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Sunday, March 24th 2013 - 04:13:44 PM


i love your cake design, will give it a try when i drop by kl

Sunday, December 18th 2011 - 04:27:35 AM



nice site brother :) visit me back :)

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 09:33:34 PM



Thursday, July 7th 2011 - 10:59:57 AM



It was awhile before I commented....you recipes are awesome and your cooking is incredible.

Tuesday, June 28th 2011 - 09:07:50 PM

//Kenny Chew

Excellent designs of variety of cakes....very detail and cute! Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 03:59:11 PM

//Appetise Food Photography Melbourne


oh and keep up the baking in particular, cakes and muffins are my favourite

Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 03:57:33 PM

//Appetise Food Photography Melbourne


You go girl, fantastic food blog! Keep up the great work...smells great! :)

Thursday, January 6th 2011 - 07:39:11 AM

//Mary Ann Apolonio


Hi Su-Yin!!! I've read your blog about going to Notter School recently and loved it. I'm actually going to Notter school right now, I just started. Just wanted to say that you inspire me to be very passionate in what I do. :)

Friday, December 10th 2010 - 04:13:27 AM

//Nadia Nazaruddin

and...where actually did u get those cookies cutters?

Friday, December 10th 2010 - 04:11:18 AM

//Nadia Nazaruddin

hye,su....i was jz sgn up to twitter and i became ur follower..i really impressed with ur baking works...ur really good at it...and i juz wonder, do u open for classes or not...hehe..=)

Saturday, November 20th 2010 - 02:18:24 PM



hye there sue...really love ur cakes,u r very2 talented girl...if u open franchise here at brunei for sure u'll be one 'HOT' cake!hehe...best of luck in ur business babe :)

Wednesday, September 22nd 2010 - 12:39:49 PM



hello,just passing through

Thursday, June 17th 2010 - 06:16:43 PM



heyy su! i really love ur cakes ! keep up with ur good work :) I'm hoping to be like u one day :P

Saturday, June 12th 2010 - 01:54:51 AM


Really like reading ur blog, very entertaining and ur cakes r beautiful and creative.

Wednesday, May 26th 2010 - 07:15:44 PM


WHOAAA!! All I wanna do is drooooool. This site is the coolest!

Thursday, March 4th 2010 - 12:16:49 PM


相逢恨晚呀!... 如果在去年尾认识你该有多好,想起今年一月头为了我儿子的一岁生日而找不到合心意属于他的蛋糕是我的遗憾. 把可爱的你收进我的珍藏簿里啦!很快我们会见面啦^^

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 07:39:59 PM


I came across your blog 3 yrs ago and I could see your talent and inspired by your inspirations...then I looked at your blog and saw you attending school in the US, and now running your own shop. it's fabulous and what a successful person you are. It's a belated congrats but you are truly amazing!

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 04:47:34 AM

//Brandy Watters


I love your blog! The descriptions and pictures are amazing ! Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 - 05:47:14 AM



Hi Su, Just to let you know you are very very inspiring! Keep up the awesome job!!! :D Love, Alberta Leong

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 05:10:09 AM


hey i your story....journal ...lol i like your work i have a passion for Decorating Cakes if u get this plz contact me at my mail address

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 11:34:05 AM


I liked your recipe for Kaiserschann (sp?). My husband was over the moon that I'd found a recipe for a beloved dessert from where we met.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 08:24:10 PM


Hiiiii.....really2 luvvv ur works ....its an art....^_^

Friday, December 25th 2009 - 03:51:00 AM



Strolled into your site and loved your work. If I ever return to KL, I would def pay your store a visit. Best of luck from Connecticut, US.

Sunday, November 8th 2009 - 07:47:38 PM


A Portuguese fan that tripped on your blog and just kepped on coming back! Your creations are amazing! *s

Saturday, November 7th 2009 - 05:11:40 PM



You, your shop, your blog, your creations... are just AMAZING!! Lot's of Love, Strawberry Cupcake <3

Friday, October 30th 2009 - 12:09:12 AM

//Manjusha Ahmed Kachari

Love ur blog site...

