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Teen Girl Pantsing & Stripping Story ARCHIVE 12
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Teen Girl Pantsing / Stripping Pranks & Games

***Table Of Contents***

STORIES 51 - 75

Pantsing Sis by Bad Boy
getting stripped by elgonzo
Victim #1 by Tiumi
Stuck Pantsed by Janet
Payback's a Bitch by Trevor
Motel Prank by Caren
More and More - Part 5 (2nd Story) by Candy 16
New Nudey Pants by Janie
Frat Party by MelodyJoe
Distressed by Stuck
Would You? by John
Bullied by Jeffrey
Backfired by Victoria
Vacation Humiliation by Liz
Naked Shower by David Ross
Drunk, Naked Threesome in the Winter by David Ross
Alison and Rachel - part 7 by LSSno1fan
Sensitive girl by Janie
Fun day at the basement part 2 by Cathy & friends
Devious Minds by Jack
Fell from my chair by Janie
Blackmailing my Neighbor by Helen
Chick looses bikini by Randy
Alison and Rachel - part 6 by LSSno1fan
Quick she's upstairs by Anonymous

STORIES 26 - 50

Boarding school by Sandra
Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 5 by LSSno1fan
Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 4 by LSSno1fan
Boy Lust by Victoria
Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 3 by LSSno1fan
Who got embarrassed? by Janet
Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 2 by LSSno1fan
Alison and Rachel at Thornside High by LSSno1fan
Turn on by Beckey
Room Service by Janie
Fun day at the basement by Cathy & friends
Paid back at Halloween party by jenny905
Peeping Tom by Ann
Sexual fun by Jane
Harmless Little Kids by Janie
Me, my girlfriend and her friend by Anonymous
Bad intentions by Ashley
Stole My Clothes by Janie
Bullied by class mates by Anita
Teaching cousin a lesson by Dezzie
(Un)Dress Rehearsals by Fraternity Man
Sisterly love by Naughty but fun
Childhood memories by Eddie
Fun with Little Jimmy by Carol & friends
Life of the party by Becky

STORIES 1 - 25

Bullied by Jane
Tattooed bitch taught a lesson, Part 2 by Anonymoose
Tattooed bitch taught a lesson, Part 1 by Anonymoose
Humiliation can be fun by Ashley
Revenge by Kat
Put to shame by Sherry
Wrong company by Alicia
Lucky Day by Jon
The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 4 by Derelict
Family embarrassment by Rachel
The game by Edward
Caught my sister by Jeff
Stripped for no reason! by Kat
Worst prank by Jerry
totally embarrassed by Anita
Revenge on the blond cheerleader by kelly
Sagas of Cait pt. 3 (repost with correction for continuity) by Fraternity Man
The Saga of Cait, part three by Bob
The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 2 by Candy16
Hot story strip poker by David Ross
The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 1 by Fraternity Man
Vengeance by Colelossus
My Humiliation by Colelossus
My Jerk Brother! by Angie
More and More - Part 4 by Candy16


Archived Stories Listed Here :75
Name: Bad Boy
Subject: Pantsing Sis
Message:My older sister came home from school yesterday wearing pink sweat pants with "JUICY" written across the ass. I had never seen them before. Call me a perv if you want but she is extremely hot, with long shiny brown hair and c-cup boobs, not to mention a great ass. My friend and I were watching TV when she came in looking for a missing shoe. She was bending over the couch with her ass right in our faces rummaging around on the ground and my friend was egging me on daring me do something. My friend kept daring me, he even started clucking like a chicken under his breath mocking me. I am the type who never turns down a dare so I felt compelled to not tarnish my reputation. Lunging forward I went for it quickly tugging her pants down from both sides. Her sweats came whipping down past her ass. She was only wearing a thin pink thong underneath so we pretty much saw most of her awesome ass! She jumped up and let out a quick screech, but then laughed it off slowly pulling her tight sweats back up right in front of us. She said, "I hope you liked the show" to both of us then walked away. Later we were in the kitchen when she came in to get something from the fridge. Again she stood right on front of us bending over with her butt prominently displayed right in our faces. I said, "Ya know you sure are asking for it Sis" and she just gave me a look then wiggled her hips at us as if silently taunting me. Without much hesitation I stepped up and went for it again. This time I purposely grabbed the waist band instead of the sides. I hooked my thumbs in and snapped her pants down to her ankles but this time got her thong with it too! Yelping she quickly bent over to pull her pants and panties back up giving us a birds eye view of her butthole and snatch from behind before she managed to wiggle back into her tight sweats and thong and get thing back in place. She swatted at me calling me a perv before wandering off saying she was going to get me back. My friend hi-fived me and we laughed for a good 5 minutes after that. Later we were in the basement punching my heavy bag and working out when she came down to use the laundry room which is right next us. She went in with a basket of clothes. I was punching the bag with my back to the laundry room when I see my friend make a face. Next thing I know I feel my short being tugged down hard from behind! Thankfully I had them tied up so they came only about 1/2 way down not showing much. Turning around I see my sister crouched down behind me so I say, "Oh now you are going to get it!" and chase after her as she runs off. She screamed as I grabbed her and pulled her back before she could make it up the stairs. Wrestling her down to the ground I grabbed at the legs of her sweat pants and began dragging her around on her butt trying to pull her pants off again. She clung onto the sides trying to keep them on but I was stronger and tugged them harder and harder till she could not keep them up any longer. A few quick hard tugs later and I wrestled them off leaving her in her thong sitting in the middle of the floor covering. I got behind her and hooked my arms underneath hers and lifted her up. She was kicking around with her bare tummy and tiny thong on show as she tried to cup her crotch feebly trying to cover up. I paraded her around like this giving my friend a great show as she kicked and wiggled around half naked. I reached down and pulled her thong to the side exposing her pussy to my friend as she fought and struggled to stop me. Then I plopped her butt back down on the floor and went for her thong trying to take it off next. She screamed and kicked around as I pulled and stretched her thong down off her hips. She clung on desperately till I pulled so hard I had it stretched so far it was ready to rip. I wrestled it out of her grasp and pulled it totally off her. Now I had her totally depantsed kneeling on the floor with her bare butt showing cupping her snatch in sheer humiliation. Taunting her I swung her thong around in the air before tossing it back at her. Then just to keep the fun going I yelled, "Let's tickle her!" before she could even get her thong pulled back on. We jumped on her pushing her down tickling her sides and thighs as she screamed rolling around bottomless trying to cover her snatch with one hand and her butt crack with the other. We pulled her hands away and saw everything of course before letting her go. She had to go running out of the basement totally bottomless to get away from us. Funny thing is she wasn't even that mad at me after, and never told on me.
Friday, January 2nd 2009 - 04:23:18 PM
Name: elgonzo
E-mail address: elgonzothe3rd@hotmail.com
Subject: getting stripped
Message:I recently meet up with some old friends from school , and the conversation got round to when we were at school in the UK below are some of the true stories the school was St. David’s in Saltney , the years 1977 to 1981. First bus back , a girl called Debbie Kelly was pounced on and stripped naked , this was my first stripping ,poor Debbie was stripped at least once a week on the bus and at school on regular occasions, one time coerced into playing strip poker , she lost as we stripped her before the game started. Second girl we talked about Katrina, a beautiful girl but stripped on numerous occasions was once thrown off the bus naked. Sally was the quiet girl attractive but always kept out of the way, until one day the only seat available was towards the back, she was soon stripped and had her clothes thrown out the window. Beverley, a prefect normally got a lift back with her parents, as soon as she got on the bus she was stripped. Lynne she got stripped and tied up, she was the only one who told the school, so after about 600 stripping it stopped. A school trip resulted in 6 girls getting stripped and left naked for 3 hours while on one occasion the school teacher came within seconds of getting stripped but a male teacher arrived,. There were several duke of Edinburgh schemes were we went camping several girls got stripped outdoors. There are plenty more girls that got stripped in the playground on the bus, in the school, at parties, we reckon about 2000 over a 6 year period, any one else have similar true stories.
Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 04:20:37 PM
Name: Tiumi
Subject: Victim #1
Message:Victim #1 My sister and I like to play mean pranks on other kids just for fun. Last weekend we invited one of our school friends Sandy over for a sleepover. We slept down in our finished den in the basement where we can make noise without the rest of the house hearing us. It was late and we were feeling very hyper and horny. Sandy who's a total airhead was really getting on our nerves at the time. We were playing this game Jenga in which you pull wooden blocks out of a tower and put them on top one at a time. You keep taking turns pulling them out of the bottom part and stacking them on top till someone makes the tower fall over. Well we told Sandy that to make it interesting from now on the person who lost would have to get tortured in some way by the other 2 for 5 minutes. We said we could do anything we wanted to them during the 5 minutes. She was like, "What like tickling and stuff like that?" We said yeah sure, stuff like that. Well we played for a while and when the tower started to get wobbly my sister subtly bumped the table just enough to make the tower come crashing down just as Sandy was taking her turn. We laughed saying she had lost and now it was time for her torture. We told her to lie down on the pull out bed and she reluctantly complied after we helped by pushing her face down onto it. Once she was lying that way we ordered her not to move. We started tickling her and of course she jumped so we quickly tied her hands to the frame above her, and her ankles to the frame below telling her that it was so she could not get away. She's a ditz so she went with it without too many other questions. As soon as we had her secured we started tickling her all over again including in between her legs. Then I pulled her pajama shorts up her butt hard making ½ her shorts disappear up her butt crack. She screamed and squirmed around in her wedgied pajamas and that's when I said I think it would be even better if we tickled her with her pants pulled down. I hooked my fingers under her shorts as she screamed out. I teased her a few times letting her think that I wasn't really going to do it, but then I pulled them down along with her underwear (ha ha!) all the way to her ankles in one big sweeping motion! She screeched out but there was nothing much else she could do. Her bare little butt was on full display for our viewing pleasure and she had now way of covering up. She was so embarrassed. We tickled her cheeks and spread her butt looking in at her asshole and pussy which was what I really wanted to do in the first place. It was so hot watching her naked little ass squirm about as we did what ever we wanted to her. We spanked her and tickled the outside of her asshole and pussy just to watch her squirm and go crazy with embarrassment. Then we took a cold gummy bear and dropped it right in her spread butthole telling her it was a worm! It was so funny and perverted watching her freak and scream and buck her butt and asshole up and down like crazy thinking she had worm in there. She kept arching her butt up in the air begging us to take it out but we just laughed at her telling her it was probably going to crawl up her butt soon. She started screaming so loud we had to gag her to shut her up. She kept begging us to take the worm out through her muffled gagged pleas. We ignored her pleas so she had to wiggled and twist all over the place violently in order to get the gummy bear dislodged from her ass crack. We loved watching her wiggle around and shake all buck naked and tied up with her asshole and pussy showing. After we took turns slapping her bare butt and tickling her butt hole and pussy lips with our finger tips till the 5 minutes were up. Before we left her go we broke out a camera and took pictures of her to her utter horror and shame. Once the 5 minutes were up we took her pants and hid them and told her the rule was that she had to keep playing "as is" with no pants on till one of us lost. If she lost again we were going to have to take her shirt away too them. We didn't leave her much of a choice and like I said she was pretty gullible so we made her stay naked from the waist down after that. We told her if she quit now we would show everybody the pictures too. She was so dumb she did what ever we told her too!
Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 04:18:58 PM
Name: Janet
Subject: Stuck Pantsed
Message:Stuck Pantsed My name is Janet, and I’m 16. My GF, Allie and Karin, are 15. Last summer, we went swimming in our apartment’s pool. We were playing with an inner tube when we decided to try and all get into it at the same time. Well, Karin and I fit perfectly, sliding into the tube down from the top. It fit snuggly round our tummies, up under our arms. We thought it was really neat, until…we had to get out of the pool! Then we realized we were stuck! We tried and tried to get out, but decided we couldn’t. So we ended up just walking to my place, to get some help. It wasn't far; we lived right there by the pool. So we were walking home, and of course my brother and his friends were outside playing hacky-sack in front of our apartment. They were all staring and laughing at us, calling us dumb stupid girls. To make matters worse, we had to go up three stairs! We fell on the first step – plus, I had to pee! But as we got up again to try to go up the flight, my brother and his friend caught us by the sides. Quick as a flash, they yanked down our bottoms, and there we were blushing naked, with nothing to hide. Well, we couldn’t do anything, except fall flat over, which was what my brother and his friends wanted, anyhow. Our bikini bottoms gone, we gave them what they sought. Karin and I felt so strange nude waist down in public, but we couldn’t do anything, except show our butts together, which made it a little better, but not much. Well, they said they were going to take pictures of us! One tore off to get his camera, and we thought we would die! Finally facing each other, laying on our sides, we realized if we pressed together tight, we could push the tube down, and get out. Once we were out, we only had to find our swimsuit bottoms, which the boys threw out in the parking lot. Once it was over, we didn’t know what was worse: tube burns on our buns, blushing humiliation in public, or having my brother’s friends see our bare bottoms! I guess all three.
Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 04:11:12 PM
Name: Trevor
Subject: Payback's a Bitch
Message:It was my freshman year at college. As a right of passage everyone new to our dorm floor got hazed in one way or another. Sometimes it was mischievous pranks like pushing a smoke bomb under the newbie's door into their room, sometimes it was worse like depantsing or stealing the person’s towel and clothes while they were in the shower. This one particular girl Amanda loved to get others to help her catch newbies and depants them, especially if it was a guy. Well one day we decided she needed a good lesson in humiliation so we decided that the next time a new person moved in we were going to give her a big surprise. A few weeks later someone transferred in from a different dorm. It was a 'cute' guy as she described him and Amanda immediately started trying to coordinate plans to trap and depants him for his welcome initiation. She told some of the girls she wanted to catch him in the lounge and depants him underwear and all to see how big or small his wiener was. She was giddy with excitement over it. Well we all agreed playing along with her master plan but we added a surprise twist for her. We even tipped the new guy off to make sure everything would go as planned. When the time came to ‘get the new guy’ we circled around him in the hall outside the lounge saying we had a surprise for him. There were about 10 of us total. When Amanda said "Now!" she rushed at him going for his waist, but to her total surprise everyone else wound up grabbing her instead dragging her down to the floor in the middle of the hall. Before she could even figure out what was really happening we had her held down trying to pull her sweatpants off. She was so surprised all she could do was scream and nervously laugh saying, "Oh my God what are you doing!!" Yelling, "Paybacks a bitch!" in unison we tugged at her sweatpants while others pulled her shirt up at the same time exposing her belly button and ribs. Every time she tried to hang onto her sweats and stop us from pulling them down someone else was trying to puller her shirt up and take that off. When she fought to pull her shirt back down she left her pants unprotected and vulnerable so it was futile. With the odds hopelessly against her we got her sweatpants pulled half way down exposing plenty of bare hip and a pair of disheveled light blue cotton panties underneath. Even with all the kicking and struggling it didn't take long to get her sweatpants pulled all the way down and off, and her panties pulled completely off also for good measure. With a roar of laughter we all got our first look at her well trimmed dark triangle and intimate shots of her exposed pussy that I will never forget. She struggled and kicked around bottomless and completely embarrassed as we grabbed her ankles and secured her so she could not escape. Laughing and taunting her we rolled her over on her stomach so we all could get good looks at her bare ass too. Amanda was some what of a jock. She was athletic with average sized boobs, very nice and shapely legs, and what I can only describe as an awesome round ass. We man handled her and bent her into all sort of humiliating positions. We spread her legs apart letting her struggle and kick with her wide open pussy on show. We let her struggled around in bare humiliation and even pinned her ankles to the floor over her head at one point with her open ass and exposed pussy stuck straight up in the air for the best look yet. With her ankles held down as she lay there pinned on her back there was nothing she could do to escape out of this humiliating position. A few smacked her ass as some one suggested we take her shirt and bra off too and finish the job. We let her go long enough to spin her around so she was sitting on the floor and got her shirt up over her head. With her hands held up in the air we pulled her shirt up over her head and almost had it off but she bucked like a wild deer twisting out of her shirt and took off down the hallway bare ass bottomless cupping her pussy in humiliation in only her bra now. The more athletic of our group took of in chase behind her eventually catching her in the area where the elevators were. We got a rolling chair and tied her as she was down to the chair binding her ankles to the chair legs, and her arms to the arm rests so she could not escape. With her tied down and nearly completely naked she struggled and cursed at us with her hips and round little ass writhing around erotically against her restrains. It was so hot watching her struggle around naked with her pussy exposed. We hit the elevator button and took turns tickling her waist and thighs every once in a while venturing dangerously close to her bare pussy just to taunt and humiliate her as much as possible. Her eyes went wide as the elevator doors opened, and just before we pushed her in we snipped her bra open with a pair of scissors from in front causing it to snap open and her shapely bare tits to spring out and jiggled around all naked and exposed. Oh what a site it was watching her buck naked begging us to not do it as the elevator door closed and she embarked on her journey down to the lobby of the building! I was not present for what happened after that but I heard some people found her in the elevator as they entered on the ground level and wound up helping her out, but not of course before god knows how many people saw her in all her naked and humiliating glory! Hey payback's a bitch, but no one deserved it more than her!
Friday, December 26th 2008 - 08:00:27 PM
Name: Caren
Subject: Motel prank
Message:It happened during a sport trip from our school. Between the girl's baseball team and the boy's team, practically every room was taken up by us. We had just arrived from our first game and as we went down the hall, some boys told us they were going to prank one of their team mates. We were just two rooms down from them and waited outside our door to see what would happen. One of them came out tell us to wait in a low voice. A while latter the door opened and this boy got pushed out and locked out of the room. We saw his dick in plain view before he got the chance to cover it up with his hands. It was so funny seeing him desperately trying to get the door open, while we ran up to him to get a close look. With all the laughing and screaming some other girls came out and saw him naked in the hall. They began knocking on doors to get other girls to come out and see the naked boy. Before he could figure out what to do, he was surrounded by a bunch of teen girls that wanted to see him in the buff. The guys were about to open the door for him and he just didn’t have a choice, but the shame of having girls pulling his arms away to get him exposed. His only chance to get out of the hall was running into one of the girl’s room and finding something to cover up with. That proved to be easier than said, because he ended naked in a room packed with girls eager to get him exposed. He got even more embarrassed, because he ended having his boner put on display. It was stuck up like flag pole and everyone got to get a look at it. We've never see someone so helpless and embarrassed in our entire lives. He kept asking for a towel that he never got, everyone was having fun and wanted to keep him like that a while longer. It was so kinky when he ended having to put on a pair of girl's panties that barely covered his erection, to get back to his room. It was much more fun looking at a buck naked boy, than play baseball any time of the week.
Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 07:57:18 PM
Name: Candy16
Subject: More and More - Part 5 (2nd Story)
Message:Hello, my name is Candy, and I'm 16, very short and petite, with bright red hair. A few months ago I was exposed and embarrassed more and more as the day went on by my 2 best friends, eventually ending with one boy, Ross, seeing me 100% naked AND rubbing me basically everywhere, a group of younger boys seeing me 95% naked, and all of them watching me orgasm from Ross's hand, which was the only thing covering my bare pussy (and bare-ly at that). Before that day nobody had seen me naked since I was a toddler, and now I get teased by my friends, the tall and sporty Aussie girl Mel and the ever-horny southern strawberry-blonde Katie, nearly every day about it. On top of that, every time I see Ross nowadays he's looking at me way differently and making me blush hardcore. Because of all of this, I wanted to get revenge on Mel and Katie so badly that it was all I could think about for days! So one day Katie is hosting a huge party at her house, which is pretty big and even has a pool, and there's at least 30 people there (20 of them boys), and I knew that this was the perfect chance to get those two back. I told Ross my plan and he was totally game for it, since I'm sure he wanted to see their boobs and badly as I wanted to bare them, and I would need his help. Ross and I were walking alongside the pool talking with those two holding onto the side. When I gave the signal word, "Pizza", Ross and I simultaneously reached down and ripped the bikini top off the girl in front of us (Mel and Katie respectively), lifted it over her head, and held it up. Both girls screamed, "What the hell are you doing?". I even twirled my stolen top a little bit to show off. I teased the girls by saying "Payback is mine, and you can't have your tops back until you both get out of the pool and show everyone your boobs!" This got a bit of a cheer and a laugh from many watching, but Mel and Katie just held their tits in their hands and relatively calmly exited the pool and walked back into the house. I was having the time of my life, and I was glad to get them back, even if they never showed anything, it was the humiliation that I was after most. Unfortunately, this night wasn't over yet.... The girls put their bras and shirts back on, and were laughing about the prank with me. After about a half hour we head to Katie's room since they told me that they needed my help finding her phone. Once we were in the room, Katie shut the door and Mel pounced me, grabbing my wrists and practically bodyslamming me onto the bed. "Funny funny, huh? Well, we can't just sit back and let you get away with a stunt like that, now can we?" To this I replied "Hey, I was just getting you guys back, we're even now!" Katie started going through her pile of stuff and grabbed some thin red rope while saying "Yeah, and now it's our turn. Hold her still!" I was struggling as hard as I could, but Mel is almost a foot taller than me and way stronger, so I was getting nowhere. Katie wrapped the rope behind the bed's headboard, then Mel pulled my arms as far apart as they could go. Katie then tied both of my wrists with opposite ends of the rope. By the time she was done, I couldn't move my arms at all because pulling on one end just pulled on my other arm harder. Once my arms were secure, Mel reached behind my back and started untying my top! I started getting really nervous and pleading "Hey wait, I didn't tie your arms or anything, you guys could still cover up. This isn't fair!" The girls just laughed as the back of my top was untied, and Mel took the strings of it and laid them out across the bed. My top was still on (for now), but even a good wind or something would knock it off of me. "Please guys, I don't want anyone to see me naked again! STOP!" Then I looked over at Katie and screamed when I saw that she had fished out her digital camera. "NOOOO! Not a camera, that's going WAY too far! Stop this, please." Katie smiled and said "Oh don't worry, we're not going to send the pictures to anyone or anything, although it would be freakin' funny to watch your face if I put you on the internet" With that comment I froze, and Katie took her first picture of me. I looked around nervously and made sure that nothing was showing, but then Mel tugged at my bikini a little to move it over to the side. Now it was only like a half an inch away from showing part of my nipples, and Katie took another picture. "Guys STOP!! NO MORE!!" When Mel reached to tug my bikini again, I started struggling against my ropes like mad, desperately hoping to get free before...my breasts came into view. With my bikini still on me, but off to the side of where I wanted it, I could see my own nipples and I watched as Katie aimed the shot. "Katie please, don't." I heard the click of the camera, and a cold shiver went through me as I knew that there was now a topless picture of me. Next the top was taken off, and Katie got two more shots. Mel teased me "I'll bet you're getting all horny again like last time, aren't you darling?" I quickly yelled "No!", but in truth I was and they both knew it. Next Mel began untying my bottoms as I started kicking around "HEY!! Guys, that's going too far, please don't take pictures of my PUSSY!!!" Those two were loving my reactions, and Mel teased me saying "I'm just untying the strings, but if you keep kicking you're going to lose it and give us a show. If you can keep them from falling off, then we won't touch them." The game was on, and I immediately laid my legs together tightly and held them still as my strings were untied and the back was pulled out. My bottoms were now laying on top of my privates and nothing more. Katie took her next picture, and before my heart could even get done sinking Mel started tickling my side chest. I fought it, but quickly started laughing and fidgeting around. Katie took more pictures as I struggled so hard to keep my bottoms on me, but one accidental jerk sent them sliding down between my legs. I screamed again and desperately crossed my legs and pulled them up, trying my best to hide everything. Katie took another couple of pictures, and I couldn't even tell if any of my shaved and bare pussy was showing in them. Then things got worse as Mel laughed "Oh no, you LOSE!" as she grabbed my right ankle. Katie then grabbed my left ankle, and they started pulling my legs apart. I wasn't nearly strong enough to fight them, and now my legs were spread wide open and my pussy was showing (in complete detail by this point too). I was so embarrassed, nervous, and sexually excited that I could feel my pussy throbbing as they looked at it, especially when Katie aimed the camera again. "No don't!" I begged. *Snap* I heard the sound of the camera taking a picture and the rush of it made me start trembling and, while my friends held my legs apart and Katie snapped more pictures, I thrashed around and had a very explosive orgasm! Mel yelled "Oh my God! She actually freakin' came!" Katie was clearly very turned on now, to the point of being as obvious as my nakedness now, and she said to Mel "Hey girl...let's have some more fun with her before we let her go!" (To be Continued)
Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 07:53:59 PM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: New Nudey Pants
Message:It was the first day of summer vacation, and I had this really cool new tie-up bikini. With my long-time crush including five of my friends, we decided to hit the beach. Once we got there we all rushed into the water. Then in a glee we started to prance and splash about. Then my crush told me to get up on his shoulders, so we could continue to play and have fun. I thought nothing of it, prancing over to him, noting a strange smile on his face. Getting up he grabbed my legs by the sides to steady me from falling down. Little did I realize then that what he had also had done, was to grab onto my tie strings on my cute little bikini bottoms. A few seconds later, when I tumbled off, so did my cute little pants! He was turning around laughing, holding my bathing suit bottoms out, for everyone to see - as if by chance. Meanwhile, I was trying to cover myself up, freaking out naked wearing my cute little new nudey-pants!
