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Name: B.G.
Comments:Excellent, Silencer! Please continue with the adventure.
Saturday, January 4th 2014 - 12:32:05 AM
Homepage URL: http://NONE
Comments:Story by Silencer.
My Mom asked me if I was interested in some pictures of her that had been taken by my Dad when they were just married. I thought it was going to be a bunch of boring old pictures. Knowing my Mom, like I know her now, I don't know how I could have thought that.
My Mom, when she was first married to my Dad, was a stunner. In these pictures, she was wearing a black bikini, short skirts, all kinds of things. Her best feature was, and still is, her long beautiful legs!
That's why I zeroed in on the pictures that showed my Mom wearing super short cut off jean shorts. The first such picture showed her sitting on the couch in our living room. She was wearing black stilletto heels that had to be about six inches tall.
For a top, my Mom was wearing a black, long sleeve, turtleneck sweater! Something about the way the long sleeves contrasted with the short shorts my Mom was wearing pulled me in like a magnet. But the best part of this picture was that my Mom was tied and gagged!
I drank in every detail of that picture! Mom's hair was down to her waist and jet black at the time of this picture. She looked to be in her late 20's or early 30's.
Her hands were tied tightly behind her back. A rope was wound tightly around her long, slender throat and the other end of that rope was tied to the ropes that held her delicate wrists together. If Mom had struggled to get free, the rope circling around her pretty throat would have choked her to death.
Another length of rope was wound around and around her legs, keeping them immobile. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were open wide with, what my Mom assured me, was only pretend fear. Right or wrong, I had never been so turned on by a bondage picture in my life, even if it was a picture of my Mom!
"Do you like what you see, honey?. I've got a couple of boxes full if you want them".
I could barely contain my excitement as I practically ran to get the other boxes of pictures out of the basement. We spent the rest of that afternoon and most of the evening looking at the most incredible collection of bondage pictures I had ever seen. I didn't think that there were so many ways that a woman could be tied and gagged.
My favorite aspects of these bondage pictures were the skimpy outfits my Mom was wearing and all the different gags that were in her mouth. I was seeing her in a brand new light that would be considered taboo in most circles. I didn't care!
Next, we opened a box of pictures labeled H.G.
"What's H.G. mean, Mom", I asked.
Mom's voice seemed to get lower all of a sudden; more seductive. My erection, by this time, was starting to become visible through the sweatpants that I was wearing. Mom shocked me when she put her hand around it!
"You want to know what H.G. means, honey"?, Mom whispered in my ear. It means Hand Gag. It means when a man holds his hand over a woman's mouth so she can't talk or scream".
The very first picture in the "handgag" box showed my Mom in the passenger seat of my Dad's car. His giant hand was practically crushing her mouth. Mom's beautiful eyes were open wide for the camera.
The other hundred or so pictures showed my Mom in all sorts of outfits and all sorts of locations and in every room of our house, with my Dad's hand tightly over her mouth. There was even a picture of her in my bedroom being handgagged while I slept peacefully in the background! I almost came right then and there.
"Mom, I have to ask you this. Will you let me put my hand over your mouth like in these pictures? Mom surprised me by nodding her head "yes". She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and licked her lips.
I put my right hand over Mom's mouth. My thumb was under her chin. My little finger was under her nose. I could feel her warm breath on the palm of my hand.
She tried to talk but all that came out were muffled moans. I tightened my hand's grip on her mouth. Mom opened her eyes and looked into my eyes.
She winked at me as she reached over and started to massage my erection. In a matter of seconds, I grunted as I came in my sweatpants. I felt so good, I didn't care.
Mom asked me if there was an outfit that I would like to see her in. I immediately asked her to change into her black, one piece swimsuit. It was cut very high on her legs. I waited while she went upstairs to change. She wore the swimsuit along with her high heels.
I laid Mom down on the living room floor and put my hand over her mouth as I kneeled on top of her. I rubbed my erection on her tight, flat, stomach. She moaned underneath my hand as I came on her shiny, black swimsuit.
"Not a word about this to your Dad. Do you understand?"
"And ruin something like this? No way, Mom. No way."
"And don't you mention this to my nosy girlfriend, Mom".
Mom could only shake her head no, because my hand was once again pressed tightly over her mouth!
Friday, January 3rd 2014 - 10:46:30 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, I am always amazed!
Monday, December 16th 2013 - 01:41:42 AM
Comments:Mom is post menopausal. She is in her late 40's. I would LOVE to make her my gagged slave but I like to take her out and show her off. This past Saturday night, I made her put on high heels and a short skirt and forced her to walk with me right down Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. I enjoyed the looks men gave her as we walked along the Magnificent Mile as it's called. As she drove us home I felt up her beautiful legs. She wanted to pretend she was being kidnapped by me, so I put a knife across her throat. I told her how I would slice her throat if she tried to scream. This "kidnap" fantasy never fails to get us both excited. As soon as Mom and I were back in the privacy of our own home, I wrapped a short length of rope around her throat. She tried, in vain, to get the rope off her throat. I forced my now throbbing cock into her mouth. Mom gave me a fantastic blowjob even though I was strangling her! I enjoyed the gurgling sound Mom made as I flooded her throat with my seed. Her eyes went wide as I clamped my hand over her mouth. I squeezed her throat with my other hand and in my best "menacing" voice, I told her that if she didn't swallow my semen, I would strangle her. After the last of my jism went down my mom's sexy throat, I spent the rest of the night fucking her while she was tied to the bed. I kept changing which hand I used to cover my Mom's pretty mouth. I finished off the session the next morning with a nice cleave gag that pulled back the corners of my Mom's mouth!
Monday, November 11th 2013 - 09:49:27 AM
Name: Kon
Comments:Silencer, I think one of these days you should make your mom your permanent captive, bound all the time, perhaps tied or chained to the bed, or perhaps in the basement if you have one, and gagged except to eat, drink, and suck you off, and perhaps blindfolded a lot too.

I'm curious, is your mom pre- or post-menopausal? If pre, do you use protection or is there a chance you'll get her pregnant one of these days? That would be rather kinky, I would think, and given that one generation of inbreeding isn't usually enough to cause problems.

Still wanting to hear from Handgaggedmom and Ballgaggedmom. Perhaps they should provoke their sons to rape them?
Thursday, September 26th 2013 - 02:44:41 PM
Name: td
E-mail address: tgtyf@yahoo.com
Thursday, September 5th 2013 - 11:49:03 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Never a dull read. You have some wild adventures, Silencer!
Saturday, May 25th 2013 - 08:57:21 PM
Comments:I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've posted a story but I've been busy with my mom. My mom has a great body for her age and she wants to keep it that way so we've joined our local fitness club. I just love the way mom dresses when we go there together. Tight jean shorts that BARELY cover her ass. Halter tops that she practically FALLS out of. She enjoys watching me as the men watch her. The more jealous I get, the more she flirts with them. We always drive to the club together. So, in the car is where I get my release from the pent up anger and jealousy that mom puts me through. We always park at the farthest spot in the parking lot. We are completely out of view in that spot. I'll shut the door and mom will start the car. I'll reach over and shut it off again. Then, I'll put my hand over mom's mouth. Tightly. Firmly. I'll whisper in her ear about how angry she made me by flirting with every guy in the club. All mom can do as moan as my hand grips her mouth like a vice. Mom keeps a supply of make up on hand to cover up the marks that I sometimes make on her beautiful face by covering her mouth so tightly. This was going to be one of those times. I tilted mom's head back as I pressed my hand over her soft mouth as hard as I could. I used my free hand to squeeze her long, slender, throat as hard as I could without doing any lasting damage. I made sure our car's windows were rolled up so that my mom's screams for help would go unheard. I let go of her pretty mouth and yanked off mom's sexy little jean shorts. Next, I got to work. I started to probe mom's pussy with my eager fingers. Mom screamed so loud I was sure someone would hear her and come running. No one did. Just the same, I stopped choking her with my other hand and used that hand to hand gag her with instead. I continued fingering mom until her combined scream and shudder told me that she had orgasmed. I immediately forced my cock deep into mom's throat. Her strangled choking sounds turned me on even more than I already was. In five minutes, I was pumping the last of my load into mom's throat. After that we hugged and kissed each other for a few minutes. The feel of my mom's lips on mine started a second stirring in my loins. We drove home as fast as we could. I spent the rest of that evening handgagging, strangling and fucking my mom ... all at the same time!
Monday, May 20th 2013 - 01:17:08 PM
Name: LMGT
E-mail address: mnmracerGRO@gmail.com
Comments:Things have been too quiet for quite some time now...how's it going Silencer???
Wednesday, April 17th 2013 - 03:34:54 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Always a good read, Silencer!
Friday, April 12th 2013 - 12:29:21 PM
Name: Gnaw T
E-mail address: arasandy@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=123725010975374
Comments:I enjoy gagging my mother's mouth while she's sleeping.

I remember last semester how she made me hold my hand over her mouth and tie her to the toilet. I'm fascinated with watching her pretend to be Mrs. Abe Lincoln on the toilet. I call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and she always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. Silly, silly animal that I am, MMMPH!

I kneel... then she pulls the paper out of my mouth. She pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf, then moistens it in her hole. She goes in and out about 20 times really, really fast then shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste.

Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. She's all fucked up, kicking bottles and slicing herself. At one point she pisses on the wall.

Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she flushes the toilet, which is my cue to untie her. Fuck, it makes us both feel so good.

She wants me to perform acts in front of her while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. Perhaps a guy couple.

Hopefully I'll find one this semester. I'm not wiping this semester so my pheremones kick in.
Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 - 10:40:41 PM
Homepage URL: http://NONE
Comments:Mom and I went to a New Year's Eve party at a hotel near our house. We new that we'd be way too drunk to drive home after the party so we got a room for the night. Mom had on a pair of 5 inch stilleto heels that were shiny black in color. Black fishnet stockings caressed her beautiful legs. Moms ass was just barely covered by the black super short mini skirt she wore. She finished off her look with a too tight tank top that she had to keep adjusting all night to keep from falling out of it. Mom's long blond hair was done up in a tight ponytail that made me just want to grab it like it was a handle. Mom told me that she was going to get drunk and dance and flirt with as many men as she could at the party. She told me that I would not be allowed to touch her, dance with her or even talk to her during the party. We were going to act like we didn't know each other. Our time together would begin after midnight, back in our room. I spent the next four hours watching in fascination as my mom worked the room as the crowd said good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013. I watched as my mom was groped and fondled by all kinds of men as she moved her sexy body over the dance floor. I watched as stranger's hands worked their way up her thighs as she sat on a barstool just five feet away from me. I listened to my mom groan with pleasure as some soldier, home on leave, kissed her pretty mouth and fondled her sexy ass at the same time. I even saw another very drunk woman kiss my mom on the mouth for a minute and a half while her boyfriend was squeezing her breasts as if they were bread dough. Watching my mother flirt with other people always fills me up with an exquisite blend of lust and jealous rage. Add alcohol to that mix and you've got a pent up river of emotion about to burst through the dam. At the stroke of midnight, I watch as my mom kissed a stranger while rubbing his cock through his pants. As soon as he came, my mom gave me a wink. That was our signal to go to our hotel room. I got there first because it took her a few minutes to say goodbye to all the new friends she had made during the course of the evening. I heard mom's key card unlock the door. I kept the room lights off but kept the curtains open so that the downtown Chicago skyline could serve as a backdrop to the "rape" that was about to happen. Given how incredibly turned on I was, I don't think i could have stopped myself from attacking mom even if she wanted me to stop. So since she was going to get fucked whether she wanted to or not, in a very real sense, my mom was about to be raped by me, her own son. The city lights lit up the room just enough so that mom and I could see each other without letting anyone see us. I pounced on mom in a heartbeat. With one hand, I slammed the hotel room door shut behind her. With the other hand, I clamped my mom's mouth shut. I threw her onto the bed. Mom's party clothes were swiftly removed by me. If she had tried to stop me, I would have torn them off. I stripped myself down to my bare ass. My cock was so hard it hurt. I took my belt and wrapped it tightly around mom's long and slender throat. Her mouth was gasping for air under my hand. I dragged her across the floor to the table where my overnight bag sat. I took out a bottle of whiskey and poured some of it into mom's throat. She choked as the whiskey burned its way down. Next, I slapped a red ball gag into her mouth. I pushed it into her mouth. Deeper. Deeper. Still deeper. When she started to choke on the gag, I stopped and buckled it in place. Now, both of my hands were free. With one hand, I grabbed mom's flailing wrists. With the other hand, I grabbed her throat and squeezed. Mom's face turned almost as red as the red ball gag in her mouth. She screamed as I rammed myself into her immaculately shaved pussy. It seemed that as soon as I came, another load was ready to go. I tightened the belt around mom's throat. She arched her back off the floor as she gasped for the air that I refused, for the moment, to give her. I decided I wanted to put my hand over my mom's mouth. Why should the ball gag have all the fun? Out came the ball gag. Mom tried to scream. All she got out was a strangled whisper before I grabbed her mouth with my hand. I squeezed her mouth so tightly her cheeks puffed out. After an hour or so, mom and I collapsed into each others arms. We fell asleep right there on the floor due to pure exhaustion. Neither one of us woke until New Years morning.
Friday, January 4th 2013 - 10:48:30 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Always an intriguing read, Silencer! Your mom seems to love it just as much as you do.
Friday, December 21st 2012 - 11:10:28 AM
Homepage URL: http://NONE.
Comments:Mom and I hosted a little holiday party recently. Mom had on her "sexy Santa" outfit. As you might imagine, it showed off her sexy legs. I watched as she walked around our living room, teasing all the male guests to distraction with the sight of her beautiful legs that of course they could not touch. That didn't stop mom from "flirting up a storm" with them. A lot of jealous wives were created that night! As soon as the last guests to leave were out the door, I struck! They were walking down our front stairs with their backs turned to us. Mom was saying "Goodbye" which quickly turned to "Mmmppphhh" as I clamped my hand over her mouth. I didn't even close the front door before I handgagged Mom! If any of our departing guests had turned around, they would have seen Mom being handgagged by her own son! I closed our front door and I dragged Mom to the bedroom that we secretly share. My old bedroom is kept up for appearances only! My hand was holding my Mom's mouth so tightly that her cheeks were puffing out. Then, I grabbed her throat with my other hand and squeezed. Her face turned red as I choked her. "Strip, Mom", I hissed into her ear. In a matter of moments, her naked body was bathed in the soft white light of our bedside table lamp. I let go of her throat while keeping my other hand tightly across her pretty mouth. I took out a roll of holiday gift wrapping tape and sealed my Mom's mouth completely closed with it. Next, I tied her beautiful naked body spreadeagle style to our four post bed. Her eyes watched me as I ran my hands all over her soft breasts. A soft muffled moan came from Mom's tape gagged mouth as I moved my hands over her flat, firm stomach. Mom and I both moaned as I started to explore where we both wanted to go ... her shaved pussy. Her body convulsed as I brought her to orgasm again and again with my probing fingers. My hands were still wet as I pulled the tape from her mouth. I forced my fingers into her mouth and made her lick them dry. Then I put my hands all over her mouth and face as I inserted myself into her. Mom's screams were stifled by my handgagging her. She surrendered to me completely as I thrusted in and out of her, like a piston. Her slender wrists and ankles pulled uselessly against the ropes that bound her to our bed. I kept my hand over my Mom's mouth until every last drop of my essence was spent. After that, I gagged her with a red rubber ball gag that I forced deep into her mouth, almost into her throat. I kept her tied and gagged until the morning.
Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 10:19:23 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Freaky Father, very interesting! Silencer, great job, as always.
Wednesday, October 24th 2012 - 10:19:29 AM
Name: Freaky Father
Comments:My wife lefy me for another man, leaving me alone with Dawn, my 22 year old daughter. Although we are father and daughter we flirt with each other constantly. People are starting to wonder about us. We don't care. We're happy with each other. Last Halloween, we threw a big party. I was a mad scientist and Dawn was a sexy damsel in distress. I tied her to a table and gagged her mouth with a cloth. Then I pretended my leaf blower was a chain saw and pretended I was cutting her up. We were the hit of the party! What helped is my daughter has a winning combination of long legs and short shorts. We are going to repeat our performance this Halloween. Ever since last Halloween, my daughter ALWAYS wears short shorts when we're alone together. One day, after a few drinks, I just told her that I enjoyed covering her mouth with my hand ( handgagging ). My daughter told me I could handgag her whenever I wanted to. Now I handgag her in the car, in restaurants, in bars. We get some strange looks but we don't care. We're enjoying ourselves way too much to stop now!
Wednesday, October 10th 2012 - 11:17:15 AM
Comments:I kept my mom captive for the whole day once. I had to, in order to stop her flirting with every guy she ran into. At the same time, it turns me on to see my mom flirting with other men. By the time I get her home, I'm wild. I clamp my hand over her mouth. Then, I choke her out. I love the muffled "gag-talk" that mom makes as I keep my hand over her mouth. As I slide myself into her, she screams underneath my hand gag. I run my hand along mom's silky smooth thighs as I choke her out.
Wednesday, September 26th 2012 - 02:36:12 PM
Name: curious
E-mail address: lebanesebeauty17@hotmail.com
Comments:Silencer. It seems that you have ur mom completely under your control. Do you ever or do you ever intend to spank her as a sort of punishment or make her do housework in the nude or as some people ask keep her captive for a long day?
Wednesday, September 5th 2012 - 07:12:19 PM
Name: Folgore
Comments:Good stories, Silencer. Do you ever bind your mom a bit more heavily/tightly during these angry sessions? And have you ever thought about keeping her bound as your captive for longer periods of time?

