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Scarf Bondage Stories
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Name: DB
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Welcome to the new scarf bondage forum, Leave your tales of scarf bondage here.
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 03:13:38 AM
Name: emma
E-mail address: ChrDav5@aol.com
Comments:good luck on your new website
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 05:27:53 AM
Name: kamarck
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Thanks for the good wishes, Emma
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 06:47:23 AM
Name: kamarack
Comments:Thought that I'd get the ball rolling on this dreambook.

I got my first taste of scarf bondage (although I'd always been curious), when I worked in a nursing home aged sixteen.
Being the only male member of staff I was constantly getting ribbed by the other nurses. After a particularly drunken staff night out, I got my own back, winning a spectacular food fight in a restaraunt, which resulted in me ruining the outfits (and dignity) of two of my co-workers. The following week (still pleased with myself) I was finishing a day shift, when the two nurses in question, Lyndsey and Sara arrived for their shift. Once the hand over had taken place, I was preparing to go, but heard my name being called from the laundry room. Putting down my coat and bag I went dowstairs to the room to see what the matter was. As I entered the room, Lyndsey, and Sara grabbed me from behind, laughing as they did so.
Struggling (but not too hard) they sat me on a wooden dining chair in the middle of the room. Lyndsey went round the back and pulled my hands behind me, tying them together and to the chair back with a chiffon scarf and some bandages (being an old people's home there were plenty of bandages and lots of scarves). Meanwhile Sara was tying my feet and legs to the chair using scarves from the laundry basket. After my hands and arms were securely bound (nurses are strong!) I was cleave gagged with a large silk square. Two more scarves were tied over my mouth and chin, I could barely mumble. Lynsey and Sara stood back and laughed at me, whispering to each other. But that wasn't it. Lyndsey took a roll of bandage and tightly wrapped around my scarf gag securing my jaw further. After a playful peck on the cheek from each of them , Sara placed a silk headscarf over my face, drawing it back tightly and tying it off around my neck. Laughing they then gave me a lecture on not messing with them. After that all I hear was the click of the laundry room door, locking behind them. I was there for a very long time, however they did let me back upstairs with just my hands and feet tied (I was tied to a commode with my pants removed so if you're wondering how I went) and gagged, until about 6am when they finally let me go. Once word got around amongst the staff, I had many other experiences, but that's for another time. I'm only sorry I had to leave that place.
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 07:10:56 AM
Name: knotted
E-mail address: knotted_up_2000
Comments:Great story! I will add this link into my favorites. later knotted
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 03:26:35 PM
Name: knotted
E-mail address: knotted_up_2000
Comments:I didn't add my complete email address in the other post. oooops. later knotted
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 03:28:17 PM
Name: knotted
E-mail address: knotted_up_2000@yahoo.com
Comments:I didn't add my complete email address in the other post. oooops. later knotted
Wednesday, September 26th 2001 - 03:29:15 PM
Name: Kamarack
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Come on folks !!! You must have some stories to post. Let's get this site going!

And tell your friends!!!!!!

Friday, September 28th 2001 - 06:31:13 AM
Name: littlehulk33
E-mail address: littlehulk33@yahoo.com
Comments:First of all good luck on your website. It should be awesome if people will respond and keep in touch with each other
Tamarack's story was great. What a great experience. I would have enjoyed it too. Is she still into it. I would like to share stories with her if she is willing
I have been into scarves & scarf
bondage almost my entire. I have a real fetish for scarves. I used to think I was different as no one talked about it. Now that I see a lot of people are into it, it makes me feel good. I love to talk about it tell my many experiences and hear as many females experiences that I can. I am a straight male.
I will start with the ones that I can bearly remember. THey were repressed for a while. My parents would leave me with a baby sitter. When they left she would say lets play kidnapped. She would dress me in her female clothes then tie me up and gag me with all her silk scarves and then do the same thing to her self and lie next to me for hours. I was too young to realize it was a sexual experience but I remember it made me feel good for some reason.
She got married and it stopped.
My older sister then did it to me a few times with her & my mother's scarves when my parents went out. She also would dress me in her clothes and leave me., bound and gagged with scarves.
It started big one day when my sister sent me to her friends house to bring thm something. I was a cute kid and her friends liked to hug me. I asked a pretty little girl to go with me who was my age.
When we got there they were a few girls there all wearing scarves. They said they wanted to show us something in the bed room. When we went up there there were many silk scarves folded nealy all over the room. THey said would we like to play tie up games. I said sure and my friend said ok. They proceeded to dress me in their female clothes and started to tie me up wth their scarves, They tied us on the bed together with the other girl. They asked me if I would like a piece of chocolate cake. When I started to say yes they stuffed a scarf that they had rolled up into a ball in my mouth. It tasted like perfume They then tied another scarf around my mouth to hold it in. Blindedfolded us and kept us on the bed together for it seemed like hours. They let us lose and gave us cake & icecream and made us promise we would not tell. They asked us if we would do it again . I said yes and the other girl said sometimes. I had many experiences. It stopped when the got boyfriends of their own age. They were at least 6 yeas older then me. This is why I have a big fetish for scarves and scarf bondage. They even had me tie them up sometimes which I also enjoy.
I would like to share and listen to experiences with any women or group of women whould would like to talk about it. We can do it thru E-Mail or a private chat room I have where no one wll bother us. Let me know if any women are interested by E-Mail
I will be looking forward to it. It is great to have site like this where a person can talk about scarves & bondage freely.
Friday, September 28th 2001 - 05:17:55 PM
Name: Jim
E-mail address: paisleybound@yahoo.com
Comments:I have a strong interest in Bandana Bondage :-) I have a few hundred bandanas that I like to use in self bondage or with a partner. I am always looking for pics of people tied with bandanas.
Sunday, October 7th 2001 - 06:34:26 AM
Name: Seidentuch
Comments:Hello to all.

