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City of Florence

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Name: Brad Minney
E-mail address: bradwins53@yahoo.com
Comments:My mother, Mary Maxine (Myers) Minney, grew up in Florence. Her parents, Jessie & Chester Myers, lived in Florence; I have the most incredible memories of Florence! Would enjoy keeping in contact!
Brad Minney bradwins52@yahoo.com
970-361-6686 cell
Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 08:49:59 PM
Name: Staci Fouts
E-mail address: kctrickster@sbcglobal.net
Comments:My grandmother, Charlotte Etter, was a Harvey Girl. If anyone knew her, I would sure appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 09:01:55 PM
Name: Terry Ryan
E-mail address: tgryan@everestkc.net
Comments:I rode Florence back in the day, maybe I should try to do this event - but not sure I can ride 40 miles any more.

Thursday, September 26th 2013 - 10:45:00 AM
Name: Bruce Hevel
E-mail address: bruce.hevel6088@email.
Comments:looks like a nice place to visit
Saturday, August 17th 2013 - 09:40:24 PM
Name: Shelly Cain
E-mail address: annette0625@gmail.com
Comments:enjoy rediscovering the history of this once popular city.
Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 10:10:42 AM
Name: Dr. Paul Deason
E-mail address: deasonp@gmail.com
Comments:Best of luck in the preservation effort. Let me know if any of the networking I suggested to you is helpful
Thursday, October 4th 2012 - 01:06:11 PM
Name: Jim Ellis
E-mail address: ewok_1@cox.net
Comments:It's been a couple of years since I've written or posted anything on in the guestbook. I want to say "hi" to my classmates and friends. When I can make it home for the alumni dinner, it is always so good to see everyone. Generally the time we have is so limited, I can never visit as long as I would like. The main reason for the post today is to let our friends and people that remember Dan,my younger brother, for health reasons he recently had to be admitted to a nursing home in Wichita. The name of the home is Manor Care, on 21st street. I know he would enjoy hearing from anyone from the "old days". As for me, I still live in Pensacola, Fl. Retired after over 42 years of either being in the Navy or working for the Navy.
If anyone that remembers the "good old days" as I refer to them or was in high school in the mid 60's, drop me aline. Until then, Jim
Sunday, August 5th 2012 - 08:22:02 AM
Name: Mary Smith
E-mail address: redhd4str8@aol.com
I am trying to locate information for a relative. He is buried in the Hillcrest cemetery in Florence.

I actually located this on Find A Grave.

How can I locate a cemetery record that might give his wife's name and actual dates of birth and death and why he died so young. The actual date of death would help in locating an obituary. Thanks for any help Mary

Frank Henry
Birth: 1861
Death: 1891

Hillcrest Cemetery
Marion County
Kansas, USA
Plot: Lot OR 243, row 13-I-1, plot 1
Saturday, August 4th 2012 - 04:33:14 PM
Name: Irene Riffel (IRWIN)
E-mail address: ksdorthy@cox.net
Comments:My grandfather, W.P.Irwin was the Dr in Florence. He, and his wife, are buried in Florence... and I believe their home is still standing, but not sure. Is there someone that can pointout the Dr. Office on the mainstreet picture?
Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 08:24:51 PM
Name: Marigrace Clonts Furby
E-mail address: marifurby@yahoo.com
Comments:my grand mother, Grace M. Turner Clonts was a Harvey Girl. There are no known pics of her anywhere and I would give anything to see one of her. If you can please look her up she was born in Atchinson KS and moved to Osage City. She married Alpheus Clonts and had two sons, Arthur and Alpheus. I am Alpheus's daughter. Please please check all records and let me know.
Friday, July 13th 2012 - 06:38:19 PM
Name: Kimberly Seel
E-mail address: kimberlyseel@yahoo.com
Comments: I decided to check the website hoping to see any of my maternal grandmothers relatives had visited. Her name was Bertha Piper. Her father worked as a ranch hand in the area. This must have been in the early 1900's because she was born in the early 1910's. She had sisters names Laura, Stella & Genevieve. I know she had brothers, although I can't remember their names. She married John J. Cole and moved to Dunlap, Kansas in the early thirties.
Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 08:30:44 PM
Name: Shirley Goddard Williams
E-mail address: swroseburg@aol.com
Comments:I love this web site. I try to get to it as often as I can. I graduated in 65. My sister Ellen graduated in 56 i think. Anyway Vernon Hein her husband of 40 plus years just recenely had to put her in a nursing home. She came down with that dreaded disease alsameres or howeer you spell it. She is in a home in Cottage Grove, Oregon. That is the same thing that ended my mother life in 1973 If any of my classmates read this please write me back or if there is anyone who would like to hear more about Ellen please write.
Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 10:07:48 AM
Name: Nelly Nunns Franklin
E-mail address: njf12640@aol.com
Comments:A wonderful website. keep up the good work.
Thursday, May 3rd 2012 - 10:53:25 PM
Name: Cyndy Harnett
E-mail address: alfelizabeth@hotmail.com
Comments:Visited on 4-14-12. Met Judy while shopping at the Merchantile. Then Linda gave me a personal tour of the Harvey House museum. Want to get a group from Lawrence to come have a meal at the Harvey House.

Also liked the mural near the library.
Sunday, April 15th 2012 - 12:44:26 PM
Name: Mr. David Martin Price
E-mail address: iffocpresident@cox.net
Comments:During my visit in Florence, Kansas, it was quiet and wonderful, I also learned that they have a federal grant to grow walnut trees by the river. It is nice to see even little cities can bring back things we miss.

Mr. David Martin Price
President of I.F.F.O.C. & K.C.E.A.J.
Independent Federal Fund Oversight Committee
Kansas Citizens for Equal Access to Justice
3121 SE Fremont St.
Topeka, Kansas 66605
(785) 267-5132
Saturday, March 31st 2012 - 03:51:41 PM
Name: Steve Lerner
E-mail address: stephenlerner@gmail.com
Comments:Hello to my friends in Florence! I wanted you to know that my film Florence, Kansas, which many of you helped me with, was accepted as an official selection by the Kansas City Film Festival. and it will show on Friday, April 13th at the Ward Parkway AMC theater, in a program of short films beginning at 4 pm. It will show again on Saturday, April 14th, at the AMC 6 Theater in downtown Kansas City in a program starting at 3:30 pm.
Hope to see you there!
Best regards--
Steve Lerner
Saturday, March 24th 2012 - 10:34:56 PM
Name: Mike Wicken
E-mail address: michael.wicken@yahoo.com
Comments: Having just moved to Florence, I must say how absolutely perfect I find the town! Working in Hillsboro and commuting weekly to Salina, being able to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of Florence is wonderful! Haven't had time to mingle much, but get nods and waves every time I go through town, and the ladies at City Hall have been nothing but the epitome of friendly, couteous and professional, answering all of my dumb questions and supplying info I didn't know I needed! Thanks everybody for the help and nods and waves...when you see the ugly green truck roll thru town, that's me, and hello right back!
Saturday, February 11th 2012 - 01:55:51 PM
Name: Jacque Grannum
E-mail address: jag@waitrose.com
Comments:I am looking forward to visiting Florence later this year to follow in the ' footsteps' of my great grandmother, Annie Bauman, Fred Harvey's sister. As stated in your information about the Harvey House 'she brought her children( one would have been my grandmother Lil) and served tea each afternoon in the Clifton Hotel with her own tea service and tea'. I won't be bringing my children or grandchildren but am really looking forward to my visit.
Three of my great grandmother's sons are also buried in the Florence cemetery, Charles E A Bauman died 1884, Henry Victor Bauman died 1902 and Edwin Orlando Bauman died 1937.
I am planning to visit their graves and would be very pleased if anyone could tell me more about where they lived in Florence. I think at some stage they all worked for their uncle FreD Harvey.
Thank you. Jacque
Sunday, February 5th 2012 - 06:49:15 AM
Name: Ed Adrian
E-mail address: eadrian@cox.net
Comments:I am from class of 1961. My dad ran the poolhall on Main St.
Anybody who knew me back then, please email me and let's chat.
Thanks, Ed
Saturday, February 4th 2012 - 09:23:41 PM
Name: John G. Malone
E-mail address: jgmalone43@gmail.com
Comments:Yes, I know, this is the 3rd entry. I must apologize for the double entry below. I input the captcha and I didn't see the post right away so I input another note.
More later....maybe.
John G. Malone
Monday, January 30th 2012 - 11:36:54 AM
Name: John G. Malone
E-mail address: jgmalone43@gmail.com
Comments:Greetings from Post Falls Idaho,

As an update to my post of May 2007, I did make the trip and spent 4 days in Florence. Tho there were no hotels open at the time I stayed at a hotel 30 miles away and drove back and forth.