Saturday, October 24th 2009 - 05:36:43 AM

//CrystaL Tham


Delectable is AWESOME!!! :)

Monday, October 12th 2009 - 05:06:25 AM


Hello I cant take my eyes away from you cupcakes and cake. You are really an artist.I live in a small town in Croatia,Europe and always dream of heaving my little cake shop. For now I bake cakes for friends. I am happy that your dream have come true.Wish you luck

Thursday, September 24th 2009 - 08:59:28 PM


Haha! This is really amazing... the cakes look like precious little pieces of artworks. I addooorree the teddy-snuggled-in-blanket one. I'm glad to have come across this blog! It makes me happy and inspired~ Shall- no, MUST visit your shop! Jia you in your work! ^_^v

Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 - 02:17:45 PM



hey, really impressed for what u have achieved! well done

Friday, September 18th 2009 - 02:18:52 AM


From Su (who loves baking and well...alright at it) to Su(who loves baking and brilliant at it): You're an inspiration! I can't believe you only started last year (If i'm not wrong, that is).Hope to visit your shop someday...

Thursday, September 17th 2009 - 12:27:13 PM

//Arnaud L.

I saw many inspiring individuals throughout my life journey : young, passionated, comitted... But up to this day, you're my hero ! Cheers from Canada !

Wednesday, September 9th 2009 - 04:01:10 AM

//little sha


omg.i have to say this. your cakes are awesome! really really is a work of art im even saving the money for my own delectable wedding cake. oh.im so loving your cakes!

Saturday, August 22nd 2009 - 05:59:23 AM

//Marie Espinoza

You are absolutely Amazing. I was looking for Mario in some fashion, that cake was outstanding! Marie Espinoza

Sunday, August 16th 2009 - 05:10:32 PM


Hi Su! I must say that your cakes are tastefully done. Will definitely order a custom one for my wedding :D. Thumbs up and keep it up!

Wednesday, August 12th 2009 - 03:59:05 PM


hey Su! Love all your cakes. There're soo tempting and pretty. Nice job! Keep up the great work :D

Wednesday, August 12th 2009 - 01:37:56 AM


Hi Su, Popped into your delightful little store on Sunday night. It was lovely to have a chat and hubby devoured the cupcakes when we got back to the hotel! Cheers, Grace

Sunday, August 9th 2009 - 03:45:37 PM

//Evon Wong

This is the cake that I always want in my B'day. Su Yin you are amezing

Tuesday, August 4th 2009 - 02:13:22 PM


Hi Su! MADE WITH PASSION! Love your works, your creations. It's beautiful, stunning & yet delicious. Simply Delectable!

Sunday, July 19th 2009 - 11:31:28 AM

//van le


Hi Su! I met your friend at a bridal salon in Winter Park, FL, today and he told me all about you and your success. Just wanted to stop by to congratulate you and say that I'm really excited to see more from you. Cheers!

Friday, July 17th 2009 - 03:46:41 PM


Its lovely; do you have an outlet in Singapore?

Tuesday, July 14th 2009 - 11:03:46 PM


想说~~ 你的蛋糕真的漂亮到不行~~ 我能够订吗???

Monday, July 13th 2009 - 12:34:13 AM

//jac khee

HELLO! you are AWESOME!!! your cakes,cupcakes and all the others are so beautiful! your talent is fantastic. i am so proud of u. keep up your great work. jac khee

Sunday, July 12th 2009 - 11:29:07 PM



You are awesome!Keep up the good work! :D

Tuesday, June 30th 2009 - 02:05:41 AM


hi, u're AWESOME :)) i've only tried one of yr cupcakes but the yummy-ness is promising enough that ur other cupcakes are gonna be just as yummy! i'll drop by at yr store as often as i can! :D

Sunday, June 21st 2009 - 11:21:17 AM


Dear Su as an Australian who hase been following your progress from Melbourne when you started in Sydney, I always knew that one day you'd make it big. You deserve every success that comes your way. I've summized that you are a very humble and caring person and I wish that I had had the chance to meet you personallly when you were here. You just never know , another time another place. Good luck with your venture with Delectable you so deserve every success. Cheers Rose Spano.Melbourne Australia.

