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Teen Girl Pantsing & Stripping Story ARCHIVE 4
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STORIES 1 - 25

A Few Assorted Gems from the Web by Dan
My Experiences.... Part Four by CCRider0012
Don't Pass Out by Party Dude !
My Experiences.... Part Three by CCRider0012
My Experiences.... Part Two by CCRider0012
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Archived Stories Listed Here :75
Name: Dan
Subject: A few assorted gems from the web
Message:When I started college, I was really inhibited and found myself rooming with this wild chick, Stacy, who was my polar opposite. She took it upon herself to try to bring me out of my shell, dragging me to parties and trying to get me to dress less frumpy. I appreciated her efforts even though it put me in some awkward situations, but on my birthday she decided to speed up the process.

I would always wear my long flannel robe and slippers after I showered, even in our room when it was just the two of us, unlike Stacy, who would flounce around in her underwear and sometimes topless. She would tease me about my being so shy, especially when it was just her.

Well, on my B-day, she told me she was going to take me to a nice restaurant for dinner. So I was showering and getting ready and when I got out of the shower I found my robe was gone. So, blushing, I just wrapped a towel around me and stepped out of the bathroom into our room only to see the lights were off. I was groping my way toward the light switch when suddenly the lights came on and there were like 15 girls in the room! They yelled surprise and "Happy Birthday." They even had a cake with candles and all. I guess I should have been flattered at the attention, but I was SO embarrassed at the fact I was only wearing a towel. I was going to grab some clothes and go back into the bathroom to change when suddenly Stacy grabs me and steers me toward the cake.

"Make a wish," she said and I dutifully blew out the candles. I was getting flustered and whispered to her that I needed to get dressed and she suddenly grabs my towel and yanks it off me! Just like that, I was standing in the middle of the room naked as the day I was born! She said, "It's your birthday. Might as well wear your birthday suit!" I screamed and tried to cover myself, but then she grabbed me and steered me toward her bed where she flopped me over her lap and proceeded to spank my bare bottom! She didn't really spank me very hard, (although by the 19th spank my butt was stinging quite a bit) but it was humiliating.

Finally, she let me up and I grabbed the towel and ran back into the bathroom. I locked the door and wouldn't come out until everyone had left. I was really mad at her but kept insisting it was for my own good. "You need to loosen up, darling." I eventually forgave her and the other girls never brought it up since they knew I was embarrassed. I have to admit I did start loosening up and she remained one of my best friends even after college. I guess it was like shock treatment!


I went to a school that required uniforms like blouses and pleated skirts for the girls. At our school there were a lot of different social groups among the kids. There were the popular group which included jocks, cheerleaders, and fully developed sluts. There were the kids who were active in groups, especially drama. There were the kids who were friends with everyone. There were the kids who didn't like to talk much, and at the bottom; there were the geeks, nerds, and other socially challenged people. I was considered a kid who was friends with everyone.

So I was in the bathroom one day getting rid of some MAJOR windblown hair, when this girl named Tina walked in. She was considered one of the socially challenged kids that got picked on often and just stood there taking it.

Just as I was getting ready to leave the bathroom three popular girls walked in, spotted Tina, and walked up to her. They started picking on her. First, they grabbed her books and put them in the sink with the water running. Then they rushed her and started pulling at her uniform. I watched as they roughly pulled and ripped her uniform till she was basically stripped naked, underwear and all! She never once fought back either. Once they had it off of her they took what was left of her clothes and literally ripped them to shreds right in front of her and threw then all over the bathroom mocking and taunting her the whole time.

When they left, I rushed to turn off the taps, and then helped her by getting some clothes to put back on to save her from further humiliation. I guess I could have been a little more helpful if I had tried to step in and stop it earlier but I didn't.

I am guessing was probably her most embarrassing day EVER.


On the last day of school, I had to go over to my old middle school to collect some money from one of the teachers there I had baby sat for. After I saw her I walk outside and saw my old bus driver. She asked if I wanted a ride home since it looked like it was going to rain. So I went and got my stuff and got to the end of the line. I still knew a lot of the kids so things were cool. It was windy and I was wearing a short pleated skirt with my hands full so I wanted to hurry to get on the bus before the wind blew my skirt up. That ended up being the least of my problems.

Once I got on the only open seat was way in the back of the bus. As I was walking back there this one boy had his leg stuck out in the isle. He moved it but put it back right after I took a step past him. Then another boy I didn't know stuck his leg out in the isle right in front of me so I was pretty much trapped in between them. I asked him to move but he didn't, then I heard one of them laugh and say "What are y'all waiting for?". Next thing I know, I feel my shirt get pulled way up above my waist! Then the boy who's leg was blocking me jumps in and pulls the front of my skirt all the way up to my chin! My hands were full so I didn't have time to react fast enough, and as I tried to get away from them the bus made a sudden turn and I ended up falling onto them with my clothes all pulled up and my panties exposed to everyone who could see. As I struggled to get up and get my clothes back in place, someone held my skirt up so I couldn't pull it back down while someone else gave my panties a wedgie and grabbed my butt. Kicking to get up I felt hands all over my crotch, fingers in my butt, and hands slid up and under my bra! I finally shot back up to see all the guys laughing at me. It was embarrassing being taken advantage of by all those younger kids. Once I finally got to my seat there wasn't much room and I had to sit with 1/2 my butt hanging off the edge. I could not even cross my legs and the boys were blatantly trying to look up my skirt the whole rest of the way. I covered as best I could and wished to get home as soon as possible.

It turned out to not be a good day to wear a skirt to school.


I was going to our school's Christmas Ball, and so I chose to wear this lovely blue gown. It was strapless, and went all the way to the floor. Anyway, I got to the ball, and started to dance on the dance floor with my friends, when someone behind me accidentally stepped on the back of my gown. Because it had no straps, my dress was tugged down, and fell all the way to the floor, leaving me standing there wearing nothing but a thong!! I was so embarrassed, I just covered my self up with my hands and ran out of the room to the girl's bathroom, forgetting my dress. Luckily my friends brought it to me, to save me from further embarrassment!


I'm 16, and this happen just a few months ago. I had lost a bet with my friend over who could get a date with this cute boy we both liked a lot. I was sure he'd chose me but he didn't! I was shocked and worst of all I was so confidant I'd win that I had made the bet that the loser had to run through the hall at school stark naked. For some reason there were a lot of school pranks pulled off at our school involving streaking and nudity. Why I do not know, but it happened a lot.

So the day came, and I waited till it was after school had let out (since we never talked about a time it had to be done thankfully!). With my friend waiting out in the hall, I went into the bathroom making sure no one else was in there, and then got naked. I looked out the bathroom door to see if anyone else was around and seeing that the coast was clear I start running. With my boobs bouncing I bolted down the hall as my friend laughed hysterically at me. I turned the corner and BAM! I ran right into a girl in my grade. Seeing me stark naked she started laughing her @$$ off. She caused such a commotion that a teacher who had her door open came out to see what was going on and saw me too. Then others started appearing from doorways too. I was sooo embarrassed I ran back to the bathroom to get dressed but the door was locked! I was horrified. That's when I noticed my friend was gone too. She must have locked me out of the bathroom as a prank. I pounded on the door but there was no answer. What a b@tch! Standing there I didn't know what to do so I took off down the hall in a panic as I heard other's approaching. One of the teachers who came around the corner commanded me to stop immediately in a very loud and threatening voice. Scared I couldn't run outside like this (where would I go?) so, defeated, I stood there stark naked covering my self, basically humiliated, as I was scolded and then marched to the principals office like that. I wasn't even given something to cover up with. Once in the principals office I was made to stand there completely naked again as I got scolded even further. I think they did this on purpose to make an example of me to everyone else. Eventually, when I told them the whole story, they had someone go to that bathroom to retrieve my clothes (saying nothing about a locked door). I was suspended for a week and grounded for a month by my parents. When I returned to school the girl I had run into had told EVERYONE there about what happened to me. I was sooo embarrassed. I never did anything like that again.

Friday, August 26th 2005 - 12:08:12 PM
Friday, March 3rd 2006 - 03:11:25 PM
Name: CCRider0012
Subject: My Experiences....Part Four
Message:First of all, thanks for the kind words. As I said in the Discussion Board, I am in therapy (not to stop enjoyig it but to understand what happened to me)and everything I am relating to you is 100% actual fact. I am not a professional writer and it comes from the heart.

Continued...Part Four

We were all sitting at the breakfast table and Billy was talking about the fact that Edith was going to start college next year. He told her that she would certainly be a welcome addition to the campus. I could tell she was apprenhensive from the tone of her replies to his conversation. Carol and Dee Dee were just listening quietly. The rest of the morning was spent in catching up with the chores. I noticed that Edith was very quiet and seemed to be in pain as she did the housework. Later on in the afternoon, I went upstairs to lay down for a while. As I passed by her bedroom she must have heard the floor squeak because she spoke my name as asked if that was me. I told her yes and she told me to come in her room and shut the door. I did as I ws told. She was laying on her bed in her robe. She told me to get the lotion jar from her dresser. I brought it over to her. She un-tied her robe and opened it. She was naked and she had a lot of bruises on her breasts, around her stomach and on her legs. She told me to put some cream on my hands and rub her breasts. She told me to be gentle. I started rubbing her breasts. I kneaded them and carressed them gently. Her nipples got really hard and she told me to rub a little harder and to use more cream. I did. She told me rub her stomach and her legs. She just lay there and gave me free rein over her body. I was really enjoying this relaxing time. I felt I had her under my control instead of the other way around. She must have read my mind because she asked me if I was enjoying myself. I told her I was. Then she asked me to go to her dresser and look in the top drawer. I was told to get the scarves from the drawer and bring them to the bed. She then instructed me on how to tie her to the bed. I tied her hands and then spread her legs out and tied them to the bedposts. She then asked me to take some cream and rub her pussy. I did this eagerly. I rubbed her gently. She told me to pull her lips apart and rub the inside of her pussy. Then she told me to stop. She asked me to blindfold her and to gag her. I couldn't believe that she was doing this. She usually wanted me to be tied up. Before I put the gag in her mouth, she told me that I was in charge and that I could do anything I wanted to do to her. She told me to put my fingers inside her and do anything I wished. I was suppossed to "experiment" with her body and learn about women. After I gagged her, I stood back and looked at her and tried to think of things to do but my limited experience did not let me come up with many ideas.

I started playing with her, opening her pussy, sticking my fingers in her pussy and ass. I wondered how many fingers she could take and found out that my three fingers would fit. She moaned and moved her hips. I played with her tits and then I started pulling on her nipples. I figured she must have like it the way Billy was doing it to her. She bucked a little when I started pinching her. I remembered seeing some clothes pins in her drawer so I got them and snapped them on her nipples. I then pulled them up. Her breasts lifted up and the nipples extended. I pulled them a little too high and the clothes pin snapped off. She moaned and shook her head around. I took this as being pleasureable to her so I repeated slowly pulling the clothes pins up and letting them snap off her nipples. I did this time after time for about 10 minutes since it looked like she was enjoying it so much. She was really moving her hips around. I started rubbing her pussy again, sticking my fingers inside and exploring the inside. She started bucking against my fingers so I keep pulling them out and putting them back in.

Needless to say my penis was hard as a brick and I was really enjoying having control of her body. My problem with the first time is that I did not know anything else to do to her. Her whole body started shaking and then she just lay real still. I kept rubbing her pussy and she did not move at all. I noticed that I had left the clothes pins still clamped to her nipples. I took them off and she arched her back. Then I wondered what it would be like to be nude and on top of her. I took my clothes off and moved onto the bed. I put my legs over her and sat on her stomach. I started rubbing her breasts. I never felt like so much a grown man. I was almost 13 and sitting naked on the top of a grown naked woman who was under my control.
I started rubbing my penis with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other. My God, what a power rush. I soon climaxed and squirted over her breasts. She moaned out loud and started making sounds like she was talking. I took her gag off. She told me that I was the greatest and that I was really learning quickly. She asked me to get a towel and clean her up and to wash my penis but not to un-tied her. I took a while cleaning her since I was also playing around a bit more. She then told me to get over top of her again and to stick my penis in her mouth. She told me to let her get it hard again and then to start moving it in and out. She said it was the first step to learning how to make real love to a woman. She said I was to use her mouth to experiment on how to do it to her pussy. It was so incredible. Her mouth was so warm and moist and she played with me until I was hard again and then I started doing as I was told. She put her lips tight against my penis and made me work it in and out. This went on for a long time and then I climaxed into her mouth. She held me tight in her lips until I went soft and was drained.

Then she asked me to leave her tied-up on the bed for another hour and to come back and release her. I moved off of her and got dressed. She just lay there looking beautiful. I reached over and rubbed her breasts for a minute and left the room. I never felt so grown up.
Monday, August 22nd 2005 - 08:49:07 PM
Friday, March 3rd 2006 - 03:10:34 PM
Name: Party Dude !
Subject: Don't pass out
Message:Went to a party on friday ... this girl got really drunk and passed out. Her frieds put her in a bedroom to sleep it off. Later some people went in to mess with her and write things on her with a marker. One guy thought it would be funny to take a picture of himself tea baggin her .. that lead to a bunck of guys taking picture of themselves with thier cock in her face. Later one girl took off her shirt to write on her and everyone joined in. By the end of the evening she was stripped naked and covered in magic marker. I walked in once to check on her nad some guyfrom the party was jerking off on her tits. He wasn't the last guy to do that either. I dont think anyone had sex with her but about 6 or 7 guys wacked off on her as she slept. She was kind of a mess buy the end of the night. She woke up the next morning and was like what the hell happened !? Then took a shower and thought it was all pretty funny .. that is why we love her ! CAn't wait till next weekend !
Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 02:34:41 PM
Friday, January 27th 2006 - 11:03:59 AM
Name: CCRider0012
E-mail address: cmps1@hotmail.com
Subject: My experiences....Part Three
Message:Continued...Part Three

My uncle worked in the city and my aunt worked for the neighbors so we were left alone most of the day. In fact, the whole family was disjointed due to financial circumstances. I guess that is how some of this can be explained. I had never visited for a whole summer before and I guess the kids were on their best behavior during my short two or three day visits in the past. This time was different. There were many things going on here that I never knew before. I knew that Billy, my cousin, was back from college this weekend and I did not expect Edith to have anymore sessions with me until he left. Dee Dee and Carol were going to vist their girlfriends so I was pretty much left to wander around the farm and harass the animals. I went to the barn to get some corn to feed the chickens and passed by the tack room. I heard some muffled sounds coming from the room. I eased behind the room and came in from the barn side to the small window that looked in from the barn. The sounds were coming more loudly now and I looked through the corner of the window. My education just took a big leap. Edith was tied across two of the posts in a spread eagle fashion. Her hair was braided with small rope and the other end of the rope was tied to the top of the post. Her hair was stetched taut and it lifted her neck straight up and back.

Her nipples were clamped and small rope was attached to the clamps. Billy was sitting in a chair in front of her and was pulling the rope enough to make her breasts jerk from side to side. He was laughing. He would pull her breasts so hard they were stretched straight out. Then, he would shake the rope from side to side. Edith was moving her head violently and moaning through her gag. It was then that I noticed something was hanging betwen her legs. It looked like leather braids coming out of her ass. Then I recognized that it was a riding crop. The handle was shoved inside her ass. Billy was yelling at her and telling her that if that crop fell out of her ass, he was going to pull her nipples off. Edith looked like she was squeezing her thighs to hold it inside of her. Then Billy gave a big jerk on the ropes and the clamps snapped off Edith's breasts. She looked like she was going into convulsions. Billy got up and went over to her and started slapping her breasts. He pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts.

Billy took some rope and made a loop in it and lassoed her right breast. He tightened it until the entire breast was red and swollen. It looked like the blood was going to burst her breast. He repeated the same thing with the left breast. He reached between her legs and pulled the riding crop out. Then he started beating her breasts with the leather strips. When he finished, he took another rope and tied it to the two ropes on her breasts. He threw it over a roof truss and pulled it tight enough to stretch her bound breasts straight up. Her back arched and her toes were just touching the ground. He put a
blindfold over her entire head. He took off his pants and shorts. His penis looked huge to me. He walked behind Edith and took something from a jar and started rubbing her ass. Then he shoved his penis into her ass. He did this for a long time.

Edith was moaning and being stretched by her breasts each time he thrust into her. He finally stopped and put his pants back on. He gave her breasts another slap and walked out of the tack room. I watched him walking up the path to the house. His car was there and and he got in and drove out of the driveway. I waited and then slowly went into the tack room. I tried to be real quiet but I saw Edith's head move up when she heard the door squeak. She started moaning something and probably thought it was Billy. I walked up to her and took a long time just looking at her bound breasts. They were really bound tight and swollen with blood. She had no idea it was me. I was still smarting from the ball bruising she had inflicted on me so I did not wish for her to know it was me. I just stood there and looked in amazement. I bent over and looked at her pussy and ass. Her ass was a little red and swollen. I thought about letting her loose but then I did not want to get Billy mad at me and she did say they did this before. I turned and walked out of the tach room leaving her bound and stretched between the posts.

I was in the house when Billy returned. He had two of his college friends with him and I watched them go back to the tack room. I am not sure what happened there but they came back out about two hours later and he took them off in his car. I saw Edith come out of the tack room. She could hardly walk to the house. I wanted to go help her but I figured I have better not let anyone know what I had seen. I heard her start running water in the tub. She went into her room and I did not see her the rest of the night.

Looking back on this whole affair, it was a simple case of a farm family out of control from an early age. Children left alone and wild urges being played out in extreme fashion. I was now involved in this senerio and the sexual pleasures, no matter how preverse or strange, were overwhelming for a 12 year old. I was hooked and would never be the same.

Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 07:57:23 AM
Friday, January 27th 2006 - 11:02:48 AM
Name: CCRider0012
E-mail address: cmps1@hotmail.com
Subject: My Experience..Part Two
Message:Continued...Part Two

I had no idea how to act around my cousins after that first experience with Edith. I was both scared and confused. She never let on that anything happened and I stayed away from the bathroom window for a couple of nights. Carol did ask me if I was having a good time this trip to the farm and I guess I read alot into that question. I wondered if she knew what happened. Dee Dee, the youngest of the three never mentioned anything but she started slapping me on the butt when she would pass me. This had never happened before.

About three days after the episode with Edith, I was sitting on the porch and she came out and sat down next to me on the porch swing. She just sat there for a couple of minutes not saying a word. She looked at me and said that she had decided that she should train me to properly act toward women. She told me this training would be both pleasurable and painful and could last a long time. She asked me if I enjoyed what she did to me the other night. I did not answer for a minute and she asked me again. I told her that I have never felt anything like that before. She laughed and said she understood what I meant; especially since I was only 12 years old. She then looked at me and said that I had a really good body and that she was going to teach me many things that felt good. She said that our new relationship was going to be really good for a long time. She told me to be outside the window tonight and she would give me a really good show. Then I was to walk to the shed and wait for her. She got up and left me there. I sat there thinking about all the things that might happen and I got really excited. It was such an unusual feeling for me. This was over 45 years ago but it is as clear to me as if it was yesterday.

As soon as I took my brief bath, I dressed, sneaked out of the house and took up my position outside the window. I watched Dee Dee and Carol take their baths. I could swear they were putting on a little show for me but I figured that all girls played with themselves when they took their bath. When Edith came into the bathroom, she took off her clothes and bent over to turn on the water. She positioned herself so her bottom was facing me. I have never seen her from this viewpoint and she was beautiful. Before she straightened up, she reached back and put her fingers into her body. She moved them around in her
ass and her pussy. Then, she turned around and took hold of her nipples. She pulled them until her tits stood out. Then she moved her hands violently, shaking her tits and moaning. I thought that this must hurt really bad and wondered how she could enjoy it. My penis was very hard by this time but I did not touch myself. She stayed in the bath for about 15 minutes. Then, she stood up, looked at the window and threw me a kiss. I left the window and started walking toward the tack shed.

I went into the shed and sat down on a keg and waited for Edith to come. All the time, I was shaking with anticipation of what was going to happen tonight. Edith was dressed in a simple cotton dress and carried a bag. She told me that this was not her first time. She told me that her brother used to "teach" her the things she was going to "teach" me. In fact, it was this tack room where her education began. Then she told me to stand up and take off all of my clothes while she watched.

I took them off as she asked and placed them on the table. My penis was standing out as hard as it could be. She motioned for me to come and stand in front of her. I slowly moved in front of her. She reached down and grabbed my balls in her hand and squeezed them just enough to make me fall to my knees. She told me to stand up and took them in her hands again. She told me that it was just a lesson of what can happen if I ever disobey her. She started squeezing them again. She squeezed them so long that my penis went soft. It hurt just enough for me to believe she could rip them off my body if she wanted to do so. Then she told me to turn around and she reached into her bag and brought out a blindfold. She secured it around my head and the whole world went black. Then she took a rope and tied it around my waist. It had two loops in the back that she secured my hands in. She told me that this was the same rope she used to wear when her brother played with her. I could not move my hands more than a couple of inches when she was finished. She turned me around facing her and did not touch me again for a long time. I could hear that she was taking off her clothes and it sounded like she was playing with herself while she watched me. I could hear what sounded like skin being slapped and it sounded like it was wet. My penis was hard again but she never touched it. Then she wrapped a scarf or something around my head and gagged me. I started to get scared now. That fear has not left me over these years. I heard her rustling the bag again. The next thing I felt was real pain as she clamped something on my nipples. I almost fainted. She reached down and started fondling me while I squirmed in pain. She whispered that I would soon come to enjoy the pain. She never knew how right she was. She put my penis against her breasts and started rubbing it. I came all over her chest and my knees got so weak I thought I was going to fall into her. She laughed and pulled the clamps from my nipples. That was the worse pain, worse than when she put them on. She whispered in my ear that I was a very quick and willing learner and that I should be proud that I was having this experience at my age. She kept on rubbing my penis, rubbing the cum over my lower body. She said that after a few more "lessons" she would have a big surprise for me. I could not imagine what could be bigger than the surprises I had experienced.

She took off the blindfold and the gag. Her body was gleaming in sweat. She put pressure on my shoulders and forced me to my knees. She moved my face to her breasts and told me to suck her nipples until she told me to stop. She moved my head from one nipple to the other for a long time. Then she told me to bite her nipples and to bite them hard. She said that if I did not bite them hard she would pull my balls. I started biting switching from the right to the left. She moaned and twitched with every bite. She started telling me to bit harder and grabbed my balls and started squeezing. The harder she squeezed, the harder I bit her. She finally released me and fell back away from my teeth. There was blood on her breasts.

She was gasping and seemed to almost be in a trance. She tossed her head from side to side and started kneading her breasts and pulling at her nipples. I was really scared tht I had hurt her bad. She shoved me backwards and I fell on my back. She got on her knees and put my penis in her mouth and started sucking. My God, I was going crazy with the sensations of my first time being sucked. She reached under me and put her fingers in my ass and started moving them around. She took her mouth and pulled and sucked until I climaxed right into her mouth. Then, she rolled me over and untied my hands. She put her foot in the middle of my butt and started grinding my penis into the dirt floor. Her foot moved from my butt. I heard the bag rustling and the door to the shed open and close. She never spoke a word and I laid there for at least 20 minutes before I could move.

For those of you that think these happenings to me is fiction, let me assure you I have paid a price for happened to me for so many years. It is true down to every detail as I remember it. I am going to therapy and this is part of it. I am telling the world that this can and does happen more than you will ever know. The memories and the fantasies and real and exist everytime I have sex today. If the pain is not there, then the sex is no good. I have only covered with you the first week of my experiences.

Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 06:43:33 AM
Friday, January 27th 2006 - 11:01:26 AM
Name: CCRider0012
E-mail address: cmps1@hotmail.com
Subject: My experience with pay-back
Message:I am wondering why I feel like I should share this story. Maybe it is to talk about it and maybe it is guilt but I am going to post it anyway.

When I was around 12 and 1/2 years old, I used to visit my uncles farm during the summer. I was raised in the city and it was a good break for me. They had one son and three daughters. The son was 19, and the daughters were 17, 15 and 14. It was usually a great time and nothing more than the normal playing around with the farm animals, doing chores and whatever else we could come up with.

I supposed I started the games by being a voyeur. I used to wait until the girls started taking their baths at night and then I would go outside in the dark and watch them through openings in the window blinds. The one bathroom was on the ground floor and had a big window instead of small windows. It was easy to see them bathing. I was fasinated by their bodies and especially Edith, the oldest one. She used to play with herself in the tub and even though I did not understand how she could like like she was in pain and then pleasure, it was thrilling to watch. I began masturbating myself as I figured out my own body. The first time I climaxed watching her, I must have made some noise because she stopped what she was doing and looked toward the window. She seemed to smile and started back playing with herself but it seemed she was more animated than before. Kinda like she was putting on a show. She played with her breasts more that night and the bath lasted longer. When she dried off, she turned and faced the window. Her body was great and she took a long time drying herself.

I got scared of being caught and ran back into the house. After everyone took their turns in the bathroom, we usually sat around talking before going to bed. Edith seemed to be more interested in me that night.

This went on for a few nights and each night she got more excited when she played with herself and was constantly watching the window. She never let on that she was aware of me being there but looking back, there was no doubt she was putting on a show especially for me.

Carol, one of the girls, usually took her bath before Edith and I was taking my position outside the widow, watching her bathe when a hand covered my mouth and I was pulled back against Edith's body. She told me to not make a sound or she would tell the family what I had been doing. I nodded my head and she told me to put my hands behind my back. She tied them with some kind of thin rope and then wrapped a scarf around my head and through my mouth. I was scared but could not speak. She told me to go to the barn. I walked ahead of her down the path that lead to the catle and milking barn. There was a horse tack room off to the side and she pushed me toward the room. Once we were in the room, she locked the door, untied my hands and told me to take off my shirt. I hesitated but she warned me again about telling the family about my spying on her and the other girls. I was big for my age and was almost as tall as her but I was also scared to death of being told on so I took off my shirt as I was told to do. She took the shirt and laid it on a chest in the corner. Then she took me by the shoulders and pushed me against one of the posts that held up the room. She pulled my hands behind the post and tied them together again. It was then that I noticed that she was only wearing a robe and it was slightly open at the breasts. I was getting nervous and was afraid that she would beat me up for spying on her.

She walked over to me and told me that since I liked to look at her body so much, she had decided to let me have a good look but that she would get the same opportunity. She reached down and began unbuckling my belt, then proceeded to take off all of my clothes. i was so ashamed because my thing was very enlarged. When she had stripped me, she stood back and looked at me.

She told me she was impressed and that my thing was already as large as her brother Tom's. She told me that she had been watching him through that same window for years. Then, she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. She walked over to me and pressed her breasts against my skin. She reached down and began to fondle me. I climaxed right away. I think it was only a few seconds from the time she first touched me. She started laughing. Then she grabbed my cheeks and told me that this was our secret. She pulled my head down and told me to kiss her nipples. I started doing that while she held my head.

She started playing with herself as she had done in the bath. This went on for a while and she started playing with me again. When I had climaxed a second time, she untied me andtold me to get dressed and return to the house. She gave me another warning and took her rode and left me there. I was shaking all over and still remember every detail of that night.

The problem is that that was just the start of a 5 year adventure with all of my cousins and the start of my being hooked on bondage and pain.

I am sorry for unloading this on you guys but I finally had to talk about it.
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Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:58:43 AM
Name: Bobby Mac
Subject: Girl Stripped on Beach
Message:Hey Maria, I found it, but only the 2nd part. Basically the wife was about 35 and this girl about 18 and she was hitting on the woman's husband. The build up was great, to bad I can't find first part. I remember the young girl telling the wife that "I am younger, prettier and stronger than you." That's what lead to below.

Both fighters were on their feet again. The young blonde, sweating
heavilycompared to my wife, rushed at my wife again. Once again my wife side-
stepped and caught the girl in a headlock. She held her like this for a
second and then, with another judo throw, rolled the blonde across her
back, through the air and over onto her back on the grass again. The girl

got to her feet again and appeared confused over my wife's expert use of
judo throws. She seemed not to know how to handle this kind of fighting,
and even considering her larger size wasn't able to overpower my wife.
The crowd was getting a good laugh out of the way this older woman was
able to throw the bigger and younger girl.

The blonde charged my wife once again, claws at the ready and looking
for a chance to change the fight into a scratching hairpulling catfight.
Before she could do any scratching however, my wife grabbed the girls arm
and forced it behind her back. The younger girl screamed in pain over the
painful armlock. Then my wife reached between the girl's legs and placed
her hand over the girl's buttocks. With this she actually lifted the girl
into the air, turned her upside down and slammed her body into the
ground. The young girl landed hard on her ass. She hit so hard that the
flimsy strings of her bikini top broke. The blonde's beautiful firm tits
flopped out into view, and the crowd started cheering, obviously enjoying this
"forced striptease."

The blonde got to the feet rubbing her sore back and, somewhat embar-
rassed at the loss of her bikini top, managed to grab my wife around the
waist and both girls fell to the ground. Again the two girls fought like
cats on the grass. The blonde, fearful of my wife's knowledge of judo,
obviously wanted to use the advantage of her weight in ground wrestling. It proved to be no advantage however because my wife was soon getting the better of the blonde at wrestling and trapping her in some unorthodox and painful
wrestling holds. Soon the blonde was pinned to the ground, face down,
and my wife was straddling her back. My wife had a good hold on both
of the blonde's naked breasts and was twisting the daylights out of them.
The blonde was screaming with indignation and pain over having her boobs
so badly abused. My wife had a look of total satisfaction on her face and
seemed to be enjoying her dominant position over the girl. My wife was
yelling, "I'm going to teach you not to fool around with another woman's
husband, you little bitch! I'm going to humiliate you so badly that
you'll never show your ass around here again."

With that my wife reversed her position so that she was sitting across the
back of the girl's neck, pinning her arms under her legs. Then in a move
that shocked everyone, my wife reached down and tore off the girl's bikini
pants off. The young girl was as naked as a new-born baby and was
screaming, "No, no, not that! Please no! Not in front of these people!
How could you? Let me up please, please let me go!"

The beaten girl knew she was unable to win this fight, and was being
humiliated in front of everyone. Her naked body was exposed to everyone
and she was trapped and unable to run from this most embarrassing sit-
uation. She was at my wife's mercy and knew it. At this point I suppose
she was wondering why my wife, who had won the fight, was not releasing
her. Despite her tearful pleas, my wife wanted more satisfaction from
this brazen young kid. She was upset about the girl's advances to me and
when this over-developed and arrogant girl came right out and dared her
to do anything about it, my wife blew her top. There was no way my wife
as going to let this girl off easy. With the whipped girl's nude body
pinned beneath her she further humiliated the girl.

As if punishing a misbehaving child, my wife proceeded to slap the well-
shaped ass of the young blonde. With each resounding blow to the girl's
asscheeks, the blonde began to plead more and more for mercy. I couldn't
help but think what a unique form of punishment for an arrogant young
adult girl like this - a bareass spanking in public administered by
another woman.

For the men in the crowd this whole affair was a great big turn-on. For
the women most of them wives themselves, and they seemed to be delighted
at seeing this young sex bomb and husband stealer being humiliated by
my wife.

After the spanking my wife rolled the blonde over on her back. Then,
sitting directly on the girl's face, she grabbed her ankles and bent her long
tanned legs at the knees back until the feet were resting and pinned beneath the
girl's thighs. In this position the entire sweat glistening belly and
crotch of the girl were exposed to the onlookers and open to attack. It became
obvious that since the spanking was over my wife had more "adult" punish-
ment in store. The girl was going to learn what it meant to fight and
lose to a real woman.

My wife proceeded to slap the lower belly and inner thighs of the girl
until they reddened. It was some days after the fight that my wife explained
these particular slaps to me. She said the secret to beating a young girl in a
fight is to first strip her naked, since a very young girl will lose her
confidence quickly if embarrassed. Secondly, hard slaps to the sensitive belly and inner thighs will weaken a young girl because it will create involuntary
sexual arousal and drain her strength (a few tips that your woman readers
might remember if they are ever in a fight with a younger and strong
girl). During this slapping, my wife, unable to pass up this final humiliation,
began to pull at the blonde pubic hair of the naked girl.

I never would have guessed that my wife could handle herself so well and I
never guessed that she'd go so far as to humiliate another female the way
she did. My wife told me that she wouldn't have gone so far against a-
nother woman, but it had to be total humiliation against this arrogant

My wife finally ended the girl's punishment and pulled her to her feet.
She grabbed the crying blonde by the hair and at the same time pulled her arm
behind her back in a hammerlock and marched the girl to the edge of the
pool. She said, "Honey, you just met up with an angry wife and a lot
better woman than you. Next time don't play around with the big girls or
you'll get your ass beat again. Now go cool off your hot little buns!"
With that my wife pushed the girl into the pool. The beaten blonde struggled
across the pool and pulled herself out of the water on the other side. It
was a pretty funny sight, watching her climb from the pool bareass and
run to her apartment in tears (Seve says "Yeah, I'd just be laughing my
ass off"). She was one gorgeous young spoiled girl who had learned a
hard lesson. -- S.L., Maryland.

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Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:56:07 AM
Name: Chet
Subject: Girl stripped on beach
Message:I can't take credit for the idea behind the story below because...

On Friday, August 5th 2005 - 01:12:41 PM, bobby mac wrote
''Loved the fact that a 40 year old woman, strips and humiliates a 20 something woman. Just something about an older woman humiliating a younger one by stripping her in public is a huge turn on. I read another story like that once, where not only did the young girl get stripped. The other woman gave her a spanking in front of a laughing crowd.''

I was reading a story at a site where some high school chicks were bragging about pantsing and stripping boys. One story, in particular, was really irritating because it involved a girl tattling on a young boy who pulled her bikini top off at a public pool. The boy's mom was really upset and pulled down his swim trunks and spanked him on his naked butt in front of big crowd. His male friend got the same treatment. [At least the bitch later got her comeuppance when some guys posted her nude pics on the net, but like one guy wrote, ''Nice boobs though. Too bad those 2 kids at the swimming poll she got stripped naked in front of their friends and families and spanked won't get to see them after all the trouble they took to try and get her top off. It's the least they deserve after what they went through.'']

The original story from the site I found sets the stage.

Thanks to the idea from Bobby Mac, wouldn't the story about Becky bragging about her 'first depantsing' had been more cool with this outcome instead?

Here's how I wish the story continued:

...The two boys were crying, having just been literally stripped naked and spanked in front of dozens of girls and young women, including girls they know at school. Several of the girls began teasing them about how they watched with delight as their little dicks flopped about while their butts were getting spanked.

Just as the boys' mothers were getting up to leave, a tall, very athletic-looking female lifeguard walked over to the group and demanded to know what was going on. Once told, the lifeguard approved of the moms' diciplining of the boys but asked how it started. When she heard that Becky had pulled down one of the boys' trunks and quickly spanked him after her bikini top was undone by him in the pool, she voiced strong disapproval. (Becky had run afoul of this particular lifeguard, being overheard weeks before that the lifeguard looked like a lesbian).

The lifeguard told Becky that what was good for the goose was good for the gander. She started the spankings, so she deserved one herself. Becky couldn't believe it! But the lifeguard was adamament. Either that or she would be barred from swimming the rest of the year and get in a lot of trouble as well. The lifeguard suggested that the mom of the first boy who got spanked be the one to spank Becky. The lifeguard said she would do it if the boy's mom didn't want to spank Becky.

Becky started to sniffle as her friends gathered around to watch. She stood in front of this attractive, blonde-haired women (who was about 35-40), turned around and bent over. The women were all whispering in anticipation. Then, one of the boys who got spanked said, 'Hey! We were spanked on our bare bottoms, shouldn't she be?'

The lifeguard agreed and before Becky even got a chance to protest, the lifeguard pulled the strings on the side of her bikini bottoms and they fell away. Another young boy picked them and ran away with them. The whole crowd burst into laughter. Every eye was on Becky and her partially shaven bush. She tried to cover herself, but the lifeguard insisted that her hands remain at her side (like the boys had to do). A group of teenage boys, several of whom went to Becky's school, walked around to get a rear-end view of her and were treated to a great view of Becky as she bent over. Several grabbed their camera phones and began taking pictures. They all whistled and hooted as Becky cried in embarrassment.

The lifeguard then said, 'The boys got spanked TOTALLY naked, so you don't need this either,' and pulled off Becky's bikini top. Two very fine, round pair of melons bounced about. Several paparazzi, who were hanging around after getting some pics of some celebrity with her kids at the same pool, had their cameras ready and began snapping away. Then the spanking began.

Becky cried with every spank and the lifeguard made her count them out, too, to 20!

The two boys were in total awe! They had seen boobies before, but never a completely naked teenage girl, and especially not one as sexy and hot as Becky was. They were especially giddy when the woman grabbed Becky and put her over her lap for the final couple swats and invited the boys to do the honors. Becky's left leg dangled off to the side, giving the boys a great view of her pussy. The boys laughed as they spanked her naked butt.

After the final spank, Becky stood up and looked for her bikini, which was no where to be found. Her girlfriends, fearing they might suffer the same punishment, had all quitely left, leaving Becky naked, stranded, red-faced and red-bottomed!

Now, isn't that a better ending (pun intended)?
Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 02:31:57 PM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:51:21 AM
Name: erika
Subject: airline games
Piggy's Airline
Sat Jul 23, 2005 11:33

Hi All

Here’s my next little adventure.

It was Christmas 2003. The airlines had been badly affected by 9/11 the previous two years. The warnings of further terrorist acts hadn’t helped passenger numbers. 2003 was busy again at latest and that was good. We’d laid off staff over the last two years and I’d come perilously close to being made redundant myself. So this up turn was good news.

I was rostered onto our Bonn flight on Christmas Eve. Four sectors in the day. The first sector was heaving. The second return sector was delayed due to overwhelming number of passengers trying to board. As usual the ticket staff had issued more tickets than seats in stand-by. So they had to wait until reserved seats where taken or cancelled before they could embark stand-by’s. This meant we missed a slot for our second outward sector. It would be another late night.

Staff where already in Christmas sprit. We had tinsel around our necks, little Santa Clause hats. The pilot and co-pilot had red noses and reindeer horns. Passengers where drinking more than normal, being a bit rowdy but not in a dangerous or bad humoured way. Party poppers where popping all over the place. The cabin would be a mess and take ages to clean.

Missing our outward slot meant we’d have to wait for a end slot, It looked like we’d not be getting home until Christmas day. Then we had some unusual luck. Every once in a while a unique set of circumstances mean that you find yourself without passengers. This was one of them. We’d be flying back light. This meant we could clean the cabin fully and with a little luck make it home this side of Christmas.

We left Bonn seat forward and as soon as we where airborne and on auto pilot the flight crew open the secure door so we could all chat. Melody who was young and in high spirits suggested a game of something to pas the time. This is always a bad idea. Pilots, love to gamble, poker is second nature to them. So’ it did surprise me when they both suggested that. The three cabin staff and purse said no way. We’re not paid nearly as much as them. Melody said she was thinking more of charades, or blind mans buff, which made us all laugh.

“What about piggy’s” the pilot said.

“No way” I and the purse said together in a very loud and sharp voice so that the others looked at us.

“It’s a stupid game and the consequences are to……” I couldn’t think what the consequences where but I knew I didn’t want to get involved.

I’d never played piggy’s but a lot of the air crew had. It was a silly game. You each got dealt a card face down. You didn’t no what the card was nor did anyone else. You’d then take it in turns turning over all the remaining cards. You had to work out which cards where missing. The little piggy’s. You then got dealt another card face up. You had to say if this card was a wolf or a farmer. If it was higher than your card and you said a wolf that was fine. If you said it was a farmer and it was lower than your card that was fine. If you mismatched you had to do a forfeit which was determine by your piggy.

Well the other’s where so intrigued by this strange game that they wanted to play. Reluctantly, I and the purser agreed saying we didn’t want to hear any gossip about this around the terminal.

We moved into the flight deck and found a spot, the flight crew turning around. You might be concern now about air safety. Don’t be. The pilots don’t fly the plane the computer do. Their just along for the ride. In fact our airbus can take off, land, and fly on auto-pilot. It doesn’t because the auto-pilot is not very considerate of passengers and its take-offs and landings although by the book would make most passenger never fly again.

We each received our first card. We then one by one turned over the cards remaining. You had to figure out by remembering what had been turned over what the piggy’s where. At the end of the turning over. We each wrote down which seven cards we thought where missing. On the back of each we wrote down a forfeits. These where then sorted. We all agreed on four cards. Then various numbers of us agreed or disagreed on the other three. This meant that there was 10 different cards thought to be piggy’s.

We where now dealt our wolves or farmers. I decided to go for a farmer. My logic being that the four cards agreed upon where, ace of spades, queen of clubs, jack of hearts, and 9 of spades all high cards. I figured there was more chance of getting a lower card because more where left in the pack. The cards not agreed on where. 8 of clubs, 7 of hearts, 6 of diamonds and spades, 3 of diamonds, and 2 of hearts.

We turned our piggy’s over and my face dropped. I had the 9 of spades but had drawn the queen of diamonds a wolf but had called a farmer. I was in good company, Melody had drew the jack of hearts called a wolf and got a 7 of clubs. Jan had called farmer got a four of diamonds but her piggy quite unexpectedly to her was the 2 of hearts. The purse had also cried wolf, another name for this game, but got a farmer. Having the 3 of diamonds. Sydney the remaining cabin crew had cried farmer with a 8 of clubs as piggy but got a ace of diamonds. The flight crew called correctly to their piggy’s so they where safe and not eaten. I think you’ll understand the logic of the game now.

Now comes the horrible bit. The forfeits. I knew that mine where quite tame but I wasn’t sure about the flight crew’s. Melody was to go first having the fattest piggy. She drew a piece of paper from the pile. For face really was a picture.

“Strip down to your under wear and kiss each member of the opposite sex on the lips”.

