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NAME Valérie
E-MAIL jardinsdebubastis@free.fr
URL http://jardinsdebubastis.free.fr
COMMENTS @Nadine: Tu as raison, superbe travail:)
Julien, je t'aiiiiime :-P
DATE Wednesday, February 6th 2013 - 03:24:18 PM

NAME Nadine
E-MAIL puzzlechinois@free.fr
COMMENTS Quel travail !
Beau travail , la passion des chows
DATE Saturday, January 12th 2013 - 05:05:26 PM

NAME Christelle
E-MAIL orikins@orange.fr
URL http://www.orikins.com
COMMENTS Coucou Julien,

Pas mal ta nouvelle page d'accueil ;o)

DATE Tuesday, November 13th 2012 - 08:08:27 AM

NAME André Tassin
E-MAIL andre.tassin@skynet.be

Reeds een aantal jaren geleden hadden we als trouwe viervoeter steeds een chow chow in huis.
Spijtig genoeg zijn deze dieren reeds overleden.
Stilaan denken we er terug aan een chow chow aan te kopen.

Kan u ons wat gegevens bezorgen ingeval we zouden overgaan tot de aankoop. Kunnen we bij jullie terecht?

Ik geef 2 voorbeelden van onze vorige chows:

* Cool Fonz of Mang Chao Ti
Vader ALI BABA of Mang Chao Ti L.O.S.H. 390084 Moeder Dentons GOLDEN GIRL K.C.Reg.83584/75 Stamboek L.O.S.H. 413042

* Emigi van de Bergskens
Vader VI-KYLIN v.d. Tongelreep N.H.S.B. 641970
Moeder CATO v.d. Kellyfarm N.H.S.B. 1.010.364 Stamboek L.O.S.H. 444322


DATE Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 09:41:44 AM

NAME Gérard et Aura Borry
E-MAIL gborry@free.fr
COMMENTS Merci pour votre site que l'on peut consulter avec plaisir et pour le travail fait.

Gérard et Aura
DATE Thursday, October 13th 2011 - 08:45:47 PM

NAME Mark Lee
URL http://billabichows.moonfruit.com/
COMMENTS Love your site full of info and lovely pictures and also very helpfull
DATE Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 09:03:32 PM

NAME Madame Lefevre
E-MAIL lefevre.denis737@orange.fr
COMMENTS C'est avec plaisir que je vais sur votre site pour voir l'évolution des chiens, surtout ceux de chez Orikin's, (la famille de Diego).
Malheureusement beaucoup de propriétaires ne renouvellent
pas les photos et les chiens restent des chiots.
Merci encore.
Mme Lefevre.
DATE Wednesday, August 11th 2010 - 08:53:20 AM

NAME Martin
URL http://www.fullexpo.pl
COMMENTS Really great website. I enjoyed looking at all the chows chows. Best Regards Martin
DATE Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 02:37:17 AM

NAME Irina
E-MAIL ladoga-stars@li.ru
URL http://www.ladoga-stars.ru
I like this site. May I ask you a question? How I can place the information and a photo of the my Champion dogs on your site? Thankful in advance. Irina from Russia.
DATE Wednesday, August 5th 2009 - 09:02:58 PM

NAME sammy douglas
E-MAIL dido200476@yahoo.co.uk
COMMENTS Great site very well laid out with a wonderful collection of photos and pedigrees well done and good luck for the future
DATE Saturday, February 7th 2009 - 12:39:29 AM

NAME Nicki
E-MAIL lauwern@bp.com
COMMENTS What a brilliant website! I've been able to view most of my little chow's family tree! Very interesting and informative site, and I do hope that it continues to grow! Best wishes to all my fellow chow lovers! Nicki x
DATE Monday, May 26th 2008 - 02:59:00 AM

NAME Nadine
E-MAIL mcderny@skynet.be
URL http://chowderny.skynetblogs.be
COMMENTS Un site plein de richesses.. Bravo pour cette initiative et pour le travail réalisé.
DATE Wednesday, February 27th 2008 - 08:29:47 PM

NAME Andrea Jurcan & Tanja Pantovic
E-MAIL shentechows@gmail.com
URL http://www.shentechows.com
COMMENTS Best wishes and a Shen Te New Year to all the chow-lowers around the world and more!
Doing a great job, go on!
Chow kisses!!!
DATE Thursday, January 3rd 2008 - 11:42:10 AM

