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Foor Family Genealogy
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Name: Christopher Foor
E-mail ID: mapafoor@aol.com
Wednesday, January 29th 2014 - 11:34:48 AM
Name: vallorie brady
E-mail ID: vallorie_brady68@yahoo.com
Comments:My great great great grandmother was Susanna Foor who married John Stewart who's daughter Isabella married Peter Swope I can't seem to be to find out anything about Susanna. Any information would be appreciated

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 09:29:27 PM
Name: Karen & Jess Foor
E-mail ID: Karenilaz@msn.com
Comments:WE are searching for birthdays and ages at time of death for one of Jess's brothers and one sister. Jess and I live in Chrisman, Illinois and Surprise, Arizona.

Jess is son of Joseph and Edith Crook Foor of Shelbyville, Il. He had brother Rudy, died at 76yrs, Delilah Tynan died at age 80 both of Shelbyville, IL, Brother Ervin(?)Decatur,IL, sister Lillian Griffin(?)Shelbyville, IL, and Helma Koslofski current age 89 of Maroa, Il. I can check with extended family to see if anone has this information.


Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 09:03:40 PM
Name: Susan E. Crane
E-mail ID: susanstevencrane@prodigy.net
Comments:Hi Everyone:

I'm one of Mabel A. Battle's(nee Foor) grand daughters. She was the daughter of Eva May Exline and Joseph A. Foor. I have been on an interesting journey regarding geneology as it pertains to the Foor Geneology website. Shelly has helped me in the past connect my mom to a step sister she hadn't seen in over 60 years to get closure about her father David McBarron Battle. Unfortunately, my mom, Mabel's daughter passed away in 2011 and since her passing, my
mom's geneology has been heavy on my heart and has now become a lifetime journey. I wanted to publicly thank Shelly for all her help in the past and I am open to receiving emails from any family members of Joseph A. Foor to understand the history on his end. Currently, I've been heavily involved on the Exline geneology side as I am learning about many prominent generals, US Presidents, possible royalty, and even martyrs on this side that it has taken much of my time to research. I would like to know more about the Joseph A. Foor side and I am hoping this email will appeal to those who could share information (beyond what is on the www.foorgeneology.com website to understand his life and his lineage). Any help would be appreciated. Please indicate in subject matter - Joseph A. Foor Geneology when emailing so that it doesn't get spammed. Thank you so very much - if anyone is on this site from Eva May Exline side, please also feel free to email me with Eva May Exline Geneology in the subject line. Her side is very interesting and I would like to learn if there are interesting facts on the Joseph A. Foor side.


Susan E. Crane (grand daughter of Mabel A. Battle (nee Foor)
Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 05:25:46 PM
Name: Pat Johnson
E-mail ID: lablellemuseum@aol.com
Comments:My husband was Bryan Ray Newell, son of Hilda Grace Foor, daughter of alfred Bradley Foor, son of Noah Foor, son of Richard Foor and Susanna Thrush
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 08:05:00 PM
Name: Janice Earley
E-mail ID: 33earley@gmail.com
Comments:I'm the great-granddaughter of AJ Foore of Robertsdale PA (former county sheriff) through his daughter, Amanda Foore (Ford). I'm trying to find out information regarding the Native American Indian blood line mentioned in the newspaper article written about AJ Foore when he was elected sheriff. The article states he was of German and Indian origins.
Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 07:29:43 PM
Name: Lou Romansky
E-mail ID: LFRomansky@aol.com
Comments:My great great grandmother was Jane Foor daughter of Micheal and Jennie (Holdren) Foor. She married Joseph DeRoach of Milford, NJ who later settled in Bridgeton, PA.
Saturday, August 3rd 2013 - 05:31:23 PM
Name: Cynthia Ross
E-mail ID: cynross3@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm the great-granddaughter of AJ Foore of Robertsdale PA (former county sheriff) through his daughter, Clemma Foore Ross. Any information? I seem to remember as a child seeing a booklet that traced the Foore/Fuhr family back to Germany in the 1600s or so, but since Grandma died in 1980 I've no idea who may have the book, if it even still exists. I'll have a look through the archives for any info, but I'd be glad to learn more. Thanks!
Sunday, March 31st 2013 - 03:45:58 PM
Name: Michael William Foor
E-mail ID: mfoor2010@gmail.com
Comments:I'm the youngest brother of "Mendy" Melinda Marie [Foor} Wofford. I haven't worked on the tree since about 1999. Decided to get back into it.
Sunday, February 10th 2013 - 01:30:33 PM
Name: Michael William Foor
E-mail ID: mfoor200@gmail.com
Comments:I'm the youngest brother of "Mendy" Melinda Marie [Foor} Wofford. I haven't worked on the tree since about 1999. Decided to get back into it.
Sunday, February 10th 2013 - 01:19:43 PM
Name: Thomas John Little
E-mail ID: tomandkeith@comcast.net
Comments:Hi! I am a descendant of John Foor (b.1744) in Bedford County via Leonard Foor to George W.Foor to his daughter Margaret Who had a family with William Smith, the Paternal grandmother of my Mother.

This site is amazing! Thank you for all your years of hard work. It is very helpful.
Monday, January 14th 2013 - 09:05:25 AM
Name: Eldred Foore
E-mail ID: efoore83@comcast.net
Comments:I am the grandson of A.J.Foore and the son of "AB" Foore of Huntingdon & Roertsdale Pa.I have two sisters Carol of Huntingdon, Pa. and Beryle Elaine of York Pa.
Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 08:56:52 AM
Name: Carole Martinez
E-mail ID: carolemartinez24@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm the great-granddaughter of Jesse Ward Foor (born in Fairfield OH-1843, and died in Shelbyville IL). I've only been able to trace the Foors to Peter Fuhr (1690). Would be grateful for any information beyond this point.
Friday, November 2nd 2012 - 08:17:26 AM
Name: Joyce Foor
E-mail ID: joycefoor@comcast.net
Homepage URL: http://http://xfinityconnect.mail.comcast.net/
Comments:Just ran into your site and am very interested. I married into the Foor family and have been doing research for my children. My inlaws were from around the Napoelon, Ohio area. Their names were Emry and Mable (Harmon) Foor. They had 4 children Wayne, Dale, Arlene, and Russel. I have traced some but I have found some web sites can lead you astray from who and in what order they may be your ancestors
Sunday, October 28th 2012 - 12:46:18 PM
Name: Milton Kraus
E-mail ID: millton768@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123450471002828
Comments:My uncle, who never liked my father clued me in about some of my ancestry one night when he was drunk and babysitting me. He called me an inbred redneck, with a lot of conviction, and so the next day I asked my mother about my father's roots.

She just got teary eye and said, "it's true, but we don't like to talk about it."

Does anyone have any nifo on the Foores intermarrying?