I love to tie myself up with silkscarfs. I poste an e-mail, that i get from an online girlfrind. Hope you like it.

Here it is:

Are you ready for your new self experience, have your scarfs by your side and willing to go?

Right, first of all I want you to get ten of your silk square scarfs and one longer oblong scarf ok. good.

Now sit on your bed and fold six of the scarfs into triangles then over and over into neat bands, lay then on the bed along with the oblong scarf and of course your dildo.

Open your mouth wide and cram in a scarf keeping your lips open,then tie another scarf cleave fashion to hold in the wadding nice and tight between your lips ok.
Nicely gagged are we, good.
Now climb up onto the bed and tie one of the ready folded scarfs over your mouth, as firmly as you can, now your gag is complete.

Take the dildo and slowly insert it into your pussy all the way in, then close your thighs around it to ensure it does not pop out.
Excited I bet you are, now I want you to tie your legs nice and tight, at your ankles then above and below your knees.

Now take the long scarf and tie it to your bound ankles so that the long ends are left trailing, well you will soon know why.

Now take another folded scarf and blindfold yourself nice and firmly making sure you cannot see a thing. You'r now in a world of erotic darkness and nearly ready.

Tie a scarf over your hair with the ends tied behind your head like I told you yesterday.

Mmmmmmmmmmm bet you look and feel nice.

Does the dildo inside you excite you, indeed it does.

Slowly roll over onto your belly and bend your bound legs up, then reach out behind you and take an end of the long scarf in each hand, then slowly twist your wrists so that the silk is slowly wrapped around them,keep doing it until your very comfortable and your body is arched up with the dildo now firmly held inside you.

Now you are in your self hogtie postion and if you begin wiggling your hips you will feel the dildo rubbing hard against your vagina.
You are in control of your orgasm, take it slowly and enjoy it, buld yourself up and enjoy multi orgasm if you wish, depending on how you feel.

When you have had enough just release hold on the wrists ties and the scarf will fall loose.

I have done this on several occasions and have really enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

That was the e-mail and what i have to say: "I love every minute of my selfhogtie !!!"

If you like to read it, feel free to post answers to my post. Or post storys from yourself.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Germany.

Silky kisses
Seidentuch (silkscarf)
Sunday, October 7th 2001 - 03:15:25 PM
Name: Kamarack
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Some good posts coming in, thanks guys. keep 'em coming!
Wednesday, October 10th 2001 - 01:15:09 PM
Name: scarfgirl
Comments:Hi everyone,
I've kinda always been into bondage since I can remember, but recently I've made it a way of life. I met my room mate at college in Florida, not realising that she had the same mental make up as me ( I thought I was the weird one ).
I did notice that she usually wore a scarf either in her hair, or round her neck, she was very into horsriding and equestrianism, so she was invariably smart (tweed jackets, jodpurs etc.). Of course she had a large collection of silk scarves, Hermes, Gucci, Liberty, you name it (passed on from her mother and older sister). As I got to know her more I started to borrow them, I guess I wanted to be like her. One evening after she split up with a long term boyfriend, we had a real heart to heart over a bottle of wine. The tears flowed with the wine and we ended up confessing all. She told me how her sisters would keep her out of the way by tying her and gagging her, locking her bedroom door. It happened so often that she came to expect it. However she had never tied anyone else up, and I guess because of the fact that she was always the victim, she developed urges to dominate. To cut long story short I admitted that I always wanted to be tied.
Wednesday, October 10th 2001 - 05:34:50 PM
Name: scarfgirl
Comments:she got out a box from her closet, full to the brim with silk scarves. I was made to stand with my hands behind my back as she bound them tightly together. A large not was tied in a headscarf and put into my mout. As I bit down on the silk I could feel it being tightened behind my head. Another scarf was wrapped several times around my mouth tightly. I lay on the floor as my ankles were tied, followed by my kness and elbows. I spent the rest of the evening laying bound and gagged on the floor as Alana (my roomie) told me some of the stories of life at home (which I'll try and get her to share with you). We still live together in an apartment and scarf bondage is part of our everyday life, that's why I'm so pleased there's a forum like this. I'll post again soon.

xxxxx scarfgirl
Wednesday, October 10th 2001 - 05:42:55 PM
Name: Kamarack
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Thanks scarfgirl, how about an email address? *s*
Be sure to come back and share some more.
Thursday, October 11th 2001 - 12:16:32 PM
Name: bunfadaboy
Comments:"OK so you want to do lunch or something? Maybe just cruise around? I can go with you to scout for properties and stuff. I'll be your sexretary and write down phone numbers and names and places. That way you can just drive and look for the right place for your client." I had called Lin to see how her day was going... and to see if I could possibly find a way to see her, I always love getting to spend time with her so even if it's just talking on the phone I appreciate it. Today, however she agreed to come and pick me up, even though I am far out of the way, so we could spend some time together while she scouted for properties for her real estate clients. She said that it would be just driving around and so we didn't need to worry about anyone from the office bothering us and we could get to spend some time together. I could hardly wait.

Little did she know it, but Lin has been a kind of saftey valve for me in the past. I've discussed with her a few times my certain fascinations with bondage, Dominatrices, and a fetish I have for silk scarves and so I knew that she would be understanding at the very least if things went awry and I needed her to perform the saftey valve thing. It's very important to me to not make anyone uncomfortable with my obsessions and I think Lin is ok with them, at least she seems to be and that's why I think I can count on her if I need. Also, on a couple of occasions, Lin has let me tie her up. While this is awesome fun, it didn't do much for my passions for having a woman take and bind me using her scarves and then just take me any way she chooses.