NAME Christelle
E-MAIL associationmonegasqueduchow-chow@monaco.mc
URL http://mynameisboudha.oldiblog.com
COMMENTS Bonne année 2008!
super site bravo et longue continuation.
chow-chowphilement, christelle
DATE Wednesday, January 2nd 2008 - 09:48:41 PM

NAME Elena Pokinchereda
E-MAIL chow-dalen@mail.ru
URL http://www.chow-dalen.ru/
COMMENTS Hello from Russia!
Fantastic and very informative site!
Thank you for the excellent work done!
Best wishes, Elena
DATE Friday, September 7th 2007 - 08:18:11 AM

NAME Simona
E-MAIL simona.mirescu@dumagas.ro
URL http://www.freewebs.com/monasim
COMMENTS Chow Chow in Romania!
Conratulation for the site - every time I visit it, I fill my soul of happyness!
Thank you for your help and the fact that I was able fo surf and use this tool.
Greetings from Romania!
DATE Saturday, August 25th 2007 - 11:46:20 AM

NAME Margaret Turner
E-MAIL hongchow@bigpond.net.au
DATE Wednesday, July 11th 2007 - 06:32:23 AM

NAME Elysia Green (UK)
E-MAIL elysiagreen@lycos.co.uk
COMMENTS Lovely to look up the ancestry, relatives and family trees. I do hope this site continues to grow!
DATE Tuesday, June 19th 2007 - 01:32:19 PM

NAME Préscilia
URL http://boulamchowyork.skyblog.com/
COMMENTS Superbe site!!! C est un plaisir de le visiter pour y voir de superbes chow chow ! Merci au créateur !!!
DATE Thursday, June 7th 2007 - 10:32:44 PM

NAME Pearl Brown
E-MAIL pearl.brown3@ntlworld.com
COMMENTS Excellent Website. I enjoyed looking at all the chows. You have done a wonderful job.
DATE Thursday, June 7th 2007 - 12:56:10 PM

NAME Patricia Lawson
E-MAIL patricia.lawson@tesco.net
COMMENTS Very informative website - enjoyed looking through it
DATE Friday, May 4th 2007 - 06:03:22 PM

NAME Tony Hannaby
E-MAIL hannaby819@btinternet.com
COMMENTS Lovely website found a lot of grand parents for the pups we've just had and where the blue line comes from and if you are looking for a blue pup male we have two of good pedigree from Scarbrough England/UK
Regards Tony & Marlee
DATE Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 10:25:10 PM

NAME Nino & Vedrana
E-MAIL ninoroncevic@yahoo.com
URL http://www.biskittschows.com
COMMENTS Hello from Croatia, greetings to all chow chow lovers in the world.
DATE Tuesday, February 20th 2007 - 07:35:01 PM

NAME Gopaul Naidoo
E-MAIL candf3@gssdurban.co.za
URL http://www.icon.co.za/-gsspaul
COMMENTS These are the most loving creatures that I have had the privelege to care and love. I have a Chow Chow and his name is Teddy Bear - because he looks cuddly and cute like a teddy bear.
DATE Thursday, October 26th 2006 - 01:43:31 PM

NAME Christelle
E-MAIL infohasbaya@aol.com
URL http://www.hasbaya.net
COMMENTS Toujours au poste pour gérer et améliorer ce site extra !!!
Merci Julien.
DATE Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 12:17:16 AM

NAME Gaetano Chirieleison
E-MAIL gaetano.chirieleison@tin.it
URL http://www.chow-chow-kennel.com
COMMENTS Merry Christmas and Happy 2006.
DATE Wednesday, December 21st 2005 - 05:54:44 PM

NAME Sheena Halberda
E-MAIL sheena.halberda@nhs.net
COMMENTS Just looking for names for our new chow chow puppy. What a brilliant site, wonderful looking at all those beautiful chows. Even managed to view Suakarsa Yama who was our previous chow. Thank you a wonderful site.
DATE Sunday, November 20th 2005 - 10:17:24 PM

NAME Jessica Björling
E-MAIL jessica.bjorling@tele2.se
URL http://www.jessling.com/gurkans/
COMMENTS You have done (and are doing) an excellent job with this site Julien!!!!
DATE Wednesday, November 16th 2005 - 10:35:14 PM

