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Fairly True Stories of AMERICAN GIRLS tied up
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Comments:Being sick of hearing my country slammed, and the queer gay pedo porno going on some other sites. I opened this book, this is not an exericise in tolerance, ALL non topic posts will be deleted, as well as anything seen as America bashing. You don't like that, you can wear a diaper on your head and DIE with the rest of the Taliban for all I care.

Also note that this site is for guys to discuss girls that have been tied up, or girls to talk about their being tied up. For he who lies with another man as he would lay with a woman has committed abomination.

If you feel these rules violate your right, as Americans, of free speech, you're wrong. You still have the right to say whatever you want. SOMEPLACE ELSE!!!!!
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 04:58:59 PM
E-mail address: If people prefer, I could start with some of my own non-sexual sories, some people might think thats kind of lame, but I've been tying girls up since I was 10, and to a ten year old getting a girl tied up was a big deal. I'm 47 now, that's about 35 years worth of stuff to tell, of course my memory never was exactly what it was, and I tend to embelish some things. I will change entire names and places, I'm sure some woman doesn't need to be called by name when she's reminded of the time she was kept tied to the basement way railing for two hours when she was 13.

This is why I say Fairly True. Unless a live cam is recording everything going on, it is human nature to make errors of ommission and make embelishments. Just keep the embelishments believable is all I, or anyone else can ask.
Homepage URL: http://I live here, so I'm home now
Comments:use the board
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 06:04:34 PM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Comments:Now, THIS is what I'm Talkin' about. None of that Gay guy shit. Nothin' but the ladies.

Thanks Man.
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 07:29:53 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://duh!
Comments:Ok, I guess I can start things rolling here.

I was kind of bullshitting about tying girls up since I was 10.

I was more like 5.

My details are going to be real thin on this, so don't expect the Great American Novel.

I think we were waiting on either the kindergarten bus, and there were these old venetian blinds that had been set out for the trash. I remember the gil at the time was brown haired, a little pudgy, and somewhat taller than me. The blinds had been tied up with their own cord, but one of the cords had broken and was sitting on top the trash can. I'm not sure who's idea it was to push Vicki up against the mailbox pole and tie her to it. There was another boy and 2 other girls with us, but somehow we managed to get her hands tied around the post.

I'm bullshitting again, they weren't really tied, more like hopelessly tangled, so bad we needed the bus driver to let her go.

She might have been pudgy, and not much to look at, and only 5 years old on top of it all, but I was hooked after that, and that's not bullshit.

I tried and tried without sucess to get other neighborhood girls, an older cousin and even my own mother to let me tie them up, not for lack of asking either; and had absolutely no luck until I was 10.

If I'm boring anybody with the kid's games stuff, just pick a number between 10 and 47, or a year after 1965 and not in the future. I haven't had my next life yet. Its spelled psychotic, not psychic, and I dont remember any of my past lives, sorry.
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 08:32:26 PM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Comments:Good one for bein' so young. I have a few for being young, but not THAT young! I will post them as time goes on.
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 10:21:19 PM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Comments:I'm bored as shit, so I decided to right a story from my past experiences. When I was about 10, I tied up this girl down the street. She was my age, she answered the door, and sat me downn while she baked a cake on her easy bake oven. I ate some of the cake, and then tied her up.
I left a note saying I kidnaped her, and they had to pay me $5.00 to get her back, and stated my adress, like a little retard. Then, I brought her to my shed in the back yard, tied her to a chair and taped her mouth up.
Then, her older brother, who was like 15 at the time came in and untied her. He punished me the same way I punished her, which I won't explain because I hate it.

Hope you liked it! I know you were much cleverer than me.
Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 10:41:30 PM
Name: Par Henningsson
Comments:New YORK (Reuters) - The three women of country music band the Dixie Chicks have posed nude on the cover of a weekly showbiz magazine in a defiant answer to a backlash over their opposition to the war in Iraq.

There was a lack of compassion every time I saw Bush talking about this. I honestly felt a lack of compassion for people who gladly complied to the killing of innocent civilians, and for the people that endorse those who are about to die to prevent killing on both sides."

Maguire said she understood why some fans would be upset by the remark but found much of the reaction to be disproportionate. Disproportionate is the word! If it's too long or too hard to understand, perhaps you should start your own dreambook ware yar uwn spalling campure weht hawh ya' peck ye'r criteria af castymers...

Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 11:19:39 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://here
Comments:Ok, So I get emotional and forget how to type. I think I mentioned being psychotic at least in passing in here somewhere. Sue me, the line form to my left; and you're so far back in that line you won't get anything anyway.

As far as starting my own dreambook, with my own criteria for customers; you were on it. Did you in your infinite intelligence get yourself so enthused with your own impeccable command of the English vocabularly, simply forget where in Hell you were? Or was this a call for my readers to start their own? If you don't like this book, here's an idea I'm giving away free this week: Start your own too, you seem to be smartass enough to pull it off, and dreambook makes it easy enough for the average dumbass like me to get one started. This isn't exactly rocket science here.

While we are arguing semantics here, can people really be called customers of a product or service given away for free? Dreambook only gives me control over what gets posted, not who gets to read it. I think you meant contributors, you'd like that word better probably anyway, its got a few more letters than customers.

Yes, I'm ashamed the Dixie Chicks are from Dixie, but I'm also ashamed a lot of country music comes from this particular country. Although you can apply that any genre, a lot of anything sounds like whoever made it just needed something to fill up a tape; or whoever made it needed to be filled up with tape.

Now, hopefully that remark about somebody getting filled up with tape will remind folks of the main function of this dreambook.
Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 12:19:04 AM
Name: Patriotic American
Comments:Bush must be anti-American because his policies are bankrupting the country (don't forget to thank him if you don't get Social Security), reducing civil liberties, and destroying the environment, to name just a few of the many ways he is taking us in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, I do enjoy stories of women getting hogtied and having to do something nonsexual but difficult before getting free. Therefore, I wish you the best of luck in getting this Dreambook back on track with entertaining stories. Why not start with something from 25 years ago?

Good luck!
Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 07:12:56 AM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://ive got it written down somewhere on here
Comments:25 years ago, now I have to be historian and mathematician.

That would have made the year 1978 when one of the worst US presidents ever was in office. Democrat Jimmy Carter, double digit inflation and unemployment during those days, and democrats running both houses of congress, and most state and local governments, and the economy just spiraling downward, and things so bad that people would two years later overwhelmingly elect an, at best, second rate actor to become President of United States of America. Fun times indeed.

While I'm on my history kick here, I'd also like to point out another little economic fact. Does anyone here know that possibly over half of Nazi Germany's iron ore came from Sweden? The Swede's didn't keep very good records of their shipments during the was so they could try to lie about it to the rest of the world after the war, but there is one thing you have to give the Nazis, they documented everything, even if they'd have been better off not. At any rate, the best estimates indicate that by their actions the Swedes prolonged the second world, or in the apparant view of my readership should I say the Great Patriotic War there Tovarisch, by a full two years. All the people who died in the War in Europe from 1943-1945 might have lived to die of alzheimers in the 1970's and later. The atomic bomb might not ever have been needed to be developed. Anne Frank becomes just another young woman in 1944; possibly a grandmother or great grandmother still living today. Of course America would face a long and costly war against Japan, and without a need for atomic weapons, a need to invade. Given the Japanese Army's vow to not surrender, such a move costs the US a million people dead, but because the war is over in Europe by 43, its mostly transferring the casualties from one front to the other, on the Japanese end, its mass depopulation, so less of their cheap imports, killing American jobs and competition for fuel, keeping the prices up, hurting the US economy by the time Carter gives us 11% inflation, through typical Democrat mismanagement. So other than a few bondage pics, there wouldn't much I'd miss if we hadn't dropped the atom bomb on Japan and had to invade and kill everybody instead.

Compassion, I have heard ththat word before. I understand it is God's job. Far be it from me to try to take God's job away from Him. You might think that I'm cynical, that I'm bitter, even that I'm an an asshole. Ok, Asshole, the feeling's mutual. Now, do you have a point?

Besides the one on top of your head, I mean?

1978 was a diffcult year for many Americans, myself among them; about the only thing to redeem it somewhat is that I do have some things on topic I can share here, now that I'm done with telling the pro diaperhead faction to go shit down.
Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 02:06:48 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://up top someplace
Comments:P.A. - I agree with you on the tax cut business, I mean what's the difference between giving billion of dollars away to people who are only going to blow it on booze and crack, and giving billions away to people who clearly don't need it? This country found its way into a deep financial mess the last time the party held the White house and both houses of Congress for 4 years. I don't think the Republicans will let it get as bad as the Democrats did with Carter though, and the economy actually topped out still in Clinton's administration, and with 9/11 in there, the economy isnt entirely his fault, and FDR got the country out of the great depression through huge deficit spending, so it remains to be seen how things play out, and who the Democrats put up before I see how I'll vote.

But as far as the war goes it is brilliant grand strategy, now we makes make our enemy kill more of their own kind than they do of our troops in largely ineffective strikes. One casualty a day from wouldnt even rate a front page story in some US daily newspapers. 11,000 people died of homicide last year in the US, some people might say their sorry I wasn't one of them, again, the feelings mutual; but I'm starting to digress. With our troops safer in Iraq, in actual conflict with an actual enemy, than walking to the store in their some of their own old neighborhoods, it makes me wonder where the real terrorists are in this world, and if maybe some suspension of civil rights and liberties wasn't in order. Look at the fine examples of Abraham Lincoln and FDR and their record on civil liberties.

What is great about this country is you can always go a different one if you feel America treating you bad; if the other one will take you, my understanding is Australia and several other democracies been closed since sometime in the 50's; and you can do this because the US prevented the world from having to learn Russian and twice before that from having to learn German.

No thanks to Sweden, of course.
Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 03:04:47 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://look for it
Comments:1978 one of 5 or 6 that year.

Late the year before, I moved out of one state due to lack of work, for one that might have been hiring. This meant sort of leaving a girl I was kind of sweet on, and trying to find another that wasn't a blasted 5 hour trip to Hell for. OK, I should have started the search process a lot sooner, and more dilligently, but I was 22, this was the one great love of my life to that time, and she fairly let me tie her anytime I wanted to, and the more I think about things the more I think the last point had more to do with the one before it more than anything else. Enough of that before I start thinking too much and set my hair on fire.

Since everybody who I'm going to mention in this story is still alive; I either am or I'm in own special little level of Hell, which would actually explain a WHOLE lot; I'm giving everybody, including myself fake names. For purposes of the board, I'm Frank, maybe too frank for my own good, but I'm digressing again, don't worry about it, now where in Hell am I? Oh, the Girl's name, call her Leah, its close to what they really called her, and it sounds Jewish, which she was, and that's another reason things wouldn't have worked even if I hadn't moved two states away in the first place.

Ok, I'm Frank, She's Leah, we got the introductions out the way, now I guess you want to know what we look like, actually I don't think anybody gives a rat's ass what I look like, and I've been told I look like a rat's ass, so I'll let that be the end of that. She was about 5'6" shoulder length brown hair, and not very big at all, like 32b 24 34, borderline anorexic, you're thinking, and you're right. Her one outstanding feature was a nose that was too large for another wise pretty face, and I could live with that. Her father used to make death camp remarks about her sometimes that I thought were just plain wrong, but not ready or really in the physical condition to fight a paratrooper over insulting his daughter, I laughed at him, instead of with his jokes. Ok, enough on that now, too.