Thanks. Great site, BTW!
Sunday, October 14th 2012 - 10:44:53 AM
Name: Michelle Duddleson Sortzi
E-mail ID: msortzi@verizon.net
Comments:Looking for information on Duddleson. Decendent of Samuel Duddleson (Dudelson/Duddlesten). Thanks!
Monday, October 1st 2012 - 08:13:12 PM
Name: Sharon (Foor) Price
E-mail ID: sprice1053@yahoo.com
Comments:Winona was my moms step sister. Her name is Lula (Foor) Karns. We have lived in Bedford Co all our lives. My moms parents were Seibert and Carrie Foor. When I was a child my Grandfather would go to Chicago for a month at a time and stay with Winona.
Sunday, August 5th 2012 - 09:13:06 AM
Name: Lori Ann K rause
E-mail ID: qooqoo_27@yahoo.com
Comments:I am signing the guess book to update my family's history with the Foor, Foore, Fuhr genealogy. My mother is a descendant of Johann C Fuhr. Below is my family. My Mother is Deanna E. Smith, daughter of Winona Foor, married May 7, 1932 to Donald William Smith b: Jan 6, 1911 -d: Apr 16, 1982. Winona had two children, Ronnie Smith and Deanna Smith. Deanna married William J. Krause and had five children. See below

10 [512] Winona Foor b: December 07, 1911
........................................................................................................................................... +[513] Donald W. Smith m: May 07, 1932
.................................................................................................................................................... 11 [514] Deanna E. Smith
.......................................................................................................................................................... +[515] William J. Kraus m: March 18, 1957
................................................................................................................................................................... 12 [516] Deborah Sue Kraus b: December 20, 1957
................................................................................................................................................................... 12 [517] Sandra Lee Kraus b: June 01, 1959
................................................................................................................................................................... 12 [518] William J. Kraus b: July 21, 1960
................................................................................................................................................................... 12 [519] Linda Gay Kraus b: August 18, 1961

I am the 5th, child of Deanna Krause (Winona's daughter) my name is Lori Ann Krause b: Sept 27, 1964.
Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 08:25:04 AM
E-mail ID: dianebeich@hotmail.com

I'm the granddaughter of Acie Barton Foor from Cypher,Pa. All his family is from the Bedford and surrounding little towns around their. He was married to Bertha E.Donaldson. His father was Andrew Barton Foor. If any one has any info on him please e-mail pls.
Monday, July 16th 2012 - 02:12:56 AM
Name: Sandra May (Foor) Poling
E-mail ID: polingsaga@msn.com
Comments:I have several photos of my grandfather and grandmother and their family of 11 children. He was Albert Franklin Foor, Sr. and she was Jennie C. Foor, maiden name was also Foor. Albert' father was Simon Foor and Jennie's father was Scott. My father was Albert F. Foor, Jr. Pretty new at this ancestry thing but son Scott has been amazing in finding facts. I do have the entire family history beginning in Rotterdam in 1742 Johann Lehnhart Fuhr came to America. Perhaps some of this info might be helpful to you Sandra
Monday, June 11th 2012 - 01:54:04 PM
Name: Cindy Percinsky
E-mail ID: cindy@dgfproducts.com
Comments:My mother is Carol A. Foore (Crone) Her father Albert James Foore Jr., His Father Albert James Foore Sr. & His father Cornelius Foor.
Monday, May 7th 2012 - 12:35:58 PM
Name: Ched Capps
E-mail ID: ccapps@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi. I am the great grandson of Charles Cleveland Foor, who's parents were Joseph F Foor & Nancy S Allen. Any information, pictures or stories about their families would be greatly appreciated.


Ched Capps
Thursday, April 19th 2012 - 09:17:54 PM
Name: Willis Linn
E-mail ID: willislinn@comcast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.myspace.com/willislinn
Comments:Hi I would like to know if you family knows where Violet Linn (Foor) sister of Wilbur Foor is buried? I Do! My brother has tried keeping the grave marked it never had a stone placed on it but my brother Norman made and installed a bronze one for her to keep her memory alive. Her Husband John Linn was my fathers older brother, my dad said John was not good to her and she had a tough life. Dad maintained her grave till his death. The had one child that I know of for sure-Jerry Linn and I know he had children to several women but we could not keep track of them because he was a want-a-be country song writer who traveled a lot and a heavy drinker like his Dad. Jerry left our area in the 1970,s and recently I heard he had passed away but we don't know where. Places he lived were Tennessee, Wyoming, and Texas. the last location I know was Texas he was to have a Mexican woman a migrant worker as either his wife of life partner and I know they had at least 3 children together. 814 506 1222 or cell 814 386 9140
I'd like you
Friday, April 6th 2012 - 03:44:40 PM
Name: Yvonne Beth Foor
E-mail ID: foorbeth@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http:// yahoo.com
Comments:I live in Bedford, PA and am a daughter to Gearld E. Foor, son of Alvin Foor. I have alot of aunts and uncles and my pap's wife was a Clark.
Tuesday, March 27th 2012 - 10:50:57 AM
Name: Richard Weddle
E-mail ID: richardweddle@cableone.net
Comments:researching the residents of Old Fort Sumner, NMT regarding Billy the Kid.

