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Name: Olympia Hand
Comments:So sorry for your loss; I can't imagine how your daughters must miss you every day. I remember 1979 meeting you and your young family for the first time--so much life, energy, and friendliness. You had the best smile and a wonderful laugh.
February 15th 2012 - 11:53:13 PM

Name: Stephanie Lawton
Comments:If anyone finds their way to this page almost three years after my mother passed away, please feel free to contact me with any memories or thoughts you have about my mother - I lost the contact information I had for some people who were at the memorial service or sent cards. Thanks,
Stephanie Lawton
November 7th 2010 - 06:19:40 PM

Name: Scott Wilson
Comments:I can't believe you have passed on. I was checking energy credits and found the Jane E Lawton Memorial energy loans. I only met you a couple times but each time I felt I was blessed to have talked to you. It was apparent that you could do great things, and reading these accounts, it is clear you have done so. Your passing is inspiring me to do more, to be more. How short the hour may be.
I hope the passing of time has helped your family to heal. It is strange to think that my sense of grief begins only today with such delayed knowledge of your passing.
October 10th 2010 - 05:11:04 PM

Name: marla jo moats schmid
January 2nd 2008 - 02:14:38 PM

Name: Don Childers
Comments:I just learned of Jane's passing and am truly saddened.
I was very fortunate to have been a classmate of her's almost all way through school in Ada, Oklahoma. I developed a special liking for her in Mrs. Stegal's third grade class, long before I thought girls were OK. We remained friends all through school.
The last time I saw her was at our 20th high school reunion in 1982. Seeing her and getting reaquainted with her was one of the brightest moments of a very enjoyable reunion. As I read the comments from my former classmates, I reflect only on the good times, which is what I'm sure Jane would want us to do.
I always knew she was destined to make a difference in the lives of everyone she came in contact with. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends as I know you have lost someone very special.
December 18th 2007 - 11:58:45 AM

Name: Dick Lipsky
Comments:I will always remember Jane for all of the incredible things she was able to accomplish throughout her life.
She was a person who cared so much about people, and rarely hid her feelings about most issues. With Jane, you always knew where she stood. Good luck to the person who may have disagreed with her. We would often end our discussions at lunch laughing at the irony of most situations, but always on a positive note.
Jane is a person who had a passion for life. And those of us lucky to have known her, are blessed for the time we spent together. Good night my dear. Until we meet again.
December 17th 2007 - 04:47:37 PM

Name: Eloise Bentley
Comments:I am one of the fortunate ones who knew Jane in her formative years in Ada, Oklahoma. It was obvious early on that she was destined for a remarkable and distinguished life. From her tears and utter heartbreak at having our high school mascot creamed in 1961 by some Midwest City thugs, to the hysterical laughter that was more often an expression of her feelings, she stood out as being someone very special. Jane's unwavering loyalty to family, friends and community is to be admired.

My favorite memory of her was during a reunion of high school friends in Santa Fe not so long ago. We took out on an adventure, much like Thelma and Louise in spirit, except we laughed all the way and it had a happy ending. That's the way I will remember Jane. Happy.

Stephanie and Kathleen, you are blessed with the legacy of a remarkable role model. My wish for you is that time passes quickly to do its healing so you arrive at a place where all your memories of your mom are sweet and free from sorrow.

Eloise Bentley
December 11th 2007 - 12:56:03 PM

Name: Buck Buxton, Ada, OK
Comments:From those of us here in Ada who have know Jane since our
elementary school days, we wish to express our deepest sympathy. She was special and we are truly sorry for your loss.
December 10th 2007 - 02:36:49 PM

Name: Nancy Price Allen, Ada, OK
Comments:I went to school in Ada, OK with Jane. I really respected her and was very sorry to hear that such a fine individual had passed away. My deepest condolences to Steve, Kathleen and Stephanie and all her friends and other relatives. She was a person who really worked hard to make a positive difference in the world. She will be missed and remembered.
December 8th 2007 - 05:38:14 PM

Name: Jim Perham
Comments:Jane and I graduated from Ada High School together. I remember her as being one of the smartest kids in class and a really nice person. My condolences to her family. Rest in peace, Jane.
December 7th 2007 - 07:33:29 PM

Name: Bill Bronrott
Comments:I met Jane along the Bethesda-Chevy Chase political circuit in 2001, and we became fast friends. Periodically, we would take morning walks on the hiker-biker trail that divided her District 18 Town of Chevy Chase neighborhood from my District 16 East Bethesda neighborhood (where I lived until 2005).

Invariably, we would debate whether or not the trail from Wisconsin Avenue to Jones Mill Road was the Capital Crescent Trail (Jane’s anti-Purple Line view) or the Georgetown Branch Trail (my pro-Purple Line view) as part of our ongoing point-counterpoint “dialogue” over the proposed transit line between Bethesda and Silver Spring.

Anyway, it was all just an excuse to get outside, walk and talk about our lives, families, politics, our past lives working on Capitol Hill, and of course to get some coffee at the Chevy Chase Lake Starbucks. As Jane would say: Fun.

We were truly blessed to have Jane with us in the House of Delegates these past two years, and I am grateful to have had the chance to serve with her on the Environmental Matters Committee through 2006.

The Washington Post editorial board had it right when the words “hit the ground running,” “rising star” and “respected” were woven into its strong endorsement of Jane in the September primary and November general election in 2006. As Jane would say: Cool.

Jane was Phi Beta Kappa, but she would never broadcast it and you’d never see it nailed to her office wall. Her unique blend of brilliance, charm, wit and humor was refreshing. Where Jane was, there was much needed levity and an unsaid reminder that the issues were the serious matter, but not us -- a hard learned lesson for many of us in politics and public policy.

There were the countless times when we passed in the halls and she would greet you from afar with her trademark “Hey there darlin’” often times to my “Here comes Ashley Judd!” comeback. Yes, Jane may be most fondly remembered for her Oscar-winning smile that touched many. But, she also showed up every day prepared -- she knew her stuff inside and out (I think she actually read the bills!), and her “substance and sizzle” personality served her and her constituents extremely well.

As my wife Alberta and I have thought out loud several times over this past week: Of all the people in this crazy world and crazy line of work: “Why Jane?!?” Jane Lawton is completely irreplaceable and will be missed terribly by so many. May she rest in peace and may her incredible spirit carry on in the lives of all who knew her, all who loved her.

With deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to Steve, Kathleen, Stephanie, and to Jane’s entire family and huge circle of friends and colleagues.

P.S. -- I have assembled a web photo album with pictures of Jane taken during her two years in the General Assembly that is available at the following website:
December 7th 2007 - 05:17:44 AM

Name: Barbara Hoffman
Comments:I had the pleasure of working with Jane on a variety of issues in the General Assembly, and was particularly pleased at her advocacy for affordable housing. Jane was genuine; not an easy thing to be in today's political world. We will miss her.
December 6th 2007 - 12:44:47 PM

Name: Jerry Lambert
Comments:To the Family and Friends of Jane Lawton:

Our deepest condolences to the Lawton family from the Lamberts.

I met Jane in 1995 when Prime Cable began managing the Cable TV Montgomery system. Prime was based in Austin, Texas. I was Prime's in-house counsel. "Loyer" and Texan. It was love at first sight...

Jane was my franchise administrator and had the authority to make my life "not so fun." She, however, always managed to make me smile and ultimately give her what she needed for her constituents in Montgomery County, Md. We worked closely together for nearly 5 years until we transferred ownership of CableTV Montgomery. In all those years of being on the other side of the negotiating table from Jane I must admit, and I know Jane would agree, "we did have fun."

The details of the many franchise transfers,extensions, and renewals are a blur to me now but the good memories of time spent with Jane Lawton are indelible. Like everyone else who knew Jane, I too, am better for having had the experience.

