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Broad River Genealogical Society, Inc

Guestbook of Broad River Genealogical Society

Thank you for signing our guestbook, your comments are greatly appreciated.
Name: Ken Robinson
E-mail address: kennrob@aol.com
Comments:Looking for information on Samuel Daves, b. abt 1805, and wife Lucinda (Davis) Daves; lived in Rutherford and Cleveland counties. I have good history of Lucinda's Davis family, but not good info on Samuel and Lucinda's children or other information. Any info would be appreciated.
Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 02:34:18 PM
Name: Mike Putnam
E-mail address: mikelputnam@yahoo.com
Comments:Looking for Robert or (Roberts) Putnam Born abt, 1804. Cleveland Co. Looking foward to visiting with you this year.
Sunday, October 20th 2013 - 05:43:53 AM
Name: Jack Brannon
E-mail address: jackbrannon1920@gmail.com
Comments:Your wedsite contains many resources for a family researcher, and numerous publications - a reflection of the sincereity of your staff. I research the Hill surname (Rev. Wade Hill and his Allied families of Western NC). Sincerely, Jack Brannon, Bay City, Matagorda Co., Texas
Friday, September 13th 2013 - 09:10:05 AM
Name: Nannette Leonhart
E-mail address: 3reds11@gmail.com
Comments:just checking in with you....you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the coming days!...thanks ..nl
Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 08:28:50 AM
Name: Barbara Bradley-Wygren
E-mail address: bwygren@msn.com
Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 09:14:54 AM
Name: David S. George
E-mail address: geoboy235@sbcglobal.net
Comments:My paternal great grand father was John Lemuel George born in Anson County North Carolina October 10, 1817, married to Martha A. (Cox)?, born in Anson County North Carolina February 13, 1824.
I have an old book (Sherlock's Discourse on Death)inscribed "to Richard Naton? July 15, 1778 from Benjamin Adams. Also written on one of the pages is the name M.D. Williams.
My maternal great great grand father was Mathew Harbison, born May 1776, arriving with mother and siblings Robert, Jane, Rosanna, Margaret, and Elizabeth with widowed mother, Ann Harbison to Chester District South Carolina about 1781.
Other family names include Currie and Rankin. I have no idea from which portion of my family this book came.
I have run across the name of David George from Ninety Six District, South Carolina, a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War but have had no luck thusfar in connecting him to my family.
Tuesday, May 14th 2013 - 04:53:58 PM
Name: David S. George
E-mail address: geoboy235@sbcglobal.net
Comments:My paternal great grand father was John Lemuel George born in Anson County North Carolina October 10, 1817, married to Martha A. (Cox)?, born in Anson County North Carolina February 13, 1824.
I have an old book (Sherlock's Discourse on Death)inscribed "to Richard Naton? July 15, 1778 from Benjamin Adams. Also written on one of the pages is the name M.D. Williams.
My maternal great great grand father was Mathew Harbison, born May 1776, arriving with mother and siblings Robert, Jane, Rosanna, Margaret, and Elizabeth with widowed mother, Ann Harbison to Chester District South Carolina about 1781.
Other family names include Currie and Rankin. I have no idea from which portion of my family this book came.
I have run across the name of David George from Ninety Six District, South Carolina, a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War but have had no luck thusfar in connecting him to my family.
Tuesday, May 14th 2013 - 04:20:22 PM
Name: Hugh Trenton England
E-mail address: hughtengland@gmail.com
Comments:Decendent of Joseph England of Tryon County. He served as a juror during court sessions from 1762 to July, 1776. Joseph served on on Jury that was to establish the best route from the Little Broad River thru thur the gap in Kings Mountain. This might be the old road visable in the gap now that goes by Fergusons grave site. Joseph had a son named Charles England who is found in the 1790 census of Laurins County, SC. Charles is named in the court minutes of one session as being paid for a do skin as was Joseph. Have no information on Joseph after he sold 300 ac. in 1776. Think he might have moved away because of the war. Charles served in the American Rev. and listed as Rev. vet in the Ga. listings. He lived in Habersham County Ga. from about 1806 until at least 1832.
Wednesday, November 28th 2012 - 12:54:10 PM
Name: Lois BEll
E-mail address: loisearnshawbell@gmail.com
Comments:I like your website...I just discovered it because I am researching the Ellis Ferry that was between Shelby, NC and Gaffney,SC. Our ancestors started the Ferry around the Civil War. Benjamin, Charles & David Ellis. Looking for more information and pictures. Also researching the Ellis House on Broad River and if it is still there? There also is a cemetery near the Ellis House called Turner/Ellis Cemetery. Do you have documentation on who is buried there?
Sunday, November 25th 2012 - 02:02:28 PM
Name: Mary Jane Gamon
E-mail address: mar_gamon@yahoo.com
Comments:My grandmother's father and mother, Nathaniel Thomas Steward(t) and Jane Caroline Robison lived in Cleveland County NC. I am searching for Nathaniel and Jane's parents. I know Jerome Parker married one of the daughters, Henrietta Tulula Stewart and lived the rest of their lives in Cleveland county.

