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Dreambook for My Family Genealogy

Welcome to my nifty Dreambook, a free guestbook service from New Dream Network and the DreamHost!

If you have a minute, please add your entry to those below by signing my Dreambook!

Name: Dorothy Seay Crisp
E-mail address: dseacrisp@wildblue.net
January 19th 2014
Name: vera muir
E-mail address: veramuir@eircom.net
Surname & Comments:My husbands name is Muir, his Mother's maiden name was Wilkinson, from Co. Clare Ireland. There are no more Wilkinson's left in this area. My father was a Montgomery form Co. Cavan in Ireland and my Mother was a McQueirns.
January 12th 2014
Name: Grady Brown
E-mail address: gradyb59@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:TREE: Capt. John Meredith Brown Peter BROWN WILLIAM STEPHENS BROWN PETER F BROWN John Walter Brown Clovis Grady Brown Grady L. Brown
January 1st 2014
Name: johnny ushman
E-mail address: johnnyu@casscomm.com
Surname & Comments:I am starting a Harbour family Treewill be in touch. Johnny U HARBOUR WOOD USHMAN Givens Harbor
December 30th 2013
Name: Jerry E. Brown, Jr
E-mail address: jerrybrown@nc.rr.com
Surname & Comments:Brown: I am descendant of Benjamin Brown, through his son Elbert, Elbert's son John Alphaus Brown is my 3rd great grandfather, his son Elbert A.S. Brown is my 2nd Great Grandfather, his son David Yarbrough Brown is my Great Grandfather, his son Earl my Grandfather, and my father was Earl's son Jerry Eugene Brown, Sr.
December 24th 2013
Name: Zachary
E-mail address: zachary@yahoo.ca
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December 20th 2013
Name: Sydney
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December 16th 2013
Name: Richard Miller
E-mail address: richardv@mindspring.com
Surname & Comments:I am related to David Bates Evans born about 1746.
December 14th 2013
Name: James
E-mail address: james@prodigy.net
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December 5th 2013
Name: Allyson
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November 22nd 2013
Name: betty johnson
E-mail address: bamagal_23@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:i have wiliam sherrer in my family tree. my name is betty johnson he is like my great great great great grandfather though asie sherrer who is my great great great grandfather who though wyatt jefferson sherrer who is my great great grandfather though mary lou sherrer smith who is my great grandmother her daughter amelia smith cook is my grandmother and my mom amelia cook atkins ashy and then you have me betty atkins johnson...most are buried in Randolph County ,Alabama, USA
November 21st 2013
Name: Judi
E-mail address: jmark01@comcast.net
November 2nd 2013
Name: Nicolas
E-mail address: nicolas@yahoo.ca
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October 12th 2013
Name: peggy raines
E-mail address: scottpeggyl@wmconnect.com
Surname & Comments:gggg-granddaughter of Allen and Eada Osborn Rains. Need info on son James Rains.
October 3rd 2013
Name: Dennis Rainwater
E-mail address: cmtinc@bellsouth.net
Surname & Comments:I am Looking for the Parents of Susannah Morris b. 1780 Georgia married John Pope b. Chowan Co. North Carolina 1778
September 27th 2013
Name: Dennis Rainwater
E-mail address: cmtinc@bellsouth.net
Surname & Comments:I am Looking for the Parents of Susannah Morris b. 1780 Georgia married John Pope b. Chowan Co. North Carolina 1778
September 27th 2013
Name: Jessica Dawn Helms
E-mail address: jadkins19862010@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:hi i'm doing my family tree and James David Evans Born 1795 died 1856 is one of my ancestors and I googled his name and came acrossed your website so i'm really excited
September 15th 2013
Name: Lois Niesen
E-mail address: Loisniesen@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:Elizabeth Jane Davis married Nathan Massey. They are my great great grandparents.
September 4th 2013
Name: Dan Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:ROBERTSON For the past several years I have been seeking the father of Samuel Robertson b. 1803 in Big Shanty, Cobb, GA. One of those who MAY? be the father of Samuel is William E. Robertson who m. Anna Mercer in 1792. I note that they had children born before 1803 and after. Again, Samuel was b. in 1803. Fannie Green Robertson was b. 1801 and Thomas Robertson was b. 1804. Can anyone shed any light on William Robertson and Anna Mercer POSSIBLY being Samuel's parents? Yes, they are identified as being his parents in a few other family trees. Thanks, Dan.
September 1st 2013
Name: Karen Davis Koch
E-mail address: Kabaga57@aol.com
Surname & Comments:Looking for my Davis roots.
August 23rd 2013
Name: Robert Davis Sr.
E-mail address: texasbadbob@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:Good work,cousin.