In any case, perhaps the sons of BallgaggedMom and HandgaggedMom could learn from you.

HandgaggedMom, have you thought about having sex with your son while bound and gagged?
Sunday, September 2nd 2012 - 04:51:54 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Intense, Silencer! I always enjoy reading about your endeavors.
Friday, August 10th 2012 - 01:26:23 PM
Comments:It seems my mom is now into putting on little "shows" for me. Shows in which my mom does her best to attract the attention of other men so she can flirt with them. I must admit, it's kind of an ezquisite torture for me. I watch mom flirt, kiss and fondle some guy whe just met. The jealousy and anger and arousal I feel is incredible. Last night, mom and I went to a club so I can watch her meet strangers. I watch as mom opens her mouth while she kisses them. My fists clench as I watch some punks hand caress my mom's silky smooth thighs. I stand there and steam as not one but TWO guys massage mom's sexy ass. ( On display of course in her usual outfit ... short shorts! ) I can't drive us home fast enough at the end of the night. Mom turns off the radio and rubs my face in how much fun she had while those other men ran their hands over her body. I clamp my hand over mom's mouth like a vice and shut her up. I choke her with my other hand. I throw her on the floor. We don't even wait to get to the bedroom. ANGRY SEX IS SO FANTASTIC! Mom is stripped naked in seconds, by me! She unzipps my fly. I squeeze her throat until her mouth forms a perfect "O". Then I slide myself into her mouth until she gags, then I go just a little farther! I'm so charged up that I come down her throat. "Swallow it all, mom", I hiss through gritted teeth. I savor the sound she makes as she gulps my essence down her slender, sexy throat. I tie mom's hands behind her back and force her down the hall into our bedroom. Mom's mouth around my cock gets me hard again in no time at all. We spend the next hour in the grip of angry, hateful, revenge seeking sex. My hand squeezes her mouth closed the entire time! My other hand chokes her. Mom can't scream for help even though I have deliberately left the bedroom window open. I stare into mom's wide open eyes as I keep my hand tightly over her mouth. Eventually, our passion is spent. Mom leads me, by my cock, into the shower, turns the water on, and kisses me all over as I wash her fantastic body. This morning, we are back to the loving couple that we normally are.
Thursday, August 9th 2012 - 09:25:30 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Excellent, Silencer! I would love to hear more.
Friday, August 3rd 2012 - 11:33:47 AM
Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Things have been a little hectic around here. You asked me if mom had ever started up a handgag session when I wasn't in the mood. That's a tricky question because I am always in the mood to clamp my hand over mom's soft and pretty mouth. I've started working out with spring loaded handgrips that you can squeeze and release with your hands so you can build up strength in your hands. Mom says she can already feel my hands have a tighter grip over her mouth during our handgag sessions. In answer to your question, mom did sort of start a handgag session that was unexpected and things just went forward from there. Last week, mom and I went to the gambling casino by our house. She likes to go there because she usually wins a few hundred bucks. Then she will usually spend some of that money on me. We will go out to a nice restaurant or go to an upscale bar and drink until we need a cab to drive us home. On our latest trip to the casino, mom chose to wear the shortest, tightest skirt she owned. The skirt was jet black and it just BARELY, I mean BARELY covered her still firm and shapely ass! Add to that mom's shoes for the evening. A pair of black leather six inch stilleto heels with straps that wrapped around her ankles. Mom finished off her super sexy look with a black halter top that was at least one size too small! I asked her if she was worried about "spilling out" of her halter top. Mom started acting very coy and said, "It depends who I spill out in front of". As she said this, she wrapped her hand around my already hard cock and gave it a squeeze. I had a cocktail of mixed emotions. As I've said before, mom and I live as man and wife. We belong to each other. On one hand, my mom was getting me so incredibly horney, I just wanted to tie a gag into her mouth and screw her right in the front seat of our car. But we were on our way to a casino that was going to be full of drunken perverts that would be all over mom if I didn't watch her like a hawk! "Every girl in that casino better watch out, or I will steal their husbands out from under their noses", mom said out loud to no one in particular. Mom knew it drove me crazy with jealousy when she would flirt with other men. "Why do you think I'm going to flirt tonight, honey?", asked mom as she furiously rubbed my balls through my blue jeans. "I'm going to do it because it will make you furious which will make you horney, which will make you GAG ME AND RAPE ME! Oh, that's right. You CAN'T rape the WILLING"! I wondered if mom was "on something" or what. When we got on the casino floor, mom made good on her promise to "flirt" with every man she could. She also told me she had reserved a room at the hotel that was attatched to the casino. Mom said she would be TIED, GAGGED and FUCKED in that room by either me or somebody else before the night was over. "Now I'm going to give all these baby girls in here some competition from an older woman". All I could do was tag along as my mom turned head after head at table after table in that casino. I was PISSED OFF and TURNED ON at the same time! I watched as mom kissed another man on the lips "for luck" just before he rolled his dice. He won, and gave mom a couple of hundred dollar bills to show his appreciation. I fumed as my mom reached under the table and fondled the balls of a kid who turned 21 that same night, as he played poker. He also won. Add a fifty dollar bill to mom's stash of "tip" cash. I had to admit, mom was racking up more money than most of the players and she hadn't played a single game herself! Every woman on the gaming floor stared at my mom with barely concealed jealousy and hatred. That was because their boyfriends eyes were glued to my mom's thighs! If I didn't get some emotional release soon I was going to come in my pants right there on the casino floor. I realized something that night. I am incredibly angered and at the same time amazingly aroused by watching my mom flirt with other men. I made my move. I grabbed mom tightly by the arm and walked her to the elevators. Two minutes later, I shoved her through the door of our hotel room. Mom started to argue about how she was just getting warmed up. "You're warm enough, mom", I growled as my hands grabbed her slender, sexy throat. I needed to get control of my mom back. That control came back in spades as I choked her. I learned that I can keep mom even quieter if I choke her before I gag her. One hand chokes her. The other hand covers her pretty mouth. Mom tries to scream but she can't make a sound. I release her throat just long enough to remove her skirt. Next, I force myself into her as I keep my hand over her mouth. Mom's eyes roll back in ecstacy as I re-assert my dominance over her. I choke her as I fuck her and gag her with my hand. When I finish, I tie mom's hands tightly behind her back. I gag her with the bandana that I always carry just in case I feel the urge to force it deep into my mom's mouth. With both hands, I squeeze her throat and tell her that we will discuss what went on downstairs, in the morning. Mom nods her head "yes". Exhausted, we both sleep until the sun signals the beginning of a new day.



THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 2012 / 1:41 P.M.
Thursday, August 2nd 2012 - 11:41:19 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, has your mom ever instigated a handgag session, even when maybe, you weren't in the mood?
Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 10:37:37 AM
Comments:One of the many things I enjoy about putting my hand over my mom's mouth is the power and control over her that it gives me. Sometimes I handgag her when she least expects it. She'll be asking me some ordinary question or talking about something that I'm not really interested in and I'll just walk up to her and just GRAB HER MOUTH with my hand. "MMMPPPHHH" is the only sound mom can make at that point. "SSSHHH" is what I whisper to her as I keep my hand tightly over her mouth. At that point, mom knows that she is under my complete control. She will do what I tell her to do. She will wear what I tell her to wear. My mom and I live as husband and wife. That arrangement is not for everybody but it works for us. As I said, mom will wear what I tell her to wear. If I tell her to put on a short skirt, high heels and a tank top, she will put them on. A little "choke play" adds to the feeling of fantasy danger. I'll lightly squeeze my mom's throat with the hand that I'm not using to cover her mouth with. She'll make an AAACCCKKK sound to pretend that I'm really choking her. I told her to put on her black leather mini skirt and her red tank top and her fishnet stockings with her black high heels. Then we went to the drive thru at the local fast food restaurant. I wanted to watch the kids try to sneek a peek at my mom's legs as we drove thru. This morning, I woke up my mom by clamping my hand so tightly over her mouth that I left a mark on her face. She was wearing a VERY SHORT nightgown. I held my hand over her mouth for OVER ONE HOUR! I only took my hand off of her mouth because she BEGGED to use the washroom. When she came back, I covered her mouth again. Later on, I'm going to plaster my mom's mouth closed with duct tape. Then, I'll run my hands along her sexy, smooth thighs!
Tuesday, June 12th 2012 - 12:59:28 PM
Comments:I am Silencer.
If you enjoy my stories, then go to:
and search that site for an E-book called TABOO TERRITORY
You will be glad you did!
SU-04-15-12 / 4:32 A.M.
Sunday, April 15th 2012 - 02:32:19 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, you always come through. Thank you!
Tuesday, March 20th 2012 - 08:22:31 PM
Comments:Mom and I recently took a trip to visit some relatives. We checked into a nice hotel. Mom said that she wanted to use the pool to unwind after the long drive. She changed into her new bikini and went down to the hotel pool. I watched as all the men ran their eyes up and down my mom's sexy body. I watched as a few of them attempted to talk to her. As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom and I now live as man and wife. We keep my old bedroom only for appearance's sake in case company comes over. Mom is very faithful to me and would never let another man touch her. And I am just as faithful to her. But it does turn me on to watch other men talk to my mom. Sometimes, I will actually send her into situations where men will try to pick her up. That is why I did not go with her down to the pool. I wanted to secretly watch her from our room as she strutted around the pool in her slutty swimsuit. I felt myself getting hard as other men ogled her. After an hour or so, mom left the pool and returned to our room. I had turned out all the lights so it was nice and dark. She closed the door behind her and fumbled for the light switch. Before mom could turn om the lights I pounced on her. I grabbed her throat with one hand and clamped the other hand over her beautiful, soft and sexy mouth. "MMMPPPHHH! UUULLLGGGHHH!" Mom's muffled moans didn't bring anyone running for help. No one came to save her. No one heard her. She was helpless as I forced her onto the bed. There would be no traditional foreplay. No sweet talk. No kissing. No hugging. Just me commanding my mom to slide off her bikini bottoms. I choked her harder to show her I meant business. Mom did as I told her. I forced my cock into her like the rapist I was pretending to be. Mom screamed as loud as she could but my strong hand over her sensuous mouth kept that scream down to a whimper. With every thrust of my cock, I grabbed mom's mouth tighter ... tighter ... tighter. Her expertly manicured nails dug into my back as orgasm after orgasm washed over her like waves on a beach. Now it was my turn. I pumped my essence into her as I choked her. My cock was grinding its way into her as the last drop I had was forced inside. I took my hand off of mom's mouth. Her mouth was still formed into a sexy "o" shape because she was still trying to scream. I pulled a ball gag from under the pillow and forced it into her mouth. I enjoyed the choking sounds she made as I violently forced the black rubber ball gag deeper, deeper, still deeper into her beautiful mouth. As I buckled the strap behind her head I told her that she was going to wear that gag in her mouth until we went to get something to eat later on. Her moans of protest were silenced as I squeezed her throat. We spent the intervening time with mom's slender, expertly manicured hands wrapped around my re-awakening cock! There is just something about getting a handjob from your mom while she is ball gagged that turns a guy on !!!
Sunday, March 18th 2012 - 03:01:02 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Do you have any new adventures to talk about, Silencer?
Wednesday, March 14th 2012 - 06:25:41 PM
Comments:This is for the man who wants to get his son to handgag his mom. ( Son's mother - Man's wife ) Just get a nice video camera and start filming everybody in the family. After doing this for a while, casually mention how you have an idea for a little movie. Cast your wife as the damsel in distress and your son as the evil kidnapper. You of course, are the brilliant director of this little film. You will be surprised at what people will do when a camera is on them. Have your wife, wearing something sexy of course, walk into the house and have your son clamp his hand over his mother's soft mouth. Be sure to have your wife do a lot of muffled screaming and struggling. Tell your son that under no circumstances is he to release his mother until you say "cut'! This worked with my wife and my daughter! It was so sexy to see my daughter's hand clamped over my wife;s mouth. The key is the camera. The camera will go a long way towards removing inhibitions and as a bonus, you get to relive the experience over and over again. Please post again and let us all know how it turns out! Thank you!
Saturday, January 21st 2012 - 01:32:30 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Well, this goes to the ? poster. It really depends on a number of circumstances. First of all, does your wife like it when you handgag her, in the first place? If she enjoys it, that she won't probably mind your son doing it to her. It also depends on your son's age. If you can concoct a scenario, such as a game of cops and robbers, then it could come natural to him or you could tell him to keep the "hostage" quiet with his hand. If he is older, you can feign a headache the next time you, your son and wife are together and playfully tell him to shut her up, that you had heard enough from her mouth. All in jest, of course. (You might also get a thrill from getting one of your son's friends to do it.) I hope something happens and you have something to share with us. Good luck with your efforts.
Friday, December 30th 2011 - 07:42:39 PM
Name: ?
E-mail address: keysfloridabeaches@yahoo.com
Comments:How can I get my son to handgag his mom? Often wondered what it would look like to see someone other than me handgagging her.Any advice?
Thursday, December 29th 2011 - 01:10:16 PM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, you always have intriguing stories.
Saturday, November 19th 2011 - 06:48:29 PM
Comments:On Halloween night, as soon as the trick or treaters had stopped bothering us, I asked my mom if she would like to have a Halloween party with just her and I. She immediately said yes. I told her to change into a pair of short blue jean short shorts and she would be my sexy kidnap victim. That would be her costume. I of course would be her kidnapper. My mom came out of her bedroom dressed in a pair of slutty short shorts, stripper high heels and a bikini top. I pounced on her! I clamped my hand over my mom's mouth so tight that it left a mark on her face. Neither one of us cared. I grabbed my mom - kidnap victim in a tight handgag. I wound an arm around her throat to hold her close to me. Mom screamed under my hand. No one heard her. No one would rescue her. I felt my mom's warm breath on my fingers as they clamped her mouth shut. I told her to shut up, that nobody could save her from me. I dragged her over to the front door so that she could hear the people out there in the street going about their business. "Mom, if you could just get my hand off of your mouth, then you could scream. Someone would rescue you. But you're not going to get my hand off of your mouth. You are my sexy kidnap victim". I held my hand over my mom's mouth for over an hour. One hand over her mouth. One hand around her throat. "Mmmppphhh", was all mom could say. "Don't screan, mom". I kept my hand over my sexy milf mom's mouth for pretty much the rest of the evening. I let go of her throat and slid her slutty short shorts past her knees. My cock slid into my mom. We both were aching for it. I put my hand back around her throat and choked her just enough to make her feel like she was being raped. Mom's moans of pleasure were muffled by the tight hand that I was keeping over her mouth. While I was fucking her, I told her, "You are my mom, but you are also my wife and my hand-gag slave. I will put my hand over your mouth any time I want, I will put a gag in your mouth anytime I want, I will fuck you anytime I want. You are my hand-gag slave. Do you agree? Mom shook her head yes. I took my hand off of her mouth. I kissed my mom on her pouty lips. "Don't worry, honey. I won't scream". Our mouths were kissing each other hungrily. We went into my mom's bedroom and made love the rest of that night. My hand was clamped over my mom's mouth until dawn. I finally put a cloth gag deep into her mouth and kept it on her mouth until we went out for lunch. That night, I moved into my mom's bedroom. We now live as husband and wife. It works for us and that's all that matters.
Thursday, November 10th 2011 - 11:30:53 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, I would always like to hear about this and other stories of your adventures!
Wednesday, October 26th 2011 - 10:06:26 AM
Comments:I managed to get my mom in another tight handgag this weekend. We were at a pool party and she got a little drunk and a little loud. People were sttarting to look. I managed to get my mom out of the pool and into the house. I've always been able to get my mom to do almost anything I want and this time was no exception. I took her arm and let her to the host's bedroom. I closed the door behind us. There was only a dim lamp lighting up the room. It was perfect! My mom started to giggle and asked what we were doing in the bedroom. I answered my mom by putting my hand tightly over her mouth. I spun her around so that I was facing her. I backed her against the closed bedroom door and made her look at me. I explained to her that she had a little to much to drink and was getting to loud and that I was just going to have to keep my hand over her mouth until she quieted down a little. Mom nodded. For the next few minutes, I kept my hand clamped over my mom's mouth. My thumb was under her chin. I gently held her close to me with my other hand. The sound of people walking down the hallway outside was making us excited. No one outside had a clue that my mom was being held prisoner by her son and was being kept quiet by a tight hand over her mouth. The more excited I became, the tighter my hand clamped over my mom's mouth. It was the combination of the handgag I had my mom in and the black bikini she was wearing. My mom reached down and slid my trunks off and took hold of my erect cock. While my hand was still over her mouth, she kept rubbing my shaft with her hands until the last drop of cum was drained out and I was satisfied. I was so exhausted that I took my hand off of her mouth and just started kissing her passionately on her full lips. After a few minutes of that, we used the shower to clean off and went home. As soon as we walked in our front door I clamped my handover my mom's mouth again. I told her to try and scream. She just "mmmppphhhed" under my hand. My other hand started to explore my mom's 36-C breasts. Are you interested in what happened next? Let me know!
Monday, October 24th 2011 - 09:01:28 AM
Name: B.G.
Comments:Silencer, I would love for you to handgag her, again. Please post the results.
Thursday, October 13th 2011 - 01:25:47 PM
Name: Soumya
E-mail address: bsoumya55@yahoo.co.in
Comments:@SILENCER:Love your stories!!! I am sure your mom enjoys getting gagged as much as you enjoy gagging her.Btw could you,by any chance,take a few pics of your mom handgagged by you and send it to my email id??
Tuesday, October 11th 2011 - 05:50:41 AM
E-mail address: NONE.
Homepage URL: http://NONE.
Comments:I hand gagged my mom again today. I usually grab her in one of two rooms. The family room or the kitchen. This time it was in the kitchen. Mom was dressed in a pair of tight, white short shorts, a black tank top and flip flops. She was doing the dishes. I just walked up behind her and clamped my hand tightly over her mouth. She screamed under my hand. No one heard her. I ran my other hand up and down her thighs. Mom knows that the only way I will take my hand off of her mouth is if he gives me a hand job while her mouth is covered. We looked into each others eyes as she ran her sexy hand up and down my cock. When she was done, I let go of her mouth. I'm considering grabbing her mouth again later on. Do you think I should. Post your reply! If you do, I'll cover my mom's mouth again later on and post a story about it! This is your chance to influence this web site!
Wednesday, October 5th 2011 - 03:02:19 PM
Comments:It's raining outside. My mom is pisses. She wanted to go outside and work on her tan. Mom is moaning and bitching. I seize the opportunity to shut her up. I clamp my hand over her mouth. I can't believe how lucky I am! My hot MILF mom is dressed in her black bikini and high heels. My left hand is wrapped around her throat. My right hand is clamped over her mouth. Mom is trying to talk even though my hand is clamped over her mouth like a vise. I whisper to mom that she must be quiet or she'll piss off the neighbors. The truth is, I just want to put my hand pver her mouth. I tell her that I am going to keep handgagging her until I am sure that she'll be quiet. I walk mom over to the couch, sit her down next to me and keep my hand over her mouth. I let go of mom's throat and instead rest it on her smooth thigh. Mom doesn't try to take my hand away! She just leaves my hands on her sexy thigh and over her pretty mouth! I hold my hand over her mouth for an hour! Then, I S-L-O-W-L-Y took my hand off of her mouth. Mom actually THANKED me for handgagging her ! She said that she didn't want to piss off the neighbors by being too loud and she told me that whenever I felt she was talking too loud that I should put my hand over her mouth and keep it there until I was sure that she would be quiet!
Saturday, August 20th 2011 - 12:50:29 PM
E-mail address: UNKNOWN.
Homepage URL: http://UNKNOWN.
Comments:Somewhere, a young single mother is changing, at the request of her son, into a pair of short shorts. She is nervous. She knows her son is obsessed with women's legs. She also knows he is especially obsessed with her legs. She indulges him too much and she knows it. She can't help herself. He is her son and she cannot deny him anything. Even if she should. She slips into a pair of high heels. They make her legs look even longer and sexier than they already are. Even though it is in the middle of a hot summer afternoon, she puts on a long sleeve turtleneck sweater. Her son says it sets off her legs nicely. She checks herself out in the full length mirror in her bedroom. She looks fantastic. She steps out of her bedroom. Her son's eyes travel over every inch of her still sexy body. She pivots and turns and displays every inch of herself to her son. Next comes the son's favorite. The kidnap game. The mother tries to scream but her son is very quick. He clamps his hand over his mother's soft mouth. He holds it ever so tightly. His mother screams underneath her son's hand. "MMMPPPHHH"! The muffled sounds only turn her son on even more. Mother somehow gets away and runs toward an open window only to be handgagged by her son once more. He drags his mother away from the window and keeps her tightly handgagged and quiet, just a few feet from their neighbors. The son savors the feel of his sexy mother's mouth under the palm of his hand, the muffled sounds she makes as he controls her, the exquisite closeness that mother and son share as he holds her close to him. The mother has a hard time admitting it but she likes being controlled by her son. She actually enjoys the feeling of his hand over her mouth. She likes the way he tightens the grip of his hand over her mouth when people are nearby and he thinks that she might scream. It's been a long time since her son first covered her mouth. He was still in grade school when he first put his hand over her mouth. Now, he was in college and they still played their "handgag - kidnap" games together. It has gotten so that her mouth doesn't even get sore anymore after a long handgag session. But now, her son was clamping one hand over her mouth and sliding his other hand along her smooth sexy legs. Now she knew why her son had asked her to change into a pair of short shorts before their handgag game. "Ssshhh. Don't scream, mom. Just be quiet." Her son started to move his hand up and down her legs. "Mmmmmmm", said the mother as her son began to pleasure her. She felt her son's hand adjust his grip on her mouth.
Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 12:38:07 PM
Name: Soumya
E-mail address: me.soumyabanerjee@reduffmail.com
Comments:Wonderful,thanks,keep it up everyone!!!
Monday, July 25th 2011 - 07:45:49 PM
Comments:My mom and me are alone in our hotel room. Mom is wearing her black bikini. She is standing on the balcony. I open the sliding glass doors very slowly so she doesn't hear me. I grab my mom's mouth with my hand. I pull her back into the room. She tries to scream but all that comes out is muffled sounds. I'm handgagging mom from behind, so my thumb is pointing up. I'm pressing her mouth so tightly that her cheeks are puffing up. The minutes pass by as I hold my mom "hostage" our little "kidnap" game. It's funny how my mom manages to get "captured" by me over and over again. The maid enters the room with her pass key! What do I do now ??? I work around the maid. That's what I do! The maid cleans the living room while I hold my mom against the bedroom door. Now, my hand is over the mouth in a "reverse" handgag. My thumb is on her chin. I grab her throat too and squeeze it just a little so it's even harder for her to scream. As the maid cleans one room I drag mom into another room through a different set of doors. This way, the maid never sees the 40 year old women in the black bikini with her 20 year old son holding his hand over her mouth. After the maid leaves, I tape mom's mouth shut and tie her hands behind her back. I spend the rest of the afternoon slowly running my hands along mom's sexy smooth legs.
Tuesday, June 28th 2011 - 10:04:29 AM
Name: unkn
Comments:great stories Rupert! What happened next?
Monday, April 11th 2011 - 04:30:25 AM
Comments:Mom and I went out for some drinks, dinner and dancing tonight. Mom surprised me by wearing a new miniskirt that just BARELY covered her butt. I mean she showed off a LOT of leg! I could hardly concentrate on the meal as I kept trying to sneak a peek at my mom's FANTASTIC legs. Mom put on a great show for me. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. After dinner and quite a few drinks we went dancing at one of the trendier clubs in our city. When we got home I put my hand over my mom's mouth and kept it there while we made love on our living room couch. My mom screamed a muffled scream under my hand as she orgasmed. I carried her upstairs to bed and handgagged her and made love to her again before taking my hand off of her pretty mouth.
Saturday, April 2nd 2011 - 03:41:52 AM
Comments:My latest handgag session with mom started out with a trip to the movies. I treated it like a date. That's because it WAS a date. I paid for everything. I treated my mom the way everywomen wants to be treated. I complimented her on her looks. My mom is five feet and seven inches tall with long blond hair. She has 36-C breasts. She weighs 115 pounds. My mom is BEAUTIFUL! And I let her know it every chance I get. More than once I have sent my mom flowers. I take her to nice places to eat and dance and drink. I am 24 and my mom is 41. My mom is divorced and I have taken over as her husband. That is a whole other story but this time I'm just talking about our latest handgag session. I am VERY lucky that my mom enjoys being gagged as much as I enjoy gagging her! Mom asked me what I wanted her to wear for our date. When she asked me this she was dressed in a pair of skin tight blue jean cut off short shorts. I reached out and slid my hand, ever so slightly, along my mom's shapely right thigh and said "You're already wearing what I want you to wear, tonight, mom." Mom looked shocked and said, "But it's freezing out, honey. I'll be --- MMMPPPHHH!" My hand reached out and covered my mom's sexy mouth. "Ssshhh, mom. Just wear your long coat over the shorts." Mom nodded as I took my hand off of her mouth. Later, that night, we went to the movies with my mom dressed in her tiny little jean shorts. Next, we went for dinner and drinks at restaurant by our house. After a nice meal and a huge amount of alcohol ( most of it drank by mom ) we went home. As soon as we got in the door, I clamped my hand over mom's mouth. I used my other hand to manhandle mom's still sexy breasts. I warned my mom, "Don't try to scream. If you do, you know what will happen." Mom nodded her head up and down furiously. I keep one hand over mom's mouth as I strip her naked with the other. Mom returns the favor by stripping me. Mom's muffled orgasmic screams are unheard by the people passing our front door. My tight hand over mom's screaming mouth keeps her VERY quiet as we make love on our living room floor!
Sunday, March 27th 2011 - 03:54:47 AM
Name: B.khan
E-mail address: b60gga@rediffmail.com
Comments:one day me n my sister were sitting n watching tv. We heard some noises from kitchen, quickly i grabbed my sister's slender wrists n clamped my hand ova her mouth. She surprisingly widened her eyes. She started mmmphh! I said "shh don't make a noise there is a burglar stepped in our house". She looked over me n mmphdd! Bummoouuphh!!.. I repld yes. I loved the feeling wen her juicy lips were moving in my palm.i asked "shud we go n check in kitchen?". She nodded her head. I grabbed her waist n slowly we moved into kitchen. We enter our kitchen n saw cat running inside. We just laughed. She was laughing under my hand huummphhffhhh!!. I went to one of s drawers n removed a ducttape. I asked her do u know whtz dis?. She rplyd dopphhteephh!!. I said "if i a burglar wud have been here he wud had taped ur hands behind ur back n legs together n then he wud zip ur lips wid a strip of tape". She ummpphh!!. I asked her "did ever got taped up?" She shook her head no. I askd her "do u wanna try?". She again shook no. N den she uummuummphhh! Den i released my hand. She said "you do burglar's tie n gag women?". I put my hand back on her mouth n said "women look beautiful wen they are tiedup n gagged, it turns them on". She kept looking at me surprisngly..
Friday, March 25th 2011 - 03:13:13 AM
Comments:Mom and I are home alone. I wait for the right time. Mom is on the couch. Her back is toward me. The excitement is almost unbearable. I reach out. My hand is now covering mom's beautiful full lips. Her eyes are wide with surprise. I pull her off the couch. Mom makes muffled sounds as I hold her mouth. I straddle mom as she lays on the living room floor. My hand is tightly, oh so very tightly, over her sweet mouth. Mom's eyes look at me from over my hand as it covers her mouth. The minutes tick by as I savor the feeling of my mothers handgagged mouth. My other hand strokes her shapely thighs.
Monday, March 7th 2011 - 10:58:07 AM
Name: Falco.
Comments:Curious, Silencer seems to know what he's talking about.

