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Clemens Photo Album, Our Ontario Family and Branches
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Name: martha clemens sutherland
E-mail address: mks2934@gmail.com
Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 08:49:57 PM
Name: Elizabeth Lang
E-mail address: lyonslanding@xplornet.ca
Comments:Hi, I want to contact Karen who posted the 'Solomon Brubacher Musselman' page, but who doesn't list an email contact. Solomon was my grandfather and most of the information is correct except that the children listed were those of my grandmother Fannie's sister. John and Margaret were adopted by Solomon and Fannie Musselman, my grandparents, when their own parents died. Other family members adopted Jean and Bessie. Solomon and Fannie's own children were: Magdalena (Molly) and Elizabeth Merigold (my mother). I can provide more details, if you like. I'd love to hear from you and determine how we are connected through Solomon.
Wednesday, June 20th 2012 - 11:20:55 AM
Name: becky paramore
E-mail address: 812tigger@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.google.com
Comments:hi my mom is billie drummonds(maiden name),cupp, and evans. from new tazewell, tn. she has dementia now please pray for her. my moms dad was willie e. drummonds the e. is for edward he was from there also. we have our reunion in the summertime every year. this year its sat. july 21 at 2-6 p.m. at the tazewell park in tazewell, tn. off of 204 richardson rd. there will be signs to guide you. my cell is 865 307 1088. if you and your family can make it we would love to have you. im also on facebook as becky paramore. my dad was max cupp from new tazewell also.
Thursday, May 31st 2012 - 06:36:33 PM
Name: Barry Culpepper
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My ancestors fought in the Great Canaian War. They should teach more about it in schools!
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 12:02:18 PM
Name: Krista Brox
E-mail address: kbrox@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Hello, My son is named Jacob Brox after his great grandfather. My husband was born in Edmonton, ALberta Canada. I wonder if its the same family? Krista
Thursday, May 10th 2012 - 06:36:03 PM
Name: Alan Clemens
E-mail address: al_clemens@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi, I'm a 9th generation Clemens from Gerhardt through the John Strohm Clemens line. Currently living in Wayne county Michigan. My parents attended a reunion in 1991 at Cambridge (Hespeler), Ontario after which a book was published of the family history. It has proven to be a great resource in looking at the family tree. I have been trying to find when, and where the family migrated back to the United States after going to Canada some time after 1800.
Sunday, April 29th 2012 - 09:11:31 PM
Name: Barb Kerry
E-mail address: kerrybarb@hotmail.ca
Comments:Hi, very curious on your connection to Hannah McMyler(McMylor). My great grandfather was John McMyler and his wife was Hannah Driscoll. They lived in Bruce county, Brant township,Ontario. Any information on anything McMyler is of great interest to me as the name is very rare. My mother is the last surviving McMyler of 11. I live in Walkerton, Ontario. Thanks Barb
Saturday, May 14th 2011 - 02:07:12 PM
Name: Colleen Clemens
E-mail address: cleen1@msn.com
Comments:We are also searching for more evidence on John Harrison Clemens and Julia Angeline Pollard. Our Family line comes from his son Jesse. I've got a fair amount of information on this family. Can we share? On one Census I noticed him living with his mother and they live next door to a Mr. Harrison.(Frank I think, I am having trouble finding the original image right now.) I wonder if that couldn't be his maternal grandfather.
Wednesday, March 2nd 2011 - 06:29:09 AM
Name: Hannah Upper Mitchell
E-mail address: hmitc076@gmail.com
Comments:Came across your photo ablum containing photos from the Upper Family Private Cemetary in Allanburg. My brother was Robert George Mitchell, and it was strange to see pictures of the cemetary online. Wondering, are you at all interested to learn more about the people interred, or is this just a catalogue? My Opa is a historian, and has extensive knowledge on the family history.
Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 03:19:41 PM
Name: Cathleen Clemens
E-mail address: ceclemens@atlasok.com
Comments:Looking for my husbands family. his Father was Eldon Theodore Clemens born 1914 dubuque Iowa. I think I have the right tree until Matthias Joeseph Clemens, his father I`m not so sure of.
Friday, December 24th 2010 - 12:11:56 PM
Name: Diane Sinclair
E-mail address: desertds@cox.net
Comments:For fun I am working on the family history of a friend. She is the granddaughter of Annie Clemens. I will be seeing my friend tomorrow and plan to tell her of this find. If she is interested I will give her your email address. Take care, Diane
Sunday, June 6th 2010 - 08:42:00 PM
Name: Larry Jake Miller
E-mail address: carddraw@hotmail.com
Tuesday, March 16th 2010 - 12:27:28 AM
Name: Erin Clemons
E-mail address: Erinnc100@yahoo.com
Wednesday, March 3rd 2010 - 12:04:46 AM
Name: Kyle Clemens
E-mail address: kclemen6@uwo.ca
Comments:Hello, great site. Just wanted to give you some information if you are interested. It appears my family line goes - Gerhardt - Abraham - George - Abraham - Jesse - Henry - Jessy (Schwartz) Clemens - Henry (Carlton) Clemens (My great grandfather) - Claire Clemens (My grandfather) - John Clemens (My father) - Kyle Clemens (Me). If you need any further information on any of my aunts or relatives please send me an e-mail, i'd be more than happy to contribute what I know. Thanks again.
Wednesday, December 16th 2009 - 03:35:46 PM
Name: Heather-Anne Emeny
E-mail address: Sweetheart2_u_49@yahoo.com
Comments:I am trying to research my Grandfathers family who settled in Hespeler Ontario. My Grandfather was Jacob Herbert Kolb. He was left the Kolb farm but did not want to farm so he sold it, and I have no idea when that was but would have been around 1920 to 1930. I know originally the Kolb family came from PA. Would like to hear from anyone that knows something about this part of my family. Thank you.
Sunday, December 6th 2009 - 07:45:31 PM
Name: Pamela Lane Dollarhide
E-mail address: planed313@gmail.com
Comments:What a fabulous website you have created!! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information that is included. My line: 1. Gerhart Clemens 2. Jacob Reiff Clemens 3. Margaretha Clemens m. Abraham Bechtel 4. Abraham C. Bechtel
Thursday, October 1st 2009 - 03:51:13 PM
Name: sandra (burtch) baynham
E-mail address: baynhamsandra@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi I have just started the burtch family tree. My grandfather is Leslie Lewis Burtch. Your site is great thank you.
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 10:20:46 AM
Name: martha (clemens) sutherland
E-mail address: keith9001@wildblue.net
Comments:my great grandfather was James Unger Clemens,I'm so glad I have found your album.
Monday, July 20th 2009 - 09:01:34 AM
Name: Dale Scott
E-mail address: djsdab@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Karen, Just wanted to make sure that my e-mail address was up to date. I will have to scan my photos of Adam Shupe and Mary Springer. Will see if I can figure out how it is done. Got directions from a person on the ancestory.com site. Thanks for all your work on the family connections to your Clemens family line. Dale
Tuesday, May 19th 2009 - 04:52:08 PM
Name: Dale Scott
E-mail address: djsdab@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Karen, Just wanted to make sure that my e-mail address was up to date. I will have to scan my photos of Adam Shupe and Mary Springer. Will see if I can figure out how it is done. Got directions from a person on the ancestory.com site. Thanks for all your work on the family connections to your Clemens family line. Dale
Tuesday, May 19th 2009 - 04:50:35 PM
Name: Dale Scott
E-mail address: djsdab@gmail.com
Comments:Hi Karen, Although we have been in touch in the past I have yet to tour your website but plan to do so very soon. Nothing but great comments from the other people in your dreambook. Of course my ancestors are Staffords, Shupes, and Springers so our families tend to touch each other with Adam Shupe and his wife Mary Springer. I do have a picture of Adam Shupe and Mary Springer and don't know if I already sent you a copy or not? I also have a copy of Adam Shupe and Mary Springers death certificates. Take care and thanks for your help in the past.