August 22nd 2013
Name: Bernice Knoke
E-mail address: berniceknoke@live.com
Surname & Comments:I am recording graves from an old country cemetery near Belle Plaine, Iowa. I came across a grave with no monument. In checking the Benton County IAGenWeb Project for a list of names in the cemetery, Benjamin P. Wilson was listed along with Martha A. Wilson. I am an avid family tree researcher and I thought you might like to know about these two people. There are Dormans still here in this area. Benjamin P. b 9 June 1838 d24 Dec 1908. It's marked DVM in the comment section. I thought this might be of interest to you as there are Benjamin P. Wilsons in your family. Bernice
August 8th 2013
Name: Terry Robertson
E-mail address: terry@desertrealtylv.com
Surname & Comments:Nathaniel Robertson m. Serene Ragan in 1808 in Baldwin Co GA. They moved to Lawrence Co MS about 1818. Nathaniel died 1826 +/- 1 year. Serene is gdau of Jonathan Ragan, he was in Wilkes Co GA in 1790s, later in Olgethorpe Co. Have lots of info on descendant of Robertson and Ragan. Nathaniel robertson is my problem. I have no information of his parents, siblings or where he is from.
August 2nd 2013
Name: Linda Lacey
E-mail address: llacey209@charter.net
Surname & Comments:Trying to find my family. J w Robertson from scotland
July 21st 2013
Name: Shari Minor
E-mail address: shari.minor@att.net
Surname & Comments:My grandfather Charles Davis was the last male Davis in our line. He is a descendant of Ransom Davis (b. 1791 NC, married Hannah Doan). Just stopping by on my hunt for Ransom's parents!
July 7th 2013
Name: James G Camp "Greg"
E-mail address: gcamp.cci@gmail.com
July 4th 2013
Name: Kevin J tucker
E-mail address: kjt2012@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:hi was doin some research on my family run across yours would be interested in talking more with you
May 28th 2013
Name: milly
E-mail address: millyderf@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:Surnames davis/ james wife christina wise ''' mary elizabeth davis my grand mother waw born in carroll co'ky ,, very nice site
April 27th 2013
Name: Dan H. Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:Your "DREAMBOOK" is an absolutely wonderful site. I am returning for another look. THANK YOU!
April 10th 2013
Name: Marian L. (Arden) Wilson
E-mail address: marian_4763@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:just looking to see about where your Arden family came from and if you knew if Ann Arden had any brothers an sister here my dad is Mario Elige Arden his family are from Texas,an my gpaw is James Thomas Arden he is from Loudon Tenneessee area
April 5th 2013
Name: Claire O'Neil
E-mail address: voodooleroux@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:Firstly I'd like to say NICE WORK. These pages are amazing, thank you for your time and effort. I am a direct descendent of the Evans family. The farthest back I personally could find before stumbling on your page was from generation 5. Mary Polly Evans and James Arden Evans are the parents of Lavina Adelaide Evans and the marriage of James Wightman. My family continues on from there with the surnames Evans and Wightman disappearing from my tree. Their daughter Emma Wightman Schuman (then married a Mr. Coffield) is my great great grandmother. Thank you for publishing this and adding quite a bit more names on my tree. Wishing you and yours well, Best, Claire L. O'Neil
March 24th 2013
Name: Evelyn (Chambers) Morrison
E-mail address: eviessong@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:Hi,I enjoyed looking at you Dreambook,very well organized. My Great-Grandfather is Jefferson Davis Chambers,married to Victoria Johnson,both from Breathitt Co,Ky. I was wondering if there is any relations,between,the Chambers Family and the Davis Family,since my GGrandfather is nammed after the President. Thank You \ Evelyn Morrison
March 22nd 2013
Name: Richard
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March 18th 2013
Name: james hall
E-mail address: jamesdeanhall@yahoo.com
March 6th 2013
Name: Mark Owens
E-mail address: marco1234@msn.com
Surname & Comments:Looking for info on a Lizzy Farmer born abt 1812
February 18th 2013
Name: Sue
E-mail address: s1history@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:Just found your tree. You have listed sme of my ancestors (John Brown, Harmon Howard, and others.) Where did you get your information on the Howard and Brown families! We might be related in some way. Thanks.