Hoping I can make a connection with some of the offspring.
Saturday, November 24th 2012 - 08:17:30 AM
Name: Mary Yelton
E-mail address: only1lou@yahoo.com
Comments:I am looking for others who are tracing the Burleson and Shadrack Green family lines that moved from the Broad River/Sandy Run area to Mitchell County (formerly Burke.)
Tuesday, November 20th 2012 - 06:57:41 PM
Name: sheri bradey
E-mail address: sgbradey@gmail.com
Comments:looking for the Greens of Clev. and Ruther. counties...ie. David Wood Green, Cassey Martha Hamrick & David Oliver Green
Sunday, October 28th 2012 - 02:21:30 PM
Name: Jodi Roberts Presley
E-mail address: jodisboating@yahoo.com
Comments:Trying to find a copy of Morris Roberts and some of his descendants book by Nancy Caldwell
Friday, October 12th 2012 - 10:17:04 AM
Name: DeAnna Davis-Rice
E-mail address: dlynn90715@gmail.com
Comments:Hope to join soon. Am interested in Micheal (Michel) Davis who was my great grandfather thru Fred X. Davis of Gaffney. Have hit a brick wall with himself, am told he possibly came from Ireland. The Davis/Blackwell family had several farms in the Cowpens area.
Friday, September 28th 2012 - 11:16:17 AM
Name: Kay Mc Intyre Powell
E-mail address: kaypowell0617@yahoo.com
Comments:Just found you and plan to visit you at your physical location in the near future. I have just found the
William Mc Entire Cemetary near where I live. Thank you for this wonderful website.
Saturday, September 8th 2012 - 06:29:52 PM
Name: Rene Carlene Falls Shuford
E-mail address: cshuford08@aol.com
Comments:I am researching the Falls family and I've hit a brick wall with Susannah Jerrill, Susanna L Jerrill who was married to John Falls - their son was Robert Grier Falls. Rumor is that Robert Grier Falls was killed by his brother-in-law James McHugh in a fight in 1880. I can't find any information to support that or can't find any information on Susannah L Jerrill past being married to John. Also in this same family tree shows that William Falls married Rebecca Falls - not sure if William Falls was a son or son-in-law that had control of Rebecca's legal rights. Can you help me find more information regarding the above. When I look at some maps, I find that it could be possible Susanna Jerrill was from England - no proof- also she married John M Falls with Lincoln Co, NC marriage bond dated 25 Nov 1828 She died after the 1880 Census of Cleveland Co. Can you shed some more light on this for me?
Tuesday, September 4th 2012 - 03:12:47 PM
Name: Sherry Rogers
E-mail address: sherrylynnrogers@hotmail.com
Comments:I am researching mary washburn born 1823 the daughter of john washburn and mary ann magness of cleveland county nc. Mary washburn married william suttle (billy) between 1840 and 1850. She and william were listed on the 1850 census as living in cleveland co with his first 2 sons of his first marriage in sc. I am searching for information like a marriage certificate or any proof information as to who william suttles father is. He was born in warren county tenn, and supposedly his father is henry suttle. any info no matter how small would be appreciated! Thanks
Thursday, August 23rd 2012 - 01:54:05 PM
Name: Clelia S. Casey
E-mail address: clelia.casey@excite.com
Comments:Margaret Ledford recommended this site to me. I'm looking forward to finding information on early Whisnants and their relatives
Sunday, August 19th 2012 - 04:56:08 PM
Name: Wanda Scoggins Bailey
E-mail address: wandabailey99@yahoo.com
Comments:I am looking for a copy of the November 1984 ESWAU HUPPEDAY from the Broad River Genealogical Society. I will gladly pay for a copy. My uncle was Marshal Scoggins who I believe many years ago was a member. My father was Cleave McClure Scoggins. I would aprreciate any info. Thank you.
Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 05:27:43 PM
Name: Brenda Spivey
E-mail address: bkspivey@yahoo.com
Comments:I am trying to find the father and mother of Hardy Blackwell. My great frandfather was Wingo Blackwell and as far as I can see Hardy is his father. Some places I have looked say Rev. Zacheriah Blackwell was Hardy's father but not sure. Would appreciate any help
Friday, July 13th 2012 - 02:59:59 PM
Name: Barb Watkins Slingerland
E-mail address: walterwillstead@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a descendant of Joel Watkins and Elizabeth Dills md in Rutherford Co. abt 1800.
Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 01:26:48 PM
Name: Clifton Jones
E-mail address: jones671@gmail.com
Comments:I was born and raised in Old Fort, NC. According to my research in ancestry and find a grave, there is at least five generations before me that were born in Cleveland County.There are probably more. I hope to be able to stop in for a visit sometime in the years ahead and do some more research using the records at the genealogical society. It appears to be a very well organized site.
Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 - 10:09:09 PM
Name: Ruby Peeler Robey
E-mail address: ruee6629@windstream.net
Comments:My roots are buried in Cleveland County!! Peelers, Canipes and Elmores. I have researched the Peelers, Canipes and Elmores using records in Ancestry , Cleveland County recordsand Cemeteries in Cleveland County. I am still rebuilding some of the info as I had a "Crash" before I was able to backup two days work!!! Have also used info from the Civial War ListCompany F 55th Cleveland County.
Would like to visit your Library sometime.
Tuesday, March 27th 2012 - 01:04:39 PM
Name: Donald Sumlar
E-mail address: d.sumlar@comcast.net
Tuesday, March 6th 2012 - 02:32:40 PM
Name: Revonda Hull Mace
E-mail address: revondamace@yahoo.com
Comments:Excellent site
Thursday, February 23rd 2012 - 01:22:04 PM
Name: Dan Sipe
E-mail address: jdsipe@bellsouth.net
Homepage URL: http://www.andreaskillian.com
Comments:Enjoyed viewing you web pages and trhe work you are doing.
Great job. I live in York, SC where the John Sipe family migrated to from Shelby and Catwba counties of NC.
I would like to speak to someone on speaker ideas if you have a person to contact. My email is jdsipe@bellsouth.net or john.sipe@duke-energy.com
Dan Sipe
Saturday, February 18th 2012 - 12:19:42 PM
Name: Beverly ( Dyer ) Gourley
E-mail address: verbego@yahoo.com
Comments:I just found your site It is Great I am looking for Dyer William Dyer & Rebecca Blackwell they had A son named James Samuel Dyer He marryed Phobe Willcoks Samuel & phobe had A son named William Moses Dyer Who was my Great Grand Father Any One with Info Thanks my e-mail is verbego@yahoo.com
Monday, February 13th 2012 - 10:40:58 PM
Name: Turner Collins
E-mail address: turner.collins@att.net
Comments:Your researchers have been invaluable to my research in Rutherford County.
Wednesday, February 1st 2012 - 03:27:13 PM
Name: Susan Simpson
E-mail address: imsooz@gmail.com
Comments:I am a member of Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society and another member recommended I take a look at your wonderful website. I'm definitely impressed! We are relatively young as a society (3 yrs) but you have given us something to strive for. congratulations.
Monday, January 30th 2012 - 10:53:43 AM
Name: Sonja Jones
E-mail address: suejone@yahoo.com
Comments:My new e-mail address is suejone@yahoo.com I am looking for any descendants of Rachel and M.P Wortman who lived in Pea Ridge ,N.C My grandfather was Oscar Wortman, born 1895 died in Calif in 1966. My grandmother was Rena Short Wortman born in 1900 in Duncans Creek N.c and died in Calif in 1952. I am looking for any information on her parents, Joe Short 1865-1914 and Eller Davis Short, both from Rutherford Co. N.C Please Help!!!
Wednesday, January 25th 2012 - 02:14:49 PM
Name: Linda Penwell
E-mail address: Merlins58@MSN.com
Comments:Just found your site while doing family research in the Shelby/Rutherford NC areas.

Look forward to utilizing your site.
Linda WILSON Penwell
Tuesday, January 17th 2012 - 11:56:13 AM
Name: michael g green
E-mail address: meger2153@yahoo.com
Wednesday, January 4th 2012 - 12:39:48 PM
Name: michael g green
E-mail address: meger2153@yahoo.com
Wednesday, January 4th 2012 - 12:37:47 PM
Name: Cheryl Albright
E-mail address: calbr39@cox.net
Comments:Looking for information on African American families with the last name Wray, Eaves, Thompson, Roberts,and Posten.
Friday, December 2nd 2011 - 01:25:54 PM
Name: Maiden
E-mail address: mailtogovernor@yahoo.com.co
Comments:I like this website, is all good.
Wednesday, November 30th 2011 - 04:29:29 PM
Name: John Cudd
E-mail address: cuddj@morrisbb.net
Comments:Nice website
Monday, October 31st 2011 - 12:07:14 PM
Name: Bryan Smith
E-mail address: aftarheel80@hotmail.com
Comments:I was wondering if you have any information on David Jenkins of Cleveland County and if you can confirm his service during the Civil War. I believe he along with his Brother John S. Jenkins served in Company D, of the 26th Regiment North Carolina State Troops. I believe they were both born in Lincoln County but lived in Cleveland County and their Father and Mother were David Jenkins and Elizabeth Hawkins/ Hogans. David was born either on Dec. 14, 1825 or June 12, 1831 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, was Married in Cleveland County, North Carolina on Oct. 11, 1852 to Sarah Long and Died in Cleveland County on Dec. 11, 1914. He is Buried in El Bethel Cemetary Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Bryan Smith
Thursday, October 27th 2011 - 07:57:20 PM
Name: Turner Collins
E-mail address: turner.collins@att.net
Comments:I have genealogical interests in Rutherford and Old Lincoln County NC. I have attempted to contact your organization both by e-mali and USPS. The e-mail has not received a response. My letter was returned with the message,"No Mail Receptacle." How do I establish communication with your organization? Thanks.

