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Pate Genealogy
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Name: lorna johnson
E-mail address: mikejohnson06@hotmail.com.au
Where From: australia
Comments:I am Lorna Pate, my dad was William Pate born 1883 in Lesmahago, Lanarkshire, Scotland, coalminer family. He lived in Scotland but some of his past or present family may have gone to USA. He was 1 of 10 kids. His father also William Pate 1840, mother Margaret Mc Intosh. Isabella Pate , married ? Herman and went to Boston, USA. My brother William Pate lives in St andrews, Fife, Scotland. Another Pate connection is Jan 1424 bob@hotmail.co.uk she is a relative that lives in coalburn, Lanarkshire. Janice Lauriston. From Lorna Johnson
Thursday, January 9th 2014 - 08:52:29 PM
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Tuesday, January 7th 2014 - 03:06:15 AM
Name: Oleta Faye Pate
E-mail address: Oleta530@aol.com
Where From: Lubbock, Texas
Comments:I'm looking for the any of the Pate clan that settled in the Lubbock, Texas area in app. 1912. I am the granddaughter of Stephen Decature Pate and the daughter of Joseph Bailey Pate b. 1906 in Montague County, Texas. Any help is appreciated.
Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 03:23:24 PM
Name: Sharron Cox
E-mail address: scox44@hotmail.com
Where From: Savoy, Fannin County, Texas
Comments:Looking for Jehew (John) Pate born 1821 Tennessee died jan 1871 in Johnson Co Missouri. He married Elizabeth Perthenia Faubion in Missouri had two daughters Mary Elizabeth who died age 3 and Eliza Anne or Anna Eliza who married John F. Large at Savoy, Texas. No prior history found for Jehew (John) no parents etc. at a dead end. I know that Elizabeth's brother Ben Franklin Faubion married Martha A Pate but can't find her family to see if she was kin to Jehew. Help!
Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 05:09:13 PM
Name: Glenys D Pate
E-mail address: glenys@pate1947.fsnet.co.uk
Where From: Sandwell Uk
Comments:My husband Paul James Pate, born 14 Jan 1953, is interested in finding a copy of a book by an American. The American wrote
to us some years ago and told us he had written a history of the Pate family, and that my husband was in it. We were not in a position to buy a copy of the book at the time. Sorry we do not know the title of the book, nor can remember the Authors name. Any help would be appreciated.
Thursday, November 28th 2013 - 08:01:19 AM
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Name: Diane Bonneau
E-mail address: sonshine4di@gmail.com
Where From: South Carolina (Now NH)
My roots go to John "Beelog" pate. My mom's mother was Lona Pate, daughter of Doctor F Pate; whose father was Marcellus Pate. (all from NC)
There is a great site on Facebook with lots of folks from Pate and Fender (among others) descendants. It is Genealogy Quest Toe River Valley NC Ancestors. They have pics of many relatives:)
Tuesday, October 8th 2013 - 03:53:39 PM
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Name: Donald Pat Pate
E-mail address: donppate1@gmail.com
Where From: Edmond, OK
Comments:Really enjoyed seeing the family lines posted. To the best of my knowledge my line is: Donald Pat Pate- Benjamin Willis Pate- L. Clay Pate- Benjamin Washington Pate- Nathan Pate- Nathaniel John Pate- Matthew Pate- Jeremiah Pate- Edward Pate/Martha Tinsley- John Edward Pate/Marjery Townley (?). After looking at your Pate-64, I would assume that my Jeremiah (if correct) is a brother to your Anthony Pate, and my Matthew is his nephew? However my listing prior to Benjamin Washington was graciously shared with me by a recently discovered Pate family member, and I wondered if it could be confirmed with other pate trees, e.g. Perhaps one from Matthew Pate, son of Jeremiah. Thank you for your research and any information would be greatly appreciated
Sunday, September 29th 2013 - 01:16:09 PM
Name: Rebekah Pate Brashier
E-mail address: rebekahp@earthlink.net
Where From: Birmingham, AL
Comments:I'm searching for Tuscaloosa/Pickens County Alabama Pates. I believe most of my father's family came from the Gordo, Alabama area. I have a few generations back, to my gg grandfather, Jesse Harrison Pate, 1826-1918. Does anyone have any information further back than that? I believe they originally came from North Carolina, by way of Georgia, into Alabama. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thursday, September 19th 2013 - 12:47:51 PM
Name: Mike Pate
E-mail address: mikepate@rocketmail.com
Where From: Sabine County, East Texas

In my search for the parents of Alexander Campbell (my ggg-grandfather who married Sally Pate), I reached a point where I made my best guess. I concluded that one of two men named Daniel Campbell and his wife (probably Margaret) who were listed on page 104 and 125 of the 1820 Richmond County, North Carolina census were probably the parents. If I am correct, Daniel Campbell would be my gggg-great grandfather. I do not have any clues that would allow me to pursue an earlier generation of Campbells. If we are ever able to link to a previous generation of Campbells, it will probably be by DNA testing. A complete description of this research is documented in "The Parents of Alexander Campbell".

Of course, Sally Pate (my ggg-grandmother) contributed just as much as Alexander Campbell in starting our line of the Campbell family. My research has turned up some clues that allow us to identify several previous generations of Campbell ancestors through the maternal Pate side of the family. Clues from the 17th and 18th centuries can be sketchy because there were no census records until 1790 and few other records survived. In researching the Pates, we have a very unique name to trace - Thoroughgood Pate. The Pates were very fond of using the name Thoroughgood and they passed the name through the family tree for at least two hundred years from the mid-1600's to well into the 1800's. I have spent some time researching the name Thoroughgood Pate and I will document my research here and try to differentiate between the several men with that same name. I also found that a Charles Pate (my 6th great grandfather) was sandwiched between two Thoroughgood's (my 5th and 7th great grandfathers). There was a temptation to stretch the family tree to my 8th great grandfather, but I found too many differing opinions about who that ancestor was so I stopped at 7th great grandfather Thoroughgood Pate.

I cannot document my sources on Thoroughgood Pate as well as I would like because most of the information is taken directly from the work of other Pate researchers, and they did not always document their sources. I will try to at least include links to website postings and other known references used in compiling this information.

Before getting to Sally Pate's grandfather Thoroughgood and beyond, I will include what I know about her father and my gggg-grandfather, Stephen Pate.

Stephen Pate (b. 1760 - 70 ; d. 1839) - father of Sally Pate - my gggg-grandfather

The Carroll County Rootsweb website, in quoting Goodspeed's History of Tennessee, states that Stephen Pate was one of the early settlers of Carroll County Tennessee.1 I will show that the early settler was Stephen Pate, Sally's brother, and that her father arrived in the McKenzie area several years later.

Sally Pate's father, Stephen Pate (my gggg-grandfather, b. 1760 - 70 ; d. 1839) was probably born in Richmond County, North Carolina between the present-day towns of Gibson and Laurinburg.
His father Thoroughgood Pate acquired the land in 1769. Two Pate cemeteries are still maintained on part of that original property today.

Stephen Pate (b. 1760 - 70 ; d. 1839) married Honor Sweeney (Swinea) in the 1780's. They had ten known children:

Elizabeth Pate (c. 1780-1790)
Elijah Pate (c. 1791)
Elisha S. Pate (c. 1803)
Sally Pate (b. 1800-1804)
Hannah Pate (c. 1805)
Stephen Sweeney Pate (c. 1808)
Richmond Love Pate (c. 1814)
Samuel Duncan Pate (c. 1815)
John Pate (b. ??)
Daniel Pate (b. ??)

Stephen Pate appears on the 1779 Richmond County Tax List with 400 acres. This fact raises the possibility that he was born closer to 1760 than 1770 since it is unlikely that a 9-year old would have been a land-owner. Or was the 1779 taxpayer a brother of Thoroughgood's named Stephen?

Stephen Pate's move to Weakley or Carroll County Tennessee has been a point of confusion among family researchers because two men named Stephen Pate made the move - father and son. If we look at the records closely, we can determine that the son, Stephen Sweeney (Swinea) Pate (c. 1800 - 1887) was the first to arrive in Weakley County. One source is quoted below.

Stephen S. Pate settled in Weakley County probably around 1820-1825. He was born in the year of 1799 and died at the age off 88 in the year 1887.2

In 1830, we find a census record for a Stephen Pate in Weakley County (b. 1800-1810), as well as another Stephen Pate in Richmond County North Carolina (b. 1760-1770). 1760 seems closer to the actual birth year than 1770 for the father. The census records indicate that the younger Stephen Pate came to Tennessee first.

Sally Pate's father, Stephen Pate, had the following census record in 1830 Richmond County North Carolina.