NAME Gordana
E-MAIL tinpanalley@siol.net
URL http://netchows.com/tinpanalley/
COMMENTS Just wanted to say Hi and Happy Halloween

DATE Monday, October 31st 2005 - 09:03:14 PM

NAME Vivi-Ann Nordal
E-MAIL vinordal@online.no
URL http://jan-ea2.home.online.no
COMMENTS Hello Julian!
This site is REALY useful!!!
I have used it MANY TIMES!! THANK you for your nice Job!
Vivi-Ann Nordal
DATE Tuesday, October 4th 2005 - 03:41:35 PM

NAME Vivi-Ann Nordal
E-MAIL vinordal@online.no
URL http://jan-ea2.home.online.no
COMMENTS Hello Julien!
You do a GREAT JOB!!!! Lots of work! You make the world easier for the owners and breeders and we just love to come by! We will drop in again!
Best Regards from Vivi-Ann,
Moody Blue, Taj Mahal and Millennium
DATE Sunday, July 24th 2005 - 08:21:01 PM

NAME Merlin's Mom
E-MAIL millsmontreal@hotmail.com
URL http://www.chowpei.net
COMMENTS I'm sure that virtually every chow owner, fancier and breeder is thankful for the outstanding work you are doing here. It's fabulous.

Keep Up The Great Work!
DATE Friday, July 22nd 2005 - 08:30:03 PM

NAME Sherrie Determan
E-MAIL chrismachows@comcast.net
URL http://www.chrismachows.com
Wonderful website, you put alot of hardwork into this and your love for chows shows.. You site is easy to navigate, and get around in..
Great job!!! Keep up the good work..
Sherrie Determan
Chrisma Chow Chows
DATE Saturday, April 16th 2005 - 03:23:51 AM

NAME Moira and Mauro
E-MAIL moirachow@libero.it
URL http://www.moimachows.com

The website is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings from Italy

Moira Mauro Marco chows
DATE Monday, April 11th 2005 - 06:13:11 PM

NAME Linda Mayne
E-MAIL Maynechow@aol.com
COMMENTS Absolutely brilliant site, very informative for Chowists all over the world.
Well done Julien, you must have the patience of a saint!!!
Kindest regards,
DATE Friday, April 8th 2005 - 05:01:14 PM

NAME Marianne Holmli
E-MAIL pei.fang@online.no
URL http://www.chowchow.no
I`m so happy for this site, you should be proud. You have done a really good job!! Please visit my website, it's new with a lot of new pictures. And vote on the red button if you feel. Will visit your site soon again.
DATE Sunday, April 3rd 2005 - 08:30:23 AM

NAME Sheila L. Jakeman
COMMENTS Pleased to find the time to look at this site and to see not only some of my own chows included but also to look at so many from other kennels.
Do think that it is a pity that dogs owned by and shown by a particular kennel are not included within the list for that kennel but can understand the thinking in listing under breeders only. Will be browsing again many times no doubt and should help to fill the site even further when I can.
DATE Monday, March 7th 2005 - 11:37:53 PM

NAME Incipit Vaya and Hilde
E-MAIL hikri_360@hotmail.com
URL http://www.123hjemmeside.dk/vaya
COMMENTS Come visit my homepage...
DATE Monday, March 7th 2005 - 09:48:26 PM

NAME Cassy Zhang
E-MAIL cassy12@hotmail.com
This is a very good website. I'm a Chow Chow fancier. I have two Chows. They are my home member. I love them very much.
DATE Wednesday, March 2nd 2005 - 05:30:03 PM

NAME Mondi
E-MAIL bo.mondi@onet.pl
URL http://mondi.republika.pl
Best regards from Poland, Mondi
DATE Monday, January 24th 2005 - 11:38:42 PM

NAME Peter Ziegler
E-MAIL peter.ziegler@baltext.ch
URL http://www.baltext.ch/chowchow.html
COMMENTS Wonderful Website with wonderful pictures and useful pedigree information. Will link to this Website. Best regards from Switzerland, Peter.
DATE Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 05:17:11 AM

NAME Susann&Håkan Olhage
E-MAIL blackorangess@hotmail.com
URL http://www.blackoranges.cjb.net
COMMENTS We wish You a Merry Christmas and all the best for next year!
Best Regards
Susann&Håkan at Kennel Black Orange's in Sweden
DATE Wednesday, December 15th 2004 - 09:52:39 AM

NAME Christelle Chahine
E-MAIL ulkhane@aol.com
URL http://hasbaya.est-la.com
COMMENTS Et bien, voilà un courageux amoureux du Chow Chow, qui nous facilite bien du travail !!!
Merci pour votre patience et votre amabilité.