Friday, June 19th 2009 - 05:16:53 AM


hi I'm living in Singapore for 2 yrs now. hardly know many places in KL no more. As an annual celebration, I will be home for my bday. I'll surely get myself a cake from your lovely shop. a gift to myself.

Tuesday, June 16th 2009 - 09:52:33 PM


I visited your outlet at Gardens, and your cakes are fabulous!! Love the simple design with the nice concept :) But eventually the cakes are costly, and I guess its hard for me to afford for my wedding? :(

Sunday, May 31st 2009 - 03:11:41 PM


Dear Su, congratulation for your new cake store. Dont forget to feel happy everyday coz things you make bring these feelings for others. Hope to visit your store one day on my visit to KL Warm regards, Lili

Friday, May 8th 2009 - 02:00:52 PM

//Carol Tan

looking forward for your new opening at Garden Mall!!

Saturday, May 2nd 2009 - 06:39:00 AM



Hi there, I've just came upon your blog tonight and your creations look awesome! Please inform me via my email on the location of your store. I'd love to visit that one day! Cheers, love! :D

Saturday, March 21st 2009 - 07:08:57 PM


I have been reading your blog for sometime =). You are a truly talented and passionate cook. The photograph you took was awesome too!

Wednesday, March 11th 2009 - 06:00:37 PM


you are truly inspiring! Ipoh is proud of you

Friday, March 6th 2009 - 06:06:04 PM


Dear Su, admiring all your works and love them all so much. No doubt, you are so talented and must got amazing hand and heart to do such piece of joys

Wednesday, February 18th 2009 - 06:08:02 PM


Hey Su..i love all ur masterpiece..it inspires me and i was actually planning to do a business just like u in few years later since im studying patisserie in aus now and i wanna futher my experience in the industry 1st. Keep it Up ! between im a malaysian too =)

Saturday, February 14th 2009 - 09:08:07 PM


Fantastic work. I like the CNY cookies.

Friday, February 13th 2009 - 09:30:12 AM


Hiya Su, love to look at your artwork. Keep up the good work!!! :D

Thursday, February 12th 2009 - 04:18:46 PM


Hi Su.....I love reading ur blog. U r such a talented beautiful young lady. For sure, u work hard to sharpen ur talent. Hope can see those wonderful works n the process oneday.

Monday, January 26th 2009 - 02:15:49 PM


Hi Su, I love reading your blog. I am amazed to see new creation and your natural talent. Keep it up.

Monday, January 26th 2009 - 02:14:09 PM


Hi Su, I love reading your blog. I am amazed to see new creation and your natural talent. Keep it up.

Friday, January 9th 2009 - 03:17:55 AM

//Joe Rosa

Incredible talent!!!!

Monday, January 5th 2009 - 11:56:57 AM


Hi Su, I am so inspired by you...Keep up..*)

Monday, January 5th 2009 - 11:56:50 AM


Hi Su, I am so inspired by you...Keep up..*)

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 05:57:52 PM


I'm impressed with your cakes, but more importantly the true passion you have in making them. Which leads me to see a great opportunity for you to get involved in a more commercial perspective.

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 05:56:38 PM


I'm impressed with your cakes, but more importantly the true passion you have in making them. Which leads me to see a great opportunity for you to get involved in a more commercial perspective.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 04:09:00 PM



keep up the creativity! u go girl!

