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Name: Jozza
Subject: Unlucky You - Part 3
Message:You shut your eyes as you start to taste duvet. You’re quickly pinned down onto the bed, lying face down. Within seconds 3 or 4 hands lie on your back and push you flat down. As your head is pushed further into the duvet, all you can hear is a muffled sound, like you’re underwater. It is as if you’re separate from the rest of the room.
Almost instantly you feel another 3 or 4 hands delve into your jeans, and grab onto your knickers. You’re powerless; there’s nothing you can do. Your body tenses up as you feel the hands clench the material, and suddenly pull it back up along your body.
You squirm as you feel your knickers pulled along your back. You assume there must be two girls embarrassing you, you can almost feel 2 hands gripping the leg holes while another has scrunched up the material with one hand, and with the other hand had gripped the lace material at the top of your grey panties (you hadn’t changed from them from your ordeal earlier on today).
You realise there’s no escape, absolutely nothing you can do will stop the impending pain you are about to face. As your underwear slowly rockets along the contours of your body, gradually stretching, you can’t help but wonder what the hell is happening?
You struggle to lift your head up away from the covers, and look up towards the shining light from the laptop. You see a load of boys from your school laughing their heads off. Hell they looked in more pain than you, that’s how hard they were laughing. You realise that this must have been set up. Damn you Kate!
Yet you find it’s impossible to think about such grand Shakespearian esque betrayal when the girls further pull on your underwear, almost lifting you right off the bed. You almost scream but your head is pushed down into the covers to muffle the sound. You feel the material further stretching out along your back, revealing more and more of your flesh to a room that felt like it was baying for blood.
Your panties slowly apply more and more pressure on your most intimate areas, making you lurch around in pain, and your bum feels more and more prominent. You thank the Lord that you wore those prudish jeans tonight – a skirt or a mini dress like Kate, and you’re whole behind would be completely on show to the whole room, and probably to the webcam. Still, your behind was being pulled up into the air by your panties, with every eye in the room staring at it.
As it was, you were facing the webcam directly; well you were at least positioned too. With your head buried in the duvet in shame, the boys could only see your hair; your face was at least covered from identification. You realise with a fright though, that they’re probably not looking at your head at all – instead past it, and straight at the two girls who had hold of your grey panties. The girls had changed the way they pulled too – before it was parallel to your back, but now it felt like they were lifting upwards. The boys must be looking at your bum, getting a great view of the top of your cheeks. Of course, there was nothing you can do to stop them seeing this. Your only comfort is that it could be considerably worse, couldn’t it?
Once Jemma tells the girls to lay off your slightly worn out panties, the boy’s laughter thankfully stops. However the girls don’t move away from you, instead continuing to pin you to the bed like a prisoner, but at least the pain has subsided. You look into the webcam, taking in who you suppose you “audience” is. You wince in horror as you realise it’s Mark (the guy who tried to embarrass Kate today no less!) and a couple of his friends, who had just seen you lose a great deal of dignity. You briefly wonder there’s anyone left who hasn’t experienced you losing at least some dignity, such is the day you’re having.
Jemma starts negotiating with Mark, suggesting something about “we stuck to our side, now stick to yours!”
You’re pretty confused; clearly going leaving the group for only a few minutes was a terrible mistake. As you lay there with your panties still wedged up where they shouldn’t be, you wondered just how bad this could get? You didn’t want a repeat of this afternoon; you didn’t want to be left just in your underwear again.
Mark shook his head, saying that “what you guys did to her was alright, pretty impressive for sure, but it wasn’t what we demanded”. You grow slightly hollow as you realise you were used as almost a bribe in a deal; that you weren’t equal to the rest of these girls – you were a commodity, easily manipulated and sold out in exchange for something better. You look over at Kate, who at least wasn’t wedging you, and sigh. Did she really just sell you out to give herself a leg up that social ladder? What happened to friendship eh?
You ponder on this thought as Jemma jests Mark. “Well, we’ll see but happens. But first..there’s your side of the deal?”
Mark looks a little surprised at this..and mumbled a weak response. You thought he was a brute, one of those guys who seemed to just have no emotions. It was a bit odd to see him so perplexed.
“So, guess you’re not a real man who sticks to his word then Mark?” You suddenly realise how manipulative Jemma can be, as Mark changes his tune..
“No no, I am, and tell you what, I’ll prove it”. You look in horror as Mark and his friends turn on one boy in their group, a smaller guy in your year called Alex. Poor Alex was like you – completely defenceless, shocked, and embarrassed as they gave him a wedgie to forget. You felt for him – the boy was stripped to his boxers, and then wedgied by his closest friends in front of a group of girls that he would definitely see the next day. Mark was suddenly acting true to form. You start to feel better as you realise tonight might not be remembered for your embarrassment – but for someone else’s.
After a couple of minutes, his boxers ripped, and he lay, almost sobbing to himself you thought. The girls, including Kate, sat there, laughing. You chuckled for a bit, but you couldn’t laugh. That could easily have been you. You felt for Alex. You wanted to help him. This wasn’t right, how could people be so horrible to each other. And to do something productive might make you feel better about your recent poor luck.
Mark looked back into the camera, saying “there you go Jemma. Told you. Now, are you a real women, and able to give us what we actually asked? Or are you going to back down like you did before!
Everyone looked at Jemma, who actually looked slightly taken aback. You wondered what Mark had meant by “before?” What had happened? Jemma regained control as always though, and quickly gave Mark food for though.
“Okay” she said, “you want a girl stripped? Fine!”

Thursday, January 30th 2014 - 09:33:05 AM
Name: Mike's Hard
Subject: Gang Wedgie!!!!!!!!
Message:The Gang Wedgie

It was a rainy day that day being the 4th day of 9th grade, my two friends (Shawn & Andre) and I were eating lunch in stairwell as we brought our lunch or went to food land witch was right across from the bottom of the stairwell we would sit and shoot the shit and eat. On this day like I said it was raining pretty hard all day now we were standing in the hallway at the bottom of the stairwell at the end of the small hall was a door in the school which is where we were standing at the other end the school hallway with the gym office was right on the other side of the hall. Also when you go out the door to exit the stairwell is the parking lot and there is a side walk were that was the smoking area than there is a road and a fence and on the other side the fence was the food land.

My friends and I were standing there talking and our other friend Rich joined us and we saw these two girls Andrea & Kim with four other guys at the smoking area and Kim and Andrea were in a bit of a shoving match when the other guys pulled them apart after they were done smoking they came through the doors of the stairwell we were standing in as Kim was in front when Andrea gave her a flat tire making Kim fall to her knees and Kim’s bright red thong came in to view as Andrea began to pull her thong up Kim’s ass as she let out a yelp the 4 other boys jumped in and helped out Andrea ripping Kim’s thong clean off as Kim ran off with Andrea holding her thong in the air like a trophy with all of us laughing at Kim’s expense.
Tuesday, January 28th 2014 - 01:58:57 PM
Name: Elizabeth
E-mail address: weegeepotato@gmail.com
Subject: Why the store?!
Message:The town mall is a place of perverts, uneducated people, and men. Sabrina, if you are reading this, stop here.

Every time I go to the mall, I get a new video game or something like that. May and Sabrina are shoppers on sterroids. Always on a shopping spree getting anything they get their hands on. That mall drives me insane.

So anyways, Sabrina and I were going to that mall to see that she planned to get a new dress. I told her to get a fairly cheap one, but not too cheap. There was a dance comming up and she was going with May. She didn't go homosexual; she hated a lot of guys. She came out of the changing room wearing a red dress. It was well overprice, so she took it off. After 17 dresses, she hit one for $10 that looked majestic.

We got to the dance and helped May out of the car. We partied hard for about two hours. Then It happened.

As Sabrina was slow dancing with a cute guy, her dress got snagged on a hang nail. The dress began to unravel on her. Doing Gangnam Style wasn't harming it, but getting chased was bad. It unraveled quickly and she didn't notice. At least until she got lightly punched. She covered up as much as she could, but it was AWFUL! Somebody snapped a picture of her and she was taken to the bathroom by me.

I asked Sabrina if she wanted my dress. I came with a skirt and jacket. Sabrina was no longer naked, but May was asked out. She asked us to come along.

We got there and Sabrina was asked to sleep with Garrett, May's date. I walked in his room to find Sabrina naked with Garrett. I told him to leave immediately.

Sabrina's sex life started that day on her 19th birthday. May dumped Garrett good. I was told by my friend (who I was told to flash at) who made it to captain of the football team.
Homepage URL: http://Kakariko Village Windmill makes storms
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 08:23:37 PM
Name: Girl
E-mail address: None
Subject: Tod pantsing
Message:Heres some info about my name is Kylee i am a 16 year old girl. So one day i was at my friend Taylor's house along with Ali and Sara and Sara had an idea to play tod in Taylors limo. Oh ya Taylor is rich and has a mansion. So we head to the limo were there is privacy, taylor first chose dare she had to say the alphabet backwards twice, Ali had to say the words in my ass the rest of the day, Sara chose dare she had to kiss all our feet. Then it was my turn I chose dare, i had to pop my head through the sun roof for a full 20 mins so a dare devil i am i accepted it thinking it was easy. So the first 5 min went buy and i heard giggling and a few seconds later i felt my sweats get pulled down they were all laughing hysterical and were commenting nice ass then they pulled down my panties all the way down. A couple min later i felt my friends touching licking and kissing in those are. Then they took out some markers a were drawing all over my ass now i know my friends are lesbians
Monday, January 27th 2014 - 04:19:46 PM
Name: Nathaniel Keam
E-mail address: S.J.Shiro@gmail.com
Subject: Rock Chicks and Country Girls – A Tale of a University Showdown
Message:Before I begin, you should know I prefer softcore ENF, so if you're looking for something hardcore this probably isn't for you.

Amber and Becky weren’t friends. They also weren’t enemies, at least for a long time. Both girls found themselves in different crowds. Amber was a rock chick. She preferred black with a spot of bright colour. Becky was the opposite. She was very much an advocate of alternative fashion. Both women were hot, in their own right.

What brought them into conflict was unknown. Whatever happened, it only led to snide remarks and the occasional glare in the corridors of Calewood University. The university wasn’t particularly strict. In fact, it was so lax it was widely considered as the option for kids who wanted to put off the realities of work and the real world for a few more years.

Suffice to say, the authorities rarely made their presences known, and if they were visible they didn’t seem to care about the dealings of students; unless it affected the university’s annual budget.

Neither girl was particularly intelligent or cunning. That was the key factor in what led to this crucial day’s events.

Becky was confident in her ability to beat Amber whenever she wanted. Becky was about six feet tall, compared to Amber’s five-and-a-half feet stature. Both were slim, but Becky’s slightly tanned body leaned more towards the athletic side due to her Zumba classes.

Becky’s shoulder-length blond hair bobbed as she walked down the university corridor. It was late in the evening and most of the students had already gone home, but there were still enough people around to complete the girl’s humiliation.

She decided spontaneously that now was the time for her assault. She had dressed appropriately today. In her typical alternative style, she was wearing a red t-shirt with her C cup breasts underneath. All was held under a pair of blue dungarees. The country bumpkin look was hot at the moment, and she rocked it with a pair of black and white tennis shoes. She knew her clothing was difficult to take off if things got ugly.

Amber was walking down the corridor without her friends. She had her dyed black hair with pink highlights falling to just below her shoulders, contrasting with her pale skin. She was wearing a snapback hat with a batman logo on the front. She also wore a pair of nerd glasses.

The rest of her was attired in a black zip-up jacket with a red zip-up hoodie underneath. The red hood stuck out of the back. Underneath was the hint of a black and white striped top covering her B cup breasts. Amber wore skinny black jeans with neon coloured skeleton hands on the pockets at the back. Finally, she wore leather ankle sneakers in patches of bright colours, including blue, yellow, pink, and green.

“Hey, b*tch, let’s finish this!” Becky shouted.

“Huh –“ Amber tried to get out.

Becky slammed into her, taking her into one of the few rows of lockers in the entire university. Her head cracked off the back and she was already on the defensive. Both girls latched onto each other’s hair and started pulling each other from side to side. Amber’s longer hair meant she could reduce the pain while keeping Becky close.

Becky detached herself from Amber’s hair and let loose a wicked slap across the face, dislodging her hat and knocking her glasses askew. She attacked again and bashed her on the top of the hat, finally dislodging it and sending it to the ground.

Amber, more in shock, dived forward and tackled Becky into the other lockers. The girls grabbed onto each other’s hair again. Amber learned from the last exchange and instantly started swinging Becky from side to side. She grabbed one strap of the dungarees for leverage. She was losing her balance as she was swung round and round, until Amber pulled Becky towards her and into the lockers again.

She hit the lockers shoulder first and crumpled to the ground. A sharp pain shot through her shoulder. In the impromptu wrestling match, the strap had been torn off her shoulder and was now hanging uselessly from her waist. The right side of her dungarees had fallen down slightly to reveal more of her red t-shirt.

Becky was dazed and was taken back to her feet with a groan by Amber.

“You wanna mess with me, b*tch? What’s your fucking problem?” she yelled.

Becky could only groan in return.

“Stupid b*tch!”

Amber threw Becky across the floor, where she crawled on her hands and knees, trying to get her bearings back after her first attack failed miserably. By now some students had already gathered and were cheering the girls on. Neither was paying attention to the crowd, which mainly consisted of girls from their classes.

She breathed heavily as she attempted to get back to her feet. Amber wasn’t far behind, though, and she grabbed her by the back of her dungarees and pulled her back. Becky was ready this time, however. She lashed out and caught her across the side of the jaw, sending her backwards to the ground.

The blow sent a sharp shooting pain through her jaw. The lapse in the conflict allowed Becky to see her ruined dungarees for the first time.

“You b*tch. Let’s see how you like it when you lose your clothes!”

As if to emphasise her point, Becky started to grab the red hood and used it to pull Amber back up. The hood was over her head covering her vision. Her upper body attire had been drawn upwards to show off a multi coloured belt holding her jeans up. She could hear Amber’s muffled cries as she was back on her feet again.

Becky started to smash Amber in the back of her head with a clumsy fist. Amber’s knees started to buckle and she drifted back towards the ground again. She was starting to whimper and her resistance was collapsing. It seemed as though Becky’s anger about her ripped dungarees had paid off and now she could take her revenge.

“Who wants to see what this b*tch wears under her clothes?” Becky asked the group of students watching the fight.

The group shouted their response.

“Looks like you’re getting hot, Amber, let me help you with that.”

She started to go to work. Bending over, she turned Amber over onto her back and swept the zip of her black top downwards, revealing the thicker red hoodie underneath. She didn’t resist as Becky sat her up and took the top away from her shoulders. The crowd cheered as Becky tossed it into the crowd, where one girl grabbed it gratefully and put it into her bag.

Amber didn’t seem to expect the fight to take this turn, and she now started to stir. She rolled over onto her hands and knees again and attempted to get back up. Her enemy wasn’t going to allow this, though, and she grabbed her hood. The hood was still stuck over her head.

“Here, I’ll give you a hand,” Becky crowed.

She took Amber up again and viciously slapped her across the face. Amber yelped as she was thrown backwards with the force of the hit. Her cheeks were already tender from the beating they’d received.

Becky got ready to strike again. With Amber just turning around to face her again, she reached for the front of the red zip-up hoodie and latched onto both sides at the top. With a mighty pull, she ripped at the hoodie and the zip yelled in anguish as it was forced downwards to reveal the black and white shirt, with horizontal stripes. The shirt’s material was practically like tracing paper and the clear outline of Amber’s black tank top could be seen underneath, with her black bra straps clearly visible two layers beneath.

The zip was down to about half way and Amber started to fight back in the only way she knew how. With vengeance on her mind, she grabbed the front of Becky’s dungarees and started to pull at the strong fabric. It wasn’t going to rip, but it was placing strain on the remaining shoulder strap. It still held strong, though. The same couldn’t be said for Amber’s zip, which had given up fighting ages ago. It fell out of its perch immediately and hit the floor as the zip separated and she felt suddenly vulnerable.

Amber let go of Becky’s clothes to try to save her own hoodie, but it had been ruined.

“You fucking b*tch. Let’s see how you like your clothes being ruined,” Amber hissed.

Becky went back on the offensive, though, and grabbed a handful of the fabric. She had grabbed it from the side, so Amber was forced to follow her.

“Oh, fine, take it if you want it so much,” Amber screeched as she allowed the already falling hoodie to be taken off her.

She was left in the short black and white t-shirt. The sleeves were extremely short and barely covered the curve of her shoulder. It came to just above her beltline, but the tank top covered up any potential for skin being shown.

Becky tossed the clothing into the crowd, although the person who took it would later be disappointed at the lack of a zip. Amber was losing badly and she knew it. She needed to do something or she’d be stripped in front of the entire class.

Amber changed her tactic and went straight for Becky’s clothes. Her plan worked. As she grabbed the other side of Becky’s dungarees, the girl switched to defending herself rather than striking back. Amber pulled back on the shoulder strap of the dungarees. Instead of snapping it, Becky attempted to move away and Amber ripped it down her arm. Now the top half of her dungarees was hanging at her waist, and everyone could see her red t-shirt, with her breasts clearly outlined under the tight fabric.

The crowd didn’t seem fussed who won. They were happy whoever happened to be winning.

Amber didn’t stop to brag about her brief victory. She pushed Becky down to the ground. Becky attempted to scramble away, but Amber grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her back. As her leg was in the air, she used the other to try and kick away Amber’s grip. In the exchange, the bottom of her dungarees had fallen upwards to give the crowd a look at her legs up to her calves.

Her kicking was working and Amber’s grip slipped, but her enemy managed to grab the hem of the outfit. The light pull on her dungarees made Becky take notice and she instantly started to pull them up from her waist, even though there was no real danger.

“No, no, no…”

“If you wanna fight you better be prepared to get naked.”

“Fuck you!” she yelled back, as she finally managed to get some distance between her and Amber.

Becky knew things were starting to get out of control. She was thankful her clothing could stand up to some punishment. She was back on her feet again. Her heart was racing as she momentarily lost control of the situation.

Amber felt a push in the small of her back as the crowd gave her some light encouragement to get into the fight. She did so gladly and made the first move towards Becky again. For the first time, Becky felt a shred of doubt. She realised she was going to have to show some of her most intimate areas if the fight went wrong again.

Becky threw out a slap. It missed pathetically as Amber marched onwards. Another slap and it completely missed. Amber countered with a hit of her own and the edge of her knuckle collided with her mouth. The shot sent her back a little bit. Amber started to whack the blond in the side of the head. The teen tried to cover up, but the hits were still getting through.

She grabbed the neck of her red t-shirt with both hands and launched her to the ground. The girl hit the floor hard, sending shockwaves through her entire body.

“Looks like we’ll be seeing what’s under your clothes,” Amber replied to Becky’s earlier comment.

Becky could only moan as her bones still shook and her joints vibrated uncontrollably. Amber wrapped her hands on the hems of her dungarees again. This time she had the iron grip she was looking for. Twisting the denim around her fists, she pulled. The dungarees definitely started to release their grip, but they were originally high up on her body, so the first pulls revealed nothing.

It gave Becky her chance to stir. She started to yell as she felt the tugs on her pants. This wasn’t what she signed up for. This wasn’t what she intended. Her fingers felt frantically for something to grab onto as her body was pulled along. They briefly found the holes in one of the lockers and she clung on, the metal cutting into her bare skin. As she stretched, the first sign of her forbidden bronzed skin could be seen. The t-shirt rose up slightly to show off her waistline. The dungarees were down to her upper waistline now. No panties could be seen, but it was clear they were close.

The pants were getting harder to pull down. Becky had given up on the locker and was now holding her pants in place with both hands. Amber wasn’t going to be able to get them down further like this.

She changed tack and let go of the dungarees. If Becky thought this was over she was wrong. Amber dived on top of her and started to slap and punch her around the head. More out of anger than anything else, she smashed the girl’s head off the thin metalled lockers. It dazed her again.

This time, Amber wasn’t going to take any chances. She stood up and placed one hand in either side of the dungarees and pulled as hard as she could. The first thing the crowd saw was a pair of dark green and black panties in a striped pattern. A section of bronzed thigh could be seen. Another pull and they were rolled down to just above her knees.

Becky waggled her arms in the air fruitlessly. When her hands next came down to keep her dungarees up, they met a different type of fabric, and the feeling of her flawless skin. She was really being exposed in front of the entire university. Her screams were drowned out by the wolf whistles of the crowd.

Amber enjoyed it immensely as she stripped the remains of the dungarees down to her ankles, where they came off despite her tennis shoes in place. She waved the garment around and it became the first item of Becky’s clothing to find its way into the crowd.

Becky desperately tried to pull her t-shirt down to cover her cute underwear up. It was too short, though, and she was forced to accept the shirt was going to settle on her belly button. Both her ass cheeks poked out from the sides.

She couldn’t believe what had happened. Amber hadn’t revealed anything special, and her plan had fallen down embarrassingly. She hadn’t taken into account her own potential humiliation.

“Nice undies. Looks like you’ve been in some of the stores I’ve been to.”

Becky‘s cheeks turned a shade darker.

“Got nothing to say now? Shouldn’t start things you can’t finish. You deserve everything you get.”

She was too embarrassed to reply as she gingerly got to her feet. She looked remarkably comical in a pair of tennis shoes without her pants. The cold air reminded her of this each and every second.

Amber was on the verge of laughing at her. The pantsed teen ignored this. Amber dived towards her again, ready to finish the job. Becky just managed to get out of the way. Amber charged again and missed. It was like she was getting faster with each and every attack. Another charge, another miss. Amber was getting annoyed. On the next charge, Becky saw her chance and swivelled to the side. Before Amber could stop herself, Becky grabbed her by the back of the belt and threw her into the lockers.

The crowd collectively breathed in with sympathetic looks on their faces. Amber was crunched up on the ground not sure where she was. Many thought she was concussed, until she started whimpering. Becky even stood for a moment to admire her handiwork.

Taking her advantage, she the prone girl’s legs and pulled her into the centre of the floor on her stomach. She was going to return the favour and show her what humiliation was like. Becky turned her over like she was on a spit roast. The eyes of the flawed girl looked at the ceiling, barely registering where she was.

“You want some more panties?” Becky jeered up the crowd.

They responded in the predictable manner.

Becky kneeled down on Amber’s thighs with her legs on either side. She undid the belt’s clasp. The waistband of the jeans sighed as they loosened and left some visible space between her clothing and body. She unlooped the belt and tossed it behind her; again someone from the crowd took it away from them.

Amber had barely shown signs of life since her collision. Becky was enjoying this immensely. She unlatched the shiny silver button on the front of her jeans and pulled both sides apart to give herself her first view of Amber’s panties. They were lacy and black. She would regret the amount of ass they showed at the back. A hot addition to someone who normally didn’t care too much about rocking a sexy look.

She didn’t spend any time messing around. She got up and started to unlace her multi coloured sneakers. They both came off relatively quickly and left her in a pair of black socks. Becky descended back on her jeans as Amber started to wake up again. The jeans came down quickly and revealed two bare, pale legs; and for good measure she took the socks with her. Becky had her revenge and she was back on top again. Her plan was getting closer to success, even if she did have to take some hits on the way.

By the time Amber closed back in on where she was, she could feel the cold as her hands instinctively reached for her waistband and hit skin. The damage had been done. Nobody in university had ever seen her underwear before.

“Where the fuck are my clothes?” she screamed spotting her two skinny, pale legs.

Becky snickered and giggled, “Gone.”

“You fucking b*tch!” Amber screamed as she got back to her feet and pathetically tried to cover the front and back with her hands.

Amber’s tank top at least came down to cover the top of her underwear, but it didn’t make her feel any less embarrassed. The crowd were laughing and cheering as they watched the two girls circle each other in their underwear.

One girl from the group was laughing the loudest. Amber’s anger got the better of her and she broke off to get up in her face.

“You think this is funny?” Amber yelled.

“What’s your problem?” the girl replied taken aback.

She was slightly smaller than even Amber and wore a brown spaghetti top. Her white skirt came up to just above her knees and she was wearing white flat shoes. She had straight, shoulder-length black hair and sported thick black eyeliner. She was part Latino but could only grow B cup breasts.

“Don’t get in my business or I’ll strip you down.”

The girl, named Elisa, curled her lip upwards and slapped Amber straight across the face. Becky was shocked. She wasn’t really friends with Elisa, but she wasn’t going to turn down the help.

Amber was trying to fight back, but the fresh Elisa was clearly winning as she slapped her in the side and on the back of the head, driving her back. The onlookers roared in approval.

Becky soon followed Elisa by grabbing Amber by the back of her white and black striped top and throwing her into the wall. Both girls began stomping her into the ground. Amber had covered up and was currently curled into a ball.

Elisa picked up Amber from her ball and twisted one of her arms painfully around her back. With Becky standing in front and Elisa standing behind, Amber knew she was trapped and she had made a big mistake.

“You think you’re so tough now, huh?” Elisa said from behind. “You think you’re so tough? Now you’re gonna lose your clothes. How’d you like that?”

To make her point, the Latino gave her arm an extra twist to make her cry out in pain. Becky grabbed the top of Amber’s black and white top. It was as thin as tracing paper, so everyone could see what was underneath. As expected, it was fragile. Becky dug her nails in, as Amber tried to kick her, and tore it down the middle. It came apart easily all the way down to the bottom. As the front of the fabric tore in two, Elisa pushed her forward and took it off her like a jacket.

Amber was down to a tank top with the two black bra straps sticking out. The tank top left her with ample cleavage, but the students couldn’t get a good look as Amber was now stuck on her stomach with her face kissing the dirty floor. With one garment remaining, there could be no more defeats or the war would be over.

Elisa gave her no more time to think as she brought her back to her feet again in the same position. The dishevelled Amber had her opening. Elisa hadn’t secured her arms and just had an arm around her neck.

Before Becky could act, Amber elbowed Elisa in the side of the cheek. She squealed as the point of her elbow collided with her face. She let her go and had to use a protrusion in the wall to hold herself up. The column couldn’t stop her world from spinning, though. She was out of the fight.

Becky moved forward recklessly and caught a straight punch on the jaw. She crumpled to the ground. If Elisa hadn’t been involved Becky would have been defeated. Amber knew she had to make it a fair fight again, however. The Latino was too fresh for her to fight them both off for long.

Satisfied Becky was out for a while, Amber ignored her state of undress and stalked the groaning Elisa from behind. Kneeling down, she grabbed the bottom of Elisa’s white skirt and tore it down to her ankles.

She screamed as her skimpy black thong came into view. It left practically nothing to the imagination as her large ass appeared on full show. Her exotic skin was a complete contrast to Amber’s pale skin. Elisa fell to the ground, landing on her shoulder and attempted to scramble away on her hands and knees.

Amber took the skirt completely off her feet, taking the white shoes with it. She started to slap her on the behind with the skirt repeatedly. The tight cheeks barely reacted to the whipping blows.

“You shouldn’t have got involved,” Amber said. “This is what you get when you try to get involved.”

She dealt Elisa another hammering blow to the back and threw her skirt into the crowd. Elisa’s body crashed back to the ground. On her stomach, Amber continued to beat on her back. She still hadn’t recovered from the elbow and couldn’t fight back. The almost stripped teen wasted no more time and grabbed a handful of the brown spaghetti top. It slipped over her head with ease to leave her in a matching black bra, which was almost as skimpy as the thong.

As a final humiliation, Amber picked Elisa back up and tossed her through the crowd and out the other side to stumble away. The exotic beauty had been defeated and wouldn’t show her face around the university again for weeks, but would remember her total humiliation forever.

Becky was starting to stir again. Amber’s head snapped back and she realised she needed to end this now. She was getting tired.

Amber grabbed the red t-shirt and started to peel it upwards. There was no resistance until the shirt had reached the bottom of her breasts. Her slightly tanned skin showing she didn’t wear fake tan, Becky awoke and instantly started to panic. The shirt went above the cups of her bra to reveal her C cup breasts underneath her bright green bra.

She was too late. Her strength had failed and Amber ripped the t-shirt over her head and off. Becky was in her bra and panties and a pair of black and white tennis shoes. She had been defeated.

Her classmates cheered and Amber knew she’d won. To add another injury, Amber turned the weeping girl onto her stomach and started to spank her on both cheeks. Her breasts dangled seductively, giving the students a show. Practically every student was taking a video now.

“Becky,” Amber whispered so only she could hear her. “If you ever try this crap again I’ll leave you naked. Now get out of my corridor or I’ll show everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.”

Becky crawled, then stumbled, back down the corridor minus her clothing. The male students made sure they felt as much of her as they could before she fled. With the action over and done with, the crowd went their separate ways. Amber would have to go back to her dorm for some new clothes, but it wouldn’t be a walk of shame.
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 09:38:22 PM
Name: May
E-mail address: saladfingers@howtobasic.twerking
Subject: Friend pain.
Message:If you ever wondeted what it's like when two friends date, then you're in luck!
Sabrina and Jeff were madly in love since 2nd grade. I was dating Garrett at that time, but we broke up. He said I was, "A f***ing tomboy."
Beth wasn't dating anyone and still hasn't had one. Sabrina and Jeff dated for a LONG time.
When Sabrina and I were 16 and Beth was 15 (she was born 4 and a half months before me and Sabrina) we were at Beth's house to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 when the doorbell rang. It was Jeff. He wanted to try some galaxies and failed badly. At 11:25 PM, he asked Sabrina to come to the bathroom with him. Me and Beth stayed awake to constant moaning and screaming and the occasional, "Stick it in me!"
I fell asleep at 2:20 AM where Beth never slept. At the table with pancakes, Sabrina came down and said, "I'm not a virgin!"

I screamed loudly. I told her it was so wrong and passed out. She was joking all along, but we told her mom before she said it. Her mom screamed, "What the hell is f***ing wrong with you?! You s**t pile of a sl*t! Get out of my life!"
Beth said she was glad to have been adopted. Sabrina was grounded till Beth turned 16. As for me, I couldn't drive for the same time as Sabrina's punishment. Listen before saying people.

Homepage URL: http://shut up i'm trying to write
Sunday, January 26th 2014 - 07:31:32 PM
Name: May
E-mail address: Goingtothestore@Harlemshake.htf
Subject: You just got May'd!
Message:When I was 16, I was a target for pantsing. Especially from my friend, Sabrina, and my enemies, Carlos and Cynthia McBride. I wanted revenge badly, so I yanked their pants and underwear down to their ankles.
I didn't stop there.
At 17, I took my friend, Beth's glasses when I felt my bikini top let loose. Cynthia pulled my string and took my top. She also went Beth's bottoms but she held on.
I was in the hotel room next to her for our field trip. Beth and Sabrina were in there too. Cynthia shared her room with Mitchelle. Her hotel room didn't lock properly so I got an idea.
I woke Sabrina up at 4:00 AM. I let Beth sleep in because she listened to Cynthia snore every night. We walked out of the room and into Cynthia's room. I waited so long and it was paying off. Sabrina and I pulled off her covers and slowly removed her shirt. We then went to her pants and underwear. Upon removing her panties we came up with an even more daring stunt.

Our teacher left his razor on the counter so we got his shaving cream too. We put the cream on Cynthia's pubic hair and went with our plan. We went to scissors and cut her head hair too. Her bra was then cut off and we put her in the middle of the hallway. Her 18 year old body, half bald and all naked.
We decided to get a picture of the humiliation of her tiny boobs, half bald head and stripped womanhood before she woke up. She let off a scream and left a wet stain on the hallway carpet.
I got sent home early and lost a week of the trip. Sabrina went home the next day for streaking down a museum. Beth stayed the whole trip and almost lost her virginity when her now ex-boyfriend asked for her boobs when she came back.
Homepage URL: http://I am holdind a sign daddy!
Saturday, January 25th 2014 - 09:08:05 PM
Name: Andy
Subject: Two weeks in Ibiza
Message:I was 21 when I went on vacation to Ibiza. Went there because it's a wild place were girls go from all over Europe and run topless or naked on beaches. Nudity run free an also the easiest place to get fucked. No one know each other so inhibitions run low. I stayed in a "pension" witch is a low budget kind off a bed & breakfast. A small sink in the room and a shower down the hall. Mostly young Scandinavians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, with guys getting drunk and girls looking for sex. There were two young Swedish girls in the room next to mine. Blonde, blue eyed, knock out tan bodies that would melt any guy if they saw them. They used to walk down the hall to the shower with just a towel rapped around them. Gave me and instant hard on when I bumped into them on the hall and obvious it was the only thing they were wearing. Acted like it was a normal thing to do and even stopped to say hallow to me. Spent time searching for them on the beach to see them naked, but never had much luck. Came back from the beach early and took a shower before anyone got back. A large old bathroom with a wooded bench on one side, shoulder high window over and open shower on the other side and towel hook behind the door. Hung my towel on the hook, took a shower and totally forgot to lock the door when these two Swedish girls walked in on me. There I was standing in the shower in the buff with both them sitting on the bench smiling, saying something in Swedish witch I figured meant they weren't going anywhere. Figured locking the door meant I was going to get fucked when they ripped their towels off and joined in the shower. God my dick got so hard it almost hurt. Those pink nipples on those perky tan breasts; thin blonde hair that hardly covered their perfectly shaped pussies almost made my heart jump out of my chest. Completely lost it when one began soaping my back all the way down to my butt, while the other knelt down sucking my dick. I fucked both of them under the running water, witch made it so erotic and can't remember witch one actually swallowed my load of sperm. Came so hard my balls almost came out with it. Ended up in their bed that night sucking pussy with two gorgeous girls take turns riding my dick. Came so many times that night the last one was just plain water. A two week vacation of nothing but swimming in pussy juice, sperm, loving it and sexually drained out.
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 - 11:27:54 PM
Name: elizabeth
E-mail address: weegeepotato@gmail.com
Subject: Stuck in Bed
Message:Two days after the party at Sabrina's house, I haven't seen May for some time. Three days without contact, I recieved a message over Xbox Live. May's username appeared in my Minecraft world messages. She joined my Xbox party.

"Hello, Beth. How has your week been?" she said.
"I was worried about you, May. Where were you?" I asked.
"I was coming back home when I saw a mound of snow. To avoid hitting it, I went in the reverse lane. I crashed into a Nissan head on and went through the windshield. I shattered my leg bad and dislocated my arm. I was bruised in several locations."
"Are you okay?!"
"Yeah, I'm fine. But I can't go to school or work. I am the only babysitter in town and need somebody to take care of me since my mom is getting a part time job in France. Can you stay with me here Beth?"
"Why not?"

I arrived at her house to see May in her bed. Her blond hair was still long and flowing, but her leg was in a cast. She was wearing a shirt and panties on. I gave her the 3DS on her dresser and we played some Mario Kart. I got her a slice of frozen pizza for dinner.

The next day (Saturday) Sabrina came over in her winter coat and long pants, stripping out of that exposing her body to May. She acted like a goofball making May laugh. Sabrina then removed May's shirt and put it on. It was a little big on her. Sabrina took it off and put on May's prom dress, still without a bra and panties.

Two weeks in and Sabrina was letting staying from home get to her. She always wore her sister's tiny bikini around her house. She didn't bring it with her now. Three days later and I hear a sound from the attic. Sabrina was upstairs playing with a jack-in-the-box while handcuffed to a bike wbeel naked. She then lost it and tried to run handcuffed. She fell and broke arm. Having taken a first-aid class, I was prepared. She was now on the air matress in May's room.

"Beth! Can you help me up?" said Sabrina.
"In a second," I called up.
"Beth, can you get me on Skype?" asked May.
"Hold on guys!" I yelled.

I was about to crack. Sabrina asked for help she could do alone. May wasn't near as annoying. She was always a sweetheart. She would sometimes take my glasses, but I was fine. Sabrona was well off the hook.

I decided I would give her something to whine about. Her arm was just fine. She lied. I came to their room and began to undress Sabrina. She was a HEAVY sleeper. Not even a car crashing through the wall could wake her. After ten minutes, Sabrina was naked. Her DD bra removed and her lower parts exposed. I called Vanessa up to show up in only a bra.

Sabrina woke up in shock. Vanessa laid down almost naked next to her. Vanessa woke up and May woke up later. Vanessa stayed with us and put on some proper clothes. Sabrina stayed naked. We played some Smash Bros. Melee and some Brawl.

Week 6: May's mother was coming home early. She was worried about her oldest daughter that she couldn't stay away. Sabrina and Vanessa left before her mom came.

"Hello there Elizabeth. Good to see you," she said.

May came to school in crutches. I got paid $210 for May's care. Sabrina and Vanessa started getting close. I played my noteblock Minecraft song to May. There isn't a moral here now. So I will do what I should have done.

I am a short haired brunette with glasses on. At 6'1"of height. 18 years old. (we all are)
Sabrina is our redhead friend. 5'11"
May is the blond tomboy with second largest bra size (Sabrina wears bras too big. I have the largest) 5'3". She has a boyfriend.
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 - 07:31:51 PM
Name: Elizabeth
E-mail address: weegeepotato@gmail.com
Subject: Staying Home
Message:May launched up her Xbox 360. We got on a party chat. I asked where Sabrina was. Aparentally, she had went to the pool and, as her punishment stated, wore a diaper. Her sisters stripped her of the diaper and bikini top and hid them. She was found in the deep end and was forbidden to go camping.

She was to get a babysitter to be with her. Sabrina chose me, claiming I was responsible enough. The heating was broken, so she had to stay indoors.

I arrived at the door and was greeted by Sabrina's mother. She told me there was a scheduel for all week. Bedtime was at 7:30 P.M. She left with her bags, camper, and well preserved food. Sabrina walked out of the kitchen wearing her 10-year-old sister's bikini that she grew out of. Sabrina was barely covered up enough.

About two hours later, May walked in the door. I asked her why she wore such a big coat, and out came a Wii. She chose between extra clothes and the Wii, so she went light. She brought several games, so we played for two days.

Day three: Sabrina called some friends for a sleep over. First came Joseph. Garrett and Mitchelle followed after. The new student at our school, Vanessa came last. They had a blast until they played Truth or Dare.

Sabrina and Joseh come up with the most perverted dares. To avoid that, I chose truth the whole time. May was dared to make snow angels topless. Garrett was dared to remove his pants and dance like a leprachaun. Vanessa was dared to Get pelted with snowballs topless AND rub Sabrina's "special parts." Sabrina was told to streak across the road and back, slipping twice in the process then was dared to do a handstand for 30 seconds, where Joseph took her bottoms, underwear and all. She sat there exposed until released. All Joe was dared to do was hide Sabrina's pants and underwear.

I was safe until they told me to chose dare. I gave in and Sabrina said, "I dare to remove all of your clothes, give them to me, and search the neighborhood for them." I was in deep protest, refusing to do it. Joseph, Garrett, Mitchelle, (who wasn't even playing) and May stripped me on the couch. They hid my clothes well. I searched in the snowy weather to find out they were on the roof! I got them back and took Sabrina's shirt. She ran, but I threw it on the roof.

Day 5: I found myself, May, and Mitchelle were naked on the floor. Sabrina was only in a bikini top. We got a call that the smallest of Sabrina's sisters got sick so they were coming home early. We cleaned the house from the mess. We were in such a hurry that we were still naked. Sabrina's mom was in the driveway by the time May and I found our clothes. Mitchelle still couldn't find hers. We gave her the laundry basket to search through. May escaped through the living room window with her Wii. I got dressed in the bathroom to make it look like I was on a bathroom break. Sabrina's mom came in and I flushed the toilet, dashing out to see her smiling face. Sabrina was still in the small string bikini. She said she wears it at home all the time. I got paid $100 and left. I should have said the string was caught in the window.

Mitchelle escaped in only a bra due to lack of time to get dressed. Sabrina was ungrounded. May was caught entering her house naked by a cop. She dressed in a bush and came out later. I was on the Xbox as normal. The moral: Never host a party when punished.
Wednesday, January 22nd 2014 - 06:49:05 PM
Name: Elizabeth
E-mail address: weegeepotato@gmail.com
Subject: Tough Luck
Message:One day, I decided I would meet my friends, Sabrina and May. We played several games, but one got me in particular: Strip Brawl

The goal is you survive as long as possible in Stamina Battle. Choosing any character to play as. Last place removed an article of clothing.

The first match was, in order from me; Sabrina; May, we were Kirby, Peach, and Luigi. I won with flying colors. Sabrina lost and removed her socks. Kirby to Bowser. May lost and removed her socks. Sabrina lost two more rounds and lost her shirt and hat. May lost a round and lost her bracelets.

Sabrina claimed it wasn't fair since I haven't removed clothes yet. She lost the sixth round and lost her pants. I finnally lost a round (7) and lost my jacket. Sabrina was fed up with losing when she lost round eight.

The power suddenly went out. At that moment, Sabrina lunged at me and grabbed my pants. May blurted out, "What are you doing?" Sabrina exclaimed, "I'm stripping Beth!"

May jumped on and joined in. They only got to my pants and yanked them off. I ran up the stairs abd was tackled by May. She and I rolled down the stairs and flopped on the floor. She took my shirt off whilw I was half-consious and proceeded to remove my bra. I slapped her hands away the best I could when Sabrina arrives fully clothed. The tag-team duo overcame me and my bra was taken. They went for my panties, but I struggled until hitting my head on the wall.

They stole my panties.

They put my clothes in a plastic bag and ran outside. I was completely naked, so I used the floor rug as cover. But Sabrina stayed behind and waited for me to pursuit. She took the rug and threw it into the bathroom, locking the door. I ran after May, hiding in the bushes to prevent exposure.

May ran into a cab and used it to get to the creek. When I got there, May was nowhere to be seen. My clothes were in a tree that was too high to reach. I climbed the tree to get my clothes. They were soaked since May put them in the creek. I couldn't go home in wet clothes, so I followed the path I took to get there to get back home.

May and Sabrina were at the basement door. They looked like they were hiding a secret. I asked them why they were smiling like that. They both said, "Nothing," in unison. Then Sabrina tripped and the door flew open.

May was hiding something: HER NAKED BODY!!!

She was completely naked. "SUPRISE!" she yelled, " It turns out the creek's side is slippery and the cab driver wouldn't let me in with the dirt and mud on my clothes." Sabrina blushed. "I came here with the muddy clothes on, but Sabrina was expecting you to come through first."

May and I eventually stripped Sabrina back and we threw her into the pool. There was one problem: we were locked outside naked.

I remembered the storm cellar is linked to the basement so we used the cellar. My brother was jome the whole time and went to play Link's Crossbow Training and we went in exposed. The washer blocked the entrance, so we crawled around the basement to saftey. We clothed ourselves. But Sabrina stayed unclothed to scare him. He just stood there and carried her outside and locked the door. We left Sabrina outside until morning. She slept naked on the porch and said she would get us back.

We ignored it and all was good until nightfall. She stripped me and handcuffed me to the fence. I couldn't censor anything at all and traumatised the neighbor's dogs.

My mom was ticked off when she saw me. Sabrina was grounded for a week and had to wear a diaper to the pool for humiliation and May couldn't use the Wii for a week. The moral of the story: take it easy when playing games they never played before.
Tuesday, January 21st 2014 - 10:49:34 PM
Name: Marvin
Subject: The Hike
Message:When I was 14 I went to stay with my cousins in the Pacific Northwest, my aunt hit some money when married my uncle and they build a large home in the forest. Whenever I visited I would usually go hiking with my cousins Jessy who was 13 and Mary who was 16. It was early summer and the weather was unusually warm there( around 85) so we went out into the forest in our shorts, tee shirts and some decent shoes for the trek. What we didn't look at was the weather, there was a local small mountain that we decided walk up, the girls were very familiar with the trail and lead the way. By the time we got the top, and were catching our breaths we could see the rapidly approaching black storm clouds. Not wasting a minute we practically jogged downhill, instead of taking the winding trail we figured we would make a short cut walking straight downhill, that’s when the downpour hit, as we jumped through some brush we slipped rolled down a ledge onto the muddy trail, other than some scraps, we were fine but we were coated with mud. By the time we returned ironically the rain had stopped. But three looked like three pigs at a party. My aunt was there at the door, clearly concerned but then overcome with the fear of dripping mud we would bring into her large house. She shooed us three into the garage and to my shock told us all to strip.
Jess voiced her reluctance, when my aunt reminded her that she wasn't that shy around her sister, besides I was family and there was nothing evil about the male anatomy. Mary wasn't as modest as her sister and as soon as her mother told her to she kicked off her muddy shoes and shocks and pulled off her top, she pulled down her shorts and panties with one motion and then her sports bra. Mary’s all over tan revealed that she wasn't reluctant to disrobe, her underneath her mass of matted dirty curly black hair she smiled, and then as if suddenly realizing she was naked she covered her round breasts.
My aunt growing impatient walked over to Jessy and pulled over her top, realizing she wasn't going to win this argument she gave in and began stripping.
My Aunt then told to get into my “skins” or else she would hold me down and have Mary take my clothes off. As much as that though excited me, I didn't want to make a scene, and quickly, untied my shoes, pulled off my soaked socks, and mud caked shirt and shorts. Finally pulling down my boxers and exposing my now semi-excited manhood. By now Jessy was fully stripped, she was shorter than her sister but like her very lean with long legs, unlike Mary she had a thick patch of naturally pubic hair, that didn’t match her dyed blonde hair. Unlike her sister, her chest was just begging to bud.
My Ant then swatted at our behinds and had us march into the laundry room, our faces and legs and arms were still very dirty and she told us to wait there. She then came back with some wet towels and had us pat ourselves down till most of the mud was off. Then she said we should shower. As we marched up stairs I noticed that Jessy wrapped herself in a towel, while Mary who was ahead of me on the stairs was literally bare assed. Jessy got in the shower first while Mary and I waited outside in the hallway, bare and leaning up against the wall, had my privates cupped while Mary her arms behind her back. We were both laughing at the strangeness of the day, and how natural our natural states had seemingly become. It was then that Mary suggested we remain that way. I had no problem.
My Aunt walked by when we told her that we didn’t want to get dressed, she said that was fine with her and suggested since Jessy was taking so long in the shower that we just use the Jacuzzi on the porch. When Jessy opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway, my aunt ripped the towel from her, “for wasting water, you’re going to remain that way as long as they do”
Jessy was shocked, but then again seeing as how we were all naked. There was nothing to be embarrassed about. For the next hour Mary and I relaxed in the jacuzzi, normal playful slashing however lead to some awkward touching, my hands hit against her breasts while she brushed against my ragging hard which would rise out of the foam as I jostled away from her attacks. We both realized we had to stop. By the time dinner came around, we were all comfortable in our own skin.
The next day we decided to go hiking, this time dressed for the warm weather. If we got muddy we could easily, hose each other off before going into the house. There are some other memories, like how some waving mountain bikers, and other hikers who met us on the trail, but the week proceeded normally without clothes. Except when I watched Mary show me what the jets in the tub could do.
Tuesday, January 21st 2014 - 08:08:37 PM
Name: Jozza
Subject: Unlucky You - Part 2
Message:Thanks for the kind words! Here's the next part.

You head over for Kate’s for just after 7.00. You don’t know who else will be there, but you hope not too many. Kate was a great friend, and you really needed some alone time with her, just too talk things over, get your head right. Because who knew what horrors tomorrow would be bring?
You arrive at Kate’s rather large but modest dwelling, to be greeted at the door by Kate, and another girl, Florence. You are slightly surprised to see Florence – you weren’t ever aware of her and Kate being particularly close, and wonder why she was invited. As you are invited in, you notice that you are also dressed far more conservatively than the other girls; your tight blue jeans and dark blue woollen sweater were worn because you thought this would be a quiet night in, but it seems to have more of an upbeat, party atmosphere.
Kate hands you a drink, which tastes like it has a hint of vodka in it, and you start to really take in what kind of night tonight is. Kate is normally like you – relatively conservative, not nerdy, but not exactly the most outgoing of people, yet tonight she has allowed her long brown hair to flow down her back instead of the normal uptight ponytail. She’s also showing off her normally somewhat hidden body, wearing a nice and bright orange flowy sundress. You also suspect she may be slightly tipsy, the way she unsteadily moves forward to hug you.
“Heyyy, how are you doing?! Come and say hi to everyone!”
You don’t even have a second to let Kate know the terrible events of earlier on when you’re pushed into the next room, to be greeted by another 4 girls your age, all holding drinks and excitedly chatting to one another. You look around, noticing that apart from Kate and another girl named Molly, most of the girls here are like Florence – in that you’d never have expected them to be there. You suddenly jump up in shock, noticing that one of the only people in the world that you really didn’t want to see tonight is here. Your mood, already low, turns noticeably worse when you make eye contact with Jemma.
But before you have time to make sense of the anger, resentment, and embarrassment that is boiling up inside of you, Jemma surprises you – she runs forward and hugs you like a long lost friend.
“I’m sorry about earlier on, I didn’t mean for any of that to happen, I just wanted to make everyone laugh. Really, I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me?”
You don’t know quite what to say. Maybe she really was sorry? She only gave you a mini wedgie, it was Tilly you should be really angry at, right? But then she didn’t stop what happened afterwards, she encouraged it even. The rest of the room has stopped chatting, the girls all looking puzzled at why you haven’t responded. Most of them weren’t even there at the time, and probably have no idea that you were seriously embarrassed earlier.
You don’t know what to say. You stand there, momentarily stunned, with your mouth wide open. Suddenly you feel yourself getting hot, you have to leave this room.
Kate runs after you into the next room, almost stumbling in her dress.
“Hey, what’s up. Whats wrong? What was that all about?”
As you tell Kate what happened, you watch her recoil in horror. You remember just how good a friend she was, as she comforts and listens to you. When you tell her just how Mr Wilkins saw you in your knickers, she doesn’t laugh like you expect everyone else wouldThe more you speak, the more relaxed you become.
She soon realises why you don’t want Jemma, or any of her other friends like Florence there, but when you ask her if they can leave, Kate gives you a look of almost pity.
“Look, I know she wasn’t that nice to you earlier, but she saved me in class today. You know Mark, the footballer, well he tried to give me a wedgie during Science, while we were doing a practical in front of the class. Jemma stopped him just in time. So I thought I owed her one, and it would be good to make friends outside our group, so I, erm, invited her and a couple of her friends over for tonight. That’s cool yeah?”
You suppose it makes sense. Maybe you did have Jemma wrong, and you start to feel guilty about how you acted earlier. You say it’s okay, but you still have to know why everyone is so dressed up. Jemma, Florence, Molly and the rest were all wearing either dresses like Kate or tights or leggings with small, skimpy shirts. You thought this was going to be a chilled night?
Kate calms you down again though, just saying she wanted everyone to make a little effort to look nice for each other, and telling you not to worry – because you look beautiful anyway. You smile at Kate, complimenting her on her dress and her hair. Who were you to ruin her night, you resolve to make things up with Jemma and be good for Kate.
5 minutes later you are upstairs with the other girls, in Kate’s rather large room. You’re doing your best to be cool and nice, but you just can’t fully relax. Something isn’t right. For a start you feel like you stick out like saw thumb – all the other girls have put effort into their appearance, Jemma was wearing tight black leggings and a revealing white tee, Florence and Kate were wearing sundresses, while Molly was padded out in black tights, denim shorts, and a checked shirt let her ginger hair shine. All of this heightened how little you had put into your own appearance – your jumper felt frumpier by the second.
You’ve spent so much time in this room throughout your childhood, yet you didn’t feel at all comfortable. Something was different. The pink walls and polaroid photos of Kate’s various adventures that were stuck on them were the same, but it wasn’t right. It was messy. It felt like Kate was allowing Jemma and her friends free reign all over the place, and they were abusing it. Draws were open, clothes were strung out around the floor, and the double bed was crinkled from a gaggle of girls rolling around on it. You would never have treated it like this. Kate seemed alright with this whole debacle.. Though you wonder if she just really wanted to be in with Jemma’s crowd. Would she really sell herself out like this though? These girls were running riot.
The effect of a couple of drinks were starting to kick in too. You weren’t nearly as drunk as the rest of the girls, but tried to look interested and even excited as they opened up Kate’s laptop to go on Omegle. How can this be fun? But you start to feel yourself relax as the girls get into funny conversations with other groups of boys. They start to become more and more flirtatious, and the bad feeling that was in your stomach only a couple of minutes ago seems to have disappeared.
You laugh as you watch the girls getting more and more adventurous. They realised that they could easily get the boys on the screen to almost anything they want, as long as they give something in return. At first, it’s light and pretty easy. They ask one boy to take off his shirt in return for some cleavage from Florence, who slowly moves towards the screen, and pulls down on the front of light blue sundress, revealing a lacey black bra. The boy then carries on chatting for a bit, before the girls get bored and quickly move on. They go through a couple more conversations, with no lads getting anything more than light cleavage from Jemma’s friends. You, Kate and Molly aren’t really involved. Yet.
But then two boys popped up on the screen. Even from where you are sitting, which is towards the back of the group, you can see they are noticeably more good looking than previous chatters, despite their poor webcam quality. And they knew it. They quickly flirted with everyone. Jemma (who seemed to be in control of this) asked them what they would need to take their shirts off. The two boys almost simultaneously point to Kate, and ask her to show them her bra.
You look over to one of your closest friends, expecting her to say no. This has clearly gone too far already. But Kate doesn’t do that. You can see the idea whirring around in her mind, her weighing up the options. Instead of looking at you for a nod of advice, she looks up to Jemma for instruction. How could she do that! Jemma nodded expectantly. She was pretty drunk at this point, and obviously wanted to see more of these boys.
Kate stood up, breathing nervously you think, and walks over to the screen. She crouches down, and tries to lift her sundress below her bra, but the two boys are having none of it.
“We can’t see anything” you hear them protest, slightly muffled by poor connection.
Kate, sighs and says sorry. You think she is about to lean back and give up, but Jemma suddenly intervenes. You want to close your eyes as you see her jump behind Kate, grab the bottom of the orange dress, and lift it up. Kate barely has time to shriek as the dress exposes her cute long legs and white cotton thong to everyone behind her. You can do nothing to help as in an instant Jemma’s friend Florence joins in, grabbing the bottom and lifting it further up Kate’s back, showing more of your friends tanned body. You can see her past her matching white bra now. The boys start to smile as they see her white thong, shining against her slim gleaming slim figure. Kate is showing the whole room most of her body at this point, as the dress reaches her head. Before you know it they pull the dress right off Kate, who awkwardly jumps, and then crouches down in shock. Her hands try to cover her white thong and matching bra from not only the screen, but everyone. You feel for her, she looks completed embarrassed, she was not expecting this. You’ve known Kate a long time, but you’ve never known her to wear a thong before. And you knew she had a stunning figure, but you’d never taken in it like this. She’d never have revealed it before. This was quite the change of character.
But however separate you felt earlier on in your conservative clothes, you think Kate must be feeling worse. In only her bra and thong, she started to go bright red. Most of her body was now on show, to some of these girls she barely even knew.
No one has spoken yet, but Jemma breaks the silence by saying to the boys “well, you have 5 seconds before she gets her dress back, enjoy”. She pulls Kate up, getting her to stand up straight and let the boys see not only her bra, but her thong too. As she faces the camera, she has her back to you. You watch as her long brown hair obscures most of her back, leaving your eyes to take in her cheeks, separated only by white cotton, which had definitely dug itself in. The boys got far more than they bargained for. You can see they are in shock, a happy shock, but once the 5 seconds are over they close the chat. They obviously didn’t want to take their shirts off.
Jemma apologises to Kate, who has tears in her eyes, but doesn’t make a fuss. “Don’t worry, it’ll probably be me next time Kate!”. As you watch Kate put her dress on, you feel the sinking feeling in your stomach return.
“I need some air, I’ll back in 5 minutes guys” you say. As you walk to the toilet, you feel anger well up inside of you. How can you sit in a room and watch your best friend be bullied almost like you were? Why didn’t you defend Kate like she would have defended you? And why is Kate happy to let this happen?
But most of all, you wonder what’s going to happen next. If Jemma did that to Kate, what would she do to you?
There’s a knock at the door. It’s Kate.
“Hey, it’s alright, we’re off that Omegle thing, now we’re chatting to Mark and stuff on Skype. Jemma got him to apologise to me in front of all his buddies. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Come out and join me!”.
You open the door, and follow Kate back to her room. But as soon as you enter, you are forcibly pushed onto the bed.
Tuesday, January 14th 2014 - 02:51:57 PM
Name: Ann
Subject: What boys do
Message:I remember boys throwing a boy named Tim in the lake naked. They told every girl they could find what they were going to do. It happen at night during a camping trip, while watching him getting into his sleeping bag in his underwear.
"Where are you taking me" he asked while being carried away in the sleeping bag and visibly worried about wearing only underwear. Watching girls following with flash lights and told he was going for a naked swim. I think pulling him out of the sleeping bag, yanking off his underwear with a bunch of flash lights lighting up his hard dick was girl's lucky night. All we did was look at his dick swinging freely in front of us, getting a tingle between our legs and amazed at how stiff and big he had it before they threw him in the lake. I guess the cold water was the only thing that made it go down. The rest was watching a wet, naked, underwear less boy walking back covering himself with a sleeping bag and displaying his cute naked butt. Pays to hang around with boys.
Sunday, January 12th 2014 - 06:18:44 AM
Name: Elyssa
Subject: Fight
Message:I was invited to a party the other weekend by one of my good friends. She knew one of the boys going and wanted to hang out with him. We both got dressed up and went to the party. We were the only 2 from r school at the party. She found the boy she was looking for n ran off up stairs. Leaving me alone at the party drinking trying to make friends.

It was going good till my drink was pretty much empty, I got up n went to the kitchen to get another. When I went to make a new drink a stuck up bitch grabbed my Vodka out of my hand and tried saying it was hers. I said no I brought It and was sharing it with my friend. She laughed as she said what friend u don't know any one here, y r u here. I told her I didn't want any trouble I just wanted my vodka n I'd leave the kitchen. no ur going to leave the party with out ur vodka now she told me. (I'm about 5'8 125lb, this chick was 5'3 100lb) I laughter at her and told her to back off b4 she got embarrassed in front of her friends.

She slapped me in the face and the fight was on. I thought I had a good shot at kicking her ass n maybe making a few friends to drink with. I pushed her into the fridge and went to punch her but she ducked n I hit the fridge. Ppl started to gather around us as she pushed me up against the fridge. She grapped me by my hair n smashes my face off the fridge 3 times n threw me to the ground n kick me in the ribs. So u think ur going to embarrass me she yelled as I tried to stand up but when I did she kick me down and told me to just stay down there n kiss her foot or she b the one doing the embarrassing. I back up and jumped up as I ran at driving my shoulder into her Stomach forcing her again the fridge. With her pin up against the fridge. She grab the bottem of my shirt n yelled u should of stayed down. She pulled my shirt up over my head I back up n she pulled my shirt of leaving me in my black bra with a pink out line. I tried to cover my self as she was punch me throwing me to the ground. I rolled onto my Stomach she jumped onto my back undoing my bra I stated to cry saying I was going to leave n she could have the vodka. She laugh n said ya right n with that she went to pull my bra off but I had it pushed up against my body she flipped her self so she Was facing my legs n grabbed my pants n pulled then down I let my hands drop n save my pants but she went for my bra again so I went back to trying to save my bra. with that she ripped my pants right off leaving me In just my black and pink bra with a pink thong on. She slapped my ass a bunch of times b4 getting off me forcing me up. I held my bra up to my boobs hoping she let me go. But instead she ripped my bra right from my hands. My size 34c boobs were out for the party to c for about 2 seconds b4 I covered then with my hands she pushes me up against the fridge n started to pull at my thong. I had 1 hand covering my tits another trying to save my thong. She spun me around n forced my arms behind my back pushing me against the fridge. She then spun around again showing the party my tits laughing at me. I could not cover up as she has my hads behind her back. She ask me if I wanted to take off my thong for her or if she was going to have to. I just cried asking her to let me go. She pushed me up against the fridge with my arms behind me back n pulled my thong down. My shaved pussy was on display for all to c. I tried to cover but she started to punche in the face. She threw me over an island slapping my ass pulling it apart showing every one my pussy and ass hole. She shoved a finger into my ass as I yelled crying asking her to stop. She slid her finger out but right back in again. She was fucking my ass with her finger In front of alot of ppl. She told some one to pass the vodka as they did she mad me lay on the island. Yelling body shots. They poured it over me letting ppl lick it off. Flipping me over she said u want the vodka u can have it n forced the bottle into my ass hole. It hurt so bad as I have a tight ass it didn't go in far but she keep trying. She pulled it out flipped me over and made me give the bottle head. Sucking on the bottle she slid a finger into my pussy and started to finger fuck me. She had her way with me for a good 10 mins b4 I started to cum. I came all over her fingers, she made me lick them clean. She dragged me threw the house n threw me out side telling me to fuck off u dirty slut. I was forced to run home naked. My friend found out what happen n left with the boy to come get me. I was so humiliated I didn't let her in my house.
Friday, January 10th 2014 - 07:52:06 PM
Name: Jozza
Subject: Unlucky You - Part 1
Message:Something I wrote a couple of months ago. Tell me what you think!