Turner Collins
Friday, September 9th 2011 - 02:23:53 PM
Name: vivian c Ehirim
E-mail address: vivianrosella@ymail.com
Comments:i like guestbook of broad river genealogical society,inc. keep it up. have a wonderful time always
Saturday, August 6th 2011 - 06:07:06 AM
Name: John Barrett
E-mail address: john.barrett7864@gmail.com
Comments:I've visited BRGS several times and look forward to visiting again.
Monday, June 6th 2011 - 08:27:37 PM
Name: Deborah Holloway
E-mail address: hollowaydeborah@ymail.com
Tuesday, April 19th 2011 - 12:23:08 PM
Name: Michelle Harrison
E-mail address: michelle_d_harrison@yahoo.com
Comments:I am looking for any information on my mama's family. I am trying to find out about more than just names and dates though the names and dates are minimal on this line. Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated.
I know this: Mama's name is Penny Sondra Martin and her parents were Iris Louise Moore and William Hosea Martin. Grandmama's mother was Cecil Dolly Trent and her father was Asia Irvin Moore. She was the daughter of William J. Trent and Julia L. Webber (I have a picture of her). Julia was the daughter of Joseph G. Webber and Mahala Webber.
Asia Moore was the son of John O'Neil Moore and Sarah Kisiah Bridges.
On Grandaddy's side I have him as the son of Thomas P. Martin and Dovie Hudley Scoggin. Thomas P was the son of Shufford Martin and Malessia Edgerton and Dovie was the daughter of Nathan Scoggin and Mary R. Washburn. Nathan was the son of Lewis M. Scoggin and Sarah Smith and Mary was the daughter of Benjamin Washburn and Mary Dobson.
Tuesday, March 1st 2011 - 12:28:53 PM
Name: Louise Blackwell Mittelstadt
E-mail address: elanoria4@yahoo.com
Comments:Very good information.
Friday, February 25th 2011 - 09:47:39 AM
Name: Vivian Neal Patterson
E-mail address: vivianpatterson@comporium.net
Comments:I keep checking to see if anyone has information on Adam Neal or Robert Neal. April 13,1839 Adam purchased a certain Negro girl by the name of Adalene, from John Oates who also had Rena and Margaret, possibly going by the Neal or Oates surname. They lived on the Muddy Fork of Buffalo creek in Cleveland, County. Thanks, Vivian
Sunday, February 20th 2011 - 08:26:25 AM
Name: Bee
E-mail address: bjsm@truvista.net
Comments:Stumbled onto your website and stayed for over an hour. Great job you all are doing.
Thank you so much for all your hard work in preserving the history and valuable information of this area.

Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 05:02:47 PM
Name: Henry Lee
E-mail address: hdlee9936@aol.com
Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 03:06:20 PM
Name: Charles Lee
E-mail address: chlee41042@insightbb.com
Comments:I have enjoyed your website. I am looking for a book that you have for sale and will be ordering it shortly. My father Henry Lee is the president of Ruddles and Martin Station Historical Association here in Kentucky. He can take some pointers from your website.
Wednesday, February 9th 2011 - 09:52:49 AM
Name: Dorothy Morrison
E-mail address: dorothy9177@yahoo.com
Comments:Wow! I have just started my research, and can't wait to meet the pro's! I would like to come to a meeting, and would love to ask about a thousand questions. I hope to visit you soon.

I live in Marshville, and am a retired teacher.
Friday, January 21st 2011 - 08:29:44 AM
Name: Sherry Gerald
E-mail address: sherrygee@hughes.net
Comments:My interest in genealogy has been rekindled, due to all the information on the internet!
I knew that Margaret Dickson Covington, my g-grandmother's grandmother, was born in NC in 1830 - her tombstone says so. I knew her family moved to Cherokee County, AL about 1845, where she met and married Lewis H. Covington of SC, then moved to Lauderdale County, MS, where she is buried. There was an Andrew and Jane Dickson who lived close to her in the 1850 census, of age to be her parents. My g-grandmother told my mother that her mother was a Covington, her mother was a Dickson, and her mother was a Lee. I found Andrew Dickson in Lincoln County, NC in 1830, but no Lees were around. I found proof that Andrew and Jane were her parents from what looks like family Bible information.
To make a long story short, I found on the internet that Jane Dickson's maiden name was Wray, which sounds something like Lee, so I guess that's where the trouble was. She was the daughter of James Wray, and her mother was a Linton and apparently the daughter of a Samuel Linton.
I have a 4-generation picture of Margaret Dickson Covington (born in present day Cleveland County) and her daugher Amanda (my ancestor) her granddaugher Lillie (my g-grandmother's sister) and Lillie's daugher. This picture was taken about 1900 - it hangs on a wall with other ancestor pictures in my house - the period clothes are wonderful!
If there are any members of the Broad River Genealogical Society who are interested in the Wrays, Dicksons, or Lintons, I'd like to correspond with them. I'll also probably want to join.
Saturday, January 1st 2011 - 08:53:28 PM
Name: Priscilla Jump
E-mail address: tennboundtoo@yahoo.com
Saturday, December 11th 2010 - 09:11:27 AM
Name: Ronald Samson Lattimore
E-mail address: latt_long@yahoo.com
Comments:We are the Lattimore/Long Heritage Group. We are looking for ANY information regarding our family history. We have heard of Lattimore, North Carolina and would like to know a little more history.
Thank you very much.
Deacon Ron Lattimore
Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 02:18:11 PM
Name: Helen MITCHELL Whisnant
E-mail address: hwhisnant2002@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi--I'm hoping to join your society soon. Researching WORKMAN/WORTMAN, WRIGHT, PRUETT/PRUITT/PREWIT, CHAPMAN, HOYLE, WALKER, etc.
Saturday, November 20th 2010 - 09:47:56 AM
Name: Barbara Walker Howard
E-mail address: howardbw@yahoo.com
Comments:I am descended from the John Walker (b.abt 1747 in VA, d.1826 in Rutherford Co, NC). Does this society cover the First Broad River area of Cane Creek and Camp Creek in Rutherford Co? What about Burke Co & McDowell Co? I would be interested in joining if those are covered.
Monday, November 15th 2010 - 02:12:58 PM
E-mail address: hwhisnant2002@yahoo.com
Sunday, September 26th 2010 - 07:44:39 AM
Name: William C West
E-mail address: wwest@cinci.rr.com
Comments:My ancestor,Solomon West and wife Isabella Boyd lived near Kings Mountain when the Rev. War battle was fought.Can anyone tell me if Solomon served in Rev.War? He may have been in the Spartan Reg. Great Site.
Thursday, September 23rd 2010 - 03:12:50 PM
Name: Ann Dawkins-Law
E-mail address: anndlaw@bellsouth.net
Comments:I grew up in Kings Mountain; however, I have been living in Georgia since 1965. I have begun researching my family history and have gotten as far as my ggg/grandfather Drury Dobbins Neal b. Apr 1834 - d. June 1894. He was married to Catherine Fulton b.Oct 1837 - d. June 1927. Both are buried at Sulphur Springs Methodist Church cemetery in Cleveland County. From a 1850 census, I know his parents were Robert (b. 1806) and Anna (b. 1805) Neal. I have been unable to find any more info on either. Your help would be appreciated.
Friday, September 3rd 2010 - 04:19:58 PM
Name: Pat Tinney
E-mail address: dustpan331@yahoo.com
Comments:You have a wonderful website and I enjoyed visiting it. My family line is Lockhart who came down from Broad River North Carolina and settled on Vaughn's Creek in Greenville South Carolina and some of the family stayed in the Asheville area. Looking for any info on this family lived in the early 1800's and died i in the early 1900's.
Monday, July 26th 2010 - 07:52:48 PM
Name: Louise mittelstadt
E-mail address: ellanoria4@yahoo.com
Comments:Looking for info.on samuel and sarah parris, who were grandparenty's of rudicil blackwell.

