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The purpose of this site is for either posting stories of childhood tie-up games or discussion of childhood tie-up games.

I will be a little more relaxed about sexual content than Canuck's site, but I will still delete anything which I consider goes "too far" even for this forum. If you don't like that, make your own dreambook and run it to your own rules.

Stories posted here should be about tie-up games, played by children, on children. Note those key words, game and play. I do not want stories of abuse.

Fictional (made-up) stories are okay, but please mark them as fictional with the story category.

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Jason Masters
Saturday, April 19th 2003 - 09:10:27 PM

Category: General Comment
Title: Welcome to my story dreambook

This is my new dreambook. The purpose of this site is for stories of childhood tie-up games.

Although I will be a little more "relaxed" about sexual content than Canuck's site, I will still delete anything I consider goes "too far". If you don't like me deleting your story, go create your own dreambook and re-post your story there.

Keep two words in mind when deciding what to post here: game and play! I do not want stories of abuse! I will also give preference to true stories from first-person perspective, although I do not mind realistic fictional stories being posted here.

Richard's #1 fan who now has his own dreambook. :-)


Bondage Master
Thursday, August 7th 2003 - 04:12:54 AM

Category: G Rated Story (fictional)
Title: Taking the Game to a Whole New Level
This is a fictional story about me, a 13-year-old male, and my 11-year-old female neighbor. We both like trying to tie each other up, so one night, I had a dream of what might happen five years from now. So I'd be 18, and she'd be 16 in my dream. It begins on a cloudy day in the summer...
"Hey Ruth, my parents are gone for the week, and I was wondering if your brother was home."
"Nope, sorry. My parents took Joe to Arizona to visit his cousins, so I'm home alone for a week too. Hey I know! Wanna play one of our old tie-up games?"
"Uh, no thanks. I've gotta get my dinner started. Bye."
I hung up the phone and went to the kitchen to get a can of Spaghetti O's ready. It's ready and in my stomach in less than 10 minutes.
Shortly after dinner, while I'm watching TV at about 7, the doorbell rang. I answered it, and there was Ruth again.
"Geez, Ruth! Whad'ya want now?"
"I was just wondering if your sister was home."
"No, she's gone with my parents."
"Oh, well, can I see your upstairs bathroom? I think your sister accidentally took one of my hairclips by mistake. Can I go upstairs and look?"
"(sigh)Sure, go ahead."
She dashed upstairs and disappeared into the bathroom. She came downstairs two minutes later with a smile on her face.
" I found it! Thanks, Ryan!"
"Yeah whatever. Good night now," and with that I pushed her out the door and shut it.
I spent the rest of the evening on the N64, and at 10:30, I went upstairs and brushed my teeth. Immeadiately after I brushed my teeth, I felt very drowzy, so I ran into my room, stripped down to my boxers, turned off the light, and jumped into bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.

- - -

I woke up several hours later, feeling strange. First of all, I couldn't move my arms or legs. I couldn't see, and when I tried to speak, only a "mmmpph!" came out. And then I realized, I was completely naked! Not only that, I was tied up in bed! I could feel a sock and padlock on my feet, several layers of rope around my body, arms, and legs, handcuffs on my wrists, which were behind me, tape on my mouth, and a blindfold over my eyes!
"Hello, Ryan!" a voice said from right next to me. I knew right away who it was, Ruth!
She then removed my blindfold so I could see that she was lying right next to me in a swimming suit!
I mmmpphed, "What's going on here?"
"Oh, I'm just taking our tie-up game to a whole new level! You know, you have a very nice body, so I couldn't help it!"
I mmmphed again, "How did I sleep through this?"
"Well, remember when I went upstairs to your bathroom? I wasn't retrieving a hair clip, I was putting a sleeping draft in your toothpaste!"
It all made sense. When I fell asleep, I must've actually been out cold. That's how she managed to strip me naked and tie me up in bed next to her!
"I was also staking out right outside your house until you fell asleep. You know, after I left, you forgot to lock your front door!"
I was completely helpless. She put her arms around me and pulled me close. She then put her head against mine and fell asleep. I was awake for another hour trying to struggle with the cuffs on my hands and the padlocked sock on my feet, but it was no use. I finally fell asleep again.

- - -

I woke up a while later, and looked over at my alarm clock. It was 5:15 in the morning. Ruth was still asleep, and her arms were no longer around me. That gave me time to think. I then thought of the paper cutter downstairs. If I pressed down on the handle hard enough, I might be able to break the cuffs!
I slowly and carefully squirmed out of bed, and regained my balance. I then hopped out of my room (lucky for me, the door was open). I hopped along the hallway very quietly until I came to the stairs.
The best way to get down the stairs, I figured, was sliding on my butt. So I carefully lowered myself to the floor, and slid right down the stairs, which was a little painful.
When I reached the bottom, I listened for sounds of Ruth waking up. All was quiet, so I hopped over to my mom's working office. I located the paper cutter right away. I hopped over to it, leaned back against the table, and picked it up by the handle with one hand.
I slowly lowered myself to the ground, and placed the paper cutter carefully on the floor right behind me. I positioned the cuffs directly under the handle, put my butt on the handle, and slammed down hard on it. The blade sliced right through the thin cuff link, and my hands were free!
"Yes!" I mmmpphed through the duct tape. I proceeded to untying the ropes around my arms and body, which took a few minutes, then ripped the duct tape off my mouth. I then untied my legs, but became stumped on how to get the padlocked sock off my feet.
I decided that since I didn't know her combination, I would have to break the sock. I pushed myself up off the floor, and hopped all the way to the kitchen, which was easier now that I could use my arms to give myself a boost.
In the kitchen, I went to the knife holder, and took out the one with the sharpest blade. I sliced my way through the sock in about five seconds. I did it! I was finally free!
"Hah! Take that, Ruth!" I said quietly to myself. "I'd better go get some clothes."
I ran to the utility room and pulled a fresh shirt and underwear from the dryer. I slipped into them, then ran upstairs to confront Ruth.
Ruth stirred when I entered the room, and then gasped when she saw I had escaped.
"Oh my gosh! How did you -"
"I've got my ways. And I wouldn't try that again unless you want another pair of handcuffs and a sock ruined. Now where's the key to these cuffs?"
"In my coat pocket." She reached into her coat, which lay on the floor, pulled out the key, and handed it to me.
As I was taking the two halves of the handcuffs off my wrists, Ruth said, "That sure was fun though, wasn't it? We took our tie-up game to a whole new level!"
"That was not all fun for me, but it was kinda cool being tied-up. Now, put your coat on and get outta here. I will get you back for this! I swear it!"



Jason Masters
Thursday, August 7th 2003 - 10:34:51 PM

Category: Comment about a story
Title: To Bondage Master
Although this site is really for stories of childhood games, your fantasy story was well told and rather fun. Besides, the site was looking about to die of story starvation and I appreciate the contribution.

Thanks for posting.


slim jim
Tuesday, September 16th 2003 - 03:02:24 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: danny gets tied
i am a 15 year old male. i have a foot fetish and i love bondage. i am straight, but i have this infatuation with my friend danny. i love everything about him. he's only in seventh grade, but we still hang out. the thing i like about him the most is his feet. danny is quite small for his age so i always mess with him by wrestling around and rough housing, but i always wanted to tie him up. i decided to tie him up at my house one day. i invited him over and when he came over, i invited him up to my room to "play videogames." as soon as we walked into my room, i tackled him to the ground and tied his hands behind his back.i was really surprised how easily i got him tied up. so i decided to untie his hands to get his tshirt off. after i got his shirt off, i tied his hands up again. then i slid his jeans off so he was just in his boxers. then i took his socks off. i finished up by tying his ankles. i took one of danny's socks and stuffed it into his mouth and tied a bandana around his head. danny just laid on the ground and squirmed around. i just laughed at him for a while, then i decided to do stuff to danny. i started to tickle his little feet. i started getting around by touching his feet, so i took it to the next level and started to lick and kiss his feet. i even sucked on his toes. i was having a great time and judging by the bulge in danny's boxers, i guess he was too. i hogtied danny next and tickled his whole body. i got bored of tickling him so i untied danny and let him put his clothes back on. danny wasnt mad that i did that and even wanted to do it again, but suggested that i let him tie me up. i agreed and then we just played videogames for the rest of the day.


Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 06:37:47 AM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: 7 Kidnapped Beauties
First, something about me: I'm male and I'm 15. I'll refer my name as "M". Allright, now let's proceed to the story... Last year I finished 9th Grade, I don't know if it's like that in the USA (I'm from Portugal), but the 9th Grade is when your class splits to different learning areas (or whatever you call them). So, as our class was going to split and some were going to leave our school, I decided to organize a dinner in my house for all of us to be together one last time. My parents decided to spend the night off at a friend's house. The entire class came, it was a success! (We were 31, 7 girls and 24 boys) The party was on until midnight, 1 AM, while everybody was starting to leave. At 1:30 AM there were only the girls left! All of them! [They are: Madleine, she's very tall and thin, brown hair, uses bracers, very long legs, she was wearing a white shoulder-sleeved top and blue jeans; Maryann, middle height, blonde, she was wearing a pink orange and green striped shoulder-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans; Mary, middle height, black hair, very active (yes, I mean active, not attractive, however she is attractive, that's not what I meant), she was wearing a blue sweatshirt and blue pants (you know, the ones that are large at the end near the feet, I don't know what they're called so I'll call them "bell pants", that's how we call them here); Sofy, middle height, brown hair, bracers, I once had a crush on her, she was wearing a light blue pullover and white bell pants; Marta, small, light brown hair, she's very funny, I have a crush on her, she was wearing a red and black sweatshirt and black bell pants; Sarah, she's from Macau, she's mulatta (her dad is black and her mom is white, or vice versa, I don't remember, lol), middle height, dark brown hair, she was wearing a black shoulder-sleeved top and dark blue bell jeans; Rita, middle height, brown hair, she's very kind, she was wearing sort of a t-shirt that doesn't cover the shoulders, you know what I mean? and light blue bell pants; they were all without shoes, only with socks] That gave me an idea... I said to the girls I'd be right back, I rushed up to my bedroom and opened my little safe, what was inside? Of course, my little bag of "tools", white soft rope, silk scarves, silver duct tape, bandannas, handkerchiefs, etc... I got the necessary and crouched behind a big vase at the top of the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. The girls were in the kitchen eating pizza, then Madleine said "I need to go to the toilet. Don't you dare eating my slice of pizza, Marta!!" The girls giggled and Madleine left the kitchen. The bathroom is just near the bottom of the stairs so I waited until she entered it, then I quickly ran downstairs and hid behind the coat hanger near the bathroom. As soon as she got out I leaped on her, "What? M, what are you doimmmMMMMPHH!!!" She didn't have time to finish the sentence, I stuffed a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with duct tape. Then, I tied her wrists together behind her back with a silk scarf, dragged her into a bedroom downstairs and secured her tied wrists to a closet's door knob so that she would sit on the ground but having her arms tied over her head and couldn't get up. Her feet weren't tied, so she started mmmmphing and kicking the floor, I said: "You're the first! Let´s see how can I capture the others..." I left and closed the door so that her frantic mmmmphs could barely be heard from outside the bedroom, I went upstairs again and waited. Marta was in the kitchen with the rest of the girls and yelled "Madleine! If you don't hurry up I'm really gonna eat your slice of pizza!" No response of course, heheheh... Then Rita asked "What's taking her so long?", "Dunno" Marta answered, "Go see what's going on, and tell her that I'm gonna eat her pizza!", "Ok". Rita crossed the living room and got to the bathroom, there was nobody there but the light was on. "Madleine? Marta is gonna eat your pizza! C'mon, were are you?". That's when she heard "Mmmmph!! Mmmph!!" coming from the bedroom. "Madleine?", she opened the door and paralyzed when she saw Madleine bound and gagged. She starting kicking the floor and mmmphing to warn her but it was too late. I clamped my hand over Rita's mouth "Mmmmph!!", forced her on the bed, put a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with her own red bandanna she was wearing on her hair. Then I tied her wrists together behind her back and her ankles with white soft rope. I sat her down next to Madleine and kissed her cheek while she mmmmphed calmly. "2 are caught, 5 more to go!" I left, closed the door but this time I hid behind the kitchen door and peeked inside. The girls were finishing their pizza and Mary said "Now they're both gone!", "Oh, well" said Marta while eating Madleine's pizza, "And M said he'd be right back!" replied Sarah, "Something's fishy...". Sarah got up from her chair, I rushed to the livingroom and hid behind a couch. She crossed the livingroom "Rita? Madleine? Where are you?". As she was getting close to the couch I sneaked behind her and cleave gagged her with a handkerchief "M?? Whmmmt mmr mmou dmmmng???"(I think she tried to say "M?? What are you doing???") I tied her wrists together behind her back with duct tape. She started screaming into her gag and kicking the floor, "Mmmmrhhn!! Hmmllp!!! Mmmmrtmhh!!" as it was only a cleave gag with nothing inside, she made considerable noise. I heard the sound of dragging chairs in the kitchen, the girls had heard Sarah, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly dragged Sarah up to the computer room (there are 2 sets of stairs coming from the livingroom, they both go up, but one of them goes to the computer room and the other goes to the upper bedrooms, the computer room and the upper bedrooms are linked), tied her feet together with duct tape, closed the door, rushed to the upper bedrooms and then to the top of the other stairs. I looked down and saw Mary and Marta in the livingroom. "I could swear I heard something, Marta", "I didn't hear anything". Marta went back to the kitchen but Mary kept searching "Sarah? Madleine? Rita? C'mon you girls, this isn't funny! Where are you?", Sofy entered the livingroom and said "Maybe they're just trying to play a prank on us", "Yeah, it could be that" Mary answered. They both sat on the couch and turned on the TV "They'll have to show up sometime" giggled Mary, "Yeah". I took advantage of them being distracted watching TV and slowly went downstairs to see how were Rita and Madleine in the bedroom. I opened the door and saw that somehow Madleine had managed to free herself from the door knob and was standing up (still with her wrists tied behind her back) trying to untie Rita. "Trying to escape, are we?" I said sarcastically. I tied her wrists again to the door knob, this time with 2 knots, and her feet with duct tape while she mumbled into her gag "Mmmmph...". To be sure Rita and Madleine wouldn't escape, I tied their ankles with the same white rope (apart from their original bonds) and tied the rope to one of the legs of the bed. I asked them "Is it too tight?, they shook their heads no, "Good", I kissed each one's cheeks and said "I won't be long, I've still got more preys to catch!" I left them mmmphing in the bedroom and closed the door. Thank God that the TV volume was too high for Mary and Sofy to hear Sarah's faint calls for help that were coming from the computer room upstairs. I went upstairs through the bedroom stairs, crossed the bedrooms and opened the computer room's door. To my surprise, Sarah had managed to free her feet and was standing up (I had tied her feet too quickly, so I hadn't got the time to check if it was secure), but the rest of her bonds were still untouched. I made her sit on a chair, I tied each of her ankles to the chair's front legs with duct tape, tied her wrists to the back of the chair and secured her wrists and her arms to the chair and her body with more duct tape. Then I removed the cleave gag, she was going to scream for help but I quickly put a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with another handkerchief as a cleave gag "...Hmmlmmph!!!". "There you are, now you won't make much of a sound", I said, as she looked at me and grunted through her gag "Mmmmph... Mmmmmph!!". She started struggling against her bonds but it was useless. I left the room, silently closed the door and went upstairs. I started thinking "Let's see... I got Madleine and Rita in the downstairs bedroom, and Sarah in the computer room. Sofy and Mary are watching TV in the livingroom, and Marta and Maryann are in the kitchen doing God knows what, lol. I gotta separate someone from the group, but how?" Then I remembered that Mary was expecting a call from her boyfriend to her mobile. She likes to be alone when she's on the phone, so, I just had to call her mobile! I got my mobile and set my number to "Private Number", for her not to see who was calling. I went to the top of the computer room stairs, peeked down into the livingroom and phoned her, soon her mobile started ringing "Oh! I'll be right back, Sofy! Maybe it's my boyfriend!" She ran upstairs through the bedroom stairs still with her mobile ringing. When she got to my bedroom she answered the phone: "Hello?", I was right behind her, "Hello", "EEEP!!!!" she dropped her mobile "Gosh!! M, you scared me!!!", "Oh, I'm sorry" I answered. "Well don't, why did you call me anyway?", "Just to let you participate in my little game" I smiled, "M, you're scaring me, what's goinmmMMMPH!!!! Mmh mmmph mmmphghh mmhs mmmngh..." (something like "I knew something was wrong"). I put a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with another handkerchief, making a cleave gag, she managed to escape and run into the stairs, she looked down to Sofy and tried to scream "SMMMMPHH!!! HMMMPHH MMH!!!", she hadn't got time to remove the gag. I grabbed and dragged her into my bedroom, I tied each of her wrists and ankles to the bed posts with white rope, left the bedroom and closed the door. I went to the top of the computer room stairs and peeked into the livingroom, Sofy was watching TV. Then, Marta and Maryann arrived to the livingroom, Maryann asked Sofy "Where's Mary?", "Oh, she's on the phone with her boyfriend. You know how she gets, she once spent 1 hour on the phone with him!". The girls giggled, "Yeah, I know how it gets" said Marta, "Say, what are you watching?", "It's a DVD, Legally Blonde", Marta sat on the couch with Sofy watching the movie, "Well, I'm gonna see if I've got any new e-mails, I'm sure M won't mind", said Maryann. She started climbing the stairs to the computer room. I new I should think fast. As soon as she entered the room I jumped from behind, pushed her in and closed the door. "Hey! What's the big idea?" she looked at Sarah bound and gagged "Mmmmph!! Mmmmph!!", "Uh-oh, I know what's going onmmMMMPHH!!" I quickly put a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with duct tape, a lot of it, I think I spinned the roll 3 times around her head! After that, she almost couldn't make a sound! I tied her wrists behind her back with a silk scarf, her ankles too, then I used white rope to tie her knees, then her ankles to her wrists, putting her in a hog-tie position. "That should do it!" I said, sweating, she started mmmphing but the tape was so strong that I could barely hear it. I left the room and silently closed the door. Now there was a problem, the 2 girls that remained to tie up were watching a movie together! Then, I had an idea. I went downstairs, sneaked behind the couch and went to the kitchen. When I got there, I yelled "Sofy! Can you come here? I wanna show you something!", she got up and answered "M? What are you doing in the kitchen? I didn't see you pass by... Where are the others?", as she entered the kitchen, I closed the door behind her and clamped my hand over her mouth "MMMPH?? MMMMPHH!!!". I made her sit on a chair, I removed my hand and she tried to yell "HEmmMMMMPH!!!" I put a handkerchief in her mouth and secured it with duct tape. I tied her wrists to the armrests and her ankles to the front legs of the chair. I secured her body to the chair with tons of duct tape. She began struggling against her bonds and mmmphing frantically until giving up. I kissed her cheek "Now there's only one left", I smiled and left the kitchen, when I opened the door she started mmmphing as loud as she could to warn Marta but she was too well gagged. I closed the kitchen door and headed to the livingroom. "M? What happened in the kitchen? I heard a noise..." asked Marta, "Oh, nothing. Let's say Sofy is a little «tied up»". She looked at me "Ohhh no, heheh... I know that look... You won't get me!!" She laughed and started running upstairs through the computer room stairs. I took the other stairs and we met upstairs, I grabbed her and she started yelling "HELP!! MARY!! MARYANMMMMMPH!!!" I put a handkerchief in her mouth and whispered at her ear "They've all been kidnapped, you're the last one...", she started giggling. I cleave gagged her with a silk scarf and began tying her up in my parents' bedroom. Her wrists behind her back with duct tape and her ankles with a silk scarf. She was mmmphing alot, even with that tight cleave gag, so, I just covered the cleave gag with duct tape, about the same amount that I used to gag Maryann. "There, it's done, I've successfully kidnapped 7 beauties!" Marta started giggling through her gag, "Now let's bring you all together!". I picked up Marta, went downstairs to the livingroom and layed her on one of the couches. Then, I went back upstairs to get Mary, I untied her from the bed posts, tied her wrists behind her back and her ankles with white rope, went downstairs and layed her next to Marta. I climbed the stairs again and entered the computer room, untied Sarah from the chair but kept her wrists together with duct tape, walked herdownstairs, made her sit next to Mary and tied her ankles with white rope. I returned to the computer room and carried Maryann in her hogtie to the other couch, I asked her if she'd like to be in another position and she shook her head no. Then I went to the kitchen, I untied Sofy from the chair but kept her wrists tied withduct tape, walked her to the livingroom, made her sit next to Maryann and tied her ankles together with a silk scarf. I went to the downstairs bedroom and untied Rita and Madleine from the rope that was holding their ankles. I untied Madleine from the door knob but letting her wrists tied, I carried her into the livingroom and layed her on the couch next to Sofy. Then I went again to the bedroom dwnstairs to get Rita and layed her next to Madleine. We all saw the movie until the end. When it finished it was 3 A.M. or something like that. I untied them all and they all thanked me with hugs and kisses for the great night it had been!


