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Beyond The Obvious
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Monday, January 20th 2014 - 08:00:33 PM
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Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 06:01:54 AM
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Saturday, September 7th 2002 - 04:11:05 AM
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Monday, August 13th 2001 - 05:45:47 PM
Name: Mary DeGraw
E-mail address: mmdegraw@cox-internet.com
Comments:This is very lovely. I hope Miss Raphaele is alright.
Please pass this on.
Monday, July 16th 2001 - 05:16:05 AM
Name: Linda Daly
E-mail address: ldaly@mediaone.net
Comments:You're site is absolutely heavenly - The angels surely must be pleased with their angel here on earth.
Thursday, July 5th 2001 - 06:01:16 PM
Name: Adam Griego
E-mail address: atomg20002000@yahoo.com
Comments:I find wisdom and direction in your words. The
statement: "clear focus is the minds magic wand..." has
opened my mind. I am thirsty for more. And found you again
from a "link" at Angelhaven. Thank you for sharing your
Saturday, May 12th 2001 - 01:58:52 AM
Name: Dr Geo
E-mail address: Dr_Geo@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/deva_kingdom/
Comments:width="100" border=0 align="left">This site is wonderful,
and is a beacon for al all. I congratulate you on being who
you are and for the selfless Service you have provided us
and our needy world. Keep up the great work!
Friday, May 4th 2001 - 12:33:53 PM
Name: Linda & Bud Parker
E-mail address: bjparker@fuse.net
Comments:Dear mimi,

You have a beautiful web site. The dedication to dad is
very touching.
I will look forward to coming back and looking again, and

Wednesday, April 25th 2001 - 05:20:54 PM
E-mail address: eaker@kemba.com
Homepage URL: http://http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/7770/ehake.html
Saturday, April 21st 2001 - 05:53:51 PM
Name: Netscape User
E-mail address: netscape@netscape.com
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Comments:While this may be a nice website for IExploder users, it
looks horrible with Netscape 4.7

Could we make this website Netscape friendly, please??
Sunday, April 1st 2001 - 09:04:03 AM
Name: Tony Coates
E-mail address: raphaele@quotablespirit.com
Comments:To Grandma

I love you lots and lots


Friday, December 1st 2000 - 03:13:19 PM
Name: AngelEnlighten
E-mail address: AngelEnlighten@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/angelenlighten/index.html
Comments:You have created a divinely remarkable web site and I am
honored to have run across it this evening. I have received
a Miracle myself from the Archangel Uriel and as I read
your words of your encounter with the Angels, I felt what
you must have felt - to some degree. God and His incredible
Angels, messengers of God, sent here to help, protect,
guide and assist us, in our greatest times of need. Oh how
God's love never ceases to astound me. Thank you for
sharing your story. May God and His Angels continue to
guide you as you journey through your life....AngelEnlighten
Monday, November 27th 2000 - 03:40:59 AM
Name: AngelEnlighten
E-mail address: AngelEnlighten@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/angelenlighten/index.html
Monday, November 27th 2000 - 03:40:44 AM
Name: Diane
Comments:Thank you. May the light shine within you.
Saturday, September 23rd 2000 - 01:36:27 PM
Name: Elmer Ake
E-mail address: eaker@kemba.com
Homepage URL: http://http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Boulevard/7770/ehake.html
Comments:Mon petite Mimi.Raphaele if you remember those words.Please
let me know how and where you are.If your daughter reads
this let her advise me as to your welfare.Elmer
Sunday, September 10th 2000 - 08:05:20 AM
Name: Ed James
E-mail address: yellowbear1_2000@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm currently reading "The Medicine Way" by Kenneth Meadows
and am interested in this subject. I find it interesting
and does open your eyes. I've always believed there is
more to the Earth than what you can "see". I'm looking to
learn more about the ways and teachings of the Native
Americans and their relationship with everything. Found
your website through yahoo search and thought I'd sign in
on you guest book. Going to look around more at your
site. Take care.
Monday, September 4th 2000 - 08:58:14 AM
Name: John P. Clem
E-mail address: jackclem74@hotmail.com
Sunday, July 23rd 2000 - 06:10:04 AM
Name: Margie
E-mail address: mwpigott@mweb.co.za
Comments:Just what I have been looking for - I will bookmark it for
future reference as almost everthing I have been looking
for seems to be here.