You can barely move. Your stomach feels uncomfortable pressed against the bench, and your knee’s are digging in painfully to the changing room’s floor. Your back is also hurting; Tilly doesn’t weigh a lot, but when she’s sitting on you..well she does then.
You wonder how you got in this position. You were just about to get changed after P.E. at college (after a “fun” lesson playing volleyball). The teacher had left early to go and help another teacher with something apparently, so your class had been left alone to get changed, because you were all “responsible”. Well this wasn’t very responsible was it? Every girl was currently laughing at you, completely immobile, with Tilly lightly slapping your bum to try and get a laugh. You had been about to start changing when she jumped at you from behind. This was one of those old fashioned changing rooms, with no lockers as such, but brown benches around the room, and one row in the middle of the room, which of course you were on today. You weren’t embarrassed about your body or getting changed in front of other girls, but whoever was on that middle row was more likely to pranked – and here was your proof!
You squirm a little uncomfortably as Tilly stops patting your cheeks and instead softly squeezes them. You’ve always been “cool” with Tilly, never best buddies but alright. However, you’ve always guessed she’s slightly jealous of your looks. It was only the odd throwaway comment here or there, but you’ve noticed. Now she using this opportunity is her chance to get one up on you.
Fair enough, you think, as long as this stops here. Nothing more right? You feel her re-adjust herself on you, and speak to the other girls in the room, none of who had started to change out of their sports kits. They all had their eyes on you.
“Having fun down there?” Your struggling to speak properly, in your awkward position crouched on the bench, so you just grunt a muffled “no”, which is greeted by laugher. “Well it’s a laugh up here baby” she chuckled. “What should we do to you? Any idea’s girls?”
You can’t quite hear everything that is said, but you get enough to make your heart sink. People were shouting stuff like “Let’s draw on her”, “Photo’s with her bum” and “Throw her in the showers”. And you thought these people were your friends!
After lots of deliberating, you felt Tilly lift her arms off your butt and silence the now baying crowd. She beckoned for a girl with a camera to come over, and take pictures with various girls posing beside your bottom in the air. You felt so exposed and powerless, crouching in this awkward position. There was nothing obviously horrible about this you felt, but it didn’t feel right. Your bottom wasn’t a prop for a photo! Plus, you knew some of these would get sent around, and that would be embarrassing.
The girls got more and more daring with each photo. At first they would just point to your behind, but then they started to touch it. It was currently protected by a pair of black, tight lycra shorts, and some of the girls started to lightly pinch the material and stretch it out as part of their pose. It only hurt a little bit, but it made you wiggle your butt, meaning everyone laughed at you again. The whole time your face (which thankfully wasn’t being photographed) was getting redder and redder. This extended embarrassment hadn’t happened to anyone else before, why you? You know should act cool, then this would end soon right? They’d get bored surely?
The next girl to have her photo taken was Jemma. She was always a show off, and walked up to you saying she was going to cause your bum to “move like an earthquake”. What did that even mean, you pondered? She quickly crouched down and grabbed a handful of lycra with her hand, indirectly causing you a small wedgie. You lurched a little bit forward in shock, feeling your bum wiggle around, and even louder laughter. You felt the bottom of your cheeks exposed, which made you shudder for some reason. You felt quite delicate at that moment. Suddenly the flash went off, and you realised the image would be now forever permanent. A couple of girls noticed your discomfort too, loudly telling the group. Tilly, still on your back, looked down, and in her first act of goodness, softly mentioned how that you needed it “picking”, and promptly pulled the fabric back over your full behind. For a second, you feel relieved. However, this act was met with the sound of booing, and Tilly, forever the showman, seductively asked the crowd what they wanted to happen.
You hear a collective sound of “Wedgie!”, and feel her fingertips slowly move around the waistband of your shorts.
“How hard guys?” Tilly wryly enquired. She was met with the sharp shrill sounds of “Riiiiip em”. You couldn’t believe this, and start to writhe around in a desperate bid to escape, as you feel Tilly’s fingertips touching your soft skin. You try and shake, to dislodge her, stop this before it gets any worse, but your too weak to get her off your back.
Suddenly you feel the lycra sky rocket away from your body. Tilly violently pulls it upwards, and your whole body momentarily lurches forward with the force. The girls cheer at your discomfort. For the next thirty seconds or so, Tilly keep’s pulling. The wedgie hurts, but your more bothered at the fact that you are the laughing stock of the whole room.
Tilly grabs onto the leg holes that have appeared, trying to rip your black shorts in half. Your legs momentarily leave the floor, but she’s not strong enough for that, but this was resulted in a new embarrassment. You feel 30 sets of eyes look down, passed the lycra, and onto your newly exposed knickers. The shorts have literally been wedged into your knickers, the top of them reaching your lower back, the bottom of the shorts was now more of a thong shape.Tilly stops pulling, and points this out to everyone.
“Look guys, we can see her underwear” was greeted by shouts of laughter. You now have a bad feeling in your stomach. This could get ugly.
“I suppose we should get a better look right?”. Even though everyone would have seen it anyway (when you were changing) , it was humiliating having Tilly slowly pull your own shorts back down your back, back over your bum, and then down your smooth legs to your knee’s, showing everyone your cute grey bikini panties. You could feel so many eyes staring down at you, taking in the full detail, all the intricate black lace trim at the top.
The room was now bursting full with laughter, as everyone ogled at your unfortunate position. This was a uniquely embarrassing situation. You want to die. Anything to escape this! You felt a camera flash, and wonder just how much of a fool you must look in the photo.
“Guys, should we strip her now?” Tilly evilly cackled to the sounds of more cheering. You can’t believe it. How is this happening? Your friends have turned into a mob! You didn’t want to be stripped, your face now a beet root red. You know struggling is useless, but your try to shout at them to stop, before it gets serious. No one can hear you though, or is even paying attention to your feelings right now.
You feel her move further back on your spine, towards your neck. Two other girls come and lift your legs in the air, and slip off your once tight lycra shorts. You body tingles in fear as you feel them brush off your feet. You wonder how long it will be before you get your shorts back? You’re now naked from the waist below apart from your thin panties, the light grey cotton shining in the light.
Tilly grabs hold of the bottom of your white polo shirt, slowly peeling it back towards your neck, revealing more and more skin to the crowd. Soon the bottom of your white bra is revealed. Tilly has to stand up off you to pull the top over your head and off you, leaving you in just your underwear.
You briefly shiver for a moment, as everyone takes in your body, now only protected from full exposure by two thin pieces of underwear.
You feel various hands grab hold of your limbs, lifting you up out of your odd crouching position, and laying you out along the bench. It’s as if you don’t have any free will, your every movement is now in their control. You are truly at their mercy.
You lie there, faced down, bottom still in the air, wondering what’s going to happen next. There’s a couple more camera flashes, is people comment on your fancy underwear. You had dressed in knickers that most of the other girls probably wouldn’t dream of wearing, and maybe you were about to pay for it.
Tilly makes the girls stand you up (“It’s to show off the front!”). As you turn to face all 30 of your tormenters, you suddenly have the overwhelming urge to cover up. The feeling of knowing that everyone was looking at your breasts hiding behind the lace in your bra was disturbing. You are reminded that there’s bound to be at least one or two girls with lesbian tendencies in this room too.
However, the girls hold on to your arms tightly, lifting them above your head so you feel even more exposed. Tilly turns to the animals that now make your class, and says one word, that confounds your doom.
Everyone loudly agrees, and you can see some girls lean forward in anticipation. This had gone from being a little bit embarrassing to downright scary you thought. You were standing up in the middle of your changing room in your undies, and about to probably be naked, in front of 30 of your peers and 1 camera about to document your shame. This is now both an exciting and damn right painful situation to be stuck in.
You were quite forcefully pushed into the centre of the room, bringing you back to your senses. As you felt Tilly move behind you, you realised that the room was filled without a lot of sexual tension. A lot of the more mild mannered girls who hadn’t got involved in your humiliation yet seemed to be edging closer. The girls holding you still also seemed to breathing slightly heavier, the hands starting to drift down from your arms and touch and prod your skin over the rest of your body. You dare not believe you might get turned on by this.
Tilly slow, sensually even, puts her hands on your shoulders, gently moving them over your bra straps, slotting her fingers underneath and moving them down your back. You worry about the power she has, and the dangerous confidence this is giving her.
“I hope your ready, this should be fun” she whispers playfully in your ear. You don’t reply, what can you say. As she moves fingers back down to your plush bottom, you start to question Tilly’s sexuality as well. Personally you’ve always been more interested in boys (not that you’ve never thought about girls – I mean, who hasn’t?), and thought she had too, but as she cupped your cheeks, you did wonder.
She gave the lace on your undies a little tug. “Not gonna reply huh? Your loss!”
And with that you felt her quickly unclasp the back of your bra, and start to move the straps away from your chest. Your eyes are set firmly straight up at the ceiling, you can’t bare to make eye contact with any of these girls. None of them had ever seen your breasts before (Not many people had ever in fact). Plus you could hear the click-clicking of a camera in the distance. This was bad. Really bad. You shut your eyes, in expectation of the worst.
Suddenly, there was a loud creaking noise, as the changing room door opened. Everyone quickly turned round, to see Mr Wilkins, one of the best looking teachers poke his head round the door.
At first you feel relieved at his presence, saving you from certain death due to humiliation, but then you notice that in the silence that follows his unexpected visit, that he is probably staring directly at your panty clad behind.
“Erm, hey girls, sorry to barge in her like this, Miss just wanted me to say that once you’ve finished changing, you can go..But it looks like most of you haven’t started…erm, yeah, when your changed you can go. The bell’s about to ring.”
You go bright red as you realise he referenced you in his notice, that he had definitely seen you. You’ve always had a small crush on him too.
He awkwardly left the room, just as the bell went off.
“Well, saved by the bell eh girls?” Everyone sighed in annoyance. It seemed you weren’t going to be exposed today. You dare to breath a sigh of relief. Close escape!
Some girls have started to gather their things, obviously not wanting to get out too late. Tilly quickly stops them, saying she wanted to make one final speech.
“Girls, before we all pack up, I just wanted to remind our new play thing that we have some funny photo’s of her now, and that she should look forward to tomorrow’s class, if you know what I mean”.
With that she winked, and everyone cheered before they started to undress. You turn away, thinking the ordeal was over (at least for today, you don’t even want to think about tomorrow yet, your just glad to clip your bra back on), but Tilly stops you.
“Oh no, your not done quite yet darling”. And with that, she picks up your bag containing you clothes and chucks it around the room. Everyone once again chuckles at your expense as they watch your possessions fly out of the bag.
You soon realise this means, that as everyone else changes out of the kits and into their clothes, you are still stuck in your state of undress. You search around for your clothes, but the other girls hide them as you come past, giving you a cheeky slap on the bum and grope of your breast. It seems they are enjoying a final kick out of you.
Eventually as the last girl leaves, waving you goodbye, you find your stuff, hidden right in the corner. There’s something creepy about getting dressed in the empty changing room that only minutes ago was buzzing with laughter at your expense. You decide that you want to get out of there as soon as possible, and don’t even change into your normal clothes, but put on your kit, and get out of there as soon as you can.
You return home without bumping into any of the girls thankfully, and take a quick shower. Your heads in a mess, worried about tomorrow. What could happen? Surely it wouldn’t be as bad as today had been? Then you think, well maybe it wasn’t so bad. You were only in your underwear right, stop making a big deal out of it! Truly, you didn’t know what to think, there were so many questions you couldn’t answer right now.
When you come out of the shower, worryingly unprotected in just a towel, you get a text. It’s your friend Kate inviting you to her house. You hadn’t seen her all day, and decide this is probably what you need; a good chat with a familiar face.
Thursday, January 9th 2014 - 08:43:47 AM
Name: Mike's Hard
Subject: Jordan's Bad Day
Message:Jordan’s Bad Day

When I was in grade 7 there was this guy named Jordan Day who was in the grade below me in grade 6, and he thought his shit didn’t stink you know…..
So anyway Jordan was going out with Jennifer same grade as him they went out for like 8 months and when she broke up with him he started these rumours about how they has sex and that she was a slut who let him do anything to her.
When Jen found out about all the things he said they did she was going to blow a gasket but she waited until after school to set the record straight. There was about 8 to 12 kids that would get off at that bus stop , me and my friends Shawn, Ryan and a girl named Meg we were all in grade 7 and the from the 6th grade class there was Jordan , Jennifer, Mindy & Cindy (twins also Jen’s best friends), and the other 4 well I don’t really remember they were a few grade below us like grade 3,4 and they left as soon as we got off the bus me and my friends were doing the same when a yelling match took place with Mindy and Jordan as Jordan tried to leave by running away Jen ran him down and tackled him to the ground. As the twins ran over to get a closer look as did Meg and Jen was on top of Jordan yelling that he was a liar and she never did have sex with him and he was going to make him pay for humiliating her and saying she was a slut she started punching and slapping him he was covering up he bucked her off and tried again to run whoever Mindy grabbed at Jordan backpack and would not let go Jen now back to her feet kicked him in the nuts and then kicked at him as he curled in to a ball than the twins got involved and along with Jen was pulling at him to get up cause Jen was going to keep on kicking his “Bitch Ass.” In the struggle they pulled him to his feet by his backpack and he got free again but like before he was this time pantsed by Jen and he tripped over with his pants around his ankles Jen instructed the twins to hold him down the twins held his wrists and ankles Meg was also now getting in on the fun as she pulled his shirt up and exposed his tight blue boxer briefs now Jordan was moving his body in hope to get loose and he did by kicking Mindy in the chest and then pushing Cindy and quickly pulling up his pants witch by the way were black jogging pants and ran all this happed maybe 10ft from the road were the bus stopped there were houses on that other side of the street whoever it looked like no one was home at any of the houses.
Jordan got across the street now safe from the 4 girls he yelled “You bitches have done it now my aunt & uncle live here with my 3 cousins and they will kick all your ass’s so you better leave right now…..
We all waited as Jordan knocked on the door but nobody came to the door
Than Jen and the twins started to walk across the street and went right behind Jordan without him even knowing as he was knocking on the door in a panic when Jen covered his mouth as the twins and Jen brought Jordan back to the park on the other side of the road but now Jen told the twins to take him to the basketball court so me and Ryan & Shawn and Meg followed the girls who put Jordan down on the ground in a seated position as the twins and now Meg holding Jordan Jen took off Jordan’s shoes & socks and started unlacing his shoes laces. The twins were than told by Jen to hold his hands against the fence as they did Jordan was yelling calling them bitches and whores and trying to get free finally Jen had enough when and kicked Jordan in the nuts twice in
a row and she took his shoe laces and tied his wrists to the fence surrounding the basketball court Jordan than started crying and begging the girls to let him go and Jen was feeling sorry for him but that didn’t last long as Jordan begin
asked Jen to come closer to him he wanted to tell her something Jen got up close to Jordan and he spit in her face, Cindy & Mindy as Meg and the 3 of us guys we were all shocked as Jen calmly walked over to were Jordan shoes were and took out his socks and stated to undo her belt. Walked over to Jordan & rolled both his socks up and gagged him and but her belt around his mouth so he couldn’t spit out his socks or cry for help, now with Jordan helpless Jen set the record straight and told Meg & Shawn & Ryan & The Twins & myself that she wanted to have sex but Jordan never did, she went on to say they would do everything but and she said that fact they didn’t have sex is due to the fact Jordan has a small penis witch Jen clams more than likely he wouldn’t be able to get her moaning anyway. And for having the whole school think she was a slut who would do anything a guy asked, it was payback time.
She said Jordan hates being tickled and so the Twins took that as a sign to start tickling Jordan’s bare feet and Meg started tickling his armpits he begin to laugh though his gag and was bucking around now Cindy & Mindy were sitting on his legs continuing to tickle his feet and Jen was slapping Jordan in the face saying who’s the bitch now than she reached in to her backpack and pulled out a swiss army knife. Mindy yelled out “oh my God Jenny no don’t cut him.” Jordan’s eyes got wide and panic came across his face. As Jen proclaimed she should cut him but she won’t but she did cut off Jordan’s muscle shirt because Jen said “Jordan sweetie you have to have muscles to wear a muscle shirt Jen now cut off the shirt in half and at the shoulders ripping it off all together and told the twins to take off his jogging pants all the way off, they did as they were told.
Jordan now only in his tight blue boxer briefs as we were all laughing at Jordan tied to the basketball court fence unable to move or say anything Cindy said I think he’s learned his lesson. But Jen said no he has not and Jen asked the girls to tickle him some more so the twins once again tickled Jordan’s feet as Jen tickled his armpits and up and down his sides while Meg was tickling his inter thighs and chest Jordan was laughing though his gag as were all of us when
Lexi and her two friends Amy & Alex were walking up the side walk and came over to see what was happening. Lexi was the most popular girl in school and Jordan had a crush on Amy and Jen knew about Jordan’s lust for Amy so to make Jordan’s life worse Jen asked the 3 girls what they wanted to do to Jordan.
Lexi said it looks like you have done it all I don’t know. When Alex said well “we are basically seeing him naked can we take his boxers off to.”
Jen said sure under two conditions one some buddy has to get a camera so we can take photos and two Amy must be the one to remove his boxers. Meg said she had a video camera at her house witch was around the corner Jen said well what are you waiting for go and get it. As Meg left to get the camera Amy ask Jen why she has to take off Jordan’s boxers. Jen told her cause Jordan’s got a huge time crush on you. Jordan’s face went beat red and was struggling to get free and Jen told Jordan there was nothing he could do and that once the video is taken he will be set free and his pants would be returned. Meg asked why video tape it. Jen’s response “Well for insurance proposes in case Jordan said anymore lies and rumours about her and if he did she would show everyone at school the video of Jordan at the mercy of Jen and her friends.”

Meg returned with the camera and Alex was getting into position feeling his chest and pulling his nipples as Alex was laying on Jordan. Meg hit record and she said he’s hard and Jordan begin to cry as the laugher began the crying from Jordan continued when Alex yelled out “ew eww what the f*ck.” And backed off Jordan and we saw a pool of piss as he pissed himself. Meg got in nice and close and focused his hard cock and piss stained boxers and the pool of piss under Jordan and the tears running down this face. If that wasn’t bad enough Jen pulled his boxers down anyway and was slapping his dick and told Meg to stop filming and true to her word let Jordan go and throw his pants at him even though he was untied and ungagged he just remained there in a seated poison humiliated and defeated Jen gave him one more slap and yelled if he ever did anything like that to her again she would beat him up more and leave him stripped of everything. Everyone than began leaving and Jordan was left alone as we were leaving he was just putting his jogging pants.
The following day and days to come no Jordan at school and I did not see him till high school and there are some high school stories of pantsing, wedgies and nudity. And those stories will be coming……

Thursday, January 9th 2014 - 12:34:31 AM
Name: Ashamed
Subject: De towelled in corridor

Found this site sometime back while causally googling. Was thinking of sharing my story since few weeks but putting it off. Have finally took pain to write in down. Hope you people like it. You have find it a bit too much, put it really happened to me when I was 15 (around couple of years back). Am not naming people, places or cities.

I live with my mom in a multi storey building with two apartments on each floor. The floor we live on has our home and yet another one in which a girl of around 28-30 stays (never cared to ask her age). We (that's mom, me and neighbour) gel well are good neighbours - helping each other and stuff. My mom being a single working mom, many times used to take help of the neighbour to baby sit me when I was younger. When this happened, she got a urgent call at 6 am for work (she's a lawyer, so one of her clients might have messed up big time) on a Saturday. Never having left me alone at such a hour, she woke me up from sleep and explained the situation (not that I understood or heard anything cause I was too sleepy). She had decided that she will take me to the neighbour and I can sleep there and be there till she comes back (now had I not been in sleep, I would have definitely tried to explain her that I am 15 and can manage).

So when I woke up, I found myself at neighbour’s home in a short cami and panties (that's what I sleep in). Despite the neighbour being a girl too, I was embarrassed as she had not seen me in such clothing since I grew up. The neighbour said its ok, don't be ashamed. And finally even I got comfortable. Then while drinking coffee, I got clumsy and spill it on myself. On neighbour’s insisting, I went in the bathroom stripped of my cami and panties and gave them to her through the door to wash and took a shower. Later I realized that I don't have anything to wear. Since the neighbour was older than me so none of her clothes would also fit me, so we decided I stay in towel (anyways it covers more than camis and panties).

After about an hour mom came back and with her was the maid who does our housework. The neighbour said even she has to go somewhere so came out behind me and closed her door (her door has automatic lock). As soon as I took a step forward, I felt a tug and my towel feel down. I froze in shock (later came to know that the towel was stuck in the door) completely naked in a corridor with two locked houses and nowhere to hide from 3 pair of eyes. I just ran back and tried to cover myself with stuck towel, crying and requesting neighbour to open her door but to my shock she said she never bothers to keep keys in her purse as we have an extra set of her keys. Till then mom opened our home and I ran in and hid in my bedroom. It was so embarrassing. To make matters worse, because of shame I lost control and had peed in the towel while hiding myself.
Tuesday, January 7th 2014 - 09:50:03 PM
Name: Code Name Mama Melon
E-mail address: fathogen_active@rocketmail.com
Subject: that untitled
Message:This is a short one.
I started teaching at a middle school few years ago and at my 1st school trip to an orientation camp, I ended up taking care of one of my female students named Bethany who suddenly caught up with some sort of a fever or heat stroke.
Since she was my student, I was forced to look after her while a fellow teacher went ahead to look after the rest of my students.
Bethany doesn't look very good and was looking kind of pale while her face was light red, she slowly walked toward me and I caught her before she stumble and trip over.
The bus driver and I carried Bethany to the bus and we laid her down to one of the chairs.

"I'm not good at this," I said nervously. "What do I do with her?"

The bus driver scratched his head. "Well, she looked like she can use some water." I shakenly grabbed my bag and started taken out my stuff looking for my water bottle. I kind of made a little mess but manage to find my unopened water bottle.
I opened it and put it on Bethany's lips and she sipped one gulp.
"Now what," I looked at the bus driver.
"Well, you got to do something with the girl's wet clothes." He said and left the bus.
"Wait, should I use my spare clothes for her?" I muttered to myself and I did as I went to my bag and grabbed a towel and slowly and struggled to place it beneath Bethany. The chair is wet from her sweaty clothes but I managed to lay the towel beneath her.
Just as the bus driver instructed, I moved on to taking Bethany's clothes. I gently pulled her long hair aside and brushed it back and held a hand on Bethany's hot, sweaty forehead. "Beth, should I call an ambulance?"

"...uh..no..don't..want..hospital. I'm afraid." she said as her last bit of energy goes out.
"Don't be afraid, it's just an ordinary cold." I assured her as I wiped the sweat off her forehead with the towel.
"..if that's the case if I sleep I'll get...--well,"she sighed and passed out.

I can feel Bethany's consciousness but she is sleeping kind of rested/napped I guess and proceeded on taking of her clothes. I pulled her white, wet shirt and slide one arm out, then the other out and gently but stopped on her chin.. Bethany felt and realized what I'm doing and lifted her head up a little and I pulled out her shirt and dropped it to the floor.
"Your pants too," I said gently. She hesitated but moved her hands to unbutton her pants and zipped it open, she lifted her waist and I pulled and slide down her pants.
I grabbed another towel and used it to cover her and at the same time wiping her dry with it. "Better?" I ask her. Bethany nodded and turned her head towards the back of the chair.
"Look Bethany I'm going to have to put my clothes on you but your underwear's are wet so we need them off too okay? Beth?"
It took awhile but after asking her several times and assuring her she lifted up her waist and U pulled her white panties. Bethany sat up and unhooked her bra with one hand and dropped it.
I told her to raise her hands so I could put a fresh shirt on her. I tried to put my shorts on her too but she laid back down and just wrapped my towel around her waist securing it but tightly between her legs. "...too hot.." And turned to her side.
I piled Bethany's clothes under the chair and I sat on the opposite side and realized that I haved sweat just as much w/o realizing it.
I see that Bethany is still showing her private a little bit and I reached over and tucked the back towel and secured it between her legs.

After several seconds I noticed something moved on the one of the chairs behind the bus and caught one of my male students that seemed to be passed out as well or just pretending to be...
Monday, January 6th 2014 - 10:34:06 AM
Name: Emma
Subject: Flight of Fancy
Message:Warning ** Strong sexual content**

Flight of Fancy

When I was growing up the highlight of most of my summer holidays was going over to stay with my Grandparents at their holiday home on Tenerife. They’d moved there when my Granddad retired when I was about 10 years old and ever since then we’d frequently gone over there as a family to visit them.. The summer after my 18th birthday I finished school early as I’d sat all my exams and had the whole summer free until I started University in Newport in the September. My Grandparents invited me out there to spend some time with them and to top up my tan. I was quite surprised when my normally overprotective parents said it was fine for me to fly over there alone.

I was really excited about the trip since I liked my Grandparents and they also tended to give me much more freedom than my parents ever did. The other attraction was… BOYS… I’d been a bit of a late developer, but over the last year I’d seemed to suddenly blossom and had attracted far more male attention which I really enjoyed! I saw this holiday as a chance to enjoy way more male company away from my mothers watchful gaze.

On the day of my flight my Dad drove me to Bristol Airport. He’s not great on big goodbyes, so he was happy to drop me at the airport entrance, after first checking I had everything I needed.. tickets, passport, mobile phone… I was pretty pleased that he just dropped me off, as I had plans of my own!
As soon as he had gone I disappeared straight into the ladies toilet. Off with the jeans and t shirt, and on with the rather short summer dress, the one my mum disapproved of, but the one that always seemed to attract the guys. I intended to make an impression when I arrived in Tenerife!

However, I didn’t need to wait till I arrived at Tenerife to make an impression!!! I wasn’t the only 18 year old escaping to the sun after finishing my exams. While checking in for my flight I noticed a group of boys about my own age eying me up. They weren’t exactly shy about it, and too my delight I noticed that they were checking into my flight as well. They soon came over and started to chat me up. It was so flattering to be the centre of so much male attention! I found out that they were a group of friends from Bristol who were indeed, like me, enjoying a break in the sun before heading for University. Though they all seemed very nice I found myself drawn to one guy in particular, Mark. He just seemed that bit more flirty, cheekier than the other guys… He seemed to have a bit of the ‘bad boy’ thing going on, and I’d always been attracted to the bad boys! I could see this being a great start to my holiday

We boarded the plane.. It was a large jet, and nowhere near full… I suppose it was early in the holiday season. I was sat near the back and the guys near the front, which I did find a tad disappointing! I think I’d harboured thoughts of me being sat with them and being chatted up all the way to Tenerife. I did hear the stewardess read them the riot act, as she’d already decided that a group of lads would be nothing but trouble on this flight. We were sat in our allocated seats for take off, but the cabin crew did say that if we wished to move afterwards they had no objections as it was a quiet flight.

I was quite pleased when Mark came over and asked if I’d like to come sit by him, but instead of leading me back to the other guys he went towards the back of the plane where it was very quiet and sat us down at the far end of a long empty row of seats

‘Nice to have some privacy’ he said.

He was fun!! A great guy to look at and really fun to chat and flirt with. He really seemed to like me too! It wasn’t too long before the flirting turned into kissing, and the kissing turned into heavy petting. I was secretly pleased that I’d swapped my jeans for a dress as Mark certainly seemed attracted to my bare legs…. His hand running up my thigh and under my skirt hem… Finding I didn’t object he kept going… Higher and higher… till he reached my panties… His fingers crept round from my outer thigh to my inner thigh, and on towards my crotch…. He slid the crotch of my panties to one side and touched my pubis…

He whispered in my ear

‘You’re bare… so smooth… I find shaved girls so sexy…’

I just smiled back at him and leant forward and kissed him hard on the lips…

He responded by cupping my pussy in his hand… and sliding one finger along my slick pink slit and into my pussy.

I’d been penetrated!!! Not the first time by any means, but my first time in a public place, in plain sight on a plane…

‘You’re wet, very wet’ he said

And I was.. My pussy was soaking wet, well past damp. My body sending Mark the message that I hadn’t verbally given him… I wanted him, I wanted him real bad! Despite that I was worried.. If someone walked down the aisle they would see what we were doing and I wasn’t anywhere near ready for that sort of humiliation. Mark must have sensed my reluctance and told me to hold on for a second, before sitting up and removing his jacket and covering me with it.

OMG!!! I wanted him! Wanted his fingers deep in my pussy, wanted more… He teased me with his fingers, his touch a mixture of hard thrusting, and, when he sensed I was getting close to coming, a gentle teasing of my blood swollen clitty… God, I wanted to cum, wanted him, but more than that, I wanted him inside me..

‘Please!’ I begged

‘I want you, want all of you’

I knew I must seem so easy to him, to be such an easy slut, but it seemed likemy pussy had taken over my mind…

‘Have you got anything Mark? Protection?’

‘Check my jacket pocket’

I found a condom, well a pack of condoms, in his pocket. I took one out and unzipped him, reaching inside his shorts and releasing his rock hard cock. Inexperienced as I was, I managed to fit it over his cock, and I don’t think I did too bad a job as his cock seemed to get even harder!!!

‘I want to see you’ he said

‘All of you’

I nodded and let him unzip my dress before easing myself away from the seat to allow him to slide my dress all the way down my body, letting my bare boobs bounce free.

‘You are so beautiful Emma’ he moaned, taking a nipple between his fingers before lightly kissing them in turn.

He dragged my dress down my legs and off my feet pulling my panties with it. I was naked. On a plane. And I didn’t care!!! I wanted sex with Mark!! I sort of wrapped his jacket round my shoulders as I rolled across him and carefully impaled myself on his throbbing cock. In all honestly the sex didn’t last long… I think we were both far too aroused by each other and by the situation. We both came hard… and quickly… Such a high!!! In more ways than one! Mark held me close, kissing me and stroking my bare back, and I must have drifted off to sleep, happy and contented. What a fantastic start to my holiday. How high had we been in the sky? Had I really joined the mile high club…………..?

I woke up suddenly.. Voices… Where was I ? Oh… cabin crew announcements… On the plane .. On holiday. Why did the seat… OMG!! I was naked!!! It was my bare skin on the seat! People were preparing to leave the plane and I was belted into my seat. NAKED. Where the hell was Mark..? I quickly unbuckled myself and slid down to the floor to pickup my dress and panties. Oh yes, memories of what I’d done had come flooding back to me all too quickly! To my horror there was no sign of my dress… or my panties… or my shoes… And certainly no sign of Mark or indeed his jacket! There was absolutely nothing available to cover myself with. The plane emptied and I stayed huddled on the floor, a naked ball of fear. I knew humiliation was inevitable, but I couldn’t bring myself to face it.

The cleaning crew found me. Two guys… so embarrassing… They called airport security and they extricated me from my hiding place. The two male security guards cuffed my hands behind my back so I couldn’t even attempt to preserve my modesty. They asked me for ID, for my Passport. Of course, that had gone as well. Oh Mark!! I thought he liked me! Why the hell had he done this to me? The security guys sent for a female guard to help escort me, as if that would help alleviate my humiliation. I wasn’t given anything to cover my nudity despite pleading with the female officer when she arrived.

I was taken naked from the plane All the ground crew stopped work and just stared at me, taking in my nudity, laughing, joking… I’m sure I heard a smattering of English words.. Slut… whore…
I was taken across the tarmac and into the arrivals area. I thought it would be a private area, but boy was I wrong! Passengers off various flights milled around, well they did till they saw me… Then everyone stopped and the crowd sort of parted to allow me to be escorted through. I remember a lot of camera phones capturing my young body on film. And the laughter…..

I was put in a holding cell, and was searched. I guess you can work out what type of search they’d give a naked girl. It seems that maybe I was a terrorist.. Maybe concealing an explosive device in my pussy….or ass…. Or a drug mule hiding her stash in one of my holes…. Either way, I was bent over a bench with my legs spread wide while a rubber gloved woman inspected all my holes in great depth and detail, enjoying my pain and suffering far too much for my liking. She did remark that my pussy seemed somewhat wet….

Eventually they decided to listen to my story and in the fullness of time my Grandparents were traced, and located in the terminal. They were brought in to see me, identify me…to confirm I was their Granddaughter…….. Still naked in the cell. If only the ground could have swallowed me up…
Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 04:32:22 PM
Name: NA
Subject: I never should of cheated
Message:I had a boy friend of 2 years. The first year was great best year of my life we had alot of fun(not just sexually). But the second year, well it started of fun but soon turn bad we started to fight, it got worse alot worse yelling at each other every day sleeping in different bed not talking to each other much, it made we start talking to other guys. I should of just ended it but I didn't he wanted to try n fix things I on the other had was out with other men.

One day I walked in the door he was sitting on the couch waiting for me. I walk in he looked at me n said where were u last night. Out I told him. He laugh " out ah, out with Matt." in denial I yelled no why the fuck u say that. He turned the computer around. I guess I forgot to delete the history last night b4 I went out. He got up n grab me by the arm throwing me over the couch. I screamed he just pushed my face into the couch then pulling my pants down, he then grab my panties n pulled them up my ass crack, it felt like I could tast the fabric. As he pulled them up he raise his hand n slap my ass hard saying "is there any thing else ud like to lie about." I didn't say a word he just keep slapping my ass and with his feet he had forced my pants n panties down my legs. He pushed me onto the floor n ripped then off then reached under the table n pulled out some rope. He tied my legs together then took off my top n bra. I was naked n being tied to getter as much as I tried to fight I couldn't. He was much stronger n had the uper had n then left me n walk to the fridge n grab out a carrot and a cucumber. He walked up n slap my ass with the carrot n ask If I'd like the carrot in my ass or the cucumber. I cried n told him I was sorry, he yelled no one cheats on me no one. N with that slid the carrot into my ass. I screamed it was the only thing I would do I never let him stick any thing in my ass. He could slap it all he wanted but never put any thing in it. It was so tight but he forced the carrot into my ass making me scream. He them rub my pussy with the cucumber sliding it in between my legs making me horney. He rub it all over my pussy pushing it into my pussy sliding it out n down to the carrot n back up i was getting wet. My pussy dripping . U like that ah u like things in ur ass n rubbing ur pussy he then slid the cucumber deep inside my Pusey. It made me thrust for getting about the carrot. He started slow fucking me with the cucumber getting fast and fast. He knew when I was going to cum I wanted to cum but he stopped. Push the carrot in deeper b4 pulling it out. He laught n said I'm done making u cum u want to cum for other ppl, that's just what u will do. He got a jacket for me but didn't stick it on me just over his shoulder then me.
He made his was to the door I bagged him not to take me out of the house. With no luck. He walk right into public with me naked tied up on his shoulder open the car door n threw me into the back set. We took off not knowing where we were going.
We got there he got me n we headed for a door open the door. It was gym then back door to the gym. He took me into the change room n placed me on my knees. He un tied my hands only to re tie them to legs of the bench. He grabbed a pice of paper from his pocket n place it on my back n left. I was naked in the guy change room to the gym. It wasn't long b4 a guy walk In look at me and laugh, I cried help please un tie me. He walked over n red the note first then slap my ass. So u cheated on ur man he said. Ur signal the note tells me to tell u. I cried as this stranger slap my ass. He then slapped it aging b4 pulling my hair back asking if Iike it rough. He dropped his shorts to the ground grabbed my hips n held me in the air a bit. He then dropped his boxers. His hard dick flopped out hitting my ass he then slid into my puss slowy fucking me pulling my hair back. Quickly he was in full force fucking me as hard as he could making me scrame. By this time more guys had walked in. He yelled there more holes any one want a BJ. With that one guy walked up n forced his dick into my mouth making me suck his dick. I was cuming being fuck n sucking another strangers dick while others watched. He didn't stop fuckjnh me just keep going harder and harder pulling my hair back n forcing me to take the other guys dick deeper into my throat. Finally she stop fucking me pulling out cuming all over my back b4 dropping me letting me go n the second guy grabbing the back of my head forcing me to suck his dick till he cam in my mouth. Splitting it out he slap my face n walked to the shower. To other started to fuck me the same way. I was free to who ever wanted to fuck me crying cuming over and over about 6 guys fucking me some pulling out some saying in n finishing. I was left there till one of the works cam in. He red the note on the ground be side me laugh n un tied me. I ran out the door n right home. It wasn't far but I still got seen by lots off ppl I got home he was gone his stuff looked in r room with a new look on it. All my stuff was in there he left me a g-string n a bra on the table with a note saying hope u had fun. I cried n cried showering. I was just fucked by 6 guys and a carrot and a cucumber.
Friday, January 3rd 2014 - 06:14:33 PM
Name: Ems
Subject: Discipline
Message:**Warning** This story contains strong sex


I’ve been a teacher for a few years, but I’m still only 23, not a whole lot older than some of the children, or, as I prefer to call them, young adults, that I teach. The one problem with not being much older than them is that sometimes the lines become a little blurred, and I let them get too close. Mostly I can deal with it, but sometimes I do overreact and impose much stricter discipline than I really need to. I suppose I always thought of it as imposing my authority, and never really gave much thought to how much it upset the children. I never imagined I’d push them too far….

I can’t even remember how it started, or how I lost control, but a few months ago I made a terrible mistake. I was teaching a class of seniors and things got rather rowdy. I was having a bad day and felt the need to impose myself. I was shouting, telling them to quieten down, to seemingly little effect. I decided to make a stand.. Singling out the three most popular girls in my class I screamed at them
‘Right!!! You three,,, detention… after school tomorrow!’
Even I was stunned by the sudden silence.

A lone voice spoke up
‘But you can’t Miss, Mary, Beth and Kirsty are playing in the netball match against Wells tomorrow’

That was when I should have backed down, either cancelled their detention or switched it to another night. I realised straight away the implication of what I’d done… It was a vital cup match against our nearest neighbours.. And I’d just deprived us of our captain and best player. But I was young and stubborn….

The next day just about everyone tried to get me to change my mind, from the girls themselves, right through to my fellow teachers, but I just wouldn’t back down. We lost the game.. By just four points… and everyone blamed me. Eventually I was forgiven, or so I thought. I was soon to find out that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Skip forward a few months… School had broken up for the summer and Mary, Beth and Kirsty had left school, next stop for them, University.

It was a hot summers day and I’d driven my little camper van to a little riverside pub just outside Bath. It was a perfect place for sipping a drink and wiling away a few hours watching the boats go past. I’d had a few soft drinks, plus a small glass of wine. I remembered sitting out in the garden of the pub and feeling really sleepy………..

I slowly regained consciousness. Something was different, something was wrong, very wrong. I had been outside hadn’t I? Drinking in the pub garden…. I wasn’t outside anymore, couldn’t seem to move, sort of recognised where I was, but how….

‘Remember us Miss Carter?’

It was Mary and Kirsty!

‘Think we’d forgiven you, did you Miss? Well think again..’

‘Did you enjoy your wine..? It was very careless of you to leave it unattended when you popped to the toilet……. ‘

I was in the back of my beloved little VW camper van, sat on a side seat. Hell no, not sat on it, tied to it! I tried to focus, to see if what all my senses were telling me was true.. The cool breeze.. On my bare flesh.. OMG!! It was true! I was naked.. Naked and tied with my legs splayed wide apart in the back of my little camper van! Even worse, I wasn’t alone….

Mary and Kirsty………….. And now Beth as well…

‘Well hello Miss Carter! You do seem to be in a spot of bother!!! Looks like you could really use some help!

I begged, I pleaded, all to no avail. They were hell bent on humiliating me, determined to make me pay for punishing them for no good reason. They sat down next to me, one on either side, and explained what they intended to do. They weren’t content with leaving me naked in the pub car park, no, that was far to easy!!! Kirsty twisted my nipple, daring me to scream, telling me maybe I’d be better of just being discovered like this by my fellow drinkers, better than what they had planned….. Mary removed the curtains from the windows in the camper van. Now anyone who looked could see my naked body! They started up the camper and drove it towards town. I don’t know if anyone saw me.. I had my eyes pressed firmly shut.. But I guess from the car horns at least a few people did.

Eventually we stopped and I opened my eyes. I was so pleased to find we weren’t in the city centre, or even surrounded by people. We seemed to be in a park and it was quite noisy with sounds I couldn’t quite place. The girls came to see me before they left me there, naked and exposed. They told me the noise was from a skateboard park and that I probably wouldn’t be noticed if I kept really quiet. Told me they’d be back in the evening to release me… if I was still there… I was thinking this wasn’t going to be too bad after all when they gave me their final parting gift. A vibrator! But not any old vibrator… One of those egg shaped ones that sit deep inside your pussy. Mary took great enjoyment from pushing it deep inside my pussy and setting the remote to ‘full power’ before placing it on the shelf in the camper van… just out of reach!

‘Best of luck with keeping quiet now Teach!’

‘Ooops Kirsty… I think I’ve left the windows on the camper open and the doors unlocked….’

And they left me. Naked in a park, with my pussy on fire as my arousal grew. God, I needed to cum, wanted to cum… The vibration was relentless.. I was covered in a sheen of sweat, I didn’t even realise I’d cried out, but I must have, because I slowly became aware I had company…..
Small faces pressed against the windows, drinking in my nudity, comments, phrases. Only half heard….
Slut.. naked.. sexy…hot…bitch…fuck…..
I was cumming again when the back doors on the camper opened. Three boys saw my juices flowing from my pussy onto the seat. Young hands untied my legs, my arms… I should have just thanked them and asked for something to cover my nudity, asked them to look away, shielded my nudity from them. But I was turned on, aroused… and they were boys, erections all too obvious…. I’m so ashamed , but I wanted them….

I reached out and stroked the nearest boys cock through his trousers… My… he was hard!! I made no attempt to cover my nudity, made no attempt to find some clothes… In fact I arched my back, thrust out my boobs, nipples erect, inviting their touch.. And touch they did…. Sucking on my nipples, stroking my skin, dropping their trousers and pants… I squealed as the first cock thrust into my puss… squealed with pleasure, squealed cause it was so hard and hot! I was so lost in the pleasure, the excitement of the sex, the knowledge I was on display, having unprotected sex in a public car park with three young skateboarders!

I felt the boys pace increase, he was thrusting harder and faster, groaning, his cock swelling even bigger deep inside me. He was so close to cumming! It was probably the reality check I needed. He wasn’t wearing a rubber, I wasn’t on the pill. There was no way I could let him cum inside me. I tried to speak but as I went to open my mouth another cock pushed straight in, over my teeth, deep into my throat. I tried to pull away, but it was far too late. I felt him shudder.. And a hot stream of cum shot deep into my pussy. He’d filled me!! OMG… what had I done????

They took turns with me, using my pussy and my mouth. They were young and virile and it didn’t take them long to get hard again. I can’t claim they forced me. Once I’d had my pussy filled the damage had been done and I was a willing partner, a very willing partner. I don’t know how long they used me for, only that I woke up exhausted and used, naked on the floor of my camper van, cum leaking out into a pool on the floor. I ached all over, and it was a struggle to even move. I searched round the van for any clothes, or for the keys for the van, with no luck on either count. All I could do was huddle down in the corner, hiding my nudity and wait for the girls to return. And wait…. And wait. It got dark… I was getting desperate… I needed the toilet.. Badly… I managed to put off the inevitable for ages, but eventually I had to go.. My bladder was so very close to bursting………….

At least it was dark outside as I carefully opened the camper van door. The tarmac felt cold and rough under my bare feet as I stepped down from the van. I crept over to the side of the car park, squatted down, and released a hot stream of piss into the long grass. I thought I’d never stop!! I could feel my piss pooling round my toes. Had I really come to this? Pissing naked in a park where anyone could see me? It was then that I heard voices… I was praying it was the girls coming back… much as I dreaded what they might do to me, they represented my best hope for getting home with at least some shred of my dignity intact. I crouched even lower as the voices drew nearer… I wished I had finished pissing… it sounded so loud in the stillness of the night. Thankfully the voices didn’t get any closer and the stream had slowed to a trickle when I heard a noise behind me… Then I felt hot breath on my bare ass…. A Dog!!! He licked my bare ass, sniffed the hot piss on the grass, then licked where it had come from… He licked my pink slit!! I jumped, let out a little scream, and immediately my cover was blown. The two women walking the dog spotted me straight away, saw my nudity. I ran, naked, barefoot, but I ran…. Through the bushes and trees… as fast as I could with no idea where I was going…. Followed by a loudly barking dog!

My feet were cut and bleeding, my skin criss crossed with tiny scratches, but I knew I had to keep going. The dog was very persistent but eventually he either lost interest or got called back by his owner.. I ended up at the far end of the park, near a small exit gate, but far away from my camper van and even further away from home. I needed to get back to my van for when, or if, the girls returned. I could only pray that I managed it before they retuned and maybe drove my little van away, leaving me naked and stranded. I stuck to the paths this time, slipping into the undergrowth whenever I saw anyone in the distance. It worked pretty well, but I was amazed at how far I’d ran and how long it took to find my way back. At long last I spotted my camper van and, after a careful scout round, approached it tried the door and slipped inside. The girls were there… waiting, laughing at the state I was in, taking pics with their mobiles as I vainly tried to hide my nudity.

‘Are these cum stains all over the seats, teach?’

No need to answer, my red face telling them all they needed to know…

‘You were a busy girl weren’t you miss…. Bet you loved those cocks up your tight little cunt… How many did you have’

Again, my red face gave me away….., and I didn’t trust myself to speak…

‘Come on teach… Or should that be cum on teach… (laughing at their own joke) Tell us how many you had.. How many cocks used those holes of yours’

I could only stare at the sticky floor, ashamed of my behaviour, embarrassed by the girls.

They kept up their constant barrage of questioning, enjoying seeing me squirm, until one of the girls produced a bottle of Jack Daniels.

‘Drink teach..’

‘I can’t, I hate the stuff, it makes me feel sick… please, no..’

‘Just drink it or we’ll make you drink it’

‘No..Please.. I really can’t stand the stuff’

I didn’t get another chance to refuse. The girls pinned me don and tried to force me to open my mouth. I wouldn’t. I kept my teeth clamped firmly together…. Until one of them grabbed my left tit and tristed my nipple…HARD!!! I gasped in pain, my mouth opened and the bottle was forced in, the contents being poured down my throat. I gagged and choked, but swallowed most of it, the rest spilling out of my mouth, down my chin, and trickling down over my bare breasts and onto my belly.
‘There! We knew you’d enjoy it if you gave yourself half a chance!!!

The alcohol soon hit my system.. I felt light headed, woozy and far from being in control of my limbs… I was vaguely aware of my camper van pulling off, of sliding down onto the sticky cum and alcohol stained floor, of lying there, sliding from side to side as the van pulled out of the park. I felt sick and I felt dizzy and was really pleased when we slowed down and stopped. I wasn’t so pleased when the rear doors were opened and I was dragged out into the cold night air, my skin a mass off goosebumps and, despite the fire from the Jack Daniels in my belly, I was shaking and shivering. They dragged me a short distance to some arches. This wasn’t a part of Bath I recognised.. Was it even Bath, maybe we were in Bristol? I could hear the sound of a train on the viaduct above, I could hear the sounds of people, could smell something.. Something stale… Sort of human.. Where the hell was I?

‘There you go teach! Enjoy yourself! These guys can’t wait to meet you!!! I don’t think they’ve had a woman… or a bath in years…

They left me there, naked, drunk and cum splattered…. Under the railway arches… with a bunch of suddenly very interested derelicts and filthy dregs of society… I heard my camper van drive off, just as the first tramp pulled my legs wide apart and thrust his smelly cock deep into my pussy……
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 03:12:17 PM
Name: Bea
E-mail address: beatrice@xxx
Subject: Super Drunk at New Years party (xxx)
Message:I went to a New Years party last night at a private rich guys house. I drank way too much. I was wearing a super short black clingy sequenced dress that I could barely keep pulled below my panties because it kept inching up all the time. I had a thong on so I'm sure everyone saw my cheeks and crotch at least a few good times. I didn't mind :P

I was sloppy drunk and dirty dancing with different horny guys grinding against them letting them put their hands all over me. I get really flirty and whorey when I drink. I liked the attention so I was letting guys grope my crotch, cup my ass and feel my tits as they pleased. Guys were puling my dress all the way up to my stomach and parading me around like this holding my hands so I could not cover myself. One guy threw me over his shoulder with my butt in the air spun me around a few times then yanked my thong to the side stretching my ass apart exposing my pussy and butthole to the world as guys took cell phone pictures.

It made me so horny I wound up in a large walk in closet in a back bedroom stripped completely naked and on my knees with a fat erect penis in my mouth with other guys lining up stroking themselves getting ready for their turn. I got fucked in the mouth hard and gagged by one stiff cock after another. I was so drunk I barely can remember but I must have sucked 10 cocks that night while on my hands and knees getting fucked from behind in the pussy and even in the ass sometimes. At one point I recall flashes of riding one guys cock, with another guy behind me with his dick up my asshole, and another fat cock in my mouth all while stroking off 2 other dicks with my hands. 5 dicks at once! I kissed and rubbed my face all over erections in total sexual ecstasy licking and sucking them sometimes even trying to get 2 dick in my mouth at once. What an embarrassing drunken whore I made of myself! Guys were throat gagging me and ejaculating right in my face and I let them do what ever they wanted. I was rendered a naked cum splattered mess with goo, tears and mascara streaming down my face neck and body from all the throat gagging.

I don't remember much after but I was told I passed out naked by the toilet after vomiting from all the alcohol and cum in me. Dozens saw me. I think someone urinated on me. I woke up naked, wet and crusty on a couch in the morning in some room with a sore pussy, ass and mouth and a horrible headache. The place was a mess and most people were already gone. I could not find my dress or underwear and no one would help me. I had to wander around the house humiliated and naked being stared and smirked at my the house staff who I could hear calling me a slut and a whore under their breath. The owner of the house who I didn't even know asked me to leave. I had to stand there sick and naked cupping my crotch with one hand and trying to cover my boobs with my other arm as he called me a slut and a pig. He gave me an old shirt to cover with and told me to get out but it was so short it would not even cover my pussy or ass. I complained and asked for something better but he lost his temper and threw me over his knee and spanked my bare naked ass with dozen blistering strokes right in front of the house staff! He held me down yelling at me holding me ass apart so everyone could see my gaped holes then threw me off his knee and threw me out the door. Luckily I have a hide-a-key inside the bumper of my car but I had to drive home totally bottomless, shamed after being used like a sex whore all night, sick, still drunk, and covered in semen and pee.

I am already getting cell phone videos sent to me of my antics that will no doubt be used to humiliate me forever now.
Wednesday, January 1st 2014 - 11:12:03 AM
Name: Trish
E-mail address: Trish1
Subject: Christmas I'll never forget
Message:Little about me my name is Trish, I'm 17 and live with my dad and step mom n her son who is also 17 named Jacob. I'm about 5 foot 4, 120lb. I have red hair about Shoulder lenght.

I woke up Christmas morning and headed down stairs the a packed tree. That year I didn't ask for to much, hair stuff, clothes, gift cards, and boots. Me and my step brother open all r gifts. I had got lots of clothes and hair stuff, some gift cards no boots. The day was going good till my step mom walk up from behind me while I was sitting on the sofa text one of my friends. She read the text I had sent her n grab n cell phone from my hand. My friend ask what I got for Christmas I had told her what I got, but I had also said my step mom has bad Taste in clothes n that I mostly wouldn't wear them. She was not happy reading this the first thing she ask was y I was a lier. She had ask me if I like them I said yes to her eairly. As I tried to explain my self she told me to stand up, as I stood up she yelled at me if u don't like what I buy u then don't wear it. I just stood there, she yelled come on dont wear it take it off now. I didn't know what to do all I had one was Sweatpants and a t-shirt, she pushed me over onto the sofa n ripped my pants down. I was pink thong and my brother was sitting across from me so I yelled, what the fuck r u doing Jacob is down her n I pushed my step mom away from me she called in my dad n told him what had happened. He then told me to strip 100% naked or he would do it for me I started to cry. That just mad the to of them yell more. So u took off my t-shirt, I had a blue bra. I stood there in my pink thong and blue bra cry as my step mom and dad wait for me to take them off but I didn't. So my dad grabbed my arms n held them behind my back n my mom strip me naked In front of my step brother. She was so Surprised to c that I shave my pussy. Yelling calling me a slut n I should shave down there yet. My step mom sat down on the sofa n pulled me over her lap n started to slap my bare ass. She must of hit my ass like 50 times b4 she told me to go and get all the clothes she had bought for me n stick them in a garbage bag. So I ran up stair but didn't do any thing I just got dressed.

My dad kick open my door n ripped off my clothes again leaving me naked again saying I just don't learn my step mom walked in after n pushed me over my bed n told my dad to grab on of my belts. I cried n said I was sorry. She just yelled for Jacob to grab a Bar of soap. Once Jacob got in she shoved it into my mouth n said that's for liying and grab the belt out of my dads hand n started to slap my ass with it. She told Jacob to go get a garbe bag n to bring it to her. Once he got back she made me throw away all the clothes she bought me n then all of my panties saying I was to young to wear any thing like that. They told me to pick up the bag to take it to the street. I cried but when I would not do it my dad said if I didn't do it I'd b picking evey thing up off the front lawned after he throws it out the window.

As I walked down the stairs with the bag my step mom and dad followed me I stopped at the door n my dad walk up n opened it. Told me to get walking I cried n ran to the street hopping no one saw me. But as I turn around after dropping the bag I saw my step mom waiting for me. She had the garden hose out n told me to stand with my arms out so she could was a Spoiled brat. she yelled at me telling me I was not aloud to use the shower after she washed me they order my inside i have to stay naked till they told me I was aloud to put clothes on. They had to go c one of there friends n left my step brother in charged n told me if I got dressed or lip off my brother I'd b going to school after Xmas Break like this.

Once they left I ran up stairs n got dressed but my step brother kicked open the door n told me I'd better strip or else he call his mom. I told him to fuck off, so he called his mom n she told him to strip me n take out the rest of my clothes. He was alot stronger then me so he had no problum stripping me naked n slapping my ass. He started to pull apart my ass looking at my pussy and but hole. He slap my ass n drag a finger across my pussy n up my ass. N then slapped my ass again but it didn't feel as bad that time as he slid his finger across my pussy n up my ass again slower. He then hit my ass again but this time he slid his finger into my pussy b4 dragging it up ass. He ripped my ass apart sticking a finger in my ass hole n started to fuck my ass hole with his finger. After being stripped make to walk to the street n not aloud to get dressed I was horny so was just going with it liking it a bit. He fuck my ass hard n fast slapping it with his other hand b4 flipping me over. He slid his pants down n his large dick poped out. He stick it into my mouth n face fucked me. He forced his dick all the way into my mouth, I reach up and started to play with his balls he pulled out n cumed all over me as I finger my wet pussy. He Continued rubbing his cock wile with his other hand playing with my boobs. Slapping then n flicking my nipple. I was about to cum when he grab my hand n pulled it away from my pussy Replacing it with him hands as he finger fuck my pussy I started to cum. He keep fucking my pussy with his finger harder n harder after I finished he told me to go have a quick shower b4 him mom got back

She was pissed once She got home but Jacob told her he had lied n that I never got dressed. She made Jacob Apologize to me. She told Jacob he had to strip naked n that I could wear his clothes for 1 hour. With Jacob naked I walk over n said thanks grabbing his rock hard dick telling him I'd thank him again once we where alone.
Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 04:45:15 PM
Name: Patricia
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: The decision
Message:One of the embarrassing things that happened during my college years, was being peeped on by guys while taking a shower. It wasn't only me, there were four other girls just as stark naked as I was when we discovered their heads hanging over the roof ledge looking at us. Felt so ashamed because God knows for how long they had been checking our boobs and pussies. Couldn't make out who they were because it was night time. Told the other girls to pretend they weren't there, but left two girls on the stairs to identify them when the came down. The next day we confronted them as they tried to sneak up to the roof. Tried to lie themselves out of it, but ended up having to confess it.
"So how much did you guys see" we asked them.
"Pretty much everything" they bluntly answered.
All four were obviously worried about spilling the beans on them and began pleading with us to keep quiet, so we gave them two choices.
"What are those"
"Suffer the shame of everyone knowing or a private meeting with us.
We took them to an apartment two female class mates were sharing off campus. Their faces turned red when we told them to strip.
"Strip what"
"Your clothes of course"
"Your joking" they said as they looked at each other.
"It's pay back time or publicly shame"
"So what do we have to take off"
We watched their clothes coming off as they reluctantly got undressed. Exciting when they slipped of their underwear, their dicks popped out in front of us and told them they would be spending the day with us in the nude.
Humiliation best describes the expression on their faces when they couldn't keep the dicks down and even more shocked when the two apartment girls showed up.
"Now go head and show us how you jerked off to us" giving each one a glass to cum in.
We sat there watching them wanking themselves in total shame. Total degradation is what we wanted them to go through, apart from giving us the most erotic show that almost put us on the verge of orgasm. Forcing them to milk themselves in a glass and then drink it, was the best revenge we could have done to them. After drinking four loads, water was the only thing that could manage to squirt out and by the way, the only way to get those dicks soft. Sexual revenge shore made us feel better about ourselves and made sure to let them know that it wasn't going to be the last.
Monday, December 30th 2013 - 11:15:33 PM
Name: Asian Sara
Subject: It was the night before Christmas Part one
Message:A little about me; I am Korean, long red curly hair, almond shaped eyes, white skin, C cup boobs, my nipples are dark brown, and I am super skinny.
It was the night before Christmas no one was in the house just a single Asian girls spending Christmas eve night all alone. This year my family went to Korea without me and my roommates have their families. My boy friend was going to come back tomorrow, on Christmas morning so I wanted to surprise him with a special something this year. I have a key to his apartment so I was going make this the best year of his life. I went to buy a box condoms, wine and a sexy Santa girl outfit to make it special. So I went to his apartment at 8:00 in the evening. At first I went to his room, got dressed in the sexy outfit and waited on his bed, but then I started to get some naughty ideas. I took my top and skirt off and sat in the living room. After an hour had passed I started to touch myself trying to make my nipples hard and I got wet down there so I took off my wet panties. I went behind the sofa and started to do some yoga to get my legs ready for him. After 30 minute I heard the door opening. I readied myself for him wearing only a Santa hat and a really cute pair of red high heel boots. I hid behind the sofa waiting. The door opened and I heard a girl's voice. She said, “Are you sure your roommate is not coming back today?” as she sat down of the sofa. I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. I was naked behind a sofa. My boyfriend’s roommate said, ”Don’t worry about it, he won’t be here until tomorrow. Besides he left and his girlfriend left her wet panties here.” The girl said, ”Gross.” My bf’s roommate then said, “You know what's even more gross? Doing it in his bed!” They both went to my bf's bedroom and took my wet panties with them. I was scared I didn’t know want to do so I tried going to my bf’s roommate's room to borrow some clothing, but as I slowly moved towards it I heard the door of my bf’s room opening. Without thinking I ran out of my boyfriend apartment completely naked only wearing a Santa hat and high heel boots. How can it get any worse?

To be continued

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 10:16:10 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: from collection: "Curious, bus slut" saved it since it's an entertaining story
Message:I had saved it since it's an entertaining story; here:
Name: "Bus Slut"
Subject: How I became the bus slut

Bus Slut. ***caution SEX and a lot of it***

My family had just moved to this side of the city. We used to live in a nice suburb on the west side but my Dad got transferred and we had to move to the bad east side.

I had to leave my nice friends and nice school where everything was nice. Now I lived in a much rougher bad side of the city where everything was bad.
I'm not very big or particularly athletic. I like being inside so my skin is kinda white, no tan. I have black hair that makes my skin look even whiter and I'm kind of a girly girl. I have a bouncy butt that sticks out in the back and average sized boobs that stick out in the front with light pink nipples. I'm not fat but pretty curvy.

My first day of school was terrible and kinda set the tone for the rest of the year. If I was 16 I might have had a car but im only 15 so I have to ride the bus.

I get on in about the middle of the run so the bus is about half full.
I smiled at the driver but she didn't smile back. She was a hunched over old toad of a woman that could barely see over the wheel and touch the pedals at the same time. Her glasses were so thick they could have been used as the window glass for a deep sea unmanned submersible. She mumbled something and keeping her pop bottle glasses trained on the road, gave her thumb a jerk showing me which way was the back of the bus.

Most of the little kids are already on and they all filled up the front so I had to go almost all the way to the back. I found a seat with only one girl in it but she told me it was saved. I got that same attitude from a lot of people. I had to keep working my way back to the rear looking for a place to sit. Finally, close to the last seat, one seedy looking kid who was at least my age and probably older stands up and says I could sit with him and his buddy.
I had little choice since he was blocking the way and the rest of the seats were already taken by some very unsavory mean looking characters with pins and rings in their eyebrows, lips, and noses.

I sat between the two guys feeling very small and very out of place.
In my other school we could wear what ever we wanted as long as it didn't violate the dress code, so our school was a veritable fashion-show.
This school had uniforms. The classic plaid skirt, white shirt, knee highs and (UGH) saddle shoes. There's also a matching solid colored blazer. So while I was all prim and proper with my knee highs pulled all the way up and my shirt neatly pressed and tucked in, these hoodlums on all sides of me had their uniforms all messy and altered.

As we rolled along the two guys (Leon and Larry)I was smooshed between, started touching my legs. They both started at the knees and was slowly working their way up. I pushed their hands off but it didn't phase them much. Their friends seem to know what was going on because they were all hanging over the seat behind us and turned around in front of us laughing and watching as I was getting felt up.

Their hands were pushing my skirt up higher and higher finally showing my white panties. I told them to stop but they didn't. I yelled at the bus driver but she just yelled back "SHADDUP" This went on all the way to the school. Occasionally they would touch my crotch. I tried to keep my legs tight together but they were stronger and would pry them apart just enough to run a hand between my white thighs and touch my panties.

When we got to the school they told me to keep quiet or there would be big trouble for me. All their friends around me responded with a "YEAH SLUT".
As we passed the old gnome I was about to say something but Leon stood in between us and Larry pushed me on by. I couldn't even see her as I passed by.

This went on for a several days. The more they did this every day the more I started accepting it. I even thought about it at home, pretending I was on the bus getting felt up. This became my prelude to masturbatory dreams.
Then one day after they had felt my legs up and had grabbed my breasts, they pulled my legs apart and to my humiliation and their delight my panties had a big wet spot right on the pussy. Of course this got them more jazzed up and they and all their friends wanted to see my pussy so they held my arms and pulled my panties down so every one could see my wet snatch. They touched it and pulled on my pubic hair which just made it wetter. They finally let me go and I quickly pulled up my panties. I acted very embarrassed and shy but deep down inside it had me tingling. I had become the Bus Slut.

One day Larry unbuttoned his pants and made me put my hand inside his boxers and touch his cock. It was so big and hot and stiff. Then Leon made me grab his too and I had to sit there with my hands in their pants, massaging their boners. Some days they would go for my boobs. They would hold my arms while one of the girls in the seat ahead of me unbuttoned my blouse and then they would take it off me and I'd have to sit in just my bra while I kept my hands in their pants and they kept their hands in my bra squeezing my breasts. This went on for awhile but as the days went on they got bolder. They made me take off my blouse and then even my bra. I covered my titties as best I could. Leon made me touch his cock again and told me if I wanted my top and bra back I'd have to jack him off. I didnt want to in front of everyone especially with my breasts exposed. I started to stroke his cock all the while keeping my boobs covered with my hand and arm. Then Larry told me I had to do him too or I'd never see my shirt and bra again. I had to expose myself to all the kids in order to do both at the same time. Working their dicks up and down made my boobs shake and bounce. The boys kept saying faster, faster so i did and that just made my boobs jiggle all the more... to every ones delight.
There was a division a little more than halfway up the isle between the older kids and the little kids. The older kids would turn around and kneel on their seats creating a kind of wall so the little kids and the old bus driver couldn't see what was going on in the back of the bus.

Everyday they seemed to find a new way to humiliate me.

One day they brought me some poor kid who was in a class below mine. They held him and made me pull down his pants and underwear and play with his dick till it got hard then I had to beat him off. Everybody was laughing and taunting him and me. The old bus driver every now and then would scream out "SHADDUP".

Another day Leon and Larry had me jerking them off. Some girl in the seat ahead of me was leaning over watching me and suddenly grabbed my book bag and took it into her seat. I jumped up to get it back. I leaned over the back of the seat ahead of me to get it back. As I reached for it she grabbed my hands. The other two girls in her seat grabbed my arms also and held on, pulling me off the floor and onto the back of the seat. Leon grabbed my skirt and pulled it down then smacked my butt. Larry grabbed my panties by the waistband. I pleaded with him not to pull my panties down but he did...slowly. I was being held over the back of the seat while everyone watched my panties slowly slide down my legs exposing my white bouncy ass. I felt hands all over my butt, not just Leon's and Larry's but others too. They took my skirt and panties all the way off. They pulled my legs apart and all the big kids got a good look between my legs. They told me if I didn't suck their cocks I wouldn't get my skirt and panties back. So I did and everybody watched as i preformed blowjobs on both guys.

Some days they would make me take off my top and bra, other days my skirt and panties. Then one day they told me to take off my shoes and sox. I slowly removed them. It felt weird to feel the floor in my bare feet. I asked why and they told me they wanted me totally naked today. I about died. Then they made me strip completely naked, taking off all the rest of my clothes. Every stitch of clothing was taken from me and I was made to walk up the isle to the "wall" letting all the older kids see and touch me. They made fun of my full bush between my legs. I had never even trimmed it. After they gave me my clothes back Larry whispered to me that I had to shave that mess off or they would do it for me. I'd better show up tomorrow completely bald or they would dry shave me on the bus.

That night I trimmed it, then shaved it all off. It looked strange and I was embarrassed to even look at it in the privacy of my own home. The next day they made me take the "walk of shame" again. Totally naked, up and down the isle and now i didnt even have any pubic hair to hide my pussy.
This started to be an everyday thing but they added I had to ask if anyone wanted a handjob. Then it was walking up the isle naked asking if anyone wanted me to suck their cock. Sometimes guys would say yes and Id have to blow them while other guys felt me up as I bent over exposing all.
Sometimes Id have to just stand in the isle and masturbate for everyone until I squirted. The thing was, I was beginning to enjoy it. I had truly become the bus slut.

Then one day they bent me over the back of one of the seats and held me there while Leon and Larry took turns screwing me. Everyone got to watch. From then on I was fair game. Anyone that wanted to fuck me could. Usually in the back seat, me on my back, legs in the air. Sometimes Id have 5 or 6 guys a day.
I looked forward to the sex. I loved it.
It wasn't odd to see me sucking one guy off while another drilled me from the rear.

Then came the day that Leon decided to put it in my ass. That hurt and as I yelled my protests but the old lady croany bus driver just yelled back, "SHADDUP"

The last day of school they took all my clothes and on the way to school, threw them all out the window. Then they pushed me off the bus and pulled me into the school so the whole school could see the Bus Slut. They dragged me down the hall while kids laughed and pointed. I finally broke loose and ran naked down the hall trying to cover my "goodies" as I ran. The kids were all laughing and jeering as I streaked by. I finally made it outside and ran down the sidewalk to find my clothes Leon and Larry had tossed out of the bus window. Cars were honking and people outside were staring at the bare ass girl running down the sidewalk.

About 5 blocks away I finally found them...all but one sock and my panties. I dressed right out on the street and walked back to school knowing I was going to be totally humiliated even further but I had no place else to go.

The next year I got my license and bought a car. But every now and then I ride the bus...just for a little thrill.

(reposted here by Janie so we don't lose it)
Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 06:47:17 AM
Name: Martha
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Regrets from a young girl
Message:I paid for my promiscuous mistakes by being lured to a back room during a party. On my way back from the second floor bathroom, a group of guys pushed me into a bedroom. They were talking about my passed sexual flings and how kinky and horny I was. It was obvious they knew some of my previous sexual partners and details of what I had done with them. Began asking questions I clearly couldn't hide.
So you like to be roughed up" one of then asked me, pulling down my strapless tank top exposing my breasts.
"We've all seen your pictures so lying won't get you anywhere" he said as he fumbled and pinched my nipples.
"Alright guys fun is over" trying to get them to back away.
"Oh no, we still have to look at this" he said padding me between my legs.
Music down stairs was so laud screaming wasn't going to do me any good.
"Shaved pussy just as I thought" as my tank top, skirt and panties went down with a big yank, lifted off my feet and taken off.
"Keep the shoes honey we know you like that"
Thrown in bed with legs held up spread on the edge of the bed, he knelt and began sucking my pussy, finger fucking my ass, while the other two had stripped naked rubbing their dicks to get it hard.
Just wait till we do all your holes" he said.
Embarrassed about having that done while the other two watched jerking their cocks to make them hard, I laid there helpless trying to close my legs. Something that I wasn't able to do and remained with my entire crotch embarrassingly exposed. My ass, pussy and mouth were fucked I don't know how many times. If any one of my holes were being used, the ones waiting their turn would entertain themselves sucking my tits. I was locked in there to be taken by forced, witch was the kind of sex that I liked and admit I had moments hot and horny feeling. As much as I tried to hide it, I two orgasms hopefully un-noticed. Group sex was new to me and still have mixed feeling about it. I guess I can add more guys to my list of guys I had sex with and my bad reputation going up by four. Not really a big deal when your already a slut.
Happy holidays. Love Martha
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 09:17:12 PM
Name: Joshua
E-mail address: uknowme
Subject: Death by Nypho Cousins - A Naughty Christmas Tale (x-plicit)
Message:Merry Christmahannukaquanza! A story gift for the board...

My cousin’s family came and stayed over our house for Christmas. We have a small house so my 2 teen cousins Samantha and Emma had to sleep in my room. They are not parented very well and are kind of wild. Sam has a pierced belly button, and Emma has a pierced tongue. Something my parents would never allow, that’s for sure.

I slept in my bed and they got a big fold out mattress on the floor next to my bed to share. Once it was bedtime and everyone else was asleep I changed into sleep clothes, then Samantha came out in a short nightie with skimpy neon green panties on underneath and Emma came out in a baby tee that didn’t even cover her belly button and yellow bikini panties with little smiley faces all over them. I was like whoa! I said “do you need some pajamas or something?” and they said no that they slept like that. They didn’t seem shy at all about being like this in front of me, more like they were flaunting it and trying to tease me. What a Christmas Eve this was turning out to be!

