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Teen Girl Pantsing & Stripping Story ARCHIVE 1
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Pool Side Pantsing by Duragon
Tabitha gets Pantsed by Lurker
Another Pantsing Story.. by Duragon
Without a Stitch! by Buck Naked
More Poolside Pantsing: De-bikini'ed in the Pool by From The Web
Stripped at the Pool by From The Web
My Braty Little Cousin by Anon Emous
True Short Stories: Pantsed by my Friends by From The Web
True Short Stories: Pool Side Bikini Pantsed by Jenna
Strip Pool by Dan
True Short Stories: Sister's School Play by Carol Hagg
Humiliating Lesson by Jen
Wrong Clothes for a Party! by Sarah
Karen's Revenge by A1an
Pantsing by wd
Unveiling by Happosai
Pantsing I Witnessed by Duragon
Dirty Poker by Anna
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Pantsed at a Sleepover by Amanda
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Name: duragon
Subject: pool side pantsing
Message:Well here is another i remembered. There was this girl at a pool party. She for got the bottoms to her bathing suit at home go figure. She just wore her shorts in the pool. After they got a little soked with water they did not stay up very well. The one time she dove in they went most of the way down her legs and everone who was in the pool saw that her butt was hanging out. She got up and pulled her shorts up extremely fast with an embarrassed look on her face. Now this pool did not have a deck, so if you wanted to dive you had to stand on the side. The girl at one point was trying to walk on the side, but she could not keep her balance so two guys helped her. Right as she was about to dive they each grabbed a side of her shorts and pulled down. She came right out of them. One of the guys grabbed the shorts and ran and hid them. So here is the girl in the pool with no bottoms on. She had a very nice butt. She asked them for her shorts back and she didnt get them back they made her get out and go and find them. She ran around the backyard of this guys house trying to find her shorts for like 10 minutes everybody saw her butt and vagina that day. She made sure not to wear shorts in a pool ever again.

Originally posted on: Thursday, June 17th 2004 - 10:19:19 AM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:50:20 AM
Name: Lurker
Subject: Tabitha gets Pantsed (One from the Web)
Message:The funniest time I ever pants'd a girl was when I was 18. Her name
was Tabitha and she was 17. Basically, we liked each other but
didn't know how to act towards one another. Anyway, I'm almost
embarrassed to say that instead of taking advantage of her interest
in me, I acted like total jerk. Teased her when my friends were
around and that sort of thing. Her girl friend really embarrased her
by letting our small group of friend all know that she put my name
all over her bedroom wall. Needless to say, I was merciless when I
found this out...

Anyway, back to the story. We were all on the back deck next to the
pool. It was a hot summer night and we were just hanging out. There
were me and my 3 buddies with Tabitha, her friend and one other
girl. You remember, when two kids like each other they have to have
their friends there. I had my gang and she had hers.

There was always competition between Tabitha and her friend to see
who could embarrass the other the most. For example, one summer day
Tabitha locked her friend out of the pool house wearing only a small
towel (however, that's another story).

Her friend wanted revenge for getting locked out and she eventually
got her opportunity. She told me that she would distract her and I
was to pants her. The plan was to get her where all could see. She
got the group to move under the deck where there was a bar about 15
feet off the ground. She started getting us guys to see who could do
the most pull-ups. After we all showed how macho we were, Tabitha
was convinced by her friend to see how many she could do. We her up
so she could grab the bar.

The ground sloped away from the house steaply. I'm 6'1 and I
remember her ankles at my eye level when I was on the up slope side.
To be able to get your head above the bar, once you grabed the bar
close to the house, you had to slide away from the side of the
house. Under the bar were big landscape rocks about 1' around and
pointed. Since I was her "spotter" I was to catch her if she fell
off so she would land on the rocks. Therefore, after sliding away
from the house, she was probably a good 8' off the ground.

As Tabitha hung there and tried to do a pull up, I came up from the
upslope side, jumped up and grabbed both sides of the bottom of her
sweat pants and yanked then as hard as I could I yanked quick and
hard and they came all the way down to her ankles. If she hadn't of
spread her feet apart, they would have come all the way off.

This wasn't the funny part. When I yanked, her skimpy little panties
got rolled down with her pants. She had on a short shirt that was
just barely covering her already well developed chest. With her arms
above her head her shirt had slid up with a hint of the bottom of her
tits showing. She had a very slender, curvy, tanned body with very
tight abs.

Since she was hanging so high over sharp rocks with the ground
sloping steaply away, she was afraid to let go. She hung there with
her pants rolled up at her ankles, spreading her feet trying to keep
them from falling off and screaming for someone to help her down - of
course, no one did...immediately. Most of my view was from behind of
her very well shaped ass. I also could see between her legs. The
best glimpse I got was when she lifted her legs up, hanging briefly
by one hand and tried to quickly grab her pants with the other (she
couldn't do it). However when she briefly lifted her legs, from
behind I got a clear view of her little brown eye as well as her
blond covered twat. Although I had been with a few girls by then,
they were always too shy to let me look at their bodies.
Consequently, this was the first time I got a GOOD look at that part
of a girls anatomy.

After what seemed like a few minutes, I started to feel a little
guilty so I helped her down. In dowing so, I managed to cop a cheep
feel of her ass. By this time, she had no secrets and everyone was
howling. She couldn't immediately pull her pants back up because her
panties were rolled down so tight. It took her several minutes
trying to cover herself and unroll her panties.

Originally posted on: Tuesday, June 15th 2004 - 05:37:57 PM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:48:40 AM
Name: duragon
Subject: another pantsing story arent these great
Message:There was this one time at band camp this girl who played the trumpet got annoyed with the saxaphone player and pulled her skirt down. Just playing. If that wasnt funny to damn bad i was in the mood to try and crack a joke.
Ok there is this wonderful game called truth or DARE. There was some stupid dares for a while like go moon the next car that drove by or something like that. After about a 1/2 or so i would say they started getting a little more interesting persay. It just so happens that this crazy but incredibly awesome dare happens to be dared. The girl's dare was if 3 could last 2 minutes against 3 other girls there of here choice without being stripped naked she could chicken the next dare and the girl who made the dare would have to stay naked for the rest of the game sounds pretty reasonable huh? I thought so. Well she figured that she might as well earn an extra chicken i mean two minutes that isnt that bad. Well she was wrong the 3 girls picked ravaged off that clothing quickly. The second the darer said go the girl tried to get up and take off but that did not work she got maybe 5-6 feet from the where she was sitting they grabbed her by her pajama pants and dragged her back in the mean while. The third girl grabbed straight at her sleeves on her shirt and started pulling up. The shirt was over her bra now and she could not grab her bottoms to try and put up a fight so they came right off and top followed right after that. So there she was after about 30 seconds in only her bra and panties laying on the ground. She tried to make another mad dash while shoving her way through one of the girls so spun and ended up grabbing the back of her bra and unclasped it so that just flew off. She might have made her last minute if she did not shriek and stop running to cover her tits. So she made that crucial mistake and all three catch her to she tried to curl up into a ball on the ground figuring that would be safest wrong. Two girls grabbed her ankles and pulled them up so now not to hit her face off the ground she had to take her hands off her breasts and plant them on the ground. So there she is doing a hand stand and saying not to pull down her panties she gives she cant win, but it was futile before she was finished the third one grabbed her and slowly but surely pulled her panties off her now naked body. Quickly after that set her down she scurried around finding her clothes all over the place and putting them back on as quickly as possible. Hope ya liked it ill post more after i see more peace.

Originally posted on: Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 11:34:26 AM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:45:18 AM
Name: Buck Naked
Subject: Without a stitch!
Message:Growing up in Florida we did a lot of Skinny-dipping (Nude Swimming). It gives opportunities to see friends naked and chances to pull pranks. Somebody was always being nature walked. It's always more fun being the prankster.

Once we were camping with another couple and my g/f and I heard them get up early and hear them say, "we had better do it now before they get up". We look out the tent window and they are heading up river with towels? We had a
pretty good idea that some skinny-dipping was going to go on. Naked friends...Alright!

We carefully followed them and came across them just as Joanie was testing the water. We didn't want to get any closer they would have seen us. They carefull looked around and up and down the river. They then both started to
take off all their clothes, Oh man what a thrill! Dave and Joanie were very nice looking people. Escpecially dressed as they were. The river was low so they had to leave thier clothes and towels on the bank and climb down about 4 feet to the water. This was a dream come true. Both are very good looking folks. The one thing I remember the most was the great tan lines. They both were dark complected with very white privates. Joanie had a full bush that really stood out, like she was wearing a suit bottom, and her breasts were round and firm. I couldn't believe that here were our friends hopelessly naked and on display in full daylight.

We could hear them splashing about. so We carefully snuck down and peeked out through the bushes. Because of the water level being so low, they weren't able to see us. There were Dave and Joanie, our friends skinny-dipping. They
were playfully splashing and pushing each other underwater. It was obvious they were both naked. They also had no idea they had company. My G/F then says, "lets take all their clothes". WOW! I didn't know my G/F had that kinda streak in her. "OK" I was all for it.

We carefully made our way over to where thier clothes were. Their clothes were in two piles a his and hers. His had from top to bottom, underwear, shorts, t-shirt and shoes. Hers had a bra, panties, shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Both towels were next to the two piles of clothes. We gathered up everything, even thier shoes, leaving them without a stitch to wear. We now had our friends clothes and What a thrill knowing our friends were now hopelessly naked.

We hurried back into the bushes where we couldn't be seen for the show. What anticipation. First David, followed closely by Joanie arrive at the top of the embankment. Both are wet and naked and of course they will remain this

way. They started to look around for their clothes. It hit Joanie first, she covers herself with her hands and says, "Someone stole all our clothes". Now excuse the pun, they were very exposed. Joanie decided to wear a tree and David just stood there with his hand across his penis. There was some four letter words used over and over.

My G/F and I headed back to camp both laughing hysterically. We waited for them to come back to camp. It was a long time before they came streakin back into camp. We had put their clothes in their tent and zipped it shut.

Dave and Joanie came running into camp trying to cover as best they could. Dave covering his privates with both hands. Joanie had both arms covering her tits with her hands over her bush. "What happened", I asked. "Someone took all our clothes while we were swimming". "Please don't look!" Dave had to uncover to unzip the tent, what a gentleman. They both bolted in the tent and saw their clothes. "You Guys!"

They were a bit pissed for a while but we all laughed about it. They should have invited us.

Originally posted on: Tuesday, June 8th 2004 - 07:16:41 PM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:43:31 AM
Name: From The Web
Subject: More Poolside Pantsing: De-Bikini'ed in the Pool
Message:Me and some of my girlfriends were out at pool party. There were some guys there also and we were all horsing around and stuff. Well one of my friends though it would be funny to pants one of the cute guys so she did. Shortly after that he and a few of his buddies went after the girls wearing two piece bikinis. Well just my luck me and two of girls were the only ones in bikinis. They went after the other two girls first, but lucky for them each of them happened to be near the edge of the pool so they got away in time. I was in the pool and tried to get away too. I made it to the side before they got to me and started to climb out. I got grabbed and before I knew it my bikini bottoms got pulled down, but they didn’t stop there. Two of them held me on the side while the third took my bottoms completely off me! Everyone could see me near naked! After that they let me go and decided not to give them back for a while. I pleaded and begged with no luck. Finally after about 5 minutes of being exposed they gave them back. Everyone there still gives me crap about it.

Originally posted on: Wednesday, June 2nd 2004 - 12:46:51 PM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:41:34 AM
Name: From The Web
Subject: Stripped at a Pool Party
Message:When I was 18 we were at a Saturday night swim party at one girl’s house who had just moved into the neighborhood that spring. Things were pretty normal and quiet when a couple of the boys dared my friend Michelle to strip and run around the pool or swim across the pool nude. Michelle was usually pretty bold, and had mooned out a car window before, and streaked around the block in Truth or Dare, so they thought she was crazy enough to do it. She wouldn’t, because this was only the second time this girl had invited her to a swim party, but said she would get someone to help her strip another girl. A few minutes later Michelle and her friend came up behind this one nice but really chubby girl Lisa that was the cousin of the girl who was having the party. They grabbed her and shouted loudly for everyone to look in their direction. Then Michelle pulled Lisa's one piece bathing suit completely off and threw it over the fence into the next yard. Lisa started screaming and ran around the pool with Michelle and a couple of others chasing her. They caught Lisa, swung her by her arms and legs, and threw her into the deep end of the pool. They did not know that Lisa could not swim, and were very embarrassed when a couple of the boys had to jump in and rescue her. We all thought it was funny but the girl who was having the party and her cousin Lisa did not think so, and soon after Lisa was pulled out of the pool screaming, the girl having the party went in the house to tell their parents. Both girl’s parents came running outside to see what was wrong and they were furious. Michelle and the others who participated in stripping the girl were told to leave immediately. What was surprising was that Lisa never tried to cover herself up after getting out of the water, she just stood there totally naked, screaming and crying, even when her parents were dealing with Michelle. Eventually one of the boys went over to the neighbors yard and retrieved the bathing suit. Michelle never lived that down, and was not invited to any more swim parties at that house.

Originally Posted on: Wednesday, June 2nd 2004 - 11:53:50 AM

Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:33:36 AM
Name: Anon Emous
Subject: My Braty Little Cousin
Message:My little cousin Joey who is now 17 is a stuck up little brat. She has always been a head turner but now that she is developing into a young woman she is more of a bitch than ever. She does have a pretty hot bod, not that I’d tell her that since she already thinks she is the shit as is. She has filled out a lot recently and has a fine round butt now and killer athletic looking legs. As of late, I’ve noticed she likes dressing like a little tramp to get attention. I guess it works because there are a lot of guys at school just drooling over her already.

So the other day, my family was all gone and I had the house to myself for once. I was in the basement looking over these Playboy magazines that I just had fished out of the neighbor’s trash. I hear my cousin comes bolting through front door upstairs looking for my sister. I yell up from the basement telling her she is not here hoping that she would just leave. But instead she comes down the stairs asking me when she is going to be home, and where she was and all these other questions I didn’t have answers too.

Annoyed I look up to see that she is wearing these tight pink terry cloth short-shorts that are so short ½ her butt cheeks are showing out the bottom. I was like “Jeez, nice shorts Cuz. Why don’t you just walk around with your whole ass showing?” Without much hesitation she fires back at me in her predictable smart ass style, “Rather show my whole ass, than be an ass-hole like you!” Then seeing the Playboy mags I was trying to cover up she starts laughing saying, “Ha-ha. Oh did I interrupt something here? Guess you’re the one not getting any ass, since you gotta use those to get off”, and with that she bumps her ass right into my face and the starts strutting away laughing at me. I couldn’t believe it. Totally annoyed I jump up and grab the bottom of her shorts and yank them trying to pants her. I didn’t get much of a grip so it doesn’t do much to make then come down and instead she turns around and tries to kick me in the balls full force! Luckily I was able to turn just enough so her kick hits me in the hip just inches away from devastation but it made me so mad I wanted to kill her. Still flinching from the kick I yell, “That’s it!” and charge her. She takes off running up the stairs with me in full chase and before she even gets to the top I tackle her and drag her back down. She is yelling for me to let her go, but totally enraged I decide to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. “Try to kick me in the balls huh?!?” I yell as I grab the waistband of her shorts and start forcefully pulling her shorts off. She is kicking and screaming but I still manage to wrestle her shorts down past her hips, then past her ass, slapping her hands away as she desperately tries to keep them on. I am pulling on them so hard I hear the seems begin to tear as she fights to keep them on.. Wrestling around on the floor I finally get her shorts past her knees and then totally off, leaving her lying on the basement floor bare ass bottomless. “Give me my pants back you asshole!” she’s screaming but I am not done with her yet. I grab her and throw her bottomless 14 year old brat ass over my knee and start spanking the living crap out of her naked ass as she screams in protest. I am slapping the heck out of her little teenage ass as she pleads to be let go. In between spanks I am calling her a little tramp and pulling her ass cheeks apart stretching her ass and pussy apart just to humiliate her further. To my perverted thrill I am getting great close up looks at her most private areas too. Still cursing and calling me every name in the book I grab her by the hair on the back of her head and stick my finger partially in her ass. She yelps in shock. “Apologize to me now!” I demand with her locked in this compromising position. Instead she continues to viciously curse at me. Pushing my finger deeper into her asshole as I pull back on her hair harder I yell, “Apologize to me now or I swear!” Finally she blurts out, “Ok, ok, I am sorry.” I let go of her hair, but not ready to release her, I start pulling her shirt up intending to take that off her too. Still fighting me I continue to smack her blistered ass hard every time she resists as she yelps and sobs in naked humiliation. Finally I manage to get her t-shirt over her head now having her stretched out naked in front of me kicking away face down with a bright red ass on display. I start making fun of her body saying she’s just a little bratty girl not even close to being a woman yet then push her off of me onto the floor yanking her shirt away. Now she is stark naked on the floor in front of me in tears. I get up and throw her clothes out the little basement window facing the side yard. “You want you clothes back go get them”, I say as I walk away and up the stairs. “You f*cking asshole!!!!” She yells as I am walking away.
I left the house at that moment knowing this would be drama for me later. I don’t know what she did but I assume she got her clothes back one way or another. Funny thing is I never got in trouble for it later. For what ever reason she never ratted me out. Guess she was too embarrassed to say anything? I don’t really know.

Originally posted on: Sunday, May 30th 2004 - 02:43:22 AM
Friday, October 15th 2004 - 07:29:31 AM
Name: From The Web
Subject: True Short Stories: Pantsed by My Friend’s Sisters
Message:When I was 17, I was at my friend Mike's house. A few other guys and I were sleeping over so we all could get an early start on a fishing trip the next morning. Mike's two sisters Mindy (16), and Karen (17) were hanging around too. We were all goofing around in our pajamas wrestling and stuff when Jason mentions to the girls that I did not have any underwear on. This got the girls attention, and the other guys began to tease me saying they were all going to depants me. Seeing me visibly embarrassed by this made them tease me even more. Then things went a bit too far. Mike and Steve grabbed me and held me by the arms daring the girls to pants me. I thought they were just trying to make me squirm and the girls wouldn’t really do anything, but then Karen ran over and unbuttoned one of the two buttons holding my bottoms up. My bottoms slid down a little and were barely staying up now. I was afraid to move too much for fear they would totally slide down. There was just one snap on my fly now keeping my bottoms up. They had me pinned down good refusing to let me go. Mike suggested Mindy do the honors. I begged them to stop, but being egged on by everyone else, little Mindy came right over without any hesitation and pulled the snap open causing my bottoms to slide down my legs to my feet. I was fully on display with the girls squealing and laughing hysterically at me. Struggling to break lose with my willy wiggling around in full view made me look even more stupid. The guys held me like that so I could not move for at least a couple of minutes. I got kidded about it for the rest of the fishing trip. It was the most embarrassing time of my life.

Originally posted on: Friday, May 28th 2004 - 12:57:28 PM
Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:47:30 AM
Name: Jenna
Subject: True Short Stories: Pool Side Bikini Pantsed
Message:I was at a public pool with five of my friends. Three girls & three boys (including me). One of the girls, Julie, had a two piece bikini on and the other two girls had one pieces. We all joke around a lot with practical jokes and panstings and stuff so Tanya (one of the girls) seeing a perfect opportunity with Julie in her new bikini tells us all that she’s going to pants Julie. She waits for Julie to come over to her chair and towel herself off and when her back was turned grabs her bottoms and yanked them down to her ankles, everyone looking got a good view of her bare butt, and front too depending on where you were standing. She blushed and quickly pulled them back up swearing she was going to get Tanya back. We all had a great laugh seeing her naked white butt on display.