February 5th 2013
Name: Anita Cole
E-mail address: aacole10@aol.com
Surname & Comments:I am looking for the Clotfelter and Brown relatives that lived in and near Athens
February 2nd 2013
Name: Pat
E-mail address: pmcfarlen@ardmore.net
February 1st 2013
Name: William Walter Haltom
E-mail address: haltom0000@comcast.net
Surname & Comments:Haltom, James Jackson Henderson was my 2 Great Grandfather But I'm confused about all the Cinderellas. Very nice page Walter Haltom
January 29th 2013
Name: Nina Powers
E-mail address: ninakay.np@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:Signed guestbook last week with list of descendants . Not sure when I will get around to updating/verifying dates but would like to line to most current for D.E. (Daniel Edward )Wise from Coffee GA., 1850 Please reply when you can and thank you for all You've done. Nina Powers Great, great grandaughter of D.E. Wise
January 28th 2013
Name: James
E-mail address: james@rogers.com
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January 27th 2013
Name: Nina Powers
E-mail address: ninakay.np@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:Seems my info. May be wrong around wife of Andrew Josiah Wise Nancy daughter, Nancy Davis Wise I'm new to all this and it's time consuming. Looks like maybe I could pass on more info. To add My Wise line Zora May Wise. 1903 Lynn Co. Or Castro Co. Texas birth Bud B. Wise abt 1778 Wise Co., Alvord, Texas Daniel Edward Wise 1850 Alabama Andrew Josiah Wise1826 Dale Co. Ala.- 1914 Coffee, Ala. James McKinney Wise 1801-1873 Joseph Wise Jr. 1766 Regards, Nina
January 22nd 2013
Name: Nina Powers
E-mail address: ninakay.np@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:Thanks to All! Grandmother. Zora May Wise. 1903 Married. Buford Powers Daughter of. Bud B. Wise. Abt 1878 Married. Mattie Sweazea Son of. Daniel Edward Wise 1850-1924 Ala. Married. Henrietta Adams Wise 1848-1938 Son of. Andrew J. Wise. 1826 Dale Co. Ala. 1914 coffee co. Ala. Married. Nancy Davis Wise Son of. James McKinney Wise 1801-1873 Married. Anna Frances Phillips Wise. 1801-1896 Son of. Joseph Wise Jr. 1766 Married. Rosannah Singly
January 22nd 2013
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January 16th 2013
Name: karen parham
E-mail address: karenparham63@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:hillery foster davis is my gr gr grandfather. his daughter lucy is my gr grandmother. just starting this trip called geneology and loving/hating every minute. you have a very nice site. contact me if you have ever ventured across this mans name. thank you so much and have a great day
January 10th 2013
E-mail address: RCAMP37171@AOL.COM
January 1st 2013
Name: Janelle Barrett
E-mail address: janellemb@flash.net
Surname & Comments:Evans & Bates
December 31st 2012
Name: Dan H. Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:Back to your Family Genealogy page again. I keep trying to finalize a relationship between my PROVEN GGGrandfather Samuel Robertson b. 1803 in Big Shanty, GA and your family. William Robertson is my leading suspect and I hope to firmly link him to Samuel in the near future. GREAT BOOK! Thank You, Dan.
December 15th 2012
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December 13th 2012
Name: cecile brown
E-mail address: cecilebrown77@hotmail.com
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Surname & Comments:Haven't done much Brown research, this was my late husband's surname. His ancestors lived in Sabine parish , La., near Hornbeck. Cecile
December 1st 2012
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E-mail address: rowen@yahoo.com.br
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November 12th 2012
Name: Creath Hendricks
E-mail address: irahendricks1@bellsouth.net
Surname & Comments: Ira B Hendricks,Jr. 20 Dec 1924 Delhi LA 11 Jul 2006 Crystal Springs, MS. Mrd:15 Jul 1948 Audys Creath Jones 18 Sep 1930- son of Ira B Hendricks 13 Aug 1901 Franklin,LA-5 Jan 1968 Jackson MS. Mrd. 17 Aug 1921 Callie Mae Purser 14 Oct 1898 - 16 Dec 1967 Jackson, MS Callie Mae Purser Daugter of Elizabeth Ione WILSON 2 Oct 1874 Hazlehurst, MS - 18 Mar 1952 Jackson, MS Mrd 22 Oct 1889, Allen Ingram Purser Elizabeth Ione Daughter of WILLIAM HARRISON WILSON, 1828/1829 in SC died after 6 Sep 1906 when he signed CSA pension application and dropped from 1910 census. Pension application state he was a resident of MS since 1847, (59years). He married first Amanda A Davenport on 31 Dec 1851 in Claiborne Co MS. She died with 4th child and is buried in Pattona Cem. Hermanville, Claiborne, MS. 27 Dec 1830 - 3 Mar 1858. William married Elizabeth Jane Green on 6 Apr 1859 in Claiborne Co. MS He filed for Guardianship of his 3 children and requested permission to remove the children From Claiborne Co. to Copiah Co. MS He was apparently wealthy as he always signed his name "William H Wilson, ESQ. Copiah Co has numerous buy and sale deeds Elizabeth Ione Wilson Purser told her daughter, Alvia Ione Purser Kinnebrew, she played with a leather pouch filled with gold coins when she was a child. Alvia died in Okla in late 1990's. He deeded each of his 9 children 150 acres of land in 1888. I was told by a grand-daughter that Wm. H Wilson was her grandfather and that his father was JAMES WILSON, but I have not been able to document this to my satisfaction. Just too many possibilities. I still keep trying
October 31st 2012
Name: Susan S. Hammond
E-mail address: sshammond@bellsouth.net
Surname & Comments:I was born Susan Sanborn to Edith Funderburk, daughter of Buan Brantley Funderburk and Susie (Susan) Nolan. Her birthdate is wrong in the information listed. She was born January 3, 1886 and died September 12, 1922. This information is taken from her tombstone in Senoia, Ga. She was the daughter of James Nolan and Susan Millsaps
October 23rd 2012
Name: Forrest G. "Greg" Camp
E-mail address: reg1098@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:I am the great grandson of Alfred Camp, of Moundville, Alabama. Alfred moved his family to Lincoln, Nebraska, to pursue his career as a teacher. I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. I also know the Camp family, of Franklin, VA, 25 miles west of Norfolk. My father met my mother in Norfolk, VA in the Marine Corps. I live in Atlanta,much to the delight of my Grandmother, Francis Grace Camp. Mrs. Camp attended the Georgia reunions of the 40's and 50's. I also am familiar with the Tidewater, VA Kemps, also a Camp relation. Lots of Kemps in georgia as well.
