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Name: Aleksey
E-mail address: Aleksey256@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.domains-links.com
Comments:Thanks for a great site. I'll be recommending it to friends
Friday, January 31st 2003 - 06:35:55 PM
Name: Scott
E-mail address: Scott102@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.domains-links.com
Comments:Hey, you did a really good job on it, see you!:-)
Friday, January 3rd 2003 - 04:20:33 PM
Name: Glen Beavis
Comments:This Guest book is now Full however please return to my Homepage and you will be able to View and Sign my new Guest Book Thanks Glen Beavis
Monday, December 16th 2002 - 04:58:00 PM
Name: Jonathan Sayers
E-mail address: fencer_js@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Comments:I have just added a new page of 501st era picture of Greenham Common. Please have a look: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/photo_site_000001.htm Many thanks, Jonathan Sayers
Sunday, December 15th 2002 - 04:40:29 PM
Name: Brian Cullen
E-mail address: bac1@ihug.co.nz
Comments:Amazing what you can find when you start to seek. I would like to swop stories with anyone who served in 27 LAA Sqdn at Akrotiri in the fifties. Cheers
Monday, December 9th 2002 - 08:29:43 PM
Name: Debbie Pratt
E-mail address: marksacs@secunda.co.za
Comments:Hi i am looking for anybody who was at Raf Laarbruch in 1958-59. I'm actually looking on behalf of my dad, Roy Seddon. He was in the police there. He is looking for a Smudge Smith who was a police dog trainer. Any one who knows of Smudge or anyone who was in Laarbruch with my dad, please e-mail me. It would make a nice surprise for my dad....
Sunday, December 8th 2002 - 09:58:32 AM
Name: Kevin Williams
E-mail address: rkw669@vtown.com.au
Comments:Great to see someone keeping the history going. Beav you have done a great job. I do not know if you remember me, but I served with you at Greenham. Keep up the great work. Kevin
Friday, December 6th 2002 - 12:58:26 AM
Name: Erna
E-mail address: e.butcher@home.nl
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/RAFLaarbruch
Comments:I just had a look at the pictures and a few names seem familiar..........I used to know a few rocks based at Laarbruch in the early 80's I started a site a year ago about Laarbruch in the hope to find some more 'old' friends. If you are interested come and take a look; http://groups.msn.com/RAFLaarbruch
Thursday, December 5th 2002 - 05:48:02 PM
Name: Ian Whyard (now McMeekan
E-mail address: i.t.mcmeekan@cefas.co.uk
Comments:I was station on 15 squadron, Changi 1963-5, does anyone know the where abouts of, Eric Green, Bill McGee (Penpusher) Paul Webb, Roy Cloak or anyone who had anything to do with 1st Changi Sea Scouts, Rex Tree and Co. found this brilliant site and the nostalia thing just kicked in, already found a lady from Changi.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 06:00:24 PM
Name: Jonathan Sayers
E-mail address: fencer_js@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Comments:I have just posted a series of very rare photos on my Greenham Common site of the bomb storage base of RAF Welford, Berkshire. Some date back to 1944, many were taken in 1968-1969. I also have some of the US Delivery terminal at Barry, South Wales featured. Find my site at: www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Saturday, November 23rd 2002 - 10:13:34 PM
Name: Mick Cundy
E-mail address: micklynn@tiscali.co.uk
Comments:OK so I was never a rock but a penguin yet some of my best memories are of being with some of you. Seeing as I spent 12yrs with you, there's bound to be some good ones! Most names have faded from memory which is why I've been looking around for sites. I'm trying to write a personal account of Op Corp '82 and the part 63 Sqn Rapier played in that. I've got several photos which cover the whole thing. Anyone interested e-mail me and if anyone wants to chat drop me a line.
Tuesday, November 12th 2002 - 02:02:53 PM
E-mail address: CHIN.WEL'btinternet.com
Comments:I was attached to 58 from 84 - 86 Probably the best tour I ever did. It was exciting, hard work, and heightened awareness, never a dull moment. Met some good blokes. Any 58 around drop me a line ' Scouse Mafia'
Sunday, November 10th 2002 - 10:01:03 PM
Name: Jonathan Sayers
E-mail address: fencer_js@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Comments:Hi Folks, Just added 18 pictures of RAF Greenham Common between 1985-1988 under the page title "The Frank Crenshaw Collection" Please stop by and have a look. Jonathan
Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 03:27:47 PM
Name: Albert Parkin
E-mail address: rita.parkin@tesco.net
Comments:What a really good site.2Field Sqd RAF Felixstowe 1960/1961 1962/1964 63 Sqd RAF Tengah then RAF Catterick/ Aden until 1965 then RAF Akrotiri with 3 LAA Wing until I left in 1968. I am still in touch with Phil Macini and Pete Freeman both from RAF Tengah.Now living in Suffolk.
Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 02:19:02 PM
Name: pat thornhill
E-mail address: patthornhill01@aol.com
Comments:served as a rock between 85 and 94 on 58,501,3 and 814 .remembered a few names from the past.do we all still hate the raf police?
Wednesday, November 6th 2002 - 07:14:10 PM
Name: David Jones
Comments:I have been thinking of joining the Raf Regiment for a while now. This website has answered a lot of questions I had, no one can tell you what life in the RAF Regiment is like better than the pictures on this site can! I've decided to join! Thanks for your help!
Monday, November 4th 2002 - 08:44:27 AM
Name: Mick Kinnard
E-mail address: pickinmic@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:I was on holiday in Spain and met a William (Bill) Watts now in his late Seventies, He told me he was one of the first Rock Apes, fighting in Far east, interesting stories. I was in the RAF at Honington amd Bill said that is where they are now Located. He and his wife celebrate 55 years marriage in November, It would be wonderful if I could contact anyone from the Regiment, to pass on to him. Come on, Does anyone remember Sgt. Bill Watts?