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 - 04:28:25 AM
Name: Robert James Nelson
E-mail address: Victoria B.C.
Homepage URL: http://rjnelson7@hotmail.com
Comments:My mothers maiden name was..Helen Louise Clemens My Grandfather.. Roy Zeller Clemens. My Geat Grandfather was Millo bowman Clemens Hope this will help, Regards , Bob Nelson. March 8th, 2009.
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 11:48:11 PM
Name: Martin Starr
E-mail address: m-starr-11@alumni.uchicago.edu
Comments:I am a Kent County, Michigan, USA, Clemens descendant through my paternal grandmother Eleanor Ayres: Othello Burton Ayres (1882-1929): Magdalena Clemens (1859-1910): Christian Clemens (1828-1902): Abraham Clemens (1781-1845): Jacob Clemens (1756-1829): Abraham Clemens (1710-1776): Gerhardt Clemens (c.1680-c.1745): This is a wonderful website and I commend your efforts at sharing information among the Clemens descendants.
Sunday, March 1st 2009 - 01:39:20 AM
Name: Martin Starr
E-mail address: m-starr-11@alumni.uchicago.edu
Comments:I am a Kent County, Michigan, USA, Clemens descendant through my paternal grandmother Eleanor Ayres: Othello Burton Ayres (1882-1929): Magdalena Clemens (1859-1910): Christian Clemens (1828-1902): Abraham Clemens (1781-1845): Jacob Clemens (1756-1829): Abraham Clemens (1710-1776): Gerhardt Clemens (c.1680-c.1745): This is a wonderful website and I commend your efforts at sharing information among the Clemens descendants.
Sunday, March 1st 2009 - 01:38:38 AM
Name: wally Clemens
E-mail address: wallysc@rogers.com
Comments:Hi Still looking for info on my Great Grandfather born 1852-3 in St Austell Cormwall England. His father's name was William and his occupation was a Cooper. I have changed my email from wally@cyberus.ca to the above.
Monday, February 16th 2009 - 11:00:09 PM
Name: Jacquie
Comments:The Melinda referred to in Matilda Bowers' diary is her sister Malinda Craft Bowers (1854-1920) who married Ernst Robert Bollert in 1874. After her marriage she is in Guelph on the 1881 - 1901 census. The family appears to have moved to British Columbia as there are references to them in the B.C. Archives genealogy database (deaths and a marriage). Most of the family appear to be buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.
Monday, January 5th 2009 - 06:57:38 PM
Name: Denise D. Dahl
E-mail address: denisedahl@comcast.net
Comments:I have more information on the Abram Percival Hallman (still living and going to be celebrating his 103rd birthday in December) and his family. This is my mother-in-law's father. I haven't quite started on my husband's side but have tons of information to enter that is in a book and given to me by my mother in law and grandfather in law. I believe his wife's name was Esther Melinda (not Malunda)Yoder. I am having so much fun working on the family tree again in the new computer age!
Wednesday, November 19th 2008 - 09:24:38 PM
Name: Barbara Pollard
E-mail address: barbarapoll22@ntlworld.com
Comments:This is the most fantastic family genealogy site that I have ever seen Karen. It must have taken you hours, days and years of work. You must be very dedicated. Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter from the UK regarding our Secord/Shupe family and the photos of Gertrude, Estella and Annie Laurie Shupe. If anyone has any more I would love to be sent them. I see that Angie, Christine and Scott also have the Shupes in their family tree. Annie Laurie is my son-in-laws great, great, grandmother. Barbara
Friday, September 26th 2008 - 06:34:14 PM
Name: K. Turnbull
E-mail address: turnbullsatlarge@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello. This is an impressive amount of work! I responded to a query regarding the Sarnia Turnbulls that I think you left on one of the genealogy message boards a few years ago. I'm curious if you've found anything out about John Turnbull (1835-1911)? I'm not sure how, or even if, his family line crosses my own, but I'm pursuing it anyway just in case there's something there. I'm particularly interested in knowing whether or not Mary Ann may have been John's second wife. I think some of the records I have been looking at are leading me astray!!! :) Please feel free to email me if you have any information. Thank you! Again, nice work!
Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 12:14:13 AM
Name: Warren Block
E-mail address: warblock@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a descendent of Ellen Bowman and Valentine Geib and would like to know the names in the picture of the Bowman family reunion in front of the building from Kristin Ross
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 - 01:50:48 PM
Name: Ray
E-mail address: rayzone_99@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://Thorold Townline Rd Regional Rd 70
Comments:Hello, Great and informative site! I was looking for more information on the Upper Family Cemetery and found your site. We have been photographing many of the cemeteries in Niagara with the pictures posted here http://www.insideniagara.com/bin/gallery/imagesniagara.cgi <a href="http://www.insideniagara.com/bin/gallery/imagesniagara.cgi">Photo Gallery</a> Thanks again, Ray
Saturday, June 14th 2008 - 05:37:00 PM
Name: Nancy Clemens
E-mail address: gpotsi@aol.com
Comments:Hi, I'm looking for a Clemens branch that I think originally came from Pennsylvania and settled in Fulton County and McDonough County Illinois. I sure need help locating others looking for the same branch.
Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 07:39:02 PM
Name: Kitty Edwards
E-mail address: kittybill@fairpoint.net
Comments:Hi, My ggrandmother Louisa Clemons b. 04 Jan 1821, married Stauffer Clemens, their daughter, Louisa (or Louie?)S. Clemens married John Henry St. Clair and their daughter, Louisa St.Clair (my mother), b. 12 Mar 1897 in Galt, married George Goodall and I, Catherine Joyce Goodall, married William Edwards. I guess our lines split with the sons of Abraham Reiff Clemens and his wife Catherine ( ? ). Enjoyed your website, Kitty and Bill Edwards
Monday, May 26th 2008 - 09:54:32 PM
Name: Craig Zeigler
E-mail address: czeigler@dc.rr.com
Comments:I'm a decendent of Michael & Catherine Ziegler. I am just starting to look up my lines. It's good to find you!
Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 05:48:11 AM
Name: Beverley Cassel, McCready
E-mail address: bevleroy@hotmail.com
Comments:My grt grandparents, Alzimina Schwartz Clemens and Wm. David Oberholtzer Cassel are both descendants of Gerhart. I am just getting started and can really appreciate the work you've done.
Tuesday, May 20th 2008 - 06:00:23 AM
Name: debbie
E-mail address: debbieguardino@yahoo.com
Comments:do you have any more info about jenny larose and matthew connolly or know where i could get a copy of their marriage info. I believe that they are my great grandparents. According to my granmother they are her parents and the siblings of jenny were her aunts and uncles. I am trying to make a family tree scrapbook for my children and any info or suggestions would be great thanks debbie
Monday, March 17th 2008 - 02:56:44 PM
Name: Ross Hofstetter
E-mail address: acm.6869@sympatico.ca
Comments:Wonderful site. I have done some family history on the Hofstetters and associated families here in Ontario. Many of our Mennonite roots also extend into the USA and in particular. PA. Thank you Ross
Sunday, March 16th 2008 - 10:14:37 AM
Name: Patricia
E-mail address: bpsault@sympatico.ca
Comments:Great site. Thanks so much for all the hard work. It really is helping me with my family tree scrapbook. I am a decendent of Hazel Rogers-Jackson of Galt who was the daughter of Nancy Weber-Rogers, who was the daughter of Mary Clemens-Weber, who was the daughter of Nathan & Veronica Bechtel. Can anyone out there give me more photos or information? Pat
Friday, March 7th 2008 - 02:56:47 PM
Name: Patricia
E-mail address: bpsault@sympatico.ca
Comments:This is the perfect site for me to collect photos for my Clemens family tree. Thanks so much for all the hard work. I see this was created in 2002. Can you believe people are still viewing your site to trace their roots. Looks like Mary (Pollie) Clemens who married John Weber was my GG Grandmother. Nancy (Annie) Weber who married William Rogers was my G Grandmother and Hazel Rogers who married William Jackson is my Grandmother who I remember fondly.
