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The Beachboard Homepage
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Name: Amanda George
Homepage URL: http://angelsofthegarden.org

You have a lovely website and I’ve enjoyed my visit very much. I would also like to invite you to join a wonderful group called Angels Of The Garden. If you are interested in looking around just follow the link and if you like what you see and would like to join us please tell them that Amanda George sent you.

Thank You,


Monday, June 18th 2012 - 08:10:43 AM
Name: kevin Beachboard
E-mail address: zeeklerkevin@gmail.com
Comments:nice to see there aro so many beachboards we should all live by the beach lol lol well im in reno and i just noticed my two sons who i love more than life itself are on here so im following my two great kids on this path and too say hello to all you beachboards out there my father was jack beachboard out of asheville north carolina take care and god bless you all. kevin beachboard
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 - 04:37:17 PM
Name: Deonna Beachboard
E-mail address: deow@capgroup.com
Comments:Not sure where my background begins. I was born Jan 1974 and have a brother Paul born July 1977. My father's name is Willard Marion Beachboard born Sept 1953. My father and his sister Mae Beachboard's biological father was Jay Beachboard I believe, who passed away in Florida I think.
Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 - 11:19:13 AM
Name: marlene nelson
E-mail address: marlene@sipnsearch.com
Comments:love you my special daughter
Monday, November 28th 2011 - 10:52:58 AM
Name: Deborah Beachboard
E-mail address: dsbeachboard@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home
Comments:Hi. I have not kept up with my old webpages. Sorry. But if you have face book please send me a friend request. Love and Peace - Deborah
Thursday, July 21st 2011 - 08:52:20 PM
Name: peter vetrano
E-mail address: vetrano.peter@yahoo.com
Thursday, June 30th 2011 - 08:31:45 AM
Name: Ronald K Beachboard
E-mail address: Ronbeachboard@Aol.com
Comments:Hi fellow Beachboards
Ihave been researching our family history and need help !!!
The earliest Beachboard Ihave been able to find is-
William Beachboard 1700(aprox)to 1761. 1st wife unknown
2nd wife Rachel Porter. 1st wife's son Levi founded Eastern Shore or Northern branch of family 2nd wife's
son Benjamin founded Southeran branch
William lived in Somerset Co MD (Mattapony 100's )which
became Worchester Co Md in 1743
Anyone with earlier info please contact me
Wednesday, January 19th 2011 - 08:55:40 AM
Name: Tracey Beachboard
E-mail address: traceylynnee@aim.com
Comments:So many Beachboards! Does anyone know where our last name desends from and what our family crest might be if we have one? (:

Hi from Delaware(:
Tuesday, January 11th 2011 - 03:42:35 PM
Name: Linda Gibson
E-mail address: lsg3705@gmail.com
Comments:I tried to email you from you "I read" site. We used to email. I have kept up and so enjoy your site. I live with chronic pain and enjoy reading but really don't have much news except house and family. I use almost all my energy trying to do things with my grandchildren. I do belong to the Red Hat Society and have a very small chapter of disabled Ladies.

Since you read science fiction and fantasy you need to check out the www.baen.com site. They even have a big free library available. Bless you, Linda
Monday, June 28th 2010 - 11:04:05 AM
Name: Larry A. Beachboard
E-mail address: LBeachoard@yahoo.com
Comments: Hey my name is Larry and I am the oldest son of Jay M. Beachboard and Rsemarie Beachboard. Just wated to say hell to my fellow Beachboards.
Friday, June 25th 2010 - 05:51:34 PM
Name: Angel Amanda
Homepage URL: http://www.heavensangels01.com/index2.html
Comments:Please consider joining us at Heaven's Angels! It's a wonderful community for men and women and I would love to have you join me there!


Tuesday, April 20th 2010 - 06:53:03 AM
Name: Karol Beachboard
E-mail address: kaceebee2.1@juno.com
Comments:Hi need to talk to you. I talked to you many years ago, I am a Beachboard researcher. I am finishing up, can you get me a picture of James and possibly his parents. Would be glad to send a copy.
Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 08:31:49 AM
Name: Gary PUTT Putnam
E-mail address: gary_putnam88@yahoo.com
Comments:I had a friend from Ashville named Jay beachboard we lived at the beach after grad.. im from rutherfordton county and i moved back to ashville . he should be 40 something. if you u no him, please give him my email address.
Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 02:40:53 PM
Name: Andrea
E-mail address: andrea.beachboard7@gmail.com
Comments:Well hello there!

I am the daughter of Jerry and Karol Beachboard. The sister of Dwain and Jay Ray Beachboard.

Thursday, January 29th 2009 - 05:21:32 PM
Name: Andrea
E-mail address: andrea.beachboard7@gmail.com
Comments:Well hello there!

Family and friends.

Andrea ( daughter of Jerry and Karol Beachboard, Sister of Dwain, and Jay Ray.)
Thursday, January 29th 2009 - 05:14:42 PM
Name: Andrea
E-mail address: andrea.beachboard7@gmail.com
Comments:Well hello there!

Family and friends.

