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Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project
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Name: Mistral faye
E-mail address: mistral.faye@live.com.au
Comments:Hi, Dr charles Paglar is my great grandfather and I have always considered myself as Euarsian. I have stumbled across this site and enjoy everyones writings, its been hard growing up without much knowledge except now as an adult , i am finding out my amazing family history and their huge footprint in society

Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 02:33:22 PM
Name: Robbert Hoekstra
E-mail address: ROBBHOEK@AOL.COM
Comments:Hello Dreambook,

While your intentions are well meant, I have to tell you that the name Malaysian Dutch or Dutch Malaysians is kind of a misnomer. The names of the people who have entered your website clearly point to this and they are crying their eyes out for “justice”. Born In the former Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, I grew up identifying myself as a “Dutch Indonesian”, which I always felt as being incorrect. In Holland the authorities labeled us as “Indische Nederlanders” or “Dutch Indonesians” or “Indos”. Since moving to the U.S. I have always identified myself as a Eurasian. The American authorities always tried to convince me that it is incorrect, but I persisted. It is my opinion that the identification as a “Eurasian” is the only “politically correct” one for those whose ancestors are not only of Asian or SE Asian descent but also of people from OTHER European countries and not just from the Netherlands (or Holland). As I mentioned earlier, just look at their last names. By the way, there are also those whose ancestors are African and/or Jewish. I do like your website though, and since the first time I found it, about four years ago, I have been able to assist people in Singapore and Malacca, but now living in Sabah, in giving them their family genealogy so they can now connect with their past and find closure. I wish I could do something for everyone one in this “:Dreambook”. Perhaps I can get them connected in one way or another with their European families. I understand that it is not easy for them, living disconnected, and in many cases discriminated, in some sort of a vacuum in the land of their birth. And the Dutch Government has cut the umbilical cord with its colonial past … and their descendants. But … there are still the archives. Keep up the good work. Shalom.
Greetings from Arizona.
Monday, September 30th 2013 - 05:26:14 PM
Name: Wenda
E-mail address: browenda@hotmail.com
Comments:Hope to know more about Dutch in Malaysia as I'm also finding the roots of my ancestors. =)
Friday, September 20th 2013 - 11:51:49 PM
Name: Carol Paglar
E-mail address: merlion4121@gmail.con
Comments:Hello! Everyone:

It is wonderful that this site exists for all the people in need of it.
I am looking for my help regarding my ancestory, i too have children and woul like to share my heritage with them but i keep bumping into walls and hope that you could help me with my quest. My grandfather was born Percy Edward Tessensohn and was adopted into the Paglar family in Malacca. I am trying to find out who the biological parents are and which Paglar family he was adopted into. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in Singapore but I would really like to know my roots.

Thank you!
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 01:23:18 PM
Name: Carol Paglar
E-mail address: Merlion4121@gmail.com
Comments:Hello! Everyone:
I am looking for my help regarding my ancestory, i too have children and woul like to share my heritage with them but i kerp bumping into walls and hope that you coul help me with my quest. My grandfather was born Percy Edward Tessensohn and was adopted into the Paglar family in Malacca. I am trying to find out who the biological parents are and which Paglar family he was adopted into. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in Singapore but I would really like to know my roots.

Thank you!
Monday, September 16th 2013 - 09:08:01 AM
Name: Nick Lazaroo
E-mail address: lazaroo88@gmail.com
Comments:Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm trying to know more about my family roots as to, whether or not, all Lazaroos are related? ... and of course, how did the Lazaroos come to be?

The issue would be that my grandfather, Peter Walter Lazaroo, passed on when my father was a young boy and because all of my father's older sisters have married of to the Hendroffs, Monteiros & Da Silva's ... I feel like the Lazaroo identity (within my own family) is fading. I really don't want that to happen.

I hope someone can help enlighten me further on this.

Many thanks!

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 01:56:11 PM
Name: james
E-mail address: azrulbinbahari@yahoo.com
Comments:i lived in malaysia for 10 years and come across maggie usula marbecks grave, overgrown & vandalised, i cared for it whikle i was there till i had come come back uk. if anyone has a photo of her id be so eternally grateful if i could see what she looked like. can anyone help please??????
Tuesday, May 14th 2013 - 11:13:32 PM
Name: james
E-mail address: skaromondas@hotmail.com
Comments:i believe ive discovered a grave of one of your ancestors, a girl called maggie usular marbeck, her garve is close to hang tuah monorail. i do have a pic of it if anyones interested?
Saturday, November 3rd 2012 - 09:03:48 PM
Name: Aaron
E-mail address: lf555@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lincoln-shitting.com
Comments:Lily, I hate racism too. if you send me a private email, I can tell you who the father is.

Oh, And Tenessohn is the correct Speling. You need to check the shipping inductry records.


Saturday, September 17th 2011 - 12:30:09 PM
Name: Lilianna Tessensohn
E-mail address: woodylyana@gmail.com
Comments:I was born Malacca. I am actually not sure about my descendents nor my surname(whether its dutch or is it Portuguese).My dad couldn't tell me much about his families. My late grandad is Daniel Tessensohn, his father was John Tessensohn. I know my grandmother was Portuguese but she converted to muslim (Mak Mondak or something) i have never met her and don't know her real name. I wish to know my heritage. I found out sometime ago that there are Tessensohn in Singapore to. I wonder are they related to me. I feel lost because i don't know my heritage and since i have a son. I would love to be able to tell him the story of my heritage. Thanks.....Sabah
Friday, September 16th 2011 - 03:01:00 PM
Name: Sven Mordechai Pin Pang
E-mail address: jews4jesus@churchmail.com
Homepage URL: http://http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=123450471002828
My ancestors made the trek across Mongolia during the Ming Dynasty.

Centuries later, after a shipyard blaze, many of the daughters settled in Europe and Western Asia. The rest made homes in Japan, many reconvening in the shipping business, where nepotism ran rampant.

Over the years, both Malaysia and Thailand were severely impacted by embargoes.

Intermarrying amongst the Swynying tribe led to genetic curiosities, most notably amongst the Swinpin and Pangau tribes, who migrated to Ireland.

Genetically, I believe having an eleventh toe runs on. Both my sisters and my wife's uncle has it. Oddly enough, all three have ADHD.

Genealogy is secret passion of mine. Ever since me and the Missus decided to welcome another kid into the world, I've been studying genetics. My son Brian is 24 and taking Earth Science in a special program. We are so proud of him. He told us the other day that there are three kinds of clouds. I can't wait until the school play! It's going to be Three Little Pigs.

I hope I can one day teach my growing family where they come from.

Many thanks to the little buggers that made this site possible.

Go bless!

Monday, September 5th 2011 - 02:45:44 PM
Name: Patrick Joseph Swyny
E-mail address: patrick.swyny@gmail.com
Comments:Hello there...

It's interesting to know that there are also others who are keen to know where their ancestors come from. Well the same can be said about me.

I'm trying to inter-relate my family background. I was born an Eurasian and i carry the surname 'Swyny' and hope it will continue to live on for many generations.

I remember my dad and uncle told me the story of my grandpa's background. He was named Mervyn William
Swyny, born in Pahang, Malaya in 1928. I believe that his family moved from India to Malaya during the British colonial times. Later on he married another Eurasian from Malacca, Mabel Helen Baumgarten, and later moved to Singapore. My grandpa travelled a lot, especially in Sabah and Sarawak where he worked as a Foreman.

I know that i have relatives from all over the world, with the nearest is in Singapore at the moment. I know that my grandpa's sister went to England during the Japanese occupancy, where later she married and carries the surname 'Murphy'.

I hope by sharing this story can help me to relate to the other Swyny's, or Baumgarten's, oe even the Murphy's. I'm proud of my heritage and i hope to join the missing puzzles of my family tree.