Pate, Stephen - 113100001-00001001

1 male under 5 - born 1825-1830 (could be Alexander Sandy Campbell)
1 male 5-10 - born 1820-1825 (could be Philip Campbell)
3 males 10-15 - born 1815-1820 (Samuel, John, Daniel?)
1 male 15-20 - born 1810-1815 (Richmond Love Pate)
1 male 60-70 born 1760-1770 (Stephen Pate, Sr.)
1 female 20-30 born 1800-1810 (could be Sally Pate Campbell)
1 female 50-60 - born 1770-1780 (Honor Pate)

Was Sally living with Stephen Pate, Sr. in 1830? Sally Pate was born 1800-1804. Stephen Pate had no other known daughters in the 1800-1810 birth range. Two boys in the household are of the right age to be her sons Philip and Alexander (Sandy). Her other children, Daniel and Margaret had not yet been born. No one in Stephen Pate Sr.'s household in 1830 matches a possible age for Alex. Campbell. The census record suggests that Sally was living with her father in 1830, but that her husband, Alexander Campbell was not. The absence of an appropriate census record for Alexander Campbell in 1830 supports this theory.

So, we know that it was after 1830, when Sally's father, Stephen Pate moved to Tennessee.

One book on Richmond County North Carolina history mentions the migration of Richmond County settlers to Tennessee.

Within a few years a huge branch of Richmond County Coles, Covingtons, and Crawfords moved together to Tennessee and settled the frontier.... The rest of John and Jane Bounds Cole's family settled in Carroll, Tennessee. James Cole and his wife, Hannah Sweeney[sister of Honor Sweeney Pate, wife of the senior Stephen Pate], settled there in the 1820's, as did Israel Snead, son of John Snead and Nancy "Nannie" Cole. Israel Snead's wife, Elizabeth Randle, moved, too, along with her parents, Merritt Randle and Nancy Crawford Randle[parents of Rebecca Randle who married Stephen Sweeney Pate], and her five brothers and sisters. Joining them in Carroll County were Thomas Crawford, Jr. (son and namesake of the Revolutionary War colonel), and wife, Harriet Wall....

Twenty-four-year-old Richmond S. [Sweeney] Cole brought up the rear of the Tennessee settlers, moving in the winter of 1831-1832. At the age of ninety, Cole still considered the winter he moved to be "the coldest and hardest winter that I ever experienced before or since.3

I believe that Stephen Pate, Sr. , Alexander Campbell, Sally Pate Campbell, Samuel Duncan Pate, probably came to the McKenzie area during this same winter- 1831-1832. Daniel Campbell (son of Alexander and Sally Pate Campbell) was born in 1832 in TN per his 1860 and 1870 census records, so this helps confirm the date of the Campbell family move.

We can establish the date of Stephen Pate's death with an 1839 edition of the Huntingdon Republican newspaper, which advertised a land sale to settle the estate of Stephen Pate, Sr., with some proceeds going to "Alex. Campbell, in right of his deceased wife, Sally."

July 5, 1839-
IN pursuance of a decretal order, made at the May Term, 1839, of the Circuit Court for Carroll County, at Huntingdon, in the case of Stephen S. Pate and Richmond L. Pate, Administrators of the estate of Stephen Pate, dec'd, Plaintiffs vs. John Pate, Elijah Pate, Elisha Pate, Stephen S. Pate, Duncan Pate, and Richmond L. Pate, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, in right of his wife Elizabeth, Eli Ely, in right of his wife Hannah, and Samuel Pate, Nathaniel Pate, and Honor Gibson, children of Daniel Pate, dec'd, and Alex. Campbell, in right of his wife Sally, dec'd, the heirs at law of Stephen Pate, dec'd, Defendants, bearing date the 18th day of May, 1839, I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, at the late residence of Stephen Pate, dec'd, on Tuesday 20th day of August next, on a credit of twelve months, the following tracts of Land, to wit:
one tract of 155 acres, on which the said Stephen Pate, dec'd, resided when he died, and bounded as follows: beginning at the northwest corner of Grant No. 17868, Ethelred Williams ??? 731 acres, in the 12th Surveyor's district, on the waters of the South Fork of Obion River; thence east with the line of said Grant 116 1/2 Poles to a stake; thence south 213 1/2 poles to a stake, on the western line of said Grant; thence north 213 1/2 poles to the beginning.

Also one other tract of Land, containing 67 1/2 acres, in Carroll County, 12th Surveyor's district, Range 3d, Section 5th, on the waters of the South Fork of Obion River, it being a part of Entry no. 77, Granted to John C. McLemore, for 600 acres, by Grant No. 17333, and bounded as follows: beginning at a stake, the southwest corner of R. L. Pate's 50 acre tract, runs north 120 poles with said R. L. Pate's east boundary line, to a stake, two post oak and two red oak pointers; thence east 83 poles to a stake, red oak, post oak and hickory pointers; thence south 124 poles to a red oak sapling, red oak, post oak and hickory pointers; thence 88 poles to the beginning.

The above land is hereby subject to the dower of Honor Pate, the widow of said Stephen Pate, dec'd, according to the way and manner that the commissioners, appointed by the Sherriff of Carroll County may lay the same off, agreeably to, and under the direction of, a Decretal Order from the Court, at the Term aforesaid of said Court, and heretofore to said Sherriff directed. The purchasers giving bond and good security for the purchase money.

JAMES H. GEE, Clerk and Master of the Circuit Court of Carroll County, Ten.
The Huntingdon Republican Newspaper4

The article stated that Stephen Pate resided on the 155 acre tract when he died in 1839. Some researchers have speculated that he may have been buried in the Old Salem Church Cemetery, which exists upon land that was donated by his son Stephen Pate in 1841. I think it is more likely that he was buried on his own land. If we could locate this land, we might find the site of Stephen Pate's grave. The 155-acre tract was bounded by a tract owned by Ethlered Williams in the 12th Surveyor's district of Carroll County, on the waters of the South Fork of Obion River. According to Barbara Elaine Clark in her Search For Myself, the 155 acre plot of Stephen Pate's was purchased by Richmond Love Pate either at auction or from the other heirs. I will see if I can locate that property one day.

Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1728-1802) - grandfather of Sally Pate - my ggggg-grandfather

Myrtle's Genealogy Page website describes the location and some other useful information about the Thoroughgood Pate property which later became site of the Pate Cemetery.

From Laurinburg, Scotland County, drive west on Hwy #79 5.9 miles to Dunc Pate Rd. Turn left. Drive about 100 yards to the edge of a field. Look to your right about 50 yards and near the edge of the woods you will see a small brick fenced cemetery.

This tract of land was granted by King George III to Samuel Snead [ancestor of Israel Snead who moved to Carroll County in the 1820's per author John Hutchinson] in 1767, conveyed by Snead to Rice Henderson in 1768. Henderson conveyed this land to Thoroughgood Pate I of English descent in 1769, and Pate to Thoroughgood Pate II in 1800.

Thoroughgood Pate II died in 1836. Sons of Thoroughgood Pate II: James Hamilton Pate died in 1902 and George Thoroughgood Pate died in 1922.5

The first tax list after Richmond County was established was in 1779. Thoroughgood Pate appears on the list with 700 acres.6

Thoroughgood Pate's early years in Richmond County North Carolina coincided with the American Revolution. We know from various sources that Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1728-1802) was a Colonel in the North Carolina militia.

We can assume that Thoroughgood Pate raised cattle on his property and provided beef to the army because Richmond County Court records recorded the following voucher in 1782.

State of NC
Richmond County
This is to certify that as commissioner for said county, I have purchased from Thoroughgood Pate six hundred weight of fresh beef at the prices ascertained by a resolve of Congress 25th of Feb. 1780 amounting in the whole to twenty-seven Spanish milled dollars. Given under my hand this 2nd day of Oct. 1782.
Charles Medlock, Comm.7

Mrs. Gibson's book also stated that "The court had appointed Charles Medlock, in 1780, to purchase provisions for the use of the army in the southern department." This information indicates that Thoroughgood Pate was supporting the cause of the colonists against the Tories.

Another historical record indicates that Thoroughgood Pate may have been sympathetic to the cause of the Tories during the war. Could Thoroughgood have actually been playing to both sides in the conflict?

In September, 1782, thirty-nine men stood trial for treason - presumably for their role as Tories during the Revolutionary War. Most took an oath of allegiance to the Continental Government, and were found not guilty in their jury trials.8

Among the thirty-nine was Thoroughgood Pate who was found not guilty after he took an oath of allegiance.

Pate researcher Joyce Gibson provided the following information.

The name Thoroughgood Pate was found in Virginia and Edenton, North Carolina, before 1750. A Thoroughgood Pate near Edenton had sons Thoroughgood, Charles, and William.9 Thoroughgood and Winifred, Charles and Sarah, William, and John Pate lived in Cumberland County between 1759 and 1767. Charles and Thoroughgood moved to Anson County. Thoroughgood Pate was the earliest known permanent settler on the Gibson side of Scotland. Rice and Rebecca Henderson, his contemporaries, lived in Scotland County, but emigrated. Pate and his wife, Winfred [Stewart], established a plantation near Joe's Creek around 1769. He was constable of his district in 1771.10

According to this information Thoroughgood Pate was married to a lady named Winifred. Other sources indicate that Winifred Stewart was the wife of Thoroughgood Pate (1728-1802), son of Charles Pate (C. 1696). Thoroughgood's children were identified as :

Thoroughgood Pate
Charles Pate
William Pate

Thoroughgood Pate (1728-1802) was married to Winifred Stewart. Some sources show a second wife named Frances Bright. Other sources name Frances Bright as a second wife to his son Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1782). I have been unable to confirm the Frances Bright connection with certainty. Perhaps Frances Bright was a wife of Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1694) who was the brother of 6th grat grandfather Charles Pate. This needs more research. Their children were:

Samuel Pate (c. 1765-1850 ; m. Martha Sweeney)
Thoroughgood Pate, Colonel (c. 1782-1836; m. Mary Jane McCollman)
Stephen Pate (b. 1760-70 ; d. 1839 ; m. Honor Sweeney)
Sabra Pate (c. 1775-1846 ; m. George Wright)
Willoughby Pate (??)

