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Wednesday, January 29th 2014 - 02:52:19 PM

//steve seide

I was station at Phu Loi 1969-1970 with the HHB 2D BN 12TH ARTY

Wednesday, January 29th 2014 - 02:50:34 PM

//steve seide

I was station at Phu Loi 1969-1970 with the HHB 2D BN 12TH ARTY

Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 06:37:20 PM

//ron johnson

563d Trans Det (DS) 1965, HQ Btry 23d Arty Gp Avn. 1966, 74th RAC 1968/69

Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 06:05:27 PM

//Ken Birks


Excerpts from the book "The Afdventures of Space and Hobo." Writes about his experience at the 539th Transportation Company in Phuloi.

Thursday, January 16th 2014 - 05:52:56 PM

//Ron Johnson

Was with the 563d Trans det 1965, HQ 23d Arty Gp 1966, 74th RAC 68/69

Sunday, January 5th 2014 - 10:59:16 PM

//Dan Walker

Pipesmoke Chinook pilot 68

Friday, January 3rd 2014 - 11:00:44 AM

//Bob Risner (CW4, Ret)

334th AWC, Aug70-Aug71 Raiders, Gunrunners

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 05:56:06 PM

//E-4 Mike Kelley

I was with the 215th airmoble 1st Cav. Div. at Phu-Loi as a doorgunner for 12-70 till 12-71.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 04:21:03 PM

//Henry C. Pittman

I was assigned to the 11th CAB from May 1970- November 1971. I saw your entry, Hoyt. The dispensary was right across the street from the HHC orderly room.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 06:54:03 PM

//Richard Bow

I was with E Company, 701st MB, in 68-69, working in tech supply.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 02:35:20 PM

//hoyt claburn

was with 11 avn bn 68-71 worked dispencary and helped dc run clubs

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 02:34:50 PM

//hoyt claburn

was with 11 avn bn 68-71 worked dispencary and helped dc run clubs

Monday, November 11th 2013 - 10:54:36 AM

//Tom Heckel

Was with the 128th AHC from July 1970 til Jan 1972

Monday, November 11th 2013 - 10:54:18 AM

//Tom Heckel

Was with the 128th AHC from July 1970 til Jan 1972

Monday, October 21st 2013 - 12:36:22 AM

//Allen Lowery

Was with 13th Arty at Phu Loi 1965 - 1966 and then with 128th Aviation (Tomahawks) from 1966 - 1967

Monday, October 14th 2013 - 02:34:22 PM

//Greg Regulbuto

Was with Trans Co. 215th CSB 1st. Cav. Phu Loi RVN From Jan. 1970 - early 1972. Move to Bien Hoi for a few months before going home. Looking For Norman Morrell Jr. [Redman], Larry France,Frederick Dubois III or anyone else I may have served with. Worked in the engine shop,Flew on Hueys some [729] and was a mail clerk.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:12:53 PM

//lee kinsella

ron i wasn't in the tent but henry wilson was he said the guy that got murdered told his assailent he didn't have the guts to shoot him well he did after realizing what he did he poppped himself

Friday, September 27th 2013 - 03:03:40 PM

//Ron Kidder

I was TDY with the 1st. M.P. company Sept-Oct 1967 in Phu Loi. Investigated a murder-suicide there the evening of Oct.14, 1967. Anybody there in the 539th Trans co. remember this?

Thursday, September 12th 2013 - 02:07:27 PM

//Paul Jenkins

I was stationed in Phu Loi-610TH MAINTENANCE BATTALION, Oct '67 to Oct '69- Vehicle/track Mechanic- Wrecker operator

Wednesday, August 28th 2013 - 09:45:11 AM

//Ken Eggly

Served in Phu Loi with 554th Engr Batt C Company from March 67 to Nov 67. Moved to Cu Chi to be with the rest of the battalion in Nov. Be nice to hear from more guys in the 554th.

Sunday, August 25th 2013 - 07:05:49 PM

//Jack Schofield

I was stationed at Phu Loi with the 605th in early 1971.

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 05:22:55 PM

//Jerry Kauffman

I was at Pho Loi in 1970 and 1971 with the 15th Transportation Company B. Aircraft armament and Company weapons repair and supply. I woul like to hear from some of and one during at Pho Loi at this time i was there.

