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Dreambook for The Mailbox Penpal Site

Welcome to my nifty Dreambook, a free guestbook service from New Dream Network and the DreamHost!

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Name: Dolores Ruckdeschel
E-mail Address: ruckdescheldolores@hotmail.com
Age: 75
State, Country: Ma, USA
What Do You Swap?:Memories of the 30's and 40's. Especially movies and music of that era.
Comments:I would love to exchange opinions, memories, values with anyone, but especially gentlemen 50 years and over please. Thank you.
Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 11:01:24 AM
Name: Helen Pack
E-mail Address: sassysherridawn@yahoo.com
Age: 73
State, Country: WV,USA
What Do You Swap?:I would like to exchange letters. I love to write letters the old way. My granddaughter has to handle this internet stuff for me. I'm not very good at it at all.
Comments:I hope that someone out there would like to be good friends with me and change letters
Monday, October 13th 2008 - 02:51:22 PM
Name: pamela frew
E-mail Address: pink5210frew@aol.com
Age: 65
State, Country: michigan
Comments:just looking for a pen pal to talk too
Wednesday, August 29th 2007 - 02:33:35 PM
Name: Pamela
E-mail Address: gt2stamp@yahoo.com
Age: 61
State, Country: Washington;USA
What Do You Swap?:ephemera
Comments:I'm a registered nurse by profession and an artist by passion with an interest in writing (fiction and letters), reading (mysteries, gen. fiction, history and biographies). Recently purchased a digital camera that I'm trying to figure out. I was married to a techy-type, but alas, he passed away three years ago. Now I have a cat. Will correspond with any age or gender, in any country. My government job frowns on communication with inmates-sorry, but I still gotta earn a living. Able to converse on darned near anything-if I don't know it, I'll make something up (I learned that from doctors...). Interested? Drop me a cyber cypher. We'll 'talk'. Pamela
Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 12:17:28 PM
Name: Marti
E-mail Address: white.lilac525@yahoo.com
Age: 63
State, Country: PA?USA
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/handmade_christmas
What Do You Swap?:fbs
Comments:I enjoy crafts, needlework, penpals.
Tuesday, January 30th 2007 - 05:56:17 PM
Name: Heraclio
E-mail Address: elgranmencey@hotmail.com
Age: 60
State, Country: Spain
What Do You Swap?:My hobbyes are music, the beach (I live in an island), reading, movies, walking, racing cars, plants, football and many other.
Comments:I am divorced man of 60 years old, looking for snail pen pals around the whole world, any age.
Friday, December 15th 2006 - 09:24:29 AM
Name: Mary Tock
E-mail Address: skybirdjls@sbcglobal.net
Age: 60
State, Country: Illinois U.S.A.
What Do You Swap?:postcards,photos
Comments:I'm a 60 year young female looking for serious snail mail pen friends.I enjoy reading,crocheting,cooking,baking,collecting recipes,music from the 50's and 60's,biking,walking,old classic movies,animals,especially dogs.All U.S.A. pals and U.K. pals welcome.I hope to meet some great people.
Sunday, December 10th 2006 - 11:54:18 AM
Name: Marti
E-mail Address: marti34809@yahoo.com
Age: 63
State, Country: USA
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/frompenpalstofriends
What Do You Swap?:friendshipbooks and greeting cards
Comments:I am a currently unattached, white female who enjoys: reading,writing,handicafts,history,cooking,gardening,outdoors, etc. I will answer male or female ages 50 and up via postal mail only. Please write send me your address and tell me about you. No prisoners please.
Friday, November 17th 2006 - 11:32:14 AM
Name: Perry Ann Eyler
E-mail Address: perry_eyler@yahoo.com
Age: 64
State, Country: CA. USA
Comments:I would like to find a male Native American as a snail mail pen pal. Interests are internet, Formula 1 racing (the old days).Also like gardening. I also like reading, jigsaw puzzles, walking, yard sales, and flea markets. I have children and grandchildren.
