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Dreambook for What Is The Name...??

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Name: Shoshanah
E-mail address: pennsylvaniaangel@gmail.com
Comments:First your all wrong. What the Muslim folliw is a false god nothing to do with Hashem the G_d is Yisrael.
Secondly the false messiah is yeshua/jesus/yahshua/ieosus which is the demi_god of the HELLENISTIC PAGAN GRE O_Roman Church.
The gospels have nothing to do with the G_d of Yisrael at all.
Excuse me you have missed the mark completely. The Tanach has is the Jewish Bible and have no connection to the Jewish people at all.
Hashem is the creator of both heaven and earth and never came into any womans body to save the world.
The Bride of Hashem is Yisrael, it is not christains, catholics, or muslims.
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Bryan britt
E-mail address: Kristilmg
Comments:Praise be to the one who is who was and is to come i really enjoy ur web site there is not any thing close my ministrie is sounder or alarm sounder joel 2 n 2 901 9th avn jasper al 35501 im just steping out with the word god has given
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Yisra'el
E-mail address: rosa_delcarmen@hotmail.com
Comments:Hovah is spelled with the heh (h),the holem-vav (o), the vet (v), the aleph (a), and the heh (h), which spells out Hovah and this is the hebrew word for deceit. The eternal name of God is Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh, and the Yud is from the Yod, and has the Qames under the Yod. And so, it becomes Ya, and the the next phontetic is the heh, and is an h. The next is the vav, which also is the waw, and it also has a sere which is an e as in egg, and so it becomes a "w", and an "e" as in "egg".And The last is the heh, and it is an h. Together it spells out Yahweh.
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Mohsin
Comments:nice work..
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Ms. Rhode Flores
E-mail address: Rhodeflores47@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.torahresource.com
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: jennifer
E-mail address: jennifergr8lee@yahoo.com
Comments:my name is jennifer lee, & I would like to have some one to pray with me about my understandings of genereational bondage.... I asked god somthing & just want some one to pray with...
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: elizabeth mcmanus
E-mail address: beckymcmanus77@yahoo.com
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: James Kurt
E-mail address: jameshkurt@gmail.com
Comments:What is the source of the PDF file "Is the Correct Pronunciation Known"?

Could the pronunciation the the NAME be silence itself, as outlined in the following short writing?



(a short poem)

© 1992 James H. Kurt
(excerpted from The Four Corners of the Universe)

And of the holy NAME of God,
the Word that was
in the beginning,
the Word that became Man
in Jesus Christ...

Of what significance is this
four-letter NAME – YHWH?

It is the silent Word,
the Word of words,
the Tongue of tongues –
the Word which allows
the passage of air
through the human being,
undefiled by his humanness...

The Word of pure Spirit,
the NAME of God,
which cannot be subject
to any human tongue.

And yet it is a word,
with four letters
so arranged
as to defy pronunciation
and yet allow air
to pass through us.

Physically, the "Y"
poises the mouth for speech –
but the "H" immediately
opens the throat,
preventing enunciation.
Then, as the lips approach
one another ("W"),
perhaps to ask a question...
they are left open
by the final "H".

And one is left
in a state of pure wonder,
sensing the presence of God
within oneself,
and all around oneself.

One is filled with the innocence
and purity
of God's beauty.

Thus one may come
to know God
by simply speaking
His silent NAME.

(Be as a child
before his Father.)

Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: timmber Z
Comments:Much great work has been done on these pages.I found it of great interest and you should be praised for your scholarship.
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Bishop Mark Vales
E-mail address: vales.mark@live.com
Comments:This site in incredible i have already forwarded it to over a dozen other ministers and lay leaders in my area.
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: kittu nityanand
E-mail address: kittsnits@yahoo.co.in
Comments:From today onwards my GOD'S NAME IS YAHWEH! Bless you for the wonderful information.

Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: JohnOneOne
E-mail address: john1one@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://www.goodcompanionbooks.com
Comments:I would like to get the copyright & ISBN information for the "Hebraic Roots Bible."

Please send to: john1one@earthlink.net

Agape, JohnOneOne
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Mona Farrow
E-mail address: mefarrow_2000@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.yahwehishisname.org
Comments:I loved your page. At my place of worship "The Refuge of Assembly of Yahweh Yahshua. Your page is very informative and you covered everything from a to z. Keep up the good work!
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Abiyah
E-mail address: abiyah74@yahoo.com
Comments:Hallelluyahweh Praise Yahweh
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
Name: Holly/Sharah
E-mail address: teddyware2002
Comments:Those who have an ear let them hear, I hear what you are saying which is the Truth of Yahweh. I am in Columbus Ohio and my awakening was six months ago. I am so happy to come across your site, it has been loney on this path of Truth but I have been in shock but while reading your page it was everything I have seen as well.

And it isn't about race it about his lost sheep and his message of Truth, Abba has gathered another believer who was also called out a little after myself after hearing the truth and they began to seek him for their self.

Rejoice in his name Yahweh
Tuesday, June 21 2005- 12:10:00
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