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Seventh Dimension Highlander Fanfic Archive
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Name: Paige Foster, a.k.a. F.F. Calliope
E-mail address: themorrhigan@gmail.com
Comments:What a nice surprise, to see this site is still up. Thank you for keeping our work alive!
Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 05:14:07 AM
Name: Johanna
E-mail address: Enziru@gmail.com
Comments:I love the overall quality of stories on this site, and have been coming here since I discovered Highlander many many many years ago. I'm glad to see it's still up after all this time!
Friday, June 4th 2010 - 01:49:42 PM
Name: Loreto
E-mail address: hesfialtes@gmail.com
Comments:Thanks the Stories in this site are Awesome.
Sunday, April 4th 2010 - 11:58:08 AM
Name: megan
E-mail address: mckplk@yahoo.com
Comments:I love this site!!!!!! keep up the good work!
Monday, January 18th 2010 - 12:38:43 AM
Name: Caroline
E-mail address: twistedmorals@hotmail.co.uk
Comments:I posted my first ever fan fic here. I'm so glad this site is still about. I haven't seen the show in years but I still think fondly of it and of all the fic I've read here. Thank you so much x x x
Saturday, July 25th 2009 - 02:27:33 PM
Name: Wendy
E-mail address: ponee59@gmail.com
Comments:I love this site. I have spent many happy hours here reading great stories. Thankyou
Thursday, July 9th 2009 - 05:22:53 AM
Name: Colin W. Stewart
E-mail address: drgngnr@yahoo.com
Comments:I discovered this web site almost 11 years ago. Haven't really checked it out in years as life gets busy and free time gets short. It's amazing to see how much this site has grown and developed. Kudos to the person that maintains it. Awesome job.

Wednesday, January 14th 2009 - 10:51:49 PM
Name: Narf
Comments:Awesome fanfics here.
Saturday, June 21st 2008 - 09:06:42 PM
Name: Marts
E-mail address: marta_grab@lycos.com
Comments:I just recently started watching Highlander on DVD. I'm finishing up the 3rd season and can't believe I've been sucked into a show that outwardly looks so cheesy - I love it!

It doesn't seem like this site has gotten much attention lately which is understandable since the show ended like 10 years ago. But keep up the good work because I have a feeling that thanks to shows like Heroes, there's soon going to be a revived interest in Highlander. And no one can resist the lazy charm of one, Duncan MacLeod.
Monday, April 28th 2008 - 08:19:43 AM
Name: Haylon
E-mail address: Hellfiredm118@aol.com
Comments:I agree, this is one of the best archives on the web! Please don't abandon it!!!
Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 12:48:22 PM
Name: Kortbone
E-mail address: korkul88@yahoo.com
Comments:I LOVE this site! Can't get enough of Methos and the way you're organized is wonderful! Thank you so much!
Tuesday, June 19th 2007 - 03:32:10 PM
Name: Tim E
E-mail address: nobody@over.here.invalid
Comments:Hi, its been a while since I visited your site. I noticed under "New to the Archive" most of the newer sotries were last updated in Feb 2006, I hope you're not abandoning the archive.

I fully understand we all need a break from same boring things, maybe an update to add any new stories every 3 months or something.

I do however admire your effort in maintaining this archive for such a long time.

Tim E
Saturday, September 9th 2006 - 11:41:45 PM
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Friday, February 3rd 2006 - 04:54:42 AM
Name: Sagana
Comments:I've visited this site many times over the past few years. I just wanted to say thanks to the webmistress for all the hard work maintaining the site - it's a mostly thankless job and, obviously, a labor of love.
Monday, November 8th 2004 - 12:22:43 PM
Name: Anthony
E-mail address: anthony.h.jones@gmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to say that I think this site is great. I really enjoy reading the stories from so many terrific authors/writers. Thanks to the writers for putting their stories out there and thanks to Anne for keeping the site going!

Thursday, October 14th 2004 - 10:19:30 AM
Name: Evelyn
E-mail address: eve__lynn@hotmail.com
Comments:It's been awhile since visiting this site. I saw Peter Wingfield on DVD, X Men 2, had to reminisce about Highlander. So I thought of this site. THANK YOU for keeping this site going.
Monday, April 12th 2004 - 03:35:36 PM
Name: Epilachna
E-mail address: addesso@ufl.edu
Comments:I found this archive in 1998 and it is still the best highlander fanfic site I've ever seen. I am so glad that this site is still around even if the TV show is not. I don't visit too often because I've read all the fanfics that interest me. Maybe it's time to start over again :)
Friday, March 26th 2004 - 05:43:18 PM
Name: Paul Kobylka
E-mail address: paul2019@hotmail.com
Comments:Honestly I have not read a single highlander book\story but im looking foward to it and after reading a few i plan to write (I DO NOT claim to be an author) but still I love highlander in all forms
Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 02:26:09 AM
Name: Third Legend
E-mail address: thirdlegend@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/thirdlegend
Comments:I think this is the best Highlander fanfic site out there. It is a great place not only to read fun stories, but to post stories as well. I look forward to every update; everyone is so talented.
Friday, January 23rd 2004 - 07:31:00 PM
Name: Laura L. Gilbert
E-mail address: branwyn74@hotmail.com
Saturday, December 20th 2003 - 12:03:42 AM
Name: Dennis
E-mail address: dbib@ofir.dk
Comments:i just want to say that this is the best fanfic site i have been in to and i have been reading fanfic for about three and a halv years now

