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Relativity, my theory...

Guestbook of Judith Parker-Proctor

These kind friends have signed my guestbook.Please scroll down & see what they have to say.
Name: Jayne Mitchell
E-mail address: mjflippin@cox.net
Comments:Hi Judith, I just sent you a message thru fag re Susan F Hamrick Jones. I then went to your web site and looked at some of your links - especially the relatives and I would bet we are cousins somewhere along the lines. You have family names that match mine. My 8th gr grandfather was George Hamrick Sr born in Germany. His son Jr is my 7th grgrandfather. Then the Greens and a few Cogdells although they are removed. Also Bridges. Enjoyed your web site very much. Is a shame you had to remove the data. Good health to you. Jayne in Tulsa
Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 02:33:10 PM
Name: Lisa Lineberger
E-mail address: lisa.lineberger@wellsfargo.com
Comments:Hello Judy, finally made it to your site. You may remember were are distantly related. I noticed you like collecting and flee markets. You should definitely meet my mom (Pat Butler Bowman, she is Pearl Parker Butler's daughter). She has a collectibles store which she really doesn't have the ability to run anymore but her whole life was spent collecting and admiring things of the past. I hope you are doing well.
Thursday, February 28th 2013 - 02:08:45 PM
Name: Michael L. McNeely
E-mail address: mlmcneely@cox.net
Comments:Hello Love your site!!I have been doing research for a Bria Karriker. He lives in Roanoke Va., Now!!I am the Historian for the 28th Va., Inf., unit 491, Sons of Confederate Veterans, here in Roanoke, and he is trying to join!!While researching, I found in Ancestry, G.M. Karricker, alternate name, D.M.Carriker!!He enlisted in Co.F,57th N.C., Inf!!! I noticed that he's not on the list!He was born in 1844,Rowan Co, N.C. He married Elizabeth Dry, on 14 April 1858 , in Cabarrus Co., N.C. His family,Phillip Karriker,born, 1787, was originaly from Cabarrus!
Thought if you verified this you may want to add him to your list!!!
Thanks for your great work and your time!!!Have a Merry Christmas!!

yours in the cause!!Mike McNeely
Sunday, December 18th 2011 - 11:14:17 AM
Name: Bernie
E-mail address: crosby_chelsea@yahoo.com
Comments:Enjoy your site! This is a new e-mail address for me!


Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 08:00:02 AM
Name: Tabitha Peace
E-mail address: tabbylp@yahoo.com
Comments:Hello Judy, I just learned that you have your own website. I think thats great. I was looking at the information that our cousin Dennis sent me a while back (several years actually) about our family tree and I learned that Gary just had a birthday in September. So,to him, Happy late Birthday!! I also would like to ask you if you can help me to get some information about my family tree on my mothers side. I need to knnow the names of my great, great, great grandparents on my grandmother McSwains side. If you can help me please let me know and I will give you the names that I do have so we can go from there. I would also like to have an updated version of the Peace family information, since there have been some deaths since I got the information from Dennis and I guess there may have been some births too. Did you get the birthday card that I sent you? I hope so. One more thing I am sure that you have more Peace information that goes back farther than our grandparents W. T. and Bessie and i would like to have that too. I do have some but not all of it. I guess that will be all for now, so let me say i like your website and by finding it i found a way to contact you besides the Uh, what is that old-fashioned thing? (RING, RING), OH yeah the telephone. Smile!!
Tuesday, October 13th 2009 - 03:35:08 PM
Name: Klervi
E-mail address: klervifougle@hotmail.fr
What a nice house, you're really lucky !
I just taped "snow house" on Google images.
Wonderful picture.
Have a great winter together !
Friday, October 2nd 2009 - 08:27:05 AM
Name: Kathy Hughes
E-mail address: memere2six@aol.com
Comments:Hi Judy..thought I'd stop in and take a look. I love your site. I looked at the list of your "cousins" and found not one, not two, but a bunch of Elizabeth Green's !! I wish I could find out who my GG-Grandmother's parents were !!
Saturday, May 2nd 2009 - 04:15:40 PM
Name: Patricia Foy
E-mail address: p.foy@cms.k12.nc.us
Comments:Looking for family history - Came across your site. Related to McFadden's of Rutherfordton, NC.
Thursday, April 2nd 2009 - 01:55:50 PM
Name: Charles "Chuck" Morrison
E-mail address: morrisonins@carolina.rr.com
Comments:I lost touch with you. We talked about my grandfather Charles A. Morrison, Cogdill, etc. thanks again for you help...chuck
Tuesday, February 3rd 2009 - 10:10:49 AM
Name: Margaret B. Jay
E-mail address: mbj2064@carolina.rr.com
Comments:Great Web Sight
Miss seeing you
Monday, January 19th 2009 - 02:20:15 AM
Name: Norma Roper
E-mail address: roper785000@bellsouth.net
Comments:I've just found your site....it's great. I've searched at length for a connection to Laughlin L. Morrison from North Carolina and was in Thomas, GA in the late 1830's to about 1863. I'm hoping some of your info might give me some clues. I recently drove up from FL to Thomasville, GA to do some research. The Thomasville Genealogical Library there has got to be the best in Georgia. The Morrison name is the only one I've had problems with but I've sure learned a lot about north west Florida, Ga, AL.
Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 09:25:54 AM
Name: Mary Morris Bishop
E-mail address: marymbishop@comcast.net
Comments:Hello Judy,
Within the past year, I have started to explore my own family roots. It is a mesmerizing occupation, and I have been spending hours at my computer. Fortunately, I have had good results and have learned a great deal about my ancestors back to about 1800. One who has me stymied is my great-great-grandfather, Samuel W. Morris of Craven County, North Carolina. Although you are in the western part of the state, and he lived in the east, there is a chance that you may know something of him and his origins. He married Marion Ives in 1841, and that is the first fact that I can find about him. He was a farmer on the north side of the Neuse River in Craven County. He and Marion had three children, Joseph A., John, and Mary Ann before Samuel died about 1858. I cannot find anything about his parents or siblings.

I wish you luck with your researching,
Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 - 07:22:59 PM
Name: Robin H. Snow
E-mail address: robin_snow@xtoenergy.com
Comments:This is one of the most beautiful and well organized sites I've had the pleasure of browsing! Thanks for inviting me in! The "Morrison" line is the one I'm researching - James Allison and Mary Ann (JONES) MORRISON and his parents - James Harvey and Sarah Caroline (ALLISON) MORRISON - who are suppose to have come from either North or South Carolina. Again, thanks for allowing me to browse!
Monday, July 14th 2008 - 11:45:56 AM
Name: minnie everett
E-mail address: south2bell@yahoo.com
Comments:looking for set of twins around gastonia nc given names where john david and judy denise everett was adopted out in gastonia in 1968 their birthdates was march 7,1961 in madisonville tn could have last name morgan or phillips please help
Thursday, April 24th 2008 - 10:03:08 PM
Name: Evelyn Dickens Duncan
E-mail address: evelyndun@yahoo.com
Wednesday, February 27th 2008 - 12:54:45 PM
Name: Linda C. Brown
E-mail address: aninib@sbcglobal.net
Comments:My ggrandmother was a Parker, decended from John Parker b.mid 1700's d.1808 Northampton Co. NC. & Lucy Tadlock. This is as far back as I have searched.
Thursday, February 7th 2008 - 08:55:42 PM
Name: Christina Lynn Hiatt-Ray
E-mail address: p388461e@hotmail.com