We had this arrangement where she'd come up to see me, or I'd go down there, about every other week. I remember this one time fairly clearly because she was starting to get on one of her not eating kicks, and I promised her mother I'd get her to eat even if I had to tie her up and feed her. I also remember it because it was a weather day, and a friday.

I worked on a surveying crew, whiich meant that on days when it rained or snowed, we shouwed up in the morning, and if we couldn't use the equipment, we went home and got paid for a half day just for putting in the effort of being there, and it was a weather day. I put in a quick call and that's when I told her mom what I trold her, and drove down to get her, instead of making her come up to see me, it also meant we were only going to have the one car between us so she couldn't just leave, so it could turn more into a kidnap game as I drove. Two bathroom breaks later and I'm starting to rethink the kidnap game idea, and I'm not even into Confederate territory yet. By the time I pull up into her driveway, I say the heck with kidnapping, let her drive at least part of the way back then kidnap her. There's one flaw with that plan, though, after we talk for an hour or so and get caught up on each other's lives, the conversation starts lagging, and I'm the kind of person who if they have nothing else to do will SLEEP. I mean passed out; don't bother trying to wake me up, because you won't be able to; just plain unconcious sleep. I wake up when she needs to gass up the car and I ask her if she wants me to drive, she looks at me shakes her head and says "No." and then looks up at the sky like she thinks I'm a goofball or something, I dont really care what she thinks, I think "Good, I can go back to sleep." and I do. I do wake up again, when we stop to pay toll over the bridge into my own state, that's whe we change drivers. I'm well enough rested to get us the rest of the way there, and she's a little bushed now. It was fairly easy, I got off the interstate, pulled into the back part of someone's parking lot, gathered her hands in her lap and started tying them palm to palm in front of her to her seat belt before she really had an idea what was going on. "What are you doing?" she asked
"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm tying you up." I said.
"Oh Ok," she said, "is that it, she said after i tied the knots off, and started the car up.
"Enough for you, for now, it'll hold you until we get to the house."
She tried pulling her hands up out of her lap, but my cinch loops wound also around the lap belt. Any effort by her to pull her hands in any direction tightened the ropes on her wrists. "Bastard." she said, "how far are we from your house."
"Ten minutes, if that."
"If I'm good will you be easy on me when we get there?" Leah asked, "Dammit Frank, You know I can't get loose in ten minutes."
"Lets see, I'm a bastard and I'm Dammit Frank, you don't sound like you're being very good," I told her. "Besides, you seem to like it."
"Ok, just drive," Leah said tring to twist her hands free of the rope before we reached my apartment. As she'd said there was no way she could untie that rope in ten minutes, and I undid the rope from the seatbelt to her hands, acting like i was was trying to undo a stuck seat belt. I was about 8 feet from my parking spot to the entrance of the apartment, I dont think anyone her hands tied up in front of her, or at least if they did, they at least had the wisdom not to say or try to do anything about it, and I ushered her into my apartment without incident.

Stay tuned for my next chapter; Captured Princess, Jewish American; or Dump, Dump, Dump.

Appologies to Rocky and Bullwinkle, but not many.
Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 08:00:54 PM
Name: God himself
E-mail address: mine
Comments:Once upon a time, way up in the very north of Canada, there lived a trapper named Sam. He was a poor man, but a great reader, who shared his hard and lonely life with several well-thumbed adventure yarns and a large shaggy dog called Rover.

Now Rover wasn't much of a dog as purebreds go, his pedigree having taken many a turn for the worse. You'd be hard put to say whether he was mostly terrier or wolfhound or huskie. But he was big and likeable and, because of the cold climate, had a really exceptionally thick shaggy coat.

One day, as Sam tramped along his trap lines, he called in at another trapper's hut. The hut was empty but, on the table, was a newspaper. Not a very up-to-the-minute newspaper, but a lot more up-to-date than anything Sam had read lately. So he fell upon it eagerly and read it from cover to cover. And there, on the back page, an item caught his eye. It said that, way down in the southern part of the country, an eccentric millionaire was offering half his fortune if only someone would bring him his dying wish, a really shaggy dog.

This piece of news had a startling effect on Sam. Here at last was a way to make his fortune. It was obvious! No more struggling through bitter winters. No more loneliness and hardship. He would simply head south with big, oh-so-shaggy Rover and the ailing millionaire would be a happy man. And so, of course, would Sam.

Carefully he tore the item from the newspaper and placed it in his innermost pocket. Whistling for the dog, he hurried to his own cabin and there made preparations for his journey. It would be a long haul through some of the worst of the winter months, but he could do it!

And so, with packsack and snowshoes, and Rover on a makeshift lead, he headed south.

(At this point you should add your own horrific tales of icy crevasses, blizzards, starvation, polar bears, thin ice, thick snow-- anything to make the journey as difficult and as courageous as possible.)

Weeks passed as Sam and Rover, footsore, frostbitten and fuddled from lack of food, fought their way nearer and nearer to the millionaire's deathbed. Would they find his house? Would he have found another dog? Would he still be alive? Urgently, Sam made enquiries at each trading post or small homestead he passed.

"My word, that's a shaggy dog you have there!" folks remarked whenever he stopped.

As he drew nearer to civilization, he learned with great relief that the search for a dog continued and that the millionaire's mansion lay at the top of a steep hill just visible on the horizon.

Up they climbed, tired and tattered, arriving eventually at the huge oak-studded front door. Raising a weather-beaten hand, Sam tugged at the wrought iron bell-pull. Distantly the bell clanged. The door opened and a butler stood in the doorway.

"I've come about the shaggy dog story in this newspaper," said Sam, carefully drawing out the clipping from his innermost pocket and offering Rover's lead to the manservant.

Silently the butler withdrew with the dog. Sam listened to his footsteps cross the vast hall and ascend the massive circular staircase. He waited patiently on the doorstep, dreaming of the luxury soon to be his. At last the butler reappeared. Solemnly he handed back the dog.

"Not shaggy enough," he said, and shut the door.
Monday, October 20th 2003 - 12:35:02 AM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://its here someplace
Comments:It's a off topic story, but I'm letting it stand because I want to know what happened next God dude? Who won the competition, one of these "Lovely Russian Girls who want to meet YOU!"?

Don't try to outwierd me, you lose.

While I'm here again, I'll kill one copy of double posts when I think about it, and the post limit is set at 150, I advise folks to do their own archiving, I'll keep my own personal favorites on my computer, but what I like another person might hate, and vice versa; but I'm not going down the path of saving everything just because someone thinks I should. If that makes me a Fascist American Nationalist, yeah so, what's your point Einstein?
Monday, October 20th 2003 - 02:22:39 AM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/aerosmithfan1/music.html
Comments:I have a new Dreambook! Come check it out. The theme is music, but I couldn't give a damn what u say.
Tuesday, October 21st 2003 - 06:47:50 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://just look for it
Comments:I know I promised a story continuation by today; this is part of it.

So I got Leah up the stairs and into my apartment, without being or noticed, or at least not giving a rat's ass if we were.I stiil have her hands tied in front, and as soon as I undo them, she doesn't say thank you, she doesn't say she needs to go to the bathroom, she says:

"I'll help you straighten the place up."

Ok, it was kind of my fault for using the extra time on her weekend to come up, to go get her instead of doing my housecleaning, while she would have been on her way up. The place wasn't that bad, mostly clutter, not trash. Things just needed to be put away rather than thrown out mostly. Still it was ruining my mood, I kidnapped my girlfriend, not a cleaning lady. I grabbed her elbows and got them behind her, and told her, "You drove most the way up here, you can be good and relax, or I can do this cowboy."

"You aren't hogtying me on this floor until you run the vacuum on it first." she said, putting up a lot more fight than she usually did.

"Ok, be that way," Isaid and pushed her face first into the sofa. "I'll hogtie you on this then, happy?"

I let her fight me until she finally realized I wasn't lettting her up, and she let me know she was serious about the place being a dump. I tied her hands, with the backs of them together, and use a sneaker lace to tie her fingers on her right hand to the ones on her left; then each set of fingers to the set on either side of them, her shoes had already come off when she was trying to get me to let go of her, I tied her ankles together and he big toes with a part of a sneaker lace. Pushing her feet up to her hands was eay enough, and there she was hogtied on the sofa. I ran the vacuum cleaner around on the floor for her, I even vacuumed her feet for her. she struggled like hell, but this was an older model shop vac, and i really couldn't here exactly what she was screaming about at the time. She said after ward it tickled, I said I thought she thought being vacuumed was funny because she was laughing.

At any rate once I got the rug vacuumed I slide her off the sofa and onto the floor. The sofa was more comfortable for her I'll admit, but the two of us weren't going to be able to share it with her hogtied, which is why I eased her to the floor, it was a lot easier to lie beside her and...

And indeed; to stay pg, go for a hard r or explain all the x rated deails.

For now lets just say I startedby kissing and tickling her, it did wind up being her entire body, if you really have to know that, i did untie her and the sex was great afterward, but all things considered I like pg 17 stories or the type that are rated r just because the director has somebody call somebody a fucking fuckball just so it gets the r rating.

Besides its late, I'm tired, and I'm only writing this piece of story because I said I would.

Is everybody happy?
Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 12:49:54 AM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://up top someplace
Comments:Ok, so I promised a continuation, here it is.

I woke early the next morning, surprised to find Leah still sleeping with me right on the living room floor, where she'd been hogtied the night before. I'd let her loose for sex afterwards, and we just fell asleep where we were afterwards.

It was easy enough to turn her on her belly and to start bringing her hands behind her back. She woke up and barely groaned, "No, please let me get cleaned up and dressed first."

I unddid what I'd got started doing, kissed her on her mouth, and told her she had a half hour, and if she took longer than that, i was getting the vacuum cleaner after her feet again. I the attatchment I had on it was called an upholstrey brush, its the round one with bristles; it must have tickled the Hell out her when I used it, because she shivered when I mentioned it. She promised me she'd be good, and heads off to the bathroom. So, I'm sitting there, and the more I sit the more I'm thinking I'm starved, and I'm thinking she has to be too, and then I think about that promise I made her Mom, and instead of hogtying her when she gets out of the bathroom, I got a better idea. So I clear off the kithen table, and I the chair with the fiddle shaped pice in the middle for her to sit in. Her arms would go through the chair back on either side of the fiddle, and I'd tie them behind it.
What I didn't have planned was what was for breakfast, it didn't seem really right to kidnap a princess and feed her a bowl of Fruit Loops; although in a real kidnapping even real princesses are lucky to get fed at all. So I got sort of dressed, and headed down to the corner store, and got the makings for a fairly good breakfast, which was kind of hard because I didn't want to make her eat anything she wasnt supposed to. To tell you the truth, I'm still not clear on the concept of what jewish people can and can't eat; Leah seemed to eat what ever she wanted when she felt like eating, and as long as she was eating, I guess everybody felt it was best to just let her. I do remember what I wound up getting, cinamon-raisin bagels and strawberry flavored cream chesse.