The note tacked to the door was simple:


If you find this note but don't see me,
please come in and go upstairs.
I probably will need a hand getting
out of a bind, so to speak

then another note tacked to the bedroom door

I apologize if it makes you uncomfortable and
if that's the case, could you please just come
and get things loose so I can make it the rest
of the way out?

Thanks in advance if you find this and need to act on it!

Helplessly, Rick

As I retreated upstairs to the bedroom, I began to think of how I would do it. The 'it' being, tying myself up. If I can't get someone else to do it, then I just end up having to do it myself. OK so it sounds weird, but what can I say? It's a part of me and I've learned over the years to accept it. Once upstairs, I stripped naked and pulled the bundle of silk scarves out and choose which ones will go where. Once that's decided, I begin. First I use a large scarf around each of the upper bed posts and firmly attach them, one gets tied just by and end, this is the one for my left hand. The I take another and wrap it around the other top corner until there is barely enough of the ends to make two slip knots that I can fit my hand through. This pair of knots is the cincher that will hold me bound until I can either get myself untied or until someone unties me. I've toyed with the idea before and I think that once the slipknots are pulled tight onto my writst I will be unable to get them to slide back. I've not been brave enough to try this out yet other than to try it with my left hand untied. Next I tie scarves to the two bottom corner posts and leave long trailing ends which will hold my legs stretched wide, exposing me to any who come in the room. Then, just for added torment I tie a scarf around my waist like a belt, using another one to securely tie my cock and balls and then pass the end back through my legs to the belt in back and secure it to the waist scarf so that once fully erect it can't droop back down for quite awhile. With trembling hands I quickly secure each ankle in place stretching myself as wide as possible, so that when I tie the wrist binders I have to really stretch to reach them, pulling me tight and making it more difficult for escape. So far each time I've bound myself when Lin was coming over I've been able to get free before she got here and not embarass either of us, but as I said I never used the double slip-knot before. I think the idea of possibly being caught is part of what makes it exciting. This time though I was going to make it really difficult with the last cinchers being tight slipknots. Now it's time for the gag and blindfold. With one scarf I tie a large knot in the middle and use this as a gag, tying it tight so the knot gets forced into my mouth making it impossible to do much more than make some muffled noises. Once that's inplace I use a very large scarfe folded into a triangle to cover my face from chin to up and over my whole head, pulling it tight and wrapping the ends around and over the back of the scarf to secure it back around to the front and crossing right over the knotted scarf in my mouth and then back around again to tighten it in place. Now, blinded I feel for the scarf one the upper posts and with my right hand wrap the left wrist and knot the scarf off on the wrist and then pull the end and knot it to a bed rail far enough away that i can't reach it. A deep breath... reach the right hand up... I can feel the two slip-knots and the knot in my belly... I'm nervous because I don't think I'll be able to get out of this one and then Lin will surely find me... unless she gets called away and can't make it out. Then what!? Shit... should I really do this... I flex my legs... bound tight... I pull on the left arm... tight there too.... my cock throbbing and begging for release in it's own bondage.... I don't know... ... this is crazy... she'll just think I'm fucked... I'll probably scare her away for ever... that would just suck.... will she even come up and at least loosen the scarves enough for me to get myself the rest of the way loose... damn... ok so now I'm scared... do I do it... do I just say fuck it and masturbate with a free hand and untie myself before she gets here? Putting my hand through the slipknots... I contemplate... the adrenaline coursing... my cock so hard it could cut diamonds... the sexual chemicals driving into my brain... then the little voice of reason... from way back... "don't do it!"... and as I move to slip my hands out of the scarf... they slip!... just barely onto my wrist and like an idiot.. I pull harder to try and get out before it's too late... and they come sliding into place... just out of reach of my fingers! OH FUCK! I thrash a little bit and realize that evrything is just as tight as I had thought it would be, now I'm trapped.... trying hard to get free... looking up helplessly through the blindfold at my right hand... wrenching it around to try to get at the knots... nothing doing... my legs held tight... and the excitement growing... I can't believe it I menat to pull my hand out of the slipknot and now look at me... oh God she's going to think I'm a freak... she's going to come and find me here and be horrified.... trying to undo what I've begun I break into a sweat and find to my horror... I've done it too well this time.... this time I'm goign to pay the price... will it be losing Lin as a friend? or will it be gaining her as a Domme for a couple of hours... if not more? I guess that decision is out of my hands now! I hold my breath with trepidation each time I hear a car come down the road... and breath a sigh of relief as it passes... and then... the one... am I glad... am I scared... I don't even know how to name the emotions... I redouble my efforts to get loose... how long have i been here like this? Shit... she's going to think I'm really fucked.... maybe she won't see the note... the engines truns off.... maybe she won't want to participate and I can just fight until I get loose..... the heels clicking to the door just twenty feet from me.... I hear the note being tugged loose from the door....

Any Ladies out there care to comment? Or add their part to the story?
Friday, October 12th 2001 - 05:26:20 AM
Name: marcusrobinso42
E-mail address: marcusrobinso42@hotmail.com
Comments:My interst in scarves and bondage started in my early teens. I developed an interest in headscarves and as my mother and aunts wore them all the time my interest was catered for. I often "borrowed" them to wear and to caress myself with and this went on to wearing full women's clothing and make-up. I also had developed a passionate interest in bondage and so naturally when dressed I tied my self up.

In time I married June and carried on with my fantasies unknown to her. Inevitably I got caught.

One morning I felt the urge for some fun so I decided to take the morning off. I waited until June had left and then started dressing in some of her clothes and some of my own. I wore silky panties and a corselette with the cups filled out with pairs of tights; sheer stockings, a silk slip and a silk blouse; a pencil skirt, a pair of high heels of my own and a silk scarf around my neck; I then heavily made up my face with eye shadow, eye liner mascara and lipstick and to finish it all off a silk headscarf around my head. I then tied my ankles and knees with pairs of old stockings, stuffed a pair of June's worn tights in my mouth and tied them in place with a scarf. I then started to play with myself.