I commmend you on this effort-one of the best I have seen. There is, however, a point I must make. Please pardon me if it annoys you-this is not my intention.
In the Roster of NCT, in the large section which follows company staff officers and NCO's of the 34th, there are several NCO's listed not cited. Two are Robbins men, and they are my ancestors.
Jackson Robbins, KIA, was a corporal, and what is called a "file closer". These NCO's were charges with keeping the line in order, that is, the rank and file, in movement, and in battle line. Often, these men rallied the troops to counterattack, and my direct line ancestor, Elisha, a file closer, was known for this. At Chancellorsville, he initiated a critical counterattack which was joined by officers and enlisted men of the 34th and other formations. He was nominated for the Badge of Distinction for Gallantry, and this is as close as the CSA came to issuing an actual decoration. Only one man from each regiment at Chancellorsville was accorded this honor. This is detailed in the Roster.
At Chancellorsville, Elisha was wounded, losing thumb and a finger on his left hand, with which he wrote and did other necessary tasks. He was in the line at the end, captured with fixed bayonet and no ammunition after a final assault on Fort Steadman. He and his comrades were imprisoned at Cape Lookout, where the captives were shot, bayoneted, maimed and killed for over a month by black conscripts to the Union, who had no compassion for the southern troops. Accounts maintain that this was not done to stop escapes-it was done for the obvious enjoyment of the perpetrators.
This is understandable given the lifetime of horrific abuse these black guards doubtless endured. This does not excuse the treatment of the men imprisoned there, however, and is a blemish on the US Army that is not forgotten. If you are from Cleveland County originally, or your folks were, your ancestors might have suffered these atrocities themselves.
I ask that you please adjust this list to include the file closers, as they so often kept their companies together in that prototypical instance of modern warfare we know as "The War Between the States".
I do think you honor our ancestors with your efforts, and I hope that you realize the significance of your effort. I am also a descendent of Gordon and Lovelace families from Cleveland County.
Until recently I served a a professional educator, and I hold MS degrees in Education and History. I believe this is one of the best teaching tools on the web about the "Late Unpleasantness" and our people who suffered through it in ways we can barely imagine. Thank you so much!


Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 07:20:36 AM
Name: janice parker
E-mail address: jparker@ooyoahoo.com
Comments:You have done a very beautiful job of putting together an extensive in memory of your grandparent and family ancestory. I enjoyed this experience very much. I am in search of my Parker Heritage and have truely enjoyed this experience.
Thursday, December 27th 2007 - 09:09:58 PM
Name: JoeP
E-mail address: webmaster@houseofproctor.org
Homepage URL: http://www.houseofproctor.org
Comments:Very nice website and very informative! Keep up the great work!

JoeP Plano, TX
Thursday, December 13th 2007 - 04:34:55 PM
Name: Peggy V. Turner
E-mail address: peggy2345@hotmail.com
Comments:I enjoy going onto someones home page because I'm doing my genealogy, for my family on all 4 sides. That's a lots of surnames but I think that it's important to be able to let the next generation know thier families past. These are mine: Wiggins, Summeralls, Hiltons, Mobbs, Helms, Smiths, Morris, Davies, Holts, & some others, but it would take a long time to put it down. Thanks for letting me glance at yours.
Wednesday, November 21st 2007 - 05:38:07 PM
Name: Mary Morris Bishop
E-mail address: marymbishop@comcast.net
Comments:Your introduction is enough to invite me to read your site. Thanks for the fun. My grandfather's family are Morrises who originated in Pamlico/Craven county N.C. They lived there from at least the middle of the 19th century until the present, I believe. I have just started to research my family in the past month, so I am just beginning to learn the ropes. I retired in June and thought I might like genealogical research, but the pleasures have far outstripped my expectations.

Good searching to you, Judy,

Thursday, October 4th 2007 - 02:15:12 PM
Name: Michael VAZZANA
E-mail address: mevazz@cox.net
Comments:Great works!

My great grandfather, Simpson T. MOORE served as a Private in the 55th North Carolina Infantry Regiment having enlisted in Cleveland Co., NC in 1862.

I am looking for more information on Simpson and particularly his father B.S. MOORE who was born ca 1800 (TN? NC?) died Oct 7, 1865 and is burried in Waco Cemetery, Cleveland Co., NC.

Here is the text from and Ancestry.com search record:
Simpson Moore ,
Residence: Cleveland County, North Carolina
Occupation: Carriage Maker
Enlistment Date: 29 Mar 1862
Enlistment Place: Crossroads, North Carolina
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: North Carolina
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 29 March 1862 at the age of 35.
Enlisted in Company C, 55th Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 31 May 1862.

Monday, August 6th 2007 - 08:25:19 AM
Name: Elaine Poag
E-mail address: empoag@alltel.net
Comments:Hi, Saw your website and found it very interesting! I, too, am searching for my family. I have only been able to follow my family back to Rutherford, N.C. My GGGrandfather John W. Morris, born 1797 is my "brickwall".
I cannot find any facts on him or verify that Sarah Sallie Jackson was his wife. It appears that everyone in N.C. had a son named John or James:)If you ever come across these names please let me know.
I live in Murray County, Eton, Georgia but my family moved here in the mid-1850's from N.C. If you ever need a search in my area just let me know.

Happy searching and good luck!
Saturday, July 28th 2007 - 10:46:10 PM
Name: K.W. Young
Comments:Very nice website. Thanks for adding the photographs of tombstones to "Find-A-Grave"; one of the pictures really helped with some research I am doing.
Sunday, June 17th 2007 - 08:34:38 PM
Name: D. Weems White
E-mail address: weemswhite@optilink.us
Comments:May 12, 2007

My hometown: Dalton,Whitfield County, GA

HELLO! I have just come across your site. It is a great
site -- I have been involved in genealogy research for
a short time. After some frustrating time experiencing
the old "brickwall" situation(I'm sure you know what I
mean by that expression), I discovered that I had relatives
who had lived in Cleveland County, NC. And probably some
still live there. My GGGrandfather, HOSEA M. GLADDEN, and
GGGrandmother, NANCY HENDRICKS GLADDEN, were both born
in Rutherford County, NC, later moved to Cleveland County.
Their first child, Charity Patience Gladden, is my GGrand-
mother, born 16 Feb. 1851 in Cleveland County. I found out
that GGGrandfather, Hosea M. Gladden, died 25 April 1864.
I wanted to know if he died in the Civil War because of
the date of his death. Well, thanks to your wonderful
website, I found out. He was killed in battle at Plymouth,
NC on 24 April 1864. I note the one day difference in date
of death, but that is close enough. I do not know where he
is buried. I assume at Plymouth, NC. Can you email me
any advice how I might locate is grave. I have looked at
all the listings posted on the websites for Cleveland
County and haven't come across his name. Found several
Gladdens, but not his. He was born 29 Sept. 1828 in Ruther-
ford County. His father was John L. Gladden who was married to Patience Hardin. Also, not sure what part of Cleveland County they lived in. Any advice you may give me will be very much appreciated.

I have tried to figure out if my GGrandfather, JOHN PHILLIP WHITE, met my GGrandmother, Charity, in Cleveland County or
Haralson County, GA. GGrandfather, Phillip White, came from
Ireland in Nov. 1863 to N.Y. at the age of 15 by himself. that is as far back I seem to be able to go. Don't know who
his parents were. Phillip and Charity are buried at Pleasant Hill Bapt. Church Cemetery, Polk County, GA.
Hoping you have some information you can email with to
further my research.