Next they broke out a bottle of wine that I can only guess one of them had snagged from the kitchen at some point and asked me if “I was cool or not” and wanted to drink it with them. I was a little nervous about getting drunk with my cousins in my own bedroom with the whole family over but I went along with it anyway.

We drank swigs of red wine but they were taking bigger chugs off the bottle as apposed to my small ones. Once the bottle was low they poured the rest in a cup from the bathroom and shoved it in my face saying I was being a wuss and needed to catch up. “Drink it!” they said getting kind loud and jumping on me in my bed straddling me in their panties only. Emma said if I didn’t she would scream “RAPE!” at the top of her lungs. She was just about crazy enough to really do that so I quickly gave in and chugged it down. It tasted weird though and once I finished I noticed them both giggling to each other.

Giddy and drunk with wine they started tickling me and I am super ticklish so I spazed out struggling around like crazy with them wrapped around me with their hands all over me and their crotches grinding against my thighs.

I was wearing flannel pajama pants with no underwear like I normally do and was quickly getting a pup tent. The pair I had on were kind of old and the type that snapped in the front. Had I known I’d wind up getting tickled by 2 half naked teenage cousins I would have not worn them because the snap had a tendency to randomly pop open. Well in the midst of the tickle fight of course it popped open… exposing noticeably hard penis to the world! Hugely embarrassed I quickly fought them off scrambling to get my pants back up and snapped closed again as they squealed with laughter. We horsed around like this till I was fully erect and they lay on top of me with their panties pulled up their butts like they didn’t even notice or care that their butts and crotches were showing that much.

I was starting to feel kind of groggy now and with all the wine I must have nodded off or something because the next thing I know I come too hearing drunken giggling and see Emma and Sam kneeling over me in bed with big smiles on their faces and wearing Santa hats. My head feels groggy and hot, and a little headachy too and when I try to move I realize my wrists and ankles are tied down… to the bedposts! Not only that but my shirt is pulled all the way up to my armpits and my pajama pants are unsnapped and down again… and I have a raging hard on fully exposed!! Emma and Sam are laughing hysterically flicking fingers at my half exposed super hard cock saying, “OMG look at that! It actually works!” Still groggy and out of it I am like, “Wha.. what? What works? Why am I tied… up? What the f*ck!!”

Nearly in unison they both giggle the words “V-i-a-g-r-a. Works!” in between squeals. “Huh? What the f*ck are you talking about?”

“We put it in your wine! A pill. We wanted to see if it worked!” Flicking my dick then grabbing my shaft with their fists and lifting it up they said “and obviously it does!!”

Massively humiliated I tugged against my tied ankles and wrists hoping to pull free but it was useless. My evil little elf cousins had completely punked me in the most embarrassing way possible. What could I do? Scream out? Wake the household? If I did they’d find me tied up naked with a massive erection so that wasn’t an option. I was truly at their mercy at this point.

Instead of mercy I got totally molested by them. I admit there are a lot worse things that can happen than getting my hard dick toyed with by my 2 hot cousins… but still!

Holding my dick straight up in the air they got a red marker (permanent one!) and said, “Lets make it a candy cane!!” as they grabbed and squeezed my rock hard shaft seemingly mesmerized by it. They pointed it up and drew a wide red spiral around my shaft from the balls to the head making it look striped like a candy cane. Then giggling and looking very naughty they tied a ribbon around the base right at my balls then toyed with my shaft tickling it and running their hands all over it. It was rock hard like a pipe! Then they said, “Mmmm we love candy canes!” and they both leaned in and started to lick my shaft wiggling their tongues all up and down it! Emma’s pierced tongue ball was especially noticeable wiggling around all over my shaft and head. All I could do was lie there and moan as I watched their little mouths and tongues lick and kiss my super hard penis all over. The more they licked and kissed my boner the more horny they got and soon they were grinding their wet little crotches against my feet and moaning seemingly lost in lust. It wasn’t long before they were dragging their wet lips and tongues up and down the sides of my shaft and putting my whole stiff penis into their mouths. Taking turns they started sucking me taking the shaft deep down in their throat one at a time then trading off. Soon they were deep throating almost my whole rod moaning about how big fat and hard it was. They sucked my cock like this for a good 30 minutes till I was moaning and ready to explode. A few licks later I did, blasting squirts of ejaculating cum up in the air and all over their faces like a geyser as they squealed all startled by it! I came and came over and over and they never stopped licking and stroking me even after I was already done. I felt so embarrassed but my dick stayed rock hard after anyway.

Next thing Emma jumps on top of me straddling my hips and starts grinding her wet crotch right against my shaft. Then she pulls her shirt off letting her perky tits pop out and leans forward sticking her boobs in my face going plain crazy on me kissing my neck biting my ear and humping me like a horny little rabbit. She reaches down and pulls her panties to one side, grabs my shaft and starts rubbing the head all around her wet pussy lips pushing it in! A moment later she is moaning and lowering herself down on my penis feeling it go right up her hot wet canal till it is all the way in to the balls. Moaning in ecstasy she starts rocking back n forth at first slowly then faster and faster till she starts bucking so fast it was like she was riding a galloping horse! With her tits jiggling all around and her hard nipples in my face she rode me like a wild thing while Samantha sat behind her spreading her ass talking about how hot my cock looked pumping in and out of her wet pussy. Emma came in spectacular fashion almost like someone having some sort of an epileptic fit. She shuddered for a good 30 seconds which felt like an earthquake to me making me cum again in the process.

Once she was done Emma and Sam traded places! The only difference was Sam’s boobs were bigger and she had no panties on and basically butt naked except for her rainbow knee high socks. At this point I didn’t have it in me to continue but my viagra pumped penis had other ideas I guess because it remained as hard and firm as when we had first started! Sam rode me squashing her big C boobies in my face while begging Emma to lick her ass which Emma gladly did. With a tongue in her butt hole, and hard shaft in her vagina, and her nipples in my mouth it didn’t take long for Sam to explode shuttering and bucking around on top of me with her wet pussy jack hammering my hard dick. Naked, wet and exhausted they lay on both sides of me breathing hard, sweating not saying a word. Soon we all drifted off in this state sleeping for much of the night till 5 am when I awoke to them kissing and rubbing my stiff penis all over their faces again!

It was death by nympho cousins and Viagra for my first Christmas gift. Not a bad death at all. Odd, somewhat humiliating, but never the less the most interesting Christmas experience I had ever had.

Opening presents in front of the family later that morning with both Sam and Amanda acting as if nothing ever happened was the most awkward feeling. Boy if they all only knew what happened in that bedroom just hours earlier!
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 01:15:52 PM
Name: Martha
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Regrets
Message:Made a lot of mistakes when I was a young girl. The first one was having sex with to many guys. Guys lasted me for one or two weeks and then moved on to another. I like sex and I liked it rough, not realizing I was building up a reputation of a slut and an easy girl to fuck. Thought all along I attracted guys easily, totally unaware that the nude pictures my previous boyfriend had taken of me were being passed around. I was public news and probably with stories about my liking kinky sex and roughly seduced. I guess I deserved getting gang banged during a party, but it was still embarrassing to get stripped by several guys and sexually ravished in a back room. The thing they did to me are better saved for a second story of "Regrets from a young girl"
Love Martha
Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 02:32:45 AM
Name: Ricky
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Shamed
Message:When I was 15 I remember my older sister telling me "I'm going to strip you naked in front of my girlfriends if you don't behave" She always acted like that when my mother went out and left her in charge of me. Thought she said to just to embarrass me in front of them. She was two years older than me and full of crap if she thought she could do it by herself. Wasn't counting on her girlfriends more than willing to help her. They ran after me, cornered me in back of the house and pulled my pants and underwear down. One of them was holding my shirt up so it wouldn't cover my dick. I was so embarrassed when they began play with it and my dick began to get hard.
"Look his dick is getting hard" and waited till it got fully hard. They were having so much fun, they decide to take all my clothes off and lock me out of the house. They drag me all they way around the house, dropped me in the front lawn and ran inside with all my clothes. Desperately knocked on the front door to let me back in the house and then is when I heard the neighbor girls saying "look Ricky is naked" and came running for a closer look. Even when I ran like hell towards the back of the house they jumped the fence, corner me sitting on the back steps, pulled my arms away to look at my dick. It was so hard I could hardly cover it and forced to show it while trying to get one on the windows to open. All I could hear was my sister and her friends telling me "how do you like everyone seeing you naked" from the second floor window. They left me out there long enough to make sure to humiliated as much as they could and for other neighborhood girls and boys to come running over. That day everyone so me as naked as the day I was born and completely stripped of all dignity. By the time they let me back in, everyone had seen every inch of me and the news spread like a wild fire and my nicknamed became Ricky Dicky. So embarrassed and humiliated I did dare tell my Mom about it. A memory that I still have fresh in my and will never be able to forget.
Love Ricky
Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 04:11:10 AM
Name: Sam
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: Kelli
Message:Do you need a ride? a male voices said a van pulled along side Kelli's broken down car. It was dark hot summer night and the only way for Kelli to get back home. She usually didn't accept ride from strangers, but this was an emergency that she couldn't pass up. She was wearing a short skirt, low cut blouse, high heels and could easily be mistaken for a hooker. She felt compelled by said she had been parting to clarify her attire. The guy was at least 10 years older than her and seemed on the level.
"Here jump in" as he got down and slid the back door open. There were two more guys sitting there and ended up sitting between them. She found herself pulling down her skirt, that had slid up to much when she sat down, and little embarrassed the guy sitting in front passenger seat looking down between her legs. The fact that she was riding down a lonely dark road with four men, made her a little nervous. Thoughts of being sexually taken advantage of did cross her mind, but friendly conversation made her relax. It was short lived as the van turned into a dirty road and kept heading further and further away form the main road.
"Where are we going" she said in sweet low voice.
"Oh just a short stop over" one to men said.
Kelli's worries came back and all she could think of was that she was out numbered, helpless and they could do anything they wanted with her. The van road up to what looked like a wooded barn and asked to get out of the van. Hiding the fact that she felt scared and vulnerable, they lead her into the barn and heard the wooden doors close and locked. She felt their hungry eyes scanning her body, while two of them held her arms and third one tied her wrists together.
"Haven't had a cup cake like you in a long time" one them said and another one saying "you must be a good fuck"
Kelli's world caved in realizing she was about to get stripped and sexually ravished and no pleading or crying for help would work. The end of the rope was thrown over a wooden cross beam and pulled up to get her stretched up in a standing position. Watching all four stripped naked waving the hard dicks at her, she could do nothing but wait to get gang fucked. Her skirt had hiked up almost revealing her panties, something she thought was complete stupid when you panties are about to be ripped off. One guy had such a big dick it was going to be very painful.
"Let's see those rosy nipples" as my blouse was yanked off to reveal my braless breasts and began to pinch my nipples to get them hard.
"Don't worry honey just let yourself go and don't tightened up"
as he pulled skirt and panties with one big yank.
"Wow she's all shave down here" as they held my legs in the air, spread my pussy lips and began fingering my clit and hole.
"Hear let me have a tastes" and began sucking me and wetting my whole pussy with his saliva.
"Yeah get her hot an horny before we do her holes"
Kelli hung there like a piece of nude flesh, realized her butt hole wasn't being greased up for nothing. A finger up her butt made her realize her pussy wasn't the only thing she was going to get fucked.
"God she's got a tight hole" as she felt his cock slide all the way up her anus, while the guy facing her was already fucking her pussy. Bouncing and swinging in the air between two dicks, was making Kelli moan. It was dirty sex but the feeling of having two dick inside her, was hard to keep her for getting horny. Humiliated and totally owned, she couldn't hide the fact that she was moaning and the verge of and orgasm. Having one would make her look like she was enjoy it and God knows what else they would do to her. As worried and embarrassed as she felt she till had one.
"Yeah baby keep screaming" as they pumped her harder and harder and pulled out before coming inside her and then filled up again with the next two men. That big dick was painful and couldn't explain how he managed to stick it into her butt hole. Seemed so big it felt like both dicks were touching inside her. Embarrassed about the moaning she had had another humiliating orgasm, witch made her feel like a dirty whore. Place on her knees, she knew it was far from over. Open mouth, pulled by her hair and a dick in her mouth, she was ordered to suck and swallow his whole load of hot sperm. Three others came after that one and literally Kelli ended up her face smeared and cum dripping from her breasts. Her butt hurt even more than utter disgrace she was going though. The bath they gave her by throwing cold water buckets of water over her and throwing her back into the van, told her it was all over. Riding naked in the van with her clothes in her lap, seemed much less embarrassing compared to what she went threw. Pushing her out in the outskirts of town made Kelli get dressed very quickly. Getting picked up by police and everyone knowing about it, she obviously wanted to save herself form further embarrassment and thought the best thing she could do was keeping it quiet. Convinced herself it had been only sex and not worth spoiling her reputation over some men that she would probably never see again. Torture or sex she wasn't the only girl that this has happed too. She'd soon maybe forget about in a couple of years and not worth loosing boyfriends because of it.

So there it his....Kelli's barn humiliation and hope you get turned on by it.
Love Sam
Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 12:27:43 AM
Name: Jimmy
E-mail address: not tellin
Subject: Sick Sister
Message:My sister always wears lose pajamas with no underwear. I know because she tease me and flashes her bare butt at me saying she does not like to wear underwear. One Saturday when no one was home I was watching TV and she came in saying she wanted to watch a show. I said too bad I am watching my show. She took the remote trying to change channel so I tried to get remote back but she would not give it to me. We started to fight and wrestle over remote but she would not let go. We would up on floor wrestling around fighting over the remote and her pajama pants were lose and slid down on her hips. Since she would not let go of the remote I grabbed her pajama pants on the sides and yanked them all the way off her feet really fast. I saw her bare pussy and butt and I laughed so hard. She jumped up with no pants on and came after me trying to get her pajama bottoms back but I spun around and would not let her have them back. She jumped on me all half naked and we fell to the floor again. She is strong so she pinned me down on my back sitting on my face with her pussy and ass smooshed right on my nose and mouth smothering me. She pinned me down and I could not get up, and she was kneeling on my wrists with all her weight so I could not use them. Worse I got a boner in like a minute and next she yanked my pj pants open looking at it laughing at me watching it wiggle around. She forced my pajamas all the way down t my knees and just stood there laughing staring at my hard stiff dick smooshing her pussy and ass against my face. She kept grinding her hips on my face tickling and flicking by boner till I could not control myself anymore and started cumming. She squealed watching my dick shooting squirt after squirt up all over my stomach and chest. Then she farted right in my face jumped up, grabbed the remote and ran out of the room laughing calling me a bitch!
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 12:54:07 PM
Name: Heng
E-mail address: Hengiko4342@freemail.com
Subject: Betrayed by 'friends'
Message:There was this new Asian girl at school. She was cute but very shy and nerdy and had no friends. Some other Asian girls in this clique befriended her saying she should be part of their group. They were having a party that weekend and asked her to come be part of it. They were very nice to her at the party at first. They introduced her to some boys and they all took funny pictures together giving her a lot of attention. They asked her if she was having a good time. She said yes and they all started winking at each other. They told her they wanted her to pose for more pictures. She seemed a little confused on why they were being so extra nice to her. They all gathered around her on this big couch / day bed they had in the room. Right in the middle of the cameras flashing and videos being recorded they signaled to each other then turned on her laughing, ganging up on her and pinning her down to the couch. One girl sat on her face pinning her arms down with her knees so she could not get up, while 2 others held her legs down. They pulled her shirt up her stomach to her bra line, then yanked her pants down wrestling them down to her knees. She was so embarrassed and begging for them to stop but they would not. She had skimpy black panties on and a pink bra. Her panties had rolled down a little and were barely covering her cooch and her pubes were showing. As much as she struggled she could not get her arms lose to cover so she was helpless to stop them from doing anything they wanted. Shamed and humiliated her bra was pulled up exposing her young boobs, and she was tickled and touched all over as they taunted her calling her a nerd and a loser. They kept pulling at her panties threatening to take them off next. She struggled so much she finally got one arm lose and reached down grabbing her panties trying to keep them from being pulled down. It was no use though. They wrenched her hands away then yanked her panties down exposing her vagina and pulled them down to her ankles along with her pants. Pinned down stripped naked from her boobs to her ankles they had their fun ticking and taunting her photographing her totally naked struggling around with her vagina and breasts on full show. They held her down in naked humiliation and shame for a good 15 minutes letting everyone at the party get their time ticking her, staring at her pussy, and photographing every inch of her naked body. Then she was forced over on her stomach and pinned down that way so everyone could slap and spread her naked ass to further shame her.

They eventually let her go but not before taking her pants and panties away and tossing her outside into the back yard bottomless and in complete naked shame. Having no place to go 1/2 naked she had to stand at the back door covering her vagina and naked butt begging for them to give her pants back. They taunted her through to door making her stand outside naked and begging for a good while longer before they gave her clothes back to her. Once they did they said that was her initiation test and now she could be part of their clique.
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 12:16:07 PM
Name: Adela
E-mail address: xx
Subject: Constant abuse
Message:In high school there was a boy named Andrew that boys never saw talking to girls. Low key and kind of effeminate everyone branded him gay. No body wanted to have anything to do with him, except laugh at him and do horrible things to him. They once put a pair of girls panties on his desk so everyone would see them when they came into class. I remember girls made fun of him just as much as boys did. I didn't think he was actually gay, but I had fun with him just as much as other girls did. You had to go with the flow or you'd end up being accuse of associating with him. Used to gather at break time talking about what could we next to him. He never complained to any teacher or principal so everyone knew it was safe to do anything to him and not get expelled.
"You know what they do to gays" said one of the boys.
Curious about what he meant, more than one of us asked him.
"Strip him in front of girls" he said "and see if he gets a hard on"
It was something boys were willing to do as long as girls were willing to watch and found out none of them wanted to miss it. I confess I myself thought it would be fun, kinky and arousing. The only thing left was when and where to strip him without anyone knowing.
"That's easy, the school's basement when everyone has left.
When everyone had left my girlfriends and I stayed back watching form the third floor waiting to see them go down to the basement with Andrew. We all quickly rushed down, locked the door and went down to the basement. They had already manages to strip his shirt, shoes, socks and Andrew was hanging on to his pants for dear life. He knew he was eventually going to end up naked and horrified it was going to be done in front of girls. His pants came sailing off along with his underwear and his dick popped out into view. Once naked held by his arms and his legs wide apart he surrendered. I guess the sheer humiliation of being exposed in front of everyone and girls looking at him. We could see his dick and all the way down to his butt whole, as they held his legs up a spread apart. I don't know if his dick got hard because boys had stripped him or because girls were looking at him. The truth was that girls went crazy wanking his hard on and feeling his tight nut sack while boys held him still. Gay or straight he still got the plastic part of a tampax inserted up his butt.
"That's what he likes" as they pushed it in and out and anally sodomized him. It was the most degrading thing we had see but still watched, purely because it was sexually turning us all on. Andrew got shamelessly fucked in the ass and hard to tell if he was gay or straight. He endured the utter shame of having butt hole publicly drilled with us girls watching the whole time.
Love Adela
Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 11:58:20 AM
Name: Helen
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: Out in the fresh air
Message:I used to wear pajamas to bed when I was a little girl. Wore them because my Mom told me it wasn't right for girls to sleep with nothing on. I hated pajamas bunching up and pulling as I turned in my bed. Stopped using them when I was 19 and went to college. I guess my dorm mates made my sleeping in the nude public news. Unaware that everyone knew must have been a temptation for a prank and a sexual turn on for everyone involved in it. I sure jealousy, for being prettier than other girls, was a great way humiliated me and degrade me. Made it through the first week of college fine, but then one night at 2am a group of girls stormed into my dorm room. One of the other three girls in the bedroom, one must have intentionally left the door un locked. They came strait to my bed, wrapped me up in my own sheets and began carrying down the hall. I remember the hall packed with guys and girls and embarrassed about not wearing anything under the sheet. Out the back door they took me, laid on the lawn and stripped off my sheet in front of everyone. Felt nothing but fresh air on my bare skin, girls laughing and guys feasting on my boobs and pussy.
"Show it all girl" they were saying while holding my arms and guys rushing up to have a look. Held down and legs spread, I don't think there was a single guy there that didn't grab my breasts or ran a finger up my pussy slit. I was out there to be displayed, groped at will humiliated and forced out of college. Enduring male sex comments, as if I were a cheap whore that everyone wanted to fuck, was to much to take. Being the shamed college girl was the reason I left college that very next morning. Never been so publicly humiliated and I guess being a girl that lived out of state was a blessing.
Love Helen
Friday, December 20th 2013 - 11:14:52 PM
Name: Celine
E-mail address: --------
Subject: Wild friends (adult story)
Message:Sara, Natalie, Elaine and me used to have get together parties on week ends with our boyfriends. We'd do it each week end on some ones apartment or house. Nothing better than a few hard drinks to get every one in a frisky sexual mood. Getting tipsy and happy was the best way to lower everyone's inhibitions and get them to play sexy dare games. My girlfriends had always talked about seeing all our boyfriends naked.
"You known like those nude male clothed female clips you see in the internet" Natalie said.
It sounded so erotic it was worth giving it a try. The truth was we all secretly wanted to see each others boyfriend in the buff. I for one thought you could have lustful thoughts for more than one guy and wouldn't mind seeing three other naked guys.
We began playing games and slowly working up to the big question of asking them to serve us some drinks naked.
"What" some said while others remain stoned.
"Come on we're all friends here" Elaine said to convince them.
They looked at each other for a few minutes and finally agreed to do it but with a big BUT.
"Will do it if you girls do the same"
Elaine quickly said "sure it's only fair" committing the rest of us with out even asking us.
"Ok here are the rules" said Elaine, telling them to strip in the kitchen and throw their clothes over the counters one by one. I think no of us thought they would dare do it, but out over the counter shoes, socks, shirts and pants began to fly over the counter and stack up on the floor.
"Now let's count the underwear" Elaine said as she turned her head towards us with a big green on her face saying "one, two, three, four their naked" and began serving up our drinks. Anticipating they would soon come out naked with drinks in their hands was making my juices flow. I had been feeling myself getting wet right from the time they said they would do it. Now my panties were drenched and my pussy stuck to them. Sure enough, as embarrassed as they looked, they filed out with drinks in the hands and waving their hard dicks at us. They bounced slightly with each step they took and ended staring at a dick three inches away from my face.
I think it was watching Elaine sucking dick what made me open my mouth. Turned quickly into a sucking contest to see witch one would cum first. Didn't even look up to see who's boyfriends he was. Just kept sucking while cold drops fell behind my neck form the drinks in his hands. So horny I had to rub my clit over my wet panties with my free hand.
"Here let me do that" he said as he knelt down, pulled my panties to the side and burying his tongue into my soaked pussy, while slowly pulling my clothes up and over my head. By them we were all naked fogging up the windows and even changing partners. Didn't care if one of my girlfriends was ravishing my boyfriend. I was way passed self control with this guy's hands all over me. He had a finger up my butt, his a thumb inside my pussy while twiddling my clit with his tongue. I could almost feel his fingers touching inside me. No one had ever done that to me and found myself liking it. Having his finger replaced by his dick really hurt, but once inside I guess my virgin stretched and didn't feel so bad after a few deep fucks. It was four hours of wild sex and loved every minute of it. Sinful, but it's good to play whore once in a while.
Love horny Celine
Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 01:07:37 PM
Name: Susana
E-mail address: ????
Subject: My wrost embarrassment
Message:I thought college naked pranks were greatly exaggerated. Sexy stories that were more sexual fantasies than anything else. I was wrong because one night I found myself thrown out on the hall of the dorm building completely naked. How did I end up in the hall like that? Fun prank by naughty room mates welcoming a new student. I never expected they were going to de towel me and lock me out on the hall. The worst was that guys were expecting a good bare ass show and that's not the only thing they wanted to look at. Overwhelming humiliation is what I felt when I saw myself locked out stark naked with nowhere to hide. Guys came out like flies to get a close look at the stranded naked chick. I could hear my room mates laughing behind the door and guys making comments about my boobs and pussy. "Let's have a look at it" as they pushed my arms away. I got groped front and back and lucky I didn't end up in a room with a dick in my pussy and another in my mouth. Felt up and paraded myself for a good 15 minutes before some girls let me in their room. Not the bitches that pushed me out to get groped and humiliated, but ones that took petty on me. Never the less it was traumatic and a degrading public embarrassment and hard to forget. My welcome to college I guess.
Love Susana.
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 01:58:49 PM
Name: Lisa
Subject: Locked my keys in the car
Message:So my apartment complex only allows one covered parking spot per apartment. My room mate takes that one so I have to park all the way on the other side of the complex. Anyway, a few nights ago after I got out of the shower, I couldn't find my phone so I figured it must be in my car. So I threw on just a robe (since it was around midnight) and walked down there. I searched my car high and low and didn't find it, so I went to leave, locked my door and shut it. When I walked away I felt a tug on my robe and realized I had locked a good chunk of my robe in the car door! That's when I also saw my keys inside the car. I panicked for a little before realizing what I had to do.. I looked around and made sure I didn't hear anyone coming, then I slipped out of my robe and immediately covered myself. I have rather large breasts and still being a little wet from the shower, it was hard to keep them under just one arm and there was no way at all I could cover my ass. I tip-toed around trying to hide as best as I could and eventually had to streak across the main parking lot completely naked and was seen by a few people who just laughed and I ran all the way up the stairs to my apartment and started knocking on the door like crazy! My room mate finally opens the door enough to see me naked and just starts laughing her head off! I begged her to let me in and she eventually did. I went out to my car the next day and found a note on my car saying "your other door was still unlocked..." I felt like such an idiot! I thought of a way to get back at my room mate though. That night when she was taking a shower, I found her handcuffs (shes kinky) and I burst through the door to catch her naked, unfortunately she was still almost dressed and she actually twisted my arm around and got my arms behind my back and used the handcuffs on me! I begged her not to but before I knew what was happening she was pushing me out the front door! Then she tossed my house keys off the 3rd story and the landed in the middle of the street that has a good amount of traffic! I started to run and get them but she grabbed me and said "not so fast" and before I could finish saying "no!" I felt my tube top, bra, shorts and panties slide all the way down to my feet as she pushed me forward by smacking my ass causing me to step out of my clothes and sandals, before I could turn around she already had all my clothes and shut the door! I had to run down stairs and eventually into the middle of the street to get my keys completely naked and handcuffed! A lot of cars saw me and honked! When I got back to my apartment and came back in, my room mate said if I try to get revenge again, she'll handcuff me to the street light completely naked and leave me there for the cops to find! I need to get back at her but in a way she can't turn it around on me, I'm afraid she might actually leave me naked in the street... any ideas?
Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 01:51:34 PM
Name: Freddy
E-mail address: XXX
Subject: Shamed
Message:Most of the boys and girls in my school signed up for the summer camp that our school had organized. They day finally arrived and two buses packed with students headed for the four hour trip to the camp. A nice place with pine woods, cabins and a swimming pool were we spent most of our time. I was sitting by the pool with my friend Jerry wearing our usual suffers baggie swimsuit, when some senior girls called me over.
"Let's see how high you can race your arms" the said.
Arms raced over my head they kept telling to raced them higher.
"Come on you can do better than that" telling me to lean my head back and stretch them higher.
Stretched and looking up at my arms this girl grabbed my swim suit and yanked it down to the floor. I'll never forget the feeling of my swim suit sliding down my legs, my dick popping out. Ended up totally stripped naked with my dick on display and five girls looking down at it. By the time I pulled my bathing suit back up the had see everything. Stood there breaking up inside with embarrassment watching my friend laughing his head off. I was 15 years old and getting stripped by girls was a very embarrassing deal for me. Took just a couple of hours for every one to find out I got stripped naked by girls and all five were telling other girls what my dick looked like. The worst part was the teasing and girls asking me to show them my dick. The things they told me just to make me blush were so embarrassing I never dared report any of them.
Love Freddy
Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 06:06:44 PM
Name: Drew.
Subject: a nasty prank
Message:we were at this party this kid was having for his birthday. We were down in his basement and his parents were upstairs letting us have our fun. We were all about 15years old.
Theres this one really ditsey blonde who is so gullible it almost a crime. We decided to play a game with her.
We had her sit in a chair in the middle of the room and we put a large sheet over her and the chair. It completely covered her and the chair.
Then we told her that theres something she needs to take off.
Pretty soon she threw her shoes out from under the sheet.
We all said "no that's not it."
A second later her socks came out.
"No that's not it either, theres something else you need to take off"
She was moving around and her shirt suddenly popped out.
"No, that's not it either, keep trying"
"oooooooh she moaned reluctant to remove anything else but we told her it was part of the game and she HAD to cuz she AGREED to.
A second later her shorts came out.
"No that's not it." We were all trying so hard to suppress our laughter. "Keep going"
Tentatively a hand came out holding her bra.
"Nope that's not it either"
"please no' she begged.
"Its part of the game. Come on just try one more time."
Her hand slowly came out holding her panties. She was now totally naked under the sheet at a birthday party with a lot of her fellow students and friends.
I tried to imagine what that would be like and felt a bit of moisture and a funny feeling down below.
We said "No that's not it"
She said "but I haven't got anything else on!!"
"What you needed to take off was the sheet!!" and with that we yanked it off leaving her sitting in the chair in the middle of us all completely bare ass naked.
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 05:14:00 PM
Name: Jake
Subject: Dirty secret with sister... no longer! (xxx)
Message:My step sister is dumb and gets bad grades. I'm smart and get all As so she begs me to do her homework for her so she won't fail and get grounded. In exchange I make her do strip shows for me in her underwear when no one else is around. She is skinny but really hot and sexy. After the first few times I started taking it further making her take off her bra to show me her bare tits or else I would refuse to do her homework. One day while she was doing her little topless dance for me I reached out and started peeling her panties down saying she needed to take them off. She tried to resist but again I said that I would not do her homework then. She let me pull her panties down and take them off so I could see her bare ass and pussy now. Her pussy was bare. She said she shaves off her pubic hair but not to tell anyone. Once naked I would make her stay that way and do all sorts of things like bend over, jiggle her tits around, play with her soft pussy lips. What ever I wanted. She has a great butt and asshole. I love girls asses so I make her lie face down on the couch naked and spread her ass for me so I can lick it and jerk off on it. She lets me and doesn't say anything as long as I do her homework. The other day after school when no one was home I made her take off her pants and underwear and give me a little show as usual. Them I made her take her shirt and bra off and get totally naked. I made her lie down on the couch and I played with her butt squeezing it and spreading her cheeks apart looking at her asshole. I buried my face in her butt and just rubbed my face all over and inside licking her asshole till I had a huge throbbing boner in my pants. I was so horny I wanted to stick my dick all the way up her asshole. She was like no way I never did that before so I said ok no homework then. She gave in and let me but it hurt too much and didn't fit in so she let me get some Vaseline and then I butt fucked her up the asshole for like a long time. She was biting on the couch pillow moaning as I pumped my boner in and out of her butthole like 100 times. It felt so good and naughty I didn't want to stop. I finally came right in her ass shooting the hugest load ever and then pulled my dick out. Her asshole was all open and stretched out and cum was everywhere. She said it hurt a bit but wasn't that bad. Her pussy was very wet I noticed. The next day after school I wanted to do the same thing again but she said that her butt hurt so she didn't want too. Again I said ok no homework then. She whined saying she had 50 math questions that she had to have done by tomorrow or she would get an F. I made her get naked again and give me a good show. She stuck her butt in my face and said I could lick her ass, suck on her tits, finger her pussy what ever I wanted. I did all that but still wasn't satisfied. I wound up making her lay face down on the couch over my lap with my hard dick in her mouth watching her round little butt wiggle as I ordered her t suck my dick. She had never done that before so I held her head in place pumping my dick in and out of her mouth deeper and deeper till she was gagging on it trying to push away. It felt so good I could not stop so I roughly pump fucked her face a few dozen times not letting her up till I came shooting a huge load in her mouth. She was wide eyed feeling the hot load hit the back of her throat and backed off causing a lot of sperm to squirt all over her face and in her hair. She looked so owned I just had to laugh at her.

Just then I heard a noise behind us and there was my step Dad standing there! He had come home early from work I guess!?! He looked totally stunned and didn't say anything. I was horrified and had no idea how he would react to seeing his own daughter completely naked, covered in cum getting face fucked on the couch by his step son. I felt like crawling off to a hole to just die!!! Without a word he just turned and walked away looking completely stunned. Now I don't know how to face him or if he's going to kick my ass or punish us!! I am so embarrassed I can't even think straight!
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 05:12:50 PM
Name: amanda14
Subject: Ruined at school
Message:I was new at school and kind of a loaner. A lot of girls didn't like me for what ever reason. I was new on the cheer squad and they seemed real jealous. One day after school I was walking to my locker after practice and saw some mean girls hanging out in the hall. I had to pass them to get to my locker. There was hardly anyone left at school since it was so late. They started taunting me and making fun of my new uniform. They ran up on me and this one smart mouthed bully girl René stood in front of me stopping me. She flipped my hair asking me why I thought I was so hot and accused me of being stuck up. She would not let me by. I never noticed her friend sneaking up behind me till it was to late. While René distracted me she came up behind me and yanked my cheer skirt along with my panties all the way down to my ankles in a flash. It totally shocked me! Before I could do anything René grabbed my wrists and held me long enough for the other girl to take my skirt and panties totally off leaving me naked from my waist down! I was horrified and even more so as René and her friends exploded in laughter and taunts. They dangled my skirt in front of me but would not let me have it back. I was stuck there cupping my bare pussy and butt crack with only my hands right in front of everyone in the hall. I got so embarrassed I took off running down the hallway bottomless and crying in complete shame at my naked humiliation. Everyone saw my bare pussy and naked ass. I got chased through the hall like this but they were faster so they caught up. They grabbed me and said they weren't done with me yet. I got my wrists grabbed again and roughly pulled over my head as the others yanked my shirt up past my head and up and off my arms. They left me on only my bra otherwise totally naked except for my shoes. René held me so I could not run, and let everyone have a good look at me. I tried to fight back but I was totally naked, humiliated and weak compared to them. René got me in a head lock and let people slap my ass and spread my butt cheeks. Just as this was happening I felt my bra get snapped open and pulled at. They were stripping me completely naked right in the hall at school and no one seemed to care or come to my rescue. They all were just cheering and laughing. My bra got yanked away exposing my small tits and everyone squealed in laughter as I got pushed out into a circle of kids for everyone to see. I was so humiliated I covered my boobs and pussy and tried to push through but René and her mean friends pulled me back by my hair and slapped me in the face ordering me to admit out loud that I am "a stuck up bitch" and "a dumb slut" or they would beat me up right there on the spot. I got slapped in the face and punched in the stomach basically beating me up totally naked for everyone else's pleasure till I gave in and said it. Then René ordered me to stick my finger up my ass and then put it in my mouth and suck on it! Again they slapped me around totally naked and humiliated till I gave it and did it. Kids were laughing and taking cell phone pictures and video of my humiliation. Finally a teacher down the hall saw the commotion and yelled out causing everyone to scramble in all directions. They left me there naked on the floor a with tears and mascara streaming down my face and didn't even leave me my clothes. They ran off down the hall cheering and laughing leaving me to be found by Mr Handler the English teacher. He helped me but not before he saw everything! I was so humiliated I could not go back to school for weeks and I heard kids were trading cell phone pics and vids of my naked humiliation and jerking off to them.
Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 04:06:18 PM
Name: Drew.
Subject: Switch
When I went to my first springbreak I was 18. We (6 recently graduated high school girls) went to Cancun. Of course there was drinking going on and so many hot guys there. We were walking on the beach, looking for excitement. Since it was spring break there were all kinds of parties everywhere.
We came upon a bunch of people looking like they were having fun, so being the more outgoing one I insisted we join in.
They were having a contest called 'switch'. They were needed one more girl before they could start the contest. I said "I'll do it". They said "sure" and gave me a number.
There was two small groups of about 15 each. One group of boys and one group of girls. What I had to do was find the guy who had the same number as me and we had to run into the ocean and switch clothes, then run back. The couple with the fastest time won a prise.
I found the guy with the same number. He was 6'3", black, and looked like a body builder. He was huge.
I'm about 5'3 and slim.
I was wearing a very tiny string bikini and he had on some baggy jams.
When it was our turn we raced toward the water, went in shoulder deep (my shoulders) and we took off our bottoms. We had decided it would be easier for me to untie them and put his pants on then he would hold my bikini bottoms up in front. I would go behind him, reach between his legs and grab the part hanging down, bring it between his legs and I'd tie one side while he tied the other.
When I reached between his legs it wasnt the bikini bottom I grabbed.
WOW. it was really.....long and big.
We finally got the bottoms tied and we got the top on him with no problem.
We came running out. I was trying to hold his pants up with one hand and cover my boobs with the other arm. He was trying to cover his huge penis and scrotum the best he could with that tiny triangle.
By the time we reached the beach his cock was hanging out of one side and his nut sack stuck out the other side. He was really embarrassed.
To make matters worse, standing around waiting for the others to run the course and having all those girls standing around trying to cover their boobs made him start to get hard. By the time the race was done he was fully hard. He had a ball sticking out each side of the bikini bottom and his now REALLY huge cock had come way out the top and was pointing up. He had both hands over it but it still peeked out.
But we had won.
We had to go up on stage in front of a rather large crowd to receive our prise. They handed us each a cup type trophy.
I kept my arm over my boobs, let go of the pants which fell immediantly to my feet, and held the cup in front of my crotch.
He grabbed the cup and stuck it on the end of his enormous boner. It only covered the first 6 inches which left a lot more exposed.
Exchnging clothes back is a whole other story.
Friday, December 13th 2013 - 05:28:06 PM
Name: Lisa
Subject: Tried to get revenge
Message:Ok so my friend Stacy and I both got pantsed by our friend heather. So I came up with an idea for revenge. The plan was simple, convince her to "swap clothes" with me at a department store and then when she's in her underwear we'd ditch her. So we got to the mall and started the plan. We used the excuse that she'd look great in my skirt and tube top. So we got her to do it and when she was in there she said she was going to get changed. She said she wasn't wearing panties and didn't have a strapless bra so she'd need to borrow mine even tho I'm a cup size bigger than she is. Anyway, my friend wanted it to look legit so she had me strip down in my own cubicle and right when I was naked Stacy asks "r u actually naked Lisa?" And I said "yea?" And with that I heard giggling and the sound of both Stacy AND heather running away! Leaving me in my dressing room completely naked! I waited until someone got changed next to me and left some clothes and then I crawled over and took them. It was just a button up men's shirt. I thought "what the hell" and put it on. It barely covered my ass and I used it to walk out of the store. No one stopped me so I got half way through the parking lot when I hear someone yell stop! I start running and my friends pulled up next to me and stopped the car and said "shit they're coming after u! Get in!" I got about half way in the car when heather pulled the shirt off me and said "omg ur totally naked under here?" And with that, she pushed me back out of the car totally naked! I screamed and they drove off laughing their asses off as I got grabbed and cuffed and marched right back into the store completely naked until they finally let me go. But they let me go without any clothes and I had to walk to my dad's car naked and so embarrassed :(
Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 11:28:41 PM
Name: Edwin
E-mail address: Anonymous
Subject: Short story
Message:Expecting the prank was over and they both would leave soon turned into wishful thinking. One kept watching out the small window on the lookout for someone coming up the walkway, as begged the other girl for my clothes.
"Uncover your dick" she said "an maybe I'll go out and get them"
"Your going to get into trouble for this you know" I said.
"An you are going to be really embarrassed when everyone show up and sees you like this" she replied laughing along with the other girls.
Face with the shame of being humiliated in front of the whole school, was something I wasn't looking forward to happen. I would surely become the laughing stock and the talk of the whole school.
"Ok so what do you what me to do"
"Step out and show us you dick" she told me "and be better be stiff"
Over coming the shame and hoping to get on their good side, thinking it was the only way out, I step out and uncovered myself. More worried about a teacher showing up, I stood in front of them getting and embarrassing hard on.
"Nice" one of them said as she grabbed my dick, slowly peeling back my foreskin to expose my pee hole.
"Is this like you play with it under the covers at night" she asked.
Not answering her question, I stood there totally stripped of my dignity overwhelmed with a mixture of embarrassment and horniest. My dick seemed to get harder and harder and felt like everything thing else was doing the same thing. My nuts contracted into a small tight sac and nipples went hard as rocks. They were getting off on it, I was trying my best to not cum and they were stroking it like the wanted me too.
"Come on let's see some loved juice" as she lightly tapped my butt.
I don't know how I managed to hold it in, because more than once I almost lost control. Then her girlfriend ran out came back a few seconds latter with my clothes and towel.
"Quick someone's coming" throwing my stuff on the floor as both ran way down the hall. Getting my dick down before other boys came in took a cold shower and facing the wall so they wouldn't see it. Just kept soaping up while it went down and no one noticed. I got winks and horny looks from those girls every time I walked by them, but at least they knew how to keep their mouths shout. Looked like they were both stripping me with their eyes and probably hoping for me to take another shower all by myself. Spent the whole year trying to catch them both naked but never could. Shame because they both were cute and would have looked sexy with in the buff.
Love Edwin
Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 12:19:55 AM
Name: Edwin
E-mail address: Anonymous
Subject: Short story
Message:I've kept it a secrete because I didn't want the whole school to find out two girls had caught me naked in a shower. Every one at that time were out on the baseball field watching the school team playing. Never like watching team games, so I decided to take my mandatory shower before dinner ahead of everyone else. I guess these girls were watching me the whole time as I walked towards the main building. Two girls that I had hardly spoken too because they were a 17 year and I was 16. Figured catching me in the middle of my shower was hard to resist. I was shocked when I so them walk in threatening to drop my clothes and towel out the back window. I was more worried of having to walk outside to get them, than embarrassed of having then looking at me naked. It was stepping out stark naked and parading myself naked when I began feeling what humiliation really felt like. Save that part for part 2. Love Edwin
Monday, December 9th 2013 - 11:16:56 PM
Name: Lisa
E-mail address: Lliissaa1122@gmail.com
Subject: Lesson learned in revenge
Message:In high school, one of my cheer mates used to tease me about the size of my breasts because in some of the jumps, she said the "flopped around" which wasn't true. I have 34D's but I'm pretty skinny and short. So anyway, one day we had a bet to see who could do the most flips on a trampoline and I bet her $50 I could do more. I lost and never paid her. I made excuses the last two weeks of school and then never saw her again. Well about a year later I guess she turned into this crazy rocker chick and dropped out and became all weird. I saw her one night while I was jogging by the school. It was in a neighborhood about 1 mile from my house. She was in a car with her friends and she pulled up and they all got out and she starts getting up in my face about owing her money. I told her I don't have any money and she said for me to take her to my house and get some. I didn't want her to know where I lived so I said I'm broke. Then her friend said they're not leaving empty handed. They told me to give up my clothes or they were gonna cut off my hair. We argued for a bit and the next thing I know, I'm not standing in front of them completely naked, handing over my panties as my last stitch of clothing. They laughed at me and then one of them spun me around towards where I came from and gave me a slap on the ass and I just took off running covering as best I could. They were dying laughing as I ran, cursing at all the stones I was stepping on. By the time I got home, I know a few cars and a few neighbors saw me naked. I had to crawl in the doggy door to get inside. What's worse is later when they found out I called the cops on them, they found me and taped me to a pole at our old high school in just a towel. And right before she left I said "u can't leave me here like this!" And she said "don't worry I'm not" and ripped my towel off and said "I'll leave u here like THIS" and they all laughed walking away waving my towel like a victory flag. It was so embarrassing
Monday, December 9th 2013 - 10:43:58 PM
Name: Mike's Hard
Subject: Sister's Friends Sister PART TWO
Message:Sister’s Friend’s Sister PART TWO
XXX Content Warning

With Sally and Tabitha holding my arms and Kelly sitting on my legs really on top of my thighs all of them laughing at my boner in my still wet still white and still see though boxers, I demanded to know what was going on Kelly got off me and went and got a roll of duct tape and had Tabitha & Sally hold my wrists to the metal frame on Kelly’s day bed and taped me to the frame. Kelly than asked if I was going to resist them or play along cause If I resist them they would also tape my ankles to the bed frame and that they would call more girls over to come and see me like this they left me think about it as they left the room.
They came back in about 10mins later with Kelly’s backpack and put it next to the bed, Sally than spoke up and ask if I was going to play along or resist I said I would play along as long as they don’t call anymore girls, because I was already humiliated and it would get worse when Tabitha said he’s gone soft as the girls laughed Kelly said looks like he needs some situation as she reached in her back pack and pulled out two vibrators one pink the other blue they were only small maybe 5’’ in length Sally was loving every second of this. Sally asked “what was next?” Kelly told Sally to do the honors I was wondering what that meant when Sally got on top of me and started to kiss me and feeling my chest and pulling on my nipples than she took her shirt off and gave me a motorboat she was wearing tight blue jeans & a red bra than she began kissing my neck and chest than she hooked her fingers in my boxers and pulled them down and all the way off.

Now naked and taped to Kelly’s bed my dick stared to get hard yet again as they started laughing again Tabitha & Kelly smiled at each other and turned both vibrators on and started at my nipples and very, very slowly moved them down my body till they reached my at half mass cock Kelly put the pink vibrator on my dick head and Tabitha put the blue vibrator running it up and down my shaft I was getting harder by the second and to top it off Sally was starting to stroke my cock as Tabitha put the blue one on my balls I was now hard rock hard and was moaning than seconds later I came all over the vibrators & myself and all 3 girls hands, the girls were cracking up with Tabitha saying “I can’t believe we just did that.”
“I know that was great, good idea Sally.” Kelly said, that’s when Sally came clean if you will as her and Kelly were wiping up my cum off them, me and the vibrators. Sally told me this was all a plan set up by her and Kelly manly because I was so much smaller and shyer than the other boys in our class. Kelly said it was only fair that she and her friends got to see my cock because my friends and I saw her pussy Kelly went on to say after her sister said that her friends brother would be spending the night and Kelly realised it was you well we set you up to see your cock. Than Sally said that all of them would make me cum by the end of the night they asked me if I will still go along with it. I was like hell yeah this was sweet and the best night of the sexually life but I did not say that to the girls so however after telling them I will comply to them let me go but I remained naked for the rest of the night each of the girls jacked me off till I came and than they make me shower as the girls watching me shower and made me jack off myself till I came.

After the shower Tabitha & Sally went home about 1 am and Kelly and I went to sleep. In the morning Kelly woke me up I was sleeping on the couch in the basement, As she was on top of me I was shocked as she covered my mouth and said that she got a call from her sister and her and my sister would be over in about an hour has she reached down my boxers and stated playing with my dick Kelly was in a matching green bra & panties set now with my dick hard I reached down Kelly’s panties and started fingering her we now sat up and started masturbating each other till I came again after about 40 plus minutes of our playing with one another she said we should stop our sisters would be hear soon and good thing we did cause five minutes later they came throw the front door.

Kelly and I fooled around for months after that and I lost my v card to her. But following the March break she went to another school and I never saw her again, whoever the memories will last a life time.
Monday, December 9th 2013 - 08:25:50 PM
Name: Becky
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Girl talk
Message:I remember boys telling me and my girlfriends how they caught a boy name Jeffrey stroking his dick in the bathroom. They open the toilette door and found him with his pants and underwear down to his ankles with his hand on his dick.
"What did he do" "was his dick hard" "was it big" "was he embarrassed" were some of the girls questions. Realizing he'd be so embarrassed about everyone finding out, it would be easy to forced him to show us his dick.
Jeffry was horrified when we confronted him about it on his way home from school. He pleaded we us to not tell any one else about it.
"That depends on what your willing to do"
When we told him had to strip naked and jerk himself off he said "no way"
Threatening to tell all the girls in school made him quickly change his mind.
"Ok I'll do it as long as boys are not watching and promise to not tell anyone"
We walked far enough into the woods so no one could see and watched him strip naked. His dick was already stiff as a board when slipped his underwear off. It was pretty big for a 14 year old embarrassed boy about to wanking his dick in front of girls. Naked, lining against a rock with his clothes piled up by his side, he kept asking if it was enough and could he put on his clothes back on.
"Not until you we see you cum"
I think watching his dick shouting out sperm all over the ground, was the sexiest moment ever. It was seeing moaning and humiliated, what me soak my panties, something that probably happed to other girls. Jeffry kept his promise and we did also. It must have been terribly embarrassing for him, but I personally loved every moment. Especially all the wonderful orgasms I had later fingering my pussy and having fantasies of having him between my legs licking it dry.
Love horny Beckey
Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 02:34:33 AM
Name: vectorspace
E-mail address: flowerrootpearl@hotmail.com
Subject: Sister Brother Naked
Message:My sister Marcia stood naked in front of her door, drying herself off after her shower, letting me see her through the crack in the door, knowing I was going to pass by there after my own use of the bathroom for a shower. I was walking back to my room in only a bath towel when I saw her. She faced the door frontally, so I saw everything. I backed off so that she would not see me peeking at her, voyeur that I was and was obviously invited to be. I wanted to be naked with her, so in my safe vantage point, pretended to be naked with her by dropping my towel and becoming naked outside her door, I thought unbeknownst to her. There we were, essentially both naked in front of each other, although me secretly as I thought. I got an erection looking at her, and started to masturbate, although I knew this was strange at first. I wanted to orgasm so badly though. I was naked and stroking my erect penis as she whispered suddenly, "You can come on in if you want."

I was taken aback, but knew that she knew I was there, so I started to inform her that I was, well, hard, but she interrupted. "Are you hard? It's okay if you have an erection, I don't mind. Come on in and we can both be naked."

I went in, and we faced each other completely naked, me with an erection. I came over to her. We were both grinning sillily, knowing this was weird, but exciting.

"You can touch my breasts if you want to," she said, still grinning. I did touch her, and we stood there naked in front of each other, me stroking her naked breasts. She reached over and began stroking my penis. "I love feeling you hard. I always wanted to touch you. You can spurt if you want to, I don't mind."

It was hard not to let go, and with her honest words, continued stroking her, and even began feeling her vagina. We both stroked each others' penis an vagina. I did not even try to hold back as we both enjoyed it, getting hornier and hornier, and finally let go as she said I could. My warm sperm came spilling out into her hand, which made her stroke me faster and also breathe harder herself as I stroked her faster, and we both came together. My ejaculating penis made a mess all over her hand and legs, and she smiled while she watched me spurting.

That was it. It was an introduction to each other that we repeated several times over the years.
Friday, December 6th 2013 - 06:06:55 PM
Name: Mike' s Hard
Subject: Sister's Friend's Sister PART ONE
Message:Sister’s Friends Sister PART ONE

At this time I was in grade seven, age 13 and my sister was in high school age 17 my parents went to Niagara Falls for a few days and left my sister to watch me how ever she wanted to go to a party with her friend Christine and Christine had the same problem she had to watch her sister Kelly. See Kelly & I were in the same class and I had no idea that her sister and mine were best friends, now me and Kelly talked and a few times but we didn’t really know that much about each other.

So about 2 weeks before this night a friend of mine Andre told me that this girl showed him and 3 other boys her pussy, Kelly was always in skirt even in the winter months so me and my friend Richard were dumb founded in to how he had pulled it off to let Kelly show here most private area to 4 boys.
Richard asked “So Andre what did u guys say to her to make her show the goods?”
Andre replied “We were just talking and she asked us if we wanted to see something cool.”
Andre continued We said sure and she lead us to the basketball court and sat on the beach and told us to sit on the ground as she said “It’s time for my private showing” and with that Kelly spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side exposing her vagina.
So the following week other boys also saw Kelly’s vagina and she would just let who ever take a long look finally the day came when I saw my first pussy thanks to Kelly it was at lunch time her and her friends Tabitha and Sandy were playing baseball and myself, Richard and our friend Mike went over to Kelly and ask to see her goods. Richard was the one who asked and our wish was granted Kelly told us to sit on the ground as she sat on the bench and pulled her skirt up and we saw blue panties with pink stars on them and she pulled them to the side and there it was it seemed like a hour we were looking at her most private area when in reality it was only like 20 to 30 seconds.
So we felt like we hit the jackpot in the lottery it was awesome and Kelly went back to playing baseball with her friends while Richard & Mike and I were in heaven.

This took place on a Friday and I slept over at Richard’s and the whole night we talked about how hot we both thought Kelly was.
So the following week on Friday was the party that my sister and Kelly’s sister Christine were going to witch end up being at my house I was unaware when my sister Nikki said that I would be staying the night a Christine’s house with her sister so when we got to Christine’s house I was shocked to say the least when Kelly answered the door she seemed shocked to but that was all an act as I would find out later on.
So Christine and Nikki were getting ready as me and Kelly were watching TV and I was watching Kelly more than I was the television cause Kelly was in a hot pink bikini top and matching bottoms with blue cotton shorts she than asked if I wanted a drink so she went and got us some sodas when my & her sister came down stairs and told us they were leaving and won’t be back till the morning and left some money for a pizza and left the phone # to the house were the party was in cause of any problems.
We said our goodbyes and they left Kelly than said well let’s take the grand tour
She took me all over the house until we got to the backyard she said she was going in to the hot tub and ask if I wanted to join I said sure but I don’t have any swim trunks she than asked if I was wearing underwear I said yes she said she said you can go in wearing your boxers is fine with me, as she took off her shorts and got in the hot tub. I undid my belt and took off my pants showing off my white boxers and took my shirt off and realised I had white boxers on, but it was too late so I got in we were sitting in the middle but on opposite sides of the hot tub, Kelly than told me not to be shy. With that I mustard up the will to sit next to her; we were sitting there talking when Kelly startled me asking if I thought she was cute.
I said are you kidding me “you are hotter than the sun.” I know weak line hey I was 13 and still shy around girls Kelly was a blond beauty and had a sweet ass and leg to boot. She smiled and started making out with me, I was happy as fuck and started to get a hard on, when we heard a noise it was her neighbour and she got off me and said that the neighbour Mr. Henderson was friends with her dad and if her dad found out she would be in big trouble and she said lets head up to my room.
After her neighbour went back inside she got out and gave me her towel and I dried myself and grabbed my clothes and gave her the towel to dry off, than she lead me to her room where she shut and locked the door she said I could get changed now I asked where she would like me get changed she stared laughing and said right hear she told me I owed her since I saw her pussy she said it was only fair to see mine penis.
Kelly than told me to stand up as she came closer to me she said I know you had a boner in the hot tub and she took my hands and put them on ass and asked me if I liked it. I said hell yeah than play with my tits she said so I did as my dick started to get hard again she yelled out “I like it when your hard.” Suddenly from the closet behind us came Tabitha and from under the bed came Sally Kelly’s friends
I was in shock as they grabbed me and pushed on Kelly’s bed with my rock hard cock pitching a tent in my still a little wet see though white boxers …..

I knew I was in trouble Part Two is on It’s way……

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 04:44:36 PM
Name: Sara
Subject: Joke or abuse
Message:I remember fallowing girls out to the college football field, because they had tied one the guys naked to the flag pole. Sure enough, when we got there he was strapped up to the pole completely naked with his semi hard dick pointing at us. I don't know how many pictures were taken of him and eventually ended up with a full hard on. He looked so humiliated having a bunch of wild college girls look at him with no clothes on and feasting on erection. Mean full or hate full he had no choice but to endure the shame. Sucks to know that half the girls in college saw him naked and hard. Checked him out for something like a half hour before cutting him lose. There are still pictures of him passed around from girl to girl. College is so much fun.
Love Sara
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 09:20:22 PM
Name: Carrie
Subject: the Stupidest thing I've ever done..... was sunbathing in my underwear at my friends house.
Message:Embarrassed in underwear in front of friends big brother and other boys.

the Stupidest thing I've ever done..... was sunbath in my underwear at my friends house.

We were 12 and home alone at my friend's house, it was really sunny and she had a private back garden with high walls and no neighbours that look in. She suggested we sun bathe and after looking for me one of her spare bathing suits to borrow she suggested i just lay out in the sun in my underwear. It would just be me and her so i didn't care about her seeing me.

We lay there for a few hours and I remember falling asleep. She was wearing a cute blue bikini and shorts, I on the other hand was in a pair of quite childish pink panties with a princess on the crotch, a yellow trim and yellow star pattern across the side and bum. I had on a small white bra, (my first real one) which I had stuffed slightly.

I was dozing and my friend heard a noise from inside so she walked in to check on it. It was her brother who had just turned 14 with some of his friends who where 13 to 15. She was quite embarrassed to be caught in her swimwear but before she could warn me they grabbed her and stuffed her in the the storeroom. I was still sleeping as they came out and found me in my panties and bra. I was laid on my belly so they got a great view of my cute little bottom. They stole my clothes that were piled up next to me and took them inside to hide them.

I remember being half asleep and felt a strange feeling as one of the boys tried to pull my panties down slightly in back without waking me up. I heard suppressed laughed as my little pale bumcrack came into view. I thought i was dreaming until i felt my bra strap being fiddled with. I woke up in shock suddenly surrounded by teen boys only in my underwear. I made a grab for my clothes but they were nowhere to be found.

Luckily i think the boys were too nervous or i’m sure they would have stripped me naked!

However they did lock me out of the house with the boys watching me through the glass door. They made me put my hands on my head and spin for them showing my bra and knickers totally before they’d let me in. Once in they had lots of fun watching me run around totally ashamed and embarrassed in my underwear trying to find the rest of my clothes. They told me if i took off my bra they’d give me my clothes back. I refused and a couple of times I felt a sneaky hand trying to unclip my bra but the unskilled boys failed. eventually i managed to escape and lock myself into the bathroom.
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 10:39:20 AM
Name: Jasmin
Subject: To Drew
Message:My dumbest thing was trying to defend myself on the beach from a girl that was brothering me. My second mistake was doing it in a bikini, having her girlfriends backing her up and boys getting ready to see a good fight. I was absolutely sure I could kick her ass, but ended up on the ground getting my face slapped with boys telling her to rip my bikini off. My scared girlfriend ran away when she heard boys shouting "strip her naked" and "let's see her pussy" Felt her girlfriends loosening my bikini strings and pulling it off, while having this girl sitting on top of me.
"Look the cunt is totally shaved" laughing and holding my legs apart so boys could look and slide fingers inside me.
"She won't be needing this either" as my top was ripped off and nipples went hard with all the touching and pinching.
"Not so tough with out clothes bitch" said the girl sitting on top of me, adding if I liked boys looking at my goodies. Totally owned, speechless and humiliated, I didn't seemed to feel the slaps on my faces. My main worry was having boys and other people on the beach seeing me like that. I guess I was lucky the few people around were so far away they could see what was happening. On the other hand having them nearer might have been of some help. Lucky or not, I was being dragged into the bushes where no one could see anyway. Once out of view, I was shocked to hear a girl say to boys "here's your chance to eat her pussy"
Held with my legs spread, a boy buried his face between my legs and began sucking, while girls cheered telling him to make me cum. He was the first of three other boys waiting for their turned. Having my pussy sucked in front of everyone and eventually forced into orgasm, was the worst humiliating feeling I had ever been forced to endure. I guess the flesh is weaker than the mind and easy to give in the pleasures of sex. Each one of those boys suck me in deferent ways and difficult to prevent not getting horny. There were moments of giving in to sexual pleasure and feeling guilty about it. It was after they let me go, stranded me naked out in the open with nothing to cover myself, when the real embarrassment set in. How was I going to get home? was the problem I was facing. Only idea was making my way up the beach to some strangers in hope for at least a towel. Didn't have much but to asked this young couple and humiliated myself in front of her cute boyfriend and hit a ride home with them. Had nightmares about it for days and months, but also admit having wet dreams. I guess public humiliation can be arousing and erotic. Found myself think later, witch of those moments I enjoyed the most.
Love Jasmin
Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 02:00:33 AM
Name: Janie
Subject: Stupidest thing I've ever done.....
Message:About the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life was to pick a fight with another girl. It happened playing in elementary school out on a field. I saw a pair of sunglasses lying down in the grass, only she picked them up first before I could get to them. She was a lot faster than I was. Since I saw them before she did, I asked her to give them back to me. Only she wouldn't, so I decided that I would just take them. As I grabbed them, we got in a shouting match after I pulled the glasses out of her hand. I was a taller and bigger, so I imagined it was over, and that I'd won. Only it wasn't at all.

I'd never really thought it would come to a fight, although I suppose I imagined I could beat her if it did -- my mistake! When she let go of the glasses, I'd imagined they were mine and started to look at them, getting ready to try them on. All of the sudden....

WHAM!!!!! She punched me right in my face, just as I was totally preoccupied examining my new-found glasses. I was shocked -- I just stood there stunned for a moment, but before I could say a thing or even offer to give them back, SLAAAM! She pushed me over. In a heartbeat she was on top of me, pounding the ears on the side of my head, not grabbing for the glasses but beating on me instead. She alternately punched me about the face, quickly turning my glee into tears. This little she-devil -- if that's what you'd call her -- had destroyed my self-image in a heartbeat. I’d never realized I couldn’t take care of myself. She was straddling my chest delivering blow after blow I'd never imagined any little girl could, hardly me, but certainly much less her.

Before I could force the glasses back into her hand she was squeezing the air out of my chest, sitting across me with her legs up onto my neck. I was so terrified that she was going to choke me to death that I didn't really think to object when some of the other kids ran up to watch my beating, even though my skirt was riding up and I'm sure that they could all see the panties that I wore underneath. That day I'd wished they had been shorts.

"Peggy!!! Stop it! You're choking her.... stop it, and get a hold yourself girl!!!" one of the boys among the kids standing around screamed. They were all trying to drag Peggy off of me by then, only she wasn't done. It only made her madder. Still sitting on my chest she twirled herself around over me so she ground my shoulder down into the grass, staining the back of my pretty white cotton blouse as she brought her legs up so they saddled my arms, pinning me down even harder than before white her now facing my legs and feet. Easily she slapped the guys’ hands away as she continued. Someone was shouting, "Run! Go get a teacher! Fight fight!!!"

With a crowd of eight or ten kids, all my friends, and even the girls from another class, she started to wrestle with me at my ankles facing my legs, forcing them apart. Suddenly I felt like I could do nothing. As if I was in a dream, Peggy pulled my knees up and forced my heels down as she pulled me up exposing my bottom to the cool air around my gangly legs. I felt strangely calm even though my bottom was now in plain view under her control.

She doubled down with her chest over my lower half holding my legs up, as she began delivering slap after slap -- no -- hard blows from her muscular little arms that smacked me across my butt, as if she could do with me just what she wanted, only she did. The cotton fabric covering my skin was the only saving grace I had between her hand and me. With eight or ten firm smacks across my fully exposed panties, she suddenly stopped and just started laughing. It was before the teacher ever got there to end my misery, dragging her off to the principal's office in response to my prayer.

"There, Janie, I hope that teaches you a lesson!!! Don’t you ever try and take anything from me ever again!!! Understand me??? You hear?"

I nodded that I did.

Struggling to her feet she then picked up “her” sunglasses, leaving me a rumpled mess on the ground. All my friends stared at her in wild disbelief, with me still whimpering from the sound beating she had just delivered, my dress still pulled up in total humiliation revealing my panties as if I dared to pull it back down, afraid to move lest she repeat what she had just done.

And none of the other kids in fourth grade who saw my beating ever said a word, though I never asked them about it. But trust me no one ever messed around with Peggy L. after they had seen or heard what this small, smiling unpretentious pretty little red-headed girl had just done to her playmate who appeared to be several inches taller and physically larger over a scratched up pair of sunglasses. Some girls just can't fight.....

