who was in her late 50's.

I was always the hero cop or whatever the game was.

Once in a great while they would let me be a bad guy and help them.

Now I never got tied up until this one time and My mom and their mom were tied to chairs and gagged with sock stuffing and tape.

It was after church so my mom and aunts were in dresses and pantyhose both had brown reinforced toes my favorties to this day.

They tied me on the floor after a failed rescue on my part mom and my aunt were blindfolded as well.

They had no idea I was tied at their stocking feet.

Now there I was laying there tied and gagged and listening to them struggle and mmmpph which was sexy.

I was not blindfolded so I watched them wiggling curling and using their toes to push up to see if the ropes tying their ankles to the chairs would get loose I guess. Everytime they pushed on their toes I could see their calves get tight.

Now during all this I kept getting a funny smell coming and going and at some point I was working my way loose which I think my cousins never tied me so tight I could not get loose so I could still be the hero.

I rolled close to my mom and aunts feet as I was pulling my wrists loose.

I found the smells it was my mom and aunts feet!

I stopped trying to get loose and laid there inhaling those strange smells and I found them very arousing after a bit so much so I rolled even closer and this time I really could smell their feet. They kept struggling not knowing I was there.

I got my wrists loose and sat up and got untied however instead of standing up and untying them I laid back on the floor rolled next to their feet really close and smelled them without touching and the odors were so pungent I did not need to touch them however My nose was so close they must have felt my breathing on the feet for sure as they stopped struggling when I would go from one to the other.

Now I had no idea 2 of my cousins were standing in the door way watching me sniffing their moms and my moms feet.

I stopped and stood up pretended to bust in and rescue them my cousins had split. Before I got up.

I untied then they looked at me curiously and I said is everything ok they smiled and said yes we are ok but we could have sworn we felt someones hot breath on our feet.

They watched me for an expression I played it off but I was blushing and did not know it so I gave myself away. My aunt would call me out on it at a later time as would my mom.

I did the same to my other aunt who was tied and gagged in another room.

The next time we played I was captured again this time I was taken to my mom's bedroom. Everyone was at our house spending a cold rainy day which meant when it got cold all the women in my family even the stay at home mom's wore pantyhose or thick tights.

My cousins were all wearing brown reinforced toes my mom had on black thick looking tights but they also had a reinforced toe my one aunt same as my mom but no reinforced toes.. My other aunt shiny dark brown reinforced toes and my grandma was also visiting and she was black reinforced to hose.

I had no idea what was about to happen.

Grandma was taken hostage first then my aunt Lisa then my mom and finally my aunt shelly the mom of my 4 cousins.

I made my rounds since they were all blindfolded I did some foot sniffing before untying however my 4 cousins captured me tied my hands gagged me cleave style and led me to my mom's room where my mom and aunt were tied to her bed there was a space between them which was filled with pillows. they were blindfolded and I could see their mouths stuffed with what would be mom's pantyhose and clear taped.

Their hands tied above their heads and above and below their knees they were both wearing sweaters and jeans. Their shoes removed and a rope held their feet down to the foot board.

My cousins smiled at me with an evil grin and one said hey move all those pillows.

She wen tover tossed the pillows on the floor, My other cousin whispered in my ear we have a big surprise for you.

untied my hands and with toy guns pointed told me to get on the bed between my mom and aunt with my head down toward their feet!

I carefully climbed over my aunt she and mom were wiggling around and mmppphing.

I laid down as they said and I could smell feet big time my cousin also climbed on the bed and tied my ankles together and connected them to the head board. then she tied my hands behind my back and elbows that was a first.
My other cousin came around and said lift up your head I lifted my head she removed my gag and stuffed a pair of what I found out were worn pantyhose in my mouth then she got a roll of tape from my 3rd cousin and wrapped it around my head.

Then for the first time they blindfolded me!

I knew I was screwed no hero today.

They really tied me good.

My 4 th cousin leaned in a softly said in my ear we saw you sniffing feet last time and we know your little secret.

So now you can lay here and smell feet all you want prisoner.

I stayed quiet then I heard someone snap their fingers and then one of them said lets go get the rest of our hostages and bring them in here so we can get our ransom.

I had no idea they had removed my mom and aunts blindfolds and as I laid there I was right next to there feet and began smelling them back and forth I was so aroused good thing I was on my stomach.

I had no idea they were watching me in the mirror across from mom's bed!

They still struggled and mmmpphed but watching me smell their feet.

I soon heard my cousins bring in my grandma and my other aunt all of them were not blindfolded either so they saw me smelling my mom and aunts feet as they were retied.

My cousins were also watching me I did not care if my cousins saw me since they already busted me but I had no idea grandma and my other aunt were watching.

One of my cousins leaned in and softly said you really like smelling my moms feet huh. I nodded yes and the other cousin said you like smelling your mom's feet also huh? I nodded yes.

They giggled and said wanna smell grandma's I nodded yes and they giggled about aunt Lisa's stinky feet?

I nodded yes non stop my 3rd cousin said you wanna smell all out feet too don't you danny.

I nodded yes they all giggled and said today you will smell grandma's and aunt Lisa's feet too.

They said slide grandma's chair over here then aunt lisa's

Soon I felt soft feet on my face and as I turned my head 2 more soft feet were at nose touching.

My cousin said tie their feet good so they can't move them from danny's face.

I got red hot from embarrassment.

There I was smelling 4 women's stinky sweaty feet each smelled different but good!

I did not give a shit I pressed my nose into whoevers feet I could they struggled and mpphed as if it was nothing.

I had no clue they were all watching me even my cousins.

After a while my cousin said the ransom has been paid for the women let them loose. She said keep the guy tied up no ransom for him yet.

I heard my mom grandma and aunts leave they all patted me on my head sorry sweet heart.

They left and my cousins shut the door and Kelly my who was the same age as me said untie him so he can start smelling our feet girls.

They all giggled and soon I was untied but my elbows and ankles stayed tied they put me on my knees and retied my wrists removed my blindfold and they started putting their feet in my face and telling me to smell them.

They laid me on my back and they all rubbed their feet all over me and my face.

I was a sniffing machine.

They announced after what seemed like forever the ransom was paid and they untied me.

I saw sore from the ropes but fulfilled from foot smelling.

They all began to laugh and I asked why they said I was the only one blindfolded so my mom aunts and grandma got to watch me smell their stinky feet!

I was embarrassed but also was like who cares I loved it.

I was hard to go downstairs and face them they did not tease me or say anything.

However that would be part of our game I would end up tied and smelling feet however I got all 4 of my cousins tied and gagged several times over the course of the years and I would smell their feet.

They did not like to be the ones tied which made it better for me. It seems they were not submissive types.

I have to say this I still have my pantyhose bondage foot smelling fetish.

It takes it toll on relationships or even meeting a women.

I am open about my fetish which has been with me for many years.

I have had women who did not mind it at all.

I dated women who only wanted one part or another which was better then nothing.

I never had any desire to be tied up again after my cousins and I stopped playing.

At one point I even talked to a female counselor about my fetish she gave me some insight into it.

As I told her it has been a big part of me that I really can't let it go.

Anyway that is my deal. Pretty Cool Story CM I was sort of curios as to how it felt to wear pantyhose but never tried any on yet :)

Friday, October 11th 2013 - 11:05:26 AM
Name: Ben
Comments:Excellent stories !!!
Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 02:16:55 AM
Name: Unkown
Comments:good story CMTM. Anymore like this?
Monday, October 28th 2013 - 11:02:18 PM
Name: Jim
Comments:Pretty cool posts here CM very interesting post. I liked it got share some more for sure. Gray sounds like a very intense rigger!

I started tying up my mom on a almost daily basis when I was about 15.

I had seen without their knowledge of course my parents doing some bondage early in my life and found it interesting to say the least.

Seeing my mom who was very hot yet bossy and always got her way with my dad outside the bedroom from what I figured.

Now my mom was really bossy and pushy with me so it made it that much better to see her tightly roped and gagged in various ways.

I had no clue about ballgag size until our game but I found out mom can take a 1 3/4 in ball with no problem.

Seeing and eventually putting that big ass ball in her mouth was very intense and exciting.

Back to how I started roping her. My dad was out of town for a weekend.

My mom would often go out with her girlfriends after work on Fridays.

She would often come home and change or they would go in their work clothes.

Mom and her girls worked in a corporate setting so back when I was a teen heels and hose were the norm compared to today when seeing a woman in pantyhose is rare.

I personally think business women who don't wear hose look unprofessional.

I work in the corporate world and have a set dress code for both men and women in my business.

Anyway back to dear mom.

Mom had a bit to much to drink called me and asked me in her drunk speak to come and drive her home.

She said her friend was on her way to pick me up.

Her friend arrived and drove me back to the bar to pick up mom.

She told me she was going to drive mom home but mom did not want to leave her car.

We arrived and she went in to get mom and walked her out to me.

She gave me the keys mom's purse and mom.

I walked mom to her car and on the way I noticed she had a big run in her pantyhose.

Up to this point I never realized how sexy I thought pantyhose were but seeing the run going from mid thigh to her heel was really fucking sexy.

I got her in the car and once I got in I noticed her skirt and ridden up to where I could see the bottom lines of her control top suntan hose.

I got even more excited to as we drove off mom began babbling away and somehow her skirt rode up more which I noticed at several red lights.

Mom was a happy drunk when she got plastered so it was funny listening to her ramble on.

She did notice her skirt had ridden way up her thighs to the point I could see her white lacy panty.

