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Teen Girl Pantsing & Stripping Story ARCHIVE 13
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STORIES 76 - 100

Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit Part Three - Like Nobody's Watching by MFSBDB
Babysitter Ilana by M
Carol the slut by Eddie
Becky's embarrassment by Helen
Caught in my birthday suit by Vicky
Naked Outside by Annatelle
Naked in High School by Fray222
Lizzie Naked at School by Travis
Teacher Humiliation by WebOne
Bully Boys by SuperJay
The Jacuzzi Incident by Joshua
Birthday Be-atch by Lexxi
Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit (Part Two) by MFSBDB
guy does a girl on a bus by guy does a girl on a bus
Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit (Part One by MFSBDB
Sibling Rivarly: Operation Birthday Suit (Prologue) by MFSBDB
My Cousin's Temper by Sandra
Me & My Sisters by Sandra
Caught in the Basement (xxx) by Mr Black
Savior - Part 3 by Julie Green
Savior - Part 2 by Julie Green
pantsed girl by adam
The Other Girl (explicit) by Fraternity Man
Stripped by Tom
Want by kj

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The Unlocked Door by Poor Babysitter
Sister's Friend Walked In by Stroker Ace
by Shana
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Archived Stories Listed Here :100
Subject: Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit Part Three - Like Nobody's Watching
Message:Operation Birthday Suit Part Three: Like Nobody’s Watching

After her humiliating ordeal the previous day, Amy was at rock bottom. Sitting alone, nude, in her room; the words of her young neighbours echoed in her head. How could she live with herself, knowing full-well that they had received more than an eyeful of her nude form as she hung out the washing in the garden.

She tried not to dwell on it. But as she used her computer over the course of the afternoon, she glanced down at her naked self. Her nipples were protruding in the coolness of the air around her. Her bottom stuck to the surface of her wooden chair, forcing her to have to sit on a pillow. It seemed inconsequential, and no one was watching her, but it served as a reminder of the punishment she was up against. It was now day three of what her mother was referring to as ‘Operation Birthday Suit’; with all the air of a punctilious military leader.

Amy had been humbled in these three days. The eyes of family friends and neighbours burned her skin, and she had become somewhat apprehensive to even leave her room. Where once minor disdain for her ample derriere occupied a backend of her mind; a complex now monstrous and overblown was now growing. She could not even bear to look at it in her own mirror. What she wouldn’t give for a pair of granny panties at that time. The thought of ever cavorting near the boys in a pair of hotpants was a nauseating thought indeed. She had, much to her chagrin, become her sister.

Jess herself, whilst still reserved, virginal and innocent, thoroughly enjoyed watching her sister’s lesson in humility. She had schooled all of her friends as to the minor details of Amy’s little naked escapades, and they too were much amused by it all. Tasha and Laura, who had each before been stripped to various states of undress at the hands of Amy listened intently to each story, and took great pleasure in basking in the various embarrassments of Amy as Jess told them. All of the guys appreciated them too, and soon everyone knew. Jamie was especially disappointed, as his parents had forced him to attend ‘Science Camp’ all summer, and so he would miss it all.

By about three o’ clock, Amy was bored. She couldn’t go on webcam with the rest of her friends, as she was without attire. She was steadfastly aware that she was becoming more and more like her sister, so she tried to be more comfortable with her nudity. It failed. She twitched and shivered, and fidgeted and stirred, and grew ultimately restless. Eventually, she decided to take the plunge. Her door ajar, she poked her head outside and called her sister’s name. There was no reply.

Home alone, Amy figured she could take her chances. Besides, what was so wrong with being naked? It’s not like she was prudish, like her prissy sister Jess. She pushed her door open and quickly cupped her breasts with her left arm, and slapped her other hand to her crotch. Sheepishly she crept down the hall, towards the stairs. She bent over slightly at the waist, still not entirely sure. Again she called her sister’s name, this time followed by her mother’s, but yet the house refused to make a sound.

She got to the banister and peered down into the living room. It was completely empty. She started to like the cold feeling of the wooden floor on the bare soles of her feet, and feeling more relaxed, dropped her hands to her sides and walked downstairs. The confident Amy was back.

“Oh what the hell!” she smiled.

Walking over to the leather couch as though she was fully clothed, she ungracefully threw herself down. She lay there, reaching for the remote, and flicked through the channels. There was very little quality on television for that time of the day.

She grew excited at the prospect of spending the whole day unbothered by anyone else, unbound by rules and regulations, and free of even her clothing. She even found herself sticking to the leather seat a little too much. She giggled, and even the fact that her pussy was a little bit stubbly did not annoy her. No one was watching, so who she had no reason to care or to give regard to the little insecurities that had plagued her as of late.

At that point, she flicked onto the music channels, and a recent video by Lady Gaga came on. A fan; Amy started to tap her feet. Before the second chorus arrived, she was already singing. She no longer cared. Singing at the top of her lungs, Amy leapt up from her position on the couch and starting dancing. She shook her hips and her butt and skipped around the living room. She clutched her imaginary microphone and climbed the central coffee table. She began to grind up and down, before bending forwards and snapping her neck back. Just like a stripper. Her naked breasts jiggled, the dimples of her backside almost glowing in their newfound freedom.

She was great. It had been a while since she had danced, but Amy knew how to move. She had also never felt as invigorated as she did now she was dancing nude. As the song played towards its conclusion she had wiggled herself into a sense of almost complete transcendence from reality: she had become Lady Gaga. She took a bow as the song reached its climax from her position on the stage the coffee table offered, and revelled in the roar of the crowd and the flashing lights of the paparazzi. Lights so intense, she could see them even with her eyes closed and feel them on her sweating face. People were taking photos constantly, even as the cheers of crowd faded, and brought her back to reality. Still bowed, she suddenly realised where she was, and what she was doing. Opening her eyes, she saw the table and floor below her. She heard the once again silent house. But the flash of cameras did not stop.
Wednesday, February 3rd 2010 - 10:40:35 PM
Name: M
Subject: Babysitter Ilana
Message:This about my brother's babysitter Ilana but first let's talk about my brother. At the time of this story he was eight years old and brilliant, a great lover of books. He read Lord of the Rings when he was four years old and understood it better than I did at the time. I love this kid, and he'll be a great philosopher, if his recent interests are anything to go by.

About the babysitter Ilana: She was ridiculously strict about everything.

About me: I was already trained in two martial arts, a yoga master, and had constant workouts. I also believed in man-made karma - revenge.

So what do I do when I come home to my brother crying because Ilana took Moby Dick for the only reason of "it wasn't reading time"? I look out for my little brother and look for revenge.

My parents aren't home yet and Ilana is in the shower. I slip in before she finishes and wait quietly. As soon as she turns off the water and opens the curtain, I close the door and lock it to slow her down should she try to run.

Ilana gasped predictably and tried to use her hands to cover up, as I had already set her towel and clothes in my parents' room. She looked worried. I read some too; Sun-Tzu emphasized having the upper hand before a battle began. She was naked, and being naked was being vulnerable.

I give her a long talking to about suffocating my brother and his wonderful talent, at the end of which she played her only card. "You are going to get out of here and bring me back a towel and my clothes or your parents will hear of this."

"I thought you'd say as much," I remarked and drew my camera from my pocket.

Reflexively, foolishly, she brought her hand covering her vagina up as if to block the camera lens, and then moved both her hands down when she realized what she did. I had excellent shots of both her breasts and her vagina.

I casually opened the door and walked out slowly, leaving the door open behind me.

"Hey, what do you think you are doing?" she yelled after me.

"I'll duplicate these so that you can't find them. If you tell my parents what happen or make my brother cry again I'll post them to your friends and Union leaders."

"You little fuck!"

She ran at me. I wasn't surprised at the charge; I was small for a fifteen-year-old and my yoga made my muscles deceptively skinny though no less deadly. But she cursed at me and that made me more brutal when she went for me, stark naked.

Despite her wetness from the shower, I still handled her well and had her on the floor in a second. Then, with her completely in my control, I forced her to my room. She was tied to my bed on her back, legs and arms spread out in short order. Then, with her in easy earshot, I invited several of my friends over. Five of them, in fact.

Then I went over to her, caressed her forehead gently for the psychological torture, and told her in a sweet tone that she was going to pay for everything she'd done.

Three of my friends were guys, but the other two were girls. All got into the moment quickly though, abusing the sitter. Smacking her breasts, tickling her genitals until she had an organism, and other unsavory things.

I explained to Mirrisa that Ilana was a homophobe and thought gay and lesbians were disgusting. I asked her to punish her for her non-liberal ways. Mirrisa was bi-sexual and would be turned on by everyone looking at her.

She stripped too and made love to the tied up baby sitter very sweetly. She wasn't cruel about it, although Ilana became more frantic as Mirrisa lay nude atop her nude wet body.

Once Mirrisa was done each of the guys had their fun with her where she lay. Karla took pictures the whole time. Afterwards Ilana was completely listless and I asked her if she understood who was in charge and she nodded.

I untied her and she sat up. I told her sternly that she was not to quit this job unless I told her to and that while she was here she'd do everything I said. If she tipped off my parents, the police, or anyone her life would be ruined by our pictures.

I told her to go home. She asked about her clothes but I told her to drive home naked; I'd get rid of her clothes. She obeyed. I was in control.

Nudity and sexual perversity were the most effective methods for revenge on most women. I knew that and I used it many a times.

Ilana never bothered my brother again and always did what I wanted her too, which was great for a bored sexual pleasure.
Tuesday, August 4th 2009 - 08:30:58 PM
Name: Eddie
E-mail address: alguss@yahoo,com
Subject: Carol the slut
Message:Every boy in school knew what a slut Carol was and how she liked show off her stuff to boys. She would ware these thong panties under her uniform and seat with her legs apart so boys could look up her skirt. Every boy in school wanted to get her alone away from school and try to fuck her. Most of us were 16 years old and still lived with our parents, but knew this guy that would let us use his apartment. He helped us buy the beers and we invited Carol after school. We told her it was a party and she showed up in a tight blouse with no bra, high heels and a short mini skirt. It was and instant hard on because we've only seen her in school uniform. We lied to her about other girls coming to the party and gave her beer laced with vodka to get her drunk. We had some music on and took turns dancing with her and she seemed to enjoy us groping her. It just took a couple of more beers to get her drunk and horny. One of boys was dancing with her and had managed to unzip her skirt at the back. He had her so pressed up against him that that’s the only thing that was holding up her skirt. She thought it was funny when it just slid down to the floor and he lifted her right out of it. She didn’t even make any attempt to pick it up, so we pushed it under the sofa just in case she wanted to put it back on. That thong was wedged right into the crack of her ass and almost could see her butt hole. She obviously was enjoying us looking at her and put up a weak struggle when we began to strip her naked. We could tell she was hot and horny when we took off her blouse and pulled of her thong. She just melted away when we spread her legs and fingered her soaking wet pussy. She was grabbing our dicks threw our pants and was ready for us to do anything we wanted, so we laid her over the table and sucked everything she had. She wanted to get fucked by all of us, so they guys that brought condoms fucked her and they others lubed up her butt and came in her ass and mouth. She seemed like she couldn't get fucked enough and we pounded her all afternoon. She didn’t even notice we had put away her clothes to keep her naked and having to suck our dicks. She must have ended up with a pint of sperm inside her because every one of us came at least twice. We had to wash the dirty bitch in the shower just to get her clothes back on and send her home. Every time we got horny we would take her some place were no one could see, kneel her down and get ourselves off fucking her mouth. She was such a slut she came willingly every single time and enjoyed swallowing everything we had. Carol was the only good fuck boys had threw high school.
Monday, August 3rd 2009 - 08:13:53 PM
Name: Helen
E-mail address: omixx@yahoo.com
Subject: Becky's embarrassment
Message:Becky was a long time high school friend and that night decided to go to one of those wild concert with another girl named Susan. The place was packed with crazy teens randomly picking out people for body surfing. Mostly girls with skimpy clothing were lifted over the crowd for obvious reasons. Most were just and excuse to grope them and some even got their boobs exposed. Part of the fun was boys trying to expose them as much as they could. Some of them hung on to their clothes for dear life, but others seemed to enjoy showing off their breasts in public. Susan and I had jeans on but Becky was visibly worried of getting hasted over the crowd in her short flimsy skirt. She was a prime target and a matter of time before boys spotted her. Becky was a few feet away from us and was trying to tell us she wanted to get out. That was virtually impossible because she was as pinned into the crowd as we were. We just saw her get hoisted up in the air and over the crowd with skirt pulled up and boys pulling at her panties to get them down. Her skirt got ripped off right down the zipper and her panties snapped off like a rubber band. I'll never forget the look of horror on her face, getting passed down the crowd with her butt and pussy exposed in front of everyone. She usually shaved her pussy so she could ware bikinis with a small patch of pubes left, so everyone got to see right up her pussy. She finally got put down and someone covered her up with what was left of her skirt. Getting out was horrible experience with everyone pointing at us and finally reached our car and left in a hurry. Becky cried the whole way home and could stop shaking. It was only days latter that she talked to us about it. We discovered that she got sodomized in the process, front and back and had the marks to prove it. There was no report done, because she didn’t want to go threw another embarrassing ordeal. She just didn’t want to mention anything, and just tried to forget the whole thing.
Sunday, August 2nd 2009 - 08:09:24 PM
Name: Vicky
E-mail address: onnix05@yahoo,com
Subject: Caught in my birthday suit
Message:I was 17 years old when one of my brother's friends walked in on me. I was taking a shower and didn’t know his friend was in the house. I had forgotten to lock the bathroom door just as his friend asked my brother where the bathroom was. I had gotten out of the shower and walked over to the door were my bathrobe was when his friend walked in and caught me nude and dripping wet. I was so shocked I didn’t even think of covering up. I don't know if he was as shocked as I was or it was just and excuse to get a good look at me. I only know that he stood right in front of me long enough to see everything. I must be a slut, because just thought that he had gotten a perfect view of my pussy and breasts got me so aroused. It was the first time I had ever been completely naked in front of a male and every night I masturbated myself thinking about it. He was nice enough to not tell my brother about the incident, but we both knew it did. Every time I saw him, this delicious feeling of embarrassment and lust took over my entire body and ended with my pussy soaked in wetness. I wonder if he's jerking off thinking of me and having fantasies of fucking me. Just one word from him and I'll rip my clothes off and berry his face between my legs.
Saturday, August 1st 2009 - 08:05:36 PM
Name: Annatelle
Subject: Naked Outside
Message:My brother liked to have fun teasing me just because he was older than me. I hated when my parents went out and left me alone with him. With my parents away the teasing got worst because there was no one home to stop him. I hated him being left in charge of me because his friends would come over and he would tease me in front them and their girlfriends. That day I was taking a shower, looked out the bathroom window and saw his friend hanging out in the back yard. I came out with a towel around me and my brother and his friend were out in the hall waiting for me. They began threatening to rip the towel off and drag me outside with no clothes on. The thought of being dragged out of the house naked and getting seen by neighbors would be so embarrassing. They just stood there having fun watching me hanging on to my towel horrified at the thought of being dragged out like that in broad daylight. They yanked at my towel and it came off leaving me in a tug of war totally naked as everyone laughed at me. My towel got easily ripped away and next thing my naked rear and boobs we being swatted and groped. Suddenly I was lifted up and found myself being carried toward the back door by my arms and legs. I almost died when I got carried out the back yard with three boys and four girls out there. I got held down over the patio table right in front of those girls with my bare vagina on show and my boobs jiggling around as they jabbed and tickled me. It was overwhelmingly embarrassing to be pinned down completely bare forced to show everything to them. The cell phone pictures they took served as blackmail to keep my mouth shout. It worked. I was so ashamed I would never tell.
Thursday, July 16th 2009 - 07:38:34 PM
Name: Fray222
Subject: Naked in High school
Message:This is a true story. And is the only time I ever saw a naked girl being humiliated in real life.
It was during high school in a private school in England when i was 16. We all lived away from home in a large dorm, there were girls and boys, but the dorms and showers were in separate parts of the building.
Anyway, one of the girls named Cori had allegedly ratted out a group of kids for smoking pot. All the girls hated her even before this happened, she never talked to anyone and she had ugly pimples all over her face. The girls who got caught with the pot got off with a warning, they could never prove who had told on them, but everyone blamed Cori. A couple of the girls planned to prank her when she was in the shower.
One night after the girls heard Cori get into the shower, some of them ran into the boys dorm and shouted "who wants to see Cori naked", of course we all came running. Meanwhile another girl had walked into the shower room and had stolen all of Cori's clothes.
All at once we all barged in to the girls shower room and ripped open the shower curtain.
Cori was standing there with a look of sheer terror desperately trying to cover herself as more and more boys came barging in. There must have been more than two dozen of us cramped into the girls room trying to get a look. She was screaming and crying, begging us to give her her clothes. She must have stood there for at least 15 minutes while we all laughed at her.
She must finally have realized that no one was going to give her anything to cover herself, because she finally sprang out of the shower and started pushing her way through the crowd. A few of the boys chased her back to her dorm room as she ran naked through the hallways crying her eyes out.
Of course the rez supervisor found out about what happened. But he couldn't punish all of us, so we got off with nothing more than a month of early curfew. We all thought that Cori would have transferred out of the dorms after that, but amazingly she stayed. After that she started becoming even more isolated and hardly ever talked to anyone again, sometimes we would see her crying when she passed in the hall. Some of the other kids started feeling sorry for her, but I never did, that was definitely the best prank I will ever see.
Tuesday, July 28th 2009 - 10:26:18 PM
Name: Travis
Subject: Lizzie Naked at School
Message:Lizzie was getting ready for school one morning. Lizzie was about 18, and love doing wild stuff, but going no farther than commando. She had long brown hair, and a nice body, with D-sized boobs. Anyway, Lizzie had an English Presentation today, so she wanted to dress nice. She was feeling a little wild that day, so she wore a long (down to her ankles), thin dress (near the bottom at least), with no bra and no panties, and flip flops to school. Lizzie had English at the end of the day. She was so turned on through out the day she had to stop herself from touching herself. English period came along, and she sat through the rest of the presentations, she was last. When Lizzie got up to present she took off her flip flops, and went up to present. On her dress, there was a thread near the bottom. There was also a fan on the ground, turned on. She trip over the fan, and the thread got caught inside the fan. While Lizzie was presenting, the fan kept unraveling her dress. She didn't notice until some per whistled at her. Lizzie felt weird and instinctively looked down to see her pussy coming into view with her dress unraveling at a rapid pace. She covered her crotch with one hand, and her ½ bare rear end and screamed. She was mortified, but at the same time, turned on. She turned and ran out of the classroom completely embarrassed as the rest of her dress came apart tearing off her shoulders leaving her butt naked with her bare tits and ass bouncing all around as everyone laughed hysterically at her. She ran out of the classroom and all the way home in tears with her tits, ass and pussy on full show to everyone who could see her.
Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 - 11:43:38 PM
Name: WebOne
Subject: Teacher Humiliation
Message:Just this past October I went to see my little sister's Halloween parade at her school. There had to be at least 150 moms with camcorders and cell phones ready to record their kids. All of the teachers dressed up in costume that day to be in the parade with the students. To make a long story short, there was a very attractive female teacher about 23 years old who dressed up like a baby girl wearing diapers, a short shirt and pigtails. It was a risqué costume to wear for a teacher as it showed quite a bit of skin. Some of the adults I could tell had issue with it and were making comments under their breath. Well while she was parading around the fence line out in the field corralling her students she wasn't paying attention and her diaper got caught on some thick wires sticking out of the fence at one part. Her diaper got caught and got ripped off! All the moms including me began pointing and laughing so freaking hard. She tried to pull at the diaper at first but then panicked. She didn't know what to do but cover her exposed part and red teary face and run for the doors which were quite a distance away. She had no panties under the diaper, just a t-shirt that didn't cover her bottom.

All the moms were laughing saying "Shame! Shame! Shame on you! Hahahaha!" Most got to video the whole thing. I heard them say she was going to be a star on the internet in about 10 minutes and they all burst out laughing. Needless to say, the lady teacher quit her job and transferred out quickly. She could never face the parents again after that.
Tuesday, July 14th 2009 - 11:42:01 PM
Name: SuperJay
E-mail address: superj@mybiz.net
Subject: Bully Boys
Message:My friends and I were a mean bunch when we were younger. This one awkward girl Sarah in a grade below us dressed funny, wore funny glasses and had a squeaky voice. We all thought she was an annoying dork and didn't think much more of her.

When school started up again the next year she looked very different. I guess she had worked out and ran all summer long. One day in gym class she came out wearing clingy black butt hugger shorts. Her butt was surprisingly amazing and her tummy was flat and sexy. We were all stunned and at our dumb age tried awkward flirting with her by picking on her and grabbing her hair and stupid stuff like that. Needless to say she didn't like it at all and got mad at us. We responded by making fun of her whiney voice and glasses, pulling her hair, and calling her names. She would up getting us all in trouble.

Well after school the four of us were forced to stay late in detention hall. After getting out we were all hanging out back by the handball court when we spotted Sarah, of all people, walking across the far end of the field cutting through the woods on this foot path that some kids took. She was wearing her sexy gym shorts and must have stayed late to play sports or something.

We ran around to the other side of the path where it let out to the road and followed it back in to see if we could see or hear her coming. We hid in the bushes and waited till we saw her. As she passed one of my friends jumped out in front of her blocking the path telling her she was not allowed to go any further because she had gotten him in trouble. He ordered her to give up her book bag, or else. She hugged it nervously refusing to give it up so he said, "OK fine, pull down your shorts and show us your butt and we will let you go." As he distracted her my other friend silently snuck up behind her. Confused she said, "What do you mean us?" and just as she started to look around my friend grabbed her shorts from behind and yanked them all the way down to her shins! Her underwear came down along with them showing her whole bare butt and pubes to us. She let out a startled scream and scrambled trying quickly to pull them back up as we stood there laughing at her like a pack of jackals.

As she struggled wiggling her shorts back up her hips we grabbed her arms and pulled her over to a big tree. Pulling her arms around the trunk of the tree we tied her hands together leaving her strapped helplessly hugging the large tree trunk unable to escape. Her disheveled shorts and panties weren't fully pulled back up so she was showing a lot of ass cleavage still. We poked fun at her for a while squeezing her butt cheeks and sticking fingers down the back of her ass cleavage and wiggling them around taunting her.

My friend decided that the first view of her nice round butt was not enough so he pulled her shorts all the way down to her ankles again exposing her entire round bare rump and this time took her shorts completely off. Laughing we stared at her bare quivering cheeks slapping them and spreading her cheeks so we could look in at her asshole and parts of her pussy.

Riffling through her book bag my friend found one of those big fat oversized pencils and decided it would be funny to stick it, eraser first up her butt and leave it there wobbling around. Laughing hysterically at her with big boners in our pants we heard what sounded like someone else coming down the path so we took off running leaving her depantsed and bare with a pencil up her butt.

The next day we got suspended from school, and 2 days later Sarah's much bigger and older brother hunted us down and proceeded to beat the living crap out of us one at a time till we were all crying like little babies and begging for mercy. We were never able to live it down.

We never messed with Sarah again after that.
Monday, July 13th 2009 - 10:59:55 PM
Name: Joshua
Subject: The Jacuzzi Incident
Message:*Here's a story I had 1/2 done for a long time and finally finished. Any feedback would be much appreciated*

We were at my friend Tara's house when this happened. They have a Jacuzzi in back and her parents were gone for the night. It was me, Tara, Jenny, Alicia, and Tony. We decided to go in the Jacuzzi so we all went to change into our suits. Alicia came out in this skimpy red string bikini that made my eyes nearly pop out of my head. Alicia is hot and I have a major crush on her although she just looks at me like a friend. She's a real tease and was really showing off her body. Her bikini bottoms were tied on both sides at the hip showing off her sexy tan hips and tummy. Her top was so sheer you could almost see the outline of her nipples sticking out through it. She has small but very round boobs. At one point she even turned to me and said, "Hey Josh you think I should wear my bikini like this?" and pulled the back part of it up the crack of her butt like a thong jutting her rear end out at me teasingly. I could have creamed in my pants seeing her hot round cheeks right in front of me in all their glory. Judging by the cold looks from Tara and Jenny her flirtatiousness was not going over too well with them though.

Well the girls went in, but Tony and I went to the kitchen to get some drinks to bring out first. Watching the 3 girls through the kitchen window especially Alicia in her skimpy suit gave me some very devious thoughts. Tony owed me $20.00 so I dared him to "pants" Alicia instead. I was only joking but Tony has a reputation for never turning down a challenge so he said OK without much hesitation. I was doubtful he'd actually go through with it but was still secretly hoping that something good would happen.

Later we were all in the spa fooling around with the bubbles going when I see Tony give me a look. Next he starts by grabbing and tickling all 3 girls seemingly randomly. Laughing it up we all got into sort of a little wrestling slash tickle fight in the spa with his attention eventually focusing on the real intended victim Alicia. All 3 girls tried to get out right away but before Alicia made it out Tony managed to grab her around the waist and pull her back in. The rest of the girls escaped. Tony tickled her as she wiggled around trying to get away from him. Next thing I know I see him pull the string of her bottoms out on one side. Her bottoms came undone before she even realized it. He quickly pulled the string on the other side of her bottom causing it to come lose next, and as they did he boldly snatched them away whisking them right through her crotch with a snap. Lifting them in the air like a trophy he tossed them across backyard all the way to the back fence before Alicia could even react. She screamed covering her triangle crouching down in the water bare and embarrassed. Laughing Tony said, "Guess that's $20 less that I owe ya now buddy!" turning to me.

Laughing we all started taunting Alicia telling her if she wanted her bottoms back she'd have to get out of the water and get them herself. She was so embarrassed and ticked off at us it was hilarious! No one would help her, not even the girls, so we just left her in the jacuzzi half naked telling her she'd better get out and go get her bikini bottoms or we'd take her top off too and lock her outside naked just for being such spoil sport.

Well she refused so Tony and I got out of the jacuzzi and grabbed her under her arm pits from behind and lifted her out of the spa kicking and screaming till her whole bare hips, butt, and vag were out of the water. What a site it was seeing her trapped bare and desperately cupping her crotch with both hands as we lifted her out. Screaming she struggled around as we pulled her completely out of the tub dropping her on the deck bare-assed. Tony said, "maybe we should tickle her?" but before we could grab her she quickly took off running with her beautiful round ass cheeks shaking in full view as she darted away. "What an ass!" I yelled watching her run to get her bikini bottoms as we chased her not wanting the fun to end just yet.

Covering her butt crack with one hand she reached down to pick up her bottoms but Tony jumped in and grabbed them at the same time. He pulled at them as she pulled back desperately trying to get them away from him. They got into a tug of war over them and during the struggle he conveniently managed to pull the tie string of her bikini top from behind. Screaming "No!" Alicia struggled with one hand across her top trying to hold it in place while cupping her crotch with her other hand as Tony tugged away at the last remnant of modesty she had left. With hints of her trimmed triangle and bare boobs flashing before us he made quick work of wrestling her top away leaving her wonderfully stark naked in front of us all. Balling up her top and bottoms Tony threw them across the yard to the girls. All 4 of us could not help but laugh at poor Alicia standing there red faced, nude, and cowering looking so immensely embarrassed.

As if on cue we all looked at each other and then ran into the house locking the door behind us leaving a wet and naked Alicia stuck outside with no place to go. With one hand unsuccessfully covering her bare teenage tits and the other cupping her crotch she kicked the door demanding to be given something to cover with. She managed to find a small hand towel on the deck that we forgot to scoop up when we ran in. She used it but it had barely enough cloth to cover her very noticeably manicured pubic area. She used it out of desperation but it looked just as ridiculous as if she was bare naked. Standing there with only the small towel covering her puss she cowered in front of the door giving us all her best, "Oh poor me" pouting look.

Tara was the first one that seemed to show some sympathy, or so I thought. Saying, "Ok guys funs over" she unlocked the door as if to let Alicia in. Opening the door only slightly Tara reached out grabbing and ripping the small towel out of Alicia's grasp then slammed the door closed again! Once again Alicia was left stark naked locked outside in the backyard with no place to go. Completely embarrassed and incensed Alicia stood purse lipped and wide eyed glaring at us with a look that could have killed, the sexiness of her flawless hot naked body somehow enhanced by the desperation of her embarrassing circumstance. Covering her privates with only her hands she stood there bare naked with every contour of her body on full display to us. She alternated between squatting balled up on a lawn chair and standing in front of the door cupping her crotch with one hand and covering her perky tits with the other begging for us to let her have some clothes back.

Snapping a few choice photos we let poor buck naked Alicia stew in her nude embarrassment on the back patio for a good 20 minutes cracking jokes and threatening to call friend over. Tara ran to her bedroom and returned a minute later with what looked like a small t-shirt. She tossed it out to Alicia saying, "Here. Here's something you can put on!" Holding it up we all laughed hysterically seeing it was a t-shirt Tara had cut (or should I say hacked) off about 2 inches from the armpits. It was so ridiculously short it was barely worth putting on but in Alicia's humiliating predicament she didn't have much of a choice. She stretched it over her shoulders putting it on. We could not help but roar with laughter at the sight of her desperately pulling and stretching the material down trying to make it cover her jutting nipples. She eventually managed to stretch it down far enough to barely cover her nipples but only by an inch at best, still leaving the bottom half of her round perky boobs quite exposed. Any movement that required raising her arms, even in the slightest, exposed her pointy nipples. It was awesome comedy for us at her expense.

Needless to say Alicia was quite agitated by the time we finally decided to unlock the door and show her some mercy. Refusing to give her anything she had no choice but to open the door and push her way through us cupping her front and back side with her hands with her poor excuse of a shirt barely covering her nipples. Brazenly Tony lifted her shirt up exposing her bare tits to us up close and personal one last time before we let her get her clothes back.

All in all it was a hell of a fun day.
Saturday, July 11th 2009 - 10:57:21 PM
Name: Lexxie
Subject: Birthday Be-atch
Message:It was my 17th birthday so a few of my girl friends decided to take me out to celebrate. We went to a party and everyone kept giving me birthday drinks. Needless to say I drank a bit too much. I got quite tipsy and don't remember much. We all eventually wound up at this girl Clarissa's house because her family had left on a weekend vacation and left her behind because she didn't want to go.

Well I guess I wound up passing out before everyone could give me an official birthday cake and song. Clarissa escorted me to her bedroom and put me to sleep in a pullout bed she had under her bed telling everyone she'd take care of me. Well what I didn't know was that while I lay snoozing away in my drunken slumber she thought it would be just so funny to pull my pants off, then my panties too (!) as a mean little prank leaving me bare from the waist down. Clarissa is a notorious practical joker and likes to pull weird pranks like this. She’s also always been a bit jealous of me too because her former boyfriend turned out to have a crush on me. In my drunken stupor I never even knew she did this to me.

The next morning Clarissa thought it would be even funnier to talk the rest of the group who had all spent the night at the house into giving me a nice belated birthday surprise. Without warning they burst into the room yelling, "Surprise!" jumping on me singing happy birthday and gang tickling me. It didn't even really register that I was bottomless till they jumped on me pulling my blankets away. Suddenly realizing I had NO pants OR even underwear on I started desperately feeling around under the blankets hoping to find at least my panties but they were no where to be found! Horrified I fought back trying to keep myself covered but it was too late. My bare hips got exposed and once everyone saw that it looked like I wasn't wearing anything underneath it sparked everyone's curiosity even more.

Laughing they tugging at my covers tickling me till I could no longer hang onto my blankets. Pulling them away everyone saw that I was in fact really bare from the waist down. Laughing they started making fun of me saying I "had drank my pants off!" Asking me what happened they held me there, bare pussy and all, ogling perversely at my bare lower half watching me struggle and twist around in naked humiliation. Clarissa kept egging everyone on saying they might as well give me a good birthday spanking so acting on her cue they forced me over face down on my chest with my bare ass exposed to everyone. Laughing devilishly they stuffed pillows under my hips and began swatting my naked jutting rear while making perverted comments about the roundness of my jiggling and ever reddening cheeks. They held me down giving a good 17 whacks to my bare derriere with Clarissa delivering the brunt of the hardest spanks before letting me go. But they were not done yet.

Humiliated, degraded and with my bare hiney still stinging from Clarissa’s hard swats, I scrambled to cover myself with my blankets but Clarissa pulled them away, as well as anything else I tried to use to desperately cover myself with. Wrestling anything out of my hands that I tried to use to cover up with she insisted I stay everyone's bottomless birthday bitch for the rest of the day refusing to let me have my pants or even panties back.

They took turns tickling and spanking me several more times before eventually tying my wrists over my head to the heavy canopy rail in her bedroom and leaving me there gagged with no pants on and my shirt pulled up over my exposed boobs for everyone’s perverted pleasure for the remained of the day. Over and over various people took turns coming into the room ticking me where ever they chose too, pinching my nipples, slapping my ass and even spreading my cheeks looking right up my asshole and spread pussy sometimes. When Clarissa took her turn she squirted white hair conditioner all over me and then even stuck a finger up my asshole!

I was so mad and pissed at them all but Clarissa took all sorts of humiliating pictures of me and told me she’d spread them all over school if I got her or anyone else in trouble. So I had to just shut up and deal with it but I plan on getting her back somehow one of these days! They really got me good.
Friday, July 10th 2009 - 11:10:52 PM
Subject: Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit (Part Two)
Message:Amy woke up, and she was naked. It had not been a dream. She got up and searched frantically for even a pair of panties to cover her bare bottom and her shaved crotch. But there was nothing. Not even a really old, embarrassing pair. Nothing.

Cupping her private parts instinctively, she burst out of her run and ran on tippy-toes on the cold wooden-floor to the bathroom, just closing her eyes and hoping no one could see her naked body. She flung the door close behind her, and took a deep breath. She saw her reflection in the wall length mirror opposite her. She hadn’t had the opportunity to tan recently, and was relatively pale compared to the normal healthy glow of her skin. Despite this, her boobs hinted at triangular tan-lines where she would wear a bikini top in the garden. Likewise her genitals and shapely rear were slightly whiter than her gorgeous, creamy legs. How could she let people see her like this?

After a shower, she threw a white towel around her body, and it felt good. She was able to hide away her body. Even if she was alone, she felt slightly more dignified. She wrapped a second towel around her dripping wet hair, and cleaned her teeth, making especially sure that the towel tied at her bosom was secure and did not fall off as her body shook with the brushing action.

As she left the bathroom, the coast was clear, and the coverage of her towel meant she did not have to shuffle so quickly. She got into her bedroom, and despite the lack of any other’s presence, she kept the towel safely on her person as she threw the door shut behind her. She dried her hair, and straightened it, all the while thinking about how she could go about the day in her state of undress. After about half an hour of applying make-up and fixing her hair, she decided to venture outside her room.

The house appeared empty. Still in her towel, she crept down the stairs and parked herself on the couch in front of the television. There was nothing on; an irony lost on Amy. She also failed to notice the voices from the kitchen, and it wasn’t until Jess came up behind her and laughed that she realised that she wasn’t alone.

Before she could throw a stern look at her older sister, Jess had called her mother into the room, and Jenny appeared.

“I hope that towel isn’t soaking the couch, Amy!” her mother snarled.

After a momentary silence, Jenny beckoned her daughters into the kitchen to help her with the chores. In the kitchen was Jenny’s friend Angela, who was sat at the table drinking her coffee. Jess was handed the task of loading the washing machine, whilst Amy was to hang out the last load. As she folded, she was cautious not to come free from her towel, although strangely Angela did not bat an eyelid. She was almost done, and was about to head into the garden, thankful that her mother had let her keep the towel on.

“Towel.” said Jess.

“Huh?” Amy responded, confused.

“Amy, you need to hand that dirty towel to your sister to load into the washing machine,” her mother advised her.

“But I’ll be naked in front of Angela!” Amy protested.

“Angela knows all about your punishment, and I’m sure she won’t mind.” her mother assured her.

With that, the towel was whisked off by her mother. It took a few seconds for Amy to hide her nakedness from her mother’s friend, who tried to hide her laughter in her coffee mug.

“Now go hang out the washing please.” her mother said rather unsympathetically.

Amy made some rather childish breathing noises, and tried to hide her boobs and vagina, until her mother literally forced the washing pile into her arms, and this left her shaven area completely exposed. Amy held the tears back as she turned and shuffled into the garden, her bottom completely showing.

The air was warm, and it was a gloriously sunny day outside. It would have normally been a day for spending in the garden. However, Amy’s reality is that she was in her birthday suit, running across the lawn. The wall around her backyard was low, and she could see her two ten-year old neighbours’ jaws drop as she shuffled over to the washing line, her naked private parts exposed to their eyes. She could hide her tits with the washing pile, but below her belly-button, they had a full view of her intimate area, and all its shaven wonder. They were giggling and pointing, and this didn’t change as she turned around.

“Big bum Amy!” one of them laughed.

“Haha, you got no clothes on! I saw your you-know-what!” taunted the other.

“She didn’t even have any hair! She’s still a little girl!”

Amy was crying, but they couldn’t see. All she knew is that her rump was jiggling, and they could see that. They had seen her kitty, as well. She just kept her back to them as she hung out the never-ending pile of clothes. Her rear-end was on show for a good two minutes, and all the while the two boys were laughing at it.

“Why are you naked?” they asked.

Amy didn’t reply.

“My mom said she saw you in the mall running around in your knickers!”

“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?” the same boy repeated.

“I’m not allowed.” Amy finally sniffed.

“Not even knickers?”

Amy couldn’t even bring herself to admit to the fact that she had no underpants on in front of her two young neighbours. She would never live this down. They had seen her in the nude!

She had to stretch upwards to finish the last few pieces, and her ass was glowing with embarrassment by then. Finally, she was out of clothes, so she just threw her arms over her pussy and her breasts, and ran back inside, the boys just staring at her in amazement as she scrambled back into the house.
Wednesday, July 8th 2009 - 11:07:45 PM
Name: this is not mine
Subject: guy does a girl on a bus
Message:A lot of times, you read about how long after a guy meets a girl before
he has sex with her. Well, I think I take the world's record because I had
sex with my girlfriend before I even met her! Let me explain...

It was back in high school. We were going on a senior trip from Edison,
New Jersey to Washington DC -- about a five hour trip. I was the first on
the bus so I thought I'd catch some Z's on the way down. I went all the
way to the back of the bus and stretched out on the back seat that
stretched the whole width of the bus.

I grabbed the prize seat and stretched out. Other kids started filling
up the rest of the bus. A few moments later, these three girls came up to
the back seat too. I've seen them around school, but I didn't know any of
them. I don't remember EXACTLY how it went, but it was something like
this. They looked down at me and one of them said, "We want to sit back
here too."

I answered, "Dibs!"

"You get up, or we'll sit on _you!"_

"I dare you!"

They did! One sat on my chest, one sat on my lap, and the other sat on
my knees.

I suppose you want to know what these girls looked like and how they
were dressed and everything. Well, these were pretty normal high school
girls, all in all, pretty decent looking. I don't remember how exactly
what each girl was wearing, but tight jeans, tank tops, and halter tops
were fairly common that year.

They started talking and giggling. I was about to ask them if there
were going to sit on me the whole way, but then another girl came back to
sit with them. She was a black girl wearing a short denim skirt and a
black halter top with a bare midriff. She was decent looking too; tall and
with her hair all in braids. She sat on my legs too, after the one girl
moved closer to my feet.

A moment later, two more girls came to join them. I knew one as Donna
from one of my classes, but I didn't know the other. The two girls on my
chest slid up together so that one girl's thigh was pressed against my chin
and the other sat on my stomach while the others slid down my legs. Donna
then sat on my lap. The other girl tried to squeeze in and one of the
girls sitting said something like, "No more room."

She answered, "There's room if Diane and Carol move down a little more."

The girl sitting on my chest, I guess she must have been Diane, looked
down at me for a second, and I licked my lips with my tongue. She gave me
back an evil grin and she then slid her butt up over my head. I quickly
turned my head sideways before she pressed her butt down on me. The others
slid up on my chest where she was just sitting and then the last girl sat
on my stomach. I immediately got a hard-on, and I could feel it poking
whoever was sitting on me there!

The sensation was incredible. I was pinned down under the weight of six
girls sitting on me packed in along the whole length of my body. Now, I
couldn't hear what was going on. My one ear was pressed into the seat, my
other ear was being sat on by about 100 lbs. worth of -- I think -- Diane,
and all I could see facing forward was the back of her jean clad legs. I
could feel their bodies vibrate whenever they talked or giggled, but it was
hard to make out what they were saying.

After several minutes, It was starting to become uncomfortable. I
couldn't move, and it took all my strength to breathe in against the weight
on my chest.

I figured they were all going to get up and let me out after a few
minutes of sitting on me. I didn't want to be the one to wimp out, so I
didn't say anything. But after several minutes when the bus started to
move, I realized they weren't going to get off me!

The sensations were intense. I'm sure most of you know what it feels
like to sit in the back seat of a school bus - the kind where the back few
seats hang back over the rear wheel. Every time we went over a bump or
something, the girls bounced hard onto me.

It was thrilling, but it was also agonizing. It was, like, a major
effort to breathe, my stomach was starting to hurt, and I was having cramps
from the constant hard-on.

And then I started to smell Diane's "feminine" odor. This only made my
hard-on even bigger! I knew the girl sitting on it could feel it too
because I heard her giggle every time she squirmed around on it. A couple
of times, I almost came in my pants.

The trip lasted several hours and I was pinned under them the whole way!
It was really outrageous, but I was also really beat when we finally got
there. The side of my head was sore from being sat on. I was totally
exhausted from struggling to breathe. My stomach was in cramps. My dick
hurt from the constant hard-on. And my neck hurt from being twisted to the
side the whole time. My hair was a mess too - all sweaty and matted, and I
could swear I could sometimes smell Diane's pussy odor in my hair from time
to time during the day.

In Washington, we all saw a bunch of boring museums and stuff. They
treated us to lunch at this Steak and Ale place. We saw more boring
museums. And then it was time to head back.

Again, I was one of the first to get back on the bus. I didn't expect
to enjoy the ride back as much as I enjoyed the ride down, but when I
started walking down the aisle, three of the girls were already sitting in
the back seat and they waved me back to them. They said, "we saved your
seat for you," as they gave me this sexy look.

I wasn't too keen on doing it again on the way back, but I couldn't be a
nerd and say "no thank you," so I said, "sure." They stood as I sat down on
the seat and I lay down as I had before. They sat back down on my stomach
and lap. A moment later, two more returned -- Diane and the black girl.

So anyway, the first three slid down my legs and the three other two
girls slid in. The black girl slid in first and I could see up her short
denim skirt to her bright orange panty as she sat on my chest. She
squeezed her thigh against my chin as Diane sat on my stomach.

At first, it seemed there would be only five girls on me on the trip
home this time, but after a few minutes, Donna returned too. As she
squeezed in onto my stomach, the group on my chest slid upward. This time,
the black girl slid onto my head. She didn't even look down at me first or
anything, she just did it.

When she sat on me, she draped the back of her skirt against the back of
my head, so that only her panty separated her flesh from mine. I smelled
her "feminine" odor right away. It was much stronger than Diane's and it
was a major turn-on. Again, I got a real big hard-on in my pants right

Anyway, the bus continued to fill, and eventually we were on the road
again. We must have gone for about an hour when I felt the girl on my lap
lift herself up slightly and unbuckle my pants. She started to work my
pants down my hips and then she pulled my dick out of my Hanes and sat on
it. She squirmed around until she had me inside her! Oh man! She didn't
have to do much to set me off. The bouncing of the bus was enough and I
came almost right away! I can't believe I even stayed hard after I came!
And I came again a little later! That time, I felt myself get soft, but I
still stayed inside her.

I couldn't believe what happened next! The black girl sitting on my
head then lifted herself up and pulled her panty down her legs and showed
me her pussy! She reached between her legs and pushed my chin so that I
was facing straight up and she sat back down with her cunt over my mouth.
It was funny how the bright pink of her pussy contrasted with her coal
black skin that was completely covered with thick black hair.

I worked her pussy as best I could. It wasn't easy since she was
actually sitting on me with all her weight, and the bouncing of the bus
didn't help either. I licked and licked, and she squirmed a bit in
response. I then started fucking her pussy with my tongue, going in and
out and in and out, and this must have really turned her on, as she
suddenly started quivering and getting real wet. I mean her pussy juice
was actually dribbling into my mouth!

Of course, my hard-on came back again and I came again. I was tongue
fucking black pussy and coming again and again into someone else. You
know, I didn't even know which one it was! Oh man, it was incredible!

Still, the black girl still wasn't finished satisfying herself. She
slid forward so that her asshole was over my mouth. I guess she wanted me
to rim her, so that's what I did. I never rimmed a girl with my tongue
before, I always thought it was kind of gross. But it tasted like dry
leather and there was no shitty taste that I expected, so I kept rimming
her for a while. I was afraid that she might accidentally poop into my
mouth, but she just kept squirming around. I could tell she was really
getting off on that too, so I then started tongue fucking her asshole. She
really exploded that time, quivering and shaking like mad.

Oh man! The girl on my dick must have thought I was some kind of
superman because my hard on came back and I exploded into her a third time!

I must have finally satisfied the black girl because she then pulled her
panties back up and rolled my head forward with her ass. However, the
other girl kept my dick insider her for most of the rest of the way.

I had no track of time, and after losing count of the times I came into
the girl on my lap, she took me out of her and pulled my pants back up.
Shortly after that, the bus stopped and everybody started getting off
because we got back to school.

So again, they all got off me -- except the girl whose pussy was full of
my cum. With her still on my lap, I sat up and saw that everybody had got
off the bus, including the driver.

I said, "Hi."

She said, "Hi."

I said, "My name's Jesse."

She said, "My name's Kim."

We didn't say anything else. We laid down on that seat together and Kim
and I did it again, just the two of us.

Afterward, her friends must have guessed why she didn't get off the bus
so they didn't wait for her and I drove her home. We have been going
together ever since, and we plan to get married after we get out of
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Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 11:04:00 PM
Subject: Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit (Part One
Message:Amy was apprehensive from the moment she left the mall. She knew it was unlike her mother to just let her off like that, and she knew something big was coming. She was still recovering from being displayed in lingerie to an entire store full of people, and just hoped that whatever punishment her mother had in store for her would not be quite so humiliating.
She arrived home, and was greeted by Jess at the door.
”How’d it go?” smiled Jess. “Did mum buy you a nice new wardrobe?”
”No.” Amy replied. “Didn’t get the chance.”
Before Amy could explain further, her mother marched up the garden path and ushered the girls inside. Jess could sense something had gone awry at the mall.
”Do you care to explain yourself, Amy Louise Robertson?” boomed Jenny Robertson, with a mouthful of fury.
Amy did not respond.
”Attempting to steal? Do you think I’m going to stand for my daughter turning into a thief?”
”No, Mum.”
”You’re damn right I’m not! What do you think would be a suitable punishment?”
Amy was slightly shocked. Surely her mother was not going to just allow her to choose her own fate? That would be far too easy, surely? She took a couple of seconds to think, her eyes fixed firmly on the floor to avoid the stern gaze of her mother.
”I should be grounded,” she said, rather non-assertively.
”Well there’s a good idea! I was thinking the same!” her mother began. Unfortunately, that is not where she ended, however. “But seeing as though you seem to enjoy exposing yourself so much, seeing as though we were unable to find you some more appropriate clothing, and seeing as you don’t currently own anything in your wardrobe, I think something else should be applied to your grounding!”
Amy bit her tongue. Jess’ ears pricked up from her position on the couch, where she was pretending not to listen.
”Amy, for the next three days, you are going to live without any of those slutty clothes. You are going to learn the hard way. You are going to be naked!”
There was a gasp from the girl as she realized what this meant. No clothes. At all. Bare as a baby. She could hear Jess laughing under her breath. She could see her mum’s face not moving a single inch. She was absolutely, positively serious.
”But what if-“
”No buts. No buts at all. You are to remain completely naked, and under this roof at all times for the next 72 hours.”
Amy tried to find solace in the fact that at least she wasn’t going to be publicly exposed this time, as she wasn’t going to be expected to go outside. But the fact remained that this punishment was by far the worst thing she had ever received.
”What about if we have visitors?” she tried to find an excuse.
”I don’t care. You are going to learn a lesson in humility, young lady! Now take your clothes off and give them to me!” Jenny barked.
Amy actually cried. She thought about disobeying. She thought about running, but she had been drained of all of her willpower. She removed the hideous blouse and skirt that her mum had forced her to wear and just tossed them to the ground.
Jess glanced over at her sister at this point. There she was, a popular, attractive, 18-year-old girl, reduced to her sturdy white bra and pink underpants before her mother. Her mother said nothing, but beckoned with her hand. Jess glanced back down at the magazine she was feigning to read, and then back up again, by which time her sister was naked, and trying to cup her clearly-bald pussy with both hands, exposing her pink, round, C-Cup breasts.
”Good girl.” Said Jenny, and then just left her naked in the living room as she walked into the kitchen.
Amy was just frozen in shock. Still trying to hide her no-longer-private area, her boobs fully displayed, she just stood with her mouth open. Jess could no longer contain herself, and just burst as Amy ran up the stairs, her bottom jiggling all the way, her hands not able to even hide any of its nakedness.
Wednesday, June 24th 2009 - 11:02:09 PM
Subject: Sibling Rivarly: Operation Birthday Suit (Prologue)
Message:Sibling Rivalry: Operation Birthday Suit (Prologue)

Even Amy’s mother cared about her. Much to the chagrin of every other person in the store, Jenny decided to hand Amy back her original clothes, and sent her off to the changing room to hand back the offending underwear.

Of course, this did not change the fact that the entire store had seen her bottom. Had it not been for her decision to change her underwear, they would have only seen her in a pair of Barbie panties. But alas, as she shuffled back towards the changing room, her bottom was joyously exposed by the teddy she had chosen. She felt the eyes of every single person burning the milky skin of that glorious backside. For many of the younger members of her audience, this was the first encounter they would have had with an undressed female. Her face was burning up as she realised this to be the case. But of course, as she marched through the store, clad only in lingerie, there was nothing she could do to hide her state of undress. The only solace she found was in the fact that her most private area was not showing, like it had been on a few occasions before. That time on the beach, where she had been displayed like a little girl, for instance. At least this time it was only her bare bottom that glowed like a beacon. As much as she hated her bottom, she was thankful that her audience could not see her womanhood. But still, her chubby ass was on public show! Eventually, she got behind that curtain, and she could put her posterior away.

She was reprimanded by the store clerk, but the worst was yet to come. An idea was about to form in the head of her mother. Amy had had no clothes in her wardrobe, and her antics in the store had resulted in no change in that situation.

Operation Birthday Suit was about to commence...
Tuesday, June 23rd 2009 - 11:00:10 PM
Name: Sandra
Subject: My Cousin's Temper
Message:Hey, it's me again and this is another event that led me to my current opinions of exposure.

Daniel doesn't sound like the name of a hot tempered sixteen year old kid but that is exactly what my cousin is. He visited infrequently and was always memorable for his inventive revenges. Despite having a temper he is also surprisingly smart and cold in his revenge.

Turns out he developed a crush on my best friend, Erica. Unaware of this, I brought up an embarrassing story about him and at summer camp (an event that he extracted revenge on so well I probably should have known to keep my mouth shut). It turns out that, despite already having revenge for the event itself, he now wanted revenge for retelling it to Jerrica.

So he set up a trap.

Our bathroom has no window so we aren't allowed to close and lock the door while showering. It would cultivate mold, I'm told. So it was a simple task for him to wait and, as soon as I stepped out, snap a few pictures of me naked. Then he showed that he had my clothes and towel and bolted. I reacted and ran after him, belatedly covering myself up. In retrospect I could have just gone to my room and gotten some more clothes but it never occurred to me at the time. He managed to snap several more pictures of me, including several of me slipping in very exposing ways. (One was of me on all fours with my boobs hanging out to dry.)

Finally he ran out the front door. He dropped my clothes and towel but kept the camera. Then he bolted to his bike and took off - long gone before I could pull my clothes on and follow him.

I didn't tell anybody what had happened, hoping to resolve the situation without bringing it to light but Daniel had better plans. Once he returned I asked for the memory card and he said that he placed it at a location where my school's newspaper report would pick it up. I must have paled - that school will run anything - and demanded to know where it was. He said he would tell me and there should be time to get there first - but I'd have to do as he said and do it quickly.

I agreed, so what? What would you have done?

I followed him to the guest room he slept in where, to my utter amazement, Derek was waiting. My sister's boyfriend. Daniel locked the door and told me to strip. My mouth was dry but both of them had already seen me naked, recently too. I pulled off my clothes, trying to hide as much of myself as possible. But naturally they demanded I lower my arms.

The humiliation didn't stop. Daniel told me to have sex with Derek. Have sex with my sister's boyfriend! I started to refuse but Daniel wondered aloud if the school reporter was going to be early to the rendezvous. I blushed and objected that I didn't know how - I was a virgin.

Not for long.

The worse of it was that it couldn't be considered rape. Blackmail maybe, but the police around here were crap at the time and I had the foresight to see that revealing everything without a good chance of Daniel and Derek being busted was foolish. (Luckily the police are better now but if this were to happen to me again now I still wouldn't report it, for different reasons.)

So I went along with it - after all it isn't hard to learn. Derek had his way with me and Daniel just watched, looking coldly disconnected with his revenge. It was creepy.

After it was done I was let go, with my clothes. I was given the location of the photos and made it there before the reporter. But when I came back Daniel informed me he had copies of my nude pictures - and a video tape of my lost of virginity with my sister's boyfriend. I wasn't to piss him off again or he'd release one or both of them.

I was told not to tell anyone about what happened but I told Jerrica anyway, hoping she would have the sense not to bring it up and know what a creep Daniel was. The last day Daniel was visiting she gave him her number.
Monday, June 22nd 2009 - 10:53:44 PM
Name: Sandra
Subject: Me & My Sisters
Message:Okay, this is a true story of how me and my three sisters lost our innocence all at the same time.

Of the girls I'm the middle child. We have a brother too but he isn't part of this particular story. I was fifteen, my older sister eighteen, and my younger sister thirteen. My sister had just started dating and her first boyfriend was enjoyed the outdoors - a lot. When he invited her for a week long trip through the forests she was suspicious, still a virgin, and asked if her sisters could come too. He said sure and the he'd bring two of his friends as well.

She really should have left us at home.

Three days into this stupid trip, we were very uncomfortable at camp. I'm never investing in another trip to the wilderness, I swore to myself - but it was a vow I would later break. But that's another story. Anyway, insects flying everywhere except around the boys (perhaps it was a state of mind that kept them away - one we didn't have) and our legs burning from another long day of hiking we set up camp.

One of the boys, Sam, who was a real quiet sweet heart about sixteen, offered to do a quick sweep of the surrounding area. The other two boys, my sister's boyfriend Derek and the other guy Mike, laughed and said it was unnecessary but Sam insisted that he look for signs of wild animals.

So he did but found blood instead next to what they claimed where tracks of a stumbling man. I saw the boot prints, but I wasn't sure how they could tell his stumbling marks from marks made by other animals. The boys told us to stay at camp while they went to see if they could help whoever was hurt. Sam wanted one of them to stay with us, but the other two argued that it might take all three of them to deal with this problem.

So, in a fit of gallantry, all three boys left.

Two hours later, as it started to darken, the bear showed up. Me and my sisters were on our feet quickly and ran like hell. Stupid thing to do but we lucked out in the survival factor. The bear didn't chase us. However I did, while looking behind me, manage to run right off a cliff. My younger sister pulled up short but my older sister simple toppled both of them over.

All three of us landed in a river and blacked out.

Like I said, we lucked out in survival, because we managed not to be eaten by a bear, crushed by gravity, or drown in a flowing river. When we woke one another up and managed to swim to shore we had no idea where we were and it was totally dark.

Our bad luck was that our older sister remembered one thing Derek told her about survival.

"Strip off your clothes," she said, once we had caught our breath. I protested while my younger sister protested brightly enough to be seen in the dark. But she insisted. "We have to sleep now and we can't sleep in wet clothes."

So of course we stripped down naked and laid our clothes out to dry. When we awoke the boys were standing over us, Sam pointedly looking away but the other two drinking us in. The perverts were even giving my thirteen-year-old sister a good look up and down.

I leapt up, my twins bouncing up and down with the movement, and stubbornly put on my still-wet clothes. My sisters followed the suit and we got back to our camp. The bear looking for food trashed our packs but some of our clothes weren't torn to shreds. Well, some of my sisters' weren't anyway. Mine all were and I was forced to change into a too-small shirt stretched over my breasts and long pants that I tripped over more than once, pulling them down in the process.

It was humiliating at the time, but now I can look back in laugh. This and other accidents have shaped my attitude towards nudity and sex and now, at seventeen, I enjoy a good nude laugh and so do my sisters.
Wednesday, June 17th 2009 - 10:48:14 PM
Name: Mr Black
Subject: Caught in the Basement (xxx)
Message:**Warning story is sexually explicit**

Me and a friend caught the daughter of the building superintendent drinking and smoking pot in our apartment building's basement storeroom yesterday after school. She's a spunky hot little black girl named Renae (sp) with a smoking body and a gorgeous face. Her Dad is a super strict guy with a notoriously bad temper. I know because I live right next door to them and hear the arguing and yelling right through my walls all the time so I was quite surprised to catch her of all people doing something like this. She's 18 now but you could never tell with her young and immature personality. She's hot with piercing hazel eyes, a sexy tight body with a slim waist and noticeably large breasts for her size.

Her and her friend looked so scared and embarrassed when we caught them because she knew I lived right next door and often talk to her Dad. She was still in her school cheerleading uniform when we caught her which made it even more shameful and embarrassing for her. We ordered her school friend, who I didn't know, to leave but told her to stay. I closed the door of the store room and I told her I was going to report her immediately to her Dad. She was terrified and begging almost in tears. I told her I might be willing to keep this a secret but only if she agreed to my terms. She said she's do anything so I told her, "Ok how about you take off all your clothes then for starters?" With blood shot eyes and a slur in her words she sobbed all embarrassed not wanting too so I told her fine and opened the door telling her she could leave anytime she wanted too, it was her choice. She was more terrified of me telling her Dad than anything else so she asked if I was going “to rat her out” still and I said, "Probably, why shouldn't I?" Finally she conceded telling us to close the door.

Slowly she undid her top and slipped it up over her head. I couldn't believe she was actually going through with it really. She had a tight little waist and tummy, and a sexy white bra with healthy sized light brown breasts bulging out from underneath. Seeing that gave me an instant chub in my pants. She dropped her top to the ground then pouting with a sour look on her face unzipped her skirt next, and wiggled it down off her hips and stood there in her red cheer uniform briefs and bra only now. "Keep going" I told her so she sobbed making another sour face and then slowly and shamefully pulled her briefs down next. She had skimpy black string bikini panties under her cheer briefs so she was not naked yet. Then looking down she reached back and undid her bra letting it pop open as she cupped it against her chest in front. Looking more embarrassed than ever, she slowly pulled her bra off in front letting it drop down exposing a stunning pair of large perfect ebony teenage tits to us. Her small areolas sported perfect perky nipples that were pointing straight out. Standing there in only her panties now she cupped her bare boobs in complete embarrassment hesitating yet knowing what was next. "The panties too" I said with a purposely impatient tone just to embarrass her further. "Please. Please not my panties too!" she cried clinging onto them but I stood showing no sympathy. "It's your choice" I said, again letting her know she could leave anytime she wanted too, yet knowing what the consequence would most likely be if she did. Sobbing and sniffling she hooked her fingers into her panties and slowly pulled them down past her hips and butt exposing a nicely trimmed small dark patch of pubic hair down below.

Her body was stunningly sexy. We told her to stand up with her hands behind her head so we could see everything and she did, all the time looking shamefully down at the ground humiliated. We made her turn around so we could see her gorgeous round little flawless ass too. We made her bend over and spread her cheeks for us so we could see her asshole and pussy and she did everything we asked her to do. We took all her clothes away and sheepishly she questioned why as we did. I told her I wanted to check them for any other drugs. She sobbed naked and embarrassed as we took them away from her not letting her have them back after, even when she asked. She begged for us to let her go but we were not done yet. Cupping her pussy with one hand and her ample breasts futilely with her other we made her stand there butt naked answering questions about what her Dad would say if he found out, and what her school would say too just to shame her further. Then we made her do jumping jacks and ordered her to do some butt naked cheer routines for us just to watch her tits and ass jiggle and shake around perversely for us. Sobbing she shamefully did everything we asked her too for fear we'd tell on her. She kept asking if we could be done yet and I kept reminding her that she could leave anytime she wanted, but she knew if she did what the consequences would be.

Not wanting the perverted fun to end we next made her get down on her hands and knees and crawl around on the dirty floor like a horse while we ogled at her ass and pussy from behind, and watched her young breasts dangle and shake from underneath. I was so horny I had a huge boner in my pants by now so I decided to see how much more perverted we could get with her. With her still on her hands and knees I ordered her to lean down and reach back and stick a finger up her asshole. I didn’t think she would but she wet it in her mouth first and then did it without much hesitation. I told her to keep sticking it in all the way till it reached her knuckle and she did it grimacing as it went deeper and deeper. We made her finger fuck her tight ass while rubbing her clit with her other hand. With her face down on the floor and her ass stuck up in the air she did everything we asked all the while shamefully saying, "Please don't tell on me" over and over. We made her finger herself and played with her clit for so long it was obvious she got herself all hot and wet.