Oh my gawd!

luv, Janie
Friday, November 29th 2013 - 09:12:42 PM
Name: Gabie
E-mail address: Anonymous
Subject: A boy named Phil
Message:I was 17, student at Brandon High School, when I saw some senior boys pulling a humiliating prank on younger boy. I was in an indoor court practicing volleyball with other team girls, when we heard a commotion on the hallway and a boy yelling "let me go" Looked like they were dragging him towards the court by his legs, but then noticed he was completely naked. The boy kept screaming and struggling to break himself free, but ended up getting dragged into the middle of the court stark naked. Desperately trying to cover himself at times and others unable to do it. He found himself surrounded by girls with arms held back so we could see his penis. A typical prank done to younger boys by exposing his sex to girls. A prank that most boys never reported out of embarrassment and one that girls loved to watch. Don't know if the stripped him or pulled him out of the shower. I don't think there was a single girl there that wasn't thrilled about it. It was sexy to watch a boy naked with a hint of boner and if left exposed long enough he would have gotten a full one. Boys seem so unable to keep it down. Especially arousing was the fact that he looked so embarrassed by being forced to show it and then having to run into the bathroom. Personally I could look at naked boys all day if the were forced to not wear clothes. Boy just don't know how far they can take a prank.
Love Gabie
Thursday, November 28th 2013 - 10:49:35 PM
Name: Gloria
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: Personal story
Message:I was 17 when this happed to my 14 year old brother.
Came home on day with two girlfriends from high school and found my brother sitting on the side steps of the house completely naked. Thought he had popped out of the house with no clothes on and had gotten locked out. Found out later my step mother had punish him so he wouldn't sneak out to the street with friends. He was sitting there doubled up, embarrassed and trying to cover himself. He looked like he wished the earth would had swallow him, when he saw me and my girlfriends walking up to him. Of course my girlfriends thought it was funny and didn't waist any time making jokes. Jokes that went from "stand up and show us your dick" to lending a pair of panties. Don't know if my step mother knew we were out there, or just left him out there on intentionally to shame him. All I know is that we pulled his hands away from his dick, pushed him backwards and took a good look. Sexiest part was, while looking at his dick he got a full blown embarrassing hard on right in front of us and it was much bigger then we ever thought.
Wednesday, November 27th 2013 - 04:26:03 AM
Name: Lisa
Subject: Rock and a nude place
Message:I used to have sex with my boyfriend in a friends apartment. She used to tell me I could used it any time I felt like it. I was 17, my boyfriend 18 and had gone there many times. Apparently all our friends knew about our love nest, probably through her. Unaware that a mixed group of male and females friends had sneaked in to catch us in the act, never went through our minds. We pulled a sheet over ourselves when we heard the lock being picked and the word "surprise" as they all gathered around us. Both embarrassed as hell, with my boyfriends hard dick sticking up through the thin sheet, it was obvious that we were both completely naked and stuck in a very humiliating situation. Our clothes were bunched up behind them, no way to get at them and soon were gather up and taken out of the room.
"Let's see some cock and pussy" as they grabbed the thing sheet and yanked it off, leaving us stark naked on the floor.
"Don't mind us just carry on" they said laughing.
Laying there speechless covering my tits and pussy and my boyfriend with his hands over his fully erect dick was the only thing we could do. They weren't going anywhere and determined to get a sex show.
"How about some steamy oral sex" one of them said.
"Yeah let's see some good sucking and pussy eating" said someone else.
Stuck between a hard floor and a nude place, we realized putting on a sex show was about the only way out. Coached into oral sex and fucking doggie style, was about the worst humiliating thing I've ever done in front of group. There was something for every male and female there to get sexually turned on. Seemed like every time we performed a sexual act, they were asking for deferent sexual position. They wanted to see everything and knew they could force us to do it. Embarrassing positions that gave everyone a clear view of my completely wet crotch. There was nothing they didn't see up close and feasted on. Felt extremely humiliated by having a orgasm I couldn't hold back. Felt humiliated and aroused at the same time and felt like a slut for having it in front of them. Ended up sucking my boyfriends dick and swallowing his load of sperm with half of dripping out of my mouth.
I had been seen naked while nude swimming with most of them, but having sex in front of them didn't make it any less shameful. An intimate act that you just don't do in front of others and something that years after, would think as the most erotic and arousing act I had ever done. Love Lisa
Saturday, November 23rd 2013 - 02:19:12 AM
Name: Ron
E-mail address: xx
Subject: Strip clubs
Message:Always went to topless bars with other guys. I guess that's what guys in their twenties do when they are single. Drink beer and get a hard on watching girls dancing in just g strings. White girls, brown girls, black girls, latinas and even Chinese. A little expensive when your drinking beers and sticking 10 or 20 dollars in their g string. Use to go with three or four guys at a time and some times by myself. Not the best neighborhood to go alone, but went so often I figured they knew me. Alone one day, a guy sitting next to me told me their was a club were girls danced without their g string.
"Bare ass naked" he said and not far form where we were.
Ended up going to this sleazy cheap club, pushed into a back room and mugged by a bunch of bad ass brutes. I gave up my watch and money gladly, while a few strippers looked on in skimpy clothing. Thought once they took what they wanted, I would be on my way out thinking they would never check anything else.
"What about your shoes" they asked me.
I had an extra $60 stuffed inside and a bunch of mad dudes, when I took them off and they fell out. The last thing I wanted to hear was stripperstelling them to strip my naked and "let's see his cock"
I ended up stark naked, scared and sleazy females grabbing my dick.
"His all yours" they said as they walked out with my clothes leaving me nude with a bunch of female strippers.
One of them was jerking my dick to get it hard and seemed like a soon as I pushed one away, there was another two grabbing my butt cheeks.
"Let's see if your tongue is longer than your dick" as she took off her g string and pointed at her bared pussy telling me "suck it"
Getting raped by females was all I could think off. Threatened by having the guys throwing me on the street naked, I just got down on my knees and began preforming oral sex on her and them two more that came after her. My whole face was nothing but a big smear of pussy juice, most of it up my nose and down my throat. I was groped at will for I don't know how long and then my dick yanked and sucked dry of every drop of sperm. Figured ejaculating would end the rape; the rape that I would never be able to tell anyone about. I'd be the laughing stock if I ever told anyone I got raped in strip club by a bunch of female strippers. Only good thing about it, is that guys don't get knocked up and don't have to rush to the get a pregnancy kit. Love Ron
Thursday, November 21st 2013 - 02:36:17 PM
Name: Edgar
Subject: Boarding school
Message:I remember having to go to boarding school in Spain, because my parents thought it was the best way for me to learn the language. It was and all boy school named Alazan. I was 14 years old and not to crazy about spending weeks and weekends locked up in a school. Suitcase in hand with all my clothes tagged with my name, one of the teachers showed me where I would be sleeping. Being the first day, the school was pretty much empty except for a few boys hanging around outside. She gave me a quick tour around and then showed me the school's infirmary, where I would go for my compulsory check up. Remember walking into the infirmary, where this young nurse lead me into and room, told me to take my clothes off while she field out papers. I was kind of embarrassed about undressing in front of her, because she was pretty, young and sexy. I could feel my dick twitching inside my underwear and preying to God that it would go hard on me. Lead into another room, she went through the usual routine steps. Checked my blood pressure, ran her hands all over me, turned around to lock the door and asked me if my dick was hard.
By the time I worked up the courage to admit I did, she pulled my underwear down with her left hand and stroking my dick with other.
"It's alright" she said "boys normally get these" as she slipped my whole dick in her mouth and began sucking it.
Couldn't believe she was sexually molesting me, but she got me so hot and horny and it felt so good, I didn't make any effort to push her away. She did practically everything to me except fucking me. Things I had never done yet with a girls, but soon found out what a wet pussy tastes like. She was totally naked under her white uniform and she made sure to guide my tongue to all the right places and think she had and orgasm. Didn't think I was going to cum, but having a finger up my butt hole and getting my dick sucked, I finally did inside her mouth. Swallowed every single drop of it and left my dick clean as a whistle. My sexual check up had ended and walked out totally amazed of what had just happed. She knew I would never say anything because I liked it. Besides keeping it a secret would make my next check up very pleasurable. Just wandered how many compulsory check ups I needed in during the year.
LOve Edgar
Sunday, November 17th 2013 - 02:07:33 AM
Name: BoyStrippedBare
E-mail address: nomail@nothing.com
Subject: The Weirdest Sex Experience I Ever Had (Part 4)
Message:All three of us kinda froze. It's a bit cleche to say that time slowed down and stood still, but really there's that split second of realization that you've been stupid enough to get into a position you could not recover from.

Oh sure, hind sight being twenty twenty I realize NOW just how dumb it was to allow myself to get tied nude to a chair in the middle of a family living room at 3:00 in the afternoon with two brothers a mom and a dad out of the house and expected back. I get NOW that if it took Jenny and Susan 5+ minutes to tie me to the chair it was going to take at least that long to untie me from the chair. It was obvioulsy dumb to let them take my cloths all upstairs so that I had to walk THROUGH both the kitchen and foyer to get up stairs to get them. None of this spoke of "caution" or "not getting caught". It was a recipe for disaster waiting to happen, and I've NEVER been a lucky guy when I've flirted with fate.

Down the 15 feet of hallway to the opening to both the kitchen and living room came the sound of heels and "Everyone ok? I'm home from work but have to run!"

It was Mom, and I was truely and honestly screwed.

The girls didn't move a muscle, Jenny didn't even bother to pull her shirt down over her bared brests that seconds before Susan had been pinching the nipples of to get a reaction from both her and I. They didn't scramble to cover their entirely bare lower halves (ok, 3/4)...there wasn't anything to cover them with anyway, it wasn't just MY clothing that had been moved upstairs to ensure it was completely inaccessible.

"What the hell are you two doing?" says Mrs. Farm Mom looking at her two almost entirely nude daughters and the completely nude boy tied in what I now realized was a REALLY exposing position to a chair in the middle of the living room.

Her eyes spent time scanning each daughter from head to toe, taking in just how undressed and exposed each one was before finally landing on me, looking me straight in the eyes and then scanning downward till their gaze landed straight between my spread legs.

Holding her gaze where it was she says: "You two have let the laundry go upstairs. It's not running and if ALL of it is not done by the time your father and I get back tonight, both your butts will be tanned red, GO!"

At that both girls scurried out of the room, bare asses and bare brests bouncing and jiggling all the way out and up the stairs. I couldn't help it, I stared openly...because after all, I was a dead man anyway, how was another look at her daughter's nudity going to get me in MORE trouble?

She stood there for another few heartbeats stairing at my rapidly defalting semi-hardon and then (for the first time, but not the last) did something I never would have imagined. She turned around and walked through the kitchen and down the hall to her bedroom. Not a word, not a sound, not a raised voice. No phone call to my parents, no phone call to police, no phone call to her husband. No untying and throwing me out of the house to fend for myself. No threats, no comments, no tears.

She just walked away.

For the next 5 minutes I sat there, utterly stunned unsure what was going to happen and scared to death. And that's when the second virtual slap across the face happened.

She came back. She'd changed out of her formal business suit and into what I could only describe as a casual sun dress. Obviously meant to be worn with a full slip or soemthing underneith, the dress was just the slightest bit semi-shere and in the midday light in the living room, it was a little more than slightly shere...to the point where it was obvious she was NOT wearing a slip under it.

Or anything else.

The dress started at the shoulders and came down in straps to just above the start of the breasts which were fully covered on the front and outside and came around to a low cut V Back. The neck line was one of those V cut necks that ended in a point about 3 - 4 inches below the bottom of the brests, leaving a LOT of visible brest and bare area between and even the inside/underside of both brests visible. Jenny had obviously gotten her mother's tits. Mrs. Farm Mom was either a small B cup or a good sized A cup (I can never tell how that's measured) with well rounded and very perky brests that ended in well formed and somewhat longish nipples. They didn't sag in the slightest on her 30 something year old frame and were just large enough to make the sundress's top swell out nicely.

It was the skirt part of the sundress that caught my attention the most however. The skirt had a natural flare to it, the fabric came off the hips and abdomin before spilling down, making the fabric not lay against the skin when standing still. Were you to have pulled the skirt hem down and flattened it against the front of the thights and crotch of her, it STILL would have been a half inch too short to cover the entirety of her goods. With the way the skirt part billowed out from the body at the hips and abdomen, however, it meant you had to be below the hem of the skirt to see anything. The distance between where the hem sat and back where her crotch was, meant that unless you had a direct line of sight the hem of the skirt blocked seeing anything. You knew it was short...really short...too short, but you couldn't see anything exposed.

So there she was standing in the doorway giving me a pretty good view of quite a lot of her...and she was smiling at me.

"I recommend you get Jen and Susan to untie you before about 8:00 tonight when my husband and I get back home or there will be hell to pay. While I might not mind my daughters playing tie-up with random boys, I'm guessing my husband won't feel the same way."

I swear you probably could have driven a mac truck through my open mouth as my jaw was dropped so low.

She walked over to the mantle over the fireplace in the living room and reached up to run a finger along it, checking for dust...pulling the hem of her skirt up at least 3/4 of the way up her bare ass, giving me a great view of what really was a fine completely bare behind for a mid thirty something. She followed that up by bending over to the hearth and running a finger along it...again pretending to inspect for dust but giving me a completely clear view of her well shaved crotch and a full view of her bare ass.

"Well, at least my daughters did a good job cleaning while they played." She said, turning back to me. "Like the dress?" She said picking up the hem and lifting it several inches, once again exposing her front. "My Husband Does. I like to wear it when we meet for dinner, it always gets him going." she says smiling at me once again.

Walking up to me, putting her right foot on the chair (giving me yet another perfect view) and slipping her bare foot underneith my balls. "So, I'm guessing you're wondering just why the hell I haven't yelled at you, cussed you out or kicked your ass yet for having sex with my daughters" she says as she wiggled her toes causing my balls to bounce and my hard on to twitch.

I just nodded at her.

"So I've always been a farm girl" she says by way of starting the story, taking her foot off the chair but putting her hands on the back of the chair and leaning over, now giving me a good view of her breasts. Seeing my eyes go from her face to her chest she interrupted her story and asked "Oh, not enough of a view?" and stood up, slipping the straps of her dress off both shoulders and letting the top fall to the cinched waste. She put her hands back on the back of the chair and leaned over.

She chuckled a second and said "So I've kinda felt sorry for you since that little shower scene the last time you were over and how ebarased you were to have to parade around naked in front of all of us like that. Figured I'd return the favor seeing as you're in no condition to stop me."

She continued her story:

"Growing up a farm girl in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, privacy was a luxury none of us were allowed. Having to take a shower in the same room as your naked brother brushing his teeth didn't make for alot of care who saw you no matter how you were dressed. Listening to your mom and dad have sex or your brothers jack off through the thin walls of your room did little to develop privacy as a thing with me. We were on a farm, it's kinda hard to hide sex from kids when the cows are going at it while you're trying to muck out the stalls...so we all knew from a VERY young age what sex was all about and what those parts were for."

"As we grew up and became pre-teens and teens of our own it didn't take much to notice my brothers getting hard ons when in the bathroom while my sister or I were taking a shower. It also was pretty clear that most of the time they'd wait till we were in the shower to do whatever it is they had to do. Of course we did the same with them...we were teens after all, we were as bad as they were."

"As the hormones really started kicking in, we fooled around a bit with each other, playing show and touch games just to try things out. Intentionally getting the boys hard just to know we could, saring each other to do chores around the farm naked or exposed. This was all pretty normal and I never felt 'damaged' by any of it."

"So when we had kids of our own I found I didn't have the same hang ups as most parents do toward their kids sexuality. I knew they were going to experiment...with each other and with their friends. We make sure they all have access to contriception and a very CLEAR understanding of the mechanics of what makes babies and that's about as far as we concern ourselves with it."

With that she stepped forward, straddled my lap and sat down. Bare to bare, not with me inside her, but certainly nestled into her crotch, and she starts rocking back and forth with a huge smile on her face.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I don't have any interest in having sex with kids. I'm not about to do anything more than this with you, and I doubt I need to feel too sorry for you." she says wrily glancing over at the stairs to the upper floor meaningfully. Rocking a few more times she stood up, leaned over and rubbed both her bare brests directly into my face before backing away from me.

Reaching down and taking my stiffy in her hand and jacking me a bit she gave me her parting shot: "Still, it's nice to know I can get a reaction like this out of a teenager at my age."

With that she pulled her top back up and swayed out of the room, the REALLY short skirt continuing to tease and give me glipses as she walked to the exit of the living room and turned back.

"Don't get caught naked next time we come back in the house." She said frankly, "It's one thing to explore each other with unwritten concent, it's quite another thing to flaunt it in front of parents."

Two minutes later with a pair of high heals on and a purse in hand (and still wearing absolutely nothing under her really short dress) Mrs. Farm Mom walked past the living room, giving me another glance as she passed, and yelled to the house at large. "Ok, I'm out again, won't be back till 8:00 or later."

And bang, the door closed...leaving me once again naked, tied to a chair and completely flabbergasted. No more than 30 seconds later thundering from upstairs then on the stairs then down the stairs came to my ears as Jenny and Susan rushed, now both COMPLETLEY naked, into the living room, bombarding me with all sorts of uncomfortable questions. Obviously they knew better than to eavesdrop in on their Mom's private conversations.

I didn't tell them much about the conversation other than their Mom had told me she didn't really care what we did, and the two of them made me suffer for it too.

The rest of the story is somewhat more anti-clamactic and I've written a full length novel as it is. They played more teasing games with me, though not long after that both girls decided that even though they'd each gotten off a time or two that afternoon (they told me later that the masturbation I was listening to wasn't just playing around to tease me), that they really wanted "the real thing".

I found out that Susan was the winner of the game the hard way. They blindfolded me and one of them straddled me and then asked me to guess which was on my lap. When I falied that duty I had to endure even more waiting till Susan finally decided enough was enough, announced herself as the winner of the previous blowjob challenge, and finally did what I'd been waiting for all afternoon. Half an hour later I was back up and Jenny took her turn. Finally I was untied and let walk around a bit to get some circulation back in my limbs (and locked out of the house nude for quite a while to boot) before being let back in and watching Jenny and Susan go one more round of girl on girl just to see if they could get me hard again before supper.

Though the girls put back on their crop tops and neither wore underware under their shorts, we did get into a sembelance of dress before Andrew and his brother came back in from working in the field for supper. Showers after dinner found the two girls picking the lock on the bathroom door and coming in, and forcing the three guys to take a shower together, with the reward being they did the same with each other for us and then made us each jack off for them while they watched.

After that, we went our separate ways for the evening and that pretty much ended that.

I was over at their house overnight a few more times after that. Something sexual always happened, but never again so explicit...and never again anything having to do with their Mom. Eventually Andrew and I outgrew each other...I was a semi-rich city kid, he was a farm boy...and sleepovers went to nill as we got older and got too cool for such things. His sisters always had a smile for me but not much else...they were in different grades, after all, and fraternizing with anyone too young or too old for you never really hit it off well for you socially.
Thursday, November 14th 2013 - 03:12:43 PM
Name: BoyStrippedBare
E-mail address: nomail@nohting.com
Subject: The Weirdest Sex Experience I Ever Had (Part 3)
Message:So started a very slow burn of a morning. Andrew headed out not long after his Dad to feed the animals and work through his morning chores before spending his afternoon on the tractor discing up many many acres of farmland a good 15 minutes out from the house.

Jeff ended up not being able to stay for the entire weekend and his parents came to get him late morning. To my disappointment, Krista couldn't stay either and she too left just before lunch time...still, however, that left me with Susan and Jenny...not exactly something to complain about.

The morning was full of little more than a small amount of groping and tickling, a few spanks on the ass, a couple duster and broom handles poked into the seat of my jeans, a LOT of very explicit sexual banter, and much talk about some of the highlight events of the games of the night before (just to keep my blood boiling I'm sure)...and one mind melting 5 minutes of time around mid-morning where Susan and Jenny got into a mock argument about some of the french kissing they'd been doing the night before and ended up betting each other their bras for the rest of the day on who could hold a french kiss with me the longest without breathing...Susan lost much to my "disappointment" (NOT), perhaps because I was pressing her rather harder into me during her kiss to see if I could get her out of breath faster than her less well endowed sister.

Susan bouncing and jiggling around the house was definitely a highlight of the morning, even if it did very little for helping my now perpetually stiff member get relaxation. Of course that wasn't going to happen, both of them took sadistic pleasure in making sure relaxation was not in the cards...between the talk, banter, and suggestiveness my hormonal teenagerdom had no chance.

I remember almost nothing of lunch since the food was standard fair and a beam of sunlight coming through the kitchen window was striking Susan's shirt in such a way as to light it up from the inside...making it about 70% sheer to my view and giving me a great, unadulterated look at Susan's Rack for an extended period of time.

(and now to what you've been reading for)

So Jeff and Krista go home, the afternoon winds on, my hardon continues to be right there bugging me, and Susan and Jenny show no signs of stopping the housework to carry through on Susan's threat of continuing Truth or Dare during the day. Around 1:30 in the afternoon, Jenny says that there are leaves out in the garden that need raked and could I head out there and get those cleaned up. Giving up the ghost and simply enjoying the memory of the night before I acquiesced and headed out. Half an hour later leaves in small piles I call my job done and head inside and into the living room...

Where I find Jenny and Susan back in their crop tops, back without bras...

And this time wearing NOTHING else...not a stitch of clothing on from the bottom of their breasts down to their toes.

They were good. After the slow burn of sexual inuendo all morning they let me forget about it for a while and then shocked my system into overload.

"Truth or Dare?" says Susan in a very frank and eager voice. "Wait, never mind, Dare or Dare?"

"Dare" I croak, my heart beating so hard and so fast I can hardly catch my breath. Seeing Andrew's sisters almost totally nude in the natural light of day almost made me pass out.

"You're wearing way too much. Get it off, all of it. Now. You've been teasing us with that cock of yours all day long now we want to see it. So: I dare you to strip and stay stripped all the way until supper."

And off went every stitch of clothing I had on. Jenny gathered it all up and took it upstairs while Susan just made me stand there, naked, with my hands behind my back and my hardon throbbing and twitching to the beat of my heart.

When Jenny came back down she said "Ok, I guess it's your turn now...what do we have to do?"

I should mention here, that all the night before I had been trying to force the girls into a definitively sexual encounter with each other. The rules we were playing by the night before required that everyone be allowed a choice of unrelated dares if they took a dare...so while I could dare one of them to finger, kiss or lick each other, I also had to give them another choice...which most of the time they took. That's not to say there wasn't some good girl on girl action happening the night before, just most of it wasn't of good porno quality...with the exception of a really hot 69 between Susan and Krista and a solid dare by Krista that Jenny had to either go down on her or take a finger up her ass.

Looking at the girls now, I realized that on the last dare they'd not given me a choice of dares and as such I could hold them to whatever I wanted from them.

And they both knew it...and by the look on their faces both expecting it and accepting of it. I couldn't speak. I think I tried to get the dare out 4 times before I finally managed it.

"I dare you both to take each other's tits out of your shirts during a french kiss, then go down on each other, back and forth, till one of you is almost ready to cum."

(Editor's Note: Blah blah, incest, blah blah, wrong. We were teenagers at the time...we'd spent all night sucking and grouping each other and all morning teasing the hell out of each other. By this point no one was contemplating the right or wrongness of pleasuring a sibling...I'm sure the angst came later, or then again, given following events of the afternoon...maybe not).

"Ok" Says Jenny, "but you HAVE to take our next dare. Whatever it is you cannot say no to it, ok?"

Or, something like that. At least that's what Jenny forcefully reminded me of when I told her No to their next dare before finally acquiescing. Honestly, I didn't hear a word of what she said after "Ok", my ears simply stopped working and my brain stopped processing.

Words fail to describe my feeling watching Andrew's two sisters start by frenching each other and feeling each other up as they stripped each other of their tops, or the vision of Jenny and Susan writhing on the floor under each other, or Susan finally moaning "Oh God Stop Jen or you're going to make me cum!" (Editor's Note: For a successful game of Truth or Dare the #1 rule that I've found over the years to be followed by all participants: No one may cum till the game is declared over. This rule alone keeps everyone in such a high state of sexual arousal that you'll do ANYTHING you're asked inhibitions melt away so fast it makes your head spin. The straightest guy you know will happily go down on his buddies cock in a heartbeat after an hour straight of sexual teasing.)

Once the Girls had regained some of their senses and put their tops back on (only to continually make me want to take them off) Jenny looked at me with an evil grin and says "Enjoy that? Looks like you did. Now it's our turn."

She walked over to an old desk sitting in the living room, and opened one of the drawers...and pulled out a length of nylon rope. "I dare you to let us tie you to that chair for as long as we want you tied there."

"Oh hell no", I think were my next words. Which no sooner got out of my mouth than Jenny and Susan were both yelling about how unfair that was and that I'd agreed and look what they'd just done for me.

I had no choice, nor chance. At this point disappointing either of the two of them was simply NOT an option. Remember what I said above about an hour of cock teasing and you'll do anything you're asked? Yea, that.

Five minutes later saw me sitting with my ass on the very front of a padded wooden chair, arms down and tied to the back legs of the chair and ankles tied to the back legs as well, keeping my back leaned back, my legs spread and my cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. They even tied a loop around the base of my dick and under my balls (think cock ring) and down to the front rung of the chair between the front legs, forcing it up and away from my body instead of laying up along my stomach.

That was so no matter how they sat on my lap, I was going to be burried. They took a towel and blindfolded me, then turned a radio on loud enough that I couldn't hear one of them when they approached me. they then flipped a coin to determine who would sit on my lap. 15 seconds on, and a minute off. I'd hear them talking and clanking something together while cleaning stuff and then all of a sudden feel one of them straddling my lap. They used hands and mouths occasionally as well...just to switch things up. They'd tease me by turning the radio all the way down and letting me listen to one of them masturbate. They'd never tell me who was touching me our sitting on my lap.

I'd love to tell you I was stoic and manly, I wasn't. I was 15 and over excited, and overstimulated and begging and pleading and whining my ass off for anything, and the two of them were SO getting off on it. Eventually they finally started going for broke and told me they were going to play blowjob roulette winner got to screw me first. They started in 5 second increments going back and forth sucking on me...it took 4 passes (less than 20 seconds) and someone got me off...HARD. Not gut wrenching oh my God hard as you might expect...but hard enough I certainly yelled...a lot. After that long of being cock teased the body doesn't react like you'd think it would...

The girls laughed, untied my dick and unwrapped my blindfold. I asked who had won and they told me I'd find out soon. I then asked to be untied and they both smiled and shook their heads no. They weren't done with me.

So I sat there, watching two teenage hotties dance around the room mostly to completely naked (every once in a while they'd take off their shirts, just to get a reaction...and a couple times they'd grope or suck on each other's nipples just to see if I could get hard again). Another 15 minutes of this treatment and I realized I would be back and ready to go shortly. Anticipating who the winner was and how it would feel for them to really go after me.

That's about the time I heard the front door to the house open.

(more to come later).
Thursday, November 14th 2013 - 02:41:39 AM
Name: BoyStrippedBare
E-mail address: nomail@nohting.com
Subject: The Weirdest Sex Experience I Ever Had (Part 2)
Message:So that brings me to the actual event. Midterms had come around, and as Andrew's house had plenty of room and not a lot of noise. His parents were away a lot...his dad worked the farm with his grandparents (all of us, including the guests, were expected to pitch in) while Mom went to work in some nearby office doing something or another. Evening time was always early in the house with plenty of time between about 9 and Midnight with few interruptions. So long as Mom and Dad, who usually retired early, didn't hear you, they didn't much care what you did.

So Andrew and I cooked up a plan to do a sleep over at his house for the weekend and do some cramming for exams since he and I had most of the same classes together. A mutual friend of ours (Jeff) was along for the ride as well, and, as we found out, so was a friend of his younger sister's (Krista).

Six horny teen-age (and one horny pre-teen it turned out) kids, an almost even split of boys and girls in close proximity to each other, and parents that went to bed downstairs in a back part of the house while the kids were all upstairs in what turned out to be pretty sound proofed rooms...

Can't imagine how THAT could go wrong.

Ten O'Clock or so in the evening would find Andrew, I, and Jeff sitting around in Andrew's room in little more than loose shorts and t-shirts (having taken our shower for the evening), quizzing each other on biology or algebra or something, and Andrew's little brother in a corner working out a history paper, when a soft knock followed immediately by Susan opening the door and stepping in brought us out of what was mostly screwing around.

Dressed in a crop top that came at least three inches above her perfectly flat, well toned, and TOTALLY BARE 14 year old stomach and midriff and very nicely up over her obviously perky 14 year old smallish B cups (as an aside, knowing what I know now about women, her obviously rock hard nipples standing out VERY clearly from her breasts and tenting out her t-shirt in all the right ways should have been a clear clue as to what was coming next), and a pair of boxer shorts that looked like they angled in all the wrong ways from the waste to the crotch (at least the wrong way for a GUY) she certainly got MY attention.

"We're bored of studying" she says "we've got an idea. Come on!" and with that turns and bounces out of the room, the tight seat of the boxer shorts showing the jiggle of her rounded and very well toned ass as she walked away barefoot down the hall to a spare bedroom.

I swear we invented teleportation that evening with as quick as we found ourselves in the spare bedroom. We all filed in and Susan closed the door behind us (a "bad" sign if I ever saw one) while Jenny echos Susan's earlier "We were bored..." and followed it up with "so we wondered if you boys wanted to play Truth or Dare?"

I've described Susan already, so before I proceed any farther allow me to give you a bit of a mental picture. Jenny was dressed much the same as Susan was, except her cuttoff t-shirt barely came below the bottom swell of her rounded but slightly pointy A cups. Unlike Susan's shirt, which was a bit billowy allowing Susan's boobs to bounce and sway and jiggle as she moved, Jenny's cut off T-Shirt looked like it was at least 3 sizes to small for her in the chest and was clearly stretched thin across her obviously braless breasts underneath. While I wouldn't call her t-shirt see-through, her breasts, areola and nipples were CLEARLY defined under the almost white T...the bumps of her nipples and even crinkles of the hardened areola were pretty clearly defined. She was also in nothing but a pair of bikini panties down below...and fairly low cut ones at that. I swear there was more skin showing on Jenny than had you put her in a real bikini. And where Susan had a great ass, Jenny's was utterly outstanding...the bottom part of the curve of her ass uncovered by the seat of her underpants.

Did I mention she had a CLEAR camel-toe in those panties as well?

And then there was Krista, Susan's friend. She looked all the world like she'd been talked into this...and not really all that convincingly. She looked slightly scared and utterly innocent...that is till you realized that she was standing there in an adult guy's white t-shirt, which hit her on the high side of mid thigh, and NOTHING else. Her breasts (a bit bigger than Susan's) were pushing out the front of the t-shirt which was definitely NOT a girl's T-Shirt and had NOT been cut to give room for boobs. Just like with the other two her nipples were clearly hard and as I gave a side glance at her I saw her squeezing her thighs together, rhythmically contracting and relaxing a little bit, trying, obviously unsuccessfully, to squeeze a little masturbation feeling out and relieve some of the sexual "itch". I remember thinking that I hoped Krista had stood there like that for a while, because if she ever sat down, she'd put EVERYTHING on display. And while not quite as toned as either Jenny or Susan (farm girls and high school track runners both), she had a svelt cheerleader type of body...good legs, nice ass and only slightly boyish hips...her "big" breasts made up all the difference in looks on her thin frame.

It was VERY clear all three girls were wearing almost nothing and very intentionally so. While you could argue Susan's outfit as "pajamas" there was no way to argue Jenny or Krista's limited clothing as anything but calculated sexual...to the point where it was pretty obvious Krista didn't bring anything sexual enough so Susan and Jenny had to improvise.

The room we were in had also been well chosen. While I'm getting quite off track to the weird experience I had (this still isn't it), I had wondered why Susan was taking us to a spare room of the house and not the girl's bedrom. Looking back on it, it seems pretty clear. A 4 Post Bed, Low Coffee Table, Wood high backed chair with no arms, a couple of couches around the edges, a high wood stool, and a good amount of free space were among the occupants of this room, every bit of which was put to use that evening. A little nylon rope, a set of leather restraints, a pair of handcuffs or two and a couple well placed eye bolts and that room would have made a SPECTACULAR *adult* playroom.

The events of the Truth or Dare game would make a telling in and unto itself...though much less a stripping story and much more a standard porn story...though without any actual sex. Don't ask me why a set of horny teens took actual real intercourse off the table as the first rule of Truth or Dare (I suspect Krista was still a virgin), but between all the touching, groping, stripping, grinding, sucking and fondling that happened, it wasn't really all that missed.

The important part is that at one point Susan was dared to give me a naked lap dance and while grinding her bare parts on my bare parts and both of us to new heights of pleasure she whispered in my ear: "You're helping Jenny and I clean the house tomorrow...Dad's out and Mom's gone. Truth or Dare doesn't stop tonight."

So it was that at 6:00 am the next morning the 4 boys woke (at least stopped sleeping) to the crack of a knock on the door telling us it was time to get up for breakfast and chores. After being up till almost 1:00 am the night before I was in no mood to get out of bed and wondered if Andrew's Mom and Dad would beat a house guest for refusing to work when I got jumped and tickled by two girls...

A panty clad pussy shoved in your face on the pretense of holding you down while hands pretend to tickle your sides while really sliding into your underwear makes facing the day tired SO much better.

Up and dressed and down to breakfast I was sporting a hardon under my jeans waiting for the disappointment in being told that Susan was incorrect and I was really heading out with Andrew on his chores. Their Dad was heading out to a market to sell some of their animals and would not be back till late, their Mom said she'd be working late that night and that the girls would have to pick up her share of the housework that day, so she asked me if I wouldn't mind pitching in. Dick twitching just that much more I told her I didn't mind....
Thursday, November 14th 2013 - 01:07:34 AM
Name: BoyStrippedBare
E-mail address: nomail@nohting.com
Subject: The Weirdest Sex Experience I Ever Had (Part 1)
Message:As usual names changed to protect the guilty. Standard warnings about underage sexual encounters...and this one includes some sexual content between adults and children. You've been warned.

So I've had two incidents in my life where I, as an underage boy, had a sexual encounter with an over-age female. The second one (not this story) remains one of the most highly sexually charged encounters of my life. This story remains the single strangest sexual encounter I've ever experienced (or read truthfully about). As they say, reality is often stranger than fiction.

The pre-cursor to the event started early in my sophomore year in high school. I was a typical horny 15 year old teen with little (read only a few) sexual experiences with girls. Though unlike most Boys, I guess, I had had NUMEROUS sexual encounters with other Boys, so sex was nothing new to me. Growing up with easy access to Playboy's and Penthouses and being masturbated (and more) by your friends since the age of 9 makes for some pretty adult fantasies and sexual tastes by the time you're 15. Even then, this was something else.

In Highschool, I had a friend of mine who was an honest to God farmer, one of those boys that got up before dawn every morning to slop hogs and hose out the cow pens before going to school in the morning. A sleep over at his house rarely qualified as "fun" but often qualified as "entertaining". Andrew (my age) was the second oldest of 4 kids in the family, including his older sister (17), his younger sister (14), and his younger brother (9 or 10 at the time).

The pre-cursor to the weirdest sexual encounter of my life happened earlier in the year. I was heading over to his house for a sleep over and was carrying my stuff with me from school. So instead of boarding my bus, we just boarded his and were taken straight there. Last period of the day being Gym Class, we both headed in to his house and the first order of business was a shower. Being teens and used to school locker rooms, neither of us had any hangups about being naked around each other and being a farm household, privacy was never a huge thing (so long as the girls weren't around, obviously). So shucked of our cloths I stood around naked in his bathroom waiting my turn for the shower and chatting about standard teen boy stuff, cracking jokes and insulting people. He got done, I headed in while he dried off and dressed.

I'm guessing y'all can see what's about to happen all the way from where you're sitting reading this right now, but I sure didn't. Out walked Andrew, out walked my cloths, and out walked my towel. He was "nice" enough to drop the towel about 20 feet outside the bathroom door he left WIDE open...right in the middle of their entrance hall...in clear view of the family room, kitchen and the foyer area at the top of the stairs to their second floor.

For any of you who've experienced the "forced publicly naked" thing in your lives you know there comes a point in the realization that you're about to be exposed to everyone in which you reach the "just get it over with" moment. Standing naked and wet in a shower with 15 feet of hardwood slippery floor between you and the door out into the open hallway and another 20 feet of being in the spotlight, visible to pretty much the entire first and second floor, and anyone there, the moment hit me that I realized I could stand there all day long and not a SOUL was going to come to my rescue.

It's also about that time that my treacherous 15 year old body decided to do what it's always been want to do when I'm publicly stripped...raise the old flag pole to full staff and wave the flag of surrender. So off goes the water, out steps me and my fully erect member and I start slowly dripping and shuffling my way out the bathroom door trying to make sure I don't wind up with a broken ass in the process...doing very little to cover myself as my only interest is in reaching the safety of the towel.

The whistles and cat calls from up the stairs were expected. There sat Andrew and BOTH his sisters (Jenny and Susan) mid way up the stairs getting just a peachy view of all my wonderfully on display boy parts. Really, thinking back on it, I thank God now that Camera Smart Phones weren't a thing yet.

What was NOT expected is looking to my left and seeing their mother standing less than 5 feet from me, staring at me as I make my naked, hard, and dripping way to the towel on the floor in the middle of the hallway.

Well, I think, at least someone's ass is going to get beat for this. After all Andrew just put a random guy naked on display for her daughters...Mom ain't going to be too happy about that...

Uh huh.

Starting to laugh, Mrs. Helpful shouts "Andrew, get your ass down here and clean up the water on this floor. I ain't mopping this shit up!" she says with a smile as she slowly looks me up and down once...eyes fixing on my manhood and holding her gaze just a second or two past really friggen uncomfortable...just to make the humiliation that much worse, before she turns on her heel to go back to her dishes, her shoulders shaking with laughter.

So there I am grabbing the towel, trying to dry off as best I can standing in the middle of their front foyer with two girls howling with laughter and making derogatory comments about my "boy parts" to each other while desperately trying to process the fact that a mid 30's woman just stood five feet from me ogling my nudity and did absolutely nothing about her daughters staring at me like a side of beef. "FFS", I remember thinking, "the word 'Cock' has come out of their mouths at least 5 times now, the LEAST she could have done was bust them for bad language."

Having nothing else to do but go get dressed I wrapped the towel around my waste and headed up the stairs to where Andrew's room was to find cloths. I didn't even TRY to keep my towel on the way up the stairs, nor cover any part of my re-exposed body when they ripped it away from me. I also didn't bother to hide anything when both girls stood at the doorway to Andrew's room and watched me dry the rest of the way off and put on cloths.

After all, if their Mom didn't care if they looked, why the hell should I?

Later that evening, after their Dad came home from working on the farm, we all ate supper, and he went up to bed; their Mom pulled me aside and apologized to me in the kitchen when no one else was around. She said it was not uncommon for the kids to pull that same trick with each other...that it had become somewhat of a harmless game between them all, and she hoped I wasn't too embarrassed or uncomfortable. She was cool about it and didn't seem bothered at all, and, after all, she wasn't the first parent of a friend who'd seen me naked in my life, I got over it pretty quickly.

I let the whole incident tumble out of my mind....
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 11:37:23 PM
Name: Alan
Subject: Don't worry (Part 2)
Message:She came back with a pair of jeans and only fund me by my bike laying close to the road. The shirtless and bare footed bike ride back was quiet. She politely kept her mouth shout and I did the same out of sheer embarrassment. Fuming about those boys having humiliated me in front of Tina and those girls that were with them, all I could think about was finding ways to get back at them. Vengeful thoughts that would never materialize as long as I kept it a secret. How could I admit that I had my clothes taken off in front of my date, exhibited nude in the presence of bunch of females, and stranded with nothing to go home with. Tina would never want to go out with a boy that got stripped and other girls had see naked. Saved from the humiliation of having to walk home nude, I was lucky my neighbors didn't see me walking in bare chested and wearing an over sizes jeans. First thing I did was take off those jeans and Tina's panties and hide them. In spite of it all, it seemed funny that even when my dick had gone soft they still didn't cover much. Instead of my penis sticking out past the waist band, now my nuts were hanging out to either side of the crotch. Couldn't sleep that night, thinking of how stupid I must have looked standing naked in and open field with my hard dick waving at everyone. I guess the best thing was, my shameful story would be told in a deferent school.

I much as I tried to avoid Tina, it was impossible to keep her away. She knew I felt embarrassed and wanted to make me feel better about myself. She did all the talking, because I was over taken with shame.
"I want you to know you don't have to feel embarrassed that I saw you naked"
"It's OK Tina" I said.
"I couldn't do anything to help you" she said.
"I know it's not your fault Tina"
"So why are you avoiding me"
"Isn't it obvious"
"But we were dating"
"Yes but I got stripped"
But then she asked me to go bike riding like nothing had happed. Peddled away and off the dirty road into the woods. Seemed strange about going with her after my nude experience, but my crush on her was bigger than my shame. We stopped in the middle of the woods and she began undressing. Startled I said "what are you doing"
"Stripping naked for you"
"I thought you'd feel better if you saw me naked" she said as she took her clothes off one by one. Tina had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Perfect medium rounded breasts with perky pink nipples. It was impossible to keep my dick from getting hard and even harder when she place her hand over it. Reached for back zipper of her skirt, letting it drop to the ground discovering that she had no panties on. With a hint of a blush, she stood there displaying everything to me.
"Did you bring my panties with you" she said, provoking laughter from both of us and momentarily breaking our sexual excitement.
"Let's have sex but don't cum in side me" as she unzipped my pants and aske me to take my clothes off. Totally naked and hard as a rock, I almost melted away when she rapped her hand around my dick.....More shortly
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 01:29:33 PM
Name: Alan
Subject: Don't worry
Message:Like every 16 year old boy, bike riding was something I loved doing on weekends. Lived in a small country town with so many dirt roads, you never got board of riding down the same road. I remember riding with Tina, a gorgeous high school sexy girl that I had a crush on. Beautiful face with blue eyes, gorgeous body and the best looking legs I had ever seen. Couldn't keep having bad thoughts about her. Often got all worked up wondering how she would look with no clothes on. Don't know had many times I jerked off about that. Too early for that kind of intimacy because I had just been dating her for a week and we never gone passed kissing. I was the envy of every boy in school and the most hated by the boys of the near rival high school. Boys that used to also riding their bikes with some girls and made it a point to do it on the same road just to bother us. It never had gone past that, till one day they stopped us and knocked me of the bike threatening to beat me up. Pinned on the ground and about to get my butt kicked in, one of the girls yelled out
"don't beat him, rip off his clothes" fallowed by cheers of "strip him naked" An idea that I wouldn't be able to stop and every one thought would be much more fun. Panicked by thought of being humiliated in front of everyone and especially in front of Tina horrified me. Struggling didn't do a thing to stop them from pulling my shirt and pants off and even my shoes and socks. By then I had stop fighting them off and resigned to my fate. Their intentions were to leave me bare ass naked and run away with all my clothes. Couldn't believe my dick had gone hard and the overwhelming embarrassment of everyone looking at it. Boys laughed, girls looked and comments like "look his got a boner" and spread him so we can see" weren't scares. Ended up sitting on the ground covering my dick as I watched them running away with all my clothes and the sheer embarrassment of Tina looking at me.
"Quick hide behind those bushes she told me as she lead me off the open dirty road.
"Hear put these on" slipping her panties from under her skirt and handing them to me.
"Look I've seen your dick so you can take your hand away" she said with a naughty smile on her face. Melting away with utter shame I slipped on her tinny panties that hardly covered my harden dick while she looked on. To her delight my dick never went down and the damn thing was more out than in. She road back to her house and came back with a pair of her brother's pants, witch I was really happy to see. The ride back was silent, but part 2 of this story has a much better ending. Don't worry coming shortly. Love Alan
Wednesday, November 13th 2013 - 02:47:22 AM
Name: Kayla
Subject: I Flashed My 10th Grade Chemistry Teacher
Message:I went to school in a button up Hawaiian shirt, the cheesy kind with he rainbows that says "Aloha" all over it. The shirt had issues with sinking down to my cleavage area, but that was an easy fix; just pull it up every now and then. However, I got to my chemistry class and it all went downhill.

To start, my chemistry teacher and I had kind of gotten into deep trouble. He was one of my favorite teachers and my friend started making jokes about me liking him and sexual things, and one day he took it too far, so I told the teacher (we'll call him Mr. Smith). Mr. Smith looked worried and said we needed to tell the counselors who it was, but frankly it never happened, and it's been awkward between us since. We avoid speaking to each other, and I've gone as far to avoid eye contact. So imagine my surprise when I was in class.

I was sitting down as usual, and he was talking about the upcoming final. I don't know why, but I looked down to see the top button to my shirt totally undone, and my pink, lacy, leopard-print bra (as well as my cleavage, it isn't called a wonder bra for nothing) exposed. This may have been going on for a few minutes. Now mind you, I'm the conservative student that most teachers wouldn't think would even HAVE cleavage. So I was shocked when I realized that the teacher had probably seen all the "goods" displayed.

I turned red for about a minute. I had really hoped that Mr. Smith and I could get over the awkwardness of my friend's stupid jokes, but of course, I just HAD to flash him. I think he avoided me even more after that. I wasn't following instructions and he directed everyone else to do what they were told directly ("Kayla, go to the lab! Joseph, do what you're told!") but ignored me altogether. Mr. Smith, I'm sorry I flashed you. It really wasn't intentional.
Tuesday, November 12th 2013 - 07:57:37 AM
Name: Who Cares
Subject: Gf at frat party
Message:I am going to college next year and I went to frat party that my older friend was at. The brothers told me to bring my girlfriend so I did. When we got there the place was crazy. Everyone was completely wasted. My girl was looking really got in a tank top and skirt, she was getting a lot of attention from the frat brothers. One of them tried to lift her skirt and she slapped his hands away. My friend came over to me and told me that this was my first test. If I let the brothers see my girl naked it would prove a lot of trust. It was at this time that she yelled for my help, some guy was drunkenly trying to take her top off and he had his hand up her skirt. I came over and pushed the guy away. I made it look like I was leading her out and then I turned her around, grabbed her arms, pinned them behind her and yanked the straps on her tank top/bra down. I whistled for the room's attention as her boobs came popping out for everyone there to see. She screamed and struggled to cover them but the brothers were on her like flies on sugar. Within seconds there were about five guys holding her up and at least ten hands all over her. They rubbed her firm young tits, pinched her nips and explored her everywhere else. The whole party was kinda focused on her now as she twisted and struggled to get away. The guys started chanting that they wanted to see her pussy. We all held her steady as 2 guys pulled off her skirt revealing her tiny little panties. Her skirt was handed out into the crowd and immediately torn to shreds. One of the brothers had a good idea of how to get her naked and picked her up by the back of her pink panties. As she kicked and screamed he hoisted her up four feet off the ground, just by her undies. The fabric of her panties got wedged all the way up her butt, it disappeared all the way between her big round white ass cheeks. You could even see the distinctive outline of her pussy from the front. She was crying and trying to hide her boobs when the fabric finally ripped and she fell naked to the floor. Her ripped up panties were thrown into the crowd and I saw a bunch of brothers sniffing them and licking the crotch of them. Now completely naked she got grabbed immediately and pulled over the arm of a couch. As a dozen hands or more explored her body me and my friend pulled open her butt cheeks to display her little virgin butthole. As we flashed her brown eye one of the older members of the frat started spanking her butt cheeks rhythmically like they were drums. At this point she was also getting whole cups of beer poured down her back and on her head and things written in permanent marker all over her. Of course they drew cocks and nazi symbols all over her. They also put an arrow pointing her to her butthole that said parking in rear. We even held her cheeks open long enough for a few different guys to toss her salad. It was fun for everyone to play with her butt and slap her in the face with their cocks but the crowd was getting restless and it was time to finally display her pussy, wide open for all to see.Four of us flipped her over but she had her legs shut tight. She looked up at me, teary eyed, and begged not to be exposed in this one final way. I leaned in and kissed her on the tear streaked cheek and told her I would make it fair. I then yelled out to the room full of drunken brothers: "We'll put it to a vote, who wants to see how big her pussy lips are?" With that the entire party erupted with applause and we wrenched her legs apart as she loudly protested. With her legs spread as far as they could be we lifted her up and paraded her around the room. The best part was of course that she has huge dangly pussy lips. Thats her secret shame and that night I shared it with 75 people. Not only did they find out about her big pink pussy lips but some of them played with them, some tongued them, some stretched and teased them. Every part of her was stimulated and played with. Every part of her was covered in beer, saliva or cum. At one point two of the brothers were sliding a remote control in and out of her pussy when she started squealing and squirming with orgasmic pleasure. She bucked and rocked as she tried to get every inch of the remote inside of her soaking wet pussy. All this while guys were pinching and biting her nipples, fingering her tight butthole and jacking off right on her face. She orgasmed so loud and so out of control that she ended up grabbing onto two different guys' hardons as she did it, just to steady herself. She was so ashamed after cumming in front of everyone the first time but she didn't have much time to dwell on it as a guy sucked her long labia into his mouth and plunged 4 of his fingers deep inside her wet, swollen pussy. She was used up all night long, driven to humiliating and powerful orgasms again and again in front of strangers. She stayed naked for another couple hours as a bunch of guys got to make out with her and examine her. A bunch of them got pics of themselves next to her pussy lips and others signed her boobs and ass with permanent markers. The funniest mementos were the pics guys would take of her face covered in their cum. Her face would be all scrunched up and she would look really grossed out as she was covered with their goo. About 19 guys jerked off on her that night and probably a dozen of them did it right on her face. Classic! Now she's really pissed off and I don't think she sees things from my side. I might be able to pledge now thanks to her. I'd like to thank her but shes too angry, what should I do? Also all of the guys really want me to bring my gf with the big pussy lips to the next party, they say they've got a fun night planned for her.
Friday, November 8th 2013 - 01:28:56 AM
Name: Jod
Subject: Stripped
Message:Inspired by recent stories of high school stripping, decided to post mine.

It happed when I was 16 just shy of turning 17. Like always dominant boys with the usual girls going around playing jokes on low key boys. All to provoke laughter from girls and embarrass you at the same time. Joke that were embarrassing, but that to the point of getting expelled. Didn't know the really embarrassing ones were done off school grounds. One day this group of five boys asked if I wanted to go to the light house with them after school. A long walk up a steep dirt road that hardly anyone went to. Always like adventures and quickly said yes. Didn't have the slightest clue that four girls from my class would show up when we reached the top. I soon realized I had been tricked and taken to the perfect desolate place to pause on me. This big brunt of a boy grabbed me from behind under my arms and around my neck. Held up with my feet barely touching the ground, heard girls telling them to pull my underwear down. It think the thought of being stripped made me start getting a hard on. It went stiff as a board in just the few seconds they took before doing it.
"We want to see it all" and "skinny boys have big dicks" were some of the girls comments. Zipper slid open, pants pulled down and about to have my underwear yanked down was the most helpless feeling I've ever felt. All I could think, was how humiliating it was going to be having my hard dick exposed in front of a bunch of girls. Not strange girls; but girls from my own classroom that would sitting in class right next to me. They had a party looking at my dick, pointing cell phones at it while I stood displaying every things. Almost died of shame when one of them rapped her hand around it and peeled back my foreskin.
"Look it's all wet" she said while wiggling it to show the others my shinny head.
"I think he's enjoying this" one said and others made comments about how easy it would be to forced me to cum. I think utter embarrassment is what stopped me form ejaculating, but damn near to the verge of exploding. Can't figure out why, because they felt my balls and yanked my dick enough times to send me over de edge. Amazed at how willing they were about touching my dick and slapping my butt, I stood there getting felt over. This girls were completely shameless and more than willing to have a good time groping. I think having had their fill of sexual perversion, is made them finally to let me go. Felt like the most disgraced boy in the whole world pulling my clothes back up and walking away with my dignity totally stripped. A wet dream that had come true and the horribly thought of seeing them the next day, probably sharing nude pictures of me with other girls. An experience that just won't go away. Felt like my last name became Shame and horrified about the amount of girls getting off on my naked pictures. Love Jod
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 10:27:16 PM
Name: Sara
Subject: Bonding With My Little Brother (XXX)
Message:My parents left me alone with my little brother. So I was in my room texting my BF and he sent me a picture of his dick. My panties were wet needless to say. So I sent him a pic of my pussy as a reply but I wanted more...I wanted to be penetrated. My fingers wouldn't cut it and my BF was out of town. So that left my brother. I blushed deeply as I looked for him. I found him sleeping in his bed as it was almost ten at night. I stealthily removed his covers and managed to get his pajama shirt off. He stirred slightly and I paused. He soon resumed sleeping and I started to work on his pajama bottoms. After tugging his bottoms and underwear off without him noticing, I stared at my prize. He was quiet big for his age, but was flaccid. I gently rubbed his tip and he stirred softly again. I let out a silent giggle and took off my tank top and skirt, standing there in my wet panties. I resumed rubbing his tip with my finger and sighed as it didn't get hard. I slowly bent over it and licked to his tip starting from the base. Soon I engulfed his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. Soon it was hard as a rock and I kept going. He stirred again and more frequently. It wasn't soon before he came in his sleep and I swallowed it.

"Mmm, he tastes good..." I mussed to myself as I pulled my panties off and hesitated. I tried to choose which hole to force his dick in. My ass was still a virgin and would hurt, but his seed may get me pregnant...I thought. I crawled on top of him and grabbed the tip of his dick and aimed it at my asshole. I clenched my teeth and slowly moved down onto his dick. I grunted as his tip entered my ass. I slowly slid down his cock and reached the base. I stayed put and then heard a yawn.

"Hmm...what's going on?" My brother was awake and I didn't dare try turn around and face him.

"Umm...playing a game...yeah! Playing a game. Stay still and let me do something..." I said and slowly moved my ass up and down.

"O-okay..." My brother mumbled. He giggled softly and I paused. "I-it feels funny..." I slowly nodded and kept moving up and down. I was so aroused I was pinching my nipples and clit. After about twenty minutes, we both came at the same time in screeching orgasms. But mine was better because his seed filled my ass to the point it was oozing out. I fell back onto him and panted, his member still in my ass. I pulled the covers over us and fell asleep together.
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 08:56:13 PM
Name: Drew.
Subject: The Pastor Basement
Message:I was helping paint my Pastor's basement with the rest of our youth group. We were suppose to meet there at 7:00 but I was late as usual and so was this boy i liked. Ben was 15 years old as was I and when we arrived everyone was gone. probably went over to the church or out for supper.
Ben and i started painting and soon we had to move the scaffold. Ben was pretty strong for a 15 year old and lifted the scaffold up enough for me to put the last two legs on. We were really close to the wall and as he stood there pushing up on the scaffold I had to brush by him.
I stopped right in front of him, our bodys touching because of the tight space and I kissed him full on the lips. We both knew it was coming since the day we met. We kissed for a bit and I slowly started moving down, opening his shirt as I went. I slowed up just long enough to undo his belt and unzip his jeans. He was protesting but couldnt move or the scaffold would fall. I pulled his pants down and then his boxers too. Out popped a 7 incher. It stood up at a 45 degree angle and a drop of precum glistened on the tip. I licked it off and his hard cock reminded me of a spring board..BOING!
He was still protesting telling me if I did that eveil thing he would give me a spanking, a BARE ASS spanking. So naturally with such a yummy penalty i couldnt resist. I wrapped my lips around his hot boner and slowly moved my mouth up and down the head and onto the shaft. He was moaning in ecstacy. After a bit he let the scaffold down (it seems he really didnt need to hold it up) and grabbed me and pulling me up.
We skinnied past the wall and scaffold and over to the piano where he sat down and drew me across his lap to preform the punishment he promised. He worked my pants down to my knees and then pulled my panties down too. He smacked my bare ass, not real hard, but hard enough to sting and make it red.
I was loving it and from the hard dick poking me I could tell he was too. I kicked and squirmed making my pants and panties slide down my legs and off my feet as I had already kicked my shoes off.
I was naked from the waist down.
Ben said if my pussy was wet that meant I was a bad girl and would need more punishment. He reached between my legs to find I was soaked. He got up and put me across the piano bench As I spread my legs wide he pushed his hard hot organ inside of me and fucked me right there over the piano bench in our Pastors basement.
He pulled my top off and uncliped my bra and grabbed a handful of my young breasts. I was totally naked now. He pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his pants. His stark bareness matched my own and seemed even more apparent in the leader of our church's home.
He got up, turned me around and carried me to an old couch and we continued out lustful sinning on the Pastors sofa. How many times had the Pastor and his wife sat here unsuspecting that one day it would be used for THIS.
Suddenly we heard a noise. The outer door had opened and voices were coming thru. We jumped up. It was too late to gather our clothes so we jumped into the supply closet and shut the door.
The whole youth group came down the stairs, about twenty kids...many of whom I went to school with. The Pastor, his wife and a visiting pastor and with from another church came with them.
Ben and I were so scared, but not scared enough for Bens dick to be touching my butt. It was STILL hard. He began slowly and quietly to rub it up and down my ass crack as he stood right behind me. He also started rubbing my nipple.
His cock somehow found its way in between my pussy lips and with a steady pressure entered me once again.
It was really difficult not to make any noise as he moved it very slowly in and out. I was ready to cum when the door was thrown open and amid many gasps and a few shreiks found us totally naked and fucking in the supply room.
Needless to say we were kicked out of the basement, and the youth group and the church.
I just wish they would have given us back out clothes.
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 07:28:42 AM
Name: Dave
Subject: New School
Message:Recent posts reminded me of my worst experience ever. My family moved house and I started a new CO-ED school, my old school was only boys.I was really shy around the girls,blushing and awkward. Several of the boys urged me to join in with the girls, as they really fancied me and would like to see more of me. Little did I realise the signifecence of that remark at the time.A week or so later I was persuaded to go to a party at one of my friends house, there were about six guys and six girls there and the beer and wine flowing. I was introduced to all the girls, my face red with embarrassment . Soon I noticed a lot of whispering and laughing and one of the guys came over and reminded me how the girls wanted to see more of me . By now everyone was around me and one of the girls said" Get on with it, strip him, lets all see what he's got" I had no chance and was held down by the guys while the girls slowly stripped me. I was desperate but to my horror myself getting hard. This caused whoops of joy from the girls and cries of get them off.In seconds I was held down naked sporting a boner in front of all my school pals. There were loads of comments and groping before one of the guys suggested the girls should jerk me off. They needed little encouragement and I felt a soft hand around my boner which started a slow , practiced rubbing. A few minutes later , to the cheers of the party I was forcibly made to cum.
I shall never forget that party, I wonder if anyone else has undergone anything similar? Dave
Thursday, November 7th 2013 - 02:49:39 AM
Name: Who Cares
Subject: Drunk gf
Message:Back in high school I used to drink in between classes. One day I did it with my girlfriend and she got way more messed up than I did. It didn't matter to me though so I went off to my next class, leaving her to go to gym. At the end of that period I got a text from her telling me to go and meet her in the gym locker room. Because it was now lunch I figured it was safe for me to sneak in there because everyone would be away. When I got there I called out for her and she called back, whimpering from a corner. She was wearing her tight gym t shirt and her thong. For some reason she was covering up over her panties. When I came over and asked her what was wrong she moved her hands and I could see that she was covering up because she had peed herself, making her thong transparent. She was able to make it the whole period without seeming too drunk (she sat out the class saying she was sick), but afterwards when she was changing she lost control of herself. Naturally I found this pretty funny. Of course she wasn't laughing, she wanted me to go to her house and get her a change of clothes. I easily had enough time to go and do this. However, being that I was buzzed I instead decided to make out with her in her pee soaked thong in the girls' locker room. After a few minutes of heavily making out I was able to slip her shirt and sports bra off, freeing her big firm 17 year old boobs. She was a slender girl, redheaded with huge tits and a nice round ass. I had her up against a locker and I was trying to make the move to finger her but she stopped me. She told me that she had to pee again, liquor goes right through her I guess. I was slightly frustrated at this but I let her go off to pee. As she was still tinkling the bell rang, I guess neither of us realized how much time had gone by. When it rang she got really freaked out, not knowing what she was going to do. I told her I had an idea and I came right up to her and picked her up off the ground. Completely topless, panties around her ankles and still peeing, I threw her out the locker room door into the main school hallway and locked it behind her. I only know the rest of the story because there are so many camera phone videos of it. The hall was super crowded and she tried desperately to get back in, with her huge tits swinging back and forth. She didn't know if she should cover them or completely shaved and bare pussy. Her beautiful ass was also in display. She would have run but there were people all around her staring at her, filming her and laughing at her. She was able to gather herself enough to pull her tiny little thong up and preserve some of her dignity. Just when she thought she was done for I opened the door again, just long enough to reach out and grab her thong off of her. It was really flimsy and came right off, I then locked the door right away again. With the shock of now being totally nude in front of like 75 other students, and with her still being drunk, she ended up peeing again right there for everyone to see and film. When she let it go she tried to start running, while covering herself but she only managed to slip in her own pee and fall right into it. There was no covering herself then, her legs went wide open when she fell and everyone applauded. Her pussy was on full display to everyone as they all high fived, happy now that they knew she was a natural redhead and also seeing every intimate detail of her sex. Finally a teacher came and covered her up. She ended up getting suspended for a week for drinking and streaking on school property!
Wednesday, November 6th 2013 - 12:47:22 AM
Name: Who Cares
E-mail address: whocares@yahoo.com
Subject: Teabagging my gf for a bet
Message:I have a buddy who I made a bet with. I was so sure that I was right that I said if I wasn't then he could tea bag my girlfriend. Turns out, I actually was wrong. He had witnesses so he said I couldn't get out of it. I asked my girlfriend if she'd do this for me and she told me hell no. My buddy later told me I had no choice, it was either that of I'd have to pay him $1,000. One night we were all at a party and a bunch of my friends and I held my girlfriend down so my buddy could take off his pants and put his balls on her face. She screamed and squirmed but it was no use. He wiped his sweaty balls all over her face. I asked him if he thought he got what he deserved and he said no. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands, she wouldn't open her mouth and he couldn't get his balls in there. I quickly pulled down her tank top and bra, making her boobs come bouncing into display. I invited my friends to have some fun with her and they obliged immediately. With multiple hands on her tits, rubbing them and pinching her nips, she opened her mouth to protest finally. He dropped his nuts right in and dipped em out before she knew what happened.After this he rested them on her forehead for a little while as she squirmed. His butt was right next to her face. He then rubbed his nuts all over her boobs and slapped her in the face with his semi hard cock. We then let her go she jumped up, pulled her shirt back on and washed out her mouth. She is still mad, does she have the right to be?
Tuesday, November 5th 2013 - 12:57:39 PM
Name: Who Cares
E-mail address: whocares@yahoo.com
Subject: Hairy gf punished
Message:My girlfriend refuses to shave her bush. She says it will make her look like a little girl. I've been really annoyed that she won't do this for me. I've complained a lot about this to my friends. I guess they finally got fed up with it because we were all at a party the other night getting really wasted and they did something about it. They grabbed her and brought her to the living room. There they pulled her skirt up and her panties down. I was trying to make my way over to stop them but people wouldn't let me by. Then I saw that they had an electric razor and I burst out laughing and didn't try to stop them anymore. In front of about 20 drunken people they shaved my girlfriends bush off and we all cheered. She was obviously pissed off, especially when they brought her into the bathroom and put her in the tub. They still held her down and spread shaving cream all over her crotch (believe me, they felt around a little more than they should have) and shaved her whole pussy clean. She was obviously hysterical by this point. They turned on the shower and rinsed her off. When they were done they left her in the shower, soaked and with out panties. I tried to find the panties but someone must have stolen them. She was really pissed but also really drunk. We ended up making out and I got to third base right there in the bathroom. The next morning we were all so hungover that I was able to convince her that she stripped naked and shaved her pussy in the middle of the party. Maybe she really doesn't remember or maybe she's trying to forget, I don't know. Either way, should I ever really tell her what happened? There are plenty of pictures out there of the whole event...
Tuesday, November 5th 2013 - 12:40:54 PM
Name: Andy
Subject: Girls
Message:Climbing in panic up to the third floor a lot of things were going through my mind. Nothing but deserted halls, empty classrooms and the realization it was the end of the line for me. What was I thinking when I decided to hide in the girls bathroom? As if that was going to stop boys from walking inside. Locked and squatted on top of a toilette, so my feet wouldn't show, I began re-thinking if I had made the right choice. All alone with not a single teacher around to help, I realized my situation was hopeless. !God! I'm going to lose my clothes, girls are going to see me naked and couldn't believe my dick was getting hard, were the only thoughts going through my brain. Hearing them getting closer and closer, lessening to cheering girls eager to watch a good stripping, I realized I was about to be put through the worst humiliation of my life.
"Here he is" as the toilette door swung open.
So embarrassing to be seen coward out squatting on the toilette, dragged out in front of girls and told to strip. It was dropping my pants and underwear or having them forcefully pulled own. Begged for mercy and delayed it as much as I could till their patients ran out.
"Why do I have to take my shirt off" I asked them in a broken voice.
"Because girls want to see you naked"
"Shoes, socks, pants, underwear" was my answer and "get on with it"
The expectation of a quick lowering of pants and underwear had quickly turned into a full stripping. Didn't really shock me because there was no one else in the building and had the freedom to do anything they wanted. But still the prospect of stripping bare naked in the presence of girls and maybe left with no clothes to go home with horrified me. Standing there intimidated and about to lose my dignity, I had no other choice but to start taking my clothes off. Down to just my underwear was when girls began making comments about the obvious bulge between my legs. Their was no hiding the fact that I had a full boner. Forced to hold my arms over my head, made it obvious I had a erection pushing out through against my underwear. Having one of the girls stripping off my underwear, was intentionally done to making more humiliating. Feel her fingers digging into the waist band and my stiff penis springing out in front of everyone, was a blood rushing experience. Felt nothing but bare skin, my hard dick sticking out and the extreme shame of having girls looking at it.
!Wow! look at that big dick" as girl named Betsy rapt her hand around it giving it a few yanks.
"Is this how you play with it" while the others look and laughed.
Totally stripped of any intention of pushing her away and knowing that I would never dare run away naked, they sexually molested me at will. Slapping my butt and spreading my chicks to looking butt hole was something they all took turns looking at. The rest was jerking my dick trying to make me cum, taking revealing smart phone nude pictures and threatening to run away with my clothes if I didn't. As long as boys weren't watching, I was willing to squirt every drop of sperm I had. Figured it couldn't be more embarrassing than it already was and a sure way to go home with clothes on my back. I sprayed everything with my sperm, including some of them of their school uniform. A little pay back for things they made me do. Sure that I would never dare say a single word about it, they dropped my clothes on the floor and ran away. Didn't even dare tell my parents. It was the most horribly embarrassing confession for a 15 year old boy to tell. Being stripped naked and fumbled by girls, was the worst thing that could happen to boy self conscious about his body. As embarrassing as it was, I could help feeling the pleasure of having girl making me cum. Much better than when I do it by myself.

Dedicated to Janie, Sandra and all the other girls that enjoy reading sexy stories. I hope this one is good enough to turn you on.
Kisses Andy
Monday, November 4th 2013 - 01:52:19 AM
Name: Janie
Subject: X-ray down
Message:Friday I went in to see my doctor. It was a routine checkup over surgery to my back. I've been there like a gazillion times before, so all I wore was my leggings and a top. The way I see it, the doctor and his assistants always want me to undress, so they can see how I walk, so why wear more? The routine is pretty simple; first I strip all my jewelry and braces off, to get all these x-rays from the front and side, while his technician a young woman moves my body around positioning it. Then I walk for my doctor while he discussed my progress. I don't know if it’s all in my head, but it seems like she brushes up against me a lot while she does. When she did them, she always touched my breasts. Not that I mind it -- I sort of enjoyed it when she did lol. Probably all in my imagination though.

