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Name: Pete Shuster
E-mail address: pshuster@neuromics.com
Homepage URL: http://www.neromics.net
Comments:Well done website. I wish good fortune and adventure in your Neuroscience Research.
Tuesday, October 25th 2011 - 01:19:28 PM
Name: Michael Stanfrod
E-mail address: physphys1982@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://physiophysio.blogspot.com/
Comments:really nice website http://physiophysio.blogspot.com/
Monday, October 11th 2010 - 12:52:19 AM
Name: Zheng Zhang
Comments:Add some water here, hehe~
Saturday, October 14th 2006 - 12:20:34 AM
Name: chipp
E-mail address: chip@chip.com
Homepage URL: http://c1234e56.com/sitemap.html
Comments:wow cool site- it seems we have a lot in common Mobile Ringtones
Thursday, July 13th 2006 - 01:43:42 AM
Name: rxx
E-mail address: fastorxx@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://pharmacy-schools.tripod.com
Comments:Good site! I'll come again.
Wednesday, May 18th 2005 - 09:35:48 PM
Name: Stive Larson
E-mail address: submit@ua.fm
Homepage URL: http://computers.realgoogle.com
Comments:Good site! I find more information on your site.
Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 03:18:43 AM
Name: Lisya
E-mail address: lisya@mail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lisya.com
Comments:Awesome site! I love the layout!
Friday, January 21st 2005 - 04:12:11 PM
Name: 黄勇
E-mail address: xmcx112@sina.com
Comments:你的高中同桌了 不知道有没有忘记我 我的英语不好 不能写英语了哦 现在你在哪里呀 能看到留言联系我哦

我现在做国内的进出口全程代理 有什么进出口货物大家合作了
Tuesday, December 28th 2004 - 09:06:24 PM
Name: italiancharms798
E-mail address: italiancharms798@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.italiancharms.cc/jewelry_supplies_charms.html
Comments:Hello, you have been making good site :) Respect.
Saturday, November 6th 2004 - 02:46:35 AM
Name: Ebintel579
E-mail address: Ebintel579@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://ebintel.com/
Comments:that's pretty good site
Thursday, October 7th 2004 - 09:00:51 PM
Name: hanjian liu
E-mail address: hanjian.liu@vanderbilt.edu
Comments:That is a great one. Lots of stuff. HOw could you collect those like the title of thesis.
Sunday, September 26th 2004 - 08:29:10 PM
Name: Wang Zhigang
E-mail address: wangzg2000@163.net
Friday, September 24th 2004 - 12:09:00 AM
Name: yangliang
E-mail address: yangliang7097@hotmail
Comments:Hi, haijiang, congratulations too. A pretty girl. How is everything getting along with you? Perhaps you have earned
many money, your car looks also pretty.
Thursday, August 12th 2004 - 08:16:06 PM
Name: Jiayan
Sunday, July 25th 2004 - 11:34:20 PM
Name: Zheng Zhang
E-mail address: zhengzha@usc.edu
Comments:Cong~~~!!! Pretty girl~~~
Saturday, July 24th 2004 - 05:20:08 PM
Name: Wang FengJuan
E-mail address: Fengjuan.Wang@seagate.com
Thursday, June 24th 2004 - 09:05:53 PM
Name: Bob Chow
E-mail address: rchow@usc.edu
Comments:Hi, Haijiang
Just found your web page. Very nice! I'll have to send you some photos of yourself climbing, so you can add them to your photos.

Tuesday, June 15th 2004 - 09:29:43 PM
Name: ming tang
Comments:Happened to find your webpage.
Fantastic!! *_^
Tuesday, May 11th 2004 - 08:47:14 PM
Name: zhou jian
E-mail address: neek.zhou@samsung.com
Comments:After looking through your cv as well as your pictures of different period, I came to know you for the second time.
Yes we haven't have a tea chat for so long, anyway, we are similar in some certain field .I am really glad for that.The most surprised and moved thing is that I saw my own picture in your list.I think your stole it from the 5460, right? he he. Take care of yourself!
Sunday, April 4th 2004 - 08:38:33 PM
Name: Aimin Peng
E-mail address: penga@uthscsa.edu
Comments:Hi, it's you! I found you by google. How is going?
Monday, July 28th 2003 - 09:17:42 PM
E-mail address: lghb2003@163.com`
Comments: hi,haijiang. I'm so sorry to lose communication for a long time.
These days, i'm busy with my graduation paper and its defence.Thanks god, every thing is ok.

how are you getting alonge recently? if convenient, write to me ,ok?