Monday, December 15th 2008 - 08:07:27 PM
Name: MelodyJoe
E-mail address: plwill85@hotmail.com
Subject: Frat Party
Message:The most fun I ever had at a Frat gathering was a Halloween Party. Almost everybody was in some time of costume and the liquor was, as usual, following freely. One of the girls was dressed as a bag of M&M's. It was a net bag filled with balloons that went from her neck to the top of her thighs. After a while the guys began popping her balloons. At first she didn't mind. But soon she starting getting nervous and it became very apparent why. When one of the remaining balloons was popped you could see she was only wearing underwear underneath. She started yelling for the guys to stop but that only made the popping happen even faster. Soon the poor girl was left in only an open net bag and her very thin white nylon underwear. You could see her nipples poking out in her bra. From the dark area in her panties, I do not think she was a natural blond. Later at the party, one of couples got up on a table and danced. Soon the guys were yelled for them to strip and I'll be damned if they didn't do it. The guy stripped off his Robin Hood costume pretty fast and was soon standing there in just a pair of green pantyhose stockings. From the bulge in the front he seemed to be enjoying himself. But the girl was not as certain about this stripping and even with help from her near naked boyfriend was a little slow. He helped her unbuttoned the back of her Maid Marion dress and with a little push off her shoulders, it dropped in a pile at her feet. She let out a little shriek as without her costume she was topless. Her hands were hard pressed to cover even a fraction of those very white breasts. (By the way her boobs had great tan lines.) But she soon kicked the costume off the table and dropped her hands from her bare breasts. From the waist down she was only wearing a pair of white pantyhose. The two of them began dancing again. That was quite a sight with both of them wearing only the green and the white stockings and I don't think either one had any underwear on. God, did she ever have a great ass that wiggled just great inside the flimsy hose. My only other event was when I hooked up with a young lady in a very slinky and revealing black witches outfit. I was in a BDU uniform I had from ROTC. Soon we were both drinking heavily and she was sitting on my lap in big chair in the corner. She dropped off for a couple of minutes, so being the gentlemen that I was; I took the opportunity to unzip the back of her strapless/sleeveless costume. When she woke up she struggled off my lap and stood up to go to the bathroom. Down went her costume dress. Out popped her bare breasts and as she turned in surprise, I got a great view of her small but perfectly formed boobs, pink nipples and all. With her costume falling down, she tripped and her black bikini panties came into view. She grabbed her dress, and with threats of violence towards me, ran to the bathroom. I passed out and never saw her again. But she had gotten even; I had to run back to my dorm hands crossed in front of me and bare ass out in plain sight. I never did get my BDU's or my underwear back, but that still is the best party memory I have ever had.
Tuesday, December 15th 2009 - 08:01:00 PM
Name: distressed
Subject: Stuck
Message:How was I supposed to know that today would be the worst day of my life? It started out so normal. Went to school. Came home. Decided to chill in the "chill spot" just off the road by my house. The "chill spot" was a man made ditch/canyon. It was used for rain runoff but it almost never rains here any more. Skaters hang out there and sometimes I watch them. But today I just decided to chill there. Walk down the length of it doing whatever. Looked like a cloudy day but I thought nothing of it. All down the length of the ditch are drainage pipes that open up into the ditch. These pipes used to be covered by metal grates but they were torn away long ago by bored teenagers. Some of the pipes ran from far away and some just up from the road. It's just big enough to fit a small person (or a small girl like me). I got bored pretty easily so I started walking back towards the way out of the ditch. I noticed something shining in one of the pipes that opened right up onto the road. It was probably just a hubcap but I did love to collect random things (one of the pipe grates was the prize of my collection). I looked into the pipe and was extremely astonished. It wasn't a hubcap! It was a money clip! It was too far up the pipe to reach it with just my arms so I knew I'd have to crawl in and get it. Hoping to god that there weren’t any rats I climbed in. It was pretty far up there. I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach the pipe let alone reach far enough into it. I climbed up into it using my arms. I tried to get grip by pushing my feet off the ditch wall; I managed to push myself into the drain further. It was getting tight but If I could get in I could get out. I reached my arms as far as I could, my shoulders felt like they were being dislocated by the walls and by me trying to push further. Inches away. Just another hand length and I could reach it but it was getting REALLY tight in here. My shoes fell off as I tried to push further in. "UNGGGGGH!” I grunted as I reached further... then realized that I wasn't moving at all. My torso was wedged into the pipe and I couldn't even reach the money. "Oh god..." I twisted and turned and tried everything I could to try to dislodge myself but I had wedged myself in there because both my arms locked in the pipe and my shoulders were keeping me from moving. I was scared. Someone would eventually find me... but there's always that fear that someone won't. What would happen? "HELP ME!!!! I'M STUCK!!!!" I screamed through the pipe. Almost immediately I heard rustling. I then saw the money clip being pulled up as if by magic from the other side of the pipe. "...How...?" Then I heard muffled ruffling behind me and felt someone hold my legs. "Good, they're gonna pull me out." I breathed the biggest sigh of relief I had ever had. I may not have gotten the money but I'd be safe or so I thought. I felt some rustling with my pants... was kinda getting disturbed. I then felt my pants get unbutton and started getting really scared. "HEY STOP THAT" I started kicking behind me but they hugged my legs tight as they started pulling down my pants. They got that off and then my panties were yanked off. I couldn't really do anything to stop it, my kicks were futile. I ended up without pants and panties on... my entire butt and pussy was exposed because of the way I was positioned. "Ha...ha...ha... You had your prank and your fun.... CAN YOU LET ME OUT?" I yelled out nervously. I saw a flash and a laugh. I closed my eyes and just started crying. There was nothing I could do. Footsteps... walking away. I was alone. Trapped and half naked out in public. I tried to be quiet but then I heard the familiar sound of skateboard wheels. Then a loud "WHOA! CHECK THAT OUT!” I cringed and clenched my butt cheeks trying to get away. I knew they had seen me. I couldn't tell who it was because their voices were muffled. "HEY CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP ME, I'M STUCK!!!" I yelled. I felt hands on my legs again... Were they going to help me out? To be continued.
Monday, December 15th 2008 - 07:51:18 PM
Name: John
Subject: Would you?
Message:When I was 14 I dated this 16 year old girl from my school named Susana. She was the one that actually invited me for a date. I felt so intimidated that she was two years older than I and just didn’t know what I was supposed to do; I just left it up to her. I had never been with a girl before and she was the one that taught me how to tongue kiss. We just kissed and groped each other but nothing further than that. I really liked her and felt comfortable with her and wondered when something else would happen, when out of the blues she asked me if "would you show me your dick. I must have been blushing when I asked "here in the middle of the park" I was scared of loosing her so I told her yes and the next day she took me to her home. "We have two hours before my parents come home" and took me to her room to show her my dick. I was going to unzip my pants and pull it out, but as we went in she told me take all my clothes off. Just the thought of stripping bare naked in front of her, was going to be embarrassing. I took everything off and stood naked and embarrassed in front of her and so nervous, my dick didn’t even get hard. I just stood there while she sat on the edge of her bed stroking my dick, asking me if I liked it. I went from embarrassment to horny and ended with my dick pointing towards the ceiling as she kept on stroking it back and forth. I was shocked when suddenly her closet doors swung open and two girls came out of it. She held me by my dick and wouldn't let go, telling me it was all right and were just friends. No time to get dressed, clothes spread out all over the floor and no other choice but to sit there with her friends looking at me getting my dick jerked. I had been set up and couldn't do a thing about it and with all that stroking and groping got so horny that I came right in front of all of them. The rest was getting dressed, cleaning up the mess and leaving before her parents showed up.
Wednesday, December 9th 2009 - 07:45:01 PM
Name: Jeffrey
Subject: Bullied
Message:I was constantly being bullied by these older boys just to make girls laugh. One day they forced me to the back of the school building, where girls were waiting to see what they were going to do. Three of them held me against the wall while they others unzipped my pants to get them down. Suddenly I was held with pants and underwear down around my ankles and girls looking at my exposed penis. It lasted less than a minute, but to me it felt like an eternity. When I pulled them back up I realized my dick was half hard and those girls had seen it all. I was so embarrassed I wanted the earth to swallow me. Just thinking I would have to see all those girls every day horrified me. I was so ashamed everyone would know, that I didn’t tell anyone what about it.
Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 07:32:41 PM
Name: Victoria
Subject: Backfired
Message:I wet bike riding with two of my girlfriends and a boy that lived next door to me. We had all these dirt country trails we could ride our mountain. We usually did it on weekends and nothing ever happed. That day we got stopped by a group of boys with tattoos all over their arms. We got the feeling they were bad news, because they began to harass Jimmy and wanted to steel his bike. When Jimmy refused to had it over was when the fight began. Jimmy was 15 years old and it and getting beat up over a bike, was just not worth it. My girlfriends and I took off when the fight began and but watched from around the bend. These boys knocked him off his bike and dragged him off the trail, were we couldn't see what was going on. One of them stayed on the path looking after their bikes and watching if someone was around. They latter came out carrying something that looked like clothes and took off with Jimmy's bike. We stood there waiting for them to disappear and went over to see where Jimmy was. We found him stripped naked against a tree trunk, with hand tied at the back with tape. He was really embarrassed when we walked in on him and so embarrassed to be naked in front of us. We just couldn't leave him there but we all thought it was the horniest thing that ever happened to us. There he was buck naked and helplessly showing off his penis and a bloody nose. We just couldn't leave him there like that and began struggling to get the mess of tape off his wrists. Once they were off, we realized he had no clothes to get back home. My friend Susan had to take off her panties witch barely covered his penis and it would have been humiliating, to have to walk home in those. I realized my jacket was the only thing he could ware home and by the time we handed it to him, we noticed he had gotten that had slipped clear out of the panties. He had to walk out like that, but didn’t want his parents to see him like that. We had to take him to my house and search for something that looked like boys clothes, before my parents would show up from work. By that time we were joking and having fun with the situation and he just got tired of feeling embarrassed and just didn’t care to be seen naked by us. He just took it all off and tried on the clothes we had picked out and didn’t bother to cover his hard on from us. It was so sexy and kinky to watch his stiff dick; all three of us got our pussies soak in wet.
Saturday, November 29th 2008 - 09:57:54 PM
Name: Liz
Subject: Vacation Humiliation
Message:The most embarrassing moment of my life happened this past summer when a bunch of my friends decided to go on a cruise after our first year of college. My friend’s boyfriend is extremely rich (father’s the ceo of an insurance company) and was able to get us all suites, our own little meeting room where we could share our pictures on a projector, and even spotted the people who couldn’t afford to do the activities off the boat at the ports enough money to pay for them. Needless to say we were all very excited for what was sure to be the best vacations of our lives. There were a total of 12 of us there, some with couples and some without. The trip was going along really nicely and I was having the time of my life until one day when we stopped at an island (I forget the name) and had the opportunity to do various activities. One of them was scuba diving which I really wanted to do but couldn’t because you had to have some sort of certification?? So, since most of us girls weren’t certified we decided to do this one where you went out on a smaller boat and were able to go tubing off the back. A lot of the guys, however, were certified and decided to go diving, and the others who didn’t just decided to sit on the beach or go shopping or whatever. Us girls (and a few other strangers) had a great time tubing and laying out on the boat for most of the afternoon. When it was getting closer to leaving time we were all allowed one last time to go tubing and that’s when it happened. While I was out tubing I caught a nasty wave causing me to do a major wipe out. Once I finally regained composure, I realized that I was completely naked from the waist below! My bikini bottoms had been ripped right off! I told myself not to panic, but it was impossible not to. I looked around furiously for my lost bottoms but could find them nowhere. It wouldn’t have been that bad if it was just girls on the boat but it wasn’t. There were the two cute guys who took us out on the boat and two groups of brothers (at least it looked like it) there. Everyone was yelling out asking if I was ok and I told them yeah not wanting to let them know what happened. After about 5 minutes of me looking around they finally caught on. They called out asking if I had lost my bottoms and I gave in, saying yes. They all started laughing hysterically at this and eventually told me to swim over to the boat. Once I got to the edge of the boat my friends grabbed a towel for me and stood in front of the others to shield me from them. I looked around nervously, to make sure there was no one else around us. The nearest people were the ones on the scuba diving boat, but no one was on the boat so I decided it was safe. I quickly grabbed the ladder and climbed out of the water to grab my towel but my friends decided they hadn’t had enough fun with me. It happened all at once. The girls shielding me all moved out of the way and the two holding the towel screamed “TAA DAA!” and dropped it on the floor!! I quickly shot my hands down to cover myself but not before all these guys, who were all strangers, got great looks at my shaven privates! Leaving one hand covering I quickly picked up the towel and wrapped it around my waist. My girl friends were dying from laughter and I was so mad at them. I couldn’t even look at the guys but I’m sure they enjoyed the afternoon! My friends left me alone on the ride back to the island and the walk back to our cruise ship, but when we finally got back to our room they decided I wasn’t already humiliated enough. A couple of younger boys were arriving at their rooms, which were right across from ours. While I was fumbling with my bag trying to find our room key my friends whisked my towel right off me, exposing me for the second time that day! Not even thinking, I bent over quickly to pick my towel up and can’t imagine the view the boys got. I didn’t even bother to wrap the towel around my self I just hurried up and opened the door as the boys sat there smiling while one of my friends said, “nice, huh”. Once the door was shut I laid into my friends for what they did to me. Of course, they didn’t think it was that big a deal because I would never see these people again, but I was still pissed. After a few hours avoiding them, they finally came up and apologized to me for what they did and asked me to come out with our other friends to drink and share our pictures. Since I had cooled down, I decided to go with them. We met in our little meeting room and the guys there were already pretty drunk and having a good time showing us the underwater pictures they took while scuba diving. I was pretty jealous of them after seeing all the cool fish and other stuff they saw. The rich kid’s camera was very good and the pictures almost looked professional. And then the guy doing the slideshow stood up at told everyone that they saw today what, according to their tour guide, no other group had ever seen up till today. After getting all of us all anxious to see what it was he clicked the slide show and up popped a picture of what appeared to be a half naked girl. After looking at it for a few seconds, I realized that the girl was me!!! “We got to see Liz naked!!” My friend Jason yelled as everyone turned at looked at me laughing. I couldn’t believe it! The divers must have been right below us the entire time! In his state of mind, he didn’t even care about my feelings as he just clicked through picture after picture of my naked ass! My bare butt was on full display for all my friends, who just sat there laughing at me. I shuddered when I thought how many other divers and instructors that got great shots of my naked body as well. I tried to laugh it off at first because he was just showing pictures of my ass and I didn’t think he’d show any other views of me (though I’m sure half of them all saw it live anyway). But sure enough, I was wrong. Jason built up a little anticipation by saying, “and now the real show!” He clicked the mouse and a picture of my bare, bald, front side showed up on the projector as everyone erupted!! Countless photos of my most private area were shown to all my closest friends! I couldn’t believe how close they had gotten to me without me noticing, there were even pictures with some of the guys nearly touching me while giving the thumbs up. It was the most humiliating moment of my life!! I tried to get up to turn off the computer but they made sure to keep me away. Finally, I just stormed out of the room too angry with all of them to say anything. I ran back to the elevator to go back to my room. To add insult to injury as I got on the elevator one of the two groups of brothers from earlier on the boat were in there too. I blushed at the sight of them and immediately looked away but I could hear them snickering in the background. When we reached my floor I ran straight to my room and heard the guys yell out “We liked your shaved pussy!!” I just ignored them and kept running. I didn’t come out the rest of the night. I didn’t talk to any of the guys for like 3 days after that, and luckily my girlfriends didn’t either as they thought the guys had taken it too far. What started out being the best vacation of my life ended in disaster, and I still cringe to think of all those priceless photos the guys have of me!!
Saturday, November 29th 2008 - 09:53:32 PM
Name: David Ross
E-mail address: DavidRoss@hotmail.com
Subject: Naked Shower
Message:This story also includes the girl Morgan (fake name), also if interested about half way down the board is another story by me called strip poker. A bunch of people from school were hanging out at a house party. At this house party was a shit load of whiskey. Everyone was drinking it and as usual when 15 year olds drink you end up with a bunch of drunken naked kids. But I am getting ahead of myself. So we are all drinking and I decided to go to the bathroom, I open the door and Morgan is taking a shower (she was really drunk) in her top and a gold thong. Well I immediately walk in and close the door. She saw me and said to either join her or get out. Well as I am sure any of you would have done I joined. So I took off all my clothes except my boxers and got in. We made out for a while, then another friend walked in, let’s call her Jodie, So Jodie walks in and she says that she wants to join as well. Jodie is amazingly hot with nice big tits and a round ass. The shower was barely big enough for two people so when Jodie decided to join us, we both got out and decided to go into the hot tub outside. Morgan took off her top and bra, Jodie then made out with Morgan a bit and I and Morgan got into the hot tub. Jodie is sitting on the deck not wanting to get undressed in front of us, so I said to her I will flip a coin and if it is heads I will take off my boxers and she can do whatever she wanted to me, and tails she had to take off her pants and shirt and come in. she agreed, to my approval it was tails. She immediately refused to get undressed saying she was to drunk and didn’t want to go in anymore. Me and Morgan looked at each other and both knew what needed to happen. I jumped out, Morgan grabbed Jodie and held her as I said to Morgan, so I wonder what color bra and panties she is wearing. Morgan laughed and I unbuttoned Jodie’s shirt while she pleaded with us not to, because she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her boobs were amazing, she had erect nipples so I could tell she was turned on, now with her shirt off I started undoing her pants and she again pleaded with me not to, at this point I was so turned on. I pulled her jeans off and she was wearing a pink thong with hearts on it. So I asked her if she was ready to go in yet and she said fine, I turned to go into the hot tub and she quickly pantsed me. I was standing there with a huge boner but I dint even care. I left my boxers off. At that point I told Morgan to grab her again and I started taunting her saying I was going to take off her thong, I played with her boobs for a while until her nipples were so erect that they could have probably cut glass. I then said to Jodie, so do you shave and at that moment I pulled her thong down. She was not shaved in fact to my surprise, but actually she was waxed, which was so hot. At this point she was so turned on that she wasn’t even embarrassed anymore. Morgan got back into the hot tub and Jodie grabbed me and we started making out while she played with my dick. After a bit I wanted to fuck already but she really didn’t want to cause it was "that time of the month" So I offered the suggestion of anal, she wasn’t too pleased with the idea but I said it would be fun and she would love it. (I had no idea as I never had done it before) she agreed and I started and she said that it hurt; I said it would get better. I got the whole thing in and I could tell it was hurting her, which was even hotter for me. I could tell that even though it hurt she enjoyed it. But after ten minutes she said to stop because it hurt too much, she went in the house. I hadn’t finished though, so I was just going to "finish" in the bushes when Morgan told me that we could finish, because she wanted to try anal. I fucked her in the ass for about 20 minutes, until I was "finished" The next Monday at school, the three of us had gym, we had to run laps and I could see they were both running funny cause there asses hurt. It was a great feeling :)
Thursday, November 27th 2008 - 09:50:31 PM
Name: David Ross
Subject: Drunk, naked threesome in the winter
Message:I have posted here before and this is the first of about 10 stories (all true) that I will post over the next week or so (I am going to use fake names for the sake of the people in the stories) This happened at the first party I had ever been to, it was grade 10 and I was 15. It was at this girl’s house, her parents were gone for the week. So everyone was drinking (7 girls 4 guys) and a couple of us got really drunk. We all decided to go for a walk in the snow. On the way there this really pretty girl Stephanie who was beyond plastered jumped on my back and told me to run to the little hut ahead. Inside the hut she took off her jeans and started moving towards me, she was airing a blue g-string, and she had an amazing ass. We started making out and fooling around a bit. At this point we had both taken our jackets and shirts off. She said that she would give me a blow job if I went down on her first, I of course said yes. So I pulled down her panties and fingered and licked her clit until she came, which was really cool cause I had never made a girl cum before. Then she said instead of a blowjob that she wanted to fuck me since I had done such a great job. So I quickly pulled my pants and boxers off, and undid her bra, she had really nice small tits, I think they were like a B or BB. After about ten minutes my other friend came running in wearing just a polka dot thong (everyone decided to go streaking), I thought that was going to ruin everything, but to my surprise Steph asked her if she wanted to join. So I pulled out of Steph, pulled down Amanda’s thong and started fucking her while the two girls made out. 30 minutes or so later, I finished and then fingered Amanda until she came also and then we all got dressed (except Amanda cause she couldn't find her clothes until later) and went back to the house. This was an amazing night; we actually ended up having one more threesome that night. Well Keep posting stories everyone and come back tomorrow for the next story. , which is called the naked shower.