Friday, August 16th 2013 - 07:51:22 PM

//Dan Woolard

I was an Artillery Surveyor in Phu Loi, Lai Khe from Aug 29, 1967-1968 I'd like to hear from others there at that time.

Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 01:09:32 PM

//Ed Dear


HHC 12th Combat Aviation Division Phu Loi 1966 and 1967

Thursday, August 15th 2013 - 12:26:11 PM

//Ronald Burris

A Co. 1st Avn. Bn. 1966

Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 07:38:15 AM

//John Bradley

Thanks Jim Benner

Tuesday, August 13th 2013 - 07:22:13 PM

//kris gravenstein

539th Batt from late 69 to 71, from Colorado

Wednesday, August 7th 2013 - 11:34:30 PM

//John Brennan

Pre-sale orders are now being taken by the author of VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 2 (Stackpole Books). The book is set for release on February 1st, 2014. Signed copies are available by check or PayPal for $24 which includes free shipping. PayPal however requires $1.00 additional fee. Also available for sale are U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES IN VIETNAM ($28.00) and VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 1 ($25.00). Orders by check are to be made payable to: John Brennan @ 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580. Thank you, John Brennan, former SP5, 114th AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta

Wednesday, August 7th 2013 - 11:29:04 PM

//John Brennan

Pre-sale orders are now being taken by the author of VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 2 (Stackpole Books). The book is set for release on February 1st, 2014. Signed copies are available by check or PayPal for $24 which includes free shipping. PayPal however requires $1.00 additional fee. Also available for sale are U.S. ARMY HELICOPTER NAMES IN VIETNAM ($28.00) and VIETNAM WAR HELICOPTER ART, VOL 1 ($25.00). Orders by check are to be made payable to: John Brennan @ 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580. Thank you, John Brennan, former SP5, 114th AHC, 1970-71, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta

Tuesday, August 6th 2013 - 05:46:45 PM

//Robert Yates

I was in Phu-Loi the 605th trans co. there from 1966 to 1967. Like to hear from some guys. Does anybody know where John Flint is?

Monday, July 15th 2013 - 10:30:33 PM

//Little Girl

Just wanted to say hello. Hope all is well with you guys. Saw a picture of you and Charlotte on facebook... very pretty lady. :-)

Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 09:11:15 AM

//john bradley ...765th Trans

Great Site..thanks Jim Bener

Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 01:27:31 PM

//"Smitty" Thomas Smith


Looking for Eugene Paul Skonberg, originally A Bty 1/27th Arty. Drove for Sg.t Marshall. Transferred to B Btry 5/16th Phu Loi 1967-5/1968 Vietnam - Contact Marshall Smith 561-371-8503

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 11:51:43 PM

//Tom Cox

Original member of the 178th ASHC..."Boxcars". ATC, ops, door gunner. 3/66-2/67.

Wednesday, June 12th 2013 - 05:30:14 PM

//Louis Ferguson

SSG Bedell I served with you in HHB 23d Arty in RVN and in 7th S&T Bn in TDC, Korea. I have located a couple guys from the Maint Plt that were with us in Phu Loi. Give me a shout when you receive this message.

Monday, June 3rd 2013 - 12:03:23 AM

//Frank Duvall

I was a FAC (forward air controller) at Phu Loi in May of 1964 to Sep 1964. Only 6 Americans were there then.

Friday, May 31st 2013 - 12:16:09 PM

//Arne Espedal


I changed my e-mail address I was with the Phu Loi Patrol from 1967 to 1969 attached from the 605th transportation

Tuesday, May 21st 2013 - 05:29:48 PM

//Louis Ferguson

I was assigned to 23d Arty from May 1968 to July 1969. I have managed to locate Kermit Felton and Gene Hughes. I would like to locate others from the Unit as well.

Wednesday, May 15th 2013 - 03:33:42 PM

//Gary M Kral

I served with the 758 S&S Co from January thru November 1970. I started in supply with SGT Battle, 1ST SGT Dahlgren found out I could type and turned me into a company clerk with Cliff Carmon and Mario Quintana.

Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 09:36:18 PM

//Ed Dear


I was in HHC 12 Combat Aviation from 66 & 67.Just stopping by. Ed

Thursday, May 9th 2013 - 11:23:13 AM

//Ed Dear


I was in HHC 12th Combat Aviation Co. 1966 &67.I went to Firebase Phu Loi and then to Tower 4 and I saw everything a couple of years after I was there. Interesting. Ed

Tuesday, April 16th 2013 - 07:22:04 PM

//Lee Street

Hello just checking in one more time to see if I can find any ole pals. I was with A-Battery 1st Bn. 27, Arty, Phu Loi Vietnam 67-68 Looking for Spc. Shaver, Cpl Stovall. Cpl. Williams, Sgt. Hyben,Spc. Grindstaff, or anyone from A-Batt. Alfa's Angels. Call 865-688-0361

Monday, April 15th 2013 - 07:24:07 PM


Assigned to the 605th Transportation Company from October 1968 to 10 October 1969. Served as Crew Chief for Pacesetter 6 and performed maintenance on floater aircraft.

Monday, April 15th 2013 - 04:25:22 PM

//John North

Was in 758th and 229thS&S co. from March til Dec. 1970. Worked in Class 1 with Lt. Mariani. I remember Sgt. Martin. He was the re-up NCO. He didn't get many takers as I recall. Good bunch of guys.

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 - 12:17:14 PM

//Manny Alen

1st Plt. AVEL APO96240 Nhatrang 1966-1968

Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 09:20:43 PM

//Bill Higdon

I was at Phu Loi from Oct 69 to Nov 70, with HHB 23rd Arty. I'd like to know if any ones heard from Frank Rogers who worked in the Commo Section of HHB 23 Arty during that period. Bill Higdon

Saturday, March 30th 2013 - 02:49:47 PM

//Larry Weber

Served in E Company 701st maintenance bat. in Phu Loi. Jan. '67-July '68. Looking to get in touch with those I served with. Tried to get ahold of Chuck Lovland but email got returned.

Saturday, March 23rd 2013 - 06:43:16 PM

//Tony Cina

I arrived at Fort Sill, Ok, in March 1967 assigned to the 612th TD. In May, we left for Viet Nam.

Friday, March 22nd 2013 - 05:44:12 PM

//Pat smith

Was with 2bn 13th arty from April 68 till oct 68 cbtry looking for others was medic

Sunday, March 3rd 2013 - 08:06:16 PM

//George Lamoureux

I was in the 2'nd/13th C battery at FSB Thunder IV on highway 13 near An Loc from June 69-Mar 70 when the battery deactivated. Worked with gun # 2 the"Deadly Deuce" with Fred smith, Eugene Hackney, Louis Guidry. Love to hear from anyone from my old unit

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 11:50:58 PM

//Col Leonard Trainer

Assigned Hq, 23d Artillery Group from Nov 1968 to Oct 1969.

Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 11:58:01 AM

//Russell Moseley

adding to my earlier text, was in Phu Loi Aug 1 69 untill the 1st went home then I re-assigned to the 101st Camp Eagle untill 1 Aug 70 Aug

Sunday, February 24th 2013 - 11:49:43 AM

//Russell Moseley

I was a crew chief A co. 1st.btn "Bulldogs" commanchero flt. My best regards to all and welcome home brothers. Have had no contact with anyone.

Saturday, February 23rd 2013 - 04:17:57 PM

//Kenneth G. Williams

Assigned to 605th Trans from Oct 10,1968 to Oct 10, 1969. Served as the Commanders Crew of Chief, Pacesetter 6 during my tour. I was deployed with the 357th Trans Unit that originated in Hagerstown, MD and was sent to Ft Benning, GA for deployment. I was assigned to the unit from Ft Stewart being a active duty soldier. It was a pleasure to serve with this Reserve Unit and most of us were reassigned to units with the 520th Maintenance Battalion once we arrived in Vietnam.

Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 09:15:42 PM


Welcome home heros!! Any one from HHB 2nd Bn 13 Arty from 67 sept to 69 feb who may remember SP4 Robert D Rogers, switchboard operator or Mike or Tom Skondin. Please email if you knew these guys. Thanks Ms Robbie Owens

Monday, February 11th 2013 - 06:40:35 PM

//William ONeill

I serve with 1st S@T unit of the 1st Inf. div forward fire base Phu Loi'!

Saturday, February 9th 2013 - 06:00:36 AM



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Saturday, February 2nd 2013 - 08:52:23 PM

//Richard Gilkey

HI guys welcome home. I was with 539th Nov. 69 to Feb 71. Lots of old memories and it seems like yesterday sometimes. Can't believe it's been 43 years.