keep up the good work :)
Wednesday, November 19th 2003 - 02:28:19 PM
Name: shadowdarkelf
E-mail address: mmcneil@stny.rr.com
Comments:This is by far the best site I've been to and that's alot. Please keep up the great stories and ideas this is what I use for my life's anchor and to keep me balanced.
Friday, August 29th 2003 - 10:00:36 AM
Name: Marion
E-mail address: neferet85@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi, just a word to tell you how much I love your site! It's definitely the best Highlander fanfic site I've seen around!
Saturday, August 16th 2003 - 12:09:49 PM
Name: Bonnie
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/my_own_fanfiction/
Comments:I just wanted to say, that I think this is a great site, since there is so many Highlander fanfic here.
I love to write myself, and I've recently put my first (finished) Highlander story on my website (Though there are stil some things I need to work on, I couldn't wait anymore...). Every time I was stuck, I would come here and read a story and be all motivated and inspired again to finish my own fanfic.
I've seen the Highlander movies numerous times, but I'm sorry to say that I've only seen the series since the Archangel episode. A tv-channel here (I'm from the Netherlands) broadcasted the episodes around midnight, on Thursday and Wednesday, but I found out about that pretty late...so the first time I saw a Highlander episode, Richie died. :(. So now I'm searching the tv-guide every week, just in case, and I'm trying to find where I can buy the series on DVD here in Holland. (If anybody reading this, can help me out...)

Oh, and before I forget :P, I hope this site will stay online forever! (since I want to read every single story here)