The purpose of my trip was two-fold. One was to see Florence again and second to find the grave site of my grandma Maude M. Brizendine. I did not know if she had a headstone or marker so I had to make the trip to find out. To my surprise, she had a grave site and a nice headstone donated by a family that knew my grandma. Grandma lived a simple life and worked hard doing other people's laundry.
After her death, her house on 2nd street was torn down. It was a nice house but did not have amenities a normal house has like a water heater, running water at the tap, instead she used a pot bellied stove to heat water and a hand pump in the kitchen and one outside. Maude had many friends and was loved.

Florence has changed since the last time I saw it in 1968. The school I once went to turned into the American Legion was torn down and the yellow bricks were just laying on the ground. Main street was void of almost any activity. The bars and grocery stores were closed up. The old Chevrolet Dealership building was still there but closed. I didn't see too many people out and about, probably due the the heat. It must have been 105 degrees.
About the 2 things open were a small hamburger joint on Main Street and the city hall. The train station was still there and windows & doorways were boarded up. At one time, the trains would come and blow their whistles often times waking me up in the middle of the night. The tracks are still used but the station is closed. Railroad spikes lay here and there.

It was a good visit and I will try and make it again someday. If anyone reading this note would like to correspond and keep me updated I would be grateful.

I still love Florence. It will always be home.
John G. Malone
Saturday, January 28th 2012 - 01:36:53 PM
Name: John Malone
E-mail address: jgmalone43@gmail.com
Comments:Greetings from Post Falls Idaho.
In 2010, I made a trip to Florence to look around and see if my grandma Maude Brizendine had a grave marker of some kind. To my surprise, her grave was donated from another family and was adorned with a nice headstone. I was appreciative of the donation of both. Grandma lived a simple life and worked hard doing other people's laundry in order to survive. The house she lived in was removed after her death due to a shortage of amenities like a water heater, running water at the tap, and a furnace. She heated water using a pot bellied stove in the kitchen area. To retrieve water, she had a hand pump inside the kitchen and one outside in the back yard. Even tho the house itself was in good shape, it would have cost too much to upgrade. While there, the school house I went to was torn down. In the early days it was a grade school, and later the Elks club of some sort. It was sad to see it destroyed. Downtown main street was pretty empty of bars, grocery stores and other businesses. The building were still there, but no activity. The city hall was about the only building open. It was very hot while I was there and had forgotten the hot summers. The town has changed and looks the same laid back countryside I remember as a young child. The Florence Train Station was boarded up but still in tack and looks like it could be unveiled and reused. I will always have fond memories of Florence and who knows, I may come back for a visit again. If anyone reads the note and would like to give me updates on what is happening there, I would be grateful for any input.
- John G.Malone -
Friday, January 27th 2012 - 09:54:33 PM
Name: Larry S. McClure
E-mail address: lmcclure48@gmail.com
Comments:I really enjoyed the guestbook and regret I have not been back for an Alumni Banquet.

After 40 years in Maine, three sons, all of them through college, Barb and I are enjoying retirement. 5 grandchildren (4 boys --1 very beautiful girl).

Growing up on the farm and attending school at Florence was the best.

Labor Day, sports, our band directed by Bob Harder, Coach Foos ( breaking my arm trying to play football ), FFA, Bezdek and I fishing all night and those party times.

Like Jim Ellis I know that Florence will always be home.
Maine has been awesome though.
Monday, January 9th 2012 - 08:43:07 PM
Name: Larry Johnson
E-mail address: lyhjohnson@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello, people of Florence, Kansas. I recently researched and found that my great great grandfather lived in Florence, Kansas. His name was Sampson Virgil Johnson (formerly Johnston). He later moved to Linn County, Kansas where he died. His son John F. Johnson lived in Florence, Kansas until he married Mary Jane Frear in Emporia, Kansas and moved to Linn County, Kansas near the town of Linville, Kansas. Plan on visiting your community this summer.
Wednesday, January 4th 2012 - 01:45:58 PM
Name: Andrea Stansbury
E-mail address: purpleunicornandi@gmail.com
Comments:I'm still looking for information on Carolyn Marcum and her husband Bruce
Sunday, December 18th 2011 - 11:31:41 PM
Name: Trina Estrada
E-mail address: trinabobeanna@aol.com
Comments:Hi there! I visited Florence in August of 1988 with my mother Vondele Johnson. We were there visiting my Grandmother Dora June Redus(she lived on 5th and Barker) and Great Grandmother her last name was Markum(she lived next to the Chuck Wagon on Main and 5th). I don't really remember much but I know met some family members like Uncle Bob and an Aunt named Opal. I do remember someone in my family lived in an old school which was really cool. I just hope someone reading this remembers some of my family.

Wednesday, November 30th 2011 - 11:57:13 PM
Name: mary Lou (skinner) Phillips
E-mail address: marylou-2005@hotmail.com
Comments:1960 graduating class...now live in Marion..Florence was a fun town in the late 1950's .anyone who has neat pictures of florence from years back ..contact this sight as they are trying to aquire more history..
Wednesday, November 16th 2011 - 10:39:19 AM
Name: Galen Graham
E-mail address: galengraham@att.net
Comments:My name is Galen.. I am the grandson of Charles and Lenora Graham of 230 Grandview st. Raised there all my life and I call it home.
Thursday, November 10th 2011 - 11:28:58 AM
Name: Jim Ellis
E-mail address: ewok_1@cox.net
Comments:This Labor Day brings to mind the Labor Day celebrations held in Florence back when we were kids. They were fun and a part of life in Florence I like to remember. I hope the celebration held today will be a memory maker for the young living in Florence now? It looks like you will have the perfect weather for it. Good Luck and have fun!!
Monday, September 5th 2011 - 07:31:51 AM
Name: Raymond Shaw
E-mail address: rayshaw1369@yahoo.com
Comments:Bimby was here. God bless this beautiful place.
Tuesday, August 30th 2011 - 08:35:14 PM
Name: Angeline Wornkey
E-mail address: angel.inew@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://ktmasite.com
Comments:I love attending the Mountain Man Rendezvous thats just south of the RR tracks in Florence. Its held there every year on Labor Day Wkend and some of us even participate in the parade on Monday. I was disappointed that its not on your events list though. Its open to the public on Sat. so come on down & see life in the 1800s! Maybe learn to shoot a blackpowder rifle or throw a tom-a-hawk!
Thursday, August 25th 2011 - 12:27:12 PM
Name: johnna shuss
E-mail address: runaway311@hotmail.com
Comments:I am trying to find old grade school and high school yearbooks from the years of 1944-1956. I am looking for these so that i can get school pics of my dad, Richard Garcia, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also I started a group on facebook called, "You know your from Florence KS when" anyone that would like to join is more then welcome.
Monday, August 15th 2011 - 10:18:18 AM
Name: VernonCcox
E-mail address: VCOX10 kc rr.com
Homepage URL: http://google guestbook florence
Comments:HI, I lived in Florence from 1936 TO 1954 when my friend sent me a letter saying that they need me to serve them in the U.S. Army. That was June the 6th 1954, spent two years away from my dear hearts and gentle people who live in my home town. I was of the class of 1954. I worked for Rich Dale in the Rexall drug store my senior year in school. I served 22 months in Europe, I thought I knew all the people in Florence till I read the guestbook today. Some old names came up ones I had forgot. I had health problems- 2008 a stroke that left me paralyzed on left side. I am typing With ONE FINGER SO FORGIVE MY SPELLING.see you in Florence.
Augest 7, 2007
Sunday, August 7th 2011 - 05:58:14 PM
E-mail address: eboostwithlisa@gmail.com
Comments:I have a friend moving to Florence Kansas JENNIFER ARAGON the sweetest girl ever Aug 8 2011. Take
care of my friend Florence, Kansas
Friday, July 29th 2011 - 11:02:44 PM
Name: blessed holy socks
E-mail address: kold@d-lok.komm
Homepage URL: http://tedeumlaudamuss.blogspot.com
Comments:Whoops. I goofed. This one is right.
Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:46:51 PM
Name: blessed holy socks
E-mail address: kold@d-lok.komm
Homepage URL: http://tedeumlaudamuss.blogspot.com
Comments:Whoops. I goofed. This one is right.
Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:46:43 PM
Name: blessed holy socks
E-mail address: theautomann@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://tedeuslaudamuss.blogspot.com
Comments:(that's Latin minus the second S - you'll see what it means if you log-on) Hey, y'all. I was o'thar, down south, about three years ago doing the bicycle trek; my mom ran around town, literally, as I cycled. My mom bot some schtuff at the local store and I can't think of your name, the cool lady that is in charge. Nevertheless, just wondered if THAT town had any group homes OR surround'n towns had any. I know thar's a Catholic church in the city of Florence. WooHoo! Puh-leeze answer me. Thank you profusely. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL
Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:41:47 PM
Name: gina
E-mail address: ginab@localnet.com
Comments:the other day I drove through florence on my way from kansas city to wichita & just thought your town was adorable! finding such a little treasure along the way really made my trip more enjoyable :)