The existence of a store called "Pate and Wright" was well-documented in Richmond County records. It was co-owned by Thoroughgood's son and namesake, Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1782-1836) according to the record below. The son was apparently also a Colonel in the North Carolina Militia.

Thoroughgood Pate, the son of Thoroughgood Pate who settled near Gibson in 1769, served in the House of Commons in 1809. He had a store called "Pate & Wright", and was a justice of the peace and a colonel in the county militia. Michael Dockery contested his election in the House of Commons, but his petition was rejected for lack of evidence.11

Charles Pate (c. 1696- d. after 1769) - my gggggg-grandfather

Charles Pate (c. 1695 - d. after 1769) was the son of Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1635) and the father of Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1728).

One Pate researcher gives this information about Charles Pate.

In late 1717, Charles Pate, son of Thoroughgood, bought land on the Kesiah River (later called the Cashie) in what is now Bertie County. His brother William also is listed as owning land in the same area. In "Old Albemarle and Its Absentee Landlords," an entry lists Charles and William Pate among residents of an area west of the Chowan River between the "Cashey" River and Salmon Creek near what is now Windsor.

On July 8, 1718, Charles sold some land on the same river. On July 15, 1718, he received 100 acres on Reedy Branch in a deal with Nathan and Mary Moore. On March 9, 1722, he sold 126 acres he listed as having included land that he inherited from his father, Thoroughgood.

Some of Charles Pate's patent of land on Stoney Creek in 1740 was included in a transfer in the late 18thth century of land from James Pate to Daniel Pate. The cross index shows other transactions between James Pate and Charles Pate and between James Pate and James Pate Jr.12

Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1635-1713) - my ggggggg-grandfather

Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1635-1713, my 7th great grandfather) is our oldest known Pate ancestor. However, some researchers claim to have evidence that he was the son of Thomas Pate, the first of that family to immigrate to Virginia from England. I have pieced together an interesting story concerning this Thoroughgood Pate.

Thoroughgood Pate was probably the first Pate to venture into North Carolina from Virginia.
Another Rootweb posting provides this information.

Thoroughgood Pate ... lived in Northeastern North Carolina and died there in 1713. I know of only three sons of his based on my own records searches: Thoroughgood, Charles and William. [M]y researches have placed him in various parts of that state [Virginia] from at least 1658 ... until almost the end of the 17th century.

Thoroughgood Pate was in the Chowan Precinct at least as early as 1703. An entry in the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Registry shows he sold land in the Green Hall area to Nicholas Blackmon. A record lists his wife's name as Mary. But in another record of the same year, Pate referred to "my now wife Sarah."

Records of the area indicate the Thoroughgood Pate living there became a planter of some substance. He owned more than one tract of land. He married Sarah Chevin, sister of Nathaniel Chevin, a man who held official posts in the area and who was one of the original developers of the town of Edenton. Chevin, in fact, became guardian of William Pate after Thoroughgood's death, stating in a court record that his sister was unable to raise the minor child. And Chevin included his "cousin" William Pate in his 1719 will. Though she doesn't list the source of her information, Julia Clare Pate ... puts William's age at 16 when his father died in 1713. Another account indicates William may have been born in 1698. His middle name may have been Thoroughgood too.

Thoroughgood Pate Jr. was born in 1694, according to one listing. Apparently the eldest, he seems to have created less recorded activity in the Chowan area after his father's death.

A June 26, 1792 will of Daniel Pate lists his wife, Mary, sons, Charles and Thomas, and daughter, Barcey.

Genealogist Billie Evans of Garland, N.C., herself a descendant of Thoroughgood Pate, provides the following lineage extending from Thoroughgood Pate of Chowan Precinct to Lewis Pate of Wayne County: Charles, son of Thoroughgood, and Sarah had three children: Charles Pate, Baptist preacher born May 1, 1729 in Bertie County and died sometime after 1772, perhaps in South Carolina; Thoroughgood Pate and William Pate. The younger Charles married Sarah Henderson and they had these children: Shadrack, Sarah, Charles, Mary, Rebecca, Ann and Joel all of whom were born before 1772. Shadrack Pate was born in Wayne County before 1765. 13

Another Rootweb posting supports some of the earlier information.

This information came from Preston Newman, who wrote an unpublished paper in 1994 on the Descendants of Levi Pate: Thouroughood Pate I, the earliest known progenitor of this Pate family in America, is found in early Colonial records to have lived in 1703 in the Chowan Precinct (formed in 1670, later to become a County), which Precinct was at that time a part of old Albermarle County, of the then North Carolina Colony, Chowan Precinct/County is on the north side of Albemarle Sound, and in 1703 extended northward to the Virginia Colony boundry. By 1722, much of these Chowan/Albemarle land areas became a part of Bertie County NC. The city of Edenton was then and is now the seat of government for Chowan County. Early Colonial records of North Carolina reveal that Thoroughgood Pate was granted land by patent from the British Crown in Chowan Precinct in 1704. He had sold land in Chown Precinct in 1703, on which Deed records his wife's name is given as Sarah, with no maiden name known. From Chowan Court records of January 1714, it is revealed that Thoroughood Pate is deceased, that his widow Sarah was "incapable" of educating their apparent minor child William Pate, and William was committed by the Court to be left in the care of his godfather and uncle, Nathaniel Chevin, Esquire, who was apparently an attorney or a justice of the Court, since his name occurs on many Chowan Deed and Court records of that era as a witness to these records, implying a frequent court presence. It is possible Nathaniel Chevin was the brother of Sarah Pate, but this has not been proven. From the available Chowan Court records, it is believed Thoroughood Pate was born circa 1660-1670. It is not known if he immigrated to American or wheter he was a second generation American, nor is it known who his parents were. These records reveal that he died circa 1713.

Deed Bk W #1, Chowan Co, NC #91, pg.47: THOROGOOD PATE (residence not
given) with the consent of SARAH my now wife to Nicholas Blackman
(residence not given) 25 Aug 1703 or a valuable considerations acres (not
given) all my labour in Green Hall by the neach neck, joining Willie
Saddler and the swamp all houses, fences, etc. peanall Sum of 20 lbs
Sterling Wit: James Kirkham, Elener Kirkham Reg. Jan 1703/414

Here is another Rootweb posting about Thoroughgood Pate.

Thoroughgood Pate was confined to the jail in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1657 for debt. This is coincidentally the year Sir Richard Pate died in Gloucester County.

The York County Wills, Deeds and orders, Book III, page 22, abstracted by Lindsay O. Duvall, gives the estate of Giles Mode, made by William Barber, George Wale and Thomas Ballard ... to which Thoroughgood's descendants were related by marriage, 1 February 1657, ordered by the January court. This inventory showed that Thoroughgood Pate had two money debts to the Giles Mode estate.

On page 47of the same record there are two entries: "An attachment is granted the estate of Thoroughgood Pate to Thomas Ballard for security of 361 lbs of tob." This record also showed that Thoroughgood's problem was probably precipitated by a Doctor Haddon, who married the widow of Mr. Mode, thus acquiring Mode's estate, to include receivable assets.

The next record of Thoroughgood is in Vol. II of Charles City County Court Records, 1658-1661, page 141, abstracted by Beverly Fleet; "Mr. Thomas Ligon sued by Howell Pryse at last court for the escape of one Thurgood Pate, a prisoner in his custody, for 695 lb of tobo., of which he paid 345 lb., requests remission of balance of 350 lb. This is refused and he is ordered to pay by 10th Nov. next."15

Note that both "tob" and "tobo" were abbreviations for tobacco.

The information below is from a Genforum posting. It seems to support the debt problem of Thoroughgood Pate.

It is an old saying among Patetown Pates that "A Pate never let a young'un ruin him." When Thoroughgood Pate was a young man he got into debt to a widow woman in Norfolk, Virginia. When the widow remarried, the new husband of the woman sued Thoroughgood for the amount owed her. Thoroughgood could not pay, and was jailed for debt, and disowned by Thomas Pate, his father, who had not approved of Thorogood's dalliance with the woman.

Thomas is a name not given to Patetown Pates. Thomas Pate was a shipbuilding seafaring military man who had the ferry concession at Yorktown, Virginia, at the turn of the 18th century. The Pates were God-fearing people, and when Thorogood escaped from jail he was on his own, and went to Peyton (Patetown) kin in the Siouan Indian controlled Rappahannock Valley, on the western frontier of Virginia. There he became involved with the border-patrolling tax-collecting Chevin family.

