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STORIES 51 - 75

Bully Girls by Witness
Stripped (and more) on the way home from school by Dawn
More Weird Brother by Aime
Weird Brother by Aime
One Day at Camp by Sam
Becky's Pool Adventure - Part 4 by Bad Girl Spanker
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Archived Stories Listed Here :75
Name: Witness
Subject: Bully Girls
Message:I was the unwilling witness of disturbing fight at school between some girls. It wasn’t as much a fight as one girl getting beat-up by 3 other girls. There was a 4th girl that stood by as a lookout making sure no one saw what was happening so it really was 4 on 1.

I had just started going to this school and I didn’t know too many people yet so I do not know exactly who these girls were at the time. It happened in the south stair well exit after school after most kids had already left for the day. It was a little used stairwell as it was not near the main entrance. Guess that is why they chose it. After staying late working on a school art project I happened to unknowingly walk in on them on my way out as it was happening. As I walked in the 4th girl watching out grabbed me and stopped me from leaving. She made me stand there watching as they jumped this poor girl. There were basically 3 larger girls picking on and beating up this smaller Asian looking girl. She was very petite and quite pretty. When I first walked into it I was shocked and tried to leave quickly but the 4th big girl grabbed me ordering me to not go anywhere. She asked if I was with anyone else and I said no although looking back I should have said yes. Maybe that would have changed things. I am not that big myself so these girls seemed like real bullies to me too. When I asked what was going on she told me to “shut the fuck up” or I’d be next. She said if I ran, or yelled out at all they’d beat my ass even worse. She held me around the neck with my arm behind me so I couldn’t get away without a huge fight. I have always gotten picked on myself and can’t fight so it was very intimidating to think I might get my ass beat by 4 girls too.

From what I could gather I think this smaller Asian girl had either refused to do something they wanted her to do, or had gotten one of them in trouble for something. Either way they all seemed intent on punishing her and seemed to really relish doing it. When I walked in the Asian girl was in the middle of them getting slapped, kicked, and cursed at by the 3 other girls as they called her all sorts of degrading names. She was already on the ground on her knees with her head hanging and seemed very intimidated by the 3 large bullies picking on her. She wasn’t saying much, meekly trying protect herself from their blows not even really fighting back. She must have been very scared and I felt horrible being forced to just stand there helpless to do anything. Every time she tried to get up or get away they’d kick her down hitting her in the head and back with their feet and hands. Each one seemed to take turns reaching in punching and slapping her and grabbing at her clothes and hair. She wasn’t crying but she seemed stunned and expressionless just taking the abuse resisting as best she could. Grabbing the back of her shirt they pulled it up till it was almost over her head. She tried keeping it on but they just dragged her around pulling at her shirts. I could hear the seams ripping as she tried to hold it on. It eventually tore in half from behind. She had a strapless bra on and small breasts. In all the struggling the bra slipped down showing her small breasts and nipples. She kept trying to pull it back up to cover her breasts in between slaps and kicks but every time she did she’d have to let go to protect her head and body from the hitting and kicking so the bra would just slip down again. One of the girls kept pushing it down too to make sure her breasts remained exposed. She was basically pushing it down her back to her stomach as they made fun of her ‘little tits.’ Dragging her from behind she tried to rip her bra off as the other 2 girls continued to beat and kick her. Enjoying how humiliating it seemed to rip at her clothes they then began pulling at her shorts. She fought struggling to keep them up even while getting smacked and kicked from all sides. At one point she wound up on her back as one girl slapped her head and pulled at her hair, while the other 2 were trying to pull her shorts off. One was pulling then down in front so hard she had them almost to her crotch while the other one was pulling at the waist trying to either rip her shorts or get the button undone. The only thing I heard her say was, ‘no’ when they started trying to pull her shorts off. The poor girl fought valiantly holding them up but with 3 on 1 it was futile. Eventually to my shock and dismay they got her shorts undone tugging them down past her hips. Not even letting her have the decency of keeping her underwear on they yanked them down too exposing her butt and vaginal area. She had her legs up with her knees bent so it was a fight to get them off. They dragged her around yanking her up so she was almost upside down with her weight on her upper back and shoulders. Slapping her stomach and kicking her sides they continued relentlessly hitting her making her let go long enough to get both her shorts and underwear tugged down. Laughing at her they eventually got them past her knees, then down to her ankles, and then fought till they got them totally off her feet. She was basically naked except for her small bra strap wrapped around her mid-drift not even covering her breasts. Stripped naked expect for her shoes and socks, and the bra strap they continued beating and taunting her as she remained curled up naked and silent except for expressions of pain from the slaps and kicks. Through out all this I kept pleading with them to please stop. I must have said ‘stop, please just stop’ at least 20 times. Each time I did I was commanded to ‘shut the fuck up’, and that it was ‘none of my business.’ Curled up naked they continued to taunt, slap and kick her even kicking her right in her butt. That must have hurt! Ordering her to get up one of them grabbed her from behind locking her arms around her in a full nelson lifting her in the air as the poor little Asian girl tried to remain in a fetal position with her legs curled up. Eventually they forced her to stand up stripped naked with her small black triangle of pubic hair and everything else on display. They slapped her breasts, stomach, and even jammed their fingers right in between her legs a few times. Then they spun her around viciously slapping her small naked ass as she yelped and jumped in pain with each slap. Throwing her down one girl ordered her to get on her knees and stick her own fingers in her pussy and her ass. Sitting there ashamed she remained unresponsive so they all leaned in again unleashing a wave of slaps, kicks, and hair pulling as they ordered her again to do it. Eventually she did getting on her knees reluctantly guiding one had down between her legs in front, and her other behind her inserting her fingers in both sides. Laughing one of the bully girls pushed her head down to the ground saying she wanted to see her fingers all the way in. Still on her knees with her face planted on the cold floor all 3 bully girls watched as the poor Asian girl sunk a fingers into her own butt and pussy. Unsatisfied with this then one of the bully girls jammed 2 fingers deep into the poor girls butt hole all the way to the knuckles as the poor girl yelped in pain. Pulling them out she ordered the girl to suck on them before forcing them into her mouth. The Asian girl gagged in disgust as the bully girl laughed ordering her to suck them clean purposely making her gag almost vomiting. It was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever seen. Slapping her naked ass hard again they let her go, taking her ripped clothes with them and leaving her sobbing and naked curled up on the floor.

Turning to me all 4 girls got in my face saying that if I ever dared to tell on them they’d kick my ass even worse that what I saw that day. Then they left slamming the door behind them laughing and celebrating all the way out into the distance.

I helped that poor Asian girl trying to talk to her, giving her my sweater. Apart from sobbing she never said much or answered any of my questions. I told her that we needed to alert someone of authority but she insisted, shaking her head saying ‘no’, over and over. My sweater was long enough to cover her all the way to mid thigh even though she was basically nude underneath. Her face was red and she had some bruises but she was not bleeding nor did it seem like she had any serious injuries. She did finally mention she lived near by so I walked her home. She sheepishly thanked me but never seemed to really want much more help. She told me to forget about it, and not to say anything. I tried to find out why this happened but she was very reluctant to speak about it at all.

I never said anything at school about it but I feel guilty and think I should have. It was an afternoon I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.
Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 12:38:21 PM
Name: dawn
E-mail address: dawn5by5@hotmail.com
Subject: Stripped (and more) on the way home from school
Message:I was 15 or 16 when it happened. At the time I was 5ft five inches and about 115lbs. Long blonde hair that I kept pulled back in a pony tail. I went to a catholic school and had to wear a uniform everyday. The standard plaid skirt, white blouse kneesocks and black shoes. In the winter, tights and a pullover sweater in matching maroon. This was spring so I was in the kneesocks.

I was taking a shortcut home from school through a woodsy area when it happened. Four boys I never saw before started chasing me. My heavy backpack full of books slowed me down and before I knew it they were on me, pulling it off me and pushing me to the ground knocking the wind out of me. One of them grabbed my ponytail and jerked my head back while two others took hold of my arms.

The one holding my hair said all the girls at my school were snotty, spoiled little brats and they were going to make an example out of me. They hauled me up to my feet. My hair was pulled back so hard all I could see was the sky. A hand covered my mouth before I could scream. I was told to keep my mouth shut or else they would take turns punching me in the stomach.

Next I felt hands go to my breasts, squeezing. Then more hands on my ass, pulling my skirt up and squeezing my butt over my panties. Fingers went inside the halves of my shirt and I felt it go taunt before it was ripped open and pulled off, buttons flying everywhere. I felt the sensation of hands at my waist, inside the waistband of my skirt, then I felt cool air on my upper thighs as it was stripped off my hips. I saw nothing but sky as the one holding my hair still had a solid grip on it, his other hand up under my chin.

A leg slipped between my feet and then I was tripped to the ground, the one holding my hair never letting go, he just went down with me cradling my head. I could see myself now, and them as they held me, jerking my arms above my head, pulling my legs apart, clad only in my underwear, shoes and socks. My bra and panties were both new, white cotton, the bra with a little lace on the cups. The underwear practically glowed in the sunlight of the day.

My legs were pulled farther apart and the one holding my hair slid his other hand to my cheeks and squeezed forcing my mouth open. He let a gob of spit drip from his mouth right into mine! Then he held his hand over my mouth, tilted my head back and forced me to swallow before I could do anything. It was so disgusting!

The others started feeling me up, stroking my stomach and breasts over my bra, then pulling the bra cups down so my nipples were exposed, hard and pink in the still chilly spring time air. The pinched and pulled them making me cry and squirm. They joked about how small they were (32B) and I cried harder in humiliation.

The hair holder brought his face down to mine and started licking me all over! He licked my cheeks, my nose, my eyes and eyebrows, forehead, my whole face! He even turned my head to both sides, sucked and licked each ear as well! I was so disgusted and embarrassed. I was really bawling by this time but you couldnt see the tears through the saliva on my face.

Somebodys hand was on my panties, rubbing me right on my crotch, stroking and petting me. They starting taunting me, asking if I liked it and calling me names like slut, whore and little bitch. They made me say I liked it and made me call myself names by pinching my nipples really hard until I did it. After a few more squeezes between my legs they suddenly flipped me over onto my belly.

I felt hands go down my legs to my feet. My shoes were untied and pulled off. My calves were bent up at the knee and then I felt fingers running over the soles of my feet tickling me! I squirmed and writhed and tried to break free but someone had there arm across my lower back keeping me pinned to the grass.

Fingers slid into the waistband of my panties. More went into the legholes and all of a sudden I was given a wedgie. I felt my entire butt exposed as the cotton shot up my crack. I screamed then but my head was immediatly jerked back by my hair again and I shut up cause that really hurt and I was told I better shut up or I would get punched. Then they spanked my bare butt repeatedly until I felt it get hot and red.

Then they unhooked my bra and slid the back straps through the leg holes of my panties. They hooked the bra again giving me a bra-connection wedgie and let it snap against my back. My face was pushed hard into the ground and my panties were tugged up my ass, this time gently and slowly. My legs were dragged as far apart as they would go and the one holding my panties started to slowly do a tug and release motion. It started a heat in my crotch and I moaned.

I was beside myself with embarrassment, pain and humiliation. I was totally degraded and yet I was getting hot. I felt myself get wet down there and cried harder. The tugging was slow, steady and relentless. My whole body was flushed and red. I couldnt help myself. I had an orgasm. They knew it by the way my body started to quiver. They laughed, mocked me more and high fived each other. They searched out the wet spot on my panties and took turns feeling me and pushing the material up inside me.

They let me go to gloat and I curled up in a ball, a mass of flesh, messed up hair and tangled underwear. They said they were just about done with me and would let me go but first I had to kneel and kiss all there feet. I thought anything to get away from them so I got up to hands and knees (awkwardly with my underwear and bra still hooked together giving me a constant wedgie) and crawled to the first one. I then tentitively kissed each of his shoes. He reached down, grabbed my messed up hair and made me lick them clean. He walked me like a dog to the next one and I repeated the process. Rinse and repeat to all eight shoes.

I was pulled up to my knees and again my head jerked back by the hair. A majic marker was produced. The word SLUT was written across my forehead. I was told to take off my underwear, give it to them, then I could get dressed and go. Weeping, I reached behind my back and struggled to unhook my bra finally getting it open and letting the underwear free from my butt. I pulled the tangled straps, elastic and lace of my bra off. Then tugged my panties down and stood before them totally naked except for my kneesocks.

My underwear was taken from my listless fingers and I was pulled into and embrace from the hair holder. He french kissed me, spun me around and felt me up from top to bottom, putting his fingers in first my mouth, pussy and even my butt. He held my arms behind my back and then one by one they all kissed me and felt me up. Then they dressed my, pulling my blouse on and tying it up under my breasts first then putting my skirt on. They kept my underwear and bra. I was handed my backpack, given a final spank and sent on my way with a stern warning to tell the other girls at my school that they better start acting nicer or this would happen to them too.

I had to go home looking like a total skank with my bare midriff showing and my hair totally messed up and knotted. Not to mention the word SLUT written on my forehead. I didn't leave the house for weeks after that.
Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 12:39:42 PM
Name: Aime
Subject: More Weird Brother
Message:Ok so I am not sure if anyone found my first story any good but here is more..

So the next thing that happened with my weird brother occured in my basement with my neighbor friend Celia one weekend when my parents were out of town till Sunday. She’s about my age but goes to a different school. We were kind of friends, not good friends, but friends more because we lived next door to each other and were around the same age too so we wound up hanging out here and there. She had a reputation for being a on the wild side once supposedly getting caught naked in her room with another girl and booze one late night after her mother was supposed to be asleep already. I found out through my mother about it all later after she had spoken with her Mom. Her Mom was single parent (dead beat Dad I think) so Celia never had any money or nice things. Needless to say my parents were not crazy about her.

But anyway, my brother and his friend we over in the basement playing ping pong when I happened to go downstairs looking for some laundry I had left in a basket outside the laundry room. Coming down the stairs I came upon Celia standing there next to my brother talking and laughing in a low tone. Celia didn’t normally even associate with the likes of my little brother so I was surprised to see her over here in our basement at all without me even knowing about it. Once they saw me they both oddly quieted up quickly cutting off whatever they were talking and snickering about. I asked what she was doing here and she said she had come over to see me, to see if I wanted to hang out or something. A little confused I asked her why she was down here in the basement with my little brother then and she said she had knocked on the back door thinking I might be down here (as it was a playroom) and my brother answered. She said she had just gotten there and was about to come up and look for me. It was a little weird but made sense so I accepted it. I grabbed my laundry and told Celia I was going to go put it away thinking she’d come with. She said she’d be right up but my brother had challenged her to a game of ping pong first. I went up stairs and they played. A little while later I heard my brother calling me and when I went downstairs my brother and Celia were standing there saying they had lost the last ball under the laundry room door and it was locked and wanted to know if I knew how to get in.

Now before I go any further let me explain, I live in an old house that had gotten remodeled like a 1000 times over the years. The makeshift laundry room in the basement was actually added on later and for some reason had an old recycled door with a knob that locked from the inside. Why I do not know, but my Dad wasn’t much of a handyman so it never got fixed. On top of that there was no key for it so on the rare occasion when it did get locked the only way to get in was to climb through this little vent opening up high in the wall. The vent screen was off so it was like an open square hole through the wall about the size of a small pet door. Since my brother was too small it was usually my task to stand on the to of the couch and jump up to grab the bottom of the vent hole and pull myself up and through it. It wasn’t very easy to do.

So anyway, my brother is like “the door is locked, do you know how to get in?” I told him of course not and he knew this. Then he asked me if I could climb through the vent hole and get in to unlock the door. I was like well why don’t you get it since you lost the ball, but my brother pleaded that he was too small to get up there and pull himself through. Celia said she didn’t want to climb through either because she wasn’t good at that stuff and was afraid she’d get hurt. My brother’s a little weasel so I told him too bad it your problem. They both pleaded with begging me to climb through and please get the ball so they could finish. Celia said she had a bet with him to win some of his allowance money. Talk about being pushy! They were acting like it was the most important thing in the world. Eventually after another 15 minutes of harassment I gave in not wanting to get bugged anymore by them.

I am pretty athletic if I say so myself so I got as high as I could on the top of the couch and jumped up and pulled myself up squeezing through the small opening careful to not scrape myself up on the edges. I wiggled myself in till I got ½ way though the hole with most of my weight resting on my hips. Taking a moment to figure out how to best break my fall once through I suddenly felt the waistband of my shorts grabbed and my shorts and underwear pulled down my legs! Before I could even react I felt my shorts and panties pulled all they way off leaving me kicking and screaming with my naked legs, ass and everything else hanging out of the hole as I kicked and screamed in shock! I remember screaming “WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING!!” at the top of my lungs along with a bunch of other cuss words as I heard hysterical laughter coming through the wall. Struggling to get out of the hole I tried to push myself all the way through but I felt hadn hold me back by the ankles. Then, as if all this wasn’t bad enough, I felt a finger get stuck all they way up my butt-hole! Stunned I kicked my legs like crazy backing myself out of the vent hole as fast as I could move eventually crashing down onto the couch with no pants on. On top of that as I slid out of the hole in the wall my shirt got caught causing it to stretch out pulling all the way up to my chest and rip almost off as I fell down. Still stunned and completely naked from the waist down with most of my stomach showing too because of my ripped shirt I sat there a gasp as Celia and my brother laughed hysterically at me saying they had gotten me really good! Embarrassed I covered up my nakedness as best I could feeling my face grow red in total embarrassment at being so duped by my stupid little brother. Taunting me with my short in his hand he kept waving them at me till I came to my senses and charged at him naked ready to kill him. He ran like lightning out of the room with me bare ass naked from the stomach down right behind him. Unable to catch him before he shot up the stairs I grabbed the closest thing I could to cover up with. Turning to Celia I looked at her in disbelief and before I could even ask she released a tirade of words apologizing to me, saying my brother had offered her $50.00 to help him prank on me, and that she was so sorry, and that she had no idea he would stick his finger up my butt, or anything like that. She looked so guilty and sorry she just kept rambling on about how sorry she was, and kept asking if I was hurt or anything till I finally just screamed at her to “GET OUT!” ready to almost cry.

Needless to say I never talked to her again after that, and my little sh*t of a brother got grounded for a month for his devious little prank against me once I narked him out to my Mom.

Ok I gotta go. Sorry for rambling on too long! I have more stories but I am typed out right now and I have chores to do! Bye-bye for now!
Thursday, April 19th 2007 - 06:03:25 PM
Name: Aime
Subject: Weird Brother
Message:This is one of the few places where I’d even talk about something like this but since I’ve seen other stories here about stuff like this, and no one else has posted much recently, I figured I’d contribute something too.

My weird brother has seemed to have an obsession with trying to see me or catch me naked since I hit my teens. Yes, perverted I know but unfortunately for me also true. I am 19 now but most of this happened 3 to 4 years ago when I was still in high school. My brother is 2 years younger than me and has always done weird and gross things. He’s the kind of kid that would sneeze and wipe snot all over his shirt and then leave it there thinking it’s funny. Guess that’s not that unusual to other girls who have younger brothers too from what I’ve heard. It started with simple stuff like “accidentally” walking in on me in the bathroom catching me naked just a little too often. Then there were a few incidents where I busted him trying to peek through my door while I was changing in my room. I guess in retrospect these things weren’t that bad and I just chalked it up to over active hormones, as my mother often described it as. But there were some things that were definitely over the top that I never talked about with others.

The first incident that I can describe as going a bit too far happened one random Saturday morning when we both were watching TV in the rec room still in our pajamas. My Dad worked Saturdays and my Mom had gone out shopping leaving us alone in the house. Fighting for space on the couch my brother kept bugging me invading my personal space with his legs just to annoy me as he often liked to do. Pushing his legs back yelling at him to stop touching me only seemed to escalate things till we would up in a little shoving match pushing and kicking at each other. The more mad I got the more it seemed to encourage him. So annoying! Well one thing let to another till he was laughing like a psycho clown jumping on me and laying on me. Pushing back on him my already lose pajama pants kept shifting and sliding down as I slapped and kicked him yelling for him to get off me. I pushed him off me hard making him fall to the floor right in front of the couch and as I stood up to readjust my pajama pants he reached up and pulled my pj pants down in a flash taking my underwear down with! My whole front and back was exposed for a few seconds before I could get them back up. Screaming out I pulled them up as quick as I could as he laughed hysterically taunting me saying he saw my whole butt and my hairs (my pubic hairs). Annoyed I slapped and punched the heck out of him storming out of the room with him in full chase laughing and poking fun at me as I walked away saying “I saw your bu-utt, I saw your bu-utt!” It was soooo annoying and embarrassing having him expose a lot more of me that I expected. When my Mom returned later after shopping I told on him but the story didn’t have as much impact as I had hoped on her so she said that we both needed to stop horsing around with each other so much if we couldn’t get along. Ugh!

There’s more to this but I gotta go for now so I’ll continue later when I have more time…
Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 06:14:22 PM
Name: Sam
Subject: One day at camp (story from teenfx.com) by Tara aged 16
Message:So this site is getting slow so its time to get some new stuff on it
ok I don’t usually post other peoples stories but desperate times...
u no the rest :

One day at Camp

I recently went to this camp where we learned to shoot some different types of guns and stuff. Well, for a first timer, I would call myself a pretty good shot. Well this guy that I liked was in my class and I tried to show off. The competition we were participating in was using a 9mm semi-auto handgun (I have no idea exactly what model) in which we had to shoot 5 metal plates down as fast as possible. I shot all five down with 7 out of 10 shots in around 10 seconds. When I went to go sit next to him I said that I bet he couldn't do better than me. He said," if you want I'll take that bet, if I do better you have to strip and jump in the lake and swim out to the floating dock. “So he goes up and fires five shots and knocks over the plates. It took him 8.5 seconds. Needless to say I was shocked. I followed through though. I took off my clothes and sprinted for the lake (I did it in the women's locker room and put my cloths in my locker. I jumped in and swam out to the dock. As I turned to head back in, I saw the beach crowded with the guys at the camp. I didn't know how to get back to the locker room so I swam to the edge of the woods. I got out there and started to work my way back to my cabin. It was starting to get dark when I finally managed to get within sight. As I was about to go out I felt someone grab me from behind. I was dragged to a tree (front to the tree) with my hands forced behind me and then tied together. I heard someone laughing before I was blind folded and let pushed towards the cabins. I heard a lot of people laughing before I was pulled into another group of girls cabins. That was probably my most embarrassing time ever.
Homepage URL: http://stories.teenfx.com/article.cfm?ar_id=95262&prod=34&sec=6&qz=1&ar=1&pl=1
Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 03:52:48 PM
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Subject: Becky's Pool Adventure - Part 4
Message:The two guys from the pool now stood on both sides of her, each holding one half of her bathing suit in their hands. Feeling the sting in her bottom from their slaps, Becky forcibly restrained herself from rubbing her aching cheeks. Instead she tried to face them down even as she edged over against the car to protect her bottom.

She stood facing them, her hands hovering indecisively across her body, torn between the urge to cover herself and rejecting that as a sign of weakness. Instead Becky put her hands on her hips, pushing out her chest, and faced them squarely.

The guys looked her up and down, smirking while they did it, and Becky fumed inside, even as she focused on keeping herself calm. "Don't let those creeps get to you. Don't let those creeps get to you," she continued reciting to herself inside, even as her thighs pressed against each other, trying to shield that private place from their sight and her hands itched to fly up and cover her body.

"Like I said before, nicer than ever," the first guy said. "We didn't get a chance to see you too well last time. This time it's been totally worth it."

"Alright," Becky said, in a voice as cold as ice. "You've seen me naked. You've seen me humiliated. You even spanked me. You got your payback. Now give me back my suit."

She did her best to glare at each one of them in turn, trying to make herself as imposing as a naked girl standing in a parking lot and shivering, could.

"Not yet," the second guy said, raising her bikini bottoms teasingly out of her reach. "That spanking was for what you girls did to us in the pool. The real spanking now will be in return for what happened to us outside the pool."

"Go to hell," Becky snapped, "I had nothing to do with that."

"You sure enjoyed it," the first guy said and dangled her bikini top in front of her.

Even knowing it was a mistake, Becky snatched for it, just as he raised it up out of reach.

"Come on girl, jump for it, jump for it."

"I'll show him," Becky thought, and gritting her teeth, she pushed back and jumped. Her fingers brushed the cloth of the bikini top and for a moment she thought she had it, but then it was flying through the air toward the second guy.

"You bastard, I'm not going to play any more games with you!" Becky shouted, ignoring the two pieces of her suit the second guy was danglingly temptingly in one hand near her.

"How about Spank the Brat." Another swat landed on Becky's already abused bottom and furiously, without thinking, she kicked out at him. The second guy grabbed her foot, holding it up in the air, forcing Becky to hop on one leg.

"Damn it, let go of me," Becky protested, trying to balance herself on one leg.

The second guy tossed the two pieces of her suit, one by one, to the first guy. Becky tried to reach for them as they flew through the air, but the second guy pulled on her foot, forcing her off balance. Becky hopped again trying to rebalance herself, feeling her breasts bounce humiliatingly with each hop, as her tormentors smirked.

"So, now that we have your attention," the second guy said, "it's time to confess."

"I don't have anything to confess," Becky answered and then wobbled on her left foot as he pulled her right leg up higher. She could feel how open she was now and feel the cool evening air blowing inside her body.

The other guy came to examine her, looking at her open in almost gynecological detail. Becky couldn't prevent the flush that came over her. She had been through a lot today but something about the way they held her open and stared casually at the most intimate part of her body, while she could do nothing more than stand in place and try not to fall, was incredibly degrading and arousing at the same time.

"Looks like she's getting wet," the first guy said abruptly.

"I am not," Becky said hastily.

"Looks like it," the second guy confirmed.

"You're just dorks and you don't know anything about women," Becky began rambling frantically. "I was in the pool and the time-"

"Better take a closer look," the second guy said.

"No way," Becky shrieked. "Any of you that gets closer to me is going to lose his head."

The first guy reached out a hand and Becky slapped at his head with all her strength as the second guy jiggled her foot. Her slaps went wild and she felt a hand touch her there and Becky shrieked again. The first guy held up a finger gleaming slickly in the light from a halogen floodlight.

"I don't think they can find that kind of wetness in pools. Except when she's in there naked," he snickered.

"Fuck you! When I get loose I am going to get my friends together and we'll do things to you that will make your tiny little weenies shrivel up and-" Becky's shrieks of rage turned to uncontrollable laughter as the second guy began tickling her foot. "Stop it. Stop that. I'll...you...I'll."

Her body shook as she laughed, her bare breasts jiggling and her torso wriggling from side to side as she tried to frantically pry her foot loose and wound up hopping crazily from side to side.

The second guy stopped. "Are you ready to confess now?"

"Confess what?" Becky screamed back at him.

"Confess that you deserve a spanking."

"No. No fucking way. I don't care what you do to me. I didn't do anything wrong. I don't deserve. Aaaaagh." And then Becky was shrieking with laughter again and hopping from side to side. The first guy was tickling her under the armpits now and Becky's hands flailed uncontrollably in the air, her breasts shaking from side to side.

"I'm not. I won't." Becky's wet hair flew around her face, plastering itself across her eyes and then back, as she wriggled and hopped desperately. The hands dipped down along her ribs and she shrieked even louder. As they descended down toward her hips, she began to hop vigorously up and down in the air.

The tickling stopped and Becky panted and gasped in exhaustion, unable to make a single move. As the hair fell out of her face again, she looked around in horror. Her shrieks had brought a crowd, mostly kids from the pool, some of whom had chased her before.

The second guy raised her right leg even higher, turning her into an involuntary ballerina, as the kids in the crowd peered in shock and delight at her open vagina. Cameras flashed again, capturing her in perfect intimate detail.

"No, no, stop!" Becky pleaded, spinning in a circle, but her raised leg prevented her from turning too far. The flush had now descended all down her body and she felt curiously warm. Worse she felt the return of the sensation she had felt back in the pool made worse by the tickling. She desperately needed to pee.

"Are you ready to confess?" Came the question again.

Becky bit her lip, wanting to say it and not wanting to say it at the same time. She felt lightheaded and dizzy. She couldn't, she wouldn't admit it, a part of her mind insisted stubbornly. They had no right to do this to her. No right at all.

She opened her mouth, unsure herself of what was going to say, but what came out was a loud, "Drop dead."

"Your choice."

The tickling began again, worse than ever. Becky squirmed, trying to kick away with her imprisoned foot, feelings the fingers go down her sole and up her calf, while other fingers ventured back under her arms, her stomach and even lower. Becky hopped with frantic desperation as she felt the pressure building against her bladder.

"Stop it! Stop it or I'm going to pee."

This announcement was greeted with waves of laughter as if it was the funniest thing in the world. Becky squirmed frantically, redfaced, facing a circle of laughing kids and teenagers. "Please, I don't want to pee myself," she said and hated herself for saying it. She sounded four now, even to herself. The laughter grew even greater.

"Are you ready to confess?"

Becky shrieked with hysterically uncontrolled laughter as she felt she couldn't contain it any longer. "Yes. Yes. Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes I deserve to be spanked. Spank me! SPANK ME!" At the last shriek, the dam burst and she could feel urine running down. The first guy let go of her and stepped away and the second held her at at good length, as surrounded by laughing faces, Becky peed herself.

When she was done, she stood suspended in the air, with her eyes closed and wishing with every ounce of her being that this was all a horrible dream. That she wasn't naked in the middle of a laughing crowd that had just watched her pee herself in public. Like a little girl.

She felt someone pull one of the remaining scraps of wet paper towels stuck to her, removing the last protection from her naked body and begin mopping between her legs and along her thighs. Becky tried to pretend she was elsewhere tuning out the remarks and cries and tried to pretend she didn't feel good to be cleaned down there again.

Mostly she tried not to cry. It would be the final indignity after being naked in a pool and having an accident in public. The final indignity of a college student who had been reverted to a little girl.

Then she felt herself lifted up and she opened her eyes in shock as the first guy sat down on the hood of a parked car and put her over his lap, her bottom facing up in the air.

"No. Wait," Becky protested, lifting one arm to cover her bottom.

"You said it yourself. Spank me. We have it on video."

Looking around in horror, Becky saw more than one camera capturing everything on video. The thought that everything she had done before was on video, was too much for her. Her arm fell limply as the first guy's arm rose. Then it came down again and Becky forgot the video and screamed at the impact.

"Ouch. No. NO!"

Her legs kicked helplessly, pinned down by one of his. His arm came down again and Becky screamed as it made contact with her other cheek. She pushed her bottom up, wriggling again, trying to escape his hand as it came down again and again on her bare cheeks.

"Are you a bad girl? Are you?"

"No! No! No!" Becky screamed, hating how childish she sounded, tears gathering at the edge of her eyes. "Let me go!"

"Not until you admit everything you did wrong."

"Never," Becky screamed defiantly and then screamed again as his hand came down twice in succession on her butt. He had only begun and her bottom already felt on fire. She wriggled up and down against him, feeling the fabric of his jeans rough against her sensitive thighs.

Her body humped up and down against him, not caring if it turned him on, as long as it escaped the spanking. She screamed inside at her rebellious body, which had squandered her pride and at her mouth which couldn't seem to stop shrieked with every slap that came down on her naked butt.

Her breasts slapped against each other, from side to side as saliva flew from her mouth. Her torso ground into his crosswise, as she humped down each time his hand smashed down flattening one burning cheek and then nothing. Her skin felt on fire and she felt as if she should be bright red now all over her body.

"Admit it!"

"No," Becky shouted, "never. Aaaaaaah. AAAAHHHHHH."

....to be continued
Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 09:36:19 AM
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Subject: Becky's Pool Adventure - Part 3
Message:The overweight woman she had insulted and whose ice cream was smeared all over her body confronted her.

"The lifeguards sent me in to get you." Her inflamed eyes traveled up and down Becky's form squatting on the toilet seat, paper towels stuck all over her like a raggamuffin's dress. "Those are for everybody you know."

"Just please leave me alone," Becky pleaded. "Or get me something to wear. A towel. Anything."

A thick hand seized a handful of paper towels stuck to Becky's body and tore them away exposing a section of her left breast including the nipple.

"And then when I come in the ladies room there's never any paper towels. But there should be. BECAUSE THE PAPER TOWELS ARE FOR EVERYONE."

The roar startled Becky and she backed up further retreating to the wall and trying to rearrange the wet chunks of brown paper stuck to her body across her now.

The infuriated woman instead seized Becky by the hair and dragged her out of the stall. Becky flailed and stumbled and the fat woman let go of her and she fell face down into a large puddle around the sink area.

"Ugh. That's disgusting." Becky struggled to her feet again, pieces of her makeshift dress floating away from her as she got up again. The entire back of was gone leaving most of her butt exposed and only a handful of strategically placed paper towels protected parts of her chest and remained near her waist.

"Disgusting is a naked whore running around the pool where you take your nieces and nephews," the fat woman screamed, seizing Becky by the air and marching her forward to the door. "Disgusting is having the ice cream you bought for them splattered all over that naked whore's body so she can impress the trash she runs around with."

Seeing where the fat woman was leading her, Becky frantically braced herself against the last stall. The woman pulled harder on her ear and Becky shrieked. "Owww. I am not a whore. If someone would just listen to me."

Instead of listening the fat woman pulled harder. Becky's wet feet shot out from under her on the slick floor and she fell on her back with her legs in the air. Dazed she shook her head just in time to see the door slide open revealing the bright daylight beyond.

The fat woman was an unstoppable force pulling her along to the door, still by the ear. Becky tried to hook her feet into something but it was too late. She tried to right herself but momentum was on the woman's side. And so she was dragged lying on her back through the door.

A crowd had been waiting for her return outside the bathroom, mostly teenage males, with camera in hand. In horror Becky glanced down at herself and saw that there was nothing covering her chest anymore except a scrap or two of paper towel. The rest had peeled off along the way as she had been dragged to the door.

Frantically Becky threw her hands over her chest as she felt her butt slide over the metal railing by the door and onto the hot asphalt walkway. The heat built up over a long summer day of sunshine struck her bottom like a sizzling over and she shrieked and instictively tried to bound up.

The fat woman paid no attention and Becky comically bounced up and then went down again with her legs in the air. Paper towels flew away, leaving a single one still stuck by the moisture between her legs. As Becky gasped a teenage boy who had been watching snatched it away exposing her completely to the ground.

"Give that back!" Becky reached for the paper towel but he held it out of her reach and immediately her hands tried to cover what she could, as camera flashes went off.

The fat woman released the grip on her ear and spun Becky around pointing her at the pool exit. In Becky's field of vision, she saw one of the guys who had stripped her grinning as he held up her suit bottom.

"Wait, there it is! He has it." Becky tried to reach for it as the woman gave her a solid kick in the behind.

Wailing Becky stumbled forward moaning at the pain in her already spanked bottom. As the fat woman wound up for another kick, Becky ran forward of her own volition, her hands no longer covering her chest or between her legs, but trying to shield her burning bottom from another kick.

Shouts and screams followed her, along with the crowd and Becky raced around and to the parking lot, hugging herself tightly and squeezing between several of the parked cars. As she heard them approaching she crawled beneath a nearby Kia compact and huddled underneath it waiting for them to pass. Grit and gravel stung her naked body and she felt it collecting and sticking to her.

"Please just go. Please just go," she whispered, closing her eyes.

She opened them again to a camera flash. Blinded Becky stumbled back crawling out on the other side of the car. With her bottom raised high in the air as she lifted her body out, she felt cupped hands spread her legs and heard the sound of more cameras snapping their pictures.

Frantically Becky ducked back down and crawled the other way, hearing laughter pursuing her, as she manuevered through the maze of cars, vans and SUV's like an endless tunnel. It seemed like it went on forever to her and by the time she stopped, panting, to rest, her body was bruised and her muscles ached all over.

She could hear them laughing in the background and comparing notes on the pictures they had taken of her.

"Look at this shot. It's all the way up her butt."

"No this one where she's got em spread."

"How about this video where she's running and her boobs are flopping all over the place."

"You know my brother knows her, name's Becky Romero. She has one hell of a rep. There's a story they caught her once screwing in a parked car."

"No way. Maybe she'll turn pro."

It went on and on while Becky gritted her teeth and tried to rest and plan her next move. Finally when the noises had died down, she tentatively wriggled out and looked around. The day was fading fast and the sun that had been bright was sinking now. Most of the cars in the lot were gone and Becky shivered feeling the first drifts of the night air cool the sweat on her wet body.

She thought longingly of her swimsuit and all her things locked back there in the locker. Looking up she saw that the gates of the pool were closed and all her clothes with them. She was trapped here naked and she would have to get home that way.

Quickly Becky patted herself down, shaking the dust and grit off her body as much as she could. Grey dust powdered the top of her breasts and she patted them clean. Grit covered her butt and she tried to pat it clean. Wrenching her back as she tried to reach it all, she suddenly felt a solid slap across her bare butt.

Becky leaped up and twisted around and another slap caught her butt from the other side.

"We told you, you had a spanking coming. Didn't we."

...To Be Continued.
Thursday, April 12th 2007 - 04:26:51 PM
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Subject: Becky's Pool Adventure - Part 2
Message:"I do not need a spanking! I do not want a spanking and I am not getting a spanking," Becky shouted, panting and out of breath. Her chest heaved and she felt the flush spread down across her front again as she channeled her embarrassment and arousal into pure anger.

"Someone obviously hasn't learned her lesson, the first guy said, smirking.

Becky pushed her warm bottom further back against the cool tiles. With difficulty she stopped pushing herself down in the water and forced herself to take her hands away from covering her breasts and did her best to face them down, trying to project all the confidence she could.

I'm not a little girl, she thought, I'm an adult. They attacked me. They are in the wrong. And I am going to get my suit back from them and they are going to apologize to me.

Staring them down, Becky wasn't sure if she was trying to make them believe it or herself.

The moment lasted until the second guy laughed. The first guy joined him. The older woman chuckled. Becky's face reddened and her hands clenched into fists.

"You want to spank me, go ahead," she said suddenly and leaned in to the second guy.

As his hands caught her body, Becky's knee came up into his groin. Then his thighs clamped around her knee, within a short distance of its target.

He pulled Becky forward headfirst into the water. Becky's legs kicked helplessly in the air and her arms waved frantically as a dozen spanks rained down on her helpless bottom. Then she was released again, spluttering, her eyes burning and feet still trying to kick everything in sight.

But when she surfaced the guys and the woman were gone. Shaking with rage and humiliation, she retreated back against the pool as one hand surreptitiously rubbed her bottom trying to take the sting out. She wondered if there were handprints where they had spanked her marking her butt like temporary tattoos. She hated that idea. It disturbed her whole sense of self. Someone else signing his name on her body. But it was also unnervingly exciting.

Whistles sounded. Her heart racing Becky peered over the rim of the pool. The sun overhead was sinking and the pool was being emptied now.

Holding her breath Becky dived into the water, trying to stay against the side, as footsteps slapped along the side and calls came for everyone to leave.

Becky could hear hundreds of feet moving past her above. She came up quickly for air and dived down again, her entire body tingling with the fear of being seen and the prospect of it too.

The coke she had drank on the way here was beginning to push at her bladder. But just because she was naked in the pool, didn't mean she was ready to pee in it, she thought. She was determined to do her best to preserve her dignity.

When everyone's gone, I'll just do it, Becky thought. I'll get out of the pool and if there's any lifeguards around I'll explain it to them and they'll help me find my suit or get me something to wear, a towel, anything.

"Hey look there's a naked girl in the pool."

The cry Becky had been dreading came. She looked up to see half a dozen kids, all around the age those two guys had been when she had first encountered them, pointing down and laughing at her.

Becky quickly swam away and felt something strike her on the thigh. And then another impact. Plastic toys floated in the water around her.

She looked up to see hundreds of faces looking down at her, some grinning, some mainly female, grimacing with disgust. Then the camera flashes began.

"Stop that." Becky raised one hand trying to block out her face.

"You there come out now," a burly lifeguard demanded.

Two male forms dived into the pool besides her.

"Wait, this is all a big misunderstanding," Becky protested.

Strong male hands gripped her around the waist and then her arms pulling her naked out of the pool. Becky flailed about, but couldn't shake their grip, as she was raised up wet, dripping and bare for everyone's viewing pleasure. Her breasts shook as she struggled and thighs bunched up and her wet hair fell plastered over her forehead. She saw the camera flashes increase now.

"Look at her nipples," someone in the crowd cried.

That's just the cold you idiot, Becky thought furiously, even as she kicked trying to get them to put her down.

"What is this supposed to be some sort of college dare? Are you drunk?" the other lifeguard demanded, manhandling her naked body.

"Let go of me! I'll sue you!" Becky shrieked.

"There are little kids who swim here. Did you think about that when you decided to pull this little stunt. Did you?"

"I didn't! Stop!" Wet and squirming Becky was hard to hold. As her legs scissor kicked in their grip, she was aware for a moment that she had just completely exposed herself to the watching crowd and that photos of the area between her legs were now in a dozen camera phones, but she was also aware that she had broken free.

A smirking teenager grabbed her around the chest, his hands on her boobs. "I'll help you guys hold her," he called out.

Not even pausing Becky kicked out and this time her knee connected perfectly with the groin. He let go and sank down groaning to the ground. She wished she had the time to take his trunks too but the lifeguards were behind her.

Having no other choice she dashed into the crowd. It was like running into a forest of wet sticky trees. She could feel hands all over her and she elbowed through them. She could hear the cries of the lifeguards behind her and felt a slap on her bare bottom, raising the sting that had been there again.

There was no time to think about it though. She ducked and weaved through people, trying to forget that she was naked and finding it impossible as hands tried to cup her boobs. She ran full tilt into an overweight woman gobbling two ice cream cones and squashed them leaving trails of strawberry ice cream across her left breast and all the way down her stomach.

"Slut! Filthy slut! Ruined my ice cream! Get her!"

"I am not a slut you fat cow!" Becky screamed back and breaking free of the crowd and the grasping hands she raced around into the ladies room.

She closed the door and leaned against it panting desperately. There was no one else there and she could see why. It was absolutely filthy. Wet trails were everywhere and in places the bathroom was almost entirely broken up into puddles. There were rust stains on the stalls and grime on the mirrors.

"Open up! Open up!" The hammering on the door resonated through her body.

"Go away!" Becky shouted.

"If you don't open up, we're coming in there."

She could hear the lifeguards on the other side. She dug her feet into the tiles and they slid hopelessly. She knew if they decided to try coming in by force, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

"This is the ladies room and I'm not dressed. Just stay outside."

"You weren't dressed outside the ladies room. That was the whole problem. Now come out now."