Suddenly the bedroom door flew open and June came in. After I had got over my shock and she had looked at me for a couple of minutes, June said that she had thought her clothes had been interfered with so she made a thorough search and found my little stash of clothes and scarves. She told me to ungag myself and tell her all about it, and this I did. June thought a few minutes and said that she would play my little games, but in return she was to be in charge around the house. I agreed to this, and June said that it was to start right then.

She went to her underwear drawer and took out a pair of stockings which she used to tie my wrists and elbows together. My legs were already bound so she took a scarf and tied my wrists to ankles. She then reached up under her skirt and took down her tights which she stuffed in my mouth along with the pair that had been there previously. She then gagged me with a scarf and blindfolded me with another. Then she went to work and left me there, but made up for it by coming home at lunchtime and giving me a superb blow job.

Since then she regularly dresses me up in her clothes and scarves, makes me up and tightly binds and gags me. This always ends in marvellous sex. She has also taken photos of me and posted them on the Net. All in all life is now wonderful with my sexy mistress.
Sunday, October 14th 2001 - 01:14:49 PM
Name: marting40
E-mail address: Marting40@gmx.de

it`s a Story from someoneelse, i hope you like it.

Erotic Homecoming
by Silky Emma

Eight o clock and I'm in the shower beginning my preparation for his coming home from work at ten fifteen, carefully washing myself down, rinsing my hair then a good toweling dry before slipping into my bedroom and putting the final touches to my silky chestnut brown hair so that it cascaded down around my shoulders. Still lots of time to spare so I open my long bottom drawer and breath a long sigh as I see layer and layer of silk scarves I had collected over the years, large piles of silk and satin squares and a separate heap of long oblong ones.
Twenty minutes later and everything is prepared, scarves lying on top of my dressing table readily folded on top of each other in order I shall apply them later, the final scarves on my bed ready for the final touches. Slipping on my blue satin kimono robe I make a drink then pass the time watching TV, regularly glancing at the clock to see the minutes tick slowly by, eight thirty, nine thirty, nine forty five and then I nearly jump out of my chair as the phone rings.
"On my way darling," I hear him say before the phone goes dead. This is my cue and off I go to the bedroom again, slip out of my robe and sit at my dressing table, half an hour to get ready. Opening my mouth I cram in a small green satin scarf then pick up the black and pink one with the knot carefully tied in the middle, slipping it between my lips and securing it behind my head in a firm gag. a red satin scarf is next, folded into a triangle then tied over my hair in a peasant style, with the shiny band held just above my eyes as I secure it under my hair.
I look at my eyes that smile back at me through the mirror as I pick up a blue and white pure silk scarf and bind it around my face masking it from the bridge of my nose down and hiding my gag and my chin. Another headscarf, this time more elegantly tied in a Grace Kelly effect so that my head is covered silkily, the sparkle in my eyes getting brighter as I pick up the second last pale blue scarf and bind the band tightly over my mouth and mask, then the last white scarf masking me again. A few minutes of steady breathing with no problems and I slip onto the bed, pull my legs up and bind my ankles tightly together. then above and below my knees making me feel more excited as my helplessness grows stronger and stronger.
Just one long scarf is needed to put the final touches to my legs, carefully tied to my bound ankles and leaving long ends trailing down. A quick glance at my clock and my timing is perfect. Ten ten, then I hear the car pull up outside and the door slam as he bangs it shut. Im shaking as I pull down the band above my eyes to cover my eyes, then pull a black silk scarf tightly over them to make an effective blindfold. I hear the front door open and shut, footsteps as I pick up the final scarf of royal blue satin folded into a large triangle then tie it over my face to hide everything. Slowly I turn over and reach behind me grasping hold of the ends of the long scarf and slowly begin to twist them around my wrists so that at the same time my legs are drawn up into the beautiful hogtie position then lie still.
"I'm home darling, hope you have got me something nice for supper. I'm starving," I hear him call out.
"Supper is here waiting on the bed my love" I think as a faint moan of joy escapes from my bound face.
"Where are you my love," he calls out as I hear doors opening and closing, then the faint creak of the bedroom door opening. Even with the silken bindings over my ears I hear that loud long sigh escape as I picture him seeing me lying all helpless on the bed. Then the sense of him sitting down beside me.
"What a beautiful surprise my darling," he says as he strokes my silken covered head." I could not have done it better myself, you are very ingenious"
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHHHHHHH" I moan as his words excite me even more then his cold hands feeling my small but firm breasts, sending a long shudder right through my body.
"How on earth did you manage the lovely hogtie my love, oh yes I see, how very ingenious, you are so clever with your erotic ideas and this is the best one yet" I lie still as I feel him get up off the bed, then a few moments later sit down beside me again
"Just a couple of final touched my sweet and you shall be perfect"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffffffffffff" I moan out loudly as I feel my wrists suddenly drawn together and bound tightly with a scarf holding the wrappings from the long scarf firmly in place. "Ah well, the long scarf did serve its purpose," I think to myself as a cheeky little grin appears on my face under the silken bindings. Finally the tension on my arms above my elbows as they are drawn tightly together arching my body up even more,
"Ah yes, perfect my love," he whispers." Now you are truly helpless so just you lie there while I shower ok, don't go away"
"MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffff"I moan I release hold on the ends of the scarf but the way he has bound my wrists they are held tightly in place, so all I can do now is wait in anticipation, hogtied and helpless.
It seems eternity before he returns and begins stroking my body again through the silk kissing my scarfed face and tormenting me by pushing his finger into my belly button making me cry out loud from my gags, already I am feeling wet in my pussy as he teases and torments me even more so as his fingers search inside my love nest digging deeply inside to locate my clit and sending me wild, but expert as he is he knows exactly when to stop. The time is near for true love as I feel him untying my arms and wrists and I release the slack on the long scarf allowing my arms to fall free. turning me over I feel my wrists rebound in front of me nice and firm then the tension leaving my legs as he unties them. Excitement builds up inside me as I realise my fate feeling him position me in the doggy fashion with my backside raised high in the air. That first touch of flesh pressing against my pussy then my muffled screams of joy echoing around the room as one thrust and he is deep inside me. Within a minute I feel that wonderful sensation building up inside me, my entire body trembling from head to toe as I get my just rewards. My orgasm reaching its peak lastingly as he increases the tempo inside me, thrusting faster and faster, deeper and deeper then our screams mingling as I feel that warm juicy spurt inside me. He keeps on going not wasting a single drop before stopping and kneeling there still inside me before slowly extracting.
I stay there while he disappears to the bathroom to clean up, then returns to clean my love nest with scented warm love tissue wipes before lying me on my side and tying my ankles again quite tightly. One by one he removes the scarves from my head and face, taking the sodden scarf from my mouth and kissing me passionately as I struggle against my tight bonds hoping they will not come free, they don't. Soon my arms are stretched up above my head and secured to the rail. I know for sure this is going to be a long and wonderful night as he kisses me once more then picks up the red satin scarf readily folded into a broad band. He smiles down into my eyes, my lips closing just as the satin covers them tightly gagging me again.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I cry out as he ties it into place, kisses it then lies with his head on my chest to fall into a soft sleep. I lie back with a faint moan of joy my eyes closing and knowing that later they will open again to feel the deep lustful love build up inside me.