Do contact me if anyone have similar stories to share. Thanks.
Sunday, June 5th 2011 - 11:23:57 PM
Name: Robbert Hoekstra
E-mail address: ROBBHOEK@AOL.COM
Comments:The first time I connected with your Dreambook was on December 06, 2008 in which I tried to connect with Denyse Tessensohn. Today, for some reason, I reconnected with your Dreambook again and paid more attention to the messages that were posted. As a person of European and Asian descent from the former Duatch East Indies, now Indonesia, myself I do now realize that many are like a cry reaching out for their past as many of our younger generation all over the world are. Many are getting up in age and their older generation (parents) are taking their family history with them into their grave. I may be able to give answers to the many questions that went unanswered. I'd be more than happy to do so. It may bring closure to all those of European and Asian descent.
Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona USA
Thursday, April 21st 2011 - 09:32:24 AM
Name: jeremy van weiringen
E-mail address: vw_jeremy08@yahoo.com
Comments:great page....there are lots of ppl here that mirrors my own racy and hazy background, get what i mean...good to know that us minorities have a common ground....
Monday, April 18th 2011 - 12:02:19 AM
Name: Laurence Justinian RAPPA
E-mail address: rjlaurence@gmail.com
Comments:Hi, Interesting reading... I am a Rappa and am looking for more information on the rappa of early melaka... I understand that there are no more rappa family in Malaysia but I am not 100% sure. Any clues on the Rappa... Do let me know
Friday, October 29th 2010 - 10:25:25 AM
Name: Gloria Klyne
E-mail address: gaklyne@gmail.com
Comments:I was born in Singapore but relocated to Sydney in the eighties. My siblings still live in Singapore.
I came across your link while searching the web for Klyne Street in Kuala Lumpur. I remember having visited the street a long time ago as a youngster. I am a regular visitor to KL and tried looking for the street with no success. I was told that the street was named in honour of my great great grandfather from Holland for his contribution in the building of the first roads in KL, Malaya. I am sad that this acknowledgement was erased from the Malaysian history books when the street was renamed with a Malay name.
I hope that one day in the future, the street will be given back its original name. It is so important for us to remember our history, and to be proud of it. We owe what progress we have today to our ancestors, whether they are of Asian or European heritage. I used to be so proud of this link to Malaya.
Besides my brothers and sisters in Singapore, I would love to know if I have other relatives who may know more about our Dutch origins, for instance, from which part of the Netherlands did we come, or do we have living Dutch relatives who are aware of our existence?
I wish you all the best on your project and hope that it bears fruit.
Thursday, May 27th 2010 - 01:01:27 AM
Name: Edgar de Vosse
E-mail address: edgardevosse@yahoo.com
Comments:Very surprise to find this site. Fully support this wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Good show.
Friday, March 19th 2010 - 11:11:56 PM
Name: Joseph Yzelman
E-mail address: yzelman@singnet.com.sg
Comments:Im amn Yzelman related to the Yzelmans and Greniers. Father was Cyril Edward Grenier Yzelman and Grandfather Charles Poulier Albert Edward Yzelman and Grandmother Estelle Greneir(Maiden Name). Anyone wish to share my great grandfather history or roots.

Monday, March 1st 2010 - 11:26:17 AM
Name: Barry Pereira
Comments:Don't waste your time this is a dead site. If you register, you will never hear from the site agian.

This message is NOT from Barry Pereira. This person has maliciously used his name to leave this message, and he has done so more than once. The source was from:
IP Addresses: and
Hostname: dsl-[IP Address].wa.westnet.com.au
ISP: iiNet Limited
Location: Swan View, Perth and North Perth, Western Australia.
Please note that this is a form of Identity Theft and it is illegal!
Friday, February 19th 2010 - 04:06:02 AM
Name: Ramlah Sulaiman (Rom)
E-mail address: dr.ramlah@yahoo.com

I wrote here a couple of years ago. I have changed my email to : dr.ramlah@yahoo.com and my tel no: 07-2272777 and 0142765949.

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 05:35:38 PM
Name: Magdalene Sta Maria
Comments:A job well done . Was just fooling around to see if i could find any of my reletives and came across your site.My dad's surname is Sta Maria and my mum De Silva from portuegeuse settlement in Melaka. I gather that I am of portuegeuse desendants. In saying that ,to all those who know my father .my mother or their parents I would love to hear from you.MUITO OBRIGADO

Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 11:19:58 PM
E-mail address: syahidah76@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.perzim.gov.my
Comments:I'm Curator of Historic and Ethnography Museum which located in Stadthuys Building. Hope to have cooperation with you to arrange an activity at our museum especailly to introduce and exhibit anything about history and dutch culture at melaka.

Melaka, Malaysia
Monday, December 21st 2009 - 01:02:00 PM
Name: Shamie Fitzjohn
E-mail address: fontana_virgo@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi! I am looking to get in touch with a couple of old friends whom i've lost touch with for many years now...Veronica Schokman and Corrine Lazaroo. I would very much appreciate it if any one who happens to know either one of them to pass on the message.


Tuesday, October 27th 2009 - 08:46:31 PM
Name: Joseph Gerard Manen-Basnayake
E-mail address: josemanen@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi there, my late Grandpa(Edwin Harold Manen) always told us(the Family)that he has so many mixture of Blood.

Portugues, Dutch, English, Irish, Ceylon-Sinhalese, Malaya-Malay, Chinese, Baba, Burmese and e.t.c.

Tuesday, September 15th 2009 - 07:40:08 AM
Name: Mark Attwood
E-mail address: mcattw@yahoo.com

Sunday, September 13th 2009 - 02:20:56 AM
Name: elza altmann
E-mail address: elzaaltman@hotmail.com
Comments:Just wondering if anyone who reads this would have known anything about 3 Gustave Adolphe Frederik Altmanns. The first born in Holland, died in Bandung. The second born in Patjitan and died still on Java. The third born Tassikmalaya in 1922, served with the KNIL and died in 1977. Looking for validation of these three men, yes, they've all died, but it would be nice for someone to say "Yes, I remember him".

Thursday, September 10th 2009 - 12:48:57 PM
Name: elzaaltmann
E-mail address: elzaaltman@hotmail.com
Comments:please keep pushing for togetherness, so many of us have "lost" our history, we're in limbo. Who's who and whats what is important because it gives us the roots we need. Thanks

Tuesday, August 4th 2009 - 08:55:40 AM
Name: Fabian Schokman
E-mail address: fabianschokman2@gmail.com
Comments:As u already know I'm a Schokman.iknow it is dutch but I would really like to know more.I know that you'll will help me or give me means of getting help.


Sri Lanka
Monday, August 3rd 2009 - 12:03:34 AM
Name: michael roy
E-mail address: michaelcolinroy@yahoo.com
Comments:just stumbled upon ur website and found it interesting. then, while browsing through the press column, i saw an article "Walter, the Agong's Special Man". he is my grand uncle( my grandmother's brother ). on behalf of his family, i would like to thank you for featuring his article.


Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 - 05:19:40 PM
Name: Richard Harvey
E-mail address: de_chard@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/schools/biohealth/research/pharmsci/groups/biophys/harvey-richard.html
Comments:In the footnotes for the piece on Dennis De Witt's lecture about the history of the Dutch in Malaysia (note 47), the surname Grenier is listed as being of British origin. According to my "MDD" family, made up of Greniers & Yzelmans, the Greniers were French Hugenots who settled in Holland and came out to s e asia with the Dutch.

Wednesday, June 10th 2009 - 09:38:08 PM
Name: Vincent G.
E-mail address: vincshire@hotmail.com
Comments:From our point of view, the Dutch descendants project should expand to the neighbouring states like George Town (Penang), Kuching & Kota Kinabalu for cultural exchange, festivals, food promotions, the feed back will be Optismic and Hopeful.

Wednesday, June 10th 2009 - 09:36:27 PM
Name: Leo van der Plas
E-mail address: maaik63@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://home.hccnet.nl/v.d.plas
Comments:hi Dennis,
A pity we did not meet last time you were in Holland.
made an interesting discovery lately about a son of Car Ludwig von Ranzow!
Greetings, Leo

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 - 12:20:54 AM
Name: Magdaleen Spykerman
E-mail address: magdaleen.spykerman@gmail.com
Comments:For years I have been asked "what are you actually"? "Is that your real name or your husband's"? It a question I find difficulty in answering and now I am proud to know that I am Dutch Descendants. I wish to obtain more information on the Spykermans. Is there anyone I could contact for more information or any info detailing how we got here, a family tree perhaps? I look forward to hearing from you.

Melaka, Malaysia
Wednesday, April 8th 2009 - 05:10:57 PM
Name: Harith Jamaludin
E-mail address: song_of_ainur@yahoo.com
Comments:As majority Malaysian we were always told that the Eurasian Malaysian mainly consist of the Portuguese & British official who stayed in the country after the Independent.

The story of the Dutch in Malaysian are rarely heard of although they paid a great contribution to the Malaysian history and culture.

As a cultural & history enthusiast, I'm compiling the history and culture of every Malaysian ethnicity especially those relating with food and festivals. It would be a great honor to have an exposure of such events so that a well-documented research can be a great preference in the future.