Originally posted on: Friday, May 28th 2004 - 11:45:33 AM
Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:45:25 AM
Name: Dan
Subject: Strip Pool
Message:So my parents went out of town for a weekend getaway a while ago. Knowing this was coming up my stepsister Tina had planned a Friday night party at our house in our basement den. We have a big finished basement with a pool table, bar, couches and a big screen TV. Perfect for parties. If you’ve read my other stories about my stepsister you know Tina is quite good looking, and quite popular at school. There were a lot of people there, and a lot of other hotties too, to my pleasant surprise. Since I am Tina’s younger brother normally I am not included in her social crowd but since the party was at our house I was, by default, allowed to participate.

The party had been going for a few hours with everyone drinking, playing music, and some playing pool. My sister and her friend Rachael, who is a knock out with long flowing brunette hair, beautiful tan skin, and real nice boobies were running the table beating everyone. My sister is a great pool player (since we own a pool table!), and Rachael is very good too. They had been playing for everything from bragging rights to money all night. They both had been getting pretty drunk and cocky refusing to give the table up until someone beat them fair and square. No one had even come close up to this point.

There were these 2 new guys who showed up later that I didn’t really know. Later I found out they were in a grade above my sister’s and had been invited by someone else. They said they wanted to play pool against my sister and Rachael. Tina said they’d play them, but only for money. If they didn’t want to put up some cash then they shouldn’t waste their time. The guys agreed and they began to play. The guys were pretty good, but needless to say my sister and her friend’s winning streak continued beating them game after game until they ran out of money. At that point, the guys still wanted to play but Tina and Rachael said if they didn’t have anything more to offer they were out. It was then that one of the guys upped the stakes. He said they wanted to play one more game, and if they won my sister would have to give them back all their money, but if they lost, they would have to strip naked, and run around the house in front of everyone! Acting all cocky Tina said, “No that’s not good enough. I’ll tell you what, if we win you both have to strip naked and dance on the pool table in front of all of us for 1 song. Then you have to hug and kiss each other on the lips! That is the bet. All or nothing.” She started laughing before she could even finish. The guys went silent for a few moments, and then a few moments later countered with, “OK, we’ll take that bet, but let’s make it even then. Forget the money. If we win you have to do the same. Get naked and dance on the table, and then kiss each other. OK??” By now the little rivalry had gotten the attention of nearly everyone. Kind of put on the spot, Tina and Rachael agreed not wanting to look bad. Overall they still seemed pretty confident about the whole thing since they had been winning constantly anyway.

They began to play and as the game progressed it became obvious that the guys were playing a lot better than they had before. It was a close game with the guys and the girls missing very few shots. Finally the girls had it down to the final 8 balls shot to win the game. Rachael was shooting. She lined up the cross table shot and instead of sinking the 8 ball in the corner pocket she missed sending the 8 ball bouncing off the bumpers across the table, and into the pocket at the other end of the table. The girls had lost! Everyone burst out with a loud “Ohhhhhh!” in unison and the guys hi-fived each other. Everyone was cheering surrounding the girls chanting “Take off your clothes! Take off your clothes!” over and over again.

Red cheeked and embarrassed both girls stood there dumb founded. Angrily Tina said that since Rachael had fucked up so royally on such a simple shot that she should be the one to have to strip and dance not her. Everyone was like, “Noooooo! No way!” Both girls were pushed up onto the table. Tina struggling and protesting the whole way. Someone started cranking this DMX remix song with a heavy beat and everyone was clapping and cheering. Rachael, being a good sport, began dancing like a stripper wiggling her hips around and slowly pulling her shirt off. The crowd was going wild now. Tina was just standing there acting like a little brat refusing to dance. Rachael took her shirt off and waved it over her head to the music, then began undoing her jeans sensuously unzipping and sliding them down her hips. Seeing her cute little Victoria’s Secret pink bikini cut panties and matching bra was making me, and any other guys I am sure, crazy. Tina still stood there all pissed off not participating to much. Then Rachael undid her bra and, to the loud cheers of the guys, popped it off unleashing her perfect round little boobies! Her tan was perfect and even, like she goes to a tanning booth or something. She pushed her boobies together and then shook them like a stripper. Oh my goodness is all I can say!

Now only in her panties she pulled Tina closer saying, “Come on, you have to too.” She began undoing Tina’s jeans as she sheepishly resisted. The whole room was coaxing her on saying, “Strip. Strip. Strip!” as the music blared on. Reluctantly Tina let Rachael pull her shirt up and off. Then she started on her jean pulling them down slowly from the waist. She wiggled Tina’s tight jeans down her hips now while Tina protested, “Come on guys, this is not fair!” Rachael yanked them down to her knees exposing Tina’s black thong underwear that she held up making sure they didn’t get pulled down also in the process. Most of her beautiful round ass was fully on display now. It was awesome! Embarrassed Tina immediately tried to pull her jeans back up but Rachael, and the others standing around her kept knocking her hands away making it impossible to for her to grab her jeans and lift them back up. In a throng of people Tina got pulled down onto the table as several people worked her jeans completely off. Her jeans got throw out into the group of onlookers as everyone cheered and laughed at her. They made her stand back up next to Rachael, as Rachael continued her own dance. Now, all that Rachael had left on where her panties. She locked her thumbs inside the waistband and looked at the crowd looking for approval. The crowd roared and a few long moments later Rachael yanked her panties down exposing her beautiful trimmed bush, and luscious ass. It was unbelievable. She stood up naked looking a little embarrassed but working it for the crowd anyway. She turned around and danced as everyone clapped loudly to the music. Next it was Tina’s turn. Refusing to do it Tina started getting off the table saying “No way” but she was grabbed and pushed back up on the table not allowing her an escape. “Strip or we will strip YOU” I heard someone yell out. Tina still resisted, so a few people held her arms behind her while the crowd continued chanting, “Strip her, strip her, strip her!” With Tina still struggling, and her arms pinned behind her now, Rachael reached up and started undoing the clasp on the front of her front clasping bra. Tina pleaded as Rachael unsnapped the clasp and let the bra pop open exposing Tina’s cute little titties. The guys all cheered loudly and Tina looked so embarrassed. Then she moved down grabbed the waistband of her panties and turned to the group and said, “Who wants to see Tina’s kitty? Anyone??” Everyone went nuts and with that she yanked Tina’s panties down to her feet! The group roared louder than ever as it was revealed that Tina was totally shaved clean down below!! Oh my God! How many 17 year old girls shave their coochie’s clean is beyond me but I have only seen that in nude girlie magazine before! Everyone was whooping and hollering up a storm now with Tina stripped basically naked with her bare cooch fully on display. She looked so totally embarrassed. He face was all flush and red.

Rachael kept dancing now totally naked shaking her butt, while pulling Tina by the arms trying to get her to dance too. Tina was trying her best to cover her naked smooth coochie with one hand and cover her breasts with the other. It wasn’t much use as you could still see everything. The more she pulled Tina closer the more Tina resisted. Finally Rachael said, “Oh just come on already, and pulled Tina against her and planted a huge kiss on her mouth! The crowd once again went nuts seeing these 2 butt naked teen girls locking lips. Rachael was totally antagonizing Tina, and the more she resisted the more Rachael held, tongued, and groped Tina. She had Tina totally locked up with a firm grip on her ass cheek with one hand, and had her by the back of her head with the other hand totally grinding against her and shoving her tongue down poor Tina’s throat. Tina was pushing away wildly completely humiliated. Finally Rachael let go and stood up victorious with her arms over her head to the roar of the crowd.

Rachael began to gather her clothes and put them back on, but since Tina had acted like such a bitch no one would give her clothes back to her. Covering up, she kept looking around and asking for them but no one was helping her out. One of the pool game winners blurted out that since Tina had never really danced she still owed a dance as part of the lost bet. Everyone laughed out loud agreeing and next thing you know another song was being blasted on the stereo. No one would let Tina off the pool table till she danced and shook her bare coochie, ass, and titties for the whole length of the song. She looked so embarrassed and pissed I’ll never forget it. I am sure no one will ever forget her bare exposed cooch either! She looked so good up there butt naked with her fine round ass and tight little body on display. Finally after the song everyone backed off and let Tina off the table. She had to search the room naked though to find her clothes and stuff. No one was really helping her. Her jeans were just missing so eventually she had to go upstairs in only her t-shirt, and thong panties to get more clothes to change into. Later than night someone found her jeans balled up behind the couch. LOL. LOL. LOL!

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:43:49 AM
Name: Carol Hagg
Subject: True Short Stories: Sister's School Play
Message:My sister was in a school play when she was about 16 years old. She was playing Cleopatra. As Cleopatra she was dressed in a sort of toga. Because she was bare back, she was also bra less under her dress. In the final scene where she is suppose to kill herself (if you know the story) she took a misstep, and stepped on her toga causing it to fall off, leaving her standing there in her panties only. You can imagine her face, standing on the stage in only her white flowery panties in front of the entire school. She covered her breast and ran off the stage totally embarrassed. She did get a lot of applause though.

Sorry not that exciting.. but true.

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:42:41 AM
Name: Jen
Subject: Humiliating Lesson
Message:When I was in High school I was part of a group of girls that liked to gang up on other younger kids and humiliate them just for fun. Our favorite was to gang up on a victim (usually a boy), depants them, and taunt them bottomless to see how humiliated we could make them. We used to love to do it in public places like the schoolyard or playground, or street so others would see them to make it even worse. We usually would wait for moments when they were alone, like walking home from school, and corner them. Once we had them caught we would forcefully pull their pants down, and off if we could, and leave them in their underwear while we laughed and made fun of them. We would make them beg for their pants back, or do humiliating things like make them lick our shoes, or spank them, and if they didn’t do what ever we told them too we would pull their underwear off too and make fun of their weenies. Pulling their underwear off as they tried to stop us, or begged for us not to was always my favorite part, especially if they looked like they were going to cry, or did cry. The look on their faces as we slowly pulled their underpants off was always the best part.

One day I got detention and got stuck at school late. My friends were all already gone so I had to walk home alone myself. It was mid autumn and was already getting chilly out in the late afternoon so I took any shortcut I knew to get home and out of the cold as soon as possible. As I cut through a park about a mile away from my house still I was spotted by 3 older boys who recognized me. At least one of them had a younger brother who had been harassed by us in the past. Somewhat concerned I double stepped it through the park trying to avoid them, but they came after me in hot pursuit. Seeing them charging over to me, I panicked and ran down a path I knew that cut through some thick woods and across this stream in the back of the park. I made it pretty far but they managed to catch up with me before I made it out the other side. They jumped me and dragged me back into a creek area under a small bridge where no one could see us.

One of them held me with my arms behind me so I could not get away while the other, named Tommy Milano confronted me saying I had beaten up and panted his younger brother. Tommy had a reputation for being a bad ass in our town. He was a big, and was known to get into a lot of fights, most of which he won. Had I known that one of the poor little brat we had humiliated was his brother we would have stayed clear of him for sure. At first I tried to deny it, hoping to weasel out of what ever I had coming but he and the rest knew me too well to be fooled. All 3 started taunting me asking me how it felt to be the victim now. Tommy told the other 2 guys to hold me, and he started to unbutton my jeans. One of them had me by the arms, and the other had his hand clamped over my mouth so I could not scream out. Tommy undid my jeans and yanked my jeans and panties down my hips. He pulled them down to my ankles as I struggled in vain. I wriggled around fully exposed in front of all 3 of them as they laughed and taunted me. My pubes and butt were in full show. Tommy got a long thatch from a bush and tore all the leaves off of it making it into a whip. He swatted it hard against a tree near me making a loud nasty whipping noise. “Maybe I should whoop your naked little ass as punishment huh?” he said threatening me. I was terrified now stripped bottomless and helpless to get away. “You scream out loud or run and I swear I will whip your hiney raw right here, get it?” he barked right in my face. Then I got spun around and bent over and I felt my ass get spread apart. “Whoo-hoo look at that”, I heard. “How does it feel now, huh?” They kept repeating, as they all laughed at me humiliated. My tennis shoes were in the way of my jeans coming completely off so Tommy grabbed my ankle and began untying my shoelaces. “Let’s take all of her clothes off,” he said to the others. Eagerly they all participated. One held me, while Tommy got my tennis shoes off, and proceeded to finish yanking my pants and panties off my feet. He even took my socks! Now I was completely bottomless out in the middle of the woods. Every time I tried to scream or struggle wildly he lifted the swatter in front of me as if to say “I’ll whip you’re ass hard right now!” They pulled my shirt over my head, and my bra violently pulling them completely off of me. Then they pushed me out in between them totally naked. I was crying as they all pushed me back and forth between them taunting and laughing at me. I got slapped on the ass, got my tiitties grabbed and pinched, and call every name in the book. Tommy made me get on my hands and knees, and then he grabbed me by my hair and made me crawl around as he rode me like a horse, slapping my naked ass, and yelling out “Hee-yaa horsey! Hee-yaa little piggy!” The cold was hitting and I was shivering now, with tears burning down my reddened face, and my ass cheeks burning red and raw from all the smacks.

Next thing I knew, Tommy gathered up all my clothes and all 3 boys bolted out of the woods whooping and hollering all the way. I was left stark naked, cold, dirty, and humiliated in the middle of the back woods of the park with no where to run. Shivering I wandered down the long path trying to cover myself in vain. Sobbing, all I could think of was how I was going to get home safe stark naked. Once I got to the end of the path there was a busy street and blocks to go before home. What the hell was I going to do stark naked? It was then that I noticed that lying balled up in the creek were my clothes! I guess the boys were smart enough to know that if I got picked up naked in the streets they would eventually be the ones in deep shit. Those bastards had thrown my clothed in the water right in the open where I could see them. I got my clothes back on but they were soaking wet! Hurriedly, I put them on and ran home shivering and crying, freezing to death. It was awful. I guess I deserved it, and from that day on I never pansted another kid again.

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:40:55 AM
Name: Sarah
Subject: Wrong clothes for a party!
Message:I made the mistake a few weeks ago of taking my boyfriend up on a dare. He dared me to go to a friend of ours party in a skirt and no panties. Well, being me I excepted his dare, choose a short skirt and headed off. We did the party, me getting horny knowing and also seeing the effect it had on my boyfriend. Then, towards the end he was chatting to two friends of mine, they broke out laughing and looked at me. You can guess, my boyfriend had just told them about my situation! Not much happened but at every availible oppurtunity they would sneak up behind me and hoist my skirt up. I must have been about as red as you can get by the end, and there was not a single person at the party who had not seen all! I guess if I was more sober I would have stopped them after the first time, but that damn alcohol gets me every time! Not a great story, but i have better ones that I will post as others do!

Originally posted on: Monday, May 24th 2004 - 12:44:45 PM

Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:39:44 AM
Name: a1an
Subject: Karen's revenge
Message:Karen was still mad at Kathy for undoing her top in the pool the previous week and was looking for the right time to get her back. A bunch of us had gotten a ride to the lake. It was somehwat of a remote and out of the way area and since it was during the week we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The boys just wore cutoffs and were ready to go while the girls had brought a change of clothes so they didnt have to sit in the car on the way home in a wet bathing suit. The girls had hung up a blanket so they could change in private. Karen, Jane and Laura had already changed and Kathy was going next. While Kathy was behind the blanket Karen had gathered the boys and said " ... watch this ... "
and ripped down the blanket. Kathy, topless and in her panties, shrieked and tried to cover up her breasts. Karen grabbed her clothes that were laying on the ground, including her bathing suit and ran off, laughing. Kathy started chasing her, oblivious to her nudity. Kathy caught up to Karen and Karen dropped Kathy's clothes. But Kathy didnt stop and tackled Karen to the ground. Karen's bikini topped started riding up and now her breasts were exposed as well. Kathy took her top off and threw it towards the woods.

Kathy's panties had slipped halfway down by this time. She had pulled them up and she went and picked up her clothes and finished chaging into her suit. Karen ran and put her top back on but the day was young . . .

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:38:02 AM
Name: wd
Subject: Pantsing
Message:Here is another story with my cousin,I was out walking with her and one of her friends when they spotted my cousins enemy and one of her friends,they were both wearing sweatpants and a t shirt,my cousins friend dared her to pull her enemies pants down,and she said she would but only if she would pants the other girl,thay both looked at me and I said go for it,as my cousins enemy is cute with a nice ass and her friend was also very cute,so we followed them doing our best not to get noticed and when we turned onto a side street my cousin and her friend ran up behind the other two,they looked behind and saw who it was but they just waited and said what do you want? My cousin said oh nothing we were just running for fun and the stuck up girl said what a couple of losers,and then they turned to go as they did my cousin and her friend grabbed the pants and pulled them down causing the other girls to fall and true to form my cousins enemy wasn't wearing panties so I got to see her cute ass again,her friend had low cut blue bikini panties which exposed some of her nice ass,my cousin and her friend ran off laughing with the other two swearing revenge,keep posting and I will post more.

Orininally posted on: Thursday, May 20th 2004 - 08:27:33 PM
Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:37:07 AM
Name: Happosai
E-mail address: master1roshi@juno.com
Subject: Unveiling
Message:Here's one an IM buddy shared with me.

First thing ye gotta know. My sister is blonde and has boobs that make Naga the Serpent look like Cream the Rabbit. We dun know why. Second, we have kind of a contest to see who can pull a meaner prank. We live near a joke store. She buys a joke drink that makes a male's breasts swell up. I drank it in public, and needed to get even. Now then, she usually goes into the shower room naked. There is a hugeass window in the room. And so I use a set of pulleys to control the curtains to that from my room, and charge 5 bucks a pop for the massive ammounts of horny boys to see the show of a lifetime. When my sister gets out of the shower, I activate the pulleys, and.... Sister: :o *orgasm*
audience: *Same* Me: XD The end.

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:35:01 AM
Name: duragon
Subject: pantsing i witnessed
Message:I was at this birthday party a couple years ago. Lets just say it was prolly the most interesting one ive ever been to. Anyway, there was this girl there I didnt really know her, but I guess someone brought her with or something. She was really getting on everyones nerves. Finally, she ended up pissing off the b-day girl (Sarah we will call her). Sarah decides that she is going to pay this chick (Megan we'll call her) back. She rallys up a couple friends and fuses her plan together a good one I might add. Sarah and four of her friends surrond Megan and tackle her to the ground. Megan put a decently good fight for trying to get 4-5 girls off of her. Finally, Sarah's four friends end up pinning Megan on the ground face down. Sarah tells Megan she is going to be punished for being a brat and pissing her off at her own birthday party. Sarah grabbes the back pockets of Megan's jeans which were tight fitting and started pulling. Megan having each of her ligaments held down by one girl could not do anything to prevent this pantsing from happening. Sarah keeps pulling hard and eventually they are about half way down her now bare butt. She keeps pulling hard they shoot off her exposed butt about half way down her thighs along with her panties. Megan at this point is screaming NOOOOO! STOP! but it was futile. Sarah must have been really pissed because she grabbed her jeans and bunched panties and yanked them completely off leaving her 1/2 naked from the waist down. Megan in almost tears at this point starts apologizing for being so mean to her. Sarah accepted the apologly but not before giving the bad girl a few wacks on her rear end. Before her friends let her up they threw her pants and panties to the other end of the room. They now let her up and Megan tried to cover herself as much as possible as she streaked across the basement to get her clothes and put them back on. Now that Sarah had yanked the hell out of her pants to get them off they were a little streched out, so Megan had to pull them up a little from time to time. I guess before Megan left she pissed off Sarah again who chased her to the stairs and right as Megan was going to go up grabbed her pantsed and yanked down hard and they came right off along with the panties to give everyone one last view of her naked butt. Megan pulled her pants up quickly and left even quicker. I have other stories like this but the board must take off again me to post so happy posting

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Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:33:23 AM
Name: Anna
Subject: Dirty Poker
Message:There’s this guy at school I have a huge crush on. His name is Ricky Mills and he is a stud. He’s tall, muscular, plays on the football team, and has these blue eyes that just make me melt when I see him. I have had the biggest crush on him for the longest time, along with ½ the girls in my class but he’s never really paid much attention to me.