Single Handgagged Mom, I think we'd all like to hear more.

Ballgagged Mom, it sounds like all concerned are glad you took our advice. Let us know how the next step turns out!
Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 04:57:39 PM
Name: asf
E-mail address: asdf
Homepage URL: http://asf
Saturday, January 29th 2011 - 08:37:39 PM
Name: Silencer
E-mail address: Adultsubjects@aol.com
Comments:To curious son:
Just go for it! Start out by putting your hand over your mom's mouth. Wait till you're both home alone together or till everyone in the house but you and your mom are asleep. Pretend that you heard some prowlers talking out in the back yard. Then have your mom go with you to your kitchen window to check it out. Then put your hand over your mom's mouth and whisper to her something like "Ssshhh. Don't talk. They'll hear us". Keep your hand over your mom's mouth for about a minute or so. Then say to her, "I guess they're gone." And then SLOWLY take your hand off of her mouth. As time goes on, keep finding other flimsy excuses to put your hand over your mom's mouth. After a while, I didn't even have to have a reason. Now, I just put my hand over my mom's mouth whenever I want to. Deep down, your mom will be turned on by the fact that someone besides her husband finds her attractive. There is also the thrill of the forbidden. You're helping your mom cheat on your dad WITH YOU! And because you all live in the same house together, it's harder to get caught. When dad goes to bed, my mom and I go down to the basement family room and I will tie her up and put a bandana gag in her mouth. Of course, I will have my mom change into a pair of hip hugging short shorts and a tank top. That makes gagging her even more fun. The main thing is PUT YOUR HAND OVER YOUR MOM'S MOUTH NOW AND TELL US WHAT HAPPENED!
Saturday, January 22nd 2011 - 10:58:44 AM
Name: Curious Son
Comments:I have a question for the moms and sons reading this. I have always played tie up games with the neighborhood girls, but after reading this site I really want to see my mom or aunt tied up and gagged. Some of these sons are so lucky getting to tie and gag there moms in sexy clothes and even nude!I am affraid to ask them as I am pretty sure they will say no.
My question is what do you think would happen if I just did it? Grabbed her by surprise and tied her up and gagged her? I have also thought about tricking her into an innocent game but then tying her so she is really tied up good. Can anyone think of a way to trick her into being tied? Moms, what would you do if that happened? Sons, have you ever done this? (tell us what happened if you did).

Signed, Aching to try it!
Saturday, January 22nd 2011 - 06:55:44 AM
Name: Single Hand Gagged Mom
E-mail address: Secret
Comments:My son recently showed me this site. It seems a lot of mom's out there are having their mouths covered by their son's hands. I am in my late 40's and my son is in his early 20's. I would never admit this to anyone that we associate with such as family, friends, work friends and so on, but my son is obsesed with these so called "hand gag" pictures and stories. I probably indulge him too much but my son and I are best friends as well as mother and son and my son practically pleaded with me to let him put his hand over my mouth while showing me this site. I have to admit, I was a little curious myself to see what all the fuss was about. My son seems to come to me with these "hand over mouth" requests right after I get through excercising. That's because when I excercise, I usually wear a white one piece body suit that is cut high on the hips and shows off a lot of my legs and is low cut in the chest which shows off my breasts. I have posed, in that outfit, for pictures many times before while my son snaps dozens of pictures with his new camera. Tonight, I let my son put his hand over my mouth. I was shocked to find out how excited I became. My son grabbed my mouth with one hand and masturbated with the other. He recorded all of this with his video camera. We plan to watch the recording together. I must admit, I will let my son put his hand over my mouth again ... soon. I'll post more then.
Saturday, January 22nd 2011 - 02:04:04 AM
Name: Ballgagged Mom
Comments:Hello All,

It's been over a year since I posted to this site and a lot has happened since then. If you recall, I would induldge my son's handgag and bondage fantasies by letting him "kidnap" me while wearing a bikini and heels. You'll also recall, my son had been asking if he could tie me up when I was nude; I told him I'd have to think about that one. The recent posts from Handgagged Mom gave me the courage to tell about some recent events. One reader suggested I wear some sexy lingerie for the games and suggested starting slow with the nude request by letting him tie me topless. Well, I went and did some shopping and figure sexy bra and panties wouldn't be too different from him seeing me in a bikini, I figured what the heck, I'd really surprise him for Christmas (Christmas before this last one).

One afternoon it was just me and my son at home and he asked me to change into my bikini and I said sure, knowing a "kidnap" was coming. Instead of changing into my bikini I put on a red push-up bra and matching panties, red garter belt, and black seamed stockings before putting on the high heels he likes me to wear. I came out of my room and walked down the hall, sure enough when I got to the end my son grabbed me from behind holding my arms and putting his hand tight on my mouth. It almost seemed to take a second for what I was wearing to register, but I heard my son say, Whoa, mom! Nice outfit! Thank you so much!" With that, his grip tightened on my arms and mouth, I knew he appreciated it.

It seemed like he wasted no time in tying me very securely to the chair in his room and ballgagging me. Before he put the gag in my mouth I asked if he liked the outfit, he gave me a quick kiss and said he "loved it" I said you should see the others I bought. He gagged me and added even more rope leaving me even more helpless. As usual, I played the role of a kidnapped damsel and struggled and mmmmmmppppphhhhed in my situation as my son took pictures and videotaped the whole thing. He blindfolded me, I knew it was so I couldn't see him masturbate, and kept encouraging my struggling. After an hour so he started to untie me from the chair but kept my ankels and wrists tied, this unusual as he usually just ties me to the chair. He proceeded to add rope above my knees and around my body pinning my arms. He also removed the ballgag and blindfold before he put a rolled up cloth in my mouth and taped over it and then placed me on the floor. He said I looked too good to untie (guess the outfit worked) and that he wanted to watch me struggle some more. I liked this nw position as I had more room to squirm and play up being totally helpless. I also noticed how much more effective the tpe gag as compared to the ballgag (I hope I dont have to hange my name LOL). I thrashed and mmmmppppphed for another good hour, as I struggled, I noticed my breasts were starting to fall out of my push-up bra and my nipples were about half way out. Eventually my son asked if I ws ready to be untied, I was exhausted and starting to get sweaty and nodded I was. I realized I didn't get phased by the fact I was in my lingerie, it was really no big deal and decided since he loved it so much I would continue to wear my new outfits for him. We talked about the situation and he repeatedly thanked me for the new outfit. I told him I had a few others and that I would think more about letting him tie me nude. He mentioned how the new bra began to reveal more of me and I said I knew that, but we had to start slow. H gave me a quick kiss and thanked me again.
Thursday, January 20th 2011 - 01:49:11 AM
Name: Falco
Comments:HandgaggedMom, sounds like your bondage with your son is progressing. Please do tell us more about that afternoon.
Monday, January 17th 2011 - 09:20:27 AM
Name: HandgaggedMom
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://none@none
Comments:For those of you who have been reading the stories of me and my son's handgagged games, you know I am guilty of teasing and provoking my son into action. In one story I mention the time when he first took off my bikini top, which, because I didn't protest, I am pretty sure is what gave him the courage to grab me and tie me up completely nude. As I mentioned in that story, before he released me, he made me promise to let me tie me up whenever and how ever again. I knew it wouldn't be too long before my son made me make good on that promise. Of course, I help motivate the situation.

I told my son I wanted him to help me dcide which dress I should wear to an upcoming company Christmas party. I brought two different sexy cocktail dresses into the living room where he was watching TV. I held them up against my body and swayed side to side to show it they flowed. He said, I don't know, they both look nice." I said, "Well, it is hard to tell like this, maybe if you saw them on." I put down the dresses and without turning around lifted my shirt over my head and off. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off my legs. I was now facing my son, standing there in only a tight, black bra and panty set.

I tried on one dress and made a point of adjusting my boobs and smoothing the skirt acorss my ass. I struck some sexy poses and asked what he thought. After he gave his opinion (he thought I looked hot) I slowly took off the dress and slipped the other one over my head, repeating the teasing moves. Only this time, I said, "Maybe it will look better without the bra" I turned so I was in profile to my son, slid the shoulder straps off and removed my bra. I was less than careful about turning slightly towards my son giving him some quick peeks.

He decided he liked the second dress better. I turned my back to my son, slid the dress to the floor and stepped out of it. Before bending over with straight legs to pick up the dress, I put both hands behind my back and adjusted my thong between my checks and tugged the waistband up a bit more. As soon as I was standing straight again, my son pounced. His arm was around my waist, and his other hand was now pressing tightly against my lips. I played it up and MMMMPPPPPHHHHed and struggled like this is not what I had in mind, but I knew exactly what would happen.

My son told me to try my best to get away and to scream, knowing he had me under his control. I thrashed like a fish out of water shaking my boobs and MMMMPPPPHHHHed for all I was worth, he really did have me secure. He said if I was able to break away in under 10 minutes I could go free, if not, he was got to tie me up and and gag me. I knew I could not get away and played along, knowing full well was was going to happen next.

After what was much longer than 10 minutes, my son said, "Time is up, mom. Looks like you're getting tied up and gagged!" and he dragged me down the hallway to his room. Once inside, he pushed me onto the floor next to his nightstand, pinned my arms by straddling them, and while keeping his hand on my mouth, his free hand reached into a drawer and produced a ballgag. He said, "I bought this as a little Christmas present for you, but I guess I can give it to you now!"

After removing his hand from my mouth, he shoved the ball into my mouth and quickly buckled it behind my head. He then reached back into the drawer and pulled out some rope and tied my elbows together. As he slide down my back, I could already feel my son's erection between the cheeks on my ass. After tying my elbows he tied my wrists palm to palm. He turned himself around and tied my ankles together and pulled me into a snug hogtie with the last piece of rope. It was like he was in a rodeo or something; in no time flat, I was gagged and hogtied on my son's floor in just my black thong.

Sorry to have gone on for so long, but I am really enjoying these games and love recalling the details. I will finish the story of this afternoon later.

Thursday, December 23rd 2010 - 07:19:46 AM
Name: Silencer
E-mail address: Silencer
Homepage URL: http://Silencer
Comments:A 42 year old single mother walks carefully down the hallway of the house she shares with her 21 year old son. It's a game that mother and son have played many times before. The game is "kidnapped mom". She knows what her neighbors would think if they knew what went on between her and her son. The mother is wearing a pair of hip hugger short shorts, high heels and a halter top. Her son insists that she wear it when they play their "kidnap" game. Her son! Where is he hiding this time? The mother knows that it's only a matter of time before her son will capture her. In a flash, her son strikes! The mother feels her son's arm circle her waist like a powerful snake. She opens her mouth to scream. Her son's hand grabs her mouth! No one can hear her. No one can save her. No sound can escape the mother's pretty mouth. Her son's hand tightly covers it! Her jaw begins to ache as her son's hand keeps her mouth closed and quiet. Next stop ... her son's bed. She is lowered, face first, onto the bed. She is still completely handgagged! She feels her son's erect cock grinding against her shapely, barely covered ass!
Saturday, December 18th 2010 - 02:40:56 AM
Name: HandgaggedMom
E-mail address: n/a
Comments:Well, I have an interesting story about our handgagged games. Yesterday I was showering as I do every morning, stepped out and dried off. As I walking from the bathroom to the bedroom to get dressed, my son grabbed me from behind pinning my arms and clamped his hand over my mouth. I let out a shriek from the surprise of it all, but I was silenced to an MMMMMPPPPH from my son's hnd being pressed tightly against my lips! I was now totally helpless and still totally nude from my shower! He pulled in front of the mirror on my dresser and stopped so we both could see how I looked. He held me there for a good fifteen minutes taking in the sight of my naked body. I tried to indicate that this was crossing a line, but I could only MMMMPPPPHHHH! I could tell my son was really getting turned on!