Funny thing about writing tie up stories, you start writing about a girl you knew another two lifetimes ago, and you start thinking more of the girl involved as person than as one of the objectives of a tie up game. I'll continue the story as soon as I've banished that foolish notion out of my head.
Tuesday, October 28th 2003 - 12:25:11 AM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Comments:Man... No One Ever Posts anything in this Joint... How Will We Spread the Word?
Friday, November 7th 2003 - 09:30:19 PM
E-mail address: just post
Homepage URL: http://up top someplace
Comments:It's considered poor form if I shamelessly plug myself at other boards, and I might be banned from posting at one. I actually had two good sites to mention on self bondage and didn't even bother telling people they existed because of the board in question; and that nobody asked for them here. I didn't know if I was blocked or not, I just have said every civil word I'm ever going to say at that particular site in this, or any other, lifetime.

Just because I won't advertise myself, other people, however, can.

I realize finishing my story might help, too. I'll fall to work on it sometime in the next few days.
Saturday, November 8th 2003 - 11:44:13 AM
Name: Aerosmith Fan
Comments:Just Say the Word, and I'll advertise this place.
Sunday, November 16th 2003 - 10:04:11 AM
E-mail address: back in the saddle again
Homepage URL: http://nobody's that stupid to ask
Comments:Yeah so half a year later, my story continues. Like I say sue me.

So I come back from the Mom and Pop store with breakfast and she's drying her hair, she's only wearing a towel, she was kind of smart like that, she didn't mind being tied up, but knew the way I tied sex was at best impossible, so if dressed like she expected us to have sex she didn't stay tied quite as long. So I get the rope out walk her into the kitchen and tell her sit, put her arms through the cut outs in the chair, and tie her hands straight down to the base of the fiddle part. I tie each of her ankles to the front legs of the chair, and her kness open at the front part of the seat and legs of the chair. I decided against tying any more of her body because it would make getting that towel off of her more difficult. I said she was a smart girl.

So get ready to feed her, and she says, "I just got clean, you're going to get me messy."

I says to her, "Not if you eat right and don't make me force you. I can always have Mr. Shopvac meet little miss whats under the towel." I reached for the towell, and she screams, "OK, Ok, OK! I'll eat." So I feed her, and I did make a little bit of a mess on her nose and moth so I could claim i was going to clean her up, jusy as an excuse to kiss. So when we finish, I pull hertowel off, she says, what do you think youre doing with that, we can't do anything with me tied up like this."

I said, "No, but I know who can," she starts screaming about how she'll be good and I can do anything I want to her, just not that, she's squirming around in the chair like she's going to knock it over or something. I let her up out of the chair but keep a grip on her arm, and when I head into the living room instead of the bedroom she asks me in almost a whisper if she can have her towel back.

I spread the towel on the living room floor told her to lie on her belly on it and to put her hands behind her back.

Hey, at least I gave the girl her towel back. It wasn't her towel anyway, she was using one of mine.

I'll continue this later, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe 6 months from now. Anybody don't like that; if you got stories to tell, you write them; if you want to start a political debate, bring good ammo; if you want to post wrestling crap, expect your post to be deleted and your ip data posted instead; if you think I'm bluffing, try me.

Saturday, June 5th 2004 - 01:28:54 PM
Name: Paul

Looking for people who would like to discuss older women bound and gagged, if interested please email me at paulg15@go.com

Friday, June 11th 2004 - 09:51:04 AM
E-mail address: What do you think I am, some kind of wrestling retard? I'm not telling you that.
Homepage URL: http://youre here
Comments:Well now, in an interesting turn of events on what used to the burglar board, now the wrestling board, we see the moderator was in on the whole setup.

Yesterday between 6 am and 7 am pacific time I set up my own little take over, all the posts on the board were mine, and last night, lo and behold, only 4 were, and the wrestling crap was back. The only way that was possible is if the guy running the place made it that way, now you know bondage fans.

Lets get the word out there that http://books.dreambook.com/busch1/tiedup.html

is no longer a bondage site, that it has become a crap site by the decision of its moderator.
Saturday, June 19th 2004 - 02:09:02 PM
Name: Victor
E-mail address: victorj0001@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/victorj0001/burglars.html
Comments:DCLXVI, I'd like to suggest to you that you delete some of the very off-topic post here. You've let them dominate this board, and I think people pay more attention to the contents of the post then they do to the title of your dreambook. Email me if you need help in understanding how to do this efficiently. I practised for 2 weeks using the tools before I made my dreambook semi-public, and I'll be glad to share what I learned.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 09:48:57 PM
E-mail address: Say it to my face
Homepage URL: http://you're here
Comments:I could, I even took a vacation hoping the wrestling pus bags would try a take over just so I had an excuse to reset the damn fool place, but I've always been kind the bull in the china shop. I set this place up in a fit of aggravation with a few users on one board, and hauled it out of retirement in a fit of aggravation with complete losers on another. Eventually the political stuff will evaporate, maybe the wrestling shit will too on the other one, but I doubt it on account of the owner's complicity;
maybe not, I'm opinionated, argumentative and quick to anger. I have been given the strength to change what I can, the incapacity to to tolerate what I can not, and the total inability to distinquish between the two.

It might not be pleasant, but it does make for one very interesting life though.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 11:13:12 PM
Name: turned on bondage fan!
Comments:Oh, what happened to your sister?
Did u tie her up good? How did u tie her up? what does she look like? Maybe you could take a picture of her tied up & put it on the net & then u could post a link on your dreambook to it. My dick is erecting right now just thinking about it.
Did u punish your mum & your sister? If so, how?
Did you whip them? what did u do?
Plz tell! Im GAGGING to know.
Im glad theres more like me in you!
Keep up the good work!
Tuesday, July 6th 2004 - 12:32:14 AM
Homepage URL: http://tell the moon to tell the marcher
Comments:Thank you, unfortuneately as that was in reference to a story posted obviously elsewhere, please post your comment to the board that was posted on, and maybe I can continue with the telling of it there.

In short, I've clearly completely forgotten about whatever it was you are talking about.
Tuesday, July 6th 2004 - 01:04:05 AM
Name: Bob
E-mail address: nahhhhhhhhh not telling.
Comments:I actually had two good sites to mention on self bondage and didn't even bother telling people they existed because of the board in question

The abouve is quoteing you.
So what are the self bondage sites you are talking about? post links?
Monday, July 12th 2004 - 06:22:33 PM
Homepage URL: http://what, did you just fall here through the internet?
Comments:Ok, signs of life here. This is a good thing, maybe.

I'm going to be nice and post them, it can't do any harm, besides most people should know these two.

The first, im English, is from a place called Lilian's Nexus, it's a reprint from a magazine that the internet put out of business; called Bondage Life. Imagine if you will a magazine which people sent their own pictures and stories to hoping to see them in print. Now any idiot with rope, a date, and a digicam can put up his own bondage paysite. Yeah, yeah, you want the link already; and I'm done going on about the bad old days.
The link to lilian's is:

The other one is if you can read Italian or just like to look at the pictures, either because you like looking at bondage pictures or because you don't read and just look at pictures anyway.


So there's all that
Monday, July 12th 2004 - 08:24:07 PM
Homepage URL: http://And you are where?
Comments:Ok, I almost entirely reset the board.

Here are the new posting rules:

Allowed: Stories of girls/ women tied up. Comments related
to same. Other posts at MY discretion.

Deleted: Any post designed to provoke myself or other users into an argument, stories of any Male being tied up, wrestling realted posts.
Sunday, August 15th 2004 - 03:58:10 PM
Name: E.T
Comments:I went home & my alien girlfriend was tied up by E...lli..ot because I upset after I needed to home phone my girlfriend. E...lli..ot.
E...lli..t then invited me & my girlfriend round to a halloween party & e...lli..ot then tied my girlfriend to a chair & kept her locked in the wardrobe so that he could spend timewith just me.
Sunday, August 15th 2004 - 06:38:15 PM
Homepage URL: http://Take a look around and guess
Comments:Thanks for an on topic post, and how is British telecom acting tonight, I understand their connections can be iffy.

Any action I can do I can undo, including wholesale IP bans; so tread lightly.
Sunday, August 15th 2004 - 10:53:30 PM
Name: CJS
Comments:Okay, Dipshit!!!!!

You've not only been deleted but blocked as well. Get a life, Fuckstick.
Thursday, August 19th 2004 - 04:03:15 AM
Homepage URL: http://here
Comments:I'll gladly do whatever it takes to get people to moderate their board.

I've been called far worse by far better people.

And why should anyone trust you, now? The crap you said you'd delete sat way too long, and when you first chose to delete my post that annoyed you, all the the rest of the crap stayed.

Like I say better to be a has been than a never will be.

Defend yourself on your own board, I blocked a goodly chunk of level 3, I have neither a reason to believe a word you say, nor trust your motive.

If anybody still wants to post here from a level 3 account, let me know on one of the other boards I've visited; but I don't care if I block the entire internet one ISP at a time here.

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.
Thursday, August 19th 2004 - 04:50:15 AM
Name: ami
E-mail address: faerie-princess@fsmail.net
Comments:i want to be a tied up girl, forever
Tuesday, September 21st 2004 - 06:26:55 PM
Homepage URL: http://duh?
Comments:That's very nice, how old are you, sweetheart?
Tuesday, September 21st 2004 - 10:39:12 PM
Name: ami
Comments:Im old enough to be your 'daddies little girl' you PERV!!
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 10:51:24 AM
E-mail address: I'm right here
Homepage URL: http://and so are you
Comments:Does that mean you want to be, sweetie?

Too bad you aren't the same ami, and are instead the same person who posted the story under the name E.T. I would like to thank you for getting more of British Telecom blocked though. Like I said, I really don't care if I have to ban the entire internet here.

Isnt it great that Bush won re-election and is replacing everybody with people even further to the right? America is going to be the foot up the world's ass forever! Kerry tried the vote a refendum on the war and the economy, Bush won mostly by turning it into a referendum against queer gay faggots; and it proved the American people have their priorities right.

So just do what we tell you, or maybe Paris will be the next Falujah.

I love this job.
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 11:29:01 AM
Name: Sam
Comments:Id just like to say what a fantastic site you have right here!
I think its great how patriotic you are!
I think you should go ahead & write the entire American National Anthem out right here on this page!
Then, we can all sing it on each visit & do America Proud whilst on the subject of females getting tied up against their will etc!

Its fantastic! :-D
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 03:27:07 PM
E-mail address: Capital Idea Sam!
Homepage URL: http://You're here
Comments:Attention on deck!

O say can you see,
by the dawn's early light,
what so proudly we hailed
at the twilight's last gleaming;
whose broad stripes and bright stars,
through the perilous fight
o'er the ramparts we watched,
were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare,
the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
o'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen
through the mists of the deep
where the foe's haughty host
in dread silence reposes!
what is that which the breeze
o'er the towering steep
as it fitfully blows,
half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam
of the morning's first beam
in full glory reflected,
now shines on the stream
Tis the star spangled banner.
O long may it wave
o'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave.

And where is that band
who so vauntingly swore
that the havoc of war
and the battle's confusion
a home and a country
should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out
their foul footsteps pollution!
No refuge could save
the hireling and slave
from the terror of flight
or gloom of the grave!
And the star spangled banner
in triumph doth wave!
O'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever
when free men shall stand
between their loved homes
and the wars' desolation.
Blessed with vict'ry and peace,
may this heav'n rescued land
praise the power that hath made
and preserved us a nation?
And conquer we must!
When our cause it is just!
And this be our motto:
"In God is our trust"!
And the star spangled banner
in triumph shall wave!
O'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave.