Tuesday, October 3rd 2006 - 09:44:59 PM
Name: peggy j. chaffin
E-mail Address: pwc1922@yahoo.com
Age: 62
State, Country: al.usa
What Do You Swap?:yes cloth doll patterns and quilt patterns and seeds
Comments:home along need friends.i collect dolphins,angels and dolls would like only snail maili really enjoy hearing from others my age male or female.i sew and do other crafts.
Friday, August 25th 2006 - 12:11:38 PM
Name: Cherry
E-mail Address: cherryonlex@yahoo.com
Age: 61
State, Country: New York, USA
What Do You Swap?:I love collecting and swaping stickers; I use them on all my corespondence, and am always seeking new ones. I also collect Brit / Scot mysteries series, anything with angels, unicorns, lions, pixies, fairy items, travel brochures (from the UK),post cards from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Will send neat cards from New York, and other cultural items available here.
Comments:I am a divorced, American, woman of mixed race, seeking to meet new friends from throughout the UK. I have a Master's degree in Social Work, and have worked with many different populations. I prefer people with a sense of humor, who don't take themselves too seriously. In addition to the interests listed above, I also enjoy reading mysteries, writing letters to pen pals around the world, learning about different cultures, political & cultural world issues, art, theater, music, poetry, photography, and much more. I prefer snailmail to email, but am open to either. I hope someone will contact me.
Monday, August 7th 2006 - 09:49:17 AM
Name: Wanda Shamblin
E-mail Address: redbulldogs@cableone.net
Age: 73
State, Country: ok, usa
What Do You Swap?:fbs
Comments:I'm a 73 yr old widow with lots of hobbies & intersts
Friday, May 19th 2006 - 09:44:39 AM
Name: Ken Michael
E-mail Address: sandi_babyred@yahoo.com
Age: 66
State, Country: VA,USA
Comments:I'm 66 years old, live in Va on top of a mountain with a beatiful view. I'm a native american:Cherokee/Cree. I enjoy riding my motorcycle.when I'm not working on it!!!I hike and canoe.Looking for a nice lady to write too,in the USA,hopefully in my neck of the woods.If interested email my daughter at the email address above ,as I have no access to the internet. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Ken
Monday, May 8th 2006 - 02:20:44 PM
Name: Phil Smiley
E-mail Address: hsmiley@mc2k.com
Age: 71
State, Country: Ark./USA
Comments: I was, more or less, forced into an early retirement in 1995 and am now happy as a lark about it. My wife and I have been married for 51 years. I have been fortunate that I have been seasonal working as a lake ranger for the past 4 or 5 years, off during the cold weather. My hobbies are copying cemeteries; collecting obituaries from the county I live in; I am home alone a lot as I am a "stick-in-the-mud", my wife & her friends travel to the casinos. It has gotten to the stage where I don't care where she goes as long as I don't have to go with her. I prefer writing to women, I don't know why, I just do and I prefer snailmail over email.
Saturday, February 11th 2006 - 02:38:02 PM
Name: Martha E. Fetzner
E-mail Address: countrycottage25@aol.com
Age: 62
State, Country: PA?USA
What Do You Swap?:friendshipbooks and greeting cards
Comments:I am looking for sincere pals either by e-mail or post, male or female ages 54 and up worldwide. I enjoy crafts, needlework, decorating(especially for Christmas) reading, writing, history, music, theater, dancing, cooking, baking and canning, family friends and so much more. Please write and tell me about you.I will give you my postal address if desired. Peace and happiness, Martha
Thursday, February 9th 2006 - 02:17:56 PM
Name: clifford reese
E-mail Address: creeseauctioneer@yahoo.com
Age: 65
State, Country: Kansas,USA
What Do You Swap?: I am 65 years young and an auctioneer. I am retired from other work. I was born and raised on a farm and enjoy be around livestock. I have 1 dog and 3 cats, sometimes 4, as 1 of the old momma cats comes around. I love to go fishing, pitching horseshoes, watching old western and war movies,especially WW2, traveling and visiting historical sites and National Parks. I would like to write to penpals around the world. E-mail me and i will send you my snail mail address.