You don't know how much I appreciate the info I have found
on your website. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, May 12th 2007 - 04:58:58 PM
Name: Gerhardt Kurt Leffler
E-mail address: gerhardt_leffler@yahoo.com
Comments:Hi, Judy and Gary! Gerhardt Leffler here. I'm a contributor of Find A Grave also and it just burns me up to see and hear about children being abducted and murdered. It is so sad that there are sickos like that in the world today. I found the information below about Brenda Sue Brown and thought you and Gary would like to have it. Maybe you would like to add it to your memorial page of Brenda Sue Brown at Find A Grave.com.
Have a great day;
Gerhardt Leffler at:

Man faces charges of killing girl in 1966
77-year-old accused of murder


More than 40 years after a young girl was slain, Shelby police charged a 77-year-old man Monday with her murder. Police said they arrested Thurman Andrew Price about 5:15 p.m. at his Shelby home. They say he beat 11-year-old Brenda Sue Brown to death on July 27, 1966, when he was 37. The girl's body was found naked among some weeds in a vacant lot near N.C. 18, after she had dropped off her younger sister at a neighborhood Head Start program. Investigators found a bloody rock and brick. An autopsy at the time found that she had serious head injuries but had not been raped. The case disturbed the Cleveland County city about 45 miles west of uptown Charlotte, with subsequent scares about men lurking around schoolyards. "We'll solve it, or we'll be working on it when we retire," Shelby Police Chief Knox Hardin told the Observer in September 1966. "We're not going to give up." The following year, another investigator pledged his commitment. "We'll never give up on that one," Detective E.W. Howell told the Observer. "I think eventually we'll have the answer." But the case remained unsolved long after their retirements. Last year, The Shelby Star ran a 13-part series about the unsolved case in connection with the 40th anniversary of her killing. Police did not comment Monday on what led them to Price. He does not show an N.C. criminal past, but most electronic records include only charges from the past 20 years. He was being held without bond at the Cleveland County jail. He is scheduled to have a first appearance in court this morning via video.
Tuesday, March 6th 2007 - 08:10:47 AM
Name: Joe Grant
E-mail address: grantlgbg@charter.net
Comments:Hi Cousin, In your email you said to enjoy the trek and I certainly do. My wife says I love my computer more than her.
Sunday, February 11th 2007 - 07:31:49 PM
Name: Thomas Churchill Cogsdell
E-mail address: cogsdell@comcast.net
Comments:Hello Judy,
We've talked before. I am really a "Cogdell". My ancestors came from the N.C. Cogdell's, via Tennessee and Alabama, and finally Mississippi, where I was born.I just found your neat website. I came in a roundabout way via findagrave.com. I also am a genealogy nut. I've been hard at it since the sixties.

Thank You, and Merry Christmas 2006 to you and your family.
Saturday, December 16th 2006 - 08:10:06 PM
Name: Hugh Stover Jefferson
E-mail address: hujeff@msn.com
Comments:You have a great sight...I enjoyed the visit. My ancestors, both JEFFERSON and STOVERS, passed through Rutherford County rather quitely in the early Nineteenth Century...leaving hardly a footprint!
Sunday, December 10th 2006 - 09:59:42 AM
Name: Jane Morris Shepherd Tenney
E-mail address: janetenney@comcast.net
Sunday, November 26th 2006 - 06:27:25 PM
Name: Billy Davis
E-mail address: rainoshine_1@netzero.com
Homepage URL: http://
Comments:Thanks for the invitation to look around. I can see a passion of family love and a lot of hard work.
Billy Davis
Sunday, October 15th 2006 - 02:34:22 PM
Name: Nellie Elizabeth Towery
E-mail address: btowerygv@bellsouth.net
Comments:Here I am again Judy. It’s been a long time since I first signed your guest book. I’m still working in genealogy and on many of the families in the areas of Cleveland, Rutherford and Burke. I have 5 small volumes of books out titled Short Tales from Golden Valley. The stories are based on Family History of the Golden Valley people and the place, all true and traditional tales. I haven’t anything new to add to your genealogy list. Keep up the good work .I wish you the best. Elizabeth.
Monday, September 18th 2006 - 06:28:36 PM
Name: Marian Mynatt Bullard
E-mail address: pbullar3@tampabay.rr.com
Comments:I came across your website quite by accident but the Cleveland County caught my eye. I have ancestors and present day relatives living in Shelby and have some info on them but, of course, not enough. My paternal grandmother was Fannie Devine (Mynatt), daughter of William Thomas Devine and Mary Elizabeth Carpenter. Fannie married Samuel Preston Mynatt in 1897 and moved to Luttrell (Union County) TN and raised her family there. My ggrandfather was in the Civil War. Your Website is wonderful and interesting even without any family connections. I enjoyed reading it. Good luck on any future endeavors.
Saturday, June 10th 2006 - 10:44:15 PM
Name: Akiko Felicia Morales
E-mail address: Akiko_Fel@hotmail.com
Comments:Please help me!
Hi my name is Akiko Felicia Morales.
I’m looking for information about my father; his name is Randall Ralph Denning. I am not know about he 1960 since. He worked in Air Force in Del Rio, Texas. My mother’s name is Maria Lidia Morales Molina.

I had born in Acuña city Coahuila, Mexico, in December 18th in 1960.
Today I live in Tepic city in Nayarit state, MĂ©xico. My address is Calle Acayapan No. 268 pte. Colonia Santa Teresita, C.P. 63020 (Acayapan street number 268 west, Colony Santa Teresita, postal code 63020), my telephone number house is 01 (311)2162739.

Can I help me? If you know to Randall Ralph Denning or anybody whit surname Denning send this message for I localize he.
Please if you know anything about him, write me to Akiko_fel@hotmail.com, Isefer@hotmail.com, Alid_boy@hotmail.com or Eni_Dmoral@hotmail.com. I want know about he.

To:Randall Ralph Denning

Father if you receive this message write me or call me.
I only want know of you, I think of you all the time, I want know where are you, how are you, if you remember me and think of me.
I am fine, my mother is live whit me, I have tree children’s, the first have 24 years old, the second have 21 years old and the last have 19 years old.