The Patetown Pates migrated from the Rappahannock Valley to the Stoney Creek area of New Kent County, Virginia. From there Thorogood migrated to the Bertie area of North Carolina, because of his connection to the politically strong Chevin family there. The land in Bertie was "thin" and "worn out" by the Coree Indians, who had farmed it intensively for years. The civilized Tuscarora Indians, who had come to North Carolina from Pennsylvania to break the power of the Corees in the Carolinas coveted the Bertie land, however, because it was near the seat of English colonial power at Edenton.

To make a long story short, when the Tuscarora War [1714] was over, and Thorogood was dead, Charles and James Pate, sons of Thorogood, arranged a land swap with the Tuscaroras in the present Wayne County area. That was how Torhunta (Tuscorora administrative center for ten formerly Siouan Coree towns) came into the hands of the Patetown Pates, on Stoney Creek (which never had a stone in it). Isham Pate, son of James Pate, began his military career as a naval midshipman, in the Pate (Pett) family naval tradition. He ended his military career as his grandfather Thorogood had done, as a major (in the North Carolina militia)--as did Thomas Pate, the Yorktown ferryman.

Major Isham Pate was the father of Bryant Handley Pate, from whom one major line of Patetown Pates descends. The other major Patetown Pate line is that of Shadrach Pate, son of Charles Pate (who went to South Carolina, to claim indemnity for the death of his father, Major Thoroughgood Pate).16

A Rootsweb posting suggests some unverifiable connections to previous generations of Virginia Pates, and even suggests an alternate spelling.

The direct lineage of the Pate/Pait family of Bladen County NC can be traced only back to Thoroughgood Pate (about 1635 ) It is my belief that he is somehow related to the Pate's of the Jamestowne settlement of VA., and Thomas Pate of Yorktowne, VA. Thoroughgood Pate and wife Sarah Chevin were once residents of Surry County, Virginia, and that Thoroughgood left that area with his brother for North Carolina. His departure may have been an excape [sic] from prosecution or debtor's prison, if this record refers to the same Thoroughgood Pate; "Mr. Thomas Ligon sued by Howell Pryse at last court, for the escape of one Thurgood Pate, a prisoner in his custody. "(Charles City County Court Orders, Vol II, 1658-1661, p. 141, abstracted by Beverly Fleet...17

One Pate researcher named Al Pate has posted this information on Genealogy.com

Thoroughgood .... escaped from debtor's prison in Norfolk, Virginia, and made his way to the Roanoke Valley when he was a young man. In the Roanoke Valley he was in association with Skipwith cousins, and others, like Robert Beverly and John Pate, who cohabited with the Siouan Tutelo, Saponi and Acconeechee Indians who were natives there. These Indians controlled the trade in the area at the time, as Beverly indicates in his HISTORY.

It is my opinion that young Thoroughgood had sons by Indian morganatic wives, as did most of the Welshmen in the area back then. Colonial records indicate Thoroughgood was in association with Thomas Chevin in the Roanoke Valley. Thomas Chevin was an English tax collector. He was doubtless related to Nathaniel Chevin, Deputy Lord Proprietor of North Carolina, since Thoroughgood married Sarah, sister of Nathaniel. It is my opinion that William, son of Thoroughgood, was Sarah's only son.

In her will Sarah indicated she did not want William raised by his older brothers. In what was thought to be a kindness, records of the early Pates were systematically destroyed. William thrived and prospered under the fosterage and tutelage of Nathaniel Chevin. It was only through the auspices of baby (half-?) brother William that Charles, James and John were able to get a square mile tract in what later became Patetown in the now Wayne County, North Carolina.18

The information below from a Genealogy.com posting gives a little more information about Patetown (Peyton), North Carolina, a suburb of Goldsboro, NC..

The store, pharmacy and funeral parlor of my great uncle Byron Leslie Pate is over a century old. It is one block north of the sign in the photo. The building is now a store selling wood carvings, and there is an Indian in feather headdress on the top of the front of it. This is in the unincorporated community of Belfast, founded by Irish in the Civil War era, where they intermarried with Pates and other Tudor era surnames (including Tudor), such as Seymours and Bedfords.

According to J.M. Hollowell, in a series of artcles in THE GOLDSBORO NEWS ARGUS, written in 1909, there were more than 500 Pates in the Stoney Creek basin of Wayne County before the Civil War. Many of the Pates of that era were scattered all over the country--and the world--by the Civil War. The Stoney Creek basin is filled with families of interest to those visiting Patetown in search of North Carolina ancestors.

Patetown is a suburb of Goldsboro, NC. It is an unincorporated community north of Goldsboro, that was originally the Tuscarora Indian administrative center of ten towns , known as Torhunta. It was settled by Pates in 1713, when the Tuscarora insurrection known as "The Tuscarora War" was put down John Pate (spelled Peat in early records and F. Roy Johnson's two-volume history of the Tuscaroras), and Blount cousins from Oconerunt (now Greenville).

Patetown area lands were originally patented in 1738, when William Pate, youngest son of Thoroughgood Pate of Edenton and Bertie County (and nephew of Deputy Lord Proprietor Nathaniel Chevin) sold to Charles Pate, John Pate and John Monk one square mile of land there. As landowners the Pates, and kin, there were then able to add to their holdings, in spite of early compromising involvements with Indians (Corees and Tuscaroras)..19

Another Rootswb posting provides this information.

Dr. James Peacock, DVM, of Clermont, FL, is probably the pre-eminent
researcher in the US on the Thoroughgood Pate line. Regrettably he does not use a computer or e-mail and has, in the past, indicated that he would not use them. He has published, in limited release, a series of monographs or papers on this Pate line under the title "Pate Pioneers on the Pee Dee River". There are in fact two Pee Dee Rivers in North and South Carolina. These are the Pee Dee and the Lesser or Little Pee Dee. The converge near Socastee, SC and drain into Winyah Bay near Georgetown, SC. Between the two rivers lie three counties in NC and three in SC. In NC you will find Richmond, Scotland and Robeson counties and in SC, Marlboro, Dillion and Marion counties. The Pate lines in this area have been the progenitors of dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds of Pate families throughout the US, particularity the south and mid west.

Dr Peacock, in one paper, provides (verbatim) as follows:

1 - Thor. Pate - died Chowan County, North Carolina 1713
Research is incomplete.
2 - Charles Pate I - died after 1769 in Dobbs County, North
Carolina. Research is incomplete.
3 - Thor. Pate - b. ca 1725-1730, d. ca 1802 in Richmond
Co, North Carolina. m. Winefred Stewart. She d.
after 1820. No evidence of a prior marriage.20

This information supports the claim that Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1728 - 1802) was the son of Charles Pate; not Charles Pate's brother, Thoroughgood.

A Rootsweb posting lists this partial Pate family tree.

Generation No. 1

1. Thoroughgood4 Pate, Colonel (Charles3, Thoroughgood2, Thomas1) was born 1735 in Anson Co., NC, and died Aft. 1802 in Richmond Co., NC. He married Winifred Stewart. She was born Abt. 1737 in Richmond Co., NC, and died 1826.

Children of Thoroughgood Pate and Winifred Stewart are:

2 i. Samuel5 Pate, born Bet. 1765 - 1770 in Richmond Co., NC; died 1850. He married Martha Sweeney.

3 ii. Sabra Pate, born 25 Dec 1775 in Richmond Co., NC; died Jul 1846 in Richmond Co., NC. She married George Wright 06 Dec 1791; born Abt. 1770 in Ireland1; died 27 Sep 1836 in (LDS: Rockdale, Cleveland Co., NC?)1.

4 iii. Thoroughgood Pate, Colonel, born 1782; died 24 Mar 1836 in Old Pate Cemetery, Scotland Co., NC3. He married Mary Jane McCollman Sep 1830; born 1807; died 14 Apr 1862.

5 iv. Stephen Pate, born Abt. 1785. He married Honor Swinney; born Abt.

Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1782-1836) - not a direct ancestor

Thoroughgood Pate (1782-1836) was not a direct ancestor of ours. He did not migrate to Tennessee, but stayed behind in Richmond County, North Carolina (present-day Scotland County) and is buried in the Pate Cemetery near Gibson, NC. I include this information about him here because his named turned up in my research. I believe that he was the brother of Stephen Pate (c. 1770-1839, father of Sally Pate, my ggg-grandmother).

We can learn more about this Thoroughgood Pate and his wife Mary Jane McCollman from Richmond County Estate Records:

1836 October Term. To the Worshipful Court of Richmond. The Petition of Jane Pate, widow of Thoroughgood Pate late of said County deceased, respectfully sheweth, that her husband died seized and possessed of several tracts of land in said County amounting to in All about one thousand acres to all of which lands and tenements and your petitioner has a right to her Dower. Your petitioner therefore prays that your Worshipful Court may assign her rightful Dower in said lands and issue the necessary Writs and Orders to that effect accordingly and that your petitioner shall ever pray. [signed] Jane Pate. Entered by L. A. Drake.22

Notes for Mary Jane McCollman:

On an 22 October 1845 list of the parents and their children in Richmond County Rockdale School District, Jane Pate (widow) is shown as the mother of James, George & Mary Pate.