Wednesday, March 5th 2008 - 04:50:12 PM
Name: debbie
E-mail address: debbiguardino@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi there! I stumbled upon your website and found my great grandparents jenny larose and matthew conley. I know of one child that they did have-evelyn m conley. Evleyn changed her name to Sue and went on to have quite a few more children herself! if interested please email me thanks debbie
Monday, February 25th 2008 - 12:51:11 PM
Name: Jason Clemens
E-mail address: jason@clemenschannel.com
Homepage URL: http://www.clemenschannel.com
Comments:I am doing research on the Pennsylvania/Illinois branch of the Clemens family, but am getting stuck. I know of Clemens as follows: George b. 1825, Elliot b. 1864 (m. Emma Hoke), on down to me. Any help is appreciated!
Saturday, February 23rd 2008 - 03:37:02 PM
Name: Ginny Mae Long
E-mail address: winpuf@suddenlink.net
Comments:Hello Karen, Looks like we just discovered another cousin. I did my family tree about 8 years ago and found all of the Clemens in my ancestry. Annie Heckler Clemens was my paternal great grandmother. It seem strage reading about my mom and dad on these, your pages. I need to look over my collection...it has been 5 years since my thoughts have traveled this road, but I know I can add my personal info to yours if you like. Also I see some people in the line I am sure I do not have and wonder where they fit. I will e-mail you with this information if you would like to add it. Since mine never made it to the web I would love to have it on your site for those who come after. Nice to have been browsing amilessly tonight. What a nice surprise. Ginny
Sunday, February 10th 2008 - 10:09:22 PM
Name: Sheila Gurbek
E-mail address: sadshe@sympatico.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.caingenealogyplus.com
Comments:Nice Site I am a descendant of John Cain Sr. who is the father of Jemima Cain (wife of Charles Burtch. I have the whole listing on my website.
Sunday, February 10th 2008 - 06:17:16 PM
Name: Dawn Susan (Clemens) Calder
E-mail address: cald_co@sympatico.ca
Comments:I think that you have done a wonderful job. My great great grandfather was Abraham Shantz Clemens, My great grandfather was Victor Hugo Clemens and my Grampa was Edgar Victor William Clemens. The only one left from Grampa's generation, is my great Uncle Gord Clemens, from Preston. I have given a few photos to the Reynold's for their website. If I come across any other photos, I will send you some. Take care, Dawn
Tuesday, January 22nd 2008 - 01:26:51 PM
Name: warren Block
E-mail address: warblock@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.genebase.com/my/familyPedigree.php?niId=102557
Comments:I've been keeping my family tree in genebase, see link above. I am Bill Ross's cousin. I am Valentine Geib and Ellen Bowman's great grandson. Thanks for your page which I have borrowed heavily from in creating mine at genebase.
Sunday, November 25th 2007 - 12:49:37 PM
Name: Dee Hunsberger
E-mail address: jcss_003@yahoo.com
Comments:If you are interested I have more information to fill out your family tree. My husband is the seven time great grandson (two different ways throught the tree) of Gerhardt Clemmens. Both of the lines trace our family through Elizabeth Clemmer Clemmens d.o. Jacob s.o. Gerhardt and Anneli. email me if you would like the info, I will most likely be contacting you on more information on this family. -Dee
Sunday, November 4th 2007 - 01:30:22 PM
Name: Muriel Audrey Birchfield
E-mail address: singerb@telus.net
Comments:I live in Victoria, BC My maiden name is: Muriel Audrey Clemens. My fathers name was Maurice Anthony Clemens and my mothers name was Eleanor Louella Clemens, her maiden name was Fredrickson. I am looking for half brother and sister George and Georgina. My phone number is: (250)658-1398.
Tuesday, July 31st 2007 - 03:26:51 PM
Name: Deborah Gosselin
E-mail address: goz04@comcast.net
Comments:Wonderful site. A quick correction: on the photo pages for the Michigan Clemens families, "Hannah Shupe Lucia" is actually Henrietta ("Hannah") SPRINGER Lucia. Hannah's parents, Benjamin Springer and Mary Ryckman, died when Hannah was a teenager. She then moved in with the Adam Shupe family. Adam's wife was Mary Springer Shupe, Hannah's older sister. So Hannah was not a Shupe but a Springer. She was much closer in age to Adam and Mary's daughter Sally Shupe (who married Levi Clemens) than she was to her sister Mary and so was essentially raised as a "sister" to Sally Shupe but was actually her aunt. If anyone ever comes across any information about Hannah's husband Ira Lucia, I would love to know. Supposedly Ira's mother was also a Clemens named Cynthia Clemens but I have never found that name in any record. Ira was born in New York but came to Waterloo at some point and married Henrietta Springer on 10/4/1845 in Preston. Ira bought land from a man named John Bamberger and John died before the sale was completed so Ira had to pay off the heirs. Odddly, Ira's daughter Marietta Lucia Lever is listed as an heir of Mr Bamberger and Christian Clemens is the executor of Bamberger's will. Any ideas?
Saturday, July 28th 2007 - 12:47:10 PM
Name: Joan
E-mail address: koorn@golden.net
Comments:Great site. I was looking for info on a Jacob BROX who married Susanna Meier, the daughter of Franz Meier & Amanda Scheifele. If you have any leads, would love to hear from you. THANKS
Thursday, July 5th 2007 - 02:50:20 PM
Name: sandra
E-mail address: holina_3@yahoo.com
Comments:I am the great grand-daughter of Ezra Clemens. I have numerous artifacts concerning this family in Michigan. I have tombstone pics from Brown City and Yale. I am willing to do look-ups in this area.
Tuesday, May 15th 2007 - 03:07:53 AM
Name: Kaitlyn
E-mail address: kutey_2_shoes525@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://lovelyLade E
Comments:hi I really don't know where my name came from. What I do know is that it's a french name and I am french Canadian because of it.:)
Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 12:20:43 PM
Name: Charles D Clemens Jr
E-mail address: glassboro@netzero.net
Comments:Born 7/14/1928 Franklinville,NJ. Father born Charles D Clemens, Frankfort.Ny. 9/1908. Can't get any furthur back than that.
Wednesday, April 25th 2007 - 10:24:55 PM
Name: Archie Galbraith born Shirk
E-mail address: acowgal@supanet.com
Comments:Father W.J. Shirk mother Elsie Tryon I may have connections to Clemens(Clements) of Barkway, Ontario. Does this mean anything to you?
Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 03:31:09 AM
Name: Angie
E-mail address: dogroxanne@hotmail.com
Comments:I would like to find out if Scott Furrow has any other family "Shupe" photos to share. I am related to the Shupe family. I also have some photos I would like to share. I can't wait to hear from you. Cheers Angie
Friday, February 9th 2007 - 02:54:30 PM
Name: Christine
E-mail address: dogroxanne@hotmail.com
Comments:I am related to the Shupe family. If at all possible could you please e-mail me all the Shupe photographs on your site. I have a couple of my Great Great Grandmother Annie Laurie Shupe that I could scan over to you as well. I tried to print the thumbnails out, it didn't work. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks alot! Cheers Christine
Thursday, February 1st 2007 - 08:41:48 PM
Name: Shirley Winters
E-mail address: swinter@807-city.on.ca
Comments:My maiden name is Winters. However, my father's mother was Clara Clemens (spelling??). We believe she was born in Monona Iowa(county, city, town ?? we don't know) on March 17, 1877. She married my grandfather Manual Winters born October 12, 1873. Manual (sp.?) Winters was from the south eastern region of Ontario. How they met, or were they ever married we don't know. We do know that Clara Clemens had a son from a previous marriage or relationship. So perhaps Clemens was a married name from that relationship. We only know her as being Clara Jane Clemens. Her first son was called Vern and my father always referred to him as a half brother. Some family names of children Clara and Manual had were Samual, Oliver and Olive, Luella, Maud, John, Homer Thirza and Garfield. I am wondering if there is a family connectin here. Would like to hear if you can help me in any way. Thanks
Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 02:31:18 PM
Name: Lorna Clemens
E-mail address: aquarius0217@webtv.net
Comments:I am married to John Brower Clemens, who is the son of Herbert and Lillian Clemens. They were originally from the Hespeler, Waterloo area. Other siblings included Grace Kilpatrick, Helen Johnson, Rolfe Clemens, Jean Clemens, Margaret Hubbell and Maxine Sneddon, It would be interesting to hear from any relatives.
Sunday, January 14th 2007 - 09:27:39 PM
E-mail address: fclemons1@twcny.rr.com
Comments:With the assistance of George Wise, an Historian in Fulton,NY married to a 2nd cousin of mine, we finally got the documentation of our tree limb " Clemens/Clemons We come down from 2 generations of Jacob Clemens (from Jacob II and Eva Steinway )and go to Daniel Clemens 1790? with Catherine Lintz 4 May 1791 then Jacob Clemens born 1832 with Elizabeth Lintz born 1830 who gave birth to my great great grandfather "Bert" Clemens in 1856 and he married Melvina Lintz who was born in 1857
Saturday, December 2nd 2006 - 10:41:10 PM
Name: David L. Clemens
E-mail address: ClemGram@fmtcs.com
Comments:Oldest Known Ancestor is John Clemens b.c. 1788 m. Anne Boyer of (Rockingham Co.) Virginia 1808. Enjoyed site.
Friday, November 3rd 2006 - 08:28:10 PM
Name: Dan Culp
E-mail address: cowboydan76@yahoo.com
Comments:We're 6th cousins twice removed (you're my grandpa's 6th cousin). Here's my direct line: 1)Abraham Reiff Clemens 2)Mary B. Clemens (1745-1825, entirely in Montgomery Co., PA) She married Jacob Oberholtzer Kulp in Lower Salford, Montgomery County, PA in 1760 and they had 3)Abraham Kulp (19 Jul 1770 in Towamencin, Montgomery, PA-11 Feb 1847, Lycoming Co., PA) He married Barbara Sellers in 1794. They had 4) Jacob S. Kulp (14 Mar 1802 in Mont. Co.-16 Oct 1885 at Pleasant Hill, Mercer, Kentucky). He married Lydia ??? and had 5) Thomas Kulp (24 Dec 1834 in Mont. Co-???, Probably In AR). He married Mary Coley in 1855 and had 6) William M. Culp (Nov 1863, INdiana-Jun 1949, St. Louis, MO) he married Sarah Catherine Ferguson in 1903 and had 7) Theodore T. Culp (11 Dec 1905, Decker, Knox, IN- Jun 1979, St. Louis, MO). He married Gertrude N. Haynes in 1925 and had 8) Jack D. Culp (27 Sep 1926, Trumann, Poinsett, AR-Present). He married Gloria Gottschamer in St. Louis and had 9) Kevin Larry Culp (21 Sep 1955, St. Louis, MO-03 Aug 2006, Villa Ridge, Franklin, MO). He married Dorothy Eftink in Florissant, St. Louis, MO and had. 10) Me. in 1983 I hope you'll get in touch with me! Dan
Friday, October 20th 2006 - 03:04:51 AM
Name: David Clemens
E-mail address: ClemGram1@fmtcs.com
Comments:My line is traced back to John Clemens b.1788 poss. virginia. He married Anne Boyer of Virginia. They had 7 children - Luke New Clemens, Ruth, David, John H., Rebecca, William Sampson, Joseph Edward. David Clemens Married Marry Ruth Coon. They had 7 children (1 Stanley Watson Coon), Henry Waitman Clemens, Peter Pinder, Samuel Scott Clemens, Sarah Ann Clemens, John Elbert (Ebb), Elezabeth C.. Samuel Scott married Rebecca Morgan. They had 8 children, Elivn Bolton, John N., Stanley Watson, Ruth, Laffayette, Christopher Columbus, Rutherford Burchard Hayes Clemens, Martin Van Buren Clemens. R.B. Hays Clemens was my Great Grandfather he married Marry Elizabeth Cox & They had NINE Kids! Anything look familiar???
Friday, September 15th 2006 - 08:20:27 PM
Name: David Clemens
E-mail address: ClemGram1@fmtcs.com
Comments:My line is traced back to John Clemens b.1788 poss. virginia. He married Anne Boyer of Virginia. They had 7 children - Luke New Clemens, Ruth, David, John H., Rebecca, William Sampson, Joseph Edward. David Clemens Married Marry Ruth Coon. They had 7 children (1 Stanley Watson Coon), Henry Waitman Clemens, Peter Pinder, Samuel Scott Clemens, Sarah Ann Clemens, John Elbert (Ebb), Elezabeth C.. Samuel Scott married Rebecca Morgan. They had 8 children, Elivn Bolton, John N., Stanley Watson, Ruth, Laffayette, Christopher Columbus, Rutherford Burchard Hayes Clemens, Martin Van Buren Clemens. R.B. Hays Clemens was my Great Grandfather he married Marry Elizabeth Cox & They had NINE Kids! Anything look familiar???
Friday, September 15th 2006 - 08:19:37 PM
Name: Bill Ross
E-mail address: sbipmg@earthlink.net
Comments:I am a great great grandson of Nicholas Geib. My daughter Krsitin has been collecting a great deal of information on the Geibs/Bowmans/Clements. Please see your geust book for contact info for her to help you update some of your info.
Thursday, July 13th 2006 - 05:54:00 PM
Name: Tyson Clement Kinsell
E-mail address: tckinsell@comcast.net
Comments:Was referred to this site by a Kinsell family member from Bramford Ontario. My "Clement" middle name was given me because of my genealogical connection to the Clemens lines mentioned in your page. Am also connected to the following and would be pleased to correspond with anyone from any of these lines: KINSEL, KEYSER, LYND, TYSON and many more. Most of my ancestors in this country started out their North American lives in Eastern Pennsylvania in the late 1600's and early 1700's and were from Holland or North Western Germany.
Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 02:54:49 PM
Name: Ken Smith
E-mail address: kjsmith3@telus.net
Comments:My mother was the daughter of Ogden Clemens, son of Moses and Elizabeth Snyder. Most of the data I have is fromEzra Eby's "A Biographical History of Waterloo Township". I will "mine' your information with delight.
Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 05:17:33 PM
Name: Vicki Gassen
E-mail address: vgassen@houston.rr.com
Comments:Have just found your site through rootsweb.com. My family is part of the Kent County, MI, Clemens. My grandmother was Audie Clemens McDougall. There seems to be a confusion on the dates. She is listed twice. Once with a birthdate in 1878 and once in 1889. February 26, 1878 is the correct date. There are conflicting marriage dates also. Please contact me and I will try to fill in some of the other missing information. Vicki Lustila Gassen
Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 11:15:04 AM
Name: Allan Dettweiler
E-mail address: allan@ezraeby.com
Homepage URL: http://ezraeby.com
Comments:I have a new website dedicated to updating the families found in A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF WATERLOO TOWNSHIP, by Ezra E. Eby. There are about 140 family names found in the Ebybooks as they are known - including Clemens. If you are a descendant of one of the families found in the Ebybook, I would like to hear from you so I can include your family on my website. I have over 72,000 names currently. Please check out my website at www.ezraeby.com
Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 06:32:17 AM
Name: James D. Upper
E-mail address: upper@primus.ca
Comments: Hello! Grandson of Elmon James Upper, just passing through.
Friday, April 7th 2006 - 11:27:39 AM
Name: George Chapple
E-mail address: gkchapple@yahoo.ca
Comments:Just thought I would take a look. My wife is a descendent of Rudolph(kolb)Detweiler and Anna (Mosser) Wanner.My wife was James Martins Kim. Sincerely George
Saturday, February 18th 2006 - 03:00:59 PM
Name: Jerry Clements
E-mail address: clements1@centurytel.net
Comments:just searching for parents of my G-Grandfather Jacob Clements b 1826 Jackson Co, IL.
Monday, January 30th 2006 - 01:02:39 PM
Name: Frank Zieglar
E-mail address: zieglarf@yahoo.com
Comments:Gerhardt is my 8th Great-Grandfather... 1. Gerhard CLEMENS (b.1680 d.1745) sp: Anneli Anna REIFF (b.1680 m.1702 d.1745) +-2. Jacob Reiff CLEMENS (b.1707 d.1782) sp: Barbara CLEMMER (b.1714 m.1728 d.1777) |-3. Barbara Clemmer CLEMENS (b.1737 d.1807) | sp: Dilman Kolb ZIEGLER (b.1735 m.1756 d.1794) | |-4. Jacob Clemens ZIEGLER (b.1763) | | sp: Catherine Tyson HUNSBERGER (b.1763 m.1783) | | +-5. Dilman Hunsberger ZIEGLER (b.1784 d.1849) | | sp: Catherine SCHWARTZ (b.1782 m.1806 d.1822) | | |-6. Emanuel M. ZIEGLER (b.1820 d.1896) | | | sp: Matilda ZINN Sinn (b.1822 m.1842 d.1862) | | | |-7. Franklin B. ZIEGLAR (b.1850 d.1920) | | | | sp: Emma J. FELLOWS (b.1847 m.1872 d.1924) | | | | |-8. Carl Fellows ZIEGLAR (b.1876 d.1914) | | | | | sp: Clara CLEVELAND (b.1885 d.1924) | | | | | +-9. Carl Frank ZIEGLAR (b.1902 d.1982) | | | | | sp: Oleta Belle CHILDERS (b.1913 d.1962) | | | | | |-10. Frank ZIEGLAR (b.1942) | | | | | | sp: Rita WELLS (b.1948 d.1992) | | | | | | |-11. Frank ZIEGLAR II (b.1967) this is me.
Thursday, January 12th 2006 - 06:24:34 PM
Name: SeŠn Clemens
Comments:hi, i dont think my name is any connection to yours but would be nice to know if it is, but hard to believe as i live in england and my name decended from Ireland
Wednesday, January 4th 2006 - 03:40:55 AM
Name: Mark Wagner
E-mail address: mrwags@sympatico.ca
Comments:I am the great-grandson of Dr. J.F. Honberger (Hunsberger)who is related to the Clemens through the Kratz line. I have just started workin on our tree but can give you information about Dr. Honsberger's decendants. I would also appreciate any information you may have to share. Regards, Mark
Monday, January 2nd 2006 - 06:20:03 PM
Name: warren Block
E-mail address: warblock@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/warblock
Comments:I am a descendant of Gerhardt Clemens also, Nicholas Geib was my great great grandfather and my great grandfather was Valentine Geib and Ellen Bowman (Nancy.) I'm just getting started in this genealogy and have amassed alot of names and dates thru the internet. I've put it on www.genebase.com so far and would like to know a better way to upload info and pictures about the Geib-Bowman family in Gaines township michigan and their descendants
Monday, January 2nd 2006 - 05:02:18 PM
Name: Joan
E-mail address: lalonderad@rogers.com
Comments:Great site and thanks for the pictures of the Upper Cemetery. Anthony Upper is my 4th Great Grandfather (thru his daughter Susannah), and the pictures of the gravemarkers allowed me to verify a few dates. All your hard work is very evident. Joan
Thursday, December 15th 2005 - 10:05:43 AM
Name: Warren Block
E-mail address: warblock@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/warblock
Comments:I think I'm a descendant of Gerhardt via the Kent county Michigan, Bowman and Geib. My great grandfather Valentine Geib married Nancy Ellen Bowman or Ellen Bowman
Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 06:37:27 PM
Name: Edward Clemens
E-mail address: edtp@comteck.com
Comments:I don't know if there is any conection or not, but it was very interesting reading the information you have found. I live in marion, indiana at the present time, but most of the relitives that I know about live in ohio. great job
Monday, November 14th 2005 - 07:45:40 PM
Name: D
E-mail address: northerngremlin@hotmail.com
Comments:Just happened to stumbled across your website...I am a Clemens by marriage (divorced now) I have a family history book, put together by ancestors along the way. They also come from the Gerhart Clemens + Ann Reiff from their first son Abraham (married Catharine Bachman) and from their first son George (married Elizabeth Carlisle)...I have a few excerpts going all the way back to the 1600's. If you're interested feel free to contact me. D
Friday, November 11th 2005 - 03:11:37 AM
Name: Arlene Mergner
E-mail address: amergner@worldnet.att.net
Wednesday, November 9th 2005 - 11:37:24 PM
Name: Christina Clemens
E-mail address: Acutelilmiss2000@cox.net
Comments:Hi, my last name is Clemens. I don't know much about my dad's side of the family, all I know is that his fathers name was Johnny and that Johnny had sisters and possibly other children besides my father. He died in a bar shooting long ago. We are from Nebraska but I believe he was either originally from or moved to California at one point. If anyone thinks they could possibly know him, I'd love the help in finding out more.
Monday, October 24th 2005 - 12:45:37 AM
Name: Michael C. Johnson
E-mail address: writer@thebluezone.net
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Hi! I really appreciate the photos of the Upper tombstones at Townline Rd, Drummond Hill, and Upper Family Cemetery. I found lots of great info. Thanks! My grandmother is Gladys Katherine Upper (1892-1965), daughter of Andrew Wilson Upper (1867-1920), son of William Upper (1837-1914), son of Joseph Upper (1808-1886), son of Anthony Upper (1774-1853), son of George Upper (1734-1817). I know George came on a boat from Holland, and that's where I'm currently researching. You have probably already correctly guessed I am very new at this. A lot of fun, isn't it? Thanks again for the great photos. Best Regards, Michael C. Johnson 1649 West 2115 South Syracuse, UT 84075 writer@thebluezone.net 801-776-5864
Monday, September 19th 2005 - 11:14:51 PM
Name: Kenneth G. Clemens
E-mail address: kenal01@msn.com
Comments:Looking for Clemens family in Virginia (1785) that moved to Tennessee.