Wednesday, July 19th 2000 - 09:55:57 AM
Name: Alyssa
E-mail address: asiah@uswest.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/~asiah
Comments:I just came by the Tolerance of All Faiths Webring. Thanks
for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Love and Light!
Monday, July 10th 2000 - 09:05:57 PM
Name: Bethne
E-mail address: bethne@swbell.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/jbhutcheson/index.html
Comments:I loved your site. I especially enjoyed reading the
information about Archangel Uriel. Uriel is my guardian.
I'm saving your site to my favorites. I'll come back

On behalf of Sisters of the Golden Moon, have a safe &
happy fourth of July.


Thursday, June 29th 2000 - 08:10:57 PM
Name: Bethne
E-mail address: bethne@swbell.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/jbhutcheson/index.html
Comments:I loved your site. I especially enjoyed reading the
information about Archangel Uriel. Uriel is my guardian.
I'm saving your site to my favorites. I'll come back

On behalf of Sisters of the Golden Moon, have a safe &
happy fourth of July.


Thursday, June 29th 2000 - 08:08:46 PM
Name: Angelwinks~
E-mail address: crsangel@midwest.net
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/il/angelwinks/index.html
Beautiful pages...Have bookmarked you and I will
return often...Blessings...Angelwinks~

href="http://www.angelfire.com/il/angelwinks/index.html">g src="http://www.angelfire.com/il/savi/images/enjoy.jpg"
Thursday, May 11th 2000 - 12:29:28 PM
Name: Sandie
E-mail address: 63angel@lovingjesus.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dreamwater.com/63angel
Comments:Just dropped in to see all the new changes. Looks great Raphaele. Everytime I come here there is always something new and interesting. May Gods special stars shine down and around you. And the dew of the morning soften your day,taking all the lonliness away. Thanks for being a friend through so much and blessings to you.
Saturday, May 6th 2000 - 02:47:35 AM
Name: Michelle (Maru102399)
E-mail address: sparkle@iquest.net
Just wanted to say thank you for creating such an
informative website! You are truly a blessing to us all.
Gods has bestowed many blessings upon you, many of which
enable our lives to be further enriched by the wealth of
knowlege that you share with us. Love, light, and peace,
Sunday, April 16th 2000 - 06:53:08 AM
Name: Faith Coates
E-mail address: faith@lineone.net
Comments:To The Angel Lady. What a wonderful website. You are a
true inspiration to us all. I hope you get paid for all the
spiritual enlightment that you give to us all.
Thank you.
Faith & Pandaxxxxx
Friday, March 10th 2000 - 01:53:24 PM
Name: Chloe28
E-mail address: joettep@prodigy.net
You are truly inspirational! :)
Thursday, March 9th 2000 - 12:24:04 AM
Name: Sandie
E-mail address: sdivan@freewwweb.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/6361/index.html
Comments:Hi raphaele, I fdont know which address is good for you
anymore i have three in my address book, I am changing my
e-mail address and the addrewess is sdivan@freewwweb.com.
its a free internet service and I can get free e-mail and
unlimited access, so it is good for me, I hoew to hear
from you soon,
God Bless Sandie
Sunday, January 9th 2000 - 01:45:18 AM
Name: Polly
E-mail address: devery@zebra.net
Homepage URL: http://pdevery.homestead.com/Pollys.html
Comments:I enjoyed your site very much. It is very well done . I
did not know you were a member of RAOK. I was surfing and
found you through another guest book. I am a member also.
Saturday, January 8th 2000 - 05:22:01 AM
Name: Connie Schuh
E-mail address: crsangel@midwest.net
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/il/angelwinks/index.html
Comments:Beautiful site, I could spend hours here!!!
Friday, December 31st 1999 - 06:27:01 AM
Name: Sandie
E-mail address: divan@sisna.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dreamwater.com/63angel/
Comments:hi Raphaele. I was jsut thinking about youand you are doing
a great job on here. I tried to e-mail you but it wouldn't
go through. So decided to post here. The URL for the site
that I put down is my holiday page. It has Free Postcards,
Advent Calender, And Other Things. The e-mail address I
gave here is my new address. Been looking for you online.
Let me know hwen youget online. God Bless you my dear friend
Saturday, December 4th 1999 - 03:37:00 AM
Name: Jim
E-mail address: hangon911@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.jimsjokeworld.com

Congratulations of work so well done! Enjoy sites that are
warm, but give you that perfect smile, and laugh of
enjoyment! Seems you have all these qualities, and even

" FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="red">DIRECTION="left">

Thank youSRC="http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Lot/5715/jobsit
e/jetsonline.gif">enjoyed my visit


Wow ... a large site in deed! Again enjoyed, with a need of
a ANGEL today! Thank you, Jim