Thursday, November 27th 2008 - 09:41:12 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel - part 7
Message:Apologies for not posting sooner - major problem with a virus on my computer. Should be ok no tho. Here's the final part of Alison and Rachel. Enjoy! Alison and Rachel - Part 7 “I know. Since you like to destroy my clothes I’m gonna strip you bit by bit!” Rachel smiled, pleased with this idea. After a few seconds both her hands shot out to the spaghetti strap on Alison’s left shoulder. Rachel pulled it apart, ripping the strap from the top. Alison let out a gasp as she felt the left side of her top fall down a little bit. Rachel then went round the back and again ripped the spaghetti strap from the rest of the top. Again, the left side of Alison’s top slowly sank a little bit further down her body. Rachel took the strap she had removed and threw it into the crowd. Alison’s left bra strap was now completely on view. Furthermore, because the top was falling, another pink bow was on show for everyone. This bow was positioned were the bra strap meets the cup. “I bet you’re all wondering whether ALISON is wearing a matching a bra, aren’t you??” Rachel shouted to the crowd. This got the biggest cheer yet from the crowd. Rachel was pleased and spun round to see Alison’s bra strap and the pink bow that had now come into view. “Ah, well I guess we know the answer” Rachel laughed. Alison was burning with rage and again tried to struggle but by doing so her top sank a little lower. Alison shrieked and immediately stopped. Rachel laughed at this. “Hold on, Alison. These people are gonna get to see you in your bra and panties shortly. But first, let’s relieve you of that second spaghetti strap.” Rachel walked over and grabbed the second strap, but before she did anything, she whispered in Alison’s ear. “I have to admit, Ali. You’re looking quite hot. So let’s see if removing you of your clothes will help keep you cool!” and with that, Rachel snapped the second strap away from her top. Alison again, couldn’t help but gasp as she felt her top before pulled apart little by little. Rachel again moved around to finish off the strap. The right-side of Alison’s top now fell a little further down her torso to line itself with the left-side. Both of Alison’s bra straps were now of full view, however, the bow on Alison’s right side was not. Rachel shrugged and pinched the right side of Alison’s top. She began to lower the top down Alison’s breasts until the bow on the right strap was now on view. As the top was lowered the fabric of the top was rubbing against Alison’s breast and she found herself a little bit aroused. But Rachel stopped before exposing Alison completely. “There. That’ll do for now” Rachel said “So we have a total of three pink bows on Alison’s underwear. I wonder if there’s any more??” Rachel shouted to the crowd. Alison was getting very worried now. She knew that there WAS another pink bow. A big one in the middle of her bra which separated each cup. She grimaced at the thought of everyone seeing this. “Right let’s finish this!” said Rachel and grabbed each side of the top. She got ready to pull and Alison closed her eyes waiting for the expectant chill she would feel against her exposed torso. But it didn’t come. Instead, when she opened her eyes, Rachel was looking at the bottom of her top. More precisely she was looking at a loose thread on Alison’s top. Rachel pinched the thread and drew her arm back. Sure enough, a long strand of Alison’s top came along with it. Rachel had and idea and smirked at Alison. “I’m gonna make sure you can’t wear this thing anymore” Rachel whispered in Alison’s ear. Alison was full of dread as she knew what was about to happen. Rachel walked away from Alison, nonchalantly, with the strand still in hand. She reached the other side of the hallway and turned to face Alison. Alison felt like she was in a firing range and about to be executed. Right now she would probably take that. “Change of plan!” Rachel announced to everyone “I’m gonna ‘unravel’ the mysteries of Alison’s bra” and with this Rachel began furiously pulling at the thread. At first there was now significant change in Alison’s attire, but after about 30 seconds, Alison’s stomach was coming into view. Her belly button was now on show. Alison again tried struggling; trying to break the thread but it wasn’t working. Plus her top was beginning to fall down as she did this. It was a strange sensation for Alison, as her torso was getting gradually more exposure, she could feel the wind brushing across her stomach which sent shivers down her spin. She dared herself to glance down. Rachel was making good work of decimating her top and soon the bottom of her bra would be on display. She would wait to hear the cheer of the crowd as her final pink bow was revealed. She looked at the crowd, almost pleading with them. She saw some camera phones pointed at her body. Every now and then a click or flash would be heard and her embarrassment would grow. Alison had given up. She looked down at her body. Her shrinking top accentuated her panties further, and her bra was just coming into sight. The bottom of each cup now made visible. Rachel was now going slowly to drag out the humiliation. Then she stopped. “Hey, I guess there WAS another bow that Ali-Bali was keeping secret!!” Rachel yelled. Sure enough, the pink silk bow was coming into view and a wave of laughter and cheering filled the hallway. Alison hung her head and let a couple of tears slide down her cheeks. Any second and she would be completely exposed. Just then, there was a scream from the crowd and the sound of a loud crack. Alison looked up to see that Rachel was lying sprawled on her front and on the ground. Becki was standing over her with one of Rachel’s shoes in hand. Becki must’ve come back and hit Rachel across the head with one of her own shoes. Alison reacted quickly and broke free from Beth’s grip. Alison landed a sharp elbow to Beth’s stomach which winded her badly and sent her crashing into the lockers. Alison took a breath and looked over at Rachel. She had a small lump forming on the side of her head, but she wasn’t in serious harm. Alison turned to Becki. “Er, thanks Becki!!” Was all that Alison could manage. Becki beamed at her and ran off, through the crowd and round the corner again. Alison was shocked by this strange girl but incredibly thankful. She now stood over Rachel’s body. “Ok, guys” she shouted to the crowd “This is the grand finale” And with that Alison reached down, grabbed the back of Rachel’s pink t-shirt and lifted it up her body. The pink straps of Rachel’s bra come into view and soon her top was completely off her shoulders. It was now inside out with Rachel’s head and arms still holding it onto her body. A final jerk and the Rachel was left shirtless in just her bra and panties. Alison felt relieved and was about to throw the shirt into the crowd, but had anther idea. Instead she grabbed what was left of her top and lifted it off. She looked fantastic in just her black lace panties with the pink bow and her matching lace bra, also with pink bows, but she quickly put on Rachel’s pink top much to the disappointment of the crowd. “Ok, everyone. Shows over!” She shouted and people began to dissipate throughout the school, no doubt eager to spread there stories or exchange photos/videos from their phones. Alison, returned to Rachel’s clothless body and giggled. She turned her over and sat her up against the lockers. She was starting to come to. “Hey. Wake up bitch!!” She whispered in her ear. Rachel opened her eyes but didn’t look like she was altogether with it. “You wanna mess with me again, bitch, and I swear I will leave you in less than your pretty cherry bra and panties.” Alison whispered. The mention of bra and panties must’ve revived Rachel as her eyes were wide. Her hands grabbed each breast and she moved them all over her body searching for her top. She looked down, only to see her cherry-cupped bra looking back at her. She shrieked and looked at Alison. She noticed that Alison was now in possession of her top. She went to speak but no words came out. Rachel shot to her feet. Her hands weren’t sure what to cover and moved around her body trying to decide where best to be. She settled on her left hand across her chest and her right across the front of her panties and bolted for the exit. “Hey Rach, I’ll take your cherry if you want” Alison shouted. At this Rachel moved her right hand to cover the back of her panties and went through the fire exit. Alison laughed and went to leave down the corridor but heard another groan. Beth was still doubled over and lying on the ground. Alison was going to walk away but when Rachel left through the fire exit and strong gust of wind blew the corridors that reminded Alison that she was still bottomless. She blushed at this oversight and tried to cover her shame by pulling down her new pink top. She laughed to herself when she remembered that this, of course, wouldn’t work. She was, however, looking at a potential new pair of jeans. To be exact, the jeans that Beth was wearing. Beth was a bit bigger than her so the jeans would definitely fit. She walked over the wriggling girl and worked her onto back. Alison had the button undone and the zip unfastened in no time. She pulled apart the two sides to get a look at Beth’s underwear. She too was wearing lacy French knickers but hers were bright red. The colour was a stark contrast to her black zip up top. Alison shrugged and worked the jeans off her former captor, round her hips and past her thighs and all the way down to her ankles. She had to remove Beth’s shoes first but they came off easily. She finished the job and left Beth, still nursing her stomach in her red panties. Alison put the jeans. As she suspected they were a little too big and when she took a few steps forward they fell down her hips revealing an inch on her panties. She sighed and reckoned that she was doing better that she was 10 minutes ago. Another few steps and they fell further down her hips. The pink bow and a lot of the black lace were showing. Another few steps and they fell down completely leaving her in her panties with a pair of jeans round her ankles. She was getting frustrated and bent down to pick them up but in doing so noticed that her belt was just 2 feet away. Rachel must’ve dropped when Alison charged at her. She smiled and picked up the belt as well as her new jeans. She fastened the belt. It was perfect. The jeans were a little big and the top a little small but it’s better than going to classes in just your underwear. So Alison walked away from the shreds of clothing scattered in the hallway and into her first class of what would not doubt be a very long day.
Saturday, November 22nd 2008 - 09:32:22 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: Sensitive girl
Message:I have sensitive skin, and ever since I was little have had to use special soap. Plain soap irritates my skin, and some soaps cause me to break out all over and itch. So I was sleeping over at my friend Alexis's house, and in the morning, I decided to take a shower while she was still asleep. With my eyes half-closed, I reached for my oatmeal-based soap and began lathering up. Well, I didn’t smell quite right, so when I'd finished showering, I got out and took a second look. To my horror, there was an image of a dog stamped on it!!! The soap was for my friend's dog Livey – and worse, it was flea soap! I panicked, thinking within a half-hour I would be starting to break out. I woke up Alexis’ who got her mom, who quickly went into action. She tore off my clothes, put me back into the shower, and began washing the flea soap off with my soap. Meanwhile by 6 AM Saturday morning their house was mobilized. With Alexis was acting as aid, her two younger twin brothers watching fascinated, my body cleanup went on for a half hour. Though well-intended, in my modesty, I was really nervous about being washed with her whole family watching. In the meantime, Alexis called my mom about the emergency who came over with fresh clothes and my special hypo-allergic lotion. When things finally started calming down, my mom arrived with my special allergy lotion. Now As my mom went over every inch of my body with lotion, as they continued to watch me for the next half-hour. well, finally my rash looked like it was subsiding and we went down to breakfast. In the middle of cereal, one of my friend’s gorgeous younger brothers looked at me and said, "You looked like a lobster there for a few minutes – except between your legs. *** Momentary silence*** Then he realized what he had just said, and everyone laughed. Everyone except me, that is. I was so embarrassed!!! Fortunately it turned out okay. I’m even dating one of her twin brothers now, who’s a couple years younger than me. (And yes, it’s the one who thought I looked like a lobster– except between the legs! LOL) And that, I must confess, all happened more than a few years ago.
Thursday, November 20th 2008 - 09:30:04 PM
Name: Cathy & friends
Subject: Fun day at the basement part 2
Message:Even if this boy was avoiding us we still managed to catch him when he least expected it and began drilling him with all the right questions. We told him we knew what school he went to and what he thought if everyone there would get to see some embarrassing pictures of him. Just to make his mind up, with handed him the one where his was jeking his hard on like a pervert. "Be at 4 o’clock in the basement or you're going to be very popular in school. That afternoon we found him waiting for us down in the basement like a good little boy. He didn’t like the fact that we had brought along two other girlfriends to join in the fun. He didn’t want them to see him naked and was trying to squeal out of it but knew we would embarrass him in school. "Just get your clothes off and come here" we told him. He stripped down and was delaying taking his undeware off in front of the two new girls. We could see his dick had gotten hard and was embarrassed to have to expose it in front of them. That just made us want to embarrass him more by forcing him to take them off in front of them. The best part was watching him slip the off and squirm with shame as he stood there with his stiff dick on display while these two girls looked at how it was pulsating up and down. They couldn't belief we actually had this boy blackmailed into getting himself humiliated that way. He just stood there while these girls grabbed his dick and played with his hard on, making him admit that he liked it. He’s dick became wet with pre-cum and was dripping down his shaft and was visibly loosing control over himself. Our intentions were not to have sex with him, but to humiliate him as much as we could. It was fun enough to see his humiliated and not being able to stop himself form getting aroused. We forced him to bend over and while he stroked his dick and fucked him in the ass with a brush handle covered in lotion. We pushed it half way in and the rest of the handle got sucked right into him. It took just a couple of thrusts in and out and he just came all over the place. Before handing him his clothes some of the girls had him suck their pussies and we all left sexually satisfied. The next time we would probably come up with other horny ideas.
Sunday, November 16th 2008 - 09:24:54 PM
Name: Jack
Subject: Devious Minds
Message:My sister and I totally humiliated this neighbor girl who we both hated and had been plotting to embarrass for a long time. We hated her because she was a rude and snotty brat who thought she was better than everybody else. Her family had a lot of money so she was spoiled, and she was a very pretty little fox too with long blonde hair, piercing hazel eyes, and hot little body that made most boys turn their heads which made us even more jealous. She lived up the street and even though she was our age she always snubbed us. It happened one weekend when our parents were out of town and we had the whole house to ourselves. We invited her over telling her this boy she likes at school was coming over that night. It was a total lie but it got her to come over. When she finally did come over we brought her downstairs to the basement where we have a den and TV room. Once down there we closed the door and turned on her. We told her we thought she was a stuck up bitch who should apologize for being so rude to us all year. We told her she'd better get on her knees apologize and kiss our shoes or else we'd make her regret it. Of course she told us to fuck off and tried to run for it so we grabbed her and dragged her kicking and screaming over to a pole at the bottom of the staircase and tied her to it. We tied her hands together behind her, and then tied her ankles to the pole at the bottom. Then we tied her knees and her stomach the same way tightening them up to the pole so she could not get away or even sit down if she wanted too. She was basically helplessly strapped to the pole. It was funny watching her wiggle around squirming to get free in her slinky black top with her big boobs bulging and her tight jeans hugging her hips just right. We laughed and jabbed at her sides finding her reactions hilarious. We demanded again that she apologize and mean it or we were going to embarrass her even further. She was defiant and even tried to spit at my sister at one point so my sister said fine for that lets pull her pants down and see how bratty she still wants to be with her bare ass and pussy on show. She told me to get the camera so we could take pictures of her like that to e-mail around to all our friends. Oh did I mention that her rich Daddy was actually the Pastor for one of the biggest churches in the county? See that's the funniest part because pictures of his bottomless teen daughter spread all over school would be quite the controversy for her and her family, if that were to ever happen. Of course little Miss Stuck-up freaked at hearing my sister’s suggestion and started screaming that we had better not or we'd be in big trouble. We gagged her with a sock and some tape just to shut her up. Then we went to work on her jeans. She was slim with a nice butt so it was fun unbuttoning her jeans and pulling the zipper down exposing a sleek pair of pink with white trimmed panties underneath. Tugging her tight jeans down, it took both our efforts to wrestle her jeans down past her hips as she struggled wildly from side to side trying desperately to stop the inevitable from happening. We pulled her jeans and panties all the way down to her knees exposing her stomach, hips, and a very bare fully shaven pussy! With her narrow hips and hairless bare pussy on show we both laughed and taunted her saying she had the body of a 12 year old girl just to try to further humiliate and shame her. All she could do was writhe around naked and exposed moaning in complete shame. Then we noticed that she had what looked like a little tattoo right above her shaved pussy. It looked like a little cartoon horned devil! I took a nice up close and personal look at it to make sure getting a detailed view of it and her baby smooth pussy too. We could not believe it! The daughter of the town pastor had a shaved and tattooed pussy! We laughed so hard our sides wound up aching watching her wiggled and plead through her gag looking so embarrassed and pathetic. Then my sister said, “Why don’t we take a look at her boobs too? I'll bet she stuffs her bra.” She got some scissors and switched them open and closed a few times right in front of little Miss Stuck-up’s face to taunt her before going to work on her shirt. She cut her shirt from the bottom to the top making sure to snip her bra right open too on the way up causing her bare oversized boobs to spring loose. We pulled her open shirt to the sides to get a full view of her disproportionately big bare teenage tits bobbling around. They were real and there was no sign of any padding. Now we had her writhing around in not only bottomless but topless humiliation too. We cut the remnants of her shirt off leaving her hogtied and naked with her pants and underwear down around her knees just watching her as she wiggled around whimpering. Taunting her we took pictures of her bare pussy telling her we were going to show everybody what a slut the Pastor's daughter really was. I got good close ups of her face and her jiggling tits and bare tattooed pussy so there'd be no question as to who it really was. We left her tied like that for a good 15 more minutes just admiring our handiwork before we decided to take her gag off and let her talk. We asked her what her father would think of her pussy and she begged us to erase all the pictures and not say anything. She knew we had her so we decided to see how far we could take our blackmail. My sister has always been a bit of a tomboy and had always shown an attraction to other girls so it didn't surprise me that much when she reached in and started tickling poor little Miss Stuck-up's pussy with her index finger just to humiliate her further. At first she ran her fingers all around the outside tickling the contours of her lips but then she worked her fingers in-between till she found her clit. She played with it till our poor captive was noticeably flustered and writing in uncomfortable embarrassment. My sister tickled her clit till she got her embarrassingly lubricated then laughed at the fact that she was getting all worked up by another girl. She told her that we were going to untie her and she'd better do what we say or else the pictures were going out. We undid her knee and ankle ties and took her pants and underwear completely off her so she was butt naked now. We ever took her socks and shoes off! We made her get down on he hands and knees on the basement floor and crawl around with her ass stuck out and her pussy and asshole on full show. Then we made her play with her pussy for us. We ordered her to finger her pussy and ass too at the same time and to act like she liked it. We made her frig her wet pussy and finger fuck her own asshole ordering her to go faster and faster till she was fingering herself at a frenzied pace. We made he continue for a good 10 more minutes till we saw her buck and shudder over and over orgasming right in front of us. With her ass stuck up in the air and her legs spread apart we had quite the show! We let her go after that. It was late so we kicked her out stark naked and told her to walk home that way. We told her that from now on she was going to do whatever we said or we'd ruin her for life with the pictures we had. It was hilarious watching her tight little ass and bare tits jiggle as she ran up the street cupping her pussy and covering her bobbling breasts in near tears. The next day we made her come back for more perverted humiliation but that's a story for another day…
Sunday, November 16th 2008 - 09:11:15 PM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: Fell from my chair
Message:A few years ago, when I was 15, we went to an up-scale restaurant in a nearby town. I was with my parents, brother, his best friend (a guy), my best friend (a girl), and my uncle. It was a sort of graduation party for my brother, who was going into the Marines, with the help of my uncle. So I was sitting in my chair in this pretty dress, looking so very pretty and prim as an ingénue debutante, when my brother’s best friend put his feet under my chair brace from across the table, to be funny. Then he flipped his feet up under the bottom rung, thinking it would just rock me a little -- like an earthquake. Well, I’m so small he sent me flying backwards out of my chair. I landed halfway under the table of this older couple next to us who were celebrating their 40th anniversary – on my back with my legs spread. Thank god I had on panties! (Or did I???) Everyone in the restaurant was looking at me for a moment and laughing. It took me a minute to recover my composure from the shock of landing really hard on my butt. I was sooo embarrassed. Then it gradually came back to me; matching my pretty dress I was wearing the most delicate, bare lace panties! I think everyone there must have thought I was hurt. My poor bottom had received such a jolt from landing on the hard floor, for a few moments I just froze. (For a very brief instant, I was afraid if I moved a muscle, I might pooh myself! Literally, right there with everyone watching!) Although I couldn’t move a bit for a moment, another feeling gradually grew even more intense, one that sent me reeling! (I shan’t discuss, but you can probably guess.) I couldn’t believe what was happening – I was on my back, legs spread bare, in wild panic having spasms! The only other good thing, on second thought, was that we didn't live in that town!
Saturday, November 15th 2008 - 09:03:58 PM
Name: Helen
Subject: Blackmailing my neighbor
Message:I live in an apartment building with my mother and father when I was 16 years old. My bedroom faced towards the back and the only view I had, were the windows from the next building. The people from the apartment right in from of mine had moved out moths ago and a new family moved in. A couple of days after I caught a glimpse of a boy in the window and latter found out he was their son. At some point he must have spotted me the same way I did and one day I caught him watching me from his window. I guess he liked me and had the hots for me, because he began exposing himself to me when I went into my room. At first I was shocked to see him walking by his window in just his underwear and realized he was doing it intentionally. It was kind of embarrassing to me but at the same time it was making me horny. I would leave my curtains open and sit in my bed and peek at him once in a while, get up and rush to my bathroom were I could look with out him seeing me. He must have caught on because the blinds were partly opened. He knew I was peeking back at him and witch made him exposed more of himself to me. He would see me come home from school from his window and wait to get undressed when I walked in my room. By now he was exposing himself totally naked and I was glued to my bathroom window getting all hot and bothered watching his dick in plain view. I didn’t want any one to know because I was enjoying seeing him buck naked. I finally got so worked up about it I went to my window and look strait at him, while he was buck naked. Instead of running to hide he just got closer to the window. We didn’t have to pretend any more, it was obvious he liked exposing himself tome and I was getting turned on by it. I just watched him stroking his dick, while feeling my pussy get wet watching his dick grow hard. He had me masturbating myself every single night I saw him on that window. One day I videoed him from the bathroom window and showed it to my girlfriend and she asked me if she could watch with me. We went up to my room separately so he wouldn't suspect anything and he was so surprised when he saw my girlfriend walk out onto my window to watch. I didn’t see him for weeks after that and I was afraid I had spoiled the whole thing. I caught him on the street, went up to him and handed him the tape with a threatening note I would tell everyone. He was so scared; him met me and my girlfriend on the roof of my building the next day and made him strip naked in front of both of us. We had our little private sex slave when ever we felt horny and wanted our pussies sucked. We would force him to make us cum and then take turns sucking his dick till he came all over the floor and some times just forced him to jerk off while we watched. We've been doing it for so long, we've gotten to the point that we feel comfortable have our little sex threesome when ever we feel like it.
Saturday, November 15th 2008 - 09:00:19 PM
Name: Randy
Subject: Chick looses bikini
Message:I never thought I would see such a thing in my whole life time and wouldn't have missed it for the world. It happened on a beach one summer day with a group of boys and girls, most of them from our high school. Girls were chatting away, making jokes and then latter horsing around with each other. They were doing hand stands and a couple of them were pretty good at it and they were helping others do one by holding their legs so they wouldn't flip over. None of the boys that were watching knew of the prank that was going to be pulled on this girl named Sherry. Sherry was one of the prettiest girls in our school and wasn’t like very much by other girls. She was always bragging about her looks and how popular she was with boys. I guess it was the right moment to teach her a lesson. She wasn’t very good in doing hand stands and cheered her on to do at least one where she got her legs up high. Some girls where standing behind her, telling her they would grab her legs to prevent her form falling backwards. She didn’t have a clue that her first hand stand was going to be a very embarrassing one for her. She finally got her legs up high and these girls would let go of her legs. They kept her up side down while other girls rushed towards her to take her bikini off. She was wearing one of those string bikinis and before she could let out a scream, her top had been removed. She was yelling and stuck hanging there with two girls on either side of her, each one of them clutching the strings of her bottom half. "Ready to get naked" and on the count to three both strings were pulled and her bottoms slipped right off. Every boy got to see Sherry up side down and naked as a new born baby. They held her like that while they gathered her towel and ran off with them and stranded her with nothing to cover herself. She just ran into the bushes to get away from everyone, but every boy there ran after her. She ended getting caught by all the boys and had to let her self get groped and checked out in other to get at least a towel to walk home. Everyone got a hard on that day and a good feel of her boobs and pussy. It's funny but when people find themselves helplessly nude, they go all shy and submissive and have no other choice but to humiliate them. She just stood their bare naked blushing and horrified, while everyone had fun having their way with her.
Saturday, November 15th 2008 - 08:56:54 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel - part 6
Message:Alison and Rachel Part 6 “Let’s see if this bitch likes to mix or match underwear!!” Alison shouted. The shirt was being lifted over the cups and the bright pink bra was starting to come into view. Suddenly, Alison felt hands clasp her hands. She looked down in complete shock to see that Rachel hands were tightly clasped round hers. “I don’t think so, bitch” Rachel said. Alison looked up and saw Rachel’s eyes were open and staring right at her. Alison panicked and jerked Rachel’s top up and over her bra. This exposed her bra for the first time. It was pink with thin pink straps and, sure enough, in a matching fashion, there was a little cherry on each cup. Alison could no longer see Rachel’s face as her shirt was covering it. The shirt as almost off. She could see Rachel’s chin and mouth as Alison came closer to working the shirt over Rachel’s head. She thought she might get her top all the way off but Rachel was stronger and slowly forced the top down. Alison realized she was losing. Rachel then used her athleticism to lift her knees up and position her feet into Alison’s stomach. She extended her lags as fast as possible sending Alison through the air. She landed on her arse and slid along the ground into the lockers on the opposite side. Alison was shocked by this, but was even more shocked when she felt herself being lifted up and her hands forced together behind her back with impeccable strength. Surely, Rachel wasn’t that quick to get up off the floor, she thought. When she opened her eyes she realized she was right. Rachel was still picking herself off the floor. The person holding her was the girl who stepped forward to take Rachel’s shirt. “Good job, Beth” Rachel said. Alison felt the blood drain from her body. The name Beth caused her memory to come back. Beth was also part of the group who decided what girls made the football team. When Alison had complained to Rachel that she hadn’t made the squad, Rachel said it was mostly due to this girl called Beth. She knew she was in a lot of trouble. “Ugh!!” Rachel screamed, as she examined the damage down by Alison. “Where the hell are my clothes!” she yelled, then noticed the torn skirt on the floor. She lifted it up and realized it was not recoverable. She dropped it and realized her position. She was standing in front of her classmates in just her panties, possibly her most embarrassing pair, and there was no way of covering up. Her face went bright red as she tried the same thing as Alison by trying to extend her shirt to cover her cherry underwear. Each time her shirt would spring up and expose her panties plus a bit more of her stomach. Alison couldn’t help but snigger as her former friend was caught in this position. Rachel noticed this and gave up her attempts to cover up and marched over to the captured Alison. Rachel slapped her hard across the face which left a mark on Alison’s face. A few tears formed in Alison’s eyes as she felt the stinging sensation. “You bitch!!” Rachel screamed “I was just gonna leave you with just your panties exposed, but now you have to pay” Rachel eyed Alison’s body as she wriggled and squirmed against her captor but Beth was much stronger. Rachel seemed to be taking her time, contemplating the best way to embarrass Alison. Then she smiled to herself.