Friday, October 19th 2001 - 12:36:54 AM
Name: marcus
Comments:Things are a little slow around here at the moment, so lets hear from some of you people, especially the guys, about how you started with your love of scarves and bondage. Perhaps you were forced to wear one, or were bound and gagged with lovely silken scarves. Perhaps it was your wife; or perhaps an aunt, or maybe even your mother. I have told of my experience - lets hear some of yours.
Thursday, October 25th 2001 - 01:58:25 PM
Name: SB
Comments:I'm hoping to get some time over the holidays to post my experiences with scarf bondage. Not sure if anyone reads or rights anymore. If there is someone out there interested let me know.
SB (Silk Binder)
Tuesday, December 4th 2001 - 02:46:54 PM
Name: kamarack
E-mail address: david_bruce_assoc@hotmail.com
Comments:Finders Keepers by Kamarack

Clarissa had always wanted to travel, but as often happens when you live in a small town, your life passes by with the day to day things until you wonder where the time went. As she left the office and got into her car a smile spread across her lips. Glancing at the suitcase in the back seat she started to imagine what awaited her on her cross country drive.

Unusually for one so work obsessed she had decided to take four weeks vacation in one hit, a whole month, she thought. Leaving thoughts of the office behind she put the car into drive, cranked up the radio and set off.

Over the next week Clarissa discovered just how much good this was doing her, she felt relaxed, happy and for the first time in seven years she wasn’t worried about schedules. She had made it through New Hampshire, down to New York and through Maryland. Where next, she thought as she headed south on the interstate, should she head over to D.C. or continue south.

BANG! The car skidded side ways across the road, cutting lanes. Awoken from her daydreaming, Clarissa tried in vain to steer out the skid, a blowout, she thought, dammit! The car finally slammed to a halt as Clarissa’s head slammed into the steering wheel, everything went black.

It was the soothing voice that surprised her, half dreaming, half awake Clarissa thought of her mother tending to her when she had chicken pox, she was seven years old again, she felt safe. A soft hand stoked her face, a woman’s voice whispered in her ear, Clarissa woke up. Everything was confusing, she could see only shadows and dimmed light, there was a softness on her skin, her face was covered by some material that fitted snugly but she could make out shapes. It took several more minutes for the groggy patient to fully come round.

“Good morning, Clarissa”, said the woman, “You’re safe now, you had an accident”. Clarissa lifted her hand to her face, it was caught on something, she pulled and pulled. A cold feeling went through her as she realised that each wrist was tied to the side of the bed with silky material. She tested her ankles, also tied.
“Oh, you may feel a little restricted ,that’s for your own good, Clarissa. You see you’ve been her for several days, you took quite a nasty injury. My sisters and I who live here in this special community took you in, nursed you and looked after you. You’ll find that your wrists and ankles are securely tied with silk scarves, several in fact”, she said proudly admiring her skill. “Also there are bands of silk over and around your body and that chiffon scarf over your face is tightly wrapped and attached to another scarf which is knotted to the bedstead”.

Clarissa tried to move but couldn’t the panic swelled up in her as she realised her predicament. As she begin to moan and cry out the woman, almost instinctively took a chloroform soaked scarf in her leather gloved hand and pressed it tightly over Clarissa’s chiffon covered mouth, the patient was soon at rest again.
During next few days Clarissa couldn’t distinguish between dreams and reality, under heavy sedation, she was fed, bathed, toileted. Images of veiled women tending her with gloved hands, binding her with silk scarves and every so often the choloroform would send her once again into a deep sleep. They always used a large white silk square bundled up in a gloved hand, Clarissa began to call it the dream scarf.

Time was of no consequence now, Clarissa simply had no idea. Her first day fully awake found Clarissa standing against a wooden post. She came too as two slender women in long silk gowns, faces veiled with black satin, were binding her body with long strips of silk winding it over and over. Still weak from the sedation Clarissa looked up and saw a third woman. This one was different, although she wore a silk gown, she was unveiled and had blue piercing eyes and jet black long hair.

“Clarissa, you’re recovery is almost complete, well done. Now you’re ready to fully join our family”.