"I'm getting dressed," Becky shouted frantically, hoping the lie would hold them back.

There were skeptical noises on the other side of the door.

"You've got five minutes to get dressed. If not we're coming in and we're getting you out."

Shaking with nervous energy and fear Becky looked around the bathroom, hoping for a discarded towel or piece of clothing, but there was nothing like that there. Outside she could hear the whistles blowing again.

"Damn, damn, there has to be a way. There just has to be." Becky shivered and hugged her arms. She imagined being led out naked through that crowd. She imagined bravely holding her head high and bit her lip.

Then her eyes fell on the racks of paper towels. Moving quickly she grabbed handfuls of them and began pressing them against her wet body. She pressed paper towels against her breasts and then between her legs and up around her butt.

Pushing the sticky bits of ice cream across her body and rubbing it around helped secure the paper towels. Where they didn't hold, she moistened them with water from the sink to dampen them enough.

Becky worked quickly until she had a makeshift two piece suit of paper towels. It was wet and looking in the mirror, it didn't cover her so well, but it would have to do.

She grabbed another handful of towels and looked up longingly at the bathroom windows. But they were small and out of reach. Even if she could get all the way up to them. She didn't really believe she could squeeze through them.

The door made a loud grinding noise and Becky ducked into a stall, just as it opened. Gingerly she closed and locked the stall door and climbed up on the toilet seat and huddled down, so she wouldn't be visible either above or below the stall door.

Moments passed and then she realized how foolish it was to close the door without letting feet show at the bottom, just as the stall door was jerked open.

"So that's where you've been hiding."

Becky winced and then opened her eyes determined to deal with whoever it was, with dignity.

...to be continued
Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 07:43:00 AM
Name: BrashyBecky17
Subject: Teaching My First Depantsing Lesson (Becky's Orinigal Swimming Pool Story)
Message:Becky's site "The Depantsing Queens" ,last I checked is no long active nor are their live links to it.....I did download her story from that site....
so if "Repostings" are permiited on the site ....here 'ya go

Teaching My First Depantsing Lesson

Posted on 2003-09-04 18:07:14

Hi, Mandy,

My first depantsing of a boy was about 3 years ago. I was just starting high school - it was the Labor Day weekend - and was at the local swimming poll with some girlfriends.

These two young boys, probably around 11 or 12, were clowning around, you know, the typically annoying stuff, staring, splashing, etc., but they really weren't bothering us. They then, however, started bothering a couple of girls their age. When we saw one of the boys trying to get off the top of one of the girls, my friends and I yelled at them and warned them to stop. They quickly swam away and we thought, o.k., that's that.

Then, a few minutes later, still in the pool and while I was talking to my friends, I suddenly felt a strong tug at my back and looked down to see my top floating away in the water in front of me! (I was standing in water that was a little above waist level, at the time.) One of those jerks had swam up behind me and had undone my top! I screamed (thankfully, not too loud as to draw any attention) and quickly covered myself with my arms as my friends Libby and Belinda closed in around me. Fortunately, no one else saw me and I quickly put my top back on.

Meanwhile, Michelle (Libby's older sister) had grabbed the kid that did it and was holding him by his arms as he was kicking away in the pool, trying to get away. She asked me what we wanted to do with him, suggesting that perhaps he needed a good spanking in order to learn some manners. Belinda quickly agreed, then suggested that the spanking be on his naked butt.

In a panic, the kid was somehow able to squirm away from Michelle, but Belinda grabbed him by the leg as he was trying to climb up the ladder and out of the pool. I then quickly yanked down his trunks to knee level and gave him a couple of good swats on his behind before he was able to spring free, pull his trunks back up and run off. (No one else was really paying much attention and it was still early in the day and it wasn't too crowded, yet.)

My friends and I were amazed, however, when the kid goes running all the way around the pool to a group of three women sitting down at some chairs. As he was pointing towards us, it was obvious he was telling them what we did.

So, we swam over to the shallow end of the pool when one of the women, his mother, asks me if I pulled down her son's trunks and spanked him. Sure did, I replied, then told her to ask him why. He wouldn't say, of course. By now, three young girls around his age and the other boy that was goofing around with him had got out of the pool and were standing there with the three mothers. One of the girls speaks up and says that my friends and I grabbed him because he had undone my top after we yelled at him for trying to do the same to her.

The look on his mother's face was one of mortification. She asked him if that was true. At first, he lied, then finally admitted to it. She told him to turn around -- and he was now facing the other mothers and girls. She then yanked his swimtrunks down to his ankles and gave him about five or six good spanks on his bare butt. Then, she told him to apologize to me. So, here's this 11 or 12 year old boy, standing in front of my three girlfriends and I, the three younger girls and the three mothers, totally naked, crying and trying to cover his groin area as he said how sorry he was for undoing my top. After what was probably only 30 seconds or so, his mother told him to pull up his trunks and go to the changing room to get dressed, saying they were going home because of the embarrassment he had caused her. She then apologized to us, the other mothers and girls, assured us he would be punished, quickly excused herself and left the area.

The other two mothers, who were grinning from what they just saw, then started laughing a bit, then a lot. One of them even warned the other boy (no doubt, her son) that she'd do the same thing to him (pull down his pants or swimtrunks in public) if she ever caught him doing anything similar. The three girls, still laughing from having seen his friend spanked in the nude, then started to tease him, saying that he had dared his friend to undo my top. Suddenly, his mother wasn't laughing anymore. She sat down on a bench, called him over and asked him if that was true. When he said yes, she quickly pulled down the backside of his trunks and gave him three quick, sharp spanks on his butt -- right in front of us and the younger girls! Then she told the now VERY embarrassed boy to go get changed, that they were leaving, too.

We never knew if those girls were the boy's sisters, relatives, classmates or what. But, I bet they sure must still be teasing them about what they saw then to this very day.

I've since depantsed (or participated in the depantsing) of about 7 other guys (high school guys -- some just their pants; a few, more than that) for doing stuff such as butt-grabbing, catching a guy trying to peek into our shower room, etc.

I've got a TON of homework to do, but I'll try to post something about those incidents this weekend.


Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 10:56:23 AM
Name: Bad Girl Spanker
Subject: What goes around, cums around...
Message:Becky stood shivering in the cold night air. She held one arm awkwardly over her breasts and the other clenched between her thighs. Her eyes looked anxiously in every direction.

She had never imagined she would meet those boys from the swimming pool again. And she had certainly never considered what a difference six years might make. In her mind they had been the little kids in the pool still. Now they were eighteen year olds. Now they were bigger and stood taller than her.

Becky had not connected them at first to those two rowdy little kids at the swimming pool. She had even thought one was kind of cute with his swimmer's build. That was until he swam under her and she felt strong hands on the back of her swimsuit bottoms and then before she could even gasp, they came down and she was left naked below the waist in the water.

"Hey," Becky screamed. She looked around but she could see no one who was the culprit. Her shout only attracted the attention of other swimmers. Their glances made her feel even more naked. Her cheeks reddened as she wondered how clear the water was and hoped they would think her suit was light colored, when they looked at her bare bottom.

As she glanced around, suddenly she saw it floating on the water. Becky sighed in relief and swam toward it, trying to hope that no one had noticed the half-naked girl in the pool yet.

As she got closer to it, it suddenly vanished underwater again. Becky grabbed for it and a young man surfaced and held her bathing suit bottoms high up. Becky tried to grab for them but he was too tall and she settled for glaring at him instead.

"Give those back to me right now," Becky warned him.

He grinned disarmingly at her. "You don't remember me, do you."

"What, did we go to school together?" Becky asked. He didn't look familiar and he looked younger than her too. "Maybe someone's bratty younger brother," she figured.

"We met at this pool before," he said. "Except last time I took your top. This time I took your bottom. First."

First. The word made Becky feel a chill that peddled her skin and she put one arm protectively over her top.

"You're one of those brats at the pool," she said, in her most arrogant tone. "Didn't that spanking teach you a lesson."

"Sure. It taught me that I would really like to see the same thing happen to you."

"Not in a million years, now give that back or I'll scream and the lifeguards will come and you'll be kicked out of the pool and then I'll call the police too and you'll be arrested."

"Big talk for a naked girl," he said.

Becky opened her mouth to yell. She didn't like the thought of all that attention and she just knew once the explanations began, half the people in the pool would be diving down to see her naked.

Just then a hand came out of nowhere and gave her bare bottom a solid slap. Becky squealed and whirled around. There was another young man behind her.

"It really works best when they're wet," he said.

"Fuck you," Becky shouted and tried to shove him away.

She let go of her top in that moment as the newcomer grabbed her hands and dunked her underwater. Becky kicked and struggled and emerged spluttering, but without her top. She quickly dived down again, this time completely naked.

Becky emerged again, trying to stay low in the water. She was completely naked in the water now and it felt good and incredibly humiliating at the same time. She could hear the shouts of kids splashing all around her and she could only hope none of them noticed her.

Her two tormentors watched her with nearly identical smirks on their faces.

"Now maybe you're getting a little taste of what it's like," the first one, the one she had thought was cute, said.

"I think she's enjoying it," the second guy said. "Girls like her like to show off. I gotta say, she's gotten hotter over the years."

"Give me back my swimsuit, NOW," Becky hissed, feeling incredibly naked in the water.

"We'll give it back to you when you're ready to have it back."

"I'm ready for it now. Give it back and I won't press charges," Becky threatened them. But her threats felt hollow even to her.

"You can make a lot of noise and attract everyone's attention," the first guy said, "and then a few hundred people will see you naked. Or you can take your punishment."

"I don't deserve to be punished," Becky retorted.

"You got us stripped and spanked in public," the second guy said.

"You undid my top!"

"We were little kids and you acted like a real bitch. So now what we're going to do is leave you here like this, till the pool closes and then we'll give back your suit."

"Why should I believe you'll do that?" Becky demanded.

"Because you've still got a spanking coming," the second guy said and his hand slapped her bare butt again.

Becky bit off a cry and then a curse. She looked around again and thought of everyone gathering around and looking at her. She would do it if she had to, but maybe there was another way.

She nodded imperceptibly and the two guys swam away, each one holding one piece of her swimsuit leaving her there completely naked.

"If only I hadn't gone alone," Becky thought. But it was too late for that. She tried to edge toward a quieter spot in the pool where less people would notice her. If she could just get hands on someone else's towel. She also kept her eyes out for any women in the pool she could explain her predicament to.

Even as she moved and felt the water swirl around her nude body, she felt undeniably excited. She was completely naked in public. At any moment someone might yell out, "There's a naked girl in the pool."

She imagined them swarming all around her. Looking at her inspecting her from top to bottom. Cameras and cell phones would come out. Pictures would be taken and sent around. Soon they would be everywhere online.

She shivered, feeling both hot and cold at the thought of all that exposure. Her bottom still stung where that boy's hand had slapped her naked cheek. She had been more grown up than them, in their last encounter. But now she felt like the little girl, naked in a pool, while they had could control her and keep her naked.

"Oh no," Becky thought, "what if I'm caught naked in the pool and no one believes me. What if they think I'm some kind of pervert who enjoys doing things like this."

She clenched her thighs together, feeling her nipples standing up painfully in the cool water.

To her right an older woman swam by and approached the edge of the pool. Becky sighed with relief and swam toward her.

"Excuse me, Ma'am."

The woman looked at her and did a double take. Becky's face reddened again spreading down her chest to the tops of her breasts.

"You're naked in the pool. You can't do that," the woman said sternly.

"I know I can't do that," Becky said frustrated. "Some kids took my swimsuit. If you could just lend me a towel, so I can get out and get my stuff or if you could-"

"Do I look like your maid?" the woman asked.

"Look please just help me. This could happen to you too," Becky pleaded with her.

"Not likely. I don't go around teasing and flaunting my body like that," the woman replied snidely.

"I wasn't teasing them you old witch," Becky snapped and then regretted it right away.

"Nice mouth you have there," the woman said.

"Please, I'm sorry that was a mistake," Becky said quickly.

"Yes it was. A big mistake," the woman said.

Becky's breathing began to come in quick shallow gasps.

"I'm going to go away for a little bit and you are going to compose an appropriate apology for me, or I will see you thrown out of this pool in your skin and arrested for indecent exposure in front of all those children," the woman threatened.

"Wait...please," Becky called. The woman paid her no attention and swam away.

Becky remained in the water. Her body felt more chilled now and her heart was racing. She thought of all the shouts and screams and jeers that would greet her as they led her naked out of the pool. She imagined big burly officers pulling her hands behind her back and clapping steel handcuffs on her wrists so couldn't even cover herself.

She imagined them handling her naked body, putting her in the squad car and her breathing quickened. Her thighs twitched and she could feel some warmness returning. Her hand strayed between her legs.

"That's disgusting! In a public pool."

Becky spun around, splashing in the water. The two guys were back, one on each side of her.

"She really is randy and ready to go."

"Okay joke's a joke. Maybe I didn't treat you so well back then at the pool. You punished me and now it's over. Okay?" Becky said, putting an encouraging note at the end of the sentence.

"Not okay just yet. Everyone saw us naked and saw us get spanked," the second guy said.

"Fuck you. You're not going to do that to me," Becky retorted.

"Fuck you? Maybe later," the first guy smirked. "I bet you really are that easy."

"That's not what I meant," Becky protested, her feet kicking in the water.

"Oh your legs will be kicking, when we're spanking that ass until it's bright red," the second guy said.

"No fucking way," Becky shouted. "You touch me and I'll scream."

"Does she belong to you?" The woman had returned and regarded Becky contemptuously.

"In a way she does," the first guy said, still grinning.

"I do not belong to them. I don't belong to any man," Becky insisted. "Women should not belong to men."

The woman rolled her eyes. "A pervert and a rabid feminist."

"Hey," Becky said. "You've all had your fun but I'm here naked."

"Yes you are and it's disgusting." The woman's hand reached down and brushed down between Becky's legs. Becky frantically pushed her away.

"Don't do that! That's disgusting!"

"Very disgusting," the woman said, holding up her hand and wiping it ostentatiously against the tiles. "She really is a pervert."

"I, that's private," Becky said, flailing in the water. "Don't touch me there."

"Girls like you need a good spanking to put them in line, like the way it used to be. I don't know how they're raising you girls anymore," the woman said, grimacing.

"No, no, no. No one is spanking me." Becky backed her bottom back against the tiles protectively.

"She definitely needs that spanking," the first guy agreed.

"Okay, you can spank me once or twice, in the water and then give me my suit back," Becky said.

"That's not how a punishment works," the second guy said. "You need a spanking, bare bottom, in public, just like we got. Until you actually admit what you did wrong."

... to be continued?
Friday, March 30th 2007 - 07:54:34 PM
Name: Distant Lover
E-mail address: dstnt_lover@yahoo.com
Subject: My Teasing Sister
Message:The only time when something bad almost happened to my sister was when she was invited to the party of one of the most popular girls in the school we went to. Because this girl’s parents were going to be away that weekend, and because there would be alcohol, I told my sister she should not go. She told me she would go anyway. My sister was like that. Although I was her older brother, I had no authority over her whatsoever. I thought about asking our parents to keep her from going to the party. I realized that that would make my sister really angry at me. As mentioned, I feared her bad moods.

Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, I canceled plans to see a movie with a friend, and stayed around the house. The phone rang about eight o’clock. As I half expected, my sister was on the other end. In a distraught tone of voice, she said, “Come and get me right away.”

Instead of wasting time asking what had happened, I told my sister I would be there, borrowed the keys of the car from Dad, and drove over as fast as I could without breaking any traffic violations. I did not want to spend a lot of time talking to a police officer. I knew how to find the house, because I had driven my sister over there earlier in the evening. She did not have a driver’s license, because she was still only fifteen.

The house where the party was held was in one of the more expensive parts of town for our school district. I did not even have time to park in front of the house when my sister and another girl, who was actually rather pretty, came running out of the house. They jumped in the back seat of the car, and locked both doors. My sister said, “Let’s get out of here!” As soon as both girls were safely in the back seat, the other girl began sobbing uncontrollably. My sister held her and tried to comfort her. As we drove to the other girl’s house, my sister told me what had happened.

For the first two hours of the party everything was nice. There was some dancing. People were talking and laughing. Then three boys who were close friends had too much to drink, and began flirting with the girl who was in the back seat with my sister. However beautiful, that girl had been painfully shy, and was sitting by herself without talking to anyone. When they flirted with her she tried to respond, but had difficulty thinking of what to say.

Two of the boys talked to each other in private. Then one said to the girl, “I think I can cure your shyness.” He grabbed both of her hands in his, and pulled her out of her chair. The other boy went behind her, unzipped her dress, and unfastened her bra. The girl put up a vigorous struggle, but she was no match for the three boys, and she was soon naked except for her panties. Breasts that must have been as beautiful as my sister’s were on view for everyone.

The other girls, except for my sister, giggled nervously. Each was glad that this was not happening to her. The two other boys at the party were also nervous. They must have known that they should stop this, but they realized that a fight would be two against three. They also must have realized that they were excited by what was happening.

One of the three boys held the girl’s hands behind her back, and another pulled her panties off. Now she was completely naked. “Please stop,” she pleaded.

The three boys laughed. “She’s finally beginning to talk,” one of them said.

“If you stop now I won’t tell anyone!” the girl pleaded. “I promise. Please stop.”

“We’re too excited to stop now,” one of the boys said. “This is just the beginning.” He began to inspect her vagina. “She’s got a cherry, guys,” he told his friends. “Let’s back off.” Then to prove that he was still a stud, he gathered up her clothes, ran outside, and put them next to the sidewalk in front of the house. The house was next to a major thoroughfare with two lanes going in each direction. There was constant traffic. If the girl ran out to get her clothes, scores of people would have seen her nakedness. If she did not someone might stop his car, and steal the clothes.

As soon as the boy holding the girl’s arms let her go, she ran into a bedroom, and locked the door. At this point, my sister ran outside to the clothes, grabbed them, ran back inside the house, knocked on the bedroom door where the girl was, and said, “Let me in, I have your clothes.” When the terrified girl opened the door, my sister rushed in, locked the door again, and gave the girl her clothes. As she put them back on, my sister looked around for a telephone to call home.

Because there was no phone in the room, my sister had to go back outside to find one. When she was in the hall again, one of the boys grabbed her arm, and said, “Whoa, little lady, don’t think you can do that and escape punishment.”

“Let go of me, you trash!” my sister hissed at him.

One of the other boys grabbed his hand away, and said, “Are you crazy? Her brother will kill you.” He let go of my sister. She found a telephone, and called me.

When my sister told me that story, I was so angry, I wanted to drive back and beat those three boys up. I knew I couldn’t. Because of two years of weight training I was probably, one of the strongest boys in the school, including boys on the football and wrestling teams. I was not one of the best fighters. I knew I could take one of those boys, maybe two. If I fought all three I would lose. I would have liked to be able to count on the assistance of the other two boys. They were not friends of mine. I could not predict their response. If the three boys had taken my sister’s clothes off I would have borrowed a gun from a friend of mine who had one. They had left her alone. The other girl had been frightened and humiliated, but she had not been physically hurt. The three boys had respected her virginity. They did not tear her clothes when they took them off. I kept telling myself that I would be of no use to these two girls if I were lying unconscious on the floor of that house. Prudence conquered anger that night, making me feel like a coward.

I kept driving. No one said anything for about ten minutes. Finally, my sister broke the silence. “I thought you were going to see a movie with your friend.”

“We’re going to see it tomorrow.”

“When are you going to say, ‘I told you so’?’

“If you hadn’t gone to that party it would have been a lot worse for your friend,” I replied. “I do have some advice. First, don’t go back to that house unless you know the girl’s parents are home, and unless they apologize to both of you for what happened. Second, I don’t think either of you girls should accept dates with those creeps.”

“That’s for sure!”
Friday, March 23rd 2007 - 11:58:11 AM
Name: Isabella
Subject: Act 2
Message:After my last humiliating experience at the hands of my so called friends rumors of what happened that night somehow got out at school. Jessica, Suzie and Linda swore to me they never said anything but I found out from a few others that Linda had even shown the cell phone video she made of me being stripped and tickled at Jessica's house the night of my birthday to some classmates. I was mad but didn’t know what I really could do about it anyway if it were true so I choked down my anger for the present time.

A few weeks later we all went to a pool party bash one of the varsity football players threw. He had a big back yard and there were tons of people there. I don’t know where his parents were but there were kegs of beer and everyone was drinking and bbq’ing having fun in the sun. Earlier that day Jessica had gotten into a big fight with Linda over something so they were barely speaking to each other at the party. Seeing a good opportunity to get some revenge on Linda I decided to put together a nice embarrassing little prank for her to get her back. While Linda was in the pool I approached Jessica telling her I knew that Linda had been showing the video of me being stripped and spanked to other kids at school. She acted surprised saying that was not cool. I asked her if she wanted to help me get Linda back by getting a small group together to hold her down and embarrass her like they had done to me. This time though it would happen right in front of the whole party! Contemplating it for a few moments she eventually smiled calling me a little devil but saying it would be a good prank. She said she would talk to Suzie and a few others to see if they would help out. I was excited and it felt good thinking that someone else would be the victim of some embarrassing humiliation instead of me. Later I saw Jessica whispering to a few other classmates looking at Linda then towards me snickering and laughing under their breath. Jess gave me a wink and a thumbs up symbol letting me know the plan was coming together. Later she came back to me and whispered that they would wait for my signal and then gang up on Linda and hold her down so I could do what ever I wanted to her. We both laughed thinking of poor old Linda and the embarrassment she was unknowingly in store for.

Waiting for the right moment I casually watched as Linda finally got out of the water and settled into a lounge chair to sun herself by the pool. She was wearing a skimpy red bikini that barely covered her top and bottom. I looked forward to yanking her top up and her bottoms down exposing her to everyone once we got her pinned down. Patiently waiting, I watched as she settled in relaxing with her arms stretched out over her head seeming to fall almost asleep after some time had passed.

Seeing the perfect moment I walked up to Linda signaling Jessica and her friends to come over. They all walked over circling around Linda. I could barely contain my excitement over what was about to happen. When I gave the signal to grab her, Linda oddly enough jumped up and rolled out of the way before anyone touched her. Then instead of everyone jumping her as I though was the plan they pushed ME down on the lounge chair grabbing ME by the arms and legs stretching me out across the chair pinned down so I could not get up instead! Looking up I saw Jessica, Linda, Suzie, and a bunch of other conspirators laughing at me and hi-fiving each other! Holding my ankles to the bottom of the chair and my wrists over my head they all began reaching in poking my exposed sides and ribs. I was in a red, white, and blue string bikini that tied on the sides. It was purposely skimpy to attract the cute boys but definitely didn’t serve in my favor in this situation. Stretched out on the chair on display it gave them full access to my bare exposed armpits, sides, ribs, hips, thighs, and feet. Holding me down they began ticking me, as I screamed “NO” over and over thought the laughter and taunts. Almost ready to cry I could not believe they had doublecrossed me and were making me the victim again. Linda leaned in saying, "So you though you could prank on me huh? Well look who’s the b*tch now!" as everyone around me laughed. She reached in and tickled my arm pits causing me to freak out and kick around like I was being electrocuted. I couldn't stand it! Hands reached in grabbing my thighs, and feet tickling me unmercifully as I writhed around like a wild animal. I begged them to stop but this only seemed to spur everyone on further. Closing in on me a dozen girls and guys were having their fun touching and poking me all over. Then Linda asked, "Who hasn't seen the video of Isabella being tickled till she peed all over herself?" The group roared with a mixed response of some saying no they hadn't and some yelling that they had. I could not believe it; it was like everyone knew about it! “Well whoever didn’t, now’s your chance to see Act 2!” She announced to the roaring of approval of the rest of the kids gathered around. Reaching in she began viciously tickling and touching my sides laughing at my spastic reactions. As if on cue then one by one others began reaching in indulging themselves tickling whatever area of my body they pleased. A few were holding my ankles tickling my feet, while others raked my ribs, sides, and thighs with their fingers sometimes even touching my boobs and between my legs. More and more hands reached in till it seemed like everyone was getting in on groping and ticking me. With my arms pinned over my head and my legs pinned down to the chair I could not even fight back.

Then the worst thing imaginable happened. Linda reached in playfully tugging at one of the tie strings to my bikini bottoms. Wrapping it around her finger she pulled it tight. Looking up at the crowd of laughing onlookers she said, “What do you think guys? Should I?” The rowdy drunk crowd of kids roared with approval egging her on. Then to further my humiliation she asked ME if I wanted her to pull my bikini bottoms off. Of course I didn’t so she made me beg and plead in front of everyone for her not too. She then said if I really meant it I had to show it by kissing her ass or else. Standing over the end of the chair she squatted down squashing her butt down onto my face. Kids were laughing their heads off seeing her grinding her butt and crotch right into my face with me unable to stop her. Pulling her bikini bottoms up her butt crack to show off her body to the boys in the crowd she made sure to burry her p**** and butt right on my nose and mouth so I could not breath. After a minute of this humiliation she finally eased off my face so I could breath again. Angrily lashing out at her I called her a “f***ing b*tch!” That turned out to be a big mistake because a second later she yanked both strings causing my bikini bottoms to come lose. Cheering her on Linda pulled at my bikini bottoms stretching them out as they slipped away from me away exposing my bare p**** to everyone who could see as they squealed with shock and laughter. Everyone was looking at my bare p**** taking pictures with their cell phones and cameras and there was noting I could do to stop it! Humiliated I tried to turn my hips sideway to mask my exposure but this only gave them an opportunity to pull the strings to my top now causing it to come lose. Pulling it away like sex crazed zombies they tore it away from me leaving me stripped stark naked right in front of ½ the school. Hands reached in from all sides ticking me, squeezing my boobs, and touching my p**** as I struggled like mad trying to break free. My boobs, p**** and butt got slapped and pinched and I felt fingers trying to be pushed up my butt. There must have been a dozen sets of hands groping me all at once. Poking and tickling the heck out of me they chanted for me to pee myself. They tickled and groped every inch of my naked body for what felt like an eternity trying to make me but I resisted so eventually they wound up forcing me over on my stomach so they could spank and abuse my naked butt instead. Taking turns they slapped and spanked my butt raw holding it open so everyone got a close look up my backside. Someone even took a piece of ice and stuck it up my butt! Then holding me still they took turns dousing me with ice, beer, soda, ketchup, mustard and anything other liquid they could find. After eventually satisfying their desires to see me stripped and humiliated again I was eventually let me go. Jumping up naked with my bikini no where to be found I had to push my way through the taunting crowd naked and in tears, covered in goop, as my boobs, p**** and butt were grabbed and slapped. Running out of the backyard having no idea what to do I ran straight into a very agitated neighbor who had already called the cops because of all the commotion. He brought me a towel and the cops eventually showed up broke up the party and interrogated me to find out what had happened and who did it. Jessica, Linda, Suzie and a bunch of other got in trouble for it but that only served to make things even worse for me at school later.

High school life was horrible for me after that.
Friday, March 23rd 2007 - 11:26:10 AM
Name: shyboy
Subject: Sister-Brother-Battles
Message:Ok...so....maybe one more from the magazines....
this one a teen girl wrote in...I liked it so here it is....
not exactly a classic pantsing but...well...then end result may be the same.

A couple of years ago my brother tattled on me about some stupid stuff I did and well I got in a Ton of Trouble!
Ok, so, I was determined to get back at him.

One Friday night, our parents were going out and I knew HE was having his little new girlfriend over. HA...opportunity....was knocking.

Well, I snuck into his room, and rummaged through his drawers and found his Pink Panther Boxers! Oh Yeah, I snatched them and hid 'em near the couch in the living room...where they'd be sure to be discovered....
Well soon enough, when his girlfriend came on over...and did find 'em she started laughing and teasing him pretty good...and by Monday she'd told most of the kids in their class which led to more teasing and actually a little chant by them all when my bro came 'round they loudly hmmm'd and chan't "DA nt...DA nt...da ant" the Pink Panther theme...Oh mad was he mad, but he doesn't mess with me anymore!
Wednesday, March 21st 2007 - 08:30:12 PM
Name: from shyboy
Subject: Wrap skirts can...Unwrap
Message:Well, we wait and wait for postings here I know I, this one's not the greatest by any means actually I read it from COSMO magazine while waiting for my last haircut....
So a college coed wrote in " I'm majoring in Sports medicine and most of my classes have tons of male athletes in them. In one lass I'm the only girl. One assignment called for us to give presentation in front of the class. I was nervous, I made sure my speech was perfect and I had worn my favorite wrap skirt. I took my place behind the podium and ended up doing very well! In fact everyone in the class began clapping. Just as I started to turn and step away from the podium the tie of my skirt somehow caught right the unfinished edge of the wobbly thing and pulled the knot loose! Before I knew it and let alone could catch everyone got a pretty good look at me in my thong panties. And wouldn't you know most of them school football players, were clapping even louder!
Tuesday, March 20th 2007 - 03:19:52 PM
Name: Stevy
E-mail address: stevyboo@yahoo.com
Subject: Stipped and humiliated
Message:When I was in highschool the girl next door invited me over to meet her friends. When I arrived there were a dozen girls there. They were laughing and she introduced me to each one and then one of them grabbed my arms and they started unbottoning my shirt. Next thing I know my shirt is off and they have me on the floor pulling off my socks and shoes. My teenage neighbor said I'm sorry but it's their idea. Then they unzipped my pants and pulled them off along with my underwear and I was buck naked! They started rubbing my chest and thighs and this caused my penis to get hard.

Then the told me if I wanted my cloths back I had to jerk off in front of them. I protested and said no way but they refused to give me my clothes! I couldn't believe this was happening to me especially since I had a crush on one of the girls and she knew it!

I finally realized I was not going to get my clothes back unless I jerked off so I started doing it. I was so ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated! After several minutes of whacking off and being laughed at I realized I was turned on and humiliated at the same time and started really jerking off faster and harder. They all said he likes jerking off for us and I really started going at it. The girl I had the crush on was right next to me, leaning on me and staring at my penis!

Then it happened, I totally lost control of myself and started squirting cum uncontrollably! I never came so hard in my life and thought I would never stop cumming! They all laughed and teased me for how hard I jerked off and how hard I came!

They teased me about all the time after that! Even though it was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me I realized it turned me on.
Sunday, March 18th 2007 - 11:51:08 AM
Name: reader
E-mail address: reader@msn.com
Subject: Couple carjacked, left naked on freeway
Message:SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - A group of four people carjacked a couple at knifepoint early Tuesday, forcing them to withdraw money from ATMs before both were left naked on the side of a freeway, authorities said.

The two were sitting in a car outside the man's Chino Hills home around 1:30 a.m. when three men and a woman approached them, Wiltshire said. They took both victims' cars, split them up and forced them to withdraw an undetermined amount of money from their bank accounts at several ATMs in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, Wiltshire said.

"Eventually they hooked up again and took the couple to I-15 in Corona, stripped them of clothing and left them on the side of the freeway," Wiltshire said.

CHP investigators located one of the stolen vehicles a few hours later. The two men inside were taken into custody for questioning. Wiltshire said one was identified as a suspect in the crime spree, and authorities were trying to determine whether the other also was involved.

The other stolen vehicle was later found abandoned.
Wednesday, March 7th 2007 - 10:14:25 AM
Name: From the Web
Subject: A few more...
Message:Posted by Jockygirl32 on 12-10-00 06:00 pm:

ummm...wow...of all the things embarassing that have happened in my life...i could share tons...many of which are sports related. I've had my shorts dropped several times since my freshman year on varsity softball (i'm now a junior) but there is one time that stands out the most. It was my first game w/ varsity...i was a the only freshman...so i was scared...and before the game...the seniors decided it would be funny to make me go through an initiation in front of everyone there (the other team..my team...and the people watching the game) So they made me do something called and "AirRaid" I had to run around the bases like i was flying and slide into home (remember...i was the only one on the field...so i'm sure many people thought i was crazy) then i had to roll in the dirt and act like i was shooting people...and then i had to go over to our team captain, get on my hands and knees...bow down to her and tell her i wasn't worthy...then (the worst part) i had to go sing our school fight song from pitchers mound. In the middle of the song...i was too nervous to realize that our catcher had snuck up behind me...and she dropped my shorts in front of everyone that was watching. It was horrible...when i went up to bat...the other teams catcher told me i had cute underwear...i just wanted to die. I will never ever forget that...i can laugh about it now...but at the time i was mortified


Posted by lakegirl on 12-11-00 01:15 pm:

Oh, the depantsed moment made me think of a similar one. Back in the 9th grade I was prone to wearing a skin-hugging body dress (this is my "straight" days, now) and it was impossible to wear underwear. I was just wearing pantyhose with nothing else. My little beer-buddy thought it would be funny to yank it up around my head during the break between classes. I think he was surprised (as was everyone else) as to how women get around the panty-line problem.


Posted by Roar on 01-20-01 11:38 am:

Embarrassing moments? Good topic, firefly. I have only TOOOO many... But here are two depantsing moments in gym class from middle and high school...

In middle school, I was one of two girls who could make it up the rope that went from the floor to the ceiling in the gymnasium (mind you, I LOVED gym class). And I was also one of less-than-ten boys who could make it up there also. So, I scurried up the rope, am on my way down, and for some reason, my shorts got a bit caught in the rope... so I try to hang from just my arms and lo and behold, the drawstring of my shorts had come undone, and I'm trying not to wiggle around, but I'm trying to just get the hell down off the rope because I know that my shorts are going to fall off any second now... long story short, my shorts hit the ground just seconds before my feet did However, it didn't keep me from climbing the rope in gym class--it just made me double check to make sure my shorts were secure before I started up.

High school depantsing story: Senior girls' gym class, and we were doing this physical fitness unit. Part of it was to do this flexed arm hang thing--we had to do a pull-up on the bar and stay there for as long as we could. Note, as I said before, I loved gym class and always made it a point to do my best, lol. So here I am, flexed over the bar coming up on a minute (the minimum for being "physically fit" was one minute) and I'm just hanging out up there, no sweat. So, after about 1:30, my arms are getting really tired so I was like, Okay, I'm done. So, I get down and all my friends were like, Yeah, awesome and the (hot) gym teacher congratulated me. Later, after everybody had had her turn she was like, Anybody want to go again? So, I did. I'm up there for almost 1:30 again and one of my friends is joking around, Okay, Susan... enough... you're making us all look bad. I made it past 1:30 now and I was like, Nah, I'll just stay up here a little longer (meanwhile, my arms were burning now). She goes, Come on down, or we'll make you. I'm trying not to laugh, and all of the sudden: no shorts. She had depantsed me and, needless to say, I came down.


(this last one is not really pantsing but is entertaining none the less)

Posted by Ju1ie on 07-14-01 07:09 pm:

So I'm in India, on a 13-hour bus trip from the upper-middle west coast to south central India. The bus had sleeper compartments with a top bunk, so my two traveling companions and I were comfortable enough--except for the whole bathroom thing.

The bus driver stopped three times (THREE TIMES) in thirteen hours for bathroom breaks. I can hold it pretty well, but at one point, all three us were ready to lunge for this large empty water bottle. FINALLY, the bus stopped. It was maybe 3 a.m., and my girlfriend and the other woman decided they go first while I watched our stuff. The bus starts up again before they get back, and I am almost in tears, sure that I am going to die from a ruptured bladder on this godforsaken bus. They get back, I grab our toilet paper and sprint out, the busdriver bulges his eyes at me and says, "Hurry, madam, hurry!" I'm thinking, "Good thing you told me that, because you know, otherwise, I'd be taking my time right about now."

Let me take a moment to explain about public restrooms in India. First of all, I never saw a Western toilet in any public restroom in India. Our hotel had them, but that's because our hotel was relatively expensive (relative to other hotels) though comparatively extremely inexpensive (compared to a night's loging in any U.S. hotel, for instance). If there is a toilet, it's a hole in the ground that may or may not flush. You kind of squat, aim, and pray.

However, even those public restrooms are not as common--at least from what I saw while I wa there. Most public restrooms are blue signs in the middle of an empty field that say, in three languages, "Public Toilet." In other words, "Men, piss here."

This was the sort of public toilet that the bus had stopped near, and I of course couldn't use it. I walked around the front of the bus, to the road, and looked up and down the road for some sort of convenient spot to urinate. It was very dark, but the moon was full, and I could just make out a row of shurbbery a ways down the dirt road--a place where I would be hidden from view of anyone on the bus. I fairly sprinted down to the shrubbery, saw that there was a ditch there, so huddled in the ditch behind the shrubbery, dropped my pants, and proceeded to urinate for a very, very long time. (I was careful not to piss on my pants. No paper towels anyway. )

As I neared completion of my task, the gush that sounded much like a firehose became a quiet little trickle--and I could hear other things in the brush around me. Like the sound of the bus engine down the road (they hadn't left me! yay!), the distant voices of men standing around the public toilet sign, and something that sounded an awful lot like, um, laughter. Yes, that was laughter--breathy, weezy laughter.

From behind me.

While still peeing, I crane my head quickly around to look behind me, and I see something I had neglected to notice in my haste--perhaps because my eyes were better adjusted to the moonlight: an old Ford pick up truck, with two guys bunked for the night on its hood. And yes, they appeared to be laughing. In fact, they laughed a little harder when they saw me seeing them seeing me pee. For a moment, I started to stop myself from peeing, ready to rush back to the bus, but then I decided, hell. They've already seen what they're going to see, damn it. I'm finishing.

So I calmly turned my head back and commenced peeing. They HOWLED with laughter right then, and said something in a foreign language. And although I don't even know what language they were speaking, I'm pretty sure they were saying, "That is the biggest, whitest ass I have ever seen in my life." (Kind of funny that it was, um, a full moon out that night.)

This isn't so much an embarrassing moment as it is a charished memory.
Tuesday, March 6th 2007 - 05:36:36 PM
Name: Isabella
Subject: Stripped Spanked and Tickled... till I Peed!
Message:It all started out so innocently. Jessica had invited me and my so-called friends over for a sleepover. It was my 17th birthday so she said we all were going to celebrate it in style. My family had recently relocated to this town from out of state because of my Dad's job so being new in town it's not like I had a huge circle of friends. Jessica, Suzie, and Linda were a small click of friends that I had begun to hang with. Being so new I was still the outsider but I really did want to fit in with what ever they were into doing. It was just the 4 of us that night, nothing that special, but I was thankful to at least have friends who wanted to celebrate my birthday in the first place so I was happy. Jessica was mixing drinks with rum and coke in them and we were playing music and jumping around in Jessica's bedroom to the thumping beat of the stereo. Jess and I were bumping butts when it all started. We bumped so hard she fell down grabbing onto my pajama pants on the way down. With out much effort they came down to my thighs revealing my skimpy lavender panties. Had I know I was going to be made to parade around in my panties front of my friends I would have chosen a more conservative pair, or would I? It was funny so laughing it off I didn't really care. Losing my balance I fell down too letting my pajamas fall even further down my legs but Jess didn't stop pulling at them at that point. She kept pulling trying to get my pajama pants completely off. Eventually with the help of Linda and Susie who joined in, she did. Ha-ha funny enough, good prank. They got them off and took them away from me leaving me on the floor only in my panties and t shirt. Laughing Suzie suggested they hold me down like this and give me a nice humiliating tickle torture session me for my birthday. I am incredibly ticklish so I said no way and tried to run. They grabbed me and jumped me saying too bad, time to take my medicine. They held my arms and legs so I couldn’t escape as Suzie started tickling my sides. I went crazy! She pulled my shirt up and ran her fingers all over my ribs and stomach making me freak out and kick like mad. I begged them to stop but she continued tickling me moving up to my armpits which are even worse than my sides to me. It was the worst torture imaginable. She tickled the inside of my arms and armpits as the rest tickled my knees and thighs which are equally as sensitive as my arm pits! They wouldn't let me up at all laughing at my seemingly overreaction to getting ticked. I wasn't overreacting though! I tried to explain that I was really ticklish but they all continued taking turns reaching in grabbing me all over even grabbing and pinching my boobs, butt and even reaching in between my legs touching my panties. I was struggling and freaking out so much I couldn't breathe and I felt like I was going to pee myself. Trying my best to control myself some pee accidentally leaked out anyway leaving an obvious dark stain in the middle of my panties. Jessica said I might be enjoying myself a little bit more that I was letting on so I screamed back at her that I was going to pee myself if they didn't stop. Jess said too bad and told everyone to keep tickling me everywhere even more to see if I’d really pee in my pants. They kept thinking it was a joke but I was serious! Then she said that since it was my birthday that maybe a nice birthday spanking was in order too. Laughing they all agreed it was a great idea! Forced me over on my stomach they started spanking me. Next thing I know they're pulling my panties up my butt making jokes as they slapped and grabbed it. Jess then suggested again that to make it extra memorable it should be a bare butt spanking and that my panties might as well come off too. I don’t know what was up with Jessica but she sure was intent on seeing me naked! I struggled in protest as they all reached in grabbing my panties in unison pulling them down and taking them off of me all together. They pulled me over Suzie's lap an all took turns giving me 17 smacks across my naked rump each. I had to endure 72+ spanks to my naked butt! Then after, they said it was time to flip me over and finish the tickling session they had started earlier. They flipped me over and held me down with NO pants on now! To make it even worse for me Jess and Suzie said my shirt should be taken off too to get me totally naked for the grand finally. Looking up I noticed then that Linda was recording the whole thing with her camera! I could have died. They pulled my shirt and bra up exposing my boobies. Jess said wow I guess she really DOESN’T stuff her shirt reaching in squeezing handfuls of naked boobs. They worked my shirt up and off altogether leaving me stark naked on the floor. They held me down ticking and touching me all over including my boobs and in between my legs. It wasn’t long before the tickling eventually targeted my boobs and in between my legs. Soon Jess and Suzie had their hands right on my p**** ticking and rubbing it till I couldn’t stand it any longer. Jess kept tapping the outside of my p**** saying they weren’t going to stop till I peed myself! They were joking but I was not! She kept rubbing and touching me till I was ready to explode. I kept telling her to quit but she just laughed and kept playing with my p**** and nipples till it was too late. Like a wave it hit me making me cringe and tense up shuddering as I let out a huge long embarrassing moan. All the girls laughed out loud watching me lose control. I couldn’t stop shuddering and moaning. Losing all control I peed myself right there on Jessica’s floor as the girl jumped back squealing in shock leaving naked on the floor in a puddle of my own pee. Laughing Jess kept saying she couldn’t believe I peed myself. All the while Linda had keep recording it too so I was made to relive it over and over again that night every time they replayed it for entertainment. I was NOT too happy about that!
Sunday, March 4th 2007 - 07:17:50 PM
Subject: Sibling Rivalry: Pink With Hearts
Message:Amy awoke the next morning, trying her best to ignore the events of the following day. The embarrassment had been too much to bear, so she had chosen to pretend that it had not happened. Breakfast was not easy, with Jess sat next to her, a snigger across her face. She still had no clothes to wear.

