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Damsels tied up while wearing pantyhose
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Name: fred
Comments:While at school, I was dating a beautiful girl and we used to get together at her house during the day when her parents were gone. She was slim, about 5'7", auburn hair, green eyes, and weighed about 115 pounds. She took great care of herself and also dressed nice, usually short skirts and tights or pantyhose. After awhile, I let her know about my interest in hose and later in bondage. She was agreeable and after that, she almost always wore sexy hosiery. One afternoon we had arranged to meet at her house late in the morning and spend the day enjoying each other’s company. I showed up and she met me at the door wearing nothing but a pair of black, semi opaque tights and a short black sleep shirt. Needless to say, when I saw her, I broke out into a huge smile, which did not go unnoticed. She commented “Well, it certainly seems that you like what you see. I thought this might get a reaction out of you.” I commented that she had very good fashion sense. We joked for a short while as I led her back to her bedroom. She hopped on the bed, crossed her legs and then her wrists up over her head saying "I guess you are going to tie me up and have your way with me.” She had an impish smile while doing her best damsel in distress pose. I made some wise comeback such as “Well, only if you insist.” I probably looked like an idiot anxiously trying to tear open the gym bag that I brought with me that was filled with ropes and gag material such as scarves. Taking out some ropes, I started with her wrists, bringing them down and crossing them behind her. I then tied several turns of rope around her arms and chest. I took my time binding her ankles and legs while rubbing my hands over her soft, smooth tights. She commented that I must have done this before and was a little amazed that I tied her up as thoroughly as I did. When finished, I slowly stroked the soles of her feet and she immediately started wriggling on the bed and yelling for me to stop. Admonishing her for being too noisy, I knotted a scarf and gagged her. She wasn’t crazy about being gagged, but after she realized that she could still communicate, albeit somewhat unintelligibly, she accepted it. I stood up and admired my handiwork, watching her fidget on the bed. She started tugging at the ropes and making noises into the gag, twisting around on the bed. I couldn’t believe that I was actually experiencing a fantasy that was coming true in front of my eyes. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I started stroking her legs and feet as she slowly twisted and wriggled within her constraints. She grinned from behind the gag and made mewing noises as she moved about. I think she was surprised that after a minute or two of tugging, she could not get out of the ropes and she seemed to struggle more earnestly. I decided to motivate her a little more and would take my fingers and playfully stroke the bottoms of her feet and then the inside of her thighs. This brought about an immediate reaction as she simultaneously yelled into the gag, jumped and began wriggling about on the bed. Eventually, I laid down behind her and started kissing her neck, ears and shoulders, something she loved. I wrapped one leg around hers and pulled her tightly into my grasp while continuing to kiss her. We stayed like this for some time, my feet and legs rubbing hers, feeling the silky nylon material against my skin. She rolled over and began trying to communicate through the gag. Naturally, I pretended not to be able to understand what she wanted while grinning at her. She finally realized what I was doing and started kicking me with her feet while uttering veiled threats under her breath. I removed the gag and before she could say anything, I placed my mouth over hers and gave her a long, hard kiss. When I backed off, she was grinning at me and told me that I was lucky she didn’t have her hands free right now. We began kissing and that lasted for some time as I wrapped one leg over her bound legs and pulled them close. As we kissed, she commented that she could tell how much I enjoyed her predicament. When I asked how she could tell, she just grinned and I understood what she meant.
Wednesday, May 1st 2002 - 10:21:44 AM
Name: Pig Iron
Comments:I was working for this construction outfit. We had to turn in our time cards to payroll usually they set out a box but for some reason they forgot to set the box out one day and that's when I met her. Little did I know at the time she was in charge of payroll she was probably in her mid twenties average build for her 5ft 6in frame she had reddish high lites in her hair which looked like she dyed. I noticed as she stepped around to take my card she had on open toed gray mules with brown sheer hose her toes were painted bright red. I couldn't help but smile as I looked up she got a bit of an attiude as i am sure she knew I was thinking of something nasty. I left and as it turned out at lunch time that day she was the topic brought up by some guys that had been working there for sometime. All the usual stuff she was made out to be sleeping with everyone and of course one of the guys claimed to have bedded her down. Now I took it all with a grain of salt and my own thoughts took over picturing her in her pantyhose and mules tied and gagged. I was brought back to reality when one of the guys told us about a club she goes to alot he stated she is a big party girl. Later that day I got directions to the club from him and i went that night to see if what they said was true. And sure enough she showed up with some girlfriends she had a lot more makeup on then she wore at work and her outfit was pretty revealing. I guessed they were right she spent the flirting and left with some guy. I decided to go back the next night and accidently on purpose bump into her. I also went to payroll the next day to ask for more time cards she was wearing a floral dress not much make up and light tan reinforced toe hose I found this interesting since she again had on open toe shoes. She handed me my time cards and i asked her if she knew of any places to hang out and have few drinks, since I was new to the area. She smiled and told me about the club I had seen her at the night before she told me she loves to party there. I stole