Would like to correspond with a Foor who knows about the family there.
Friday, March 16th 2012 - 06:06:36 AM
Name: Robert D. Foor Jr.
E-mail ID: bobs_crib38@yahoo.com
Comments:I was Born in Cadillac Michigan in 1962. My father is still living.
Wednesday, January 11th 2012 - 05:24:13 PM
Name: debra higgason
E-mail ID: debi4429@yahoo.com
Comments:My maiden name is foor. Fathers name is Robert LeRoy Foor sr. Mothers name is marcia jo wilkinson. Birthday is oct 27 1971. My brother brian' s name is spelled wrong he spells it with an i instead of a y. I have really enjoyed looking at all the iformation on this site.
Wednesday, December 28th 2011 - 04:32:49 PM
Name: Carol Foor Powell
E-mail ID: roysmate73@hotmail.com
Comments:So much has happened since I first became aquainted with Foor Dreamboat. Thanks again Sherry for finding my half brothers and their mom. I maintain friendship and love for their mom. She is a fantastic lady. Since first talking to Sherry my oldest son married Cathy Smith of Iowa. I got a great new family. When counting was over I have one blood great grandchild---Hunter and five great grand kids of heart: Eric, Cayden, Rebecca,Jackie, and Nicole. I also got terrfic daughter-in-law.Her mom Elsie is great too. Dawn (my daughter) divorced and remarried Rupinder Singh (Mike). He is from India. They just opened up their 20th store. Number 21 is due to open in a week. My #2 son is divorced and engaged to Darleen Bellman. She is social worker with one girl. Me, I am just getting older but still fiesty and married to Roy.
Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 07:44:06 AM
Name: June Runkle Grove
E-mail ID: rnklbrogue@yahoo.com
Comments:Daniel Runkle 1802 in VA-1887 in Pickaway County, OH, married first, Elizabeth Croninger 1806 in Lehigh County, PA-1858 in Pickaway County. They had eight children. You have him married to Passy Swayer, who is his second wife, which is correct. Sarah Runkle 1841-before 1900, who married John H. Hedrick is the daughter of Daniel Runkle and his first wife.
Monday, July 18th 2011 - 04:00:41 AM
Name: Leeanne Preston
E-mail ID: leeannepreston@sasktel.net
I am starting to look into my family history. My mother is a Fuhr, and we live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Sunday, June 26th 2011 - 05:54:18 PM
Name: Diane Miller
E-mail ID: twoprettygirls@verizon.net
Comments:I just came across this very interesting site. This is a very informative site for those of us who are looking for family information.
I am searching for any information on my 3rd Great Grandfather Henry Fuhr born 1802 in Philadelphia, Pa. and died in 1882 in Philadelphia, Pa. Henry's father was Jacob born in 1779 and his mother was Elizabeth Kinseler born 1780 in Philadelphia, Pa. Henry married Jane Higgins born 1803 Phila. Pa. and died in 1851 Phila. Pa. Henry and Jane had a daughter Caroline who was my 2nd Great Grandmother. Caroline married Benjamin Ford. My ggg grandfather Henry had a brother named John born 1804 Phila. Pa. I have found their name spelled Fuhr, Foor, and Foore. If anyone can help with information on any of these long ago family members I would appreciate it. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Tuesday, June 14th 2011 - 10:52:50 PM
Name: Sylvia Ulmer
E-mail ID: maloe73@aol.com
I am a granddaughter of Alexander Leo Fuhr, who was born in Russia. He belongs to the Volga german people. His ancestors left Germany in 1766.
Thank you for this great site. Kind regards, Sylvia
Thursday, May 19th 2011 - 09:39:44 AM
Name: Roger G. Foor
E-mail ID: foor.roger@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://yahoo.com
Comments:My name is Roger G. Foor and I just found out this genealogy page. Thanks for all the hard work.
Wednesday, May 18th 2011 - 08:51:21 AM
Name: Alexandria Foor
E-mail ID: alexandriafoor@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello, I was curious and found this site and just wanted to know a little more about it. Although, I do have some very useful information. First of all, My grandparents who are listed have had some children. Mark, who is the oldest and my father was born on November 24th 1973, David, Stacey, and Michael. I am Mark's only child and currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri. All of Barry Williams Foor's(my grandfather) children and grandchildren(besides me)live in Trumbull County,Ohio.
Thanks so much for starting this website.
Friday, April 15th 2011 - 10:32:22 AM
Name: Yvonne Beth Foor
E-mail ID: foorbeth@yahoo.com
Comments:just wanted to check it out!
Sunday, March 27th 2011 - 05:46:05 PM
Name: steve foor
E-mail ID: sgfoor@att.net
Friday, March 11th 2011 - 03:20:36 PM
Name: Michele Walter
E-mail ID: chelie1155@aol.com
Comments:I am thrilled to find this web site!

My husband descends from the Foor line; I was struggling beyond his great-great grandfather.

John Walter - my husband
Glenda Foor Walter
Donald D Foor
Albert E Foor
John W Foor

I definitely have information for you regarding the current generations. Once I have examined the records more thoroughly, I will be back in touch.
Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 01:22:45 PM
Name: Ryan G Foor
E-mail ID: oucom52@yahoo.com
Comments:just checking in to see how things are going!!! Love my families geanology online!!
Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 06:56:21 AM
Name: Charles Foor
E-mail ID: charles.w.foor@dom.com
Comments:I am the son of Wayne Cyrus Foor born in 1939 near Malinta, OH; He was the son of Emry & Mabel (Harmon) Foor. He had brothers Russell & Dale, and a sister Arlene. That is the extent of my knowledge of family history. My grand-parents and father have all passed.
Thursday, January 13th 2011 - 12:24:32 AM
Name: Michelle Fohr
E-mail ID: wurzbacher@live.com
Comments:I have tried for several years to learn more about my grandfathers genealogy. All I know is his name was Nicolas Fohr age 24 he arrived in Ellis Island on May 15 1894. On the same passenger list includes Franz Fohr 15,Sarah 18, caroline 49 listed as widow. Nicolas Fohr lists John Fohr as his father from Luxembourg. My grandfather ended up homesteading in ND. I never met any of the family that came to America with him and unfortunately he died before I was born. He married Frances Dura from MN. Some of the passengers said the were going to philadelphia. If you have any info or have heard stories about my grandfather please let me know I'm stuck at this point.
Sunday, January 9th 2011 - 01:31:03 PM
Name: Tina Foor
E-mail ID: foortina@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi my name is Tina Foor. I live in Indiana. My grandmother was Catherine Foor and my grandfather was John Foor. My fathers name is Teddy Jay Foor. I have nine uncles with the last name of Foor. Glen, Pete, Paul, David, Charlie, John, Terry, Bob (RObert), Chasie. I have a brother named Travis Foor. I was trying to find my half brother. He is in his 30's. He was born to Teddy Jay Foor. His name was Scotty Edward Foor/Johnson. His mothers name was Agnus Johnson (I believe).I was looking over this page and i can't believe how many foors are out there. If you want to know more or find out how and if we are related please feel free to email me! If you have any information on my brother. I would love to hear about it!
Thank you!!
Wednesday, November 17th 2010 - 08:32:06 AM
Name: Mary A. Johnson
E-mail ID: auntmaine1@verizon.net
Comments:I am the granddaughter of William Albert Foor who lived in Saxton, PA. This message is for Diane Swartz: I have photos of my grandparents plus other family members if you are interested.
Tuesday, October 26th 2010 - 01:31:01 PM
Name: rolland spencer foor
E-mail ID: redshar
Homepage URL: http://www.redshar@yahoo.com
Comments:hello i am named after my uncle who was a pro wrestler in the late 60's and died in 1971 and his brother ( my father ) name is irvin foor jr. but people that knew him knew he spelled his first name with an E and i would like to here from any family members that we lost contact with over the years . he you would like to know more please feel free to call me at 419-806-3546
Monday, October 11th 2010 - 01:52:05 PM
Name: Scott Foor
E-mail ID: foor.scott@gmail.com
Comments:My name is Scott Foor, 4th child of 7 children to Michael M. Foor and Val R. Foor. My Dad Michael M. Foor was the son of Melvin & Irene Foor.

I am interested in your research and want to find out how myself and my family fit into the picture.

I have 6 brothers and 1 sister. We all reside in Southern California.