Then for the grand finale I said since she was going to get away without getting in trouble at all for being so bad, she at least deserved a good spanking. So sobbing her eyes out we took turns making her lie over our laps butt naked with her gorgeous round and flawless ass cheeks a foot away from our faces giving her tender ass the spanking it deserved. I indulged myself by groping her breasts, toying with her wet pussy here and there, and even sticking a finger up her ass every once in a while as I made her say, “she was a bad little girl and had learned her lesson” over and over. Halfway through the spankings she cried and struggled so much that she said she could not take it anymore so sobbing she opted to voluntarily suck our dicks instead. Kneeling naked on the floor she took our full stiff rods in alternately sucking them till we ejaculated one at a time spattering loads of white jizz in her mouth and all over her face and tits.

We left her humiliated, naked and spattered with cum on the basement floor in total shame, but I kept my word and never told on her. She avoided me every chance she got after that and on the rare occasions that we did inadvertently pass each other in the hallways she would never dare look me in the eye ever again.
Sunday, June 14th 2009 - 10:42:10 PM
Name: Julie Green
Subject: Savior - Part 3
Message:Here I am, running through my own back yard naked, being chased by my mortal enemy Crystal who is snapping pictures of me as she goes, and I'm powerless to stop all of it.

Luckily for me, I have a savior, as Michael finally returned with clothes in his hand, and seeing what was happening he ran and grabbed Crystal's arm. I pulled his clothes onto me so fast that I think I might've ripped part of the shirt, but it felt SO good to not be naked anymore. I told Michael "Give me her phone! She's been taking pictures of me!" and sure enough, I was given her phone. I quickly went and deleted them all (there were like 40, so I just hit "erase all" including all of her other pictures. Heh heh, oops). Michael was very upset, asking her why she was trying to mess with me, and she never really gave much of an answer besides that I "deserved" to be messed with for my "attitude".

I decided that I was going to show her what getting what someone deserves is really like, so I asked Michael "Hey...want to help me strip her back?" He liked the idea, and Crystal clearly didn't. She actually started trying to break free of his grip, but it wasn't working. He just pulled her into a full nelson restraining hold where she couldn't move anything but her legs.

She was only wearing a bikini and some shorts over the bottoms, so I went for the shorts first. She tried to kick me in the face, so I told her "Hey! If you behave I'll let you keep your bottoms, but if you kick me you're getting stripped bareass!" She stopped kicking at this point, and her shorts were pulled off. Now wearing only her bikini, she got to watch as I went to untie the top. She tried to beg, but I ignored her and yanked the top off, exposing her boobs to the world. Then, just for the reaction, I whispered "Oh by the way...I lied!" before ripping down her bottoms in one quick yank. She freaked as she was now completely naked in front of me, and Michael turned her around so that he could see every inch of her, while not letting her escape.

Next, I took her own phone, and snapped a full-frontal shot of her and several closeups. Then, I let her watch me add all of the guys from her contact list, and a bunch of guys that I knew, to a giant text message containing the pictures. She pleaded "No please, Julie, that's going too far! I wasn't going to do that to you" to which I replied "Sure, bitch, sure" and let her watch me hit the send button, and even let her watch the sending animation. Her eyes went so wide, and her head hung defeated. After that, I told Michael to toss her into my pool and let her go "We're done with that trash" Crystal flailed around in the pool, then got out and ran. I wasn't even going to let her get her clothes back, so she ran with her hands covering her front all the way home, which unfortunately wasn't that far away, but was still hilarious.

Afterwords, I told Michael how much I appreciated him always saving me, and then I took his hand, put it under my shirt, and let him touch my breasts for about a minute. The look on his face told me that we were even.

The End.
Saturday, June 13th 2009 - 10:40:22 PM
Name: Julie Green
Subject: Savior - Part 2
Message:(Sorry all, I had kinda forgotten to ever finish this up)

My name is Julie, and I'm an average-enough girl: except for me being locked-outside-naked-with-only-a-little-towel-to-cover-me!! My only help is Michael, the boy who had saved my life, and flashing him had been my big plan to reward him, but now I was stuck and scared crapless (to keep it PG).

Michael told me "My parents and brothers are at my house, so I kinda doubt you want to go there yourself, but I could go grab you a shirt and some shorts." Again saving me, I quickly answered "Yes please! I'll wait here for you" and he went off. I was so relieved as this was almost over...right? Wrong.

It turns out that someone had been watching us this whole time, someone with the soul of Lucifer lurking in her blonde shell of a body: Crystal. Let's just keep it short to say that I would rape her with a hot curling iron just for her past deeds to me, and now the bitch leaps my fence. She sneaks up behind me, then suddenly lifts up the back of my towel to expose my naked ass and takes a picture with her phone. I scream, turn, and get furious when I see who it is and what she had done. "Hey! Give me that phone right now!" as I tried to reach for it, but she held it out of my range and said "What, don't want everyone to see your ugly little butt?" At this point I am screaming "Give it to me NOW!" as I try to punch her, but holding my towel in place with one hand limited me far too much. "Oh, you want to get violent now huh?" she teased as she grabbed my arm and used her other arm on my shoulders to take me down face-first on the concrete. As I tried to squirm back up, she sat on my back and help me in place. She then turned to face my legs, lifted my towel up to my back to expose me again, and snapped more pictures of my ass. I was kicking, flailing, and screaming, but it wasn't doing any good.

Next thing I know, she stands up and yanks the towel violently off of my body, causing me to yell both in pain and shock as I was now completely naked again, with the only thing preventing this bitch from photographing my every naked inch being me being face down, and I knew what was coming. I started pleading with her "Crystal please, don't do this to me!" But she just laughed it off as she grabbed my hands behind my back and used my own towel to tie them together. Now I knew I was in real trouble, and I spread my legs wide to try and prevent being turned over. She grabbed my shoulder and pulled, but I resisted and held strong, so she grabbed my face and tried to use it as leverage. When that didn't work, she grabbed her phone again and stuck it between my legs! Before she could take any pictures I immediately closed them, but this allowed her to grab my far knee and pull. I started struggling and fighting like mad, but
I was still flipped face up and naked in front of my worst enemy. I pulled as hard as I could on my towel-tie holding my hands away from even covering myself, as I watched her start taking pictures of me. She even got extreme closeups of both of my nipples, and my bare little pussy, before I broke free of my towel. I quickly scrambled up and just started running away from her, not even wasting the time to grab my towel, my only cover.

To be continued.
Friday, June 12th 2009 - 10:36:04 PM
Name: adam
E-mail address: adam_chinu@chinu.com
Subject: pantsed girl
Message:I remember there was a girl in my class. She was thin with developed tits and a nice bottom. One day she came to class wearing snug shorts kind of showing off so we decided to pants her. Later right before swim class she came up with a few of her friends, whom we had already gotten to go along with our plan. We all got in the pool but she wasn’t a very good swimmer so she was using a swimmers tube. Once the time was right, her two friends grabbed her and I pulled her swim shorts all the way off underwater. She got pulled under and started thrashing about screaming. We hid her bottoms from her and left her in the pool with naked pussy and bottoms in full view to anyone who dove under the water. Everybody was doing it and laughing at her. She finally made it to the ladder on the edge and was just stuck there. We were all staring at her naked pussy and butt up close and personal. She was crying for us to give her shorts back to her but instead her friends grabbed her out of the pool naked and videoed her pussy and ass. It was so cool and nice pussy too.
Thursday, June 11th 2009 - 09:47:04 PM
Name: Fraternity Man
Subject: The Other Girl (explicit)
Message:[There are a couple of stories that were supposedly first parts that I'd love to see finished, if the authors haven't disappeared (based on the past for at least one of them they're probably lurking around here somewhere). I'm thinking of Savior, Camp Redtree, and Doctor's Office most recently. Anyway, here's a story that happened to me right toward the end of my junior year of college.]

I started dating a girl in November of my junior year of college. She was a freshman, and wound up transferring after the fall semester. It kinda sucked, but we were determined to try and stay together. The part that made it complicated was one of my friends who was a girl. Before I started dating my girlfriend, I had been attracted to both of them for entirely different reasons. So now I was left with a girlfriend hundreds of miles away and a girl who I was still pretty attracted to only a five minute walk away.

At first, the other girl, Jackson, didn't seem interested, so it wasn't a problem. However, as the spring semester progressed, she started acting far more flirty toward me and my roommate, Reese. As the weather warmed up it seemed she was too. My college is near a lake, and a lot of time people would go down there at night to swim.

I'm a huge fan of swimming, but for some reason (I think we can all guess why by the end of the story) I didn't own a bathing suit anymore. I tended to swim in athletic shorts or my boxer-briefs depending on the crowd, but my favorite was skinny-dipping. I had sort of come to be known as the guy who suggested going to the lake, by this time in my college career, and it had become cliche enough that I kept having to invite new people. Also, many of my friends who liked skinny-dipping had transferred or graduated.

So one night in the spring semester, I was hanging out with Reese and Jackson and we were doing what college students do: drink and watch movies. It was really warm out that night and, as my reputation preceded me, Jackson wanted to go swimming. I went through my standard bit of, "I don't have a swimsuit," "We can swim in whatever," "I've got towels," (because I found that towels were the one thing nobody ever though to bring). She still really wanted to go, and we talked my roommate into it.

We walked cross campus and started down to the lake. Now, Jackson has a habit of drinking more than she should, she confuses tolerence (how much she can drink) with happiness (how much she should drink), so she was very buzzed. As we got into the wood area on the way to the lake, it was dark and we were talking, then I got hit in the face with squishy cloth. I picked up a black bra from my feet, seemed Jackson wasn't going to wait for the lake. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with flip-flops, casual college wear. The closer we got to the lake, the closer she got to being naked.

She tugged her t-shirt off next, tossing that to Reese and letting her breasts bob freely. She had a-cups, being athletic, so she didn't really suffer from lack of a bra. The hard part was the jeans. She had to stop to take them off, and she had to wriggle a lot. That was a very nice picture, her wriggling her ass, letting her breasts bob, as she slowly revealed a matching black pair of boyshorts.

We were all the way to the lake now, and Reese and I stripped down to our underwear. Jackson asked if we were skinny-dipping, and I said it was up to them. Nobody really made a decision, so Jackson kept wandering around. She'd wander between me and Reese, leaning on us in turn. We were enjoying the night air.

Then Reese came up behind me and pressed against my back. She ran one hand down to my ass and started caressing it, and moving it between my legs. I felt bad, because of my girlfriend, but it had been two months since I'd seen her, so Jackson's hand felt pretty damn good! As I gave in a little, she moved her hand further, massaging where the backs of my thighs came together. Then she snaked a hand around my front and went for my crotch.

That shocked me, as she'd repeatedly claimed to have no attraction of that sort to me. I snapped out of it a little bit and jumped away merely saying the very eloquent, "Woah, woah, no, wait, no, no." You can really tell I write from coming up with those words, right?

I tried to pawn her off on my roommate, and she went over to him for a while. She complained that she couldn't do anything with him because his dick was too big (apparently over 9 inches, whereas I'm a far more normal 5). The light from the moon gave me a good look at her 5' 6" frame, dirty blonde hair, pale-ish skin. Formerly a cheerleader, she still kept in pretty good shape. The kind of girl who didn't notice me in high school.

We decided it was time to jump in the lake. Everyone dropped their underwear and ran in. We started paddling around and splashing each other some. I grabbed Jackson to use as a human shield against Reese's splashing and hooked both her arms behind her back. I held her in front of me as Reese swept huge waves of water at us. Suddenly I felt her hands grabbing around my front. It took me a second to figure out what she was trying to do. I lowered her a little and she got a hold of my dick.

She started squeezing it gently while still kicking water back at Reese. I couldn't figure out how she could multi-task so well. I shouted at Reese to go hide her clothes while I had her wrapped up and he grinningly ran out of the water and scooped up her clothes, running into the woods, leaving me and Jackson alone.

She tried to turn around, but I wouldn't let her. I kept her hands handcuffed behind her with one hand, so she could keep working on my dick, and slipped my other hand around her waist. I moved my fingers into her pubic hair and massaged the area, pressing her back into me some. I let my fingers drift further down, until I was hovering over her clit. She tried to hop up some, forcing me to make contact, but I kept my hand away. She whined a littlel and I made contact. I fingered her clit, rubbing it around and sometimes sliding a finger deeper, rubbing between her lips.

We stood like that for a while, my hand in her crotch, her hands in mine, us both in the lake. She started trying to turn around and I let her. She threw her arms around my necks and squeezed up against my front. Her mouth went to my neck, biting and sucking on it, trying to make a huge mark. She swayed her hips back and forth, rubbing her front against my crotch (I'm significantly taller than her, so it was not crotch on crotch). When she was satisfied with my neck she started pushing back on my shoulders.

"Float." It was the first word either of us had said in a long time. It seemed extraordinarily loud over the water. I leaned back and started floating on the surface of the water, I figured I'd gone this far I might as well see it through. She stood between my legs, just looking at my crotch for a while. I was trying to figure out what her game was when she dipped down and enveloped my dick in her mouth. It felts so good, suddenly being extremely warm and contained after being in the cold water.

She bobbed her head up and down and rubbed her tongue against me. It had been a long time since I'd had any such attention, so I was very quickly close to being done. I didn't want it to stop, but she had other ideas. She pushed my hips back down in the water, and seemed to want them to meet up with hers. That's where I drew the line, I stopped her. I was not going to have sex with her, I hadn't even had sex with my girlfriend (she was a virgin, and I didn't want to push her). I got my senses back about me, and luckily for me Reese reappeared. We got out of the lake and Reese and I got dressed. Jackson didn't even seem to notice that her clothes were missing, and just slipped her flip-flops on.

We walked back from the lake and cross campus with her totally ass naked. It was late, so we didn't run into anyone, but Reese and I kept shooting each other laughing looks. She may have been so drunk that she truly didn't notice her predicament. When we got back to our room, she had sobered enough to ask for something to wear. My roommate loaned her shorts and a t-shirt. Then she passed out on the sofa.

I flashed a one-minute sign to Reese and went and got my camcorder. Once I started rolling, he carefully pulled the t-shirt up off of her again, and rolled the shorts down. He put his back between me and her face, and then took his dick out. He opened her mouth and carefully, so as to avoid teeth, started pumping in and out. Reese moaned a little and moved out of the way, leaving a little trail of semen from her neck to her breasts.

Laughing, we tied her hands together, and her ankles together, and threw a blanket over her. Then we split to our rooms (this had happened in a common room). After I could tell Reese was asleep, I went back down. I moved the blanket off and jerked off over the sleeping form of the other girl in my life. I knew it was going to be an interesting next couple of weeks until school ended. I shot onto her stomach and threw the blanket back over her.

I went up to my room and called my girlfriend. She was just getting back from clubbing and getting into bed herself, I didn't ask what she'd done at the clubs and she didn't ask what I'd done at my college in the boonies. She talked me into telling her dirty stories until she fell asleep (you can see why we get along so well).

Nothing else really happened with Jackson, though she still vascillated between saying she didn't like me that way and throwing herself at me. My girlfriend and I stayed together, and are happily still together.
Thursday, June 11th 2009 - 09:44:56 PM
Name: Tom
Subject: Stripped
Message:My girlfriend Nancy and I were walking in the park one evening when a group of our so-called high school friends jumped out of the woods and surrounded us. There was a lot of kidding about why we had not asked them to join us, and what we were going to do in the park, and stuff like that. Suddenly Tina grabbed at my t-shirt and pulled it off. Everybody then started pulling at our clothing. Nancy was screaming at them to stop as they yanked open her blouse. I tried to help her, but I had been tackled and was laying on my back with my jeans half way down my legs. As I looked over at Nancy, I saw her blouse and skirt were off and Mike was unhooking her bra. Nancy was pleading with him to stop but nobody was listening to us. The stripping frenzy kept going and soon I was left in only my tighty-whities and Tina had a death grip on those and was pealing them off my butt. Nancy's bra came off in Mike's hands and her little white cotton panties were being literally ripped to pieces by several of the girls. Nancy and I had done a little damage to our attackers and I could see Mary's white bra through her torn blouse and Mike's shorts were tangled over his sneakers. His jock strap framed his naked white ass. But there were just too many of them and Nancy and I were soon as naked as the day we were born. Our "friends" tied us naked to a tree along the path where we could be plainly seen. It was like that, naked and exposed, that Nancy's parents found us later that night. Talk about embarrassing, Nancy's step-father saw her wonderfully rounded breasts with her very erect pink nipples and her very bushy jet black pubic hair nestled between her legs. Her Mom saw me with a substantial hard-on I just could not make go away. Needless to say, we never walked alone in that park again.
Tuesday, June 9th 2009 - 09:42:36 PM
Name: kj
Subject: Want
Message:A long long time ago (about 5 months ago) when I was going out with this dancer chick, Megan, we had a really good thing together. Pretty much we went to the movies, made out, or got naked every time we met. Well one night when we went to the movies she did something I never expected her to; she unzipped my pants and pulled them (along with my boxers) all the way to the floor. Before I had time to react, she had stripped off her tight jeans and tiny panties and was stroking my dick right there. Luckily we were in the back so no one was watching us, but yeah...it seemed awkward. As soon as I got hard (about three seconds after I saw her plump ass slide out of her pants) She moved over to my chair and rode me sooooo fucking hard! It was embarrassing leaving the theater with a huge stain on my pants, but it was definitely worth it.
Sunday, June 7th 2009 - 09:29:50 PM
Name: Web
Subject: Seen Naked By Everyone!
Message:(Found this one in the teenfx.com embarrassing story section. I did not write it but it's a good one)

Last year my friends and I went to a pool. When we were walking home they planned to untie my bathing suit and run away.. and they did! We were walking on a sidewalk at the time. I had my towel around me. They took it away. I didn't think much of it till they went after my bathing suit next and untied it, took it away, and ran! They left me stark naked, not to mention it was on a busy street where a lot of people from town who knew me could have driven by. I ran after them trying to catch them or at least get the towel back, but it was no use. They got way ahead of me leaving me bare naked in the street with cars passing by slowing down and honking at me! I ran to a less busy road because at least a hundred people had seen me already.

I knew I couldn't get home like this, so I took back roads to my friend's house. Running down a street nude trying to cover up your top and bottom isn't easy. I started to get really tired, so I resorted to walking for a bit. It was then that a few guys from school spotted me and ran up to me! They circled around me and started to walk with me trying to talk to me. I was completely mortified! They just kept looking at me and staring and I couldn't do anything about it. I tried to run from them but they stopped me. I asked one of then for their sweatshirt. He said no because they liked the view, then he slapped my butt. I turned down this street close to my friend's house that didn't have any cars on it so that made me feel a little better. Then one guy ran about ten feet in front of me, while the other one grabbed my hands away from covering myself so the others could snap a nice picture of me!

I bolted in tears making it to my friend's house to find out they were there waiting for me! I told them everything, and then they felt bad. I still haven't forgiven them. I don't know what happened to the picture! High school guys are so cruel!
Tuesday, May 26th 2009 - 10:57:18 PM
Name: Poor Babysitter
Subject: The Unlocked Door
Message:A while back I was overnight babysitting 3 brothers, aged 10, 11, and 12, for parents that worked nights. I was only 16 myself after all, but they wanted someone around in case of danger and to get the hellions to do their chores I guess. They were usually trouble.

Bath time was always difficult, as I'd have to literally drag them into the bathroom, shut the door on them, and tell each one that I wouldn't let them out until I heard the water running. Then I would inspect their hair before they could leave. If they were taking too long, I'd usually tease them by saying that I was going to come in after them in 2 minutes, which always got a fun reaction, and got their asses done in time. Once all three were finally done I'd send them to bed, then get my own bath in.

Today though, while I was bathing, I heard the boys wake up and move around in the hallway. I yelled for them to go to bed and thought little of it, until suddenly the bathroom door opened! I covered my top with my arm, and my lower area with my washcloth, before screaming at them "HEY! I'm in here!" I noticed quickly that this wasn't an accident when the oldest started taking pictures of me with his digicam, so I yelled again "Out of here NOW, I am telling your parents about this!" The oldest boy snickered and responded "No you won't. If we get in trouble, I'll post these pictures up online!"

So at this point I'm trying to cover and cower under the water as much as possible, but then the youngest boy reaches in and takes the plug, letting the water start to drain. I try one last time to gain control "Ok look, if you guys leave right now, I won't tell, but if you don't I'll break that camera and get you all in a lot of trouble!" The oldest just cockily retorted "Pfft, no you won't" as they all watched as the soapy water drained away from my naked body.

Once all that was covering my body were my arms and my little washcloth, the next step was obvious, yet I'd hoped they wouldn't go that far: the middle boy called out "Get her arms!" I grabbed onto myself tightly as the oldest and middle boys both grabbed one of my arms and started pulling them apart. I shook around and fought, which made the oldest boy put down the camera and devote himself fully. I fought for at least 20 seconds, but eventually my grip was released and both of my arms were held over my head, and the only thing left on me was my tiny washcloth held between my legs...my boobs were now fully on display!

After they had stared at my exposed nipples for quite awhile, the older two called for their brother to reach in and take away my washcloth, the only cover I had left! I pleaded with him "No, please don't." but naked girl overrides pleading girl, and he reached between my legs and grabbed it. I held on tightly by closing my legs together, but it did nothing as he quickly pulled the washcloth off of me and exposed my pubes and the front of my pussy to all three horny boys!! After staring for at least 2 minutes, the younger boy then grabbed the camera and took a whole bunch of pictures, including close-ups of each nipple and my pussy. All I could do was hold my legs together to hide the last part of my pussy from them, but now the older boys grabbed my legs with one arm each while holding my arms steady with their other, and forced my legs apart long enough for at least 3 pictures.

At this point I was able to fight free, and took off after the three fleeing boys. I grabbed the youngest first, since he was slowest, and I yelled out "So, you boys like seeing people naked? Let's see how YOU like it!" before yanking his pajama shirt off and grabbing his waistband. The boy quickly started begging "No, no, please no!" but I was in no mood for mercy and ripped it off of him, exposing him fully to me. I then sat on his legs, held his arms, grabbed the camera, and took a bunch of pictures of his naked body. Releasing him, I ran after the other two, stripping each of their cowering and pleading bodies naked and snapping plenty of pictures of them next. I then took the camera to my laptop where I uploaded all of the pictures before wiping the camera.

I then told the boys that if *I* got in any trouble, THEY would show up on the internet, and that I had the pictures of me as well in case I needed to prove to their parents what they did to me. This would've worked better in the long run had I thought to change my laptop password to one they didn't know, but that's a story for another day....
Tuesday, May 26th 2009 - 10:52:39 PM
Name: Stroker Ace
Subject: Sister's Friend Walked In
Message:Based on real events..

OK I'm 16 and have raging hormones which cause me to do unusual things. Sometimes when I am alone I like getting naked just for the heck of it. Well one day after school I had the whole house to myself so I took all my clothes off and started, well you know playing with myself. I found shaving cream in the bathroom and decided to use it. I covered most of my body in it, well my torso that is, and was in my sisters room (I know weird but I like to pick dangerous places too) on a towel and was having a little "fun" with myself.

Well I guess in all I was doing at the time I wasn't aware that one of my sister's friends from across the street had come over to look for her! I live in a neighborhood where we rarely lock doors so she just let herself in. She must have been really quiet or something because I never heard a damn thing and I think I would have heard someone coming in the house! I don't know it was weird. Well as you can probably guess she wanders into my sister's room calling for her and there I am stark naked on a towel on my sister's bed with my hands on my you-know-what covered in shaving cream. How much more embarrassing can it get! We both turned red and she looked at me, but then turned around, but then looked again laughing and covering her mouth looking as shocked as I was. I stood up horribly embarrassed and stunned not quite knowing what to do.

Laughing at me she said, "Does your sister know you do this?" I could have died right there knowing how humiliating it would be for this to get out. With my face burning with embarrassment I said, "No, and please don't tell anybody??", some what desperate and begging.

I went to the bathroom to clean off in the shower and she followed me! She said, "What exactly were you doing?" with a big smirk knowing well what I was doing. I cleaned myself up but to make matters worse after I was done I realized I had no clothes and only a shaving cream covered towel. Well she decided to be funny and follow me naked to my room just watching the entire time I dried off and put clothes on.

She said, "I guess you owe me one" with a big smirk on her face and left shortly after that. Talk about embarrassing!
Monday, May 25th 2009 - 10:48:46 PM
Name: Shana
E-mail address: shishana@hotmail.com
Subject: Locker room embarrassment
Message:This is the worst ever. I was in the 11th grade in High School and I was in the locker room getting dressed for PE. Right in the middle of changing my so called friends circled around me and snatched up all of my clothes before I even knew what happening, leaving me in my underwear only. They ran out and tossed everything (even my gym clothes!) into the boy’s locker room. Laughing their asses off at me they said I had to go get my clothes now or stay like I was. I had to run out into the hallway in just my panties and bra and scream into the boy’s locker room for them to throw my clothes back out. No one did so I just went in there to get them myself. Once inside ALL the boys in the locker room saw me and were hollering and laughing at me. It was very embarrassing, but then got even worse! One of my (former) friends must have thought that I was not embarrassed enough as is because while I was standing there she pushed the door open from behind and totally pulled my panties down all the way to my ankles, then ran out of the locker room! They saw EVERYTHING. They boys exploded with laughter louder than ever cheering and whistling, including the assistant Coach who was standing there with them too!!! He didn't even do anything, he just kept laughing along with everyone else! Horribly embarrassed I pulled my panties up and got my clothes back. After that though I was the talk of the school for the rest of the day, and became more popular than ever in the long run.
Wednesday, May 20th 2009 - 10:36:47 PM
Name: Mallory
Subject: Wet T Shirt Contest
Message:This happened to me over spring break. My friends and I (4guys 3 girls) decided to go to Mexico over the break because it was our senior year of high school and we were looking to relax and enjoy it as much as we could. (And where better than Mexico right?) The trip was a blast and everyone was having a great time all week. None of us are real big partiers back home, but since it was spring break senior year we decided to indulge. On the last night we were at this beach party concert which was really fun. Well I was flirting and teasing with a couple hot Mexican guys that worked at the place we were at. As the flirting went on, the guys asked me if I wanted to be in a wet t-shirt contest. I laughed and immediately told them no but as the night wore on I got more and more drunk and actually started considering it. My girlfriends were with me at the time and the guys kept egging us on saying stuff like "You're in Mexico!" and "You can keep your bikini tops on underneath your shirts if you want" and "You girls will be the favorites to win the $500! prize." After a while we all decided what the hell? And since there was no sign of our guy friends at the time no one back home had to find out about it.

We followed the guys back stage and removed our shirts; kept our bikini tops on, and put on the white "shirts" over top (they were more like rags.) I was actually getting nervous as the other girls went before me. Almost all of them ended up topless much to the delight of the crowd. I laughed, thinking I was gonna go out there and get booed off the stage because of my bikini top, but I didn't care. I went out and started dancing to the music, and surprisingly the crowd was really going wild even though I wasn't showing anything. As my "routine" went on though, they started chanting stuff like "show your tits!" and other typical drunk guy chants. I refused to go any further though and walked off stage when the song was over. My girlfriends went after me and they didn't show anything either, but the crowd was not as friendly to them and we all laughed as the boos were roaring through the beach. They called us all on stage afterwards so they could decide who would make it to the second round. My friends and I were pretty much hiding in the back as all the other girls flashed their breasts when their names were called. As the announcer called my name I stepped forward. Once again, I was surprised at the how friendly the crowd was toward me, I smiled at them and stepped back to my spot. My friends went after me and they got cheered this time too. The announcer was saying the girls that made it to the second round, and he announced that me and my one other friend (Jen) made it! My friend that didn't make it actually seemed relieved and laughed as Jen and I went backstage for the second round. This time the announcer gave us some drinks and told us we had to remove our bikini tops for the second round. Well, we figured we made it this far without showing anything so maybe one of us could win that prize. We went into the bathroom, removed our tops while laughing hysterically and put on those white t-shirts.

This time the crowd was really going crazy when I went out on stage. As the guy soaked my shirt, I nervously looked down while continuing to dance. I was embarrassed to see that my nipples were clearly visible through the shirt! I danced the rest of the song with my hands over my breasts to limit their exposure. I was extremely relieved when the song finally ended. Jen was up next and she was even more embarrassed than me. She kept her hands over her shirt-covered breasts almost the entire song. The crowd was very disappointed at this, and once again, boos rang throughout the area. Jen and I walked back onstage afterward for the announcement of girls who would make it to the second round. By now, Jen and I were the only girls left that even had a shirt on. When the guy said my name, I stepped forward and dropped my hands to give them a shot of my breasts covered barely by my see through shirt. They loved this and were dying to see more. Jen was announced next, but she kept her arms crossed over her boobs and the crowd let her hear how unhappy they were. She laughed it off. The guy announced the finalists and I had made it! I was actually excited now thinking I could win the prize money. It came as no surprise that Jen wouldn't make it and she joined my other friend in the crowd. I walked backstage eager for the final round.

The guy backstage was again passing out drinks and I took another one (stupid!) He told us all to do whatever we thought we had to win and at this point I was actually contemplating flashing my boobs to secure the victory.

The girls that danced ahead of me were really getting wild at this point. All were topless and most pulled their bikini bottoms down mooning or flashing their you know what at the crowd. When it was my turn, I was really nervous and still hadn't decided whether or not I was willing to show my tits or not. As the music played I danced and the crowd was really egging me on. Finally I just decided to go for it, and I reached the bottom of the shirt and pulled it up baring my nicely shaped c-cup boobs to the crowd! They erupted at the site of my tits and I quickly let the shirt back down to cover them. I then began unzipping my skirt, which was on over my bikini bottom, intending to take it off. I was really working the crowd at this point and I turned my back to them and wiggled the skirt off my ass. Unfortunately, I was so drunk and nervous, that my bikini bottoms had become entangled with the skirt. When my skirt dropped to the ground, my bikini bottoms were right there with them! Luckily my back was to the crowd as they went absolutely insane at the sight of my bare butt. I tried to bend over to pick up my bikini, while feebly covering my front side but the guy running the water would have none of it. He turned the hose on full blast and sprayed my skirt and bikini bottoms off the back of the stage, leaving me basically bare naked in front of hundreds of people!

Using both hands to cup my pussy, I crossed my legs and turned toward the crowd to prevent them from receiving further shots of my ass. I then backed off the stage as quickly as possible even though the song was only half way done. The crowd didn't even care that I left prematurely as they were roaring louder than ever. With both hands place firmly over my privates I tried to ask the guys backstage for my bottoms, but they refused saying they'd give them back after they announced the winner.

The announcer called all the girls back on stage, and I was basically pushed out there. The crowd erupted again as I made my bottomless appearance back on stage. I stood there shyly giggling at the time (cause I was drunk) while desperately trying to cover myself. When the announcer called my name this time, the sound of the crowd was no surprise. They had now begun the chant "Move your hands! Move your hands!" I smiled at them, but they were not going to see any more of me. When the announcer said I won the $500 prize money!, I was actually excited again! I stepped forward to receive the check as the guy sprayed more water on me. The bastard had turned the water on very high and it actually hurt as it hit my breasts. As he continued to spray, the tiny little shirt ripped right off my breasts exposing them to the crowd once again! With my hands being used to cover my kitty, I had no way to shield my tits as cameras flashed throughout the crowd capturing my boobs on film. I tried to use my arms to cover what I could, but it was useless. I began yelling at the announcer to just "Give me the check! Give me the check!" But he took his good old time. I had to use one hand to grab it while the other was pressed firmly against my coochie. He held the check above his head, making me raise my hand to grab it. He didn't let go right away though, instead saying let's hear it one more time for the beautiful Mallory!! As I enjoyed the roars and approval of the crowd I didn't even realize the guy creeping up on the other side of me. All in one motion, he grabbed my hand covering my crotch and raised it high over my head, exposing my bare pussy to the crowd!! I couldn't hear anything at this point as the crowd was so loud. I began wiggling to escape him but it was no use a he held on tight. It seemed as if I was completely sober now, and I remember everything very vividly. However, I was blinded by all the cameras flashing, taking in shots of my shaved clean, buck naked vagina!!

After what seemed like an eternity, the announcer released the check to me and I used it to cover myself up (it was one of those big checks). I then basically sprinted offstage, horrified at what had just happened. I ran into my friends who all had a scared look on their face. Then I really became worried as I saw my guy friends standing right next to them with huge grins on their faces!! The other guys backstage handed me my bikini top and bottom, along with my skirt. I quickly got dressed right then and there covering what I could, but I’m sure my friends got some good looks at me. I went back to the hotel room right away with my girl friends, nearly in tears. The next day when I saw the guys I asked if they had any pictures of the previous night. They said no, but I still wonder to this day if they're lying. They also promised not to tell anyone back home, and they haven't yet, but that doesn't mean they won't. However, as much as a relief they have been, I am horrified to think of all the pictures and videos that the rest of the crowd got!!
Monday, May 11th 2009 - 10:34:46 PM
Name: Joshua
Subject: My Friend's Sister Gail
Message:I am good friends with my neighbor Doug across the street. We are almost the same age and hang out almost everyday playing kickball in the street. He has a younger sister named Gail. They are always at each others throats over something. She's very whiny but I think she's kind of cute too so I guess you could say I have a little crush on her even though I would never admit it to Doug. Doug likes to pick on her a lot and make fun of her whiny voice.

This happened about a month ago. They got a trampoline in their back yard. We were in back bouncing around on it having fun when Gail came out. She was wearing these fuzzy sky blue terry cloth shorts and only a bikini top. Wow she looked good all tan showing a lot of skin. She has some nice curves! She started ragging on Doug saying he ate all the ice cream and she hadn't even gotten to have any of it. Of course he was just being a smart ass back to her making fun of every thing she was saying just repeating it back. No one else was home at the time so she said she was going to get him in trouble when their Mom got home because he does this all the time.

Then Gail said she wanted to go on the trampoline too so she got on kind of barging in on us. I kept looking at Gail's body. She looked hot but I tried to not make it obvious that I was checking her out. Doug must have noticed me because a short while later when we got off to take a little break he came up to me and whispered in my ear. "Hey, want to see my sister's butt?" He was smirking from ear to ear as if he was daring me to dare him to do it. I kind of laughed and said, "What are you going to do?"

Well Gail was still bouncing around on the trampoline trying to do flips and stuff when Doug jumped back on too bouncing around coyly next to her. Giving me a look he maneuvered around behind her and next time she bounced up high he reached in grabbing her shorts right at the waistline quickly pulling them down. To be extra cruel he made sure he hooked into her underwear too. He pulled her shorts and panties completely down to her ankles right in front of me and then pulled them off and threw them over the fence into the neighbor’s yard! I got to see Gail's naked rear end, which was just as gorgeous as I had imagined, and her exposed and shockingly completely hairless (!!) pussy in all its glory too, tan lines and all. Screaming at Doug she cursed him out as she scrambled off the trampoline covering her privates in sheer embarrassment as she ran right past me into the house with Doug in chase right behind her laughing his head off at her. She ran inside screaming that he was going to be in so much trouble when Mom got home. Sarcastically all he kept saying was, "HA HA I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE THAT YOU SHAVE OFF ALL YOUR PUBIC HAIRS!" I heard them yelling at each other inside continuing to argue.

I sat there just plain stunned.

Later that day I found out he got grounded for a month by his parents. I can't say he didn't deserve it but next time I saw him I high-fived him for being so brazen.
Sunday, May 10th 2009 - 10:32:38 PM
Name: Katie
Subject: The Crush, The Sister and the Towel
Message:When I was 18, my parents went on vacation and left me home with my 10 year-old sister for a couple days. Which was totally my choice.

I decided to take a shower. My sister was watching TV in the living room. So I went to the bathroom and took off all of my clothes. Just as I'm about to step in, my dog, who's outside at the time started barking like crazy. I put a towel around me and ran outside to see what the matter was. It was the guy I had a crush on, standing in our driveway. He looked happy to see me in a towel. We started talking. About five minutes into the conversation, my sister came outside.I introduced her to him. The towel I was using was specially made for her, that she always whined and complained whenever anyone else would use it. She turned to me and got a really angry look on her face. "That's my towel!" she shouted..

Just then, with my crush standing there, my sister grabbed the towel, leaving me naked. She ran into the house with it. I ran to the door totally naked. My crush saw me in the buff. I was beyond mortified. To make it worse, she had locked the door. I peaked in through the windows and saw her standing there laughing. My crush was also standing outside still looking at me. He pretended not to be looking, but I could tell he was. I covered up what I could with my hands as I ran around the house to the back door. Our neighbors, were having a pool party with a bunch of 14-15 year-olds. They all saw me and started laughing. Still, I managed to open the door, put on some clothes, yell at my sister and apologize to my crush.

Just wait till my sister enters high school. I'll find someway to embarrass her.
Thursday, May 7th 2009 - 10:26:45 PM
Name: Allison
E-mail address: alli_1981@live.com
Subject: Challenging Jenny
Message:I posted this on the USA Pulications Catfight Messageboard and beforeI did I treid to leave out what they would censor.
Well they Censored even more of it so I was told by a friend why not post it here as it was written out originally .
So here it is uncensored.

Nine years ago my Dad wrote in telling of a fight between me and the neighbor girl from across the street.
Her name was Jenny and both her and I didn't like each other, even though when we were younger we played together.

My Daddy and her Dad used to play chess together and one day when they were Playing they heard Jenny telling her friends
How she could kick my ass.

Her Dad told Daddy not to worry for it was only talk .
Daddy said he had also overheard me telling my friends that I was sure I could beat Jenny up in a fight.
They got to talking to each other about it and decided to ask us girls if we really wanted to fight each other .
Both of us agreed, so Daddy set it up for a day Mom wasn't home and we were to fight in our back yard.

I was so sure I could beat her, and in the begining It looked like I would, but I ended up beaten and crying infront of Jenny, her Dad, and Daddy.
I was so ashamed I ran off to my room and bawled like a baby.

I'm 28 years old now and have two kids who I take to see their Grandma and Grandpa who still live where we lived when I grew up.
Daddy still plays chess with Jenny's Dad.
He told me Jennifer still lives at home and has a child out of wedlock .
I asked if the Skank still lays out sunning herself in the front yard ?
Yes she does, he said .

Why do you want to fight her again, he laughed .
He could see me blush with embarrassment and he plodded me by saying it would probably be a big mistake on my part if I did.

I shot back she was just lucky, it wouldn't happen again remember she almost gave up on the first fall last time.
I will kick her butt.
Want me to tell her Dad and have him set it up, he challenged ?
Sure ! I said without giving it much thought, for I felt she wouldn't feel she had anything to prove and wouldn't fight again.

Daddy asked Her Dad when they played chess that night if he'd ask Jenny if she wanted to fight me again.

Daddy said to call him tonight and if Jenny was willing he'd send Mom off with my kids to the zoo tomorrow and we could again fight in our back yard.

I was horrified when my Dad told me .
OMG ! I said, who will watch the kids ? Jack's away on business this week, and besides I don't have a bathing suit.

I'm giving your Mom money to take the kids to the zoo and your old bathing suit is still up in your room, besides she may not want too fight you.

Yeah your right I'll bet she backs down.
How about it Allison do you want to back down or were you just letting your mouth overload your brain.

No way if she really wants to fight I will kick her butt !

Her Dad called back later and said Jenny said she was going to make me sorry I ever considered fighting her again.

before it was time for them to come over I tried on my suit, being heavier than I was at eighteen by nearly ten pounds it fit like a skin and kept slipping into my crack. the top was tight and caused my breasts to bulge out at the sides .

Jenny and her Dad arrived about twenty minutes later .

She looked so fit. She couldn't have been any heavier than I remember her and she was wearing a purple one piece suit that looked really nice on her .
She had a nice tan and her blond hair was now cut about shoulder length.

My hair though still blond looks kind of washed out and tired even though it's still long and I don't get much sun so my skin is pale.

My old black suit is also a one piece suit, cut high on the hips and I was afraid that it would slip and show more than I wanted .

I asked Our Dad's what are the rules, and Daddy said, you are both adults now so there are no rules you both fight until it is mutually agreed by the two of you that it is over .

Kick her butt Allison Daddy yelled I yelled back I will Daddy but froze in my tracks when I saw the smirk on Jenny's face.
I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights as Jenny's fist slammed into the side of my nose and face.

Get her jenny I heard her Dad yell, only then did I realize I was on my back .

She kicked my in my crotch twice, then stomped on my pubic mound .

I screamed and tried to sit up, the next kick was to my face, Get up Ally! Daddy hollered, Get up !

I felt Jenny rap my hair in her hand jerking my head up, then bringing me to a sitting position, she raked the nails of her other hand down my face, I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Please No more I give up ! It has to be a mutual agreement to end the fight Bitch and I'm not ready to end it.
Jenny said, I want to be sure you will never do this again.

She grabbed the strap around my neck and untied it pulling my suit to my waist .
Yanking on my hair she screamed on your feet you Fat fucking skank !

I was half pulled up from the ground, and as I got to my feet she pulled my suit to my knees .
Nothing could describe the humiliation I felt as she bared my completely shaved vagina .
She put her foot between my legs and shoved my suit to the ground .

She again hit me with her fist in the face I stubbled backwards and fell on my back completely naked my legs slightly spread .
Jenny Held up my suit and said, Take my winners picture Daddy just like we talked about.

Her Dad took out a digital camera and took a photo of her holding up her hand with my suit in it.
She walked to her Dad and took the camera she came back to me bent down grabbing one foot at a time and spread my legs wide showing my gaping vagina and anus to our Dads .

I lay there half concious not resisting as she spread me wide and snapped photos .
I felt so humiliated but I was also turned on by my own shame, I had the urge to urinate and laid there and wet myself not even caring that Jenny and our Dad's were watching me pee.

Jenny pulled me to my feet by my arm and said how's it feel Allison to be naked in front of your Dad ? I sobbed and told her I was so ashamed. You going to challenge me again whore ? No ! No ! I promise . She Jerked me around by my arm and slapped my butt as she shoved me toward my Dad . Look at that fat ass wobble Jenny laughed.
Dad took me in his arms and Held me As I cried.

Monday, May 4th 2009 - 10:22:55 PM
Name: Hed PE
Subject: Stripping Gisele (xxx)
Message:This happened at my Cousin Sam's house a few weeks ago. He had Gisele his other cousin over for a weekend visit. She has blond shoulder length hair and is a real knock out. She's sort of a Jessica Alba look a-like with an amazing ass. All she kept talking about was how she had any boy at school she wanted wrapped around her finger. Hot but kind of annoying too, yes.

Well to my surprise Sam's parents and ours left for the day leaving us with Gisele on our own. At first I could tell Sam was as thrilled as I was about being stuck with her. She was annoying but shortly after our parents left she came out all dolled up looking super hot in cotton shorts all rolled up at the waist showing off a lot of hip, extra make-up and eye liner, and her hair tied in pigtails. My eyes almost popped out my head looking at her round butt and snug shirt hugging her round boobs.

We started playing Wii sport and jumping around a lot. She got hot and tied her shirt up showing off her sexy bare tummy trying to cool off a bit. Every time she jumped up or bent over we could see hints of her gorgeous cheeks peeking out from under her short shorts. She had a white thong on. With her shirt tied the way it was we could see a lot of cleavage and a sexy white bra underneath too. Watching her showing off, me and Sam started trading looks. I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was... boner city!

Next time she was up playing I snuck up behind her real close without her knowing. Then when she least expected it I reached in and ripped her shorts down all the way to her ankles exposing her hot amazing little thonged ass. She jumped in total surprise then turned around trying to slap me but I ran away. She pulled her shorts back up and we all laughed about it after and went back to playing.

We waited a while and next time she was up again Sam snuck up behind her. It took a long time because she was suspicious now. Waiting for the perfect moment he reached in grabbed her shorts and pulled them down again, but this time he managed to hook his fingers under her thong and pulled that down along with it! Her gorgeous rear end was bared in all its glory, as well as her bare and very well trimmed pussy! Seeing her screech and jump up all startled with her amazing bottom jiggling and her bare pussy exposed was absolutely priceless. Bending over quickly flashing hints of her pussy and butt hole she hastily pulled her shorts and thong up again cursing at Sam. Mad she charged at Sam but he took off running before she could hit him. Mad, she then charged at me because I was laughing about it too. I ran off too fearing she'd kick me in the balls or something.

Once her back was to Sam though he ran up to her again grabbing the waistband of her shorts quickly pulling them and her thong all the way down to the floor again! This time though he stepped on her shorts pinning them to the floor so she could not pull them back up! Screaming super load she tried to pull them up but as she did Sam pushed her making her fall forward all bottomless and embarrassed. He took her short and panties away and would not give them back. Humiliated she knelt on the floor totally depantsed covering her pussy with both hands looking very embarrassed. She screamed at Sam demanding her pants back but all he did was hold them in the air taunting her daring her to come get them.

Once she did get up she tried to run away cupping her pussy and butt with her hands but we would not let her leave the room. Every time she tried we'd pull her hands away so we could see her hot bare pussy. She finally got so frustrated she tried to grab her shorts back from Sam while still covering her puss with her other hand. Taunting her Sam held her short up high making her jump up trying to snatch them back with her bare butt jiggling obscenely. Every time she got close to grabbing them he'd toss the over her head to me. We played keep away with her for a good while, not letting her leave, and continuing to pull her hands away till she got so frustrated she tried to kick Sam in the shin. She made good contact sending Sam to him knees writhing in pain. She grabbed her shorts and started to run away so I tried to stop her. She kicked me in the shin too leaving me winching in pain too. We both chased after her and she tried to slam the bedroom door on us but it didn't work. We pushed the door open and she screamed as we tackled her all half naked still as she had not even gotten a chance to pull her shorts back on.

We pulled her over on the bed and took turns holding her down and spanking her hot little cheeks. We spread her ass cheeks wide apart obscenely stretching out her anus and pussy from behind looking right into her pink pussy and open ass. I got a huge stiff boner in my pants and from what I could see so did Sam. We kept spanking her ordering her to apologize for kicking us in the shins but she refused. We said ok then we are going to pull your shirt off too and then spank and tickle you till you do! She screamed, "Oh my God you better not!" but it was too late. Sam pulled her arms above her head and I sat on her hips and pulled her shirt up till her bare tits popped out and we pulled her shirt over her head stripping her totally naked. We pinched her nipples and played with her soft round boobs till I was ready to cream in my jeans. Still refusing to apologize we tickled her stark naked body all over till she was screaming and twisting breathlessly begging us to stop. We held her down and tickled the outside of her pussy and squeezed her boobs till she got all hot and wet. She finally apologized begging us to stop tickling her or she was going to pee herself. We thought that was funny so we tickled her even harder pulling her legs apart saying we wanted to see her pee all over herself.

We tickled and poked her sides and inner thighs till she yelled, "Nooooo!" then started bucking up and down grunting and breathing funny. Her pussy got super wet and spurted a little but it wasn't really pee, more like she came right there in front of us! We laughed at her watching her pussy cum as we held her naked and humiliated on the bed. I took my cell phone out and started taking pictures which made her freak! She tried to cover and get away but we had her pinned down good. Sam said we’d delete the pictures on if she sucked our dicks. He undid his pants and took his hard shaft out but she refused to do that so he just started humping and rubbing his hard wiener all over her face and lips. We held her down but she didn't really fight back that hard kind of letting us do what we wanted to her now. I joined in and we both rubbed our stiff boners all over her naked body. Sam rubbed his cock all over her face stll refusing to open her mouth as I rubbed mine all over her hot wet ass till I could not control myself anymore. Pushing her cheeks apart I shot a huge load of hot goo all over her ass cheeks and in her ass pit. Shortly after that Sam came all over her face and in her hair. She complained that he had gotten in all in her hair but he just told her to shut up since she had wet her self all over his sheets.

We let her go and after she said she wanted my cell to make sure the pictures got deleted. I refused, and we proceeded to taunt her about it for the next 5 hours till our folks came home. By the time they eventually did it was really late so they said they'd be spending the night. Gisele was given Sam's bedroom and they told us to sleep out in the den.

Later after everyone was asleep we snuck into Sam's bedroom where Gisele was sleeping and told her we'd only let her delete the pictures if she got butt naked again and got on her knees and sucked us both off. Eventually she gave in and did it saying that we'd better not ever tell anyone about this! We made her get on her knees right in front of the closet door mirror so we could see her hot little ass she licked and sucked our dicks and eventually gagged on 2 large loads of cum. She had cum dripping all over her face and tits when we were done with her.

The next morning she was so embarrassed she could not even look us in the eye but deep down inside I know she liked it.
Saturday, May 2nd 2009 - 10:20:16 PM
Name: Joe
E-mail address: Jmass394@aol.com
Subject: Cruel Break up
Message:This is a story about a girl that I used to date. It's more of a story about my revenge. Her name's Ashley, she's black, petite, nice breasts, and she was kind of punkish. Well, when I was dating this girl I found out that she was actually dating another girl while she was going out with me. So one day when we were hanging out at this local park near my house, I got her to come with me into the bathroom so we could "have some fun" is what I told her. She followed, and I could tell she was excited and nervous, because she had never done anything like this before.
And so my plan was set in motion. Once we were in the bathroom, I locked the door and we began to make out and I slowly began feeling her up on her boobs and between her legs. I could tell she was getting really horny. I soon began to lift her shirt over her head, and then after that her bra. (Which was red by the way) With her topless I started to suck on her nipple and squeeze the other with my hand. The got hard right away. I swore this girl was so horny she was letting me do whatever I wanted.
I then kissed my way down her tummy, and undid her jeans. I then slid them down and off, removing her shoes as well. with her now in her black panties and white socks, I had her completely under my control, and she was gonna pay for cheating on me. I continued to kiss her and grope her and then pulled her panties down around her ankles and started fingering her. I was then making out with her, feeling one breast with my hand and fingering her with the other, the whole time with me completely clothed.
Then slowly and carefully, I began to move her towards the door. In a few moments we were outside, and by this time, I'd stopped fingering her, and she'd taken up the job and was doing it to herself! This is where it all went down hill for her. People that I had invited from our school were coming out of their hiding places to watch the show. Ashley of course was so deep into this hormone activated trance that she didn't take any notice of her impending humiliation. I slowly laid her down onto the asphalt parking lot, and had her there naked and masturbating, completely oblivious with her eyes closed to the growing crowd of mostly her enemies from school. Most of which had a camera or a camera phone on them and where snapping pics, and even videos while quietly giggling at the naked girl masturbating and moaning in front of them. Soon Ashley burst into a huge orgasm and tensed up and was soon lying in a puddle of her own cum. She then opened her eyes, and let out a deafening shriek. She found her self there lying completely naked except for her panties around her ankles and socks on her feet, having just masturbated and orgasmed in front of at least twenty camera phone wielding people from her school. She was humiliated beyond belief. She didn't know what to do. I walked over to her, spit right on her stomach, and said, "this is what you get for cheating on me bitch!" She slowly got up, crying she pulled her panties up and cupped one breast in each hand, walked over to the bathroom door, and finding that it was locked, she forced herself to turn to me and ask for help, I let her have her bra back which I had taken from the bathroom before it was locked, and she walked humiliated back to her house, and aside from seeing her in school for a week before she moved, I've never seen her again. One thing for sure, no girl ever cheated on me after that!
Friday, May 1st 2009 - 10:11:28 PM
Name: anonygirl
Subject: Caught Stealing
Message:I got caught stealing from a Mervyn's departemnt store once too.

I tried on these very cute but expensive leggings that I could not afford and decided to just try to wear them out insrtead. I balled up my own pants and underwear and put them in my bag and tried to walk out. They caught me right outside the changing room 5 minutes later. I think the changing room clerk tipped them off. They said I had to return what I stole so, to teach me a lesson, they ordered me take the tights off RIGHT THERE there and give them back! To avoid unsightly panty lines I hadn't put my underwear back on under the tights so I was bare underneath! I told them I had no underwear on under them but they said too bad! They forced me to take the stolen tights off right there in from of everyone and then they hand cuffed me totally bottomless and made me stand there while they gathered the facts. It was a big commotion and I cried my eye's out hanging my head in shame but they said that's what I get for stealing. Everyone including kids and parents saw my bare hiney and coochie! I could not even cover because my hands were cuffed behind me. More and more people started gathering all around me wanting to get a good look till it was a big crowd. There were some kids I knew from school there pointing and laughing at me. One of them yelled "nice pussy!" and "show us your tits too!" while laughing and taking pictures of me with his cell phone. After gathering all the info for his report the officer escorted me out of the store, dragging me out with no pants or underwear on completely sobbing my eyes out right in front of everyone. Following me, the crowd of stunned and wide eyed onlookers pointed and laughed at the seeing the young lady with NO pants on, with her bare ass and pussy exposed, being arrested for stealing. Outside he put me in the patrol car that way and left me bottomless and handcuffed with various people looking in at me while he took his time leaving. I begged for him to let me put my pants back on but he said no, everyhting was evidence still. He took me to the police station and dragged me through the station bare ass naked and crying to a holding cell. There I was handcuffed to a rail and made to stand humiliated for hours in from of other detainees who all got to look and make crude comments about my tight ass and cute pussy. Once they finally got to me, they strip searched me and gave me a full cavity search and everything. It was the worst day of my life!
Monday, April 27th 2009 - 10:06:13 PM
Name: annemarie
Subject: Caught Shoplifting
Message:I got caught shoplifting at a local department store when I was in high school. I was young and stupid and tried to steal some jewelry putting it in my pants. Well I thought I got away with it and was almost out the door when 2 security guards stopped me. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest knowing I was in trouble.

They asked me to come with them and led me across the store and down a long hallway to a back room. It had storage shelves on one side and a table, chairs and small couch on the other. It looked like a make shift break room. They took my bag and told me they had surveillance video of me stealing. I started stressing out big time now. They asked me if I had ever been arrested or been in jail. I told them no. Then they asked if I would consent to a search. Knowing I was busted I just confessed and dug the stolen jewelry out of the front of my pants and showed it to them. As soon as I did that they said I was under arrest for shoplifting and they would be calling the police. They handcuffed me with my hands behind my back.

I was horrified thinking of how embarrassing it was going to be for my parents and everyone to find out about this. I almost started crying. They called the Manager in to talk to me. I was so afraid of being arrested I begged him to please give me a break. Apologizing over and over I pleaded with him saying it was a big mistake and I was very sorry. He asked me if I ever had been arrested before for stealing. I told him no but he didn't seem to trust me. He looked at me with a very quizzical look for an uncomfortably long time. Then he said he'd consider it but only if I was telling the truth and wasn't hiding anything else. I said I was not but he said he wanted me searched to make sure there was nothing else. I begged them saying that was all I did, there was nothing else, but he didn't want to hear it. He told me he wanted me to strip so he could check! I was horrified. I didn't know what to do but didn't want to go to jail. Totally ashamed I agreed.

They uncuffed me and then ordered me to lift up my shirt and take it off. Completely embarrassed and red in the face I did it. They took it away. Then they told me to do the same with my pants. I undid them and shamefully wiggled them down off my hips taking them off. Just wanting it all to be over I handed them over for examination. I was left in only white panties and a black bra, but not for long. Next they ordered me to remove my bra. I had hoped they were going to see that I had nothing left to hide and not make me strip completely bare but I was wrong. Shamefully, I unhooked my bra and took it off covering my bare boobs with my hands. They told me no covering; put my hands at my sides. Then they told me to jump up and down. I asked why and the security guard said, "Just do it." They smirked watching my teenage tits bounce all around in front of them as if it was entertainment. It was very humiliating. Then they said drop the panties. Take them totally off. The manager said they wanted me to show them my "hot little ass and pussy"! They started getting extra perverted now with me. Totally ashamed I slowly pulled my panties down bearing everything to them. I had my pubes trimmed into a thin stripe only. Seeing this they all laughed making crude comments asking me if I was a little slut or what. They snatched the panties out of my hands and said I had better not dare to cover myself. I had a belly ring and a small tattoo on my bikini line. They called me a naked little teen slut and a little cock sucker.

Then they told me to turnaround and bend over. I didn't want too but they said if I didn't they would go a head and prosecute me. I finally gave in and shamefully did it. Then they told me to pull my cheeks apart wide so they could see my dirty little asshole. When I complied they all bust out laughing calling me a dumb bitch asking me if I had ever had a dick up my ass. Now getting more belligerent they told me to spread my pussy lips apart too. I did everything they asked just wanting the nightmare to be over. Humiliated I spread my self as they laughed saying "wider" and even telling me to stick fingers in my pussy and butt too.

Once I did all of that I hoped they would let me go but the Manager said I still needed some sort of punishment for stealing, since they were being nice enough to let go. They whispered to each other for a few seconds then turning to me the Manager told me to lie back on the couch with my legs up. I was worried they might want to rape me or something but he said they were going to give me a good spanking as punishment for shoplifting. He ordered me to hug my legs and hold myself like that. Hugging my legs left my ass hole and pussy quite exposed. I whined but he told me to shut up and take it or they'd call the police. Ordering me to stay still all 3 of them took turn spanking me even slapping me right on my asshole and pussy every so often calling me a little thief and making comments about my asshole and pussy lips. They spanked my ass till it was red and burning as I pouted and cried in total shame kicking my legs with each stinging swat. They pulled my cheeks apart extra wide stretching my bunghole and pussy apart for their entertainment.

After a good 10 minutes of this humiliating abuse they took out their stiff cocks and jerked themselves till they shot wads of sperm all over my ass and even in my face and in my hair!

They threw my clothes at me calling me a little slut and told me to get dressed and never come back to the store again or they would have me arrested. They wouldn't even give me anything to wipe myself off with! I had to use my own clothes and walk through the mall with their jism drying all over me!
Sunday, April 26th 2009 - 10:00:51 PM
Name: Claire
Subject: Locker Room Prank
Message:I was at school one day when a boy came running out of the boys locker room telling me and some of the other girls around me to stand by the locker door. We did and a little while later we saw a boy get pushed out and he was completely naked! He tried to cover his penis but all of us started laughing at him and we could tell he was reaaally embarrassed! We ran over to him and he tried to run away, but there was nowhere to go. Four of the girls held him down and the rest of us got to get a close look at his penis. It started growing and we saw him struggle to get up. We just laughed and started touching his penis all over. Sperm started leaking from the top so we let him go. It was really exciting seeing a boy naked and I think he will never be as embarrassed as he was today.
Wednesday, April 20th 2011 - 09:52:42 PM
Name: Brian
Subject: Unwanted Boner
Message:About a year ago when I was 17 this girl who went to my school invited me to a party. It was during the summer when this took place, so it was a swim party and everyone had come in a bathing suit. There were about 12 girls and I think 9 guys who ended up going, and I was actually having a really great time. We swam, played guitar hero, jumped on the trampoline, and everything was going fine...that was until I decided to talk to this insanely cute girl who was there. She wore a tiny bikini which showed off her amazing butt and perfect sized breasts. She was super tan had curly brown hair and a great smile. Well I started talking to her about the sports I played and I asked her how her summer was going and I felt like I was doing all the right things. It seemed totally awesome that I was actually getting to know a girl this hot!!! Well then out of nowhere as we were walking by the pool she tripped and fell and as her knees hit the ground her bikini top slipped down and both of her breasts were exposed. They were totally white and her nipples were extremely
hard! I immediately got a boner right in front of her and her eyes widened. She pulled up her top and pulled me completely away from everyone into the side yard. She rubbed my dick and started kissing me and right there in the bushes we got naked and fucked each other. It was absolutely crazy and I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.
Wednesday, April 20th 2011 - 08:34:27 PM
Name: Ravegirl
Subject: The Doctors Office
Message:Here's a new and different one from me. It's a little explicit so there you go...

I'm 16 and I live with my Mom only now ever since she divorced my Dad. I'm 5' 6" with long dark hair and like athletics. I just joined the cheer squad this year and ever since then boys at school have been chasing after me. I hear them talking about how they think I have a hot body, and a nice ass. I like the attention but I don't like being stared at where ever I go. At home we don't have a lot of money so my Mom sends me to the clinic when I have to see the doctor. It's low grade and always crowded so I hate it when I have to go.

Well I recently had to get a physical for school. My Mom sent me alone to the clinic with a note. When I got there it was really crowded and they said they could not see me. They referred me to another clinic that I have never gone to before. It was a few towns away in an area that I have never been to before. It turned out to be even worse that the clinic I go too. I signed in and had to wait in a crowded waiting room for almost 3 hours! Finally I was called and led back to an exam room which had curtains separating the different examination areas.

The fat ugly nurse gave me a paper robe and told me to take my clothes off (except for my underwear) and put the robe on. I did but it was on the small side so I wrapped it tight around me and tied it in back so that my butt would not be showing. She did the normal tests, like blood pressure and temperature and then left saying the doctor would be in shortly.

A long while later the doctors came in. It was a middle aged man with dark hair and glasses. He seemed young for a doctor and looked very studious. I told him that I asked for a woman doctor but he just looked at me blankly and said he was the only doctor available, and I was free to go if I wanted too. I did not feel comfortable but after all that waiting I just wanted to get it done with.

He looked me over and then went to my file and asked what I was there for. I told him just a physical for school. He said ok and told me to sit up so he could listen to my chest. He put the stethoscope on my chest over the paper robe but it was sort of in the way so he began to pull open saying I needed to open it up more. I had it tied tight so I went to undo it from in back but before I could get it open he pulled the front part of it out impatiently ripping the whole top part open! I was wearing a skimpy low cut black bra that showed a lot of cleavage so I was sort of embarrassed. I didn't expect a male doctor to be seeing me. He looked down at my cleavage and boobs for a good long moment before putting the stethoscope on my chest, again telling me to breathe as he listened. He said that I "looked very healthy." I thought that was weird. He moved the stethoscope to different areas, then moved around to my back pulling the paper robe down more tearing it open even further so he could access my back. He said to not worry about the robe. He told me to breath a few more times as he listed, then told me I needed to remove my bra. This made me feel uncomfortable so I hesitated questioning him a bit. Before I could even finish asking what for, he took the liberty of unhooking it from in back. He started removing it for me acting sort of impatient again. I started to ask him what he was doing but before I could even finish he said, "Miss I have a lot of patients waiting" and basically took my bra away from me exposing my bare boobs. I instinctively put my hands up to cover them, but he held my hands saying he needed to examine them as he pulled them away from my bare breasts. It was a little embarrassing having to be topless in front of him but he was a doctor so I guess it was ok.