1853 October Term of Richmond County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. To the Worshipful the Justices of Richmond County Court, now sitting. The Petition of James Pate and George Pate who petition by their regular guardian, Malcom McColeman, humbly sheweth unto your Worships that Throughgood Pate, late of Richmond County, departed this life intestate in the Month of ---1836 leaving your petitioners his only heirs at law and that your petitioner James has arrived at the law-ful age and now entitled to received his full share of his father's estate. Your petitioner further sheweth unto your Worships that their father, Thoroughgood Pate, died seized and possessed of the following lands or parcels of land situate lying and being in the County of Richmond on the Joe's Creek and its waters viz. One tract containing about 485 acres adjoining Nathaniel Gibson, John C. Graham and others, one tract containing about 100 acres adjoining Arch McNeill, 1/4 Malloy and others, one of two acres adjoining Peter Hannah, John P. Knight
and others. Also another tract contain-ing by supposition about five hundred and eighty acres more or less, adjoining Jane Pate, Nelson Gibson and others, also another tract containing about fifty acres ad-joining Jane Pate, John P. Knight and others which descended to your petitioners as tenants in common. That a partition of said several tracts of land in severalty remains yet to be had. Your petitioners pray your Worships to appoint five freeholders un-connected with your petitioners either by consequenity or affinity who together with the surveyor to be appointed by this Court shall run the premises and partition the said lands among your petitioners according to law and for further relief and as in duty bound they will every pray. [signed] A. Little for Petitioners. Thomas Gibson, Surveyor. Freeholders appointed were Nelson Gibson, Daniel McGregor, Charles Malloy, Malcom McNeill and Archibald McNeill. Estate Recs. 1772-1933 CR

The Pate Family Lineage

Based on this information, I can build this partial Pate family tree.

1 - Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1635 - 1713)
+ Mary ??
2 - Thoroughgood Pate (c. 1694- ?)
2 - John Pate (c. 1695)
2 - Charles Pate (c. 1696 - d. after 1769)
+ Sarah Howell
3 - Charles Pate, Reverend (1729 - 1772)
+ Sarah Henderson
4 - Shadrack Pate (1765-1837)
+ Dicy Peacock
4 - Sarah Pate
4 - Charles Pate
4 - Mary Pate
4 - Rebecca Pate
4 - Ann Pate
4 - Joel Pate
3 - William Pate
3 - Thoroughgood Pate, Colonel (1728 - 1802)
+ Winifred Stewart
4 - Samuel Pate (c. 1765-1850)
+ Martha Sweeney
4 - Thoroughgood Pate, Colonel (c. 1782-1836)
+ Frances Bright (c. 1790)
+ Mary Jane McCollman
4 - Stephen Pate (b. 1760-70 -d. 1839)
+ Honor Sweeney
4 - Sabra Pate (c. 1775-1846)
+ George Wright (c. 1770-1836)
4 - Willoughby Pate (??)
+ Sarah Chevin
2 - William Pate

1 http://www.rootsweb.com/~tncarrol/Goodspeed/history.htm

2 McKenzie's History - 1869-1969, with forward by Mrs. Edwin Carter and Mrs. Julian Devault located at the State Library and Archives, Nashville.
3 John Hutchinson, No Ordinary Lives - A History of Richmond County, North Carolina 1750-1900.
4 Huntingdon Republican Newspaper, July 5, 1839
5 Myrtle's Genealogy Page website at http://home.att.net/~hbridges/duncpate.htm
6 Myrtle N. Bridges, Our Native Heath-Richmond County North Carolina 1779-1899
7 Joyce M. Gibson, Scotland County Emerging - 1750-1900, 1995, quoting Richmond County Court records.
8 John Hutchinson, No Ordinary Lives - A History of Richmond County, North Carolina 1750-1900
9 Julia Claire Pate, Pate-Adams-Newton and Allied Families Principally in Richmond, Scotland, and Robeson Counties in North Carolina and Marlboro County, South Carolina (Red Springs: n.p., 1958), 2.
10 Joyce M. Gibson, Scotland County Emerging - 1750-1900, 1995.
11 Joyce M. Gibson, Scotland County Emerging - 1750-1900, 1995, quoting Richmond County Court records.
12 Rootsweb website query : http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/PATE/2006-10/1161437087
13 Rootsweb website query : http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/PATE/2006-10/1161437087
14 http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/read/PATE/1998-07/0899592204

15 http://genforum.genealogy.com/pate/messages/1952.html

16 http://genforum.genealogy.com/pate/messages/3116.html

17 http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~patepaitfamily/pait.html
18 Al Pate posting at http://genforum.genealogy.com/pate/messages/1939.html
19 http://www.genealogy.com/genealogy/users/p/a/t/Al-Pate/index.html

20 http://newsarch.rootsweb.com/th/read/PATE/1998-07/0899592204

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22 Myrtle N. Bridges, Our Native Heath, Richmond County North Carolina - 1779-1899
23 http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/PATE/2006-10/1161451878




Tracing the Pate Line to Thoroughgood Pate - Oldest Known Ancestor

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Just found this website and so glad - I didn't realize there were so many of us "Pates". I just visited Patesville, Kentucky which was founded by William Pate in the early 1820s. I don't think this is our branch cause we're from Virginia apparently but I'm sure there's kin somewhere....
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Name: Jessie Pate Austin
E-mail address: bangstx@verizon.net
Where From: Bangs, Texas
Comments:I am Jessie Lucille Pate Austin, daughter of William George Pate and Lucille Lenora Bingham. Great granddaughter of Wesley Wiley Pate and Lela M. Langehennig.

Just found this website and so glad - I didn't realize there were so many of us "Pates". I just visited Patesville, Kentucky which was founded by William Pate in the early 1820s. I don't think this is our branch cause we're from Virginia apparently but I'm sure there's kin somewhere....
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Comments:Hello. My name is Pate Jurney. I am the youngest child of Jane Taylor Pate of Columbus County, North Carolina. Her parents were Walter Leo Pate (Bladen County, North Carolina) and Kallie Kathleen Dew and her grandparents were Robert Johnson Pate (Bladen County, North Carolina) and Addie Taylor Haddock. I found this site and I am very interested in learning more.
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Comments:My mother was a Pate her father was George Riley Pate his father was Jeremiah Pate who was born in Missouri city fort bend,Texas. His father was Anthony Pate and that is where the line stops. Any one with info. on these Pates?
Jeremiah Pate and wife Lucinda Blair Pate buried in Virginia Il. Cass County.
George Riley Pate and wife Flora Crews Pate buried in Beardstown,Il Cass County
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Comments:Curious about some genetic traits: a number of my siblings, my father, and his mother all have darker, olive skin, and don't grow much body hair. According to my grandmother, her grandfather, Stephen Decatur Pate--also very dark skinned--never talked about "his people" or where he was from (I know now he was born in Claiborne Parish, LA). I've traced the line back through Stephen Allison Pate and Mary (Polly) Draper (his 2nd wife), to the Anthony Pate family from Tennessee and Virginia in the mid-1700s--apparently Anthony married Millie, last name unknown (who was she?). The information stops there. There have been rumors of Native American blood, but I have seen no proof of this. Does anyone have any information on this line?
Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 12:08:45 PM
Name: Jo Pate
E-mail address: patedoc@charter.net
Where From: Selma, Al.
Comments:My husband's family is from GA by way of VA. We know he is descended from Sir John Pate's line. We got a lot of info from my father-in-law who had been coached in genealogy by his mother.
Tuesday, June 18th 2013 - 11:17:44 AM
Name: Dennis Shelton
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Comments:My great grandfther's name was Eliphus Pate. Eliphus Pate changed his name to Shelton which was his mothers maiden name when he killed someone in North Carolina and moved to Arkansas.
His father was Marcellus Pate and his Mother was Iona Shelton. Marcellus was a son of Thomas Pate and Silva Hensley. Thomas Pate was the son of John "Bee Log" Pate and Barrett Fanny.
I am unable to find any records of John "Bee Log" Pate's parents. All of the Pate's I have been able to find are from the North Carolina/Tennessee area.
Monday, May 6th 2013 - 02:57:32 PM
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Comments:William Thomas Pate from Gloucester, Va. Veteran War of 1812. 2nd wife was Eliza Robins of the Robins family of Gloucester. Lived in Baltimore and was a harbor pilot. Had one daughter, Mary Geneva who died young. Aunt Eliza lived until almost 100 years old with her nephew Thomas Edward Robins in Annapolis, Md Thomas Edward Robins was my grandfather, Although this line has died out, I amtrying to find William's parents, name and children of 1st marriage and ancestry to complete information for my Robins family history. Can anyone help? Would be very thankful for the information. Faye
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Comments:My husband and children descend from the Thoroughgood Pate line of ancestry. I have been working on the Pate ancestry for almost 15 years. My husband is Melvin Jay Pate, Jr. and his father is the Sr.
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Name: claudia bright
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Comments:My family line is with Throughgood Pate. The family that I am familiar with are from McKenzie, Tn. My grandfather, great and great great grandfathers were from there. The information gets sketchy with the gggrandfather. My grandmother is from the same area with the last names of Carlton and Ashley. I have visited the original cemetery and church there but the names are almost gone from the stones. A cousin, Barbara Clark, gave me a lot of the history. She researched and put together a book, mostly from tax and property info and from Jinks Pee Dee papers.
I want to find my relatives graves but have not had any luck. My great grandfather and great grandmother died within three years of each other, approximately 1897 and 1900, leaving eight children that were placed with different relatives. My grandfather was the oldest at 21 and he and my grandmother who was fourteen helped with several of the girls that were close to my grandmother's age. Anyone knowing about the family of John Curtis Pate, my grandfather. His father was John also. His Grandfather was Richmond Love Pate, db-1827. His uncle had the same name but was born in 1815, approximately. They really confuse the line.
I would love to know more or find their graves.
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Any family stories about an adulterous affair with a "Love and a Pate"?
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Comments:Hello, I am mainly writing this to thank Jinks Lee and to let other Pates' know that because of the information here I have found my family ancestry. I actually am from the same line as Jinks, my ancestor was Edward Pate born 1703 in Virginia. His son Jeremiah Pate born 1745, and then his grandson Edward Pate born 1766, then his great grandson Jeremiah Pate born 1798! And it goes from there! Thanks to Jinks I have put it together :) I am so proud!
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I am related to the Pate family. My Great grandfather was John Asbury Free who married Ann(a) Pate and had a set of twins around 1920(1921) in Tuscaloosa, AL. John Asbury Free's parents were James Madison Free (Born in Gwinnette County GA around 1854 or 1856) and Elizabeth Jane Hall. They were in Gordo -Reform area in Alabama.

