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True Stories of Females Bound and Gagged with Underwear
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Name: Chelsea
E-mail address: bondage.chelsea@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi dreambook users!
I have a short story about when i was bound and gagged in a bathtub, firstly the people in the story, me (18), Jason (21), Dixie (38), Lily (18), now to the story, I am a lesbian living in my my mum Dixie's house with my gf Lily, my mum don't like me and my gf doing bondage so we wait until shes not home, she went on holiday and said she won't be back for about 3-4 weeks, so with me and Lily with the house to ourselves Lily suggested we do bondage, I agreed so i got into my sexy pink bra, pink panties, and leopard skin stockings, then my ankles and wrists were tied together with rope then each strap of my bra was zip tied to the sides of my panties then a pair of my dirty panties was shoved in my mouth and duct tape over my mouth to hold them in, then a masked guy broke in and hand gagged Lily I struggle like hell to escape but i cant escape, Lily was hogtied then ball gagged and put on the bed next to me, then my gag was removed and a ball gag was put in place of it then i was picked up and carried to the bath and the bad puts the plug in the bath puts me in the bath, the puts the taps on, and leaves, With me struggling to pull the plug out and Lily struggling to escape...
E-Mail to know what happens next.
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 02:50:01 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
O.K.~the women WERE ACTUALLY part of a "white slavery ring"
and went back and abducted/kidnapped the W.P.C.'s!:



Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 07:36:25 AM
Name: Louise Jenon
E-mail address: LJ:@hotmail.com
Comments:THE STING

I had never heard of the Vixen's Club until that morning.

Mrs Adams (Susie) was out but the rest of her young family was in Gemma (18), Rachel (17), Jennifer(15) and Amy (6)
-including her young Scottish cousin Jamie who was dressed as usual "scottishly" in his boots and kilt

I had been asked to come in and babysit Gemma as the older one were due to go out later.

I thought I heard the sirens in the distance but within 2 minutes there was police car at the front of the house

Four beautiful policewomen, all in their uniforms with freshly pressed blue skirts and jackets and wearing shiny boots jumped out.

They dashed into the house and overpowered us.

I made a dash for it but was unceremoniously dumped on the floor tripped up with a truncheon. I was then handcuffed and taken back into the room and forced to my knees with the others who had all been handcuffed and now were on their knees.

I was ball gagged becasue I had tried to escape.

We were all lined up - and made to kneel straight for 15 minutes. We were not allowed to speak - for fear of being whacked with a truncheon

Then the Chief Inspector came in and addressed us:

"You are being investigated for being part of a slave trading ring" she said and then laughed.

We all went pale until Mrs Adam came in:

"Lori", she said to the Chief Inspector; "It's time to spill the beans."

"It's 1st April today" Lori replied " And Susie wanted me to play this trick on you. Susie and I are great friends at the Vixens Club - a club dedicated to promoting women and their rights."

She turned to the policewoman and said " OK, girls you can release them - except that young man. He's mine."

And with that all of us were released except Jamie, who was taken away in the police car, still handcuffed and now leg shacked and ball gagged with my ball gag.

He was released the next morning from Inspector Lori's house after a quite eventful night............

These policewomen can be quite merciless when they want to be

Saturday, September 21st 2013 - 03:42:47 AM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Comments:Dear Panty-Lover:
You are, of course, correct!
So let's just RENAME this Dreambook:
"Write a Story" (i.e.: NO "limitations"/guidelines)!
Saturday, September 7th 2013 - 12:06:22 AM
Name: PantyLover
Comments:And just because i read so many stories that should NOT be here: The full title of this dreambook is "True Stories of Females Bound and Gagged with UNDERWEAR"

So can you at least write stories that are with FEMALES who are gagged with UNDERWEAR?

I guess if all the stories that are posted here would be true and with only females and only gagged with underwear, then there would be no stories here.
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 04:08:57 PM
Name: Bound-Black-Girl Lover
Comments:Dear FANTASY STORY "Slave Boy":
Hey GENIUS, the TITLE of this Dreambook is:
"FEMALES" bound and gagged!
Sunday, September 1st 2013 - 09:55:37 AM
Name: Slave boy
E-mail address: slaveboy@comcast.net
Comments:I have a true story about a large, beautiful amazon woman who one night in short order: Physically overpowered me, then stripped me, tied me up securely and gagged, and then carried me off to a cottage in the woods where she proceeded to have her way with me time and again all weekend long! Every time I tried to get away, this woman would catch me. She was about 6'5" tall and weighted about 230 pounds, and had been a personal trainer for many years, so she was very strong. I was about 6'0" and about 170 pounds, a good looking 24 year old man at the time, but I was in awe of this women's beauty, and it was a great pleasure being her boy-toy. One thing that she did that I especially enjoyed was that she would hold me in her lap tightly from behind, pinioning my arms to my sides her much stronger arms hers while cupped a soft, but firm hand tightly over my mouth. "MMMMUUUMMPPHHH!" I would call out in vain as she chuckled and then would hiss a whisper into my ear that: "You're mine now handsome!" It was absolutely heaven being taken by this woman unexpectedly in this manner, and I have to admit that after the first few hours, I gave in and let her have her way with me all weekend long. She kept me tied up and gagged some of the time, but most of the time we were very busy making wild and passionate love, her on top of me pushing me deep inside her while she would remove my gag and give me these incredible crushing french kisses while moaning loudly into my mouth as I groaned in muffled tones into hers!
Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 03:53:32 PM
Name: Jason
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:The Librarian

I looked across the library at the Librarian, her hair in a bun with a pencil tight pinstripe skirt and boots and thick rimmed glasses.

She glowered at me as I talked with a colleague in the library.

6.30pm came and she wandered across to me to tell me the Library was closing. A faint smile came across her lips.

I stood outside as the Library closed but as it was dark and drizzling and so I waited in the entrance until the rain let up.

The Librarian came out and asked me if, as it was dark, I would walk her home. Her smile relaxed me and so I agreed.

We came to her house and she invited me in for a drink.

She went into her bedroom, as I remained in the lounge.

I picked up a magazine on her table "Men in skirts" with the subtitle "A lesson in bondage for women" and started looking in it.

There she had various men tied up, skirted and booted; men tied up by women.

"So that is what turns her on" I thought. "Men in skirts in submission"

And then she came out - having let her hair down and changed into a red blouse and split leather skirt.

"Wow" I breathed in as she looks fabulous.

"Surprised” she said.

"Yes" I replied.

“And the magazine" she replied seeing what I had in my hand. “You up for it?" she asked

"Well, I have never been skirted and booted in my life". I replied

"There's always a first time" she replied

And with that she led me into her bedroom.

On the bed was a silky black skirt, a white top, a pair of tights and a pair of black boots. All my size.

"How did you guess my size" I replied.

"I used to work in a clothes shop selling women's clothes. You soon get to work out sizes just by looking."

Curiosity got the better of me and so I took off my clothes and soon was skirted and booted standing in front of her.

She came up to me and twisted my right arm behind my back and marched me over to the wall.

"Spread-eagle" she said "Hands on the wall and feet part - now lean forward".