Andrea ( daughter of Jerry and Karol Beachboard, Sister of Dwain, and Jay Ray.)
Thursday, January 29th 2009 - 05:13:56 PM
Name: Jule (Beachboard) West
E-mail address: jinxmoon@gmail.com
Comments:My maiden name is Beachboard and I also did not know there were so many of us. Growing up in CA. I was often asked if my mom had made up my last name. LOL Thank you so much for making this page!
Wednesday, October 22nd 2008 - 03:21:00 AM
Name: David A. Beachboard
E-mail address: david.beachboard@state.tn.us
Comments:what is up Beachboard clan
Friday, September 19th 2008 - 06:35:00 AM
Name: Haley LeeAnn Beachboard
E-mail address: TGT_Biaotch@yahoo.com
Comments:im glad that we have this homepage. its nice to know there is other beachboards out there... im actually from georgia... and im 21...
Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 06:31:27 PM
Name: michael beachboard
E-mail address: beach_board@hotmail.com
Comments:it's your bro.....when the heck did you make this thing?
Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 11:53:21 PM
Name: Carrie Beachboard
Comments:wow! there's more than me? i'm out of TN and convienced that i was the only Beachboard in exsistance. good to know that i'm not alone.
Thursday, January 24th 2008 - 10:35:15 AM
Name: Brandon Todd Beachboard
E-mail address: brandon_beachball@yahoo.com
Comments:wow i have never seen so many Beachboards! i am 22 from reno, nv. my brother Michael Beachboard is 16 (17 oct.) and my dad is Kevin Beachboard. we all live here in reno.
Saturday, September 29th 2007 - 12:13:57 PM
Name: Eric Burgoyne
Homepage URL: http://www.romanticatheart.com
Verry nice site kepup the great work
Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 12:06:10 PM
Name: Jim Knight
E-mail address: knightjw@bellsouth.net
Comments:Please correspond with an E-Mail address. I have some Beachboard family history that I would like to share with you. Jim Knight
Monday, January 15th 2007 - 12:13:19 AM
Name: Jake
E-mail address: Jacent@speakeasy.net
Comments:Hey from one Beachboard to another, howdy. (from florida)
Tuesday, October 24th 2006 - 05:33:01 AM
Name: Lisa Beachboard Siegenthaler
E-mail address: tweetyusa2006@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi just was surfing on the web and found your site. I guess I am a relative of yours. My father was David Beachboard from Nashville, Tennessee. wow i didn't think there were many of us.
Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 - 03:35:14 PM
Name: karen gray
E-mail address: karengotshot@yahoo.com
Comments:are you related to the beachboards from tennessee?
Tuesday, March 21st 2006 - 04:27:36 PM
Name: Rita(Patsy)
E-mail address: butterflies@wosib.org
Homepage URL: http://www.wosib.org
Comments:I enjoyed my visit to your lovely informative site and can see you created a home full of love.

This is a most cordial invitation
To join a wonderful group.
The Women of Strength and Inner Beauty
Think you are strong beauty, too.
Women from all walks of life,
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The sisters would be most happy
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Thursday, August 11th 2005 - 08:24:58 AM
Name: Rita(Patsy)
E-mail address: recruiters@womenwhobelieve.us
Homepage URL: http://womenwhobelieve.us
Comments:I enjoyed my visit to your lovely
informative site and would like to
invite you to join Women Who Believe
a wonderful caring group of ladies.
I know you will enjoy your stay
with us.
Monday, February 28th 2005 - 08:31:22 PM
Name: Benvis Ed (Eddie) Beachboard Jr.
E-mail address: ben.beachboard@cox.net
Comments:Originally from middle TN. Feel free to email me for more information if you wish.
Thursday, January 20th 2005 - 03:53:33 PM
Name: Rita(Patsy)
E-mail address: butterflies@wosib.org
Homepage URL: http://www.wosib.org
Comments:I enjoyed my visit to your lovely informative site and I would like to invite you to join the Wosib Social Butterflies.
They are a kind caring group of ladies and I am sure you will enjoy your time with us.
Have a wonderful day.
Friday, January 7th 2005 - 08:51:13 AM
Name: Hugh Singleton
E-mail address: hsingleton@cfl.rr.com
Comments:You seem to have the ability to "put ten pounds of
potatoes in a five-pound bag" and I admire you for that.
Friday, August 27th 2004 - 01:10:30 PM
Name: Rita(Patsy)
E-mail address: dig@wosib.org
Homepage URL: http://www.wosib.org
Comments:I enjoyed my visit to your lovely informative site
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Sunday, June 20th 2004 - 07:40:15 AM
Name: Mike Burgess
E-mail address: navalav8or@aol.com
Comments:would love to read some of Lei's Lines...I miss her!
Friday, May 28th 2004 - 09:24:37 AM
Name: Leiann Lynn Spontaneo
E-mail address: none
Comments:Leiann Lynn Spontaneo
2092 County HWY 11
Dillonvale, Ohio 43917
past member who would like to renew.
Tuesday, April 20th 2004 - 10:42:31 AM
Name: Leiann Lynn Spontaneo
E-mail address: none
Comments:Dear Deborah,

One is a past member of the UAPAA. (something
always nice to wait for) May one please be a member
since one had given Brenda Junior Boeriu twenty
(20) dollars two Merry Christmas's ago to mail to Kay
Weems for renewing a membership with all of you and
never had gotten a bundle. One receives forty dollars
a week from one's occupation and barely gets to shop
for all one's necessities. Do you remember "Lei's
Lines"? That's me!