It is my hope and prayer that the memories of her smile and spirit will fill the many voids her departure has left.

Warmest regards,

Jerry Lambert
December 6th 2007 - 11:25:18 AM

Name: Mier Wolf
Comments:Cathy and I express our heartfelt sympathy to Steve, Kathleen and Stephanie upon Jane's death. Jane loved her family above all. Beyond family, however, I worked with Jane for 25 years on Town of Chevy Chase matters including everything from building the Leland Center to opening and supporting the Capital Crescent Trail between Bethesda and Silver Spring. It was Jane who urged me to get involved in local government issues. We had a wonderful friendship throughout the years where we supported eachother as community leaders, saw important projects implemented and had alot of fun in the process. In the 1980's we decided the town needed to have a party so that we planned a 70th birthday event at Chevy Chase Elementary School to honor the occasion. Just before invitations went out we realized we had miscalculated how old the town was. It was 65 years old then. We just roared and went ahead with a 65th birthday party where a good time was had by all.
December 6th 2007 - 10:29:37 AM

Name: E. Steven Emanuel
Comments:It's very hard to describe the loss of friendship that you make with a co-worker. Jane and I had only known each other for about 6 months, but they were a fun filled six months, beginning with the day they announced my joining Montgomery County and DTS.

Jane was one of the first people that I met, following the Executive's announcement. On that first day, I was welcomed by that warm smile, a firm handshake and her infamous "Hey Darlin" which at first I thought was a bit familiar, but quickly recognized that was Jane's calling card.

Jane was an excellent mentor regarding her work here at the County. It was easy to see the passion she had for what she did for the county constituents and how serious she took the services she and her team provided. Her shoes will not easily be filled as a friend, co-worker and consumer advocate.

Jane will be deeply missed. (See you on the other side, "Darlin")....Steve
December 6th 2007 - 07:16:08 AM

Name: Michael and Carol Blum Gordon
Comments:We were both fortunate enough to know Jane as a person and work with her as colleagues. Michael served with her in the House of Delegates and was elated when she won the election following her appointment. I served with her on the Town of Chevy Chase Town Council back in the eighties. Jane poured her heart, soul and extensive expertise into Council endeavors, especially the founding and development of the Leland Community Center. She attended all the charettes, meticiously tracked all the myriad details associated with the project, and kept the rest of the Council members informed of the progress. I had a less glamorous assignment; Streets, Roads and Alleys but even after a dreary day of bidding conferences with paving contractors, Jane could cheer me up with "Hi, darlin'". I used to tease her that she sounded like a line from a David Allen Coe song: "You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin', Darlin'... You Never Even Called Me By My Name". She would reply that Steve was the country music fan in their house! I am fortunate to have known Jane and that I have many good memories to comfort me. My prayer for Steve and the girls is that they find peace and healing by knowing that so many persons loved and admired Jane.

Carol Blum Gordon
December 5th 2007 - 05:29:06 PM

Name: Jeff Schwartz
Comments:Jane was a friend, a neighbor, my representative in the legislature and a hero of mine. She put the Party in Democratic Party. She made contributions to protecting the environment that will touch generations. She lit up the world with her smile and hearty laughter. And she and Steve gave the world two wonderful daughters. Most of you know about her commitments to family, friends, town, state, environment and planet.

Here's a story about Jane that you may not know. She was never too busy -- even in Annapolis -- to help a friend. When I told her about an urban youth created photo exhibit that was being held in Annapolis to dramatize the deplorable condition of inner city Baltimore schools, she was there -- offering support to the sponsors of the exhibit -- -- and dragooning fellow delegates to join her in checking out those powerful photographs by the Baltimore young people and "doing something" about it. Jane's moral and political support meant a lot to those who had traveled from Baltimore to get the Legislature to pay attention. And eventually, partly because of those photos, $100 million was added to the education bill specifically to rehabilitate run down schools in Baltimore and the rest of the state.

I grieve her sudden loss, but this consoles me: if you think George Bailey led a "Wonderful Life," think how many lives Jane touched for the better! And I imagine she would say, it's fine to shed a few tears, but we also need to get back to work -- to rededicate ourselves to the world she fought so well to protect.

Jane, you were a gift to us all. You have inspired us with the gifts of your joy, love, passion, good humor, elemental kindness, Maryland charm and Okie stubborness. I choose to honor you, your work, and those Wonder-ful gifts of yours by "keepin' on keepin' on" with that work as long as well as I can, and, as Paul Rogers said, "Have some fun AND get it done."

We were touched by grace and greatness. Thanks, Jane.

December 5th 2007 - 01:37:20 PM

Name: Bobby Bingham
Comments:I was lucky enough to spend time with Jane and Stephanie when I was visiting DC in June. I was able to sit down with her and Stephanie for a meal and then go to her house and look through a photo album of things from her high school days in Oklahoma. She will be missed and my love goes to Kathleen and Stephanie for the loss they are experiencing.
Love HOT LIPS ( what she called me in 1974 for a nickname)
December 5th 2007 - 08:45:33 AM

Name: Brenda Trainor & Kevin Dods
Comments:It really isn't hard for a Texan to love an Okie, especially if the Okie is Jane. What energy, what fun, what a great sense of process (a true progressive!), and now what a loss. We shared so much: the meals in our homes, the visits, the conventions, the endless meetings, the conference calls, the professional challenges and camaraderie.
Jane was a friend, a true delight. Thank you Jane.
And to Steph and Kathleen, I know your hearts ache now, but her brilliance will be with you always, you know that, and I know you will continue to reflect her shine in all that you do.
December 4th 2007 - 05:32:18 PM

Name: Joyce Schwartz
Comments:I'll always remember Jane for her warmth and joie de vivre, her energy and sense of humor. She had a way of making the day a little brighter for us all. I'll miss hearing her cheery "Hi darlin," and seeing her wide smile. Jane left the world a better place than she found it, and I feel lucky to have called her a friend.
December 3rd 2007 - 10:49:37 PM

Name: Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn
Comments:I so sorry that our committee, Environmental Matters, in the Legislature will no longer have the presence of Jane. Jane and I quickly became friends in my first year (2006) as a Delegate. She always offered not only very good advice and information; Jane also offered something much more valuable, her friendship. I will most certainly miss her. I used to tell her that she reminded me of the famous actress, Diane Keaton, because of her unique "style" and personality. May God always Bless and strengthen Jane's family, especially her daughters.
December 3rd 2007 - 07:07:10 PM

December 3rd 2007 - 07:06:22 PM

Name: Lori Panzino-Tillery
Comments:It has taken several days to get over the shock and sadness of losing Jane. My heart is heavy with the realization of her family's loss 1000 fold. I can not imagine.

Jane was my first official contact with NATOA- a conversation I will always remember. She inspired me to be active in the Association, so it is all her fault! Thank you Jane- for you, your inspiration and leaving this place a whole lot better than you found it.

You will be missed and your memory treasured.

December 3rd 2007 - 05:56:48 PM

Name: Nancy (Thomason) Dunlap- Cousin
Comments:To Jane's Family,
Seems like only yesterday that Jane was back home in Ada for her mother's passing. Even though we were not in close contact with Jane we (my sisters and I) would try to make time to go see Aunt Ruth Alice, Jane's mother. She reminded us so much of our Grandpa Bob.

Jane's passing came as a shock to all of us. When she was home two years ago she looked great. We took family pictures after Aunt Ruth Alice's funeral where Jane was sitting by our dad (Robert Thomasoon Jr.)who passed away in July of this year. We just never know when the ones we love will leave us. Family time together is so precious and we must capture every moment we can. Just remember all the fun and special times you had with one another.

My older sister Donna and I traveled to Washington D.C. through 4-H and one of the highlights of our trips was going to see Speaker of the House, Carl Albert when Jane worked with him. It was neat to say that our cousin worked for Speaker Carl Albert.

