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Dear Mrs. Boardman,
John and I continue to work with Brook on our Apple devices. He is so knowledgeable.

We are wondering what is possible for Christmas this year at your Inn as we are empty nesters this year.

Thank you.
Janet Ghattas, John Hand
Cambridge, MA — Saturday, November 2nd 2013
I was saddened to learn of Mr. Boardman's death. I haven't been to the Whetstone in many years, but I used to come often with a then-boyfriend, and I have such wonderful memories of the Whetstone and the fabulous breakfasts, waffles and Crenshaw melon, yum! Your inn is the standard against which all others are held, because it really felt like we were guests in someone's home, not some gussied-up thing that had been rehabbed and WiFi'd into a Holiday Inn with better architecture. It was wonderful to stumble upon your website and see that the Inn looked exactly as I remembered it. Please do not change a thing, and thank you so very, very much for the lovely memories you gave me.
Susan Byers Paxson
Boston, MA and Wheelock, VT — Thursday, February 21st 2013
I was very sad to hear of Harry’s passing. My wife and I visited the Whetstone for several years before and after we were married. Shortly before our wedding day my wife learned she was selected to do her internship in NYC. Unfortunately, the internship began on the Monday after the wedding. She was required to be there Monday and Tuesday, but was given off the rest of the week for a brief honeymoon. We quickly re-worked our plans and decided Vermont and the Whetstone would be the perfect place to relax for our precious few days. Alas, I was disappointed when Harry informed me the Inn was booked, but he told me to give him a few hours, as he thought he might have a plan to help us. A short time later he called to inform me that a couple, who were frequent guests of the Inn, had accepted his offer to trade a night over that October weekend for a free night in the summer thus allowing us to honeymoon at the Whetstone. My wife and I are ever grateful to Harry for his generosity; and we will always treasure that weekend. Indeed, we will treasure all of our weekends at the Inn and the relaxing, carefree time we spent there. We always enjoyed watching Harry manage the dining room at meal-time, complete with Hawaiian shirt in February, as we awaited one of Jean’s delicious breakfasts – the waffles were my favorite. Dinners were always a treat as well, with good food, wine and interesting conversation. One of my favorite memories is of Harry, in Espadrilles, jump-starting several guests Volvos and SUVs with his small Fiat, on a particularly cold morning.
When our son was born with special-needs, staying in B&Bs became impractical, but in those days when we were able to do so, the Whetstone was our preferred place.
We always look back fondly on those times and remember Harry and Jean’s inviting home and warm hospitality, on those cold winter weekends.

Bob and Edna Impalli
New Jersey — Tuesday, October 9th 2012

We haven't been to the inn in many years -- not since we first moved from Philadelphia to Vermont (you were a great advertisement for the move). But I think of you and Harry often and the wonderful times we had at the Inn(especially around the holidays). My thoughts are with you as we all work our way through the impact of Irene.

Jill (and Al)

Jill Michaels
Friday, September 2nd 2011
Thank you for a wonderful stay. Our bike trip was fabulous and your inn made a great home base. Those waffles of yours are out of this world. :)
What a great place,
Sandy Callahan
Conway, NH — Sunday, August 7th 2011
Hi Jean - I was looking at the Marlboro Music Festival website and saw your Inn mentioned. My first visit to your website - as charming as the visits to your wonderful Inn! Hope to see you again soon, -Wendy V.
Wendy Vittori
Phoenix, AZ — Wednesday, July 13th 2011

It was wonderful to see you and the boys again and to reconnect with several old friends. Our mid-year resolution is to travel south to the Whetstone Inn and it's warm magic more frequently.