He told me to stand up with my arms extended out to the sides. I could not do that without having to let my tattered paper robe fall to the ground. He told me again to extend my arms out so I said, "But if I do my robe will fall." He said, "Just let it drop. Its ok." and then grabbed my hands and extended them out for me. My robe fell to the ground leaving me standing there topless with only my pink panties left on me, and my bare boobs on full display. I asked him why I had to stand like this and he said it was so he could check my posture. He stared at my naked boobs, and my body closely for an uncomfortably long time then said, "You have disproportionately large breasts for your size." This made me feel even more uncomfortable than ever. Then he cupped my boobs with his hands and started sort of groping them and lifting them. He bobbled them around as if he was playing with them. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Giving you a breast exam." He squeezed my boobs asking me if I had noticed any lumps or pain. I told him no. Then he started lightly pinching my nipples and rolling them in between his fingers. He kept saying he was "just checking for irregularities." He pinched and squeezed my nipples till they got rock hard and pointy which made me feel even more embarrassed. He then slid his hands down my sides feeling my ribs, waist, and hips asking me if I had any aches and pains in those areas. He touched my stomach and even stuck his finger in my belly button kind of toying with my piercing for a second before moving behind me.

Grabbing a rolling stool he pulled it up and sat directly behind me basically with his face almost right in front of my butt. I tried to turn around to see what he was doing, but he told me to face forward and stand still. Then I felt him slide his finger slowly down my spine all the way to the top of my panties. I asked him what he was doing and he said "checking your spine". He asked me if I had any back or hip pain as he put his hands on my hips. I said, "Normally no but I did fall during cheerleading practice a few weeks ago and landed really hard so I was a little sore still." He said, "Where is your pain?" I told him my lower back. He put his finger right against my panties basically just above the top of my butt crack and asked if I had pain there. I said no. Then I felt him grab the waistband of my panties from in back and slowly roll them down a few inches exposing the whole top half on my butt to him. Startled, I jumped forward a little asking him again what he was doing. He held my hips straight telling me to just relax. He said he was just checking my tail bone for irregularities. He left my panties rolled 1/2 way down with 1/2 my bare butt exposed right in front of his face. I was embarrassed, but he kept telling me to remain still and face forward. He pushed his finger again into my back right at the top of my butt crack with his face right there uncomfortably close to my butt still. He moved his finger around asking me if that hurt and then moved it down even further almost going in between my cheeks! I told him no again so pressing harder he said he thought he felt something unusual there. He wiggled his finger around inching it even lower again till it was basically in my butt crack dangerously close to my butt hole pressing against my tail bone.

Feeling very embarrassed now, I was about to tell him I didn't feel comfortable with what he was doing any longer, but before I even could he hooked his finger into my panties and tugged them all the way down to the ground saying he needed them to come off. Shocked and embarrassed I cupped my exposed front in surprise asking him what he was doing. In a very matter of fact tone he told me not to be embarrassed, he was a doctor. He instructed me to lie face down on the table now. I tried to turn sideways and at least pick up my paper robe to cover with but he said, "No-no just leave that there." He gently grabbed me by the arm and led me over to the table completely naked and made me lie down on my stomach that way, again sort of rushing me. He snapped some latex gloves on and continued pushing on my lower back right on the top of my butt crack pressing against my tailbone. This time he told me to just relax saying "this might feel a little uncomfortable" and slid his finger lower into my butt crack till it was right at the edge of my asshole! I began to whine about what he was doing again, but he quickly cut me off saying, "Just relax I just need to check this" as he pressed the tip of his finger INTO my asshole! I urgently asked what he was exactly doing now and he said he thought my tailbone was slightly dislodged and needed to check it from the inside? He pressed his index finger deeper into my asshole but it hurt and was so tight he could not get it to go much further. I yelled, "Ouch! That hurts!" so he stopped and went to the curtain and slid it open!

I was totally naked on the table and I saw all sorts of people milling about in the corridor looking in at me lying totally nude on the table! I went to complain but he yelled out right over me asking for a nurse to come in. He held the curtain open long enough for me to see a man and two boys looking in at me with wide eyes snickering! I was horrified! The nurse came in but it wasn't the fat ugly nurse from before. It was another man, and he was young looking! He looked like he was in his early 20's or so! He looked over at me and looked so surprised at me lying there butt naked yet still remained professional. The Doctor told him he needed him to come in, he needed some assistance. He came in and finally he closed the curtain at least.

The doctor got some pads out and told me to push up and lift myself off the table for a moment. He shoved the pads under my hips then told me to lie back down. It was very embarrassing lying down like that with the pads pushing my hips up and my butt stuck up in the air. Telling me to arch my back he got some lube out and told the male assistant to hold my cheeks apart so he could do his examination! I tried to protest but he ignored me talking over me while pushing his hand down on my lower back ordering me to arch my back. The assistant moved right in pulling my butt cheeks apart wide and they both looked into my spread open ass! He kept telling me to stay still every time I resisted in the slightest. Then he pushed his lubed index finger all the way into my butt and wiggled it around inside of me. I cringed and grunted in total discomfort as he twisted his finger around inside telling me to "just to hold on" and "it would all be over soon." He twisted his finger up trying to hook it upwards saying he was just trying to check for irregularities in my tailbone still. I writhed around in discomfort so much he had the assistant lean on my lower back to keep me still! Finally he pulled his finger out, but then stuck TWO fingers back into my smarting asshole till he had them all the way in to the knuckle while they continued to stare closely into my spread open ass! It was so humiliating I could have died at that moment! Finally he removed his fingers leaving me lying there with the assistant guy holding my smarting butthole wide open still. He told the male nurse to continue holding my cheeks spread apart as he wiped my no doubt gaped open ass with some towelettes cleaning the extra lube off me. Then thanking the assistant he dismissed him.

Again, when he went to leave he opened the curtain wide open enough so that all these people in the hall got to see me lying there naked with my butt jutted up in the air still. He closed the door and the doctor said, "I think we'll need to do some x-rays for that after we are done here."

Next he told me to roll over on my back. I asked him why and he said it was so he could do a vaginal exam for my physical. Whining now, I asked him if that was really necessary and he said he could not fill out paperwork saying I got a complete physical without it. I asked him if I could at least put my bra and robe back on but he said, "No, not till I am done." He told me to lift my knees up and spread my legs apart. It was a really embarrassing position to ask me to be in, so I hesitated. Not wanting to wait he lifted my knees up for me and pushed my legs apart showing me how he wanted me to stay. He apologized telling me they didn't have stirrups on this table so he needed me to just hold my legs open at the knees with my hands and hold myself like that. He made me lay there completely nude with my knees up and my legs spread wide open, and my pussy completely exposed to him.

He snapped on another clean pair of gloves on and squeezed out more lube onto his fingers. Then he said, "Just relax" as he lightly ran his thumbs up and down my vaginal lips sort of massaging them. Why I do not know. He pulled my lips apart and gently worked his middle finger up into my vagina. He kept saying "just relax" as he worked one finger up, then two! He asked me if I had already had sexual intercourse. It was an embarrassing question so I denied it even though I really had already. He said, "Are you sure? I can tell and it seems you have already." Finally I had to admit that I had. He said, "I thought so. With who?" I said, "Excuse me?" He said he was concerned if I had used protection. I told him "yes" just to get him to stop asking me more questions.

He moved his fingers all around inside me as I writhed around uncomfortably with my vagina stretched open. He felt around inside me for a good while then eventually pulled them out. He spread my vaginal lips open again and moved his lubed index finger all over and around my very sensitive clitoris area. I shuddered and squirmed a bit embarrassed at the sensation asking him what he was doing now. He said, "Just making sure there are no lumps or irregularities" as he kept swirling his finger all around my clit tickling it and making it swell up. I felt flush and started getting very embarrassed at the feeling coming over me. My face got red and hot and so did my you-know-what so hastily I asked the doctor if he was done yet. He said, "almost over" and "it's ok, I know this feels a bit uncomfortable" as he continued rubbing and seemingly almost toying with my clitoral area. Then just when I though he was done he inserted one finger back into my vaginal canal with one hand while continuing to swirl his finger over my now wet swollen clit with the other. Then, as if that wasn't embarrassing enough I felt him push another finger right up my butthole again! He asked me if I had any anal sexual course but I just gasped in total shock with a loss for words. I never answered as he continued examining me for a few more uncomfortable moments. He said, "Hold on almost done now, just checking for potential polyps" as he continued to twist and moved his fingers around inside both my holes for another minute. Feeling a very flush and embarrassing feeling rush over me like a wave I said, "Doctor, please.." as he continued to moved his fingers around in my now embarrassingly wet and warm nether regions seemingly faster and faster. I was horrifyingly afraid he would bring me to orgasm right there if he did stop and just as I began to shake and writhe around feeling the first wave of an uncontrollable orgasm flow over me he popped his fingers out saying, "OK! All done now" leaving me shuddering and embarrassed with my warm wet pussy still spread wide open in front of him as I finished orgasming biting my lip in silence on the table. Tingling with perspiration, and breathing a rapidly he turned away standing up to write something in my file.

With relatively little emotion he said, "Ok you can put your under clothes back on now but I need to get some x-rays done on you before you go." Embarrassed and red faced at what had just happened I jumped up scrambling to cover myself.

... to be continued...
Monday, April 20th 2009 - 09:45:48 PM
Name: SpyStrip
E-mail address: spystrip@hotmail.com
Subject: Camp Redtree, Part 1
Message:Being a JC at Camp Redtree was supposed to be fun. I had gone there for three years, since I was 13. It’s unusual that way, and because of some of the things you can do, it begins at age 13, and goes to 17. You can be a junior counselor at 15, but I chose to be one at 16.

There have always been a lot of pranks there, but I never imagined that they could be rough. At least they weren’t until this year, when the incoming kids, and those older than them, nearly declared war on one another, and on us, the JCs, and on the Counseling staff, who were 18 – 25.

So this is the worst. The absolutely most humiliating thing that ever happened to me. And at the hands of two 13 year olds. I don’t think I’m going to go back to camp, but I have to, or my humiliation will be even deeper. As if that could happen.

Melony and Lisa were two 13 year old campers, and they had just come up from the lake, and they were in tight one piece swim suits that hugged their butts. Melony locked eyes on me just after she caught me checking out Lisa’s ass. It was obvious and I had got caught, and I hoped she just dropped it. I thought she did, but that evening, just before I hit the staff showers, she walked by me and told me to meet her at the baseball diamond at 1 am. I told her it was way after lights out, but she just told me to be there, or I’d be in trouble.

I didn’t say a thing to anyone, but just showed up. There was Melony and Lisa, near the dugout, and hidden from the view of the camp. They told me to move to them to get out of sight.
Melony said that she’d tell the office staff what I did, and that they had seen me do a lot of this to all the girls. I looked at Lisa and said to her that she knew it was all b.s., and that she wouldn’t lie like that. Lisa only said, “oh, yaah”, real slow. I knew they meant business.
I asked Melony what she wanted, and she said payment, for her not to tell, and for Lisa who was the “injured party”. I asked what kind of payment, and she said, “you’ll see.” And she said I owed her three times where I’d have to do whatever she told me to do.

When she told me this, a couple things happened at once. First of all, I knew I was gonna tell her to go and f*** off. Next, Lisa reacted as though she didn’t expect any of this. I told Melony forget it, and that we’d all be in trouble if we didn’t get back to our cabins. I mean, it wasn’t like I was a counselor. I was a JC, and a minor, and I had to accept certain rules. So did they. I tried to say this to Melony, but she told me to shut the hell up, and do what I was told, or she would say that I tried to kiss her. I told her no way, but she said that her witness, Lisa, would back her up.
I looked at Lisa, and it took her a moment, but she smiled back at me and said, “That’s what happened, Mr. Policeman.” As if whatever Melony said would be really bad for me. I said all that I did was to look at Lisa, and Lisa really turned away and was embarrassed. Melony said that I had embarrassed her friend, who now had to look at me, knowing how I had watched her, and that I had to pay up with three times following her orders.
She made me say out loud to them that I’d do whatever I was told. Again, Lisa was the worst, because I got the sense that she didn’t expect any of this, but now that it was in front of her, she was definitely going along for the ride.
“I hope you enjoy your punishment,” Melony said, and I thought she was going to make me give her some special thing from the office or whatever, but she only told me to strip. I looked at her bug eyed, and said no way, but she said yes way, and Lisa, after putting her hand over her mouth, finally got a grip on herself and began to check me out, head to toe.
Lisa finally said for me to do it, and I knew I was in trouble, because two of them were now in on it.
So this was really embarrassing: Melony looked like any other 13 year old developmentally, but Lisa looked like she was 15, with C cup breasts and great legs, and I stood there and realized that the girl I’d been fantasizing about was going to see me naked. Part of me couldn’t accept this, and my stomach was doing summersaults. So I stood there and took off my shirt and shoes and socks. They didn’t turn on the dugout light, but they had two flashlights on me, and it was definitely enough to show me off plenty!
Down to my pants, they told me to keep going, and I was totally embarrassed going down to my white boxer-briefs. They stood there and checked me out for a while, and Lisa was beginning to get into it as much as Melony. Then after a moment, Melony looked me up and down, and told me, “Take off your shorts.”
I looked back and forth at the both of them, and couldn’t believe what they were doing to me. Lisa added, “Now,” and I was toast. I slowly and with a lot of fear, pulled down my Jockey shorts, and my cock and balls were exposed, and I then stood there totally naked. I tried to cover myself, and it was Lisa who told me to drop my arms at their side. For a while I couldn’t look at them, as they took in the view of my body completely. I also realized that though they were acting way more than their age, they were really only 13. ‘Fuck’, I thought. Two 13 year old girls were looking at me in the nude.
Melony made me turn around, and turn back again, so they could check it all out. Melony walked up to me, and Lisa followed, and she ordered me to take hold of the top of the dugout where a pipe ran for water. I did it, and she reached for my cock and began stroking it.
I know some of you think this is a sexual story. It’s not. This takes a direction of pure humiliation, and it’s not a fetish story at all. I ended up only humiliated and not excited by the end result. As you’ll see. I was shocked and scared. I didn’t think that it was a come on, because I was reminded more than once, not to let go of the bar. Melony said to Lisa to do my balls, and she did. I began to have an erection, and Melony talked about my penis as it got larger. She acted like she was showing it off to Lisa. Lisa only smiled, and said to me, “We’re about to get you real good for your checking me out. You’re not supposed to think that way of me.” Melony said (true or not), that at her mentioning how I had checked her out, my cock had pulsed. They were relentless, and continued to examine me. In a minute I was rock hard, my dick pointing straight up and fully erect.
Melony told me that I was in no danger, and I wasn’t going to be harmed, but that I had to do what I was told for 10 seconds, then I’d be free. I said yes, and was ordered to stare straight up at the sky and top of the dugout, and if I looked down, they would say I got an erection and showed it to them. I looked up, and didn’t move. I felt something against my lower torso, close to my cock. It was sharp and flat. It was totally silent for several seconds, and then Lisa said loudly, “Got it!” Melony laughed out loud, and I looked down. I was in near shock. Next to my fully erect penis was a ruler. The girls had measured me. I still had my hands on the bar and just stood there and looked at them and what they had done. Lisa clearly said my length out loud, and I couldn’t believe it. “Melony said, “Thank you…now I know what your girlfriend is getting.” And Lisa then said, “Which isn’t much!” They laughed and ran off.
Sunday, April 19th 2009 - 09:43:08 PM
Name: Croline
E-mail address: easycon@yahoo.com
Subject: Pink slit
Message:It's a similar story as "Backfired" but in this case it was a girl named Vicky that was put to shame. Some girls that didn’t like her, were out to get her and told boys what they were going to do. They fallowed her as she was walking home from school to bully her in front of boys. This big strong girl squatted down behind her, lifted her skirt up and held her up in a bear hug so the other girls would come up and take off her panties. Her skirt was pinned up in the bear hug and got her pussy paraded in front of all those boys. One of them stuffed her panties in his pocket and took them home. Vicky was a light skinned girl with blonde hair and everyone knew now that she was a true blond. Boys nicknamed her "pink slid" because of her pink pussy lips. I couldn't stop thinking of how embarrassing it would be, if something like that happed to me.
Friday, April 17th 2009 - 09:39:22 PM
Name: Robby
Subject: Boner Boy Introspection
Message:Ok so I'll admit it. As embarrassing as it is to say I was an extremely immature kid in my teenage years still. There I said it. Scrawny and barely 5' 4" some might say I was awkwardly undeveloped physically, emotionally and socially at this stage. I even had a horrible lingering habit of still sucking my thumb in my sleep. It certainly wasn't intentional which made it even more debilitating.

It was spring break so we were off school for a week when this happened. With 2 working parents gone for most of the day I was left on my own at home with my nemesis, my 17 year old step sister in charge. My step sister and I fought like only siblings could, and spent a brunt of our time at odds with each other over just about anything and everything. She was a pretty and popular girl socially unlike me. Bigger than me she liked to exercise her superiority over me, and together with her inseparable side kick Rachel partnered up with her it made for a rather intimidating alliance to contend with, especially on my own.

So on this particular morning I was just minding my own business watching tv in the basement den as normal, doing my best to keep my distance from the 2 self proclaimed evil tyrants of the house. Rachel had slept over the night before and was basically living at our house now, at least it felt like that to me.

Well at some point I must have fallen asleep on the couch. I was still in my sleep clothes, flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt at the time and I don't really know what happened, I must have unconsciously started sucking my thumb in my sleep (I guess??) because the next thing I know I was startled awake by a bright flash of light and loud laughter as I felt my pants get yanked down... and when I say yanked down I mean like ALL the way down, and off! All I remember is feeling my pants getting whisked off, jumping up completely stunned and startled, naked from the waist down with my sister and Rachel laughing hysterically at me. They were saying something about me sucking my thumb like a little baby, and were both pointing at my lower half laughing their asses off at me standing there depantsed and humiliated. It was then looking down at myself that I realized what they were really laughing about. In addition to my thumb in my mouth, I had apparently gotten a very noticeable sleep boner too, and was standing there not only bare-assed, but with a very full stiff erection in full salute also!

Humiliated I tried to cover cowering in total embarrassment while having to endure being viciously taunted by the both girls. I could have died! I tried to run out of the room but they didn't let me get too far. Grabbing me and spinning me around they pulled my hands away so I could not even cover. They had their fun holding me down and tickling my stomach and sides watching my big boner swing around right in front of their eager eyes. Held on the floor with Rachel sitting on my legs and my sister holding me from behind with her arms underneath my arm pits and her hands locked together behind my neck I was rendered completely powerless unable to get away or even cover my very exposed erection. My step sister squealed in delight as Rachel tickled my sides closely examining my erection in full detail commenting on how big it was for me being such a "scrawny little boy” Having their way with me they toyed and tickled me all over even daring to flick my wiener with their fingers every once in a while just to watch me jump. Finally, exhausted and defeated they let me up, but the nightmare wasn't over yet.

Laughing and saying they were going to e-mail the pictures they took of me sucking my thumb with a big boner showing they used it to black mailed me. They told me I could not have my pants back and ordered me to stand up straight in front of them. My boner was going down at this point so they told me to play with it and keep it hard or else. My sister got a towel and tied it on my head like a bonnet, and then they ordered me to suck my thumb and jerk off in front of them! Fearing that they would actually let that picture out at school, which would ruin my life forever, I shamefully admit I did it. Taunting me and laughing their heads off they ordered me to keep stroking and rubbing my rock hard boner till I couldn't hold back any longer. Ejaculating like a geyser I shot wads of cum into the air as both girls squealed in delight with each humiliating spurt. Unable to control myself I bucked and shook for what felt like forever before finally gaining my composure again.

Laughing at me with complete contempt my sister tagged me right on my balls sending me crashing to the floor flinching in pain as both of them proceeded to strip me of my shirt next leaving me completely naked now. Walking away with Rachel at her side she said I was to stay naked like I was for the rest of the day till right before our parents got home.

Sitting on the couch I watched TV stark naked cupping my privates for a good half hour before attempting to cover myself. As soon as I did they came in again jumping me and tickling me till I got another big boner again. This time though they even went further than last time tickling me right on my shaft and grabbing hold of my hard on having their fun making me writhe around and squeal in naked humiliation till I met all their demands again. This time around they ordered me to kneel and jerk myself off as they spanked my ass from behind! They made me call myself a “thumb sucking little pussy” over and over till I eventually came again. My ass was so red and sore after that it felt like it was on fire.

At 4pm they gave me my clothes back and ordered me to get dressed. They said if I said anything to anyone they'd ruin me forever with the pictures they took. I never did and they humiliated me in various ways almost everyday after that when no one else was home.
Wednesday, April 15th 2009 - 05:43:23 PM
Name: Kelly
Subject: Karma
Message:When I was 16 I went to the beach with a bunch of my friends one day. We went swimming for a while and then me and my girlfriends decided to tan in the sun, I was lying there on my stomach with my top un-tied when all of a sudden my friend Jason (who was really cute) came up behind me and pulled my top right out from under me. So I was lying there in nothing but a bikini in the middle of this crowded beach meanwhile Jason was laughing as I got up and tried to get it back but couldn’t because Jason was really tall and he was holding it as high as he could reach. So I was covering my breasts with one hand and jumping to get my top back with the other when all of a sudden one of my friends named Kristy saw what was happening and she ran up behind Jason and pulled his bathing suit down to his ankles while he was standing right in front of me. It was hilarious because he must have just shaven everything down there because he was hairless and his dick was kinda small. He immediately dropped my top and covered up his junk and pulled his bathing suit back up as me and my friend were laughing. I kinda felt bad but it was totally karma and he never tried anything like that again, plus I got to see him naked
Saturday, April 4th 2009 - 05:38:52 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: Humiliatrix: Episode 7
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 7

“I can’t stand babysitting those little brats! They’re such babies!” Ari muttered angrily as she left their house. She had just finished her babysitting job and was headed home. None of the kids acted mature enough for her liking. Truly, Ari didn’t care about their actual ages; she just expected them to behave more adult-like anyway! If their parents didn’t pay her so well, she’d gladly leave those brats in the middle of a field and drive away!

“Who here is the baby?” an unfamiliar voice asked.

Taken aback by the sudden interruption to her thoughts, Ari stopped and stared at the strange woman now standing in front of her on the sidewalk. The stranger had long, black hair and sparkling, silver eyes; and she donned an odd, blue costume which looked like a circuit board. A small, black cape completed the look. Her glimmering eyes seemed focused solely upon Ari.

“Who are you?! Why are you getting in my way?!” Ari barked.

“I’m the Humiliatrix. I just heard a baby crying, so I’ve come to tend to it,” the woman replied.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, lady,” Ari said, feeling spooked by the odd woman.

“Oh, you soon will... Baby Ari,” Humiliatrix smirked, pointing her finger at Ari.

In an instant, Ari’s pink, button-down shirt and tight, blue jeans burst open, sending buttons flying everywhere! Now, her underwear was exposed to the world! Ari’s tanned, Asian skin and long, black hair stood in stark contrast to her plain, white A-cup bra and cotton panties. Shrieking in disbelief, Ari tried to cover herself while the Humiliatrix looked on in amusement.

“Damn it! What the hell did you–?! Mmmmmph!” Ari began to rant. However, a pacifier was suddenly shoved in her mouth. A string tied itself around her head, ensuring that she couldn’t spit out the offending intruder. The neighborhood began to notice the commotion, and Ari found herself turning red. Not only that, but the pacifier had an awful taste to it!

“There, there, baby! That pacifier should keep you busy while you’re being diapered! But, first, we’ve got to get rid of all those grown-up clothes you have on,” Humiliatrix cooed, waving her fingers about. All eyes watched Ari intently, wondering what exactly was happening.

Finding herself suddenly unable to move her limbs to protect herself, Ari’s pink shirt was completely whisked off her torso. Next, her pants dropped to the ground, and she almost fell over as they were yanked off her feet. Incapable of covering herself, Ari now stood in front of the neighborhood in only her white bra and panties. All of the gathering bystanders were giggling quite openly now, and none of them seemed interested in helping her!

“And, you won’t be needing that big-girl underwear either, Baby Ari,” stated Humiliatrix with an intense gaze.

Suddenly, Ari heard popping around her bra as the straps magically broke, and the link between her little A-cups was completely severed. In an instant, her bra was tossed far away, leaving her tiny breasts and dark nipples exposed! Ari groaned in disgust before she heard all the seams in her panties begin to burst. Dramatically, her panties took a while longer to fail, making it much more suspenseful for her audience. When they finally exploded off her hips, the panties were nothing but a useless rag, exposing her shaved pussy to everyone! Ari grew redder as the awed audience laughed and pointed at her naked body.

“Smooth as a baby, too!” the Humiliatrix remarked. “Let’s get you onto the changing table, shall we?” Using her powers, the Humiliatrix made a table materialize right behind Ari.

Much to her alarm, Ari soon found herself mysteriously levitating into the air. Against her will, she was tilted back until she was resting atop the table behind her. Strategically, Ari’s ass was left hanging off the edge of the table, and her legs were forced up into the air. Right away, Ari knew that this gave everyone an obscene view of her little ass and pussy! Sure enough, the girl noticed all eyes were locked onto her privates!

With a smug grin on her face, Humiliatrix stepped closer to Ari. Her eyes scanned up and down the girl’s taut pussy lips. Of course, what really caught her attention was Ari’s smallish ass. The girl’s cheeks weren’t meaty enough to hide anything, allowing Ari’s cute, little asshole to become an obvious centerpiece. While admiring Ari’s crinkled asshole, Humiliatrix announced to everyone nearby: “All right, everyone, since this babysitter has been a very naughty baby herself, we’ll need to find something to spank her with!”

While the onlookers chuckled at this, Ari moaned in protest. She so badly wanted to escape! However, Ari’s struggles were in vain, since she found herself mysteriously pinned to the table. Even more unsettling was the strange woman gazing at her ass and pussy!

Moments later, three familiar implements were hovering around Ari: a big spoon, a wooden ruler, and a leather belt. Humiliatrix turned around and smiled at the gathering group of people. She stepped away from Ari and declared: “All right, do you want to see Ari’s naughty bottom get spanked for a full minute?!”

“Yeah!!!” everyone eagerly replied in unison. Some of them even applauded!

Pausing for a moment, the Humiliatrix shouted, “Okay, then... here we... GO!”

Immediately, the three paddles charged recklessly at Ari’s vulnerable backside. SMACK! CRACK! SLAP! Ari shrieked into her pacifier as the chaotic melee against her ass ensued! WHACK! SMACK! SLAP! The frenzy of swats was surprisingly intense, and the pinned girl found herself biting down onto the icky, rubbery pacifier. CRACK! WHAP! SMACK! Jerking and squealing with each new blow, Ari found that the magical objects cared little for their aim: some swats stung across her defenseless thighs; a few painful spanks struck her tender pussy; and a number of severe swats hit her puckered, little asshole! SMACK! SMACK! WHAP! Ari could hear the onlookers’ incessant laughing while her butt and thighs became sorer and redder. CRACK! WHAP! SMACK! Ari tried to wriggle her ass out of harm’s way, but it only made Humiliatrix and the audience chuckle more! SMACK! SLAP! WHACK! Feeling her little ass burning fiercely, Ari’s eyes began to water, and she didn’t know how much more she could take! SLAP! SMACK! CRACK!

“And... time’s up!” Humiliatrix announced. SMACK! WHAP! SLAP! She happily allowed a few extra spanks to pass. When the floating objects finally fell to the ground, the Humiliatrix took a moment to happily study Ari’s paddled ass and thighs. Judging by the red and purple marks of discipline crisscrossing the Asian girl’s derriere, the Humiliatrix determined that Ari had been paddled well! She allowed everyone to study the girl’s red bottom, then announced: “Now, let’s make sure Baby Ari doesn’t get diaper rash around her little privates!”

Still feeling the sting of her punishment, Ari nervously eyed the strange woman as she stepped closer to her upturned ass. She noticed that the Humiliatrix was suddenly holding a bottle of baby oil. Unceremoniously, the baby oil was squirted all over Ari’s tender ass, and she instantly felt how freezing cold it was! Startled by the odd sensation of cold oil against her burning bottom, Ari yelped and writhed a bit. Next, she felt the strange woman’s hand begin to spread the slippery oil across her reddened ass cheeks. Helplessly, Ari watched the Humiliatrix massage a thick layer of oil across her derriere while the group of onlookers simply laughed at her. When her butt seemed adequately coated, Ari unexpectedly felt a squirt of cold baby oil along the crack of her ass, making the pinned girl squeal again. Much to Ari’s dismay, the Humiliatrix was not yet done! Helplessly, she watched the odd woman push the bottle’s tip against her prominently positioned asshole, and the quick shot of baby oil up her anus made Ari shriek quite loudly!

While the neighborhood continued to chuckle at Ari’s predicament, the Humiliatrix stepped back to admire her handiwork. The Asian girl’s well-spanked ass now glimmered with a sheen of wetness. Goosebumps spread across Ari’s ass and thighs, indicating just how chilly the oil was! A shimmering trickle of clear oil dripped languidly along the crack of Ari’s cute, little ass.

Disgusted by the shininess of her own punished posterior, Ari found herself growing apprehensive once more as the Humiliatrix stepped closer. This time, however, the strange woman was holding a bottle of baby powder. Carefully, the Humiliatrix opened the container and began sprinkling the white powder atop Ari’s bare pussy. With wide eyes, Ari watched as the baby powder was vigorously shaken across her pussy and inner thighs. After what seemed like an excessive amount was applied to her privates, Ari cringed as the Humiliatrix used her hand to begin smoothing the powder around her most intimate region. Ari gasped as the woman’s hand stroked along her thighs and rubbed against her smooth pussy. She could still hear everyone giggling, and she couldn’t believe they were allowing this to happen to her!

Once she was satisfied, the Humiliatrix stepped back once more. Ari’s thighs and pussy were coated nicely with the white powder; however, the slit of her dark pussy lips now stood in stark contrast to the pale powder. This seemed to draw extra attention to her delicate labia. Of course, this contrast was nothing compared to Ari’s shiny, red ass! To the Humiliatrix, this was practically a work of art, and she grinned while Ari grimaced. While staring at the splayed Asian girl, the Humiliatrix asked: “I think it’s finally time to diaper her! What do you all think?!”

“YES!!!” the amused onlookers shouted in unison.

Upon hearing everyone’s eager exclamation, Ari whimpered in defeat. Before she knew it, the Humiliatrix was standing between her legs with a disposable diaper in hand. Crimson with embarrassment, she could hear them all laughing hysterically while the strange woman slid half the diaper under her upturned ass. Carefully, the baby garment was folded over her crotch. Even though this concealed her nakedness, Ari now felt more ashamed than ever because she was being diapered like a child! Ari grunted as the right side of the diaper was tugged together and taped. She grunted even louder as the left side was pulled together exceptionally tight. Even though the diaper was too snug, it was taped firmly into place, leaving Ari completely humiliated! As an ending flourish, she felt the Humiliatrix bring down a harsh swat on her tender, diapered ass! Ari yelped while the neighborhood cheered at the finale!

Looking over Ari one last time, the Humiliatrix pondered aloud: “Hmmmn... something is missing. Oh, I know! Baby Ari needs a baby bonnet!” With a snap of her fingers, a ridiculously ruffled bonnet appeared above Ari’s head.

Much to Ari’s dismay, the silly bonnet rested upon her head, and the strings magically tied themselves under her chin. Even though she couldn’t see her own face, Ari knew that the bonnet and pacifier made her look incredibly juvenile! The diaper looked even worse, and she hated how it crinkled with every subtle move she made. Not only that, but the constricting diaper made her spanked ass feel even worse; the excessive baby oil and powder felt totally weird in there! And, even though they were left unscathed, Ari was keenly aware that her small breasts and pointy nipples were completely out in the open!

“Awww... what a cute baby!” the Humiliatrix mocked. The audience cooed mockingly along with her. “Now, Ari, are you going to be less of a brat from now on?” She noted Ari’s disagreeable scowl. “Remember, Baby Ari, I can make this lesson even worse!”

Reluctantly, Ari nodded her head. Her face was still fiery red with embarrassment.

“Good! Just so you know, Baby Ari: you’ll be stuck in that position until you make use of that diaper I’ve just put on you. Not a moment sooner!” the Humiliatrix said with a sly smile.

Disgustedly, Ari shook her head ‘NO.’ She hadn’t needed a diaper in many, many years!

“As you wish, but I’d imagine it will be quite awkward for you if you’re out here too long. Just think of all the pictures everyone could take,” the Humiliatrix shrugged. “Oh, and everyone, if you notice Baby Ari being naughty, feel free to paddle her little butt as much as you’d like!” To demonstrate, she picked up the large spoon and gave Ari’s diapered ass a few quick swats. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She smirked as everyone laughed at Ari’s painful groan. Then, with a simple wink, the Humiliatrix vanished into thin air, leaving a vulnerable and nervous Ari with a crowd of mischievous onlookers!

No one knew who the odd woman was, but everyone remembered Ari’s embarrassment that day!
Thursday, April 2nd 2009 - 05:36:11 PM
Name: Anna
E-mail address: halaron@yahoo.com
Subject: Boner boy
Message:When I was 15 I would invite my cousin Peter to play in my house, with my two girlfriends Helen and Linda. Peter was two years younger than I and always got him to do what ever I wanted. I told my girlfriends that when Peter was 11 years old, we were playing doctor and accidentally touched his penis over his pants. I found out he had a boner and didn’t want to admit it to me. He blushed when I asked him to show it to me. When he said no I over powered him, pulled his shorts and undies down and saw his dick stiff as a pole. He was afraid I would tell on him and made me promised to not tell anyone. I told him I would keep my mouth shot if he let me touch it. I got him to stand in front of me, with his pants half way down his legs and let me play with it. I used the same threat when my parents went to visit the next door neighbors. He was still hung up about it and took him to the basement and made him take all his clothes off. He was so embarrassed to take his clothes off in front of me, to let me feel it growing in my hand. I know he like the feeling of my hand around it because every time I stroked it, it got so hard that he ended up squirting out sperm. My girlfriends were so shocked and amazed that I could make my cousin strip naked whenever I wanted they wanted me to let them see him without his clothes. Well that's about how sexy it gets for 15-year-old girls that are curious to see a boy with no clothes on. One weekend Peter and I went riding our bikes along side the river and went to check out this empty old barn shed. I didn’t know that Helen and Linda were hiding inside. I took Peter to a corner were no one would see and told him to take his clothes off. It was a secret between us and he had done it so many times before, he took his clothes off and stood there with a full boner sticking up in front of him. I just bent down, gathered up his clothes and ran away with them. I came back with Helen and Linda and Peter had no other choice but to let them see him without his clothes. He was so scared we were going to leave him there buck naked, that he let me jerk him off while they watched. I think it was the most embarrassing moment for him, to be played with in from of two strange girls.
Tuesday, March 31st 2009 - 04:08:59 PM
Name: Julie Green
Subject: Subject: Savior - Part 1
Message:My name is Julie, and I'm 15. The way I look is average enough with me being 5'3", 110 pounds, though I only have B-cup breasts. My neighbor Michael is 17, and since we were little I've always caught him staring at me, stealing glances of my body, and he always loved watching me swim in our wood-fenced backyard pool (no matter how hard he tried to pretend to be doing something else at the time). It was cute and always made me feel sexy, but I didn't think too much more of it until the day he became my savior.

One day I was at my pool, with my usual 1-man audience, trying to get my flipping dive to work right. I kept landing as a back flop or belly flop, never centered right, and it was really getting me frustrated. Well, I got way too reckless with the trick, and on my last attempt I hit my head on the diving board mid-flip, knocking myself out, then falling into the water. When I woke up later on the poolside, Michael was there and told me that he had jumped in to save me from dying.

From that point on, I kept thinking of some way I could pay him back for being my savior, but what could you offer to pay a man who saved your LIFE?!?!? Eventually, the idea came to me: I was going to let him see me naked. And not just topless or bottomless, I mean 100% fully head-to-toe naked! Then the problem came as to how to do it, and how I was going to will myself to do something like that when I was so shy about things like that and never let anyone see me naked before.

To make me not look like a slut or something, I had to make it look like an accident, but every time I got close to an idea I chickened out. One day I tried to "accidentally" change clothes with the window blinds open and him outside, but right before I undid my bra I lost all nerve and closed the blinds. Finally I made a vow to myself that I would do this for him, because I owed him everything, and I was not going to chicken out anymore. And to make sure that he saw me on this one time that I would get it right, I decided to do it while he was over at my place and we were at the pool together.

Before he came over, I sabotaged my oldest bikini top to make it look like it snapped loose, and I had my newer bikinis in the wash, out of reach. When he knocked on my back door, I answered it meekly wearing just a towel.

"Um...hi Michael" I shyly said, already losing alot of my nerve, but vowing to keep going. "S..sorry I'm not dressed yet, but my green bikini broke on me and I'm waiting on the others to finish washing." He responded, with wide-eyes "So wait, you're not wearing anything under that towel??" It suddenly occurred to me that I would never let a boy see me in a towel, so I said "Y...yeah. I didn't notice the time. So, um..let's go by the pool while we wait." I couldn't help but glance at his crotch in his trunks, which confirmed to me that he was getting really excited by my almost-naked body. That pushed me forward more.

We walked over to the lawn chairs by the poolside, where I took one last look at what would be my stripper: my fan. This big thing, designed to keep us cool in our chairs by the poolside, blew strongly enough to blow this thin and light of a towel airborne if I walked in front of it too closely, as I had rehearsed inside before. All that was left for me to do was walk forward 2 more steps, and my savior, my neighbor, a boy, was going to see me naked. My heart was beating out of control, I was sweating enough to look like I had been swimming already, and it felt like my life was flashing before my eyes.

Next thing I knew, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and walked two steps forward. WHOOSH! In a flash my loosely-hooked towel took off like a bird! My arms were hanging off to either side, and when I opened my eyes Michael was staring right at me! All of my nerve went away in an instant, as I screamed and covered my chest with my right hand and my shaven pussy with my left hand, but not before he had gotten to see both areas bare as bare can be. I remembered my promise to myself then, and somehow willed myself to turn away from him to "accidentally" show him my ass too, which I had planned as a fake reaction to wanting to hide my front more. It turned out, though, that it wasn't so fake, as I was frozen and unable to make myself turn to face him again and my arms were completely frozen in place covering me. This was kinda important since I needed to get my towel back, and I wasn't even facing it anymore.

Suddenly I noticed the door there a little bit in front of me, and I ran for it. And then when I got there, I turned the handle and remembered that it was locked. Our door auto-locks and usually I'd have my key hooked to the band of my bikini bottoms, but with all of the excitement I completely forgot to bring the key manually out with me this time. I WAS LOCKED OUTSIDE, NAKED, and there was a boy staring right at me!

I meekly turned around to face him now, and I saw him carrying my lost towel to me. This made me blush harder than my nakedness had, because even now he was still playing the role of my savior. It made me feel kinda silly for my shyness, and when he came near I let go of my chest with my right hand so that I could grab the towel, letting him see my breasts again and up close this time. Then I realized that I'd need my other hand too to wrap it around me, so after a few seconds of hesitation, I moved my lower hand off of me, flashing my bare kitty at him again, before wrapping the towel around my body.

"Um...I hope you like what you saw?" I kinda squeaked. He shyly answered back "Oh yeah." Then my attention returned to me being trapped outside. "I forgot my key inside, and all of my doors are locked and nobody's even home. I don't want my mom to catch me like this when she gets back, or..anyone else seeing me or anything. Can you help me at all?"

To be continued....
Monday, March 30th 2009 - 04:06:48 PM
Name: Sam (Sam-the-scam)
Subject: ***Loses*** skirt, much to horror
Message:***Loses*** her skirt

Junior year, my friend Dan and I needed an easy course to pass, so we took a class lovingly known to students as “Rocks for Jocks,” “Rocks” for short. Now Rocks was taken mostly by freshmen – you got it, Geology 101/102. One day in geology this hot chick named Katarina sat in front of me in a short loose light skirt. Sitting next to me my friend Dan winked as he took his shoe and lifted up the back of her skirt just slightly. Her light tan line rose above her ass, which was covered by a pair of thin white lace panties. Seeing her tan ass and panty line instantly made me hard.

It turns out Katarina – who was from Germany – instantly knew what we were doing. Although she was onto us in a flash, she kept her cool. In fact, she told us later she had no problem letting the class see her butt -- only she didn’t want to get labeled as a skanky slut. As we talked, I realized Katarina was a real exhibitionist. She hung around nudist camps with her family in Germany. Katarina had no problem showing off her body. In fact, the right opportunity could be the chance of a lifetime for not only us, but her.

Suddenly we were talking about concocting a scheme that got us all off, and her noticed in a modest sort of way. Katarina would wear a very light wrap skirt to class, which we would somehow attach to her lecture hall seat. We would clearly display what we were doing, so that when she stood up her wrap skirt would unwrap, revealing her ass, and she would feign shock while she gave the whole lecture hall class a show. After some deliberation, we decided that the best way to “pull” her skirt off naturally would be to anchor it down into the crack of her chair. Then when she stood up at the right moment, it would naturally hang up and pull away.

We arranged a dry run a few days later after class had cleared out. Katarina hung around with us to test out our ruse. We had Katarina sit in the chair, and carefully pulled the loose hem of her light skirt tight into the wedged space between the metal tubing legs and the plastic seat. Sure enough, when Katarina rose, the skirt remained anchored and it pulled off her wrap. We were also treated to the most beautiful girl’s panties that you could imagine.

As Dan and I were waxing on Katarina’s fine body, she imagined the pirouettes she could do and how she’d feign total shock. For Dan and I, the real shock was that this hot little German princess was so forward about her ruse that she gave no attention at all to the show she gave us then. We knew this girl was not your typical up-tight American princess. They would’ve slapped us both for the stunt we had already pulled.

Well, next week the appointed class came. True to form, Katarina wore the wrap. Her top was a light rugby shirt with a cute pocket made of cotton, completed with some light flip-flops. She sat down in front of us, pulling back her hair and shaking it, as Dan started to wedge her light peasant skirt tightly into the chair. He struggled a bit, part for drama, part for real, before her skirt was wedged and the deed was done. Now we waited.

Halfway through the class, I asked a question. The professor – a woman – put the question back to the class. As Katarina raised her hand, the moment of truth had come. The teacher called on Katarina. Grabbing her papers she hastily stood up. Suddenly, her wrap fell away.

“OMG,” Katarina gasped as her skirt fell off. To our total shock, Katarina stood there in nothing but her nudey pants. The whole class let out a common gasp, as Katarina put her hand to her mouth, dropped the papers to her front shielding her from the lady Prof, who was shocked. Katarina then very instinctively turned and bent over in modesty, showing her soft white bottom now to the front of the class. The back now got to see her covered front. Needless to say, she shocked Dan and me as much as anyone. We were frozen there speechless in disbelief like everyone else.

The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Everyone gasped. Katarina was standing in the middle of class in her flip-flops, her firm ass clearly showing white bottom flesh in the subdued fluorescent light of the room. She blushed as she quickly feigned pulling her skirt out of the seat, but surprise – it really was stuck! Dan had wedged it in so tightly, she couldn’t pull it free. Furthermore, she now panicked slightly, as Dan and I did a few moments later.

The whole class stared at her naked in her nice Rugby top and nudey pants, with Dan and I behind her. The professor was equally shocked and embarrassed at the disruption to her class. Not to mention all the other girls in the lecture. I took the opportunity, reaching forward, and grasped her skirt firmly, tugging on the fabric firmly anchored in the back of the chair. There she stood, her beautiful ass and white pussy flesh exposed. Very slowly, some joker in the back let out a perfect whistle, you know, “whew–whoooo” (*whistle*). At that moment, Katarina broke running from the classroom screaming, covering herself but with little effect. And a few moments later, I freed her skirt and followed her out to the hall. God, what a show we'd just pulled off!!!

It turns out our little caper had achieved all we had wanted, and then a little more. Although Katarina had intentionally left her panties in her purse, she hadn’t realized her skirt was truly bound up in the crack of her chair, nor did Dan or I. Dan and I – but especially Dan, had been seen as the perpetrator, and the Prof later summoned him for disrupting the class. All the girls and boys in the class were treated to a fine little German princess who had showed the guys her all – everything she had – in a very forward, but innocent way. The class itself was turned into the talk of the campus as the kids spent the next few weeks discussing the most exhibiting and exciting behavior ever fostered on an unsuspecting frosh by two sleazy, upper class fraternity brothers. Of course, everyone on campus felt sorry for poor little Katarina, sorry victim of a sleazy fraternity prank!

Katarina, what a champ! Turns out, I was the first to get to date this pretty little German girl, and we had many opportunities later to remember our little scam.

As for Dan and I? Oh by the way, turns out Dan and I managed to flunk that course, too. Oh well, guess we go back to state for another year! Please Dad, send more money!
Sunday, March 29th 2009 - 04:01:55 PM
Name: Sam Da Sniper
Subject: Tales of the unexpected – Jen and Kate
Message:Long time no see guys I no I’ve been lazy and I will probably get round to finish some of my early work some day but I had a flash of inspiration and had to get this up as soon as it was done in one sitting.

Tales of the unexpected – Jen and Kate

Skitsofrenia, the mental disorder where the mind exerts multiple personalities. Such well know cases include that guy from me my self and Irene and everyone’s favourite impression besides yoda our loveable lord of the rings character/s Gollem and Smeagal in reality its more of a annoyance.

Jennifer had been aware of Kate for a long time, when she was little they used to be best friends, inseparable you might say. Kate was always the one pushing her, telling her to stand up to the bullies, to demand things and if she didn’t Kate did it for her. As she grew older this turned out to be a problem. When your child keeps screaming it was Kate not me alarm bells ring and they found themselves at a physiatrist, to cut a long story shorter Jennifer was educated and given some medication to help control Kate.

It all started one chilly and storm lit night, as for total dramatic sequences go this one was pretty good. Jennifer stared into the mirror, Kate stared back.

“Don’t do this”
“Your not real”
“I’m as real as you!”
“No your not the doctor said I didn’t have to listen to you”
“Don’t do this”
“Good bye”
“You’ll regret this…”

Jennifer took the pill and swallowed it. She lay down and went to sleep. Years past, Kate never bothered her again she lived her life quite normally, she was a shy girl, liked to read a lot. She had a few friends but she was far from popular, she was a pretty girl although hid it well. She usually wore unrevealing things and her glasses although she needed them were unnecessarily geek like, her mother often offered to get her some stylish ones but she liked these.

“ninety nine, one hundred”

She finished brushing her hair, and carefully put it into her usual ponytail. She ran a finger slowly over her assortment of files each one colour coded and labelled by subject to when she would need them this day. She looked up at the mirror again, the reflection seemed to still be looking at the files but with a hint of disgust before looking up to meet her gaze. Jenifer blinked a few times rubbing her eyes and put her glasses on. She got up walked down stairs, ate and left for school thinking nothing of it.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful, she sat at the front in her usual spot. Staring blankly out of the window. She looked at her half invisible reflection and noticed her shirt was unbuttoned a few more than normal, it wasn’t revealing but she usually wore it right up to the neck, this was showing cleavage like most girls her age did. Quickly she looked down herself, she was wearing a short to medium length skirt she usually only wore with leggings or dark tights, her pale skin seemed extremely bare all of a sudden. She tried to remember, but failed to recall dressing this morning, it was one of them things that just happened you didn’t pay it much attention. She tried not to think about it but couldn’t help but blush a pale pink feeling very exposed.

The next few periods flew by normally, she answered questions, participated far too enthusiastically and learned. She had noticed a few looks form boys that she wasn’t used to, it was strange to her but it made her feel good. She was walking down the corridor and dropped her pen. It was strange she didn’t notice she was holding it, she bent down, usually she would have crouched down using as much knee as possible but this time she had bent over, she realised this just has control had returned to her body. Her skirt by this point was already riding up exposing the bottom of her pink panties to the people behind her. She stood up quickly making sure her skirt was firmly down, she looked behind her face now a bright red. Two boys quickly averted their gaze in a all too obvious manner, their grins said it all.

Jen stormed off outraged and embarrassed. In her next history class she sat there staring into space slightly off put by the day not feeling right and as routine as usual. She looked down at her note pad, she had just wrote the words, 'That is just the beginning xx' She stared at it and then ripped the page out and continued making notes trying to keep her mind busy. This would have all made more sense to her if she hadn’t been made to forget her childhood inner-imaginary friend.

Gym class came, the most dreaded part of the day. She detested sports, she was made to take off her glasses, and run around or play dodge ball or some other barbaric activity, which had about as much place in education as daytime TV. She took off her skirt, and then her shirt. Looking down she noticed something very wrong, she only vaguely recalled ever seeing the underwear before in her life. It was new, she had bought it last weekend at the mall, but why would she pick such a thing. The bra and underwear where slightly kinky and showed her true figure. Usually she went with things like granny panties or even girl boxers this was scary. Everything went blurry.

Kate looked around with a most evil grin on her face, she was standing their in a lovely matching set of underwear, she looked at herself in the mirror, some of the other girls where giving her funny looks, it was irregular for Jennifer to not be huddled in the corner dressing as quickly as possible. Kate turned left and right admiring her body in the mirror. “I bet the boys would like a look” she walked towards the changing room doors.

Jennifer looked around, her vision slightly blurred without glasses. Funny she didn’t remember taking them off. She heard a wolf whistle followed by laughing of both boys and girls. She looked round quickly in amazement suddenly realising she was giving everyone who happened to be in the hall way a good show. Tears came to her eyes her hands grabbed around her tits, then one changed its mind and covered her rear which her new underwear didn’t do a good job of covering. What had just happened, she was tomato red now, her disorientation was astonishing what had happened which part of the school was she in she needed to catch up quickly. Looking around she recognised the changing room door she ran in. more whistles and some added whoops came from inside she had just walked into the boys changing room.
She was about to turn and leave but she couldn’t. She noticed her reflection in the mirror. It grinned at her. Her control was lost again but this time she was totally conscious of what was happening. Her minds started to have a good catch up

“Hey Jen-Jen having fun”
“Who are you?”
“awww your don’t remember your old pal Kate? Well you tried to kill me so this is revenge”

Jen’s arm’s parted from her body. This was different Jen could feel and see everything even if she had no control, she was being controlled.

“Hey boys like what you see?”

Their first thoughts had been that she had been thrown in here, it didn’t happen often. not to girls anyway, but some of the more nerdier boys had it happen all too regularly. Now they where all thinking wow.

Most nodded some said “hell yes” and one more horny boy shouted “take it off”

“You want to see more?” Jen’s hands slipped behind her to her bra clasp. All she felt was total embarrassment.

“please don’t do this to me”
“us you mean?”

Jen unhooked her bra strap and let it fall the floor there was a roar of cheers as the sixteen year olds perky and exited tits, dropped into full view. her hands raised to her head giving them the best view possible, they were quiet small but that didn't matter to sixteen year old boys the view of her mostly naked body was like heaven.

“Tag your it”

Jen had her body back, she wished she didn’t. Tears erupted from her eyes she was behold humiliation. Her hands crossed and cradled a boob each she turned and ran the whole way back to the girls changing room without stopping. The janitor would from that day forward comment on his being the greatest job in the world.

Ringing her mother in tears from the office she was taken home, outside it rained the condensation on the window had glazed it totally over she didn’t say a word to her mum the whole ride back. The car pulled up she noted and started crying again after reading a note on the window. 'And that’s just he beginning of our fun xx’
Saturday, March 28th 2009 - 03:59:09 PM
Name: Vicky
E-mail address: amisa@yahoo.com
Subject: Grounded
Message:Helen lives three houses down from where I live. We are both the same age, although she will turn 16 in a couple of months. She lives with her mom and her 13 year old brother. When I asked her about her father, she told me her mom had gotten a divorce two years ago. She told me her brother was sneaking out of the house without her knowing and cumming back late. I thought she was joking when she told me her mom would lock away his clothes so he couldn't sneak out. I thought it was horny that Helen got to see her brother naked every time he got punished but she just laughed at it. One day she asked me if I wanted to see him and convinced me to slip in the back door to embarrass him. She told me her mom had gone to the neighbors and convinced me to go in with her. We walked in and caught him walking out of the kitchen bare naked and with his penis in full view. There his was covering himself and Helen wrestling his arms away to expose him. We didn’t want her mom to know about it and kept watching out the window for her return. I got to see his little dick out in the open witch wasn’t that little anymore, because he got a boner with all the struggling.
Monday, March 23rd 2009 - 11:21:04 PM
Name: anonymous
Subject: Lisa loses her skirt
Message:One day in math class this hot chick named Lisa was sitting in front of me. A friend of mine was next to me and he took a ruler and lifted the back of her skirt up. Her tight tan ass was covered by a white g-string. Seeing that instantly got me hard. My friend passed me a stapler, after which I used it to staple her skirt to her seat without her knowing. Now we just waited.

The moment of truth came, the teacher called on Lisa. She grabbed her work and hastily stood up, followed by a loud ripping sound.

Everyone gasped and started laughing and whooping. Lisa was standing in the middle of class in stockings and a white g-string, her firm ass shining brightly in the light. She blushed furiously and tried to get her skirt back to no avail. I took the opportunity. I reached forward, hooking my fingers on her panties and glided them down to the floor. she stood their, only in stockings as her beautiful ass and waxed pussy where exposed. She screamed and ran out the room covering herself to no avail.
Monday, March 23rd 2009 - 11:16:03 PM
Name: Julie
Subject: Can’t Help It
Message:Can’t Help It

My sleepwalking ranges from harmless to inappropriate. Occasionally it can even be dangerous -- like wandering around outside my hotel room nude. While I am sleepwalking, it’s difficult to wake me up. No matter what I do, I never remember doing it until after people wake me up -- if then! When someone wakens me, I feel groggy and disoriented. Naturally, I felt uncomfortable once I am aware where I am, who I’m with or how inappropriately I had acted or dressed while I was 'somnambulating' asleep.

I sleepwalk within a short while of falling asleep, and usually walk around for a half hour or so, unless someone guides me back to bed. Though sleepwalking in adults is rare, it runs in my family. My parents were both sleepwalkers, especially my mother. Until it happened to me, I was not even aware I did it. I did not know I was a sleepwalker, too!

Lack of sleep, fatigue, or noisy interruptions seem to trigger to my sleepwalking episodes. Sometimes these can be predictable, and most often now they occur while I travel. One of the most embarrassing aspects of sleepwalking is when people don’t know it’s a medical problem, they think instead that it’s exhibitionist behavior. As you can imagine, nothing could be more distressing than to awaken and find yourself in a hotel lobby nude, or worse, in the bar after midnight surrounded by men!

While I’m asleep, I also talk and act clumsy, but I’m hard to awaken. Although my eyes are open, I just don't see. If people try to wake me, I’m dazed and don’t respond. I sit up and go through repeated motions, like rubbing my eyes, fussing with my pajamas (which hopefully I’m still wearing) or trying to do whatever I was up to do.

Sometimes I think I’m in other places altogether -- like the shower -- when actually I'm not. That’s the problem. In several instances, I’ve even been guilty of doing something inappropriate. Once I peed in an outdoor pool shower, another time in a hot tub, thinking at the time it was the toilet. I even masturbated once while people were watching, talking to myself thinking I was bathing alone! All the while, I was unaware of my surroundings or that other people, including men, were watching me. I'm not sure the people watching knew I was asleep. You can see, if the people watching me don’t understand or realize that I’m asleep, I’m very vulnerable. Once some men tried to assault me, and that was what it took to awake me from my torporous sleep.

To help you understand, I’ll tell you some stories about events that happened to me. Some are funny, yet some are not. Fortunately I live with a man who understands me, tolerates me and helps me with my condition. I don't know how I'd survive otherwise.

Story 1: This is not sooo funny but it happened in college where I lived in a coed dorm freshman year. The day before classes started, I got up to pee, went outside our room, opened the front door of the dorm and strolled across the street naked at 4 AM. I almost got killed. The dorm mother was just coming in to work and saw me, so she tried to wake me up, telling me that I was sleep walking. But I guess she couldn't wake me up, so she just guided me back into the dorm lounge area on the main floor, threw a blanket over me and turned out the lights. I woke up naked with a bunch of guys trying to peek underneath my blanket while I was sleeping naked! I had to try to get back to my room with all them harassing me for being drunk (which I wasn’t), trying to pull off my blanket. If she hadn't come in time, I think something really bad might of happened to me. As it was I was totally humiliated before I had ever even started classes my freshman year.

Story 2: One night, I was sleep walking and woke up laying on a kitchen floor in a big puddle of beer. Just to let you know, I'm not a drinker -- I’m allergic to beer, so with a large amount of yuck sitting next to me, drinking was crazy. But I must have drunk the beer, because when I woke up -- or should I say, when they found me I had peed my PJ bottoms and thrown up on the floor. It would have been okay, except that it was at a slumber party with some girls. The boys in the apartment next to ours were the only ones who had been drinking beer, and I was in their apartment, passed out with my jammies halfway down on the floor! (I have no idea what happened at their party. They swore to god they hadn’t abused me or anything, just let me in while I was wandering around dazed!)

Story 3: Another time I was at a hotel in California, in a room on the top floor. At the bottom of the building was the parking garage. So I sleepwalk out of my room, go down the elevator to the floor where the garage is. Then I ran around screaming, "Where is the bathroom! Where is the bathroom?!" Then I ran from the top floor of the garage (L1) to the bottom (L3), pulled down my PJ bottoms and peed all over the concrete pavement next to the car by the stairwell. Then I ran off screaming, "8133! 8133! 8133! " -- the number of the room I was in at the time. The next morning three guys come up to my hotel room and showed me a video of me running around naked and peeing. The security camera in the garage caught the whole thing on tape! I was like OMG?!!! What happened? Give me that tape!!! All they wanted to do was make sure I was okay, but boy, that tape sure embarrassed me. (Two girlfriends were with me at the time, who got to hear the full explanation.)

Story 4: Another time I was with by brother at another hotel. We were traveling together on a trip, and were rooming on a high floor. I woke up in only my pajamas top (I swear I went to sleep wearing my bottoms) outside our room, with the type of door locks that lock on closing. I couldn’t sleep in the hall since people would see me, so I had to go down to the lobby in only my top, and ask them to call up to my room. My brother had to wake up, say that I was actually staying in our room and come down and get me. Worse, he didn’t bring my bottoms down when he did! So I had to walk up naked past all those who awoke from all the commotion, too.

Last Story, 5: The first time I stayed with my boyfriend in a motel in Florida, I woke up naked outside the patio to our room. Fortunately, we were on the ground floor. From the desk clerk’s description, I had walked around to our little patio outside our room naked, and slept outside for most of the night. (He was Indian and was so shocked he didn’t know what to do!) I had actually taken my pillow with me. Maybe I was planning to camp outside. I can only guess I was sleepwalking in the hall, and got locked out again.