She noticed me looking and teased me calling me a very naughty boy.

I blushed and felt hot in my face. She giggled and teasingly said you like what you see don't you? She then said I know you do I can tell.

I was speechless by her forwardness to say the least. She left her skirt like it was and I said fuck it and kept looking at every red light.

She asked me a few more times if I liked what I saw and probably the 3rd time I blurted out yes mom I fucking love what I see!

She laughed and said oh my I can see your very uptight about seeing me like this so much so that you dropped the F bomb.

I was really wound up and she knew it.

In my mind I decided to tie her up and gag her when we got home. I wanted to get a little pay back for her bossy pushy attitude toward me and also to teach her a little lesson for being a tease.

I smiled as I drove and began to tell her I had a big surprise for her when we got home.

She looked stunned at first but giggled and asked what it was!

I told she will find out she shifted in her seat as I boldly told her to lift her skirt up more.

I felt a huge sense of power surging inside me and my voice was stern to her.

She gasped but lifted her skirt the rest of the way! I saw everything the top of her pantyhose and full shot of her lacy panty.

She looked at me I could see she was wondering what I was going to do.

I then told her a few blocks from home to take off her shoes and put her feet up on the dash so I could see them.

She did as I said without a word!

Now I really felt this surge of dominant power over her.

We pulled in our driveway and into the garage I told her put your shoes back on because I don't want you to run your pantyhose anymore then they are.

She slipped her shoes on as I turned on the dome lights in the car so I could get a better look at her. I then told her to slowly pull her skirt back down.

She stared at me and did as I said. I could see clearly she was in submissive mode.

I got out came around and helped her out of the car and into the house I told her to go use the restroom because she would not be able to move around.

She looked at me and I think at that point she knew what I had planned for her.

She asked if she could please take off her shoes and I told her she could.

She removed her shoes and I told her to lift her skirt and tuck it into the top of her pantyhose before she left.

She again did what I said and I told her she was free to use the restroom now.

She began walking toward the bathroom and I followed behind her checking out her sexy hose covered ass.

I love the way pantyhose lift a woman's ass.

She went into the restroom and I said your skirt better be tucked in when your done.

She said yes it will hon.

I went into my parents bedroom which I had never done before and got their bondage stash.

Monday, November 4th 2013 - 06:00:07 AM
Name: Dreamer
Homepage URL: http://babysitterbondage.com/bondage-home.html
Comments:When I was 13 my school was three blocks from the house, so I always walked. For one week my aunt had to have a surgery and had to stay at the hospital, so mom volunteered to keep my 2 cousins until she got out, so my uncle could keep working. They were at the elementary school, Mom had to drive and pick them up. On Wednesday I had band, so I was at school an extra hour. When I came in through the kitchen door and into the living room, all was really quiet and no one was around. I dropped off my backpack in my room and peeked into Mom’s room, and there she was seated on the floor, hands crossed and tied behind her back and her feet tied together. A blue bandana was tied between her lips. She was in jeans and a tank top and her feet were bare. I was stunned and stared. Mom mmmphed a few times, then started laughing. My cousins came running out from hiding in the bathroom. “Did you think we had been robbed?” asked Steve, the older one. “Ha, I guess I did,” I replied.
Through her gag, mom said, “They thought it would be fun to get Aunt K tied up. Then when it as time for you to come home, they had the idea to leave me like this for you to find. OK, guys untie me now.”
“You can leave her like that for awhile,” I said with a smile.
“No, no, no, time to get me untied.” They untied her. But god, I loved the sight of her all tied up and gagged.
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 09:07:34 AM
Name: Ronald
E-mail address: fambtg@gmail.com
Wednesday, November 27th 2013 - 05:56:53 AM
Name: Squints
E-mail address: ELanshof2@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Email for chat/RP
Comments:Hello, all! It's been a crazy long time since I've posted and for that I apologize. Play sessions have been sparse and I've had no time for anything but work. Anyway, the holiday finally gave mom and me some quality time together...VERY quality time.

On Thanksgiving morning, I received a call from mom asking me to come over and help her with some of the cooking--mixing, sauteing, stirring, tasting, etc.. I obliged and when I showed up, to my surprise, we were alone. Mom informed me, as she answered the door in her bathrobe, that my dad had gone to spend some time with my grandmother before bringing her to their place for the meal. I nodded, commented on how nice that was, and went up to the kitchen to help. Upon reaching the kitchen, I discovered that the necessary food-things were not there. My mother reached the top of the stairs (they have a second floor kitchen...something of a marvel to my friends for whatever reason) and I inquired.

"What gives?" I asked with a bit of indignation. I could have, of course, been sleeping or doing nothing valuable at all.

"You know..." she said, smiling. Playing games, given the scarcity of such events, hadn't even crossed my mind. When it finally hit me, my eyes lit up and I nodded furiously.

"But we don't really have supplies," I said, disappointed.

"I'm sure you can think of something, hun," she said, disappearing down the hallway to her room. Running through options in my head, I made my way down the hall and turned to the left at her room, stopping short in the doorway. There she laid on her queen sized bed....nude. Her bathrobe was crumpled on the floor. "Since it's a holiday, and it's been a while," she said, "I thought we'd make this special." With stuttered, staggered breath, I composed myself and nodded in agreement.

"I...uh...thanks..." I spit out dumbly. She giggled and told me that it's nothing I hadn't seen before. Her bare skin was practically glowing; she must've put on lotion or something beforehand. And her nipples were standing firm and erect (as was I beneath my jeans).

"So what are you going to tie me with?" she said brightly. Frankly, I had an idea, but by now, I'd lost it. Then, she ran her right foot up her left calf.

"YOUR PANTYHOSE!" I yelled out excitedly. She flinched, taken aback by my sudden enthusiasm. A second later, I got to work.

With her naked, I wanted her on full display. I used several sets of her pantyhose to bind her spread-eagle to the bed. She was glorious. Her breasts heaved freely as she breathed in and out. Her skin was soft to the touch and had a faint hint of lavender to it. For a gag, I asked her if clean panties were okay. After a second of contemplation, she agreed. Kneeling next to her, I fitted her mouth with a pair of bikini style panties, then held them in with a stocking for good measure.