Saturday, December 4th 1999 - 02:55:48 AM
Name: patty
E-mail address: pat2589@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/pa3/PATTY
Comments:very inspirational page, Glad I found it.
Monday, November 1st 1999 - 09:14:29 PM
Name: Sandie
E-mail address: divan@cyberhighway.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/6361/index.html
Comments:Hi Raphaele. Just stopped by to say hi and plan on dropping
by to read some of the articles that you did that I haven't
gotten a chance to read yet. You are blessed friend. Your
site looks great. God Bless Sandie
Saturday, October 30th 1999 - 04:33:43 PM
Name: Matthew Coates
E-mail address: quotablespirit@lineone.net
Homepage URL: http://n/a
Comments:Your writing is inspirational and I could read it for hours.
Saturday, October 30th 1999 - 03:26:39 PM
Name: Matthew Coates
E-mail address: quotablespirit@lineone.net
Homepage URL: http://n/a
Comments:Your writting is insperational and I could read it for
Saturday, October 30th 1999 - 03:17:14 PM
Name: Matthew Coates
E-mail address: quotablespirit@lineone.net
Homepage URL: http://n/a
Comments:Your writting is insperational and I could read it for
Saturday, October 30th 1999 - 03:16:54 PM
Name: Matthew Coates
E-mail address: quotablespirit@lineone.net
Homepage URL: http://n/a
Comments:Your writting is insperational and I could read it for
Saturday, October 30th 1999 - 03:15:56 PM
Name: ~Sandee~
E-mail address: sandee_beach@angelfire.com
Homepage URL: http://marina.fortunecity.com/seaview/358/
Comments:Accept my apology for the lateness in getting this to you.
Welcome to our Random Acts Of Kindness family!

Saturday, October 16th 1999 - 03:57:18 PM
Name: Nell
E-mail address: nelkoppers@speed.a2000.nl
Homepage URL: http://people.a2000.nl/wkoppers/contents.htm
Comments:My compliments for the very, very beautiful work you had
with creating this page!
Warm regards from Holland,
Take care,


Thursday, October 7th 1999 - 12:32:48 AM
Name: Mellocup9
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/mellocup9/grid1.html
Comments:A big warm welcome to Random Acts of Kindness, so glad to
have you with us. Hope to see you on the message board.



Wednesday, October 6th 1999 - 02:58:38 PM
Name: MaryAnne
E-mail address: vibee@att.net
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/in/hisfaith/page10.html
Comments:Html code for small logo(complete)

width="100"height="125" cellpapping="2" bgcolor="#0d0080">

Heal the Heart
Heal the
BR> "MaryAnne's"

JUST BEAUTIFUL......from MaryAnne.
Wednesday, October 6th 1999 - 12:28:31 PM
Name: Sue Cat
E-mail address: sjcurry@lycosmail..com
Homepage URL: http://freecenter.digiweb.com/family/SueCat/webrings2.htm

Welcome to RAOK! Good to have you aboard!
Monday, October 4th 1999 - 06:39:46 AM
Name: Page
E-mail address: pageh1@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Thebes/6466/index.html
Comments:What a wonderful, inspiring site you have. Stunning
graphics. I shall return often. Here's a big, warm
welcome to our RAOK family - we are honored to have you as
a member.

" alt="Page's Pearls" border="0">

Sunday, October 3rd 1999 - 08:29:41 PM
Name: Jean
E-mail address: jmw5171@uswest.net
Homepage URL: http://www.users.uswest.net/~jmw5171
Comments:Welcome to RAOK! It's a pleasure welcoming you into this group. If you have a chance, stop by the message board to get to know everyone. If you need anyhting, I'm always here! :-)

Sunday, October 3rd 1999 - 08:54:17 AM
Name: shauna
Homepage URL: http://go.to/gardeningtips
Welcome to RAOK. I really enjoyed visiting your homepage.
Thanks for sharing. See you on the message board.
Saturday, October 2nd 1999 - 11:04:31 PM
Name: Page
E-mail address: pageh1@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http:// http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Thebes/6466/index.html
Comments:Raphaele, your site is awesome. I've bookmarked it to
return and read to my heart's content. Your are gifted and
it's a pleasure to give you a big, warm welcome to our RAOK
family. I'm glad to see you've already posted on the
Board. Thank you for caring and sharing.