Monday, July 19th 2010 - 07:22:30 PM
E-mail address: hwhisnant2002@yahoo.com
Friday, June 11th 2010 - 10:59:16 AM
Name: Amelia Hamrick
E-mail address: hamricka2003@yahoo.com
Comments:I need some help with the parents of Parthenia Green Hamrick. She was married to Elijah Wright Hamrick and had a son Bruno Hamrick. I have the death certificate for Parthenia that Bruno signed stating that her father was John R Green and mohter was Judeth Green. I can not find any information on John R Green. I live here in Polkville but my work schedule does not fit with the Library hours. If someone could email the information or call me at 704-692-6822 to set at time when I might use the Library I would greatl approciated.
Thursday, May 27th 2010 - 04:41:06 PM
Name: Sherri
E-mail address: ourtnfamilytree@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.ourtennesseefamilytree.com
Comments:Dye-Digh, Ramsey, Charles Scoggins, and other NC lines
of Swindle, Swindell, Boswell and other lines.
Check out our website...
This Website is a great resource...
Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 11:34:46 AM
Name: Charles R. Greene
E-mail address: rrgreene3@hotmail.com
Comments:I am originally from the"Broad River" area,but now live in Denver. I'm a decendant of Joseph "Ranger" Greene b.1724. I am looking to research and verify the relatioship between Joseph's decendant John Green and his wife Judith Mcswain and their son David Hamrick Green ,aka David Howell Green,aka D.H. Green b. abt. 1822-24, a deacon at Mt Pleasant Baptist Church in Cleveland County and killed at Gettyburg July 1,1863. Your Society could be of much help.
Wednesday, April 7th 2010 - 10:43:56 PM
Name: Neal D. Wilfong
E-mail address: ndwilfongoptiker@aol.com
Comments:My paternal roots in North Carolina extend back to Tryon County (the Blackburns), Gaston County (the Costners and Hoyles, etc.)and Lincoln County (the Summeys, Warlicks, Wilfongs, Yoders, and Reeps, etc.).

I was born in Catawba County and live today in Rowan County, NC. The Catawba County Historical Association published my books, "Tombstone Inscriptions of the Old St. Paul's Church Cemetery" and "Hayfields & Ploughshares: A History of the Blackburn Family of Catawba County, NC."

I maintain family scrapbook albums on about six major family lines with concentration on obituaries. I also preserve many other obit notices from newspapers published in Hickory, Mooresville, Salisbury, and Statesville, NC.

I enjoyed visiting the BRGS web site. Keep up the great work.
Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 03:15:30 PM
Name: Sonja Hoffman
E-mail address: SonjaHoff@aol.com
Comments:My son is working on supplemental applications for some of his father's ancestors in Gaston-Lincoln Counties,NC.

Here are our problems: We had used "Our Kin" as sources but there are no dates in it for the Births, Deaths and Marriages of the following:

Marriage of Caleb Lafayette Hoffman and Mary Lovina Costner (we have the death certificates)

All of the above for:
Michael Henry Costner and Lavina Rudisill
Frederick Hoffman and Lavina Lineberger

We have purchased the Record copies of the following and they do not prove the lineage thrugh the children that bring us to Caleb Lafayette and Mary Lovina Costner. Should anyone there who is a member od either DAR or SAR connect to them we would appreciate their help. He has several other supplements to complete that connect to these ancestors and he is anxious to complete them.
Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 10:27:29 AM
Name: Vivian Neal Patterson
E-mail address: vivianpatterson@comporium.net
Comments:My gg-grandparents Robert (1806) and Ann Neal (1807) resided in Cleveland Co in 1850 and 1860. Ann was alone with her children in 1860. My great grandfather James Washington was their oldest child and was in Cleveland County in 1860 with his wife Ann Elizabeth Berryhill and Lenora their oldest child. I believe Robert died between 1850 and 1860. I would like to learn where he is buried and who his father was. Also what was Ann's maiden name. I would like to share info with others researching this line. My info is all documented and proven. Thanks, Vivian Neal
Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 09:19:39 AM
Name: Elizabeth Moore Ellison
E-mail address: lilrdhen@hotmail.com
Comments:My search is for a number of people, some which include John H. Harrill, and David Harrill. Grandsons of Rev. Drewery Dobbins. My Great Grandfather Wyatt Lipscom Harrill was the son of John Housand Harrill, and Edith P. Hopper. I live on the Harrill farm in Cleveland County. Any help would be of value.
Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 09:18:53 AM
Name: Jennifer Biggerstaff Byerley
E-mail address: jenbyerley@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a descendant of Sanford Willis Jolley who resided in Cleveland County and was wounded at Chancellorsville, VA and died in a Richmond hospital during the Civil War. At our reunions I have been informed we could find some information in your archives. I live in Johnson City, TN and plan to be in your area sometime in the next couple of months. Thank you for your office information. I will try to come by when I am in Shelby.
I am also related to the Biggerstaff clan from Rutherford county.
Jennifer Biggerstaff Byerley.
Sunday, October 18th 2009 - 05:38:15 PM
Name: Charles W. Brown
E-mail address: charlesnmary@comcast.net
Comments:Hello, I live in Eugene, Oregon and am an elder trying to
find my ancestors. Handicapped by a poor memory.
The trail leads to a marriage in NC in 1790 between
Robert Osborn (or Osborne) and Mary Caroline Price. I need
verification. PLEASE!

Anyway I can help y'all?

Charles W. Brown
Friday, July 31st 2009 - 11:47:49 AM
Name: Dorothy Hurter
E-mail address: carlhurter@aol.com
Comments:Working on the family of SANSING in Rutherford & Cleveland Counties from 1820 to 1930. Would be happy to exchange information. Broad River Gen. Society has been most helpful. Thank you.
Monday, May 18th 2009 - 11:24:58 AM
Name: Louise mittelstadt
E-mail address: elanoria4@yaho.cm
Comments:Would like information on Hardy Blackwell born 1808 in SC. had a Son Rudicil.
Saturday, May 16th 2009 - 02:24:09 PM
Name: Betty Padgett
E-mail address: bdpadgett@ymail.com
Comments:I am looking for Luvenia L Earley. She was born in 1855in Chimney Rock Township. She was the mother of two children my Grandpa Martin H Dalton and Crdelia(Delia) who died in Old Fort in 1960. My Grandpa (Martin Dalton) died in California.
HELP Please!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sunday, May 10th 2009 - 08:05:12 PM
Name: Nancy-Coe Teeter Hall
E-mail address: NHALL14@carolina.rr.com
Comments:There has been a correction to spelling of one of my Cleveland County ancestors: Mayneys should be Mauney. Other families I'm connected to include Elliott, Doggett, Beam, and Finch. Also please note the change in email address.
Sunday, March 22nd 2009 - 05:09:28 AM
Name: Carla D. Anderson
E-mail address: carla.anderson@dc.gov
Thursday, March 5th 2009 - 12:55:28 PM
Name: Susan Blackwell
E-mail address: mssusannblk@hotmail.com
Comments:Looking for any information on my Blackwell line. My cousin has documented that the line goes this way. Daniel,
Zachariah(possible was a peacher),Joshia,Zachariah who married Nancy (Carr or Capps) his children were John Hardy Blackwell but I have not seen any proof of this,these I know are his children according to the 1860 census Benjamin, Elizabeth Ann, Gilford (who is actually Zachariah's grandson was Ann's son, from a traveling salesman or a Mr Porter and story has been told that Ann died of a broken heart),and then Elizabeth Betsy( who married a Vincent(Vinson). Any information you may have would be appreciated.
Thursday, February 26th 2009 - 02:25:38 PM
Name: Larry McCutchen
E-mail address: scottsbo12@aol.com
Comments:Hello and a thanks for your recent research help...I can now state that through DNA analysis John Jones Jr, s/o John and Elizabeth Pettypool Jones of Meck Va/Rutherford Co NC has been positively identified. John Jones Jr md Mary LNU ca 1806, then moved from Rutherford to area that became Jackson Co Al by ca 1818. He remained in Jackson Co until late 1853 when he and family moved to Cherokee Co Tx. John Jr died there 11 April 1857 and he and Mary are buried near their cabin on their home place. For more information on John Jr's line go to Ron Jones' site at http://home.roadrunner.com/~zeke.jones/current/current.htm