Sunday, November 3rd 2002 - 10:06:42 PM
E-mail address: WILLIAMSJ459@AOL.COM
Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 09:54:55 PM
Name: Dave[apus erectus]jones
E-mail address: meerkats2@bigpond.com
Homepage URL: http://home
Comments:Apart from Squash Warburton,I don't know anybody on your site mate.Mind you, I only found it during a drying out period,so if any body recognises my name from the hazy past it could encourage me to stay on the waggon.?Served 1957-71, El-Adem 62-1 Fld Sqdn,1962,Odiham 225-230 Heli Sqdns[mob opps]1963-65Tenga 63 LAA Sqdn,1965-71 Catterick/Witterin 51Fld Sqdn,plus all the usual detatchments to obscure parts of the globe.My one claim to fame,I could stop a convoy with one fart,depending on wind direction.A loose bowel has put paid to that activity.
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 11:32:41 AM
Name: James
E-mail address: JSmith66@fsmail.net
Comments:Hello, I am a 16 years old and looking to go into the Regiment next year to train as a field squadron. I got some information about it from the RAF and have arranged an interview, but I really want to know what it is is like from your view. If it is o.k I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could reply to my questions... Did/Do you have have a good life in the Regiment? Do you have any regrets? It is a part of the job but did/do you feel bad having to kill somebody? Do/Did you wish you made a diiferent career move? Thankyou, James Smith
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 09:32:45 AM
Name: Alex KIng
E-mail address: alex.barbara@cytanet.com.cy
Comments:Hi, I don't think we have met, but what the hell, gunners are gunners, it is certainly different and most enjoyable, How do I get "Ken Prout" on to the Roll of Honour" a great gunner and a very good friend who sadly is with us no longer.I served 1951-1988 here there and everywhere, as we do. Per Ardua Alex king.
Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 12:15:17 PM
Name: Eric Irving
E-mail address: pat.eric@xtra.co.nz
Comments:Sorry I dropped a letter in my email address Eric
Monday, October 21st 2002 - 04:33:12 AM
Name: Eric Irving
E-mail address: pat.eric@xtra.o.nz
Comments:When I was in the RAF in 1956 I was stationed at Ayios Nikolaos. The RAF Regiment were there too. Our unit was guarded by personell and armed with a weapon not unlike a large shotgun with the barrel belled out at the end and the cartrides were large. Are you able to tell me the name of this weapon? The name escapes me now, I would like it for family memoirs Thanks, Eric
Monday, October 21st 2002 - 04:29:47 AM
Name: Andy GIBBO Gibson 990
E-mail address: andrew@agibson24.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Brilliant site as usual Beave keep it going!! Hello to any other blokes who remember me. Saw that John Roberts and Phil Toker have been on site, get in touch lads soonest. Happy memories 15, 501 and 2 squadrons, miss it terribly. Beave get in touch let us know how thingsd are doing!! Cheers lads Gibbo 990
Sunday, October 20th 2002 - 08:21:51 PM
Name: The Old Git
E-mail address: n.sheldon1@ntlworld.com
Homepage URL: http://members.lycos.co.uk/nigesheldon/index.htm
Comments:Beavs You still have not updated your link to me.....Sprog!!! Nige
Sunday, October 20th 2002 - 05:09:50 AM
Name: taff roberts
E-mail address: www.cachupoeth@btopenworld.com
Comments:im taff roberts,i served on 34sqn,58 and 4001 flt or tsf.i would like anyone that i was in the mob with to get in touch with me.my home no is 01286 872798.i would like to get in touch with mark tranter,or trotski as we used to call him,we served on 34 together.if anyone would like to get in touch that i served with ,you are most welcome.
Sunday, October 20th 2002 - 02:06:07 AM
E-mail address: KIELYROCK@AOL.COM
Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 11:12:48 PM
Name: John Kiely (PADDY)
E-mail address: kielyrock@aol.com
Comments:Hi Glen Im still new to all this internet stuff.Trying to 1get my head round it all.Found your site by pure luck.I joined in 1965 and left in 1987.Sqdns served on.16(f)sqdn NO 1(LAA)SQDN,15(F)SQDN,RAF SELETAR SINGAPORE JAN 1968 TO DEC 1969.15(f)sqdn RAF WITTERING DEC 1969 TO JAN 1975 lots of trips to Bahrain-Salalah-N I -Hong Kong during this period.Posted to RAF AKROTIRI 34(F)SQDN JAN 1975-OCT 1977TO
Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 10:18:03 PM
Name: Ray Forte
E-mail address: jackieelvis@hotmail.com
Comments:Served from 1964to75 27sqn 63 37 QCS
Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 05:20:01 PM
Name: Andy Munkley
E-mail address: Arthur2002@btopenworld.co.uk
Comments:Anyone who has recently sent me an e-mail please note the new address. I would like to here from anyone who knew me on 58 Sqn 63,66 & 4 Wing Hq. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Scouse Moreland, Scouse Williams, Spike Cook, Des Kennedy, Gengis Khan, Whizz Hussein ?.
Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 08:52:04 PM
Name: john roberts
E-mail address: user@georgehotel651ul@fsnet.co.uk
Comments: just pulled up your sight couldnt believe the pictures from gibbo happy memories but if i remember rightly those pictures ended in a police chase all the best to those who know .
Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 11:34:44 AM
Name: Pauline Johnson
E-mail address: Hailboppa@aol.com
Comments:Hello, I am trying to trace an old friend, Ian Baker, who was in the RAf Regiment in 1954.... Ian is from Reading and trained at West Kirby before being posted to Ceylon... If you can give me any help in tracing him, I would really appreciate this very much. Pauline (nee Brennan)
Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 05:22:13 PM
Name: james cerson
E-mail address: blinder45@yahoo.com
Comments:hell all, im an oc with a atc squadron, and looking for the lattiest style in combats and anotheer equipment for feild ops. If it is possible that anyone knows where i can get hold of such eqpt please do not hesitate to contact me. best regards..
Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 02:49:28 PM
Name: Andy kelly
E-mail address: andy.kelly@amuletgroup.com
Comments:Hello losers good to see so many of you boys are still around.Anyone who knew me(who didnt know me,you could always hear me)please get in touch
Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 01:56:52 PM
Name: Geoff Kirby
E-mail address: geoffkirby@hotmail.com
Comments:just looking,at all the good times
Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 07:34:27 PM
Name: terry taylor
E-mail address: www.TerryTaylor177@hotmail.co.uk
Comments: this site is comming on leaps and bounds or pepper poting all you ex gunners out their im looking for bod s to join a reineactment group come and play rock apes again at weekends you get to dress up and get pissed it makes moneyu for forces charities and you get to have a good time email for details terry taylor ex 51 34 15
Sunday, September 22nd 2002 - 10:01:52 PM
Name: Paul Johnson (PJ)
E-mail address: rockape100@Hotmail.com
Comments:Good site, well done its nice to see a few old names out there. Ricky Chown and his old FSO Estate car on 1 Sqn. out now and livinbg in Henlow after 30 years, good luck to all! Per Ardua.
Thursday, September 19th 2002 - 09:25:05 PM
Name: JC
E-mail address: johnny257@newquay257.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:What's going on?I've been missing something!Just found the site Glen! Excellent!!!Smelly Kell( Iris Linssen named him that one night with her head stuck in his lap by Well Lakes in the back of the Red Escort),Dicko,Porg, Fatboy Chown,SB.Unbelievable!Been back on the 1 LF since end of'98 when I left Halton,that was the last time I saw you Glen!Couldn't get to Bonny's Funeral,but made the Auction and managed to pick up his old Big Red One sweatshirt.Will present it to the Sqn when(if) they let me go for the second time!???!!!! All the best lad's JC A Flt '86-'90 SW Flt '98- to f*** know's when p.s. Saw Jonah at H a couple of months ago 'Going on a Wecce with a Gimpe with his Bewet Awound the Quawe!!!!!
Tuesday, September 17th 2002 - 08:29:04 PM
Name: Phil Pearce
E-mail address: philpearce@freenet.de
Comments:At last - back on-line and can catch up again. All those names crawling out of the wood-work now! Great to see them all again. George, Mute, curly, fitzy, dicko, andy C, andy K, Ricky C. All those names man! Gary - got a call from Kirk the other day, dickhead said 'hi, how are you. Have to call you back cos I haven't got your number'!!!! - work that one out! (Remember - give us a chip, ya fat bitch!). Oberhausen - give me those days back!!!! Any luck with Laarbruch by the way? Keep those beers cold mate - be back soon!!!! Curly - did you get my last email (about 3 weeks ago)? Cheers guys.
Monday, September 16th 2002 - 05:35:03 PM
E-mail address: kevin.james@cambsfire.gov.uk
Comments:Just popped in for a look around, from reading the guest book many of you will know me. i shall be in touch with some of you soon. great site, let me into the pics please.
Friday, September 6th 2002 - 02:48:15 PM
Name: Allan Presho
E-mail address: a.presho@cwcom.net
Comments:Served 2/25 L.A.A.Squdn.RAF. Wildenrath.1955/1957. No one else seems to have heard of them! Tell me I`m not dreaming. Brilliant site!
Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 10:14:21 PM
Name: george lourie
E-mail address: boydb@apci.com
Comments:soz lads , the piss-up in falkirk on the 7th has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumcision sorry i meant circumstances.
Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 01:18:19 PM
Name: keith Jackson
E-mail address: KthJackson [with@aol.com
Comments: I served on 1A/CS 1951 till 1953at the same time as corporal roy evans who is featured on this web site further on thanks to these guest books we are getting reunited to more lads who served on 1A/CS in our time keep up the good work
Sunday, September 1st 2002 - 08:22:39 PM
E-mail address: HARFOXY@AOL.COM
Homepage URL: http://WWW.AOL.CO.UK
Friday, August 30th 2002 - 10:17:18 AM
E-mail address: BOYDB@APCI.COM
Friday, August 23rd 2002 - 06:44:37 PM
Name: Jonathan Sayers
E-mail address: fencer_js@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Comments:Great website. I am looking to hear from anybody who served at RAF Greenham Common at anytime. Please have a look at my site on the history of RAF Greenham Common. Do any of you have any pictures perhaps? Thanks, Jonathan
Thursday, August 22nd 2002 - 11:52:19 PM
Name: John Eastham
E-mail address: jpe41@hotmail.com
Comments:Served in 15 Field Squadron and 37 Squadron 1959 -1963 Places stationd- Gan, Changi(Singapore), Cyprus. Looking for Friend Nigel Williams from London
Thursday, August 22nd 2002 - 11:43:20 PM
Name: Matt Carr
E-mail address: matthewcarr@aol.com
Comments:Hi to all ex and serving Rocks,update of my e-mail address.Served 1985-1994.QCS AND 1SQN C flight,now Fireman in Dorset Fire And Rescue Service.Hi to Cockers,Square,Steve Stewart,Cholmers and any one else ive forgotten. ALL THE BEST MATT
Thursday, August 22nd 2002 - 08:44:07 PM
Name: Dave Hall
E-mail address: david.hall0@ntlworld.com
Comments:To all that knew me between 1974 and 1994 I say Hi. would love to track down Archie Mcmillan if anyone knows his where abouts.
Wednesday, August 21st 2002 - 04:59:09 PM
E-mail address: patriciadey@hotmail.com
Sunday, August 18th 2002 - 12:08:47 PM
Name: Squash Warburton
E-mail address: Oystercatcher21@aol.com
Comments:Great site. 69 now and retired. Good to see familiar names All the best Squash
Friday, August 16th 2002 - 10:18:35 PM
Name: Keith Knapp
E-mail address: keith.knapp@baesystems.com
Comments:Was wondering what happened to Nick Smith(Flt Lt) or Guy Bramsby (Flt Lt) both of Abingdon 85-87, i was the gofer that made them tea from the Police office next door
Wednesday, August 14th 2002 - 01:43:51 AM
Name: Brian Mullane (BM)
E-mail address: Brian.mullane@ntlworld.com
Comments:Just dropped in to see if any piss ups may be planned !!!!
Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 08:40:47 PM
Name: john gill
E-mail address: johngill@yahoo.co.uk
Comments:ex 1 & 15 sqn, currently living in grantham, lincs.served from oct 83` to 92`. hope to hear from any lads soon. gandhi.
Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 05:49:12 PM
Name: Rod O'Donnell
Comments:Yes, still serving, but not for long. Any jobs going? regards, Rod.
Sunday, August 11th 2002 - 02:14:47 AM
Name: mike norrie
E-mail address: mike.norrie@bushinternet.com
Comments:Nice to see you haven't forgotten the regiment all the best beef. noz
Saturday, August 10th 2002 - 11:57:05 AM
Name: mike norrie
E-mail address: mike.norrie@bushinternet.com
Saturday, August 10th 2002 - 11:55:58 AM
Name: Barry Dickieson
E-mail address: dickiesb@cadvision.com
Homepage URL: http://www.my.intergate.ca/bhansell/
Comments:We have recently completed a website honouring the memory of Flight Sergeant Harry Hansell RCAF, an air gunner who died along side RAF boys in a Halifax bomber over Germany in 1943. His very personal story was in many ways typical of hundreds of Canadian boys, yet his father the Honorable Ernest G. Hansell M.P. was able to determine many details of his war service that often were never known by families who lost sons or husbands under similar circumstances. HARRY'S STORY can be read at http://www.my.intergate.ca/bhansell/
Monday, August 5th 2002 - 01:10:55 AM
Name: Stan Hodgson
E-mail address: valerie.hodgson@virgin.net
Comments:Just to say keep up the good work on the site.And if anybody who new me get in touch.
Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 08:21:39 AM
Name: Rob Williams
E-mail address: cantowolf@ntlworld.com
Homepage URL: http:// working on it
Comments:Hello lads, scouse williams 502 here, served on 51sqn (field) in 79 - 80, then 63 (rapier) from 80 - 84, then 48 (rapier)from 84 till discharge oct 87, have looked at 63 pics, and recognise a few of the lads, I was also known by some as sluggy!,yeah ok fucking laugh! Had some of the best times of my life in mob, and would like to chat to anyone who knew me during those time. I now live in Surrey SE uk, ok yah. I also had 2 brothers in rock apes,,so maybe you will know them as well? Tucker williams (willy),,,,51 and 1 sqn, and john williams, but he remustered. hope to talk to someone soon, :-)
Friday, July 26th 2002 - 01:24:29 AM
E-mail address: PBKCK1@AOL.COM
Tuesday, July 23rd 2002 - 05:06:46 PM
Name: Roy Evans
E-mail address: royjanet@ratho23.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:First time opened RAF Regiment book. served 5 years in regiment 1949 - 1954. Squadrons 15 LAA, RAF Watchet.RAF Lakenheath. No 1 Armoured Car Squadron, Wounstorf Germany. later Feild Squardron (Land Rovers)
Saturday, July 20th 2002 - 04:28:22 PM
Name: Dave Pascoe
E-mail address: pas2011@hotmail.com
Comments:Served 88-92 last posting on 7 Sqn Chinooks at Odiham now in East Timor with the UN Anyone that remembers Paz from 15 sqn at Hullavington drop me a line.Cool website by the way!
Wednesday, July 17th 2002 - 03:40:45 PM
Name: Beuk ex 1 2 & qcs
Comments:Hi there baldy . this site is really starting to look good beav, better than anything i could ever hope to do with a computer. hello to every body that knows /knew me. a big hello to mutant you noisy fucker, nice to see you made it in the music buisness ,hello to jock lowrie do you still drink as much coz i dont seem to remember you ever being sober, mind you i think that goes for every gunner that ever served on 1 sqn. ive just got back from another walkabout down under in perth western Australia wicked time , hope to return there in january and then for good sometime next year. does anybody know where skitz landless is or chicken (andy parsons & eddie beef. if so could you let me know , when is someone going to organise a 1 sqn pissup seems just about every body else is having pissups these days
Tuesday, July 16th 2002 - 10:35:50 PM
Name: vic eastman
Tuesday, July 16th 2002 - 10:58:12 AM
Name: Paula
E-mail address: paula@jack-russell-terrier-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.jack-russell-terrier-dogs.com
Comments:You have an outstanding and fascinating site.
Thursday, July 11th 2002 - 09:35:40 PM
Name: Phil Toker
E-mail address: phil.toker@ntlworld.com
Comments:Beave me old mucca, just found the site and thought it was great. Loads of photos to bring back some memories. Haven't got any of my own due to a psychotic ex wife! so I'm downloading loads. Let me know the date for the next RV and I'll get down there to swing a tilly or two. Cheers mate. Phil Toker
Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - 04:54:36 PM
Name: scouse moore
E-mail address: alan.moore@btopenworld.com
Comments:had a quick scan through. havnt ,heard from geoff wisden. yet got reply from george wheatley does anybody rember taff farndenn john baily scouse taylor ,ginge roffey get in touch if you know ther locations at this time thanks ,excelent site. regards scouse moore.
Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - 12:03:04 AM
Name: fitzy
E-mail address: mfitz@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:when and where is the next rv ???? glen i,ve loads of pics for you to scan of various different eras . get in touch and i,ll send them. mutant is still alive[nice one ,get in touch quiff boy] fitzy
Sunday, July 7th 2002 - 11:07:15 PM
Name: mutant
Comments:will send messages as soon as i can figger out wich buttons to punch gigin in denmark at mo yes a rock and roll super star playin harp in a hillbilly band livin on a big boat in eversham come on down .haply devorced fat and still mad wot happend to jarvis .john mutter.