By God, I love this job.
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 07:33:42 PM
Name: Sam
Comments:God Bless you Roman Numeral Guy!! :-D
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 08:11:20 PM
Name: Sam
Comments:Just call me 'UNCLE SAM' from now on! ;-)
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 08:54:23 PM
E-mail address: Why?
Homepage URL: http://You still haven't figured that out yet?
Comments:Having done a tracert back to British Telecom, you're increasingly lucky I haven't called you a cab. I only complied with posting the full words to the national anthem simnply because I knew the words to verses three and four, and that they specifically refered to British failure to get within range of Fort McHenry, and the stunning defeat at the battle of North Point, where the English commander swore he, "would have dinner in Baltimore or Hell" The moron wound up dead before lunchtime. Our General had three defnsive lines prepared, and didn't even need his second two. This is probably why England wussed out instead of sending a letter that would have meant war between England and America when America was fighting its own civil war. The only war America lost was Viet Nam, and France already lost that one for us before we got in it, but we made them pay with 40 to 1 casualties, and their own ongoing war in Cambodia, so it kind of evens out.

You might say that the war in Iraq is all about oil, it isn't, this is about about oil and payback, and right now we're paying the diaperheads far more than they hurt us. Plus we've got their oil. And foriengers wonder why America voted Republican on everybody from President to dogcatcher, I thought it would be obvious.

Who wants to be the next Falujah?
Wednesday, December 8th 2004 - 09:45:13 PM
Name: Canadian Girl
Comments:Oh, hey why don't you invade a country or two,
Just to bash in their brains, or bring their women back in chains?
Once they're taught to behave, you could use them as slaves,
If not, they'd get shot, not that you'd care a lot.
And conquer you will, to get some kind of thrill,
All that matters to you is how many you kill.
And your blood spattered banner in domination will wave
Over a handfull of free and a world full of slaves.
Monday, December 27th 2004 - 04:29:25 PM
E-mail address: Why?
Homepage URL: http://Can you read?
Comments:Canadian Bitch, great idea, why not your's next?
Nova Scotia would make a wonderful site for the next Fallujah, and as long as I'm one of the free, and you end up as either shot or somebody's slave, I'm perfectly happy. If you're ticklish, I might even buy you for my own, if you can be taught to behave.
Monday, December 27th 2004 - 07:05:38 PM
E-mail address: Get a clue
Homepage URL: http://Where are you?
Comments:A new disaster bringsa new reason for a new editorial

All the world seems to think the USA is somekind of bad guy, until they need us.

Now that they need American help, America should say the same thing they say to us: Sit on yourself, American intervention is not needed here.

Fuck this foreign double standard bull fuck.

Its time for America to say, do it our way or die.

Thursday, December 30th 2004 - 05:32:13 PM
Name: American Girl
E-mail address: eoshi2000@yahoo.com
Comments:Isn't just the typical bondage minded asshole mentality anymore?

To hell with you and your bondage, and this great American way of life, For the next four years, and forever if they put in a national sales tax, like you and your neo nazi friends in the white house want to put in, I resolve to buy only what I really need, and encourage everyone overseas to buy products made in their own country, to avoid American films, TV shows and music; to put these people on notice that while they can ruin their country the way they want, they can't run yours.

Let's make DC the next Fallujah and Bush the next Saddam and see how you like it.
Wednesday, January 12th 2005 - 07:03:43 PM
E-mail address: You are where?
Homepage URL: http://You still haven't figured that out yet?
Comments:How would I feel if DC became the next Fallujah?

Go to Anacostia or Adams-Morgan and tell me if you see much difference.

How would I feel about your little boycott?

Go right ahead, sweetie, I'm retired so you won't put me out of work, you'll only make the stuff I want to get cheaper, since you won't be buying it.

I do hope you and your friends consider hygene products among the ones you really need.
Wednesday, January 12th 2005 - 10:20:13 PM
Name: British Guy
Comments:this page is slightly weird it bounces around everywhere, but it now seems to be a page for people to hataunge each other why?!?!?!?
Friday, May 27th 2005 - 06:02:07 PM
Name: British Guy
Comments:whoops i meant harangue
Friday, May 27th 2005 - 06:02:54 PM
Homepage URL: http://take a wild guess
Comments:I'm sorry, its just my nature to push back harder when I'm pushed. And I guess people don't like how hard I push on other boards.

So in any, event getting my own board back on track.

I got Leah in the living roomwearing only a towel, and tied her hands up on her back so they were were going across, with more rope holding her upper arms into her sides.

I tied her knees ankles, and big toes, sat her on on the sofa, and adjusted her towel so that if she struggled too much, read that almost any, the only thing she'd be wearing was rope. I told her "You can sit there and be good, or you can be naked, your choice."

She knew if she went naked, it meant she expected sex, although she should have expect that just wearing a towel anyway, but she had to ask what she got by being good.

I told her if she was good, she got to sit there unmolested, until I got tired of just looking at her, then I'd tickle her until she dropped the towel. If she decided not be good, she'd get tickled as long as she could stand it, then whatever sex she expected.

She cringed, digging her toes into the carpet a little, and asked me not to hurt her, and if i could kiss her without taking her towel off. Needless to say, that resulted in one towel on the floor and her with her legs untied and the two of us in the bedroom like two civilized people, at least more civilized than we were the night before.

And that was the whole bondage thing for that weekend. Eventually she was untied and allowed to get dressed, and we did some other things afterwards, but it was just normal everyday stuff.

Anybody got any other requests, ask I might share them.
The good Lord knows I'd rather be posting like this, than some of my other posts.
Friday, May 27th 2005 - 06:49:18 PM
Name: no names please
Comments:how can i find victors dreambook site?
Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 01:16:10 AM
E-mail address: eoshi2000@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://if_you_are_a_spam_artist_the_above_email_belongs_to_a_friend_who_had_that account_stolen_please_spam.it
Comments:Victor's site.


I don't usually resort to name calling unless somebody else starts it. I called somebody a fuckhead once, and all the real fuckheads sued me for defamation of character.
Saturday, August 27th 2005 - 07:56:12 PM
Name: deborah
E-mail address: ham_772@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:what do u like to ndo u to do? tell TELL ME NOW!

Saturday, September 10th 2005 - 07:18:31 PM
Name: deborah fullford
E-mail address: ham_772@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:what would you do to me????
Saturday, September 10th 2005 - 07:33:02 PM
E-mail address: Nice Try
Homepage URL: http://Look in your address bar?
What I do to you depends on several things, starting with how old you are.
Also it's been my experience that different women are better to tie up in different ways. What works best on a thin girl doesn't work well on a cuddly one.
More than a little on what happens to you likewise depends on how ticklish you are, although that would be found out once you were tied up and gagged.

In better times, I'd normally have responded to something like this privately through the email you provided. But given the string of events I've had with troublemakers from member nations of the form British Empire, pardon my scepticism.

As that greatest American of all time, Ronald Reagan, said,

Trust, but verify.
Sunday, September 11th 2005 - 11:13:38 PM
Name: ....
E-mail address: none of your buisness
Comments:Ronald was stupid. He wasn't the greatist american
Monday, October 24th 2005 - 10:54:17 AM
E-mail address: Not as stupid as you
Homepage URL: http://duh?
Comments:Actually, you might want to check your facts with the Discovery Channel.

According to their poll, the people, not any so-called and self proclaimed experts, but the people, picked Ronald Reagan as the greatest American of all time.

I love bludgeoning morons with facts.

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 10:08:15 PM
E-mail address: Come on now
Homepage URL: http://Read English?
Comments:Dream books is acting wierd again, I got a notice of a post, but the post itself never showed up.

This is a test.
Saturday, November 12th 2005 - 09:43:28 AM
Name: lovley lolo
E-mail address: chloejune@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:right so im away down stair then when i come back my sis is siting in my room she is older than me i sit on the computer chair then she ties me up the gagges me and put me in her room and locks then door.
i screaming out my head then she takes me back 2 my room and leaves with out un tieing me.
Thursday, October 23rd 2008 - 05:38:08 PM
Name: lovley lolo
E-mail address: ______________
Comments:plaese dont email me my dad will kill me
Friday, October 24th 2008 - 08:39:44 AM
E-mail address: not tellling
Comments:so i told you that one here is another

i got out and went 2 tell my mum and she did ane belive me.

i have a bro aswell

then he tied me up 2 he gagged me and took me out in 2 the shed and left me there

if my mum never came out i would still be there 2 day lol
Friday, October 24th 2008 - 08:44:48 AM
Name: look at me
E-mail address: not telling

my mum tied me up
i will tell you about it here we go ...
i was reading a book and my mum said " try this blind fold on just 2 see if it fits for you anties party.
so i did
then she gagged me i was like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and she hog tied me and throw me on the floor
she said lets tie you 2 a chair and leave you out side

then she toke me 2 my frined s and payed her 20 pounds 2 wach me and not un tie me i was like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