This Friday when I got there, she said "So sorry Miss A. Our X-ray’s out of calibration. We would have rescheduled you, but you weren't home yesterday when we called." (I was away) Then she said, "It's no problem, the doctor asked to me to schedule you for one through the hospital clinic. I just need to have you walk over to it, over there." She pointed to it, out the window as she gave me a prescription order...

Well, the clinic was one building over about a block away. I'd been there before but I hadn't dressed for it, today. Plus the techs who worked there were total pervs.... which in some ways I sort of loved, only today I was in a hurry.

So I grabbed the doctor's x-ray order without bothering to redress, and started to walk over in my leggings and a gown top. I was in a hurry you see, to get back to work, so I just threw my stuff in my bag. So in only my leggings I go outside partly nude. Actually I was rather proud of myself my walking was good. What I hadn't planned on were these guys over at the clinic X-ray machine. When I went over to the x-ray check in and gave her my slip, the first thing she said is, "I'm very sorry Ms A., you have to review your medical release form, and give us a new one. It seems yours are out of date, you haven't been here in two months." She waved me over to have a seat in their waiting room and wait.

Huh?!! So I went over and sat down, wearing just my leggings and the front of a tie behind medical gown that was too small. It was open at the sides and funny to walk around in -- it showed my breasts every time I did. I sat and waited. At first it was no problem, there were only old people in the clinic. As I waited though other people came in. First a guy with his mom, there for a procedure. Then a young mom with a bratty boy who ran around bugging all the other people waiting as he did. I waited a half hour, before they finally called me in to verify my information....***sigh*** When they did this wonderful young medical technician had to review all these personal things while he did. Who's your gym... are you pregnant.... do you consent to release the pictures.... blahblahblah. All I wanted were the xrays on a disk to walk back over to my back doctor!!! Then he got done and waved me back over to have another sit..... It was noon.

Okay a half hour later the little brat's decided to climb in my lap and have me read a children's book to him while his mom's back in the examine room. I did this party to be nice, and party to pass the time. Finally my time has come, and I go to the back. Only the x-ray technician says I have to put on their gown to get my x-ray!

I go to the back and take off my leggings, no small feat for me with my still recovering back, and put on their gown. Meanwhile I cram more of my stuff into my bag. I was in hurry so I didn't tie my gown. The technician comes back in, and says sorry; we've got to cross the lobby to their x-ray. I’ve got to tie it. Never mind I say, please help. He does it for me. Then he ushers me across the lobby to the other technician who runs the x-ray. He looks at me and smiles....

"I remember you from a few months ago... It's been a while, hasn't it?" He smiles a quirky smile. We've missed you Mizz A. Janie isn’t it? Where have you been?"

Missed me? I missed them, too. Hahaha! The last time they did one I nearly froze. They insisted I stand around like this, with the air conditioning on. Okay, at least it’s winter now and they have the heat on.

With a little smile, he read the doctor’s X-ray order.

"Okay Mizz A." (That’s not what he said; he said my last name.... that's secret... lol) "What I need to have you do is put your hands on this handle, so it positions your lower back so we can image it clearly."

The handle is about as far above my head as I can reach. To grab it requires I stretch, so my gown falls forward hanging from my neck across in front, so he can see all of me -- my naked sex I mean ... Now I think he's really grinning as he reaches down and moves my feet the way he wants... It takes forever, while he checks the alignment beam.

"There, perfect Mizz A. Hold that please." He runs around the screen to turn the x-ray on and take the shot. Only that one wasn't perfect, so we do it again. He's face down by my sex moving my feet around -- again!

"Okay, I think we got a good one! Now the other view!" He moves me around again so I'm getting shot by the machine from the side. Meanwhile his friend is in the front of the x-ray lab giggling... She thinks it's funny. She's stopped casting glances our way and just started staring at me. Meanwhile, I don't barely have on a stitch, I'm getting cold but I find this strangely erotic..... What I am trying to say, darn it, is after all this, I realize I'm starting to get wet... why I don't know. I mean I'm not attracted to this jerk one bit!!! Only now I'm wet and I'm starting to wonder if he can tell it, too. I wonder if my sex smells. I imagine it does. My BF teases me that once I start, he can smell me across the room..... in a cocktail lounge…. Lol!! Oh my gawd.... We wind up doing two X-rays in this position, too.

Finally we get through, and he asks his friend to escort me back to the change area, for my purse, so can get my x-rays put onto the CD faster..... She's very nice only right out of school, and finds all this rather funny.

"Don't worry Miss, she says, it always happens to me too," she says as I sit trying to pull my leggins back on. She's watching me, and smiling... What I ask.... Oh getting wet, she replies. "It's just so strange that I would start to lubricate during and exam..." Huh!!!?, I'm thinking...

"You've had back surgery. Do you need some help with those?, she finally says."

"Yes, please!!" OMG, thank god I thought she'd never ask. She holds my leggings while I step into them, and I change gowns so I can go wait again. She escorts me out to wait again, and everyone's gone cuz its lunch time, by now. We sit and chat...

Finally the x-ray technician appears with this disk that I can take back to my doctors to finish that exam. He's gonna print me a card for when I travel to explain to the TSA at security that I have a fusion in my lower back, L3 through S1. You see I had an accident when I was sixteen, which is what this was all about.... I take my disk and head back to my first doctor’s office....

Well, when I got back there, they took it and started to work on my card. My forty minute visit was now pushing three hours. When I saw him, he looked at me and smiled. He had me walk on tippy-toes, forward and back, like I was a little girl. He asked me to bend over as far as I could, forward, then back. He asked me to bend at the hips to the left, and then the right. He examined my scars..... very closely, to see if they'd properly closed up. (I have two new scars on the front and back, and both go well below my bikini line now!)

"I know you're not gonna believe me Miss Au*, but you're really doing very well for nine weeks out. You’re my poster girl, kiddo. While we wait for you TSA cards, oh by the way, how's your therapist?"

My therapist watched my surgery nine weeks before. She asked and I approved it. She loves me. This exam was partly so I could start therapy again, part to check my hardware, and mostly to get the authorization card I need for the TSA to go through airport security with rods in my lower back -- big rods, too, so they don’t do a strip and cavity search. Lol You see the first trip I made after surgery they searched me like an hour, and found nothing but girl!!! Worse, they made me feel like a criminal for having something inside “down there.” (Atlanta, folks)

So we chit-chat five minutes while they made up my card. PS I love my doctor..... lol

Finally his receptionist came back with my card that was supposed to save me all the embarrassment of going through a strip search at the airport by the TSA (plus internal stuff), and he showed it to me to explain....

As I examined the clamps and rods and my lower back, above the pelvis bone, showing all the hardware..... screws into each vertebrae, spacers... lol I suddenly got very red --- I mean very VERY red.

There in front of me all, on my x-ray was the so-called soft tissue.... OMG And the most prominent image of all below my lower back and pelvis was the distinctly clear outline of -- you guessed it -- my vagi-gi. Pussy, sex, vag, whatever you call it, there it was!!! Oh -- my -- gawd!!!!

love, Janie

Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 06:04:18 PM
Name: Jacks
Subject: Nude Exam by Nurses
Message:This goes back to when I was in 13. Due to family history I had had to go in twice a year for complete skin examinations. My parents didn't have money so I was always sent to the free clinic for examinations. Once at the clinic I was always seen my by the nurse practitioner, not even a dermatologist. When taken to the exam room, the nurse told me to take everything off and put on a gown. She left the room and I did as I was told.

In a while the knock on the door came and in walked the nurse practitioner and another nurse in training. I was told to take off the gown and step down off the table. I was given a towel to hold up at waist height as I stood with my back to the nurses on the other side of me with the towel supposedly separating me from their view. They examined my back side and even looked in my butt. It was impossible to not get a boner and I think they knew this. Once my entire backside was examined, I was to turn around and be examined frontally by them. I was told to drop the towel and it was so embarassing when they pulled the towel away seeing my dick standing straight up. Both nurse smirked and I got so embarassed I covered myself. They told me to quit fidgeting and let them finish. I know they enjoyed my embarassment making me keep my hands at my side not letting me cover my erection. They examined my whole front side taking extra extra time looking over my erect penis and balls. The nurse practitioner said I had some funny looking spots on my penis so she got a q-tip and started swabbing my shaft. It tickled so much I started fidgeting around again till she and the assistant nurse got very sterm with me and told me to stand still and let them finish. She rubbed the q-tip all around my penis right below the head for a long time. Everytime I flinched she grabed my hips and held them teling me to keep still with my boner only inches away from her face. It tickled so much I was squirming all over and my dick was so stiff it was pointing straight up and felt like a steel pipe. I think they were doing this on purspose to get a thrill seeing me naked and embaraased with a hard dick right in their faces. She kept "swabbing" my shaft till I couldn't hold back anymore and started squirming around real bad feeling like I was about to cum. The nurse got so mad she grabbed my weiner like a handle ordering me to stay still using it to hold me in place as she spanked my butt saying I was a bad boy for not listening. She kept yanking on my weiner and spanking me holding me in place saying I was a very bad boy over and over gritting her teeth. I started cumming and squirted all over as she kept going. She even had cum on her gloved hand after. They both had smirks on thier faces but never said anything. I was so embarassed my face was bright red. Then she said they were done and I could get dressed and go.
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 12:40:09 PM
Name: Tawny
Subject: Robbed at Supercuts
Message:When I was 18 I worked at Supercuts (a haircutting place). One night near closing time 2 hooded men walked in with masks and guns to rob the place.

We were all terrified. They closed the shades, set the sign to closed, and locked the door. There were 2 of us and one customer still, this high school aged girl getting her hair done for a dance. She was a petite black girl, maybe 5' 1" at most, on the gymnastics team. The robbers made us go to the back room. One of them went through the register while the other watched over us making sure we didn't do anything funny. He said several times that we had better not try anything.

Then he ordered us at gun point to take our pants off! He was VERY intimidating and left us little choice but to do what he said. We all had to strip down to our panties right in front of each other. It was so humiliating. The black teen girl kept refusing to take hers off trying to reason with him. She was wearing snug school color blue cotton yoga pants that hugged her body quite closely. Leering at her he roughly grabbed her by the back of her hair, held the gun to her face and said don't be stupid. If she didn't have her pants off in 5 seconds she'd be sorry. Pleading with him to not make her she finally admitted it was because she wasn't wearing any underwear. He laughed saying, 'so what' and ordered her to get them off, now. Ashamed she had to peel her yoga pants down past her bare hips exposing her hairless pussy and naked behind to everyone. The robber kept taunting her saying 'nice pussy' and 'sweet ass' ordering her to keep going and get them completely off. She was so ashamed she barely could do it, fumbling around till the robber got so annoyed he finally pushed her over and wrestled the tights right off her feet leaving her naked from the belly button down on the floor. He ordered her to get up and stay still but she kept fidgeting around humiliated and naked trying to cover her pussy and rear end till he finally grabbed her pulling her arms behind her and zip tying her wrists together so she could not even cover her privates anymore. She cursed at him in total embarrassment but this was not a good idea. Pushing her against the wall with a hand against her throat he grabbed scissors off the counter and held them up to her throat. She said, "I'm sorry I'm sorry" over and over as we all shuttered in fear thinking he was going to stab her or something. Instead he cupped her mouth telling her to 'shut the fuck up' then stuffed a wash cloth in her mouth and taped her mouth shut wrapping tape around her head till she was gagged and her protested were reduced to barely intelligible 'mmmmphs'.

Then instead of doing what we feared he said 'lets see the rest of you.' Taking the scissors he started snipping her shirt up from the bottom to her neck. Her shirt fell open exposing her stomach and white bra. He pulled her tattered shirt off her shoulders letting it hang from her tied up wrists in back. Then he snipped her bra open right in the middle causing her medium sized breasts to spill out naked and exposed. She was basically stripped nearly completely naked now. Laughing he started playing with her perky little tits and hairless pussy humiliating her in front of us all as she whimpered and protested submissively as he did what he pleased. He forced her over the counter face down and started to pull her cheeks apart playing with her pussy and ass as she cried out through her gag. He started undoing his pants. I though we were about to witness a rape but the other robber, who seemed like the ring leader, came over and smacked his partner on the head with his gun yelling at him saying they were here to get the money and get the fuck out, not rape anyone! Robber #2 flinched and cowered in pain rubbing his head. I thought there were going to fight till robber #1 put his gun to his head and yelled, "Don't be stupid!!" really loud. Robber #2 seemed to fall back in line eventually and comply so they zip tied both of our hands behind us, like the naked gagged teen girl was already then ordered us into the back storage room. Before they shoved us into the room they yanked my coworker and my panties down and took them away too! Then they shoved all 3 of us into the small storage room like this. We were trapped locked in that closet naked and exposed for hours with the completely naked teen girl fully exposed inches away each other.

Even more humiliating was being found by the police like this after! They saw our exposed pussies, butts, and got to see the little black teen girl totally naked from head to toe as they snipped the zip ties off freeing us. I had to pee so bad some started leaking out right in front of the policemen! The robbers had taken our clothes with them so all we had to cover with were towels after. It was the most humiliating experience of my life!
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 11:13:08 AM
Name: Tonya
Subject: Humiliating Little Johnny
Message:I just came across this board and wanted to share a story that I witnessed about 20 years ago when I was 15...A bunch of us girls hung out together and wrestling was kind of big back then and we would wrestle with each other and most of all it was all in good fun....One night we were at Janets house at a slumber party with about seven girls..One of the girls had brought a bottle of vodka that we shared,it didn't take long for a bunch of us to feel pretty tipsy...Anyway as teeenage girls often do we started talking about boys...I thought Janet's brother was cute...He was a year older than us and never had a girlfreind she told us she walked in him and caught him masturbating...of course giggling the whole time she said he had a small penis... Anyway the party continued as her parents were gone out til late evening.Anyway about an hour passed who walks in but Johnny and he was as soused as we were..he had been out and drank some beers with a male freind...We were all dressed in pajamas etc... Kelly and Janet were wrestling on the floor and Kelly being the larger girl pinned her as she was very good athlete having 5 older brothers...Anyway Gladys who was one of drunkest girls around says to Kelly that she should wrestle Johnny....Anyway he laughed saying he didnt want to hurt a girl....Kelly laughed at him saying she would do it and of course Gladys gave him some more to drink and told him if he won he could kiss anyone of the girls at the party as she was the instigator..He said he would wrestle Kelly on one condition that she strips to her bra and panties...and then said "I dont kiss my sister"Gladys laughed and said than you can kiss me anywhere.....We were all laughing and didnt think this would happen until Kelly said she would do it but Johnny would have to strip to his underwear..I thought Johnny had little to gain and much to lose based on his size...suprisingly he agreed....We were all virgins and this was getting interesting..Kelly was wearing a night gown and she quickly stipped off exposing her large boobs and she was wearing panties ...as Johnny looked on she strapped on her bra....Lil Johnny was staring intently as we all chanted "strip Johnny"....Suprisingly he stripped off his jeans and t shirt and was wearing tighty whities.....He looked even more vulnerable as he had a girlish body nearly hairless..a resemblance to his sister Janet...Anyway as this match started you could tell that Johnny was a fish out of water...Kelly was bigger and stronger and pinned him but he was able to get her off him ..she came behind him and got him in a bear hug squeezing for all she was worth ...He was scurrying and dove aimlessly at her legs ...she got him in a neck hold and then managed to pin him coming down with all her weight ..He was defeated and his face looked red as an apple...Kelly pumped her fist in the air as we cheered. Johnny laid dazed on his back ...Kelly grabbed both his legs to get blood back to his head...thats atleast what she told us?She pulled his legs apart like a sciccors and as she did this I noticed his undies had shifted and his penis was sticking out the side of his breifs..The more she did it the plainer it came into view....Then Janet said "see I told you guys it was small"...we all giggled and laughed...finally she let him go and he rolled to his side.....Kelly seizing the opportunity pulled his undies down and gave him 7 spanks with palm of her hand.His bum was very small and you could see his balls and anus...He finally came too...and pulled his undies up and of course was surrounded by Gladys who was one of the horniest girls around...Thats the way things ended as janets parents were coming home and we all went to our sleeping spots...anyway hoped you enjoyed will post another one
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 05:01:50 AM
Name: Andy
Subject: Girls
Message:Didn't realize I was already on the story board. !What a screw up! I guess it's going to be a part 2 witch may makes no deference as long as everyone enjoys it.
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 03:27:49 AM
Name: Andy
Subject: Girls
Message:I was 15 when I over heard two girls in my classroom whispering to each other across the isle. They were sitting in back of me and thought wouldn't be heard. I never turned around but heard everything the said. One was telling the other how they stripped and boy named Rick and how his dick got hard. Obviously the girl she was talking too hadn't been there. Rick was one of the boys in my classroom and out of embarrassment never said anything. Thinking about how many other girls in my class had seen his dick made me blush. Figured they took advantage of him for being shy and weak and would never admit to such a thing, he kept it secrete. In his shoes I would have done the same. Two days later, while leaving school, I noticed a group of girls and boys gathered in the hall. A group known as the so called inn group of boys and girls that always hung around together. Knowing what they did to Rick, I got the horrible feeling I would be next in line. Getting stripped was something I couldn't stop thinking about for days. Came out late out of school one day because my teacher made me finish my test. Ended up by myself in and empty school racing up the stairs to get away form them. Cornered myself on the third floor and did the worst thing I could, witch was hide in the girls bathroom......

What happen is long story more fit to write about in the story board. So "girls" will soon appear on the story board for those who what to know the ending. Love Andy
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 02:20:53 AM
Name: Debbie
Subject: It's small
Message:I don't know why Jose still hung out with us after his friends stripped him in front of my girlfriends. If that happen to me I think I wouldn't have been able to look at any of them in the face. I mean getting stripped bullied and girls finding out his dick was three inches long even when hard. Must have been humiliating to see girls swiping out smart phones while held with his legs spread apart. He knows we still have naked pictures of him and he still hangs out with us. Some boys react deferent to shame than others, but maybe he actually enjoyed girls looking at it. Anyway it was sexy, horny and fun and now we all know he has a baby dick. I guess he jerks off with two fingers.
Love Debbie
Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 03:40:45 PM
Name: guy and girl
E-mail address: paul@mymultimediatv.co.za
Subject: Foam Party
Message:my girl and i went out on a warm summers evening to a local club who had a Foam Party organized, we all had our beach wear on my babe had her white bikini on and look like a million $
the guys where ogling her all nite and we enjoyed many drinks and danced the nite away the foam was awesome the girls looked like they just got out the water and touching them was like the most exhilarating feeling. so my girl danced very seductively caressing her naked skin with her hands and occasionaly squeezing her boobs grabbing a lot of guys attention guys started dancing around her and when the foam reached our shoulders i noticed a guy move in behind her i knew he was going to feel her up a bit but let it bee, she continued dancing facing me and we pretended nothings wrong as the foam subsided i caught a glimpse of the guys hand gently rubbing her one breast underneath her bikini top he soon retracted as the foam lowered and moved away. my GF was immediately turned on by this and came closer to me held me tight and asked me if i saw what happened i said yes and smiled told her it was sort of kinky and slid my hand onto her bum cheek underneath her bikini i knew the guy stood right behind her still adoring her from behind, as i squeezed her but cheek again she lifted herself onto her toes allowing my hand to be in reach of her pussy with not much extra effort so i streched and slid my fingers over her lips and quickly into her pussy for a few seconds i looked and the guys eyes where glued to my hand obviously inside her i the released and pulled my hand out she thanked me and said how horny she was for me
so the foam started to build up again and i told her im off to get us another drink she stayed to dance and i knew the guys around her will know take there chances to grab her attention from a distance i kept an eye on her the guy from earlier was right behind her rubbing her belly from behind and whispiring something in her ear, she smiled and said something back, i then noticed another guy moving in from the front she acknowledged him with a smile the foam was now reaching her breasts and could already see the guy from the back sliding his hands in and out of her bikini top i knew exactly what her nipples would feel like now all wet and erect and from the thought felt really aroused for both of us, i could see the guy in-front moving closer and had no idea what to do stare or interfere!!
so i took the drinks closer and lurked beside her curious to see what she could get up to this hot summers nite, as the foam subsided again i could make out that the guy behind her must have his hands down by her pussy for she was standing in a rather awkward position and was really flushed the guy infront also know noticed this for he moved in closer and gave her a kiss which she would never but did respond to with a rather passionate kiss...
the foam never really was below the waist but as one moved/danced could see more or less. and for a moment i could see her rubbing the guy infront of hers penis through his shorts i was amazed by what my GF was up too and decided to move in with the drinks as she realized o yeah my BF she hugged and kissed me and introduced me to her 2 new friends the complimented me on my hot GF and could stop telling me how hot she looked in the white bikini and they had to chat with her not knowing if she had a BF so i said no worries i dont mind if guys like her i mean shes a 29 year old babe that still looks 18.

as the foam came up again they where not sure what to do so they hung around dancing close by when the foam was higher she moved in on the guy that started it all rubbing her bum on his crotch bending forward to "entertain me" i knew she was rubbing him up and while in a slightly forwarded bend she suddenly looked me straight in the eyes with the face i know has just been penetrated in the pussy i was so sure about it then she grabed me around the neck pulled me closer and moaned into my ear i was stunned she moaned again umm uhhhm mmm while slightly knocking into me "OMG was he fucking her or fingering her" right here on the dance floor infront of all these people "although no one could see because of the foam" this was crazy she whispered in my ear omg his got his cock in me babes i just said no man cant be she stood upwards he threw his arms around her and gave her another 2-3 hard fucks her face was lit up with sex written all over the foam was starting to subside again they pulled away asif nothing happened she turned to me saying omg babe that was the biggest rush i ever felt smilling at me i agreed that it was really hot,
she went to the bathroom leaving us guys to dance until she returned we didnt say much but the foam was filling the floor again now i knew he was going to do it again and thought to give her the nite of freedom to enjoy herself she turned her back at me leaning back telling me to fuck her i was ready but she moved forward facing the 2 guys luring them closer while caressing her semi naked body in a seductive way she bent pulled her bikini bottom down to invite me in as i did with know effort she grabbed both guys cocks from their shorts and played with them while i fucked her from behind, this made me soo horny and out of our usual sexual routine had me blow my full orgasm in her within a few minutes she could feel me orgasm and her pussy tightened around me as she joined me with one of her own.

the foam once again ruined the play and we retracted it was becoming late as the club drew quiet with only bout 30-40 people scattered over the club our corner was quite and rather dark and with my GF in xctacy and no worries about anything dancing in-front of the 3 of us started making it really interesting, shed dance rubbing her tummy sliding her hands over her breasts down over her bikini bottom between her legs and up again then with one moove lifted her top up over her breasts exposing her tits to us 3 and possibly other who stared at us she rubbed them smiling at us knowing this will drive us wild and herself off-course , i though geee i better stop her anytime soon but gosh i loved seeing her showing herself to these guys it gave me such a awesome feeling i just let it bee she then fixed her top again i was relieved but within the next few motions she stuck her thumbs infront of her bikini bottom and slowly pulled them downwards exposing her little pubic strip for a few seconds and the guys cheered her wow they said as she pulled it back up nice the one guy said as he moved in on her she took it as a invitation and guided his hand infront down her bikini spreading her legs for him as he inserts his fingers into her pussy she smiles at me and closes her eyes as he fingers her for a few moments, i look around thinking the whole club must be watching by now but they where not i moved beside them to block the view incase others looked this way and saw she all ready had his cock in her hand wanking him while being finger fucked to a climax as she opened her eyes looking at me looking at them. the foam barely hid any of the action and told them so.... they slowed it down a notch but desperately wanted to fuck each other and the idea of being watched made it all the more interesting and exiting so as the foam reached sholder level both guys wanted her the one allready into her pulled her towards the darker corner with most foam and we just followed it was hands all over her i felt for her pussy and could feel a cock in her allready then followed the trail to her breasts but both taken the for her face and wow she was sucking the other guy leaving me all dry i continued to rub her back and bum as i felt her body rock around getting fucked the foam soon started to subside, and as she came up i realised the cum dripping from her mouth as she stood upwards she tried to swallow and looked at me with a quilty look i took her hand and help her guide the last drop into her mouth and told her to love the moment she is very hot and i love her for the show she put on for me the other guy then asked if he could come in her and she quickly said please not too and pulled away from him, she whispered into his ear grabbed me by the hand when she adjusted her bikini and we aimed for the door.

outside we stood by the car laughfing and holding each other saying how awesome that was and crazy, when the 2 guys approached us thanking us both for the nite my GF said well is the nite over then? as she opened the cars back door winking them in....
So we drove to our apartment and offcourse as we entered the house she took iff all her clothes and told the guy to come finish himself off, he was on and in her in a flash fucking her in 6 posissions in the next 10 minutes and shot his load over her tits she layed there rubbing the cum into her skin and begged me to come fuk her that nite we fucked and made love in turn and i was amazed at how long she could continue with us 3 guys she seemed to get hornier and hornier and had no end .....
i hope for another nite like this anytime soon so you South-frican guys or Girls bring it on
Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 03:55:51 PM
Name: Mockingbird
Subject: Strip or Treat - The Pumpkin Queen
Message:Strip or Treat - The pumpkin queen

By Mockingbird (AKA SDS)

Kizzie knew she was probably too old to go trick or treating, she was almost 16 afterall. However what she knew even more was that she loved candy. Her parents were dentists and so naturally there was never sweets in the house. Instead of pocket money her parents generally bought her whatever she wanted and so she rarely had to opportunity to buy her own treats and so was a very sweet deprived young girl.

Sneaking downstairs she shouted to her parents in the livingroom that she was going to her friend Laura’s house, before quickly running out of the house. She heard a muffled “Ok love text me if you want picking up” from her mum before she shut the door. Her heart was racing, not only would her parents be pissed that she was going to get sweets but they would be even more angry with what she was wearing.

This year she had decided to go as a sexy zombie schoolgirl, it was an easy costume as she just modified her regular school clothes. It consisted of her shortest black pleated school skirt which she had pinned so it was even shorter and would threaten to show her panties if she bent down. Her white school shirt, which was tied up around her midriff exposing her stomach, her top button was undone. She had her knee high white socks and black pups to complete the outfit. To add the zombie effect she had pale face makeup, dark eyeliner, messed up hair and a number of fake cuts on her exposed flesh.

She was usually a fairly shy girl but all girls dress slutty for halloween and it often helped her get more candy at houses where teen boys answered the door. Her heart was set a flutter as she thought of Billy Harper answering the door to her, and so she set off into the the night holding her skirt down from the breeze with one hand and holding her empty sack in the other…

…Kizzie was happy, the night had been a success. A few adults had commented that she looked a bit old to be trick or treating but not many. She was short and most people just handed out the cady without much question or care. Her bag of sweets quickly started to fill up and a couple of younger boys had practically drooled over her and gave her handfuls of sweets.

She was just about to head home when she noticed a sign at the side of the road. it said “Trick or Treaters Welcome! “ and pointed down a winding path towards a porter cabin on the edge of the new housing development. Curiosity and a need for sweets pulled her skipping down the path. Nervously she knocked on the door and almost left before it swung open letting out a blinding flashing disco light and loud dance music.

Two young teens answered the door, they looked to be around her age but it was hard to tell with the masks on. “Trick or Treat?” she asked nervously. The two masked teens, one male one female looked at each other then back at Kizzie. She shifted nervously. The tension was broken by the girl in the pink bunny costume and mask. “Love the costume sweetie, very cute”

Kizzie brightened up. “Thanks, your’s too” she said happily. The Bunny girl had a small bag of sweets on her ready to give out. “We usually give a small piece of candy to the little kids that come over, but why don’t you come in we’re just about to crown the pumpkin queen.” said the girl happily.

Kizzie was torn, she knew she would be grounded forever if she was caught at a teen party, there could be drink or anything going on inside. “erm...” she said uncertain for words.

“There’s loads of candy” said the red dressed devil gesturing inside with his plastic scythe. Throwing caution to the wind she stepped inside. “Besides your so cute you could be this years pumpkin queen” said the girl giggling. Kizzie wasn't sure what the pumpkin queen was but it sounded exciting, kind of like a prom queen she guessed. The girl lead her in, the room was filled with an assortment of masked teens about 10 in all a mix of boys and girls. The devil boy followed behind and slowly lifted the back of her already really short skirt with his scythe. He did it so carefully she didn't notice, a few of the other teens saw and looked on wide eyed as her her panties came into view.

She had a special pair just for halloween, her mum had picked them out. They were white with a bright orange trim and a smiling orange pumpkin on the front and lots of small ones around the sides and back. One boy was about to say something but a scantily clad ghost gave him a punch. “Who thinks we’ve found the pumpkin queen?” asked the devil after letting the skirt fall to cover Kizzie’s panties again.

The other teens whooped in agreement, a shocked Kizzie found herself blushing and nodding. The bunny girl from earlier and another girl dressed as a slutty witch also with a mask lead her into a backroom to get ready. “Whats happening? What do I need to do?” she asked as they shut the door. “We just need to get your ready.” said the witch.

A shocked Kizzie didn't know how to react as they started to unbutton her already half unbuttoned shirt. She was about to protest but there was a pile of clothing and costumes hung up and so she assumed there was a special pumpkin queen costume or something. It all happened so fast she wasnt ready, they pulled her school shirt off her and then she heard a click from behind her. “Wait what are you doing? Kizzie screamed trying to get out of the masked girls grip. Her hands had been fastened behind her woth a sturdy pair of toy handcuffs and so she stood there in her school skirt and festive orange bra. Her small cleavage was exposed and she was really panicking now. The other girls were laughing at their helpless victim now, one walked over and picked up a large carved pumpkin. “Here you go sweetie” she said too oh too sweetly.

“Please let me go” Kizzie begged as the large smelly thing was placed over her head like a mask.The bottom had been cut out to fit her head inside and two slits at the side made it hold in place with her shoulders. The girls grabbed her and started to pull her back into the main room. Her heart was racing now and her face burned red, she couldn't believe what was happening soon a room full of teen many of which she probably knew if she saw them behind their masks were about to see her in her bra.

“Nooo!” shouted Kizzie as she was pulled into the party exposing her pale flesh to the masked boys and girls. There was a great cheer, “The pumpkin queen!” they all shouted happily seeing the half stripped girl. A girl in a fox mask and costume stepped forward towards Kizzie who was being held up stopping her being able to cover. “This year we have a great pumpkin queen, she even has even worn underwear to match!”

Kizzie couldn't see much, the pumpkin restricted her visibility and the smell was overpowering her senses, she had never liked pumpkin and this was a humiliating nightmare. She gasped and screamed again as her school skirt was pulled down her legs. “let me go!” she shouted trying to fight but with her arms behind her back it was no good. She was displayed to the entire party with her Pumpkin panties and orange bra on display. She was almost shaking in shame now, what could she do she was at their mercy.

“Party game time! - Spin the pumpkin” shouted the Skeleton masked boy that was DJing over the mic.

Kizzie tried to resist but soon she felt herself getting spun around by loads of pairs of hands, she was soon dizzy and disorientated. The other party goers where getting a great look at her exposed flesh from all angles. “Don’t fall over or there is a forfeit!” shouted the DJ again. Trying to keep upright Kizzy was pushed from person to person while her head spun. she couldn't believe this was happening all she had wanted was some candy and to go home.

Somehow however she managed to keep from falling over and losing the pumpkin head. She saw flashes from phones and knew the pictures would soon be all over the surrounding schools and facebook, the best she could hope for would be to keep her face hidden behind the stupid smelly pumpkin.

“Pumpkin Pinata time!” shouted the DJ over the laughing teens.

“What?!” shouted Kizzie but it was too late for questions, a plastic sword made contact with her slightly exposed pale cheeks. “owww! no please!!!” she shouted trying to run. She braged straight into a boy in a clown mask, who had a good feel as he pushed her away, making Kizzie scream even harder. More blows from a variety of props and even a few hands getting a cheeky feel quickly impacted afterwards making her scream in embarrassment as well as pain.

“Please just let me go!” she cried huddling into a ball. however the masked revelers had no such thoughts. “You’ve first got to do the pumpkin mile.” said one girl close to her. “Ye” laughed a male voice behind her, “All the way down sykes avenue and back to go free!” he laughed.

a shaky Kizzie was picked up and pushed towards the door. Sykes avenue luckily wasn't actually a mile but the street was still filled by trick or treaters and people going about their normal business. “I can’t!” Kizzie cried. “You can or we keep your clothes!” someone laughed. Kizzie despite her embarrassment suddenly got an image of turning up home in just her knickers and bra. she would have to knock with her hands tied her parents would kill her.

She set of running, the cool breeze highlighting her nudity even more. The party had joined her running behind laughing and shouting for everyone to look at the pumpkin queen. Tears dripped down her eyes and ran down her neck onto her exposed chest. How could this be happening. people where looking, some adults looked away in shock, others simply laughed knowing kids had their silly games. Older kids however were getting a good look while the younger ones laughed. “Why is that pumpkin running in her undies?” laughed one boy. “Wow check it out half naked chick!” shouted a pair of preteens. It was horrible all these people where her neighbors, she wanted to run home but knew she had to complete the run or face turning up half naked.

A group of teen boys watched her run past and wolfwhistled. the whole neighborhood would ether see or hear about this in the next few days. She ran back and was about to enter with the other teens when one girl in a fairy costume grabbed her arm. The girl knew Kizzie and didn't particularly like her. “This way pumpkin queen,” she said sweetly but slowly maneuvered her hand behind and unclipped the poor girls bra. In normal circumstances Kizzie would have noticed, however with her head stuck in a pumkin, having just ran around the neighbourhood in her panties and bra she didn't notice her bra suddenly become loose.

To the girl’s disappointment due to how Kizzie was tied she couldn't get the bra all the way off however a quick tug as she entered into the part revealed most of the girls small pale breasts and nipples. It was only a few minutes later when one lad shouted nice tits thats Kizzie realised her bra wasn't fastened and has slipped down. She cried out again telling someone to help her or let her go. She was pushed up on stage for the crowning, “Please my tits are on show” she cried as the room got a full view of her stood on stage in her pumpkin panties and half off bra. A spotlight was turned on her, she couldn't believe what was happening it was all like some terrible nightmare.

Kizzie tried to turn away and hide her small breasts from the gathered teens but again she was grabbed and held in place my two masked youths. “Before we crown the pumpkin queen lets have a look at the pumpkin patch?” one girl laughed and before Kizzie knew what was happening her panties where pulled down to a roar of laughter. Despite Kizzie having brown hair she was actually a nature ginger and dyed it regularly, as her panties flew down her legs she knew what everyone could see, she was totally on displayed full frontal nudity and her ginger pubes were there for everyone to see. “Nooo” she cried trying to fight, she heard a click and the handcuffs were off. However so was her bra, she was now totally naked with just the pumpkin on her head.

She fell to the floor covering her exposed boobs with her arms. Kizzie was mortified, she had just been stripped butt naked except for her school socks by a group of teen, her normal clothes were thrown to her and she quickly got dressed pulling her panties back on and giving the group a great last view of her naked bottom. Once dressed she ran out of the cabin throwing the cursed pumpkin head off as she left. It squished to the ground. She ran home weeping her hair a mess, sticky and filled with pumpkin seeds, the memory of her humiliation still fresh she ran upstairs and locked herself in her room. To add insult to injury she thought as she buried her teary head into a pillow was that she had no cady to show for it.

From that day she couldn't see or smell pumpkin again without remembering her ordeal. The pictures were widely circulated and her streak had been the talk of the street. However luckily for Kizzie no one ever found out it was her.

And that was the story of the 2013 Pumpkin queen, the question remains however who was last years and who will be the next?

Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 06:43:56 AM
Name: Mason
Subject: Dressed for My Birthday
Message:Dressed for my Birthday

My Aunt Star has always been a bit of hippie, she lives out in the woods on a lake in Oregon with my cousins, Jack(14), Sadie(15) and Aurora (17). Being my Mom's sister they are closer to one another. However we because they live far away we rarely get to see them. In July my mother sent my sister, Hannah(13) and myself(14) to stay with them for a week. My Cousins Alice(14), and Harper(12), Alexander(15) Morgan(16) were also coming, they were the children of my Uncle, my Mother's far more conservative brother, even if he looked like Michael Douglass in the movie Falling Down he loved his sister and didn't believe a week on her "hippie compound" would corrupt his teens.
So we are dropped off by our Mom, and greeted by our Aunt barefoot as always in her sundress along with the rest of our Cousins who arrived early. It was a stereotypical American summer moment, swimming, frolicking and jumping in the lake, dinner under tiki torches except for the fact only veggie burgers were cooked on the deck. The first two days were like this, but the third night was my birthday, and little did I know I was over dressed.
You see my Aunt has a tradition that on your birthday you should wear the suit you were born into, we didn't know it at the time but nudity was the norm at my cousins place, and their birthday tradition was only different from every other day in that nudity was mandatory. No one had told me this, but Jack and Aurora told everyone else about the family tradition and how fun it would be have me dressed appropriately for my birthday. The next day seemed quite normal, it was late afternoon and we had all gathered on deck when my aunt walked out with a small cake singing happy birthday. Naturally my cousins gathered around and started to sing before I could blow out the candle, Jack and Alexander grabbed my arms, Harper and Aurora grabbed my legs and picked me up. Hannah and Sadie grabbed scissors from the kitchen, suspended mid in mid air I had no idea what was going on.
"Happy birthday Brother" said Hannah "you are a bit overdressed, time to change into your, birthday suit. Hannah and Sadie then started to cut both sides of my bathing suit, I was shocked and screaming
As I felt the cold metal move up my pale thigh that with each crunch was becoming more and more exposed as the fabric was shredded. One the band was cut the back of suit fell off espousing my butt, because I was struggling the whole time, and because my member was becoming excited from feeling air my whole suit slid off me leaving me completely bare and in front of my cousins.
I was then held up, Sadie then took the candle out of my cake and smushed it into my face like a banana cream pie, my face was now covered in blue icing, but I could see the flash of a camera. Then I felt the sudden rush of air as I was heaved up into the air and into the lake. I came to the surface to find everybody laughing. I was helped out of the water by Aurora and Jack who explained the tradition to me at their house, I shouldn't be mad since we were all family etc. I was dried off and my aunt then brought out a large birthday cake with Fourteen candles, once again they happy birthday with the verse "your dressed like a monkey" included. I blew out all the candles wishing for revenge. But the humiliation wasn't over, after everyone was done eating their cake Aurora explained the second part of the tradition, everyone wishing me birthday wishes. Sounds innocent enough? My aunt the brought out art paint and brushes. I didn't feel like running with Cake in me, it would be pointless anyone looking at Jack, Aurora and Sadie's toned tanned bodies, they would pin me down.
I was stood, up, by this point I had stopped bothering to cover my dick since everyone had seen it. I then felt tickle of several brushes and the warm breath of my cousins as hearts, stars and Happy Birthday was written all over my body, EVERY where. My sister thought it was funny to paint a kissy mark on my butt, while Alice decided to paint my penis. Naturally I became excited, but my Aunt told me not to be embarrassed because it was normal. When everyone was done turning me into a mural, my Aunt walked up to me put a little cone party hat my head with the pinchy annoying rubber bands.
"alright everyone, group photo" Thank god I was told I cup my penis, I saw a flash and a photo was taken of various smiling teens in bathing suits posing and pointing to a painted naked boy in the center, cupping his penis in one hand and holding a lone balloon in the other. There was also a second one taken of my from behind with everyone surrounding me. When this was done the night continued as it normally did, some of my cousins including my sister started body painting themselves.
Around 9 we all went inside, and my aunt said that everyone with body paint had to take a shower, going to my room to fetch my towel I learned my sister Hanna had hidden all my things, since a birthday is a 24 hour event I had to stay naked for that amount of time. I asked Jack for a towel and he politely got me one, and asked me if I wanted to share the shower with him. Seeing as he had seen me naked for the past several hours I saw not problem with seeing him, in fact it him stripping down gave a sense of equality. While we showered he explained to me that nudity was the norm in his family, and although the Birthday suit was a tradition, It was thrown on me as a apart of a larger plan, to dress down everyone else. My birthday wish was to be granted as Jack explained who he and his sisters planned to reek vengeance on my tattered bathing suit.

I awoke from sleeping bag the next day, it was the first time I had slept naked, then again yesterday was the first time I had been naked in front of so many people, it felt amazing. At breakfast my Aunt explained to everyone how I wasn't allowed to get dressed till sundown. Day went about like all the previous days, except I was fully naked the entire time which by this point I and everyone else was use to. In between splashing people gathered around and whispered, Aurora told Hannah that my Aunt had given the girls permission to strip the boys, while Jack told Harper and Alexander that it was Sadie's birthday and it was her turn to be stripped. Everyone was told a different story, but other than Jack, Sadie, Aurora and myself no one knew that it would be more than one person would be stripped that night, but everyone expected and volunteered to participate in the next unveiling which was supposed to happen at sunset when I was given permission to dress for my unbirthday.
Just before sunset my Aunt came out singing Happy birthday to Sadie, we all rushed her in the water, she didn't struggle at all knowing it was going to happen as we draped her out, held her up and cut off her bathing suit revealing her perky and very bronzed A cup breasts that blended into her evenly tanned body and her large dark brown bush. I was still naked and found myself embarrassed that I was excited, she was then hit with a pie and thrown into the water.
Everyone gathered round to watch Sadie splash in the water, however keeping with part of the plan when my Aunt blew a whistle and Hannah , Alice and Morgan rushed behind Harper and Alex, pulling down their trucks and pushing them into the water. At this point Sadie crawled out in her natural suit, and shouting something about Girl power, and then suddenly grabbed my sister Hannah, who squealed red kicking her lanky legs as I ripped her string bikini off revealing her flat chest and developing black bush. Alice and Morgan the odd ones out were laughing assuming it was sibling vengeance for yesterday when Aurora and my Aunt grabbed their arms, calling for their soaking wet brothers.
Alice said "our father won't allow them to get away with this, we are girls."

My Aunt then explained she had talked to him on the phone earlier and he felt because they hadn't not only failed to stick up for me, but actively stripped me a complete tan would be fair punishment. The very pale blonde Alexander and Harper emerged from the lake with their dangling pensis grinning at their sisters, Alexander being older was far more endowed, while Harper like me had just entered puperty. Morgan accepted her fate as I handed Harper the scissors which cut off her top revealing her nice C cup breasts, her long blonde hair was't long and just touched her tipples. . Her sister, Alice struggled a lot more like Hanna but against 6 ft Alexander it was futile, Harper handed him the scissors and soon the two sisters were standing their bare in front of everyone. Both of them seemed more naked then everyone else, not only where they as white as their brothers, they both had shaved off all their pubic hair and Alice unlike her sister had short blonde hair they didn't reach her small round chest. Aurora was then grabbed by Aunt
Who yelled "who wants to strip my oldest" Sadie rushed to her sister, and ripped off her bikini revealing her evenly bronzed skin nice B cup breasts, unlike her sister Sadie she had trimmed her bush down to a little brown strip.
Jack then walked outside completely nude and explained that everyone's clothes had been hidden, and we were to remain like this for the rest of the week.
My now naked Aunt (who resembled her eldest daughter) walked outside with a Cake, on it written "Un-Birthday" and encouraged we who were "blood to celebrate our flesh"
Paint was then brought out, and everyone ended up marking everyone else, and we danced around a bonfire yelping like inuns in the moonlight.
Other than paint and sun block we were not allowed to wear anything, even sandals for the whole week.
We swam like always but under the guide of Aurora and Jack we all hiked together through the forest around the lake, bare skin and bare foot. We climbed all took turns swinging from a tire swing on a rock ledge into the water, and even though our aunt didn't approve we walked near hiking paths and had fun scurrying behind large ferns as mountain bikers wisped by.
This exhibitionist game had been played by our cousins. I noticed all the males were at full mast when we played, while my all my female cousins tended to rub their swollen nipples afterward.
On our first night naked as we all crawled into bed our Aunt explained that nudity, especially at our age would naturally excite us but we were related so we should release our tensions in a proper manner. It turns out Hannah didn't know what my meant, so Aurora and Sadie took her by the hand saying they should shower together, they came out 20 minutes later giggling and smiling. Even though we saw everything of each other the whole week we all tended to "shower" separately, however the twice daily shower always wasn't enough and each of us would walk by ourselves in the woods for short periods of time, and even then it was hard to hide our excitement.
The Week went by fast, and we were all frolicking in the water when my mother and Uncle showed up, we didn't hear them come out. Though exhibitionists everyone but Sadie, Jack and Aurora blushed in the water. However we quickly all got out of the water and were subjected to a finial photo, once again with me in the center, however no one bothered to cover.My aunt gave us all flash drives recording our progress in tanning that week. I was also given a framed photo of my best birthday ever.
Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 09:42:16 PM
Name: Lily
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: Harassed
Message:When I was 16 students in my school used to hide under a highway under pass, to smoke and do things we weren't supposed to do. There were always girls and boys there at any given time. It was also a good place to get harassed by groups that didn't like you. For month these girls had been bothering me and embarrassing me in front of other students. They spread the word and told everyone in school I was a lesbian because I was 16 and didn't have a boyfriend. They didn't dare do anything bad to me in school for fear of getting expelled. One day they caught me in the highway under pass hide out and surrounded me.
"Well if it isn't the little lesbian girls" said one of the girls to the others.
Having six older girls around me intimidated me. My girlfriend Ann, and Tammy deserted me as soon as smelled trouble. I thought I was going to get my ass kicked in and humiliated in front other girls and boys that were standing around to see what would happed.
"What should we do to her" said one of them as she turned towards the others.
I ended up getting stripped to my underwear in front of laughing girls and boys cheering and chanting for my underwear to come off. It took them just a few seconds to pull my shoes, shirt and skirt and could do a thing to stop them. Stood there flush with shame realizing I was going be stripped naked to please a crowd that wanted my underwear taken off. All I heard from boys was "let's see her pussy and girls screaming "strip her" What better way to disgraced someone you don't like than stripping them naked in public. I still remember my bra and panties yanked off, pushed out in font of everyone and forced to show myself bare ass naked. Overwhelmed with shame, I could do nothing but stand there in front girls having fun and boys feasting on my bareness. I could actually feel boys ducking to look at my pussy, going up to see my young tits and walking around to check my butt.
"Come on open up those legs and show it all" as they pride my legs apart. Some how I reached a point where I didn't care anymore about having everything exposed. Once they had seen my private parts, it didn't make any deference if the kept looking. They all would keep looking and sexually satisfying themselves looking on till my clothes would be given back to me. Clothes that were handed back to me, after everyone got plenty of time to check me in all the right places. Getting a chance of seeing someone stripped naked is something they are never going to miss. If there had been half the boys and girls there that day, I don't think any of them would have walked away. I think I would have done the same if a boy would have gotten stripped. Nudity is very sexually arousing, especially when it's being forced on someone. Looking back on it, I still can't decide if it was degrading or I enjoyed the experience. I think looking at someone naked turns me on as much as having been stripped.
Love Lily
Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 02:36:39 AM
Name: Pamela
Subject: Nude stories
Message:I did good things and bad things during my high school years. Have to admit I hung out with a group of girls and boys that weren't exactly angles. Most of the naughty things were done by boys. They used to harass and play horrible pranks on other boys and we just went along with them. One day they caught a boy in the parking lot and stripped him from the waist down behind some parked school buses. It was such a turn on to see him blushing and struggling to pull his pants back up to prevent girls from seeing his dick. We not only got a look at it, but also watched him get a hard on. Because he never mentioned it to any one and threatened to tell every one in school, was the reason he didn't say anything when walk in on him naked in the boys showers. To tell the truth, he looked much better naked than dressed. Running around with bad boys sure makes things interesting. Boy did it and all we had to do was look. Love Pam
Monday, October 14th 2013 - 03:43:58 PM
Name: Lindsey
Subject: Hazed at School
Message:I was new on the gymnastic team at school. It was really competitive and some of the upperclassman girls were really mean and intimidating, especially to newbies like me.

One day after a long Friday afternoon practice I went into the locker room to change only to find my locker totally taped shut! It took me forever to pull off all the sticky cloth tape and cut through it to get my locker open. No one helped me either. Most just snickered at me. The coaches and almost all of the girls were gone by now. I then noticed that Kylie, the ringleader of the senior girls, and 5 of her a-hole friends were the only ones left. I saw them lock the door and then they circled in around me at my locker. My heart was beating and I got a lump in my throat. Kylie leaned into my face and said it was time for my initiation. She told me I'd better do everything they told me to do or they'd beat on me till I cried and peed myself. She had zip ties and a silk scarf in her hands. She blind folded me with the scarf and then puled my arms around my back. Before I could even do anything she zip tied my wrist together. Once she did that I was pretty much at their mercy. I was forced to sit down on the bench then suddenly I felt my feet get pushed together then felt another zip tie cinch my ankles together! The zip ties were thick and totally unbreakable. Now helpless with my hands and feet bound they lifted me up and forced me to lay on the floor. I tried to protest but they cupped my mouth telling me to shut the hell up. Laying on my back I felt my feet get pulled up in the air till my butt was up off the ground and they tied me up to the locker like that hanging from my feet with my head, shoulder and my upper back still on the ground, almost hanging upside-down.

Kylie said, "Lets see if she shaves her cooch" and she pulled my shorts and panties all the way up to my knees totally exposing me. They all burst out laughing like cackling hens at the site of my bare exposed pussy. They left me there writhing around humiliated and yelling at them to let me go. Instead of letting me go, Kylie said, "Now lets see if she stuffs her bra!" and yanked my sport bra up to my armpits causing my tits to pop out. Hanging there they tickled my feet and slapped my tits and pussy watching me yelp and spasm in pain and humiliation till I was begging for them to stop.

They pulled my blindfold off and Kylie had a jumbo 12" hot dog in her hand. She wiggled it around in my face then grabbed my hair and ordered me to open my mouth. Naked and trembling I had no choice. She shoved the giant hot dog in my mouth and ordered me to suck on it! She shoved it in and out of my mouth and down my throat till I was gagging and choking on it. They laughed at me calling me a dirty little cock whore as I writhed around naked spewing up gob all over myself with tears streaming from my eyes. Then they broke out a bag of clothes pins and stuck them onto my boobs, butt cheeks and even my pussy lips! They laughed and took pictures of me stripped naked humiliated and hanging there with my bare tits vagina and ass on full display for all of them. After fully recording my humiliation they left me there tied, naked and alone.

I was stuck like this for almost and hour too embarrassed to yell for help. I was finally found by the old janitor who just stood there smiling evilly staring at my naked pussy and tits for a long time. To make it even worse he immediately called someone from the front office to come down to witness what he found too! The assistant principal and the janitor cut the ties off and helped me down, I scrambled to get my panties up and my bra back in place having to pull all the clothes pins off me right in front of them! I was so embarrassed my face went bright red and I got a huge lump in my throat. I could not even look them in th face after that knowing the saw me completely nude!
Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 08:21:27 PM
Name: Shy Girl
Subject: Re:childhood games - Playing kidnapper
Message:I remember me and my friend June used to play to play kidnapper when we where young. it was a silly game where we usually tied each other up, a bit of a tickle pretending to read kidnappers demands etc. we played from being about 8 to 12. we stopped after her brother came in with his friend they where about 13/14 and found me tied up from the bunk bed with my arms over my head.

June screamed for them to get out but they only laughed. they taunted us calling us lesbians playing kinky games. (the thought had never crossed our minds) June got really worried when he threatened to tell mum. June's mum was crazy strict and homophobic so June was panicking.

James and his mate Rob I think it was, soon pushed June out of the room and said it was time for them to play too. I remember being so scared as he perverted big brother came over to me while June was held by Rob. He was laughing as he started to run his finger up and down my side making me squirm every time it passed my hips.

It then got really awful as he started to unbutton my jeans, I screamed for him not to but he only laughed saying that's why I was the victim. I was helpless as he slowly slid them down my pale legs. My pink T-shirt was fairly long so just preserved my modesty for the moment. It felt so awful stood there in only a T-shirt and my underwear, the T-shirt felt like the worlds shortest dress. the boys where having a good laugh. James bent down in front of me making my step out of my jeans, I remember looking down at him and knowing he was looking straight up at my knickers.

I remember June screaming for them to let me go but instead they said it was time to pay the ransom and they wanted June's skirt. She blushed refusing. fine then James laughed turning to me again. He lifted my shirt up slowly revealing my white knickers with pink heart pattern and pink trim. It was terrible being exposed like that but i was really panicking now as i had no bra on underneath.

Please no! NO NO !!! I begged and even told him I had nothing on underneath. I remember him stopping dead starting at my little chest. He grinned but luckily June came to my rescue throwing her skirt to him and holding her hands over her own cartoon printed knickers.

I remember she came running over to me as James stepped away. However they laughed then at us two girls with out knickers more or less and show. They made us kiss each other before they'd let us go but even this was all a trick for James to get a photo of us both. he then used this as blackmail.

He made us do an underwear parade for them both in the back garden while they sat on sun loungers and watched. I borrowed some some June's underwear and they made us pretend to be cat walk models walking down the garden and back terrified that someone would see. I remember the awful feeling of walking in just some little undies and a small bra exposing all my flesh to the awful boys.
Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 08:49:56 AM
Name: Roy Berry
E-mail address: bolan77.co@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: Recapping.
Message:re is my re-cap on what i have read so far, and by the way, all the stories are as great as ever.
1...William...that was too bad,
i have seen that occuring to many an unsuspecting lad, and it is not easy not cumming, especially when one dosen't want to.
Your Dick seems to take over, and decides for you, because Hey..that is what it is suppose to do, so it can't be helped.
It is not fun for the victim, or in your case, You, but it is a hoot to your so called mates, especially if they've stripped you naked outside, in front of everyone, and march you all over the place, and there you are, looking like the last turkey in the shop freezer.
I think a lot of people have simuuliar stories, but this is the site to admit to them, and once you have told it, especially to us, then your humiliation, is not so bad any more, because time is a great healer.
But obviously to be reading the material on this site, you get turned on, by other peoples stripping stories, and because you are now sharing, you no longer feel so bad about it...but tell me one thing, did you get your revenge?.
if you did...tell us about it.

2. Jax, nice, looks like a true one, what happened next?.
3. Serban, i love bro and sis, ie sibling stories, because weather we care to admit it or not, this is usually where our stripping expiriences begin, at home, ie the girls, at the hands of the Brothers, and visa versa.
One of my first expiriences, was my 2 brothers and i, ganging up on our sisters,
as we pretended to be cowboys, and they ended up being reluctant sqaws, and sqaws always get stripped, don't they.
We didn't do anything, siblings seldom do, i wouldn't have known what to do, even if we could, we just stripped them and looked, and then for a while after that, i wondered what it would be like, if it was the other way round, and i was the victim, but as you know in the stories that i have posted,i did find out, and it is such a weired feeling, and i bet i wasn't the only one, whom has been a victim...but when you are siblings, in the comfort of home...it is great fun, and until we have become adults, we never realise how wrong, it probably is.
My Brothers once got our mum, but that is another story.

Anyway i am going to try and catch up on my reading,
so, william, Jax, or Serban, please give us some feed back.
Thanks for now,
Take care
Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 04:28:22 AM
Name: William
Subject: Shamed
Message:As a young kid I was always picked on by other boys in school for being quiet and shy. I could never act or say the right things and always felt like I didn't fit in. It was a lot worst in high school because boys were older much more crueler. Being ridiculed in front of girls made me feel worthless. I was the school's whip and no one wanted to have anything to do with me. Only thing they did was bullying me in front of girls to humiliate me. Our teacher gave us a school project to do over the weekend. My heart turned over when she said it was going to be a group project and divided us in groups. I got put on a group of four boys and five girls that decided to do it on Saturday in one of boys the home. I could tell they were planning to do something bad to me, but had no other choice but to show up. Ended up being grabbed by my waist from behind by this brut of a boy trying to pants me in front girls. Found myself with my front button and zipper ripped open, holding on to my pants and girls telling him to strip me naked. Panicked with my pants and underwear half way down the back of my butt and holding the font up for dear life, I realized I was one step away form total humiliation. Lost all hope when girls got the other boys to jump in a help pull my had off my pants. Felt my pants slid off completely along with my underwear and the blood rushing shame of having girls looking at my dick growing into a full erection. Sheer embarrassment didn't stop my dick from getting hard. So over powered I couldn't stop them from taking off the rest of my clothes, locking them way and leaving me with no other choice but baring it all. On the floor with girls taking cheap grabs of my dick. Telling boys to hold my legs open and having girls hand jobbing my dick, they almost succeeded in making me cum. I guess the sheer embarrassment of being naked and owned, was the reason why I didn't spray my load of sperm all over the place. Being shy took on a whole deferent meaning. Submission and total humiliation didn't even come close to shyness. Of course getting stripped naked and girls taking sexual advantage, is something I could do a damn thing about. Just had to wait to get my clothes back, swallow my pride and pretend it never happed.

Love William
Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 02:17:06 AM
Name: Jax
Subject: Russian neighbor's daughter
Message:I live next door to this Russian family. I can hear them speaking Russian in the house all the time. The father is very strict and uses nude spankings on his daughters for discipline. I know this because I can see right into one of their windows from my room. Our houses are very close so it's not hard to see right into their house at night when the lights are on. It seems like they never close their shades. The window happens to be to the bedroom of their 15 year old daughter Darya. One day I found out she got caught cheating on a test at school and was suspended for one day. That night I saw her in her room stark naked and sobbing her eyes out getting viciously strapped by her father. The lights were on and the shades were wide open as usual so I could see everything quite clearly. She was completely naked. It looked like she was being forced to stand there with her hands up behind her head while being strapped hard across her red welted behind over and over. I could clearly see every inch of her nude body including her small pointy breasts and nipples, her naked red rear, and her nearly hairless vagina. It had just a tiny bit of hair on it. I could see her crying out in pain with each strap across her red welted buttocks. Every time she put her hands down to cover her behind and beg for mercy I could hear her father yelling at her in Russian ordering her to get back in place, strapping her across her sides, arms, and ever her stomach till she complied and resumed the humiliating position with her hand behind her head fully exposed. I wonder if he got some kind of cheap thrill from this or what. The spanking session seemed relentless lasting for what felt like forever. She was left naked, hysterical and covered in welts all over. Her behind looked painfully red, welted and even black n blue in some areas. He made her stand naked facing the wall after for a good 30 minutes. I could see her quivering and sobbing naked in the corner. How humiliating is that? It was shocking and disturbing but for some reason it completely intrigued me too. I saw her get spanked naked a number of other times too. One time she was forced over her fathers lap naked from the waist down and viciously spanked with a hair brush for talking back to him. The windows were open so I could hear him yelling at her as he blistered her butt and could hear her crying and begging for him to stop as she kicked around helplessly. After he made her clean her room with no pants or underwear on. Every time she slowed down she would get a hard swat to her raw red rear end making her yelp loudly in pain. They had another older daughter but her bedroom was not on my side of the house. I can only imagine that she got the same nude spanking as Darya did.
Tuesday, October 8th 2013 - 10:19:22 PM
Name: serban
E-mail address: serban@centrum.cz
Subject: Brother-sister stories...
Message:Hi guys, first of all I don’t have a sister,but I’m very interested in the relation between brothers and sisters. I don’t have any photos or videos to share, but I have many stories between brother and sister and some of them I want to share with us.
This is stories when sister was stripped in front me by his brother or brothers…
In secondary school I have to lovely experience with to my classmate girls. In both occasion I was a big friend with their brothers. First girl the name is Jane has two older brothers. I was close friend with both brothers so we visited each other quite often – we lived close. One evening I was in their house and we play some pc games. Their parents wasn’t at home…In one moment we moved to kitchen to drink something and Jane cut some cake for us and in this moment the oldest brother step behind her and shout to me ‘’look!” and pansted her sweatpants with panties to her knees. She yelled and very quickly put her sweatpants up, but for two second I speechless enjoyed my frontal view…She very embarrassed left the kitchen to her room and never come back this evening. Next day, when we met in the school, she behalf like nothing happened…Next evening I was again in their house and things become more serious…During the game one of the brother asked me, if I want to see Jane fully naked? I was totally shock and didn’t answer. Only Jane reacted not so sure no…
Good for me, that the brothers didn’t wait for my answer and started to fight with her sister-my classmate! In the same time I was spectator and witness this one side fight. My classmate Jane was athletic figure very sportive and for girl not so weak, but against to older and stronger brother she simply hadn’t any chance. It will be only question of few minutes, when I will see Jane kity and her boobs. She was fighting for her live, but first they put up her t-shirt to her neck and unzipped her bra…wow I saw her nice standing B boobs. One brother hold her arms and second very easily stripped her sweatpants with her white panties down to her knee. Their hold her on the floor in this position for a little more then one minute and I fully enjoyed from less then one meter view this a little bit silly theatre. Her naked kity with small bush, were fully exposed to me with brother silly comments: Look at this your are not embarrassed that you are naked in front of your classmate…
When their stripped her naked and I saw everything, she lost her fighting spirit and stopped fighting, screaming and yelling…She knew it then there is nothing more to hide and she couldn’t take time back…She was so embarrassed the biggest reason was, that I ‘m her classmate and she will meet me many times…She left us crying to her room. The next day in the school she only pleased me, to don’t speak about it nobody in the class and school. The true is, that from this time I saw her naked almost every my visit in their house, but If you like it, I will share my others stories next time!.

Please if you have a similar experience with brother-sister striping as brother or sister or only witness like me, share you story…
Tuesday, October 8th 2013 - 02:40:13 PM
Name: Joey
E-mail address: anonymous
Subject: Video Game Girl
Message:I worked at a video game store all summer. There was one nerdy type girl who would always come in wanting new video games but she never had any money. She was always asking for favors begging us being very flirty and pouty trying to make us feel sorry for her. One day we got sick of her crap and told her no more favors and to get out if she didn't have any money. She still would come by and pester us all the time. One day she said she would show me her boobs if I let her borrow games.

That sparked my interest so one day I told her if she wanted anymore freebies to come by after work when we were closed and if she played her cards right we'd give her what she wanted. She came by the next night so we let her in. There was me and 2 coworkers, Sal and Tommy, and her. Once we closed everything down we brought her into the back store room. I said pull your shirt and bra up and your pants and panties down and show us your tits and pussy and I'd give you a free game. I thought she'd say fuck off but she said ok she would do it.

She pulled her shirt and bra up and bared her tits for us, then pulled her pants and panties down to her knees and showed us her goods. She had nice tits and a hot body! She showed us everything and even jumped up and down spinning around making her boobies and ass bounce all over the place. I laughed and threw her an old piece o crap PS2 video game. She said, "No fair!" and we just laughed at her. She said she wanted the new GTA5 game. I laughed and said really! Well, that does not come cheap.

I told her ok get naked again but this time everything comes off, every stitch, not just flash her tits and pull her pants down. She said she would if we gave her the game. I said ok. She pulled her shirt up and off, then undid her bra and bared her nice tits again. She took it off, then undid her jeans and wiggled them and her panties all the way down to the ground. She bent over showing us her naked ass as she took her shoes off, and then pulled her pants and panties completely off her feet. She stripped butt naked right in front of us and bobbled her boobs around and wiggled her ass teasing us. She said, "Ok?" I said, "No not ok yet" I told her to do naked jumping jacks. She looked a little embarrassed now but reluctantly started doing them. Watching her hot tits and ass bouncing all around was thrilling. She did like 6 and then stopped but we ordered her to keep going and took her clothes away till she did what ever we said. She looked a little frustrated at that but then continued saying, "Ok? Can I stop now?" as she jumped around. We just laughed and said no and made her keep going till she looked embarrassed and silly completely naked in front of 3 guys in a store having to do embarrassing things.

Taking advantage of the situation now we ordered her to bend over and spread her ass, let us feel her tits, pussy and ass. Her nipples were standing straight out and her hot warm body gave us all throbbing erections which we made her touch and pull on. I pulled her cheeks apart stretching her asshole open then pushed my dick up into her ass. She squealed and said, "Omg I can't believe you!" It wasn't long before she wound up on her hands and knees getting fucked in pussy, ass, and mouth all at the same time till she was a spooge splattered mess with cum in her hair, asshole, and pussy with mascara running down her face.

Laughing and spanking her ass we dragged her by her wrists out to the back door and shoved her out into the alley naked and covered in cum, followed by her clothes, and her precious video game. "Come back for more another night ya dumb slut!" Sal yelled as we slammed the door shut and walked away hi fiving each other.
Monday, October 7th 2013 - 09:21:50 PM
Name: Sarah
Subject: Embarrassed teacher (continued (5))
Message:I looked around at their faces. I could tell they hadn't expected anything like that. I stood there for a full ten seconds, the most awkward and embarrassing ten seconds of my life, before I turned and ran. I got halfway down the corridor and herd voices. That was when I realised my predicament; the slight flaw in my running away which I'm sure you've already spotted. I was still completely naked. Oh god, what was I supposed to do? I couldn't let myself be seen but the only alternative was to go back and face them. I had to make a decision and fast. I knew there was no way I was ever going to explain this, especially not if someone questioned the students on what had just happened.

I turned back towards the classroom and ran. Clearly the students had not taken that long to come back to their senses and, well, formulate a plan. The door was locked. I slumped against it. Could this possibly get any worse? I'm well aware that you just read that question and thought "of course it could", and looking back I don't know how I couldn't figure that out for myself but when you're in that situation, well.