Monday, September 19th 2005 - 12:09:51 PM
Name: Jan webb
E-mail address: jilawebb@hotmail.com
Comments:My husband is a decendent of Michael Ziegler & Catherine Schrager & Gerhard Clemens & Anna Reiff. His Ziegler line is Orland>George Franklin>Emmanuel B>Noah>Dielman H>Jacob C>Dielman Kolb> Andrew >Michael Dielman H above married Barbara C Clemens>Jacob R >Gerhard Clemens. I just stopped in to say Hi! and let you know I like your Webpage alot! It is great ! & I love the old pictures. Do you have any Ziegler pictures? There are alot in Paul & Lynn Beckers Ziegler's book Thank for all your hard work, Janice
Friday, September 16th 2005 - 07:58:27 PM
Name: geep240
E-mail address: geep240@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://delta-faucet.atspace.org/delta-faucet-com.html
Wednesday, September 7th 2005 - 03:02:57 PM
Name: Al
E-mail address: b1caez01@cogeco.ca
Comments:One of five known Upper researches in North America. Direct descendant of Johannes Jerg Opfer and Anna Dorothea Schmidt-Endters of Germany, thought to be the first Uppers in North America, c. 1770 to "The Triangle," Snook's Brook, Newton Township, Sussex, New Jersey, U.S.A. I do not mount any material on the internet, and only share with proven relatives, i.e. those who can show a citable connection to the "Upper Tree." I do no blind searches [:"do you have"] or large GEDCOMS exchanges. As there is considered to be only one basic "Upper Tree" in North America stemming from this line, you should know if you are related by virtue of your research. Contact me for exchanges of information. SUGGESTED UPPER LINEAGE *01-Al *02-Living *03-Sadie Idell Upper: b. September 29, 1901; St. Anns, Gainsborough Township, Ontario, Canada d. November 20, 1987; Beamsville, Ontario, Canada; Mt. Osborne, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada *04-Jacob James Upper: b. December 28, 1860; St. Anns, Gainsborough Township, Ontario, Canada d. Abt. 1956; Aged 95, On J. C. Thompson's Farm, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada; St. Ann's, Gainsboro, Thorold Township, Ontario, Canada [Upper Family Bible][monument inscription; St. Annís cemetery] *05-John [Fenian] Upper, Jr.: b. St. Anns, Gainsborough Township, Ontario, Canada [Upper Family Bible] d. May 09, 1913; St. Anns, Gainsborough Township, Ontario, Canada [Upper Family Bible] *06-John Upper, Sr.: b. April 08, 1798; Allanburgh, Thorold, Ontario, Canada d. December 29, 1884: St. Anns, Gainsborough Township, Ontario, Canada *07-Jacob Upper: b. September 19, 1771; "The Triangle," Snook's Brook, Newton Township, Sussex, New Jersey, U.S.A. d. September 20, 1846; Townline Road, Allanburgh, Thorold Township, Ontario, Canada; Old Cemetery, #1 *08-George [Johann Jerj Opfer] Upper; b. Abt. 1734; Urbach, near Neuwied, Palatine Region of South West Germany [?] d. July 15, 1817; Allanburgh, Thorold Township, Ontario, Canada [bur. Beaverdams Cemetery; also called in places, Upper Burial Ground #1]
Saturday, July 30th 2005 - 12:36:26 AM
Name: laura299
E-mail address: laura299@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.domen2.ru
Friday, July 15th 2005 - 03:59:21 PM
Name: Rebecca Clemens Randall
E-mail address: rjr5848@aol.com
Comments:My maiden name is Clemens. My family was from Oklahoma. My father was Jess Willard Clemens and my mother was Helen Loraine Blaylock. Mostly from Hughes County Oklahoma. Grandparents were Francis Emmett Clemens & Josie Owensby, and Lester Blaylock & Velta Gourley. Thanks
Sunday, July 3rd 2005 - 12:04:10 AM
Name: Joseph Mueller (McDade-Clemens)
E-mail address: zendream04@aol.com
Comments:Hello, I am the grandson of Eleanor Gertrude Clemens-McDade who was the daughter of Anabel and Bruce Clemens from Altoona, Pennsylvania. While most of us have stayed in Pennsylvania, our family now spans the east coast. I would love to hear from others that may still be in the area...
Wednesday, June 29th 2005 - 04:28:10 PM
Name: Elaine Ritter
E-mail address: elaineritter2@yahoo.com
Comments:What a wonderful website. I am a descendant of Gerhardt Clemens and my great grandparents were Henry B "Harry" Clemens and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Scholl Clemens of Montgomery County Pa. My ancestry can be traced back to Gerhardt Clemens so I would assume we might be related! Elaine
Monday, May 30th 2005 - 09:20:19 PM
Name: Betty (Murkley) Lau
E-mail address: bmlau@charter.net
Comments:Great job on your web site. I live in WI and my gr-grandfather WM Markley/Merkley was born in Williamsburg, Canada he had a sister Nancy Markley who married Wm Jabez Clemons, born in Ontario, Canada Oct 23 either 1826 or 1827, WM J. was a blacksmith and left canada in early 1840's. WM's father was David and mother Charlena (Morse/Morris) Could this Possibly be the same as your William son of David b. Nov 3, 1791 and had four children, Wm Samuel, Louisa, Lucinda. If you think this might be the same family please contact me either by email or my address is 13462 Co. Hwy S-south, Jim Falls, WI 54748
Friday, May 27th 2005 - 09:13:02 PM
Name: Wally Clemens
E-mail address: wally@cyberus.ca
Comments:You have done much work on your family the Clemens'. I am either, not related or related from 100s of years. I have spent much time locating my Clemens and have finally located my Great Grandfather, Samuel Clemens, who was born in 1853 in St. Austell Cornwall England. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Seward Alaska, died 1923 Mar 12. His father's name was William, which I obtained from his marrage certificate to Catherine Liebrecht in 1877. They had 3 children, Grace, Lillian and my grandfather Stephen david Clemens. Stephen David moved from England to Ottawa Canada in 1904. his son Brian is my father. Samuel (My Great Grandfather was interesting to me. He left the family in 1884/5 and was never heard from. He had his reasons. I know nothing of his family except for his father's name William. I have over the years been able to trace his life through England and lastly American Census, but have as yet not got his birth certificate. He was somewhat outcased from our small family and all records of him have taken years to find. He (Samuel) did note on American census forms that both his father and mother where English and English speaking. I have often wondered of a continent conection, but until more records come available, am unable to say. I have had great help from a distant cousin on his wife's side a Malcolm Liebrecht, who still lives in England. Best Walter Stephen Clemens
Friday, May 20th 2005 - 03:56:43 PM
Name: Ann Phillips
E-mail address: annphillips@attglobal.net
Comments:A very fine website, which has helped me with Fannie Simpson Clemens (married to Joseph Unger Clemens - #1200) and her descendants.
Monday, February 28th 2005 - 08:31:52 PM
Name: Edward Lee Howard-Mauro
E-mail address: mauroel@foxinternet.com
Comments:I am a great grandson of Francis Jane Albright who married William Alonzo Tucker. Their daughter, Lorena (Rena) Belle Tucker married Robert Edward Lee Howard (my grandparents). I would love to share, exchange what information I have. Respectfully, Ed
Tuesday, February 15th 2005 - 04:04:03 AM
Name: William Joseph Clemens
E-mail address: bj@tropical-mesa.com
Homepage URL: http://wjclemens.com
Comments:From time to time I am curious and attempt to see if I can build a family tree.