John Asbury Free married and moved to Tuscaloosa, AL. He had been married one before to a lady with the last name of Yurby(not sure of spelling).

John A. Free and Ann(a) Pate had a set of twins.

Trying to locate family. The twins were John Hester Free and Willis Vester Free. My line is through Willis. Ann(a) grandparents were Charles Raburn Pate and Milly (Amelia) (sp?) Any help locating this line of the Pate family would be greatly appreciated.

Also would like to contact Dale Grissom as it looks like we share the same ancestors from his last e-mail here.

Name: dale grissom
E-mail address: dalegrissom@hot.rr.com

Where From: harker heights tx
Comments: I'm a descendant of Charles Raeburn Pate, b. circa 1770, d.1837, Pickens Co., Al. Still looking for maiden name of his wife, Millie, b. S.C. 1765 (as per census). Research has shown that Charles was the son of Daniel Pate of Wayne Co., N.C. who d. in that state. I descend through Charles and Millie's daughter, Sarah, who married Isham Parker in Morgan Co., Ga. where the Pates and Parkers livd before the move to Ala. by 1820. Has anyone found what Millie's maiden name was? Her given name may have been EMILY as she had a granddaughter of that name. An Ala. church roll gives her name as Amelia. It might also have been Mildred. This has been a puzzle to generations of researchers. It is beleived that she was born in Marlboro Co. in S.C. Love this research site.
Dale Grissom
Monday, October 12th 2009 - 08:48:26 PM

Any help to locate more information on my Pate line or to contact Dale Grissom would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Dawn Famulare
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Name: claudia bright
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Comments:My grandfather John Curtis Pate was from MacKenzie Tn. His ancestor was Stephen Pate. His ancestors were from North Carolina. They are from the Throughgood line. He lived in MacKenzie until he was in his twenties and worked his way to Arkansas.
Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 10:43:39 PM
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E-mail address: sirvictor65@yahoo.com
Where From: Tennessee
Comments:Md to Ms Joyce Ann Ahls, d/o Arthur (NMI) Ahls and Erma June Pate. Erma is only child to Herman L. Pate and Ester P. Buchannan. Gd of Oliver Franklin Pate and Cordelia A. Zimmerman, Ggd of Perleamon R. Pate and Arvilla A. Bowley, 2Ggd of Perleamon Pate and Ravena Draper (this connection made in book "The Draper Family in America" Biringham Lib. AL. 3Ggd of Esabah Sabe Pate and Sally Holiday. 4th Ggd of Anthony Pate and Millie, 5Ggd of Edward Pate and Martha Tinsley. I believe you have "The rest of the story". Thank You, Jinks.
Saturday, October 20th 2012 - 12:56:38 PM
Name: Maximillian
E-mail address: maximillian@rogers.com
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Sunday, September 9th 2012 - 11:07:14 AM
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Thursday, September 6th 2012 - 09:25:20 PM
Name: Timmy Daniel Pate
E-mail address: carolandmilton@panhandle.rr.com
Where From: DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435
Comments:Timmy is my great grandson who lives with us. I'm trying to put a Family Tree together for him. His mother is Jacqueline Samantha Pate from Cobb County, GA. Her father was Paul Pate from Owensboro, KY. He is deceased. I have no further info and would like the great-grandparents' names. Please share if you have anything.

Carol J Johnson
69 E Orange Ave
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435 850-419-3737
Sunday, September 2nd 2012 - 12:38:48 PM
Name: Doris Nickels
E-mail address: DorisNickels@hotmail.com
Where From: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Comments:Hi, I was reading the Pate family, specifically, James Frederick Pate and Cassandra Short. I am a decendant of Martha A. Pate, James Frederick's sister and Richard Short. I do know that James Frederick was lost during traveling over northern Arkansas. He went looking for food, it is told, and did not return. Cassandra, her brother Richard and his wife Martha Pate settled in Montgomery County, Arkansas. Can you help me piece these two together? I do appreciate any help you have....Ty Doris Nickels
Saturday, September 1st 2012 - 02:44:23 PM
Name: Faye Irvin
E-mail address: fayei32@aol.com
Where From: Annapolis, Md.
Comments:I am trying to find information about Willliam Thomas Pate [or Paite]possibly from Gloucster, Va. Married Eliza Ann Robins of Gloucster April 14, 1855 in Baltimore, Md. Lived in Baltimore, Md. Harbor pilot. D. abt 1873.
Daughter, Mary Geneva b. Sept. 1859. D. 1864.
Served as Private, Capt. Wm. Perrin, Va. Milita War of 1812.
I hope you can help me. Thank you
Faye Irvin
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Friday, July 20th 2012 - 02:13:45 AM
Name: Barbara Jean Gibson - Pate
E-mail address: gibsonbarbarajean@yahoo.com
Where From: OK to CA
Comments:Hello Jinks,
It has been a long time since we chatted..

Thank you for all your help and Kindness...
1992 till 2012 I am Still One from your direct Pate Line..

Prayers be with you and your family's
Barbara Jean Gibson - F.M. Jr Pate - line
Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 05:43:13 PM
Name: Pate, James Wallace
E-mail address: jwpate@att.net
Where From: Oakalnd, Calif.
Comments:I'm interested in my past. I was born July 19,1942 in Oakland Ca. My father: Frank (nmn) Pate and mother Irma Micheal. My father had brothers: Alvin, Gerald & Earl, sisters: Rett, Alice. I cannot off of the top of my tired ol' head, remember any others. My Grandparents, Joseph and Edith were farmers just outside of Tuttle, North Dakota. When they left they traveled to Fresno, California.

The other side of my family is related to the Barstow family of Barstow, California.

I have quite a few relatives living around San Leandro, Sacramento areas.

Our family was never 'close.' I can remember only one family reunion the was held in Whitesbridge Park, south of Fresno... I'm pushin' 70.

Please contact via E/M or I'm in the Oakland phone book.
Friday, May 18th 2012 - 02:34:45 AM
Name: marti pate gallardo
E-mail address: marti.gallardo@gmail.com
Where From: chappaqua, ny
Sunday, April 29th 2012 - 02:08:19 PM
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Friday, April 20th 2012 - 04:17:33 PM
Name: Charlie Pâté
E-mail address: Cwppate@gmail.com
Where From: WV
Comments:My father was Charlie Pate.... Probably your grandfather. Bill Pate is my half brother. I think I met you dad (when I was a teenager visiting Bill) and he was very young. I am looking for any ancestry info I can find. I am considering building a family tree and don't want to start from scratch. It appears you have some historical information. Any information from your grandfather back would be helpful.


Charlie Pate
Kingwood, TX
Thursday, March 29th 2012 - 10:01:10 PM
Name: Brigid
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Saturday, March 24th 2012 - 11:14:56 PM
Name: Jeremy Jenkinson
E-mail address: jdjenkinson@hotmail.com
Where From: Gloucester, UK
Comments:I am research the Pates family in the UK. If any of you find during your research that you family name is Pates and your ancesters lived in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, UK, then please get in touch Cousin!
Sunday, March 18th 2012 - 09:06:29 AM
Name: Travis R Pate
E-mail address: littletoyblue@aol.com
Where From: Midland TX
Homepage URL: http://texasclacssichomes.net
Comments:Looking for Jesse Alexander Pate Sr (b 1824? Mississippi?) (d 15 Jun 1902) going back. Does anyone have info for p Thomas Pate (1801-1872).
Also looking for info Jacob Pate info (1744-1762).
Thursday, March 15th 2012 - 10:15:22 AM
Name: Thomas H. Pate Jr.
E-mail address: pate_tom@bellsouth.net
Where From: Atlanta
Comments:My father Thomas H. Pate Sr. My grandfather William H. Pate b.1890, my great-grandfather William J. Pate b. 1857. The puzzler: Who is great-great-grandfather Pate?? There are a couple of candidates, but no real proof.
Saturday, March 10th 2012 - 12:22:16 PM
Name: Angela Pate Spencer
E-mail address: angeljaneenespencer@yahoo.com
Where From: Elrod Alabama
Comments:I love what you are doing here. I'm very proud of my Pate name and would love to know more about where we orginated from and how we got here to America. I had heard at one time we were forced to come because of some brawl between brothers. I haven't a clue if this is true or not. lol

We have several "Pate's" here in Alabama Tuscaloosa County and Pickens County as well. I know there are different sets of Pates as well. But believe that is due to another family disagreement as well. So they dont claim each other but my daddy always said we were kin.