I hope meet you, take care!.
Monday, May 1st 2006 - 07:49:59 PM
Name: Matthew Parker
E-mail address: thomas_legion@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://parkergenealogy.tripod.com
Comments:I really enjoyed your site! From William Parker is where my western N.C. lineage begins.
Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - 01:57:53 AM
E-mail address: bisegirl@hotmail.com
Friday, January 6th 2006 - 04:14:02 PM
Name: Mahria Clarke
E-mail address: jmclarke@charter.net
Comments:I'm looking for information on the Hambricks/Mabrey's from Pike, Upson, Monroe Counties, GA. They migrated from Virgina and origninally came from Germany. Can you help?
Thursday, November 3rd 2005 - 10:01:51 AM
Name: Geri Cogdell (Newkirk, Bise)
E-mail address: bisegirl@hotmail.com
Comments:Dear Judy,
Sorry it has been so long, had some personal losses and set backs in the last couple of years. Have been trying to get back into my research. Be glad to hear from any cousins.
Monday, August 29th 2005 - 06:54:38 PM
Name: Linda Pledger Smith
E-mail address: DougMIV@aol.com
Comments:Researching McSwain, Green and Cuthbertson in North Carolina. Thanks for letting me look and thanks for the Civil War related pages.
Saturday, April 9th 2005 - 09:41:59 PM
Name: Patrick Ruppe
E-mail address: genresearch1@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Wacaster
Comments:Judy, I always check back to your web site from time to time, you do such a nice job. I too believe in Bill Floyd’s philosophy "Don't sell the records, share them." (I don’t know Bill but he sound like a great guy) That is why I choose to use Yahoo groups instead of a web site. I promote them on message boards because I want to share and trade the information every one, not steal it and sell it. I will never sell any records as will I never buy any. Keep up the great work.
Wednesday, April 6th 2005 - 09:02:14 AM
Name: Hubert Bridges
E-mail address: hubertbridges@msn.com
Comments:Several years ago I supplied you w/info about William "Billy" Gibson of the 55th NC Inf, Co. D. Due to the letter explaining his death came from Petersburg Va. and info passed down I assumed he was killed there. Since I've retired I have spent some time researching his war record. I became suspicious of his place of death when I looked at the timeline beginning with letter from his friend to Sarah Gibson explaining his death, dated 7/23/1864. I have been to the battlefield numerous times, and on my last trip a couple of years ago I found out that the 55th didn't arrive until 6/16/1864. This "thru up a flag". I felt that with the mail service at the time that for him to have been killed then, his widow notified, her to write a letter to Mr. Green, him to get it and sit down in this hectic time to sit down and reply just wasn't possible. Vol. 13, North Carolina Troops was out of print. A publisher in Wilmington NC asked me if I would like to be put on a waiting list when and if it was reprinted, I did. I got the book about 3 weeks ago. This book contains the histories and rosters with service records of all the members of the 53rd, 54th, 55th, and 56th NC soldiers. Billy enlisted on 2/20/63 and was KIA at The Wilderness on 5/6/64 by a sharpshooter, He was 37 and a farmer when he joined up. Would you correct this on your roster? I noticed several Bridges among your members. On my granddaddys side I have Sgt. Lawson Allen Bridges, 56th NC, Co F, The Cleveland Riflemen. He survied the war and has a interesting record.
Tuesday, March 15th 2005 - 08:53:00 AM
Name: Kate Riley
E-mail address: Riley247
Saturday, December 18th 2004 - 12:01:30 PM
Name: Kate Riley
Saturday, December 18th 2004 - 12:00:43 PM
Name: Elizabeth Lawing
E-mail address: elizlawing@hotmail.com

I have been enjoying your sight. It's super! Thanks for the great work! I plan to be back.
Tuesday, October 19th 2004 - 11:11:22 PM
Name: christian
E-mail address: chrisd234@hotpop.com
Tuesday, September 14th 2004 - 01:41:23 AM
Name: Jo Ann Gunter
E-mail address: gunterjoann@wmconnect.com
Comments:I have greatly enjoyed scrolling your maternal ancestors. I hope to hear from you soon. I am more than willing to share information with you.
Friday, July 9th 2004 - 06:16:29 PM
Name: Jo Ann Gunter
E-mail address: gunterjoann@wmconnect.com
Friday, July 9th 2004 - 05:37:12 PM
Name: Shelia Dellinger Gray
E-mail address: shelia.gray@tccd.edu
Comments:Great website, Judy. I'm sorry I found it too late to access all your information! It's wonderful to find a new cousin, though, and you've been a great help to me. Hope we can keep in touch.
Tuesday, May 25th 2004 - 09:27:17 AM
Name: Edgar Bryant
E-mail address: ebryant@rfci.net
Comments:Name: Edgar Bryant
E-mail address: bryant@rfci.net
Comments: Hi, I live next door in Rutherford County.I enjoyed your
website very much--Great work.I like genealogy,especially
researching the Civil War.My ggrandfather,James Andrew
Bryant was in Company F,34th. Regiment of the NC Troops. He
was killed in the Seven Days Battle at Gains Mill
Virgina.He married Sarah Weathers from Cleveland County,
Edgar Bryant
Sunday, February 6th 2000 - 01:21:57 AM
Sunday, April 25th 2004 - 06:56:33 PM
Name: Alan Lowe
E-mail address: alan@jandalowe.fsnet.co.uk
Comments:Brilliantly researched, I great starting point for my proposed PhD on the 28th North Carolina Regiment.Anyone out there know anything about Colonel Samuel D. Lowe?
Alan Lowe.
Thursday, April 15th 2004 - 10:24:46 AM
Name: Kathryn Waycaster
E-mail address: katewaycaster@aol.com
Comments:I am researching my ggggrandfather, George McLean, 5/11/1847 Wacaster, son of William Wesley and Lydia Wacaster. I was interested in seeing if we have a connection. Take care! Kathryn
Sunday, February 22nd 2004 - 11:26:42 AM
Name: Mike Sewell & Melva Parker Sewell
E-mail address: wkengolf@bellsouth.net
Comments:Been to you site many times in the last few years. Melva Parker Sewell is my wife and the grand daughter of Marcus Parker. She has been looking quite a while for information on his family. It appears that your research and hers has confirmed a lot of informaion that has been missing for years. We live in Alabama where Marcus moved to in 1850's and lived until he died in 1904. Will be back to visit your site later to read more. Enjoyed searching tonight. 2/19/04
Thursday, February 19th 2004 - 08:11:15 PM
Name: Helen McCollum Blalock
E-mail address: Helenhope@comcast.net
Comments:I have just started the climb on the paper trail. Actually, I got started because the cousin that was researching doesn't type......and of course since I just took an early retirement from federal government, I volunteered --- takes more time than I had anticipated though, but I enjoy it. My first motive is the research on Daddy's Mother's family, the Harrisons. Now, I got started researching my Mother's family, the Meltons. Since they are all gone, that is really a task. Maybe I will see you at one of the cemeteries. My husband also is a golfer and has no interest in the "dead" only the "living". I will look through my notes and see if I can ever piece up any connections. By the way, I saw your name on one of the genealogy sites and connected with you. I did conncect with a wonderful person who furnished me with a lot of research info that I had been trying to sort out. Don't dig up any bodies! Helen
Friday, January 23rd 2004 - 06:16:50 AM
Name: Janet Yocum Robertson
E-mail address: mtreas@bellsouth.net
Comments:Your guestbook came up on Google. Am trying to find info on my Great Grandmother Mary Alice Caldwell-King-Speakes, who lived in New Mexico.......after her 2nd marriage in 1912 to Lucien Speakes. My father Dan Gilbert Yocum lost his parents as a very young child and moved to New Mexico to live with his Grandparents...........I do know that my father went to school there. I lost him when I was quite young and now have only my 2 childfen so am trying to fill in all the blanks to leave a history for them.

My query to Google was on Alice Speakes in New Mexico.
Would appreciate any help that you can give me.

I can be reached at mtreas@bellsouth.net
Thursday, January 22nd 2004 - 01:51:21 PM
Name: Edwin L. Proctor
E-mail address: edlrproctor@juno.com
Tuesday, January 20th 2004 - 12:24:05 AM
Name: Geraldine Cogdell(Newkirk, Bise)
E-mail address: geribise@earthlink.net
Comments:Haven't visited in some time. Lots of good updates. Keep up the good work. Will e-mail with some more facts of my own soon.