Also, it would be a great honor if Mr de Witt may spend some of his time and energy to give us, the docents of Museum Volunteer Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, a glimpse of everyday Malaysian Dutch. We have many of our members who they themselves are Dutch expatriates.

Terima kasih.


9 Lorong 4 Taman Mewah,
08000 Sungai Petani,


Thursday, March 26th 2009 - 04:50:48 PM
Name: Roni Rezeki
E-mail address: saut.roni@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://ronihotspot.blogspot.com
Comments:Please explain to me what is this word supposed to mean ¨After Indonesia received independence from the Netherlands in 1949¨. I Found it in this link http://www.dutchmalaysia.net/press/Easternization.html. Please seek for the true facts before you post some articles.

Thursday, March 5th 2009 - 02:39:27 AM
Name: Adrian Schokman
E-mail address: aschokman@mmm.com
Comments:I would be interested in all the Schokmans, Van derstraten and Slemmermens to be contacted

Sri Lanka
Friday, January 23rd 2009 - 12:15:20 AM
Name: Christopher
E-mail address: enerco_christopher_liow@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://clch.com.my
Comments:http://www.dutchmalaysia.net/contact.html has no "verification image". I cannot send anything without it.

Please rectify the issue the quickest possible, so I can send an email to you.

Thank you very much.

Monday, January 12th 2009 - 08:46:28 PM
Name: Lianne Hendriks
E-mail address: chanel_cheetah@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.myheritage.com/site-37802612/hendriks-web-site
Comments:I'm a descendant of the Hendriks family in Malaysia and I've been wondering about my Dutch side of the family for years. All I know is that this part on the Hendriks family is in Malaysia because my great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Alfred Hendriks was a doctor who came to Malaysia to give out vaccinations in the countryside villages (I'mnot sure where exactly.

My family name and crest can be found within the ruins of the St. Paul's hill in Melaka. I now reside in Melaka but my father and his family were from Perak. I do not know how did my family name could be inscribed on the stone slabs in the ruins.

I wish to look for the members of the Hendriks family (as many as possible) dispersed around the world. So far my family and I (together with my father's aunt, cousin and her husband) have located members of the Hendriks family in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. If your great-great-great granduncle or relative happens to be Thomas Alfred Hendriks, please contact me too. I look forward to meeting the whole Hendriks clan.
Thank you

Lianne Hendriks

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 02:15:11 PM
Name: Robbert Hoekstra
E-mail address: ROBBHOEK@AOL.COM
Comments:I am currently doing a familytrre for the Tessensohn branch of my family. Data received from an uncle living in the Netherlands led me to the Christ Church where the first Tessensohns were married and baptized. This in turn linked me up with the website of Christ Church Malacca and consequently with yours. I too am of Dutch and Asian descent born in Batavia, now jakarta, Indonmesia. In 1952 my family repatriated back to the Netherlands and in 1964 i emigrated to the U.S. Just like the people of Israel, we had our own"Diaspora". You find is now all over this world. However through the costruction of each family tree I have done and the knowledge of the History of the Dutch and the VOC am I being reconnected with the past. For the younger generation ach family tree is not only a lesson in a family's history but also a lesson in Geography. I know of the history of the "Dutch-Indonesians" and am very much interested to learn of that of the Dutch descendants in Malacca. I tried to get in touch with Denyse Tessensohn but have not heard from her. May I hear from you?
Greeting fro Phoenix, Arizona.
Robbert Hoekstra

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 08:09:34 AM
Name: hazlee
E-mail address: hazlee@xtra.com.sg
Comments:my grandma who is 94 years old this year is Dutch ...she is still healthy and well and living with us ...we have always wanted to find our dutch descendants and never know how to ...until we find this website ....

she was left in singapore , changi area to a malay family when she was a kid ...by her dutch family because of a sickness ...the dutch family did come back for her a couple of years later ...but she refused to follow them...we are sort of aware that some family members are in malaysia while the rest are in holland ...

the only other details i know is that she has a sister called bella and a brother called eric ....

anybody has any details do let me know ....

just email me at

Friday, December 5th 2008 - 02:09:51 AM
Name: Hennie Alders
E-mail address: info@imissholland.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.imissholland@home.nl
Comments:Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Nederlanders in het buitenland hebben allemaal een beetje heimwee, vooral als het om eten gaat;
de ontbijtkoek in de ochtend, Nederlandse fritessaus bij de patat of de diksap voor de kinderen.

Jaren lang heb ik met veel plezier Nederlandse producten opgestuurd naar familie en kennissen om het gemis aan boerenkool met worst en zuurkool met spek wat proberen weg te nemen.
In maart van dit jaar ben ik een bedrijfje begonnen dat pakketten samenstelt voor Nederlanders in het buitenland. Op menig verzoek, heb ik daar nu ook een boodschappen service aan toegevoegd waarbij ik op pad ga om volgens uw opgave boodschappen te doen, bij die winkels waar u in Nederland zelf uw boodschappen deed.

Wat ooit als een hobby is begonnen, heb ik nu in een professioneler jasje gegoten en vanaf oktober 2008 heb ik ook een website gelanceerd op www.imissholland.nl om mijn diensten beschikbaar te stellen aan een ieder die daar prijs op stelt.

Mijn streven is een vaste klantenkring op te bouwen met een 100% klanttevredenheid. Ik werk accuraat, ben punctueel, spreek duidelijke taal en kom mijn afspraken altijd na.

Ik wil u middels deze brief vriendelijk verzoeken de bovenstaande tekst te plaatsen in uw clubblad of nieuwsbrief of onderstaande link te plaatsen op uw web-site en u alvast bij voorbaat hartelijk danken voor uw medewerking. Indien plaatsing middels deze weg niet mogelijk is, verneem ik graag van u de mogelijkheden mijn website bekend te maken bij uw leden.

Met vriendelijke Hollandse groeten,
Hennie Alders

Monday, November 24th 2008 - 04:32:56 AM
Name: Irene van Son
E-mail address: jalapenogirl@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, I am looking for info regarding my great grandmother OCTAVIA LEONIE MARTIN who married THOMAS CHARLES (MONINGTON)WEST.
Octavia died in 1904 at the age of 34. Charles had moved from Ireland to Penang or Malacca before the 1900. My other family comes from JOHANNES FREDERIK MEIJER who married their daughter Irene and had a cinema theaters all over Sumatra.
Can anyone give me info where I would look for open archives on line regarding the Indonesian history in the 1800-1900 or anything else that might help. Thank you

Monday, November 17th 2008 - 05:40:28 AM
Name: Dr.Chong Poh Chean
E-mail address: chong94@hotmail.com
Comments:I am a decendant of a dutch burgher from ceylon.My grandfathers name is george jansz and he immigrated and settled in kedah state malaysia in early 1900.He is one of family of 10 children.I am trying to find out about the sri lankan side of my family.If there is anybody who has some info i would appreciate it very much.Thank you

Thursday, October 2nd 2008 - 06:30:13 AM
Name: Ing. Gerard W. Ch. Lemmens
E-mail address: gerardlemmens1@yahoo.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://members.lycos.nl/lemmensfamilie
Comments:Congratulations with this web site ! I am interested in the Bogaards (Ceylon & then Indonesia) and the Lemmens genealogies.
I am unfortunately a "blanke kakkerlak", born in the hospital of Surabaja (in 1940) and we lived in Malang . In 1942 first in Kamp Malang and afterwards in the prison Banjoe-Biroe which we survived.
After the war my parents settled in Hengelo (O)and in 1967 I came over to the U.K. as a mature student (I had done Trop.& Subtrop. agriculture in Deventer) to study Brewing & Biochemsitry in Edinburgh, married there in 1968 and have been all my working live in the U.K. apart from 12 years in Washington State from which we came back to the U.K in 2005 to retire.
Wew live in a wonderful village (Wadhurst) in East Sussex.
In September we are going to make a 3 week trip to Java (Borobudur and Malang to find our house!) and to Lombok to lay on the beach and read.
Indonesia is still my "Vaderland" !!
Sincere regards and good luck with your web site,
Gerard Lemmens

England, U.K.
Thursday, July 31st 2008 - 10:28:23 PM
Name: Paulina Gregory 'neeTHOMAZIOS
E-mail address: chillisauce888@hotmail.com
Comments:It will be GR8 to know if the Thomazios clan is still continuing and if there are any in Malaysia and Singapore. I don't think there are any here in Perth WA as far as I know. I have been in Perth since 1978.