I have always felt kind of dorky so this summer I decided to change my image. I bought new sexy clothes, changed my hairstyle, got tons of sun lying out at the lake with my friends, and swam a lot which got me into great shape. I even pierced my tongue and belly button. Needless to say I looked pretty hot with my tight low cut jeans and tanned pierced stomach showing. Come the beginning of school I was turning a lot of boy’s heads that never gave me the time of day before.

I did my best to flirt with Ricky every chance I got and before I knew it one day he asked me out! Well it wasn’t an official date, but he asked me if I wanted to come over and study together one night. His parents were out and it was just him and me at first. I was real excited. Well after studying for a while (like I could even concentrate) the phone rang and Ricky took the call in the other room. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but when he came back he said Trey, one of his buddies was coming over. Trey is another guy on the football team that is pretty hot too. He said they were going to play cards and he asked me if I wanted to play too. I really don’t know how to play cards but I wasn’t about to say no. I told him I needed some tutoring because I hadn’t played in a while so he taught me some poker hands. We played for a while just as practice until I got the hang of it. I won a few hands and was feeling good and that’s when Ricky said “Well you’re getting pretty lucky tonight. Want to up the stakes?” I asked him what he wanted and looking me over he said, “Let’s play for clothes. You know, strip poker.” He and Trey both snickered. “Loser has to get naked!” he laughed. “Feeling lucky or what?” Him flirting with me like that turned me on, and I wasn’t afraid at all about showing off my bod to him, or better yet getting a chance to see his, so I said yes, but not totally naked, only down to underwear. He was like, “sure what ever. That’s cool.” He kept on commenting on how hot he thought I was.

Well, several hands later I was winning and the guys were down to jeans only. I had only lost twice and had taken my socks off only. I was having a blast beating these guys making them take clothes off in front of me. I was dying to see either of them sitting here only in their tighty whities. It was then that my luck ran out because the next 3 hands I lost in a row. I had to take my belt off, then my shirt, and then my jeans! Now I was down to my little panties and bra only. I could swear they must have been cheating because the next round I lost yet again. Both of them were laughing asking what I was going to take off now. I told them I wasn’t going to. We had agreed on going down to underwear only. Rick said he’d make me a deal. He said instead of getting naked I could dance around in my underwear to a song on the radio. If not I could quit but he said he wanted to keep playing. He said if we kept playing and he lost he would get totally naked in front of me if that’s how the cards came out. I agreed to the dance and he played the radio while I danced around like a stripper in front of him. I was really playing it up shaking my hips and butt at him. They were loving it. We played another round and thankfully he lost this time. Standing up he undid his jeans and pulled them down. I could have died seeing him standing there in his jockey cotton boxer briefs only now. That was the last thing he has on. One more round and I might have the opportunity to have the hottest guy in school buck naked in front of me! I was dying to see him like that.

The next round I lost. Now they both insisted I’d have to take something off. After a lot of prodding I sheepishly undid my bra and took it off covering my boobies as best I could with one arm over them. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was praying for just one more winning hand so I could get Rick buck naked in front of me but instead I lost with a pair of 8’s vs both of their hands of 3 of a kind for Rick, and 2 pair for Trey. I could not believe it. I really didn’t wan to take my panties off leaving me naked in front of them but they kept pressing me insisting since I lost. Finally Rick said if I took my panties off he would do the same too, but I had to go first. Reluctantly I gave in, and slowly I slid my panties down and off and stood there in front of both of them in my birthday suite. “There, you happy now” I said as I wiggled my hips a little teasing them with my tan hard body and trimmed snatch. Both of them were like “Oh my Lord!” grinning from ear to ear.

“Now it’s your turn” I said standing there naked and a little red faced. But instead of following through Rick grabs my clothes and says “Nah, I changed my mind” sarcastically looking at Trey. They both were smiling from ear to ear, and I felt myself go flush with embarrassment. Suddenly I realized I had been duped into getting naked! Now they had my clothes too so I could not even get dressed! Rick is like, “If you make out with both of us I’ll give you your clothes back.” Not knowing what else to do I did it starting with Rick. As I make out with him he starts running his hands up and down my back and ass feeing between my legs. I feel his dick grow hard in his shorts and before I know it he is pushing my head down saying “get down and suck it or you can’t have your clothes back at all.” I slide my face down his rock hard abs and next thing I know his fat cock is in my mouth and I feel Trey behind me licking my ass! I am so wet from all this I didn’t care what they wanted me to do. I was ready to do it all. So, moments later there I am getting fucked in the face and the ass at the same time by these 2 football players I barely knew earlier that day! With my arms bent behind and fat bone in my mouth, Trey is jamming his big dick in and out of my ass calling me a “slut” and “whore” till he finally explodes shooting a huge load up my slippery ass. Nearly simultaneously I feel Rick blast a hot load down my throat nearly making me gag. With spooge dribbling out of both ends I felt like such a dirty little whore but I liked it a lot, and Rick and Trey were both totally smiling in ecstasy saying how awesome it was. They gave me my clothes back and I left a while later.

I thought this would be the beginning of some sort of kinky love triangle thing, but the next day at school I come to find out both of them went around telling everyone what a slut I was and how they fucked me in the ass and mouth at the same time. My butt hurt for days, and Rick and Trey never talked to me again except to laugh and mock me when they saw me at school. My reputation was ruined, and eventually everyone knew what happened that night. I never lived it down and was forever known as a slut in my town. It was awful.

Originally posted on: Friday, May 14th 2004 - 12:07:17 AM
Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 07:20:41 AM
Name: wd
Subject: revenge
Message:Hi as promised another incident with my cousin,after being pantsed in gym class she swore revenge,and she got it at the schools track and field meet,she was in the 400 m race with the snobby girl that pantsed her,as well as some of her friends,the race started and my cousin lagged back so she could get behind her enemy,and as she got up behind her she pretended to fall and grabbed the other girls shorts and pulled them down causing her to fall and as she did the shorts got tangled around her feet so everyone got a good view of her nice but and nicely groomed pubic area,if looks could kill my cousin would have been dead,but more revenge was to come,this is a great board lets keep it going!!
Sunday, May 9th 2004 - 08:40:36 PM
Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:27:02 PM
Name: From The Web
Subject: "Strip Poker"
Message:Found this at the site referenced. Great stoties there. I give credit where credit is due so I hope the original authore Deborah the Cowgirl doesn't mind to much.

"Strip Poker"
By Deborah the Cowgirl

"I got an idea. Why don't we play strip poker." Not a suggestion a young
high school girl usually made, but then I was anything but a usual high
school girl.

I had wanted this boy for weeks. I am not really sure what attracted me to
him, he wasn't particularly cute or muscular. I just liked the way his hard
angular nose complemented his face I guess.

It didn't take long for him to notice me either, and judging by the lust in
his eyes, I thought it would be no time at all before I could make him
completely mine. But lustful looks were all I got for a while. I guess he
was shy because I was the one who finally had to make the first move. I
thought he would pass out when I walked up to him one day and asked if he
wanted to join my friend Athena and I in a study session. A look of shock
followed by dead silence was his response.

I didn't want to make offer sound too overt, but I wasn't going to let this
opportunity slip by. So I stared my baby browns deep into his eyes and said
in my most innocent voice, "PLEASE. Oh come on. You know how bad us girls
are at Algebra. We just need your help."

"S-S-Sure," he finally muttered. Success.

"Good, come by my place around 7 tonight," I commanded. Definitely not the
last command he was going to hear from me today.
Athena was my best friend in high school. We had hit it off right away. We
grew closer to each other because neither one of us had yet had a real
boyfriend; we were trying to figure the whole dating thing out. I mean, we
understood the basics, but the whole sex thing sounded painful and scary.
Worst of all it had already wrecked quite a few girl's reputations at

To try a get a better feel for things Athena and I would spend some time
kissing each other and feeling each other up. I didn't yet know what the
touch of a man was like, but I couldn't imagine how some horny pimply geek
was going to treat my body better than the soft, gentle caress of a Athena's
mouth. Still, I was determined to get some real sexual experience before I
graduated. Then one day I thought of a devilish idea to take advantage of a
boy in such a way that I was in complete control and he would not dare tell
anyone of what had happened.

The plan was simple, bring a boy over, tie him up and then... do whatever
came natural.

Athena and I had both dressed for the seduction. Well, as dressed as you can
get with a high school girl's wardrobe. My favorite was still a simple white long
sleeve button down shirt and a tight fitting pair of jeans. I liked white
shirts because it brought out the brown in my hair and eyes, and even back
then my tits were such that if I unbuttoned the top few buttons there would
be a lot of me to see. Athena's strength's were more in the ass department,
so she preferred to wear cutoffs and a tank top.

It must have been hard for my poor boy to keep his concentration on math,
particularly when I kept leaning forward and resting my breasts on the table
while staring at him intently. After half an hour I sensed that the time was

"Wow," I finally said. "You know. This is really helping, but I think what
Athena and I really need to do is just read the book and do the problems
more. Eh Athena?"

She purred coyly in response. Both are gazes burning straight through the
poor boy.

"And you're making it especially hard on us by being so handsome. Hard to
concentrate on math you know." That got a blush out of him.

I moved behind him, rested my breasts against his back, and put my mouth an
inch from his ear. "Look, Athena and I have been talking about how hot you
make us," I whispered into his ear. "And, I can tell that we are affecting
you too. So why don't the three of us spend a little time getting to know
each other."

It was an offer no high school boy alive could have refused. Still, I could
tell feelings were conflicting inside of him. I needed something to get him
in the swing of things.

"I got an idea. Why don't we play strip poker." Not a suggestion a young
high school girl usually made, but then I was anything but a usual high
school girl. "

Without even waiting for a response, Athena walked sexily off to get the
cards. I grabbed the boy's head and made him watch her ass sway as she
strode away. "Just play your cards right and you could see a lot more of
that tonight."

The rules were simply, each of us had a penny for each article of clothing
we had. No one had to undress until they lost all their coins. I could tell
the boy was nervous because he folded every time I bet into him. He was down
to two coins in no time. I could see the dread in his eyes and could tell
he was thinking about calling it off. Then I added a new twist that I had
actually planned on all along.

"Tell you what. Since you are not doing so well. What if we change the rules
so that if you lose you don't have to strip naked. Just down to your
underwear and endure a few minutes of Athena and I tickling you."

The boy was obviously not very bright because that seemed to set his mind at
ease. Next hand, he lost it all. Without giving him time to change his mind,
Athena and I brought him to my room where I had a bed already prepared for
him. He dutifully stripped to his underwear and lay on the bed. My crotch
began to tingle with the anticipated of what this unknowing boy was in for.

"Since you are so much stronger than we are and will throw us off once we
start tickling you, we are going to have to tie you down," I said. I could
see him gulp but he didn't say anything. And as my dear momma always said,
"Silence implies consent." My pussy began to ache as we victoriously tied
his last limb to the last pole of my four-poster bed.

"We have you now," I said teasingly. And I moved my hand slowly over his

"Yea well make it quick," he said trying desperately to sound like he still
had some control over the situation.

"You're in no position to tell me to do anything," I said walking over to my
toy drawer. I grabbed a black locking ball gag and turned back around. I
could see the fear develop in his eyes only grow with every stride I took
towards him. "This is so you wouldn't make too much noise now, OPEN YOUR

He didn't. So I sat on his chest and pinched his nose. A tingle ran through
my body as he tried held his breath until he turned blue. He let out a big
breath and I forced the gag into his mouth. For the first time in my life I
listened to a man's muffled screams as I buckled the gag in place behind his

Meanwhile Athena had wasted no time. She stood behind me holding a pair of
scissors. She must have been as horny and excited as I was because her hands
were trembling as she cut the boys jockey shorts off of him leaving him
completely naked, helpless, ours.

Ours eyes immediately went to his dick, which was disappointedly flaccid.
Athena shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, how do we do this?"

"Easy," I said moving my mouth to his chest. "You watch, I do." And I began
to lick and suck his nipples. I wasn't really sure what boys liked mind you,
so I was doing what I knew felt good when Athena did it to me. Meanwhile
Athena gave me constant progress reports.

"Nothing's happening. Can his dick get hard if he doesn't want it to?"

Neither of us was sure, but this excited me even more- a contest of wills
over the control of his penis. Determined to have complete mastery over my
victim, I started to really drill my tongue hard into his right nipple as my
hand stroked and teased the left. I would have continued sucking and
stroking as long as it took, but I heard a progress report from Athena that
told me my wait was over.

"I can see his breathing is faster now. You must be doing something right."
Her words only told me I was breaking him down, and with each continued
report it would only become more obvious to all of us that I was the one in

"Its working!" she exclaimed as his dick began to fill with blood against
his will. "Oh look now it's pulsing and standing up."

I looked back triumphantly and saw the first fully erect dick that belonged
to someone I had tied to my bed. By this time my pussy was totally sopped
and demanding satisfaction. "Well Athena, if you want to practice getting a
man off, you'll never have a better challenge then making someone cum who
doesn't want to."

"What about you?" Athena asked as I was getting off the bed.

"I don't see why he should be the only one around here getting any
satisfaction," I said unzipping my jeans. I watched his eyes follow my body
as I slowly took it all off. "I think I may enjoy this a bit more than you."

And with that I grabbed his ears and straddled his gagged and immobilized
face. His eyes opened wide as moved my pussy to rest just on the ridge of
his nose. My juices ran all over his face as I began to rock my clit back
and forth over the ridge of his hard angular nose. By the second stroke I
knew I would eventually come from doing it. By the third stroke I knew it
wouldn't take long.

Not that his nose was the best stimulation I had ever gotten, it really
couldn't hold a candle to a good vibrator. But the fact that this was my
first time to cum on a man tied up and helpless beneath me must have been
influencing me. He kept trying to turn his head away, but I kept jerking him
back into position by his ears. Little did he know how good all that violent
jerking felt against my pussy.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Athena had grabbed some skin lotion
and was stroking the length of his shaft with both hands. I would have liked
to pay more attention to what Athena was doing, but I had my own orgasm to
concentrate on. I turned back to the task at hand and began to grind against
his nose with even more ferocity. Within moments I was screaming
uncontrollably. My thigh muscles clenched hard against his head like a
nutcracker as an incredible orgasm tore through my whole body. I guess he
enjoyed the show because when I slumped off of him and looked back to
Athena, she had this disgusted look on her face. Her hands were frozen
around his dick and were covered in skin cream and cum.

Quickly I reached over and grabbed a glass off the nightstand and Athena and
I gathered as much of his semen as we could in the glass. We must have made
him horny with all that foreplay, because I got more cum in that glass then
I would see for a long time. Athena then got up, cleaned her hands off with
a towel, and returned with the camera as we had planned.

I smiled delightedly once again as I saw the dread on the boy's face.
Athena and I both gathered around the boy's head. "I know you would find it
impossible to keep from telling everyone at school about our little
adventure," I told him. "So I am afraid I we are going to have to make this
even more embarrassing for you."

Athena proceeded to take several pictures of my pouring the contents of that
glass through the hole in the locking gag and down his throat. Of course, a
lot of it got in his face and hair to, which only made the pictures even
more humiliating.


The poor boy never did tell anyone. Hell, he couldn't even bear to look up
from the floor when we walked by. We had truly broken him, and I enjoyed
both the process and the end result. I started shivering with excitement
every time I saw his embarrassed face look to the floor. I was determined to
make more men do that for me.

(c) Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. By Deborah the Cowgirl
All of Deborah's fiction is achieved at www.fiendishglee.com

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Name: Jeff
Subject: Torture Game
Message:When I was younger, on rainy summer days when we were board we used to make up silly games to play just to occupy our time. One stupid game we made up was a game we called "Torture." You needed at least 3 people to play. It started with a regular game like cards. The first person to lose was the prisoner, the second out was the judge, and the winner got to be the actual “torturer”, anyone extra was part of the jury who would make the call if there were any disagreements over if a rule was broken or not. The judge watched to see if you made a face, moved, or made a sound. You couldn't react in any way. If you did you would get penalized even further for each violation. The torturer could tickle or do anything he wanted to you. At first, we started with silly and innocent stuff like tickling the prisoner’s feet, or armpits, or putting your face really close to the other person’s face to see if they would flinch or start laughing.

One afternoon we were playing at my neighbor Samantha’s house who’s parents both worked fulltime and weren’t home. She had lost first so she was the prisoner, my friend Curtis was the judge, and I was the torturer. I had 5 minutes to make her flinch or laugh or she would be allowed to go free, and we would play again. I ordered Samantha to lie down on the floor with her arms out. I started lightly caressing her feet and thighs but she wasn’t budging at all. I tried the back of her knees, her armpits, and her sides but she was remained totally still no matter what I did. I lifted her shirt up exposing her smooth stomach and tickled and dragged my fingers up and down her tummy and sides but she never flinched once. I couldn’t believe she was handling it. After a few minutes I was running out of time so I got desperate and grabbed her sides ticking her hard. She yelped out “ouch!” and said I was playing too rough and Curtis agreed that I could not be that rough so after 5 minutes she won and wound up getting free. I was bummed out.

Next round I lost, and Samantha got to be the torturer. I am pretty ticklish so after only like 30 seconds of her ticking my armpits I flinched, and cracked up laughing even though I was trying my best not too. As punishment Samantha said I would be tied to her bed and tickle tortured for 5 minutes. I argued that that was too long but Curtis (the judge) said it that was my punishment. I could have killed him for siding with her but she is real cute so he was just trying to get on her good side I guess. Reluctantly I agreed so she got some bandanas and tied my arms and legs to the bedposts so I was stretched out. I could not get free even if I tried. Curtis timed it and she mercilessly tickled me as I convulsed in tickling agony for the next few minutes. She had her hands under my shirt grabbing my sides, and armpits, feet, knees, and everywhere else. It was agony, and she seemed to be enjoying my torture a lot. Once the time was up I was untied but I still had to once again do 5 minutes of lying totally still in order to win. I psyched myself up and was determined to not flinch no matter what she did. After only about a minute (which felt like an hour) I could not take it anymore bursting out again in ticklish convulsions begging for her to stop. Once again she said my punishment would be to get tied up and tickled mercilessly and this time for even longer. I protested again, but again Curtis sided with her saying it was fair and since I kept losing the punishment had to get worse. This time, once Samantha had me tied up again, she went over and whispered in Curtis’s ear and suddenly both of them were on top of me tickling me mercilessly. I was screaming so loud I think the neighbors must have been able to hear me through the wall, so Samantha stuffed a sock in my mouth and gagged me to keep me quiet. Screaming myself near breathless under my muffled gag, I struggled wildly to break free nearly peeing in my pants from the relentless tickle torture. After time was up I lay out of breath, and exhausted moaning into my gag. Samantha, seeming the relish my torture gingerly untied me again. Once again she commanded me to have to lay still for 5 minutes or suffer the worst consequences ever. Angry over getting ganged up on I said I was going to quit. Finally she and Curtis gave in and agreed that we would play a fresh round of cards to see who would be the prisoner this time. She seemed real eager to try to get me in the same vulnerable position again. We took a short break to get something to drink. Wanting revenge I pulled Curtis aside and whispered that I wanted to get her back and wanted him to play along. I told him I would make it worth his while.

I stacked the deck this time around so when we played I made sure she would lose, and would win. I ordered her to lie down on the bed. Thinking she was untouchable she just laughed and willing lay down ready to receive her punishment. This time I said I wanted her blind folded, so I took a bandana and tied it over her eyes. I then ran to the kitchen and got some ice cubes. When I got back I started again like last time to fell her up and lightly tickle her. I lifted her shirt up and ticked her side as she lay there unmoving like a rock. I then took a piece of ice and ran it down the middle of her stomach and into her belly button. Never expecting it she flinched. She sat up real quick saying “What was that?” Curtis and I both laughed aloud. Finally I had her! Reluctantly she agree she had lost so I ordered her to be tied up to the bed and tortured for 10 minutes as punishment for all she had done to me earlier. Whining now she protested about 10 minutes being to long and said no way. I asked Curtis the judge his opinion and playing along he said. I am the judge and I say it is fair. Still protesting, we grabbed her and tied her arms together and them secured them to the top and bottom of the bed so she could not get free no matter what.