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 03:37:10 PM

//Elisabeth Darwitan


hi, i love your blog so much! I love to see all those your works!!! Makes me want to learn how to cook ;P

Friday, December 5th 2008 - 04:51:45 PM



very talented. ;)

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 - 06:04:32 PM

//meng chia

Hi Su Yin, This is my first time logging into your blog and am impressed and thrilled by your skill and things you do! You're young and talented! This is the first time i'm impressed by young malaysian! I am an event and promotion exec in a corporation. Can't wait to plan for something and contact you to work with you asap! YOU GO GIRL! cheers.

Monday, December 1st 2008 - 12:30:32 PM


I've just stumbled upon your blog - I consider it an amazing 'discovery'! You are such a creative genius Su! So much talent, and such a cheery personality to go with it. All the very best - I'm now officially a loyal 'fan'!

Tuesday, November 18th 2008 - 09:14:55 PM


Wow, just saw Ben 10 - my son was blown away - he is 8 years old. I have been looking at your site for over a year now and am enthralled. You are a genius, wish you could make cupcakes/cakes for us on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. You go girl!!

Saturday, November 15th 2008 - 04:06:38 AM



hye su yin...wow ur passion on cooking was so great! i kinda enjoy reading ur blog...lots of yummies!muaahs!

Wednesday, November 5th 2008 - 06:38:04 AM

//Cintia EUA


I LOVE your creations! Keep dreaming and achieving!!! May God bless you Su!

Tuesday, November 4th 2008 - 09:20:29 PM


Hi suyin, i hv been a great fan of your blog..feel inspired each time i see your marvelous creations. Always have a keen interesting in baking but never have to the courage to pursue it. So..ended up just baking normal looking cakes and treats, at most for family and friends.. Wondering if I shld pursue my interest and crave out a career in baking...and how's the market out there for such a business to sustain..coz in the world today, I guess we have to be realistic as well..

Tuesday, October 14th 2008 - 09:04:17 PM



Hie Su Yin,you really impressed me with your artwork! Just wondering if you have a shop in KL/PJ?

Tuesday, October 14th 2008 - 08:45:17 PM


hi,been going thru ur blog for a month or two...the cakes design are so so so fantastic!! if only i had such talent.. all the best to you,always..

Monday, October 6th 2008 - 04:38:41 AM




Monday, September 29th 2008 - 12:35:38 AM


hi Su Yin,i've been reading and enjoying your blog every now and then..i knew your site from my sister who's sharing the same passion as you. You're an extremely creative & talented girl !! Well done and keep up the good work ! thanks for posting great pics, stories, and recipes.. Cheers, Tonny - Melbourne,AUS.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 04:24:20 AM

//Denise Chan


Mmmmmmmmmm... Your cupcakes and cakes and chocolates and and and... EVERYTHING edible you make, makes my mouth water!

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 07:29:57 PM

//jennifer chung


i have been reading your blogs for a more than a year now. i love that you have passion for what you do!! just your writing alone is well written and so down to earth! i admire your growth...keep doing what you do!! smiles from hawaii

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 04:42:11 PM

//Lets Go Kitchen


Hi, I would say you have wonderful skills. And thank you for sharing. Love www.letsgokitchen.com

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 05:29:36 AM



hy, you make a nice work... by from italy

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 01:30:10 PM

//jack benchakul

very nice site. you're obviously talented...it's a shame that you don't reside in the Bay Area (California) - i'm sure that there's something that we could learn from each other! anyway, sites like yours will continue to educate and inspire me before i open my bakery next year...

Tuesday, July 8th 2008 - 04:28:54 AM


OH MY GOD I'VE JUST FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! ok no..i'm kidding..u have awesome skills and I'm so frikkin jealous. Came across ur blog from series of links..and I'm definitely gonna keep checking and borrowing your recipes. I shall call u.>SUGURU< thankyou for all the beautiful photos!! dont stop posting!

Thursday, June 5th 2008 - 11:44:00 PM



Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 08:56:21 AM


Okay...How do I get to assist Chef Pilon!?!?! That is my dream externship when I get ready to graduate. YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!!