Children of Michael M. Foor:

1. Michael Foor
2. Holly Foor
3. Brandon Foor
4. Scott Foor
5. Cody Foor
6. Cole Foor
7. Mel Foor

Children of Melvin & Irene Foor:

1. Michael M. Foor
2. Kimberly Turner (maiden name is Foor)
3. Patrick Foor
Thursday, September 2nd 2010 - 01:25:12 PM
Name: Keivn Foor
E-mail ID: kevin-foor@hawkeyefootball.com
Wednesday, September 1st 2010 - 04:24:39 PM
Name: Duchesne P. "Duke" Clark
E-mail ID: dclark@rcn.com
Comments:I am not a member of this family, but have lots of FOOR(E) data in my database, URL below.

Tuesday, July 27th 2010 - 10:18:51 AM
Name: June Runkle Grove
E-mail ID: rnklbrogue@yahoo.com
Comments:Would you like correct information regarding John Runkle and Barbara Robinolt? Their daughter, Hannah, married Stephen Foor.
Friday, June 25th 2010 - 01:00:19 AM
Name: Dawn Foor
E-mail ID: sunrize004@aol.com
Comments:Interesting stuff! I am the granddaughter of Elton Rush Foor of PA and the daughter of Elton Rush Foor, Jr., now of California. I noticed that my father has an end date of 11-08. I can assure you that he is still very much alive at 82 years of age!
Thank you for your hard work.
Thursday, May 27th 2010 - 09:53:52 AM
Name: Rick Fessler
E-mail ID: rickfessler@gmail.com
Comments:son of cupie hoshor, grandson of marie & sidney hoshor

Sidney G. HOSHOR -> http://www.foorgenealogy.com/d0002/g0000034.html#T20015

Marie Elizabeth FARRELL Hoshor -> http://www.foorgenealogy.com/d0003/g0000034.html#T20017

Cupie E. HOSHOR -> http://www.foorgenealogy.com/d0001/g0000003.html#T46975

Sunday, May 2nd 2010 - 11:23:53 AM
Name: Sandy Perry
E-mail ID: rwppack@aol.com
Just signing in again and checking the past few e-mails. I was at an all-day genealogy conference in Moline, IL. today and gave your website to a lady researhing the Fuhr name. Hopefully she will get on soon and get some good information, just as we have in the past. Keep up the great work!
Sandy Perry
Saturday, April 24th 2010 - 05:24:46 PM
Name: scott foor
E-mail ID: scottfoor@hotmail.com
Comments:I live in plymouth mi
Saturday, April 10th 2010 - 06:01:45 AM
Name: scott foor
E-mail ID: scottfoor@hotmail.com
Comments:I live in plymouth mi
Saturday, April 10th 2010 - 06:01:38 AM
Name: Dr. Ronald Foore
E-mail ID: ronfoore@cox.net
Tuesday, March 30th 2010 - 03:36:47 PM
Name: Diane (Foor) Swartz
E-mail ID: diane_swartz_70@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Guys;

I'm the great granddaughter of Andrew Barton Foor and also the granddaughter of his son Acie Barton Foor. I have been looking for pictures of all the Andrew Barton Foor Family together, please if anyone has one and would like to share it with me, I would ever be in your debt.I'm trying to get all of his line for my grandchildren and their children.I know that all my relatives are from Bedford,Pa and all the surrounding areas.
Monday, March 29th 2010 - 09:02:53 AM
Name: Diane (Foor) Swartz
E-mail ID: diane_swartz_70@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Guys;

I'm the great granddaughter of Andrew Barton Foor and also the granddaughter of his son Acie Barton Foor. I have been looking for pictures of all the Andrew Barton Foor Family together, please if anyone has one and would like to share it with me, I would ever be in your debt.I'm trying to get all of his line for my grandchildren and their children.I know that all my relatives are from Bedford,Pa and all the surrounding areas.
Monday, March 29th 2010 - 09:02:37 AM
Name: Cathy M Foor
E-mail ID: fredflintstone41@verizon.net
Comments:my name is catherine marie foor.my dad was cecil charles foor.i'm from rhode island my dad family from california,but his parents came from michigan
his dad was lester earl foor.some other foors in my family where calvin foor,cyril beaudry......i have more so if anyone is interested feel free to email me...................
Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 07:51:58 AM
Name: Cecilia Lynn Petersen Wright
E-mail ID: cwright6@yahoo.com
Comments:I am the daughter of Evelyn L. Schneider born in Wapello, IA (Port Louisa) to Carl Schneider and Henrietta Foor Schneider. I have one brother and seven sisters. Evelyn married Dale Petersen Jan. 31, 1948.
Thursday, February 11th 2010 - 06:15:33 PM
Name: Norma Fortner
E-mail ID: hfortner@charter.net
Comments:Looking for Eleanor Foor and parents of George W. Wilson.
Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 09:13:28 AM
Name: Carol Foor Powell
E-mail ID: carolandroypowell@hotmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to stop by and say "hi". The newest Foor baby is Emory (Butch) and Linda Foor's granddaughter. Savana arrived January 3,2110. She weighed in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and is 17 inches long. Her mother is Christina Marie Foor, Butch's oldest daughter. She will carry the name of Foor proudly in honor of her grandpa. She is the end of line, as Butch has no grandsons.
I still am in touch with my brothers mother in Arizona. Two of them live near Phoenix and one was killed in 1983 in a accident. I looked for forty-five years for them and you helped find them in a few days. Thanks again!
Carolyn Irene Foor Powell
Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 03:42:12 PM
Name: Sylvia J. (Taylor) Swiger
E-mail ID: dingbat1943@yahoo.com
Comments:I knew nothing about this side of my family, not even the names. But I happened to stumble from one little piece of information to another, and landed on this site.

I know this is my family because the only information I had was my grandfather was Charles C. Koebel (my mother Gladys' father) and my grandmother was Lillie Mae Kyser ( had also seen it spelled as Kiser). Then somewhere on the web, perhaps in a census reference, I learned my great grandmother's (Clara Bell, sometimes listed as Beel/Biehl) last name was Foor, married to a David Kyser.

On a whim I merely typed in Foor family history, or something similar, into the search engine, and now you're reading this note. I am so happy to find out so much about my heritage, the more I read and learn, the prouder I am. This is the side that gave me a wonderful resourceful mother as a role model, and I can see where she got it. She just would never quit. Now that same hard work ethic has transcended to my son, Jade Michael Swiger. Reading the history of the Foor Hotels founded by Wm Foor resonated. To all of the family I have never met, I love every one of you! This site is a treasure trove of genealogical information for me. My mother's information under Lillie Mae (Kyser) Koebel is erroneous, in that her last name (second marriage) was Kurpil (married to Stanley), and not Kurtin. She was born Aug 17, 1917, and died in Steubenville Ohio Jan 7, 2003. Her first marriage was to my father (Noel Ellis Taylor), to whom she had four children: Noel Jr., Jack Ronald, Joan Carrol, and myself, they divorced around 1944. I am the only survivor of the four. Also, she lived in Wellsburg, WV, not the adjoining town of Follansbee, WV as noted.