in addition, I would like to contact the owners of the holiday motel but the phone number I found listed on this website & in the phone book is no longer in service. if someone could help me I would really appreciate it...if the hotel is no longer in business I am curious to know if they are selling any items. thanks!
Monday, April 18th 2011 - 01:31:02 PM
Name: Steve Lerner
E-mail address: stephenlerner@gmail.com
Comments:We are working on a short film about Florence. Does anyone have any photographs from a Mexican Fiesta in Florence?
So far we have not been able to locate any photos of one of those events from Florence's history.
Thanks a lot,
Saturday, March 12th 2011 - 01:05:42 PM
Name: Phil Gutzmer
E-mail address: gutzmer@tds.net
Comments:Mine is not a familiar name I am sure, but I served in the Navy, back in the sixties, with a big redhead from Florence, Kansas (son of Theodore I believe). I've been looking for that guy for many years and cannot find him. We were both cooks in Viet Nam. Any help in finding this joker would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Thursday, December 23rd 2010 - 05:16:03 PM
Name: Nancy Bessent
E-mail address: Raybessent@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I had a strange thing happen to me -- I received a Christmas card from someone with a return addres of Florence, Kansas -- the address on the envelope and name of sender are illegible as is the signature on the card.

The card can be planted and flowers will appear. I would love to send a thank you to the sender, but I am unsure of who this is -- I know no one from your town. If anyone happens to read this e-mail and recognizes that you or a friend sent me this lovely card,please e-mail me back. thanks.
Tuesday, December 21st 2010 - 11:53:43 AM
Name: Jeff Diaz
E-mail address: jeffluvssonia@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://http://www.facebook.com/jeffluvssonia
Comments:I am the son of Inacio Diaz and the grandson of Benjamin Diaz who settled in Florence in the Mid-20's after building the railroad.

My father left Florence in the late '40's to join the Navy and fought in the Korean War.
Thursday, December 2nd 2010 - 06:04:36 PM
Name: rhonda rath brenzikofer
E-mail address: 5rbrenz@dishmail.net
Comments:Hope everyone has survived this hot summer if you live in Kansas!! I graduated in 1954 with 18 class mates. Betty Sellars, Wes Harms and Don Barlett have moved on to their heavenly homes. I keep in touch with Ruth(Freeborn)Hodges. Sue(Joyce Sue Roberts) Short, Roger Farmer,Vernon Cox, Jim Pinon,Becky(Rice)Caldwell, Bob and Donna(Ehrlich)Kelly live right down the road from us in rural Marion, Ks. See John Meirowsky once in a great while.also Jr Ducommon and George in Texas. Would Love to hear from anyone who remembers me or any of my classmates.Don't hear much from Carmen Gonzales, Ida Mae(Graves)Wendt or Charlene(Larkin)who is living in a nursing home in Topeka '
Tuesday, August 24th 2010 - 09:55:31 PM
Name: Lois Berends Nicholas
E-mail address: lnicholas37@gmail.com
Comments:I grew up south of Cedar Point but knew a number of people from Florence. My sister Joyce Padgett lives near Florence. I was back for my 50th class reunion a year ago. We had a lot of fun times. The Cedar Point school has not held classes for many years now. Would love to hear from some of you.
Tuesday, August 17th 2010 - 10:13:29 AM
Name: Lavon Mackey
E-mail address: mackeylavon@yahoo.com
Monday, July 26th 2010 - 03:25:01 PM
Name: Jim Bredemeier
E-mail address: jimbredemeier@gmail.com
Comments:enjoy this web page. very informative and entertaining.
Thursday, July 22nd 2010 - 08:44:16 AM
Name: Steve Meirowsky
Homepage URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence,_Kansas
Comments:If anyone is trying to find graves of relatives, see the following web pages.



Wednesday, July 14th 2010 - 03:15:01 AM
Name: Jerry Kimberlin
E-mail address: kimberlj@cox.net
Comments:I have been trying to gather info on my grandfather, Delbert McElhiney, he died in Florence in 1956. He was my mother's father. I know very little of my mother's side of the family. Her name was Wilma Jean McElhiney and supposedly graduated from Florence high school. She had siblings named, Leroy, Ethel, and Sherman that I know of. Her mother's name was Edna. I'm told my grandfather may have been Indian, possibly Seneca. If anyone can share any information on this it will be appreciated.
Monday, July 5th 2010 - 06:40:11 PM
Name: Rebecca Pinkston Hargrove
E-mail address: lingolady@q.com
Comments:Although I didn't grow up in Florence, I have wonderful memories of visiting my granddad and stepgrandmother, Melvin and Edna Williams, there. While I was there, I used to play on the old school playground, walk to Main Street on errands for Edna, and go with them to visit family and friends, as well as picnic, fish, and sightsee.