As I leant forward with my arms and legs in the form of a star at 45 degrees to the wall, she took my right wrist and turned it behind my back followed by the left one.

My head was now forced onto the wall as she held me there.

She took a piece of rope from her waist band and firmly tied my hands together and then my elbows - as close as they could go.

She then put me in a chokehold under her right arm causing legs to be bent in a right angle to the rest of my body as she took me over to her bed.

I was forced face down on the bed - I couldn't resist her as she caressed my bum underneath the skirt.

Suddenly a woman dressed in black in a skirt as a burglar entered to room - and whistled. I could just see her out of the corner of my eye.

“Spot on" she said "You win the bet, I never thought you'd get him here - let alone so helpless like this". And she laughed.

And as I listened more carefully I realised it was my girlfriend Helena.

"We are going to have a great night Jason - or should I say Jane." I squirmed as she tied my feet together.

"I see I can't trust you with the fairer sex" she went on as her hand went under my skirt to my private parts and I wriggled s she squeezed.

The Librarian pinched my nose and, as I opened my mouth, she put in a spider gag.

"I can explain" I said helplessly.

"No need" Helena replied “No need for further evidence and anyway I have you as I want you. I have been wondering how to get you like this for a long time but didn't know how to bring the subject up."

The Librarian put her fingers into my mouth and began to play.

Suddenly she landed on the bed beside me, her hands behind her back as Helena tied them together.

"Pay back time" Helena said "That was my boyfriend you messed with"

She went into the Libaraian's room with a pair of her underwear in her hands and stuffed it in her mouth, followed quickly by a bandana.

Then Helena's hand went under my skirt again as the Libraian struggled.

But Helena had been a girl guide and knew all about tying knots.

The night was long - as was the next morning.

As it was the weekend, we (I and the Libaraian) remained bound and gagged (just allowed to go to the toilet in cuffs when I needed to) like this till Monday.

It turned out that the Libarian was Helena's younger sister.


" Jason" Helena said: " Little sis is into bondage and she just loves being tied up."

"Perhaps next time you can get your revenge"

But this weekend you are both mine.

The Libarian smiled - as she was how she wanted to be

So beware if a dowdy Librarian asked you in for a drink...
Friday, March 29th 2013 - 06:31:09 PM
Name: JR Kelling
E-mail address: JR@hotmail.com
Comments:My Austrian second cousin Heidi (he one who was a Belle in the Austrian police force) and I were down from Scotland and it was Burns night.

We were beginning to be an item

We were both sitting in this little cafe just before the B&D Burns Night Ball,dressed appropriately in a knee lenght kilt and boots (as it was ferociously cold that evening).

Suddenly three policewomen from the Belles special task force came in and one of them arrested Heidi. She twisted Heidi's arms behind her back before cuffing her.

As I tried to intervene, the other two each took one of my arms and twisted them behind my back as I stood up.

I hunched forward and one of them kicked the back of my knees forcing me into a kneeling position and then she took over the other wrist of mine from her colleague. She then placed her booted foot on the back on my knee forcing me to remain kneeling but in a very upright position.

Her colleague then put a dog collar around my neck and then tied my wrists together (still twisted up my back) and then attached them to the dog collar.

You can guess that I felt helpless as I knelt there with the Belle cop holding me down with her foot on the back of my knee.

The Chief of Belles then came in and stood before me

She was a magnificent specimen of tough womanhood seductively dressed in a red leather shirt and white blouse and in magificent riding boots.

" I told you to stay out of this" she said to Heidi and me, Heidi having now also been forced to her knees in front of the Chief. "That was an order. Now I am going to have to enforce my order."

It was all to do with the financial affair that was going on in my office that Heidi and I had discovered. Or so I thought.

"However, as I can't get that through to the two of you, I am going to put you in bondage until this is over."

And with that we were hauled of to the awaiting police wagon, where we were shoved in the back with two of the Belles.

Heidi and I were then both shoved on our stomachs and hogtied.

"That should keep you docile" one of them said.

As Heidi opened her mouth to protest, one of the belles looked for something to gag her with. Not finding anything, she took her underwear off and stuffed it into Heidi's mouth and then took a piece of rope to secure the gag.

" Have you got something to say too" the other Belle asked.

I shook my head.

We travelled about ten miles until we came to an old cottage in the woods - far from the maddening crowd.

We were released from the hogtie and led into the house. Heidi's gag was removed on the condition she kept her mouth shut.

"Actually this is one of our safe houses" the Chief said "And you will be out guests."

We were shoved to our knees again and then allowed to sit.

Heid was almost comfortable in her cuffs but my wrists were aching.

"Please" I pleaded with the Chief "will you release my arms, as they are killing me"

And with that the two Belles came over and untied me.

"Get yourself a drink" the Chief said and I got up and stretched my legs.

"Don't you wnat to know why Heidi's still manacled" the Chief said.

" I have learnt to keep my questions to myself this evening" I replied, secretly enjoying the sight of Heidi in kilt and boots, hand cuffed behind her back and sitting demurely on the floor in front of the fire. She just looked so cute.

" I know you think she looks cute" the Chief said mischeviously." We have seen the magazines in yoru appartment."

"Well she's yours this evening - only the cuffs will stay on. I know you won't take off with Heidi as her hands cuffed behind her back and she wouldn't get far in the woods like that."

"Have a nice evening. Oh by the way I'll leave the Fonz with you for protection and to stop you escaping."

Well, the Fonz was a beautiful woman, muscular, six foot two and all woman looking seducively cute in her boots and black skirt. She could ahve been a model.

"Don't try anything on the Fonz - she'll have you for breakfast" was the Chief's parting words.

And with that she left.

"Want some food" the Fonz said and I replied affirmatively.

Heidi looked at me forlornly.

"Sorry Heidi" I said "I can't do anything about your cuffs. And there is no way I will be able to take the keys from the Fonz"

After 15 mins, the Fonz came in from the kitchen but she looked different.

I looked puzzled until I realised that there were two women next to her and her hands were tied behind her back.

Not only tied behind her back but there was also rope tied around the top of her torso forcing her breasts to stick out - like a Sergent Major's on parade ground.

Her elbows had been tied together. She was also ball gagged and blindfolded.

"Hands behind your head and interlock your fingers" the woman with the gun said.

I complied

"Down on your knees"

Again I complied.

The scene was surreal.

I was on my knees, hands behind my head with fingers interlocked. Heidi was handcuffed and sitting on the floor and the Fonz was hooded and gagged, with her hands tied behind her back, her torso was roped and the end of the rope was used to pull her into the room.

The woman with the gun gave her colleague a piece of rope and she approached me.

She pushed me forward on my stomach lowering me down with my long hair until I was on the floor.

She them hopped onto my back - and took my right arm and twisted it behind me back so my hand was almost touching the base of my neck.

Lucky I was double jointed as that didn't really hurt at all.

She did the same with my other hand but then tied the two togther at the base of my back, slid the rope around my stomack and the tied it off so my hands were tied tightly together and to the base of my back.

The woman then came and uncuffed Heidi.