Whoever put this site together has a phenomenal sense of order and clarity. It is massive. Kindest Regards, Sylvia J.(Janie) Taylor Swiger
Saturday, December 19th 2009 - 06:31:15 PM
Name: Ryan G Foor
E-mail ID: oucom52@yahoo.com
Comments:Just stopping by to let you know I still love this site ;)
Monday, December 7th 2009 - 07:29:35 AM
Name: Tina Van Hee
E-mail ID: hunter726994@aol.com
Comments:I just wanted everyone to know if anyone has any questions about Edward J. and Minnie Foor or their daughter Frona Marie (Foor) Pringle, I would be more than happy to answer their questions. Frona was my grandmother and I was mostly raised by her and even lived with her for 8 years and I paid careful attention to pretty much everything she told me about growing up and her complete love for her family. She was an amazing woman and I proudly honor her memory by carrying on her legacy of love and devotion to her clan. God bless all the Foor ancestors and all the current and future members of an amazingly hearty breed of people!!!
Thursday, December 3rd 2009 - 02:24:37 AM
Name: Bryan C Foor
E-mail ID: Bryan.Foor@usmc.mil
Comments:I've been trying to find so much about my last name but my searches have always lead to dead ends. Im from a nearby town close to bedford PA. im related to just about everyone there. most of which are decending from foor. please email me so we might be able to exchange some information. Bryan.Foor@usmc.mil
Thursday, November 26th 2009 - 08:06:11 PM
Name: Pat (Patty) Porter Foor
E-mail ID: pat4@iowatelecom.net
Comments:Widow of Terry Lynn Foor of Wapello, IA. His parents were Lewis and Libby Foor. Our kids are Tracy Jo Foor McCoy and Kevin Lynn Foor.
Monday, November 16th 2009 - 01:32:05 PM
Name: Louann Foor
E-mail ID: loufoor@yahoo.com
Comments:On Sept 22, 2009 my father Wade D. Foor Jr. passed away at the age of 81.
There will be a memorial service at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Monday Sept. 28th at 12.00 noon. You may go to www.moorefuneral.com to see him online. Family requests donations be made to the Air and Space Museum.
Sunday, September 27th 2009 - 07:03:49 AM
Name: Louann Foor
E-mail ID: loufoor@yahoo.com
Comments:I am Louann Foor from Tulsa, Ok. My grandfather Wade Sr. was born in Kentucky, my great grandparents were Joseph and Nannie Foor. My father Wade Jr. has always told us, he was told by his father that we were related to or some how involved with PeeWee Reese the great baseball player. About 1956 or 57 my father was in St. Louis and was able to talk to PeeWee and watch him play ball. According to my father PeeWee told him the Reese family owed the Foors everything, but that is all I know. I am curious if any knows of the connection between the Foor and Reese families in Kentucky.If any one has any information or has heard the same story I would love to hear from you!
Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 - 10:48:22 AM
Name: Jeanine Foor
E-mail ID: jfoor@hotmail.com
Comments:I was married to Darrell L. Foor, son of Donald Foor and Dorothy McMinn Foor (all deceased)of Pittsburgh, Pa./Borough of Whitehall. I was told the following information about the FOOR's who stated that Donald, Robert and the other brother had grown up in ALTOONA, PA. along with Dorothy McMinn Foor.
Donald, Robert and another brother,(whose name escapes me)were sons of Robert Foor Sr. "who was adopted and raised by two spinster women named FOOR in Altoona, Pa."
Donald moved to Pittsburgh with his wife Dorothy and had children: Donna, Darrell and Linda Foor. They have a cousin, Joan Foor, daughter of the brother I can't remember his name. This is the first time I have seen any reference to a FOOR from Altoona, Pa. Hope this may help Erik Wilt.
Friday, August 14th 2009 - 04:51:50 PM
Name: Carolyn M. Martin
E-mail ID: carmartin@desoto.net
First I want to say.... what a great site...THANKS!!! I loved reading through it and found some very interesting items.

Most of my Fuhr/ Foor's were in Phila. PA.

I am a descendant of the Fuhr/Foor line from Philadelphia. PA. I have traced my line back to John Lenhart(Leonard?) Fuhr/Foor that arrived here during the 1740's. I am saying he is part of my family as I have a Keziah Fuhr born 1841 in Philadelphia, PA to Catherine Furh (no Maiden name for her as yet) And, I do believe Catherine's spouse's name was William Furh. I found a William Furh drowned in June 1849. It says he was a basket maker as were several other Fuhr men during that time period. The reason I believe William and Catherine were spouses is that his death residence in 1849 and the residence of Catherine (as head of househiold) and her children on the Phila. PA 1850 Census were exactly the same. I have questioned this though because Cahterine's birth date is about 1801 -1803 and his is about 1812. Quite an age spread, but who knows, perhaps that is correct.

Keziah Furh is my 2nd great grandmother and spouse was William Norbeck. They were married in Phila. PA. about 1859. Keziah died 5 August 1894. They had seven children one of which was Philip Melvin Norbeck.

Philip Norbeck married Amelia Maltilda Charlotte Louise Arndt in Philadelphia 27 May 1883. They had nine children one of which was Amelia Caroline (my grandmother).

My Grandmother Amelia Caroline married William James Bieber in Phila. PA. 5 March 1920. They had six children one of which was my mother Marie Sophia Bieber born 3 Jan 1928.

My mother, Marie Bieber, married Stanley Stephen Stankiweicz in Phila. PA. on 21 April 1945, They had five children, four living at this date June 2009. I am their oldest living child... Carolyn Marie Stankiewicz born 8 April 1947.

I am having a hard time tying William to the other Fuhr/Foor family during those early years. I have several early census reacords but as they did NOT list spouse and children's names it is hard to place William and Catherine on any of them.

If anyone has any other info about these early Fuhr's/Foor's they feel may help me in this connection I would appreciate the help......and if there is something I can do to help someone....please let me know.

Carolyn M. Martin...of South Florida
Thursday, June 25th 2009 - 12:49:58 PM
Name: jessa marcela foor
E-mail ID: jmc_foor@yahoo.com
Comments:hi,Im Jessa from Philippines,my father is Cecil Charles Foor who was born on 10-03-41 I have been looking for him for almost 12 years. .Im 25 years, My Dad married to a Filipina. .if anyone knows him i will be a great honour on my part for i havent seen him since i was 13 years old
Thursday, May 21st 2009 - 04:15:09 AM
Name: Hans Fohr
E-mail ID: hansfohr@hotmail.com
Comments:My father succeeded to track down our family back to 1667 when a certain Jacob Fohr founded a brewery in Ransbach-Baumbach near Koblenz/Germany.