I am going back to Florence for a visit there next week. I don't know if there's anyone there who would still know my grandparents, but I would love to meet them if they do!
Friday, June 11th 2010 - 07:35:33 PM
Name: Shirley Goddard Williams
E-mail address: swroseburg@aol.com
Comments:I graduted from Florence in 1965, I was married to Butch Williams in 1965, I moved to Oregon in 1973. If any of my classmates or people whom knew please feel free to write. I had planned on coming back there for my 45th year alumni but couldn't nake it . See you all for our 50th if not before.
If anyone wants to contact me please do.
Shirley Williams
@ swroseburg@aol.com
Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 - 10:08:52 PM
Name: rhonda(rath) brenzikofer
E-mail address: 5rbrenz@dishmail.net
Comments:My OH MY I knew nothing about this site??? Kind of dumb about the computor however. Lived in Burns for 42 years after marrying Richard and we now live on a farm about 5 miles from marion and 5 miles from Florence for the last 10 years. Born in Florence in 1936 to Thelma and evan rath, brother evan also lives in marion and we have breakfast together every sunday before going to church, would love to hear from any and all who grew up in florence, be kind everyone is struggling with something!!! hope to see lots at the 2010 alumni banquet, I'm there every year rhonda
Friday, May 28th 2010 - 03:57:00 PM
Name: Ken Purscell
E-mail address: kpurscell@yahoo.com
Comments:Just thought I'd say hi. I lived in Florence from 1962-67; my dad was minister at the Christian Church. And I attended the elementary school from first grade through the first part of fifth grade. Sorry I can't make it to the reunion; maybe some day I can.
Tuesday, May 25th 2010 - 12:07:40 AM
Name: Mike Robinson
E-mail address: mike_silo_robinson@att.net
Comments:Getting ready for the Annual Florence High School Reunion. 110th. Great way to keep up with some of those you grew up with. Some you liked and some maybe not so much. You still have a History. A lot that you might not remember, or at least as well as you think. It's fun to get together and see if you remember the same things in the same way. DON'T BECOME A STRANGER. ANYONE WHO went to school at Florence is welcome.
Monday, May 24th 2010 - 08:58:19 PM
Name: Bill Jackson
E-mail address: wjjack09@aol.com
Comments:Happy New Year to all. It's been a couple of years since I put a note on the Guestbook so here is an update. I lived in Florence from birth in '34 until I graduated in '53. The last time I was back in town was for our 50th class reunion. Had a great time. Wonder if I will make it back for the 60th. I've spent most of the last 40 years on the East coast and the past 25 in Florida. We do spend the summers in North Georga. I do see as occasional familar name in the Guestbook. It would be fun to hear from any old friends.
Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 09:10:26 PM
Name: Jim Ellis
E-mail address: ewok_1@cox.net
Comments:It has been awhile since I posted anything in the guestbook. Time seems to get away from me as I grow older? Today is the perfect opportunity to wish my friends and classmates (65)a Happy New Year! May everyone's 2010 be safe, healthy and successful. I see the temp. in Florence today is a -2, don't know if I could take that kind of cold anymore? Today we are staying in and watching football because it's to cold to go outside. The temp. here in Pensacola? 55 degrees! Go Gators!
Friday, January 1st 2010 - 07:53:12 AM
Name: Mikw
E-mail address: musicmem40@yahoo.com
Comments:Happy Holidays from all of us down in Florence,Texas. Hope the New Year will be prosperous for you. Mike Mayfield, Florence, Texas.
Wednesday, December 16th 2009 - 09:10:08 AM
Name: Billy Walker
E-mail address: bwalker90@cox.net
Comments:This is a nice website. I spent many summers in Florence visiting my late grandmother, Zella Thornburg, who is buried there, as well as my granduncle and grandaunt, Ott and Irene Goddard, my granduncle Clyde Goddard, as well as my mother and stepfather, aunts and cousins. Back in the 1960s, my grandmother managed the Florence Hotel and had a small cafe next door. I still have cousins and an aunt in town, so I get through occasionally.
Thursday, December 3rd 2009 - 03:41:47 PM
Name: Carol Majetich
E-mail address: JMajestic@aol.com
Comments:I was looking through an old Bible and found my grandmother's obituary. She died sometime in the 1930's. Listed in the obituary is that she was survived by a sister, Mrs. Thomas Beddoe of Florence, Kansas. My grandmother's maiden name was Stoffenberger. Among other things, since we lived in Eastern Pennsylvania, I was wondering how a member of the family ended up in Kansas, travel being what it was in those days. I am really curious if any of the family is still in Florence.
Saturday, November 28th 2009 - 12:50:00 AM
Name: Mikey
E-mail address: musicmem40@yahoo;com
Comments:Hi it's me again. If anyone ever passes through Florence Texas, I hope you will stop and check us out. I think we have a great place here. I will be moving to kansas hopefully in the next year, so I will be searching and looking at differenct towns while i am there.
Tuesday, November 24th 2009 - 09:07:24 AM
Name: mike
E-mail address: musicmem40@yahoo.com
Comments:Greetings everyone from Florence, Texas, population 1400. just came across this website by accident. I have family in Mulberry Kansas in Crawford county. Love the website and the Town. Hope to visit in the future. Mike Mayfield
Firefighter / EMT Florence Texas.
Tuesday, November 24th 2009 - 09:19:32 AM
Name: Duncan Long
E-mail address: dlong41@cox.net
Homepage URL: http://duncanlong.com/
Comments:What a nice website! I attended school in Florence from 2nd grade through my Freshman year - and hated leaving. This site certainly brings back some great memories of good times and friends.
Wednesday, November 18th 2009 - 03:47:13 PM
Name: Andrea Stansbury
E-mail address: purpleunicorn_andi@yahoo.com
Comments:I am looking for information on Carolyn(Stansbury, Brown, Flurry...) Marcum who passed away on december 21, 2003. My husband and his brothers would like to have some information on their mother.
Sunday, October 11th 2009 - 09:46:07 AM
Name: Sgt Charles Shaw
E-mail address: charles.f.shaw@us.army.mil
Comments:I am the son John and Mable Shaw. I last visited Florence about 3 years ago. I would like to make it back sometime. I thought growing up in Florence was great, it gave me an appreciation of small town life that I haven't had since leaving.
Friday, July 31st 2009 - 04:09:20 PM
Name: Marti (Martha Palacioz) Kinkead
E-mail address: ks.gal@live.com
Comments:It's been a yr since I last viewed this site and it is so much fun to read the e-mails. It is nice to read what everyone is doing now and that we all have a place to call HOME.

If you remember me please write and let me know how you are doing.
Wednesday, July 29th 2009 - 02:06:52 PM
Name: pam boatright Finke
E-mail address: pamfinke@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://pamfinke@gmail.comhttp://
Comments:Hi my grandparents were from
Florence and I remember visiting their old victorian house especially at Christmas where Santa (uncle Bill) visited in the dome of the house and a swing on the huge porch. My father past away in 1961 and is buried in a small cemetery.That is the last time I was in Florence as my mothers family was in Calif. and we moved there.I remember HAVING to sing Jesus Loves Me at the Babtist church down the street from there house...I vagly remember I think it was a gas station across the street with a gumball machine. There were 7 brothers and sisters in the Finke family.My Great-grandfather Worwell lived in Forence as well. If you have any information about my fathers family please email me at ..pamfinke@gmail.com Thank You and thanks for the memories...Hope to hear from you....Pam Finke (Boatright):}
Sunday, July 19th 2009 - 11:58:25 PM
Name: pam boatright Finke
E-mail address: pamfinke@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://pamfinke@gmail.com
Comments:Hi ..I haven't been to Florence since 1961 when we buried my father Fredrick H Finke at a small cemetery in Florence. I often wonder if that cemetery is still there..I'd like to visit my dads grave before I'm to old to travel..I remember the great old Victorian house my grandparents had on a corner in town. My grandparents were Emal and Leona Finke. I was 12 when my dad passed and we moved to Calif. in 1962 and never made it back...I was told my grandfather was mayor at one time and my great-grandfathers last name was Warwell ??? If you know or new any of my family please email me at pamfinke@gmail.com I'd love more information on my fathers family...THANKS...Have a super day Pam Finke:)
Sunday, July 19th 2009 - 11:16:24 PM
Name: Everett Potter
E-mail address: erp49er@netscape.net
Comments:Hello Florence , I'm a grad from Florence High , Class of '68 . My Dad ( Chester Potter ) was " Town Cop " for a couple years and he and my Mom ran the cafe at the Phillips 66 Truck stop . I miss Florence and always considered her my home town being as how we moved around alot and Florence was the only town where I went to the same school for more than a year .
Saturday, July 11th 2009 - 12:51:44 PM
Name: Florence Fan
Comments:Welcome to Florence! If you're just passing through, whether there is an officer around or not, please respect our town and pay attention to the speed limit signs. It's all clearly marked, but for some reason people still zoom past the Town & Country Cafe, and we have people crossing right there, besides kids on bikes or people walking occasionally. We've been known for having a high-accident intersection at the two major highways, and have heavy traffic with big trucks and lots of travelers. People have been killed in accidents here. To not patrol on our highway with all the activity right there would be completely ignorant and reckless on the part of our city. Just pay attention to your speed and the road signs and not just blast through on your way to your destination, show some respect for our town, and you won't have any problem. :)
Thursday, June 18th 2009 - 07:02:36 AM
Name: linus
Comments:Hello, this is a message to anyone travelling in the vicinity of Florence KS. in the county of Marion. There are several speed zones that are monitored by local police. I know this because as I travelled through this area, I was stopped and ticketed going well over the speed limit according to the officer. I respected his accusation that I was in a 45 mph limit going 67 mph. The smurk on his face told me he was thoroughly enjoying himself, knowing that I could not prove that I was 150 ft farther than what he thought I was. Yes, I said 150 ft. The distance from the beginning of a small bridge to the end of it where, according to the officer, the 65 mph zone started. He obviously had a much better view from the bottom of the hill and around the grove of trees. Well, I can say I have contributed to the success of this city as I am paying $165 dollars. I, like most of the people passing through this area, will be unable to attend the court date. I will in fact be in Iraq, protecting the freedom that this officer has to falsely accuse travellers of speed violations. I would definately contest this ticket and most likely win if I was not fighting for my life and your cities rights. If I make it home alive, I will in the future avoid this city and the state of Kansas like it was the plague.
Saturday, June 13th 2009 - 01:18:01 PM
Name: Kelly Linnens
E-mail address: kll@cottonwoodvalleybank.com
Homepage URL: http://www.cottonwoodvalleybank.com
Comments:Looking forward to the "Prelude" activities in downtown Florence Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th.