I knocked as quietly as I could. Trying to make it audible for the boys inside but not for anyone else. A piece of paper slipped under the door and a pen rolled out after it. I picked it up and read it.
"Hello miss is that you". I scribbled on it and slipped it back.
"Yes please let me in". I heard whispers and then a pen scratching and it came back.
"Gee miss, we'd love to, but we seem to be having some problems with the lock". Oh god. I knew exactly what they wanted from me, but there was no way I was going to cave that easily. I wrote back.
"twist 1/4 turn to right". I heard them (clearly pretend) to try and unlock the door and fail, and the paper returned.
"Sorry miss, it seems to be stuck." Still determined not to give in, I wrote back to them.
"try jiggling it a bit". As soon as I passed it back I realised exactly what to expect.
"you're a fine one to talk about jiggling it miss." I knew they weren't going to open the door until they got what they wanted. I'm not sure what I was hoping for by prolonging the inevitable, yet prolong it I did.
"Very funny now please open door." As I slipped it back I heard voices. Shit, I needed to get in now.
"We're doing our best miss, might take a few minutes." I was running out of time. I quickly wrote back.
"someone's coming". I could hear voices getting closer.
"Wow, can you imagine if they saw you?". Fuck it, time to bite the bullet and give them what they want. I turned the sheet of paper over, took a deep breath, and wrote on the back:
"Perhaps we can make a deal?". I knew I was going to come to regret this, but what choice did I have? I slipped the paper back and almost instantly a new one came back. It appeared to be a list. I read the opening sentence.
"I the undersigned agree to the following". It was a very long list. A very long list I didn't have time to read. Those voices were still getting closer. I signed at the bottom and shoved it back as quickly as I could.

Finally the sound I had been waiting for. The lock clicked and I burst into the room and locked the door behind me. I don't think I'd previously even imagined that I could so eagerly walk stark naked into a room full of teenage boys, and actually feel relief when I got in there. I closed my eyes for a few moments and lent against the door, letting the situation sink in. I had just signed a contract agreeing to god only knows what. And yes, as I stood there, as I calmed down slightly, I started to imagine what could have been written on that contract, and I started to get aroused again. Seriously. What was wrong with me? Was I that much of a slave to my animal urges.

OK, time to face the music. I turned round to see every boy but one standing round me. John was over by the copying machine (I'm sure I don't need to tell you what he was doing). He returned and handed me the photocopy of the contract I had just signed. I took it and the boys looked at me expectantly. I had by this point forgotten that I was completely naked. I took a deep breath and started to read.

Item 1)...

To be continued...
Monday, October 7th 2013 - 12:29:13 AM
Name: Female
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: To Janie
Message:Not much of a story writer, so I'll just tell it like it happen.

Thought I was going to get grabbed right back, but instead got pinned on the ground and shorts and panties taken off. Other girls had ran away scared of being chased by boys. My best girlfriend asked me latter about what happed. Didn't tell her I had my shorts and panties slipped off, legs held apart, pussy lips spread and finger poked. Just told her they yanked my shorts and panties and took a good look at my pussy. Don't know what they did to her, but I'm sure she liked it just as much as I did. I guess show our pussies to boys was what we were all hoping for. Till remember that horny feeling having my pussy spread open and finger sliding up and down my slit. My first sexual experience and loved it. The frist penis I saw was my cousin's. He was younger and easy to strip. Talk about that one later. Love Female
Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 11:21:08 PM
Name: Ella
E-mail address: I can't tell
Subject: Naked
Message:One day I was driving home from school I'm in high school and am a female. So anyway I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I stopped at a restrant. There were a group of boys that I knew there but I didn't notice. There was only a family bathroom so I went in. Right before I closed the door the boys I talked about pushed the door open and forced them selves in. I was scared. I knew they were going to strip me. They did. First the pulled my shirt of. One held my arms in the arm and the others pulled up my shirt. I have pretty big boobs so they were delighted. Then the uncliped my bra in the same manner and rubbed pinched and squeezed my boobs. Then they worked on my pants. The whole time they had put a cloth gag in my mouth so I couldn't scream. After my pants and panties were of the let my pee but in front of them. My nipples were rock hard by then and stuck out. After I peed they fucked me, ripped my bra and panties, put my clothes on me and let me leave
Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 09:09:18 PM
Name: Kathy
Subject: The boys next door
Message:Don't remember exactly how old I was, maybe 12 or 13. I knew the boy next doors name was Jimmy and used to often play with another boy that lived a block away. Didn't know him personally but used to see him from my window playing at the back of the house with another boy that lived a block away. He looked at me and I looked at him, was about the only thing we did. Alone he used to just look at me, but together with his friend he began acting just as naughty as him. I knew he was just following what his friend did. Winking and blowing kisses at me was something he never dare do when he was alone. But boys generally do that when they are with other boys. One day his friend flashed his penis at me, while I was looking at out the window. There he was, just outside the back yard door with his pants and underwear down around his ankles and waving his hard penis at me. I had never seen a naked boy before and much less with a full boner sticking out in full view. Minutes latter Jimmy also walked out half naked and both began playing with their dicks. Never told my parents about it or any one else, but have to admit I enjoyed it. Didn't know anything about sex, but still couldn't stop rubbing myself under the covers at night, thinking if I should flash my pussy back at them just to be fair. I never did but I sure wanted to do it. Even had fantasies of being in a room with both of them naked and doing dirty things with them. Never happed, but some memories you can never forget. It was my first sexual experience, if you can call it that, but wouldn't have had it any other way. Love Kathy
Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 02:47:12 AM
Name: Trev
Subject: Re:Jenny - Childhood games turned nasty
Message:Just read Jenny's quick story in the discussion board and thought i'd share.

I remember when I was about 12 and my mum used to leave me at her best friends house who had a daughter who was a little older than me maybe 13. her name was Kat and she was a real nasty piece of work, a little chubby and was a lot bigger than me.

I remember when Kat's mum used to go out and leave us alone for a few hours she used to bully me. it started out as wrestling me until I surrendered, some times giving me nuggies and wedgies while I was pinned. One day however she stripped me to my undies, I remember being mortified and I could see the gleam in her eye at my embarrassment, even worse I got a tent on in my grey briefs that she was all too happy to point out and ridicule me with.

This ended up being her game of choice from then on and strangely I started to like it and not fight as hard. she moved the game up often tying me up and then started taking my underwear off all together, the first time It happened I was mortified but also nearly spunked in excitement right then. I remember her just starting at my exposed boner as I was tied in just my T shirt in front of her.

Then games changed again when one day she tied me up butt naked and started to play with my thing, I couldn't believe the first time she grabbed it using a wipe so she didn't have to touch it directly. I remember moaning and telling her to stop but also the excitement as she brought me to orgasm. This happened a few times but I thinks he realized I stopped fighting as hard.

I remember going over to her house with nerves but also excitement. however my excitement was soon dashed as i turned up and she had a friend over, Amy was a short petite shy girl and I knew i would be mortified if she saw me naked, however this didnt stop Kat as soon as her mum left she was on me. This time i fought but it was no good a painful jab to the nuts and i was putty in her hands.

I cried out as she dragged me into her room and threw me on her bed, Amy came in after her grinning and blushing. Kat usually had her father's cable ties to painfully tie me up however this time she just threw me onto the bed. I looked round in hope but Kat just grinned at me. "Please I don't want to be naked" i begged and I could see the joy in Kat's eyes that today I was actually embarrassed. "Ok, don't worry trev, just strip down to your little undies then" I was devistated but complied, it was the hardest thing i've ever done stripping myself to my little spinderman briefs in front of the girls.

Amy just stared at me but luckily for once i didnt get a boner, the fear and embarrassment of the situation was too much this wasn't just some naughty one on one game I was being humiliated.

Kat made me keep my hands at my side, "awww it usually goes big and hard" complained Kat, I was doing my best not to think about naughty things and to stop it form growing and tenting my childish undies. I Knew as soon as it was hard Kat would pull them down she always did. "Show him your knickers Amy, that'll work I'm sure" with both looked at her shocked but luckily for Amy just the mention of them was enough to give me wood. I tired to cover but was soon grabbed and tied up on her bed.

I begged and pleaded but this only fuled Kat's lust, they stared at the noticable boner in my undies and then sloly pulled them down and off me revealing my totally naked penis.

Amy had gone bright red and just stared. Kate laughed at my humiliation "he usually likes this part, however today I think he's going to fight a bit harder" she laughed getting a small glass from the side. "today when you cum I'm going to make you drink it" I couldn't believe her words but suddenly she had grabbed my dick and was pumping it fast with a wet wipe. "please no" i screamed as she brought me near orgasm despite my best efforts to stop it. It was bad enough Amy was witness to my nakedness but now she was going to watch me ejaculate.

Amy was holding a the empty glass just near my penis, I came all in the glass Kat laughed her head off but Amy surprised obviously seeing a boy cum for the first time jumped back so barely any was caught.

They left me naked for a while Kat was disappointed in not catching enough to make me drink it.

They reentered and I hoped they was going to let me get dressed. instead Kat said she wanted to try again. before ether of us was prepared she pulled Amy's skirt down to her ankles. the exitment at seeing the girl stripped soon made my boner shoot back up. Amy tried to fight but Kat wresseled them all the way off her. "This is for spoiling it the first time, it will work faster anyway" so a blushing Amy had to hold the glass again but this time with her cute yellow cotton panties on show.

I came quick and this time to my disgust had my cum caught. Kat forced into my mouch I could taste the warm salty liquid of my own cum. I spat it out letting it dribble down my chin.

They untied me shortly afterwards but only gave me a pair of pink panties to wear. It was humiliating to wear girls underwear but it was better than nothing.
Later before her mum came back Kat made me wank in the panties in front of them both before I was aloud to take them off and get dressed into my own clothes.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 06:25:32 AM
Name: Tina Teazle
E-mail address: 1@123
Subject: Strip search con job
Message:When I turned 16 I got my first job at the mall. A few weeks in one evening after we closed I was approached by 2 guys in suits. They flashed a badge and said they were detectives. One guy said he wanted to talk with me and told me to come with them. I asked him what for and he said it was about a possible shop lifting incident. I thought he wanted me as a witness or something but they brought me back into a conference room and there was another guy there who said he was from Loss Prevention. I was accused of stealing diamonds from the jewelry store right next to where I worked as well as money. It was completely not true and I denied it all. They said they had me on video tape doing it!

They insisted I agree to have my belongings searched to prove that I wasn’t the thief. They searched my school bag, purse, coat, and made me empty my pockets. I showed them I had nothing. Then they set up a video camera and the Loss Prevention guy instructed them to search me next. I panicked saying no way and tried to leave so they cuffed my hands behind my back! Then the LP guys told the detective to unbutton my shirt. They held me so I could not fight and undid my shirt till they had it all the way open. He told them to search my bra next so he felt all around my bra and when he still didn't find anything the guy said take it off so he undid my bra and bared my boobs! I screamed "what are you doing!!" and he grabbed my head and told me to shut up. Then he told them to undo my pants next so they undid my jeans searched around my waist and panty line and again found nothing. The LP guy told me to stop playing games and tell them where I had the jewelry and money hidden or they would strip my pants and underwear off. I told them again I didn't steal anything and called them asshole jerks. Well, that didn't go over well so he told them to just strip me.

One detective held me while the other grabbed the waist of my jeans and forcefully yanked them, and my panties, all the way down to my ankles in one motion. They wrestled them off and left me standing there with my bare pussy, ass and tits fully exposed. They took my pants away and searched them while I stood there in naked humiliation. When they didn't find anything he instructed them to give me a thorough cavity search! They put plastic gloves on, bent me over a chair and spread my ass and pussy staring into my most private places. They stuck finger up into my pussy and anus and humiliated me. They did this all on camera too. Crying in complete shame they made me run in place naked with my boobs bouncing around all over the place till I was exhausted and out of breath. Then they made me do deep knee bends over and over till my legs gave out. They kept ordering me to keep going and when I could not any longer they bent me over the table, stuck a cock in my mouth and spanked me over and over while making me suck each one of their cocks till they shot sperm in my mouth and all over my face one at a time.

Then they put a cloth bag over my head and dragged me out to a car drove me somewhere and threw me out in a field. Later I found out they weren't even really who they said they were. They were just con men rapist pigs!
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 10:47:23 PM
Name: brittany
E-mail address: pinknails@hotmail.com
Subject: Forced to strip on my baptism day
Message:Hi,I am catholic and finially received my sacrement of baptism at age 16.Per the parish requirements,i had to wear a white 'baby girl' type outfit which consisted of the poofy,midthigh length dress,bonnet,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.under the dress,i had to wear a cloth diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt.After my party,my boyfriend,trevor,took me to his house,and his parents were out of town.We were necking on the couch when the doorbell rang and it was 3 of his buddies and he let them in.They saw me in my baptism outfit and got horny.they took pictures of me in my outfit and then trevor and the other 3 ordered me to strip.they told me if i didnt comply,they would show the pictures around school.trevor unzipped my dress and then i pulled it off and the four of them saw my tee shirt,diaper and plastic pants and told me i looked like a baby.i then took the tee shirt,plastic pants and diaper off and was ordered to drop to my knees and i had to to give each of them a blowjob.
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 07:20:06 AM
Name: Alicia
E-mail address: xxx
Subject: Another gang story
Message:Lived in a bad neighborhood as a young teen. Garbage on streets, empty beat up houses, gangs and drug sales in corners. Never sought getting mugged in broad daylight could ever happed. Walked hundreds of times passed groups of guys gathered in corners with their usual slutty girls. Didn't think much about the group of girls walking behind me till they dragged me down an alley, behind a trashed house and demanded money. Scared and alone I gave up my watch and the $10 I had in my purse, witch provoked laughter.
"This all you have"
Stood there terrified and hoping they would soon run away was wishful thinking. Thought for and instance that the four guys that showed up would save me, but realized they all knew each other. I guess forcing me to strip off my clothes was pay back for the lousy $10. I realized stripping me was meant to give guys a show and daring to not do it never entered my mind. Took my blouse and jeans off and them forced to take my underwear off.
"Come on show off your goodies" as they stepped to the side so guys could look. Snatched clothes, fearful and humiliated, I stood there naked with guys grabbing my tits, patting my butt and slipping fingers into my pussy, while girls watched and cheered.
"Give her a good fuck" "eat her pussy" "finger her ass" were some of the dirty comments there were trying to get guys to do. Things that I guess they didn't do, out of embarrassment in front of them. Hopefully I was just finger fucked, sexually groped all over and then dropped my clothes on the ground and ran away. Know I don't dare leave the house unless it's with other people. Just wonder how many other girls had suffer the same fait and kept it to themselves. Did what most other girls do....keep it to myself and deal with the shame.
Love Alice
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 02:40:33 AM
Name: Jessica
E-mail address: ***
Subject: Humiliated by gang of teens
Message:My humiliation happened nearly 5 years ago when I was in high school still. I went with my sister and some friends way out in the woods to party. We had beer and vodka. There were 5 of us, 3 girls and 2 guys. We were in the middle of nowhere. At one point we heard noises then suddenly we were invaded by a gang of teenagers from another town brandishing baseball bats and other weapons. They turned up on motorbikes and circled around us. As I said we were in the middle of wilderness so were were basically helpless targets. Within minutes of them turning up we were all forced by the gang to hand over our purses, wallets and valuables. My sister is quite brave and started questioning the boys (who do they think they are? Etc...) this didn't go down well and the one with knife started waving it in her face. Naturally she backed down. But she had made herself a bit of a target and what came next shocked me to the core. They decided to have their sick amusement while deciding what to do with us after they robbed us. They made my sister walk on all fours and kiss their shoes (a constant threat of the knife made her comply). They made her strip to her underwear in front of us all then hop on the spot and do star-jumps. I couldn't stop myself from saying something at this point — but I really wish I had kept my mouth shut because then they turned on me too. What happened next is the most shocking as the sick teenagers forced us both to remove all our clothes. And I mean everything. It was awful. We were made to stretch and pose in all sorts of humiliating positions in front of them and the others, most of them boys. The boys were laughing and mocking us. We tried to cover ourselves with our hands but they would make us throw our hands in the air and run round the room. I have never felt so silly and humiliated; to have my most private parts Forced bare naked for some sick amusement of lowlife thieves was hard to take. I suppose it was harder for my sister (we don't talk about it) as she has to see the same friends we were with that day at school almost everyday.
Sunday, September 29th 2013 - 10:03:22 PM
Name: Amanda
E-mail address: amandapanda@meme.com
Subject: Completely NaKeD in the car
Message:I was 15 at the time this happened. We spent the summer with my Aunt. She took us on a road trip out of town in her car. It was my aunt, 2 cousins James and Peter, and me. At one point my aunt stopped the car near a lake. It was a beautiful day and there was a nice shallow area for swimming but we didn't have any bathing suits. She said we could go in the water in our underwear. Problem was I was wearing tight jeans with no panties underneath, so I just went into the lake in my jeans and bra. My two cousins went in with their pants on too just to be silly like me.

When we finally got out my aunt saw us in soaking wet pants and asked why we went into the water with our clothes on. I didn't want to say I had no panties on so I said I just jumped in with my clothes because I wanted too. Well, my aunt was not happy. She said that we all now needed to take off all our wet clothes before getting into her car because she didn't want us to ruin her seats. It was getting late so she became very snappy with us. I told her that I forgot my panties today. She got even madder at me calling me a liar and mocking me. She told me to remove my wet clothes again or I could walk home. It was so embarrassing having to take my wet jeans off right in front of everyone and sit completely nude in back seat of the car. I had no other choice. I took off my jeans and tried to cover my vag and bare hiney with my hands but my cousins saw everything. She would not even let me keep my wet bra on. Completely nude I had no choice but to run into the car with my bare ass on full display. I got into the car and closed the door sitting there totally embarrassed.

My cousins were giggling at me seeing me naked, but not for long. They both got into the car in their wet underwear but my aunt was so mad she ordered them out. She said their underwear was way too wet for her seats and made them take them off too! She made them get back in bare naked like me. I saw their bare weiners and everything! I had to ride all the way back covering my crotch and boobs with my hands inbetween 2 naked boys on both sides of me. Halfway home I noticed James embarrassingly fumbling with his hands over his penis and then noticed it was getting erect. Soon they both had full erections that were nearly impossible to cover up with their hands. James has a big one!

Once home my Aunt ordered us all out of the car but my cousins were so embarrassed about their erections they didn't want to get out. My aunt had to literally pull them both out of the car with their boners all swinging around for all the neighbors to see as they ran from the car to the house. Then my aunt pulled me out of the car and lead me by my hair up the driveway spanking my bare butt over and over for not wearing panties all the way into the house.

All I saw were wide eyed neighbors pointing and laughing at the embarrassing show.
Sunday, September 29th 2013 - 09:26:22 PM
Name: A-non
Subject: Naughty Sister
Message:I hacked into my step sister Bri's computer in her room one day when no one was home just to see if I could. It was easier than I thought. She has a web cam so I had a feeling I might find something good, and boy I sure did. There were a handful of webcam vids of her naked and masturbating! She is a prude so I was very surprised to say the least. They were so hot I had to jerk off right there watching them. I couldn't resist! I made copies then returned everything to normal.

The next day after school I asked her about her web cam and what she did with it with a big smile on my face. She said 'nothing' trying to blow me off. Then I told her I had some videos of her that I found. She looked like she saw a ghost. She denied it all saying I was a liar. I brought her to my room and showed some to her. She just got all agitated and looked very uncomfortable. Her face turned red with embarrassment and she was like, "Where did you get them? Were you snooping? Erase them right now or I will smash your computer". I just laughed and told her to not threaten me. I told her I had uploaded the videos so there was nothing she could do, and if she smashed my computer I'd make sure everyone at school got them. I asked her what she thought Mom or Dad would think too just to rub it in further. She looked so mad and nervous.

She offered to do my laundry, chores, homework, anything really but I decided to see how desperate she really was so I told her no, I wanted her to strip naked. Take off all her clothes even her bra and her panties. I thought she would just say no or throw a fit but she sheepishly resisted for a while asking me to just delete them, almost begging me, but I said no and she seemed to quickly fold after that. Submissively she undid her jeans, wiggled out of them, them then pulled her shirt off next and stood there looking embarrassed in her skimpy bra and neon green panties covering with her arms. I said "bra and panties too, naked." She whined and resisted but I held my ground and slowly she conceded undoing her bra and popping it off exposing her hot teen titties and pointy nipples. Then she peeled her bright neon green panties down till her bare pussy and ass were fully exposed. Humiliated she slipped off her panties and stood there stark naked covering with her hands. I made her put her hands behind her head and then turn around slowly so I could see every inch of her hot naked body. She thought it was over after that but I said no this is just the beginning. She looked so ashamed as I made her do one humiliating thing after another. Submissively she complied with everything I said as if she was secretly enjoying it. I ordered her to spread her butt and hold it apart for 10 minutes straight. Naked and shamed she stood there showing me her asshole asking me when she could stop. I kept saying not yet for what felt like forever. I could tell she was getting stimulated which must have been even more embarrassing than having to be naked.

Next I made her lie on her back with her legs apart and her knees against her chest exposing her pussy to me. I made her spread her lips and play with her clit till it was wet and she started moaning. I told her to stop then I flipped her over and made her get on her knees with her butt up in the air and her face in the bed. I ordered her to play with her pussy some more till her pussy was so noticeably hot and wet there was no way she could hide her arousal.

I made her get on her hands and knees and stick her butt out. The I told her to stick a finger in her ass and squeal like a pig. She cursed me out about that one but still did it. I made her stay like that on her hands and knees with her titties hanging down and her asshole and pussy on full show squealing like a pig till she was begging me to please be done. I got behind her and fucked her in the butt hole till I came hard in her ass. She just kept grunting and saying "I can't believe you!" letting me do it.

Later that night after every one went to sleep I told her to come into my bedroom and take her pajamas off. She wasn't even wearing underwear. I had her get into bed with me and I tickled her and played with her asshole and pussy till I had a huge boner. She went down on me and sucked my stiff rod till I shot a huge load in her mouth.

We played naked games like this almost everyday after school under the guise of me blackmailing her with the videos as her excuse for having to do what ever I said. We both knew in truth that she liked it and wanted to be sexually humiliated.
Saturday, September 28th 2013 - 11:23:08 PM
Name: Sukie
Subject: Sharing
Message:My best high school friend Abie told me she had caught her brother masturbating in his room. He was so worried about Abie telling his parents about it, she blackmailed him into stripping and playing with himself in front of her. At first it was just her, but then she began sharing him with her closest girlfriends that were more than willing to go along with it. Her closest friends were me and a girl named Sandy. Watching her brother totally naked playing with himself, was the most arousing sexual experience I ever had. I had seen naked boys before, but never one that you could do anything we wanted. I think what made it so exciting, was the fact that he was being forced to do it. Used to have our secret places we could have fun with him and not be seen. I still remember how embarrassed he looked standing there with a full erection and letting us take turns hand jobbing him. Always thought his parents must have been very strict for him to agree to do something like that in front of girls. Even when I felt guilty it fun and sexy and a huge sexual turn on. Best thing was that no one ever found out about it. Love Sukie
Saturday, September 28th 2013 - 02:41:11 AM
Name: Lance Vance
Subject: Naked from head to toe
Message:My last year in high school was the best and i still remember it with joy and happiness...except for the last 2 months when i had the most humiliating experience of my life.
There was this bully girl in school that everyone was afraid of and none wanted to mess with her at all.
She was known as "Humiliation" Emily and was used to strip, with her gang of bad boys, some clothes from the people that dared to look into her eyes.
One day was my damn day!
She insisted i had to pass a test for her, and i tried to explain to her that we belonged to different classes, so i was unable to do the exam for her. No excuses, her gang blocked me in the hall, while no one was there, and she personally stripped me of every stitch of clothing i was wearing, even socks and shoes, and watched me while i was there in just my underwear. She then pulled it down and off, leaving me completely nude and unable to cover, then they tied me to a locker with my hands over my head and my legs mildly spread apart.
She took with her ALL my clothes and left me there, nude, humiliated, barefoot and with a hard on, saying to me: "You are now NAKED from head to toe! Enjoy and next time do what i ask you to do!".
Later on the school bell rang and i faced my utter humiliation as all the school erupted in the all to see me in a complete buff.
I got freed my a boy and girl from my class and for my shame, i ran away nude to come home the fastest i could.
I discovered that the gang did the same to a girl from my school named Darla. I met Darla few seconds later, the very same day. But that's for the next story.
Thursday, September 26th 2013 - 07:09:48 AM
Name: Janie
Subject: Once upon a time in Sixth Grade (or Andy B*rgess and more....)
Message:When I was in sixth grade, I developed a closeness to a boy. He was sorta cool for a boy, so we could talk. His name was Andy. Andy was smart like me, played in band, and was our school's color guard captain. He raised the flags for the country and state every morning, taking them down at night. We walked to school together, since we lived close by, a few blocks away. So you can sort of imagine, although we were still asexual, when Andy started sharing his secrets with me.... I did a little bit with him, too. Eventually, they gravitated towards sex.... stories about things that sexually gratified him, dreams -- maybe wet dreams, desires,fantasies and more. It was neat to have the total confidence from a boy other than my brother, who I felt was a total perv, and always embarrassing me.

One Saturday, Andy and I were at the Dairy Queen having ice cream, after miniature golf. We'd secretly agreed to our mini-date together, both riding our bikes (bicycles) to meet there. It was summer, and I wore some plain white short shorts, a cute little ruffled sleeve tee with Keds tennies, nothing else. It was before I had started to grow, so I imagine now I was flat as a board. I mean I was really quite immature, for my age.

Somehow we started talking about scouts.... I was in the Brownies and Girl Scouts, and he was in the Cub Scouts and starting Boy Scouts. They had strange camp-outs for the boys, where they would do stuff like learn to tie knots, fire bows and arrows and swim naked in the river. I was fascinated, cuz in Girl Scouts we never did. Anyhow, it sounded more interesting than our stuff, or maybe it was just because he was a boy, or maybe just me. I dunno..... Anyhow, I listened to what he said very attentively. I liked to hear what he said.

Andy described how the best thing about Cub Scouts were the Den Mothers, and how he fell in love with his best friend's mom. I thought, OMG! Then I thought, well maybe I did too, sort. He continued by describing her effect on him. He said she got him 'hard' every time he looked at her at meetings of their little den troupe, because of the dresses she wore, and the things she said, and the hot dogs and cake and well, you know. I wasn't sure what 'hard' meant, but I was afraid to ask. I felt like he was either a perv, or more sexually focused than me. No, I KNEW he was a perv. Anyhow, he continued....

He described a dream he said he once had to me, where he'd played Indians at one of their Cub Scout meetings. They were all dressed up as redskins -- I mean Indians, and someone tied him up at the stake. Then like in all dreams, magically, all the other cub scout boys somehow turned into girls, and the Den mom took all of his clothes. So now he was somehow tied up at the stake, in a loincloth with seven or eight girls prancing around him in his dream. He said he started getting hard, and the girls all found it amazing. I started to find it interesting too, especially the fact that he was sharing this with me. So I asked him what he meant by 'hard'..... He responded by saying he had developed a "boner," a "raging hard-on" or a "woody" -- that's what he meant. Needless to say, I was shocked... So I said, in my very best stern voice, "Andy, you are REALLY SICK!!!"

He said he already knew that, I wasn't telling him a thing. Only that wasn't the worst of it. Did I want to hear the rest?

OMG. Well, what could I say? He was half way through his story, and I wanted to hear the rest. "Okay," I said, "tell me the rest....."

"Janie, you were the leader of the girls in my dream," he continued.....

"OMG, I'm a runt," I complained. "How could I ever lead a pack of ravenous girls?"

"And Janie, you pulled my loincloth off while I was tied up to the post, and YOU showed my d*ck to all of your friends. It pointed straight up in the air.... You thought it was funny and laughed."

Oh my gawd, now I was the perv......

"Janie, now you gotta understand this was only in my dream....." he went on, "Janie, you got down on your hands and knees, and put your face right next to my d*ck, before you stuck it in your mouth......"

"Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd" went racing through my mind.....

"...and started sucking on it for all you were worth!"

Oh my gawd, now he'd said it. I'd never even knew about oral sex, although the boys were always talking about "this sucks" and "that sucks" all the time, and laughed about "blowjobs" and "cocksuckers" all the time..... Me, giving him a blowjob? Me, a cocksucker? I barely knew the meaning of f*ck.... Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd!!!!!! This was seriously bad sh*t. By now, I was hyperventilating quite a bit.

I turned beet red, and felt like I needed to cover myself up.... I looked at Andy in total shock and disbelief at what he just told me, and said, "Andy, this is really sick stuff.... I wish you hadn't told me any of it! I feel strange."

"I'm sorry Janie," was all he could say, sheepishly offering me his smile. I was afraid it might embarrass you, but think about how I feel about it, now. Think about how I feel about you.... Funny thing was, in my dream, it felt awfully good."

All I could think was, Oh my gawd! By now my mind was in warp drive considering the meaning of what he'd just said. It raced on, until he interrupted.

"Oh, and Janie....."

I came back to earth....

"Please don't tell anyone else what I told you. I mean, I like you a lot.... I mean, well you know, I just would never want to hurt you, only....." His voice dwindled away.....

Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd.... I was in total shock. In five minutes he'd introduced me to oral sex, what he wanted, how he wanted it -- to be tied up, stripped, and his desire to f*ck his best friends mom and me and and...... Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd! I was in total shock!

He wanted to f*ck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd....

Well, after that day, Andy B. was always my favorite perv! What a nice boy! It took me a few more years though, before I finally realized, that's what every boy wants and thinks about -- only Andy B. had been the only boy willing to share his fantasy dreams about teasing, titillating and f*cking me in such plain, blunt direct English.

Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwd!

luv, Janie
Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - 11:48:37 AM
Name: Edgar
Subject: Best friends
Message:When I was 14 years old my best friend was a boy named Ronnie. He went to my same school and same classroom as I did. Use to go with him to his parents country farm on weekends witch I enjoyed very much. Never could figure out why I was friends with him because he was taller, stronger and I was short and skinny. He always beat me in everything we did and seemed to enjoy over powering me and making me do everything he wanted. Usually another boy named Robert that lived down the road would join us and then there was Ronnie's sister Ann with her girlfriend Rosie. I had spent many weekends with Ronnie, his friend Robert and his sister and her girlfriends Rosie, but never thought I would be put through the most embarrassing moment experience of my entire life. I thought letting Ronnie tie me up to a fence was just part of the game. Began getting worried hearing Ronnie asking Rosie and his sister if the wanted to see my penis and their reaction wasn't exactly to discourage him. I knew Ronnie well and knew he was capable of doing just about anything for fun and more so in front of two girls willing to watch. Nothing I could say or do was going to make them stop. My pants dropped to the ground, my dick popped out of my underwear and almost died when it went fully hard.
"Look at that boner" said Ann lifting up my shirt for a better look.
Wordless and displaying everything to two girls, was the most embarrassing thing I could have ever dreamed. Ann and Rosie made no attempt to hide their sexual curiosity. They just looked and looked at how curl up it was and looked under to check out my nuts. A shock went threw my whole body when they peel back the foreskin to see the head and my little pee hole. The whole time giggling and asking if I was horny and enjoying it, while Ronnie and Robert watched laughing themselves silly. All those wet dreams of modesty and prudishness about being see naked went flying out the window. Stood there enough time for Ann and Rosie to check out my dick and butt to their full sexual satisfaction and untied me when they were good and ready. I guess I wasn't the only boy or girl that got nude pranked by their so called friends. I would have also looked if it would have been a girl stripped naked. Sexy when you think back on it after years have gone by, but utterly humiliating when your when have everything hang out in public view. After something like that happens to you, everything else just doesn't seem embarrassing.
Love Edgar
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 02:43:52 PM
Name: N
E-mail address: kingd_69@yahoo.com
Subject: naked for the police
Message:Me and a friend of mine (who happens to be a woman) were having what I'll call a play date. She loves having me naked and vulnerable. So of coarse I aim to please. We drive behind a store. It's about 10 pm, so It's not to busy. We get out and I strip naked for her. All I had on was sandals, shorts, and a t shirt to begin with. So needless to say all I have on now is my sandals. She is giddy. I let her lead me around by my hard on, bend me over the hood and spank me, she even gave me some head. It was incredible. Then she gets a phone call to go pick up some money she was owed. She tells me I could get dressed but I can tell she's disapointed. So I tell her that I'll be her naked slave as long as she wants and that I wouldn't chicken out. She was SUPER happy to hear that. Puts my clothes in the trunk and we are off. Fortunatly I have tinted windows. I let her drive since she was the one in charge at the moment. Every time she looked down and saw my , now throbbing erection, bobbling around she giggled uncontrolably. So we get there, she goes in, and takes for ever. Never mind the people walking by and or driving by, the little old lady that just got home and is looking at the new car with the park lights still on in front of her house is who scares me. And I couldn't call her because she left her phone in the car. There were four girls and one guy in the house with her. So when the police show up to my car (I asume the old woman called) she had to come clean about why she was so nervous. Of coarse the girls were
over joyed. She walked out just in time to see the four policemen pulling my clothes out of the trunk. Thand God they let me stay in the car to put my clothes on! I can't wait to get naked for her again. Talk about a rush! But not before I get my revenge. LOL
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 01:42:57 PM
Name: Edgar
Subject: Lifes embarrassing moments
Message:By all the stories I have read on this site, I've come to realize sexual humiliation involving nudity mostly happens to boys or girls in their teen years. At least I don't recall anything like that going on as a young kid and much less as an adult. Went through my first embarrassing experience at 14 and the other at 17, being the first one a lot more humiliating the second and the one witch I will be posting. Titled "Best friends"
Love Edgar
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 11:40:41 AM
Name: Sarah
Subject: Embarrassed teacher (continued (4)) (explicit)
Message:So I made my way forwards. Step by tiny step. Desperately trying (and failing) to hide my embarrassment and arousal. I was now within arms reach of my students. At any moment, one of these boys could reach out and run their fingers up my thigh, squeeze my bottom, feel my breasts. God how I wanted that so much, and I can only assume my students knew it. My shaved vulva must have been glistening with how wet I was. This was ridiculous. I was a teacher; an upstanding and respectable member of society. How was my willpower so weak. I started walking between the tables. I couldn’t stop myself from brushing against every single boy as I walked past.

Finally I got to Tom. He was sitting facing the desk with one of his hands resting just behind his ear. I bent over to read the question, something about the different types of mutation that occur, and started explaining to him. As I was talking, I leaned forwards just a little more. My nipple brushed against his fingers, and hardened instantly. Oh God I was so turned on. I could barely talk. So much of my energy had to go into no having an orgasm right there in front of them. And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to stop. As I spoke, I very slightly moved forwards and back, allowing my nipple to brush over his fingers again and again. Oh god I was going to cum. I had to stop this. I had to gain control of myself before I had an orgasm in front of a class of teenage boys. The thought of it. The thought of that humiliation just made it worse. My speaking was becoming broken and disjointed as I lost the ability to focus.

Then someone did it. I have no idea who’s it was, but I felt a hand caressing my behind, gently squeezing. I stopped talking. If I spoke, if I made any noise at all, I was going to cum. I just stood there, eyes closed, powerless to do anything but push my bottom further into that hand and in doing so, lowering my breasts further onto those teenage fingers. All my focus now, was on not having an orgasm, but my body had other ideas. I had completely lost control of it. It was a battle between my mind desperately trying to stop me from cumming, and my body which moved my bottom around in that hand and rubbed my breasts against those fingers. I knew I was going to cum. I knew I was fighting the inevitable, but fight I did. It had obviously become apparent to the boys that I wasn’t going to stop them. Tom turned his hand round and started feeling my breasts. I had to clap my hand across my mouth to stop a moan of pleasure from escaping. I reached up with every intention of moving his hand away, but my body had other ideas. My hand covered his and pressed it firmly into my breast and squeezed.

I felt another hand, I have no idea whose, its fingers gently walking up my inner thigh. I knew exactly where they were going, and I knew exactly what would happen when they got there. Then in one swift movement, the hand ran up and pressed firmly into my shaved vulva. I lost control completely. My hand shot between my legs and I began masturbating furiously. The hands left me but it was too late, I was out of control. I came and came and came, screaming with pleasure as I did so, furiously masturbating in front of a class of teenage boys. For a brief moment I became aware of what I was doing, before the humiliation sent me into another mind blowing orgasm. After god knows how many minutes, I stopped, and it all came rushing back. The classroom, the boys, oh god their faces.

What had I just done?

To be continued...
Sunday, September 15th 2013 - 01:35:26 AM
Name: Eva
E-mail address: .
Subject: ...
Message:Gym class in high school was the worst. And for one reason, you had to change after class. Showering wasn't necessary. Only having a change of clothes. The locker room did not help the situation either. It was a big square with lockers on the outside and some benches in places. You had to change your shirt and pants in front of every other girl in your gym class. About once a month all the other girls would pick this one girl to just torture in the locker room. I still don't know what you had to do to warrant this but I'm assuming it's just because girls are evil. I'd be lying if I said I didn't partake. Everyone did. So anyways I'll just tell you about what happened to me.
I had already changed m shirt and pants. I had just taken off my socks and I was going to wear my flip flops for the rest of the day. The girls start walking over to me and I knew what was going to happen. They didn't just attack though. One girl asked if I had done the chemistry homework. She asked if she could see it. I reached into my bag and then they grabbed me. First they stood me up from the bench. They took off the flip flops I had just put on. I was so nervous. I was struggling as much as I could without yelling and causing a teacher to come in. If I screamed and they got busted I would be in for it big time. A girl pulled down my pants and even though I had been changing in front of them for months, it was still embarrassing when they did that. I just let myself fall to the floor to try to cover up and prevent them from stripping me more. But nope. They grabbed my underwear and brought it straight down to my toes. They fell of. I knew they couldn't see my pussy, but they could see my ass. I was terrified. They picked me up again. They lifted my legs and spread them wide. Every girl could clearly see my pussy.
They took off my shirt and bra next. I wasn't putting up much of a fight anymore and pretty soon I was butt naked. Every girl had their hands on my bare body. I was practically in tears now. Then the phones got taken out. I saw the flash from cameras. Every girl was going to have numerous photos of my naked body. Some one spread my pussy apart and each girl just took more pictures. It was so cruel. I was put in numerous position for the next two minutes. The bell was going to ring soon though. They forced me to lick the bottoms of my own feet and toes which had come in contact with the locker room floor. Disgusting. They covered my eyes and made me walk somewhere. I just knew we were leaving the locker room. We had to be. They uncovered my eyes and I was shocked. They brought me into the showers and turned them on. I immediately stepped away and ran back for my clothes. But where were they? All I had was m sneakers and socks that I wore in gym. I looked around to see the other girls had them. They all walked out of the locker room and my things in the middle of the hall. I watched from the doorway with just socks on. I made sure no one was coming and I stepped out and ran to get my clothes. Every girl was laughing at me. I picked up my things and at that moment the bell rung. I raced back to the locker room alone to get dressed.
I put my clothes on and went to class late. The pictures never circulated as far as I know. Some of the other girls got it worse than I did. Some got it arguably better. Most everyone ended being stripped naked. The girl that got it the worst ended up being rubbed off with her water bottle. She ad to take it for like five minutes. I can remember how wet it was, but that's a different story.
Homepage URL: http://.
Friday, September 13th 2013 - 10:09:10 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: Rules for Gentlemen at the Gentlemen's Club
Message:I stripped in college, to avoid student loans. Here are some rules I sent to the campus daily onion rag, then.... lmao (Go Gators!!!!)

Strip Club Etiquette (the black side): dancers, pole dancing, strip club etiquette, strippers, and how to behave

This is Etiquette 101 from a dancer’s perspective... Write it down, take a picture and follow the fucking rules guys! The key idea when you come to watch me dance for you with my nude pussy two inches away from your face is to act like a total gentlemen, not a stupid perv. If you do, I’ll open my legs a few inches wider, and push the rules more. I’ll play with my cl*t and *sshole cuz I’m not worried about you doing it, or spitting on my sex, or pouring beer on my navel and tits. You’ll love me ten times more than you ever would, otherwise, as well.

In my limited time dancing, I worked several clubs around G*insv*lle. There are a few things that should be addressed, now.

When a customer comes into adult entertainment establishments they should act as though they've had home training. I personally feel the following issues need to be addressed:

1. Before you walk your ass out the house going to a strip club, please do not wear the following:
-jogging pants or gym shorts and no underwear (you fucking nasty b*stard trying to get off on a dance) if you are confused...when a man wears either of the above with no underwear and a dancer even attempts to get a little close they can feel everything like they're almost naked....this is disgusting and cause for a quick loss of money on your behalf
-panties unless it’s a gay club
- a condom over your nose lol

2. If you are having a conversation with a dancer in the midst of the conversation do not ask her to go tip another dancer on stage and then turn down a dance from her. That shit is just f*cking rude!

-Do not come into an African-American establishment walk in, post-up with your buddies by the door looking scared and then walk out... It's just f*cking disrespectful and rude. It makes you look like b*tches, dumbass.
-When you are in a primarily WHITE STRIP CLUB, GENTELMENS CLUB WHATEVA...do not walk away from the stage when the only black dancer working at the club gets on the stage...it affects their confidence and makes you look like sukas. It makes all the dancers want to suck all your money out of your pockets for spite...they may not be your cup of tea, but tip because more than likely, she's the baddest thing in there anyway, and could kick your little bitch ass.

-Do not tell black dancers how your baby, momma or ex-girlfriend had a black friend to try to relate to us, nor dis the other dancers of other races....it makes you look ignorant and like you are trying too hard.

- Do not ask me when I started shaving my pussy, it I was not when seven or eight…

-When a dancer is dancing to a hip hop song and doing a really good job....please please please....DO NOT START FUCKING DANCING IN FRONT OF HER ON THE STAGE, OR STAND UP AND TRY TO DANCE WITH HER WHILE SHE'S GIVING YOU A DANCE AND SHAKING YOUR BUTT...who's the dancer here you or me? It only makes you look stupid, ignorant and it's annoying and embarrassing to the girl with you, if that happens to beme.

-Don't let your buddies talk you out of a dance, just because he's lame and can't handle it.... Stand your ground and let my booty jiggle in front of you and then, hell you might end up turning them out!

Ok, I believe I have touched on everything that Caucasian men do, now for you males of foreign ancestry descent ... yes I have to single people out ethnically because you all annoy me with different shit!

4. FOR LATINO GUYS (I'm mean ones who barely speak English but know every vulgar word in the American dictionary) Please do not adjust yourselves to stick up your private parts up me when I’m bouncing on you -- it's dry penetration you perv... that is fucking sick!!!! It’s disgusting and may cause me to slip a stiletto in you scrotum... thank you sir! (Wear this you f*cking perv!!!)

6. Do not ask me for a dance and let me dance for you continually, then when I ask for my money, all of a sudden you don’t speak English…. You’re asking to get punched or kicked in the b*lls -- especially when you spoke English very well when you were asking me to f*ck you.

7. Do not turn down a $5, $10, $20 or $25 dance then offer $500 for sex, imam dancers -- not prostitute.
Ok, now for my beloved African American guys (e.g., BLACK DUDES!!!!!) …… now, I know ya’ll mommas taught ya’ll better, but……

8. Don’t come into the club and get $500+ dollars in ones then sit it on the table… tip the waiter staff pennies on the dollar, and throw only quarters at the dancers….you f*cking lame bastards!!! My heels hurt, my ass crack’s got a wedgie and my anus has rope burn. Go pay your child support and stop playing me for a white crack fool.

9. This one relates to #8….don’t come into the strip club and just sit staring at my wide open pussy… Get your ass up, tip and stop looking.

10. Do not smack my ass as I walk past you to the stage or the back room… It’s rude, or if you have to be a jerk, have at least $50 in hand for the smack on my ass so I don’t have to smack you back for paybacks, too. Thanks.

11. When tipping on stage, please DO NOT shove the money inside a my rectum or even vagina -- unless you want to get peed on, sh*t on, spit on, punched, smacked and even molly whooped and thrown out by the bouncer on your *ss.

12. As stated on other blogs…. please don’t have me sit on your lap so you can tell me how I’m too smart and pretty to be dancing in a place like this… I know I’m going to graduate school and this is just a temporary phase in my life. If there were no cute girls in the club, you wouldn’t come in, It’s just a job -- not the rest of our lives.

13. A RAIN SHOWER IS $50 … NOT $10 *SSHOLE. PLEASE!!!!! I have to tip the staff to clean up that mess!!!!

14. DO NOT CRUMPLE, RIP UP OR THROW DOLLARS AT US. WE ARE NO LESS THAN ANY DANCERS SO STOP TREATING US LIKE WE’RE WH*RES… It’s bad enough you motherf*ckers treat us like sh*t in our everyday life. We’re just trying to create a fantasy, if you don’t like it then LEAVE!

15. Don’t try to play me when it comes to paying off. If we give you a deal and nearly got you off, don’t try to force it, give us our money! Please don’t make me s*cj you off metaphorically speaking before you pay me off.

16. If you have McDonald’s chump change, don’t expect a Ruth Chris VIP performance in the lounge…

17. Don’t try to pick me up while I’m working -- I’m here to make money, not find a black husband…thanks!

18. Do not get on stage coming in on an open mic night (which I think is bullshit) and expect me to dance on stage while you ain’t throwing nothing… Meanwhile your RAP lyrics consist of bitch, shawty, freaks, throwing sh*t, ballin’ or poppin bottles and I ain’t seen one dollar fall yet… Please, go kill yourself first….

19. Do not tip me throughout the dance and then look at me cross eyed when I ask you for the money for my dance… Please, those were TIPS!!! TIPS!!! A dance costs $40,still.

20. Do not come in the club with your girl to set up a threesome… Although I’ve got my own b*tch, this ain’t a sex one stop shop.

21. Don’t come in the club smelling like fried ass and Africa expecting me to want to sit with you curled around your neck…. I have the same standards you have for us. (This goes for you too, white boy!!!!!)

22. Do not request weird shit (sucking toes, asking me to say crazy shit to you like calling you a b*tch, asking me to smell my thongs, asshole, underarms, p*ssy and asking me to stomp on your stomach with our stilettos, or to pee in a cup so you can drink it, or asking me to flash you -- unless it’s a fully nude club, or asking me to smack my ass etc., etc., etc.) These things are weird and may not help my stripping. You will just convince me you need help out from our bouncer. (This goes for you too, white boy!!!!!))

23. Do not tell me you do all kinds of drugs, and wouldn’t I want some (sorry I’m clean) or talk about your wife, idiot girlfriend or worst, any gay sh*t. I don’t need any weird or inappropriate stories to get me off.

24. Keep your hands to yourself! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS!

Now I can’t think of anymore “Don’ts,” but I’m sure there are more…Now for the “Do’s”…

25. Spend as much as money as possible without being homeless the next day ;)-

26. Offer to buy me drinks. I probably won’t take you up on it, except for a coke, but it still is sweet

27. Give me money for just sitting there and talking to you, if you are not into the dance thing. Don’t you thnk every one of your friends will see if you’ve had a naked white chick wrapped around your lap on your d*ck an hour? Pay me for it!!!

28. Make it rain at least $100/song… PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

29. Applaud after each set, or at least a couple times over the evening.

30. tip the wait staff generously they are looking out for you. If you don’t I will.

31. Pretend to be like Bambi in the Disney movie if you ccan;t say something nice, don’t say anything at all -- give all positive compliments

32. Tip for stage performances as well

33. If you enjoy a dancer, let her know what you like and don’t like. We pride ourselves on pleasing our men, as long as it’s not an extraordinary request, so be ready to throw something extra at me for that work.
I’m sure there are more things I could add to this list, but I’m out right now… just a few last all-encompassing tips!
Tip, tip, tip, tip……..
Spend, spend, spend……
Don’t bring your drama queen to a club, cuz getting shot while you’re naked in stilettos is not the best way to go. Please fellas who like to make it rain, don’t throw change at us trying to hurt us, what did we ever do to you? And please, please, don’t pour drinks on us while we are dancing -- this is just not sexy – in fact, it’s f*cking rude!!! If you feel like you are about to ejaculate, please stop the dance and go to the bathroom. Then handle your business yourself you disgusting freak….. not on my f*cking heels!!! You are coming to be entertained, so enjoy the experience. Don’t take it personally, if I’m not your cup of tea. Don’t hesitate to leave immediately, instead of telling me how to dance better a gazillion ways. I used to hate guys who sat for eight hours and wouldn’t spend a dime. Meanwhile, I kept trying to figure out if they liked girls or not! Huh?!! Hope you enjoyed my comments -- come back for more, please!

Wednesday, September 11th 2013 - 04:37:12 PM
Name: Venelobelle
E-mail address: devaengelion@yahoo.com
Subject: Dear Diary, 3
Message:WARNING - Disturbing Content, Love Story, Pretty much slow

I walked inside the storage room and saw a that nothing is moved nor changed, but... that there's an evidence of steamy aura around the entire room.

On on of the wall there hangs a row of working mats and I figured Taylor and Jet might have used one of them. So I walked to it and saw that 1 of them was disorderly and grabbed it and took a whiff. It smelled of sweat and sweet perfume similar from Taylor's.. Her fragrance was strong and remained stucked around my neck. And it was also warmer, unlike the other mats which was colder. So I grabbed the mat and held it in front of me, then I hugged it. All the wild, sexy imagination and trying to picture the scene of Taylor and Jet having sex using this mat flooded my mind. I felt like a weird so I let go of it and hang it back on the wall.

I went out of the storage room and stopped, and stepped back and closed the door shut again. I remembered what Taylor said about what I tasted when he kissed me. She had sex with Jet and gave him a blow. Meaning she also had a taste of her love juice, which she probably meant her vagina.

I run my hand up my leg through the leg hole, touching my sweet spot with a finger, then I licked my finger. It was gross and tasted of pee. So I spit out the taste.

What was I thinking?!

I quickly stripped off my gym clothes and threw it back to the shelves unfolded, just dumped it back there and I walked out of the storage room.

I forgot that Taoryn would be back but it was too late when by the time the storage room door shut behind me, there he was and I watched the door closed behind him.

Taoryn see me and he quickly turned around and covered his eyes. "Oh god, I'm sorry." He said feeling embarrassed seeing me in my bra and panties.

"Dude, you saw me on my bikinis before, just pretend you saw me in my bikinis okay? No biggie," I said too comfortably. I trust Taoryn more than anyone in the world. But Taoryn hasn't opened his eyes nor turned around, still facing the other way so I went to get my clothes and put them on. "I'm the one who should be embarrassed here you know."

"Yeah yeah yeah are you dressed yet?" He said.

"In a minute," I said and put on my clothes. "Done, sorry about that. How was the meeting?"

He took off his hands from his eyes and turned around to face me. "It was okay, good, Nothing much. Did any of the gym clothes fit you or what?"

"Yeah, I found one that fit, I only biked for a few minutes then tried other machines and did some weight lifting and I ended up playing those bouncy balls." I said.

"Hmmm, fun stuff eh, anyway I brought some lunch," He held up his hands with a plastic bag. "I got extra for the both of us."

--to be continued..
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 05:22:25 PM
Name: Venelobelle
E-mail address: devaengelion@yahoo.com
Subject: Dear Diary, 2
Message:WARNING - Disturbing Content, Love Story, Pretty much slow

I didn't bother to stop and looking for my friends and former classmates on the way around my classes. I went to each all of them and checked myself in and I was handed a list of things to prepare for before coming to classes tomorrow.

So I went back to Taoryn's gym but he was not there. On the exercise bike I was using there stick a note on the chair and it read,

"Got a faculty meeting, brb..."

--ps, "There are some spare gym clothes on the shelves that you and anyone can use to go exercising if you're going for it again so go and find the right size for you... Don't wear anything too loose or too tight.. Something comfortable. Have fun. "


I put the note inside my planner and drop my stuff by the entrance. I found the shelves by the door outside s small storage room and started pulling some shorts and shirts of my size. I look around and quickly stripped my jeans and my shirt and put on the gym clothes which feels as if I wasn't wearing anything and completely comfortable to move around with. So I grabbed my other clothes and went out of the storage room and laid my clothes with my other belongings.

Before hopping on the bike, I tried other machines 1st and went running on
a treadmill going 3 miles per hour.. but since I wasn't wearing the right shoes I didn't last long and quit.

I tried and lift each of the dumbbells and only managed up to 30lb before I wasn't able to hold heavier anymore.

Then I got to the best part and found the medicine balls and started seating on one big ball and bouncing with it.

I heard the door opened and 2 unfamiliar students walked in on their exercising clothes. A boy and a girl in which both of them looks around and saw me sitting on a bouncy ball and walked toward me.

"Hey, is there any coaches here?" The girl asked. All in my mind was how cute that boy with her was.

I shake my head. "Nope."

"Do you know where are are they?" The boy asked.

"He's in a faculty meeting but he'll be back." I said.

The guy smiled and turned to the other girl. "Quick lock the door."

The girl walked quickly to the door and locked it. "Ummm what's up?" I asked.

None of them answered and ignored me as they walk toward the storage room and went inside, shutting the door behind them.
So I got off the bouncy ball and start walking to the storage room and approach the door, trying to push the door open but it was lock. "Hey, open up! What's going on in there. Hello?"

I keep saying hello and knocking on the door for a few seconds when I start hearing the girl making some weird noise. She's making some nice, sweet sounds. So I put my ears to the door and can hear the guy breathing and panting hard. And then I realized what were they doing.

I felt myself blushed and think to myself, that this can't be happening here, that the stories can't be true about high school couple doing this kind of stuff right here in school. Then I remembered that I swore i'll get a boyfriend in high school but never crossed my mind that this stuff might happen.

And since I was one curious little hatch, I stick my ears to the door again and tried listening clearly and trying to imagine the things they are doing.

I don't know how long it lasted but it felt like it was forever until I could no longer hear noises. I felt movements inside the storage room and stepped back away from the door and in swung open.

The couple has pink faces and both kiss right in front of me. I stood there watching them kiss and felt my presence and slowly stop ending their kiss with a lick from each other's tongue.

"Please, don't mind me, keep going," I said eagerly and with support.

The girl smiled and the boy chuckled. "Have you done it before?" The girl asked.

"Oh, nope, never even been in a relationship. No kiss, no nothing," I admitted easily.

The girl approached and leaned on my face slowly, putting both her hands behind my neck. "You're so honest and cute aren't you? Here, have a taste of this," And she gave me a kiss. It wasn't a quick kiss either, it was a big one, it was my 1st kiss with a girl. Her lips are soft and I wanted to bite it. She then put her tongue inside my mouth and in response I touch her's with mine.So slippery, and awkward. I stood there motionless as she worked on my lips with hers which felt so long. She pulled her mouth from mine and kissed me on my chick bone, then licked my ear and I made this sound that I do not understand but I felt like making that sound coming from my voice. It tickled but I liked it.

"Please don't stop," I said, touching my lips with my finger tips which became sensitive to the touch.

"Oh my god you're so adorable, what's your name?" The girl asked. "I'm Taylor, and this is Jet, my boyfriend."

"I'm Venelobelle, but people call me Elle. That kis was wonderful and i loved the taste. Aw gosh I want to do more." I said.

"Well, maybe the taste must be from Jet's dick. So you loved it too huh." Taylor said.

"Are all boys penis taste like that?" I asked.

"Depends, not all boys though. But I happened to have sex with Jet then I sucked him, so I guess you also had a taste of my love juice from my mouth." Taylor said. "But hey, we gotta run. We'll see you around.

And they left, and I stood motionless trying to reexperience and feel my 1st kiss with Taylor. Actually my 1st ever kiss. I was happy it was a great 1st kiss. I can't wait for the next one.

--to be continued.
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 12:27:06 PM
Name: Venelobelle
E-mail address: devaengelion@yahoo.com
Subject: Dear Diary,
Message:WARNING - Disturbing Content, Love Story, Pretty much slow

My family and I moved to a new neighborhood during winter break of my 5th grade.
None of my family were against it, we were more excited to moving from an apartment to a bigger house and I get to have my own room, after years of sharing with my two other siblings and a pet.

We moved in one early morning and since we didn't have a lot furniture, we finish setting up quickly right afternoon hits the day.

My parents were too tired and decided to rest and take a nap, but me and my siblings want to take a walk a round the neighborhood and see what's up.

Our house was in a dead end street and as me and my siblings walk towards the other end of the street, I can't help but notice the 4th house from my house on our street.

In front of the house there's an extremely nice convertible mustang parked on the driveway of the house and the garage is open where there is a man that seemed to be working on his Harley bike. Since I was one curious little hatch, I walked toward him with my siblings following right behind me.

The man noticed us approaching and smiled.
"You kids are lost?"
"Nope." The man is all dirty from working on his bike but I see past though that and I realize I'm kind of attracted to him, a feeling I never felt before. But I did not know that yet.

My siblings wanted to go walk away which they did w/o asking me but I stood motionless staring at the man thinking of what to say next.

"Look," the man said. "You hungry or something? I just saw that y'all just moved in the neighborhood and you must be tired."

"Is it okay? "I asked and turned around to see my siblings walking back to the house. Then I got nervous and shy a little bit. "Umm."

"Yea, hold on." the man said and he walked inside his house.

I look around his garage and saw a lot of tools that I never saw before. They are all dirty but not rusty or anything. He has a set of small footlockers stack in one side and some sort of gardening tools under a working table. Some bicycle parts hanging on walls and car rims on another.

I thought he was a mechanic.

The man came back with a pepsi and a sandwich and a much, cleaner appearance.
"Here you go," he handed them to me and I said thanks.

"So what's up." he asked.
I took a sip of my pepsi. I'm Venelobelle, but everyone call me Elle. Me and my family lived in an apartment few miles away, so I'm still going in the same school." I took a small bite of my sandwich, which was a nice, egg sandwich. And since I love eggs, my face brightened up.

"You like that huh."
I nodded. "You took a shower fast," I said, judging from his cleaner appearance.
Thinking to myself that boys are really gross for not taking a longer shower.

"Neh, I just wiped and washed my hands and put on a new shirt." He said.

"So you don't take a shower?" I said. Giving him a sour look.

"Oh I do, just at night though before I go to bed." He said. "I'm Taoryn by the way, I'm from Germany."

Hearing somewhere that Europeans don't take a shower, I said. "Ah, so you don't really take a shower, Europeans don't take a shower." I said.

"Yeah we do," he argued with a chuckle. "That's got to be the Indians or middle eastern or something."

"So you live by yourself?" I asked.
"This is your house?" I asked, finishing my sandwich and pepsi, which I just notice I been devouring it as me and Taoryn talk.
"No girlfriend or anything?" I asked.
"Nah," he said. Looking away then glanced back at me.

Everyday since that day, I been coming to his house everytime until he became my best friend in the whole wide world. And for the next 2 and a half years to come.

2 and a half years later, Today I start my high school year as a Freshman. I looked through my schedule and that my 1st period is Math. I don't hate math but I'm not very good at it either nor I fail. I struggle hard with it that's all. But I was more curious what kind of classmates I will get.

This school is an extremely big place with like 4k students or something with 10 courts and gyms and 100 labs and so on. I'm having difficulty finding my class room but I wasn't the only one and found other students of my same year and same 1st period class with same teacher and decided to look for it together.

But from all these many students I lost my grip on them and lost them and now I was all alone again.

I ended up in a much less populated but long hallway and there are no rooms or anything but to the very end there is an open door but I cannot see what's inside of it since inside that door it seems to lead in another hallway. Since today is just supposed to find our class room and get to know our teachers, and as a one curious little hatch I was, I walked toward the end of the hallway. It seemed to take forever to reach the room but my assumption was right when I reach and pass the door, there's another but short hallways inside and it leads to another door which was only a couple of feet away. I walk inside and the door where I came through automaticly shut.
I opened it and that it wasn't lock, it just closed by itself.
So I closed it and went toward the other door and opened it.
Behind the door is a small work out gym with all the exercise machines and lift weights and all.
I dropped my stuff in a chair and sat on an exercised bike and started pedaling.

It felt great biking but my jeans is making my pedaling harder. But that's what exercising for right?
"Litle girl, you should never exercise on that outfit." Said a familiar voice.

It was my best buddy Taoryn. "Huh, hey!" I said as I got off the bike and walked toward him for a hug. "Why are you doing here?"

"Well I work here." He said.

"Since when?!" I asked.

"Hmmm just today." He laughed. "I'm the Physical Therapist, Female Volleyball coach, and a Conditioning coach." He said with an embarrassment.

"That's great! I can come and chill with you during lunch and seminars or something! My retreat sanctuary." I said in excitement.

"I guess," he said. "As I was saying..."

I cut him off. "How come you didn't tell me anything about you working here?!!"
I said with disappointment. "You're my bestfriend."

"Ouch," he said, putting his hand on his chest. "That hit me right in the heart.
"Then you know how I feel then," I said, hugging him again. "But don't worry, I'm not mad at you. I love you."

"I love you too," he said in relaxed. I felt something nice in me when he said it. "Anyway, you should never exercised or get in those machines in that outfit. You can get injured and may develop muscle and joint problems."

"Well, I didn't know," I said. "But I enjoyed that though, got me worked up."

"Really? If you enjoyed exercising then why don't we get you some nice gear then."

"Don't I have to find my teachers and sign in with them 1st?" I asked.

"Huh? you haven't done that?"

"I got lost, it's a big school..."

"You there's a map behind your schedule or your student planner right?" he said.

"Oh." I went and picked up my stuff and looked behind my planner. "Okay then, can I come back after I checked up with my teachers?"

"Yea, I'll be here."

--to be continued.

Friday, September 6th 2013 - 10:02:01 AM
Name: Abby
E-mail address: ?
Subject: Myrtle beach dares.
Message:My best friend and I went on a trip to Myrtle beach together when we were about 14 or fifteen years old. While we were there we came up with this "game" to see who could embarrass the other one the most. It wasn't like doing pranks on each other though. It was more of giving dares to each other and if you didn't do your dare then... you were a loser. Now that I think about it, there really was no punishment.

My friends name was Hailey by the way. The hotel we stayed at had a pool that was open 24 hours a day. We only stayed at Myrtle for a week and we would always finish off the day by going to the pool. Usually around 9-10pm was when we got there and we stayed there for a few hours. Just the two of us.

The first night we barely did anything embarrassing. We wold just take off our tops for a second. I was not afraid of being seen naked by Hailey but I was terrified of letting someone else see me naked. We went back to the room and took showers.

The next night was a lot more intense. We were getting fully naked and jumping into the pool. I dared Hailey to walk back to our room with just a towel on. Nobody noticed her and we got back to the room. I took my shower and when I got out Hailey dared me to walk in the hotel halls naked. She used the socks I brought to tie my hands behind my back and as a blindfold. When I first walked out the door I could feel the cold cement on my feet. The hallway was sort of like a balcony. We were on the seventh floor. Hailey lifted up my shirt and revealed my nipples. Then she pulled down my short pajama bottoms to leave me with nothing covering my privates but my panties. We walked all the way down and turned around. Hailey grabbed my panties and pulled them down just enough to show my whole vagina and ass. The sensation of being uncovered like that was indescribable. The feeling of not knowing if someone is going to see you nude. We got back to the room and I was untied. I put my clothes back on normally and went to sleep.

The next day we didn't do anything special so we had an entire day to embarrass each other. We went to the gym in the hotel and when we walked into the change room we saw at least five people naked and we knew it was our chance to embarrass each other. I was mortified of this but I didn't let it show. Or least I think I didn't. We left and came back with a change of clothes. We were going to shower in the change room and change clothes. When we came back there was a fairly young girl naked in there. About ten years old. I got into my underwear and was so nervous. Hailey had already gotten into the showers and I was just standing there by the locker. We both knew the faster we got it done the better. I took my underwear off. I turned around and almost fell to my knees. There was at least fifteen other girls in there. Mostly women who were about twenty. I went to the shower and I was already feeling defeated. I got out when Hailey did. When we were drying off, she dared me to "drop" my clothes and bend over to pick them up. Trying not to look like a total wimp I did it. I am not sure if you reading this has ever been seen naked before like this but if you haven't then you have no idea how humiliating it is. For the rest of the day I basically sat in the hotel room watching tv. Doing occasional things. Right before we went to sleep I dared Hailey to be my personal slave girl. She had to be stripped down naked and then do as I say. I made her lick my toes and let me spank her.

The next day was basically uneventful. Small things here and there but nothing worth noting.

The last day Was the best/worst. We came back to the pool and stripped down again. Hailey dared me to rub my own pussy. I was comfortable being naked in front of her but that was just humiliating. I did it though. We were walking back to the room when Hailey pulled my bottom piece down. She bent me over and spread my ass apart. I stepped out of my bottoms and told her to give me back my bathing suit. She told me I get it back when we get to the room. I walked past the main desk with nothing covering me down there. They didn't notice or say anything. We got back and Hailey dared me to let her tie me up. Sure I think why not. She uses double everything to tie. Two socks to tie my hands and feet and cover my eyes. She stakes off my top and puts me on the bed. She gropes my body and rub my pussy. I was so humiliated. She brings me to the tub and puts my vagina under the bath faucet with my feet in the air. She turned it on and left me. the cold water hitting my vagina was breath taking. It took me a while but I undid the ties. My vagina was red and sore. It was obvious that I had orgasmed a lot. I took my last shower and that was the end off my trip to Myrtle beach.
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Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 - 05:18:50 PM
Name: AJK
Subject: Sorry -Part 2 went a bit miss. Here it is in full...
Message:O.K., then. Here we go with a second part of the story inspired by Mellowtk’s wonderful ‘In For It’ work. You never know - this could describe the occasion where Maureen (a.k.a Mo) gets her revenge on Tracy….