Saturday, December 6th 2003 - 12:37:16 PM
E-mail address: GUYMAN@IGBO.CO.UK
Wednesday, November 5th 2003 - 06:28:34 AM
Name: Bernie Crosby
E-mail address: CHELSEA6@prodigy.net
Comments:Great site! Keep up the good work! Bernie

Researching BURNS GREEN HAMRICK HARDIN MCSWAIN MELTON OWENS SMART families of Rutherford and Cleveland counties.
Sunday, October 12th 2003 - 09:02:36 AM
Name: Carolyn (Mode) Bailey
E-mail address: Carolyn_913@msn.com
Comments:Hi Judy,

Enjoyed visiting your website. I was born and raised in Shelby and lived there until we all moved to Florida the Summer of 1963. Some of my friends in junior high were Rita Hambright, Rhonda Patterson and Diane Morrison. Have lived in Chattanooga, TN since 1979. Frequently, I visit Shelby to see my brother and sister.

My brother's name is Gene Mode. Along with his family, they are members of the Dover Mill YMCA and workout almost everyday. My niece Cortney Mode is a cheerleader for Shelby Middle School now.

Do drop me a line if you get a chance.

Thank you.
Saturday, September 13th 2003 - 02:06:38 PM
Name: Doris Ann Morrison Malin
E-mail address: dmalin@swko.net
Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 07:03:48 PM
Name: Gerri Lynn
E-mail address: gel513@earthlink.net
Comments:Great website!
Sunday, August 17th 2003 - 07:06:03 AM
Name: Sharon Morrison Prescott
E-mail address: prescott@favorites.com
Comments:Saw your posting with valuable family info. on Jacksons and Morrisons. Both names are in my family. My maiden name is Morrison and Jackson is on my mother's side of the family. Great info on a Morrison who married Stonewall Jackson. My oldest Morrison name is from PA. That also got my attention with your Morrison family member. So far, I have not been able to trace our Morrison's prior to their being in PA. Have extensive records, kept by hand by my grandmother, on the generations who followed.

Thanks for the wealth of info. you referenced on the Morrison surname site!

Have you also found the extensive postings on your Morrison relatives on the Mormon site LDS Family Search. I have been looking at those records, today. There really is a wealth of data on this family at that site.

Thanks for sharing! Maybe, I will find a connection?

Saturday, June 14th 2003 - 10:05:00 PM
Name: Jennifer Patterson
E-mail address: jen@jensweb.net
Homepage URL: http://www.jensweb.net
Comments:Just thought i'd sign your book since i thought your site was really neat, great design & layout, Jennifer
Friday, April 11th 2003 - 03:51:03 AM
Name: Nellie Elizabeth Towery
E-mail address: btowery@rfci.net
Comments:I am a next door neighbor to Cleveland County.I have made Rutherford County my den for 44 years.I am interested in all the families in these and surrounding counties.I have a book out "Peter Brown our link to the Mayflower"that many of the names in these counties can link to and take their history to the Mayflower ship.>Right now I am working on the family of Jarrell/Sill /and Parker.I would appreciate your help.>>Judy I use and enjoy your website.Keep up the good work.
Sunday, February 16th 2003 - 10:07:09 AM
Name: Larry Davis
E-mail address: led052@alltel.net
Comments:Always looking for new sources, notes, pictures on the Davis' side of my Family Tree. Again thanks for sharing your civil war info and pictures. Your web site is one of the best I've seen and I've seen many of 'em. Do continue searching thru the branches of your family tree there are so many wonderful untold stories there.
Sunday, February 2nd 2003 - 01:23:17 PM
Name: Louis Howard Jackson, "Tex"
E-mail address: louis26@webtv.net
Comments:Truly, I enjoyed reading your introduction. Keep up the good work. We do get help from ancestors passed on, don't we ? Just a feeling my hand is not my own.


Lou - Wilmington, Delaware
Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 01:31:48 PM
Name: Wyatt Proctor
E-mail address: wkp7939@bellsouth.net
Comments:I love The Layout and the Photos are great!!

Love You!!
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 01:54:47 PM
Name: Margaret Beheler Jay
E-mail address: mbj2064@carolina.rr.com
Comments:Great, first time I've visited your sight. kGot it off W. D. Floyd sight.
Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 06:44:09 AM
Name: Warren Parker
E-mail address: wrpretired@aol.com
Monday, November 25th 2002 - 06:04:15 AM
Name: Pauline Arnold
E-mail address: pepsikid49@msn.com
Comments:aprreciate all your time and efforts, this was very interesting, good luck in your search, it is turning into a fascinating hobby for me, thanks for sharing
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 08:21:21 AM
Name: Pauline Arnold
E-mail address: pepsikid49@msn.com
Comments:aprreciate all your time and efforts this was very interesting good luck in your search, it is turning into a fascinating hobby for me thanks for sharing
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 08:18:41 AM
Name: Donnie Mota
E-mail address: donniemota@yahoo.com
Comments:Just surfing and came across your site . Looking for info on my Morrison family ,my grandmother was a Morrison .Thank you D.M
Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 07:16:44 PM
Name: George Phelps
E-mail address: grpwal@aol.com
Friday, October 11th 2002 - 08:38:34 PM
Name: Ann Parker Gray
E-mail address: eagray39@aol.com
Comments:I am looking for Parker's who migrated from Virginia to Tennessee when it was still a part of North Carolina. They settled in what is not Hawkins County Tennessee. Enjoyed your website very much.
Friday, August 23rd 2002 - 09:22:08 PM
Name: Ann Parker Gray
Friday, August 23rd 2002 - 09:18:37 PM
Name: Barbara Self Freemal
E-mail address: freembar@mindspring.com
Comments:Loved your page. It's nice to see photos of those your're talking to. We live on Pine Needles Golf Resort in Southern Pines( 2001 site of the Women's U S Open). My husband , Gary plays golf too. I'm hoping to get back into it soon.top by for a visit if you're ever this way. We'd love to meet you.
Wednesday, August 14th 2002 - 05:18:57 PM
Name: Bill Morrison
E-mail address: w9gmo@aol.com
Comments:My Morrisons arefrom the Chicago area.
Friday, August 9th 2002 - 09:05:42 PM
Name: James Preston Parker Jr.
E-mail address: jpar50@bellsouth.net
Comments:You have a very nice site. I am researching my Parker line from South Carolina ( Cherokee County ). By the way of Andrew Jackson Parker b.1847, Good luck on your family line.
Thursday, August 8th 2002 - 08:38:39 AM
Name: jeri griffith
E-mail address: jerigriff@aol.com
Comments:My great grandmother on my father's side was a parker.She married a Burns.I live in Texas. jeri burns griffith
Saturday, August 3rd 2002 - 09:37:04 PM
Name: Odessa and Linda
E-mail address: olsonlinda@ivillage.com
Comments:Fantastic piece of work!!!! We really enjoyed it. Thank you for the chance to see some of O's past. Talk to you later. (By the way "O" is one of Odessa's nicknames. The other one was given her by Uncle Buron--Scooter.)
Tuesday, July 23rd 2002 - 04:56:54 PM
Name: Bill Morrison
E-mail address: w9gmo@aol.com
Comments:Like the music. The Morrison family lived in Chicago at the turn of the century.
Thursday, July 18th 2002 - 08:00:41 PM
Name: gary nance
E-mail address: gnance@outdrs.net
Comments:I have quitr an extensive geneology record of my family from wilkes county. My grat grandfather had two brothers killed in the civil war. They were both from NC. If any one could help me or want general information, please feel free to contact me.
Thursday, July 18th 2002 - 10:32:58 AM
Name: Mrs T Wookey
E-mail address: wokaparty@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.aol.com
Comments:A very interesting and informative site. I enjoyed browsing through the pages and found the content easy to follow and fully comprehensible. Plus the added advantage of being free!
Monday, July 15th 2002 - 07:37:07 AM
Name: Michael Francis
E-mail address: rfrancis2@cox.net
Comments:I was looking for the55th NC Infantry page you had at one time.
My grandaddy Hasiel Turner and Uncle Matsen were in that unit.
Monday, July 1st 2002 - 06:29:05 PM
Name: Kathryn Weatherford
E-mail address: kiw@frontiernet.net
Comments:I am a descendant of Asa Parker, Sr. born Duplin NC 1775, migrated to GA m Phoebe Wood, moved to Monroe Co. AL and on to MS.
Sunday, May 19th 2002 - 05:38:23 AM
Name: Kathryn Weatherford
Sunday, May 19th 2002 - 05:35:43 AM
Name: Ray Peace
E-mail address: rpjp29687@yahoo.com
Friday, May 3rd 2002 - 11:47:50 AM
Name: Shonda Jarrell
E-mail address: shonda_jarrell100@hotmail.com
Sunday, April 7th 2002 - 09:03:26 PM
Name: Kristine M Harrison
E-mail address: kristine@familyforest.com
Homepage URL: http://www.familyforest.com
Researching Harrison, Beaulieu, Bougie, Spangler, Blue,
Hayes, Runkle and lots more....