Steve and the girls you are in our thoughts and prayers. We know this is a hard time for all of you but it will get easier in time. Jane was loved and respected by many people.
December 3rd 2007 - 04:58:18 PM

Name: Jacqueline Levy
Comments:I was so sorry to hear of Jane's passing last week. I will miss her feisty good nature and her sage advice on local government and cable television franchise issues. My deepest sympathies go to Jane's family, friends, colleagues, and constituents.

She was a leader, an innovator, and a force to be reckoned with - make that gale force. What a great lady! She will be missed very much.

Jacqueline Levy
Cable Television Administrator, City of Alexandria
December 3rd 2007 - 04:43:33 PM

Name: Mike Tarquinio
Comments:My condolences to her family. I had the pleasure of
working with Jane for the last year and a 1/2 in Montgomery
County Govt. She was a joy to have around. Her humor
and intellect never failed to light up the room. She will
be sorely missed.

December 3rd 2007 - 03:49:19 PM

Name: Mary Beth Henry
Comments:My friend Jane died last week.
She was a rock star.
Not the singing kind.
The kind that makes a difference in the lives of everyone she meets.
With her freckles and fearless laugh, her ya'll and daaling, she rocked our world.
A rare breed. Authentic and full of grace.
Rock on Jane.

I had just given her a "Run Jane Run" card at the NATOA conference in Portland. She was so proud when she introduced me to her daughter that day. Thanks Jane for showing us how to live. My heart goes out to her family.
December 3rd 2007 - 03:29:47 PM

Name: Andi Silverstone
Comments:Jane was on the Town Council when I started working for the Town of Chevy Chase - 21 years ago. I remember how hard she worked for the Town as Treasurer and Council Chairperson. She seemed to have limitless energy. When the Town office was located in a single room at the 4-H Center, she would come to the office to discuss Town busines while making Stephanie and Kathleen's halloween costumes. Talk about multi-tasking!
Her death is such a shock and is so untimely. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
December 3rd 2007 - 10:28:55 AM

Name: Delegate Sue Hecht, District 3A
Comments:To Jane's Family,

I was shocked and saddened to hear about Jane's untimely death. She will be greatly missed as a leader in the Women's Caucus and in the General Assembly. Jane has left a positive legacy through her work in the House--especially for the environment and for women. She lead with grace, humor and determination. I was honored to know Jane and to serve with her.

My best wishes to you all.

December 3rd 2007 - 07:22:17 AM

Name: Heidi McAllister

Thank you for taking to heart those of us whom you represented. I don´t say this very often, but I sincerely felt represented by you, that you kept my interests in mind. It was a pleasure and an honor to vote for you. (If I may say so, just let me know when you need my vote again - you´ve got it.)
December 3rd 2007 - 07:19:03 AM

Name: Nora Achrati
Comments:Stephanie, your mom made me feel like another sister. My family sends all their love to yours.
December 2nd 2007 - 11:13:51 PM

Name: Susan Ness
Comments:Jane was a dear and energetic friend who understood what really needed to be done and how to bring people together to accomplish that mission. She truly believed in serving the public and was selfless in her dedication. With a twinkle in her eye, joy in her heart, and facts and figures at her command, she inspired -- and sometimes goaded -- all of us to work just a little harder to make our County, our State, our Country and our world a better place for our children. Her leadership and her friendship will be deeply missed.
December 2nd 2007 - 10:23:51 PM

Name: Charles & Mary Margaret Bingham
Comments:Cousin Jane,
We will miss you a lot. We will always remember your good humor and energy. Thanks for introduing us at the ice cream social at your house some 47 years ago.
Until we meet again, we love you.
Charles and Mary Margaret
December 2nd 2007 - 09:02:41 PM

Name: Ed & Isabel Abrahams

We will always miss you every day all the rest of our lives. You are the bright particular star. We will never forget your warmth, humor, and vivaciousness. We will carry on your work and see that your memory burns bright and is cherished.

Ed and Isabel
December 2nd 2007 - 08:33:28 PM

Name: Jeffrey Slavin

Me again. Just back from your homecoming service. You would have been pleased. Huge turnout--the Be's, Wanna Be's , Has Beens and the like, to pay you honor, including the Governor, the Speaker, your Chairman, the Congressman and everyone in between. Your girls would have made you proud, especially Kathleen who caused the whole crowd to roar like you would have....and there was a wonderful Oklahoma feel to the event provided by your best friend and your brother & sister-in law.

Jane, you are still with us in our hearts and our soles and your spirit is present in all that we do. Hope your Journey Home was safe.


December 2nd 2007 - 05:26:13 PM

Name: Norman Gelman
Comments:Although our decades-long friendship took place mainly in the political arena, Esther and I really loved Jane. She was smart, warm, friendly and fun to be around. Among her outstanding characteristics was a complete lack of pretension. She knew who she was and where she'd come from, and you didn't have to be around her long to know that she was the genuine article -- accomplished, to be sure, but not self-impressed. On those few occasions when we had dinner together, Jane invariably talked about Stephanie and Kathleen, how much she loved them and how proud she was of them. We always ended by agreeing that we needed to do it again soon. She was taken from all of us much too early. Although her family will surely mourn her most of all, she touched a lot of lives (as the attendance at Cedar Lane demonstrated)and many of us will miss her and never forget her.
December 2nd 2007 - 04:58:59 PM

Name: Denise Brady
Comments:How is it that I can feel so connected to and know so much about all aspects of the life of someone that I see so infrequently and who lives and works all the way across the country? How is it that I feel more connected to Jane than I do to my next door neighbor in San Francisco and that I know more about Jane from Jane than I do about the people I worked next to for years?

Most people compartmentalize their lives- I may know, for example, that a colleague is a highly successful public policy maker and life-long advocate for fairness, I may know about her impressive professional accomplishments-- Mayor, Cable Franchise Administrator, President of NATOA, Delegate, etc., but in most cases, I would not know much beyond that. I would not know that she was the proud mother of two lovely daughters and a new son-in-law, a separated but never disconnected spouse, a completely devoted daughter, an Oklahoma girl through and through, a regular Martha Stewart at home and in the garden, a mentor to everyone that crossed her path, and a girl that could shop all day with the best of them and then dance all night long.

I think part of what made Jane Jane was her inability or unwillingness to compartmentalize who she was- to change “hats” like the rest of us do – civil servant hat, to delegate hat, to mom hat, etc. She wore one hat all the time and it was big and bold, what you saw was what you got - the whole package – not always perfect, sometimes a little mischievous, but always real, vulnerable, compassionate and sincere. Jane was always Jane. I miss you already.

Denise Brady
San Francisco

December 2nd 2007 - 04:01:06 PM

Name: Cindy Bingham
Comments:Cousin Jane -- you were greatly loved and will be deeply missed.
Kathleen and Stephanie -- you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cindy Bingham
Seattle, WA
December 2nd 2007 - 03:13:20 PM

Name: Mark Wulff
Comments:There are times when we realize what a gift we had only when it is lost. I have been fortunate to know Jane from the days of the Potter campaign and knew her over the years from the occasional and varied work related crossing of paths ... and each of those times was a door opening for me briefly on her special brightness, caring, dedication, and friendship. Those characteristics, and many more such wonderful things, as I am finding out, were defining of Jane. I will miss those brief yet memorable talks with her. What a profoundly wonderful person! The angels are certainly singing for you now, Jane.

December 2nd 2007 - 11:49:15 AM

Name: Ann & Sam Statland
Comments:A pebble thrown into a placid pool sends gentle ripples across the water lightly touching everything in its path.

Jane’s gentle ripples as a loving wife, a caring mother, a wonderful neighbor, a good friend, and as a dedicated public servant touch all of us now. Her legacy of thoughtful legislation will continue to touch all of us in the future.