Be sure to stop in Friday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm for for a cold bottle of H20.

Cottonwood Valley Bank
417 Main
Florence, KS 66851

ATM * Automated Teller Machine available 24/7/365 - downtown Florence - 417 Main.

Member FDIC * Equal Housing Lender

Friday, June 5th 2009 - 01:25:10 PM
Name: Ruth Hodges
E-mail address: rehodgesok@gmail.com.
Comments:HI> I was so excited to see the guest book that didn't put the right e-mail address.
besides that I am brand new to this computer business.
While I am here how many of you would like to go back and have a Sat. night like we use to. Where every one came to town, went to the movies, stood on the street or sat in Dales Rexall and talked with old friends. The kids could dart across the street and not hear screaming brakes .
loved those days. Wish we could go back!!!Every one take care and BE HAPPY.
Tuesday, June 2nd 2009 - 04:15:20 PM
Name: Ruth Hodges
E-mail address: ruthhodgesok@gmail.com
Hello home town. My parents were mr& mrs E.W.[Jack] Freeborn. I graduated Florence High in 1954. Dr.J.C.Slifer brought my oldest son in the world which was the first child where he had delivered both of the parents. He also delivered my other son. But had to go to Arizona to get my girl.
Still talk to Rhonda and Joyce Sue from my class.
Would love to hear from some old friends.
Monday, June 1st 2009 - 09:51:24 PM
Name: Mary Roniger
E-mail address: maroniger@fhrd.net
Comments:Great job on your 2009 Tour De Florence!!! We had a great time, challenging route, good food and love the comfy t-shirts!!!!!! Thanks so much for a fun time.
Friday, May 22nd 2009 - 09:23:00 AM
Name: Lavon Mackey
E-mail address: mackeylavon@yahoo.com
Comments:I don't think I have ever seen a town this quiet. At first I loved it, but now I am so homesick for Texas, I could almost cry. My daughter-in-law keeps trying to get me to get involved in the senior citizens in Marion, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that. Nothing against your quiet little town
Wednesday, May 6th 2009 - 03:04:02 AM
Name: Bob Waner
E-mail address: rwaner@sbcglobal.net
Comments:It has been 50years for our class of 1959. I have enjoyed reading the web site and have been in contact with several of our classmates. I think there will be quite a few of us at the banquet in May. I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Wednesday, April 15th 2009 - 07:16:44 PM
Name: Gary Feist
E-mail address: garynpeggy@hotmail.com
Comments:Checking out Mnt. Bike ride. Was in Florence 40+ yrs ago for my brother J.C. Feist and Mary Jo Weiner's wedding. Mary Jo's family home if I remember correct was on south side of Florence, maybe I can bring them along for some personal history of the area.

Gary Feist, Manchester,Okla.
Saturday, March 14th 2009 - 11:37:01 AM
Name: Hubert J. Kelsheimer
E-mail address: hJk@mgmtkoncepts.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mgmtkoncepts.com

I am the son of William E. (Ernie) Kelsheimer who was raised in Florence. He died about 3 years or so ago. I have many fond memories of summer vacation time spent in Florence. Around 1950 +/- a bit. We really loved being there especially when it flooded and we could virtually swim in the street. Our grandparents (Mac Kelsheimer) didn't have a raised foundation on the old place so it really got wrecked when it flooded but we were too young to know how bad it was. I even carved my initials in one of the old cottonwoods there inside a big heart with a young ladies initials in it also when we were teenagers. The kids would all sleep in the dining room with the coal stove when it was cold and the whole family was visiting. It was wall to wall kids in there at that time. Fishing & .22 rifle plinking were great fun and the movie theater on main street was a ton of fun for the kids. Grandpa worked for the RR & I think the county road crew because I remember him going out in bad weather to set the oil lanterns up on the roads or something like that.
Monday, March 9th 2009 - 11:31:06 PM
Name: Alice Krattli
E-mail address: fpcak@comcast.net
Comments:Florence has a very easy and informative website.

My mother, Louise Blesh, was born and raised in Florence. Her grandfather, Adoplh Eichenberger, was Florence's sheriff for 20 years and was killed in the line of duty.
Friday, March 6th 2009 - 12:34:40 PM
Name: Karla
E-mail address: dixonkarla@yahoo.com
Comments:My mother was from Florence. She still has family there. Her Maiden name is Britton. Don't know much about her family though.
Tuesday, February 17th 2009 - 02:20:51 PM
Name: Wayne Ireland
E-mail address: wireland2@cox.net
Comments:This is an awesome web site. Beautiful pictures of Florence, my childhood home. I am the son of Walt and Betty Ireland. I have enjoyed moving about on this web site.

Thanks for all you do!

Friday, January 30th 2009 - 08:59:53 PM
Name: dusty britton
E-mail address: dustyscjkda@hotmail.com
Monday, January 26th 2009 - 09:42:18 PM
Name: dusty britton
E-mail address: dustyscjkda@hotmail.com
Monday, January 26th 2009 - 09:41:57 PM
Name: Steve Jennings
E-mail address: sjen2@cox.net
Comments:I was told by Roy and mom about this page . it is good to see some old freimds names . I remember such a great life ans easy time it was in the late 60s and early 70 before we moved to Oklahoma. I will have to bring my family there to show them what a great small town was all about that i spoke of .
Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 08:05:48 AM
Name: Sheila
E-mail address: sheilamariel@hotmail.com
Comments:Shortly after driving past the Florence exit on the highway, on my way to Emporia on Saturday, I swear I saw a herd of albino deer. Do you know anything about them? (Or was I seeing things?)
Monday, December 1st 2008 - 06:38:22 PM
Name: le dawson
E-mail address: ledawson@yahoo.com
Comments:My father Leo Dawson and mother Dorothy Dawson (Shelton) my grandfather was Sherman Dawson and grandmother Frankie on my fathers side and Sylvester Shelton and Nettie Badger on my mothers side. I was born in Florence in 1952. Doc Slifer as I recall delivered my two older sisters Judy Kay and Leota (Leota having passed away) I just happened to go onto the internet to look up some great uncles of mine, John and Granville Badger and came upon the interest to look up my birthplace. I still, although we moved as a family from Kansas in 1956, consider this a distant home.
le dawson
Saturday, November 22nd 2008 - 11:41:50 AM
Name: Cathy Seward Teller
E-mail address: wteller692@aol.com
Comments:I was feeling nostalgic and found this site all about Florence. I currently live in Lewisville, NC, but have wonderful memories of my days at Florence Elementary School (1958-1965). I will always hold Florence close to my heart and thank everyone in Florence for all of the kindness that they always showed my dad, Bob Seward.
Sunday, November 9th 2008 - 07:55:51 PM
Name: john nelson
E-mail address: johnnelsonsr@msn.com
Comments:Researching fresh water spings in Kansas, and your town appears to be one of the finest. I look forward to visiting. Does anyone have more stories regarding the spring's willing to share? I would like to bring water jugs on my journey to your town. Is this a common practice to get the pure water direct from the source?
Saturday, November 8th 2008 - 07:47:20 PM
Name: anthony diaz
E-mail address: boggs9@cox.net
Homepage URL: http://centralkansas.cox.net/cci/home
Wednesday, October 15th 2008 - 05:30:01 PM
Name: Joni Steele Kimberlin
E-mail address: jonik11@aol.com
Comments:My mother, Verelene KENT Steele Herron, a child of Florence, passed away October 7 at the age of 82 in Indianapolis, IN. To view her obituary, please visit http://www.leppertmortuary.com/

Her parents were Conrad and Verneva Kent of Florence Kansas.