Wednesday, February 9th 2005 - 01:55:28 AM
Name: Myron L. Dunning
E-mail address: myrdun@fibercow.com
Comments:I am impressed by your site and the family history that you have collected. Now, I need to confirm the connections that you have presented. My ancestors, Christian Bowman and Mary Mohler have been as far as I have penetrated so far.
Monday, February 7th 2005 - 10:33:36 PM
Name: Pam Cressman
E-mail address: dave.and.pam@rogers.com
Comments:My husband is the grandmother of Eva Baer. She was the daughter of Decan Henry Baer. I live in Waterloo, Ont. Canada. I have noticed in (Roots Web)that a you have some information missing. I would love to be of help. I have lots of info on the Baer family. Love to hear from you. 5/2/05
Sunday, February 6th 2005 - 04:31:14 PM
Name: Kerry Stewart (nee Wismer)
E-mail address: kerry@totalgraphix.ca
Comments:I am searching for relatives and information of my father, Ron Wismer, his father, David, his great grandfather, Isaac Henry. I found your site very interesting and informative.
Tuesday, February 1st 2005 - 05:11:21 PM
Name: marion locke
E-mail address: melocke@mid.igs.net
Comments:my grandmother was Clara Baer. I will give you more information later.
Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 10:52:07 PM
Name: Tomk Newsome
E-mail address: Panana09@peoplepc.com
Comments:You have a very nicely arranged family tree. Thank you for letting me look through it, Tom
Wednesday, November 17th 2004 - 04:36:59 AM
Name: italiancharms458
E-mail address: italiancharms458@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.italiancharms.cc/nomination_bracelet_charms.html
Comments:Hello, you have been making good site :) Respect.
Saturday, November 6th 2004 - 02:43:35 PM
Name: Elaine Jeter
E-mail address: ejeter@san.rr.com
Homepage URL: http://members.cox.net/davidvoth/genealogy/
Comments:My great-grandmother was born Mary Malissa Clemens 1851-1940, b. in Spring City PA. She married John Franklin Barlow, son of Mahlon Barlow. My own line to the immigrant, Gerhardt: Margaret Elaine Spunaugle b.1934 (m. Jeter) --> Mary Elizabeth Barlow 1908-2004 (m. Ervin Spunaugle) --> George Ralston Barlow 1871-1933 --> Mary Malissa Clemens 1851-1940 (m. John F. Barlow)--> Jacob H. Clemens, 1817-1904 --> Garret P. Clemens, 1790-1858 --> Jacob Clemens, abt 1767 to 1824 --> Gerhart Clemens, Jan 1744/45-1820 --> Jacob Clemens, abt 1704-1782 --> Gerhardt (immigrant) Clemens, abt 1680-abt 1745.
Monday, August 23rd 2004 - 11:27:06 PM
Name: Martha Clemens Sutherland
E-mail address: HKSutherland@worldnet.att.net
Comments:Thank you so much for all your hard work ,I have found so much that I was looking for on your site.My grandfather was Harry Clemens,son of James U.Clemens and Dora Schaefer.
Tuesday, August 17th 2004 - 12:40:24 AM
Name: Wally Clemens
E-mail address: wally@cyberus.ca
Comments:My grandfather come to Ottawa Ontario in 1904 from England. It is possible that his father Samuel Clemens, born in 1853 in St. Austell Cornwall Eng. also moved to the USA between 1885 1901?? (have been searching for him some 38 years). It is also possible that his father William Clemens also moved to the USA either with his son or before??
Thursday, July 29th 2004 - 12:52:06 AM
Name: Anita Mary Gray
E-mail address: AMFesler@AOL.com
Comments:Jacob Clemens 1651 - ?/Mary Gerhart Clemens 1680-1745/Anna aka Anelin Reif 1680-4-1744-5 Johannes Clemens 1707-1781/Elisabeth Allebacherin 1711-abt 1764? Gerhart A. Clemens 1737-1799/Gertrude Keturah 1742-1825 Anna Clemens 1786-1871/Thomas Rutter ??-1829 Thomas J. Rutter 1814-1896/Celia A. Cady 1826/1906 Emma M. Rutter 1849-1930/Wm. Gray, Sr. 1849-1937 Wm. Gray, Jr. 1873-1935/#2 wf Viola P Stehr 1888-1962 Anita M. Gray/Larry W. Fesler
Saturday, March 13th 2004 - 12:39:16 AM
Name: Ron Mitchell
E-mail address: ronnie@itol.com
Comments:Hi Cuz, Don't have an exact line on how we are related but we most likely are. I am descended from Pennybackers (ultimately Heindrich and Eve Umstat). Haven't seen much of your site but what I have seen is surely impressive. Cheers, Ron Mitchell
Friday, March 5th 2004 - 10:41:03 PM
Name: Lyle Detwiller
E-mail address: lylegdetwiller@aol.com
Comments:Researching the Rudolph Detweiler/Anna Wanner family, Hespeler, Ont, Can
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 01:03:54 PM
Name: Colleen Clemens
E-mail address: cleen1@msn.com
Comments:Beautifully done! Thanks!
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:57:37 AM
Name: Colleen Clemens
E-mail address: cleen1@msn.com
Comments:Beautifully done! Thanks!
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:57:27 AM
Name: Colleen Clemens
E-mail address: cleen1@msn.com
Comments:I'm working on my husband's line. We are stuck trying to find any early documentation of John Harrison Clemens(25 March 1878) & Julia Pollard. We know they ended up in Wier, KA and have a hint he might have come from Hopkinsville,KY. Any help would be wonderful! He has 7 sons. Ira, Harrison,Jesse, John (Jack), Leander, William Charles, and a girl, Grace
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:51:37 AM
Name: Colleen Clemens
E-mail address: cleen1@msn.com
Comments:I'm working on my husband's line. We are stuck trying to find any early documentation of John Harrison Clemens(25 March 1878) & Julia Pollard. We know they ended up in Wier, KA and have a hint he might have come from Hopkinsville,KY. ANy help would be wonderful! He has 7 sons. Ira, Harriosn,Jesse, John (Jack), Leander, William Charles, and a girl, Grace
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 12:48:09 AM
Name: bev moulton
E-mail address: Bevmoulton@aol.com
Comments:wonderful work
Wednesday, February 25th 2004 - 04:09:43 PM
Name: Joyce Shupe
E-mail address: jshupe@holtonks.net
Comments:Great work!! I am related to Moses Fischer Shupe. Lost Spring Ks. Moses father was Bishop George Shupe.
Sunday, February 22nd 2004 - 06:23:17 PM
Name: David E Rife
E-mail address: drife@telus.net
Comments:I am Irene Elrose's brother. You are all doing great work on these family tree's and information.
Monday, February 9th 2004 - 03:49:42 PM
Name: lorna clemens
E-mail address: aquarius0217@webtv.net
Comments:Interesting site.
Monday, January 19th 2004 - 03:49:13 PM
Name: John and Mary Ingle
E-mail address: meingle@aol.com
Comments:Yours Homepage is the best I have ever had the privilege to see. Keep up the good work. I'm searching the Engle/Ingle family in Pa. Thank you for letting us visit. The Ingles
Thursday, January 8th 2004 - 11:22:27 AM
Name: valerie dunmore ne clemens
Comments:i/ve borrowed a friends computer i live in the north east of england my dad was born here but my grandfather came from london he was born 1875 and his father was born in cornwell england. grandfather was called vernon CRISTOPHER CLEMENS.he was a harness maker; then served in the Boar war.[South Africa] and a young Winston Churchill, presented him with a medal [The Oak Leaf]his father was born 1842 he was a corn dealer and was called Albert Edward Clemens. hope you find this interresting .