Tuesday, November 25th 2003 - 06:09:16 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: The School Bus
This happened throughout my primary school years (Grades 3 to 6). I come from an all-boys school. You can therefore imagine the chaos on the bus-ride home. There would be kids fighting, kids throwing things and kids just yelling their lungs out. Then there were the kids that dominated the seats at the rear of the bus. Their leader was called Ben (his nickname). He was my neighbour and so although I wasn't in his "gang" being a quiet and reserved kid, I was accorded the privilege of sitting behind.

I don't know how or when it all started, but everyday, the "gang" would pick on a kid, the same kid (I can't remember his name, so I'll refer to him as Mark). I don't know why they kept picking on Mark, probably because he was the most handsome kid on the bus (I think he was half American, half Chinese). I remember in the beginning, the gang would strip Mark naked in the back of the bus and bring his clothes to the front of the bus where he would have to crawl (for fear of people from outside looking into the bus) to retrieve his clothes (and whatever was left of his dignity). Ben, being the biggest sized person on the bus, would pull Mark (who would be trying desparately to hide in the front) to the back of the bus and pin him down while the rest would pull his clothes off him. First would come the shoes, shorts, and school shirt, and finally his tight briefs to liberate his member. The rest of the bus would cheer as this daily event took place.

This went on for three years, and I don't know why we kept it up for so long. Sometimes, just for fun, the gang would pick on someone else, but 99% of the time Mark would be the victim. Nor did he seem to mind. He would laugh along with the rest of the bus. I think he secretly enjoyed it.

Sometime in our final year of primary school (Grade 6), Mark brought a pair of handcuffs and showed it off to everyone on the bus. His father had bought a real pair and given it to him as a present. It was obvious what happened that day. The gang stripped him as usual and cuffed him to the handle-bar of the seat in front. So there he sat (or lay) in that seat completely naked for the remainder of the journey.

We didn't do anything to him when he was thus immobilized - we just pretended we couldn't hear his pleas to be released. I guess we were still really innocent back then, some twenty years ago. I can imagine all the pen marks on his body if it would happen now. Not to mention all the picture taking for posterity sake.

In fact I wonder whether the kids of today were as devious as we were back then, or more.


I, me, myself, and nobody else
Sunday, December 14th 2003 - 03:35:05 AM

Category: Complaint
Title: That story is mine!
Mike, you posted a story called "7 Kidnapped Beauties". I posted that story in Canuck's stories of tie-up games site. I am known there as "Me". So, I ask you to apologize.


Monday, February 23rd 2004 - 08:10:53 AM

Category: Adult Story (true)
Title: Does anyone have any idea's why?
Hi, i've just became awear of this site and i wanted to post a question for anyone who thinks they have sugestions. Here goes: i've been intrested in bondage from a very young age, like 5 or 6. and not just games but full on getting naked and trying to tie myself up (and no i wasn't molested). i've been trying to figure out why i've had this intense drive. i'm pretty sure it's not form any movies or tv i've seen at that age, and my parents aren't into it so i wouldn't have seen them doing anything. i've asked almost everyone that's known me from that age and their stumped. soooo, if anyone has any ideas or sugestion. feel free to e-mail me and let me know. And just so you know, i'm 25 now and have a girlfriend that likes to get tied up now.


Jason Masters
Wednesday, March 10th 2004 - 07:56:55 PM

Category: Replying to a comment
Title: That sounds just like me

Your childhood sounds a bit like my own. I too found myself attracted to the idea of tying-up, from as young as I can remember hearing about tying-up.

I played tie-up games with myself, also in the nude, from as soon as I dared be out of my parent's sight without them coming looking for me.
I remember being horribly frustrated because I didn't dare tie myself up properly (so I couldn't escape) and I didn't have any friends who I could trust to tie me up as a game.

As to where the desire comes from, I really don't know. I was never molested. My parents were never into that stuff (quite the opposite) and I never learned it from anyone else.
I have concluded that the tendency to play tie-up games must be something a person is born with (or not, as the case may be) :-/


Monday, July 19th 2004 - 10:23:20 AM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
Title: Tie up games at a young age
I too share similar experiances. I have asked myself the same questions as you two. I was never molested as a kid and was never taught to do this by anyone nor were my parents into anything like this.

Probably when I was around 6 years old or so I started tying myself up naked. I remember fantacizing about stuff while i was tied up too. I would take all the covers off of my bed and tie my hands to the bed posts (in a way that I could get out of course) then pretend my feet were tied to the opposite posts. At this point I would either be in my underwear or completely naked, usually naked. I would fantasize that people were around looking at my naked body. I don't understand why but at a young age I wanted to be seen naked and tied up.

None of this was particularly sexual in nature. It's hard to explain. I guess in a sense it was but how sexual in nature can it be for a 6 year old? I can't remember if I would get errections or not. I do know that this was a nightly occurance.

So to answer your question, I don't know. I wonder if any research has been done on this sort of thing? I'd be interested in hearing about any studies that have been done.


Sunday, May 29th 2005 - 06:01:32 AM

Category: General Comment
in my childhood, I was used to playing tie up games with my brother, who is two years older than me. a couple of brothers, same age as me and my brother, was friends to us and often joined these tie up games.
these would mainly be an adaption of a children's book, where a villain captures a policeman and ties him up in a fire hose, after removing his clothes down to his underwear to disguise himself as the police man.
normally, me or Tom, the younger of the other sibling-couple, would be the ones to be the policeman.
Incidentally, we didn't have a firehose or ropes to be tied up. But because the policeman was stripped anyways, the solution was quite obvious: clothes. unfortunately, we played this game mostly at sleepovers, so we were wearing pajamas and nothing beneath.

the game went as follows: the captivated policeman (moatly me) was hit with a pillow and I had to pretend to be unconcious. while counting to 30, I had to lay still, while they took off my pants and top.

then, after being stripped naked, I would be tied up with my own clothes for an hour or so. at first I felt embarassed and didn't want to be the captive, but after a while, I came to like it and I looked forward for the others viditing us for sleepover just to announce the game.


four years had passed, in which no game like these occured, when I asked my brother to relive the old games. I was 11 then and he 13.

We were in a vacation home of friends of my parents. When my parents and the friends had gone for a walk, I asked my brother:

"Tim, why won't you tie me up like in the olden days?" - "Idaknow" he mumbled.
"Please? only one last time?" - I was really looking forward to it, because I had pleaded for so long, but my brother would always refuse.
"See? I'm all unconcious", I told him.
I lay on the bed and had my eyes closed expecting something to happen.
I must say that the old tie up games made such an impression on me, that I looked forward to being undressed and tied with my own clothes. this has something to it.

well, as I said I expected something to happen, and finally he gave in. I did'T notice him approaching, because I had closed eyes. Suddenly I felt him pulling the sweater over my head. then he opened my pants and pulled them down. he was about to tie my hands with my sweater as I asked him: "Won't you undress me completely?" - sighing, he pulled off my socks and then my T-Shirt. hesitantly, he looked at me and my facial expressiontold him to finish. after pulling down my briefs I was finally naked.

He turned me over and bund my hands tightly. same with my feet. HE tied them so tightly, that I couldn't get loose (as for earlier TUGs, I was able to struggle free after a while).

Then he gagged me with a hankerdchief and let me lay on the bed.
He played along with a SuperNintendo, until after a while I mmphed to him to untie me.
"No, you'Re going to stay this way a long time" he said with a smirk.

Then, hours later, as it seemed, he saw my parents return and came swiftly over and undid my bonds.

I got dressed just in time, before my parents entered the room.


Friday, August 12th 2005 - 12:34:23 AM

Category: General Comment
Hi.Im 13yo this year, and I also have a passion for bonding (at least thinking about tying people up). I haven't had the chance yet though...how sad...


Wednesday, November 9th 2005 - 05:29:23 PM

Category: Replying to a comment
Title: Reply to LKC
I'd suggest that you investigate social groups in your area such as sporting groups or scouts. Most boys will be happy to participate in a good tie-up, if you can present it as a game.


Tuesday, January 10th 2006 - 02:43:41 AM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
Title: First big tie-up game
Hello, this is my first post ever on any tug site, but I have a few stories. I live in PA Usa, and was 12 when this happened. Im not gonna give any names, so please endure Falcon for me and (lets see....whats a good name for a sister) S for my sister. She was only 8, but loved tie up games, espiacilly when she could struggle. (No, I am not going to describe her.) My dad was at work, and my mom and brother were doing something downstairs. So, I asked S if she wanted to play a game. Rules are, we tie eachother up to see who can get out. First, since she was younger, I let her go. She used yarn to tie me in what would be like a sitting cross. Each arm was pulled to its respective side, and tied at the wrist to her bed posts. After using about 4 strands on each, she tied my legs together straight out at the ankles. Then, ever wanted to tickle, she took my socks off and started. However,I am not to ticklelish. After a little while, she left to get a feather. During that time, I pulled as hard as I could, and ended up breaking the yarn just before she got in. Therefore, I got out. For my turn I tied her hands behind her back, crisscrossed, then tied her at the elbows. At her legs, I tied her ankles and thighs to eachother. Finally, I attempted to gag her. We didnt have any hankerchiefs, at least to my knowledge, so I just stuck a piece of cloth in her mouth, and tied a strip of cloth as a cleave gag. Then I started tickling, first at her belly. Where I am not ticklelish, she is VERY Ticklelish, so until I was done she didnt even try to get out, she was laughing to hard. After that, I left her there for a little while. On coming back in, I discovored she got out, probally because I didnt tie her hands tight enough. The End.
And since this is my first post, I would really appreacite feedback. Oh and I assume G rating is for kids stories....and if someone can show me a website on how to cinch rope, I would really apreacite that. Cya all!!!