“What am I wearing today?” she asked her mother.

“I’ve got something for you to put on upstairs. We’re going to the mall today, and we can pick you up some outfits.”

Amy shuddered at the thought. She finished her cereal, and went upstairs to prepare herself for the day. After showering, she wrapped herself in a towel and entered her bedroom. Once there, she discovered that her mother had meticulously folded her outfit for the day on the edge of her bed. It pretty much resembled her old school uniform. A grey, knee-length skirt, with a white blouse and grey pullover. As she picked it up to examine it with disgust, her eyes grew wide at the sight beneath it. A pair of pink underpants, with little red hearts on them. They were all worn and so very un-sexy, as she hadn’t even picked them out of her draw in at least 5 years. She contemplated going without the underwear, but if her mother found out there would be hell to pay. She slipped into her panties, and realised there was nothing else.

“Mum!” she yelled. “Where’s my bra?”

Her mother appeared in the doorway and Amy quickly picked her skirt up and held it in front of her, embarrassed by the hideous underwear, even in front of her Mum.

“Little girls don’t wear bras, dear,” she replied, patronisingly.

Amy sighed, and put the remaining clothes on. By the time she had finished scraping her long brown hair back into a ponytail, and applied a hint of make-up, her Mum was already growing impatient.

The car journey to the mall was unbearable. Amy was reluctant to talk to her mother, with the contempt she held her for her at this moment in time. Instead, they listened to the radio. Amy couldn’t recall the actual songs that were on; her head was elsewhere, which is where her body longed to be. They eventually arrived at their destination, and without much conversing, Amy and her mother headed straight for the clothes store. Once inside, Amy was told to wait, as her mother would be choosing the outfits and Amy would only slow her down. So she did as she was told for once and parked herself against the wall. As she stood there in anticipation, she noticed two schoolmates shopping together. Anna and Denise, whom Amy could not stand. If Amy was a bitch, these two were super-bitches. They were both cheerleaders; both stunningly beautiful, with perfect bodies. They hadn’t noticed her at this point. She began to browse the lingerie section, before returning to her original spot. After a while, her mother returned, carrying several items.

“Here you go. Let’s try these on.” her mother said with an almost psychotic smile.

Amy took the pile from her and headed off to the changing rooms.

“Where are you going?” her mother asked.

“Fitting rooms.”

“They’re occupied. Just do it here, we haven’t got much time.”

“You’re joking!”

“It’s only a skirt! No one wants to look at you in your knickers, missy! I’ll stand right here.”

Amy took a deep breath, and quickly removed her skirt. She immediately shot her hand down to cover her knickers, and looked around. No one was looking. Standing in a relatively busy shop in her underwear would have been bad enough, but doing it in these childish pink panties just made it a hundred times worse. One hand covering her underwear, she beckoned for the new skirt with her other hand. In a panic, she scrambled to get it on. It would not fit. Handing it back to her mother, she pushed her for the next item. It was a hideously childish dress. She tried to get it over her head, but it would not go.

“Perhaps if you take off your clothes it might fit, dear.”

“I’m not going topless in here. I’m going to the changing room. Give me my skirt and the rest of the pile, I’ll be back in five minutes.” she said, fidgeting and paranoid that someone might see her in her knickers.

“Just go. No one cares that your in your knickers dear.”

“But…” Amy was shocked. But she couldn’t kick up a fuss. Hurriedly, she grabbed the pile from her mother, and shuffled across the store. She walked quickly, but was soon noticed. There were gasps and laughs as people caught sight of this pretty brunette, walking across the store in her little pink panties. With her hands holding the pile, she could do nothing to hide her shame. She just looked down, especially to avoid eye contact with the cute shop assistant.

“Nice knickers!” she heard him laugh as she wiggled passed him.

The fitting rooms were across the store. She must have passed at least twenty people. Some of them applauded, some of them were just shocked. Most commented on the panties themselves. She eventually reached the fitting rooms, and to her dismay found herself in a queue. She wiggled in discomfort as she stood in the middle of the clothes store; her pink knickers on show to all and sundry. She saw everyone staring and her and whispering to each other. For five minutes she stood with every inch of her long, golden legs and babyish underpants exposed to the general public. She even had to endure a small boy stood behind her, chanting ‘I can see your knickers!’ at her. There was nothing she could do, her hands were full. She tried to imagine herself in jeans. But the reality always came back to her. She only had her knickers on. Somewhere, she could hear her mother watching and laughing. She also heard two girls, which she thought to be Anna and Denise, in hysterics. She just prayed they had not recognised her.

Eventually, after an eternity had passed, she reached the desk before the changing rooms. She was greeted by a clerk, who was trying not to laugh.

“Excuse me miss, but are you aware that your briefs are on show?” she said with a smile.

“Yes. Just let me into a changing room, please.” Amy spoke through her teeth.

She was handed a tag, and literally sprinted into the cubicle. Behind her she heard applause. How could she ever face that crowd again. How could she ever forgive her mother? She sat down for a while, and stared at the pile of clothes she had been given to try on.

Friday, March 2nd 2007 - 07:41:43 AM
Name: KJX
Subject: Haha, Serves him right
Message:Note: This isn't MY story. It's one of my friend's experiences. I watched it, though.

This happened 2 years ago. My friend was 16 at the time. His name is Daniel, and he's about 160 cm and weighs like 40 kilograms (That’s about 5’4 and 88 pounds I believe) and is the smallest guy in class. On one particular day in school, he happened to piss off some of the girls in the class by teasing them about their results they had gotten for the recent biology test. He basically said that since they knew so little about bio, they should go have (well, it was very rude so I’m not going to post it here).

I was more than offended at what he said, along with everyone else. Of course, the girls got extremely angry. For the next few days after that incident they could be seen whispering secretively all over the place. Daniel believed that the girls were just trying to make him uneasy and just ignored them.

The moment of revenge came, after the last class on Friday the following week, which happened to be Phys Ed. We all decided to stay back to see what would happen to Daniel. (The girls had told us when they would act beforehand, and all of us were eager to see Daniel get punished.) The girls advanced on Daniel and tried to grab his arms and force them behind his back, at which point he started struggling.

Daniel was about to escape until one of the girls, Cheryl, I think, kneed him in the groin. After that, he fell to the floor, moaning and clutching his groin in pain. The girls took this opportunity to pin his arms to the ground on either side of him, and with him barely struggling, removed his shorts. Then, egged on by the rest of us, they removed his T-shirt and then his briefs, revealing his quite underdeveloped manhood, which was already stiffening (lol.) The girls laughed hardest, and Cheryl said, “Well, it looks like this boy still hasn’t grown up yet.” They actually took a ruler and measured the size of his erect penis (Which If I remember correctly was about 7-8 cm only, about 3 inches.) They then took take pictures of his naked body. Daniel had to beg for the girls’ forgiveness while stark naked in front of the whole class, and only then did the girls promise not to send the pictures to everyone in the school or put it on the Net. They’re still using those pictures to blackmail him, from what I’m hearing. :P
Thursday, March 1st 2007 - 06:54:56 AM
Name: Alyssa
Subject: Cruel Sisters – Caught Playing Hooky (Part 3) (xxx)
Message:(con't from part 2)

After being marched stark naked down the hall back into my room I was released falling to the floor. My gag was removed so I could breath normally again. With my hands no longer tied behind me I immediately made my best although somewhat futile attempt to cover my naked parts cupping one hand over my crotch and using my other arm to shield my naked breasts as I sat there looking up at them in shame.

My older sister emerged with a long thin wooden dowel she had gotten from the garage shelves. She swatted it in the air twice creating a distinct ‘whoop!-whoop!’ noise sending waves of fear through me.

“My turn first” she signaled to the others.

“Please, please Sister! I’ll do what ever you want. Please I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never be bad again!” I promised fearing a server whipping.

“Oh you WILL do what I say. I have this with me to make sure of that. If you don’t want to walk around with a seriously welted and sore ass for the next week you’ll follow my orders to a ‘T’, understand?”

Nodding my head in compliance I answered, “Yes” making sure I was heard.

“OK, now the first thing you are going to do is clean up this mess of a room starting with all those junk food wrappers there on the floor.”

“C-c-can I please get some clothes on?”

“NO YOU CAN’T!” she fired back angrily. “YOU’LL DO IT NAKED FOR US AND LIKE IT! Now get on your hands and knees right now and start cleaning up your mess or it will be some of this quick!”

‘Whoop!-whoop!-whoop!’ she whipped the thin dowel through the air like a sword 3 more quick times.

“Ok, Ok, Ok!” I quickly answered turning to pick up the wrappers.

‘SWAT!!’ A stinging blow from the cane smacked me from behind completely unexpectedly.

“Ouch!!” I yelped as the startling sting of the make shift switch whipping across my naked behind shot through me like lighting.

“I AM NOT FINISHED SPEAKING YET!” My sister commanded. “On your hands and knees. You’ll pick up the trash on the ground with your mouth only. Do NOT use your hands. Understand?”

Humiliated I quickly nodded in agreement again fearing the sting of the switch.

“Then like a naked little doggie you can walk each mouth full to the trash can in the corner till your little mess is all cleaned up. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?” she finished looking over to the others unable to stop herself from emitting a little chuckle.

Nodding in silent compliance again I reluctantly leaned in on my hands and knees very aware of my position and the open view it gave of my jutting naked rear end, anus, and exposed vagina to everyone within eye shot. Reaching back with one hand feebly trying to try to cover my exposed crack from behind to save what little remaining dignity I had left I bowed my head down to the floor attempting to scoop up as many wrappers as I could with my mouth.


Another jolting sting hit my behind along with the back of my hand sending another shock wave of pain this time not only through my rump but through my ill placed hand too.

“Put your hand down! Don’t you dare cover anything!”

Looking back at my sister shaking the pain off my hand I hesitantly resumed my humiliating task. Leaning down I snatched up as many wrapper with my mouth as I could. Even with my best efforts I only managed to get a few.

“That’s right, arch that back and stick that naked little tramp ass out to give us all a good look, doggie girl!” The room erupted in laughter at her comments.


“Ouch!” I screamed as the second painful sting of the switch across my rear end shot through me.

“STICK THAT ASS OUT I SAID!!” she commanded again this time much louder.

One by one I was forced to shamefully pick up and walk each mouthful of wrappers to the trash can stark naked crawling on my hands and knees. All the while having to put up with snickers, snide jokes and crude comments about my exposed anatomy and humiliating situation. Each time I leaned my head to the floor to pick up another wrapper I was ordered to stop and hold forcing me to remain face down with my open butt pushed in the air. With each trip the humiliating taunting escalated. My sister poked at my larger than average dangling breasts with the end of the stick tickling my nipples trying to make them erect for the boys. The laughing and snickering continued with whispers of what else to do to me coming from the boy’s perverse suggestions. The thin wooden dowel was used to poke at my back and sides causing me to flinch with each jab. Then it was run up the inside of my thighs till it reached the sensitive spot between my legs. Jumping forward impulsively as I felt it make contact with my crotch resulted in the immediate ‘SWAT’ of the cane again as I was commanded to resume my position and not move for any reason.

The dowel was passed around to the other 3 so they could have their fun too. Once in the boy’s hands it was used to tickle my pussy and teasingly spread my lips exposing my ‘pink’ as it was referred too by one of the guys. Flinching forward again impulsively I was again swatted across the buttocks.


“If you can’t hold still WE will hold you still instead!” my younger sister now interjected as she sat next to me facing away locking her arm around my waist and leaning her weight on me forcing my face to the carpet. Holding my arms behind me so I could no longer resist I was pinned on my knees with my butt up and spread for their perverted pleasure. Standing behind me I felt the dowel gently prodded and rubbed up, down and all around my most intimate areas.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d swear she was actually enjoying this!” my eldest sister’s boyfriend snickered as he continued tickling my lips with the end of the thin stick. Impulsively bucking in protest again, my sister tightened her hold on me ordering me to keep still and keep my behind stuck out. The tickling and touching of my private areas evoked an unwanted and embarrassing reaction. The tickling lead to tingling, which then turned into a flush of warmth flowing through my nether regions eventually resulting in the appearance of noticeable moisture, and the scent of sexual stimulation. Embarrassed I bucked forward trying to break free but with each ensuing sign of any resistance from me my tender naked behind was smacked harshly with open hand as I was spanked and ordered to keep still. The exploratory stick was dragged up to the rim of my rectum now as he continued to tickle and toy with my private areas. Pushing the stick forward he let the tip penetrate my anus ever so slightly.

“This is what you’re really into huh, butt girl? Things inserted into your azzzhole?” he chuckled as everyone else burst out laughing. The prodding and poking continued till my crotch was near dripping with uncontrollable sexual stimulation.

“My my my aren’t we enjoying this so called punishment!” He exclaimed putting the stick down as he kneeled down in front on me with his face inches away from my engorged orifices.

“Let’s have a closer look,” he said lustfully as he used his thumbs to spread my sex apart. Playfully teasing me with his fingers he slid them up and down the edges of my wet pussy. Pulling my anus apart he commented on my still gaping rectum from the reaming I had received earlier in the bathroom.

“Squeaky clean and polished!” he joked looking back as he erupted into laughter joined shortly after by the others. Whispering to my sister they once again conferred snickering and erupting into uncontrollable fits of giggling every so often. The words were intelligible but moments later my eldest sister left the room and returned a minute later holding something behind her.

“Ok my dear. Time is running short now so at the boy’s insistence they want to see a show. Quite frankly I’d rather cane your little tramp ass till you cry your eyes out as proper punishment for what you were caught doing but I have been promised great things later if they get their way.” Smiling and lifting the stick up ominously she continued, “Now reach back and play with yourself till you ‘finish off’ what my boyfriend has apparently started. Make it a good show or it will be this instead…”

‘Whoop! Whoop!’ she sliced the air with the long dowel in an ominous and threatening manner. Stunned by the request and still held down motionless by my younger sister I remained defiantly silent.

“You move and we’ll swat you but good, you hear?” my sister calmly said as she released her hold on me freeing up my arms. She let me go and my first reaction was to get up.

‘SWAT! SWAT!’ The stinging impact of the cane across my naked behind came quickly.

“OUCH! OWE!!” I cried out.

“STAY IN THAT POSITION OR I’LL HAVE YOU HELD DOWN AND WHIPPED TILL YOU CRY YOUR LITTLE EYES OUT!” She barked at the top of her lungs. “Make your choice, and do it quick, as it’s getting late and if we are not satisfied with your full punishment before mother gets home our little deal is off and your little secret will no longer be a secret!”

Still on my hands and knees with my face on the carpet I slowly and reluctantly moved my hand back between my legs but apparently not quick enough for my sister who swatted my now ever reddening behind two more quick times.

‘SWAT! SWAT!’ The impact, once again, causing me to flinch and yelp in pain.

“MOVE IT, NOW!!” she barked like a drill sargent.

Quickly I reached in between rubbing my already soaking crotch. Guiding my fingers in I found my sweet spot and rubbed its well-lubricated surface fearing further swats from the cane.

“That’s right, rub it like you mean it. Rub it like you were before we got home” I heard along with a barrage of snickering laughing, and other crude comments.

“Oh and one last thing” my sister interjected. “Here. Since you obviously like things up the butt stick this up there and continue.” Pulling her hand from behind her back she produced what looked like an 8” purple plastic dildo. Tossing it before me I was ordered to insert it into my butt. Reluctantly I gazed upon the dildo in disbelief.


“DO IT NOW!!” she ordered. Humiliated at this request I resisted again only to feel the sting of the cane several more times.

‘SWAT! -SWAT! -SWAT!!’ She continued relentlessly till I complied. Pushing the smooth plastic dildo in I was ordered to keep rubbing myself. Humiliated I lay face down butt up with a dildo in my ass rubbing myself to an inevitable and unavoidable orgasm. The reaching in my sister turned the back knob on the dildo on causing it to vibrate with a loud and constant hum.


“Keep moving!” the cane struck every time I slowed or hesitated. Faster and faster I rubbed my self with the buzzing vibrator lodged in my anus. My fingers working my now sopping wet pussy till the wave of obscene pleasure passed its point of no return. Convulsing and arching my back uncontrollably I spasmed over and over, moaning in waves of orgasmic pleasure. Losing myself in the experience I bucked and moaned till I lay breathless and sweating with my own juices running down my thighs. Snapping back to reality I quickly rolled over popping the vibrator out of my butt and covering my nakedness as I hung my head in naked humiliation.

Looking up at my two wretched stepsisters and their smiling boyfriends I saw a look of deep contempt glaring from my eldest sister’s eyes.

“Whoo-hoo! What a show!” her boyfriend exclaimed laughing as he hi-fived my other sister’s boyfriend. My sisters looked on callously obviously unhappy with their boyfriend’s reactions.

“I should have caned the living shit out of you like I originally intended to do” she exclaimed giving me the dirtiest of looks before storming off in anger. “TRAMP!!” she screamed as she walked out the door followed closely after by other sister.

Standing in awkward silence their two boyfriends just stood there wide-eyed and smirking as I looked down to notice the full stiff bulges in both their pants. Calling to their boyfriends angrily ordering them out of my room both boys stood gazing at me before snapping back into reality and quickly walling out while all the while continuing to stay fixated on my naked body..

An argument ensued off in the living room between them all as I heard the sound of my mother’s car pulling into the driveway…

THE END (for now).
Wednesday, February 28th 2007 - 04:07:46 PM
Name: Dan (not moderator Dan)
Subject: School Pantsing
Message:This happened a couple weeks ago. Me and my best friend Jake get a lot of gossip. We just recently received news that a girl named Shay was super mad at a girl named Kayla. They are both in our math class so we knew we could do something. We paid Shay 20 dollars if she would do what we said. She accepted. During math is when it happened. I had knocked my pencil near Kayla and asked if she could get it. As soon as she stood up, shay grabbed her pants and underwear and pulled them both down to her ankles. At first, Kayla was completely oblivious until she heard lots of laughing. Then she noticed. But the teacher was copying something in the office so she wasn’t there to do anything. Kayla turned to shay exposing her front side to the entire class. Shay just smiled with a nasty grin. Lots of people took out there cell phones and took pictures. Kayla’s face turned beat red. Then she picked up shay and slapped her across the face. Then Kayla pulled down Shay's pants and underwear. Both got in a big fight and shay managed to pull Kayla’s shirt of and ripped her bra off while she was at it. The pictures continued even more rapidly. Then Kayla punched shay in the nose and stripped her too! They were both completely naked, rolling on the floor fighting. Me and Jake looked at each other and nodded in agreement. We hadn’t expected things to turn out this good. Then the teacher came in and all the laughing and picture taking stopped. The girls looked up and saw her and completely froze. Then the teacher said "GET UP! NOW! Get you clothes back on!!!" but they couldn’t find their clothes and as they were looking all around the room, they were giving everyone great views. Finally Kayla found her clothes and shay found hers and they both put them on in front of the class, both of them completely embarrassed. Then they were sent to the principal’s office and suspended for a couple days. But that was the best math class me and Jake have ever had. and were glad we made it happen. We still have pictures. A LOT of pictures! The girls are still completely embarrassed and both seek revenge on each other. But that will be a different story. (but probably better!)
Wednesday, February 28th 2007 - 12:36:14 PM
Name: TJ Maxx
Subject: Pantsing Alicia
Message:My friend Mike’s sister Alicia is hot. She’s like 5’ 6” with long straight dark hair and a killer athletic body. I was over their house the other afternoon hanging out with Mike and she happened to be home too. She was wearing these form fitting blue cotton sweat pants that hugged every inch of her including her nice round butt. The material was very stretchy and looked almost like it was painted on. We were down in the basement den playing foosball. Alicia was on the couch watching TV. She was lying face down with her head on a pillow with her irresistible ass on display and I could not stop looking. I was trying to not make it too obvious but I think she new exactly what I was looking at and was kind of teasing me. She pressed her arms out over her head acting like she was just stretching causing her already short shirt to ride up exposing a lot of her sexy flat tummy and waist while flexing her butt out provocatively enough to make sure she kept my attention. I even caught her looking back at me once to make sure I was looking before quickly looking away when we made eye contact for a split second. Well Mike got a phone call so he went upstairs to talk on the phone leaving just Alicia and me alone in the room. As soon as he left I went over and sat on the chair right next to her on the couch. I acted like I was just watching TV like her but really I just wanted to get a closer view of her fine ass. Ironically a Shakira video was on TV so I said, “Wow, what an ASS!” sarcastically. She gave me a look and said, “What about MY ass? It’s not as big as hers but I can still shake it,” and began wiggling and gyrating her hips up and down shaking her fine ass like a stripper right in front of my face! Not wanting to let an incredible opportunity get away I took bold initiative and said, “Well I don’t know, let me see,” and with that grabbed the back of her sweats and yanked them down from behind past her ass. The material was a lot more elastic and lose that I expected so I managed to pull them and her g-string thong all the way down past her knees in one sweeping move before she could even react. I couldn’t believe it! Her gorgeous flawless round bare buttocks was right there in front of me only a few feet away. Completely startled she said, “Oh my God!” turning around to look at me while just lying there with her pants down around her shins for a few long seconds. Instead of getting mad or freaking out on me, as she very easily could have, she just looked at me with a very sly smile and said, “I can’t believe you… dirty boy.” She certainly seemed a little embarrassed but at the same time clearly took her time reacting and covering up. She slowly reached down to pull her pants back up giving me plenty of extra time to see her in all her naked glory while not even making any attempt to cover her naked behind. Reaching down to grab the waistband of her sweats she stuck her butt up in the air in an over exaggerated move letting me see a lot more than I expected momentarily before tugging her pants back up. I saw that she was shaved bare. I just stood there smiling speechless as she pulled and readjusted her disheveled pants and underwear trying to get them back over her nice round rear end and back in their proper place. We heard Mike coming back down the stairs and to my complete surprise she sat up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before flipping back down on the couch face down in her original position. Stunned we both sat there in silence as Mike walked up. She had a smirk on her face and Mike new something was weird so he said, “What’s up?” We both just shrugged out shoulders and said, “Nothing…” Mike gave us both a very inquisitive look before we went back to what we were doing before, playing foosball. Alicia never said a word.

It was then that I decided I wanted to see more of that. Next change I got I swore I’d pants Alicia again. Maybe even depants her if I could? My heart raced with excitement thinking of how I could make that happen...
Saturday, February 17th 2007 - 12:36:11 PM
Name: reader
E-mail address: reader@msn.com
Subject: Embarrassing Medical Exams
Message:1. A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!" I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs ---and I was in the wrong one.
Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Antonio, TX.

7. A nurse was on duty in the Emergency Room when a young woman with purple hair styled into a punk rocker Mohawk, sporting a variety of tattoos, and wearing strange clothing, entered. It was quickly determined that the patient had acute appendicitis, so she was scheduled for immediate surgery. When she was completely disrobed on the operating table, the staff noticed that her pubic hair had been dyed green, and above it there was a tattoo that read, "Keep off the grass." Once the surgery was completed, the surgeon wrote a short note on the patient's dressing, which said, "Sorry, had to mow the lawn."
Submitted by RN no name

AND FINALLY!!!................

8. As a new, young MD doing his residency in OB, I was quite embarrassed when performing female pelvic exams. To cover my embarrassment I had unconsciously formed a habit of whistling softly. The middle-aged lady upon whom I was performing this exam suddenly burst out laughing and further embarrassing me. I looked up from my work and sheepishly said, "I'm sorry. Was I tickling you?" She replied, "No doctor, but the song you were whistling was, "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener".
Dr. Wouldn't submit his name
Monday, February 12th 2007 - 07:01:56 AM
E-mail address: danwhitell@hotmail.com
Subject: Sibling Rivalry: Amy's Pyjama Parade
Message:Amy woke the next morning, her mother’s words still echoing in her mind. She wondered what she had in store for her. She knew how much her mother liked to discipline her children, and did not care if it meant humiliating her children, just so long as they learnt a lesson. The trouble was that Amy did not ever seem to really learn a lesson. She was rebellious by nature, the very polar opposite of Jess. Jess on the other hand, still refused to even wear a bikini at the age of 20. Amy would do anything to avoid being like her older sister, and would therefore frequently get into trouble. But there was a resonance in her mother’s voice the previous evening. Something that scared her. Something that told her that she should not even get out of bed this morning. But she did, mainly out of boredom, but partly out of curiosity. Maybe her mother had forgotten about her warning to her.

Amy climbed out of bed and walked over to her wardrobe. Flinging the doors open, she was greeted with a surprise.

“What the hell?” she said, puzzled.

The wardrobe was empty. Just a series of empty hangers, where her extensive collection of clothes once hung.

“Mum!” she shouted down the stairs. “Where are my clothes?”

She received no answer. Sighing, she put her pink fluffy slippers on, and stepped out onto the cold, wooden flooring of the hall. She walked over to the stairs, and leant over the banister.

“Mum?” she called.

Still no answer. She descended the wooden stairs, and found herself in the living room, where she had been horribly displayed the night before.

“Nice PJs, sis,” laughed Jess, sat on the couch with her friends Tasha and Sam, and Dan, who was now her boyfriend.

Although she was moderately dressed, Amy still felt exposed. She was wearing a pink tank top, with no bra underneath, and a pair of blue-and-white-striped bottoms. It was the fact that she had not fixed her make-up from the previous night, and hated being seen without its perfect application.

“Where’s Mum?” asked Amy, rather sheepishly.

“Kitchen.” Jess said, turning to her friends to resume the conversation. Amy heard something about Jamie and Kyle joining them.

“Great,” she thought. “More of Jess’ friends. That’s all I need today.”

She entered the kitchen, and found her mother cooking lunch. As it was Sunday, she could smell a roast chicken in the oven. It smelt wonderful; almost ready.

“Mum, where are my clothes? My wardrobe is empty!”

“In my room.” her mother replied, rather nonchalantly.

“Oh right. Why?”

“Because until you grow up, you won’t be wearing them!” her mother said, turning to face her with a wicked smile.

“What am I supposed to wear then?”

“You can get by in what you’re wearing now, can’t you?”

“My pyjamas? Until when?”

“I’m taking you shopping tomorrow to buy you some new stuff. Stuff that is more appropriate for a little girl like you!” her mother chuckled.

“This is not fair!”

“Neither is you embarrassing me in front of my friends like that last night.”

“You were embarrassed? What about me?”

“Dear, having some people see that chubby backside of yours is nothing. Besides, when you were a baby, you used to love showing it to people…”

Amy turned red, and clutched her hands to her backside.

“It’s not chubby.” she muttered under her breath, as she left the room.

In reality, she hated her ass. Despite her slim figure, she always had a big bottom. It was hereditary, and she was very self-conscious about it. Especially since the incident at the beach last year.

Amy went upstairs to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix herself up. As she looked in the mirror, she was horrified to see how thin her top was. Although you couldn’t see her nipples, should there be any activity, they would become extremely noticeable. Her mother called her downstairs for dinner. She gritted her teeth, and joined everyone at the table.

Sat around the table were her mother and father, Jess, Dan, Tasha, Sam and Kyle.

“Pity Jamie couldn’t make it.” her mother said to Jess.

Amy sat next to her mother, who had purposely arranged it so that would be the case, Amy was sure of that. She immediately began to eat, and try to forget that she was going to have to spend the rest of the day in the company of her sister’s friends in her thin pyjamas. She felt like a child.

Her Mum and her Dad were discussing something. She could not quite hear what, due to the football game on the television being quite loud. No one was really watching it, but it was her Dad’s turn to dictate what was to be watched. Which in this household was rare. To her left, Jess was chatting to her friends at the other end of the table. Although she couldn’t make out the conversation clearly, she was able to hear a comment about her antics last night, with a remark about her backside.

“I don’t have a fat ass!” she screamed, standing up. “It’s not as fat as yours, bitch!” Amy screamed, in an almost Tourettes-like outburst, walking way from the table.

The room fell silent.

“Amy!” her other barked. “Apologise to your sister at once!”

“No. Why should I?”

“I have had enough of you!”

Amy was bewildered as her mother got up from the table and walked towards her. Her wrists grabbed forcibly, she was violently swung into position. She had been bent over, with her backside pointing towards the startled dinner guests. Her mother smacked her, with a spank that echoed across the room. Amy yelped.

“You bitch!” Amy cursed, without thinking.

“Will you ever learn? Let’s do this how it should be done to little girls.”

With that, Jenny Robertson pulled her daughter’s bottoms down to her knees, causing her plump rump to spring into view again. This time, she did not even have the cover of a thong. Her mother spanked her, and she bawled. Three spanks, all the while her backside wiggling and jiggling, bare and vulnerable. Finally her mother stopped.

“Sit down.” her mother snapped. “Oh and give me those. You have forfeited your right to be treated like a respectable member of this household, young lady!”

Amy felt her bottoms suddenly yanked further down, and whisked off forcibly. Her hands free, she shot them to her abundant ass, covering each cheek, still facing away from her audience with tears in her eyes. Her tank top did not even attempt to cover her up. And neither could her hands. She suddenly realised she was nothing more than a little girl, with a very naked bottom, in front of everyone. She turned around, with her hands over her pussy, and quickly sat down to finish her dinner. She dared not to make eye contact or conversation until she was finished. And then she just sat there looking down. She could not believe she had been forced to sit and the dinner table with no knickers on. She couldn’t even tell if Jess was laughing. For she would not look.

When everyone had finished, her mother ordered her to do the dishes. Jess collected them all and piled them up in the kitchen. Amy sat there, under the cover of the table. Finally she was instructed to go and do them. She quickly left her chair, and covered her bottom with one hand, which did nothing to hide it from the boys, and the other over her shaved pussy. She rushed into the kitchen, and set about doing the job quickly. As soon as he plunged her hands into the sink, she heard everyone enter the kitchen. Her wet hands immediately left the water, and grabbed the tea towel which she placed over her bare ass.

“Amy, just do it!” her mother sighed. “We’ve come to help.”

Defeated, Amy placed her hands back in the bowl. She could feel their eyes on it. She could sense them looking at the dimples on its pale surface. She could feel it jiggling with every action. It suddenly dawned on her that she was doing the dishes, and showing everyone her chubby bottom, naked as a newborn baby! Her self-consciousness got the better of her, and she burst into tears. She turned around to see everyone looking at her, this unwittingly showed everyone her shaved private parts. Dan and Sam’s eyes widened. As did hers. She immediately covered her exposed area, and ran upstairs, her bottom jiggling with pride.

She could hear her mother calling after her, but she did not care. She just crawled up into bed, half-naked, and cried herself to sleep.
Friday, February 9th 2007 - 07:57:50 PM
Name: Gina Carlono
Subject: Stripped At Bar
Message:I usually don’t write to these message boards but I have had some bad experiences lately and my friend suggested I post my stories here. My name is Gina. I am 5'4" tall, brown hair, brown eyes and athletic build. I like to wear sexy clothes and usually wear very high heels. Two weeks ago I went to a bar with my two girlfriends after work. I was wearing a black skirt, hose, white button down shirt and 4" black pumps. After several drinks another girl seated at the bar started annoying me. I asked her to stop. My friends told me to ignore her. When she didn’t stop...we got into a fight...in a crowded bar and everyone was watching. Unfortunately for me nobody stopped the fight...and I ended up humiliated.
Sunday, February 4th 2007 - 08:05:33 PM
E-mail address: danwhitell@hotmail.com
Subject: Sibling Rivalry (Series 2): Some Things Never Change
Message:Sibling Rivalry (Series 2): Some Things Never Change

Jessica was very bored. Her parents had forced her to endure the dull conversation of their friends for over an hour already. James and Jill were two of the most boring people she had ever encountered. And their twin sons, Craig and Simon were very odd. She had never known two fourteen-year-olds to be so quiet. They just sat there, staring at various objects in the room. James was rattling on to her father about some kind of insurance. But she knew her mother would never let her leave.
It had been a year since the series of events that had left most of her friends and enemies completely and utterly humiliated. Her sister Amy had given up trying to expose her older sister to the world, conceding defeat. Jess is still thankful for Charlie’s actions in the theatre. Just as Amy was about to strip Jess naked, Charlie had turned on her friend, after discovering that Amy had in fact humiliated her at the mall, rather than Jess, as Amy had led her to believe. It all ended in tears for Amy, as Charlie left her with a black eye, and has never forgiven her. Jess on the other hand, escaped with her dignity in tact, which is more than could be said for anyone else.
Jess wondered where her sister had disappeared to all evening. She had told her parents that she was going over to Steph’s house, but she had been gone for four hours, and had been told to be back an hour ago. Jess could see her mother glancing at the door every minute or so, waiting for her tardy daughter to burst through. She could not tell whether it was through concern, or anger. There was no doubt in Jess’ mind that her Mum cared for her daughters, but she always remained stony-faced and impenetrable. She had always put it down to her grandmother, who in the eyes of Jess and Amy, was Satan herself.
Her mother had gone into the kitchen with Jill to do the washing up, leaving Jess to just sit there, trying to avoid eye contact with the twins. In the meantime, the men carried on with their boring conversation, which had now moved onto football. The twins were just sat there, staring. Jess longed to be somewhere else, like her sister was.
Almost as if she had summoned her, Amy was heard fumbling with the lock, and then the door burst open. Amy was in full make-up, with a blue tube top and black mini skirt on. She paused, surprised to be greeted with company.

“Amy, where have you been?” asked her father, who got up and walked towards her.

“Nowhere!” she replied, with a giggle.

“Go upstairs and sort yourself out, will you…” her father said with a sigh.

Amy left the room and turned towards the stairs but found her path blocked by her mother. She looked at her feet as she realised she was busted.

“Amy-Louise Robertson, where on Earth have you been?” Her mother barked.

“Nowhere, Mum.” she cowered.

“Answer me!”

“I went to Steph’s house like I said!”

“Naturally! I can smell it on you!”

“Smell what?”

“Don’t play the fool with me, Amy. You’ve been out drinking!”

“I’m 18, Mum.”

“Yet you act like a twelve year old, still.”

An audience had gathered. James, Jill, the twins and Jess were all sat on the couch in the living room, trying to peer into the hall where they stood. Even from there, though they couldn’t quite see her, they could sense the anger building up within Amy’s irate mother. It went oddly quiet for a few seconds, whilst Amy stepped back into the middle of the room, naturally heading towards her father for fear of her mother’s wrath. Her mother followed into the room, where the argument was now in full view of the living room.

“What have I told you about dressing that way?”

Amy didn’t like the tone of her mother’s voice. Jess could sense that something was about to happen to her sister.

“Look, Mum, I’m fucking 18!” Amy snapped.

The room fell silent. No one knew where to look.

“You think you’re an adult? Tonight, young lady, you have proven yourself to be nothing more than a loudmouth, drunken whore!”

Amy shuddered whenever her mother used that word.

“Jenny, calm down…” her father pleaded.

“Nonsense, Mark. This girl has disrespected me in front of our guests!” her mother replied. “Now, young lady, I want you to give me that belt of a skirt, right now! If you can’t act like an adult, you cannot expect to dress like one. Especially one who looks like a hooker.”

Amy nodded, and turned to leave the room.

“Where are you going?”

“To my room to get changed, like you said!”

“I never said you were going anywhere…”

“I’m not taking my skirt off in front of everyone!” Amy shrieked.

“If you want to humiliate me in front of our guests, you will be treated in the same way!”

Amy’s face was burning up. She turned to see everyone was looking at her, and choked on her words. She unzipped the denim miniskirt, and unfastened the button. She went to pull it down, but could not bring herself to do it. No way would she expose herself to those nerdy twins.


Jenny looked at her daughter furiously. Amy turned to look at her father, but he just looked at her blankly. That was when Jenny took the opportunity to pull Amy’s loose skirt to her ankles.

Amy’s hands shot to shield the view of her peach panties from her audience, as her mother forced her to step out of her skirt. She looked in horror at her mother’s stern face, and then at the skirt in her hands. She pulled at the tube top to try to cover her underwear.

“Hands at your sides!” Jenny instructed her.

Amy stood there facing her audience and her mother, in just a tube top, a tiny pair of peach coloured briefs, and some knee high leather boots. She clenched her fists as she could feel the bespectacled eyes of the twins staring at her newly displayed underpants. They were not the only eyes she could feel staring either.

“You listen to me, young lady!”

Amy found it hard to listen when she was so barely dressed in front of the family friends.

“For the next two weeks, you are grounded! But this is not your average grounding, missy. If you want to act like a baby, I will treat you like one, so from now on, you do what I want, and wear what I want, whenever I want you to. I will speak to you in the morning! Now tell the Rickman’s that you are sorry that they had to see you in your knickers.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Say it properly.”

“I’m sorry that you had to see my knickers, Mr and Mrs Rickman.” Amy managed to say, on the verge of tears.

“And the twins.”

“I’m sorry I had to show you my knickers, boys.” She added, with a face as red as Mars, still unable to cover her panties from their view.

“Now get out of here!”

Amy turned and left the room hurriedly, showing everyone her barely covered butt. She threw a hand over each cheek as she left.

“There is no point in being shy. We’ve all seen that fat bottom of yours now, Amy. It is your own fault for wearing that ridiculous underwear.” her mother called out, as Amy disappeared up the stairs, her naked bottom jiggling as she moved.

Amy’s troubles had only just begun, and she knew it.
Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 08:47:31 PM
Name: Tammy
Subject: Careful Who You Mess With
Message:This happened when I was 16. I live in the US and I was in my 2nd year of high school when this happened. It was a week day after school, and I was walking home, and these little brats playing ball in the park circled around me trying to flick my skirt up to see underneath. He and his little friends were about seven or so, so I took the ball they had away from them and threw it over a fence into a neighbor’s yard with dogs. The little brat freaked out and charged at me so I shoved him off of me. I guess I put a little too much into the shove because he went crashing to the ground crying his eyes out after. He had some scrapes on his arms too so I told him "That's what you get for being a little delinquent!" I walked off after thinking nothing of it.

The next day at school, I overhear these senior girls behind me saying, “I can’t believe some one would hurt my little brother like that! I’m going to talk to him more tonight and see if we can figure out what girl did this." I thought, “Oh sh*t!” I’m not usually scared of anyone, but these girls were popular seniors that no one really wanted to mess with. I was quite scared of what they would do to me if they found out it was me, so I avoided them for the rest of the week.

The following Saturday morning I was jogging through the park when I passed some kid's on the playground. I heard a kid’s voice shout, “That’s her!” I look around and there was the same kid as before with Janet, the senior I had been avoiding, and two of her friends. I froze trying to think of what to do next.

The came after me so I started running but they chased me down and caught me. They dragged me back to the playground and interrogated the boy right in front of me.

"Max, are you sure it was her?"

"Yeah, that's her. I know it!!"

“Ok. You are coming with us. You fight and I will make sure you regret it!”

They grabbed me and walked me to Janet's house. They marched me in to the living room and sat me down on the couch.

"Okay, since you hurt Max, he is going to decide what we are going to do with you for payback." The kid looked at me with a big grin on his face. After a minute of what looked like deep thought, he turned to his sister and whispered something in her ear, and she immediately started to giggle to herself. "Yeah, that’s a good one!"

Max turned to me and said, "Your punishment is…" (long pause) "to get tied up..." (another long pause) "and spanked..." (yet another long pause) "in your underwear!!” The room erupted into gales of laughter. I just stared at him, my mouth open in utter bewilderment that he just said that.

Janet stared at me.

"Well go on then, get your clothes off and lets get started!"

"No way!” I protested. Janet looked over to her friends. They jumped me onto the couch. They easily pulled down my jogging shorts, taking my shoes and socks off with them as they were pulled off my feet. They released me for a second. I quickly stretched my T-shirt down trying to cover my panties but it didn’t do much good. I was sitting helplessly on the couch, trying to cover my exposed panties in front of three senior girls and a seven-year-old brat that was finding this hilarious.

Janet held my shorts up. “Take off your shirt, or you are walking home without these!”
I thought for a moment that if I didn’t, they would probably forcibly strip me anyway and not give me my clothes back after. Since I was jogging and knew I'd sweat through what ever I was wearing so I chose to wear the oldest most tattered underwear I had. So reluctantly I pulled my shirt over my head revealing my mismatched under sized bra and old granny panties to every one, how ironic. The girls burst out laughing. "Nice undies, do your and your mom share those?" I curled up trying to cover my undies, but my face still showed how embarrassed I was. “Aww...look at her, she’s turning red!"

After about five minutes, I asked, “When can I have my clothes back please?"

"You heard Max. You have to be tied up and spanked still!”

I thought this was awful. I was already embarrassed enough, never mind being tied up now in my underwear and spanked like a little child.

"Stand up, hands on your head, and shut your eyes! Now!" Reluctantly I complied. I stood there for a long few minutes like this with nothing happening. It was totally humiliating. I kept thinking someone was going to pull my undies down while I was in this position. Then I felt my hands being pulled behind my back and tied together. I then felt the same on my legs.

“You can open your eyes now. Move to the center of the room.”

Unable to walk properly I wobbled helplessly into the middle of the room in an upright position. Max came over to me and gave me a push from behind. I fell into a lounge chair quite hard. Everyone in the room laughed. They pushed me over the arm of the lounge chair and held me down like this taking turns spanking my behind. I was ready to die from shame. After several minutes of their self indulgence they let the little brat Max get a few extremely hard swats in too.

"Ouch!! You little shit! That really hurt!!" I yelled in anger as he smacked me with his little hand full force! I quickly realized this was the wrong thing to say.

"What did you just call him?" Janet snapped as she came up behind me and pulled my panties together in back and pulled them up giving me a massive wedgie!

"OUCH! OUCH!" I yelped in pain as everyone roared again with laughter.

"You just screwed up bitch! Apologize to Max right now or your panties and bra are coming off too!" More laughter erupted from the others.

"I'm sorry"

"That didn't sound like you meant it. Say it again like you mean it!"

"I'm sorry!" I said again with nearly the same tone.

"Apology NOT accepted!"

Still bent over the lounge chair she then told Max he could have the honors of pulling my underwear down! Seconds later he yanked my panties down to my knees exposing my bare butt to everyone in the room. Roars of laughter broke out at seeing me being humiliated by a 7 year old boy. They all took turns spanking my naked behind vigorously till I was yelping and flinching in embarrassing pain and humiliation. Janet snapped my bra open saying things were not complete till it came off too. Stripped naked with my panties around my ankles and my arms and legs still tied they forced me to stand up stark naked in the middle of the room unable to even cover my most private areas. I was forced to stand like this for what felt like forever as some of Janet's friends snapped pictures with their cell phones.
After a few more torturous minutes they untied me, took my panties and the rest of my clothes and threw them out into the front yard of the house. They let me go and I had to run outside into the yard buck naked and get dressed as quickly as I could while the girls watched through the window rolling around laughing hysterically at what they had done to me.