Comments:Your site is great. I had a pen pal back when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I wrote to a gentleman down in Southeast Kansas that was raising a racoon, the same time I had one.
Friday, January 27th 2006 - 03:42:32 PM
Name: Beverley Davidson
E-mail Address: suzanna09@hotmail.com
Age: 63
State, Country: Australia
Comments:I am an Australian, I am 63 years young. I have always wanted an American penfriend, preferably an American Indian. I have a great passion for the American Indians & read everything about them that I can get my hands on! Their culture & their history fascinates me, my favourite tribe being the Sioux. My hobbies are reading, gardening & I play lawn bowls. I have two(2) children, A son married & aged 45, A daughter married & aged 43. I have six(6) beautiful grandchildren. I would be overwhelmed if I could find an American penfriend, especially one with Indian heritage. All email correspondence will be going through my friends daughter as I don't have access to the internet & she will pass my address details on etc. Hopefully awaiting. BEV.
Saturday, April 2nd 2005 - 11:16:52 PM
Name: Rosemary
E-mail Address: Bejae43@yahoo.com
Age: 73
State, Country: (?)
Comments:My name is Bev....... My mom doesn't have a computer so I'm helping her out. My mom's name is Rosemary. Shes 73, a widow of 11 yrs..... My mom loves reading, doing embroidery, watching old movies, also loves listening to music. She doesn't drive, but loves walking around her apartment area.... She has a little parakeet, but gets lonely and would love penpals (snailmail) If interested please let me know
Friday, March 11th 2005 - 02:47:59 PM
Name: Bill Thomas
E-mail Address: bill99t@juno.com
Age: 79
State, Country: FL
Comments:I am involved in encouraging ministries. One of them is a letter writing ministry to prisoners throughout the U. S. I prefer to write to those over 55 years old. Should you know someone, in prison or not, that needs Christian encouragement, please write. May God's Presence continue to lead each of us, in love.
Tuesday, November 30th 2004 - 12:26:50 PM
Name: Erik Lippens
E-mail Address: erik.lippens@telenet.be
Age: 62
State, Country: BELGIUM
Comments:Am an early retired typesetter; worked for printing offices and a newspaper. Love to read, write to anyone snail mail preferably, love to travel. I am broad-minded and like to write long letters about any topic. Male and female. age of no importance. Live in a medieval city with a lot of history.
Sunday, October 17th 2004 - 01:26:15 PM
Name: Barbara
E-mail Address: bmerry1@stny.rr.com
Age: 80
State, Country: US
Comments:My name is Barbara, I am a retired Latin/Spanish teacher. I am so old that my little girl is also retired! I have 3 dogs, a clever little Shepherd mix and 2 beautiful Alaskan malamutes. Needless to say, the dogs occupy a great deal of my time. I do enjoy reading - mostly romance, fantasy, science fiction, and dog obedience books! I have 3 grandchildren and one great grandson with another on the way. My vision isn't quite what it used to be so I do prefer snail mail.
Thursday, September 23rd 2004 - 08:13:14 PM
Name: Vera
E-mail Address: josiechan1@hotmail.com
Age: 60
State, Country: UK
Comments:Looking to write to someone around my age and become good friends.
Tuesday, September 21st 2004 - 10:47:16 AM
Name: domenico
E-mail Address: dom1943@virgilio.it
Age: 60
State, Country: italy
Homepage URL: http://no
Comments:seekeng nice sinsere lady for lifetime relationship i am 60 y.o. looking very young. my hobbys swimming travel language postcard pen pal shells music wolking along the beach.