These stories are all pretty crazy, but the older I grow, the better they get. The problem is I don’t seem to be growing out of my childhood disorder, and now I’m 23 and mature. Fortunately, my family and boyfriend understand, but sometimes I’m beside myself. I’ve seen a doctor, and even been under a treatment called 'scheduled awakening.' Should I go on -- do you want to hear me tell some more?
Sunday, March 22nd 2009 - 11:37:57 PM
Name: Boris666
E-mail address: boris666
Subject: Emma is punished part 4
Message:Sarah read her book on the sofa, occasionally looking up and smiling at the exposed, red bottom, of the cringing, nude girl in the corner. Emma was left to stand there for a while. She was too afraid to even look round.
Eventually Sarah got up and left the room. She returned shortly, with a pink t-shirt,
“Here, you can put this on.”
Emma looked round, hopefully and caught the garment, when Sarah threw it to her, but her heart sank when she saw that it was just a little t-shirt.
“Go on then, before I change my mind!”
Emma quickly put her arms in and pulled the t-shirt on, hoping it was long enough to cover her, but as she pulled it down, she found that it stopped at her hips, just above her exposed kitty.
Sarah smiled and left the room again, leaving her to think about her new state of dress.
Emma stood there, pulling at the t-shirt, front and back. She couldn't pull it down both sides far enough to hide her naked shame. When she pulled the front down, the back was raised to show off her bare bum, but that was as good as it got.
As she stood in the corner, looking at the wall, Emma felt a little better having the t-shirt on, after a while. She felt a lot less exposed as she had since last night. At least she could pull it down and cover her front.
Sarah had gone out to the garden to phone some friends.
“Hello Julie..................yes thank you, how are you?..............good, are you and Pippa still coming for lunch?............oh good, remember that girl that I told you about, the one that kissed Pete?..............yes that's right, well I got my revenge last night, the plan worked perfectly................yes and you'll never guess what I did...............I spanked her!...............I did, I stripped her naked and spanked her!....................yes and she got turned on by it!.....................I know can you believe it?..................she was so embarrassed......................yeah I know, how humiliating and in the end, I forced her to have an orgasm, in front of a room full of girls!..................I'm not lying, seriously..................I'm not a lesbian, you silly cow, I just wanted to humiliate her. I tell you what though, it was very hot! I took her home and she's still here!........................I know, she's so ashamed...................yes and I've made her cum again, twice!...............she can't help it, I think she gets off on the humiliation, she sort of gets all overwhelmed and cries!.....................yes, she does anything I tell her to!................look you've got to come and see, it's so funny, but act like you don't know, when you meet her................ok, see you both soon.”
Sarah was delighted. The weekend had turned out to be so much fun. She was glad that idiot Pete had taken advantage of poor little Emma. Anyway bullying this weak little girl was making her feel more hot than he ever could. She sat in a sun lounger and relaxed, leaving Emma to worry about what would happen next.
Actually, inside, Emma was beginning to relax a bit. She felt better without Sarah watching her and she at least had a t-shirt on. After a while she heard Sarah come back in, but she went to another room, so Emma felt fairly safe.
“Put the kettle on sweety, it's nearly lunch time.”
Emma went to the kitchen and filled the kettle. She had just turned it on, when suddenly, the door bell rang.
“Oh no!”
“It's ok little one, I'll go.”
Emma stood nervously in the kitchen, knees together, feet pointing in, pulling the little pink t-shirt as far down as she could. She looked around for somewhere to hide, but there was nowhere. She could hear them still at the door.
“Perhaps they're not coming in.” she thought hopefully.
Then she heard footsteps and they were coming towards her!
“Oh no please!”
Sarah walked in smiling at her mischievously, followed by two other girls.
“Julie, Pippa, this is Emma.”
Emma stood there blushing, stretching the t-shirt as low as she could and slightly crouching.
“Oh my!” said Julie, faining surprise “You've got no knickers on!”
Pippa giggled behind them.
“Oh please” was all Emma could say.
“Emma is being punished. She has been a very naughty girl and is spending the weekend with me.”
“Oh, I see.”
“Say hello to the girls Emma, where are your manners?”
“Hello,” said Emma looking at the floor.
“Emma will do what ever I say, won't you Emma?”
“Yes Miss”
Pippa giggled and Emma cringed even more. Why had she said Miss?
“Let go of your t-shirt Emma!”
“Oh Sarah please!”
Emma let go and the t-shirt sprang back to her waist, showing the girls her smooth, hairless pussy.
“Please sit down, Pippa and Julie”
The girls sat on the arm chairs.
“Put your hands on your head and do us a twirl, slowly”
Emma did and the t-shirt came right up, showing everything off to the young girls as she slowly turned for them.
“She really does do what ever you say, doesn't she?”
“Yes Pippa. would you two like to boss her around?”
“Yes please,” the girls said together.
“Emma, Pippa and Julie are both eighteen. They're a lot younger than you, but Julie is my little cousin and Pippa is her friend, so I don't want you giving them any trouble while they're here. Do you understand?”
“Actually, I quite liked it when you called me Miss. You will call every girl who sees you this weekend Miss. Do you understand?”
“Yes Miss”
“All your's girls”
“Ok,” said Pippa, “have you seen how the girls dance in the rap videos. You know, when they shake they're arses at the camera?”
“Yes Miss”
“Do it!”
“With music Miss?”
“No, no music. Just do it!”
“Yes and if you don't do it well enough, you know what will happen!” added Sarah.
Emma stood facing away from her audience with her feet apart, hands on her knees which were slightly bent and bent slightly forward at the waist. She didn't try to hide herself, as she knew she'd get more humiliating punishment if she didn't do it right.
She took a deep breath and began to shake her pretty ass.
She was actually rather good at it and shook it up and down and side to side, at an astonishing speed. Her cheeks took on a life of their own, wobbling and bouncing around. It was an incredibly arousing sight.
The girls were laughing and pointing, but Pippa and Julie were mesmerised by the bouncing cheeks.
“God that is hot!” said Julie, who was the bolder of the two younger girls.“Come here and do that right in front of me!”
Emma backed herself up to Julie, she was pretty much giving her a lap dance!
Emma went back as far as she could, shaking her ass right in Julies face. Julie watched in awe of the nude bottom cheeks, wobbling about in front of her eyes. Emma shook and gyrated with gusto.
“Can I touch her?” asked the grinning girl.
“Of course. Do what ever you want to her!”
Julie reached out and held Emma by her thigh with one hand and felt her bottom with the other.
“Don't stop! Keep moving. Roll your hips slowly”
Emma slowly rotated her hips as Julie took liberties with her backside, her hand roaming all over her pretty naked cheeks.
Emma was hot and flushed. She could feel how wet she was between her legs and knew she would soon be found out.
Sure enough, Julies hand wandered down to where her bottom meets her thighs, rubbing the thighs for a moment and then on in between. She felt how wet Emma was.
“Oooooooh!” moaned Emma, submitting herself once again. She told herself that she had no choice.
“She's soaking down here!”
“I know. She's a very naughty little girl who can't control herself, aren't you Emma?”
“Ooooh, yes Miss. Sorry Miss”
“See. I told you. Look at her, how shameful!”
Of course Emma was very ashamed. There she was, standing in the middle of somebody else's living room, in front of several other girls, with no skirt or knickers on, sticking her bum out and wiggling it about for an eighteen year old girl to play with. To make matters worse, the young girl was now blatantly masturbating her in front of the other two and as embarrassed as she obviously was, there was no disguising the fact that Emma was incredibly turned on.
Suddenly, Pippa reached over and slapped Emma's gyrating bottom.
“Stand up!” Pippa said, in an authoritative tone.
Emma stood, one hand in front of her pussy and one on her bottom.
“Hands!” Sarah reminded her.
Emma's hands went to her sides.
“She looks like she hasn't got any tits!” Pippa said happily.
“She hasn't. Would you like to see?”
“Yes please.”
“Take off her t-shirt then, she loves to show off what a little girl she is, don't you Emma?”
“Yes Miss.” said Emma, wishing the ground would open up.
Pippa stood up and took the hem of the t-shirt and slowly lifted it.
“Lift your arms, little girl”
Emma couldn't believe how she was being treated, by these two much younger girls. As the t-shirt was lifted clear of her head, she was blushing more than ever. Pippa threw the top in the corner.
“Oh they are tiny, aren't they?” she said as she caressed the little breasts, one at a time.
“Yes Miss.” Emma said, squirming under the gentle caresses of the younger girl.
Pippa gently pinched Emma's nipples, until they stood out stiff.
“So cute! I am so jealous Sarah. I wish I had a little pet to play with”
“Maybe I'll lend her to you one day”
Julie got up and stood on the other side of Emma and started to stroke her thighs and tummy, while Pippa continued to play with her breasts and bottom. Julie slowly worked her way between Emma's legs, by which time the naked girl was very hot and could not help squirming and writhing with the exploring hands.
She felt so naughty again, being toyed with by these younger girls, as she looked at Sarah, who had a wicked grin on her face.
She held her gaze momentarily, as her hips moved rudely backwards and forwards and then looked down, ashamed as she came, shuddering, squatting down slightly on Julies fingers.
She held on to both girls with her arms around they're shoulders, as she fell limp, allowing the cruel fingers to keep her cumming on and on.
She groaned, as the orgasmic feelings became too intense and panicked as they were replaced with an overwhelming desire to piss. She tried to struggle, but was held in place, too week from her climax.
“Oooooh aaaaah..........no please, I need to wee!”
“Ok ladies, I think you had better stop, before she wees on my floor.”
Pippa and Julie let Emma go and she crouched on the floor, holding her pussy.
“Can I go for a wee Miss?”
Sarah stood up, walked over and took hold of Emma's ear, pulling her back to her feet.
“Come along.”
she pulled the naked girl by her ear, to the back garden, with the other two eagerly following. They giggled as they watched Emma's bottom wobble and jiggle as she was lead outside.
“Oh no, not outside. I mean, please Miss,can't I use the toilet?”
“No!” Sarah said sternly, as she stopped and slapped Emma's bottom. She pointed at the grass.
“Squat and do it here.”
“Oooooh no, Miss please.”
“I want to see it coming out, or you know what I will do to you!”
Emma squatted with her feet apart. As she went down, her petals opened, causing the two younger girls to laugh. She thought she wouldn't be able to go in front of other people, especially like that, but she had been holding it in for hours.
It came out like a horse pissing. A loud jet of wee wee, making a puddle under her.
“Oh my god, she's actually doing it!” said Pippa, gloating at her shame.
The piss went on for ages and Sarah went and stood behind Emma. Suddenly she bent down and grabbed her behind the knees.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Emma, as Sarah lifted the smaller girl off the floor by the backs of her knees, with her back against Sarah's body.
The piss shot up into the air making an arch, as it fell a few meters away. Sarah held her like that until she was finished and the arch of piss slowly decreased back and became a dripping trickle.
“All done?”
“Yes Miss,” came Emma's voice through a flood of tears.
Sarah let her down and she curled up on the floor crying.
“How shameful!”
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Name: Oddity
Subject: Blackmailed My Step-Sister Part 1
Message:**WARNING this story contain explicit content and involves a forced scenario that some readers may find offensive. If you feel such content is too offensive for your tastes please read no further.**

Alright, it feels a bit weird posting this here, but I'll give it a shot.

Well, it began not too long ago, maybe six months or so. My father had just gotten remarried and they were going off on their honeymoon for a couple weeks. This left my new step-sister CoCo in charge of us. (She was 19 and my brother was 16, I was 17.) The day after leaving me and my brother Clark were staying up late watching TV since it was a Saturday. Suddenly my sister busts through the door and falls over, to which me and Clark looked back and asked if she was alright. She gave no response but brought herself back to her feet, it was clear she was smashed drunk. Now let me tell you guys something: CoCo is a smoking hot brunette with a body like no other. She does college cheerleading and has an amazing body and curves. Her ass is luscious and is always fitted perfectly in her outfits, her breasts were my favorite size, bordering on a C cup/ She also has a habit of dressing up a bit too scantily at times. This night she came home in a red tank top with an orange bra evident underneath it. Also she had on a short denim skirt that came to about her upper thighs. Needless to say both me and my brother watched her slurred movements carefully, hoping for any kind of peek at what was under her skirt, little did we know we'd get some hell of a show.

As she crashed through the hallways struggling to get to her room which was at the end of the hall, we tailed her quietly, hoping for just the slightest slip. When she made it to her room she opened the door and pushed herself inside, nearly collapsing on the bed which luckily was close by. Me and my brother were disappointed as we watched her black out for the night, but we decided to wait an hour or so and then we'd check on her.

After the alloted time had elapsed Clark and I got up, we tiptoed into her room, her door was wide open so we easily slipped in. Her breathing had become very constant and she seemed out of it for sure. Just in case we poked her on the shoulders and shook her a bit, but she didn't awaken or even respond to the tests other than her body stopping after we did, leaving her ass to bounce for a second as well. Clark and I were both entranced by CoCo's body since our parents met and we always wanted to spend more time with her, appreciating her body. She was nice too and always cool, so there were no problems. Here however, it seemed like we could have all our fantasies come true, I quickly fetched the digital camera from my room and made sure I had plenty of memory. We gently removed the blanket from her and looked up and down her body, making us feel even hotter. We didn't bother with her top for the moment and instead began to pull lightly on her skirt. I decided to take charge and lifted it up to her waist, Clark and I were astonished to find that to match the orange bra she wore she had also slipped on a slim orange thong. We were in heaven now as we turned the flash off the camera and began snapping shots of her ass in a thong. Clark moved to her top and gently removed her top, using her limp body to gently pull it over her head and off of her. I unclasped her bra and removed it, and we smiled as her mounds came into view. They were absolutely perfect, they were perky and the nipples were just becoming erect with the cool air now pushing against them. We snapped some photos of these as well. Finally we unzipped her skirt and pushed it down her legs slowly, never once hearing a grumble from her all this time, as if she were in an alcohol induced coma. All that remained was her tiny orange thong, which we both did the honors of removing by puling on a side of the waistband and pulling them down her legs. Just when our day couldn't get any better; It did. She was expertly shaven and waxed, not a hair in sight. I spread her legs out while Clark began to snap off more photos of her, zooming in on her pussy lips. I took my fingers and placed them at the edges of the lips and pushed them out, spreading her wide open as Clark took more candid shots. I even had the nerve to push my finger inside of her, gently caressing her warm inner walls with a sigh.

Clark took his turn as I snapped off photos and we then began playing with her breasts. I grabbed them and squeezed them together, mashed them in my hands and twisted the nipples gently and my brother did the same. Finally we agreed to flip CoCo over and we pushed her to the other side of her bed, revealing her gorgeous ass to us at last. I placed my hands against these beautiful lumps and squeezed and sifted, kneading her ass with my hands. I then took a grip of both of her cheeks and spread them out, showing off her tiny asshole and the outer parts of her lips. We took turns taking pictures excitedly as we each did perverted actions with my sister's ass. Finally Clark couldn't hold it, he unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick, stroking it for a moment before shooting off a load right on her ass. He focused in and fired the remainder right at her asshole. Seeing some of it seep in I nodded in approval and took a close up shot of dribbles of cum seeping into her ass. I felt my orgasm oncoming as well, and I gave my brother the camera, going up to CoCo's face I pressed my dick to her lips and moved it about inside of her mouth while pictures were taken. Finally I gave in to my urges and took it out of her mouth. Moving quickly I went to her sweet ass and straddled her softly but swiftly, pushing my dick's head just inside of her asshole I released at the perfect moment and my cum shot out of my head and into her tight little asshole. I felt like a hero as cum began leaking out slowly, most of it staying inside of her as we took plenty of pictures.

After this, Clark and I went through her drawers until we found her underwear. Looking for the sluttiest piece we could find we settled for a purple G-string that looked a bit thicker than dental floss. Under all this was a surprise however, as we dug in and found a good sized vibrator. Apparently CoCo was a tease and didn't get much sex, so we decided to help her out. We pushed the vibrator up to her slowly, not turning it on for fear of waking her up, we then took her arm and put it over the toy, making it seem as though she were masturbating with the vibrator while wearing a wire thin G-string! We took pictures of this and many other erotic reenacments as well. Finally we ran out of memory and we rushed to her bathroom after recreating the scene as it was before. In her bathroom she kept her dirty clothes and we found the slinkiest dirty thong we could for our sick pleasure later on and left the room for her to wake up later. We didn't know how she'd wake up when she had cum spilling out of her ass, but we'd know soon. We knew these pictures were a sign, and we could have more, so we took advantage. We copied the photos over to my computer and put them on my email as well, keeping them safe a million times over. We were to use these photos to get our bombshell of a step sister to do whatever we wanted, morning couldn't come soon enough.

To Be Continued...

Give me comments if you want to see more!
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Name: Sandra
E-mail address: saysilee@yahoo.com
Subject: Bitchy girls
Message:The worst moment of my life happed when I was 17. I wasn’t the most popular girls in high school but had a lot of fans among boys. I was considered sexy and that didn’t sit well with other girls. It was in a party that jealousy turned into revenge and didn’t suspect what jealous girls were capable of doing. Someone had snuck in some bottles of rum and were mixing it with soft drinks. I don't remember how many drinks I had, but they were so loaded I ended up getting drunk. Latter I found out that other girl's were just acting drunk. Their drinks didn’t have rum and part of the plan was to get me boozed up and set me up for a prank. I had to take a pee and asked were the bathroom was. This girl took me down the hall, into a bedroom that had a toilette. When I came out there were about six girls there that grabbed me and began taking my clothes off. I thought it was some sort of a joke, until my clothes got thrown out the window. Panic set in when I saw myself carried out the door with no clothes on to embarrass me in front of everyone. Getting dragged by arms and legs spread out naked into a room full of boys and girls was the most humiliating moment of my life. The bedroom was conveniently locked, so I couldn't run in and hide. Boys were having fun chasing me and enjoying my nakedness till someone brought in my clothes from outside. That was the end of school for me, because I just couldn't face anyone there. They brushed it off as a joke, but they got their wish because I had to go to another school.
Thursday, March 19th 2009 - 10:49:51 PM
Name: #1Fan
Subject: A Sophisticated Girls Ordeal
Message:Ashley was described as the definition of elegance. She had Gorgeous long hair with seductively long legs and not to mention her high maintenance in fashion. She was considered the sexiest girl that most men will ever know. She was without a doubt the choice of eye candy for this party. It was a typical casual Saturday night party, which was not to wild but not at all dull either. Some of the girls including Ashley decided to put a movie on just to pass the time. After the movie was selected all the girls quickly jumped on the couch and sat on all the remaining seats in front of the television. Being as sophisticated as possible Ashley didn’t want to wrestle for a seat and calmly stood next to the couch.
Since there were no seats left in front of the TV everyone recommended Ashley to just sit on the floor. She smiled and nodded along although she became a little hesitant as she nervously held the bottom hem of her one piece skirt. With grave caution she slowly crouched down very slowly with her legs tightly held together. All the guys took a deep breath and on in anticipation hoping to get just a mere glimpse of what kind of panties she had on. Her great patience and caution had caused to her successfully complete her task without showing a single stitch of her underwear to the staring audience. "awwwww" was the sound that was heard next by all men in the room. "What?" Ashley had said smiling as if she wasn’t aware of the situation.
"Well the fellas over here were hoping to get a little uppie and see what kind of undies you are wearing" One of the girls named Candice had said
as she giggled. Ashley shook her head and laughed off the comment just before she began to focus on the movie. Minutes later a light bulb had turned on in the inside of Candice’s brain so with a now devilish grin Candice whispered to all the guys in the room and quietly carried on with the party without Ashley even noticing. As Candice walked by casually she suddenly stopped right next to Ashley and smiled at her. Ashley then smiled back with confusion. Candice then gave her a small wink and said "I think its time to show them" without further a due she then grabbed Ashley’s left ankle and lifted it as high as she could. The crotch of Ashley’s burgundy laced cut panties soon came into view as Ashley shrieked with embarrassment. "Hey guys check out her panties" Candice then yelled. As Ashley screamed she used both her hands to cover her crotch as Candice continued to lift her left leg higher and higher; spreading her legs awkwardly. "Quit it" Ashley said but Candice continued to lift her leg and carried on by getting everyone’s attention.
"Stop that!" Ashley said but then without warning Candice yanked Ashley by the leg and began dragging her by her foot in big circles around the room. Ashley then pleaded for Candice to stop as her body slid around embarrassingly around the hard wood floor. Ashley was now beet red from embarrassment as her skirt had completely ridden up completely exposing her panties to her peers. The excessive dragging then caused her panties to now ride up her butt and become wedged in revealing more then Ashley could bare. She tried to cover as best she could but it was no use as more and more of her modesty began to show. Candice's slutty sidekick Linda then found the situation hilarious and decided that she would like to join in on the ruckus. "That looks like fun" Linda said as she then reached down and grabbed Ashley's other leg and lifted it way into the air. They both then proceeded to drag Ashley by her legs in circles around the room with both of Ashleys legs in the air. This caused her panties to really do a number on her and began to ride up her butt more then ever. The girls found it hilarious but the men in the room could not believe their eyes as their hopes for a peek of Ashley’s panties now became a full spectacle of her exposure and some baring of extra cheek. "Look her panties are all up her butt, Turn her around so we could see what’s going on back there" Candice said. Candice and Linda then proceeded turn her over as Ashley screamed for them not to. They got to her to successfully turn over but only for a quick second as Ashley spun in a full 360 and instinctively covered up with her hands. It was vaguely quick but it was quite long enough to get a mere glimpse at her bountiful butt cheeks that swallowed her panties as it rode up in between them.
They then began to drag her body some more but after a few more spins they came to an abrupt stop. Ashley was wishing and hoping for her ordeal to end but her legs till remained in the air she had a feeling her humiliation was not about to end.” I have an idea" Candice said. Linda paused and awaited her proposition. "How about you go this way, I go that away". A small grin then emerged from Linda’s mouth.” So you go that way and I go this way" Linda then said as if they were reciting a dialog from the movie Rush Hour. Before Ashley could even comprehend what the two were babbling about after a quick count of three Candice pulled Ashley’s left leg in one direction as Linda pulled Ashley’s right leg in the opposite direction. Ashley's legs were spread wide apart as her panty covered crotch soon came into view to almost everyone in the room. Ashley shrieked and quickly covered herself with both hands but not before a majority of the audience had gotten a glimpse of her exposed crotch. Ashley then pleaded for them to stop as they continued to yank her legs apart as if she were a wishbone.
There was laughter around the room as it all seemed to be fun and games although the exposure started to get to Ashley as she began to yell with an angered tone.” Just because you sluts can't keep your legs closed doesn't mean you have to open mine!" Ashley then said. Candice and Linda both came to a complete stop as that insult silenced the two girls. Steam began to emerge from the ears of both Candice and Linda. Everyone in the room including them knew that what Ashley said was true. Candice and Linda had the reputation of being easy and everyone else knew just how high maintenance Ashley was. Ashley was without a doubt a tease, but she would never put out like how Candice and Linda were both known to do. Anger then filled the two girls as the insult had really gotten to both of their heads.
"We are sluts?" Candice then said. "Who’s the one that has her legs spread in front everyone huh? Candice said. "Your making me spread my legs you stupid whores" Ashley quickly replied. "Oh yeah how about we make you do some more things" Candice then said in a low but angry tone. "Yeah do you know what? How about we let little miss goody two shoes here, feel what its like to be a slut" Candice said as Linda nodded in agreement. "Hold her hands down and pull the crotch of her panties to the side" Candice said. "Whaaaat!" Ashley screamed as she began bucking up and down. "What’s the matter baby? you don’t want us to show everybody your cooch" Candice teased. "Please don’t anything but that" Ashley pleaded. "Well Since you think your so better than us I think we all want to know what makes that pussy of yours so forbidden". "Who wants to see Ashley’s forbidden temple? Without any answers or hesitation the guys lined up in front of Ashley in hoping to get a front row view if this action does take place. Surprisingly a few other girls also pounced on Ashley and firmly held her arms down. "Yeah lets show it to them" The other girls said. Ashley was astonished by the hectic situation that was now taking place.
The fact of the matter was that every guy was infatuated with Ashley and this drove all the girls’ nuts. Ashley is just undeniably gorgeous and her exceeding sex appeal made her the biggest tease a man could ever know, even if Ashley herself didn't even know it. Knowing Ashley would never give anyone the time and day drove everyman crazy and caused tremendous amounts of effort from all the men. Jealousy has begun to take over all the girls and thinking exposing Ashley of everything she’s got may end this escapade. "I think we have a Verdict, whether you like it or not I think everyone here has to see what it looks like in between those legs of yours. There was nothing Ashley could as she was held down with her legs spread wide open. Candice began seductively began rubbing her hands up and down here thighs. She then began rubbing Ashley's panty covered crotch up and down then in a circular motion that caused a tingle that ran across Ashley’s spine and caused her eyes slowly shut. Candice then placed her fingers inside the left part of the crotch of her panties and began slowly moving to the side. She moved extremely slow as a small portion of Ashley's pussy lip soon came into view but her panties quickly snapped back as Candice fully let go. Teasing was Ashley's best asset and Candice was definitely not going to miss the opportunity to take advantage of that. “I have a better idea, how about i just pull these wittle old panties all the way down so we could all have an even better look". Ashley’s legs were then closed and held down as Candice now began rubbing up and down her whole lower body. Ashley always had a feeling Candice had a bit of a lesbian tendency but this now made it official which now allowed her to begin to wonder if Candice herself wanted her just as much as the guys did.
Mixed emotions now began to fill Ashley as her mind was terrified of exposing her body to everyone but the tingle that now formed in between her legs sent shivers down her whole body. Candice then began kissing her up to her neck and began biting her ear lobe. "Please don't do this" Ashley begged. "hmm, I think you want this just as much as I do because your panties are just as wet as mine" Candice then whispered into her ear. Everyone including Ashley knew that she was turned on by this a small wet spot had formed in the crotch of her burgundy panties. Everyone looked on in anticipation as Candice now held the waistband of Ashley's panties. In slow motion she slowly tugged her panties downwards. Everyone began breathing harder and harder as Ashley's panties now reached her mid thighs and her bare shaved pussy was now revealed. Eyes around the room had widened as they all knew this moment was epic and will never be forgotten.
Still in slow motion her panties went passed her calves then finally off her ankles leaving her lower body completely exposed. Ashley’s legs were then pulled wide apart and held down as her pussy lips slightly parted. Candice then reached over and carefully spread Ashley’s pussy lips wide apart revealing everything as the audience gazed on in amazement. "So this is what it looks like inside the sacred temple.....I think we could all agree that it is very nice" Candice then said. It was unbelievable at how much Candice exposed her there was nothing left to the imagination as every detail of her pussy was revealed. "hmmm Since we have all seen your cute little pussy, I’m sure you wont mind if we all take a look a bit down more down south". "No please this is gone far enough" Ashley said. "I don’t think you’ve had enough" Candice replied as Ashley was then grabbed by the inner thighs and her knees were pulled back almost against her body. She was now fully spread in almost the shape of a frog lying on its back. Candice then reached over and spread Ashley’s butt cheeks wide open revealing her tight little butt hole to every one who was watching. "Wow your butt hole nice and tight, are you scared of Anal?" Candice teased. Ashley pleaded for them to stop but Candice continued to hold her butt cheeks open making sure everyone got a look at every detail of her tight butt hole and pussy.
Ashley was way too overwhelmed to reply as there was nothing she could do accept endure the humiliation. Candice softly touched her pussy and rubbed it very slowly. She then began sliding her finger up and down the crevice of butt as she slightly penetrated her asshole. With her other hand she vaguely felt the insides of her pussy and it was too much for Ashley to take as the overpowering sensation began to take over. She began to breathe harder and harder as she shut her eyes and began moaning louder and louder. Her muscles started to tense then she finally released to a screaming explosive orgasm. Everyone could not believe what had just happened as the hottest girl ever just had an orgasm in front of everyone. “Wow you came so hard and I barely even touched you” Candice said. Ashley’s limbs were finally released as she was breathing uncontrollably hard in a pool of her own cum.
“I think we all know who the slut is now…..” Candice Evilly said as her and Linda walked away laughing and fully satisfied with what they had just done.
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Name: boris666
E-mail address: boris666@aol.com
Subject: Emma is punished part 3
Message:The next morning, Emma awoke suddenly, as Sarah pulled the covers down, exposing her nakedness. The shy girl instinctively tried to hide her nudity, but her hands were tied above her and she could only clamp her thighs together, slightly crossing them.
“Now remember, no covering up!”
Sarah untied her from the bed and helped her to her feet. Emma was conscious of the curtains being open, but didn’t want to upset Sarah first thing in the morning. She thought about what Sarah had said yesterday, about keeping her there all weekend and didn’t want to get off to a bad start. Things had gone badly enough so far and she still hoped to talk her way out of this somehow.
“Right then, you can go and make us a nice breakfast to start with!”
Emma was smacked on her bottom as she left the room, sending her into a run.
She prepared breakfast while Sarah read a book, while waiting at the table. To Emma, it seemed like she was being ignored, but Sarah was catching sly looks every time she bent over or reached up, turning her back.
When she had served breakfast, Sarah pulled out a chair next to her.
“You can sit and eat too. You’ve got a lot of housework to do, you’ll need a good breakfast.”
Emma sat and they ate in silence. She noticed that Sarah kept looking under the table, trying to catch a peek between her legs.
After breakfast, she was sent to put her shoes and socks on. She felt so silly wearing just those and nothing else.
When she came back, Sarah was waiting on the sofa. There was a collection of cleaning materials on the floor, in the middle of the room.
“I want you to clean and dust the whole house. I will inspect your work when you have finished.”
Emma felt so humiliated cleaning in the nude. There was no mop, so she had to sponge the floors on her hands and knees, with her bare bum in the air, while Sarah watched from the sofa.
Sarah sat and took in the view. What a sight! Emma’s bare bottom wiggled about in the air as she scrubbed the floors. With her legs apart, Sarah could see her pussy, peeping out between as she wiggled her bottom and wobbled her cheeks, with the scrubbing motion.
She watched as the delightful little creature reached and stretched with the feather duster. This even caused her tiny little breasts to jiggle.
When Emma did the washing up, she could feel her cheeks wobbling even more and Sarah came into the kitchen to see the show.
By the time she had finished dusting the TV, Emma was covered in a sheen of sweat. It had taken most of the morning to do all the housework and she was quite out of breath.
“Stand with your hands on your head and your legs apart while I look at your work”
Sarah went round inspecting carefully everything Emma had done. The naked girl had worked hard and taken care it was all done properly, fearful of another spanking. She was relieved when Sarah seemed quite pleased with her.
“Good girl. Now, I think we need to get you clean!”
Emma’s relief was short lived, as she was taken by the wrist and pulled to the bathroom.
“Take your shoes and socks off.”
Emma took them off. Sarah smacked Emma’s bottom as she guided her into the bath. She opened the taps and let the water run warm. The bath was still very shallow when Sarah closed the taps and Emma’s hopes of being hidden under water were shattered. She still felt horribly exposed.
“Sit down.”
Emma sat down. Sarah poured a jug of water over Emma’s head and massaged shampoo into her hair she washed it slowly and lovingly, causing Emma to relax a little. Then she rinsed it and repeated her actions with the conditioner.
“Stand up!”
Emma’s relaxed state was broken as she stood nervously in front of her bully. Sarah squeezed shower gel into her hand while smiling at the helpless girl. She started to rub it gently all over the naked girls back and down her sides. Then she concentrated on her little breasts. She slowly worked the soap round each nipple, teasing them until they stood out stiff.
“Ahhh, your tiny boobies are so cute!”
Emma was already blushing, but her colour deepened.
“You are just adorable when you go all red!”
Emma cringed inside. Sarah washed her tummy, then her legs. Starting with the feet and working her way back up to the thighs.
She spent a long time on Emma’s thighs, causing the girl to squirm with the tension building in her. Suddenly she slapped Emma’s right thigh,
“Keep still, you naughty girl!”
Emma immediately wished she hadn’t apologised and hated herself for doing so, but she was naturally submissive and couldn’t help it.
“Put your hands on your head and spread your legs, so I can wash this naughty pussy!”
Emma did as she was told and the humiliating words had an instant effect on her, as she felt the shameful sensations down there, in anticipation of more touching.
Sarah soaped up between her legs and gently washed the quivering girls slit. One hand washing, the other holding her in place by her bottom.
Because it was bald now, Emma felt like it was even more bare and exposed to Sarah. It felt so rude and she was struggling to keep her composure. The intense feelings of embarrassment and desire, overwhelmed her again. She was reluctantly close to cumming, when Sarah quickly spanked her several times and roughly forced her down on her hands and knees. Emma was suddenly shocked out of her reluctant ecstasy.
“Stick your little bottom up in the air for me, so I can wash your bum hole!”
Emma panicked. She tried to reach back to stop her, but her wrist was grabbed and pulled into the small of her back and she was rewarded with another spanking.
This time it was very hard and stung against her wet bottom. It went on for quite a while and had Emma wriggling her bare bum about in the bath, trying to escape the stinging hand. By the end, she was broken and crying.
“What did I tell you!”
“I’m sorry”
“Do as your told and be a good girl for me. If you misbehave, I will have to punish you!”
Sarah slapped her bottom again very hard, to make her point.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be good!”
“Good. Now stay on your hands and knees while I make sure your naughty bottom is at least clean.”
Sarah took great delight in slowly teasing the little virgin bum hole, watching it winking and puckering up in shame, as she stroked over and around it, massaging it with her soapy fingers.
“Ohhh......oh please.......please don't.”
“Be quiet you silly girl!”
Emma felt her bottom hole opened up, as Sarah pushed a soapy finger in, just to the first knuckle.
Sarah was slowly pushing and pulling her pointing finger in and out of the clenching knot.
“Oooooh no......oh......ohh......nooo.....ahhh.”
The finger pushed deeper and deeper each time.
“Oh.....oh no.......ooooh.....ooh!”
Sarah was trying not to laugh. Emma's face was a picture of consternation and anguish, mixed with obvious, but reluctant arousal. Sarah pulled the intruding finger slowly out of Emma's gripping bum hole, leaving it rudely winking, as if it were gasping for air.
“I think we need more soap in there, to get you cleaned up properly” Sarah said, matter of factly.
“Oh no please....no more!”
Emma begged, but she stayed obediently in position, as Sarah squeezed more soap onto her hand and massaged it into the winking bum hole. She slowly started to push her finger in and out of Emma's vulnerable bottom again, causing the poor girl to whimper and whine.
Sarah started to move her finger back and forth much quicker, pumping it in and out of the squirming bottom.
“Oh....ooh....aah....ooof.....aarrr...uuum....aah god!”
Emma's face was hot and red, as she wriggled and swayed her bare bum side to side, up and down.
Suddenly Sarah withdrew her finger and slapped Emma's upturned bottom, which puckered up and did a quick, but loud fart. Emma's arms buckled under her and she buried her face in her hands. Sobbing, with her bum still sticking up in the air, she let out a much longer and louder fart.
Sarah helped her out of the bath and gently toweled her dry, while she sobbed the whole time, beside herself with shame.
She had lost all her dignity and pride, had allowed such a terrible invasion from this bully and yet her sex was on fire!
She had never been so excited in her life. And the worse thing about it was that, no matter how much she tried to hide or deny it, this horrible bully knew how excited she had made her.
Sarah could smell the helpless girls unwanted arousal in the air, even though she had just been washed.
She finished drying her and put her hair in pig tails.
“Put you socks and shoes back on and come to the living room”
Sarah walked off. Emma put them on and followed her to the living room.
Sarah sat on the sofa, looking very happy with herself. When she saw Emma come in, she couldn't help laughing out loud,
“Oh little Emma, you should see yourself! You look about twelve with your hair like that!”
Emma looked at her shoes and shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot. She looked up and saw that Sarah suddenly looked quite cross.
“Come and stand here, in front of me.”
Emma walked across the room and stood nervously where Sarah pointed. Sarah grabbed Emma's arm, without warning and pulled the naked girl across her lap. She gave her another quick spanking, very hard and fast. Emma's cheeks wobbled and flattened and sprang back and opened and closed, under the assault. She was stuggling to escape, but Sarah had her pinned. Emma gave in and cried, lifting her bottom for each spank, meekly pushing it out for punishment in an act of submission.
The spanking stopped and Sarah firmly groped her bare bottom.
Emma submitted her bottom to Sarah fully, grinding it against the rubbing and exploring hand, parting her legs and allowing it roam everywhere.
Once again, Sarah discovered her unwanted arousal, but this time Emma made no attempt at hiding it from her. She rocked her hips, as Sarah diddled her.
Sarah stroked her wet slit, teasing her little button, until she was ready to cum, then stopped and cupped the girls swollen sex with her hand. Emma tried to push back on the hand, but Sarah slowly pulled away with each attempt, leaving her humping rudely at thin air.
“Tut tut, naughty girl. I can't have you enjoying your punishment, can I?”
Emma's hips still rotated on Sarah's lap, trying without thinking, to seek out a thigh, or a knee to rub on.
“Up you get, before you make a mess on my leg!”
Emma groaned as she stood up.
“Now go and stand in the corner, with your hands on your head!”
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Name: boris666
E-mail address: boris666@aol.com
Subject: Emma is punished part 2
Message:As Emma got into Sarah’s car, she tugged at the hem of her coat, trying to pull it further down, but it would not even stay under her bottom as she sat down. She was very conscious of her bare legs. Sarah noticed all this and smiled,
“Don’t fidget sweetie, or I’ll pull you out of the car and spank you in the street!”
It was a short drive to Sarah’s house and Emma’s anxiety rose as they pulled into the driveway.
Emma stayed in the car as Sarah got out and walked round to her door. Emma pulled at the hem again as the door was opened.
“What did I say, naughty girl. Come on get out”
Sarah took Emma’s hand and helped her out of the passenger seat, getting a good look as Emma parted her legs to get out. She opened the door and led the scared girl into the hallway.
Once inside, Sarah roughly removed Emma’s coat and made her stand with her hands on her head.
Emma could not stop blushing. She felt so aware of her nudity, standing next to a fully clothed girl and being told what to do. It felt so embarrassing, especially wearing just her socks and shoes
“You are going to do as your told Emma. Whatever I tell you, do you understand?”
“Good. Tonight you can rest, but tomorrow you have a lot of chores to do.”
She led Emma into the living room and sat on the sofa.
“You can take your hands off your head but don’t try to cover up or I’ll punish you. Go and turn on the telly.”
Emma self consciously walked over to the TV set, she wasn’t sure what was worse, bending over or squatting. Sarah noticed her hesitate and smiled,
“Hurry up!”
Emma bent over and turned the set on. She could feel Sarah’s eyes on her bare bottom and slightly parted legs. She felt goosebumps on her flesh. Standing up, she shyly looked at her tormentor. Sarah, smiling sweetly, patted the sofa next to her and Emma quickly walked over and sat down.
After flicking through a few channels, Sarah decided there was nothing worth watching.
“I’ve got the DVD from the cam-corder.”
She took it out of her handbag and passed it to Emma.
“Go and put it on sweetie.”
Emma felt very nervous of this suggestion. She went over to the DVD player and realised she would have to squat for this.
As she was squatting Sarah took in the delicious sight of the parted cheeks before her. Emma was very aware of the view she was giving her and put the DVD on as quickly as she could.
“Come back little one,” Sarah ordered.
Emma sat down next to her again and watched the DVD of herself being slowly masturbated by Sarah. As they watched the screen, the wicked hand of the dominant girl, began it’s cruelly sensual stroking again, up and down Emma’s bare thigh, across her tummy, round and round, gently but firmly, down the other thigh and back again. Emma’s thighs were quickly slapped apart and Sarah stroked her inner thighs and her tummy, along the top of her pubic mound, just stopping short of Emma’s pussy each time.
The smaller girl squirmed in her seat. Watching herself being diddled by another girl, while being teased so mercilessly, by a girl, was unbearable. She could just about stop herself from moaning with frustration.
She couldn’t stand the fact, that the more this mean girl did to humiliate her, the more turned on she became.
Sarah smiled. She could clearly see the effect she was having on poor Emma. Her little petals had opened with her spread thighs and they were glistening with her increasing wetness.
Sarah touched Emma’s little button and a moan escaped the poor girls lips,
“Aren’t you a naughty little girl?”
Sarah began to circulate her fingers around the hood and up and down. Emma's hips moved in response.
“Who’d have thought it eh? Such a good little girl. Such a virgin, being so naughty deep down!”
“Oh please don’t.”
“Begging won't help, although it is amusing for me.”
Sarah smiled as she watched Emma's little pussy moving up and down with her fingers.
As Emma saw herself cum on the screen, she came again, rubbing herself hard against Sarah’s hand. As she slowed down and stopped squirming Sarah prevented her from closing her legs and went back to stroking her tummy and thighs. A tear rolled down her cheek.
Emma sobbed as Sarah pulled her close and put her arm around her.
She was so ashamed. Her face hot and flushed with a mixture of desire, shame and confusion. She wondered again, how this had happened. How she had let it happen.
All her friends had seen her stripped nude, dominated, spanked and forced to orgasm by a girl. She was straight and couldn’t believe a girl had made her feel so naughty between her legs.
“I’m going to put you to bed little one. You’ve got a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”
Emma was lead to the spare room.
“Remove your shoes and socks and lie on the bed.”
Having done this, the sniffling girl felt strangely comforted, but also embarrassed, as Sarah sat beside her on the bed and wiped her tears, stroked her fringe off her forehead and kissed it gently. It felt like a tender moment, after all the humiliation Sarah had put her through. Of course Sarah was well aware of this and was merely toying with her emotions.
She suddenly produced a dressing gown belt and tied Emma’s hands to the bed above her head, making sure it was not too tight.
“No, please don’t tie me.”
“Shhhhh! It’s just to stop you touching yourself.”
Emma blushed, she didn’t know what to say and couldn’t do much about it anyway. Sarah pulled the covers up, tucked Emma in and left the room.
Now Emma was left with her own thoughts, pictures of the events that had took place that evening swirled in her mind. Her anxiety increased, as she worried about what would happen to her the next day.
She fidgeted and squirmed at the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings she had. She could feel that she had become quite wet again and felt the need to touch it, but tied as she was, there was little she could do.
Eventually, she drifted into a fitful sleep, filled with erotic dreams and nightmares.
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Name: Linda
Subject: Hold that Toilet! (Peeing in the Shower)
Message:Hold that Toilet! (Peeing in the Shower)

Okay, about a year ago in the summer, I was invited to a friend's party. It was supposed to be all girls, but then the hostess changed her mind and invited some guys. I had never met them, but when they came they were all HOT. There were a couple of twins, some of the finest boys EVER, and another hot guy. We were all flirting and stuff. Then I had to go to the bathroom. The party went on outside while I was inside the party clubhouse "doing my business." All the sudden, I realized the bathroom had a window where anyone standing outside could plainly see anyone on the vanity. At the moment that was me, and one of the twins was watching me do my stuff. I was so TERRIFIED about being watched, I could barely think, much less pee. So with my panties on my ankles I climbed around into the shower to finish up "my business."

Then all the sudden my best friend came in to check up on me, and there I was peeing in the shower stall (The was no lock on the door.) So saw me, and we both cracked up laughing. The hot guys tried to come in for a better view, but thankfully, my best friend shooed them out. It was so close, however, they probably saw me doing it. But we've both "recovered" so it's okay, we’re still best friends. Now we’re planning to room at state.
Sunday, March 15th 2009 - 10:32:24 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: Human knot exposure
Message:I went to a party with my girlfriend, although it was mostly couples and younger men. Many women wore shorts, or slacks but I wore a mini-dress. Well, my girlfriend was the unofficial party Master of Ceremonies. After a couple of hours for cocktails, she announced a party game. With only eight people (four couples) who could volunteer, everyone else would have to watch. She said once the first eight were in, the rest were free to watch; the only catch was once you were in you couldn't quit until the whole group had given up. Then another group could play.

Very quickly a nice guy grabbed me and asked me to be his partner, so out of politeness I said, "yes." After my friend had picked the first players, she announced the name of the game – it was “Human chain,” which I had never played before.

Well, everyone was giving the option of leaving, but once players were in we had to play until the end. It was roughly matched by sex, with most of the players in their twenties. Everyone else would watch. As my GF explained the way the game was played, it dawned on me that I could be out of dress – literally. Nonetheless, I decided I would be a good sport and try to play the game for my partner. I soon realized I had been set up.

When the game started the players extended their arms to someone across or around them. Grasping hands, all the players formed a single human chain. The objective of the game was to untangle the knot without letting go of hands. Most of the players tried to grab their partner’s hands, and that’s what my partner did to me.

It started off okay, with the easy moves over and under, but quickly it was clear I would have to step or duck. Even though my minidress was loose enough, every time I stepped, someone (rather, everyone!) saw my pantied butt; every time I ducked, they saw my panties’ front. I had worn lace Chantilly Lace French white panties, and had a fresh wax job so I looked very nice. However, I had no idea how many young people were there, even aside from my partner, who got very close to me personally every time we made a move to untangle the knot. Even the girls got a kick out of seeing my underwear on display and as the guys (and gals) wrenched and turned their arms and legs around my dress, which to my distress was just too much fun to watch. My dress just rode up and up, as if I only wore underwear. Still, I was a fun party girl, and put on a fun party show. By the time the night was over I might as well have taken off my dress!

My panties had been seen from about every angle, and my pudenda slot frankly was getting kinda wet. Moreover, some guests were taking pictures, and although my mound didn’t show directly bare, I have a prominent pubis, and with all that attention, I was getting very hot. My excited pubis started plainly bulging. If I hadn’t shaved, the clear lace spots above and below my panties cotton crotch cloth would have shown. As it was, they could plainly see the slight indentation of my pubis slot.

I survived the party, but my friend had the last laugh. As the single guy at the party who could see me closely, and we ended up in a big romance. So you see there is something to be said for those silly party games. Had it not been for the cocktails, my short chemise dress and fancy underpants, I would probably have continued to be just a wallflower. As it was, I (or my undergarments) was the focus of the party, my new found friend, and even myself!
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Sunday, March 15th 2009 - 10:30:11 PM
Name: Shyboy
Subject: Misadventures of Skippy Little and Pee Wee Morris pt 3
Message:“JUST, Quiet down, Pee Wee, Morris!” snapped Wendy Williams as he stood there before her, and 2 of the Angel Beach HS Cheerleaders, Mindy and Cindy, and their girlfriend Cathy, in just his shoes, socks, and white cotton underpants. There they all were Pee Wee, with the 4 fully dressed girls, in the Girls’ Locker Room. The first bell for Homeroom would being sounding any minute.

Right by Pee Wee’s side was his new school buddy Skippy Little in pretty much the same dilemma. Skippy was quite jittery, avoiding eye contact as, just like Pee Wee, the girls were also eyeing him up and down in just his red and blue square and diamond print on white Hanes Boxer shorts. Like Pee Wee, Skippy had expected an even up Show and Tell party with the girls but had been duped by Wendy and Company!

For the moment Pee Wee, bit his lips tight together stopped outcries, but he was still obviously outraged. Skippy, was pink faced, trying to stay calm, he had a hunch that if he went along and cooperated it all might work out.

Wendy leaned over whispering something or other to Cathy, but sure enough the momentary silence in the locker room was broken by another of Pee Wee’s outbursts.
‘Wendy Williams, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?” WHY are you doing this?” I WANT MY CLOTHES! WHERE ARE THEY?” he shouted out.

Cindy, Mindy, and Cathy, burst out laughing at the sight of him shouting at them I his little boyish white underpants that were sticking out in front as he ranted on and on.

Wendy turned her head, and with a big grin on her face calmly, began to answer, “Well, my little Pee Wee, Your clothes are all locker up; and WHY we did it….well because you’re a naughty little boy who just keeps on spying on us through those peep holes beyond our shower room area, Don’t You?

Suddenly Pee Wee was silent.

“Answer me Pee Wee” continued Wendy, “ IF you want your clothes back answer the question, DO YOU hide back there day after day spying in on us?”

“Er, well….yes, Wendy, I do….but NOW May I Please have my clothes?”
He pleaded.

“That depends on how YOU and SKIPPY each answer one more question”
Said Cathy, joining in with Wendy in their game.

“RINNGGGGGG!” Off went the first bell to report to Homeroom, basically all they had 9 minutes to get there.

“Ooo, Times running out boys…don’t know about you but we girls’ll be leaving soon…as your you 2 and getting your clothes back, remarked Wendy Williams, speeding thing up now, "Skippy you’ll go first, IF your answer is acceptable we’ll unlock your clothes and you get ‘em, back otherwise, you’ll be spending some time in just those snappy boxer shorts with Coach Honeywell, or Miss Walker while they help you out.”

Without speaking Skippy nodded vigorously.

"So, Little Mr. Skippy Little, our new basketball team manager, and towel boy, YOU have to tell us when the last time was you masturbated and how you did it!”

Skippy knew there was no bluffing his way out of this! In all of 30 seconds blurted out the fact that he had a collection of store catalogues from sears, and pretty much every night scanned the pages of the ladies in their parts, slips, girdles and panties, and wacked his weenie trying to imagine what underwear the girls in school wore, then he thanked them for allowing them to see them tat way when they first entered the locker room just before.

Well hearing all that, Skippy was most relieved to hear Wendy declare
“Acceptable, Mindy and and Cathy take them to your locker, let him get dressed!” Wasting no time he hurried over with her, goes on with it, and was practically dressed and long gone.

Finally Wendy, Cindy and turned to Pee Wee...

"Ready Pee Wee?" asked Cindy

“Cindy, Wendy YES….YES….I ….”

Wendy interrupted, “NO, NO Pee Wee, WE KNOW you masturbate behind our shower room wall, spying on us…..IF you want your clothes back…
Drop your undies and show us!”

Pee Wee’s jaw dropped, he gasped….”AH…Oh, Wendy, Cindy, Please, Oh NO!”

"It’s up to you Pee Wee….IF you want your clothes….undies down….and get on with it….I don’t know about YOU, but we already checked in with our Homeroom teacher before school so when the bell rings we’ll be on our way our first class…."

Pee wee, closed his eyes shut turned to the side and in one swift motion….Pee wee yanked down his briefs, exposing his 3 inch boner….

"OK Pee Wee when I say 3 GO…OK…." Wendy ordered

Pee Wee kept his eyes closes shut, put both hand on his thighs, knees bent and with his underpants around his knees and nodded up and down….

"ONE" Wendy called out, bringing her index finger to her mouth and singling the others by arching her head to the locker room door they began tip toeing toward it….

"TWO"…..All but naked and in full view on a line of sight to the locker room door….Pee Wee tensed ready to go….as the girls were ½ between him and the door to the hallway.

On the count of "THREE", not only were Wendy, Cindy, Mindy, and Cathy, as well as Skippy gone and out the door, PEE WEE heard the sound of the 2nd and Final Bell…..in seconds he heard movements, voices out side in the hallway filling up with students, teachers, on their way! He had no clue which locker contained his clothes, not that that mattered because he didn’t have the combination anywhere, there were no towels, anywhere to be seen, only him in his shoes, socks and his white Fruit of the loom briefs!

He tried to fit into a locker but slipped and fell! Outside the door he heard Miss Honeywell, The Girls Coach, ordering the first period girls gym class to get in line….she was going though the alphabet calling names….he spun around in a circle and considered going out the window….when he head the door swing open….

"PEE WEE…PEE MORRIS!" Screamed Miss Honeywell.

The girls came streaming in along side and then past thier coach and reacted immediately with sheiks, laughing, pointing, hooting, cackling, chuckling, except for Miss Honeywell who was on Pee wee in seconds.

She grabbed him forcefully him by the ear in was pulling him along skidding his shoes across the floor. Pee Wee was tripping and stumbling behind her in just his shoes, socks, and underpants, then out the door just that way going right down the hallway being dragged along by Miss Honeywell, he was will 1/2 naked, skidding along bend over beind her on their way to Principal Carter's Office.
Friday, March 13th 2009 - 10:26:20 PM
Name: Shyboy
Subject: Misadventures of Skippy Little and Pee Wee Morris pt2
Message:Skippy and Wendy had met two days earlier, and now all was arranged. This time it was before school at Angel Beach HS when Skippy Little and Pee Morris stood before the door to the Girls Locker Room each with a fresh stack of towels. Wendy Williams, 2 members of the cheer squad, Cindy and Mindy, and their fine looking friend Cathy were inside and waiting.

All the girls, just according to Wendy’s plan, were already ½ dressed their school blouses and skirts off in their underwear – bras, panties, garter girdles, nylon stockings.

“Knock-knock-Knock, Towel delivery, May we come in?” Skippy called out.

After a hearing a few laughs, giggles, and then a brief delay the girls’ answer came from beyond the door, “YES, YES, You May, Oui, Oui, and Entrez Vous!”

Skippy pushed the door opened, both boys walked forward into No Man’s Land and within seconds Both boys’ eyes widened as they saw all 4 of their girl classmates before them wearing similar white and pink bras, garter girdles that came 2/3s of the way down their fronts leaving the bottoms of their panties showing with their garter straps attached to tops of their light beige nylon stockings.

Both boys were speechless, Wendy and Cindy walked forward taking the towels from them, waling behind them and place them on a table outside the shower area.

Wendy was first to break the silence, “Like the Show So far guy?”

“UHHH….sure do” muttered Skippy.

“Me too” Pee Wee stuttered.

“Uh-huh” Wendy replied, “ We don’t have that much time, SO as you can see we girls got a head start and Now you boys have some catching up to do.
ARE YOU BOTH still ready for We’ll Show you OURS, If You SHOW YOURS?”

Almost immediately and totally speechlessly all Skippy and Pee Wee could do was nod their heads rapidly up and down!

Wendy went on “ OK OUR LOCKERS, are here in the first Row, You 2 have to go over to the next row down and Get Undressed,but Despite Wendy’s instructions both boys stood there, as if in a trance of some sort!

“DID YOU 2 HEAR ME?” said Wendy Williams snapping her fingers as Cindy, Mindy and Cathy looked on.

Ah…Ah…but….Wendy…do you mean naked?” Pee Wee blurted out!

AH, OH PEE WEE, Will you let me finish…NO…Not yet, Not all the way,
Both of you get on over to the next row down there, and get undressed down to your underwear, just like us, THEN we’ll do the last part together…

Skippy and Pee Wee dashed off past the girls to the next row of lockers,
“HURRY HURRY Boys” called Wendy from their side, “ TOSS your clothes up over to us so we can keep track of them for you Let's Go, Go, GO!”

Oh Pee Wee Morris, was in Heaven breathing as hard as ever as he tore off his clothes, Skippy Little was enjoying ever bit of this too, he had an girls’ underwear fetish and was beginning to tingle more and more all over mentally matching up the bras and panties Wendy, Cindy, Mindy and Cathy were wearing to the countless times he had flipped through the ladies underwear pages of his collection of Sears store catalogues!

Once more over From the girls’ side of the tall pink lockers, they heard Wendy’s voice. “Leave your shoes and socks on boys!”

“Whatever you say!” Pee Wee called back, as Skippy just shook his head.
Skippy had his shoes off, but put them back on. He was already bare chested, and now was in just his shoes, socks and snug fitting Hanes cotton boxer shorts - white with a snappy blue/red diamond/square printed pattern.

He saw Pee Wee was already done in his white athletic style undershirt and white Fruit of the Loom economy style briefs.

Little did Pee Wee or Skippy know of Wendy’s plan. Unseen from their side of the tall lockers, as the boys undressed and tossed their shirts and pants over as Wendy directed, that in fact all 4 of the girls had gotten all redressed back into their school blouses and skirts. To make it all convincing, as they did they tossed an extra set of their bras, panties, and girdles up and over to the boys’ side! And right according to Wendy’s plan they also took the entire new stacks of towels away from the table and locked them up With the boys’ shirts and pants in Cathy’s locker!

The timing was almost perfect.
“OK boys, Come on Over here, let’s see YOU!” Wendy called.

Umm, so all turned around both Skippy and Pee Wee walked around in their shoes, socks, and underwear, and then OH GOD SHOCK-A-ROO!

In an instant they both saw all 4 girls fully dressed!
PEE WEE was furious….
“God damn Wendy…Williams…THIS…isn’t FUNNY…where’s my
Clothes!” he demanded to know.

Skippy, knew they were had, had been duped, and it was no time to infuriate Wendy, Cindy, Mindy, and Cathy….there was no such outburst from him…he stood, said his prayers and waited….the 1st period girls gym class would soon arrive…if not the Women’s coach Miss Honeywell, he saw not sign of his clothes or the fresh towels and knew very well he and Pee were at Wendy’s mercy….
Friday, March 13th 2009 - 10:23:06 PM
Name: Shyboy
Subject: The Misadventures of Skippy Little and Pee Wee Morris
Message:"Hey pal what’s up?" asked Pee Wee Morris greeting
His new pint sized chum, Skippy Little, a transfer
student at Angel Beach

"Oh, not too, much, except the manager of the Girls
Basketball team just quit and Coach Warren told me
I’d have to take over responsibilities for both the
girls as well the boys basketball teams like I'd been

"What wait a minute", um, asked Pee Wee excitedly, "Does that
mean you have to do collect provide their towels before and
after practice?"

"Yep, same as for the boys team." Skippy calmly replied.

"Oh, man or man, the girls team too, what about their uniforms?" as his voice grew in excitement with every word.

"Yep same as the boys, gotta collect ‘em, wash ‘em in the
big athletic laundry, and iron them all one by one and deliver them to the locker roomin time for each game. Man it’s a big job, get this, all for the same pay!" answer Skippy.

"Never mind the pay, Skippy, man or man I’d do that job for free, listen does that include the girls’ cheerleader squad
and their uniforms?" said Pee Wee witing to hear more.

"Not sure, Pee Wee, sometimes, but cheer girls, I think, take care of their own uniforms."

"But Skippy you do have to into the Girls’ Locker Room don’t you?" asked Pee Wee probing for every dirty detil he could.

"That's right dum dum, how else do I deliver and pick up the towels, and all their things, Pee Wee?"

Pee was simply dumfounded at all this, "But Skippy you’re, a guy! I mean, How?"

"Oh Coach Warren, he, explained to me, that the Girls Coach, Coach Honeywell, Miss Honeywell, told him that I had to knock and announce “Towel Time” and When got the “OK, Come In” answer back I could enter. That’s exactly how it worked yesterday. Sorta like in a hotel get it Pee Wee?"

"Oh, I sure do get it, oh this is Hot, So Hot, and Skippy what,
did you see?" Pee Wee was now talking so fast he was almost losing his breath.

"Well Pee Wee nobody was naked, Wendy, Wendy Williams, she
looked quite nice I'd have to say in her underwear, pretty plain white bra and white panties. Mindy, I did see her too
she was still wrapped up in her towel. Then Ginny, and Cathy, most were dressing in the far end of the Wendy's row of lockers
I didn't see them from where I was but they called out to me NOT to come over there. It was funny, Wendy started right up teasing them about being too shy to be seen in their underwear!"

"Oh, Skippy what else, what else, you have to tell me what else!"

Well there was a little table outside that shower wall, and I hear you know all about the girls’ showers Pee Wee, anyway I put the stack of new towels on the table collected the used ones, into the cart along with their practice uniforms, t shirts, shorts, sport bras and briefs, that was that.

"Oh man or man was that was it, was there more?" pleaded Pee Wee

Pee Wee I’m not stupid it was the first day for god sakes, one screw Up staring, gawking, some dum ass remark and they tell Miss Honeywell and Coach Warren. And Pee Wee, after all it’s a long season; maybe you can help me out?

Pee Wee, was all worked up over the very prospect of what ever this might be, in fact, his little winkie went stiff in his jeans! "Help you out, oh man how? Just tell Me!"

"Well when I was leaving Wendy, was hanging around
and I think you know Wendy Williams, she asked if I’d be interested in helping sure Mindy, Ginny and Cathy of their silly little girl modesties! She said she was going to try to work something out that if I "showed all them", she’d might be able to convince them to join her "show me" but only if I could get one more guy to join me."

Oh man Skippy would you let me help, please, let me help,
you gotta ask Wendy for me please!

OK, see you tomorrow Pee Wee, Try not to get too worked up OK?
Friday, March 13th 2009 - 09:23:42 PM
Name: Anon
Subject: Spilt tea mess
Message:Spilt tea mess

About two months ago I was with my friend at this small party for her church. That's when I met this really nice, hot guy that was my friend's friend. After about an hour of playing cards and talking at the party, he asked if I wanted to go down the street for a drink. So I went with my friend because she "just had to come," too! We went to a small romantic kind of a coffee place. We sat in the back where it was dark lit with candles she and me, with my hot new crush beside me. (It finally dawned on me; she was in love with him, too! Only he fell for me.)

He started a conversation and I was trying to listen to him so much that I didn't realize where my drink was going! I put the drink up to my mouth to take a sip and forgot to drink!!! I slowly poured the drink down my face and into my lap, before I remembered what I was doing!

I was so embarrassed, my friend started laughing and my crush gave me a funny kind of smile, too, like he wasn’t sure what to do! I had a huge spot on my nice white dress, so I had to go back to my friend’s and borrow a dress from her. She was a nice sport, too, only she was a size smaller, so her shift dress was really small on me. In fact, it was so small my panties showed out at the hem. But I figured I was only going home, so it wouldn’t matter, but it turned out it did, very much.

We (my new crush and I) ended up clubbing until one, with my panties showing the whole evening. Fortunately for me (or us, that is) they were the fanciest pair I had. I’ve always thought I was eternally blessed to have worn that pair that day and evening. You see, they weren’t the kind of panties you normally see on a girl going to church party. In fact, you should never see them on a girl at all, unless she’s your wife. Needless to say, at the end of the night he offered me his number, so to speak. My crush and I got married later that week, and so I became his wife, so the panties he saw were hers.
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 09:14:10 PM
Name: Kaitlin
Subject: Bathroom error
Message:Bathroom error

I was the new kid in the school, and the other kids were making fun of me because I was the only girl in class who wore glasses. Well, one day I forgot my glasses, which was a huge mistake because without my glasses, I couldn't see anything. I was nearly blind. It turns out we were going on a field trip that day to see a concert, so everyone kept asking me if I could see and, of course, I said yes, I could. I didn’t want to be the only one to miss the concert. I told everyone that I got contacts and that it was fine, but in reality I couldn’t see a thing. It didn’t matter, though, because all I had to do was follow the other kids to the concert, sit and listen. At least that is what I thought.

Well, halfway through the first part of the concert I needed to go pee really badly. I rolled around, and since my teacher is big on rude interruptions, I tried to slip out as quietly and stealthily as I could. Unfortunately, I had no one to lead me after I left there. I went to the girl's bathroom (or so I thought) and continued to take care of nature. As I entered, I thought, ‘since when did they get all the new toilets?’ Naturally, all the locks on the stall doors were broken, too, but I didn’t worry because I was the only one in there. All I planned to do was take a little pee, I thought to myself as I sat down in relief, and fell into a daydream …

Well, while I was doing my business suddenly I hear some loud shouts come out of nowhere. A herd of boys came rushing into my restroom. For an instant I was mortified and shocked, like, “What … then OMG!!!” Then I realized that I was not where little girls were supposed to be, but the boys were. It was intermission, and it was me in the wrong bathroom – but I was trapped! I felt so helpless and violated! But it was them -- not me that had the right to be there where they were.

I tried to press the stall door shut with my knees, but I wasn’t tall enough. Once the boys filled all the vanities, the herd of boys had nowhere left to pee. A bunch of boys with no place to pee is a very rowdy, boisterous crowd. They overflowed to my stall and tried to push my door open, and eventually they did, and that's when they found me. I was the only fourth grade girl in the their bathroom, sitting on the potty, with every boy there staring at me.

Panties down, shocked, still dirty not knowing what I should do, I was terrified. Then everyone started laughing and shouting. They were all looking at me squatting down with my panties around my ankles. I yelled at them to turn away so I could wipe myself, and pull up my panties up, and get outta there, but they wouldn’t. After a few minutes I was crying uncontrollably. Finally, one of the boys went and brought back our teacher.