I miss you all the time.
Tuesday, June 17th 2003 - 08:19:51 AM
Name: 杨亮
E-mail address: yang_l@ion.ac.cn
Comments:小菜, 你好.你的网页做的不错. 我已决定去 Baylor Medical College. 望多联系.
Monday, June 2nd 2003 - 12:54:00 AM
Name: 王海军
E-mail address: wanghaijun@eogi.com.cn

Thursday, May 29th 2003 - 02:58:25 AM
Name: 许文波
E-mail address: xuwenbo5113@sina.com
Thursday, May 22nd 2003 - 11:28:21 PM
Name: Qiaolin Zhang
E-mail address: qzhang@eecs.berkeley.edu
Homepage URL: http://jagger.me.berkeley.edu/~qzhang
Comments:Oh, man. You are so handsome from the picture, hehe. The summer vacation is coming, I am trying to find some time to visit LA and you.

Sunday, May 18th 2003 - 12:52:22 AM
Name: william Cai
E-mail address: william.cai@disney.com
Comments:I am a Vietnamese and has same last name as yours.
It's quite interesting to know you via the web.
Friday, May 9th 2003 - 05:33:02 PM
Name: Jay Daves
E-mail address: jeda@umich.edu
Homepage URL: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jeda/
Comments:Just looking at USC homepages.
Wednesday, April 30th 2003 - 10:53:58 AM
Name: liqing wang
E-mail address: haijiang, my homepage was just set up. take a look!
Monday, April 21st 2003 - 09:00:21 AM
Name: Magdalena
E-mail address: magdalena@cuteandsingle.com
Homepage URL: http://cuteandsingle.com
Comments:Very appealing site. Fascinating.
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 11:04:16 PM
Name: Tao Tong
E-mail address: tatong@ic.sunysb.edu
Comments:Still remember me?
Cool website! Wish you all the best!
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 09:32:42 PM
Name: yaoaiwu
Sunday, March 30th 2003 - 05:54:59 AM
Name: zhanghaifeng
E-mail address: zhf919@yahoo.com.cn
Comments:hello,nice to meet you
Monday, March 24th 2003 - 12:08:37 AM
Name: zhoujian
Comments:I'm so sorry that my mail address is
Mail me at convienient .
Friday, December 6th 2002 - 07:23:23 AM
Name: Fulai Jin
E-mail address: fulaijin@hotmail.com
Comments:3255 S Sepulveda Blvd
Apt 102#
Los Angeles, CA90034
Thursday, December 5th 2002 - 07:55:20 PM
Comments:What's new?
Thursday, November 21st 2002 - 10:13:39 PM
Name: Song Liu
Comments:So COOL.
Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 06:02:00 PM
Name: yaoaiwu
Comments:are you OK?
when come back?
give me a foreign gailfriend?:)
Wednesday, October 2nd 2002 - 10:58:31 PM
Name: yaoaiwu
E-mail address: yaoaiwu@sina.com
Thursday, September 26th 2002 - 04:09:48 AM
Name: Liqing W
Comments:I love your pictures. Great job!
Tuesday, September 10th 2002 - 03:25:46 PM
Name: Lilian
E-mail address: lilian7709@yahoo.com
Wednesday, August 21st 2002 - 08:24:37 PM
Name: ghb
Comments: hi,haijiang:

today,just after i found my lost GRE Report,i received another report.I'm sorry to waste you 13 dollars.

ok, no more words,i'd better cram for Toefl Test.

Good luck for me,ok!
Monday, August 19th 2002 - 06:31:01 AM
Name: Hongbin Geng
E-mail address: hongbingeng@yahoo.com.cn
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments: Hi,just now i rung you,maybe, you are out,nobody in.what's new recently?

if convenient, i'll drop in on you.
Sunday, August 18th 2002 - 09:01:13 PM
Name: Gao Lei
E-mail address: Lei_Gao@brown.edu
so cool
Friday, August 9th 2002 - 11:23:20 AM
Name: Chu Wang
E-mail address: chuwang@u.washington.edu
You look more like a young professor and I believe several years later it will be true.
Monday, August 5th 2002 - 11:26:38 AM
Name: zigang li
E-mail address: zli@tulane.edu
Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 08:31:20 AM
Name: Lifeng You
E-mail address: lfyou@mail.china.com
Tuesday, July 30th 2002 - 05:42:38 PM
Name: Heping
Homepage URL: http://www.people.virginia.edu/~hz5p/chinese
Comments:nice page, here is other links available for classmates.
You can share:


I will give you the list when more page bacomes available.
Tuesday, July 30th 2002 - 12:25:28 PM
Name: Jiayan
Comments:Cool page! But the picture on the homepage is the second coolest I think.:)
Monday, July 29th 2002 - 01:43:30 AM
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