Thursday, July 4th 2002 - 02:45:12 PM
Name: mutant
E-mail address: carltondee@hotmail.com
Comments:great pics trip down memories cool
Thursday, July 4th 2002 - 02:22:14 PM
Name: Jonathan Sayers
E-mail address: fencer_js@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.megspace.com/politics/greenham/index.htm
Comments:I am looking to make contact with Wing Commanders A. Brookes , Stan Kyte, and Sqn Ldrs David Gaskell and Kent who were RAF Liaison Officers at Greenham Common in its later years. If anybody knows where and how I can contact them, please let me know. Jonathan Sayers RAF Greenham Common Site Webmaster
Wednesday, July 3rd 2002 - 07:12:26 PM
Name: David Carter
E-mail address: hackwatchuk@hotmail.com
Comments:Fascinating site, although I was never a Rock Ape. I served in Royal Signals - a lifetime ago. Today I'm a writer and my next will be about the role of British Forces in Cyprus during the Eoka terrorist conflict. told thru the eye-witness accounts of those who served. I'm planning a chapter on 194(F) Sqd RAF REGT, now disbanded. If you were part of that regiment or know someone who was, please contact me. Your help could make the difference. Best regards David (Carter)
Saturday, June 29th 2002 - 05:46:23 PM
Name: george lourie
E-mail address: cappiesl@apci.com
Comments:if any ex-1 sqn , 501 or 58 lads want to get in touch i would be more than happy to here from you .
Saturday, June 29th 2002 - 05:35:00 PM
Name: george lourie
E-mail address: cappiesl@apci.com
Comments:if anybody ex-1 sqn ,501 ,58 wants to get in touch i would be more than happy to hear from you and glen have you got any hair left cos you didnt have much back then ? .
Saturday, June 29th 2002 - 04:50:32 PM
Name: george lourie
E-mail address: CAPPIESL@APCI.COM
Thursday, June 27th 2002 - 11:21:16 AM
Name: scouse moore
E-mail address: alan.moore31@btopenworld.com
Comments:hi guys , slight mistake on my first message forgot to mention 51sqd in1982 some very good times especially in irland jeff wisden got your e/mail but no reply adress sort it out .
Monday, June 24th 2002 - 12:31:10 AM
E-mail address: clarky@shroom.screaming.net
Comments:Great site. I served from 85 to 93 on 51, 34, 3 then 4001 just before it moved down south. Been out 9 years now but still have fond memories of my time as a Rock. If anyone knows how to get in touch with any of the following I would appreciate it. Fitzy (from Crumpsall) 1sqn 3sqn..... Neil (ben) Cartwright QCS 58 34... Mitch Leach 58 34 3 All the best Geordie
Sunday, June 23rd 2002 - 12:47:57 PM
Name: scouse moore[alan]
E-mail address: alan.moore31@btopenworld.com
Comments:hi to all i was a rockape from sept 1979 to 1992 q.c.s six weeks only 15sqd 34sqd 15sqd 5wing and swiderby[gdt standards] was also in the gulf [nick name in cyprus] was pyschio i think this site is excelent catch up soon
Saturday, June 22nd 2002 - 07:04:41 PM
Name: Jon Brocklehurst
E-mail address: bloodman6@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi every ony if any one wants to get hold of Paul Duron give us a shout and i will pass on any details to him. great site good to catch up and can some one tell me the next meet up Jon
Friday, June 21st 2002 - 07:50:43 PM
Name: Monkey
E-mail address: bashfull30@hotmail.com
Comments:Was in from '85 to '90 (2 & 3). Hi to anyone that knew me. I'm in the US for a while, a biochemist working in research. Lost touch with some good mates, I hope that you're all well. Recognise some of the faces in the pictures (Nick K was on my basic). The shots of Millar brought back some memories, he helped me out in a ruck with some dickheads in the twig one night. Deeply missed.... Some names from my era - Pete O, Spiderman, Yid Harding, Ollie, Jon A, Eddie R, Skanksy, Tomo. Hope you are all well.
Sunday, June 16th 2002 - 12:06:02 AM
Name: kiko
E-mail address: kikomarine@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.findoldies.com
Comments:Hey Great site wwe at findoldies.com wish you all the best keep up the great work Marines want to see a 1940s comic Military wall papers it free check it out
Friday, June 7th 2002 - 02:55:33 AM
E-mail address: IAN LITTLE747 HOT MAIL.COM
Wednesday, June 5th 2002 - 07:14:27 PM
Name: Plug Sharpe
E-mail address: simon@sharpe359.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Served from 84- 98 27,26,20 SWS Bruggen,48 and 4001 honington. Live and work in London always up for a beer. Good to see some names from the past, keep up the good work.
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 07:10:37 PM
Name: george wheatley
E-mail address: georgewheatley@btinternet.com
Comments:served from 1978-85 51squadron field and cvrt 3 wing good work on this site will send in some photos when i get my scanner working now living in leeds
Saturday, June 1st 2002 - 12:37:36 PM
E-mail address: grant@donaldson5496.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:here's my new email address. hope you use it.
Thursday, May 30th 2002 - 07:48:22 PM
Name: gaz collins
E-mail address: garyacollins@hotmail.com
Comments:Anyone remember Bob Robertshaw [Bob Shaw], big 40th bash Southport 19th July 2002, large piss up, if you remember hin and want to be there for a beer or 2 let me know I'll send you the details. Gaz
Wednesday, May 29th 2002 - 01:23:37 PM
Name: Andy Cockram
E-mail address: cockberg@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi guys Well done Glenn. Saw Dave T and Rick C yesterday (25.05.02) and Rick told me about the site and then we sent the next two hours getting pissed and filling in the names on a sqn. photo. It was great to take a walk down memory lane. Still living in and around Rotterdam NL. If you want drop us a line. Take care guys
Sunday, May 26th 2002 - 08:55:54 AM
Name: John E Green MSGT
E-mail address: jedpgreen@msn.com
Comments:I was stationed at RAF Greenham Common and RAF Welford 81-85. Worked Law Enforcement. Went on sailing expedition twice. I enjoyed my time with the RAF Regiment. I sjall never forget that day the Peace Woman hit the fence. That was the first time a woman ever " mooned" me. I had the honor of seeing the RAF Regiment on display at The last two IAT shows at RAF Cottesmore.
Thursday, May 23rd 2002 - 06:22:10 PM
Name: John Sanderson
E-mail address: sanderson@cordahi.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:served from 82 - 94 on 1 sqn, 58 sqn, 34 sqn, 3sqn there are quite a few names and faces that I recognise from the site. If anyone wants to get in touch please do and I am interested in any forthcoming piss up. I have been out of touch since leaving and it is good to see so many people that I recognise. John sanderson
Wednesday, May 22nd 2002 - 12:00:59 PM
Name: Ken Henry
E-mail address: khenry@harlestone93.fsnet.co.uk
Tuesday, May 21st 2002 - 08:43:40 PM
Name: DaveDAvies
Comments:Anyone know about any of the LLAD lads? 26 Sqn especially? I got out in 92 after a downward spiralling career and a handful of charges but would be interested to know about anyone else. Cheers, Dave.