The teacher told them, ‘get out,’ and then came back to help me. Once he helped me get up (this so embarrassing, I froze; he even had to wipe me and pull my panties up). After I washed my hands, he dried my eyes and took me outta there. A line of boys had formed waiting to go back in, sort of forming a gauntlet that I had to walk by. As the teacher escorted me by, the cutest boy whispered loudly so I could hear him, "Her contacts may be foggy, but she looks kinda cute with her dress up and panties down." I couldn't look at him as I walked by.

After a year or two I finally got over it, but even after awhile some other people never did forget. Like the cute boy who said I couldn’t see through my contacts. He’s now my boyfriend; I thought he had seen enough of me that he could lead me around. And maybe even see my panties (and what’s underneath them) again! Besides, he doesn't wear glasses that he could lose, like me. And besides, he's the only boy who made a point of getting my panties off me again. ;)
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 09:11:39 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: Slip 'n' Slide Baseball
Message:Slip 'n' Slide Baseball

My school had an athletic carnival for my our grades 6-9, and since I wasn't in any events I decided to go to the ball game, which anyone could play in. Well the ball game was for/against every grade (mixed team) and involved some running although we had no mitts. Unfortunately, I wore a cargo skirt and rugby top because I hadn’t planned to play in any games.

Well the grass was kinda wet and I wasn't wearing any shoes, either. So when I was running for a fly ball barefoot on the grass I slipped. Concentrating hard not to drop the ball, I slid and fell. As I went sliding on my butt, the ball went skipping on by, so I had to get up quickly and go and get it. Although I missed that one, I caught every other. Our team won, thanks to me! Afterwards, my friend who was watching said that it would have been even better (my slide)in slow motion, and even better still had he got it on videotape. He said it was because everyone got to see my knickers when I slipped and fell. he said I tried to trap the ball in my skirt. Now everyone calls me Slip 'n' Slide-behind Sue. The most embarrassing part was the green stain I got on my white underwear from the sliding. The boys kept flipping up my skirt in behind after the game, as they described my incredible slide to those who weren’t at the game to watch it. It was as if they had to prove their point that I could catch to every body else. I’ve never had so many guys want to check my underwear over such an athletic point. On the other hand, I let them. Whew, was my butt wet that day!!!
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 09:10:13 PM
Name: mysterious the 1st
Subject: Humiliatrix: Episode 6
Message:“Who needs them” thought Cassie “I’m ten times the long distance runner they are anyway!” She had just had an argument with her running team over the speed they were running and had stormed off leaving them behind. It wasn’t the first time she had treated her fellow runners with no respect and the Humiliatrix was going to be on hand to ensure that she learnt to respect them.

With almost no noise the Humiliatrix appeared above Cassie flying along in the sky in her all black uniform. She immediately got to work and used her mysterious powers to shrink Cassie’s underwear a couple of sizes. “What the?” Said Cassie stopping as she felt her boobs squeezed by her bra and a slight natural wedgie form from her underwear. “I must be imagining things, underwear cant shrink” she told herself and went back to running trying to ignore the annoying wedgie and tighter bra putting it down to her running causing the uncomfortableness.

The Humiliatrix smiled overhead and shrunk them to size XXXS. “EEEK!” screamed Cassie. Her underwear had definitely got smaller. It was now a deep wedgie, almost thong like between her firm butt cheeks and it was so tight on her pussy. The bra was squeezing her boobs painfully into a very small space and was only avoiding breaking thanks to the powers of the Humiliatrix. “Well I don’t know what is going on but these undies have got to go” thought Cassie and spotting a park toilet she went in and entered one of the cubicles.

She quickly stripped off her clothes until her beautiful body was bare. She quickly slipped her running shorts and top back on and looked at her underwear. They were clearly about 5 sizes smaller. “Weird” muttered Cassie and as she exited she threw them into a dustbin.

“Right half way done, 5 miles left to go! Let’s see if I can get back to the Athletics track and get changed before the others even get there!” Cassie said to herself. After about a mile she found she had to keep digging her shorts out of her butt crack and rearranging her top to be more comfortable. She didn’t think much of it other than it being a nuisance and put it down to her lack of underwear. After a further mile The Humiliatrix had shrunk them again and Cassie’s pace had slowed as a direct result as her shorts were beginning to chaff in places she really didn’t want chaffing but again put it down to her lack of underwear.

This was until she had ran another half mile and she looked down and was horrified to see just how tight her clothes were. Her boobs were clearly outlined with her nipples almost cutting through her top due to the cold and the constant rubbing. They were also quite sore. When she saw her shorts she actually gasped in horror as she spotted that she had one of the worst camel toes in history and her pussy lips were clearly outlined by the shorts. She forced herself to check her rear and saw that the shorts were so deep in her crack her firm cheeks shape could be clearly seen and some of her brilliant buttocks were hanging out the bottom of them.

“What the fuck is happening to my clothes” Cassie said out loud. At this point the Humiliatrix decided to announce herself gliding down from the sky. “They are shrinking” “Who the hell are you? Batwoman? Obviously they are shrinking but I have no idea why.” “It is your punishment for having no respect for your running team” “They deserve no respect, they are so much slower than me” Cassie defended herself. “I hoped you would apologise but I see further punishment is necessary, every half a mile they will shrink a size! They are a size S at the moment and I estimate they will tear apart around size XXXXS so you will end up running the last 1 ½ miles naked!” “NO! You can’t do this to me!” begged Cassie. “I can and I will as you need to learn some humility now I suggest you get going as the running team is closing in fast!

With that in mind Cassie was soon on her way and as she did another half mile the running clothes shrunk to size XS. About a quarter of butt was now peeking out of her shorts which were now more like hot pants, the top was now putting pressure on her breasts that was beginning to be more than uncomfortable and her pace slowed.
She did another half mile about a minute off her normal pace and when they shrunk again she gasped as the shorts began rubbing her pussy in a way she certainly didn’t want and her top was squeezing her breasts and the bottom of them were beginning to peak out of it. The rubbing slowed her pace further and when they shrunk again she heard some creaks and rips and now half her breasts were showing and most of her firm butt was as well. It felt like someone had given her a wedgie of immense proportions and was never letting go. As she hobbled the next half mile she got plenty of wolf whistles and then as she went over the next half mile the clothes tried to shrink again and after a brief bit of pain there was a sickening *RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP* as they shredded and fell off her to the floor where the Humiliatrix, still watching from above whisked them away with a quick click of her fingers.

Cassie shrieked and this was just as her team caught up with her. Laughing and catcalls rang out through the woods as Cassie tried to cover up. The Humiliatrix decided one final appearance was necessary and dropped down next to the completely clothe less Cassie. “This is a punishment for her showing you so little respect, she will run with you, naked, for the final half mile but is there ay other punishment you’d like her to suffer?” The team quickly huddled together and discussed a number of ideas and came up with their punishment. “Seeing as she is always going on about record times to us I think that once we get back to the track she should be spanked once for every 30 seconds she is over her best time for this route!” “Wow! That’s fantastic!” the Humiliatrix complemented the girls and when she turned round all she saw was Cassie’s cute white butt jiggling away as she went off for the stadium.

Wanting to make sure there was no cheating the Humiliatrix watched overhead and the team caught a bus to the stadium. Cassie couldn’t believe it she was at least 20 minutes off her best time already and she was no running the final mile and a half stark naked. By the time she reached the stadium she had attracted a very large crowed and she quickly stopped her watch. She checked it and saw she was 35 minutes over her best time!

The team grabbed her and used a skipping rope to tie her over a hurdle. “35 minutes is 70 spanks! There’s 7 of us so we’ll each spank you ten times and we’ll repeat this if you don’t treat us with more respect in the future.” The leader of the team told her taking her place to the side of the bound, nude Cassie. “Cameras ready guys?” Cassie glanced behind her and saw a group of about 50 guys with camera phones out. She closed her eyes just imagining the view they must have. Her thoughts were soon interrupted as the first *SPANK* landed.

Hearing the sound of the spanking the Humiliatrix disappeared, her job here was done.
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 09:08:30 PM
Name: Jenell
E-mail address: boobiebaby@hotmail.com
Subject: Humiliated at My Own Party
Message:I had a party at my house recently. I'm only a sophomore so I had to get permission from my mom first. She gave me permission but said I had to stick to the rules and it had to be over by the time she got home that night at 11:00pm. Well I made the mistake of letting my friends bring wine and beer and to make a long story short I wound up getting totally trashed.

When my Mom got home she was very mad about the party not being over yet. Then when she saw that I was blatantly drunk too she really went through the roof. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out right in front of all my friends and demanded to know who brought alcohol to the party, and who else was drinking. My Mom can be very intimidating so my friends wound up admitting to drinking but they all turned against me and said it was ME who brought the alcohol! I could not believe it.

My Mom grabbed me by the ear, swatted me on the butt and ordered me to take off my pants right there in front of everyone! Everyone laughed. I though she must be joking so I laughed too. She yelled at me ordering me to take my pants off or she would take them off for me. I pleaded why? She said it was because I was going to get what I had coming, a good spanking to teach me a lesson I would not soon forget. I screamed no and refused so she grabbed me, holding my hands together behind me and began forcing pants down! I was wearing snug fitting sweatpants with an elastic waist so she was able to pull them down pretty easily. I wiggled around trying to get away from her but she held me tight still tugging at my pants, even with me resisting with all my might. I am small and was quite tipsy (ok smashed) so she easily overpowered me. Roughly she spun me around holding my hands up high behind me pulling and stretching my pants down past my hips till she managed to get them all the way down to the ground! Lifting my ankles one at a time she pulled the inside out pair of pants off taking them away from me. She left me red faced sitting on the floor with only my skimpy white panties on, surrounded by my friends and schoolmates. I could see everyone smirking and pointing. It was so humiliating to be stripped by my own Mom right in front of all my friends!

I tried to run but my mother would not let me. She bent my arm behind my back and held me up ordering me to stay still or she's take my panties off too. She tried to push me over to spank me and I was so humiliated and embarrassed I bit her hand in my desperate struggle to get away from her. That was a big mistake. Angrily she pulled my arm way up behind my back forcing me to stand up on my tippy toes. Calling me a spoiled little brat she said, “For that now your panties are going to come off too!” She went for the waistband of my panties attempting to pull them down but I struggled so much she could not get a secure hold of me. That's when she ordered some of my school mates to help hold me so she could get my panties off. My friends froze not wanting to do it. Then two girls, Kendra and Jill who are in my grade, are jealous of me, and I hate stepped up! My Mom thanked them for being so responsible. I could see smirks on their face as my mother told them to hold me down so she could get my panties off. They did, and to my horror my Mom worked my panties all the way down past my thighs, eventually stripping me of them too, as everyone looked on a gasp. Shocked everyone saw that I had shaved my pussy and it was completely bare! Calling me a trampy little girl she asked me why I had shaved myself bare as she ordered them to hold me still so everyone could get a good look. They gladly complied staring down at my pussy as they snickered and made faces to each other. “Take a good look at what trampy little teenage girls do!” My Mother yelled pointing at my bare pussy.

Then my Mom grabbed me and paraded me around the whole house with my bare pussy and hiney in full view for all to see. I tried to get lose but she would not let me go. The more I protested the more she swatted me on my bare butt making me jump and flinch with every smack, as she forced me to walk around bottomless. Every time I tried to cover she'd pull my hand away saying, “No covering up!”

Once done she sat down on a chair and forced me over her lap. She locked me down over her lap with her leg so I could not get up. I kicked my legs around and cried my eyes out as she started swatting my bare behind. Held down in this position I am sure everyone behind me got an obscene view right in-between my legs. She called me a spoiled little baby right in front of everyone and threatened to make me wear a diaper if I kept crying. Everyone was smirking and laughing at how silly I looked now.

With a disgusted tone in her voice she pulled at my shirt saying that I dress like a whore too, and ordered me to take my low cut shirt (with no bra underneath) off too!! I begged her to not make me strip naked in front of everyone but she said this was the only way I was going to learn a real lesson. I refused so she pulled my shirt up and wrestled it over my head stripping me completely naked now. My bare tits and nipples came popping out shaking all around for everyone to see. I heard whoops and laughter coming from all around me now. She said that if I was so proud of my big tits I should give everyone a real show so she paraded me around again, now stark naked, purposely making my big tits bounce and jiggle around all over the place as she smacked me on my bare butt.

She ordered me to clean up the house right in front of everyone and made me do it completely naked. She made stand and do the dishes stark naked swatting me on my red sore hiney every time I whined or didn't move fast enough for her tastes. Then she made me get on my hands and knees and scrub the floor down with a wet towel till it was acceptably clean. I am sure everyone could see in between my legs and up my butt as I did it.

She finally ordered everyone left to get out and told them to let this be a lesson for them all.

Everyone was talking about it at school the next day. I was taunted and kids left cruel cartoon drawings of me naked and crying on my locker all the time.

I was completely humiliated but I never got drunk again after that.
Friday, March 6th 2009 - 09:06:13 PM
Name: boris666
E-mail address: boris666@aol.com
Subject: Emma is punished part 1
Message:Emma was a very shy girl. She had a strict upbringing and consequently had a hang up about having sex. She was also very shy of her body as she had very small breasts on her petite frame and thought she looked childish, so nobody had seen her naked since she was a small child.
She was however a very sexual being, easily aroused and very horny. She masturbated regularly. At 24 she was a bit old to still be a virgin.
Emma was also a very attractive young lady and got a lot of attention from the boys. She had shared a few drunken kisses on nights out, but that was as far as it went. Any wandering hands were quickly stopped.
One unfortunate night, Emma had bumped into Sarah’s boyfriend, who noticed that she was drunk and tried to take advantage. He was very charming and good looking and easily stole a kiss in the dark corner of the bar they were at. As they kissed she became quite aroused, but when he tried to cop a feel of her arse she grabbed his wrist and stopped him. She got a hold of her senses and pulled away. Looking around she hoped nobody had noticed. But some one had noticed. Sally.
Sally was a friend of Sarah’s who knew that Emma would definitely be intimidated by Sarah. Sally wasn’t particularly close with Sarah, but was a bitch and thought it would be amusing to see the confrontation.
Sarah had a reputation of being a bit tough in her circle. She was actually quite posh and a bit spoilt, but she was tall and strong and a right bully. She was also attractive in a sharp and domineering way. People always wanted to do what she wanted them to and she always had a following of friends sucking up to her. She had boys and girls alike eating out of the palm of her hand.
So Sally spread the gossip and Emma’s fate was sealed. Emma forgot all about it and thought she’d got away with it. Sadly for Emma some of her friends knew Sarah’s friends and were easily bullied into setting her up.
They had all met up round Becky’s house to go out the following Friday night. Emma had worn a silky white top with a collared v-neck. She wore a little strapless a-cup bra which was too big for her little breasts, but she was too modest to go without. She was wearing some flared silky black trousers that were tight around her bum and her outfit was finished off with some patent leather court shoes and white socks. Her long dark hair was piled on top.
Sally was there which Emma thought unusual, but was not suspicious. Sally left the room and phoned Sarah
“She’s here”
“OK we’re on our way”
“See you soon”
Sally grinned a sly grin as she put her phone away, she was pleased with herself for her bitchy deed and knew she was in for some good entertainment.
When she came back to the living room the other girls looked at her nervously, knowing what treachery they were committing, but feeling powerless to stop it now. Emma noticed a tension in the air, but they were playing music and gossiping and having fun, so she ignored it.
Soon there was a knock at the door and Becky went to answer it. She came back in with Sarah and three of her bitchy friends.
The music was turned off and every body went quiet.
Emma was suddenly very nervous as she thought about what happened at the bar last week.
Sarah walked straight up to her and slapped her in the face,
“So you thought you would snog my boyfriend while I wasn’t there did you?”
Emma looked down holding her cheek and said nothing. She was totally unprepared for this and scared of Sarah.
“Well? I asked you a question”
Sarah grabbed Emma’s face, squeezing the cheeks together and held it up to face hers
“Answer me!”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was drunk and he took advantage”
“Well he’s been dumped but you seem to have a habit of snogging other peoples boy friends when your drunk”
It was true. It had happened twice before but Emma thought nobody knew. She’d been found out.
“Is it because you’re a prissy little virgin?”
Emma blushed.
“How did she know that?” she thought.
Emma didn’t know that everybody knew that she was still a virgin.
“Acting all prim and proper like you’re better than us, but getting hold of other peoples boys when you’re drunk and not letting it go too far. Little prick tease!”
Emma felt ashamed of her behavior.
“Well now your going to be punished for your sins!”
Sarah let go of Emma’s face and she looked straight down at her shoes in shame.
“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a very quiet voice.
“I’m going to spank you”
Emma looked up shocked
“What? You can’t!”
Sarah grabbed a hand full of Emma’s hair
“I can and I am going to and you can either accept your punishment, or it will get worse!”
Emma held Sarah’s wrist in an attempt to stop her twisting her hair.
“Put your hands down by your sides! You have been a very naughty girl and you deserve to be punished, don’t you?”
“Ahh, yes I’m sorry”
“ Say it. Say I’ve been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be punished”
Emma’s hands went to her sides, defeated she said,
“I’ve been a very naughty girl and I deserve to be punished”
She went bright red and shifted on her feet.
Sarah’s friends were standing behind her sniggering, while Emma’s friends were sitting around looking sheepish, but everybody was intrigued to see how this scene would play out.
“And how are naughty little girls punished?”
“I don’t know”
“Yes you do and your going to tell me without hesitation, or things are going to get worse for you!”
“Oh pleeeeease”
“Right that’s it. I’ve had enough. You’ve just made it worse”
“A sp… a spanking, they get a spanking”
Sarah let go of the girls hair,
“That’s better. Now put your hands on your head you naughty girl!”
Sarah was really warming to this, she loved bullying smaller timid girls, but she was taking this to another level.
“Now tell me, do naughty little girls get to keep their trousers on?”
“Oh pleeeeease. Sarah I’m sorry, please I won’t ever do it again please don’t”
“Answer me!”
“Oh no please, ok. No they don’t”
“Don’t what?”
“Get to keep their trousers on”
“Say it properly, naughty little girls don’t get to keep their trousers on”
“Ohh….naughty little girls don’t get to keep their trousers on”
“Good girl, see you do know how a naughty girl is punished. Now, if you try to resist me, Kim, Lisa and Christine will have to help”
“Oh no please”
Emma whimpered, but she did not resist as Sarah unbuttoned her trousers. She squirmed a bit though as her zipper was undone and then whimpered again as Sarah pulled her silky trousers over her hips, down her slim smooth thighs. When they reached her ankles, she felt Sarah lifting her left leg and pull the flared trouser leg over her shoe, then her right leg was lifted and the trousers pulled over that shoe and off.
Sarah looked at Emma and thought how cute she looked in white knickers, socks and shoes. She stood with her hands on her head with her knees and toes pointing inwards as she watched Sarah pass her trousers to a smirking Kim.
Sarah had a wicked grin as she looked at her frightened victim standing before her.
“How do you feel now standing with your hands on your head, in your knickers, shoes and socks in front of all these girls waiting to be spanked?”
Emma said nothing. She was very consious of her bare legs. She could feel herself blushing and pouting and hated herself for not standing up to this girl. But any resistance she may have had, left her with her trousers.
“So Emma, do naughty little girls get to keep their knickers on for a spanking?”
At hearing this Emma started to cry,
“Oh please no, I’m sorry, please let me keep my knickers on, pleeeeease”
“I asked you a question, now answer!”
“oooooh no, oh please”
“Naughty little girls are spanked on their bare bottoms aren’t they Emma?”
Emma couldn’t answer she just looked down wishing that it wasn’t happening.
“I’m going to take your knickers right off and spank your bare bottom like a naughty little girl in front of your friends.”
Sarah was enjoying Emma’s humiliation and dragging it out, relishing every moment.
“You’ve been teasing the boys with your sexy little bottom, keeping it hidden in your knickers, but not tonight sweetie, not for the girls! Your knickers are coming off and your going to show us all your naughty bottom!”
Emma had stopped crying and was cringing with shame. She didn’t notice Sally getting her mobile phone out of her handbag to film her.
“Ok, let’s take these knickers off then shall we”
Sarah took hold of the waist band either side of her hips and slowly pulled the knickers down the girls legs.
Emma whimpered as her knickers were lowered, but did not dare move her arms to stop them. Sarah slapped her legs one at a time, forcing her to step out of them, then passed them to Kim.
Sarah took an already defeated Emma by the ear, bent her over and walked her like that to the sofa. Emma’s bare bottom jiggled as she walked and some of the watching girls giggled.
Sarah sat down and pulled the embarrassed girl over her lap. She kicked Emma’s legs apart and placed them so that her right leg was between Emma’s legs and the poor girl’s bare bottom was facing her audience.
Emma was immediately alarmed at the contact of her bare tummy, thighs and pubis on Sarah’s denim covered thighs.
Every body was fascinated. They could all see the spread cheeks, with her little pussy peeping between, her little button pressed on Sarah’s thigh.
Some of the girls shifted in their seats imagining Emma’s shame.
Then Sarah started to spank.
At first she used glancing upward strokes, hard and fast, stinging Emma’s bare cheeks and making them wobble. As the heat began to build in her bottom, Emma started to writhe and squirm, her little hips moving up and down and side to side. This made Sarah smile.
Emma tried to put a hand back to cover her pink bottom, but her wrist was grabbed and pulled up to the small of her back. She started to call out and moan at each spank as she totally lost her composure,
Sarah was mesmerized, watching Emma’s cheeks wobble and part and bounce with each slap. She started to spank slower and harder to see the full wobble and bounce of each cheek. This caused Emma even more consternation as she felt her bottom jiggling everywhere. It felt huge and hot and the spanks stung. She was very alarmed at the exciting sensations in her bottom and her pussy and could feel it getting wet.
“Oh my god!” she thought, “This can’t be happening!”
Sarah paused for a moment and began to rub the hot cheeks spread across her knee,
“Your naughty bottom is getting quite red Emma.”
Was all the poor girl could manage as she squirmed under the rubbing hand.
Sarah palmed and groped the hot smarting cheeks, with the occasional slap, making Emma lewdly sway her hips and unwillingly rub her self against the denim covered thigh. As Sarah’s hand explored Emma’s bottom, Emma got more and more concerned that her reluctant arousal would be discovered.
“Actually you’ve got quite fat cheeks for such a little bottom”
Said Sarah, as she alternately spanked and rubbed the squirming girl’s bare behind.
She started to spank Emma’s thighs, making her part her legs even more. This caused more yelps from the frantic young lady, much to the amusement of the others.
Sarah started to rub again, this time on the lower part of cheeks and the tops of the thighs. Emma moved her hips forward in panic, as Sarah's hand came too near her pussy, which to her shame, had become quite wet.
Sarah stopped rubbing.
“Are you rubbing your self on my thigh?”
Emma froze,
“You dirty girl, you’re rubbing you’re pussy on my leg aren’t you?”
“Stick your bottom out then and stop rubbing”
Sarah smacked her bottom hard to reinforce her command,
“Are you getting turned on by your spanking, you naughty girl?”
“Noooo!”, Emma said, really panicking.
Emma couldn’t see the evil grin on Sarah’s face, or how much the others were enjoying her shame. Even her friends were secretly enjoying her downfall.
“I think you like it and I’m not having you rub your naughty pussy on my leg”
Sarah’s words were painfully humiliating to Emma, but for some unknown reason, it was turning her on even more to be spoken to in such a humiliating way. She couldn’t believe how excited she felt. She hated it but could do nothing to stop it.
Sarah took Emma’s right leg and pulled it over her left leg, so that both her parted legs were between Emma’s widely spread legs, leaving her bare bottom and completely exposed pussy squirming in mid air in the middle.
“Ooooooooh nooooooo!”
“There, that’s better. Now lets see if your telling the truth”
Sarah pulled the cheeks apart to see Emma's rudely winking bum hole. She let them spring back and started to rub the sore bottom again. Lower and lower she stroked, until she suddenly cupped Emma’s pussy and then drew a finger up the open slit,
“Oooooooooooooh” Emma moaned and squirmed
“You’re soaking wet you naughty girl.”
Sarah smacked her bottom and the put her fingers back to work, slowly stroking Emma’s slit down and over the little button and back up and then down again. The other girls were shocked.
Emma was beside herself with shame, her hips moving up and down with the horrible stroking.
“Oh please stop!”
“You’re a fibber as well. You like having your knickers taken off and being spanked by another girl don’t you?”
“No, oh please”
“Tell the truth or I’ll make this worse for you”
“Oh nooooo”
“Right that’s it!”
Sarah started to spank again, much harder this time, over and over until poor Emma’s bottom was very sore and wriggling all over the place, struggling to escape the stinging blows.
She was sobbing and pleading when the spanking suddenly stopped. She was so demoralized and defeated, that she would do nothing to resist Sarah now.
Sarah slowly stroked the helpless girls pussy and very quickly brought her near to cumming. Emma had given in to the cruel ministrations and humped the wicked hand feeling it rising in her,
“Oh god no, I’m going to cum in front of everybody” she thought.
Suddenly Sarah pulled her hand away, leaving Emma lewdly humping at thin air.
“You are a dirty little girl aren’t you?”
“Oooooohh please stop, I’m so sorry, I’ll be good I promise”
“Be quiet. I’m going to make you cum in front of your friends. Stand up!”

Emma quickly got up and put one hand in front of her pussy and the other on her sore bottom.
“Put your hands by your sides!”
Emma did as she was told,
“Lets get your top off, I want you totally nude for the rest of your punishment”
Emma stood limp as she helplessly watched Sarah take her top and lift it above her bra.
Sarah knew Emma had small breasts and thought it would be funny to get them out.
“This bra is much too big for you”
Said Sarah as she unclipped it. Emma raised her arms as her top and bra were pulled from her body. Sarah smiled cruelly as she saw how small Emma’s breasts were.
“Put your hands on your head and don’t move or you’ll be sorry!”
Emma complied. Sarah touched the girls cheek and carefully wiped away her tears. She stroked her face and down her neck and shoulder and stopped her hand at Emma’s breast.
“Ahhhh how cute, what tiny little tits! You poor thing, you look like a little girl”
She stroked both nipples which stood to attention. Emma squirmed with embarrassment. Sarah suddenly spun Emma round to face her audience.
Seeing her fully clothed friends made her feel so nude, but she didn't dare try to cover up,
“Look at these tiny little boobies girls. There's nothing there! Doesn’t she look like a little girl?”
The others agreed. Sarah stroked down Emma’s tummy and stopped between her legs. She started to rub Emma’s soaking pussy and Emma immediately responded with gasps and her hips were rocking back and forth, she just couldn’t help it. It felt so good to be touched like that by somebody else. She had done it to herself so many times, but nobody else had ever touched her there and it felt unbearably good, but to her utter shame, it was a girl doing it to her in front of other people.
Sarah slapped at Emma’s inner thighs,
“Part your legs”
Emma parted her legs without hesitation. Her clitoris was being gently stroked and she tried to squat a bit for more pressure, hoping no one would notice. They all noticed.
“You naughty girl, you like this don’t you?”
Sarah stopped again and pulled her hand away. She walked round to face her victim and put one hand on Emma’s arse to hold her in place and the other hand between her legs. She started to stroke Emma’s pussy sensing that the girl was close to cumming.
“Are you going to cum for us?”
She kept up a rhythm, focusing on the clitoris, until Emma suddenly let out a loud groan, her hips rocking franticly back and forth on Sarah’s hand. The other hand kneaded her bottom cheeks, as she was grinding bottom against it.
“There’s a good girl”
Sarah let her calm down as the other girls giggled and shifted nervously in their seats.
“Aaahhh, how embarrassing for you”
Emma shook with tears of shame. The orgasm had overwhelmed her, she had never felt like this before. She stood with her hands still on her head, wearing only her socks and shoes. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her, she was so ashamed, but so turned on at the same time. She still didn’t realize that the whole thing had been filmed on her mobile phone.
“Ok now, since you have little girl boobies, I think we should get rid of this hair,”Sarah touched Emma’s neatly trimmed pubic hair,“so you look like a proper little girl”
“Oh please Sarah, I’ve been punished. I’m sorry”
“Oh your punishment has only just begun. We have a long way to go yet. Your going to spend the whole weekend nude, serving us like a little nude servant girl and getting plenty of spankings”
Emma hung her head.
“Becky, have you got any hair removal cream?”
“Yes” said Becky, afraid to lie and excited to see Emma shamed even more.
“Ok, go and get for me”
She ran upstairs and returned with the cream.
Sarah took Emma’s hand and lead her back to the sofa. She sat down in front of her and told Emma to spread her legs wide, which Emma did. Sarah rubbed the cream into Emma’s pubic hair.
She waited five minuets, then took Emma into the kitchen to rinse her off. All the girls eagerly followed.
She got a plastic washing bowl and made Emma squat over it. She scraped off the cream and hair, then rinsed her with a jug of water. Sarah used a tea towel to dry her off, then made Emma stand up so they could all see.
Emma looked like a little girl.
“How cute, you look adorable like that, in just socks and shoes. Now go to Becky’s bed room and look at yourself in the mirror”
She smacked Emma’s sore bottom to send her on her way.
Emma went to the mirror and saw her reflection. She gasped in shock. She looked about twelve with no hair down there. She was naked except socks and shoes, which some how made her feel more bare. God she felt bare. She turned and looked at her red bottom.
How had she let this happen? She was so embarrassed that she had just allowed all that to be done to her. Her face was bright red with shame. She had been made to cum in front of her friends by another girl. She started to cry again.
“Emma, get back down here at once!”
Emma ran down the stairs and stood before Sarah cringing. Sarah took her by the wrist and pulled her over to a table. She bent her over so that her hands rested on the table and kicked her legs apart.
“I’m going to give you another spanking and then you can make us all tea”
The spanking was hard and fast making Emma wiggle her sore bum side to side. Her cheeks were opening and closing, wobbling about to the amusement of everybody else.
By now the other girls were all secretly very turned on by this spectacle, though they would never admit it to each other. The spanks also caused Emma to moan and yelp and she started to cry again.
Sarah stopped the spanking and firmly rubbed her bottom.
“Now go to the kitchen and make us a nice cup of tea”
While Emma was in the kitchen, Sally showed Sarah the video she had made.
“Copy it onto Becky’s computer and burn it onto a disk for me”
Becky’s computer was in the living room and had a nice big screen.
When Emma came back in she saw the evil grin on Sarah’s face and was afraid of what was coming next. She served all the girls their tea and waited to be told what to do.
“Come and sit next to me sweetie”
Sarah patted the sofa and smiled. Emma sat down very aware of her nudity as Sarah put a hand on her thigh.
“Ok run the video”
Emma was shocked as she watched the evenings events. She couldn’t believe the nude writhing bottom was hers. She looked willing and compliant in the film, as it began after she had stopped begging to keep her knickers on.
She had never felt so much shame. Her face was hot. She felt Sarah’s hand stroke up her inner thigh, but didn’t dare to stop it. Sarah touched Emma’s pussy and felt how wet it was,
“What a naughty girl you are! You must be punished regularly and now I have this film and all the numbers in your mobile, I think we will be spending a lot of time together, don’t you?”
A tear rolled down Emma’s cheek as she nodded. Sarah made her spread her legs and stroked her pussy while they watched her video.
She was brought to another shuddering orgasm, all of which was filmed, this time on cam-corder. When they had finished Sarah stood up.
“Right then little girl, say goodbye to everyone. You’re coming with me”
Emma went to put her clothes back on, but Sarah stopped her
“Oh no you don’t. I want you to come as you are. You can put your coat on but that’s all!”
Emma put on her coat which stopped just below her bottom. She felt ridiculous. They left and got in Sarah’s car.
Sunday, March 1st 2009 - 08:20:06 PM
Name: Derelict
Subject: Humiliatrix: Episode 5 (a Mysterious the 1st & Derelict story)
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 5

Standing in front of the Christmas tree in her short, pink nightshirt, Genevieve smirked at all the presents she had gotten. As she fussed with her long, curly, brown hair, she thought about how she had received so many gifts without giving any at all. Genevieve didn’t really feel bad about this, and in fact, she felt as if she deserved it all! She simply adored the attention she received!

“Ho, ho, ho!” an unfamiliar voice shouted from behind Genevieve.

Startled, Genevieve spun around to find a very strange woman standing in front of her decorative fireplace. The woman’s tight, blue and metallic gray outfit and black cape seemed to clash with the Santa hat atop her head. Her silvery eyes seemed to pierce Genevieve’s soul, and her half-smile made the girl feel very uneasy.

“Who the hell are you?! How did you get in here?!” Genevieve demanded to know.

“I am Humiliatrix, and I got in here the same way Santa Claus does. You know, your nice, new panties probably don’t work so well without elastic, do they?” the odd woman said, unfazed by Genevieve’s pushy questions.

“What...?!” Genevieve began, but a strange sensation underneath her nightshirt stopped her cold. The girl’s panties immediately felt loose, then they seemed to glide right down her legs. Genevieve gasped as she looked down and saw a crumpled pile of purple lace at her feet. Just as the strange woman commented, Genevieve noticed that the legbands and waistband of her panties had been removed! Now that she was left naked under her nightshirt, Genevieve felt very self-conscious! “How...?! What did you do to my new panties?!”

Humiliatrix grinned broadly at the girl but didn’t answer her question. Instead, she motioned her index and middle fingers toward her, creating a gust of wind under Genevieve’s nightshirt. The nightshirt blew up around the girl’s stomach, giving Humiliatrix a brief view around Genevieve’s sloping hips. Capturing Humiliatrix’s steely gaze, however, was the girl’s triangular thatch of brown pubes.

Screaming in surprise, Genevieve grabbed her nightshirt and tried to restore her modesty. She couldn’t explain how or why this bizarre woman was doing these things! Then, she noticed Humiliatrix staring right at her crotch, and Genevieve found herself blushing fiercely.

“Ever notice that a nice, hairy pussy kind of looks like an upside-down Christmas tree?” Humiliatrix asked crudely, flicking her fingers again.

“What?! Stop!” squealed Genevieve as another blast of air shot up her nightshirt. Her face turned redder as she involuntarily gave Humiliatrix’s prying eyes another glimpse of her hairy pussy. Gripping the bottom of her nightshirt tightly, Genevieve locked the garment in place with all her might.

“You seem to be lacking in Christmas spirit, so I’m going to help you share your gifts with the world,” Humiliatrix informed the girl. Slowly, she began circling her fingers around mysticly.

“What the hell are you talking about, bitch?!” Genevieve bellowed. Before she could really tell off the creepy woman, Genevieve felt a strand of Christmas lights begin tangling around her ankles. The girl’s eyes widened in disbelief while her feet were cinched together rapidly. Genevieve tried to break free from the bonds, but soon, the Christmas lights pulled her feet out from under her! Shrieking as she fell, Genevieve’s bare ass landed on a cushion, and she lost her grip on her nightshirt. As she continued to fall backward, the girl felt her nightshirt whisked right over her head, leaving her completely naked! Genevieve’s C-cup tits jiggled openly by the time her shoulders hit the floor. Realizing that she was nude in front of the spooky lady, Genevieve tried to cover herself with her hands, but she quickly found her wrists bound together with glittering garland! Within moments, she was completely restrained!

“Good thing it’s a nice Florida day outside; otherwise, you’d be pretty cold out there,” Humiliatrix hinted. Since Genevieve’s ass was resting on a large cushion, this made the girl’s crotch elevated higher than her bound limbs. Humiliatrix fixed her sight on the thick triangle of hair atop Genevieve’s pussy, watching it squirm sexily as the girl struggled to escape. Then, she grabbed the free end of the Christmas lights and began dragging Genevieve toward the front door.

Seeing that Humiliatrix intended to drag her naked body outdoors, Genevieve began to freak out! She writhed and fought, but her arms and legs were restrained better than she’d thought. Worse yet, her pussy was now thrust up in the air for anyone to see! Even though she hadn’t recalled standing on a large piece of wrapping paper, Genevieve found herself lying on it now, and it helped accelerate her sledding trip out the door. Much to her horror, the girl was slid across her front yard and parked along the roadside. The bright, warm sun did nothing to hide her nakedness. In fact, Genevieve even heard a car honk at her as it drove by her nude body!

“There, now! Let’s give your cheeks a rosy, Christmas glow, shall we?” Humiliatrix said. With a flick of her fingers, she lifted Genevieve’s bound legs up and back. Propped up on a fluffy cushion, the girl’s rump was presented nicely for Humiliatrix’s inspection. She smirked, knowing all passers-by could see Genevieve’s pale ass just as easily! Next, she motioned her hands towards the open door of the girl’s house.

Mortified that her bare ass was pointed to the road, Genevieve almost didn’t notice the clatter of items tumbling out her front door. As the rustling came closer, Genevieve spotted numerous familiar objects skittering toward her. In fact, all the items were her beloved Christmas presents! A purse, clothes, CDs, DVDs, and other trinkets assembled themselves in a pile near her upturned ass. Genevieve was completely flabbergasted! Then, she saw Humiliatrix wave her hands again, deviously animating the girl’s gifts once again.

SMACK! CRACK! SLAP! CRACK! Genevieve screamed as her numerous gifts took turns slapping her ass! WHAP! SLAP! The girl’s fleshy cheeks quivered while her DVDs and CDs spanked her helpless bottom. CRACK! SMACK! Her purse strap and belt stung her ass harshly, making Genevieve squeal and jerk wildly! WHAP! WHAP! More cars slowed to a crawl as they watched the girl’s pretty, pale ass turn pink! SMACK! SMACK! Humiliatrix used the CDs and DVDs to slap Genevieve’s cheeks apart, giving onlookers a few peeks at her dainty asshole! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The girl was barely aware of the crowd gawking at her painfully paddled ass! WHAP! SMACK! CRACK!

Like a professional spokesmodel, Humiliatrix flourished her hand towards Genevieve’s upturned ass, but let the girl’s squeals do the talking. In a skillful symphony, Humiliatrix spanked the bratty girl’s ass with the animated items. Some of Genevieve’s belongings made for unusual paddles, but Humiliatrix still found inventive ways to punish the girl’s deserving derriere!

“OHHH! AHHH! STOP! EEEEEEIIIEE!” Genevieve bellowed while her ass turned redder and redder. SMACK! WHAP! WHAP! Even her exposed tits jiggled with each aching swat! SLAP! SLAP! CRACK! Genevieve could hear the cases to her CDs and DVDs start to break against her sore bottom! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Finally, Humiliatrix stopped the spanking, allowing the makeshift paddles to fall lifelessly to the ground. She spent a few moments gazing at Genevieve’s red rump, making sure it was a spirited enough color. When she was satisfied, she forced Genevieve’s legs back down, once again leaving the girl’s hairy pussy sticking up. From out of nowhere, Humiliatrix produced a small green bottle and brush. She smirked as she stepped closer to the bound girl.

“Oooooh, ahhhhh, you bitch! My butt hurts so bad! Ahhhh!” Genevieve hissed at the bizarre woman. “What’s with the bottle?!”

“You and I are going to put up the best Christmas tree in the neighborhood,” Humiliatrix answered matter-of-factly, dipping her brush into the bottle. Before Genevieve could ask anything else, Humiliatrix began using her brush on the girl’s pubes!

Helplessly, Genevieve watched in horror as Humiliatrix began brushing green liquid into her pussy hairs! Sure enough, Genevieve saw her pubic hair begin fading from natural brown to emerald green. Her pussy looked ridiculous, but Humiliatrix kept brushing on the dye! Now, the girl could definitely hear people laughing at her. Futilely, she struggled, but Genevieve only ended up sexily shimmying her pussy for the growing audience! The girl squirmed some more as Humiliatrix’s brush began tickling her pussy lips as it worked between her thighs. Within minutes, Genevieve’s precious, furry triangle now shone a brilliant green in the midday sun! To top it off, Humiliatrix sprinkled a pinch of green glitter onto Genevieve’s pussy, making the girl grimace at the sparkling spectacle of her crotch!

“My, how festive!” Humiliatrix marveled, staring at the new Christmas tree that she had created from the girl’s own pussy. “Let’s get that set up, shall we?” Upon snapping her fingers, Humiliatrix had Genevieve dragged over to a nearby signpost. Using the Christmas lights, she began hoisting the girl’s feet up the post.

“Noooooooooooo!” cried Genevieve as her feet rose higher and higher. Just when she thought she’d be hung completely upside-down, Genevieve was stopped so that she could rest on her upper back. From this angle, she had a perfect view of her shameful, green pussy, and it actually did resemble a Christmas tree! Genevieve felt the length of the signpost pressed along the crack of her ass as the Christmas lights soundly bound her to the pole. This seemed to push her ass cheeks out widely, maximizing the festive red hue they displayed for onlookers. In fact, Genevieve’s face also turned a festive red as people began whistling, chuckling, and honking. Unfortunately, the girl had no way of hiding her nakedness with her wrist bound in garland.

“I see that you are now in the spirit of giving!” Humiliatrix stated while she admired her work. “You’ve put two presents under the tree! Here, let me help you wrap those!”

“Huh?” Genevieve answered in confused disbelief. Soon, however, the girl found red ribbon wrapping itself around her chest. In an intricate fashion, the ribbon wove itself all around Genevieve’s C-cup tits. The girls gasped as the ribbon constricted itself around her breasts, squeezing them up and outward. By the time the ribbon had tied itself into a neat, little bow atop her chest, Genevieve’s tits stood quite prominent! With her nipples pointing into the air, Genevieve’s festively bound breasts now rivaled her green pussy! Groaning in disgust, the girl detested the Christmasy new look of her tits and pussy, and her ass still throbbed.

“Merry Christmas, everyone!” Humiliatrix advertised. “Feel free to photograph and put this lovely image on your Christmas cards!” Taking another moment to check her work, Humiliatrix walked a circle around Genevieve. The girl’s red ass faced away from the road, but those brightly glowing cheeks were still evident from the sides! Along the roadside, she gazed upon the girl’s green, upside-down pubic triangle and smiled as the “Christmas tree” glistened in the sun. Down below, she studied Genevieve’s tightly-wrapped tits presenting themselves proudly beneath the girl’s evergreen pussy. “Oh, wait!” Humiliatrix announced. “I almost forgot the star atop the Christmas tree! How silly of me!”

Dreading what the strange woman meant, Genevieve nervously eyed Humiliatrix. Out of nowhere, the woman pulled a sparkling, golden star. Unfortunately, this star was also attached to a long, slender shaft! Genevieve shrieked as Humiliatrix pressed the smooth, narrow shaft against her tender pussy lips! She moaned as the dull tip disappeared into her tight slit.

Despite the girl’s legs being bound together, Humiliatrix began working the star into Genevieve’s taut pussy. She grinned with each grunt and groan the girl made as the shaft slid its way deeper. After only a couple inches, the golden star was positioned perfectly atop the apex of Genevieve’s evergreen pussy! Yet again, Humiliatrix stepped back to admire the lovely Christmas tree she created out of the girl’s genitals while the bystanders cheered and hooted. Humiliatrix winked knowingly at her excited audience. Before she disappeared into the ether, Humiliatrix told Genevieve: “Remember, it’s far better to give than it is to receive!”

Puzzled by all of this, Genevieve found herself stuck as a Christmas decoration for hours! Many embarrassing photos were taken of the girl, and most focused on her Christmas tree pussy! A few daring individuals painfully slapped her red ass cheeks, too! Out of all this, Genevieve became quite infamous in her neighborhood, but no one knew who that mysterious woman was!
Monday, February 23rd 2009 - 05:29:00 PM
Name: caligirl777
Subject: denied my pants
Message:I was at my friend Sharon's house after school yesterday with some friends. I was still in my black gym shorts because my last class is gym so I usually just leave school in them after class. After a while it was getting late so I wanted to change back into my pants. She said to use her bedroom.

I was in her room changing when she came in. I had my shorts off ready to put pants on when I turned around and saw she had her camera and it was on! She had a big smile on her face. I was only in my panties so I said "Oh my God!" and quickly went to get my pants on. With an evil smile she reached out and grabbed them not letting me. Really funny… NOT! She kept trying to pull them away from me and we got into a tug of war till she wrestled them out of my hands. Laughing she kept videoing me with no pants on. I posed and let her have her fun but then she went for my panties too!

She was like an evil little monkey laughing and pulling my panties down from all sides while I fought back trying to keep them up. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. I tried to run away from her but she blocked the door. Then she grabbed me around the waist and we wrestled around till she managed to get my panties pulled down. She pulled them off and took them away from me! Laughing she kept videoing me with no pants on.

Then she called out to all my friends who came in to see what was going on also. Seeing me all bottomless and red faced they all laughed at me hysterically for a few long embarrassing minutes denying me my pants before eventually letting me put them back on.

I swore revenge. Luckily I was bent over covering most of the time so I don't think the video shows too much but still!
Wednesday, February 18th 2009 - 08:04:34 PM
Name: Janice
Subject: Toilet Problems
Message:Troubles with my Toilet

My boyfriend and I had been going out with for a couple of years, when one day he decided it was time to introduce me to his parents. You see, his parents both traveled for business, so I never got to meet them.

His parents were taking a week off from work and would both be home that weekend, so Daniel invited me over to their house for dinner. I had recently gotten my period, just my luck, but I had learned how to wear a tampon. I figured I would be okay, but just in case I wore a backup pad on the outside, too.

My parents bought me a gorgeous formal dress that I could also wear to the prom. Then I went to Daniel’s house (he actually picked me up), wearing this elegant formal, some matching elegant underwear and nice jewelry. I was all dolled up.

After dinner, just to be safe I thought I had better change my tampon. So I went to the bathroom, changed it, inserted another and put on another pad, and then flushed my pad and tampon both down the toilet. I didn’t know what else to do with them.

Well, the toilet bowl filled up with water before my pad disappeared for good. As the water went higher, I panicked and grabbed the toilet plunger, trying to head off what looked like disaster. I kept on plunging the toilet, trying to force my secrets to sink out of sight. Instead, when I flushed the toilet again, the bowl filled right to the brink. My tampon came floating up out of the bowl outlet. I thought, “Oh no!” and started crying.

Well, my sobbing commotion brought my boyfriend knocking at the bathroom door. I was afraid the flood would soil the carpeted floor, so I opened it and let him in. He laughed at first, and then tried plunging the toilet, too. It didn't work any better for him either. So then his dad came in and tried to help him, as I stood covering my horror. Eventually the water went in a circle; my tampon floated around and then went down the drain, finally! Daniel and his dad sighed breaths of relief, while I, meanwhile, turned crimson beet red. I have never been so embarrassed in my life as after that dinner.

So what did I learn? To be on the safe side, don’t flush napkins. Put sanitary products in a bag and toss them. Don't ever flush a tampon or pad -- or both, down the toilet, or be prepared for the worst!
Friday, January 16th 2009 - 07:45:26 PM
Name: Janie C
Subject: Snap wrapskirt at the fair
Message:Snapped wrapskirt ....

A couple of friends went with my mom, sis and I to the fair at the PNE. If you live out west in B.C., then you would know what this is – the biggest fair in western Canada. Well, my sister, one friend, my mom and I went on this ride called 'Rainbow.' We thought it was small and kinda dumb for a ride, but we were gonna go on every ride in the PNE park at least once. So we were waiting in line, while my other friend waited in front. We finally got on the 'Rainbow' and rode it. Well, the Rainbow sits you in seats facing the audience, turns you upside down and then spins you around. You squirm around in your seat getting totally disoriented. Sometimes people even get sick. It was a tougher ride that I was led to expect. Well, for fun that day I wore no knickers underneath my skirt. I was going commando partly to be a tease, but my mom didn’t know. (I had more than one kind of fun in mind going on the Rainbow. I figured I’d show my friend in front a good time during the ride, too.)

As the ride was stopping, the shoulder restraints released and I stood up to get off. Lots of people were watching, as it stopped. Unbeknownst to me, my skirts’ snaps had popped open on the side during the ride. Just as I stood up and started walking – in front of everyone – my undone skirt came down. Before I realized the snaps had loosened, my skirt had dropped to my feet. Worse, it fell off in front of a crowd of people! Ooops!

It was funny because my friend sitting next to me had tried to grab it as it unwrapped falling down, trying to act normal. Unfortunately, he only made it worse, pulling it off completely. My mom, sister and other friend were laughing. My friend beside me was so embarrassed, he turned beet red – although mom was kind of shocked, and I blushed too. We still laugh about every once and a while. Since that day when I wear snap skirts, I try to wear knickers underneath! (But not always.)
Monday, February 16th 2009 - 07:40:09 PM
Name: Mysterious the 1st
Subject: Humiliatrix episode 4
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 4

“Right girls you know why you are here don’t you?” questioned Miss Saint, a young blonde teacher with an exceptional pair of breasts partnered with a rather wide rump. She had quickly built up a reputation in the school for bending the rules to cause students problems mainly by making up things they had done or by thinking up impromptu, unfair rules.

“Well to be honest, no” replied Kelly a short brunette who was head of the Cheerleading squad at Rutherwood High and was speaking on behalf of the 40 or so girls gathered in break detention, all because of various infractions that Miss Saint had conjured up after they were a minor nuisance. Kelly continued, “For example, Laura over here corrected you after you made a mistake, you put her in detention for ‘causing a disagreement’, that’s hardly fair unless you want to teach us the wrong stuff”

Miss Saint crashed her ruler against a table and roared “SHUT UP KELLY OR I’LL GET YOU KICKED OFF THE SQUAD!” over the top of a cracking noise as a mysteriously dressed woman appeared behind her on the stage. Dressed all in black she looked like some kind of superheroine, which she was but with a twist. “That will be enough of that” the woman commanded, calmly but forcefully. “Who do you think you are ordering me about!” shouted Miss Saint.

“The Humiliatrix” she uttered with a glint in her eye and followed this with a click of her fingers and suddenly every door and window shut and locked and the curtains closed and the stage lights came on.

“I have observed that you are treating the pupils at this school excessively harshly and this is a punishment to urge you to change your ways,” Another click of the fingers followed and screeching and squealing the stocks from the school pantomime slide onto stage. “What are you going to do?” Miss Saint questioned, for the first time looking nervous. “Oh, I think my name is clue enough, now IN!”

Miss Saint found her body was out of her control as it walked up to the stocks bent over and as the stocks opened positioned herself inside the groves and then with a bang and a clatter, the stocks shut and locked and this was followed by her ankles being locked into the ankle cuffs at it’s base keeping her legs spread and causing her skirt to ride up and show the bottom of her bottom.

“Please don’t I’m sorry!” “It’s too late for that Miss Saint” giggled one of the girls who couldn’t believe what was happening, the fearsome Miss Saint being humbled before their very eyes!

“Well this skirt doesn’t cover much so lets get rid of that!” another click and the skirt collapsed to her ankles and Miss Saint let out a shriek as her round buttocks were bared for the girls she despised due to her ever so tiny thong.

“Well let’s get started, where’s that ruler?” “Here it is!” Kelly said, eagerly handing it to The Humiliatrix

“I think you all know what I am going to use this for!” The Humiliatrix said and she pulled back and then *WHAP* “Owwww” *WHAP* “Ouch!” *Owww please stop!” The Humiliatrix kept swinging and spanking and Miss Saint kept moaning and pleading for her to stop. After around-a-bout 60 spanks with the ruler, The Humiliatrix paused.

“Hmm what a beautiful shade of red your bottom is though I am fed up with all that moaning, I will have to gag you I think, but what with? These panties perhaps!” She stepped to the right side of Miss Saints redden bottom. “But how to get them off without uncuffing your ankles? I know a wedgie!” She then yanked the thong hard up Miss Saint’s butt causing more pain as the thong dug into places she didn’t want to think about. They kept stretching but soon they couldn’t take any more and they tore apart.

“There we go!” and The Humiliatrix walked round to Miss Saints front and shoved the destroyed thong into her mouth. “Well that’s better! Now I believe as a punishment for sneezing in an exam you got three of these girls to wash your car, I think you deserve to be given a good wash as well! But first you shirt and bra are going to have to go”

With a further click of her fingers the articles of clothing simply disappeared leaving Miss Saint totally bare ass naked bent over in stocks with her legs slightly spread in front of the girls she hated the most, the humiliation was unbelievable but things were only going to get worse before they got better for Miss Saint!

A few waves of The Humiliatrix's hands made two buckets of cold water appear either side of the trapped teacher along with three magically floating large sponges. The sponges splashed into the cold soapy water and then each headed to different parts of Miss Saints bound body.

One splashed onto her red buttocks with a *splat*, the second headed to her beautiful dangling, large natural breasts and began rubbing one in slow circles then the other causing her nipples to harden from the chill. The third sponge went to her clean shaven pussy causing a shriek to be made by Miss Saint into her thong.

The sponge on her butt was actually quite soothing for her spanked bottom but that was little consolation for her. It moved round and round on her butt cheeks soaping them up and each time it came back from getting fresh water it would land with a spanking splat.

The sponge attending to her breasts was having the most fun, it would splat onto them and then move back causing them to jiggle, it softly caressed each tit and even moved itself in between her tits and began moving up and down further humiliating Miss Saint.

The sponge on her pussy was the most uncomfortable freezing her down below but it was also having another effect on Miss Smith as it continued it’s soft rubbing, she was beginning to be turned on by the sponge!

The whole time The Humiliatrix stepped back and was watching on whilst the girls giggled, laughed, took pics and videos and shouted taunts to their teacher. “Right rinse!” The Humiliatrix suddenly shouted and the sponges vanished and the two buckets were replaced by four new buckets full of cold, clean water one at her rear just below her butt but about a foot back, one was to her direct left and one to her right and one was a few feet above her in the air.

After an agonising wait *SPLASH!* The buckets hurled their water at Miss Saint who shrieked and screamed into her gag as she felt the freezing water hit just about every part of her body. Dripping wet, breasts jiggling she felt a blast of warm air and suddenly she was dry and warm again.

All of a sudden the stocks departed and Miss Saint fell to all fours giving the girls a view they hadn’t seen before of her bare pussy. Hearing the shrieks of laughter she quickly jumped up and covered herself with her hands.

“Now apologise for the unnecessary punishments and swear to never to act like that as a teacher again! Hands against your side please” Reluctantly the defeated Miss Saint dropped her hands allowing the girls the chance to see her bare pussy and boobs.

“I am truly sorry for being overly harsh on you girls, I have acted completely out of order and I swear I will never behave like that again.” “Thank you” said The Humiliatrix

“Right here’s some clothes to get you through the day, remember if you return to your old ways, I will be back and things will be so much worse for you” There was a loud crack and The Humiliatrix was gone leaving the nude and humiliated Miss Saint holding a small pile of clothes. She ran off the stage to the catcalls of the girls who, realising the fun was over began to leave as the doors unlocked and curtains raised talking about the whole thing and how they could spread their pics and videos.
Saturday, January 8th 2011 - 07:40:09 PM
Name: Mysterious the 1st
Subject: Humiliatrix episode 3
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 3

Deciding to play hooky from school, Kayla and Brianne headed straight for the mall in the morning. Neither of them wanted to go to school, so they called in sick today. Both girls were pretty sure no one would catch them because they had traveled to a new mall about an hour away. Since most everyone who knew them stayed around the local stores, Kayla and Brianne were pretty confident they wouldn’t get caught! Knowing they’d be far from their friends, family, and teachers, Kayla and Brianne decided to be a little flirty today!

As the shorter of the two friends, Kayla had a certain cuteness mixed with sexiness. Kayla’s black hair was styled in a cute bob, and she wore a tight, red shirt with a plunging neckline. Not only did this shirt show off her sexy midriff, but it drew attention to the deep cleavage of her D-cup breasts. Of course, her push-up bra really made her tits stand out! Her rear end wasn’t spectacular, yet her low-rise jeans were tight enough to give it a pleasing shape. Kayla’s sleek, high-heeled boots still didn’t make her taller than Brianne, but they looked far more provocative that her friend’s sneakers!

Seemingly the opposite of her friend, Brianne was very pretty and deceptively timid. Brianne wore her wavy, blonde hair down to her shoulder blades, and it was pretty evident that she had some highlights done. Sporting some midriff of her own, she donned a light blue, high-collar sweater. Her breasts barely filled a B-cup, but the sweater’s tightness and zippered front made her bosom rather tantalizing. Most alluringly, however, Brianne’s narrow waist sloped into wide, sexy hips. Her tight-fitting, low-rise khaki pants really showed off her full, round ass quite nicely! In fact, she always made sure there was some ass cleavage showing!

While the girls gossiped and wandered the mall, they were suddenly stopped by a strange woman standing in their way. Kayla and Brianne were stunned that this woman had simply popped in front of them! She looked down upon the delinquent pair with her piercing, silvery eyes, and her mouth curled into an odd smirk. Of course, the woman’s bizarre, blue and metallic tights and short, black cape really stood out, too!

“I heard you two were too sick to go to school today,” the strange woman said.

“Who...? How...?” stuttered Kayla, looking nervously at her friend. Brianne appeared just as confused as she was!

“Don’t worry,” the woman cooed, “Dr. Humiliatrix will be with you shortly. Please take off your pants while you wait so that the doctor can give you a full exam.” Humiliatrix took two paces back from the girls.

Immediately, the belts, buttons, and fasteners to Kayla’s jeans and Brianne’s khakis burst open, making the girls yelp loudly! Before they knew what hit them, the girl’s pantied crotches were on display for the enigmatic woman! Of course, both girls could barely catch their breaths before their tight pants were quickly peeled down to their knees, unveiling their panties for the entire mall! Just as cute and sexy as she was, Kayla’s off-white cheeky panties sported ruffles and purple bows, and they clung to the contours of her ass. Brianne, on the other hand, showed her wild side with her black G-string that had small rhinestones sparkling atop her crotch.

“What the hell is this?!” Brianne yelled at Humiliatrix. Panicked that her bubble butt was on full display, she was the first to reach down to pull her pants back up. Much to her disappointment, Brianne found that her khakis were stuck to her knees, and she only ended up giving the people behind her a better view of her shapely ass!

Now, they noticed Humiliatrix was wearing a doctor’s head mirror upon her forehead and a stethoscope around her neck. Both girls worriedly watched the sadistic woman calmly slip on a pair of latex gloves. She seemed snapped them for dramatic effect while gazing at the girls’ pretty panties. Without a doubt, Kayla and Brianne wanted to restore their modesty and flee, but they found that their pants and legs were stuck in place!

“The doctor is in!” Humiliatrix announced. “Let’s see if we can diagnose the problem that is keeping you from school, shall we? Say ‘ahhhhh!’”

Before they could yell at her some more, Kayla and Brianne suddenly found a tongue depressor in each of their mouths! Just when they thought they were going to gag on them, the girls soon found that saying ‘ahhhhh’ kept the tongue depressors from going too far in. With their pants down and chorus of ‘ahhhhh,’ the two friends knew they looked absolutely ridiculous in front of the crowd milling about the mall!

“Oh, yes, I see some gossip back there. Well, let’s check your hearts now. I’ll need you to remove your shirts, so why don’t you take care of that now?” Humiliatrix explained.

Once the tongue depressors were gone, Kayla and Brianne coughed a few curse words at Humiliatrix. Soon, however, Kayla found her shirt pulled up and over her head, leaving her matching, frilly, off-white bra totally exposed! Similarly, Brianne’s sweater was unzipped and pulled from her arms, baring her black, lacy bra! The whole mall could see them in their underwear now! While trying to cover themselves up, the girls felt their hands forced to clamp together behind their heads, making their elbows point out to the sides. They couldn’t even try to hide their underwear now! Worriedly, they spotted more and more people stopping and staring.

With a menacing grin, Humiliatrix stepped over to Kayla and placed the cold stethoscope against her chest, making the girl whine and shiver. While Kayla found herself unable to fight back, Humiliatrix calmly listened to the girl’s heartbeat. It only lasted about a minute, but it seemed much longer to the exposed girl!

“Hmmn, nope. There’s too much interference,” Humiliatrix frowned.

Before Kayla could understand what she meant, she heard a couple quick pops from her bra straps. Her frilly bra came loose and dropped to her feet! Kayla’s huge, D-cup tits spilled out into the open, exposing her large, dark nipples! Kayla looked down at her big, bare breasts and was mortified! While Humiliatrix planted the stethoscope right between her massive tits, she could hear whistles and catcalls from the crowd of onlookers. Her face reddened in embarrassment. This time, the sadistic woman seemed to listen to her heart much longer, and Kayla found this to be far more agonizing than before!

Helplessly watching her bare-breasted friend get examined right next to her, Brianne hoped she wouldn’t suffer the same fate! However, as Humiliatrix stepped over to her with the stethoscope, Brianne felt her bra fail in much the same way. With their lacy cups out of the way, the girl’s smallish breasts were exposed to the crowd, displaying her nipples pointing fiercely! She shamefully saw the woman’s smile broaden at the sight of her hardened nipples, and the cold stethoscope between her tits didn’t make them any softer! Just as Kayla had experienced, Brianne saw the numerous eyes focusing on her prominent nipples. The girl grew red from the humiliation of it all!

“Just as I feared, there seems to be much malice in your hearts. Let’s get a temperature reading to be sure,” Humiliatrix announced.

With those words, Kayla and Brianne found that their hands were no longer locked behind their heads. Before the girls could attempt to cover themselves up, they were quickly spun to face the opposite direction. Now, they noticed that they each had a doctor’s examination table right in front of them! Suddenly, both girls found themselves bent over at the waist, leaving their asses pointed toward Humiliatrix. Their hands seemed stuck to the tables, and their shoulders were pushed lower than their hips. In this position, Kayla and Brianne’s asses were upturned and completely vulnerable! Neither girl liked where this was going!

“Panties down,” commanded Humiliatrix. She mischievously watched Brianne’s tiny G-string peel out of the girl’s ample ass and join her pants around her knees. Next, Kayla’s frilly panties turned themselves inside-out as they slid over her ass and down her thighs. Hearing the girls moan and groan in protest, Humiliatrix simply winked at the awed audience. She snapped her gloves a few more times as she approached the girls, watching their sexy, bare bottoms squirm fruitlessly.