Clarissa protested, “Who are you, where am I, why……” ,one of the veiled women calmly tied a scarf over Clarissa’s entire face, knotting it tightly to the post. A balled scarf was then pushed into her scarf covered mouth, with a third scarf over it binding the ball in place and knotted behind the post. The last thing Clarissa saw was the shape of one the women hold one end of a large roll of satin about 4 inches wide up to her eyes, then she began to wrap. As her world became dark again another pair of hands were wrapping her jaw tightly shut over the gag with more satin .

“I’m sorry Clarissa, I forgot to mention that you no longer have control over when to speak…., or see, or move. Let me explain as my sister’s continue to wrap. You now belong to us, we are a small community dedicated to the art of silk domination, bondage and mummification. You are on a large private farm, the nearest civilisation is over 135 miles away. Your old life is gone. You will learn our ways and you will learn to submit to us. Soon you will forget what it is like to have control, or to have rights, or responsibility. You will learn to love the silk that binds you, and the freedom of your bondage. There will never be another day when you won’t be bound and gagged with silk, we own your every move. I will decide if and when you ever speak, what you see and where you go. This is your new life, free of stress, a silk plaything, a prisoner.” The woman placed a kiss on Clarissa’s silk wrapped mouth. As she walked away laughing, two veiled woman finished there wrapping and stood back to look at there new aqusition. Clarissa could only manage soft mumblings through her layers of silk gag. Here body was so tightly wrapped that the women couldn’t make out if she was struggling or not. Everything was dark, a veiled voice whispered in her ear,” You know what they say……finders keepers”.

Clarissa was secretly relieved, if she could smile through the silk she would have……she felt safe, she felt free.
Sunday, December 23rd 2001 - 04:28:03 AM
Name: BondDave
E-mail address: hickman@mpinet.net
Comments:Hi everyone! Instead of telling the average scarf bondage tale, I thought sharing my up-and-down experience with you would give you an idea of some of us in the scarf community. I hope you enjoy, maybe I'll tell a better story next time. but at least this one is all true.

I suppose that I've almost always been into scarf bondage, seeing women wearing them and having them used while being bound and gagged in detective magazines and tv. As I grew up, I saw that the only people portrayed by the media as being in an actual bondage lifestyle were the ones into BDSM. Now I likedseeing women tied, but I never wanted to hurt them or bind them in chains or handcuffs. Scarves were the ultimate accessory for both fashion and bondage play, and when I discovered the internet, I found other people into the softer sides of bondage as well.

Unfortunately I haven't had the experiences in my private life as many of you others have, I had girls that were friends that i got to tie up, but I never had a girlfriend that was really into it. To this day, I'm still trying to find a woman that I can share all my scarf bondage fantasies with, as well as the rest of my heart. However, I've managed to make many friends in the scarf bondage community online, as well as trying to increase the popularity of our fetish. I've met many wonderful ladies and friends online, like Mallory of the former site The Underground. I was even lucky enough to fly to Europe, my first plane trip ever, to hang out and work with them. I did 3 scarf bondage sessions with the lovely Mal, Ena, Sabie and Lucie. Last year, I was even able to work with eight of the loveliest ladies at Bond Con 2001! I tied Vesta, Rachel Murdock, Lisa Tyler and even the first to work with the lovely model Suzy Kew alongside the man whose work inspired us all, the one and only Richard Volcane! Not only did I hang out and spend the day with him while working alongside and taking pictures of his sessions, I also tied Pooh from Bound Dreams, adult film star Amia More, the ever gorgeous Freida Bond from Whet Quell Productions, and discovered a genuine scarf lover amongst the loveliest fetish models...the one and only Stacy Burke!
Yes folks, and once my new pc arrives I can scan in those pics and share them with you, my friends in the scarf bondage community. I've considered starting a website, but I simply don't have any models locally, or a girlfriend to tie regularly to warrant regular updates. I seem to be cursed with some kind of bizarre luck...I can locate women online that would love to either experiment with scarves in bondage, or already love to. I've talked to ladies from California, New York, Chicago, Canada, Indonesia, the UK, Austria, Australia and even China, but I can't find a woman in the central Florida area that would either want to experiment in scarf bondage, or those that would are already seeing someone else. The only bad experience I've had thus far is that one person claiming to be the woman of my dreams was not only telling other people the same thing, but was also a man in real life. Ah well, I was hurt but not crippled by it. The good has outweighed the bad, and several of my friends and ladies that I have worked with not only loved being bound in scarves while wearing them as well, but they also introduce new ladies to the fetish, and they in turn want to do more of it and to work with me! Almost all the ladies I mentioned wish to work with me again, and each of them have introduced at least one woman that would also like to try scarf bondage.

I heard it said once that sometimes it's not what we have, but what we are denied that drives us. Maybe in my case, that's true. But given the fact that I'm getting to share my love of scarves with some of the loveliest ladies around, I can't complain too much. Well, maybe a little..only because it doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like(once a year if I'm lucky), and I'm still trying to find a lady to share my sensual love of scarf bondage with on a more personal level. Oh scarfgirl, I see that you went to college in Florida. If you're still in the state, or occasionally travel back to it, I'd love to chat with you some time. Feel free to write to me anytime, i'd love to share experiences. That goes for all of you as well, Any questions or requests, write me and let me know.

Wednesday, February 13th 2002 - 06:07:18 PM
Name: Silkto
E-mail address: silkto@hotmail.com
Got a story for you!

Isn’t She Lovely?
By Silkto

Doing some housekeeping for him?

Was it not a good idea? An agreement between a loving couples, my sweetheart and her sweetheart in some kind of fight for the next month. It’s silence in the house and me and she is here. Isn’t she lovely over there? I would say so. She’s doing dish up and he’s smiling at her. She couldn’t grin but as much as he noticed.