-- warren & janet

PS: We missed Harry and the lively, bright, warm conversations that inevitably arose.
Warren & Janet Bingham
Lower Waterford, VT — Monday, August 10th 2009
I was just doing an internet search of my last name, which happens to be Whetstone. I stumbled upon your inn and it looks very beautiful as well as most inviting as is the local area. If I am ever traveling in Vermont, I will make sure to stay at The Whetstone Inn. And I thought that California was beautiful?
Thomas Whetstone
Oroville, CA — Wednesday, January 21st 2009
it is always so wonderful to stay and be with you , Jeanne and Harry !
Ulrike von Lehsten
New York — Sunday, November 11th 2007
Jean & Harry-I've always been curious about the Whetstone since I was a student at Marlboro College in the early '80's and spent a summer living near the "Poets Cabin" in a tent and cooking at The Longwood Inn under Chris Brackin a vetran of the New York and Boston food worlds and later became a reporter for N.H. Public Radio.We heard that Jean & Harry cooked in a manner that we enjoyed and would make Alice Waters proud using local organic ingrediants with excellent results.I finnally was able to stay at the inn early this summer and had a blast going swimming in the pond and spending my evenings going to concerts at Marlboro and comming back to the inn to sit by the pond to enjoy wine, the symphony of frogs and the most beautiful view of the stars that lit up the night sky.Jean & Harry's Inn feels like an upscale Youth Hostel where everyone shares stories about their favorite swimming hole or scenic dirt road.If I had a choice to go back to France or Vermont,Marlboro would be the winner and The Whetstone Inn would be the decadent hostel of choice.If we have but one life to live, spending a morning eating Jean's excellent waffles is a choice that you will never regret.
James Lockey
Brooklyn Heights,New York — Friday, August 10th 2007
Hi guys!
We miss you--we definitely need some time around the Inn with you! Mmmm, pork with plum sauce, waffles with REAL maple syrup, raspberries...

Hope you're well and that the Inn is keeping you busy but not too busy.

Great job on the site, Ham!
lots of love,
Leah and Steve
Leah Bird and Steve Krauss
Newton, MA — Sunday, February 18th 2007
Jean & Harry...
Still the same peaceful, delightful spot it was in 1971 (?) when I first visited Hube and Betty's inn with my parents as a cross-country skiing first grader.
Thanks for welcoming us back this summer after too many years away (could it really be nearly a dozen?)
What was I thinking, letting my own kids get to be 6,8, and 9 years old without knowing the pleasures of the Whetstone?!
Next visit we'll try to introduce this generation of fearless skiers to Malcolm's trails and see who makes it to South Pond on their feet!
Thanks for doing your part to preserve that little bit of Heaven...
Fondly, Jeanne (Feehrer) Clark
Jeanne (Feehrer) Clark
Andover, MA — Thursday, July 13th 2006
Hello Harry and Jean and Ham and Brook. Visiting the beautiful website (good job, Ham) stirred my heart, as you and your beautiful Inn hold so many wonderful memories for me. I spent my first night in Vermont there in 1973, a truly serendipitous happening, as I have lived in VT ever since! I remember swimming in the pond at 8+ months pregnant with Will...and so many fabulous meals. "Harry and Jean the unbeatable team serve us peaches and cream that we highly esteem." Especially I remember you all with so much love. Then there was the summer when Hammie and Ani got married and rehearsed "Annie" in the back garden. And your rates are still so reasonable! No phones or microwaves, I highly approve. Love to you all, Caitlin Adair(aka Karen Huenink)
Caitlin Adair
Westminster West, VT USA — Monday, May 8th 2006
We first stayed there by accident in 1978, when a Mr and Mrs Hubert Moore owned the inn. We fell in love with the place, and over the next two years stayed there any time we could get away from Toronto. The Moores were getting too old to keep the inn up, and told us they wanted to sell the place. The trout pond and 10 acres which their setter Blarney ran through were all included. I would have loved to run the inn, but it was not meant to be. We moved to BC in 1980. I'm sure your feelings for the place are the same as my wife's and mine. Ironically, shortly after we moved here, the Moores came through on their way to seeing their son in Alaska. Best regards and thanks for some lovely memories of a special place
Mauro Azzano
Richmond, BC Canada — Tuesday, October 11th 2005
We vividly remember turning the corner on a winter's day and seeing this wonderful old New England home. We could almost smell the waffles cooking. Conversation, good food and great hospitality awaited us. Fabulous web site. You captured the very best except photos of the grand inn-keepers!

Nancy Brook and Thayer McCain
USA — Tuesday, October 26th 2004
YOU GUYS ROCK i love the inn and the fact that harry lets me help in the kitchen if i'm nice and fast and basically stay out of his way see you when the snow falls... xx jessie
jessie levoy
bicoastal baby, LANYC USA — Sunday, October 24th 2004

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