October 21st 2012
Name: Clower Maloy jr
E-mail address: cemaloy@yahoo.com
October 10th 2012
Name: Kay
E-mail address: kay@bol.com.br
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September 30th 2012
Name: Carol Peebles LeBlanc
E-mail address: cleblanc_1@comcast.net
Surname & Comments:My maiden name was Peebles, born in Nova Scotia Canada. I am researching my family (Peebles/Young/Clancey/Roast) and my husband's family - descended from Daniel Young, born in France, settled in Port Royal Nova Scotia Canada.
September 8th 2012
Name: Lois Jane (Evans) Russell
E-mail address: lrussell33@ymail.com
Surname & Comments:Paternal Grand Father (George Washington Evans) 1854-1939
August 14th 2012
Name: Michael
E-mail address: michaelafranks@aol.com
Surname & Comments:Im looking for the descendants of Allen Turner Brown and Hattie McCrary Brown who were from Royston, Ga. I believe his father was Dozier Taylor Roberts Brown, and mother was Josephine Turner. Allen and Hattie had Howard Lee Brown, Frank D., Josephine Brown King and Thomas. Howard "Brownie" as he was known was born in 1902. I'm trying to find ANY Brown family descendants! As I have my great uncles old Brown family pictures that are over 100 years old. He married my great aunt, so I am not related to the Brown family. They had no kids. His sister Josephine married M.A. King and they lived in Roanoke, Va. They didn't have kids. His brother Frank D. Brown, who used to be in Valdosta, Ga DID have kids. Uncle Brownie moved from Royston to San Marcos Tx to attend school back in the mid 1910's. Im spending my time trying to get these old Brown family pictures into the proper hands. He died back in 1982, so they have been out of proper hands for 30 years! Please someone help me find someone! Thanks, Michael
July 8th 2012
Name: Dan Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:ROBERTSON ANCESTORS - Still seeking information re: the parents of Samuel Robertson b. 1803 in Big Shanty (Acworth), Cobb Co., GA. Sam married Celia Martin in Jackson, Butts Co., GA in 1824. ANY INFORMAITON APPRECIATED. Thank You!
July 1st 2012
Name: Sandie D. Peaden Kennedy
E-mail address: kennedys24@gmail.com
June 20th 2012
Name: John Evans
E-mail address: johnevans1957@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:David Evans,Arden,William, Stephen, Winston, John Clement, John Henry, John Truman.
May 24th 2012
Name: Mary Ann Copland
E-mail address: maryanncopland@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:My gmother was Louisa Cecelia (Lucille) Eason Drewry, daughter of Louisa Cecelia Rakestraw Eason, daughter of Robert Rakestraw Jr., who was the son of Robert Rakestraw Sr. In other words my gggrandfather and Sara were brother and sister. We are related! My grandmother grew up in Starrsville and Covington, GA.
May 9th 2012
Name: Jimmie Wayne Evans
E-mail address: jandmevans@eastex.net
Surname & Comments:Evans-I am a decendant of Lee Roy Evans whose father was Franklin Esta Evans whose father was David Franklin Evans of Butts County Georgia.
May 6th 2012
Name: Darrel G Merrell
E-mail address: dgmerrell@cox.net
Surname & Comments:Fannin Brown was my GGG Granfather on my Father's Mother's side.