Friday, February 1st 2013 - 01:04:21 PM

//Robert mcfarlin

I was at phu loi from late dec 71 to early 72. I was the ration driver for 215 trans co. 1st cav. we moved to long bien where I left for home April 12 1972. prior to all this I was with div arty, 23rd inf. chu lai, and a co. 501st sig. camp eagle 101st airborne. phu loi was a wild place. I drove the 3/4 ration truck between phu loi and long bien many times. remember the big BBQ where I supplied food and beer and we had live music and strippers. welcome home brothers

Sunday, January 27th 2013 - 03:09:51 PM

//James Carter

I arrived at Phu Loi in Jan 1967. Was assigned to the 548th LMC, we moved to TayNinh about a month later. Worked out of TN and Dau Tieng. I was the armament plt sgt. got my ssgt rocker there. ETS'd jan 1968.

Sunday, January 13th 2013 - 12:40:23 PM

//Ed. campbell

213 ashc jan1967-sept 1968

Wednesday, January 9th 2013 - 10:57:24 AM



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Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 12:43:48 PM

//Albert Burkhart

HMS 610 Maintenance Bn, Phu Loi - November 67- October 68.

Tuesday, January 1st 2013 - 06:18:17 PM

//bill Briggs

motor sargent with b battery 2/`13 artillery dec 67 to dec 68

Monday, December 24th 2012 - 10:13:17 AM

//dexter stilwell

Merry Christmas to all you guys

Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 10:04:57 PM

//lee kinsella


Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 09:58:44 PM

//lee kinsella


Monday, December 17th 2012 - 04:29:55 PM

//SP5 John Bradley

765th Trans 12/24/67 to 12/24/68.... Thanks to all of you guys for your service and thanks to Jim Benner for keeping this site going..

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 07:11:59 PM


anyone want to trade patches with me? my address steve miles 163 bayport ave. bayport newyork11705 thank you!

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 02:36:12 AM

//Rosie Mangin

I am looking for anyone who served with my father, Marlin Hill, from 1971-1972. All I know is he worked on helicopters there. He died in 1977. please email me if you knew him.

Thursday, November 29th 2012 - 12:33:11 PM

//Cindy Nguyen


If you have served with Headquarter 23rd 2nd Battalion, 13th Field Artillery in Phu Loi please email me at cindyn.kellerwilliams@gmail.com or call me at 804-938-8988. I am searching for my grandfather who served there and would greatly appreciate any information I could get about the unit.

Monday, November 12th 2012 - 12:09:48 AM

//Mary C. Bright Garmon

I am the daughter of Maj J.C. Bright, Company E 701st Maintenance Battalion

Sunday, November 11th 2012 - 06:15:00 PM

//Francis C. ( Frank) Broderick Jr.

Welcome Home Soldiers, and thank you for your service.

Monday, November 5th 2012 - 05:56:06 PM

//Danny Weaver

I was with A Company 1st Avn. Bulldogs. I arrived in Oct. 69 until April 70. I was company clerk with Grotsky. When Division left I was reassigned to Phu Bai up country with 805th Trans, 1st Log command.

Thursday, October 25th 2012 - 01:02:21 PM

//David Blue

Served in Phu Loi Jan. 1971 to Dec. 1971 with 3rd/17th Air Cav. Looking for others from that year.

Friday, October 19th 2012 - 02:09:47 AM

//Rick Funkhouser

1st aviation brigade, 340th A.D.D. April 1971 until Mar - April 1972. Air Traffic Controller PHU Tower. Stood down the ATC Tower and GCA. DEROS Apr 71.

Thursday, October 11th 2012 - 02:49:48 AM

//Francis C. "Frank" Broderick Jr.

Richard Sulok I have been Emailing you at yahoo mail but keeps comeing back as can not deliver. send me an Email

Friday, October 5th 2012 - 03:25:04 PM

//Steve Beheba

I was in the 605th 68-69 at phu loi rvn. Just checking in.

Sunday, September 30th 2012 - 08:42:57 PM

//pat smith

to mike mendez hi mike i was doc smith with u guys please e- mail me if u wish welcome home

Saturday, September 29th 2012 - 12:40:29 AM

//Jerry Ramirez

I arrived in country in April 1967. Served in C Btry 2/13th Arty from June to Nov then went to D Btry 2/13th Arty all in FDC. C Btry has had 3 reunions since 2008. Would like to hear from anyone that was with D Btry from Nov 1967 to April 1968.

Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 04:03:49 PM

//Jim Stoa

128th AHC Phu Loi Vietnam Apr 71 - Jan 72. Avionics radio jockey keeping the FM radios functioning so American Rock N Roll could be heard. Flew 5 missions as a doorgunner, 2 into Cambodia. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS !!!!!

Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 04:03:23 PM

//Jim Stoa

128th AHC Phu Loi Vietnam Apr 71 - Jan 72. Avionics radio jockey keeping the FM radios functioning so American Rock N Roll could be heard. Flew 5 missions as a doorgunner, 2 into Cambodia. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS !!!!!

Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 02:54:08 PM

//Troy B. Drury

74th RAC, 210th Avn Bn, 12th Grp, 1st Avn Brg, Phu Loi from Dec '69- Dec '70

Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 02:23:14 PM

//Don Chamberlain

Anyone in 205th in 69-70 hollor at me nick name Gus

Thursday, September 27th 2012 - 02:11:41 PM

//John Bradley

A SALUTE and Thanks to All.

Tuesday, September 25th 2012 - 06:00:58 PM

//Roger Beedon

Got to Phu Loi 4Feb67 as replacement for 11th avation batt security platoon 11B20 mos. Ended up driving truck for Officer's & NCO's mess & club. Tried to get out of country durring Tet of 68, took 3 extra day @ Long Ben. Where is my 100 day sheet now? Remember "land of the free, BECAUSE of the BRAVE !" Roger Beedon out

Tuesday, September 25th 2012 - 03:48:23 PM

//Mike Mendez

Hello to all, I served in C Battery 2nd battalion/13th Artillery from Jan. 1968 through Dec. 31, 1968. I was in the FDC section and worked with David Cooper, Richard Kearns, Roger Styburski (deceased July 2012), Michael Santostephano (we contacted each other last month), Larry Pinney, Kenny Napier, Lt. Mortenson, Lt. Aertker, Capt. Lesniak, and anyone else that served with C Battery. We would like to have a reunion of the guys who served in the time period. Please contact me mig.mendez@live.com

Saturday, September 22nd 2012 - 01:37:26 AM

//Francis C. ( Frank) Broderick Jr.

was crewchief/flight engineer on Geronimo 028 aka patches and Geronimo 123 5/67 to 5/68

Wednesday, September 19th 2012 - 06:53:53 PM

//Pete Otis

Sorry, corection, the next date will be 2014 My e-mail is ceotis154@yahoo.com Pete Otis 548th LMC (DS)

Wednesday, September 19th 2012 - 06:44:53 PM

//Pete Otis

We, The 548th LMC (DS) Tay Ninh Vietnam 1966-67 just completed our 1st 45th reunion in Branson Mo. we had 30 couples show up. Our next one will be Nov.11,1014 For a picture and info e-mail me, Pete Otis

Wednesday, September 19th 2012 - 03:59:29 PM

//Jerry Burns

I was a Special Agent with Army Counter Intelligence assigned to Phu Loi with the 1st MI Detachment OCT 66-67. Worked all over Custer Flats and surrounding villages. Would love to find other MI types.

Monday, September 10th 2012 - 03:40:30 PM

//Bill Lofgren

I servied with MACV Advisory TM 91 from June 69-Aug. 71. I was the RTO assigned to Chau Thanh district and later Tri Tam. I called on Phu Loi arty and dustoffs many times over my 27 months in country. Thank you all for your support and WELCOME HOME.

Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 06:00:49 PM

//ray engstrom

We need to keep remembering a lot of brave guys.

Sunday, August 26th 2012 - 11:42:54 PM



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Thursday, August 16th 2012 - 11:45:27 PM

//Paul J Bynum

Was assigned to 128th AHC Aug 1965-Sept 1966, I came back by the grace of God.

Thursday, August 9th 2012 - 09:46:16 PM

//Dan Hanley

Arrived Phu Loi late in 65 on convoy from staging area just outside Bien Hoa. TDY as door gunner w/ 2nd plt (bulldogs) A Co 1st Avn Bn 1st inf div. After 90 days permanently assigned. Got short spent last couple months in motor pool.

Sunday, August 5th 2012 - 01:58:08 PM

//allen Monchil

//http://new york

looking for anyone in 1st Air Cav 15TC,form 1969 to 1970

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 11:16:44 PM

//terrie petersen

Was looking for people that may have served with my dad Harlen Wayne Bass

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 10:44:44 AM

//Jim Wood

phu loi 66 to 68 rebbel gun ships.