"Heidi dear" she said " Not much of a gentleman"

" I was pulled to my feet and Heidi took over.

" I'll sort him out this evening" she smiled.

The other woman looked at the Fonz and ran her hands over her .

"And you my dear Fonz are mine this evening"

The Fonz shuddered as she could guess what was coming.

You see Maria Moriaty was the Chief of Belle's boss and she had a crush on the Fonz.

I was going to be a long night for the Fonz
Thursday, March 28th 2013 - 06:11:23 PM
Name: Kinkytina
E-mail address: TM3429@hotmail.com
Comments:James White, Have you found anyone to tie you and gag you yet?
Saturday, January 12th 2013 - 02:18:38 PM
Name: carter
Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 04:51:15 AM
Name: no
Comments:I love tieing women in panties
Friday, November 23rd 2012 - 05:39:24 PM
Name: James white
E-mail address: Whitejamesmw7@gmail.com
Comments:Want to be bound and gagged and have no way to do it. Can you help. If you get me as a prisoner you can do whatever you want to me. Contact me for my info via email. Can u help...
Sunday, November 11th 2012 - 09:22:37 AM
Name: Chloro touch
E-mail address: wellhung4@live.com
Comments:Great stories
Friday, October 19th 2012 - 06:12:39 PM
Name: Sandy
E-mail address: arasandy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:This underwear story is also how I lost my virginity... to my mom!

She was wearing nothing but a black top hat. She made me tie her to the toilet with a pair of my sister's nylons. As soon as I had her tied up, she had me take off my underwear, then shove it in her mouth.

Then she commanded me to pull a pair of her own dirty underwear out of the hamper and and wrap her wrist tight around the flush handle.

In the background she had a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies.

She kept repeating things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and stuff. Right before she aksed me to untie her, she yelled, "I'm freeing the slaves!" Then she flushed the toilet.

I untied her and she pulled out a strapon with a broken strap. She grabbed my wet panties that had fallen in the toilet and tied the strapon to me that way. She made me go at it with her until she came. Then my father came home...
Thursday, October 4th 2012 - 07:30:29 PM
Name: Loren
Comments:The White Slave Trade

I came home the other night and looked for my favourite black leather skirt and matching red blouse - only to find them missing. So I had to put on my black silky skirt and a green silk blouse instead.

I was annoyed because I had planned to go out that evening with James - and, as we were due to be at his house, it was his choice what I wore and I knew he like me in black leather skirt and matching red blouse and of course booted too.

Half an hour later, Gwen came home wearing what I had been looking for.

I pounced on her and twisted her arm behind her back and forced her face down onto the floor.

Her legs kicked around but once I was sitting on her, with both arms twisted behind her back, she stopped struggle.

I took the rope I had nearby and tied her wrists tightly together and then her booted feet.

I forced her then to her knees where I proceeded to bind her elbows together and then to her torso. She grunted as I tied her tightly.

I turned her to make her sit on a dining room chair, with no arms and then proceeded to sit down on her lap.

" I told you what would happen if you took my clothes" I said.- She dropped her eyes and blushed meekly.

"Yes" she said "That's why I didn't fight you. I thought I could get back before you came home."

"Well you are coming over to James' with me this evening" I replied.

I then pulled her to her feet and tossed a cape over her body and buttoned it up

It is amazing that although she was so tightly bound, yet the long cape covered it all. You couldn't tell from the outside that she was bound at all

I undid her feet and led her to the car.

As I got into the garage, I suddnely felt a hood thown over me - and my wrists were whipped behind behind my back and tied. In a second, I was helpless.

I then heard Suzy's voice: " Well what have we here. Two damsels for sale"

I said: "Suzy, you cheeky little bitch - you are only 18 - who do you think you are treating me who was old enough to be your mother like this"

With that she took my hood off

"That's who I think I am " Suzy replied " Your new owner"

And with that she slapped my face as one would a naughty little girl.

"You will learn respect" she replied " On your knees"

I stood there defiantly until she started slapping my face until my cheeks were red

Slowly I slid to my knees helplessly and hung my head in defeat

Suzy grabbed my hair and roughly pulled my head back - and kissed me on the lips.

"You're mine and I will do what I want with you. Get it?"

I nodded meekly.

One of her goons then ballgagged me and hooded me agin

And with that we were bundled into the back of the van.
and the next thing I felt was a needle in my arm and I soon passed out.

The next thing I remember was waking in a very hot country. Apparently Gwen and I had been KO for 2 days during which we had been freighted out of the country to Africa

When I came too, I and Gwen were together, and my hood had been removed. My wrists were still tied tightly behind my back - as were Gwen's.

I heard foreign voices - was it Arabic, I don't know.

Gwen too started to come round too.

We discussed our plight but we were simply helpless - our captors knew how to incapacitate us

I saw myself in a mirror and could just marvel at how pretty I looked tied up as I was.

After about an hour, the door flew open and we were gagged and then hooded.

We transferred cars and were driven, still tightly bound for 2 hours.

We were both taken outside and forced to walk single file down an alley and before being tied to a post.

An hour later, our hoods were taken off and as we adjusted to the light, we saw were were in a slave market.

There was a lot of interest in us, being the only white females for sale.

Arabs came to handle "the goods" and they put their hands in place where no gentleman would have.

But then, we weren't ladies, we were slaves. We were going to be sold for use as our Masters wanted.

We shivered as we thought about our fate
Sunday, September 9th 2012 - 09:05:53 AM
Name: Jane
Comments:As I lay there, Loren smiled at me and said:

"I have this fetish about boots and skirts" she said

"I know you find us girls pretty all tied up in skirts and boots, but I find men attractive in skirts and boots and tied up too - just like you are"

So I'd like to propsoe that in the office, I will be a submissive secretary doing all your bidding and wearing skirts and boots and when we are in your house too, but in mine, you will submit to my will. Deal?"

"Deal" I said "but this isn't your house so you should release me"

"No" she replied "I paid for the room so it is as if it is my house".

As I was tied up, I really couldn't argue - especially when she put her hand under my skirt and started fondling my private parts.

A week later, we had our next date - and she invited me around - and I had forgotten our deal.

As I came into her house, I saw Loren and her sister Gwen - both dressed to kill (black skirt and boots with a red blouse)

"Your kit is in the bedroom" Gwen said.

"What do you mean?" I replied and then remembered the deal.

"Let's go out" I casually suggested.

"No" they both said - " but if you'd rather we'll play poker for it.

Every time you lose, we chose what your wear and every time we lose you can tie a part of us up: First feet, then ankles, then gag followed by our wrists. And then you have won"

That gives us four forfeits and you seven (in adittion skirt, boots and blouse you have to change into)

"What do these girls know about poker" I thought. "I'll beat them easily"

So I said: "OK"

The first hand I won -and thought - this will be a walkover

I chose to tie Gwen feet togther, as she was the stronger of the two. At least if I had her tied up, I coudl overpower Loren more easily.

The next one Gwen won and she chose me to change into the skirt laid out. Little did I know they had marked the cards!

The next hand Loren won and I had to change into the blouse. I caught a view of myself in the mirror and I thought I quite fancy myself!