Melody blushing stood and stepped out to the main cabin where there was more room. She slipped off her shoes then reached behind and unhooked her back button of her top. She pulled it up and off revealing a simple, but delightful plain white bra. The flight deck was obviously, if you know what I mean, delight too. Melody reached behind and unbutton then unzipped her skirt. She slowly pushed it down to reveal that she was wearing tights over her white knickers. I’d expected a skimpy pair but no they where nice elegant matching briefs. She now placed her hands in the top of the waistband and rolled them down and off. Now just in underwear she walked back into the cockpit and kissed first the captain. In his early 50’s. Then the co-pilot in his late 40’s. Melody would be 20.

My turn next. I took a deep breath and drew a piece of paper.

“Go to the rear galley and strip off, then serve the flight deck in just your apron and heels.”

“Oh, shit” I thought. I put my head into my hands and just blushed. The rest where in hysterics. I stood and slowly walked to the rear of the plane. My stomach in knots. I couldn’t believe I was going through with this. Everything was in slow motion. The air conditioned air of the cabin, the engine hum, and unreal-ness of an empty cabin made it seem dreamlike. I arrived at the rear galley and thought for a moment about what I was about to do.

I felt the spasm in my abdomen, breathed and began by undoing my neck clasp. That undone I slowly pulled up the top to reveal, thankfully, to know one my regulation white bra. I placed the top on the side. I slipped out of my shoes, then reached behind my back for my skirt’s clasp and zip. Soon my skirt was around my ankles and I stepped out of it. I was stood there just in nylons and underwear. I now rolled down my nylons, and then placed my hand over my mouth while I had brief second thoughts. What would my boyfriend think. Gosh what if dad found out.

I took a deep breath and decided that being call a chicken was worse. Crews can be merciless. I reached for my bra and unhooked it. I now pulled it off my body to be stood there topless. I thumbed my knickers also regulation white and pushed them down slowly. I was now naked.

I reached for the apron and put it on. Thankfully it covered all essentials except my bottom. I’d be walking towards the others so it would not be on show. Gosh, until I turned around. I prepared tea and coffee to the crews liking and set a tray. I breathed deeply as I picked it up heart pounding.

I stepped out from the galley and walked slowly down the plane’s cabin. I could see Melody still just in underwear smiling at me. The pilot and co where twisted around in their seats looking right down the gangway at me.

Sydney (female) the purser and Jan where stood in the door gangway and has I cleared the central pillar they got their first glimpse of me and started cheering. The walk to the front seemed to take forever. Once I’d arrived I served the cabin staff. Then realised I was now about to flash my bottom at them as I stepped into the cockpit. The other women, made certain untrue comments about my butt. The captain and first each took a little liberty as I turned away. The little pats made me blush.

I expected to have to go and change after this. But realised that Melody was still stood in underwear. So figured that I’d have to stay like this until, who knows when. The flight deck confirm this when they said as much and that it was Sydney to go next.

Sydney was older than myself, Jan, and Melody. She was 31 I think, certainly, in her 30’s as apposed to our 20’s. The Purser Loraine was 43 I think. Sydney drew a piece of paper.

‘Land the plane naked’.

Obviously, this was meant for the pilot and co-pilot. But that did not stop the game. The co said that Sydney could sit it the stoop. A fold away chair whilst they where landing. Sydney blushed bright red. There was some discussion as to weather she should strip now or not. It was decided that she should strip has we made final approach.

The Purser was next. She reached into the appropriate pot of papers and drew one out.

‘Strip to your knickers only and run down the aisle. No covering’.

The purser blushed deep crimson. I think if she’d been first to go with that, or any of us for that matter, it would have ended the game. But after Melody and mine, and the fact Sydney hadn’t complained about hers, I think Loraine was kind of pressed into it. So, she stood and stripped down to just her knickers as fast as she could to get it over with. She was off down the aisle right to the end running as fast as the cabin would allow. I could see her breasts swinging from side to side past the obstruction of her back. On turning her magnificent breast where on full show and swing.

Jan now looked apprehensive. She picked out a piece of paper.

‘Strip naked”

That was it.

Jan stood slowly. Looking very embarrassed already. Head down and red faced. I could see the tremble in her hands. She slowly, which added to her torment and ours undressed. Each item seeming to take longer than the rest. When she was down to nylons and underwear, the flight deck started to slow clap. We joined in, and a chorus of “Off, off, off” started. Jan eventually stood naked covering her breast and pubic area. Loraine wasn’t having any of that and made her stand with her hands by her side. She slowly turned around in the flight deck and we all had a good look.

We just stood their not sure what to do now. The captain said we’d be on final approach in 10 minutes. So we just sat down and chatted about Christmas. It was such a unreal setting. Melody in just underwear, me in just a apron, Loraine topless and not covering. Her breast where very impressive. Pointed boat keel type. Jan naked. Nice trimmed pubic hair. Little dumpling breasts.

“Time to strip” the co shouted and Sydney stood.

She decided that having seen Loraine’s quick strip and Jan’s slow one. That quick was best. She was soon naked and dashing into the cockpit. She had love firm, average, young breasts. Her black pubes where wild and unkempt. I bet she takes more pride in their appearance now. I certainly, do. After my first strip, for weeks, months after I always made sure I’d look good. After this adventure I never go out without looking my best nude. Her bottom was heaven.

We landed and whilst the captain taxied we’d hurried to make ourselves presentable to ground crew. Still when I open the door to the landing master, I could help blushing at the thought of him just seeing me in a apron.

Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 09:41:39 AM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:48:42 AM
Name: ravegirl
Subject: Evil Step Brothers (Part 2)
Message:Forcing my hands behind my back, Jeff pulled a long strip of tape off the roll and taped my wrists and hands together behind me with several wraps. I didn’t know what they had planned and wasn’t about to stick around to find out so at the right moment I quickly pulled my foot back (and out of my shorts to get it free) and riffled John square in the chest with my heel causing him to crumble backwards to the ground. The move took both of them by surprise giving me just enough time to kick lose and take off out of the room running full speed, this time with NO pants on, and my arms taped behind my back!

I bolted bare-assed down the hall into the living with Jeff close behind me. He was laughing at the site of me running bottomless down the hall. He quickly caught up with me, grabbing me and slowing me down just enough so that John could make a recovery and make his way around from the kitchen to intercept me. Naked, bound, and embarrassed they surrounded me grabbing me around the waist trying to carry me back into the family room. I ended up falling down and they both pounced on me playfully tickling, pinching, and slapping my boob and butt without mercy. Begging for them to stop they squeezed my tits, pinched my nipples, grabbed handfuls of my ass, pulling my cheeks apart exposing my butthole and pussy, and generally groped every inch of me they could.

Look at that”, Jeff was saying point to my shaved bikini area. “Looks smooth as a baby’s butt!”, he snickered staring at it up close and personal. I had just experimented the day before with shaving it clean so this was ironically extra embarrassing for me now.

They resumed with their original plan to restrain me, first taping my ankles together with extra amounts of tape to make sure I would not break lose, then stuffing my mouth with a rag and taping it shut so I couldn’t even scream.

It's a lot more peaceful around here without all your yapping!" Jeff said. I was so f***ed! Hopes of breaking lose from my restraints were basically impossible now. John and Jeff both sat holding me admiring their handiwork, and smiling their evil smiles!

Jeff ran and got a long feather from my mom had as part of a decorative display in the hall entrance and when he returned they both took turns tickle torturing me with the feather while the other held me down. I struggled and screamed into my gag like a wild animal as they had their fun tickling my armpits, nipples, stomach, back, and bottoms of my feet. They tickled me EVERYWHERE. They dragged the feather up and down my thighs, and even spread my butt apart tickling me right on my exposed anus as I protested into my gag with all my might. I struggled so much John had to sit on me pinning me face down on the floor as Jeff tickled my butthole and pussy. The more I struggled and screamed the more they seemed to enjoy it. Eventually, to get the best angle, they flipped me on my back and forced my legs over bending me in half at the hip till my knees were almost touching my face! I felt my lips get spread apart till the feather was now making direct contact with my exposed clit. They tickled and touched my clit with that feather till it made me warm and wet. They continued relentlessly till could not stand it any longer!

Bucking up and down John’s hips made incidental contact with my face. Startled I felt a hard shaft through his shorts press against my cheek and turned my head away. There was no hiding that he had gotten quite excited by all the perverted molestation of my helpless naked body. Noticing my reaction John grabbed the back of my head and pushed his hard shaft against my face this time grinding it against me laughing at me as I tried to turn away. Pinned on my back he positioned himself over me so that his crotch was only inched away from my face and then began unzipping his fly…..

Friday, August 5th 2005 - 06:41:47 PM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:46:31 AM
Name: ravegirl
Subject: Evil Step Brothers
Message:One Saturday 3 months ago, my parents went on a 4 day cruise leaving me home with my stepbrother's John and Jeff (they are both 18, and they are twins and do nearly everything together). I'm 16, and was just upstairs listening to music, when Jeff called me from downstairs. I went to the top of the stairs, and asked him what he wanted.

“Ahh, your friend Marcia is on the phone!"

I was wearing a white tank and cotton sports shorts with the string ties hanging in the front of them. I proceeded downstairs, and went in to the kitchen the phone was sitting on the table,so I picked it up.

"Hello? Hello? Wait, there's no one here! Very funny Jeff!!"

I went into the living room to ask for an explanation for why he told me to come down. "Hey, why did you tell.. mmppphhhh!!!!"

Jeff silenced me with his hand from behind. I was totally caught off guard, and I didn't know what was going on.

He whispered in my ear, "Remember when you walked in on me in my room without knocking and saw me naked? Then you told everyone you caught me jerking off? Well it’s payback time. Time to have a little fun with you!”

I couldn’t believe it. This had happened like 6 months ago or longer! Plus the truth was he WAS jerking off and I could not stop laughing about it. The look on his face and his reaction jumping around trying to cover his thing was priceless. I could not keep it to myself! I knew he was probably upset about me letting something like that out but I had no idea he had been harboring all this anger inside all this time.

John appeared in front of me grinning evilly. I was led over to the couch by Jeff and he pushed me down. Just as I was about to sit down, and Jeff was loosening his grip on me, I decided to make a break for it. I suddenly shoved away from him, and tried to run. He reached out grabbing the back of my shorts trying to pull me back. They came ½ way down from behind. I tried to swat his hand away and kept running away as my shorts got tugged further and further down. I held onto them from in front trying to make sure they didn’t come all the way down but then he yanked them down hard forcing them (and my panties too!) down to my knees in one fell swoop. John jumped in front of me and I was sort of tackled to the ground by both of them with my shorts down around my legs. With my shorts and panties around my knees I landed bare butt on the carpet with a thud struggling all the way down. Before I knew it, they were both on top of me, holding me down like this.

“Oh my God my shor… mmppphh!!” I began to scream only to have my mouth silenced by Jeff’s hand again before I could say anything else. I kicked and squirmed with my bare butt and hips wiggling around on full display for their viewing pleasure still trying to get lose.

"Get me the duct tape, quick!! I can't manage her on my own for long!" Jeff yelled to John. John ran to end table and threw back the roll of tape they apparently had ready to go already. Jeff pulled my arms above my head while John got back into position to hold my ankles down. I was face-up so from his angle he probably got a perfect view right up my you-know-what!

John (probably feeling the awkwardness of me with my pants pulled down and fully exposed right in front of them) began to slide my shorts back up to get them back on me properly but Jeff stopped him saying, “No!”, and it was my fault that they came down so now I should be left that way. Then Jeff, the sick-o pervert that he is, thought it would be funny to reach out and pull my tank top all the way up past my boobs to my chin exposing my bra-less boobies. They both were evilly grinning watching me struggle and wiggle around exposed from neck to feet with my boobies shaking around. Still startled by their assault I struggled there fully exposed on the floor.

I could not believe they were doing this to me, and had no idea what they had planned next for me...

Thursday, August 4th 2005 - 06:38:59 PM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:44:53 AM
Name: Maria
Subject: Girl stripped on beach.
Message:A few years ago, I was at the beach with a few of my friends. We saw two woman get into a fight but I don't know what it was about. To make a long story short, one of the girls was wearing a bikini which she promptly lost when the other ripped both parts off. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! The naked girl was screaming and trying to get her bikini back and everybody was pointing, laughing and taking pictures of her. When she finally ran off she grabbed a towel to wrap around herself but one of my friends snatched it away from her. That poor girl ended up running off the beach and down the street totally naked and screaming her ass off. I found it not only hysterically funny but quite a turn on.

Wednesday, July 27th 2005 - 09:09:44 PM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:41:58 AM
Name: erika
Subject: found on the web
My Subway Streak
Tue Jul 26, 2005 18:07

I recently had one of the most humiliating experiences of my entire life and it was all due to my own big mouth. Knowing it was my own fault doesn't lessen the embarrassment and I have to say I am still blushing even as I write this.

I am originally from Philadelphia but recently moved to Arkansas. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm fairly attractive. I'm 25, have dark hair, I'm about 5 feet, 8 inches, with olive skin because I'm about half Native American. I'm a runner (3 miles a day) so I've got a pretty toned body, but I've always been shy about showing it off.

I usually make friends pretty easily and the people in the south are really friendly to start with so I soon had a circle of girlfriends from the office where I work and more than a few male admirers, but I'm not really dating anyone at the moment. The girlfriends I run around with are a little on the wild side, but basically harmless. No drugs or anything, just always looking for something crazy to do. One girl, Tonya, is constantly flashing other cars when we're out driving around and other antics.

Anyway, there was a big boxing match this month between Bernard Hopkins (who is from my hometown) and Jermaine Taylor, a boxer from LIttle Rock. Tonya actually went to school with Jermaine and was going on and on about how he was going to knock Hopkins out, even though Hopkins was undefeated.

I felt like I had to stand up for my hometown boy and started running my mouth that Hopkins would win and that Jermaine wouldn't even make it five rounds, etc. The rivalry kept growing as the match approached until a bet was proposed. Tonya's little sister worked at a Subway restaurant downtown which stayed open until midnight. We would often go in there when we were out running around to visit with her, hang out, etc. It was always filled with high school kids and tourists visiting downtown in the late evening hours.

The bet Tonya proposed and which I reluctantly accepted was that the person whose boxer lost the match had to go into the Subway to pick up a to go order called in by us earlier. The catch was the person had to do it in their underwear. Bra and panties and nothing else. Like I said, I reluctantly agreed because I was sure I would win.

We watched the match at a local bar and early on it looked like Taylor was in trouble, bleeding from a nasty head wound. This is where my big mouth got me in trouble. Thinking Hopkins was a shoo-in to win, I started teasing Tonya. But she was non-plussed. So, like an idiot, I proposed upping the ante. I said the loser had to go in and pick up the order totally bare assed naked. I actually did it to shut Tonya up but she just smiled and said, "Cool...."

As the fight continued, Hopkins was really starting to pick up the pace and pummel Taylor and Tonya was starting to look a little nervous. I should have quit while I was ahead, but I had a reason to want a little revenge on Tonya. Shortly after I had started at the office, my birthday came up and Tonya and my other new friends took me out to eat and then we all went drinking at this small local bar.

At some point in the evening, Tonya told me it was a tradition in their little group for "the birthday girl" to get a birthday spanking. I was a little tipsy and the others were egging me on and the next thing I knew I was over Tonya's knees getting the seat of my shorts warmed up with 25 rather hard swats and one to grow on. Mind you, this was in the middle of the bar and while, thankfully, there were only a dozen or so patrons beside our group, it was still pretty embarrassing.

And then I found out the next day from one of the other girls that there was no tradition. "You were the first," she said, smirking. "I can't believe you fell for that."
I had always kept revenge at the back of my mind and now seemed like the perfect opportunity with Hopkins looking like a sure fire winner. So I started teasing Tonya again, telling her "her boy" was going down, etc.
She just shrugged and said, "Just wait. It's not over yet."

Feeling brave (and apparently stupid), I said, "Care to put your little tush where your mouth is?"
Tonya looked at me with one eyebrow raised and I continued, "Besides the Subway streak, the loser gets a spanking from the winner. I want some payback from my birthday."

The other girls all looked at Tonya, who nervously cleared her throat. "Would the spanking be before or after the loser has stripped?" Giving her my best evil grin, I said, "After, of course."
All the other girls started oohing and aahing at the prospect of one of us getting a bare bottom spanking. Actually, a completely naked spanking! I just knew Tonya would refuse, but once again she nodded and said, "Cool."

Well, I don't know if you're boxing fans, but you probably know Taylor lasted 12 rounds and won the match in a split decision. It felt like the floor had fallen out from under my stool when the decision was announced and I almost started to cry. I started to protest, but knew it was to no avail. If I didn't go through with it, I would lose my new found friends respect.

We started driving to the Subway and I was secretly hoping it would have closed early, but Tonya was soon on the phone telling her sister about the bet and placing our orders. Then, looking back at me, she told her sister, "But give us a little bit because we have to make a quick stop first. Besides picking up our food naked, little miss izzy is going to get a spanking. So you keep our buns warm while I'm heating up hers."

While my other co-workers were teasing me and giggling, I began the humiliating task of stripping off my clothes. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my socks, slid my khaki capri pants off, followed by my T-shirt. Now I was just in bra and panties and made a last ditch appeal to let me do it in my underwear as originally proposed. But Tonya just shook her head and said, "Sorry, darling, you said bare ass and I want to see bare ass."

She pulled over at a rest stop which I thankfully noted was deserted and ordered me out of the car. I sheepishly emerged, trying to cover up as best I could. I had to follow her as she led the way to a picnic table near the restrooms which I noted with fear was well-lit by a street light. Before I knew what was happening, I was over her lap and she was spanking my bottom. My other co-workers stood in a semi-circle around us, laughing and teasing me as she roasted my poor rump.

I was drumming my toes on the cement surrounding the table and fighting back tears for several minutes. She mercifully stopped after about 40 swats and let me back up. My bottom was bright pink and stung like crazy! And just like that she started walking back to the car and I followed, my face burning as hot as my bottom.

I had hoped it wouldn't be crowded at the restaurant, but as soon as we pulled up it became apparent Tonya's sister called all her friends and needless to say it was standing room only in there. Clutching the money for the food in one white-knuckled hand, I got out of the car and walked inside. I tried not to think about the fact I was naked, but there was a breeze blowing across my body as I walked and I could feel the gritty pavement under my bare feet. And the stinging heat emanating from my posterior was a painful reminder of the state of my ass.

The crowd inside were already yelling and cheering before I even had the door open. I tried not to make eye contact with any of the dozens of people who were all staring at me and focused on Tonya's sister, who was laughing so hard she could barely speak. Thankfully, she had my order ready at the counter, but she couldn't resist taking a few extra minutes ringing it up and getting my receipt.

While I tried to drown them out, I could hear comments like, "Nice tits, baby!" and "How's your little booty? Your butt is as red as your face!" It felt like an eternity, but they told me later I was only in there for about four minutes. Still, four minutes standing there completely naked in front of all those people! I now know it is possible to blush from your head to your toes. I got the food and ran outside, only to see Tonya backing away in her car.

I yelled and started chasing after the car, cursing as I stepped on stones in the parking lot. She finally stopped after making me run about 50 feet and they let me in. They were all rolling in the floorboards laughing. "Very funny," I said as I got back in. I looked back to see every patron with their faces shoved against the glass laughing.

The only plus side was that Tonya and the others bought me lunch for like a week after and now they call me "their little streaker." From now on, I'm keeping my mouth shut about boxing.... Or anything else....

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 03:44:53 PM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:40:53 AM
Name: Joey
Subject: Humiliation in school

This is a true story of what happened to me when I was 14. I had just switched high-schools, and wound up in a mostly hispanic district. I was one of the few white students in attendance. To make a long story short, I had gotten involved with this girl named Petra, a gorgeous, buxom latino girl who was 17 and sort of had thug-girlish qualities. It hadn't gotten any further than just messing around a few times. After awhile, the fun of it wore off and I didn't really find anything about Petra personally that made me want to stick around. I passive-agressively broke up with her by just not calling her or being as intimate with her anymore.

About halfway through that semester, I wound up at a party with some friends I had made. Petra was there, and so was a large contigent of friends she always hung around with, and I had met briefly. They were all beautiful girls, wearing tight t-shirts, baggy pants that usually hung low enough to show a thong or underwear. Some were dressed more girlish, in tight, one-piece skirt outfits. Some of them had similar rose tattoos, or cursive writing spelling out someone's name. Things seemed to be on decent terms with all of us, we said hello to each other and I actually wound up talking with Petra for a bit. My friends wound up leaving, they weren't into the whole scene, but I chatted it up a little while longer. Petra kept on offering to bring me something to drink from the fridge, she was being awfully nice. I got pretty close to being smashed, and didn't really notice the party thinning out. I stood up, and went to the bathroom to piss, but it was occupied. I just ducked out the back and started to let loose in the grass.

Before I could even zip up, one of Petra's friends storms out the back, and starts shouting out of no where.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, you white motherfucker!" she screamed. I was pretty nervous, I usually hate confortations like this.

"Wh-What are you talking about?" I stammered.

"W-w-w-why are you stuttering, you white little bitch!" she mocked. I could see a group of girls gathering just inside the back door. I thought this was heading for trouble.

"I don't need this shit." I said in an odd moment of courage. I quickly turned to walk out through the back gate, but I almost bumped into Petra and two other girls. I couldn't figure out how the hell they got out there.

Petra let loose with a wicked slap across my face. It wasn't that hard, but it stunned me and blurred my vision for an instant. Quickly I got slammed to the ground and the wind was knocked out of me. The sound of more than a dozen girls came clamoring out of the back porch. I tried to get up but I got kicked in the ribs and fell back down. They started kicking and scratching me, yelling names, calling me a gringo bitch. I tried to cover up with my arms, but several hand pried them apart and pinned them to the grass, and I recieved a generous glob of spit from one of the girls, right in my eye.

I was hunched over, trying to catch my breathing, and sobbing a little bit, softly. From the beer and the beating, I threw up a little.

"Ah, listen to this faggot!" One of the girls teased.

"Hey, what the fuck? What about those boys he was with?" another girl, short with a mid-riff baring shirt, and tight, daisy duke short.

"Nah, they left hours ago" Petra said, as she and three other girls pulled me off the ground and dragged me towards the house. I could see what was going on, but my body was in pain and the alcohol had weakened my reflexes, so I was more or less limp as a rag doll at that moment.

They dragged me across the hardwood floor and into the room of one of Petra's friends, who was living there. It was spacious and decorated only with a pink-covered bed, some hip-hop posters, a bean-bag and a computer.

"What...the fuck....fuck this. What the hell are you doing you fucking ....cunt.." I stammered. I was beginning to get a second wind.

"Shut the fuck up!" Petra said, and she grabbed my nipple through my shirt and dug her fingernail deep, deep into the skin of my arm. I yelled out. "Shut this motherfucking lying-ass mouth up!" she yelled again. They threw me down hard on the wood floor.

"Here" said Petra's friend, handing her a small foam Nerf ball that was on the floor. She jammed into my mouth. It hurt like hell, and I thought there wasn't any way they were going to stick that all the way in my mouth. Petra pushed until she proved me wrong. My jaws felt like they were in agony. I heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off the roll, and I started to MPPH! and try to push the ball out. She took a bandana from her back pocket, and cleave-gagged me, effectively pushing the ball in even further. I felt like I was going to suffocate. They took the duct tape and wound it around my head about six or seven times. The lower half of my head felt like it was in a vice. I screamed like hell, but hardly anything came out. The girls started laughing at me.

They grabbed me and flipped me over. Someone pushed my arms together painfull behind my back.

"No" Petra said. "We got make this white boy hurt." While the girls held me down she yanked my hand up until they were inbetween my shoulder-blades. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. She covered my entire forearms with tape, from fingertip to the bend of my elbow.

I was flipped over again. Lying on my bound arms only made the pain worse. The girls were laughing and shouting "hell yeah!" and the like.

Petra looked at me. "You ain't shit now, is you? You gonna fuck around with me and then just leave and diss me like that? Did you really think I'd forgive for some shit like that?" She turned around to the girls. "So whatch'all want to do with him?"

"Shit" the short girl said. "If he gonna treat girls like a slut, he's gonna find out what it's like to be a slut." She walked up and squeezed my balls. "How you like that, boy-toy?"

The girls roared with laughter. The girl who lived there said "Wait, he's gonna need something." And ran off. While she was gone, Petra threw me on the bed, face first with my legs hanging off. She brought her hand down on my ass with a loud crack, making the girls laugh again. I heard the door open, and even more laughter as the girl who lived there came back in the room. She stood in front of my face, which was lying on the bed, and I could see that she had a ratty, foul, soiled dog-leash that I had seen buried in the dirt outside. They forced it over my head and cinched it tight. Petra yanked me up and started leading me out of the bedroom. The girls walked behind me, kicking the back of my knees, spanking me, pinching my balls from behind. I couldn't believe all of this was happening. I thought we had been friends now. I always knew that Petra had come from street-gang influenced friends and an enviroment, but I never thought that they were actually so sadistic like this.

They brought me to the middle of the living room. Petra smashed her massive breasts into my face. "I'll bet you liked this, didn't you" she smiled. "Down bitch" and she yanked my leash to the floor. My arms and jaw had already long gone numb.

The girls were on me and they ripped my shirt open. Some of the left to the kitchen, and I could hear the sound of drawers and cabinets opening, and giggling and whispering. I still couldn't believe this was happening. I muffled apologies and begging to Petra, but how could she even understand what I was saying? She just smiled. "It just gets hotter when you struggle, white bitch." My pants and boxers were yanked off. Despite myself, and the sheer terror I felt, I had a massive hard-on. Female touching does that to me.

"Daay-amn" one girl said. "And I was always wondering why you was going out with a chicken-legged, skinny-ass gringo."

Beer was brought out, and a joint was lit up. For a little bit, the girls took turns spitting beer, pouring beer, and throwing full or empty cans at me. They played little drinking games, and wound wind up having to wail on my ass with the small metal scoop by the fireplace. I screamed, muffled, silenced protests.

Eventually the rest of the girls came out of the kitchen. I heard things being dumped on the hardwood floor. Throughout the night, I found out what they were. They bent my legs underneath me, taping each thigh to each calf. They put rubber bands around my nuts, and would tease me by touching my penis or rubbing their tits on me or licking my body, and not letting me cum. "Aww, how cute." one of the girls would say.

They'd put clothespins on my nipples, and up and down my neck and chin. They'd pull them out until the skin stretched or they snapped off. The pain was intense. Eventually, and much to my shock, they took the ones on my nipples off, and one of the girls brought in a small, ghetto-rigged home piecering kit, and they put small, girl rings into both of my nipples. This gave them something more substantional to yank on.

They would insult me and slap me across their face, and bring their asses down hard onto my gut. Eventually, they brought rancid leftovers from the kitchen. They dumped spaghetti, beef, milk and hot sauce all over me. The hot sauce was the worst.

Towards the end of the night they took sharpies and wrote all over my body. "Slut" "Fuck Me" "Faggot" "Bitch" "Fuck Slave", "Sissy" and, as I later found out, "Boy-Toy" on my forehead.

At this point, from sheer tiredness, alcohol, and the searing pain, I start to get faint and woozy. I had vague notion that were dragging me to the garage, and throwing me into a large dog cage. After that, I passed out.

I woke up and they were dragging me out of the cage and back into the living room. It looked like it was Saturday afternoon. My parents would think I had just stayed over somewhere. My friends would think I had gone home. This thought was interupted as Petra yanked me by the leash into the living room. There were probably 30 more girls in the house than last night, almost all of them I recogonize from school. A lot of them loathed me and hated my guts. Upon seeing my bound, gagged, leashed, written-on, filthy, naked and humilated body, the whole room roared with laughter.

For the rest of the afternoon, it was the same as the night before, only ten times worse. My ass become numb from the constant spanking and kicking. I was teased and abused and beaten mercilessly. Whipped with belts, sprayed with beer, spat on. They tied shoelaces to my nipple rings and lead me around by them. They put the neck of a bottle into my ass at one point. A black girl dragged her fingernails across my dick, and then straddled my abused penis and raped me. Several other girls followed suit. The only upside was that I finally had realease from the contanst cock-teasing. But it was of little relevance anyway.

I sobbed all the way into the evening, and by that point I tried becoming numb to it. But they would keep on finding new ways to degrade me. Finally, I was dragged into the kitchen, my legs frog tied, and my arm bound at the wrists and elbows. They wrapped even more tape around me, cocooning most of my torso and completely covering my legs.
Then the sat me down inside a garbage bag, and brought it up around my body up to my neck. They wrapped tape around it at my neck several times, so I was simply just a black bag with a head sticking out. They ripped the tape off my gagged face painfully, leaving me with just the cleave gag. There I sat for another few hours, with girls hanging out in the living room, and coming to the kitchen every now and then, holding a knife to me, ungagging me, and forcing me to eat them out. Eventually all of them got around to coming to the kitchen.

It was way after night fall, when Petra and most of the girls came in to the kitchen. She looked at me sweetly. "Alright, bitch. Just remember...you gonna regret the day you gave us this ass." She said, turning around and slapping herself on the cheek. The girls laughed again. The short girl took a pink roll of tape and starting cocooning my head, leaving the nose free to breathe. In my darkness, I felt them untape the opening of the bag from my neck, and bringing it up over my head. They then taped the opening shut, and taped the bag around my body at the neck, chest, guts, and underneath my bent, tied legs.

I was carried, dumped, heard car engines and talking. I was sweating like crazy inside that garbage bag. Finally, I felt myself being heaved and I hit the floor of something made of hard metal, with the force of my impact seriously hurting me, and making a loud sound which echoed. I knew it had to be a dumpster. It wasn't until later in the night that a nearby neighbor found me squirming and MMPHing.

I was taken to a hospital and had my injuries tended to. I thought it was really stupid of Petra to do what she did, because it was simply a matter of pointing her out in the school yearbook. She didn't get in as much trouble as she could have, because somehow, there didn't seem to be enough evidence to get a full sentence. But they were able to prove she was there at one point and knew about it. She was sent away and I never really saw her at school again. The other girls got suspended or expelled or jailed, depending on what part in they had. A lot of girl confessed to what they did.

I was just glad that night of sheer terror was over. A few years later, I heard that group of hoods, apparently angered about Petra's sentence, kidnapped her, tied her up, raped and beat her and left her tied to a bench in the park, with JUSTICE scrawled out in spray paint, up and down from her breasts to her her crotch. I guess someone was willing to some kind of twisted revenge for me. I tried not to think about it.

Tuesday, July 26th 2005 - 08:36:29 AM
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:39:18 AM
Name: Jayne Austin
E-mail address: jane.austin37@ntlworld.com
Subject: The Pussy Exhibition
Message:A friend of mine, Donna, recalled a story that I remember so well. I was a member of the same club and - was I embarrassed!! Donna let me put the story on my web site, (with an illustration!) but I thought it fits neatly into the depantsing theme and that you might like to read it:

Do you have a special dear friend who is always putting her foot in it and getting everyone into trouble? Such a friend is Hortense. We and our husbands belong to a “Young Marrieds” club which meets once a month for interesting activities such as talks, discussions, demonstrations, visits etc.

We are a pretty happy bunch with a great sense of humour and everyone is willing to join in. Unfortunately, sometimes Hortense is the exception to the rule. We sometimes refer to her as intense Hortense.

On one particular occasion she got all us girls into a situation that was totally embarrassing and humiliating. It happened during one of our discussions. The subject was “Loving couples” and, as I’m sure most of us thought of ourselves as fitting this description, we looked forward to a good time.

It was when the subject turned to sex that Hortense made her great faux pas. I don’t know much about her sex life, but she took the attitude that when it comes to sex, men are selfish. Then she said, “I don’t suppose any of our husbands would recognise our pussies if they couldn’t see the rest of us.” That did it!

Several men were most indignant at such an insult and really had a go at Hortense for her sexist remark. They maintained that sex was a mutually enjoyable experience. But Hortense tried to press her case until Martin who ran a professional photography business with his wife, Chloe, challenged her.

“Hortense, you said that we men wouldn’t be able to recognise our wives’ pussies in isolation.”

“Correct!” she replied offensively.

“Can you prove that?” asked Martin.

“Well,” demurred Hortense, “I can’t really prove it but I’m sure I’m right.”

Martin then took the upper hand. “Well, I can prove that you’re wrong!”

“Go on then,” challenged the still unrepentant Hortense.

“OK,” said Martin. “I’m willing to photograph the pussies of all our female members and display them in close-up at a private exhibition in my studio at one of our meetings. I’ll number them all and we’ll see how many husbands can pick out their wives’ pussies.”

All we women were devastated at this suggestion and we tried to think of all sorts of reasons for this being a bad idea. Marilyn was sitting between me and Hortense and I saw her dig her in the ribs and whisper, “Apologise, you fool! What are you getting us into?”

But Hortense just would not back down. “Well . . . um . . . I. . . er. . .I’m willing. I think we should do it.”

If looks could kill, Hortense would have died a horrible death on the spot. There was no way out. We all had to agree to go along with the challenge. All the husbands were asked and agreed to be challnged in this way.

Martin made a list of all the wives, with times when they could be available to be “photographed” at his studio. He said that Chloe (who acted as his receptionist) would be present when the photographs were taken.

I went along with three friends two days later for our joint ordeal. To say that we were all embarrassed and humiliated would be putting it mildly. We all had to lift our skirts and drop our pants as Martin focussed on our most intimate parts to take the photographs. It didn’t take long, but for every second, I hated Hortense and her big mouth.

As the next meeting was already arranged, we had to wait six weeks for the rest of our ordeal. We all turned up in fear and trepidation at Martin’s studio for the “exhibition”. He and Chloe had arranged it all just like a proper exhibiton. We started with drinks and bites in the reception area and then he flung back the curtain to invite us into the studio.

All around the walls were framed pictures of pussies, all considerably larger than life size, and showing every detail. Nothing was left to the imagination. By the side of each photograph was a round blue spot bearing a number. I have never seen such a collection of very red female faces in my life. Quite a few of us started to giggle but it was out of sheer embarrassment.

Our husbands walked around quite casually making all sorts of remarks, humorous and otherwise, and some commented that it was amazing at the variation in pussy design. They all seemed quite confident that they would be successful.

After about twenty minutes of this excruciating experiment, Martin spoke to us all. “OK folks. I think all you husbands have had enough time to have a really good look at the ‘vagina variations’, so all you have to do now is to take one of these blank cards, sign it, and say which number you think is your wife’s pussy.”

This matter took only a minute or two, and then Martin and Chloe collected in the cards and compared them to the list on their reception desk. Martin addressed us all again with a broad smile. “I’m happy to annouce folks that every single husband has recognised his wife’s pussy.”

All the men cheered, and someone thanked Martin for putting on “such an interesting exhibition.” Hortense had the grace to apologise to the husbands for being absolutely wrong and then covered her face with her hands. “When are you going to take the exhibition down, Martin?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact,” he replied with a smile, “I’m thinking of opening it to the public for a week or two.” Seeing our horror-struck faces he quickly added. “Joking! Only joking!”

Monday, July 25th 2005 - 09:11:13 AM
Homepage URL: http://jaynesart.20megsfree.com
Thursday, December 29th 2005 - 07:37:58 AM
Name: Phil Rizzuto
E-mail address: phil@fakename.com
Subject: The Set Up
Message:… I was 13 at the time and considered myself to be popular but actually I wasn’t. In reality I was on the dorky side. I prided myself on being pretty athletic but there was this girl in my gym class that was better and faster than me in nearly everything we did so I was very jealous of her. Her name was Tammy. To make myself feel better I used to try to bully her and play mean practical jokes on her like pantsing her in the hall and stealing her book bag. In my own awkwardness it was my way of flirting with her too since I was grossly lacking in any real social skills at that time in my life. I really enjoyed the harassment and she never really fought back that hard so I felt superior to her by doing this. She lived a few blocks away from me so we took nearly the same route home after school nearly everyday (although never together). There was a short cut through the woods that was much shorter than taking the streets and we all used it.

One day as I cut through the woods on my way home, I spotted Tammy up the path seemingly by herself. Seeing yet another great opportunity for harassment I sped up and caught up to her. It was coming into the summer months and she was wearing these blue terry cloth short-shorts that fit her just right. Her shapely ass, smooth tan skin and athletic physique had my hormones racing in an instant. She must have not heard me run up giving off a startled reaction as I came up on her. She didn’t look too happy to see me of course. “Hey Tammy” I said sarcastically as I snatched her back pack out of her hands. “Watcha got in here?” I said unzipping it and rummaging through the contents. “Give me that back!” she said as I pulled the contents out coming across normal stuff; notebooks, pens, and her gym clothes. “Well, well what do we have here?” I said as I pulled her gym shorts and panties out of the bag waving them in the air taunting her. I found the sight of her dainty cotton panties with pink trim and small pink hearts on them wildly erotic and felt an instant “chub” forming in my pants. In the midst of my preoccupation with her panties I failed to pay attention to the sounds of rustling leaves and trampling foot steps till it was too late. A moment later I found myself surrounded by a gang of 5 or so girls from school looking like they meant business. It didn’t take long to figure out I had been set up.

They closed in around me and then with a shout of “Get him!” they came at me in force. In a flurry of grabbing, slapping an punching I collapsed to the ground. How much could I really fight back against girls anyway? In all the punching and kicking I got pushed over and next thing they are handcuffing my hands behind my back! Guess they had this planned out pretty darn well. Stupid me for never seeing any of this coming. Once cuffed and disabled they dragged me a few hundred feet back into the woods far away from the path behind this thick brush in this semi clear area and tied me to a tree. I knew I was screwed. Tammy strolled up to me with a swagger in her step and said, “Well, well what do we have here..” mocking my same statement to her from earlier. Oddly enough I had never seen this side of her before. Cocky, self confident and verging on arrogant. Not sure if I liked this version of Tammy or not but what was the difference. I was tied to a tree helpless and at their mercy.

“You’re a little f*ckin prick” she sneered in my face grabbing me by the hair. “Say it. Say ‘I’m a little f*ckin prick. Say it now!” she commanded banging my head against the tree to the snickering of the kids around her. Reluctantly I repeated the phrase in the most monotone voice I could muster. “Is that the best you have?” she snapped back pushing my head back against the tree. “Apologize to me for everything you’ve ever done to me! NOW!” she commanded, as her little henchmen (or should I say henchwomen?) egged her on in the background. Fearing they would do something far worse to me than had already happened up to this moment I apologized with all the sincerity I could muster. I was really scared shitless at this point.

Laughing at my belittlement then Tammy turned around and said, “OK, now you can kiss all of our asses!” to the outburst of hysterical laughter from the rest. She shoved her ass right in my face pinning my head back against the tree with the butt and crotch of her shorts smashed painfully square against my face. She flexed her pelvis back and forth against my head for extra effect till I was nearly out of breath. Instinctively I turned my head away as best I could to avoid the merciless face smothering she was bestowing upon me. Her dominance of me was apparently empowering to them all judging by the escalation in jeering and laughter coming from them all. Next, one by one each girl took their turns jamming their butts in my face making me kiss their asses in succession. One girl, who was unfortunately the “biggest” one of the group, had a skirt on and decided to take things even further by hiking her skirt up and shoving her fat panty covered ass right in my face (I’ll spare you the graphic details only to say I dared not even breath! Ugh!) to the out of control hysterics of the rest.

Not wanting to be “one upped” by her friend, then Tammy decided take things to the next level. She positioned herself right in front of me facing her friends and, giggling uncontrollably, hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her shorts, bent forward sliding them and her panties down to mid thigh, and then proceeded to shove her BARE (and voluptuous I might add) ASS right in my face till her puckered anus was pressing my nose and upper lip flat against my face. “Now this is some REAL ass kissing!!!” she blurted out as the group exploded in hysterical laughter. With my face smothered in between her cheeks she held her position long enough to make me gag and shake my head back and forth panicking for air. The musk from her inner cheeks and bunghole clung to me, stuck in my nostrils well after she had moved off of me pulling her short back up with delight.

“You f*ckin bitch!!” I blurted out in anger not even consciously aware of it at first.

“You know what? Let strip the little a**hole naked so we can see how little his pee-pee really is!”, one of the girls suggested with glee. With my heart pumping full throttle I pleaded for mercy with all my heart but the cruel b*tches showed me no mercy what so ever.

They closed in on me undoing my pants and wrestling them down my legs as I screamed “No!!!” over and over. They tore my shirt open leaving it shredded and tattered around my arms still tied behind me, and then proceeded with the ultimate in humiliation of pulling my boxers off of me. They squealed in delight at the site of my naked humiliation mocking the size of my exposed privates. I would have chosen death at this point over the continuation of this horrible torturous experience if I had any power to do so. If they set out to completely humiliate me they had certainly succeeded. I lay there nearly ready to cry as they laughed, pointed, and poked at me.

As if a gift from the almighty above, the rustling of branches and leaves in the distance interrupted my lesson in humiliation. Concerned that someone was coming some of the girls bolted off through the wood, followed shortly after by Tammy and the one remaining girl. I was left stripped naked and tied to a tree in the middle of the woods not knowing what I would do. Afraid to call out and be discovered in this condition I silently sat there twisting and pulling trying to pull one of my hands free through the cuffs. I pulled and twisted for so long I managed to rub my skin raw trying to pull my hand free. It’s amazing to know what you are capable of doing in desperate situations but eventually I succeeded in getting my hand pulled through. Finally free I crept home naked and defeated in the dimming light of the late evening with only a tattered shirt to use for cover. I snuck into the house unseen and managed to eventually pick the lock open on those damn cuffs.

The rest of my days at school we equally as debilitating for me since word of my humiliation at the hands of a pack of girls got spread around fast. Guess I learned my lesson alright but am still bitter about the excess of what they did to me.