I then found out there was another reason why he dragged me by the dresser. He grabbed a roll of duct tape he had placed there, removed his hand from my mouth just long enough to secure my hands behind my back. I had the chance to protest, but for some reason I wanted to see just where he was going with this. He quickly placed his hand back over my mouth. With the arm that he was holding my arms with now free, he began to fondle my butt, breasts, and thighs, all the while tightening his grip on my mouth.

After exploring my body, he reached into my top dresser drawer, grabbed a pair of my panties, balled them up and shoved them into my mouth. "open up, mom" he said as the packed the panties into my mouth. He replaced his hand on my lips and now seemed to be concentrating on just my breasts with his free hand. After about 5 minutes, he sealed my lips with several strips of duct tape. He then pulled my over to the bed and proceeded to wrap my ankels, knees, and thighs with several revolutions of duct tape. I was now totally nude and helpless in front of my son!

He told me he wanted to watch me struggle as I tried to escape. I had no choice but to squirm and struggle au natural as they say. My son sat back and watched, periodically coming over to explore my bare body. After about an hour of struggling, he took me from the bed and carried me to his room placing me in a wooden desk chair. He used more duct tape to secure my torso and thighs to the chair. He then wrapped tape around my ankels to a leg of the chair. Although I was helpless before, now I was even more helpless! He also then wrapped the tape completely around my head at least 6 or 7 times, I lost count! He then continued to treat my boobs like they were his own personal toy.

My son took several pictures of me as well as video taped the whole thing as he always would. We had played games before, but usually there wasn't this much fondling (although always a little) and I have never been completely nude. After about another two hours, my son asked me if I was ready to be released and I nodded "Yes". He said he would free me, but I had to agree to something first; he said I had to agree to let him handgag and tie me whenever he wanted (although I pretty much already did) but then he added, including more nude sessions. I figured he just spent the last 3 hours seeing me nude and figured there were no more surprises, so I agreed. He got my scissors and first cut the tape holding me to the chair before cutting the tape from my legs, torso, and wrists. As always, he removed my gag last.

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010 - 03:31:55 AM
Name: Mystified Mom
E-mail address: DEBBIE7701@AOL.COM
My son doesn't always ask me to dress up. Sometimes he covers my mouth when I'm just in my jeans and a tank top. I don't know if and when I'll let him do more than fondle my breasts. My son is very possesive of me now. When my ex-husband called me on the phone, I could tell my son was FURIOUS! As soon as I got off the phone he started asking me all kinds of questions about what we talked about it. I finally asked him if he would cool down if I let him hand gag me for a while. I spent the next hour or so with my son's hand held tightly across my mouth. As for you, you said you have a daughter. Would you ever hand gag HER? Would you let that one male friend of hers cover YOUR mouth? My son said he wants to hear your voice if you'll let him. If you e-mail me at the address listed above, we can give you a voice mail number to call. It's in area code 312. It's not a 900 number or anything like that. I think my son wants to have phone sex with you if you're interested. Would you be?
Friday, September 24th 2010 - 01:32:01 AM
Name: june
Comments:How I do I envy you!, I'am a divorced mom and no I do not have a son, I do have a teenage daughter,she has some friends who are boys her age and I have had a few instances that I have been handgagged and I'm not to sure if in boy inparticular thinks of it as a game.
But does your son always have you dress up? maybe act to fulfill his fantasies? and when are you going to be ready for your son to do more than just hold your breast?
Monday, September 13th 2010 - 06:08:57 AM
Name: Mystified Mom
My son and I are a couple of night owls as you can see by the time on this post. I'm typing this message to you and as I type it, MY SON'S HAND IS OVER MY MOUTH! His right hand is over my mouth. He's holding it very tightly. His left hand is resting on my left shoulder as if he were holding me down in the chair. I am wearing a purple, one-piece body suit. My son is wearing his blue sweat pants without a shirt on. Now my son is changing hands. His left hand is over my mouth now. His right hand is resting just above my right breast. The hand over my mouth is very tight. I can type but I can't talk! Honey, I love it when you put your hand over my mouth! I was just typing a message to my son to see if he is watching the screen and he is. Thank you, June, for helping my son and I to get up the nerve to practice our hand over mouth fetish openly and honestly! My son is talking just inches away from my face. He is warning me not to scream. He just keeps saying "Ssshhh" over and over again. All I can say is "Mmmppphhh". Honey, don't touch mommie's breast. She doesn't know if she's ready for THAT yet. Let me know if you have a son and if so, how old is he? Do you have a husband around? Maybe we can get your son to cover YOUR mouth too and we can "MMMPPPHHH" together! My son wants me to sign off now, so I'll talk to you, soon.
-Mystified Mom.
Sunday, September 12th 2010 - 04:12:03 AM
Name: june
Comments:And YES!, it does turn me on!
Wednesday, September 8th 2010 - 06:47:02 AM
Name: june
Comments:Well to be honest?, I'am so jealous!, I wish I had a son who would do that with me!

Well it sounds like you have a real good relationship with your son and like you said you do know where he is at and not with some bimbo...

And like I said, I'am so jealous!, I wonder? does he say anything while your handgaggded?, just like in a game does he say "Don't yell!" or anything like that?
also has tried to get a step further like pin your arms to your sides?, does he tell you to struggle as he holds you in his tight grip as you feel captured? or even has he tried to tie you up and handgag you?
Tuesday, September 7th 2010 - 06:46:31 AM
Name: Mystified Mom
I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just got back from vacationing with my son. My son insisted on putting his hand over my mouth every chance he could get. I must admit that I gave him a lot of chances to press his hand across my lips.

I told my son that the resort we were staying at offered a massage to its guests. I offered to pay for a massage for him. My son said that we could save the money by massaging each other.

I had to agree that it would save us some money as these massages weren't cheap and the hotel room we were staying in cost enough as it was. In no time at all my son told me to get into my bikini and lay on my bed. He started to massage my thighs. I didn't have to wait long before he clamped his hand tightly over my mouth as he massaged my thighs with the other.

I guess that answers your question about whether or not my son "attacks" me from the front. Yes, he does. Sometimes, my son would go for a swim and come back into the room quietly, sneak up behind me, and cover my mouth in a tight handgag. I guess you could say that my son handgags me coming and going.

June, when my son puts his hand over my mouth, I LOVE IT! Right or wrong, that's how we feel. I'd rather have him covering MY mouth than have him cover the mouth of some bimbo on the street. I know where my son is in the evening. He's with me. Covering my mouth!

When my son covers my mouth, no sound can escape my lips. Our friends, relatives and our neighbors don't have a clue as to what we do. This just makes our "mouthcovering" sessions more exciting!

My son has asked me if he can put his hand over my mouth while I post messages to this site. Would it turn you on if you knew that while I was typing out a message on this site that my son's hand was covering my mouth? If it would then I'll tell him to do it so please let me know!

Thank you!

Monday, September 6th 2010 - 03:49:15 AM
Name: june
Comments:Well it seems you two have an unique relationship and I believe that if you feel comfortable with him handgagging and embracing you it is perfectly alright! Does anyone else, beside those reading this site, know of what you and your son do? is it just your "little secret"?
Does he embrace you from behind or your front?, do you see him approaching you? or does he sneek up to you causing you to gasp/squeal at the moment when you are his captive?
You also mentioned how excited you get when he does it, I'am really curious how you feel?
Wednesday, August 25th 2010 - 08:26:24 AM
Name: Mystified Mom
Thank you for answering my post. When my son puts his hand over my mouth, I feel kind of excited. I'm a single mom and my son is kind of like the man around the house, even though he's only 17. I guess I just miss the feeling of being controlled by a man. His father moved out a couple of years ago and taking care of my son is a full time job so I don't really have time to date. When he puts his hand over my mouth he starts out playful but after a few minutes you can tell that he's really into keeping his hand over my mouth. I can feel his hand pressing harder over my lips. Then he puts his other arm around my waist and pulls me in closer to him. Then he tilts my head back with the same hand that he's using to cover my mouth. Then, he gets really quiet because he's concentrating on what he's doing to me. I try not to, but at this point I usually let out a muffled moan. He usually covers my mouth when we're watching TV. We live alone together. The first time he covered my mouth, I was just wearing a bikini. Now, he covers my mouth no matter what I'm wearing. I know how strange this is. I'm lucky I found a website that covers this kind of thing. But I really do like it when my son puts his hand over my mouth. He does it more often when I wear a bikini so I usually wear a swimsuit in the house no matter what time of year it is. Is it really so terrible if my son and I play these hand over mouth games? Other than that, my son is a wonderful boy and we love each other very much. Please let me know what you think, June !
Monday, August 23rd 2010 - 08:13:43 AM
Name: june
Comments:Well how do you feel when he puts his hand over your mouth?, scared?, confused?, excited? and what else does he do or say when he puts his hand over your mouth?, is he playful?, serious?, dominating?
You say he does this while you two watch tv, is it just you two in the house?, are you looking forward having his hand over you mouth?, does he only do that when you are wearing a bikini or skimpy clothing?
Monday, August 16th 2010 - 04:28:06 PM
Name: Mystified Mom
Comments:My son keeps putting his hand over my mouth. It was very rare at first but now it's like everyday. This morning, I was trying to get some sun in our backyard. The next thing I know, my son has his hand over my mouth. He drags me into the house while his hand is over my mouth. We spent the next half hour or so in the living room watching tv while he kept my mouth covered with his hand. I usually am wearing a bikini or a tight pair of short shorts when my son gags me with his hand. Should I keep letting him put his hand over my mouth? I would like someone on this site to answer this question!
Thursday, August 12th 2010 - 11:44:38 AM
Name: EQUINOX-574
Comments:Ever since my Mom had her lips injected with collagen, they have a rich and full appearance. Now, I can't stop putting my hand over her mouth. I covered her mouth when we were at the movies. It turns me on even more if I can put my hand over her mouth while we're in a public place. I'll usually keep my hand over my Mom's mouth for about a minute or so. If my Mom wears one of her sexy outfits like a short skirt or some really short and tight cut offs, I will cover her mouth with my hand. One time, my Mom surprised me. She reached around behind her while my hand was over her mouth and touched my cock! After noticing how hard I was, she pulled my hand off of her mouth and said, "I think I know why you like to cover my mouth so much." Then she put my hand back over her mouth again! I kept my hand over my Mom's mouth for another few moments. Then I slowly, very slowly, took my hand off of her mouth.
Sunday, July 25th 2010 - 04:11:57 AM
Name: chito
E-mail address: chitoni@skybroadband.com.ph
Wednesday, June 23rd 2010 - 06:26:36 PM
Comments:The first time my son handgagged me was in the shopping mall parking lot. It was his high school graduation and I had asked him what he wanted. He appeared to jump with excitement when I asked him that question. He said that more than anything else, he wanted to pretend to "kidnap" me and put his hand over my mouth. I've always been the adventurous type and one of the "coolest moms" in our neighborhood. And my son assured me that it would just be a game. I thought "why not" and said yes. The next thing I knew, my son's hand was over my mouth so tightly, I could barely make a sound. The only thing that came out of my mouth was a barely audible muffled "mmmppphhh". My son told me to try to scream. I screamed under my son's hand and that seemed to turn him on A LOT! I have to admit that a boy in his 20's, even if it is my own son, is a turn on for me too. I try to look good for my age. I dress young, I act young, I look young. I can and have passed for 30 even though I'm 50. I was wearing a VERY short skirt the day my son clamped his hand over my mouth. I saw him looking at my legs. He surprised me when he asked me if he could run his free hand along my thighs. I surprised myself when I nodded "yes". It was like an electric current was running through us both. I loved the feel of my son's hand on my thighs and his other hand clamped firmly over my mouth. I stoped trying to scream and started making soft little mewing sounds as my son brought me to the best orgasm I had in a long time just by touching my legs and keeping his hand over my mouth. I returned the favor. I unzipped my son's tight jeans and pumped his cock until every ounce of cum he had was drained. It was a lucky thing that I keep a box of tissues in our car. Slowly, my son took his hand away from my mouth. He begged me to let him put his hand over my mouth again. Before I let him do that, I told him that we would have to wait until my husband - his father - was asleep. Then we could really have some fun, in the privacy of our own home. I'll try to post more when that happens.
Saturday, June 12th 2010 - 02:55:24 AM
Name: Mom Can't Scream!
Comments:Mom and me live alone. From the outside, our house looks normal. Just another 40 plus single mom living with her grown son. On the inside of our house is quite another story. I handgagged my mom again today. No preamble. No excuses. I just walked up behind her and GRABBED her! My left arm around her waist. My right hand over her mouth. Outside, the neighbors are mowing their lawns. Inside, I've got my hand so tight over my mom's mouth she can barely make a sound. I walk her from room to room just so I can control her. I want her to scream under my hand. I want to feel her breath on my fingers as I close her mouth by force. I walk mom over to the window, just daring somebody to see her and try to rescue her. No rescue is coming. Mom makes muffled whimpering sounds as I drag her away from the window and any hope of rescue. I started handgagging my mom when I was a little kid. At first, mom thought it was funny, just a little kid's game. Then, I hit my teens and mom asked me why I covered her mouth all the time. Now, mom and me are consenting adults who have finally admitted that we just love to handgag each other. That's right. Sometimes my mom HANDGAGS ME! When we found this website, we knew we were not alone. Today, I am doing all the handgagging. I let Mom get out one scream. It was such a turn on! Then, I slapped my hand back over her mouth. My mom looks like a porn star but she still is a very loving and caring mom. If you Google "Corey Lane", you'll get a pretty good idea of what my mom looks like. MAKE NO MISTAKE! MY MOM IS NOT COREY LANE! I tilt mom's head back. I squeeze her throat ( gently of course ) with my free hand. I take her to her bedroom where I lay her across her bed. I give my hand a break and tie a black gag into mom's mouth and start kissing her all over. Just outside, people are going about their business. But inside, my mom is being gagged by her son. I can't keep my hand off her mouth for long. I pull the gag from mom's mouth and cover her mouth with my hand again. Her eyes are so beautiful as they look up at me from over the hand that I have over her mouth. I keep my hand over her mouth for hours before I let mom go.
Friday, April 16th 2010 - 01:55:25 PM
E-mail address: ?
Homepage URL: http://?
Comments: I am an adopted son who has handgagged his adopted mother. I was on 6th or 7th grade when I was adopted by a nice couple. They were the typical suburban husband and wife.