The next hand Gwen won and I had to change into the boots.

I was beginning to feel nervous as they won the next hands and my feet and ankles were sooon tied.

Wow could Gwen tie tightly

The next round I won and chose to tie Gwen's knees and surprisingly I won again and so took to gagging her

Loren won the next round and I was gagged.

It was the last hand as Gwen won it and my hands were swiftly bound behind my back.

As Gwen had won, Loren untied her and Gwen Loren's feet and the carried me to the bedroom.

I was laid on my back as the two of them lay either side of me and started to play under the skirt and I lay on my back.

They ungagged me and both started kissing me.

"You see Jane - I think we should call you a girl's name when you are like this - we found out how much we liked this when our Scottish cousin came to visit five yaers ago.

Being a year younger, he tried to boss us around until we got tired of it.So one day we turned on him and tied him up.

He looked so pretty in the kilt that we both decided we must do it again sometime - but so far we haven't found any man to play the game."

Gwen hands were pretty active and I was soon gasping in delight

"What do you say to another adventure like this?" Gwen asked

I wasn't really in any position to protest - but did I want to anyway.

Suddenly, they turned me over and hogtied me - and used my bum as a card table as they played poker again - for the right to tieme up next time we got together.

When I protested that this wasn't fair - I was simply ball gagged.

Three hours later they freed me - but what an evening that had been.

Tied up in a skirt by two little vixens was exhiliating
Friday, September 7th 2012 - 03:03:44 PM
Name: The Drummer
Comments:Once, I went to stay over at my girlfriend's house. It was a great evening, we had a quiet, home meal. We had intercourse, then we went to bed. I woke up feeling strained. I opened my eyes and I was naked on the bed. I was tied spread out on the bed a ball gagged. My girlfriend came in and started playing with me. She diapered me every time after she was done. I was laying on the bed for 3 days straight. She only fed me baby food and water. It was a great experience and we're going to try it again soon.
Monday, September 3rd 2012 - 05:42:01 PM
Name: alegria
Comments:hello this is my first story so enjoy,i'm 5'4" and single just got my own apartment.that day was a really terrible for me.when i got home i saw my house ransacked,lamps on the ground,covers everywhere when the police came and looked around they said "nothing was taken looks like the burglar was just browsing.just be careful and have a good night".about an hour after they left i started to hear some noises down stairs,so i just said "hello? is anyone down there? hello?".then when i checked the living room,then kitchen,all the blinds were closed when i walked in and someone pointed a gun behind my back.i was scared as fuck and i was not one guy it was three guys,they told me not to make a sound or something will happen to me.two of the guys put me on my bed and started to strip me to my bra and panties then they tied my upper arms,wrist.next was my thighs,knees and ankles.last the y got some duct tape and gagged me.then when the other guys was told to leave the house,the guys in charge was asking me what was my combination for my safe.i refused to tell him and he put the tape back on my mouth so he took the safe but there was nothing in the safe just old paper work.so they left me tied up and gagged in my house until i got out of my bondage.
Tuesday, June 12th 2012 - 01:02:23 AM
Name: Rosie

I met Debbs at my first year in Uni at a party.

After the party I dropped her home but couldn't go in to her flat because it was a "boys no- go" zone.

Her landlady, Mrs Mc Allister, a pretty 40 year old, didn't want the flat to degenerate into a "student brothel". Having a boy in the flat would constitute a breach in the contract and then Debbs would have to find another place.

We had been going out for three months when I took Debbs home and she said: "Why don't you dress up in skirt and boots - and then she won't notice you as a boy."

It wasn't such a crazy idea as I had beautiful long blonde hair that most girls would kill for. I was slim - svelte you might say, and no growth at all on my face. I might have to shave once a month - and there was never a 5 o'clock shadow.

In fact Rosie was Debbs nickname for me (just between ourselves)

"OK" I said and I changed into the skirt and boots in the car. Debbs applied some lipstick to make it look more authentic.

As we went in, I caught a glance of myself in the long corridor mirror and I really looked like a beautiful girl.

Mrs McAllister poked her head out from her flat door as we disappeared upstairs - and then called Debbs over as I went into the flat

Debbs came back and said that Mrs MacAllister had not fallen for the trick - yes I looked the part but walked like a boy.

She had given us two options

1. Debbs would have to leave or

2. Debbs would have to deliver me up to Mrs MacAlliser tied up for the day for her to do what she wanted with me - though she said there would be in sexual intercourse.

And she had a consent form - a standard BDSM release form - for me to sign.

"No choice, Debbs" I said after thinking a bit "I'll do it"

And with that Debbs bound my hands behind my back - quite tightly and wound the rest of the rope around my torso pinning my arms to my back and tying it off at the top of the skirt. Everything below the waist was free.

I was marched down to Mrs MacAlliser who smiled.

" I thought so" she said "Rosie, let's go" and with that she went to get the car out. I was surprised she called my Rosie - after allthat was Debbs special nickname for me

Now I need to say that Mrs MacAllister was dressed beautifully in a red leather skirt, boots and a beautiful silk blouse. And her perfume was alluring.

Debbs accompanied me to the car and kissed me goodbye as she helped me into the passenger seat and buckled me in.

Mrs McAllister turned to me and said “We are off to a bondage party and you are my prisoner.”

What could I say or do? I just nodded

We arrived at the secluded location and just before we went in, Mrs McAlliser ball gagged me and then hooded me.

She dropped a noose over my neck and led me in like that.

I heard a number of female voices saying “Hi Zoe, wow he looks as good as you told us he would”

It was then that I realised that Debbs had been in on this too - how else did Zoe know that I would be her prisoner that evening or my nickname.

I was taken and tied to a post in the middle of the room.

During the evening, my hood and gag were removed and a number of girls came up to kiss me. " Wow Zoe has a beautiful prisoner" They would say.

Then I saw Debbs who came over to me.

“You do look beautiful, Rosie” she said "all tied up - it is a real turn on"

And standing there in front of me she started to fondle me and kiss me passionately for a few minutes.

“I’ll get you back” I smiled as she regagged me.

Later that evening, Zoe MacAllister was brought over by two beautiful skirted and booted women and was tied to my pole –her hands behind her back and also around my waist.

And then her hands started to wander and she started to play.

“ Ever since I saw you outside the flat the first night you brought Debbs back ” she said “ I have wanted to have you – you see my fetish is bondage and skirts. And I knew you would look beautiful skirted, booted and tied up."

At the end of the evening, Debbs and I sat in the back of Mrs MacAllister’s car as she drove us home. I was still tied up – but Debbs had her hands all over me.

I was allowed up to the flat - and Zoe and Debbs teased me -still bound tightly until midnight when I was released.

I went home the next day - in my male gear

But what a fabulous evening with the two of them
Saturday, June 9th 2012 - 07:20:30 AM
Name: Jason
E-mail address: Jason@hotmail.com
Comments:One weekend, Rachel's mother invited me to a special weekend at what turned out (unbeknown to me) to be a women hunters weekend.

When we arrived, I found myself in the same room as Rachel's beautiful mother. On the bed was one white skirt and a black skirt - in fact each room was so kitted out.