May 2nd 2012
Name: James Benjamin Brown
E-mail address: jbbrown2000@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:I am decendant of Benjamin Brown,Elbert,John A.etc
April 14th 2012
Name: nancy denning
E-mail address: denning.nancy@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:James Franklin Davis and Charity Sophronia Elliott
April 1st 2012
Name: Thomas Wayne Evans
E-mail address: tevans@wfisd.net
March 22nd 2012
Name: Karen Henderson Russell
E-mail address: krussell123@comcast.net
March 9th 2012
Name: angelia robertsono
E-mail address: 2049robertsonralph@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:I am looking for parents of rio cleason robertson from union co south carolina
March 5th 2012
Name: Betty G. Brown Leiderman
E-mail address: sidick@comcast.net
Surname & Comments:"The Ball, Brown and Arthur Families" posted info on the four brothers Brown and their father arriving in Penn. via Welch Neck landing. They came from Cardigan Wales in the year 1746. My ancester John Brown from Wales would be the father or one of the sons. I had cornered the info on Ancestery.com but was unable to print out the info. I then hand wrote what I could read as the article wouldn't even scroll down Try as I might I cannot relocate this posting. I'm looking for the father or brother of Thomas Brown from Wales in 1746. Thomas Brown is one of four brothers. One of those brothers settled in Willington, N.C; where my Great Great Grandfather Levi Brown was born in 1802. It was Levi that insisted that he was a descendent of John Brown from Wales. No other information has survived. I'll be leaving Ancestry.com in about 5 weeks so please if you can help me respond to my E-Mail sidick@comcast.net Sincerely Betty Gean
February 25th 2012
Name: Donna Brown
E-mail address: donnabrown17@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:Brown
February 9th 2012
Name: Robert Brown
E-mail address: nascentmgr@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:Descendant of John Meredith Brown.
February 7th 2012
Name: Conrad Roberson
E-mail address: jamescroberson@att.net
Surname & Comments:Hello, I have an ancestor who is in the 1960 census for Clarke County, AL as William A. Robinson with his wife, Salethia Ann. He shows up later in the 1870 census of Marengo County, AL as William A. Robertson with his wife, Seletia, and a brother, Thomas. Is it possible that this is the same man as your William Alexander Robertson, born 1818 in Clarke County, GA to Gilbert Mercer Robertson with a wife named Ann and a brother named Thomas Redmond Robertson? Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Conrad Roberson
February 7th 2012
Name: Donna Evans Adair
E-mail address: raineyevair@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:My GGrandfather was James Wesley Evans Bn. 3 Aug. 1853 Ark. He died in 1942 in Mansfield, Mo. My Grandfather was James Wesley Evans Bn. 22 Aug 1873, Mo. He died in 1915 in Ava or Mansfield, Mo. We are looking for our GGGrandfather. We are not sure of the name, it could be James, but we don't know. He may have been illegitamate. We just don't know. It is told his mother died about 3 years after GGrandfather was born. If you could help, we would sure appreciate it. Thanks, Donna,California
January 14th 2012
Name: Lois lord jackson
E-mail address: lojackson1@juno.com
Surname & Comments:I am the g- grandaughter of Nancy Bruce who was the daughter of Daniel Charles Bruce , born in S C around 1797 - Daniel C Bruce married Mary "Polly" Clotfelter who I believe was born 1801-1802 in Georgia- They had 9 children, one was Olive Bruce who married Sampson D Queener, in Campbell County, Tennessee- and Nancy Bruce who married David Hart and migrated to Mariposa, Californis and are buried there- Daniel Bruce and Mary, They are both buried in Queeners Cemetary in Jacksboro, Tennessee= searching for information and relatives of my Bruce line-----Can u help me and I do thank you- Lois lojackson1@juno.com
January 8th 2012
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January 3rd 2012
Name: Martha Lassetter
E-mail address: Mlasse1932@aol.com
Surname & Comments:My husband is a 2nd Gt Grandson of John George Washington Brown and Sarah Carruthers Thank you giving me another generation My husband is Terrell Anthony Lassetter, a son of James Arthur Lassetter, who was b 1898 in Banning, Carroll, Georgia James Arthur Lassetter was son of James Rufus Lassetter and Margaret Elizabeth Latimer James Rufus Lassetter was a son of William Lassetter and Parthenia Brown, a daughter of John George Washington Brown
December 31st 2011
Name: james dean hall
E-mail address: jamesdeanhall@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:My great great great grandfather was married to Rosanna Brown Hall and she is buried in Burns TN in the Hall Family cemetery. I was trying to find where she was from to track my family back to Virginia and hopefully England. So glad I found your website. I will send you so info soon for your records.
December 29th 2011
Name: Shirley Anita Brown Clark
E-mail address: littleallenia@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:My Grandfather is Marcus Brown.