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 10:31:56 PM
Name: Dave Davies
E-mail address: christine.townsend@lineone.net
Comments:Good site. Gave me links to Yafster amongst others. Nice to see someone's making the effort. Tried the usual routes through Friendsreunited etc. Seems rockapes either can't be arsed or can't work the computers. Get writing all of you.
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 10:24:13 PM
Name: Stan Hodgson
E-mail address: stantheman.hodgson@virgin.net
Comments:Great to see another great site,its amazine at the number of people coming out of the wood work,if anty one remembers me just e-mail
Monday, May 13th 2002 - 10:01:47 AM
Name: Dave Bone
E-mail address: D.D.A.B@tesco.net
Comments:Hello all, sorry i missed the RV at uxbridge. Any more inbound?.Fat Cat, Mutant, if your out there drop me a line, cheers Dave .Glen, glad to see your keeping the site updated and up to its usual high standard. All the best DB
Sunday, May 12th 2002 - 07:48:16 PM
Name: Aussie Hinkley
E-mail address: aussiehinkley@aol.com
Comments:This was a good surprise to see. G Day to anybody who knows me. Still serving, 30 years this year. I know Jock Berwick very well, we drank, I mean served on 63Sqn in the early eighties. Hey, if your about give me a call. Aussie
Friday, May 10th 2002 - 09:29:19 PM
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 09:51:16 PM
Name: Steve Greef
E-mail address: steve.greef@btinternet.com
Comments:Nice to see the GPMG still being used, last fired it in 1978. To all you Serving Rocks, Keep the good work up lads
Monday, May 6th 2002 - 11:22:05 PM
Name: taff coombes
E-mail address: taffcoombes@hotmail.com
Comments:glen , the photo of lofty and jack russell,wasn't that the attics in gutersloh ,i think it was my first ex. with 15. and i dont know the hidden gunner!!
Saturday, May 4th 2002 - 08:49:11 PM
Name: Tony Leonard
E-mail address: anthony_charles_leonard@hotmail.com
Comments:Glen me old!! Sorry I havn't been intouch for so long(lack of funds). Anyway I'm back on line,so give me a shuot sometime m8!!! By the way your site gets better and better!! Keep up the good work The Bald One!!!!
Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 09:01:05 PM
Name: Andy Buchanan
E-mail address: ianfereday501@msn.com
Comments:any one out there that can remember me or want to contact me thru this e-mail address
Tuesday, April 30th 2002 - 09:02:20 PM
Name: Iain Hughes (turkey neck)
E-mail address: ihfatboy@talk21.com
Comments:Good stuff. Anyone remember wee Jock Baxter (51) and Ian Shinner (27?) Also any of the dirty dozen from BG1/85?
Monday, April 29th 2002 - 11:46:58 PM
Name: Andy Gibson (GIBBO)
E-mail address: andrew@agibson24.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:I have had a brilliant time catching up this week, thanks for your hard work Beave! The pictures look great I have some more which I will send in a couple of weeks. Can anyone confirm that there is an RV in Chippenham on the 6th of June 2002. Also where it may be?? Anyone who remembers me please get in touch, some great times had by all, Cheers GIBBO, Catch up when I come back off me holidays!! 15,501 and 2 Squadrons
Monday, April 29th 2002 - 09:16:16 PM
Name: barry taylor
E-mail address: barry@taylor2366.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:message for sponge brooks (dave) can you e mail me at above e mail address as i can`t contact you on the e mail address you have put on this site,thanks, barry!
Saturday, April 27th 2002 - 08:00:38 PM
Name: gary millar
E-mail address: garybaldyg@freenet.de
Comments:Hi,Glen Thought i'd check the dream book out again.Give us a shout when the next r.v is and i'll pop over from Germany and get ratarsed.Rick Chown give me a call i only live round the corner in Weeze.By the way if anyone is interested Laarbruch is in the process of being turned into a comercial airport so from next year you can pop across for an r.v at kevs pub.Paddy Tilson says hello,also kirk (newton)Thomson.Phil pearce is back in wales,miss swinging the latern with him.Also hello to curly,fitzy,andy k,jock mcleary me old mate taff Powell and everyone that i forgot to mention.Cheers of on the piss now as usual,Gary (porg 1)
Saturday, April 27th 2002 - 10:33:21 AM
Name: Andy Gibson GIBBO
E-mail address: andrew@agibson24.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Bloody Brilliant.Only found the site two days ago and had returns from Binty (graeme) in Australia, coming back soon, and chris minty out in Belize working as a Botanist.I would hope some of you other buggers will get in touch, I have bloody well missed it. Civvies are crap. I am in Bristol, waiting for this day to come, thank god for computers.I was on 15, 501 and 2 squadron. joined in 82, and left in 90, now I am a paramedic nearly ten years. I sent Tom Feely some pics , I will send you some to beave ok. Well done, this is keeping me alive !!!!!!!
Thursday, April 25th 2002 - 08:44:58 PM
Name: Andy Gibbo Gibson 990
E-mail address: andrew@agibson24.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:A great site! I wish I never left. I did 83-90 15, 501 then 2 squadron. Some good piccys which I will expand on. I have the cyprus one ok. Now a paramedic in Bristol take it easy rocks, Gibbo
Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - 09:54:21 PM
Name: Glen Beavis
E-mail address: gbeavis@gbeavis.fsbusiness.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.rafregt.8k.com/
Comments:Jock sorry mate have changed my email address mate....but of you click on the "mail" button on my home page it will open up you mail programe and send me the mail....Mac user's typical. how are you any way ive been on Yahoo but you must be out spending those Canadian $ !!! speak soon mate. dont forget to semd the pics Beav
Friday, April 19th 2002 - 06:54:22 PM
Name: Jock McCleary
E-mail address: jockmccleary@cogeco.ca
Comments:Oy buggerlugs, pay yer internet bills!!!!! Glen been trying to send you some pics but they are getting returned as unknown user. Have you changed your email address? If so let me know the new one. Cheers dude Jock p.s. How did the reunion go?