Life with them was good. I never wanted for anything and it was much better living with them then at the foster home I was at. However, there was one thing that I noticed about my adopted parents.

My step-mom and step-dad had a habit of drinking just a little too much on occasion. Nothing bad, no drunk driving or anything, no broken furniture. It was just that sometimes, usually on the weekends, they would get a little drunk and a little loud. Especially my step-mom.

It was during these times when neighbors would call and tell them to turn down the racket. My step-dad would apologize profusely to whichever neighbor bothered to call and promise to keep it down. The problem was my step-mom was still talking, singing, yelling, whatever.

It was during one of these episodes that my step-dad came up with the answer to the problem of my noisy step-mom. He clamped his big, meaty hand over my step-mom's pretty, soft mouth. I was transfixed by the sight of it!

My step-parents had spent the day by the pool in our back yard so step-dad was in his trunks and my step-mom was wearing a two piece, green swimsuit. At the time, she was 35 years old, with long, black hair. Her breasts were fairly large in relation to her size which was about 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She weighed about 110 pounds or so.

But when I saw my bikini clad step-mom struggling in my step-dad's firm grip; his left arm around her slender waist and his right hand covering her sexy mouth, I felt a surge of excitement that I had never felt before. I listened as my step-mom made muffled "mmmppphhh" sounds under the hand that was over her mouth. I watched as my step-dad, seemingly from out of nowhere, produced a black bandanna and pulled it tightly between my step-mom's naturally pouty lips. I became instantly hard and just watched my step-mom struggle to talk under her gag.

Over the next few years I watched this scene play out over and over and it never failed to fascinate me. Whenever they would do this, they seemed to forget that I was there; watching them. I was hooked. I wanted desperately to hand-gag my step-mom!

Fast forward to the present day. My step-parent's are divorced. My step-mom is 45 years old and still looks fantastic; a real M.I.L.F. ! I'm 25 years old and I still live with her because she got the house and rents are so high.

About a year or so ago, I started to seriously consider hand-gagging my step-mom. Part of me thought it was a crazy thing to do. Part of me was just waiting for the chance to slip my hand over her mouth. Guess which part won out!

It was a time that I will always treasure. It was on a warm weekend. My step-mom and I were in the kitchen. I was sitting at the kitchen table, talking to her. She was washing dishes. She was wearing white running shoes, white sox, a bright yellow "midriff" top that showed her sexy abs and a pair of tight, black short-shorts that JUST BARELY covered her firm butt.

My step-mom had gained a few pounds but she still had a fantastic body. Her black hair had a few streaks of gray which, somehow, made her seem even more sexy to me. I got more and more excited as I watched her legs move back and forth as she did the dishes.

In a flash, I threw caution to the winds and acted on my feelings. I wound my left arm around her waist and clamped my right hand over her mouth. I whispered in my step-mom's ear.

"Mom, I saw Dad put his hand over your mouth, just like this, when I was a little kid and ever since then, I've wanted to cover your mouth with my hand just like he did. Please try to understand."

In that moment, I didn't know what was going to happen next. I just acted on my feelings instead of keeping them bottled up. But I was committed to this course of action now.

There we were, step-son and step-mother. Me, the step-son, with a rock hard erection and my step-mother with her step-son's sweaty, shaking hand covering her mouth. All the while, the water is running in the kitchen sink.

After about a minute, I slowly took my hand off of my step mother's mouth. I was hoping that she wouldn't try to scream. If she did, I was ready to put my hand back over her mouth.

What was she going to do next?

I'll post more of this story later so keep checking this page!
Wednesday, March 17th 2010 - 08:21:01 AM
Name: Kon
Comments:Are there any adopted sons who have handgagged or do handgag their adoptive moms?
Friday, March 5th 2010 - 01:55:51 PM
Comments:Mom is dressed in a one piece swimsuit. Legs cut high on the hips. Her feet are tied together. Rope winds around her legs starting at ankles and winds around her sexy, smooth shins. Her arms are tied behind her back. This causes her ample breasts to jut out. Her hands keep trying and failing to get free of the ropes that her own son has tied her with. Next, her son puts a leather "choker" coller around Mom's throat and buckles it tight. The sound of the high heels Mom is wearing echo through the apartment as they click against the kitchen floor. Mom starts to moan loudly as she becomes aroused. Her son puts his hand tightly over her mouth. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhh", is the only sound she can make through her "handgagged mouth. Is Mom trying to scream or is she getting turned on by her son's hand as it clamps down on her pretty mouth? The digital camera captures it all. Holding his hand over his Mom's mouth is the son's absolute favorite thing to do. His Mom stops trying to scream and begins to moan with pleasure as her lips try to move under the palm of her son's hand as it clamps down over her mouth with a vise like grip.
To be continued.
Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 02:51:35 PM
Name: Kon
Comments:Please do continue.
Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 04:57:03 AM
Comments:No time for buildup. Just details. Talked Mom into "damsel in distress" photos. Mom is 50. I'm 22. Took a chance. I covered my Mom's mouth with my hand. Her mouth tried to move under my hand. Her breath felt great on my fingers. Nosy neighbor across hall heard her muffled cries and knocked on door. I held Mom's mouth tighter. Grabbed her throat with other hand. Camera recorded it all! Neighbor left after few tense moments. Mom was dressed in black bikini and black high heels. I kissed Mom on her mouth for a few moments after I let go of her mouth. She kissed me back and made no attempt to push me away. More to follow!
Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 05:06:15 AM
Name: Mom's Mouth Covered.
Comments:I crept up behind my Mom as she cleaned the house. When the moment was right, I pounced on her from behind. I clamped my hand over her mouth! For a few moments, the only sound in the house was my Mom's muffled screams. I told her to be quiet. I am very fortunate that my Mom lets me play these "hand over mouth" games with her. Mom admitted to me that she kind of likes it when I grab her from behind. She said it makes her feel like a "damsel in distress". I walked Mom over to the living room window; just daring someone to look inside and see my Mom with her son's hand held over her mouth so tightly.
Sunday, December 20th 2009 - 04:31:12 AM
Name: Master Lurker
Comments:Handgagged Mom, Ball-gagged Mom, and Mama's Boy,

Would love to see pictures of your work.

Ball-gagged Mom, you asked in your post who else would be interested, right? Would like to see you in action and
I'll give you my honest opinions.

Mail me at onthebullseye@gmail.com
Monday, December 31st 2001 - 04:49:36 PM
Name: Mama's Boy
Comments:The front door swings shut. Mom and I are home alone. She knows what I want. She goes to her bedroom to change. I set up the camera while she changes. "Is this what you want?", Mom asks as she comes back to the living room. Mom pivots to show off her sexy, tight, super short cut off jeans, high heels and bikini top. "It's perfect, Mom.", I say as I start the camera rolling. I clamp my hand over her mouth. I feel her breath on my hand. I feel her lips moving as she tries to talk. I grab her throat with the other hand. Mom plays her part as a "sexy kidnap victim beautifully. My hand covers Mom's mouth for the next hour or so as the camera records it all.
Wednesday, November 11th 2009 - 09:17:21 AM
Name: rick
Comments:Wow!, Mommy's boy! can you show any of those pics of your mom?
Tuesday, October 27th 2009 - 04:57:17 PM
Name: Handgagged Single Mom
Comments:My Son and I had a long talk about why he keeps putting his hand over my mouth. I asked him what goes through his mind when he puts his hand over my mouth so tightly that I can barely make a sound. He said that he just feels really good when he covers my mouth. I told him that he had to promise not to hurt me when he covers my mouth. He nodded his head up and down so fast he looked like a bobble head doll. I also made him promise to never tell anyone in the neighborhood or his school or his friends or whoever about him putting his hand over my mouth. Then, I told him that I knew about his collection of bondage magazines and about the "damsel in distress" websites he visits. I told him that if he kept his grades up and the house spotless then I would wear different outfits for him while he handgagged me. He was a good boy whis week so, last night, I changed into a one piece bodysuit that is cut high on my hips and a pair of high heels. I also let him know that I knew he was masturbating while his hand was over my mouth. His face turned beat red with embarassment but I kissed him and told it was ok. I spent the next hour or so with his hand held over my mouth as we watched TV on the couch together. I even let him touch my thigh as he kept me quiet. It sounds crazy but we've never been closer than when he has his hand tightly over my mouth. He also puts cologne on his hand, so it smells wonderful while he holds it so very tightly over my mouth.
Saturday, October 24th 2009 - 12:44:06 PM
Name: 2nd repost
E-mail address: none
Comments:Name: Mama's boy
Comments: I got to handgag my Mom, again, today! We had another "photo session" with my camera. We decided to take some "tool company calendar type" pictures of her, in the garage. I had Mom change into her bright yellow one piece leotard. It's cut really high on her hips and really low in front so it does a great job of showing off her big breasts and her beautiful legs. And the bright yellow color does a great job of showing off the dark tan that my Mom has been working on all summer long. Mom also put on a pair of black, stilleto high heels with straps that wound around her ankles, all the way up to her knees! I had Mom pose for pictures, holding various tools from my tool set. It's amazing how my Mom responds to my taking pictures of her. She knows how to look sexy while holding wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and anything else in my tool box. My Mom kept going on and on about how sexy I made her feel by taking pictures of her. I couldn't stop telling her how great she made me feel by letting her take pictures of her. Now, I should tell you that all the while that Mom and me were doing our "photo shoot" kids had been going from house to house in our neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions. We had the radio playing in the garage while we were taking pictures. Mom was leaning against her red sports car, holding the handle of my screwdriver to her lips, like she was kissing it, when one of those kids knocked on our garage door. They must have heard the radio. "Hello, is anybody in there?", the kid called out. "Oh, no! What are we gonna do?", Mom whispered in my ear. Neither one of us wanted to interrupt what we were doing to listen to magazine sales pitches. I saw a chance to handgag my Mom and I grabbed it! With my left hand, I shut the stereo off. Then I put my left arm around Mom's waist and pulled her tightly against me. Next, I put my right hand over my Mom's mouth. Then, I pulled Mom over to the door of the garage so that we couldn't be seen from the window, just in case the kid decided to look in. "Sshhh, Mom. Just stay quiet and after a while, that kid will leave", I whispered in her ear. It was such a strange scene. This kid knocking on our garage door, unaware that just on the other side of that door, I was holding my hand over my Mother's mouth while she was wearing a tight fitting one piece body suit and high heels. Mom nodded her head "yes" and for the next few moments we listened as the kid kept knocking on our garage door, just inches from where we were standing. I was excited even more than I had been the first time I covered Mom's mouth. I could feel Mom's breath on my little finger as I kept my hand over her mouth. Since we were facing each other, I covered Mom's mouth with my thumb on her chin and my little finger under her nose. After a while, the kid gave up and left. I slowly took my hand off Mom's mouth. Suddenly, Mom grabbed my wrist. "Wait, what if there are more of those kids out there?", Mom said with a smile and a wink. In a flash, my hand was right back over Mom's mouth and the sweet sound of her muffled speech filled the garage. "Mmmppphhh. Gnngghh. Mmmmmmm", Mom said as I kept her mouth covered for the next few minutes or so. I even managed to take a few pictures of me and my Mom while I had my hand tightly over her mouth. When I finally took my hand off of her mouth, Mom kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon and asked me if I could photograph her again, soon. Of course, I said yes! I love photographing and handgagging my mom and she loves it too!
Saturday, October 17th 2009 - 11:01:33 PM
Name: Repost from Cheri's book
E-mail address: none
Comments:Name: Mama's boy
Comments: I got a new camera for my birthday. it's pretty cool; it's got a lot of features on it. My Mom and me live alone so naturally we spend a lot of time together. I talked her into letting me take some pictures of her in a bikini. I was so turned on! I just kept shooting shot after shot of my Mom in a bikini she hadn't worn in years but still looked great in! One of the features of my camera is a timer and a tripod so I can actually be in the pictures with my mom. I talked her into letting me shoot some "detective style" magazine pictures with her.
I set up the camera and tripod in our living room and put a chair in front of it. I told her that in the "detective magazines" the girls were usually tied up while wearing something sexy. She said, "Sort of like a 'damsel in distress'?" "Exactly", I said, growing more excited by the minute. Mom changed into a pair of cutoff, blue jean short shorts, the top from her bikini and a pair of open-toed black high heels. "How's this?", she asked. "Perfect" was all I could answer. I guided Mom into the chair and tied her hands behind her back. I was to play the part of the "menacing bad guy kidnapper" so I put on my black leather jacket. I set the timer on the camera and stood behind the chair that Mom was tied in. Mom suggested that I set up my video camera on another tripod so we could have some moving pictures too. With both cameras rolling, Mom starting playing her "damsel in distress" roll to perfection. Now, it was MY turn to start acting out my role --- "the bad guy kidnapper". I clamped my hand over Mom's mouth in a tight handgag! Mom's eyes went wide in pretend fear as she strained against the ropes binding her hands and "mmmppphhhed" under my hand as I held it over her mouth. The cameras caught it all! For the next hour or so I was in ecstacy as Mom strained against her ropes and I handgagged her in every position imaginable. Left hand! Right hand! Thump up! Thumb down! All the while, Mom made beautiful muffled attempts to call for help while my hand kept her silent. For the last few minutes of the session I tickled her with my free hand as she made muffled giggle sounds under my tight hand gag. As the cameras stopped, I slowly took my hand off of my Mother's mouth. I really didn't want to let go of her mouth. I slid my palm slowly across her lips as I reluctantly released her mouth. As I untied her hands, to my surprise, my Mom said that she hadn't felt that sexy in a long time and she wanted to know when we could do another photo session. "How about tomorrow?", I said. "It's a date", said Mom as she kissed me on the cheek. We spent the rest of that evening on the couch, eating popcorn and watching my Mom on our tv in her "starring role" as a "damsel in distress
Saturday, October 17th 2009 - 11:00:33 PM
Name: Kon
Comments:Ballgagged Mom: That's too bad. You could always buy a set, or maybe a pushup bra, to wear for the bondage sessions, maybe for Christmas or his birthday, although I'm sure he enjoys tying you up in the bikini.

Don't be so down on yourself. Many women your age still look good, and if you look good for your age, especially if you're well-endowed, you probably look pretty good to him.

Of course the taboo thrill is probably a factor, along with the role/authority reversal; you, the parent, being relatively helpless and possibly in a humiliating position, with him, the offspring, being in a position of power.