I hung onto those handcuffs and still have them. Just a reminder of a very bad experience, and a perhaps a chance for some payback for little miss Tammy and her cohorts one day soon…..

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 06:41:23 PM
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:38:22 AM
Name: Matt Harris
E-mail address: matt.harris33@ntlworld.com
Subject: The Bikini Hunt
Message:I write erotic stories on the Literotica web site but they are too long to post here. However, a friend of mine named Vanessa has given me permission to post a short account she wrote about something that happened to her and some other girls when they were students. Here it is:

I attended Cardiff University in the 1960s. It was in the age of the bikini. After seeing the banning of the bikini in beauty contests because they “showed too much”, and after Brigitte Bardot appeared wearing one in the film “And God Created Woman”, no self-respecting female was seen without her bikini.
After Brian Hyland sang “Its Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” in 1960 the sale of bikinis went through the roof and they have been with us ever since. As any young girl with a half-decent figure will tell you, it’s the thing to be seen in to show it off.

During my student days we all went in for the very daring halter top and side-tie bikinis. They were so easy to get off that the boys had a fine time doing their best to embarrass us, and many a girl who dropped off to sleep on the beach found that, when she got up, her top “accidentally” dropped off, the top string having been carefully undone by one of the lads.

That was in the days before feminists and politically correctists raised their joint, ugly heads to try to spoil the fun.

In the summer a group of us, both male and female students, often used to visit a place called Merthyr Mawr. It’s on the coast not all very far from Cardiff, and, in those days it was covered with acres of undulating sand dunes. The only people you’d see there were the odd man or woman walking a dog.

One sunny day as we were all lying on the sand, we noticed that some of the boys were rather red from their previous sunbathing. One of the girls remarked on this and we commented that they looked like a lot of “redskins”. As we were to very soon discover, this was a very unwise thing to say.

Shortly after the boys had been whispering together, they started enlarging one of the natural holes in the sand until it was quite a large deep pit. They jumped into it and tried to get out, but, without help from someone above this was very difficult. Some of us girls tried and we found it even more difficult than the boys.

We asked them why they’d dug the pit. They replied that as they were redskins they would be coming to hunt our scalps but that our “scalps” were going to be our bikinis. They gave us just one minute to hide and then they would be coming on their bikini hunt.

We didn’t know quite what they meant at first, but it sounded a bit terrifying so we ran screaming away all over the dunes.

We soon discovered what the rules of the game were. When we were caught by one of the boys he quickly whipped off our bikini top and used it to tie our hands behind our back. Then he removed the bottom of our bikini and stuck it in his belt. This was his “scalp” - Red Indian fashion.

With a fireman’s lift he then hauled us up onto his soulders and carried us back to the pit in triumph. He then dumped us in the pit - stark naked and with our hands tied behind our backs. I can’t begin to describe what it feels like when the only thing you have covering your naughty bits is a tiny bikini, and suddenly it’s whipped off you. Your feel very naked!

The first boy back stood guard on the pit until another arrived with his prisoner, when he took over. But, believe me, it was impossible to get out of that pit with your hands tied behind you.

The boy who collected the most “scalps” was declared the winner, but we girls were not hauled out of the pit and given back our bikinis until we had agreed to pay a forfeit. You’d never believe how humiliating some of those forfeits were.

I recall my first one well. I’d been caught by Jack who I had a crush on, so didn’t mind much, but my forfeit was to kiss him. It was the first time I’d ever been kissed naked. I’m happy to say it wasn’t the last!

On later visits I always tried to get caught by Jack if I could arrange it. A few years later, he caught me for good. He’s now my wonderful husband.

A couple of years ago we decided to go on a visit down memory lane and drove to Merthyr Mawr. Sadly it was all overgrown with ugly weeds and not much sand was to be seen. We looked everywhere for the pit but we failed to find it. Perhaps, over the years, it had been filled in by the wind-driven sand.

But we enjoyed our visit. Jack said, “Let’s play bikini-hunt”. I told him I didn’t think I could get into mine now, and he admitted that he didn’t think he would be able to haul me up on his shoulders. We both had a laugh thinking of those happy student days.

Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 11:45:40 AM
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:36:03 AM
Name: Web
Subject: Classic Pantsing Story (found in yahoo group listed below)
Message:Faye told the girls about the time she was pantsed in the mall. She
and three other girls had gone shopping. She was wearing some loose
sweatpants and a teeshirt. They had stopped in the food court to eat
and had just gotten their food. Faye was carrying a tray of burgers
to the table and all of a sudden, she felt two hands grab her pants
and pull them down to her ankles. Amy had done it and had made sure
she grabbed the waistband of Faye's panties too. Then before Faye
could grab them and pull them up, Dinkey had moved beside her and
stepped on them. Tracy pulled out a camera and started taking
pictures of Faye's exposed pussy and ass. They screamed when they
did it so everyone was looking at them. Faye was so embarrassed but
could not pull them up with Dinkey standing on them. She threw the
tray of food on the nearest table and pushed Dinkey away. As she was
bending over to grab her clothes, she lost her balance and fell over
a potted plant. That bade her roll over onto her back with her feet
flung up in the air. Her pants and panties were still around her
ankles and her pussy and ass were now really exposed to the public's
eye. Tracy made sure to get several pictures of her in that
position. Before Faye could grab her pants, Debbie and Dinkey each
grabbed an ankle and pulled them up over her head and pushed them to
the floor like a football player stretching. Faye's ass was sticking
straight up into the air and the crowd was cheering at the show.
After Tracy snapped several more pictures, the girls let her ankles
go and Faye pulled up her panties and pants and ran out of the mall.
But she vowed she would get even........

I wasn't there, but it could happen. What do you think of it?

Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 10:18:24 AM
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pantsedfemales/
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:32:40 AM
Name: Brett
Subject: Stop!
Message:This happend last weekend. A bunch of us from our High School have a couple car washes over the summer to make money for next year stuff. Mostly new uniforms for football and trips. Well we always get a few girls we know mostly cheer leaders to help out caouse we make a lot more money.

So we were about to start in the morning on Saturday about 9am and a bunch of us were putting up signs on the busy raods in front of the school. We were using big cards the girls painted up and straping them to telephone polls with those tie things. I don't know what you call them but once you pull the thing through you cant undo it. Cops use them on the beaches instead of handcuffs at spring break ( don't ask me how I know that ;-)

Any way about 4 or five of us were hanging signs and these girls were screwing around when one of them kinda jokingly grabs this girls hands and pulls them behind a stop sign and slaps one of these ties on her. She pretty much let her do it. This girrl I will call Jen (pretty close to her real name) is beautiful but not the smartest chick I know. She tends to smoke up a bit much.
So about a minute goes by and she is trying to wiggle out but can't and starts to get pissed at her friend. Who is now just teasing her saying we are going to leave her there and tie a sign to her. This is at a really busy corner and a lot of cars are going by honking cause they are all pertty hot. Jen was wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a bikini top as were the other girls.

Ok this is the funny part. They all start to walk away and get about half a block away and now Jen is starting to panic. She is screaming to let her go. So I tell everyone I will cut her off. I run up to her and she is really pissed at me for not steping in and letting this happen to her. I explained to her that she willingly let her friend tie her up and I had noting to do with it. Anyway she said some stuff that pissed me off. I am not sure why I did this but all of a sudden I just reached up and pulled the top string of her bikini top. I saw the look of fear in her eyes as I was doing it. All of a sudden her top fell down to her waist exposing her bare tits to the world. They are not the biggest but they are really hott! She started freaking out so I ran away. She was really trying hard to get free but doing that just made her tits wiggle around making her look hotter! Her hands were tied to the stop sign so she couldn't cover herself and about 50 cars went by honking like mad. She finally got free put her top on and ran away from us. I suppose home. I talked to a friend of hers this week (the one who tied her) and she spoke to Jen and she said she was so embarassed, she even saw a couple camera phones go out the windows of passing cars. She said she was pissed at me but that it was just another stupid guy prank and I got the impression she will get over it.

Saturday, July 9th 2005 - 12:02:23 AM
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:31:03 AM
Name: Pinto
Subject: My roomie's streak through a crowded club
Message:I have always been fascinated with public nudity and love reading stories about it, especially when it's involuntary. This is a true story that happened to me a few weeks ago which involves some initially voluntary public nudity but there was some definite embarrassment by the end....

My roommate, who I will just call Mae (her middle name), and I were at her girlfriend's bar last night. Mae is a VERY attractive lesbian and her girlfriend, Dana, is an equally hot red head who owns this cool downtown bar....

Mae has dark hair, she is about 5 feet, 10 inches, olive skin, sort of Native American or exotic looking, a TIGHT body... not an ounce of fat anywhere... Perfect breasts (which I know because she has flashed me numerous times over the years out and about and at our condo)... She's a little wild... Perfect ass.... You get the picture.... I've always had a little crush on her, but I know it will never go anywhere since she's gay.... And I'm cool with that...

I spoke with Mae after the incident and got her side of the story so this is told from my perspective and hers.

Mae said the whole thing started when she was teasing the lead singer of the heavy metal band that was playing after he took his shirt off. The guy is a friend of mine and he almost always takes his shirt off while performing. I guess it's a heavy metal thing.

It was VERY hot in the room, especially with about 75 to 80 people all crowded around the stage and the tables and chairs going toward the back of the room. Mae was near the front and screaming for the singer to "take it all off" and eventually he gave in and stripped down to his boxer shorts. It was no big deal really and I'm sure he actually felt more comfortable in the heat.

Mae and Dana then moved outside to cool off and that's when I joined them and Dana was ribbing Mae about how she always tries to get the male band members who play at the club to take their clothes off. Mae is also a musician in an all girl band (and an amazing one at that) and frequently plays at the club.

Dana was giving her grief about why she never strips at any of her shows and why was she was so interested in seeing naked men since they're both gay, etc. Finally, Mae offered to run through the club in her underwear. When Dana continued teasing her about it, like "Yeah, right, I'm sure you'd really do that," Mae said she would run through the club, in her words, "BARE BUTT NAKED."

Dana started egging her on and said she would have to run all the way around the club. There are archway doors at either end of the club separating the two rooms, so Mae would have to go through the first arch into the room where the stage and the people watching the band were and then go all the way to the back of that room, cross through the arch and then come back through the bar room on the other side where about 25 to 30 people were gathered around the bar and at the tables and booths.

Mae: "At this point, I didn't think Dana would seriously let me do it and that she would try to talk me out of it if I kept up the bluff. She's usually kinda possessive so I couldn't imagine her wanting me to strip for all those people, especially all those other women.
"So I stood up and started to undo my pants there on the sidewalk. I just knew Dana would stop me but instead she said, "Not out here. You'll get arrested. Go inside the doorway by the piano.
"At that point, I was starting to get a little nervous. Dana had that evil gleam in her eye. But I knew I would never hear the end of it if I backed down then."

Mae moved inside in a little alcove where she was basically shielded from the patrons in the bar and removed her blouse. She had on a lacy blue tank top that came to her mid-riff under that, but she opted to go for the pants next. That's when Dana relented a little and suggested she leave her shoes on and only strip to her underwear.

Mae: "I was kinda relieved and just nodded in agreement but then you piped up and made some comment about me chickening out. I was sort of hoping Dana would insist on me keeping my shoes and panties, but she just shrugged and then I was on the spot. I wasn't too worried about being barefoot although that's not the cleanest floor in the world so I went ahead and removed my shoes and socks to keep up the brave front. I was glad I had painted my toe nails that morning."

Mae also noted she was aware of my minor foot fetish and that if her being barefoot made it more thrilling for me, then what are roomies for? Gotta love her.

Mae: "Taking off my pants in a club with more than 100 people just a few feet away was the weirdest feeling. It's a good thing I was drunk or I think I would have chickened out right then. I wasn't wearing a bra so as soon as I removed my top I was standing there in nothing but my panties. My stomach was doing flip-flops and I was seriously having second thoughts but I was kinda excited too and decided to just go for it. I remember looking at you and you grinning at me like an idiot and I just yanked my panties down.

"I wasn't even aware Dana had left and I started to head to the other room so I could get the whole thing over with when I heard her on the microphone announcing my streak and I almost panicked. I had hoped for a little element of surprise and even thought I might complete the whole run before people even knew what was happening.

"As I darted through the arch, I saw Dana on the stage with the band, who were all leering at me, and then I just saw this massive sea of faces of the crowd covering the whole room. I headed toward Dana and jumped up on the stage thinking I might just jump up and down a few times and then run back to my clothes.

"I remember the sensation of my boobs bouncing up and down and all those people cheering and applauding. One thing that helped was that I didn't recognize any of the faces. I was still thinking about darting back for my clothes when Dana grabbed my elbow and steered me toward the right side of the stage away from the doorway.

"Then she gave me a swat on my butt and shoved me into the crowd as she said into the mike, "Get ready, everyone, she's coming all the way around!" I was kind of giddy at that point and just started moving forward. I was glad to see most of the people sort of moved aside to let me through. But I could also feel the heat rushing to my face and knew I was blushing! Plus I saw flashes going off around me and knew people were taking photos and just tried to block it from my mind.

"Toward the back of the room, it started getting even more crowded as people were clambering around to get a better look at the crazy naked girl and I started to panic a little again. I'm sort of claustrophobic anyway and when you're getting pushed on all sides and you're stark naked, it's a little scary. I remember yelling, "Move!" at one point.

"I also remember the feel of the gritty carpet under my bare feet which only made me feel more naked. And then someone slapped my ass. Not hard, but it startled me. Then at one point, I was sort of trapped near the back arch and these two heavy metal chicks really started spanking me and laughing like hyenas. It was really embarrassing and it hurt! I shoved my way through to the other side and that's when I almost lost it."

I remember watching Mae come around the corner at the far end and immediately noticing how red-faced she was and that's when I saw her hand covering her crotch. I also noticed how she was sort of focusing her eyes at her feet as she daintily tried to maneuver through the chairs and tables and gawking bar patrons. I made a mental note to tell her later that her face was the same shade of red as her toenails!

Mae: "As soon as I came around the corner, I began to recognize faces. Lots of faces. It was like everyone I knew in the world were all gathered there and suddenly it was that old nightmare. I was completely, totally, bare assed naked in front of EVERYBODY! This wasn't just flashing my boobs. That's when I covered my crotch and just tried to get through without making eye contact. I swear to God that was the longest 200 feet of my life."

Mae finally made it to the front again, although she got about five more swats to her behind from her friends as she passed, and I quickly handed back her clothes. She first pulled on the lacy top and I remember her saying, "Shit!" under her breath.

Mae: "I was thinking the top would cover me and had forgot it only came to my stomach. The hardest thing in the world was standing there with my bare butt facing all those people and having to pull my panties on. It's more embarrassing than stripping, I think."

I also noticed Mae let out a little hiss of pain when the panties were pulled over her bottom. I guess the spanking she got made more of an impression than I thought.

Mae: "I was trembling so hard I couldn't get my hands to work to put my pants on. I felt like it took me 10 minutes to finish getting dressed. (Actually it was more like 20 seconds, but I'm sure it seemed longer to her).

THE AFTERMATH: Well, much to Mae's continued embarrassment, there were several photos taken which started making the e-mail rounds among our friends. None got posted on any web sites that I know of. One was a full frontal of her on the stage, plus various side, front and rear angles as she worked her way through the crowd. But my favorite was one where she had the tank top on, but was bare from the waist down because you could see her red face, her red bottom and her red toes. That was the one I had blown up and taped to her bathroom mirror.

She's still mad at me......

Thursday, July 7th 2005 - 07:33:30 AM
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:30:08 AM
Name: Sexypants
E-mail address: smart_yet_luvable@yahoo.com
Subject: Art Project
Message:Jenna and Christie were these really cute but not very good students. Jenna had this real rebellious attitude and she always wore a "goth slut" look, and Christie was a more wholesome blond, but she wore too much makeup. Anyway, when the deadline for a project for art class came up, they realized that they had forgot to do a project! And it was just before class started!They panicked for a little while and then they started whispering and giggling. Then they said, "Hey Gail, c'mere, we need your help", and they took me by the arm and dragged me around the corner into one of the small rooms next to the classroom. Then they each took an arm and started coloring me all over my arms with colored markers! I didn't know what to think! I was too stunned to know what to say or do! Cuz class had started I could hear the other students giving their presentations, and I was scared to run around the corner after class had started, especially since now I had bright colored ink of all kinds all over my arms!
Christie and Jenna kept giggling and marking more and more ink on me, and then I stared to protest, but they didn't say anything until Jenna said "Be quiet, slut, you know this is fun!"
Then they pulled up my blouse and tied it in front and Christy started coloring on my bare back and Jenna started coloring on my tummy! I was speechless! They colored and colored and marked on me until the class was half over! Then without a word Jenna grabbed my chin and started marking bright blue ink on my cheek! She said "hurry up Chris and help me do her face!"
And they both started coloring my face with all these markers! They painted lots of lipstick and all kinds of colors of eyeshadow on me and I just stood there and let them do it.
Then I got the biggest surprise of all. When Ms. Caldwell said "Okay, who's next.......Jenna?"
they both giggled and Jenna said, "okay, now!" and led me by both arms around the corner and up to the front of the class! I had to stand there looking like a painted fool while they just made stuff up about how this was their art project, blah blah blah! It was SO embarrassing! And they got a B!
But I kinda liked it.
Wednesday, July 6th 2005 - 06:45:21 PM
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 09:28:38 AM
Name: Melanie
E-mail address: melanie.kay@ntlworld.com
Subject: The ordeal of the female apprentice
Message:This is a true story as it was told to me in a letter from the girl it happened to. I have her permission to post it here.

This event took place in the early 1980s. I was in my late teens. At that time feminism was making great strides in the UK opening up areas for women and girls to work in which they had not “enjoyed” before. At that time we looked upon it as progress, never dreaming of the long-term damage it would do to the structure of society.

I was mad keen on boys and thought it would be great to work amongst them. So I applied to become an engineering apprentice in a fairly large workplace.

Before my interview I was taken around the works and shown the different departments and the work that was going on there. Then I was shown the workshop where I had applied to work. There were several older men and women working there and five young lads about my age.

I noticed that, when the lads saw me, they got together and started whispering and looking in my direction. Then they burst out laughing. I never thought any more about it at the time, but I soon found out what their whispering and laughter was all about.

On my first morning I was taken aside by one of the older women called Maud. She seemed a kindly soul and approached me in a kind of conspiratorial fashion. I wondered what she was going to say.

“I thought I’d better let you know, luv, that we have a certain custom in this workshop to initiate all the new apprentices.”

“Oh,” I replied quite innocently. “What’s that?”

She didn’t seem really keen on telling me, but she went on, “Well, it’s usually young lads who come here as apprentices and, in their second week, some of the older men strip them and tie them down on one of the benches. Then a couple of us older women get some of the thick grease we use in our jobs and we cover their tackle with it.”

I was absolutely shocked. “What! But that’s so humiliating!” I protested.

She sounded a bit apologetic. “I know luv, but it’s only meant to be a bit of fun.”

I must have turned bright red at this news and was thinking of walking out and not even starting my apprenticeship. But then I remembered all my friends and school mates. I’d told them that I could do the job just as well as any boy. If I backed out on my first day, they’d never let me forget it.

“And who is around when all this happenes?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s only the people you’ll be working with my luv,” she replied.

“You mean that this will be watched by all the people I’ll be working with?”

“That’s right. I know you’re a girl, but we can’t treat you any different from the other apprentices we’ve had. Well, except for the fact that in your case it will be some of the women who’ll strip you and some of the men who’ll grease your pussy.”

It was then that I realisd why the young lads had been whispering and laughing when they knew I was going to be an apprentice.

I swallowed hard. “And when is this likely to happen?” I asked in some trepidation. wondering how long I’d have to wait.

“Well, we generally give the apprentices a week to settle in and then we do the initiation,” she said with a faint smile.

I’ve got to admit it wasn’t a good start as far as I was concerned. I wondered whether I’d better tell my parents about this custom of initiating apprentices. But then I realised that they would probably be as appalled as I was and tell me to leave, in which case I’d still have to tell my friends that I wasn’t able to do what the boys did.

Then I had an idea. In the daily tabloid newspaper I was in the habit of reading at that time, there was a well-known agony aunt, so I wrote to her to tell her about it and asked her advice. She was less than helpful. All she said was, “Well, if it’s the custom to perform the initiation, I suppose you’ll just have to grin and ‘bare’ it.” I think she meant the remark to be humorous. It was the thought that, in a few days’ time I would be ‘baring it’ that terrified me.

I didn’t get much sleep over the weekend thinking of what was going to happen to me the following week. But I wasn’t kept in suspense for long. As soon as I walked into the workshop on Monday I was grabbed by four of the older women who stripped me stark naked and then tied me down on my back on one of the large work benches with one ankle each side of the bench and my hands above my head.

Then everyone gathered round the bench to have a good look at me spread out with everything on show. The young lads were having a fine time.

Then two of the older men approached me carrying a big tin of heavy grease. They scooped out a large handful each and started rubbing it all over my naked pussy in liberal quantities. It was awful. Then they started rubbing it on my boobs. I could feel my nipples getting hard as they squeezed the grease onto them.

During the initiation there was a constant round of cheering and catcalling. A couple of the women looked slightly embarrassed but the men and boys thought it was hilarious. I was quite near to tears but I managed to hang on. I didn’t want any of the lads to say later, “Trust a girl to cry!” “Can’t take a joke!” and so on.

After I had been almost completely covered with the dark brown smelly grease I was untied. They gave me a pair of old overalls to put on so that I could go to the women’s wash room to get cleaned up. It took me ages. They’d pushed some of the grease right inside my pussy. I must have used gallons of hot water to get clean again.

Then, of course, I had to go back to the workshop and face all my fellow workers who had just seen me stark naked, but as I walked in they all gave me a rousing cheer. The young lads never let me forget the event and frequently commented about what I looked like in the nude. But they were a great bunch to work with. I stayed there for six years until I got married.

Today, of course, such practices would never be allowed, but, at that time, I found out the hard way that there is a downside to equality.
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Name: Alex
E-mail address: halonewt@aim
Subject: Pantsed in my home
Message:When I was 14 I was a hellraiser, causing all kinds of trouble in school. I picked on girls a lot. I thought it was innocent. But it wasn't, as I found out. One weekend my parents went off for a couple of days leaving me, an only child, on my own. I had been bragging at school that I would be by myself, and my friends were jealous. My parents left me money and trusted me to behave. I promised I would. On Friday night I was watching TV when the doorbell rang at the back door. I went to answer the door, thinking it was some of my buds. When I opened it about six girls rushed me, knocking me to the floor. They had their faces covered. I fought them with all I had, but they were too much for me. They overpowered me. Two sat on my legs while the others grabbed me and tied me up. They got my hands behind my back, then wrapped ropes around my upper body, then thighs, then legs, then feet. When they finished I was secured. One girl stuffed a kitchen rag in my mouth and tied another one around my head so I couldn't yell. "What now?" one said. "Let's carry him to the den," another one said. They lifted me up and carried me to the TV room, where I was dumped on the floor. I was terified. I thought they might kidnap me and take me off somewhere. They began talking about how they were going to deal with me. I thought I recognized their voices and began to stare at them. "Hey, we need to blindfold him so he doesn't see us. These masks are hot," one said. They covered my eyes with towels and anything else they could find. So I was tied up, gagged, blindfolded and laying on the foor of my house, with nobody due back until Sunday night. I hoped I wouldn't be killed or taken away. Maybe they just wanted to rob the place, but why so many? "Tim," one said, "do you know who I am?" I realized it was Deb, a classmate whom I had tormented for years. I nodded. "We're here to pay you back for all those years of grief and shit," Deb said. "We overheard you telling your friends about tis weekend and we decided to pay you a visit. A long visit. You can expect pain, torture and misery. We'll leave before your parents get back. If they call, you'll be ungagged and allowed to talk to them, but I warn you, if you give us away we'll make you pay." And thus began my two-day ordeal. They tickled me, punched me, spanked me, made me beg for water and food. That wasn't all. On Saturday morning they stripped me and took pictures. I wasn't always secured, though. But six against one didn't leave me much chance to get away. I was always gagged in case some of my friends showed up, but I didn't expect them to. Most were going on a weekend ski trip. The torture didn't stop. Well, it always stopped short of me being really hurt, but I didn't know that at the tme. The girls made themselves at home. Apparently they had told their parents they'd be on a slumber party. They slept in my family's beds, ate our food, looked through drawers. They ransacked my room, knowing my folks would think I had done it. I had some stuff hidden but they found it. You know, porno magazines. Each girl got some time alone with me. It wasn't what you think. Sometimes they'd get me hard and then stop. Or tie a string to my balls and jerk it. Or spank me. Lots of spankings. I was kept naked all weekend and fed only a little. When I had to go to the bathroom a girl accompanied me. With my hands tied behind my back they held my privates so I could pee. Humiliating. I was tied up in every way imaginable. Spreadeagle on the bed, face up and face down, hogtied, tied to a chair, tied over a chair. Once between tieups I tried to run, but they caught me at the door and dragged me back. That got me a good spanking. After that my legs were usually tied when my hands were repositioned. On Sunday I was forced to wrestle them. My ankles were tied so I couldn't run. I could beat them one at a time, but I was tired. I pinned two, then on the third one I gave out and she won. But I had to keep fighting. The others got me in all kinds of wrestling holds when I just was too tired to defend myself. Being naked and wrestling made them laugh too. They shaved me. I didn't have any chest hair, of course, but I had a little public hair, underarm hair and some lower-leg hair. They shaved it off. I was tied to the bed while they did that. I know this sounds stimulating to some of you, but for me it was awful. All the while they kept reminding me of all I had done to them over the years, since elementary school. Teasing, hair-pulling, rumors, that kind of stuff. Sunday afternoon they made me apologize, one by one, to each of them. I did. I was a beaten boy by then, having spent the weekend tied up, gagged, blindfolded and manhandled. My apologies were sincere and they knew it. I was finally untied and allowed to cress and sit with them to talk about the weekend. I wsas sorry for all I had done. I really was. "We bvelieve you," Deb said. "But we have decide deot gve youn one more spanking.to give you one more spanking." They grabbed me, stripped me again and walloped me on the backside, one at a time. I was crying when they stopped. All the fight was out of me. I didn't resist the spankings. They had transformed a terror into a meek, weak, whimpering boy. They left around 5, but they took along some of my stuff as souvenirs. I cleaned up my room, sat down and cried. I never tormented anybody again. But it was not the last time the girls invaded my house. That's another tale for another day.
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Name: Saturn
Subject: French punk's distress
Message:I posted this a couple of years ago on Kwong's Mean Pranks With Bondage Dreambook. It seems suitable for this dreambook too.

It was something I witnessed a number of years ago, back in the original 'punk' era of the early 1980s in London, at the time they were picking up on fetish wear as fashion. There were regular sights of some cracking looking girls, particularly along the Kings Road or around Carnaby Street, often in microskirts, suspenders and fishnet stockings. Handcuffs were a common fashion accessory.

It was a warm summer day and a group of 5 punks (3 men, 2 girls) were walking slowly in the small streets between Soho and Carnaby Street. From their conversation they seemed to be French - often the most flamboyant punks in London were tourists. The guys were in the usual leather trousers, leather jackets, t-shirts, spiky hair etc. and both girls were in leather jackets, luridly striped t-shirts, leather microskirts, fishnets, suspenders and high-heeled ankle boots. One girl's skirt was very short, hem clear of the tops of her red fishnet stockings, but the other was the real knockout. She was attractive, with black hair and the usual punk makeup of the time, pale face with dark eyeshadow. Her skirt hem hardly came down below her bum and it left a good amount of pale thigh above the tops of her black fishnets. It was also slit at the sides, so front and back were virtually flaps. I caught glimpses of her bum cheeks as she walked.

They were also playing about with a pair of handcuffs. At one point, one of the guys handcuffed himself to the knockout girl and they walked along, wrists joined. Then he unlocked the cuff on his wrist, grabbed her other wrist and handcuffed her, hands in front. She didn't seem to mind, but remonstrated with him after a couple of minutes, held out her wrists to him, and he unlocked one of the cuffs. Then he spun her round, grabbed her free wrist again and re-cuffed her, hands behind her back. Seeing this knockout girl in public bondage was already arousing! The guy got a mouthful of French protest and he just laughed.

They stopped to look in a shop window and the guy with the knockout girl pulled her into a doorway and proceeded to snog her. It looked like he had one hand up inside her t-shirt (she looked like she wasn't wearing a bra) but I couldn't watch too closely. There wasn't much she could have done to protect herself from being groped, but she didn't look like she wanted any protection anyway. Then there was a sudden squeal of woe. I looked back and she was struggling and pleading in the doorway and the guy had her black panties halfway down her legs!

It took him a few more seconds to get her panties down over her boots and he stepped back out into the street waving his trophy. Her panties didn't look very substantial, but evidently meant a lot to her. She remained in the doorway, legs pressed together, trying to hold the hem of her skirt down with her cuffed hands. The others laughed, and they all started to walk off. The knockout girl remained in the doorway, calling after them and pleading, but to no effect. She had no choice, and holding her skirt as best she could, she emerged and ran after them. She had no way to hold down her skirt at the front, but from my angle her pussy seemed to remain just about covered (unfortunately).

They waved her panties at her and continued to tease her, passing the panties from one to another. A couple of times they reached for the front of her skirt and she stepped back out of their reach, bending forward to try to keep her pussy covered, but giving a great view of her bare bottom from behind. Then the other girl was holding her panties just as they were by a postbox. She held the panties in the slot of the postbox, threatening to drop them inside, while knockout girl pleaded to have them back. The guys were yelling something and the girl laughed, and dropped the panties into the postbox!

Knockout girl looked and sounded devastated. Her panties were lost altogether! The others continued to tease her and grab at her skirt and she continued to flash plenty of bare bum and brief glimpses of dark pubic hair as twisted out of their reach. This carried on until they reached Carnaby Street, where they met and greeted some friends and now knockout girl was firmly grabbed by the two guys, and held while the other girl lifted and held up the front of her skirt to display their victim's knickerless state. More wails of woe, more pleas, more laughter from her friends. Knockout girl was trying to lift one of her legs to hide her pussy and one of the guys was do his best to stop her. Their friends all got a good look and lucky bystanders had plenty more glimpses.

It had been easy for me to walk casually along the same street in the same direction without being too obvious, but I couldn't keep following them. I did see them again about half an hour later and knockout girl still had her wrists cuffed behind her and she still seemed to walking very carefully, so I assume they hadn't bought her more panties. The rest of her day in London must have been quite an experience for her, in a skirt as short as that and no panties, even if they released her cuffs, which they seemed in no hurry to do. Her bare bum and pussy MUST have been seen by many people in the street and she would have known it and have been able to do very little about it!

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Name: Volleyball Girl
Subject: Locker Room Humiliation
Message:I am 17 and on the volleyball team at school. I’m not as tall as the other girls but I am still pretty athletic for my size. As with me, most of the girls sign up because the coach Mr. Dan Marks, is a 26 year old hot guy. I just made varsity for the first time and wanted very much to impress him. Apparently so did most of the other girls on the team and it became a pretty heated rivalry competing for his attention. I did my best to flirt with him and played real hard trying to prove to him I was the best player. With blonde hair, C cup boobs, and a 26 inch waist I get asked out a lot as is so I guess you could say I am good looking (ha ha). It wasn’t long before I was getting the extra attention from him I wanted so bad. I actually think he got the hots for me too! Little did I know the resentment I was stirring up would soon back fire on me in a big way.

So one day in the locker room after practice, being a bit of a show off as usual, I was showing a non-varsity player what she was doing wrong when serving the ball. Tutoring her I jumped up slamming the ball hard into the corner of the locker room. I anticipated it would just bounce back but instead it wedged itself through this space in between 2 lockers. The ball turned out to not be a school ball but a brand new ball that belonged to one of the senior players. She was a real bitch normally anyway and really ticked off saying it was a brand new ball and I probably gouged it up hitting it against the lockers like I did. Chewing me out she went over to get it but I had hit it so hard it had forced itself through the narrow separation between the lockers and had rolled back into the space behind the block of lockers and was very hard to get out. It couldn’t have rolled into a worse place really.

I could feel the tension building and her angry glare burning into me so in order to dispel the situation as best I could I went over and told her the ball was fine and I’d get it out. Kneeling down on the bench near the corner I had to really wedge myself into the space to try to get the ball out. On both knees I had to twist my upper body and squeeze through the narrow space and then angle myself down to reach the dirty grimy floor where the ball was. From the outside it must have been quite a site with me on my knees and my butt in the air on display. Not wanting to fail I wiggled myself in there really well and moments later suddenly realized I might have pushed myself in there a little too far! I tried to back out and with each desperate attempt I came to realize I was really stuck in there good with no hope of getting out. I could not even take a deep breath I was pinched in there so tightly. I started to struggle and panic a bit and it didn’t take long for the others figure out that I had done one heck of a job of jamming myself between the lockers and could not get myself out now! Realizing my predicament I began pleading for help saying I was stuck and couldn’t get out, but even talking loudly was impossible with so much pressure on my rib cage.

At first a few girls tried to help by pulling on me but that only seemed to make matters worse. I felt a few hands on my waist and legs trying to pull me back. Then someone had the bright idea that soap or something slippery might help so they got liquid soap from the shower and squirted it on both side of me thinking it would loosen the areas I was most stuck in. It didn’t work and now my back and sides were slathered in slimy liquid soap. All this time my butt was stuck up in the air for everyone’s viewing pleasure, and my shirt had slid half way up my back. I felt someone try to pull me back by my hips accidentally making my shorts slide down an inch or two. I tried to scream, “Hey, my shorts! That’s not funny!!” but all I heard in return was giggling and laughing coming from a few. Next thing I know the initial concern and sympathy for me had somehow transformed into mockery and laughter with the girls finding my “sticky” situation hilariously entertaining now. I heard one girl say she though I was faking it just to get attention and then I felt someone else tickle my exposed torso on both sides. I bucked and kicked reacting to the tickling demanding that they stop immediately, but this only seemed to spur them on even more. No matter how I struggled I could not get myself out so I was literally at their mercy. I heard some of my teammates say they were going to go find help and heard them leave. A few girls stayed behind. Once they were gone I heard someone (I think it was the bitch with the new ball) say that they bet Mr. Marks would find my position “very stimulating”, followed by fits of laughter. Then with each joke the laughter and taunting got worse and worse. I heard another voice say he’d find it even more stimulating to see me like “this”, and with that I felt my stretch shorts get yanked up my ass hard on both sides exposing a lot of extra cheek. Through the squeals of laughter now I was being tickled and smacked on the ass unable to stop any of it from happening.

“No-no. THIS is what Mr. Grant REALLY wants”, I heard one of them say and then felt fingers pressing against the crotch of my shorts and in my butt crack too as the girls continued to laugh like crazy. Then suddenly everything hushed down and I heard whispering. I kept calling out asking who was still there but no one would give me straight answer. I didn’t know what was going on but after about another minute of whispering and snickering I felt my shorts get pulled down! I yelped in protest as my shorts AND underwear got pulled down and completely off of me leaving me still stuck in the same position on my knees but now completely bottomless with my naked butt and privates stuck up in the air open for all to see. Through my barely audible pleas I heard fits of giggling and then them running off leaving me there in the locker room ½ naked in silence.

Not soon after this I heard someone return. There was some hushed snickering, some crackling of paper or something like that and then I felt my butt cheeks get pushed apart and SOMETHING GET SHOVED UP MY ASS!! (Later I found out it was a large black magic marker with a note attached to it that said, “Oh Mr Marks PleAsE SaVe mE!!”) I was left like this wiggling and flexing trying to get lose and also dislodge what ever was shoved in my butt for I don’t know how long.

Eventually, some staff members were alerted and I suffered the humiliation of them, ALONG WITH MR MARKS (who had been anonymously tipped that I was in an accident in the locker room) coming to my rescue. The humiliation of him walking in seeing me stripped bottomless, covered in soap, stuck between lockers with my butt in the air, and a magic marker with a note attached to it stuck up my asshole makes me cringe with horror still to this day. As soon as they saw me, and got over their initial shock at what they saw, they covered me with a towel and proceeded to do their best to ease me out of my hopelessly humiliating and stuck position. It took a while and I remember the towel accidentally coming of at least 3 or four times. Oddly I also felt a few very inappropriate gropes while getting released from my trap. Ehem! Once out I cried in naked humiliating. I guess Mr Marks had left right away after first seeing me saying it was not appropriate for him to be present but still I know full well he saw everything, even if it was only for a few seconds.

It was the cruelest prank ever pulled on anyone at my school and I still cannot look Mr. Marks in the eyes to this day. No one every fessed up to what happened in the locker room that day and I never found out who exactly did the depantsing and other perverted things to me but I think I have a darn good idea. I swear I’ll get them back somehow one day!

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Name: Patricia
Subject: Double failure
Message:When I was 13 I lived with my divorced mother and my 15 year old sister. We really didn't have much money to spend and so in our summer holidays one of the 'attractions' was to take a walk in the woods surrounding our hometown. And we had to go there by pulbic transport! You see, we were really poor! One day we went there again. As it was hot I was wearing a T-Shirt, a short skirt with a small elastic waistband, panties and Sandals only. We were walking when, suddenly the waistband of my panties tore and it went down to my ankles! It fell down so quickly that I was stumbling. My sister and my mother doubled up with laughter when I tried to pull it up and it fell down again.

Pancistricken I looked around, but fortunately there was no one else to see my mishap. Then my mother took my panties and put them into her bag. I asked her to go home, because I was embarrassed to be without panties under my short skirt, but she insisted to walk on! I think I was blushing all the time and my sister started to make jokes about me like: "Oh, Patricia doesn't wear any panties today!" or "Isn't it comfortable without panties on such a hot day?" It's really embarrassing to be asked such a question when other people are walking by! And she tried to lift my skirt! I fought her back most of the time, but sometimes my bare fanny and pussy must have been visible! Fortunately only a few people were walking there and I don't think anybody saw me. But maybe during one the struggles with my sister the waistband of my skirt was damaged, too. And so, suddenly it also broke! My sister really didn't touch me at that moment! It also fell down! I was standing bottomless in the woods! I was so shocked I couldn't move for some moments! My mother and my sister laughed again. My mother asked if she should put it in her bag, too! "No!" I shouted and pull it up. But I had to hold it up, otherwise it would have fallen down again. I was on the verge of tears when I stood there, holding my skirt up with both hands. My sister took the chance, lifted my T-Shirt and exposed my little boobies! I squeaked, pulled down my T-Shirt and my skirt was around my ankles again! My sister burst out laughing. I was really lucky that no one was around! She did it three times but I didn't loose my skirt anymore holding it on halfmast with one hand.

Well, my mother stopped my sister teasing me. But I had to go home holding up that piece of textile that was once my skirt around my hips all the time! I blushed the whole way that we went by public transport! Fortunately nobody knew that I didn't even wear panties under my damaged skirt!
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Name: Joe
E-mail address: howudoindoindoin@yahoo.com
Subject: Sometimes Girls Really Do Go Wild
Message:Special thanks to IO, Dandeman, and Alex for maintaining their respective message/posting boards. I have been a silent reader on this board for a couple years, and I will share with you, my first story. It's a true story of what I witnessed this evening at a house party. I'm male,from New York, Italian, and almost finished with college(but don’t worry, this story is only about girls stripping/ being stripped.) Names have been changed to keep identities secret.

As soon as I arrived at the party my eyes shot to the two tanned brunette beauties observing the beer pong table. They were both about 5`4 with medium/long brown hair and curvy in all the right places. After I met most of the people at the party, my friend introduced them to me as Nicole and Stacy. Nicole’s boyfriend was hosting the party, and Stacy was her sorority sister. Nicole was wearing a dangerously low cut halter top with light blue terry cloth sweat pants, and Stacy was wearing a sexy brown mini-skirt, and tank top. After some brief chat I said hello to everyone else at the party and just chilled and enjoyed a few beers. I was just playing some basketball when I heard a bit of noise come from the trampoline. I looked over to see Nicole and Stacy jumping together. Nicole’s boyfriend was standing around outside the ring and laughing along with them. The scene had some potential to be very sexy, but I didn’t want to disrespect the boyfriend or seem like I was staring, so I just played it cool and continued to take some shots.

After another five minutes I peeked back at the trampoline and saw that Nicole and Stacey were play wrestling. Nicole’s boyfriend caught me staring and I thought that was going to be the end the fun on the trampoline, but surprisingly he just waved me over… Stacy, clearly was not dressed for this type of activity, and I could see a look in Nicole’s eye that said she wanted to take advantage of her friends disposition. As they rolled around on the trampoline, Nicole was straddling Stacey and hooking her feet around Stacy’s calves. Whenever Stacy was on top, Nicole tried to spread Stacey’s thighs and make her skirt ride up, but Stacy acted like she didn’t notice the effect of Nicole’s moves. It was apparent to all of us observing that Nicole was up to something. We were all being treated to subtle peaks at the bikini cut polka dot sheer panties of Stacy. Stacy was beginning to realize that she was becoming the center of attention, and after she realized its source, seemed to feed off the attention. In an attempt to give a slight thrill to everyone observing, she began to playfully tug at Nicole’s low cut shirt and treated everyone to a peek at Nicole’s sexy white bra. Nicole quickly rolled onto her back, but this time she not only caused Stacy’s skirt to ride up, but snaked her hands under the back of Stacy’s shirt. She expertly unclasped Stacy’s bra, and began to tug at it. Stacy rather ineffectively tried to re-clasp it, but soon just let Nicole take it off. Though Stacy made an attempt to keep her bra, to our surprise she seemed to let Nicole take it with relatively little resistance, which gave Nicole a hint of a green light to escalate the situation.