Ann & Sam Statland, Kensington, Maryland
December 2nd 2007 - 09:15:31 AM

Name: Victoria Greenfield
Comments:The sudden passing of Jane: so vibrant, intelligent, intuitive, and caring is such a profound loss, not only to loving family and friends, but to the wider professional environment and human community. Jane was always ready, willing and brilliantly able to help, and she ALWAYS made things better for her involvement. She was a critical and unsurpassed mentor to me when I was charged with working up the first Cable Franchise Agreement for Charles County. She was never too busy to take or return frantic calls or various questions from the 'newcomer' and always seemed to be able to pick up on our last conversation, no matter how much time had passed since we had talked. It was wonderful during times of stress to be able to share a brand of irreverent humor about situations, whether related to telecom or the environment, that I will remember and cherish always. Jane was a beautiful, energetic, and inspiring force in whatever she was doing. There are not many who can inspire the kind of genuine praise and affection that Jane did, particularly in the often knock down drag out political arena. All who knew her, professionally or personally, are enriched by that experience.
December 2nd 2007 - 08:12:11 AM

Name: Jeff Chester
Comments:Jane was a terrific person and a passionate advocate. I admired her tireless work to help make cable communications more democratic. She played a critical role in strengthening the media reform movement.

My sincere sympathies to her family, friends, and colleagues.
December 2nd 2007 - 03:34:52 AM

Name: Noah
Thank you so much for the great kindness you showed me every time we saw each other. I probably never told you how much it meant to me, but the truth is I am extremely grateful for your graciousness and warmth. I will miss you.
December 1st 2007 - 09:42:23 PM

Name: Joseline A Peña-Melnyk
Comments:I will miss your beautiful smile. You were truly an honest and thoughtful person.


December 1st 2007 - 07:46:07 PM

Name: Dee Schofield
Comments:Steph and Kathleen

Your Mom was so proud of you both. I know, I know - of course she was - she was your mother, and that's what moms are supposed to do. But I mean, really proud of you. I remember talking to her toward the end of the 2006 primary compaign. I commented on how I'd run into both of you at various campaign events. Jane's face lit up (big grin, beaming). She said "They are AWESOME! They are SO good at this (at campaigning)." In addition to maternal pride, there was the appreciation of a very savvy politician who knows when it's done right, and you two did it right. I thought, there's a combo, all right - the Lawton women! I have no doubt that you two will uphold that tradition (the same tradition of the your grandmother - Jane's mom). You are all women of 'true grit.'
December 1st 2007 - 07:23:41 PM

Name: Susan Lee
Comments:Jane was a wonderful friend and colleague. We will greatly miss her in the House of Delegates. She was a champion of the environment, children, women, and some of our state's most vulnerable individuals. Jane recently introduced and passed signficant legislation to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, to prohibit and curtail human trafficking, and many other laws that have improved the quality of life for countless individuals. She was a tireless and effective advocate for District 18, Montgomery County and Maryland. I will also especially remember Jane for her joy of life, trademark Oklahoma yell, how lovingly she spoke of her family and her daughter's wedding, the pride and delight in her new Mercedes, willingness to try new cuisines, and sincere compassion and caring for others. Jane- I know you are smiling down at us from heaven- Thank you so much for your friendship and how you made such a difference for so many in our state.
December 1st 2007 - 05:05:50 PM

Name: Allen Myers
Comments:It's hard to say goodbye to a friend of nearly 30 years, especially when it happens so suddenly. I knew Jane through my civic work - several years before we served together on the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board. By that time, Jane was well established with the Town of Chevy Chase. I last saw Jane a little over a year at a gathering of "old timers" who were active in shaping Bethesda. True to form, she greeted me warmly. And as usual, she was more interested in how and what I was doing than in telling me about what going on in her life.
December 1st 2007 - 04:50:05 PM

Name: Beverly Sobel
Comments:I just wanted to send my deepest condolences to Delegate Lawton's family, friends, and constituents. Jane Lawton was an advocate for the environment and instrumental in getting the entire District 18 State Delegation to sign an 11/13/2007 letter of support of us for a park. I just want everyone to know that Jane went out of her way during Special Sessions to write this letter for the benefit of 3 communities in Wheaton, MD. She was a remarkably warm and caring person who always found the time to help her constituents.
December 1st 2007 - 03:55:56 PM

Name: Maryam Balbed
Comments:Dear Jane,

I've been struggling to understand what it is that made me fall apart so badly when I heard about your passing. And I realized what it is. It's the faith you had in me, and the way you saw me, with such innocence and trust. You had faith in me when I had difficulty believing in myself. You treated me like you only saw good in me, and you treated me like I was a hero for coming through for you in a pinch.

I was so anxious and nervous waiting to hear if you liked your site. I was thrilled to hear you did. But it made me crazy that I didn't have more time because I knew I could do better. And I wanted you to have better.

Your warmth and kindness and your faith in me made me want to give you my very best work. I don't believe I had the chance to do that.

Your energy was such a gift when you encouraged my then 10 year-old daughter in her campaign for President of her school's SGA. Your daughter's wedding was 3 weeks away, but you got me that photo of you and Stephanie, and me and my daughter so fast, so that she could use it in her campaign. She did. And she won. And it touched me so deeply when you invited us to the State House on a Monday night so that she could have the experience of being recognized from the Floor. That was such a beautiful gesture, and just one reflection of your incredible support for girls and women in public service.

From reading guestbook and blog comments all over the internet, it's clear that the gift you gave to me -- seeing only good in me, is a gift you gave to everyone in your life.

December 1st 2007 - 03:24:01 PM

Name: Sharon Grosfeld
Comments:It was a true privilege to serve with Jane in the Maryland General Assembly. Her enthusiasm and energy were inspiring and she was a great legislator and friend. Needless-to-say however, her deepest pride and joy were her daughters and family, to whom I send prayers of healing and comfort. Jane was a role model to all of us who had the good fortune to know her and to learn by her example. She will forever remain in all of our hearts.

Sharon Grosfeld
December 1st 2007 - 03:20:09 PM

Name: Joy M. Ragsdale, Vice Chair Cable and Communications Advisory Cmte
Comments:I extend my sincere condolences to the Lawton family for Jane's sudden passing. Jane provided the Montgomery County, Maryland Cable and Communications Advisory Committee wonderful guidance and leadership. Jane and the Cable Office staff have been very accommodating in meeting the needs of the committee and relaying the committee's concerns and recommendations to the Council Executive. Jane played a significant role in shaping the advisory committee, as well as implementing communications policy for Montgomery County, Maryland. Jane was our friend.

Jane, may you rest in peace. We will miss you.
December 1st 2007 - 02:13:47 PM

Name: Beverly Bennett Groom
Comments:Count me as another Oklahoman-in-Washington whose first impression of Jane was "WOW!" the day I met her upon my arrival in June of 1968. She naturally embraced me as she'd done to so many Okies both preceding and following my arrival, and made this college graduate feel like the life of a young Capitol Hill aide working for my Oklahoma Senator was exactly the right place to be at the right time. Naturally, because Jane would be there to inspire and enlighten me. During all of the years whenever I got to share in her zest and enthusiasm for life, I left feeling "life is really, really good". Talk about exciting memories, we shared a room with several friends at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago during the '68 Democratic Convention...I remember she and Helen Newman wearing Indian head-dress regalia on the convention floor and their picture gracing Life Magazine coverage of the convention. My last time to share a hug was this past September as Jane, Stephanie and I discovered we were on the same flight back from Oklahoma City--the entire Lawton clan had been attending a family wedding in OKC. We promised to get together very soon for lunch. Makes me sad that never happened, but I am overjoyed to have realized the unique beauty in a friendship with Jane lasting for almost forty years. What a beautiful human every conceivable manner. Kathleen and Stephanie, we all know that you were more important to her than anything else in this life. Your mother was quite a lady!
December 1st 2007 - 02:09:16 PM