Thursday, April 13th 2006 - 11:38:36 AM

Category: Replying to a comment
I just found thsi site through Canuck's and my childhood is going like the 2 mentioned. I got into tying up for no reason through tie up games with my younger sister she is 5 years younger then me. I dont know how it started but we played games back at least 2 or 3 years ago, im 16 now. I recently tied her up again and tickle tortured her. She still seems to enjoy the old games maybe she will turn out like me and get so into bondage that she will tie herslf up like I do and find a site like this.


Jason Masters
Saturday, May 13th 2006 - 05:36:15 PM

Category: Information or Warning
Title: To "elise"
What part of "Stories posted here should be about tie-up games, played by children, on children. Note those key words, game and play. I do not want stories of abuse" do you find difficult to understand?

If your story is real (which I doubt), you belong on a rape survivor's site, not here.


Sunday, May 21st 2006 - 03:04:42 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: Ebony
This story took place at my church one night.There was a dance practice that night it was me and ebony and a bunch of other kids. When practice was over it was just me and ebony... we had to wait for are parents.Ebony was sitting downstairs in the church basment. Now i will tell you what ebony looks like she is pretty and has carmel skin..that night she was wearing a brown short sleeve shirt and a long skirt.She was also wearing flipfliops. I went down staris "Hey what are you doing" I said. " Just doing some homework" said ebony. I walked over to the cabnit and opened it i found rolss of duct tape.I graded aroll of black electrical tape and walked to her."Where did you get that" asked ebony."Over ther in the cabnit " i said."Put it back " she said and with that she snached it out of my hands.She walked over to the cabanit and opened it and stood there in shoock."I could tie you up with this tape" she said. "Not if i tie you up first" i shot back. "Go had then tie me up" she said. "I will..but first"i said then grabbed the tape and ripped off about 5 picesand and put it all on her lips. I the took her to the floor and laid her on her stomach, i then rapped the tape around her wirts i rapped it around about 8 times."Matts emoff ape" ebony said as she tried to communikate through her gag. I then stopped and admired my damsel in distress, she was mmpphing alot. "Well see ya later" i said as i walked away."Mppphh mmphh mmphh!" screamed ebony through her gag. She then stood up( i forgot to tie her bare feet)she then mmpphed ligthy as she worked at her bounds. She then amazingly got free, she then slowy ripped each pice of tape off her mouth.She got free i enjoyed it .. and i think she did too. THE END


Marc Mach
Tuesday, June 20th 2006 - 05:35:15 PM

Category: General Comment
Very nice to make a book on line


Saturday, July 22nd 2006 - 02:22:45 AM

Category: General Comment
Title: Help!!
im a 13 year old male and have been into tie up stuff since i was 11. i have tried to tie myself up but it isnt very good. i dont know of anyone who is into tie up stuff. i have suspisions about some people that im not very close with. how can i find out if someone is into tie up stuff while im at school?


deaNO 4543
Friday, July 28th 2006 - 06:14:07 PM

Category: Adult Story (true)
Title: a true story and request
hi i really like this site and love tie yups i live in england before i tell u my story can some one please send me some songs because i have been on i tunes in usa and it shows them so please please please send me the

1 lets make love by deepside and r kelly
2let ur light shine by r kelly
3 and chapters 7 to 12 from trapped in closet by r kelly yes i an a huge fan of rk here is my email for u to send it through www.m_g87@hotmail.co.uk

here is the story its long so get very confie

hi a am new to this sight but have been on others I really used to enjoy bondage until this happened I is 110% true it happened and worst of all it happened to me I was 15 at the time I have one elder bro who was 18 this is a long story so get comfy
me parents arranged holiday but I had to stay behind because I had two days left of school they told Joe to make sure I went to school for my last two days and behaved for the rest of the time they were away the first day went fine but on the second and final day at school I had a bad day anyways I came home Joe greeted me at the door and we sat down and played on the ps2 for about an hour I won and teamed him for ages I also started to really get on his nerves he asked me to stop or else but I figured what the worst he could do and carried on finally he walked upstairs and slammed his door I debated for a minute weather to go in his room I decided to I opened the door but cold not see Joe I took 1 step in to the room when suddenly he floored me I fell faced down on the floor yelled but he forced my hands behind my back and sat on them now he had both hands free he pulled some rope of the table and tied my wrist together the he did the same to my ankles he used to go scout so he was a master at teeing knots the ones around my wrist I have never seen before he sat me on a chair and tie me each arm to each arm of the chair then for my feet too each chair leg I though about yelling but realized 1 it would only annoy him and 2 no one would hear so I acted as if I did not care then he walked out he come back a good 20 mins later with a rucksack full of things he pulled our a leather belt and tied it around my waist he the got 4 more and tied both arms around the elbows to the chair then the shoulders I could now only move my head I was still in my uniform which made me very hot I was wearing the all saints boys it was a white shirt with collar and silver and blue school tie with grey v necked jumper (I think that so the could see if u were wearing the tie) and dark black trousers and the grey cap that was the worst part of the uniform but the school was very strict about uniforms he spoke are you ticklish? I answered no but he knew I was lying so pulled out a large sock then he kicked me very hard in the shine I yelled out as I did so he stuffed the large so in to my mouth and then tapped my mouth with duct tape a dozen times I could not breathe out my mouth let a lone make a sound he the pulled of both my socks and tickled my I struggled and wriggled trying to escape but I was tied so tight I barley move at all I watch the clock on the wall he tickled me for 30 mins then he un tied my gag and tickled me some more I laughed like a baby I said u t*** I nearly wet myself with that he re tied my gag and pulled down my school trousers I wondered what he would do next he then re started tickling me saying I am not stopping just like u did not early I begged him from breath the gag but he could not hear eventually I gave I n was just tied I guess I went red and to his delight I wet myself I was furious and embarrassed to the heavens he cried with laughter he pulled out a digital camera from his rucksack and took a photo he looked at me and said u don’t look very smart with that to my horror he did all the buttons on my shirt right to my neck and tied my tie perfectly and pulled it tightly to my collar I looked F****g awful he the took more photos I could do nothing he then said deano wait to u see what I ave I store for u I dread the thoughts of what next he became very chatty and lowered my gag if u shout or interrupt me I will make it worse for u I obeyed and listened he said now I know you hate uniforms but what do u hate more than that I though hard and answered truthfully I hate geeks with short hair cuts and gel up spiked hair he said good u r telling the truth then he asked what else I hated I though for a minute and said big glasses with that he put a blink fold on me I could see nothing he then whispered in my ear well u r going to look like a geek permanently I was scared now big time he grabbed something from the table behind me and stuffed it down the back of the chair between me and the chair I the hear him get something else from the bag then I felt my ears being pulled back and tied I position I could now not more even my head he then he suffer cotton wool in each of my ear and taped them up so as I could hear nothing I was weird not being able to move see or hear after 5 mins I felt something take off my school cap and then he started to run something through my hair it felt weird and what ever Joe was doing I was not going to be good I thought he must be gelling my hair but I was wrong after about 25 mins he put my cap back on and the he pulled on the cotton and whispered deano u r going to like what I have done with your hair he pulled of my blind fold and in front of me was a large mirror I looked in the mirror and nearly die I saw myself me in school uniform wet boxers and my school grey cap I wondered what he had done because nothing looked different I looked on the table next to the mirror was an electric razor I then looked at the floor and saw strands of hair on the carpet my worst fear he removed my hat to show he had given me his own military style HAIRCUT I looked like a TW*T I could have cried I made eye contacted and gave him a very evil glair he laughed and said and the final touch ho got out a very old looking pair of glasses and put them on me I tried in vain to make them fool off but I could he then took pictures after that he got some gel and spiked up my hair I was furious embarrassed and helpless I could think of nothing but pure hatred for Joe he then pulled the chair to the pc in his room and showed me all the pictures and said that he needed one more I questioned in my mind one more pic of what he had got every piece of dignity I had already but I was wrong he pulled down my wet boxers and took a photo of my privates I went very red he made several copies in front of me and went away and hid them I just had to sit the unable to move like the biggest freak on earth he came back about 15 mins later and said there hidden u will never find them I did not believe home he then said one finally game I thought game what game he said tickled and squeeze I though I have already been tickled thank suddenly he stated to tick my c*ck I felt as sick he squeezed I and then tickled it he went and got some picture of the internet of naked women and then he got one of my girlfriend and forced me to look I looked at her and rebreed all the good times we had he then started to rub my privates making me have an errection I just had to sit there trying in vain to stop him and his sick game after he got bored he gave me a super wedge I a not sure how he managed to get the boxers over my fore head but he did then he untied me and said if I tell or hurt him in anyway the photos would be shown on lamppost on tree on the net to my friend to all the girls in my year and my girlfriend but I did get my revenge but that’s another story and that next times post deano if some kind americane gives me the songs


Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 06:51:52 AM

Category: General Comment
Title: Story above
This is exactly why mobile phone text messages are limited in size.

The story above is unreadable. It is probably a great story but with no punctuation or paragraphs it is just a mess of letters.

I shall try to put it into a reasonable format and repost for the author.



Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 07:38:49 AM

Category: General Comment
Title: Story above
This is my tidy up of Deano's excellent story.