Wednesday, May 7th 2008 - 11:10:25 PM


Hi Su..OMG ur blog is amazing..happen to stumble upon it while searching for cake recipes..u inspired me to do more with cooking n probably get myself enrolled into a cooking sch when i've saved enough after i graduate..Notter Sch seems awesome..u'r such a talented n wonderful gal ;)

Wednesday, May 7th 2008 - 12:57:13 AM


heya sue yin!! it's been ages..but yea, did u know ur mario cake was featured in GEEKOLOGIE? here's the link: http://www.geekologie.com/2008/04/im_getting_hungry_another_mari.php it's also listed as NUMBER ONE in SO FREAKING COOL in the site :) congrats!!!

Saturday, March 22nd 2008 - 02:12:44 AM


LOL! i found your blog off the girlfriend magazine. =D nice blog btw. :P

Monday, March 17th 2008 - 01:24:30 PM

//Diana F.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog. Diana, Jon & Stefanie from Utah

Sunday, March 16th 2008 - 02:45:52 AM

//Diana A.

HI Suyi, I just was to say that I enjoy your blog alot. Your an amazing, story teller, photographer, decorator,baker and cook. Good luck to all your DREAMS and never ever forget to blog. Peace and God bless

Wednesday, March 5th 2008 - 02:04:19 AM



Hi... I love to read your blog... it's awesome... you are so young, beautiful, and talented...

Wednesday, February 27th 2008 - 11:40:39 AM


heyy su don't be worried get a blogskin which will not allow anyone 2 rip anythin don;t worry

Thursday, February 21st 2008 - 01:53:36 AM

//Javier's Mummy


You're awesome, talented & gifted! Love reading your blog & keep up the good work!

Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 11:58:07 PM



Hi! Was introduced to your blog. Very nice. Keep up the passion. Drop me a mail if you wish to know a fellow patissiere! :)

Tuesday, February 5th 2008 - 05:43:50 AM


Your experiences there is priceless, i hope i get to have such experiences too! And oh, Danny is so gorgeous. Intro please! LOL! :P

Friday, January 4th 2008 - 05:48:15 PM

//Wai Fen

Hi Su-Yin, just wan to tell you that i love reading your blog very much. Thanks for sharing your cooking ideas with us. hugs.

Thursday, December 20th 2007 - 11:02:09 AM


Su-Yin,it is pure joy looking at your creations and yes, it inspires me to go create something similar. A beautiful well presented blog, well categorised too.P/s love all your expressions when you blog.

Tuesday, December 18th 2007 - 05:52:07 AM



You had inspired me. I made my first marshmallow fondant and it was nice. Thanks for your tips and help. I really appreciate that. Hope that you will organize a party to meet your fans in M'sia. I am from Penang.

Monday, December 17th 2007 - 01:19:44 PM



Hi.. I really enjoy reading your blog. Gosh, you are really good. 2 tumbs up for the true decorateur. :)

Friday, December 14th 2007 - 06:09:06 PM


Hi!! My mum is from IPOH too!! Which part of IPOH r u from? I really enjoy reading your blog!!

Sunday, December 9th 2007 - 09:41:14 AM


I wish to seeyour blog

Thursday, December 6th 2007 - 09:48:59 PM

//yoo lee

been surfing your journal for long time ago but now decided to sign in your guestbook,LOL Only one word I could say... "Extremely Talented" rgds Yop

Thursday, November 29th 2007 - 01:23:07 AM


hi gal!!! whenever i on my pc, i will never off it b4 going to ur page. juz so wonderful of u to share ur talents with the readers! thank u so much! i've sure learnt a lot from u!!!! XXXXX

Friday, November 16th 2007 - 03:08:49 PM


Hey, your blog was mentioned in a New Zealand/Australian teen mag and I saw the pictures of cupcakes with faces, I thought they were so cute so I looked this up straight away!!