I ran home humiliated that day. I avoided school for as long as I could trembling over the thought of running into them at school and what taunting I would be made to endure. Once I returned I found out the girls had show the humiliating camera phone pictures to all the seniors and I was taunted and pranked on for the rest of the year. They never let me live it down.
Thursday, February 1st 2007 - 03:28:24 AM
Name: Charlesincharge
E-mail address: charles@incharge.com
Subject: Pee Girl Depantsed
Message:My sister's friend Daria was over yesterday and we were playing around with my camera making little dumb videos. Daria is like 5' 4", gorgeous, with dark hair and blue eyes and has a great butt. She likes to wear short-shorts too that show her great butt off so it was extra fun for me videoing her. She was dancing around in front of us when all of a sudden she crossed her legs saying she really had to pee. She ran for the bathroom and my sister motioned for me to follow her. She ran in and tried to close the door but my sister barged in right after her with me close behind recording the whole thing. She was like "Oh my God I really need to go!" motioning us to get out but my sister would not and told me to keep recording. She told her if she really needed to go that bad then she should just go right in front of us. Daria was so embarrassed and kept ordering us out all the while crossing her legs and bending over holding it in. Man she looked like she really had to go. My sister said she was going to tickle her until she peed in her pants if she didn't go. She grabbed her around the waist and started tickling her. She screamed and struggled but my sister was relentless! I was loving it since I was just the innocent by stander taking the whole scene in. Finally she told me to stop recording so she could go but I refused. Then she grabbed a towel to cover herself so she could pull down her shorts and underwear and sit on the toilet. We let her but once she was sitting down my sister snatched the towel and pulled at it. They got into a little tug of war for a few seconds before the towel got whipped right out of her hands leaving her there squatting down on the toilet with her shorts down around her ankles covering and leaning over to cover her nakedness. Once she was done peeing she just sat there ordering us to get out so she could pull her shorts back up but instead my sister grabbed her shorts and panties off her ankles and took them away from her! I couldn't believe how brazen my sister was being. Daria was sitting there with no pants or underwear on at all now right in front of us! She looked so embarrassed. She screamed demanding my sister giver her shorts back but my sister wouldn't. Instead she threw them out of the bathroom door into the hallway. Then my sister ordered her to get up and go get them herself. Of course she wouldn't so my sister grabbed her arms and pulled right off the toilet! She covered her front totally embarrassed but not before we got to see her whole butt and front side too. With me still recording the whole thing she tried to run away from me covering her front and back but I followed her naked jiggling butt out in the hall as she chased my sister around the house trying to get her pants back on. My sister wouldn’t give them up and we both trapped her in the corner of the living room. She just stood here depantsed and embarrassed begging for her shorts back till she finally sunk down to the ground trying to cover up. My sister finally felt so bad she gave her shorts back.

It was awesome. She begged me for the video clip after but I told her it was all mine. I tried to post the vid on youtube but they deleted it the first day and my account got suspended! Since then my sister made me delete it before I could make a copy saying it was not cool to post it on the web or embarrass her anymore. That sucks but it still was an awesome prank! Next time I am making back ups if something like this happens again!
Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 04:39:41 PM
Name: Lola
Subject: revenge is a bitch
Message:On the last day of school last year after all the students with no after school activities left. So me being a cheerleader I was still there so I decided to walk around the school to see all the emptiness. When I got to the lockers next to the teachers lounge I was met by some bitches that hated me. They must have had this planned because as soon as I saw them they jumped me and stripped me completely naked and pulled out a pair of cheep handcuffs and cuffed my wrists. When I yelled at them to stop they locked the chain of the cuffs with a combination lock and locked it on a locker so I couldn’t move then they just left me there. I began to wonder when someone would come by and see me there exposed and to my horror I heard someone coming up the stairs. It turns out to be one of my guy friends who had stayed for soccer. At first he didn’t see me but when he did he came over and asked what happened. He's pretty smart so after I told him what happened he said that he would go get the lock cutters in the janitors office but before he left he took off his pants and slid them up over my naked bottom half and tied his shirt around my boobs like a strapless bra so no one would see me naked. So there he was in just his boxers and shoes and me in his jeans and his shirt for a bra. After he came back with the cutters and cut the cuffs off I untied the shirt and put it on regularly. Then we heard someone else coming so we hid in the teacher’s lounge and looked out the door. It was the leader bitch who had cuffed me up and she had a camera with her so when she saw that I was gone she stood there confused. My friend tackled her and told me to hold her while he went and got something. After he left the bitch tried to squirm away so I punched her in the side of the ribs to keep her still. When my friend came back with a pair of handcuffs he got from the security desk we did the same thing her friends had done to her . We locked her to a locker but instead of just leaving her there butt naked he went even farther. We spread her legs and duct taped them to the ground using like 10 layers of tape on each leg. Then he knelt down in front of her and began rubbing and massaging her pussy and boobs> He was kissing her putting some tongue into it and kept fingering her harder and harder till she broke and came all over her self and the floor. Then he took her camera and took pictures of her and said if she ever messed with me again he would put the pictures on the internet and the school web site. So there we were, a boy in boxers and a girl in boys jeans and shirt with a girl cuffed to a locker with her legs spread apart and cum all over her. We left and when we were going down the stairs we passed a group of teachers mostly males heading towards the teachers lounge and all we could do was laugh. Later I asked what he had did whit the camera and he said he had thrown it away as soon as we left the school.

Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 04:53:01 PM
Name: Tom
Subject: The girls next door
Message:When I was 15 my family moved to another state. In our new neighborhood there we these 2 hot Asian girls (I think they were Japanese) that lived in the house next door to us. They were 19 and 20 years old and were renting the house while going to college at the time. These chicks liked to hang out by the pool in bikinis and crank loud music with friends so they were kind of wild and way out of my league in my opinion at the time. I made extra money by mowing lawns in the summer months and I used to mow their lawn among several others on the street.

One hot summer day after mowing their lawn I went up to their front door to drop off my monthly bill. It was 90+ out so I had no shirt on and was covered in sweat. They had their door open with only the screen door closed so I could see right into their living room. I looked in and to my pleasant surprise I saw one of the girls in a skimpy yellow bikini walking around with a drink in her hand. Her body was smoking hot and tan. I mean she was so hot she was just plain dangerous. Seeing me at the door she called to me asking me to come. She said she needed help with something. I came in and she was very friendly and it was obvious she had been drinking a bit. Her roommate came out in this black 2 piece a few minutes later. Her bottoms were boy shorts style that hugged her flawless hips and round butt perfectly. They asked me if I wanted a drink and offered me a beer. Not wanting to come off as a kid I said yes. They said they needed some help with something upstairs and asked me to come up with them. I gladly complied and they led me up to the master bedroom walk in closet. One of the girls asked me to lift her up so she could open the attic hatch door. She let me grab her around her lower half and lift her up so that my face was pretty much against her nice soft smooth ass. I didn’t want to lift her like that but she insisted. She got the hatch open and climbed in. The she asked me to reach up with my hand so she could give me something. When I did she snapped a handcuff around my wrist attached to a long chain. She pulled my arm up quick so it was fully extended and the other girl grabbed my other hand and lifted it in the air so that the girl above could snap a handcuff around my other wrist before I even knew what was happening. Once both handcuffs were locked and my arms were pulled above my head they hung the chain on a hook above so that I could not get away. The hotty in the attic jumped down and they just stood there admiring me.

I asked them what the hell was going on and they said they just like to capture cute guys and play with them for fun! They said they had been eyeing me for sometime and had planned on me being their next victim! They poked my ribs and sides asking if I was ticklish. I am very ticklish in certain areas but didn’t want to let on so I said no. They said they bet I was lying so they ticked my sides, ribs, and armpits till I couldn’t stand it. I kicked and struggled wildly begging for them to stop but the more I begged the more they tickled me. Worst of all with 2 hot Asians in bikinis touching and poking me all over it was only a short matter of time before I developed a full stiff erection in my shorts. The grabbing and tickling continued with them touching me all over till one of them grabbed my stiff rod through my shorts. Saying I was a naughty boy they started pulling at my shorts saying they were going to pull them down and there was nothing I could do about it. They were right. Helpless and begging in embarrassment they got them undone and pulled then down to my ankles in no time. Squealing with delight they tickled me all over with my full stiff erection swinging around right in front of them for their enjoyment. Tickling my sides, hips and butt they worked around in between my legs and then started grabbing my stiff rod playing with and squeezing it more and more. Soon they were just taking turns ticking and stroking my thick rod till I couldn’t stand it anymore. I told them I couldn’t hold it any longer and they laughed and squeezed and jerked it over and over till I exploded shooting big squirts of semen in the air. Thye laughed and squeeled with each squirt. I hung there naked, sweaty and exhausted with my fat dick half hard as they continued to tickle and play with my dick. Then they said they would not let me go till I got a boner again so they could tickle torture me again. I begged them no but they touched and tickled my balls, stomach ribs and arm pits as I screamed breathless begging for them to stop. One would tickle me while the other would lick and tickle my penis with their tongue. They took turns till I was rock hard again. Then again they ticked me all over while stroking and squeezing my fat erection till I came for a second time.

After they said that they didn’t have any money to pay my lawn mowing bill and wanted to know if they could pay me back once a week by doing things like this to me instead. They said it would be our little secret only and that no one else should know. I eagerly accepted with out a second thought. It was one of the most memorable summers of my life.
Monday, January 29th 2007 - 02:26:08 AM
Name: Bob
E-mail address: RobertDogwood@aol.com
Subject: Hospital
Message:I realize this is more than slightly off topic for this board, although there are people who post nurse stories, so I thought maybe they could tell me how out of the ordinary this might be. I was recently in the hospital, having surgery on my broken leg. The first day following my surgery, I was naturally not allowed out of bed yet. So my female aide helped me wash in bed. I was in a private room due to a past history of easily receiving infections.

She appeared in her early twenties, had blonde hair, was very attractive (although not beautiful) and dressed smartly. She brought in the warm water in a basin for my bath. She untied my hospital robe and it lay over my groin. This is exactly the point where other medical personnel would have left the room to allow me privacy to wash. Instead she whisked my hospital gown completely off me leaving me sitting there stark naked. She told me to begin washing while she stripped off my upper sheets and blankets.

The young woman then took the soap and wash cloth from me and proceeded to wash me everywhere. By the way, I was really digging this. It didn’t embarrass me in the slightly. I had about a half of erection going; it was probably not full because of all the medication I was currently receiving. She never let on in any way that this wasn’t completely normal medical procedure and neither did I.

Next she call another aide in, ( a young pretty Latino woman), who looked at me sitting there completely nude. She smiled at me, and said “Hello.” They next proceeded to change the rest of the linen with me shifting from one side of the bed to the other. The second aide left and the first aide finally helped me into a new robe, and gave me new top linen.

The next morning, I was fortunate enough to be assigned the same young woman. This time I was allowed up (on crutches), so she suggested I go into the bathroom to wash. She followed me into the room and shut the door. She untied my hospital gown and removed it. She filled the wash basin with warm water, obtained soap and a wash cloth for me and instructed me to wash, while she made remade my bed. I sat down on the portable toilet chair that had been provided.

I dutifully washed my face and chest and arms. Before I could do more, the young woman entered the bathroom again and told me to stand up on the crutches. She pulled the chair back and proceeded to wash my complete back, buttocks (including my balls) and then the back of my legs.

The attractive female aide then told me to turn around, which I did. She then washed and then dried off the entire front of my body, including my now fully extended erection. She didn’t rub it enough to cause an orgasm and she appeared completely oblivious to it. I was so hoping she was going to sink to her knees and offer me a blow job, but no so luck.

During the process, she said, “You’re not very shy, are you?”

I didn’t know is she were goofing on me, toying with me or possibly testing me to see if I agreed or complained. I didn’t really know what to say, so I stupidly said, “What?’

She giggled, and then said, “Never mind.” She then completed the process and helped tie me into a new hospital gown. I next went back and got into the bed.

I was not fortunate to be assigned her for the rest of my stay. Has anyone else had something like that happen or are there any nurse stories concerning this? I had a gut feeling that on the second day I wasn’t going to see her again and I wanted to slip her my email address so badly, but I was too chicken. It might have broken the reality that it was all an accident or insulted or scared her. After all, I knew she could access my file and call me later under the guise of inquiring my health. In my mind, I had often pictured ‘accidentally’ exposing myself while during my many hospitalizations, but I realized how silly and pathetic I would appear to the nurses who would not be fooled in the least and who, after all, had often seen it all anyway. But this was completely different, because it was initialized by the female employee. I will probably never see her again, but I certainly will never forget her in my mind.

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 01:28:38 AM
Name: Alyssa
Subject: Cruel Sisters – Caught Playing Hooky (Part 2) (xxx)
Message:(con't from part 1)

“Cutting school? Vile magazines? Playing with yourself half naked in bed in the middle of the day?” my eldest witch of a sister preached passing the magazine around so everyone got a good look at its contents. “You’ll get the leather strap for this for sure when they find out about this my dear… and that’ll be just for starters!” she sneered with a hint of pleasure in her tone.

“And what’s this?” she said with a long pause looking at the empty and torn open candy and potato chip wrappers on the floor. “Potato chips and candy bars? Junk food? You know putting poison like this in your body is against house rules too!” she said with threatening tone. “You’ll be lucky if you don’t get sent off to that Catholic school for good like Mother threatened to do last time!”

Still gagged and tied down to the bed half naked I writhed around pulling at my ties looking back in near tears as I shook my head begging them to not tell Mother. My evil wench of a step sister was right. Not only would I get the whooping of a lifetime but I’d also probably be grounded forever. On top of that, after the last time I had gotten in trouble my stepmother had said that I was such a problem child that she was going to have me sent out of state to this Catholic school run by nuns. Nuns who were so strict they were known to discipline students by caning for the smallest of infractions. The thought of it terrified me.

“What? You don’t want us to tell Mother? Is that what you are moaning on about?” my sister asked as I shook my head back and forth saying no over and over. “Speak! Let’s hear what you have to say about all this!” she commanded pulling the gag off of me.

“Please… Please sister..” I begged sobbing. “Please please don’t tell mother”

Cackling with laughter they looked on reveling in the power they had over me as I lay there sobbing. “Look at you. How pathetic! Isn’t she just pathetic?” my eldest inquired with my younger sister and their two boyfriends looking on in silent satisfaction with smirks on their faces. Whispering to each other they all conferred for a few minutes before turning to me again.

“Ok, I’ll tell you what.” My eldest sister exclaimed with a sly smirk as she forcefully worked the gag back into my mouth tying it off tighter than before. Leaning in so her face was only inches from mine she continued, “We’ll make a deal with you my dear... but it’s going to cost you” She said ominously as she dragged her long skinny index finger down my back slowly till it crossed over my naked buttocks. “We don’t tell Mother… but you still get punished of course, but by us instead” she finished as my eyes went wide and the room once again filled with the sounds of taunting laughter from everyone else present.

Shaking my head saying no again my sister towered over me. Grabbing the back of my hair she pulled my head back and leaned in closely again. “What’s that? You don’t agree? You’d rather us tell Mom about all of this instead?” she threatened giving me a sharp smack on the ass. Pausing for a long moment she waited for a response. “I’ll give you one chance and one chance only” she continued. “Nod your head in agreement RIGHT NOW or we call Mother immediately and tell her about all of this, and you know how we like to embellish when it comes to you! Perhaps I’ll throw in some drug use for just for fun to make it even more ‘special’ for you! Your choice!”

Wide-eyed and welling with tears my cruel stepsisters looked on showing no sympathy. My choices were grim. Either face server punishment from Mother, and god knows what else or let my evil stepsisters and their perverted boyfriends have their undoubtedly humiliating fun at my expense instead.

“You have 5 seconds to answer” she snapped coldly. “Five… Four… three… two…”

Desperate and defeated I nodded yes having no time left and no other choice.

“Now then, that’s better” my sister responded calmly as the huddling and whispering began again behind me. The hushed exchanges carried on for a long minute or two with me unable to make out much of what was being said. Then I heard, “Well then we just take turns if that’s how it’s going to be” and, “I’ll go look for it” as I heard my younger sister leave the room. Then they turned to me again.

“OK up! You are coming with us young lady” she ordered her as the others began to untie me from the bedposts. “No crying, whining, or creating a scene or so help me our little deal is off!” she continued. Pulling me out of bed my hands were held behind me as I was made to march bottomless and unable to even cover up down the hall to the bathroom. Once inside I was pushed into the tub then forced to get down on my knees. I was bent over the edge of the tub leaning out till my face almost touched the tile floor and my naked exposed rear end was up in the air. My legs were held down and my cheeks were spread apart as my younger sister produced a full enema bag. My eyes almost popped out of my head at the sight of this.

“First off, lets flush that junk food poison out of you before it absorbs into your system…” she exclaimed barely able to finish what she was saying before laughing. In humiliating horror I was held tight as the nozzle of the enema hose was plunged deep into my anus as the boys laughed out loud in disbelief. I struggled and screamed into my gag as I felt the hose push deep inside me and felt my insides expand as the water flowed till I felt as if I would explode.

“Stop squirming I said or I’ll use twice as much next time around!” my sister commanded loudly holding me down forcefully by the back of my neck as the others held my arms and legs down getting a great look at the hose pushed deep in my anus.

“Hold it in you little tramp. Don’t you dare spill!” she yelled.

Signaling to one of the boys she instructed him to hand her the hairbrush on the sink counter close by. The brush was thick and round with short bristles and had a thick round plastic handle on it. Coating the handle in Vaseline she held it right in front of my squinting face saying, “This will make sure there are no unpleasant accidents.” Then she pulled the hose nozzle out and immediately plunged the thick round lubricated brush handle up my bunghole plugging me up tight. Cringing in pain I felt my asshole stretch out fully to accommodate the large round handle.

“Judging by that magazine you like things up your butt anyway don’t you, you dirty little tramp!” she said taunting me as the others roared with laughter that echoed through the bathroom.

Forcing me up, the boys whispered that my punishment wouldn’t be complete unless I was stripped completely naked hinting that my shirt should be removed also. Those perverts wanted to see my young naked tits now too! So holding me down my sisters roughly pulled my shirt up till they had my arms over my head and my shirt worked up and off exposing my jiggling breasts, rendering me now completely naked.

My hands were tied behind my back and I was made to walk back and forth up and down the hall as everyone had their fun swatting my naked buttocks and bouncing breasts. Jumping and flinching with each humiliating swat and the brush handle stuck up my tight butt hole I felt like my lower stomach was ready to explode from the pressure. Every time I tried to run or resist they swatted at my tits and ass pushing me to keep moving. I thought the humiliation would never end!

Finally I was escorted back into the bathroom by one of my sisters at which time I was forced to sit down on the toilet. My hands were untied so I could remove the make shift butt plug from my gaping asshole and finally relieve all the intense pressure inside me into the toilet.

Once complete I wasn’t even given a moments rest before I was yanked off the toilet and forced into the shower. Struggling and fighting to break free my sister called for help as the others rushed in and the cold water of the shower was turned on me. Still gagged so I could not scream the freezing water was blasted all over me as soap was squirted on me and hands reached in.

“We need to thoroughly clean this dirty dirty girl!” my sister said mocking me. “Let’s get every inch of her nice and clean. Got it guys?” she said winking at the boys. Held up by my arms, soapy wet hands slid all over squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. Hands slid down eventually making their way in between my legs as I fought unable to stop them. Soapy fingers invaded my pussy pushing inside here and there as fingers also pushed into my already gaping asshole from behind till several fingers were inserted into both holes sliding in and out and twisting around tickling my clitoris.

“That’s right. Get her nice and squeaky clean guys!” my sister laughed as both perverted boyfriends explored every inch of me. Judging by the obvious erections bulging in their pants they were more than enjoying themselves. Spraying jets of water in my face and in every orifice the soap was washed off and out of me as the fingering and groping continued.

Once they had decided I was clean enough I was pulled out of the shower and roughly held and toweled off as all four indulged in exploring every inch of my naked body making all sorts of vulgar comments.

Praying that their perverse punishment would come to an end soon I anxiously waited for my sisters to finally release me.

Instead my sisters instructed the boys to drag me naked and protesting back into the bedroom…

(Part 3 to follow..)
Friday, January 26th 2007 - 10:48:49 AM
Name: Quakers
Subject: surprise at camp
Message:I've been a camp counselor in the past, and often there are streakers, but one year something particularly interesting happened.

We usually had the kids, ranging from ages 10-16, to bed pretty early, but one night as part of the program we split up the males and the females. We, the males, did some boring campfire ritual off the camp grounds. We didn’t walk back into camp until late, so we assumed the girls would be in bed. Some of the guys started singing, and suddenly we heard a shriek. The first group of guys turned the corner of the tree line to see 20 or so girls quickly covering themselves up with towels, and running into the woods. Then, for some reason, instead of running to their cabins, they just stood out in the woods, hiding behind the fully clothed adult counselors, quivering in their towels! Obviously, the guys were curiously shining their flashlights upon them as what must have been dozens of teenage boys passed them.

I would later learn that some 16 year old camper had come up with the idea to streak, and that they had been out in the meadow for several minutes doing dares like headstands and I heard they all got in a line and did the can-can! I didn’t see any of this first hand, sadly.
Monday, January 22nd 2007 - 02:40:01 AM
Name: Alyssa
Subject: Cruel Sisters – Caught Playing Hooky (xxx)
Message:I’ve written about my cruel step sisters before and the mean things they do to me just for fun. I do my best to stay clear of them as much as I can since they seem to take any chance to pick on me and humiliate me when my parents aren’t around. I think they are really just jealous of me because I am way better looking than them.

Just last week school started up again after holiday break. Monday morning came and I just didn’t feel like going yet so I decided to cut school. My step mom is strict so I got up as normal, dressed and left as if I was going. I then waited till everyone was out of the house an hour later and came back home. It was great to have the whole house to myself. I got a bunch of candy and chips and stuff my folks don’t normally allow me to eat before I came back and just watched TV and ate junk food for a few hours. Then I got bored and started snooping around my sister’s rooms just to see what I could find. After some searching I found some very very naughty magazines in one of my sister’s dresser drawers so I took one back to my bedroom. It had pictures and stories of guys with big wieners sticking them up girl's butts and doing all sorts of nasty sex things! I had never seen anything like this before and was shocked but kind of liked it too. It made me get all worked up down below so I got under the covers only in my panties and started playing with myself fingering my butt and rubbing myself.

Everything was great till I heard someone at the front door. I heard talking and the unmistakable cackling laugh of my 2 evil sisters and their boyfriends coming in! I could have died of embarrassment right there on the spot! To make it even worse my bedroom door was wide open with me ½ naked under my blankets with no chance of getting up and closing my door without being seen or heard first. Dread spread through me as I realized that I was totally busted. Hearing them come down the hall I quickly pulled the covers up and acted like I was sleeping. As they passed my room I heard my sister stop and the conversation cut off quickly. Startled at seeing me she put her hands on her hips then after a long pause sternly asked why I was not at school. I decided to just say I was sick so I told her I wasn’t feeling well but she immediately looked very skeptical.

“So what’s wrong with you then?” my other sister snapped acting very annoyed too. I tried to make something up saying I had a headache, the chills, and my stomach hurt (whatever). Their boyfriends were standing right there so I felt very uncomfortable. I told my sisters I felt sick and just wanted to be left alone but this only served to anger them more. Raising her voice my eldest sister said I had better watch my tone or she’d give me a good spanking right there on the spot. It was degrading being talked too like that especially right in front of the guys. She walked up and tried to feel my head to see if it was hot but I tried to push her away so she got rough with me grabbing my wrists saying, “Don’t you dare swat at me!” Then she roughly pulled me out of bed by my wrists forcing me to reveal that I was only in panties under the covers. My panties were bikini cut white cotton with little colored dots on them but since all I get is hand me downs they were a bit tattered, too small, and so worn they were almost see through. I had a visible wet spot between my legs too which made it even more humiliating for me. My face went red with embarrassment as I tried to get away but she just held onto my arms not even letting me cover up. Both their creepy boyfriends just stood there leering at me with smirks on their faces as my sisters laughed and taunted me making me stand there exposed in my panties begging to be let go. Noticing the wet spot she said, “Well well… what were you doing under those cover anyway? Playing with your self?” as the rest giggled at my embarrassment. I tried to struggle and break loose but forcefully she spun me around and pushed me face down onto the bed.

“I have an idea!” my eldest sister said and told my other sister to hold me down while she got something. I was mortified. She left and returned a minute later with a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline!

“Hold her down but good!” she told my other sister so she pushed my arms up behind me and sat on me pinning me face down on the bed in only my panties and a short t shirt. Kicking and screaming, “NO!” they held me down like that on display for all to see.

“I’ll teach you a lesson in playing sick” she said ominously. “Let’s take your temperature and see just how sick you are then!” she said with glee waving the thermometer case around right in front of me. It was the old thicker thermometer that has not been used since we were very young. The type that does NOT go in your mouth if you know what I mean! She looked over at the guys and smiled the turned to me and said, “Now lets take your panties down so I can take your temperature the proper way you little brat!” she said with an evil laugh.

Humiliated I began kicking wildly screaming, “Let me go you freaking WITCHES!!” as I felt my panties begin to get pulled down from he back past my ass exposing my naked behind to everyone in viewing distance. With my panties now pulled down to mid-thigh and my naked butt wiggling around I screamed and struggled so much my sisters couldn’t keep me down so they asked their boyfriends to come help. Eagerly they jumped at the chance to look right up my young teenage asshole and pussy from the end of the bed. I was held down like this while my sisters tied my wrists and ankles to all four posts of my bed so I could not escape.

“Stop whining you little faker!” my sister yelled pushing my face down into the pillows. “Scream again and we’ll gag you!” she threatened. Then she grabbed the back of my panties and said, “Let get rid of these tattered tramp panties of yours once and for all” and proceeded to yank them up my crack till they painfully ripped to shreds right off of me leaving me bottomless and tied down on the bed! I whimpered in protest again so she pinched my nose till I opened my mouth then stuffed a sock in it and tied a stocking around my head to keep it in.

Smacking my naked jiggling but cheeks she yelled, “Stop struggling or it will only get worse for you!” Then pushing my cheeks apart she and stuck the Vaseline dipped thermometer deep into my asshole as everyone else looked on laughing at my complete humiliation. She held the thermometer in as she pulled my cheeks apart stretching my anus and pussy apart for all their perverted enjoyment.

“She this is what you get for being a little faker!” she taunted as I lay there in bottomless humiliation with a thermometer up my asshole. Every time I bucked or tensed up too much she would slap my ass hard ordering me to keep still. Finally after 5 minutes of this humiliation she took the thermometer out and read it.

“As I thought, perfectly normal, no fever!” she said with overzealous glee.

Then she saw the corner of the dirty magazine I had sticking out from under the covers and stopped. “Well, well, well what do we have here?” she said inquisitively pulling the magazine out slowly. “Why you dirty little tramp. So this is what you were really doing under the covers, huh!” she taunted waving the magazine in my face. My other sister and their 2 boyfriends let out a harmonious “Oooooooh!!” seeing the magazine and began laughing at me unmercifully.

“Oh you are in big trouble now you dirty little tramp! Wait till Mom finds out about this!” she laughed as the other looked on laughing at my complete humiliation too.

Horrifyingly embarrassed I lay there tied to the bed bottomless ready to cry….

(Part 2 to follow…)

Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 10:37:27 AM
Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 01:35:32 AM
Name: Laura
Subject: Mean hotel prank
Message:I am bi and when I worked in a hotel I used to kind of date this girl. We all stayed at the hotel a lot when we were working late shifts and the such, and my ex had this habit of letting people into my room when I was changing.
It was very embarrassing so one night I thought I would get her back! We were fooling about and I got her naked. I laid her out on the bed and tied her hands to the head board really tight. I left her legs untied. I then put a blind fold on her. I was getting her really worked up at this point and told her I was going to get some ice.
I ran out of the room and then down stairs to the main reception. It was late so there were no guests about. I managed to get the receptionist, the cook, three waitresses, a kitchen porter and the duty manager together and told them to follow me for a surprise. On the way back to the room I also picked up an ice cube from the machine.
I opened the door and she was still tied to the bed, butt naked. I ushered everyone in and they all had to cover their mouths to stop themselves laughing! I sat on the bed and they gathered round it. I went back to whispering in her ear and started to rub the ice cube over her. She started to moan and say it felt nice! I rubbed it round her rock hard nipples and asked if she liked it, she said she did! I ran the ice all over her for a few minutes then decided that the audience was not going to be able to be silent any more. I pointed them to the end of the bed and they all stood there so they had a great view. I whispered in my ex's ear and told her to spread her legs as wide as she could for me. She did it! Everyone at the end of the bed was getting a perfect view as she spread herself as wide as she could. She even started moaning softly as she did it!
I then stood beside her and took off the blindfold. She was greeted by all the staff looking at her; she even still had her legs wide open. She screamed the best scream ever and brought her legs up into a bunch trying to cover. I looked at her and told her that it would teach her for letting people in the room when I was naked! There were a few mobile phones coming out at that point so I gave her a tickle to make sure that they got some good pictures and then walked out! I left the waitresses to untie her after they had their fun teasing her and taking snaps.
Needless to say she never lived it down, and I didn't get sex for three weeks after that! We did break up soon after but that was not because of this. She took it in a great spirit and although she always went bright red when it was mentioned or pictures were brought out, she did see the funny side of it in the end!
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Name: George
Subject: Which bits fancy?
Message:Here’s another short one from me based on a true account but embellished with poetic license and story tellers largest.

Early in 1990 just before I retired as a nurse I was doing my rounds of my unit late one night. We had a female patient in who was due for major surgery the next day. It was to be a touch and go job. No one including the patient was absolutely confident that she would be alive the next night. I’d spoken with her on a few occasions and on this night felt that I should spend sometime with her. She’d been moved into a bay by herself so staff could support her through the night.

We got chatting and during this chat she said that apart from being in hospital for her children until now at 70 she’d never been in hospital. She smiled quizzically. “It was very different when I was having my children” she said. “How I asked?” She smiled and said, “You’re a nice young man so I’ll tell you so long as you don’t get anyone into trouble”.

The second night after her first baby had been born was the start of events. He time was the period between VE day and VJ day, so middle 1945. Her husband had been injured in Europe but not in action. He’d been sent home and the pregnancy was the result. Her husband had since return to his unit.

She’d gone for a walk up the ward. She saw a young trainee standing guard outside a side ward door. The trainee beckons her forward and at the same time put her finger to her lips to be quiet. The women approached and they both looked in through the window. Another young nurse but one that had been in training a while was bent over the bed being held down by two other nurses. The amusing thing, (the patients words) was that her dress was up and her bloomers where down and the elderly sister was slippering her. The patient watched until the end and the nurse straighten up and pulled up her bloomers. The trainee nurse outside then pushed the patient away into another area so the sister who was now leaving didn’t see her.

The female patient explained that her father worked nights all his life. Before he went to work he’d bath. She and her brother would then be bath in that water and put to bed, and then their mother would bath. She’d asked if she could have a bath at nighttime rather than during the morning but was told no by the sister. A few nights after the slippering the nurse who’d beckoned her said that sister wasn’t on and that she’d arranged for the female patient to have a bath. Although tied the female patient didn’t want to say no so want with the nurse.

The nurse ran the water and the patient stripped off. She climbed in and the nurse helped her wash. Suddenly the doors burst open and two student nurses where dragging in another younger student. Another student nurse who seemed in charge and was familiar in some way followed this group.

The lead student was surprised at the bathroom being occupied and said sorry, but seemed then to be puzzled as to what to do. “Oh don’t worry” said the nurse bathing the female patient, “Margaret here saw your bottom roasting the other night so can keep a secret.” Then turning to the female patient said, “Can’t you?”

That seemed to settle it. “Fine” said the lead nurse then turning to the struggling girl, “Strip her, naked, like Margaret here”. Looking at Margaret the patient directly and obviously noting her nakedness. Margaret covered slightly at this.

The nurse struggled valiantly but with the trainee who’d been helping Margaret bath now helping the others strip the poor nurse the fight was very one sided. Soon she was stripped. The leader had moved to the other bath and had filled it with water. Margaret said she noted that she hadn’t been to the boiler so the water would have been freeing. They picked the nurse up and dumped her in. She screamed but the others silenced her with their hands. After they ensured she’d been truly dunked they’d let her up. She was obviously freezing, shivering; she got out and went to start to dry. The lead nurse stopped her and made her stand hands on head then turn so Margaret could see her. Hey then let her dry collect her things and leave to dress elsewhere.

The trainee then turned to Margaret and said to get out of the bath. Margaret stood hesitantly all eyes on her and stepped out. The trainee told Margaret to put her hands on her head. Margaret obeyed instinctively and then slowly turned around. After this Margaret dried and dressed and went back to bed. She left the hospital with her newborn son a few days later.

Fast forward to 1947 Margaret back in hospital having her second son. On the night of her giving birth a new night staff nurse is on. When she walks onto the ward Margaret recognise her straight away. The staff nurse acknowledges the form meeting and she is very professional about the birth. The next night a student nurse, who says that staff had said that Margaret preferred a bath at night, approaches Margaret. Margaret says yes thinking how sweet it was that the nurse remembered. The student says I’ll be back for you shortly.

The student returns and begins to draw the curtains around Margaret’s bed. Margaret thinks that strange but thinks no more of it. The student then says she knows that what she’s going to ask next is strange but it was staff’s instructions. The nurse asks Margaret to remove her nightgown and anything else. Margaret removes her nightgown then slips out of her bloomers. The nurse gives her a towel to wrap herself in then leads Margaret out of the curtained bed space. Margaret thinks they will turn down the ward to the bathroom but instead they head up the ward to the corridor, which splits the ward in half. They cross the corridor Margaret somewhat hesitantly and walk down the full length of the other side of the ward to that bathroom.

Once in the bathroom the student asks Margaret for the towel. Now naked Margaret is fidgeting with her hands. The student smiles and says, “Are you a former nurse?” No says Margaret. The student looks puzzled and says no more other than requests Margaret to put her hands on her head. Margaret says she did because in those days you didn’t question authority. Stood there naked the student nurses fills the bathtub and says to Margaret to wait as she is for staff and leaves.

Staff-nurse comes along after a wait, not to long but enough for it to register. She circles Margaret noting well her nudity and compliments her on her shape, and hope she looks that good after two children. The staff-nurse then helps Margaret into the bath and they just chat away like two long lost friends reunited while staff-nurse washes Margaret very diligently.

After she is dried Margaret is left naked with her hands on head for the student to recollect her. This time it is a different student. She’s given a towel to wrap in and taken back to her bed.

Margaret’s lying awake wondering if the next night will be a repeat of last night. She notices that the nurses are all rather busy; She’d been moved down a few beds to make way for new mothers. She drifts off to sleep but is awoke by a student nurse who asks if Margaret would like a bath. Margaret with out thinking sleepily nods an affirmative. The nurse tells her that it’s a bust night tonight because theirs another bath to organise. She draws the curtains and Margaret gets out of bed. The student smiles and asks Margaret to undress. Margaret as noticed the absence of a towel. Margaret goes along with it and strips. The nurse leaves her there whilst she goes off for a towel she says.

Another student returns with the towel and as before Margaret wraps herself in it before being led out and up to and across the corridor. They move down the full length of the other ward, which is nearly empty, then out on to the veranda ward, which is brightly lit. The nurse shows Margaret to the veranda bathroom and leaves her their minus the towel, which she takes with her, instructing her first to stands hands on head.

After a short while the staff-nurse appears and whilst chatting to Margaret and giving her a good looking over, runs two baths. One with just freezing cold water the other with nice warm bath water. Margaret’s helped in and the staff-nurse begins to wash her. The door opens and the first student nurse is dragged in by a group of other nurses. Margaret knows what is going to happen next. The nurse is stripped and very unceremoniously dunked in the cold water. After they where satisfied that she was wet and very cold she was allowed out. After the hands on head twirl she was let go to dry and get dressed. The staff turned to finishing off Margaret and when she was done left stood naked hands on head.

The student nurse who’d been dunked appeared and said for Margaret to follow her. Margaret protested her nakedness and the student nurse said staff said. Margaret wasn’t really in a position to do anything about it. The left the bathroom and entered the veranda ward Margaret walked to the door to the main ward. She was reassured in this walk by the fact that the towel was hanging there. She returned back to bed.

Night three arrives, a strange nigh Margaret says. The routine was the same. Stripped by her bed then taken in towel to the veranda bathroom. Towel off, stand naked but this time it’s not the staff nurse who baths her but the student. After the bath the student as her do a twirl then takes her naked to the veranda ward door before giving her the towel.

Fourth night, the staff-nurse comes to her early and draws the curtains around. Margaret tells me at this point that she’d remove her bloomers earlier in anticipation. The staff nurse asks her to remove her nightgown and leaves her in bed naked. she then draws back the curtains and the nurses carry on around her doing the usual nighttime routines. When things have settled down about the normal time for the bath but just a little earlier another trained nurse comes. She draws the curtains and Margaret thinks well here goes again, no towel, so is expecting to stand their naked until one is fetched. Instead the nurse has her lay on top of the bed arms down side, completely naked. She then puts on the overhead light so that everything’s on show. She says that since she is a honorary Florence she’s going to be treated as one. She leaves leaving Margaret very much naked and on show. Margaret says she just lays there very intrigued by all of this.

She doesn’t here the figure approach the curtain. The first she is aware that there is someone there is when the curtain is pulled back. Taken by surprised and blinded by the overhead light she doesn’t realise for a good few seconds that the figure is a male porter. She realise soon enough when he says, “You nurses and your antics. I’ve come to take you for your bath” Margaret was recoiling to cover herself after the “You..”

Somewhat shocked she found herself being helped up and a towel being given to her. She wrapped herself in it and was led away by the porter to the veranda bathroom. Outside the bathroom the staff-nurse was there to greet them. As the porter walked away the staff-nurse quite expertly whipped the towel from Margaret and haltered and called back the porter by saying, “Here we don’t need this” he turned to have reveal for the second time in five minutes Margaret’s naked body. After this she was taken into the bathroom and the staff nurse bathed her. After she was done and dried. Staff-nurse led her from the bathroom naked. At the veranda door the staff nurse told Margaret to be quiet and just go where she led. Still naked but covering Margaret’s led up the ward and to the nurses office. Which was full of the other trained nurse and students along with another female patient. Margaret is gives her robe to wear and notices that the other female patient seems dressed likewise. She’s introduced as a nursing colleague who’s in for observations.

On the last night, Margaret finds herself stood behind the curtain naked. A student comes to her and says that they’re ready for her. No towel is forth coming. Margaret is led quite naked down the full length of her ward having been moved to the veranda across the corridor and down the full length of the next ward. She finds herself stood in the bathroom naked. The staff-nurse comes in and runs two baths. When the baths are run she strips off naked and stands hands on head and lets Margaret see everything. They then each take a bath and chat away. After sometime, a student comes in and staff-nurse asks what she wants. The student says these and before staff can do anything her clothes and the towels are gathered up and the student disappears with them.

So having no choice once they are dried both women make their way back naked. At the nurses office they are told that the staff-nurses clothes are on Margaret’s bed.
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Name: Geogre
Subject: The Ship Builders Tales
Message:In the early 1980’s I was made redundant from the ship building industry on Tyneside. I’d be originally a riveter, then a welder. I’d worked there since 15 following in my father’s footsteps. I went and signed on at the employment exchange thinking I’d soon be back in work. Weeks went by and not an opportunity in sight for a highly skilled trades man. One day the clerk offered me a piece of paper with a job interview on it. It was for a ward orderly. I told the clerk that they must have given me the wrong card has I was a workingman. The clerk said they’d been no mistaking the job qualifications where for a strong man to help lift patients and fetch and carry supplies for the ward. I found myself sitting in front of a woman about my age (45). She was the sister of the ward and gave me a card to take to personal, I could start the next morning and that was that, I’d become a nurse so to speak overnight.

The first two weeks were absolutely awful. But slowly I got use to the ward, the staff, and the patients. My job was to take patients from the ward to various rehabilitation units, collect drugs, linen, the meal trays, and so on. Another aspect was to help the female nurses (I was the only male member of staff) lift the heavier patients. I was also called on to restrain the patients with dementia when they got agitated. The ward was an all female geriatric ward most of the patients were suffering from a stroke, or dementia. I settled in and contented myself that the job was just until a proper job came along. Besides the sister had said the job was only short-term until the nurse who’s job it was came back after receiving surgery for women’s troubles.

I started to here some tall tales about what had befallen the younger nurses in training. I figured these where similar to the tales we’d tell the young apprentices in the shipyards. One classic was that before they could be allowed into the inner circle they had to carry a red-hot rivet in their bear hands. We showed them older men doing it. We then tell them to close their eyes, as we’d put the rivet in. We’d draw a red-hot rivet out of the brassiere. They’d close their eyes and we’d change it for one that had been warmed in a cup of boiling water. This made the rivet warm but not dangerous. They would inevitable drop it. The reasoning behind this was that it built trust that was important in the shipyard. The young men showed that they would do as they where told, and that they could trust the older guys not to put them in harms way.

Any way, one day the staff-nurse came to me and said that it was sister’s birthday the next day. Would I be willing to help them with the celebrations? I said sure the sister had been really good to me and supportive. I figured that they wanted me to use my height to hang banners, or fetch and carry stuff, perhaps move the tables around in the day room.

The next day came and after morning tea in the quiet time before lunch staff-nurse came to me and asked me to come to the lower sluice/bathroom. We went through the double doors and turned to the bathroom area. Staff pulled back the curtain which concealed the bathtub from being viewed accidentally by others when nurses where coming and going. She gave me an apron to wear and told be to hold a sponge in my hand. I’d already noticed that the bathtub had been filled. I could now hear a light-hearted commotion outside. It was sister being propelled along against her will. I very quickly cotton on to the plan. They’d bring sister in, she’d see me stood there ready to bath her, she’d freak out, then they’d present her with a cake and present and have a good laugh. I was feeling a little guilty at being part of what would be a shock but also knew that sister had a good sense of humour and would see the funny side.