At this site, tab down to the topic named Jones Related Notes and under the John Jones of Rutherford heading my data will be listed. I welcome any contact re: the Rutherford Co Jones family.
Tuesday, January 6th 2009 - 05:12:02 AM
Name: Ronald Lattimore
E-mail address: latt_long@yahoo.com
Comments:I am so looking forward to browsing through the past, with you all. I do believe there truly is a connection between my Grandfather Ed Lattimore, Grandmother Ida Long, and Grandaunt Anita Long. Also a distant association with an Indian Tribe. Thank You So Much For Being There.
ps. My one of First cousins Abe Lattimore lives in Shelby.

Deek or Ronald Lattimore
Saturday, January 3rd 2009 - 07:16:20 AM
Name: Maggie Mitchell
E-mail address: lathym@yahoo.com
Comments:I am looking for information on Elizabeth Kees and her husband who's last name was Frick. They came from Germany in the late 1800's and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They had a son by the name of Arthur Edward Frick who was born in 1883 in Minn., Minn. Arthur Edward Frick married Margaret Frick and lived on Oliver street. I can't find the first name of Elizabeth Kees husband and any other information on Frick would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Monday, September 15th 2008 - 01:22:26 PM
Name: Teresa R Davidson
E-mail address: trd2u@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://myspace.com/trd2u
Comments:I am glad I located this site. My maiden name is Roberts (a descendant of Col. John Roberts). I know a lot about my father's side of the family, but little about my mother's side (she was from Lawndale, NC). I am currently starting research on her family. I have gathered a little info that can give me a starting point and I hope you can help. Thanks for your great work!
Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 07:56:39 AM
Name: Nancy L. Roberts
E-mail address: fancynancyflash@alltel.net
Comments:I have just started to learn about my family on my husband's side and am ordering a book about the "Roberts" family. I am so excited. When I finish this one, I will pursue to find out about my own family "William Lea Smith of Reidsville, North Carolina.

Thank you for your support in helping families know about their heritage.
Friday, September 5th 2008 - 08:11:56 PM
Name: Paul Alan Tipton
E-mail address: PTipton1958@aol.com
Comments:I just wanted to update and state that I found Kisiah Jolley's grave site...by chance!

Could use some help in locating James Jolley...her husband who is buried in the Jolley Cemetary.

Thank you!
Tuesday, August 5th 2008 - 12:56:59 PM
Name: Dale West
E-mail address: dhwestjnk@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm researching my roots and have traced them back to Gabriel Washburn purported to be a Revolutionary soldier. He's buried in the Gabriel Washburn Family Cemetery near Lattimore,NC. Information from anyone would be appreciated.
Love your website!
Saturday, August 2nd 2008 - 07:50:52 AM
Name: Norris Kendrick
E-mail address: oldman567@sc.rr.com
Comments:I am looking for info on John Lewis Kendrick .B 1/24/1845-D
Wife -Elizabeth Cherry Kendrick. Unknown birth or death date . POssiblyCleveland co. I Have numerous relatives burried there, these are my G Grand parents. Family in Rutherfordton co.
Wednesday, July 9th 2008 - 12:23:45 PM
Name: Mary Ann Richards Dobson
E-mail address: JEDbr549@BellSouth.net
Comments:My family is from the Shelby and Lawndale area.
Tuesday, June 17th 2008 - 07:13:22 AM
Name: Richard Estrada
E-mail address: richarde1954@yahoo.com
Comments:Looking for information on my grandfather,Felix Robert Ford.he was born 3/13/1903 place un known. died aug 1981 in Shelby. any information would be appreciated. he has a son Pete Ford . Thanks Richard Estrada.Palestine Texas
Wednesday, March 5th 2008 - 07:28:57 PM
Name: Pamela L. Oester
E-mail address: stillinHishands@msn.com
Comments:I am still searching... as about another million people... for any information on the last known member that cames from Wales on my Jones side,,, Benjamin Jones who came to America in the mid 1700's and married Amy Parish, Parris, Parrish.. (possibly) last positive name we have was married to Elizabeth Petty Poole(Later changed to Poole)
But I don't know for sure if Benjamin was his Father..or grandfathr or what... only info is that he came from Wales.. Has anyone been able to determin where he was from in Wales..and if he married Amy Parris for sure.. etc..
Thanks for your help!
Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 12:04:40 AM
Name: Carmen Lavender Skeparnis
E-mail address: carmen1743@hotmail.com
Comments:I had been doing my Harrill ancestry when I got sick in 2003. I had to quit a till now and am looking for Karen Harrill Burkey from MN who I think I gave a copy of my Family tree to and have since lost. My line comes from Housand and Frances Street Harrill to Earl Kenneth Harrill and Leora Hill Harrill.

Thanks, Carmen
Friday, January 18th 2008 - 09:26:57 PM
Name: Betty Heryford
E-mail address: Bdhery@aol.com
Comments:Researching Smith, Weathers/Withers/Shannon/Dagenhart/Stine, Bowman, Little and much more.

Wonder website.

Wish I live close enough to research in your library, and attend the teaching classes.