She proceeded to writhe and struggle, testing the bonds. Eventually, she worked up a bit of a sweat; I think she underestimated the holding power of her own pantyhose! Thirty minutes later, it was about time for her to actually get ready so I had to, begrudgingly, untie her. All through our meal, all I could picture was her nude body, bound and gagged on her own bed. I don't know HOW we'll top this next time, but I'm sure we will.
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 12:20:40 PM
Name: Gregory
Comments:This site is awesome. i use to think that I was the only one who experience these type of things. I come from a small town in Saskatchewan Canada, and live with a very Christian family and town. My siblings and I were very sheltered and we all lived a very innocent life. On my mom’s side of the family, I had three aunts. The oldest, Aunt Teri, is a well known religious extreme. She is one of those people that keeps reminding us that she nearly became a nun, as if that is her best aspect about her. It is because of her, that we have all been really sheltered and have lived a strict life. I had crushes on all of my aunts growing up because there were many people in out town, and they were all know as the good lookers of the town. My mom and the other two aunts were also know as the fun ones of the city. The life of the parties.
My mom worked as a consultant, her sister a year older than her, Aunt Rachel, worked as a teacher, and mom’s younger sister, Aunt Kate, managed one of the three women’s clothing stores. They all are energetic and fun, while their husbands were boring hockey men that never came out in public but just worked and watched hockey. Therefore, the moms were always taking us out and playing games.
The first time we had a tie up game happened during the Christmas holidays. Me my sister and two cousins were left with the moms as the men went to some local hockey tournament, one was a coach I believe. We were wrapping gifts and cooking for some bake sale. Once the bake sale cookies were completed, Aunt Teri took them and left for the church sale. Once the door closed behind her, all three, mom, Rachel and Kate, got really excited and wanted to play games now that the “Prood” was out of the house. We decided to play hide and go seek.
During one of the sets, I was sneaking from hiding space to hiding space. There was a lot of time that had passed without hearing anyone caught. I thought I was killing the game, then i tip toed into my mom’s room. The lights were out and it was really dark. I went in and slipped behind the bed. While I laid on the floor, I started to think that I was hearing someone breathing in the room and i was not alone. Someone opened the door and let the light out, and before it was closed, I heard mom mmmmfing from above the bed. The door closed and I slipped out from my spot and saw mom’s figure squirming in her bed. I knew she wasn’t the one looking for me, so I went and turned on a light. And there was mom, bound and gagged. One of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. She is a thin lady who everyone thinks is tall because she’s so thin. This time she was wearing a christmas dress of hers that is mainly black but has green and reds on it. The first thing I noticed was her turn to me with a look of happiness because I could help her. She was over the mouth gagged with a christmas scarf. Her hands were tied with rope, crossed behind her back, a pair of pantyhose tied her hands to her feet, which were also dressed in pantyhose. It was a slight hog tie. She was mmmffing for me to help her. I pulled down her gag, which was tightly tied over her mouth, and she spat out a brown fabric (which I assumed was more pantyhose). “Great stuff Greg, now get my...” then the door swung open and my Aunt Rachel was being walked in my my sister and cousin jeffrey. Aunt Rachel was over the mouth gagged and hands were tied behind her back. She was over acting a damsel in distress.
The two kids thought I was with them and yelled “Gag mom greg.” I whispered to mom that I would rescue her later and she winked at me and opened her mouth for the brown silky fabric. I stuffed her mouth and retied the scarf around her mouth. She nodded at me, to say it was ok. Aunt Rachel was pushed to the bed, where she lifted her feet up onto the bed and laid down. My sister, took a pair of pantyhose out of my mom’s drawers and then tied up Rachel’s feet. She kicked and lost her slippers and I then realized that I had a pantyhose fetish. Seeing her feet dressed in tan pantyhose being tied with another tan pair, as she kicks and her gene skirt lifts up showing her silky legs, against her will, my heart just started pounding. Aunt Rachel and mom both stared at me with their pleading eyes and over the mouth gags. my other two cousins were at the door and I saw that Aunt kate was being walked passed the room, also with an over the mouth gag and hands tied. She was struggling and Mmmmmfing for help. ANd broke character when she saw both mom and Rachel tied and gagged and started laughing at them. Then she was pushed out of my view point. THe kids called me to join them for something I don’t know what it was about. I patted mom on her feet and winked , whispering her again that I will rescue her. I wanted to see Aunt Kate being tied up more, she was brought to the guest room where she was staying for the season. But I was pulled back to join the kids on the basement, where they were pretending to play some superhero game. I listened to them make up this game, but it had nothing to do with mom and the two aunts, which they intended to just leave tied and gagged. I kept offering to go look after the three women to see if they were getting loose,but they didn’t want me to. The rest of the cousins joined us, talking about how kate put up quite a fight but they finally got her tied up tight. I really wanted to see her now.
After about 20 mins, I left the group and snuck into mom’s room, and saw her and Aunt Rachel rubbing against each other trying to get their gags off. I removed aunt Rachel’s gag and as soon as she spat out the scarf in her mouth, I was jumped by all my cousins and tied up too. THey brought me to Aunt Kate’s room which I had hoped they would do and the sight was amazing.
Aunt Kate was lying on the bed, she was tied up with stockings, ties, rope, tape, pantyhose and was hooded with a pair of hose. it was life changing. THey pushed me onto the bed and tied my feet with socks and tights. I was gagged with tape over my mouth then a tan stocking over the tape, and then they put a pair of hose over my head. I was now embarrassed, but so turned on. Aunt Kate could see it was me and was laughing at the hose over my head. They left us in the room to struggle together, and with the lights out. SHE immediately started to rub against me and I too to her. I didn’t know what she wanted to accomplish, untill her mmmfing turned into speech. “Greg, try and turn around so I can see if we can undo each other’s hands.” I tried to turn and she kept whispering, “Oh man, I am so helpless, tied up with my pantyhose. what brats. I have my handsome hero here to escape and save me.” I was young, but she seemed to be turning herself on the more she talked about what was happening. “Both your mom and aunt are in the other room, helpless, just like us. They are needing us to rescue them. I am going to pretend that I am gagged again. MMMMM.” She kept squirming as I was trhying to turn around. Then when I did, I felt my hands go between her legs and near her midsection.
My aunt kate is a beautiful red head. She had never had a boyfriend right to the age of 26, she was younger at this time though. She was really getting off on this as I felt her chin on my should as she mmmffing in my ear. then would whisper stuff like, “I’ve been kidnapped and tied up. mmmmmmfffff So helpless. Save me Greg.” she was moving her legs over my tied hands. THey were sweaty and her legs began to feel wet with my sweat. I could feel my hands between rope or hose that was tied over her thighs. I realized that her skirt would have been hiked up at this point. I heard mom and aunt Rachel mmmmffing loudly in the other room. And then I let out my own warmth. She then mmmmffed very loudly behind me and stopped moving all together. We both stopped struggling and were still, she fell away from my side.
Mom and Aunt Rachel then came into the room, both still wearing their gags but untied. The quickly took the hose off our heads, laughing at us for being in such an embarrassing position. I was untied by mom who, once I was untied, she pulled me into her for a hug. My hand felt her upper thigh and I was excited again. She removed her gag and put her finger over her mouth telling me to be quiet.
I looked over at Kate, who was lying on her back, with a stocking in her mouth but no gag and hood any more. Her hands were untied and she was wiping the sweat from her forehead. Aunt Kate couldn’t get some of the hose and tights untied from Kate’s legs because during the struggle, the knots get really tight. She patted me on the back and said that I was very brave. Mom started to laugh, “can you image how Teri might react if it was her tied up and gagged?” all three ladies laughed.
All three of us, worked at Kate’s leg ties and I got to listen to the women talk about how good certain pairs of pantyhose are. They couldn’t have even thought about how it turned me on at my age. It was so matter of factly how they spoke. Kate said, “I am glad I brought so many pairs. I think they ruined a few pairs.” and they did, we ended up having to use scissors to cut her out.
Mom collected all the hose that were ruined and said, “Let’s keep these for the next tie up games.” Aunt Kate then asked if we could leave her to rest. As we left her and I was pulling the door behind me, I saw Kate begin to stuff her mouth with a pair of hose, or a scarf. Mom called me to come, I tried to look back but the door closed and I was unable to see. But I found out in later times, Aunt Kate had a need to be bound and gagged and rescue. Mom too would encourage these game but not to the level of Kate.
Friday, December 20th 2013 - 07:44:36 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Very cool, Gregory! Let's hear about the games!
Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 01:11:05 AM
Name: Gregory
Comments:Ok, so I have some free time to tell a couple more stories.
Starting with mom. After the first time, she kept bringing up how much fun she had when she was tied up and gagged and was able to "escape and rescue everyone". I then started to tease her saying that it was probably Aunt Rachel that saved the day. When Aunt Rachel was visiting I asked her who was the hero and she said that she was. So both mom and Aunt Rachel started teasing and joking about who was the real winner. And so I, of course, pulled out the "Let's make a bet." and then suggested that they both get tied to a chairs and try and see who could escape the first.
Two chairs were placed in the living room and both took seats. My sister and I then tied their hands behind their backs, their ankles together, then their ankles to the one of the legs of the chairs, tied their chests and arms to the back of the chairs. Both mom and Aunt Rachel were wearing jeans, t-shirts, mom had a sweater vest, while Aunt Rachel had a blue button up t-shirt. They started to bad mouth each other right from the start. Both took a lot of time struggling against the ropes. My sister and I placed bets. I bet on mom and sis bet on Aunt Rachel. A couple of times they nearly fell over trying so hard to escape, but we caught them in time. Aunt Rachel kept beaking off my mom saying that she was always a weaker sister, then mom came back with, "Can one of you two please gag her?"
My sis then ran out of the room and came back with two scarves. "Gag mom too." she said, tossing me one of the scarves. Mom protested and we said it was only fair. Beth (sis) gagged Aunt Rachel with a fat knot in the middle of the scarf stuffed into her mouth. It really did the trick. She mmmmmffed a lot and it just angered her and made mom laugh. I gave mom an over the mouth gag, which was the only way I knew how to gag mom, being that that's how damsels are gagged in cartoons and old time damsel in distress scenarios for kids. The gag didn't stop mom from talking but it did muffle her speech somewhat.