Friday, November 14th 2008 - 01:21:44 PM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Quick she's upstairs
Message:It turned out to be the best party ever and guys were talking about how lots of wild girls were expected to be there. When we got there, there were at least 25 guys and only ten girls. It was a boring party at first but once the drinking got going, it began getting interesting. Things began to get interesting when four of the girls came up with a boob flashing contest. They were trying to get other girls to join in, but none of them wanted any part of it. Guys were having a ball and trying to get them to take off their blouses. They were so out of control, we were talking about forcing their clothes off. After all they were having fun flashing their boobs to guys and we didn’t think they would mind it much if we forced some more clothing off of them. One of them went up stairs for a pee and one of the guys shouted out "quick let's get her up stairs" as five of the guys fallowed shortly after her. She was in the master bedroom toilette and we locked the door and waited for her to finishing. As soon as she came out we grabbed her and began taking her clothes off. She thought we were going to pull her top down but began struggling when she realized we were going to take it all off. She couldn't do a thing against five strong guys and she ended up helplessly naked in record time. Nice legs, nice butt and perfect view of her wide open shaven pussy and guys checking out every part of her. Just forcing her to exposed herself was and instant hard on for guys. She didn’t struggle that much, witch made us think she enjoyed getting stripped. She put up more of a fight when we picked her up and began carrying her down stairs for other guys to see her. She pleaded with us to let her go, but as soon as we took her out the door and saw her headed down the stairs she lost hope. She was going to be helplessly humiliated in front of the whole party. I think the embarrassment of being laid out on a table in front of a cheering crowd sober her up. Her face turned red as we held her down sprawled out on public display and then let her go. She just sat up on the table covering her while guys teased her and yanked her arms apart. She spent the rest of the party buck naked, because we had locked all her clothes away and gave them back at the end of the party. It was the must fun party we ever had and even the rest of the girls enjoyed watching that strip show. The first thing I did when I got home was jerk off, and I bet that's what the rest of the guys ended up doing that night.
Friday, November 14th 2008 - 01:17:56 PM
Name: Sandra
Subject: Boarding school
Message:The first time I saw a boy get stripped naked was in a boarding school I went to. I don't know if parents were told of the school's strict punishments or because parents weren't there, they just didn’t tell them. I was 14 years old and had never been in a boarding school before. The first week was not so good but got better when I made friends with a couple of girls my age. I saw some teachers slap kids when they weren't paying attention in class but didn’t give it much thought. One day we were all ordered to the gym were all students sat in rows on the floor. My girlfriends told me some students were going to get spanked and did it as and example to other kids. Watching kids get spanked was fun time for everyone and when I asked some girls sitting besides me, they said "because they get their pants pulled down and paddled" This boy had to walk up and in front of the whole school, drop his pants and underwear and lay across the teacher's lap to get five whacks on their bare butt. That was the first time I got to see a boy half naked with his pants and underwear down to his knees that slipped down further during the paddling. Humiliation was part of the punishment because he was forced to expose himself in front of the whole school. Other boy and a girl were up next and got the same treatment. I clearly saw those boys penis as the laid across the lap and when they got up to pull their pants up. It was fun for everybody except for the kids that got spanked.
Thursday, November 13th 2008 - 01:14:15 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 5
Message:Reckon there's another 3 or 4 parts left!! Alison and Rachel - part 5 “Fuck” she groaned. Unsure of what else to do she walked over to Rachel and just grabbed the skirt with both hands. She went to work trying to pry it from Rachel’s hips and was able to shift it part of the way, exposing the top of her cherry underwear but not completely off her. She went to pull it again, but this just caused Rachel’s whole body to slide in the same direction. So Alison let go to try a different approach. She went and stood over Rachel’s body such that when she looked she was facing Rachel’s legs. She lifted up Rachel’s legs and trapped them under each arm. She then grabbed the hem of the back of her skirt and began to pull. She was sure that she had seen this in some wrestling matches and it seemed to working for her now. She could feel the skirt freeing itself from Rachel’s body and when she looked down, sure enough, more of her panties were on view. Confident of this tactic she gave two more short tugs and the skirt was past Rachel’s hips and shot down her legs and over her feet leaving Rachel completely skirtless. Alison had misjudged how fast the skirt would come off after it was passed the hips and as a result, Rachel’s feet crashed to the ground causing some of the crowd to offer empathetic groans. Alison, however, was in not mood to feel sorry for her former friend and waved the item of clothing to the crowd. Alison went to put the skirt on and had put one foot inside, but then she remembered that the zip was broken. There was no way she’d be able to get the skirt on if she only just managed to remove it from Rachel. As much as she hated to admit it, Rachel was slightly slimmer so there would be no way this skirt would go up her thighs. She cursed to herself as she realized that she would have to find a way of getting home wearing nothing on her bottom half but her black lace panties. She paused to think but decided that she couldn’t do anything with the skirt so she stepped out of it and held it above her head. “There’s no way I’m going to wear anything that has come from that disgusting bitch” She waited for the cheer then lowered it and begin to tear away at the skirt, just as Rachel had done to her jeans. It was tough going, but eventually she was able to split the skirt and threw it to the ground. Still Rachel was not moving. Alison was a bit surprised but was going to continue anyway. “Who here, needs a new pink t-shirt??” yelled Alison. A hand near the back shot up quickly followed by three more hands, then another two. She laughed to herself. So people are finally getting into the spirit of it, she thought. “Ok, you were first” Alison shouted to the girl at the back. Her hand lowered and she began to move towards the front of the crowd. When she emerged, Alison’s heart leapt into her mouth. She recognized the girl. In fact, she knew the girl quite well. “You.....you’re friends with Rach” she struggled “You’re on the girl’s football team with her!!” Alison realized that this could be the end on her exploits. The girl, who was a bit taller than her took a step closer. “I might be on the same team as Rach” She started, “But I am no friend of that skank!” Alison could see from her eyes that she was genuine. She could see the hate that she must have for Rachel. This relaxed her a little and she took a breath and stepped back. “So, would you like to have this bitch’s top??” Alison chimed. The girl simply nodded. Alison couldn’t remember the girls name but there was still something unsettling her. But she moved over to the limp figure on the floor. She was starting to regret dragging this out and decided that she would strip Rach of her top and then leave. She was still painfully aware that she was standing in front of most of her class with black lace underwear with the pink bow, a pair of underwear she had not intended to be on full view, and so she wanted to get home to cover up. Rachel’s arms were by her side and she wasn’t stirring. Maybe she would be able to get away with taking her time over removing her top. She stood over Rachel, and put her hands on either side of her shirt. It was tight fitting so would need a bit more effort to take it off but at first the hem of her shirt slide up her toned stomach easily. Her belly button piercing was now exposed which attracted a few whistle from the crowd. Further and further the shirt went up her slim torso, until it reached the bottom of her bra.
Thursday, November 13th 2008 - 01:11:06 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 4
Message:Loving the discussion going on regarding the Alison and Rachel storyline. Just to say that the story has been completed but all feedback is noted for the next story :) Here's part 4 for your pleasure (things start heating up!!) Alison and Rachel - Part 4 “Who here, wants to have this bitch’s skirt??” she yelled out. The crowd was becoming more confident having witnessed Becki’s free purchase, and a couple of girls stood forward with their hands raised. They started nudging one another in a hope to get Alison’s attention. But Alison was distracted. At the mention of Rachel’s skirt, she once again became aware of her own exposed nature and her hands reached down to where her jeans should’ve been. Her left hand covering the back of her panties and the right on the front. As her fingers fumbled with the silk bow on the front of her panties she knew what she was going to do. “Actually” She said in a cheerful tone, not wanting the crowd to know how embarrassed she felt. “I think I’ll take the skirt for myself. An eye for an eye, and a skirt for a pair of jeans”. Everyone roared at this. Everyone, except the two girls who had stepped forward. They lowered their hands and looked sincerely disappointed. Alison noticed their expression and looked at them with her hands on her hips “Hey, if you girls have a problem with that, then each of you might end up in the same state as this bitch!!” She shouted. The crowd cheered and the two girls’ faces went white. They looked at each before turning round and disappearing into the rest of the group. Alison was starting to have some fun and her exposed underwear wasn’t going to disturb her confidence. She moved over to Rachel, who was starting to stir. She had also moved her arms and her hands were rubbing at her head. Alison was a little surprised but she shrugged her shoulders and removed Rachel’s hands from her head. She then delivered another forceful slap to her face. Alison hit her with so much force that Rachel’s whole body slide along the ground by an inch or two. Satisfied that Rachel wouldn’t be able to interrupt her as she went to work stripping her down even further, Alison stepped back and knelt by Rachel’s waist. “Let’s she what panties you have under here” Her hands grabbed the zip at the side of Rachel’s skirt and she began to undo it. But when it was half undone, she stopped. “Who wants a preview of this tramps panties?” Alison didn’t wait for the inevitable approval of the crowd and instead both hands on the hem of Rachel’s white skirt. She slowly began to lift it up. A couple of lads took a step forward to get a closer look. The skirt was almost all the up Rachel’s thigh and her panties were just coming into view. Alison realized that Rachel’s panties weren’t going to leave much to the imagination, so in a sudden jerk she lifted Rachel’s skirt all the up such that the hem of the skirt now touched the bottom of her breasts and her panties were on full view. Rachel would look back and regret her choice of underwear for that day. Her panties were indeed very skimpy. They were pink and had a picture of a cherry on the front. Alison had an idea and stood to her feet. She put her hands underneath Rachel and proceeded to roll her onto her front. Rachel’s skirt was still tangled up so the back of her panties were now on view. They were still pink but there was some writing on the back. Alison moved round and read it out. “Who wants to take my...” This was followed by a picture of a cherry, which caused Alison to laugh uncontrollably “cherry” she managed to shout out. The crowd erupted, but Alison had work to do. She moved over to Rachel again put her hands underneath her, this time her right hand brushed Rachel’s right breast. Don’t worry, your time will come, she thought to herself, and she again rolled Rachel over so she was on her back again. She pulled Rachel’s skirt down such that it covered her panties and went to work on the zip. It was already half way down but when she went to finish it off it wouldn’t budge. Try as she might, the zipper would not go further than halfway down. After awhile she got frustrated and stood up!!
Wednesday, November 12th 2008 - 01:08:44 PM
Name: Victoria
Subject: Boy lust
Message:Neither I nor any of my girlfriends were dating boys, but we all had the hots for doing naughty sexual things with them. Most of the girls I hung out with were 16 years and boys our age were just interested in baseball or basketball. One the girls had seen her older brothers porn tapes and managed to slip one out so we could all watch it. We locked ourselves the bedroom of her house and watched men sucking girl’s pussies or girls sucking guy’s dicks. There was a scene were this older girls force this young boy into having sex with them against his will. We all ended getting horny and with soaked panties and replayed it several times. We latter came up with the idea of doing something like that to a boy and thought of a boy that sometimes hung around with us. He was 14 and it wouldn't be too hard to get his clothes off. He showed up one day and told him to come along with us to check out an abandoned barn house we had picked out for our plan. He willingly came with us and asked him to take his clothes off and said we were crazy. "Come on don't be shy and show us your little dick" He made a move to run but we had him cornered. That was when we ganged up on him and began pulling off his clothes. We had him down to his underwear and were holding on to them for dear life. We could see he had gotten a hard on and it was pushing against his boxers and we couldn't wait to pull them off. We finally broke his grip on them and his dick sprung out into view. I guess the helplessness of loosing his clothes made him feel so vulnerable he just surrendered. He knew he wasn’t getting his clothes back till we were good and ready and had no other choice but to submit. He looked so cute standing there bare naked with his boner sticking up and forced him to lick our pussies till we all had our orgasms. We latter took turns sucking his dick that was bigger than we expected for a 14 year old. He wasn’t getting his clothes back till we saw his cum and minutes latter he began shooting his load We told him we wanted him back the next week or we would tell all the dirty things he had done. He was so embarrassed we were sure he would keep it a secret and we had our little slave boy to keep us happy.
Tuesday, November 11th 2008 - 01:04:23 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 3
Message:Alison and Rachel - Part 3 “Oops. I didn’t really like those jeans anyway!!” Rachel said to the crowd. Alison knew that redeeming her dignity was now lost and realized the only way to deter attention from her, and her embarrassing predicament, was to give the crowd something else to focus on. She once again charged at Rachel. This time Rachel was not expecting it and she turned round at the last second only to be met with Alison’s shoulder as it was rammed into her stomach. Both girls fell to the ground, Alison on top of Rachel, who was slightly startled and winded from Alison’s tackle. Alison had Rachel pinned with her knees either side of her waist. This left her hands free to unleash a series of slaps to Rachel’s face. Rachel was doing a good of deflecting most of Alison’s swipes so Alison grabbed Rachel by the hair, lifted her head off the ground and slammed it back to the floor. Rachel’s arms went limp signifying that she was dazed from the blow and Alison allowed herself a moment to catch her breath. After a few seconds, she raised her right hand and slapped Rachel across the face with all the strength she could muster. Rachel let out a quiet groan but was otherwise non responsive. Alison smiled to herself. She stood up and looked at Rachel’s motionless body and had an idea. “Is there anyone here, who fancies a new pair of boots??” The crowd was silent and a bit stunned. After a while, a hand shot up and a girl, who Alison didn’t recognize stood forward. She was a bit shorter than Alison and had long brown hair. Alison reckoned she was a couple of years younger as she seemed quite bashful in coming forward “What’s your name?” Alison said to the girl. “Becki” was the reply “And may I ask what shoe size are you?” Alison smiled to herself when she said this. She knew that Rachel would be wearing size 5 boots as she was also a size 5 and they used to swap shoes, amongst other things, when they were good friends. “Size 5” beamed the girl. “Well then, I think we have a perfect match!” And with this, Alison walked over to Rachel and went to work of Rachel’s right boot. She found the zip and slowly pulled it down. The crowd was silent which meant that the sound of unzipping reverberated through the hallways. Alison carefully worked off the first boot so as not to disturb the semi-conscience Rachel. She didn’t want her to wake up. Well, not yet. She pulled off the boot and put it to one side. She realized that Rachel had opted to not wear socks today. “I hope Rach doesn’t get cold feet!” She muttered to herself. A few nearby students giggled at this, but most were silent, in anticipation. Alison turned her attentions to the second boot and gave it the same scrupulous attention. The zip was carefully undone and Rachel’s foot was eased out of the boot. Alison, satisfied with her surgical like removal of Rachel’s boots let out a sigh, stood up with the boots in hand and walked over to Becki. “There you go Becki, you can take these” said Alison “I hope you enjoy wearing this whore’s boots!” she signaled at the still unmoving figure of Rachel. Becki, feeling a bit intimidated by Alison, simply nodded and scurried off through the crowd and round the corner, just in case Alison decided to turn her attention on the younger student. Alison enjoyed removing Rachel’s boots in that fashion and was going to continue auctioning off Rachel’s clothes for as long as possible!!!
Feedback: http://uk.youtube.com/LSSno1fan
Tuesday, November 11th 2008 - 12:57:53 PM
Name: Janet
Subject: Who got embarrassed?
Message:We all thought it was great fun playing jokes on random students in high school. The more embarrassing they were, the more we enjoyed them. We specially loved to see boys getting their pants pulled down and how embarrassed the got. Boys would steal other boy’s undeware while taking showers and had to spend the rest of their classes with nothing under their pants. They got so embarrassed because girls were told witch boys didn’t have them on. Every boy in school knew girls enjoyed it and kept pranking boys just to score points with us. Once we were asked if we wanted to see boys get stripped naked. They told us boys use no underwear under their sports shorts in PE period. It was going to be the ultimate pantsing ever and we all went down to the gym to see it happen. They were doing chin ups on this bar while a group of girls sat to cheer them on. They picked boys that happen to pass by and got them to do some chin ups. As soon as they pulled themselves up they ended naked from waist in front of everyone. They were so embarrassed to end up hanging there with their dicks on show they just screamed "shit" and ran out blushing while we rolled with laughter. One of them got his legs held and his shorts pulled right off and thrown across the room. He didn’t dare let go of the bar while we rushed up to get a look at his dick waving in mid air. He was so embarrassed when he ran to fetch his shorts and had to streak naked to get them. The funny part was that it was so embarrassing they didn’t dare tell anyone about it.
Tuesday, November 11th 2008 - 12:53:47 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 2
Message:As promised Part 2 now up. Thanks for the feedback - keep it up!! Might be worth sticking feedback in the discussion section rather than the forum but that's up to Dan!! Hope you enjoy part 2 Alison and Rachel - Part 2 This time Alison’s head collision was worse and she sank to the floor, and lay on her front. It was now that Rachel noticed the part of Alison’s underwear and she smiled to herself. This is just too easy, she thought to herself. "Who wants to see this whore's underwear?!?" she shouted to the crowd. As expected she was welcomed with a roar of approval. She turned Alison over who groaned and nursed her head with both hands. Rachel wanted this to be slow and dramatic so she stood with each foot each side of Alison’s sprawled body and bent over, giving the boys behind her a good look at her arse. She began to work the top button of Alison’s jeans which was soon undone. She worked the second one off as well and pulled the two sides apart to get a better look at Alison choice of underwear. Rachel had to admit she was impressed. Alison was wearing a black lace number with and pick bow on the front. There was also a pink ribbon attached to either of the bow which she suspected went all the way round the waistband. Suddenly, Rachel noticed that Alison was starting to come to and realized she had to get these off quick. She didn’t have enough time to undo any more buttons so she stepped over to Alison’s feet, quickly removed Alison’s white trainers to expose her matching white socks, lifted her legs and began to pull her jeans. Alison, still groggy, was jerked into consciousness when Rachel first tugged at her jeans. She wasn’t sure what was happening but looked down her body and realized someone had undone her jeans and was trying to get then off. A second tug from Rachel caused the jeans to slide a little further down. Alison suddenly realized the seriousness of the situation and realized she could be stripped in front of the whole class. A third tug and Alison felt her jeans sliding further down her body, but, to her horror, her underwear was also starting to come down with the jeans. Alison knew that one more tug would completely work of the jeans so she had to react now. Should she grab the jeans and try to battle back but risk losing jeans and underwear? Or were her jeans so far off that she should just attempt to keep her lacy underwear on? Her hands flew down and grabbed the top of her black lace underwear. Sure enough, a final tug from Rachel completely relieved Alison of her jeans and left her lying on her back in just her black lace underwear with the pink bow and her white socks. A massive cheer erupted from the crowd as Rachel held the jeans above her head like a trophy. She turned to face the embarrassed figure still lying on the floor. “Wow Ali. I have to say, nice panties. You really know how to excite a crowd.” And with that she spun round to the crowd and continued to celebrate her victory. Alison pulled the hem of her top down in an attempt to cover her underwear but when she tried this she noticed that the top of her bra was becoming exposed and, with a yelp, quickly let go. She knew she had to get her jeans back so she scrambled to her feet only to be met with a loud ripping noise that silenced the crowd’s cheering. She looked at Rachel who was now holding two items of clothing, or rather two halves. Rachel had torn Alison’s jeans in two......
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Monday, November 10th 2008 - 12:45:05 PM
Name: LSSno1fan
Subject: Alison and Rachel at Thornside High
Message:Hi guys. Huge fan of the site and I love some of the stories being posted. I have to say that I prefer stories when girls are stripped to their underwear and are embarrassed. Plus I like ones that go into a lot of detail. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the more hard core and explicit storylines but I can appreciate that everyone has different preferences and that's why this is such a fantastic website (my hat goes of to you ddandemann). Anyway, my point is that I have written a story. It's one that deals with stripping to underwear only and goes into a lot of detail (the story is about one incident and lasts for 9 1/2 pages!!!!) As a consequence I will post it in parts. If a lot of people like my still of writing then I will continue to post more parts (the story is complete, but I don’t want to post the whole thing as it would take up a lot of room on the forum and I can appreciate that some people won't be interested in my story) Also, as it's complete there's no chance of my leaving you guys with a half-finished story (unless they prove very unpopular) FEEDBACK is very much welcome (even if they are negative) and is a necessity if I am to post the whole thing. I hope this is ok with everyone and that you enjoy the first part!!! Cheers, LSSno1fan Alison and Rachel at Thornside High - Part 1 Alison and Rachel had grown up together in the town of Northville and had lived next door to each other for as long as they could remember. All through their childhood they had been best friends and always looked out for one another. Rachel was older by 1 year, which meant that she was always a year above her at Thornside High School which they both attended. However, they had a falling out when, last year, Alison had gone to try out for the girl’s football team. Rachel, having done the trial the previous year, was already on the team and was involved in deciding which girls would make the cut. Alison was not one of them, and she took this quite badly, even blaming Rachel for not influencing the decision enough. Since then their friendship has been slowly breaking apart. At first, they were just making bitchy rumors about each other and spreading them around the school but then, a few months ago, Alison was seen at a party getting off with Rachel’s boyfriend and Rachel had been looking at a way to get revenge..... One day, Rachel saw Alison by her locker. Alison was preoccupied as she looked for her chemistry textbook so didn’t notice Rachel. So Rachel stood there looking her up and down, planning her next move. Alison was wearing a navy blue spaghetti strap top which was short enough to show a bit of her toned stomach. She also wore black jeans and belt. Rachel considered her own outfit, a tight pink t-shirt, short white skirt and knee high boots, and thought she was probably in a more vulnerable position should things get out of hand. But she had the element of surprise and she would hopefully be done before Alison could react. "You bitch" Rachel shouted. Alison jolted for a second but hen composed herself when she recognized the voice. She turned to face her former friend with a smirk on her face. "How are we doing today, Rach??" Alison said "How dare you come into school wearing the clothes that you stole from me!!" yelled Rachel. At this moment a few students had turned their attention to this argument. Alison looked shocked. "What the hell are you talking about, bitch" she replied. "Those clothes that you’re wearing. You stole them from me when you were pretending to be my friend for all those years. And now I want them back!!" And with that Rachel charged at Alison and pushed her into the lockers. There was a great crash as Alison’s head cracked off the metal door leaving her a little stunned. As her hands tried to soothe her head Rachel saw her opportunity. She began working on Alison’s belt and had it undone in a few seconds. She grabbed the buckle and pulled as hard as she could. This caused a whooshing noise as the belt whizzed round Alison’s waist and through the loops in her jeans. Alison gasped as she felt the friction of the belt leave her waist and put her hands down to where her belt should've been. Rachel allowed herself some gloating time as she paraded the victory item to the group that had gathered who cheered the removal of the belt. Alison stepped forward, but as she did so, she noticed that by not having her belt on, her jeans now sat a little lower on her hips exposing the top part of her underwear. She blushed a little bit as she realized that people were pointing out the little pink bow that was now visible on the front of her underwear. But embarrassment soon turned to anger as she charged at Rachel who still had her back to her. But Rachel had been expecting this and so she quickly side-stepped the charge and grabbed the back of her top and the back of her jeans and threw her into the lockers on the other side of the corridor........
Feedback: http://uk.youtube.com/LSSno1fan
Sunday, November 9th 2008 - 12:39:56 PM
Name: Beckey
Subject: Turn on
Message:It was the day we were going on a camping trip and never thought such a thing was going to happen. We started off on a trail that was supposed to take us to some water falls, according to this boy that had been there before. My girlfriends and I sat down for a break while two girls went on ahead with the boys. They told us just to stay on the trail to not get lost. My girlfriends and I rested for some ten minutes before hitting the trail again. We were unaware that they had pulled a very embarrassing joke on a boy named Alan. They had tied him with his back against a tree trunk with his pants and underwear down to his ankles by the side of the trail. He had been left there to get caught by us as we came up the trail. When we got there his t-shirt had been pulled up over his head exposing the whole front of his body. Just horrified by the anticipation of getting caught by girls coming upon on him, he couldn't stop himself from getting an erection. It was so arousing and erotic to watch him, basically naked with his hard dick sticking out in front us that we took our sweet time looking at his dick before cutting him loose. He looked so embarrassed when he saw us standing there looking at him while he arranged his clothes back on blushing like crazy. He was so humiliated he disappeared back down the trail and never came back.