Title: a true story and request
Hi. I really like this site and love tie-ups. I live in England but before I tell you my story can someone please send me some songs, because I have been on I-Tunes in the USA and it shows them. So please please please send me these

1 Let’s make love by Deepside and R Kelly
2 Let your light shine by R Kelly
3 and chapters 7 to 12 from Trapped in Closet by R Kelly.

Yes I am a huge fan of RK. Here is my email for you to send it to


Here is the story: it’s long so get very comfy!

Hi. I a am new to this sight but have been on others. I really used to enjoy bondage until this happened.

It is 110% true!! It did happen and worst of all it happened to me.

I was 15 at the time I had one elder bro who was 18. My parents arranged a holiday but I had to stay behind because I had two days left of school. They told my bro’ Joe to make sure I went to school for my last two days and behaved for the rest of the time they were away.

The first day went fine but on the second and final day at school I had a bad day. Anyways I came home and Joe greeted me at the door. We sat down and played on the PS2 for about an hour.

I won and teased him for ages. I also started to really get on his nerves and he asked me to stop or else! But I figured what was the worst he could do and carried on.

Finally he walked upstairs and slammed his door. I debated for a minute whether to go in his room.

I decided to. I opened the door but cold not see Joe I took 1 step in to the room when suddenly he floored me.

I fell faced down on the floor and yelled but he forced my hands behind my back and sat on them. Now he had both hands free he pulled some rope off the table and tied my wrist together. Then he did the same to my ankles.

He used to go Scouts so he was a master at tying knots! The ones around my wrist I have never seen before!

He sat me on a chair and tied each of my arms to each arm of the chair and then my feet to each chair leg. I thought about yelling but realized: 1/ it would only annoy him and 2/ no one would hear! So I acted as if I did not care.

Then he walked out on me. He come back a good 20 minutes later with a rucksack full of things. He pulled our a leather belt and tied it around my waist. He the got four more and tied both my arms around the elbows to the chair, and then my shoulders.

I could now only move my head! I was still in my uniform which made me very hot. I was wearing the All Saints Boys uni. It was a white shirt with collar and silver and blue school tie with grey v necked jumper (I think that so the teachers could see if you were wearing the tie) and black trousers and the grey cap. That was the worst part of the uniform but the school was very strict about uniforms.

He said “Are you ticklish?” I answered “No” but he knew I was lying so so pulled out a large sock then he kicked me very hard in the shin. I yelled out and as I did so he stuffed the large sock into my mouth, and then tapped my mouth shut with duct tape a dozen times.

I could not breathe out of my mouth let a lone make a sound! He the pulled off both my socks and tickled me. I struggled and wriggled trying to escape but I was tied so tight I could barely move at all. I watched the clock on the wall as he tickled me for 30 minutes.

Then he un tied my gag and tickled me some more. I laughed like a baby and I said “You t***, I nearly wet myself”.

With that he re tied my gag and pulled down my school trousers. I wondered what he would do next and he then re-started tickling me, saying I am not stopping just like you did not earlier. I begged him from beneath the gag but he could not hear. Eventually I gave in. I was just tired I guess.

I went red and to his delight I wet myself! I was furious and embarrassed to the heavens! He cried with laughter he pulled out a digital camera from his rucksack and took a photo. He looked at me and said “You don’t look very smart”.

With that to my horror he did up all the buttons on my shirt right to my neck, tied my tie perfectly and pulled it tightly to my collar. I looked F****g awful! He then took more photos. I could do nothing. He then said “Deano! Wait till you see what I have in store for you”. I dread the thought of what may be.

Next he became very chatty and lowered my gag and said “If you shout or interrupt me I will make it worse for you”. I obeyed and listened. He said “Now I know you hate uniforms but what do you hate more than that?” I though hard and answered truthfully “I hate geeks with short hair cuts and gelled up spiked hair”. He said “Good! You are telling the truth”.

Then he asked what else I hated I though for a minute and said “big glasses”. With that he put a blind fold on me. I could see nothing. He then whispered in my ear “well you are going to look like a geek permanently!”. I was scared now, big time.

He grabbed something from the table behind me and stuffed it down the back of the chair, between me and the chair. I then hear him get something else from the bag then I felt my ears being pulled back and tied I position I could now not move even my head.

Then he stuffed cotton wool in each of my ears and taped them up, so as I could hear nothing it was weird not being able to move see or hear. After 5 minutes I felt something take off my school cap and then he started to run something through my hair. It felt weird and what ever Joe was doing I was not going to be good.

I thought he must be gelling my hair but I was wrong. After about 25 minutes he put my cap back on and the he pulled on the cotton and whispered Deano you are going to like what I have done with your hair! He pulled of my blind-fold and in front of me was a large mirror.

I looked in the mirror and nearly died. I saw myself, me in school uniform, wet boxers and my school grey cap. I wondered what he had done because nothing looked different but then I looked on the table next to the mirror and saw an electric razor. I looked at the floor and saw strands of hair on the carpet.

My worst fear! He removed my hat to show he had given me his own military style HAIRCUT! I looked like a TW*T! I could have cried. I made eye contacted and gave him a very evil glare. He laughed and said “The final touch”. He got out a very old looking pair of glasses and put them on me I tried in vain to make them fall off but I couldn’t.

He then took pictures and after that he got some gel and spiked up my hair. I was furious embarrassed and helpless. I could think of nothing but pure hatred for Joe. He then pulled the chair to the p.c. in his room and showed me all the pictures and said that he needed one more.

I questioned in my mind one more pic of what? He had got every piece of dignity I had already but I was wrong he pulled down my wet boxers and took a photo of my privates. I went very red. He made several copies in front of me and went away and hid them. I just had to sit there, unable to move, like the biggest freak on earth. He came back about 15 minutes later and said “They’re hidden. You will never find them”. I did not believe how he then said one final game.

I thought “Game? What game?”. He said “tickle and squeeze!”. I though I have already been tickled. Then suddenly he stated to tick my c*ck! I felt sick as he squeezed it and then tickled it. He went and got some picture off the internet of naked women and then he got one of my girlfriend and forced me to look.

I looked at her and remembered all the good times we had. He then started to rub my privates making me have an erection. I just had to sit there trying in vain to stop him and his sick game. After he got bored he gave me a super wedgie. I a not sure how he managed to get the boxers over my fore head but he did.

Then he untied me and said if I tell or hurt him in anyway the photos would be shown on every lamppost, on every tree, on the net to my friend, to all the girls in my year and my girlfriend. I did get my revenge but that’s another story and the next post if some kind American gives me the songs!



Wednesday, August 9th 2006 - 07:41:45 AM

Category: General Comment
Title: Deanos story
Hey, I hope you will forgive my couple of little typos!



Saturday, August 12th 2006 - 05:49:50 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: bound by the babysitter
hi i am deano i am 14 still giong school of course which i hate anyway i was walking back from school last week and saw my perants car had gone i walked in to my house to find james on my couch he lives somwhere near us i hardly know him he said my perants had asked him to babysit i was not pleased firstly i had not even been asked secondly i did not like thier chioce but i could do nothing i went upstair to get changed but as i turned to leave he asked my what time is it i said just gone 4 he said wrong i walked up to him to him my watch big mistake he suddenly grabbed me and forced my hands behind my back he was so strong after all he is 5 years older than me and tripped me over and sat on me i was facing the floor with my hands behind me he grabbed some rope from his bag he had brought and tied my hands tightly the he tied my ankles and and the he made sure by tieing me around my waist he stod me up and grabbed and old sock and gagged me he grabbed a near by chair and sat me on it he said your uniform is not very good what would the teachers say and laughed he the made me look smart he pulled hard on my tie and did the not up right to my neck (which i hate) then he tied me in perfect uniform to the chair it was on of those computer chair with wheels i could not move and i hated it because i hate uniforms he then wheeled me to the stairs and whispered your mum and da are paying me for two night whistle you are off school and my girlfriend is coming so you will not be seen he forced me upstairs and pushed me into my large cupboard it was very crampped he then blindfolded me and made the ag tight so i could not make a sound he said sleep tight i fell in and out off sleep when he removed my blind fold i could tell it was morning i was very stiff not being able to move he spoke u were good last night no sound like i had a chioce i though he said i will get you some breakfast the he baby fed me spoon fulls of cornflakes and made me drink water he the re gaged and blind folded me i felt the chair move and realsed he had pulled me out of the cuboard he untied me from the chair abut my hand were still tied toghter ect and layed me down on what a guessed was my bed and tucked me in tightly and said have a lye in today hand he left he came back hours later and said know its time for the fun part saw james and made an effort to free me but he was no match and had to run away after a long while he half dug me out and said you escape yourself know i ecaped and ran inside he said if you tell your mum your gonna get t so i quickly got change and never told and luckily no one else did either


Thursday, September 7th 2006 - 04:13:46 AM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: the babysitter hell
hi my name is steven i am 15 and my little brother is aged 14 luckily he goes to a different school this happened last week i was walking home from my school and meeet him at the gates of his school we started chatting and walking as usal making fun of each others uniforms my was a grey jumper and tie with school cap his was v neck navy blue and blue tie with school blue cap we walked home to find our mum standing at the door and our dad in the garage the were giong out they had told us the day before it was for a night and the babysitter was arranged when they left we waited ten minutes for the baybsitter to arrive his name was peter soz gotta go part 2 tomorrow stevo


Wednesday, September 20th 2006 - 10:34:52 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Title: part 2
so where was i ah yes peter arrived and said he would enjoy babysitting us so my perants left at about ten past four and would be back the next night we sat and watch tv for about five minutes when peter said right lads i am having a party tonight and your not giong to spiol he grabbed a large rucksack and said stev can you come with me to your bedroom i want a chat i said yes and walked upstairs wondering what we were gonna talk about he shut the door behind us and stood with his back agaist it and said sorry your not invited and tipped out lots of rope i looked at him and then suddenly he grabbed me hand gagged me and threw the ropes around my ankles i fell to my bed face down and he began tieng my up my feet were crossed so i could not stand and my wrist were tied with three different nots he got a sock from his bag and shoved into my mouth then taped my mouth up five times so i could not make any niose he then called for my borther i knew his fate would be simlaur to mine and it was he walked in and he was jumped on by peter when he had finished tying up my brother he looked at us and said you are giong to have a very unpleasent eveing he left us for a while we fought to escape but we could barley move we even tried cominacation but it was so difficult to understand so we gave up then we heard the door bell and a large knock peter answered it we heard vioces and after about ten minutes peter and one girl opened the door she smiled she said i am glad are models are ready she was carrying a large suit case she put it on to the bed beside us and opened it and inside was two girls school uniforms complete with tights a digital camera make up of some kind hair dye peter grabbed a chair and sat my bother on it and tied him to it firmly he forced him to put on the uniform and i had to sit and watch he ended up with make up on and everthing then they dyed his hair blonde he struggled as much as he could but he knew and i knew it was hopless once he was finished the began taking pictures on the camera i looked at the colck on the wall and saw all this had only take 45 mins once they had finished taking photos they marched him down the stairs got to go part 3 soon stevo