It was Aunt Rachel who got loose and mom was still tied without any chance of escape. And it was Aunt Rachel who started to tickle mom, removing her socks and revealing her tan reinforced toes pantyhose and then started to tickle her. Mom thrashed around madly, still tied. It was wonderful to watch. Aunt Rachel finally stopped and started to untie mom. Mom slinked in her chair, exhausted. The look of her after all the laughing and struggling, with her over the mouth gag really got me in the mood to continue these type of games.
So, one week after church, my mom and I headed back to the house to change out of our sunday best before we were to head out for a church picnic. I asked why she and I had to be the two that got changed and everyone else went straight to the picnic and she said, "I am just bringing you along just in case someone was waiting to kidnap me. You are my bodyguard." I asked who would kidnap her. and she responded with, "Why aren't I pretty enough to be kidnapped?"
I saw her take off her shoes and with her light brown colored pantyhose with reinforced toes with her skirt that was above the knees. And seeing this, as she was entering her room to change, I had the need to see her tied up again. "It would probably be Aunt Rachel tying you up to prove that you can't escape by yourself." That made mom turn back out of her room.
"Really?" she said, "Is that what you think?" her one eyebrow was up which showed me that she was intrigued. "Come…" I came into her room and she pulled her desk chair into the middle of her room. "Let's do this quickly." she said pulling out some pantyhose from her laundry basket and drawers. She threw them to me and sat in the chair and put her hands behind her back. "Tie me up with those pantyhose." I was young, but excited like a man gets. Seeing her sit with her skirt hiking up and she had this gitty smile on her smile, I sprung into action.
I tied her hands crisscrossed behind her back as she instructed. She was so ecited that she was practically hopping in her seat. Her hose covered feet were on her tippy toes as I took her feet into my hands and crossed them, while tying another pair around her ankles. The feeling of her pantyhose just made me more excited. I tied her around her knees and got to feel her thighs. She complained about not having her knees tied last time, but I joke and said, "I may just have to gag you too." to which she asked for a clean pair for her mouth. I jumped to her dresser and found a pair still in the package, tan and silky. I couldn't believe this was happening and how I was reacting to it all. I tied the new pair over her mouth which looked beautiful but didn't gag her. She laughed at me and told me that I need to do more to keep her quiet. She instructed me to get another fresh pair and stuff her mouth under the over the mouth gag. I did and she giggled when I did it and mmmmffffed as I tied the pair over her mouth tighter. I then tied more pairs over her chest and as I did, I looked over her shoulder and stared at her knees and thighs rubbing together as she was I believe enjoying the feeling of being tied.
and it was then when Aunt Teri walked in. Aunt Teri was the religious fanatic of the family and seeing mom being tied up with her pantyhose by me, as I am gawking over her body made her go ballistic. She marched in and grabbed my arm and swatted me on my behind. "You bad boy, bad boy." I yelled that it was mom's idea, to which she stopped hitting me and turned to mom. Mom tried to say something but the gag was really good. "Is this your idea?" Aunt Teri demanded, pushing me out of the room as she asked. I turned back to try and see, but was also scared with guilty that I was the one who was going to get in trouble. Mom nodded and rolled her eyes, she was embarrassed. There was a long moment of silence, then Aunt Teri went behind mom, and turned her chair to face the door mirror, so she could see herself completely full body. "Look at your self!" Aunt Teri was practically screaming. This is what you allow you son to see you as?" she grabbed more pantyhose and started to tie more over her chest pinning her to the chair. She pulled out mom's hair from the wrap around gag, then tightened the gag. "You think it's ok to allow your son to bind and gag you with your undergarments, well, then you'll have to spend the rest of the time looking at yourself and see what your son see." Mom mmmfffed and squirmed and started to kick her tied legs. The sight was amazing. She gave me these pleading eyes as Aunt Teri took my arm and pulled me away. "She will have to wait here while we go to the picnic." Mom really was a damsel in distress at that moment. I wanted to go back but was more afraid of Aunt teri.
We were at the picnic for about an hour when I was able to tell Aunt Kate about mom needing rescuing. Aunt Kate thought that it was great and wanted details. She bit her lower lip as I told her how she was tied up with her pantyhose. "Just like when you and I were tied together." she whispered. My Aunt Kate made up some excuse to leave and told me to sneak out without Aunt Teri seeing us. So I went out the back and Aunt Kate took her car and met me there. We headed back quickly and I ran into the room to see how mom was doing? Mom's hair was shaking everywhere and when she heard me, she turned and panicked. Her skirt was hiked up and she had her left hand between her legs. My Aunt Kate then grabbed me like Aunt Teri and pulled me out of the room. Aunt Kate covered my eyes and told me that mom was a little revealing. The thing I noticed the most at that moment was her knees here tied but were trying to pull open over and over. I know not that I caught her masturbating but as a child, this excited me too, thinking that mom really needed to be rescued.
Aunt Kate closed the door behind me, leaving me in the hall as she untied mom. Mom then called out, "Greg, can you find us some scissors please?" I did and knocked and they told me to come into the room. Pantyhose were everywhere, mom's gag had been removed but was still hanging around her neck. She was now sitting on the bed, her skirt pulled back down. She was smiling as Aunt Kate took the scissors and started to cut through her ankle ties. Mom patted the spot beside her and told me to sit with her. I did, and she hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. "Sorry, if I scared you, pumpkin." and held me tight. Once her ankles were free, she then hugged me deeper. And I felt her thighs once again. this time mom, took my hand off her thighs and then kissed my hand.
Aunt Teri called and gave a slight apology while Aunt Kate took me out to play. the family gathered at our place after and I snuck around to look at the ladies legs covered with hose. it became a staple fetish really quickly in my life. But as I was listening, I heard mom tell KAte and rachel that she enjoyed being helpless. "I looked good, tied up and gagged." they all laughed. They all agreed to not tell Aunt Teri of any of their tie up adventures. THis told me that the other aunts also were being tied up since the first time. Although this was the last time mom allowed me to tie her up with her pantyhose, it wasn't the last time she was tied and gagged. Aunt Kate would become a regular at the bondage games.
Monday, December 30th 2013 - 11:00:27 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Great, Gregory! I would love to hear more!
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 09:22:29 AM
Name: Gregory
Comments:Because of this site, my interest in seeing my mom or Aunts bound and gagged had peaked. My girlfriend, Nicole, has allowed me to tie her up a couple of times but she doesn’t care for it, nor does it suit her. I have been with her for over 3 years and I do plan on marrying her once she completed her master degree and she’s been very blunt about how that’s going to happen too. But it’s been a long time, really long, since I have tied up mom or either Aunts, or even my cousins for that matter. Last night, Nicole couldn’t go out because of this horrible cold she caught from me, so I ended up going to mom’s place and we skyped with Nic during the countdown. While I was there, I instigated and was able to get mom tied up and gagged again.
All my stories that I have come from when I was a kid/teen. I am now a grown adult and mom is in her fifties. Kate is now in her forties and both her and mom still look like they are in their thirties. Rachel has aged like a grandmother might. SHe’s gone grey, glasses, and looks old. The run on joke is that Rachel was the one to age quicker because she is still married. Mom left Dad about 7 or 8 years ago. Aunt Kate was left by her husband when he discovered he was really sick. THey have all kept their fun loving party spirits and last night was no exception. I arrived around 5 ish, for supper and wine with a bunch of the local family friends. Most people left right after the supper to go to the city hall dance. Perhaps around 8:00 we were saying goodbye to the last set of guests, leaving me, mom, Aunt Kate, Aunt Rachel and one of Aunt Rachel’s daughters Rhea. Rhea and her husband were dressing up their kids and as Rhea crouched down to zip up her 4 year old’s jacket, the boy put his hands on her legs and felt her pantyhose covered thigh. She was wearing a black short dress that when she crouched, practically showed everyone the control tops of her black hose. She said, “You certainly love the feel of your mommy’s legs tonight, don’t you?” Rhea is a very good looking woman, taking the looks from Aunt Rachel and her father’s East Indian genes, she has always been known for her beauty. This was one of the first times I had seen her dressed up though, as she works as a professional painter and usually is seen wearing paint covered clothes. At family events, she often wears dress suites or none revealing clothes. I was shocked to see her in this outfit and understood the kids attraction to her legs. She stood up and felt she needed to apologize for her boys hands. Mom, Kate and Rachel laughed, saying that he’s just a child learning knew sensation. Rhea kissed everyone and Rachel left with them.
“Well, does that little boy remind us of someone here?” Mom said, bumping into me. Kate laughed and agreed and she too bumped me. I then outed myself by looking down at mom and Aunt Kate’s legs. Mom was wearing a red cocktail dress with her typical tan reinforced toes pantyhose and Kate was wearing a over the knees skirt with black hose. They caught me looking and laughed at me. “Speaking of legs, let’s call up Nicole to see how she’s hanging in.” We all sat down at the computer desk and called Nicole who answered right away. She looked like she was all stuffed up but was happy we were calling. Mom and Aunt Kate and Nicole shared compliments about their outfits and other lady stuff. The two then said they had stuff to do, and left me and Nicole for a sec. I heard mom and Kate giggling and they came back but sat outside the camera view. While I was talking, I felt one of them, start to play footsie with me, with their toes going up my pant leg. I looked over and saw it was mom, trying to act innocent. She then put her feet into my lap. I was so worried that Nicole might find us weird, that I tried to ignore it. Kate sat on the opposite side of me and was pretending to straighten out her pantyhose. She lifted her skirt and was feeling her legs up. Both mom and Kate were giggling. Nicole asked what was happening and why they were giggling. I told her that they might have had a lot more to drink than they should have. I ended it and said that I would call her back right before midnight.
As soon as we disconnected, both mom and Aunt Kate burst out with laughter. Mom then put her feet into my face and started rub then on my cheek and neck. “Maybe next time, we do this so that Nicole thinks your with some ladies.” she teased. I batted them away, but also grabbed them and held her ankles. Aunt Kate, who I now learnt was wearing stockings and not hose, had removed her stockings as I was holding mom’s legs, and put her hands into each pair.
“I got it, you do the feet,” she started to feel my face from behind me, “And I do this, and Nicole will not know what to think.” They both laughed, but I actually worried that they might try something like that and I knew that Nicole knows about my hose fetish, but not to the extent that it was at. “I remember a little boy who liked to play with his Aunt’s pantyhose.” Mom then said something about her pantyhose were always a fascination to me when I was younger. And then lifted her skirt to playfully show me more leg.