December 17th 2011
Name: Ellen Annette Whatley Jackson
E-mail address: ellenjackson01@windstream.net
Surname & Comments:Would love to know how you are relted to James Willis Whatley, my great grandfather or Laura Elizabeth Nelson his wife.I have completed lots of my history, but James Willis is complete mystery. I don't know his parents or siblings. Thanks
December 15th 2011
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December 4th 2011
Name: william e. phillips
E-mail address: phil14332@nefcom.net
Surname & Comments:thomas jefferson brown is my grandfather and rosa lee was his wife and my grandmother.william allen brn. is t.j. brn. dad. samuel j. brn is w. a. brn. dad.fannin brn. and e. malone are s. j. brn. parents.i have verified all of these people. john meredith brn. is fannin brn. dad. where can i go to verify capt. john meredith brown is fannin brown dad. i would appreciate any help. thanks william e. phillips
November 12th 2011
Name: shannon
E-mail address: www.blackneworleanscat@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:looking up family stuff (azwell thompson and eliza jane cutherell)and came across this site from google search...not sure how it works because i dont see anything!! :( if you have any info could you please write me back through my email? thanks!
November 10th 2011
Name: Brad Roberts
E-mail address: bradroberts56@bellsouth.net
Surname & Comments:Trying to locate Evans cemetery, Smarr, GA
November 6th 2011
Name: Brenda Davis Crabtree
E-mail address: ononeski@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:looking for Marion A. Davis ascendants.....thought to be Richard Davis...Chesley but someone else said "NO." This site is AWESOME!
November 4th 2011
Name: Stan Brown
E-mail address: bubbasbungalow@q.com
Surname & Comments:My dad was Allen Lee Brown. His dad, accorded to the 1920 US Fed. Census was Thomas Milligan Brown. His mother was named Mattie. He was born in Louisiana in 1907. He married Alfa Jewel Murray, my mother. Both are now deceased. The family consisted of: Thomas age 60, Mattie age 39, Willie age 16, Clyde age 9, Allen age 12, Verginia age 7, Woodroe age 1, and Calvin Myers age 16.
November 4th 2011
Name: Linda Farris Gilbert
E-mail address: linda1107@centurytel.net
Surname & Comments:So glad that Patricia (Trish) Farris told me about this site. Looking forward to seeing all the information and how the Wise family & Farris family connect. Linda Farris Gilbert
September 16th 2011
Name: Gale Molton/Moulton Fordham
E-mail address: galefordham@windstream.net
Surname & Comments:John Moulton/Molton from Georgia, 1830 Your William M. Moulton and family left GA by 1860 and ended up in Titus, TX.
September 16th 2011
Name: Patricia Farris
E-mail address: pfarris40@comcast.net
Your Homepage URL: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/8989966/family/pedigree
Surname & Comments:Farris, Mcdaniel: Tree on ancentry.com 2nd gr. grand parents: William D Farris AL & Sarah Smith TN gr grand parents:Samuel Farris AL & Sarah "Lizzie" McDaniel KY grand parents: Jewell Allen Farris Paris TN & Jennie Edward Odom KY (5th cousins: gr. aunt Tabith Oldham McDaniel TN) Parents: Edmond Allen Farris KY. & Shirley Ann S------k Il. love to here from you. thanks
September 4th 2011
Name: Alden Haines Hamblin
E-mail address: ahhamblinpaleo@accesswest.com
Surname & Comments:John Meredith Brown was my great,great,great,great grandfather through Fanning Brown, Emanuel Brown,David Emanuel Brown,Candis Jeanette Brown (Hunt)and Reita Hunt (Hamblin).
August 17th 2011
Name: Dan H Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:Seeking the parents of Samuel Robertson b. 1803 Big Shanty, Cobb Co., GA.
August 13th 2011
Name: Patty Herndon Thomas
E-mail address: Patty1017@cox.net
Your Homepage URL: none
Surname & Comments:As a descendant of Benjamin and Nancy B Brown Herndon [Benjamin-Edward-Marshall-Walter-Oscar- Russell -me] I was very interested in the information abput the Brown Family.
August 5th 2011
Name: Janice George
E-mail address: byrdiebean@aol.com
Surname & Comments:I believe we are tied to the Brown family on my fathers side. My father would be the GGGGgrandson of John Meredith Brown and Martha Conley. The line would be: John Meredith, Peter,Joel,Meredith,John J, Edward then my father.
August 2nd 2011
Name: Samuel Carlton Robertson
E-mail address: onsitesam@charter.net
Surname & Comments:Ancestors: Samuel NMI Robertson (1803-1885) m Celia Martin Acworth, Cobb Co., GA. Samuel born in GA, unknown father born in NC and mother in SC.