A wicked grin appeared on Nicole’s face, and during some further rolling around on the trampoline she undid the button of Stacy’s skirt. Stacy was startled when she felt her skirt loosen and quickly shot her hands to grab at it before it descended any further down her thigh. Once Nicole realized that Stacy’s hands were occupied, Nicole started to playfully pull at Stacy’s tank top, and we all realized that we could all soon possibly have a peek at Stacy’s braless chest. Stacy’s entire back was exposed, and her shirt was just about to reach the midpoint of her breasts when Stacy swiftly pulled out of Nicole’s reach. She rearranged her top, and after giving us a good look at her panties, re-buttoned her skirt.

Usually this is the point where things end, however, the night soon became one I could never forget. Once Stacy finished readjusting her clothing, she took a look around the trampoline and saw that she and Nicole had the undivided attention of about 5 guys. Instead of retreating into the house, she surprisingly started to wrestle with Nicole again. It was then that it was blatantly apparent that they were turned on by the attention. As soon as they started wrestling, Stacy’s skirt was at her waist, and Nicole had again undone Stacy’s skirt button. The wrestling had developed into a tug of war over Stacy’s skirt. Stacy was using both hands to maintain her modestly, but Nicole was relentless, and copped playful feels at Stacy’s giggling braless breasts, until the skirt was at Stacy’s ankles and off. It was then that I learned Stacy’s panties were not only bikini cut, but were string bikini panties. Luckily for Stacy, Nicole did not immediately notice.

Figuring that Nicole wouldn’t push things any further with her panties, and cross the line of nudity, Stacy grabbed at Nicole’s loose fitting sweatpants, and they were soon at her ankles and off, exposing her lace boyshorts. All of our jaws dropped as we realized that we were witnessing two gorgeous tan coeds dressed in only panties below the waist wrestling on top of each other. The girls had our undivided attention, and it caused them to take things to the next level…. After whispering to each other, they began to kiss- nothing sloppy and disgusting, but just small seductive kisses on the lips with a little hint of tongue. They were smiling and laughing, even sort of bucking on each other, but after about 30 seconds Stacy stood up and began to look around the trampoline for her clothes. Nicole was just on her back, when she noticed the strings on Stacy’s bikini. Just when we though the show was over, as if rehearsed, Stacy, reached her foot up, and grabbed the string of Stacy’s panties with her toes and pulled hard and fast. As if being exposed to a sudden rush of cold air, Stacy squealed, and we were all treated to a view of Stacy’s waxed pubic area and slit, and half of her ass as the string was pulled downward. We were all beside ourselves when we saw what happed, but were too scared to say anything to ruin the moment. Needless to say, this bit of exposure was more than Stacy could have ever expected, and she was truly embarrassed and blushing. As Stacy went to re-tie her panties, Nicole reached for the strings of the other side, and before Stacy had a chance to react, her panties separated in two, and she was caught like a deer in headlights. We were all given an entire show of Stacy’s secrets for a moment until Nicole felt she had gone far enough and helped Stacy reassemble her clothes and give her one last passionate kiss.

This was a night and event I could never forget. I could go on and exaggerate the story into some sort of lesbian fantasy, but this is actually a true story, and this is where it ended. We got a good look at Stacy’s charms and Nicole’s underwear, but that was as far as it went, their shirts stayed on for the most part.

I have been reading the straight and lesbian stripping stories on most of the boards I can find, and I enjoy them very much. It’s nice to be able to finally give something back. I never really responded to any author’s writing because I was a little embarrassed, so I just wanted to give a nod to SNOWMAN, McSkyy, Jessica, Erica (and those involved with her stories), Richard Hertz, Blzr, Ginabee, Carrie, Mercie, Christena, Gina, Ginabee, Mercie, Hooked6, American Cowboy, TheSparkZone(literotica.com), and. Sabinetas (literotica.com). I really enjoyed your work over the years. Also a thanks to all the posters on the oneclickchicks and netsexiest boards.

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Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:37:32 PM
Name: web
Subject: School fight
Message:Once when I was in the 7th grade there was this girl I didn't really like. She was an annoying b*tch about everything, a loud mouth, and I just generally didn’t like her at all. So one time in art class I was trying to annoy her. We both got into it making rude comment to each other and I wound up going up to her and dumping paint all over her. The teacher thought it was an accident so she told her to go to the front office and get a replacement pair of school clothes. I thought I had gotten the best of her. I was wrong.

The following day in the classroom closet she came up from behind me and gave me the worst wedgie I ever received. She yanked my panties about 3/4 of the way up my back trying to pull them over my head but they wound up tearing off me before she got them that far. I turned around and slapped her with all my might and we wound up getting into a full on fight right there in the closet. I was wearing a skirt that day and as we tangled she grabbed my hair, and shirt, and eventually my skirt. She ripped it right off of me leaving me bare ass naked from the waist down punching and wrestling her right in the classroom closet.

Of course the teacher and student in class heard it and ran into see what the heck was going on. Kicking and screaming I got dragged out of there bottomless! Everyone saw me ½ naked! We both wouldn’t quit trying to kill each other so the teacher and a bunch of students had to hold us back from each other with me naked from my stomach down the whole time! I saw some kids wide-eyed and laughing at the situation. It was completely humiliating and the talk of the school from that point on. We both got suspended for a week too.


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Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:36:10 PM
Name: Dan
Subject: My Step Sister: Taking It To The Next Level
Message:Hi folks. It’s been a while. Here’s one from me.. finally. This is actually a continuation of a story I posted a long time ago called “My Step Sister: Caught in the Act” that you will find in Archive 1 now. If you haven’t read it, it might be a good idea to read it first. Not necessary but just a suggestion. Also, warning this story has graphic sexual content…

When I was 13, my step sister Tina, who was 16 at the time, was left in charge over the weekend while our parents went on a little weekend vacation. As I have mentioned before my sister is a real “looker” with long beautiful hair, nice boobs for her age and a killer athletic body that’s hard to ignore. Because of this she also quite arrogant and took great pleasure in bossing me around all day the first day after my parents left.

As her “little brother” my sister, for as long as we’ve known each other, had always liked to make a habit of embarrassing me just for fun. Often, in more recent years her favorite thing to do was to tease me with her sexiness wearing skimpy clothing, or prancing around in front of me in her panties just to see my how I’d react. When she was really “feisty” she’d even play wrestle me sometimes, grinding her body against me trying to arouse and overpower me, on occasion even playfully tying me up so I was helpless and at her mercy. Once restrained she’d tickle torture me, or do even worse things, till I was either crying, or she had gotten her jollies out of humiliating me. As we got older it curtailed but still she seemed to relish in the roll of showing me she still had the upper hand.

This afternoon she had her girlfriend over and after some time stole away to the backyard to smoke a joint. I knew what was going on even if I hadn’t tried anything like that yet myself. Needless to say, when they both came back inside they were acting very silly and weird. They both were making jokes and playfully teasing me, as was the norm at that time in our lives. Then giggling, my sister brought up a very sore subject that had just happened a few months ago. Right in front of her friend she tells the story of how she caught me in my room one Saturday morning jerking off! She made it as descriptive as she could making sure I was fully embarrassed. I could have killed her! Flush with embarrassment I stood there the subject of ridicule as they made one degrading joke after another laughing hysterically the whole time at my expense. My blood was boiling inside.

Later that night I was lying in my room in only my underwear (in an attempt to keep cool since we had no air conditioning) watching TV when I heard a knock on the door. Knowing it was probably my sister or friend I got up making my way to the door to lock it saying I wasn’t dressed and not to come in. Before I could even finish my sentence my sister and her friend burst into my room laughing and giggling tackling me to the ground. Before I could react properly they had me pinned down with my arms behind my back. They obviously had pre-planned this because they proceeded to immediately tie my hands together behind me, then my feet. In only my underwear, screaming to be let go, they rolled me over so I was face up.

“What’s up Boner Boy? You playin with yourself again… as usual?” my sister giggled to her friend. I could tell that they had been obviously drinking, and were high by the smell of their breath.

“YOU BETTER LET..”, I started to scream out before I was immediately silenced by a hand covering my mouth. My head was held and a wash cloth was pushed into my mouth followed by a rope that was tied around my head gagging me. My muffled screams were barely audible now. They both began to tickle and pinch me all over laughing at my spastic reactions. I squirmed trying to break free from their grasp but the situation was hopeless. They taunted and ticked my sides and leg, and feet mercilessly.

“Hmmm what do we have under here little brother?” My sister enthusiastically said as she snapped the waistband of my underwear playfully a few times.

“Wanna see my brother’s thingy?” Tina laughed asking her friend. Her friend just laughed back showing her support, taking her cues from Tina. Panicked I wildly struggled to break free with all my might but they had me pinned down quite well nearly sitting on me.

I screamed, “You better not or I swear I’ll kill you!!” through my gag to only have it come out on the other side as a series of unintelligible staccato’ed “Mffffh-mmffffh” noises. I was near exhausted from my efforts to break free already.

“Hmmm should I, or should I not?”, she inquired almost rhetorically as she snapped away at my waistband of my under shorts.

“I should”, she said answering her own question. With that she very slowly began pulling them down. With all the struggling and female contact I felt not only angry and embarrassed but unintentionally aroused by the whole situation. As she slowly slipped my underwear down past my hips it hung up as it made it to my bulge. With an extra little pull the elastic waistband stretched slightly and then popped past my semi-solid penis evoking a harmonious squeal of delight from both girls at the sight of my naked exposed unit. Then my under shorts were pulled all the way down to my ankles leaving me basically stark naked apart from my bound ankles which prevented the full removal of my shorts. I lay exhausted with very little fight left in me at this point. Holding me like this they both took a few moments to take in the details of my naked body and full erection. They seemed quite intrigued with it but not intrigued enough to actually touch it at this point. Instead they resumed tickling me all over causing me to squirm and struggle with my fully exposed erection bouncing around. Unbeknownst to them I was incredibly aroused at this point secretly hoping they would eventually make contact with my now rock hard cock. Being held down like I was it was hard to see who was doing what to me but the tickling and touching got more risqué till I felt hands and fingers brushing against and making direct contact with different areas of my shaft. With each brush against and rub I felt my rod pulse and twitch.

“Hmmm seems like Boner Boy may like this a little more than he’ll admit” I heard my sister say as I felt a finger slid up the length of my shaft to the tip. I couldn’t believe this was happening. In between the laughing, taunting, tickling and smacking the touching became more and more excessive till I felt a hands grabbing and squeezing my shaft, even jerking it up and down every once in a while. With my heart beating faster and my breathing becoming more rapid I felt the surge build inside of me till I realized I was coming close to actually having an orgasm. The reality that I just might completely embarrass myself by ejaculating all over myself right in front of both of them hit me hard. I tensed up and concentrated as best I could trying to stop this from happening as they continued to toy, touch and tickle me at will.

‘Oh Lord.. stop.. stop.. stop’ I mumbled to myself through my gag squeezing tight trying to stop the inevitable. Then, I don’t know who did it but one of them tickled the top of my shaft near the head one too many times causing me to pass the threshold of no return. The orgasm hit me hard and I ejaculated hard across my chest and right onto Tina’s face and shirt, who had been lying over my shoulders and neck pinning me down from on top.

“Ahhhhhhhh!! Oh my G..!” she screamed out as she jumped off me like lighting leaving me hog tied, writhing around and cumming all over myself on the floor. Tina’s friend let go too and began laughing hysterically at Tina now.

“Oh my God.. so gross! Ewe –ewe – ewe!!”, my sister blurted out in disgust as she ran out of the room wanting to wipe her face with her hands but hesitating to do so as if it was acid on her or something. Her friend followed her out laughing all the way down the hall leaving me naked and hopelessly tied up and gagged on the floor still.

They left me tied and naked for what felt like forever before returning. In the interim I had managed to get to my feet and hop over to my bed trying to figure out how to get myself lose. Before I got too far my sister came barging back into my room all angry and inflamed over what had just happened, as if any of this was my fault in the first place! I think she was most embarrassed about getting squirted in the face with sperm right in front of her friend and being laughed at because of it. I could tell most of the attitude she was throwing at me now was for show in front of her friend, perhaps in an attempt to gain some respect back.

“You’re a dirty dirty little boy!!”, she yelled at me. I would have yelled back but my gag stifled that. “I’m going to give you what dirty little boys deserve!” she said with a smirk on her face looking at her friend. With that she grabbed me and pulled me over her lap spanking my naked butt over and over till it hurt like heck! She spanked me till my butt was bright red and felt like it was on fire! After that she threw me on the bed and told me I could lie there like that all night. I was left naked, sticky, spanked and humiliated in my bed for seemingly hours. Eventually I managed to break free of my binds. Once I gained my composure all I could think of was sweet sweet revenge.

My arrogant step sister was about to get something she probably never anticipated. Vengeance! And boy was she going to get it good….

Thursday, May 26th 2005 - 05:38:48 PM
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:34:53 PM
Name: Dave K
Subject: I have have a sticky story too
Message:This happened a couple years ago. I was dating this girl while I was in college. She was a senior in High School still. He parents weren't too keen on the idea of their daughter dating an older guy but she told them how great I was. They decided not to do to much about it but they wanted to meet me just to ease their minds. Now I should mention they were pretty religious and had no idea the I was screwing their daughter every chance I got in ways that I would be sure to go to hell for.

So she set up a lunch for us to meet. Now Sarah (my girlfriend) had a way of dressing that really got to me. It wasn't that she dressed slutty. She just looked pretty amazing in just about everything she wore. So I was running late and decided to meet them at the restaurant. I showed up in a pair of old shorts and a T-shirt. Her parents are all dressed up, "Dad" even had a tie on. Sarah was wearing a tank top that really showed off her small but very perky and beautiful breasts. (I swear I never saw her wear a bra in the 2 years we dated. I doubt she even owned one. ) and a pair of very tight low rise sweat pants that made me hard the second I saw her. They fit in a way you could see everything she had going for her. This girl had the best ass of anyone I have ever seen to date. She pretty much almost wore thongs everyday when she wore underwear at all.

We all sit down and her parents start grilling me about this and that. What my future looks like. As if I was going to marry Sarah. So about half way through lunch I feel Sarah's foot rubbing on my thigh. She was wearing flip flops as usual that day. Now I was never really a foot guy but she did have very pretty feet. She spent a lot of time polishing and painting little flowers on her toenails and crap like that.

This went on for a couple minutes while I was listening to her dad babble about some stupid story. The I feel her foot move to my lap. I looked under the table cloth and saw she had slipped out of her flipflop and was rubbing my crotch with her foot. Maybe because I was horny from seeing her in those pants or because I was really bored -- this was turning me on a lot.
She had painted her toenails white that day with little pink flowers on her big toes.

So I reached under with one hand when no one was looking at me and unzipped my fly. I pulled out my now totally hard cock which was dying to get out of my shorts. Sarah was startled a bit when her bare foot felt my dick free from my pants. I think it took her by surprise a little. I wasn't sure what she was going to do. I think this really turned her on having her parents there cause she kept rubbing with her foot.

Right about now was when her father decided to have some conversation with me. He was asking me a lot of questions I couldn't just say yes or no to. I had to actually get into it with him. This was not easy with what was going on under the table but I liked the idea of him having no idea what his little sweetheart was up to.

So I kind of had it under control. Both her parents were fixed on me and what I was saying when all of a sudden I feel Sarah's other foot join in. Now she is working my stiff dick between both feet. Sliding it in between and wiggling them on it. I could barley speak. Strangely enough it felt even better than the amazing hand jobs she had given me in the past. I am sure I must have been acting a little strange cause her parents were giving my some weird looks and she was giggling a lot. Then she put what later became known as the "master move" on me. While rubbing my balls with one foot she put the head of my cock between her big toe and gripped it hard while going up and down. OMG right in the middle of my conversation with her Dad I blew my load all over her feet. It had been a few days since we had sex and she had me going so much I really coated them good. I must have looked like an idiot cause I just stopped talking right in the middle of a sentence. I just came all over this guys daughter right in front of him and that was all I could think about. He just sort of said something like OK then lets get the check. While we waited for it to arrive Sarah was still very softly playing with my dick. I could feel my cum all over her feet in between her toes. This was the first time I realized she had a foot fetish. As we were walking out I glanced down and saw her feet looked like a glazed doughnut. It was pretty obvious since she was wearing flip flops. I don't think either of her parents saw. At least they didn't say anything. But the four of us walked around town for a couple hours as they dragged me around shopping. The whole time I couldn't take my eyes off her feet soaked in my cum. That was the start of my foot fetish and we did that same thing a lot more the whole time we dated. I don't know what happened to her we lost touch when she went to college but to this day when I see a cute girl with pretty feet wearing flip flops my dick twitches.
Saturday, May 21st 2005 - 01:15:08 AM
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:33:29 PM
Name: Nastygirl
Subject: Sticky Situation
Message:** warning : nasty!... like me **

My ex-boyfriend called me up out of the blue the other day and said he wanted to come pick me up to go for a ride. I was running late so when he honked his horn I rushed out of my house in just what I had on - T shirt, tight sweats, no bra or panties, and bare feet. After fooling around for a while we were both horny as hell so we pulled into a secluded area. We made out and he worked my sweats down and off my slender hot bod and got his fingers inside me. I got his fat one lose from his pants and sucked him hard. He worked my shirt up and off so I was totally naked and we moved to back of his van. He got me on all fours and I felt him rubbing my juice all over lubing up my butt hole. He mounted me from behind and fucked my butt cumming deep inside my ass. I had nothing to clean up with so I had to use my sweats. I couldn’t get enough of him so we continued fooling around some more and eventually he fucked my pussy till we both came. He’s a horn dog and got hard again like 5 minutes later so he pushed me down on my knees and fucked my mouth till he came a third time. Instead of letting me swallow, he pulled out and came all over my face and hair. I couldn’t believe he did that knowing I had nothing to clean myself up with so I was really ticked off at him but he just laughed thinking it was funny. No wonder I broke up with him!

Then looking at his watch he suddenly realized he was late for work. Panicked he said he was going to lose his job and had to go so he jumps into the seat and starts driving off in a rush. Stuck naked and spattered with sperm I was telling him to hold on as I scrambled trying to wipe the sticky goo off with my hands and get my wet stained T and sweats back on. Then the jerk says he doesn’t have enough time to go all the way to my house and he’ll have to drop me off right there still blocks away from my place! I was like “no way” but he stops, gives me a kiss and then pushes me out immediately speeding off down the street leaving me standing there in bare feet.

I wiped my self off as best I could using my own clothes to wipe my sticky hands off on and as I started walking home I felt his cum start to leak out from both my pussy and my ass! I checked myself in a store window and saw that not only were my sweats soaking through in the worst area, but streams of wet goo were showing through my T shirt too. I guess I hadn’t wiped his man juice off my chest before getting my shirt back on. The shirt stuck to me like glue showing my naked breasts quite clearly. People on the street were staring at me, and a couple of girls walked past me giggling and whispering. I ran my fingers through my blond hair and it was all sticky too! Red faced and humiliated I just wanted to run home but in my bare feet it was hard to run too fast.

When I got home finally my parents were thankfully not home still. But, I did run right into my brother in the hall. He looked me over once and started laughing hysterically. I was so embarrassed I ran for the bathroom with him right behind me laughing at me the whole way in. He said he had seem me take off in my ex’s van and he was going to tell my parents everything. My parents absolutely hate my ex and had already forbid me from seeing him. I tried to slam the bathroom door shut behind me but he put his hands out stopping it. Wet, sticky and humiliated I had to fight and struggle to get him out and get the door closed. The whole time he was threatening to rat me out to my parents.

After I finished cleaning myself up and got out of the bathroom my annoying brother was still hovering around in the hall with a big smirk on his face. I told him to screw off but then he pulled something I didn’t expect. He grabbed my cum stained clothes out of the laundry and ran off! I didn’t realize what he was up to till a few moments later. When I did I went to look for him but he was gone. About 1/2 hour later he reappeared saying he had my clothes and was going to rat me out my parents! After a lot of pleading he eventually agreed, but only if I did certain things for him…. But that’s a whole other story in itself…

Thursday, May 19th 2005 - 06:05:28 PM
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:32:19 PM
Name: erika
Subject: some from the web
Message:Ice Bra - Thats Embarrassing!!
Submitted By : Amy

This is about a nasty prank that was played on me. One day, I had a job interview that was scheduled for early in the morning. I was rushing to put on my clothes when I realized that something was missing. I asked my little sister, "Where the f--k is my bra?" And she said, "Maybe you should check in the freezer." Damn her, she had known I was going to an interview -- so the night before, she collected all my bras, soaked them in water, and stuck them in the freezer! They were frozen solid. I mean, I could have beaten someone to death with one of those things (and believe me, I was tempted). I was in a HUGE hurry, though.
Searching for the bras had wasted way too much of my time, and I figured "What the hell. I don't really need a bra anyway." So I just rushed out the door, and drove to the interview.

The woman who interviewed me seemed nice, and I thought the interview was going pretty well, but there was a problem. I'd picked my clothes before I realized that I wouldn't have a bra, so I was wearing a tee-shirt that was sort of tight. And there was air-conditioning in the room...REALLY cold air-conditioning. So my nipples became sort of...well...perky. VERY perky. I tried to act as if nothing strange was happening, but the woman kept looking at my chest with a sort of "What the Hell??" look on her face. I guess she though that I was a slut, or that I was just really, really enjoying that interview. She didn't hire me. :-( She gave the job to some boy instead. (If the interviewer had been a guy, I'd probably have a job right now :-P) I guess the only bright side is that in a couple of years, my sister will start wearing bras, too. And then I'll be able to get even with her. :-P

Tuesday, May 17th 2005 - 09:20:10 AM
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:31:07 PM
Name: ravegirl
Subject: Dance Club Prank
Message:In college I went to a disco dance club with some friends. The club was know to give cash prizes out to girls who got on stage and removed clothing or danced in bikini's, or thongs etc. Well as my luck would have it the DJ announced a $100 prize for the first girl to get up on stage wearing a red bikini only. It just so happened I was wearing a red bikini under my clothes so, already a bit drunk, I jumped at that chance and stripped down and got my $100 prize.

But, coming back to my table after, I realized my drunk friends had thought it a clever idea to "distribute" my clothes out to people all over the club as a prank. So in only my bikini I had to chase down and beg people all over the club & dance floor for my clothes back. Everyone found my predicament to be wildly entertaining so there was not much cooperation in getting anything back. As if this wasn't bad enough the worst part came when I spotted my skirt being tossed around amongst the people out on the dance floor. Half way through jumping around out there in the crowd trying to intercept it, someone pulled the string on my top causing it to nearly come off! Then while trying to tie it back up with one hand, someone else yanked the strings on my bottoms causing them to come undone! I had to let go of my top, exposing my boobies to everyone while I desperately tried to save and tie my bottoms back on. I wound up showing a lot more skin than I had wished for and, worst of all, the whole thing was caught on large screen TV's all over the club. I could have killed my friends!

Wednesday, May 11th 2005 - 10:46:24 AM
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:30:05 PM
Name: erika
Subject: restarted an old yahoo group off mine and some initiation stories
Message:For all stoire lovers

Kath had risen to the ranks of Sister. She thought she’d be respected more if she behaved like some of the older fashioned Sisters. As a staff nurse and student nurse she’d always been the life and soul of parties and pranks. The first few months of her new appointment saw all her friends disown her and staff morale on the unit plummet.

One Friday evening Kath was due to go out to a special function straight after work. She decided to take her evening dress etc into work and shower and change on the unit’s observation ward that had a separate shower room. Her big mistake was to tell everyone days before that she intended to do it. On Friday she left the unit a few minutes before end of shift telling staff to do the hand over. She went into the shower room strip off her uniform and hung out her evening ware. The shower room is quite large. It has a clear floor space then a wall with a section cut out at each end and then a curtain off shower unit that you can get three or four people in at once or one person laying on a stretcher.

The outer door had a lock on it that made Kath know doubt feel safe. However, she hadn’t realised that the outside panel had a slit in it which allowed you to open the lock from the outside using a screwdriver or has we found out some years later when I joined the unit a fifty pence piece. The staff had removed the curtain, which should have warned Kath, but at the time she thought nothing of it.

Kath had her shower and reached for her towel that she’d placed over the wall. She thought it had dropped down to the other side so walked around from the shower into the room part. No towel. She said she just at first was confused but still not worried. She thought she must have left it in her bag or with her other things and she’d just thought she’d put it over the wall. She then looked to the wall where her stuff was hanging to see it completely empty. It was now that she twigged.

She hung around in the room for a while hoping that someone would return with her stuff. No one did. It was obviously getting on now and her hubby was coming at nine to pick her up and she didn’t want to explain her state to him. So she went to the door a slowly opened it. The observation ward seemed empty but see could not see all the far side from the small crack in the door so she pulled it open some more. No it was empty thank god. It was then that she noticed that a lot of planning had gone into this since all the beds had been stripped. So they wouldn’t afford her any thing to protect her.

Kath knew she was really stuck but figured they would have left her, her things somewhere to hand she just needed to go out and look for them. So she hesitantly ventured out into the observation ward. The only bit of the ward she could she was the closest wall of the cutout nurses station. Since their where plenty of hooks there to hang boards etc she felt sure this is where her stuff would be.

So still drip wet she looked quickly up the corridor to the double doors at the end no one was there so she tip toed over to the nurse’s station. This had been rendered inert too there nothing to cover herself with. Kath was now getting very worried. She realised why she was been treated this way but thought that normally by now anyone else would have been put out of her misery. She looked at the wall clock it said nine o’clock. Hubby would be here shortly to pick her up. She then thought that her stuff might have been put in the end sluice. She quickly looked up and down the ward to the double doors at either end then made for the little sluice. Once a gain she was out of look no clothes and anything that could of offered her cover had been locked up or taken elsewhere.

Kath was desperate now and decided to make her way back to the nurse’s station and call the main nurse’s station and ask for her stuff back. She managed to make the nurse’s station and call the main nurse’s station. They took their time in answering and basically got Kath to agree to stop being an old Sister. They then had her wait in the shower room until they brought her, her clothes.

When they knock on the door they had hung her stuff up over the central bay. She had to walk out to the bay and dress there with some 20 pairs of eyes watching her. Not to show any alarm she just strode out as if she did this every day and acted, as she didn’t care. Showing them everything.

Bouncy Castle

A girl from a chat room told me of her initiation at a fair ground. The other girls grabbed her and ripped her knickers off her and pegged them to a rope across a bouncy castle. She then had to jump up and grab them with nothing on below her waistline. She said that other girls suffered similar fates depending on how much they where liked of disliked. Some had their bra’s pegged up and some knickers and bras.

Office Initiation

The modern office seems to offer plenty of opportunities for initiations but little imagination. Another girl told me about her initiation. She was grabbed by the other girls in the office and taped to a chair. Her blouse was undone to reveal her bra and her skirt hitched up to reveal her knickers. She was left like that for the cleaners.

Another girl told me that she was stripped out of her skirt and handcuffed to a draw handle of a filing cabinet.

Yet another said she was made to photo copy her boobs and they where pin-up on the staff notice board.

Raw Recruit

Another girl told me of her initiation into the army. I forgot to ask if she was British or American. There was a group of female recruits all out on an exercise. They where made to strip naked and swim across a stream and then dress at the other side. Nothing worse than dressing when wet.

Big Mc

Two girls told me of working in Big Macs. They each suffered similar fates. The first was stripped topless then had to run around the tables. No customers in.

The other was stripped to underwear and had to perform the same task.

Tuesday, May 10th 2005 - 12:33:04 AM
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/yourfirsttimestories
Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:28:52 PM
Name: Melanie
E-mail address: melanie.kay@ntlworld.com
Subject: The Nude Girl Who Turned Bright Red

Message: This happened in a life class I attended a few years ago. It was quite a large class and every week about 15 to 20 students would arrive. One of our regular models was a slim and very attractive brunette named Claire who attended the local sixth form college. (For those outside the UK these are attended by children aged 16 to 19). Claire had a really gorgeous figure whichever way you looked at her and all we women went green with envy every time we saw her standing naked on the podium.

We used to do a few ten-minute poses before getting down to the one main pose which lasted for an hour or so, with breaks of course. The instructor told Claire to take up her first position standing with both hands on her right hip and twisting around to the right. A few minutes later three young lads came in to join the class; it is not uncommon for a few students to arrive late so no one took much notice.

All the easels had been taken up so they had to sit on the floor right in front of Claire. She didn’t see them, of course, as she had her head turned to the right. We all went on drawing and the young lads were quietly muttering to one another and smiling. I had never seen them before and I thought that, as It was the first time they had attended the class, they were a bit embarrassed at seeing a naked young girl in front of them. It happens!

At the end of the ten minutes the instructor said “Thank you Claire”. This was his usual way of saying “Relax - we have finished that pose.”

Claire took her hands off her hip and relaxed, turning her head to the front. Then she looked down and saw the three young lads in front of her. I later discovered that they were members of her class in the sixth form college! She went bright red and started to giggle putting her hand up to her face. There was nothing she could do, of course, except just stand there looking totally humiliated and knowing that she had nearly another two hours to go. For every pose afterwards she had a sort of embarrassed smile on her face.

During the coffee break in the cafe I noticed that they all sat together laughing and joking. They seemed very nice lads but I expect the jokes were at Claire’s expense. I just wondered whether this was not the first time the boys had seen Claire nude. I also wondered how embarrassed poor Claire would feel in college the next day as the drawings were passed around for the other students to see.

The parting shot from one of the lads to his naked fellow student was, “See you tomorrow, Claire. Hope I can recognise you with your clothes on.”

Sunday, May 8th 2005 - 04:37:52 PM
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:59:41 PM
Name: From the Web
Subject: Volleyball Girls
Message:In the 10th grade of my high school life, I had the biggest crush on this girl named Jessica who was definitely out of my league. She was athletic and on the volleyball team, with a great body. I was a pretty weak guy and I would often try to do things to impress her. My friend told me a good way to impress her was to find out what she was interested in. Shortly after, I became obsessed with getting into her backpack to see what type of stuff she had in it.

One day, while alone in the classroom before everyone else came in I was lucky enough to spot her bag sitting right on her desk. As quietly as I could I began searching through it. For some reason she had her thong and bra in a side pocket of her bag so naturally this got my interest. Unfortunately for me, as I was checking this out she proceeded to walk into the room and catch me with her panties in my hands. She gave me quite an earful yelling, "You perv! Get out of my stuff!!" It was truly embarrassing for me.

I thought it had ended there but apparently she wanted to get back at me for looking through her stuff. One day as I walked home from school I was spotted by about 4 of her friends from the volleyball team who came up and circle around me. I knew something was up because they all seemed to know something I didn't. All at once they closed in on me and proceeded to tackle me. Needless to say, these girls were also damn good looking and getting tackled and felt up by them triggered a number of emotions...one being very aroused. Each of them pinned down one of my limbs and apparently with all the contact my johnson became erect.

"Oh my god, we excited him," one really hot girl in the group exclaimed. Suddenly, I noticed Jessica had joined the group and was wildly laughing. She had a piece of rope in once hand.

"I'll tie his legs up," one of her friends said.

"Stop please I'm sorry about going through your stuff, leave me alone," I pleaded. This triggered more laughter.

"What, you can't handle a girl?" one of her hot friends mocked. Before I knew it, Jessica was pinning me down single handedly and tying my helpless arms behind my back.

"Oh my god, you're so weak, didn't you ever develop?" she laughed. "I bet I am stronger than you. You are barely even a man. Let's see exactly how much of a man you are."

I started whimpering like a dog. "No please, let me go," I pleaded. The girls laughed in amusement.

Jessica then took scissors out of her back pack and directed her friends to hold me down. I watched in pure terror as she cut off my shirt, pants and eventually even my boxers. So there I was pinned down stripped naked with a full erection wiggling around right in front of all of them. They all made fun of me saying I had a small dick and swatting at it. The girls then worked together to pick me up and tie me to a branch of a tree, as I swung helplessly completely naked and erect.

"I have an idea. Lets dress him like the man that he is," one of the girls said. Almost crying from the embarrassment, I watched as Jessica opened up her back pack and started to dress me in her thong and bra. Jessica wrapped the string of the thong around my package, touching and grasping it in the process while laughing hysterically.

“What’s the matter? Never had any hand but your own touch it before?” she taunted as she mockingly tickled and caressed my stiff johnson. She tickled it so much I though I was going to spew right there in front of everybody! Then she stopped and finished the job by putting the bra on me.

Next thing the girls take off running away leaving me helplessly hanging from the tree for anyone passing by to see. It was the most horrible moment of my life.

Thursday, May 5th 2005 - 07:49:15 PM
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:58:42 PM
Name: Lone_Star
Subject: Group Project
Message:My name is Stephanie, and this happened when I was in my last year of middle school. I was fourteen years old and not part of the in crowd. In fact, most people saw me as a total nerd. One day in history class, my teacher said that our grades needed some major improvement, so he assigned us study groups (usually putting the really smart people with those who needed the most help). There were four people per group, and I got put with another smart girl… I think her name was Anne or something, and with two jocks, one of whom was known for being quite a bully, although I had somehow managed to stay below his radar. Well, the teacher gave us a study assignment that we were supposed to do outside of class with our groups. Now I usually get stuck doing all the work on these kinds of projects, and I didn’t expect our group to actually meet. I am used to being the “good student” in these situations. The day before it was due, however, I realized that what me and Anne had was not enough to get a really good grade, and so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask the others if they wanted to work on it. My parents were out of town that night (they both work for an advertisement company, so they are often out on business trips. I have never given them any reason not to trust me though, so I was treated like an adult). I figured since Anne was going to be with us, it would be ok if I offered to have people over to my place. Besides, I don’t like going over to other people’s houses. Anyway, when I first brought it up, the two boys just blew me off like I figured they would, but later on in the day, the bully came up to me in the hall and said that they changed their mind and would come. I was surprised, but didn’t really give it any more thought.
So I get everything ready at my house, and right before people are supposed to start showing up, Anne calls me and says she can’t make it! At first I was really mad, but then I got kinda scared because I knew that the two guys would be there any minute and I couldn’t really do anything about it. I determined to just go ahead and trust that they really did want to do well on this assignment. I had just taken a shower and put on a pair of jeans and a nice sleeveless shirt. I was just getting ready to put on a pair of socks when the doorbell rang, so I didn’t get a chance. I answered the door and the two guys were there. I invited them in and showed them to the living room where I was planning on doing the work. Almost immediately, the bully asked if I would show him where the bathroom was, and I began to tell him, and he said he was bad with directions, so could I show him instead. We live in a pretty small house, so the only bathroom is right next to my room. When we passed my room, the guy stopped and asked me if it was mine. I said yes and he just walked right in! I followed him and asked him to please leave my room, but then he gave me a weird look so I got scared and turned to leave. When I did, though, I saw the other guy standing in the doorway. That’s when I knew that something wasn’t right and that I had made a big mistake.
“Just take a seat on your bed Steph. I just want to take a look around. Studying is sooo boring,” said the bully. Now I should probably mention that I am pretty small, even now, so when I was fourteen, I was barely 100 lbs and hardly over 5’2”. I have also always been really flat-chested, almost with no boobs at all. I was never too self conscious about it though, since I wasn’t very popular to begin with. Back to the story. At this point, the bully started going through my clothes drawers while the other one just stood in the doorway, smiling. The bully pulled out a pair of plain cotton panties, which is all I ever wore.
He held them up and said, “Well, aren’t these just precious? Just like Grandma wears!” Then both of them started laughing. I could feel my face turning beet red. “Don’t you have any more interesting than this?” I didn’t answer him, not knowing what I could possibly say.
“Hey,” said the other boy, “I bet she is wearing her good pair right now, since she knew we were coming.”
“Good call, lets find out!” I started to get up, so I could try to get away, but the bully jumped at me and landed right on top of me, his knee digging into my stomach! “Tell you what. If you promise to do all of our history homework for the rest of the year, I will let you off easy.” I nodded, tears starting to run down my face, knowing that I really did not have any choice. “Well then, that was easy,” and he started to stand up. Then he stopped, and turned back toward me, looking me right in the eyes. “But you know, we are going to need some kind of insurance, in case you decide to go telling anyone.” With that, he grabbed my arms and sat behind me, holding my arms above my head. Then the other guy, already knowing what he was supposed to do, sat on his knees at the foot of my bed, each knee painfully one of my ankles so I couldn’t struggle. He then began to unbutton my jeans. I asked them to stop, but I knew it wouldn’t do any good. Once he had finished undoing my pants, he grabbed my ankles and began pulling my jeans off. I wasn’t allowed to wear tight jeans, so they came off pretty easy, threatening to take my panties with them. Once they were off, the bully snickered and said, “Couldn’t even wear your nice one’s for us, eh? Well then I think you don’t deserve to wear any at all.” I knew what was coming next, and I didn’t know what to say or do. The other boy grabbed the waistband and slowly started pulling them down, revealing my ungroomed privates.
“Wow, looks like a bird’s nest,” he said, grabbing a bunch of hair and pulling, making me yelp. “I’m surprised to find anything, given what you have up top.”
“Speaking of which,” said the bully, as he put his knees on my wrists and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. He pulled it up and off, grabbing my wrists again once it was done. “I see you are wearing matching underwear, for all the good it does you,” he laughed. At this point, I had given up struggling, knowing I couldn’t get anywhere even if I managed to get up. Then he instructed his friend to take off my bra, which it took him a minute to do, but did, showing my almost nonexistent boobs and tiny nipples. I was now completely naked from head to toe. “Well, lets do this.”
Next the guy at my legs took his cell phone which I realized, to my horror, was a picture phone. He grabbed one of my legs and held it out at arms length while still sitting on my other ankle. This made me pretty much spread eagle as he held the phone up with his free hand and snapped a couple pictures. Then he put my leg down, and used that hand to begin playing with me down there and taking a couple more pictures.
“Make sure to get her face in the pictures,” instructed the bully. “We need to be able to prove its her.” After several more minutes of this, during which time they moved me around, lifting my legs in the air, and even rolling me over so they could take some pictures of my butt, they apparently finished what they came to do (which thankfully wasn’t more!) and quickly got off of me warning me not to move until I heard the front door close. Before they left, the bully told me that I was to do whatever homework they gave me for the rest of the year, and if I did, and also didn’t tell anyone what happened, then he promised not to show anyone the pictures. “But,” he said, “I will cherish them forever.” Then he winked at me, giving my body one last look from top to bottom. I didn’t move until well after I heard the door slam. I was both shocked and relieved at what they did, and what they could have done.
Well, to make an already long story a little shorter, we did ok on the project, but not as well as I usually do. I ended up doing most of their homework for the rest of the year, and as far as I know, no one else saw the pictures, or else they kept it a damn good secret. Four years later I still think back on it and am thankful that nothing came of the incident in the long run, and if it makes you feel any better, the two boys never made it through high school and one is in jail, and the other is in the army. I guess that proves how smart they really were!

Thursday, May 5th 2005 - 05:00:53 PM
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:57:28 PM
Name: Slinky
E-mail address: smart_yet_luvable@yahoo.com
Subject: Memories
Message:I remember several times when I was in middle school and high school when some of my friends lost some of their clothes. One time my best friend Gail got stripped down just for fun. She was showing off her multi-layered frosty blue eyeshadow and hot new dress, and our friends Beth and Nikki got annoyed and whispered to each other and giggled while Gail was bragging and showing off, and she didn't even notice, and Nikki went around behind her and grabbed her arms and Beth said, "Yeah, that's a sexy dress, I wanna try it on!"
Gail was speechless as they both held her arms and legs while they pulled it off of her. Gail didn't fight back too much, I guess she didn't want that expensive dress to get torn. They got it off her and threw it in the corner and laughed and said "Just kidding!" Now poor Gail was down to these light blue panties and bra. She really looked cute.
Beth said something like "Gail, you really shouldn't brag, it's not very ladylike, so I think we better teach you a lesson!" Then they giggled and dragged her over and threw her on the bed.
I said "Hey, I've got an idea!" We were at my house and I had just gotten this art kit and it had all these brightly colored markers in it, and I went and got it and put it on the bed next to Gail. "Let's decorate her!" I said!
Gail didn't say anything as we wrote stuff==aw crap, it's dinner time, gotta go.

Wednesday, May 4th 2005 - 07:48:56 PM
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:56:12 PM
Name: ravegirl
Subject: Cruel Stepmom
Message:hi, it's been a while. ok here's a real nasty one for you..

It was around 9th grade and I was still living with my step Mom, who is an alcoholic, and VERY strict and mean to me. I was already in hot water with her for getting detention at school for cutting class. One night me, Mom and my step brother went out to dinner and while at the table I forgot to say thank you for something I was served. When the waitress walked away I was warned very sternly about my manners. The waitress came back and gave us our meals and I said thank you but when we were eating I drank all my soda and accidentally let out a burp. My brother laughed and my mother barked out, "That is quite enough!". When the waitress came back I said "Can I get a refill?" and as she walked away I got the sternest looks from her as I realized I hadn’t said “please” again. Well my mom got up grabbed me and said you wont forget this and spanked me across the butt...right there in the restaurant! Then she dragged me to the kitchen and made me apologize to the waitress for having no manners. I apologized but purposely said it in a way that wasn’t sincere just to spite her. She made me do it again and I still refused to say it sincerely.

After, when we got home I got dragged to my room by my ear and pulled over her lap. She started to spank me but I resisted so she held me down and said she was now going to pull down my jeans and spank me on my bare butt for being rude. The door was wide open and my step brother was standing right there watching the whole thing. I cried out that it wasn’t fair to force my pants off right in front of him but she didn’t care at all. As a matter of fact she said she wanted him to watch what happens to bad kids with no manners. I begged and fought so much that she eventually order him to help hold me down while she tried to get my jeans down. She even asked him to help pull them down and he did! With my jeans undone she held me down as he grabbed the waist and wrestled them down past my ass to my knees. Once he had them down you could see that I was wearing a thong which my Mom was totally against and didn’t even know I wore. She spanked my butt very hard right in front of my brother till I cried. Then she made me stand up and take my thong off and hand it to her. It was so humiliating being right in front of my brother totally bottomless and crying. I tried to cover my front but she would not let me. Then to add to my humiliation I was made to stand in the corner with nothing but my top on, and my brother still there watching, while she searched every inch of my room for thongs or anything else unacceptable. Every time she came across a pair of thong underwear in my drawer she’d reach over and swat my butt once or twice.