then i am still hoged tied 2 day this is me the mum haha
she is saying right know mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
she is in the shed tied 2 a chair with duct tape on bye
Sunday, November 9th 2008 - 03:47:47 PM
Name: Rebel
E-mail address: baljones5@gmail.com
Comments:Fuck the politics, stick to the subject.
I was about fifteen years old when this happened. My aunt who was a single mother wanted to go out one Friday night. My mom volunteered me to watch my ten year old cousin, Alisha. I was pissed. I had plans to go gigging flounder that night ( flounder is a flat fish with both eyes on the same side of it's head,damn good to eat.) In those days if your parents told you to do something you did it with out talking back or you got whipped. It needs to be that way today. well I sucked it in and agreed.
Later that night, Alisha was practicing her tap dancing routine for her up coming recital. She had on a black leotard and a white T-shirt. The T-shirt was cut short and only came down to her mid chest. I was in the living room watching an old movie, Cleopatra with Liz Taylor. The movie had just started when Alisha came into the den with a white bed sheet wrapped around her lower body and laid down on the couch. The movie came to the part where Cleo was rolled out of the carpet. Alisha turned to me and asked why she was rolled up in the rug. I told her ( knowing she probally knew better ) that she like that. Alisha got up and spread out the sheet on the floor and asked me to roll her up in it. She still had on her dance attire. I thought for a fraction of a second and said Okay.I told her though her i would do it but I her head had to be out so she could breath. So she laid dowm at the edge of the sheet with the top edge right at her neck. I knelt down beside her. She told me to wrap her up tight. I felt a bit excited. I began to slowly and carefully roll her over and over each time pulling the sheet as tight against her body as I could. Finally I was at the other end of the sheet. I stopped about two feet from the oposite edge of the sheet the folded the end up over her feet and continue to rool her upuntill she was tightly cocooned. She was smiling as she tried to struggled against her restains. I told her to wait one minute. I went up to her room and looked around. In her closet i found four waist belts of different types. I took those belts and came back down stairs to the den. I put one around her shoulders, One around her arms, one around her thighs right above her knees, and one around her lower legs above her ackles. Then I told her to wiggle and squirm all she wanted. I turned the T.V off and spent the rest of the evening just watching her. She loved the hell out of it and so did I. I told my aunt that anytime she needed me to look after Alisha that I would be glad to help out.
Friday, January 30th 2009 - 02:01:04 PM
Name: Rebel
E-mail address: balsjones
Comments: Two weeks later, My aunt wanted to go away for a whole weekend. This time my mom asked me if I planned anything for the up coming weekend. I knew she was going to ask me to look after Alisha again but I pretended I did'nt know. When she asked me I acted as if I was disapointed that I had to change my weekend plans but said well okay I would help out.
So that Friday evening I put togather a few clothes and stuffed them in a small tote bag. I opened my bottom draw of me chest of draws and pulled it all the way out. On the bottom side of it was where I kept my , for fun money. I had 20 dollars saved up. I took it and placed it into my wallet. My aunt lived only about a half of a mile away. So I walked over to her house. On the way, I passed by a hardware store. Stopping in, I bought 50 feet of soft 3/8 nylon rope. I was going to see if Alisha would let me tie her up with it. Since she really liked being wrapped up tight in the bed sheet, I figured maybe, just maybe she would like to exprieince some rope play. It would be harmless and she would not be hurt in any way. I arived at my aunts house 30 minutes or so before she left. She give me the low down on all the dos and don'ts. I responded by telling her the usual don't worry evrything would be okay. As soon as she left I went into the kitchen and got a knife and cut up the rope in necessary lengths I needed.
After about an hour Alisha came home from dance class. She went straight up stairs to her room and changed. When she came down she was wearing a pair of very short cut denin cut offs and a bikini halter top. I had the rope lengths hid in my tote bag. I simply come right out and asked her if she would like to be tied up. she responded by saying sure how? I told her to turn around, put her hands behind her back. Alisha smiled real big,kind of bobed up on her toes, turned around and crossing her wrists behind her back. I wrapped a short peice of rope around and around then crossed between her wrists. I tied it off good and tight. I told her to sit down in a chair. She said she wanted to sit on the floor instead. She knelt down with a little help from me,sat on the floor.leaned back against the wall so she could see me tie her ancles togather. I tied her legs above and below her knees and wrapped ten or twelve times around her slender body pinning her arms tightly to her upper body. The rest of the evening she would hop from chair to chair, squirming and strugling some what against her bonds. she remained tied up for the next two hours. after a bit we both were getting hungry so I went to the phone to order out pizza. Alisha made the comment that it would be bad if the pizza dilivery person saw her all tied up. She told me of her old toy box in the garage. She said she thought she could fit in it perfectly. I was concern about her getting air. She said that I could leave the lid open about an inch and she would be out of site and would get plenty of air. I went to the garage and draged the toy box into the front room and placed in so the lid opened up toward the front door. I picked her up to place her in the toy box. She made another comment. I might just scream real loud when the pizza person arrives. I asked her if she really meant that she wanted to be gagged. she just giggled.I told her not to scream just yet. I went to the bathroom and got a clean wash cloth. I went to her room and got a clean white sock. I came back down and told her to open wide. She did. I put the wash cloth into her mouth and put the sock over the wash cloth and tied it off behind her head. I placed into the toy box and eased the lid closed. It was an hour before our pizza was delivered. I paid the dilivery person with money my aunt had left us to eat on. I let her stay in the toy box for at least another thirty minutes before I let her out and untied her. We ate and then I tied her back up for the night. The next day was Saturday and another story.

Out of couriousity I was wondering if anyone had a pic or two of their younger sis or young girl tied up. Maybe put a mask over her eyes to hide her I.D. Just bound, nothing harmful and most definately NOTHING INDECENT Just a simple tie up game or something.
Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 01:07:07 AM
Name: Rebel
E-mail address: balsjones
Comments: Two weeks later, My aunt wanted to go away for a whole weekend. This time my mom asked me if I planned anything for the up coming weekend. I knew she was going to ask me to look after Alisha again but I pretended I did'nt know. When she asked me I acted as if I was disapointed that I had to change my weekend plans but said well okay I would help out.
So that Friday evening I put togather a few clothes and stuffed them in a small tote bag. I opened my bottom draw of me chest of draws and pulled it all the way out. On the bottom side of it was where I kept my , for fun money. I had 20 dollars saved up. I took it and placed it into my wallet. My aunt lived only about a half of a mile away. So I walked over to her house. On the way, I passed by a hardware store. Stopping in, I bought 50 feet of soft 3/8 nylon rope. I was going to see if Alisha would let me tie her up with it. Since she really liked being wrapped up tight in the bed sheet, I figured maybe, just maybe she would like to exprieince some rope play. It would be harmless and she would not be hurt in any way. I arived at my aunts house 30 minutes or so before she left. She give me the low down on all the dos and don'ts. I responded by telling her the usual don't worry evrything would be okay. As soon as she left I went into the kitchen and got a knife and cut up the rope in necessary lengths I needed.
After about an hour Alisha came home from dance class. She went straight up stairs to her room and changed. When she came down she was wearing a pair of very short cut denin cut offs and a bikini halter top. I had the rope lengths hid in my tote bag. I simply come right out and asked her if she would like to be tied up. she responded by saying sure how? I told her to turn around, put her hands behind her back. Alisha smiled real big,kind of bobed up on her toes, turned around and crossing her wrists behind her back. I wrapped a short peice of rope around and around then crossed between her wrists. I tied it off good and tight. I told her to sit down in a chair. She said she wanted to sit on the floor instead. She knelt down with a little help from me,sat on the floor.leaned back against the wall so she could see me tie her ancles togather. I tied her legs above and below her knees and wrapped ten or twelve times around her slender body pinning her arms tightly to her upper body. The rest of the evening she would hop from chair to chair, squirming and strugling some what against her bonds. she remained tied up for the next two hours. after a bit we both were getting hungry so I went to the phone to order out pizza. Alisha made the comment that it would be bad if the pizza dilivery person saw her all tied up. She told me of her old toy box in the garage. She said she thought she could fit in it perfectly. I was concern about her getting air. She said that I could leave the lid open about an inch and she would be out of site and would get plenty of air. I went to the garage and draged the toy box into the front room and placed in so the lid opened up toward the front door. I picked her up to place her in the toy box. She made another comment. I might just scream real loud when the pizza person arrives. I asked her if she really meant that she wanted to be gagged. she just giggled.I told her not to scream just yet. I went to the bathroom and got a clean wash cloth. I went to her room and got a clean white sock. I came back down and told her to open wide. She did. I put the wash cloth into her mouth and put the sock over the wash cloth and tied it off behind her head. I placed into the toy box and eased the lid closed. It was an hour before our pizza was delivered. I paid the dilivery person with money my aunt had left us to eat on. I let her stay in the toy box for at least another thirty minutes before I let her out and untied her. We ate and then I tied her back up for the night. The next day was Saturday and another story.

Out of couriousity I was wondering if anyone had a pic or two of their younger sis or young girl tied up. Maybe put a mask over her eyes to hide her I.D. Just bound, nothing harmful and most definately NOTHING INDECENT Just a simple tie up game or something.
Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 01:07:23 AM
Name: Rebel
E-mail address: baljones5@gmail.com
Comments: Friday night, After we finished eating, I tied her back up. I had only untied her upper body. She did not need her feet and legs to eat. This time though, I used more rope on her. I tied her up like I had her earlier. I took more rope and began wrapping around her slender body from her shoulders to her anckles. I laid her on the floor in front of the T.V. She told me again that she might scream so I got the message. I replaced the gag. This time when I tied her up, I did not tie her hands behind her. I tied them to her sides. she did as she did before, squirmed and wiggled around on the floor. She would mmmmmhhh through her gag ever so often. When I noticed her eyes getting heavy and she looked like she wanted to dose off, I removed the gag and proceeded to untie her so she could go to bed. Alisha begged me not to untie her but told me that back in the garage was an old cot. She told me right where it was. I went back to the garage and got it. I set it up in the den. she told me to pick her up and lay her on it. I did. She told me then to tie her to it with the remainder of the rope. I took what was left of the rope and tied her tightly to the cot. Then again she told me that she might wake up during the night and start screaming. I got that message once again. I replaced the gag for the third time. I laid down on the couch and the both of us dosed off to sleep.
The next morning I was awaken by Alisha mmmhhhing through her gag. I knew just what she wanted. I removed the gag and completely untied her so she could go to the bathroom. As soon as she was free, she darted up stairs. She went into her room, got a change of clothes and raced into the bathroom. Fortyfive minutes or so past. Alisha returned down stairs wearing a different bikini top and another pair of denin shorts. These she had on this time were hemed and were so short they crunched up into the girly parts of her body. almost like a bikini bottom. Alisha asked me if I knew a way that she could be tied up and suspended from something. I told her to sit in one of their dining room chairs. She did and I tied her securely to it. I went about the house looking around. I noticed that their attic entrance was the basic type. You just pushed up a peice of plywood and used a step ladder to gain entry. I took a long length of rope and got a step ladder from the garage. I got up into the attic and tied one end of the rope to a cross support wind beam and tossed the other end down to the floor. I eased down and replaced the peice of plywood back properly. I went up to Alisha's room and got one of those waist belts of hers that I had used before when I had her wrapped up in the bed sheet. I went back into the dinning room where Alisha was tied to a chair. I untied her her, told her to raise her arms up above her head. I run the belt through the loops of tho skimpy shorts she had on. Instead of buckling the belt in front like normal, I buckled it behind her. I told her to bring her arms down and place them behind her back. I tied them off as I did before.I tied her elbows, wrapped more rope around her upper body and tied her off tightly. I slipped a brand new dog collar around her neck slightly lose, buckled it and snapped a leash to it. I walked her over to the step ladder and told her to step up a few steps. I stood there just in case she lost her balance so I could catch her if she fell. She stepped up a few steps. I slipped the lower end of the rope I had coming down from the attic between the belt and her shorts. Pulling up all the slack until it was tight. I tied it off. I wrapped more rope around her upper body pinning the rope to her back. I tied her thighs, knees and ancles off. I told her to ease off the ladder that she was secure and would be suspended. When she did, she let out a quiet moan. I asked her if she was okay. She giggled a little and said she was okay. She told me for the forth time that what if she wanted to scream. I again replaced the gag. Alisha dangled there all day. every so often when I would check on her, I would ask her if she was ready to come down. She would knod her head expressing NO!!. That night when I did let her down, she went to the bathroom,we eat supper then I tied her back down to the cot for Saturday night. That night my aunt called and said she wanted to stay where she was at until Tuesday evening. I acted disapointed but agreed I would stay around. Actually I was over joyed.The next day, Sunday morning, when I untied Alisha so she could go to the bathroom, she asked me if she could call a friend over. Of course I said Absolutely. And that is the next story.
Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 05:31:55 PM
Comments:Thanks Rebel, I can keep my politics out of this, as long as other people can, just the stories, just the facts or at least something believable, all I was looking for in the first place.
Monday, February 2nd 2009 - 04:35:11 AM
Name: me me
E-mail address: ____________________
Comments:can some one write about some gagged
and tied
Wednesday, April 8th 2009 - 08:40:05 AM
Name: BondoFox
E-mail address: master@bondofox.net
Homepage URL: http://derekscorner.com
Comments:Well, I guess the administrator of this Dreambook took a long walk. I can't believe how selfishly a handful of pseudo-political hacks can ruin a perfectly good board by going so far off-topic, trolling for their own selfish ends and trying to be sure they get the last word.

NOTE TO DREAMBOOK OWNER: If you're unable/unwilling to maintain this Dreambook, I used to admin the one for people who'd been bound and gagged during robberies (for those of you actually here for bondage stories who may remember it). I'll be MORE than happy to help you clean up the spam and the spammers here too, and help bring the Dreambook back on track.