If you wore the white shirt, you were a hunter and if you wore the black skirt you could be hunted.

Rachel'smother insisted in wearing the white skirt so by default I had to wear the black one.

After lunch, we were assigned to our groups and the hunted were given a five minute start to go and hide, after which they were fair game for the hunters.

I went down a corridor and saw a couple of girls in black skirts trying to hide. We got together and decided to go out of the house into the grounds.

However as luck would have it we stumbled across three white skirted Amazons who took off in pursuit.

I was soon brought down and my hands were quickly tied behind my back. A rough gag was placed in my mouth and I was tied neck to neck with one of the other black skirted girls who had also been captured.

We were led off into the courtyard where we were then fastened to poles until supper.

Rachel's mother caught nothing - but she was gald to see me bound to a post so early on - so she could come and tease me.

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 06:04:34 PM
Name: The Historian

It was 9am on the morning of Friday, December 13th 1872 when people on the waterfront saw a small two-masted sailing vessel entering the Bay of Gibraltar.

It was the third day of the honeymoon of Rodney and Jenny Blesingham-Smythe on the SS Marie Celeste.

Jenny looked stunning in her black slinky skirt blouse and red jumper and black shiny boots. She dressed just as Rodney liked her. The wind drifted through her hair as she sauntered along the deck and it could have been heaven.

The Marie Celeste was also carrying their Bridesmaids and besides Jenny and Rodney there were no other white people on board. The crew consisted of a black Arab Captain and three other crew members

Suddenly there was a crash into the side of the ship and a number of pirates sprang aboard.

They were all pretty women - I guess they too believed in equal opportunities for women - dressed in skirts and boots and carrying swords and guns.

They were planning to take the white women to sell them on as white slaves at Mogadishu.

The Captain of the SS Marie Celeste and the crew jumped overboard and were allowed to swim to land.

The pirates rounded up Jenny and her bridesmaids.

Each one of them had their hands tied behind their back very quickly and were each gagged with a ball gag.

Rodney tried to intervene but a gun was put to his head.

" Stay out of this" a pretty pirate said "Or we will simply shoot you"

"But you don't need my wife" Rodney cried “Just take the others”.

But as luck would have it - Jenny was the Pirate Captain's own special choice.

And the Pirate Captain was a buxom woman, very pretty herself, with a lesbian taste for pretty women and an even bigger taste for money!!

She stood arms akimbo in her black leather boots with her skirt fluttering in the breeze .

" If you know what's good for you,” she said to Rodney “ you'll jump overboard and swim to land like the other men have done"

At that moment one of the Pirate crew came up from the cabins - having gone through the clothes in all the cabins - holding a black skirt, white blouse red jumper and black shiny boots size 12. This was surprisingly his size - but as he found out later that pirate had previously worked for an upmarket boot store in New York and so was able to gauge size simply by seeing the subject.

""Capt'n, how about making him look like a girl too" she said: "He looks pretty enough to pass for a girl at the market and CDs sell well in Mogadishu."

The Captain smiled, paused and looked Rodney in the eye. "Yes what a good idea. If you are so keen to be with your wife, so be it"

And with that Rodney was forced to change into the skirt, blouse, jumper and boots (with a gun to his head) before being quickly bound and gagged himself.

Rodney was taken off the ship with Jenny and the seven bridesmaids they were all "stored", hogtied in the hold of the ship - except for Jenny

Jenny was reserved for the Captain's cabin She was taken into her cabin and roughly tied to the post in the centre of the room, helpless to await the Captain's return.

It was later that evening that the Captain returned to her cabin - sufficiently happy after this quick success - and she started to play with Jenny. It was a painful evening for Jenny.

During the night the rest – Rodney and the bridesmaids were hooded and they travelled like this for the next few days - having the hoods removed only to feed and water them - and take them to the bathroom.

In Mogadishu, they were all taken to the market.

Jenny was one of the first to be sold to a local Arab chief
and no one ever saw Jenny again.

Rodney was sold as a Cross Dresser (he was tightly gagged so he could not say anything to protest) for a very high price to a white woman with distinctly kinky and fetish tastes.

And it is his story only that we have been able to piece together.

At the end of the sale, the slaves were all hooded and transported to their new "homes".

Two of the Bridesmaids were taken to the same ranch as Rodney.

The three of them were taken to a barn, where they were quartered in horses stables on straw.

The two girls were forced to change out of their beautiful dresses and each wear a black skirt - midi length, black boots and a blouse and red jumper - just as Rodney had been forced to wear.

They were then shackled to the rings in the walls of the stables - usually used to tie the horses too and their hands were re-bound - forcing each into a reverse prayer position - which made it extremely difficult to go on resisting.

The mistress of the house came down to the stables with her black maid - a fierce Amazon of a woman and she gave Rodney to the Maid to have as her slave.

Rodney was untied from the ring and led up to the Maid's bedroom where he was forced on to the bed (bum sunny side up) and his ankles were spreadeagled apart on top of the bed.

There that night the Amazon did to him things that nice girls people cannot describe and when she had finished with him he hooded and hogtied him.


The black Maid would regularly wrestle with Rodney. She always brought one or two guards - just in case he got the upper hand but he never did.

She would stand hood him and as he reached out to stop himself bumping into things, she would delight in whisking his arm behind his back and forcing him to his knees. Then she would place her knee in the middle of his back as she forced him down on his stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as he howled like a girl.

Then she would demand the other arm be presented - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until he put the other behind his back quickly to ease the pain.

Once tied, she would put a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) on with the bit in his mouth and proceed to ride him, her skirt caressing his bound arms as she rode up and down.

Then he would be yanked to his feet and taken to the buggy where he would be harnessed to it.

Rodney and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards would go for a ride - with Rodney pulling the buggy.

This was exhausting in the heat and he would come back drenched after 3 hours.

He would be stripped off and hosed down and then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, boots and blouse).

Some days when the weather wasn't so good, they dispensed with the buggy ride but life wasn't any easier for Rodney.

He would be taken to the dungeon where he was suspended by his arms behind his back - one can only survive that for max 2 minutes - standing just on tiptoe. She would then stand and caress his hair - that was now quite long and had been cut to make him look like a girl - while he suffered.

Occasionally he would be strung up by his ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind his back with the skirt over his face for ten minutes, while she again caressed his hair. She seemed to have a long hair fetish.

And, of course, if she got out of bed on the wrong side, he could be whipped but that wasn't often and not too hard.

This routine went in for months until one morning his owner's daughter Fiona came down to the stables.

Wow, was she pretty in her brown leather skirt and matching boots and white blouse - and she carried a black whip with her all the time. She had wonderful blonde hair and had sparkling eyes and a seductively beautiful smile

She approached Rodney and said she had persuaded her mother to make a present of him to her for her twenty fifth birthday. The deal was that he come back to the US with her (his passport had been part of the deal at the auction) as her personal assistant for her club the "Vixens Club".

He had to sign a contract of his own free will and the only "strange" clause was that his uniform which he had to wear at all times as a skirt, blouse and boots.