Then the most humiliating thing happened. She found a vibrator (oops) I had hidden in the bottom of my sock drawer. It was a gag gift one of my friends had given me a long time ago and I had only played with it a couple times but it looked otherwise to her. She was outraged at me having some thing like this and waved it in my face screaming at me calling me a little tramp and a slut. Roughly she pulled me back over her lap pulling my thighs apart. Still screaming at me she pushed the vibrator right up my pussy then turned it on! She held it in and cruelly spanked me across both cheeks harder than ever before as I cried and kicked to get free. I struggled so much she ordered my brother to hold my ankles down while she held me in place. I could not get up and my step brother was down low at my ankles looking up right between my legs! From his angle I am sure he saw everything as my step mom held my cheeks apart spanking me making sure the vibrator stayed deep inside me. I looked back to see him with an evil smirk on his face loving every minute of my humiliation. I cried and protested so much my step mother balled up a few thongs and shoved them in my mouth to muffle me. As horrible as it was the buzzing of the vibrator against my clit as she tanned my cheeks soon became to much to bear. I felt a wave of warmth and wetness come over me and I felt the vibrator loosen and slide around in my juices. In between the stinging slaps across my raw red buttocks I felt the first orgasm hit me hard. My body tensed up as I grunted into my muffled gagged mouth. My step mother paid no mind and kept up with the vicious spanking till another one hit me again. Crying and broken I just lay there limp as she continued with the spanking for another few minutes till I think she was just plain warn out from spanking me. She finally let me up and I ran into the bathroom holding my privates in front and back and hid in there for hours crying and a shamed.

A few days later I ran away from home and eventually made it to my Uncle’s. I told him how mean my step Mom was (but didn’t tell him the full details) and shortly after he let me move in and took care of me. He never let my step mom near me again.

Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 02:33:26 PM
Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:55:13 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: Kinda got slow again... Here's a fictional story!
Message:WARNING!!! This story contains explicit material!

Don't read this unless you're okay with stories that go beyond the typical pantsing. Also, don't read this if you hate lots of adjectives and adverbs. :)


By the way, special thanks to "misteranderson" for the encouragement. I didn't have a revenge story planned yet, so I hope this will do...



Tale Two: Brandy the Bitch

There are some people in this world who never seem to get the comeuppance they deserve, yet the people around them want it to happen so bad it almost hurts. Well, Brandy is a girl like that, and her friends Shannon and Kim were so sick of her that they planned to deliver that comeuppance. Obviously, this was far from a typical friendship. One might wonder why they even hung out together at all, but some 16 year-olds can be so cruel.
One day, the three of them were walking home from school together. It seemed like any other day; however, Brandy had really pissed off Shannon and Kim with her excessive self-righteous attitude. At least, she pissed them off more than usual on this particular day.
Finally, Shannon threatened, “If your bitchy attitude doesn’t stop, Brandy, I can guarantee you’ll be sorry!”
“Oooooh, have I stepped on your fat ego again? Awww, is the little princess gonna cry?!” Brandy mocked carelessly.
“Bitch! That does it!” Shannon shouted, lunging at her bitchy companion. Now, Shannon wasn’t exceptionally strong, but her friend Kim was a pretty decent weightlifter. Today, Kim was certainly not on Brandy’s side. As planned, it only took a second for Kim to secure the snobby schoolgirl’s arms behind her back.
With her long, auburn hair flailing about, Brandy was clearly furious but completely helpless: “You let me the fuck go!” Of course, despite her aggressive demand, that wasn’t going to happen soon enough for her. In fact, unbeknownst to her, things were going to get a little crazy.
“I don’t think so,” Kim and Shannon chimed in unison.
Brandy spat, “I told you to let me go, you tit-less freaks.”
“Tit-less, huh?! So, you like to flaunt your tits to the whole school?! Then, here, let me help you with your cleavage!” Kim taunted her from behind. She reached around and literally plucked the buttons off Brandy’s shirt. It only took 3 buttons before the girl’s lacy, white C-cups were jiggling for all to see. As it was, Brandy’s breasts were really straining her bra overtime. If she struggled much further, her prized melons would most certainly pop out. Of course, Kim didn’t stop until all her buttons sat uselessly on the ground, displaying Brandy’s toned and tanned midriff as well.
Seeing her ruined shirt and exposed bra, Brandy bellowed in a fruitless rage.
And, hearing the sudden commotion, a crowd of curious students began to gather.
Shannon continued, “What kind of slut buys such a dinky bra? Ha! Now, let’s help you with that low-rise pants look!” She was already wearing low-rise pants, so this suggestion didn’t sound good to the trapped girl. While Brandy bucked her hips, Shannon struggled to undo her “friend’s” belt. As she futilely resisted, her schoolgirl ass dipped and rolled like a dancer from some hip-hop video. It seemed doubtful that Brandy would have intended her struggle to look so damn sexy, but her sashaying hips drew quite a lot of attention.
Once Shannon had the belt undone, she quickly yanked it out from all the belt loops, earning a stunned yelp from Brandy. Brandishing the belt triumphantly, Shannon whipped the ground boldly as if she were taming a lion. “Down, bitch, down!” she taunted.
Brandy cried, “You fucker!” But, no one answered her insult.
Then, Shannon swooped in for the kill. Instead of doing things the easy way, she opted to make things a little more uncomfortable for Brandy while making things more entertaining for them. Rather than unbutton those tight jeans, she instead latched on to Brandy’s front pockets and began tugging downward rhythmically. Each tug bared more flesh and yielded a rewarding grunt from their captive. It wasn’t long before Brandy’s hips and top of her ass crack were in full view.
Naturally, Brandy fought even harder, but little did she realize that this was only inciting the growing crowd even further. The more vocal the crowd became, the more devious Kim and Shannon grew. While Brandy instinctively pulled her pelvis away from the unwanted attention, Kim ensured that she stepped aside so everyone could enjoy the bob and weave of Brandy’s round ass. Shannon, of course, maintained the best view of those jiggling C-cups in their lace wrappings.
Unfortunately for Brandy, her tiny, lavender panties were not designed to withstand such a forceful disrobing. They partially gave way to the friction when her jeans finally cleared her curvaceous ass, leaving half her butt and auburn pubes exposed. The crowd cheered wildly as her low-rise jeans dangled uselessly around her knees, but the schoolgirl was helpless to do anything about it.
“Learned your lesson? Had enough?” Shannon sneered.
“Fuck you, bitch!” Brandy seethed. “I hope everyone finds out about your raging case of jock itch!”
For a moment, Shannon was stunned. She didn’t expect dirty secrets to come flying out during this. Then, she turned angry... very angry. Kim was on her side, and Brandy didn’t realize that she had just made an awful mistake. Things were about to go beyond the original plan.
“Is that so? Well, how’s your crotch been, Brandy?” Shannon snarled.
With a quick signal from her friend, Kim repositioned Brandy so that she was off balance with her pelvis obscenely jutting toward the numerous onlookers. A modest forest of auburn curls sprouted above the dainty waistband of her sagging lavender panties. Unceremoniously, Shannon grabbed that dainty waistband and yanked it to her knees too, earning a surprised shriek from their schoolgirl captive.
Now, Brandy’s sacred triangle was bared for the awed audience, and all could see her healthy curls glinting in the warm sunlight. Still hidden in the auburn forest was Brandy’s tender slit which somehow remained resolutely closed. Livid beyond all rationale, the enraged Shannon reached with one hand and parted Brandy’s pussy for the speechless crowd. Shocked, the schoolgirl humped the air to try to remove the offending hand, but this only made things worse. The new gyration of her pink lips and clit brought forth a roaring approval from the crowd.
About this time, Brandy’s flimsy bra could no longer retain their supple prizes. In the midst of all her bucking and thrusting, her left tit sprang out which also freed her right tit in the process. Her pink nipples appeared rigid atop their ruddy areolas, and her unsupported breasts bounced almost comically now.
“Oh, very healthy down there, I see! Too bad you’ve otherwise been a very bad girl who needs to be punished,” Shannon threatened, cracking Brandy’s own belt across the tops of her bared thighs.
Brandy barely emitted a squeal before Kim repositioned her. Now, she was bent over with her ass facing the crowd. Kim made sure to keep the schoolgirl’s head below her waist, always keeping the girl off balance. With her wide set of hips, Brandy’s upturned posterior presented itself as an excellent target for what Shannon had in mind.
“Well, since I didn’t get to do the honors at your sweet sixteen...” Shannon declared, leaving the obvious conclusion unannounced.
Wielding that belt with unbridled ferocity, Shannon whipped it across Brandy’s rounded cheeks: CRACK! A stream of expletives escaped the girl’s mouth. Now, a solitary red stripe marred her creamy derriere. Deviously, Shannon also made sure she slowly dragged the looped belt across Brandy’s prominent backside, pulling one cheek away from the other and giving the crowd an awesome view of her most intimate areas.
“ONE!” the audience counted.
Once again, Shannon repeated the same swing: CRACK! This time Brandy yelped and shuddered, causing her dangling breasts to slap her in the chin. Yet again, Shannon tenderly pulled the looped belt across Brandy’s ass, giving another quick glimpse of her pussy and anus.
“TWO!” the crowd cried.
Tears welled in Brandy’s eyes, and her striped ass looked almost like a tiger or a zebra.
Brandy’s face was just as red as her ass, and she desperately wondered when it would end.
Shannon and Kim had a good laugh at the crowd’s desire to extend the schoolgirl’s spanking while Brandy tearfully wondered why everyone was suddenly so mean to her.
Wickedly, Shannon aimed her last shot right down the split of Brandy’s cheeks. This garnered a terrific bellow from the schoolgirl and “SIXTEEN! YAYYYYYYY!” from the crowd. Brandy’s ass throbbed a furious red compared to her tanned body, and the contrast drew more attention to the sexy wriggling of her uncomfortable bottom.
“And, a pinch to grow an inch!” added Shannon who cruelly pinched the backside of Brandy’s unmarked thigh. Brandy simply gave an unintelligible cry.
Kim said to her captive: “I haven’t broken a sweat yet. What about you? You want some more, or are you done with that mouth of yours?”
“NO! Fuck no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please let me go!” the defeated snob blubbered.
“I’m glad you see it our way, so I hope you’ll cut out the shit,” Shannon growled.
“Never again! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Brandy sputtered.
Rabid as ever, the audience wanted more, but Kim and Shannon knew they had to draw the line somewhere. Then again, Shannon didn’t want Brandy let off the hook too easy, so she took the belt and looped it around the crotch of Brandy’s jeans and panties. Threading the belt through the buckle, she cinched Brandy’s pants and panties together as tight as possible before knotting it several times. Now, it would take some effort before the schoolgirl could restore modesty to her lower half.
If that weren’t enough, everyone cheered as Kim pushed Brandy into a nearby pond. Although she was free, Brandy was utterly soaked, especially her white bra and buttonless blouse. They were almost see-through because of the water. Now, it would require effort to restore modesty to her upper half too!
Beaming with wicked smiles, Kim and Shannon walked away knowing that their bitchy friend was still in quite a predicament. Meanwhile, the crowd had a good laugh and a great show while a cursing Brandy hastily struggled to restore her dignity. No one knew if Brandy would calmly comply with her friends or plan a fitting revenge for them...

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Name: web
Subject: school girl diary excerpts
Message:.. one time in the hallway after shop class I was wearing a pink thong and this pair of baggy pants with a waist that was a little big. When I bent down to tie my shoe and a guy came up behind me, pulled the back of my thong out (giving me a mean ole wedgie) then cut the elastic in back with scissors and with a snap whipped it right out of my pants from behind… and speaking of “behind” (lol) oh what a surprising feeling that was as he yanked it out (ehem!). Right in front of everyone he threw it on the ground and yelled “Get a belt!” Everybody was laughing.

Later that day after school we all were over my friend Stacy’s house acting silly and horny wired on too much sugar and caffeine as usual when one of our friends, Shandra (who’s 1/2 black and asian or something like that, and everyone considers to be a world class cutie), got into a tickle fight with another one of my friends Lacie (who has oversized boobs that we’re all jealous of) out in the living room. She was wearing white sweat pants and a matching white top. She kept pulling Lacie’s shirt up running her hands up inside and Lacie was totally freaking out cause she is really ticklish. Seeing an opportunity to jump in I tackle Shandra from behind taking her down on the couch so now it’s 2 against one. We were all grinding against each other and I was getting all hot (blush) so being bi-curious and all I saw a great opportunity to try to see more of Shandra’s hot bod. So I am like, “Let’s strip Shandra!!” and I start pulling at her sweats. Her sweats had slipped down on one side showing the top of her butt and her shirt was up showing her cute tan little waist and belly button so I thought it would be easy. But instead of getting the upper hand Shandra wiggles her little butt outta the pile and grabs my pants leg and start pulling. Since I was pinned under Stacie’s immense boobs (lolh!) my baggies start coming off real quick, and I am like, “Noo Shandra I got no panties!” (since that guys had cut them off of me at school earlier, perv) but saying that only makes her laugh and pull harder. Next thing I am desperately trying to keep my pants from getting pulled down! Oh my god they were down past my hips with more than ½ my bare butt showing and my pubes and all. I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to seriously fight back. Shandra was like totally on a mission to pull my pants down but luckily I got free before they got pulled down too much further. Thank god or everyone would have seen how hot in the crotch (double blush!) I was really getting.

Well since Shandra was so bold as to try to totally pull my pants down I though it perfectly fair now to declare open season on her. Acting like I was all shocked and embarrassed I was like “Shandra! I can’t believe to were trying to pull my pants off! Now I’m going to get yours!” So she takes off running but gets nowhere before I have her and best of all everyone else is like, “Yeah get Shandra” so it’s 3 against one now with Shandra really having no chance to escape her payback. So my friends are holding her arms and as she struggling screaming I pull her sweat strings trying to get her sweats loosened up. She tried to sit down and roll over and kick free but it was no use. She was laughing & pleading hysterically, “noo! noo!” as I tugged and yanked her pants and thong down till I got them to about mid thigh. I was like, “You just tried to do it to me so now take your medicine!” as I got them to her knees. I mean she was bare butt naked being tortured and abused by us and there was nothing she could do to stop it. OMG it was the best, at least for me. I was so wet and hot I was afraid it would soak through the outside of my baggies! We pulled her shirt up and they held her like that kicking and screaming as I got to tickle her all over mercilessly. No matter how much she twisted and kicked we would not let her up. We had her on her back and her stomach smacking her hot little butt too. I mean she was so nice (triple blush) I could have humped her right then and there..

..but unfortunately my fantasy come true was interrupted by a voice from the hallway saying “What are you doing?” Startled we turned around to see Stacy’s older brother coming home from basketball practice. Oh what a show for him. We could not help but just burst out laughing at the whole thing. Shandra scrambled to pull her sweat back up and get her disheveled cloths back in place as we tried to block the view to her. I am sure he got an eye full of her anyway. She got so red faced and embarrassed she was near speechless. I don’t think we stopped laughing about it for months.

I still fantasize about how to get her in another situation like that again. Big sigh……

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Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:52:22 PM
Name: T to two
Subject: The bully
Message:10 years ago this summer I had just turned 9 years old, my older sister and I didn’t hate each other, but that summer we got stuck with each other. My parents were not well of and we lived in a small house on the far side of town. My dad took a job that summer that he hoped would help with the money.

Our mom was a nurse, she often left for work before we woke up and got home when we were sleeping. It was the first summer my mom worked that many hours and that meant my sister and I were stuck in the neighborhood all summer. My mom told my sister she was in charge and made her promise to look after me. She assured her that being close to 14 years old she was a little young to be in charge but my mom had faith. We were both good girls, and never really got in trouble.

Our routine became routine quickly. It was my job to shower before breakfast and do the dishes after. Dana would make breakfast and shower after. After that we would walk around the neighborhood, looking for anything fun to do. We often took the long walk to the lake. Once we got there we walked home. A couple of days earlier we walked past a house where a girl a little older than my sister was shooting baskets. She had scruffy brown hair that seemed to never be washed. She was a little over weight and wore jeans and a black t shirt. Every day we passed her, every day she played basketball. Dana recognized her from school. She wasn’t very popular and was sometimes a bully, but had never bothered Dana or her friends.

When it rained we watched movies or played Monopoly.

After like two weeks of this we were both going insane. There was a single guy who lived next door, he often came home around the same time we were waking up,. We could always here his car radio blasting Metallica as he approached his house.

My sister and I would peak out different windows to see how drunk he was. One day he parked with a tire on the curb and stumbled towards his house. We both laughed out loud and he must have heard us. We both hid under our windows and didn’t move until we heard the screen door on his porch slam shut.

We did have an air conditioning unit in the window but almost never used it when mom wasn’t home. So every window in the house was always open and after breakfast, the front and back doors. We always locked the screen doors, and it caused a nice breeze.

We should have know thing were about to change just by the way it started. Right as my sister was getting out of the shower a great breeze came through the house. All the white drapes that we often hid behind while spying on the neighbors were blowing around and the sun was shinning in lighting up the house like I had never seen. Our favorite song started playing on the radio and I just turned the volume up as loud as it went.

My sister came running out of the bathroom, but instead of being mad she was singing and using her shampoo as a microphone. The song went on forever and we were dancing around like nuts. Dana took her towel off and started swinging it over her head above her naked body.

When the music stopped Dana screamed. She was looking out the window where the cute neighbor guy and hear the noise and just out of curiosity looked to see what was going on. The breeze gave him a perfect, although short( 5 seconds tops) view of my naked sister. She dropped the towel and ran into the bathroom screaming. I heard his screen door and her bathroom door shut at the same time.

Dana came out of the bathroom but only when she was sure we would run into the neighbor. As we walked towards the lake we started joking about it. We both had a good laugh. We even started to devise a plan to see him naked in his shower. As we approached the other girls house we heard her curse and shout. We almost ran when we thought she was yelling at us. The basketball came rolling down the drive way and stopped right at my feet.

I picked it up and my sister and I just stared at each other. We both smiled and walked the ball up the driveway and gave her the ball. She was pretty friendly and introduced her self as Michelle.

We played basketball for a few hours, and were about to leave when she invited us in for lunch.

Since it was still pretty early we accepted. We were both hungry and tired. Michelle could only offer a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We didn’t complain.

“But I got the best dessert “ She had a strangely wicked smile as she lifted up a big bottle “Lemonade”

She poured out three lemonades into some plastic cups. It tasted so bad I almost threw up. Dana had a weird look on her face. Michelle told us to drink it slow. And for some reason we listened. Within an hour the bottle was gone and the three of us were laughing at us for no reason.

“Wow look at the time” It was around 3pm. “My mom will be home soon, if she catches me and my friends drunk she will beat me”

“Drunk?” Dana laughed.. She decided not to play stupid she knew what we were drinking even if I didn’t. “Come to our hours, mom wont be home till almost 3am.”

I could barely walk, all I could do was laugh. I had never drank alcohol before and was pretty toasted. Dana and Michelle helped me walk home, the sun hurt all our eyes and it had gotten pretty hot out.

The whole way I kept tripping, sometimes falling. The other two were swaying back and forth. As we got closer to our house we started teasing each other by pushing each other back and forth.

Dana and Michelle started pushing each other harder. The both laughed harder each time. When we got to our house there wasn’t a neighbor in site. I dropped my but down right on the porch steps.

After Michelle pushed Dana particularly hard she fell back into the porch wall. She laughed uncontrollably now and walked right up to Michelle “Ohh yeah. Take that” She pushed Michelle square in the chest. The girl fell straight back landing her butt in a puddle of mud in the street. It soaked her shorts and splattered on her shirt.

“You ruined my clothes. You Bitch” Michelle was no longer laughing. Dana was still hysterical. I was nauseous. Dana laughed and went to put her arm around Michelle. She shoved Dana away hard to the ground.

“Oww” Dana wasn’t laughing now. “That hurt” When she stood up Michelle knocked her back down. “That’s not funny” Michelle was really confused.

“Is it funny what you did to me” Michelle grabbed Dana by the hair and pulled her up. “Is it”

Dana looked at Michelle’s clothes and chuckled, “ a little. I mean it was only a joke”

“Ruining my clothes is funny? My family isn’t rich like yours” Michelle punched Dana in the stomach. Dana would have cried if she could breathe. She fell to her knees but Michelle pulled her back up. She smacked her across the face. “Not laughing now are you.”

“No.. Michelle I am sorry” Dana was starting to cry.

“Well then give me some of your clothes and we will call it even”

“Ok lets go inside, you can pick what ever you want.” Dana’s crying had stopped when she saw an end in site.

Michelle would make sure there was no end. “Fine. I want the clothes your wearing now. Take them off”

“These. But” Dana was lost

“STRIP.. NOW!” Michelle no longer looked like a little girl, she looked like a bully.

“Fine, Tiffany open the door. I will go in side and change. You can have these” Another punch to Dana’s stomach told both of us that wasn’t what Michelle had in mind.

“Strip, here and now. In the street and maybe I won’t beat you up anymore” Michelle smacked Dana across the face again. So hard Dana started crying hard.

“But I can’t.”

“Strip, now or I will beat up little Tiffany after I am done with you.” She punched Dana twice more in the stomach and let her drop to the ground. “Fine, lets do it the fun way” She kicked Dana in the stomach and Dana fell over on her back. She was crying and out of breath. She was helpless.

“Try and stop me and I will beat her black and blue” Michelle said to me.

She grabbed Danas shorts and pulled them right down and past her feet. Before Dana could even flinch she was down to her white panties with pink flowers on them. Dana sat up in shock and grabbed for her shorts but Michelle threw them out of reach.

“They are my shorts now.” She punched Dana in the forehead and Dana fell back to the ground. When she screamed out and cried louder I started to cry.

Michelle grabbed for Dana’s shirt. Dana pleaded “Please, no. I will do anything you want.”

“To late for that you snobby rich girl” The two girls struggled with the shirt. Dana fought hard to keep it on. Danas tiny naked breasts were exposed, then covered, then exposed. I could see Michelle getting frustrated. “Stop fighting me you little bitch” Michelle punched Dana in her stomach with full force. As Dana cried in pain and lost her breath she managed to lock her arms together. There was no way to get the shirt over her head now.

“Think you smart, huh bitch?” Michelle slapped Dana across the face once on each cheek. She grabbed the shirt and instead of pulling it over Dana head, she just ripped it off. I screamed. Dana cried.

Dana was now laying in only her little girl panties on the sidewalk in front of our neighbors house. In her struggle to get away she pushed her self farther from home.

Still drunk I stumbled over to help Dana. Michelle just pushed me and I fell to my butt. “wait your turn.” she laughed at me.

Dana had curled up in a little ball crying almost naked on the side walk. “Almost done bitch” Michelle laughed. It was an evil laugh.

The bully flipped Dana over on her stomach and sat on her back. “No please.“ Dana said in a soft cry. Michelle grabbed Danas panties and pulled them right off. Dana kicked her legs in vain. She was now helpless and naked trapped under a bully.

“Two small for me.” The bully laughed and she tossed the clean white panties into the mud that started the whole ordeal.

Michelle called me over. When I was standing in front of Dana I was crying as much as my sister. Michelle grabbed Danas hair and pulled her head up towards me. Her face was soaked with tears. She pushed Danas head back into the ground.

“You have two choices Tiff..” I stopped crying long enough to hear her. “You strip right now. We toss all your clothes over the fence. Then I will leave you and your sister and go home.

“What is the second choice” I asked crying. I shouldn’t have asked.

“Choice two is I beat your sister some more. Then I beat you and strip you and leave you naked in the street”

“If I strip will you leave us now. Then never bother us ever again?”

“I promise. But you have to strip now”

Stripping wasn’t hard for me. I mean that as a little girl in the summer I wasn’t wearing a lot. I kicked my sandals over the fence of the neighbors.
I broke down crying as I tried to pull my sundress over my head.

“Faster. Don’t make me rip it off’ She pulled Danas head up so she could watch. Dana cried out as a chuck of hair came out and her face hit the ground again.

I couldn’t let Dana suffer any more. I pulled my sun dress over my head and off. Wearing only my pink Thursday panties, I ran over to the fence and tossed the dress over. I dropped my panties past my feet and off. Now I was as naked as my sister. I threw the panties over the fence too.

“good girl. Now come here.” I turned around. My tiny breasts and bald pussy exposed to the whole neighborhood. Luckily no one was around. I guess it was lucky. Where was everyone.

She pulled Dana to her feet. Defeated Dana stood there with her head down crying quietly. She grabbed us both and marched us towards the porch. The screen door squeaked as it open and Michelle pushed Dana up the steps. Dana tripped in and fell on her stomach. Crying with her naked but exposed, Dana made no effort to cover anything.

I was pushed up the stairs and given a smack on my tiny naked but. I ran to Dana and put my arms around her. Both of us were crying when the screen door shut.

“See you bitches later.” We heard a dragging sound and a bang. The bitch had blocked the door so we couldn’t get off the porch. I had no idea where my keys were. Hopefully we could get inside when she left.

I heard the bully laughing and whistling as she skipped away. I was still pretty drunk when I realized that we weren’t on our porch.

I remember thinking when I passed out. “Who’s porch is this”

How ever long later I woke up with a big headache and hear a male voice say “What in the hell are you girls doing?” It was our Metallica loving neighbor. We were on his porch.

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Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:49:48 PM
Name: erika
Subject: found on the net
Message:Naive Teacher

I started my first teaching job at a girls Grammar school. I was only a few years older than many of the pupils. I made the classic mistake of trying to be their friend rather than an authority figure, despite being warned against it at college. I had had a rather closeted upbringing and trusted almost everyone.

Little did I know but the pupils actually thought I was a bit sad and had little respect for me. I of course thought I was doing a brilliant job. They were all fairly bright and all got good marks so my job was quite easy.

After I had been a few months one of the girls invited my to a party she was having to celebrate then end of exams. She lived just a few miles from the school and thus it would be easy to get to.

I agreed to go and hoped to further my credibility as a trendy teacher and friend. Little did I know what she and her friends had in mind!

I arrived at about 8oclock and the found about 12 or so girls wearing clubbing clothes and enjoying load music! I was offered a drink of punch, which I was assured, was non-alcoholic. It also transpired that the host’s parents were away but her older female cousin was staying to, ‘keep an eye on things.’

The girls started dancing and kept on drinking the punch. Soon they were very merry and someone suggested a game of ‘Dares.’ My head was feeling light, which I put down to the heat in the house and tiredness.

We all sat around in a circle and the host span a bottle and whoever it pointed to had to do set a dare, the bottle was then spun again and this move choose the victim. The dares started off being very tame, such as ring a random phone number and ask Mr Willey! But I soon became a bit concerned when the dares progressed from kissing the person next to you on the cheek to flashing thongs and bras!

It was then my turn to set a dare. I choose to make a girl confess the most embarrassing thing that every happened. I wish I hadn’t as it was almost pornographic! She ‘confessed’ to having being stripped naked as a punishment for kissing another girls boyfriend. She was grabbed by a jealous girl and her friends and stripped to, ‘see what she had!’ She was giggling as she told the tale but I could feel myself going bright crimson as she recounted every piece of clothing coming off. Once naked they made her stand still and all had a good look at her before allowing her to get dressed, minus her underwear that they stole.

A few more turns passed and then the bottle pointed to me as the victim. I remember the host, and her cousin, looked on with a little glee in their eyes as her best friend flicked back her auburn hair and said, ‘I dare you to do a strip Miss!’

I couldn’t believe my ears! It was clearly a joke and everyone was laughing except me. I managed a false smile and tried to explain that I would not be doing that. I went to get to my feet and started to explain that I really had to go home. At which point I toppled over a beanbag and feel back to the floor. Worse still my short black dress came up over my bottom exposing my bare cheeks divided by a tiny black thong!

What happened next is a little hazy. All I remember is hands all over me, which I presumed, were to help me up. I must have passed out then. When I awoke it was dark but I could feel I was lying on a large bed and I was naked. For a moment I thought I was at home but then I heard the voices of the girls.

I could just about make out their forms occasionally silhouetted against the dim moonlight from the window. I could see they were naked too. Before I could think they were all getting o the bed and pouring me. Hands were everywhere, I mean everywhere! I could not speak or fight them off, it was as though I was in suspended animation.

I could hear the occasion giggle and comment. ‘this is what I call biology!’ joked one young woman as she shipped her finger inside me whilst another fondled my breasts.
I slipped in and out of consciousness and weird dreams. I then awoke in a cab being driven home fully dressed. I cab driver had already been paid and knew were to take me.

To this day I don’t really know what happened. But I gave in my resignation and started to apply for a new job in a different town. I then adopted a more formal approach to my pupils in the future.

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Name: Faye Rey
Subject: I just lost it!
Message:My sis and I don’t get along very well. That’s why I was very surprised when she asked my crush if he liked me and if he wanted to come over our house. Of course to stress me out she never told me this till right before he was supposed to come over! I wanted to look my best, so in a rush I put on a long skirt with a cute tank top but I left these ugly old looking panties on not really thinking about it. They were pretty worn out and frayed from too many washes. Anyway we were out front when it happened. I was still feeling nervous when my sister pointed and said "Look there he is, he's coming!" I started to walk to the end of the driveway to greet him when I clumsily stepped on the bottom of my skirt. In an instant it fell to my ankles so there I was standing in my old ugly panties and a tank top just as he walked up. I thought I was going to die. Instinctively, I went to pull my skirt back up but my sister stepped on it not letting me. She was laughing hysterically at me right in front of my crush. Without thinking, I lashed out at her slapping her on the arm pretty hard. Angrily she pushed me backwards and next thing you know we are in a full on fight right there in the front yard with me in beat up old panties that were so stretched out and lose they bare were staying on me. They kept slipping ½ way down my butt and I was doing all I could to keep them up. I was so mad and embarrassed I finally jumped up and made a bee line for the house. As I did she reached out grabbing the back of my panties pulling them down my legs as I ran away. I fell forward butt ass naked now from the waist down tripping on them. Reaching back trying to pull them up I got into a full tug of war with my sister who would not let go trying to completely embarrassing me. I cried, cursed, and screamed at her as I heard them tear apart. Antagonizing me she pulled back on them shredding then to pieces. I just lost it on her punching & kicking her wildly all the time fully naked from the waist down. What a site that must have been. All the commotion had now gotten the neighbors attention and my crush just looked so shocked and speechless at what was happening right in front of him I finally ran bottomless and crying back to the house. The front door to our house is hard to open and although unlocked I could not for the life on me get the darn door open! Humiliated I eventually ran around to the back of the house, still bottomless, and nearly yanked the back screen door off it’s hinges getting in.

I'll never live it down; to this day he and his buddies still joke about it. To make it even worse when my Dad got home that night and found out I damaged the back door I got grounded for a week. —Faye

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Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:59:37 PM
Name: From the Web
Subject: "Piss Scared"
Message:I was considered one of the hottest girls in school. I used to hang out with a group and we were like the 'babe' gang, you know, only pretty ones are allowed! Anyway, once I tried to pick a fight with this bitch in my grade who I hated. I saw my chance one day when I bumped into her just outside the girl’s toilet. I gave her a slap in front of a group of students and she ran off crying.

Two days later, I was in my science class and ½ way through I needed to pee real bad. I decided to wait till the bell, which was in twenty minutes. When the bell rang, I raced to the nearest girl’s bathroom. Just outside it there she was; the bitch I slapped two days before. She was with her boyfriend and a group of friends. I pretended not to see her and walked straight to the toilet. Suddenly someone grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the ground. Landing on the floor hard and I felt my skirt zipper tear. The next thing I know I am being lifted up and a guy had his arm around my neck. I felt my skirt slipping down past my waist as the bitch punched me in the stomach over and over. It all happened so fast that my fears got the better of me. I felt so helpless. Unable to use my hands my shirt slid down to my ankles and I started to cry. There I was getting beat up with no pants on now. Then, I felt my panties getting warm and realized that I was peeing on myself. With my skirt off, standing there in the hallway only in panties now, a crowd gathered around us watching me get beat up as I peed all over myself. I heard someone say, 'Look, that bitch is piss scared' as I continued to pee and cry. The guy finally let go of me and I fell to the ground in my soaking wet yellow stained panties. The floor was all wet with pee too and my torn skirt was sitting in the middle of it. Not even grabbing my skirt I quickly ran into the toilet hiding and crying in there. It was so humiliating.

As if this wasn’t bad enough a minute or two later the bitch charged into the toilet and came after me again. I screamed in terror thinking she was going to continue beating me up but instead she grabbed my panties at the waistline and pulled hard trying to rip them off of me. I screamed and struggled trying to stop her but she quickly got the upper hand again and tore them clean off of me. Now I was totally bottomless. She walked out of the bathroom holding my panties in the air like a trophy as I heard her friends and other kid’s in the hallway cheer and laugh.

I don’t know what happened outside but shortly after things got quiet and then a teacher came in. It was so humiliating standing there in the corner trying to pull my shirt down enough to cover myself. I am sure you could see everything. Eventually she got me something to cover up with and I went home.

Everyone knew about the fight the next day and the bitch got suspended and put on probation for the rest of the school year.

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Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:55:02 PM
Name: Skinnydippin
E-mail address: skinnydippinyea@yahoo.com
Subject: Dive Trip
Message:Growing up in Florida there was a lot of skinnydippin and this is just one of many. We had gone for a day of Skin diving. There was my G/F, myself and another couple and we had been diving for sometime. After a while we headed
back to an area that was about shoulder deep and was perfect for swimming.

My boat is 18 ft and easy to get in and out of from the back. The four of us were swimming and standing and having an overall good time. I asked my G/F if she'd like to skinnydip? "Only if everyone does", she replied. I ask the
other couple if they'd like to do some nude swimming? "Only if you two stay on one side of the boat and we will stay on the other" Pam, my friends G/F says. It was agreed and we took up or seperate sides.

A lot of giggling and laughing was coming from both sides of the boat. My G/F and I slipped our suits off. Not wanting to hang onto them I usually placed them on the side of the boat. As I was placing our suits on the side of
the boat and I could see the other couples suits on the other side of the boat. Because they were on the other side of the boat I couldn't see them and visa versa. I could also see my G/F's and my masks sitting there on the chair
closes to us. The other couple could not see me and I got this great idea.

I devilishly grabbed the masks and turned around and showed my G/F the masks. She didn't quite get it at first. I point to the masks and to the other side of the boat. She breaks out in a big smile and wispers, "OMG". Should we?
YEA! Still smiling I hand her her mask and I put mine on and she does the same.

We both carefully go under water and there just 6 ft. away is our friends, Dan and Pam, completely naked and totally unaware. Both were very nice looking and tanned except for being jet white in the private areas. Pam had beautiful
breasts and a full dark bush. I'm sure they would have just died if they knew we were admiring them in thier birthday suits. Amazing how cool it was watching Pam move about in the water. Incredable Pussy shots and Pam's
breast floating with full nipples. Dan was sportin a pretty good hard on as I'm sure I was too. They would hug and carress and played, everything short of intecourse.

We watched until the other couple said they were ready to get out. We quickly placed the masks back in the boat and put our suits back on. We got out of the water everyone dressed again and the other couple was totally unaware that
they had no secrets from us now. As we were now back on the boat clothed. I would look at the two of them and picture them without a stitch. guess that was the penalty they paid for being shy.
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Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:53:18 PM
Name: From The Web
Subject: Saved by the Nerd
Message:Here's an old story I found originally posted by someone named Philbert. I think is a great story but it does contain bondage and forced sex so if it's too harsh for here just delete.

First off I’ll sit the record straight. Yes I was a little geek as a kid of 14. I had my Amateur radio and had just about every science fair project I entered. One of my favorite things was building small fm transmitters that I could hide and receive the signals elsewhere. I didn’t really have any friends except ones I talked to on my ham radios. I was two years ahead so all the kids in my class were 16 or 17. I got beat up many times by the boys and I was the butt of many cruel jokes played on me by the girls. My sister was 18 and she had a best friend who was 19 and just moved into her first apartment less then 2 blocks from our house. I was forced into helping Cathy move along with my sister and some of her friends. I really felt I was there just to be picked on and teased. That and I was the only one of them that could hook up the video game and program the VCR. I had built several switch boxes for direction the feed from the video game or the TV the set on top of the TV so it made it easy to switch between the Nintendo 64 and cable TV. But this box I was giving to Cathy was special. I built into it a condenser microphone and small transmitter running off of a 9 volt battery. This would last about 3 months. It broadcast just below the consumer band so it could only be picked up by a wide receiver. With the Yagi antenna I built, I could listen to the conversations in Cathy’s apartment.

One night I hit the jackpot! Janet, a friend of Cathy's was at her apartment and they were drinking and smoking pot. They started asking each other about the strangest things they had done sexually. After many exchanges Janet said that a girl who used to date Janet’s boyfriend and her got into a fight when the other girl showed up at her boyfriend's place one day when she was there alone. The other girl overpowered Janet easily and tied her hands behind her back using Janet’s own belt. She forced Janet to the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed face first. She taunted Janet for a while for dressing like a "little whore" then she began pulling off Janet’s shoes, socks, pants, and even her panties leaving Janet naked from the waist down. Then this girl removed her own clothes and used both pairs of dirty panties to stuff into Janet’s mouth and held them in with tape. Janet got turned over and the other girl taped Janet’s legs spread wide to the foot of the bed leaving her open and exposed. She pulled Janet’s shirt up covering her head and then ripped open her bra. She started playing with and smacking Janet’s breast then Janet’s boyfriend got home and walked in on them. Before the guy could say anything the other girl told him that it was his lucky day and this was a present from both of them to him. The guy wound up having sex with her and Janet. The whole time Janet stayed tied up. Janet admitted it was the best sex she had ever had.

Cathy seemed very interested asking Janet all sorts of question about being tied up. Then Janet finally said that the only bad part was she never got to tie up the other girl and she really wanted to do that after what happened. Cathy then said, "You want to practice on me?" They giggled and finally Janet said sure that might be fun. I heard them talking about using scarves and belts and what to use as a gag. I heard Janet say okay I’m going to blindfold you first, and then say open wide. After that all I heard was Janet saying, "Come on be a good girl now and just play along." I did hear some mumping noises but obviously Cathy was well gagged. Then I heard Janet say, "Well to make this more realistic we'd better get these clothes off too." I heard some loud muffled mumping and struggling coming from Cathy and then there was only background noise for more than an hour.

I took a walk that foggy night and managed to peek into the bedroom window and see between the curtains. Cathy was stark naked, blindfolded, gagged and tied standing up to a support beam in the room. She was struggling shaking her head back and forth but could not go any where. I couldn’t find Janet by peeking in the windows so I went into the back yard and found sliding patio door opened a few inches. I slid open the door and slowly walked in. I found Janet passed out on the floor in the living room. I went to Cathy and touched her on the shoulder. She stopped moving grunting into the gag. I whispered be quiet and I‘ll untie you. She had a dozen scarves and belts holding her to the post and they were really tight. I got them off and Cathy fell to the floor as I helped her down. Her hands were still tied behind her back and removed the gag. She was crying and begging me to untie her. I did and helped her removed the blindfold. She was too much in a state of shock to be concerned about being naked in front of me. She just curled up and hugged me almost crying. After a few minutes I said I had to go and left with out saying a thing.

A couple days later Cathy called my sister and asked if she could send me over to help her with a VCR problem. My sister told me to go over and I was scared to go but I was more scared of my sister. When I got there Cathy gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek saying I don’t care how you knew. I just want to thank you for rescuing me. She made me dinner and promised me anything I wanted as long as I never told anyone about what happened. She took my virginity right after dinner.

Friday, March 11th 2005 - 04:30:23 PM
Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:51:55 PM
Name: From the Web
Subject: Tricky Girls
Message:One time I was over my Aunt's house. I just had finished taking a shower and I went to get my clothes on. Everyone was out and I thought I was the only one in the house. While I was looking for something to wear (still in a towel) my cousin (girl), about the same age,13/14, walks in. She was like "Are you naked under that?" I told her yeah and grabbed my towel thinking she was gonna take it. She smiled and said " I'm not gonna take your towel and I don't want to see u naked." But, then her friend, same age walks in and says "But I wouldn't mind", and rips my towel away. She hands it to my cousin and she runs away leaving me nude as can be with her friend standing there staring.

As I was trying to cover up she took me down to the ground and told me I had to do what ever she wanted or else I'll get something kicked. Scared I gave in. My cousin walked back in with a camera and told me to act like it was a photo shoot and pose for some pictures. After about a dozen pictures of me and her friend, her friend started to kiss me. As soon as she did my pecker shot out fully erect. They both noticed this and led me to the bathroom. They told me to sit on the toilet and jerk off. I wasn't thrilled about it, but they said if I did they'd give me the film inside the camera. So I went with it. I stroked myself off till I squirted, wiped off and asked for the film. The girls just laughed and said they never really had film in the camera in the first place. They just said that so I would go along with their prank. Oh I was so embarrassed. Luckily we both live in different states, but still..!
Thursday, March 10th 2005 - 06:35:13 PM
Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:50:14 PM
Name: erika
Subject: stripchess part 3
Message:Todd and Amanda's Strip Chess, Round 3: "What Are You Wearing?"

Hey, fellow embarrassers, ToddCheese here. Thanks for everyone's patience, I've had a killer couple of weeks now. Just to clear a few things up: Yes, I do have a major spanking fetish... Nice to know I'm not the only one, Johnny... Hope to try it out on Amanda soon. And no, Amanda does NOT get to give me another dare just because I'm late gettin gthis posted, we made no such rule. Better watch that cute butt of yours, hon, or everyone in public will get to!