Curtis said go, and I pounced on her saying “Now you are mine!” The first thing I did was roll her over face down. Laughing I roughly lifted her shirt almost all the way to her armpits exposing her sexy smooth skin and bra strap and started rubbing ice cubes all over her back. She screeched in shock as I rubbed the ice down her spine. Feeling all horny now with her helpless in front of me I winked to Curtis and announced a new rule. Every time she moved I told her it would cost her a piece of clothing. Helpless and tied down she argued that it wasn’t fair but she was tied up and helpless and I got the judge to willingly agree to what ever I decreed. I took her sock off as she struggled in protest. I started again now rubbing the ice on the bottom of her feet and in between her toes. As much as she tried to hold still she once again broke out with a snicker. Laughing I took her other sock off and continued. I began again and this time I could see she was determined to not give in again. I rubbed the ice cubes on her foot and she held her ground clinging her teeth with her eye shut. Determined to continue torturing her successfully I rolled her over and slipped an ice cube down her pants. She freaked begging for me to stop struggling like mad. She was yelling so loud I finally gagged her to keep her quiet. I undid her tight jeans and yanked them down making sure her panties stayed up to be fair. She had these bikini-cut red cotton panties on that were so sexy it gave me a boner in my pants. I was loving this. Now I had her tied and helpless with her pants pulled down to her ankles and her shirt pulled up to her bra. She was out of breath from struggling and begging for mercy through her gag. Rolling her over again I lifted her panties up from behind getting a good look at her nice little butt and stuck and ice cube down her panties. Me and Curtis were having a ball strip torturing her. My heart was racing from al the excitement. Eventually I had her shirt pulled up over her head and her bra off with only her panties left. Time was running out fast now. I had only one minute left of fun. I decided to slid her panties down now for the heck of it fully exposing her beautiful little butt and front side. Curtis and I both now were rubbing ice cubes all over her and even between her butt and private areas. The timer went off finally ending our torture game.

I didn’t want to untie her but it was getting late and I knew her parents would be getting home soon so I took her gag off and made her promise not to say anything of we would leave her tied up that way. Knowing her folks would be home soon she was panicky and eagerly agreed to it. Good thing because minutes later we heard her Mom coming through the door. Luckily she had managed to get her pants pulled up and shirt pulled down. She was red faced with embarrassment through!

Funny thing is, after that day we still hung out and played more naked strip games. I’ll tell more if others tell some stories too. Let’s keep the board alive!

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:22:13 PM
Name: The Great One
Subject: Nintendo
Message:My name is Brian and I have a sister named Michelle.

It all started one day while I was sitting in the basement on the couch playing Nintendo 64. It was a rainy day outside and none of my friends felt like coming over so i just played Nintendo. I'm 16 so it has been a while since I last played a Nintendo game, and I decided to play Mario Kart 64.

I then heard my sister Michelle and her friend Andrea coming downstairs. I quickly turned around to see Andrea at the bottom of the stairs. They were both 17 and had been home from school for quite sometime. Andrea is a hot brunette who is nicely tan and stands about 5'10. My sister is a good looking girl too, for being my sister and she is white like me and stand about 5'9. I on the other hand have not hit my growth spurt and I stand about 5'6. So the two of them are much bigger than me.

Andrea and Michelle were both in baggy pajama pants and t-shirts, and looked like they were not going out in the rain either. They then asked, "Can we play with you Bri?"

I of course said sure and the two of them sat down on our huge L-shaped couch. We played a couple rounds and I won all of them. The two girls then tried to tickle me while we were playing in order to win but it was to no evail as I continued to beat the two of them. The two finally had enough.

Andrea said, "Let's have some fun and make some wagers on the rest of the games. Whoever loses has to take off an article of clothing."

My sister and I agreed and we began to play. The first race took forever because we kept shooting each other at the same time and we would end up in draws. Then it happened, my sister lost. She took off her socks and we continued. I then somehow lost the next match. I was shocked. I then took off my socks. I then looked down to see what else I had on just in case. I had my t-shirt, cargo shorts, and my whity tighty underwear, this could be disasterous.

Andrea lost the next round and we also had no more socks so that meant we were down to business. My sister then lost and stood up to take off her shirt and then I made a mistake. While my sister had her shirt over her head, I pulled down her pajamas, exposing her green and purple stripped bikini style underwear.

She yelled, "You little jerk, you are going to pay for that!"

I then realized she was mad and I jumped over the couch and made a break for the stairs. She had the advantage as I tried to climb and reached up and grabbed my legs. I fell and was now trying to squirm away. I was almost free when Andrea then grabbed my legs with my sister.

Andrea then said, "I can't let you do that to my friend now can I?"

She then grabbed my shorts and tried to pull them down. But she could not because they were secure. I then got free from my sister but was still in Andrea's grasps. I then slid backwards to the bottom of the stairs and pushed Andrea forward.

I then said, "PAYBACK!"

I then pulled Andrea's pajamas down exposing some loose fitting boxers. I then decided to take it a step further.

I said, "Andrea you should not have gotten involved in this sibling rivalry..."

And with that I grabbed her boxers but my sister stopped me from pulling them down. I then made a break up the stairs but Andrea grabbed my arm on the way up. So now I on my stomach with my head facing downstairs. My sister quickly ran up and said, "Little brother you do not know who you are messing with."

With that she grabbed my shorts and pulled as Andrea pulled down and POP I was quickly tumbling down the stairs in my underwear. When we hit the bottom I quickly grabbed Andrea's boxers and wedgied her til I heard RIP and the were toast. Andrea was furious. She chased me over to the couch (which I tried to flip over) and caught me bent over. She then grabbed my waistband and began to pull. And up my underwear went as my Ass was coming into plain view. Andrea laughed and my sister made it downstairs to witness the act.

When she let go I was so embarassed. I tried to tackle my sister for no reason and she wrapped around me and continued to wedgie me. I was enraged and could not do anything about it. I then heard Andrea say that I needed a spanking. I then felt my underwear get pulled down and my butt was completely exposed.

My sister said, "Haha Brian, you're getting what you deserve!"

My sister let me go and left me as I pulled my underwear up. They then threw me my shorts and were about to leave.

I knew I needed to get them back but it was two on one what could I do? It then hit me. I waited by my sister's room for one of them to walk out. Andrea came out after about an hour. I then put a chair in front of my sister room to lock her in. I then jumped Andrea on her way back from the bathroom. She was laughing becausing she was beating me. She then pulled my shorts down again and wedgied me, but this time I reached between her legs and grabbed the back of her waistband and flipped her into a pin. I then pulled her pajamas down, exposing her wonderfully tanned butt.

She was yelling and my sister was trying to get out. I then pulled off Andrea's pants threw them out the window. I was so proud that I sat on her back and just spanked her for about five good minutes. My sister then escaped and came at me to attack. I quickly took out the handcuffs I grabbed and locked up Andrea just in time to defend against my sister.

I then grabbed my sister's panties and wedgied her. She screamed in pain and I ran for the ladder to the attic. She followed and climbed. Just before she hit the top I grabbed another pair of handcuffs and handcuffed her to a bar in the attic. I jumped over her then and removed the ladder. She begged and pleaded but I had not sympathy. I pulled her pants and underwear down, revealing her white butt. I took out my polaroid next and proceeded to take pictures. I was so happy.

Finally I said, "Don't mess with the best." and left the upstairs.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:21:08 PM
Name: Jeff
Subject: Tied up Babysitter
Message:My friend Fred and I are into perpetrating funny and embarrassing pranks on people. We actually have a little rivalry going to see who can out do the other with various tricks and pranks. We have gotten very crafty with all our practice.
One night my mother was out at a late night function and got a babysitter, more to watch after things while she was gone than actually baby sit me. We watched TV for a few hours and then Susan, the babysitter, nodded off on the couch. Seeing a prime opportunity for some devilish action I got some rope out of the camping gear in the storage closet and managed to tie her hands and feet together before she woke up and realized what was going on. When she woke up she couldn't get free. She seemed a little ticked off at first demanding that I untie her immediately, but I said I would not. She started to get very loud yelling at me so I got a rag and gagged her to keep her quiet. She was trying to yell through the gag but all I could hear was muffled “mmmmfff-ing” from her. Proud of my latest captive I called my friend Fred and insisted he come over. In the meantime with all the struggling to get free her shirt had risen up, exposing her nice waist. I said I would take the gag off only if she agreed to not scream and make a scene. Eventually she nodded yes so I took it off. I told her I would untie her if she kept quiet, if not I would leave her tied and gagged for the rest of the night. She seemed to want to cooperate with me at this point. I slid my hands onto her bare tummy feeling her body. It was nice and warm. I tickled her waist a little and she giggled seeming to actually enjoy it. I felt her body up through her clothes groping her butt and warm crotch. She let me without much protest at all just lying there quietly.
Fred finally showed up and high-fived me after seeing what I had done. He wanted in on the action. Fred went and got a roll of duct tape and came back. I asked what he was going to do and he said just watch. Fred suggested we take her to my room so we both carried her to my bed. Fred then asked me to come into the living room for a minute. When I did he jumped on me and taped my hands, feet and mouth. Then he went back to my room leaving me struggling like a madman on the carpet. I managed to get my legs lose about a half hour later pulling and stretching my taped up ankles with all my might. Still gagged with tape over my mouth, and my hands taped behind me I made my way down the hall to my bedroom and peeked through the door. Fred had pulled her pants down and her shirt and bra were pulled over her head. He had his fingers between her legs and was pinching her little perky tits! She was bucking back and forth with tape over her mouth with Fred fully in control. Then he rolled her over and started spanking her on her butt and fingering her from behind now. She was helpless but didn’t seem like she was mad. As a matter of fact she seemed to me to be more shuttering in ecstasy. I pushed through the door and Fred was totally surprised that I had managed to get lose. He torn my hands free and I took the tape off my mouth. It was then that Fred's mother called for him to come home. He told me she was all mine now. He left and she was lying there on my bed with her pants around her ankles and her shirt up catching her breath. It was late so I carefully took the tape off her mouth, and asked her if she was going to tell anyone about this. She said she wouldn’t but I had to untie her because her hands hurt. I made her promise and then cut her lose.

Susan never told on us. As a matter of fact she agreed to baby-sit us again and play more tie up games with us!

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:18:18 PM
Name: Nina
Subject: Prank on my drunk girlfriend
Message:My Friend Jeanie is gorgeous. We are best buds along with a few other girls, and I think she is so hot although I have never told anyone that. She is a cute little blonde bombshell. I am not gay really, I like and date guys, but I have always had this thing for girls with hot bodies too. I guess I am "bi" because I have to admit it really turns me on. We have had gone swimming together and have has sleepovers and stuff so we have gotten plenty of chances to see each other in bikini’s and panties, etc. and she has one of the hottest bodies of any of the girls I know in our school. Me, Jeanie, Dana, and Cindy are a little click I guess you could say. We are all pretty hot and the most of the guys we know are interested in us. We hang together, party together, have sleepovers together, as I already said, and just generally have done things as a little group since jr high.

I had a very erotic experience once after a party one of my friends threw. It was late high school nearing graduation and summer was coming so everyone was celebrating and throwing parties. It was a first time experience for a lot of us with drinking and alcohol so we were all overly excited about graduating and all overdoing it drinking and such too. Cindy had thrown a medium sized bash at her house one weekend when her parents had gone out of town and we all wound up getting pretty trashed. Jeanie, who was pretty petite had gotten especially trashed. She had drank way to much, broken things, spilled drinks everywhere, and stumbled around till she had passed out on the couch during the party. We had carried her to Cindy’s bedroom to let her sleep it off in peace and just had left her there. After the party Cindy and I were still silly drunk looking at pictures we had taken through the course of the night with Jeanie’s digital camera. Some of them were hilarious! We went to check on Jeanie and tried to wake her but she was trashed and still out cold. Jeanie had this bright idea of taking “candid” pictures of Jeanie with her own camera as a joke. We were totally cracking up thinking about her looking through all the pictures and then finding picks of herself lying in weird or compromising positions. We just could not stop laughing about it in our 3am drunken stupors. We first got some lipstick and magic markers (the water based ones, not permanent) and drew funny stuff on her face and took some picks. Then Cindy lifted up her shirt and took her hands and put them on her bra cups like she was feeling herself up or something and we took some more pics. She was really out, not waking up for anything we did. We could not stop laughing. Cindy took a dark marker and drew a line down her stomach past her belly button with an arrow pointing down towards her crotch and wrote “Good Times” on her hip. We took a few pics. We were both dying. Jeanie’s body was already really turning me on by now so I undid her jeans and started pulling her jeans down saying it would be funny to take a picture of her ass with her own camera. Cindy nearly peed in her pants laughing but trying to be quiet. Rolling her on her stomach I yanked her pants down almost to her knees exposing her beautiful little butt in white cotton bikini cut panties. She was gorgeous. We took a few pictures of her panties yanked up her butt. I couldn’t resist so I slowly slip her panties down exposing her soft naked butt. Not sure if Cindy though I was weird for doing this but I didn’t care. Eventually I wound up spreading her ass cheeks wide as Cindy snapped a few shot of her pulled open butt! Then things really started getting out of hand. I took a pen and wrote, “butt raped by Bic!” on her butt cheeks and then stuck the pen in her ass and took a few more choice pictures. We took her pants totally off and wrote silly slogans all over her body in lipstick and marker drawing all over her ass and legs. Eventually we got her totally naked. We drew targets on her tits, drew lines to her kitty, and even into her butt crack saying things like “caution, entering cave” and “Hershey highway” and “shave me please” pointing to her pubes. It was bad but we were silly drunk thinking it was the funniest prank ever. I was the one mostly doing stuff to her while Cindy took the pictures. We always tried to make sure we weren’t in any of them so she would only see herself. At one point I even had tied her hands to her ankles and had her spread eagle naked with hand cream squirted in her butt and crotch dripping down. We were definitely taking things too far but for some reason didn’t want to quit. I went and got Jeanie’s toothbrush from her bag and stuck it in her ass for a few pics. Imagine her finding a pic of her own toothbrush in her butt a few days later? We just could not stop the abuse. Maybe Cindy was just playing along, but I was loving playing with Jeanie’s naked body. I don’t remember a lot after this part but I think we both dressed her after and then conked out ourselves.

I woke up a short time later feeling real sick from all the drink, but feeling totally guilty for doing what we did. I snuck back into the room after Cindy was passed out, and took all of Jeanie’s clothes back off and got a warm washcloth and wiped all the marker and lipstick off her body as best I could. I cleaned all the cream out of her crotch and butt too. I loved touching and examining all her private areas so closely with no one knowing. I got so hot in the panties I pulled my own pants down and rubbed my little clitty right there till I came with a shuddering orgasm. I redressed her again and went to sleep on the couch till late morning.

The next day it all seemed like a dream. Cindy and I made a bet on how long it would take for Jeanie to ask about the bizarre pictures. If she was going to get really mad about it then we already had planned to play dumb and act like we knew nothing about it.

I still feel guilty about it. Mostly because I really liked it!

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 06:17:14 PM
Name: Dan
Subject: Mean Prank: Pet Door Pantsing
Message:We have a small pet door in our back porch door for our dog. It’s only about 1 ½ feet tall by 1 foot wide or so. One day when my parents weren’t home, me and my best friend Scott (who lives across the street) were playing a game of knee football in my backyard when his sister Janet came by looking for my sister who wasn’t around. I have a crush on Janet but she doesn’t give me the time of day really. She’s real good looking and knows it so she is pretty stuck up to say the least. She was wearing black little stretch shorts and a short blue t-shirt showing off her nice tummy. Her shorts were hugging her fine round little butt just perfectly. Scott likes to play a lot of practical jokes so he gives me a look and then pulls me aside and whispering (so she can’t hear) tells me to just play along with what ever he says and I’d get a big surprise. I didn’t know what he was really talking about yet but I agreed anyway.
It was pretty hot out that afternoon so he tells Janet, “Jeez, I wish we could go inside and sit in the nice cool AC but no ones home and he forgot his key so we’re locked out… sucks.” Janet looked like she didn’t care.
Scott then gesturing to her says, “Hey, me and Dan tried to squeeze through the pet door but we could not fit. Can you try to get through it and unlock the door?”
With a snotty look on her face she says, “No, idiot, I’m not going to get all dirty trying to crawl through that thing.”
Teasing her now Scott says “What’s the matter, to big to fit through it? I’ll bet you $5.00 you can’t fit through it. Look how small it is. There’s no way you can fit through it”
“I could fit through it” she snapped back after a short pause.
“I don’t think you really can. Dan do you think she can?” Scott asks gesturing to me.
Lacking the confidence Scott posses I stutter “Uhhh… no I don’t think she can. Yeah..it’s to small. No way”, playing along but still not really knowing where all this is going. As if perfectly planned, moments later Janet is down on her hands and knees squeezing through the small opening. At first twisting sideways to get her shoulders through, then back onto her hands and knees with butt in our faces ½ way through the small opening. It was a tight squeeze even for her.

It was at this moment that Scott said “Hey Dan, want to see my sister’s nice butt?” with a huge smirk on his face. With that he grabbed the waistband of her clingy black cotton shorts and yanked them down from behind. Her panties came down too exposing most of her gorgeous butt to us both. Scott smacked her butt a few times as she screeched in surprise. Helpless to reach back and stop him she rattled violently in the tight space trying to back out of the pet door as Scott laughed hysterically continuing to try to get her shorts down past her knees. He was trying to totally depants her right in front of me! Before she could get herself fully out of the door Scott had managed to get her shorts and panties down to her feet. As she got free she desperately grabbed at her shorts just as he got them completely off her leaving her lying on the back porch bare butt bottomless! She was cursing at Scott and looked so pissed off it was simply classic. Scott stood there with her shorts and panties in hand totally taunting her asking if she wanted them back. She got up trying to cover herself with a look that could kill. I don’t think she really knew what to do. Laughing like a mad leprechaun Scott takes off with her shorts and throws them over the back fence into the neighbors yard leaving me standing there dumdfounded with his half naked sister! Our neighbors have a tall fence and a huge Rottweiler in the yard. Embarrassed and ticked off as hell Janet stands there bottomless with her hands covering her privates pretty unsuccessfully, fuming not knowing what to do. Her skin was so smooth and soft. It was a total turn on! She keeps yelling at me to not look, but really how could I not, even with acting like I wasn’t? What was she really going to do to me at this point? In this extremely awkward moment the only thing I could do, by default, was to offer to get her shorts of course, which sucks because now I am somehow getting stuck jumping into a yard with a huge mean ass dog to get the shorts of my friends sister even though I never did anything wrong in the first place! Luckily the dog was on the other side of the house and I got a chance to retrieve them before the dog caught on and charged over. Jumping back over Janet grabbed her shorts and told me to turn around and stop staring. Not even a thanks! Her firm little body was so fine. I will never forget the incident or her fine smooth naked ass! Once she yanked her shorts back on she stormed off.

I was pretty pissed at Scott for leaving me in the middle of that whole fiasco so I didn’t talk to him for a while. Finally I got over it and we were friends again. I guess he got into alot of troubel over it. It sure was one heck of a practical joke though on his snotty stuck up sister. That sure had knocked her down a couple notches after that.