Smith is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Wednesday, January 9th 2008 - 08:24:00 PM
Name: Debbie Hall Daugherty
E-mail address: halldaugherty@hotmail.com
Comments:My g,g,g,g grandfather, Rev. Joshua Hall was a minister at Silver Creek Baptist Church and other churches around Burke and Rutherford Counties (he was a farmer as well). How can I find records regarding his service and possibly where his sons/grandsons may have been christened. I know he was a part of the Broad River Baptist Assoc and the Catawaba Association (have a biosketch from Catawaba). Many thanks and Happy New Year.
Thursday, January 3rd 2008 - 06:14:49 AM
Name: Michael Vazzana
E-mail address: mevazz@cox.net
Comments:I am the great-grandson of Solon B. MOORE of Wilson, NC. I am researching the ancestors his father, Simpson Tilgham MOORE, his grandfather Balis MOORE and grandmother Elizabeth MOSS of Duncan's Creek, Cleveland County, NC. Simpson T. was born in Cleveland Co in 1807 and died in Shelby August 1885. He married Elizabeth MOSS (b. 1813 d. 1883) also of Cleveland Co. Is there any chance that a member or reader might be able to shed further light on my search?
Thursday, November 29th 2007 - 09:37:28 AM
Name: Scott Felts
E-mail address: scottfelts@38thnct.net
Homepage URL: http://www.38thnct.net
The 38thNCT has been reactivated. We are located in the Yadkin/Forsyth county and surrounding areas of NC. We are representing the whole Regiment including the County's of which the Company's where formed. Sampson,Richmond, Yadkin, Catawaba, Cumberland, Randolph, Cleveland, Alexander,. However we are looking for those interested in reenacting throughout the State. There are things that will set us aside from other reenacting units. Please visit these websites http://www.geocities.com/yadkinvalleycha/
for more info.
Thank you
Scott Felts
Friday, October 26th 2007 - 05:09:55 PM
Name: E J Land
E-mail address: eland3500@wowway.com
Comments:I was browsing for info on Thomas Land who married Catherine Allen in Rutherford Co. and came across your site. I found a Sarah Lands in Rutherford Co. Thomas had a Sarah living with him in Blailrsville, GA in 1850 could have been his mother and a sister Ellizabeth. All I have is his marriage record in Rutherford in 1841. Sarah appears to be head of household. Perhaps his father died when he was quite young. Any help would be appreciated.
Sunday, September 23rd 2007 - 08:59:14 PM
Name: Ed Koeser
E-mail address: egk2002@optonline.net
Comments:Hi, My grandfather was Glenwood Green of St Francios Cty MO.
son of William son of Joseph of Anselom Green son of Shadrack Green who lived in the Broad River Area in the 1790's and 1800's. Looking to share information with anyone interested in my family.
Monday, September 10th 2007 - 10:32:44 AM
Name: Ed Koeser
E-mail address: egk2002@optonline.net
Comments:Hi, my grandfather was Glenwood Green of MO whose line was William/Joseph/Anselom/Shadrack Green Jr. Children of Shadrack married Philbeck,Dycus,Wilson,Burns,Owens,McKinney and others.They were in the Broad River area in the 1790's -1800's.
Looking for anyone with info. to share
Tuesday, August 28th 2007 - 05:51:38 AM
Name: Nancy-Coe Teeter Hall
E-mail address: nancycoehall@bellsouth.net
Comments:I just attended the Elliott Reunion today and Charles Elliott recommended that I get in touch with your society. My Cleveland County ancestors include Elliotts, Doggetts, Beams, Mayneys, and Finchs.
Saturday, August 25th 2007 - 03:51:19 PM
Name: mr.byron c davis
E-mail address: shelbydavis28@bellsouth.net
Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 - 10:48:39 PM
Name: Kenneth Lattimore
E-mail address: klattim764@aol.com
Wednesday, July 11th 2007 - 08:52:11 AM
Name: Keith Latimore
E-mail address: lesbumpit@yahoo.com
Comments:My family came to Lattimore in the mid 1700's. I'm looking for info and came to your site.
Wednesday, June 13th 2007 - 08:16:43 PM
Name: Donna Felina Roach
E-mail address: felina5944@bellsouth.net
Comments:I have been to this site several times. I have purchased many of your publications which were very helpful. I am homebond so I cannot come to your society even though I live in Rutherford County. I would be interested in helping, but there is probably nothing I could do from home.

My families are Poole, Crotts, Newton, and Queen. Would love to hear from anybody interested in same.
Tuesday, June 12th 2007 - 04:56:32 PM
Name: sonja s. jones
E-mail address: twstarner@adelphia.netadelphia.net
Comments:Iam looking for any information on the Joe short, and Ella davis Short family .They lived in Rutherford county in 1870-1914, these are estimated dates. The children were Charlie, Lula belle, Rena, Alma catherine, Grady and Ethel. Ella died in 1913, and Joe died in 1914. The girls were placed in the county home in Rutherford, and were sent to the Thomasville Baptist Orphanage in 1915. My granparents Oscar and Rena Wortman took the girls to live with them in 1922in Sigsbee, South Carolilna which is 6 miles from Spartanburg. If you have any information regarding them please write me at hom, as I do not have my own computer, I use my local libraries. Sonja S. Jones P.O box 4311, Ontario, Calif. 91761-8811, or call me at 909-957-2736, or 909-309-9727
Tuesday, May 8th 2007 - 03:15:56 PM
Name: Glenda H. Cox
E-mail address: gcox3@sc.rr.com
Comments:Great site.
Sunday, April 22nd 2007 - 10:28:33 AM
Name: Geprge F Curry Jr.
E-mail address: N8tux@wideopenwest.com
Homepage URL: http://Curry/Carothers Family site.Co
My family lived/lives in Gaston County
My uncle was Boston Curry who was a posatal worker. I still have cousins living in and around Shelby and Kings Mountain.
I,m attemting to trace my lineage, albeit a little late in life.
Ihave a question: is there now or has there ever been a childrens home in Gaston County? The reason I ask is my father, George F. Curry, Sr. was being raised by a family named Heart or Hart who's last address was Washington St.
was Washington St.
Zoe Hart married Hudson Hamrick and raised my father for a period of time.

Is it Possible to obtain This infgormation?

Thank You

George F. C urry

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 02:09:38 PM
Name: Robert L, Jones
E-mail address: bobjones38401@yahoo.com
Comments:I believe I am a descendant of John Jones who died May 1821 and is buried at Sandy Run Cemetery in Cleveland County. I need to confirm that his son Allen born June 1791 is the same Allen Jones that died in Lawrence County, TN May 1866. Our Allen first appeared in north Alabama and southern middle Tennessee in 1819 and was a Baptist preacher.

I need a NC person to help me with research or existing info. I am attempting to contact your member, James F. Jones, because of his interest in Jones and Pettypoole.
Tuesday, April 10th 2007 - 06:01:14 PM
Name: JoAnn Atkinson Prewitt Huskey
E-mail address: jahuskey@bellsouth.net
Comments:I just discovered your really great website. I am sorry to learn you are losing your Webmaster, but truly hope you will find a replacement as good as your developer. This site is too good to suspend or neglect.
Monday, March 19th 2007 - 08:47:57 AM
Name: Jimmie Worth Wellmon Jr.
E-mail address: wellmon2003@hotmail.com
Saturday, March 10th 2007 - 10:32:24 PM
Name: Belinda Blanton
E-mail address: blanton_b@bellsouth.net
Comments:your web-site is the best I loved looking at the pictures Never let it go. I live in Kings Mountain and I would love to help.
Friday, February 23rd 2007 - 05:22:17 PM
Name: Terry Digh
E-mail address: bdigh@verizon.net
Comments:Interestering site. My family is from the Shelby/Lincolinton area. Moved to Morganton in the early 1900's.
Wednesday, January 31st 2007 - 04:51:57 PM
Name: rita jones
E-mail address: johnandrita@cox.net
Comments:Nov Thanksgiving 2006 - just visited Gaffney,SC...State Line Church there. went over into Boiling Springs, NC on into Rutherfordton, NC. didn't have much time. I have a ggg grandmother Mary Jones who mrd Ezekiel Brothers Dec 1807 in State Line Church by Zachariah Blackwell - from her widow application for land from his War of 1812 service. They went to St Clair Co, AL by 1820. Would love any info - thanks...Rita
Saturday, November 25th 2006 - 05:08:05 PM
Name: Sherry Newton Vieth
E-mail address: nonameldy52@aol.com
Comments:I would love to hear from anyone from the Newton's of Cleveland County, N.C. My father was Marvin W. Newton.
Thursday, October 26th 2006 - 04:22:22 PM
Name: Sherri Sontag
E-mail address: sontagkc1@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.ourtennesseefamilytree.com
Comments:I recently spent alot of time in the area looking for my Dye/Digh/Ramsey/Hamrick etc Family.
I took alot of Stone Photos at several Rutherford/Cleveland Co, NC cemeteries, Do you know of a website I can have these posted to? The NC GENWEB doesn't seem to respond and the AGHP site has no owner?