Saturday, November 8th 2008 - 12:36:49 PM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: Room Service
Message:Room Service This past week I was traveling to arrange a meeting for a large engineering firm. My job involves going to hotel conferences, doing setup and speaker preparation. Speakers are usually some lame PhD engineering geek talking about how to dispose of spent nuclear wastes, or build new reactors, or some equally lame crap I just can’t understand, but it’s a job. So I come, set them up, get them going, register attendees and coordinate the meeting. I come in early the day before the meeting and leave a day or two later. If I’m lucky, I can fit in a museum or concert the day before or after. Last week I was in DC at the Omni Renaissance, a very classy hotel. For some reason our business charges were goofed up, and they wanted me to pay my room directly. That would have been $300/night times 4, or $1200 out of my pocket, so naturally I called our home office to set it straight. The ensuing delays ruined my afternoon plans the rest of the day. I had planned look around the National Museum of Art, downtown on the mall. By the time I got my charges straight I had burned up an hour, and worse, was mentally exhausted. So I told them quite bluntly how disappointed I was, but then apologized immediately. I realized it was my lame boss's fault that home office had screwed it all up. Still mad I managed to put my bags in my room, take a quick shower and tear downtown on the Metro to view art. When they closed the gallery at 5:30, I’d managed to view St. Vincent’s “Victory,” Magni’s “Reading Girl of Veronica,” and Devaux’s “Nude Girl with Shell,” all quite carefully. All were just such beautiful testaments to feminine beauty; I was starting to feel much better. So on the way back to my hotel feeling very inspired, I stopped off at Murphy’s for a drink. I was still decked out in my blazer, short pleated skirt and pumps travel business attire. Quickly two guys were beside me offering drinks, and I'd quickly I’d had two or three. Well, feeling I’d better not overdo it, I headed back to the Omni around Seven, to my erstwhile hookups' disappointment. I found my sixth floor room, and began thinking about tomorrow’s meeting. Taking off my blazer and skirt, I carefully hung them in the closet, before lying down falling deep asleep on my bed. So, only wearing my blouse and thigh-highs, thinking faintly I might go out later to eat, I didn’t put on any pajamas. Sometime latter, maybe around eight, I heard a pound, pound, pound. Groggy and confused, I didn’t answer but heard it again. Then a deep voice said, “Room Service.” Now the Omni has thin walls, built in the 1930’s, so I figured the call was for next door. Ignoring it dozing away again, I suddenly realized, a waiter bellboy was profusely apologizing in my room. “I’m sooooooo sorry Miss. I didn’t think you were in here,” he was saying before I’d even awoken. He continued, “No one answered the door. Could I please leave these simple tokens?” Vaguely I remember trying to sit up still half asleep as the waiter stood there waiting. He continued, “Ma’am I’m sorry but someone sent you these special gifts. Could I please present them for your inspection?” For a moment I wondered if those guys from Murphy’s had followed me back from the bar. Whatever, I thought, then thinking in a foggy way it was my lame boss, who botched up my room arrangements. “Put it on the stand, here,” I said stirring, waving, and sitting. As the young college age waiter unloaded his cart, I then realized he was staring at me (and my panties)! There I was right in front of him, in nothing but Nellie’s Girl panties! (Now if you don’t know, below the waist Nellie’s Girls, leave little to desire.) With elegant fabric, they’re very revealing, and sometimes fun just to wear. So realizing he’s already seen my mound cleavage, I just flopped back down on my bed. He seemed to take his time unloading the nice aperitif tray. Later I discovered were chocolates, a bottle of Cabernet wine and a card So, waking again around Midnight, I only then really saw the chocolates, Cabernet wine and card. I started looking over the treats hungrily after sleeping through dinner. Then I realized opening the card, the hotel, not my boss, had provided the nice aperitif tray. The card apologized for my inconvenience checking in, and so that was how I came by my bouquet tray. Now that my earlier drinks had worn off, I realized looking into my mirror, lying on my bed in only my stockings and top I had might as well almost been nude. Though my white blouse covered my chest, my Nellie’s Girl panties below my waist were quite clearly bare. Then I realized I’d been the show for my awestruck bellboy waiter. My real shock can a couple days later, though checking out. Checking my bag at the desk, the boy took my bag with a broad smile. Then I realized he must have been the one who’d provided me room service the night before last. Suddenly I felt modest, and my legs felt weak, so I tried to make up with small talk. Asking him how he liked his job at the Omni, he gave me the claim check grinning broadly. Then he said, as he winked, while the pay was modest, the fringes most certainly over-compensated. He couldn’t imagine how any job could be better! Blushing, I’d realized this boy had indeed seen me almost as intimately as my mother. But on second thought, I figured it was probably just like he said; I was only one guest among many others.
Saturday, November 8th 2008 - 12:25:10 PM
Name: Cathy & friends
Subject: Fun day at the basement
Message:We were constantly bothered by some young kids from the next building and we just about had it with them. My girl friend thought up all these wild ideas to get back at them. There many of them but the best one came from my friend Cathy. She wanted to catch one of them alone, pull his pants off and leave him in his underwear. She was sure we all could over power him and pull off his pants so he would have to run home in his underwear. After all we were all 16 year old girls and eight of us could get our revenge. One day we saw one of them go down into the basement and we all fallowed after him. We locked the door and caught him smoking pot behind the water pumps. We told him we were going to call the police with our cell phone and he began pleading to not do it. He was so scared his father would find out and beat the shit out of him. Cathy told him we wouldn't say anything if he took off all his clothes off. He wanted to just pull his pants down but we told him he had to strip down underwear and all. He was scared he said would do it if we promised not to tell. It was so horny to watch him strip off his clothes one by one and when he slipped off his undeware he was trying to hide his hard dick from us. We grabbed all his clothes and threaten to drag him out side and leave him naked if he didn’t do exactly what we told him. He had no other choice but to give into our demands. We forced him to jerk his dick in front of us and would let him off the hook till he we saw him cum. We had so much fun looking at stroking his stiff dick that he didn’t noticed we were snapping cell phone pictures of the whole thing. He looked so funny standing there with a bright red face wanking his boner and finally shot his juice all over the floor. He thought it was all over but made him get down and lick it all up if he wanted to leave with clothes on. He now avoids even getting close to us every time he sees us. We've got the pictures and Cathy wants to blackmail him into licking her pussy and got us all thinking how horny that would be.
Friday, November 7th 2008 - 12:22:01 PM
Name: jenny905
E-mail address: jenny905@hotmail.com
Subject: Paid back at Halloween party
Message:I had a Halloween party at my home. I made the mistake telling my mom to f off in front of everyone. Then my mom told everyone I still wet myself. Then without warning she told me to strip down to only the diaper nothing else. As I said no and cried she made me do it. All my friends classmates stood and saw me wearing a pamper nothing else and laughed took photos. Then my mom told me to remove the diaper stand naked with my hands at my sides. Everyone cheered and laughed and took more pics. My mom made me stay that way all night with me being naked and everyone seeing I was shaved there. Though the night I was grab pinched had fingers inserted in me. The next day the pics were all over my school. My mom told me she hopes I learn respect by degrading ad taking my pride away. Told me in the future I can look for more of the same.
Thursday, November 6th 2008 - 12:17:18 PM
Name: Ann
Subject: Peeping Tom
Message:My name is Ann and I'm 16 years old. I asked my parents if I could invite some girls on Saturday for a swim in our poll and they said "sure" but no jumping or diving. They usually go to the super market that day and wanted to make sure we behaved. Four of my girlfriends came over and we swam the whole mourning. We have showers next to the pool to keep the mess out of the house. After swimming we all went to have a shower and caught my 14 year old brother peeping on us. We were all naked and didn’t know how long he had been there. The minute I screamed, we heard him jump down and run back into the house. He thought he had gotten away with murder, but for weeks we were planning to get back at him. He had completely forgotten about that day and thought he had been invited to a party by his friends. Being 14 he was to young to go alone, so I went with him to drop him off. He was surprised to find only a bunch of my girlfriends there waiting for him. I locked the front door and he realized he had been set up when we told him to take off his clothes. He just stood there blushing away not knowing what to do. I had invites other girls to help out and we all tackled him to the floor and began pulling off his clothes. No matter how much he pleaded, he ended up loosing all his clothes. It was revenge but every girl thought it was so sexy and kinky to strip a boy naked. We threw all his clothes out the window and held him over the back of the sofa for a good hard spanking. The fun part was that his dick got hard right in front of all of us. He was so humiliated; he just stopped fighting us and did everything we told him to do. He stood in the middle of the room with hands on his head pleading to get his clothes back. He looked so funny standing there with his red butt and his dick pointing to the ceiling, while we had fun looking at him get embarrassed. We pushed him out the front door buck naked and watched him from the window, run around the house picking up his clothes. I bet he will remember that for years to come.
Monday, November 3rd 2008 - 12:15:03 PM
Name: Jane
Subject: Sexual fun
Message:My girlfriend and I liked to play pranks on boys to get them embarrassed. The best part was watching how their faces turned red and looked around to see if anyone saw what happen. We used to grabbed their crotches or pull their pants down when they were unaware. One day we lured this young boy to go with us to the lake. It was out in the country in the middle of nowhere, were we could take advantage of him and prank him. He willingly came along with us, unaware of what we were going to do. We made sure it was far enough were no one could see us, before ganging up on him to take off his clothes. It was five girls against one young and skinny boy and in no time we got him buck naked. He was so embarrassed because we got to see his boner sticking out in front of us. We had all his clothes and he just couldn't go anywhere without them. He was so scared we were going to leave him naked out there, we practically could make him do anything we wanted. We forced him to jerk off in front of us if he wanted his clothes back and finally agreed to do it. It was so kinky to see him blushing and stroking his stiff dick till he finally came all over the ground. We couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.
Thursday, October 30th 2008 - 12:13:35 PM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: Harmless Little Kids
Message:I was watching two little kids down the road I never liked watching. They were always up to trouble, and keeping an eye on them was hard. The two were laughing and giggling for awhile and kept throwing their ball through the thorn bushes and asking me to go get it for them. Like a baby throwing his rattle or pacifier down, and expecting you to pick it up, it was irritating to say the least. Every time they told me to get it, I had to arch my back and bend over the thorny stems of the bushes. (I was wearing only tight shorts, with no underpants.) Well, although I’m fourteen and starting to get to know boys, these kids were just eight and nine. I thought they were too young to have interest in girls, so I didn’t really worry how I looked to them from behind. Well, about the fifth time it happened I knew something was up. Although I didn't think they were capable of pulling something, while I was leaning over the bushes rooting around the eight-year old sneaked up and pulled my shorts down to my ankles! I shrieked, falling over backwards onto the grass, showing them my front as well as I struggled to pull up my shorts. Of course, it was the one day I didn't wear panties. It was so EMBARRASSING. I was so mad I thought I would throw them in the bushes. *lol* Just kidding.
Monday, October 27th 2008 - 12:11:22 PM
Name: Anonymous
Subject: Me, my girlfriend and her friend
Message:Me and my girl friend, who will remain unnamed, had been going out for about three weeks when this happened. I wanted to see her naked and considering we were going out in the hottest part of an Aussie summer, I figured a good way would be to get her over for a water balloon fight and see where things went. Unfortunately for me (or at least I thought so at the time), she brought a friend, who will also remain unnamed. Although that would seem like it would make it harder, in the end it worked out for the best for me. After the water fight, during which my girlfriend wore an all-white outfit showing that maybe she wanted what I did, we all went inside to get changed and shower. After I went to the toilet, I heard what sounded like wet clothes hitting the floor and assumed it was my gf, somehow forgetting her friend was here too. I 'accidentally' walked in on the girl in there, but it was the wrong one. I got a full view of her ass before she screamed and I shut the door, apologizing. That part of the story also worked to my advantage (not least because the friend did have a nice ass, which I would see more of later). Me, my gf and her friend were all sitting around, the friend fully clothed, me in only a towel (emphasis on only) and my girlfriend in just bra and panties. She said it was because it was a hot day, but I suspected different. She was still a bit wet, which only improved my experience. Not wanting to be rude, we tried dropping hints to get the friend to leave, but she wasn't getting them or ignoring them. But eventually something big happened to make her want to leave. When my gf returned from getting a drink, I got up to give her a hug and started kissing her. The knot in my towel was clearly accessible to the friend. Not sure why, maybe to want to get me back from walking in on her, the friend grabbed my towel off of me, trying to embarrass me and my gf. But it had the opposite effect. I was getting what I wanted (I find being exposed hot) and I got the confirmation I wanted from my gf when she didn't pull away. In fact, she pulled closer. I took this as a sign and started taking off her underwear to no resistance, and her friend, obviously feeling uncomfortable, started to leave. But then my gf said 'Wait a minute, you stripped my boyfriend naked, so maybe we should strip you naked'. The friend was hot, so I agreed, and we caught her before she left. We teamed together to get her fully naked, and then pushed her outside, throwing her keys out to her (luckily for her she only lived two streets away, but I'm sure it felt like a much longer way to her on her naked run home). Then my girlfriend grabbed her camera phone and then ran outside, not even bothering to cover herself (she was getting hotter by the minute to me) and took some shots of her naked friend running down our street. Figuring if she could walk out naked, I could too, and I met her in the front yard and gave her a kiss. We walked back inside, holding hands instead of using those hands to cover up (that was so hot) and then closed the door. I don't think we were spotted, but judging by the distant horn blasts we heard her friend was. Then we went to the bedroom, one thing went to another, and the day was complete for me, and hopefully her too. P.S. I thought her friend would be mad, but it turns out that although what we did was probably the most extreme, they do stuff like that all the time. My gf was once locked outside naked for a whole night. Maybe I'll try that.
Monday, October 27th 2008 - 11:01:32 PM
Name: Ashley
Subject: Bad intentions
Message:My name is not Ashley, I'm just writing about what happed to her because I know she would never confess it on this site. I'm just one of her many girlfriends and she wont know which one posted it. There were bad feelings among some girls about boys. Although she had a lot of girlfriends, not all were friends. Ashley is sexy and beautiful but also considered a flirt because boys were after her. Like all boys, their willing to dump their girl for a more beautiful one and a couple of them wanted to get back at her. It was done in the sprit of fun and games, but underneath revenge was their real intention. During break time a group of girls pushed her into the boy’s bathroom, taped her up and left her there. Apparently they all rushed out and told every boy they ran into, that Ashley was tied up in boy’s room. Latter one of the boys told me, they found her wrapped with duck tape around her chest, bound to a pipe with her skirt and panties pulled down. When I asked him for more details, he went on to say that there were about twenty boys in there getting a great frontal view of her pussy. "I mean, we even got to see her pussy lips threw her pubs" He'd never seen a girl so red faced and embarrassed, watching all those boys squatting down and looking up between her legs. She had no choice but to endure it, while we got all that sticky tape off of her. He added "it was the hottest thing that ever happed in school" The worst is, that she doesn’t remember half the boys that saw her like that and still goes every day to school.
Sunday, October 26th 2008 - 10:59:45 PM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: Stole My Clothes
Message:I was at a music camp for flute players when this all took place. It was a very prestigious camp, at the best school around, but the school had other activities. We had the camp at the arts college, so we stayed in the dorms all week. Our dorm was shared with other summer students, and the girls at summer school had lot’s of free time and boyfriends. Their boyfriends wandered in and out at will. I had never experienced this before being an only child. Friday the first week, when we finished our music, I decided to take a shower to unwind and refresh. I was tired from walking across campus outside in the 90 degree late summer weather, so I undressed, leaving my stuff in the little changing area outside the shower, and I showered for about 15 minutes. I must have got lost in a daydream. Finally done, I reached for my towel, but lo, it wasn't there. Then I discovered all my clothes, skirt and even underpants were gone, too. I started freaking out because they stole my keys, then I realized, I'm naked! So I had to run back to my room naked, where I pounded on the door. As luck would have it, my roommate wasn’t there, and the rest of the dorm heard the commotion and came running. Naturally, several of the girls came with their BF, so there I am, naked, no towel locked out of my room. I cupped my pud and bust as best I could, which I admit wasn’t much to cover at 14, and tried to act as demure as I could. Being checked out nude by girl and guy twenty somethings was a new experience, to say in the least! After a few minutes someone found the dorm adviser, who left to find the master key. A couple of girls across the hall gave me a towel and invited me to come in and sit while I waited. Of course, one had a BF, who didn’t see what the big deal was with a 14 year-old girl sitting around naked in a towel, waiting to get in her room. I was so freaking out, but the guy said he’d already seen me and besides, he had his girlfriend. (She just smiled.) Not in my whole life was I ever so embarrassed. Welcome to college life.
Saturday, October 25th 2008 - 10:57:13 PM
Name: Anita
Subject: Bullied by class mates
Message:I was always picked on by the rest of the girls in class, just because I came from Spain and didn’t speak English very well. But the real problem was that they were jealous of me because I was popular with boys. They didn’t like boys talking about me and telling them how sexy I looked. I made the mistake to rub it in and that was what turned them against me. They made every effort to make life miserable for me and began to do bad thing behind my back. I would find pages of my books torn out, ink on my seat and notes with bad words written on them. After PE we all showered and changed and that was the worst moment of the whole day. I usually showered alone because they didn’t want anything to do with me. Many times they would come in while showering, steal my towel or hide my clothes. Lately I had to get dressed and spent the rest of the day without bra or panties, because they had stolen them. It was really embarrassing to sit in class with nothing underneath and boys knowing about it. They kept thinking up new ways to embarrass me and I just didn’t know what to do. They pulled the most embarrassing joke on me three days ago and since then I have refused to go back to school. They picked PE period and told boys what they were going to do and to hang out in front of the girl’s showers. Like every day, I went in for a shower but took my clothes and towel along with me. Suddenly a bunch of girls pulled me out of the shower and landed on the wet floor. I didn’t know what they meant by "show time" as they dragged me around by the legs. One of them was holding the front door wide open and realized they were going to drag me outside bare naked. There was no way to stop it and panicked at the thought of being seen with no clothes on. I soon fund out when I went threw the door and dragged twenty feet away from the lockers with boys rushing to see the naked girl. I was spread out, held down on the lawn and forced to have boys look at me before letting me go. I had to fight my way back into the bathroom, in shock and totally humiliated and with tears running down my cheeks. I just couldn't belief they had done that to me and waited for all of them to leave before cuming out to go home. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even tell my parents what had happed. That was my last day in that school and never knew if teacher found out and told my parents. I figure they never mentioned it to me to save me further embarrassment.
Monday, October 20th 2008 - 10:52:37 PM
Name: Dezzie
Subject: Teaching cousin a lesson
Message:My trashy younger cousin stayed with us all summer. She's 2 years younger than us and really immature and annoying. On top of this she kept borrowing our best clothes because all her clothes are lame. One weekend we had the whole house to ourselves. We invited a group of friends over. We got stuck watching our annoying cousin Tara too. She came out wearing my sister’s new jeans and a new knit top I had just bought. Her boobs are bigger than mine so she stretches all my tops out when she does that. I was pissed, so was my sister. She was supposed to stay in her room but she was out in the middle flirting with some of our friends too which made us even madder. She got a hold of some wine and beer too and started to get totally trashed and making sexual advances on all the boys there. That really pissed off our girl friends. I talked to my sister and we decided to teach her a lesson. We both walked up to her and told her that we warned her about borrowing our clothes. She just gave me a snotty "who cares" look. My sister grabbed her from behind and held her arms. I grabbed her legs and started undoing her jeans. "This is what you get for taking our clothes after we told you not too." I said as I started tugging her jeans down. They were low cut hip huggers so they came down pretty easily. With my sister holding her arms there wasn't much she could do to stop me. I pulled her jeans down along with her panties. She had a totally shaved bare pussy like a little girl. Everyone laughed out loud seeing us totally embarrassing Tara on purpose. I held her legs secure while continuing to pull her jeans and underwear down too intending to totally take them off of her. She screamed in complete horror feeling her pants and panties getting pulled off of her but we didn't care. My sister roughly pulled her shirt up saying that was not hers either and to take it off. With her pants and underwear down around her ankles and me holding her legs my sister managed to get her shirt up to her arm pits pretty easily. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath so her bare boobs popped out bouncing around for everybody to see. My sister pulled her (or should I say MY) shirt totally off her and pushed her forward so we could grab her ankles and wrestled her jeans and panties away from her. Stripped completely naked in front of 8 friends she got up humiliated and covering up looking like she was almost ready to cry. She tried to run but we would not let her go. We pulled her down and tossed her over my lap holding her down so everyone could see up her ass. I spanked her and stretched her asshole and bare pussy open asking her where all her pubic hair was. We made sure everyone got a look at her asshole and pussy. We encouraged everyone to help humiliate her so she'd learn a good lesson about respect. We all took turns pulling her over our laps spanking her and spreading her legs to get good looks at her bare pussy and asshole. We slapped and pinched her bare tits making her squeal. Then we dragged her into the guest bedroom and tied her wrists to her knees and left her like that on the bed with lights pointed at her spread open legs. Tied like that all she could do is struggled around with her knees up and legs spread wide open. We gagged her and tickled her all over making sure to touch and tickle her pussy and asshole a lot too. We let everyone go in the bedroom and do something humiliating to her. I rolled her over on her knees with her face buried in the bed and her ass stuck up in the air. I stuck a carrot up her butt and spanked her ass like that. We drew all over her with markers and lipstick and left her like that. Later two of our guy friends went in there and jerked off on her face, and another jerked off all over her spread open ass crack and pussy. She had goo dripping off her face and ass. We took some humiliating pictures of her like this. We left her like that all night. She was a real mess all drunk with lipstick, markers and goo all over her. After a long time passed she was begging us to let her go saying she had to pee real bad. Well we decided to tickle her instead till she screamed and pleaded and eventually peed all over herself. We made her promise to never borrow our clothes again, and stay away from our friends. She agreed. We also told her if she told on us we would send pictures to her enemies and everyone at her school just to blackmail her. We let her go and she was our slave for the rest of the summer.
Sunday, October 19th 2008 - 10:45:09 PM
Name: Fraternity Man
Subject: (Un)Dress Rehearsals
Message:I've enjoyed doing a good play or two in my time, and this happened during hell week (the last week of the rehearsal process) of a show I was just in. There were these twins, let's call them Kat and Alex. They were double-cast in a role because the director liked different parts of them for different parts of the role. This meant that they were both playing the role, but had to basically tag-team in the wings (off-stage area). The week before hell week a bunch of us discovered that Alex had been hooking up with the director's boyfriend behind her back. We tried to hide it for a litle while, but the director found out pretty quick. She was pissed. She wanted to kick Alex out of the show and just have Kat do the whole thing. Kat talked the director out of it, because Alex was her sister, but promised the director that Alex would get what was coming to her. Kat and Alex were an excellent pair of girls to know. Nobody would mind being in a twin sandich with them, and a few had been. They were about 5'6", 110 lbs, with beautiful dark brown hair, c-cup breasts, and sparkling hazel eyes. Now each had her own costume, so that the exchanges would go quickly, but before this dress rehearsal Kat did not get into costume. Whenever anybody asked why she would tell them that it had ripped and was getting fixed by the costume people, but I kept catching winks between her and the director. Before the rehearsal started the director made a speech about how the show was to keep going no matter what happened, just like it was a show night. There was this one scene where Alex would walk upstage (away from the audience) and exit through a door there, and then Kat would come back out to do a song and dance with me. When Alex made her exit that night, Kat was waiting like usual, but Alex to give her the costume she had on so that she could do the dance right. Alex was shocked. Let me describe this costume. It was a somewhat slinky kind of dress, with a low back, really attractive on both of them, but the important part was that they could not wear a bra underneath it. It was designed very well, so it held the twins in (so to speak), but no other support could be used. So when Kat asked for the costume she essentially was asking Alex to strip to her panties. Alex refused, but Kat was pressuring her, emphasizing how they only had a little time and she'd give it right back (they made the opposite switch right after the song). During all this, I was talking away on stage, doing my bit that led into the song. Alex heard a specific line that was getting close to the song and gave in. She slipped off the dress carefully and handed it to her sister, leaving her standing in a thong cupping her breasts in her hands. Kat thanked her and said, "Have fun. Good luck." Before Alex could think, Kat opened the door back up and shoved Alex out on the stage in just her thong, holding her breasts up. Needless to say I was flabbergasted. It was a great image, and I totally lost my train of thought. The director called me back saying, "Keep going!" So I started into the song. The band struck up the tune and I started singing, walking over to Alex. She looked like she'd just been electrocuted. I lifted my hands to her, it was time for us to partner dance. She hesitated. I heard Kat in the darkness behind the doorway say, "Come on already!" Alex slowly peeled her hands away from her breasts and met mine, then we started dancing. Thankfully for Alex, I'm sure, it was a slow dance, and relatively short. However the whole time the director was rolling in the aisle, completely incapable of containing her laughter. I was able to hold my laughter in until the very end. The dance ended with me spinning Alex out away from me, and that was our end pose. So there we are, fully spread (and in Alex's case I mean really fully spread), when Kat sneaks out behind Alex during the laughter and rips her thong down. At that point I couldn't help but laugh. Alex turned 32 flavors of red, but, god love her, she finished the scene. At the end of the play, when we were getting notes the director kept making pointed comments to Alex about her acting, saying things like, "You really left it all on the stage" and "You were acting like you really wanted something". At the end of the discussion, right before she let us go, the director said, "Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to review the video to check for mistakes, talk to Frank." She pointed up to the lighting booth, where Frank, our lighting designer, was waving and holding a camcorder that was pointing directly at the twins. Alex blushed again and Kat tweaked her nipple. That was probably the most memorable rehearsal I've ever had.