I hope you do let him tie you up naked, but obviously that's something you'll have to think about and decide if you're comfortable with it. If anything, you might want to ease into it, maybe starting just topless, and seeing how that goes, and then maybe later moving on to fully nudity.

Sooner or later, you may find yourself doing more than that to keep him off the street and out of trouble.

I meant in my previous post to ask if Handgagged Single Mom had any more to share, not Handgagged Mom.
Wednesday, October 14th 2009 - 12:25:13 AM
Name: Ballgagged Mom
Comments: Kon:
In answer to your question, no, I don't have a lacy bra or panties for my son to tie me up in. Sometimes, it's a mystery to me what my son sees in me. It's not like I have the body of a 20 year old.

I look good for my age, but I am almost 50. I think that maybe it's the taboo thrill of what my son and I do together that excites us so much. For now, my "bondage" wardrobe consists of what I guess you would call "sexy street wear".

So far my son has tied me up and put his hand over my mouth while I have been wearing my bikini, cutoff shorts, halter tops, high heels, things like that. Last night, he asked me if he could tie me up when I was nude. I told him that I would have to think about that one.

As for pictures posted online, if my ex ever saw them, or if any of my neighbors, friends or family did, there would be trouble like you would not believe. But soon, I won't need my ex for child support payments anymore, so maybe I'll give that some more thought. We are getting quite a collection of photos, however. About 150 pictures so far, not counting the ones my son took of me, last night.

He asked me to change into a pair of fairly tight shorts that show a LOT of leg for a 49 year old woman. I started to object but as soon as I did, my son's hand was over my mouth in a flash.

"Don't argue with me, Mom. Just put on the shorts that you wore when we went on vacation last summer."


That's "handgag" talk for ok.

A few minutes later, my son got to see me, his mom, standing in our living room, feeling foolish, dressed in a pair of blue jean cutoffs that just barely cover my butt. He walked me over to the couch and laid me down on it. Then, his hand slid across my mouth and clamped my lips shut.

Just then, his cell phone rang. My son picked it up. It was one of his friends, calling to ask if he wanted to come out. The little scamp lied through his teeth and said that I was making him stay home that night to clean out the basement.

I started to make a muffled protest but my son's hand only tightened around my mouth. He hung up the phone and said he was not about to miss a "handgag" session with me just to hang out with his "dorky" friends. If spending part of the evening with my son's hand over my mouth, while wearing a pair of cut offs, in the middle of fall, was what it took to keep him off the streets and out of trouble, then all I had to say was "Mmmuuulllfff."
Tuesday, October 13th 2009 - 06:56:18 AM
Name: Kon
Comments:Ball Gagged Mom, I am sure people here would love to see that. Have you considered letting him tie you up in a lacy bra and panties?

Hand Gagged Mom, any more stories?
Tuesday, October 13th 2009 - 02:15:43 AM
Comments: Ever since my 17 year old son saw this site he has been bugging me to let him put his hands over my mouth. I'm a single Mom and he's an only child so I tend to give my son whatever he wants. I just spent the last hour with my son's hand held tightly over my mouth.

He has a whole routine that he likes to follow. It usually starts when we're both home during the day. Today being a holiday was one of those days.

He'll ask me to change into this red, white and blue striped bikini that I wore to the beach this summer and a pair of high heels. Even though it is freezing out, off I go to change for my son. When I come out of my bedroom, my son pretends to surprise me and kidnap me.

First, he winds his left arm around my waist, making sure to pin my arms to my sides. Next comes the moment my son is waiting for; his right hand clamps over my mouth. Then he sits me down in a chair in his bedroom.

In a few minutes, I am tied tightly to the chair. I've noticed that my son has been tying more and more rope around my breasts. After I am tied then he puts his hand over my mouth again.

My son leans down and whispers to me.

"Don't scream, Mom. Ssshhhh. Be quiet."

At this point, I start hamming it up. I give a little performance of my own.

"Mmmppphhh. Ullgghh. Gwomphhhh."

My son's other hand tightens around my throat. I pretend to be scared and make muffled whimpering sounds as he lightly chokes me. He tilts my head up with the hand that he is using to cover my mouth.

"Ssshhh, Mom. Be quiet. Don't talk. They'll hear you."

By "they", he means our nosy neighbors. One time, they DID hear us, but that's another story.

My son's hand lets go of my throat and then he steps behind me and quietly masturbates while he holds his other hand over my mouth. He thinks I don't know what he is doing but I do. I actually enjoy having this much power over my own son.

He knows that I won't let him put his hand over my mouth if the housework isn't done or if his grades start to slip. He did some extra yard work this past weekend so I let him video me while I was wearing nothing but my bikini and a ballgag. He wants to put it online but I told him I would have to think about it.

Im in my mid 40's and I don't know if anyone besides my son wants to see me in a bikini and a ball gag. Please let me know what YOU, the visitors to this webpage think.

My son and I are going out to lunch now. I promised him that I would wear a short skirt for him but he has to keep his hand OFF OF MY MOUTH. At least until we get home.
Monday, October 12th 2009 - 10:41:25 AM
Name: Keeping Mom Quiet
Comments:It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. You wouldn't know it by the way Mom is dressed. Shorts so short that they're cut off just below the pockets. A halter top that just BARELY covers her beautiful breasts. A pair of high heels that puts her beautiful legs on display. It's on days like today, when Mom and I are both home, with nothing to do, that I get the urge to just grab her and cover her mouth. Mom askes me what we should do for dinner later. She never finishes the question because I cover her mouth with my hand. Mom makes muffled sounds under my hand as I keep it over her mouth. With my other hand, I turn the TV off. The only sound that is heard in our house is the muffled cries of a 49 year old woman being handgagged by her 28 year old son. I pull Mom away from the window and into the dark hallway of our house. "Don't even THINK about screaming, Mom!", I whisper into her ear as I tighten my grip on her mouth. "Ullghhh!" "Mmmppphhh!" These are the only sounds that I allow Mom to make. I easily untie the knot that keeps Mom's halter top on. It falls away and I bury my face in her breasts. Mom moans with pleasure as I probe her tits with my tongue. Next, I unbutton Mom's short shorts and they slide down her long, smooth legs to the floor. I take my cock out and slide into her as far as it will go. Mom's eyes go wide with excitement as we stare into each other's eyes as I fuck her with my hand still held tightly across her full lips. Mom's muffled moans of pleasure drift through our house. As I come into her, my hand slowly leaves Mom's mouth. Now, Mom is free to scream her screams of orgasmic pleasure. I let her have her way for a few minutes, then my hand silences her mouth once more.
Saturday, October 3rd 2009 - 02:17:36 PM
Name: Handgagged Single Mom
Comments: I'm so glad I found this page for handgagged Moms. My Son has been putting his hand over my mouth for a long time. He started covering my mouth when he was a freshman in high school.

One day, I was working in the garden. I had on a bikini. Maybe that got my son excited.

I went into the toolshed to get something and the next thing I knew, my son stepped up behind me and clamped his hand over my mouth. My son had pretty much gone through puberty already by this time. He looked like a fool grown man, not the kid that he was.

I tried to ask my son why he had put his hand over my mouth but all that came out was "Mmmppphhh!" I could feel his heart beating like a jackhammer. His breathing became deep.

"Please, mom. Just let me put my hand over your mouth for a little while. I promise that I won't hurt you. Please, Mom."

I could feel my Son's erection against my butt as he rubbed himself against me. Since I had no husband, this was the first erection I had felt in a long while. I made my decision there in the tool shed with my Son's hand over my mouth so tightly that I was surprised it didn't leave a mark.

I nodded my head, "yes" and let out a muffled "Ysss" sound. My son rubbed his cock against me through his clothes for a little while and then I felt and heard him come. He tok his hand off my mouth.

"Thank you, Mom. Thank you."
"Get in the house, get changed and tonight, we'll talk about you putting your hand over my mouth."

Friday, August 21st 2009 - 03:35:27 AM
Name: Silencer.
Homepage URL: http://Silencer.
Comments:Mom let out a muffled scream as I re-adjusted my hand's grip on her sexy mouth. For a moment I was afraid that my two sisters who were watching TV in the family room might have heard it. I listened but there was no sign that they heard anything. My hand was the only thing that kept my Mom from screaming for help and bringing my sisters running. I forced her down the hallway to my bedroom where my photo gear was set up. I closed and locked the door behind us. We were alone. I took my hand off of Mom's mouth and replaced it with a white belt from my shower robe. I tied it firmly into my Mom's pretty mouth. I tied her hands behind her back with some rope. I spent the rest of the evening posing and photographing my Mom in various "pin-up girl" positions. Always tied. Always gagged. Mom was wearing her super short, super tight blue jean short shorts and a white halter top. I forced her to put on a pair of bright red stilleto heels. Incredibly, in time, Mom grew to like being tied and gagged and posed and photographed by me. She said it made her feel naughty and sexy. I pulled the gag from her mouth and we kissed each other passionately.
Saturday, June 13th 2009 - 02:50:02 AM
Comments:It's the weekend. Mom and I are home alone. Nothing to do until the evening. I point out to Mom that she is getting uncomfortable while running around the house doing housework. She asks me what I have in mind. I tell her to change into a pair of short shorts and a halter top and high heels. She obeys me and changes. She comes back into the living room. Mom's legs are fantastic. They are long, smooth, and sexy. Her long, blonde hair tumbles down her back. Her tits are just barely contained by her too small halter top. Her 6 inch high heels make her taller than me. I don't want to wait. I want my hand over Mom's mouth. I walk up behind her and grab her mouth with my hand. I grab her throat with the other hand. Mom makes a pathetic muffled scream. I feel her breath on my index finger as I hold her from behind in a thumb up handgag. Mom has told me that this is her favorite way of being handgagged by me. I drag Mom over to the full length mirror in the hallway. I want her to watch herself being handgagged by her own Son. The minutes pass as I hold my hand over Mom's mouth. Her little muffled screams just get me more excited. I release my grip on her throat and take my cock out. Mom's eyes go wide as she glimpses the size of it. I force her to her knees. My hand over her mouth is now replaced by my cock in her mouth. Mom takes me to an intense orgasm as her mouth pleasures me. When she finishes, I put my hand over her mouth again, to keep her quiet.
Saturday, April 18th 2009 - 12:47:51 PM
Name: test
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Homepage URL: http://test
Saturday, April 18th 2009 - 12:14:37 PM
Name: Silencer
Comments:One of my favorite hand gags was when I had Mom pulled across my lap as I sat on the couch. My hand was pressed tightly over her mouth and at the same time I held her down with my hand. I had asked her to change into a pair of tight blue jean short shorts and a halter top. After a few drinks I asked Mom if I could play a "kidnap" game with her. Mom agreed and in no time at all my hand was over her mouth. I warned her not to scream. Mom played her part beautifully. Her muffled screams were so erotic that I recorded them on a tape recorder. My other hand slowly slid up Mom's sexy thighs as I kept her gagged. At first she resisted, but then she relaxed and moaned with pleasure under my hand as it tightly covered her mouth.
Sunday, March 29th 2009 - 03:43:52 AM
Name: Silencer
Comments:Mom promised me anything I wanted in return for finishing the housework. I told her that all I wanted was for her to wear a short skirt and to let me hold my hand over her mouth. I finished the housework and then it was time to collect my reward! Mom put on a black mini skirt that just barely covered her butt. She let me come up behind her and clamp my hand over her mouth. I told her to try and scream. Mom performed beautifully! Her muffled screams were great! I just held her mouth even more tightly. I laid her down on the couch and kept holding my hand over her mouth. I ran my other hand up and down my Mom's sexy, smooth thighs. Mom let out a muffled groan of pleasure.
Sunday, March 22nd 2009 - 03:21:50 AM
Name: Silencer
Comments:Mom promised me anything I wanted in return for finishing the housework. I told her that all I wanted was for her to wear a short skirt and to let me hold my hand over her mouth. I finished the housework and then it was time to collect my reward! Mom put on a black mini skirt that just barely covered her butt. She let me come up behind her and clamp my hand over her mouth. I told her to try and scream. Mom performed beautifully! Her muffled screams were great! I just held her mouth even more tightly. I laid her down on the couch and kept holding my hand over her mouth. I ran my other hand up and down my Mom's sexy, smooth thighs. Mom let out a muffled groan of pleasure.
Sunday, March 22nd 2009 - 03:21:26 AM
Name: Kon
Comments:Nice stories, although mostly fairly tame so far.
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 - 11:11:14 PM
Name: Muffled Mom
Comments:My son started handgagging me when he was in eighth grade and he is still doing it. ( He is a senior in high school.) At first, it kind of scared me. Out of nowhere, he would sneak up behind me and hold his hand over my mouth. I noticed that when he did this, it was usually in front of the mirror in my bedroom. I think he enjoyed watching the image of himself with his hand over my mouth. I thought it was a phase that he would grow out of. But as time went on, it got more frequent. He would slip his hand over my mouth as we watched movies in the family room. He would handgag me in the garage. He even grabbed and gagged me in the laundry room. I asked him why he felt the need to put his hands over my mouth. The response was usually a shrug of the shoulders. I have to admit that after a few months or so of having my mouth covered by my son when I least expected it, I began to enjoy it as much as he did. I began to use my son's hand over mouth fetish to my advantage. Up until this point, my son would only cover my mouth for a few seconds. I told him that if he cleaned up the yard that I would let him hold his hand over my mouth for five minutes straight! I giggled to myself as I watched him FLY around the yard like a tornado! Later, it was payback time as my son's strong hand was held over my mouth so tightly that I couldn't make a sound. As time went on, I thought of other ideas. I sat my son down and asked him what outfits he would like me to wear while he covers my mouth. After that, I found myself home alone with my son, on a dreary, rainy, chilly day, dressed in a skimpy bikini, with his hand so tightly pressed over my mouth that it left a slight mark on my cheek for a while. He kept his hand over my mouth for an hour! An another occasion, we went to the drive-in. I was wearing a short skirt and a halter top. We parked in the back row where no one could see us. My son held his hand over my mouth for the entire movie! I promised him that if he got good grades I would let him put a ball gag in my mouth. He got straight A's and I learned to love the taste of rubber in my mouth. I know that this type of relationship between a mother and her son isn't for everyone but it works for us and I'm glad that there is a website like this to talk about it on. Next, my son is going to tape my mouth closed with duct tape. I'll post the story after that.
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 02:09:04 PM
Name: Silencer
Comments:Home alone with Mom in the afternoon. Mom's wearing a pink tank top and cut off blue jean short shorts. I keep checking her put. We're watching a movie on tv. Girl walking through bad guy's hideout. Bad guy hand gags girl. Girl makes muffled screams. Commercial break. I go for it. I tell Mom that I bet she can't talk if I cover her mouth. Mom agrees to try it. I put my hand over Mom's mouth. "Gnnppphhh". "Mmmppphh". "Unghhhh". Mom tries to talk while I hold my hand tightly over her mouth. Does she know how turned on I am? Slowly, I push Mom down on the couch until she is laying down with my hand still tightly over her mouth. The minutes go by as I keep my hand over her mouth. Mom eyes look at me while my hand covers her mouth. "Mowffhhh". "LLmmpphhh". Mom's muffled speech is turning me on. Mom taps her finger against the back of my hand as it cover's her mouth. Reluctantly, I slowly take my hand off of her mouth. "Honey, somehow, I think you just like covering my mouth". "Is it that obvious, Mom"? Mom surprises me by putting her hand on the growing erection in my lap. "Just don't tell Dad or your sister about this little game we're playing. Can I trust you to keep YOUR mouth shut"? Then, Mom clamped HER hand over MY mouth. I nodded up and down as my Mom turned the tables on me and held her sweet smelling hand over my mouth. There was no way I was going to tell my Dad or my sister about Mom and our little hand-over-mouth game. Mom toook her hand off of my mouth and said that she had to start dinner. She felt bad about leaving me in such an excited state. She let me put my hand back over her mouth while she rubbed my erection until I was satisfied. We plan to play our hand-over-mouth game again, soon. I'll post what happens.
Saturday, March 7th 2009 - 01:13:54 PM
Name: ?
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A single mother in her 40's gets out of the tanning bed in the home she shares with her son who is in his 20's. Mom is dressed in a light, yellow bikini that shows off the tan she has been working on. She looks at her reflection in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Mom doesn't notice her son is sneaking up behind her until it's too late. His hand clamps down over her mouth in a tight "handgag". She tries to scream but all she can do is let out a "mmmppphhh" sound that no one will hear. Mom looks at her reflection in the mirror and sees her son with one arm around her slender waist and the other hand held over her sexy mouth. Her son drags her down the hall to his bedroom where he has photographc equipment set up and ready to shoot. Mom is tied very tightly to her son's bed in a "spreadeagle" position. The camera starts shooting as her son takes picture after picture of his sexy "M.I.L.F." mother as she struggles in vain against the ropes that bind her bikini clad body to his bed. Mom's muffled screams are recorded on video as her son's hand presses tightly against her mouth. After a few minutes of useless struggling, Mom finds herself tied in a new position ... a "hogtie". The position is changed but the gag is the same ... her own son's hand clamped over her mouth like a vice. If only mom could scream. If only someone could hear her. Her son taunts her. He has left the bedroom window open so that the sounds of the neighbors on their deck, just outside the window, filter into the room. Mom's rich full lips are sealed shut by the palm of her son's strong hand. The neighbors are only a few feet away but they can't Mom's muffled screams. Eventually, Mom surrenders to the will of her son as he runs his hands over her beautiful, bikini clad body. Mom's lips began to kiss the hand that keeps her mouth quiet. The ropes that bind her body are untied. The hand that covers her mouth slowly pulls away. Mom and her son spend the rest of the evening in a passionate embrace. When Mom's cries of passion become too loud, her son puts his hand over her mouth once more.
Sunday, March 1st 2009 - 03:31:35 AM
Name: jill
E-mail address: blackbirdbdsm@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.FetishGearWarehouse.com
Comments: Bill and kims fun............
I stroked her thighs up and down for the next hour or so while I kept my hand tightly over her mouth. Mom made delicious "mmmppphhh" sounds as I gagged her with my hand. She kissed the palm of my hand as I held it over her mouth. After a while I let go of her mouth and she asked if we could do . i love being tied weekly on the boat.
Fetish Gear Warehouse
Friday, February 6th 2009 - 04:39:06 PM
Name: john Davies
E-mail address: Jonnyroper@yahoo.com.au
Homepage URL: http://boohttp://books.dreambook.com/johdav21/handgaggedmoms.html
Comments:Great stuff guys, thanks for the stories Handgaggedmom