Meanwhile I'll hold onto my contributions.

Saturday, July 3rd 2010 - 06:58:14 PM
Name: BondoFox
E-mail address: master@bondofox.net
Homepage URL: http://derekscorner.com
Comments:Well, I guess the administrator of this Dreambook took a long walk. I can't believe how selfishly a handful of pseudo-political hacks can ruin a perfectly good board by going so far off-topic, trolling for their own selfish ends and trying to be sure they get the last word.

NOTE TO DREAMBOOK OWNER: If you're unable/unwilling to maintain this Dreambook, I used to admin the one for people who'd been bound and gagged during robberies (for those of you actually here for bondage stories who may remember it). I'll be MORE than happy to help you clean up the spam and the spammers here too, and help bring the Dreambook back on track.

Meanwhile I'll hold onto my contributions.

Saturday, July 3rd 2010 - 08:28:37 PM
E-mail address: just say it to the whole board

Most the political crap was in my own hand, written by me as me, no pretenses used. Events have changed drastically in the 6 years between 2004 and now, if Petraeus can win this war he deserves a shot at the white house and would receive my nomination for God hood.

That is one tall if.

That's also about all I have to say about politics this year and possibly forever.

I do moderate this piece of virtual real estate when the spirit moves me, either Bushmills or Glenlivet, I just have not felt compelled to write.

I'm not ready to turn over the reigns of ownership yet, and if I do, it probably wont be to a furry. The concept here is stories while if not completely true, are at least conceivably possible. That's where me and fur part company
Friday, July 9th 2010 - 06:10:53 AM
Name: samantha
Comments:not my real name but im not saying it

I like being tied up more then the one doing the tieing

one time i was watching south park (yes i like that show). my boy friend said there was something upstairs he wanted to show me. i went up first and we went in his room. nothing was in there. before i could turn around he grabbed my arms and tied them with rope. then got me on the bed and wrapped my ankles with duck tapes. before i could say anything he got a ball gag on me(sorry if i used wrong grammer with ball gagged like i could have used a - in there. I was completly helpless. i could only squirm on the bed. then he blinded me with a blindfold put in earplugs so i couldnt see, hear, of talk. he carried me somewhere (the basement turns out) toke off on earplug and said he`ll be back. 2 hours later he came back and twisted on my nipple (thats how i know he was back). hecarried me back up stairs and put me on the bed and told me not to try to escape. he toke off the duck tape off and the rope and held my arms behind my back

it was 10:00 o.clock i was still blinded and couldnt hear and he put a dildo that has straps on it in my mouth it was the size of my mouth and enougfh so i couldnt say words just grunts and tht kinda of thing. he tied mt arms behind me with the same rope used the duck tape as the blindfold this time and used new earplugs. then used new rope to tie my legs and he said see you in the morning(just so you know this is are vacation). i was in the closet all night i fell asleep and woke up in the basement. still tied up not blinded and could hear.i still have the dildo ion my mouth. he came down and blinded me again more earplugs and went to the bed.he tied my arms to the top half and my legs to the bottom half and he did wat ever he wanted to me(the usuall and some other thing i wont get in details)

a week later (or so) we were goin g to this random place my bf wouldnt tell me. we came pretty far and stopped he said he`ll be right in he has to piss. 3 minutes later he quickly opened the back door where i was( i couldnt sit on the front seat because there was a suitcase.) he grabbed me then tied my arms with a shoelace (well 3 shoelaces) then grabbed my legs tied them with ropes and got duck tape and wrapped it around my mouth and blinded my with the ducktape and yet again earplugs. he started driving till we got somewhere abandoned. he got me in there. untied my arms and moved them to the front of me but behind a support beam my legs were still tied the same. we had sex (well more like i was tied up and he did me).

we drove to a motel and i was staying in the closet in are room with a ball gag in my mouth my arms tied behind my back to my legs naked (i was naked everytime he tied me.

that morning i woke up in the car i couldnt hear see of talk still. but i found out we got home when i got lain down on carpet that felt like are rooms. then he started suck on my boobs and nipples. then he said ill be back.

he came back and he had a whipped. started whipping my boobs. it hurt but i loved it. then he took off the ball gag and i had to suck his cock. i spent th rest of the day tied up in the basement with a vibrating dildo in my mouth naked tied up blinded with earplugs. he came down messed with my boobs for 4 minutes twisted my nipples somemore then put my arms in front and got me upstairs and we had sex again( again i just took it and i was tied up. i woke up that morning i was in the basement tied up with a dildo again in my mouth blinded earplugs (my bf turns out had left for 13 hours with his friends for guy stuff...like....i dnt really know wat guys do) i had a vibratter in my pussy and ass and the vibrating dildo in my mouth again. i kept stalling because of orgasms but i had to find the key down there(blinded) and tied up with arms and legs tied together. i was down there way off were i was looking. he has set on the vibraters and dildo and the got faster vibrating for more and longer and better orgasums (if thats how you spell it) i was down there 13 hours.he came back we had sex again and then left me on the bed the door lock with all the vibrating things in my holes they were in before. on highest level i couldnt even squirm with ut an orgasim. he came in twisted my nipples slapped my boobs and untied my legs had sex again and untied me
Friday, January 28th 2011 - 10:16:37 PM
Name: story teller
E-mail address: story@affiliateprivacyprotection.com
Comments:write us an email with "story" in subject line . we will send you some of our best
Saturday, November 12th 2011 - 01:54:10 PM
E-mail address: Like I'd really tell you?
Homepage URL: http://Read English?
Comments:to a certain member of the anti-racist alliance, I didn't delete your post, Dreambook did its job, so I didn't have to do mine.

Is this a great country or what?
Friday, December 23rd 2011 - 10:44:52 PM
Wednesday, January 18th 2012 - 03:26:53 PM
E-mail address: no
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Comments:I f I cant delete a post, I'll over write it

I have ways
Wednesday, January 18th 2012 - 03:29:13 PM
E-mail address: no@no.no
Homepage URL: http://you are where?
Comments:One last observation, not a harangue or endorsement, but a observation; for all the support he and his media empire Rupert Murdoch has given SOPA, you'd think one of his friends or trusted underlings should have warned him that by being such a shill for his Intellectual property, Mr Murdoch has now devalued and maybe even nullified any and all political positions and endorsements of his entire Newscorp media empire, from the main markets, down to the smallest Fox news outlet. I'm not saying it's good or bad, it's just so amazingly self destructive, I had to say something.
Wednesday, January 18th 2012 - 04:05:25 PM
Name: Some guy
E-mail address: Blablablabla
Comments:Well I've been reading this for a while but I had yet to post, till now. I am 16 and I've always had a thing for tied up girls, but I never had a chance to act on it until recently. I was at a friend of mines ( not revealing real name) house named Sara and she was a girl who loved to wear scarves ( which will help later) and she waswearing a short skirt and some leggings with it, and she also happened to wear some boots to alittle below the knee and a thin white tshirt with a thin belt around it. She herself is Blonde and considerably attractive with wavy hair. Well we were just kinda talking when she suddenly had an idea ( and I mean it literally came out of nowhere) she said she had always wondered what it would be like to be tied up. I was in shock at the moment because I had actually wanted to tied her up before but I never thought she would let me because she was kindof a good girl, so I agreed and asked if she had any rope or something like that, she said no but she did have a massive amount of scarves ( told you it'd come in handy) she showed me where they were and I saw about 20 or so scarves in their, some were kindof short but others were long and they were widely assorted in color. I grabbed a black one, told her to turn around and immeadiately set to work on her hands, crossing her arms and crossing the rope back and forth over it like an X and tied it off pretty tight but not considerably. Next I told her to get on her knees and I tied her ankles together with an orange scarf followed by a blue one on her knees. I asked her her to try and struggle and she squirmed alittle but not much. Next I took another black Diamond patterned one and used I to tie her arms securely to her body, followed shortly by tieing two together and using them to put her in a hogtie. She began to protest alittle here so I told her if she didn't stop I would have to gag her. She said go right on ahead so I took one of her favorites, a black an gray plaid designed one, an pulled it around her mouth in a cleave gag ( if that's the term, I'm not sure) and tied it off behind her head and that basically stopped most of her protests. I decided I wouldn't blindfold her but I did double up on some of the spots I had her tied up at. When I thought I was done I told her I didn't think she would get out Anytime soon and her parents were out for the weekend, as well as her brothers, which is the only reason I had the gall to do this cause they are HUGE. As I watched her struggle abit she wasn't making much progress until she managed to push the gag out of her mouth and started screaming like hell hath no fury. I pushe the gag back into her mouth and tied it again but I knew it would only hold for so long, then I remembered the belt she had on her shirt and took it off and reattached it over the gag, and since it had an buckle, it wouldn't loosen. Again she struggled for a minute until eventually she gave up and asked me with body language to untie her. Me being the teenager I was smiled and said no and went to get a drink. As I walked away all I could hear was the constant mmmmmmmpppphhhhing she made through her gag. Obviously later that night I untied her and she said it wasn't too bad, that was about when I told her about my fetish for boots and skirts, at which point she smiled and said I guess everyone has their quirks. Other than that the night was pretty uneventful, but I did notice that she seems to be wearing more skirts and boots, and when she does she smiles and gives me a short wink
Sunday, May 6th 2012 - 05:28:30 PM
Name: Texan
Comments:Obviously from my name you can tell i'm from Texas, but I'm not a cowboy or anything like that. But my friend Kelli is.

She is a redhead with a pretty face, pretty thin, and about a 34c. She rides horses alot and she wears alot of jeans and boots, which I happen to have a fetish for. Well her parents were out doing a horse ride at the paloduro canyon with some friends and she was spending the time at my house. I am an only child and my parents have known Kellis parents forever so we've been friends since birth. My parents were going out for the night and we would be home alone. We were watching tv when there was a scene that had a girl tied up, and it was supposed to be bad tying so it was more like a hopeless tangle. Kelli said that would be easy to get out of even if it was properly tied, and went into a dialogue of what she would do in that situation. I was kindof surprised and I gave her a huuuuuuh? look. She pulled out her phone and showed me how her brothers tied her up periodically and she was pretty good at escaping now, and after she showed me a video and some pictures, I was getting kind of turned on, cause I like that stuff. I offered her a challenge, since the house was empty, that I could tie her up and she would need over an hour to escape, and if she didn't, she wouldn't resist and I could tie her up how I wanted. For the record she was wearing a red and white plaid blouse with short sleeves and it was a button up but it was unbuttoned low enough that I could see her undershirt and she was still wearing her jeans and boots. Well I figured since I had to keep her there for an hour I took any rope I could find, which turned out to be about 50 feet total, with varying lengths, as well as some belts and scarves from my moms room. She turned around and I told her to put her arms at her sides and took acouple scarves tied together and secured her arms to her sides. I had her lay down and put her legs together( the boots were off) where I then proceeded to wrap her legs with enough rope I couldn't see her legs below the knee, she started to say that wasn't fair and I took a scarf and put it in her mouth and tied another over it to keep her quiet. I then took some more rope and did the same thing to her arms, so her torso was covered below her breast. I gave her an hour to escape and she took the entire time just to make a small amount of progress. I untied her and then I proceeded to tie her in a fashion that, to me, looked more hot but was easier to escape from. Since my parents would be out till 2 or 3 in the morning, I had all the time in the world to find new ways to tie her up. I started with a chair tie. She sat in an open and high backed chair with bars going vertically, my ideal scenario. She sat in the chair and put her hands behind her back and I tied them together, and to the chair bars to keep her from moving. I took her legs, now with boots, and tied them together and then to the left chair leg, followed by a gag in a similar fashion as earlier and I took a rope and wrapped it around her body three times, twice below and once above the breasts. Because of the dare, escaping would be pointless as I was allowed to tie her how I wanted for the night and she was going to respect that, so when she struggled, it was done mainly to look more hot, and it worked. I was getting really turned on because the way I tied her legs and body with a combination of what she was wearing,and her small moans through the gag, it was perfect. I took a 5 minute video and some pictures, which I would later show to her brothers. After I had my fill of that, I thought I should do a hogtie before my parents got home, since it was about midnight now. I untied her, slowly, and she went to the bathroom before we started. She came back and I began to tie her. I started by tying her arms at the wrist and elbow and then tied her legs at the ankle and at the knee. I tied her legs to her arms, and she's flexible so it wasn't all too uncomfortable, and then finished with another gag. She looked really hot while she was tied and the moans through the gag were all that I needed for the night. I took some more pictures and untied her so she could go to the bathroom again and we went to bed, (we didn't have an extra bed and the couch was too small to sleep in, so we had to share my bed, fortunately for her it's a queen so if I came to close she just shoved me back to the other side.)