Perth WA
Wednesday, July 23rd 2008 - 07:45:55 PM
Name: Declan marshall-neubronner
E-mail address: Deco.sexy05@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:my garndfather cecil clive neubronner was from singapore and would really like to find my relatives do you think you could help?

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 - 05:59:39 PM
Name: hazlee
E-mail address: azl_30@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://azlnani.fotopages.com
Comments:my grandma who is 94 years old this year is Dutch ...she is still healthy and well and living with us ...we have always wanted to find our dutch descendants and never know how to ...until we find this website ....

she was left in singapore , changi area to a malay family when she was a kid ...by her dutch family because of a sickness ...the dutch family did come back for her a couple of years later ...but she refused to follow them...we are sort of aware that some family members are in malaysia while the rest are in holland ...

the only other details i know is that she has a sister called bella and a brother called eric ....

anybody has any details do let me know ....

just email me
Sunday, May 11th 2008 - 01:35:52 PM
Name: John
E-mail address: ancient_seer@yahoo.com
Comments:Keep it up.
If by some chance you can bring meaning to some lost soul or a Flying Dutchman, It will be worth it.

Goede reis! Boa sorte!& God speed!

Friday, May 2nd 2008 - 05:08:45 PM
Name: Ramlah Sulaiman (Rom)
E-mail address: rom_cafe@streamyx.com
Comments:Hello again,

I wrote much much earlier asking if anyone knows any Especkerman please call me 6016-3377111, 6016-3113444 or 60142765949 or email me at rom_cafe@streamyx.com. I really want to meet my Dutch relatives. My mother had joined my father (gone on 26th Dec 1989) on March 4th 2008. I am sad I have no more parents and would certainly love to meet my father's existing family members (if any).

Tuesday, March 18th 2008 - 03:09:26 AM
Name: Karla K van Houten-Lancaster
E-mail address: gekay72003@hotmail.com
Comments:I have come across this page trying to find out information on my father's side of the family Enger-van Houten from The Netherlands and Indonisia. Interesting page.

Tuesday, March 4th 2008 - 03:37:58 AM
Name: hazlee
E-mail address: azl_30@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://azlnani.fotopages.com
Comments:my grandma who is 94 years old this year is Dutch ...she is still healthy and well and living with us ...we have always wanted to find our dutch descendants and never know how to ...until we find this website ....

she was left in singapore , pulau tekong to a malay family when she was a kid ...by her dutch family because of a sickness ...the dutch family did come back for her a couple of years later ...but she refused to follow them...we are sort of aware that some family members are in malaysia while the rest are in holland ...

the only other details i know is that she has a sister called bella and a brother called eric ....

anybody has any details do let me know ....

just email me

Monday, February 25th 2008 - 12:04:33 PM
Name: afandi brian monteiro
E-mail address: afandi_brian@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Hi there is was just great to into your site by accident actually,in fact my actual name is Brian Christopher Monteiro studying in la salle brickfiels from std 1 - form 3.(1965-1973)after which i studied at La Salle PJ Form 4-5.I would very much like if i could get in touch with
all my classmates during this year especially a close friend by the name of Bernard Narayanan..if you see this note do get in touch.Also i would like to get in touch with a Ms Lucia Kapar ( from Sarawak-former trainee nurse who was attached at General Hospital ) lost contact if im not mistaken about 25-27 years.

Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 12:33:12 AM
Name: SJSchokman
E-mail address: schokman@hotmail.com
Comments:As you may have noticed already, I come from the Schokman family. I have always been interested in my family history, especially after we found our family tree on the internet. I was just wondering if you would be able to provide greater detail about the Schokmans...Like what jobs they once held or things like that...
Saturday, January 12th 2008 - 02:58:48 PM
Name: Terry De Cotta
E-mail address: eurasian@optushome.com.au
Comments:I have since migrated to Australia (28years) my family background is....
Mum Monteiro / Van Houden
Dad De Cotta / Pastana

Interested to know after reading your web page ,What class of eurasian would I be classfied????

Melbourne, Australia
Saturday, January 5th 2008 - 06:06:17 PM
Name: Rachel Van Weiringen
E-mail address: sleepin_lamb@yahoo.com
Comments:i am trying to fing out out obout my family's history..can anyone help me?
im the only one in Malaysia that carries the surname
Van Weiringen..
i would like to learn ,more about my origins..

Friday, January 4th 2008 - 02:40:42 PM
Name: Barbara Lou Townsend
E-mail address: barbroots3@yahoo.com
Comments:Researching origins of Pound ancestor who arrived in the New World, America, 1600s.

Tuesday, August 7th 2007 - 02:53:49 AM
Name: Werner Yzelman
E-mail address: coach4real@comcast.net
Comments:I am a descendant of the Yzelman family that settled in Semarang, Indonesia and my family, in the Netherlands, have recently put together a family tree. Most of my family moved to the Netherlands in 1953. My mother settled in Singapore and that is where I grew up. I now live in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

It is good work that you are doing, keep it up!

Saturday, July 14th 2007 - 05:44:17 PM
Name: val
E-mail address: val.wood@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:My family were mixed Portugese, English,German and Dutch. My grandmother was Annie Bianca Lucretia Van Galen.She didn't have a birth certificate but was born in the 1870s.Unfortunately we don't know much about her.She married William Charles Marsh of Malacca.
Keep up your project.
Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 11th 2007 - 04:14:44 AM
Name: daryl spykerman
E-mail address: spykerman@gmail.com
Comments:hi there...as u see im a spykerman from singapore. my dad says we(the family) hail from holland & settled in malacca first b4 coming to singapore. the prob is tt i dunno when we came to singapore.dad oso dunno.its tough not knowing my roots but its great to find out.im always searching.
good work herre! kep it goin ya! : )

Saturday, June 16th 2007 - 01:17:32 AM
Name: Piet Zevenbergen
E-mail address: pbondivik1@kpnplanet.nl
Comments:I am just a regulair visitor to Malaysia on my way to Indonesia and now I have learned about your project.
Love to support it. Also became a member of the Dutch Malaysian group in The Netherlands. Little did I know but love to learn more about the people (Dutch Descendents)in Malaysia.
Many times I stayed in Kuala Lumpur and all I can say, it seems to be home away from home.Next December I hope to go again and stay 4 months. Very much looking forward to stay in your relaxed country.
Many greetings and lots of succes for all of you.

Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 06:07:44 AM
Name: Harriet
E-mail address: harrietkeyworth@hotmail.com
Comments:Keep up the good work.

Saturday, March 31st 2007 - 04:35:46 PM
Name: Adriana Spykerman
E-mail address: duckies_will_rule_da_world@hotmail.com
Comments:just wondering my last name is spykerman....is it possible it can be portuguese and dutch coz my granddad is born in malaca n is of portuguese decent but has the last name spykerman......???

New zealand born in singapore
Monday, March 26th 2007 - 02:44:26 PM
Name: celine Joyce Marbeck
E-mail address: celcuzine@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.celineskitchen.com
Comments:What a great idea to have this dream book so dreams can come true.i have a penchant for all things cultural and your dream book is a start of this new found way of getting to know our people-the eurasians or as we call in Malacca Jenti Cristang.
i have written a cookbook with a collection of Eurasian recipes together with stories and glimpses of the culture that the Eurasians of malacca practised I would be so happy to meet of write to any one who reads this. Thank you for this passage to our past.Love Celine Joyce marbeck

Friday, February 2nd 2007 - 10:18:47 PM
Name: Anne Stoop
E-mail address: annestoop@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://stoopie.waarbenjij.nu
Comments:Dear everyone,

I am Anne Stoop, 22 year old student and looking for an internship in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

The study that I am following is Small Business, I am in my last year of my study. Small Business, makes students ready for young entrepreneurs. It is a marketing related study. So for my internship I am looking for something in the marketing, sales or commercial department of the company.

The internship start at the beginning of February and ends in June, it takes 20 weeks. I have to make my final thesis as well, maybe it is nice to make a combination, to work at the company and make my assigment as well for the company.

If you want more information about me, feel free to send me an email and than I will take contact with you.


Anne Stoop
Thursday, November 16th 2006 - 12:41:15 AM
Name: Corinne Jansz
E-mail address: cjansz@hotmail.com
Comments:Dear Dennis,
Firstly, let me congratulate you on a job well done with MDDP. I salute you for your efforts and for standing up for Malaysian Dutch Eurasians.

Personally for me, MDDP has opened up a whole new channel when I did a research on my family tree. MDDP has helped me to reconnect with other family members around the world. It has also helped me to understand better of my lost culture and has made me appreciate and understand my identity.