Given his present predicament, he agreed and the papers were freely signed and notarised (he went into the notary's office in his own male clothes - but his mistress' guards armed with guns accompanied them (- for protection!!)).

Rodneythen travelled back with Fiona back to the United States by boat and then onto her ranch in Arizona, where the Club was.

There he found all the staff suitably skirted and booted in a uniform - black skirt, black shiny boots and a red blouse. Any members who came to use the facilities - also had to be skirted and booted but the blouse could be any colour than red.

The Vixen Club celebrated skirts and boots - and was protected from outsiders by huge walls and guards (suitable skirted and booted) with guns with live ammo. You didn't want to mess with them.

Rodney was Fiona's PA, and to make sure he showed no stubble on his face each morning a beauty specialist came in - again she had to be skirted and booted to shave and treat his moustache and beard so he would appear as a woman.

As Rodney did not have a heavy growth of beard, he never had a 5 o'clock shadow.

He was always at Fiona's side around the Club, though he could be bought for special services by special friends of hers.

Most of the time this would entail being tightly tied up on the bed, so they could play with me until they were sexually satisfied.

Sometimes he would be tied to a post as part of the furniture while the clients took "afternoon tea".

As they have his contract - he have to go along - and if one is honest what else can he do.

His old life is gone and Jenny too.

He heard later that the Marie Celeste was found abandoned in the Indian Ocean three days after our abduction and it was assumed that the ship had turned turtle in a violent storm and everyone was drowned and had then righted itself later. The only living being found on the ship was the ship's cat -who couldn't have told the real tale.

All had been declared dead and massive insurance claims paid out.

And anyway, how could he escape?

Rodney had been renamed Rowena and it is the only name (s)he answered to.

All Rowena was ever allowed to wear was a skirt, blouse and boots - and at night his wrists were always tied behind his back as he slept in a second bed in Fiona’s room

And that my friends is the real story of what happened to the guests and crew of the SS Marie Celeste

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 11:50:33 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:One morning, Rachel's mother came down to breakfast and asked me if I would be her escort to the Club that evening. Only stipulation was that I had to wear a skirt.

I went upstairs and put on the red skirt she had laid out.

The maid tied my hands behind my back - as was usual

Strange I thought as we travelled in the taxi - a women's club.

When we arrived, I was taken into a small room where I was searched for contraband. I was then tightly re-bound, ball gagged, blindfolded and returned to my owner - Susie, Rachel's mother.

Hobbling down the corridor - in six inch heeled boots, I was taken to the gym where my hands were released and my blindfold taken off.

"You will be wrestling with Jen this evening" Susie said.

I looked at Jen and realsied this was a mismatch.

She was a gorgeous Amazon, tingling with muscle wearing a short leather skirt - very much like Xena on TV.

I got into the ring rather reluncatntly and heard there were bets on how quickly Jen could tie me up.

I advanced to the centre of the ring and Jen grabbed my outstretched hand and whisked it behind my back. I went forward on my knees and she pushed me to the ground and sat on me.

It was a no contest.

She had rope dangling from her waist and soon had both my wrists tied tightly together behind me and in a flash I was hogtied.

"One minute, ten" said one of the bystanders. "Bit slow by your standards Jen."

I was released and escorted from the ring to the red room

There I was tied up Japanese style.

Jen took the rope, laid it in the middle across my neck, (having first tied a loop off in the middle) and wound it around my arms to my wrists. She then twisted my wrists behind my back and tied them together with the ends of the rope and then connected the rope ends with the loop dangling from the middle of my neck.

I was then led into the main room where I was paraded around and a score was made of the ropework. I noticed a number a girls and crossdressers similarly tied up.

We came last and I found myself released and told that as Jen lost, I could tie her up that evening.

I took her wrists behind her back and tied them tightly - she winced.

I then took her to one of the side rooms and pushed her on the bed and hog tied her. I removed her shoes and tickled her until she submitted.

We had a great night together.

What happened to Rachel's mother? I saw her tied tightly to a pole in the middle of the main hall, with some Amazon torturing her with a feather.

At the end of the evening Rachel's mother was returned to the taxi, hands tied behind her. I was free and so got to escort her into the castle.

Once in the castle, I had my revenge. I took her to her room, ball gagged her and hogtied her - and thn had fun.

In the morning I released her
Friday, June 8th 2012 - 10:55:18 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:It was many years ago. I was dating a girl called Rachel and she asked me to go and meet her mother at home (actually it was a scottish castle).

She said my mother has a hang up about men in kilts, so please can you wear one. And boots too - in case we go for a walk.

That evening I came to the castle and was shown up to a room by the maid where the kilt - a black dark tartan lay on the bed with black boots to match.

I dressed into these and went downstairs, where I saw Rachel in a stunning black shirt and red top together with her mother and Aunt Mavis, both suitably dressed and looking stunning.

As I tottered down the stairs - 6 inch heels were what I was used to - Aunt Mavis came up behind me and twisted my right arm behind my back. I bent forward over a table and she grabbed my other arm and it joined the first one behind my back.

Rachel then came along with some rope and tied my wrists together and then my elbows.

I was then marched into the lounge and forced on to my knees in front of her mother.

I was forced to walk on my knees over towards th fireplace where I was pushed on my stomack and my ankles were tied together and then brought up to my wrists and I was left in a hogtie.

Her mother then said: So you think women are the weaker sex do you. Wrong boy. And with that she thrust a ball gag in my mouth.

I was left there squirming trying to escape until I agreed to submit.

They then untied me and we had a great evening together.

Quite an experience
Friday, June 8th 2012 - 09:45:47 AM
Name: Jason
Comments:It was late at night in the hotel room and there was a knock on the door. As I opened the door, a gorgeous lady with two girlfriends stood in front of me pointing a gun.

They told me to strip and put on the skirt they laid on the bed - which surprisingly was my size. Then they had me put on the boots and blouse.

I was then turned around and tight rope tied my hands together behind me. A gag was forced into my mouth and I was pushed out of the room into the corridor to the lift.

I was "escorted" into the lift and forced to my knees.

They took me to the car, still suitably tied up.

The lead girl then started to shackle my feet and put a hood on me.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the castle and was led hobbling into the lounge. Aunt Mavis and Rachel's mother were there - and I was forced onto my knees in front of her.

"Well done Gemma" her mother said and then I realised that my girlfriend Rachel had another sister.

Friday, June 8th 2012 - 09:42:55 AM
Name: Esoteric Eric
E-mail address: ericthefag1936@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:I'll call her "Rhonda" for this story.

She was wearing a skirt and a sweater. I went up her skirt, pulled her panties down and stuffed them into her mouth. Then I put on Access Hollywood. I had her hold her right hand over her right shoulder, then wedged my penis between her forearm and bicep.

Elbow fuck.

Those rotton cotton underwears in her mouth while I kept her arm bent and rammed away. She started to dry up.

So I squeezed a peeled orange into her privates to lubricate her fantasy citrus-style. While I was going at it like a jackhammer in a torso, I could hear her answering machine pick up...