Then I said, “Remember when I use to tie you two up with your pantyhose?” Then both stopped, and we sat in silence for a few secs. Aunt Kate then hand gagged me with her stocking covered hand. Mom then jumped up and grabbed my hands.
“I think that when we call Nicole back, she gets to see you tied up and gagged with pantyhose.” Kate said, and mom was agreeing. They were able to get my hands behind me and tied them with one of Kate’s stockings. The actual tied hurt as the stockings felt like they were cutting my wrists. When I complained about how tight it was, my mouth was stuffed with Kate’s other stocking. The feeling of them in my mouth was so silky that I became completely aroused. Not because I was being tied up but because I was now given an excuse to tie and gag them both. Kate hand gagged me again holding the stockings in my mouth. Her other wrapped around my chest holding me to the chair. She whispered, “I always wanted to have you bound and gagged again. Don’t tell your mom, but this really is something I think about a lot. Happy New year to me.” Mom had left us, and now was back, throwing numerous pantyhose, panties, bras, and scarves onto my lap. Kate cheered.
“I grabbed what I could.” Mom was excited like a little girl, giggling madly. She took pairs and tied my ankles together. I tried to fight it but mom was quick. Mom then took more pairs and tied them around me and the chair. Kate had to move for her to do this and as soon as my mouth was released I spat out the stocking.
I pleaded. “Mom, please don’t. I don’t think Nicole would be too pleased to see me like this.” They just laughed and both continued to tie more hose around me.
Once they were completed, which were too many pairs really. Kate started to put on another pair of tan hose right in front of me, putting her foot on my lap with the first leg. Mom then went back to mother mode, “Don’t worry hun, I’ll have you untied before you call her back.” She then stuffed my mouth again with one of her pairs of tan hose and Kate cheered her on, both ladies high fiving each other. I believed mom and started to relax and also enjoy it. Both mom and Aunt Kate kept teasing me by tickling me (however I never felt ticklish) and placing their legs on my lap and talking about how to deal with their new slave.
Around 10:30 ish, the doorbell rang. Both mom and Aunt kate jumped up and looked at each other then at me. Kate they were silent and a look of girlish joy came over them both, like two children doing something bad. The bell rang again and mom said, “Well, what should we do? Should we untie him now?”
Aunt Kate then pulled a pair of tan hose over my head. “I’ll take care of your son, you answer then door.” Both giggled with delight.
Mom ran to the door. It was one of the guest that lost their wallet and thought they may have left it at mom’s place. Aunt Kate, put her hands back into pairs and became freaky. “How does it feel to be helpless?” she whispered as she rubbed my check. She removed my tie and unbuttoned my top buttons. “There is someone who could rescue you right now. But you are covered and tied up in women’s pantyhose.” She stood behind me and I felt my tied hands go between her legs, as she lowered herself over them, which lifted her skirt.I was soooo ready to burst. She kept whispering. “Oh yeah. Just feel my legs.” her breathing staggered. “i think about being tied up with you those few times. It feels so good to be helpless, huh.” I heard the people upstairs say, “Could I have dropped it downstairs.” this was indicating the area that I was bound and gagged in. I started to struggle hard worried that someone might see us like this. This excited Kate more and she hand gagged me again, and held onto me as she began to ride my hands. I was disturbed, scared, turned on and grossed out all at the same time.
Then we heard the people call out, “Found it.” it supposedly dropped out of the guys coat jacket while he was tying his shoes and had been covered over with others footwear. Kate mmmmmfffffed into my ear and her grip on my mouth and chest really went tight for a few seconds. I saw through the hose on my head and on the reflection of the computer screen that she had stuffed her mouth too with hose. She lost all of her strength and left me almost limping. I was able to get my feet loose and tried to stand up but the chair and hose still held me down. Mom came back after a while and pulled off the hose from my head.
“Ok. I think this has gone far enough.” she looked me over and could see my shirt unbuttoned and tied was off. She must have passed Kate on her way to me. Mom started to untie me, starting with the hose around my chest. “Well, I bet that was a little exciting.” she began to laugh again. I mmmffed and rolled my eyes agreeing. She pulled down my gag and she helped me remove the hose from my mouth. My mouth was so dry, mainly from the alcohol I had that night, but because of the hose soaking up the moisture too. Mom continued to talk about it as she went and got me a glass of water. “I bet you didn’t expect to be tied up and gagged with your mom’s pantyhose tonight did you?”
“Nope. Thanks.” I thanked her for the water but she thought it was for the experience of being tied up.
“You’re welcome.” she patted my face. “It’s quiet the experience being helpless and under people’s control huh?” She had to get a knife to cut the stockings off my wrist, as they were thin and tight knots. “I hope your Aunt wasn’t too attached to these stockings.” she said and they were cut off in one swipe. My hands were hurting a lot. Imprints of the ties were pink and throbbing around my wrists. I stood up and mom gave me a big hug. “I’m sorry dear. I thought you might like the feeling.” I hugged her back.
“I might have if I wasn’t scared that people were going to see us.” I laughed.
“Yeah, I suppose that just made me and your Aunt more excited, knowing that the stakes had been raised. You probably already suspect this, but we really like the adventure of being bound and gagged. So thank you for the adventure tonight.” She then kissed me on the cheek and let me go.
I then said, “Well you can look forward to it when I get my revenge on you two.” She told me that she does look forward to that. So I took the hint and hand gagged her. “Then why wait.” She mmmfffed and put her hands behind her back for me. I took some pairs tied her hands behind her back. I tied more pairs tied her arms to her side. She started to play the damsel.
“Oh you villain. You’ll never get away with this.” I then took a stocking of hers and stuffed her mouth and tied a scarf over it. She began to mmmmfff loudly as though calling for help to Kate. I then hand gagged her and walked her to upstairs directly to her room. I told her that i would have to put her somewhere where she wouldn’t be able to warn Kate. This excited her and she nearly skipped to her room. When we heard Kate walking down the hall, both of us jumped into the bathroom and i hand gagged her again, sssshhhing her. When the hall was clear, I walked her to her bedroom and had her sit on her bed. I saw her drawer of pantyhose open with all sorts of pantyhose, stockings, scarves, slips, and silky clothing all over the place. I took more pairs of tan hose (she has so many of different shades and textures that I when I see tan hose on a lady, I think of her) and tied her ankles criss cross, then another pair for below and above her knees. I lifted her legs into the air, mainly to see her control tops of the pair she was wearing, under her skirt and placed her legs onto the bed. She mmmmffeed and batted her eyes. I could see that she was loving this. I told her to remain quiet and I would come release her in the New Year. She started shaking her head no, as I think she wanted to count in the new year with us. I then got adventurous and took another wad of hose balled them up and placed then in her midsection and tied another pair over her skirt that held all the hose in place. I told her I knew what she was doing back when I was a child and caught her pleasuring herself. I turned her over onto her front ontop of the hose, then told her to enjoy herself and kissed her gagged mouth. I walked out but before turned and saw that she was humping the wad of pantyhose, eyes closed and looking so sexy.
I took the remaining pairs of pantyhose and went back to find Kate. Kate had saw me walking mom and knew she was next, so she was already tying herself up. SHe had tied her ankles and knees (which kind of upsetted me as I wanted to feel her legs) and had already wrapped gagged a pair of silky hose over her lips. She was sitting in the computer chair and I lifted her up, sat into it and placed her on my lap. I tied her hands behind her back. It was about 11:30 at this point so I turned on the computer, lifted the camera so that Nicole wouldn’t be able to see my bound and gagged aunt, on my lap. I warned AUnt Kate that she was to be as quiet as possible during the call. And if she was, I would allow her to tie me up again. She agreed, which showed me her gag was not really gagging her. But I didn’t have anymore time.
Nicole and I talked for a bit, she looked very sleepy as she was fighting her cold medication. She asked me where Mom and Aunt Kate were and I said, “They have had a lot to drink and are a little tied down for the evening.” (actual words used). Nicole and I stayed talking till the count down, she started to talk about how she wishes that we were holding each other right then and there. And as she did, I started to feel up my Aunt’s hose covered ass. I could hear Aunt kate moan. Nicole asked who that was and I said, Aunt Kate passed out in a chair and that i didn’t want her to wake. Nicole laughed and said that she loves my Aunt Kate because she’s so rebellious. I was really turned on by all of this. And Kate could feel that, as I was now working my way to her front crotch that was starting to hump me.
We counted down the seconds, wished each other a Happy New Year and said that we loved each other. I turned off the computer after and Kate suddenly let out a huge moan. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...mmmmmffff” I stuffed her mouth and took her over to the couch. I then did the same to her as I did mom. I took the remaining hose on the floor, balled them up and put them into Aunt Kate’s midsection. Except, I put the pairs into the hose that she was wearing. I sat with her on the couch and played with her legs. She then let out another loud moan and her body just went limp. I could smell that she enjoyed herself.
I put my hands into a pair and rubbed her body as I told her about this blog and how it ignited something in me, remembering the past. When I ungagged her she told me about all these great sexual stories about her being tied up and gag. Some were really private. But she did tell me that she and mom have talked about being tied up by me a lot in the past few years and have joked about how they wished they were back in their twenties being bound and gagged by a little boy. I remembered that I left mom tied up.
I untied Kate and we went to see mom. Mom too, had fallen asleep, a lot of her gag was off her mouth but she still was holding the stuffing in. When we awoke her to untie her, she jumped and asked if Kate could be the one untying her. I was about to leave but then mom said, “No. You know exactly what happened to me, you can untie me too.” I helped, of course taking on the legs. I told mom that Nicole says hi and the three of us spent the next hour, lying in mom’s bed, both mom and Kate’s hose covered legs on my lap, as Mom then told me stories of her being bound and gagged that I had never heard before. We went through putting our hands through each pair to see which ones were still good (which weren’t many). and at 3:00 am I drove Aunt Kate home. She thanked me and kissed me on the lips. With that I parked the car, took her inside and tied her up again. We played burglar, with me having a stocking on my head. SHe excited quickly and passed out right after she came. Just before I left, she removed hte hose she was wearing and asked me to return them to mom. I don’t plan on doing that. I left and came back to my place. I type this before I go see Nicole. I feel somewhat like a cheat but I also feel like it was renewing my childhood.
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 12:12:54 PM
Name: the Captain
E-mail address: lookingfordamsels@hotmail.com
Comments:Look can you sub men go find a sub men that like to be tied up dreambook? This is about mother bondage not your fantasy to be tied with your mom.

Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 01:58:24 PM
Name: the Captain
E-mail address: lookingfordamsels@hotmail.com
Comments:Look can you sub men go find a sub men that like to be tied up dreambook? This is about mother bondage not your fantasy to be tied with your mom.

Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 01:58:31 PM
Name: the Captain
E-mail address: lookingfordamsels@hotmail.com
Comments:geez Jason,
I went to a Scottish castle and got tied up? Come on I want your mom in bondage not you stupid.
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 01:59:51 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:You're entitled to your opinion, but you don't have to resort to name-calling, Captain. I can't wait to hear your story on the other page!
Saturday, January 4th 2014 - 12:49:31 AM
Name: Combat Medic 13
Comments:Very Interesting Stories and Experiences Posted Here.

I hope mine fits in within the scope here.

I am in my 30's now and still rope up mom when she comes out for visits but it all started when I was around 15.

A little background both my parents were professionals. my dad retired from the military and started a consulting firm.
My mom worked in the finance for a large corporation so she was a heels and hose woman.

I played tie up games growing up but by the time I was 15 it was pretty safe to say my friends guys and girls were into other things other then tie up games.

I held an interest in tying up and would watch movies that I knew had tie up scenes and often thought about a few of my friends mom's and girls from school all tied up.

I had never given really any thought to tying up my mom. Not that my mom was not good enough to be tied up by any means. I did find women who wore pantyhose, nylons or whatever you choose to call them much more attractive then those who did not wear them. I found the reinforced toes when I got glimpses of them full sights like when mom would kick off her pumps very sexy and still do.

I had never would have thought that my parents were into "bondage" however I would often hear strange sounds at night in various parts of our house but never was curious to really go see what they were. I would soon find out what they were.

In our house it was very clear dad was in charge and what he said was law.
He and mom shared the responsibilities of the house and finances but it was clear mom accepted whatever dad's decisions were.

I looked up to my dad and wanted to be like him when I was an older.

I did not realize how things were going to change in our house and how much I was going to enjoy tying up my mom from the night my dad passed me the torch so to speak.

I was 15 and it was during the fall. I had just come home from football practice and dad met me in the laundry room told me to shower up and meet him in the living room because he wanted to talk to me about something very important.

I got cleaned up and met dad in his home office. He told me to have a seat and for the next hour had a man to man talk telling me that he was going overseas on a consulting job for a few months and that I was going to have to be the man of the house. He said that I would be responsible for all the things he did around the house and keep mom safe and help her around the house like always.

This was not the first time dad had to travel and I had gotten this speech before but he said I need to discuss one more thing with your mom before I give you one last very important job.

I was curious as to what it was in my mind I was thinking cool I would be able to use dad's car for school and stuff while he was gone.

Where we lived with your parents permission you could get your drivers license at 15 as long as you passed drivers ed.

My parents let me get my license early so I could get a part time job and start saving for a car.

Mom came home and dad took us out to dinner and we had a talk about dad's leaving.

When we got home after dinner I excused myself to go and do my homework.

Dad told me I am going to talk with your mom right now and will come and get you when we are done.

I was in my room and had lost track of time I guess when dad knocked and came into my mom. He was smiling and said your mom and I talked and she has agreed to let you take over my most important job.

I was excited and asked what is it dad?
He smiled and said I think it is better I show you son so follow me.

We walked down into the basement our was finished and I heard those strange sounds I had heard many times before.

Dad said you ready son as he reached for the laundry room door.

I nodded and said yeah I am ready dad.

He opened the door and there on the laundry room floor in her skirt and blouse hogtied and gagged was my mom!

She looked up at me as she squirmed around mpphing away.

I was frozen by the sight of her. One of her pumps had fallen off exposing her black reinforced toes.
Her hair was messed up she had little beads of sweat on her brow.
Her mouth was packed full and clear tape highlighted the big black wad in her mouth.

The white cotton clothes line was tied just about everywhere. She was not getting loose no matter what.

Dad stayed quite as I took mom in and she eventually stopped moving and stared at me.

Dad said are you ok son? I looked at my dad and said I am ok.

He said do you will be able to handle this job for me while I am gone?

I looked at him you mean he beat me to the punch and said yes I mean making sure your mom gets her bondage fix!

I looked at mom who was nodding yes I looked at dad and said are you guys joking with me.

Dad said no joke son this is the real deal your mom and I talked about this and only if you feel comfortable and are interested in taking on this very important job it is all yours.

Dad leaned in and whispered into my ear it would mean a lot to your old dad to know mom is happy.

I stared at my hot helpless mom and said I will do it dad. Then I looked at mom I smiled at her and said I can do it mom.

She nodded yes.

Dad said well lets untie your mom and we will go over the rules of engagement.

I went over and united my mom helped her up and she peeled off the tape and spit out the big black wad which was a pair of her pantyhose and panty.

She took off her other pump and excused herself.

Dad told me to pick up the rope met them in the living room.

Dad was in the living room and on the floor was a small black suit case I went and sat in the chair across from dad.

He opened the case and it was full of rope, tape, pantyhose, ace bandages, and commercial gags as he called them. ballgags, panel gag and a head harness and chin strap ballgag. there were some blindfolds as well.

Mom had rejoined us she was wearing a sweat suit and slippers.

She sat down and I listened as she went over her limits and how things were going to be when dad leaves concerning my new job.

Dad said we would have 4 days to practice and make sure I would be able to see mom's limits.

After the discussion mom suggested I tie her up any way I wanted and gag her.

I looked at dad he said that is a good idea honey. I went and got a kitchen chair and asked mom to sit in it and I was nervous but tied her to the chair.
I picked up the ballgag and gagged her dad showed me the hole on the strap that was moms max.

I buckled it in moms mouth and she nodded her approval and struggled and mpphhed away.

Dad was impressed and after a 10 or 15 minutes he suggested we untie mom and pick up training the next day after mom comes home from work.

I untied mom and went to my room to finish my homework. I had a ton of energy thinking about all that happened and the thought of being able to tie and gag my mom everyday began to sink in and excite me with endless possibilities.

I could hardly wait for the next day when mom came home.

After dinner the next day my bondage training continued so to speak. Dad showed me some cool tricks and how to use the big roll of microfoam tape it was crazy to see how it sealed so tight around her lips that you could see her lips through the tape.

By the end of the 4th day I was ready for dad to leave so I could show mom I had it all under control.

Dad left the next morning and mom and I left at the same time she smiled and said see you tonight with a wink.

Dad tossed in the use of his car for me since I was the man of the house for the next month.

It was hard to concentrate at class or practice thinking about tying up mom tonight.

When I got home from practice I made sure the house was clean and dinner was in the oven.

I got cleaned up and waited for mom.

She arrived and was full of compliments but said she had a bit of bad news. She said I would not be able to tie her up until much later tonight because she had to go back to work for a mandatory meeting.

She was not happy about it to say the least. She promised she would make it up to me big time if there was no tie up tonight.

She ate and was going to go a change when she stopped and said I forgot what do you want me to wear?

I was dumb founded at first and said what you have on.

Mom smiled and said ok your the man she kissed me on the cheek and put on her pumps and left.

I waited for her and finally around 11 pm she came home she looked so tired.

She took off her pumps and blazer she came and sat next to me on the sofa. She rested her head on my shoulder and said if you want me here I am honey.

She looked so tied and I noticed she had a huge run going from her tan reinforced toe all the way up too her knee.

I told her it was ok no tie up needed she kissed my cheek and said your a good man. I pointed out the run she said oh shit there goes another pair of hose. She said her shoes were hurting her feet and it must have happened when she had them off in her office.

I had seen dad rub her feet before so I told her I would rub her feet for her if she wanted me too.

She smiled and leaned back on the sofa laid her feet in my lap. I never had given a foot rub before but tried to think how I saw dad do it.

I must have done it right cause mom was happy.

After about 20 minutes I noticed mom had dozed off so I woke her up and she went to bed as she was heading to her room she said I owe you big time honey.

The next morning mom had gotten up before me and cooked breakfast she was already for work when I came down to join her.

She had on a nice gray skirt and simple white blouse she had on some gray hose which to my delight had reinforced toes.

As we ate mom we talked and mom smiled at me and said be ready for action when I get home cause I owe you double time tonight.

I smiled looking forward to it mom she winked and said I bet you are.

She told me she left last nights hose on top of the game case as she calls it. She told me to put them in there for future use.

She left and I had another restless day.

I was ready when mom got home as she suggested. She came in and said honey I am home hope your ready cause I am.

I was in the living room and came out to greet her. She smiled ready?

I smiled and said yep. She said pour me a glass of wine well I go freshen up.

Then she said what do you want me to wear.

I again said what your wearing now.

She said ok and left.

I poured the wine and she came back in a gulped it down smiled and said ok tie me up.

All my big ideas blanked out by mom's straight forward tie me up.

I did not have a real clue so I told her to lay on her stomach on the sofa.

She got on the sofa and said looks like I am getting hogtied.

She put her hands behind her back and ankles together and I placed her into a hogtie. I felt pretty cool to feel her soft shiny gray pantyhose against my skin as I tied her ankles and soles of her feet.

I went for the ballgag and after buckling it in mom went into struggling and mppphing for me.

It was amazing to watch her and I was trying to think of how I wanted to tie her next and where. But the thought of keeping her hogtied was much to appealing to me and I wondered how she would feel about spending however many hours she is willing to play tonight in and out of a hogtie.

I asked her if she was ok and she nodded yes I told her I would be right back as I had to put dinner in the oven she nodded.

Our house was open concept so I could hear her and see her feet sticking up in the air

Monday, January 6th 2014 - 11:17:36 PM
Name: Buck
Comments:Hope you will continue this story Combat Medic
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 12:30:49 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:I agree with Buck! Interesting, so far, Medic 13!
Wednesday, January 8th 2014 - 06:50:37 PM
Name: Combat Medic 13
Comments:Thanks for the interest Buck and BG.