(Please note that no toenails were painted during the writing of this story.)


About a month after that fateful day when she had discovered Maureen bound and gagged, Tracy finished an afternoon shift and was on her way to the exit to make the short walk home when she passed the office of Yvonne - the administrator who Maureen had accurately described as ‘Donna’s prettier younger sister‘.

“Hey, Tracy!” called Yvonne. “Could you spare me a minute before you go, please? I need a hand with the photocopier in here.”

Tracy, though understandably anxious to get back home to Maureen, didn’t like to let anyone down. Besides, she knew that Yvonne was due to leave for the USA that very evening to work at a hospital in Oregon for six months on a work exchange visit. It had been arranged at very short notice, and Yvonne had been rushing around trying to get things straight around the hospital before her departure.

“All right,” the nurse agreed, walking into the office. The photocopying machine was a Xerox item. Several of its doors were open. “What do you want me to do?”

“I’ve got to change the toner waste container,” explained Yvonne, pointing to a rectangular shiny black box, about 2 feet long, with a small orange handle. “When I lift the two levers at the other end of the machine, I’d like you to grab that handle and slide the container towards you. It should come out fairly easily.”

“OK,” chirped Tracy, pleased that the job would be a simple one.

Yvonne moved down to the opposite end of the machine and crouched down, her head hidden by an open cover.

“Right, Tracy - pull it now!” instructed Yvonne. The nurse did as she was bidden. The container began to slide out with no trouble at first, but then there was a click, a loud ‘crack!’, a cry of dismay and suddenly Tracy was totally engulfed in a thick fog of dry ink.

The cloud settled. Tracy was covered in fine black Xerox toner. It was all over her face, her blonde hair and her bare arms and legs. It was outside and inside her uniform, causing her fair skin to itch madly. She looked like the victim of a cartoon explosion, but Yvonne wasn’t laughing.

“Good heavens, Tracy!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how that happened, but you’ve got to get that toner off you right away.”

“I’ll shower as soon as I get home,” responded Tracy, miserably.

“I said right away,” insisted Yvonne, who was a member of the national Health & Safety Executive. “The Xerox engineer told me that there was a rumour going around that the toner used in this machine could be carcinogenic under certain circumstances. Being covered in the stuff would certainly be an example of such a situation. Besides, you can‘t walk home looking like that.” She consulted her computer. “Good. Isolation Room 3 next door isn’t in use at the moment. You can use the shower in there.”

“Staff aren’t allowed to use the patients’ facilities,” Tracy pointed out.

“This is an emergency. As an H&S officer, I’ll authorise your use of it. You can’t be allowed to walk around the hospital to the female staff’s showers, trailing toner all over the place.” She opened a drawer and handed Tracy the key to Isolation Room 3. “Leave your uniform, underwear and shoes outside the door. They’ll need to go into a specially-coded laundry bag to make sure they’re deep-cleaned. I’ll ring up Mo and ask her to bring you a change of clothes, since you don‘t live far away.” As Tracy turned to leave the room, Yvonne picked up the Xerox instruction manual, turning the pages as though to confirm something. “Oh, and Tracy - you’ll have to shower in cold water.”

“WHAT?” said Tracy, in disbelief and horror.

Yvonne didn’t reply. Instead, she laid out the manual on a desk in front of Tracy and pointed out a paragraph in Section 6, page 6; “Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. To remove any Toner that gets on your skin or clothing; use a brush, blow air on it, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap”.

“I rather think there’s a bit too much toner on you for a brush or blow dryer to manage,” opined Yvonne, hustling Tracy out of the office. “The trouble is that Xerox copying is a chemical reaction; it uses heat to fuse the ink to the paper. Use warm water and the ink might fuse on to your skin. Which, given that it may be carcinogenic, isn’t a very good idea.” She slammed her office door behind her. “Nobody will be using that room for a bit. At least, not until the Specialist Cleaning Squad have been in there. I’ll get in touch with them after I’ve phoned Maureen. Then I’ll get a coded laundry bag and take your uniform and other stuff to be cleaned.” She sighed. “Sometimes I think that photocopiers are more trouble than they are worth… but don’t forget to leave your clothes outside Isolation Room 3,” she reminded Tracy, pointing at the appropriate door. “And you’d better lock the door behind you, in case someone from the Maintenance Team comes along to check it. Everybody thinks that room isn’t in use at the moment. In fact…” An idea had struck her. She dodged back into her office and emerged a few seconds later with a sheet of white A4 paper upon which she’d hand-written the words ’DO NOT ENTER’ in large letters using a blue marker pen. “This should ensure you’re not disturbed,” she asserted, attaching the impromptu notice to the door with Blu-Tack. “I know it’s not an ideal solution -” her voice was apologetic - “but it’s the best I can do in the time I’ve got available, what with me having to leave for the States tonight.”

And with that, Yvonne scuttled off down the corridor. The toner-blackened Tracy, a proverbial ink blot on the landscape, inserted the key into the simple Yale nightlatch lock of Isolation Room 3, opened the door and walked in.


As its name suggested, Isolation Room 3 was one of the rooms reserved for individual patients with highly-contagious diseases. There were certain factors to indicate this - an extra-large sink, for example, so medical staff could wash their entire arms rather than just their hands before leaving. Otherwise, it wasn’t too visibly different from a normal hospital suite, apart from a cardboard box incongruously perched on top of a wardrobe containing a pair of brand-new Health Service-issue ambulance driver’s shoes in what appeared to be a woman’s size.

Too uncomfortable to pay much attention to the box and its contents, Tracy stripped off and dusted the worst of the toner from her clothes into the big sink, turning the taps on to wash away the two-inch thick layer of dry ink sludge that settled on the bottom. There were two full-length mirrors in the room - one of them free standing- and they enabled her to inspect her reflection. Half of her hair was jet black, and her face was like that of a Victorian chimney sweep. Her legs and arms were almost as black as her face. As for the previously-unexposed parts of her…well, her nurse’s uniform had proven to be not very toner-proof. Her stomach, breasts and thighs were streaked, she had a black nipple, and the colour of the neat golden triangle between her legs was severely darkened. Her back was probably equally as bad, but she decided not to depress herself further by positioning the free-standing mirror so she could see how bad it was. And her fair sensitive skin itched like hell; it was no wonder she was unable to resist the urge to scratch at it occasionally, even though - as a nurse - she knew too well that this was one of the worst things she should do.

She folded her filthy clothes and underwear, placed her shoes and earrings on top of them and opened the door a fraction. Cautiously, she stuck her head out and looked up and down the corridor. No-one was about, so she swiftly placed her clothes on the floor immediately outside the door and closed it.

Tracy cringed as she contemplated the next stage of her cleansing process. A cold shower… and there was no way of getting out of it. Reluctantly, she padded nude over to the bathroom and looked inside. At least the soap and towels were plentiful, and there was even a full bottle of shampoo standing on a shelf.

The shower was in the corner; two sides of it were formed by the walls and the other two were clear glass. Full of apprehension, Tracy picked up the plastic bottles of shampoo and liquid soap, stepped into the booth, closed the door behind her, stood under the twin shower heads, tensed herself, turned the cold water on - and shrieked.

It was icy. And since the shower was in a room set aside for those with contagious diseases, it was specially designed for thorough and meticulous cleaning. High-pressure jets of chilly water assaulted Tracy’s defenceless naked body from all angles. Not only were the shower heads soaking her from above, but there were chest- and waist-high jets of water squirting her, too, as well as an improbably placed and exceptionally powerful single jet squirting up from the floor which, by accident or design, seemed to work intermittently and several times caught her directly on her exposed sex. (“OOOOOOooo!” she squealed, not without reason.) The temptation to fling open the door and step out of the shower was enormous, but the water around Tracy’s bare feet was totally black; she knew she had to stay in there until it turned clear. Any other course of action would simply prolong the agony, as well as making a total mess of the bathroom floor.

This is not to say that she made no effort to avoid the worst of the cold water in the very limited space the shower booth afforded her. Squealing, squeaking and giving vent to the occasional agonised yelp, she ducked, crouched and twisted and turned her bare body desperately in every direction, but to no avail - whichever way she stood, the ruthless freezing liquid sprayed on every part of her. Attempting to cover the sensitive bits of her body with her hands and arms proved equally futile. Trying to use the shampoo and soap was difficult, as her hands became so cold she dropped the bottles several times, only to be caught out by the infuriating jet from the floor each time she bent down to pick them up…

After an hour of this water torture, she gratifying noticed that the water running down her body from her sopping-wet shoulder-length was no longer black, meaning that all the toner had washed out of it. And, gradually, the liquid pouring away down the drain hole near her bare feet became clearer and clearer until, at long last, it was totally clean.

Gratefully, she turned off the spiteful water, opened the door and padded over to the towel rack as quickly as her numbed limbs would allow her.


Thirty minutes earlier, Yvonne, having made a few phone calls and declared her toner-strewn office temporarily out-of-bounds with a stern sign on the door to that effect, had been outside Isolation Room 3 scooping Tracy’s uniform, bra, briefs and shoes into a sealable laundry bag. Noticing an additional pair of women’s shoes were also outside the room, she’d smiled to herself. The plan was working perfectly.

She walked off in the direction of the hospital laundry, leaving the extra shoes where they were.


Trembling violently with cold and believing she was on the verge of hypothermia, Tracy rubbed herself down vigorously with a rather rough white hospital towel; it was with relief that she noted that no black streaks appeared on it. When she calculated that she’d dried herself as much as she could with the towel, she wrapped it around her hair, enveloped her bare body in a much larger blue towel which reached from her chest to her ankles and, still shivering slightly, walked out of the bathroom door in anticipation of Maureen’s arrival with her change of clothes.

She didn’t have long to wait…

As soon as Tracy closed the bathroom door behind her, a large, adhesive medical dressing was pressed over her mouth. Before she could react, her arms were pulled behind her and bound tightly together with a zip tie. Wild-eyed, she whirled around to face her assailant, the sudden movement causing the white towel to fall from her still-wet hair which tumbled down and clung to her pale shoulders.

“I’ve brought your clothes,” grinned Maureen, standing before her blonde friend and pointing to a rucksack in a corner of the room.

Tracy glared at her. “MMMmmm-mmmmm-MMMMM!” she bellowed, through the gag.

Maureen‘s smile broadened. “Sorry - I didn’t quite catch that. Did you say ‘Let me go!’ or was it…”

“MMMMMMmmmMMMMM!” Tracy cut short Maureen’s conjecture with another muffled complaint.

“Calm down a minute, Tracy. Now, let me see… Are you trying to tell me that I’ve broken a House Rule promise by tying you up as an act of retribution?”

Unable to reply verbally, but with her blue eyes blazing at Maureen’s treachery, Tracy nodded.

“Well,” Maureen pointed out, “it may have escaped your attention, but we’re not in the house…“ She paused, looking the helpless Tracy up and down from her nicely-shaped feet to her damp hair with an expression that was almost voracious. “You look overdressed wrapped in that towel…”

As she stepped forward, Tracy twisted her body to her left on her bare toes and bent her torso at a right angle to her legs, away from Maureen, in a futile attempt to stop the red-haired girl undressing her. NO! She hated being nude in front of a girl who was wearing clothes.

Predictably, her efforts were to no avail and only delayed her being rendered naked for a couple of seconds. Maureen hauled the blonde girl upright and lightly hooked a finger between her breasts where the folds of the blue towel met. She tugged very gently and it fell silently to the carpet, leaving Tracy standing totally bare in front of her lover.

Tracy, her nipples still erect due to the effect of the icy water on her bare breasts, felt her face redden rapidly; the instinct to hide her exposed sex by cupping her hands over it was irresistible, and she jerked at her tied wrists in an impulsive but totally hopeless effort to do so.

As the blonde nurse moaned in frustration at her failure to cover her nakedness with her arms, Maureen’s green eyes sparkled. The red-haired girl was experiencing, for the first time, that exciting sensation of power and superiority that most women feel when fully clothed and in the company of a naked adult member of their own sex. However, it was not quite accurate to describe Maureen as “fully clothed”. Although she was dressed in her usual jeans-and-t-shirt style she wasn’t wearing shoes, having slipped them off just before opening the door of Isolation Room 3 - knowing that her bare feet would make no sound to alert Tracy as she crept across the carpet in order to ambush her the instant she stepped out of the bathroom.

“Well, this situation is rather unequal, isn’t it?” mused Maureen. “What with you being undressed and me wearing clothes… and I rather like it.” The redhead was enjoying Tracy’s total humiliation immensely, and making no secret of it. “Let’s see if we can improve this state of affairs even more…” So saying, she began guiding Tracy firmly - though not roughly - towards a chair in the corner of the room. The nurse tried vainly to resist, gripping the carpet as best she could with her bare toes and leaning back against the direction of her Maureen’s persistent pushing. Tracy had no idea what her housemate had in store for her, but she doubted it would be to her advantage.

Maureen whirled the naked girl around and forced her to sit on the chair. Holding her down with one hand, Maureen rummaged in her rucksack with the other as Tracy tried to lean forward while pulling fruitlessly at her bound wrists and kicking out uselessly in front of her with her legs and bare feet, the latter padding quietly on the carpet.

“Aha!” Maureen pulled another zip tie from out of the rucksack. “It was at the bottom of the bag, hiding under your dress.” Swiftly, she secured Tracy’s struggling ankles firmly together. “I suppose I could’ve simply tied you up on the bed,” she said, an edge of excitement to her voice, “but I’ve always wanted to do this to someone…”

Tracy’s eyes filled with fear. What was Maureen planning for her?

“If you don’t want to hurt yourself… ACCIDENTALLY, I mean… you’d better let your body go completely limp for the next few seconds. OK?” Tracy noted that Maureen’s tone was by no means threatening; on the contrary, at that moment she reminded the bound girl of one of her lecturers giving her advice during a practical situation exercise during her time as a nursing student. Despite her trepidation, the nude nurse looked up at her captor and nodded.

With surprising ease, the red-haired girl bent down and gently draped Tracy over her shoulder, bending the blonde forward at the waist and inverting her upper body. As she was being carried across the room, afraid to move in case her friend inadvertently dropped her, Tracy noticed her own reflection in the free-standing mirror - bent double, absolutely naked, gagged, bound hand and foot with her hair hanging down and her bare toes pointing to the floor - and realised exactly how pitifully helpless and vulnerable she looked. As Maureen turned towards the bed, Tracy caught a glimpse in the fall-length wall mirror of her own bare bum and the soles of her feet - a surreal sight from her inverted position.

Maureen slid her captive on to the bed the wrong way around - with her feet on the pillows - and Tracy instinctively rolled herself on to her stomach in a pathetic attempt to conceal her exposed boobs and vagina. The redhead ducked below the level of the mattress and reappeared holding one end of a bungee; she’d attached the other end securely to the frame of the bed while Tracy was still showering. Pressing the wriggling Tracy down so she remained lying on her stomach, Maureen pulled the elastic cord tightly across Tracy's back at the level where her bra strap would have been before hooking it to the opposite side of the bed. She then did the same with another bungee at the level of Tracy's thighs.

“So far, so good,” affirmed Maureen, though she was obviously speaking for herself. “But I think it would be rather unfair of me to restrict you to viewing proceedings from such an awkward position.” She manhandled the free-standing full-length mirror across the room and placed it at the foot of the bed in front of Tracy, who, despite herself, raised her head to see the refection of her helpless unclothed body, a sight that made her extremely angry as she became conscious of how pathetically foolish and ridiculous she was being made to look. She raged through the gag, uttering muffled insults and empty threats while trying to roll furiously around the bed; but since she was pinned down on her stomach, all she could manage to do was bounce her upper body from shoulder to shoulder.

“MMmmMMmmMM! MMmmMMmmMM!” Her diatribe remained frustratingly stifled as she shook her shoulder-length blonde hair furiously.

“Are you trying to apologise for tormenting me last month while I was tied up?” asked Maureen, in a mock-curious voice. “If so, I’ll probably forgive you… after I‘ve finished with you…”

This enraged Tracy even more. Realising she could still move her lower legs even though her ankles were bound together, she pounded her joined bare feet over and over again against the soft pillow.

“I think we’ll have to put a stop to that behaviour, you naughty girl.” The redhead chided Tracy as though she was a small child while pinning the back of the nurse’s legs down to the mattress and carefully sitting on them.

Acting on an irresistible urge, Maureen slowly extended a single finger and tickled Tracy between her cute bare buttocks. Instinctively, Tracy attempted to reach out to attempt to stop her doing so, only to find that her friend’s torturing digit was tantalisingly close to but just out of reach of her tied hands as her own fingers frantically scrabbled at thin air. Oddly, Maureen AND Tracy found the blonde girl’s resultant involuntary restrained wiggling strangely exotic as Tracy rubbed her soft thighs together, rolling them slightly inward. In the same movement, she gently pushed her golden pubic triangle down on the bed while ineffectively clenching her bum cheeks together in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the extraordinary ticklish/erotic sensation Maureen was inflicting upon her. It was a moment of immense satisfaction for both women.

“You seem a little hyperactive,” twinkled Maureen, wickedly. “I think you should be immobilised a little more…” So saying, she gathered her haversack from the floor, selected a silk scarf from it, and, lifting Tracy’s lower legs below her knees so her bare toes were pointing to the ceiling, used it to attach the blonde’s wrists to her ankles. A classic hogtie!

"The soles of your bare feet look SO cute when they're side-by-side," observed Maureen, standing in front of her captive at the end of the bed. "They're so very symmetrical. Needless to say, they're going to get a good ticking, so you'd better resign yourself to it."

Tracy shook her blonde head furiously - NO! - and looked up at her captor with beseeching blue eyes.

"Mmmf! Mmmf! MMMMMfff!" Her attempts to beg for mercy were thwarted by the efficient gag, and Maureen would have ignored her pleas anyway.

“You know,” said Maureen, thoughtfully, “there’s nothing Yvonne doesn’t know about that photocopier. For example, she told me that by prising a certain small piece of plastic from the side of the waste toner tray, she can cause it to crack in two and throw dry ink all over the place when it’s removed…”

“Mmmmph?” was Tracy’s response.

“If ‘Mmmmph?’ is a question as to whether Yvonne is involved in this, then I’m pleased to inform you that the answer is ‘Yes’,” the redhead revealed. “And, since she’s the only other person who knows that you’re here, rest assured that no-one’s going to come to your rescue or to help you. You’re mine to do what I want with for as long as I want to…” She paused to allow Tracy to absorb the information. “And there’s no chance of you getting any revenge against Yvonne in the foreseeable future. She’ll be on her way to Portland in a few hours.“

She sighed with envy, tempered with admiration

“It’s no wonder Yvonne’s so highly thought of in the Admin department,” Maureen continued. “She’s got such an eye for detail. Not only did she arrange for Isolation Room 3 to be vacant for a few days, but when she lent me a spare key she also pointed out that there was no ‘snip’ on the lock.” This was to avoid a situation in which patients, by accident or design, made themselves inaccessible, but it also meant that Tracy couldn’t have prevented anyone with a key from opening the door.

Maureen walked over to that very same door on silent bare feet, opened it slightly and picked up her shoes. “We don’t want anyone seeing footwear outside and getting suspicious about what’s happening in here, do we?” she asked, placing them just inside the room and closing the door behind her decisively. This action in itself caused a horrified expression to cross Tracy‘s face. They were now cut off from the outside world; no-one could see or interrupt the torture she was about to undergo…

Maureen sauntered sassily back across the room to the bed on which Tracy lay, helpless and naked. “And now,” the redhead announced, bending to kiss the powerless and nude nurse lovingly on the forehead before padding to the opposite end of the bed, “down to business.”

Tracy struggled fiercely as Maureen began tickling her defenceless bare feet.

The instant she felt Maureen’s wriggling fingers stroking against her tender skin, the blonde automatically responded by wrinkling the ultra-sensitive soles of her feet, curling her cute bare toes in a desperate attempt to reduce the effect of her captor’s furious tickling, but it was no use. The memory of her own tickling was still fresh in Maureen’s mind, and she was intent on revenge. Tracy’s nude body wriggled, her hands clawed the air and she tried to squirm as best she could, but she was tied extremely securely. Any movement she could manage was so limited as to be virtually non-existent - realistically, all she could do was lie there and laugh. She knew it was totally pointless to struggle, but the tickling was so absolutely unbearable that she couldn’t prevent herself from doing so. Ineffectually, she continued to try to pull at her bonds out of sheer desperation, her laughter, gasps and pleas being efficiently silenced by the gag. There was no escape from the incessant tickling. Maureen was in complete control, and both girls knew it.

After an hour of torturing Tracy intolerably, Maureen suddenly stopped and untied the scarf that joined Tracy’s wrists and bare ankles. The blonde girl’s bare legs and feet flopped down on to the bed; her struggles, ineffectual as they had been, had exhausted her.

As Maureen loosened the bungee cords that had pinned her down, Tracy heaved a sigh of relief through the gag. Soon she would be free… Even when her friend rolled her on to her back, she assumed it was a manoeuvre to make her more comfortable after she’d been forced to lie on her stomach, unable to move, for over an hour. The fact that she was now lying face up on the bed, still bound and gagged, with her breasts and sex exposed made her feel vulnerable and open to sexual attack; but that was very much secondary to the relief she was experiencing now that the tickling had stopped, and she continued to lie supine while regaining her breath.

Maureen gently removed the medical dressing from Tracy’s mouth and kissed her softly. While Tracy was too surprised to resist, she was in no mood to reciprocate.

“Don’t expect me to forgive you for this, Mo,” she said, flatly. “Untie my hands! Now!” She sat up sharply, rage coursing through her veins.

“I don’t know why you’re so moody,” chirped Maureen, with a grin. “You’ve been having all the fun so far…”

“Call that fun?” Tracy was incredulous. “Having my feet tickled for an hour and not being able to do anything about it? I hated it!”

“Well, you were the one who was laughing all the time,” Maureen told her. “It was me that was doing all the work. Now it’s my turn for fun and your turn for work.”

“What nonsense are you talking now?” said the incensed blonde.

“We’re going to make love,” declared Maureen, with a smirk of anticipation.

“Oh, no. No, we’re not. Not after that torture, Mo.” Tracy’s voice was determined. “You must be mad if you expect me to mmmmMMMMMMFFFFF! MMMMFF!” Her rant was cut off abruptly as Maureen reached into her handbag, pulled out a fresh medical dressing and placed it over the nurse’s mouth.

Though she thought she was completely exhausted, a surge of furious adrenaline ran through Tracy’s bare body. Maureen had arranged for her to be covered in photocopier toner, which required her to take a freezing cold shower. She’d then gagged and tied Tracy before humiliating her by stripping her bare. On top of all that, the blonde girl had been forced to suffer a cruel and ferocious tickling that bordered on the inhuman. And now Maureen expected them to have sex together. No way! The naked nurse rolled and writhed around the bed, not only in further efforts to free herself of the zip ties that still secured her wrists and ankles - though that was a factor - but mainly in a fit of absolute rage. How DARE Maureen assume she’d want sex with her after all she’d done to her! How could the red-haired girl possibly be so bloody arrogant? She thrashed her naked body about wildly, twisting, turning and kicking out with her bound legs and bare feet.

Maureen, seeing that Tracy was obviously unwilling to go along with her plans, calmly picked up the bungee cords, and, holding the trussed-up Tracy down, repositioned them. She pulled one across Tracy’s torso just below her bare breasts, the other at the level of her ankles. The nurse was thus pinned on her back.

“If you thought I’d finished with you today,” Maureen told her, pulling her t-shirt over her head to expose her fawn-coloured bra, “you were very, very wrong. I’ve only just started…”

“MMMMMFFFF! MFFF! MFFF!“ Tracy struggled fiercely and shook her head from side to side as she saw that Maureen was undressing herself, swiftly removing her jeans, bra and briefs in front of the blonde‘s wide eyes.

“There we are!” the redhead enthused, having stripped bare herself. “Now we’re both ready for action!“ Maureen’s body language reflected her desires only too clearly; her very stance indicated that she was more than ready for sex as she gazed at Tracy’s completely naked, helpless, struggling body with lust gleaming in her green eyes.

“You still seem a little….reluctant,” the nude Maureen said, smiling at her own deliberate underestimation. “But never mind - I’m sure a little more tickling will convince you…”

And with that, she launched another insufferable tickling attack on Tracy’s defenceless bare feet.

“MMMMMMMMFFFffffff!” The blonde girl yelped through the gag, attempting without success to wiggle her feet up and down as she curled and uncurled her bare toes in vain attempts to find relief from the naked redhead’s ruthless tickling. Furthermore, although Maureen concentrated mainly on the vicinity below Tracy’s ankles, she began to allow her hands to stray occasionally to other sensitive areas of the blonde girl’s smooth, struggling body…

Tracy was trapped a ticklish hell from which there was no escape. To compound her frustration, she knew that, eventually, she would be forced to submit to Maureen’s demands for sex. As a matter of fact, she wanted to surrender at that very second, but the gag was preventing her from saying so…


Three hours after spotting Maureen’s shoes outside Isolation Room 3, Yvonne was having trouble with her own footwear as one of her heels snapped off.

“Damn!” she thought to herself. “That would happen while I’m rushing around so I can catch a plane.” But, then, her ‘attention to detail’ that Maureen had alluded to came into play. Yvonne remembered that an ambulance driver named Sheila, who was based at a medical outstation in the town, had requested a new pair of Heath Service-issue heavy-duty shoes, having damaged her current ones after a mishap with a patient. Rather than send them through the Regional Area Health Authority internal mail, Yvonne looked through the work schedule and discovered that Sheila was due to deliver a patient to Isolation Room 3 on the forthcoming weekend. So she left the shoes there, emailed the ambulance driver and told her where she could collect them.

Since the hospital clothing store was closed by that time of the evening, Yvonne decided she would acquire the shoes from Isolation Ward 3 to wear until she got home. She knew they would fit her (Sheila, although four or five inches taller than Yvonne, had comparatively small feet) though they were hardly the most fashionable of items.

Yvonne picked up the third (and last) spare key - she hoped that Maureen would remember to subsequently replace the other two in the hospital’s central key safe within a few days - and limped painfully on her uneven shoes towards Isolation Room 3, eventually giving up the struggle and dumping her damaged high-heels in favour of walking barefoot along the corridors, which were virtually deserted at that time of the evening. Upon reaching her destination she noticed that, as she’d expected, Maureen’s shoes were no longer outside the room, but she tutted when she saw that the “DO NOT ENTER” sign remained stubbornly attached to the door. Believing that Maureen had forgotten to remove it before she’d left with Tracy, Yvonne sighed, pushed the key into the door and walked in.

She’d assumed that Maureen and Tracy would be long gone by then…

A small, bedside lamp dimly illuminated the scene. She saw Maureen’s head above the duvet, rolling and tossing, while her body wriggled slightly under the duvet. She was issuing muffled moans, and there was something pressed against her mouth… It looked at first glance like she’d been gagged, with the rest of her body trapped or tied under the duvet. Surely, thought Yvonne with astonishment, the tough little red-haired girl hadn’t been overpowered by Tracy of all people?

Maureen appeared not to notice that Yvonne had entered, possibly because she’d padded in on silent, soft bare feet.

As Yvonne’s blue eyes adjusted to the light, it became clear that it wasn’t a gag that was pressed to Maureen’s mouth, but a pair of delightfully-shaped feminine feet. (They were bound at the ankles with a zip tie, but Yvonne didn’t notice that.) The owner of said bare feet formed a squirming heap under the duvet next to Maureen, and was emitting sporadic girlie giggles that Yvonne immediately identified as Tracy’s between the redhead’s soft moaning.

What Yvonne couldn’t have known was that Maureen had tortured Tracy into an ‘agreement‘ - made entirely, of course, on terms dictated by Maureen. In exchange for a cessation of the tickling, the blonde girl had been obliged to bend her bare body, still bound hand and foot, into a “question mark” shape on the bed. By judicious use of the bungee cords, the redhead had linked Tracy’s bound wrists indirectly to one side of the bed frame before tying the silk scarf around her knees, thus encouraging the nurse to maintain the position. Maureen had then lay next to her on her side and flicked the duvet over both of them, so that the only uncovered parts of Tracy were her feet and ankles, which were on the pillow next to Maureen’s face. Under the duvet, Tracy’s blonde head was facing her captor’s yearning vagina. Maureen had then hugged the blonde’s soft bare feet to her face and ordered her to provide oral sex, accompanying the demand with a 30-second burst of intense foot tickling. Though realising the situation was totally degrading, the powerless, ticklish Tracy had no choice but to submit to Maureen’s humiliating sexual requirements. Every time the helpless blonde victim stopped applying her soft mouth to Maureen’s sex - even to pause for breath - the redhead tickled the sensitive soles of her bare feet until she re-applied her lips to Maureen’s vagina.

However, all Yvonne could see was two squirming girls enjoying themselves in bed, one of whom was moaning in ecstasy and the other giggling and curling her bare toes, presumably in passion. She smiled. In a sense, she was pleased that she had helped set up the scenario - the original idea being that she should arrange an opportunity for Maureen to trap Tracy on her own in Isolation Room 3 and give her a good revenge tickling - but, given the way that Maureen’s clothes and underwear were scattered haphazardly around the bed it was obvious that things had gone further than the redhead had originally planned. But, unexpectedly, she also felt slightly envious. While having no lesbian tendencies herself that she was aware of, Yvonne felt her own bare toes attempting to paw the carpet as she tried to imagine the immense pleasure Maureen was experiencing.

Yvonne crept across the room on her silent bare feet and stood on the tips of her sweet little toes to reach on top of the wardrobe for the cardboard box containing the shoes and left the room, quietly closing the door behind her. Before she did so, she glanced back to see if Maureen had even been aware of her presence.

But Maureen was oblivious to anything other than the bliss that the humiliated and helpless Tracy was providing. As she attained yet another orgasm, she spontaneously tightened her hug around Tracy’s ankles and gave her lovely, soft bare feet a long and passionate kiss.
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Message:Texas, Florida, Alabama. The ones I saw were in a New York. Don't know if it was legal there, some states do it and others don't. Anyway legal or not boarding schools used spanking, nudity and other forms of humiliating punishments done only on boys. Girls just had fun looking. Got to see half the boys in school naked, witch didn't bother me a bit. Have to point out, I only saw this done at the elementary level on kids ranging from 6 to 14 years of age. Kind of embarrassing for boys if he happed to be older than 10. Young boys nudity just wasn't see as a big deal and in fact, I'm sure it was intentional and part of the punishments. Saw a boy forced to do his homework in study hall completely naked. He had failed to hand in his homework for the third time. Sat there for an hour, with paper and pencil totally naked with the whole school looking at penis. I was 11 he was 12 and must have felt extremely embarrassed about having girls looking at his penis. He was the last one left in the room. What he didn't know, was that everyone had gathered outside waiting for him to come out. Walked all the way to the dorms with boys laughing and girls checking him out. All I can say is that I saw more penises at 11, than I did as an adult and can't I didn't enjoyed it. Love Martha
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Name: AJK
Subject: Taken from Mellowtk, "Deviantart".
Message:Tribute to..



It was a strange friendship - an attraction of opposites, perhaps.

Tracy was a blue-eyed blonde, pretty, shapely and always ready to emphasise it. Cosmetics were her allies - apart from nail varnish, which was banned from her place of work on hygienic grounds - and earrings her constant accessories. She was forever smiling, good-natured and softly-spoken.

Maureen, on the other hand, was a hot-tempered tomboy who would never back down from a challenge. Her red hair was in a short, pixie cut. She nearly always wore jeans and a casual top, usually a t-shirt. Make-up was alien to her. Despite this, she was unmistakably feminine, with a cute face, slim figure, and smallish but nicely-shaped pert breasts.

But they found that they enjoyed each other’s company from the second they met at the local hospital, where Tracy was a nurse and Maureen was based as a medical dispatch driver. After a few months, they ended up sharing a small house near their place of work, formulating a set of unbreakable ‘House Rules’ to ensure that living together wouldn’t threaten the happy companionship that had developed between them.

One evening, Tracy returned from a late shift to find Maureen didn’t appear to be home, which was slightly puzzling as they’d arranged to go to the local pub together that night. “She must’ve gone on ahead,” thought Tracy, stripping off her uniform and underwear quickly - it had been a warm day, and she was grateful to be out of it. “I’ll meet her there after I’ve showered and changed.”

After refreshing herself under the spray of warm water, Tracy dried off and padded to her bedroom. She made a snap decision to wear stockings - she didn’t really like them, but she thought she might as well get some use out of them - then selected a decorative, dark blue bra from her vast assortment of lingerie. As she was putting it on, she heard some strange, muffled sounds through her open door…

Tracy froze. Were there intruders in the house? She wasn’t the bravest of females by any measure, relying on Maureen to fight her verbal (and, on the odd occasion, physical) battles.

Almost unconsciously, the blonde girl pulled on a dark t-shirt which was just about long enough to cover her vaginal area (or her ‘sex’, as she referred to it); whatever was going on, she didn’t want to face it nearly naked. The noises continued unabated, and she gradually realised they didn’t actually sound threatening - in fact, it was more like someone in distress. Nevertheless, she remained extremely cautious as she slowly left her room to investigate.

The noises seemed to emanate from behind the closed door of Maureen’s bedroom. Tracy paused. Was her housemate involved in some sort of sexual activity? There was one unembarrassing way to find out. It was a House Rule that if either of them were so engaged - either accompanied or alone - they would lock their bedroom door behind them. Given that both girls were inclined to constantly expand the borders of their sexual experimentation, it had been a wise rule to make.

Slowly, quietly, Tracy tried the handle of the door and pushed. It swung open freely. Unsure of what she was about to discover, she walked uncertainly into the room.

Maureen was wriggling and writhing on the bed topless, wearing only jeans. Her hands were tied behind her back and her bare ankles were bound together. She was secured in such a way that, despite her fierce struggles, she was forced to lie on her right side. An efficient gag was placed over her mouth, confining her to muffled cursing and growling. Her eyes burned with frustrated rage.

Upon seeing Tracy, a look of relief crossed the trussed girl’s face. At last! Freedom was at hand! “MmmmMMFFF!” she cried through the gag to her housemate.

“Wha… What…?” gasped Tracy, astonished.

“MMMMmmmFFF! MmMMMMFFF!” was Maureen’s wild-eyed, exasperated reply.

Realising that her friend had been temporarily rendered wordless, Tracy untied the restraint that was holding Maureen on her side, enabling her with some difficulty to shuffle into a seated position and making it easier for Tracy to reach the knot of the gag at the nape of her neck.

Maureen shook her head furiously as Tracy removed the gag, impatient to be free of the impediment. “Wait ‘til I get my hands on them!” she exclaimed, angrily.

“On whom?” enquired Tracy.

“Those nurse friends of yours from Ward 17. The blonde ones with the big tits.”

“Carol and Donna?” Tracy correctly identified her two colleagues immediately, for they indeed both had magnificently large boobs. Tracy wasn’t the only female nurse on Ward 17 to envy them, although she had a rather impressive chest herself. It was mere coincidence that three amply-breasted blue-eyed blonde nurses - Tracy, Carol and Donna - worked on the same ward. They were all about the same height, too - around 5 feet 2 inches - but there the similarities ended. The three girls would never be mistaken for ‘Sisters‘. Unless they all reached that particular hospital grade, of course. “They tied you up? What… What were they doing here?”

“They came to give you a message.”

“What was the message?” asked Tracy, automatically.

“That you’ve got the day off from hospital tomorrow.”

“Oh, yes,” remembered Tracy, slightly pleased. “I’d asked for that ages ago and heard nothing, so I assumed I hadn’t got it. It seems that…”

“Never mind your day off,” interrupted Maureen irritably. “I’d just got out of the shower and pulled my briefs and jeans on when they rang the doorbell. I saw who it was and let them in.” Maureen hadn’t bothered to cover herself up; after all, they were both nurses - female nudity wouldn’t be novel to them. Additionally, she knew them fairly well from the hospital, so it was hardly as though she’d be topless in front of total strangers. And, at first, they acted as though nothing was amiss, simply asking whether Tracy was home. (They were on a different shift to her, and didn’t know she was still working at the time they called.) Maureen told them that she wasn’t, so they asked her to pass on the message.

“But then they started mocking my bare boobs, saying how small they were,” scowled Maureen. “I told them that they were in proportion to my body, unlike theirs.” There was an element of truth in this, as all three of the girls - like Tracy - were neither particularly tall nor ‘well built‘. “I called Carol a ‘show-off’.”

“A ’show-off’? Why?” Tracy was puzzled.

“She went to the same school as I did.” Maureen had occasionally referred to the school she had attended in conversations with Tracy. Unusually, it was an all-girl establishment; even the staff was completely female. When she was in her mid-teens, Maureen said, Carol used to swim absolutely naked in the school pool when she’d forgotten her costume. “And she ‘forgot’ her costume far too many times for it to have been a coincidence. I reckon she was showing off that body of hers.”

Tracy nodded. Carol had a body that no-one would be ashamed of. She’d seen her naked herself when they’d shared the communal female staff showers in the hospital occasionally, while they were both living within the hospital grounds in the student nurses’ accommodation unit a few years previously.

Unaccountably, given the circumstances, Tracy’s mind drifted back into the past. Stripping bare for a shower and surreptitiously watching the nude Carol standing under the gushing water with her wet, long blonde hair trailing down her back and on to her breasts had provided considerable entertainment for Tracy during her poverty-stricken student days. She remembered all too vividly that the neat triangle of hair around Carol’s sex proved she was a genuine blonde, and she was fit-looking without being muscular. “A magnificent body indeed,” Tracy had mused to herself, as Carol stood on the tips of her cute bare toes so the water sprayed directly on to her marvellous bare breasts and her nipples inexorably hardened in response. And then Carol had bent over to soap her legs, a process that led to her unconsciously displaying her trim backside - and other parts of her - to their best effect. “It’s a good job I’m envious rather than gay,” Tracy had thought at the time, noticing with concern the effect of watching Carol’s washing technique had on her own nipples, “because if I were a lesbian…”

“And while I was on the subject of swimming,” continued Maureen, derailing Tracy’s train of thought, “I pointed out that Donna’s younger sister Yvonne - you know her, she works in the hospital administration and is the prettier of the two - had told us how self-conscious Donna used to be about her breasts when they were stripping nude with the other girls in the changing room for swimming lessons at their high school.”

“That was catty of you,” remarked Tracy. It was understandable that Donna would‘ve been self-conscious about her shape in her mid-teens. Her boobs were huge, though not freakishly so, and it would‘ve been inevitable that they would have attracted the attention of the girls with whom she was changing. When Yvonne had brought the subject up during a conversation in the hospital‘s staff coffee room, Tracy remembered how uncomfortable she herself used to feel when undressing in front of other females - and still did to a certain extent - so she didn‘t feel that Donna‘s behaviour had been that unusual. “Then what happened?”

The banter had turned into a bitchy argument, and, eventually, the temperamental Maureen flew at the two nurses. As Tracy knew only too well, this would’ve been a bad mistake; Carol was an accomplished wrestler who had been her town’s schoolgirl champion, while Donna had won that year’s hospital’s female judo competition with some ease - their considerable ‘upper body strength’ contributing in no small measure to their successes. So, notwithstanding her fitness and frequent visits to the gym, Maureen was up against experts; and despite her vain struggles, she was soon overpowered and found herself bound, gagged and topless and helpless on her bed.

“Didn’t you know how good they were at… well… fighting?” Tracy had searched for a term that linked wrestling and judo, but was unsatisfied with the word she came up with.

“I didn’t,” admitted Maureen, with a frown. “I suppose I should have had a clue when they immediately kicked their shoes off when I attacked them so their bare feet would have grip on the carpet equal to mine. It‘s the sort of thing a female wrestler or judo exponent would do instinctively.” She wiggled her bare toes in frustration.

“Looks like you met your match, then,” grinned Tracy.

“Yeah, they were brave enough when there were two of them,” rejoined Maureen, sarcastically and bad-temperedly. “I’ll get them back, though… what are you looking at?”

“Your boobs,” answered Tracy cheekily. “Nothing wrong with them. They’re a rather nice shape. A bit smaller than mine, but I can’t see why you’ve got an inferiority complex about them…”

Tracy’s remark caught Maureen by surprise and suddenly, for a split second, she wanted to hide her bare breasts. She instinctively tried to cross her arms over them but, since her hands were tied behind her, failed to carry out the manoeuvre. Hoping Tracy hadn’t noticed her brief moment of uncharacteristic modesty, she continued to talk, assuming the anger in her voice would mask the slight tremor of her embarrassment.

“I do not have any feelings of inferiority about my breasts,” she insisted, sharply. “They suit my body well. Anyway, why are you staring at another girl’s boobs? Are you kinky? Do you fancy me or something?“

It was Tracy’s turn to be caught on the hop. On occasions, in the deep of the night, she thought about Maureen’s tomboyish appearance and wondered what it would be like if she joined her there in her bed. She’d even dreamed about it once. They were the very best of friends - should she take it further? And there was Maureen was in front of her, half-naked and helpless…

“No, of course not,” Tracy replied untruthfully, flustered by the way her deepest desires had suddenly been forced to the surface by the sight of her topless and trussed-up housemate on the bed. She tried to stop her face going red, and didn‘t quite manage it. “I’m a nurse, aren’t I? I’m confronted with undressed people every day.”

“Yeah, but none of them are me, though,“ grumbled the redhead. “And it didn’t stop your colleagues Carol and Donna making impolite remarks… Now, will you please untie my hands?”

“Yes, sure. Roll over.”

Maureen slid down the bed and twisted on to her stomach so that the blonde nurse could inspect the bonding around her wrists.

Tracy sat down beside her on the bed, noticing the how symmetrical the soles of Maureen’s freshly-washed, tied-together feet were. Like mirror images. A strange, yet familiar feeling began to develop in Tracy’s sex, and it was not just down to the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties. A plan formed in her mind…

She pulled at the bonds on Maureen’s wrists. “Are you sure you couldn’t get out of this yourself? It’s by no means inescapable,” she lied. In fact, Carol and Donna had done an excellent job.

“’Course I’m sure,” retorted Maureen, impatiently. “I’ve been trying to get free for the last hour.”

“And you’re quite, quite certain that you did your best?” There was something strange about Tracy’s tone of voice that Maureen couldn’t quite fathom.

“Yes, I’m certain. Now, free me!”

“You’re definite that if you really, really had to - that it was absolutely vital that you should escape - you couldn’t do it?”

“Do you think I wanted to be tied up for that long?” asked Maureen, getting angry again.

“I don’t know what to think,” said Tracy, matter-of-factly. “But I do believe that if you really wanted to get free of these bonds, you could have done it. And I’m going to prove it.” So saying, she climbed on to the bed and pinned Maureen’s ankles between her legs.

“What are you…?” demanded Maureen, only for her sentence to dissolve in a peal of helpless laughter. Tracy was tickling her feet!

“Stop that!” she demanded. “I can’t stand having my bare feet tickled hahahahaha….” She tried to jerk her feet away, curled up her bare toes and pulled and pulled at the bindings on her wrists, but it was no use. She bucked her body, wriggling and writhing furiously, but Tracy continued undeterred.

“Oh my, what’s this?” trilled Tracy almost musically, as though addressing a child. “Your feet are so… SENSITIVE! I mean, I’m barely using two fingers and you’re already THIS wrecked?” She chuckled almost musically, delighting in the squirming, powerless Maureen’s plight. “You are IN for it once I start REALLY tickling! Cootchie cootchie coo…!” If this little speech was intended to enrage the already-infuriated Maureen, it succeeded only too well as she began to growl fiercely between her convulsive laughter.

“Oh… feeling grumpy, are we?” grinned Tracy. “Never mind - I’ll soon fix that!” Her fingers flickered faster and faster over the vulnerable soles of Maureen’s bare feet.

Maureen’s laughter redoubled instantly. It was a low, continuous laugh - not hysterical squealing - that could almost, but not quite, be described as husky. Although she was going through painless torture, she sounded joyful. Her entire body, apart from her immobilized feet, jerked and twisted frantically and she continued to tug wildly but ineffectively at her tied wrists. Her green eyes blazed with anger and frustration. She was absolutely, totally livid - but all she could do was lie there and LAUGH!

“Wait until I get my hands on you, Tracy!” she raged, between gusts of helpless laughter. “I’ll kill yoooooOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHA! STOP! This isn‘t funny!”

“Why are you laughing, then?” enquired the blonde girl, logically, momentarily halting the torture.

“You bloody well know why I‘m laughing,” scowled Maureen. “You’re tickling me! You’re tickling my bare feet! Aren’t you satisfied I can’t get free now?”

Tracy did not reply. Instead, Maureen felt her friend shift her position slightly, though not enough to allow the red-haired girl any more freedom.

“What are you doing now?” asked Maureen, curious despite herself and looking over her shoulder.

“I’m taking off my stockings,” replied Tracy. “This carpet of yours is wonderfully luxurious. I love the feel of it against my bare feet.” The blonde girl’s soft, cute toes wiggled, grateful to escape from their nylon coverings. “I don’t see why your feet should be the only ones enjoying themselves.”

“They’re not…” Maureen suddenly realised she was alluding to her own feet as though they weren’t part of her. “I’m not enjoying myself, and you damn well know it! Untie me!”

“You’re not really in a situation to be giving out orders,” Tracy said in mock-admonishment. “Bound hand and foot, topless… it seems a rather humiliating state of affairs to me.”

Maureen, who was still being forced by Tracy to lie on her stomach, turned her head so she was facing forwards in order to prevent her housemate seeing her face going red with shame. She was not by any means a self-conscious girl, but the word ‘humiliating’ was painfully accurate in this instance.

“You’ve got very soft feet,” Tracy informed her friend with a smile. “I like running my fingers over them. It’s a nice sensation. Though you probably don’t agree.” She began gently stroking her fingers up and down Maureen’s feet, heels to soles, soles to heels…

“NO - not again!” spluttered Maureen, intensifying her struggles. She continued to scowl and laugh alternately; waves of fury and mirth were surging simultaneously through Maureen‘s body, vying for supremacy as Tracy deployed the reflexology skills she‘d learned while training as a nurse with cruelty. Eventually, mirth won. “I..hahaha…I..haha,haha… I can’t BEAR it! It’s TORTURE, Tracy! Stop it! Sss..sss..stop!” She thrust her entire naked upper body dramatically upwards and flopped despairingly down on to the bed again as she made repeated, frantic attempts to jerk her legs and bare feet away from Tracy’s ruthless tickling, but it was no use.

“Your nipples have gone erect,” noted Tracy, with glee. “Are you getting turned on, Mo?”

“Hahahaha…you‘re making me…haaaaaahaha…….rub them against…hahahaaa….the bed….What do you expect? Haaaaaahaha…” Even in the midst of her torment, Maureen urgently felt the need to make it clear to Tracy that what was happening to her bare breasts had no sexual implications. Perhaps, though, it was a case of ‘the lady doth protest too much’, because Maureen was growing aware that a certain part of her was enjoying the experience of being half-naked, vulnerable and involuntarily subjected to pleasure - albeit a form of pleasure that was unbearable. The realisation that she was powerless to stop herself finding a deep-seated joy in what she was going through enraged her even further; a violent quiver ran through her body as her struggles became fiercer and fiercer. But the more she struggled, the more she found herself getting aroused…

As for Tracy… well, she was certainly enjoying having this strong, tough, fiery little redhead at her mercy. Usually it was Maureen who took the lead in those decisions that were relevant to both of them - which pub to go to in the evening, which TV programme to watch and so on. Not that Maureen could be described as ‘dominant’ or even ‘bossy‘ in her relations with Tracy, but she could be insistent enough to wear the blonde girl down on occasions. “Now the boot is on the other foot,” thought Tracy to herself, and then grinned. It was the absence of boots or any other footwear that had led to this highly-agreeable situation.

A feeling of power and superiority gushed through Tracy at that moment as she realised that she had complete control of another person. She was tickling Maureen’s sensitive bare feet, and the red haired girl couldn’t do anything about it! As she looked down on those soft, bound bare feet, it was as though they had minds of their own as they struggled to escape - uselessly, as it happened, because Tracy had them firmly pinned between her legs…

Between her legs…

Those struggling, ultra-soft feet were brushing against Tracy’s vagina - her ‘sex’ - and since she wasn’t wearing briefs it was proving a rather pleasant distraction for the blonde girl. Passion was causing her bare toes to curl almost as often as Maureen’s, and she was unable to stop herself throwing her blonde head back occasionally and emitting a gasp of pure joy. But it wasn’t just the flickering of Maureen’s helpless feet which was causing her to become sexually aroused - her absolute dominance over her friend was also a major factor. That surge of power that had flowed through Tracy had been accompanied by a considerable rush of libido.

As Tracy continued to relentlessly tickle her powerless friend, Maureen’s threats began turning into pleas between her helpless laughter. “Tracy! Stop! Hahahaaaa PLEASE stop! Haaahaha I can’t hahahah stop haahaha LAUGHING! It’s hahahaha TORTURE, Tracy! I can’t TAKE any more! Haaaaaahaha! I’m BEGGING you to stop! Please! Haaahaha I’ll do ANYTHING you want me to!”

“Anything?” enquired Tracy, slowly. She was extremely interested in the possibilities.

“Hahahahahaha YES! YES! ANYTHING!”

“Even if it‘s a little… norty?” whispered Tracy, cautiously. Almost unconsciously, she imitated Donna’s pronunciation of the word ‘naughty’. Some time ago, Donna had been trying to persuade Tracy to join her judo club; Tracy was dubious about one particular aspect of the sport, and eventually plucked up the courage to ask whether Donna felt uncomfortable with the female-on-female contact during her judo bouts. “Well,” Donna had stated, with a little smirk that suggested she found the experience far from unpleasant, “we get into some norty positions…” Tracy had thought it sounded saucy enough to store in her memory for her own personal use.

Maureen’s reply was immediate.

“Haaaahaha… I’ll do it….. Haaaaahaha…. Please, please stop tickling my feet…”

Tracy suddenly ceased tickling Maureen and stood next to the bed as her red haired friend wriggled back into a sitting position, panting with exhaustion caused by her struggles rather than her prolonged laughter.

“Anything, Mo?” There was a quiver in Tracy’s voice. “You said you’d do anything…”

Temporarily unable to speak through lack of breath, Maureen reluctantly nodded her acquiescence.

“Like… can we…” Tracy’s request came out in a sudden, nervous rush. “…Can we go to bed together?”

“oooOOOOOOOOOO!“ Mo raised her eyes to the heavens. Despite her recent exertions, she briefly began struggling with her bonds again - but this time in exasperation…

Tracy looked alarmed. “I knew it would be too much to ask, but…”

“You stupid girl!” Maureen interrupted her.


“You stupid, STUPID fool,” snarled Maureen.

“Look, Mo - don’t be so insulting.” Tracy was feeling offended. “If you want another tickling…”

“NO!” Maureen yelped.

“So why am I so… stupid?

Maureen looked at her angrily. “I’ve wanted sex with you for ages,” she replied, in a low, almost scowling voice. “I thought you knew. I just thought you weren’t interested in girl-on-girl love. I couldn’t have blamed you for that. I never had any lesbian feelings at all until I met you.”

“You… you…mean…” Tracy stammered.

“I mean you didn‘t have to torture me to have your way with me, you bloody idiot.”

Tracy was stunned. But, in an instant, it all made sense. She and Maureen had been drawn to each other at first sight. Wasn’t ‘drawn to’ a phrase that meant ‘attracted‘? Their relationship had developed to such an extent that they’d got to know each other like sisters - and didn’t sisters, in a way, love each other? The blonde girl struggled for words, but eventually found a phrase.

“Mo,” she said, her voice tight with emotion, “we’ve explored each others’ minds…”

“…so it’s about time we explored each others’ bodies.” Maureen finished the sentence in a matter-of-fact way. “Now, free me and let’s get down to business.” She shuffled and swivelled around on her backside so she was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“There’ll be no comeback?” asked Tracy. “No revenge, even though I tickled you until you turned pink?”

As soon as Tracy said this, Maureen instinctively pulled at her tied hands in anger but instantly remembered this was a totally useless act. Raising her eyes to the heavens again, she sighed in resignation and nodded her head.


“I promise.” It was a House Rule that promises between the two girls could not be broken.

Tracy knelt in front of Maureen and began untying her ankles. The redhead leaned forward, glancing down interestedly over her friend’s left shoulder at the soles of her neat little bare feet, which were side by side and peeping out from under her buttocks.

“Your bare toes are curling,” Maureen observed, with some amusement. “Curling with ardour, I should imagine. They won’t be the only parts of your body that oooOOOOoooo!” Tracy cut her housemate’s sentence short by kissing the erect nipple on her right breast, which had come perilously close to the blonde girl’s face when Maureen had leaned over her. A passionate quiver ran through the redhead’s body, and she quickly sat up straight to avoid any more unexpected pleasant surprises.

“Less of the cheeky remarks, please, Mo.” Tracy‘s voice was mock-stern as she freed her friend‘s ankles. “Over-anticipation is not an admirable attribute. You sound rather too keen to me. We don’t want things happening too quickly. I rather think I’ll leave your hands tied behind you for the present.”

“No!” complained Maureen. “Haven’t you done enough to me already?” She started kicking her legs uselessly in front of her, her bare feet making no sound as they padded on the carpet. “You’d better untie me now, Tracy,” she demanded, “because mmmMMMM! MMMmmm!“ Maureen’s voice was once again muffled - not by a gag this time, but by Tracy’s soft lips as she stood up, leaned down and kissed the sitting red-haired girl passionately. Her kicking legs slowed down and eventually became motionless. It was a long, deep, enjoyable kiss.

As could only be expected of a competent nurse, Tracy expertly removed her friend’s jeans and briefs. Maureen sat before her, completely naked but totally unabashed, her enthusiasm for what was to come reflected in her excited, shining blue eyes.

“It’s strange, isn’t it, that we’ve never been nude together before,” mused Tracy, trying without much success to keep a tremor of desire out of her voice.

“We still haven’t,” pointed out Maureen.

“Mmmm. Yes. It’s probably my turn to strip now,” Tracy admitted. She crossed her arms, grabbed the hem on the long t-shirt and pulled it over her head, her impressive breasts bobbing evenly in her low-cut bra for a second or two as though in appreciation of the semi-freedom afforded to them.

“Hmm. Genuine blonde,” commented Maureen, taking a glimpse at the neat triangle of golden hair between her friend’s legs. Impulsively, Tracy cupped her hands over her sex, just as the giggling Maureen had expected her to do.

With an irritated expression, Tracy reached back and undid her bra clip. But suddenly… she felt embarrassed. It felt desperately, well, unusual that she should be undressing in front of this female she knew so well… she held the cups of her unfastened bra to her shapely breasts and, head bowed and red-faced, stared down at her bare toes, feeling almost humiliated.

“What‘s up, Tracy?” Noticing her friend’s hesitation, Mo’s voice was uncharacteristically gentle. “There’s nothing you should worry about. After all, we’ve known each other for quite a while now…”

“That’s it,” whispered Tracy. “That’s the problem. We’re so familiar with each other that I’m used to us both being dressed. I never thought…” Her voice trailed away.

“Are you uncomfortable about me seeing you in the nude?” asked Maureen. There was a slight note of amusement in the bound girl’s voice.

Without raising her head, Tracy nodded.

“Then you’ve left it a bit late.”

Tracy looked up sharply. “What do you mean?”

“Do you remember a student nurse named Amanda?” enquired the redhead. “She was at the hospital before I started working there…”

“Who could forget her?” replied Tracy. Amanda had been a complete catastrophe as far as the Heath Service was concerned; she’d failed her first year examinations miserably. A few days after she left the hospital, it was discovered that a considerable amount of amphetamines had gone missing from the stores, but there wasn’t enough evidence to link her with the theft. The last time Tracy had heard of her was after the local newspaper had featured a series of letters alluding to an exotic-looking girl with long, jet-black hair sunbathing nude in a garden in the district where Amanda lived. A national tabloid had sent a photographer around with enough cash to bribe a neighbour to allow the use of a room overlooking the aforementioned garden, and, within days, half-page photographs of the naked girl lying on her lawn appeared in newspapers all over the country. Despite her distinctive hair, Tracy hadn’t recognised her at first from the photos as Amanda. She wasn’t used to seeing her without clothes.

“Well, Amanda knew well in advance that she was going to fail her exams, so she thought of a way to make money before she left the hospital. She hid three or four video cameras in the women’s showers.” When Maureen had told Ruth - a friend of hers from a previous job - that she was working for the hospital, Ruth had lent her a copy of the resulting DVD that Amanda was selling from her home via mail order. Unsurprisingly, its title, ‘Nurses Showering After Work‘, appealed to the national psyche, so it sold rather well. “And Donna was on it, completely naked,” continued Maureen. “I could see why she’s self-conscious about those boobs of hers - they’re enormous. And there was a scene featuring you and Carol. Together. Both nude, of course. You seemed to be watching Carol quite attentively - and she knew you were, too. The way she was posing under the shower head made it quite obvious that she was showing off to you…”

Totally furious at the thought that footage of her nude body was being used to sell DVDs to the public, Tracy threw the first thing she had at hand at the grinning Maureen. And the first thing at hand was, of course her lacy bra.

“WOW!” breathed Maureen, genuinely impressed. The smile disappeared from her face, to be replaced by a look of pure desire. “Those boobs of yours look even better in the flesh…”

All of a sudden, the sheer ridiculousness of the situation struck Tracy and she started laughing, as did Maureen. All the tension in the room dissolved like a sugar cube in hot coffee…

“I’ve done enough laughing for today,” Maureen eventually spluttered. “Anyway, imagine if someone outside heard us and came in to investigate. They’d find two nude girls - one of them tied up - laughing like crazy. Lord knows what they’d think…”

“That reminds me…” said Tracy. Abruptly, she turned her back on Tracy and padded towards the bedroom door, giving Maureen a splendid view of her wiggling bare backside.

She closed the door, locked it and turned to face Maureen. “The House Rules, Mo - remember? If either of us is engaged in sex, we lock the bedroom door.” She paused, walking back to the bed and sitting next to her bound friend. “So, if anyone, by any chance, did come in to investigate…”

“You’ve got a very cute bum, Tracy,” Maureen interrupted her, dreamily. “It’s lovely.”

“My word - you are ready for this,” remarked Tracy. I’m glad I’ve left your hands tied behind you.” She helped Maureen to a horizontal position on the bed, lay down beside her and pulled the duvet over them. They lay on their sides and faced each other, eyes sparking. And they kissed, gently, their soft, nude bodies pressing gently together. Their bare toes and nipples touched, and a thrill of pure, unadulterated joy ran through both girls as their kissing became more urgent. Instinctively, they simultaneously thrust their pelvises forward, their vaginas yearning for attention.

“So… what happens now?” murmured Maureen. “I’ve never been in this position before. Not tied up in bed with a nude girl, anyway.”

“I’m not sure,” replied Tracy, “though it feels very nice. We’ll just have to improvise. Use our initiative. I love you. And Love will find a way.”

And Love did. Maureen’s head disappeared below the duvet and, slightly clumsily due to her bonds, the redhead began kissing her way down her housemate’s sweet body. Tracy felt Maureen’s gentle lips on her breasts; then they moved down to her sensitive stomach; and then…

Although she was sort-of expecting what was about to happen next, this didn’t prevent a look of open-mouthed shock crossing Tracy’s face. Oh, what bliss! Oh, what joy! Tracy thought she was about to explode as Maureen’s sweet mouth and tongue worked busily on her sex. The blonde girl had never known such ecstasy. A violent quiver ran through her, but, with difficultly, she managed to maintain a position in which Maureen’s flickering, soft tongue could continue to administer sexual delight.

A warm, tingly feeling spread from Tracy’s sex and then through her lower regions. She could do nothing to stop her vagina, crotch muscles, and bum cheeks squeezing and pulsing as the sensation began to run riot through her entire body. Her bare toes curled and her erect nipples increased in sensitivity, increasing her enjoyment as they brushed against the duvet. Her breathing became uneven and she lost control completely, shivering, jerking and shaking helplessly and erratically. Time and time again she was on the point of thinking she could take no more pleasure - time and time again, Maureen proved her wrong. And then, as Maureen’s tongue probed faster and faster, the realisation that she having oral sex performed on her by a helpless, naked girl triggered off a tidal wave of physical and emotional pleasure which overwhelmed Tracy as she was brought to a screaming orgasm.

She lay there, shuddering quietly as Maureen’s head surfaced from the depths of the duvet. Tracy tried to say something, but she’d been rendered temporarily incoherent by the sheer power of her climax. Eventually she spoke.

“I thought you’d never done this before,” she breathed.

“I haven’t,” replied Maureen truthfully. “It must’ve been beginner’s luck. Or perhaps instinct.” She paused. “You know, Tracy, it felt so natural making love to you. More natural than anything else I’ve ever done in bed… apart from sleeping, perhaps…”

“You make love…. magnificently,” stated Tracy, decisively. She was regaining her composure; her face was looking less flushed, and she brushed back wisps of her dishevelled blonde hair from her face with her hands. “I love you.” She kissed Maureen’s soft mouth. “Do you want me to untie your hands?”

“No - not yet.” Maureen’s response was unexpected. “I kind of like the feeling of vulnerability - that you could sexually violate me and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Is that a hint?” giggled Tracy.

“It may be,” said Maureen. “Anyway, there is something you could do for me…”

“Which is?”

“Would you take your earrings off? I’m worried I might get scratched by them, especially since I’m not wearing anything.”

“Sure.” Tracy sat up, unclipped her earrings and lay down next to her housemate again. “Now what, my little tied-up sex slave?”

The description rather appealed to Maureen quite a lot, though she was careful not to show it.

“Your turn,” she declared.

Tracy needed no further encouragement. She willingly slid under the duvet, deliciously wriggling her soft bare body against Maureen’s. There was an element of revenge here; she wanted to reduce the redhead to the quivering, helpless, incoherent jelly that she herself had turned into after Maureen had so effectively made love to her. And soon, as the blonde employed her mouth and tongue (and her gentle hands and fingers) to great effect, Maureen found herself unable to prevent herself twisting and squirming involuntarily and helplessly before being brought the best orgasm she’d ever experienced.

And then Tracy untied her. The girls’ arms tightened around each other, their silky bare breasts, stomachs, legs and feet pressing together with uninhibited passion as their tongues intertwined. Tracy and Maureen spent the rest of the evening on the latter’s bed squealing, writhing and sighing blissfully as they tenderly stimulated each other’s soft naked body to waves of pure, unadulterated sexual pleasure




About a month after that fateful day when she had discovered Maureen bound and gagged, Tracy finished an afternoon shift and was on her way to the exit to make the short walk home when she passed the office of Yvonne - the administrator who Maureen had accurately described as ‘Donna’s prettier younger sister‘.

“Hey, Tracy!” called Yvonne. “Could you spare me a minute before you go, please? I need a hand with the photocopier in here.”

Tracy, though understandably anxious to get back home to Maureen, didn’t like to let anyone down. Besides, she knew that Yvonne was due to leave for the USA that very evening to work at a hospital in Oregon for six months on a work exchange visit. It had been arranged at very short notice, and Yvonne had been rushing around trying to get things straight around the hospital before her departure.

“All right,” the nurse agreed, walking into the office. The photocopying machine was a Xerox item. Several of its doors were open. “What do you want me to do?”

“I’ve got to change the toner waste container,” explained Yvonne, pointing to a rectangular shiny black box, about 2 feet long, with a small orange handle. “When I lift the two levers at the other end of the machine, I’d like you to grab that handle and slide the container towards you. It should come out fairly easily.”

“OK,” chirped Tracy, pleased that the job would be a simple one.

Yvonne moved down to the opposite end of the machine and crouched down, her head hidden by an open cover.

“Right, Tracy - pull it now!” instructed Yvonne. The nurse did as she was bidden. The container began to slide out with no trouble at first, but then there was a click, a loud ‘crack!’, a cry of dismay and suddenly Tracy was totally engulfed in a thick fog of dry ink.

The cloud settled. Tracy was covered in fine black Xerox toner. It was all over her face, her blonde hair and her bare arms and legs. It was outside and inside her uniform, causing her fair skin to itch madly. She looked like the victim of a cartoon explosion, but Yvonne wasn’t laughing.

“Good heavens, Tracy!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how that happened, but you’ve got to get that toner off you right away.”

“I’ll shower as soon as I get home,” responded Tracy, miserably.

“I said right away,” insisted Yvonne, who was a member of the national Health & Safety Executive. “The Xerox engineer told me that there was a rumour going around that the toner used in this machine could be carcinogenic under certain circumstances. Being covered in the stuff would certainly be an example of such a situation. Besides, you can‘t walk home looking like that.” She consulted her computer. “Good. Isolation Room 3 next door isn’t in use at the moment. You can use the shower in there.”

“Staff aren’t allowed to use the patients’ facilities,” Tracy pointed out.

“This is an emergency. As an H&S officer, I’ll authorise your use of it. You can’t be allowed to walk around the hospital to the female staff’s showers, trailing toner all over the place.” She opened a drawer and handed Tracy the key to Isolation Room 3. “Leave your uniform, underwear and shoes outside the door. They’ll need to go into a specially-coded laundry bag to make sure they’re deep-cleaned. I’ll ring up Mo and ask her to bring you a change of clothes, since you don‘t live far away.” As Tracy turned to leave the room, Yvonne picked up the Xerox instruction manual, turning the pages as though to confirm something. “Oh, and Tracy - you’ll have to shower in cold water.”

“WHAT?” said Tracy, in disbelief and horror.