" alt="Page's Pearls" border="0">

Saturday, October 2nd 1999 - 06:57:02 PM
Name: Ladywolf in Mo
E-mail address: wolfums@cruz.zzn.com
Homepage URL: http://greenfield.fortunecity.com/wolf/537/main.html
Comments:Hi Welcome to the Random Act of Kindness. Glad you could
join us. Nice place you have here keep up the good work. *S*
Your gonna have lots of fun with us. Have a great day !!!
Saturday, October 2nd 1999 - 05:10:29 PM
Name: Kind Soul
E-mail address: kindacts@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://listen.to/petra
I wanted to stop by to welcome you to RAOK and to visit your beautiful webhome. If you have any questions about RAOK please feel free to email me. Have a wonderful day and a beautiful tomorrow! :)

RAOK Welcoming Committee Leader
"You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force." ~ Publilius Syrus ~
Friday, October 1st 1999 - 11:47:50 PM
Name: Kimmy Smith
E-mail address: kimmysmith@kimmysmith.com
Homepage URL: http://www.kimmysmith.com/
Comments:You have a wonderful site. I am new to Christian Women on the Web and wanted to say hello. Visit me if you get a chance.
Sunday, September 26th 1999 - 02:02:18 PM
Name: Kathy Seifert, Ph.D.
E-mail address: kseifert1@compuserve.com
Homepage URL: http://drkathy.cjb.net
Comments:I very nice page. I enjoyed visiting. I'd be glad to have
you visit my page. Best wishes. You are doing a great job.
Friday, September 24th 1999 - 08:42:38 PM
Name: Brendan Norris
E-mail address: wolf6boy@aol.com
Comments:I hope this is different than the guestbook....
Anyhow, thanks so much for all your work and your inspired
writings. You are an angel and I wish more people would
read your pages and feel the truth of your teachings.
Angels unite.
Monday, June 14th 1999 - 12:14:40 PM
Name: Brendan Norris
E-mail address: wolf6boy@aol.com
Comments:This has been the most inspiring and relaxing page I have
ever been to on the internet. Your writing and thoughts
helped me enormously and I just wanted to say thanks alot
for making your words and experiences available to me and

God Bless You,

Monday, June 14th 1999 - 12:08:37 PM
Name: José Ramón González
E-mail address: arp@pue1.telmex.net.mx
Comments:I love this page but more the author. Thanks for your help
Dear Raphaele.

This is a great page, but you are much better.

Sincerly Ramón González.

Puebla, México
Monday, April 12th 1999 - 11:03:59 AM
Name: José Ramón González
E-mail address: arp@pue1.telmex.net.mx
Comments:I love this page but more the author. Thanks for your help
Dear Raphaele.

This is a great page, but you are much better.

Sincerly Ramón González.

Puebla, México
Monday, April 12th 1999 - 11:03:03 AM
Name: Jenny
E-mail address: jbalchin@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Parc/3664
Comments:I feel so lucky to have stubbled across Raphaele and her
beautiful, inspiring work.
Saturday, December 26th 1998 - 12:06:25 PM
Name: Anne-Marie Cotter
E-mail address: annenied@aol.com
Comments:What a lovely site. Thank you for creating it and letting
me visit. Peace, Anne
Wednesday, December 9th 1998 - 04:17:41 PM
Name: Gill
E-mail address: gmeardley@dial.pipex.com
Homepage URL: http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/gilleardley/
Comments:lovely site, great work. I will be back.
Monday, December 7th 1998 - 06:55:45 AM
Name: Frances Denton
E-mail address: esotericwriters@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.byoc.com/homepage/172988
Comments:I enjoyed the pages and the style of presentation - the
text wasn't bad either ;-)
Sunday, November 22nd 1998 - 04:48:17 AM
Name: Janval Phagan
E-mail address: comhairle@ndirect.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.citigarde.demon.co.uk
Comments:Very interesting. Like the layout too.
Sunday, November 22nd 1998 - 04:45:57 AM
E-mail address: PMILLIGA@CCCIS.COM
Friday, November 6th 1998 - 06:08:02 AM
Name: Jose Ramón Gonzalez
E-mail address: arp@pue1.telmex.net.mx
Comments:Thanks for this beautiful page and for all your time and
Thursday, November 5th 1998 - 10:27:06 AM
Name: debra
E-mail address: iamrainbow@aol.com
Comments:Hi, I got your webside thru the john wood email..
unfortunately i am unable to view your page.. I have been
studying the course for 6 yrs. this year is the first time
i have seriously done the lessons.. feel free to email me
at any time.. i also have ICQ, and IRC.. if you are
interested in chatting... Love and rays of light.. looking
forward to seeing your site.. Debra
Monday, October 26th 1998 - 05:10:45 PM
Name: Clover
E-mail address: clover8235@aol.com
Sunday, October 18th 1998 - 09:34:16 PM
Name: Linda
E-mail address: Bill2Linda@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://members.xoom.com/Angelsloft/Angelsloft
Comments:I got here via my web page sucess!
I hope you approve of mt linking to yours! I just thought
that if by some chance someone came to mine they'd love to
see your beautifu work!
God bless you always dear one
Thursday, October 15th 1998 - 07:31:46 PM
Name: Donald E. Silva
E-mail address: donsilva@hawaii.rr.com
Comments:I've enjoyed receiving email from you and your thoughts
especially about angels. I am an optical physicist age 62
and just opening to my feminine side. My angel is very
special to me. Mahalo, and Aloha,