I will never forget a statment made by a school mate, she said it to me straight on my face "EURASIANS ARE BASTARDS because they do not belong to any race"

I must say that I agree with some of the comments made. Yes, we should refer to ourselves as Eurasians from Malaysia. When we travel overseas, we refer to ourselves as Malaysians. When we are in Malaysia, we refer to ourselves as Eurasians. Of course all Eurasians should come together.

BUT why is it that everytime you tell Malaysians that you are a Eurasain, their first questions are "You Portuguese ah? - from Malacca ah?" Not all Eurasians are Portuguese and not all Eurasians hail from Malacca.

If a Malaysian Eurasian of Portuguese descend can be called Portuguese in Malaysia, why can't we Dutch descendants be refered to be a Malaysian Dutch Eurasian?

Please, this is no offence to the Portuguese community and culture, just trying to make a point here.

MDDP does not segregate the Eurasians in Malaysia. I think the MDDP website has outline its objectives clearly.

By the way, I have been in SAFTEA's website and noticed their banner. It shows a girl appearing behind our Jalur Gemilang. Do any of you notice what she is wearing?

Dennis, keep up the good work.

Selangor, Malaysia
Saturday, October 14th 2006 - 02:00:24 PM
Name: Wilfred Spykerman
E-mail address: wspykerman@yahoo.com
Comments:What more can I say ... Dennis seems to leave little surprises along the way. Sometimes I fail to realize the amount of work it take to connect the dots of our ancestry .. Kudos to you again Dennis. I am sure many will benefit from your efforts put in place to "find" ouurselves.

Eurasians.... are we dutch or are we portuguese? Can one really define this merely by the hereditary names we carry? I think not ... we've cross that line a long way back when our families inter married not taking into account the culmination of our rich Malaysia cultures and races.

Be it portuguese or be it dutch , we are eurasians nonetheless and MALAYSIAN at bests!

I believe the MDDP is a great addition to the eurasian community and people with the right minds and hearts in the right place will see this as a boost to build the eurasian community overall....

My hats off to you once again ....


Thursday, October 12th 2006 - 09:45:11 PM
Name: Marcia Nicholas
E-mail address: marcia.nicholas@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Dennis,
In as much as I do agree that I need to be known as a Malaysian Eurasian, I also need to be clear about my roots and rich heritage.
You have in more ways than one, provided me this.
Your rationale for the purpose of MDDP is very clear and direct.
Thank you for initiating this project and for continuously enriching it with your research.

Thursday, October 12th 2006 - 09:54:41 AM
Name: Andrew Hwang
E-mail address: ac_hwang@yahoo.com
Comments:Having just come home from a holiday in The Netherlands, I was more than pleasantly surprised to chance upon this fantastic website. I am pleased so many people from all over the world have joined in to contribute their personal knowledge on Dutch surnames, family ties, places of origin, etc.

I contacted someone from the MDD 3 years ago as my wife and I were trying to find some information on my wife's maternal grandmother who was born in Medan but unfortunately at that time the person from MDD (I forget the name - my apologies!) who kindly responded was not able to assist much. My wife's grandmother was a Dutch-educated Dutch descendant (Sino-Dutch) and practising adherent of the Dutch Reformed Church in Medan who married a Chinese man and later moved to British Malaya. She helped to establish a Reform Church in Kuala Terengganu, now known as the Presbyterian Church.

Is there a database on Dutch descendants who came into British Malaya in the early 20th century from what is present-day Indonesia? Assuming the Dutch Reformed Church records on baptisms, marriages and deaths in Medan are lost, would there have been copies made and where would they have been kept? We would appreciate it greatly if some could help point us in the right direction.

Tuesday, October 10th 2006 - 06:41:24 PM
Name: Joan Margaret Marbeck
E-mail address: joanmarbeck98@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.joanmarbeck.net
Comments:Dennis, you've done a wonderful job. You've allowed us feel a closer affiliation to the Dutch. However, just to pose a question. Why are we segregating the Eurasians in Malaysia. We are content and happy with our 'rich' Inheritance.We don't have to be of Dutch Descent to be different from the Eurasian that enjoys himself at SAFTEA lunches every end of the month.
There are many that wrote in your dreambook, who reminisced the joys of their childhood and life in MALACCA. They remember their surnames with fondness and wish to make contact with persons with similar or other related Dutch names.
I am content to be a Eurasian who has a supposedly Dutch surname( I believe it to be more English) and Grandparents who have Dutch as well as Portuguese Surnames like Klyne, Goonting, Varella, etc. So which side do I choose?
The fear, I have is that when the Eurasian community is further divided, the culture and the rich heritage will simply diminish. I hope there will be a time of COMING TOGETHER. Join the Selangor and Federal Territory Eurasian Association and make it a link to the MDDP Website.After all is said and done we will remain MALAYSIAN EURASIANS forever. Keep up the good work and remain as Eurasian as you can be.


Webmaster's comments:
"It is important to note that the MDDP is not another Eurasian Association and it is not the intention of the MDDP to compete with SAFTEA, PEA or the Portuguese Eurasian associations in Malaysia. Participants of the Project were never made to choose between the Project or the Eurasian associations, and we are aware that a number of our participants are also members of such Eurasian associations. The MDDP acknowledges the rich ethnic variety within the Eurasian community in Malaysia, where there are Eurasians with Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, British and other European origins. Although we subscribe to the historic terminology used for the general categorisation of such groups singularly as Eurasians (or even serani), we reject the notion that all Eurasians in Malaysia should only be known as Portuguese. Instead, Malaysian Eurasians should be acknowledged for their rich ethnic, cultural and historical diversity, similarly as how Malaysia is a melting pot of various races with their own heritage and culture. Culture, although hereditary in nature, is also dynamic and the culture of a specific group could easily be adopted or dropped by persons associating to or disassociating from the specified group, and even by those adopting a bicultural persuasion. However, the heritage of Eurasians is patrilineal in nature, which tells of the origins of the person's inherited family name. Therefore, it is generally easy to tell the heritage of a Eurasian simply by his/her surname and many of the Dutch related surnames are also easily identifiable. In this perspective, the MDDP provides an avenue for Malaysian Dutch descendants to learn more about their history and heritage, which has been long ignored or filled with misconceptions, and to reconnect with others like them. By being an independent concern, the Project remains free from political interference and social dominance."

Wednesday, October 4th 2006 - 05:59:16 AM
Name: john Overree
E-mail address: john_overree@yahoo.com
Comments: Greetings, & How pleasanty surprised I am on stumbling onto this site. I believe I'm a Dutch burger, My Dad, Douglas Stephen Overree, resided in Bandar Hilay in Malacca - in the early 20-30 & moved onto Singapore & Married my mom Irene Pereira, who is still residing in Singapore, They had 6 kids , John, Elvina, Douglas Jr., Marianne, Peter & Bianca. I'm in the US now, residieng in Texas, any any information to our past, would be most appreciated. , as one must always rememer your heritage. Any info can be sent to my email address.
Thank You

Sunday, August 6th 2006 - 08:24:35 AM
Name: Ramlah Sulaiman (Rom)
E-mail address: ramlah@mind.org.my
Homepage URL: http://www.mind.org.my
My grandfather is Joseph Especkerman (I thought all along it was Especkman). He taught in Muar High School Johor in the 20s-50s using his Muslim name Master Yusof. My father, Sulaiman, died in 1989, aged 69. I was told my grandfather had a sister named Helen (probably had gone by now)who lived in Singapore (last heard in the 60s). Anyone who know of my grandfather's relatives in Singapore, please get this message to them . I want to meet them. Since I live in Johor Bahru, I welcome them to visit me in JB.

Saturday, April 15th 2006 - 12:55:13 PM
Name: Cherise Pereira [nee Van Eyck]
E-mail address: cherisev@sltnet.lk
Comments:Read your newsletter, and all the Guest comments with great interest!
Always on the lookout for new connections - a Genealogists work is never done!

Sri Lanka
Monday, March 27th 2006 - 09:32:11 AM
Name: michelle speldewinde
E-mail address: rmspeldewinde@bigpond.com
Comments:This has proved to be a very informative website and an provides an valuable insight into the dutch burgers of which my husband and children are descendants.

Saturday, March 25th 2006 - 06:43:30 PM
Name: Raymund Maniam
E-mail address: jspprofi@yahoo.com.au
Comments:Dear sirs/madam,

would like to get in touch with Dexter van Dort. He and I went to school together LSPJ and i knew his brother and sister too.
We have not seen nor coomunicated with each other for 26 years and therefore, ANY help whatsover would be greatly appreciated. If you know Dexter, could you please forward my email address to him.