She leaves behind her loving husband, Charles Herron, and three children that she had with another former Florence citizen -- the late James J. Steele. The children are Joni Steele Kimberlin, Kent Steele and Jeff Steele.
She also leaves a sister, Sandra, who resides in Florence.

My mother told beautiful stories of her childhood in Florence. Here is an excerpt that I have written based on her memories:

Vee came from a little town in Kansas called Florence. Just a little town that existed mainly because the train stopped there. A town with old red brick roads, a rooster down the alley that woke you up at dawn, cold springs you could swim in, but watch out for the snakes. Wild watercress grew near the spring and was prized by the locals. Houses had porches where you could sit and wait for your boyfriend to ride by on his bike and if he didn't you could get on your bike and ride by his porch. The chicken on the dinner table might have been pecking in the backyard earlier that day. The sleeping porch was just that, "a tiny porch you could sleep on“ no heat. Vee well remembers being tucked under heavy quilts on cold nights with her sisters. The playhouse in the backyard was hand made by her dad and not from a kit. He could build or fix anything. Vee's mom was the best cook ever and a voracious reader. They were also very strict Methodists, no dancing, no partying allowed. That went over real well with my Vee. She loved where she came from but boy was she ready to leave.

Joni Steele Kimberlin

Sunday, October 12th 2008 - 03:30:29 PM
Name: Joni Steele Kimberlin
E-mail address: jonik11@aol.com
Comments:I am the daughter of Verlene Kent (steele Herron)
and James Steele and the grand daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Kent.

My mom is ill in Indianapolis IN, where she is being well cared for.

I have many wonderful memories of summering in Florence as a child.

I love your website. All the best, Joni Steele Kimberlin (Connecticut)
Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 09:53:11 AM
Name: Galen and Mercedes Graham
E-mail address: grhmgalen@aol.com
Comments:I use to live with my grandmother, Lenora Graham, who still is residing there in Florence. I have many great memories and miss being there. Hopefully one day to return. Took my wife to visit and she enjoyed every minute, she got to experience her first snow day, she looked like an eskimo how she covered up. She loves it there too, and we hope to one day to relocate to Florence, KS.
Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 01:41:06 PM
Name: Marta (Marti) Palacioz-Kinkead
E-mail address: marti.kinkead@live.com
Comments:I signed on to see what was happening in "Florence" this Labor Day and to my surprise I found this.
What jolt to the past!...I lived in Florence the first 17 years of my life and if cercumstances had been different I would probably still be there. I am from the Greatest Class ever to graduate from Florence High 1969!!
I was adopted by my grandparents (Alex Palacioz & Concha Gonzales-Palacioz) and lived with them from the time I was 2 months old.I have many step-brothers,step-sisters, aunts & uncles that graduated from Florence HS. Most raised by my grandfather. My grandfather worked for the Santa Fe RR for 50 years when he retired, in the 60's.
I have many fond memories of my life in Florence and my children have heard the stories of growing up in a small town called Florence,Ks. Barbara Bezdek, do you remeber giving me a ride around town on your bike because I was to scared to ride mine? Then there is Rita Gomez, Serapia Modesto,Cindy Hoffman and many more.
I worked for the state of Kansas for 30 yrs. and have now retired. I am married with 2 grown sons (the oldest is in Iraq at the present time, you might say a prayer for him, thanks!) I have 7 granddaughters. I also have 2 step daughters ages 15 & 7. Yes, I have started over again but it is so much more fun now.
Please let me hear from you, my e-mail is above. I am planning on attending the Labor Day Celebration tomorrow. Do you remember the carnivals that came for 3 days. Wow!! The parades, the food hope to see you soon!!
Sunday, August 31st 2008 - 07:16:12 PM
Name: Pat (Wiltfong) Newland
E-mail address: patnew@sti.net
Comments:I only lived in Florence about a year and half back in 1956 and 1957 so don't remember a lot of names. If we had stayed I would have graduated with the 1959 class. We lived in the two story house across the side street from the Methodest Church. If anyone remembers me please e-mail. This is a wonderful web site.
Thursday, August 21st 2008 - 02:15:42 PM
Name: Jerry Brick
E-mail address: brick0429@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Florence is a beautiful town! I really like your Tour de Florence bike ride,it is a first class event,I will come to Florence for this event for years to come!You really have alot of hospitality.
Monday, June 23rd 2008 - 09:13:55 PM
Name: Daryl L Rogers
E-mail address: thebeast@kc.rr.com
Comments:Sorry to say that I dont get back to Florence much any more since Dad passed away and we moved mom to Emporia, but is my goal to start attending the alumni bandquet. I would like to say Hi to all of my fellow classmates the class of 1971 which is the last class to graduate from Florence, And I do miss the town it will always be my real home.
Thursday, May 29th 2008 - 04:53:10 PM
Name: Jim Ellis
E-mail address: ewok_1@cox.net
Comments:Florence is a great place to call home. I was a member of the class of "65". To all my classmates I want to say hi, I hope your doing well. Seeing many of you at the 40th reunion was wonderful. It's kind of strange in a way, but I think to really appreciate living in Florence you have to have moved away. When someone ask,"where is your home"? Without thinking I said,Florence, Kansas. I only lived in Florence for 4 or 5 years, but 40 some odd years later, I'm still calling it home. The memories of those years are wonderful. The friendships made then that still exist today. I find myself smiling when I think of playing basketball at Miller's Produce or playing football down at the legion or just hanging out at Dale's drug store. What a great place to have grown up.
Your website is great. I'm sure I'll find myself checking it often from looking for a name or face I remember from the "good old days". Thanks so much!

Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 07:15:04 AM
Name: donna clark
E-mail address: donnaclark760@peoplepc.com
Comments:Hello- what a lovely town! could you send me info about local real estate. I am interested. Thankyou

donna clark 760-379-2273
Monday, May 19th 2008 - 06:59:03 PM
Name: Patricia Ramsey Jancula
E-mail address: patandlouj@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.patandlouj@msn.com
Comments:My grandmother was a Harvey Girl and married my grandfather who worked for the railroad. I have been trying to find more information about the lives of the Harvey Girls and came across this site. My grandparents met in New Mexico and were married here. My Grandmother's name was: Pearl Edith Chandler and she was from Missouri.
Monday, May 12th 2008 - 10:06:34 PM
Name: Wayne Chesney
E-mail address: waynechesney20@msn.com
Comments:My grandfather Wagar was the town's doctor up until sometime in the 1940's. He also served in the Army during the Spanish American War and again in WWI. My mother was Frances Wagar, born in Florence in 1908. She graduated from Kansas St. around 1930. We lived in Salina and then Topeka from 1943 to 1956. Being so close, we visited my mothers parents quite often.

Their names were Leonard and Bertha Wagar. I would appreciate any information you might provide.
Tuesday, May 6th 2008 - 06:29:38 PM
Name: gerry johnson
E-mail address: gerry.johnson@sim.org
Comments:I only lived in Florence for my senior year of high school, graduating in '59. I really enjoyed living in Florence and have often thought back with real fondness to those days. Being a transfer student I had classes with both Juniors and Seniors. My greetings to Pat Modesto, Judy Rotz and Jerry Soper who have signed in. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. Thanks for the good website.
Saturday, May 3rd 2008 - 09:36:40 AM
Name: Christy Acree
E-mail address: cacree@everestkc.net
Comments:This is a great site! I have been doing a lot of genealogy research on my family and it always takes me back to Florence. I am from the Reverend, Sager, Fisher and Ullman families. I do remember visiting my g grandmother Sager there when I was little and loved listening to all the stories. Keep up the good work!
Saturday, April 12th 2008 - 10:54:42 PM
Name: Canton Frog
E-mail address: alithieves@yahoo.com
Comments:great site...brings back many memories
Friday, March 21st 2008 - 02:26:27 PM
Name: Roy J Jennings Jr
E-mail address: royjennings@cebridge.net
Comments:My family was in Florence from about 1960-70. My older brother Glenn played football,basketball and ran track for the high school. I have nothing but great memories of this small town.
Tuesday, March 4th 2008 - 12:18:27 AM
Name: Paul Modesto
E-mail address: pcmode2787@aol.com
Comments:I enjoy reading about the old home town. Will try to make it to the reunion this year.
Saturday, March 1st 2008 - 02:34:50 PM
E-mail address: rkmartin33@hotmail.com
Sunday, February 17th 2008 - 03:33:39 PM
Name: Joe Robb
E-mail address: joerobb@robblaw.com
Homepage URL: http://www.robblaw.com
Comments:Love your town. We have been weekending at Marion County Lake since 1998 and I drink lotsa coffee with "the boys over to Florence" as we call them in Newton. Do your best to push the limit and be as progressive as possible, Florence!
Saturday, February 16th 2008 - 04:33:08 PM
Name: Louis Robinson Foster
E-mail address: lfoster8@columbus.rr.com

My great great uncle lived in Fairplay Twp. in Marion county. He took a large family there about 1890 from Illinois after coming from Ohio originally.