Wednesday, June 27th 2012 - 10:21:51 AM

//Smitty - Marshall Smith

Looking for Eugene Paul Skonberg trained at Ft Sill 1/27th Artillery and Phu Loi 3/67-11/67 and transferred to B Battery 5/16th Pleiku call Marshall (Smitty) Smith 561 371-8503

Saturday, June 23rd 2012 - 10:16:57 PM

//Terry Lee Morgan


I was with the 1st&27th, in the ammo section in phu loi,from 1967-1968.I would love to have a reunion. phone #619-261-4124

Saturday, June 23rd 2012 - 12:25:38 PM

//mike mooney

i was a LT w/ the 184th AVN CO, assigned to PHU LOI IN 03 OF 68 AND STAYED THERE FOR 7 OR 8 mo.

Wednesday, June 20th 2012 - 02:22:50 PM

//Lee Street


Hello Folks, I was with A-Battery, 1st.Bn.27th Arty. 23rd Arty Group. Base camped at Phuloi called Alpha's Angels.I was a gun chief served on most of the guns in the battery at one time or another. Never served on the no. 3 Gun. This gun belonged to Sgt. Steach and Chief of firing battery Marshall. The Battery chief of smoke was SFC Earl M. Marshall a lifer from Oklahoma city. He was promoted to First Sergeant before we rotated back. He was one hard core dude but we got the job done.Sorry to report that Cpl. Ed Derrick died a couple of years ago from lung cancer.Also Spc. Melvin Harris died of a heart attack several years ago. Spc. Richison from commo. died from cancer last year. I have contacted several of the guys from A-Battery. Don Hawthorne, Sgt Smith, Spc, Raley, Spc. Patrick, Spc. Gomez,Spc. Hensley from FDC,and Spc. Zadarzany. We are looking for folks from 1 Bn. 27 Arty for a possible reunion. If anyone knows anyone from this Unit in country from March 67 to March 68 Please have them to Contact Lee Street at 865-688-0361. I appreciate all of you that served in Vietnam and I am proud and Honored to have served with you. God Bless all of you. 1SG.Marshall L.Street (Ret. US ARMY)

Monday, June 18th 2012 - 06:27:19 PM

//Ronald Storad

Hi everyone , was at phu loi 69-70 15th tc 1st cav

Monday, June 18th 2012 - 01:08:46 PM

//john bradley

thanks Jim Benner

Monday, June 18th 2012 - 11:28:12 AM



Sunday, June 17th 2012 - 09:14:24 PM

//Bruce Schreiber

Phu Loi Nov 1968 - Jul 1970, 1st Cav 15th Trans Bat. When I arrived we were D Companywhich was reassigned B Company in early 1970.

Sunday, June 17th 2012 - 08:15:51 AM

//Willard Wayman

Just checking back in to see if any one I serviced with in Phu Loi from May 68 to July 69. I was with 23 Arty 2/13 C batry. Welcome Home

Friday, June 15th 2012 - 06:30:55 PM

//ed mccann

was with Pipesmoke Recovery from August '67 till April '68. crew chief on the 849 & 954.

Thursday, June 14th 2012 - 07:15:52 PM

//SSG Don Bedell

Hope to find guys from 23rd Arty Jan 1968 to Feb 1969

Monday, June 11th 2012 - 09:01:59 AM

//Frank Misco

Phu Loi resident from 2/69-2/70. 1st avn brigade, 11th combat aviation btln. HQ co. I was the guy who kept the EM & NCO clubs stocked at the 11th in Phu Loi and also in Lai Khe. Traveled weekly to Long Bien for beer and snacks and to Saigon for liquor. Every Sunday morning you counted on me to bring a truck loaded with girls from Saigon for your pleasure. Hey, somebody had to do it.

Thursday, June 7th 2012 - 02:28:50 PM

//Bruce Carbone

Looking for commo section from HHC 520th Trans Bn-Nov67-Nov68

Saturday, June 2nd 2012 - 04:18:42 PM

//chuck chambers

was in country 11/66 thru 7/67 as a machinsit in 610 maint batt,

Thursday, May 31st 2012 - 08:03:47 PM

//jj nixon

looking for any one who new Spc 4 Makin, b co 1st avn bn 1st inf div. who was killed by incoming fire on his 28th birthday 16 march 68.