So, the 3rd chess game... Does anyone care about the actual chess part anymore? It's fun for us since it heightens the anticipation while we're actually doing it, but I can't imagine it being that interesting to the group. Long story short, I made a couple of really stupid moves and I lost. It was at Amanda's place this time, guess she had the home-team advantage. I got Amanda barefoot and out of her shirt, but no further. Amanda, however, got to see ALL! I'm told I blushed as I stood there undressed, though I can't really feel it, it's weird. However I definitely felt my penis, which was fully erect. Amanda walked around me and took some time to look and enjoy the view. Yes, I'm not circumcised. Amanda said she guessed I was like 8" but I think it's actually more like 7" or maybe even a bit under. I'm pretty conservative (behavior-wise, not necessarily politically) so I never got to this point with any previous girlfriends, so it was a new experience, definitely embarrassing but pretty exciting too. That loss of control you experience over your body, when you're enjoying it but too embarrassed to admit you're enjoying it, and your body betrays you.

It was nowhere near as thrilling as the naked drive though! God what a rush. Before the game we each added 3 new dares to the pile. (BTW, we keep them locked in a metal box, I keep the box, Amanda keeps the key, so neither of us can peek at the dares... or sabotage them!) I won't say what my new ones were since Amanda is reading this now and I've already given away a couple in earlier posts. Anyway, turns out I'd gotten snared by one of my own. My original dare specified around the block, but Amanda decided it'd be fun to get a call from a pay phone from me! Then, immediately after I hung up (no pun intended!) she'd hit *69 to see if the phone took incoming calls, that's how she'd know. I guess she thought I might have a cell hidden in the car, but I don't... I mean, who else am I going to get a phone from when I'm naked? But anyway, it was a rule that we could alter the dare slightly if it didn't interfere with the basic idea, so I said okay. I wasn't too worried, as I knew some phones in our area that were accessible by pulling up with the car. I wasn't going to have to go into a building or anything.

So first I waited inside while Amanda checked my car for the cell phone and possible backup clothes (there weren't any). I had change in the dish for the phone, and enough gas, thank God! When she came back Amanda gave me just my keys and driver's license, and told me I could go. There's only enough room in her garage for one car, so I was parked out in the driveway, but I switched off the garage light as I went. Amanda rents a duplex, the other side of which is shared by an older couple in, I think, their 50s, but their lights were out so I don't think they were home. The worst part was getting into the car cuz the overhead light came on and I was in danger for a moment of being seen. Actually the WORST worst part was, Amanda had locked the door again before she came back, so I had to unlock it! Oh yeah, not sure what the weather's like where you guys are, but here in the Midwest it is f**kin freezing, frost on the ground, etc. I got in, though, and started it up. Amanda had decided I could put my shoes back on, to make using the pedals more natural, but having shoes on my feet really only emphasized how the rest of me was unclothed. I started the car, Amanda watched me back out and went back in to wait for the call.

Let me tell you, being naked makes you a VERY cautious driver. All your senses are heightened by the adrenaline rush. The awareness of your nudity is ever-present, but surprisingly, not all that distracting. Instead you're focused on everything ELSE because as long as you don't get in a wreck no one else will know. Oh yeah, it was New Years Eve EVE when we did this, I think Amanda explained that already, to minimize the chance of getting nabbed by a cop, which turned out to be really fortunate for me. I don't think I saw a police car the entire time. It was dark out, and fairly late, by the time we started, so the streets were pretty empty, and my windows have a bit of a dark tint, so it'd be hard for a casual observer to see. It wasn't my own driving I was worried about, it was everyone else's. It only takes one moron to cause an accident, and even if it wasn't my fault, being naked is much more embarrassing than being a moron!

Once I got over the initial rush a bit, it hit me that the first order of business was to find a phone. I was in Amanda's area but used to work around here so I knew it relatively well, plus we'd taken walks before. My first thought was a gas station on a corner, but when I got there, there were people all around, blazing fluorescent lights overhead, not to mention security cameras watching the pumps. Obeying our no-cameras rule, I drove past. Fortunately I remembered a baseball diamond on a side street, with a pay phone on one side of the parking lot, so the kids could call parents to pick them up after practice, I guess.

On the way I realized how comfy the cloth car seats could be when you're naked... No wonder so many people "do it" in the backseat! I stuck to side roads to minimize the chance of being seen. The whole time I was about ready to pass out from the adrenaline rush. Turned on the vent briefly to feel the night air but it was freezing so that didn't last long. My hands were like ICE on the steering wheel. The park was pretty dark, the parking lot had a streetlight that hit the phone booth enough for me to see the buttons. I rolled down my window and dialed. (No, I didn't actually have to get out... hope you're not too disappointed ladies!) I suddenly had a thought: What if Amanda decided not to answer, just let it ring?? But she picked it up after the first one. I told her it was me, and she asks, "So... what are you wearing?" like it was a phone-sex number. I told her, "Absolutely nothing!" and we both started cracking up. I think one or two cars drove past while I was making the call, but no one saw.

On the way back I had another fear (being naked in public tends to make ou paranoid): What if the phone DID accept calls, and now Amanda wasn't going to let me in? The second fear turned out to be justified, when I got back to the garage the door was down again. Amanda was watching from the window, and just waved at me. I have a key, but I KNEW what she was planning: To get me back by springing the porchlight on when I went to unlock it! So I just waited, but I was literally THROBBING and about to blow my load from the sheer arousal of the experience. There'd be nothing more embarrassing than having that happen right in front of her, I decided, so I grabbed some kleenex and "relieved myself" right there! Once that was done, so was the thrill, and I felt pretty vulnerable just sitting there. Fortunately Amanda realized I wasn't falling for her trick, so she opened the garage door again. The neighbors' light was back on so I got out on the bassenger side so they wouldn't see. But the garage light was on from opening the door, so anyone watching at that moment would have seen my naked butt as I went inside. Amanda had relocked the door inside the garage too, but I had a key.

When I got back, though, my clothes weren't where I had left them! Amanda, that little sneak, had hidden them while I was out! It took me another 10 minutes (my bare rear flaccid penis visible the whole time, and she watched!) and a couple of clues from Amanda to find them, she'd stashed them under her bed. I got dressed, and, in retaliation, sat down on the floor to put my shoes and socks back on... and when Amanda came close enough I grabbed a handful each of the legs of her sweat pants and yanked them down to her feet. Amanda gave her surprised shriek and embarrassed laughter followed. I had exposed her pink cotton undies with big red and blue flowers on them! I held them down as long as I could but she eventually pulled them back up.

Wow, now that I've written all that I'm excited about doing it again. A, you said about doing something during the Superbowl? Well, none of my teams made it so I can probably concentrate on a chess game while I watch. How 'bout it? Got some all-new dares in mind!

(Hey, I just realized, our first initials are "T and A"!)

Wednesday, March 9th 2005 - 08:43:58 AM
Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:47:02 PM
Name: Me Again
Subject: The Mis-Adventures of Heidi (Part 2.2) - Dirty Secrets *warning explicit*
Message:After school I met John and we went to his house. He only lived a block away from school so we were there in like 5 minutes. His parents weren’t home and he had the house to himself till they got back from work after 5pm. It was then that he told me that he would promise not to say anything to anyone about being paddled only if I agreed to do everything he asked. Nervously I asked him again what he meant. Finally after long awkward moments passed he revealed to me that he would promise not to tell anyone about anything that happened in the Principles office only if I agree to strip all my clothes off! He wanted to see me naked! My first gut reaction was to say no way, but before I could answer he told me if I didn’t he was going to tell everyone about me having to take my pants off and be spanked in the principals office, and that I cried and everything. I knew I’d be harassed till the end of time at school if word got out about it. Under pressure I finally gave in to his perverted request.

He led me to his room and then he told me to “just stand there.” Wanting to just get it over with, I started to unbutton my shirt but he stopped me saying he wanted to do it. I stood there as he undid my shirt, then knelt down in front of me and started undoing my jeans. Once unbuttoned he proceeded wrestle my tight jeans down off my hips. My heart raced as I felt my jeans and panties come down slowly exposing my bare pussy in front of his face not 6” away. He let out a sigh as if overcome with excitement at what he saw. It was embarrassing. With my jeans and panties around my knees he then pulled my shoes and socks off, and finished removing my jeans altogether. Then he went for my shirt removing that, then undoing my bra he popped it off exposing my boobs. Totally naked and exposed in the cool air of his bedroom I felt my nipples get erect. He told me to slowly turn around and when he saw my raw red spanked ass he let out a startled “Ohhh”. I guess it was pretty red. It sure hurt like heck still.

Once done I told him, “OK, I did what you asked so were done now, right?” I went for my clothes but he stopped me. “Oh, no no, we’re not done yet” he said with a smirk on his face. I tried to get to my clothes back but he would not let me. He grabbed my clothes and threw then in this locker at the foot of his bed and locked it shut. “Hey! Give me my clothes back! We had a deal!” I said standing there awkwardly aware of being completely nude and trapped that way. Then he said that my ass looked really red and sore and that he had better put lotion on it to help it heal faster. I said, “No thanks”, but he ignored this and pulled me over to the bed. Naked, I struggled to break free but he insisted and eventually got me face down pulled over his knee, just like the Principal had gotten me. “Oh no, PLEASE don’t spank me!! My butt is so sore already!” I pleaded with him. I was almost ready to cry again. With a soothing voice he said, “I’m not going to spank you. I just want to help.” With that he grabbed a bottle of lotion off his nightstand and squirted it all over my naked ass. He began gently rubbing it into my tender cheeks saying, “See, doesn’t that feel good?” As much as I protested it actually did feel good. He continued rubbing and caressing my ass cheeks till I eventually stopped resisting. I felt his hands work their way up and down my cheeks and back and eventually in between my cheeks. “What are you doing?” I asked him as I felt his hands go deeper in between. I felt a flush of warmness hit me. Embarrassed I felt my face get hot now too. He reached up under me and gently grabbed and squeezed my hanging tit too, pinching the nipple. I felt goose pimples rush across me. He rubbed the lotion in well, eventually working his fingers between my legs. Feeling my wetness he said, “Ah, you like this don’t you?” Lying there still I was too embarrassed to answer. He rubbed my cheeks and worked his hands in between getting more and more invasive till he had 2 fingers in my pussy fingering me. Then squirting extra lotion into my ass crack he worked his other index finger into my lubed up asshole. He fingered my asshole and pussy in and out, faster and faster, till I was moaning ready to come. I could not believe I had been talked into this. I tried to resist but he could feel it building and told me that he would spank my ass if I didn’t come. I kept saying, “No no please don’t…” and then “Uuhhunnngghhhh!!”, it happened. With his fingers deep inside jack hammering both my holes I arched my back and had a gut wrenching orgasm right there on his lap. He continued to finger my privates till I pushed his hands away embarrassed over the whole ordeal.

Afterwards he let me up, but still refused to let me have my clothes back till I satisfied him now too. I told him, “I don’t do that”, but he taunted me by dangling the key to the locker in front of me saying do it or I would have to walk home naked. He mentioned that his parents were due back soon also so I was running out of time. Finally I gave in agreeing to “blow him”. He made me get on my knees naked and suck him off as he looked down on me. Awkwardly I sucked his hard dick letting it slid in and out of my mouth. Eventually he got annoyed at my lack of “bj” experience and grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth over and over nearly making me gag. He pushed his cock deep down my mouth and ejaculated right into my throat. It was disgusting, and gagging I tried to pull away, but he would not let go of the back of my head till he finished. His goo was to much for me and nearly puking from the gross taste it dribbled out of the sides of my mouth, and down my chin and chest. My eyes were watering from gagging, and with his spew all over me I must have looked a mess. He stood over me trying to rub his gooey cock all over my face. I turned away in disgust and he just laughed. I felt so degraded.

Well, eventually he let me have my clothes back. He let me go that day but as time passed he used the spanking incident “secret” more and more as an excuse to coerce sexual favors from me. For a while there it became a regular after school thing between us. Just our little secret.

Monday, March 7th 2005 - 06:22:16 PM
Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 10:45:34 PM
Name: Me Again
Subject: The Mis-Adventures of Heidi (Part 2.1) – Catholic School *warning: explicit*
Message:In 8th grade (my worst year ever) I got transferred to a private Catholic School with strict administrators that punished us for every little infraction they could catch. After getting in trouble with drinking and drugs at my previous school my parents preferred the strict discipline they offered in an effort to keep me in line. I pretty much hated every minute of it.

Well it was just about the end of the semester and time to post all our grades as they did traditionally on the class board. Normally I always got A's and B's in everything but in science this time I got a C-. I was very upset about this and a smart ass guy in my class who saw my grade decided to poke fun at me for it. Right in front of everybody he said, “C minus in science?? Come on Heidi, what are you stupid or something? It's so easy!!” Everyone burst out laughing embarrassing the hell out of me so I walked over and kicked him right in the balls. Naturally, we were both immediately ordered to the Principal's office and interrogated separately about it.

The Principal of the school was a mean old bastard (sorry but I hated him!) named Mr. Mailing. He was like 50 something years old, with a tired wrinkly face, wore stuffy old suits and he smelled funny. Like bad cologne or mothballs or something gross like that. He always looked serious, and spoke with this stuffy English accent. After the interrogations he brought us both into his office and told me, "It is only fair that since I put John (the boy I kicked) through so much pain, he should be able to return it, within the limitations of school regulations". Not knowing exactly what that meant I got scared. He pulled out the wooden paddle used for server discipline and my heart sank knowing I was going to be paddled. I had only heard about this and up to this point had thought it was just a rumor! To make it even worse he then told me that he would let John do the honors of spanking me instead of him!

Still stunned by all of this he ordered me to stand up and bend over his desk and then handed the paddle to John. Feeling very intimidated by his authority I reluctantly followed through. At the time I felt like I had no choice. I was made to count off the hits, as John got his jollies whacking me across the butt with extra vigor. It hurt but I stood tough knowing it would all be over soon. Unfortunately this worked against me because with each whack the Principle noticed more and more the lack of any signs of pain or discomfort on my face leading him to believe the punishment was not server enough. Looking back on the whole ordeal I should have cried and screamed making them think my punishment was bad. After about nine whacks the Principal ordered John to stop, and told me to stand up and pull my jeans down! I was shocked, totally shocked. At first I hesitated still having trouble with what I was told to do. After being ordered a second, then a third time to pull my jeans down he exploded on me like a Marine sergeant shouting orders. He said I either needed to drop my pants or he would have them removed for me! I had never seen him so angry. It scared me. Reluctantly I undid my jeans and wiggled them down past my hips. As if this wasn’t bad enough then it got worse. I was wearing a thong, which is totally against school rules. Principal Mailing scoffed at this in disgust. With pretty much most of my bare butt showing I was ordered to bend back over the desk for the remainder of my paddling. John resumed whacking me across my now bare cheeks and the pain was waaaay worse. Still being forced to count off each whack I started to cry. After my 20th hit the principle ordered John to stop and then dismissed him. My ass was on fire! I knew I’d be the embarrassment of the school once John told everybody what happened.

After John left the Principal shut the door again and sternly told me I was “a completely undisciplined young lady that needed to be taught a server lesson for my infractions.” He pulled me over his lap and began spanking my butt with his bare hands all the time verbally reprimanding me for dressing like a “tramp” at school. He sure seemed into what he was doing too. This is when things got weird. After about 10 whacks he grabbed the back of my waistband and PULLED MY THONG DOWN saying it was “a violation of school rules and therefore unacceptable on campus.” I couldn’t believe he had pulled my panties down, leaving me basically nude from the waist down right there on his lap. My bare butt was right in his face! I tried to protest but he held me over his knee saying I deserved the “trashing of a lifetime”. He smacked away at my red cheeks as I cried and kicked my legs. The more I struggled the more rough he got with me. After a while he was holding me down by my lower back with his hand right on my ass while grabbing and pulling my cheeks apart smacking me on the inside of my cheek right near my crotch! I can only imagine what that sick bastard saw from his angle! He sure was enjoying punishing me like this. In the kicking and struggling to get lose I felt his fingers conveniently wander between my cheeks sometimes even touching on my asshole and pussy here and there! When done he forced me to stand up with no pants on and stand there as he threatened to have me expelled for any further infractions. Every time I tried to cover up he ordered me to keep my hands at my side standing at attention. Then he made me stands bottomless in the corner facing the wall while he wrote up written reprimand for my file. I’m sure he was staring at my naked ass the whole time. It was the most humiliating experience of my life up to that point.

After he finally let me get dressed and leave (ordering me to leave the thong behind!) I went back to class red faced with embarrassment. I could only imagine what everyone was thinking looking at me. I finished class and afterwards John came up and asked me what else happened. At first I didn’t even want to talk to him but then he mentioned that he hadn’t told anyone yet about the spanking. I was so relieved. I begged him to not say anything to anyone about it and he said he would not, but only if I came over his house after school. I asked him why, but he wouldn’t tell me. He just said if I didn’t want anyone lese to find out to do what he said. Reluctantly I agreed.

Part 2.2 to follow…

Monday, March 7th 2005 - 06:00:13 PM
Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:23:55 PM
Name: Emmy Rick
Subject: Pantsed At The Super Market(4 times)
Message:My first time my brother pantsed me at the supermarket was really embarrassing. He came up behind me because mom said I get to choose the cereal we get. Well he got really pissed off and pantsed me in front of alot of people. He said he was not done yet and he was going to do it over and over. Iwas wearing blue sweats that were big on me and I broke the string when I was younger.(I was 15 when it happened) I was wearing a dark blue hoody with it. my hoody was luckily lower than my underwear so noone could see. Then I started to feel hot so I pulled my hoody over my head. Just then he pantsed me again showing my black panties in front of alot of people. I was so mad but I just cooled down then pulled it back up. Then I had to climb up shelves to get some of my brothers favorite cereal in stead of mine! He got mad because wanted to do it and pantsed me again. i was furious. I told him in his ear that I was going to kill him when we get home. Then we went to the checkout line I caaught him looking down at my butt. i called him a perverted a** hole. Mom then told me to apoligize. Then he pantsed me again this time pulling my panties to. Right then I pulled it up real fast red faced grabbed him and started beating his a** until he said sorry and he would not do it again
Monday, March 7th 2005 - 03:43:26 PM
Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:22:40 PM
Name: erika
Subject: stripchess part 2
Message:Todd and Amanda's Strip Chess -- "Pizza With Nothing On"

Hey everyone, "ToddCheese" here. Thanks to everyone who wrote words of approval and encouragement on our last strip game and dare. I still haven't told Amanda about the group, but I am working up to it. Maybe get her to do something and post about it as part of a dare sometime, and if she enjoys it I will reveal I've already been sharing our stories.

Well, we had some extra time off last weekend, so after the obligatory family dinners the two of us went to see the Looney Tunes movie. (Go see it if you're cartoon fans, it's pretty funny.) Afterwards we both felt like pizza, but we didn't want to deal with the weekend after Thanksgiving shopping crowds, so we decided to get it delivered, to my place, since it was closer. Neither of us could remember whose turn it was to pay, so I suggested we split it. Amanda said how about we play chess and the loser pays for the whole thing? I said okay, but how about we do a dare too? Amanda, recalling how I'd exposed her in public last time, said how about the dare was the loser had to answer the door naked. I've read about variations on this on this group and others, so I came back with, how about the loser answers the door wearing just a towel, and we stage an "accident" for the pizza guy to see.

We decided how we'd do it is, have the winner hide behind the door and somehow pull the towel off the loser. That way they would not be sure exactly when it would happen, so we'd still have some element of surprise at the sudden nakedness. The puller would remain hidden, if possible, to make it look accidental. I found a big fluffy towel that would cover either of us adequately, and was heavy enough to fall easily with a little help. In the garage also found some thin plastic twine and a metal closet hook that hadn't been put up. We tied one end of a short piece of twine to the hook. Then we hooked it under the part of the towel that was wrapped up (to hold the towel in place). We found if we hooked it right, and wrapped the towel right, we could give it a light tug and loosen the towel enough to make it fall. We each practiced it several times fully clothed and it worked great.

With the setup in place, we began the chess game. I was already hard just thinking about the outcome (either way!) and Amanda was having her usual giggle-fest. Basically we played the same way as our last "strip chess" match -- one article of clothing for every non-pawn piece captured -- except this time there was only the one dare. About halfway through we ordered the pizza. It was hard for us to keep our mind on the game so we both made a couple of careless mistakes and missed a couple of good opportunities (at least I assume that's why Amanda didn't take one fork move she could have used against me). I tend to play aggressively, but she was even a bit more so, and would swap piece for piece evenly, even when there was no real advantage to it. She *really* wanted to get me naked. (I'd already seen everything she had to show last time, remember.)

Before long we were both down to our underwear. I was in my maroon briefs, and Amanda was wearing light blue full-bottom panties (no skimpy thong this time). My erection was really obvious now and I've gotta say it's really embarrassing knowing your body is responding this way but unable to do anything about it. My face felt pretty hot but my hands were like ice even though my palms were sweaty. It was the first time Amanda had ever seen me this undressed, and it was both exhilirating and a little freaky too. I've never considered myself particularly "well-endowed" so there was the nervousness about that too, if I should lose my queen. My heart was pounding and Amanda said hers was too. At this point either one of us could have won the game.

But, I'm afraid you'll have to wait to hear my first experience of being completely naked in front of Amanda, because I managed to checkmate her first, pinning her king in a corner. Her face and neck red, Amanda shed her panties, wrapped the towel around herself and sort of tightened it at the top, under her arms. The wrap was on the left side and slightly back, so the hook would be hidden by the door. Amanda decided to wet her hair a bit so it would look more like she'd just gotten out of the shower. She kept her glasses on though, I find a naked woman wearing glasses sexy. We still had a bit of a wait for the pizza, about 10 minutes, and we couldn't think of much to say to each other while we waited. Everytime our eyes met we started laughing at the thought of what we were about to do.

Just to add to the excitement I didn't get dressed again, I stayed in my undies. (Not that the delivery guy would be looking at me anyway!) We were watching through the window blinds for the delivery car. When it started coming up the street we went to the door and I secured the hook in place on Amanda's towel. She was about cracking up with her giggle-fits, so I told her to close her eyes and take several deep breaths, in through the nose, out the mouth, to relax a bit. The doorbell rang and I suddenly realized, SHIT! We'd been so caught up in our excitement about the dare, we didn't have the money ready! Everything was set perfectly with the towel and hook on Amanda, and I didn't want to wreck that, so I ran to get it, just saying "money!" to Amanda as an explanation.

I wasn't thinking at the time, so I forgot that Amanda should have been the one to pay for the pizza since that was part of the deal for losing the game. But seeing her go through with the dare was more important. So I just went into the back bedroom and pulled a 20 out of my wallet. When I came back I peeked around the corner and saw that Amanda, that little sneak, had already opened the door so the guy could see in! I guess this was revenge for me locking her out the last time! He was a young college-age black guy, and I guessed she'd told him that I was getting the money. I could have gone back and thrown some jeans on but I figured, what the hell. Now remember, my place is a split-foyer with the stair landing between the two floors, so there were only two ways to get back behind the door: Either go down the stairs in full view of the pizza guy and get back in position, or run by really quick to the other side and pull the hook from slightly above. I chose the second one so it wouldn't look like too obvious a set-up to him after we did the "accident".

So I ran by as fast as I could, but I'm sure he noticed, I mean the door was open and aside from Amanda he had an unobstructed view of the top of the stairs! I can only imagine what this guy thought. Here he goes to make what should have been a normal boring delivery, and instead he finds a girl in a towel answering the door, and a guy running around in just his underwear! From what little I saw, though, he kept his cool about it. I squeezed in behind an end table and passed the money through the railing to Amanda. She was thinking, and as she took it she handed me the end of the string at the same time. She paid the guy and took the pizza box from him with one hand. I waited until he started to give her her change in the other... then I tugged the towel loose!

Unfortunately, with me partway behind the door, the pizza guy got a much better show than I did. But I did see the towel tumble off her body, revealing her bare behind. Amanda squealed and sort of hunched over, and turned the pizza box sideways to cover herself up. In the process she dropped the change which went everywhere. She told me later that the guy had just stared for a moment then busted out laughing. He was a gentleman though, and picked up the towel and offerred it to her, then took the box back while she wrapped it back around herself. She gave him a couple of bills as a tip, but I suspect
the show he'd just witnessed was already enough in his mind. We went to the window and saw the guy laughing in his car as he left. I'm sure he had quite an interesting story to tell his co-workers when he got back.

Well I've got to say it's been a blast seeing Amanda do these things, but I also know it's just a matter of time before I end up doing one myself. Amanda has already exposed herself, twice, so I have some trepidations about when it finally happens to me. It's kind of like being back in school, when you had to give a report in front of the class and all the other kids had already done theirs. Still, I want to do it to see what it's like firsthand. Anyway, if you want I will keep everyone informed on what happens next time we do this.

Oh yeah, one question for the group. Amanda told me it felt more awkward being seen naked by someone of a different race. Is this how others who have been in this situation feel too?

P.S. The pizza got sort of messed up inside the box when Amanda flipped it on its side, but it was SO worth it. ;)

Monday, March 7th 2005 - 10:21:44 AM
Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:21:45 PM
Name: erika
Subject: stripchess part1
Message:Okay, formalities out of the way first, I've been a lurker on this group for a long time, enjoyed many of the stories, blah blah blah... This is a recount of a stripping/humiliation story I was part of last Halloween weekend. My girlfriend Amanda was the recipient of said stripping and humiliation.

Let me describe us first. Amanda is 26, about 5 foot 4 with blue eyes and about shoulder-length blonde hair that she likes to dye red. She wears glasses, the fashionable kind with small lenses, because she can't stand putting contacts directly on her eyes. She's cute, with basic girl-next-door good looks. Myself, I'm about 5 foot 9, with plain brown hair, short but a bit longer in back.

We each have a chess set, so when we get together at one of our places we always break it out and play a game or two. Personality-wise, we're both pretty conservative but with a bit of a hidden naughty streak. As we got to know each other better we became more comfortable sharing our personal fantasies with each other, and we discovered we are both excited and aroused by the thought of seeing another person in embarrassing situations. Eventually we hit upon the idea of playing "strip chess", with the loser having to do a dare. Since neither of us had other plans for Halloween night, we got together at my place, turned off the porch light to keep the trick-or-treaters away, and actually went through with it.

Here are the rules we came up with:

1. We take off one article of clothing for each major piece we lose (everything except the pawns). We agreed on 7 articles, one for each major piece except the king: shoes, socks, belt, shirt, bra (for her) or T-shirt (for me), pants, underwear. When we play normally, one of us usually checkmates the other before we lose that many pieces, but with strip chess it's more fun to drag it out and pick off the other person's side, if you have a significant enough advantage. If you're checkmated you have to undress completely and do a dare.

2. Before we start the game, we each write 3 dares on scraps of paper and put them in a coffee can, which we each draw one from. So while you want to embarrass the other person, you have to remember that you could also end up having to do one of your own dares. To make it more suspenseful, we don't tell each other what the possible dares are, and we don't show each other what we've drawn unless we actually have to do it.

3. A few rules governing the dares themselves:
a.) The dare has to be something that can be done right away. Nothing requiring elaborate setup, no waiting until we're in a certain place, etc. Right here, right now.
b.) The winner can add little conditions to the dare for their own amusement, but nothing that changes the overall concept.
c.) Nothing physically dangerous, and nothing dangerously illegal. (For example, being nude outside is acceptable if there is little to no risk of being caught by authorities or anyone who might press charges.)
d.) Nothing purely sexual. No handjobs, blowjobs, no intercourse of any kind. (We may abolish this one in the future as we get more comfortable with our relationship.)
e.) No cameras of any kind can be involved. No videos, no pictures, no webcams. No evidence.

Anyway, getting on with the story. We each wrote out our possible dares and drew one. The ones I came up with were: Go for a naked drive around the block. Get a 5-minute bare-bottomed spanking. Let the other person watch you take a shower. Because of the rules I had no way of knowing what Amanda came up with, except for the one I ended up drawing: Dress up in the other person's clothing! Okay for her, MUCH more embarrassing for a guy! Man she can be cruel sometimes! :) I think she guessed from my facial expression which one I got, and she giggled. Man I hoped I didn't lose.

As white, she went first, and it didn't take long for things to get interesting. We're pretty evenly matched skillwise, and unlike poker there's no luck involved, so by the middle game we pretty much knew who was going to be naked. We took turns giving up shoes, socks, and belts when we traded one chess piece for another, and pretty soon I was down a shirt too. It was a sacrifice play, though, part of a plan I was working into. I got a knight fork against her king and a rook, forcing her to give it up.

Off came Amanda's sweatshirt, revealing a cream-colored bra and an embarrassed smile that stayed on her face the rest of the game. But I wasn't finished yet. Taking the rook lined up another unavoidable capture and she lost her jeans too. She stood up, blushing and giggling, and unbuttoned them, pulling them down to reveal the cutest, tiniest little thong! It had a triangle of fabric in the front covering her pubic hair and a smaller one in back above her butt-crack, but aside from that was basically just white elastic with a tiny fringe of lace all around. The fabric parts were pink with big white polka-dots, making her appear both silly and sexy at the same time.

I never imagined she would wear something so skimpy, certainly not the very first time we did this! The possibility of showing them must have been very exciting to her, not to mention actually doing it! I didn't even know she HAD any undies like that. Amanda generally wears slightly oversize clothes just because they are more comfortable to her. Now that they were off (this was the first time I'd seen her in any significant state of undress), I could see she was just a little chubby though it's spread out evenly over her entire body so you can't tell while she's dressed. Full C-cup breasts with quarter-sized nipples, wide hips, her bottom bouncy and round and oh-so-spankable. (God I hoped she drew that dare!)

Amanda was so embarrassed to be standing there in front of me barely dressed. Her entire face and neck were almost as red as her hair and she kept giggling uncontrollably. Needless to say I was rock-hard the rest of the game, but thankfully never had to show that to her (though I'm sure she guessed!) She managed to get me bare-chested too, before I checkmated her. Defeated, she handed over the piece of paper with her dare, and as it turned out she'd been caught in one of her own: Run naked through the back yard and up the deck!

Okay, I should probably explain the layout of my place. It's a split foyer design, with the front door on the upper level and a sliding glass door on the lower level that opens onto the back yard. On the other end of the yard from the glass door is a wooden deck with stairs going up to another back door on the upper level. This was the path Amanda had to run without a stitch of clothing on. It wasn't far, and it was getting dark out, but there are a row of small ground-level lights along the path out back that come on automatically when it gets dark enough, so if the neighbors next door happened to be looking out the picture window they still might be able to see her. And the upper deck had just a bit of streetlight glow on the side near the stairs, probably enough for someone looking across the street or driving by to make out what was going on, but not able to see it very clearly.

Anyway, I opened the sliding glass door, and Amanda shed her skimpy thong and stepped outside. It was chilly out, and she stood shivering in the dark away from the path lights, bent over slightly, clutching one arm around her breasts and the other with her hand spread out over her pubic area. She was breathing shakily both from the cold and the sheer excitement of what she was about to do. I'd told her she could start as soon as I closed the sliding glass door, but she had to wait for me to run up and unlock the upstairs door to let her back in.

Heh, you can probably guess how I took advantage of this situation. Amanda took off across the yard as fast as she dared without risking a trip and a fall, her cute bouncy behind jiggling as she went. As soon as she was out of my sight I dashed upstairs to catch her coming up the wooden stairs to the deck. She was still covering her breasts but was using her other arm to navigate the stairs' handrail in the near-darkness. As soon as she got to the top into the faint streetlight she wrapped her arm around them again. As she approached the door I cracked open the window just beside it and greeted her... but made no move to unlock the door itself!

Trusting me, she let go of her breasts again and tried the doorknob. Then a little harder, thinking maybe it was stuck. Then she looked up and saw my mischievous smirk and knew I was getting her back for the clothes-swap dare she tried to use on me. I saw the panic rising in her eyes. What could she do? She was locked outside with nothing but her bare body! Acting purely out of instinct now, she started to pound on the door yelling things like, "Come on!" and "Let me in!" and "You asshole!" But she was giggling so hard she could barely get the words out.

Finally I decided she'd had enough and moved to unlock the door. God must really like me, because just before I did, I heard through the partly-open window, beyond Amanda's ruckus, some other voices. I looked out the window, and near the streetlight I saw three junior high boys coming into view. I couldn't see them that clearly through the screen but guessed they were either last-time trick-or-treaters or just out to cause some possible mischief. All the noise Amanda was making had apparently caught their attention and they'd come to investigate. But they couldn't see what was going on because most of the deck was in darkness.

There was only one thing to do: I flipped on the light outside the door, instantly bathing Amanda in her own personal spotlight! An instant later, I heard the most unimaginable SHRIEK come out of her. Her hands clapped back over her privates, and, amid approving laughter, shouts, and clapping from the boys, she stumbled about desperately for a place to hide her naked body. (God I wish we hadn't made the no-cameras rule.) She settled on a fold-out lawn chair leaning against the railing, folded it out and crouched down behind it. I knew she wasn't going to come out again with the light on, so I switched it off, unlocked the door and propped it open, then went back inside so she wouldn't think I was just going to close it on her again.

Needless to say she was kind of pissed when she came back in. She called me a few bad names and threw a few mild swings at me before breaking down into uncontrollable laughter, tears streaming down her beet-red face. Her half-inch nipples were erect from both her arousal and the cold night breeze, and it did not escape my attention that the skin between her legs was damp. Yeah, she was embarrassed as hell but she'd enjoyed it too. I imagined those junior high kids telling all their buddies at school Monday morning what they'd seen.

Well, let me know if you enjoyed reading this, and I'll see about posting the results of our future strip chess matches here. Amanda's vowed she'll get me next time.

Sunday, March 6th 2005 - 12:37:44 PM
Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:20:34 PM
Name: Jenniffer
E-mail address: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Forced to cum at a party
Message:I found this site and now I know there are other people who have had similar stories as I have had. This happened to me about 3 years ago and I never knew what to think about it. Now I know it is not so unusual.

I was 15 at the time and a sophomore in HS. I was attending a senior graduation party with some friends. We cheered in HS and the older guys always hit on us. Looking back I guess I was just a cute as any other girl but I was a bit shy for my age and did not have a lot or any for that matter experience with boys besides kissing and the occasional hand down my bra.

I went t the party in my cheer outfit as did about 4 or 5 other girls my age. We got made fun of by the older girls because we were still in our uniforms. But we had just got finished with practice and rushed to go to the party.

To get to the point of the story I had a lot of drinks that tasted really good but soon I was seeing all blurry and these guys were trying to get me to drink more of them. They asked me if I wanted to lie down and I said yes. They took me into this room and put me into this bed. I just laid there for a while then a few guy came in to check in on me. I was feeling better and one said he was going to be a doctor when he graduated and should check me out. I said OK.

He was really cute. He kissed my forehead and asked if I felt anything. I said yesss:-) He kissed my lips and asked the same thing. Then I felt his hand undo my bra and all over my breasts. I said I defiantly feel that. He kept kissing me until his lips were on my thighs and then I felt his tongue licking me. First on my inner thighs and then on my panties. I had on a pair o fkinda sexy black thongs that night. We all took off our undershorts before the party. Then I felt his tongue on ..well you know. It was the very first time I had ever felt that. OMG it made my body shake. I didn't know what to do.

I just laid there. Then all of a sudden a couple guys were there and they were taking turns going down on me. Some were kissing me and I don't even know how many were licking me down there. At first it was through my underwear put then I felt someone take them off me. I tried to stop them sort of but someone had my hands pinned down kinda. I was drunk and being kissed and licked and then before I knew what was happening ... something happened. My whole body shook and I wanted to scream .. I think I bit my tongue. Later my friend Julie said I came. I had never done that before. Now it seems silly but it was the first time for me.

One guy tried to put it in me but I didn't know what I was doing and I had never before so I guess it was hard and he gave up.

All I know was I went to a party a lil girl and came out a woman.

I have only told a couple people this story. Most of them girlfriends. Most say I was raped but I don't think so. It was fun and I wanted it to happen. I just wish I wasn't so drunk so I could remember more of it.

Friday, March 4th 2005 - 08:19:17 PM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:38:58 PM
Name: Kathy
E-mail address: c2h2s4@yahoo.com
Subject: My experience
Message:My name is Kathy and here is my story.

I think I was about 15 years old, I’m 23 now, when this happened. I had developed quite a bit over the summer (34B to 36C) and to my surprise the boys noticed me lots more when school started again that September. I guess the attention went to my head and I was not as aware as I should have been. Aware of the girls that is, and in particular of a girl who broke up with a guy I had a crush on for a long time. Her Name was Dana.

When I found out that Jerry was available, my mind raced with ways to get him to notice me. I didn’t even give it a thought that Dana might want him back. Jerry was a senior, old enough to drive and a bit out of my league, or was out of my league. Anyway I started “showing up” in places he hung out with his friends. He was very popular because he was one of the few kids who drove and owned a car. All that happened for over a month was an occasional hello. I tried not to be disappointed but it was difficult not to be.

That all changed when I was walking home one day. I was dressing as sexy as I could get away with for the school dress code, just to get Jerry to notice me. I wore lots of skirts with thin bouncy material and fairly sheer blouses with equally sheer bras that made my nipples just a little bit noticeable, but not enough to have any of the teachers say anything about them.

It started to raining, just a little at first, then a downpour. In seconds I was drenched. My top was so transparent that my tits were totally visible and my skirt stuck to me so that you could tell I was either not wearing panties or I was wearing a thong. Then the impossible happened. Jerry pulled next to me and asked if I wanted a ride. I was in heaven. Jerry took it all in, looking at every inch of me, but he didn’t say anything except that he thought I looked very sexy wet!

I started shivering and he offered me a jacked he had in the car. I started to put it on and without thinking, I told him I was too wet and he had to turn his head while I took my blouse and bra off. Just as I was putting his jacket on, you know the part where you put the second arm in and you have your arms spread to pull it over your hands—well-- he turns around saying ready to go. There I was, two 36C’s staring him right in the face. He just smiled and said—wow that jacket looks great on you. Well that was the beginning and we started seeing each other.

Our days fell into a pattern with Jerry waiting for me at the end of the school day in his car near the football field and track. We would sit and look down on the field and watch our school practice. We’d mess around a little too. I let Jerry flip up my dress and pull my panties down to play with me. I’m very inexperienced and am scared to do much for him. One day I was walking toward the car and saw Jerry on the field talking to one of his fiends when I looked back to the car I saw his old girlfriend sitting in the front seat – rockin out to tunes on the radio.

I was so pissed I didn’t know what to do but that didn’t stop me from sticking my head right through the open window and getting into her face. At first she was startled and looked scared, then collecting herself she grabbed my hair and started to slap me. I grabbed her blouse and ripped a button or two open, but then before I knew it she raised the window – not tight around my neck, but closed enough so I could not get my head out. She sat back and smiled, calmly re-buttoned her blouse and fixed her hair.

After a very long minute she got out of the car and waked around to the side facing the field where I was stuck. I heard Jerry yell and ask her if there was a problem. She just leaned on me a little and said no—they were just talking. She turned to me and in the meanest voice said. “You bitch. You are never going to forget this day and if I have anything to do about so will most of the kids in this school.”

With that she started to spank me—I was shocked and by the third slap it started to hurt. I made a noise for her to stop. She came up to me and said I better keep quiet or I may attract a crowd. Too late I already did. About six guys stopped to see what was happening and in minutes there were more—many more. I heard Dana giggle and ask if they were there for the auction.

The crowd murmured and Dana said for my cloths—of course. $5 dollars for her shoes and socks. Dana threw the money into the car through the window where my head was stuck and all of a sudden my right foot was lifted and my shoe pulled off. I struggled—but when I moved the window hurt my neck.

OK there I am bare foot and surrounded now by more people then I want to think about. Then I here someone shouts $10 for her skirt—it was a girl- I could not believe it!!- Dana turned to me and said "shoul I?" In an instant before the money hit the seat in front of my face the button was open and my skirt was on the ground giving everyone a great shot of my thong and totally exposed ass.

$15 for my blouse—and here I struggled crosing my arms across my chest but someone with ingenuity cut through the collar with a knife and ripped it in half down the back. By this time Dana began spanking my ass with her hair brush and it was really hurting-- $10 for 10 spanks shouted someone from the crowd----must have been a guy because they got twice as bad immediately.

Well my thong went next—I did not hear the price but it came off very slowly with lots of fingers playing with my pussy--- must have been more then one guy or girl because it felt like a lot of fingers which boldly got up inside both my pussy and ass. Fortunately only one finger in my ass but it felt like a hand full in my pussy. Somebody shouted “she’s wet” and more attention was paid to my very exposed pussy. Someone pull my legs apart and started to rub my clit—in seconds a wave hit me like I could not believe—How the hell could I have an orgasm under these circumstances.

I was brought out of my trance produced by the orgasm with a pain shooting through my left nipple. I had apparently lost my bra, without evening knowing it, and lots of hands where pulling and pinching my now generous tits.

Dana’s voice—"I think we need to leave her alone" and with that she showed me the hairbrush she spanked me with and the next thing I felt was her sticking it up my ass. The crowd laughed then cleared and I was almost alone. I looked up and saw Jerry standing back watching. He got in the car and rolled down the window freeing me. My cloths were gone and he just laughed and drove away!!