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Name: wd
Subject: school pantsing
Message:Hi,as promised here is another incident with my cousin,the school we went to had coed gym and the stuck up girl that my cousin pantsed was in her gym class,they were playing vollyball,and as my cousin jumped to spike the ball the stuck up girl grabbed her shorts and pulled them down,and as she did she got the underwear too so my cousins butt was on display for the whole class and the ones on the other team got to see her pubic area,my cousin screamed and swore revenge which she got,I will post more when others do as well,this is a great board and I would like to see it continue to do well,thanks for the good stories

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Name: Sarah
Subject: Birthday strip
Message:I have been quite for a while, but thought I should share an experience I had. It was my 18th birthday and my friends, 6 girls and 3 guys, decided that we should go swimming. My birthday is in August so it was hot, but even so i should have got suspicious.
We all arrived and went to get changed. I put on my two piece bikini and put everything in a locker. Mt friend Jenny put her stuff in too and took the key. Then we headed for the pool. It was packed with people cos it was so hot. We had fun for an hour or so, splashing around and generally goofing off.
As i was swimming up in the deep end three of my girl friends came up beside me. They all started to sing "happy birthday" really loudly and I got embarrassed. When they had finished Jenny shouted out "seeing as it's your birthday I think you should do the next lap in your birthday suit!"
With that she grabbed my arms. As she did I felt my bottoms slip down my leg. I kicked and screamed trying to keep them on, but was sinking in the water so did not have any grip. As I did this I felt the clasp of my bikini top get undone. I struggled and kicked but it was too late. I surfaced out of the water in time to see my bikini passed to a guy friend on the side of the pool. I did not know what to do, and was panicing and bright red. My friends all got out of the pool but I guessed they would come back with a towel for me. I waited about ten minutes while everyone in the pool laughed and pointed. Then Jenny came to the side, clothed, with all my things from the locker. She said, "you want them? They'll be in the car!", then ran off. I thought the life guard would help, but she was wetting herself laughing.
I had to get out of the pool, run through the changing room, out the reception and into the car park, totally butt naked with everyone looking at me. Some people cheered, others tutted and made rude comments. I got outside and my friends let me into the car. They gave me my clothes and I got dressed. I then found out another guy who was there had a digital camera. Those pictures were posted all over!!
It was the most embarrassing thing ever to happen, but it started the trend of girls pranking each other on their birthdays, and I got Jenny back a few months later!! Except that time i made it 10 times worse. But that's another story!!

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Name: Amanda
Subject: Pantsed at a Sleepover
Message:Well, this one was quiet embarrassing but I’ll tell it to who ever visits this site anyway. I was at a co-ed sleepover at my friend Stacey’s house. At all our sleepovers we have always had an unwritten rule that whoever goes to sleep first is going to get messed with as punishment. It is always a challenge to make sure you are not the first one that goes down. Well it just so happened that I had gotten up real early and had to work all day that day so I was quiet tired. I had thought about not going at all but I didn’t want to miss the fun so I went anyway. By like 12 I started feeling real groggy. Shortly after that I must have passed out face down on my sleeping bag on the floor because the next thing I knew I felt someone pulling at my pj’s. At first, in my dream state I didn’t think anything of it and wasn’t conscious enough to realize something was really happening. Well I was wrong because I then felt my pj bottoms come straight off of me. Lying only in my panties now I quickly woke up to the sound on laughter realizing I had gotten pantsed in front of everyone! My panties were still on but not for long. As I sat up, one of the guys held me down and one of the girls (I think it was Stacy) pulled my panties down exposed my naked butt to everyone! One of them started smacking my bare butt as I tried to get up but I was pinned down pretty good. Finally I begged for her to stop and she did. They let me get dressed right after that but everyone got a good shot of my bare butt getting spanked. I got that girl back about two weeks later but that’ s a different story.

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Name: More Stories
Subject: Jacked Off by the Babysitter
Message:When I was a teen my little brother and I had a babysitter watch after us when my parents went out. I personally felt like I was too old to have a babysitter, but since I was known for being a troublemaker, and I was stuck with a younger brother (11) too I was condemned to being babysat even at my age. Fortunately, we had a hot looking babysitter named Nancy, who was 18 with big firm boobies, green eyes and beautiful auburn hair. In front of my parents she always acted all calm and proper, but when my parents weren’t home she was a very different person. She would let us do a lot of things that my parents would never approve of like stay up and watching grown up programs on cable that had bad words and nudity, eat junk food, and even teach us dirty words. She knew I was a horny little devil and liked to tease me in different ways.

One night when babysitting us we were playing cops and robbers with my little brother to entertain him. We would take turns, one person being the policeman, and the other being the robber wearing a ski mask. We used the whole house, and with the lights off the robber would have to sneak into rooms and steal stuff putting it in a pillowcase without being caught. The police person would go through the house one room at a time looking for the robber. If you didn’t listen, and hide really good the policeman could find you and arrest you. We had these cheap handcuffs that were actually made from metal, but had a little hidden safety latch on them. Funny thing is it was really hard to reach the release latch if you were the one handcuffed.

One of the times when I was playing the policeman, and she was the robber, I caught her in the den hiding behind the couch. I got to arrest her and “play” search her for anything hidden on her or in her pockets. She let me reach under her shirt and feel her boobie through her bra, and reach into her jeans pockets. I even tried to unbutton her pants and got as far as unbuttoning and unzipping them before she stopped me saying that was far enough. Seeing the top of her little white panties with a red elastic waistband and little colored dots on them made me really horny. Her smooth skin and flat tummy drove me wild. I wanted to do more but she would not let me.

We had been playing for a while so around 9:30 she told my brother it was bedtime. He didn’t want to go to bed and was being a brat about it. She ordered him to get into his pajamas, but said I could stay up longer. She put my brother to bed, and I went to change. She was sitting on the couch watching TV when I came out a while later in my lose-fitting pj’s with stripes on them. As soon as she saw me she started laughing poking fun at my pajamas. Feeling belittled I threw a fit and jumped on her trying to overpower her. I was trying to pin her down to the couch but she was stronger. In all the struggling and wriggling around together I got excited. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and with all the close contact I got a raging hard-on in my pants. Then she rolled me over on my stomach and managed to handcuff my arms behind my back! With my hands behind me I could not reach the little release catch. I was stuck handcuffed with a hard-on grinding against the ground now! I mean it got rock hard. She said she was going to spank me like a little baby if I kept misbehaving. I didn’t care. Then things got even worse (or better depending on how you look at it). When she rolled me over again to talk to me the head of my erect penis popped out of my pajama fly! I was so embarrassed that my face became hot. She starred wide-eyed
at my helpless twitching penis as I lay there powerless to do anything and reached down and grabbed it by the shaft. I guess I have a pretty big dick for my age and she seemed to be very impressed with it. “Oh my!” she said with a sly tone in her voice. “Well we are a very bad boy aren’t we?” I was really embarrassed but really turned on too at the same time and just stood there speechless. Forcefully she pulled me over her lap on the couch with my shoulders propped up on the end of the couch. She pulled my pj pants all the way down and reaching underneath she started stroking my super hard dick with one hand, while spanking my naked butt with the other. “Bad boy!” she kept playfully saying while she lightly spanked my butt and stroked my dick. My dickhead now got wet with precum that she used as lube to stroke me ever further. She spanked and stroked me as I moaned in ecstasy till I arched my back and jutted my hips forward spurting all over the couch pillow! I was really embarrassed after, lying there handcuffed and bottomless with spooge all over me & the couch. She made me promise to not ever say anything about it or she would never baby sit for me again. I eagerly agreed. The she cleaned the couch off and flipped the cushion and told me I needed to go to bed.

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Name: From the Web
Subject: Mean prank on Sis
Message:Last Saturday me and my friend Jim were swimming in the pool playing water basketball when my sister came out in a bikini to lie out in the sun. She was wearing this new red, white & blue bikini that had bottoms that tied on the sides. The strings were long and she had them tied on both sides of her hips with probably 6 inches of extra string hanging down. She looked real good as much as I hate to admit it. She just turned 18 and thinks she is the bomb. She’s real full of herself and treats me like a little pest just because I am her younger brother. She lied out on a deck chair by the pool and rubbed tanning oil all over herself without even saying hello to us or anything. We kept playing and of course since she was right by the pool, water splashed on her. She jumped up and started yelling at me saying we were splashing her and better cut it out or she would tell Mom. I just ignored her. Next time she got splashed she freaked and got up and screamed at us saying we were doing it on purpose. Then she grabbed both our shirts and towels and threw them in the pool. I was pissed. I got out and we got into a screaming match. Finally she dragged her chair farther away, and we kept playing in the pool.

A while later we decided to take a break. I tried to dry off as best I could (with no towel) and went into the house to get more towels. When my Mom saw me in the house wet she got mad and told me that I could not swim in the pool anymore for the rest of the day. I tried to explain to her what happened but she didn’t care and was just mad about me dripping water in the house, which was against the rules. Now I was really mad.

As I looked out the window at my sister now lying on her stomach tanning in the sun all I could think of was how to get her back. My Mom left to go shopping so I got the perfect opportunity for revenge. I got a glass of ice water I snuck outside and silently crept up to her staying real low. I heard her breathing like she was asleep. I was going to throw it on her but then a better idea hit me. Looking at her bikini bottom strings hanging down I got an awesome idea. Slowly I tied the longer part of her bikini string to the lawn chair on one side and knotted it. Then I did the same to the other side. It took forever since I was trying to do it real slow and quiet so she wouldn’t wake up. Once done I took her towel away (which was right next to her on the ground) and went inside and got more ice for my water to make sure it was nice and freezing cold. I locked the sliding glass door as I came out so you could not get back in the house that way. Once everything was ready, I threw the ice water on her and ran behind a bush. She screamed and jumped up in total shock as the ice cubes and water splashed off her back. As she jumped up both the bikini strings yanked and both sides of her bikini bottom popped apart as the knots came undone. Her bikini bottom whisked off exposing her nice butt (with tan lines and all)! Stunned and confused she first tried to grab her bikini bottoms but they were tied to the chair. It was classic! Then, realizing she was naked, she tried to cover herself and squat down as she tried to figure out what was up with her bikini bottoms. She was pissed. I couldn’t help but crack up watching her. I got great looks at her front and backside even though she was trying to cover up. She grabbed a chair cushion to cover herself and kept on trying to untie her bikini bottoms from the chair. Finally, and it took a while, she got them lose, all the time cursing at me. She made her way to the door holding the cushion, only to find the door locked. “John you f*ckin’ jerk! This isn’t funny!!” she screamed at me. “Open the f*ckin door!” I stood in front of her and played dumb. “What happened?” I said as I tried my best to hold my laughter in. Embarrassed, bottomless, and locked out of the house she now started to try to get her bikini bottoms tied back on, which meant she needed to drop the cushion. More priceless looks for me. “Stop looking!!” she yelled at me all red faced from embarrassment. “I’m telling Mom about this!” she threatened. She got her bottoms sort of tied back on and stormed off. “You’re in deep sh*t!” she bark at me.

Well to make a long story short.. when my Mom came home and found out what happened I got grounded for a week, which really SUCKS in the summer. I still think it was the best joke I ever played on some one but getting grounded and yelled at by my Mom & Dad really sucked. I think my Dad actually found it pretty funny cause I saw him snickering about it when he first heard what happened.

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Name: Dan
Subject: Pantsing My Step Sister
Message:My step sister Tina has developed a pretty hot body over the last few years, as much as I hate to admit it. Till recently I have always considered her a little brat. She’s 17 now, long dark hair, likes gymnastics and can stretch like no one else I’ve scene. She’s got a great butt from all the working out, a flat stomach, and has pretty nice tits too. My friends have often commented (to my aggravation) that she’s among the hottest girls at school. Unfortunately, she also has a real spunky attitude, a smart mouth, and likes to play a lot of mean spirited practical jokes.

About a week ago, after taking a shower in the downstairs bathroom (because she was in the upstairs one taking forever) I realized that my towel was missing. I looked around the entire bathroom confused, when I suddenly realized my clothes were gone too! I also noticed the door was slightly open when I remember closing it. Standing there naked and soaking wet realizing quickly I was being fucked with I yelled out “Hey!!” at the top of my lungs only to hear silence in return.

“Hellooooo!?!” I yelled again at the top of my lungs with still no reply.

“Jesus”, I mumbled to my self as I cursed under my breath. “Tina!!? Where’s my towel? If this is you I am going to be pissed!!” I yelled as I peaked out the door. Still there was silence, as if the house was abandoned. Naked and wet, I crept out into the hallway, looked around, and then started to make a desperate dash to my room. As I gingerly stepped down the hallway there was a sudden and unexpected flash. I turned to see my sister standing there with my digital camera laughing her head off!

“Oh you bitch!” I yelped as I tried to cover my private parts and run up the stairs to my room. She followed me laughing her head off snapping pictures left & right. I finally got in my room and slammed the door cursing her all the way in.

“This shit’s not funny Tina!” I yelled through the door as I got dressed quickly. “You better run girl, cause if I catch you I’m gonna kill you!”. Once dressed, I ripped the door open and stormed out.

“Come here!” I yelled looking around. I looked in her room and then downstairs but she was gone. I was pissed and I figured sooner or later it’d be payback time for the little brat. I was pretty worried about those pictures though and where they would wind up.

When she finally came home later that day, my parents were already home, so it was tough, let alone embarrassing, to make a scene at that moment. Agitated, I asked her for my camera back and she said it was upstairs in her room, but when I got it the disk was not in it.

When I confronted her about it she just smirked at me and said “I have no idea, it’s YOUR camera.” I could have killed her right then but apart from that I felt pretty helpless. What could I do? I couldn’t kick her ass (or my Dad would kick mine). If I threatened her, or made a big scene, or broke her shit, she still had a very incriminating disk with pictures of me on it somewhere. If those got out at school or in e-mail I’d never hear the end of it. I felt stuck. I was fuming inside, but had to quell my anger for the moment. Thoughts of tearing her room apart when she wasn’t around ran through my head, although I’m not sure if that would even get my disk back. It was frustrating trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. I didn’t know how yet but somehow I had too.

Last weekend, my parents went out of town for a wedding, and left us alone for the evening. Me & my friend Joe were hanging out in my room listening to music and messing with a new web cam I had bought for my computer when Tina came wandering in. She was wearing a mini-t and these clingy blue cotton stretch shorts that hugged her ass perfectly. I could see my friend Joe’s eyes were fully locked in on her body, and I even have to admit her ass looked amazing in them. It was the first time I had ever saw her wear them and she was looking mighty good. Joe had always had a crush on her and I think she knew it. I think she liked him too because she always acted extra bubbly around him.

Still pissed about the disk, I asked her again where it was. I played it off like it was the only one I had and that’s was why I was making a such a big stink about it.

“I’ll bet you want to know where it is” she fired back with a smirk on her face.

“Look this shits not funny anymore Tina. Give it back to me now. I know you have it” I said sternly, “I can’t use the camera without it.”

“Oh boo-hoo. I can’t use my camera without it” she said mockingly as I glared at her in anger. “What’s the matter, you afraid the whole worlds gonna see your dingle-dangle? Ha ha ha!” she cruelly laughed.

“F*ck off! Give it to me Tina or I swear..!”

“Or what?” she said as she stood there in my door with her hands on her hips.

“Oh wait a second” she started after a few seconds of silence, “I think I know where it is!” she said with an extremely animated expression on her face. She turned her back on me and said “It’s right here… in my butt!” and with that she mooned us! She dropped her shorts and flashed her ass at us! It was just for a second but it was enough. Me and Joe were both stunned.

Joe blurted “Oh my G..” with his hand over his mouth. He was smiling from ear to ear.

She laughed and started to run, and instinctually I lunged at her and grabbed her in a bear hug. She struggled wildly still laughing at me as I dragged her back into my room.

“Let me go jerk! Let me go or I’ll scream.. I swear!” she yelped out as I held her locked in my arms.

“Go ahead!! Scream your head off! Dad’s not here to protect you, is he?” I sneered back at her. I could feel her struggling against me and I had a good hold of her bare waist as she kicked around wildly with her arms pinned. Now I was in control and I was going to have some fun with her.

“Hey Joe, do you want to see my sister’s ass again?” I asked with a grin as she struggled and squirmed in my arms. Joe just looked at me blankly with a slight smile forming. I think he was lost as to how to react to what was going on.

“Noooo!” Tina yelled. She was still laughing a bit. My hands were clenched around her waist as I tickled her without mercy.

“No, no, no!” her voice cracking now as she yelped “Stop. Stop it!”

I reached down and started to pull the waistband of her shorts down on one side. She immediately tried crouching into a fetal position in a futile attempt to stop me. I yanked the waistband of her shorts up real hard from behind giving her a wicked wedgie as I got a good view of her butt from above. She yelped in desperation and we really began to wrestle then. She was desperately trying to push my arms away and break free as I grabbed at her waistband, pulling at it hard, as she fought back. I pulled it up so hard I heard the stitching strain. I then yanked it down with as much force as I could exposing ½ her ass as she wiggled around helplessly. I had her on the ground now and I winning the tug of war with her shorts. I had them now pulled down past her ass in back and was yanking the front down too exposing her pubes. She was now clinging onto the waistband on both sides trying to keep them up even though they were half down already. She was definitely losing the battle now.

“Ahhhhhh!!” she screeched in a panic. “Dan.. nooooo!”

I slapped her hands away hard breaking her grasp on her waist band just long enough to yank her shorts quickly down her thighs past her knees as she struggled fully exposed now. She desperately attempted to grab the waistband one last time as I yanked them down and completely off in one giant motion. I stood above her victorious with her shorts in my hands. It was awesome.

“Oh my God you jerk!” she yelled getting up off the floor bottomless feebly trying to cover herself. She made a panicked break for the door but I said “Oh no you don’t!” and slammed the door shut in front of her while shoving her back. Now totally bottomless she cowered there in the center of my room in front of both of us. It was thrilling seeing her like this. Naked, trapped with no where to run too. With a stunned look on her face she desperately tried to cover her front, and back but it was easy to see everything. Her pubes were well trimmed to my surprise and I could feel my bulge growing. She was bright red with embarrassment now, totally naked from the waist down, except for her shoes, which looked even more funny!

“Give me my pants back!” she whined.

“Give me the disk backl!” I fired back enjoying every minute of this.

“Fuck off! I’m going to make sure everyone gets those pictures!!”

“Oh yeah?” I commanded as I grabbed her again and dragged her over closer to my desk. “Well just see about that then!” I put her in a choke hold from behind, and pinned one arm behind her back. Her naked little hips wiggling around in front of us unable to even cover up now.

“It’s time for a show and you’re the star!” I said with an evil laugh. I reached down to my keyboard and turned my web cam on. The little screen came alive as I paraded my ½ naked step sister in front of it as it recorded everything.

“This is going to make for great screen shots!” I said to Joe who was still sitting wide eyed and silent observing the whole show unfold. He looked like he was trying his very best to hold back his laughter.

“Dan.. you bastard! …OK, enough! I’ll give you the disk! Just let me go!”

I spun her around again exposing her nice smooth ass to the camera now and was bold enough to give her ass a little smack and even rudely pull her ass cheek aside giving the camera a nice butthole shot. I then spun her around again so I was behind her and bent over quickly grabbing the back of her knees before she even knew what was happening. I lifted her legs up off the ground by the back of her knees spreading her legs apart giving the camera a great snatch shot and she wildly struggled to break free.

“Stop it already you asshole!” she was cursing up a storm now calling me every name in the book! What a trashy mouth she had!

“OK, get the disk and I’ll let you go already” I said as I pinned her arms behind her back.

“Let me go and I’ll get the disk dick head!!” she spewed back at me.

“Oh no! The disk FIRST, then I let you go Brat! Show me where it is or I’m not letting you have your pants back. Get it?” With her arms pinned behind her I led her to the door, and out into the hallway. I was holding her so tightly she had to walk on her toes but I was afraid she’d slither out quickly so I didn’t want to take a chance. It was the biggest turn on parading her around ½ naked after stripping her pants off by force. I had gotten great gropes of her nakedness during all the struggling too. I was just loving it.

“It’s over here” she said with a sort of defeated tone in her voice as she gestured towards her room. I think I had finally broken her. We walked into her room.

“It’s under my dresser, right there” she pointed with a nod of her head.

“Get it.” I ordered. She looked back at me embarrassed and confused as to how to do this with me holding her still. I pushed her head down forcing her to bend all the way over pushing her towards the ground. I now had her bent over, on her knees, with her naked ass in the air. I held her down by the back of her neck and let go of one arm so she could get it.

