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Joyce's Genealogy
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Name: Joyce Starcher High
E-mail address: joycehigh@ymail.com
Saturday, November 21st 2009 - 05:46:42 AM
Name: kristine lee
E-mail address: klucky75@comcast.net
Comments:im looking for info on the mcilrath family, they also have spelled it mcelreath or mcelrath and many other ways. our line came over early like mid 1700s.i think they were in trenton new jersey or morristown new jersy. married families with last names brainard, aikman, shaw, jenne, stewart, im sure their is many i cant remember right now. but i do know they all had lots of children born in early america. would love to learn more about these relatives, many thanks, kristine lee in michigan.
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009 - 03:38:39 PM
Name: Dianne Metz
E-mail address: margie_s43119@yahoo.com
Comments:I was married to Ralph Everett Metz (1937-1981), son of Thurman Metz & Betty Jarrett, son of George W. Metz & Lillie Belle Chambers (d/o George W. Chambers & Melvina Mullins), son of Elihue Metz and Lydia A. Sheline (d/o Michael the 3rd & Minerva Childers), son of James Metz & Sarah "Harriet" Raber (d/o William & Cassandra(lnu)), son of Leonard Metz & Sarah (lnu), son of Jacob Metz (1783-1862) & Catherine Ada Michael (1765-<1850.

Thurman Metz and Betty Jarrett resided Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio where I have now lived for two years.

Thanks for filling in the earlier generations!
Saturday, October 31st 2009 - 09:31:22 PM
Name: Karen Jones
E-mail address: kjones2@yahoo.com
Comments:I am Great-granddaughter of James Madison and Elizabeth Criner Coe. My mother's name was Virginia Lorena Coe Jones. She was the daughter of Ora Coe, son of James and Elizabeth. I didn't know Lydia and James were ever married. I'm aware of their daughter Florence. Found this info interesting. Thanks cuz

Monday, September 17th 2007 - 06:08:05 PM
Name: lacy kenton joyce
E-mail address: lacyjoyce2007@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://lkjgiftshop.com
Comments:grandfather was ray thomas joyce his parents were zet&tiny joyce
Sunday, July 1st 2007 - 10:05:52 AM
Name: glenna starcher pendergraff
E-mail address: gpendergraff@aol.com
Comments:hi my father was frank starcher of clay co. grandfather everett starcher grandmother dora starcher.
Tuesday, January 10th 2006 - 04:27:15 PM
Name: Adda Lewis
E-mail address: Addie@dragonbbs.com
Comments:Nice website. I found 2 of my grandmother's sisters in here....... Peggy Ray and Ida Ray, daughters of Bill Ray and Tempy Lycans.
Monday, January 9th 2006 - 02:42:50 PM
Name: Christopher Carr
E-mail address: lunchbox123@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://n/a
Comments:I live in West Virginia and was searching for my grandfathers family (Mozingo) and this site popped up in my search.
Saturday, September 18th 2004 - 12:08:04 PM
Name: Carol L. Grifith
E-mail address: carolgriffith@comcast.net
Comments:I am the widow of Lewis Dan Griffith (son of George & Bess Wright Griffith). I have two children Debra and Randall. I, also, have alot of information about the Griffith Family Tree. If you are interested in any of it please contact me. Carol
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 10:09:44 AM
Name: Ann Deemer
E-mail address: adeemer1@hotmail.com
Comments:Hi - I am a direct descendent of John Harper Butcher and Margaret Jane Boggs. They were my great-grandparents. I have a couple of pictures of Margaret - none of John Harper but do have his all his descendents. Would love to hear from anyone who knows more about them and just to make contact.
Sunday, July 4th 2004 - 03:36:22 PM
Name: joyce high
E-mail address: joycehigh@carolina.rr.com
Comments:i am looking for my grandfather everett woodrow starcher i found my great granfather everett starcher i had found info on my granfather but the info was wrong. he was bornaug 21 1912 and died in ohio on oct 1 1950 they say that he was borm oct 22 1910 and died feb 1979 if u could help me please contact me
Friday, April 9th 2004 - 10:13:18 PM
Name: Kipp Alan Herman
E-mail address: kippalan@hotmail.com
Comments:Dear Joyce,

Your website is great. Thanks for all of the research that you have done. I am a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of John Bush & Mary Hacker. Their daughter Elizabeth married Christopher Strader. My lineage ties in through Elizabeth & Christopher Strader's daughter Catherine Bennett (I noticed that you didn't have any information on her on your website).