Tuesday, May 29th 2012 - 10:22:23 AM

//Louis Ferguson

I was assigned to HHB 23 Arty in Phu Loi from May 1968 to July 1969. Looking for any body who served with me and Lanny Byrd.

Friday, May 25th 2012 - 02:18:54 PM

//Robert Yates

In Phu-Loi 605th 1966 -1967 Looking for John Flint also there at same time

Thursday, May 10th 2012 - 03:02:29 AM

//Chad Hale

I was stationed at Phu Loi with CoA, 1st Avn Bn (1st Inf Div) from, I believe, Aug 67 to mid or late April 1968. There really wasn't a "slot" for me. I was sent there from Di An where I worked in the message center... the main one at Di An...got into a little conflict with the idiot captain that ran the section...seems he tried to pull a little stunt on me and I told him to pound sand (I was SP4, had served a tour in ROK at Camp Colbern previously and was getting a fairly decent short timers attitude... was RA). Anyhoo, I floated around Company A, working a bit as a switchboard operator in a comm bunker, then as flight follower in the Operations bunker... we had gunships and a few slicks. Then they wanted me to do some other stuff and I said, "Not interested" for the 1st Sgt said, "In that case you can be permanent sentry, go get an M-60...so I did and was at the very end of the compound by a guard tower and a fuel dump in our company bunker...2 days on, 2 days off... until I left in April for Long Binh where I was discharged (yes, I was discharged in country, and that's another story) I left Tan Son Hut as a civilian a day before it was hit during "Mini-Tet". I think it was a bit after Tet when I received 5 rocket rounds that landed within 20 ft or less of each other near the bunker...I was VERY lucky to emerge unscathed except for my hearing which has never been the same. Another round hit the fuel dump. It burned so hot we had to leave the bunker...

Monday, May 7th 2012 - 11:12:57 PM

//Allen Lowery

Arrived in Phu Loi in late October, 1965 with the 13th Arty, then after my first tour extended to fly as a gunner with the 128th Tomahawks. Had the comic strip dog Snoopy painted on my flight helmit.

Sunday, May 6th 2012 - 12:08:38 AM


1st Infantry Div. 1st Avn Batt,Company B Rebel Gunship Company March68 March 69,Just surfed in Welcome home guys,,

Saturday, May 5th 2012 - 12:29:56 PM


215th trans co phu loi 9/71 4/72

Thursday, May 3rd 2012 - 09:27:54 PM

//Richard Sulok

Sgt.Sulok 205th ASH Co. 1967=1968. Como Sgt.and Reaction force Sgt.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 - 03:04:29 PM

//Jerry Kauffman

I was stationed there in 1970 with the 1st Cav b Co. 15th Transportation .

Sunday, April 29th 2012 - 02:02:09 PM

//Arne Espedal

I'm just checking in. I was at Phu Loi from 1967 to 1969 most of the time with the Phu Loi Patrol Force I came from the 605th Trans. Fixed Wing.

Thursday, April 26th 2012 - 05:25:48 PM

//Ken reiswig

Avionic tech at Phu loi, 1966-1967 605th (335th signal det) 31Q30

Monday, April 23rd 2012 - 11:30:21 AM

//greg gehrlein


at phu loi 68/69 i was a draftee assigned to an activated n.g.arty btry. 3/197 svc.from new hampshire. spent time at phouc vinh,tay ninh and on nui ba den not a nice place. computor thing is new for me. looking for others that may have been there during those yrs. to all, welcome back to the world,thanx for your service!

Monday, April 16th 2012 - 02:15:53 PM

//Rick Rajner

I'm looking for veterans who served with the Phu Loi Patrol Force in 1967-68. I was a squad leader back then

Sunday, April 15th 2012 - 09:22:12 PM

//Del Thebo

was in Phu Loi 68-70 1st cav. 15 trans

Friday, April 13th 2012 - 03:17:45 PM

//russ mason

Avel Central, Phu Loi Mar. 68 - Mar. 69. 35L20 avionics repairman, stayed in 605th hooch and EM club. Check Out Avelvietnam.com for avionics guys all over RVN.

Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 05:03:19 PM

//dale link


was with avel central 1967-1968. hi dave albertson. go to avel central phu loi website and sign in

Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 04:54:08 PM

//dale link


just stumbled on this website was at phu loi 1967-1968. hi dave albertson; it's been a long time. go to avel central website and log in. a lot of the old gang has signed in. i've been looking for ed for several months, with no luck. welcome home to ALL.

Wednesday, April 11th 2012 - 04:41:03 PM

//dale link

phu loi 1967-1968 , avel central. dave albertson; go to avel central phuloi vietnam website and sign in. i stumbled onto this website. am just learning how to use comp. welcome home ALL

Tuesday, April 10th 2012 - 05:21:27 PM

//john bradley

Hi..just stoppped in for a look at the latest pics...Thanks for keeping this site going...and a Happy Birthday to you Jim Benner

Monday, April 9th 2012 - 08:10:33 PM


Was just wondering if anyone remembers my dad, Mark Hillman, from Ohio. Was in the 67th Maintenance Company. I believe 68-69. I dont know much as he passed away 20 years ago, so any information will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, April 8th 2012 - 08:26:31 PM

//Wayne Cote

I was with the 520 TC and 539 security. 30Day guard duty, during July attacks. 3/67-3/68

Sunday, April 8th 2012 - 12:45:18 PM

//george klingbeil

//http://WAR TALES

finally caught up with someone i served with in the 20th trans.glen miller who extended his tour with the 25th inf.crazy guy,and good man.lots of catching up to do.

Sunday, April 8th 2012 - 12:44:55 PM

//george klingbeil

//http://WAR TALES

finally caught up with someone i served with in the 20th trans.glen miller who extended his tour with the 25th inf.crazy guy,and good man.lots of catching up to do.

Friday, April 6th 2012 - 08:58:01 PM

//Willard Wayman

I was with c battery 2/13,1968

Tuesday, March 27th 2012 - 11:05:36 PM

//Bob Bauerle

served with 8th batt.6th arty HHB.1st inf div.phu loi 67 thru 68.looking for old friends.

Monday, March 26th 2012 - 10:43:33 AM

//david jones

duty security patrol 1967-1968

Sunday, March 25th 2012 - 02:11:41 PM

//pat smith

hi welcome home guys was with 2nd bn 13tharty as medic in 68 in tay ninh

Saturday, March 24th 2012 - 09:11:44 PM

//michael l. bryant

served with co b 15th tc bn jan. to dec. 1970 as a airframe repareman 1st cav.

Thursday, March 22nd 2012 - 02:46:47 PM

//Kent Wikarski

I was with the 1st Inf Div 2/33rd Arty (69-70) assigned to LN TM 24 . We provided Arty coordination and support for MACV TM 91 at Ben Cat. Interested in hearing from any one in that area.

Thursday, March 15th 2012 - 08:15:28 PM


//http://539 TRANS CO


Wednesday, March 14th 2012 - 01:18:31 PM

//Harvey Boles

I was there 1966 B battery 13th Arty. 105`s

Tuesday, March 13th 2012 - 06:12:17 PM

//Patrick Stone

Phu loi patrol 67-68

Wednesday, March 7th 2012 - 12:58:42 AM

//Les Lightfoot

605th Transportation Co. Phu Loi

Tuesday, March 6th 2012 - 11:23:43 PM

//Maureen Gremling Williamson

My former husband, Dave Gremling, was assigned to the Big Red One in Phu Loi. I STILL salute that noble service.

Tuesday, February 28th 2012 - 11:31:02 PM

//Eugene Paul Skonberg

After my AIT training at Ft. Sill we formed the 1/27Th Artillery Battery Unit and trained on our 155 SP Vehicle for several months before going to Phu Loi, Vietnam from March to Nov 1967. I was with A battery as a driver for the chief of firing battery, Sgt Marshall as spec 4 gunner. I made a wrong decision and just before going to Vietnam I was assigned to a gun as a gunner for Sgt Smith. I was rotated out of the 1/27Th at Phu Loi in Nov. to the B Battery 5/16Th Artillery at Pleiku again assigned to a 155 SP Vehicle as a gunner. While I was with the 5/16Th I was promoted to E5 Sgt and given a gun and crew until the end of my tour of duty in Vietnam.

Sunday, February 26th 2012 - 10:14:54 AM

//Stephen Wells

8 battalion 6 artille3ry 1967-1969

Friday, February 24th 2012 - 10:58:55 PM



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