And to this day neither her nor my parents ever figured out about this night. Unless they look at this page.
Thursday, May 24th 2012 - 09:07:16 PM
Name: Sandy B
E-mail address: (members only)
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lincoln-Shitting/123450471002828?_fb_noscript=1
Comments:Mum made me tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog.

I always must kneel when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy.

Wednesday, June 27th 2012 - 11:40:59 PM
Name: Alli
Comments:Okay, I found this site in the history of my brothers computer and it's perfect for what he and his friends did to me.

Just as an initial description, I have green eyes, brown wavy hair, thin, medium set, and I've been told I have a pretty face. Okay, I'm sure you can assume from the fact I was snooping around my brothers computer, we don't get along sometimes. When we fight, one of us has to win, and I'm about to write about a time I lost.

Me and Connor (my brother) were having an arguement, and when we were done yelling, I walked into my room and slammed the door. I was thinking of how to get him back for about 30 minutes when the doorbell rang. I left my room and answered it and it was my friend Jordan, but it wasn't quite how I expected her.She was wearing our school uniform (white button up blouse with a dark blue skirt and black stockings)and her arms were behind her back and she had rope going around her torso. She was gagged with a necktie (also part of the uniform) she grunted at me as best she could. Two of Connors friends were with her,one in front one behind, each holding a rope meant to act as a leash, and they simply walked inside the house dragging Jordan with them without so much as paying me a sideways glance. After I got over the shock of what happened I marched into my brothers room where Connors friends had immediately gone (he's my younger brother by the way) and demanded to know what was going on. Jordan was screaming into her gag as the boys threw her on the bed and I walked to her and pulled out her gag. She started yelling "Run!" it took me a second to realize what she meant but by then it was to late. I ran for the door but Connor was already standing in the way. I could have easily blown past him but seeing him there surprised me for a second, and that was all his friends needed to tackle me from the back. They pinned my arms to the ground as Connor walked over to jordan and reapplied the gag. He tied her legs together with some rope he had hidden under his bed and tied her legs together (she was wearing some black 2 inch heels) and when he was done there he walked to me and said "Remember this next time we have an arguement." and he took my necktie (I was wearing my uniform too) and blindfolded me. They tied my hands behind me and stood me up. I could hear them stand Jordan too, and we started to walk. I could tell we went outside but beyond that I lost track. We walked for about 5 minutes (estimation) and we went into a house. I was disoriented so I didn't know where I was and I was kinda scared, our arguements had never gone this far. I heard footsteps in the opposite direction and assumed they were dragging off Jordan. I was pushed into a room and pushed forward where I collapsed on a bed. They pulled my legs up and tied them together. Next, they untied my arms and pulled them up to the bed frame and them to it. They pulled my legs tight and tied them to the foot of the bed. At that point my blindfold was removed and reapplied as a gag, and realized I had been crying abit cause it sorta salty from my tears. It turned out to be the friends and not Connor himself who was doing the tying, which meant he was alone with Jordan in another room, and it was obvious from the way he would always look at her that he liked her. My expression must have been obvious cause his friends laughed and said he had specifically wanted Jordan for himself, so there was no telling what he'd do. I yelled into my gag and tried pull free, but one of them walked up and slapped my breast. I stopped immeidiately and they laughed and left. I looked at the rope and it was thick do I couldn't just break it, and it was tight so I couldn't slip out of it. I tried moving my hands to untie it but the knot was in a place I could barely touch it at all. I looked around and realized where I was and how jordan had gotten taken, this was her house and her parents were out of town for the weekend, so it was her and her little sister, who I had still yet to see. I pulled alittle more with no progress when one of the friends walked in with a knife. I pulled back alittle in fear and he walked over and grabbed my hand, and it looked like he was going to cut me free. This one glimmer of hope was all I needed for the rest of my life, until he started laughing and asked if I really thought he'd untie me. He laughed some more and said that Connor had asked him to do this, and he unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open to reaveal my undershirt. "that's no fun" he said as he cut it off and threw it away so all I had covering my front was my bra. I was afraid he'd cut that too but he didn't and walked out. I struggled some more when connor walked in and looked at me. He said "that's a good look for you" to which I responded with a glare that made him take a step back. He laughed some more and walked out saying "jordans much more fun." at that point I snapped pulled harder than I had before and screamed asloud as I could into my gag, but the ropes remained as tight as ever. I almost gave up and stopped but I perservered until my wrists had scratches from the rough rope. There was no progress being made until I felt my left arm loosen just a hair. I pulled harder and it slowly loosened until I was able to pull out my hand. I untied my other arm and untied my feet as fast as I could and pulled out the gag. I looked outside the door but there was noone there, so I cautiously walked outside. Suddenly I heard the toilet flush in another room and ran into the closest door to me. I shut it and heard the footsteps walk away and I looked to see where I was and determined I was in jordans sisters room. I looked around and suddenly I heard a small moan. I stopped and listened for it again. I heard it again and it was more prominent and I thought it was from under the bed. I looked and saw jordans sister hogtied under the bed with her wrists connected to her ankles and that rope was wrapped around the bed post against the wall, to prevent her from sliding out. She was gagged with a scarf so I pulled it out and she said they'd be back in a minute or two and I should hide. I gagged her again and got in the closet afew seconds before the door opened. Friend A(I'll call him that) looked under the bed where they left her and, looking satisfied, he left. When he was gone, I went back under and ungagged her again. She said to leave her for later since shed be hard to untie, so I asked where Jordan was and she said she wasn't sure. I apologetically gagged her again so as not to arouse suspision and went back into the hallway. I checked random rooms but couldn't find her and I opened the door to the last room and almost screamed at what I saw. It was the master bedroom and Jordan was tied spread eagle on the bed naked and Connor was slapping her anytime she moved and if she didn't move for long enough shed be tickled nonstop so she would move. Connor saw me walk in and we stared at eachother for afew seconds, then he smiled. Like before, his friends tackled me and pinned me to the ground. When they were able to hold me tight enough they lifted me up off the ground and sat me down on a chair in the room. Connor smiled and said it wouldn't be that easy, and pulled out three rolls of ductape, and grinned

Sorry I got to go, but i'll continue it later
Saturday, June 30th 2012 - 11:54:34 PM
Name: Amy
E-mail address: amurtinyburr12@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://donthaveoneyetsorry
Comments:Hi guys! I wud like it if u finished ur story...u never did :( And yes- America is a proud and wonderful place! Embrace it! Do none of you believe in God? Because....well you shud know that this place is VERY wrong
Thursday, July 26th 2012 - 02:55:23 PM
Name: Alli
Comments:I had completely forgotten about this and I apologize for not finishing my story. And amy, i believe in god, and if this site is so wrong why are you here.