Our set has ventured to Salinas, CA, Florida and Texas that I know of. I know the names of most of our Pate family and could possibly round up more information.

Our Pate traits as we call them are dark/black hair and blue eyes. The other Pates usually have dark/black hair and brown eyes. Cherokee runs in our Pates as well. Very proud, hard workers. We tend to have bad tempers when pushed. The men tend to be a touch over barring. The women are very nurturing and love there children (right or wrong). My Dad and his siblings love to fuss and would get so loud. But don't let anyone else mess with them. Guess that would be typical with most any family. lol

Thank you for taking time to read this if you would like me to get a list of our Pate's I would be glad to do so.

Angela Pate Spencer
Friday, February 24th 2012 - 02:34:27 PM
Name: Bill Chaney
E-mail address: wpchaney@centurylink.net
Where From: Florida
Comments:Hi my grandfater was Dan Patrick Pate born 1902 in NC moter was Sara Fances Pate My grandfater sister name Herrietta Gunthrie and a neice loella Carr. Dont know if this is the same family, like you just looking for any information. Thanks
Tuesday, February 21st 2012 - 08:19:51 AM
Name: Brian Pate
E-mail address: bep1260@aol.com
Where From: Texas
Comments:Have gone back as far as Louis Pate (b:1825 in Kentucky). Moved to Indiana in the 1850's. He married America Robinson (b:1832). The Robinson's are from Shelby County, Kentucky. This is great information.
Saturday, February 18th 2012 - 10:30:13 PM
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Tuesday, January 31st 2012 - 06:05:13 PM
Name: crystal
E-mail address: crystal.pate@sbcglobal.net
Where From: Bakersfield
Comments:I am looking for any info on Robert "Nat" Pate, married to Ellen Higgins/Pate/Radford/Hensley (married 3X). If anybody has any information that they can share I would greatly appreciate it. From what I can find it looks like he was born in Tennessee, but resided in Yancey County NC. Died around age 35?
Monday, December 26th 2011 - 07:59:17 PM
Name: John
E-mail address: jhpdesigns@yahoo.com
Where From: Huntsville/Houston
Saturday, December 3rd 2011 - 04:01:13 AM
Name: John
E-mail address: jhpdesigns@yahoo.com
Where From: Huntsville/Houston
Saturday, December 3rd 2011 - 04:00:37 AM
Name: keith r. pate
E-mail address: Sour.Dope@yahoo.com
Where From: CA
Comments: My father is Jackie B. PATE from Barlow, KY., but don't ever call him that. His father was James T. Pate, my Grampa. His father was Robert Lee Pate of Ballard County, KY. He took his own life with a pearl handle 38. This was cancer treatment in those days, I suppose. Just wondering, has anyone ever heard this story?
Wednesday, November 30th 2011 - 10:50:28 PM
Name: darla rucker german
E-mail address: darlajgerman@gmail.com
Where From: texas
Comments:Sarah Pate (b1814) is my great great grandmother. I saw her listed in a message on ancestry.com related to the Pate project. She married John Rucker (b1811) and he is my brick wall. I am looking for his parents. Sarah and John moved from TN to ARK and then to Texas (parker county). They died in about 1884 and are buried in dixon cemetery in parker county texas.If you have any information about John and Sarah, specifically marriage, TN county, etc please get in touch with me. I know quite a bit about the offspring of John and Sarah and I'd be glad to share.
Monday, November 21st 2011 - 06:55:29 PM
Name: Richard D Pate
E-mail address: richdp@bellsouth.net
Where From: Yoakum,TX
Comments:currently living in Lafayette,LA. just started researching my Pate history and any help would be appreciated. didnt know my grandfather but his name was Joel david Pate Jr from around St Augustine ,TX born around 1915. my grand father was Joel D Pate Sr i believe from Alabama but died in TX
Sunday, November 20th 2011 - 08:42:04 AM
Name: Bonnie Magnetti
E-mail address: bandbmagnetti@sbcglobal.net
Where From: California
Comments:Helping a friend, Larry Pate, with his genealogy. Saw someone posted something about his grandfather, Walter Pate, and his dad, Leslie Edgar Pate, plus his aunt and uncle, but can't find the post now. Hoping someone can help provide more info.
Saturday, October 22nd 2011 - 03:23:21 PM
Name: Ashley
E-mail address: asheblack24@gmail.com
Where From: Gastonia, NC
Comments:Just looking for the Pate's that are from NC My great grandfather was Jesse Pate, Grandfather the late Billy Pate has a brother Bob Pate. Anyone know??
Tuesday, October 11th 2011 - 12:08:45 PM
Name: John Taylor
E-mail address: jfleye@aol.com
Where From: Oklahoma
Comments:m 44 line of Mathew Pate. Wonderful work. Thanks to Jenks' memory.
Monday, July 18th 2011 - 10:15:56 PM
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Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 10:00:01 PM
Name: Weslie Robinson
E-mail address: wrobins@emory.edu
Where From: Atlanta, GA
Homepage URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lettie_Pate_Whitehead_Evans
Comments:Dear Jinks Pate Lee,

As part of a celebration of Emory University's 175th anniversary year, we have developed a list of 175 Emory Historymakers. Needless to say, your relative Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans is on the list. We would like to invite the closest living relatives of Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans to a recognition event that is in the process of being planned at Emory University. While searching the web in hopes of finding her descendants, I came across your wonderful family research. I am grateful for any help you can provide with identifying a direct descendant of Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans.
With much appreciation,

Weslie Robinson
Thursday, June 9th 2011 - 01:06:47 PM
Name: Deborah Carter
E-mail address: Deborahmcarter@comcast.net
Where From: Indiana
Comments:I am trying to trace my family tree. My grandmother's name was sudia zirkle. Her father's name was William Edgar Zirkle(1871)...he was married to Lucy alice Holstein...his father's name however was William D. Pate. William D's fathers name was Edmund Pate(1783) who had two sons..ortho and Henry clay Pate.(edmund was married to sarah bailey) I am confused as it shows william D pate was married to a cynthia ann zirkle.

Maybe it's my brain but it seems like either the family tree doesnt fork or william Edgar and cynthia were never married. Can anyone help solve this mystery.

Deborah M carter
Wednesday, June 1st 2011 - 07:34:11 PM
Name: Linda Coon
Where From: South Carolina
Comments:Thank you to so many who have continued to post here and keep my mother's site alive. She would be so honored to know she is still able to offer a place where Pates can come together, share information and keep the family growing! With kind regards, Linda.
Friday, May 6th 2011 - 11:54:23 PM
Name: Linda Coon
Where From: South Carolina
Comments:Thank you to so many who have continued to post here and keep my mother's site alive. She would be so honored to know she is still able to offer a place where Pates can come together, share information and keep the family growing! With kind regards, Linda.
Friday, May 6th 2011 - 11:41:26 PM
Name: bobby carter
E-mail address: rcarter8@san.rr.com
Where From: TX
Comments:do you have any more info on Leroy Carter who married Harriet Pate. he was my GG GF
Monday, April 18th 2011 - 09:19:50 AM
Name: Dawn Famulare
E-mail address: Dfamulare@yahoo.com
Where From: Florida
Comments:I am related to the Pate family. My Great grandfather was John Asbury Free who married Ann(a) Pate and had a set of twins around 1920(1921) in Tuscaloosa, AL. Trying to locate family. The twins were John Hester Free and Willis Vester Free. My line is through Willis. Ann(a) grandparents were Charles Raburn Pate and Milly (Amelia) (sp?) Any help locating this line of the Pate family would be greatly appreciated.
Thursday, March 3rd 2011 - 09:58:26 AM
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Monday, February 21st 2011 - 11:18:40 AM
Name: Lydia Huey
E-mail address: jwbhuey@windstream.net
Where From: ashburn ga
Comments:My grandfather was Larkin Pate his dad was James M. Pate bd 1860 m Betsy Pate children of this union charley m. pate bd 1892,elizha D. Pate bd1896,zarah c. pate bd1899,Larkin Pate bd 1900,collwin pate 1902,maxie pate 1904,dema pate bd 1908. In a 1910 census they were all living in Turner County Georgia. Any one who has information on any of the other children of this union or where my great grandfather is buried I would love to hear from you. Thanks Lydia Pate Huey
Saturday, February 19th 2011 - 10:36:15 AM
Name: Bill Love
E-mail address: morganlds@xecu.net
Where From: Frederick, MD
Comments:My surname is "Love", my great grandmother was Eliza Davis Love. She lived in Howard County Arkansas and was married to a Robert A. Love. They married in 1880 and she gave birth to my grandfather in 1891 as well as having 4 previous children. I have had my Y-DNA tested by two reference labs and have no connections to others with the surname "Love". But I do keep coming up with
90%+ matches to the surname "Pate". Especially to the "Thoroughgood Pate" line. Until I looked at land patents in Blackwood Twp/Howard County AR I thought I was a "Love". Turns out that the households of Bentin and Alfred Pate were within a few houses from my grandmothers father, Henry Davis and his wife Jemima. Not long after Eliza became pregnant with my grandfather,Henry, she and Henry Davis's household up and moved to Quitman LA where my grandfather was born. Her husband, Robert A. Love, supposedly disappeared but was seen about 10 years later in Arkansas listing himself as a widower.
I am pretty sure Eliza had an affair with either Alfed or Bentin or one of their kin and her husband left her to her father where they all moved to LA to avoid disgrace.
No mention of this affair in my family except in a story my aunt wrote about a fictional character having such an affair.