Friday, April 19th 2002 - 03:31:56 PM
Name: Ian Smith
E-mail address: isgs2001@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.comrades-in-arms-reunited.com
Comments:Get in touch with old mates, by logging on to www.comrades-in-arms-reunited.com free registration, global contacts.SECURE SITE Keep the cameraderie alive. Also www.exrugbyplayersreunited.com if you played rugby www.cricketers-reunited.com for cricketers www.footballers-reunited.com for footballers
Thursday, April 18th 2002 - 11:28:55 PM
Name: Steve Cowham
E-mail address: SteveCowham@AOL.com
Comments:Hi all, served with 2 Squadron from '83-'87, did my last year-and-a-half @ Greenham. Like to hear from any old mates out there. Currently an engineer @ Honda. Was married, now not (probally due to shift work). Have one daughter aged ten. Now living in sin with a twenty two year old horsey type girl. Noticed Chris Harewood and Paul Allen in the photo,s looks like they were really interested(not). Does anyone remember the SSgt Nash "out of control NBC decontam hose demonstration)? Oh how we laughed! Please note - this address is on borrowed time, may have to give it back when the freebie bit runs out
Thursday, April 18th 2002 - 10:10:58 PM
Name: Scouse Ellis
E-mail address: robellis945@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello glen, thought i would browse in and see who is still knocking about from the good old days of the Big Red One. The last time i got in touch i was out in Bahrain and i missed the reunion. Looked good nice to see some of the old lads. Fitzy where's all your hair gone. It looks like i will miss the next RV also, I am off to New Zealand for 4 months in May. I will get to one of them. Have a beer for me, all the best Scouse.
Monday, April 15th 2002 - 09:25:55 PM
Name: Glyn ( jonah ) Jones
E-mail address: afishingiwillgo@hotmail.com
Comments:Nice site and good to see some names from the past. I served from 70 to 96 and did 63,27,37,GDT Binbrook,16, TSF and 34 sqns plus a few other assorted jobs. Always happy to get email from friends as long as I dont owe you money .... PER ARDUA Glyn aka Jonah
Saturday, April 13th 2002 - 11:38:45 PM
Name: Dicko
E-mail address: dmark@onetel.co.uk
Comments:got the e-mail address wrong(techno phob).gutted i could'nt come to andy's re-org as i'd planned it with kel,my sister got married the same day at short notice(some canadian wanted a passport).pissed off now i've seen the photo's(i see s.b. still isn't shaving yet). i'm definately in for the 2002 big red one re-org. Does any one know where big tony massey is(said inbrummie accent)?i need to slag shrewsbury town off. saw barry mathews at bonnies funeral,giving surgical smears a hard time!
Saturday, April 13th 2002 - 09:37:19 PM
Name: Dicko
E-mail address: www.dmark@onetel.co.uk
Comments:good cabbagie web- site,i think i took a fair few of nick's photo's.i'll send some when i get a scanner.,
Saturday, April 13th 2002 - 09:17:26 PM
Name: Joe Martin (Budgie)
E-mail address: cestrian_rockape@hotmail.com
Comments:Sorry Glen. I thought I had done the honours on your site a few weeks back. I was wrong (or dreamt it). Currently training to be an insomniac and re-visiting the rock sites. I've still got holes in my head so if anyone remembers me and wants to get in touch please do. Per Ardua
Saturday, April 13th 2002 - 01:50:38 AM
Name: Pete
E-mail address: none
Comments:Joining the regiment soon hopefully, can anyone give me an idea of what the PGAC is like. Such as how many sit ups/press ups how far you have to run and in what time all i know about is the bleep test. Cheers
Friday, April 12th 2002 - 08:09:59 PM
Name: Curly Boucher
E-mail address: Nigel@Boucher357.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Glen, Found a load of pics to send you to add to the site. Let me have your address Curly
Friday, April 12th 2002 - 02:54:53 PM
Name: pav pearson
E-mail address: pav@yvette82.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:a good site i was at g/common from 90-till end ex as a fresh faced lac, and now on 3 sqn.
Friday, April 12th 2002 - 12:17:16 PM
Name: Glen Beavis
E-mail address: gbeavis@gbeavis.fsbusiness.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.rafregt.8k.com/
Comments:Curly..Jock said he had made contact, last time i spoke to you , you was with mute wearing white plimsoles I think at Hereford.....about 12 years ago!!!! good to see you alaive and kicking Regards Beav My email on some of my web pages is wrong I will correct it as soon as. sorry if anyone has tried to contact me and the mail just bounced back, correct address is above and on the home page .
Thursday, April 11th 2002 - 11:08:04 PM
Name: Curly Boucher
E-mail address: Nigel@Boucher357.freeserve.co.uk
Comments:Great site. Been found at last by Jock McCleary. Still hear from Mutant and Clive Manser. Nice to hear Bungalow Bill is back in the country. Fitzy - saw the pics of you - your as ugly as ever but with less hair. Andy Kelly - what can I say?
Thursday, April 11th 2002 - 09:20:44 PM
Name: Jock McCleary
E-mail address: jockmccleary@cogeco.ca
Comments:Hi all, just got in touch with Curly Boucher he has been hiding out near Lincoln. Anybody who wants his address get in touch cheers Jock
Wednesday, April 10th 2002 - 10:46:47 PM
Name: Jim Allen
E-mail address: baj612@yahoo.com
Comments:Great pics. I was with the USAF at Greenham, 1988 to 1990. If any one has contact with Bud Harding tell him I said thanks for all the help while I was there. I learned much more from the RAF Regiment than the USAF. I was young and didn't know it at the time but many of the things I learned have helped me later in life. Jim Allen baj612@yahoo.com
Wednesday, April 10th 2002 - 06:41:55 AM
Name: Glen Beavis
Homepage URL: http://www.rafregt.8k.com/
Comments:Hi taff im sure i know you? Your name rings a few bells but my grey matter aint what it used to be. If you have any pics you wish to contribute to the 15 Sqn section or other sqn's I have yet to add please feel free Regards Glen (Beav)
Tuesday, April 9th 2002 - 07:59:15 PM
Name: Taff Mayos
E-mail address: gran@gmayos.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:great site.Not enough piccies of me though,do you remember me.Big mates with Jack Russell.Taff.