Sunday, October 19th 2008 - 10:42:58 PM
Name: Naughty but fun
Subject: Sisterly love
Message:This is the story of Nancy and Susie, two sisters in a fierce competition of playing jokes on each other. Nancy was 15 years old and I was a year older. Ever since I can remember we always tried to up our pranks on each other and keeping up with Nancy, was very hard thing to do. She had a knack for jokes and pranks one after the other. Some of then were embarrassing because she did some in front of some boys that lived in our neighborhood. We used to hang out with them most of the time and once she pulled my sweat pants down right in front of them. I'll never forget how embarrassed I felt, standing in my black thong in front of two laughing boys. I needed to get her back really good, just to get even with her but just couldn't think of anything. I day our parents went out shopping and five minutes latter the door bell rang. Thinking it was my parents that had forgotten something, I opened the door and there were the two neighbor boys asking us out. I let them in and told them my sister was showering and instantly knew it was time to prank my sister. I told them if they wanted to see my sister naked and their eyes popped wide open. They both had a crush on my sister and would waist the chance to see her in the buff. We sneaked up and picked the lock with a match stick and went in to remove anything she could use to cover herself. With all the noise of the shower and the frosted sliding shower doors, she didn’t hear us come in and shot the door. Moments latter the water was turned off and the door slid open, giving us a full frontal of herself before sliding it closed. She was reaching over the glass grasping at the towel that wasn’t there anymore and let her know there was nothing else but her arms to cover up with. The two boys were looking at her over the glass doors, curled up in a corner dying of shame and I was determined to force her to come out with her hands up before she got anything back to cover up with. I knew those boys were dying to see more of her and sooner or latter she had no other choice but to put her boobs and pussy on show. I bet they both got hard ons, when she came out blushing with hands up and spread out being checked out by two horny boys. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. It was so embarrassing she made us promise to not tell anyone about it. I tease her for weeks telling her those boys must have yerked their dicks all week just thinking about her. I lock myself in when ever I take my clothes off because I know she wants revenge.
Thursday, October 16th 2008 - 11:36:55 PM
Name: Eddie
Subject: Childhood memories
Message:As a young boy I was terribly shy and hated being like that. School was an every day torture for me and wished I was like other kids. I spent a year in a boarding school when I was 10 years old and one day I had to take a shower along with some girls and other boys. We were so young; there was no point in having girls and boys in different buildings. Before bed time, there were girls and boys running around in pajamas and underwear, all mixed together and watching TV in the same gym room, so it didn’t make any difference to our teachers. We usually lined up with only boys but apparently the girls showers had a problem and we were about to take showers all together. Embarrassment was going threw my mind, thinking we were all going to be standing in there all naked. As other kids came out in their bath robes, the line move up and realized I would probably have to go in with the boys but also with Susan, Becky and Carol. I was horrified that I would have to shed my bath robe and shower along with girls. But at that age you just do as you’re told, so I swallowed my shyness along with my inhibitions. It was obvious that everyone was checking each other out with the corners of their eyes and at least for me, it was a very embarrassing moment. The funny thing was, that six years latter I met with one of those girls in another school. Carol still remembered me. We were both 16 and ended up dating her. She had already had sex with previous boyfriends and I was still a virgin. She was determined to have sex with me and was so shocked when she bluntly asked me to take my clothes off. "I've already seen you naked, so take it off" she said. It hurt my pride so much, that I stripped down to nothings and stood buck naked while she sucked my dick. Having sex for the first time is a very embarrassing thing, but embarrassed or not, feeling my dick in her hot mouth got me so hard and excited and then finally lost my virginity, when she fucked the life out of me.
Wednesday, October 15th 2008 - 11:32:22 PM
Name: Fun with little Jimmy
Subject: Carol & friends
Message:Well my name is Carol and I'm 16. So are most of my girlfriends from my school and usually like to do things together on weekends. Jimmy is my younger brother that we all like to teas. He tries to avoid us must of the time, because we drill him with embarrassing questions. One of my girlfriends once reach out and grabbed his penis threw his pants and he turned red as a tomato. We all wanted to pants him to see his little dick and planning to corner him in the right place to do it. Just because he was my brother, didn’t mean that I was going to get mad about pantsing him. After all it would be pay back for things he had done to me. I knew he kept his bike in the garage behind our house and told my friends it would be the perfect place to catch him. It was 6 girls against 1 skinny boy and easily would over power him. That day my parents were a couple of houses down the block, with some neighbors and I was in the back yard with my girlfriends. We saw Jimmy heading towards the garage and followed him inside. He grabbed hold of his shorts on the first attempt to yank them down and curled up down on the floor when the struggling began to brake his grip on them. Two of us had him by his legs while the rest finally pulled his arms back and sat on them. I guess the feeling of his pants coming loose, made him realize they were helplessly going to be pulled down. He had this horrified look on his face and almost died when his hard dick sprung out and both shorts and undies came flying off. We all had so much fun and thought it was so horny and sexy, to have him pinned down half naked with his stiff dick right in front of us. It was bigger than we expected and his suddenly stopped struggling and let us take a good look at it. Some how people give in when they loose their clothes or just surrender themselves because they’ve been publicly stripped. No matter how embarrassing it is boys still can't help getting and erection. His dick never went down the whole time we kept his clothes way from him and basically couldn't go anywhere with out clothes. He had no other choice but endure being displayed naked in front of all my girlfriends.
Wednesday, October 15th 2008 - 11:22:08 PM
Name: Becky
Subject: Life of the party
Message:College parties always end on the wild side with non stop drinking. There is never a shortage of party girls and guys know that when they get loaded drunk things begin to happen. Inhibitions run low and girls begin to flash their boobs to the crowd. After a couple of parties my girlfriends finally convinced me to do the same. The first time was the worst, but once you do it a few times, you don't think anything of it. By 2am everyone was plastered drunk, with shirtless guys and girls flashing more than just their boobs. By then, they got girls pulling up skirts or downing shorts to flash their thongs. I was being picked on by my girlfriends, because I wasn’t about to drop my shorts in front of everyone. I got the feeling they were up to something, whispering to one another and suspected it was about me. Moments latter my girlfriends had me pinned down, undoing my shorts and tugging at them. Their hands were clutching the waist band of my shorts and with all the cheering and screaming, they didn’t hear me say they also had a grip on my panties. I got lifted up and suddenly felt they both go down my legs. They had pulled so hard, that I ended with my butt and pussy exposed in front of the whole party. They had accidentally stripped me naked and I was surrounded by guys rushing up to see the naked girl. Some joker took advantage of the situation and finished yanking off my shorts and panties, from around my ankles. I had a short tank top witch barely cover my stomach and felt so naked and embarrassed, I wanted to die. There I was, paraded in front of all my girlfriends and at least twenty guys, enjoying my spread out pussy. By the time I was put down, grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom, everyone had gotten a good look at everything there was to see. Being naked in public was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me. I only hopped, that because it happened in a party and everyone was plastered drunk, they would soon forget it or not remember it very well.
Monday, October 13th 2008 - 11:16:33 PM
Name: Jane
Subject: Bullied
Message:My girlfriends and I watched a boys fight in and empty lot near our school. It was obvious the boys that were watching it, were cheering for the one getting the best of it. Not satisfied that he had given this boy a beating, he went on to get help from his friends to help him humiliate him, by taking his clothes off. It was not surprising that the crowd of teen boys and girls, were eagerly cheering the whole thing on. I guess it’s the nature of a wild crowd of teenagers to see someone get humiliated, as long as it's not them. I have to admit that I stood along with other girls, watching how they forced this boy's clothes off and scattered them into the crowd. They left him on the ground to be humiliated in front of everyone. The only thing that was left on him was his socks and his blushing bloody face. He was on the ground covering up with his hands, witch didn’t make much difference because everyone had seen everything there was to see. He just managed to get back his shirt and eventually had to walk home with it around his waist. That was the last time we saw him in school after that embarrassing moment. I guess it was too humiliating to face the students and he went to some other school.
Tuesday, October 7th 2008 - 11:06:06 PM
Name: Anonymoose
Subject: Tattooed bitch taught a lesson, Part 2
Message:The drunk college crowd surrounded the two girls, eager for a catfight. And it looked like a catfight was what they were going to get, as the two girls were screaming at each other, their hands locked in the other's hair. It appeared that Jen was getting the upper hand, as Allie was starting to back down. But all of a sudden Allie took one of her hands off Jen's hair, balled it into a fist, and buried it in her stomach. The crowd let out a collective "ooh," as Jen doubled over, releasing Allie's hair. Allie put her hands in the air in victory, soaking it in as if she had knocked her out. But her celebrations were premature, as Jen quickly straightened up, reared back and delivered one of the hardest slaps you've ever seen, connecting on the right side of Allie's face, and spinning her around. Jen then jumped on Allie's back, knocking her to the ground. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Jen grabbed Allie's hair, and repeatedly slammed her head onto the carpeted floor. It was obvious that Allie was starting to get woozy, as her struggles seemed to slow down. The crowd was cheering Jen, as the girls were all sick of Allie acting like a slut with all the guys, and the guys were all sick of Allie playing them. Jen stopped hitting Allie's head on the floor, and continued to sit on her back, as Allie moaned in pain. "Who wants to see this bitch's tits," Jen asked the crowd? The crowd roared in approval. Jen spoke softly into Allie's ear: "Not that it really matters, everyone's seen them a million times before anyway." And with that, Jen scooted down to Allie's ass, then lifted her black tank top from the bottom, bringing it back, and sliding it over Allie's head, getting little resistance from the still dazed girl. Jen again grabbed her by the hair, lifting her feet. Standing behind Allie and putting her in a reverse bearhug, Allie's boobs were on show for the crowd. Contained in a black lace bra, it was obvious that they had work done on them at one point. "You know, I don't think these are real," Jen said to the crowd. "The fake ones seem to have a better bounce to them." After saying this, Jen took her right hand, and slapped Allie's left breast as hard as she could. Allie shrieked as her breast jiggled, the bra barely able to contain it. While still restraining her with her left arm, Jen used her right to slap both of Allie's breasts, the trapped girl unable to do anything but scream with each painful slap. The crowd cheered her on as Allie's chest began to turn red. After one particularly hard slap, Allie's left breast popped right out of the bra cup, the nipple springing to attention to the delight of the crowd. "Oops," giggled Jen, as Allie screamed in embarrassment. A round of applause greeted the nipple, and was immediately followed by some more cheering when Jen stated that this was only the beginning. Part 3 to follow....
Tuesday, October 7th 2008 - 11:03:25 PM
Name: Anonymoose
Subject: Tattooed bitch taught a lesson, Part 1
Message:Jen couldn't believe that Allie was acting this way. A couple of years ago they were best friends, and now Allie wouldn't even give her the time of day. All she cared about was which guy she could sleep with next. Gone was the sweet, innocent girl from high school. Now at age 20, Allie was a completely different person. With her hair dyed jet black, her body covered in tattoos, and with a tongue ring, lip ring, nose ring, and even cheek rings, Allie had turned into some sort of badass slut. Jen continued to watch her from her seat on the couch. Allie was always like this at parties now. Walking around the room, beer in hand, hitting on every guy there. Jen didn't even want to be at the same party as her, but since the two of them had so many mutual friends, she couldn't avoid her. If she wants to be a slut, Jen didn't care anymore. But as she saw Allie move over to Trevor, she began to feel her blood boil. Jen and Trevor had been going out for 2 years, and had just broken up a week ago. And now Allie was quite clearly flirting with him. She didn't want Trevor back, but she sure as hell didn't think it was acceptable for Allie to quickly move in. While talking with Trevor, Allie glanced around the room and saw Jen glaring at her from her seat on the couch. Allie rolled her eyes and walked over to Jen. "What the hell are you looking at, bitch?" said Allie. "Not much," Allie replied. "Just some tattooed slut, who can't keep her legs closed for more than 5 minutes. Don't you have any self-respect. Trevor and I just broke up a week ago, go find some other guy to give your herpes to." "Last I checked, Trevor was free game," responded Allie. "And if you don't like it, you can just kiss my ass." With that last comment, Allie turned around and bent down, putting her ass right in front of Jen's face. When Jen saw Allie's black g-string sticking out the back of her jeans, she got an idea. She leaned forward and yanked up on the g-string as hard as she could, bringing it up to Allie's mid-back and causing her to yelp. "What the fuck is your problem, you whore?" Allie yelled in Jen's face. The crowd at the party turned around at the sudden source of shouting, very interested in what was going on. "I'm sick of your shit, Allie," said Jen. "Someone needs to teach you a lesson, and it looks like that person is going to be me." The crowd moved closer, excited by the prospects of what was to come. Jen got off the couch and got in Allie's face. "You whore!" screamed Allie, as she grabbed Jen by the hair. Jen returned the favor, and the fight was on.
Monday, October 6th 2008 - 11:01:30 PM
Name: Ashley
Subject: Humiliation can be fun
Message:It happened during a camping trip with 30 of my class mates. A bunch of 16 year old boys and girls from my school, spending the weekend in the wilderness. Some of the boys had already been up trail and told us there was a lake was we could go swimming. I asked the other girls if they had brought swim suites and found out none had brought them with them. They said they would go in their panties and bra, like everyone else. I had a problem with that because ones they got wet, they would turn see threw. The called me prude and all sorts of other names when we got to the lake. All the other girls had stripped down to their underware and were bugging me to do the same. I guess they were mad at me because I was spoiling their fun and as soon as I stripped to my underware, they grabbed and took them off. It happed so fast I suddenly found myself being carried towards the water by my arms and legs. Boys were already swimming in the lake and were unaware what had happed. I panicked when I heard their intention to carry me down to the lake and throw me in the water. I pleaded to let me put on my underware, as I was being carried down towards the lake. I was in panic every step of the way and about to experience the most humiliating moment of my entire life. My screaming brought on the attention of all the boys, that weren't about to miss out on looking at a buck naked girl. I had boys all around me looking at me getting every part of my body put on display and unable to cover any part of me, till I finally hit the water. I was left there to fend for myself and not getting any help from any one of them. I had boys swimming around me and ducking under the water to get a good look at my private parts, while girls were screaming their heads off. It was no use running out because they had taken away all my stuff so I couldn't get dressed. I was forced to embarrass myself for a good half hour, getting grouped by a mob of wild boys. Days latter I came to terms with what had happened to me that day with mixed feelings. I couldn't believe that I had actually enjoyed getting stripped in front of all my male class mates. It was a non stop humiliating experience, but blood rushing arousing to be completely exposed for everyone to see.
Sunday, October 5th 2008 - 10:56:03 PM
Name: Kat
Subject: Revenge
Message:Ok here is another story from me. My friend Lydia came over to my house yesterday. She was wearing these gray gym shorts and a white tank top. Her shorts were really short and when she bent over you could see her butt cheeks sticking out the bottom and she knew it. The shorts were lose fitting but noticeably rode up her butt crack too. We were watching TV and she was lying on the couch on her stomach with her backside on show to anyone walking by. She kept shifting herself around jutting her butt out every so often just to tease my brother and his friend who were there also. From behind her you could totally see up her shorts. It looked like she was wearing a thong underneath so you could see a lot if you know what I mean, ehem! I could tell she was totally doing it on purpose. Ever since I was over at her house and her and friends depantsed me, underwear and all, then took my shirt away too, and THEN refused to give my clothes back (see my other story) I have been plotting revenge. Well we were pretty bored and Lydia eventually fell asleep on the couch in that same position. While getting a drink in the kitchen I asked my brother what he'd give me if I gave Lydia a massive wedgie for him. He got all giddy and whispered to his friend then said they would do my chores for the day if I did it, but it had to be a good one. Then I asked, "What if I do more than that?" Eagerly they asked, "Like what?" "I don't know..." I said smirking. "How about if I rip her shorts off? What's that worth to you?" "Oh my God that would be awesome!" he said giggling. "Ok chores for a whole week, but only if you really rip them off.. and her panties off with it." "Chores for two weeks for that you pervs" I said just to give them a hard time since I really would have done it for free anyway. "Deal!" they both said in unison with almost no hesitation. "OK get the camera so we can record it. I want to show it to my friends later." "Yeah!" they laughed and returned with the camera moments later. I got a pair of small scissors from the kitchen and put them in my back pocket to make sure I would not fail. Standing like 10 feet away behind Lydia my brother gave me a thumbs up letting me know he was ready. I snuck up behind her silently then yelled, "Surprise!" and sat on her back yanking the back legs of her shorts right up her ass super hard. Her shorts stretched way up her ass crack totally exposing her bare butt cheeks. She screeched in shock arching her back up in pain not being able to get up with me sitting on her holding her down pulling her butt in the air. I yanked at them till I was pulling so hard I heard the seams start to give. "Oh my god stop! Your ripping them!!" she screamed pinned face down in the couch. I instead pulled even harder till I had her them stretched half way up her back side buried deep in her ass crack. The material was actually more fragile that I anticipated and with a few more vicious tugs I heard and felt the straining cloth give way tearing open at a seam completely exposing her bare naked butt to us all. She let out a quick screech feeling her shorts tear open as I rendered them a tattered mess wrapped around her waist. My brother and his friend laughed and applauded at the site of her bare round jiggling ass as he caught it all on video. Standing from behind Lydia he had the perfect shot right up her legs and right up her butt no doubt. I all her struggling we got more than a few embarrassingly open shots of her privates. Wanting to finish the job and fully humiliate Lydia I pulled the waist band of her shorts out and snipped them with the scissors. The elastic snapped apart as I whisked them clean off leaving her totally depantsed and bare assed pinned down in front of us all. Laughing I swatted her cheeks a few times just to embarrass her more for the camera. "Oh how does it feel now Lydia?" I laughed letting her know this was payback for stripping me at her house. She tried to get up but I would not let her. I pulled her butt way apart so my brother could get a good shot of her butthole and pussy. She was trying to resist so I smacked her rump and jabbed my finger in her butt once to let her know what would happen if she didn't cooperate. With me sitting on top facing her feet straddling her with her arms pinned at her sides under my legs too she could not do much except lie there with her undulating bare butt right in our faces and at our mercy. I tried to pull her thighs apart but she kicked and twisted till she managed to roll over but still not get out from under me. Now we could see her whole exposed torso and pussy from the front side. I pulled her shirt up past her pierced belly button to get full view of her nudity. She was trying to yell really loud so I slid back just enough to sit on her face and muffle her screams with my ass. I pulled her legs up by the knees and tried to spread her legs wide open but she bucked up throwing me forward and scrambled off the couch making a break for the door completely bare from the waist down. What a site it was! Laughing hysterically we chased after her grabbing her ankle before she made it to the stairs. Pulling her down I dragged her back kicking and screaming bottomless with flashes of her exposed pussy and butthole on full show for the camera as she kicked and twisted trying to get away. "Oh no, You're not getting off that easy after what you did to me last week!" I threatened. I asked my brother and his friend to help me hold Lydia down so I could humiliate her further like she did to me. They both seemed hesitant so I told them if they did I would exonerate them from having to do my chores like we agreed too earlier. They gladly joined at the sound of that offer. I told my brother to hold Lydia's ankles, while his friend held her arms above her head. I tickled her all over letting her writhe and twist in naked humiliation for a good 15 minutes just to give my brother and his friend a good show. I pulled her shirt all the way up, and then pulled her bra up making her boobs pop out wiggling all over the place. Eventually we managed to wrestle her shirt and bra off totally off leaving her stark naked and red faced with embarrassment. We paraded her around the house with her arms held above her head so she could not cover. All she could do was twist around and try to cross her legs in a desperate attempt to hide her exposed privates. It didn’t work. We took turn swatting her ass just to make her buck and watch her tits jiggle all over. It was hysterical. After a good hour of naked humiliation on video we let her go but the funniest part was that her shorts were ruined thanks to me, and I would not loan her any of my clothes to wear instead. We laughed watching her pin and tie her tattered shorts together enough to wear them home. She lives 4 blocks away and once she left I ran after her and tore her make shift shorts off her again right in the middle of the street! She had to run the remaining 2 blocks completely bottomless and covering with her hands again as people stared in amazement! She was so mad at me she looked like she was ready to cry. Revenge is sweet. Haaaa!
Sunday, October 5th 2008 - 10:53:37 PM
Name: Sherry
Subject: Put to shame
Message:I wasn’t getting along with some girls in high school because one of them had accused me of flirting with her boyfriend. No matter how I tried to tell her it just wasn’t true, she was convinced that I was hitting on him. Apparently some other girl told her that I was intentionally letting my skirt ride up to flash him in our class room, while sitting across from him. Girls can get so jealous, especially when they’re 16 and it's their first boyfriend. Every time I went by her in the halls, she would be standing there hanging out with her crush and a group of girls and boys. I had the feeling they were talking about me the whole time. I usually cross through a park on my way home, and one day they followed me in. I just kept walking and didn’t dare look back at them. They were obviously trying to catch up to me and finally I got a bag pulled over my head as I was pulled off the walk way. I was led to where no one could see, then they pulled up my blouse and bra baring my boobs and pinned me on the ground with the bag over my head. One of them sat on my legs undoing my skirt and began pulling my panties down along with the skirt. After stripping me they lifted me up by the legs pinned me on the ground completely shocked and embarrassed with my legs forced apart. This bitch pulled the bag off my head revealing her boyfriend and three other boys looking down at me. "How does it feel to have your twat spread out in front of boys" she said and added "don't let her go" She wanted boys to get a good long look at my crotch and extend my humiliation before letting me go. "Now you don't have any secrets left to hide from the boys" she mocked as I got dressed totally humiliated and walked away with my face burning. I couldn't tell anyone about it and had no other choice but to go to school and embarrassed myself every single day after.
Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 05:38:08 PM
Name: Alicia
Subject: Wrong company
Message:My girlfriend had met this group of boys and girls and wanted me to go along with her. I thought they were kind of wild and scruffy looking, but Sandra kept on trying to convince me to go with her. We ended up in an old house in the middle of nowhere that looked like nobody lived there. We were practically sucked into a beer and pot party that was becoming wilder by the minute. These girls were acting like whores letting guys grope them at will, while looking at us with sexual intentions. I guess because I was slim and my girlfriend was on the heavy side, I was getting the hungry looks. We were all sitting on the floor, when two of them grabbed and pulled me down on the floor. They just held me down while they dragged Sandra and locked her in a room. My hands were tied with rope, thrown over a beam and pulled up with feet barely on the floor. I just froze thinking I was going to be helplessly raped when I felt my clothes being taken off. It was like a bad dream feeling everything coming off and ending buck naked in plain view of a cheering crowd. I was basically the life of the party with my legs held spread apart and having guys sucking my pussy while others grabbed my breasts and slapped my butt. They had fun spraying beer all over me, while getting my butt fingered. It didn’t stop till everyone had a go at me and one hour later my girlfriend and I were allowed to go. I never told my girlfriend about what happened because I was still shocked and embarrassed about it all. At least I didn’t get my pussy, ass or mouth penetrated.
Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 10:32:19 PM
Name: Jon
Subject: Lucky Day
Message:A couple of weeks ago I got very lucky. For the past year my family has hosted a foreign exchange girl from Egypt. Her name is Amisi and she is absolutely gorgeous. She has dark hair and eyes, beautiful tanned skin, and a perfect body. She is also very intelligent and has managed to fit in flawlessly to American society, perfecting her English and accent as well. Needless to say, it has been a great year and I have gotten along great with her. She’s 16 years old, two years younger than myself. My friends tell me all the time how lucky I am to have her living with me, though I’m not convinced. I might get to see and talk to her everyday, but I could never ask her out or try to make any kind of move on her because she’s like my sister. And it’s not like I ever get to see any more of her body than the other guys because Amisi is very private and always makes sure she is well covered. Until that one day two weeks ago, that is. It was a Friday afternoon and I arrived home to my house in a lousy mood. My friends and I were supposed to go on a weekend camping trip but I found out earlier that day in school that one of my friends had previous obligations that he had to fulfill and wouldn’t be able to make it. So we decided to put it off for a couple of weeks so we all could go. When I got to my house I looked around for Amisi but couldn’t find her anywhere and then I heard the shower running. I went over and looked up the stairs to see if she was around and was surprised to see the shower door wide open. It was very odd for Amisi to shower with the door open like that but it had to be her because my parents wouldn’t be home for another 3 hours. Then I remembered Amisi thought I was going to be gone all weekend. She must have figured no one was home and decided it was ok to leave the door open! Not wanting to miss this chance of a lifetime I hurried up the stairs as quietly as possible and got my video camera. As wrong as I felt doing this, my desperation to see Amisi naked was clouding my judgment. I made sure a tape was in the camera and went into the room directly across from the bathroom. There are a lot of boxes piled up in random order in this room because it’s basically our storage room. Therefore it was very easy to hide the camera where Amisi wouldn’t see it. I set it up making sure it was zoomed in enough and had the perfect position to capture Amisi nude. Not wanting to get caught I got up from behind the boxes and began making my way downstairs. However when I was about half way across the room I heard what had to be Amisi walking down the hallway! I quickly dove back behind the boxes and prayed she didn’t hear me. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t in the shower yet! I glanced through the cracks in the boxes and saw Amisi enter the bathroom in her hot pink bra and jeans. For a couple seconds I figured she was going to close the door but she never did. She took her ponytail out and let her medium length silky smooth hair down. She then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down and off her legs revealing a pair of hot pink panties to match her bra. Her scantily clad body was now driving me crazy. She was so hot! Turning towards me she put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them revealing her dark bush to me! She tossed her panties down the laundry shoot and turned away from me showing me her nice little ass. She had no tan lines on her body but her tan is natural, seeing how she never lays out or goes to a tanning booth. With her back still facing me, Amisi unclasped the back of her bra and tossed it aside managing to keep her breasts hidden from me. She then turned the small corner of the bathroom and entered the shower. I knew right then and there that I should have left and let the camera record her, but I couldn’t. I was so turned on by the brief views of her body that I decided, against my better judgment, to stay hidden behind the boxes. I figured there was no chance she would see or suspect that anyone would be in the house right now so I was good. After about ten minutes the shower stopped and I became excited again. Amisi emerged back in my view with a towel wrapped around her body covering from her tits to about mid thigh. I was disappointed, thinking she would probably leave the towel on the entire time. She began rubbing lotion on her face. After her face was moisturized, she grabbed another towel from the rack and began attempting to put her wet hair up with it. While she was struggling with this, the towel covering her body slid down and off her tits and dropped to the floor! She turned toward me to pick up the towel finally giving me a tremendous look at her perky little titties! My eyes glanced from her boobs down to her bush that wasn’t a bush anymore. She had shaved it while in the shower! I received a great-unobstructed look at her completely shaved pussy as she slowly bent over to pick up the towel. To my thrill, instead of wrapping it around her body again she used it to put her hair up (probably because it was bigger) and tossed the smaller towel aside. She then grabbed the lotion bottle and began to rub lotion on the rest of her body. It was amazing watching her slowly rub all over her naked body making it shine. Every so often she would turn toward me, giving me outstanding full frontal shots of her hairless pussy and perfect tits. She would also turn in the opposite direction allowing me to ogle at her tight little ass. After a couple of minutes Amisi was done putting on lotion and exited the bathroom, making her way toward her room. After thinking about it for a little bit I decided I better try and get downstairs while she was dressing in order to avoid odd questions. I left the camera where it was, because I would be able to pick it up later. I quickly exited the storage room, turned the corner making my way to the stairs. When I was almost at the stairs Amisi appeared from around the corner….still completely butt naked!! “AAAGGGHHH!!” She let out a high pitched scream and was so startled at the site of me she tripped and fell on her ass while trying to escape back into her room. She was now laying bare naked on her back only a couple of feet in front of me. I got an outstanding up close view of her freshly shaved vagina for a couple of seconds before she finally used both hands to cover it from me! Of course, this left her naked titties on full display for me to enjoy! “Jon! I though you were leaving!” She said. Still using both hands to cup her pussy I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful naked rack in front of me. “We…..uhhhhh…..cancelled….it” I said, stumbling over my words. “Please stop looking!” She said. Noticing what my eyes were fixed on, she finally used one of her arms cover her tits. “Oh…right, I’m sorry” I said. She was still on the floor. In order to get up she removed the hand covering her crotch and used it to lift her body up. This gave one last great look at her shaved clean cooch. Instead of running back to her room though she stayed standing in front of me cupping her pussy and boobs with her two hands. I couldn’t help but stare at her body. “Hey! I said no looking!” She said, now smiling. “Now can I get through to the bathroom?” She asked. I moved aside, speechless, as she brushed up against me with her nude body to get to the bathroom. I was beyond rock hard at this stage. I glanced back at her, admiring her bare butt as she walked back into the bathroom. She kept the door open behind her but peeking her head out. “What were doing up here anyway?” She asked with an amused look on her face. My heart sank, thinking I was caught. “I was…uhh…bringing… my suitcases up here since the trip was cancelled.” “Oh okay” She said grinning, and I could tell by her smile that she didn’t buy it, however she wasn’t mad either, in fact she seemed happy. I began wondering if maybe she enjoyed this? “Ha well, I’m sorry but you’re not going to see anymore of me” and with that she shut the door. Later on that night, when it was safe I went back up to retrieve the video camera. I must have left it filming because the tape was at its end and the battery was nearly dead. I rewound the tape and hooked the camera up to my tv to see if I captured what I wanted to. I watched it from the beginning and the angle of the camera was perfect. I watched Amisi remove her clothes all over again revealing her untrimmed bush and naked ass to me. The camera also recorded her towel falling off along with the quick flashes of her shaved pussy and bare boobies while she applied lotion to herself. I could hear the scream and the conversation afterwards as we ran into each other in the hallway. I then saw her waking back into the bathroom while attempting to hide her crotch and tits. As a bonus, Amisi removed her hands from cover as she peeked her head out talking to me. While I may have not been able to see any of her then, the camera captured a long full frontal shot of her in all her naked glory. I know Amisi will not be staying with us forever. But I will forever remember that day and Amisi’s beautiful naked body will forever be saved on my tape.
Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 10:28:48 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 4
Message:(Sorry, I've had problems posting this. ANYWAY, I've re-posted the modified post and added my own portion after the asterisks. Hope that's okay!) The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) Cait was not unattractive, she had just always been overshadowed by the people she surrounded herself with. In fact, with her c-cup breasts, sleek physique, and long vibrant brunette hair she might've been the queen bee of her group of friends in high school. However, her group of friends included Renee. Sleek soccer players have a habit of coming in second to 5'9" blondes with d-cups who have a penchant for sunbathing next to boys varsity sports practices in as little as they can get away with. That was partly why Cait and Renee's friendship always, even from the start, had a few, what you might call, quirks. Among the girls' quirks was a tendency to play extreme and often public pranks on one another as a way of one-upping each other. Renee managed to steal a total of 7 of Cait's boyfriends, for instance, and Cait has become almost ninja-like in her ability to write insulting things on Renee's body with gel pens without her noticing it (Her greatest example being writing "Cock Goes Here" and a downward arrow on her lower back and having Renee go all school day without noticing). Despite being good friends otherwise, the revenge-pranks have become extremely commonplace for the two, and after Renee recently stole Cait's 7th boyfriend, and 3rd boyfriend IN A ROW, Cait's jealousy of Renee's sex appeal was about to motivate her to attempt the most daring (and publicly embarrassing) prank in their long history! It was a plan so diabolical that, if successful, would ensure that Renee's beautiful body would no longer harbor many secrets for any boy either of them knew, and even dozens of boys they didn't. That night Cait was thinking a lot about Renee. She realized how much it bothered her that Renee has always been such a prude, frigid, and tease. In fact Cait realized that she herself had never seen Renee with less than her bathing suit on. Cait started getting more and more excited with the plan she had in store for her best friend. In fact she moaned and groaned herself to sleep thinking about what she was going to do to her best friend. In the morning Cait felt kinda weird that she had got so excited about thoughts of her friend's coming humiliation, though she shrugged it off and set off for school with her first item on her agenda. She needed talk to the girls on Renee's pom-pom squad who she knew had issues with her. Cait also needed to talk to several of the guys on the guys soccer team, three of whom were Renee's Exes. Cait knew they'd be game for her prank and humiliation on Renee since these guys ditched her for Cait, and for the reason that she was such a huge tease and were lucky if they had got to first base with Renee. Cait knew this was going to be awesome. Cait also knew that she had to go to the extreme on this one. During Lunch Cait was heading to talk to the girls on Renee's squad when she realized that the more she thought of completely humiliating her best friend the hornier she was making herself. This time not shrugging it off, Cait picked up her cell phone and texted her current boyfriend, Aaron "Meet me in the Gym in 20 minutes." Just then Cait ran into the four girls on Renee's pom squad that she needed in her plans for Renee. Allison, Meg, Jill, and Jennifer. "Hey guys, I need to talk to you I only have 20 minutes but it's really important" Cait bubbly announced. Allison replied "sure fire away, what's up Cait!" *** With a hushed yet giddy tone, Cait explained her plan for Renee’s complete humiliation to the four girls. All of them grew excited by the idea and began giggling amongst themselves. Cait hadn’t expected the 4 pom-pom girls to add ideas of their own, but they offered exciting tweaks of their own design, happily making Cait tingle even more! Before going into the gym, Cait also found Renee’s 3 ex-boyfriends and informed them of the plan. All 3 of them agreed to help, but they weren’t nearly as vindictive and wicked as the pom-pom girls she talked to! When Cait arrived at the gym, Aaron was arriving at the same time. She gave him a mischievous wink and motioned her eyes over to Renee who was already practicing her routines. No one could miss Renee waving her pom-poms and jiggling in her pink sports bra and gray booty shorts! Just as Cait had planned, her squadmates had convinced Renee to practice inside of a portable soccer goal as a part of “positional awareness training.” It appeared the busty Renee was trying hard not to bump any of the goal as she danced inside of it. As Cait began walking toward Renee, her squadmates Allison, Meg, Jill, and Jennifer surprised Renee with lanyard rope around her wrists! Bewildered, Renee still clutched her pom-poms as the 4 girls pulled her wrists up to the top of the goal bar above her head. Her squadmates tied the rope in place, making Renee look ridiculous with her pom-poms forced in the air! Even though the bound pom girl could pull the lightweight goal around the gym, her 4 friends easily held it right in place. “What the hell...?!” Renee whined, trying to step forward. After only a single step, Renee found herself almost losing her balance, causing her tightly-sealed D-cup tits to thrust up and outward provocatively. “Uh, oh?!” Cait mocked. “Was there a soccer boo-boo?!”
Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 10:25:27 PM
Name: Rachel
Subject: Family embarrassment
Message:I’m the oldest in the family and expected to take care of my younger brother Jimmy when our parents are not home. I'm 21 and the only female in a family. I have two brothers 16 and 18 and little 14 year old Jimmy witch is the more active one of the all. My two older brothers had girlfriends and they wanted to invite them over to our pool and asked me if I had a problem with that, and told them it was ok. They latter showed up with their girlfriends and another girl named Linda. It didn’t take long for Jimmy to put on his bathing suit and round out to join them. I stayed inside watching TV and suddenly heard Jimmy screaming his head off. They had taken off Jimmy's bathing suit and were carrying him by legs and arms in front of these cheering girls. They let him go the minute they saw me come out. His bathing suit was floating in the middle off the pool and just stood up and ran inside buck naked and crying his eyes out. I was so mad I ordered everyone out of the pool and sent them on their way home. Jimmy had never even let me see him in his underware, much less naked, and nothing I could tell him was going to make it better. It was going to be a memory that he wouldn’t be able to forget in years to come.
Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 10:21:36 PM
Name: Edward
Subject: The game
Message:Mike, Joe, Jeffrey, Susan, Becky, Alice and Carol where the group of friends I played with almost every day. We were 14- 15 year olds and all from around my neighborhood. Living in the out skirts of town was great, because we had the whole country side to play in. There were lakes, corn fields and woods and even a river to go swimming in summer. We had split up into two groups to play cowboys and Indians. I was a cowboy along with Jeffrey, Susan and Becky and the rest were Indians. Prisoner were taken to each of the groups hide out and tied up to prevent escape. I got caught and Mike pulled out a roll of tape and rapped it around my wrists a couple of times, then tied a rope between my arms and around the tape and lead me to their hide out. When we got there he threw the end of it over a tree branch and pulled me up right, tying it to the next tree. My feet were barely on the ground and were talking torture. Carol was saying that Indians scalped their prisoners, but Mike said that couldn't be done. She told him "I’m not talking about his hair, I’m talking about scalping his clothes" Alice looked at her and asked her if she meant pantsing me. She said "why not, his helpless and can't do anything about it" Seeing that both of them were not complaining, Mike was all for the idea. No matter how I tried to convince Mike to not do that, he wanted to give Carol and Alice some fun. Mike held my legs to stop me from kicking, while Carol unzipped my pants and dropped them my feet. I was so embarrassed and blushing because I had gotten a boner and it was pushing my boxers up. They were crouching on the ground looking at my bulge and laughing their heads off. "Why don't we strip him naked and have a look at the whole barn while we're at it. Mike pulled up my t-shirt over my head so I couldn't see anything, while daring both girls to drop my underwear. A few minutes passed and then felt my boxers grabbed by the waist band and yanked down. I almost died of when I felt my hard dick spring out into full view. I had never felt so much humiliation in my whole life, knowing that I was exposed like that in front of those two girls. I was getting my dick grabbed and my butt slapped and soon they were yerking it and getting me excited. They had their fun and said they were going to tell the others, so they wouldn't miss out on the fun. Mike went off to get the rest of them and had to embarrass myself to the rest of them. I guess nerves prevented me from shooting out my load. Latter I kept thinking how embarrassing it was going to be, if spread the story around town, even if they promised to not said a word about it. Facing them every day and knowing that they had seen me naked, was the worst part of it all. It was embarrassing but deep inside me thought it was the horniest experience I ever went threw.
Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 10:16:28 PM
Name: Jeff
Subject: Caught my sister
Message:My sister got a new camera for her birthday about a month ago. She's 15 now. It's one of those digital cameras that takes video too. One day I came home right after school instead of going to baseball practice because I didn't feel good. No one was home, or so I thought till I saw my sister's school bag on the kitchen table. I went down the hall on the way to my room and noticed my sister's door was closed but slightly open still an inch or two. I peeked in and I was completely floored by what I saw. There was my sister totally bottomless with only a bra on dancing in front of the mirror with her video camera on recording herself! I just stood there silently watching her act sexy swaying her hips videoing herself like that for a good 5 minutes. I could see her whole bare ass with tan lines, and her totally hairless shaved pussy in the mirror reflection perfectly! I had no idea she shaved all her pubic hair off (how would I really?). I must have gotten too excited because I moved enough to make a floor board under my foot creek. She stopped and turned around with a startled look on her face so I decided to just push the door wide open and storm in saying, "What are you doing??" with a huge smirk on my face. Horrified she let out a little hi pitched screech and ran to her bed covering with a blanket yelling, "Get out! I'm changing!!" Laughing at her I said, "No you weren't!" and started trying to pull the blanket away from her just to humiliate her further. I kept laughing saying, "I saw what you were doing!" over and over pulling at the blanket till I managed to rip it away from her. She covered her bare pussy and yelled for me to get out. Then she picked up a cup and whipped it at me! I ducked and it bounced off my back so I went running out of the room laughing my ass off knowing she'd hit me with something else any second. I laughed my ass off telling her I was going to tell on her just to keep the embarrassment going. I haven't yet, but it sure was AWESOME!
Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:14:12 PM
Name: Kat
Subject: Stripped for no reason!
Message:I was over my friend Lydia’s house with 4 other friends yesterday. It was after school and her Mom and Dad were not there so it was just us kids. I was in the den sitting on the floor talking with my friend Marci when Lydia, her brother, and my 2 other friends who were in the other room suddenly surprise jumped me from behind for no reason. Laughing they piled onto me and dragged me over to this big couch they have in that room. They pushed me over and I landed on Lydia who just hugged me trying to hold me down laughing right in my ear the whole time. From behind me they started undoing my jeans trying to pull them off of me! They got them unbuttoned and pulled them down hard from in back exposing half my butt crack. I had no idea why they were doing this and between all the laughing and screaming I could not even get a chance to ask! I guess they just decided that it was time to prank on me. I don't know. Holding my arms bent up behind my back they tugged at my jeans till they got them all the way down past my butt! Then they pulled my underwear all the way down too! Laughing loudly at the site of my bare ass everyone jumped in ganging up on me. Everyone kept saying I had a really cute butt. Holding me down they worked my jeans and panties all the way down to my ankles and pulled them off my feet. With me being held bent over the edge of the couch I am sure they all saw right up my bunghole! They forced me over so they could all see my pussy and then they started pulling my shirt up. I screamed over and over as they cupped my mouth and held me down with no pants or underwear on and wrestled my shirt up over my bra. They pulled my bra up till my tits popped out! They all squealed louder than ever seeing my naked tits jiggling around. They roughly stripped my shirt and bra off and left me lying there completely naked on the carpet next to the couch. Then they gathered all my clothes and would not let me have them back! Every time I tried to cover with like a pillow or something they would snatch it away from me. I sat there kneeling bent over trying to cover up with only my hands and arms as they taunted me saying I had a nice ass and good tits. For the next 3+ hours they held me captive in the room stark naked just pranking on me in different ways. They held me down and tickled me letting me scream and kick. They forced my knees to my chest and held me like that so everyone could see my open exposed pussy and bunghole up close and personal. They tickled my arms pit and pinched my nipples forcing me to roll around so they could play with my ass too. Lydia’s brother was the worst. He pulled me over his lap and spanked my butt like a helpless little girl while everyone else just laughed at how embarrassing and stupid I looked being forced to do such humiliating things completely naked. Holding my cheeks apart Lydia’s brother even stuck his finger up my butt once! He had an obvious huge erection in his pants! It was easy to see. He was really having his fun stretching my asshole and pussy wide apart so everyone could see inside them. Lydia even took the liberty of tickling my pussy by wiggling her finger all over my clit a few good times at one point. Well everything has to come to an end especially with parents coming home so at about 5:30 they let me have my clothes back. I asked Lydia why everybody ganged up on me and she just told me to shut up and not be such a spoil sport! My God!
Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 09:58:12 PM
Name: Jerry
Subject: Worst prank
Message:I had a girlfriend when I was 15 years old. We mostly had sex with our or clothes still on because we had no place to do it in private. I don't know how many times I came in my pants. One day she asked me she wanted to see my dick get hard. "Jesus" I told her "you've seen my dick hard fifty times" She explained that she wanted to see it soft and watch it get hard. We did it in the basement of her house were they did the laundry. I knew what we were about to do and had to think all sorts of bad things, just to keep myself soft. She told me to hold my shirt up while she dropped my pants and boxers down and put her hand around my soft dick. She rubbed it back and forth as it grew in her hand. The whole thing was so horny that my dick got so hard it even hurt. Suddenly the linen closet doors swung open and three of her girlfriends yelled "surprise" They had been watching threw the blinds the whole time this was going on. There I was standing naked hold my shirt up with my dick stuck up in the air, getting a hand job in front of her girlfriends. I've never blushed so hard in my life. They were pushing me around so and ended on the floor so to keep me from pulling up my pants. I couldn't believe my girlfriend had done that to me. When I asked her why she said " don't worry, we won't tell anyone about it"
Friday, September 12th 2008 - 12:46:42 PM
Name: Anita
Subject: totally embarrassed
Message:I used to like playing with boys when I was my teen years. I would go with my cousin Mike and two or three other boys that lived close by. The whole country side was like a big park with small lakes and creeks were we had fun playing all sorts of games. That day I was playing with my cousin Mike and three other boys out in the woods, when my Mike began grabbing my boobs in front of the other boys. They were all laughing and having fun trying to get their hands under my T-shirt to grab my boobs. When I heard them say "let’s take her clothes off" I thought they were just trying to get me embarrassed, but when they came after me I knew it wasn’t just a joke and took off running. I was being chased threw the woods in panic, knowing that I was out numbered and probably would get my clothes taken off. I just could run fast enough and got pinned on the ground with all of them on top of me. They pulled my T-shirt and bra of and began to feel my boobs. I was horrified when my shoes were pulled off and jeans unzipped and began tugging them down. I just laid there not able to do anything as my jeans and panties were pulled off. It was such a humiliating feeling being pinned down with no clothes in front of those boys. My legs were held apart and my pussy spread open to get a look at my hole. I felt fingers half way up my pussy, sliding around in my wetness. I was let go but just couldn't run off without any clothes on. I wasn’t going to get them back unless I did some embarrassing things in front of them. I had to play with myself and stick a finger in my butt while they had fun looking at me. I've never been naked in front of boys before and much less being seen playing with my pussy. I couldn't believe I was getting horny in the middle of such an embarrassing moment. I was more worried that they would tell other kids and the whole town would know about it, than anything else.
Friday, September 12th 2008 - 12:43:52 PM
Name: kelly
E-mail address: kelly1_speeltje@hotmail.com
Subject: Revenge on the blond cheerleader
Message:Hallo, (real story 2007) I'm not a popular girl. I’m in high school and i like sports (wrestling). There are also cheerleaders that i don't like. There is one cheerleader, the most popular one who has long blonde hair and a nice body. One day in the locker room she pantsed me underwear and all the other cheerleaders saw my pubic hair. I don't shave my pussy. I was very embarrassed and all the cheerleaders where laughing at me. I was very angry about this blonde popular cheerleader doing this to me. My revenge was sweet. Another girlfriend and I (also a wrestling girl) made a deal. After the cheerleader performance, when she was alone for a second, we grabbed her and tied her arms up. I took her very lovely long blonde and I made a ponytail out of it and cut it off with scissors. Then we cut her uniform off, then her panties, then her bra leaving her totally naked. Humiliated and naked she screamed because here beautiful hair was gone. She wasn’t so beautiful anymore. We saw her boobs, and her shaved pussy. My friend’s a lesbian so she enjoyed playing with her tits and pussy for a bit before we untied her. We let here go and she went running and screaming out of the room... She’s not so popular anymore and got what she deserved. Never pants an unpopular girl! Kelly
Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 12:28:21 PM
Name: Fraternity Man
Subject: Sagas of Cait pt. 3 (repost with correction for continuity)
Message:Cait was not unattractive, she had just always been overshadowed by the people she surrounded herself with. In fact, with her c-cup breasts, sleek physique, and long vibrant brunette hair she might've been the queen bee of her group of friends in high school. However, her group of friends included Renee. Sleek soccer players have a habit of coming in second to 5'9" blondes with d-cups who have a penchant for sunbathing next to boys varsity sports practices in as little as they can get away with. That was partly why Cait and Renee's friendship always, even from the start, had a few, what you might call, quirks. Among the girls' quirks was a tendency to play extreme and often public pranks on one another as a way of one-upping each other. Renee managed to steal a total of 7 of Cait's boyfriends, for instance, and Cait has become almost ninja-like in her ability to write insulting things on Renee's body with gel pens without her noticing it (Her greatest example being writing "Cock Goes Here" and a downward arrow on her lower back and having Renee go all school day without noticing). Despite being good friends otherwise, the revenge-pranks have become extremely commonplace for the two, and after Renee recently stole Cait's 7th boyfriend, and 3rd boyfriend IN A ROW, Cait's jealousy of Renee's sex appeal was about to motivate her to attempt the most daring (and publicly embarrassing) prank in their long history! It was a plan so diabolical that, if successful, would ensure that Renee's beautiful body would no longer harbor many secrets for any boy either of them knew, and even dozens of boys they didn't. That night Renee was thinking a lot about Cait. She realized how much it bothered her that Cait has always been such a prude, frigid, and tease. In fact Renee realized that she herself had never seen Cait with less than her bathing suit on. Renee started getting more and more excited with the plan she had in store for her best friend. In fact she moaned and groaned herself to sleep thinking about what she was going to do to her best friend. In the morning Renee felt kinda weird that she had got so excited about thoughts of her friend's coming humiliation, though she shrugged it off set off for school with her first item on her agenda. She needed to talk to the girls on Cait's soccer team who she knew had issues with her. Renee also needed to talk to several of the guys on the guys soccer team, three of whom where Cait's Exes. Renee knew they'd be game for her prank and humiliation on Cait since these guys ditched her for Renee, and for the reason that she was such a huge tease and were lucky if they had got to first base with Cait. Renee knew this was going to be awesome. Renee also knew that she had to go to the exteme on this one. During Lunch Renee was heading to talk to the girls on Cait's team when she realized that the more she thought of completely humiliating her best friend the hornier she was making herself. This time not shrugging it off, Renee picked up her cell phone and texted her current boyfriend, Aaron "Meet me in the Gym in 20 minutes." Just then Renee ran into the four girls on Cait's Soccer team that she needed in her plans for Cait. Allison, Meg, Jill, and Jennifer. "Hey guys, I need to talk to you I only have 20 minutes but it's really important" Renee bubbly announced. Allison replied " sure fire away, what's up Renee!"
Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 12:26:34 PM
Name: Bob
Subject: The Saga of Cait, part three
Message:I reposted the first two paragraphs then added mine. Cait was not unattractive, she had just always been overshadowed by the people she surrounded herself with. In fact, with her c-cup breasts, sleek physique, and long vibrant brunette hair she might've been the queen bee of her group of friends in high school. However, her group of friends included Renee. Sleek soccer players have a habit of coming in second to 5'9" blondes with d-cups who have a penchant for sunbathing next to boys varsity sports practices in as little as they can get away with. That was partly why Cait and Renee's friendship always, even from the start, had a few, what you might call, quirks. Among the girls' quirks was a tendency to play extreme and often public pranks on one another as a way of one-upping each other. Renee managed to steal a total of 7 of Cait's boyfriends, for instance, and Cait has become almost ninja-like in her ability to write insulting things on Renee's body with gel pens without her noticing it (Her greatest example being writing "Cock Goes Here" and a downward arrow on her lower back and having Renee go all school day without noticing). Despite being good friends otherwise, the revenge-pranks have become extremely commonplace for the two, and after Renee recently stole Cait's 7th boyfriend, and 3rd boyfriend IN A ROW, Cait's jealousy of Renee's sex appeal was about to motivate her to attempt the most daring (and publicly embarrassing) prank in their long history! It was a plan so diabolical that, if successful, would ensure that Renee's beautiful body would no longer harbor many secrets for any boy either of them knew, and even dozens of boys they didn't. That night Cait was thinking a lot about Renee. She realized how much it bothered her that Renee has always been such a prude, frigid, and tease. In fact Cait realized that she herself had never seen Renee with less than her bathing suit on. Cait started getting more and more excited with the plan she had in store for her best friend. In fact she moaned and groaned herself to sleep thinking about what she was going to do to her best friend. In the morning Cait felt kinda weird that she had got so excited about thoughts of her friend's coming humiliation, though she shrugged it off set off for school with her first item on her agenda. She needed talk to the girls on Renee's soccer team who she knew had issues with her. Cait also needed to talk to several of the guys on the guys soccer team, three of whom where Renee's Exes. Cait knew they'd be game for her prank and humiliation on Renee since these guys ditched her for Cait, and for the reason that she was such a huge tease and were lucky if they had got to first base with Renee. Cait knew this was going to be awesome. Cait also knew that she had to go to the exteme on this one. During Lunch Cait was heading to talk to the girls on Renee's team when she realized that the more she thought of completely humiliating her best friend the hornier she was making herself. This time not shrugging it off, Cait picked up her cell phone and texted her current boyfriend, Aaron "Meet me in the Gym in 20 minutes." Just then Cait ran into the four girls on Renne's Soccer team that she needed in her plans for Renee. Allison, Meg, Jill, and Jennifer. "Hey guys, I need to talk to you I only have 20 minutes but it's really important" Cait bubbly announced. Allison replied " sure fire away, what's up Cait!"
Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 12:24:34 PM
Name: Candy16
Subject: The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 2
Message:Among the girls' quirks was a tendency to play extreme and often public pranks on one another as a way of one-upping each other. Renee managed to steal a total of 7 of Cait's boyfriends, for instance, and Cait has become almost ninja-like in her ability to write insulting things on Renee's body with gel pens without her noticing it (Her greatest example being writing "Cock Goes Here" and a downward arrow on her lower back and having Renee go all school day without noticing). Despite being good friends otherwise, the revenge-pranks have become extremely commonplace for the two, and after Renee recently stole Cait's 7th boyfriend, and 3rd boyfriend IN A ROW, Cait's jealousy of Renee's sex appeal was about to motivate her to attempt the most daring (and publicly embarrassing) prank in their long history! It was a plan so diabolical that, if successful, would ensure that Renee's beautiful body would no longer harbor many secrets for any boy either of them knew, and even dozens of boys they didn't.
Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 12:23:05 PM
Name: David Ross
E-mail address: DavidRoss@hotmail.com
Subject: Hot story strip poker
Message:When I was 15 I was at the beach with this girl I had liked for a long time (she had a great ass and pretty nice tits). I was pretty sure that she liked me, (her friends told me that she wanted to go out with me) so we were going swimming and we had a good time and while we were in the water she decided to pants me which was pretty funny, I didn't mind that much. Later we were still playing in the water when I came up behind her and pulled the string of the top of her bikini down. She quickly covered her boobs and said to give her back her top. I said only if she let me see her boobs so she did (wow she has nice boobs) and I gave her the top back. Later inside we were bored so we decided to play cards and she said why don't we play strip poker? I said sure thinking I might get to see her naked. So we were playing and a couple hands in I was winning, I only lost my shirt and she had lost her pants and shirt. All she was wearing was a blue bra and a red tiny thong. The next hand she lost again and she took off her bra and I told her she wasn’t allowed to cover her boobs, so there she is the girl of my dreams sitting there in nothing but a tiny thong. The next hand she lost again and she got up and took off her thong, she got really embarrassed but was a good sport and did it. She wanted to see me naked so I said that we would keep playing but if she lost I got to make her do anything I wanted. Again the next hand she lost so I decided to spank her on my lap and while I did that I kept sticking my fingers in her butt and her pussy. I lost the next hand. Then I said if she lost the next hand that she had to have sex with me. She was hesitant because she was a virgin but she agreed, I won the next hand and then I moved toward her to kiss her and she took off my boxers and I was so hard by then and she started to suck my dick. A little later we were having sex when I asked her if I could fuck her in her ass and she said fine hesitantly. It was great she moaned so loud. Later I fingered her till she came on the bed. We never dated we just got together for sex every so often and we are still good friends to this day 10 years later.
Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 12:20:56 PM
Name: Fraternity Man
Subject: The Sagas of Cait (A Group Project) - Part 1
Message:(This is in response to the interest in a group story that's written by everyone who shows up here. I've always found that writing is like flying, the two hardest parts are taking off and landing. So let's taxi to the runway and get started, shall we?) Cait was not unattractive, she had just always been overshadowed by the people she surrounded herself with. In fact, with her c-cup breasts, sleek physique, and long vibrant brunette hair she might've been the queen bee of her group of friends in high school. However, her group of friends included Renee. Sleek soccer players have a habit of coming in second to 5'9" blondes with d-cups who have a penchant for sunbathing next to boys varsity sports practices in as little as they can get away with. That was partly why Cait and Renee's friendship always, even from the start, had a few, what you might call, quirks. (Well, here we go. Let's see where it leads us, eh Gents?)
Monday, September 1st 2008 - 12:18:01 PM
Name: Colelossus
Subject: Vengeance
Message:Nearly every time Lia saw me, she would manage to work my dick into the conversation. She loved teasing, no matter who the target was, and had a thing for exposing her friends. You might think that I was stupid for being friends with people who'd strip me like they did, but in comparison to what Lia did to her girlfriends I was lucky. Cassie had been one of the ones who'd laughed the loudest when they'd humiliated me, but I remembered well the time Lia had lifted up her skirt while she'd been talking to a boy she liked. Every person who knew her, I was certain, resented her for the public humiliation they'd suffered at her hands and had certainly not failed to notice that not only had Lia never been exposed to anyone, she was positively prudish when it came to showing off her own assets. I had plenty of eager allies to help me deliver her long awaited comeuppance. The next time the six of us were together again, Claire innocently brought up the subject of "tying-up games" that she'd played as a child. After only two minutes of learning about it, Lia was of course enthralled by the idea. "We should tie up Cole!" Thankfully I had some pretty heavy bribes in place or the day would have ended in my exposure once again. Instead, when four female heads turned to me I said "I think we should tie up you instead, Lia." Lia of course would have none of it, but this time the other girls supported my idea. I could see that she still needed a convincing, so I upped the stakes. "How about this: I tie you up, and if you can get out of it in five minutes I'll be your slave for a week." After that she couldn't be trussed up fast enough, and soon she was lying on the ground with her hands above her head, tied at the wrists and the ankles, grinning expectantly. She was pretty surprised when I started pulling her shirt up to expose her midriff. "What are you doing?!" "Just messing with you." "You said I had five minutes!" "Better work fast then," I replied before tickling her belly and sending her into giggles. Immediately the other girls jumped in to help, and the poor girl was shrieking with laughter. The girls were quick to attack areas of Lia's body that I was shying away from; Cassie in particular was the first to lift Lia's shirt above and over her head so she could begin tickling at her armpits and breasts. "Stop!" Lia begged, "please stop!" But her neverending gigling made her less than convincing. We eventually grew bored with tickling and sat back, leaving Lia to lie there on the ground, breathing heavily. "What should we do next?" questioned Claire. I had some ideas. I stood up to leave and told the girls to have her pants down when I came back. Lia's shrill protests turned to giggles as one tickled her thighs while the others worked her jeans down. When I returned to the room she was trying to curl up into a giggling ball, and I had a bowl of ice. The girls backed off quickly, eager to watch, and Lia's eyes widened when she saw what I had. "No!" she said, and then screeched when the first icecube slid across her belly. I must have had a look in my eye, because the other four grinned to each other and excused themselves from the room, purposefully taking away any reason I might have had to be shy about what kind of torments I inflicted upon little Lia. I spent about two minutes simply touching the cold ice to sensitive parts of Lia's body before I began tugging idly at the waistband of her white cotton panties. Immediately she began pleading with me not to pull them down, and in response I merely tugged one side lower and lower until I could see a glimpse of her dark pubic hair. After lingering there for a while I finally said "alright, I won't" and dropped an icecube down there instead. Oh, the shrieking. Lia's screams were so hysterical that a wide-eyed Cassie ended up poking her head in to make sure I hadn't gone too far. When she saw Lia rolling on the ground, still done up and with a wet bulge in the crotch of her underwear, an enlightened smile of glee lit up her face and she called the others back in, telling them that they simply HAD to see this. From there we simply sat and watched the ice cube melt, leaving Lia wet, flushed, and silent. Finally I untied her myself, but after doing so I calmly removed Lia's soaked panties and bra. She made no attempt to cover herself as we stood over her in a circle, studiously taking in the erect nipples on her supple breasts, the pubic hair glistening with melted ice and perhaps other, more internal fluids. I was the one to finally ask, "Even?" "Even," she replied, meeting my gaze. She couldn't hold it though, and turned her head away, blushing. I helped her up and handed her clothes to her, making sure to give her pert bottom a pinch before it was covered by her panties. She squeaked and blushed even further, but didn't seem unhappy about it. And so we left Lia's house that day feeling satisfied, and I feeling pretty damn proud of myself. I took the lead, lost in my own triumphant thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "It isn't even with us yet, Cole." The four girls walked off without me giggling to themselves, leaving me very alone and very worried.
Saturday, August 30th 2008 - 12:15:56 PM
Name: Colelossus
Subject: My Humiliation
Message:The first time Lia saw me nude was when we were young children, too young to have any idea of modesty as we were bathed together. The second time she saw me naked I was eleven years old, a year younger than her, and full of myself. Admittedly I was being a brat at the time, poking fun at her in public over a stain on the front of her skirt she'd acquired when coughing at the drinking fountain. "Eeeeew! Lia peed herself!" "I did not!" She was indignant, and I was just getting started. "Did too! I'll bet it's all over your underwear," I predicted, and in the name of science I grabbed her skirt and lifted it as high above her waist as I could, exposing her panties, cartoon printed, to all. I didn't stop there either, trying to pull the skirt clean off while pawing at her undies with my other hand. I was a scrawny little kid, though, and angry Lia easily overpowered me and yanked my shorts and underwear right to the ground, knocked me down, and then yanked them clean off of me. For the rest of the year I wasn't allowed to forget that she and every other girl in the glass had seen my then penis and, sufficiently cowed, I'd left her alone. But she wasn't through with me. Lia had her way with me yet again five years later. It was late at night, all the boys but me having gone home leaving me alone with Lia and four other very pretty girls. They had been talking for quite some time amongst themselves, I being too shy to do anything more than sit there. Besides that, they were talking about circumcision, and I had some ideas of where that would lead if they noticed me. I tried to shrink into a little ball in the corner, hoping that they'd forget about me until the topic changed. But no such luck: "Are YOU circumsized, Cole?" Lia was the one who had asked it, and immediately the attention of all five girls was on me. I blushed and mumbled something. "You should know," said Dianna, "didn't you strip him naked in middle school?" Lia shrugged, grinning cruelly, "I can't remember what it looked like, only how pink and tiny it was." "Tell us!" demanded Claire. "Show us!" countered Cassie. I could feel my face heating up as I stared at my feet. "Aw, leave him alone guys," said Holly. It seemed I was safe. Eventually the conversation drifted away, and after some time I got up to get a drink of water when Lia lunged at me, knocking me onto the ground. "Now!" Hands clawed at my belt and pants too fast for me to react, and within seconds I was just as pantless as I'd been five years ago, with all five girls staring directly at my exposed dick. "I knew it!" gloated Lia. "It's so cute," said Cassie, giggling. For what must have been half an hour the girls forced me to sit and walk around completely exposed to them, each of them loudly commenting on the state of my dick and slapping me on the ass when my back was turned. They finally agreed to give my pants and underwear back to me only if I bent over and touched my toes for them, and Lia took the moment to run up to me and reach between my legs to squeeze my balls to the shrieks and laughs of the other four, causing me to fall over with my ass in the air. Lia took the opportunity to spank my ass multiple times, and I saw the flash of camera phones out of the corner of my eye. Even when it was over each girl either slapped my ass or grabbed at my crotch through my pants before I left, and I walked home still flushing red. They never let me live that down, but at least were nice enough to not share the photos with anyone else. And I did get them back, too. One at a time...
Friday, August 29th 2008 - 12:14:30 PM
Name: Angie
Subject: My Jerk Brother!
Message:This past winter my brother and his friends completely humiliated me! I was taking a shower and I thought I had the whole house to myself. When I got out of the shower the phone rang. I quickly wrapped the towel tightly around my body and walked into my parents’ room, which had the nearest phone. When I picked up the phone I was excited to here it was from the soccer coach of the school I wanted to attend. He asked me if I had time to talk and I told him I did because I had nowhere else to go. After talking to him for a short while I saw my brother (8th grade at the time) and his little annoying friends walk out of his room down the hallway. I glanced down to make sure my towel was still covering me, hoping the boys wouldn’t notice me. They did. They started walking into my parents’ room laughing at me and taunting me. Since I couldn’t say anything or yell at them, I simply motioned for them to leave me alone. I couldn’t leave the room either because for some reason or another the phone in my parents’ room has a cord. “Ha, ha Angie’s naked!” My brother teased me, threatening to pull off my towel. I ran my finger across my neck threatening to kill him. “Oh really are you gonna kill me Angie?” He asked not afraid in the slightest. “Hey guys, you wanna see her naked?” They all had big stupid grins on their faces motioning yes. “Well, how much will you give me?” My brother was loving this, but I didn’t think he was really gonna act on this. However, as the other boys kept offering more and more money, video games, movies, and other stuff my brother had a different look on his face. After reaching a total value of what I’d estimate was 300$ worth of stuff (I couldn’t believe they were willing to pay all that!!) My brother said “Alright deal” and ripped the towel off my body! I let out a scream and my left hand shot down to cover my pussy. The coach on the other line asked what was the matter and I told him I saw a spider, because I didn’t want to mess this up. Unfortunately, I had no way whatsoever to cover up my tits. All five boys, including my brother, sat there ogling at my medium sized naked titties in front of them. The little perverts had no shame in staring or making remarks about how “hot” or “nice” they were. I tried to turn away from them, but with the cord it was nearly impossible. When I did turn from them they all enjoyed the site of my bare butt and made comments about it as well. All I could do was stand there, cup my pussy to make sure they didn’t get any good looks at it, and focus on my interview. After what seemed like hours of them enjoying my boobs and ass my brother said “alright guys that’s enough, let’s go.” “whoah, whoah, whoah, I never got to see her pussy! And I paid for it!” One of the little bastards yelled. “Yeah! Yeah!” The others agreed. “No, you guys aren’t seeing that, that’s sick!” My brother said. (As if staring at your sister’s bare tits and ass isn’t sick.) “I’ll give you my new copy of grand theft auto!” One of the boys said. All of the others looked at him strange. I knew my brother was going to give in for this, he had been begging my mom for weeks to buy it for him but she said it was too violent. I know a look of fear spread across my face. “Okay!” And with that my brother walked over to me and placed both hands on my wrist that was covering my modesty. I tried as hard as I could to prevent him from exposing me but it was no use. Within seconds he was able to pry my hand away from my body fully displaying my completely shaved vagina to all the boys!! I struggled to stay focused on my interview as the boys took in close up views of my bare naked pussy. For all the talk my brother did about how sick it was, he sure took extra long looks at my crotch! “Wow, bald as a baby!” One of them said. I blushed at the sound of this wishing I hadn’t just shaved it. I remembered how horrified I was just seconds ago as they were all loving my tits and ass. Seeing all their eyes inches away from my bare vagina was a thousand times worse!! I attempted to sit, kneel, or cover up in any way I could but it was impossible as my brother made sure the others got what they paid for. They continued talking about how hot I was and how they dreamed of this for a long time…I couldn’t believe how perverted they were!! After what seemed like forever my brother finally spoke up. “Alright guys, now we’re done, you’ve seen everything.” “Wait, Josh! If you just let her go like this you’re gonna get in a ton of trouble cuz she’s gonna tell on you!” “Oh crap you’re right, I need some blackmail!” My brother said and let me go. I quickly returned my hand to covering up my cooch. I couldn’t believe it. I had to get myself out of this. “I won’t tell on you!” I lied. My coach again asked what I said. I quickly replied “I won’t fail on you” I had to remember to keep focused on this interview. The boys had already seen everything, so I could not let my body’s exposure go in vain. My brother grinned and said he didn’t believe me, then he walked into my parent’s closet and pulled out a video camera! He came back and began filming my naked rack! He got great views of tits before pulling the camera away and moving behind me filming my naked ass. He came back in front of me. “Alright, who wants the honor of pulling that hand away and giving us the money shot!” Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me! All the boys raced forward and the first one there pulled my hand away, thus exposing my naked vagina again. My brother moved in extremely close to get priceless shots of my shaved pussy. “Well there it is folks, Angie (my last name)’s completely shaved muffin!” My brother narrated. “Now let’s take one last look at her in all her glory!” He pulled the camera back out and recorded a full frontal buck naked shot of me as one of the boys held my arm far away from covering. My nice titties, round ass, and shaved kitty were now going to be saved on that tape for who knows how long. My brother took the tape out and put the camera away before leaving the room, taking his friends with me. As it figures, the coach said goodbye to me barely a minute afterwards. I still have yet to tell my parents about what happened to me that day. Every time I try to yell at my brother for what he did, he tells me to shut up or he’ll put the video all over the internet. The worst part about it is every time his stupid friends come over he puts on the video, and calls me in! It’s so humiliating as the boys look me up and down every time they see me!
Tuesday, August 19th 2008 - 12:05:40 PM
Name: Candy16
Subject: More and More - Part 4
Message:My nudity dilemma just gets filled with more and more surprises by the minute. I'm handcuffed to a tree, arms behind my back, completely naked from head to toe, with my body covered by the hands and arms of an equally-naked boy standing behind me. As shocking, exciting, and nerve-wrecking as his touch is, if he moves his hands for even a second, then this new group of younger teen boys will ALL be able to see me naked and there isn't a thing in the world I could do about it, so I beg for him to keep his hands on me no matter what. Meanwhile, just looking at Mel and Katie tells me that they're planning to mess with me even more. "Make them go away!" I yell to them, but Mel responds "Hold up a second, they just want to look." I plead desperately "I don't WANT them to look! This is going way too far, get them out of here now, please Mel! Katie, do something." Katie walks over towards me and answers (again with her special seductive voice) "Oh, I'll do something all right" before she suddenly starts licking and kissing my neck. I gasp and sorta moan out "What are you doing??" to which Katie responds "I saw how horny you were a second ago, so I'm 'helping' you." Katie's hands start rubbing my sides while her mouth works my neck, and even though I never knew I was into women at all, this action was bringing me right back to the sensitivity level I was just at from Ross's body and touch, and him holding me too just made it even stronger. Katie then said to Ross "Go on, you can have that side of her neck. Can't you see? The reason little ol' Candy has always been shy about her body is because being naked like this in front of people turns her on so strongly." Ross and Katie start sandwiching my neck with their kisses and tongues, and when I can force my eyes open over the extacy feeling, I can see all of the boys staring at me and watching the show. I try to deny to Katie that she was right about me, but even just THINKING about my situation made my legs shiver, and every single time I glanced at the horny boys or looked at the hands barely covering my body from their stare made me more and more horny. I couldn't believe it, but being trapped naked and almost-exposed like this in front of the crowd of increasingly-horny boys was doing even more to me than Katie and Ross playing with me. By now, Mel had walked over, and told Ross "Move this arm, I've got her breasts." Before I could even protest, Ross's upper arm moved to my hip and Mel's hands were holding and covering my breasts. Mel leaned forward and started licking me up and down my cleavage, which was 10x more sensitive than I ever expected it to be, making me shake and moan a little. Ross resumes moving his fingers covering my pussy in circles, making my hips start to move with him. I'm nervous out of my mind that his hand moving might expose something, and that's just adding to my excitement at this point. One of the boys yells out "Hey, let us see something!" I try to yell "No!", but my breath is gone so I just sorta moan it out. Mel, however, answers "Well Candy, you have so many fans, we should at least give them a peek" As she suddenly moves her hands off of my breasts for a second, before grabbing them again, which flashed my nipples to all of the gasping boys watching me. "MEL!!!" I scream, but Mel simply responds "Oh hush" before she puts her mouth on my left breast, moving her hand off of it, and then starts licking my VERY sensitive nipple. Mel's other hand starts squeezing my right boob rhythmically, while Katie starts grabbing and rubbing my ass as well as her licking of my neck and shoulder. Mel then decides to switch boobs on me, but to do this she uncovers both of them and takes her time grabbing my left boob with her hand and putting her mouth on my right nipple. I'm so embarrassed to be here like this, naked, being sexually played with by my 3 closest friends, in front of an audience of boys I've never seen before in my life, and yet it's also the single hottest experience of my life and I start hoping that it'll never end. Mel moves suddenly again, now licking down on the inside of my right thigh with her hands at my sides, leaving my breasts and nipples fully and completely exposed, this time without covering them again! I look at all of the boys staring at my chest and start to tremble uncontrollably. Katie decides to make things even worse, by telling Ross to follow her lead. She then whispers loudly in my ear "Oh Candy darling, I'm going to make Rossie here move his hand and show everyone your lil' pussy!" I react "NO! Anything but that, please you guys! Ross, please don't move your hand!!" Katie then finishes her plot "Well then, you have ONE way you can leave here without every boy in this area seeing your pussy for as long as they'd like: You have to cum for us! I'm going to count down from 10, and if I hit 0 before you cum, Ross is moving his hand." I look in terror at Ross, and the look on his face told me that he was really going to do it to me. Katie began counting: "10!" My knees shook in fear, knowing what was in store for me. "9" I gasp, close my eyes, and focus entirely on all of the attention on my body. "8" I think about Ross's manly hand rubbing my pussy, and how it would kill me if it moved. "7" Both out of embarrassment, and frustration and need to cum. "6" I open my eyes, looking at the boys staring at my nudity. "5" My mouth hangs open moaning loudly. "4" I feel myself getting close, but is there enough time?" "3" Running out of time!!! "2" ALMOST THERE!!! "1" I scream out very loudly in extacy as my orgasm hits me harder than anything I've ever felt before! My body starts to thrash around as Ross's hand grabs onto my pussy, keeping it covered and holding me ever-so-hotly as I squirm around. After a few seconds I try to catch my breath, looking around at all of the horny faces staring at me. As I come down from my high, I'm reminded just how naked I am and how close I am to having my pussy exposed, as I look to my friends as I beg "Ok, can you guys please put a towel around me now already?" For once today I got my wish, as Katie wrapped a towel around me and kept true to her word of not letting the boys see my little shaved virgin pussy. As I look over, I watch as Ross loses control and strokes himself to an orgasm as well, and watching just how much my body affected him (and how quickly he went) makes my body shiver with delight. As Mel chases off the boys, making them promise to not tell anyone what they saw or she'd hurt them, and Katie uncuffed me, my mind finally wrapped itself around the idea that my crazy day was over at last. Although now, I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to have the three of them touch me naked like that again. ...Also, I couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to get revenge on Mel and Katie!
Monday, August 11th 2008 - 12:01:08 PM
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