Name: Doug Breisch, Rockville
Comments:To Jane's Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I worked with Jane, jsut across the street. Like so many others, I considered her not only a colleague, but a friend. I respected and appreciated her strong and passionate advocacy for local governments and their constituents on cable and telecommunications matters. In her work as county cable administrator, I think many ordinary citizens did not know of her or what she did. But they truly benefitted from her work on their behalf. As a manager, she hired a staff that was similarly committed, skilled, and responsive. As othersw have said, there were times we disagreed, but she did not let professional disagreements interfer with personal friendships. That is a rare and remarkable quality. At NATOA conferences, she always tried to build and support the entire Montgomery County professional "family," making sure everyone's interests were heard and taken into consideration, and loudly cheering whenever any of us won awards. I hope and pray that in the days and years to come, you will find comfort in your many memories, and in thoughts and memories expressed by so many of Jane's friends and colleagues on this site.
December 1st 2007 - 01:24:36 PM

Name: Carol Sessler-Elsberry
Comments:Dear Steph, Kathleen, and Steve,

My head is still spinning from loss of "my wild, mover and shaker, aunt in D.C." I always tell stories of your mom/wife to my friends here in K.C.(you know how we love to tell good stories) And they all felt they knew her, and loved her.

I remember when she was approached to put her name on the ballot for some office. She decided it wasn't enough to have her name on it, to fill space, but she was going to run and win. That was just Jane.

Jane was unapologetically Democrat, and having Okla. family,(Republicans) I always loved when "ya'll" would come in town. It was worth the trip to Tulsa, just to watch her and Neil go at it. I wish I had come down more often. Politics, religion, or the Sooners, she was passionate about it all.

I will miss her laugh, her smile, but most of all I will miss my aunt.

Even though we can't be there on Sunday, You all are in out thoughts and prayers.

Love and Big Hugs,

Carol, Brant, and Luke
December 1st 2007 - 11:33:12 AM

Name: Gil Genn
Comments:Jane, when you reached out, you touched so many and they responded. When you spoke, so many listened and they acted. You are an angel of gentleness and kindness.

I will deeply miss our frienship that goes back for so many, many years. I remember sitting in your home over a few drinks, and aside from politics and all that jazz, we talked about the important things; family, kids, parenting skills and life. You blew away all the therapists with your sage insights, always with that wonderful enchanting smile and accent and often done with that little schoolgirl tilt of your head. I will miss that terribly.

You have an unparalleled passion for life and shared it with everyone you met. We all are so much richer for you unconditionally sharing that passion with us. Miss ya kid! Gil
December 1st 2007 - 08:22:28 AM

Name: Bob Kendal
Comments:I am so sad. Jane was so full of life and the quintessential good-government servant of us all. I had the enormous good fortune to collaborate with her to create the inter-governmental arrangements that were the foundation of the Leland Center and to serve with her in the Potter Administration on numerous issues important to our community. I will miss her terribly.

Bob Kendal
December 1st 2007 - 08:11:43 AM

Name: George Leventhal
Comments:Jane Lawton was a natural politician and a dedicated public servant. She had grace, charm and smarts, and that sweet mint julep southern accent. It was always great to see her in the County Office Building or at political events. Even if I was distracted by something else, she always called out at me, "Hello George!" I know how much she cared about the people of Chevy Chase, District 18 and all of Maryland. It is tragic for the community to lose someone who was at the very peak of her productive service, but even more tragic for her family who loved her most and knew her best, and I send them my deepest sympathy. Life is precious and we are fortunate to have every moment.
December 1st 2007 - 08:05:12 AM

Name: S.C. Payne
Comments: I met Jane in 1987 and we worked on many democrat issues together. When I saw her at a town meeting a few months ago we had the chance to remember when (in our words) it "used to be fun to be a democrat". She listened at that meeting to the citizens who spoke out against the negative changes in our county due to uncontrolled immigration. She was genuine in her surprise when she learned about the crime, gangs, impromptu boarding houses, and the effects these conditions had upon those who were watching their communities be destroyed. She pledged to work with us to bring these issues the attention they deserved in the next session and to fully investigate their impact. Sadly, her thoughtful and reasoned review will not be available to all the citizens of our county next year.
When Jane said she'd get back to you, she would. When Jane said she cared about an issue, she did. Even if she didn't agree with your position, Jane always listened. A remarkable woman, a loving mother, and a genuine activist, Jane will be missed for her insight, her compassion, and her leadership.
December 1st 2007 - 07:52:09 AM

Name: Bob Aberman
Comments:Starting when I joined the District 18 Caucus in 1986, I found Jane to be one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest people I've ever met. My late wife Marguerite and I considered her a friend as well as a political co-conspirator.

Ironically enough (or was it a message from the Universe?) while I was returning from a shopping trip with a friend I was talking about Jane as we were pulling into my driveway. As usual, the first thing I did was boot up my computer and got the awful news.

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland have suffered a terrible loss. She will be sorely missed by everyone who was graced by knowing her.

So it goes...
December 1st 2007 - 12:59:45 AM

Name: Jacqueline A. Sessler
Comments:From the moment that I met Jane I new I was part of her family and it gave me great joy to be part of all the love that she radiated around her. She will be greatly missed, but will always be in our hearts.

To Kath & Steph, my condolences come out to you. Know that your are in our prayers and we love you very much!!

Love You,
Jacqueline A. Sessler
December 1st 2007 - 12:18:25 AM

Name: Ernest Sessler
Comments:To all that knew Jane
the most
the best
the fave
the life
the ...............................
to my auntie who taught me how to to give and give out of your heart.
To Kath & Steph --- Love and Love and Love and Love and Love
November 30th 2007 - 11:55:43 PM

Name: Cheryl C. Kagan
Comments:It was always a treat to bump into Jane at events. Her warmth, interest in others, and kind comments came easily. Recently, she was one of the few incumbent legislators who took the time during the very demanding special session to attend a dinner for current & former women legislators. Jane showed a keen desire to meet and learn from those who served in years past. Her tenure in elective office was too brief, and we're the worse for it. She was a hard-working, ethical, and passionate woman who held strong to her pro-choice, progressive, Democratic values. All of us who are supporting Hillary Clinton for President will have to work a bit harder since we won't have Jane with us on the campaign trail...

Condolences to her family and her many friends and colleagues.

November 30th 2007 - 11:38:31 PM

Name: Ruby Carmen (Yolles)
Comments:I am so sorry the community has lost such an important friend. I was always in awe of Jane's optimism and energy. She will be sorely missed. To Steve, Stephanie and Kathleen, my condolences and prayers that the comfort of the community will help sooth your pain and sadness in coming days. What a woman!
November 30th 2007 - 10:18:26 PM

Name: Carolyn Gentle
Comments:Dear Steve and family,

I send to you my deepest sympathy at this most difficult time. I remember Jane so very well as being an outstanding leader and lovely woman from our days in the Kappa house at OU. May God bless and comfort you in the days ahead.


Carolyn Norris Gentle
Denver, CO
November 30th 2007 - 10:04:44 PM

Name: Nancy Nathanson, Eugene, Oregon
Comments:My deepest sympathy to all of Jane's family and friends. I spent some hours (not enough) with Jane at the FCC and other venues -- I was the newcomer, she made me welcome anyway. I know Jane as clear, direct, smart, and good. Work hard, and work together. Her spirit lives on in us.
November 30th 2007 - 08:39:29 PM

Name: nicolette stearns
Comments:i always loved talking with jane whenever stephanie was in one of the bapa plays. jane has done so much for the arts community. i loved how amazingly supportive she was of stephanie. it touched me how sometimes jane would sit and smile during rehearsal. i would catch her smile and it would make me smile,too.

she was a great public servant,champion of the arts and very cool person. she will be deeply missed. love and prayers to the family.
November 30th 2007 - 06:20:10 PM

Name: Nori Van Elzen, CTC, Lincolnwood, IL
Comments:To know Jane was truly to love Jane. From a mile away she would light up her room with her smile. I enjoyed working with her, and watching her take on causes on behalf of citizens and the public benefit but mostly I enjoyed the opportunity to sit down at a conference with her and talk. A special note to her two daughters: Know that your mom was a mentor to many. May you find some peace in knowing that her voice will still be heard as all the people she has inspired carry on.
November 30th 2007 - 06:10:58 PM

Name: Nancy Navarro
Comments:It was just a few weeks ago when Jane drove some of us to the Equality Maryland Gala. She loved her new Mercedes and most of all she loved life! We had a great chat during that drive, and she reminded me that we needed to "do lunch very soon."