Friday, September 29th 2006 - 05:38:10 PM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
this is the story of my first bondeage experience i am 13 years old male and have one elder brother called simon he goes to a different school to me anyway i was walking back towards my house and down my street saw my brother and 2 mates i introduced myself much to his annoyance i laughed at thier unifroms because mine was not that bad i was wearing a blue and silver tie and black blazer with round necked blue jumper and their was a horrible grey blazer grey v necked jumper silver tie and to top it off all boy were made to wear grey school cap with logo on it i could not help but take the mick and when they entered the house i walked straight into his room he got angry and told me to leave i told my mum and she was o my side he got very angry he said he was giong to the tiolet and he winked at his friends as he left i just ignored hm and watch his friends then suddenly he had snuck silently back into the room and jumped me and pinned me to the floor he asked his friends to help and the held my arms and legs he went and got some rope and tied my hands tightly behind my back and did the same for me feet then he grabbed his bed cover and wrapped me in it and the tied that he rolled me into the closet and left me the i was upside down and felt really angry i could not move and worse i was rapped like a giant snowball after about twenty minutes i heard my mum vioce kids were off out be back tommorrow morning see ya then to my horror i realized they had planned this night for weeks and would not be back efor 12 tomorrow i felt a wave of terror inside i heard my brother and his friends disscussing me they but i could not hear much only the odd metion of my name then i felt them pick me up and being rolled down the stairs slowly luckily i felt really dizzy after many hour they rolled me again i had no clue and no chioce in were the were taking me when we eventuall stopped i tried to make out amougst serious dizzyness were we were i knew it was a school but it was not mine then suddenly i realized i must be at simons school i was in a giant assembley room then i felt myself bieng hiosted in the air now i was hanging in the air trapped in a cover i shouted abbuse the said i would be sorry the lowered me down and undid the cover i was still tied though the unluckily for me brought their unifroms the dressed me in thier embarressing uniform and put on the cap they the hiosted me up with my arms and feet streached out and tied it tight i cursed them and the gagged and blindfolded me they the stuffed tissue in my ears and tapped them up and then they started tickling me i was and am very ticklesh they also pulled down my trousers and boxers and got buckets of water and dreched me and the they left i stayed like that all night next mornin g my brother came back alone and removed the tissuse he said i have a present for you i wondered what he produce and mini electric water fall and put it on the soud was horrible because he new by now i needed the loo so he started talking about rivers the sea streams taps everything to do with water part 2 tomoz


Monday, October 2nd 2006 - 12:32:42 AM

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Title: Punctuation!
Don't we teach punctuation in schools these days? The last few "stories" have been almost impossible to read because of the total lack of punctuation.

Capitalisation, the use of commas, full stops and paragraphs would turn these stories into a good read. And these days there is simply no excuse for spelling mistakes - every word processor has a spell checker!

Surely the point of writing a story is so that others can read it? Writing it as a huge block of text with no punctuation makes that almost impossible. Writing in this way is just laziness and shows a lack of consideration for the poor reader!


Saturday, December 16th 2006 - 09:48:11 AM

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brings back memories


Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 08:38:21 AM

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Title: Regarding Memories
Share them! :-)


alan fhurl
Tuesday, January 23rd 2007 - 09:09:26 AM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
I was once tied up when I changed schools as a sort of initiation. I was educated in the private sector and went to a boarding prep schools until I was about 13.When I was 11 or 12,I transfered to another school as my family moved to Kent from Hampshire.When I first attended the new school I had not got the new uniform and wore my old school uniform for the first week. Why this happened, I can't remember but of course I stuck out where ever I went and was teased and mocked by the kids, even younger ones.On the third or fourth day,after tea and prep, I was lured by my classmates to the the copse barn. This was a piece of wooded land with an old barn donated to the school by the farmer whose land bordered the school land but it had not yet been developed.
They told me that they were fed up with me parading my old uniform around the school as if it was superior to their's. They then produced my uniform and stripped me off and made me put it on. There was no difference in their uniform and mine other than the school colours etc.Both had grey shorts and shirts, grey socks with coloured tops, a blazer, striped tie and school cap. Mine was basically maroon and theirs, purple. They made me wear it perfectly , every button done up, tie and cap straight, socks pulled up etc. They then tied me up.I was strung up to a tree with my arms over my head, standing on tip-toe. My feet and legs were tied and bound to the tree as were my arms and body. They taped up my mouth with wide sticky tape, sealing me up securely. I was hung up helplessly for them to mercilessly laugh at and tease. They said that when they take off my gag I was to convince them that my old school was rubbish and the uniform really horrible and that I hated everything about it. Also that all the boys in this school were much better than in my old school. I agreed to do this and I think I acted the part very well but I had to wait half an hour before they removed my gagging.When I had said my bit and begged them to let me go,they sealed me up again and left me hanging there for what seemed a very long time.I was then visited by various other boys who made fun of me, punched me and tickled me. Before they eventually let me go they cut the end of my tie off and ripped the badges of my blazer and cap. When I was asked how this happened I lied. Thankfully I soon got the new uniform and made friends there.I still have 3 polaroid pictures given to me by my captors.


Friday, June 8th 2007 - 05:00:25 AM

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It's been long times Sense I've check this site out from the last time I’ve posted. I didn't think anyone had the same experiences I've had. When I first posted I only left a little tidbit about be because i didn't think anyone would want to know that much about me. It is so weird to see so main people having the same kind of thoughts I had growing up.

I know from my own experiences that I wasn't the one that wanted to be tied up I wanted to tie people up. (Mostly girls) Growing up I didn't dare ask any of the females I knew, I was already considered strange to most people that knew me. So, I had to resort to tying myself up, because I was the only will person I knew at the time. This did cause some multiple personality problems but it's not a problem anymore. I remember imagining that I was two people, both a Dom and sub. Although, it was my body that was getting tied up, I didn't see a boy being tortured. I always imaged it was really a woman tied up and a man/boy punishing her. I know it sounds weird but that's how it worked for me.

I'll try to keep this mild but the descriptions maybe a little R rated. I can remember growing up the first mock tie ups I use to do was wrapping a par of underwear around my wrist and twisting them until I couldn’t get free. I always did this naked and when nobody was around, or watching. I did this between the ages of 6-8. I do remember getting aroused but I didn’t do much about it. At around the Age of 9 is when I started to develop my two personalities, I remember I started imagine myself yelling at myself and imagining myself standing over myself. I even remember making myself cry because I was so mean. I also started to force myself to do things I normally wouldn’t. one thing was I did was tie a string around the head of my penis and run it to the foot of my bed then back up to my hand. Most guys know that when you’re excited it hurts to pull your cock down. Well I would punish myself for struggling or just because by pulling on the string. The grossest thing I forced myself to do was hang off the edge of my bed and force myself to pee.

As I got older I start to see the person tied up as a girl. I’d still do male bondage thing but I visualize some thing different in place of the what ever I was doing to torture myself. For example, I if I had something tied to my penis I’d imagine a rope running between the legs instead. One of the first times I really tied myself up I almost didn’t get free. I was 11 and I also lived on the edge of a large wooded area. In the woods I found a tree that had branches spreading out close to the ground. I tied ropes to two of the branches as my arms were wide apart from each other. I used slip knots so once my hands were in place all I had to do was pull tight and I’d be helpless. I stripped naked and got myself tied up. I didn’t even realize I was really helpless until I was ready to get free. I was still in character but I knew that if I couldn’t get free I’d have to yell for help and the only person around was my grandmother who was mowing the lawn. I struggled for quit awhile the excitement of it all was the only time I ever got off with out touching myself. (Sorry if that’s too much info) Just as I did one of the ropes broke and I was free. After that I always had a way to get out, but not with out working for it. My main way was I would tie a knife to a long peace of string and make sure the other end was tied off to a place I could reach. I would then have to pull the string in how ever I could until the knife was in my hand. It always worked well.

It went on like this until I was about 20. I tied myself up in all sorts of different ways and did all sorts of different things. Always imagining it was a girl tied up and I her master or tormentor. At around 20 I meet my first of mean girl friends. She let me tie her up a few time. Nothing like I had done to myself but it was still great for me. Some of my ex’s liked being tied up and some didn’t. A few even let me get pretty cared away, but none ever want to go as far as I have or want. That’s ok though; I’m happy and have some interesting memory of my childhood. Oh, and most of my ex’s do know what I did. I find it’s a great way to get them to relax and open up there secrets to me.


Wednesday, June 27th 2007 - 06:44:49 PM

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dont worry mate same as i want hand cuffs tooheres a neat video link i saw on canucks http://s56.photobucket.com/albums/g164/TiedBuzzbuzz/?action=view¤t=Nolook.flv does anyone on this site live in northampton england and would like a tug please leave a reply on here male please not gay just fun


Thursday, January 10th 2008 - 05:49:57 AM

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Title: Nice board!
I will be submitting my first story in a day or so. In the meantime, feel free to visit my board:




Terry Regan
Monday, November 3rd 2008 - 07:44:37 AM

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Title: I'm new to all this, looking for a friend
Hey, why is Canuck's dreambook down? I saw loads of interesting posts there and tried to post something but ended up doing it through Canuck's e-mail. I am new to all this and have never been tied up before but have always fantasized about it. Unfortunately for me, I am living with company at the moment and until I get a place of my own, I am looking for an online friend who I can RP with in online TuGs. I am a 23 male and live in the UK and looking for a friend of any age and gender. I am on MSN and my account is nintendoaddict555@hotmail.com. AIM users can IM me on CliveKoopa.