Thursday, November 15th 2007 - 12:29:42 AM


You are so talented. Am now looking for wilton or any other cake decoration books and courses for beginners. And advise? You are extremely talented and an inspiration. And so young too! You go girl!

Wednesday, November 14th 2007 - 06:38:33 PM

//Su Ann

Hi been reading yr blog for a while and find your creations most impressive. So are you planning to start a business venture now that you have graduated? Anyways, just wanted to paste you this entry from wikipedia on chopsticks etiquette - so you dont hv to ask yr mum! "Chopsticks should not be left standing vertically in a bowl of rice or other food. Any stick-like object pointed upward resembles the incense sticks that some Asians use as offerings to deceased family members; certain funerary rites designate offerings of food to the dead using standing chopsticks" Good luck!

Tuesday, November 13th 2007 - 07:20:12 PM


Hi there. Someone introduced me to your blog... you sure make beautiful cakes. Too bad you don't live in Singapore else I'd order one for my daughter's 7th birthday early December. Instead, I'll be baking for her a black forest cake. Keep up the good work and hope to see more after you graduate.

Tuesday, November 13th 2007 - 01:11:23 PM


I love your site! Keep up the good work and looking forward to more fun reading and cooking some of your creations!

Tuesday, November 13th 2007 - 11:55:08 AM



Hello. I came across your blog when my workmate was browsing through it. And I must say, the stuff you do are amazing :) I really enjoy them all.

Friday, November 9th 2007 - 05:34:30 PM


Hi Su-Yin Have been reading your blog for awhile. Came across it when I was surfing for food blogs. I just want say that your cakes looks so pretty and fabulous! I am sure they taste good too! How I wish you are in Singapore so that I can order birthday cakes for my friends! Good luck for your exams!

Wednesday, November 7th 2007 - 11:16:51 PM


Hihi, I love your blog! you are definately very very talented. I was an ex student from the same faculty but left long time ago... remember to advise your fans when u publish your BOOK!

Tuesday, November 6th 2007 - 12:52:12 PM

//Ryan May

Thanks for giving me some ideas... find your page a great help and i hope you enjoy putting up your work as i do reading it (and having a go at making some of the stuff...may not turn out as good as your looks but it still tastes good :) )

Thursday, October 25th 2007 - 04:48:47 PM



Hi Su Yin! It's wonderful to know n explore ur blog. Reading ur 'cooking-history' just like reading mine. I'm a -trully madly love to cook-student to, at Uni of Brawijaya Malang, East Java Indonesia. Hope we can share things about kitchen soon. And hope, u can tell me those amazing 'sculpting' things.. Haha.. xoxo

Thursday, October 25th 2007 - 02:01:19 PM


heyy. how've you been? its meee, ashley chin, sister naomi. remember? hey whts ur aus no.? i'm in melbourne rite now till nxt month. email me or something ok? hope to hear from u soon. :) xoxo

Sunday, October 21st 2007 - 10:25:40 PM

//Anne (and Kate)

hi Su-Yin, it was very exciting to meet you at the High Tea yesterday, and even more exciting to taste your gorgeous work. The shop we were mentioning (that sells bulk icing & other cake supplies) is at www.bakerysugarcraft.com.au It is at Wetherill Park in sydney's west (so not at all convenient for you!) but i see they do online orders. The icing we like (that we find easier to manage than Orchard) is called Bakels Plastic Icing - you can buy in 7kg pscks. Anyway - I hope you enjoyed the catering as much as we enjoyed sampling it! all the best, anne

Friday, October 19th 2007 - 08:37:19 PM

//Jayne T

Hi Su Yin, Adore your blog and your creations ! I'm hooked :) And makes me wanna bake again, haha Keep up the good work & looking forward reading your blog. All the best :D

Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 04:47:19 PM


I really really enjoy reading your blog :) i come here everyday serious! keep up the blogging yah? :)

Wednesday, October 17th 2007 - 07:13:11 PM



u really are wonderful! u are my idol now!