The double doors crashed open and sister was propelled and turned across the floor to the bathroom area. Her shoes squeaked on the oil tile floor as the two auxiliaries, one holding each arm firmly manoeuvred her into my sight. The two student nurses behind her along with the SEN. Sister’s face was a picture when she saw me. She gasped quite loudly before her jaw dropped open, then lowering her head in shameful anticipation saw the water and realised that perhaps staff was serious. She raised her head in horror and shaking it with a nervous smile said, “Your not serious?”

“Yes”, said staff, “When we took Frank on you said there wasn’t anything wrong with a male orderly helping us bath patients. So we’ve took you at your word”. They’d been concerns about the female patients being shocked at being bathed, or being helped to be bathed by a male. Indeed some looked quite shocked or embarrassed the first time but not as much as me. After a few times they seemed to be use to it, and accepted it, as just what happens in hospital. I mentioned it to my wife and she assured me that she would never let me see her in the bath never mind have another man wash her. This was true in 23 years of marriage I’d never seen her naked in the bath.

The auxiliaries now turned sister back towards the sluice. I could hear her being wrestled to the ground. I began to grow concerned myself now. Surely they weren’t really going to force her into the bath. I rationalised what was happening in two ways. Firstly, they where just going to spin out sister’s suspense a little longer, perhaps remove her hat, belt and maybe shoes before releasing her, making her really believe they where going to do it. Secondly, that it was kind of a counter surprise on me. That just when I thought I was going to have to decided whether or not I was going to go through with this or not sister would emerge fully dressed or at least decent.

I heard sister’s pleas, the sound of shoes clearly being removed, the metal click of her board belt being undone, and the sound of the starched hat being unpinned. Funny how ones senses are heighten in these situations. Sister was saying, “Please no spare me”, “Please not all the way” then clearly as the sound of a zip could be heard, “No father then this please”. I heard the sound of material being ruffled then a student nurse say, “Very sexy, sister”. Staff who’d been stood at the opening of the cubical with her head forced around the side so she could see what was happening to sister now turned back to me. “You’re missing the show some very sexy underwear. Do you like women in stockings and suspenders”? “No, no” said sister, with clear embarrassment in her voice. It wasn’t the stripping per sae she was saying no to but to staff’s invitation and description to me. There were further sounds of what appeared to be underwear being removed and stockings. I was now very unsure. I couldn’t leave because I’d have to walk right past poor sister, and just in case she was nude I didn’t want to turn an obvious joke into real embarrassment. I was sure that within the next few seconds a completely clothed sister would appear and the joke would be on my horrified face.

I heard the sound of exertion and sister being lifted, then a final plea from her. The two auxiliaries now backed, back into sight holding two bared arms. They crossed across the opening carrying a very naked sister. As her shoulders appeared I thought that they’d just dropped her bra straps for affect to see my face. I was stood there looking rather ridiculous with sponge in hand. I hadn’t moved from being put on the spot by staff. Now seeing sister’s naked body I just blushed deeply, and reflectively grow hard and very prominent. I was now really perplexed, I figured that I was having some form of hallucination. The auxiliaries wheeled sister’s body around so that the student nurses lifting her at her feet could turn into the bathroom. Poor sister. How do I begin to describe the look on her poor face?

I could see everything, as well she knew. Her legs where pulled wide open revealing her pussy lips, which where engorged, her black well kept pubic hair, then past a operation scar to her well sized, firm breasts with large hard brown nipples. Her face was one of shock, embarrassment, and surprise. Surprise that the other women had truly gone this far. Shocked at being naked in my presence. Embarrassed I think, but not seemingly through the nakedness, I think it was because it was obvious that she was aroused. Her eyes seemed to be pleading with me to end this some how, she was clearly concerned and in doubt as to whether or not I would go through with whatever was intended with the sponge or if staff would call a halt. But there was a twinkle, some inner delight and desire; some hope that this unreal scene wouldn’t be halted to prematurely. Her only words where, “We’ve never let men in on our celebrations before” to which staff replied laughing at her own pun, “Well we’ve never had a man before?” Suddenly, I saw this scene in a new light. Had this happened before, was this what sister expected but it was my presence which was the new shocking, embarrassing, surprising element?

The nurses carried her so she was over the bath then lowered her in. Sister squealed. The water was freezing, I know this for a fact, she said so, and speckles splashed my cheek.

“Well then Frank give sister her birthday bath, then she’ll see for herself if it’s acceptable to have a man bath you” staff said.

“I’ll get you for this” she said to staff then turning to me in a pleading tone hoping that her words would prick my conscience, “Not you Frank, I know your just as embarrassed as me” which was probably perfectly true. But with all the others now crowding into the small cubical it felt as if I had no choice. Somewhat on automatic pilot I bent and dipped the sponge in the water between sister’s held spread feet. She looked pleadingly at me like a little puppy then closed her eyes in resignation and said something very quietly, it was a prayer but I didn’t catch it.

I rose up and reached out to wash sisters face thinking that this was the least embarrassing for me, and her, and would be acceptable as completing the task. Staff stopped me, “Oh no Frank. Her breasts and pussy, we want sister to know what its like to have a man wash a woman. Besides we don’t want her make-up spoilt”. I was half thinking of interjecting here since although I’d help the nurses lift naked female patients in and out of the bath, and kept certain patients from scratching the nurses whilst being washed, I’d never actually washed any patient and certainly not so intimately. But, something took over, in for a penny in for a pound, I was waiting on a job I was sure to get, so being sacked wasn’t an issue. I reached out and made indirect contact with sister’s breasts and quickly soaked them. Next I even more quickly scrubbed with a quick rubbing action more her pubic hair than pussy. I now stood up fully. Sister was just well gob smacked that I’d done it but had the most serine smile on her face. “Turn her,” said staff and sister and I both looked puzzled. Sister caught on quicker. “Well you might as well see my best feature as well,” she said as she turned with the help of the nurses to reveal her bum. It was truly Devine but then I have a thing about backsides. I washed it, and the nurses released her. They began to sing happy birthday and the SEN that’d disappeared at some point without me noticing returned with a cake with lit candles. It was placed on a stool at the side of the bath. Looking at me, sister covered herself and asked for something to cover herself with while we ate the cake. “You know the rules” staff said but if Frank’s nice to you he’ll move around a bit”. Which is what I did to spare some of sisters blushes.

After eating the cake we left sister to dry and dress. I expected that once she was back in her uniform there would be hell to pay her authority restored. But no, she walked back into the duty area and just began talking to use as normal issuing orders for the lunch time period and the afternoon since she was half-day and was going off shortly to celebrate with her husband. I kept expecting some repercussion once the enormity of the event sunk in. But it never came. The only comments from her came one at a time over the next few weeks. Firstly, she was concerned about my embarrassment at their antics as she put it. I said it should be me apologising to her. She said, “I’m a big girl now I’ll live” I replied, “I know” reference to her well-endowed cleavage. She laughed and said, “Cheeky, I am your sister”. Some weeks later she asked quite casually one late shift what I had thought of her body. I was a bit embarrassed but I said I thought it was excellent. She asked which bits in particular. I said somewhat shyly her bottom. “Are a bottom man?” she said smiling and nodding in a mysterious knowing way. Later she asked if I’d ever washed my wife in the bath. Again a bit uncomfortable at her openness I said, “No, my wife said, she’d never let me see her in the bath never mind another man, eh, wash her”

Life went on. I didn’t get the job I was in for at the time of the bathing incident but eventually got offered another one. Sister accepted my resignation and said they’d have to go short handed until the other nurse return in about three weeks. She then said that we should go out and celebrate my new job and leaving. I said that would be nice, I’d grown quite found of them all. She then winked and said that she thought I deserved a little surprise and farewell gift.

I ponder over the next few days that last statement. I had visions of me ending up naked in the bath. I wasn’t disturbed at that thought. I think men think its quite natural to be bathed by a woman. All that mothering when young, and although I’m banished from the bathroom when my wife’s bathing she would often bath me. Sister asked if she could swap my remaining shifts around to facilitate us going out to celebrate I said sure that was fine. My wife was a little displeased, she hated sudden change, but she felt that I was best off out of that place because she’d noticed an undesirable change in me. I hadn’t told her about the bath incident, just as well, because when I did plus my surprise she went ballistic and sent me to Coventry, not the place.

So on my last shift, which was a late shift before we where going out to the pub, I was busy at the top end of the ward. Sister had asked me to clean the high corners of the ward, which the cleaners missed the cobwebs because they could reach that high. I’d finished and was walking back down the ward to the nurses point. The ward was in darkness, the patients put to bed. It was the quiet time before night staff came on. The student nurse, who was on duty with the auxiliaries from the bath incident, and another SEN with the original one had all just walked up to the nurses point from the bottom sluice/bathroom. They where giggling but stopped as I approached. They were all beaming smiles. I was now a little cautious and uncertain feeling that something was going down.

Sister came out of the bottom sluice carrying something in her outstretched arms, which were bent at the elbow and held to her side. Like a footman or butler carrying a tray. In the dimness of the unlit ward I could not make out what it was. She stepped into the glow of the nurses station I could clearly see but it still took time to fully register. Across her arms dropping to each side lay a blue nurses uniform dress, over this was a white slip, then a white bra, and a pair of white panties. The slip, gave away whose clothes these where, since staff was the only one I new of who wore one on duty. Sister confirmed the ownership, “Would you take these back to staff for me please Frank, and tell her not to leave them lying around, and to get a move on”.

I took the bundle from her and with a lump of expectation in my throat and apprehension, and I’m a shamed to say growing hardness made my way down the ward to the sluice. I pushed through the double doors half expecting to see staff curled up on the floor or in the corner trying to hide her nakedness. I’d resolved to simply but the bundle down and leave. But there was no obvious sign of her so I called out. “Staff”. Her voice drifted weakly from behind the curtain that concealed the bathtub.

“Frank”. Staff called out. Then a pause, “OH no”. Longer pause “The bitch”. Staff said.

“It’s ok” I said, “I’ll leave your clothes here” thinking that sister was obviously paying staff back as well as giving me a surprise. “I’ll just say I’ve seen everything and spare you sister’s embarrassment.”

“That isn’t going to work Frank. You’re meant to see me, its okay I’m resigned to my fate, its only fair after all,” Staff said.

“I’ll just peek then and push your clothes under the curtain. That should satisfy everyone,” I said.

“I’m afraid I’m going to need you to do a little more than peek. I’m going to need your help to dress” staff said.

I took a deep breath and gently pulled back the curtain to peek. I’d slowly advanced across the sluice floor. The light in the bath cubical silhouetted staff through the white plastic curtain. I couldn’t understand the strange silhouette but now peeking I could. Staff-nurse was naked as expected. Her arms were above her head. Each wrist was tied to the hopped rail that ran above and around the bath. It was never used to carry the curtain as originally planned. Her naked body was back to me so I could see her lovely firm dainty bottom. Staff-nurse was aged about 32 I think. Her legs where crossed over.

“I’m going to need you to untie me I’m afraid” staff said apologetically as if she was causing me great inconvenience.

I walked further in and placed her clothes on the chair in the far corner that was kept there for that purpose. Not putting naked staff-nurse’s clothes on but patients. I turned back and saw such an exquisite vision. Made even more Devine and delightful because of my catholic upbringing. She was like the pictures of Christ. Arms stretched out in a Y shape above her head. Her head bowed and looking down the naked length of her body. Her legs crossed trying to conceal her pussy, but just accentuating her light fair brown bush. I took in the smoothness of her body, her firm pointed, small breasts with their ruby red nipples like red-hot rivets. I was temporarily swayed and nearly was overcome with the wondrous sight but managed to steady myself enough to reach up and undo the nearest wrist restrain. I thought it was a stocking but I knew staff didn’t wear them, I then realised her tights had been torn into two. I now walked the long way around to the other side. My thoughts were how lucky I was to have found this strange temporary occupation and seen such loveliness. I untied the other wrist and staff wrapped herself up. She smiled.

“You were meant to wash me like this” staff said.

“I’ll say I did”. I said and sensed a moment of disappointed that receded into gladness.

I turned to go and staff called me back. “What did you think of mine then?” she said. Obviously sister had said something. “I love them, whatever the shape and size,” I said.

Once staff had dried her feet and dressed she joined us. Night staff arrived and we set off to the pub. It was a great night but every time I looked at staff or sister I had to turn away. They’d smile knowingly, knowing that I wasn’t seeing them but imagining them. I started my new job and the week went slow. I found I was missing the friendships. On the Thursday night I found myself going out of my way to go home via the hospital. I stood looking up at the ward windows then ventured inside. Sister greeted me warmly. “Want your old job back?” She asked. I nodded. “Great!’ she said the other nurse had phone in on Tuesday to say she wasn’t coming back. I went into work the next day and gave my notice. My wife was incandescent with rage. I tried to tell her that although it was nearly £20 per month lower in pay, I’d be £100 happier. I was also to eventually marry my second wife but that’s a long way off and quite another story. And yes, there was plenty of more interesting fun!
Wednesday, January 17th 2007 - 10:27:40 AM
Name: slutgirl6700
E-mail address: slutgirl6700@excite.com
Subject: don’t talk back to your mom
Message:It was my birthday on Jan 3 and all week before my party my mom and I were fighting. All week my mom kept on me about the dumbest things. At my party I decided to wear this hot little black dress with no bra on to show off to the boys at my party. Well my mom saw it and told me to change before everyone came. I said no and back talked her. My mom said fine wear it. I’ll deal with you later. When everyone was there and the party was going well with all the boys staring at me and talking about me my mom came in with a hair brush. She said ok Melinda I have had it with you this week. All you’ve done all week is be a real pain in the ass. I told u not to wear that dress and to put a bra on. Since you refused and gave me back talk too I’m going to give you’re a pain in your ass you won’t soon forget. Since you want to be a slutgirl and show your body off to everyone I’m going to make sure you do it right. Then she ordered me to take my dress off and bend over to be spanked. I told her no and that I didn’t have a bra on. She said too bad you wanted to show off so now’s your chance and with that she grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head. She left me standing in just a throng nothing else. Then my mom said, take the throng off too. The boys were yelling ‘strip strip’ and the girls were laughing. I told my mom no so she grabbed my thong and tore it off me. She said for not doing as I was told my punishment would be even worse now. I was bent over, legs kicked apart, and spanked with the hairbrush while everyone watched. She spread me so everyone could see everything from in back. Even worse my mom kept making remarks about my rear and vagina being totally open and on display for everyone to see. After about 20 hits on my rear my mom said now for the rest of your punishment. She told me enjoy showing my body off cause that how you were staying for the rest of your party tonight in front of your classmates and friends.
Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 03:14:04 AM
E-mail address: jenny905@hotmail.com
Subject: pay back from cheerleaders at my school
Message:Kim and her cheerleader friends taught me a lesson at the mall where I work at for flirting with Kim's b/f the day before. They waited outside Spencer gifts for me to pick up my paycheck. Before I got into the store they grab me drag me into the mall hallway next to the store. Then they applied makeup on me to look like a whore. They then strip me naked put a very sheer see though blouse on me and a very tiny diaper that barely covered my privates and worse yet u could see some of my privates when I walked cause it would sag slide down some. When they made me sit people could look down inside the diaper. They made me go into Spencer’s gift so my co-workers and boss see me dress like that. For 2 hours then they made me go shopping with them so people see me dress like that. Then Kim called my dad and told him he should come into the mall to see how I got dress to go shopping with them or call ken my boss and ask him what I wore into the store to get my paycheck. My dad came to the mall saw me blew his top and grab me and told me if I want to be a slut and show myself off. Then he was going to help me for people to see a better show. Then Kim told my dad he should punish me by sending me to her Christmas party Dec 22. An hour before the party and make me give him all my clothes to take home. She said if I want to show off her party will be a good place so our friends and classmates see me naked during the party and Kim and the other cheerleaders make sure I don’t use hands to cover myself. My dad was so mad he told Kim he’d be dropping jenny off at her party.
Friday, January 5th 2007 - 12:01:25 PM
E-mail address: jenny905@hotmail.com
Subject: taught lesson
Message:This past Dec 22 I was taught a lesson from the cheerleaders from my school for flirting with one of their boyfriends the day before. They knew was I was going to the mall to pick up my paycheck from Spencer gifts. When they saw me they grab me and pulled me into a mall hallway and stripped me naked and applied make-up to make me look like a slut and then put me in a very sheer see-though blouse and a very tiny diaper that was about 1/2 to small to cover everything in front. Even worse when I walk it would sag down for even more to see. They then marched me into my job so my coworkers and boss see me like that and afterwards I was forced to walk around in the mall and into stores for 2 hours for everyone to look. Then Kim the cheerleader’s boyfriend I was flirting with called my dad and told him to come to the mall and see how I dressed for the mall when they picked me up for shopping with them. My dad came and just blew his top and grabbed me and told me if I want to look like a slut then he was going to help me even more for people to see. Guess I keep what he did as punishment to me for another time and what Kim did and said to my dad and how he went with it.
Thursday, January 4th 2007 - 11:05:27 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: Something Else Dropping On New Year's Eve
Message:Ok, so this is actually the 3rd forum I'm posting this on, but I think it fits well here! Anyway, Happy New Year, everybody!

***Warning: Subject matter and details may be too explicit for some readers!***


Shannon didn’t mean to do it! It was an accident! In only an instant, the drink in her hand flew into the back of the T.V. The cheery sights and sounds of New Year’s Eve in New York City suddenly went dark and silent, and instead, a brief flash and persistent smell of burning circuits took its place. Everyone at the basement party quietly stared in disbelief while Kim, the party’s hostess, scrambled to unplug the lifeless T.V. But, it was too late: the underage drinking was well underway, and the centerpiece of the entertainment was gone. All of them were stuck without a window to the outside world, and the silence was almost deafening.

“Now, we can’t watch the Ball Drop at midnight for New Year’s! Looks like we’ll have to find something else to entertain us!” Kim growled. Kim’s accusing glare had scared the hell out of Shannon... and for good reason!

* * *

At the time, Shannon didn’t realize that she would become the new “entertainment” for the night. Now, she found herself handcuffed to a pole in Kim’s basement. Worse still, the chain linking Shannon’s handcuffs was affixed to a beam in the ceiling, pulling her hands up and away from her body. Since she also had “a kicking problem,” Shannon’s ankles were loosely secured to the pole as well. Certainly, she had never been bound like this before, and she was a bit concerned at everyone’s–especially Kim’s–eagerness to leave her in this predicament!

Since this was a New Year’s party, Shannon was dressed a little wilder than usual. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders instead of being pulled up. She wore a tight, green top which accentuated her B-cups nicely with its low neckline and flared smoothly along her slender waist. On the bottom, she donned a very snug pair of low-riding blue jeans which hugged her bubble butt beautifully, almost always showing off a little ass cleavage.

Much to Shannon’s chagrin, she became much more entertaining than the T.V. ever was. Most of the attention was focused on her sexy, round ass which--bound as she was--she was unable to point away from the room full of partygoers. Shannon yelped with the countless smacks her pouty derriere received; most used their hands, but some were more creative. Often, Kim would hook her finger into the back of Shannon’s jeans and give a sharp downward tug, making sure her friend’s ass cleavage was prominently displayed for all her happy guests.

As the night went on, Shannon’s ass cleavage was put to work as if it were some sort of amusing kitchen appliance. First, she was christened “holder of the bottle opener,” and she yelped and squirmed when she felt that cold metal slide along her ass crack. Bottled beer consumption went way up after that! When that grew old, she was deemed “keeper of the straws,” and the bottle opener was replaced by a small handful of drinking straws. Shannon cursed aloud as the small bundle slid far deeper along her exposed crack, and the straw tips were left to tickle the rim of her anus. Few people were using straws at the party, so this eventually evolved to a game of “How many straws can Shannon’s ass hold?” Shannon didn’t like this game, and her tight jeans slowly grew tighter and more uncomfortable with each added straw. Eventually, however, they did run out of drinking straws, but they seemed to have just as much fun slowly removing them as they did putting them in!

Yet, the most entertaining “game” was not discovered until well after eleven o’clock. Kim had decided to push an ice cube down Shannon’s defenseless ass crack, and everyone was instantly amused by the girl’s sexy gyrations to rid herself of the freezing object. Despite her squeals of protest, people dropped more and more ice cubes down her ass cleavage in order to watch that bubble butt bounce. The dance music was turned up as Shannon sexily sashayed and wriggled her ass and hips. Unbeknownst to the onlookers, her dancing became much more intense when a few of the cold cubes brushed the back of her pussy! As she “performed,” a few people jokingly slid dollar bills into her back pockets–but not without an extra slap or pinch, of course.

By the time midnight approached, Shannon was tired from all the “dancing” she did, and the melting ice had left a huge wet spot across her crotch and ass. Meanwhile, Kim called the room to order so that they could watch the “Drop” for the New Year. Enthusiastically, the intoxicated crowd gathered around, and Kim selected one lucky volunteer to help her. Bound as she was, Shannon was helpless as Kim loosened her belt while the partygoers’ countdown began...

“10!” Shannon’s belt buckle was unfastened while her buttocks were forcibly pointed toward the excited crowd.

“9!” Kim and the volunteer each grabbed an end of Shannon’s belt.

“8!” Both of them pulled the belt ends out and down!

“7!” Pop! Shannon’s snap could no longer take the pressure!

“6!” Zzzzzip... The zipper to Shannon’s tight jeans had no chance to resist! She swayed her hips back and forth in a futile effort to keep this last fastener in place.

“5!” The natural curves of Shannon’s hips and ass futilely tried to hold everything in place, but they were far too smooth and soft of hold out for long!

“4!” Despite trying to hold her legs together, Shannon’s tiny, purple thong crept into view!

“3!” Reddened by the numerous spankings throughout the night, Shannon’s bubble bottom sprang into a full moon, eliciting a gasp from the bound girl. Her rounded backside almost completely hid the purple thong between its rosy cheeks.

“2!” Shannon’s jeans were inside out and useless at her knees. Kim now reached for the purple thong!

“1!” Kim yanked those tiny panties clear down to Shannon’s knees! The girl shrieked in horror at her new exposure but didn’t realize it was about to get far worse!

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Kim grabbed her friend’s buttocks and roughly spread them as wide as she could, clearly exposing Shannon’s dainty asshole and back of her pussy to everyone! The partygoers cheered, jeered, and whooped for joy! Confetti that was meant for throwing in the air was instead being tossed at the lovely ass spread before them. All kinds of pictures and videos were taken for posterity! Meanwhile, Kim had quite an up-close view of the hairy triangle on Shannon’s front!

While the drunken mass celebrated the New Year, Shannon stood in shock, with her mouth slightly agape and her face beet red in humiliation. She could feel the confetti gently tickle her warm derriere and smooth thighs. She was absolutely surprised when Kim stood up and briefly kissed her on the lips: “Happy New Year, you sexy thang! Consider this your repayment for the T.V. you destroyed!” Before she walked away from the stunned blonde, Kim goosed Shannon with her pointy party hat, bringing Shannon out of her trance with a yelp...

* * *

Yes, everyone at that party agreed that Shannon’s “Pants Drop” was way better than any New York City “Ball Drop” they’d ever seen or ever will see. Well, everyone agreed except for maybe Shannon. Then again, she did get out of replacing an expensive T.V. set, now didn’t she?

Saturday, December 30th 2006 - 02:25:50 AM
Saturday, December 30th 2006 - 02:25:50 AM
Name: Sara
E-mail address: Bubblegom@aol.com
Subject: My Life - Part 5
Message:My Life


Part Five

I had my seventeenth birthday in the middle of May. I was now what I called semi-legal; I could be screwed, but I couldn’t vote. I insisted on a big party and, when my parents told me no, I just kept throwing an ongoing temper tantrum until they agreed. Mwahaha! It was a huge party, I’m not kidding. My birthday fell on a Wednesday that year, so the party was held on a Friday because of school, you know.

Unbeknownst to my parents, I had plenty of booze stashed away. I’d been working on it for over a month. Also a lot of the kids that were coming were bringing booze, so that party floated, let me tell you. I also got one of those local high school bands to come cheap, because I promised them all the free booze they could drink.

Now my biggest problem, naturally enough, was what to do with my family – I sure didn’t want them hanging around. I finally convinced them – and it was difficult, let me tell you – that they should visit my aunt for the weekend. They had put off visiting her, because they didn’t like her very much.

Well, they finally agreed and they all pulled out in our station wagon on Friday morning and wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon, at the earliest. I didn’t go to school that day, but instead stayed home and worked on getting everything ready for my big birthday party.

Everyone was supposed to start showing up after dinner, but of course people arrived a lot earlier than that. My close friends came over right after school, but that was okay because they were going to help me get everything ready. They even helped me pick out my outfit. I wore this real short tight black dress that had a plunging neckline, and with my blonde hair – I looked hot, let me tell you! I really scored too and got a whole lotta presents. It was the bomb!

So most of the people started showing up around dusk, you know – about 8:30 or 9 o’clock, because it was getting on to the summer and, since it was Friday night, a lot of the kids were planning on staying real late and they didn’t want to start their partying too early or they’d crash too soon.

The band got there about nine and the whole house started rocking. Man, I’m surprised it didn’t collapse or something. There were cars parked everywhere, up and down my street and all over my lawn. There was probably about a hundred people there all told and the band was great! Now I did something that I usually don’t do and as far as I’m concerned it’s my friends’ fault. I started drinking. I usually don’t drink that much, because it affects me so, but all of my close friends were drinking and, they kept calling me a party pooper and even worse names than that, so finally I said okay I’d have one drink. Well, I’m certain you know what happened. One drink led to another drink and that drink led to another drink and pretty soon, I was smashed.

As soon as I became drunk, I started getting that urge to strip down and get comfortable, but I thought that stripping down at my own birthday party at ten o’clock at night would be pretty gauche, you know? But I really didn’t know what to do with myself at that point.

I couldn’t afford to drink anymore without doing something way stupid, so I was trying to dance in order to lessen some of the affect of the alcohol, but apparently booze doesn’t work that way. In fact, as the time went by I kept getting drunker. Well, I went over near the end of the living room and squeezed myself down between all these couples, who were busy making out on the couch. I thought maybe I could just outwait the booze, but I guess it wasn’t having anything to do with that. As soon as I sat down, the room started spinning around. You ever have that happen to you after drinking? It’s really weird, let me tell you. So that room spinning around made me feel as though I wanted to vomit, so I quickly closed my eyes and kept them shut, thereby keeping the room on the floor, so to speak.

Later I guess I fell asleep. I don’t like to say I passed out, but that was probably closer to the truth. Anyway I must have been out for a while and I must have been moving all around in my sleep too, because when I woke up the couples on the couch had ceased their romantic undertakings and were staring at me. It seems that my short black dress had ridden up to around my waist and of course I wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath, so my pussy was on big time display.

So at that point, what did I care? It was far later in the evening and some of the people had cleared out, so I just turned my back to the kid sitting next to me and asked him if he would pull the zipper down on the back of my black dress. Judging by how fast he acceded to my demand, I think he was anxious to help. I just leaned forward and let that dress slide down my arms and off my bare breasts and then I stood up and allowed the whole dress to hit the floor, and I was suddenly stark naked and the hit of my own birthday party!

Guys were coming out of the woodwork to ask me to dance, but I waited until one really cute boy, who I had had my eye on for awhile came over. His name was Jim Hawkins and he was really attractive. He was a little taller than me, but he had a great build. Jim wore his dark hair medium long, had coal black eyes that could look right through you when he wanted and a large mouth that looked just right for kissing.

Of course the band wanted to play fast numbers, because to them it was more fun and also they wanted to watch me gyrating around naked. I went over and straightened them and let them know if they didn’t play slow numbers, they were cut off from the booze. Jim drew me close to him, as soon as the song began and pressed my nude body against his clothed one as tight as he could. I could feel his penis starting to stir some. It felt like a little mouse at that point.

It was fairly dark in the room naturally with all the main lighting being turned off, but I could still see his girlfriend over on the side of the room glowering at me. I guess Jim wanted to dance with me more then he wanted to appease her. I wonder if me being stark naked had anything to do with that.

We had been dancing for a minute or two and I felt his erection inside his pants grow significantly larger, so I surreptitiously reached down and lowered his zipper. Jim pushed aside the opening of his boxer shorts and ‘ol Mr. Johnson’ came out for a visit. I glanced over at his girlfriend and I could see her attempting to peer through the gloom, but I could tell she couldn’t know anything for certain at that point.

I raised up on my tiptoes and his seven-inch prick just slid right into my wet distended labia. I had been wet ever since I had stripped down. We quit the charade that we were dancing and we just stood in one place and rocked back and forth, as if we were still
attempting to dance, but had grown tired. Personally I was so excited, I went off like a firecracker. Bang! Bang! It took Jim a little longer, but not much; I mean considering the circumstances the entire situation was highly sexually charged.

Unfortunately it was about this time that his girlfriend grew very suspicious and pranced out on the part of the living room that had become the dance floor. When she pulled us apart and she saw Jim’s penis still sticking out of his pants, I thought she was going to faint. But no such luck. She began screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting him and then hitting me.

Well, when she started hitting me, that was all she wrote, because I don’t let anybody hit on me. I figured if I grabbed a couple of pieces of apparel off her that it would calm her down. I soon discovered that I was wrong about that too. She was a hottie too. I’m sure ordinarily Jim would have never left her side. She had long brunette hair, a simply gorgeous face with a little button nose, and a fabulous figure, which included large breasts and a narrow waist. I already had her down to her bra and half-slip, but she kept on coming back for more, just wailing away on me.

“Kitty, stop!” Jim shouted.

“Kitty?!” I laughed. “Does Kitty want some milk?” I asked, pushing my breasts up at her.
Just as I wanted, this seemed to infuriate her the more and as she wildly struck out at me, I slipped her attack and moved in close and ripped off her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. She screamed and the crowd that had grown around us grew wild. I grinned in appreciation at them for their applause and moved back in for the kill. Grabbing her half-slip and panties by the waist band, I yanked them down to the floor rendering her as naked as me, excepting for her shoes. She was now so insane with rage that when she discovered her clothing limiting her movement, instead of pulling them back on, she just kicked it away. Her boyfriend had stopped saying anything to either one of us, but stood and watched in appreciation of the tableau that lay before him. We were every man’s wet dream – two women who had stripped themselves naked fighting!

The very next time she punched out at me with her right hand I grabbed it and quickly twirled her around, while holding her right arm up at a painful position. Mr. Boyd had taught me some self defense tactics between our sexual trysts. Kitty must have picked up a few moves of her own along the way, as she knew enough to kick my ankle with the back of her right heel until I relinquished my hold.

The very attractive young brunette then greatly surprised me as she lowered her left shoulder and charged me knocking me to the ground flat on my back! She lay on top on me and glared as if to say, ‘Well, what are you going to do now sucker?’ I reached out with both of my hands clutching the sides of her head and pulled her down to me, while kissing her passionately and slipping my tongue into her open mouth. She was so surprised she didn’t know what to do.

I used her indecision to reach down with my left hand and locate her clitoris and began to manipulate her love button vigorously. Now she had no further interest in fighting, that was for sure. The crowd pushed closer around us, while pushing Jim further away. I think the entire situation of making love in public with another female turned Kitty on completely and very shortly she was moaning and writhing, while the crowd cheered as though they were at a sporting event. Actually these people were pretty weird and tacky too.

We continued to kiss passionately, while I fiddled with her clit until suddenly she began to cum with a vengeance with it flowing from her literally in torrents. She later told me it was the best sexual experience she’d ever had.

“Ah, oh God!” she shouted out, as the crowd went completely wild. I made a decision then and there not to invite most of these folks to anything ever again, not even to a cock fight.

After Kitty had finished, she lay in my arms for a few minutes while the crowd dispersed and went back to whatever disreputable activity they had previously been involved in. We later got up and I showed Kitty my bedroom for the rest of the night. Jim was left high and dry and out in the cold, so to speak.

Kitty and I have remained the best of friends to this very day and certainly a port in a storm for each other.
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Thursday, December 28th 2006 - 07:07:58 AM
Name: humungous
E-mail address: soulplower@aol.com
Subject: from the web
Message:This is a little story I picked up from a depantsing site. Thought I should share it with you.

Wife Caught Naked Outside

BY: Larry And Sabrina

Larry - When this happened to us, we just HAD to let someone know but we couldn't tell anyone we really know.

Sabrina - My husband has been nagging me for the last few months about our sex life. About how I am not as spontaneous anymore and adventurous etc. So I decided to surprise him one day when he came back from work. So, it was 6:30 and I knew he'd be home any minute now. I took off all my clothes and waited by the door with it slightly open. When I heard the car pull up I got into position. I opened the door wide so I could be in full view when he came in. I positioned myself on my hands and knees doggie style so that my ass would be the first thing he sees when he comes in. Then he'd get horny immediately and jump me. Thing is, I heard him approach but I also thought I heard voices?

Larry - She heard right. My co-worker Linda came home with me that day to pick up some forms I had forgotten to bring in to work that morning and I told her to wait inside with me while I got them. We walked up the walkway and up the steps and then...

Sabrina - and then my mouth dropped right open! I could hear 2 voices clearly now and froze like a deer caught in headlights with a surge of anxiety knotting my stomach. I heard a gasp...

Larry - We got to the top of the steps and my jaw dropped, Linda gasped covering her mouth and my wife didn't move a muscle. She was frozen in place.

Sabrina - I was caught naked and hadn't had time to react. I froze with my eyes shut 'tightly' hoping they would just go away and not knowing what to do. God this was humiliating!

Larry - I looked over at linda who was still looking at my wife's bare ass and even her pussy was in plain view. Then we looked a each other 'extremely' uncomfortable and she smailed and said, I'll drop by tomorrow. Then as she walked away she yelled "bye Sabrina!" ...

Sabrina - I heard her say bye and still froze. I wasn't moving t'ill Larry was in and the door closed.

Larry - I came in and closed the door asap! I couldn't believe what just happened!! I was stunned and turned on at the same time. I just stood there and said, "honey?"

Sabrina - I turned around and just looked a him waiting for a reaction. When he finally smiled I started shaking and giggling nervously and couldn't stop. My plan backfired in a big way! He came over and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear...

Larry - I told her I was surprised but also extremely turned on that she was naked in front of my co-worker. She didn't say anything. Then I started to feel her up and her pussy was soaked!!! I started to rub it and she came almost immediately. I was hard as a rock and she saw it so she took me into the bedroom and spread her legs. I entered her and exploded in almost the same amount of time as she did.

Sabrina - After he came he went to get the camera and said we have to record this somehow. I tried to hide and ended up on the floor with a towel over my face and he took it. We talked about it some more that night ad had sex 2 more times. I couldn't believe how turned on we both were. I had so many emotions running through my mind when I was caught. Would he be mad? What would Linda think? etc...

Since then we have had sex everyday this week talking about this incident and decided to surf the net for a appropriate site/outlet to share this with as we can't exactly tell our family and friends.
Tuesday, December 26th 2006 - 09:20:02 AM
Name: Sara
E-mail address: Bubblegom@aol.com
Subject: My Life Part 4
Message:My Life

By Sara

Part Four

I never saw Andrea after that night. I’ve felt bad about that right up to this very day. I really enjoyed our friendship and I miss her. I have no idea where she is presently or what’s she’s doing.

Not long after our Christmas vacation was over, something interesting occurred. Have I mentioned that my parents are very religious? In fact, my mother is so religious she has a cross as a screensaver. Man, that’s putting your religion where you want it – to protect your computer. Mwahaha! The upshot of all this religious preoccupation is that I absolutely had to attend church every week or I would never hear the end of it for the entire following week. I also sang in the church choir.

I had just been accepted into the Senior Choir. In our church we had the Cherub Choir, which was for small children and the Junior Choir which was for older children, and the Senior Choir, which was for everybody else. I enjoyed singing in the choir. I have a good voice, so singing was easy for me and I enjoyed sitting up behind the minister on Sunday morning and looking out at the congregation. When the sermon would become boring, (which it always did) I could look out at everyone and amuse myself – hehe, or amuse them. Because I’m short and also sang soprano, I would always be seated in the front row of the choir.

But best of all, I ‘loved’ our choir robes. They were deep burgundy and looked really cool, but the best part was what you could wear under them – which in my case was nothing.

Everyone else just slipped their robe on over their outer apparel, but I always disappeared into the ladies room and, after stripping down to just my shoes, I would put on the robe. I would then stash my outfit in one of the Sunday school rooms. And no one would be wiser, or so I thought, but we’ll get to that part of the story later.

Some Sundays when I was bored, I would pick out a good looking guy in the congregation, establish eye contact with him and, then slip my right hand under my robe surreptitiously, and masturbate myself ‘til climax. Man, that was hot too! Somehow it always felt better doing it there than anywhere else. And I wouldn’t have anything to wipe myself with afterwards, so I would sit there all sticky for the rest of the hour and then still be sticky when I talked to people in the choir and the congregation that would come up following the service. I loved it! It just seemed so nasty and secret.

Another thing I used to do was during the prayers. Now I don’t know how much church you’ve ever attended, but at several points in our services the minister would lead us in prayer. Everyone, quite naturally, was supposed to have their heads bowed and their eyes closed during this time. Well, of course not everybody would cooperate in this endeavor – I suppose for a variety of different reasons, and there would be people who were looking around at everybody.

It didn’t happen very often, but once in a great while there would only be one other person besides myself looking around and, if the person was an attractive male, then I would do ‘my thing.’ We usually stood during these prayers, so I would make sure he was looking directly at me and then I would very slowly lift up the hem of my choir gown all the way up until it rested under my chin. Man, you should have seen the looks on their faces! It was awesome! And invariably they would look around to see if anyone else was watching and when they would look back, I would have already lowered my robe and I would have my head bowed in prayer as though nothing had happened at all. I know this blew their minds – haha! Now they weren’t certain if they really had seen that or just hallucinated it. They would always try to talk to me after the service, but I always managed to avoid them.

Now this went on for awhile and then catastrophe struck. It started innocently enough. The minister had us stand and bow our heads for the end of the sermon prayer. I raised my head and looked around and observed a young man staring right at me and he was way cute too! He was about five foot, eight inches, which is a good height for me. The young man appeared to be in his late teens and he was absolutely gorgeous! In fact, as soon as I saw him, I was thinking in terms of allowing him to talk to me after the service and I had never done that before. So looking right at him, I raised my choir robe and kept it up for over a minute and I don’t know if you’re really aware how a long a minute is, but it can seem really long, depending on the circumstances. Realizing the minister was reaching a conclusion, I quickly lowered my robe and winked at him. He was grinning broadly at me. I don’t know what it was, but something made me turn my head to the left and I was looking directly at Mrs. Hatfield, who was glaring at me with all the hatred in her soul, which was plenty! I almost fainted dead away, as my blood ran cold. There was no way this old harridan wasn’t going to tell.

Now as soon as the service was over, the minister walked down the main aisle and waited at the back doors to shake everybody’s hand and talk to them briefly. Of course that old bitch was headed right on a bee line towards him and she kept rounding around and glaring right at me, as if to ascertain that I was still present. I wanted to get out of there pretty badly, let me tell you, but I was blocked in from all the people who had gathered around to talk to the choir. These were usually friends and family members of the choir members. I also observed that boy coming up to me too, but I didn’t have time right then to worry about him. I just wanted to get the hell out of there! But what was I supposed to do? Walk on people?

Anyway I finally managed to get free by practically crawling on the floor, but I got out and I immediately headed back to get my clothes. That was my big mistake – well, that among many. I should have just left.

I had just stepped inside the Sunday school room, where I had stashed my clothes. Then I made my second mistake, I didn’t lock the door immediately behind me. I didn’t think I needed to, because I knew it was going to take the minister a few more minutes to shake everybody in the congregation by their hand. Unfortunately I had forgotten about the assistant minister! Our church always had an assistant minister. He would be a young man directly out of seminary, who wasn’t quite ready for his own charge yet. Usually the major problem would be that he was too young. It’s a drag, but a lot of churches just didn’t trust a minister who was too young. I think maybe they don’t trust someone, who hasn’t lived long enough to have been tempted by a lot of sin.

Anyway I had forgotten about Thad - Thad Jenkins. By the way, all of the real people’s names have been changed in order to protect the innocent and to prevent the guilty from suing me. He was our assistant minister and apparently the minister had pushed Mrs. Hatfield off on him. Not that I blame him – she was one ugly old bitch alright. I’d only been in the classroom enough time to walk across the room where I had my outfit hidden, when the door opened and in walked Mrs. Hatfield with the assistant minister.

Despite my out and out shock, I knew what to do. I put my most innocent look on my features and inquired, “Why, Minister Jenkins. How are you this morning?” I’ll tell you, I was so cool, butter wouldn’t have melted in my mouth.

Before he could answer, Mrs. Hatfield pointed her arm at me and spoke in an incredibly dramatic voice, milking her one big moment in the sun, “There’s the little strumpet, herself. She’s the harlot, who exposed herself to that decent young man during the service.”

‘Oh for God’s sake,’ I thought to myself. ‘She’s probably going to swoon in a minute.’ And then I realized that sounded like a good idea, so I acted as if I had fainted dead away. It’s not hard to do, but you have to remember to allow your legs to just carry you to the floor rather than throwing yourself down. And you have to be able to risk it, you can’t attempt to catch yourself in any manner.

The next thing I ‘knew’ (hehe), assistant minister Jenkins was leaning over me patting my hand. “Are you okay, Sara?” he asked, sounding gravely concerned.

“She’s okay, that harlot is just faking something,” the old harridan explained.

The young minister whirled around and instructed in a firm voice, “Mrs. Hatfield, please!”

“In fact,” he continued speaking, while gently pushing the older woman out of the door of the classroom and into the hallway. “Thank you for all your help, but I need to speak with Sara alone.”

As Mr. Jenkins was shutting the door in her face, I could hear the old bitch exclaim, “Don’t forget to have her take off her robe! Make her show you what’s under her choir robe.”

“Alright, I will,” he placated. Shutting the door and locking it, he turned to me with a smile and expressed, “Geez!”

I had since regained my feet. I smiled back at him.

“I’m very sorry, Sara. I don’t know what’s come over her,” expressed the young minister.

“Maybe the devil made her do it, Mr. Jenkins,” I quipped.

“Haha!” he laughed. “But please call me Thad. You’re only a three years younger than me and when you call me that, I think my father is in the room.”

Now it was my turn to giggle. “Shall we go?” Thad inquired.

I forgot to mention that Thad was just cute as a little ‘ol bug, didn’t I? Well, he was. He was about five foot, six inches tall. Personally I don’t think he had gotten his full growth yet, but he definitely had in certain areas, if you catch my drift. I think his being so short was another thing that was holding him back from acquiring his own church. It just made him appear so young.