Wednesday, November 26th 2008 - 10:54:40 AM

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I have never been tied up before but i have this fantasy. iT goes that I am with my family in a hotel on vacation. We would all go somewhere all day like disney land.Any way I would fake being sick so I could stay in our room. So I would bring alond a pair of handcuffs and a long piece of cloth to gag myself with. An there would be a closet in between our room and the room next to us.
Then I gag myself, take off my shirt and handcuff my hands behind my back. i am so excited that I stay like that for 30 minutes.
then allof a sudden a women opens he door to the other room. She would look like a model with a very nice body and very nice breasts about 20 years old. She would be dressed in a white blouse and a blackskirt.She looked at me seeing i was wearing no shirt. She noticed my dick protruding in my pants.
She said, "Turn Around" So i do and she sees my handcuffed hands and asks, "Did you do this?" I nodded My head. She walked over to me and pulled off the gag. I said "Look just grab that key and unlock my hands.Okay" She nods and unlocks my hands.
Right before she closes the door to her room I said "Wait!" And the n I say " Your the first one who has ever seen me tied up. Could you tie me up for a few hours?"
She sighed and said" your in luck because I am a bondage model" My heeart leaped. "I'll tie you up but you gotta understand 2 things. I can tie you up how I want like how tight and positions. And 2: I can tie you up naked or use torture machines on you" i nod my head once more and she says "come in"
I walk in and she says "sit on the bed" I do and she gets a suit case out and opens it and there is a bunch of rope and ballgags and handcuffs and blindfolds.
She grabs some rope puts it next to me and says" Stand up" I do and she grabs my pants and pulls them off next she grabs boxers and pulls them off and looks at my dick which is now really hard and says "Nice"
To make me more comfortable she takes off her clothes but leaves her bras and thong on.
She grabs my hands and starts tying them behind my back as tight as can be. I wince once and she smiles. Then she flips me and puts me on the bed and ties my ankles tightly. Then my calves,thighs,and arms pretty soon iam in pain because of the tight ropes on my body. But i love it. Then she grabs a cloth and blindfolds me.
I wonder if she will gag me. Then she shoved something in my mouth and takes off the blindfold.I look at her and realize she is wearing a different thong and realize she put her other thong in my mouth.
Anyway she Lays on the bed next to me and says "What should I do with you? I know! Torture you" she replies to herself gleefully. I Try to shout but all i say is "mppppghh" she gets something which i think is a vibrator and it is. She turns it on and shoves it up my butt. I yell through my gag and she stops almost immeaditly.
She then sits me up and makes me watch her. She takes her bras off and I love it . Then she takes off her thong and lays me down. I know what is coming but i cannot stop it. She lays on top of me and I enter her easily. She loves every minute of it.
SHe then unties me and lets me tie her up and I use the vibrator on her and lay on her. Then I get back into my room and take a shower before they get back to the hotel


Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 09:02:31 PM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
Title: My experience.
Hi, I'm Nicholas. My experience with tie-up games is more or less typical or normal. In my childhood, my friends and I did play several games as “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and indians”, etc., where you are tied as a part of the game.
When I was about eight years, one day, my aunt Emma with my cousin Tommy, about my age, visited us. While the adults chatted, we both went to play around the house. It was a hot day of summer and we soon removed our shirts and sneakers and began play “redskins”.
After a while, I was captured and made prisoner by an enemy redskin. My cousin tied loosely my hands at my back and dragged me by a rope tied around my waist. Since our parents were in the living room, we used the back door to get inside the house, and I was took captive to my room.
Once there, Tommy teased me several minutes. I don’t remember exactly what was the game, but I think I was going to be sacrificed or tortured by the enemy tribe, so after he untied me, I removed my shorts and underwear. There was nothing about sex: we thought it was normal for a redskin to be sacrified or tortured, to be naked and tied, although I admit it was a little exciting to be naked and exposing my hidden parts, the feeling of doing something prohibited by my parents... and desired. We giggled a lot during this.
We removed, too, the sheets of my bed and I lay mouth up. Tommy used the cords of our shoes and tied my hands to the headboard, real tight, and my ankles to the lower frame of the bed. He also ran a cord between the two ankles, so I cannot open or close my legs. Tommy then perform an “indian dance” around my bed. Next, he sat next to me, and the torture began: he tickled me all over my body.
I don’t remember to laugh so much as that day, although I cannot laugh too hard then, to avoid the attention of the adults.
The torture lasted about half hour, with long pauses to let me to regain my breath. Tommy concentrated, mainly, in my armpits, sides and soles. Finally, he untied me. I wanted to tie and tickle him on revenge, but I was so tired, I put some clothes on and took a nap. We finished the day reading and playing fully clothed, before my aunt leaves. Tommy promised me he would be the prisoner next time.
Next time never ocurred. :(

Several weeks later, I was trying to recreate the game. I undressed and tied my ankles and left hand. Then, I wrapped some cord on my right hand and pretended I was fully tied and unable to move. I didn’t dare to tied myself more elaborate.
But when I was fighing to escape, my mom entered in my room, (I forgot to lock the door). She got angry. I began to undo the knots on my left hand and tried to explain her my game, but she didn’t let me: She grabbed my right hand, and using my cord tied it really to the headboard, just like Tommy did. She scolded and say me to enjoy the tying. After looked at the other knots to see if I really was well tied, she let alone and tied in my room.
After all, at last, I was really tied. But it wasn’t okay, I was scared. I called her until she ordered me to stay quiet.
I stayed tied several hours. After dinner, which I lost, my dad came to my room and after untied me, I was put on the lap of both my dad and mom and spanked hard, still naked. I was scolded several times and lost several “privileges” as my parents called them, what I considered unfair. They didn’t want to hear my explanation.
For some time, I wasn’t allowed to close the door of my room, while I was there, so my parents, (and later my older sister, which wasn’t in the house that day), can verify what I was doing in any moment. And when they finally let me invite again some friends to play, we have to stay in plain sight. My parents considered even a visit to a children’s psychologist.

I never play tied-up games again.


Monday, June 22nd 2009 - 09:49:11 PM

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I once babysitting these 2 girls, twins. After there parents left they watched t.v. while i did my homework. When i was done they were getting a little restless and I asked if anything was wrong. They said they wanted to show me somthing. they led me to their parent's room and grabbed a mgazie and showed it to me. in it was ladies tied-up and gagged in their thongs and bras. the twins said they wanted to tie-me up so I sai "you can try" So one of them left and came back with rope while another went into her mothers panties and thongs drawer and pulled out a ballgag. They told me to take off my clothes. So i did but i kept my boxers on. They put me on the bed and one of them tied my hands behind my back while the other tied my ankles. they tied them pretty tight. Then they tied myarms together, my calves and my thighs. they then tied my ankles to my bound wrists and I was hogtied. Then they put the ballgag in my mouth. So there I was tied up by two 11 year old girls. When there parents came home they asked the girls where i was. THey told her in her room and she came in and saw me and came over immeaditly to untie me while saying "Oh my gosh! Did they do this to you?" I nodded while putting my clothes on and said "I really enjoyed it. She raised an eyebrow and said "Really. Then how would youl ike to stay the rest of the night tied-up in the guest room?" I replied sure, but let me call my parents and tell them your really late" So later I was taken into the guest room and she said "Since you were tied-up in your boxers last time, how about you go nude this time?" I thought about it and she said "If it makes you feel better I'll tieyou up while i am nude" I nodded my head in approval. So I took off my clothes and I was nude and my dick was hard. She unzipped her skirt and took off her blouse. She took off her bra and then pulled off her panties. She then grabbed my hands and put them behind my back and started binding them. She hogtied me just as her girls had but tighter so my arms ached. She took her panties stuffed them in my mouth and then tied a clothe to keep it in my mouth. I stayed like that for about 6 hours and she came in nude again and started to torture me like she put nipple clamps on me and spanked me till my butt turned red. then she took my dick and shoved it in her mouth. she was pretty happy right then and there.


Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 01:22:12 AM

Category: PG-13 Story (true)
Well I don't know if 15 year olds count as childhood tie up games but I'll post this and you can decide.

Me and two of my friends (my girlfriend and a childhood friend) love to tie eachother up, I don't like being tied as much but I love to tie up girls, and for no reason at all, I love it even more if they wear boots. Well we had planned a particular tie up game where I would tie up the girls and they would see who could get out first. There names are Samantha (we call her sammi, my girlfriend) and Rachel. We normally go to my house for the games since I have a relatively large house, I live in the middle of nowhere so there won't be any random witnesses, and my parents both work so over the summer I am home alone, not to mention Sammis parents don't know about this. Britney showed up at 9 in the morning wearing a black tshirt, jeans and some black leather boots, and sammi showed up at about 9:30 wearing a dark red tshirt, jean shorts, and grey sneakers, but she had a friend with her. Her name was Allison (we called her Allie) and she was wearing a black leather jacket over a black tanktop, a black miniskirt, black pantyhose, and black boots that went alittle below her knee, and she looked dressed to kill. I asked who she was and sammi told me she was an old friend who was in town for the week and they wanted to spend as much time together as possible before she left. I was fine with it and then sammi whispered in my ear that Allie didn't know about the tie up games we played, so it would be even more fun with her. I grinned and nodded in agreement. So we sat around for about an hour getting to know Allie and I was trying to figure out how I would do this. Sammi and britney would go along with anything I planned so they would have to be first. I walked out saying I had to go to the bathroom so I could grab the stuff I needed for later. I pulled out some scarves, rope, and ducttape and yelled to sammi in the living room that I wanted to show her something. She would know that was her cue to be tied up and 30 minutes later Britney would come in to see what was taking so long, and then it was up in the air as far as Allie went. So sammi walked in and saw I was ready with my "tools" and pretended to be shocked. I ran over to her and pulled her arms behind her and tied them with a scarf. I layed her on the ground and tied her ankles and knees together and took a wadded up scarf and put it in her mouth and cleave gagged her. I blindfolded her with another scarf and used some rope to pin her arms to her body. I used more rope to tie her arms to her legs and she was giggling the whole time. I stood up and looked over at the clock and only 15 minutes had passed so I had to wait another 15 for Britney. 20 minutes passed and she still wasn't there. I went back into the living room and couldn't help but laugh at what I saw. Allie was on top of Britney whose arms and legs had already been tied and she was being gagged as I was walking in. They both stopped and looked at me and I looked closer at the knots holding Britney, and realized they were profesional bondage knots, and it wasn't just her arms, the rope was intricately woven around her torso to prevent even the slightest movement. I couldn't believe what I was looking at, but I could tell that Britney was scared, and Allie was angry. I asked what was going on and Allie said that Britney had insulted her so she got her revenge using some rope she found (I have rope hidden around the house from all the games we played) I looked at Britney and she nodded her head in agreement, meaning allies story was true. I couldn't wait anymore so I walked over to Allie and pulled her off Britney and rolled her onto her stomach, I was significantly bigger than her so it was easy. She yelled at me asking what I was doing and I told her we had been planning this the whole time, and she had merely moved the plan ahead of schedule abit. I tied her arms behind her after removing the jacket she was wearing since it would get in the way, and I tied her ankles with rope and reinforced it by wrapping ducttape around it several times. I wrapped tape around her in random places like her knees, elbows, and eventually I wrapped it around her arms and chest so she wouldn't move them. Then I put a scarf in her mouth and wrapped tape around her head three times so she could barely make a sound. When I was done I went to where sammi was and dragged her into the living room, so for the rest of the day, I was surrounded by girls tied up, and occasionally i'd look up allies skirt because I knew it would make her mad.