“Give it to me now” I ordered. Sheepishly she reach under the dresser and came out with the disk.

“There ya go!” I said with glee as I smacked her ass once and then let her go. She took a wild swipe at me as I pranced off with a shit eating grin on my face.

“You are such a jerk!!” she yelled as I left her bottomless on the floor.

Joe was standing in my door way the whole time watching what he could from a distance trying to stay out of it. He was snickering as I walked up to him and we both burst out laughing as I hi-fived him.

“Dude that was awesome!” he said under his breath as we went back into my room. I now had the disk back and had an awesome webcam vid of my naked sister to use to blackmail her. Finally the joke was on her!

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Name: a11an
Subject: stripped in the pool
Message:when I was teenager back in the 70's we had a decent sized above ground pool. It gave me an opportunity to invite over some cute girls in the neighborhood. I had invited Karen, Sue and Kathy over, friends of mine who were all pretty cute but just friends, plus my buddy Mike. We were all 16 to 17 at the time, still at that awkward age, not always sure of ourselves. Anyway, the girls came over and, with their bathing suits under their cutoff jean shorts and tops, stripped to their bikinis and dove into the pool from the deck. After Karen dove in she had this funny look on her face and started looking around. It was then that we all realized her bottoms had come off after diving in. Sue and Kathy thought Karen was a bit of a tease with some of the neighborhood boys anyway so they stopped her from retrieving her bottoms in the pool by holding her arms while I dove and picked them up. I was holding them up as a trophy and we were all laughing except of course Karen, who was mortified. Karen got away from Kathy and Sue so we decided to play keepaway with her bottoms while she chased us around. While Karen was swimming away from Kathy, Kathy had grabbed the string on Karen's top and undid it, so now Karen was trying to cover her small breasts and chase us as well. Karen was getting a little upset, demanding her suit back. Sue and Kathy threw both her top and bottoms out of the pool so Karen had to climb out and get them, putting on a show for both Mike and I. Karen put her suit on and got back in the pool, using the ladder this time. Karen swore revenge on the two girls, vowing to get back at them for stripping her in the pool. Karen was to get her revenge later that summer.
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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 05:59:23 PM
Name: From The Web
Subject: Stripped at a party
Message:I was at a crazy Halloween costume party my friend threw at his house last October. I went as a naughty little schoolgirl wearing my sister’s school uniform that I had altered making the skirt shorter showing a lot of leg. I had thigh-high white stockings and had my white shirt tied up showing my tummy, looking like Britney Spears in that video. I have to admit I was looking hot! The party was getting pretty crazy with everyone drinking and getting wilder as the night went on. There were at least 3 other girls dressed as schoolgirls or slutty club girls with short skirts showing a lot of skin. One of them was dancing on a table like a stripper flipping her skirt up flashing her bright green neon g-string panties to the horny guys and girls who were cheering her on. Some of the more drunk friends I was with started flashing their own panties, and bras, and flipping some of the other girls skirts up whether they liked it or not. After a while some girls were even lifting their shirts up flashing their tits at the guys who were going wild. Things were getting out of control so I decided to move back to safer ground and avoid being targeted myself. I stood back just watching them all when 2 of my friends grabbed me from behind flipping my skirt up and pulling my panties up my butt wedgie style yelling for everyone to check out my butt. They were totally drunk and out of control. Annoyed now, I swatting their hands away and dodged through the crowd and out the back door trying to get away, but the more I tried to evade them the more they pursued me laughing and taunting me. When they did finally catch me in the back yard they pinned me down and with the help of a few others gang stripped me, pulling my skirt off, removing my blouse, then even my panties and bra, and scattered them in different directions all over the yard. So there I am on the ground in the backyard in just my knee high socks stripped naked trying to cover myself up. I got up and tried to get my clothes back, but every time I tried to get a piece of clothing back someone would snatch it away and toss it across the yard, or to someone else, forcing me to chase my clothes around naked in front of everyone. Someone whipped my panties up into a tree, and my skirt got tossed around over my head to nearly everyone. Everyone was having a grand old time watching me jump around naked desperately grabbing at my clothes. After about 10 minutes of this one of the real drunk girls inside voluntarily got totally naked so everyone’s attention shifted to her. My girlfriend Lisa helped me get all my clothes back, and even retrieved my panties from the tree for me. Luckily there was so many other things that happened that night that me getting stripped naked wasn’t even a big deal the next day. Most people were either so drunk they remebered very little, or just remember a lot of different people getting naked so my incident was only minor in comparison. It was the last time I dressed in a real skimpy outfit for a costume party though.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 05:58:16 PM
Name: Dana
Subject: Caught With Pot
Message:When I was 16 I started hanging out with a group of friends that my parents didn’t like at all. They were a bad influence on me, but because I wanted “cool” friends and wanted others to think I was cool too, I got sort of rebellious and started doing things, like drinking and smoking, that I knew my parents wouldn’t approve of at all.

One night, after partying and staying out with my friends way to late I got busted by my step mom sneaking back into the house through the back door. My Dad worked nights so he wasn’t even home at the time. What’s worse is that I had a baggy of pot that I had forgot about so I shoved it down the front of my jeans as soon as I got inside the house planning on hiding it in my room later. Once inside, as I silently stepped through the kitchen thinking I was home free, the lights snapped on and, to my total surprise, there in front of me was my step mother sitting there at the kitchen table apparently waiting up for me. It didn’t take a detective to see that I was obviously stoned with my bloodshot half-closed eyes. Fuming mad, my Mom ripped into me drilling me on where I was, who I was with, what I was on, where I had gotten it from, etc, etc. She was fully interrogating me asking me every question in the book. While still yelling at me she grabbed me by the ear and roughly marched me straight down the hallway to my room. She kept threatening to have me taken down to the police station, or sent away to private school to keep me from “ruining my life”. I was crying my eyes out from the ear twisting and the harsh scolding.

All the yelling got the attention of my older brother, Michael, who came down the hall wondering what all the commotion was about. Ranting and raving about why I couldn’t be a “good kid” like my stepbrother Michael; she began riffling through my purse looking for drugs. Michael was always the favorite, and since he was my step mom’s real son she always seemed to let him get away with a lot more that I was ever able to get away with. She kept on asking me what drugs I had been doing, and if I had any with me. I kept on insisting that I didn’t have anything with me even though I had the bag shoved down the front of my jeans. After dumping everything out of my purse, and searching through my jacket pockets my Mom grabbed me by the arm and started roughly padding me down and going through my jeans pockets still determined on finding drugs on me. She must have seen me hiding what I had in the dark because she would not let it go.

After thoroughly searching my purse, and jacket she started in on me asking me to empty my pockets.
Right in front of my stepbrother she made me pull my shirt up, and then off leaving me standing there in only my bra. I was crying saying that making me do this right in front of my brother was not fair, but she just told me to shut up. Once my shirt was off she made me unbutton, and unzip my jeans as I protested knowing I was seconds away from getting totally busted. Forcefully she pulled open the front of my unbuttoned jeans and, spotting the bag of pot, reached in pulling it out of my panties. Completely livid now, she threw the pot bag in my face and then slapped me cursing me out for lying to her. She was so mad I was terrified at what she was going to do to me. She again asked me if I was hiding anything else, but when I told her no, and swore it was the truth she didn’t believe me. She told me to take the rest of my clothes off so she could search them and be sure. Sobbing, I again pointed out that Michael was standing right there watching but she would have nothing of that. She said that I would serve as a lesson that this was never going to happen again. Crying in protest I stood there as she roughly worked my tight jeans down my hips, as I desperately tried to keep my panties from getting dragged down too, while my brother just stood there ogling at me. He had never seen me like this before so I was beyond embarrassed, standing there only in my skimpy panties and bra now. I am sure he was loving it. Once off, she pulled my jeans inside and out and searched the pockets again looking for anything. She pulled my bra cups out and felt around inside them again asking me if I had anything else stashed there. Then she slid both straps off my shoulders and pulled my bra cups down off my boobies fully exposing my breasts! Humiliated I covered my naked boobies with my arms. She then pulled the front of my panties out exposing my pubic area and examined my crotch. She spun me around and, right in front of my brother, pulled the back of my panties down exposing my butt. Crying I tried to push her hands away, but this only made her more mad. Sternly telling me to shut up, she pulled my buttocks apart still searching for anything else. My brother was getting the show of his life, and I could have just curled up into a ball from the humiliation. Now pretty much fully naked I stood there trying to cover up, in front of my brother as my mother vigorously reprimanded me. Hold me by the back of the neck she bent me over and mercilessly spanked my naked butt for what felt like forever. I was in complete tears from the pain and embarrassment. Then, as if that wasn’t enough she got one of my leather belts and dragged me over to the bed. Forcefully she threw me over her knee and proceeded to whip my red raw ass with a belt relentlessly. “See what’s in store for you if you dare do drugs in this house!” she was preaching as she whacked away at my poor butt. After a few long minutes of this humiliating agony she finally let me go pushing me off of her. Getting up she pointed her finger at me threatening, “Just wait till your father gets home!” as I lay there naked & crying on the floor with a stinging raw red butt, and my brother just standing there with a sly smirk on his face. Trying to cover myself I got up and pushed him out of my doorway slamming the door in his face.

The next morning when my Dad got wind of what had happened I got a ration of shit from him too. I got grounded and he said that the next time, if there ever was a next time my punishment would be worse than anything that happened this time around.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 05:56:59 PM
Name: JJ
Subject: High School Catfight
Message:When I was 17 and in high school there were a lot of girls that hated me because of the way I looked. Boys chased me all the time because I was petite, very pretty and had big tits for my body size. That made a lot of girl very jealous of me. I was dark haired with hazel eyes and often liked to dress in tight sexy clothes. I admit I was a bit conceited because of all the attention I got from boys, and even some of the male teachers at my high school. I think Mr. Lorenzo the gym teacher even had a crush on me by the way he used to act around me. There was one boy in particular named Joe Centello that I though was hot, but was going out with a girl named Katie Garcia. He often flirted with me and I fancied that one day I would have an opportunity to go out on a date with him, in spite of Katie. Katie knew this and hated me for this reason. Katie was pretty but a tough talking girl who had a click of friends she did everything with. I saw her get into a fight once with another girl after school and she really beat her ass bad giving her a black eye and a bloody nose.

One rainy day when I was a sophomore I was walking back from lunch in the parking lot alone when Katie and three friends confronted me in the parking lot about my flirtations with Joe. The parking lot at our high school was very large and I was at the far end when they rushed me. I was wearing a tight mini skirt and white t-shirt that day. I was walking back after lunch when Katie started talking shit to me as I walked out of a row of cars. She called me a slut who was trying to sleep with her boyfriend. As she cursed at me three more of her other friends jumped me and held me while Katie got right in my face. Katie's friends grabbed me and held my arms back so Katie could have her way with me and humiliate me without resistance. When I realized that Katie, Brenda, Melissa, and Dawn were all rushing me it scared me to death. Brenda was a heavyset tomboy type of girl. Some people at school thought she was a lesbian. Melissa and Dawn were on the girls gymnastic team, along with Katie. All four were bigger and stronger than me. When they jumped me holding my arms back Katie spit in my face and then slapped me in the face twice hard. I was shocked, but pissed too and told all of them to go fuck themselves. After Katie slapped again they threw me down on the ground hard and as I landed on my ass I felt my skirt zipper tear at the back. They were all over me. As I struggled to get up my panties were showing and ripped skirt began to slip off. Brenda was laughing at this and the more I struggled the more my skirt slipped off. Brenda was yelling “Ooh look at the panties bitch!” I fought and tried to pull it up but as I did Katie grabbed it and tore it completely off me leaving me lying there now in only my panties completely embarrassed on the wet ground. Katie's friends kept me down writhing around on the ground while she continued to slapped me . I tried to fight back but it was useless. I screamed and told them to get off of me but they would not let me go. Katie's 3 friend's had my arms completely held down so I could not fight back or even protect myself. I was helpless. All three of them laughed at me as I squirmed around on the dirt wet ground in only my panties and shirt. It was then that Brenda started yelling for Katie to take my panties off too. She said, “Let’s strip the bitch naked.” Katie grabbed the waistband of my panties and yanked them down hard. She proceeded to pull them off me completely as I struggled there in horror helpless to stop it from happening. Now, there were a few other kids gathering around watching. I cried and begged them to stop as I lied there bottomless but they only laughed. I screamed for help but there were no adults around and no one there would help. I could not believe it. They all just watched enthralled in my humiliation doing nothing! Brenda was laughing and saying that I was a whore and that everyone could see my pussy. She was loving it. Even some of the kid’s gathering around were smirking now as I struggled there with no pants in front of them all. They held my arms tightly so I could not even cover myself. Brenda and Melissa dragged me over to a wet grassy area at the corner of the parking lot and pushed me down in the mud. Katie picked up a big clump of muddy grass and rubbed it in my face. Then she slapped me in the face. Brenda and Melissa continued to hold me and I then noticed Dawn now laughing and taking pictures of my humiliation with a camera. Brenda reached around and yanked my muddy wet shirt up above my bra while she flashed off pictures of me muddy, naked & sobbing. Brenda asked the other kids if they wanted to see my tities too. There were as many as 12 kids gathered around me now trying to get a good look at the show. Some yelled “Yeah!” as they jeered loudly. With a sly smirk on her face Katie yanked my shirt up over my shoulders. Brenda and Melissa helped wrestle my shirt off my arms as I cried uncontrollably. Now I stood there in front of the laughing crowd muddy wet and totally naked except for my bra. I begged Katie to give my clothes back. She told me she would think about it if I took my bra off now and got down on all fours right there in the mud in front of them all, and squealed like a pig. I sobbed and said no and she told me they were going to beat the shit out of me real bad if I did not so, in utter humiliation I did. Hysterically crying I unclipped my bra and took it off. Brenda yanked it out of my hands before I even got it completely off and was yelling, “Look at the buck naked slut!”, over and over. Now completely naked in the cold, I got on all fours and squealed as everyone just laughed. I was sobbing more than ever now. Brenda told me to bow down and kiss her feet while reaching back with my arms and spreading my ass cheeks as wide as I could so everyone could see my pussy and anus. They made me stay like that telling me to pull my ass apart harder & harder as Dawn took pictures. I begged them to just let me go but they still would not. I was encircled now by the small crowd who seemed to be enjoying my perverted humiliation. No one was stopping them and there were still no teachers around. I couldn’t believe that no one would help. Katie told me to stick one of my own fingers all the way up my asshole and then pull it out and put it in my mouth and suck on it. The moment I hesitated she grabbed me by the hair and yelled “Do it now!” I had no choice so I did it. She was having the time of her life humiliating me this way. I began to wish I would just die instead of endure this public display of humiliation any longer. Katie tore my shirt in half and threw it in the mud in front of me. “Stay away from my boyfriends bitch!” she yelled at me and all three then grabbed clumps of mud & grass off the ground and rubbed it all over me. All four walked away laughing leaving me naked, cold and humiliated in the parking lot in broad day light in front of the small gathering. I heard Melissa say loudly “There’s gonna be some nice pictures floating around the school tomorrow!” as she walked away. Sobbing I grabbed my torn shirt trying to cover myself up in vain and ran through the parking lot naked and ashamed. It was then that Mr. Lorenzo saw me. He ran up and asked me what happened as he ogled at my naked and filthy body with a shocked look on his face. Shivering and sobbing, I told him what happened and he covered me as well as he could with his coat. He took me home in his car after that. All I had was his coat so he got some really good looks at me naked. As shocked as he was I am sure it was a thrill to see my naked 17 year old body in front of him. It was the most humiliating experience of my life.

The next day Katie, Brenda, Melissa, and Dawn were expelled from school for what they did to me. I was so ashamed that I could not go back for weeks. My friend told me that although the girls were thrown out of school somehow the pictures that Dawn had took of me being stripped, beaten and humiliated were circulating around the school anyway. She showed me one she came across where I was on my hands and knees in the grass muddy and naked crying hysterically. You could clearly see my naked tits and ass and Katie laughing in the background. It was so humiliating to know that everyone would sooner or later know about it, and even see the pictures. I never lived that day down and eventually moved far away after graduating.


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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:48:38 AM
Name: wd
Subject: pantsing
Message:Hi,This pantsing involved my cousin,we were walking around town when we met some of my cousins friends,they got talking about a stuck up girl at school and how it was rumoured that she didn't wear underwear,and as we walked around one of her friends spotted the girl they were talking about,she was really good looking about 5'2 long blond hair and a really nice looking butt,my cousins friends dared her to pull the girls shorts down so that we could see whether or not she did wear underwear,my cousin is the type that if you dare her to do something she will,soshe snuck up behind the girl and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down,the rumours were true as her beautiful firm behind was on full display,and it looked as though she sunbathed in the nude as she had a perfect tan on her behind,she screamed and pulled her shorts up and she yelled at my cousin that she would pay,I have more stories to share if other people post as well.
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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:47:15 AM
Name: Dan
Subject: Strip Poker Humiliation
Message:I was at my friend's house party a few weeks ago. His parent's had gone out of town so the house was all ours. There were 2 new freshman girls Meg and Lindsay there who were really cute and obviously trying to fit in with our group. They both were wearing cut off shirts. Meg was wearing hip hugger jeans with her panties showing from the back and Lindsay was wearing black leggings that hugged her perfect little ass.

We were all drinking a lot and goofing around in my friend's basement den. They obviously didn't party much because they were getting pretty drunk and flirty my friend Jim and I. At one point Meg and me were even grabbing and tickling each other. She was pretty tipsy and slurring her words by this point. Jim pulled out a deck of cards and suggested to the girls that we play a game of strip poker. There were 7 of us; 4 guys, Julia (Jim's sister), and the 2 freshman girls. The rule was that the game didn't end until one of us was completely naked. The 2 young girls were pretty apprehensive about it at first but we pushed them into playing by telling them if they didn't play they would have to leave the party. They both reluctantly agreed after some convincing.

At first the game went really slow. Shoes, socks, belts were coming off, nothing really exciting. We all had been losing and winning pretty evenly up to this point. It had gotten to the point now where most were down to their pants, shirts, and underwear. Lindsey was the first girl to lose her shirt. She reluctantly removed her shirt exposing her black lace bra to everyone. She had nice little titties! After several more hands it had gotten to the point where 2 guys, Meg and Lindey had lost their shirts, and Julia was still fully clothed. The next hand Lindsey lost again, but instead of taking off her leggings she took off her bra for some reason! She was sitting there topless with her arm over her tits. It was really cool. Then Meg lost the next 2 hands in a row and had to take her shirt and jeans off. Red faced from embarrassment she reluctantly took her shirt off exposing her white little bra. She didn't want to take her jeans off but we all started screaming that she had to and could not quit now. Reluctantly she unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled out of them too. Things could not have been going better. She was now standing there in only her little white panties and bra. I high-fived Jim as we all laughed at the near naked girls sitting there looking quite embarrassed.