Leiann Lynn Spontaneo
Tuesday, April 20th 2004 - 10:41:11 AM
Name: James Paul "Jim" Beachboard
E-mail address: jbeachboard@ddh-ar.com
Comments:Dear Cousins-- new email address is included-- when you are in or near Little Rock, would love to hear from you. Best regards, Jim B.

P.S.-- for good, for ill, or otherwise, am pleased to advise the extended family that Margaret Jane and I have-- in our 30 years of marriage-- let loose upon the world three (3) new Beachboard males-- John Thomas Fowler Beachboard, Matthew Joel Hedrick Beachboard, and James Greyson Lynch Beachboard
Thursday, March 4th 2004 - 08:05:46 PM
Name: micah
Homepage URL: http://ww.geocities.com/christian_texas
Comments:great site!
Thursday, February 19th 2004 - 01:02:43 PM
Name: David Beachboard
E-mail address: beach2112@aol.com
Comments:It would be nice to have a nationwide Beachboard reunion party. BYOB of course
Tuesday, January 6th 2004 - 07:18:32 AM
Name: Rita(Patsy)
E-mail address: diggers@wosib.org
Homepage URL: http://www.wosib.org
Comments:I loved your site and I would like to invite you to join the Wosib Women`s Group. They are a great group of ladies and I am sure you will enjoy your time with us.
Tuesday, September 30th 2003 - 07:21:36 AM
Name: Kay Beachboard Cochran
E-mail address: cochran505@insightbb.com
Comments:My sister said do a search for "Beachboard". Boy was I suprised. Sure are a lot of us.
Thursday, February 13th 2003 - 07:26:49 PM
Name: Thomas
E-mail address: arthurs@myhome.net
Homepage URL: http://iaskmyself.for1.net
Comments:Love the pages!
Keep up the good work!!
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 09:18:36 PM
Name: Jeni
Homepage URL: http://www.fitnessandfreebies.com
Comments:Hi! I enjoyed your site very much - you've got some great info here! I, too am a webmaster and just love it - leanring all the time though!! Isn't it amazing what can all be done - there is never an end to what you can learn, do and see, is there!??

Good luck on your weight loss endeavors - I admire all you're involved in and wish you only the best always.
Sunday, May 26th 2002 - 07:36:56 PM
Name: Herm Saylor
E-mail address: ohhammer@aol.com (Ohio)
Comments:I tried to leave a message after the memo about Jesus. But something happened and I lost it. You have a very nice site. I enjoyed it very much. Congratulations on selling your poetry. I also belong to AAPA. Keep up the good work. Praise the Lord. How precious is his name, that at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, Jesus is Lord. Praise the Lord God almighty who brought Israel out of Egypt, parted the Red Sea, took them across the Jordan by stopping its flow. Led them for 4o years, a cloud by day and fire by night. Fed them from heaven. Is still with us guiding by the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing your site. herm
Wednesday, May 22nd 2002 - 09:57:11 PM
Name: Dave Beachboard
E-mail address: davidb@dnfsb.gov
Comments:HI, my name is Dave Beachboard,
Im a single 22 year old. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia,

Id love to hear from some of you!!
Tuesday, March 26th 2002 - 11:35:19 AM
Name: Karol Beachboard
E-mail address: kaceebee2@juno.com
Comments:Hi Just love your new all enclusive format for your home pages. Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you. Guess you were working up your new setup and then I lost my hard-drive a couple of times while rebuilding my computer.
I almost have my end of the Beachboard genealogy done, I am trying to aquire pictures to go with the names now. I am so grateful for your site. Just wish there was more there about you. You have accomplished so much and are so creative you need to have a bio set up of your own.
Tuesday, March 12th 2002 - 08:19:20 PM
Name: John Kimball
Homepage URL: http://www.recoilmag.com
Comments:First, I’d just like to get to know you.
Monday, February 25th 2002 - 10:21:30 PM
Name: Carrie Beachboard
E-mail address: sarahe@sbcglobal.net
Comments:It's nice to know I'm not the only Beachboard in the world!
Thursday, October 11th 2001 - 04:39:35 PM
Name: Sarah East
E-mail address: sarah.east@umb.com
Comments:I was married to a Beachboard and I encourage my children
to learn more about their Beachboard heritage. Glad to
know that there are more out there!
Monday, August 13th 2001 - 10:57:19 AM
Name: Jerry R. Beachboard
E-mail address: beachbum92807@yahoo.com
Comments:Well I always wondered if there were anymore Beachboard's
out there and now I know.This is cool I hope to hear from
some of you.
Monday, March 19th 2001 - 10:41:50 PM
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