Come by and visit our Family Forest,
"A People-Centered Approach To History" and sign our guestbook. Journey into your past and find the ancestors you are looking for in our latest

"Family Forest Odyssey Edition".

See our new archive page to read stories about your anceestors at:



Friday, March 22nd 2002 - 09:33:57 PM
Name: Christos Tsolkas
E-mail address: tsolkas1@otenet.gr
Homepage URL: http://www.tsolkas.gr

RELATIVITY END! (see,www.tsolkas.gr)
Sunday, March 10th 2002 - 11:41:17 PM
Name: Clara (Kivett) Gladden
E-mail address: cgladden2@aol.com
Comments:Hi Judy
I love your website.
Sunday, March 10th 2002 - 06:37:51 AM
Name: Mary
E-mail address: mthecarver@aol.com
Comments: Just thumbing through.Great Job.I am looking for a set of
twins that were adopted in Gastonia N.C.John David and Judy
Dinece Everett Age about 40.They Have bro.and sis.that would love to reunite. Thanks Mary
Saturday, February 2nd 2002 - 07:39:57 PM
Name: Jeanine Parker
E-mail address: jeparker99@yahoo.com
Comments:I have just begun to flip through your pages of hard work. Thank you in advance. Jeanine
Friday, January 4th 2002 - 07:02:34 AM
Name: Shonda Smith
E-mail address: FamlyTree1269@cs.com
Comments:This is one of the most beautiful and well-organized web sites that I have every seen. Thank you so much for sharing your family history with us Judy!
Monday, December 31st 2001 - 11:20:54 AM
Name: Carole Hammett Pearson
E-mail address: mmcaj@bellsouth.net
Comments:Have Hammett, Pittman, Gosnells in my paternal line. Davis, Williams, Smith, Underwoods (yes, those married to the Hammetts) in my maternal line. Found out through my genealogy research that I am my own 6th cousin. Ha!!
Saturday, December 8th 2001 - 02:11:18 PM
Name: Norm Dodson
E-mail address: dodson@midamer.net
Comments:Researching MODE from Rutherford, NC to the Lead Hill, AR areas. Thanks.
Saturday, November 24th 2001 - 04:08:33 PM
Name: Nancy Welch Ramsey
E-mail address: rramsey3@carolina.rr.com
Comments: I enjoyed your site very much. My family ancestors were also from Cleveland and old Rutherford co. They were Wellmon/Wellmans. I have been searching graveyards, books, libraries,and of course the internet for all the info I can find. I hope to do half as well as you have. Great work!
Saturday, November 10th 2001 - 04:42:41 PM
Name: Darlene Morrison Saum
E-mail address: hardwrkinggma
Comments:Just cruising around, trying to find a key to a locked door.I am a Morrison by birth. Also have g-grandparents who were from NC. There names were William H. and Cynthia Ray, believe that were from the Ashe co. area and migrated to Kansas. If you would help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Darlene
Sunday, October 28th 2001 - 09:21:29 AM
Name: Susan Todd
Tuesday, September 18th 2001 - 05:01:51 PM
Name: John Helms
E-mail address: shelmsj@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/h/e/l/John-W-.../index.html?Welcome=99895594
Comments:Hello Judy Kool site even though it took me six months to find you. John Helms Helms Genealogy Researching the Helms Family VA./Lincoln Co. Gates and Davis Families of Lincoln Co. and the Queen Family from Cleveland Co NC.
Monday, August 27th 2001 - 04:49:00 PM
Name: William O. Morrison
E-mail address: w9gmo@aol.com
Comments:Looks very good. Thank you
Tuesday, August 21st 2001 - 10:14:32 PM
Name: Shellie Hamrick LoPresti
E-mail address: alopres1@bellsouth.net
Comments:Judy you have done a great job! I know WD Floyd also, such a great person. I am researching my Hamricks. They include Robert, Fieldon Cook Hamrick, Hack Lawton Hamrick, Carl Mack Hamrick, Danny Douglas Hamrick. My crowd is from Rutherford County but started in Cleveland County. Looking for Roberts father. If anyone has any info on Roberts Father and would share I can fill in the gaps from there with clear documentation. I do not wish to share with anyone who is gathering information to sale. I only like to deal with people who have a sincere wish to help others with information because they know how truly gratifying it can be to understand where they came from. I love what you have done Judy. Keep up the good work. I am you neighbor and would love to hear from you.
Thursday, August 16th 2001 - 04:22:34 PM
Name: Russell Rollins
E-mail address: rrollins@rollinssoftware.com
Homepage URL: http://www.rollinssoftware.com
Comments:Great job Judy! I need to take some lessons from you on webdesign, or hire you to help me with mine someday!
Wednesday, August 15th 2001 - 07:30:27 PM
Name: Wayne Murdock
E-mail address: wamurdock@vnet.net
Comments:Please write me and let me know when the Hoyle Family Reunion is this year????? Elec and Margaret Hoyle was my great Grandfather and Grandmother. Thanks.. I plan to attend.....Wayne
Wednesday, August 15th 2001 - 06:07:01 PM
Name: shontika
E-mail address: guidr466
Homepage URL: http://home.bellsouth .net
Comments:how are you
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 11:35:10 AM
Name: Erin Arellano
E-mail address: arellano14@juno.com
Comments:First of all your set-up is great! Wish I had enough computer know-how to do a web page like yours. It covers everything!

Also, I was amazed and horrified to learn that someone would use your genealogy information without your knowledge or permission. How low can people go?

I guess I visited your page for a couple of reasons. One was that Proctor was one of your surnames. Although I don't share that surname in my genealogy, as a child, I received birthday cards every year from a lady named Annie B. Proctor. She was from Forrest City, AR where my grandmother was from. I always looked forward to her cards!