Wednesday, October 17th 2007 - 12:05:15 AM


You really make me IMPRESSED , I actually told my friend how I wish you can be my daughter-in-law....too bad my son is only 5 years...joking keep up the good work....KUDOS

Saturday, October 13th 2007 - 03:40:56 PM


Hello there Su..you know what like you,I also love to cooked but I dont have a talent in baking..it always turn out a mess when i tried..It was so fun reading your blog it really helps me a lot.I just graduated in Culinary arts here in manila,Philippines..Your blog helps me a lot..Continue blogging and More power..thanks

Saturday, October 13th 2007 - 03:38:17 PM


Hello there Su..you know what like you,I also love to cooked but I dont have a talent in baking..it always turn out a mess when i tried..It was so fun reading your blod it really helps me a lot.I just graduated in Culinary arts here in manila,Philippines..Your blog helps me a lot..Continue blogging and More power..thanks

Tuesday, October 9th 2007 - 06:05:28 PM


HELLO! =D I think you bake really pretty cuppycakes~! And you're also very beeeuuteeful! :)

Tuesday, October 9th 2007 - 01:27:27 AM


i think your blog is amazing. your cakes are unique and the best i have ever seen! i wish you all the best.

Monday, October 8th 2007 - 04:37:27 PM



I love your creations! I just wanted to let you know that we're going to feature your buger cuteness tomorrow morning on yumsugar.com. Keep up the amazing creations!

Sunday, October 7th 2007 - 07:28:54 PM



WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! im so amazedddddd~ u're such a talented n creative one! i lurv all ur work~~~ *drools* from now on, i think im gonna drop by everyday. :D :D

Sunday, October 7th 2007 - 04:54:35 AM



Hi, A friend of mine pointed me to your cook-blog. Just wanted to say that you one hella of a good cook. Bookmarked this and will definitely come browsing often to see your new cooking adventures. Your cakes are masterpieces and i would be heartbroken if i saw anyone of them being cut and served :) Anyways, keep it up and good job!

Saturday, October 6th 2007 - 04:59:51 PM



Hello, I saw your Mario Cake posting from some other blogging sites. I wanted to do a small entry about cool game themed cakes on my blog, but I just wanted to get your permission to post some of your Mario cake pictures. Of course, I'll give credit and links to your website. Anyways, your cakes are awesome! Keep on baking!

Thursday, October 4th 2007 - 02:45:41 AM


hi,su-yin! this is jennyvi from Philippines... i really love reading your blog. keep up the good work! :)

Monday, October 1st 2007 - 09:03:45 PM

//stephen mather


Sunday, September 30th 2007 - 11:21:38 PM


sorry what i meant was... you are not only a good cook & baker but..an artist...i missed out the word 'only'...sorry girl!

Sunday, September 30th 2007 - 11:06:14 PM



Su-Yin, I'm Malaysian too. So proud of u! I should say you are not a good cook & baker...you are an artist! You have it in you.Keep up the good work and always make your mama&papa proud!

Sunday, September 30th 2007 - 10:52:20 PM


hi there...since i am a malaysian,i think it'll be quite fun to leave a comment in bhs rojak if u don't mind tee hee.first of all u ni very talentedlah..bestla baca ur blog. i also like to cook.but not as good as u lah.i saved ur cupcake pics to use as avatars in a website.sorry ek... i wish u da best of luck in ur studies n hopefully u dapat a guy who really treats u well!!! GOD BLESS U GURL!!

Saturday, September 29th 2007 - 12:18:00 AM

//Helen T

I had such a good time reading your blog....you are a very creative person and I love the different designs you have created. You will go a long way girl....God Bless you and good luck in your endeavours

Friday, September 28th 2007 - 10:05:40 AM


Hi Su Yin, I'm a have to work mum with 3 kids in Singapore. Envy your talent and passion in baking & cooking. Am also hook to you blog ever since logged on. Will try out some of your receipes.