Less concerned about their tits dangling in front of the audience, Kayla and Brianne looked over their shoulders in despair. They could see people gather around to get a better view of their naked derrieres and whatever other naughty bits that might be exposed! Both girls clamped their thighs together tightly, hoping to minimize the exposure of their precious pussies. Disgustedly, they saw the strange woman standing between their upturned asses and cringed when she gave their bottoms a couple patronizing pats. Both girls’ mouths fell open when they noticed Humiliatrix suddenly holding a jar of Vaseline and a rectal thermometer!

“This might be a little cold, but it shouldn’t hurt a bit!” cooed Humiliatrix as she dipped the thermometer into the Vaseline.

Feeling Humiliatrix spread her ass cheeks apart with her fingers, Kayla shrieked! For a full minute, she felt her ass cheeks held apart, allowing Humiliatrix and the excited onlookers a lengthy view of her tight asshole! Then, when she least expected it, Kayla felt the slimy thermometer slide into her rectum! Again, the girl yelped as the chilly, little intruder was twirled around inside her anus. After a few moments, Kayla’s cheeks were released, and the rectal thermometer was left awkwardly pointing from between her buns. Her face burned with humiliation.

Once again dreading her turn, Brianne whined as Humiliatrix stepped behind her full, round ass. She helplessly watched the woman grease another thermometer before giving her a playful slap on her butt. Soon, Brianne felt the woman pry apart her fleshy ass cheeks, exposing her asshole in front of the giggling crowd. Unlike her friend, Brianne found that Humiliatrix held her ass open for twice as long! Feeling her face flush with embarrassment, the girl yipped at the sudden sensation of the thermometer poking at her anus! Brianne whimpered feebly as Humiliatrix spun the cold implement deeper into her ass. The pinned girl noticed that her ample cheeks were held apart longer while Humiliatrix studied her scrawny asshole.

“You know, a butt this big really needs two thermometers,” Humiliatrix declared. She smirked at Brianne while brandishing another greased thermometer. Carefully, she slid the intruder right below its companion, watching the girl groan and shiver. After making sure the second thermometer was equally deep into the girl’s rectum, Humiliatrix let Brianne’s ass cheeks slap back together. Both thermometers didn’t jut out as prominently as Kayla’s lone thermometer, but Brianne’s twin implements still attracted a lot of attention! “Now, we wait a few minutes,” Humiliatrix stated.

Only able to squirm slightly, Kayla and Brianne were helpless to avoid the hungry gazes of the massing crowd. Boldly, they gathered closer, laughing and whistling at the trapped girls. On the front side, people with cameras gathered to take pictures of the girls’ bare breasts, and they especially enjoyed the way Kayla’s D-cups jiggled! From the rear side, their naked asses were prime targets, and many snapped several photos of Brianne’s bubble butt! Everyone wanted a closer look at the girls getting their temperatures taken rectally, so a lot of pictures focused on those pesky thermometers! Much to Kayla and Brianne’s chagrin, a few people even tried to get glimpses of their pussies, too! It seemed like eons to the trapped girls, and their futile struggles only made their thermometers wriggle sexily for the enthralled onlookers!

Finally, Humiliatrix stepped up and yanked the thermometers out of the girls’ sexy bottoms, earning surprised moans from both of them. Dutifully, the strange woman studied the results. “Why, yes, I can definitely see that you’re both hot!” Humiliatrix chuckled, winking at the amused crowd. Tossing the thermometers aside, she walked around to the girls’ stunned faces. “Take two of these, and call me in the morning,” the woman ordered, shoving a couple breath mints into Kayla and Brianne’s open mouths. With that, Humiliatrix disappeared as quickly as she arrived, taking her exam tables with her.

Kayla and Brianne immediately found themselves stumbling to regain their footing. Before they could recover, Kayla’s bald pussy and Brianne’s coppery ‘landing strip’ were on display for the entire crowd! Horrified, both girls struggled to dress themselves as hundreds of photos were snapped! As they made their way back to the car, neither girl could understand what had just happened to them. Who was that strange, magical woman?!
Monday, February 16th 2009 - 07:35:20 PM
Name: Mysterious the 1st
Subject: Humiliatrix episode 2
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 2

It was the middle of a sunny, Spring day, and Cassie was making her way to teach her adult gym class, when suddenly, there was a loud *crack* right behind her. She spun on the spot and saw a strange woman dressed like some sort of superheroine was standing right behind. “And who are you supposed to be, Wonder Woman’s backup?” Cassie shot at her.

“Nope, I’m just here to teach you a lesson for being such a b*tch to your students for so long.”

“Yer, how?” Cassie asked defiantly.

“Oh, you’ll see!”

“Whatever,” and Cassie turned and started to march off, when all of a sudden, she felt a breeze where there hadn’t been one before. Puzzled, she looked down and gasped as she saw that she was only in her purple bra and thong set. Turning back and trying to cover up, she screamed, “What did you do?”

“As I said, I’m teaching you a lesson, and this is just the beginning; now walk!”

And with that, completely against her will, Cassie found herself walking towards the gym. “Stop this, you b*tch!” she shouted, and suddenly, she felt herself stop.

“Hmm, you don’t seem to be learning; maybe this will help.”

Cassie felt another breeze, looked down again, and screamed as she saw that she was now completely naked. “OK, OK, I’m sorry,” she pleaded. She began to start walking again. “No, don’t make me go in there like this,” she begged.

The class were getting ready, wondering why it was taking their tutor so long to arrive, when suddenly the door banged open, and Cassie appeared. First there were gasps, which were quickly replaced by raucous laughter, as the beautiful blonde walked naked to the front of the class, followed by a woman dressed very bizarrely.

“I have observed that for a while now Cassie here hasn’t been very nice to you, and now she is going to get her punishment. Right, let’s start with some star jumps!”

Cassie’s eyes went wide as she suddenly felt herself begin to do star jumps for the class whilst they laughed at her. Her boobs were jiggling and bouncing all over the place much to the class’ amusement. Up and around, and up and down they went. After about 20 she felt herself stop and gasped to take in the air. She tried to talk but found she couldn’t; she had no way to beg for forgiveness.

“Right, what next?” asked the Humiliatrix.

“How’s about that handstand split she’s always showing off with,” shouted one of the class.

“Now doesn’t that sound fun!”

Cassie couldn’t believe her ears; had she really been such a b*tch? Then she felt herself flip into a handstand. She tried to fight it with all her might but didn’t stand a chance against the Humiliatrix and felt her legs spread wide apart, revealing her most intimate parts clearly to her much amused class. She saw them moving around her to get different views, and she screamed inside at the humiliation as she saw some had their camera phones out.

Soon she was allowed back into a standing position and then the next request came: “Let's see her do a pole dance around that pole on the climbing apparatus!”

“Fantastic idea!”

And much to Cassie's dismay, she felt herself skip--boobs bouncing--across to the pole with her class following right behind. She involuntarily grabbed the pole; pulled herself up against it, gasping mentally at how cold it was as it found the space between her breasts and touched against her clean shaven pussy. And then she began to dance. Gyrating and spinning around the pole, climbing and sliding, and even humping it. At one point she let go, walked around it so she had her back to the class, and bent right over whilst pushing back against the pole; and she whined inside as she felt the cold pole deep in her crack splitting her beautifully tanned butt cheeks. Eventually she felt herself move away from the pole and take a bow. She had never felt so humiliated in her entire life.

“Right, your punishment is at its final stage, Cassie,” The Humiliatrix announced. “Anything you wish to say?”

“Yes, I am so sorry for being such a b*tch to you guys; I’ll be so much nicer in the future, just please don’t show anyone the pics and videos you’ve taken--MMPH!”

“Well that’s enough of that; it’s their choice entirely as to what they do with their evidence of these events. Right, class, what happens to all naughty girls? They get spanked!”

Cassie screamed inside: not a spanking! She had thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it obviously could. She felt her body walk over to the vaulting horse and pull itself up onto it, so her boobs were pressed into the fabric on top and her butt and legs dangled off the side. Then she saw the Humiliatrix stepping up behind her.

“Right, count along!”


Cassie was sobbing into the vaulting horse. She was humiliated beyond what she thought to be humanly possible, and her ass felt like it was on fire, and she was sure it would be weeks before she could sit comfortably again. There was an almighty crack, and suddenly, she could move again. She stood up and looked round; the strange woman was nowhere to be seen, and after peering around to check the damage to her butt, she covered up and ran for the changing rooms, followed by another roar of laughter. When she reached her locker, she gasped when she saw it was open, and more importantly, empty except for a note: "Enjoy the walk home! Signed, The Humiliatrix."
Monday, February 16th 2009 - 07:33:39 PM
Name: Mysterious the 1st
Subject: The Humiliatrix: Episode 1
Message:Humiliatrix: Episode 1

During just another lunch hour at Central High School, six varsity cheerleaders sat at their usual lunch table, giggling and sharing gossip. Heather, Dawn, and Leslie were practically stereotypical blondes who were among the hottest girls at school. Megan and Courtney were a pair of brunettes who were equally attractive. Last but not least, Vanessa was another prissy blonde, but she had the advantage of being Captain of the varsity cheer squad.

Suddenly interrupting the routine atmosphere, a tall woman with jet black hair materialized next to the cheerleader clique. Her eyes were a sparkling silver, and her manner of dress was quite unusual for a high school setting! Her outfit was a one-piece jumpsuit made of tight, blue latex. Metallic lines crisscrossed the entire suit like a circuit board, and a small, black cape clung to her shoulders. With a confident countenance, the strange woman gazed upon the small group of girls.

“What the... Who the hell are you?!” Vanessa snapped at woman standing uncomfortably close to their table.

“Central High School’s varsity cheerleading squad, I presume?” the strange woman replied calmly.

“Yeah,” Vanessa sneered, “what’s it to you? We don’t know which way it is to the Dungeons & Dragons convention, weirdo.” All of her cheerleader companions giggled at this.

“I am known as Humiliatrix, and this squad’s time is due. Why aren’t you all wearing your cheerleading outfits?” Humiliatrix responded in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Huh?” Vanessa grimaced, mirroring the confusion among her squadmates.

“No matter. I can fix that,” Humiliatrix noted. With a wave of her arms, the cheerleading squad’s normal clothes were transformed into sluttier versions of their cheerleader uniforms. The strange woman smirked at the results.

All six girls immediately noticed the change, gasping in disbelief! Not only were their uniforms several sizes too small, but the skirts were much shorter, and the cleavage was dangerously revealing! Each girl’s bra spilled over their low-cut tops, and even the slightest movements offered a glimpse at what the cheerleaders wore under those short skirts! In horror, Vanessa stared down at her D-cup breasts, realizing that her black, lacy bra was now drawing attention to the fact that she had the biggest tits on the squad! She also noticed that the crotch of her sheer, black panties was easy to spot, so she tried to press her legs together tightly!

“There’s the school spirit I was looking for! How’s about building a pyramid to really get the crowd going, hmmn?” Humiliatrix encouraged fiendishly.

“No! What have you done to us?!” Vanessa shrieked, followed by a cacophony of her squadmates’ bewildered exclamations. By now, all the ruckus was garnering the attention of the entire lunchroom, and the cheerleaders could hear the titters and whispers around them.

Ignoring the cheerleaders’ protests, Humiliatrix began waving her hands like she was conducting an orchestra. Their food was whisked to the floor, and Heather, Dawn, and Leslie were pulled up and onto the table. Despite their yelling, the three blondes found themselves on all fours atop the table, and they couldn’t fight their way out of it! A trio of asses donning different panties pointed one way, while three pairs of tits encased in different bras dangled on the opposite side!

While the three blondes were held shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to-hip, Megan and Courtney were levitated out of their seats and set atop the blondes. Even though they shouted and struggled, the pair of brunettes found themselves locked onto their hands and knees atop their comrades. Now, five sets of colorful asses pointed toward their classmates while ten, colorful tits jangled for those on the other side!

Finally, the mouthy Vanessa was hovered high about her peers. Humiliatrix seemed to be a little rough with her, as Vanessa was shook as she went. Of course, this made the girl’s big tits strain against the confines of her tight uniform, and her sheer-pantied ass shimmied against her will! Like a cherry atop a delicious sundae, the blonde squad leader was soon perched on all fours atop the pyramid. Of course, this made her the most exposed of all the girls!

With the pyramid complete, Humiliatrix took a moment to admire her work. The cheerleaders’ skirts were far to short to conceal anything, so a half-dozen different styles and colors of panties were readily on display to their giggling classmates. On the other side, a full dozen tits were halfway out of the cheerleaders’ low necklines, and it was easy to see who matched today and who didn’t! Meanwhile, the girls groans and struggles only made this pyramid sashay and jiggle all the more sexily! None of the girls could escape their position at the moment, for Humiliatrix was not quite done yet!

“Beautiful! That’s getting the crowd revved up!” Humiliatrix taunted, smiling at the crowd of snickering students. “A pyramid this good requires excellent teamwork. Of course, no team is complete without a good leader, right? So, I’m going to let the leader decide what happens next! Vanessa, do you want the entire squad to be punished, or will you spare the rest of the squad and take a harsher punishment for yourself?”

“What?! No! Hell no!” blurted Vanessa. Her faced reddened with anger and embarrassment, and she sheepishly avoided making direct eye-contact with her gawking schoolmates.

“Well, then, a shared punishment it is!” the strange woman smirked, listening to the groans and curses of the five lesser cheerleaders. “Since we haven’t heard any cheering yet, each of you will do Central High’s version of Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’ separately. You know the one I’m talking about! I’ll provide the clapping, but each of you will have to shake your pom-poms!”

“But, how... how are we supposed to shake any pom-poms with our hands pinned down?!” Vanessa whined.

“Oh, not the fluffy kind of pom-poms, my dear!” Humiliatrix grinned wickedly. “I mean the jiggly pom-poms on your chest, honey. In other words, you’ll have to shake your big tits! And, any girl who messes up will have to do it repeatedly until she gets it right!” The chorus of defeated groans made her smile broaden even more. “Heather, you will begin,” Humiliatrix pointed.

Unbeknownst to the blonde cheerleader, a cruel, leather paddle suddenly appeared to hover near her defenseless ass. Heather’s ass was encased in shiny blue, satin bikini briefs, and she nervously began shaking her tits in her matching C-cup bra. She cheered meekly: “Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds. Hey, Central...” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! Heather shrieked as the paddle spanked her ass cheeks in rhythm to the cheer!

“Start again, Heather. I told you that I would be providing the clapping! More effort will get you through this faster. And, remember to keep those pom-poms of yours out and shaking!” Humiliatrix scolded.

Pushing her tits out to the brink of her slutty uniform, the panicked cheerleader began again: “Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “AHH!!! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “OOH!!! Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “OW!!! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “OOH!!! Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT! Heather’s ass burned from the paddling, and her tits were on the verge of popping out!

“Much better! Can you feel the crowd’s energy?!” Humiliatrix taunted, knowing the spectacle she was creating in the lunchroom. “You’re next, Dawn!”

Wearing a red, cotton thong and a mismatched pink bra, Dawn fearfully watched what her friend went through. She jutted her B-cups out promptly and began jiggling them as she cheered. SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! Spanks rained down on her bare ass cheeks, but she made it through the cheer without restarting! Her ass stung, but she was more angry at Vanessa’s selfishness!

Next, Leslie’s white, lacy boyshorts and matching bra were Humiliatrix’s target. Grimacing the whole time, Leslie made it through the cheer while shaking her C-cup breasts. Her ass was so full and round that Humiliatrix added a few extra swats to the cheer’s ending. By the end of the ordeal, part of the girl’s nipple had slipped out of her bra, but there was nothing she could do to fix it! Judging by the comments she overheard, others had noticed this, too!

Starting off the brunettes on the next row, Megan’s ass was very exposed in her leopard V-string panties. She had a very tanned, athletic figure, and her breasts were covered with a matching leopard bra. With bitter thoughts about her captain, Megan shimmied her B-cups to the best of her ability while she recited the same cheer. SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! Megan’s cute, little butt was ablaze, and it looked redder than any of the girls so far! Fortunately, she made it through the cheer the first time!

Extremely anxious about her turn, Courtney’s ass donned a tight pair of purple and pink hiphugger panties. Most embarrassing to her was the mismatched green bra she was wearing! She made it halfway though her cheer before Humiliatrix made her restart because she wasn’t shaking her B-cup tits at all! Just when she was about to finish the second time, she was stopped again for not shaking her breasts the entire time! SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! Finally, Courtney shook her tits so hard the third time, her bra completely popped out of her uniform! The girl’s ass burned worst of all, and there was nothing she could do about having her entire bra exposed!

“And, now we get to you, Captain Vanessa,” Humiliatrix announced. “Since you’ve proven yourself to be a selfish leader and have earned the ill-will of your squadmates, you will not have to cheer.”

“Thank you,” Vanessa murmured.

“Instead, your squadmates will cheer for you! You also get V.I.P. treatment!” Humiliatrix stated ominously. With a cruel sparkle in her eyes, she pointed a finger at Vanessa’s tits and ass.

Much to Vanessa’s horror, her breasts sprang out from behind her black, lacy bra, allowing her D-cup tits to dangle freely! Everyone could see her big, pink nipples now! Then, her sheer, black panties rolled down mid-thigh, fully exposing her fleshy ass! Posed as she was, some of her classmates could see the back of her shaved pussy, too! Vanessa barely let out a gasp of shock before the wicked paddle began keeping a beat to her defenseless backside. SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! Feeling the sting of the paddle, Vanessa shrieked after each set of spanks! Meanwhile, her fleshy tits jangled pendulously with each swat!

“If your squadmates can complete the cheer to the beat, it will end,” the sadistic woman explained. SWAT-SWAT! SWAT!

After a few moments of hesitation–or vengeance, the cheerleaders began their chorus: “Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT! SWAT! “Oh, Central, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow our minds! Hey, Central!” SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT-SWAT!

Finally, the paddle disappeared, and Vanessa was left both red-faced and red-assed! Her large tits heaved dramatically with each panting breath. More of her chuckling classmates crowded around to get the best view of the cheerleading captain’s round, red ass and smooth pussy!

“Justice is served!” Humiliatrix said with a flourish. “You’ll be holding that pyramid for another five minutes, girls. Hope your schoolmates don’t have cameras with them!” Then, just as mysteriously as she arrived, Humiliatrix vanished into thin air... leaving a half-dozen humiliated cheerleaders in her wake! Who or what was this mysterious woman?!
Monday, February 16th 2009 - 07:25:05 PM
Name: Mysterious the 1st
Subject: The Humiliatrix
Message:Humiliatrix: Preface

The universe is filled with strange and mysterious forces... Forces that can never be completely understood. One such force is the Humiliatrix. With her fantastic powers, Humiliatrix enforces a perverse sense of justice onto unsuspecting females.

Who is she really? Where does she come from? Is she even human? We just don't know.

The following episodes detail what we do know about the Humiliatrix. We will recount these wonderfully unusual events as we receive more information. So, please, sit back and enjoy the reading, but be mindful that Humiliatrix enjoys going beyond simple pantsings...
Friday, January 16th 2009 - 07:22:16 PM
Name: Tiumi
Subject: Victim #2 - Me!!!
Message:My friend Monica had a sleep over party last Friday. There were 6 girls total. Her parents are very liberal and went away for the weekend leaving all of us on our own. They said they trusted us so we'd better not let them down.

Well so much for trusting us because once they left we got some vodka and made mixed drinks. We watched movies and played truth or dare. Funny thing is when you mix it with punch you really can't taste the alcohol so we all wound up getting pretty smashed.

Our friend Celina fell asleep lying on her sleeping bag on the floor and would not wake up. She had flannel pajamas on. We were not ourselves and started doing things to her. We poked her and stuck fingers in her mouth. Then we poked her sides. We thought she'd wake up but she never did! I pulled her pj pants off by the legs but she never came too! Everyone laughed hard. She had funny "Hello Kitty" panties on. Then we rolled her over on her back and unbuttoned her pajama shirt and opened it up. She wasn't wearing a bra so her boobs were totally showing! I pulled her panties out looking in and saw her mound. Then we rolled her back over and I pulled her panties out looking at her butt. She had a nice butt! She was totally out and had NO clue that were doing this! I said lets pull her panties off and look at her pussy and asshole. I started to pull her panties all the way down but Monica stopped me saying that was going too far. I was really drunk by now and we almost got into a slap fight with each other, but I can't remember too much more than that.

I don't know what happened next. I must have passed out. The next morning I woke up on the futton with a blanket over me. I was TOTALLY NAKED underneath it! There was something in my butt. It was a magic marker! I looked around and heard voices from the kitchen. Everyone else was up already. I looked around but my clothes were gone. Monica and some others heard me moving around and came in the room. I had a huge headache and said, "Hey where are my clothes?" They were laughing and said I was really drunk last night and was trying to strip everyone so they took all my clothes off instead. I wrapped the blanket around me and got up to look for my clothes. They all laughed and said they hid them all.

Then Monica's 2 brothers came into the den wondering what all the laughing was about. Monica said, "Hey guys, want to see a show?" They said "sure!" so she jumped on me trying to pull my blanket off! I was so embarrassed. I tried holding the blanket tight around me but everyone else joined in and wrestled the blanket off and took it away from me. I was totally naked in front of her two brothers! I could see in the mirror that I had writting all over my face, boobs, butt and front part too, even right on my you know what! Everyone was totally laughing at me. I covered up and tried to run out of the room but they would not let me! I wound up kneeling on the floor in the middle of the room completely naked and so embarrassed. Everyone was laughing and pulling my hands away so I could not even cover my private parts. Her brothers were whistling and cheering with every flash of my boobies, pussy, and butt. They trapped me in the room butt naked with all of them for half hour before eventually letting me go.

Then I had to run around the house naked trying to find my clothes which were hidden very well while they followed me around laughing at me and swatting my bare ass when I bent over. My pussy got hot being bare in front of everybody. I hoped no one would notice this.

It was so embarrassing.. but I liked it!

(If you like my stories I will put up more! Do you? Oh and thank u Rob for liking my first story!)
Tuesday, January 13th 2009 - 07:19:40 PM
Name: anon
Subject: Had to Sleep NAKED!!!
Message:Had to Sleep NAKED!!!

I was like 14 or 13 when this happened; I am about 18 now. I was at a sleepover with my friends, and we always played practical jokes on each other. No one was home, and wasn't going to be until two days later. Well, we were playing Truth or Dare, and I said double dare, so I picked my best friend Kate. We had two dare choices: we could go swimming in the pool with no top or bottoms – nothing but naked, showing boobs and all so our GF could take our photos that way, or we could sleep nude, and we would have to take our clothes off then and there, and then get them back in the morning. Kate and I chose to sleep nude.

Well, it was kind of awkward walking around naked to get ready for bed. Then everyone fell asleep. While Kate and I were sleeping, they moved us in our sleeping bags to the front yard, still in our slumber. Then, very carefully, they peeled them away without waking us, leaving us on the blow-up mattress in the front yard out in the cold. When we woke up, we were nude, and sooo embarrassed. They had locked all the doors, so we had to go around the back and then back to the front and beg to get let in. Meanwhile some neighborhood boys heard us and spied on our situation. Our friends didn't give us back our clothes, forcing us to stay nude. They taped the whole thing, to keep for later viewing. How embarrassing, all those naked pictures, the teen boys and our girlfriends laughter. But boy, was it exciting! (Now Kate and I are going to FSU together.)
Thursday, January 8th 2009 - 02:55:54 PM
Name: Janie
Subject: Coed Flag Rugby
Message:Coed Flag Rugby
(or, Why I don’t wear Shorts in Sports, anymore)

In gym class last fall, we were playing flag rugby (that is, what some people call football), where you play with belts that rip off when you pull the flags. It was a warm day out, so I wore my shorts instead of warm-up pants. We went outside, and were playing as usual. One of my best guy friends was on the other team, and he's always flirting with me. That day, we were playfully getting all up in each other's faces while playing, messing with each other, nothing mean or anything. Just a lot of flirtatious fun.

Well, eventually I got the ball, and was sprinting down the field. Then when my friend caught up to me, instead of pulling on my belt flags, accidentally he pulled down my shorts! I kept running for a couple seconds, until then I realized what had happened. I ended up mooning half of our gym class! I swear I will never wear shorts in gym class again!
Sunday, February 8th 2009 - 02:54:28 PM
Name: Janet
Subject: Sandbox Games
Message:Sandbox Games

Oh well, here goes....

When I was a little girl, my older cousin Jason and I used to play together all the time... One day we were at our grandmother’s house playing outside in the park. I had to go to the bathroom, but I was only 4 at the time. I didn't want to go into the restroom in the park because I was scared and it was dark inside. I told my cousin I had to go potty, but I didn't want to use the outside toilet. He came up with the big plan of me using his dump truck as the potty stool so I could pee. Except that I had to agree to give him my panties, as a sort of fee, so I could pee.

So he went and got his dump truck, and I used it, only I had to take off my panties first. When I was finished, I asked for my panties back, but he said he’d buried them. I had to find the "hidden treasure" -- buried panties in the sandbox. So while I looked around for my hidden treasure, he walked over to the house and said to my Grandma, “Joanna lost her panties in the sandbox?”

Oh please!?.. (My grandma’s rule back then was little girls never took down their panties unless it was to use the potty. So I got ten swats, because I was too afraid to tell my grandma the truth. Of course, Jason found my panties for me, too.)

Today I am a high school freshman and he is a senior. Everyone knows me not as Joanna, but as "sandbox girl." See, Jason told everyone in our high school how he hid my panties, told my grandma, and got me ten swats on my bare bottom when I was a little girl. By the way, boys always offer to hold my panties, if I tell them I need to use the restroom. Hah Hah big joke.
Sunday, February 8th 2009 - 02:49:23 PM
Name: Janet
Subject: Shi**y Dress
Message:Shi**y Dress

My friends and I were out walking, whatever, talking to some guys chilling for some fun. Anyway, one was cute and I liked him, so I had on a short dress with heels. I looked cute in my short dress and nice heels, concentrating on talking. So while waving at some other friends off in the distance, I lost my balance. As my ankle collapsed, I went over. I tripped on my side off the sidewalk into the grass.

As I realized what happened, regaining my composure, recovering I got up. I thought, I’ll be okay, I guess. However, moments later as I got moving again carefully testing my weak ankle, I smelled something bad. Peeeew! Only then did I realize I’d fallen in dog pooh. OMG!!! Too bad!

My friends started laughing and I felt disgusted, smelling like you know what. It smelt so bad, I was soooo ashamed (the pooh was fresh). After a few moments I thought “Oh well,” and just stepped out of my spoiled dress. Bending over I wiped my dress on the ground, and folded it up, brown spot covered inside. I tucked my soiled dress harmlessly under my arm and walked on, like it was no big deal, like I was a model or something and I’d done this before. Frankly, I didn’t care what anyone thought, there was not much else I could do except start throwing up. Besides, I had on nice underwear. It was only a neighborhood walk and I figured it was better to look naked than to smell like shit.

Needless to say, my friends remembered my walk that morning, even if I cut it short. The guys loved it and my GFs got a few laughs, too. People still kid me about it, calling me "Pooh Girl" but I’ve thought it over. What else could I do? If you ever fall into dog pooh, you just can’t get rid of the smell without getting out of your clothes. Thinking it over, everyone enjoyed my show, and seemed to respect my choice. My only question is, would I have done that if I wasn’t wearing panties? I’m not sure which choice I would have made in that situation, but I think you can probably guess. I just can’t stand a shi**y dress! How about you?
Sunday, February 8th 2009 - 02:48:03 PM
Name: XC47
Subject: Blackmailed Step Sister (xxx)
Message:WARNING THIS STORY IS GRAPHIC. If easily offended please do not read.

I hacked my step sister's computer one day while she was out. She's 17, 5'5", like 115 pounds, with long black hair and piercing hazel eyes. She's in gymnastics so she has a killer body, especially her round ass and shapely legs. She a bit conceded because of this of course. She has a web cam and I had suspected she was using it for something possibly naughty. She's been on it every night after our parents go to bed, and she often now closes and locks her door which is normally something she never used to do.

Well once I got into her computer I was both shocked and thrilled at what I found. In her recycle bin I found like 5 discarded video clips that she obviously meant to delete but never did. Oops! Big mistake, ha ha ha. Some were of her just making funny faces and silly stuff like that, but others were a lot more risqué. I opened one in which she was in her underwear only dancing around, some even in a thong, which was a real treat. Then I opened another one and was stunned to watch her strip down completely naked and examine herself standing in front of her mirror. The next clip was like hitting a jack pot. It was her rubbing her hands all over her body then leaning back on her bed rubbing her pussy with one hand while caressing and squeezing her boobs with the other. This one last for almost five minutes and at one point she eve stuck a finger up her ass as she gyrated around masturbating her self right on camera. God she had an amazing ass! Stunned at such a find I could not believe it so I burned all the files on a disk and returned her computer and room back to the way I first found it covering my tracks.

For the next day or two I didn't say anything while looking at my step sister in a whole new light. I knew I could use this against her in a big way since my parents think she is such a little angel. If anyone at school got a hold of one of these my sister's life as she knew it would be over.

The next night I left a copy of the CD on her bed with a note while she was in the bathroom showering. It said, "Play me. Then come to my room." I was shaking nervously wondering how badly this could backfire on me if things didn't go as I planned. I waited in my room staring at the TV not even really watching it. About 40 minutes later my sister opened my door without even knocking. She walked in staring at me coldly. She was so mad at me but knew I had her. She was doomed and knew it.

I told her if she didn't do everything I said I would make sure the vids got out to everyone at school. I also told her that I had uploaded them somewhere on the net so trashing my computer or searching my room was no use.

I teased her about how embarrassing it would be for certain people in town to see these really rubbing it in. She eventually broke down begging me to not do anything saying she do anything, my chores, give me money, anything.

I told her to close the door then I told her to lie down on my bed face down. She did it without arguing or saying anything. She was wearing light blue flannel pajama pants and a white cotton tank top that was snug. My heart was beating hard in my chest looking at her nice round butt having very perverted thoughts. I told her to lie there and not move no matter what. She didn't say anything, she just lay there still.

I grabbed the legs of her pajama pants at the bottom and gave them a playful tug. They slipped down a few inches exposing a pair of thin white cotton panties with small hearts all over them below. I liked what I saw so I pulled on them again more but this time kept pulling. Her soft flannel pants slipped down past her hips then past her butt. She had an awesome ass with her skimpy panties hugging a pair of nice round cheeks underneath. I pulled her pajama pants completely off telling her to keep still. She tried to whine but I shut her up right away. She complied after that not saying a word.

I kneaded her ass and got a huge boner in my shorts. I tugged her panties up her butt and she let out a little squeal so I shushed her up again ordering her to just lie there or else. I pulled her panties harder stretching them up her butt crack watching the delicate material disappear up her butt as her smooth round cheeks were unveiled to me. I kissed her perfect ass cheek feeling their warmth as I felt my already hard dick tense up even further fully erect in my underwear. Unable to control myself any longer I hooked my fingers under both sides of her waistband and pulled her panties all the way down and off letting her naked cheeks jiggle and shake freely now. She let out another little squeal but did not move.

She was clenching her cheeks together hard so I ordered her to stick her butt out. She called me a total perv and wouldn't so I told her if she didn't shut the hell up and do exactly what I told her from now on it was over. I threatened her till she said ok, ok over and over. She stuck her butt out arching her back and I pulled her cheeks apart looking at her cute little butt hole and slit between her legs. Her pubes were short and very well manicured. I kissed her soft warm butt all over and then stuck my tongue in her ass. I teased her asking her if she liked that. She didn't say anything at first. Ordering her to stick her ass up again I stuck my tongue in again and this time she let out a little moan. I teased her again asking her how she liked having her asshole tongued and this time she just said, "I don't care." I licked it a few more times and I could sense her breathing differently. With my cock straining in my pants I stood up, pulled my pants and underwear down and got on top of her rubbing my cock up and down against her ass crack humping her ass. It felt so good. I humped her ass toying with her threatening to stick it up her butt hole if she didn't keep sticking her butt out. My dick was sliding up and down right against her asshole. With my precum lubing her ass crack my stiff cock slid up and down with ease. Overcome with lust I finally jumped up and ran around to her face and shoved my cock right into her mouth. She was surprised and wide eyed but did not resist much. I pumped my fat cock into her mouth making her grunt and gag with each thrust. It was awesome watching my stuck up step sister have to suck my cock trapped bottomless in my bedroom. It was so dirty and perverted I could barely control myself. I shoved my hard shaft deep into her throat a good two dozen more times before I felt the rush come over me reaching the point of no return. A moment later I bucked up hard shoving my ejaculating wiener deep into her throat causing her to choke and gag on my spewing cock. Blast after blast of hot jiz shot out of my cock as the orgasmic wave took over. Turning her face away choking I finished off shooting cum all over her face and hair. I came a lot!

Disgusted she lay there spewing out my cum wiping the load of slimy white jiz off her face. It was quite the visual with her lying face down bottomless on my bed still with her round ass on display and a face full of cum. How degrading it must have been for her to have to suck her own step brother's cock and taste his cum!

She started getting up assuming it was over but I told her she could not leave. Then I ordered her to get the vasoline from the medicine cabinet. She whined asking why so I told her it was because we were not done yet. She groaned and got up bottomless with her pussy and naked ass on full show and got what I asked for and returned a moment later with vasoline in hand.

When she returned with the vasoline jar I told her to stand still and raise her arms straight up. She asked why and I snapped at her again reminding her that she was not allowed to ask questions let along talk at all. Pouting she complied and I pulled her shirt up till her bare titties sprung free as I took her shirt away leaving her completely naked from head to toe now. Toying with her bare breasts I pinched her nipples playfully feeling my cock beginning to grow again. I played with her tits and felt her pussy. It was warm and wet now! I teased her about it and she got red in the face with embarrassment.

Then I spun her around and pushed her face down on the bed as before. Climbing on top I humped her round rump till I got fully erect again. Then I ordered her to reach back and pull her own ass cheeks apart. She whined again so I ordered her again more sternly making sure she knew that I was in charge. She reluctantly did it exposing her stretched open asshole to me as I placed a blob of vasoline right on her anus. I pressed the tip of my finger into her ass lubing it up before pressing the head of my cock into her butt. At first just the head stretched her hole open. After a little squeal I let the rest of my shaft glide right in easily thanks to the lube. I pushed my cock all the way up her butt then out slowly at first but then faster and faster. I butt fucked her ass a good 25 times with her holding her ass cheeks spread apart the whole time so I could see every detail. I reached around and under at one point and started frigging her wet clit with my finger from underneath. She moaned and flexed in perverse ecstasy till I once again shot my second load of cum this time up her butt just as she came, or at least that's what it seemed like. Laying there exhausted for a few minutes I eventually got up unplugging myself from her. She got up covering her wet pussy and dripping ass and just stood there hanging her head in shame.

I told her she was free to go. She sheepishly asked about the videos and all I said was as long as she did what ever I said her secret would be safe with me. She looked like she was about to sob as she left my room cupping her pussy and sore ass.

I made her do more embarrassing and perverted things after this but those are stories for another time.
Saturday, February 7th 2009 - 02:45:15 PM
Name: Rob
Subject: High School Flirting... Older Girls :)
Message:Hey guys. I've been meaning to write a couple of true stories for a long time I finally found myself at the computer and having not much to do other than browse eBay etc. when I though...what the heck...I'll write one of my true stories from back in the late 80's. :D

I was in Grade 10 and had a best friend Jason. I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood. We had a pool and a nice back yard, and a really cute girl who lived next door that was 2 years older than me. She was in Grade 12. You are probably thinking this is a bikini story but it's not. The pool was I think the draw for My Cute Neighbor Carolyn for always coming over. She'd always go for a swim and sometimes would bring her best friend Laura over. Carolyn was on the thin side but really cute, just an adorable face, and Laura was also a cute girl, she had braces was a little more athletic in build but had great curves. Carolyn was a brunette and Laura was a cute blond. Anyways my friend Jason was also always over and we'd go for a swim in my pool all the time too. Of course times had it when the girls next door would come over. They'd always tease us by bending over flaunting their chests etc. I was still a virgin and very inexperienced with girls where my friend Jason was well...a really horny guy with a little more play in him. He'd flirt back and it was all fun for now.

Jason would come over for sleepovers in the summer. Of course we'd talked mostly about girls, sex, things like that. He was so hot for Carolyn my neighbor. I was always a boob guy and just told him how I'd love to see Laura!!! :D Anyways we'd talk about how we'd have to do more things with them over the summer, though I thought "good luck" they were in Grade 12 and here we are a couple of crazy horny guys in grade 10. Anyways the girls came over again this one day, I called Jason and of course he was over in a flash. We were joking around the pool the girls again flaunting themselves at us, trying to tease us and get us all riled up. This is when Jason asked if they wanted to go play tennis as we wanted to get into doing more things with them. They said sure so there was a tennis court close to my house and we went to play tennis. Again when playing tennis the girls had these really loose shirts on and would bend way over to show ups their goods or cleavage. It bothered me so much we actually lost the game. Though we were laughing a lot. We played a few more times over the next week. At one point Carolyn came over and tried to pull my sweat pants down when I wasn't looking... well this just gave Jason a free ticket, which now looking back is what the girls wanted. We'd play this game of trying to pull each others pants down or tops up, but nothing really happened for a while. Carolyn seem to get really into it, but as it progressed Laura would get all upset by it saying things were going to far etc. It was pretty crazy.

Well this one day after going for a swim, then playing tennis, the Girls asked us if we wanted to go back to Laura's house. We were like sure. We were at a picnic table in the back yard when the girls started talking about guys etc. Laura shocked me by coming out with a comment. She said to Carolyn... "Well you know I can give a guy one much faster than you can!" Of course Jason replied, "give a guy what?" the girls didn't answer but laughed giggled etc. I was again pretty nervous as I'd never even kissed a girl before. At this point Jason said to Carolyn... I dare you to Kiss Rob on the lips. She said... "Right on...came over and grabbed me and gave me my first kiss" I was in shock but obviously excited." Looking back at all this, I wish I knew then what I know now because things would have happened a lot sooner than they did! :D But that's what makes it a fun story to remember. At this time Laura got up and walked into her house... She said "O.K. things are getting out of control." She said she couldn't believe that Carolyn kissed me. I guess now thinking about it she must have liked me a bit. Anyways at this point Jason said what ever and started chasing Carolyn around the yard. I followed chase but in the opposite direction. We caught up with her again in the back yard where Jason said... Rob hold her. I did and what he did next made my heart jump and beat like crazy. He pulled her sweats right off and her panties came off with them. Here I was looking at Carolyn with her struggling in my arms at her nicely trimmed bush. She started screaming and Jason ran off with her pants. I just stood frozen looking at her. She ran back in the house and bumped into Laura who was coming out from her little rant of how things were out of hand before all this happened. Laura just froze like me seeing Carolyn bottomless running towards her into her house. At this time Jason came back after hiding her pants and said "Let's get her!" Laura tried to close the sliding door but not quick enough as we got into her living room. We had her trapped and we were laughing, I was still shaking from all this but I had been wanting to see Laura topless for ever. Carolyn was still bottomless but was in the kitchen behind the counters watching us trying to strip Laura. Laura begged please guys things have gone way too far.

Here's a flash back to when I was in Grade 6. I was in the back of the School bus from after middle school. Carolyn and Laura were still good friends then too. I guess Carolyn and Laura who at that time were in grade 8. I guess they didn't want me sitting in the back of the bus with them. Laura said, I know how we can get him out of the back of the bus...let's get his little wiener!!! She tried to get her hands down my pants and grab me...but she didn't succeed and I remained in the back of the bus..but only for that one day.

So back to Laura in her Living room. "I said..gone to far? Remember in the back of the bus in "Middle School" When you said "Get his little wiener!" well now it's time to show us what you've been teasing us with every tennis game. She replied... No no..." We tried for ever to get her but she was kicking, slapping, begging...! Jason said.. We are gonna see you, just give up. At one point we had her pants half way down and she'd get back up. Part of the problem was I was absolutely shaking with excitement I had half my normal strength. I looked back to the Kitchen and saw Carolyn having the same look on her face that I'm sure I had on mine. At this point words just came out... I said to her... Common' help us out! She said what the heck and came out from behind the counter top that she was hiding behind, with her now bush completely exposed. When Laura saw this, she was going crazy. "Are you serious?" Are you a lesbian or something" Carolyn said...hey if my pussy is on display, so will yours... plus remember "you can give a guy one faster than I can!" with that all three of us had her down. We had her bottoms off and her panties. Jason kept commenting... "Holy shit" "Holy Shit" She had trimmed her blond pussy really close. I was as hard as a rock at this point and was just fighting off my own orgasm in my shorts as this was the first time I had even seen a girl nude. We tried to get her top off but could only get it up to her head as she was still fighting. Carolyn saw a pair of Scissors on the table and said ... hold her! We held her down and Carolyn came to her exposed bra with the scissors. She looked at me and said... "It looks like you really wanna do this." I took the scissors from her and at this point Laura had quite fighting, Jason had her arms pinned down, Carolyn had her feet and here I was with the scissors. I put them between the front of her bra cups, as Laura was saying... "I can't believe this is happening!" I cut the bra in half and it parted though still hung to her boobs. I stood frozen as Jason reached down and pulled it off her tits as I cut the shoulder straps off too. Jason pulled her cut up bra completely off and read the tag... Awesome... "32 D" I was literally throbbing in my pants. I reached down and took one of her large breasts in my hand and started to gently move it around and squeeze it, as Jason did the same to her right breast. We played with her for a good 5 minutes taking turns on her boobs and feeling her pussy, as she started moaning. I had completely forgetting about Carolyn until I felt a hand sneak up the bottom of my shorts. I wasn't wearing underwear as I never really have and still don't. I'm a bareback dresser. I completely froze as I knew where she was going; She wrapped her hand around my cock with my heart beating a mile a minute. She pulled it out and in less than 30 seconds I started squirting my load, pulsing and pulsing, squirt after squirt. It went all over Laura's stomach and breasts and on her floor. I couldn't say a word. Carolyn then looked at Laura spread out still naked with my cum on her. Laura had a dead/shocked but completely lustful look on her face...when Carolyn looked at her and said... "So you can give a guy one faster than I can hey!!!" I had just had my first hand job by my cute neighbor while she was still holding my cock in her hands moving it up and down, in front of my friend, and another girl... I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't believe that I only lasted half a minute too however it didn't take long to have my second one...when her hand was replaced by her cute mouth on me. When Carolyn went down and started sucking on me...Laura started saying... "Oh my...what the fuck are we doing? This is so bad! This is so bad; I can't believe this is happening!" I looked at her when she was saying this and saw that my friend Jason was getting between her legs saying... no, no, no, it's so awesome!!! So Awesome." She said... "Is this really happening...then it turned to a moan and into screams as he mounted her. I heard him telling her that she had the nicest set of tits he'd ever seen, then he got pretty aggressive with her. He'd say.. Common' cum, give me cunt, cum on me!!! You're so tight and hot!!!.......he kept saying things to her like this till Laura was screaming "I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming." When I heard this, I ended up having my second orgasm as I came in Carolyn's mouth...I was in heaven, I was nervous, still shaking, half in disbelief, and half in complete heaven...I mean I never never even kissed a girl till this day and Now I had cum twice by my Neighbor and once in her mouth....It’s horny even thinking back to this.....I didn't have sex with Carolyn that day...but we all came quite a few times. I got to feel up Laura again and she came a few more times. I remember her just laying there after I had cum a couple of times, still nude, having several orgasms herself, as I looked at Laura's face she smiled up at me...I just started kissing her. She wrapped her arms around me and we made out for a long time, as I was feeling her up. I couldn't get enough of her body, her breasts, her mouth, her tongue...just heaven. I couldn't get the nerve to have sex with her, also because I knew my friend had just been there. I looked at her for a while and she smiled as she got up and stroked me off a third time, she too bent down and tasted me, though there wasn't much left after the third time. While this was all happening Jason had Carolyn up against the wall and was going at her like an animal. I've never heard a girl cum so loud in my life. I guess I was the only one who didn't have sex that day, I did get to feel up both girls a few more times that day. The girls, though, didn't let it stay like that for long. Carolyn had a sauna in her house and it was the home to some really hot experiences. Once there was a different girl with them...So many awesome memories...I wish I could be there just for one more day. It was funny Laura always played the nice girl who pretended to be shocked....saying...we shouldn't do this again, how bad it was etc... It’s not right...but she was a little horn dog, we tied her up a few times and had some of the most horniest moments ever. She also had the nicest breasts I've ever seen to this day. I'm still friends with them, though they are both married now. When I see them you can see in their faces that they wish we could be back in high school for one more day too.

This was my first story I've ever posted on line. It's true and there are more stories to tell. Some with my experiences with these girls and some with others. Anyways if anyone likes this story and wants another one let me know. Maybe I'm a bad writer and you'll never want me to write another one. :D

Cheers all Rob
Saturday, February 7th 2009 - 02:36:09 PM
Name: anonymous
Subject: Kim's Big Debut
Message:I used to be friends with a girl named Kim. The key word part there is 'used to be'. I had a huge crush on Kim, she led me on like no one business, only to break my heart and tell me she didn't feel the same. So after I heard she was going to be playing the lead in our high school's play, I decided to get some pay back.

She saw me coming up to her the night of the show. She was wearing a sexy little white summer dress. I had already volunteered to be a stage hand so she wasn't surprised to see me. I brushed past her and hid behind the curtain. Armed with my staple gun, I slid to the floor behind the back curtain, waiting for my moment.

The show went on and the time had come. The full house was watching intently and I had picked my spot perfectly. Kim was standing in front of the back curtain, right in front of where I was currently waiting. Quickly and quietly I grabbed my staple gun and stapled the bottom off her summer dress to the curtain. Then, I retreated away to the side of the stage.

I listened closely to her cue. Someone would ask her a question and the audience's attention would be on here, that is when I would strike. As soon as I heard her cue, I picked up a pair of scissors and cut the sandbag support on the curtain.

Seamlessly, the curtain flew upward, ripping the dress from Kim's body! The audience gasped as she stood there, completely exposed. She had not been wearing a bra, so her big breasts shone brightly as the light bounced off her erect pink nipples. She screamed and turned her back to the crowd, showing off her hot pink g-string. She ran off set towards me, and I clipped her g-string as she went by. Not knowing where to go, she ran back on set, her underwear gliding down to the floor. She screamed as her waxed pussy was completely exposed as everyone whooped and whistled at her. All in all, a job well done.
Monday, February 9th 2009 - 02:31:16 PM
Name: Bob
Subject: Screw your neighbor part 4...
Message:This is actually an older story from the internet but Rothul didn't post the final chapter... So I thought I'd post it. It's a good story non the less...

"I seem to recall the dare which requires you to take off two articles
of clothing, Phyllis," said Jack triumphantly.

"I knew this would happen. I just felt it. I'm never playing games
with you guys again." Phyllis wrung her hands and nervously pushed her
long blond hair back out of her eyes. "I hope your are satisfied, Nina.
You got me into this!"

Nina really didn't hear the comment. She was distracted by her own loss
to me. We looked at each other and smiled. Phyllis stood up and began
to nervously reach around to unhook her swimsuit top, so no one noticed
when Nina quietly took the top dare card, read it, folded it, and
slipped it into the pocket of her skirt.

Phyllis was beet red and having a bit of difficulty standing. After
several tries, she finally got her swimsuit top unhooked and paused as
she held the top in front of her. She pulled the top aside and closed
her eyes.

"Oh my god," moaned Jack. We all stared at the most fantastic pair of
tits this side of Playboy magazine. Her long blond hair softly fell
over one breast. Her aureoles were large and dark pink with nipples
protruding. Her breasts hung down slightly under their own weight, but
were not in the least sagging. Phyllis grabbed one breast in each hand
and playfully shook them at us. "Well, here they are, boys." With that
she pulled one up and touched her tongue to the nipple.

"Jesus H. Christ!" exclaimed Doug.

"I can't do that," bemoaned Nina.

Phyllis sat back down in a heap.

"Aren't we forgetting something?" I said.

"I can't, guys," whined Phyllis.

"Then take another dare."

"That'll be worse. Oh what the hell, we shouldn't be ashamed of our
bodies, right?"

Phyllis stood up again and began to quickly strip. She seemed to want
to get it over with before she lost her courage. She hooked a thumb in
each side of her white swimsuit bottoms and pulled them over her ample
hips. Her public hair was blonder than the hair on her head. It was
sparse and almost invisible. That allowed her pink glistening labia to
show through. Standing there naked, Phyllis looked like a goddess.

Phyllis struck a pose, made a silly face, and then sat back down.

"Game over. Time for pictures before everyone gets dressed," said Jack.

"What?" said Suzi.

"It's a tradition," answered Nina.

We all posed for the now traditional post game photo with Phyllis in
front, naked and blushing. Little did Phyllis know that the photo later
would be a treasured item in fraternity houses all across the campus.

Post Game

After everyone had gone home, Lee and Phyllis retired to their bedrooms
leaving Nina and I alone.

"I guess it's time for me to perform that last dare," said Nina

"I suppose so," I said not knowing what to expect.

Nina stood and pulled her turtleneck sweater back over her head. I sat
back on the coach. If this was a show, I was going to love it. Nina
untied the string on her skirt and it fell to the floor. Her purple
camisole matched her bikini panties. She tossed her long hair back over
her head like a fashion model posing for the camera and smiled. I was
in heaven. The girl of my dreams was stripping just for me.

Nina blushed slightly and said, "Funny...in all these games, I have
never had to do this." She crossed her arms and lifted the bottom of
her camisole. Slowly she raised the silky fabric while looking directly
into my eyes. One more gentle tug and her breasts sprang free. They
were small and firm with those long nipples fully erect. I nearly came
in my pants at the sight.

I was just about to say that I thought there were no stripping dares in
the pile when Nina, to my shock, knelt in front of me and began to
unbutton my shirt. She pushed back my shirt and rubbed her soft hand
down my chest.

"Nice," she whispered.

Her hands found my belt, unbuckled it, and unzipped my pants. I must
have had an expression of shear shock on my face, because Nina paused
and said, "Are you ok with this?"

"OK?" I wheezed in a barely audible tone. "This may be the most
fantastic moment of my young life."

"The moment and the dare is not over yet," Nina said as she returned to
her task. She lifted my pants past my hips and pulled each leg over my
feet. She rubbed my pants down the front of her body before she dropped
them to the floor and gave me the sexiest of looks. By now, I was fully
erect and my dick strained against my jockey shorts.

"Hum, what have we here?" joked Nina.

Without waiting for a response, she pulled down my underwear and
revealed my throbbing penis, red and ready.

"Now for my dare," said Nina. She began to stroke my cock up and down.
When a dewdrop of moisture appeared on its tip, she leaned over and
licked it off with her tongue.

"Ah, salty. I've always wondered what that would taste like."

I closed my eyes in ecstasy. I still was in a state of disbelief, but I
certainly didn't want to do anything to stop the proceedings. As Nina
continued to stroke my dick, I felt to cum beginning to build for a
climax. I leaned back and moaned.

"I seem to be doing this right," Nina said aloud to herself. "He seems
to like it."

"Oh god, Nina...oh...oh...I'm about to...oh." I tried to speak but the
words wouldn't come. Suddenly I sprayed cum all over my chest. Nina
continued to stroke until the last spurt had waned.

"What an amazing sight that was," said Nina again more to herself than
to me. She took her camisole and began to clean up my chest.

I blushed now embarrassed by my nakedness and seeing my cum everywhere.
Nina sensed my distress and leaned forward and kissed me gently. "Nina
always pays her bets," she said. "And, this payment was very pleasant."
I pulled her toward me and kissed her passionately.

"The dare wasn't very romantic," I lamented. "I mean for you, for the
two of us."

"That's for the future," she whispered. "Just never let it be said that
I didn't do my dare!"

We began to collect our clothes and I picked up Nina's dress. I felt
the dare card in her pocket. While Nina was slipping into a robe, I
took the card as a souvenir and put it my pants pocket.

I kissed Nina goodnight and started walking home. As I passed under a
street light, I unfolded the dare card and held it up to make out the

It read, "Play with yourself for 30 seconds and fake an orgasm."

I stood for a long while staring at the note and reflecting on the
evening. Sly Nina had had her way again.

I thought, "A college education indeed is a wonderful thing!"
Saturday, January 8th 2011 - 02:31:16 PM
Name: Rothul
Subject: Stripping Games 3
Message:The Bet

I just loved it when Nina got excited, which happened most of the time
no matter how trivial the issue. In such heightened state, she tossed
her long hair around, her dark eyes flashed, and her nipples got rock
hard. She also walked and talked a mile a minute, just as she was doing
as we walked across campus. It was her latest attempt to prove her

"Mike, you may be able to play the trumpet well, but you are wrong,
wrong, wrong as far as pop music history is concerned!" Nina's hips
threw her short skirt into a frenzy as we approached the library. This
was Nina at her sexiest--sparkling white teeth breaking into that
fantastic smile, hand on one hip, nipples protruding through her soft
tee shirt, and hurrying to prove that she was right. Winning was not
everything for Nina, it was the only thing.

"As a matter of fact, you also were wrong in class earlier. You said
Herbie Hancock was Miles Davis' piano player in the sixties. I'm a
pianist--classical granted--but even I know that Bill Evans was Miles'
piano player, then came Chick Corea."

"And now, even worse," Nina sneered rolling her beautiful eyes, "you
claim that the Rolling Stones, of all groups, recorded a cover of 'Under
the Boardwalk' and in 1964, no less. I don't even think the Drifters
had recorded that tune by then. I certainly can't believe that a group
like the Rolling Stones would or could do a do-wop tune like 'Under the
Boardwalk.' Imagine Mick Jagger prancing around singing that tune? No
way, Jose!"

Nina raised her hands to the heavens as if to ask some deity why I had
been created. Unfortunately for me, Nina was almost always right. She
was one smart lady. And she was gorgeous too. But, this time I had
her...this time, I was right!

"Want to bet on both those issues, my dear?" I said with as much disdain
as I could muster.

Nina's usual Julia Robert's grin became sinister. "You don't have any
money at this time of semester and neither do I, but...yeah, I'll bet
with you...and I will win on both counts."

"So bet, miss know-it-all!"

"OK." She paused as if pondering the fate of the American economic
system. "If I am right about Miles' primary pianist, you will come over
and be a slave for Lee, Phyllis, and me for an entire weekend!" Nina
saw my shocked expression and closed in for what she thought was the
kill. "Let's see just how sure of yourself you REALLY are, Mr. Mike!
Come on, is it a bet?"

The thought of being a slave for those three was not exactly
unappealing. Lee, of shortest skirts in the whole school fame, was a
Korean-American beauty with long black hair and a penchant for teasing
guys with her curvaceous, dark-skinned legs. Phyllis, with the bluest
of blue eyes and blondest of blond hair, had the biggest set of knockers
in the School of Music, if not the entire University. And, Nina was
about the most exciting person I had ever known. How bad could spending
all weekend with them be, regardless of the task?

"All right...and if I win...hmmm...I have it! You and your roomies will
organize and participate in another evening of strip poker or strip
screw your neighbor. A bet?" I held out my hand.

"Jeez, Mike...haven't we about worn that scene out? Aren't you getting
a little tired of seeing the little boy parts of young roommates,
Douglas and Giacomo? Or, is there something about you that you haven't
told me?" She teasingly held up one limp wrist for emphasis.

"I believe my...uh...response to visual stimulation by Linda and Phyllis
during the last game was fairly obvious. And, we have not come close to
wearing out that bit of fun. You have not yet shown us the complete
picture of Nina, so to speak! I am just waiting for the night when you
lose, lose, lose...and end up in nothing but your lovely birthday suit!
Slavery against strip party? I think it's a good bet, if you can get
the other girls to play again."

Nina carefully considered her position. You almost could almost see the
wheels turning in her pretty head. She slung the her long dark hair
back out of her eyes. "OK, it's a bet. What about your 'Under the
Boardwalk' stupidity? Shall we take the bet a bit further?"

"What did you have in mind?" I said with fake fear in my voice.

"If you lose, then you spend your time as a slave NAKED!" Nina said
triumphantly flinging open the door to the library as she spoke. The
word, naked, seemed to echo up and down those hallowed halls.

There in front of us leaning over the reserve desk was Suzi Sharp, one
of the varsity cheerleaders and a friend of Lee's. Suzi was tiny,
blond, and about the cutest little thing one could imagine. She had a
smile as big as Texas and used it a lot. Her boobs seemed almost too
large for her small frame, that is, if "too large" can ever be used in
tandem with the concept "boobs." Seeing Suzi's petite ass wiggling in
the air gave me a delectable, evil thought.

"OK, your on...but, if I win bet number two, you will either talk Suzi
Sharp into playing the strip game with us...or, you spend the entire
game as our waitress...serving the players...wearing nothing at all! "

Only the eyes of a deer in headlights could equal the size of Nina's as
what I suggested sank in. "Are you sure that the stakes are equal?"

"Me, naked all weekend...in slavery...or you naked serving during a
short game...or getting sweet Suzi to play one little old game? Equal
in my book! So, put up or shut up?"

I tried to be nonchalant with this conversation, but my heart was
beginning to pound like a bass drum and adrenaline coursed through my
body. A tiny glaze of sweat began to appear on Nina's upper lip as
well. I had her where I wanted her. I knew I was right on both bets.
With one handshake, we were about to have another stripping game and
this time I was feeling mighty lucky.

The Humiliation

"You what? Oh, my god." said Suzi. "Nina, this is the most incredible
thing I have ever heard!"

"Come on, Suzi, it won't be so bad. One, these are nice guys who won't
let things get out of hand. You'll be completely safe. Two, you have a
great body. Three, we have played before and it is a lot of fun
actually, especially when you outsmart the guys. Four, you won't
believe the size of the schlong on skinny little Doug. That alone may
be worth the price of admission. And, five, I am screwed if you don't
do this." Nina pleaded like a trial lawyer on speed.

"I can't believe I am hearing this," said Suzi. "You actually have
played strip poker with these guys before? I can't comprehend this.
And, you too, Lee? Please tell me this is a big joke."

"No joke," said Lee shaking her head. "Actually, I was too smashed to
play last time, but Phyllis did."

"Oh, my god!!! Not Phyllis! Not goodie-two-shoes, small town Baptist,
sing in church, perfect Phyllis. I figured that she wouldn't even
undress in front of a mirror, much less in front of a man. No, not
sweet Phyllis. I can't believe this?" Suzi had torn the paper cup in
front of her into small pieces and had started, without realizing it, on
a second.

Nina and Lee simply nodded.

Lee had to suppress a major urge to laugh. She thought the whole thing
was hilarious and she couldn't wait to play, especially with Jack, short
for Giacomo. But, she knew that Nina did not think any of this was
funny in the least.

"I'll be naked and mortified for an evening in front of three guys if
you don't do this. Please give me a chance to win!" The desperation
sounded in Nina's voice.

"Wait, I have a boy friend too, you know. What if he found out about
this?" queried Suzi still in a state of shock.

"Bring him too!" said Lee just a little too quickly and with a bit too
much enthusiasm in her voice. "He.... uh. He can....ah....well he
might like it." Bart, Suzi's boyfriend, was a jock whom Lee found very

"That's probably true, now that I think of it. But still, this sounds
like seventh-grade slumber party stuff. My god, Nina, how did you get
into this mess in the first place?"

Suzi began to contemplate all the possibilities here. Her boyfriend was
no problem. He would love to see any one of these girls naked. And he
surely would take out his passions on her afterward. Stripping in front
of the other guys was another matter. She was simultaneously excited
and frightened by the idea. Her most tantalizing thought, however, was
that of watching the other girls strip. She had felt that little tingle
inside when she saw other girls' bodies before. Now she was feeling
that same tingle just talking about this. She squeezed her legs
together to intensify the feeling.

"It's a long story...for later. For now, think about it. Isn't college
the place where you do wild and crazy things? You only live once...and
you only have to play once. Ple-e-e-ease?"

I'll check with Bart. If he is willing, then I guess I am too. But, I
better, by god, win!

"You will," smiled Lee.

The New Twist

"OK, everyone is into the game, including Suzi Sharp, but she insists on
bringing her boyfriend. Phyllis, of course, is having second thoughts.
She figures that the odds are against her and a full frontal will happen
to her this time. She wants 'veto' power during the game or something."
Nina groaned or sighed with every other word. Losing the bet and
suffering the embarrassment of asking Suzi to play was worse for Nina
than losing all her clothes and then some.

Nina was grieving, but my head was spinning. It worked! Strip games
with Suzi Sharp, a major fox, and another chance to get Nina, Lee, and/
or Phyllis naked. My dick got hard at the thought.

"What's up with those side bets that you suggested last time?" I asked.

"You just don't forget anything, do you? Well, nothing is up. At the
time, I thought it might be fun to throw in some dares, like the old
'truth or dare' games just for fun, but now I have lost all my
enthusiasm." Her hatred of losing showed through again.

"I see." A magic thought came to me out of the blue. "There might be a
solution to the Phyllis issue," I ventured.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, let's do dares in the game. I'm thinking aloud here, but
before the big evening, all the guys can get together and write down a
set of dares for the girls and vice versa, girls can make up dares for
the guys. When players lose a hand, they can either take off clothes OR
choose one of the dares. That way, if Phyllis wants to veto stripping,
she can do a dare."

I liked the way this was shaping up.

"And, to make the decisions even harder and more fun, if a person
refuses to take the dare, then he or she has to take off all clothes and
the game is over."