Thanks again for all of your reserach.

Wednesday, September 24th 2003 - 10:34:44 AM
Name: Venetia Akers Jorgensen
E-mail address: vanddave@peoplepc.com
Comments:Hi Joyce, I am the gg grand daughter of William & Sidney (Richards) Childers, great grand daughter of their son, Isaac & wife, Hulda (Tharp) Childers. granddaugther of their daughter & youngest child, Emma who married Milton M. Akers in Putnam County, Missouri in 1885 & daughter of Elver Childers Akers born 1895 died 1988 in Carmen, Oklahoma. I would enjoy hearing from other cousins in this line. I have quite a lot of info on Isaac & Hulda Childers as well as my grandparents, Emma & Milton Akers that I would be happy to share. Thanks to you Joyce for sharing all this information with us! I really enjoyed this website! V. A. Jorgensen
Thursday, August 14th 2003 - 02:58:17 PM
Name: Vache and Cow
E-mail address: spambox@vacheandcow.com
Homepage URL: http://www.vacheandcow.com
Comments:Congrats for your website, we LOVE it !!! Don't hesitate to come by our great little cow world to say hi :-)

Vache and Cow : Cows Paradise

Vache and Cow - shopping cadeaux vaches - vaisselle bains vÍtements accessoires jouets peluches gifts cows paris france

Monday, April 21st 2003 - 10:03:34 AM
Name: George Allender
E-mail address: gallende@arinc.com
Comments:William Kelley's Will dated January 13, 1849 and presented for probate June 26, 1854 in Randolph County lists Dolbear Kelley as one of his sons.(Randolph County Will Book 4, page 1). Abel William Kelley was still alive when this will was probated. My ggrandfather married his daughter Apoline 28 Feb 1868. She was b. 8 May 1848 d. 9 Dec 1927. They are buried in the cemetery at Porterwood, WV. I will send a copy of William Kelley's will if you desire.
Monday, January 6th 2003 - 09:58:47 AM
Name: Big B
Homepage URL: http://www.maintour.com/hotfree.htm
Comments:Hi Joyce - Great Site.
Now its time to vacation.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 09:43:30 PM
Name: John Hinkleman
E-mail address: hink77us@yahoo.com
Comments:I am grandson to Peter M. Kevan in the Kevan family listed.
Would love to hear from other "Kevan" researchers.
Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 01:22:55 PM
Name: J M Joyce
E-mail address: jmjoyce98@hotmail.com
Friday, April 12th 2002 - 12:14:22 PM
Name: Joyce Silverman
Comments:Bargains & Giveaways

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Thursday, January 17th 2002 - 06:09:04 AM
Name: Edith Vavken
E-mail address: beauv@earthlink.net
Homepage URL: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/v/a/v/Edith-Vavken-Az/index.html
Comments:Got an email from Harold Hoenigman in reference to the Hoeningman family. If you look on my URL you'll find some information that you can use in your family tree.
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 04:28:15 PM
Name: jimmy wayne jett
E-mail address: zipjwjett@yahoo.com
Comments:my grandmother was a descendant of charles and nancy
harris.i found a lot of information on this site.thanks a
Sunday, January 28th 2001 - 08:08:41 PM
Name: Mary
E-mail address: astard@yahoo.com
Comments:I like your site. What is your secret?
Saturday, September 9th 2000 - 10:44:44 AM
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