The next hand was the clincher. Poor Lindsey had lost again. We all burst out laughing telling her it was time for her to take her pants off. Now very embarrassed she pleaded with us to keep her pants on. She revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties and wanted to quit the game. She threw her cards down and started to get up. Everyone was really drunk at this point. Whooping and hollering we all were yelling that she had lost, wasn't allowed to quit now and she had to take off her pants. We started chanting, "Take off your pants!" over and over and as she was backing away from the table Julia crept up behind her and yelled, "YOU LOSE" and yanked down her leggings! She screamed and tried to pull them up as fast as she could, but Julia held them down and we all jumped in and wrestled her to the floor yanking her leggings totally off as she wriggled around on the floor naked. Lindsey was laying there completely naked now on the floor trying to cover up her private parts. You could see her trimmed little snatch, and hot little ass. We were all laughing at her and her face was totally red with embarrassment and humiliation. She yelled give me my clothes back! But Jim grabbed both girls clothes and held them. Meg had been sitting there silently in her underwear the whole time probably hoping the focus would not shift over to her. Lindsey tried to run after Jim but I blocked the stairs. "Oh no your not going anywhere!" I told her. Lindsey continued to plead with me for her clothes back as she stood there shuttering in naked humiliation. Julia and the rest of the guys were all snickering and making comments now. I told her that she could have her clothes back only if she got on all fours and barked like a dog for us all. She stood there just looking so pissed off and embarrassed for a bit and someone yelled, "What are you waiting for? Just do it!" while the other laughed. Slowly she got down on all fours on the ground. Well all got great shots of her ass and snatch as she sheepishly barked a few times. She then got up quickly and demanded her clothes back. I turned to the group and said "I don't know guys what do you say?" Before anyone answered Julia piped in and said, "Come on guys, the funs over, just give her clothes back already". Jim went and got their clothes and threw them down the stairs into the basement. They both quickly scrambled to get their clothes back on in front of us all and left pretty quickly. We were all laughing about it still days later.

I will post more if others participate too. I am sure at least some of you have stories that can relate. Don't be shy! :-)

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:45:23 AM
Name: JJ Walker
Subject: Mean Prank on Drunk Sis
Message:When I was 18 my step-sister (who was 18 too) came home drunk one night while my parents were out late at some big social gathering. My step sister was really good looking but a stuck up bitch. She had always put me down and had belittled me with her arrogant attitude. She had gone to a outdoor keg party out in the woods with some school friends and apparently she had drank way to much. I mean she was absolutely fucked up. She mumbled something to me and a buddy who was over and then wandered down the hall to her room.

Intrigued, my buddy and I followed her. She stopped off in the bathroom on the way. She walked in, closed the door and we could hear her taking a massive pee inside. A few moments later she came out -- and she was totally bottomless!!! Our eyes -- especially my buddy's -- popped open at the sight of her pussy. She didn't even acknowledge us. She just stumbled past wearing nothing but her shirt. We looked in the bathroom and there were her pants and panties laying bunched up by the toilet. She must have dropped them to pee and then just left them there.

We smiled at each other and followed her naked ass to her room. My buddy couldn't keep his eyes off it. I thought she would close the door but she didn't. She just wandered in and walked around her room like she was looking for something. After a moment she gave up and suddenly whipped off her shirt. She was standing there in her bra only, otherwise naked!

She didn't bother getting her pajamas on, she just went to her bed and plopped on her stomach. In just seconds she passed out because we could hear her snoring. Realizing the prime opportunity here I ran and got the digital camera and came back in with my buddy to snap off a few prize photos. She was face
down on the bed and we silently took various pictures of her ass and face
as close as we could without accidentally waking her. I even got a cucumber out of the kitchen positioned it in her hand and took a few choice pics of her this way! It looked like she had been doing her self with the cucumber and then fell asleep. We both did all we could to keep from bursting out laughing.

At that point my buddy moved in quietly and stood next to her bed. He
looked at her ass and shook his head. He told me she looked fantastic and
had been fantasizing about seeing her naked. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to actually see it. Little did he know that this was my dream come true too. My step sister was fine, and I had always secretly lusted after her bod. Especially her tight round ass that now lay naked before me! He looked up and asked if he minded if he touched her ass. I said go for it.

He softly ran his hands over her naked ass and got the biggest grin I
have ever seen. He squeazed her butt cheek gently just enough to see her
butt crack spread a bit. We both got a good look at her pretty little asshole and snatch. He told me if I wasn't there he would whip out his dick and jack off.

I poked my sister in the shoulder once and said her name to test just how out she was. She didn't respond. I then tried it again harder shaking her and telling her to wake up. This time she breathed a bit differently but remained out cold.

I leaned down and rubbed my face on her smooth cheeks. I was so turned on. I pulled her buttcheeks apart and told my friend to take a few choice pics of me yanking her ass wide open. He looked at me and asked if I was sure. I said yeah, she's totally passed out. She won't know. With her ass spread wide he flashed off like 10 pictures of her fine smooth bunghole.

My sister didn't even aknowledge that this was being done to her! We both
were grinning from ear to ear at how perverted this was. I had visions of rubbing my cock up and down between her ass cheeks till I blew a load on her ass, or even better sticking my dick in her asshole to see how far I could get. Me and my buddy could have a field day with her and no one would know... if I really had the guts to go through with something like that.

Why don't you turn her over, I suggested. He gently turned her over onto
her back and revealed her pussy and white bra. She was still snoring. He
looked at me for approval aas he reached down and undid the bra clasp in
front. The bra popped open revealing her small breasts and perky nipples.
He rubbed his hands over her boobies and down to her pubes. He was so excited he started to shake.

After a few more moments of feeling her up I could see where this was heading and felt totally guilty. I told him that my parents we going to be back any minute and we'd better just leave her alone. I told him that if he would promise to keep it a secret I would give him copies of all the pictures we had taken. He agreed eagerly of course. Cracking up, we walked out and closed the door with a big smiles on our faces. I was doing my best to rush him out of the house now using my folks as an excuse.

After getting rid of him I was so turned on I could not help but walk back into her room and just gaze at her fine little naked body layed out before me. At this point I pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock to the thoughs of her naked body. I already felt like I was going to cum! I touched my stiff cock to her face and rubbed it gently across her lips. How bad would it be to blow a load all over her face and have her wake up in the morning with my dried cum all over her having no idea what happened. That might be going a little to far though! Instead I gently rolled her over and rubbed my face against her smooth round asscheeks. On my hands and knees I rubbed my face on her ass while jerking myself off. I then climed up and straddled her and started rubbing my stiff cock up and down her buttcrack on the outside. Crazed with lust I slid my
throbbing rod up and down humping her beauiful ass. The precum was providing plenty of lubricant now. I was actually humping my step sister naked hiney and she was so drunk she had no clue. I pumped my dick up and down a few more times and felt the surge. I didn't want to come yet but could not help it. My cum squirted out gushing onto her ass cheeks. I had not meant to do that and pulled away as fast as I could squirting the rest across her back. It was the most awesome feeling cumming all over my sisters rear end. I watched the gooey cum dribble down her backside as she lay there unaware.

Just then I heard my parents car pulling into the driveway. In a total panic I wiped her back off and then covered her with a blanket and bolted out of the room yanking my pants back up & closing the door behind me. What a close call! I ran to my bedroom, turned the lights off, and jumped under the covers. I heard my parents talking and moving around in the in the house at this point. Moments later I heard my door slowly open. My Dad called to me to see if I was awake. I didn't answer acting dead asleep.

My buddy still brings it up all the time. We have never told anyone else about it though.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:44:00 AM
Name: wd
Subject: wrestling match I witnessed
Message:Hi,I witnessed this a few years ago,I was at my cousins she was 16 and she and her friend who was also 16 decided they would wrestle and they wanted me to referee,my cousin was wearing a dark blue shirt and black shorts and her friend was in a yellow shiert and pink shorts,so they started wrestling when my cousins friend pulls her shirt off revealing her white bra,I couldn't believe it,my cousin screamed and said fine you want a sstrip match lets go,first to strip the other naked wins,and she grabbed her friends shorts and pulled them down and off revealing purple panties,her friend screamed and tried to get away but my cousin grabbed her panties and pulled them off revealing her friends nice ass she turned and grabbed my cousins bra and pulled and the clasp let loose revealing her big white boobs and pink erect nipples,then my cousin went face down on the floor trying to cover up,this was a mistake as her friend got on her back and pulled her shorts down revealing her dark blue panties,my cousin rolled over and got on top of her friend and pulled her shirt off revealing a white bra with pink flowers.I was getting really excited as I couldn"t believe my luck,they rolled around the floor and finally my cousin grabbed her friend s bra and pulled it off revealing her tiny boobs,as her friend was not well endowed,but I enjoyed seeing anyways,so my cousin said I win so I raised her arm and as I did her friend pulled her panties down revealind my cousins beautifull butt and her light brown pubic hair,after that I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off,it was great,my cousin had some other experiences that I was witness to and I will gladly share,this is a great board and I look forward to seeing more stories.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:36:10 AM
Name: From the Web
Subject: Deskirted At Friends House
Message:I started at a new school this year and my parents insisted I go to a private school where you have to wear a school uniform. It sucks because my best friend Jenny now goes to a different school where you don’t have to wear a uniform. Since my older sister attended the same school years before they just gave me her uniform to wear, so I got stuck with a used skirt to make things worse. On top of that on the first day the skirt snap broke during 2nd period so I had to fasten it back together with a pin to keep it from falling off me. It barely worked and I had to walk around school all day like that.

Anyway, after school I stopped by Jenny’s house on the way home to see how her first day was. When I got there, her and her brothers saw me and were all laughing and poking fun at my school skirt. First her brother kept playfully flipping the skirt up saying he wanted to see what I was wearing underneath. It was all in good fun at first, but then Jenny jumped in too trying to lift my skirt so I told them the skirt button was broken and they needed to quit messing with it or it would come apart again. Instead of stopping they all started pulling and messing with it even more so I got mad and went to leave. For some reason Jenny kept on picking on me and chased after me laughing and yanking at the back of my skirt even harder. Before I could even react the pin came lose and my skirt fell ½ way down my hips low enough to expose my panties to her and her brothers before I could get a hold of it and pull it back up. Her brothers fully saw my white cotton panties and both started whistling and laughing which was totally embarrassing. I was really mad now so I cursed at them and stormed away holding my skirt up around my waist. Instead of letting me leave they chased after me pulling at my skirt as I tried to run away. Before I could make it to the front door they caught me and pulled my skirt off leaving me in only my shirt and panties. Then, laughing her head off at my embarrassing situation, Jen started ticking me as I tried my best to get away from her fully on display in only my panties. I couldn’t believe how mean she was being to me. It seemed like the more mad and embarrassed I got the more they all liked it. Her and her 2 brothers all jumped me and were tickling me without mercy as I rolled around on the floor trying to get away. They were yanking at my shirt and panties playfully trying to pull then off too now. I was so mad, but also hysterically laughing from all the tickling as I swung and kicked at them with everything I had. I felt someone pull my panties up my butt crack from behind, and at one point one of the brothers pulled my shirt up all the way to my arm pits exposing my bra and started dragging me across the floor that way, causing my panties to slide down my hips till ½ my butt and my kitty was almost exposed. Finally I managed to kick and scream enough to get them to let go of me. They were all laughing their heads off as I stood up trying to pull my panties back up and get my shirt back in place. I grabbed my skirt and went running out of the house in only my panties just to get away from them. I was so mad I didn’t talk to Jenny for a long time. She finally called an apologized for doing that to me, acting like it was really no big deal. It was hard to forgive her, especially since her brothers got to see me stripped ½ naked. It took me a while but I got over it eventually.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:34:10 AM
Name: Shorts From the Web
Subject: Summer Camp Pantsings
Message:Last summer me and some of my friends were in a camp that goes everyday to a public pool. Its a co ed camp. Some me and my friends were hanging around with these guys also in the camp in the pool and one of them splashed my friend. She went to hit him and as he swam away she grabbed his suit and pulled it down to his knees. We all laughed they the boys decided to come after us. There were 5 of us and 4 of them but only 2 of us, me and my friend Steph, were wearing two piece bathing suits. Neither of us did the pantsing. Well Steph swam ahead of me then one of the boys grabbed me and held my arms up and his friend went under water and pulled my bottoms down to my shins and if I hadn’t kicked free I think he would have taken them off. That was bad but Steph got it worse. As she climbed out the pool one of the boys grabbed her suit and pulled it down exposing her butt to anyone who happened to be looking! It was a fun summer though and there were other pantsing games.

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by Amanda182
Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:29:57 AM
Name: Dan
Subject: Sister PJ Pantsed
Message:My younger step sister has been turning into a real flirt. We have always been pretty close and now that she is 16 she is turning out to be a very cute girl. I even have to admit it. Most of my friends have already commented on what a little hotty she is turning out to be. It gets quite annoying sometimes to tell you the truth.

Last Sunday morning while my parents were out I was in the den watching TV when my step sister came in. I was wearing only flannel PJ type pants and underwear. No shirt. My sister was wearing new pink silk pajamas that she had gotten for her birthday. The size wasn’t quite the right fit for her so the pant legs were about 4 inches or so too long. When she walked around in them she literally was tripping on the extra length that hung off the legs. Since they were primarily for sleeping she had kept them anyway. I guess she really like them.

Like I mentioned already my sister had been acting quite “feisty” as of late. As I stood there in front of the TV with remote in hand flipping through the channels I felt my sister staring at me. As I turned to her I caught her eyeing my package, which was quite visible through my thin flannels, before quickly looking away. I didn’t think much of it and went back to my TV business when my sister said, “Hey Dan?”

“What?” I replied annoyed.

“You want to hear a new poem I just made up?” she asked.

With a real cock-eyed look on my face I smartly replied “Yeah, I guess. Do I have a choice?” I had no idea where she was going with this.

“OK here goes”, she said with a sly smirk on her face. “Life’s not right, life’s not fair, let’s pull down your underwear!” she rhymed with glee, and just as she finished saying it she quickly yanked my flannel pants down. My underwear came down with it totally exposing me (front & back) for a few seconds before I got a chance to get a hold of them.

“Hey!” I snapped, as I tried to pull them up, while she still continued to try to pull them down. “What the hell? Quit it!” I yelled. She was laughing and we struggled like that for probably about 10 or 15 seconds before she finally gave up and let go of the waistband.

“Ha-ha, I saw your thingy!” she laughed. “Sorry I didn’t mean to get your underwear too” she snickered. She had a shit-eating grin on her face still.

“Sure you didn’t” I replied with an annoyed tone. “You know pay back’s a bitch, Tina”

I turned to grab her as she tried to sprint away, and managed to get her arm before she got out of the den. I went to grab her waistband but she fell on the floor in the struggle. I was grabbing at her as she pleaded for me to stop, and with all the grabbing and kicking I finally managed to get a hold of her overly long silk PJ legs bottoms.

“Dan, stop it!” she pleaded as I pulled on her pant legs harder & harder now dragging her on her butt on the carpet as she desperately tried to hold her pants on. “I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean to pull them all down! I was only joking!”

“Apology NOT accepted” I shot back, as I yanked on the PJ bottoms hard whipping her legs back and forth.

“Dan no!!” she yelped. “I’m not… wearing… any underwear!” I now had the silk PJ bottoms halfway down her hips, and I could see half her ass. She was desperately trying the keep her crotch area covered but I was definitely winning the battle.

“Nooo!” she screamed as I gave her PJ bottoms one last big yank. She lost her grip and the pants whisked right off her legs leaving her completely naked from the waist down lying on the floor. The sight of her smooth skin, hot ass, her pubes, and the embarrassed look on her face as she tried to cover up was just awesome. She crouched on the floor now in almost a fetal position trying to cover up in vain.

“Give me my pants back you jerk!” she whimpered.

“Nope, I don’t think so” I said as I stood there with her PJ bottoms in my hand. . Now I was the one smirking from ear to ear. “You’re a brat, and like I said paybacks a bitch isn’t it? I think I’ll just keep these now” I said as I took her PJ bottoms and threw them behind the couch. It would be a real pain in the ass trying to fish them out from behind there! My bottomless step sister now tried to make a break for the door, but I jumped in front of her before she could get out of the room. She was standing there pulling her silk PJ shirt down and trying to cover her front & back with her hands. I still was getting some good looks of her nakedness.

“Let me go, ass!” she now whined with more desperation as she tried to push past me.

“Get back in here” I said as I drug her bottomless and kicking over to the couch. I was now getting real turned on and wanted to extend her naked humiliation as long as I could.

“Dan! Quit! Let me go already! Stop it” she continued.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what” Now seeing how far I could push her I said, “Take your shirt off too, and I will let you go.”

“F*ck you! Let me go already as*hole!” She was getting all fired up now. .

“OK then, brat. Brats get spanked so those are your choices now. Take you shirt off and get completely naked, or I’ll give your butt a real good spanking”

“F*ck off Dan” she fired back. “I’m not going to take my shirt off!”

“OK then” I said sarcastically, as I grabbed her to bend her over my lap. “Guess it’s a whooping for you butt girl” I snickered as she struggled wildly. I got some great feels of her naked ass, and legs, and hips as I forced her face down over my lap. I pinned her down as her legs kicked around and smacked her on her butt playfully a few times. Her ass was so sweet I couldn’t help but give it a little caress or two and I even pulled her butt cheeks apart a bit to get a good look at her pussy. I had a stiff one in my pants now.

“OK, OK I give up!” she said. “I’ll do it. I’ll take my shirt off, just let me go already,” she pleaded. I pushed her off of me onto the floor again. With a shamed look on her face she began to pull her shirt up & off of. As she slid it off her pretty little boobies became exposed. She threw her shirt on the floor and sat there naked holding her breasts.

“There are you happy?”

“Not really. Stand up. Stand up with your arms extended” I demanded in my cockiest of tones.

“Grrrrrr” she grunted in frustration. Angrily she stood up in front of me completely naked now so I could fully view her from head to toe. I could not believe this was happening. It was absolutely thrilling. Her beautiful boobs, her flat tummy, her ass, and bush completely naked and exposed for me.

“Repeat after me” I commanded her. “I am sorry for trying to pants you and will never try anything like that again. Say it”.

If looks could kill, I would have been 6ft under now for the dirty look she was giving me.

After a few moments of silence she repeated, as she stood there in naked humiliation, “I am sorry for trying to pants you and will never do it again. There, I said it.” She was now trying to cover herself with her hands again.

With that I snickered at the amazing turn of events and walked out of the den leaving my sister buck naked having to fish her own PJ’s out from behind the couch. I went into the bathroom and was so turned on I jerked myself off to gut wrenching orgasm.

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Wednesday, October 13th 2004 - 09:28:21 AM
Name: More Stories
Message:Last summer, me and a couple of my friends were at a lake house in Vermont. Me, Bill & Tom were around 17 at the time. There were some really hot new girls out there that summer. Well, one day, we were all on a new neighbors motorboat water skiing. This new girl, Jacqui had a crush on Tom and invited him on her boat, and we all came along with him. She was also around our age and was driving the boat. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini and was smoking hot with a tan slim tummy and a great ass. My friends and I took turns water-skiing this course we made with buoys. Jaqui seemed to be acting extra silly with Tom screwing around and flirting with him. She made Tom a bet
that if she skied the course faster than him he would have to take his swim trunks off right in front of her. Tom's a good skier so he laughed at the challenge. She skied first, with Tom driving and she actually did really good to all our surprise. She nailed the course in 17 seconds. When it was Tom's turn she drove. A soon as he got up out of the water, she nail the throttle way to hard on purpose and caused Tom to wipe out. Tom called fowl but she said that she had won fair and square. Tom told her no way, but she would not stop badgering him about having to take his trunks off. At one point she even said that if he didn't we would all have to get off her boat right there and swim back. It was way out on the lake too. Well, after a few minute of that we all got pissed, so we decided to "revolt" and take control of the boat. Tom jumped her grabbing her around the
waist pinning her arms to her sides. I took some spare line and tied her hand behind her back and her feet together. Tom had his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming and making a scene. Bill drove the boat to this secluded area on the other side of the lake while Jaqui wiggled around on the deck. We weren't planning on doing any real harm to her but just wanted to teach her a lesson. Tom said that since she cheated she lost by default and she would now have to be the one to take her bikini bottoms off. He said if she didn't we were going to do it for her and then throw her in the water right there and she would have to swim back. It was so far that there was no way she could have, and we were not really going to make her do it. We just wanted her to think that. She still refused to give in so as punishment we decided to tickle her till she gave in. I held my hand over her mouth while Tom began ticking her sides, and stomach. She was shrieking and struggling around wildly. We all took turns tickling her all over her belly, her sides, her armpits, ribs, feet, legs till she was begging for us to stop. She still refused to give in so we all jumped in at the same time ticking her and now getting more bold, grabbing her upper thighs and butt here and there. Her bikini bottom had gotten all shifted around in all the struggling and one side was pulled up her butt, and the waistband was slipping down on the other side so you could barely see the top of her butt crack. I could not hold back and longer so I grabbed the back of her suit bottoms and pulled them down. We slid them all the way down her legs to her ankles and left her on the deck hogtied with her bikini bottoms down around her feet. Tom kept tickling her while we all got a free show watching her wiggle around bottomless. Her front and back totally exposed. Bill had one of those disposable cameras and snapped a few choice shots. Her hot little body squirming around helpless was an awesome sight. In between gasps she was insisting that we quit and let her go but Tom would not till she gave in and admitted she cheated and was the real loser. Finally she did so we untied her, but before she got totally lose Tom took her bikini bottoms and threw them overboard into the water. She was so pissed at us since no one would help her and she had to jump in herself and get them back. Tom told her if she went back and told anyone we would make sure the pictures got out to all her friends. We were all still afraid that she was going to say something when we got back but I guess she never did. We would see her out on the lake everyday, but we were never invited back on her boat again either.
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Name: From The Web
Subject: Wrestling Sister
Message:My friend and me were wrestling in my basement when my step sister (16 years) came in and said she would beat who ever won our match. We wrestle a lot and laughed at the thought of her challenging us to wrestle. We thought it was a joke. I won the match so she said she'd wrestle me, and the winner would have to kiss the losers ass. At first I though it would be a piece of cake to beat her but as soon as we started really wrestling she got me in a headlock and took me down hard. I tried to play dirty and pull her shorts down to get lose but she bent my arm behind my back and sat on me. I was in major pain and could not get lose so I had to give in. It was embarrassing, and on top of that my sister was pissed at me for pulling her shorts down so before she would let my arm go she made me stand up and she forcibly pulled my shorts and underwear down in front of my friend who was totally laughing at me. It was the first time she and my friend had ever seen my ween*r. She slapped my naked butt a few times and then, with my arm still wrenched up behind me, made me bend over, apologize, and then kiss her ass. It was so humiliating.