Nina's mind again was in full swing. "The dares would have to be
carefully constructed. For instance, no dares that require one to take
off clothes could be allowed. Otherwise, you don't really have an
alternative. And, no dares that ask people to do gross stuff!"

"Gross is in the eye of the beholder." I said.

"You know what I mean...no dares like "go give head to the guy flipping
burgers at McDonald's. Remember when we started this, we had a 'no
doing anything except getting naked' policy. Someone will have to
review the dares. I don't trust you guys."

"That will ruin the surprise." I pouted. "All right, Lee reads and
OK's the dares for girls, Jack reads those for the guys. And, remember,
if it gets too objectionable or gross, the person can strip and it's
over, no questions asked." I figured that Lee was a good choice for
reviewer. She was the most daring of the group, so she would allow the
greatest range of dares.

"OK, and the dares should be ordered by difficulty--the further into the
game, the harder it should get...so to speak," Nina laughed glancing
down at my crotch.

"I'll drink to that," I said.

Party Time

I don't know which was more fun, anticipating the stripping or making up
the dares. Jack, Doug and I worked for days dreaming up the sentences
on the little stack of cards that Jack now carried in his pocket. And,
Lee, Phyllis, and Nina had giggled all week about "the one" they dreamed
up the night before.

After each group had prepared dares, Jack and Lee checked them for
propriety. No one else knew at the time that they also had added a few
dares of their own. Before these special dares, they added a red card
to each stack. Below that red card the dares got considerably more
"demanding." Lee had drawn a skull and crossbones on each red card as a
warning. Jack had a big grin as we walked into the girls' apartment.
Only he and Lee knew that he had a good reason to smile.

Phyllis, Lee and Nina had prepared a fantastic array of food, including
a curious centerpiece of fresh bananas. The glass-topped table had
reappeared in the center of the room, compliments of Jack and Doug.
And, the tequila was already flowing freely when we arrived.

I suspected that the girls had chosen their clothing for the evening
carefully. Lee wore her usual short skirt, this one black, with a gray
sweater that buttoned down the front. She also had on hose with an
extraordinarily sexy lace pattern that seemed to point the way to her
pubis. Phyllis wore Capri pants and a simple blue shirt that made her
eyes seemed to glow with blue light. Phyllis had obviously been getting
psychologically prepared for the evening with tequila shots. She
already was pretty smashed. Nina wore her usual clingy material, long
skirt and matching top, this time deep purple. Her sweater shirt was a
turtleneck with long sleeves. With her long hair flowing down her back,
she looked like a fashion model about to hit the runway.

We were about to finish the first pitcher of frozen Margaritas when Suzi
and Bart arrived. Suzi wore a short skirt that would have been more of
a belt on someone as tall as Nina. It was made of slinky black material
with a V cut into the side on her left leg. Her top was a tight
multicolored tee-shirt, likely purchased at Victoria's Secret, with a
scooped neckline that showed her ample cleavage. She really looked hot
with clothes on. I could only imagine what she would look like with
them off.

Bart was the unknown quantity in tonight's proceedings. He was on the
football team and, as a result, didn't hang out much with music majors
like us. As one might expect, he was tall, ruggedly good looking, and
had lots of muscles. I hated him already. He seemed a bit apprehensive
at first, but when he looked around the room at the Lee, Phyllis, and
Nina, his demeanor changed completely. He knew that he was about to
have some fun--win or lose.

The Rules

After the tequila had had ample time to take effect, we took our places
at the glass table. Around the table, clockwise in order, sat Nina, me,
Suzi, Bart, Phyllis, Jack, Lee, and Doug. We all sat sheepishly looking
at each other as Nina explained the rules. Lee nervously crossed and
uncrossed her legs. Each time she did so, her skirt rode up just a bit
higher. Even in hose her legs were fantastic. She caught me looking
and just smiled.

"The game is Strip Screw Your Neighbor. The object of the game is not
to end up with the lowest card at the end of each round. The dealer
deals each player one card, face down. If you get a King, flip it over.
It can't be traded. Each person either keeps the card or trades it with
the person to his or her left. The dealer goes last and can either keep
his or her card or trade it for one from the top of the deck.

After the dealer makes the final choice, all cards are shown and the
person with the low card has another choice--take off an article of
clothing or draw a dare from the two piles, one for girls and one for
boys. If you draw a dare card, you have to do what it says. Or, if you
simply can't do it, you have to remove all your clothes. By the way, if
there are ties, all losers must strip or dare.

Men have four items to remove in this order: Shoes and socks count as
one; then shirt, then pants, then underwear. Women have five items;
shoes and socks, blouse, pants or skirt, bra, and panties, in that
order. Pantyhose count as socks. Any questions?"

"About these dares?" asked Phyllis.

"They are just for fun," said Lee. "No gross stuff, but they do get
harder as you go down the stack."

"Don't say harder to these horny guys," whispered Nina aloud. Everyone
laughed, except Suzi.

"Are we really going through with this?" said Suzi looking directly at

Bart saw me getting a preview by looking down Suzi's blouse and smiled.
"This is what college is all about! Let's play."

The Game

Round one was lost by Phyllis who, much too casually for her, tossed off
her shoes. Suzi dealt the next hand and immediately flipped over a
King. I sat staring at a three of hearts with no chance of trading!
Not a very good start.

"I think, instead of losing my shoes, I'll play it smart and take an
early dare." I said trying to sound confident. I took the first card
from the guy's pile and read it aloud, "Kiss passionately the person on
your left for 30 seconds."

Everyone began to clap and cheer, partly out of my discomfort and partly
out of relief. Everyone now knew that the dares, at least at first,
were fairly innocent. The lovely Suzi sat to my left. I looked first
at Suzi and then at Bart, her muscle bound boyfriend. "Get on with it,"
Bart finally said.

I leaned over and drew closer and closer to Suzi's soft mouth. Her
eye's twinkled in anticipation of the moment and then closed as she
turned her head up toward me.

"Go for it, Mikey baby!" shouted Jack. "I'm watching the cock...uh...I

I smiled, glanced his way, and then my lips touched Suzi's. To my
shock, Suzi returned my kiss with great enthusiasm. Her lips were like
fire and her tongue darted across my lips. The thirty seconds seemed to
last forever. My dick shot to attention. I could feel her breath
quicken. She tasted fantastic. A mystifying fragrance seemed to come
from between her breasts.

"Time," Jack said finally.

As we parted, Suzi simply said, "Oo." I, on the other hand, could
hardly breathe. I had just kissed my first college cheerleader. My
hands were shaking. Suzi glanced at Bart and maternally patted his arm
as the rest of the group applauded.

Nina leaned over and whispered, "That was very hot, sweetie. You gave
me goose bumps."

"I can't wait to see them," I replied.

The next few rounds were innocent enough with Jack, Nina, and Bart
losing their shoes. Lee dealt next and when the cards were revealed
both she and Doug had low fives. Doug flipped off his shoes, but Lee
said, "I'll take a dare." She picked up the first card on the girl's
pile and read, "Eat a banana from both ends with the person on your
left. You must eat every bit."

"So, now we know why the bananas appeared," I said.

Lee grabbed a banana, peeled it, and turned to Doug. Both began to eat
the banana with great vigor until they arrived in the middle.
"Remember," reminded Jack, "you have to eat all of it!"

Lee and Doug got most of the banana in their mouths, but much of it was
mashed on their faces. Lee began to lick the banana off of Doug's lips.
Doug's eyes widened and everyone began to laugh. Dutifully, Doug licked
the remainder off of Lee's lips. When she could finally speak, Lee
said, "Yum...one of the best bananas I have ever had."

"Me too," said Doug as he squirmed to get his hardening dick straight in
his pants.

"I like thith game!" said Phyllis with a slightly drunken lisp.

"At this rate, it may take a long time to get one of you guys naked
though," muttered Nina.

"I had a couple of other things in mind," said Jack staring at Nina's

Lee lost the next hand and had to remove both her shoes and her
pantyhose. All eyes were on Lee as she stood, reached under her skirt,
hooked her thumbs in her pantyhose, and pulled them down. Bart was in
the perfect position to catch a glimpse of Lee's black panties in the
process. He had had his doubts about this game until now, but as he
felt his dick stiffen, he knew that this was for real.

Suzi also watched Lee and felt that all too familiar tingle. Her eyes
met Lee's for an instant. "Had Lee noticed that certain look?" Suzi

Lee simply smiled and sat back down smoothing her skirt around her
tanned legs. "Just a little show for openers," she said with a grin.

The next two hands were wild affairs including another tie. Suzi and I
lost shoes, and then Bart lost his shirt, which he removed with the
flare of a male stripper twirling it around his head. Before he sat
down, he did a bodybuilder pose and all the guys began to hiss and boo.
Phyllis, on the other hand, gave him her full attention and then some.
She was seated next to him. She stared as if hypnotized and, without
thinking, reached up and touched one of Bart's bulging pectorals. "Hey,
I thought we said no touching," Suzi complained.

"No unwanted touching," corrected Jack.

Phyllis blushed mightily and jerked her hand back. She blushed even
more when Bart responded, "Do I get to do the same to you later in the
game?" A poke from Suzi returned him to reality.

Suzi dealt next and Phyllis lost. "Now we are getting somewhere,"
announced Bart to no one in particular. Unlike in her reluctant past,
Phyllis stood and proudly began to unbutton her shirt giggling as she
did. She whipped off her blouse to reveal-a conservative white swimsuit

"Hey, no fair," I cried along with the rest of the guys.

Phyllis whined, "Nanny-nanny-boo-boo! No one said bras were required!"

Actually, Phyllis' boobs were so large and magnificent that it really
didn't matter whether they were encased in a bra or not. The effect was
the same-two magnificent creamy mounds that seemed to challenge your
mouth to try to capture them. Phyllis sat down very proud of her
attempt at trickery. She also had attracted Bart's complete attention.
Until that moment, he had not realized how large Phyllis' tits were, but
now he was as impressed as the rest of us.

Suzi lost next. "Ladies and gentlemen, rather than exposing my little
undies, I'll take a dare," she said with a grin. She read her card and
her mouth dropped open. "Oh my. These get worse quicker than I

"Come on, read it out loud," said Bart.

"Sit with your knees at least two feet apart during the entire next
round of play." Suzi began to blush. Audible involuntary groans came
from the rest of the girls. "What pervert came up with that one?" asked
Nina. "Don't say, came up, to this crowd." I replied.

Suzi looked around the glass-topped table at each guy. Across the table
sat Doug and Jack with the best vantage points. She slowly spread her
legs apart and, as she did, her short skirt road up higher on her
shapely legs. "Like what you see, guys?" she said scornfully.

I leaned over toward Nina so I could have a better view. Doug and Jack
brazenly stared at the white lace panties barely covering Suzi's pussy.
Clearly Suzi was NOT a natural blond. The shadow of dark pubic hair was
visible behind her panties. Nina poked me in the ribs. "Move back over,
buster!" she exclaimed faking anger.

Suzi turned bright red and shouted, "Hurry up and deal the cards,

"I need to go to the potty!" said Phyllis quietly.

"Oh, my god, not now!" said Suzi, but Phyllis was already out of the
room. We all sat and waited with Suzi fuming, legs still wide apart.
Others averted their eyes occasionally, but Doug just sat and stared.
"Earth to Doug," sneered Suzi. Bart frowned, but didn't complain.

When Phyllis returned, she dealt a new set of cards and turned up a
King. Jack peeked at his card, a 10. "No trade," he announced.

Lee stared at a 2 that she quickly traded to Doug. Doug gave the 2 to
Nina in return for her 4.

"Shit," said Bart. "That card, whatever it is, is moving much too
quickly around the table and I am sitting by a King. I feel a loss
coming on."

Sure enough, the humble 2 went completely around the table and stopped
with Bart who had a choice, remove pants or take dare. He stood up
slowly and unfastened his belt, then ever so slowly unzipped his pants.
The girls began to cheer and whistle. Everyone else was almost fully
dressed and poor Bart was slowly exposing his leopard print
underwear...and his fairly small bulge. He again posed and flexed for
the girls who rewarded him with cheers. Suzi, now with her legs back
tightly together, patted Bart's ass as he sat back down.

"Another touching incident duly noted," said Doug quietly.

Nina lost the next hand and my heart leaped for joy. I knew I was going
to be lucky tonight. She stood and pulled the tail of her shirt out of
her skirt. Then she crossed her arms and lifted the shirt over her
head. There was no tricky stuff this time, but still she didn't reveal
much. Under her shirt, Nina wore a purple camisole with a built-in bra
that allowed her hard nipples to show without exposing much skin.
Marvelous pencil eraser mounds poked from under each cup. They seemed
to ache for my tongue. She struggled to get the turtleneck over her
head, then sat back and thrust her small, firm tits forward. As she
did, she smiled softly looking directly at me. I could feel my pulse
pounding in my head. It was the smile that did it, not her tits,
although they were fantastic. That smile spoke volumes. My semi-soft
dick became rock hard again in an instant.

"Very nice," said Bart. Suzi immediately slugged him on the shoulder.

Phyllis lost the next hand. "All of you now know that under these pants
is my swimsuit bottom, so in the spirit of fair play I'll do a dare."
She giggled like a grade school girl and reached for a card.

"Using your foot, sexily fondle the person of your choice under the
table for thirty seconds."

Across the table sat Doug. Phyllis already knew that his dick was
prodigious. She smiled as she sneaked her foot across the distance
between them and inched it up Doug's leg. She rubbed his leg for a
moment and it looked as if that was going to be the extent of her
advances when suddenly she put her foot directly on his crotch. Doug
moaned as she rubbed her delicate toes up and down along his hardening

Phyllis was surprised by how much she could actually feel through Doug's
pants and by just how big his penis seemed to be. She could feel it
getting harder and harder. No one knew it, but she had never felt a
penis before. Even in her drunken condition, the excitement grew within

Doug, on the other hand, was about to go out of his mind. A strange
quiet came over the room as everyone watched Phyllis' foot move up and
down. Finally, Jack broke the ice, "As bad as I hate to say it, your
thirty seconds were up about 2 minutes ago." Phyllis removed her foot
and Doug opened his eyes.

"Mercy," said Nina in her typical understated way. "This is a very sexy
game. Someone open a window and get some air in here." Nina traced her
tongue along her upper lip and breathed a deep sigh.

The game progressed without incident or dare for a while. Mike and Jack
lost shirts; Lee lost her sweater revealing her black satin bra that
covered her medium sized Asian breasts. I loved it when Lee saw you
checking out her tits and simply looked you straight in the eye and
smiled. She obviously enjoyed the attention.

Suzi lost next and asked that, since everyone had seen her panties
anyway, could she remove her skirt before her blouse? Everyone agreed.
Suzi let her skirt fall to her ankles showing us the rest of those white
lace panties cut high on the sides of her legs. Unfortunately (I think
by design), the tail of her shirt covered her panties when she sat down.

Phyllis then lost again and we all booed as she revealed the rest of her
swimsuit. She flopped back down in her chair and pouted.

On the next hand, Bart, still sitting in his underwear, lost. "All
right, Bart loses and the game is over!" shouted Suzi with a sigh of
relief. "Not so fast, my love," he said. "It's dare or hello little
Bart. I guess I'll be doing dares from now on."

"Awwww," said Suzi sheepishly.

Bart read the next card, "It is your lucky day. Save this card. It
gives you the right to remove the next piece of clothing lost by any
player. The catch? You have to do so without using your hands!"

Bart's big smile faded when Nina reminded, "Guys are included in that
dare too, by the way."

Bart dealt in a hurry. Face cards fell all around the table, except in
front of Lee. She had a lowly eight. Lee stood up, smiled at Bart, and
said, "OK, big boy. Let's see you get this skirt off with no hands."
She lift her arms above her head and waited.

Bart walked around the table and knelt behind Lee. He took her skirt's
zipper in his teeth and tugged it down. In this position, his nose was
right in her ass. "That's the easy part," said Lee peering over her

Bart moved around to Lee's front and took the hem of her skirt in his
teeth, directly in front of her crotch. He pulled with little success.
He made his way around the edge of her skirt slowly inching the tight
skirt over Lee's hips. When he had made his way all the way around, he
gave one last tug and her skirt dropped to her ankles. Bart found
himself two inches away from Lee's pussy that barely was covered by lacy
black panties. He could smell her musky, feminine fragrance and had a
mad desire to push his nose into her crotch. And, he stared at tiny
dark public hair peeking out around the edges of her panties. Before he
could act on his impulse, Lee began to dance swaying back and forth in
front of Bart. She slowly turned around to reveal that she was wearing
a thong! Her magnificent ass was exposed and was now inches from Bart's

Staring down at Bart, Lee flirted, "Are you going to play the rest of
the game from down there?" Bart involuntarily leaned forward and kissed
Lee's tanned left buttock. Lee giggled; Suzi snorted. "I believe he
just kissed your ass, Lee" said Nina.

Bart blushed and returned to his seat, as did Lee. Lee gave a little
adjustment to her panties and, to my dismay, crossed her lovely legs.
"The store is closed...for a while," she said as she noticed me looking
directly at her crotch.

"My deal," slurred Phyllis. "Hey Bart, how about bringing us another
round of drinks?"

Bart dutifully walked into the kitchen. Phyllis didn't take her eyes
off his tight ass once during the trip. "Will you be dealing?" frowned

Cards were flipped over around the table until they got back to Phyllis.
She had low five. "Oh my, this is very serious," she said as she
reached for the deck, traded in her card, and, to her great relief,
flipped over a Queen. Lee looked down at her card in shock. She had
lost again! Now it was serious.

"I had not planned to take any more dares, but I guess I'll have to if I
want to keep my boobs covered." She cringed, picked a card, and read,
"Passionately kiss another one of the girls of your choice for thirty

"Oh my god, I knew I would get that one," Lee said to Jack.

"Perfect," replied Jack. "So, who is gonna be the lucky girl?"

Lee looked around the table. The earlier look had not gone unnoticed.
"I choose Suzi. Mike seemed to enjoy it when he had his turn."

Lee walked around the table, past a shocked Bart, and pulled Suzi up out
of her chair with a gentle tug on her chin. Just before their lips met,
Lee began to giggle. "I have never done this before!" she exclaimed.
"OK, start timing!"

Lee turned to Suzi and bent down toward her. Their lips touched
tentatively at first and then firmly. The simple kiss quickly turned
into a full embrace. Suzi's hands automatically moved up and down Lee's
bare back and then wandered down to her panty covered ass. Their heads
moved with the heat of the kiss and Suzi's bright red fingernails clawed
into Lee's back.

"Jesus Christ," whispered Nina. The rest of us were speechless. I had
seen women kiss in porn movies before, but that's nothing compared to
witnessing it live.

Suzi's hand began to shake visibly. "Time," Jack said almost choking as
he did.

Lee quickly released Suzi who fell back into her chair wide eyed.
"She's a good kisser, huh Mike?" said Lee with mock seriousness. Suzi
put her hand to her lips. Her hands were still shaking and she looked
as if she was about to cry. Bart was frozen.

Finally Suzi regained her composure and said, "That was
really...uh...different. Very...ah...soft. Fucking A."

Lee looked at the table. On top of the girl's pile sat the red card
with skull and crossed bones scowling. "Now we are going to really see
some action!" she said.

"You mean they get worse than the last one?" said Nina.

Quiet, skinny Doug quietly lost the next hand. Even though he was
almost fully clothed, he quickly took a dare card. "Moon the room," the
card read. Doug stood, dropped his trousers and underwear, and stuck
his bare ass at the assembled group. All the girls cheered and howled,
while the guys retched. Red faced, Doug sat back down. "The red card
is next on the guy's pile as well," he noted.

"Bart's bound to lose now," said Nina, "because he won't take a dare."
Relief was all over her face.

On the next deal, Phyllis got a 6. After careful consideration, she
traded with Jack. Jack smiled as he handed her his card. It was a
three. Phyllis' hands began to shake as the other cards were revealed.
She had lost and now her swimsuit gag was history.

"This is the moment I have been waiting for all my life!" said Jack. "I
have wanted to see those breasts since the first time I saw them coming
around a corner."

Phyllis eyed the red card, blushed, and looked again at the card. "I
just can't do it...I'm shit faced, but I still am too embarrassed to
strip...I'll take the dare."

"Uh-oh," said Lee quietly. She knew the contents of those cards.

Phyllis carefully looked at the card. "Oh, shit. Oh, shit, shit,

"Read it," I said.

"Put on a blindfold. All guys stand in a line facing away from the
table and unzip or otherwise give access to their penises. You must
feel each penis and guess the identity of its owner. Guess all
correctly and you can put back on one article of clothing. Guess
incorrectly and you take off two articles of clothing on your next

Lee produced the blind fold and put it over Phyllis' eyes. Phyllis
couldn't believe this was happening. She had never touched a penis
before and tonight she had already touched one and was about to touch
four more. She felt a great bubble expanding inside her. A strange
wetness appeared between her legs. The moment was exhilarating, but she
had to concentrate. If you couldn't figure out which was which, she
could lose all her clothes on the next hand. She had to think. But,
thinking is tough when one is drunk, which she was.

"OK," she reasoned to herself. "Bart has on underwear, so if I don't
feel pants, that's him. Doug is large, so who ever has the largest dick
is Doug. Mike is taller than Jack...not much help, but it will have to
do." All these things streaked through her mind as Lee led her over to
the guys.

A hand took her arm and guided her hand to its target. Phyllis touched
her first penis. She was shocked by the softness. She moved her hand
around and felt it respond to her touch. "This is great," she thought.
"And, no pants...must be Bart."

Another hand guided her to penis number two. This one was flaccid when
she first touched it, but it suddenly changed with her touch. She was
mystified by the change. She began to rub up and down along the length
of the shaft. As she did, it got harder and harder. The problem was
that she had no clue as to its owner.

When she touched dick three, she pulled her hand back at first. This
one had to be Doug. It was much larger than the other two and curved to
the left, semi-hard. She put her hand around it and her fingers barely
touched. She began to try to imagine getting something that large
inside her. "Impossible...maybe," she thought.

The last dick was much like the others, except she felt a bit of
moisture on the tip. When you touched it, a moan came from the owner,
but she couldn't recognize the voice. The skin on this penis seemed
much looser. She enjoyed the soft sensation in her hand. "You had
better guess before someone makes a mess over there," shouted Nina
breaking the tension.

Unfortunately for Phyllis, it was a toss up on which was Jack and which
was Mike. "OK, number one is Bart." Cheers went up from the girls.

"Hey, how did you know that?" cried Suzi.

"I swear she made a great guess, baby!" Bart replied.

"Number three is Doug."

"Well, how in the world did she guess that one," said Nina, her voice
dripping with sarcasm.

"I couldn't imagine," said Lee.

"And number two is...ahhhhh...Mike?"

"Annnnnk! Survey says, 'Wrong!' That marvelous organ would be mine!"
boasted Jack.

"Oh, shit," cried Phyllis. "Well, I still have on my suit. Whew, that
was quite an experience!"

"All right, guys, zip up...if you can...and let's play so we can get
those dicks where the rest of us can see them. We don't want Phyllis to
have all the fun," commanded Nina. We made our way back to the table,
four tents sticking out in a line.

Next Suzi lost. "I am not taking one of those dares now," sighed Suzi.
She lifted her blouse over her head and revealed two bra-covered melons
that bulged from under her confining satin underwear. Her nipples grew
hard and visible. She covered them with her hands.

"No, no, no. No covering," said Jack.

He didn't know how prophetic that was because on the next hand Suzi lost
again. A look of horror came on her face. She looked at Bart as if to
say save me, but Bart merely shrugged and tried to appear sympathetic.
"I think this has gone far enough, Bart," Suzi said quietly. Bart said
nothing, but the look on his face was pure lust.

"I can't believe this. OK, I guess I'll go for broke." Suzi stood and
reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She looked like a small
China doll in an awkward pose, a beautiful porcelain figurine. She held
the bra in front of her breasts as she slipped the straps over her arms
and then paused again. She conjured up a weak smile and said, "Well, I
guess this is the reason we are doing this. Right, guys?" She looked
directly at Lee as she spoke.

All the rest of the eyes were fixed on little Suzi's large tits. Slowly
she allowed the bra to drop away and then she struck a pose like Bart's.
Her nipples were amazingly pink, almost as if she had colored them with
lipstick, and they were high on her breasts pointing at the ceiling.
Her tiny pink aureoles were in slightly different positions on her two
breasts giving a sort of walleyed effect. As she sat back down, she
covered her gorgeous globes with one arm, began to relax a little, and
smile. All the guys began to clap and cheer.

The next hand ended in yet another tie; Jack and I both lost. "All
right!" cheered Nina. "Drop those pants." Lee quickly switched on the
radio. A George Clinton funk tune happened to be playing. Jack and I
began to dance and unzip. We whipped off our belts in tandem to the
cheers of the ladies and did our best to imitate male strippers,
although it came off closer to the cast of misfits in "The Full Monty."
Jack moved close by Lee, so I did the same with Nina. We placed our
crotches directly in their faces and began to slowly ease down our
pants. Both girls blushed and shrieked. We waved semi-erect dicks,
still covered by our underwear, at both girls as best we could.

Lee shocked everyone, particularly Jack, by reaching out and touching
Jack's dick. Jack recoiled in shock at first, but then began to dance
with Lee gently moving her hand up and down along his shaft. Phyllis
gasped. I looked down at Nina who was wide-eyed and gave her a
questioning look. "Not now," she whispered.

"Did that mean what I thought it meant?" I thought while I danced.
"Later?" I said.

The girls pushed us away at that moment and we sat back down with my
question unanswered. Jack had a full hard on which, regardless of what
he did, stood out beneath his underwear in clear view. Phyllis, who was
sitting next to him, tried to peek without being obvious to no avail.
She was not very subtle.

"Hot, hot, hot," said Suzi. The words seemed to shake Phyllis out of
her hypnosis. She fanned herself with a hand full of cards.

The next hand moved very slowly. Everyone had cards in the midrange so
decisions about holding or trading were difficult. The cards, one by
one, were flipped over until it was Phyllis' turn. Bart was holding the
lowest card to that point, a seven. Phyllis started to turn her card
and then jerked back her hand with a look of fear in her eyes.

"It's you or me, Bart. I can't even bring myself to look at the card I
just got from Jack."

"Time out," cried Suzi. "I can't wait any longer. I have to go to the
bathroom." She clutched her exposed boobs and rushed out of the room.

"Drinks?" asked Nina, ever the attentive hostess.

I walked into the kitchen with Nina and whispered, "About those side

"Oh, yeah, what did you have in mind?" Nina replied.

"The game is about to be over. Right? Neither of them is brave enough
to chance another dare under the red card. So, let's bet on who loses
this hand just for fun."

"And the stakes?" Nina asked. Her eyes were flashing as she looked
directly into mine.

"Who ever loses has to take the next dare card," I said, "and must do
whatever is on the card after everyone else leaves. This bet is just
between us."

Nina hesitated for a moment and then said, "It's a bet. I'll take
Phyllis to win."

"A bet," I said shaking Nina's delicat
Tuesday, January 27th 2009 - 02:23:30 PM
Name: Rothul
Subject: Stripping Games 2
Message:I found Nina sitting in the music school's student lounge. After our
evening of strip poker with Lee, Phyllis, Doug, and Jack the weekend
before, I was eager to talk to her. She looked stunning, as usual, with
her dark hair pulled back and a long slinky black skirt with a burgundy
blouse made from the same type cloth. She draped across a ratty old
lounge chair. The clinging material in her outfit draped across her and
revealed that she was not wearing a bra that day. Her nipples almost
winked at me from behind the soft fabric. I took a seat next to her
trying not to be too obvious in staring at her nipples.

"Any problems, regrets, guilt, or anything after our little party," I

"Phyllis had a raging headache the next day from a bit too much Tequila,
but otherwise, no one was the worse for wear," she smiled. Her eyes
twinkled as she spoke. "It was quite an experience for everyone. I
certainly don't feel guilty or embarrassed. And, I think that even
Phyllis, good Baptist Phyllis, thought it was fun deep down inside."

"Deep down inside?" I said feigning shock. It was pretty obvious to me
given that way Phyllis had stared at Doug's and Jack's dicks that either
she enjoyed the view or she was extremely curious. "What did she
actually say?"

"Well, that's a little secret among us girls," Nina said with that
naughty, mischievous look on her face. I loved the way her nose
crinkled up a little when she made a slightly naughty comment. "But, I
can tell you that we all enjoyed seeing Jack in all his glory. And, we
wanted a bit...ah...more complete look at Doug. He certainly has a way
of commanding one's attention. Whew! And, I won't tell you what we
said about you!" Nina smiled that ear-to-ear smile of hers and giggled.

"I won't tell you what the other guys said about you either
then...except for our extreme disappointment in your sweatshirt 'cover-
up' routine! Jeez! Cheaters never win, you know!" My scolding touched
Nina's competitive nerve.

"That wasn't cheating! That was simply good strategic play!" she
argued. "Anyway, you got a small peek at me, thanks to Jack, and I
didn't get an equal opportunity with you. You didn't have to show
anything, you turkey!" She pursed her lips into a big pout and raised
one eyebrow.

"I guess that calls for a rematch," I said hoping that she would take
the bait without me being too obvious.

"Like I said the other night, maybe yes and maybe no. But, don't get
your hopes up, big boy. That may have been a once-in-a-lifetime
experience. Anyway, I have my recital coming up in a few days, so I
need to concentrate on the piano for now." She paused and gave me that
Nina look. "I will need some coffee and company occasionally, however,"
she hinted.

"I'm happy to provide that service!" I said standing and bowing low.

"You are a sweetheart," she said. Nina hopped up and gave me a quick
kiss on the cheek. And just as quickly, she was off at her usual break
neck speed with heals clicking loudly on the tile floor.

I watched as her wonderfully tight ass swayed out the lounge door. She
looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled. I touched the place on
my cheek where she had kissed me. I could still smell her perfume
lingering in space. She was one spectacular lady.

Jack came in the door carrying his flute just as she went out. Clearly
he had noticed Nina's braless tits also. "I can't believe we didn't
uncover those magnificent little melons when we had the chance," Jack

"Maybe we'll have another opportunity," I said. "We just need to bring
it up, so to speak, at just the right moment."

"Any of those three women can bring it up for me just by walking into
the room," laughed Jack.

Then the idea hit me. "Let's plan a party at your place after Nina's
recital! She will be ready then to party big time. Ok?"

"Done!" said Jack as we both discretely made strategic penis adjustments
in our pants. The thought of a game #2 affected us both in a distinctly
familiar way.

We both burst out laughing at the coincidence.

The Humiliation

Nina's recital was stunning. She played with such grace and passion.
She simply swept you away with the emotion in her music. Sometimes she
played so delicately that the instrument seemed to sing with her
caresses and other times she lifted herself completely off the piano
bench with the massive force of her touch.

"See you at Jack's." I said after the performance as the numbers of her
back stage admirers began to diminish.

"Tell Jack that I had to invite some of the faculty to the party as a
courtesy. I really don't think any of them will actually come. And, if
they do, they won't stay long." Nina not only was musically proficient,
but she knew how to endear herself to her teachers as well.

By the time Nina arrived later at Jack and Doug's house, the party was
in full swing. It didn't take Nina long to catch up. In a short time,
there wasn't a certifiable designated driver in the whole group!

Jack and Doug lived in a little, old farmhouse about four miles out in
the country. Their house had a screened-in porch all across the front.
The screens obviously had been added long after the original structure
was built. A long, tree-lined drive led up to the house from the main
road. Jack and Doug rented from a family that lived almost a mile back
down that rural county road, so the place was very secluded. Doug
particularly liked it because his rock band could rehearse there and not
disturb anyone but the livestock. And, we enjoyed partying as loudly as
we wanted without also enjoying a visit by the local police.

The party was really heating up when Lee looked out the window and saw a
car making its way up the drive. It was an old green Plymouth,
unmistakably one belonging to faculty member, Dr. Thom Sovitski.

"Oh my god," exclaimed Lee. "It's Sovitski. Who invited him?"

"I did," Nina said rolling her eyes. "He was standing there with
several other faculty when my piano teacher asked everyone over to her
house to celebrate my recital performance. All I could do was tell them
that we had a party planned here, and that they were welcome to come. I
think my piano professor actually was relieved. I guess Sovitski is the only
one brave...or stupid...or bored enough to actually show up."

Thom Sovitski was a young professor, actually an assistant professor in
rank, who taught music theory. He was just out of graduate school, and
actually was not that much older than the rest of us. But, he was light
years older in the way he seemed to us.

Sovitski was the ultimate nerd. He always had a major chalk mark across
his rear end; his wardrobe consisted only of clothes the total opposite
of current fashion; and he actually carried a plastic pocket protector
filled with pens. Despite his nerdiness, he was an extraordinary
scholar and musician-word around the school was that he amazed his
classes with his musical knowledge and his ability to play virtually
anything on the piano while never once stopping his lecture. But,
clearly he was devoid of any social skills.

According to Lee, Nina's roommate, who was in his class, he also was
just as horny as all the rest of us guys. Lee, famous for wearing the
shortest skirts in the school, sat on the front row in his class. She
reported with some pride that he looked every time she crossed or
uncrossed her legs. She enjoyed playing the "almost flashing your
panties game" just to fluster him and to try to make him lose his place
in his lecture. Apparently, he frequently did just that.

Sovitski's car was slowly moving up the drive when suddenly, Jack
shouted, "I have an idea. Everyone be quiet! Lee quick, take off your
blouse!" Jack ran back into his bedroom and emerged with a giant pile
of his and Doug's dirty clothes.

"What?" said Lee in shock.

"Come on, be a sport and take off your blouse--or at least the left
half--and pull your bra strap down off your left shoulder. Quickly!"
Jack opened the front door and tossed the clothes out in a heap on the
front porch. He quickly followed those with several pairs of shoes.

Confusion was clear on all the faces present. "What's up, Jack? Those
are my shoes," said Doug.

"You pervert, Jack!" questioned Lee. "I may be drunk, but I'm not that

Jack pulled her close and whispered something in her ear. Slowly an
evil smile crept over Lee's face. "Ok, I'm just drunk enough to do
this, I guess. I think I see my academic career passing before my eyes

Lee was pretty smashed all right. And, she was gorgeous. She slipped
off her blouse revealing a floral bra that snapped in the front. Her
Asian complexion looked fantastic against the colorful bra. She covered
her medium sized breasts with one arm and slipped her bra strap off her
shoulder. I was mystified as she maneuvered her arm through the strap
and tucked it under her arm. My dick began to spring to attention as

"Now, everyone start talking loudly like a party is going on in here,"
instructed Jack. He peeked out the window as Dr. Sovitski's ugly green
car pulled up in front of the house. The professor got out of his car,
made his way up onto the front porch, and knocked on the door. A hush
fell over the party.

Lee cracked open the door, and then leaned around the revealing only her
bare left shoulder and arm. In her most coquettish voice, she said,
"Gosh, Dr. Sovitski, we...uh...didn't expect you...ah...well...ah,"
Eyeing the pile of clothes on the porch, she loudly whispered
"Uh...there's something that you need to know...ah...Everyone in here
took off their clothes before they came in." She stopped as if to be at
a loss for words and looked back at the pile of clothes on the porch.

Sovitski looked at the clothes, looked back at Lee and her bare
shoulder, looked back at the clothes, took a deep, audible breath, and
said, "Well... (then a long thoughtful pause)...ok."

Lee gently closed the door almost bursting with laughter. "He said OK,"
she whispered through her stifled giggles. There was dead silence in the
room as the reality of the moment began to finally sink in with

There was muted shuffling outside the door. Slowly the doorknob turned,
the door swung open, and there stood Dr. Thom Sovitski, young scholar,
completely naked...except for his black socks! His skinny body seemed
even thinner as he stood there holding his hands over his dick and

Everyone gasped particularly Dr. Sovitski. When he saw a room full of
fully clothed students staring back at him, his jawed dropped. There
was an awkward moment of silence that seemed to last forever. Then,
without a word, he simply closed the door in front of him and the room
suddenly filled with quiet whelps of stifled laughter. Tears began to
flow all around the room. It was like getting tickled in church, but
being unable to laugh. The harder one tried not to laugh, the greater
the pain and the need to laugh.

Again there was a flurry of activity on the other side of the door.
"I'm going to be expelled," squeaked Lee. "I'm the only one here who
actually is in his damn class. Jesus, I can't believe I actually did
that." She peeped out the window in time to see Dr. Sovitski clutching
some of his clothes and heading for his car.

Lee threw on her blouse and ran out the door after him. "Dr. Sovitski,
wait! Don't leave." She breathlessly caught up with him while
buttoning up her blouse. "That was a pretty cruel trick. I'm sorry if
we...ah...I crossed way over the line. Come back and let us apologize.
Please?" She gave him her most sincere, sad puppy dog look.

She also had buttoned her blouse incorrectly. It was all askance. Lee
unbuttoned her blouse and started over again. When she did, she exposed
her bra-covered cleavage to the professor. She brightened when she
noticed that he glanced more than once at her tits as she tried to get
herself together. Then she really turned on the charm.

"Please, Dr. Sovitski, forgive us. It was all in fun," Lee pleaded.

"Well," said Thom again glancing at Lee's state of undress. "That was
about the most embarrassing thing that I have ever done. I don't know
if I can face those people. Plus, if this ever got spread around
campus, it could threaten my job." He looked as if he had lost his very
last friend.

"Come on, Dr. Sovitski. We all respect you; you're everyone's favorite
professor; and we want you to just hang out with us. The only reason that
the joke got pulled on you was because you were the last to arrive and
we knew that you could take a joke," Lee lied. She realized that he
could make significant trouble for her if he wanted to do so.

Thom Sovitski reluctantly straightened up his clothes. Lee took him by
the hand and led him back in the house. All the rest of us, after
watching the scene unfold outside, burst into loud applause as Lee and
Dr. Sovitski entered the living room. Everyone patted the good
professor on the back; the girls feigned excitement with little sly
little remarks about anatomy; and soon Dr. Sovitski relaxed and laughed
with the rest of us.

"You really had me going there," said Dr. Sovitski exhibiting his
typical gift of gab...or the lack thereof.

The Discovery

As the party went on; the crowd began to dwindle, as did the loudness
level of the music and peoples' ability to think clearly. Thom
Sovitski, after several drinks, found a corner in which he could sit
quietly. Occasionally, someone would go over and strike up a one-sided
conversation with him, but for the most part he was happy getting
pleasantly smashed in the presence of people. This likely was the most
fun he had had in months.

After a while, only the hard-core party people remained--me, Doug, Jack,
Nina, Phyllis, Lee, the good Dr. Sovitski, and a girl named Linda who
was a bit older than the rest of us, a graduate student majoring, like
Nina, in piano performance. Linda was a pretty plain looking
individual, but it was clear that, once one got passed her ordinary
face, there was a terrific body hidden away under there. She had auburn
hair and wore a long "broom stick" pleated skirt and knit top. She had
that type of heavy breasts that tended to undulate every time she took

Linda was tidying up some of the party remains on the kitchen counter
when she accidentally knocked a stack of papers on the floor. Out in
plain view fluttered Jack's copy of the picture that Nina had taken at
our strip poker party. Three or four people stooped at once to help
pick up the papers, so there was no hiding the photo. Jack, with his
partially erect penis pointing at the camera, surrounded by a bevy of
partially clothed people was difficult to overlook.

"And what is this?" gasped Linda. "Oh my god, that's Jack! And I mean
all of Jack!"

"Uh...uh," said Jack grabbing the photo. "It was just a little game
among friends."

Linda grabbed the photo back. "Game? Were you the big winner or the
big loser?" Linda mused. "And you ladies in your underwear? You have
piqued my interest!" She looked around the room awaiting a response.

"We just went wild one night and played strip poker," admitted Nina.
"And, OF COURSE, the guys lost, much to their chagrin."

"And, we demand a rematch, “I shouted. "There was definite deception
as well as creative rule making going on."

Suddenly, there was a crash behind us. Lee stumbled and fell headlong
into the middle of the living room floor knocking over a lamp that Doug
barely caught before more damage occurred. Everyone gasped thinking she
must be hurt. We were greatly relieved when the obviously smashed Lee
began to giggle uncontrollably. Her short skirt road high on her thighs
and there in plain view were her blue floral panties that matched her
bra. I stared directly at those same little wisps of public hair that
had poked out around the edge of her panties in the strip poker game.
Given the angle of her legs, those hairs and the outline of her pubis
were completely visible. I wanted to freeze that moment forever.

Lee pulled herself together as best she could and continued to giggle as
she tugged at her skirt. "OOOOPS," she laughed. "I seem to be exposed

"Are you hurt?" I said trying to act as if I was not staring at her

"I'm ok...no known injuries." she slurred. She was shit-faced.
"Somebody needs to drive me home though, I'm afraid." Then she noticed
me staring at her panties. Finally getting her skirt pulled down, she
said, "And, my chauffeur likely should not be Mike. I think he suddenly
has gotten some naughty ideas."

"I have naughty ideas too," said Jack, "but I'll take you home anyway."
Jack bent down and picked Lee up as if she was weightless.

"Bye, everyone," shouted Lee as she threw her arms around Jack's neck.
Jack swung her up higher in his arms, one arm under her shoulders and
one under her legs. When he did so, the bottom of her skirt again fell
away from her body. There, encased in flowered panties was Lee's lovely
ass for all to see. Her labia were outlined by the thin nylon of her
panties. I want to tell Jack to hold that pose forever, but instead,
out the door and into the night went Jack with his precious, inebriated
cargo. That moment would have made the whole evening worthwhile had it
not been for the events that followed.

The Challenge

"Now back to the matter at hand,” said Linda. "You guys actually
played strip poker?"

"No," said Doug dripping with sarcasm. "Every time we get together,
Phyllis just insists that Jack gets naked. It's her thing...about his

"I do not!" said Phyllis. "Doug, why do you always pick on me, you
turkey? By the way, that's not really me in the picture, Linda."

"Right," said Nina, "That's her stunt double!"

"That's correct," laughed Phyllis. She winked at Doug.

"So, how about that rematch? Or, are you girls to chicken to
play...fairly, that is? Linda, they made up rules as they went along in
the last game. It was not fair. Nina knows that in a fair game, she
would lose. And, she is much too proper to face losing."

These were fighting words to my lovely Nina. Her eyes flashed, her face
turned red, and that twinkle returned in her eye.

"We're not playing strip poker any more and that's final. And, it's not
because I'm chicken, smarty-pants. It's the game that sucks. In real
poker, you play the odds to win-if you don't take a few risks, you will
lose. In strip poker if you play to win, you lose. If you fold on
every hand, you keep your clothes on--like you did, Mr. Mike--so you
actually win by not losing, if that makes sense. The best way to bet in
that last game was not to bet at all!"

Nina had the look of defiant power her eyes. She was right and she knew
it. Given our prior experience, a new game would be reduced to no
betting and a lot of folding. I couldn't argue. Nina's little dimples
occupied most of my limited attention anyway.

"You need a game that has one clear loser after each hand," said Dr.
Sovitski sitting way over in the corner. His statement was so quiet
that we hardly noticed him.

"What's that, Prof?" I said.

"I said you need a simple card game in which everyone wins, except for
one person. Also one in which everyone has equal amounts of risk,
skill, and luck," Sovitski retorted. He almost sounded as if he was
about to launch into one of his lectures.

"Well, poker is not that game," whined Nina. "Why risk your chips by
trying to draw a winning hand, when you can just fold and lose only one
chip? I don't know of any other game that meets Dr. Sovitski's criteria
either, so let's just forget it, why don't we?" Nina demanded.

"Others are entitled to opinions also, you know. How about you, Linda?
Brave enough to try?" I flashed her my biggest, most challenging smile.

Linda blushed through about nine different shades of red. "I don't
know. I'm not sure I know any of you well enough. Can you be trusted?"
She gazed into my blood shot, droopy eyes.

"I believe that this photo proves that we, particularly Jack, are good
sports about it," I muttered.

"I guess then it would depend on the game and the players." Linda
glanced around the room as if she had said something really nasty and
then she looked down stifling a small smile.

Nina couldn't control her competitive streak any longer. "You find the
game and the players that satisfy Linda, mister big shot, and we'll play
you again. And, we women again will beat the pants right off of you!"

"How about 'Screw Your Neighbor?" said Dr. Sovitski quietly from the

Screw Your Neighbor

"We are all listening," I said after a pregnant pause.

"Screw Your Neighbor is a simple drinking game actually," said Sovitski
reverting to his professorial role. He explained the rules, as follows:

The object of the game is not to end up with the lowest card at the end
of each round. (Ranking, Low to High: Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack,
Queen, King). The dealer deals each player one card face down. Each
player looks at his/her card. If it is a King, the player immediately
flips it over and places it in front of him/herself.

Each round begins with the player to the left of the dealer, making a
simple decision-keeping his card or trading it with the person to his
left. Play proceeds in a clockwise manner with each person either
keeping the card dealt (or traded) to him, or trading with the person on
his left. The dealer, who obviously goes last, has the option of either
keeping his card or trading one from the top of the deck.

A flipped King cannot be traded. Thus, the person to the right of the
King is semi-screwed if the card that he was dealt (or was traded) is a
crappy one, since he is stuck with it for the round.

Players also can get screwed when they trade and get an even lower card
from their neighbor. The neighbor then typically smiles meekly and says
that he likes his card and does not want to trade with the person on his
left. Typically, unless others in the round have really crappy cards,
they too will elect not to trade.

Since the dealer can always trade with the deck (i.e. he is the last to
go and can't get stuck next to a King), he is at an advantage and so the
deal rotates after each round.

After the dealer makes the final choice, all cards are flipped and the
holder of the low card takes a drink or, in this case, takes off an
article of clothing. If there are ties, all losers must strip.

"Well, Dr. Sovitski, that sounds like a fun little game," said Nina in
her most condescending voice. "Perhaps, someday we'll all get to try

"Sounds like it satisfies the Linda Rule. Let's play...right now," I

"Now?" several people exclaimed all glancing nervously over at Dr.

"Now!" I repeated. "We need to play dressed as we are right now. It
won't work if you...ah...if we have time to plan unrevealing wardrobes
and how to cheat! It has to be here and now. What about it, Linda?
Does the game meet your criteria? Are you in?"

There was a long pause followed by a giggle that seemed to bubble up
from her. "I guess so," whispered Linda. Linda, to my knowledge, did
not have a regular boyfriend, so she appeared to think that the idea had
great potential. Or, the shear danger of the thought excited her.

"Oh, no!" said Phyllis. "I can see where this is going. I've been at
this juncture before. Linda, Nina, a little restraint here would be
good, don't you think?" She was thinking in particular of the underwear
that she was wearing-underwear considerably more revealing than those
she wore in the last game.

"Think of it, Nina," I said quickly. "Even the name of the game is
appealing. I'll sit on your left, so when you 'screw your neighbor,'
the screwee will be me. Or, don't you think that you girls can win

"It has to be even numbers of boys and girls," said Nina. "So, if
anyone here says no, it's over and we don't discuss it anymore. Linda?"
she quizzed knowing that Linda was older and likely not drunk enough or
stupid enough to fall for this. If Linda bailed out, as Nina expected
her to do, then Nina could save face.

"No stupid dares, no unwanted advances, no gross stuff, no touching
without permission?" said Linda. Her mind was racing and her face
turned redder and redder.

"Agreed," said Doug, "a friendly game."

"I don't want to be the party pooper, so...ok, I guess I'm in," said
Linda. Nina's jaw dropped.

"Dr. Sovitski?" said Nina. "No offense, but we all are a bit
uncomfortable discussing this in front of you."

A confused look came over Sovitski's face. His look then turned to one
of concern. "Absolute discretion?" said Sovitski.

"Absolute,” I said with authority. I looked directly at Nina. "Plus,
you get to reverse the little trick they played on you and exact a bit
of revenge."

"If worse comes to worse, I can probably find another job." He laughed
awkwardly. "I'll play."

"Damn you, Mike," said Nina. "Prepare to be SCREWED!"

"Oh, shit," sighed Phyllis. "Here we go again." She glanced over in
Doug's direction just in time to see him adjust the large bulge in his
jeans. Involuntarily, Phyllis' nipples grew hard. Secretly she had
hoped for this moment. The hint of what was in Doug's pants that she
saw in the last game had merely increased her appetite.

The Game

"Men have four items to remove in this exact order: Shoes and socks
count as one; then shirt, then pants, then underwear. Women have five
items. Pay close attention, Nina," I said as we moved the furniture
back against the walls in the living room so we could sit in a circle on
the floor.

"Yeah, yeah," said Nina with mock annoyance. "Let me guess, in order,
shoes and socks, blouse, pants or skirt, bra, and panties. Correct?"

"Correct. No cheating either."

Linda, again blushing ferociously, said," I have on pantyhose. Those
should count too?"

"Nope, they come off with your shoes, just like socks," I said. It was
clear that the actual thought of taking her pantyhose and other items
off suddenly sank in with Linda. The look on her face was one of sudden

"Are we drunk enough to do this?" she said quietly to Phyllis.

"I guess so. There are some surprises in store for you, pleasant ones."
A sinister grin came over Phyllis' face as she motioned with her eyes
toward quiet little Doug who had just taken his place in the circle.

Nina whispered to Linda. As she did so, she leaned across me brushing
against me with her wonderful tits. "We have a major instrument to
undercover here, and I'm not talking about the piano. No offense, Mike,
but as you will recall, I am not familiar with all of
your...uh...shortcomings." She smiled that Julia Roberts smile again
and my dick jumped to attention.

"No offense taken. After a quick survey of the hooter potential here
in the room, I'd say that some will make major contributions," I
remarked glancing at Phyllis, "while other's contributions might be
described as minor." I looked directly at Nina's chest. "And, I'm not
talking about musical modes, either."

"Touché," sighed Nina. She looked stunning in the simplest of clothing.
After her recital, she had changed into jeans and simple denim shirt
unbuttoned with a tee shirt underneath. The smell of her perfume drove
my wild.

"By the way," I reminded, "both of those shirts go at the same time."

"Let's play before I chicken out," said Phyllis shaking her long blonde
hair back out of here eyes. She was still dressed for the recital in a
short, but modest black skirt, and sparkly black sweater top. She also
had on pantyhose. This was going to be very interesting, I could tell

Dr. Sovitski looked completely out of place as we sat cross-legged in a
circle on the floor. Except for Phyllis who demurely sat with her
gorgeous legs to the side. Nina grabbed the cards, shuffled them, and
dealt each of us one card. It was just like her to try for an advantage
right from the start. She had her game face on.

I peeked under the edge of my card at a 10. "A good card," I thought.
"No trade," I announced.

Linda was staring at a 2. She quickly traded it to Doug, then took a
deep breath, and looked at her new card. "A jack!" she thought. "So
far, so good."

Doug gave the 2 to Phyllis as if it was contaminated and received
Phyllis' 4. "Oh, shit." He grimaced as he thought, "if that 2 goes all
the way to Nina, she will surely trade it and my puny 4 likely will be
the low card. Damn."

Phyllis passed the 2 on to Thom in return for his 6.

Finally, Nina, holding an 8, received the horrid 2, and traded with the
deck. A ten. "Yes!" she shouted out loud. "Heya, heya, let's see
'em." She sounded like a carnival barker.

Doug's 4, indeed, was the low card. "My typical start," he anguished as
his removed his shoes and socks and tossed them into the kitchen.

"My deal," I said. I tossed a card in front of each player. "This is

"You will be really cool, cold, in fact, when we get you naked!" laughed
Nina. The others didn't laugh, however, because they were earnestly
studying their cards.

Linda's heart sank when she saw her Ace of Spades, the lowest of the
low. She was just about to trade with Doug when he triumphantly flipped
over a King!

"Ha! Take that!" he said slapping the card to the floor.

"I'm screwed," whispered Linda. "No one with whom to trade...tsk,
tsk...I hate when that happens."

Phyllis looked at her Jack. "I'm happy with this card," she noted.

Thom, with a 10, said, "Me too!"

Nina stared long and hard at the six in her hand. Finally, she decided,
"I'm holding also."

I saw nobody trading and I saw the lonely little 3 in my hand. I
secretly cursed Nina for not having traded with me so I could screw her
with my 3. I thought, "Surely, the odds are in my favor if I draw." I
took a card from the deck...an ACE. So, much for odds.

We revealed our cards.

"Hey, a tie! Two Aces!" exclaimed Nina. "Take it off, you two." Linda
and I tossed our shoes into the pile. Few noticed as Linda also quietly
slipped off her pantyhose from underneath her long, full, pleated skirt.
She clutched them into a small ball and silently put them behind her.

Next hand, Thom lost his shoes and famous black socks. Then, Phyllis
lost hers.

"Ah, Phyllis. I believe you lost shoes AND socks." I said grinning.

"I don't have on socks."

"Pantyhose count as socks. Remember?" I noted.

Phyllis had to stand up to take off her pantyhose. She reached under
her skirt, but had difficulty reaching the elastic band. From my low
vantage point sitting on the floor across from her, it was a marvelous
spectacle. She was bending over to reach under her skirt, her giant
boobs hanging ponderously down. When she hiked up her skirt to pull at
her hose, her black satin panty-covered ass stuck out for all to see
especially Thom and Doug who sat on either side of her. Thom clearly
was drinking it all in.

"Hey," Phyllis protested as she saw Thom staring at her behind. "No
early peeking!"

"My god" was the only utterance Dr. Sovitski could choke out. Everyone
began to giggle at the prof's reaction. He unconsciously was sniffing
in her direction.

Phyllis sat back down demurely tucking her skirt under her tightly
closed legs. "MY deal," she said breathlessly.

Both Doug and Nina flipped Kings on the next hand. The worst screwed
was Linda, who had a 6, the low card.

"Now the fun starts," said Doug in anticipation of Linda's removal of
her knit sweater.

Linda paused for a long time before she acted. "I can't believe I'm doing
this," she thought. Her general paranoia began to kick in. She
thought, "After the dirty trick that they played on Sovitski, it would
be just like these people to fix this game just to get me naked." The
thought of being naked with other people was not so bad for Linda. But,
the thought of being nude while everyone else was fully clothed was an
embarrassment that made her shutter.

"Oh, god. Nina, I may never attend another recital of yours again,"
Linda said without smiling. Then she pulled her blouse up over her head
and tossed it toward the shoes.

She wore a white satin bra that clearly struggled under the weight of
her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and plainly visible behind the
shiny fabric. She clasped her hands in front of her as if she was
praying. Her forearms covered the tips of each breast.

Nina broke the silence and the ice. "Hey, if you have seen one, you've
seen two!" she muttered. "Deal, Thom...ah...Dr. Sovitski." She
grimaced as she realized her faux pas.

A three-way tie happened on Thom's deal featuring fives held by Nina,
Phyllis, and Thom. Nina slipped off her shoes and Thom took off his
shirt. He looked far better with the shirt on. His goofy little goatee
seemed to point down at his pigeon chest as if to say, "if you think I'm
ugly up here, look down there. Now that's ugly!"

Phyllis sat thinking about her underwear. For the first game, she had
carefully chosen a bra that revealed less than her most modest bathing
suit, but this was not the case tonight. She had enjoyed selecting her
black lace bra because she liked the way it felt underneath her soft,
sparkly evening top. Hoping everyone was looking at Thom, Phyllis
quietly slipped her sweater up keeping the front edge over her breasts
as she removed her arms from the sleeves. Then in a quick motion, she
pulled the soft knit over her head and, as she did, she entangled both
of her earrings in the knit fabric.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. There sat Phyllis with her sweater turned inside
out over her face as she struggled to untangle her earrings. There also
were two of the most magnificent breasts I have ever seen bouncing as
she struggled. A hint of pink around her nipples, her rather large
nipples I might add, showed through the black lace of her bra. Finally,
she gave up and said, "Help me, Doug, please."

Doug turned and began to free her sweater from the nasty earrings. His
hands shook as he tried to concentrate while at the same time staring at
Phyllis' massive tits. Not only could he see them clearly, but he also
could smell her perfume rising from the heat of her body. Doug's pants
began to bulge noticeably. That bulge escaped neither Nina's nor
Linda's attention.

Finally, the sweater popped off and Phyllis sat back in a huff. "Sexy
move, huh?" she muttered.

Dr. Sovitski simply nodded in the affirmative staring with his mouth
completely open. He couldn't believe that any of this was actually

Three more hands went by quickly. Doug lost his shirt and so did I--and
so did Nina. After her sweatshirt ploy in the first game, I was more
than ready for this moment. Nina slipped off her denim shirt and then
pulled her knit top over her head and stared directly at me. I glanced
quickly up and down between her smallish, white lace, underwire bra and
her lovely eyes.

Nina began to pontificate, "It takes all kinds in this diverse world in
which we live, you know. Small ones, big ones, red fish, blue fish...to
quote Dr. Suess."

"Remember that later in the game if things turn sour for me, ok?" I

"All shortcomings are revealed sooner or later. And yours, my trumpet
playing friend, will be revealed sooner!" Nina's eyes twinkled. She
leaned back with her arms behind her and thrust her firm breasts
forward...directly at me! I returned her marvelous smile.

Doug dealt next. A three of hearts got passed around all the way to
Linda. As she was about to pass it on to Doug, he suddenly said, "Oh
darn, I forgot to flip my King!"

"Again? I can't believe it, Doug, you ass!" shouted Linda.

"Funny that you should mention ass, my dear," said Doug. "Let's see
yours, please."

There was panic in Linda's eyes. Her hands visibly shook as she stood
facing everyone and unbuttoned the side of her skirt. There was a pause
that seemed an eternity, and she let the skirt fall to her feet.

Plain girls wear plain panties, I guessed, because those were exactly
what she had on--big girl panties, my sister used to call them. The
skin color changed from lightly tanned to slight redness just before the
edge of her panties. Obviously, she had prepared herself for wearing a
swimsuit by shaving, perhaps, a bit too roughly.

She held one hand across her breasts and the other in front of her pubic
mound, and then realized that, without some support, sitting back down on
the floor would be difficult. Using her hands for support instead of
modesty, she sat down. As she did, her panties pulled tighter against
her pussy. With her knees up and bottom down, her pussy lips protruded
behind the whiteness of her panties. She quickly pulled her legs around
to the side. Her face was fiery red.

"Like what you see, boys?" she said trying to save a little face.

"Oh, yes!" said Thom with just a bit too enthusiasm. We all looked at
one another and burst into gales of laughter. Then it was the
professor's turn to blush. I kept looking at Linda and thinking that
this was getting really close to marvelous now.

Phyllis dealt. And, strangely, no one traded. "If no one is going to
trade, then let's see 'em," said Phyllis as she turned over her Jack.
All our cards hit the floor, face cards were all over the place, and
Doug's 10 was low!

"I can't believe I lost with a 10! Shit!" said Doug as he stood up to
remove his pants.

"Ah ha! Ladies, this is one of the moments for which we have been
waiting!" shouted Nina. Nina winked at Phyllis. Phyllis giggled.
Linda was still trying to blend in with the potted plants.

Doug stood directly between Phyllis and Linda with his crotch at about
their eye level. He made an awkward attempt at feigning a bump and
grind as he unzipped his pants, but finally gave up and simply pulled
them down. His jockeys barely contained his oversized cock, which by
now was starting to grow.

Linda's eyes grew as big as saucers. "Now you understand, don't you
Linda?" giggled Nina. Linda was speechless. Doug made some quick
genital adjustments and sat down. The adjustments were not enough to
completely cover his large prick. Sitting cross-legged did not work.
His bulge pulled the leg bands out on both sides and his balls became
slightly visible.

"Mercy me," said Phyllis in a very fake Southern accent. "Ah think ah
might gay-yet a case of the vapors." A smile broke out on Linda's face.

Finally, Doug got on his knees and sat back on his legs so he could
cover himself up a bit. He couldn't help reaching down and adjusting
his crotch. All three women began fanning themselves mockingly.
"Thom's deal," Doug muttered quietly.

Thom dealt. "This could be it," said Nina matter-of-factly. "Poor Doug
is about to be naked."

"Yes!" exclaimed Phyllis embarrassing herself as she spoke. She
grimaced when everyone looked at her.

Cards were traded around until Mike passed Linda a three. "I had better
get rid of that," thought Linda as she quickly handed the card to Doug.

Doug face lit up. "Oh, neighbor?" he laughed. "You be screwed." Linda
looked at the card she had just received in return...an Ace! "Oh, my
god," she thought. "The dreaded moment has arrived."

All the guys began to cheer, whistle, and high-five each other. Nina
and Phyllis sat quietly and were glad it wasn't them.

Linda said, "Well at least the guys already can see Phyllis' nipples
peeking through her bra." Phyllis gasped and grabbed her breasts.
"And, at least my tits are bigger than Nina's." Nina rolled her eyes.
"So, I guess I can do this." She slowly unclasped her bra in the back
and caught it with her hand in the front. She paused looking at each
guy in the circle.

"This what you came see, guys? Well, I will never understand why you
guys are so fascinated with breasts anyway. You can see them every
night on cable TV, for crying out loud. Half the population of the
earth has them." Linda allowed her bra to fall away from her breasts.
They immediately sagged a bit under their rather heavy weight. Her
nipples sprang to attention and protruded a good three quarters of an
inch from her aureole.

Linda placed one arm across both breasts and said, "Ok, that's enough
staring for the moment. Whose deal is it?"

"Mine," said Nina. "We seem to be getting down to serious, aren't we?"
She eyed Doug's crotch and then smiled at me. "I don't suppose any one
is interested in a side bet?"

"Wait," said Linda. "I'm the one nearest to naked and we agreed no funny
stuff or dares. I think that would include side bets."

I looked at competitive Nina. The thrill of the gambler's risk was
getting to her. She wanted to up the excitement.