According to the info I received from the brewery his original name was JACOB FOOR, allegedly born in Belgium. I can't find any evidence though that we are anywhere near related to the current FOOR's.
Tuesday, March 3rd 2009 - 02:19:13 AM
Name: Hans Fohr
E-mail ID: hansfohr@hotmail.com
Comments:My father succeeded to track down our family back to 1667 when a certain Jacob Fohr founded a brewery in Ransbach-Baumbach near Koblenz/Germany.

According to the info I received from the brewery his original name was JACOB FOOR, allegedly born in Belgium. I can't find any evidence though that we are anywhere near related to the current FOOR's.
Tuesday, March 3rd 2009 - 02:19:04 AM
Name: Holly Shelley
E-mail ID: hshelley@cableone.net
Comments:My Great Great Grandmother is Susan Shaffer daughter of Levi M. Shaffer and Lydia Foor. Susan had my great grand-father Albert Latta out of wedlock. I have been researching my ancestors for about 5 years and happened upon this wed site recently. This is great information. My thanks for all the work that went into it.
Friday, February 13th 2009 - 12:02:34 PM
Name: Jacob Keith Foor
E-mail ID: wattsonfoor@aol.com
Comments:Born in 1981 in Tipton Co. Indiana. Most of family originates to my knowledge from Madison county Indiana.
Friday, February 13th 2009 - 05:52:12 AM
Name: Jane Foor Bowlby
E-mail ID: bjbowlby@hotmail.com
Comments:Here am I approaching my 81st birthday, and must admit I have only one time met anyone who shared my maiden name. That was in Hawaii and the gentleman and I had both rented beach towels. When I expressed my amazement at sharing his surname, he was totally UNDERWHELMED. I have always searched telephone books in the many locations I have lived, Europe, Australia and US and have never come across another Foor.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 09:12:59 PM
Name: bruce bowlby
E-mail ID: bruce.bowlby@hotmail.com
Comments:I am looking into my mothers family line of foor. Her father was osa foor who married vera gainey. She has no photos of her father who died well before i was born. If any foors can help then i would be pleased. I think he had a brother named perle
Tuesday, December 2nd 2008 - 01:13:31 AM
Name: Christopher A. Foor
E-mail ID: chrisemily4@yahoo.com
Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 08:23:07 AM
Name: Gina McCumiskey
E-mail ID: her_holiness@juno.com
Comments:I am the granddaughter of Gertrude Louetta Foor (daughter of Grover Cleveland Foor and ELizabeth McCumber). Gertrude Louetta died when my mom was only 7 years old and so mom doesn't remember her really well and she doesn't have any pictures of her mom. Could someone from this line maybe dig in their own family albums for a photo. I am sure that one of Gertrude's brothers or sisters passed some family photos down.
Mom said that after her mom died her mom's family really didn't have much to do with them anymore so I have nothing from this line except what i have found on this site, so thank you.
Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 12:01:43 PM
Name: Kathi Witt (Conner)
E-mail ID: danwitt@aol.com
Comments:I am a descendant of Esther Foor.
Sunday, August 24th 2008 - 08:48:31 PM
Name: Debbie Shuff
E-mail ID: kensiplus3@atlanticbb.net
Comments:I am the daughter of Patricia McClain Davis, daughter of Jesse V. McClain, son of Lois Ephindia Swope, daughter of Isabella Agnes Stewart Swope, daughter of Susan Foor Stewart, married to John Stewart. I've been given info connecting Susan(Susannah) to John Foor. I last found Susan Stewart on the 1850 Census in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, in the household of her son-in-law, Asa Beaman. She lived with her daughter, Jane, and her family, as well as her own children, Charles Stewart and Temperance Stewart. I can find no trace of her after this census, so I have to assume she died before 1860. Does anyone have any definitive info on her? I can find no info on John Stewart. Asa and Jane Stewart Beaman moved their family to Winnebago Co., Minnesota in the 1860 census. Temperance married Hiram Andrews in Winnebago, Minnesota in 1860, and then they moved to Iowa by 1870 census. Temperance was last in the census in 1880. Hiram Andrews remarried in 1882, so she had to have died between 1880 and 1882. He had moved on to Washington state. Charles Stewart was in the household of his sister, my grgrgrandmother, Isabella A. Swope and her husband, Peter VanDeventer Swope, on the 1860 census. She and Peter had her sister Margaret E. Stewart, age 5, in their household on the 1850 census. I would appreciate any additional information anyone could share with me.