Any ideas?
Friday, May 26th 2006 - 10:46:43 AM
Name: Denise Jones Hicks
E-mail address: denisehicks55@citynet.net
Comments:Trying to locate the beginnings of Jacob Jones who would be my great, great, great,great grandfather only word or document I can find is where his sister Mary Treadway applied for her husband Daniel Treadways Revolutionary War Pension, and she mentions her brother Jacob Jones lived near Broad River,(South Carolina) and he fought in the Battle of Briar Creek. Any information anyone can provide me more on details would be much appreciated to help me along with my search. Any information that can be provided would be much appreciated. I live in WV and this is where the family finally ended up.
Saturday, April 1st 2006 - 04:51:00 PM
Name: dawn travis
E-mail address: qqwewrrt21@aol.com
Comments:looking to research family tree for daughters project, very interesting
Tuesday, March 28th 2006 - 10:18:30 AM
Name: michael lovelace
E-mail address: mw_lovelace@hotmail.com
Comments:My grandfather lived outside of Lawndale. I was just looking to see if I could find anything about the lovelace family.
Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 08:12:30 PM
Name: Paul Alan Tipton
E-mail address: PTipton1958@aol.com
Comments:Just been trying to find Kisiah and James Jolleys grave site...I know that it is on the Broad River close to the park...but it has been hard to find the cemetery for Kisiah. I also realize that James is not buried with her but some distance away...on the plantation close to the river. Help?
Saturday, February 11th 2006 - 09:54:57 AM
Name: Dale Richey
E-mail address: dalerchy@aol.com
Comments:Hi, ran across your site while trying to put some pieces together for my ancestor that arrived in about 1770-72, and along Broad River.
Your site sounds promising, hope it can help. Thanks for having such a source of information.
Friday, December 2nd 2005 - 05:28:46 PM
Name: Susan
E-mail address: susan@ourlinkline.com
Comments:Planning a visit to this area in the next week or two. Will be researching and hopefully wandering down a path or two. Any information, locations, ideas, contacts would be appreciated.

Scoggin(s) family, Rutherford & Cleveland Co. (Sandy Run in particular). Also Huskey, Millwood connection in Gaffney, SC

Susan(Me)< Barbara Scoggins < Robert T. Scoggins (wife L. Gregory) < Beulah Scoggins (wife Mamie Huskey) < Lewis McCoy Scoggin (wife N. McKinney) < Jackson Scoggins (wife Sarah).
Monday, November 7th 2005 - 12:11:57 PM
Name: L. Wilson
E-mail address: wilsonlg@mindspring.com
Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 11:57:00 AM
Name: Wanda Bailey
E-mail address: wanda.bailey@charter.net
Comments:I have just started researching. My grandparents were Leroy Scoggins and Sue Parton Scoggins. My great grandparents were John Hampton Parton and Julie Frances Gossett Parton. My parents were Cleave McClure Scoggins and Gertrude Ford. Any information someone can supply would be greatly appreciated.
Monday, October 3rd 2005 - 06:51:16 PM
Name: Pat Hullender
E-mail address: acespade@pacifier.com
Comments:Dear Society
I had an "e" from Bev Barnes in 2001, and found it again in
going through my research papers. I don't think I made use
at the time of the good information she gave me and would so appreciate hearing from her. She mentioned a Cleveland
County Census 1850 that could be purchased. I would love to
find out from her if it could be helpful in my Hullender
research. I have names and dates and am anxious to know if they are correct and connect. Thank you very much.


Pat Hullender
Saturday, July 23rd 2005 - 12:19:19 AM
Name: Marjorie Smith Ward
E-mail address: mudfacemarge@Aol.com
Homepage URL: http://mudfacemarge.com
Comments:..Please visit my pages..genealogy..recipes..genealogy jokes..NC Recipes..more..
Wednesday, July 20th 2005 - 01:05:06 PM
E-mail address: MBJ2064@CAROLINA.RR.COM
Tuesday, April 26th 2005 - 09:03:03 AM
Name: patrick ruppe
E-mail address: genresearch1@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ruppegenealogy
Comments:I am tring to find a photo of the old Ruppes store located at on Hwy 108 (Where Liberty Press is now)
Great web site.
Friday, April 8th 2005 - 07:47:12 PM
Name: Kathy Peeler Benfield
E-mail address: ksb69@bellsouth.net
Comments:Enjoyed your web site. I am looking for information on
Peter Lorenzo Peeler, my great grandfather. Are the any
articles in your quarterly book about Peeler's?

Kathy P. Benfield
321 Wigfall ST.
Edgefield, SC 29824
Sunday, March 27th 2005 - 07:28:19 PM
Name: Paul Alan Tipton
E-mail address: PTipton1958@aol.com
Comments:I have done a great deal of research into my Tipton Heritage, dating back 5 Generations and more...My Mother's family are from Cleveland County/ Boiling Springs NC. We are also decendants from James and Kisiah Jolley. His son, my GGG Grandfather Jessie Jolley was Crawford Jolley's Father. Crawford's Daughter...Etta Jolley Philbeck was my Great Grandmother. One of her daughters, my Grandmother was Lillie Mae Sheehan, Mother of Yvonne Sheehan Tipton, my Mother. I have recently driven to the Broad River area in Boiling Springs because I have found out that James and Kisiah are buried on the river somewhere. I really would like to know where I can find their graves, and more information about where the plantation might have been. Can anyone help? Thank you a lot!!
Sunday, March 13th 2005 - 06:33:30 AM
Name: Rebecca Rhoney
E-mail address: RalphR@darrcam.com
Monday, January 31st 2005 - 07:23:34 PM
Name: Patrick Ruppe
E-mail address: genresearch1@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ruppegenealogy
Comments:Looking for information about Ruppe's. Also I am looking for Wacaster, Dellinger and Griswold (Grizzle)
Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 12:31:10 PM
Name: Bob Blanton
E-mail address: bob@rfci.net
Comments:Just got your E-mail address and came in to browse around.
Was at the one in Forest City this morning and they told
me about the Cleveland County societe.

Just starting to look.
Wednesday, December 1st 2004 - 11:47:28 AM
Name: Brenda and Charles Neal
E-mail address: cebwneal@yahoo.com
Comments:Thanks for the guestbook. We are seeking info on the antecedents of Robert Neal (b. 1806) and his wife Anna (b.1805). They were located in Tyrell Co.,NC in the 1840 US census and in Cleveland Co (1850 US Census). Their Children were James, Leannah, William, Jesse G., Drury Dobbins, Crawford, David D., John H. Neal. Charles is the ggrandson of John H. Neal.
Wednesday, October 27th 2004 - 02:32:54 PM
Name: James D. Willis
E-mail address: jimwillis@aeneas.net
Comments:I am interested in any information on Plato D. Bridges amd his descendants. He is my grandfather on my mothers family.
Saturday, September 25th 2004 - 12:36:27 PM
Name: James D. Willis
E-mail address: jimwillis@aeneas.net
Saturday, September 25th 2004 - 12:34:15 PM
Name: Patty Hamrick Hayes
E-mail address: hayes@catt.com
Comments:I was a member a couple years back. I have not been researching for awhile but started browsing around tonight and thought of Cleveland County. I'd still like to visit Shelby some day. Love your website. Keep up the good work!