Saturday, August 2nd 2003 - 05:24:51 PM
Name: immortalje/JE
E-mail address: JELPierson@web.de
Comments:After a few years I got back to reading Highlander Stories again... and am glad that I remembered this archieve since it has so many stories... but sadly exactly that makes it so difficult to search... since I am mostly searching for specific pairings I get easily frustrated since I do not have the time to search through the characters page... therefore my suggestion to the side would a be a side where you can acess the stories through a pairing page... I know that with this amount of stories it will dificult to create this and that it takes even more time... so I will have to live with it if you decide against... that won't change that your site will be one of my fav sides... an alternative I have seen in some archives to other fandoms would be a search engine...
I hope this archive will be active for a long time since it would be sad to see it die simply because there is nothing new to Highlander...
Thursday, July 17th 2003 - 10:46:47 AM
Name: Mastercard
E-mail address: mastercard@detopis.de
Homepage URL: http://mastercard.dgdf.de
Comments:Mastercard - its good and beautiful
Monday, July 7th 2003 - 01:35:14 PM
Name: Life's Scar
E-mail address: lifes_scar7@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/scar
Comments:Oppps.... spent more time here then is good for me....
Got done with the Richie one now!.... got to go read some more.....
Saturday, June 21st 2003 - 06:02:37 PM
Name: Blue Goose
Homepage URL: http://www.maintour.com/socal/seaworld.htm
Comments:Hi There Highlander, Great Archive.
Tuesday, April 22nd 2003 - 04:12:56 PM
Name: Raven
E-mail address: Raven_k99@hotmail
Comments:I am so going to end up spending more time here than is healthy! Oh well at least it'll be worth the waste of time!
Sunday, April 13th 2003 - 07:31:51 PM
Name: MK
E-mail address: Lady_Cinnibar@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/lady_cinnibar/
Comments:You know, I'm glad I found this place. I've noticed a lot of great fan fiction here, and I've really enjoyed reading them. Yes, I do try and leave feedback. Since I haven't got an email account that reacts when I click feedback, I guess I'll cope with having to go through yahoo with memorized addresses. *sigh* But anyway, thanks for running the site, and finding such great fanfiction for it!
Saturday, April 12th 2003 - 09:23:20 PM
Name: Jim
E-mail address: jlpoppinga@comcast.net
Comments:Hope to visit often, is there a way to isolate the adult stories?
Sunday, April 6th 2003 - 03:48:04 PM
Name: J
Comments:Interesting read would appriecate so in sight.
Sunday, January 19th 2003 - 10:40:17 PM
Name: Pan
Comments:hi, just wanted to say thanks for many happy hours of reading and entertainment.
Thursday, January 9th 2003 - 02:04:50 AM
Name: Ryctor
E-mail address: Ryctor160@yahoo.com
Comments:Ok made my site look ok, thanks. <i>!</i>
Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 02:00:47 AM
Name: Devon Sather
E-mail address: devonsather@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.hlrpg.com
Comments:Love the fan fics :-) Check out ours with the homepage above. Hope to see you around :-)
Monday, November 4th 2002 - 07:47:54 PM
Name: Dave Sitbon
E-mail address: nobtis5@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/nobtis5/Nobtis.html
Comments:Great site! I love fan fiction, and I think it's a great way to keep the "Highlander" spirit and story line alive! Can't wait for "Highlander V" to come out! Please check out my personal website to see my long sword collection, including my "Highlander" swords! I'll definitely keep coming back...Thanks for such a great site, and take care!
Friday, June 21st 2002 - 04:45:21 PM
Name: Will
E-mail address: Whitewolf901@xrrc.com
Comments:I love ready any fan fic posted here
Thursday, March 28th 2002 - 07:49:19 PM
Name: Rincewind
E-mail address: rincewind258@hotmail.com
Comments:love it!!!!!! keep up the good work, it's really great.
Sunday, February 17th 2002 - 03:18:14 PM
Name: Kendra
Monday, January 21st 2002 - 02:46:53 PM
Name: S. Walker
Comments:Some of the best fan fic I've read is on this site! Thanks for the time and effort you've put into it for us readers and I hope it keeps on coming!
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 07:52:37 PM
Name: B. Wallace
Homepage URL: http://www.newfalcon.com/books/labyrinth_of_chaos.htm
Thursday, December 27th 2001 - 03:06:28 PM
Name: michael
E-mail address: mogs42333@hotmail.com
Comments:your site is awsome i always thougth fanfiction.net hd alot of highlandr fics you blow them out of the sky and beat the shit out of them (sorry about my language)
Sunday, November 25th 2001 - 10:20:32 PM
E-mail address: texascelt@hotmail.com
Comments:Great site, been visiting for a couple of years and just
recently got the urge to let you know what a good job your
doing. I really do enjoy reading all of the stories these
great authors put on your site, and someday soon, if I ever
get the time I hope to put one up myself.
Wednesday, August 29th 2001 - 12:19:07 AM
Name: Jasara
E-mail address: jasara@mad.scientist.com
Homepage URL: http://www.no-life-what-so-ever.8m.com
Comments:hey! i jsut wanted to say that i have been reading at
seventh dimension for a little over two years now. i love
the site. it is nice having a place where there are so
many stories in one place. sometiems it is pain to have
to keep up with twelve sites. i think hat this is the best
fanfic archive on the net.. well the most extensive
anyway. keep up the good work.

Sunday, May 6th 2001 - 12:14:13 PM
Name: Amz*
E-mail address: popprincess_na@hotmail.com
Luv ur site dudette!!!
It's way razor!
I think i maybe the youngest here at 15! Oh well!
I luv Highlander!!!
Especially Ritchie!!! YUMMM!!! LOL!! :)
Luv y'all!!
Tuesday, April 3rd 2001 - 03:32:03 AM
Name: Rita Lyons
Comments:I love Seventh Dimension. Thank you for all the hard work
and the dedication you have given it, and thanks to all the
wonderful authors!
Saturday, March 31st 2001 - 04:01:11 PM
Name: TheGreyOwl
E-mail address: thegreyowl@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://thegreyowl.freeservers.com
Comments:Nice new host site! I had grown concerned when we couldn't
get through using the old URL. The Highlander Web Ring
still uses the old one. Keep up the gret work!
Friday, January 26th 2001 - 12:07:24 PM
Name: Kristina
E-mail address: lovetherog@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi! I know you don't have everything up and running yet,
but I think the index page on this new site looks great! I
like the new font.

Seventh Dimension is my favorite fanfic site. Thanks for
all the time and effort that goes into it - it's greatly

Tuesday, January 9th 2001 - 08:41:48 PM
Name: live life
E-mail address: live_life1@hotmail.com
Comments:IMHO this is one of the best sites on the net. Your
hardwork here has given me countless hours of enjoyment, and
I would like thank you that, and encourage you to keep up
the good work!
Tuesday, January 9th 2001 - 12:07:17 AM
Name: DianeSodher
E-mail address: Cutter@home.com
Comments:Great site - I wish I was together enough to type in my
stories, let alone run sucha site

Thursday, December 14th 2000 - 03:02:50 PM
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