Thanking you in advance.


Raymund Maniam

Thursday, March 16th 2006 - 05:07:59 PM
Name: Johan
E-mail address: jbak87@yahoo.com
Comments:Very intresting site.

Good to hear that the Dutch descendants are well alive and preserving and celebrating their heritage.

Its especially exciting to be descended from something big in history.

Wednesday, March 15th 2006 - 05:49:39 AM
Name: Dennis Koek
E-mail address: koekpang@optus.com.au
Comments:I am Dennis Philip Koek s/o George Noel Koek, both born in Singapore,and grandson of Robert Koek who used to work for the P.U.B. in singapore. I would like to get in touch with any Koeks with knowledge of our family history.

Tuesday, March 7th 2006 - 09:55:47 AM
Name: Wil de Rozario
E-mail address: wimarach@chello.nl
Homepage URL: http://members.chello.nl/a.w.de.rozario/index.html
Comments:Thanks to your site I know there is a chance to find something in the N.A about my great grand father who was baptized in the St Peter’s Church October the 4th 1857. I want to know more about my ancestors!! Can you help me??

Wil de Rozario

The Netherlands
Friday, February 24th 2006 - 07:24:20 PM
Name: Roy Westerlink
E-mail address: wholovesyou72@hotmail.com
Comments:Born in Java Indonesia with dutch descendants, Imagrated to neterlands ,then to USA early 60's Mothers Name is Diana, and fathers name is John, Total kids in family is 6, 2 daughters and 4 sons. Roy, Martin, Peter, Charles,Linda
and moreen

Saturday, February 18th 2006 - 06:29:37 PM
Name: Britt
E-mail address: Britwe@spray.se
Comments:Very interesting site. Thanks. BW

Friday, January 20th 2006 - 01:15:43 AM
Name: Britt Weise
E-mail address: britwe@spray.se
Dropped in while looking for breudher. Interesting to know about peoples and cultures and minicultures in a multicultural land!
By the way Breudher taste is still haunting in my mouth since I am a Ceylon burgher. Not only burghers (Dutch) but all the nation enjoyed Breudher during Christmas, Easter or any other festive season and it could be bought at the bakers.
Ceylonese also use even today, coconut toddy to raise the dough. They have a special breakfast pancake called Hoppers (Appe) and Coconut toddy gives it a special flavour which yeast cannot give.
If anybody wants a breudher recipe you can get it from a cook book written by Charmaine Solomons who lives in Australia and wrote "The Complete Asian Cook Book".
If you are an experienced baker you could take a white bread dough enough to make a one pound loaf. After proving it for half and hour run it in your bread maker or a dough beater with about 4-5 eggs, 250g sultanas, 300 g butter and 300g Muscovado sugar, if you cannot find kitul palm jaggery. Add a tbs of English mixed spices (equal amounts of cardomom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, fennel seeds and caraway seeds would do). Those spices help digestion and also gives that special festive taste.
Put it in a well buttered fluted baking tin with that "pole" in the middle. It will make the cake bake evenly without having an undone middle. Leave to rise until double and bake in a moderate oven for 30 minutes or more depending on the baking tin you chose. You may have to use 2 or 3 fluted tins if you cannot find those tall ones in which you also can bake Italien Panettone.
If you succeeded the cake should be spongy, soft and supple. Not dry like Panettone.
Hope you will try. Best of Luck. Britt

Friday, January 20th 2006 - 01:14:52 AM
Name: Peter Quah
E-mail address: quahbp@gmail.com
Comments:My friends and I discussed about "Breudher" cake. We wonder how it should really look like. Could you please add a picture of "Breudher' in your "Culture" page?

If possible, can you share a general recipe of Breudher?


Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 03:21:28 AM
Name: Trevor de Run
E-mail address: t_de_run@hotmail.com
Comments:Dennis & Steven, Congratulations on the 'move to the MDDP's new home'. Great work!! Best wishes, Trevor de Run.

Sunday, November 13th 2005 - 05:07:17 AM
Name: A.H. (Chicot) Ernst
E-mail address: chicot@mweb.co.za
Homepage URL: http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/chicot
Comments:I have updated the Ernst genealogy that was originally published in the Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union to include the German forebears and the descendants now living in South Africa. In order to do this my son, Johann, and I visited the archives of Colombo, Sri Lanka, Cape Town, South Africa, the Rijksargief in The Hague, Holland and the archives of the Lutheren Dekanat in Neustadt an der Aisch, Bavaria, Germany. As we are both fluent in Afrikaans, we were able to understand the Dutch documents. The complete update can be found in my website referred to above. I do not know if any members of our family settled in Malaysia, but would be happy to learn if that is indeed so.

South Africa
Tuesday, October 11th 2005 - 03:15:23 AM
Name: Chan Hock Kin
E-mail address: adamantine4@yahoo.com

I'm looking for my Dutch ancestry.My mother's surname is Ursula.Any help?.I suspect she's from Malacca.


Thursday, September 29th 2005 - 04:02:49 PM
Name: Lizette Campioni
E-mail address: campioni@comcast.net
Comments:Hello MDDP,

I found your webpage very informative and interesting. It was very heartwarming to see people coming together to celebrate their heritage. Especially Dutch heritage.

I am believe I am a direct descendent of Christiaan Godfried Baumgarten, who was Secretary to the Court of Justice in Malacca circa 1782. I am tracing my family tree through links on the internet (and oral history) and found your site via the Baumgarten branch. This is what I have traced:

Christiaan Godfried Baumgarten, (Malacca)
father of;
Gerrit Leendert Baumgarten;(Malacca)
father of
Christiaan Gerrit Baumgarten; (Malacca)
father of
Charlotte Bonny Baumgarten; (Singapore)
mother of
W.C Kerlen; (Java?)
mother of
Emile Charles Campioni;(Java)
father of
Emile Charles Campioni;(Java, now in Canada-living)
father of
Lizette Carey Campioni (Canada, now living in California)

I am interested in other descendents of the Baumgarten's and the Koek's. Also, it appears to me that the Baumgarten and Koek family intermarried.
I am trying to determine if Anna Carolien Koek who died 19 Sep 1872 @ age 57y is also known as Carolina Koek, born in Malacca 02-11-1814. Anna Carolien Koek was married in 17 Dec 1838 to Christiaan Gerrit Baumgarten in Malacca.

Carolina Koek is the daughter of Daniel Koek, who is the brother of Andriaan Koek. Also, Johanna Koek, the sister of Daniel and Andriaan,was married to(his second wife) Gerrit Leendert Baumgarten, who is the father of Christiaan Gerrit Baumgarten.

Kind Regards,

Lizette Campioni

Monday, September 12th 2005 - 03:05:24 PM
Name: Angie Teo
Comments:A search on google for my blog entry brought me to your website. Being a singapore-born Peranakan - which unsurpringly enough only Malays seemed to know we orginated from - I must say that I had often wondered if I do have a drop of Dutch [or Portuguese - oops, sorry] blood given the proximity of the communities in Malacca.

I said this as throughout my 37 years, I, nor my family, don't share similar mentality nor values with Singaporeans or Asians at large. Just imagine my surprise when I found out that my close Caucasian friends have had same ideas about dealing with people, amongst other things.

If only there is some record keeping! But then again being Asians, our forefathers just couldn't be bothered to keep any records of their heritage, isn't it.

Keep up the goodwork, Mr De Witt. And I hope all Dutch Descendants find the comfort that they are a separate *unique* community of people with considerably rich and proud history [as compared to many others whose history in this part of Asia is but a mere 50 years] whose destiny and identity no one else can rob or take away from :)

Friday, August 19th 2005 - 04:53:41 PM
Name: Gerard D'Cruz
E-mail address: halkaggie@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/5257/
Comments:I was surprised that you have the surname Monteiro in your namelist of the Europeans of Malakka,1818-1825. I know that a branch of the Monteiro Sephardic Jews migrated from Portugual to Amsterdam, Holland. What I did not know that there was at least a Monteiro from Holland in Malacca.

My next question - Are the Monteiros who originate from Malacca, Portuguese or Dutch eurasians?

My grandmother, Hilda Monteiro was born in Malacca. Her mother was a D'Souza (definitely a Portuguese eurasian). But now I am wondering whether her father was Portuguese or Dutch eurasian?

Any clues?