Monday, October 12th 1998 - 11:47:02 PM
E-mail address: TAGGART111@WEBTV.NET
Homepage URL: http:
Friday, October 9th 1998 - 07:37:37 PM
Name: Anna
E-mail address: acfoglia@sympatico.ca
Comments:This page is a real nice one. I enjoy reading the stories.
Raphaele is a wonderful person whom inspires us all.

Sunday, September 27th 1998 - 08:12:12 AM
Name: mamie campany
E-mail address: tavern@prodigy.net
Wednesday, September 16th 1998 - 11:16:39 PM
Name: Sandy Land
E-mail address: Angel10998@aol.com
Comments:Trust me. GOD loves me as He does all of you:) I am the "Promised" Land.
Saturday, September 12th 1998 - 12:02:20 AM
Name: Elmer H Ake
E-mail address: ehake@fuse. net
Comments:Dearest Raphaele.
You are a wonderful partner.Gilda,Vicki and I.Welcome you.
Love my dear Mimi.
Sunday, September 6th 1998 - 12:53:21 PM
Name: MooRee
E-mail address: MooRee1@aol.com
Friday, July 24th 1998 - 01:56:00 PM
Name: Paul Lewis
E-mail address: paul@ten-forward.demon.co.uk
Comments:Great page. Excellent graphics!
Thursday, April 16th 1998 - 04:18:00 PM
Name: Mary Gershowitz
E-mail address: denlou@computer.net
Comments:Thank you for being the most inspirational person I've ever
met - how lucky you are that God has showered you with the
ability to see,and feel his angels - There are times I just
sit and wish I could see the "peek-a-boo" angel - but then I
realize she's just for someone special like you. God bless.
I have put my home e-mail address on here, hoping it works,
if not, my work is mary_lou_gershowitz@akzo-nobel.com
Wednesday, April 8th 1998 - 06:13:00 AM
Name: Linda
E-mail address: Bill2Linda
Comments:I like the new look! Very inviting. :-)
Friday, March 27th 1998 - 08:01:00 PM
Name: Sue Richards
E-mail address: sue@uni-verse.com
Homepage URL: http://www.universe.com
Comments:nice site. thought i would just sign you guestbook, I have
always been interested in "higher consciousness" and in
fact have read a fair amount on it and "mind over matter".
check out our site it should be a help to you with your
"chatters" in the different languages.
Wednesday, March 25th 1998 - 02:05:00 PM
Name: Linda Daly
Comments:Dearest Raphaele - You are an amazing woman and I am truley
honored to spare a moment with you. I shall feel blessed
always for your time, your insights, and for your giving my
life so much joy and happiness. God has blessed you & I
know the journey has just began.
Wednesday, February 25th 1998 - 10:04:00 AM
Name: Paula Hunter
E-mail address: hunterbp@enterprise.net
Comments:Raphaele - your words are pure inspiration. From the moment
I first read your work, it was as if it had been sent
straight from the Heavenly Angels.

If there's ever an angel on earth, I'm sure it's you.
God has truly blessed you, my friend.

With love,
Tuesday, February 24th 1998 - 02:08:00 PM
Name: tonny coates
Comments:I like tthe pictures on this site. please put the 'Guardian
Angel on the Bridge' on the site,too Thank you.
Sunday, January 11th 1998 - 03:10:00 AM
Name: Jaine Gallagher
E-mail address: JGallag477@aol.com
Comments:At the present moment I feel very confused and dont quite understand the purpose.
Monday, December 29th 1997 - 02:03:00 PM
Name: philomena
Comments:angels rule o.k.
Monday, December 1st 1997 - 03:03:00 AM
Name: tracie breslin
Comments:open your soul to the one, to become one with the one

Sunday, November 23rd 1997 - 09:05:00 AM
Name: stuart coates
Comments:keep the faith

Sunday, November 23rd 1997 - 09:03:00 AM
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