Thanks. Deb
Saturday, August 23rd 2008 - 01:16:36 PM
Name: Francis Dugger
E-mail ID: francisdugger@sbcglobal.net
Comments:Just looking around while trying to find old Dugger photo's.
Saturday, August 16th 2008 - 07:34:14 AM
Name: Diane (Foor) Swartz
E-mail ID: diane_swartz_70@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm looking for my Uncle Charles Franklin Foore, who was married to MaryCahterine Rodgers family because they are related to me. My grandfather Acie Foor was Charles brother and I would like to get in touch with any of Charles siblings to help me on my family tree. Also would like to know who I get in touch with for The Foore Family reunion.
Great site Shelly keep up the good work. I know alot of these people that sign the book are related to me in some way or another.
Wednesday, July 9th 2008 - 09:48:26 AM
Name: Chuck Julian
E-mail ID: chuck.julian@gcs3d.com
Comments:My grandmother was Helen E. Foor, born 1891, married to Frank Julian. She was raised by her great aunt, Helen N. Anderson (don't know her maiden name). I was told that her parents had died when she was very young, which is why she was raised by her great aunt. My grandmother had a brother, who my father said was killed working for the railroad in Columbus, OH when a railroad car jack collapsed, dropping a railroad car on him. My grandmother died in 1957, in Detroit, Michigan, of lung cancer. Unfortunately, very little is known about her parents. She was apparently quite young when they died. We don't even know their names. Any idea how I would figure out what their names were? I know that my grandmother's mother was of English decent and her father was of German decent. I don't know if they were first generation or from long before. My grandmother had four children, James, Charles, Mary and Rose.
Thursday, May 15th 2008 - 05:46:13 AM
Name: Tina Suzanne Foor Earnest
E-mail ID: t4earnest@embarqmail.com
Comments:Just checking back to see how far you have grown in the past 10 years or so.
Thursday, May 8th 2008 - 05:40:42 AM
Name: kaytie Werger
E-mail ID: xkatemonster@yahoo.com
Comments:my mother is brenda (werger) foor, from breezwood, PA..her siblings are cynthia foor, and thomas foor. her real father is thomas eugene foor child of fredrick wilson foor and sarah catherine koontz. my mothers father thomas was married to maxine (colledge) foor. any iformation please contact me. thomas foor has left our family when my mother and her brother and sister were just babies. but i would like to know more about my real history.
Tuesday, April 22nd 2008 - 03:33:44 PM
Name: Charles Richard Foor Jr.
E-mail ID: cfoor02@sprintpcs.com
Comments:Son of Charles Richard Foor Sr. Grandson of Clarence (Buck) Foor of Delaware Ohio. Looking for family history.
Thursday, April 17th 2008 - 07:35:54 PM
Name: Brenda Lee Foor
E-mail ID: cravinall@aol.com
Comments:Hello, Iam the daughter of Ronald G.and Mary M Foor i have 2brothers and 2 sisters Kandy,Randy,Ronald,Bobbie jo I live in the state of flordia lived here for 7 years ,my grandparents are Wilbur and beatrice Foor if any one has any information please contact i need to information to add to my Family Tree.Thank You
Tuesday, April 15th 2008 - 03:29:32 PM
Name: Sandy Perry
E-mail ID: rwppack@aol.com
Comments:Shelley has just posted a new photo in the Foor Photo album of a picnic at Robinson Creek Church (near Tower Hill & Shelbyville, IL.) containing 7 people we can identify. They are all referenced with a number in the photo. Pls. check out the photo under any of the following names and see if you can identify any other people:
2) Max Foor
3) Sadie Robertson Foor
4) Calvin Foor
13) Jesse Ward Foor
14) Franklin Pearl Foor
16) Delilah Swander Foor
21) Mae Sherwood (her niece Sylvia Henderson later married Franklin Foor after his first wife Leathe Belle Robinson died).
Thanks for any other help you can give.
Sandy Perry
Friday, March 14th 2008 - 01:58:54 PM
Name: Sheryl Ann Diehl
E-mail ID: sad@pennswoods.net
Comments:My Mother was Beulah Foor Diehl. She had 4 brothers - Bruce, Blair, Sheldon, and Wayne. Their parents were Murray and Stella (Morse) Foor.
Thursday, March 13th 2008 - 11:14:25 AM
Name: Sheryl Ann Diehl
E-mail ID: sad@pennswoods.net
Comments:It's been a while since I looked at these pages, and I am impressed at all the info available. My Mother was Beulah Foor Diehl, and she had 4 brothers - Bruce, Blair, Sheldon, and Wayne. They were the children of Murray and Stella Foor, and we have been at almost every Foor Reunion since I was a girl. I wanted to update my email address in case anyone can give me more info about my family. Thanks for doing such a great job!
Thursday, March 13th 2008 - 11:06:09 AM
Name: Janice Foor Foister
E-mail ID: foisterfamily@yahoo.com
Tuesday, March 4th 2008 - 09:36:41 AM
Name: Shelly
E-mail ID: foorgenealogy@yahoo.com
Comments:I answered you via email rather than here in the message area. (Search on PRICE... the family you mentioned is in there. Also Quentin is under John Quentin Foor)
Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 04:34:10 PM
Name: Julie Kennedy Price
E-mail ID: jmk1184@gmail.com
Comments:I am confused. I am married to Ryan G. Price, grandson of Quentin Foor and Violet Foor (maiden name unknown). I couldn't find them in the database. His (ryan's) mother's name is Avala Sue Foor (now Price). Ryan and I live in Hagerstown MD, but he is from Breezewood, Pa and I am from Woodbury, Pa. There are also Foors on my mother's side of the family (by marriage). My mother's first cousin, Kathy, married Walter Foor. I need some more information. Thanks
Thursday, February 14th 2008 - 04:13:32 PM
Name: Shelly - webmaster
E-mail ID: foorgenealogy@yahoo.com
Comments:TO: MARK WILT

I have tried to email you but apparently you're not receiving the emails. They aren't bouncing back to me, though. You may want to check your spam folder.

You said several messages back that your grandfather was not in the database. If you're talking about your grandfather Wilt, then no, he is not. Your grandfather Foor most definitely IS in the database. With so many FOORs in a database of over 32,000 individuals, it's easiest to search on a maiden name. Also, according to my data, your grandfather Chester Foor had more than two brothers, although the two you mention were closer to his age. He had older ones also.
Saturday, February 2nd 2008 - 10:22:57 AM
Name: Mark Eric Wilt
E-mail ID: w3ilt@starband.net
Comments:I have some more information about our branch of the Foor Family
provided by my uncle Leroy Foor who is 83 years old now. Leroy Foor
was born in Bedford, PA. to Chester Theodore Foor and Martha
Vermont (Gilbert) Foor.

Now Chester Theodore Foor, my grandfather was born on July 2, 1886 and died on September 7, 1963. His parents were Jeremiah and Hannah (Dole) Foor.

My Foor grandparents were married in Harrisburg, PA. on April 25,
1905. They lived in Bedford, Pa. then moved to Duncansville, PA.
and finally to Altoona, PA.

My grandfather, Chester Foor had 2 brothers, Charles Foor and
Edward Foor and both resided in Bedford, PA. My uncle Leroy Foor tells
me that Edward Foor was a Sheriff of Bedford County, PA. in the early 1900s. That has to be verified.

Chester Foor's father was Jeremiah Foor, my great grandfather,
was a civil war veteran. He lost a leg during the Civil War. Am
told that there is a monument in his honor at Gettysburg, PA. Am also
told he was the Monarch of the Foor family in Bedford, PA. And may
I add that Leroy remembers the name of his horse was "Billy".

I have requested obits from surviving family members living in Blair
County, PA. Am told that they do have some pictures of Foor Family
reunions at Egulf's Park right outside Bedford, PA. Am told this
municipal park is in need of restoration. Also I am told that the
Transrun Methodist Church near Bedford contains Foor Family genealogy.
That makes sense because my grandparents, Chester and Martha Foor were
methodists attending the Eldorado Methodist Church in Altoona, PA.
which is located on the southside of Altoona. My father Phil Wilt has served as a deacon of same church.

Saturday, February 2nd 2008 - 10:05:57 AM
Name: Mark Eric Wilt
E-mail ID: w3ilt@starband.net
Comments:Sorry for the double post, so I will make it an even 3 ;) Just wondering if anyone is tracing the Foor gene pool such as the McCain DNA study ? Would be interesting to identify some defective genes carried as a form of preventative healthcare ?

Thanks gang,

Friday, February 1st 2008 - 06:21:51 PM
Name: Mark Eric Wilt
E-mail ID: w3ilt@starband.net
Comments:Hello gang, I am Mark Eric Wilt son of the now deceased Hazel G. (Foor) Wilt. At least on of my surviving five uncles is really up on Foor history. There are some old family bibles with family trees surviving. My grandparents were Chester and Martha (Mcguire) Foor first of Bedford County, Pa.