Yvonne didn’t reply. Instead, she laid out the manual on a desk in front of Tracy and pointed out a paragraph in Section 6, page 6; “Do not use warm water or cleaning solvents to remove Toner (Dry Ink) from your skin or clothing. This will set the Toner and make it difficult to remove. To remove any Toner that gets on your skin or clothing; use a brush, blow air on it, or wash it off with cold water and mild soap”.

“I rather think there’s a bit too much toner on you for a brush or blow dryer to manage,” opined Yvonne, hustling Tracy out of the office. “The trouble is that Xerox copying is a chemical reaction; it uses heat to fuse the ink to the paper. Use warm water and the ink might fuse on to your skin. Which, given that it may be carcinogenic, isn’t a very good idea.” She slammed her office door behind her. “Nobody will be using that room for a bit. At least, not until the Specialist Cleaning Squad have been in there. I’ll get in touch with them after I’ve phoned Maureen. Then I’ll get a coded laundry bag and take your uniform and other stuff to be cleaned.” She sighed. “Sometimes I think that photocopiers are more trouble than they are worth… but don’t forget to leave your clothes outside Isolation Room 3,” she reminded Tracy, pointing at the appropriate door. “And you’d better lock the door behind you, in case someone from the Maintenance Team comes along to check it. Everybody thinks that room isn’t in use at the moment. In fact…” An idea had struck her. She dodged back into her office and emerged a few seconds later with a sheet of white A4 paper upon which she’d hand-written the words ’DO NOT ENTER’ in large letters using a blue marker pen. “This should ensure you’re not disturbed,” she asserted, attaching the impromptu notice to the door with Blu-Tack. “I know it’s not an ideal solution -” her voice was apologetic - “but it’s the best I can do in the time I’ve got available, what with me having to leave for the States tonight.”

And with that, Yvonne scuttled off down the corridor. The toner-blackened Tracy, a proverbial ink blot on the landscape, inserted the key into the simple Yale nightlatch lock of Isolation Room 3, opened the door and walked in.


As its name suggested, Isolation Room 3 was one of the rooms reserved for individual patients with highly-contagious diseases. There were certain factors to indicate this - an extra-large sink, for example, so medical staff could wash their entire arms rather than just their hands before leaving. Otherwise, it wasn’t too visibly different from a normal hospital suite, apart from a cardboard box incongruously perched on top of a wardrobe containing a pair of brand-new Health Service-issue ambulance driver’s shoes in what appeared to be a woman’s size.

Too uncomfortable to pay much attention to the box and its contents, Tracy stripped off and dusted the worst of the toner from her clothes into the big sink, turning the taps on to wash away the two-inch thick layer of dry ink sludge that settled on the bottom. There were two full-length mirrors in the room - one of them free standing- and they enabled her to inspect her reflection. Half of her hair was jet black, and her face was like that of a Victorian chimney sweep. Her legs and arms were almost as black as her face. As for the previously-unexposed parts of her…well, her nurse’s uniform had proven to be not very toner-proof. Her stomach, breasts and thighs were streaked, she had a black nipple, and the colour of the neat golden triangle between her legs was severely darkened. Her back was probably equally as bad, but she decided not to depress herself further by positioning the free-standing mirror so she could see how bad it was. And her fair sensitive skin itched like hell; it was no wonder she was unable to resist the urge to scratch at it occasionally, even though - as a nurse - she knew too well that this was one of the worst things she should do.

She folded her filthy clothes and underwear, placed her shoes and earrings on top of them and opened the door a fraction. Cautiously, she stuck her head out and looked up and down the corridor. No-one was about, so she swiftly placed her clothes on the floor immediately outside the door and closed it.

Tracy cringed as she contemplated the next stage of her cleansing process. A cold shower… and there was no way of getting out of it. Reluctantly, she padded nude%2
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 06:23:10 PM
Name: Eric
Subject: School humiliation
Message:I was bullied on my way home from school by a bunch boys and girls when I was 16. They forced me to go with them behind and old beaten down house in a vacant lot. I soon found myself with a mob of boys on top of me pulling at my clothes with girls telling them to get me naked. No one made any effort to stop them. I still remember girls looking at my dick and laughing at the fact that had an erection and the humiliation of having no clothes left on me. Had no other choice but to beg for my clothes, while girls had a party checking me out. I guess it was sexy an fun to see someone humiliated, but for me it was the most blood rushing embarrassment I had ever experience. Cruelty is a word that high school boys and girls don't know the meaning off. All they think about is sexy and nudity. Love Eric
Saturday, August 31st 2013 - 11:54:55 PM
Name: Damien
E-mail address: damien@nottelling.com
Subject: Trapped in the Basement
Message:It was me and my brother Jimmy. We were home alone dying of boredom one Saturday when our parents were gone all day at a wedding. We spotted our shy neighbor girl Kathy outside in her yard in snug fitting green gym shorts and a small tee shirt and got a devious thought. It was hot out so we convinced her into coming over to our house. We told her we could go down in the basement where it was cool to play video games.

Once we got her in the basement we locked the door then told her that she could not leave till she took off all her clothes. She refused of course so we circled in around her and grabbed her by the waist and started ticking her saying we would not stop till she got naked for us. She just screamed and struggled begging us to stop saying we were going to make her pee, but we would not. We would up wrestling with her till we got her shorts down past her hips, then managed to yank her shorts and panties clean off of her. Imagine how humiliating it must have been to be stripped bottomless trapped in a basement with 2 horny boys. She had a smooth chubby round little butt and a pussy with very little hair. We took her shorts away and taunted her as she stood there completely red faced and naked from the waist down trying to cover her pussy and butt crack with her hands. She kept demanding to get her shorts and underwear back but we would not let her have them. Instead we dangled them in front of her taunting her making her grab at them, exposing her bare pussy and round little butt every time she tried to snatch at them.

We played keep away tossing her shorts over her head back n forth between us. Watching her little butt jiggle and shake as she jumped up trying to snatch her shorts out of the air as we tossed them about was the best entertainment ever! We kept insisting that she could only have her pants back if she took her shirt and bra off next first. She refused so we hid her shorts and grabbed her tickling her, spreading her butt wide open, and pulling her legs apart till we saw every detail of her pussy and butt hole. She had a very stretchy asshole! Eventually we tickled her so much she peed herself! Humiliated and trapped in our basement she eventually faced defeat, gave in, and reluctantly stripped her shirt off.

We said, "Keep going, bra next." She just glared at us pouting. "Do it or stay naked like you are till you do." Standing naked with her pussy and butt on full display she popped her bra open and bared her tits to us in disgrace. She was basically completely naked now. She had nice tits for her age. Defeated we made her stand there submissively in complete naked shame with her hands behind her head as we made her turn around slowly so we could see every inch of her body.

Humiliated she went to pick her shirt and bra up off the ground but we snatched them right out of her hand leaving her more humiliated than ever. Cupping her boobs and pussy with her hands in complete embarrassment she screamed, "You promised to give me my pants back if I took my shirt off! Now I am naked so give me my clothes back!!" We just laughed back at her saying, "Well ...we lied!!"

Defeated and trapped in naked shame we refused to give her any of her clothes back till we were finished having our fun. We made her do naked jumping jacks with her tits and ass jiggling around all over the place like crazy. We made her get down on her hands and knees and crawl around the basement floor squealing like a pig. Submissive and looking like she was about to cry she reluctantly complied crawling around with her butt stuck out and her tits hanging down jiggling around as she begged us to let her go already. We made her spread her butt cheeks wide apart and hold them like that so we could see her open stretchy asshole. Every time she'd let go we'd tell her that we would start again. She had to hold her butt apart making her asshole open and close for a good 1/2 hour! Then we flipped her over on her back and pushed her knees to her armpits and just held her like that staring at her pussy and open asshole.

Finally after hours of naked humiliation we let her have her clothes back. She said she was going to tell on us but we said we would tell everyone at school that she pees her pants. I was really nervous thinking we were going to get in big trouble but she never told on us! After that I was riddled with guilt and the next time I saw her I apologized as sincerely as I could to her for what we did. She said Jimmy and I owed her now and next time no one was home she wanted us to both get naked like we made her. We never saw this part of shy Kathy before and a lot more things happened between us after this.
Saturday, August 31st 2013 - 03:17:30 PM
Name: Damien
E-mail address: damien@nottellin.com
Subject: My Sister's Butt
Message:All right so this happened one day when I was around 14 or 15 years old (I don't specifically remember). I was curious about sexual things for a long time already. I loved the shape of girls butts, even today still. So anyway I stayed a couple of days over my fathers house with my step sister who was around 16 to 17. She was a rebellious type of teenager with jet black hair and always wore a red and black checkered skirts and stuff like that.

This one day, dad was at work, my sister was outside so I thought I had time all to myself. I walked by my step sister’s room and saw that her door was open. She had a pair of panties on the floor that attracted my eye. I walked up to them and looked at them in details. They had a little bit of a stain in the crotch. I got horny and got the idea to go through her draws to look for more. I found a pink colored vibrator but I didn’t know much about it at the time.

Then my sister walked into her room and scared the living day lights out of me. I jumped in shock and her vibrator flew out of my hand and I accidentally knocked her favorite lamp over at the same time. It broke and she was angry. First she yelled at me as I tried to explain to myself. Then she questioned what I was doing. I was very embarrassed of course and stuttering a bit. I decided to just be honest and replied that I was curious about girls and the thought of panties and sexual things made me horny. Then she asked me about what I would do to repay her for the broken lamp. I didn’t have a clue but she looked at me wickedly.

She closed her bedroom door and locked it. “So you’re curious enough about panties and women’s bottoms to go around sniffing around in your sister's panty draws? Well then get over here and try the real thing” She pulled me over to a desk and ordered me on my knees and she turned and bent over with her skirt flicked up.

“Put your face in my butt or I’ll tell dad what you were doing and that you broke my lamp."

Of course I was nervous, horny and didn’t want to get in trouble either. At least that is what I thought at the time so I burried my face in my sister's ass through her panties and sniffed her. It smelled like perfume and flowers. Then she pulled her pink panties down and she made me wriggle my nose into her asshole! She said, "Kiss my butt and my asshole. I know you want too." I got a huge obvious boner in my shorts. Then she raised her ass and spread her cheeks open as she told me to lick it. Dad was not coming back for ages so she had me lick her butt and asshole for a long time till she quiverered and moaned softly. She ordered me to take off my shorts and underwear so she could see my boner. I remember her asshole was quite beautiful as I rimmed it. She taped my hands behind my back saying I was her slave now, without any arguement from me. Eventually I wound up on her bed on my back naked with her sitting on my face with no panties on facing my boner playing videogames as I licked away till her pussy was all wet and hot. I licked her till she was so hot that she bent forward and put my stiff cock in her mouth. She moaned and sucked on it till I was ready to explode. She said you better not cum but kept sucking till she came and I did too in her mouth at the same time. I couldn't help it. She took it all in her mouth till I finished then got up and ran and spit it out into the bathroom sink.

When she came back she said I could come over and play with her butt more when ever I wanted. She put her butt in my face again and I got an instant boner and we did it all over again.
Saturday, August 31st 2013 - 11:43:40 AM
Name: David
Subject: Boarding school
Message:I was 11 years old when a teacher made me write "I we hand in homework on time" a hundred times on the black board. I could hear boys and girls laughing outside the whole time. It was the second time I had failed to do my homework. The teacher told me if didn't have it done the next day, he would make me strip naked and wouldn't be aloud to get dressed till I finished it.
"Yeah right" I told myself thinking he would never dare do something like that.
I spent that afternoon playing baseball with my friends, took a shower, had dinner and went to bed when the bell rang. Figured I'd copy it from another boy in the mourning not realizing they had already handed it in. Hoping the teacher wouldn't ask at the end of classes was short lived. As I walked down the hall towards study hall with other girls and boys, the teacher called me into to his office and ask me about the homework. Had to tell him the truth while thinking of having to write that shit all over again hundred times.
"Take your clothes off and put them on my desk" as he looked at me and added "all of it" before I could say anything. Not daring to say a word, I got undressed and stood there totally naked, helpless and embarrassed watching him taking a sheet of paper and pen out of a drawer. Thought I'd be doing the homework I never did in corner of his office, till I realized I was going to be doing it in the study hall.
"Can't I do it here" almost begging him to let me stay there while walking me down the hall holding me by my arm. Horrified and humiliated to find myself nude in front of all the girls in school, he walked me in and sat me down placing the paper and pen in front of me. Boys broke out in laughter and girls did nothing but chit chat and look me in all the right places. I sat there for a whole hour trying to concentrate on the questions on that paper, with my dick sticking out and girls having a great time looking at it. I couldn't do anything else but take my punishment of having everyone looking at me. Wouldn't have been so bad if only boys were there, but know every girl I look at in school would know what I look like with no clothes on. The teasing and the shame would never end for as long as I stayed in that school. I still knew I had to get up at some point and parading myself stark naked with girls all around me, but by then and hour had passed and everyone had left. It took a half hour to finish the questions but could hear girls outside waiting for my walk of shame back to the office to get my clothes. The amazing thing was that the school totally agreed with nude punishments for uncontrollable boys behavior. Nude punishments for boys always worked and doing it in front of girls was even more effective. Love David
Friday, August 30th 2013 - 05:48:45 PM
Name: Lilian
Subject: Family affair
Message:I was 10 years old when my mother divorced my alcoholic father. Ever since that happed it was just my Mom, me and my 13 year old brother. Like every day my Mom would drop me and my brother off in school before heading for work. She got off work at 5 and my brother and I at 3. Usually asked our gran mother that lived next door to us to keep an eye on use till she got back. When I turned 15 my brother use to tease me about how his friends talking about how hot I looked. He used tell me how my sexy legs and perky breasts were driving boys crazy in school. One day he picked the lock of the bathroom door and walked in on me.
"Alan I'm naked here" telling him to get out as he stood there looking me over and throwing my towel out on the hallway.
"Come on sis I'm your brother" pinning me against the shower wall sucking my breasts and rubbing my pussy. I guess getting groped by my own brother was so embarrassing I just froze. I felt like I couldn't ever tell my Mom about it. I got my pussy eaten out and later forced to suck his dick. I remember sucking his dick and rushing to make him cum before my Mom got back home and taking another shower to wash his cum off my face. My Mom got back home and I never said anything. Stuck between the shame of creating a big family scandal, my brother realized he could have me whenever he was horny. Spent the whole night thinking about how wrong it was and how good having my pussy sucked felt. The next day I was back with my brother's head between my legs and my mouth rapt around his dick. Kind off willing because I was having orgasms and it was hard not to enjoying them. Sharing me with his best friend is a another story. Shame on me but sex in much better than family scandals.
Love Lilian
Friday, August 30th 2013 - 12:21:32 AM
Name: Johanna
E-mail address: e.stern@rocketmail.com
Subject: humiliated at work
Message:Hi my name is Johanna, I am 26 and filipina. I work in a hospital as an assistant nurse while studying. My co workers are mostly older women black or latina and mean and they always warn me that I would get hazed soon because I am new and there is rumors that I get a lot of gift from my patients in the hospital.
My coworkers think I am just a cock teaser because of my clothes and its true I am hot.
I wonder what will happen to me if those 3 butches I work with and hate me the most corner me in the restroom late at night. I heard they might just put me in my underwear and bra and show me off to the oldest and nastiest patient.
I hope they wont strip me bare or give a a spanking that woukd be too humiliating.
Thursday, August 29th 2013 - 03:00:24 PM
Name: Beckey
Subject: Country life
Message:Born and raced in a small country town in the middle of nowhere never bothered me. Didn't know anything else but going to school, church on Sundays and the corner drugstore. Playing with other boys and girls was about the most fun thing around and even then it was mostly on weekends. Don't know exactly when my girlfriends and I began getting interested in boys, reading romantic novels and re-reading the sexy parts over and over again and getting all worked up about them. Tag games with boys became and excuse to do some accidental touching and skirt lifting. Boys nudity and penises became and obsession. All we did was talk about how boys dicks got hard playing tag games with us and ways to peep on them naked. One day they tied a boy named Jeff to a tree and left him in the woods as a joke.
"Why did you do that" my girlfriend Alice asked them.
"Because he's a jerk" as they all ran away.
Out searching for Jeff, we found him strapped to a tree with his pants pulled own.
"Don't come any closer" as we all walked in on him and started laughing at his stripped underwear.
So what are you waiting for" visibly embarrassed asking to be untied.
"What's the rush" as my girlfriend Susan lifted his shirt up and noticed his little penis pushing out under his underwear.
"I think the little pervert is getting a boner" as she turn around looking for approval to pull them down.
"Go right ahead" as Susan yanked them down and his penis sprung out like spring board.
"Nice" as we all looked at it in amazement and promising to not tell anyone about our sexual adventure. Sure that Jeff would never tell, out of sheer embarrassments, we open his shirt wide open to seen get a full naked view of him. Their wouldn't be a better chance than this one, to play with a fully hard boy's dick. Jeff was so embarrassed his just stood while we took turns giving his dick a good rub down. Seemed like the more we rubbed it that harder his penis and the tighter his nuts got. What else could we do to him but garb his cute butt, tickle his nipples and making him go crazy and horny. We knew he was extremely humiliated but couldn't help feeling sexually aroused. Finally a real sexual story for our girly talks that no one would know but us and Jeff. Poor Jeff was one of the boys in our same classroom, witch had to be very embarrassing. We all knew what happed that day in the woods and nothing would ever changed that. We also knew he felt like we had one up on him and we could easily blackmail him into doing whatever we wanted with him, witch made it even sexier. Love Beckey
Tuesday, August 27th 2013 - 03:47:51 AM
Name: Natalia
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Untold stories
Message:After that rape seen that totally went un noticed, I went out of my way to make sure to not risk walking out with out the company of other students. But that didn't mean we were immune to constant college pranks. Even when college campus ground were dark and desolate at night, there was coed dormitory building working up pranks to do under the cover of night. It wasn't surprising to see couple having sex on grass lawns or streaking naked around the buildings. One of the classic pranks was duck taping a naked guy to a walk way lamp post. Not just any lamp post, a well lit one they knew girls would be passing by on their way to the dorms. For a guy it must have been torture being left nude waiting to get caught with his dick totally exposed. One night we found one and teased him so much, his face turned bright red and got a hard on right in front of us. It was up to us to cut him loose, but not before we did what was written across his chest, witch was "jerk it" with and arrow pointing down at it. At least he didn't suffer blue balls when he got back to the dorm totally disgraced.
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 - 10:32:20 PM
Name: Natalia
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Untold stories
Message:Use to work part time in a clothing store and college on nights. Those endless poorly lit corridors always gave me the creeps. Had to walk all the way to the parking lot alone. One night I saw a small group of guys at the end of walk way. I freaked out and hid behind the darkness of a bush. From there I could clearly see a bound, gagged and blind folded naked girl, with four guys holding her against the wall with legs spread apart taking turns fucking her. Sat there totally freaked out watching then taking turns raping her. Fearing that if the spotted me the same thing would happed to me, I quietly tip toed away and took the long way to the parking lot. The next night apparently no one knew or heard anything and it was just like nothing had ever happed. Just made me think about all the things that go on in those big huge dark college grounds and go unreported. Just one experience among other I witness while I was there.
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 - 09:12:06 PM
Name: SDS
Subject: The Final Humiliation - Chapter 1: Christina’s splitting shorts
Message:Thanks for all your great feed back and as promised he's chapter 1.
and for any one who's not read chapter 0 yet it will probably make a lot more sense if you do!

Chapter 1: Christina’s splitting shorts

Fate isn't confined to time and so we go back about four months to where the sports shorts were being sown in a sweatshop abroad.The poor worker moved his scissors to the fabric but then sneezed cutting straight through the elasticated band on the almost finished pair of shorts, the damage would cost him the days wage. He looks around fearfully before quickly stitching the elastic back together with a couple of stitches. luckily (for him anyway) the deed goes unnoticed and they manage to get through quality control and all the way into a sports shop in the UK...

Christina stood on the startline stretching before the big race. She was an average height with an athletic build. Christina would have been considered pretty if she didn't always dress so tomboyish. Her brown hair was pulled back into a practical ponytail. For once she had skin on show, she was dressed in her tight sports shorts and an athletics top revealing her stomach. She grinned looking across at her challengers, she knew she was quicker and her determination blazed like a fire.

She looked over at the small gathered crowd, a hand full of teachers, a few parents and a number of students were there to watch this athletics tryouts. Most looked bored but several of the younger boys were having a good checkout of the upper years in skimpy sports clothes. Christina ignored them all, she half crouched into a start position, her heart racing in antisipation.

The whistle blows and she spirited off easily outdistancing her opponents, the first hurdle approached and she jumped it with ease, her toned legs moving like a well oiled machine. The more poetic of watches might have compared her to an amazon beauty, blazing through the jungle a mix of femininity and power. However most of the watchers wouldn't have known a true literally image if it came up and adjectived them in the face, they would have probably just remarked that she was “very fit” or something similar.

The second hurdle provided little more challenge for the runner, however her shorts didn't feel the same way. The stretching was finally too much for the poorly stitched together elastic and it snapped. Christina was vaguely aware of a release of tension as the band around her waist was suddenly loose and not its normal indentation leaving tightness.

The elastic around the leg holes luckily stopped them from actually sliding all the way down her legs but with a snapped waistband the rest of them started to slide down with her movements. She knew this, but she also knew that in a few seconds the race would be over and she would qualify for the regionals. Her shock must have been affecting her performance, Loran, the only other girl who was really into sports in the school had closed the gap and was only just behind her. Not daring to waste her stride readjusting her quickly slipping shorts she ran for her life, well her modesty really her life was fine.

Her shorts had quickly began to slide down, the waistband of her bright red knickers was soon on show. Centimeter by centimeter they creeped down exposing her white and red striped underwear to the crowd, a few started to noticed, she heard laughs and even a wolf whistle quickly mix with the crowds forced cheering. She dared look down, she was only two jumps from finishing, as she made the penultimate one she felt the fabric creep past her bottom she was nearly totally on show now.

‘this can’t be real!’ she thought as a burning embarrassment tried to overwhelm her, she was running in front of loads of people with her underwear clad bum on show.

Summer watched on from the crowd, she had a strange itch in her chakra that was telling her something wasn't right. She blushed thinking of her fellow actresses shame but also felt pride that the girl would keep running, she must know people could see her underwear and cute bottom. She closed her eyes and wrote somthing in her notebook.

Christina looked down as she made the last jump, the stripes of her underwear was totally on show, shame threatened to put her off but adrenaline took over and she sprinted for the finish, a small crowd was waiting for her most had gone wide eyed, it was hard to keep stride as all she wanted to do was run away and not towards them. One boy boy who was holding up the ribbon for the finish fainted in shock. He fell taking the ribbon with him.

Suddenly the finishing ribbon wasn't at chest height but at a low diagonal which tripped her around the ankles, it was strange that the ribbon didn't break immediately but Christina was too busy trying unsuccessfully to stop herself from falling to think about it. She hit the ground fairly hard forgetting about her exposed underwear for a moment. she lay there as a crowd washed around her getting a great view of her panty clad bottom. After a second that felt like an eternity she jumped up and finally pulled her broken shorts back into place, she was red faced as she looked around at the witnesses to her embarrassment.

Despite the shame of the situations she put up her walls of bravado and tried to laugh it off with her fellow competitors and the gathering of well wishes. Despite everything she had won and now would be heading to regionals.

Summer had watched wide eyed and made another note in her book. she knew Christina quite well and despite her laughter now she knew the embarrassment that burned in the athletic girl.
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Wednesday, August 21st 2013 - 08:07:09 AM
Name: Ellie
Subject: Totally Humiliated
Message:Ok, so I'm 17, and this happened two days ago.
So I was having a sleepover with my girlfriends, Emma and Lisa, at Lisa's house because her parents and little brother were out of town and she didn't want to go. So, we were hanging out, when all of the sudden, they just jumped me, and stripped me nude. They took my clothes and threw them outside where I couldn't get them, and then brought me, struggling, to Lisa's bunk bed, and tied me, hands behind my back, to the pole that connects the two beds.

That's when the real humiliation started.

They called my best guy friend, Will, over, and told him that they wanted to show him something. That was totally awful. I begged them not to, but they did. I would rather they had called my crush, or a group of random strangers, but not Will. We have a different relationship than like with a boyfriend.

Before Will got there, Emma duct taped my mouth closed, and I couldn't really do anything but make muffled noises. Man, I think I almost died when The doorbell rang. I could sort of hear them talking. They were telling him that they had a big surprise for him, and for him to come into the bedroom.

I could tell he was TOTALLY expecting something else, because his jaw literally dropped wide open when he saw me. I think I was in tears by then. Lisa and Emma were laughing their heads off in the corner of the room. Then they walked over to me, ripped the tape off my mouth, untied me, and shoved me in a closet. Then they shoved Will in after me, and locked the door. We were banging on the door for about a minute, but nothing happened. I'm not even sure what they were wanting us to do in there.

The closet was dark, but I could still see a little because there was a small sealed window in there that gave some light, so I could tell that Will was almost as embarrassed as I was. The closet was also packed pretty tight, so we were squished together, which was EXTREMELY humiliating. I think his hand was like pressed up against my butt, and it was so packed that he couldn't move it away. And there was nothing I could cover up in, just a bunch of boxes and a vacuum cleaner.

So we waited. And, after about 15 minutes, they let Will out, but not me. I heard a lot of grunting from Will, and then a really loud noise from something falling down, and then they let me out, where I saw Will just as naked as me. By the looks of the room, he had put up more of a fight than me.

I had never seen a naked guy, except for my brother, and I wasn't sure what to think. Finally, Emma spoke up. She said the only wait to get our clothes back was to make out for 20 seconds. If we didn't, we would have to go home without clothing. At first we refused, but then, we sucked it up and kissed. We did the whole 20 seconds, but it wasn't passionate, and it didn't mean anything, but it was embarrassing to kiss him, especially in front of Emma and Lisa. When we broke away, we were both feeling awkward and humiliated, but then Emma handed Will his clothing, and Lisa went outside and brought mine back. For the next five or so minutes Will was there, I didn't look him in the eye at all.

Finally, Lisa sent him home, and the embarrassment ended. So we just went back to our sleepover and had a lot of fun. Now, I know what you're probably thinking: why did you still hang out with them after all of that? Because I had embarrassed them like that before, and they've done it to me. But that was the farthest they had ever gone, so I'm going to get them back soon!

But school is starting again very soon, so it's going to be weird seeing Will again after that. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 04:19:12 PM
Name: Drew.
Subject: Farm hands
Message:I lived with my grandparents on a working ranch. It was quite large and we employed 5 ranch hands. All, I will say, were really good looking. I would tease them all the time with my skimpy outfits.
This particular day it was hot. I was in my teens and feeling horny. I was always horny. I never had actually had sex with a guy, although I had felt the kids penis who lived on the next farm over.
My grandparents had went into town for the day shopping and doing whatever they do in town and I was left to complete my chores. But I was bored so I took a walk, thru the fields towards a group of sheds where we kept the machinery and where I knew all the ranch hands would be fixing the fences that got damaged in a storm.
As I peered around a shed, there they were, all with their shirts off. Their tanned skin glistening in the sun as the sweat covered their lean, muscular bodies.
I only seen 4 of them. The 5th one which was the foreman must have gone for more barbed wire. As I peeked around the shed, unbeknownst to them, I couldn't help get a tingle between my legs. They were so hot. I was only about 50 feet away so I could see their muscles straining as they worked.
My hand wandered down to my crotch and I began to rub it over my very short denim shorts. I felt really naughty standing there, hiding from those men while I rubbed my pussy area. I unbuttoned my shorts and ran my hand inside of them, my cotton panties were already wet. My other hand found its way up under my cut off t shirt and onto my little braless titties.
My shorts had slid down to just above my knees and my fingers had went inside my panties to my bare cooch. I kept looking around the shed as I massaged my now swollen and very wet pussy lips, even going inside giving me thrills.
Suddenly, a strong pair of hands grabbed my arms from behind, pulling them up and back. I barely had time to grab my shorts and hang on so they didn't fall lower.
It was our foreman and he pushed me out from behind my hiding place and into the open as the other 4 halfnaked men looked up.
"Look what I found" he laughed, "A spy"
He took me out to the other ranchhands and held me there in the middle of them as I desperately clutched at my shorts, hoping not to lose them. I could only hold the front up just below my crotch covered only by my panties with the big wet spot in front. My butt was covered just by my thin cotton underwear.
The foreman shook my arm holding my shorts up, causing me to lose my grip and they slid down to my knees.
They were all laughing as the foreman threatened me with a good spanking.
I pleaded for them not to. Then he said maybe he should tell my Grampa and let him spank me. My Grampa was a very strict man and would blister my ass if he found out. Again I pleaded and begged for them not to let my Grampa know.
The foreman made me take off my boots and my shorts slid down to my bare feet. He had me bend over a large branch of the fallen tree that had wrecked the fence and proceeded to spank my butt. Not hard but hard enough to sting.
I couldn't believe it when he slid my panties down my legs and let all the other ranch hands take a turn. They all got a chance and the more they spanked my bare butt the farther down my panties slid until they were resting on my feet.
This was turning me on so much that I stepped out of my underwear. Of course all 5 of the ranchhands noted it and were whooping and hollering, laughing their asses off.
Then one of them pulled my top over my head and down my arms as I leaned over the thick tree limb, exposing my little teenage titties and leaving me completely naked. Naturally this just to added to my humiliation and also to my sexual stimulation.
I couldn't help myself, I spread my legs apart hoping several of those stinging swats would hit right on my young pussy lips. The ranch hands figured it out and started aiming for those young wet lips. The more they would slap my sopping wet vagina, the farther I'd spread my legs, eagerly expecting that sting that I wanted so much. Before the last young man got done with his turn, I shook with a couple of intense orgasms like I had never known before.
When They finished with my degrading punishment, they told me (to add to my shame)they would just keep my clothes and they made me run back to the house, thru the fields, totally naked.
Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 07:16:02 AM
Name: Martha
Subject: Erotic
Message:It was another birthday party invitation for one the boys in my class. Most of the boys and girls would be there for Tommy's 17th birthday party. A pretty wield bunch boys and sure the party wasn't going to be boring. None of the girls knew Tommy's friends were planning to give him a traditional birthday spanking. Not even Tommy knew he was about to be hosted in mid air by his arms and legs. Seven boys carried him into the center of a balloon field the room.
"OH, this is going to be interesting" one of the girls said when she saw tommy's pants being unzipped. So we all gathered around to see what they were up to. Two boys were pulling on both his pants and underwear to get them passed his but.
"Wow, I think their trying to do it on his bare butt"
More and more of tommy's white butt was coming into view and no one expected to see his dick pop out of his underwear as his clothes slid down to his ankles. Tommy's kicking and yelling had now turned into a silent expression of humiliation. He was going to get his bare ass spanked 17 times with girls going crazy looking at his dick and nothing he could do about it. He took his 17 slaps on his butt with girls squatted on the floor reaching up grabbing his dick. At least five minutes to get his butt rosy red and a full hard on, while some girls tried to yank off his clothes completely off to get him naked. Naked boys are a hell of a lot of fun and Tommy got forced to show everything. Tommy's humiliation was fun for everyone else. Boys had a good laugh and girls got the naked show of their lives. Dirty minded me thought it was the most sexually erotic thing I ever saw. Wish it had lasted longer, because it was such a turn on to feel that hard dick in my hand. Don't know how many times I rubbed myself off to that one.
Love horny Martha
Monday, August 19th 2013 - 03:55:51 AM
Name: Sarah
Subject: Embarrassed teacher (continued (3))
Message:So let's recap. I am now standing completely naked in front of a class of teenage boys; my clothes had been whisked away; and I was unbearably aroused. I wish I could tell you that as I began to teach the class I "almost forgot" that I was completely naked, or that the situation became less intense as time went on. It didn't. I stayed every bit as humiliated and every bit as aroused and if anything, it got worse. Eventually we reached a point where the boys were "writing" (i.e. pretending to write while actually watching me out of the corner of their eye, and I was sitting behind my desk and "marking" (i.e. not being able to focus on anything except my embarrassment and arousal and desperately trying to stop my hands from wandering down between my legs.

It was literally a conscious effort not to do it. Well I regret to inform you I got lax. I stopped focusing on not toying with myself and started imagining what it would be like to let all those boys take their turn to cop a feel of my breasts and bum. I also fantasised that one of them would, without asking, allow their hands to wander onto my nether region. I hadn't even realised that while thinking about this, my own hands had done a little wandering of their own. I sat there, gently playing with myself. I didn't realise what I was doing until one of the boys called out:
"miss." Oh shit. How long had I been masturbating for? Had any of them noticed? Was that what he was about to comment on? I decided to pretend nothing had happened.
"Yes Tom?". Please, please, don't let him have noticed; or if such a thing was too much to hope for, at least let him pretend he hadn't.
"I need help with question 5 miss." So one of my wishes had come true, although it was impossible to tell which one. I breathed a sigh of relief. Relief I should add which was short lived as I realised I now had to find a way to deal with this. The thought of leaving the safety of being behind my desk and wandering completely naked among those students. It was so embarrassing, embarrassing and arousing. And the fact that it was arousing me made it even more embarrassed (not least because how wet I was, was becoming more and more apparent by the minute). It was a vicious cycle. I so desperately wanted to go out there.

Eventually my uncontrolled arousal won out over my better sense. I stood up and made my way out from behind my desk. As soon as there was no desk between myself and the class of teenage boys, I felt a hundred times more exposed than I had before, partly because I realised there was no turning back. I was literally going to have to go and stand right in the middle of all of them. My most intimate areas would be within an arms reach of a whole group of horny teenage boys. I knew if they decided to have a little fun, I would not be able to resist. I just hoped they didn't know that. I made my way forwards both fearfully dreading, and (a part of me, I'm ashamed to say) desperately hoping, that the boys would get a little more adventurous.
Sunday, August 18th 2013 - 12:56:28 AM
Name: Ricky
Subject: Caught
Message:I was 16 when I got caught naked showering. I always thought girls never dared do things like. Teachers were out on the field supervising the competitions. I lost my first race to a boy from class. Eliminated from the race, I showered and changed before the mob came in. Nancy an Caroline must have seen me going into the showers. I was shocked when I saw both of them inside with my towel and bag that had my clothes. Standing there wet and naked with my hands between my legs, I ask them what they were up to.
"Seeing you naked" while both stood looking at each other laughing.
"OK so you can leave now"
God what a stupid answer I was telling myself, while stood there burning with shame.
"Come on let's see your dick"
"No way"
"How about if we take off and leave you naked" as they began heading out the door.
"Ok, ok you win" as I exposed myself to them.
"Nice" they said "but your not getting any thing back if don't get it up"
"Get what up"
"You know" shaking their hand in a wanking motions.
"Come on boys do it all the time"
The idea of being left nude would make me the laughing stock of the whole school. I could just hear them joking and laughing about how I was left stranded naked in the shower and girls asking how did I look naked.
Totally embarrassed and humiliated, I jerked my stiff dick right in front of them and even having to peel back my foreskin. I guess the sheer embarrassment of doing that, was what kept me from ejaculating. They so what the wanted to see, dropped my stuff on the floor and both left in a hurry. There I was with boys about to storm and catch me standing there with a hard on. I don't think I have ever gotten dress so fast in my life. Walk out like nothing had happed and worried about those girls keeping their mouths closed about the whole thing. I think they never dared do it, but always blush when I see them.
Love Ricky
Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 04:23:05 PM
Name: Sarah
Subject: Embarrassed teacher (continued (2))
Message:I knew it would be brought out at some point, and I wasn't disappointed. The contract I'd "hilariously" signed promising to get naked for them. Oh god I couldn't really do this could I?
"OK look I'll loose the shirt but that's it". A chorus of cheers erupted and suddenly fell silent as I undid the first button. I now had far more cleavage on show than was appropriate for a teacher. I moved my hands down and undid another one. I could feel a breeze over my chest. I looked down. Oh god my bra was fully exposed. The sight of all those boys staring fixedly at my chest was getting me wetter by the minute. I took a deep breath. I was as exposed as I could possibly be now. I undid the last few buttons and dropped the shirt. The moment the shirt dropped a cheer went up. Someone was going to hear this.
"Um boys could you keep it down please?". Both I and the boys knew that this really should not have been happening, so I didn't have to tell them why they needed to be quiet. Their voices dropped to an excited whisper instantly. I stood there with my hands by my sides, staring fixedly at the ceiling, feeling all their eyes on me.

OK time to regain a little authority.
"Right boys on with the lesson." One of the boys cleared his throat meaningfully. I knew exactly what he meant. The contract had quite clearly said naked, and they would settle for no less.
"Fine, I'll lose the trousers as well but that's as far as it goes". I reached down and undid my trousers. I swear I hadn't planned to go this far, and yet getting dressed that morning, I had still gone for french knickers rather than something less exciting. Again the boys stared fixedly at my crotch and whispered excitedly to each other. This was humiliating. I knew my panties were wet, and I was praying that this wasn't noticeable from a distance. I again stood still for a while, arms by my side, staring at the ceiling, letting them enjoy the view. After I decided they'd had enough, I spoke:
"Happy now boys?"
"Not quite miss."
"Come on now boys, underwear is one thing, naked is totally different."
"Yeah, it's also what's written in the contract miss." Oh god this was really happening. I think what was even more embarrassing than the fact that I was about to reveal my breasts to a bunch of teenage boys, was how much I wanted to. I so badly wanted their eyes, heck even their hands, all over my exposed chest. I swear my hands started moving by themselves. Driven by my irresistible desire to humiliate myself, they moved up my back and unclipped my bra. Again my eyes found their usual spot on the ceiling, as I shrugged my bra off and let it fall to the floor.

Words can not express how turned on I was at that moment in time. I didn't even make a plea this time that I'd done enough. I couldn't. I literally couldn't stop my hands from moving to my knickers. and sliding them down my bum, and dropping them to my ankles. I stepped out of them and tried to control my breathing. The boys had gone silent. They were literally just staring at me. I could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. Everything was so surreal, and I had to keep reminding myself that I was literally completely naked in front of a bunch of school boys. Every time I did, I almost came. Especially when I reminded myself that I was going to be teaching these boys for another year.

Then, one of the boys stood up. I had no idea what he was doing. A part of me was terrified he was about to come over and have a feel. I knew if he did I wouldn't have the willpower to stop him. I would have let them do anything to me at that point. He didn't. He walked to the front, picked up my clothes, put them in his bag, and went and sat down again. I swear I must have let five minutes go by, just standing there with them staring at me, before I found my voice again. When I did, it was weak and shaky.
"Can we continue with the lesson now?"

to be continued...
Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 01:02:34 AM
Name: Bonerboy
Subject: Boner Boy Humiliated (explicit)
Message:I'm 17 kinda scrawny and a "wimp" like my sister says. Our parents went away for a long weekend this summer and left my older sister in charge. Of course the first night they were gone my sister had a sleep over party with like 5 other girls. We have a big finished basement with couches, big screen tv, Xbox everything. They were all down there giggling it up wearing skimpy pajamas and sleep clothes so I kept trying to find reasons to go down. After the 3rd time my sister, who loves to pick on and totally embarrass me called me over. She said,"You want to hang out with us? You can you know" I was in pajamas with no underwear on so I was taken by surprise but could not say no either to such an offer. They were drinking so she gave me a beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels. She said take a swig. I didn't think she could be serious but she seemed very sincere for some reason. I did a swig and almost gagged as they all laughed and I chased it down with the beer. They kept pushing me to drink more and more till I drank so much whiskey I kind of passed out.

I guess they could not wake me and thought it would be funny to depants me thinking that would wake me up. I didn't though! After that I don't remember much but I woke up with a rubber dick sex toy in my mouth! It was a realistic looking fully erect penis and it was in my mouth and I heard laughing as saw flashes going off! They were taking pictures making it look like I was in gay boner sucking ecstasy! I looked down and realized I had no pants on too! I was like wtf! Then they were laughing saying they really got me now and showed me the boner in my mouth pictures. I was like double WTF!!

They said now I had to do what ever they commanded or they would ruin me at school with the pics. They made me get up, take my shirt off and stand with my hands behind my head showing my butt and dick to them. I had to do it but was so humiliated. Then they made me bend over show my ass. They spanked me and laughed at me cause my dick started to get hard even though I was totally embarrassed I could not stop it from going up for some reason. Then they got some jumbo hot dogs from the fridge. They took one out ordered me to bend over then they stuck it way up my ass! My dick shot up in like 5 seconds to full boner! I could not help it, it just happened! They laughed saying I was so gay but I kept saying no I am not. They made me run around through the whole house naked with the hot dog up my butt and my erect boner bouncing all over the place. They cheered and slapped my ass and boner every time I passed one of them. I begged them to let me stop but they said no keep the hotdog up my ass or they would make me eat it. They made me get on my hands and knees on the basement floor naked and they rode me like a horse spanking my ass and grabbing my boner. I am scrawny but I have a big 8" dick so they were loving it, squeezing and yanking on my boner as they pleased. I wound up having to jerk my erect cock off in front of them till I shot cum in the air. My boner was super hard but it was hard to cum because I was so humiliated so it took like an hour for me to get there. They would not let me stop til I did. When I finally shot my load they squealed like a pack of hienas!!

Now they all call me boner boy and everytime my parents go out of town I have to get naked, get spanked, and jerk off in front of all of them in the basement or else.
Friday, August 16th 2013 - 12:25:56 AM
Name: Paula
Subject: My drug story
Message:My experience with drugs happed when I was 17, but could have been two years younger or older. Never was interested in doing drugs but plenty of invitations. My girlfriend Lamie was the one that was always inviting me and finally suckered me into going. Her mother was also into drugs and often would do it in her lovers home and spent the night with him. Not having her in the apartment was convenient to have her friends over. They were mostly boys from our same high school and the only girls there were Lamie and me. It was the first time I had done drugs and had this stupid idea that it wouldn't do anything to me. Sitting in circle passing the pipe around, I had already inhaled it a few times. Certain that it wouldn't have any effect on me I kept inhaling. That's when things began turning into wonderland. It hit me and it hit me hard. Didn't even no if what I was looking at was real or not. I had lapses of everything seeming funny and colorful and lapses of everything turning white. I just sat there like a zombie totally out of control, drifting in and out of consciousness. It must have been in my white out moments that my clothes got taken off. Didn't realize I had been stripped till I looked down, saw tits and pubic hair and even then didn't believe I was really naked. Next thing I knew I had a boy on top of me fucking me and didn't even know how many of them had had sex with me. Apparently getting high and gang fucked was part of the fun. Lamie was doing the same thing, but I was sure she was enjoy it. The funny thing was I was so high, having group sex didn't seem humiliating. Inhibitions were just not there and seemed like part of the trip. Didn't even bother were my clothes were till it was time to go home. Sorting out our clothes to get dressed was a surreal experience and totally void of all embarrassment. !God! getting home still stoned without my parents noticing it, was real challenge. Buying a drug store pregnancy test kit was another.
Love Paula
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 11:46:31 PM
Name: asian Sara
Subject: The little black book of karma
Message:Rule; once you strips someone you with get strip worse.
Mrs. Ayama was the hottest teacher in seashell high school she teaches Japanese and the entire boy loves her and every girl hated her.
Sarah hall is a shy girl who hated Mrs. Ayama because her boyfriend has a big crush on her. She is force to take her class because of boyfriend.
Hanna Miko is a shy Japanese girl who is force to take Mrs. Ayama because of Japanese of her parents.
Kat Reg was a really bad student in her class.
It was a Friday every student wants to go home but some of the boy who couldn’t stop looking at Mrs. Ayama she was looking really hot that day with a hot red blouse and a black skirts she also have long black hair rumor say she have a heart tattoo in her lower back every one have gotten a good grade but three girl.
Mrs. Ayama; Sarah Hall, Hanna Miko, Kat Reg please stay after class I need to talk to you about your grade.
Sarah lay her head down on the deck Sarah; why does she always pick on me as she talks to her boyfriends. Her boyfriends I don’t know but can you take some picture for me you know I love you.
Kat teach can I leave I have to do something after school can you let me go Mrs. Ayama no I want you to pass my class.
The three girls sat in the middle of the class room
Hanna; why is the teacher mean to us.
Sarah; she always like that all the boy like her
Kat I wish there was some way to get back at her
Hanna & Sarah; me too.
As they say that a black book appears out of nowhere call the black book of karma and open to the first’s page
Rule; once you strips someone you with get strip worse. you be able to force any one you want .
Three girl look at each other Kat this a way to get back at Mrs. Ayama. Hanna not way it say there you get strip worse. Sarah; but it Mrs. Ayama is going to stay here late at night we keep to ourselves the three agree.
That night Mrs. Ayama walk to her car the three girl waiting for her.
Hello Mrs. Ayama………to be continued
Sunday, August 11th 2013 - 07:13:52 PM
Name: Anonymous Board Fan
Subject: GF exam for anal itching
Message:I come here a lot to read stories so I though I would contribute one finally.

I had a gf who had said that a couple year before in her late teens she had to go to Dr. for anal itching which turned out to be a fungus that Dr. gave her a cream prescription for. She was embarrassed to tell the receptionist what she was there for so she just said a physical. It was a walk in free clinic because they had no family medical plan. The Nurse led her back to exam room but did not tell her to get undressed, just wait for the Dr. A male Dr. came in. She was embarrassed to have to explain and of course he said he would have to do an anal exam. He told her to lay on her tummy and pull up her shirt and pull her pants and panties down. She said she was so embarrassed but was there already so she felt like she had too.

She said he took a gloved finger and spread her cheeks wide apart for at least a minute or two. Then he left the room to get a special UV light. She said him looking at her anus and his finger moving around down there tickled and quickly led to arousal. So aroused she humped the paper a little, enough to make a wet spot on it. He came back in and stuck the light near her anus. He looked at her spread anus for a long time again. He said it seemed like a dermatological fungus, mabe exema and asked if she was having itching problems anywhere else. She said no just down there but the Dr. said he'd prefer to give her full exam anyway just to make sure.

He asked her to remove her pants and underwear altogether, then her shirt and even her bra. She was completely naked now on the exam table as the doctor slowly scanned the UV light over her entire body. At first she was on her tummy as he slowly scanned the light from her toes up her legs, over her buttocks then up her back to her shoulders and neck. Then he made her turn over on her back with her vagina and breasts exposed. Again he examined her with the light even taking extra time to examine her now very obviously wet vaginal area. With her arms up he scanned up her tummy and rib cage to her armpits which tickled so much it made her nipples go hard as she shuttered a bit. He must have know she was aroused but never said anything. He got some cream and told her to lie on her tummy again and spread her cheeks and applied it all around her anus with his gloved finger, even going inside her hole a bit. Then he told her to put her clothes back on and gave her a prescriptions for more cream.

First, it is likely she would be alone with a male Dr., and wouldn't a Dr. make them change into a gown first? Or is it acceptable if they are already in the room, for a woman to take all her clothes off in this situation? Can anyone confirm if they have been in this situation?

Her story turned me on so much that I like to play doctor with her now doing the same exam as what she described he did to her at the clinic. It alawys leads to me using cream, fingering her, and ending with super hot sex sessions.
Saturday, August 10th 2013 - 12:45:52 PM
Name: Page
Subject: Teenage Years in Oxford England
Message:My name is Page, which is a shortening of my maiden surname. This is a true account of my teenage years in the United Kingdom. My father was stationed in the UK for some years and I and my mother where able to join him for long periods in the summer. Being a senior officer he could afford to live off base as well as being allowed to live off base. He had a detached house in a quaint Oxford village.

The first year we visited I was thirteen just about to be fourteen. Living next door where two girls. Daphine was my age and her sister Joanna was nearly sixteen. Joanna had a boyfriend who was called Cid short for Sydney. He had two boys hang out with him, brothers, Jonathan and Robert who where 14 and 15 respectively. From time to time another girl Susanna also played with us. She would visit her grandmother in the village.

That first summer I made friends with them all. The long summer days seemed never ending. One day about three weeks into the visit period Cid and Joanna where having a bit of a tiff as the British say. I couldn’t make out what exactly it was about but my name was mentioned a few times. I politely asked them to explain, being a very forward Yank, as they would say.

“We really like you Page …. But, well, …. “ Joanna began.

“They want to play kidnapped” Daphine said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well. The boys kidnap us and then Cid has to rescue us” Susanna said.

“Oh” I said not really knowing how to respond.

“We didn’t think you’d play with us if we played” Robert said.

“Oh” I said again sounding like a automaton.
“I said you would play because you American’s are always being kidnapped by the gangsters in your movies” Susanna said.

“Oh, yes” I said unsure which of the statements I was answering.

“So will you play” Daphine asked?

“Okay” I said.

Well we girls had to go and hide. The boys would come looking for us. When they found us they’d take us to their hide out and hold us until Cid rescued us. The hide out was a old stable block in Jonathan and Robert’s back garden.

Well from my hiding point I saw Daphine being captured first and taken off. So I thought I’d be clever and go and hide in her spot. The boy’s wouldn’t think of looking for me there. Next I saw Susanna being taken. I was on tender hooks looking for the boy’s to come back out of their front gates when I heard a twig crack behind me and before I could properly turn, get up and be ready to run the boy’s had me.

I was marched over to their house and into their back garden and then to the stable block. This is where things got weird. The stable block was a single story brick building. It had a titled sloped roof. There was a big double door in the middle and two small single doors at each end of the block. Above the big doors and running the length of the block where small square windows. Quite a bit dirty. I was matched through the first small door. Inside there where four stable cubicles. The cubicles where created by three brick walls shoulder high with a wood fence like wall on top. The first cubicle was open to the front the second had wooden gates the high of the brick wall. The third cubicle was open front and the last had wood gates. In the first open cubicle sat Daphine. She was sat on her bottom legs out in front and spread apart. Her hands where behind her back and I could see they where tied up with skipping type rope. I was a bit shocked.

“It is just to stop us running away” Daphine said.

Although my stomach was knotted it seemed such a reasonable statement that I just excepted it. My brain had taken something else in as well but had not registered the significance. I was taken to the other open cubicle and could tell that Susanna was in the end cubicle. I was shown in and it began.

“Please take your shoes and socks off” Robert said.

This is what my brain had taken in but not fully process Daphine was barefoot. I removed my shoes and socks without really thinking about it. Once barefoot I was told to sit down and Jonathan tied my hands quite expertly.

The boys went off to capture the prize Joanna. I spoke with the girls and they told me they often played and that because it was my first time they had ‘relaxed’ the rules. My word in writing rather than what was actually said which I can’t remember. I confirmed Susanna was also barefoot and tied. I had the fielding she was holding something back but didn’t know what on earth it could be.

Soon the boys returned with Joanna and she was taken to the second gated cubicle. I will try to faithfully record what happened next.

“Okay, take off your shoes and socks” Robert said. Joanna has I remembered that day had on tennis shoes and socks. I heard the shoes come off then the socks being removed.

“Okay lay down on your tummy” Robert said.

I heard Joanna get down on the floor then the sound of tying up.

“Right we will let the police know we have you” Jonathan said.

This meant setting a flag at the end of the driveway to signal to Cid he could start his rescue attempt.

It was sometime before we heard a mock gun battle outside and ages before it fell silent. Then the door to the stable block was open and I heard Cid speak to Daphine. He untied her, and then went on to the next stall and untied Joanna before arriving at my stall.

He entered and looked at my bare feet which made me feel uncomfortable. He then came and released me. I stayed seated and put my socks and shoes on. I became aware that he was in the next cubicle and talking to Susanna.

“Very nice. I do like white” he was saying.

“Please I have to wear them” Susanna was saying.

I then heard him untie her and Susanna putting something on. It didn’t sound like socks and I couldn’t think what it was.

We where all now dressed and safely with the police.

We went off to Cid’s for some cool juice and biscuits etc. After which Cid asked if I liked playing kidnap and would I play again. I said I would out of more wanting to remain friends and having someone to play with.

Next day after lunch I was with my friends again. Daphine said we where to play kidnap again. She asked if I wanted to play and I said ‘Yes’. The girls looked at each other and seemed to be gathering the courage to say something. So being the forthright yank I asked them to come out with it.

“Well, there are some other rules to the game” Joanna said.

I did not answer but remain silent and focused signalling my consent to continue.

“You see we have to draw lots for who pays the ransom” Joanna said.


“Do you know what the ransom is” Susanna and Daphine said almost simultaneously.

“NO” was my truthful answer.

“Well whoever is found to have the pebble (Joanna produced a shiny black pebble on a cord) has to take off he panties”.

All at once a few things happened. One, I worked out what the conversation and noise was in Susanna’s cubicle. Although I was later corrected since I thought it was of her taken them off. It was her putting them on. Secondly, my stomach convulsed at the thought of it. Then strangely, I felt excited and wondering to myself what it would feel like to sit there without any panties on.

We chatted a while the girls asking that I didn’t say anything to the grown ups. Which I agreed and was slowly talked into the idea of playing a new game.

This time Daphine got the pebble. We where sent off to hide and slowly one by one we where caught. This time Susanna was first followed by Joanna then Daphine and myself last. I was escorted to the stable block wondering what the sight would be like. Three girls with no shoes or socks on and one of them minus panties.

When I entered Susanna was in the first open cubicle. Bare legged and foot from her shorts down, hands tied behind her back. Next in the gated cubicle would have been Joanna since when I got to the next open cubicle was Daphine. It was at this point I should have ran. If I had I would have had very different summers from then on. Daphine was naked waist down. You see she had been wearing jeans and not a dress like Susanna. Of course to remove her panties she would have had to take them off. So she sat on the floor bare legs and feet right up to wear her t-shirt barely covered her and made her decent if not respectable. Her panties which where red where hanging on the tack hook clear for anyone to see. I was quickly hurried past but plenty of time to take it all in.

I was a bit shell shocked so was on autopilot when asked to remove my shoes and socks and tied up. The rest of that day is a bit of a blur except for that image of Daphine.

If you wish me to write more please let me know. If the subject matter is in appropriate please delete.
Saturday, August 10th 2013 - 07:18:20 AM
Name: Oli
Subject: Sex itch
Message:Marcela came from Catholic family with strict views on sex. She had spent her young years battling between religion and her sexual craving. She knew the boy next door had a crush on her but never boarder the topic of sex. It wasn't surprising because she was sexy and pretty and her body had developed nicely. Perky medium breasts, nice shapely hips and butt and knock out legs. Looking at herself naked in the mirror she couldn't figure out why the next boy hadn't jumped on her. She was more than willing to bare it all for him, but realized she had to do something to let him know. Even then they would have to do it behind her families back. She finally broke the ice and had quickies with him hiding forest behind bushes. His penis slipped inside her with ease mainly because she had been sticking object inside her and masturbating in the privacy of her bedroom. Even when she did fully dressed, standing up hold up her skirt and panties to the side, his penis felt so much better than all the things she had secretly tried. Between quickie and quickie, desperate long weeks would pass hoping to do it again. Her sexual flings ended when the boy's family move some place else. Her only hope was waiting to turn 19 and moving out. Two week after her 19th birthday she moved in with girlfriend of hers. She now could finally wear skimpy clothing to show off her figure and all the freedom in the world to do anything she wanted. He life now was wide open to a world of sex, pleasure and lust and she intended to fully release all those years of sexual tension. What she didn't realized, was that a young beautiful cup cake like her could easily be lured into a world of perversion. Part 2 of Marcela's new life, in my next post.
Friday, August 9th 2013 - 07:36:52 AM
Name: Jay
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Parcial stripping
Message:I'm not embarrassed to admit getting bully stripped in school. There's always stronger and meaner boys ready to shame you in front of girls. It happed to other boys and some how I didn't feel so bad about it. Older boys do that to younger ones because they are easy prey. Happed to me twice. Once in the school yard during lunch break and second during a party. The school yard one was embarrassing, because there could have easily been a lot more girls if the had known about the stripping. Not expecting getting stripped I think makes it even more humiliating. I walked out on the school yard unaware and in seconds my pants were down with a bunch of girls screaming for my underwear to get pull down. If girls hadn't been there saying that, I don't think my they would have been pulled down. I stood there exposed for less than two minutes and couldn't figure out why no one else knew what was happening. I just pulled my pants and underwear back up and walked away totally embarrassed.

The same thing happed a month later during a party. Same boys and few other girls that had missed the school yard one. Having no adult figure around, their intention was to strip everything off. Instead I manage to hang on to my shirt but got dragged by my pants and underwear, with girls getting an eye full. I think partial stripping is the same as being stripped completely. At least for boy it makes no deference. You get your penis exposed and you can consider yourself stripped naked. Only thing girls want to look at is your dick and maybe your butt hole, witch I think is even more degrading.

Any way short stories didn't turn out so short. Everyone has their shameful moments and I'm sure both you and Janie have gone through and seen some of them. If so I would sure enjoy reading about them.
Love and kisses Jay
Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 04:11:04 PM
Name: Slavegirl16
Subject: Gullable - xxxxxxx
Message:It was after school and there was no one else home till 6pm as usual. I was watching tv bored. My wierd horny step brother asked me if I wanted to play a game. He said he had all kinds of candy left over from Halloween. He wanted to blindfold me then have me guess at what candy he was putting into my mouth. I like candy so I said ok. He blind folded me good. I could not see at all! He said hold your hands behind your back you can't use them. He told me open your mouth, stick your tongue out. He put a cherry pop lollipop into my mouth. Mmmm it was so yummy. He told me to lick and suck on it. I did it with my tongue all sticking out just to make naughty fun. He kept saying yeah do it. Move your tongue around ooh thats hot. Yeah I know, weird but that's how he is. Then he took the lollipop out and said ok next one. But first hold on, one last thing. He got behind me and tied my hands together behind me with thick tape, I was like what are you doing but it was already too late. He said this is part of the game and wrapped the tape tightly around my wrists. OK open your mouth, ready? he said. I opened my mouth but he said wider, wider! Stick your tongue out too. He said he would not untie me till I did. I opened wide with my tongue out. He sprinkled some sour pixie stick powder on my tongue. It was all sour but tangy and sweet too so it surprised me, He laughed and said my tongue was blue. I wiggled it around and swallowed the mouth watering powder. He told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out again for the next surprise. I did without hesitation. Wider, open wide! Ok I said back and did it.

That was when he stuck something I never expected in my mouth. His naughty hard penis covered in more sour pixie stick dust!! At first that startled me but it didn't take even an instant to know what he was doing. I felt so stupid! He laughed then began pumping his thick hard boner in and out of my mouth holding my head still. With my hands taped behind me I couldn't do anything! He pumped his whole boner in and out over and over pump fucking my mouth till he spermed inside. I choked and tried to turn away but he had me by the pigtails. He filled my whole mouth with jizz! and rammed his shaft deep in my throat till I was choking, tearing up with cum and gob dribbling down my face and all over my clothes! I yelled at him that he was sick and ruined my clothes. I said he better pay for them or else I would tell on him. He said I better not tell because he recorded to whole thing with his phone and would edit it to make me look like a total slut and send it to everyone! Then he said that he would not buy me new clothes but would wash these for me instead! He pushed me down and I screamed as he undid my jeans and then wrestled them and my panties down and pulled them all the way off! My whole bare hiney and pussy were totally on show. I was bare naked from the tummy down!

He pushed me over on my stomach and started messing with my taped hands which were right above my naked ass! I though he was taking the tape off finally but no not yet. He pushed my cheeks apart and went "bwahhh!" looking at my asshole. He did that like 6 times stretching my asshole apart further each time saying "Bwwahhh!!" every time. He pulled my shirt up and over my head and back to my taped up wrists, then snapped my bra open making my tits pop out. He played with my boobies for like 15 minutes till he had another huge boner showing. Then he bent me over the couch and butt fucked me up the asshole for the next hour and spermed all over my butt saying look at how big your asshole is! He held me there naked and spattered with goo tickling me and playing with my ass and pussy for another hour before he finally let me go. He said he uploaded the video somewhere secret so even if his phone got smashed it would still be there to use against me.

Now I am his sex slave after school everyday have to get naked and suck his cock on my knees in the basement or he makes me take it up the asshole. Never up the pussy because I am still a virgin.
Thursday, August 8th 2013 - 03:24:57 PM
Name: Jay
E-mail address: ???
Subject: Rules
Message:Boarding school was a first for me. The worst part was waiting all week to get to go home on weekends and that was if you didn't get pushed and had to stay. On my first day of school a girl named Carol told the school used spanking for misbehaving and did them in the gym in front of all the girls and boys. She was smiling when she said it.
"Why are you smiling" I asked.
"Because girls get paddled over their clothes, while boys have to drop their pants and undies"
"What in front of girls"
"Yes, that means that me and other girls are going to see your bare butt"
Just the thought of it made me blush. Later that day I saw a boy over a teachers lap with his pants and underwear down, getting his bare butt paddled while everyone sat on the gym floor watching. Some of them with their penis showing as their pants and undies slid down as their butts were paddled.
"GOD how embarrassing having boys laughing and girls giggling watching it" was all that was going through my mind.
Nudity just wasn't a big issue with kids ages 6 to 13. In fact nudity was intentionally done to make the punishment more effective. Teachers were given the freedom of punishing kids I they saw best. The embarrassing thing was that it was only done to boys. You had to do every thing by the rules or you were in for a very embarrassing experience. Just before bed time, boys and girls would gather in the games room to watch TV or do any thing they wanted. We were expected to be on time wearing our pajamas. Joey was our night supervisor and also our PE teacher. One night some pranksters hide my pajamas and was left with no other choice but to show up in a bathrobe. Didn't think I was going to get punished for that in such a humiliating way. I stuck out from the rest like a soar thumb when Joey ask me why I didn't have my pajamas on. I could even finish telling him, when he cut me off and told me to take my bathrobe off.
"But I'm not wearing....." and cut me off again before I could finish explain that I wasn't wearing any thing under it. He still walked up to me telling me to take it off and hand it to him, when he knew damn well I didn't have any thing underneath it. All eyes were on me and was faced with no other choice but to do what he said. Couldn't even look at any of the girls in the room, when I took it off and handed it to him. Felt nothing but bare skin standing there totally naked with girls looking at penis. Stood punished with arm to my side till bed time, catching glimpses of Carol, her two girlfriend and all the other girls checking me out from head to toe. I was just 11 years old, but old enough to feel extremely embarrassed about it. Not being able to keep my penis down turned into utter humiliation. It was like a wet nightmare having to stand there like that in front of so many girls, that probably had never seen a naked boy with an erection. Felt the harder it got, the more they looked, giggled and made comments. It was something I never dared tell my parents. Spent that whole year being the laughing stock of the whole school. Sucks having to stay in a school where every girls has seen you naked.
Love Jay
Wednesday, August 7th 2013 - 11:23:01 PM
Name: boy14
Subject: last year
Message:last year i walked in on my blonde then 15 year old step sis playing with herself, she was wearing panties and a shirt, and was probing herself deep and fast with her two fingers, resulting in her hand forming the spiderman hand shape thing he does to shoot web. she was jack hammering away her facing the opposite wall, to distracted to notice me.

As i crept up behind her i couldnt help grinning at what i was about to do, and then i quickly hooked my two index fingers in the back of the sides of her panties and yank up viciously. The look of surprise on her face mouth gaping open eyes wide, quickly turned to pleasure as the increased pressure from the panties forced her fingers in even deeper causing her to climax while our eyes were still locked.

Upon her recovery her facial expressions quickly changed first to one of anger, and then embarrassment and then nervousness as she realise how much power i wielded over her. I just grinned.

"you are not going to tell anyone about this." she said, attempting to muster up some authority in her voice and failing miserably. seeing my confident smirk she quickly changed her tactics, "please dont tell anyone, il do anything, you name it."

"like what?" was my only response.

"il do all your chores for a week." silence... "a month" more silence... "a year"

"i wouldn't have you do anything like that, that would be cruel. No, what i have in mind for you will result pleasure, not punishment."

instead, i had her stand up as she was, hand on her forehead in a salute to me, her nipple making it clear that there was no bra covering her nice c-cup breasts. Her limited clothing struggled to cover her petite frame, and she blushed as she realised this. I walked behind her.

"you panties are still all bunched up you crack" and without another word i took hold of them, pulling them wide, getting an eyefull, before pulling the up and down so that the front rubbed against her pussy and judging from the little moan which escaped her mouth they rubbed against her open clit.

At this point i felt i needed to protect myself from any future accusations and so said "stop me at any point" after no response, i bent her over, lowered her panties to mid thigh level exposing her bare and shave pussy and asshole to me, i paused, undoing my pants, releasing my hard cock, and then thrusted myself blindly into her, expecting to enter her warm pussy i let out a grunt of satisfaction, until i realise from her squeal and slightly pained expression that i am in-fact balls deep in her ass, i apologise and begin to back out and despite it feeling so good but she says no, insisting she is still a virgin and its already in any way. I shrug, and start to pound her ass, and she begins to moans to my surprise. i previously thought anal was only enjoyed by the guy, but then she begins to cum hard and fast and as i blow my load up her ass i feel her cum trickling down my balls.

after a while i recovered and she said her rear end was too soar to take anymore, so i got her completely naked and lying on her bed with her head over the edge and face fucked her pumping my member in and out of her mouth, while i finger fucked her pussy and played with, caressing, flicking, pinching and even slapping her tits. again i shoot my load, distributing it evenly between her mouth and tits. As she swallows her mouthful she begins to moisturise the rest into her tits and pussy as she comes to her second shuddering orgasm, a look of content spread across her face.

since then we have been doing all sorts of dirty thing on the regs. i showed my stepsis this site and got her permission to put up our story, and will try to persuade her to put up her version of events if thats what people want.

(apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, but i cba to reread my story to check for mistakes.)
Tuesday, August 6th 2013 - 02:46:00 PM
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