She was a role model for all the women who put themselves out there and go for the gusto! I will miss her amazing energy and her easy style.

My condolences to her family. Rest in Peace Jane. Que en Paz descanses.
November 30th 2007 - 05:47:51 PM

Name: Joshua Berrian

My greatest condolences go out to you and your family. Your mother was one in a million and I really enjoyed the good times we had at the NATOA conferences. She was one of the most gracious and endearing people I've met in my life. I know she touched many lives and I have no doubt that you and your family will continue to do so in the future.

Best Regards,
Joshua Berrian

November 30th 2007 - 05:02:48 PM

Name: Sherry Kinikin and Patrick Dragga
Comments:We are saddened by your passing. We will really miss you. Our condolences to Jane's family.
November 30th 2007 - 04:54:14 PM

Name: Martin Klauber
Comments:It was always "Hey Dude" each time she saw me in the hall. And because our offices were next to each in the County Office Building-there were a lot of Hey Dudes. No matter what action was going on, there was a consistency in Jane. In all the years I only got on her bad side once, and it was more than enough.

I saw her in the same way that neighbors see each other. In the off hand moments, for a hello what's up now. There were even a few times when our official capacities crossed, but being her neighbor that was really something.

I feel so privileged. She made you feel that way.

November 30th 2007 - 04:32:59 PM

Name: Serena Ferguson Mann
Comments:My Friend...My Hero

Guess it's too late to sneak up on the Comcast facility in the middle of the night and take the Public Access feed that belongs to Howard County citizens now, isn't it?

Jane you always stood up for the underdog and what was right. I'll never forget the laugh you gave us at the NATOA National Conference's Roundtable discussion and the shock on the faces of the Comcast executives. They're probably still camping out by their fiber link.

I'll miss you Jane -- So many times you would say the things I wish I had the nerve to say.

Too young, too soon, too beautiful.....
November 30th 2007 - 04:30:28 PM

Name: Lonni Moffet
Comments:Jane: I can hear her voice in my head, smiling, attentive, humorous, intelligent, elegant and personable, talking with the "loy-ers", the staff, the elected officials, her constituents, her colleagues, her friends. At NATOA meetings, always something important to contribute to every topic, with grace, intelligence and passion. After working hard, she'd be ready to play - ready anytime to go out to dinner or to a concert, hike a mountain, or go out dancing. A deservedly proud mother! I cannot believe she won't be there next time, I'll be waiting for her to arrive at every meeting. My heart goes out to her girls and family and to all the NATOA family and the many communities she was obviously part of. We were lucky to have known her.

Miss You Jane! Lonni
November 30th 2007 - 04:13:16 PM

Name: Ellen Coren Bogage
Comments:I had the privilege of working with Jane over the past six years, mostly in her role as Montgomery County’s Cable Administrator. During that time, I came to know her as an intensely passionate, highly intelligent and dedicated public servant with a great sense of humor and the ability to bounce back from adversity.

Over the years, Jane and I had countless discussions about the interpretation of cable law in the County. Sometimes we agreed, sometimes we would agree to disagree, and sometimes we had flat out heated arguments. But no matter how the discussions ended, we always picked up the pieces of our relationship to work together another day.

I recall one particularly intense argument that we had over the phone about four years ago. We both hung up, very aggravated with each other. Three hours later, I stopped by her home to carpool to an event that we were both attending. She opened the door with a big smile on her face, invited me in and took me back to her kitchen to have some home-made brownies, still warm from the oven. You could never stay mad at Jane for long.

Jane felt a strong, personal commitment to her work, which made her a passionate advocate for what she believed was right and just. There were many facets to Jane Lawton: Capitol Hill aide, PTA President, Mayor, Delegate, wife, mother. But I will remember her most for her passionate, bright and energetic personality. It was truly an adventure knowing her, and I feel very fortunate to have had the experience. There will never be another Jane Lawton, and I will miss her.
November 30th 2007 - 04:12:07 PM

Name: Susan Littlefield
Comments:Losing someone as vibrant as Jane Lawton is a dreadful blow. Knowing that her final act in this life was defending the public interests to which she dedicated that life is a small comfort to us NATOAns, and is so typical of Jane. Going out with her boots on and guns blazing...

Her signature line, "we'll have fun", imbued all aspects of her life.
"Let's run up the street to the Saturday Farmers' Market.
We'll have fun."
"We're going to ATT headquarters in New Jersey to defend cell tower zoning before a roomful of ATT Government Relations Vice-Presidents. It'll be fun!"
"NATOA is coming Altlanta, San Diego, Miami Beach, Denver, Atlanta, wherever...let's go to dnner... Stephanie is coming...won't that be fun!".
"I'm running for's hard work, but we're having fun".

Politicking, testifying, advocating, negotiating, dancing, mothering, managing, writing, inquiring, mayor-ing, adminstering, president-ing, staffing, mothering, visiting
- always a smile, a laugh, a lady, no matter the provocation....a consensus builder with a deep passion for doing the right thing for her family, friends, town, county, organizations and country.

These shoes cannot be filled. And we are all the better for her having walked in them.
November 30th 2007 - 04:02:56 PM

Name: mary jane lillard
Comments:I last saw Jane on a street in Chevy Chase ....My friend Harmon and I yelled at her......what a fabulous smile she sent our way....I am picturing her as a Kappa pledge and the devotion she felt for our sorority...and her friends...she will be terribly missed......
November 30th 2007 - 03:59:08 PM

Name: Ken Shear Doerfel
Comments:I first knew Jane when we are all in high school----although we were from different Oklahoma small towns---we did our thing as exchange students on high-school football week-ends---we became even better friends and "sisters" when we went to OU and both pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma-----we were having a reunion this summer in Norman and we will miss you but will surely have fond memories and go to the Mont and have a toast to you!
November 30th 2007 - 03:35:45 PM

Name: Costis Toregas
Comments:Jane has been my smiling friend and fellow-schemer since the early days of NATOA in the 80s, then again in the Town of Chevy Chase in the 90s, then again in Montgomery County government for the last 15 years, then again ... then again.... she was the shining example of the true Intergovernmental Star, lighting up the darkness for so many issues of our shared lives. And she still had so much to give

We will all miss her greatly
November 30th 2007 - 03:01:03 PM

Name: Matt Schuster
Comments:Jane - you will truly be missed. Your smile, warmth and kindness will always be remembered along with your tenacity. I will miss those dances most of all.

November 30th 2007 - 02:57:26 PM

Name: Anne Healey
Comments:Jane and I became fast friends in the House of Delegates and on the Environmental Matters Committee. Ialw will miss her warm, caring approach to life. She made the world a better, warmer and more humane place. Her intelligence and insight always added to any discussion.
November 30th 2007 - 02:54:41 PM

Name: Steve Stovall
Comments:I first met her on the old Local and State Govt Adv Committee at the FCC. We used to kid each other about Texas and Oklahoma. Both of us had been IBMers too. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the whole telecom area which was exactly like the rest of us there. She will be greatly missed for many reasons, but one of her best attributes was her always upbeat personality.