The other was that one line of my genealogy started down in the South and North Carolina area. They were the Govans. They were planters and legislatures and congressmen. They came from Scotland, settled for awhile, leaving their imprint on the region, then moved west to Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

I was very interested in your introduction. Your husband taking up golf and you your family tree sounded so familiar...like it was my own story. I think that at we search our roots we find that people are really more alike than different. They all had their struggles, be they physical or spiritual.

Keep up the wonderful work you've done on your Page. Good luck on your brick walls. I hope to return to your home again sometime in the near future and sit a spell!
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 08:06:41 AM
Name: Tina Thomas
E-mail address: mlt757@aol.com
Comments:You have paid a remarkable tribute to our family. Grandpa and Grandma Parker would have been so proud! Thanks for the touching tour.
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 06:10:22 AM
Name: Judy
E-mail address: Judabug28@yahoo.com
Comments:very nice website Anyone out there tracing:HUSKEY,OGLE family send me an e-mail. Judy
Monday, August 6th 2001 - 02:08:50 PM
Name: ava barber
E-mail address: liladi71@coastalnet.com
Comments:Judy,yes I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your website. Most of all the very warm welcome I recieved. I felt as though I was right at home. Thank you so much for sharing.
Sunday, August 5th 2001 - 10:54:09 AM
Name: Shelia Peace Barnett
E-mail address: pooh315@bellsouth.net
Comments:I'm Ansel Grover Peace's granddaughter. I'm also the great great granddaughter of his 1st cousin Edward. I'm trying to find info on Edwards 1st wife Martha.
Wednesday, August 1st 2001 - 07:19:52 PM
Name: Roberta Ellison
E-mail address: bertpe@bellsouth.net
Tuesday, July 31st 2001 - 02:57:13 PM
Name: Shirley Parker Ruff
E-mail address: Shirley123@webtv.net.
Comments:I have been trying to check out your web pages for parker hailton and parker allen but they won't let me in.What am I DOING WRONG?
Thursday, July 26th 2001 - 11:08:14 PM
Name: Libby Anthony
E-mail address: EAnthony@prodigy.net
Comments:Great work Judy...You do a great job...computer or as
VP of Broad River....Libby
Wednesday, July 25th 2001 - 10:00:08 PM
Name: Shirley Parker Ruff
E-mail address: Shirley123˛webtv.net
Comments:I think our families are related.Starting with William Parker down to Robert S.Parker my grandfather and his mother Zenny Walker Parker.I enjoyed your web site and the picture of your grandparents.Ilossed my Grandfather in 1993 and Grandmother in 1997.Would enjoy e-mailing you again and getting more answers to my family tree stumbling blocks.Have a great day you just gave me one.Shirley
Wednesday, July 25th 2001 - 02:56:17 PM
Name: carmen patton
E-mail address: brown28655@yahoo.com
Comments:cool website, i have so enjoyed the 1850 census
where i found many of my ancestors in it, thanks
for sharing
Wednesday, July 11th 2001 - 12:07:10 PM
Name: Ralph V. Green
E-mail address: rvgreen@vaix.net
Comments:Thanks Judy, I'll check to find out if you have something
new on the Green's
Monday, July 9th 2001 - 05:25:43 PM
Name: Ralph V. Green
E-mail address: rvgreen@
Monday, July 9th 2001 - 05:23:57 PM
Name: Frances (Earls) Merrell
E-mail address: EricMerrell@msn.com
Comments:Hi I have just started researching my past Family . I first found Daniel Earls,Great Uncle,now am trying to find out if Martin J Earle is his brother and William Earls also a brother. If so William Marvin Earls was my Great grandfather. The places,born York District,SC and resided in Cleveland County,NC in Shelby and Earl,NC. The ages are matching but Martin J may not have been 18 but 17 when he enlisted in OCT 1,1861 If any one has other info my address is EricMerrell@msn.com
Friday, July 6th 2001 - 01:29:33 PM
Name: Cleophas Revelation
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Monday, July 2nd 2001 - 06:39:40 PM
Name: Margie E. Hawkins
E-mail address: hawkinsmargie@aol.com
Wednesday, June 20th 2001 - 05:05:45 PM
Name: Dr. Benjamin DeBlois
E-mail address: deblois@atmc.net
Comments:You have collected a wealth of valuable Morrison geneology for us. Thanks to you, I now know the names of my grandfather's (Charles Alexander Morrison) ancestors. I wish that I lived closer to Cleveland County to conduct more in-depth research. One day I hope to visit the cemeteries in the area.

Continue your good work and congratulations on such a remarkable website!
Tuesday, June 12th 2001 - 08:24:27 PM
Name: Marshall Cole
E-mail address: bounder23@yahoo.com
Comments:I am a brother to Bobbi Smith [matoy@aol.com ] she is trying to get information about our grand parents from south Carolina. We grew up in Clifton S.C. I now live in Scottsdale Az. Good Luck
Tuesday, June 12th 2001 - 11:44:21 AM
Name: Bobbi Smith
E-mail address: shadbob@aol.com
Comments:Hi Judy,
I am fairly new at this. When I go on line I am here for hours. After I give in and go off line my phone starts ringing......"Dang, Mom, I didn't think you would ever hang up the phone", my kids say.
I have found out so many things about my Great Grandpa. When I see a family name it all but takes my breath away just knowing I have found out more about my family on this miracle machine. Thanks for adding my name.That made me feel like "the new kid on the block". Bye Bobbi Smith
Friday, June 8th 2001 - 07:21:31 PM
Name: Steve Douglas
E-mail address: stephenlee@centurytel.net
Comments:Hi Judy,
Great site. You should win a prize. I have info to share on JACOB FORNEY (moved to Lincoln County, N.C. in 1754,
JOHN D ABERNATHY and JOHN HARVEY PROPST and famlies as well as the DOUGLAS' from Charlotte and Gastonia. I can also help with research dealing with frontier era West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
Thanks to Dennis Morgan for passing my name to you.
Sunday, June 3rd 2001 - 10:24:20 PM
Name: Jamie Shytle
E-mail address: tjshytle@aol.com
Friday, June 1st 2001 - 01:17:43 PM
Name: dianne cogdell
E-mail address: dianne5147@msn.com
Thank you for an informative and interesting site,just starting my search, I will be spending a lot of time with your pages.I was born (1949)and raised in New Orleans La.Didn't know there was so much I didn't know. I have the time now to study my genealogy,Your site will be a great help

Thursday, May 31st 2001 - 07:19:03 AM
Name: Bob Horn
E-mail address: drbhorn@tnweb.com
Homepage URL: http://www.kidneybiopsy.com/HornGenealogy
Comments:A truly amazing piece of work.

I love it.