He (Edwin Robinson) and his brother Alfred were originally from Ohio. If you or any others in your family are "into" genealogy I would love to communicate with them.

Louis Robinson Foster
Delaware, Ohio
Saturday, February 2nd 2008 - 05:54:16 PM
Name: chris pappas
E-mail address: pappyprops@mac.com
Comments:I just made the Harvey House little orange pancakes for friends in W. Virginia that were up for the weekend and they LOVED them (they turned out great).Are there anymore recipes you might share from that time ?

ThankYou Pappas
Monday, January 14th 2008 - 08:40:25 PM
Name: judy hinz
E-mail address: jhinz46@yahoo.com
Comments: My grandmother and my aunt Elizabeth and Josephine Bohning were both harvey girls.I am very interested in their history
Sunday, January 13th 2008 - 08:41:10 PM
Name: Larae Schraeder
E-mail address: larae_c_schraeder@yahoo.com
Comments:Got a lead for me? I have been planning a genealogy research trip to Florence from Ohio with my mother in late March. My great, great, great uncle Charles Phillip Jeffers settled in Florence around 1885. I am hoping to locate any relatives before or during our visit. Uncle Charlie, his wife and some of their children are buried in the Florence cemetery. Some of his children were named GUY JEFFERS and RUTH STEELE and ROSE GRAHAM? if anyone has any information please contact me.

Your site has been very helpful to me - especially appreciated the cemetery and local business information.
Friday, January 4th 2008 - 11:18:13 PM
E-mail address: ROWLAND@FIDNET.COM
Wednesday, January 2nd 2008 - 08:40:12 PM
Name: Tina Love
E-mail address: tinalove775@gmail.com
Monday, December 10th 2007 - 03:29:41 PM
Name: Paul Eckhoff
E-mail address: eckhoff4@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://books.dreambook.com
Comments:I taught music in the basement of the gymnasium, 1983-1984. I drove to Florence daily from the schools in Marion and I loved the beautiful countryside.
A couple of summers ago I took classes in Emporia and I had a good time exploring Florence after class was out.
This website is wonderful.
Paul Eckhoff
Elementary Music Teacher
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tuesday, November 20th 2007 - 06:25:25 AM
Name: jerry soper
E-mail address: jws14117@yahoo.com
Comments:class of 1959. Hi to all who live or lived in Florence. It was the greatest place to grow up in. I left Florence in Nov. 1959 when I joined the Air Force and have been back to visit several times until my parents sold the farm and the place in town to move to Texas and warmer weather. They have since passed and are now in the florence cemetary where I will probably be when the time comes. looking forward to the 50th reunion. Hope to see all the classmates there.
Wednesday, September 19th 2007 - 10:18:53 PM
E-mail address: csmith@baileytool.com
Comments:we enjoy going to florence once or twice a year to see our grand father. who has a place on the river. we hoping the small motel is open for business when we get there 9/29/07. i can't remember the name of the motel so i can't call to see if they will be open.

perhaps some one could help us with this information.

thanks charles
Tuesday, September 11th 2007 - 03:57:01 PM
Name: James Lengacher
E-mail address: jim6219192@yahoo.com
Comments:Will this site have a genealogy section in the future?
Thursday, September 6th 2007 - 09:48:00 AM
Name: Judi Rowland
E-mail address: rowland@fidnet.com
Comments:Love the website.
Sunday, August 12th 2007 - 02:30:04 PM
Name: Gregory Winn
E-mail address: gawonline@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.greyhart.com
Comments:Hello to All, welcome to the updated website! This is a beautiful and easy to use site. Kudos to the web design team for all their hard work. If ya stop in Florence, remember to stop in and say hello to the nice folks at City Hall.

Gregory Winn
Current Mayor
City of Florence
Friday, August 3rd 2007 - 04:26:44 PM
Name: Kelli Savage
E-mail address: krslsavage4@fhrd.net
Comments:Love the new look of the site!! It looks so warm and inviting. Super Job! Thanks for updating all the local events and keeping us informed of what is to come.
Saturday, July 14th 2007 - 10:33:12 AM
Name: HeidiPB
E-mail address: bennetthp@gmail.com
Comments:My great-great-grandfather and his family lived in Florence for more than 40 years. His name was Osceola Fitch, and two of his sons and one daughter were living in Florence when he died in 1922. I'd love to know more about this family, if anyone related might still be living in the area.
Monday, July 9th 2007 - 03:43:22 PM
Name: Rose Morgernstern
E-mail address: morgenstern@sctelcom.net
Comments:My grandparents John and Rosemary Ritter were from Florence. My grandfather Warren John died in June of 1985. And now my sons Nevin and Nathaniel Shields are being raised in Florence.
Thursday, July 5th 2007 - 04:14:25 PM
Name: Darryl Everett Robinson
E-mail address: DRobinsonhouston@aol.com
Comments:Greetings to my classmates of '65 and my fellow alumni. Congrats to those involved for a yeoman's job on this inviting site. Florence has never shined brighter as all her attributes are ardently displayed for all to savor as a reminder of the shady little town where we once lived and will always call home. Keep up the laudable work.
Thursday, June 7th 2007 - 08:54:19 AM
Name: Charlie Dannenfelser
E-mail address: blue@dtnspeed.net
Comments:I'm embarrassed that I haven't been to this site before; it took looking for a classmate to wake me up. Thanks to those who work on this and also the Alumni Banquet.
Monday, May 28th 2007 - 01:18:48 PM
Name: Pat Modesto Saenz
E-mail address: patsaenz@hotmail.com
Comments:This is great and as a graduate of the Class of 1959 I can't believe it's almost our 50th year!! Where did the years go? There are so many things that I remember with such clarity that they could have just happened in the last few years! I'm wondering how many of us can make it to Florence in 2009. It would be great if most us could make it. I'm sorry to say I've never been to a reunion. This website brought back so many memories. Thanks.
Saturday, May 12th 2007 - 12:02:35 PM
Name: John Malone
E-mail address: jgmalone@hotmail.com
Comments:I lived in Florence Ks as a boy and grew up there 1940's early 50's. I have fond memories of going to school and trying to fish after school let out. My grandma Maude Brizendine lived there all her life and lived on 2nd street across the street from the train station. I haven't been back to Florence since 1968. I have old pictures of what the town used to look like. Main street had a small Chevrolet Dealership, a few bars and a few others buildings. I hope to someday come back and visit my old hometown.
John Malone
Wednesday, May 9th 2007 - 09:00:57 PM
Name: Lorena Linder
E-mail address: ladyl@bak.rr.com
Comments:My Dad's family is from the city of Florence.
Monday, April 30th 2007 - 10:38:16 PM
Name: Dan Conyers
E-mail address: rtscout@yahoo.com
Comments:1968 graduate of Florence High School
Sunday, April 29th 2007 - 10:23:09 AM
Name: Judy Rotz Sullivan
E-mail address: l.jsullivan@hotmail.com
Comments:My parents had the Rotz Furniture and Funeral Home for 40+years. I want to thank all that sent cards and letters to me after dad died. It was good to hear from so many from Florence.
Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 09:00:02 PM
Name: brenda mareda
E-mail address: bmareda@cox.net
Comments:I would like more information on this alumni banquet and to see if the class of 1967 is doing anything. My name was brenda roberts. thanks for any information.
Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 02:37:16 PM
Name: Bill Jackson
E-mail address: jet@peregrine3.com
Comments:It's great to see the old home town has a web site, looks good. Graduated from FHS in '53. Last visit in '03.