Later that night my sister came into my bedroom and asked if I was really mad about the wrestling match earlier. Of course I was and I didn't even want to talk to her really. She asked me if I wanted a rematch. She said if I won she would let me take all her clothes off, but if I lost I would have to also. I wanted to kick her ass and get revenge bad so I gladly said yes. She was in a nightshirt and panties only, and it was easy to tell she had no bra on either so I was looking forward to it. This time I wasn't going to go easy on her like I made the mistake of doing last time. We started and the first thing she did was try to get me in a headlock again. This time though I spun around her quick and took her down to the floor by the waist. We both landed on the floor and rolled around for a while trying to get an advantage. She got some leverage and rolled over on me pinning me on my back with her ass right in my face trying to sit on my face and pin my arms and legs to the carpet. In a 69 position she smashed her crotch down on my face smoothing me with her ass while laughing her head off at me. I couldn't believe my sister in only her panties was sitting on my face. Part of her panties had ridden up her butt crack so a lot of her smooth round cheek was exposed as she smothered me with her warm crotch. I was getting a stiff one now. Before she could pin me down I quickly pulled her arms out from under her and shoved her forward scissor locking her head in my crotch so she could not get loose. I had her face now locked between my legs buried in my crotch, pressed against my hard d*ck in my shorts, and I had both her arms pulled behind her so she could not push herself off. Her shirt had slid all the way forward and I could fully see her boobies hanging down. She was struggling but I could tell she was not really wrestling as hard as last time. It seemed like she was almost letting me win on purpose. I didn’t care and wanted to fully beat her, and make her get naked too. She was laughing and saying, “stop it” and “let me go”, and “oh my God you are so sick” over and over while we struggled with her face rubbing against my big fat hard d*ck in my shorts. I had no underwear on and I think she was acting like she was being forced, but really liked it in truth. “Say you give in!”, I kept saying but she would not. I reached up and pushed my finger in her ass crack (through her panties) and said if she didn’t give in I was going to shove my finger all the way up her ass. With her face still smothered and rubbing all over my hard on I started to pull her panties aside and she finally mumbled that she gave in, and to let her go. I let her go and she rolled over on the floor, as we both tried to catch our breath. She laid on her back with her arms out and said, “Ok, just do it”. You won. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I grabbed her panties and slid them down her beautiful hips, thighs, and off her feet, and then pulled her shirt up and off. She just lied there naked in front of me, and then rolled over on her stomach too. “There, are you happy now?” she said with a smirk on her face.

Now to even more of my surprise, she said, “Ok, now I get to wrestle for my clothes back. If I win I get my clothes back, and you have to get naked. You ready?”

… to be continued..

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Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:46:29 PM
Name: Dan
Subject: My Step Sister: Caught in the Act
Message:When I was only 5 my dad divorced my mom. When I was 12 he wound up re-marrying another woman who had a daughter a few years older than me. Me & my step-sister Tina grew up as normal brother & sister.

As we both began to mature I came to realize that she was hot, no two ways about it. I grew up in a small town and all the guys used to always make commentary on what a hottie she was. Overall we got along as well as a sister and younger brother could I guess even though she was a bit conceded. She was into ballet dancing, and on the cheerleading squad so she was in really good athletic shape and she could stretch and do splits like no one else I knew. Her ass was amazing I have to admit. Like I said she knew she had a hot body so she could be a real tease when she wanted to be. She wore tight short shorts a lot during the summer and it was hard not to stare at her awesome ass and legs. At home she often only wore panties and a t-shirt (no bra) to bed. Often at night or in the mornings she would prance around in front of me in only that as if it was no big deal. Silently, I think she would do it on purpose to see if, or how I would react to her. As much as I fought it I have to admit that sometimes I would be going nuts inside seeing her like that.

One Saturday morning I was watching TV in my room when she came in. She was wearing white panties, and a small t-shirt she usually slept in. She often came in my room in the mornings since I had a TV and she did not in her room. This time though I was lying in bed in my underwear under the sheets still sporting morning wood. At first she sat on the bed staring at the TV not paying to much attention to anything else. She then looked at me lying under the covers and I saw her eyes focus on my body.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a smirk. Then quickly she jumped on top of me straddling me and yanked the covers down exposing my underwear and the hard on beneath it.

I yelled “Hey!” and pulled the covers back as fast as I could.

“Are you jerking off? Maybe you want me to leave?”, she laughed.

“No I am not!” I said a little embarrassed, “and besides what’s it to you anyway” I fired back.

“It’s nothing to me believe me,” she said arrogantly.

With that she turned over and flopped herself on the bed on her stomach facing towards the TV (away from me) giving me just the perfect angle to look at her ass. Her panties now had ridden up her round little butt a bit exposing some cheek. Instead of adjusting them back to normal she just left them that way as if she didn’t notice them totally riding up her ass. In the position she was in she must have know what it looked like from my angle. To my disappointment, she then pulled the sheets over her back to cover up. We both lay there under the sheets for a while watching TV. Needless to say my hard-on remained rock hard and my lustful feelings were surging to an all time high. Acting like I was just adjusting my position in bed, I kept lifting the sheet to get glimpses of her panties. After a few very good looks she must have suspected something because she reached her arm back and pressed down on the sheets so I could not lift them up above her ass anymore. I tried a few more times unsuccessfully and then gave in for the moment not wanting to make it look too obvious. She definitely knew what I was up too. She sat there quietly after that for some time as if she was drifting off into sleep. I made another attempt at lifting the sheets up to see if I could cop another look and to my total, and pleasant, surprise she was lying there with her panties now fully wedged up her butt exposing alot of her gorgeous cheeks. Since her butt was only 2 feet or so away from my face I got an extremely revealing look up her backside. I could even see the inside area of her cheeks and some pubes. She was obviously doing this on purpose now just to tease the hell out of me.

At this point I decided to push the issue. I decided to mess with her and see what would happen. I was convinced that she was purposely sticking her ½ naked butt in my face to tease me. Before she could even react, I quickly sprung up throwing the sheets off, hopped on top of her pinning her face down on the bed. I then grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them up real hard as I yelled “wedgie time!!” I purposely pulled them up hard, and then down to mid thigh getting a great look at her naked butt! It was awesome but only lasted a few moments before she sprang up kicking like a bucking bronco throwing me off of her.

“Hey you jerk! What the fuck are you doing?!!” she yelled as she pulled up, and readjusted her panties back to normal.

“Ha-ha I got you real good!” I fired back awkwardly. “You had ½ your butt showing anyway so you deserve it.”

“I did not you perv! I was under the blanket! Why are you staring at my ass anyway? Do you get off on it or something?”

I laughed trying to play it off, “What ever. If you’re going to lie there like that then… whatever… you get what you deserve.” I awkwardly stumbled over my words now trying to play it off like it was no big deal. What could I really say? I sat there with a visible hard-on that was tough to ignore to boot.

“You’re a sick-o. Go jerk your thing off already or something” she snapped as she made reference to the hard-on in my shorts.

She turned around to leave but before she left stopped and said, “Oh, and by the way boner boy, KISS MY ASS!” and with that she dropped her panties and flashed her ass at me for split second before quickly exiting my room. My sister had just mooned me!

I was shocked at this and really turned on at everything that had just happened. After she left I ran over to the door and locked it, and in my extremely horny state dropped my underwear and started stroking my rock hard dick. The thoughts of Tina’s naked body were driving me nuts. My dick was fully erect and hard as a rock as I stroked away on my bed almost ready to cum. It was at this exact moment, to my total shock, that the door swung open and my sister came strolling in again. I could have sworn that I had locked the door properly but apparently I had not. Upon seeing me jerking off, my sister yelped out “Oh my God!” and stood there with her hands over her mouth stunned just staring at me. I jumped up like lightning and grabbed the first thing I could to cover myself up. I could have died from embarrassment. I yelled “Hey I’m changing! Can’t you knock?!?” nervously choking out the words.

“Yeah sure you are!” she fired back as she bust out laughing.

“Get out!” I yelled back standing there with no pants and only a pillow in front of my large boner.

Instead of leaving, she reached over and tried to grab the pillow away, to add further to my complete embarrassment. She yanked at the pillow hard as I struggled wildly to hang on. We both wrestled around a bit, and I started getting pissed at her continued efforts to humiliate me.

“Cut it out! Let go!!” I yelled as she snickered yanking at the pillow. It was impossible to keep myself covered as we struggled so I am sure she got a few choice looks at my erect cock swinging around bouncing off of my stomach every so often. She seemed to be really enjoying herself trying to humiliate me. Finally she succeeded in yanking the pillow away leaving me standing there ½ naked trying to cover my hard-on with my hands. My sister was laughing hysterically at me now.

“Boy do I have some stories to tell my friends now!” she said, as the words echoed through my head. This would just ruin me at school for sure. She threw the pillow down and walked out laughing as I stood there defeated with a rapidly deflating hard on. Oh this was bad. The more I thought about it the worse it got. I would never be able to live this down at school.

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Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:44:51 PM
Name: Cindy
Subject: Tickle Pantsed
Message:My older brother’s girlfriend Shelly always liked to bully me. For some reason she liked to pick on me in different ways to see if she could push my buttons. She like to push me around, tickle me, feel me up, sometime grabbing my butt or boobs just to embarrass me. She was definitely weird when it came to that touching stuff. Secretly I think she was a closet lesbian. One weekend when my parents were out of town my brother had her spend the night. The next morning when I woke up I went downstairs to watch TV in the family room. I was still in my night shirt and panties lying on my stomach on the couch falling asleep when she snuck up behind me and yanked my panties up my butt giving me a surprise wedgie. I jumped up totally startled while she continued to pull up on my panties as I tried to push her off. Just as she let go of them she reach up the front of my shirt trying to grab my boob while laughing at me. I swatted her hand away but not before she got in a good squeeze. I wasn’t wearing a bra either. I was pissed and swung at her but missed. When she saw how mad I was she tried to make amends by apologizing to me and putting her arm around me and saying she was “just messin’ with me”. She asked me to forgive her and I finally cooled off and told her to forget about it. As I walked away from her she said “Hey you got a tag sticking out here” and with that she grabbed the tag on the back of my panties and yanked them down hard. She pulled them down to mid-thigh before I could grab them and pull then back up in a panic. She just stood there laughing at me. I was so mad I felt like punching her but she was older and probably could kick my ass so I held back from trying to hit her and called her a “f’n cunt” in anger. Seeing how mad I was she continued to taunt me saying I was just being a little bitch for acting like such a baby about it. Then she came at me and grabbed me around the waist while I tried to push her off. She started to tickle me as I struggled to get lose. I started screaming for my brother for help and he came over as she continued to tickle the heck out of my sides. He asked what the heck was going on and before I could say anything Shelly broke in and said I was acting like a little baby and she wanted to teaching me a lesson. I was wiggling and laughing so hard that I started begging for her to let me go or I was going to pee in my pants. This made her tickle me even harder. Instead of helping me, my brother jumped in too and grabbed my arms while laughing at me. He got hold of both my arms and held them while Shelly continued to ticking my sides and thighs. Laughing her head off now she grabbed my panties from both sides and yanked them all the way down my legs. I yelped as she slid them completely off leaving me bottomless in the family room in front of my brother. He let me go and I fell to the ground as they both were laughing hysterically at me. Shelly stood there with my panties in her hand and I was so embarrassed I panicked and just ran down the hallway to my room with no pants on trying to cover myself up in vain the whole way. Shelly followed me taunting me the whole way. It was so humiliating…

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Name: From the Web
Subject: Stripped in the Park
Message:Last Friday I was walking home real late from a night at my boyfriend’s house. As I cut through a park a few blocks from my house, a group of rowdy boys I had never seen before spotted me and started shouting at me to come over. I think they were drunk cause they were acting all obnoxious and loud. I tried to hurry and get away from them but they caught up with me. I was wearing a short clingy knit skirt and blouse, dressed kind of slutty for my boyfriend, so they all started whistling and harassing me. They started calling me a slut asking how much I charge and surrounded me so I could not get away. One of them asked if I had any money and I basically told him to f*ck off. He got mad and shove me onto the grass causing my skirt to shift up exposing my thong underwear. They all were whistling and taunting me as I tried to get up and get away from them. They circled all around me laughing. They were shoving and grabbing me all over now and I felt someone pulling my purse away from me. I fought back trying to hang onto it just as some one else pulled my skirt up to my stomach totally exposing my thong panties. While I desperately tried to hang onto my purse I felt my blouse get pulled up now too and then before I knew it someone pulled my skirt totally down to my feet! It got caught around my ankles causing me to stumble and fall to the ground again. I let go of my purse trying to save my skirt from getting taken totally off but I lost both. Wearing only a thong now I was carried further into the park far away from the street. They then held me down, pulled my shirt open and pulled my panties off altogether. They were all taunting me calling me a slut and a whore as I lied there almost totally naked. They took my skirt and panties, all my money, and my phone, and ran off leaving me there with only a ripped shirt. Almost totally naked I had to run 6 blocks home trying to cover up my bare butt, boobies and kitty. I had to cross a few main streets hiding in the bushes and behind trashcans and stuff to avoid being spotted. I even saw a police car at one point but was to afraid to get his attention because I was naked, so I stayed hidden as he passed by me. Thankfully nothing worse than being stripped and robbed happened out of it, although that is bad enough in itself.

Originally Posted on 2003-08-24 17:52:45
by lauraD

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:41:04 PM
Name: From the Web
Subject: Stripped & Spanked at my Birthday
Message:Posted on 2003-04-04 09:43:39
by curiousgirl

I was depantsed several times as a teen girl by other girls. It happened at friends houses and at school. It also happened to other girls too. Some of the depantsings were just funny and playful, but there was one that I really hated and will never live down. When I was 18 I was stripped at my birthday party given at a friends house by about 10 of my friends (luckily all girls) under the pretext of giving me a "birthday spanking", so I thought it would be fun and kind of went along with them, not putting up much resistance. When my clothes had been removed by my friends, things started to go in a different direction than I was expecting. I was tied up, carried around outdoors for about 20 minutes by the other girls, spanked, and not allowed to get dressed for over an hour. My clothes were thrown into the trees in their front yard, and I had to climb or use a rake to shake the branches, and retrieve every piece before I was allowed to put anything back on. All of this was photographed, from the moment they started undressing me, and then my aggressors showed those pictures to a lot of other people both boys and girls who were not there when it happened.

Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:39:23 PM
Name: wendytush
Subject: I was pantsed in high school
Message:this was i think the first time i was ganged up on and pantsed. it happened in high school. I was a little bit overweight and a little bit of a bitch and not too popular. i had gotten this bitch tia in trouble and she was suspended and i guess she wanted to get back at me so she had me set up.

a guy asked me to this party and it was the first one i was invited to (heck truth be told it was the first time a guy asked me out.)i was really happy. and i remember i bought a new corduroy jeans outfit and matching brown corduroy jacket. i was a bit chunky but i thought corduroy jeans looked nice against my ass. i remember spending a while getting myself ready. doing and redoing my hair and make up.

he picked me up and we went to the party. I knew some of the people there and was having a good time. we danced a lot and i saw tia and some of her bitch friends there laughing at me and making fun. i was going to ignore them cause i was on a date and who knows what would happen later. the music was good and we were grooving. I was getting drunk on rum and cokes and kinda lost control of myself. next thing i know I was in the middle of a circle of girls. it was tia and some of her friends and they had me in a circle and they started pushing me around. i was yelling "quit it". i saw my date and a bunch of guys standing on chairs and a couch watching as i was being pushed. the girls were talking trash to me calling me a slut and a whore and next thing i know they were trying to get my pants unbuttoned and pulled down. i started to cry, yelling stop it!!! but eventually the button came undone and my pants were loosened. i kept trying to keep them on my butt but the girls kept pulling until they came down and i was so embarrassed that i dove to the ground trying to keep my panties on and cover. the guys laughed at my granny style white panties. and the girls made a big fuss wanting to know if my pussy hairs were the same color as the hair on my head. they tried to get me up. and then they tried to get my panties off my ass but i wouldnt let em. i thought i was gonna get stripped completely. but finally some guy said enough and picked me up. he got my jeans from a corner and said youd better go. i remember getting up and holding my head high and walking out of the house as everyone laughed at me. god high school was terrible

Originally posted on: Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 12:24:22 PM
Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:20:34 PM
Name: Gao
Subject: Phys Ed
Message:I've posted this story before, but its OT, so here we go...

I threw shot put in my sophmore year of high school. During the winter, shot put is an indoor sport. We threw in the gym, using plastic balls that bounced on the wood floors. Since there wasn't a lot of space, we practiced with the girls team. Now despite what you may be thinking, the girl's shot put team wasn't a bunch of beasts. Most of them had been radonly assigned by the coach and couldn't care less.

One of the girls was a senior with a knockout- full breasts, round ass, and a dark, rich complextion. Since we all couldn't throw at once, shot put practice was usually standing around and talking. No one paid and special attention when this girl entered the ring, and she certainly didn't notice when a friend of hers snuck in the gym behind her. Just as she was winding up for her throw, her friend grabbed her shorts and yanked them down to her ankles!

At this point, most women have dropped the shot put and quickly grabbed their shorts. Maybe this girl wasn't that smart. With her shorts bunched around her ankles, she slowly turned around to see her friend running away, laughing. There were about 30 guys in the gym that day, and we all got a great view of her bright green silk panties from all sides.

Then, whle still holding on to the shot put, she bent down and tried to pull her shorts up with her free hand. The shorts were tight, so it took her at least a minute to pull them up with just one hand. By now I had her panties burned into my memory. Finally, she got the shorts back up. THEN she dropped the shot put and chased after her friend.

The next day I overheard her complaing to a friend about the whole incident. She wasn't upset so much at being exposed, as that she was wearing those bright green panties!

originaly posted: Saturday, March 20th 2004 - 12:20:33 PM
Tuesday, October 5th 2004 - 12:15:51 PM
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