Thank you, Jane. I'm glad I got to know you for at least a little while.
November 30th 2007 - 02:40:16 PM

Name: Tom Creighton, Minnesota/Florida
Comments:Please express my deepest sympathies to Jane's family. I met Jane long ago when she attended her first NATOA conference. Over the years we shared many, many wonderful times together. I remember my one of my daughters and I running into Jane and her daughter on a horseback ride in the Arizona desert at a NATOA conference. Most of my personal time with Jane always ended up as a sharing of our deep pride in our children. I am sure it is not news to you that she loved you very deeply.

When I sufferred the heart attack that ended my legal career in Telecommunications and NATOA, Jane was one of the first to contact me, and one of the few to continue to follow up to see that I was doing OK. I deeply regret that I will not have the same chance to watch her mend and return to us all. The world is a better place because Jane was here. She is deeply missed.
November 30th 2007 - 02:01:55 PM

Name: Barry Orton
Comments:On behalf of the old-timers of NATOA, may her memory be for a blessing for her family, friends and colleagues.

Barry Orton
Madison, Wisconsin
November 30th 2007 - 01:52:10 PM

Name: Kernan Chaisson
Comments:I have lost more than a colleague, I have lost a friend. We are all better for Jane having been part of our lives.
November 30th 2007 - 01:36:32 PM

Name: Lori Sherwood
Comments:Jane, I first met you when you ran for delegate in 2002. We had such good times that summer trying to figure out how to "unprogram" your printer from speaking the dutch language, and sending out thousands of pieces of mail sitting around your kitchen table telling great old stories. I will miss your spirit, your energy and committment to public service and to being a good friend to all. You are irreplaceable in this world and I shall never forgot you.

Love, your friend Lori
November 30th 2007 - 01:24:59 PM

Name: Vic Simerly
Comments:I knew Jane as a fellow manager at Montgomery County Government. I always loved working around her...her spirit and joy inspired and affected everyone in a positive way. If she walked into a meeting, everything stopped while she smiled, said hello and just cast such an outgoing and brilliant attitude around the room. She defended her cable office, was proud of the work her staff performed and their accomplishments. I'm sure they loved working for her. I never saw her all of us are today in her passing...I send my condolences to her family and friends. I am happy that I knew her...if only for a little while.....
November 30th 2007 - 01:11:34 PM

Name: Donna T. Keating
Comments:Dear Jane

God looked around his garden
And saw an empty space.
He then looked down upon this earth
And saw your smiling face.

God's garden must be beautiful,
He always takes the best.
For an unknown reason he took you
up to heaven,and shielded you with grace.

It broke our hearts to see you go,
But you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

To Jane's family and friend. Jane was my manager but also my friend. I will miss her so much!
November 30th 2007 - 12:56:18 PM

Name: Ariana Kelly
Comments:Jane, we were all so lucky to have you in our lives at all. I will remember your charm, your sincerity, your intelligence, and your strength. You were an amazing role model for young women in politics, and in life. Thank you for the kindness you showed me, and so many others.

Ariana, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland
November 30th 2007 - 12:53:06 PM

Name: R.D. Folsom
Comments:Deepest condolences to Steve and to their daughters. Jane was one of the first people I met and got to know in Washington when I came from Oklahoma in 1970. Stayed with them at their first house in Falls Church. She was a wonderful, loving and dedicated person and will greatly missed. Her warmth, good cheer and advice were always appreciated by me. She brought that great Oklahoma personality with her to Washington and never forgot to be a real caring person. Thanks for all you did for so many people.

November 30th 2007 - 12:26:56 PM

Name: John Doherty
Comments:Jane was a bouyant and special person who brought energy and talent to her office and good humor in public dscourse. She will be missed. Our sincere condolences to her family and friends.
November 30th 2007 - 12:20:10 PM

Name: Pam Berrian, Eugene, Oregon
Comments:I am reeling and my heart goes out to Jane's family. I was so happy to have taken the cutest picture of Jane and Stephanie in Oct at NATOA. I have never forgotten that I met Jane in Tucson in 97' as she took the time to ensure I got what NATOA was all about; and I was sold from that day on. After that, a phrase, a wink, or a sidelong look from Jane was all it would take for me to grasp the gist of the issue. Dear Stephanie, Josh is crushed and although he hasn't attend NATOA for a couple of years, he remembers Jane (and you of course) clearly and with warmth. Our prayers are with you.

November 30th 2007 - 12:08:32 PM

Name: Bill & Faith Welsh
Comments:Our sincere condolence to all of Jane's family. We are fortunate to have known this wonderful woman and to be represented by her in Annapolis these few years. We will miss you but not forget you.
November 30th 2007 - 11:55:37 AM

Name: Saqib Ali
Comments:I will sorely miss Jane's friendship, kindness and wonderfully gracious personality. She is truly irreplaceable.
November 30th 2007 - 11:41:17 AM

Name: Catherine Bocskor
Comments:On behalf of Forest Glen Station Homeowners Association in Silver Spring, I express our sincere condolences to Del. Lawton's family. She was a vigorous advocate in Annapolis for the citizens of Montgomery County. We will miss her voice for the people in the Assembly.
November 30th 2007 - 11:37:56 AM

Name: Holly Hansen
Comments:I have known Jane through NATOA. She was the embodiment of grace, intelligence and energy. I first really got to know her at a NATOA regional conference in Denver and remember some great talks with her and yes, a shopping trip. She also talked about a dog sledding trip she took to Minnesota (my home state) that she was so enthusiastic about!

I am shocked and deeply saddened by Jane's death. My heart goes out to all of her family, husband, and daughters.

With deepest sympathy,

Holly Hansen
Minneapolis, MN
November 30th 2007 - 11:35:51 AM

Name: Susan Hoffmann
Comments:Dearest Jane -- How to say goodbye? I shall miss your friendship, your fun, and your joie de vivre. We shared that special, delicious sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving in one's own right. I can still hear your wonderful unique voice in my ear. Oh...the sudden nature of it all. It is hard to bear. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Love, Susan
November 30th 2007 - 11:32:05 AM

Name: Victor Kamber
Comments:A friend I've known and loved for close to 40 years. We could go a year or two without seeing or talking and then get together and pick up where we last left off.Proud of her past Oklahoma roots, in love with her life in Maryland and especially willing to share the love and pride in her daughters.Jane you will be missed, your spirit, your heart, but most of all you the person.
November 30th 2007 - 11:25:15 AM

Name: Cheryl Fayne-dePersio
Comments:Jane's intelligence and friendly chaming personality were admirable traits and she stood above the rest in the eyes of others, but of course not her own.

On behalf of Illinois NATOA we fondly remember Jane Lawton as one of the best!

When Jane was in Chicago for a regional conference, I always rememeber her fondness for Frango's (Chocolate's from "Marshall Fields") Of couse this was just one of her purchases she carried with her that day along with her glowing smile!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all who had the pleasure to know Jane.
Cheryl Fayne-dePersio
Village of Northbrook, Illinois

November 30th 2007 - 11:20:41 AM

Name: Ron Mallard
Comments:I first met Jane at a meeting in Richmond, VA regarding telecommunications where she was the only government representative from outside the state. She quickly involved herself in the debate and made some cogent points that made a lasting impression on me and others about Jane's character. She spoke her mind confidently, with knowledge, but respectful of the opinions of others. I bonded with Jane professionally, and as a friend, from that day forward. I have always known how special she was, but it often requires a persons' passing to realize that so many other people recognized that same special quality. The last time I had lunch with Jane this past July, I told her that she appeared to reach a position in her life that matched her personality and special talents. She smiled and agreed. I believe everyone who knew her would agree that she "made a difference" in life. I will miss her friendship, her honesty, her smile, and the great camaraderie we shared while working together at NATOA.

My deepest sympathy to her family and the many friends who loved her like family.