He seemed to have a better than average physique beneath his black suit. He had sandy brown hair, blue eyes and a cleft chin. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had had dimples when he smiled.

As he began to unlock the door, I said, “Wait!”

Thad glanced at me with askance in those beautiful blue eyes. “What is it, Sara?”

“Don’t you think as a man of God that you should live up to your promises?”

He inquired, while displaying a quizzical expression across his handsome features, “Whatever are you talking about?”

“Well,” I continued shyly, “You promised Mrs. Hatfield that you would check beneath my choir robe.”

The young minister smiled and responded, “Oh, is that it? Ok, what’s underneath your robe, let me see.”

Believe you me, my heart was pounding in my substantial chest and adrenaline was racing through my body, as I reached down and pulled the choir robe off completely revealing my total nudity.

I heard his sharp intake of breath and Thad appeared as though he might pass out for a second, but then he appeared to gain control of himself.

“Sara!” the young minister exclaimed, shocked.

I stood there smiling at him, but did not choose to answer him.

“Sara!” Thad exclaimed again.

This time I answered, “What?”

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, while reaching out and taking me by my right hand.

I flushed more from his compliment than by standing nude before him. The young minister pulled me to him and held me embraced in his arms for a number of minutes. Oh my God! It was so romantic I couldn’t believe it.

Then Thad began to kiss me – everywhere. The handsome young man at first passionately kissed me on my mouth. His lips were so incredible soft and yet they sent shivers down my back. I pushed my tongue into his open mouth and against his tongue.

A few minutes later the young man began to kiss down my neck and then down to my breasts, God, I couldn’t believe it. I had never have anyone be so passionate or caring and concerned about my pleasure. Maybe it was from his being a minister and caring about people, or maybe he was just that good in bed – I don’t know. He began to suckle on my nipples until they grew as erect as I’d ever seen them and they became so sensitive that I could hardly stand anything to touch them. Thad then began to kiss me across the soft down of my lower belly, finally ending around my pubes. Man, let me tell you – I was squirming by then.

I thought he was going to start tonguing my pussy and I didn’t want that. I wanted him to screw me – NOW! So I attempted to pull him up to me, but he just shook his head no. Thad proceeded to kiss me softly down my inner thigh. Good grief! No one had ever kissed me there. It was so sexy. He continued to kiss down to my feet and then made me turn around and he began to work his way back up my bare body with his mouth. The young man literally kissed my ass. Haha! I thought that was just an expression.

When the young minister reached the back of my neck, he turned me around and silently embraced me again. I whispered, “I want you to make love to me.”

Being a true gentlemen, Thad complained, “But Sara, you’re too young.”

“No, I’m not!” I insisted, in a firm voice. “I’m not a virgin, and haven’t been for months and I want to make love right now!”

To convince him of my intentions, I reached down and unbuckled his belt and then unbuttoned his black suit pants. His trousers fell halfway to his knees and I observed the head of his penis poking out from his boxer shorts. It looked so cute – just like it was searching out pussy. I sank quickly to my knees and helped him step out of his trousers and underwear. I folded them nicely and placed them on a activity table. I didn’t want to him to look all rumpled when he left me. Thad appeared completely stunned by this time about his standing there half naked with his penis sticking straight out at a stark naked thirteen year old parishioner. He was probably wondering what was his new career was going to be after he got booted out of this one. Haha!

I took him by the right hand and led him to the front of the room. I lay down on my back across the teacher’s desk with my legs spread wide. I patted the inside of my thigh just below my pussy lips in invitation. Thad just stood there before me staring at me. He seemed to be completely frozen. I don’t know if he was watching some battle between God and Satan or what. If he was, I think God won, because I just don’t think Satan is for anything that is as sweet as lovemaking – it just has to be God’s bailiwick.

By this time, I am as hot as a fire cracker. With all the kissing of my body that he did, I think I could have made myself go off just by touching myself a couple of times. But I didn’t want that. I wanted Thad to make love to me and to feel his explosion inside of me and then I would go. I sat up at the end of the desk and pulled the handsome young minister to me. I reached down with my right hand and helped guide his erection into my completely distended labia. I then reached behind him with both of my hands and began pulling him towards me and then pushing him away with my body.

I did this for a good couple of minutes, while he just basically was still frozen and I’m telling you – it was a lotta work. You got to be strong to do both parts, when you make love. Finally just when I didn’t think I could continue, Thad woke up. I think he decided if he was going to lose his job over this, he may as well enjoy himself.

He began to thrust inside of me with great vigor and I immediately went off – just when I didn’t want to. But what the hay – sometimes you just can’t control these things. As it was, I had multiple orgasms as he continued to move inside of me with immense energy and then all of the sudden I felt him tense and then begin to spasm as his sweet semen spurted suddenly into my grateful pussy.

“Ah, ah, oh God!” the young minister moaned, as he saw his first glimpse of heaven right here on earth or so he told me later. When we both had finished our sexual catharsis, we remained slumped against each other in an embrace for a number of minutes.

Suddenly a loud knock came upon the door. I had to nudge Thad hard to convince him to respond. Finally he answered, “Yes, what is it?”

His voice cracked on the last part of the sentence and I giggled causing the young man to offer me a stern glance, which caused me to giggle some more.

“Thad, is that you? What’s going on?”

It was Thad’s boss!

“Yes, Minister Harkness, it’s me,” Thad answered. “I’m speaking to Sara. We’ll be finished in a minute.”

“Oh, that’s okay. Take your time. I’ll be in my office when you’re finished. We need to talk about that disturbing Mrs. Hatfield.”

I couldn’t help myself and giggled again. “Stop it,” he hissed. “Alright sir, I’ll do that.”

We listened, as we heard the minister’s footsteps leading away from the door and then we breathed a sigh of relief.

Thad stood and watched me get naked in reverse, as I pulled on my clothes. I swear he enjoyed every moment of it right up until I sealed the sweet private parts of my body away from his eyes. Then he donned his apparel and we kissed once and made a promise to try to meet after choir practice on Tuesday night.

Oh God!

The End of Part Four
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Name: Sara
E-mail address: Bubblegom@aol.com
Subject: My Life Part 3
Message:My Story

Part Three

By Sara


I always had the hots for Andrea’s brother, Eric, ever since I’d met him the year before. Four years older than us, he stood a slim figured, six feet and had long, black as coal, hair that hung way down his back. In his features, he was a male version of the gorgeous looks of his sister, Andrea. Sitting there totally nude and half drunk, I gazed at him with a half smile on my sensuous lips that still has the gloss on them of some of his sister’s sexual fluids. I could tell from the expression on his handsome face when he looked at me that he found me desirable, but also that he was not surprised to find me stark naked, confirming my belief that Andrea and he had this set up from the beginning. But when he looked to his sister, his look became one of shock and surprise. I don’t think he had ever seen his sister without clothes; at least not since she had grown.

Now the other two guys in the room were a different story. One of them was known as Jimi and the other was Luke. They spent so much time with Eric that the three of them were known as the three Musketeers. Both of them were standing as if rooted into the living room floor and their mouths had dropped agape, and they had not, as of yet, acquired the wherewithal to close them. I giggled to have such an affect on young men, who had already entered young adulthood, while only being sixteen myself.

Eric strided up to us and he spoke to his sister harshly. “Andrea, what are you thinking? Put some clothes on immediately.”

I noticed my good friend’s beautiful face set in a rigid mask of defiance that her brother missed temporarily, as he had already moved his attention to me. “Good evening, miss Sara,” the young man intoned. Eric has always been smooth with the opposite sex.

“I see you’re looking as tasty as ever,” he spoke with a sly grin on his face, as he pointedly stared at my bare breasts and uncovered pussy. The young man then reached out his right hand.

I matched mine with his and we shook hands. My right hand was the one I used when I fist fucked his sister and I believe some of the odor of his sister lingered and was transferred, because when he brought his hand back he appeared to catch a sniff of something.

“Hmm,” he murmured, looking at me and then his sister with askance. “What have you two been doing, anyway?”

It was then that he noticed that, not only was Andrea not getting dressed, she was sitting with her legs spread-eagled totally exposing her labia to the other two young men.

“Andrea!” Eric exploded.

Before he could say anything further, he was interrupted by his friend, Jimi who stepped forward and expressed, “Hey, lighten up man! You’re being a right drag.”
Jimi wasn’t quite as tall as Eric, but appeared to have a more rugged physique beneath his apparel. I’ve always been a sucker for a good build on a man. He was quite good looking with red curly hair and a few freckles across his attractive features. He had an impish grin and was quick to joke.

Now in Eric’s crowd being called a right drag was the worst insult known, so he immediately shut up, but he continued to shoot deadly looks at Andrea until I soon distracted him.

Luke was the third one. He was shorter than the other two and his build fell in between, but he had a head full of beautiful blonde hair and he was easily the most handsome of the three of them. But being short myself, (I’m only five feet, two inches) I always shied away from short men for fear of the two of us being called munchkins or worse.

Luke spoke up, “I’ve got the beer.” And he held up two cases of beer.

When Jimi began chatting up Andrea, who was still sitting there defiantly totally nude, Eric had turned again to complain. Before he could fire off another protest, I reached out and quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper and, lo and behold, I discovered he wasn’t wearing any underwear as his penis flopped out at me.

“Hey!’ the dark-haired young man exclaimed, as he whirled around to me.

As I continued pulling Eric’s pants down over his slim hips and to the floor, I couldn’t help but notice from the corner of my eye that Andrea appeared totally shocked to view her brother’s flaccid penis.

I, on the other hand, was extremely gratified to observe how large his penis appeared in its natural state because I had immediate plans of fucking his little brains out. Mwahahaha!

“Hey!” the beautiful young man exclaimed again.

I responded, “Hay is for horses and I’m banking on you’re a stud and not a gelding.”

Eric was currently in such shock over the impending possibility of his becoming sexually involved in front of his seventeen year old kid sister that he was unable to appreciate the pun I had just made.

“Huh?” he responded, with a vague expression crossing his ordinarily handsome features.

I realized it wasn’t that Eric didn’t want to engage in sex, but that he was used to doing it on his terms and when he said and not that of some young woman. I knew he just wasn’t used to such sexual honesty on the part of a girl.

I reached out and grasped him around his waist with both of my hands and began to pull him toward me causing him to take baby steps or he would fallen forward due to his pants still being gathered at his shoe tops. I then proceeded to apply my mouth to his now lengthening penis and began to suckle on it.

“Oh God!” he moaned aloud. From that point on I don’t think he gave much of a care if his sister was watching or not, which for the most part she was; even when she became sexually involved with Jimi and Luke.

I continued to take as much of his penis into my mouth as I could, while swirling my tongue around on it also. I realized he was going to cum soon, because I could see his knees buckling a slight bit. He began to rub his hands through my long blonde hair more and more as I continued going down on him. Eric began to moan lowly and then louder and louder until he sounded as if he was were in great pain. I reached out and massaged his balls causing his dick unbelievably to become ever harder.

Suddenly his knees buckled almost entirely and he would have fallen on me if I hadn’t pushed him back up. His hips started to twitch as if outside of his control and then he appeared to spasm and twitch suddenly while I felt and tasted the hot load of semen he shot into my mouth. I released his balls and reached behind him to his beautiful flat behind and pulled him even closer to me causing him to continue to climax beyond the normal time.

When Eric was completely finished shooting his wad of cum into my beautiful mouth, this time his knees did buckle all the way and he awkwardly fell towards me because of his sudden lightheadedness and also his still remaining entangled in his trousers laying at his feet. I caught him without any problem, since he was tall but very slight of build and helped guide him to the floor in front of me.

As he sat there completely stunned for a moment from the intensity of the orgasm I prompted from him, I looked over at Andrea for the first time. She was laying on the floor on her back with her feet on the floor and her knees bent. The young ebony-haired beauty was holding her legs as wide apart as possible offering Jimi and Luke a vivid view into her completely open labia.

They both had removed all their clothing leaving Eric presently the only one clothed in the room and like I thought - Jimi had a helluva body, while unbelievably it appeared that Luke had a monster joint jutting out from his small frame. I thought, maybe I needed to reevaluate my position on not wanting a short boyfriend – haha!

As I waited for Eric to regain his sexual prowess, so I could get my fair share of the orgasm profits, I watched as Jimi and Luke hovered around my close friend. Man, she certainly had changed! If Mr. Boyd could only see her now, he’d be sorry he chose me. He confessed to me one time that he came on to me rather than Andrea, not because he thought I was the most beautiful of two of us, but that he felt as though I would be the most willing. Well, he was right about that – Mwahaha! But that was a hell of a confession to make to somebody you’re screwing, isn’t it? I didn’t care…all I wanted was that big stiff dick of his.

Anyway after very little initial foreplay with Jimi suckling on my friend’s nipples and Luke doing a little pussy lapping, Andrea suggested in no uncertain terms that they quit fooling around and get to it. I think both of them felt more than a little nervous about the whole thing; probably never having participated in an orgy before.

Jimi asked her something in a low tone and Andrea suddenly scrambled up on her hands and knees. Jimi climbed up on his knees behind her and began to rub his hands all over the milky white skin of her back and then her lovely rear, finally reaching around to her pubes and locating her clit. My friend appeared so sexually charged that she spread her legs as wide as possible and then reached behind with her right hand and, grasping Jimi’s hard-on, she guided it right into her wide open labia from behind.

“Ah,” she gasped and, as Jimi began to slam into her from behind, Andrea signaled to Luke to approach her. Luke had since gained his feet after his initial sexual foray of attempting to satisfy her with his tongue. He walked over to the beautiful young woman and leaned down close to better understand her message.

I noticed he flushed heavily at Andrea’s suggestion, but he also immediately did as instructed and dropped to his knees in front of her and then allowed her to cover his now raging hard-on with her beautiful mouth. So Andrea had something sexual going on in two areas at the same time. Haha! ‘What a slut!’ I thought.

It was then that Eric slowly regained his senses from the massive orgasm that was brought forth from him with my mouth and he happened to glance over at the cavorting threesome. Quite naturally he became immediately incensed to observe his thirteen year old, baby sister being used and abused by his friends.

But when he quickly scrambled to his feet to hurry over there and break up their sexual shenanigans I interceded. “Oh no, you don’t,” I ordered. “You owe me a screwing and you’re gonna give me one right now,” I continued. I know I spoke crude to him, but sometimes that’s the only way you can get a man to listen.

Eric half turned his attention to me. “Huh?” he responded.

I reached up and grasped his shirt just above his top button and ripped the thin but tasteful material from his body in one swift movement. I had waited awhile to see all of this boy nude and it was worth the wait. As I mentioned previously, he was extremely handsome with long dark hair. He had some nice upper body muscle nomenclature and long beautiful swimmer’s legs. Eric was slim without being skinny. And as I mentioned before, his penis was quite large, even in its flaccid state, but it was quickly becoming unflaccid with every passing second.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Eric protested.

“You can go play with your friends and your sister later,” I pointed out to him. “Right now you’re going to screw my brains out, or is that some kind of problem for you?”

“Play with my sister? I never said I wanted to play with my sister,” the handsome youth protested to me.

I began to feel sorry for him. He just didn’t seem to be near as smart as I was, but maybe he was just having a bad day. I decided that I’d had more than enough crap from him for one evening and I stood up and exclaimed, “Now listen here! Lay down on that couch on your back right now.”

Eric was in such a weakened state emotionally and mentally at the present moment that he did what I asked without a moments thought. He lay flat on his back with his presently lengthening prick sticking up in the air. Luckily it was a long couch or he would have been hanging over.

I climbed up on top of him and immediately went down once again on his young penis. “Oh God, Sara,” he moaned. “Again?” he almost complained.

“No,” I responded, stopping now that his erection was righteously hard. “You’re giving me a ride instead,” I explained and then I climbed up on his seven inch penis and let myself down gently onto it.

“Oh yes,” I murmured, as I began to plunge up and down on his hard-on and incredible sensations began racing through my body alerting all the nerves that something good was going to happen.

Eric placed his strong hands at my waist and guided me, helping to keep me straight and going as high as possible without slipping off. The extra momentum that was being generated by me plunging up and down on his stiffened tool was causing heretofore unexplored areas of my vagina to become stimulated by him.

Even though the young man was also being buffeted by the strongest sexually pleasurable feelings of his young life, his interests were being divided by the loud shrieks of his currently sexually ravished younger sister behind him. Consequently he kept trying to turn his head around in an impossible position to be able to see what was happening directly behind him. Every time Eric would attempt this I would reach down and bitch slap him and tell him to pay attention, but of course holding the position that I did in the entire procedure assured me a complete view of what he was missing. And a good thing it did, because it afforded me the opportunity to be the first, and for awhile the only person, who saw Eric and Andrea’s parents come home unexpectedly early from their trip! Their parents hadn’t set their suitcases down on the floor yet or observed what to them must have been a truly hideous sight of their seventeen year old daughter being fucked from behind, while offering solace to some guys prick in the front, when I quickly and quietly slipped off Eric’s still wildly plunging penis and, picking my skirt and blouse off the floor, while forgoing the hunting of my shoes, I slipped into the kitchen and out the back door before the screaming could commence. Mwahaha! That was certainly close. I heard later that it was just lucky that none of them were charged with statutory rape because seventeen was the age of consent, but Eric was sent away immediately to a university in another state and Jimi and Luke were never allowed anywhere near Andrea or her house again.
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Name: Sara
E-mail address: Bubblegom@aol.com
Subject: My Life Part 2
Message:My Life

Part Two

By Sara

Well, Mr. Boyd and I got it on a number of times after school during the school year. He might have had a fully grown woman girlfriend like he said, but she must have been a frigid bitch because he certainly seemed to enjoy making love to me. I think he really did have one, because I saw him with a pretty young brunette woman at one of the school dances he had to chaperon. I made it a point to go and say hi to him with my blouse hanging half off me, so you could see all the way down to my nipples. Man, you should have seen him blush.

But he paid me back on Monday afternoon, you better believe it, by pounding into my narrow little pussy with that great big cock of his. I could barely walk that day after we were through. The young teacher used to tell me when he wanted to make love by passing me a little folded up square piece of notebook paper when we passed in the hallways. It would have been far too noticeable for him to tell me any other way. Being a girl, I didn’t have much interaction during the day with the boys’ phys-ed teacher – haha!

During our two week Christmas break, of course I didn’t see him at all. In the middle of the week following Christmas, I was surprised to hear from Andrea when she called me on the telephone. Even though it had only been a couple of months from the time of my initial lesson from Mr. Boyd, we had already drifted completely apart. So you can imagine I was flabbergasted when she invited me over to spend the night. It turned out her parents had gone out of town and I really think she had been scared to spend the night alone in their big old house. She had asked a number of boys, but they hadn’t been able to sneak out during Christmas like they could have during the ordinary times of the year. Anyway their loss was my gain. That’s the way I saw it.

When I arrived I saw Andrea sitting on the living room couch with a number of different kind of liquor bottles sitting in front of her on a table. It turned out she had broken into her parents’ liquor cabinet. We started sampling the different liquors trying to find out which we really liked. Anyone can tell you that this is the wrong way to drink unless you want to get drunk in a hurry.

My first clue that I was becoming increasingly intoxicated was I felt uncomfortably warm. I began to pull my skirt and blouse off to cool down. While I was peeling them off, Andrea exclaimed, “Sara, what are you doing?!”

“I’m too hot,” I whined.

“But you’re naked,” Andrea complained, pointing out the obvious.

I was naked already having not chosen to wear any underwear, because I knew it was just going to be us girls. I found myself wondering what Andrea was getting so excited about. Later I found two reasons why she had been.

I sat on the couch next to her so closely that my bare body was sometimes touching her clothed one. I was getting so snockered that I didn’t pay attention to that, but I thought about it later. As we sat and talked and laughed like old times, we just kept getting drunker and drunker. Suddenly Andrea turned and expressed, “I really wish you would get dressed. You never know what might happen.”

“You really are turning into a drag, Andrea,” I responded. “Instead of me getting dressed, why don’t you get undressed?”

“No way, you wouldn’t dare!” she screeched.

Now that’s the kind of challenge I enjoy responding to. I grabbed onto my fine looking friend and began to unbutton her blouse in preparation of removing it from her. Andrea squealed like a stuck pig and began to wrestle me in order to make me cease and desist. I pushed her down on the couch and crawled up on her and sat across her just below where her pussy was and finished unbuttoning her blouse. I pulled it off her and began to undo her skirt by pulling the side zipper down.

“No! Stop it!” yelled Andrea. I just laughed at her. “Mwahaha!”

I had quickly reduced my friend to her skimpy bra and panties, when she reared up and was able to push me off her. She reached down to the floor to gather up her skirt and blouse in preparation of donning them again, when I struck again and literally tore her underwear off leaving her stark naked, the same as I.

“You bitch!” Andrea cried out and she leaned forward and began to passionately kiss me, slipping her tongue into my startled mouth. It took me a moment to really fathom what was happening. It was such a shock to have my best friend kissing me like this and we had never even talked about it.

I began to return her kisses with fervor, while pressing my naked body against hers. It felt so good; all that bare flesh against bare flesh. While the raven-haired beauty continued to passionately kiss me, I began to rub my pussy against hers as hard as I could. My clit became stiff from stimulation and I could feel hers had too.

I broke off contact from her kissing and slid down to her clitoris and began to lap and probe and poke at it with my tongue. Andrea began to writhe and moan. “Oh, God. Oh, God, Sara. It feels so good,”

Andrea suddenly sat up causing me to stop.

“What the hell?” I asked.

“Wait a minute, I want to try something,” she explained.

I watched as she reached behind the couch cushion and brought out a nine-inch dildo! It was then that I realized she had this in her mind all along. “Okay,” Andrea declared, while turning around in her seated position, laying down on her back and sliding down to where my pussy covered her face.

“ove up o my munt,” the young woman attempted to say, but her voice was muffled by my labia which was hanging right over her mouth. I giggled but did as she said, because I understood enough of it. I slid up on my stomach until I was looking at her upside down clit – haha! ‘It’s just like ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ I decided. ‘Everything’s backwards!’

I began once again to kiss and probe her love button with my tongue, when suddenly I felt that nine-inch dildo rammed up my pussy from behind. “Oh shit!” I screamed. “Keep going! That feels so good.”

Andrea did as I asked. As I continued to service her with my tongue, she began to ram that dildo almost all the way up me, just barely being able to hang on the end of it with so much of it crammed up inside of me. Harder and harder and faster and faster, Andrea plunged that huge dildo into my slit.

‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘I’m gonna go any minute! And I wanted Andrea to go first, so I stopped tonguing her and pulled her pussy lips as wide as I could and then I made my right hand into as tight a fist as I could and I slid it up inside of Andrea and began to thrust without the slightest bit of trouble, since she was so wet there from stimulation.

“Oh shit, Sara!” she screamed and immediately was brought to climax pouring out waves of cum on my fist and wrist while my dam suddenly broke itself and my orgasm was so intense for over a minute that I actually lost consciousness and wasn’t really aware of who I was or where I was, but on the contrary all I knew was intense physical pleasure.

We both had just sat back on the couch exhausted when I heard the front door open and someone say, “Andy, we’re home.” ‘Oh Christ!’ I thought. ‘Now what?’ But I was kinda excited to see who it was. So there I was sitting stark naked with mine and Andrea’s cum hanging off my body when her seventeen year old brother and his two friends walked in!

I glanced at Andrea, who looked at me and smiled and then I realized she had had this all set up too!
Sunday, December 24th 2006 - 12:19:46 PM
Name: sarah
Subject: What happened
Message:As you have asked, I will tell you what happened, we were on a works outing for our xmas do, the floor manager Debbie, has been with us for 12 years and worked her way up, she was one of the girls and now she runs the floor, we work for an insurance company.

On the weeks leading up to the night out, Debbie had been under a lot of pressure we have a three week shutdown and we need to be three weeks ahead, she had been real bitchy, cutting tea breaks etc, we went on a night out to a restaurant and had a meal then on to a club, on the bus back we were singing Christmas carols and she told us to stop.

Some of the twelve girls kept singing and this annoyed her , she went to the back of the bus to stop them , it was then that she was grabbed and held down on the back seat, a couple of the girls poured some wine down her throat and over her blouse one of the girls then started to unbutton her shirt revealing her bra someone had taken her shoes off at this point she said enough, a couple of the girls got off her then all of a sudden three girls from admin just jumped her one holding her arms the other her legs and the other trying to get her trousers off next thing someone had put there hand over her mouth and she was in her underwear I helped pull down her knickers and wanted to throw her clothes out the window , but was stopped from doing this she was now naked and on her back, her hands were tied together behind her back and yes she was crying asking to be untied , but with everyone now singing xmas carols no could hear her , we kept her like that for the rest of the trip and untied her at the end of the journey , we could have been more cruel and not give the clothes back but she is our boss and I hope she learned her lesson.
Saturday, December 23rd 2006 - 10:56:17 PM
Name: Sara
E-mail address: Bubblegom@aol.com
Subject: My Story Part One
Message:My Life

Part One

By Sara

Even though people wrote that they were okay with sexually explicit, I know that I offended some people at ASN, which is primarily the same sort of site as this one. Consequently for the time being I will tone down the sexual parts. If people indicate later, that they would enjoy them more explicit then I will consider it. Even though the early part of my experiences do not involve a lot of involuntary stripping, my later life does. But I felt a need to present my experiences in the order they occurred so the reader will have a sense of who I am and where I’m coming from.

My mother told me I never liked wearing clothes. She informed me that from the time I could toddle around I would always pull anything off she had on me, plus my diaper. She said that later when I was about five and six, she had to watch me like a hawk when she took me to go swimming because I would always pull my bathing suit off and go swimming around naked in whatever pool, lake or ocean we were in.

As far as back as I can remember, I’ve always hated wearing clothes. They just feel so confining to me, as if I can’t move or function correctly when I’m all weighed down with clothes. This is particularly a problem because I am a young woman and women seem to have to wear so many clothes and clothes that are too tight or heavy. In elementary school I was always getting in trouble for stripping down at recess. Of course, the older I became, the more attention I received from boys from stripping naked and that was rewarding in itself.

I can remember in the sixth grade, me and a group of boys would always disappear during recess around the side of the school and I would strip down for them. They loved it and so did I! It always felt so liberating to me and free. Sometimes I’d get some of them to do the same thing. Their bodies looked so funny at the time to me with their little hairless peckers. But I never let them touch me, that was one of my big rules. You can look, but you better not touch. Sometimes I would touch them though, if they begged me enough and if a boy was particularly mature before his time, his dick would get real hard. One time I actually stroked a boy’s cock until he shot off against the side of the school. That was so hot to me, having that kind of control! But he got scared when it was happening to him, because he really didn’t have any idea at the time what it was. He never came around me again after that.

Of course this whole thing made a lot of the other girls real jealous of me and they hated me for it. Every once in a while they’d all gang up on me at recess and strip my clothes off and run away with them figuring to really embarrass me when I had to go back to class naked. But I would fool them. We lived pretty close to the school and I would just run home for the day and if a teacher asked me the next day why I didn’t return to class I would tell on them and those girls would get in big trouble.

Every once in a while when I was going home like that, some perv would stop and try to convince me I should get in his car for a ride to my home, but I never fell for that one. But wouldn’t you think all those people driving by would see there was a young girl stark naked walking along the side of the road and call the police or something? But I guess that’s true. Nobody wants to get involved today. Even at that age, I became excited at being naked in public and I didn’t even really understand the feelings my body was experiencing. I certainly got off on the looks of shock and surprise on people’s faces when she saw me totally nude.

In high school I had a best friend named Andrea and she was way cool. She wasn’t like me or anything, but she didn’t judge me. In fact, she used to try and help me in any way she could. You know those yucky gym suits girls had to wear? Well, I retailored mine. I had the blouse cut up to just across the bottom of my breasts and I had the shorts cut up right along the bottom of my labia! In fact, it was so short, that if I wanted, I could turn a certain way and you could see my pussy! One day in the eleventh grade our gym teacher was sick and, we had to go to class with the boys, so they had us doing gymnastics together in the gym. The teacher was this real young guy, Mr. Boyd. He was really good looking too. He was fairly tall, with a nice bod and blonde wavy hair. It was his first year teaching. So anyway I had it all worked out with Andrea. She was supposed to jump on the small trampoline and vault onto the horse and do one of those basic put your hands down between your legs and touch once with them and then jump off the horse. Well, Andrea hit the trampoline super hard and vaulted all the way over the horse and landed awkwardly right at my feet and acted as if she had fallen and on the way down she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to the floor.

What a laugh! I wasn’t wearing any panties, of course and then when she stood up she acted as if she were off balance and she pulled my blouse up over my head leaving me standing there in front of all these boys stark naked. It was so great and I looked at Mr. Boyd and he was getting a hard on. I had developed physically by then. My breasts were 34C and I had blonde pubic hair. I screamed, “Oh no! I’m naked!” As if everyone already couldn’t see that. I have never attempted anything like this before, so all the girls thought it was real and they were all laughing and pointing at me. The guys weren’t though, they stood with their mouths hanging open and boners poking out of their short gym shorts. I act as if I was attempting to hide my nudity behind my hands, but of course I just kept moving them all around so everybody could see everything. I stood with my legs far apart and my pussy lips were easily seen. I was so excited my clit had slipped its hood and was sticking out. So I kept looking at Mr. Boyd and smiling. I thought he was ‘so’ hot! Some of the girls finally ran over and helped me get dressed.

That afternoon right at the final bell as I was leaving my last class, Mr. Boyd suddenly appeared at my elbow and asked me to follow him into his office. I couldn’t understand what any of this was about until I followed him down to his office by the gym and saw Andrea sitting there. She looked way bummed out. Mr. Boyd told me to keep standing by his desk while he went over and locked his door. I began to feel uneasy wondering what he wanted. He went and sat down behind his desk.

He explained, “Let me get right to the point, Sara. That display this afternoon was horrible. If I were to tell the principal what had occurred, you would be expelled in a heart beat and so would Andrea for helping you in your little foul minded scheme.”

I glanced back at Andrea and she hung her head guiltily. I instantly realized the jig was up and that she had cracked under the pressure and admitted everything to Mr. Boyd. When I looked back at him, he continued, “That’s right, Sara. I’ve talked to Andrea and she told me all about it. You have one chance to save yourself and Andrea too.”

“What’s that?” My voice quavered. It wasn’t an act. I really was scared. I didn’t want to be expelled!

“Well,” the young teacher explained, “I think you have some serious emotional problems, young lady with this need of yours to expose your body to the opposite sex like that. If you go on like this, you could end up getting arrested or even worse, raped! Now, I want you to receive some counseling for this, but I’m worried that something might happen, before you can get to a counselor or the counselor is able to help you, so I would like to help you first, if I may.”

“S-Sure,” I stammered. “That’ll be fine.”

Andrea started to get up to leave thinking her part was over in what turned out to be quite a charade. Mr. Boyd directed, “Oh no, Andrea. I want you to stay too. I think you can probably help Sara with this.”

Andrea sat back down reluctantly. “Well, what do you want me to do?” I asked, feeling a little braver seeing as though he wasn’t going to turn me in – at least, not right away.

The young teacher explained, “I need you to strip off all your clothing.”

I flushed bright red. I know you might think this was strange for me, but it was embarrassing. I mean, it’s one thing to be in charge of when you strip off, but another thing to be in a locked office with your close friend and a young good-looking male teacher and he tells you to do it. I was very embarrassed.

He further directed, “Come on, right now. I need to see how it affects you in order to better help you.”

I glanced at Andrea for some support and she was looking at the floor, so I removed all my clothing. It didn’t take me long because I wasn’t wearing much – just a blouse and a short skirt – no bra or panties. I stood stark naked in front of him except for my shoes.

Mr. Boyd walked around the desk and looked me closely up and down. He said, “Take your shoes off too.” And he watched me as I removed my flats and placed them on my other articles of clothing.

“Spread your legs some. Good. Now do you see this?” the teacher asked me, bending down and pointing at my exposed labia. “You are getting excited, now that’s not natural in this situation, is it Andrea?”

Andrea silently shook her head. She told me later she was too frightened to say anything.

“Andrea, come up here too,” Mr. Boyd ordered. Andrea grudgingly joined me and tried not to look at me standing there totally nude with an engorged labia hanging out. “Okay, Andrea. I want you to remove all your clothing too.”

Andrea turned bright red and exclaimed, “I will not!”

“Andrea,” he said severely, “You are involved in this too. I would hate you to get expelled. I’m not asking you to remove all your clothing because of a whim or that I need to see you naked. I have a full grown girlfriend. I don’t need to see sixteen year old girls naked. I’m trying to help your friend. I want her to see how a normal young woman reacts to being naked in a public setting.”

Well, now I knew a load of bullshit when I heard it, but either apparently Andrea didn’t or she didn’t know what to say to it, so she slowly removed every stitch of clothing she was wearing. And let me tell you, Andrea was a knockout. I mean I’m pretty hot, but Andrea was drop dead gorgeous. She had really long dark black hair that hung straight down her back, great big breasts, a narrow little waist, her pussy had black pubic hair and her legs were long and luscious.

Of course, she was terrifically embarrassed. She told me later she hadn’t been naked in front of a man since she was a little girl and that had been her father. Andrea stood kinda hunched over with one hand across her pussy and the other attempting to hide her luscious breasts. Mr. Boyd went over and stood in front of her.

“Now you see, Sara,” he declared, “this is how a normal, modest young woman acts when not wearing anything in a public place. You can put your hands down now and straighten up for a minute please, Andrea.”

Andrea just stood there. I actually think she was frozen solid for a minute with shock. The young teacher went on in an angry tone. “Andrea, I said to lift your hands for a moment! I don’t want to have to keep telling you everything twice. The next time this happens I’m just going to quit fooling around with you and send you down to the principal’s office.”

My friend very halfheartedly, I’m sure, straightened up and dropped her hands to her side completely displaying the ample charms of her completely nude body to the young teacher. From what I could see from the corner of my eye, she appeared to be blushing mightily.

Mr. Boyd stepped back in front of me and explained, “There again, Sara, do you see how embarrassed your friend is? Now that is a natural reaction, Andrea is not enjoying it. But you are sexually twisted somewhere. You do act as if you enjoy it.”

The young teacher continued to speak, as he began to pull his t-shirt over his head displaying a very muscular upper body physique that tapered down to a narrow waist. I told you he was a hunk! “Now I want you both to look at me and see how unnatural it is for me to be naked in front of you in school like this.”

He then proceeded to pull his gym shorts and jock strap down to his feet stepping out of them and laying them on his desk. Mr. Boyd stood before us completely naked except for his gym shoes. His hips were slightly bigger than his waist, his stomach was flat as a board, and his legs were muscular, but beautifully sculpted. His penis didn’t look wrinkled at all like some of the ones I had seen on younger boys, but probably the reason for that was presently it was way hard! It stood straight out between seven and a half and eight inches long from his big thatch of blonde pubic hair. Wow! I happened to glance at Andrea and she was looking at the floor, but I knew she had seen him because she was shaking and I was afraid she was going to faint.

“Now,” Mr. Boyd continued, “see what you being inappropriately naked could bring about. Why you might cause someone to take their clothes off themselves and then step up to you and do this.” The young teacher stepped close to me and leaned down and began to passionately kiss me on the lips, while running his left hand down my body until he located my clitoris. He must have been very accomplished at this, because he seemed to locate it immediately and he began to stimulate my love button with his digit. I moaned and almost swooned in his arms. It felt that good!

While continuing to push his finger in and out hard, Mr. Boyd broke off the kiss and glanced over at Andrea. “Andrea!” he shouted. Her head snapped up. I noticed she appeared so red her face resembled a ripe tomato. “You need to watch us,” the young teacher ordered sternly. “You were involved in this as much as Sara and you need to see where it can lead if gone unchecked. Now I don’t want to have to tell you again!”

Mr. Boyd suddenly just leaned over and picked me completely up as easy as can be and lay me across his desk! He then inserted his large erection into my dripping, distended labia. Even though I was technically a virgin because a man had never penetrated me, a giant dildo that I had found in one of my friend’s parents’ room had and it had broken my hymen. Consequently the young teacher was able to slide all the way in easily. His eyes grew wide in surprise. I almost laughed in his face. He thought he was copping a cherry and then found he wasn’t! But I wasn’t going to tell him that technically he was, that’s for sure!

Since he had encountered no resistance, he began to shag me vigorously. God, it felt great. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea, he wasn’t raping me. I was more than ready to make love to a man, I was sick of masturbation. And I certainly didn’t want some teenage jerk to do wham, bang, thank you m’am in ten seconds. “Oh, God!” I began to scream.

I noticed that he, from time to time, would glance over to Andrea to make certain she was still watching and he would make eye contact with her. I think he had a little exhibitionist problem of his own, plus I think in his mind he was screwing the two of us at the same time.

Suddenly I began to enjoy my first climax brought about by a man. “Ah, ah!” I screamed. Then I felt and saw Mr. Boyd tense for a second and then twitch and then he had his climax. When he had finished, he semi-fell over me on the desk. “God,” I heard him murmur. “You are one hot little piece.”

I smiled sweetly at him, showing my still present dimples and answered, “Thank you, you ain’t so bad yourself.”

“Hahaha!” the young teacher roared.

I happened to look over in Andrea’s direction and she was standing transfixed with her mouth agape. Now that he had gotten his rocks off, Mr. Boyd was anxious to get us out of there before someone saw us. We dressed quickly and just before leaving, he cautioned us to say nothing or he would tell the principal what we had done in gym class. Both Andrea and I realized that he would win in any kind of a telling contest, because we had messed up first in front of a lot of witnesses and, after all, he was a teacher and we were just two sixteen year old girls.

None of this had much effect on me, other than to let me know that I loved the feel of a man’s erection inside of me, but it did something bad to Andrea. It warped her in some tragic way and she became the slut of the high school. And Mr. Boyd never touched her! Sometime during the spring I heard she had gotten pregnant and she dropped out of school and I never saw her again. I really did miss her after that.
Saturday, December 23rd 2006 - 03:17:19 PM
Name: Sarah
Subject: works party
Message:We have just had the annual works party and we stripped the floor manager starkers and tied her up with her stockings, she had been a bitch all year and got her comeuppance, she got on the bus home and told every one no singing so we got her good style, I wanted to throw her clothes out the window , but some of the girls chickened out , it should be fun on Jan 2nd when we come back to work.
Wednesday, December 20th 2006 - 03:03:13 AM
Name: Alan
E-mail address: goreme55@yahoo.com
Subject: One way or the other.
Message:I used to live in Spain and I loved it in my teen years. Now I'm a man close to 30. I recently traveled there to visit my old friends and specially a girl that I knew. She put me up in her apartment as she was living alone and had a room to spare. One morning, while she cooked breakfast, she suddenly asked me "You know that we could have sex together" and I told her that we better not. I came out the wrong way, because what I really was trying to say was it would eventually spoil our friendship. I guess she took it hard, because a few days later we were watching TV and brought some drinks. She handed me one and soon after I only remember getting sleepy. I woke up at 4am but remembered that I was in the sofa and now I was lying in the floor in the middle of the living room, but had no clothes on. I asked her what happed the night before and she confessed every thing to me. She told me she got mad at me for not having sex with her, so she put sleeping pills in my drink. She called a couple of her girlfriends to help her undress me. They sat there looking at me sprawled out naked for some time. She said her friends took a video of what they did to me and were planning to post it on the web. I asked her what they all did to me, but wouldn't tell. I got so mad I moved out and never saw her again. My whole life I've been asking myself if when your put to sleep and sexually molested, could you still get an erection. Because if you can, I most have gotten done by the three of them and still don't now. Anybody out there know the answer to that?
Thursday, December 14th 2006 - 02:12:03 PM
Name: Chris
Subject: Stranded
Message:Another one of my mistakes was taking advantage of few people on the beach. It was one of those long beaches and you could see some people spread like ants far in the distance. So I took my bathing trunks off and went swimming in the nude. ! I felt great! I guess some pranksters saw what I did and grabbed all my things. When I came back I realized some had pulled a bad joke on me. I was left totally naked on the beach. I went behind some bushes and didn’t have a clue of what to do. I spent some time behind those bushes thinking of the best way to get out of this situation. Then I saw this five girls coming up the beach and thought, no way was I going to ask them for help. But one look around the beach told me they were my only hope. So I called out to them and they all headed in my direction. I told them to stop but they all kept walking till they were all around me. “Hey we got a naked guy on the beach" "what happened to your clothes" As if I needed all the comments. They kept on asking if I had gotten stripped by some one. So there I was, buck naked and giving them all the details while they're checking my out with my hands over my hardening dick. I needed help and they were taking their time. All of a student one of them said she saw a red bag and a towel scattered further down the beach. I told them it was mine and could they get them for me. They looked at me and said "sure but that was a favor and I had to pay up for it" I said OK but to please get my stuff. "There's no one around honey, so why don't you take your hands off and give us a little show" So red faced I paraded my hard on in front of them and ended up letting them jerk me off. My shooting sperm finally got one to run down the beach to get my things. I didn’t want to make them mad, but I'm sure they were the ones that took them in the first place.
Wednesday, December 13th 2006 - 08:44:16 PM
Name: Chris
Subject: A great mistake.
Message:I got invited by my friend Mike to his parents country house for the weekend. He also had invited another friend of ours and three girls. We were all 14-15 year olds from school. Mike was a chubby heavy set type and could be a nice guy and a bit bullish at times. He liked to show off, especially when girls were present. Mike was the life of the party and girls liked being around them, because he was always cracking sexy jokes and making them laugh. He would flip their skirts and let everybody know what color panties they had. Rather than get offended, they seemed to enjoy the spicy little sexual games. They tried pulling Mike's pant down to se what color they were, but he had a belt on and wouldn't come down an inch. That day our games were getting more daring and started to play spin the bottle by spinning a pointy rock. We all ended kissing the same girls several times. Mike came up with tying the loser’s hands together and if they couldn't get their hands fee at the count to ten, everyone would tickle you with no mercy. There was nothing to tie with, and one of the girls took off this fabric belt she had on. We spun the rock and we tickled her every where ending up with her dress hiked up and panties on display. I lots after that and Mike tied me up. The girls said it wasn't fair that their panties were exposed and that boys should drop their pants before getting tickled. I didn’t like the idea but was already tied up and everyone liked the idea. My stupid friend Mike was all for it saying "let's drop his pants. They were laughing because I was already blushing with embarrassment. They all jump at me knocking me down on the ground. Mike was pulling so hard at my pants, the button bust open and the zipper tore all the way down. He got them past my butt and was pulling so hard they flew completely off taking my shoes with them. The girls went wild when they saw that I just lost my pants and started tickling me to death. They finally stopped and Mike said He wasn't going to give them back to me. I chased after him but it was hopeless with no shoes and hands tied. He was laughing and enjoying my situation and threw my pants up to the top of a tree. He asked the girls if they thought we should do the same with my underwear. Their eyes popped open saying "let's do it" I started running like hell and thinking what was I going to do with no pants on. I knew I was going to get caught sooner or later and finally got cornered. Mike and his friends couldn't wait to get me naked in front of the girls and waiting for the chance to jump me. The girls were encouraging them and saying they wanted to see me naked. I already had a hard-on and that was going to be really humiliating. I got grabbed and Mike pulled them off and threw then at the girls. I had no where to go and covering up my boner the best I could but eventually had to expose myself to them. My only option was their help in getting out of this situation. God, I spent about an hour naked in front of my friends and these girls that had their eyes glued to my dick. They untied me and gave my underwear back while figuring out how to get my pants down from the tree. I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t as bad as it was. But still went to the same school and felt I had no secrets from these girls.
Saturday, December 9th 2006 - 02:32:06 PM
Name: web
Subject: Baby-sitting Disaster
Message:To start off, I'm a 16-year-old girl from the UK, and this happened about two months ago.