Thursday, March 3rd 2005 - 10:06:07 AM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:37:52 PM
Name: anna
Subject: stripped by gang of kids
Message:my name is anna, im now 21, two years ago when i was 19 and at university i was walking home after a night out. i had to walk home on my own which i didn't normally do as im 5 6" and slim, with a prity face and shoulder length dark brown hair, i was also wearing a denim mini skirt, small white vest top and heels making me look a bit of an easy target. but my friends had got so drunk that they had gone off without me. as i walked home along the river that runs through town, some guys in a park started shouting things at me. i kept walking and shouted back "f**K off". one of the girls with them came after me, followed by about 20 kids, boys and girls. some looked as young as 12 and went up to about 18years old. before i knew it they had gathered all around me. the oldest girl (about 18) who came after me first started getting in my face while the others encoureged her. i then said to her "Just f**k off and leave me alone" big mistake! she punched me in the face and the other girls quickly joined in. as about 6 girls were hitting me i fell to the ground doing my best not to get hit. they kept hitting and kicking me and pulling at my clothes. then the girl shouted "get her clothes off!" and she begain trying to pull my top over my head! as she done this the other girls held me down and i felt my heels pulled off of my feet! and just after i heard a splash. they had throne my shoes into the river! as the ring leader continued to pull on my top i could feel it coming off but i held on as best i could. then i heard it starting to rip! i wasn't wearing a bra so as it was ripped off i was topless! the whole crowd begain to laugh and cheer as my top was throne into the river. without pausing the girls begain to pull at my mini skirt. some of the boys had now joined in in holding me down and grabing my tits. as i continued to strugle, my skirt was pulled down my legs and of my feet, i could see it being throne into the river as my other clothes had been. they kept shouting "strip her naked" and as they held me down the girl (the ring leader) grabed the waist band of my pink and white thong and yanked them down and off! the crowed cheered as my panties were throne in the river to join my other clothes. they held me down for a while, as i lay there sobbing, totaly naked and humiliated. then they pulled me to my feet and started parading me around naked while they all touched me. one of the boys shouted "bend her over" and i was bent over a wall and they pulled my legs apart and looked at me and touched me from behind. after about 30 mins of this sort of thing they started to get bored and i managed to make a run for it. they chased me but in the end let me get away. i ran over a mile home through the streets naked! lucky for me it was now very late and there wasn't many people about. but a few drivers saw me and three other girls with a guy on there way home.
Tuesday, March 1st 2005 - 02:57:29 PM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:36:01 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: Been kinda slow here...
Message:Here's a little fiction I wrote. Sorry if the formatting doesn't turn out right...


Tale One: Samantha Gets Her Sister

Words could not describe Samantha’s disdain for her older sister Tasha. Samantha noticed a change for the worse ever since her sister began high school. Suddenly, Tasha acted as if she was “too cool” to treat her little sis with any respect or decency. Now that Samantha was in high school too, she felt belittled more than ever before.
Little did Tasha know, Samantha was going to rock her world and utterly humiliate her.
More developed than most girls her age, Tasha was considered quite the hottie in her sophomore class. Not many other classmates were busting out of a C-cup bra or sporting such a full, round ass at the age of sixteen. Tasha kept her deep chestnut hair at a respectably long length, and her green eyes often betrayed her innocent demeanor. Of course, all the guys in school appreciated her outfits which often seemed to display her assets quite well.
Barely fifteen herself, Samantha was not particularly unattractive. In fact, she was also a pretty girl. There was certainly a family resemblance. However, Samantha was not nearly developed like her older sister. If Tasha had not made it a point of rubbing this in, Samantha might not have worried about it so much; revenge would not have plagued her every thought.

* * *

In the confusion of high school hallway traffic, Tasha found herself confronted by her little sister and some of her not-so-popular friends. “Well, if it isn’t Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbasses! Awww, am I interrupting the bra-stuffers convention? It’s so good to see you join those extracurriculars, Sam, but I have more important things to do. You can ogle me as I go, but you need to get your scrawny asses out of my way first.”
Samantha sighed, “Always the same bullshit, isn’t it? Today won’t be your lucky day after all, big sis.”
Before Tasha could muster a retort, she immediately found her limbs snagged by four freshmen girls. Her books now scattered the floor as her upper body was pulled backward while her legs were solidly rooted in place. This position Tasha was forced into completely threw her off balance and left her at the mercy of the freshmen to support her.
“I believe you were bragging about these earlier, weren’t you, sis?” Samantha mocked, lifting her sister’s thin, low-cut sweater out of the way.
Now, exposed to the entire school were a pair of massive, heaving breasts encased in a sexy, pink bra. The bra’s pink fabric was precariously thin, and it was obvious that it was too small to contain such burgeoning tits properly. Each breast jiggled and bounced with Tasha’s struggles and could only be rivaled by the horrified look on the sophomore’s face.
By now, the spectacle was receiving more and more attention from their class peers.
Samantha continued, “But, I think I’ve heard you brag about all this before.” With Tasha held fast, Samantha was free to work on the belt which held up her sister’s low-rise jeans. Tasha’s pants definitely loosened when her sister removed her belt in its entirety. Tasha’s anxiety grew as her little sis unbuttoned her tight pants. Winking mischievously at her sister, Samantha slowly and dramatically lowered Tasha’s zipper, revealing the crotch of the sophomore’s tiny, pink panties.
Much to Tasha’s chagrin, hooting and hollering came from her classmates as her sister grabbed the waist of her jeans and carefully peeled them down to her knees. Displayed for the whole school were some of the tiniest briefs ever to grace such full hips. The fabric matched her bra and was also delicately thin and soft.
“Not so tough and confident with all your business hanging out, are ya, sis?” Samantha chuckled, scandalously patting her sister’s pantied pussy.
“Let me go, you sick, little shit!” Tasha hissed.
“In a sec, sis! Keep your pants on! Oh, oops, too late for that!”
Without warning, Samantha’s assistants began shifting Tasha’s position. It took some effort, but the foursome managed to get the struggling sophomore on her back with her legs splayed in the air. This position allowed everyone to get a good look at Tasha’s shapely ass and laugh at the cute kitten printed on the rear of her tiny panties.
“Awww, that’s a nice, itty-bitty kitty on your ass! Did you save those panties from kindergarten or what? Anyway, I could take this much farther, sis, but I won’t give away our family secrets. Although, I will give them a great preview!” grinned Samantha menacingly.
Tasha shrieked while her sister began pouring ice water up and down her pinioned body, thoroughly soaking her sexy bra and panties. The insubstantial garments became nearly cellophane, and all could plainly see her large nipples standing at attention now. Shining from their wetness, Tasha’s fleshy tits continued to jiggle as she fought futilely against such overwhelming odds. The dark circles of her areolas were quite apparent behind the thin cups of her sopping bra. Tasha’s ass might well have been bare because the cleft between her rounded cheeks was now an eye-catching shadow behind her dripping panties. No longer hidden by the pink fabric, the dark triangle of Tasha’s pussy was probably the most glaring feature of them all. Those who studied her drenched crotch carefully (and many in the audience were) could make out individual curls of Tasha’s most secret treasure.
Tasha simply moaned and groaned, shivering from both the freezing cold and her utter humiliation at the hands of her little sister.
Samantha laughed, “All the guys are right; you do have a hot, little bod, big sis! If you had learned to wear padded bras and less skanky panties, I guess they wouldn’t have such great images to jerk off to tonight, huh? I’ll let you figure out what to do from here, Tasha. Catch ya later, slutty sis! Oh, and this means you need to stop giving me shit, or you’ll get more of the same, bitch!”
Satisfied with her revenge, Samantha and her friends left a thoroughly soaked and embarrassed Tasha in their wake and marched proudly up the hallway. The amassed crowd went absolutely wild! Never before had they seen such an awesome sibling rivalry, but they had no idea that Liberty High had not seen the last of such displays...
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Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:34:24 PM
Name: Hooked6
E-mail address: Hooked6@hotmail.com
Subject: Innocent Exposure
Message:Innocent Exposure
By: Hooked6

Copyright February 16, 2005 by Hooked6 (Hooked6@hotmail.com). No reproduction, re-posting on another Internet site or dissemination is permitted without the expressed written consent of the author. The following story is intended for adults only. By downloading this story the reader professes to be an adult and the material is legal in the area in which the reader resides.

Innocent Exposure
By: Hooked6 (Hooked6@hotmail.com)

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen that start out quite innocently.

A while back my sister Dana asked me to watch her son while she drove to the airport to pick up her husband. My sister and I aren’t that close so I welcomed the chance to be included in the care of my little nephew who was 3 at the time.

I was outside in the front yard doing some yard work when she arrived. After some pleasantries she left little Jason in my care and took off for the airport. “Be careful with him,” she warned, “He’s quite clingy.”

I had a boyfriend like that once so I figured she meant that he was probably going to require a lot of attention and be underfoot most of the time. “That’s OK,” I replied. “I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”

Little did I know how true that was going to turn out to be. No sooner had my sister left, I discovered his boundless energy. It was obvious he wanted to play and had absolutely NO patience. I, however, wanted to finish my yard work before going inside so I gave him a few things to play with by himself and went back to raking my grass clippings.

I suddenly felt him wrap himself around my legs and he held on for dear life. “PLAY!” was all he said over and over. “Play with me!”

I managed to separate him from my leg and I politely told him I would play with him as soon as I finished my chores. “PLAY!” he screamed again and was right back wrapping himself around my legs. I pushed him away a second time and resorted to bribery. “If you sit here just for a minute I’ll give you some ice cream when I’m done.” I said sweetly. He smiled and I was sure that THIS time I had won out. Never underestimate the power of Ice Cream!

I picked up my rake again and intended on quickly finishing up when I got the surprise of my life. Little Jason shocked me trying to climb up my legs by grabbing the back of my sweatpants for leverage. Of course being loose-fitting primarily designed for comfort rather than for support, they dropped right off my waist and onto the ground – exposing my thong panties to the whole neighborhood!

There I was standing with my pants around my ankles entangled with little Jason. Despite my best efforts to quickly extract him from around my ankles, I discovered that he was a lot stronger than I thought. Little Jason apparently thought this was a game of tug-of-war or something because he did his best to keep me from pulling them up.

Just then a car passed by and I realized what a show I was putting on and I felt a sense of urgency to cover myself!

No such luck. Little Jason kept at it. “Let go you little Brat!” I cried. He just laughed. I hopped around a bit hoping to break his grip but all I did was make myself look stupid! Just then I heard somebody say, “Need some help?”

I turned around to see Mr. Jenkins, my next door neighbor standing there on the sidewalk with a shit-eating grin on his face!! I had no idea how long he had been watching. I quickly bent down, giving him what I could only describe as a perfect full-mooning, and forcibly picked little Jason up off the ground as he was kicking and screaming. I ended up stepping out of my sweat pants in all the excitement and I didn’t dare bend over again to pick them up. Leaving them lying on the ground, I started walking to the front door of my house in just my small cut-off T-shirt and my thong.

“No thanks,” I replied not wanting be rude. “Just dealing with a little behavior problem.” As I shut the door I saw him still standing there laughing.

It wasn’t until later that I started getting that funny feeling as I recalled what had happened. I wondered if he saw the lips of my labia separated by only the thin strap of material that ran between my legs. I was dying to know so I went to my bedroom and checked out the view for myself in my own full-length mirror. What I saw almost made my legs week! I replayed that image over and over again in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more aroused I got. Trust me guys, wearing a small thong is not the most effective thing to sop up a girl’s wetness, if you get the picture. That only made matters worse.

Meanwhile, my little nephew was yelling, “ICE-CREAM!” in the next room. “YOU promised!”

As my luck would have it as I checked my freezer, I was out of ice-cream! Try as I might he wanted nothing else. “YOU PROMISED!” he repeated incessantly. This meant I would have to go to the grocery store if I wanted to end his whining.

Then I got a wild idea. My pants were still outside on the lawn. Wicked thoughts ran through my mind, “Just go out and get them,” said a voice deep inside of me. “Your neighbors have already seen what happened earlier. Just take Jason with you!”

The more I thought about it, the more rational it sounded. I guess my hormones won out because I found myself picking up the little guy and heading for the front door in just my thong and cut-off T-shirt! My heart raced as I unlatched the door and peeked outside. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I must tell you that I had NEVER done anything so outrageous in all my life! I was soooo wet I could hardly stand it.

I was almost ready to chicken out when Jason yelled, “ICE CREAM!” again right in my ear. I guess that little push from him was all that I needed because I walked right out the front door and headed toward the spot in the yard where I left my sweatpants.

I bent down with my nephew still on my hip and picked them up. Then I got another wicked thought. I decided just to walk to my car carrying them rather than putting Jason down and trying to get dressed. This of course innocently prolonged my exposure and I loved it! I opened the car door and realized that I hadn’t brought my purse or my car keys!

I tossed my pants in the front seat and returned to the house still holding Jason. As I stood outside facing the front door as I once again was about to leave, I took out my keys and fiddled with them a while. I knew I was giving anyone who was watching a good long look at my ass. After locking my front door I started out toward my car and almost dropped my little nephew as I heard the sound of a horn blowing as a car went by.

With Jason securely in his car seat, I drove to the grocery store still wearing only my thong panties. What a rush! It was only after parking my car that I carefully pulled on my sweatpants and retrieved my little tyke.

I was so proud of my little adventure but was glad that it was over. I felt a bit guilty about the whole affair and tried to put it out of my mind.

I grabbed a little shopping basket and holding it in one hand took hold of Jason with the other. I decided that since I was at the store I would get a few things that I really needed. I should have known that he wouldn’t cooperate. “ICE CREAM!” he began shouting after only a minute or two.

“I’ll get your ice cream in a minute. I need a few other things first!”
I reprimanded. He didn’t care. “ICE CREAM, NOW!” he bellowed again.

He began dragging his feet and then became limp – just a dead weight on my arm. He wasn’t going to budge. “FINE! You just sit here by yourself! I’m going to finish my shopping!” I said trying a little psychology as I left him on the floor.

I looked over my shoulder as I walked away figuring that he would soon get up and follow me. He didn’t. He just sat there. It was obvious he was testing me. I wasn’t about to let him win so I walked on and rounded the corner of the next aisle. I waited. Surely he would come any second now. “ICE CREAM!” I heard him yell at the top of his lungs from the next aisle over. “ICE CREAM, NOW!”

That did it. I figured I might as well just hurry along and get what I needed from this aisle and go back and get the little pain-in-the-ass.
I walked down to the end of my aisle near the front of the store, grabbed a few things and I was putting them in my basket when it happened.

Jason had run up from behind me and started climbing on my legs and as sure as the sun comes up every morning, my pants ended up around my ankles! Just like before I was left in my thong only this time it was in a crowded store! People were laughing as I tried to bend over to get my pants. Then things got worse!

As I stooped down and tried to grab my pants with one hand while holding the shopping basket with the other I felt Jason’s hand grab a hold of the waistband of my thong . . . “ICE CREAM!” He yelled again, “I WANT ICE CREAM!”

Startled by all of this I stood up, thinking I had a hold of my pants. I guess I didn’t have such a good hold as Jason was still standing on them and they fell out of my grasp and right back toward the floor - but that wasn’t the worst part. As I stood up, my panties went down! That little brat still had a grip on them as he sat on the floor all jumbled up on my pants. The small thong easily slid down my legs and was bunched up at my ankles still in the grasp of my nephew!! My pussy was now completely exposed as what I believe where at least a dozen people looking on and laughing!

No one offered to help mind you. They just stood there watching me as I desperately tried to free my clothes from this whining little snot! I was so aroused, however, I could actually smell myself and that only added to my own humiliation.

I turned around to push him off my ankles and realized that a whole new group of people got to see my exposure. I finally, like before, hand to bend over and pick the troublemaker up off the ground. The mental image of what I flashed to those behind me blazed itself in my mind and my face got really flushed. I recalled from my bedroom mirror how clearly my labia was displayed as I bent over. My heart was racing now!

Standing up, I handed him to a nice older lady as I once again had to bend over another time and retrieve my clothing. I was so embarrassed at having to dress myself in a supermarket!! I apologized to everyone there as Jason kept yelling, “ICE CREAM!”

“That’s OK,” said one man. And other added, “What that child needs is a good spanking!”

As I checked out I felt as though EVERYONE was watching me – leering at me was more like it. I wondered how many people I had shown my pubes to that day and debated whether I would ever shop in that store again.

The rest of the day was unremarkable. I live with mixed emotions now, wondering if my sister will ever call again for me to watch my nephew! Part of me hopes she calls soon!

Innocent Exposure – Part 2
By: Hooked6

Copyright February 16, 2005 by Hooked6 (Hooked6@hotmail.com). No reproduction, re-posting on another Internet site or dissemination is permitted without the expressed written consent of the author. The following story is intended for adults only. By downloading this story the reader asserts to be an adult and the material is legal in the area in which the reader resides. The reader agrees to release the author from any and all liability from any actions resulting from viewing this material.

Innocent Exposure – Part 2
By: Hooked6 (Hooked6@hotmail.com)

My sister, Dana, stopped by later in the week for a visit on her way to pick up Jason from pre-K. She thanked me profusely once again for watching her son so she could go to the airport. I told her I was glad to be of help.

“Did he give you any trouble?” she asked carefully.

“No . . . we got along fine,” I said being tactful and trying not to offend.

“Really?” she asked almost in disbelief. “He didn’t cause you any problems?”

Once again I lied trying to spare my sister’s feelings and hoping that she didn’t think I couldn’t handle a simple babysitting job. “No, everything was fine,” I reiterated.

“Hmmmm . . . that’s amazing.” She said almost to herself. “He wasn’t, ah, too clingy?” she asked.

“Well . . . he did require a lot of attention,” I said, “But nothing really out of the ordinary for a three year old.”

“But surely you found him clingy?” she asked again.

“What do you mean clingy?” I asked a bit unsure of where she was going with this.

She finally opened up and began talking honestly about her concerns. Jason, it seems like to literally cling – or hang on to my sister constantly resulting in some very embarrassing situations. “Being an only child,” she elaborated, “I guess I’ve already spoiled him. He just seems to grab at me all the time. Sometimes I think I’m over-reacting, you know, and that this is what three-year olds do. But then at other times I think he just likes doing . . . these things . . . and on purpose too!” She explained.

“Things? What things?” I asked. Her face got that puzzled look as if she couldn’t believe I didn’t understand. She then abruptly changed the subject. “Well, maybe I’ve said too much already.” She said.

“No, go on,” I pleaded. “We’re sisters after all. You can confide in me. What THINGS are you talking about?”

“Well, the first time this happened was about two months ago. I was at the mall and I was walking along holding Jason as I shopped. All of a sudden I noticed that he had the cutest little smile. As I was telling him how cute he was he proceeded to pour, not spill but pour, his Coke all down the front of my white T-shirt.”

“Dana, you know as well as I do that little children are clumsy. I’m sure it was just an accident.” I stated.

“Yeah well, YOU weren’t there. I saw the look in his eyes. Besides, it was such a pretty day that day I wasn’t even wearing a bra. There I was in the middle of a crowded mall with a now see-through shirt. Even I could see my nipples plain as day - I was so embarrassed!” she said. “I had to walk clear to the other end of the mall to get to my car and all the while everyone was staring at me!”

Looking at my sister I asked, “And you think he actually knew what he was doing and did that on purpose? Come on admit he just spilled his drink.” Of course down inside after what I had been through I had my doubts about what I was telling her, but still, he was only three.

“Well then there was the time I took him to the beach. Jason was sitting next to me playing in the sand with his shovel while I was trying to get some sun. I was lying on my stomach and had unsnapped the top of my suit and was laying on it, you know to keep from getting tan lines on my back? Anyway I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden I was splashed by cold water. I was so startled that I jumped up and saw my son laughing his head off holding his pale. I wanted to throttle him right then and there I was so pissed, but then I heard laughing. I looked up and saw four guys looking at me. I figured that they had seen what my son had done and thought it was funny. I told them that what my son did wasn’t funny at all. ‘How would YOU like it if somebody did that to you?’ I asked them. I turned my attention back to my son when I discovered that I was topless! When I had jumped up of course, I was unaware that my top stayed on the blanket! There I was letting these guys get a good look at my boobs! I quickly covered my chest with my arms and they watched all the while I awkwardly tried to put it back on!”

I could actually picture that happening and felt bad for her. “It was an accident,” I said, “he couldn’t possibly have known – you know – that you would flash those guys!”

“Yeah, well, these ‘accidents’ seem to always happen to me.” she said sarcastically. “Then there was the time that my husband, Stan, invited some people from his work over to watch Monday Night Football. They were supposed to arrive at 8:00pm, giving us enough time to eat supper and get ready. You know me, I’m the neat freak of the family and keeping the house clean with a young child is darn near impossible. Anyway, I cleaned up as best I could and went to grab a quick shower.”
She then interrupted her train of thought, “Are you sure you want to know all this?” she asked.

“Sure, go on and finish,” I said reassuringly.

“Well, I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard Stan yelling something. He was asking where the big serving bowls where. Honestly, he’s so helpless. Realizing that he’d never find them on his own, even with me telling him exactly where they were, I decided to wrap a towel around my body and go and get them myself.

“I had no idea that many of our guests had already arrived until I
walked right out into the living room. Boy did I feel stupid being in front of all those people with wet hair and wearing just a towel!”

I was aroused just imagining what that must have been like. I would have also been so embarrassed. “What did you do?” I asked.

“Well, I thought it would look too stupid to dash back into the bathroom so I decided to play it cool and just get the bowls and calmly return to getting ready. But then Jason screwed that all up for me. He grabs onto my legs and yells: ‘MOMMIE, PLAY WITH ME!’ Of course I tried to act like the perfect parent and explain that I couldn’t right then but he would have none of that. The little twerp grabs the bottom of my towel and starts to run away. Before I knew what was happening the towel was off and I was standing naked in front of Stan’s coworkers!!”

“OH MY! Dana, how embarrassing!!” I said excitedly.

“Let’s just say that was the day I learned that my son could really run! I thought I could just immediately snatch the towel back, but he yanked it away and took off laughing – almost as if he was taunting me as if he was daring me to chase him. Of course the mother instinct took over my thoughts and all I wanted to do was discipline my son – you know – make sure he didn’t get away with it. All of the guests were laughing as I took a few steps toward my son to get that towel but he ran off with it, ignoring my commands and screaming his little head off. It was then I realized that I was naked – not just naked mind you, but naked in front of strangers! I let out a shriek and ran to the nearest place to hide – the garage!”

Listening to her story I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. I wanted to hear more so I prompted her, “So THEN what happened?”

“Needless to say I was so humiliated. I just stood there with my hands on the door trying to hold it shut, as if somebody was going to follow me out there. Of course no one did and I calmed down a bit. Then I heard the sound of a car passing by and discovered to my horror that the garage door was wide open! My first instinct was to run and close it. I had just reached up and had a hold of the door when some more of our guests pulled into the driveway and stopped right in front of the garage! I froze for what seemed at least a minute, like in those dreams where you want to run but can’t? Anyway, I quickly pulled the door closed but not before Tom and his wife got a good look at me!”

“Dana, how awful!” I exclaimed.

Needless to say it took me over an hour before I got up the courage to peek my head out the door and call out to my husband. He brought me my towel and I had to wrap around me as there was nothing else to use and come out to greet everyone. Of course they all had to tease me about it and to make matters worse, Jason was still running around the room laughing saying ‘mommy’s naked, mommy’s naked.’ Stan later told me that our son did that the entire time I was in the garage! Can you imagine? My son was reminding everyone of what had happened by chanting that stupid rhyme. Of course as the other guests arrived and heard him, everyone who had witnessed the actual event had to recount ALL the details!! It was humiliating!”

”Dana, I’m so sorry. What a nightmare that must have been,” I said trying to sound supportive.

“You honestly mean to tell me that you had no trouble with him at all?” she asked. I finally had to confess what had happened to me in all the gory details. I accompanied her to her son’s school as we both seemed to want to talk about our experiences.

When we arrived at the school we saw a young lady bolt from the front door wearing a bra and swinging her blouse in her hand around her body as if she was being attacked by a swarm of bees or something. My sister and I both laughed, looked at each other and said simultaneously: “JASON!”

We didn’t need to know any details as we were both sure that her son had something to do with the bizarre sight before us. I could only imagine what Jason was going to be like when he was a teenager!

Friday, February 18th 2005 - 01:49:16 PM
Homepage URL: http://www.asstr.org/~nialos/hooked6.html
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:32:48 PM
Name: April
Subject: Cruel Punishment
Message:In 9th grade I had a boyfriend who got stolen away from me by this girl named Janine. Janine was prettier that I was and had bigger boobs so I was very jealous of her. One day in the hallway I played a joke on her by spreading liquid soap on the floor in front of her locker. I watched as she came up opened her locker and proceeded to slip & fall, crashing down to the ground. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at how funny she looked landing on her ass like that. The look on her face was priceless. Unfortunately as she fell her shirt got caught on the edge of the locker door scratching her side and causing her boobs to pop out right in front of everyone in the hall! This was even funnier to me, but I hadn’t meant for that to happen. Well you know how school is… after word got around about what had happened the story got embellished more and more till the rumor was I had attacked her, pulled her shirt open AND tried to strip her naked!

It all got blown out of proportion and a few days later her mother called my mother and told her the embellished version making me seem like a maniac who had attacked her. My mother is extremely strict. She confronted me about it and I tried to explain that it was all a lie but this just made her more mad at me. She called the girl's mother back and told them to come over so I could apologize to them in person. I could not believe this was happening.

When they arrived, my mother ordered me to apologize but I refused saying it was all a lie. Then Janine, being the manipulative bitch that she is, showed my Mom the scratch on her side saying I had done it to her in the fight! This was the last straw for my Mom who said she was going to teach me a lesson I’d never forget. On the couch she pulled me over her lap and began spanking me like I was a little girl right in front of them! Then to embarrass me even further she ordered me to stand up and take all my clothes off! Crying I refused so she grabbed me and began forcefully stripping me right in front of them. Roughly, she pulled open the front of my jeans and yanked them down my hips as I tried to stop her. My panties came down with them and she didn’t even care. I tried to pull them back up but she would not let me. Instead she pulled my shirt up over my head till it came off. Now in my bra only with my pants and panties down around my ankles she pulled me back over her lap and gave my naked ass the thrashing of a lifetime. It hurt so bad I cried my eyes out like a little baby. Janine just stood with a smirk on her face. “You like to fight at school and embarrass people by stripping them!?!”, she yelled at me as she finished thrashing my red burning ass. She snapped my bra strap open pulling my bra off now. Then she made me stand up naked in front of them and step out of my jeans. She made stand there like that not even letting me cover my self till I apologized. Humiliated I was forced to say I was sorry and I’d never behave like that again. She would not let me get dressed or leave till I did.

Then, worse of all after I finally apologized my Mom ordered me to stay in the living room while she talked to her mom in private. As soon as they walked away I went to grab my clothes and as I bent over Janine smacked me on my sore red ass. I yelped and turned around seeing red, and before I could react she pinched my tit! Angrily I swatted her hand away, and as I did she reached in with her other hand and grabbed my crotch! She stuck her tongue out at me silently mocking me. I could have killed her at that moment but I just wanted the whole humiliating experience to end, and them to leave.

I grabbed my clothes and as I stormed out of the living room I noticed something that nearly gave me a heart attack. My ex-boyfriend, Janine’s new boyfriend, was standing outside on the porch looking in. I guess he had come with her. He has seen the whole thing!

I could have died right then.

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Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:27:28 PM
Name: Erika
Subject: Story
Message:Is anyone having trouble posting? Erika e-mailed me this story saying ther was a problem with the board. I just tried a test post and it seems ok. perhaps it was only temporary. If there's a problem e-mail me and let me know.. Dan

Here's Erika's story:
When i was 15 i went to a sleep-over at my friend jen's house, her parents wouldn't be home till morning so it was just 5 girls me, jill, kristen, jen, and ashley. we got bored fast until someone suggested truth or dare, it went slow at first with truths like what boys do you like and dares like sing loudly outside. but then it turned into only dares allowed, kristen and ashley french kissed eatchother, jill's bare bottom was spanked by all of us, and jen ran around the house in just her panties. now it was my turn to take a dare, i had mentioned earlier that i had a crush on Brian, (his backyard was up against jen's backyard) so my dare was to sneak into brains backyard strip naked and touch his house. after some protest i snuck through a hole in the fence and stripped, jill said i should hand my clothes over the fence to her because it was dark and i may not be able to find them on my way back, so i did(it seemed smart). i quietly approached the house and when i was about a foot away his dog started barking from inside the house, i panicked because i thought the dog was outside, the spotlights went on and Brian and his older brother came to the window to see me completely naked and frozen with fear, it took me a second to come back to reality, when i did my hands went to cover myself, and i ran to get my clothes. Then i remembered i gave them to jill, i could hear the girls laughing and Brian shouting for me to come back, it took me a minute to find the hole in the fence. i ran inside still naked and waited for my clothes to come back. i was completely humiliated and the girls laughed at me for hours. Brian didn't know it was me but eventually someone told him and i was humiliated all over again.

Thursday, February 10th 2005 - 03:54:37 PM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:14:01 PM
Name: Name: Jessica Savage
E-mail address: banshee77@hotmail.com
Subject: The Humiliation of a Lifetime
Message:Recently, Red (red_1972m@hotmail.com contributed something he/she found on the internet, a story called, “The Worst Beating I Ever Got”. In it the female writer had (presumably) posted her true experience on another site, and Red reposted it. The original author stated she was trying to find someone who went through a more humiliating experience than she did, and believed that she won the “psychological destruction” prize. Well, who ever you are, you can rest a bit easier. You’re now in second place. There have been other cat fights posted here and other places, but mine just might have been the worst:
It happened at an after party for my girlfriend’s graduation from her high school. I had graduated a week before from a high school near Santa Barbara, California, catholic high school that’s pretty famous there, and was driven to Riverside by my boyfriend, who dropped me off for a few days with my friend, Sharon. Sharon’s graduation was like any other, as was her parent’s party for her, and a party for her group of friends.

When that party was over we went off to an after party at 11 p.m. that was being given by one of Sharon’s friends who had a boyfriend who was 20, and he and his friends put on a party for Sharon’s friend that had two kegs of beer, and most every other hard drink you could want. The party was at a house with no parents around, and had dancing outside and hanging out inside.

I wore my best dance dress, satin blue and black lace edging, black thigh highs and black heels. I was dressed to kill, but wasn’t on the prowl for anyone especially. I had a boyfriend and we were cool. The guys got real drunk, so did a lot of the girls, and I danced with everyone and it was no big deal. One of the guys I danced with, probably not caring what he did, put his hand a bit too low on my backside, and I pulled his hand off and said, “no”, just like that. He complied, but soon left me in the middle of the dance. Fine by me. But word got back to me some time afterward that he had told his friends I was a cock tease and a he and a couple of his buddies gave me nasty looks after that. I didn’t care.

It was now past one and I was pretty tired and went into the house wondering when we were going home. Sharon was smoking weed with her boyfriend in a bedroom and I was stuck for a while, and decided to chill by talking to the hostess of the party, Sharon’s friend Juanita. That didn’t last long; a girl came up to me that I never met before. She immediately started raising her voice at me. She told me that I shouldn’t be egging her boyfriend and other guys on with my dancing. Juanita tried to intervene, and told this girl, whose name was Terri, to just chill, and that I had been cool the entire night. She told Terri it was her boyfriend, Collin, who had gotten out of line. I was relieved, but not for long. She argued back that a lot of his friends were saying I was throwing my body around during the dance, and that I was trying to pickup on whoever would have me. Juanita began to tell Terri she was just depressed about not being chosen on varsity cheer, and that she had drank too much, and that she didn’t want a scene. (Terri, it turned out, was not yet a senior at the high school, and still seventeen, and liked that her boyfriend was 21. She had just finished her junior year and had lost in cheer leading competition.) Juanita told her to take it easy and back off.
“I will when this bitch apologizes and pulls her skirt lower when she dances,” was all that Terri gave back to Juanita.

“That’s it, you have to leave,” was Juanita’s reply, just beating my, “Like hell that’s going to happen.”

“You picked the wrong time to be messing with my life,” Terri shouted back to me. “Since you won’t keep your dress down while you dance, I guess you won’t mind if it’s bare while I spank the shit out of it.”

With no more warning, she jumped on me while I was seated on the couch next to Juanita, who’s drink went all over her and me, and really pissed me off. Juanita got the worst of the drink, and wiped it off of her as Terri and I tumbled off the couch and onto the ground. I wasn’t expecting that, and I got the worst of everything by being wedged in between the sofa and coffee table, with Terri on top of me and me having no room to maneuver my arms. I kicked with my legs, probably giving the guys who had got me into trouble a pretty good show of my panties.

This was not a good night for a fight. For the next thirty seconds, I gouged Terri in the face with my nails and she struck me two good hits to the head, before someone pulling the coffee table away from the couch gave us both room and me being able to turn and get up. But not before Terri whispered to me some pretty nasty things. I said similar things back to her, but had really never been in a situation like this one.

The next thing I knew is that we were both on our feet and no one was trying to stop our fight. It became a pull and tug more than anything, except that Terri was dressed for it and I wasn’t. She slapped me hard across the face, grabbed the front of my dress and yanked. It only caused me to be yanked toward her, and I began ineffective punches into her sides. That’s when she discovered the zipper to my dress.

Without any shouts to anything, or me she took hold of the back collar of my dress with one hand and unzipped my dress with the other. I don’t care about what others say about being in a catfight and having your clothes torn off, there’s nothing worse than the intimate violation of being undressed. And what made it all worse was that when I recovered myself and stood up again, the style of the dress made it impossible to rezip it without some amount of calmness and room, which Terri wasn’t going to give to me for anything. Now every grab at my dress yanked it further down my body, and the intimacy of the bra frilly black bra and French panty combo my boyfriend had bought me for Valentine’s Day made it all the worse. There was probably a lot more revealing underwear any girl could be caught in, but knowing this was the most personal clothing I could show the world made it more than I could bare. For every reason I had to end this, so I just backed away.

But I backed into a crowd that wasn’t too helpful. Front row, as it were, was taken up by the guys who were the friends of this girl’s asshole boyfriend. And he was standing behind Terri, egging her on to kick the shit out of me. When Terri came at me again, she just took hold of my dress and began yanking me around. Anything I tried to lay on her was defeated by my imbalance due to the dress being tugged at. Finally, the lower part of the zipper unzipped, and both of us knew it. Terri was in white pants and a black tank top with a bra underneath, and there was no way I could affect anything she wore. It was tight and solid. My pulls at her top didn’t amount to anything. Finally she just dropped to the ground holding my dress, and I did my best to follow her down but eventually she grasped the top of my dress and pulled it off of my arms. During the next minute or so our fighting simply separated me from my dress, and Terri grabbed the rest of it hanging on my torso and pulled it down, leaving me in my bra and panties, and thigh high stockings. All black, all sexy. Hollers and shouts from everyone, whistles and applause. I had done a forced striptease for the crowd and stood there embarrassed but mainly worrying about Terri. I shouted for her to stop, but she just shouted, “Wrong, bitch!” and went back at me.

My bra became my own worst enemy, as it was something for Terri to drag around and something for me to further my embarrassment. That’s when it hit me. Terri was no longer fighting me with her hits, she was stripping me naked. Her yanking at my bra became a turning point, and I could tell she wouldn’t stop until, what? The worst?

Finally, she grabbed at my bra at the lower part of the cups and pulled it above my neck. My breasts bounced out of them for the boys’ pleasure, and Terri’s feeling of triumph. The rest of it spun me around, an it was a relief when I finally lost it. Al least I stopped being choked by it. As a reaction I grabbed my breasts to cover them, and got slugged in the stomach and was winded. It wasn’t that hard of a hit, and I tried to regain my focus, but it was enough. Terri grabbed me by my shoulder length hair and pulled me upward. She shouted to her boyfriend to take off my nylons. I was helpless and still catching my breath as he grabbed at my legs. If Terri hadn’t held me my body would have tried to double over to get as much breath as I could into my lungs. But instead I was a human puppet, and the guy and his friend each took a leg and pulled me off of the ground, stripping from me my stockings.

Topless, my breasts bouncing and jiggling for the pleasure of the assholes that had caused my problem in the first place, Terri didn’t give me a bit of sympathy and decided to take every bit of dignity I might have still had. She shouted to the crowd of people now staring at my nipples and legs that she was going to teach me a lesson about flashing my ass to her boyfriend. Something I never did, but the guys must have blown out of proportion out of their own laughs and fantasies.

Terri steered me headlong into the couch and dropped me, yanked down the back of my panties, and spanked my bare ass before everyone as they hollered total delight and satisfaction. Her nails dug into the flesh of my butt after each spanking, and she counted them out loud. As I got up to try and turn, she grabbed my hair again and pushed my face into the couch, kicking my legs to separate them even more and show off to everyone the view of my vulva, now thrust upward.

“Now there’s a view you wanted my boyfriend to see,” she said. “Well, he’s getting an eyeful now!”

I couldn’t take it. I was sobbing and had nothing left in my soul. Terri stripped my panties to my ankles, grabbed me by the hair and turned me toward the crowd where I stood before them totally nude. Eighteen years of modesty and sharing my body for only one boyfriend were lost as I was forced to be the centerfold for these bastards. Shouts of “nice piece of pussy” and “I got that racing stripe on my car” were jeered to me as Terri marched me into the group. They parted for me, sort of, but not until I don’t know how many guys groped, pinched and got a handful of my breasts and butt. I felt hands sweep near my pussy.

Finally I was out the back door to the dance area, where a shocked DJ group looked up at me. Terri spun me one more time toward the crowd where I saw them all once again, enjoying my humiliation. She shouted to the DJs to play some real hot dance music for me, and let go of me and ran out of the party.
I got my dress back, but my nylons, bra and panties were now the trophies of Terri and the guys. I called my boyfriend to pick me up that night, and spent three days crying.
Sunday, February 6th 2005 - 05:42:23 AM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:09:04 PM
Name: From The Web
Subject: Stripped and beaten at the gym
Message:In high school I was one of those vain guys that worked out in the gym all the time and had a huge ego. This one day I was training in the gym wearing shorts only with no shirt when one of the hottest girls in school came in. I had told everyone I had scored with her even though I never really had. As I lay on the bench in between sets she came up and straddled me. She said “Hi” and started flirting with me touching me saying she liked my big muscles. She was grinding on me and she looked so hot I could not help but get excited. She took me by the hand and asked me to stand up and when I did she whacked my right in the balls. I collapsed onto my knees and as I lay there writhing in agony she pulled my arms behind me and said she wanted to try out her new handcuffs. She then cuffed my hands behind my back. Like a conceited fool I never saw any of this coming until it was too late. She grabbed me by the balls and made me get up. Then she pulled my shorts down fully exposing me and then grabbed me by my erect dick and dragged me out into the open where everyone could see me. Most of the crowd in the gym watched as she punched me in the face, stomach and balls telling everyone I was her little bitch. This went on for like 10 minutes until a teacher came in and stopped her. With my shorts around my ankles still I lay there in agony with my dick on full display, 2 black eyes, a bloody nose, and a split lip.

She got expelled, but I suffered the humiliation of my reputation being ruined forever by having my ass totally kicked by a girl. I was mocked forever after.

Thursday, February 3rd 2005 - 05:10:12 PM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:06:30 PM
Name: Gemma
Subject: Weird embarrassment
Message:Where i go to school we all live in big communal flats. There are 12 on a floor with a kitchen and a big shared shower area. The shower area has seven shower cubicals that are covered by wooden doors, you know like the half length ones. No shower curtains or anything.
So anyway, i was taking a shower one evening. As usual i had walked down there in just a towel which i hung over the door. I turned the shower on and started to wash. As I was doing my hair I heard voices. Nothing unusual in that, it is a shared area. I did not recognize the voices, so don't think it was anyone who lived in the block. They were talking about stuff and i did not really pay much attention.
However, as they were leaving, and at the point when I had the most shampoo and stuff in my hair, I heard one say to the other, "Hey, dare you to steal that towel!" The othe girl was like, "who is in there?" Her friend said, "don't know. Just do it, it's funny!"
They bothed laughed and just as I washed the last of the shampoo from my eyes I saw my towel vanish over the door.
I shouted out to them, "Hey! Give that back". They both laughed and pretended to think about it, saying stuff like "what's it worth" and "come and get it"! I opened the door a crack and saw them standing there with my towel. I must have looked so frightened when I looked at them cos they both burst out laughing. I am only 5' 5" so i knew i could not rush them and get it back. besides, i am standing her naked!
One girl stopped laughing and seemed genuine when she said, "sorry, is this really all you have? No other clothes here?" I said that i was butt naked without the towel. They looked at each other, burst out laughing again and said something about how that made it funnier. They then walked out the door laughing. i could hear knocking on the doors as they walked away, and realised that some of my friends I lived with had boyfriends over. i heard them knocking up the corridoor and knew they were not coming back.
In the end I made a mad rush. I ran out of the bathroom and up the hall. As naked as the day i was born. About five boyfriends and most of my flat mates had poked their heads out by then. I was cheered on all the way, struggled with my ky to get in my room, then locked the door.
It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. Weird thing is, it was so random. The girls who did it I had never met. i have not seen them since and no-one in the flat knew them! Just wrong place at the wrong time I guess.
Sorry if this is a bad story, i am not a writer! LOL! I like this board though, very funny!!
Wednesday, February 2nd 2005 - 06:18:33 AM
Thursday, October 6th 2005 - 05:04:32 PM
Name: Me again
Subject: The Mis-adventures of Heidi (Part 1) - The Beginning
Message:Ok people looks like I'll have to carry this site single handedly on my back! Don't make me!! Here's a story, fictional but based on real events. I'll post more if you like it. If you don't.. well I'll post more anyway! :P Either way I would appreciate some sort of feedback.

I’m Heidi and I’m 14. I catch a bus home from school everyday and there’s a cute boy that sits a few rows in front of me that I like but I have never really talked too yet. On the same bus there’s a fat girl named Charlene and her loser friend that I always love to pick on and call names. She’s such a fat dorky loser I can’t help it. My friends and I (who are part of the popular crowd) always make a point to pick on her whenever we see her. This one day, though, it would have been much better for me to have just kept my mouth shut.