“You are really nice looking today Beth! You know it should be dried up too,” he lay his hands over her shoulders.

“Hmmmm, mmmmhh, knnt sssaaaaaay,” she mumbled and continued with the plates.

“This bandanna will shield you shirt from getting soaked with drool, darling,” said he while knotting a red bandanna in cowboy-style at her throat.

“Nggaannk oooohhh, aaarinngggg, “ she turned her head and delightfully tried to please him with pleasure. He kissed her on her mouth.

“You have a lot of things to do this evening so just carry on,” he said smiling.

He left the kitchen and went downstairs whistling. He entered the living room. The fire was burning and he laid two pieces of wood on the flames.

“Have you thought about it since last time I was here Eve?” He sat down in the couch with a glass and begun to drink. He was serious and was focused on a woman in the sofa at the other side of the table. She was furious and spitting at the sofa and more or less screaming at him, she has since he enters the room.

“It’s not polite, Eve! You are our guest here. What’s the problem? We have known each other for a long time now and your husband’s coming by tonight. Is it my wife? Nevertheless Eve, Beth haven’t said much lately.” He tasted the glass some and poured some more.

“You want some? Relax Eve!”

“Nnnaybe oohh nnnggggg athooomm?” Beth entered the room.

“Yeah good idea darling, she is our guest! Take her to the toilet and give her a drink too, but gag her again! You are ready upstairs now, right?”

“Ooo ngg.”

She turns around and goes down to her knees to undo hogtie and raise the woman on the couch. Eve dresses in her silk underwear and white blouse. She drools and her shirt’s all wet. The bunch of scarves he had tied in her mouth is colorful and cruel but effective to silence.

The door to the garden opened and a friendly voice was heard in the living room. It was Helen the not far away neighbor. She’s a nice woman in her thirties. She was probably working it her house and dresses in a wool shirt knotted in her front. Round her neck there was a silk scarf. She sat down in a chair looking at the scarves and liquid in the sofa.

“Hello, I’m cleaning up my house and thought it would be a great idea to pop over an invite you two to a dinner tonight or tomorrow.” She was a really vivid person.

“Yes, of course Helen. Thank you. We’ll come over tomorrow evening”

The bathroom door opened and Eve jumped out in the hall followed by Beth.

“Nggggeeeooo Ennngennn.” Anne tried her best to the best in a difficult situation.

“She’s just said hello Helen! You shouldn’t be worried Helen we’re just playing around. We weren’t expecting guests.”

Helen was shocked and confused stood up and begun screaming.

“Who the fuck is that woman with Beth? And what have you done to them? What have you put in their mouths? Why is she tied up like that almost naked? What is this for kind of house?” Helen was scared wandering around in the room first to look closely to the two women and then towards the door the garden.

Blood was rising and Eve face, that part not covered by soiled silk scarves, was rapidly turning red. She couldn’t make any sounds except some muffled grunting from her nose that came from inside her both figuratively and literally. She tried to communicate with her eyes with the woman screaming in front of her, but it didn’t seems to work. Eve was pushed back on the couch on her stomach.

“Mnnggg siiiitt nngggn nnnnmnnnngggg nngggggg.” Beth tried to say something to calm down Helen and waved with her arms to invite her to sit down.

“Sorry, Helen but Beth is a little frustrated now. But please sit down and I’ll explain to you. It’s nothing you have to worry about.”

“What’s the point? Do you always treat your guests like this?” Helen sat down on a chair near the garden door.

He gives explanation to the situation as far as he could and Helen and the other woman listened.

“I could maybe be into this kind of things. But as you know I do this my way. I drop by later this evening” Helen opened the door and left.

“That’s Ok with me! What do you two say?” The gagged women nodded.

Evening news

Eve’s husband talked to Dave and begun to release the scarves round her legs and everywhere except for her arms. He untied the carefully made gag and she had some water to drink.

“Thank you, darling. I really appreciate this.” Eve was tired but joyful.

“Well, that’s it darling. Now you should open your jaws and I take care of you. We’ll go home and I’ll give you another different treatment too.”

Eve’s husband took out two long silk scarves from his jacket. He made one of them to a long thin textile as he twines it. Then he put it in the open jaws of Eve. With all strength he knots it twice at her back of her head, then he ties it again with a double knot in her mouth and it goes on until the scarf is totally wind and surrounding her jaws. Eve is hold by Dave when she reacts and she act with some muffled guttural sounds. Dave does the same with the other scarf and Eve’s making less sound but getting more red in her face and is really aggravated and hurt, not embarrassed. Tears and dribble dripping down her chin.

“Dave! We’ll see you later! Have a nice evening! You too Beth!” The couple walked out the room towards a small walk to their home nearby.

An hour later Helen arrived at the front door. She saluted Dave took of her coat and Hermès scarf draped over her shoulders. She had changed her shirt to white knotted the same way and a darker colored silk scarf knotted at the back of her throat. She was wearing black trousers and really is a graceful lady. They went downstairs chatting.

“Hello Beth! How is it?”

Beth didn’t answer she was completely tied up. She was tied upside down on a chair. Her bottom was naked and was seated on the top. Ahead of her bum her legs were tied to the back seat of the chair. Her arms were tied to the legs of the chair. She’s been tied with various scarves. She was also gagged with a couple of scarves and they were untidy tied and most of the silk and cloth were all over her face. She wasn’t all that roughly gagged and could communicate with someone understanding gag talk.

“Nnnnmnnnngggg nngggggg”

“Yes, you seem a bit tired!” Helen turned to Dave and asked if she should be tied like that a long time. He should free her soon but he was more interested in tying up Helen.

“Ah! I want to find some binding stuff. I don’t have any of my own with me. My small amounts of scarves are too expensive to play with like this. Let’s find some new. I wouldn’t use these soiled scarves!”