Monday, August 16th 2004 - 04:37:49 PM
Name: Yo Van Damme
E-mail Address: yodajamisa@hotmail.com
Age: 62
State, Country: Belgium
Comments:Looking for female penpals snailmail.Can write in French dutch or english.My interests :history,reading traveling all kind of crafts,arts,cooking.Like to discover the way of live in other countries. Cherche correspondantes j'aime l'histoire les voyages les arts la cuisine et travaux manuels
Wednesday, July 14th 2004 - 10:05:36 AM
Name: Corinne Mollo
E-mail Address: corinne21910@aol.com
Age: 60
State, Country: New Jersey
Comments: Hi, My name is Corinne. I'm 60 years young and happily married. My interests are many..a few are; designing and writing letters, reading Sidney Sheldon novels, watching TV, playing with my three (3) Maltese fur babies, lots of crafts and I love Disney World....I collect angels, dolls and small token gifts which I love to give to my pen pals.....I am looking for female snailmail pals, any age. But to write, I need your help, e-mail me with a HELLO.
Saturday, June 19th 2004 - 06:31:28 PM
Name: Margaret Entrican
E-mail Address: westsideresales@aol.com
Age: 73
State, Country: IL USA
Comments:I am a widow,would like to hear from anyone on a friendship basis.If you contact me I will send you my address. Interests include-my 39 year old daughter,my dogs,I have three of them,gardening,reading,plants,and country life.
Tuesday, June 15th 2004 - 08:10:15 AM
Name: Brenda
E-mail Address: suzihamilton@hotmail.com
Age: 70
State, Country: UK
Comments:I love reading novels favourite authors are Catherine cookson, Ruth Hamilton, Martina Cole and Susan Howatch. I also enjoy listening to music, watching soaps, cross stitching, puzzles and crosswords. I'm a widow for 16 years now looking for genuine friends who will stay in touch via snail mail. Best Wishes, Brenda
Wednesday, March 3rd 2004 - 05:40:22 PM
Name: BarbaranLyon
E-mail Address: bluwisteria4@aol.com
Age: 60
State, Country: Illinois, USA
Comments:Looking for serious male and female pen pals who enjoy sending and receiving long, interesting letters. Have traveled a great deal; owned two businesses; set up and operated three others; am currently co-authoring a book with any woman and I am writing a series of children's book. Would like men/women authors but enjoy and will answer all others.
Thursday, February 26th 2004 - 06:17:32 PM
Name: Joan
E-mail Address: JoanJLyons@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm a 68 year old woman looking for other women from anywhere who enjoy writing via snail mail. I love to cook, garden, birdwatch as well as watch movies and read. I live in New England. I have several pen pals and enjoy writing long letters. Hope to hear from you soon!
Thursday, January 29th 2004 - 12:29:56 PM
Name: Rose Y. Baylosis
E-mail Address: rybph@yahoo.com
Comments:Im 54 years old single lady teacher from Alegria Cebu Philippines.. Im seeking gentlemen 60 - 65 years old penpals around the world. So lets correspond and be pen pals now...
Thursday, January 29th 2004 - 12:17:26 AM
Name: Doris
E-mail Address: dmp1928@hotmail.com
Comments:Hello. I am 75 years old, and I am just learning to use the computer. I would love some snail mail pen pals. I enjoy: photography, travel, old movies, westerns, birds, taking walks and so many other simple things. I have three daughters, 1 grandson, 2 granddaughters, 2 great grandsons and 3 great granddaughters.
Tuesday, January 13th 2004 - 06:25:18 PM
Name: Martha Elizabeth Fetzner
E-mail Address: MEFetzner2006@hotmail.com
Comments:60 yr. old, caucasian, female looking for snailmail pals only ages 50 and up- both mail and female Please no African countries, beggars, business deals or prisoners. I enjoy crafts, needlework, decorating, collecting, history, reading, writing, music, theater, cooking, spectator sports and more.
Tuesday, November 11th 2003 - 04:13:57 PM
Name: Carolyn Dietz
E-mail Address: cdhusker@hotmail.com
Comments:I am a 60 year old woman still working full-time. I enjoy walking, movies, rubber stamping, quilting, cross stitch, collecting stamps, postcards and thimbles. Have written pals for over 20 years and find this to be my favorite past time. I would love to hear from women near my age with similar interests, especially from women living outside the US.
Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 02:01:04 PM
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