Any family stories about a 'love triangle' with a Love or Pate?
Tuesday, February 15th 2011 - 06:42:12 AM
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Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 04:08:47 PM
Name: Elmer Delton Pate
Where From: Glenwood AR
Thursday, January 27th 2011 - 01:43:21 PM
Name: Dana Hart
E-mail address: babysteppeon@hotmail.com
Where From: Montana born in Kansas
Comments:Hello I was hoping for help on finding information on the Pate side of my family. My grandmother Lois Yvonne (Pate)Hurst has Alzheimers so it is difficult gathering information from her. Her mother's name is Myrtle (Price) Pate and her father's name is William Leroy Pate. If anyone knows this genealogy please let me know.
Tuesday, January 4th 2011 - 03:19:01 AM
Name: VirginiaVarnadoe
E-mail address: gingerv@moultriega.net
Where From: moultrie ga
Tuesday, November 30th 2010 - 07:01:04 PM
Name: eddie ray pate
E-mail address: byers65ed@yahoo.com
Where From: kansas
Comments:just found this site, been doing reseach several years on pate genealogy. son of raymond lee pate sr and billie june borden. grandson of joseph earl pate and effie mae snyder. researched by to 1700's in cherokee indian tribe
Monday, November 29th 2010 - 02:24:20 PM
Name: Sandra Staley
E-mail address: waples7@yahoo.com
Where From: Midland, Yexas
I just found your page and am very thankful. Like others I am struggling with the Pates of Virginia. My great uncle J.R. Hendrick did extensive research and produced a "family" book.
But--- my connection starts with Matthew Pate and Anne Reade of Gloucester Co.Va. and continue through the Matthews--I think. It starts with (1)Matthew/Anne Reade (2) Matthew/Buck(3) Matthew/Dabney(4)Ann/Milliner Haynes to Ky.
In your chart Edward is listed as father to Matthew (3) but Edward did not arrive in Bedford Co until right before his death in 1767. Matthew and the other Pates were there in 1750's. Could Edward be an Uncle? Or who was Edward's father?
Can you help? Or any suggestions? I have done extensive research.
Sunday, November 21st 2010 - 06:27:52 PM
Name: Sandra Staley
E-mail address: waples7@yahoo.com
Where From: Midland, Yexas
I just found your page and am very thankful. Like others I am struggling with the Pates of Virginia. My great uncle J.R. Hendrick did extensive research and produced a "family" book.
But--- my connection starts with Matthew Pate and Anne Reade of Gloucester Co.Va. and continue through the Matthews--I think. Can you help? Or any suggestions? I have done extensive research.
Sunday, November 21st 2010 - 06:07:44 PM
Name: Matthew
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Sunday, November 14th 2010 - 05:36:07 PM
Name: Bessie Lunsford
E-mail address: nonniepoppy@hotmail.com
Where From: Williamson County, TX
Comments:Daughter of Bernice Pate and Macy Lunsford,
grand-daughter of Wesley Wiley Pate and Lela Mae Langhenning
Great-grand-daughter of Greenberry Pate
Thursday, November 4th 2010 - 03:40:43 PM
Name: Pat Foster
E-mail address: psfparadise@yahoo.com
Where From: Tennessee/Alabama
Comments:Been searching for my Pate ancestors. My gggrandmother was Penelope Pate b abt 1822 not sure where/TN and KY are listed on census records. She married Robert Melton 1840 in Gibson Co., TN and lived there until she died. I can not find where either of them were buried. I have nothing on her ancestors or Robert Melton's ancestors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Wednesday, November 3rd 2010 - 01:50:38 PM
Name: Sharyn Hebert
E-mail address: mama0818@att.net
Where From: Houma, Louisiana
Comments:Hellp, am looking for info on Susan Bimley Pate wife of Eli Hardcastle. She is my maternal ggggrandmother. My mother and I are just starting the search and any info would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday, October 26th 2010 - 09:33:17 PM
Name: Chris Pate
E-mail address: 400Horse@hughes.net
Where From: Owensboro, KY
Comments:Hi Jinks...I was wondering if you might have any information where Samuel C. Pate (1814-1856) might be buried? Clinton C. Pate was his son.
Thursday, October 21st 2010 - 07:33:20 PM
Name: Pat Foster
E-mail address: pfsparadise@yahoo.com
Where From: Tennessee
Comments:I am looking for parents of Penelope Pate born early 1800's not sure where she was born but she married Robert Melton in 1840 in Gibson Co., TN. Some info says Robert Melton was from Indiana. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Wednesday, October 20th 2010 - 09:44:53 PM
Name: larry g. pate
E-mail address: ushwy454@yahoo.com
Where From: De Berry , Texas.
Comments:I am 64 yr's , born in center tx. 1946 , dad's name was calistis alfonzo pate jr. born in jaquin tx.1912 ,mother , marie barnett from galloway tx. born 1923 . I would love too hear from anyone with any info.on the pate's of this area.
Tuesday, September 28th 2010 - 12:11:58 AM
Name: edward pate jr
E-mail address: poodlum1973@yahoo.com
Where From: NC
Comments:just came across this page,,,anyone have info on any "African American pates" out of Tennessee (sevier county)for example. I'm direct line from "Preston Pate" (possible slave formerly owned by "Samuel pate"). Preston born abt 1836, married "Dianna Henry", resided in sevier county,Tennessee.thanks for this site
Wednesday, August 18th 2010 - 05:01:35 PM
Name: Fern Deatherage
E-mail address: wafd@embarqmail.com
Where From: Waverly, Missouri
Homepage URL: http:// none
Comments:I am searching for information on Martha M Pate, born Oct 20, 1833. She married Milton M Boyd on Nov 11, 1858 in Missouri. Any help would be appreciated.
Thursday, August 12th 2010 - 07:39:08 PM
Name: Nicky Pate
E-mail address: nickypurveur@yahoo.co.uk
Where From: Wolverhampton UK
I am trying to discover the link (if any) between the Pate family in Cheshire/Holt/Wolverhampton to those in the USA. Its going to be a long journey I think !

Wednesday, August 11th 2010 - 05:03:15 AM
Name: Woody Pate
E-mail address: creative1448@hotmail.com
Where From: Florida
Comments:Just surfing and came across your homepage......... hello
Saturday, July 17th 2010 - 08:43:00 PM
Name: Ramona Pait
E-mail address: rahlu@juno.com
Where From: Louisville, KY
Saturday, June 26th 2010 - 09:06:58 PM
Name: Joseph Pate
E-mail address: joepate@charter.net
Where From: family from Hancock and Brecenridge Counties
Thursday, April 22nd 2010 - 11:08:49 AM
Name: Bethany Griffin
E-mail address: bgriffin216@sbcglobal.net
Where From: Texas,originally Ms.
Comments:Glad to find you here.
Friday, April 16th 2010 - 06:05:39 PM
Name: Richard L. Pate Jr.
E-mail address: rlpate@centurytel.net
Where From: Mobile/Pensacola
Comments:Thanks to all for inputs will add to my site
Friday, April 16th 2010 - 09:06:39 AM
Name: richard l pate jr
E-mail address: rlpate@centurytel.net
Where From: mobile/pensacola
Thursday, April 1st 2010 - 10:38:24 AM
Name: Debbie
E-mail address: cnslradvisor@gmail.com
Where From: USA
Comments:From your P-16 descendant chart: Mary "Polly" DRAPER-16B (About 1790) md About 1804
Do you have any information on who she married. I think this is the same person that may have married into my line. Please send me an email. Here's the link where I found this marriage: Woodman Stockley Polly Draper 22 Apr 1790

http://genealogytrails.com/del/sussex/sussexmarriages-S.html (after the word marriages here, put the -S.html

Thanks for keeping this site up!
Saturday, March 20th 2010 - 07:06:21 AM
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