DATE Thursday, November 18th 2004 - 10:36:34 AM

NAME Annette van den Berg
E-MAIL m4vdb@telkomsa.net
COMMENTS Wish I can show mine off - does not have a pedigree - but also beautiful and our own baby although she is 7 years old!
DATE Friday, October 29th 2004 - 10:28:04 PM

NAME Simona
E-MAIL stingasim@yahoo.com
URL http://freewebs.com/simona
COMMENTS I received a splendid female, red, born in 2001, and unfortunatelly I can't reach the owner as he left the country and I can't find him. He forgot to give me her pedigree and I would like to find the genitors. All that I know is that she comes from Russia, probably the owner's name is Svetlana, and her mother's name is ZIBA.
I would be grateful if you can provide the information abput how I can get her a pedigree as I would like to attend abroad competitions.
Prof. Dr. Simona Mirescu
DATE Thursday, August 12th 2004 - 03:13:40 PM

NAME Mika Sekine
E-MAIL nyanchow@m7.dion.ne.jp
URL http://www.geocities.co.jp/AnimalPark/3355/
I was visit your beautiful site!!
Your site is very easy to see color and data.
Please keep up your good work!
Thank you.

Best wishes,

Mika Sekine JAPAN
DATE Monday, July 5th 2004 - 10:56:26 AM

NAME Myrna Wacker
E-MAIL myrna@woodlandchows.com
URL http://www.woodlandchows.com

Congratulations on such a wonderful website. Your work is outstanding! I really enjoyed your site.

Myrna Wacker, Woodland Chows, USA
DATE Sunday, June 27th 2004 - 11:08:47 PM

NAME Deborah Wyatt
E-MAIL alrdwyatt@hotmail.com
COMMENTS I'm not a breeder - just a Chow Chow fancier. I have owned three chows. My present one is a rough, black coated, 10 month old female: Kokomo. She is not registered with the AKC.
I love your website.
Thank you.
DATE Sunday, June 27th 2004 - 06:20:03 PM

NAME Lissette van den Aker
E-MAIL chinasjoy@hotmail.com
URL http://www.chinasjoychowchows.nl
COMMENTS Hello Julien,
You've done a very good job. The site is beautiful, informative for everybody who loves chows and is interested in them.
Greetings from Holland, Lissette.
DATE Thursday, June 3rd 2004 - 03:06:37 AM

NAME Carol and Glenn Buckley
E-MAIL glenn.buckley1@btinternet.com
COMMENTS A fascinating insight of Chow pedigrees all around the world. A good record for future generation of chow owners.
Well done Julien
DATE Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 10:16:27 PM

NAME Vanessa Nicolau
E-MAIL kimekai@mweb.co.za
URL http://www.kimekai.cjb.net/

Your site has really progressed - Its looking great, with lots of information.

Regards Vanessa
DATE Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 10:42:57 AM

NAME Lis Taul
E-MAIL hsiungkou@mail.dk
URL http://hsiungkou.dk
COMMENTS Dear Julien.
This is just getting better and better. Having followed you from the very beginning it is great to see how everything is growing and falling into place. Thank you for the great job you are doing presenting our chows.
Kind regards Lis
DATE Tuesday, March 16th 2004 - 03:18:25 PM

NAME Jason Cappis
E-MAIL jcappis@hunterwood.com
COMMENTS Nice chows.
DATE Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 11:49:20 PM

NAME Nathan Cornejo
E-MAIL nateloveschows@yahoo.com
COMMENTS What a great resource you have established here. Great site!
DATE Sunday, February 22nd 2004 - 04:04:01 AM

NAME Bernice Leroy
E-MAIL ciaochows@telkomsa.net
URL http://ciaochows.tripod.com/
COMMENTS Lovely site & a huge amount of work!
Invaluable resource - keep up the pace!
Regards from sunny South Africa