Our home is in ST Petersburg Fl where we spend about seven months of the year. The summers are spent sailing in the NE.

One wife (Jeanne),Two children four grandchildren.

It would be great to hear from old friends.
Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 07:56:14 PM
Name: Ron Robinson
E-mail address: macmug@yahoo.com
Comments:Born in Florence KS, Sept 2nd 1936. In a little house on the S.E. corner of 5th and Doyle across the corner from the old Robinson rock service station. (The house was moved to the east of town near the old stone quary to make room for a trailer park.)
Thursday, April 5th 2007 - 11:35:04 PM
Name: Larry Lawrukiewicz
E-mail address: scruffdog54@hotmail.com
Comments:Very informative site! Good job! I got a lot of information!
Wednesday, March 28th 2007 - 11:02:45 PM
Name: Rex & Deambra Stevens
E-mail address: santafeman1@cox.net
Comments:We visited the Harvey House with our RR Days group from Cowley County this past weekend. What a jewel you have there. The volunteers were very informative. Have visited Florence several times & really enjoy your town. Plan to come to Labor day in the future. Thank you.
Sunday, March 25th 2007 - 10:19:06 PM
Name: Gloria A. Mendoza
E-mail address: gloria8230@sbcglobal.net
Comments:I was born in Florence, Kansas on Sunday, September 27, 1942 to Felix J. Martinez and Sarah Moreno Martinez.

My mother's family lived in the "brickhouses." We lived on fourth, main and, lastly in a two-story home on 9th street.

My family left in February of 1952. I have wonderful memories of living in Florence even with the segregation and racism. My mother has even more and has always wanted to move back to Florence to live out her life.

We always enjoy the "Mexican" room at the Harvey House when we visit, which has been approximately six times. Is there any written history on the "Brickhouses" built for the Mexicans who worked on the railroad, which were located at the south end of town?
Sunday, March 25th 2007 - 06:09:38 PM
Name: Julio Sosa
E-mail address: travelsiteonline@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://travelsiteonline.com
Comments:thank you.
Wednesday, March 21st 2007 - 11:45:42 AM
Name: Rock and Debra Westfahl
E-mail address: west3131@suddenlink.net
Comments:You have a very nice website and a handsome town as well. We were passing through from our home in Texas and enjoyed ourselves greatly. We missed the Harvey House completely however and think you could benefit by promoting it more visibly. We noticed a large public building on top of the hill with quite a bit of activity around it including a school bus and were curious as to what it was. It did not seem like a school facility, and was unmarked. Also we think that the ranchhouse B&B concept is a great one for this area. We had no idea there were any here until we read this site.
Best wishes to all and keep up the good work.
Thursday, March 15th 2007 - 10:10:04 PM
Name: Hal Haller
E-mail address: haller06@sbcglobal.net
Monday, January 8th 2007 - 09:33:36 PM
Name: B.J. Manes
E-mail address: nobears@ruraltel.net
Comments:I enjoyed a glimpse of my family's background. My grandmother was a waitress at Harvey House in Chanute. Thank you. I've passed through Florence a number of times but didn't know until recently that I had any ties to the community. I've enjoyed my walks through town, but believe that now I'll enjoy them so much more.
Monday, October 9th 2006 - 11:27:03 PM
Name: Beth McCall
E-mail address: dbmc@lvnworth.com
Comments:You have such a great website. It is extremely informative. I visited your community many years ago in search of the gravesite of my great grandparents, Joseph and Marietta Longfellow. We found them, with some directional help from the post office. Joseph was a circuit preacher for the "Hard Shell Baptist Church". I plan to visit again as my genealogy research always creates more questions than answers. I love to walk the streets where my ancestors have walked. I look forward to another visit to your corner of the world. By the way, Fred Harvey's home in Leavenworth has become a museum, but the Harvey girls still serve special meals for tour groups at the old railroad station.
Friday, October 6th 2006 - 10:16:40 PM
Name: Sue Stoker
E-mail address: suestoker@hotmail.com
Comments:Hell-o ......from Plainview, Texas
My mother (Shirley Cookston) & I had a great time there in Florence during your "69th Annual Labor Day Celebration" Sept. 2, 3, 4, 2006. "Florence Fired Up"............
The City-wide Garage Sales, Poker Run sponsored by "Junction Saloon", Street Dance music by "Matt Engels", Gospel Concert, Hog Roast, Horseshoe Pitching Contest, Fine Arts Show, Jake Tanner (14 year old) Fiddlin'Sensation, the Parade, "The Baron of Magic" Barron Stringfellow, Karaoke Contest, & so much more........we really had a good time. Thanks to my Aunt Sandy & Uncle Gary Harper and their two sons......Bryan & Jeff Harper for the great week we were there. "Florence is a Great Little Town." This was the 2nd time for me to have been in Florence for Labor Day. Thanks to everyone there! As Ever, Sue Stoker
Sunday, September 10th 2006 - 01:00:00 AM
Name: Pamela Goodchild
E-mail address: goodchild@co.kern.ca.us
Comments:My dad (Gary Ebright) was born in Florence, and on a vacation in 1982, my grandparents took me to see where my daddy was born. Being a Los Angeles girl, I'd never seen such a tiny, charming town! My grandparents, at the time of dad's birth, lived in a small apartment behind the coffin room of the local mortuary (which in '82 was still there), and for lack of a cradle, dad slept in a dresser drawer. I remember seeing, and being fascinated by an old Ford dealership, and some of the old buildings. I'm pleased to see that Florence is still there, and actually has its own website!
Friday, September 8th 2006 - 07:05:27 PM
Name: Richard Malmgren Jr
E-mail address: mister0800@hotmail.com
Monday, July 31st 2006 - 07:07:12 PM
Name: Mike Robinson
E-mail address: mike@westernassociates.com
Comments:I got onto this webpage today, and got to wondering if there is some way we could publish people's pictures of interest about the Florence Alumni? Is there a way to do a link where people could access, and publish their pictures for Alumni to see?

Tuesday, June 27th 2006 - 11:50:48 AM
Name: Karen Robinson Walczak
E-mail address: kwalczak@kc.rr.com
Comments:My brother sent me the address of your website. It's great-you have all done a spectacular job setting it up! Although I lived in Cedar Point I did attend grades 7-12 in Florence and have wonderful memories of those years.
Monday, June 5th 2006 - 05:07:08 PM
Name: Teresa Williams Norris
E-mail address: dtjmnorris2@msn.com
Comments:I grew up in Florence...my parents moved to Roseburg, Oregon when I was 5 or 6 yrs old. They are (James) Butch and Shirley Williams We are planning a trip out there in June 06. I still have lots of family around the area. I am married with 4 children and I can't wait to show the kids where I used to live..My grandparents were Otto and Irene Goddard...They are deceased now and have been for many years...I love the website...it is awesome to see a site like this from such a little town...

Tuesday, April 18th 2006 - 09:35:02 PM
Name: scott riggs
E-mail address: sftstevens@aol.com
Comments:reading the history of Florence, I see that my 2nd great grandfather was to only person to have a house in the area.
i have taken picture of his stone house with date that it was built. my grandfather was arthur f riggs and was
a barber there. died in 1953. if i remember correctly i have still have a couple of cousins living out there.
they own a farm on the outside of town.
Thursday, March 2nd 2006 - 05:07:18 AM
E-mail address: sftstevens@aol.com
Comments:had relatives that lived their for years and do believe
some were founding fathers. have a lot buried in the cemetery.
Thursday, March 2nd 2006 - 04:55:26 AM
Name: Leta Moore Swearengin
E-mail address: rockafillys@yahoo.com
Comments:Great web page!
Glad to see some familar faces here -- Steve Higgins! Dang, now that name brings back some memories ;)

Even after living in Texas for 25 years -- Florence is still back home for me.
Thursday, February 16th 2006 - 04:31:05 PM
Name: Sid & Jan Allison
E-mail address: jiasoa@iwichita.com
Comments:Lookin good!
Monday, February 6th 2006 - 02:11:32 PM
Name: Erin Dunagan
E-mail address: erin_dunagan@baylor.edu
Comments:Awesome website! Wow!
Wednesday, February 1st 2006 - 01:04:28 PM
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