July 27th 2011
Name: Dan H. Robertson
E-mail address: c26harli@verizon.net
Surname & Comments:I believe we are related via William Robertson (d.1805/) whom I believe married Ann Mercer around 1798. Their son Samuel(b. 1800 in Cobb Co., GA) is my GGGrandfather. Only in the past few minutes has my identification with William being the POTENTIAL father of Samuel been firmed up. Two distant cousins and I have spent several months seeking the identity of Samuel's father. This was made especially difficult since we knew his father died shortly after Samuel's birth. You have my email. Please contact me IF you believe we are related and I will share my data. Dan.
July 26th 2011
Name: Craig Harrell
E-mail address: Iceman2cld@aol.com
Surname & Comments: I like your site. It's very homey. I originally clicked on it to see what relationship you have with Enoch Key who married an Elizabeth Burns in 1875.
July 26th 2011
Name: Joan Smith
E-mail address: ickyclown@aol.com
July 20th 2011
Name: P. D. Watkins
E-mail address: pdwat@aol.com
Surname & Comments:Thanks for compiling a very comprehensive listing of families. My research focuses on the Chesley Davis who married Mary Tate, daughter of Henry Tate in Virginia. The family moved to South Carolina in the late 1700's. I'm searching for proof of Chesley Davis' parents' names. My descent is through his grandson Jesse Davis, who moved to Texas. Other lines that I research include James Downum, Gully Moore, McCarty, Goodrich, and Franklin.
July 17th 2011
Name: Ann Odom Green
E-mail address: greenandodom@windstream.net
Your Homepage URL: none
Surname & Comments:Odom,Shaw,Culver,Long,Lewis,Clark,Tharp,Colbert,(Green,Thomas,Shaw (Different)Glaze) Husband's. Always enjoy looking over your site. I think I may have found long lost Beaulah living with Levi Long (Kinfolk) her name is Hicks. They are on the 1910 and 1920 Bowie county census but I can't find her marriage to Hicks or where she is buried. Thanks for putting your info on record. I have mine under Christie Green-Odom family tree. Ann
June 12th 2011
Name: Lloyd Lee Wilson III, DVM
E-mail address: Beth@Linncovet.com
Surname & Comments:Wilson, proven back to Jackson/Overton/Fentress Co. Tn. Connected by yDNA to 90% probability descendant of "Old Robin" Wilson from Mecklenburg Co. N. C. Am trying to further prove the relationship to the descendants of Thomas Wilson and Isabella Bryce, John b 1603 and Katherine (Transported to Va in 1635 on the "Transport" and "Paule" from London) etc. etc. Thanks
June 5th 2011
Name: Jean Davis Lomas
E-mail address: geolomas@mindspring.com
Surname & Comments:Davis Family Coffee County Alabama.
May 30th 2011
Name: David R Wilson
E-mail address: drwilson225@comcast.net
Surname & Comments:WILSON+NOLAN>DAVIS>WALL I am just checking to see what info you have posted in regard to me and my siblings.
May 16th 2011
Name: Betty (Johnnie) Campbell
E-mail address: JohnnieCampbell9@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:Hi, I am a daughter of Laura Estelle Wise Thompson (1921-1992), who was the daughter of William Floyd Wise(1899-1953) and Roberta Lois Wise (1901-1976). We are just starting to research my mother's family. Thank you so much for the information. I do appreciate all the hard work and many hours you must have put in! Many thanks!
April 27th 2011
Name: Daisey Fish a fellow Bullard
E-mail address: daiseyafish@nc.rr.com
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April 11th 2011
Name: Daisey Fish a fellow Bullard
E-mail address: daiseyafish@nc.rr.com
Your Homepage URL: don't know
Surname & Comments:We are Bullards, Davis, Hall,Bedsoles, and English's Call me 713-987-4329
April 11th 2011
Name: Alden H. Hamblin
E-mail address: ahhamblinpaleo@accesswest.com
Surname & Comments:I was excited to find this information on the Brown Family. I am a descendant of David Emanuel Brown(64) and his daughter Candace Jeanette Brown. A couple of minor corrections - The information under David indicated that his wife Mary Ann Maranda Hyatt died in Uintah or Duchesne County, Utah. The correct county is Duchesne. Also Candace Jeanette Brown's first husband was Edward Moroni Hunt and they were married August 8, 1906, not 1909. They are my grandparents on my mother's side. Thanks. Great information!
March 21st 2011
Name: Allison Turner-Hansen
E-mail address: aturner_hansen@yahoo.com
March 10th 2011
Name: pat_keaton
E-mail address: pat_keaton@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:I am researching the White line - Catherine Amanda Peoples who was married to David H. Peoples.
March 7th 2011
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February 18th 2011
Name: Regan Robertson
E-mail address: ralana1978@aol.com
Surname & Comments:We may be related but maybe not, not sure, Our relatives are from Clay County, Alabama, The earliest name is Hardy Robertson, B. Sept 15, 1806.