Bob Horn
Monday, May 28th 2001 - 04:43:35 AM
Name: J.E. Tramel
E-mail address: jetramel@eatel.net
Sunday, May 27th 2001 - 09:03:14 PM
Name: Libby Anthony
E-mail address: EAnthony@prodigy.net
Wednesday, May 16th 2001 - 07:26:10 AM
Name: gledford
E-mail address: ledfordgeorge@aol.com
Comments:congratulations on a job well done
Friday, May 4th 2001 - 08:56:11 PM
Name: John Hoyle
E-mail address: john0959@yahoo.com
Comments:Thank You for the wonderful pages!
I will be down that way for the Hoyle Family Reunion.
I'll have to check to see if we are kin.
In the Ancient Spirit;
Tuesday, April 24th 2001 - 10:18:16 PM
Name: john edwin greene
E-mail address: harpy711@juno.com
Comments:hi judy

i've talked to you before. i'm the guy with the elephant
in his room. i've taken some time off, but would like to
talk later. you're a great resource. best wishes
Sunday, April 1st 2001 - 06:01:22 PM
Name: Ralph Denning
E-mail address: ralphdenning@msn.com
Comments:Great site Judy, really enjoyed. I am looking for
information about my GGrandfather. Think he served with the
31 st Regt. of NC Troops(Company I) , but can not confirm.
His name was Joseph Ary Stewart. Any help would be
Thursday, March 29th 2001 - 10:38:07 AM
Name: Sue Baker Kirkpatrick
E-mail address: skirk@yadtel.net
Comments:Thanks for all your hard work it's great.
Sunday, March 25th 2001 - 10:40:36 AM
Name: Gene M. Horne
E-mail address: hornegene@aol.com
Saturday, March 24th 2001 - 09:13:06 AM
Name: craig
E-mail address: craighu@epals.com
Comments:hi im trying to find out about the hughes and morgan family
please help
Monday, March 12th 2001 - 05:57:21 AM
Name: Kathleen (Kitty) Moore GoodmanKittymam@aoKittymam@aol
E-mail address: Kittymam@aol
Comments:Winnie Le'Myra Mode was my grandmother-visited Shelby many times -Vernon(nephew) Mode-brother-brothers lived there-she was born Ruth. Co N.C-mountains-I was young but do remember -Oliver-Bob-Zeb-Junie--semms am leaving out but can,t r
emember-was 17 when went to old family home place -cousin lived there -my grandmothers cousin-Zeb was just out side Charlotte--am
fishing for info about Mode family
Am 80 years old-how are you connected to Mode' family-understand Mode's came from France-that was Isa or Asa Mode-my grandmothers father was Thomas-William I think was his father-any wasy I am apart of that family-Kitty Goodman
Sunday, February 25th 2001 - 09:13:49 AM
Name: Kathleen (Kitty) Moore GoodmanKittymam@aoKittymam@aol
E-mail address: Kittymam@aol
Comments:Winnie Le'Myra Mode was my grandmother-visited Shelby many times -Vernon(nephew) Mode-brother-brothers lived there-she was born Ruth. Co N.C-mountains-I was young but do remember -Oliver-Bob-Zeb-Junie--semms am leaving out but can,t r
emember-was 17 when went to old family home place -cousin lived there -my grandmothers cousin-Zeb was just out side Charlotte--am
fishing for info about Mode family
Am 80 years old-how are you connected to Mode' family-understand Mode's came from France-that was Isa or Asa Mode-my grandmothers father was Thomas-William I think was his father-any wasy I am apart of that family-Kitty Goodman
Sunday, February 25th 2001 - 09:11:49 AM
Name: Jerome Turner Wylie
E-mail address: berrypa616@gateway.net
Comments:I have enjoyed your work very much-especially the 1850
Cleveland Census-keep it going!
Sunday, February 18th 2001 - 08:50:33 AM
Name: Jerome Turner Wylie
E-mail address: berrypa616@gateway.net
Comments:I have enjoyed your work very much-especially the 1850
Cleveland Census-keep it going!
Sunday, February 18th 2001 - 08:48:55 AM
Name: Dale L. Bolick
E-mail address: daleb@twave.net
I just found your sight I love it.I'm from Alexander Co
N.C. My gggrandfather and his brother were in the N,C, 55th
Co H.My ggrandfather on my mothers side was in the 57th I
got hooked on this Civil War stuff My brothers and I just
got back from Gettysburg.I wonder if anyone would have a
picture of the 55th.
Keep up the good work
Dale Bolick
Saturday, February 17th 2001 - 06:42:43 AM
Name: Rusty Lane
E-mail address: vettemanrusty86@hotmail.com
Comments:I'm sorry I forgot to list my grandfathers name. On his
tombstone it reads Martin Hill,in the Wyoming County history
book its Martin S.Hill. Thank you so much. Rusty Lane
Wednesday, February 14th 2001 - 08:30:39 PM
Name: Rusty Lane
E-mail address: vettemanrusty86@hotmail.com
Comments:Just wanted to let you know about my Great Grand Father.He
fought for the C.S.A. with Co.H 23rd North Carolina Infantry
and he was wounded at The Battle of The Wilderness.After the
war he moved to West Virginia. I'm not sure how long after
the war though.He is buried not far from where I live here
in Southern West Vivginia.His grave is marked with a C.S.A.
tombstone from which I got the information above.I would
love to get more information about him but I'm not having
much luck. Thanks to you at least I have found the names of
2 soldiers that he possibly served with. Thank You So Much!
Wednesday, February 14th 2001 - 08:09:52 PM
Name: norma west
E-mail address: rwme@muscanet.com
Comments:looking for newtons took on quit a job just learning hope i
have some luck on this site
Sunday, February 11th 2001 - 11:10:17 PM
Name: Nathan Scoggin
Comments:Hey Y'all !

I'm the G.G.Grandson of PVT Baruch Biggertaff of the Co. G.
50th NC Infantry Regiment. Many thanks for your website.
Another interesting site is http://www.rfci.net/wdfloyd

Nathan Scoggin
California, MD
Saturday, February 10th 2001 - 06:10:43 PM
Name: Kristine M. Harrison
E-mail address: kristine@familyforest.com
Homepage URL: http://www.familyforest.com
Comments:Researching Harrison, Beaulieu, Bougie, Spangler, Blue,
Hayes, Runkle and lots more....

Come by and visit our Family Forest, A People-Centered
Approach To History" and sign our guestbook. Maybe find the
ancestor you are looking for in our "American & European
Family Forest Millennium Edition".


Sunday, February 4th 2001 - 01:56:56 PM
Name: Craig Proctor - Parker
E-mail address: askewgi@iafrica.com
Comments:interresting .....was just typing in my surname to see what
came up...seems odd that your surname is the reverse of
mine...or...visa-versa.... wonder if there is any
connection...if you get this send me an email, i will try
and fill in what i can


Wednesday, January 24th 2001 - 06:41:03 AM
Name: Reg Parker
E-mail address: regmax@telusplanet.net
My homepage address is www.regmax.com
rather than remax.com

Sunday, January 21st 2001 - 04:37:04 PM
Name: Reg P. Parker
E-mail address: regmax@telusplanet.net
Homepage URL: http://www.remax.com
Comments:I am a 11th generation decendent of Thomas R. Parker
born in the U.K. in 1605. He sailed for Reading, Penn.
0n March 11, 1635. He is buried in Wakefeild, Penn.
U.S.A. Thomas r. had a great, great, grandson (Captian
Caleb Parker) who served under general Washington in the
Revolutionary war. I was watching a mini-series on PBS
Boston last week when I learned that a soldier or militiaman
under one captian Parker fired a shot at a british soldier
against orders which pre-empted the point of no return in
the "shooting war" with the crown. I am wondering if this
captian Parker can be any other than my
great,great,great,great, grandfather Captian Caleb Parker.
Also My Great grandfather's brother, One Willard James
Parker born Jan 26, 1854 who married Sarah Speakes and
moved to Canada, anyone from his line of desendants would
be quite welcome to e-mail me.
Saturday, January 20th 2001 - 11:59:57 PM
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