I'm one of the more popular girls in my school and quite good-looking if I do say so myself. At the start of the year I was pretty mean to a few of the first year boys who'd just started - telling them the wrong way to lessons, cuffing them slightly if I walked by them, that sort of thing - and obviously they weren't too happy about it. For anyone who's not from the UK first years in senior school are 11-12 years old.

Anyway, I'm on the baby-sitting list at school, and it just happened that one of the parents of the boys I'd been mean to picked my name. I ended up babysitting the guy and his friends one Saturday night. (He was having a sleepover.)

So the parents left about 10 and said they'd be back about 2:30, and the boys had to be in bed by 12:00. They were fairly noisy, but I just stayed downstairs and watched TV, and at midnight I went upstairs to tell them to go to bed. I walked into the bedroom and instantly I was pinned by five or six of them, and their 'leader' said, "Stay still, we're going to have some fun." I felt a tugging on my trousers and started to strugle, but I'm not that big, and I was outnumbered.

Pretty soon they had undone my trousers. Then they tugged them down and pulled them completely off. I told them to get off, but they just laughed and said it served me right. Pretty soon they had my top undone, and I was lying there in my bra and panties.

The boys had been making fun of me for a while and making me drink loads of water for some reason when suddenly one of them yanked my panties down. They all had a good laugh at my exposed privates. I was still in shock when one of the boys started to slowly push down on my stomach, and I felt myself needing to pee. I began to cry and begged them to stop (I hadn't wet myself in years!), but they didn't, and eventually I couldn't take it anymore and felt the pee gushing out. Then one of them got some sissors and cut my bra open. This was one of the worst things they could have done because I've always been kind of self conscious about my breasts as they're quite small.

So I was naked, having just wet myself, in front of about nine 11-12 year olds. They took a few pictures then let me go. I ran to the bathroom with my clothes and stayed there until the parents came home, collected my £30, and went home. I've never told anyone what happened, and I do my best to avoid those boys at school; they still have my underwear as far as I know.
Friday, December 8th 2006 - 12:19:12 PM
Name: Marcus
Subject: My Halloween
Message:The day before Halloween I tried to find a good costume for myself, but talking to people online didn't work. My friend Erica offered to let me wear her clothes and be a girl. SO I went to her apartment, she let me try on some stuff, we decided on like her granny panties, a skirt, one of her tight polos and a pair of sandals. Well little did i know what she had planned for me.
The next day walking to class, her friends and her tackled me (when i was in those clothes) pulled the skirt down to my ankles, and brought some duct tape for me. So there I was, in a tight polo, with a girl’s flappy skirt at my ankles and in pink girls granny panties tied to the posts of this really popular building. I had to stay like that for 5 hours, until they let me down. By that time, I just gave them the skirt and ran home in my (or her ha-ha) underwear. Well I almost made it home, however, I tripped into the street, scratching up my arms, and a cop saw me, so he decided I needed to get a jaywalking ticket for not crossing when I was allowed, leaving me another like 7 minutes or so humiliated. Finally I got home and my ordeal was over.
Thursday, December 7th 2006 - 01:56:55 PM
Name: Eric
E-mail address: fran@coqui.net
Subject: De-pantsing set up
Message:A bunch of my school friends were planning a hiking trip to the nearby mountains. We were all teenagers ranging from 15 to 16 years of age. I wasn't the most popular guy in the group because of my shyness, but still they insisted that I join them so I said OK. We all met Saturday morning with there back-packs, ropes and canteens. In all we were 6 guys and 5 girls. One of them was a girl named Carol who was always trying to get me to go out with her. She was a beautiful girl that had it all, nice slim body with perfect legs and sexy as hell. Because of my shyness I never had the courage to ask her out. She had these short jeans and a tight T-shirt with no bra, witch made her look even more sexy. We all took off up this mountain trail and before long we were dip in the woods and stopped under some trees. One guy pulled a bottle of vodka and past it around. Soon we all got drunk, loud and cracking jokes. Someone came up with the idea of playing spin the bottle, with the empty bottle of vodka. But when that got boring Carol and a couple of her friends went off into the woods with some of the guys. When they returned I knew they were up to something by the look on their faces. That's when the guys ganged up on me, tied my hands and hung me stretched out from this tree limb, and telling everyone they were going to pants me and spanked my butt. I turn red with embarrassment at the thought that I was going to be the one to provide the fun for the group. I knew Carol had a hand in planning all of this and convinced The guys to do it. I was helpless and convinced that my pants were going to be pulled down and humiliated in front all these girls. The more I pleaded the more intent they had on doing it. They got my pants undone and pulled them down to my ankles ready for spanking. The girls were saying if I was going to be spanked over my underwear. That's when Carol told them that we shouldn’t waist the opportunity of spanking me bare naked. I pleaded with them to not do that to me, but Carol looked at me and said "you’re not going to be shy anymore after this honey" My T-shirt got pulled up to my wrists and they grabbed my underwear and dropped them to my ankles. I almost fainted with shame and embarrassment when a felt myself totally naked and all eyes glued to my penis. My hard dick was on display for everyone to look at. They took turns spanking my bare butt and laughing the whole time while the girls were taking every opportunity to flick at my hard on to keep it hard. After that I thought they were going to let me go, but they pulled my snickers off and yanked my pants and underwear completely off my ankles and hid them somewhere so I couldn't fine them when letting me go. I finally got released with my hands still tied, I covered up with my bunched up T-shirt around my wrists but they said if I did they would burn all of my clothes and end up having nothing to ware. So I had to stand in front of all five girls with my hands over my head for an hour in order to be untied and get my clothes back. I had been buck naked for so long now that instead of embarrassed I felt horny and wet with pre-cum by now and it was the least of my worries. Not a word was mentioned after that, but at least I finally got to go out with Carol.
Tuesday, December 5th 2006 - 06:16:43 PM
Name: Jef
Subject: My girlfriend calls me pervert.
Message:I have always been good fixing electronic stuff. My girlfriend tells me I'm a pervert because I'm always thinking of wild sexual thing to do. One of my best ideas was getting a vibrator to work by remote control. You had to be less than 20 feet to get it to vibrate. I pleaded with my girlfriend to let me try it on her and finally said OK. One night we were going to a party, a perfect place to try it for the first time. She was all dressed for the party, short skirt, a tight tank top with no bra and high heel shoes. She was shocked when I told her to use it on that night, but a promise is a promise so she went along with it. It wasn't going to work with the thong she had on, so I lifted her skirt and took them off. I got the vibrator well lubricated and pushed it all the way into her pussy. Then brought some regular panties to hold it in. I pulled them up high and put some tape around the waist band so it couldn’t slide out and push her panties down. We arrived at the party and before we entered I flicked the remote to make sure it was working. She arched her back and grabbed the hand rail and said it was, but to not go wild using it during the party. We went in got some drinks and talked to all our friends. Every body asked her why she was walking kind of strange and she said had pulled a muscle in her thigh. I was talking to some friend and every so often turning on from inside my pocket. I really was enjoying myself looking at the expression on her face. She was making a real hard effort to not blush with embarrassment in front of everyone. She sat down on a sofa witch made her dress ride up high almost showing her panties and crossed her legs. As soon as she was comfortable I switch it on and let her ride it for a while. I could see her face flushed and chest shinning with sweat. She signaled me to come over and asked me to come with her to the bathroom. So we went up stairs and locked the door. She couldn't stand having it in any longer and as I lifted her dress saw her juices running down the inside of her thighs. I told her I would take it out on one condition. I sat her down on the toilette with her dress pulled up to her breasts, took her panties off and spread her legs. I held the vibrator in with one finger and used my other hand to rub her clit. I wanted to see her cum before I took it out. I turned it back on and massaged her clit as she started moaning and shaking with pleasure. Looking at her having an orgasm in that bathroom was the most erotic seen ever. I licked her pussy and thighs dry with my tongue and put her wet panties in my pocket. We went down to get some drinks and danced for a while, and knew she was getting horny all over again, by feeling herself with a short dress and no panties on. After that we rushed home and had the best sex we ever had.
Tuesday, December 5th 2006 - 12:25:02 PM
Name: Alan
E-mail address: goreme55@yahoo.com
Subject: Stripped on a beach
Message:My way of relaxing is taking a stroll down beaches and collect shells. That day I had walked for miles down this lonely beach in my search for rare shells. I could see the shape of a log further up but as I got closer it turn out to be two young women working on their sun tan. I took a back trail off the beach in order to not disturb them. I could still see them from were I was, they both were slim with beautiful bodies laying face down with their bikini top strings undone. Further up I noticed four guys walking in their direction and thought that they must be friends coming back from a walk. They were talking loud, pushing each other and acting kind of wild. They got to were the two women were and said something that got them upset as they went by. One of the women gave them the finger and two of the guys came running towards them. One of the women got up took her things and holding her bikini top in her hand, started running with her breasts exposed and left her friend to deal with the problem. The two guys had her pined down and were calling back the other two. They grabbed her by arms and legs and lifted her in mid air. Her bikini top stayed in her towel and her breasts were being grabbed. They took her behind some bushes, untied her bikini bottom strings and pulled it off. She was screaming to let her go but they kept on holding her. Held with her legs spread one of them started sucking on her pussy. The he took her bottle of sun oil pushed it inside her butt and squished the oil up her ass so they could shove their fingers inside. They took their suite time exploring her intimate parts and fingers were going in an out of her butt and pussy. When they were done each took turns slapping her ass hard and then took her back down to the beach held her upside down with her legs spread and bent over her head and sand was pored on her anus and pushed in with their fingers. They let her go and collected all her things and took of waving her bikini in the air, living her stranded on the sand naked with nothing to cover herself. I couldn't leave her there so I walked further up the beach and came back down like I didn’t now what happed. It was up to her to call me for help and when I got close she did. I handed her my shirt and a pair of shorts and drove her home. We've been go friends ever since.
Monday, December 4th 2006 - 04:13:30 AM
Name: Eric
E-mail address: fran@coqui.net
Subject: A great vacation
Message:In a life time you go through a lot of embarrassing situations but exciting at the same time. I was 26 and alone for my week’s vacation and hopping that I would meet a nice girl to spend some time with. Ibiza is a wild island and soon I found myself sun bathing in one of their nude beaches. Some people ware their bathing trunks and some don't. It was my first time, so I decided to keep mine on and strip some other day. Seeing all these beautiful Scandinavian girls walking up and down the beach totally naked, I feared getting a hard on. My hotel room was like a small suite, living room, bed room and a small kitchen with these big glass smoked panels of glass. That night I was feeling kind of horny thinking of my day at the beach, so after taking a shower I laid in bed and started to masturbate. The next day I found a note under my bed that said “we are three girls having fun with binoculars from the next door building, and hope to get a better show tonight" You cant see anything through those windows in the day, but at night with the lights on it's a different story. The thought of them watching me the whole time maid me bush with embarrassment. I would probably walk by them or sit next to them during the day and not even realize it. But thinking about it made me horny all over again so if they obviously enjoyed it why not give them a better show the next night. I turned on all the lights in the living room, took all my clothes off and with hard on went out on the balcony and started to play with myself. A light came on in the front building and three girls were waving at me from their balcony making signs that they wanted to come over. Soon there was a knock on my door and my heart turned over at the thought that they were on my front door. I rapt a towel around me and opened the door and the three of them came in saying “it’s time that we should meet “We all went into the small kitchen for some drinks and while I was serving them my towel was yanked off. I turned bright red when a felt myself standing naked with my dick waving in mid air. There was no way out, she wrapped her fingers around my penis and told me to relax and not be embarrassed. We went to the living room were they started to take there clothes off. I was down on the floor with one sitting on me and her pussy buried on my face while my dick was being sucked by another. She was so wet her juices were running down my neck. The other girl was sitting in the edge of the sofa with her legs spread and fingering herself while watching. I've never had so much pussy in my life and managed to get them to come eventually. They then turned on me to get me to cum, one pulled me back with my back against her and started to pinch my nipples while the other jerked and sucked on my dick. I finally came when the other girl wet her finger in her mouth and pushed it in deep into my ass. I exploded instantly sending spurts of sperm all over the place. I took me some time to recover from what was the best orgasm yet. Later we all showered and I walked them to there hotel. The next night it was fun and games all over again. Ibiza is a great place to have a... wonderful... wonderful... vacation.
Monday, December 4th 2006 - 05:45:27 AM
Name: Eric
E-mail address: fran@coqui .net
Subject: school spanking
Message:Going to a boarding school when I was 14 years old I went through a lot of embarrassing situations. The dormitories were in this long ground level building. The center of the building was where the young boys and girls 8-9 years old slept. As you went in opposite directions the ages climbed. Right side for girls and left for boys ending with the rooms for 14 and 15 year old kids. Every night before bedtime we were all gathered in our pajamas in the gym room, and sat on the floor to witness the punishments of kids that had misbehaved. The principal would sit in front of us all and call out names of boys and girls that would come up, put across his lap with there bare butt exposed and get there ass paddled. It was humiliating for you and fun for the rest of the boys and girls. But my most embarrassing time was when these fourteen year old girls accused me of watching them through the window while they were taking a shower. It was obviously planed to get me in trouble and the principal believed them. We were all tucked in our beds that night, when the principal and his helper dragged me out of bed and took me to the girl’s room that had accused me. There were six girls sleeping in the room. Four that had accused me and two that maybe were in on the plan. They took my pajamas off and had me stand in the middle of the room with my hands behind my head buck naked in front of them. My face turned red as a tomato with shame and knew I couldn't do anything about it. He told the girls that it was my turn to know what it feels to be looked at with no clothes on and that if I tried to cover up I would have me go to school naked the next day. He left me there for at least 20 minutes. I tried to prevent it, but end up getting an erection as a bonus for the girls. I didn’t want to give them any reason for them to get me to school naked the next day, so I let them play their game of feeling my testicles and flicking my hard dick. I almost had and orgasm that night, but thank God I didn’t have to go to school in the nude the next day.
Sunday, December 3rd 2006 - 07:09:31 AM
Name: googlyman
Subject: Ms. Chang Unwrapped
Message:Alexandra Chang was the head math teacher at the local high school. She was in her mid-thirties, and she was a total babe. She had smooth, pale skin, jet-black hair, and an amazing figure. She always wore skirts and dresses with nylons, and was loved by all of her students. To Lucas she was the woman of his dreams. “I would love to see what she wears underneath her clothes” Lucas always said. “I hope she wears stockings, I hate pantyhose.” Or “I bet she wears a corset, her figure is too good to be true.” One day while going home from school, Ms. Chang saw a bright flash in the distance. Suddenly she got chills down her spine, and felt somewhat exposed, regardless of how unrevealing her dress was.

The next day Ms. Chang was wearing a green, calf length flowery silk dress with white nylons and green pumps. She dismissed her class before lunchtime and started to grade papers. She slid off pumps and began to go through the papers when something tickled her foot. She thought it was a string or something and thought nothing of it. She continued to grade when she felt the sensation again. She jumped and looked down to see what it was. Not only was there nothing there, her pumps were gone. “What the heck?” she thought as she stood up and looked around her desk for her missing shoes

Ms. Chang started to walk away from her desk when she felt resistance at her legs and heard a slight rip. A good portion of the hem of her dress was somehow closed in one of the drawers, and the drawer was locked tight. She pulled and tugged but it only caused more rips. She looked around for the key, only to see it on the other side of the room. “I’m the only one here, I’ll just take off my dress and go get the key.” She slipped out of her dress, feeling a bit exposed in her green bustier, thong, suspenders, and stockings. She tip-toed over to the key only to see it slide back to her desk. “What in the world?” She said as she went back to her desk, only to see her dress magically float into the drawer, close, and lock. Ms. Chang gasped in horror as her key ring came out of the lock and flew under the classroom door, out into the hall.

“Oh my word!” Ms. Chang exclaimed, as she now stood in her classroom in her sexy lingerie. She looked at her clock. The next class would be coming in 10 minutes! She opened the door and looked around. No one was coming, and her keys were just a few feet from her door. All of a sudden she felt a tug on her thong and the door closed behind her. She stepped out only to find out that her thong was lodged in the door, and it was locked. “Oh my goodness no!” She cried as she struggled to open the door and remove her trapped underwear. She tried to reach out with her foot, but the keys were just out of range. She tried to lean over and pick them up with her hands, causing the fabric to rub her clit and wedge between her lips. “Oh!” She moaned as a jolt of passion traveled through her body. The flimsy fabric of the thong couldn’t hold her weight for long. The thong snapped and hung limply from the door, causing Ms. Chang to stumble forward, kicking her keys into an air duct on the side of the hall. “Oh my word no!” She cried as she cupped both hands over her crotch, covering the patch of jet-black hair, which now glistened with moisture from her juices.

“What am I going to do?” She thought. She was not only naked from the waist down; she was also locked out of her classroom. Before she could run away, the bell rang and the entire hall flooded with students, only to see the headmistress of math, in her sexy bustier and stockings, shivering in the middle of the hallway. Ms. Chang let out a loud scream, and bolted down the hallway through the mob of students. As she fought her way through, she could feel hands squeezing her nipples and smacking and grabbing her ass. Some were rubbing her pussy and asshole. Breaking through the mob of horny teenagers she came face to face with Mr. Foster, the principal. At this point, everything thing went black, and Ms. Chang fainted.

The next day Ms. Chang was confronted by her superiors for her indecent exposure the day before. “Now Ms. Chang we have never had any issues with you here in this school, and for something this outrageous to happen completely baffles us. Now start from the beginning, what exactly happened?” Ms. Chang was almost in tears, she did not want to lose her job. She explained to them how her shoes disappeared, and how her dress magically got stuck in her desk. “Ms. Chang this is outrageous, you expect us to believe such fairy tales?” As the principal began his speech on school policy and personal integrity, Ms. Chang felt a slight tingle at her feet. She looked down and saw her pumps being guided off of her feet. “Oh my word not again!”

“Mr. Foster I..” The principal interrupted. “LET ME FINISH!” As he continued on, she felt a tug at the side of her skirt as her zipper unzipped on its own, and her skirt began to pull off of her legs. “Mr. Foster please..” “Learn some manners Alexandra!” The principal shouted back. “Whatever this is please stop!” Ms. Chang thought to herself. She gasped as she felt her little black thong being whisked away. “No, not my panties!” She thought as she grabbed onto the waistband and fought against her magical assailant. After a few tugs the flimsy undergarment ripped in two and both pieces flew out of Ms. Chang’s hands. She now sat at the end of the conference table naked from the waist down, except for her black stay up stockings.

Ms. Chang was embarrassed, afraid, and aroused all at once. She was sitting in front of her superiors half naked, and she didn’t know why. Before she knew it, the fasten on her strapless bra came undone, and it was pulled from under her shirt and disappeared under the table with the rest of her clothes. “Why is this happening to me?” She thought as she felt tears stirring up. Her thought process was broken when something stroked a nipple. She gasped loudly, getting the attention of the entire room. “Is something wrong Ms. Chang?” The principal asked. “No, nothing at all.” The principal droned on, and whatever it was that touched her at first, began to get friskier. Her nipples were flicked; her clit and vagina were rubbed. It felt as if someone was underneath the table, fondling every sensitive part of her body. “Oh my word, I’m going to scream!” Right before she could scream, a loud crash came outside the room. “What was that?” The principal said as he and everyone else at the table got up to see. When the room cleared, Ms. Chang felt something plunge deep into her throbbing sex.

“OH MY GOD!” Ms. Chang shouted as whatever it was under the table began working in and out of her. Her breasts were fondled more and more, and her pussy was given the works. In an erotic stupor, she jumped to her feet, ripped her shirt open and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor. She began massaging her own breasts and clit in sync with the mysterious force. “Ms. Chang what’s going on in there? Open this door!” The sound of her superior forced her to her senses, and Ms. Chang realized what she was doing. “Oh my word what is happening to me!” She looked around the room for her clothes; nothing was there, not even her shirt. She ducked into the supply closet in the room. As she leaned over to peek out of the keyhole, she felt something plunge deep into her.

Ms. Chang slowly turned her head to see a long blackboard pointer shoved deep into her throbbing pussy. The closet was very small, and when she tried to pull it out, halfway out it suddenly stopped. “How in the world did… oh!” She moaned as the pointer mysteriously slid back into her. Ms. Chang fought with the pointer, attempting to remove it when Mr. Foster opened the closet door. Ms. Chang froze in place like a dear in headlights, and felt her whole existence fall apart. “Oh my lord MISS CHANG!” Mr. Foster was amazed to find Ms. Chang, one of his top department heads, in the conference room closet, wearing nothing but black stockings, masturbating with a pointer. “You….. YOU’RE FIRED!”
Friday, December 1st 2006 - 12:08:48 PM
Name: Carol
Subject: Quiet at the Movies - Part 1
Message:Carol, at twenty-one years-old, was looking hot today, as she did most days. She had dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back, dark brown, almost black eyes and full lips. When she smiled her perfect dimples showed and that smile could dazzle.

Her lace-strapped tank top hugging the curves of her firm and perfect 34d breasts and showing off her tight tummy and beautiful tan. The equally thin black bra straps were visible on her shoulders. This bra was more for decoration than support.

Her gray low riding short tight skirt showed off her luscious hips and accentuated the swell of her round full bottom as her three inch sandals accentuated her shapely calves and thighs.

She was hot and she knew it, but, she was also a tease, the kind of tease that was a set-up for abuse. She was sharp-tongued and on many occasions had publicly humiliated members of both sexes with her cutting remarks. Mostly these statements dealt with the inadequacies of her victim when compared to someone of her looks and brains, also their sexual prowess or lack thereof.
So, it happened that she didn’t get many dates or have many friends, she did, however, have a few enemies.

Carol sat in the darkened theatre watching the series of four art films her college professor had assigned the class. Films so boring she figured said professor must have a financial investment in them and was trying to recoup his obvious loss through his students.
“No one else would watch this crap.” Carol thought as she yawned for the hundredth time.

Halfway through the second film four of the local high school girls came into the darkened theatre, giggling and talking.
“This is too much.” Carol thought to herself, “I have to watch this shit and listen to these empty-headed cheerleaders, too.”
They were cheerleaders and Carol had had words with them recently at the local library, about talking and giggling. She had been in rare form and verbally blistered all four, leaving them speechless, red-faced and angry.

“I am here to study for my college courses. These movies are boring at best, but with your constant cackling and inane chatter, they are becoming impossible. Could you please take your empty-headed blathering somewhere else? Thank you.” Carol turned back around and tried to concentrate on the film.

The girls were momentarily silenced. After some whispering and quiet rustling, they came and sat near Carol, two directly behind her and one on each side.

“Well, well look who it is, Miss I’m better than you and can put you down in public.”
This was one of the two blondes, the other girls a redhead and a brunette. “So doin’ a school project. And we’re interrupting you. Shame on us.” They all giggled.
Carol started to get up and move. From behind, two sets of hands shoved her back in her seat.
“What the…!” Something was shoved in her mouth and the girls sitting on either side of her, having already removed their pantyhose, used them to secure her wrists to the arms of her seat. One of the girls in back of her used her pantyhose and secured the gag, which Carol would find out later were the fuorth girl's wadded up panties.
“Oh, my. That’s not supposed to happen to perfect people, now is it?” Blonde 2 asked mockingly.
Blonde 1 slid her hand over Carol’s bare belly, caressing her up to the base of her breasts. “Oooooooo… you must work out.” Slowly, she started to pull Carol’s top over her breasts.
Carol, wide-eyed, squirmed and tried to kick the girl.
“Oops, better tie her feet. Don’t want anyone to get hurt. None of us anyway.” She smiled evilly at Carol.

Tearing the fourth pair of pantyhose in half, they tied her ankles to the seat frame. It took two on each leg.
Carol’s shirt strap had slid off her shoulder and her top had slid down enough to expose the curve of her breast bulging from her tiny black bra.
“Hey, look, no tan line. Naughty, naughty, sunbathing with her titties uncovered, shame on you.” The redhead reached over Carol’s shoulder, into the bra and squeezed her breast and gave her nipple a pinch. “And they’re firm, too.”
They all laughed while each took a turn groping and pinching as Carol turned red and wiggled futilely trying to elude their grasp.
“I think the left is bigger than the right.” The brunette looked over Carol’s shoulder and holding her top open stared from one breast to the other.
“How can you tell? She’s wearing a top and a bra. The bra is probably padded. Oops, no, there’s not enough of a bra there. Still we ought to see if one is bigger, because if it is then she must not be perfect.” The brunette grabbed the hem of the shirt and started pulling it up.
“You goof, she’s tied up. We’ll have to cut them off. Do you have scissors or a knife?” Blonde 1 asked her comrades.

Carol was surprised by her own feelings. Yes, she was humiliated and helpless, and yes she was afraid someone would see her naked (of course that fear was for when she left the theatre as the last patron, other than her little group had gone a half hour ago). The feeling that was bothering her was sexual. She was enjoying being humiliated, fondled and stripped and not being able to stop it. Already she had had an orgasm, when all four girls were groping her at once, covering it up with her futile struggle against her bonds.

“Well, we can’t leave her naked, now can we?” Blonde 2 pulled and broke the Straps on Carol’s top and pulled it down around her waist. “But, she doesn’t need this.” She ripped both bra straps off as Blonde 1 grabbed the bra between the cups and ripped it in half.
“Why didn’t you just unhook it?” The redhead asked with feigned concern.
“Well, she doesn’t need all her clothes. She just needs to be covered so she won’t get arrested.”
Blonde 2 laughed. “You have to admit they are real close to being exactly the same size. Maybe she is perfect, a perfect bitch.” She pinched Carol’s nipple hard causing her to wince.
Blonde 1 pulled the skirt up over Carol’s hips and around her waist with the shirt and grabbing the sides tore the panties at each hip. Slowly she pulled the panties up against Carol’s clitoris. This time her orgasm was obvious.
“Whoa! Did you see that?” the redhead watched as Carol’s body convulsed with pleasure. “Make her do it again. That was so cool, her eyes rolled up in her head and she didn’t stop moving for, like forever.”
The brunette unbuttoned and unzipped Carol’s skirt, then, grabbing both sides of the zipper, ripped it open and off. Now with only the top around her waist and her footwear Carol was naked and vulnerable.
“I’m not sure if she’ll like this, but I know I do.” The brunette slid a finger in Carol’s vagina and slowly started to work it in and out, adding a finger until Carol was humping all four of her fingers. The two blondes and the redhead fondled and touched her all over. In a very short time she came again, a large multiple that left her drained and sweating slumped in her seat. She would have slumped to the floor had it not been for her bonds.

The brunette and Blonde 2 picked Carol up as the redhead and Blonde 1 wrapped her skirt back around her hips and fastened the button.
“Modesty preserved.” The redhead announced.
Using the front pieces of the broken top straps they tied them together behind her neck, this pulled the top kind of high, but it still covered most of her breasts , as long as she didn’t raise her arms.

As the house lights came up they untied Carol and left her exhausted in her seat. Each kissed her full on the lips as they passed her. She kissed each of them back hungrily, shocked at their affectionate action.
“No hard feelings, huh?” The redhead asked as their lips parted.
“N, n, n no, no hard feelings.” Carol held her until she gently pulled away.
“Let’s do it again sometime.” Blonde 1 kissed her and squeezed her breast and laughed.
“Later, babe.” Blonde 2 said after she straightened.
“Does this mean I’m gay? I never thought I was. I still like Tommy…a lot.”
The brunette smiled and kissed Carol in turn. “Well, maybe I’m a little gay.”
Running to catch up with the others, “Am I bisexual, then. That’s something to think about, isn’t…” The sound of her voice cut off as the door closed.

Standing, Carol staggered and almost fell her legs still weak from the draining orgasms. She looked at herself, the button the only thing holding her skirt on, the opening showing half her hip and ass, her top barely covering her braless and sore breasts. Walking carefully she left the theatre, the cool night air reviving her. In her car she sat for a few minutes going over her feelings.

“The next time I see those bitches they’re going to get a real tongue lashing from me!” She said with fierce determination.
“Then, maybe they’ll tie me up and teach me another lesson.” She started the car and smiled all the way home thinking about their next meeting.
Thursday, November 30th 2006 - 10:49:06 AM
Name: Geogre
Subject: Holiday 2
Message:Hi all,

I said I’d write about the other adventure with these lads. They all became friends and spent a few nights and days out together. One very hot day the girls where sunbathing. They asked the boys to go and buy them an ice cream. The boys ribbed them a bit about not going. They went for the ice creams but then teased them with them when They’d returned. They asked what it was worth to get the ice creams. The girls tried to avoid offering anything, then snatching them, but eventually, all with twinkles in their eyes I bet agreed to another streak/forfeit.

That night walking back from a club the guys approached them and said it was time to pay up. All the girls had to do was go skinny-dipping while the guys watched. The girls said they weren’t stupid enough to leave them in charge of their clothes. Fearing a fair walk home to hotel naked.

The girls eventually agreed to skinny-dip in two groups. The boys said that they wanted two groups of four so somebody had to do it twice. They got to pick and picked my wife. Even at 56 as she was then youngsters always seemed to like her. The next surprise was that they wanted the groups to do it on different nights.

The girls said they where going home the next day which was true but not until the early hours of the next day if you follow. It was decided that the other group would do it before they left.

The first group to go would be my wife, two daughters and granddaughter. The others where sent back to the hotel. Once the boys where sure they where gone they told the girls to strip, run into the sea, and count at least 50 before running out.

The girls stripped quickly in the half hazy moonlight but enough with the lights from the shore to be seen close too by the guys.

They were all wearing dresses with panties, and in the case of my wife and eldest daughter bras. They ran in count 50, in quite warm water that surprised them than ran out. The lads were all stood cheering the girls on but the girls noticed that something was missing, their clothes.

The lads said not to worry they just wanted them to dry off first by doing a small task. The girls had to stand up straight hands behind head for the lads to walk around them having a good look in the half-light. The lads gave the girls their clothes back and they went back to the hotel.

Next evening my wife, Emma, M, and Kath meet the boys at the pre-arranged time. They were due to catch the bus to the airport in an hour or so. The boys led the girls to a more secluded spot than the night before because there was a party going on down the beach. My wife had told the girls about the disappearing clothes.

They stripped off and quickly ran into the water counted 50 and returned. Sure enough the clothes where gone. My wife quickly assumed the position like the previous night to get it over with. Like wise Kath, Emma, and M.

The boys asked how desperate they were to get their clothes back and catch the bus. Perhaps desperate enough to do some exercises. The girls all refused and demanded their clothes back. But they really didn’t have a choice. They did some push ups, and then some sit ups, some leg spreads, and star jumps. After about ten minutes and having shown absolutely everything, and I hasten to add giggling like hell, the guys gave them their clothes back.
Thursday, November 30th 2006 - 11:29:20 AM
Name: Bev
Subject: Hostage Course
Message:I wish to relate to you my personal experience of being forced to streak.

I’d be pleased to here from anyone else who as been on the type of training that I’m about to describe.

My company was very concern about a number of cases of staff being assaulted and held hostage by customers.

They sent us on a training course to learn to cope with these situations. The first part of the course took place at our place of work and involved being given loads of information on how to prevent being assaulted, raped, burgled, kidnapped and so on. The course last for one day and the information was very useful.

The second part of the course took place at a local community centre over three days. It involved more practical workshops looking at your home, place of work, car, and routes taken and so on to identify possible security and safety risks. Once again the course was very enjoyable and useful especially the half day on breakaway techniques and self-defence.

The third part of the course was to be residential over a long weekend. The male employee’s where sent to one location and the female employee’s where sent to another location. I am female by the way. Our location was an old church and church hall surrounded by a graveyard and wall. It was in the countryside. It was probably about at least three-quarters of a mile away from the next nearest building in any direction. It had been converted into a youth hostel/out of bounds training centre. It had a kitchen with a large dinning room. There where two living rooms or lounges. There was then the sports hall, which had two training rooms off to one side. Upstairs was a communal bathroom and a number of dorms each with bunk beds for up to eight persons.

We arrived mid afternoon on the Friday and where introduced to our course instructors two males and three females. We where allowed to settle in and then have tea cooked by the instructors. After tea we had our first session. It was all about what happens when people become hostages. It told you how to behave and how to get the kidnapper to see you as a person and build up rapport and how to cope with fear and discomfort and so on.

This was followed by a discussion on what we’d expect from the weekend.

Next morning after breakfast we where taken into the sports hall. We where made to lie on the floor. We where told from now on we were hostages and we’d have to do as we were told and ask permission for anything.

After a while each of us in turn where told to stand we where frisked quiet forcible. We where told in the training session that hostages where search to ensure that they did not have weapons and that they weren’t police officers. After this we where all made to sit with our hands on our head. After a while the instructors told us to take off our shoes and tights so we where bare foot. I was a bit concerned about this but went along. I took my slacks down, kicked off my shoes, and then pulled down my tights. My slacks where picked up my one of the male instructors who turn them inside out and check the pockets. He then flung them at me. By now I’d taken off my tights. I put the slacks back on.

We where then told to have a drink. We where told in training about dehydration. So we all drank copiously. We assumed the water was given as away to test our learning. After some time lying on the floor again I started to need the toilet. I thought I’d just hold it to lunchtime.

One of my co-workers began to stand and say she was just going to the toilet when the whole room exploded. The instructors sprang into action calling her allsorts of things. It scared the hell out of me. My co-worker was told she would go to the toilet when they said. My co-worker protested and made for the downstairs toilet. The instructors just picked her up and throw her down. They were a scuffle and one of the other women started to protest this was soon stifled. I knew not how but I didn’t went to I’m a bit of a coward so kept my head down.

Order returned to the room. We where told we had to ask to use the toilet. The women now asked. She was told she’d not be able to good until everyone else had been. My closest work colleague was the first to ask. She was told to stand. One of the women escorted her to the toilet.

Soon everyone was taking his or her turn. I piped up and asked to go. I was escorted by one of the females to the toilets. I entered the cubical and began to close it. The instructor prevented me. It was made clear that I was to perform my ablutions in front of her.

Later that afternoon I needed to go again. This time the routine was different. One of the male instructors took me this time. I was not looking forward to performing in front of him. When we got to the outer door he said that either he could come in with me or I could strip to my pants and bra so that I would think twice before running. I took off my outer clothes.

We were taught on the training that when most people where presented with the opportunity of escape they didn’t because of embracement. I could have run but I didn’t.

Two off the women tried but where caught. This led to us all being stripped searched. We protested but to no avail. Two women said we’ll sue but the instructors pointed out the agreement we’d signed. So we all ended up nude.

After this we where tied up or handcuffed.

After the days training was open we discussed the events. We had tea in a subdued mood. After tea we play a variety of games using blindfolds or being tied up or both. We play as three teams. My team won and the instructors gave us a bottle of wine each and some chocolates.

Later that night we where taken back to one of the living rooms which had French windows.

We were all told to strip. We’d been stripped to various degrees while playing the games. Nudity no longer seemed a problem. Once naked we where all required to run down the path from the doors to the gate in the wall then around the inside of the wall. My heart was pounding like mad. I tried my best to cover my bits and piece. Some women hid behind gravestones. We where told we weren’t coming back in until we’d all completed our streaks as required. We where made to run to various location with hands on head. We where also handcuffed or bound and made to run. After awhile you just kind of got use to it. I guest this is what we had to learn.

The next day we where woken very early and taken blindfold into the countryside somewhere. We where left with instructions to make our way back to the church. We’d been split into three groups for this.

My group made it back in just over two hours. On arrival we where stripped and body search this I really did feel was over the top. We where put naked in the little room again. Our clothes where put in a bin at the bottom of the graveyard. The inference was clear. Had we learned to over come our embarrassment and go for escape? We talked and talked. We then saw some members of another group heading for the bin naked. Once they’d got to the bin they where given a robe. We decide to go for it. I ran down the graveyard completely nude. It was exhilarating.

I don’t want you to get the wrong Idea about this course it was a lot more involved and you learn stacks of techniques for dealing with being kidnapped or held hostage. I just through you’d like to know about the forced streaking.
Wednesday, November 29th 2006 - 02:57:12 AM
Name: Ashley
Subject: My issue
Message:OK I go to Purdue university and I live in the dorms (won't say which), sometimes the girls always make fun of me and everything, but I don’t' mind...anyway the week before thanksgiving they went to Wal-Mart to buy a bunch of stuff for this "big plan" that everyone was snickering about...turns out it was for me....I planned to go out with friends on Friday, but they had other plans for me....When I was getting changed, my roommate Allie tackled me to the floor and blew this whistle she had around her neck, which brought a good 11 or 12 girls into our room to help her out...so there I was in just my underpants struggling against them to no avail...the girls brought a bunch of stuff in, and it began....
They sat me on my wooden desk chair, cuffed my hands behind me while duct taping my arms, tied my ankles and calves to the chair legs, tied my stomach to the chair as well....I got carried into one of the shower stalls, and they took the curtain off for a little while to mess with me, and the first thing they did was turn the shower water on freezing cold, remember I couldn't move!! Finally when they turned it off (cuz I was screaming), they went and got my running socks from my room, balled them up stuffed them IN MY MOUTH and duct taped it shut so I couldn't scream!! Also one of them has a sleeping mask, so they put that over my eyes also...
next came the silly string and maple syrup, which I was DOUSED in from like head to toe, including the syrup going down the back of my pants...then finally they made me chug like a gallon of water in a few minutes so I had to pee really really bad and had no place to do it....I ended up just going in my underwear, and they left that day (Friday) I stayed there like that till Saturday night when the RA finally came and let me out when she did a check...needless to say, they gave me some time to clean up, but I had to go downstairs in wet and sticky underpants to get a room key since my roommate left for the weekend and I was locked out!!! Let’s just say it was a humiliating experience, and next semester I'm switching dorms!!!!
Tuesday, November 28th 2006 - 10:50:02 AM
Name: IO
Subject: “What Goes Up"
Message:Echo of basketballs being tossed against a backboard, rubber dodge balls bouncing all over the gym and the laughter of young students filled the air. Girls PE was a very active part of the day. Mrs. Stein volunteered to support coach Rock, female athletic director, during her free period so she can get her legs and back waxed for the team photo shoot.
“We get Mrs. Stein today!” A great sigh of distain befell everyone in the class room.
“That sucks.” Alisa cried.
“The witch failed me.” Melissa.
“She failed you because you read the wrong book.” Karen
“Anyone could get confused.” Melissa.
“You read “The Devil Wears Prada”, not “Dante’s Inferno.
“Well now we get her today. What do you suppose she is going to do here.”
“Its rope day.”
“God I hate the rope, all that climbing, its murder on my hands.” Melissa, “I can just see her now, strutting out here in her tight shorts and shirt, with those D cup Silicone boobs swinging for all to see.”
“Like this.” Alisa pushed her hands up her shirt and poked them out, increasing her bust size as far as the shirt could allow.
“Nope,” Melissa picked up two dodge balls and positioned them up the front of her shirt. The strain spread the school name letter far apart, “Like this.” She began to dance around like a stripper. Hands on waist, twisting side to side, the tightness of the shirt holding them in place, belly exposed. Easily she was now an EE cup. Everyone laughed.
“Wait, don’t forget this.” Alison carried over two more rubber dodge balls and pulled the back of Melissa’s waist band out.
“What are you doing?”
“You need a little more chunk in the trunk,” She now struggled to put the two balls in the back of the shorts. It took some effort and with a visible rear thong the balls were in place and Melissa was strutting about. Again hands on hips, swinging side to side, bending over sticking out her ass. Several girls grabbed for her behind, pretend pinching, some “felt up her new chest”. Laughter continued as Melissa showed off.
“Look at me everyone, I’m Mrs. Stein. I have large tits, a big ass and all the boys want to sleep with me.” She began to fondle the simulated boobies now.
“Oh, this feels good, because I have never had a man. I am just one uptight b…..” Now she noticed everyone looking over her shoulder with stern faces. She stopped cold in her tracks, then turned around. “He-llo Mrs. Stein.”
“Please continue, I am an uptight what?”
“Ah nothing.”
“Very well then, I think since you really enjoy showing off you can be the first to climb the rope.” Mrs. Stein was actually dressed in her tight blue shorts and tight t-shirt , she flipped through a clipboard. “It says her each of you needs to climb the rope in two minutes to receive a passing grade.” She looked Melissa directly in the eye. “I am waiting.”

Stunned, Melissa walked over to the rope. Mrs. Stein just looked at her and pointed to the stuffing in her clothes. Whistle to the lips and stopwatch ready it was time for each girl to face the truth. Melissa slipped the balls out from under her shirt, they bounced away freely. Then the ones from the back of her shorts can out one by one with some difficulty. Reduced from a EE to an A in just a few moments.
“Tweet!” The whistle blew as the last ball hit the floor. Melissa reached up and jumped. She started to climb. It took just one hand over hand move for her to realize her new issue. The balls in the shirt stretched it out so far that it flared open. Anyone below could see up her shirt, with little difficulty. On the next move with the other hand the unthinkable happened.

The balls designed to add a bit more caboose not only stretched out the shorts but somehow snapped the waist band. The garment began to slip. She choked. Mrs. Stein was noticeably unsympathetic.
“Move it, you have just one Minute and a half.”

Melissa continued to climb, trying desperately, praying the shorts would say. They didn’t. At the half way mark she lost the battle. They fell. Her thong covered lower half came into full view. She turned very red on all four cheeks. With shorts clinging to her ankles she stopped. Mrs. Stein took a moment to enjoy the humiliating sight, then she spoke.
“I always knew you were a quitter.”