I am interested in doing a genealogy showing Foors serving our nation in times of war back the French/Indian War. We seem to be peacemakers as well as evidenced through the sacrifice of the Settlement at Burnt Cabins. Have been told my grandfather is a direct decendent of four (4) brother orginal settlers of Penn's Woods.

As things would go, you may all be proud (or not) that President Reagan picked a Foor as one of the orginal Agents of Reagan's Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA. That would be, nevermind, I don't think we should expose him.

Would be happy to gather materials for you, I do have some old pictures of Foor Family reunions in Blair County, PA. back in the day. Maybe some of my mother's family may have more pictures than I, I do have several sources in mind.

Mark e. Wilt
Cambria County, PA.
Friday, February 1st 2008 - 05:40:49 PM
Name: Mark Eric Wilt
E-mail ID: w3ilt@starband.net
Comments:Hi to all the Foors. My name is Mark Eric Wilt, son of deceased Hazel G. Foor of Blair County, Pa. My mother was the youngest of 9 foors raised by Chester and Martha Foor of Bedford and then Blair Counties, Pa. Her siblings were, Frank, Dan, Jerry, Leroy and William her brothers, and Margeret (Peg), Bessie and Charolette all of Blair County, PA. Leroy, Bill and Aunt Charolette are still surviving.

I was searching the database and notice my grandfather is not mentioned in the base. My grandfather's brother was said to be a Sheriff of Bedford County, PA. Am told there is a statute erected in his honor there although I have never seen it.

All of my uncles served the Second World war and came home safely, Frank, Bill, Dan, Jerry, and Leroy. My aunt Bessie was an army nurse during the WWII. In addition I am told my Grandfather's kin served in the Civil war and there is a statute erected in honor of one of them. In addition at Valley Forge, Pa. the Foor name appears on numerous monuments to the fallen making Foors traceable to the Revolutionary war.

I am trying to look for concrete evidence that my grandfather is a direct decendent of the four (4) brothers that founded Burnt Cabins, PA. It is a remarkable story that I was told directly by the family that provincial government directly under William Penn himself authorized the burning of the village to keep the peace with Native Americans.

Of course the project to restore the Flour Mill of Burnt Cabins, PA. is well known however the earliest tax record of the Mill dates to 1770 and I have yet to ascertain the owner of the Mill at that time. If the founders of Burnt Cabins were the Foor Brothers and part of the burning of Burnt Cabins, then we could say that the Foors of Fulton and Bedford county are some of the orginal settlers of the New World and in particular, Penn's Woods in my family's case.

Other oddball history I have been told is that someone on my grandmother's side, McGuires, was murdered in Harrisburg, PA. sometime in the late 1800s and the body was found dismembered in a Steam trunk, Jack-the-Ripper kind of stuff.

Am told that a Foor was hung as a horse thief in Bedford County, PA. Knowing my mother's family, I bet he left a tavern one late night and got on the wrong horse.

Through family bibles, I think I have some good information, but I need to know exactly what is needed. If someone can confirm my memories I would greatly appreciate connecting my maternal family of Foors back to Europe. Have already learned of some noble blood in the DNA, that would be interesting.

Thanks all.

Mark e. Wilt
Cambria County, PA.

Friday, February 1st 2008 - 05:27:14 PM
Name: Sandy Perry
E-mail ID: rwppack@aol.com
Comments:Dear Shelley, Thanks to your site, I have made contact with John D. Foor in Texas and we are exchanging information to see if we are connected as he posted photos on the website of some of my family ancestors.
I am still wishing to make contact with Sue Tolbert, Robert Kirk and Doug Strong due to the photos they posted on your website of family members I have also. If they are reading these postings, pls. contact me via e-mail to see if/how we share ancestry.
Sandy Perry
Monday, January 21st 2008 - 11:32:43 AM
Name: Gina McCumiskey
E-mail ID: her_holiness@juno.com
Comments:Hi, I am the great granddaughter of Grover Cleveland Foor and Elizabeth McCumber. Their daughter Gertrude Louetta married Everett Williamson. Their daughter Norma is my mom. I saw in your photo album some photos of Cleve and Elizabeth and I actually cried to be able to put a face to them. Gertrude died when my mom was 7 so she wasn't really close with the Foor side of the family after that and I could see in the picture of all her aunts and uncles some resemblance.

I cannot thank you enough for this site. If anyone has more photos, please post them, you have no idea how much they moved me.

Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 04:11:20 PM
Name: Dave Lovett
E-mail ID: evadtevol@yahoo.com
Comments:I,m Looking For Doug Foor was Married To Kathy,I was in The Army with him At Fort Carson Colorado,I Know he was from Breezewood,Pa.If Anyone knows Him or where he is,would love to get in touch with him!!!
Monday, November 12th 2007 - 06:50:33 PM
Name: Vanessa Foor
E-mail ID: vfoor_05@hotmail.com
Comments:I got married aug 5, 06 to david winter. Also, my sister amanda was born feb 24,1981.and her last name now is bowen not bowman
Sunday, October 28th 2007 - 02:46:16 AM
Name: Betty Hughes McKinney
E-mail ID: BMcKi24@aol.com
Comments:What a great website - thank you. My husband has Foor's on his side, his GGGgrandmother was Martha Jane Wilson who married Thomas F. McKinney. I have lots of information up to and including Thomas & Martha Wilson McKinney. Husband is Thomas William McKinney who was son of Frederick & Florence Cutler McKinney. Fred's parents were Hamer and Bessie Cotton McKinney and on back, Hamer was son of Thomas F. and Martha Jane Wilson McKinney. I do have pictures of most, however, would not know how to post them.
Monday, October 15th 2007 - 12:55:50 PM
Name: Carol Foor Powell
E-mail ID: carolandroypowell@hotmail.com
Just a going by and stop to say Hi
Monday, September 17th 2007 - 09:06:24 PM
Name: Alisha Foor
E-mail ID: gp5442@yahoo.com
Comments:Im a descendant of John Fuhr who came to America in around 1734 from Germany and settled in Rays Cove Breezewood, PA. John Fuhr was my 6th great-grandfather.
Monday, September 17th 2007 - 08:22:36 AM
Name: Marah Faith Lynne Foor
E-mail ID: punkymonkey_2010@yahoo.com
Tuesday, September 11th 2007 - 04:43:03 PM
Name: Rev. Neale Lanigan
E-mail ID: pastorneale@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.campgroundmethodist.org
Comments:Can anyone tell me if there were any Foors living in Phoenixville, Pa. in 1945? Are any still there? Many thanks. Neale
Thursday, September 6th 2007 - 02:18:23 PM
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