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To Survivors:
Below, you will see requests from researchers, students, authors and other who are looking for survivor input. It's good to help people find out as much as possible about IPSV and related fields, so if you are up to it, I hope you will consider responding. Please use the email addresses researchers are asked to provide so that you can ask questions you may have before proceeding, to make sure that participating is right for you.
Please note that as much as is possible, I check the legitimacy of all requests before they appear.
However, you are still encouraged to check anything out yourself. You may want to phone or email.
Certainly never exchange details, meet with or speak to anybody until you are sure it's okay.

To Researchers:
If you have read this page first, you are most welcome to place a research request here.

Request Submitted Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 11:02:26 AM

Researcher Name: Carleen Corrie
Focus of Research (to be elaborated below): Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: Service Provision and Organisational Attitudes in Australia
Researcher has the backing of a professional organization? Yes
Name of Organization: Southern Cross University
All about the research: This is a Bachelor of Social Science Honours research project. It has Southern Cross University Human Research Ethics Committee approval. (Approval Number ECN-13-263)

This project aims to discover what Intimate Partner Sexual Violence specific programs are available in Australia, and explore some of the reasons why organisations may not conduct program that are specific to this form of abuse.

Original research for this project will be conducted through an online survey of those organisations most likely to encounter survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence. The survey comprises both quantitative and qualitative components, including forced-choice and open-ended questions.

Domestic violence and sexual assault service providers across Australia are being invited to complete the survey.

The survey consists of two main sections. The first part gathers information about the participant organisations, such as geographic location (e.g. metropolitan, regional, rural), service provider type, and target client group (e.g. LGBTI, refugee/immigrant, disabled persons). This allows for responses to be compared with like organisations and contrasted against those that are different. The second part of the survey asks organisations about the services they provide, and whether any of those services are aimed specifically at survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence. It also gives organisations that do not provide Intimate Partner Sexual Violence specific services an opportunity to explain why. The survey has been constructed so that the majority of questions are answered by selecting one or more possible options. Where appropriate participants are asked to expand on their answers, and there is a comment box at the end of the survey to allow for further information to be provided

The data collected will be analysed by descriptive statistics, including frequencies and percentages. Qualitative data (in the form of comments made by survey participants) will be analysed for themes and cross themes and used to illustrate and expand on the statistical information gathered. A report on the findings from the survey will be prepared for those participants who wish to receive it, as well as for inclusion in an Honours thesis, and possibly for inclusion in peer-reviewed publications.
Can respondents be anonymous? Yes
Country research is based in: Australia
Do respondents need to be from a specific geographical location? Australia only.
Specific age group for respondents? any
Specific context of IPSV? The research is looking specifically at IPSV specific service provision in Australia. Therefore I am only looking for respondents from agencies that encounter IPSV victims/survivors at a professional level, and only one response per organisation.
How is information to be gathered?: Questionnaire / Survey
Type of questions respondents will be asked: Respondents will be asked questions about their organisation, the programs they provide and if they provide IPSV specific or inclusive services.
Link to Questionnaire for Viewing and/or Download: https://scuau.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0BOVCpiXOAFejSl
Latest date respondents are needed by: 31/01/2014
E-mail address to contact researcher at: c.corrie.11@student.scu.edu

Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Service Provision in Australia
Information Sheet

My name is Carleen Corrie. I am a Social Science Honours student at Southern Cross University.
This project is exploring Intimate Partner Sexual Violence specific service provision in Australia. Both the peer-reviewed and non-academic literature talk about the need for survivors of IPSV to receive services that take into account the specific dynamic of abuse they have experienced. However there is very little information regarding such services and their availability. This project aims to explore those services that are available in Australia and the reasons why service providers do not provide IPSV specific services.
I am inviting managers, or their chosen representatives, of all Australian organisations providing services to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault to participate in this research. Consent is implied by continuing to the survey. Participation in the research is completely voluntary, and participants may withdraw at any time until the survey is closed. Completion of the survey will take 10 – 20 minutes. Information regarding personal experiences is not sought so the risk to participants is negligible. However if completing the survey should raise issues for participants they can contact the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service, 1800Respect, on 1800 737 732. While the final report may benefit those organisations who provide services for survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence no benefit is promised to participants.
All information collected is anonymous. While the name of the participant’s organisation is asked for this is purely to ensure that multiple surveys are not completed regarding the services of a single agency. Contact details are collected from those organisations who wish to receive a copy of the final report, or to be placed on a database of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence specific services. Information collected will be de-identified in all reports, articles, publication and the final Honours thesis.
The data collected will be used in inform my Honours thesis, and will be prepared into a report for peer-reviewed publication. A report will be made available for those participants who request it. All information will be kept confidential unless express consent is given. Information collected during the course of the survey will be held securely by Southern Cross University for seven years, in compliance with SCU policy.
This research is being conducted under the supervision of Hilary Gallagher and Mark Hughes, and has Southern Cross University Human Research Ethics Committee approval (Approval Number ECN-13-263). It is being conducted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007). If you require further information please contact:

Carleen Corrie c.corrie.11@student.scu.edu.au
Hilary Gallagher Hilary.Gallagher@scu.edu.au
Mark Hughes Mark.Hughes@scu.edu.au

Participation is this research is completely voluntary. Participants may withdraw at any time. Declining to participate or withdrawing from participation will have no penalty or negative effects from the researcher or Southern Cross University.

If you have concerns about the ethical conduct of this research or the researchers, the following procedure should occur.
Write to the following:
The Ethics Complaints Officer
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
Lismore NSW 2480
Email: ethics.lismore@scu.edu.au
All information is confidential and will be handled as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation.

Carleen Corrie

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