As I stated I could see mom's feet sticking up in the air. I see her moving around and heard her mppphing. I walked over to the pass thru and took a peek at her she looked awesome. she looked over her shoulder saw me peeking and winked and me.

As I started to turn around I heard a crack and turned back to see what it was and mom had her toes curled tight then began wiggling them. I asked if she was ok and she again looked over her shoulder giggled and nodded yes.

I got dinner in the oven set the timer and went back to join her. I realized I could not sit next to her so I sat across from her and watched her. She put on a great show for me.

She had little beads of sweat on her brow and her hair was messy by the time I untied her she had been bound and gagged almost a half hour.

She complimented me on my good work and thanked me for getting dinner ready.

She said she was going to freshen up before dinner and again asked me what I wanted her to wear.

I again was not ready for this and said whatever your comfortable in mom.

She smiled and said your to easy honey and left to get fresh.

When she returned she was wearing one sweat suits and black satiny slippers.

I noticed she had taken her hose off which was not really a big disappointment.

We ate and talked mom paused a moment smiled and said honey your the man of the house now so please don't be afraid to let me know what you want me to do. She continued we discussed all the rules so you can tell me what to wear for our game. She smiled and said if you want me in my work clothes just tell me. I have no problem doing what I am told she smiled and said lets say you want me barefooted or to keep my nylons on just tell me ok.

I told her it felt awkward in a way to tell you what to do mom especially what to wear. She patted my hand and said I understand but you have to be in charge dear and that is part of it ok. I said I will try.

Finished our meal and relaxed. I had homework to do and told mom I needed to go and work on it. She pretended to pout and say I promised you double tie up time and now your going not going to take me up on my offer.

I told her I would love to tie her up again but I have to do my homework.

She pretend to pout and began flipping channels on TV.

I said to myself I am blowing it after I just told mom I would get it together.

So I said ok mom turn off the tv and follow me to my room and I am going to tie and gag you while I do my homework.

She smiled at me and said now that is my man talking.

She turned off the tv stood up and followed me to my room.

I told her to have a seat in my desk chair she sat down and I went and got the suitcase.

I came back she was looking over my homework turned and smiled at me her eyes were intensely and she seemed excited.

I tied her to the chair trying to use as much rope as I could. She was really loving it as I could see. The last thing I did was tie her ankles remove her slippers tie her big toes "dad told me mom liked that" then took a rope and tied it between her ankles and pulled it under the chair until only her big toes touched the floor.

She wiggled around and told me everything was tight yet comfortable. I reached for the ballgag chin harness and gagged mom.

She sat next to me as I did my home work struggling and mppphing for me I asked her if she was ok and she would nod yes.

I must have had her tied for a good 30 minutes when gave me her safe signal.

I removed her gag she said sorry honey I need to use the restroom and have a drink.

I quickly untied her and she went to the rest room and I heard her in the kitchen.

She came back to my room with a glass of white wine and some fruit. She ate and drank and offered some suggestions on my report.

She finished her snack looked at the clock and said almost midnight dear you want one more.

I said yes mom I think you should be tied up one more time tonight in fact I handed her the chin ballgag and said gag yourself. She looked at me and gagged herself once she was done I said take off your slippers and go lay down on my bed face down hands behind your back and ankles together.

Mom looked at me with approval stood up slipped off her slippers and took up the position I told her too.

I let her lay there for a couple minutes like that before I stood up and went and hogtied her.

I felt more confident and pulled her ankles closer putting her into a little more stricter position. I asked her if she was good she nodded and gagged talked a yes.

I could see a bit of drool starting to leak out of the corner of her mouth.

I sat back and enjoyed the intense show she put on! I actually kind of got nervous as she thrashed and pulled and tugged and arched herself drool was leaking freely and she was sweating like crazy by the time she signaled she had enough.

I was blown away to say the least. After untying her she teased and said you can close your mouth honey I am ok.

She wiped her face with a cloth hugged me and said good night.

I was speechless as I looked at my bed which was a mess and a wet spot was present where mom's drool was.

I had to clean up my bed and realized no homework was going to get finished so I tried to get some sleep which was also hard to do.

I spent the rest of the night laying there thinking about tying mom in different ways and having her dressed in different outfits.

She had these blue jean shorts that she only wore for cleaning the house that were what people call "daisy dukes" she also had some knee high leather boots that she wore from time to time and I remembered mom had some "vintage"rock and roll band t shirts she like to wear.

I decided that would be an outfit for mom then I also remembered mom wore some seemed pantyhose for new years eve a few times and I wondered if she had them still.

I thought mom dressed in a rocker chick get up would be hot.

I also was excited to use the full head harness ballgag on her in that outfit.

Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 09:28:10 PM
Name: Combat Medic 13
E-mail address: Rocker Mom
Comments:The next morning as mom and I had breakfast she teasingly said so have any plans for tonight?

I said I do mom and they include you for sure she smiled really can I ask what your planning for me she gave me a wicked smile.

I was about to tell her when the phone rang it was dad calling from overseas.

He and mom talked a while and I heard her say he is doing a great job as man of the house and taking care of business.

Mom said honey your dad wants to talk to you for awhile.

I took the phone and dad asked me how things were going and I told him everything is good. He said are you taking care of your mom like I asked. I hesitated but responded yes.

Dad picked up on it and said what is the hesitation about son his voice was stern.

I told dad it is hard for me to get used to telling mom what to do.

He got annoyed and the former military officer came out and he yelled at me and told me to get my shit together and make sure mom is bound and gagged everyday like I was told and agreed to do.

Dad told me mom can take some tough tie ups because makes sure she knows who is boss.

He then hung up the phone!

I felt like shit cause I let dad down by not living up to his expectations which he had for me which were at times impossible.

Mom saw me after the phone call she could always tell when dad ripped me a new one.

She hugged me and said whatever he told you just let it go and do the best you can he is still overseas for a few more weeks.

She was curious as to why dad chewed me ass.

I told her is was nothing.

She did not believe me but let it go.

She then said so we were about to discuss our plans tonight.

I took a deep breath and told her what I wanted her to wear tonight. I told her that I wanted her changed and ready to go when I got home from practice.

She smiled hugged me said you got it and she said I will your favorite dinner ready for you when you get home.

I was pumped up and the thought of seeing mom dressed as a rocker chick bound and gagged and eating my favorite meal to boot.

The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was on my home.

As I pulled into the driveway I saw mom's car and I was pumped up knowing without a doubt mom would be dressed and ready to go.

I parked in the garage and as I got out could hear some good rock n roll playing. I walked into the house and smelled dinner.

I heard clicking on the floor as mom was walking around in the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen to say hello to her and my mouth dropped.

Mom had her hair done kind of wild and she was wearing a tight black stones T shirt the blue daisy dukes black seemed hose and her knee hi black hi heeled boots.

Mom put on darker eye shadow and lipstick as well.

She smiled turned around and said what do you think? Rocker mom or not?

I almost said the F bomb but caught myself and said you like freaking awesome mom and she did!

She smiled thank you this is all for you my strong man.

She said go get cleaned up we have a bust night she said with a wink.

I got ready and we ate dinner relaxed for a few mom looked so good. She asked if we could just listen to some of her favorite bands tonight during her tie up so she could really feel like a rocker chick.

I thought it was a great idea and I also like the bands mom likes so it was cool.

She went and used the ladies room and I got the suit case and when she returned I had her sit on the floor and used the black leather straps and put her into a ball tied and used the head harness ballgag on her she looked so fucking hot. She struggled and mmpphed the squeak of her leather boots the music made it even hotter. I asked mom if I could snap a few pics.

She raised her eyebrows thought giggled and nodded yes.

I went and got her camera and took about 4 shots she posed for me then struggled.

She signaled I removed the gag and untied her as she need to use the restroom and stretch out her legs.

She looked at the pics and giggled and said I look cute. I said no you look hot she smiled thank you she said so what are we going to do with these pics?

I thought not sure mom she said we are not going to tell your dad I let you take pictures of me first off. Then she said you can keep them only if you promise me to hide them somewhere your dad would never find them and also you won't forget where you put them or we can shred em.

I told mom I would like to keep em but I would destroy em I felt dad would find em.

We chatted and then after she finished her beer I said time for a hogtie mom. She said your in charge she asked where she should lay down.

I pointed to the floor she said lets use a blanket so my make up don't get on the carpet.

I went and got a blanket laid it out and mom was about to lay down when I told her to take off her boots so I could see her seemed stocking feet.

She sat on the floor and slowly removed her boots and tossed em off to the side and then spun around lifted her feet and pointed them in my direction this what you wanna see she said.

I smiled and said yep I realized at that moment the whole bottom of her foot was reinforced she wiggled her toes.

I stood up and told her hogtie time and she rolled over and assumed the postion I had her cross her wrists and knelt and hogtied her tying her big toes and soles of her feet.

I then reached for 2 pairs of pantyhose her eyes lit up as she slowly opened her mouth to take em I pushed them in and she mmppphed I used the ace bandage over her mouth and tape over the bandage I did not realize how tight it was around mom's mouth when I had finished her cheeks were bulging and she raised her eyebrows at me. I said oh shit she giggled I went to redo it she rolled away and shook her head no!!

I sat on the floor as she fought the ropes her face red from loud mppphs and grunts I could see little beads of sweat forming on her brow I wiped them she nodded yes.

I was so into her show I lost track of time mom rolled and rubbed her bound feet against my arm during her struggles and that sent shivers down my spine she also gently pushed me with her feet as she rolled on her back.