"Linda's right," said Phyllis. "You guys should not start something
that I might have to finish!" She knew Nina all to well.

"Ok, here are your cards."

Both Nina and Phyllis immediately flipped over Kings and high-fived each
other. "Damn," I thought. "No skin from either of them this hand."

I drew and queen, so I didn't trade.

Linda looked at the 6 in her hand. "Too small to keep, too large to
trade. Well, at least, Doug will get stuck with the six. Surely, he
won't be able to screw me again," she thought.

She passed Doug the 6, and, in return, received...another 6. "I'll
hold," said Dr. Sovitski.

I laid down my queen; the two 6's hit the table; and all eyes turned
toward Dr. Sovitski. His face suddenly transformed into a gigantic
grin! "I have...a seven!" he teased.

Doug and Linda groaned out loud. "I believe that means both of you are
about to get naked together," sighed Nina.

The Unveiling

Let's see...do we want them singly or together?" Nina said. She didn't
even try to mask the excitement in her voice.

"Separate! One at a time!" several shouted at once.

"Ok, Doug, it's time to show your stuff!" Nina almost%
Tuesday, January 27th 2009 - 02:14:00 PM
Name: Rothul
Subject: Stripping Games 1

Nina is the most competitive women I have ever known. She simply has to win. Always. And, she has that ability to turn every head when she enters a room. The first time I saw Nina she was waiting to go on stage at a piano competition and I was doing my usual student work-study gig
as a stagehand. She had dark flashing eyes, tanned skin, and long supple fingers that danced about as she mentally rehearsed the piece she was about to play. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and she wore a long black clinging gown that revealed her lithe shape, her tiny waist,
and her extra long legs. I was transfixed by the sight of her.

As she was about to walk on stage, she turned to me, smiled a giant Julia Roberts-type smile, and said, "Wish me luck!" Then she turned, and as the bright stage lights hit her and shined through her dress, I saw the silhouette of those long legs, the narrow space between her legs, her confident walk, and I knew immediately that she was someone special.

The next time I saw Nina was in the campus pool hall. Her long hair flowed down her back and she tossed it about with every move. She was wearing tight white tank top and even tighter jeans. She had on a bra, but you just knew that those small, trim breasts would never bounce even
if she had been braless.

Just as I made my way near her table, she shrieked, "Jesus H. Christ!" and threw the chalk clear across the room. "I had you beat and scratched on the eight-ball! How stupid! Let's play again. I demand a rematch!" She flashed that big smile at some poor guy who clearly had
had enough pool for one afternoon. "I win one out of seven games and you demand a rematch? No, thanks. I'm done. Thanks for the games, “he said as he put away his cue stick. Nina just pouted and sat provocatively on the edge of the table.

I was mesmerized by her athletic body and sparkling eyes, but she abruptly brought me back to reality by materializing right in front of me and saying, "Hi! Wanna play?"

About all I have ever played is the trumpet, so I knew I was in the wrong place. "I'm not much of a pool player." I mumbled. She frowned and turned away. "But, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee." I looked quickly back and forth between her fantastic eyes and her full mouth. She saw my look. Her face softened and she said, "Sure." My heart began to pound because I had never been courageous enough to ask any girl out that quickly. I'm not a dork or anything, but it just took me a while to get up enough courage to make the big move.

"Anyway, if we played pool, you would probably take me for everything I
had!" I blurted.

"First your money and then your clothes," she twinkled. "Or maybe your clothes first!" And, with a wink, off she went in a rush. At the door, she stopped and seeing that I hadn't moved, she smiled and said, "Coffee?" I blushed and chased after the most exquisite ass I had ever
seen trapped in jeans and heading for a coffee shop.

In the next few days, our coffee rendezvous became more frequent, especially when I would just "happen" to pass her practice room when she took a break. It was in conversations over coffee that I found out just how competitive she was. Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky had nothing on
her. She simply loved competing at anything. She loved playing games. She loved sports. And, she said she really got a major rush when she gambled! Using a fake ID and lots of guts, she had gone to a casino just across the state line and had had the time of her life. As she told me about the experience, her voice went up and she seemed completely exhilarated. And, I was exhilarated also when her nipples turned rock hard and became visible behind the fabric of her shirt.

"Maybe we should go gambling sometime...a poker party or something," I said trying to be nonchalant.

"Be careful," she beamed. "I might just win the shirt off your back."

"Oh, strip poker.... I see." I teased.

Her brow furrowed and I could almost see the gears whirling in her mind, "Hmmm, now that's a thought. And, an exciting one at that."


I was looking for Nina the day that I found Lee Kim, a gorgeous, thoroughly American girl of Korean descent. She was short, had long black hair, medium sized breasts, and wore the shortest skirts in the whole university. I had not formally met Lee, but I certainly had noticed her. Everyone noticed her. Once I had almost dropped an entire tray of food, when she slid into a booth in the student union and I glimpsed a flash of white lace panties against dark skinned legs. I didn't know who she was, but I saw that flash of magic over and over in my daydreams.

Nina had told me that she was playing tennis that day, so I ambled by the tennis courts hoping to "accidentally" bump into her. "Your advantage, but not for long!" I heard a voice shout. "Forget that, honey!" shouted back a voice unmistakably Nina's. Whap! Whap! Such fury on a tennis court I have never seen. Grunts, groans, and ground strokes! And short little tennis skirts flouncing about tanned legs.

"Ha!" shouted Nina as she finally drove the ball past Lee. "That's my set!" They walked over to the side of the court where I was waiting. Nina glistened with sweat. Her white tee shirt was ringing wet and stuck to her like glue. I could see her sports bra underneath. But, what really had my attention was Lee who was just as wet. I could clearly see her very dark nipples through her white shirt and bra. She caught me staring, but made no attempt to hide anything. She just

"Damn, I hate to lose," muttered Lee still smiling at me while unclipping her long black hair and running her fingers through it, then her face changed to a pouty frown, "especially to you, roomie!"

"Desire, my dear, that's the key. The one with the most desire to win wins!" Nina retorted. "Hey, Mike...I want you to meet my roommate, Lee."

"Oh, so this is Mike, the trumpet player. Nina has told me a lot about you."

My heart leaped. Nina must really be interested in me. At least interested enough to discuss me with her roommate. This suddenly was getting great.

"You're the one who wants to play strip poker, I hear!" Lee smirked.

I nearly died. Here I was trying to impress this fantastic looking girl. And, she tells her roommate is that I have suggested strip poker! I turned beat red and stammered, "Well, not exactly...."

"Look at him blush! I think he must not have been serious. Men, you can never count on them!" teased Lee.

"Hey, wait a minute, you two." I spoke without really knowing what I was going to say. "I'm game if you are!" I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth. What was I saying? Not that I wouldn't love to see both Nina and Lee naked, but I didn't want them to think I was asking
them to play some silly game that I mostly associated with prepubescent teenagers giggling in a tent after light outs at the camp out.

Actually I was thoroughly intimidated by both of them. I certainly didn't want that to show, however. I gathered up my most macho nonchalance and said, "Anyway, I would most likely win and I would not want to waste my time playing with girls who likely would quit before
the final hand!"

They simply looked at one another, eyes twinkling.

Then Nina sneered, "Yeah right, Mr. Card Shark! Let's go get something cold to drink; I'm dying of thirst out here." And, off we went. Actually, off they went with me in hot pursuit and enjoying the two short tennis skirts in front of me with an occasional glimpse of what was underneath each.

As we walked along, I kept reflecting on that look on their faces. They had had that look in both their eyes--the look that said that they did not just cast aside my comments as idle conversation. They had received the dare and their competitive spirits had been challenged. They couldn't let that challenge pass by. My mind raced back and forth between the fantasy of forcing both of them to get naked and the fearful realization that they might be the ones forcing me.


That night Nina invited me over for dinner at her apartment. The prospect of an evening with both Lee and Nina sounded great. When I arrived I was greeted by the fantastic aroma of garlic bread and by the third roommate, Phyllis. Every student in the music department knew
Phyllis...a promising singer, longish blond hair that she wore al la Veronica Lake hanging over one eye (although she likely never heard of Miss Lake). She had big super blue eyes, and the most magnificent breasts anywhere. Even when she covered them up, which most often she
did, you simply could not look at Phyllis without looking at her boobs. Phyllis also had a reputation of being very conservative; a Baptist preacher's daughter, and somewhat shy, except when she sang.

The dinner was wonderful. Lots of wine and great conversation. Even Phyllis was shrieking and laughing at all my rather lame jokes and stories. And, Nina looked ravishing in her long blue casual dress made of knit material that shaped every curve. I was in heaven...three gorgeous women and me.

Over dessert, Lee said, "Phyllis, you should have seen Mike blush today when I embarrassed him at the tennis court." Nina giggled out loud as I began to blush again.

"What did you say...this time, Lee?" replied Phyllis showing fake sympathy for me.

"Oh, Mike is trying to talk us into playing strip poker," she whined.

"What?” both Phyllis and I exclaimed at once. "No, I'm not!" I said, "I have never tried to talk you into a strip poker game! I just mentioned it in passing...once...Nina made a big deal out of it, and now, Lee won't let it alone!"

"Oh, so you are afraid to play us, huh?" Lee persisted.

My masculine face-saving instincts along with the wine suddenly took over and I said, "Ok. Since you seem to have a fixation on this and are the one who at least appears to want to play. Let's do it. Right now. Right here. I'll show you who is afraid and who's not. Get out the

Nina laughed, Phyllis frowned, and Lee said, "No fair. Three women against one man! Not fair. We want at least equal numbers of dicks to look at when we beat the pants off you guys! I'm no math major, but even I know when the odds are not right. You'll need to find some friends...major hunks only, please!"

"You aren't serious, Lee!" hooted Phyllis, "Like we are going to sit around here and take our clothes off for each other, yeah sure...count me out. The last time I played strip poker was in Girl Scouts. I was eleven, had nothing to show, and I still was mortified. Anyway, if the idea is for everyone to get naked, then you can just take off your clothes...with emphasis on the word YOU...you don't have to play some silly game! Just go get naked if you want!"

"No, you've got it all wrong, Phyllis, the first one naked loses and the rest win...the rest being us, of course," Lee explained. "I'd love to see a bunch of guys get humiliated by us. Wouldn't you?" Her eyes flashed. I could see that what had started as just an innocent jab to make me uncomfortable was developing into a full-fledged fantasy for Lee. The thought of being in a position of power over a bunch of guys was very appealing to Lee.

It was now or never. "Ok, I'll make you a deal," I said. "I don't think you ladies are brave enough to accept it though. I think you are all talk and no do. Nevertheless, I'll get two other guys to make this a fair game, IF you all agree to play. No backing out. We play until someone is completely, and I mean completely, naked. So, now Miss I-Can-Do-Anything-Better put up or shut up...that goes for all three of you!"

Lee eyes told the story. She couldn't turn down a challenge like that. She sneered, "Ok, I'm game. It won't take long to get your pants off...and we'll see what you are really made of."

Phyllis gasped, "I can't believe I'm hearing this. No way! I've had a little wine, but I'm not stupid." Phyllis attempted to fold her arms over her breasts and huff. Instead, her folded arms just accentuated the size of her majestic tits. As she noticed me glancing at her lovely chest, she just rolled her eyes in disgust.

Suddenly, there was quiet in the room as everyone turned and looked at Nina who was rinsing off dishes at the sink. "Don't make a promise that you won't keep!" I warned. I could see Nina's neck turning red, even from the back. She simply couldn't resist.

"When do we play?" she whispered. "Oh, shit!" exclaimed Phyllis.

The Game

"I can't believe you guys," said Phyllis as I carried the glass-topped table in through the front door and set it in the center of the living room. "I have been suckered into this; I didn't want to do this; I might not even do this...one thing's for sure, I had better have a bunch of wine right now." Phyllis was frantic. She had vacillated all week, but Nina and Lee had assured her that she would not lose. "Desire to win!" That's what Nina kept saying. Phyllis knew that there were no
guarantees. And she had never been naked in front of any man.

I had misgivings too. Big ones. I had talked Jack and Doug into playing. Actually, it hadn't taken much persuasion. The possibility of seeing any of these three girls without clothes made their decision easy. The more difficult part was getting Nina's approval regarding which guys to ask. She had high standards, she said, mostly related to two things: how they looked and, more importantly, whether or not they were very discreet. Everyone had to promise to keep this event a secret outside our little circle of six.

Jack (short for Giacomo) was a flute player from New Jersey, one of the few straight male flute players in the music department, and a good looking, very Italian guy. He had wanted to get in Lee's pants for a long time, so this seemed a golden opportunity to him.

Doug was less sure. He was an education major who just happened to be in Marching Band, so he knew a lot of music students. He also was Jack's roommate, so he seemed a logical choice. Doug was very short with a slight build--a fairly ordinary looking, small guy. Nina objected at first, but when she realized that Doug could keep a secret and was a jovial, fun guy, she relented.

"Tequila shots," said Nina. "That's the magic potion that will make this work."

"Here, here," I said as I looked at Phyllis. She obviously had taken our clothing agreement to the limit.

We had agreed that skirts and blouses were required for the women with shoes, slips, bras, and panties rounding out their ensembles. Phyllis had on a white blouse with a full slip visible under it. She was prepared to take off a lot of clothes before she had to expose anything at all.

Men were penalized one garment from the start, because in Nina's words, the men only had one "thing" of particular interest, while the women had two...or three depending on how you counted. Men, therefore, wore shoes, shirts, pants, boxers, and "speedos," skimpy little combination
swim suits and g-strings. The speedos were Lee's idea because she said that she had this thing for seeing men's tight asses barely covered before unveiling the "grand finale."

The rules were not very well thought out. With a bunch of music students playing, no one thought much about probabilities and such. Unlike the children's version of the game, the girls insisted that when one person was naked, the game ended. Everyone received 5 poker chips
with which to bet. In order to get more you had to trade an article of clothing for five additional chips. You could lose an article of clothing two ways, by having the lowest hand or by losing your chips. Everyone had to ante one chip on each hand and once an article of
clothing was off, it was gone for the duration of the game. The glass-top table, also Lee's idea, was to facilitate the viewing.

I was shocked when Phyllis threw back the first shot of Tequila long before Jack and Doug had arrived. I helped the women prepare all the other trapping of a nice party, hors d'oeuvres, drinks, etc. When Doug and Jack arrived, we had a few drinks and after an awkward moment, Lee
said, "This shouldn't take too long. Let's get those pants off of them." Lee began to shuffle the cards. Nina winked and left the room.

Phyllis said, "Look. We aren't going through with this, right? She was pleading at this point. She clutched the collar of her shirt tightly and could barely look Jack or Doug in the eye.

"Oh, hell, Phyllis. You promised to play. If you are not going to do it, then leave or stop bitching," hissed Lee. Phyllis barely held back the tears and quietly went into the kitchen. Down went another tequila shot. She would be fine, I thought, but I was not so sure about myself.

Lee sat at the table shuffling the cards. She wore one of her typical super short skirts. She had opted for pantyhose instead of a slip, claiming she had no slips in her wardrobe. I stood gazing through the glass table at her lovely legs. She glanced up and noticed my stare as she crossed her legs. "Look now, big boy. Cause, what you see right now is about all you are going to see tonight!"

The guys took their places at the table just as Nina reappeared from the bedroom. She had changed into a giant sweatshirt with "Rice" emblazoned on the front. "Hey, what's up with the sweatshirt?" I asked.

"There's no rule about what your shirt has to look like," she said. Suddenly, I realized that Nina was going to do anything to win-just as I should have expected.

"Come on, Phyllis," said Nina.

"Ok," Phyllis whispered. She walked rather unsteadily and dropped into her chair. We sat boy-girl-boy-girl around the table with lots of nervous body language clearly apparent.

"Everyone ante one chip," said Lee, as she dealt the first hand. We all tossed a chip into the center of the table and the game finally began. I started getting an erection in anticipation of what was about to happen. I looked around the table. As everyone eyed their cards, game
faces appeared on Nina and Lee. They were taking this very seriously now.

"Your bet, Doug," said Lee. Doug looked at an ace, king, queen, jack, and...sigh... a five of spades. "I pass," he said with a groan. Nina also passed, as did Jack. Phyllis stared at a pair of jacks and very adventurously proclaimed, "Ok, I'll bet one." Her hands were shaking as
she tossed a chip in the pot.

I had two queens. "I'll see that and raise one." Everyone tossed chips into the pot and began to discard. Lee drew three eights, "Not too bad," she thought. Doug drew one seeking the straight, but got another king. "At least I have a pair," he thought. "Maybe I won't have the
low hand."

"I'll raise you one," smiled Phyllis. Obviously she had a good hand. Certainly Phyllis would never get the nickname "poker face." Doug, Nina, Jack, and I quickly folded.

"I'll see that," said Lee. "What do you have?"

"Three jacks," screamed Phyllis as she jumped up and down in here seat. Phyllis' wonderful boobs bounced up and down as well. "I think I have decided that this game might not be so bad after all." She raked in the pile of chips and began to stack them in front of her.

Lee was crestfallen until she realized that all she had lost were a few chips. Jack had the low hand. "Just as planned," whispered Nina, "Let see those cute feet, Jack!"

"Ok." Off came Jack's shoes. Phyllis was still bouncing up and down in her chair.

Lee looked at her one chip, threw it in the center of the table, and took off her shoes. "I might as well go ahead and get some chips now," she sighed.

Doug dealt the next hand and Lee, Doug, Jack, and I groaned simultaneously. "Damn," Nina thought as she stared at two aces and two sixes...and one chip. "Wouldn't you know it-a good hand and no betting muscle."

Phyllis peered at two queens and two fives. "This is going great," she thought.

Nina said, "I'll bet one."

Phyllis said, "I'll see that and raise you five." She had newly found courage with a giant pile of chips sitting in front of her. Everyone but Nina immediately folded. Nina took off her shoes. Then to everyone's surprise, she slowly stood up and unzipped her skirt letting it slip down her long tanned legs.

"I'll see your five and raise you five more!" said Nina quietly as she sat back down demurely smoothing her shiny satin slip down around her legs.

Phyllis' eyebrows shot up, "Humph. Ok. I'll see that and take one card." "I'll take one also," said Nina.

This was it! In order to bet again, Nina was going to have to remove her sweatshirt! I was about to see that lovely body for the first time. My palms got sweaty, my heart began to race, and my dick began to come to full attention. I actually shivered all over at the thought.

Slowly Nina stood up. I could hardly breathe. Without warning she quickly pulled her arms inside the sleeves of her sweatshirt. A few swift maneuvers and out popped her hands again along with a white lace bra.

"Hey, you can't do that...no fair," shouted all the guys at once.

"No one said anything about the order of clothing to be removed," smiled Nina. Now we knew what the sweatshirt was all about.

"This is bull shit!" screamed Jack.

Nina merely smiled and took five new chips. "Raise you five," said Nina tossing them in the pile.

"I'll see that and raise four," said Phyllis with an air of defiance pushing the last of her once large pile of chips to the center. Phyllis suddenly had a wild look in her eye. She was into this big time. "Now what are you gonna do, roomie?"

Nina stood, reached under her sweatshirt and grabbed the top of her half-slip. As she wiggled out of her slip, I caught a glimpse of white lace just before she pulled the sweatshirt back down below her panties. She took five chips from the bank and tossed four on the table.

"This was not working as planned at all," I thought. She has lost four out of six pieces of clothing and still was not showing anything!

Phyllis burst forth slapping her cards onto the table; "I have a full house-queens and fives! Ha!" She reached for the pile of chips.

"Nope," said Nina as she placed three sixes and two aces one by one on the table. We all gasped! And Nina just grinned that magnificent grin.
Little beads of sweat on her forehead betrayed her calm. Now she had the big pile of chips and the rest of us were about to undress.

Doug had the low hand. Doug took off Phyllis' shoes and, in turn, Phyllis took off Doug's. Jack mused, "I think that sets a nice precedent for later in the game."

"Don't get your hopes up, buster," laughed Lee. "Nina's deal."

I couldn't keep my eyes off Lee's legs as they crossed and uncrossed under the transparent table. I wondered if her Asian pubis was somehow different than Phyllis' and Nina's. The thought of finding out made my hands tremble again.

Nina dealt, picked up her cards, and looked at one of the worst hands she had ever seen. "Now we'll have some action," she thought knowing that the guys likely had good hands. "Now is the time for someone--namely me--to build up the pot in a big way." I noticed her secret little smile, but thought it was merely a reaction to Doug and Jack.

Both of them were up and were taking off their shirts in preparation for betting on the next hand. I slipped off my shoes and took my new chips from the bank as well.

Jack stood there flexing as the girls hooted and cheered. Jack was one hairy guy! And, well built with big arms, broad shoulders, and a washboard stomach. The girls high-fived each other as Jack ran through his mock Mr. America routine. Doug, on the other hand, was hairless and
small. He could have been the "98 lb. weakling" poster child. Nevertheless, he flexed mocking each of Jack's moves as if he were a body builder to the cheers of the female contingent.

Jack looked at his new cards and his heart sank. He had the two of hearts and the king, queen, five, and three of clubs-a big time long shot at drawing a flush. "Here go the pants," he thought grimacing.

The rest of the players tried to keep "poker faces" while looking at pretty good hands all around. I had three threes; Lee had two pair, fours and eights; Doug had three tens; and Phyllis had two pair, aces and nines. The group, hardly high caliber poker players, got their hopes up instantly.

Jack wisely passed. Phyllis, less confident now, said, "I bet...ah...two."

Having hardly been in the game up to now, I boldly declared, "I'll see your two and raise three." I shoved my five chips forward, stood and took off my shirt and tossed it into the growing pile of clothes. I grabbed five chips and sat quickly down. Nina looked me over and smiled. I tried to peek under the very short "Rice" shirt that now served as her skirt also, but those gorgeous legs were tightly closed.

Lee reluctantly stood, reached under her short skirt and quickly pulled down her pantyhose. I was sitting next to her, so I caught only a quick glimpse of black panties as she pulled her hose off-a fantastic foretaste of things to come. She shoved all nine chips to the center and with a raspy voice said, "See you and raise you four!"

Nine to Doug. He looked at his "three of a kind" hand carefully. Then he stood and slowly unzipped his pants. The girls began to clap in unison. Then they broke into gales of laughter. Doug was wearing very large boxers with big yellow smiley faces on them. He smiled, collected
his chips and matched the pot.

"Take something off so I can deal, Phyllis," said Jack. "Let's keep this moving."

"Not so fast," said Nina. "I still get to bet." Brows furrowed all around with this unexpected move. "I'll see your nine...and raise you five."

Phyllis gasped. She would have to remove both skirt and blouse to meet the bet. Or she could simply fold. The tequila began to think for her and she said to herself, "What the heck, I think I have the winning hand. I might have to take off my slip to win the hand though. But, who cares. Boys have seen more of me in a swim suit." She had carefully chosen her bra and panties for the occasion. There was nothing transparent about either of them!

Jack was even more uncomfortable. "I should just fold," he thought. Obviously, that's the best strategy. On the other hand, if I can draw the flush, I'll still have on my speedo and I'll win big. If not, I'll be naked and pissed for not having seen one single tit in this entire game."

Jack did see, however, the way that Lee looked at him when he took off his shirt. With a little luck, he might just get her horny with all this undressing--horny enough to get himself laid later. Lee's tight body eclipsed Jack's good sense and he said, "I'll see that bet."

Nina hopped up and switched on the stereo. Strains of the "Stripper" blared forth. Nina had set up the music for just this part of the evening. Jack stood and unzipped his pants to the music. He turned away from the table and pealed off his jeans revealing the goofiest looking "Tweety-Bird" boxers. Obviously, he and Doug had shopped for appropriate "strip poker party" boxers together. He kicked off his pants and shoved ten chips out on the table.

"I believe you are four short," sighed Lee.

Still moving to the music, Jack hooked a thumb in each side of his boxers and slowly pulled them over his hips. All three girls involuntarily gasped as they saw his dick clearly outlined by the tight nylon fabric. He turned slowly, bumping and grinding, to reveal that his speedo was a thong in the back! Nina began to cheer, but Lee simply stared at Jack's trim ass. Suddenly, Jack sat down and tossed four more chips on the table.

He smiled at Lee. Lee had a serious look of pure lust.

All eyes then turned to Phyllis.

"Ok," she said out loud to herself. "I can do this. I'm a big girl now."

"You certainly are," mocked Jack. "Let's see just how big!"

Ignoring Jack, Phyllis began to slowly unbutton each tiny button on her blouse. She blushed as she took off the blouse and carefully folded it. She had on a white slip and bra, but both could hardly contain the massive breasts beneath, especially when she bent over to put her blouse

Next came the skirt. It fell quickly away after she unzipped it. Standing there in her slip, Phyllis looked for the world as if she had just stepped off the stage of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." She demurely sat back down, but her hard nipples were visible against the soft fabric.

Jack, without thinking, reached down and "adjusted" his quickly hardening prick to which Lee responded," Need some help with that?"

"Yes," laughed Jack. "My doctor told me not to lift anything heavy."

It would take both my pants and my boxers to continue, so not being completely stupid, I folded.

"Spoil sport," nagged Nina.

"Just good poker playing," I responded. "Lee, I believe that you are a bit short."

"We'll see who is SHORT!" she retorted. "Very soon in fact." I guessed that she would take off her blouse and I was ready to see those breasts with the dark, dark nipples, even if a bra covered them. Instead, she stood and slipped off her skirt. My mouth fell open as I gazed at her
silky black panties with dark wisps of pubic hair curling out around the edges. Her panties came to a low "V" in the front as if they were pointing to the magic spot beneath. She boldly pulled the sides of her panties up and let the elastic snap back against her waist with a pop.

With all the attention turned to Lee, no one noticed as Doug began to fidget in his seat. It was show time for Doug...or time to fold. "What the hell!" he thought. "I guess I need five more chips," he said. Down came Doug's boxers and every eye in the place bulged.

"Jesus," I thought. "Why do the smallest guys always seem to get the largest dicks?"

Doug's speedo hardly contained his big prick. Instead of whistling and cheering, the girls sat in silence. Doug blushed mightily. He slid back into his chair feeling absolutely uncomfortable. Finally, air whistled through Nina's lips and she said, "Perhaps we should just deal now."

Phyllis began to breathe deeply with eyes directly on Doug's crotch.

"Size matters,” whispered Nina. Phyllis began to giggle nervously.

Phyllis took one card hoping for another ace or nine. She peeped under the edge of the card and saw...a five.

Lee took only one card looking for an eight or a four. She got a jack instead.

Doug took two. Could he get a fourth ten? No.

Nina took four cards.

"What in the hell were you betting on?" I shouted. Nina just smiled.

Jack dealt himself one card. "There's really no hope. I should have folded," he thought. He turned up the edge of his card. It was the four...of clubs! He had a flush! And he had only one chip-one chip away from showing his dick, now obviously one of the smaller members here in the room, to three women. "Phyllis, it's your bet."

"I pass," said Phyllis.


"I'm just watching here." Lee had her "game face" back on.

"Pass," blurted Doug.

"Me too," said Nina. She knew if she pushed too hard, the game might fall apart. And, she was anxious to see what was under Doug's speedo up close.

Jack shoved his last remaining chip forward. "I'll bet one."

"Damn you, Jack." cried Phyllis.

"Take it off now...or take it off next hand, Phyllis." Jack responded looking directly at Phyllis' tits.

"Same as at the beach, same as at the beach," Phyllis kept saying to herself as she slipped the straps of her slip off each shoulder and let the top fall away from her breasts and then down to her ankles. She had on a white satin bra. Her large boobs seemed to spill out all around the large cups. They simply begged to be free. She tossed a chip in the pile and sat down with her arms across her breasts.

My eyes were on her white panties, however. They were designed to cover the subject, as well, but the hint of wetness on the front of her panties identified the exact location of her vagina. Did this turn her on? I think it does. I stared through the glass top table until Phyllis said, "Are you taking a picture there, Mike?" I turned crimson red.

Lee was already taking off her blouse. Her dark Asian complexion was perfect. And, so were her breasts encased in a black bra. Those magic nipples were responding again also.

"I fold," said Doug. If I don't and I lose, then I won't be able to ante next game and the game is over. There was disappointment on every girl's face.

Nina looked carefully at the chips in front of Lee and Phyllis.

"I'll see that and raise you...ah...three,” said Nina triumphantly.

"Oh, my god, she's buying the pot,” said Jack. "These rules suck!"

Nina had us. In order for Jack to bet, he had to remove his speedo. When he did, the game would be over. Checkmate!

The three girls smiled at each other. "Shit," said Jack throwing his cards on the table.

"Oooo, and he had a flush too!" Nina smirked. "When Jack ante's on the next hand, he has to show us everything and the game is over."

"Wait," I said. "We haven't finished this hand yet."

"A formality," said Lee. "Phyllis has aces and nines. Take the pot, Phyllis. And turn up the music so Jack can show us what he's got."

"Wait," I said. "The hand is not over until the low hand removes a piece of clothing."

The realization of what I said hit Nina like a ton of bricks. She had been so crafty, yet she had forgotten about the low hand rule. She had the low hand. And she was wearing only that big baggy sweatshirt and panties.

My moment had arrived.

Nina stood and, while trying to keep her shirt down, she tugged at her white panties. She quickly bent over and pulled down her panties. For the briefest of moments, there was her lovely brown, trim bush. Quickly, she recovered adjusting the sweatshirt to cover herself...barely.

"Turn around," said Jack, "I did, so you have to too."

Nina moved slowly around. The sweatshirt couldn't cover the bottom half of the cheeks of her ass-and a magnificent ass it was peeking out from under the rough cotton, tan lines very clearly marked. She started to sit down when suddenly Jack shouted, "Think fast!" as he threw a shot
glass toward Nina.

Reacting by reflex, Nina reached out and caught the unexpected missile. In doing so, the bottom of her sweatshirt popped up revealing her beautiful pussy directly across the table from me and at eye level. It was a moment that I would remember every time I masturbated for months after that.

Quickly, Nina recovered, but instead of screaming, which obviously was her first impulse, she just smiled and began to laugh. Before long we were all laughing with tears rushing down our cheeks.

"Ante up," Phyllis shouted. "I believe it is my deal. Who has a single chip with which to ante?" she drawled sounding like our English professor.

I held up a chip, as did Lee, Doug, Nina, and Phyllis. All eyes turned to Jack.

"I guess this is it," said Jack. He began to dance around the table as he slowly tugged his speedo lower and lower. The girls clapped and cheered. Finally, out popped Jack's semi-erect dick.

"A masterpiece," shouted Nina.

"Michelangelo should have sculpted Giacomo instead of David," laughed Lee.

Phyllis simply stared. We all knew that this likely was the first dick Phyllis had ever seen "in person."

"I've decided I like this game," sighed Phyllis.

"Ok, gather around for the incriminating evidence," said Nina as she took out a camera.

"Wait, I didn't agree to this," said Jack.

"It's just for memories and to enforce discretion," she said as she mounted the camera on a tripod and set the timer.

We all gathered around Jack-Lee and Phyllis in bra and panties, Doug with massive dick safely contained in his speedo, Nina in her sweatshirt, and me, Mr. Know-When-To-Hold-And-Fold with his pants firmly in place. Flash! The camera captured the wonderful moment.

"I demand a rematch!" said Jack as he searched for his clothes under the girl's watchful eyes.

"Yeah," said Lee. "We didn't get to see much of Mike!"

"Hey, what about the lady in the trick sweatshirt," I said pointing at Nina.

"Nope. That's it. We've got winners and losers. So, the game is over," said Nina.

"Hey, what's the matter? Are you afraid to play us again with better rules? Are you chicken?" I sneered.

Nina's eyes narrowed. She had received the challenge and, after all, she is the most competitive woman I ever met!

"Maybe, maybe not," said Nina with that twinkle in her eye.
Tuesday, January 27th 2009 - 02:12:23 PM
Name: Tony
Subject: Older Woman Humiliated By Younger Women
Message:A very arrogant Mrs. Jones went to see the mother of one of her daughter's recently graduated classmates to complain about her daughter suffering a beating by a recently turned 18 yr old just after the school semester ended. Mrs. Jones and her daughter were going to be leaving the area so her daughter told her mother not to make a big thing about it. The mother said yes to her daughter but she was planning to see the other girl's mother regardless.
Mrs. Jones is very attractive blond and does not look her 38 years of age. She knows it and makes no hesitation of flaunting it so she is not well liked by other mothers. The teenage guys and husbands love it especially her sort of c*** teasing ways. She made out very well in a divorce and flaunts it by driving a hot sports car and sexy clothes.
She arrives at the girls house whose name is Patty and sees lots of cars around and gets no answer at the front door so goes around back where a party is going on to celebrate Patty's turning 18 and her graduation. When she reaches the back Patty and some of the other kids spot her and Patty's older 23 year old sister and a couple of her friends were chaperoning the party as Patty's mom was away. Patty's sister asked Mrs. Jones if she can help her and Mrs. Jones states the reason for her visit. As she is told her mom is not at home Patty and a couple of her girlfriends come over. Now Patty is an attractive athletic girl of around 5'9" and Mrs. Jones although having a nice figure is only around 5'1". Mrs. Jones immediately gets on her high horse and starts laying into Patty spiced with a few 4 letter words. Mrs. Jones is known to all the other youths there and a couple were even friendly with her daughter and had been to her home. Patty finally response to the verbal lashing and tells Mrs. Jones that she has no right to talk to her this way and that her daughter is a snob and deserved what she got. Mrs. Jones then makes the mistake of attempting to slap the bigger girl. She misses once and then twice as Patty dodges the blows. Her sister then says "Patty defend yourself" and Patty retaliates with a couple slaps to Mrs. Jones face. Then grabbing her blond hair gives her another. Mrs. Jones is dazed and tears start to fall. Mrs. Jones raises her hands to her face and Patty gives her a solid punch to the mid section dropping her to the ground.

The mixed crowed of 35 or more people all gather round and begin cheering Patty on. Chants of teach the bitch a lesson and give her some more. Patty grabs Mrs. Jones by the hair again and gets right into her face and says This is more fun than beating your daughter. She asks the completely dazed and crying woman "did your daughter tell you after I smacked her around, I spanked her in front of a group of people and I'm gonna do the same to you." One girl hollered out "Spank her on her bare ass." With that Pat laughed and said "I think I'm gonna strip you naked first." A cheer went up and calls for a stripping. Pat's older sister and friends echoed and laughed. She then ripped open Mrs. Jones blouse. As Mrs. Jones tried to crawl away the blouse was pulled off and tossed by Pat to the crowd. Mrs. Jones on the ground on her stomach was now pleading to be let go but Pat unhooked her bra. Mrs. Jones feeling this pulled her hands up to her front to hold onto the loose bra. With that Pat undid her skirt by the time Mrs. Jones could reach down it was off her hips and down her thighs and off. One of Pats friends knelt down on the ground and grabbed Mrs. Jones hair and pulled her head up and laughing said "Your almost naked" That brought a cheer and laugh from everyone. Meanwhile Pat on Mrs. Jones back had broken the shoulder straps on Mrs. Jones bra and tugged at the loose garment. Mrs. Jones was holding on so Pat gave her a few more smacks to the sides of her head and her arms and pulled the bra away holding it up and twirling it. Mrs. Jones lay on her stomach not wanting to reveal her practically naked front. Pat then paused and said all that jewelry does not look right on a naked woman so she proceeded to remove her rings, earrings, necklace and bangle bracelets. Another of her friends said "she still has an ankle bracelet on. Pat told her to take it off her. With Mrs. Jones crying and begging to be let go Pat put one hand on her back hold her down and with her other hand started sliding her panties off revealing one cheek at a time and then down to her thighs and off.
Everyone cheered and was getting a real show. Mrs. Jones hoped this was the end, but no chance. Pat grabbed one of Mrs. Jones arms and twisted it behind her back and with her other hand grabbed a handful of the blonde’s hair and hauled her on her feet and proceeded to parade the naked woman around in front of everyone. Pat mocking her said "Now you are giving the boys a real show" A couple of girls decided it would be fun to play with her boobs in front of everyone. A couple girls brought their BF forward to get a few nice feels and squeezes on Mrs. Jones.
Then Pat brought her over to a picnic table and bent her over it with Mrs. Jones feet just off the ground and began to spank her in front of everyone. She invited anyone who wanted to give a little smack. A couple guys rather than smack grabbed a handful and squeezed. Mrs. Jones was sobbing and crying out. Pat told her to squeal like a pig. The made her bark like a dog. One girl with really long nails came up and racked both Mrs. Jones bare red cheeks.
Mrs. Jones had long ago lost any fight but to further tease her Pat's older sister said they were going to take her to a tough biker bar with just her shoes and a raincoat on and in the middle of the place rip off the raincoat. Mrs. Jones screamed “no, please don't do that to me”. Someone brought Mrs. Jones hot little sports car around back and they made her pose in it and on it while they took pictures. They said if she told anyone about what happened the pics would be posted on the internet and hard copies circulated.
They gave her back all her jewelry, shoes skirt and blouse and sent her on her way.
Saturday, January 8th 2011 - 02:00:36 PM
Name: Cathy
Subject: Too much to drink.
Message:It wasn’t the first time that I got drunk at a party and had to be taken home by one of my girlfriends. I was having fun and didn’t want to leave with my friend Susie. I told her I would go home with some other girls later, so she left with my other friend Ann. I just kept on having fun and didn’t even know how late it was. When I looked around there were only boys there and I was the only girl left. One of the boys I was dancing with said he would take me home latter. Latter turned out to be 2am and five more beers that had been mixed with Vodka to get me really drunk. I had a string halter tied around my neck and back and a pair of tight jeans. I didn’t even feel the strings being undone, I just felt my halter pulled off and my breasts exposed. I realized it wasn’t a joke, when they carried me into this room to get the rest of my clothes off. Shoes, jeans and panties flew off and some how I was more humiliated than drunk. The feeling of having no clothes on and forced to expose every single part of my body sobered me up quick. I was stuck there till 5am and couldn't go anywhere till I got my clothes back. I was forced to sexually please them by giving blow jobs and having my pussy sucked and fingered. I don't know how many of them got off squirting their sperm on me. I just know that I don't have to worry about pregnancy, because none of them fucked me. I just went home smelling of sperm and feeling like hired whore.
Monday, January 26th 2009 - 01:42:05 PM
Name: Myliefan
Subject: Humiliated for dressing like a slut
Message:I like to dress real slutty for school in short skirts and belly shirts as much as I can get away with. It gets me a lot of attention so I don't care if the jealous girls all hate me because of it. My friend Kayla who's wild like me said some girls in our homeroom class dared me to go the rest of the day with no panties under my short skirt. She said they'd give me $20 if I'd go through with it. Well I live for dares like that and the truth is it made me all horny thinking about being bare underneath my skirt in front of everyone with the naughty teachers trying to get a peak up there when sitting at my desk in class. So I decided to do it and took my panties off in the girl’s room and went the rest of my classes like that, with the cool air flowing up right against my bare kitty! I felt so naughty!

Well right before the last period things started to go wrong. I passed this girl Lisa who's a total bitch in the hall. She saw me and was snickering to her friends. I was just minding my own business about to open my locker when I felt the bottom of my skirt on both sides get yanked down to my ankles super fast. My whole bare ass and kitty were on show for everyone in the hall! Shocked I reached down to pull my shirt back up as everyone exploded in laughter and loud "oooohs!" Even worse I had to really struggle and wiggle around to get my tight skirt pulled back up past my butt. I even had to stop and undo the zipper in order to get it back on again straight all the while with everyone ogling at my hairless pussy and bare ass! Every one saw me and they were commenting on my bare shaved pussy. Looking back I saw it was Lisa's bitch friend who did it. She was totally laughing saying, "You're right the stupid bitch got no panties on! Show everybody your pussy slut!" I was so mad and embarrassed I wanted to fight her but I was afraid she might rip my skirt off or something if I did. I walked to my class with everyone snickering and making comments about me under their breath as I passed through.

After that school let out so I went to meet Kayla and take the bus home. Well she got detention so she could not go. I got on the bus and as I went down the aisle I saw Lisa and her bitch friends sitting there looking at me smirking. As I passed by her I gave them the finger then someone tripped me and I fell forward into laps of these boys sitting a row behind. My skirt came up exposing the bottom of my butt so I tried to quickly pull it down but instead someone pulled it all the way up to my stomach! With my whole bare butt exposed I tried to get up but they grabbed me and then Lisa pulled my skirt up and pinned it that way so I could not even get it down and started yelling, "Look at the slut with no panties! Free show free show!" She bear hugged me holding my hands while her friend yanked my skirt totally down to my feet again and took my skirt away. Then Lisa lifted me up and paraded me up and down the aisle with my bare pussy and ass on full show for everyone on the bus as I kicked around bottomless. Everyone was cheering and laughing, egging Lisa on to do more. With my short belly shirt I had no way of covering up and when I tried Lisa and her friends pulled my hands away anyway saying, "No we want to see your pussy bitch!" Then they pulled me over a seat so my butt was up in the air and held my head and ankles down so I could not get up. They slapped my ass and told all the boys to take a good look as they spread my ass apart so they all could see my butt hole and bare pussy up close and in full details. Guys were laughing and I felt fingers go up my ass and in my pussy a few times spreading them apart. There was so much noise and commotion on the bus the bus driver was completely oblivious that I was being stripped and humiliated in the back.

Lisa asked everyone if they wanted to see my titties now too and everyone roared “YES!” so they roughly wrestled my shirt and bra over my head and stripped me completely naked. Holding my arms behind me they slapped my jiggling tits and bare ass as everyone cheered them on loving the show. They took my clothes and threw them out the back window and left me there naked and humiliated with everyone ogling at me pulling my hands away so I could not cover my tits, pussy, and ass when I tried too. "Stop covering slut!" one of Lisa's friend said then jumped me and with the help of a few others managed to grab my ankles and pulled them back over my head pinning me down on the seat like that with my open asshole and puckered pussy lips pointing up exposed to the world! Everyone was laughing and having fun touching my asshole and pussy and no one helped as I wiggled around butt naked. Then at the next stop they pulled that back emergency door open sounding the alarm and pushed me out into the street completely naked! I heard the bus driver yelling about the back door buzzer so they quickly closed it and the bus drove off leaving me stark naked in the street.

I ran to a bush to hide but someone must have seen me because 3 minutes later the cops pulled onto the street. I was covering with my hands trying to make it from one hiding spot to another when they grabbed me. They said someone reported a streaker so they cuffed me and paraded me down the street in front of all the neighbor people as I cried stark naked and humiliated wishing I’d rather die. They would not listen to me and instead shook me around making my tits and ass cheeks jiggle all over the place as they escorted me to the car. They eventually covered me up with a jacket but it was too shorts and left my ass and pussy showing as they left me standing there outside the car as they talked on their radio. Cars were passing and honking and stopping yelling, “nice pussy!’ and “nice tits!” and all sorts of other things. The cops were even laughing. They eventually took me home but not before a good cavity search just to make sure I didn’t have anything illegal on me.

It was the most humiliating day of my life.
Sunday, January 25th 2009 - 11:41:29 AM
Name: Natalie
Subject: Softball Exposure
Message:In order to get this board going again I will tell of a story that happened to me last spring, and still makes me cringe to this day. I like to consider myself a pretty cute girl and though I haven’t had a lot of boyfriends in the past, guys still give me attention. I’m about 5’5 with an average size waist. I have blond hair (actually more gold) and medium color skin though at this time I was pretty tan because of tanning before prom, along with softball.

Anyway, this actually happened to me during a softball game. Anyone who’s ever played high school baseball or softball knows that the schedule becomes an unorganized mess about halfway through the year due to the rain. It basically ends up being where you play if the weather is nice regardless of whether or not you had a game scheduled. So one day at school our team was informed during last period that we had been scheduled a game. Our coach always wanted us on the field as soon as possible after school, which left us no time to go home or do anything else.

So, on this particular day I went to my locker after to school to grab my softball stuff and realized that I had forgotten my jersey. It was like a 90% chance of rain that day so I figured we would be practicing inside. Unfortunately I was wrong and now I was in trouble. I hurried to find my coach and when I finally found him I asked him if I could drive home really quick to grab my jersey. He thought for a bit, but eventually decided that he wanted us on the field taking infield and outfield before the game since it had been so long since we’d been outside. He told me he had extra jerseys in the locker room and he went and grabbed me one, along with shorts. I then proceeded to the locker room in order to change into my uniform. As soon as I began to change I remembered that I would need sliding shorts as well. Again, I began to worry because I knew the school didn’t provide us with sliding shorts. I decided I might as well try and ask the girls if anyone had an extra clean pair I could borrow. It was a long shot, but luckily a couple of girls did and one of them willingly let me borrow her pair provided I wash them before I give them back. So I stripped off my jeans and panties and put on the sliding shorts. I was thinner than the girl so the sliding shorts were a little big but would have to suffice if I wanted to play. I finished dressing and headed out to the field.

The game progressed like any other game and by the 5th inning I completely forgot about my uniform. BIG mistake. After I hit a single, I reached second on a walk. Our coach gave me and the girl on first the signal for a double steal since we were the two fastest on the team. So when the pitch was thrown I made my break for third running as fast as I could. With all my momentum going forward I slid headfirst into third right as the ball arrived. There was a large gasp from the crowd and dirt was flying everywhere. My helmet had flown off and due to all the immediate adrenaline I was a bit disoriented. The umpire called me safe so I got up to dust myself off. I looked at my coach for approval but he wasn’t smiling. In fact he was looking at me very weird and I didn’t understand why. I reached down to brush my shorts and to my horror felt bare skin where the material should be. I quickly looked down to discover BOTH my shorts and sliding shorts around my ankles and my shaved clean coochie on full display for the entire crowd!! I quickly shot both hands down to cover my pussy as everyone looked on. The bleachers were filled with dads, brothers, and even a couple of guys from my classes! I nervously looked around and met my coaches and the umpire’s eyes as they looked on in amusement. They must have received a good 5 second up close shot of my most intimate region! Meanwhile the second base umpire continued to get an extended bare butt shot as I was focused on covering my front. When I finally came to my senses I removed one hand from cover and bent over to pull my shorts up. However they weren’t coming up. Without thinking I removed my other hand from cover thus exposing my hairless kitty to everyone all over again!! As I struggled with my shorts I began to hear some wolf whistles and laughter from my teammates and the crowd. I briefly glanced up and to my horror saw a couple camera flashes going off!

“Mark! What are you doing! Don’t take pictures of her like that!!” I heard one wife yell at her husband.

Meanwhile I continued to struggle with my shorts and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get them up. I turned my neck around to see that the third basemen from the other team had her cleat firmly planted on the waistband. That bitch!! I yelled at her and told her to get off but she just looked at me and smiled. I looked to my coach and the umpire for help but they just stood there staring lustfully at my pussy. Seeing the look in their eyes reminded me that I was still exposed so I quit fighting with the girl for my shorts and returned my hands to cover up. I again mistakenly began to look around at all the people. The guys from my class all had their camera phones out by now and were snapping away along with a couple of the dads and brothers. I even saw a couple video cameras capturing my nudity on tape!! Then the worst moment of all came as my eyes met those of my parents and brother. My mother is very religious and I knew this meant she would asking me why I shaved myself clean as well as why there were no tanlines anywhere near my privates. My brother just sat there with a grin on his face.

Apparently the third basemen had had enough of me covering because she whispered in my ear “what the hell are you covering for ya little skank, everyone wants to see your little twat” and with that she jabbed both her fingers hard into my back causing me to jump and move my hands back. When I did this she grabbed both of them handcuffing me allowing all the photographers to get some more priceless shots of my buck naked vagina. Thankfully, the umpire took his eyes off my snatch for two seconds to realize what that third base bitch was doing to me. He rushed forward and pushed her off of me while yelling at her. He ejected her from the game but that didn’t take away what she did to me. I quickly pulled my shorts up as fast as I could as everyone took in one last view.

Once the third out was made I asked the coach to take me out of the game because I couldn’t take facing that crowd again. My teammates weren’t really saying anything at this point because they could see how humiliated I was. When the game was over I stayed in the dugout a little longer to keep whatever modesty I had left. When I finally left I ran straight to my car and drove straight home, not talking to anyone. Sure enough my mom gave me a talk almost immediately about sex, and tanning naked, and so on and so forth. Did she not realize what I had just been through?

Needless to say, my shaved pussy was the talk of the school the next day. It seemed as if half the school had already seen photos, though the ones I saw really didn’t show any detail, you could just tell there was a half naked girl standing at third base. Afterwards, it was really awkward around my coach knowing the intimate views he received. My teammate joked about it the next day which actually made me feel a little better. I remember one of them saying “hey Nat, everyone always says you’re the hottest softball player in GHS history, so you might as well have given them all a nudie photo shoot to enjoy!” Another thing that makes me feel a little better about the situation was one day when I was over at one of my teammates house she said her brother had something to show me. Her brother is like the hottest guy ever but he was 22 and I figured I didn’t have a shot with him. Anyway, he called me to his room and I walked in he flipped on the tv and there was the WHOLE incident captured on tape. When the third basemen handcuffed me the person videotaping even zoomed in and got a close up look at my naked vagina! I was horrified to see this at first and just ran out of the room, but later my friend told me her brother had been talking about me every day since this happened. Eventually he asked me out and we’re still dating today, all because of my humiliating experience. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad in the end huh?
Saturday, January 24th 2009 - 11:38:33 AM
Name: Janie
E-mail address: jkaugust1@comcast.net
Subject: Virtually pantsed --Lost Undies
Message:Lost Undies Lost Undies (from HS)

My BF and I had only recently decided to go steady; we liked each other a lot. He was totally smacking me up, telling me I was hot. One winter day in high school, I said I was cold, so he gave me his jacket to wear. He said to make sure I gave it back before lunch, because he was going out with his friends. Only, I really didn't hear him.

Later that day in the morning I had gym. We played basketball, which is sort of sweaty. I normally change my pants to a fresh pair I put on after gym class. To make a long story short, when I put on my fresh undies after gym class changing back into my street clothes, I stuffed my used undies into my BF’s jacket, to take them home for a wash. Well, when I put my (his) coat on the back of my chair for fifth hour, I forgot he wanted it back that morning – and that I had my personal items in his jacket pocket. After I headed out, well, my BF spotted his jacket on my chair, and took it back without telling me so he could go with his friends.

At the end of the day, in the hallway, I heard a commotion. When I approached them, they all looked at me, everyone laughing. Then I saw my BF's 'friend.' Somehow my undies fell out of my BF’s coat pocket while he was having lunch with them! One of them had found them, and now his so-called friend was holding my undies up in the air for everyone in our school to see! What’s worse, he offered to pass them around so guys could smell them – or should I say, smell me! I was so embarrassed I started to cry!
Monday, January 19th 2009 - 11:34:50 AM
Name: Janet
Subject: Beaten, stripped, and shamed
Message:Beaten, stripped, and shamed

When I was 22, I married a widower with three children -- a wonderful 38-year old man. The children, two daughters, five and eight, and a 16-year old son, became my responsibility, as his pilot job kept him traveling. Sadly, I was too immature for the relationship, because I deeply resented my husband's love for his children. I was abusive, and unfairly punished my stepchildren, often hitting his little girls.

One day about a year after we were married, while my husband was away I paddled my little five-year old stepdaughter. Barely before I was done, my stepson confronted me, cornering me in the basement. He told me that if I ever hit his little sister again he would pound me into the dirt. Well, like a fool I slapped my stepson, then I even tried spanking him. We got into a physical fight there in the basement, that in retrospect, he was sure to win. We fell to the floor, slapping and punching, rolling around on the concrete. As we struggled with each other, he tore off my blouse, then my pants, and finally he removed my bra. In just my panties, I finally realized his strength, and that he would surely win. So I gave up fighting and started pleading with him to understand; to me it was all so clear.

It all ended with him pinning me, stripping off my last piece of clothing. Upstairs I’m sure his sisters heard the ruckus, but just in case, he called them down to watch. Once downstairs, he delivered my punishment. He rolled me over on my chest across the floor, so my backside pointed right at him. In front of his sisters, he started to spank, just as I had spanked them -- only harder, much, much harder. Then he increased his swing, raising his arm higher and higher bringing it down harder on my fanny. He spanked and spanked until I cried out loud, begging their forgiveness and for him to stop, and please not do it in front of his sisters. My stepdaughters, meanwhile downstairs now, watched my punishment in quizzical horror.

When he finally stopped, my bottom was red and my tears were flowing like a river. All he could do was glare at me bawling, and then tell the girls, “Go upstairs!” Grabbing my hair, shoving me roughly, he dragged me to the basement door. Then he pushed me outside naked, despite my pleas, locking me out of the house. So there I stood, stripped, naked and humiliated, lacking even a blouse!

In our expensive neighborhood development, I stood naked, red bottom, outside my very own house bawling. It was a very, very painful, lesson -- the most humiliating experience of my life. I was terrified at the thought that one of my neighbors would see me, even though our landscaped house’s bushes and shrubbery hid me. Regaining my composure after a while, I realized my stepson wouldn't answer me at the back door. Slowly, then, I walked around to the house’s front. There I stood in utter shame, ringing my very own doorbell.

My stepdaughter Lisa, whom I had just beaten an hour earlier, slowly opened the door. I begged, “Please Lisa, may I please come in?” “Please ask Brad if he’ll let me come in.” Well, luckily for me, Brad was finished, and told Lisa to let me come back in. This all happened while I stood on our front porch, in full view of the neighbors, naked. Had anyone driven by or looked, they would have surely seen me in my sad situation. Whether anyone did, I still don’t know; I only know I was completely chastised and shamed. Fortunately we lived in a classy place, where people never looked out or spoke much to each other.

I never told my husband, nor anyone else -- I was so ashamed of what happened. More than anything else, once my stepson Brad spanked me, I was ashamed of how I had treated my husband’s children -- my precious little daughters. I didn't want to lose my marriage or be accused of beating his children. Most of all, I couldn’t imagine telling my husband how his sixteen-year old son had spanked his wife’s bottom red, and kicked her out of the house for a lesson!

Two or three other occasions, over disagreement, Brad threatened to beat me again. Until the first time, though, I had never dreamed that a boy could be so strong. Even after his spanking forced me to reflect on how I treated his sisters -- my husband's daughters, he continued to watch me in anger. After two or three weeks, he settled down, and I always respected them afterwords. I treated them all with love and respect, not just from fear, although I admit that was a factor. After that, I came to grow to where I truly loved my husband’s daughters. Moreover, strangely enough, over time, I developed a respectful distanced relationship with my new stepson, Brad.
Saturday, January 17th 2009 - 10:50:15 AM
Name: Emma
E-mail address: emmagemmamemma@emma.org
Subject: Cruel Pranksters
Message:My ex-boyfriend and his friends are horrible. My best friend Shana showed up totally late for our party last weekend. She was coming from her friend Brandon's house and apparently they had been drinking because she was totally trashed. It was almost 2am and the boys were still up playing cards and drinking. Carl, her older brother saw her and decided to teach Shana a lesson about getting trashed so they decided to give her a swirly. She was nearly passed out on the couch when they walked up to her. They grabbed her and pulled her up trying to make her stand up. She was all wobbly and out of it. As they lifted her up her skirt came off in all struggling. It wound up around her ankles and no one cared. Carl even stood on it as they dragged her away like that. She was only in skimpy panties as her bottoms now. Her thin lavender panties were all out of place and partially pulled down on one side and 1/2 way up her butt on the other. As they dragged her down the hall she was screaming and trying to fight them off but it was useless. As they dragged her into the bathroom she started screaming and fighting more loudly that ever. In the drunken scuffle that ensued the elastic waist of her panties got ripped open and her panties eventually came completely off. She was totally bare from the waist down. How humiliating. No one cared and even worse they laughed about it as they flipped her upside down and stuck her head in the toilet. We all got an eye opening view of her spread open bung hole and pun! She was so freaked out and wasted that she peed all over herself right there, which made the boys immediately let her go leaving her bottomless on the bathroom floor. They just left her there like that.

She was so wasted she couldn't bare even stand up so I got stuck taking care of her. I had to clean her up and put some sweats back on her. She slept it off in my bedroom and was totally sick and hung over the whole next day. She didn't even remember that she totally embarrassed herself and everyone had seen her bare butt and pun!
Thursday, January 15th 2009 - 10:45:49 AM
Name: Angie
Subject: Little Roby
Message:I began getting interested in sex and boys at the age of 15. I had a lot of friend boys but no boyfriend. Most of the boys I knew were more interested in sports and cars, than fooling around with girls. The only things I knew about sex, came from my girlfriend Jessica. She would sneak out porn tapes from her father's collection and watched them together in my room. I knew that I would get into deep trouble if they ever found out, so we watched bits of it when ever my parents weren't home. I also had to make sure that my step brother didn't find out what we were up to. Both Jessica and I would end up soak in wet between our legs, watching those tapes. One day I picked open the lock of my step brother's room and when I sneaked in to scare him, caught him playing with his dick. He stuffed it back in his pants before I could get a look at it and tried to get him to show it to me. I could still see the bulge in his pants and tried to convince him to drop his pants. He was so scared and embarrassed I would tell, that I promised to keep it a secret if he let me watch him jerk off. He had no other choice but to agree to do it and added that Jessica would also come along. There was nothing else he could do and agreed to do it the next day before our parents came home from work. Jessica used the excuse of coming to my house for homework. We had one hour to do it before my parents arrived and although it took some convincing, we finally got him out on his bed and hard as a telephone pole. We took turns stroking his dick while he just laid there blushing away and he came all over his chest. The best part was that it wasn’t going to be the end of it. We had all sorts of kinky plans in mind and our little personal slave to please us.
Wednesday, January 14th 2009 - 10:41:37 AM
Name: Eric the Geek
E-mail address: ford.prefect.wannabe@gmail.com
Subject: Discovering nude photos of friend's mum
Message:Back when I was in high school, there were four of us guys who were quite close friends. One Sunday we had got together at the house of one of the guys, Jared, while his parents were away for the afternoon. He had a PlayStation 2, the only one of us who had one around the time it was released, so we were pretty much playing on it all day.

Anyway, by mid afternoon we started talking about classes and what we had due this week, when one of the guys, Dylan, realized he had forgotten all about a report due on Monday. I think it was a history report or something. This was typical behavior for him. He wanted to go online to get some material he can rewrite and pass off as his own research, so Jared let him use their computer, in his parents' room. So Dylan was off on his own for quite a while and we kept playing.

He joined us again eventually. Now that I think back to it, he was rather distracted. He played but his mind was miles away.

We left Jared and his place around 5. When the three of us were walking Dylan told us what he discovered on the computer. When he was looking for a place to temporarily store some useful pages he had found, he noticed a "Photo" folder on the hard drive. Jared's dad was an avid photographer so this was not unusual. Dylan had looked inside that folder out of distracted curiosity and noticed a folder called "Alice's Nudes". Alice was Jared's mum's name. He looked in there and found hundreds of photos of her, in fact, in the nude!

We of course laughed at him. Jared's parents were so puritan, it was hard to think of his mum even wearing a racy bathing suit, let alone posing nude. We were sure he was making it up to impress us. But he insisted it was true and that he'd emailed himself as many images as he could in the time he had so he can prove it. As it turned out, he was right! The photos were very professionally done, very tasteful, not like what you find on typical porn sites. She was very hot for an older woman, but in a wholesome, innocent kind of way, not slutty.

We just had to get the rest of the pics. Dylan told us there were hundreds. But this was before the days where everyone could afford a USB memory stick or anything like that, so transferring it without raising suspicion would be hard. I had decent programming skills at the time so I figured I could solve this problem. I wrote a small program that could monitor a given folder and automatically email any new files that appear in it to an address we hardcode into it. I designed it to space out its emails so no one would notice the extra internet usage. No one in Jared's family was computer savvy, so the program didn't have to be that sophisticated to hide its tracks. We managed to get it copied to their machine and added to the startup list so it would restart even after they reboot.

We eventually received the whole collection. We never told Jared or anyone else about this. It was way better than porn off the internet. As I said, the pics were real artistic stuff, but the best thing was, the subject was someone we knew and met often and she was totally unaware anyone but her husband had seen those photos.

The couple obviously did nude photo shoots as a hobby, as new photos of her kept trickling in over the next couple of years. Eventually they must have upgraded to a new computer or something as the photos did stop coming.

It was seeing these pics that started Dylan's obsession with tricking random girls into posing naked for him. He needed my computer skills, so he took me along for the ride, and what a ride it's been! I will post more stories of the elaborate schemes he came up with and the girls he conned, most of whom are totally unaware that I have intimate photos of them on my hard drive.
Saturday, January 10th 2009 - 09:54:28 AM
Name: Karen
Subject: LOL
Message:My best friend Lauren (not her real name) relayed this story to me, it's not really about stripping but it was pretty funny, so.

Lauren has an older sister, Larissa, and her sister has a boyfriend, Reuben.

On that night, she was out at a camp but decided to stay home early instead of sleeping over. Her parents were out of town on a business trip and Larissa would be out at a class gathering together with Reuben, so she didn't expect anyone to be home. But when she got home, the door of the bedroom she shared with her sister was unlocked and slightly open, and when she looked inside she saw her sister naked, gagged and tied to the bed, Reuben taking his shirt off and his back to the door.

So she rushed in, pulled down his pants and boxers, and kneed Reuben in the nuts from behind, and after he went down, she gave him another kick to the privates, then punched him in the stomach for good measure and left him moaning around on the floor.

She heard her sister screaming at her through the gag, so when she took the gag off, this was the first thing Larissa screamed:

Apparently, Reuben was a bondage enthusiast, and they were having their version of fun (with protected sex, of course).

For some reason, this actually made me laugh out really loudly and everyone else in the corridor at school to stare at me.
Saturday, January 3rd 2009 - 09:27:13 AM
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