Friday, July 8th 2005 - 10:45:55 AM
Name: Jeremy Fidelis
E-mail address: j_fidelis@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi its me again. My great grandfather was an Especkerman, can anyone tell me if it is Dutch or German. Thanks

Friday, July 1st 2005 - 06:27:38 PM
Name: Jeremy Fidelis
Comments:Just found out about this site. Great job and good luck!

Friday, July 1st 2005 - 06:23:00 PM
Name: Johannes van't Zelfde
E-mail address: oranjelad64@hotmail.com
Comments:Keep up the good work!

Sunday, June 26th 2005 - 05:01:38 AM
Name: shirley auwardt
E-mail address: jtan3633@hotmail.com
Comments:i would be so happy to know if any one else with my surname around in k.l. father has been dead for 30 yrs.

Saturday, June 4th 2005 - 02:03:55 AM
Name: Grace-Marie DeWitt
E-mail address: djbozuwa@yahoo.co.nz
Comments:What a fantastic effort. I'm speechless!!!

Thursday, April 28th 2005 - 09:36:12 AM
Name: Suzanne Lazaroo
E-mail address: suzanne@thestar.com.my
Comments:My dad's side is of Portuguese Eurasian descent; however, my grandfather is a Goonting (in fact, I see a cousin has signed the guestbook, and another is in one of your picture montages!).

What a fascinating project. Good luck with your work.

Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 05:54:55 PM
Name: Robin DeWind Heid
E-mail address: robdewind@aol.com
Comments:Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to add to the chorus of kudos for your huge efforts in the Malaysian Dutch Descendants project. You have done so much to assist us, the DeWinds, and countless others judging from reading your guest book. This is a wonderful project and coupled with the ability of the Internet to make information gathering easier and faster, you will allow many families to fill in missing pieces in their ancestry.

Robin DeWind Heid
Tuesday, March 29th 2005 - 09:25:34 AM
Name: Kimberly De Wind
E-mail address: kim.dewind@iinet.net.au
Comments:Hey there! (not sure how many people do read these comments!) but im currently trying to establish missing links in my family tree.

1. Maria Catharina De Wind (christened: 17/12/1780) m. Jan Jacobus Westerhout on 3/11/1793.

2. Charlotte Luberta De Wind (b: 6/10/1824) m. Willem Fredrik BAUMGARTEN (b:14/11/1815) on 10/6/1852. Willem was the son of Johan Willem BAUMGARTEN and Cornelia Antonia KRAAL.

Just trying to establish their children's names and other particulars.


ps: great site!

Perth, Australia
Tuesday, March 15th 2005 - 03:33:21 PM
Name: Frank van Elswijk
E-mail address: Franke@bertus.com
Comments:What a great site you have got here.
I hope a lot of people can be helped searching for their descendants.

Greatings from Rotterdam the Netherlands
Monday, January 31st 2005 - 11:23:50 PM
Name: Clarence Fernandez
E-mail address: dfern@shaw.ca
Comments:Reading the pages of your website brings back a flood of memories of Malacca. it's almost like listening to late night raindrops on the leaves.
Clarence Fernandez
Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 02:15:57 PM
Name: Martin E Westerlink
E-mail address: mwesterlink@yahoo.com
Comments:Let's try this again, I stumbbled to the Malaysian Dutch Decendants and tried to sign, but it kicked me off. So I am now going to try and leave a message...again. Having read about the Malaysian Dutch connection has finally opened up a new area to research. I've always wondered where my last name originated.....I have been told that it started in Belgium....MIGHT THERe BE A MAYALSIAN connection? If anybody out there can make suggestions for research, then I would surely appreciate it. Thanks to all, and by the way, what a grea website.
Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 01:12:17 PM
Name: damian gerard
E-mail address: damianstm@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, just to say how great that the descendants of the Dutch has finally being recognised. My mom actually is from the Hendroff linage from Malacca and I'm proud to be half dutch. Keep up the good work!
Tuesday, December 21st 2004 - 02:36:02 AM
Name: James Drysen
E-mail address: jamesdrysen@msn.com
Comments:Hi... I have worked in Malaysia and helped design and built many Low , Mmedium and High Rise buildings in K.L.in the years between 1981 and 1984. I used to stay three to four weeks in K.L. flew back via Hong Kong ( where we had a 21 story project going on ( Tai Youw Bank )to the US ad stayed there for a week or ten days and headed back to Malaysia.
In 1983 my family came over and stayed for a year. My two sons and daughter attended the International school and my daughter graduted from it.
In 1993, while I was working in Hawaii, I was approached by a friend I made in the years 1981-1984 and asked me to work for him. I moved to Malaysia again and worked approx. 4 months in K.L. ybut then was assigned a project in Jakarta, Indonesia. I ended up working and living there for 4 years.
My contract was not extended and I moved back to Malaysia and worked there for two years and leaving Malaysia ( for good (??) in February 1999.
I ( we)have many, many fond memories of Malaysia and treasure them and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to go back there and live the rest of my life there. Unfortunately we, my wife and I, have the responsibilty to take care of my mother in law, who is 85 years old and is bedridden. Thank you for expressing my feelings about Malaysia. Sincerely,
James Drysen
Monday, December 13th 2004 - 12:11:21 AM
Name: Richard Koek
E-mail address: rkoek@csc.com.au
Comments:A very interesting site and I think it's wonderful that you have provided people with more background information about their origins.
I visited Malaysia to try and find out more about my ancestry with not very much luck. The National Archive in Singapore provided some details but only oblique references to people I could only assume were my forebears.
My family left Malacca at some stage and moved to Singapore from where, once World War 2 started, they left for Australia.
Thanks once again for your work in establishing this site.
Tuesday, November 30th 2004 - 09:19:10 AM
Name: Winson Saw
E-mail address: winsonsaw2003@hotmail.com
Comments: Descendants of Governor Abraham Couperus of Malacca from(1785-1794).

i)Ilay Ferrier
E-mail Address(es):

ii)Pamela Jane Ferrier

E-mail Address(es):

Sunday, November 21st 2004 - 12:00:07 PM
Name: italiancharms223
E-mail address: italiancharms223@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.italiancharms.cc/disney_italian_modular_charms.html
Comments:Hello, you have been making good site :) Respect.
Saturday, November 6th 2004 - 09:06:01 PM
Name: MaryJane
E-mail address: maryjane_ocl@hotmail.com
Comments:What a fantastic site and a brilliant idea too.
Dennis Thank you very much for your reply to my mail.
I am looking for relatives of **Martha Mary OERTEL(my grandmother)born 1st Nov 1881 she married Albert Percival Andree (also born in Sri Lanka) **her parents were Edward Carl Oertel and *Elden Georgiana Walker (*born in Sri Lanka) this is all the info I have on this family. I would be most grateful for any help on info on this Oertel family. Thank you.
England UK
Thursday, November 4th 2004 - 06:25:32 PM
Name: Errol Neubronner
E-mail address: mediamania@pacific.net.sg
Homepage URL: http://neubronnerweb.com
Comments:Dear Dennis

A belated thanks for organising the MDDP. Sadly, I was only able to enjoy the initial presentations before falling ill as you know. In this respect, I wish to record my sincere gratitude to you for your assistance in my time of need. Also, a special thanks to Dexter Van Dort and Aaron Ang for assisting me back to my hotel, Irene DeWitt and Dr. Badriyah for giving me comfort and Martijn Maarleveld for taking the trouble of visiting me the following day.
I was very touched by the care and concern of the MDDP participants. This can only speak well for the future of your nobel project.

Many Thanks
Wednesday, October 20th 2004 - 09:26:34 AM
Name: Sebastian
E-mail address: nope
Comments:Excellent site, I found you through some Dutch site browsing around. Only downside is that the contents are in two languages at once, I feel I missed out on part of the info available. My compliments! Peace out! Seb.

Saturday, August 28th 2004 - 04:30:45 AM
Name: Calimero
E-mail address: None
Homepage URL: http://www.cnn.com
Comments:Very interesting site, will visit again soon!

Tuesday, August 24th 2004 - 03:53:23 AM
Name: Mark de Witt
E-mail address: mark4mus@optusnet.com.au
Comments:I had the fortunate experience of attending the recent gathering in Melacca. It was an enjoyable and informative two days and afforded me a great opportunity to meet distant relatives and make new friends. I will watch future developments with some interest.

I originally come from South Africa (Johannesburg) and for the last 19 years or so I have been living in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. Whilst doing some research into my family roots over the last two years, I came across Dennis De Witt's Homepage and hence established a connection with the DMD Project and hence my visit to Melacca.