This day after making my usual rude comments to “Fatty” and “The Loser” (as I affectionately had nick named them) they suddenly stood up and came at me! To my surprise “Fatty” and her friend were mad and wanted to fight! Getting in my face they both pulled me out of my seat and dragged me into the aisle. The bus was packed with kids who circled around us blocking the bus driver’s line of site. It was 2 against one and they were bigger than me so I was at their mercy. The kid’s around us started chanting “fight –fight- fight” as they stood me up right in front of the boy I have a crush on. They started pushing me around. I tried to get away from them but they grabbed my shirt, tearing it and eventually ripping it right off me altogether. I was so embarrassed standing there in front of everyone in only my bra. Seeing me getting stripped the other kids started laughing and egging them on now hoping for more. I felt my bra get undone from behind and start to get pulled off too now. Holding my hands over my chest I tried to keep it on but it was no use. A second later they had it off of me leaving me topless cupping my bare boobs. I hung my head in shame covering my chest. Before I knew it then Fatty went for my skirt. She pulled it hard tearing it off of me in a flash leaving me standing there only in my panties now! Everyone was going wild. I was soooo embarrassed I was ready to cry.

Spurred on by all the cheers she set out to completely humiliating me now. She spun me around so she was behind me and then forced me to bend over. Bending over with me she grabbed me by the back of my knees and lifted me up this way forcing my knees to my chest with my legs spread. She held me up like this so I could not move. She spread my legs apart so my thong covered crotch was on display right in everyone’s face! I must have looked so stupid topless & in only a thong kicking my legs crying to be put down. I could not get free no matter how I tried and I could see all the guys staring at my barely covered crotch! I heard someone say he could see my pubic hair through the thin cloth! It was just horrible! I was carried around like this and my butt was lifted up and placed on the seat edge right in front of my crush spread eagle! My thong was pulled up my butt so he could probably see everything! The crowd pushed in around me tightly to get a better look and pinned like this I could barely breath. There were hands all over me and then the worst happened. I saw Loser, Fatty’s friend, reach in and PULL MY THONG TO THE SIDE exposing my p*ssy and a**hole to everyone! There were laughs and cheering and even a few fingers touching me right between my legs! I thought I was going to get fingers stuck in me! I saw people hi-fiving each other and taking pictures of me like this with their cell phones. Everything was a blur of hands and arms now so I could not see who did it but someone grabbed my thong by the crotch part and torn it open. My panties were just a shredded elastic band around my waist now. If not for that I would have been basically stark naked! Fatty finally let me go dropping me on the seat and then she flipped me over pushing me face down on the bus seat with my bare ass on display. She bent my arm behind my back and sat on me pinning me down getting ready to spank my bare bottom as the other kids went wild.

All the cheering and madness going on must have finally got the attention of the moron bus driver (thank God!) because he came back pulling kids out of the way left and right till he got to me. Seeing me naked and crying he told everyone to get back, and he was going to report the incident. I just grabbed my clothes and ran off the bus crying in naked humiliation.

The next day the pictures were already being passed around school and e-mailed everywhere. I was nick named Heidi Hieney and some renamed me just “Heiney” instead. My reputation as a cool popular girl was ruined by this forever. From that day on I got picked on and mocked almost every single day. I became the butt of jokes and cruel pranks and was abused, stripped, or had my clothes taken away regularly by everyone who wanted a good laugh. Even the nerds did cruel things to me! It was the beginning of a long horrible experience at school.

Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 05:46:11 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:47:49 PM
Name: Web
Subject: Halloween (from ASN storyboard)
Message:Not much going on around here so here's an excerpt from a good one on ASN.. posted by Robert

"Anyway one Halloween when I was about 26 and walking home from work I did see something that was truly embarrassing for a young girl. What really made it bad was her own girlfriends did it to her. Since I don’t know her I don’t know how old she actually was. She and her friends looked like they were all at least 18. It was an interracial group made up fairly evenly of black and whites. The unfortunate girl was black.

As I was walking up my block I saw the girl being chased by about five guys armed with eggs and shaving cream, the traditional weapons of choice. Close behind the boys were about six girls. When the guys caught her one said I am going to teach you a lesson for hitting me with that egg. He grabbed her and put her over his knee and told her he was going to give her a bare ass spanking. I watched as he pretended he was going to pull her pants down but just gave he a few swats on her covered backside. Unfortunately for her one of her girlfriends didn’t like that. Maybe she was angry at her for something but she starting demanding that she get the bare ass spanking she deserved. When the boy said he wasn’t going to do it what happened next amazed me. The girl said if he wouldn’t do it she would and it would be a bare naked spanking instead. Of course no one believed it and it probably wouldn’t have happened but the victim made one mistake. She told the other girl she didn’t have the balls to do it. Well she did. The girl grabbed her, pushed her face down on the sidewalk and tried to strip her. Her victim struggled so much that all she could get off her were her shoes and socks. I figured it would end there but then for some reason the other girls joined in and her pants and panties came off in a flash.

At this point the victim stopped struggling and said okay just spank me. I figured she was just going to get a bare ass spanking and that’s it. The girl who was sitting on her seemed to be the leader told her too late it was now going to be a bare naked spanking. Bare naked she repeated slowly. The poor girl screamed please don't but she was flipped over onto her back. Then the girl sitting on her slapped her face and pulled her sweater off. She started to plead for just the spanking but the girl who seemed to be the leader didn’t say anything but started to unbutton her shirt. It was off in a few seconds. She was held down in just her bra and she started to cry as she pleaded to keep it on but the girl who was sitting on her just laughed. In a few seconds it joined the rest of her clothes that were now laying in a pile on the sidewalk. She was then flipped back over and all the girls gave her a few swats on her ass. The boys didn’t take part.

After the spanking she was let go and stood up asking for her clothes back but the girl who had started the stripping didn’t want it to end. She told her no If she wanted her clothes back she had to go trick or treating naked. I was aroused by the stripping but the thought of her being forced to trick or treat naked really did it for me. I almost came in my pants. The girls then started to push the naked girl towards a house but the boy who had threaten the bare ass spanking grabbed the clothes and gave them back to her. She ran behind a car and put them back on."

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 12:43:01 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:46:04 PM
Name: Maria (From The Web)
Subject: De'toweled in front of friends
Message:I was taking a bath one evening before some friends were going to come over. My parents were out leaving my little brother and me at home alone. I thought I had plenty of time because I wasn't expecting them until about 7:30 PM. But at 7:00 o'clock, while I was still in the bathtub, the doorbell suddenly rang. I expected my brother to get it but after ringing for five more minutes I realized he was no where to be found. Wet and naked I wrapped a towel around myself and went down to answer the door myself. To my surprise, my friends were there and my crush was with them as well. I was about to let them in and excuse myself when my younger brother ran up from behind and snatched my towel off! I was mortified and my friends all had a good laugh. Worst of all he ran off with it leaving me standing there red faced and naked trying to covering myself. Embarrassed I ran for cover. I could have killed him! —Maria

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 03:39:37 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:44:48 PM
Name: From The Web
Subject: School Shenanigans
Message:On the last day of school semester, we take the liberty to punish the prefects and class monitor. Usually, they don’t turn up for school on that day because of this tradition.

One year, after school hours, we managed to catch the assistance class monitor. She was a pretty girl and all of us were obviously jealous that she got all the attention from the guys. So, when we caught her, we tied her up, stripped off all her clothes and put shaving cream all over her. Then we let her loose and said that we were going to pour acid on her (just to scare her). She ran like the wind, out of the chemistry lab heading for the teacher's office. We anticipated that and had two girls waiting there to intercept her. She tried to run to the toilet but we blocked her way there too. By that time, the cream was wearing off and she was showing a lot of skin. Some of the curious guys asked what the commotion was all about and we told them that the class monitor (who’s a guy) was streaking in the school on dare. With out seeing her yet they promptly got hold of pails of water and when she ran around the corner, they splashed her with water washing all the cream off of her leaving her naked in the hallway. She screamed and the guys, seeing boobs and her bottom half (realizing it was actually a girl not a guy) ran off scared and embarrassed. So did we. I never laughed so hard in my life.

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 02:46:56 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:43:50 PM
Name: Tasha
Subject: Nephews from hell!
Message:Once when looking after my trouble maker nephews for my uncle I got talked into playing Cowboys and Indians with them. I was 17 at the time and they were both about 11 - 12 years old.

We were playing in my uncle’s backyard, which has an alley behind it but is fenced in so it’s hard to see out. I was made the Indian war chief prisoner and they tied me to a tree in the garden. It was all in fun, and at first they ran around the tree with their pistols whooping & hollering over my capture. Then they thought it would be funny to tickle and poke at me with their toy guns knowing I was unable to protect myself. That got annoying fast. Then, struggling under protest, they held my head, taped my mouth shut and blindfolded me! This was going too far so I tried to pull myself loose but the damn knots had tightened enough so I could not get lose no matter how hard I tried. The harder I pulled the tighter the ropes got!

Then, to my horror, I heard one of them say that I didn’t look enough like a real Indian because Indians have painted faces and usually don’t wear clothes! Next thing I know, I feel them pulling and tearing at my sundress! It was a light thin material so it didn’t take much before they had torn it completely off of me. I “mmmmphff’ed” through my gag in horror in only my bra and panties now as I struggled to get free but could not. Laughing hysterically now I felt them begin pulling my panties hard from the front side exposing my you-know-what, and giving me a super-wedgie from behind. They were pulled up my crack so hard it was getting painful. Finally they gave way tearing completely off. Hogtied and bottomless I wiggled around out in the middle of my uncles backyard in naked humiliation. How embarrassing it was to have been stripped by two little 11-something year old boys. After tearing my panties off they went to work on my bra eventually managing to pull that off of me too. Laughing like maniacs I felt them taunt and poke me all over, including my boobs, and right between my legs torturing me for I don’t know how long. Then they said that Indians are dirty, and need to be washed. They got the garden hose and proceeded to blast me all over with cold water, concentrating on my most private areas the most. Timmy, the older of the 2, had this obsession with butts and though it was funny watching me scream and jump as he blasted jets of water full force right in my butt! Then after the hose torture ended they said Indians should have war paint so they got watercolor paints from the house and proceeded to finger paint ALL over my body. I guess orifices were a new funny thing to them so they took their sweet time “exploring” ALL of mine (eh hem!) with their filthy little paint soaked fingers. I felt fingers go everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE… I’ll leave it at that! Crying and struggling under my gag and constraints I was powerless to do anything except stand there and take it.

Finally, I heard a man’s voice. It grew loader and louder as he charged up totally yelling at the kids. It was my uncle who had finally come home, thanks God! I heard him totally scolding and man handling the kids spanking them and sending them off to the house crying their eyes out. Apologizing over and over to me he desperately fumbled with the ropes trying to get me lose. As if being stripped by the little brats wasn’t bad enough now I had to endue being stark naked in front of my uncle as he did his best to get me untied. Saying “Oh my God”, and, “I’m so sorry!!” over and over he got the blind fold and gag off and finally, after what felt like an eternity, got the ropes off me. Crying I covered myself with my arms as he tried to wrap my torn dress around me in a desperate attempt to help me. Covered in paint I ran inside crying.

That was a long time ago and I have not been back to my uncle's place since then. I was totally embarrassed by those little delinquents and my uncle got to see me stripped naked, tied up, blind folded, and gagged too. Even though my uncle has apologized and made the kids apologize a dozen times over I still wish there was a way to erase the whole horrible ordeal altogether!

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 07:55:32 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:36:29 PM
Name: Allison
Subject: I 'wet' myself! (From the web)
Message:I was at the mall talking to my crush while standing next to the edge of the big fountain. He was cracking all sorts of funny jokes making me laugh a lot. He made this really funny elephant noise after this totally fat lady passed by, and totally laughing I leaned back, slipped and fell back right into the fountain! The worst part was that I was wearing light blue warm up pants that were loose on me. When I fell, he tried to grab my pant leg trying to save me ...and off they came! They were down to my ankles inside out by the time he let go! I was wearing a white t-shirt with no bra that got totally soaked too so you could see my boobs and nipples right through it! It was glued to my chest! So there I am with my pants down around my shins, in my soaked see through thong AND t-shirt giving my crush and everyone around us now the show of a lifetime. I could have died right there. I stood up trying to get my soaked pants back up (totally heavy and stretched out now!) while peeling my shirt away from my chest at the same time to keep everyone from seeing my naked boobs. Everyone at the mall was staring at me, pointing and laughing, including my crush! Talk about a bad day!

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 06:08:57 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:35:12 PM
Name: No way I can tell you !
E-mail address: no way!
Subject: What I got away with !
Message:I have wanted to tell SOMEONE this story for a few months now but I haven't dared to tell anyone I know! This was such a brilliant thing I did I feel it just must be shared. Nasty details and all!

This happened the weekend before Halloween this year. I was visiting an old friend at his college. His name is Tom. We pretty much grew up together but he was always a fair weather friend whenever he was with a girlfriend. Which was most of the time. I always got blown off so he could score with some chick he just met. What ever, I would probably do the same. I just wish it was me and not him ALL the time.

So I was visiting him and there was this big Halloween party at his frat house the next day. We were supposed to go out and have a big catch up night of drinking but of course his girlfriend showed up the same weekend I did and we ended up all going out and it was mostly about her. Again I didn't mind too much cause she is so hot. I have been around the two of them a lot and I have always thought she was one of the hottest chicks I have ever seen.

Jules is about 5'5" blonde, she was the cheer captain in High School. She has an ass on her that should be used to judge all others. Nice rack on her too but not too big. A 34b. I know cause I have rifled through her laundry on the floor of his room on more than one occasion. As you may have guessed by now I have a huge crush on her.

She is friendly towards me but I know it would sooner snow in Hell than her ever go out with me even if they did break up. Cause I have thought of trying to get them too.
Let me say this, I am not ugly. I played football too. From the back my friend Tom and I look almost the same. We have the same build and hair. He was just blessed with the face of Brad Pitt and I was not. He is the guy who walks into a room and all the girls want him.

So we went out to this bar and I watched Jules dancing with some friends in this tiny little mini shirt with the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out most of the night. Needless to say it was making me totally horny for her. Tom didn't seen to care much. I know he cheats on her all the time.

That night I drank way too much and went back to his room where I was staying to crash. They went someplace else I assume it was back to her place. I woke up in the middle of the night still thinking about Jules and after finding an old thong of hers on the floor I beat off with it. Pretty pathetic I know.

Now here is where I get proud of myself. It's the Halloween party and there are like a hundred or more people at this frat house. I didn't really wear a costume except for a Hawaiian shirt and some shorts, a lot of people were wearing them. A lot of the girls including Jules were dressed as Greek sluts. Basically a small toga and flip flops with laurel wreaths in their hair. Hers was the shortest one I saw there.

Tom was basically wearing the same thing I was except he had on this stupid wolfman rubber head mask. It did look funny after a keg stand when he would let out a wolf howl.

I was just hanging around pounding beers staring at Jules looking so amazingly hot.
This party was kinda out of control. Lots of drinking lots of body shots. I should have been having a much better time than I was.

Then Tom comes up to me and says "I gotta go out and get a couple more kegs, wanna come" I said no just go ahead without me. I thought I might get a chance to dance with Jules if he was gone and it wouldn't look weird. Just before he takes off he yanks off the wolfman mask and tosses it on the couch by the door.

I had a couple more drinks to get some nerve up to ask Jules to dance. She was also pretty far along from what I saw her drink too. She was doing body shots off this other girl who was pretty cute but no way near as much as she is.

So I am not sure why I did this but I grabbed the wolfman mask and put it on. I thought it might be funny and maybe she would think so too and dance with me.
On my way over to her I got a lot of "yo Tommie" and hey "T where the hell are the new kegs" People thought I was Tom cause of the wolfman mask. Remember we have about the same build and we both had ugly Hawaiian shirts on.

I get over to Jules and was sure she would know the difference but she was much drunker than I suspected. She was kinda pissed at Tom who she now assumed I was. She was like "Where the hell have you been baby" " I hope you weren't hitting on other girls"

I just shook my head no and shrugged my shoulders and made a grunting noise. Now she was kinda hanging all over me. Oh God she smelled so good. I was pretty sure she was drunk enough and decided to go for it and reached under that sheet and grabbed her ass. OMG it was sooo fine. I had my hand on it for what I hoped was enough time to burn every detail into memory for the many lonely nights without her to come. I could feel she had a tiny thong on. I even gave it a playful snap.

Now here is where it got good. She leans over to me and says "It looks like my wolf is a horny beast." "I want you to fuck me you hot horny beast!"

I almost came right there hearing her say those words. Then she grabs my hand and pulls me into another room that was full of people. All of them were chanting some form of "Tom" something or other. Seeing how she was pretty cranked and how she was dragging me around I think most people assumed what she wanted.

She pulled me into the kitchen where there were only a couple of other people mostly making out. Now she was rubbing her body all over me and doing a really sexy dance where she was grabbing her breasts and licking her lips.

The next things happened really fast. I was enjoying myself seeing this but I didn't think this could go too far before she found out it wasn't Tom and it was me and I was pretty sure Tom would kick my ass if he found out, so I kinda decided it wasn't going to go too far.

Then she grabs my hand again and drags me into this pantry and shuts the door and says "fuck me right here" Now I am only human and I was pretty drunk. Next thing I know I am in back of her and I reach under her toga and rip that thong off pull my shorts down and I am fucking her! She was leaning over some boxes of junk in there and I am fucking her! I sort of could not believe how easy this was. This was the kind of sex you have with someone after you have had it dozens of times and it is just fast sex, no kissing, no worries, no thought at all. It wasn't even like first time drunken sex with a stranger. This was girlfriend sex! Only she wasn't MY girlfriend. Let me tell you this, she was sweet. Oh she was everything I imagined she was and more. Staring at that amazing ass and pounding away at her was incredible. I even reached under and grabbed those tits just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Beautiful and firm as you would expect this fine fine babe to be.

I know from past conversations that Tom is a pig with girls. He is one of those guys who shares way too much about his conquests.

As I am going at Jules and she is moaning the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard I thought I wonder if ... if... I start to look around and I spot a bottle of cooking oil. Good enough. I open it and pour some into my hand and slap it al over her ass cheeks. I pulled out, rubbed my dick all over her butt and started to put in her ass.
She turned to me and said you are a naughty naughty beast aren't you. She said it in such a way I knew it was something she did with Tom before. No real surprise there!
I push it in and now I am giving the girl of my dreams anal. I don't even really like doing that. I did it maybe twice before but for some reason I just had to do this with her. I wanted ALL of her. A minute or two went by and I could last no longer! I pulled out of her and shot my love for her all over that fine oil covered ass. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. I rubbed my dick all over her and then I took my hand and just rubbed it all over her ass everywhere I could. It was a fine fine mess.
I even gave her a little spank and let out a wolf howl. She reached around grabbed my dick and played with it for a second or two then dropped to her knees and sucked the cum off it. Jesus Tom is suck a lucky asshole this chick just loves to fuck.

Reality hit me then and I thought I better get the fuck out of here before she wants me to say something. I tossed her the mostly ripped thong she was wearing to which she said "thanks for ripping it" and opened the pantry door. About twice the number of people were in the kitchen now but most were still making out and no one paid much attention except for one "yo Tommy."

I ran the hell out of the kitchen and started making my way for the front door. Just as I got there Tom was coming in with a few guys and three more kegs. I tossed him the mask and said here you go buddy don't loose it. He actually said "thanks." He asked if I was leaving and I said "for a little while I have to go back to the dorm room."

I got back to the room hit the showers and wacked off again thinking about what just happened.

I did go back a couple hours later but it was dying down. Jules had passed out upstairs and Tom was partying hard with his frat brothers. I asked how she was and he just said "she is a total light weight" "I'll go up later and make her pay for it"
*Wink wink* I knew what he had in mind. What he didn't know is it would be sloppy seconds!

It has been three months now and I have to say I totally got away with it. I even made a nervous call to Tom last month to see how he sounded and Jules answered. She politely blew me off but Tom sounded like his old self. I did get away with it!

It is a memory I will never forget. In one way I am proud of it but in another I still feel guilty about.

I do jerk it like twice a week thinking about how she smelled and how she felt. I am sure I will do that for years to come.

I would love to hear what you think about what I did. Was it wrong? Would you have done it? Am I an asshole? I hope not. Cheers I hope I did not bore you but I had to tell someone! I have been dying to, but just not anyone that knows Tom!
Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 08:57:08 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:33:04 PM
Name: David
E-mail address: brokeagin@aol.com
Subject: My girlfriends exposure...THE MALL
Message:Since Alex lost the bet and her bikini bottom, all she had to wear was a pair of shorts. The shorts fit a little loose in the legs. With the proper angle and light anyone could see up them when she sat down. I had never told her so you did not know. She did not want to ride around with just her shorts on. We loaded up the boat and left it at the cabin. Alex changed into her jeans and we headed to the mall.
When we got to the mall. I told her if she paid up I would buy her a new bikini. Alex started looking for a new bikini while I picked out clothes for her to try on. I would give her clothes to try on and wait for her outside the dressing room to see how they looked.
The first outfit I found was a stretch mini skirt that just barely covered her ass and a tight top that covered about half of her stomach. She argued with me but I told her to just try it on. I did not intend to buy it but wanted to have a little fun with her. After she put it on, she said, "I am NOT coming out dreesed like this." I said, "At least let me see how it looks, we can always try something else." She said, "Is anyone else close by?" I said, "No, come on out." I guess a couple of people must have overheard our conversation because they moved a little closer in order to see what we were talking about. She looked killer when she came out. I had her turn a couple of times so I could see her the whole outfit but when she saw the two guys, she darted back into the dressing room. She said, "You lied to me!" I said, "No, they were not standing there a few minutes ago." She put her clothes back on and we moved on to the next store.
In the next store, I had her try on a black regular skirt that came down about halfway to her knees with a slit on the right side about six inches long. I picked out two tops for her to try. One was a black tank top that would show a little cleavage and the other was a fitted black top that would not button up much more higher than the tank top. When she put on the shirt with buttons on, she said, "These are not too bad." I said, "Well, let me see." She came out of the dressing room and I was stunned to say the least. She looked extremely sexy and I liked the outfit but I had to mess with her a little more. I had her turn a couple of times, bend over and sit down while I checked her out from different angles. I reached for her shirt, like I was adjusting something and unbuttoned the top button. I said, “That’s better”. She buttoned it back up and went to change clothes. While I was paying for the outfit, a guy told her she should not wear white panties with the skirt. Apparently, when she had sat down he could see up her skirt and decided to let her know. Her mouth fell open and she said, “Uh, thanks. I will remember that!”
We went to a couple of more stores. I bought her a pair of shoes with four-inch heels. I also bought her a pair of thigh high hose. She found a couple of bikinis she wanted but I told her, “Try them on and if I like it, I will buy it for you.” She did not want to model the bikinis so I told her I was not going to buy one unless she did. She said, “You promised”. I said, “Yes, and I will but I want to see what it looks like before I buy it”. She decided to try one on that tied on each side but she did not want to walk out into the store. I told her, “At least, come out far enough for me to see it”. She stepped out of the little hallway leading to the dressing room and said, “See. Is this okay?” I said, “I am not sure. Turn around”. She turned and I said, ”Okay. That will work. It looks good”. As she turned to walk back into the dressing room, I tugged on one of the strings not really meaning to untie it. When I tugged on the bottom string to her top, Alex jumped causing the string to come untied. She screamed, “Oh shit! I can’t believe you!” and ran back into the dressing room. I paid for the bikini and asked her if she needed anything else. She said, “No, I don’t think so.” We headed to Krysta’s apartment so she could change into her new outfit since we had dinner plans with her friends and we did not have time to go home first. Next up…Alex goes out on the town in her new outfit!

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 08:40:50 AM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:31:07 PM
Name: anonymous
Subject: a story by Blair from the ASN Story Board
Message:I was a junior in college at the time and had gone to the local bar
to unwind with my girlfriend Beth. It was a Thursday evening and
Timothy's was fairly crowded, and the band had already started to
play. As soon as we walked in Beth saw some of her friends and made
her way through the crowd. I shouted that I would join her with two

I elbowed my way through the crowd to the bar and found myself at
two open bar stools. There were a group of guys next to them, and
being typical college kids we started flirting right away. The guy
sitting next to one of the empty stools was cute and while I waited
for the bartender to notice me, thought I would sit down and flirt.
I moved the purse on the bar out of the way, thinking nothing of
it. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 months and was not
in the mood to be picked up. But flirting is fun, so while the
bartender retrieved the two Miller Lites I ordered I started
chatting with the cute guy, and some of his friends.

I do not think I was there for even two songs when all of a sudden I
was jerked around from behind by my shoulder. I spun around as I
was pulled and was face to face with Christine. She was in one or
two of my classes, and was a year behind me. I only knew her name.
We weren't friends. She was an attractive perky blonde, the type
that just turns my stomach.

Anyway, she was irate and asked me, "What the hell I thought I was
doing." I was surprised at her aggressiveness and it took me a
moment to figure out that she had been sitting at the bar. When I
looked at the guy and he sheepishly turned away, I put two and two
together and came to the conclusion that they were boyfriend and

She grabbed my arm and went to yank me off the stool but I shrugged
her off and broke her grasp on me. She called me a slut and
suggested I go find someone that likes skanks. I thought her
comments were totally uncalled for, but figured she was probably a
bit drunk. Besides, I was only flirting.

I felt challenged by Christine so shoved her away, and though I
really had no interest in the guy, told her to "go find someone
else, someone that likes blonde bimbos." I gave her an extra little

That is all it was: a little shove as I was still sitting on the
stool. She glared at me, and just then a waitress was walking past
carrying a pitcher of beer. Before the waitress or anyone else,
especially me, could react, Christine grabbed the pitcher and threw
the cold beer right in my face. I was expecting her to just make
some derogatory comment back to me that I would ignore. I'd not
expect a face full of beer.

I was drenched, my hair, my top, and worse yet, the beer got into my
eyes, blinding me. I screamed "you stupid slut" as I pushed my
matted beer-drenched brunette hair off my face and rubbed my eyes to
stop the burning. I had started to pivot around in the seat to turn
my back to the crazed loon, but she grabbed my blouse. I had on a
sleeveless button down top and I don't know what I heard
first, "I'll show you who the slut is," or my top ripping as I felt
her hand yank me around.

My hands flew up to my top to keep myself covered, but she did not
let go of the material and with a good yank had me tumbling off the
stool onto the dirty wet bar room floor. I landed on my elbow and
was totally shocked at what she had just done. Before I could react
she had grabbed my torn top and was yanking it again this time
harder with two hands. I was on my back and kicked out at her and
rolled over and got to my knees with my back to her, holding what
little bit of my top I still had to my bosom. Though I still had on
my white bra it was a sheer, lacy, sexy little number that had a
front clasp and I felt embarrassed for anyone to see me in it.

I had one thought and that was the obvious one: to get away from her
and get the hell out of the bar. Everyone else though had different
ideas as the chant of "Catfight, Catfight, Catfight," rang in my
ears. Still holding one arm across my bra covered breasts, I put a
hand on the empty stool to help myself up. That's when I felt a foot
I could only imagine was hers hit me hard in my butt, sending me
sprawling face first onto the wet, and dirty, barroom floor.

As soon as I hit, I rolled over to my back just in time to see her
rush at me and jump down on my bare stomach and straddled me. I
screamed, "YOU BITCH," and slapped at her face. Christine leaned
back and I missed her.

The chant had since changed to "STRIP HER, STRIP HER, STRIP, STRIP,
STRIP." She got this evil grin on her face as she made short work of
undoing the front clasp on my bra before I could even grab her hands
to stop her. I tried to hold my undone bra to my breasts, but she
had gotten there first and had a hold of the cups. As a cheer rose
in the bar, I felt it better to cover my 36C breasts than fight over
my bra. She jerked my bra several times before the straps tore and
she triumphantly threw my tattered white lace bra into the crowd.

She tried to pry my hands off my breasts to expose me to everyone,
but I was having none of it and kept my hands firmly over my
breasts. She slapped me in the face and called me a slut and then
slid down over my thighs.

Sitting on them she quickly undid the button on my tan shorts as a
loud cheer went up. She started in on my zipper as I started to
thrash and roll to get away. I was petrified that she was going to
strip me totally naked publicly.

She stood up over my legs and grabbed the waist and started to scoot
them down my legs when I finally felt it was better to show everyone
my breasts then lose my shorts and panties. I grabbed her blonde
hair and yanked her towards the floor. I slid out of the way so she
would not fall on top of me and quickly scrambled to my feet.
Totally embarrassed, not to mention humiliated, I covered my bare
breasts with one arm and hiked my shorts up and holding them pushed
my way through the crowd and out the door as everyone moaned their

The crowd did not part for me and I had to shove my way through it,
getting groped and fondled in the process. I ran all the way back
to my dorm room not even stopping to fix my shorts. I was in tears
and shaking by the time I made it.

It was months before I went back to Timothy's, and for the last year
I've been on the lookout for Christine, trying to avoid her like the

Friday, January 14th 2005 - 03:29:16 PM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:20:07 PM
Name: Red
E-mail address: red_1972m@hotmail.com
Subject: Found on the Internet
Message:I didn't write this, but I liked it, and I hope you do too.


I have been checking this site for a couple of months because I was hoping to
find that another girl had suffered as bad a fate as I did one night in
college. I thought if other girls had gone through this type of experience,
it would make me feel better about mine. Instead, I just feel worse since I
think mine is the worst catfight defeat I've heard yet. But maybe, just
maybe, I thought some other girl is like me and is doing what I'm doing and
now may be encouraged to share. So, here goes.

It was late spring of my junior year in college and I was at a frat party.
I'd had a few beers and was feeling pretty good. I'd been getting along well
with a great looking senior guy for about a half-hour when this arrogant
blonde freshman with big tits decided she wanted him. She also appeared to
have had quite a few beers and was flirting shamelessly right in front of me.
She and I started sniping at each other with catty insults and the guy seemed
to be enjoying it.

I couldn't believe the insolence of this girl. She was what, 18 or 19, giving
me this crap? She was about 5' 6", admittedly pretty (in a beach bunny way),
with a nice tan and big boobs (full C or maybe even D-cup) and her name was
Amy. She had on a low-cut white tank top and short purple shorts. I am 5' 8",
120 lbs. with long brown hair, long sexy legs, a dark tan and I have a B-cup
chest. I had on a yellow T-shirt and a blue miniskirt. I am considerered very
pretty, but this guy kept gawking at Amy's big chest.

When the guy went to get us more beers, I told her to back off and find
someone her own age to play with. Amy didn't back down at all. She was in my
face with a challenging attitude. I was taller and older and figured I could
intimidate her. Running out of time before the guy would return, I threatened
her. She then pushed me with her hand, causing me to spill some of my beer on
myself. I retaliated by throwing the rest of my beer at her chest. As she
looked down at her soaked top, I told her she was at the wrong party-- the
wet T-shirt contest was at the SAE house.

Amy hauled off and slapped my face and the brawl was on. I grabbed her hair,
determined to put this little b###h in her place. She grabbed my hair and my
T-shirt while I tried to slap at her head. A crowd quickly gathered around
us. Those of you who have ever been to a frat party know that no one tried to
stop us. In fact, guys were shouting encouragement and even other girls were
cheering us on.

I tried to trip her, but we both fell down together and began rolling around
on the dirty floor. Amy was pulling at my T-shirt, trying to rip it off, so I
grabbed her big boobs and squeezed them hard. She shrieked and kicked me. I
rolled away from her and tried to get up, but as I did, she grabbed the back
of my little skirt with both hands and ripped it off of me. The guys went
crazy, cheering for Amy.

The blonde stood there with a cocky grin on her face, holding my skirt. I
knew it was pointless to grab for it -- she'd just toss it away. I was
embarrassed to be standing there in my white thong panties (especially since
I had bikini bottom -- not thong-- tan lines to contrast with my dark tan),
but I didn't want anyone to know I was embarrasssed, so I shouted at her,
"That was a big mistake, b###h!"

She just sneered, "Why is that?"

"Because now I'm gonna strip your freshman butt naked, that's why!" I blurted
out. I was instantly sorry I'd said it. The guys loved it and it assurred
that no guy would lift a finger to stop this fight, no matter what; worse
still, I had now thrown down the gauntlet for the ultimate high-stakes
catfight: a strip-fight. This likely wouldn't be over now until one of us was
nearly naked. I still thought I could kick her ass, but I was worried that I
might lose more clothing in the process -- and that thought was scaring me.

As I glared at Amy, I was concerned because my threat was at least supposed
to scare the younger, shorter girl, but she showed no fear.

I charged at her and grabbed her top, breaking both shoulder straps, and
pulled it down. She grabbed my hair with both hands. Her top was at her
stomach, but she had on a sturdy white bra underneath. I grabbed her bra and
yanked at it, trying to rip it off and get this freshman topless, figuring
the embarrassment of having her big tits out for all to see would quickly end
her will to fight. However, her bra was stretching, but not breaking, and the
hair-pulling was getting unbearable for me. I was bent over, trying to stop
the hair-pulling. But then I felt her pulling my top up my back -- she was
trying to get it off over my head. There wasn't much I could do, staggering
and following my hair in whatever direction she pulled. Withing seconds, my
top was covering my head, but I was determined not to lose it. All I could
see was the inside of my T-shirt when I felt her unhook the back of my bra.
That really scared me. I didn't want my breasts exposed, so I had to let my
shirt come completely off. That at least stopped the hair-pulling as I stood
up and brushed the hair from my face.

For the first time, I considered that I might lose...to a blonde...two years
younger...a freshman...in front of all these guys...and (My God!) be stripped
naked. The very thought made me tremble.

I was in a very vulnerable position: in my underwear with my bra unhooked. I
started backing away from her to put my hands behind my back to re-hook my
bra. If I could secure my bra, then I could attack her bra and just get it
down -- I was sure this big-chested freshman was at least as scared as I was
to be stripped topless. But when she saw my trying to re-hook my bra, she
attacked. I had to put my hands back in front to defend myself and my bra.

Sensing my fear (and modesty), Amy went straight for my bra. I crossed my
arms in front of my chest and bent forward. She couldn't get a good grip on
my bra so she used one hand to slap at my head, sides, arms and stomach while
trying to pull at my bra with the other. I turned sideways to make it still
harder, waiting for a chance to go back on the offensive.

It was at that moment when I felt a tug at my panties. At first, I didn't
realize what was happening, but I soon discovered that she had a hold of them
and was pulling hard. I took one arm away from my chest and reached for my
panties or her hand to fend her off, but then I heard a tearing sound and
felt them break apart. I tried to cover myself and back away, but she managed
to rip my skimpy thong panties completely off.

I was in shock. I was standing there, bottomless, in nothing but my unhooked
bra. I had one hand between my legs and the other holding my bra to my chest.
I could feel my face burning bright red with embarrassment. I felt
defenseless and completely vulnerable. I knew I had lost. I couldn't keep
fighting like this. I had been defeated in front of all these people by a
smaller blonde freshman. My only option was to retreat with what little
dignity I had left. I remember thinking that at least the frat guys had only
seen my bare tan-lined ass -- the rest was still (tenuously) covered.

Amy, looking very pleased with herself, stepped towards me. She noticed that
one of the shoulder straps of her low-cut bra had fallen off her shoulder,
exposing one of her nipples, so she quickly pulled her strap back up. I
mustered whatever authority I could in my voice and announced. "Okay, that's
enough. It's over." But she just smiled at me and she said, "But wait, didn't
you say you were going to strip my freshman butt naked? -- Isn't that what
you said?"

"I didn't mean it. It's over," I stammered.

"Oh yes you did, and it's not over -- you're not naked" she replied loudly.
The drunk frat guys were all charged up and cheered Amy on. I couldn't
believe it was happening. "Please, no. Let's end this," I said, my voice
shaking, "you win."

But she ingored me and slapped my face. I kept myself covered, but she did it
again -- even harder, and grabbed my hair, and threw me to the floor. Then
she grabbed my long hair again and snatched my bra away from my breasts. I
was now completely nude.

The blonde pulled me back to my feet by my hair. I stood there, my scalp on
fire with one arm covering my tan-lined breasts and my other hand between my
legs, still trying to cover myself. I started to cry and she started
ridiculing me. She ordered me to drop my hands to my sides. I complied -- in
total shame. She shouted, "If we are ever at the same party again, you will
turn around and walk out, is that clear?"

"Yes, please let me go," I whimpered.

"And what will I do to you if you don't?" She was really enjoying performing
for the crowd and degrading me. I could hear people snickering and laughing
at me.

"Strip my junior butt naked." I answered. (I would have said anything to end
this nightmare.)

That's right. Now get the f___ out of here."

With that, she threw me down and then kicked me in the ass as I tried to get

It was the most humiliating moment of my life. I lost the fight, all of my
clothes and my dignity --all in less than five minutes. This incident has
haunted me ever since so I thought discussing it anonymously might help.
Please, if anyone else has had an experience anywhere near this bad, share
it. I don't want to think that I'm the only one who's lost this badly in a


Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 10:01:56 AM
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:17:04 PM
Name: Tasha
Subject: Pranked on at the hotel
Message:I love this board and all the stories on it so here goes.. hope you like it.

Well I was 17 I went on a spring break road trip with my friends. Once we got to the hotel we decided to hit the hotel pool and have some fun. We got our bikini's on and partied by the pool sneaking drinks of wine coolers and beer, having fun, and just being loud and silly. We were doing stupid stuff like pulling at each other bikinis. My friend Shelly pulled Lisa’s (another girl with us) bikini bottom strings and at first she didn't even notice so they fell down exposing most of her front side and butt before she realized it and caught them. She almost lost them completely! It was so funny. While still laughing about this I snuck up behind Shelly and pulled the front of her top up causing it to pop completely off in my hand! I didn’t really mean for that to happen but it did. Shelly yelped out loud as everyone at the pool got a great look at her bare boobs. She has the biggest boobs of all of us so it was a good show. I taunted Shelly a bit by making her chase me around the pool covering her naked boobs trying to get her top back. I eventually gave it back to her and Shelly played it off like it was no big deal at the time. We were all pretty sloppy on alcohol by now anyway.

Anyways.. a few hours later we went back up to the room and my two friends went to the store leaving me and Shelly behind. I wanted to wash the sun tan oil off me so I took off my bikini and started the shower. Well, Shelly starts screaming for me to come out of the bathroom over & over again saying there were some crazy guys streaking naked down below on the street. She kept on screaming for me to come out and look. Dying to see this I wrapped a towel around myself and rushed out to her standing out on the balcony. She was pointing and saying "Look! Look!" so I rushed out there to see for myself. Well when I did she laughed, pushed me back towards the rail and then RIPPED MY TOWEL OFF leaving me stark naked out on the balcony! Then she ran back inside slamming the glass door shut, locking me out, before I could stop her! She was laughing her head off watching me squirm naked out on the balcony.

I was freaking out telling her to let me back but all she did was laugh at me behind the glass! Luckily there was nobody in view of this as far as I could see. Trapped with no place to go I pounded on the glass, covering myself as best I could (which was pretty much useless being I was stark naked) hoping she would let me back in soon. Well she didn’t. She left me there trapped on the balcony helpless for 40 minutes till my friends came back.

When they all saw me, instead of helping me they all laughed hysterically at the success of Shelly’s prank and left me out there taunting me! I saw Lisa snap off a few choice pictures of me to add to my humiliation. I must have looked like a deer caught in headlights! Then as if it wasn’t bad enough, Shelly opens the window and starts screaming, “Hey everybody there’s a naked girl out on the balcony!!! Come see the free show!!!!” She yelled it so loud I heard it echo through the courtyard of the hotel. I could have killed her! Apparently it was heard by some because next thing I know I see the people in the room next door come out on their balcony to see what all the commotion was about. It was a few young guys and they were on the balcony right next to me not 5 feet away! Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw me standing there stark naked. Suddenly I became very aware of the fact that I had a fully shaved pussy, bald and on display for them in all it’s glory. Trapped with no where to hide I cowered there covering my crotch with one hand and my bare breasts with the other arm. They began laughing a whistling really loudly at me. Totally embarrassed I felt my face get flush, heart start pounding in my throat and a nervous chill spread over my body giving me goose bumps and causing my nipples to get hard! Completely naked, humiliated, and trapped with no place to go I was shaking with embarrassment now right in front of them. Soon after I noticed as I looked across the sea of balconies other people coming out to see what was going on too. Half the freakin hotel was looking at me now! I heard cat calls and whistling coming from all directions. I wanted to crawl in a hole & die.

Shelly, apparently not wanting my humiliation to end, then popped out onto the balcony to see who all was watching the show now. Seeing the guys on the balcony next door, and all the others watching now, she thought it would be funny to grab my arms and pin them behind my back so I was unable to cover myself. I tried resisting but it was hard to fight back stark naked and embarrassed. Demanding to be let go, and swearing revenge on her she began shaking me back and forth from behind making my tits giggle and bounce back and forth wildly for the boys. They were loving it screaming for more! Spurred on by the cheers she then spun me around holding my wrist behind my back with one hand, and started spanking my ass with the other. The sharp smacks to my butt hurt and made me shriek and jump up with every smack! I struggled wildly now to get lose in an attempt to kill Shelly for doing this to me.

In all the struggling (keeping in mind the audience watching me now) I looked back into our room at some point to see 2 hotel security officers in our room! Guess they had gotten alerted to all this too! Now they both got to see me stark naked too! I could have died! They pushed through to the balcony doors pulling both of us back into the room. Eyeing me up and down before I scrambled for something to cover up with they scolded us all for the disturbance. They said we could get ejected from the hotel for this, and told ME I could get fined for being nude in public! I was so pissed! I tried to explain that it wasn’t my fault but they didn’t want to hear any of it.

I was steaming inside and swore to get Shelly back good for this one.

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Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:15:08 PM
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