It was her boss. He said if she didn't pick up, she was fired. I told her to stay still, then I walked into the kitchen and picked up the receiver. "She's busy, you pervert! You can have her tomorrow after I make her so sore she won't even be able to type!" He told me he couldn't understand me and that I sounded like I had cum in my mouth. I aksed if he was hiring. "Just tell Sandy Bernabei that I will fax her in the AM."

Shit, I thought. I might have blown a job opportunity. Then I packed up her clothes, her makeup and her perfume. The next day I showed up at her office in heels wiating for her stupid boss.
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 10:02:34 PM
Comments:how do you access archived stories? for this site
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 - 03:52:29 PM
Name: Sankalpa rai
E-mail address: sankalpa.Rai86@gmail.Com
Homepage URL: http://Hogtied
Comments:Nice website
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 - 10:20:15 AM
Name: steve
E-mail address: c0brafromhell@aol.com
Comments:Cool stories, sweet site. If any females that like to be gagged wanna chat hit me up via email. I'm a 25yr old male BTW
Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 03:42:49 PM
Name: Patent
E-mail address: m_orton2000@yahoo.com
Comments:She started by spraying my nose with nasal spray. Tied as I was to the crossbar in the closet, how could I stop her? She had bound my wrists tightly behind my back, palm to palm as well as my elbows, then forced me to put on a pair of her pantyhose and some 6" black patent leather high heel pumps to stand in. Then she had tightly joined my ankles and knees before using the nasal spray. Once she was sure I could breathe well, my mouth was packed with a pair of her dirty underwear and wrapped what seemed like an endless strip of elastic bandage around my head to securely gag me.

I had no idea what was coming next. She slipped off her own black patent leather dress pump which she had been wearing all day and held it over my face with one hand, toe down, so that my nose was buried deep within the vamp of her shoe while the other hand tied it tightly to my face.

"Now we'll see how much you love those patent leather shoes of mine!" she teased. "We'll see if you can last until bed time standing in your own 6" pumps. After an hour or so of standing, you'll see the agony we girls go through to please our men!"

She touched my growing buldge and laughed.

"I guess you really like the smell of my shoes, don't you? We'll see if you still feel that way after a couple of hours of this!" and with that she closed the closet door leaving me alone in the dark.

If she was serious, it would be about 3 hours before she would let me go. Pure torture. The smell of her foot odor permeated my nostrils and got me even more excited. Every time I tried to move to get more comfortable, my patent heels squeaked together, mocking my helplessness, and that made me even harder! There was no way I could move close enough to the wall to rub myself to orgasm... What a sweet dilemma!

More to come...
Friday, June 25th 2010 - 06:45:56 PM
Name: Blondebound
E-mail address: fit2bgagged@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://fetlife.com/users/249588
Comments:Heyy I love tying myself up and I have several pictures of myself tied up and gagged.. just email me if you're interested :)
Tuesday, October 6th 2009 - 09:12:38 PM
Name: Janus
E-mail address: vincecb1@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi ya all, I havn't been back to this site for some time. I enjoyed reading all the stories and comments again. Anyway, i changed my email. Would love to hear from any of you guys who liked my stories. J
Tuesday, October 9th 2007 - 10:04:46 AM
Name: Janus
E-mail address: vincecb1@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi everyone, I havn't been back to this site for a couple of years now. I posted some of the original stories but things went quiet? If there's anyone out there still 'especially' Ms Bunny :-), would love to hear from you. Note, i have a new email
Tuesday, October 9th 2007 - 03:23:54 AM
Name: Dawn
Comments:This happened to myself and my 20 year old daughter, Brittany, a little over a year ago.

My husband and 2 younger sons were away for the weekend camping. It was a Friday evening and Brittany and I had gone to eat with some other ladies from our church.

We got back home about 8:30pm. We walked into the house from our attached garage Then it started.

Standing there in the kitchen in front of us was a masked man holding a gun. We turned around to try to escape from him and in front of us was another masked man, also holding a gun, who had hidden behind the door whdn we walked in.

They explained that they had escaped from jail and we wouldn't get hurt if we cooperated with them. All they wanted was a car and money so they could get away.

So at gunpoint, Brittayn and I surrendered our purses to them. They dumped everything out of them onto the kitchen table, taking our wallets, including our credit cards, and cell phones, along with my car keys. Then they found a bag and took our necklaces from us along with Brittany's engagement ring and my wedding ring.

We were then herded down the hall to Brittany's bedroom where the men proceeded to grab up the rest of her jewelry, then to my bedroom where they did the same, taking all of my jewelry.

We were then placed standing side by side beside the bed, facing away from the bed. One of the men said, "Now ladies...get out of those pretty clothes." For a minute we stared in fear and in horror. He repeated the order, only more harshly, "Take off your clothes or we'll cut them off you." "You first mama...show the girl how to do it."

I was wearing a calf length denim skirt with a drawstring tie in front and a dark blue, light blue, gray, and white striped shirt that zips up. Both of us crying by this time, I managed to unzip my shirt and pull it off. the man said, "Get out of the skirt too." With that, I untied the drawstring and slipped my skirt off. One man then took some duct tape and coverd my mouth wit about 2 or 3 strips. then I was ordered to turn around and face the bed. I was then roughly pushed face down onto it and my wrists, then my ankles were bound behind me.

"You're next young lady." he told Brittany. With that order, Brittany pulled off her black knit top and brown flower print pull on skirt. she was then gagged with more duct tape and the shoved onto the bed beside me where whe was also bound as I was.

we struggled in our binds to get free, but were unable to do so until brittany's boy friend came over about noon the next day.

My car was found 3 days later but the men by that time were long gone. I don't know if they were ever arrested. It was a very horrifying and humiliating experience for both Brittany and myself.

Fearing for my life and esleci
Friday, June 8th 2007 - 11:33:02 PM
Name: yreff
E-mail address: ferry_kresyana@yahoo.co.id
Comments:this is brilliant site...!!
Saturday, January 20th 2007 - 10:06:22 AM
Name: Beth
Comments:First, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 33 and am a manager of a loan office. I don't drive...I guess I never really wanted to after a good friend died in a car accident some years ago. Anyway, this happened to me about 8 months ago.

Not only was it a Friday when the books had to be balanced for the week, but it was also the end of the month, so I had extra balancing to do, so obviously, I was going to be working late.

My sister, Kathy, me to say that she would be at the office to pick me up at 8:30. About 8:15, the buzzer at the door for employees rang. Since I thought it was her , I went out to let her in.

That particular day, I was dressed in a calf-length dark blue skirt and light blue pull on sweater. When I got to the door and opened it up, I realized my mistake. There were two men, both wearing masks and holding guns and I was very rudely pushed back inside to the office.

I was ordered to open the safe, which took me a little extra time as I fumbled around with the combination...trembling as I was doing it. I was then ordered to lie face down on the floor, then they bound my wrists and my ankles

Suddenly the buzzer rang. One of the men went out to open the door. About 5 minutes later, he came back into the office, holding a gun to Kathy's head. She was dressed in a sweatshirt and blue jeans.