Monday, April 8th 2002 - 08:57:02 PM
Name: Taff Mayos
E-mail address: grant@gmayos.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Hi ,hope you remember me.Get in touch if you do.Taff..
Monday, April 8th 2002 - 08:27:23 PM
Name: Glen Beavis
Homepage URL: http://www.rafregt.8k.com
Comments:Willie / Brooksy ill see you next week at Uxbridge.. glad you still find the site good for a laugh...it always looks best after a few stella's...thats when i get my insperation...Hic..Hic. ;-) Brooksy can you re call the song you and fitzy used to sing on 1 sqn after a few pints...something about "my brothers in borstall my sister sucks"...something or other? all the best guys see you on the 13th Beav
Wednesday, April 3rd 2002 - 11:11:02 PM
Name: brooksy & willie broon
E-mail address: ionamax@lineone.net
Comments:had a few beers and thought we would remember the old days. bloody hell, it was scary.so decided to have another few beers.if anyone is in touch barry mathews,(big nose),tell him shepards bush is still a dive. good site glen, all the best. Brooksy, Broon, & Fitzy.(as he cant write)
Sunday, March 31st 2002 - 07:06:08 PM
Name: chinky williams
E-mail address: scottw@mholleran.co.uk
Comments:joined the regt in 85' left in 91 left a trail of destruction behind me with 48 sqn lossiemouth 15 sqn hulavington looking for any of the old mates that got into any scapes with me in belize germany or cyprus nice photos some good memories came back
Saturday, March 30th 2002 - 09:08:13 AM
Name: geordie hammond
E-mail address: HAMMOND4TEAM@AOL.COM
Thursday, March 21st 2002 - 10:04:24 PM
Name: geordie hammond
E-mail address: hammond4team
Thursday, March 21st 2002 - 09:55:14 PM
Name: geordie hammond
Thursday, March 21st 2002 - 09:54:20 PM
Name: Jim Yafai
E-mail address: jimyafai@yafster.com
Homepage URL: http://www.yafster.com
Comments:Hi Glen, Just passing and thought I would pop in to say hello and let the world know that I am around and living large in the US of A Any one who knows me drop me a line at the above email addy or pop in to my site... on the topic Glen could you change the link for my site on your links page ...Please. Well gotta go and Glen sites looking great.
Wednesday, March 20th 2002 - 04:16:32 AM
Name: Mark Noyes
E-mail address: marknoyes@nctimes.net
Comments:Former USAF Assigned 501 SPG at GC from 1984-1986. Nice Web Site Looking for Greg Spare
Saturday, March 16th 2002 - 09:48:50 AM
E-mail address: rickchown@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello to all the lads who remmber me. left 1 sqn and now living in Nieuw bergen Holland. I still see dave tyldesley he lives round the corner from me and andy cockram lives in rotterdam all the best Rick.
Sunday, March 10th 2002 - 12:21:42 PM
Name: Dave Bone
E-mail address: D.D.A.B@tesco.net
Comments:Glen, as a responsable adult I would never put anything dodgy in my shoes or anywhere else! Scary photos. Will be at p.up Uxbridge so stand by!!. Jock Mcleary get ready to receive E.Mail. Just in case any one didnt know, SAC Richard Smith (bg 5a 82) 1LA 83 - 86 15sqn 86-? (smudge, smithy, psycho) sadly passed away a couple of years ago leaving a wife and young daughter. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully see a lot of you at uxbridge
Sunday, March 10th 2002 - 12:05:49 PM
Name: john berwick
E-mail address: jbsc24884@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments:jock berwick 1979 to 1985 was with 15 sqn and 63 sqn then 7 sqn chinooks
Saturday, March 9th 2002 - 10:01:06 PM
Name: David & Marilynn Beavis
E-mail address: David@ukstationers.com
Homepage URL: http://www.ukstationers.com
Comments:I am pleased and proud to tell you that Marilynn gave birth via cserian to a healthy BOY. Name ????? Date 7th March 2002 Time 18.31 Weight 8 pounds 3oz Length 55 cms After being induced complications arose and it was advised that baby should be born sooner rather than later due to his heart beat going up and down during contractions. Marilynn and baby are doing well,babies name will be decided tomorrow
Thursday, March 7th 2002 - 11:40:47 PM
Name: taff coombes
E-mail address: taffcoombes@hotmail.com
Comments:i like the new layout beav, keep up the good work!!! taff coombes
Wednesday, March 6th 2002 - 11:07:46 PM
Name: Errol Kerrone
E-mail address: help@12voltz.com
Homepage URL: http://www.12voltz.com
Comments:To any ex member of the fighting 51st, as a pengy supporting 51 Sqn from 87 - 89, I started unknowningly what was possible one of the best 2 1/2 years of my career. I left the Air Force in 95 and set up my own business's, but still look back on my times with the RAF Regiment. Still keep in touch with John Gray & Terry (techy on the CVR(T)'s). At one time could remeber every name to every face on the Sqn, but it has been a few years now. would welcome to hear from anyone who remembers me. Think the site is excellent.
Wednesday, March 6th 2002 - 12:55:18 PM
Name: Matthew Readman
Comments:This site is pritty good. I myself expexct to be joining the RAF regiment later this year as an officer. I believe that this web site has been a good little bonus for my decision.
Wednesday, March 6th 2002 - 12:51:46 PM
Name: Glen Beavis
Homepage URL: http://www.rafregt.8k.com/
Comments:To read older entries from 2000 To March 4th 2002 please click on the link on my HOME page Many thanks Beav
Wednesday, March 6th 2002 - 11:29:01 AM
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