Anyway, my story. Connor and his friends held me down and started wrapping me in duct tape. They wrapped my legs at the ankle, knees, and thigh and wrapped the tape around like ten times on each place. They did the same to my wrists and elbows and then they pinned my arms to my back and wrapped my torso until you could barely see my body beneath it. They grabbed a sock and shoved it in my mouth and wrapped tape all the way around my head five times without paying any heed at all to the fact that they had caught my hair. They picked up my legs and dragged me into the bathroom and picked me up and dropped me in the bathtub (and it was a big bathtub, and there was a showerhead up on top ad well) One of the friends said he had an idea so he left and came back with some rope and wrapped it around my ankles and pulled it up to the showerhead so my legs were almost straight up. He smiled and turned on the shower and put it on cold and plugged the tub. It was so cold I screamed as loud as I could and they laughed. And of course the tub was filling up so after awhile My entire body was freezing. It was filled up so I could barely breath because my nose was barely above the water and I couldn't sit up because of my legs. They turned off the water and laughed as I tried to sit up so I could breath. They left the room and I tried to get out but there was way too much tape and I couldn't move much anyway. I sat for what seemed like forever when Connor and his friends walked in dragging Jordan behind them, now wearing clothes again. She was standing up and her arms were behind her and she had rope going around her chest and stomach. They sat her down on the side of the tub and pushed her back onto me and she was sitting on my stomach, but the real problem is that the water splashed up and covered my nose so I couldn't breath. Connor looked at me struggling and slowly walked over to the drain and emptied the tub to the point where my face was well above water. I glared at him and he smiled and said he wouldn't want me to drown. I continued to glare but he ignored me and went to work tying jordans legs. When he was done he pushed me as far as I would go and pushed her into the empty space. We both laid in the freezing cold water for about 30 minutes and eventually the friends untied me and Jordan, and we proceeded to slap them as hard as we could and pushed them out of the bathroom. We grabbed some towels and went back to her room where we dried off and put on some dry clothes. When we were dressed we came out of the room and apparently the boys had left as fast as they could. I went to check on jordans sister and she was still in the same position as before so we untied her and I stayed there for about ten minutes to make sure they were okay and Jordan was alright and get sister was the same but kinda in shock. I went home and immediately walked into the garage, grabbed some rope, and tied up Connor as tight as I could get it and it took him hours to get out and when he did I was in the living room and I saw him walk in, and he was about to say something, stopped, and just walked away and said "we're even."
Saturday, July 28th 2012 - 07:53:43 PM
Name: Jared
Comments:My girlfriend is kind of a country girl and her parents own an acre of land in the middle of the country where they have a pretty nice house and an old barn from the previous owners that they never took the time to tear down. She called and asked if I wanted to come over so I said sure and headed out. I got there and she came out the door to greet me wearing jeans, a brown plaid thin blouse that was unbuttoned with a white undershirt beneath it and some brown cloth boots and I asked if anyone else was home as we went back inside. Apparently she was alone all day since her parents were taking her brothers to some meeting in Dallas, they're kinda smart. They left her alone cause we're both seniors so she figured shed be allright alone. They'd be gone three days and she figured it'd be a great time to hang out. I agreed and asked what she wanted to do. She smiled and ran into her room and came back carrying some rope and told me to tie her up so I smiled and immediately obliged. I've tied her up once before and I enjoyed it, and I've always loved seeing girls tied up so I asked how she wanted me to tie her up. She almost answered when the phone rang and she went to answer it. I her her say "this is Kelli" (her name) and afew other things and then she hung up. I asked who it was and she said it was her friend Jessica who knew she was alone and asked she wanted some company. Apparently Kelli told her she could come over and would receive a special welcome too. Kelli had neglected to tell her I was there and thought it would be fun to stage a robbery. I laughed and thought the same thing. I looked at my watch and saw it was a quarter to 10 and it was a 45 minute drive from her house to here to here, she lives pretty far out and Jessica lived on the other side of town. I asked how we should do this so she told me to follow her to the barn. When we got there she climbed uo a ladder onto a platform about 15 feet in the air and said it would be a perfect place. I climbed up with her and saw it was a fairly large platform so she couldn't randomly fall off unless she wanted to. I told her it was perfect so she sat down and I set to work. I crossed her wrists and tied them in a crisscross fashion and pulled it tight. I realized she had actually grabbed two 20 feet long pieces of rope so I got and idea. I wrapped it around her wrists acouple more times and left about 9 feet of rope left and tied it off and left that to use later. I tied her ankles together and left about 8 feet of rope and pulled it to her wrists and wrapped it around her arms and tied it off and pulled it tight so she couldn't move her legs at all. I took the rest of the rope on her arms and wrapped it around her waist and tied it off tight so she couldn't move her arms at all either. I went back to the house and grabbed a cloth and went back to her and cleave gagged her so she could mmph but she couldn't talk. I looked at my watch and saw I still had 15 minutes before Jessica came so as a precaution I found some more rope and tied it to her knees and threw it over the rafters and pulled it tight, that way, on the off chance she fell off she wouldn't plummet to the ground and get hurt. I saw I still had five minutes so I rushed back to the house and put on a black mask and a black long sleeved shirt, and I was already wearing some dark jeans. I waited inside the house until I heard Jessica drive up. I had a fake gun in hand and when she opened the door she walked past the room I was in and I saw she had some Jean shorts and a bright blue tanktop. I snuck up behind her and put the gun to her head. I told her not to move in the scariest voice I could and held up a bandana and told her to blindfold herself. She did and I pulled it tighter and she asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to turn around. She did so I got behind her and pushed her out the door and towards the barn. I had her take off the blindfold and made her go upthe ladder. She got to the top and saw Kelli and I told her if she touches her she will die, so she walked to the other side of the platform. I took the bandana and had her put her hands behind her and I tied them. Then I thought of something and I tested the safety rope Kelli had with my weight and it held firm and I weigh 70 punds more than her so it would definitely hold her. I picked her up and carried her over to the edge and slowly dropped her off the side until the rope was taut. Apparently the rope was longer than I thought so she was 4 feet off the ground. Of course Jessica freaked and I knew Kelli was laughing slightly. I climbed back up top and gagged Jessica with another bandana and left, but first I took the ladder down. I went back into the house and found some duct tape so I took two rolls and went back to the barn, where Jessica was struggling and Kelli was still hanging helplessly. I set uo the ladder and before I climbed it I gave Kelli a slight push so she swung aimlessly in the air. I made sure she wouldn't hit the ladder and climbed up. I help up the tape and jessica pulled back into a corner. I pulled her out and untied her hands and wrapped them in tape about 10 times. I did the same to her ankles (I forgot to mention she was wearing sneakers) and knees and eventually I did her elbows and I pulled them tight enough that they almost touched. I pulled her up and wrapped tape around her arms and body so she couldn't move them at all. I sat her down and pulled her legs uo to her chest and wrapped tape around her body again. Now she was completely immobilized so I took off the bandana and rolled it up and stuffed it in her mouth and secured it with duct tape. I pulled Kelli back up onto the platform and laid her down. Then I looked at Jessica and took off the mask. She screamed at me through her gag so it was really just a really loud mmmppphh. I laughed and took out kellis gag and she laughed too. I untied Kelli and we both stood over jessica and laughed. I ungagged her and she looked like she was about to scream but she stopped and just laughed and said "you got me." we unwrapped her and we went back to the house and had regular fun, like a board game and the loser gets tied to a chair, you know, stuff like that. We did stuff like that for the next three days until kellis parents came home and we didn't really talk about it after that.
Sunday, August 5th 2012 - 08:06:26 PM
Comments:Thank you Jared. Good stories are always welcome here.
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Let me know by way of a post back. Happy New Year.
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Comments:During the summer my best friend katelyn and I ended up going on a trip together to a lakeside house my uncle owns. It's pretty obscure and out of the way and in the middle of the lake there's a little patch of land that my uncle built a little cabin on for fun, and that cabin is almost always filled with rope, tape or any other kind of gear to tie someone up with, and he occasionally goes out there with his wife for some fun together. katelyn was actually into being tied up but didn't know what I was planning for her. On the third day of the trip it was exactly a week until katelyns birthday and about a month or so until mine, so I told her I had a special surprise for her today. She got excited and asked what it was and I told her I had to show her, but it was in the cabin on the island(she didn't know what was in there.) I told my uncle we were going to the cabin and he looked at me and smiled and went back to what he was doing. We got on a little rowboat and shoved off onto the lake.I looked at her on the way and noticed she was wearing jeans, a black t shirt and black boots. We got to the island and we went up to the cabin and I told her I had to get everything ready for her. I went inside and saw lots of rope, tape and anything else I would need, even chairs and iron rings on the wall, and there was even a twin bed. I opened the door and invited her in and she gasped in awe at the toys(her words nort mine) and wanted to get started right away. I asked where she wanted to be tied first and she said first wanted the wall rings. I said okay and told her to sit down in front of them, and asked if she wanted her wrists together or apart, and she said together first. I got some hand cuffs and put one end on one wrist, through the ring, then onto her other. The ring was about two feet off the ground. She extended her legs and I got some rope and tied them tightly together at the ankles and knees. Then I grabbed a scarf and cleave gagged her and took the key and put it on a hook about six feet off the ground right above her just for fun, then walked around the room seeing if there was anything else while she struggled to get the key that was just out of reach. I saw a closet in the back and opened it and found it was a fairly large wardrobe filled with clothes and costumes. I looked through them and found everyday clothing as well as very revealing costumes , one which really caught my eye was a female pirate costume with a short skirt, corset, and I even found some knee high boots with it. I looked back and katelyn had untied her legs but still couldn't reach the key for her hands. Eventually she unzipped her boots and pulled them almost off and started kicking them at the key, and ended up hitting herself in the face twice with them, but put them back on and tried it again and actually got the key off, and un cuffed herself and smiled at me as she ungagged herself. She asked what was next and I pulled out the pirate costume and she screamed like a giddy little girl. She grabbed it and told me to leave so she could change. I stepped outside for a minute and sat down next to a tree until she stepped outside looking every bit a pirate, apparently make the skirt seem even shorter than I thought it was with her long legs, and she had even found a wide brimmed hat, a black bandana and a bag that really cinched the outfit. She said I had to find something to put on too to make it more fun. I said okay and went into the closet to find something else to where. I looked around and found a pink princess dress that was knee length with pretty low cleavage and I even found knee high white boots that were absolutely perfect for it, and I took off my clothes and put it on, and it was almost a perfect fit, but I was tall enough that the skirt didn't quite reach my knees. I stepped outside and looked around but I didn't see Evelyn, and went to the back of the cabin and saw something move in the bushes alittle ways away so I walked towards it thinking it was katelyn, but she actually jumped out from my right and scared me to death. I stared at her and she was looking at my costume and said it was perfect for what she was thinking of. I asked what that would be and she reached behind a tree next to her and pulled a long rope out from behind it that went up into the trees. I started tracing it's path but it was too late, and she pulled it tight and caught my right leg and I went up and hung upside down, and I didn't even think about getting down and just held onto my skirt. Katelyn tied off the rope on a tree and walked towards me, suddenly adopting a pirate accent saying I was her prisoner and was asking for a ransom. I had no idea what she was talking about until I realized I was dressed like a princess and she a pirate, and started playing along, begging her not to hurt me. She pulled out some rope from her bag and spun me around with my back to her and tied my hands behind me tight, and gagged me with a cloth. I couldn't see what see was doing but all of a sudden I fell out of the tree and hit the ground with a thud. She apologized then stood me up and walked me back to the cabin and sat me down on the ground and tied my ankles and knees, and then my elbows and then a hogtie, and she pulled it all tight. I struggled against my bonds and mmphed loudly but she just laughed and continued her pirate demeanor while I played h the helpless princess. I stayed like that for a while and then she put a knife on one of the chairs and winked at me and walked outside for a minute. I shimmied over to the chair and pushed it over and grabbed the knife and cut my hands free, then started working on the knots and finally freed myself. I thought about how I would get her back and remembered the bed and got some handcuffs and rope and got ready for her. She walked back in and pretended to be surprised that I was missing and saw me and turned away from me "wondering" where I was. So I snuck up on her and grabbed her with one arm and handgagged her with the other. She screamed and I told her to turn around and walk slowly toward the bed and she did. I pushed her onto the bed and she rolled onto her back and I set to work to make sure she wouldn't get out without someone releasing her. I took a pair of handcuffs and secured her hands to the headboard right in the middle, then pulled her legs until her arms were straight and it was a relatively small bed so her knees were right on the foot of the bed and her legs hung over the end, so I took some hand cuffs and secured each leg to opposite sides of the bed, and took the bandana off her head and gagged her with it. It worked okay until she realized she could slide her legs cuffs up the bars and pulled her head to her hands and ungagged herself and started laughing, saying I need to do better than that. I thought about it and while she still couldnt get out, she could still scream, and so I undid her legs and pulled them back to where they were, but this time I got some rope and tied her legs tightly together then pulled the rope under the bed and tied it to the support bars under the frame, and knotted it tight. Then I took the cuffs and hooked her legs to the foot of the bed, so she could barely move her legs at all. I regagged her, much to her dismay and retaliation and when back to the closet and changed back to my clothes. I left katelyn in the cabin struggling and I heard her laughing behind me as she tried to get out, but I just shut the door behind me and rowed back to the house. I went in and my uncle asked where katelyn was, and I just said she was in the cabin, and he knew that meant she would be there for a while. We eventually let her go, not without taking some pictures, and we had lots more fun the rest of the time we were there, doing pretty similar stuff
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Bill Clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964, accepting all contractual conditions of registering for the draft. Selective Service Number is 326 46 228.
Bill Clinton classified 2-S on November 17, 1964.
Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968.
Bill Clinton ordered to report for induction on July 28, 1969.
Bill Clinton refuses to report and is not inducted into the military.
Bill Clinton reclassified 1-D after enlisting in the United States
Army Reserves on August 07, 1969, under authority of COL. E. Holmes.
Clinton signs enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment.
Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of
Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.
Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2) (a) - registrant who has failed to report... remain liable for induction.
Bill Clinton's birth date lottery number is 311, drawn December 1,
1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE!
Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a fugitive from justice
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Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976), while a
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Bill Clinton receives pardon on January 21, 1977, from President Carter.
Bill Clinton becomes the FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States.
All these facts come from Freedom of Information requests, public
laws, and various books that have been published, and have not been refuted by Clinton.
After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, President Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S.
military personnel, Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel, Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000, Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S. sailors, Clinton promised that those responsible be hunted down
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Maybe if Clinton had kept those promises, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, who are now dead would be alive today.
THINK ABOUT IT! It is a strange turn of events. Hillary gets $8
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