February 10th 2011
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February 8th 2011
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January 25th 2011
Name: Karen Allman
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Surname & Comments:My GGG grandparents are Catherine Standlee and Jefferson Davis. I'm looking for more info on their mother Jane and where she was in the 1840 Census. A google hit brought me here.
December 18th 2010
E-mail address: LD536@AOL.COM
December 13th 2010
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December 2nd 2010
Name: Peggy J McCorkle King
E-mail address: familyhistory@vcn.com
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Surname & Comments:My maiden name is McCorkle. I reviewed your website in detail in the McCorkle section. I wish I had more time. Any assistance you could give this newbie would be appreciated. The story goes that 3 brothers came over fromm Ireland (with a little german and sct blood mixed in and settled in Mississippi, Georgia and I think North Carolina. My connection seems to stop with James Andrew McCorkle so I know I have more digging to do!!! Thank you for the hard work you have put into your family history.
November 13th 2010
Name: Michael Sinclair
E-mail address: mjohn.sinclair2@gmail.com
Surname & Comments:looking for connections to the name camp in waverly nebraska shown on the 1880 census. wife: harriet; children: fay, arthur, jay;
November 8th 2010
Name: Hazel Davis-Clark
E-mail address: bojacks1@yahoo.com
Your Homepage URL: na
Surname & Comments:I am descended from Morgan Davis too. Hazel Davis-Clark 20750 E. CR 1140 Stigler, Oklahoma 74462 Ph. 918-967-2648
November 5th 2010
Name: Debby Thompson
E-mail address: Debby.Thompson1@verizon.net
Surname & Comments: My mom Mildred Lorraine Davis 1919-1996; her father Claude Eugene Davis 1883-1954; his father James Rosser Davis 1849-1892; his father Joseph Thomas Davis Abt. 1815-1822; his father Thomas Woolridge Davis 1790-1845; his father Joseph Terry Davis (Bet. 1756-1768 - Bet. 1807-1812); his father Absolom Abner Davis (Bet. 1720-1730 - Abt. 1807); His Father Richard Davis (Bet. 1688-1703 - June 15, 1760). If you can add or change --please contact me. Debby
October 29th 2010
Name: lillian frances peaden stewart
E-mail address: pepperstew@att.net
Surname & Comments:I am the daughter of, L Bartlett Peaden,son of Thomas B Peaden, son of Samuel L. Peaden, son of Bartlett Peaden, son of Patrick Peaden, son of James Peaden. I am very pleased with your site, lots of info. I noticed you do not have the children, of L. Bartlett peaden(son of Thomas B. Peaden)listed. I have this info if you would care to add it. Awaiting contact from you. Thank you so much.
October 29th 2010
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October 28th 2010
Name: Dorothy Reid
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October 26th 2010
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October 17th 2010
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October 14th 2010
Name: Randall B. Palmore
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Surname & Comments:Palmore
October 14th 2010
Name: Carol Braden
E-mail address: flafrog@tampabay.rr.com
Your Homepage URL: http://www.myheritage.com/site-family-tree-67834321/blizzard
Surname & Comments:I am hunting the INDIAN relatives. This is a HARD item to find. I have checked with FamilySearch.Org [the Mormon Library], relatives that are using Ancestry.com to apply on my Heritage.com site. I have learned that to found INDIAN - one was considered BELOW that of a Slave...one distant relative shared that he was Hawaiian, other were called Black Dutch [no such animal] and then listings with no last name. Thanks for your research. CJB
October 3rd 2010
Name: Beth Fiddie
E-mail address: beth4@homesc.com
Surname & Comments:Wilson - Henrietta Hinson was my grandmother and William Anderson Wilson was my grandfather.
October 3rd 2010
Name: Teresa Reddick
E-mail address: trdr01@windstream.net
Surname & Comments:I am a decendant from Capt. Robert Tucker through his son George and on down the line. My grandfathers name was Leonard David Tucker. He has a son in Mesa Arz. that has done all of this reasearch.
September 21st 2010
Name: Emma Hinson
E-mail address: elhds1@hotmail.com
Surname & Comments:my great-grandfather was named Erasmus Hinson. We have been told that he orginally came to South Carolina from Florida. We sure would like some information on him and if he had any brothers or sisters. We cannot find anything on him.
September 16th 2010
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September 2nd 2010
Name: Tina (Beveridge) Murphy
E-mail address: fab4fan2416@yahoo.com
Surname & Comments:I am a great granddaughter of Robert Henry Moreland and Ophelia Forsyth Moreland. My grandmother was their youngest daughter, Katie Olive Moreland. I am researching my family tree, and was directed to your page. How are you related to the Morelands from Girard, Alabama? I am interested to know more about the Morelands. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Tina Murphy
August 24th 2010
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