That's the most memorable tie up game I have but I do have acouple others if you want to hear them


Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 04:01:11 AM

Category: General Comment
Title: Apology
I just realized I accidentally put rachel at the beginning and changed it to britney, I'm sorry, her name is Britney and I apologize for any confusion


Strange kid
Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 05:24:53 AM

Category: G Rated Story (fictional)
For some reason i've always had fantasies about tied up girls since I was 9 I'm 12 now but I've never had a chance to tie up a girl, but in all my dreams I create, I'm always the hero who saves the girl, and my stories have gone everywhere, from giant fights against the villain, to a girl babysitting demons, but in every situation, a girl is always tied and i'm the hero. This is one of my more common stories I create.

It starts out with whoever I happen to have a crush on at the moment, and she is always wearing a short Jean skirt and sneakers, but the rest of the outfit constantly changes, and she is merely walking down the street in a large city (I live in the middle of nowhere so that always seems wierd to me) and a van stops next to her and a man walks out asking for directions. She gives it to them and he is about to get back in the car when he realizes something and asks if she could answer one more question, and he pulls out a gun and asks if she could get in the car. Her eyes open wide and she gets in the back of the van, where two guys are waiting with tape and sometimes rope in their hands. They sit her on the ground and tie her arms behind her, her ankles, and they tie her arms to her body at the stomach. They always gag her by pulling a cloth around her head and into her mouth and tying it off, and even though she could probably still be audible, she always just mmmphs. They drive to a random warehouse, normally on a harbor or something, and tie her to a chair and pull out her cellphone, and they call the first number they see, mine, and say they have her and they want (insert insane amount of money here) and say they want it in three hours. She struggles some and I walk through the front door wearing a cloak that covers everything except my head. They ask where the money is and I tell them I don't need it seeing as how beating people up is free. They frown and ask if they think I can beat, this, as the lights turn on and there is a walkway near the ceiling with about twenty people holding machine guns pointed at me. I grin and say this was finally interesting, and as they satart to fire I whip the cloak off to reveal some awesome looking clothes that look like they were made for battle, and a sword that I draw and block all the incoming bullets. Then I disapear and reappear behind all the people on the walkway and push them off. Then I appear next to the original guys and knock them all out and slice all the rope off the girl and she runs up and hugs me. Then the dream ends.


me and i
Sunday, September 9th 2012 - 11:01:21 PM

Category: General Comment
Title: ?
hello my name is Jack and im 14 years old, ever since i was young i have had fantasies about tying up cute girls i know but have never actually done it. i have this one girl in mind and we both often flirt with each other, i am thinking of asking her round at some point and asking if i can tie her up. unfortantly my parents are often in a whilst they say i can now stay at home on my own this is very rarely, so has anyone got any idea's of how to ask her whilst being somewhat innocent?


yellow dancer
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 05:54:58 PM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
Title: canyonning
When i was 13, I went to a river in order to do some boat. I was with 6 girls aged from 12 to 15 years old. I was the only boy. As we were in the middle of the river, the girls decided to go topless. It was great. But then a girl decided that I must undress to. So they stripped me naked on started laughing, as I was naked in front of them.


Felicity Walker
Monday, January 21st 2013 - 10:27:58 PM

Category: G Rated Story (true)
Title: My Worst Day (seeking good revenge ideas too)
I was walking home on a Wednesday and a car pulled up beside me. At first I thought it was my dad since he had the same car. But it turns out to be my big brother. "Since when did you get your driving licence?" I ask curiously. He gives me a smirk and says, "Mum and Dad are going to Melbourne, urgent." I give him a glare. "Why?" I say. "Family privacy." He answers. "They want me to look after you for the following few days." I think about this,"but... Can't I go to Sandies? I am old enough!" I convince. " we are going to have heaps of fun!" He says and winks at me.

When we got home, Liam opens the door and let's me in first, I knew something was up since Liam was always the laziest in the family and whenever we get home he rushes in the house and collapses on the couch. But before I knew it it was too late. I had already stepping in the house and Liam's best mate, Jacob jumps out from no where and pushes me on the carpet. " What are you up to NOW?" I asked, annoyed. Liam winks at Jacob and he takes out a mums handkerchief which he stuffed in my mouth and put numerous laps of duct tape around my head. I "mmf" a little and they giggle. I was just about to try and pull off my gag when Liam sits on me while Jacob pulls out like 50 ropes and starts to tie up my ankles and knees. After that he takes off my shoes and sock and ties up my big toes. I almost managed to shake off Liam when Liam grabs a rope and ties up my hands and elbows. I was helpless. Jacob then hands Liam a blindfold which they used to cover my eyes. I thought I must if been dreaming and my brother would never do this to me. But unfortunately it WASN'T a dream. One of them (since my eyes were blindfolded) carried me on to chair and secured me there with more rope. I try to scream for help but the duct tape just won't do any good. Things were silent for a while until I felt something slimy on my feet. It turned out to be baby oil. I was so freaked out. Liam KNEW how ticklish I was and began to tickle my feet with all sorts of things, from feathers to brushes to electronics tooth brushes. I was laughing so hard that I could hardly breathe. That was when they stopped tickling my soles. I thought they had stopped but to my surprise one of them tickles the upper half of my body and the other continues with my feet.

It must of been ages because I eventually FELL ASLEEP during the tortore. The next morning when I woke up, I was still tied up, I heard Liam's voice, "Me and Jacob had heaps of fun yesterday, did you?" He says sarcastically. I make another mfff sound and Liam just laughs. "Here if you swear you life to not tell anyone about this I will release you, otherwise I will invite all my friends over and tickle you for 24/7. Mfffff! I struggle and nodded my head furiously. "You agree? Well that's the deal." Says Liam.
And he unties me.

Since then, when ever i was alone with Liam, I always made excuses to leave before the same thing happens the same time. That was about 2 years ago, I still have fury and wanna pay revenge... Anyone have any bright ideas? My parents are going to my aunts house for 2 days in a fortnight so please send the ideas as soon as possible. BTW hope you enjoyed the story!


Sunday, January 27th 2013 - 06:58:40 PM

Category: Adult Story (true)
Title: A summer with the sisters: part 1
When I was 11, my older sister, Nicole, was 14 and my younger sister, Sophia, was 9. That summer, both of my parents worked and Nicole watched us during the day. One day, Nicole told me to come up to her room. I did so, wondering what her plans were. She pulled out a roll of duct tape and told me to get on the bed. I had only been tied up a couple times before by Nicole. I got pretty excited she taped my hands, legs, and mouth. However, after about 15 minutes, she let me go. This was not normal, as she would usually leave me tied for an hour or two. She told me to take off my shirt, and so I did. Then, she made me take off my the rest of my clothes This was the first time I had been baked in front of anybody, and I was a little embarrassed. Then, she put a piece of tape over my chest and wrote the words "Meghan tied up" on it with permanent marker. She then instructed me to lay face down, and she taped my hands behind my back again. Then, she taped my legs and stuffed both of my socks in my mouth before applying a layer of tape over that. It felt uncomfortable at first, but I actually started to like it. After about a half hour, she she came up to me and started stroking my curly blond hair. She told me she was trying to comfort me, and I tried to motion that I was very comfortable. Then, she took my clothes out of the room and put them in my room, which was on the opposite end of the hall. She told me I wouldn't be needing them for a couple hours. Surprisingly, that made me enjoy it even more. After another hour or so, I was getting cold. I tried to motion that to her, and she got it, and came over. But instead of letting me go, she picked me up. She told me we were going to the basement, which always had good heating. She took the route with the most windows on the way down, which included a stop in the living room. Two boys around my age lived across the street, and I didn't want them seeing me. I still don't know if they did. Anyway, we finally got down to the basement, and thank God Sophia didn't see. When we got down, Nicole pulled out the duct tape again. She told me to stand as tall as I could against the pole in the basement, and I did, anticipating what was next. I couldn't wait to see what came next. Nicole then taped me to the pole by the upper legs and lower chest, just above the stomach and below the "Meghan tied up" sign. Then, she walked upstairs, meaning that I wasn't getting out anytime soon. I waited there for another two and a half hours before it was almost time that mom and dad would be home. Nicole set me free and I tried to get upstairs quick. But Nicole didn't help. She yelled, "Sophia, Meghan is naked!" Sophia saw me. I made her promise to never tell anybody, and then I got dressed in time for mom's car to pull up in the driveway.


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