DATE Wednesday, February 18th 2004 - 07:06:57 PM

NAME Patrick Barré
COMMENTS Magnifique site qui devrait devenir une référence en la matière
DATE Monday, February 16th 2004 - 04:02:06 PM

NAME Family Märtens
E-MAIL yvonnemartens@webspeed.dk
URL http://www.netchows.com/manzu/
COMMENTS Congratulations!!! Very exciting and adequate site. I have added my chow.
Kind regards, Yvonne
DATE Saturday, February 7th 2004 - 09:10:28 AM

NAME Nicole Metz
E-MAIL le-xanadu@wanadoo.fr
COMMENTS Félicitations, c'est du beau travail quelle patience!
DATE Monday, January 26th 2004 - 10:21:13 AM

NAME Jessica Björling
E-MAIL jessica.bjorling@tele2.se
URL http://home6.swipnet.se/~w-62121
COMMENTS Excellent site!! I will add my own dogs and come back often!!
DATE Monday, January 26th 2004 - 10:13:34 AM

NAME Anita Meulstee
E-MAIL xinfeng@freeler.nl
URL http://www.ai170841.freeler.nl/xinfeng
This is a very well designed site, I like the colors you use and it has great Chow Chow information too. Thank you for making this available on the Web.
Anita Meulstee
(+ Nemo, Pandora and Callisto)
DATE Sunday, January 25th 2004 - 09:56:25 PM

NAME Karen Salter
E-MAIL towsushet@fsmail.net
COMMENTS What a fantastic site such thought, time, and effort has gone into this. It will be interesting watching it grow! All the best with all your future projects. Karen
DATE Saturday, January 24th 2004 - 11:45:23 AM

NAME Christina Pleinert
URL http://www.netchows.com/
COMMENTS Dear Julien,
You have done a wonderful job - I love your choice
of colors & the listings by kennel, country, colors etc. provide for lots of interesting surfing!
Kind Regards, Christina.
DATE Friday, January 23rd 2004 - 10:56:02 PM

NAME Christophe Poizeau
E-MAIL Christophe.POIZEAU@wanadoo.fr
Félicitations pour ce merveilleux travail.
Ce site deviendra un magnifique outil pour tous les amoureux des chows en France et dans le monde.
DATE Wednesday, January 21st 2004 - 09:41:49 PM

NAME Pat Robb
E-MAIL mitu@sympatico.ca
URL http://www.geocities.com/heartland/cottage/4369
COMMENTS Excellent job, Julien! You have put a lot of hard work into this site.
DATE Tuesday, January 20th 2004 - 01:28:59 AM

NAME Suzanne Staines
E-MAIL chinabar@shaw.ca
URL http://chinabarchows.com
COMMENTS Wonderful site... You have put a lot of hard work into it
and it shows !!! Well Done. I put a direct link from our web site to yours. All the Best in the New Year...keep up the great work.
DATE Monday, January 19th 2004 - 03:17:32 AM

NAME Stella Sørlie
E-MAIL incipit@c2i.net
COMMENTS Dear Julien,
THANK YOU for the time and effort you've put in creating this beautifull site! It is a great research tool - and a pleasure for the eye. I'll visit again and again, I am sure :o)

My very best - Stella
DATE Sunday, January 18th 2004 - 06:34:55 PM

NAME Sheila Vincent
E-MAIL aspects@yamakennels.freeserve.co.uk
URL http://www.aspectsk9giftware.co.uk
COMMENTS Congratulations ! All your hard work has certainly paid off - I am sure that this site will be regarded as the reference book of pedigrees, well done !
DATE Saturday, January 17th 2004 - 06:13:37 PM

NAME Eija Pyökäri
E-MAIL eija.pyokari@pp.inet.fi
URL http://personal.inet.fi/koti/eija.pyokari
COMMENTS Just one word: SUPER !!!
DATE Saturday, January 17th 2004 - 04:36:00 PM

NAME Vanessa Nicolau
E-MAIL kimekai@mweb.co.za
URL http://www.kimekai.cjb.net/
Thank you for this site - it is a great help and referc to chowist around the world.
It really looks lovely
DATE Thursday, January 15th 2004 - 10:19:07 PM


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