-Ron Mallard
November 30th 2007 - 11:18:27 AM

Name: Simon Atlas
Comments:We will all miss her beautiful smile, eyes that sparkled and quick wit. Just this past Saturday we talked while in the check out line at the Giant on Arlington Road. The smile was there, the sparkle was is hard to believe she is gone. She was a loyal supporter of our county Democratic Central Committee, chairing our Spring Ball a few years ago and gaining our support for appointment as a delegate from District 18. We will all miss her.
November 30th 2007 - 11:00:12 AM

Name: Lisae Jordan, MCASA
Comments:Jane was a wonderful advocate for women and survivors of sexual assault. Her brief time in the Maryland General Assembly will make a lasting impact.

But as wonderful a policymaker as Jane was, she was an even better person - savvy, warm and genuine. She'll be truly missed....
November 30th 2007 - 10:43:59 AM

Name: Alice Gordon
Comments:Life is such a precious gift that we often overlook as we rush around each day. Jane Lawton will always be a warm and comforting beam of light that shines on those that desire to make their lives better. Her contributions to our families will live forever and I will forever remember her embracing smile and gentle touch as she worked diligently towards providing opportunities and hope. Just experiencing the loss of my father three weeks ago, I send my love and prayer to the entire Lawton Family and community inwhich they embraced.

Alice M. Gordon
November 30th 2007 - 10:41:14 AM

Name: Ryan Spiegel
Comments:It is hard to imagine how such a vibrant, joyful, and energetic woman could leave us so suddenly and unexpectedly. Jane was always so kind and warm, so genuinely interested in the lives of others. She was a caring public servant motivated by a true desire to better her community, state, and world. For all of the other public servants and citizens whose lives she touched, the best way we can honor her memory is to try to live up to the example of Jane's tremendous commitment, integrity, and humanity.
November 30th 2007 - 10:38:06 AM

Name: Helga B. Butler
Comments:I am deeply saddened by Jane's death and will miss her presence in local affairs a great deal. Ever since our days of dedicated work to making the reconfigured Rosemary Hills Primary School a success, she was one of the people in this area that I admired the most because of her unflagging dedication to important causes, her intelligence, her good judgment, her engaging smile and laughter, and her perseverance in getting a job done.
What a loss to Montgomery County and Maryland!
Helga B. Butler
November 30th 2007 - 10:36:31 AM

Name: Naomi and Irving Kaminsky
Comments:We will miss Jane. She was our crutch whenever we needed help dealing with the County and the State. We could always count n a big smile and a "How've you been" in that wonderful Okie drawl. She and Naomi were both alums of OU, a unique Sooner tie in staid Section 4.

We extend our condolences to the family, for we know they will miss Jane much more than any of us.
November 30th 2007 - 10:25:52 AM

Name: Deborah J. Jiles
Comments:I met Jane through attending the local chapter of NATOA meetings. She was always extremely friendly and made one feel as though she'd known you for years. Her thought provoking commentary was always interesting and quite enjoyable to listen to, as she was so very knowledgeable about the cable industry. While I didn't know Jane well; NATOA meetings will never be the same.
November 30th 2007 - 10:25:01 AM

Name: Joe Davidson
Comments:I just saw Jane a few weeks ago. As always, she was full of life. She had a rare combination of warmth, care, and professional competence.

I still can't believe she is gone.
November 30th 2007 - 09:58:15 AM

Name: Marc Korman
Comments:Jane Lawton was a wonderful woman to me both politically and personally. Politically, she was always supportive of the Montgomery County Young Democrats and the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. Personally, she was always kind to me and even took the time to help me with my Master's thesis. I will not forget her constant smile and cheery outlook.
November 30th 2007 - 09:54:25 AM

Name: Zelinda Fouant
Comments:My condolences to Jane's family and friends; she was a pleasure to work with and I will miss her bright spirit and wonderful humor. She contributed such vibrancy to our department and her absence will be sorely felt.
November 30th 2007 - 09:51:32 AM

Name: Joanne Hovis
Comments:Jane was my friend and mentor. She was a role model for me and so many others--as a professional, as a woman, and also as a model for how to put the interests of the public, consumers, and the broader community at the center of one's professional efforts.

Her legacy is her stunning achievements on behalf of local communities around the country, Montgomery County, and the State of Maryland.

She was also a loyal and great friend to so many and leaves that very special legacy.

I will miss her more than I can say.
November 30th 2007 - 09:39:19 AM

Name: Tom Owens
Comments:I first met Jane during her first campaign for House of Delegates. What a wonderfully spirited and feisty lady. A first class "old school" charmer who was loved by all. We will miss her.
November 30th 2007 - 09:33:34 AM

Name: Annette and John Warnock
Comments:Our deepest sympathies to Jane's family on their so brutally sudden and unexpected loss. We will all miss Jane both as a wonderful friend and a dedicated champion of a wide variety of important causes, both political and social in the broadest sense. Our world is the poorer for her passing.
November 30th 2007 - 09:12:41 AM

Name: Smail Farid
Comments:I met Jane through NATOA. I know Jane as the leader who can make things happen and person of faith that would always give.
Jane gave her life to better the community and she is always be remembered by her courage to stand for the community interest.

City of Alexandria, VA
Telecom Coordinator
November 30th 2007 - 08:47:04 AM

Name: Bob Sepe
Comments:Jane, we are going to miss your warm smile, bright eyes and quick wit.

November 30th 2007 - 08:40:10 AM

Name: Barbara Goldberg Goldman
Comments:My heartfelt sympathies go out to Jane's daughters and other family members. She truly was a very special individual who gave so much of herself to others and her community. She will be missed by all who knew her. May her name be a blessing and endure forever.

November 30th 2007 - 07:50:06 AM

Name: Adam Pagnucco
Comments:We may like and respect other elected leaders, but we loved Jane. There's a big difference. None of us who met her will ever forget her. There will be other state delegates in District 18, but there will never be another Jane Lawton.
November 30th 2007 - 07:40:48 AM

Name: Deborah A. Vollmer
Comments:What a terrible loss this is! Jane was an excellent advocate for us in Annapolis. She was also a leader for many years in our Town of Chevy Chase. In her job as cable administrator, she helped me be heard in expressing concerns with our local cable company. She had an understanding of the complexities of dealing with the cable companies, and also with the complexities of politics in Annapolis. She always seemed to be busy; yet she always had a smile on her face, and time to say "hi", and give me a hug. She was my friend, and I will miss her.
November 30th 2007 - 07:26:40 AM

Name: Cheryl Johnson
Comments:Jane inspired her friends and colleagues and provided encouragement to me on many occasions both personally and professionally. I have so many wonderful memories and crazy photos to remember her by, but nothing will ever replace her and her southern charm and delightful outlook. I have no doubt she is busy in Heaven already! Prayers and God's healing to Steve, Kathleen, and Stephanie plus all of us who are Jane's friends.

November 30th 2007 - 07:03:49 AM

Name: Sean McLaughlin
Comments:Dear Jane -

Thanks for dancing with us
full tilt -
for being real
and present.

You were always generous
with your self and everyone.

You inspired us
in ways
we will not forget.

Peace & Love,
- Sean

"In your heart, you already know."
- Zen saying
November 30th 2007 - 01:57:09 AM

Name: Jeffrey Slavin
I know you are in heaven now because for some reason the Lord needed to call you way early. I guess She must have had some trouble up there that she wanted fixed. You are now a candidate for sainthood here on earth and I know you are enjoying reading all the good things being said about you. You are truly irreplaceable in my life.


November 30th 2007 - 01:29:41 AM

Name: Joan Kleinman
Comments:Dear Jane --

I called you "Delegate Lawton," you called me "darling." You taught me and inspired me by your example of brilliance, compassion and amazing good humor. I will miss you so.

Love forever,

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