Sunday, December 14th 2003 - 01:29:46 PM
Name: Cindy Clemens-Bailey
E-mail address: fourfeather@aol.com
Comments:Really enjoyed visiting. What a trememdous accomplishment! While my husband and I were researching my own family background, we ran into a few of your ancestors buried in Hooker Cemetery in Leighton Twp., Allegan Co., MI. Headstones included: Sarah A. or R. Clemens w/o A. Clemens December 13, 1823 21 yrs. 9m 6d C. Blanche Clemens 1879-1919 Levi Clemens July 15, 1817 - January 27, 1891 Joel Clemens - couldn't read dates but top of headstone read "father" Large Clemens headstone with markers for: Levi - 1874-1945 Abram - 1848-1927 Mary - wife of Abram - 1851-1905 Sorry if you already have this info. If not, I thought you'd appreciate it. Cindy
Saturday, December 13th 2003 - 01:05:12 PM
Name: James Williamson Lang
E-mail address: c187a503@telus.net
Comments:I really like the way you ave set up your family tree Jim
Tuesday, November 18th 2003 - 08:44:21 PM
Name: Sharon
E-mail address: witt@mindspring.com
Comments:Hi, I am helping a friend with her PICKETT line and found same names in your line as hers. She is a GG Granddaughter of William Pickett and Susanna Wismer. We just visited Gaines Cem., Kent Co., MI a couple of weeks ago and took several pictures of Picketts and Nogle headstones. Can see where the Clemens are tying into her Nogle line as well. Wm's daughter Elizabeth married Cyrus Nogle also buried in Gaines, also my friends direct line. Anyway thanks for all the work you have done on your web site, my friend will so enjoy viewing this. Sharon, Plainwell, MI about 30 minutes from Gaines Cem.
Wednesday, November 12th 2003 - 10:57:37 PM
Name: Kenneth George Clemens
E-mail address: kenal01@msn.com
Comments:Always looking for connection. My Clemens family is from S.W. Virginia (1780's).
Friday, November 7th 2003 - 10:48:19 AM
Name: james clemons/clemems
E-mail address: jclmns2@aol.com
Comments:Enjoyed your site. I am searching for family of Benjamin Clemens, born in Philadelphia about 1799. States his mother was born in New Jersey. Migrated to Arkansas about 1819 Any info will be helpful James
Wednesday, November 5th 2003 - 05:03:21 PM
Name: David Malin
E-mail address: dmalin@ihs2000.com
Comments:My mother's mother's mother's maiden name was CLEMENS from the Pine Grove area of Pennsylvania. I'm always interested in hearing from anyone interested in sharing/requesting info. E-mails are ALWAYS welcome...
Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 09:05:01 AM
Name: Les Barker
E-mail address: Les@lesbarker.com
Homepage URL: http://lesbarker.com
Comments:You should send an e-mail to Helen Bingleman in Vittoria, Ont. Her e-mail address is in my guest book, she works on the Hoover reunion and also has info on the Sherks. Glad to see you were on my website.
Monday, September 29th 2003 - 10:53:09 PM
E-mail address: VISHY54@A-ZNET.COM
Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 10:02:01 PM
Name: Brenda Tanner
Comments:Karen, again you have a wonderful site and I know for myself you have put alot of work into it. Dave, you should be thanked too, for all the work you put into it this summer, helping Karen and taking her to Waterloo. You, better find some new tombstones or next summer will be dull. Brenda
Saturday, August 30th 2003 - 11:58:59 AM
Name: Kenneth George Clemens
E-mail address: kenal01@msn.com
Wednesday, August 13th 2003 - 11:17:04 AM
Name: Robert Brenner
E-mail address: binfog@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.brennerbooks.com
Comments:Greetings from San Diego! I'm from the Brox line and have a lot of cousins in the Kitchner-Waterloo area. My mother, Florence Brox Brenner is the daughter of Henry Brox, who grew up just north of Hawkesville (Floridale, I think). Nice site. Thanks for being here. I hope to explore around your site more as I get time. Have a TERRIFIC day. Robert
Thursday, August 7th 2003 - 06:34:12 PM
Name: Russel Groh
E-mail address: russag@sympatico.ca
Comments:Hi Karen, Thanks for your site address. What a wonderfull palce! you sure have been busy. Talk to you later. Russ
Wednesday, July 2nd 2003 - 10:53:34 AM
Name: Karen Listick
E-mail address: klistick@earthlink.net
Comments:I love your site, Karen. It's amazing what you've found and put together. Thanks to you and Scott, I've pieced together so much information on my family. One of these days I'd like to get up to Canada and visit my Canadian cousins. Keep up the great work!
Thursday, June 26th 2003 - 10:56:38 AM
Name: Brenda
E-mail address: tanner_usa@yahoo.com
Comments:Karen, you are finding such excellent information for your site. Your website is interesting to read, keep up the good work, because I know you have been working so hard on it. There sure is alot of Clemens out there, we will have to take more road trips when you are in Ontario and the States this summer. Brenda
Wednesday, May 14th 2003 - 10:49:22 PM
Name: Edward Hilbert
E-mail address: edhilbert@powerweb.net
Comments:My great-grandfather was Jacob Clemens born in either Holland or Luxemburg in 1818.His mother's name was Susanne Mutzey.Don't know his fathers name although he should have had a brother named August.Jacob settled in Ashford Township of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. He married Mary Leisses in 1850 and Anna Tost in 1855. I have a picture of Susanne. Jacob also had a sister -Margaretha who married John Engel in 1850.
Tuesday, May 13th 2003 - 02:17:48 AM
Name: jeanne [rolling] wright
E-mail address: jeanne.wright@sympatico.ca
Comments:just happened to find your home page. martha rolling was the daughter of Amos Rolling. Amos was the brother of my ggrandfather James. Trying to find more information about Amos and Sarah. What is really strange is my mothers maiden name was Clement.
Thursday, May 8th 2003 - 11:40:16 PM
Name: Ann Lambert
E-mail address: southwind333@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://rootsweb.com/~ksrcgs/renocokansas.html
Comments:Nicely done and great webPages. A FreePages participant.
Friday, April 25th 2003 - 08:32:04 PM
Name: Brian Hunt
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Comments:you are doing a fine job in this gruelling gene business-Brian
Friday, April 25th 2003 - 02:43:11 AM
Name: Dottie Buckler Mantela
E-mail address: hdmapa@aol.com
Comments:We are going to England next month, so I wanted to look up where the Bucklers came from (Aynho, a Northamptonshire Village)to possibly visit. I looked up Bucklers on the net and came acrossed your web site. I found my great-great-grandfather's grave stone along with some other relatives' stones in Brown City, MI. I have a family tree from the 1960's and I don't see the connection between Aaron Buckler's family and the Clemens as it is incomplete. My info spells Bowman Baumann and Schneider is different, also. One of the Bucklers in Flint did a lot of research on the Ontario family history and I have some copies of it. Your work was very interesting and well done. I have some friends from Milford, Judy and Roger Clemens- any relation to you?
Thursday, April 24th 2003 - 11:38:07 PM
Name: sheila howarth
E-mail address: colvin7490@f2s.com
Comments:hi, i am connected too mark twain, on my mothers side. my great, great,grandfather,and mark twain were cousins. my mothers maiden name, was clemens. if any one knows of any surviving relatives, i would love to hear from you. any photos would be apprieciated.
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 06:07:21 AM
Name: Lacy
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Comments:Great looking site!
Monday, April 7th 2003 - 12:01:02 PM
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Comments:Fantastic site.
Tuesday, April 1st 2003 - 01:19:01 PM
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