Kathy was ordered to help me stand up, and when I did, I was hoping that the men would leave. Instead, Kathy was told to untie me. I was happy about that until we were told in a very harsh voice, "Get out of your clothes and hurry up." I started to object, but he said if I didn't, he would "cut the clothes off me."

So We started to undress. Kathy undid her belt and took off her jeans and pulled off her sweatshirt. I was trambling and shaking, but managed to unbutton my skirt, stepping out of it, and pulled off my top. When we were undressed, I looked at Kathy and, to my shock, she wasn't wearing a bra.

The men smiled at her looks and then I was told to take my bra off too, leaving me in my panty hose and 4" pumps. Kathy was wearing her sandles, socks, and panties.

We were then both ordered to lie face down on the floor, where the men bound our wrists behind our backs, then our ankles. We were then effectively gagged. The men then left and we struggled in the binds. We were in that position until the middle of Saturday morning when we were finally discovered.

I was extremely humiliated. I hope nobody else has to go through the same thing
Friday, November 17th 2006 - 08:49:48 PM
Name: Cheri
E-mail address: cheri_handgagged@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com/cheri_65/cheri2.html
Comments:Nice board. I'll be posting my own story soon and announce your board on my dreambook:


I now have 9 boards including a handgag strories board, a college board and more.

All the best!

Wednesday, October 25th 2006 - 08:47:11 PM
Name: The gagger
E-mail address: afriendinneedami@yahoo.com
Comments: A very good site. With lots of tall tales.
Friday, October 13th 2006 - 02:03:51 AM
Name: Jo Ann
Comments:I'll never forget the time I was bound and gagged. I was at my friend, Becky's house after school to do some studying together. We arrived there, about 3 miles from town, riding on the school bus at about 4:00. I was 16 at the time and Becky was 17. Also getting off the bus with us was Becky's 13 year old sister, Mary. Since this was back in the mid-60's, the dress code was for the girls to wear skirts to school. It was winter so Becky was wearing a gray wool straight skirt and pink sweater. I was wearing a dark red wool a-line skit and matching sweater, and Mary was wearing a yellow wool a-line skirt and a green sweater. Since Joan was a part time secretary at work, she was wearing a tan wool straight skirt and a white blouse. We went in the house and Becky's mother, Joan greeted us. Becky and I went upstairs to her bedroom to study where it was fairly quiet, while Mary stayed downstairs with her mother. About 4: 20, Becky and I heard some commotion downstairs, but thought nothing of it as we figured that Mary and her mother were starting to prepare the evening meal, so we ignored what was happening. About 5 minutes later, a man wearing a mask and armed with a silver pistol barged into the room where Becky and I were at. He pointed his pistol at us and ordered us to go downstairs. I was first followed by Becky. When we turned to go into the living room, there were Joan and Mary lying face down on the floor with their wrists and ankes duct taped behind them. Also there were 2 other men both armed and wearing masks watching them. Becky and I were then ordered to the floor with Joan and Mary. I was first, placed between Mary and Becky. We were securely tied like Mary and Joan, also all of us having ropes around our breasts, making them stick out. None of us were gagged, but that soon changed. The men proceeded to undo our skirts, pulling them off, then they took scissors and cut our panties off, wadded them up, and put them into our mouths, taping them in, so all we could do was MMPHhhh as we couldn't spit them out. After going through our purses, the men left. Were in that positiong for the next 2 hours when Becky's dad and brother returned hom and untied us.
Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 05:15:02 PM
Name: Lee
Comments:Maybe you can tell us a story flirting, can you type with your hands tied and the panties in your mouth!?
Thursday, March 16th 2006 - 07:45:26 PM
Name: flirrting slut
Comments:hey lee, they were a pair of dirty nasty panties
Wednesday, March 15th 2006 - 05:17:04 PM
Name: pedrO
E-mail address: pedrobythesea@hotmail.com
Friday, February 10th 2006 - 03:46:02 PM
Name: Lee
Comments:What would that be in your mouth making you mmmmmphhhh!?
Friday, January 20th 2006 - 03:30:50 PM
Name: flirting slut
Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 11:19:13 AM
Name: Joe
E-mail address: army_dude1433@yahoo.com
Comments:cool site
Monday, October 10th 2005 - 05:20:58 PM
Name: Just a dude...
Comments:Hey it was National Underwear Day a few days ago... C'mon something must've happened :)
Saturday, August 13th 2005 - 08:02:18 PM
Name: Leslie
Comments:hey guys here is my story of being tied and gagged with underwear

It all started when my parents went away to visit some from friends for about a week or so and for some reason they always thought some would rape me or something so they gave my bf a key to the house and he always watched over me when they were gone. When they were on there way i thought I would have enough time for a quick session. So i got into a leopard skin thong that was a little to small (all my thongs are because that how I like them) i also had the same design bra on. I gagged myself with duck tape and used some belts for my feet and tied my hands with rope. Well after about five minutes my bf came in and eventually worked his way up to my room.
He saw me laying there and was like "o boy im gonna have fun this week". He saw that the tape was working its way off and he knew where my pantie drawer was and what was in it. So he grabed a thong that ties at the sides and put the vagina part in my mouth and tied it super tight around my head. The he said "just to make sure" he put duck tape around it. Then he shut all the blind in the house carried me out into the family room and made me watch tv with him like that. Then he called up some of our friends the ones that are couples and asked if they wanted to come over. Thankfully only one of the couple came over and I was hidden in the closet (the other couple was into bondage) so when the boyfriend finally got the girlsfriend tied up i was carried out and then they decided to put the pantied in our mouths and use a ball gag on us so when we moved or tried to say something all that you heard was mmmmmmmmmmmmmph. They said that if we did everything we were told to do we would be "unslaved in the next couple of days" so we had no choice and had to mmmmmmmmph to say yes. So I had to dress in a small tight denim skirt barely below my ass and white tight t shirt that showed my bra and my friend was dressed in the same thing except black lingerie.
We were still gagged but played servent. When I decided to disobey they tied up back up except we were together in our lingerie and told we would remain like that or the bounds would be tighter. SO after a night of orgasims we were told that the guys were going out for a day and would come back later but before they left they let us go to the bathroom and eat and stuff.
After a long day they said that if we didnt make a sound that night we would be released. Well smart old me had to go to the bathroom and was mmmmmmmmmphing like crazy they cam in let me go but they made me tied up in the bath tu for about a day.
Sorry for the crappy ending but after that i was released i had to untie my friend the party ended because we had to settle down before my parents came home in an hour
Thursday, April 14th 2005 - 09:07:47 PM
Name: Mrs Sarah Emm
E-mail address: sarahbunny_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://uk.profiles.yahoo.com/sarahbunny_uk
Comments:Lee, if you want to contact me, please email me, I'll be happy to converse with you, sorry for not commenting sooner, but I wasn't aware you'd made the comments, as I don't visit this site a lot, due to my busy lifestyle.
Sunday, March 6th 2005 - 03:47:32 AM
Name: Lee
Comments:Ever come to the States lov?!
Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 11:04:44 AM
Name: Lee
Comments:Thanks Mrs. Sara! Your turn?
Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 10:40:20 AM
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