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Below, you will see requests from journalists who are looking for survivor interviews. It's good to help people find out as much as possible about IPSV and related fields, so if you are up to it, I hope you will consider responding. Please use the email addresses that those making requests are asked to provide so that you can ask questions you may have before proceeding, to make sure that participating is right for you.
Please note that as much as is possible, I check the legitimacy of all requests before they appear.
However, you are still encouraged to check anything out yourself.
Certainly never exchange details, meet with or speak to anybody until you are sure it's okay.

To Journalists/Writers:
If you have read this page first, you are most welcome to place an interview request here.

Request Placed Monday, October 14th 2013 - 06:43:54 AM

Journalist Name: shivi sethi
Media feature is for: Print Publication
Focus of media item (to be elaborated below): dissertation
Name of Program/Publication/Website: final year law student- Indraprastha University, Delhi, India
About the media item: Dear ma'am,
I, Shivi Sethi, am in my final year, B.A.,L.L.B.(Hon) from Indraprastha University, Delhi, India. As a part of my Fifth year curriculum, I have to make a research paper and a dissertation on the one topic I feel is Important to be discussed. I have decided to write on Marital Rape. I feel it is the most important issue and the most neglected one in my state and country at large. We need definitive laws dealing with it and penal rules to debar such an act from the society. In India, there is not no penal law for this issue (except, when wife is below 16 years of age). Through this paper,I would like to bring this issue in discussion and hopefully make at least people in contact with me aware of such act being non acceptable and give them support to raise their voice against it. With your help, I would be looking Forward to read some case studies and jot the same in my research paper to bring in a greater impact about the concern.
Slant media item will take: case studies of the survivors of the abuse and marital rape.
Can interviewee/s be anonymous? Yes
Does interviewee need to be photographed?: No
Geographical location interviewee must be from: Not specifically but Asians or European case studies may help in laying down greater impact.
How will interviews be conducted?: Email Correspondence
Type of questions interviewee/s will be asked: general open-ended questions.
Specific instructions for Interviewees: nothing specific.
Latest date interviewees needed by: by mid-november
E-mail address to contact journalist at: shivisethi01@gmail.com
Other contact details: 9999234331
Other relevant information: would feel fortunate to be part of this organisation and support this cause as much as it will be possible for me.

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