Thursday, September 27th 2007 - 06:46:40 PM

//Restiani Tan


Hi Su yin, may i call u by name? ur handiwork r very inspire me so i drop by to say hi,VERY NICE WORK! :>

Thursday, September 27th 2007 - 12:56:46 PM

//Tan Bee Ling

Su Yin, I love your blog and it has inspired me to start baking and decorating cake again. A passion that started when I was young but forgotten due to family and job committment. Thanks again for such a wonderful blog.

Monday, September 24th 2007 - 08:42:11 PM



Hi there, My name is Clara and I'm a journalist with the Star newspaper. My colleague, Michelle, mentioned to me you wanted to do some charity work and was wondering how to go about it? Do return me an email, she's asked me to help you if I can. Cheers. -clara-

Monday, September 24th 2007 - 05:41:38 AM


i think you're amazing. the cakes you make are stunning. my husband and i both agree that you put so much effort into making it. i'd love to order one of your cakes for my son's 1st birthday. unfortaunately you're in australia and i'm in new york!!!! the dilemma!!!! is there any way we can make it work?? or if you know someone or somewhere in the new york area who is as amazing as you??

Saturday, September 22nd 2007 - 08:04:50 PM


ur cakes look amazing, i mean everything else looks amazing too...do u teach?..haha...im a malaysian studying in sydney too....btw, ur skills are anything but basic

Saturday, September 22nd 2007 - 12:44:48 AM


hey there, i love all of the foods displayed in ur blog!!! it looks so delicious that i'm hungry again!! i wish i could jst grab it right from the monitor n eat it staright away!! btw, what makes u interested in cooking?

Wednesday, September 19th 2007 - 02:45:57 PM


Hi Su, i am a SAHM with 2 kids from SG.your blog is simply superb.I am just amazed at your creative ideas.Keep up the good work.You have got another regular fan........ Your blog gives me a lot of inspiration/ideas for snacks to make at Buka Puasa...nasi lemak cups!!!wow...that really bowled me out.....My kids get excited seeing ur blog n insist i try out ur receipes. Hope to see ur creative juices flowing always.........Cheers....

Wednesday, September 19th 2007 - 02:44:30 PM


Hi Su, i am a SAHM with 2 kids.your blog is simply superb.I am just amazed at your creative ideas.Keep up the good work.You have got another regular fan........ Your blog gives me a lot of inspiration/ideas for snacks to make at Buka Puasa...nasi lemak cups!!!wow...that really bowled me out.....My kids get excited seeing ur blog n insist i try out ur receipes. Hope to see ur creative juices flowing always.........Cheers....

Tuesday, September 18th 2007 - 06:45:42 PM

//Azlina - D'sara

Happy Belated Birthday Su-Yin. You are full of ideas. Keep up and make Malaysia proud.

Monday, September 17th 2007 - 08:49:02 PM



Oh my God, your Good looking cakes are divine! You're such a talented baker! Keep it up!! :)

Monday, September 17th 2007 - 04:20:05 AM


Your blog is fanstastic!! I've never seen a blog like this one!! Ciao !!

Thursday, September 13th 2007 - 03:38:57 AM


thank u so much for everything~ ur blog has changed my way of living!!! ^^ keep up the good work!

Saturday, September 8th 2007 - 08:25:58 AM

//Sunny Hau

Nice guide =). Since the mid autumn festival is coming up, I was looking to ideas to make mooncakes and your guide helped a lot. Now if I can only find where to buy laterns to complete the festive setting...

Friday, August 31st 2007 - 09:28:18 PM


chanced upon your site..you are so talented!im gonna try out some of your recipes this weekend!=D

Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 - 02:36:22 AM

//Jean Anderson

I enjoy your site so much!!! Please keep it up!!! Tis a great one!

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