I found an interest in her stocking feet mom had pretty feet perfectly arched size 7 feet her toes were very nicely shaped and always pedicured. I would learn from her dad did not like ugly un manicured feet.

Mom had to give me the signal to untie her as I would have kept her there for hours.

I removed the gag first as the rules were stated and she spit out the pantyhose and said yucky dirty hose I forgot to wash the hose in the suit case. She said that is her job.

I had untied her and helped her up she asked me to rub her back and shoulders they were sore from being hogtied so tight!

I rubbed her back and shoulders and she excused herself came back with 2 beers she said have a drink with me and lets enjoy the music for a while.

This was a first having a beer with mom dad and I had a beer once but it was sort of strange with mom.

We listened to her favorite band and I finished my beer first mom said I know your the man of the house but can I ask you a favor?

I said sure mom she said would you rub my feet those boots make my feet hurt a little.

I said I would but never rubbed feet before.

She laughed not to hard sweet heart she placed her feet in my lap and I massaged her stocking feet felt strange the softness of the nylons and the kind dampness of her feet.

I must have been doing it pretty good mom was kind of making sounds and she asked me to squeeze her feet a little harder as I rubbed em.

I forgot about tying her up anymore after that before we both realized it was 2 am!

She said oh shit we better get some sleep.

I did not want to stop rubbing her feet and told her no I am not done yet.

She looked at me and said ok honey but it is late and I have to work.

She was right so I said your right tomorrow she said deal.

She went off to bed and I picked everything up and realized I am loving having so much control over her and how she asks my permission to do things was awesome!

Dad called 2 days later and asked me if I had pulled my head out of my ass with regards to mom.

I assured him I did and told him about how I tied mom up he was very interested in all the details.

He then said you need to play with her feet she likes that so you better start doing it because I am going to ask her when I call her if your really doing what your telling me.

He said if you handle things like you say and keep your mother in line then I will buy you that car we talked about but if you fuck up and punk out in handling her then you will be taking the shoe leather express until you do.

He said maybe when I get home I might even have you give me a demo of what you did to prove to me you and your mom are not lying!

I told him we were not lying.

My dad was not an easy man to convince even if you were doing everything his way.

He would often test me to see if I did what he said.

Mom told me he had called her at work later in the day and asked her questions based on what I told him I did.

Even 2,000 miles away dad still ran the show.

Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 10:50:51 PM
Name: Combat Medic 13
Comments:I continued tying and gagging mom and rubbing her feet.

I told mom that dad said I needed to play with her feet but I did not know exactly what I was supposed to do.

Mom told me and said if I did not want to do foot play not to worry she would cover for me. I told her dad said he might test me to see if I am doing these things I say I am.

She explained to me what I needed to do she said it was her that enjoyed foot play not dad so she did not know why he was pushing me to do it.

I told her I liked rubbing her feet so I will do the other stuff she smiled and said try it and if you don't like do worry you don't have to do anything you do like or want too.

I gave it a whirl after I hogtied her did not gag her until after we went through the foot play.

I then stuffed 2 pairs of hose in her mouth and taped her mouth tight.

I then went all out with the foot play mom was loving it she really loved having her feet played with like she said.

I really liked seeing her enjoying herself even more so I told her I liked doing it and more and more we did it as time went on I could not tie her up and not do it. There came a point I loved it maybe more then her.

Dad came home from his trip and after settling in took over tying up mom. I learned when he was home I was cut out of the picture. Dad did test me and even called me out on the foot play after that night. I was not included in the game. Mom however made time for her and I when dad worked late.

she told me that she would always try to let me tie her up even when dad was around and she did always managed to find time for her and I.

She would even take a day off and call me off school if it came down to it

I thought it was cool mom did that.

We both looked forward to when dad would head out of town or the country so I could take charge.

Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 11:05:31 PM
Name: Combat Medic 13
Comments:This took place after several months down the road.

I was really comfortable taking charge of mom by now and had no problem telling her what to do or wear.

She liked the fact I was very confident and even progressed into using the pantyhose, tape and zip ties to tie her up now.

Dad did get me the car after I had passed all his tests and fulfilled all his requirements as far as school sports and chores around the house.

I was more then ready for the military before I even joined I grew up in "boot camp" so to speak.

Anyway dad had left overseas this time for a 2 month job.

Mom and I wasted no time in fact the day he left mom called off sick and called me off school so we could play.

Mom told me she really enjoyed our tie ups because we had fun we would eat and talk and chill out in between.

She said dad was about position after position and really only bathroom breaks.

Mom said he was not about chilling out in between she said even the foot play that she loved he controlled so sometimes she would not get that pleasure she enjoyed.

Anyway dad was gone and we enjoyed a wonderful day of tie up.
I was pretty partial to mom wearing hose for tie ups but it was a hot day and told mom she could barefoot it she giggled and said you want hose just tell me.

I said mom your bare feet are nice also.

I always made a point to compliment her and make her feel very special cared for during our time she deserved it.

That next day the temps went into the 90's and even the 100's so mom kept the central air running full blast.

I had been kicking around the idea of seeing if mom would let me pantyhose hood her and eventually encase her.

Dad had told me that I would need to learn how to do these things.

He had encased mom one night and brought me in to see her! Her eyes were taped over the hose over her head and she was encased and tied with rope under the hose and over the outside was tape.

Dad pointed to her as she wiggled really and mpphed. He told me he expected me to put her in this position when he was gone!

He also added a few more stipulations as well he said he would ask mom if I had did what I was told.

He walked me back to my room and told me it was time to really man up and take charge of her and that is how she will know I am truly in charge.

I told him I had no clue how to encase her! Let alone tell her I was going to do it.

He said I will show you how and after that you will need to do it.

Dad did show me before he left mom had no problem me watching of course but dad was a little rough with her which pissed me off. I think he was showing me in his own way who the boss really was.

After he finished with her he told me to leave so they could be alone.

I and many things were running through my mind about what I saw and what he was expecting me to do and the extra rules or what have yous he placed on me.
Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 11:26:02 PM
Name: Combat Medic 13
Comments:I continued tying and gagging mom but stayed away from the encasement thing! Mom would cover for me but we both worried that dad would call me out on it.

I got really into mom dressing like a rocker girl for our games. She said she really liked being the rocker chick in fact she went out an bought a leather mini and different colored Cuban heeled hose. She bought white,pink,black they had red seems and red reinforced heel and toes,she got red ones that were the opposite of the black ones and also some black ones that were all black. She also bought some seemed fishnets that had reinforced toes.

We both enjoyed the rocker thing because it was ours. Mom told me dad was not into any type of dress up or fluff as he called it.

Mom told he was into tying her as tight as she could take and gag her as tight as well. She said he would very rarely give her any foot play. She said that is probably why he told you to do it.

She said sometimes he ties her so tight and so strict that it hurts her.
She said she likes being tied up but it is not fun when it hurts her.

She said at that point she is just trying to endure it so he will do what he needs to do so he will untie her. She said it really hurts her when she has to struggle and the ropes tighten even more when she moves which she said she is barely able to do most of the time.

She told me that is why she enjoys our games because I care about her comfort and she knows I will let her go if she signals plus she gets to dress up.

She said if and when I want to encase her then she is willing to do it but if not we will just keep playing it off to your dad.

Mom and I went out to the movies and mall a few times she wore her rocker girl outfits. It was funny to see guys totally scoping her out!

Mom stayed close to me and I teased her about the guys checking her out.

I said I wonder how many of them would love to tie you up mom?
She would blush and tell me to stop messing with her.

Sometimes she would hold my arm or hand which did not bother me.

When she would do that I knew she was feeling nervous. I was pretty buffed out from sports and bigger then most guys my age at that time so I knew she felt safe with me as she should.

Mom did not look or dress slutty at all she only wore the daisy dukes and leather mini and heavy make up was also for us at home.

Mom had a lot of respect for herself but she took care of herself and looked hot regardless of what she wore but the torn jeans which were in style then little touches she did not to mention she was wearing heavy metal band t shirts of popular bands at that time.

She and I always had fun and soon as we got home mom would go freshen up and comeback for a night or afternoon of bondage.

Everything was going well and dad would still bust my balls about stuff and press me about encasing mom!

I managed to keep him at bay about it but he would have me watch everytime he encased her telling me I better get my shit together and make it happen.

About a year later I still had not encased mom but had at some point began to hose hood her not because dad was pressing me to but because some strange movie I saw and one of the women who was being held hostage had pantyhose pulled over her head and her eyes and mouth were taped. She stayed like that the rest of the movie.

The more I saw it the more it seemed to appeal to me to see it for real.

So I decided to try it out on mom. I had tied her to a chair and took a pair of the hose from the suit case and she knew where they were going as I began to stretch out the waist band. She closed her eyes as I pulled the hose over her head and adjusted them there was no crotch panel on these hose they were all sheer but I still centered them and then tucked the legs under the waist band and taped her eyes then put the ballgag in her mouth over the hose.

I was exciting to see the finished product and I did not realize it but was moving one small step closer to encasement eventually.

Dad was thrilled when I would tell him what I was now doing. He always wanted detailed reports form me and mom told me he would sort of quiz her to see if we are lying to him.

Mom and I always kept our story straight and I gave dad all the details he wanted so even when we would not do something he had no reason to think we did not do it because I would overload him with information.

Another experience posted soon

Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 11:31:08 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Continue,Medic 13! I look forward to more!
Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 12:01:02 AM
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