She took a few used and sodden scarves that lay beside Beth and the chair she was tied to. She politely asked Beth if she wanted them in her mouth but Beth murmur something and Helen throw them in a corner of the room and cleaned her hands at Beth’s bottom with an excuse.

He showed her their bedroom and opened the room with all their clothes.

“Here you can find what you want me to use on you!” He smiled and showed her the accessories.

She looked around among the dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers and costumes. There was all kind of clothes for every occasion. There were open shelves and there it laid scarves in different sizes, sort and color with other accessories. On the edge of the shelves hung several silk scarves.

“Could we take these?” She said and gathering a bunch of scarves on the shelves and some hanging on the hooks.

“Yes, that’s alright” He pointed at some coil of ropes of different kind but she shook her head.

When they came out to the bedroom again. She suddenly throws the pile of scarves on the bed and took Dave’s arm and bend it backs. He couldn’t move and screamed.

“Yes Dave, now we should do it my way! Understood!” Her voice was harsh and had him in her arms in a way of speaking. He calmed down after a few minutes treatment and begged her to stop.

“Sorry Dave I didn’t want to hurt you! Take off your clothes, every piece of it, understood!”

“But we agreed on something else… “

“Didn’t I teach you who’s in charge here just a moment ago?” She took a grip at his balls and yelled at him while he cried loudly. After that lesson he began taking of his clothes while she went through the pile of scarves folding them and making them properly for the purpose. He stood on his knees naked and silently waited for Helen to take the authority. She tied a thin silk scarf round his balls and another round his prick. It was standing right up and the silk made the blood and the prick standing still. She tied it hard and he begun protesting although he knows he shouldn’t.

“It’s very severe and tight! And it should be that, it’s necessarily for me to shut your big mouth up!” She was really in some mood and almost friendly in her voice. He pleaded to untie the scarves but she already taken one scarf she’d balled up and she took a grip at his hair pulled his head back and pulled the scarf in his open mouth. She rapidly tied two folded scarves round his open lips and knotted them secure.

“That’s better Dave! Now you can talk with your wife and I don’t have to take any shit from you.” She laughs while securing his arms with other scarves.

They went down to Beth and Helen told her what’s going on. He lies on the floor.

“OK, Beth you know who’s in power and I’ll let your scarves loose for the time being. Your husband’s really getting into this play with your scarves.”

“Unngg, nngggggg uuuunhhhh, oooohhh, aaarinngggg. Nnnaybe oohh nnnggggg athooomm.” Anne tried her best to say something meaningful and to make her husband cheer up.

A New Deal
Beth massages her limbs and jaws. She had a drink and was sitting in her couch. Helen’s just finished a treatment of Beth’s husband. Some soft music was airing the apartment house.

“Please Helen, tell me what you’ll do with us.”

“You shouldn’t worry Beth! We’re just playing around. After the dinner I’ll tie you up in some way and we’ll do some interesting activities with your husband. No, Beth, he’ll stay this way at the moment.”

Helen sat down to have the dinner and stopped Beth walking towards Dave who was placed on the other side of the room in front of the window. They heard some muffled talk from him but they couldn’t say precisely what he meant.

Friday, March 1st 2002 - 02:56:28 AM
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Comments:A night of bondage

It was a normal night for me as I sat on the couch watching some t.v. My parents were gone for the weekend so I was home alone only with my sister and her friend. Out of the corner of my ear I heard the two talking about something that I thought was a little bit off. I ignored it and sat back down. Next thing I know a bandana is covered over my mouth and my sister pinning me on the sofa. I mpphed in plea trying to figure out what was going on. "we are going to have some fun tonight arent we, and its alls thanks to you," my sister stated now getting out another bandana and binding my hands and tightly knotted it. "tonight we are going to take some pictures with your preppy uniforms arent we, her friend said. My eyes widened as the thought of me wearing my uniforms for pictured entered my mind. I didnt mind wearing the uniforms, but havent my picture taken, that was over the top. It was a responsibilty that my parents had taken very strictly. "go into his closet and get his school uniform along with the supplies. Her friend came out with both uniforms along with a black duffle back. "Now would you please lead this schoolboy to change appropriately," she said as she lead me to the bathroom. My hands were untied and was shoved into the bathroom to change into my uniform. My school uniform consisted of navy short-shorts, black knee socks, white button down shirt, navy v neck school sweater, navy blazer and of course my black and white striped school tie and my black loafers. As i came out fully dressed I hustled into a chair and immediately my hands tied to either one of the chair handles. My sister came behind me with a black knotted bandana and tightly cleaved it in between my mouth. Her friend emptied the bag unveiling a couple of silk scarfs, ties, and some more bandanas. Her friend came over with another black bandana and tied it over my main gag. "If you dont behave like a proper schooboy this will only get worse," she whispered tieing the bandana tightly. another tie went around my waist along with a second around my neck connecting the slack to the back of the chair. "Now its time for the pictures my sister chimed in holding two floral silk scarfs. I could only mphhed as my tie was straightnened. My sister finally blindfolded me with one of the scarfs. The pictures were taken and I was untied with a night that I will never forget
Sunday, November 30th 2008 - 04:55:56 PM
Name: C14
E-mail address: chalupa1418@gmail.com
Comments:looking for a bondage partner
silk scarfs

and of course being bound in a girls/boys preppy school uniform or scout uniform
send me a email
Devon, PA
Wednesday, February 4th 2009 - 07:16:12 PM
Name: C14
E-mail address: chalupa1418@gmail.com
Comments:dont know if it posted,
if it didnt, looking for a bondage partner. have a strong interest in silk scarfs and bandanas
also interested in hankercheifs, neck-ties

most importantly, being bound in a girl/boy school or scout uniform (very preppy)
email me
Devon, PA
Wednesday, February 4th 2009 - 07:23:16 PM
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