keep it up

Thursday, February 5th 2009 - 03:12:42 PM
Name: ?
Comments:The young mother is home alone. Or so she thinks. Her adult son only pretended to go to the mall. He is now bank in the house. His mother is wearing tight blue jean short shorts, a halter top and is barefoot. Perfect! He tip toes up behind her. Then he strikes! His hand circles her slender waist. His other hand presses against his mother's mouth! Her screams are muffled. Her son drags her to the living room couch. He forces his mother down on it and then gets on top of her. Her eyes go wide with surprise as she realizes that the man handgagging her is her own son! He tilts her head upward and kisses his mother's long, smooth and sexy neck while still keeping his hand over her screaming, pretty mouth!
Sunday, February 1st 2009 - 03:47:14 AM
Name: Handgagged Mom
Comments:My son "handgagged" me again, the other day. I was sitting at the kitchen table. I was dressed in a pair of form fitting shorts that are VERY short and VERY tight. My son calls them my "hooker" shorts. I've noticed that whenever I wear my "hooker" shorts around the house, I can expect my son to gag me. Sometimes, he'll just sneak up behind me and hold his hand tightly over my mouth for a few seconds. Other times, he will gag me with a cloth pushed deeply into my mouth. This time, he just walked up behind me and put the palm of his hand under my chin and tilted my head up. Then, he clamped his other hand over my mouth. For the next few minutes or so, my son just stood over me, tilting my head up and gagging me with his hand. Then he pulled a cloth from his pocket and forced it into my mouth. I find that I am enjoying it more and more when my son puts his hand over my mouth. Maybe that's why I've been wearing my "hooker" short shorts for him more and more often !
Handgagged Mom.
Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 01:27:20 AM
Name: Handgagged Mom
Comments:My son "handgagged" me again, the other day. I was sitting at the kitchen table. I was dressed in a pair of form fitting shorts that are VERY short and VERY tight. My son calls them my "hooker" shorts. I've noticed that whenever I wear my "hooker" shorts around the house, I can expect my son to gag me. Sometimes, he'll just sneak up behind me and hold his hand tightly over my mouth for a few seconds. Other times, he will gag me with a cloth pushed deeply into my mouth. This time, he just walked up behind me and put the palm of his hand under my chin and tilted my head up. Then, he clamped his other hand over my mouth. For the next few minutes or so, my son just stood over me, tilting my head up and gagging me with his hand. Then he pulled a cloth from his pocket and forced it into my mouth. I find that I am enjoying it more and more when my son puts his hand over my mouth. Maybe that's why I've been wearing my "hooker" short shorts for him more and more often !
Handgagged Mom.
Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 01:26:50 AM
Name: Kon
Comments:Great start. Would love to hear more from all, especially handgaggedmom.
Thursday, January 29th 2009 - 01:32:42 AM
Name: ?
Comments:I crept up behind my mom and I clamped my hand over her mouth so tight, she couldn't even make a sound! It was great. She had on a pair of tight shorts and a halter top. I warned her not to scream. I told her I just wanted to touch her sexy thighs while held my hand over her mouth. I stroked her thighs up and down for the next hour or so while I kept my hand tightly over her mouth. Mom made delicious "mmmppphhh" sounds as I gagged her with my hand. She kissed the palm of my hand as I held it over her mouth. After a while I let go of her mouth and she asked if we could do it again soon.
Saturday, January 17th 2009 - 02:26:42 AM
Name: Mother
Comments:I LOVE being handgagged. I don't think I've ever had a relationship in which I wasn't handgagged. My husband has the same fetish, only in reverse, he loves to apply the handgag. He puts his hand over my mouth on a regular basis. He is also turned on by the site of another man's hand held tightly over my mouth. Each and every one of my husband's friends has held his hand across my mouth at one time or another while my husband watches. Our closest friends know about our fetish. The handgag fetish must be genetic because I've seen my 18 year old daughter get handgagged by her boyfriends and my 19 year old son handgag his girlfriends. Every now and then, my son will sneak up behind me and slip his hand across my mouth. My husband pretends not to notice but I can tell it turns my husband on to see our son with his arm around my waist and his hand across my mouth. When this happens, I put on a good show for my husband by "mmmppphhhing" loudly while our son handgags me.
Friday, January 16th 2009 - 02:58:11 PM
Name: handgaggedmom
E-mail address: ohder
Comments:My son normally goes out on Saturday afternoons. Not this time. He stayed home with me all day because we had the house all to ourselves because my husband; his father; was away on business. I was wearing another of his favorite outfits for him. It was a white bikini that showed off every curve. I layed out on the blanket in the yard. My son couldn't keep his eyes off me. He layed out on a blanket next to me but he kept glancing over at me. "I'll bet the neighbors can see that hard on of yours from their yard", I told him. "I guess I better go back in the house", my son replied. "I guess I better go with you", I purred. As soon as we got back in the house, my son slid the patio door shut behind us and drew the curtain. The next thing I knew, my son was probing every ticklish spot I had all at once. Legs, tummy, armpits, breasts, neck, he was like a machine. I spasmed with laughter as his fingers worked their magic on my body. "S-S-S-Stop it", I yelled while not really wanting him to. I screamed, "Stop it right -- Mmmppphhh". I felt the exciting sensation of my son's hand pressed over my mouth. My son dragged me down the stairs leading to the basement. He wrestled me over to the table in the rec room we have down there. He had to take his hand off my mouth to do what he did next which was to tie me spread eagle to that table. "Mom, I've wanted to tie you up and tickle you like this ever since I was a little boy", my son said in an unusually deep voice. "You know, you have a serious tickle fetish and an almost as serious hand over mouth fetish", I said as I watched him get some "equipment" out from a footlocker. "That's right mom, I got it from you", he said with a smile. I knew he was right. When my son was little and his father still paid attention to me, we had been less than discreet during our tickling and bondage sessions. More than once, my son had seen his father clamp his hairy hand over my mouth and tickle me to orgasm. Like father, like son. Only, my son was so much more inventive and passionate about tickling me than his father ever was. I saw the "equipment" in my son's hand. It wsas a brand new artists paint brush. "What are you going to do"?, I gasped. "A little painting", he said with a grin. He stepped to the part of the table where my head was. "Painting"?, I cried. "What the -- mmmppphhh". My son's hand was once again tightly clamped over my mouth. His paintbrush was slowly "painting" my neck with the lightest of touches. I giggled, I laughed, I screamed under my son's hand as he tickled me to the edge of my endurance. "Don't even pretend you don't like this, mom", my son said as he traced patterns on my neck that only he could see. I nodded my head "yes' over and over again. My son was the artist and he was painting his masterpiece - me! Next, his wonderful paintbrush found its way to my armpits. My muffled laughter escaped from under my son's hand. After a few blissful minutes my son said, "Time to break new territory, mom"". I gasped as he undid my bikini top and freed my breasts. Up until this point, my son had never taken my top off. My son took his hand off my mouth just long enough to give me a quick but passionate kiss on the lips and then he clamped his hand over my mouth again. He put his magic paintbrush to work again; covering each of my breasts with its delightful strokes. He finished off by painting my nipples. I giggled, laughed and then moaned with pleasure as the sensations of tickling and orgasm filled my body. I noticed that my son was having an orgasm of his own as he rubbed his erection against my stomach. His hand slowly let go of my mouth. I looked at the clock. Our "tickle session" had lasted all morning. "Whatever you do, don't lose that paintbrush", I panted. "Don't worry, I won't', he said with a wink. My son gave me another passionate kiss on the mouth and untied me. We went upstairs to the kitchen and had lunch. I didn't even bother to put my bikini top back on. I enjoyed the effect this was having on my son as I paraded around the kitchen for him. As my son's erection started to grow again I knew we were going to have an afternoon "tickle session"!
Friday, January 16th 2009 - 02:49:24 PM
Name: Friendsmom
E-mail address: momgagged@yahoo.com
Comments:Becca was my friens mother. I was 16 and she was in her late 30's. Today we would call her a MILF, but back in the late 70's we just called her hot. Becca was a tall thin woman with large tits. She had a tight butt and loved to tease me by wearing string bikinis and flirting with me. I was 16 at this time and had already been tying up girls for most of my life. But Becca was my first real woman and I was ready for her. It was in the early afternoon in the summer when I knocked on their door. I saw Becca look at me through the blinds then opened the door. She stood behind the door and said come on in. I walked in to find Becca holding her arms across her bare breasts and asking me to close the door. She laughted and said I knocked just as she was putting on her bikini. She was only wearing the bottoms of a black bikini with pink ties. She turns her back to me and puts on the top while talking to me. She turns around and says I'm looking a bit red, did I embarssed you? I said no, I thought you were going to give me a peek. We both laughed then she smiled one of those wicked smiles only a woman can do, and them pulled one side of her top letting her tit fall out for just a moment then covered up. This was the the most daring she had done to me so far. Many times when no one was looking she would grab my butt on press her tits up aganist my back.

She then says that my friend had left with his father and her ex will have him for the weekend. So then with a big smile she said we are all alone. What do you have in mind I asked. She asked what I wanted to do. I blushed and said I better not say. She then walked by me and pulled my tank top off of me. She used her fingernails to start to tickle me and I jumped since I am ticklish. Soon I was chasing her throuh the house trying to tickle her. Soon we were in her bedroom and she jumped on to the bed and rolled over it so her could get off on the other side. But I caught her while she was on her stomach and held her down. On the bed was some cloths and a pair of pantyhose. While she laid there laughin, I grabed the pantyhose then worked at getting her hands behind her back. She acted like she was going to fight me but didn't put up much of a fight as I tied her hands behind her back. She started to kick me and I found a belt that worked well on her ankles. I got up and opened her dresser and found lots of pantyhose and used a few to tie her elbows together and above her knees. Once I had her bound I rolled her over and asked her how she was doing. She asked me what took me so long to do this an I better take advantage while I can or she might change her mind. I removed her top and grabbed her breasts. She toll me to slow down and kiss her first. So I laid down with her and kissed her deeply. She then toll me just take my time and I could do whatever I wanted......
Friday, January 16th 2009 - 02:41:40 PM
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