Patty,,, Ringgold Ga
Friday, September 17th 2004 - 09:23:42 PM
Name: chuck nolte
E-mail address: cwnolte@yahoo.com
Saturday, September 4th 2004 - 10:51:55 AM
Name: Guy Hutchins
E-mail address: guyhutchins@hotmail.com
Comments:Please chack out my website.. www.rivermist.us I am interested in finding out about the "lost treasure" of the Broad. "British/Indian Gold attack." There used to be a sign about it where the Greenway is now located. I am also interested in information about "fish traps" that are at the mouth of one of my creeks (Asheworth, I think). I am doing research on the Broad (Eswau Huppeday.. Line River) and own over a mile of river frontage below Duke Power on the #1 Township side. I plan to keep the area primative but have found numerous artifacts in the area and need some help identifying some of them. (i.e. a mud and rock chimney on my place that no one knows who built it nor why a rock wall is around about 50 acres of my property.)

If you can help me with any of this please contact me at guyhutchins@hotmail.com or call (704)786-8500. Thanks, GUY
Thursday, August 5th 2004 - 10:27:24 AM
E-mail address: dbourque6@excite.com
Comments:i would like to become a member. please send me the necessary forms. thanks
Friday, July 9th 2004 - 01:43:30 PM
Name: Louise Brode
E-mail address: louisebrode@gurulink.com
Comments:I am interested in buying the book "Morris Roberts and sonme of his descendents" by juanita Caldwell, printed by Broad River Genealogical Society. I could not get the links to work on this site.
I would love to purchase this book. Morris and Elizabeth were my grandparents 10 generations ago!
Louise Brode
Coshocton, OH
Thursday, July 8th 2004 - 02:33:13 PM
Name: Ruby Peeler Robey
E-mail address: sewingws2@aol.com
Comments:Have yet to get to Shelby at the time your Genealogy Society is open. Hope to do so soon.
Wednesday, June 23rd 2004 - 04:19:56 PM
Name: Cathy A. Lowery
E-mail address: manteo@atmc.net
Comments:Thanks again for all of your help when my sister and I came up in May. Have found an old picture of someone on my grandmother (Putman) side and don't know who she is. Is there a way I can find out? Thanks again for all your help.
Friday, June 18th 2004 - 05:57:07 AM
Name: Barbara Dyer Channell
E-mail address: cbarbie2000@aol.com
Comments:In the Cleveland County area I'm researching the Dyer's and McBrayer's and connecting families. In Rutherford County I'm researching the Dyer's, Splawn's, Childers's, Gibbs's, Allen's, McBrayer's and Harrill's and connecting families. In Polk County I'm researching Dyer's, Childers's, Gibbs and Splawn's and connecting families. In Henderson County the Gibbs's. If you would like to share information PLEASE let me know. I am really having a hard time with my Childers's, Dyer's and Splawn's. Thank you, Barbara Dyer Channell Researching -- Dyer's, Splawn's, Childers, Gibbs, McBrayer's, Allen's, Griffin's, Harrill's, Waldrop's, Channell's, Folsom's, Whisler's, Breed's and a whole lot more!
Tuesday, June 15th 2004 - 03:09:12 PM
Name: Diane Johnson
E-mail address: TJDJ1968@aol.com
Comments:Really enjoyed your web site.
Searching for information on the Simmons, Lewis,
and Waters families of Rutherford Co NC.
Wednesday, May 19th 2004 - 07:58:38 PM
Name: Alice Wilmetta Lattimore Travis
E-mail address: GypsyT@aol.com
Comments:I'm a descendant of James Edgar Lattimore and Jane Stroud Lattimore.
Sunday, May 2nd 2004 - 07:56:46 PM
Name: Cathy A. Lowery
E-mail address: manteo@atmc.net
Comments:You are wonderful. I can't wait to come up to see you in May. Keep up the good work.
Monday, April 12th 2004 - 12:34:06 PM
Name: Kathleen
E-mail address: stradercom@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:I am looking for information on James Morris Sr. I am an offspring of Wiley Morris (mulatto) of 2nd Broad District, NC.
Looking for any information.
Tuesday, March 2nd 2004 - 09:41:40 PM
Name: Michael VAZZANA
E-mail address: mevazz@aol.com
Comments:I am the great-grandson of Solon B. MOORE of Wilson, NC. I am researching the ancestors his father, Simpson Tilgham MOORE, his grandfather Balis MOORE and grandmother Elizabeth MOSS of Duncan's Creek, Cleveland County, NC. Simpson T. was born in Cleveland Co in 1807 and died in Shelby August 1885. He married Elizabeth MOSS (b. 1813 d. 1883) also of Cleveland Co. Is there any chance that a member or reader might be able to shed further light on my search?
Wednesday, January 28th 2004 - 01:43:29 PM
Name: dave martin
E-mail address: dfmartin@conninc.com
I came to seek
No one was at home
When i come agan
I will have your phone[please]
I would like to purchase 1850 and 1860 burke census
do you have them or know where i can buy.
I live 55 mi. away.I came sat. dec.27th and jan.11th. i could call before i came.

Monday, January 12th 2004 - 06:50:57 PM
Name: Mann Sanford
E-mail address: amannsan@aol.com
Comments:I am the grandson of Arthur Henry Cornwell of Kings Mountain.NC
Monday, December 22nd 2003 - 04:37:27 PM
Name: Ed Lott
E-mail address: eds.toony@verizon.net
Thursday, December 18th 2003 - 05:41:46 AM
Name: david martin
E-mail address: dfmartin@conninc.com
Lots of good info.Hope to see you again. I have been there.
Sunday, December 7th 2003 - 03:45:13 PM
Name: Karen Harrill Burkey
E-mail address: kburkey@integramn.net
Comments:Hi-just stopping by to see what your site was like. My 5th Great-grandfather was Housand Harrill. I am in Minnesota and it is a bit hard to research my family from so far away. My Harrill lineage is

Housand and Francis Street
Samuel and Susannah Hamrick
Housen and Levicey McBrayer
William and Easter Suttle
Samuel and Mary Jane Walker
Charles and Viola Hutchins
Samuel and Elizabeth Goeke

You have a great site. If there are articles or books that the society could recommend that would be great.

Karen Harrill

Monday, December 1st 2003 - 06:55:26 PM
Name: James Lyle
E-mail address: jlyle@thomsonaviation.com
Comments:I am in the process of researching my wife's family tree. Her great-grandfather Rufus P. Rollins is listed as the Chief of Police in Bessemer City, North Carolina in the 1910 census. He married a Violet Smith. I am especially interestred in the Rollins and/or Smith Family.
Rufus's father was Romulus Rollins and he married a Rachel Bridges. Her father may have been Sheriff of Cleveland County.
If you know of where I could look additionally, please let me know.
Thank you,
James Lyle
Sunday, November 23rd 2003 - 11:31:18 AM
Name: Harry McLaurine Lattimore
E-mail address: hlattimore@hotmail.com
Thursday, November 20th 2003 - 11:44:51 AM
Name: cathy hurlocker
E-mail address: maggiemater@comporium.net
Comments:I am searching for information on James McDaniel, born in Cleveland County, N.C.
Thursday, November 20th 2003 - 05:51:30 AM
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