Melissa didn’t like being called a quitter, she now got pissed. Ignoring the shorts she began to climb, and climb she did. The shorts now flitted downward to the earth. Her shirt flapping open and exposed ass wiggling. Then she made it. Looking down her eyes met Mrs. Stein’s.
“One minute 50 seconds.” Well done.

Melissa returned to the earth. Mrs. Stein handed her the shorts.
“Good job, I knew you had it in you.” Mrs. Stein said. Melissa took back the shorts and looked at them, then at Mrs. Stein.
“You knew that would happen.”
“I was not the one who stuffed dodge balls down her pants.”
“You think this is funny, well let me tell you something, I am not ashamed of my body.” She tossed the shorts aside, then pulled the shirt over her head. It to was tossed away. Standing there in her pink tulip bra and matching thong panties. To everyone it was clear she was well trimmed below. “This is a great body, why should I be afraid to show it off.” She squeezed her own breasts, then danced in a small circle. Arms in the air and fingers snapping.
“I have no problem showing my 18 year old little body to you or anyone else. Its perfect, its tight, its firm and its beautiful, what do you think of that?”
“I don’t have much of an opinion, but they might.” Mrs. Stein pointed to the far side of the gym to a large group of boys in similar gym clothes. “I asked the Boys PE class to join us today for a game of basketball.”

Melissa looked at the boys, then at Mrs. Stein, then at the boys, then she screamed. Throwing one arm across her chest, the other over her ass she screamed and ran away toward the locker room.

Mrs. Stein walked up to Mr. Gibbs the boys PE teacher.
“I think the boys need to hit the showers, preferably cold ones.” She said. Mr. Gibbs looked over and saw all the growing bulges in their gym shorts.
“I agree.”
“Perhaps you could use one as well.” She looked directly at his own erection. His clipboard went over his crotch and he and the boys left the gym.
Monday, November 27th 2006 - 10:05:27 AM
Name: headshaver
Subject: revenge
Message:This is a true story from my school days , we were at a party when this girl who had been seeing this lad behind my friends back turned up when she was pounced on by the girl and 6 friends, she was stripped naked and then the humiliating part she was shaved, it didn’t just stop at the bush they shaved her eyebrows and hair , I thought they went to far with the hair she was also tied up, this was my first experience of seeing a girl getting stripped and has stuck with me ever since.
Friday, November 24th 2006 - 04:12:37 AM
Name: Elissa
E-mail address: funnygirl@aol.com
Subject: Show
Message:Hi my name is Elissa. Last week, I was at a show and it was getting really crowded. Billy Talent was playing and people started going crazy to the music. I was wearing a red mini skirt and a black tank top. I got squished between a bunch of people and some guy behind me started putting his hand under my skirt and touching my butt. I pushed his hand away, but a minute later he lifted my skirt up a held it like that for like five seconds. When he finally let go, I turned around and slapped him. Then him and his two friends grabbed me and squished me between the three of them. They pulled at my skirt until it ripped and came off and then they ripped my shirt off so I was just standing there in black bra and baby blue thong. Then they lifted me up into the crowd forcing me to crowd surf. I got my bra ripped of and started screaming. The next second, someone ripped my thong off so now I was being thrown around completely naked. I got groped everywhere including my boobs and crotch. Omg it was soo embarrassing.
Wednesday, November 22nd 2006 - 11:57:20 AM
Name: Skater1176
Subject: Blackmailed by My Sister
Message:My stepsister caught me jerking off to porn on my computer in my room. It was late night and my door was open a little but I though everyone was asleep already so I wasn’t worried. I was sitting at my desk with my boxers around my ankles with my hand on my stiffy jerkin it when all of a sudden there was a flash. It totally took me by surprise. Stunned I looked over to see my sister leaning in the door with a camera laughing at me. I was so embarrassed my face turned bright red. Before I could even say anything she stepped in and closed the door. I scrambled for my boxers to get them back on but she snatched them away before I could get them on. I got up covering my stiff rod rushing to get something to cover up with but she said I better not or she’d show everyone at school the picture and ruin me for life. I would rather die than have that happen so I thought if I could get the camera away I’d be in the clear. Quickly I tried to grab it out of her hand but she was quicker and pulled away. We got into a little wresting match but it was humiliating since I had no pants on and a full boner swinging around. She was totally laughing at me and I would not give up the camera so I gave up. She said that if I did everything she told me to do she’d give me film. Then she ordered me to stand up, take my shirt off and get totally naked and just stand in front of her with my hands at my sides. Defeated I gave in. She stood there looking me over staring at my boner for like 5 minutes. Then she ordered me to jerk off till I finished. I wanted to kill her but I went with it feeling like I had no other choice. I stroked myself for a few minutes till my boner was rock hard and eventually squirted cum into the air. It squirted so much it startled my sister and she moved back a little with her eyes wide open. She had this big smirk on her face and afterwards just laughed and ran out of the room saying she would never get me the picture back. I could not believe it.

I was determined to get that picture back so I got dressed and went to her room to beg for the camera. She just laughed and taunted me saying she would use it as blackmail for the rest of my life.

I was really pissed off and decided to resort to extreme measures…
Thursday, November 16th 2006 - 11:25:56 AM
Name: ravegirl
Subject: Butt Abuse
Message:I bought these sexy new jeans last week that fit like they are painted on me. I have to admit I looked really good in them and even at the mall I could see other kids (and adults!) checking me out. Even my friends kept commenting on my “hot butt” and “sexy pants”. They were grabbing and smacking my rear but it was all in good fun so I really didn’t mind. Actually I liked all the extra attention.

Well I was over at my friend Trina’s house Friday night for a sleep over with two other friends, Dana and Kelly. Trina is 2 years older than I am and my Mom is not crazy about me hanging out with her because she’s a little wild but I still do. Anyway, we had some Vodka and punch and got pretty buzzed up. We were all pretty drunk and had just smoked some pot too (shhh!), and drank like 3 of those Adrenaline energy drink each so we re all amped up. We were acting crazy taking turns in front of her video camera doing the nastiest dance moves we could think of one at a time trying to out do each other. It was funny and Trina was wearing these lose sweats so every time she looked away I’d run up behind her and try to pants her. I actually did a few times pulling her pants down to her ankles leaving her standing there in her orange panties. She kept pulling them back up telling me to watch it or else. The next time she wasn’t looking I ran up and got her pants by the waistband. This time when I pulled them down her panties came down too! Oops! Trina smacked me but it was all in good fun. When it came my turn to dance in front of the camera I got up and stuck my butt right near the camera lens and started really shaking it back and forth, and up and down like the black girls do in the videos. The girls were cheering and I was really getting nasty shaking my hips when all of a sudden Trina jumped on me yelling, “SEXY BUTT, SEXY BUTT!” over and over. “I WANT YOUR SEXY BUTT! GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!” she was laughing. She was smashed!

Next thing I am being pushed down on the bed and all 3 of them are holding my arms while Trina was trying to get my jeans unbuttoned!! Now my jeans were tight so it was not easy but she eventually got them unbuttoned and opened up. I didn’t think they were serious about following through till Trina began really tugging at them hard really trying to get them down off my hips. I tried to rolling into a ball to stop her but Dana and Kelly pulled me over and held me as Trina tugged and tugged causing my panties to slide down too. I screamed, “Oh no, my panties! My panties!!” but everybody was laughing and no one was taking anything seriously. It was a big blur of struggling and hands grabbing and holding me and next thing I feel my jeans and panties being pulled past my hips! I tried to cover as they held me laughing and kicking as Trina pulled my pants and underwear totally off! She pulled and pulled till my pants went inside out and they came off my legs. I tried to hold onto them but it was too late. A minute later I had NO pants on! Bare butt, totally depantsed by my friends. Trina ran off with my jeans and panties and I scrambled under the bed covers to cover up.

When Trina got back she jumped on me on the bed and started trying to pull the blanket away from me! Then Kelly jumped in and then Dana, and next thing they wrestled the blanket away from me leaving me on the floor bottomless again covering my privates with my hands. Kelly and Dana were laughing their heads off as Trina tried to grab me again. In the struggle I wound up on my stomach clawing and scrambling trying to crawl away on my hands and knees but Trina (who was sitting on the floor now) grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me bottomless and clawing back towards her. Before I could even react she had dragged me face down back towards her by my ankles and then quickly pulled my legs apart pulling me over her lap like that locking her legs around me so I could not get up. This left me face down on my stomach with my legs spread on both sides of her, my hips over her lap, and my butt right in her face! (Well like a foot away really) With her legs locked around me (& over my lower back) I was pinned faced down with my butt arched up trapped like that! The more I struggled the more she locked her legs around me forcing my pelvis higher and higher. With my butt wiggling up and down, and fully exposed p*ssy (I am sure) I kicked my legs behind her like crazy trying to hit her in the back of the head but Kelly and Dana held my legs down so Trina could have her way with me!

“Now your sexy butt is mine!” she laughed obnoxiously and playfully spanked my naked butt a few times as Kelly and Dana looked on doubling over laughing hysterically. Trina grabbed and kneaded my butt spreading my cheeks exposing my b*tth*le and p*ssy.

“Look at that cute little BUTT!!” she said excitedly while biting her lower lip and playing with my private parts. She pushed her thumbs in and pulled my a**hole and p*ssy apart looking into them up close and personal. Then she pressed one thumb into the rim of my a**hole, and her other thumb slightly into my p*ssy and began wiggling her thumbs in and out of the rim of both my holes. I screamed in protest demanding to be let go but I couldn’t help but laugh a little so no one took me seriously. She wet her finger and began rubbing my p*ssy lips looking for my cl*t!

“Yeah you little sexy butt! You like that huh? You tried to pull my pants down but who’s laughing now, huh?” she said lustfully. Then she pushed her thumb further into my a**hole and had her fun fingering me till I got wet.

“Stick your butt out!” she commanded. “Stick it out I said!” she ordered smacking me harshly twice. I could not help but get wet with her hitting all the right spots. I eventually complied and all 3 of them had their fun playing with my butt and a**hole and rubbing my p*ssy. Since we were all pretty drunk I don’t remember everything that happened but I think I came at least once and I think I remember her face buried in my ass at one point.. I think… or was that just a dream..? Either way it was crazy!

All I know is we all woke up then next morning very hung over. Dana and Kelly were out in the living room on the couch in their panties, but Trina and me were stark naked in her bedroom on her bed! Whoa!

It was a very interesting night and Trina and I had more than a handful of interesting encounters after that.
Wednesday, November 15th 2006 - 05:54:14 PM
Name: Giselle
Subject: Caught Naked by Burglar
Message:I went to my boyfriend’s boarding house late one night for some help on schoolwork. Since I was a frequent visitor at their place, I could go straight to his room without bother. When I walked in he wasn’t there so I plopped myself down on his bed and read his FHM strewn on the floor. Minutes later he walked in and he caught me reading and with my hands in the wrong places (or right ones—I was playing with breasts and clit, somewhat aroused!). That was his cue to get down on me. We fucked well into the night. After we’d finished I realized it was too late to go home so I slept over. At 3AM, we awoke to the sound of an intruder—a burglar holding a gun! I made an effort to scream but my boyfriend quickly bundled me up. It was then that I realized we were both naked…in front of the burglar! The burglar took off with our cell phones and some valuables, and I can’t say that I don’t hate him for that, but what really pissed me off is that he saw me naked, just having had sex. Grrr…
Tuesday, November 14th 2006 - 08:37:41 AM
Name: Stephanie
Subject: on film
Message:When I was around 15 or 16 I stayed at my good friend’s house for the weekend. The first day her younger brother was having a birthday party. Being a pool party we go swimming and later decide to go inside while her brother opens his presents.

Her mom would always tell everyone to take off their bathing suits outside as to not track water through the house. To do this we would take off our suits under our towels. I always struggled with this but it never bothered me until on this day I have major trouble getting off my one piece suit. Right when my suit gets to my ankles I drop my towel. Everyone there gets a quick flash of me as I grab my towel and hold it in front of me. All the boys and my friend’s mom are staring at me in shock. I begin to slowly back my way into the house when my friends dad says “um… dear I should warn you that the camera is rolling.” He had been filming the party and was standing BEHIND me the whole time!!

I gasp in surprise, turn, and run inside giving I’m sure the whole party a great backside view. To embarrass to return to the party I stay in my friend’s room until dinner. After dinner everyone decides to watch the movie of the birthday party. I was horrified. Like 20 minutes into it, there I am off to the side changing. And then the next thing you see is my bare butt for a solid 10 seconds. Everyone nearly died laughing. They thought it was soo funny that my friend's parents rewound it and played it 2 more times. My friend’s mom then teases me by saying that she didn’t know she ordered a stripper and that all the boys probably thought seeing my cute backside was a great present. Seeing that I was upset she then tried to make me feel better by saying that it was just them and I was practically family. Her remarks only made me more embarrassed, and I never went swimming in my friend’s pool again.

To this day I am not sure if they erased the tape…I hope they did.
Tuesday, November 7th 2006 - 04:36:25 PM
Name: Joe
Subject: Open Book Exam
Message:My name is Jackie Johnson, and I'm a 31-year-old advertising
executive with a Fortune 500 company. My husband is a college
professor, but, since I was less than impressed with the health
care my son was receiving on my husband's medical plan, I decided
to transfer him over to my company's program.

The university's bureaucracy required me to obtain a doctor's
signature on the release notice at the health clinic when I picked
up my son's records, which is what brought me to the waiting room
of the Student Health Center that day.

There was one other person in the waiting room when I arrived, a
male student in a faded fraternity t-shirt. Without being immodest I can say that I am very attractive (even in my business suit), and I could feel the frat boy's eyes immediately fix on me as I strode confidently to the front desk.

There was no one at the desk, so I sat down off to one side to
await the receptionist's return.

The clinic was rather primitive, and long green curtains hanging
from the ceiling separated the waiting area and various exam
rooms. Although this allowed for easy reconfiguration, it also
left very little privacy.

It was one of the many reasons that I had never been examined at
the clinic.

As soon as I sat down on the folding chair in the reception area,
I heard a distraught female voice behind me:

"I'm a 24-year-old graduate teaching assistant, Doctor, and I
attended a fraternity party last night," the anguished voice
said. "I don't know what happened -- I think I had too much to
drink -- but I woke up in the morning with a terrible headache.
They had left me in the dumpster behind the fraternity house! My
clothes...I was naked, and my clothes were in the dumpster too.
I got dressed and showered at home and then came here. I'm not
on birth control, and I heard there was some sort of pill that you
could take the morning after to make sure you don't get pregnant.
I don't know if I should call the police or what I should do, so I
just came here!"

"Why called the police?" a male voice replied. "You got drunk in the frat house, and now you want to whine to the police? You were simply left in the dumpster, which is where you belong, in my opinion. Now strip naked, so that I can have a look at you. Let's see what got the frat house so excited."

"You have no right to talk to me that way," the woman said angrily.

"Unless you have another medical plan, I can speak to you anyway I
wish," the doctor replied, haughtily. "If you want that pill, you
will strip for me. NOW!"

"Take off...my clothes?" the TA asked. "I just thought that I
could get the pill and go home...."

"You need to be examined for signs of venereal disease," another
female voice said. "I need to get back to the reception area, but
since I also need to be present for the exam, I'll leave the
curtain open just a smidge."

After a long pause, the female patient made her decision. "Is
there somewhere I can undress, Doctor?" she asked, tentatively.

In a corner mirror I saw the smiling nurse pull the curtain halfway aside and then resume her seat at the front desk. I was about to get up and ask for my records when the next exchange began:

"You can undress right here and now, in front of me," the doctor
curtly replied. "Here I am in charge. I am tired of snooty women complaining about their modesty. I won't pamper a trollop who just finished entertaining a fraternity party. Strip naked...now!"

I could see the nurse in the mirror, but she hadn't noticed me yet. However, she did see the fraternity boy sitting towards the back of the waiting room, and her comment to him blew me away.

"I think I may have left the curtain open a bit too wide," she
giggled. "What do you think?"

The boy carefully crept over and sat closer to the nurse. "No, I
think the curtain is just right," he student whispered. "I think
her yellow underpants are just darling!"

"Do I have to take off my underwear, too, Doctor?" the woman

"Every stitch, girl," the doctor said impatiently. "You weren't
shy at the fraternity house, so don't pretend to be a virgin here!"
I could hear every word in the exam area, but my only visual cue
was the transfixed stare of the lustful fraternity boy sitting a
few feet away from me, and the reflection of the curtains in the
mirror. The frat boy stared at the open curtain as if hypnotized,
and he moved both hands to push down on the enormous bulge in the
front of his jeans.

"Your nipples are getting hard when I tweak them. You are enjoying this, too, no?" the doctor teased.

"No...," the woman said, her voice cracking. "It's cold! I just
want to get done."

"Your little boobies seem fine, so now we can take a look at the
randy little gash between your legs. Spread those creamy white thighs and put your dainty feet up in the stirrups, so that I can take a good look!"

I heard the liner paper crinkle and the young woman groan as she
awkwardly assumed the required position. As soon as the crinkling
stopped, the nurse got up and walked into the exam room.

"You might have more light if I move the table so that the stirrups are pointing towards the curtain, Doctor," she said.

"I can see perfectly with this mobile light," the doctor brusquely

"If you come over to the curtain, DOCTOR, you'll see what I mean."

Through the mirror I could see the physician walk into the
reception area and immediately burst into a grin when he saw the
young man seated a few feet away.

"Yes, let's move the table," the doctor said. "We'll
let the light come in through the crack in the curtain. I will
sit to the left, so that the CRACK will be totally visible and
unobstructed!" he said, with a lewd laugh.

The male student was trying to stay silent, but he ended up letting out an almost inaudible wolf whistle as the table was wheeled into position for his viewing pleasure. It was clearly the show of a lifetime.

When the nurse exited the exam area she looked over and noticed me
gawking at her in the mirror. Startled, she immediately confronted me.

"May I help you?" she asked. "You didn't sign in, so I didn't know you were here."

"I'm not here for an exam," I said defensively. "I'm under my
company's medical plan," I babbled. "My husband is a professor
here, and I've just come by to get my son's medical records.
I'm moving my son's coverage over to my company's health care
plan, and I need to have the doctor sign the release and give
me the records."

"If you give me your name, I can have Doctor do that right now,
and you won't have to wait," the nurse replied.

"My name is Jackie Johnson, but I don't mind waiting," I quickly
replied. "The doctor can sign the records after he finishes
examining that TA. I just want to wait here until her exam is

Instantly I knew that I had said too much. The nurse, who was
several years my junior, seemed confused at first, and I squirmed
in my chair as she appraised me. Although the room was cool, I
was sweating, which made my silk blouse very clingy. My skin was
flushed, and my hands were trembling slightly as they rested in my

The authoritative nurse was literally towering over me as she
looked down at me wriggling in my chair. She smiled when she
realized that I had become aroused listening to the TA's ordeal,
and she whispered quietly to me.

"Exciting, isn't it?"

I said nothing, but nodded. The nurse smiled at me for several
seconds, but then the smile faded, replaced by a thoughtful look.
"We need to have a file on you before we can release you to another plan, to make sure pre-existing conditions are covered," she said, purposely raising her voice so that the frat boy could hear. That isn't a problem for your son, but, since we don't have any medical records on you, I'm afraid we'll have to give you a complete physical before we can sign over your son's records."

Through the curtain I could hear the doctor's voice. "The enema
will help kill any bacteria or viruses that you may have contracted. It will burn and cramp, but feel free to wiggle your bottom as a distraction. I certainly would not mind watching you gyrate your cute little fanny around, like a go-go dancer. Perhaps I will give you a dollar when you are done."

Looking at the curtain where the voices were coming from, I
nervously asked, "A complete physical?"

The nurse smiled. "A COMPLETE physical," she repeated loudly. "The doctor will still be a few minutes with the other patient, but I can get you started. We'll need to get your height and weight, of course, and your complete medical...and sexual...history."

I looked past the nurse to the fraternity boy, who had shifted his
attention away from the curtain as soon as the nurse said the words, "COMPLETE physical." I felt like a deer caught in the headlights as I saw his eyes run up and down my body.

The nurse picked up the corner of my jacket with two fingers and
appraised the material carefully. "And, of course, we'll need to
get you out of these fancy clothes, Princess."

"Unfortunately, all of the gowns are in the wash, so we're going
to have to examine you in your birthday suit."

The nurse's voice dropped, and she leaned forward to whisper in my
ear, so that only I could hear. "With that body of yours, I'm sure our young frat boy won't mind watching me put you through your paces. I'm going to prance you around this whole office birthday bare, and there won't be a thing you can do about it.... And you're going to love every minute of it, aren't you, you little tease?"

I said nothing, but swallowed hard and nodded dumbly.

"We'll start off with the height and weight," she said, resuming
her normal voice and pointing at the scale that was right next to
the frat boy in the reception area. "I'll get the exam area

"Hello, Mrs. Johnson," the frat boy said, as I approached the
scale. "You probably don't remember me, but I'm a graduate
assistant in one of your husband's classes. My name's Jeff, and
I was over at your house a few days ago."

He knew me. The leering, grinning little bastard knew me! As I
stupidly shook his hand, I looked over my shoulder just in time
to see the nurse setting up my examination area.

I shuddered as the words "my examination area" flashed through my
mind. My husband's grad student would see everything....

I winced as I watched her wheel the exam table into place so that
Jeff would have a perfect view. She whistled happily as she
carefully positioned the table so that the center exactly faced
the open curtains....

My husband's grad assistant, whom I barely acknowledged during
his visit to my home a few days before, would now see every inch
of me, bare and exposed. As I stood awkwardly in front of him,
nervously shifting my weight, I could feel his gaze run down over
my crisp business suit and my beautiful legs. He was undressing
me with his eyes, wondering what I would look like after the cruel
nurse had stripped me out of my expensive power suit and spread me
out like a butterfly on the merciless exam table.

I knew that he would enjoy watching the frosty and aloof wife of
his tyrannical prof stripped bare naked for a humiliating probing.
I felt my face go flush as I imagined spreading my legs for him.

"You were here first," I said, nervously, as I squirmed awkwardly
under his leering examination. "You should really go before me."

"Oh, I don't mind watching...uh...I-I mean...WAITING," he
stammered, almost giving the game away. "Ladies first!" he added,
chivalrously. "I'm not going anywhere."

I'm sure he wasn't!

"If you step back here and begin removing your clothes, we can get
started," the nurse said, officiously.

"I...um...thought you were going to take my height and weight
first...," I protested.

"We'll need to get you out of your clothes, first, to get an
accurate reading," the nurse replied. Smiling, she added, "ALL
of your clothes."

I swallowed hard. The scale was right next to Jeff. Would she
really make me walk out into the reception area stark naked and
stand just inches away from a pimply little college student?
Would she really force me to parade around naked in front of one
of my husband's hopelessly subjugated student GOFERS?

The nurse winked at me as she CLICKED the stirrups into place on
the examination table. Her cruel smile answered my question.

I looked back at Jeff, who was smiling with undisguised delight as
he watched the stirrups move into position. I could tell that he
was going to enjoy watching me reduced from untouchable ice queen
to just a sweet piece of ass spread out on the exam table for his
viewing pleasure.

The stirrups would force me to pose like Miss September in some
sleazy porn magazine, and Jeff would be there to savor every moment of my degradation.

As I walked into the examination room, I glanced to my right to
observe the patient whom I had heard but had not seen. She was up
on all fours on the exam table, with her cute bottom pointed in
the air. A long white tube snaked out of her and led up to a
bulging enema bag a few feet away.

As I passed, the doctor released the clamp holding the tube closed. The woman's head snapped back, and she let out a small "Ooohhh!" as the water rushed into her bowels.

"There is nothing like a nice, relaxing enema, is there?" As the
doctor taunted her, he teasingly ran his hand over her shapely

"Don't worry, I have a great big bag for you too!" the nurse
teased, beckoning me into my "examination area." She directed me
to stand in front of the exam table and face the wall.

I could feel the eyes of my husband's student burning into my back.

The smiling nurse made me watch as she slowly screwed the enema
nozzle onto the long plastic tube in front of me. She touched her
finger to the tip of the cold, hard plastic tube, wincing in mock
sympathy as I instinctively clenched my own bottom tightly shut in
anticipation. She smiled cruelly at me as she laid out the
remaining medical instruments, relishing her power and authority
as I fidgeted helplessly in front of her.

When at last she was finished, the snippy little nurse crossed her
arms and smiled. "Take off your clothes. Every stitch!"

I couldn't believe this was happening. I was a successful
advertising executive with a six figure income, not some little
airhead coed who had to strip naked in front of leering quacks
because she couldn't afford an aspirin. They couldn't treat me
this way!

Could they?

I flinched as I imagined myself standing butt-naked on the scale
in front of the grinning student in the waiting room, with my
crotch just a few inches away from his face. I would be so close
to Jeff that he would probably be able to smell my excitement....

Although I couldn't see him, I could feel the frat boy's eyes burn
a hole in my back as he waited for my striptease to begin. I had
barely bothered to look at him before, and I knew my open disdain
would make my humiliation all the sweeter for him. I imagined the
twinkle in his eye as he watched the nurse slowly transform me from a confident professional into a naked, blushing bimbo.

I reluctantly removed my expensive jacket and began unbuttoning my
beautiful silk blouse.

As I slowly stripped out of my expensive clothes, I looked down
unhappily at the items the nurse had laid out on the table for my
humiliation. There was a jar of lubricant, and a box of plastic
surgical gloves. Next to the gloves was a long thermometer with
the words RECTAL on the front. The bulging enema bag with a hard,
cold beige nozzle was hanging ominously from an IV stand.

In the next room, I could hear the woman's protests. "But you
can't make me attend a seminar on `Safe Sex and Responsible
Drinking' THERE! That's the fraternity house where they
gang-banged me! I can't go back there and listen to those
snotty little punks lecture me about my loose morals!"

The pleas in the next room were interrupted by the voice of the
nurse, who was watching from a few feet away with her arms crossed
in triumph as I slowly stripped out of my designer outfit.

I was soon standing in front of the grinning nurse in nothing but
my lacy pink panties. My back was still turned to the opening in
the curtain, so Jeff couldn't see anything but my naked back...yet.

But now it was time to surrender my underpants....

Hoping to avoid the loss of my last remaining garment, I made a
final plea. "Are you sure this has to be a COMPLETE physical?"

It was humiliating to have to plead to keep my scanty panties on,
knowing that the leering frat boy was listening to every word.
No doubt he was highly amused to watch the haughty wife of his
dictatorial professor trembling a few feet in front of him as
she desperately begged to maintain her last shred of dignity.

The nurse furrowed her brow in mock sympathy. "I am sorry, but
this is going to be a COMPLETE physical, and Doctor will need to
examine you...everywhere," she said, sadly.

She smiled and snapped the waistband of my panties against my skin.

"And unfortunately that means these have to go," she said, her
voice tinged with mock regret. "So hand them over!"

Leaning in close, she whispered in my ear. "From the look on his
face, I'd say your friend in the waiting room likes pink even
more than yellow."

For a moment I almost thought I could see the reflection of the
grinning college boy's face in the shiny metal stirrups as I
reluctantly inserted my fingers in the waistband of my underpants.

As I slowly pulled them over my hips the enormity of the situation
sank in. "I am stripping naked in front of one of my husband's
students, and he is watching every move I'm making. I'm a
successful, accomplished professional woman, and I am performing
for him like a drunken bimbo on Spring Break."

I certainly didn't want to increase the entertainment value of my
performance by removing my panties one leg at a time and exposing
myself further, so, as soon as the panties cleared my bottom, I
let go of them, and let them slide down my legs. They landed in a
twisted heap at my feet. I stepped out of them, and left them on
the floor.

I quickly crossed one arm in front of my breasts and put my other
hand in front of my crotch to hide myself from the nurse's amused

"Pick them up and hand them over," the nurse said, quietly. "If
you don't pick up after yourself, Mommy is going to have to give
you a spanking. And don't kneel, either. I want you to bend at
the waist."

I knew the college student was staring directly at my naked
backside, and the last thing I wanted to do was bend over and
"shoot the moon." But I knew better than to defy the woman who
was now holding all of my clothes.

As I reluctantly bent over to pick up my panties, I heard Jeff's
low, soft whistle of approval as my bare backside raised up for
his inspection. The grinning nurse chuckled, and then closely
examined my discarded panties. "Good thing we didn't leave these
on the floor," she said. "They're pretty wet, and someone could
have slipped and hurt themselves."

The nurse patted the paper on the examination table and directed
me to sit down right at the very end. Instead, I sat sideways
and back far enough that Jeff couldn't see me through the gap in
curtains. The nurse asked me to move to the edge of the table,
but I just glared at her and didn't budge.

She stared at me for a moment and then announced that she had
forgotten the blood pressure cuff. This seemed strange to me,
since I could see the blood pressure cuff hanging in a container
on the wall. But, as she opened the curtain another six inches
to retrieve the "missing" cuff, I realized that her goal was to
make sure that Jeff had an enticing view of my naked profile.

I dared not turn my head or make eye contact; acknowledging his
presence would have been all the more humiliating for me. But,
from the corner of my eye, I could see him in the waiting room,
his hands resting on his crotch, his eyes riveted to the profile
of my bare nipple poking up towards the light.

The blood pressure check was fairly normal, although she did note
that I seemed to be a bit agitated...and that my pulse was rapid.

I wonder why!

"Now it's time to take your temperature," she said, cheerfully.
"Do you prefer oral or rectal?" she asked, as if inquiring whether
I preferred a plain or sugar cone with my ice cream.

"Oral," I said, quickly. "I always have my temperature taken

"Well, that's too bad, because we're going to do a rectal
temperature today," she said, dismissively. She continued
talking as she SNAPPED! on her rubber gloves. "It's more
accurate, particularly if the patient is restless and has a
problem keeping her mouth shut."

"Get up on all fours on the table, little doggie," she directed.
"Then put your head down on the pillow, and keep your buns in the
air, nice and high."

I just stared at her. The position she described would give Jeff
a Penthouse style view of my bare butt sticking up in the air.

"I wouldn't dither if I were you, sugar," the nurse said, quietly.
"That waiting room could get more crowded."

Shuddering at the ominous threat, I put my hands over my privates
and scampered into the required position with as much modesty as I
could muster.

I soon felt her cool gloved finger running over my vulnerable
bottom. "It's rather ironic to see you in this position, isn't it? You were so smug and self-confident a few minutes ago, hiding in the corner in your expensive clothes, eavesdropping on that other girl's examination. Did you think it was funny to listen to her beg to keep her clothes on, knowing that you were safe and secure in your cute little suit just a few feet away? How does it feel when it's YOUR bare ass up on the table?"

The nurse began to slowly lubricate the long thermometer just
a few inches away from my face. "Of course, you don't look so
self-confident now that we've stripped you out of your power suit
and put YOU up on the table," she continued. "Now you look like
just another stupid little coed, willing to do anything to get her
birth control pills! Now be a good little bimbo, and reach back
and spread your cheeks, so that everyone can have a good long look."

I tried not to think of the view Jeff was getting as I reluctantly
obeyed her instructions.

"That does look TIGHT, doesn't it?" the nurse said, deliberately standing to one side so as not to obstruct Jeff's view. "I'd better lube it up real good, too. After all, I want you to be comfortable."

I was anything but comfortable as I felt her deposit a big gob of
grease and I was even less comfortable as her gloved finger slowly worked its way into me.

She took her time, and I squirmed and fidgeted.

"Now hold still, little girl, Nurse knows what's best! Don't you
and your hubby ever have anal sex?"

"Not often," I said, through gritted teeth. "I don't like it very

"Well, maybe I'll ask the doctor to give you your next prescription as a suppository, so you can get comfortable with your husband stuffing things up there," she said, with a lewd giggle. "Just because a girl wears a $2000 suit, it doesn't mean she has to be a tight ass."

When she pulled her finger out it made a slight popping sound, and
I heard Jeff's soft laughter from behind me.

Why couldn't that damn curtain be closed a few more inches?

But thoughts of Jeff were soon banished as my attention turned to
the sensation of the long glass thermometer sliding up my rectum.

"We'll put it in nice and deep, and leave it in a full five
minutes, to get a good reading, she said, once again adopting
a clinical tone. "Just relax and enjoy it, and I'll tell Doctor
you're waiting for him."

The nurse seemed to deliberately leave the curtain open a bit wider each time she left the room. Although I couldn't see Jeff clearly, I knew that he was doubtlessly staring at my bare bottom. The position itself was bad enough, but I also had to endure the added indignity of the childish rectal thermometer sticking out of my exposed backside.

I tried not to squirm, since I knew that every movement just caused the glass thermometer to twinkle under the lights. As I shifted my weight on the table, I could hear Jeff giggling behind me, obviously amused by my pediatric predicament.

As I knelt on all fours, I was treated to the site of the doctor
escorting the naked coed to the bathroom in the rear of the clinic. One of his hands held the enema bag up over her head while the other held her by the scruff of the neck as he slowly marched her towards the bathroom. The crouching woman's face was a mask of embarrassment and shame as she awkwardly stumbled towards the

After about four minutes, the nurse returned and immediately
began to scold me. "I told you to hold still...the thermometer is
working its way out of your bottom!" She put her finger on the tip and slowly pushed the glass tube in deeper, making me feel even more like a piglet on a skewer. "You just earned yourself another three minutes, young lady!"

My groan of shame was rewarded with a sharp slap across my bare
bottom and a warning that I had better "mind my manners." Jeff's
snickers burned in my ears…

My temperature was normal, and I was relieved to have the degrading instrument withdrawn from my tight backside. My relief was short lived though, as the nurse smiled and announced that it was time to go out to the waiting room and weigh me.

"Could I have a gown, or a towel, or something to cover myself
with? P-please?"

"We don't have anything," the nurse replied, obviously amused.

"Could I at least put on my slip?" I begged.

The nurse responded by grabbing me by the ear and pulling me off
the table. I tried to resist, but my efforts were rewarded by
several sharp SLAPS! across my bare butt.

"I said, MARCH!" she barked, as she flung open the curtain. Before I knew it, I was standing on the scales, naked as the day I was born, just inches away from the leering, gawking student in the waiting room!

While my temperature was being taken, the nurse had rearranged the
waiting room so that the back of the scale was facing the side of
Jeff's chair. I tried to cover my breasts and crotch with my
hands, but a few more slaps on the bottom soon forced my hands to
my side.

Jeff's hand was resting comfortably on the arm rest just inches
away from my unbelievably wet pussy!

Jeff said nothing, but smiled up at me with a "cat that swallowed
the canary" look as the nurse slowly took my weight. I closed my
eyes to seeing him carefully peruse my naked body, but, even with
my eyes shut, I could feel him looking me over like a naked slave
girl on the auction block.

"What's that smell?" he asked, playfully. "Is the school of animal husbandry breeding today?"

My juices were literally running down my thighs, and it was obvious to everyone that the smell was coming from me. Not only had my husband's lowly student seen me naked, but now he knew that his professor's prissy wife was really a horny, exhibitionist slut.

I kept my eyes closed in a desperate effort to avoid his knowing

"I'll wipe her down before Doctor sees her," the nurse chuckled.
"I don't want her to rust the instruments!"

She ordered me to turn around, ostensibly to take my height, but
in reality to give Jeff a close up view of my tight, round bottom.

"Those red handprints are sure cute," Jeff teased. "I hope she
gives you lip again!"

"She won't if she knows what's good for her!"

I was relieved when I was at last released from the scale, but,
once behind the "safety" of the curtain, the nurse immediately
ushered in a worse humiliation.

"Do you know how to play 'horsey'?" the nurse asked.

"No," I replied, uncertain as to where this was leading.

She walked over to the exam table and patted it lovingly. "This
is the horse," she said, her voice dripping with excitement. "And
these...are the stirrups!"

I watched in horror as the cruel nurse teasingly fingered the shiny metal stirrups. "This is where you put your dainty little feet, up in the air, all nice and helpless," she taunted.

"Of course, that will force you to spread your legs nice and wide,
but that's okay. Once your tootsies are in the stirrups, everyone
can have a REALLY GOOD LOOK at you!" she concluded, brightly.

She paused and looked at me with a cold, cruel smile. "Jeff is
waiting, young lady. It's time to play 'horsey'!"

I started to protest, but I was interrupted by a heavily accented
voice behind me.

"Why is she not on the table?" the doctor asked, angrily. "Does she think she is too good to be examined by me?"

"But, Doctor...," I began.

My bare bottom exploded with a loud SLAP! "Up on the table, young
lady!" he snapped. "Spread those white thighs so that I can take
a look at that snappy little pussy."

Although it took only a few seconds to scoot myself up onto the
exam table, the next step seemed to take hours. The bright light
shining into my eyes prevented me from seeing into the waiting
room, but I knew Jeff was watching closely as I lay back on the
table and put first one foot, and then the other, into the
remorseless steel stirrups.

"Ah, this is a pussy worth taking time with," the doctor said,
brightly, as he snapped on his gloves. "And from the looks of
her, I don't even need any artificial lubricant!"

The doctor sat to my left as he "examined me," and the nurse used
his extended exploration/masturbation session as an opportunity to
quiz me on my "sexual history."


I exploded into orgasm as I admitted that no. From the waiting room, I could hear Jeff laughing and snickering as my twitching, mushy pussy spasmed helplessly in front of him.

"You have now," the doctor said, with a laugh, as I bucked against his skillful hand.

"I do not have time to give you your full examination today," he
said as he walked to the front of my exam table. "You need a
cleansing enema, and some shots, and a more detailed pelvic and
anal examamination...much more detailed."

"I will schedule your appointment for tomorrow afternoon, and I
will examine you right before the football players arrive for their shots. I hope you don't mind being examined with 20 or 30 young men in the waiting room," he said with a coy smile. "Perhaps we should invite that young man in the waiting room back, as well. Do you think he has any friends in need of...treatment?"
Tuesday, October 31st 2006 - 08:02:48 AM
Name: Kristina
Subject: Stripsearched in Tel Aviv
Message:This summer I went in Israel with my sister. We were in the line in the airport for the security control. I told a joke to my sister and she laughed. The two female security guards must have thought we were joking at them.

So, when our turn came, they made us strip and checked, while we were naked with hands up, all our baggage. Il was a really long searching, about forty minutes. They checked even the toothpaste. We couldn’t talk to each other; we could only look each other in the eyes. My sister is seventeen and she was scared to be searched in cavity by the guards. I tried to be reassuring but I was scared too. To raise my shame I had, the day before, totally shaven my private parts to look better in my g-string on the beach. I tried to cover with my hands but the guards stopped me.
"Hands up!"

Finally they made us bend and enlarge our asscheeks but there was, luckily, no cavity search. My sister was crying and we decided, after, to enjoy our holiday and never come back in Israel.
Tuesday, October 31st 2006 - 06:17:51 AM
Name: Kim
Subject: My mom stripped my husband
Message:Last memorial day weekend the radio station where my mother works sponsored a dunk tank to raise money at the annual memorial day festival down town. As luck would have it my mom got chosen as one of the dunkees for the day. My mom is still pretty young and looks great in a swimsuit, (she also has implants), and wore a pretty thin one piece tank suit that day that really showed off her body. Me and my new husband of one year were at the event when my mom took her turn in the dunk tank and my husband was having a great time dunking her repeatedly in the cold water. Her swimsuit was so thin you could really see her nipples sticking out after she got wet! The front of the dunk tank was plexiglass so my mom was really giving everyone a show everytime she got dunked. She warned my husband that she would get him back, but it didnt slow him down. I could tell he was enjoying the view by the growing bulge in his shorts!
After the event was over we were in charge of taking the dunk tank back and we hauled it back to our house so we could return it the next day. Me and my husband were in a pretty playful mood so I suggested that we have a little fun with the dunk tank at our house. (We live way out in the country with no neighbors.) We filled it up with water, turned on some music, and put on some skimpy swimwear and got ready to dunk each other. I slipped in and set up the video camera by the patio window so I could film the whole thing without my husband knowing it. My husband was wearing a thin white bikini that velcroed at the sides and he looked fantastic in it. You could not see through it when it was dry but I could not wait to get him wet and see it turn totally sheer! I got in first and my husband dunked me in the tank over and over in my skimpiest bikini. The water was cool and he must have been enjoying himself because he was about to stretch his bikini past its limit. I told him he needed to take a turn in the tank to cool off. He climbed up onto the seat and I dried off and ran inside to use the restroom. Because of the music I did not here my mom drive up and when she heard the music she came walking around to the back of the house! My husband didnt see her either until it was too late!!! My mom took one look at him and grabbed one of the softballs from the basket sitting there and said "Get ready to get wet"! My husband begged her not to do it because of his thin swimsuit but it was too late, she hit a bulls eye on the first throw, dunking him in the cool water. When he stood up, his swimsuit had turned completelyl see through!!! You could see every inch of his still swollen love muscle! (Hes very well endowed). My mom was staring right at him and there was nothing he could do! I walked out laughing like crazy and reset the seat and told him to get back up on the seat, that we werent through with him. He tried to cover himself but it was no use because my mom just kept dunking him over and over. Then I decided to take a shot at him so my mom went over beside the dunk tank to reset it after I dunked him. I dunked him about 4 or 5 times and I could tell my mom was having a blast watching me dunk him. Then my mom did something that neither me or my husband expected! After I dunked him again he climbed up on the inside of the tank waiting for my mom to reset the seat for him, his arms up over his head holding on to the top rail of the dunk tank, in full view right in front of my mom. All of a sudden my mom reached up and grabbed the waistbands of his trunks at the velcro and with one quick tug she ripped them completely off so fast that my husband didnt know what had happened! RRRRiiippp!!! Then she yells out "If your gonna to show it off, you might as well show it all off!" I could not believe what I just saw! My husband was standing there 2 feet from my mom totally naked! She told him to sit doown on the seat, that we weret through with him yet!
He sat down and we dunked him some more. He was embarrassed but he had nowhere to go. The funny thing was that the more we dunked him the more aroused he got until finally he was sitting up there with a complete erection! I guess he was enjoying showing off for my mom as much as she enjoyed seeing him naked.That is the most fun Ive seen my mom have in a long time! Finally we let him out of the dunk tank and my mom grabbed a towel and walked over to him and said, " I told you Id get you back". Then she patted him on his bare butt and wrapped the towel around him! When my husband found out I taped the whole thing he was even more embarrassed, but Im not about to erase it!!
Wednesday, October 25th 2006 - 07:04:17 AM
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