Australia (S.Africa)
Wednesday, July 28th 2004 - 10:30:14 AM
Name: Peter jan
E-mail address: cpj046@yahoo.com
Comments:Looking to trace my origins. Grandfather surname is registered as Jan supposedly a sri lankan burgher and grandma is monteiro (malaccan p'tugese).
Anyone can knows anymore info for the Jan name?

Saturday, July 10th 2004 - 07:18:14 PM
Name: william van der straaten
E-mail address: straatenfly@pacific.net.sg
Comments:well done and all the best

Monday, April 19th 2004 - 11:03:48 AM
Name: Sharon Estrop
E-mail address: shannada_pereira@hotmail.com
Comments:Fantastic Dennis, Daryl insisted I go thru the site, very interesting what your critics had to say....good for a laugh. talk about a superiority complex.. Thanks to the narrow minded people who say that the dutch have taken on the Portugese way..... I don't think so!!
I am related to The Westwoods!! Bartels, van Geysel (paternal great grandmother) and a few more.. I am still trying however to trace my family from before Ceylon.
If any one can help?


Wednesday, April 14th 2004 - 01:19:27 AM
Name: Jake Van Baalen
E-mail address: jakevanbaalen@mail2me.com.au
Comments:Hi, all the best with your project, I would like to point out that some of the "Dutch" surnames on your list are in actual fact German names, which isn't strange at all as lots of Germans joined the V.O.C. Although you'll find many Dutch people have foreign surnames as Holland used to be a free-haven for religiously persecuted people from other countries
A Portuguese Malay-Eurasian could in theory be of Jewish-Potuguese descent who came first to Holland from Portugal and then went to Mallaca and married a Mallacan!!!!? Too complicated? The Dutch surgeon who was the first European to be allowed to meet the Shogun of Japan was in fact a German who was employed by the Dutch trading post in south Japan (the Dutch were the only Europeans to be allowed to trade with the Japanese for a period of about 200 years) Regards,
P.S. There are quite a few Dutch-Indonesians (Indos) in Australia. especially in Cairns and Brisbane I've met two Burghers (correct spelling should be Burgers) who migrated from Sri-Lanka to OZ

Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 09:40:58 PM
Name: charlene fay murray
E-mail address: charlene_luvv@yahoo.com
Comments:my grandmother is a van dort wherelse my grandfater is a murray. this website is interesting but i would appreciate if more pictures are shown, it's good to have people which have similarities as i do as it is hard to live alone in this world. it's also a comfort as it is rather irritating as the word eurasian is fequently misused nowadays. just because this word brings misconception that "eurasian" are suppose to look like caucasians, we are therefore jeered at for supposedly having the "audacity" to claim on our heritage. asians who marry whites today have children which freely claim their stake as eurasians just because of the glamorous myth of being mixed, and looking mixed. our heritage is vague but our spirit is strong and we shall not let other people rob us of our identity.. Great work to all the people who has started this page.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2004 - 10:11:08 PM
Name: Jan J van Wieringen
E-mail address: winnospam@hesasdnospam.nl
Homepage URL: http://www.vanwieringen.com/
Comments:I am searching for memebers of my family in Malaysia. There are some Van Weiringen's in Malaysia, but Van Weiringen sounds exactly in English like Van Wieringen in Dutch, so I suggest it is the same name.

Someone we know is Francis John Van Weiringen, born 20th-Dec-1876 somewhere, possibly Malacca. Could anyone help or point me to a place (possibly on the Internet) where I can find more?

If you could be of any help, I am always prepared to do some research for you in Holland, if necessary!

Anyway it's wonderful to find a website like this!

Sunday, March 21st 2004 - 08:42:44 PM
Name: S. Princess Tan
E-mail address: mermaidprincess13@yahoo.com

I am on the brink of a journey to search for my ancestors. I was born in Miri,Sarawak but moved to the States. Now I am really interest in finding out my family tree..

Bracken and Armstrong seem to be the links to my mother's side..

There is Portuguese and Spanish links too that I am hoping to discover.

Thanks for doing the research.. It is very interesting.

United States of America
Tuesday, February 24th 2004 - 10:29:16 PM
Name: stephb
E-mail address: queen_steph_b@hotmail.com
Comments:thanks to this site, i now have a better understanding of why ive been told i have dutch ancestors. my great x 4 grandfather was fransisco beins of malacca.

Monday, January 5th 2004 - 12:56:10 PM
Name: D.P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno
E-mail address: pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl
Homepage URL: http:///
Comments:I was trying to send info to Mr. Scharenguivel,who placed in june message on this site,but his e-mail adress is not functional anymore apparently.
Thanks for reacting.

Saturday, December 27th 2003 - 10:03:56 AM
Name: Fengyi Moore
Homepage URL: http://eaworld.proboards23.com
Comments:Our goal is to develop an on-line community for Eurasians worldwide of all ages in an atmosphere conducive to quality discussions of any issues of interest. We aim to embrace both Eastern and Western viewpoints without partiality to either culture and we encourage participants of all ethnicities to share information and experiences, ask for help and to get to know one another.

Please come visit Eurasians Worldwide.
Sunday, December 14th 2003 - 04:38:47 AM
Name: Jonathan Thomazios
E-mail address: jonathan_thomazios@hotmail.com
Comments:WOW!!!....i didn't know anybody had the sirname "Thomazios" i thought i was the only one who had it, like my father whom of which is Bernard Thomazios!! Its quite shocking to know thaty they are other people who bear the same sirname as i!! Well contact if anything!!

Jonathan Thomazios

Thursday, December 4th 2003 - 01:02:41 AM
Name: Tracy Schelkis
E-mail address: tracy.schelkis@nt.gov.au
Comments:Still trying to find some connection of my ancestors with the name Schelkis in Singapore and back. Can you help?

Tuesday, December 2nd 2003 - 09:18:33 AM
Name: Philomena Peterson
E-mail address: Philo_54@hotmail.com

Very glad to get lots of info on the Dutch ancestry.

I am from Penang and have traced my ancestry to Thai-Portuguese people.

My late mothe-in-law was Caroline Elizabeth KOEK.

Her family were from Malacca and I assume descended from Adriaan or some other Koek family.

I certainly would like to get more info for my children.

Good job done.

Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 03:16:52 PM
Name: Anne Green
E-mail address: pjgreen@xtra.co.nz
Comments:I would like to find out more about the name Faum. My great grandmother was Katherine Faum . Thanks

New Zealand
Monday, October 13th 2003 - 08:13:39 AM
Name: Allan G. Goonting
E-mail address: allan@encsb.com.my
Comments:Great to see so many who are excited to get to know their roots. Kudos to all who have taken the trouble to initiate this, esp. Dennis De Witt, who inspite of all the obstacles, has managed to get this project off the ground and running. Well done!!!

Proud to be of Dutch Descent,

Allan G. Goonting
KL, Malaysia
Wednesday, September 24th 2003 - 11:32:49 AM
Name: Winson Saw
E-mail address: danny2car@yahoo.com
Comments: Descendants of Governor Pieter van Heemskerk of Malacca.


Tuesday, August 19th 2003 - 06:03:06 PM
Name: Geoffrey Moreira
E-mail address: cunovic@uunet com.au
Comments:Please submit any articles on Singapore Eurasians as I am collating information as part of my geneology Studies. Looking forward to an early reply.I will endeavour to e-mail back any information I have aquired on above.

Monday, August 4th 2003 - 06:46:02 AM
Name: Anna Maria Pastrami-Quattrochi
Comments:Hi there, I'm Malaysian of Italian ancestry. I wonder if there's anyone like me out there. I've not been able to locate many of us Malaysian Italians. I hope to hear some good news. Thanks.
Monday, July 28th 2003 - 07:36:53 PM
Name: Adrian Francisco Minjoot
E-mail address: adrian_minjoot@yahoo.com
Comments:Dennis De Witt,

I salute you and I wish you all the good things in life & you have my support in making this project a success.From a distance,you have shown us a path that could lead us to information and links to family & friends easily forgotten in the rush...dash...speed...of this ever changing(developing)world.My family esp.the 4 boys I have at home will have a lot to say when they start browsing this site that has Uncle Dennis de Witt sharing his insight with the latest happenings around.See u real soon......Adrian
Friday, July 18th 2003 - 01:24:26 AM
Name: Carl Goonting
E-mail address: cuchulainn@cheerful.com
Comments:Please let me know if you need any other info and I'll try to send it by.

Tuesday, July 8th 2003 - 03:27:58 PM
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