peeks at her feet as she talked again she seemed to pick up on my interest in her feet. She told me if show up there maybe we could have a drink and a dance together. I told her that would be nice i would like that. That night i showed up and found her among her girlfriends after she introduced me to all her friends we had our drink and a few dances. I let her pry information out of me. I noticed she was wearing the same hose and shoes but different outfit I couldn't help but smile she asked why i was smiling i told her I thought she had cute feet she told me she noticed I seemed to be interested in her feet. I let slip my interest in feet but really hose covered feet. She looked at me oddly saying your the first guy I have ever met that was turned on by feet she followed up by saying you are probably one of those whips and chains guys too right! I smiled and said no not whips and chains more like ropes and gags. She laughed and said your bad she thought i was joking about the ropes and gags. After the dance she tells her friends about my kinky likes as she called them and to my delight her friends asked me to tell them if I liked there feet only two had on hose the rest were barefoot she annouced to the ones that were barefooted I perfered pantyhosed feet they all looked at me oddly I felt flushed. The rest of the night they all seemed to ask me point blank questions about my fetishes! I found it hard to answer at first but then got into it thinking I will be going home with one of them tonight. It was then she came back and saw there must have been some interest from her friends in what we were talking about and she quickly grabbed my hand and said sorry girls I saw him first. I was excited feeling i had sealed the deal she led me to the dance floor and as we danced she told me she would like to see my place if I wanted to show it to her. We left and once at my place after a few drinks she removed her shoes and placed her feet in my lap I began to rub them and the smell of her feet was heavenly I became aroused I knew she felt this as she smiled and said hello. I told her I was sorry she said I can't believe your aroused over rubbing my feet it's strange most guys want my breasts or sex and your turned on by by feet she raised one leg and put her foot near my face wiggling her toes she watched me as i leaned in a kissed the sole of her foot she giggled and said how do they smell? She was shocked when i told her they smell wonderful! She lowered her leg and stared at me! Are you freaking serious you actually like smelling my feet she said man your really wierd! She told me she would have left but she was very interested in seeing me get off on her smelly feet she told me in a stern voice to take off my pants and do myself while i kissed and smelled her feet. I smiled and said I would love to but it seems she was a bit off base. She asked why I told her I was not into being submissive. I told her I was very much dominate and she would be submitting to me! She looked at me I could see she had a dominate streak in her she controlled guys at least in the bedroom. She said well I don't submit to anyone I told her I was not anyone! She stood up and put her shoes on and said I don't submit and began to walk to my door I just sat on the couch and turned on the tv she announced she was leaving I told her good bye. I think she was waiting for me to come crawling to her and was suprised when I didn't the door opened and closed! About 5 minutes later she knocked I answered she looked stunned. She said what do you want from me? I told her nothing she was starting to lose her control I could see she her dominate streak crumble. She told me she knew I wanted her all guys want me! I told her she was not dealing with all guys or who ever she sees. I told her I have my own rules and don't stray from them! She looked at me and told me she was willing to let me be dominate. I told her to come in she was not used to begining rejected. I told her she would not be getting what she thinks, meaning there would be no sex! She looked at me she agreed to do whatever I wanted her to so I told her to stand and take off her dress she did. She had a cute body nice curves her black bra and panties and tan hose still wearing her shoes. She was a sexy sight I stroked her ego and body kissing her she began to feel better I told her now I wanted to tie her up and if she wanted to leave now she could but she just softly said no I will stay. So I went to my closet and collected some ropes and a bandanna. When I returned she was still standing in the same place I stood behind her I asked her to put her hands behind her she did I crossed them and tied them. I turned her around and sat her on the sofa and tied her legs she watched me I caressed her legs and face then i picked up the bandanna and asked her to open her pretty mouth so I can gag her she did. Once done I was excited by the sight of her this tough party girl now was a sweet submissve. I undressed in front of her I could tell she liked what she saw by her looks. I asked her if she was ok she tried to speak but found her words were not really understandable. I told her I wanted to tie her differently she nodded yes. I then stood her up then picked her up and carried her to my bed room her skin was hot like she was on fire. She looked at me she knew i was in control of her she aroused by the thought. I laid her on my bed and rolled her on to her stomach she stayed there as got some ropes and put her into a hogtie snug but not punishing then i removed her gag and asked if she was ok she said yes I told I needed to regag her and went and got my ballgag she looked at it when i put it in front of her she gave me such a pleading look I reassured her she would be ok i would not let anything happen to her she opened her mouth and I put it in leaving it a bit loose I asked her to try and talk she tried I wanted her to see she could still make noises. I removed her shoes and rubbed and smelled her feet until i felt the need for release. So I went and got a mirror and placed it along side her so she could watch me pleasure myself. I could tell she enjoyed watching I even called out her name a few times during the point of no return. After cleaning up I untied her she told me she enjoyed watching me and would like to do this again sometime. She stayed the night with me and every so often she will stop by for fun. She even has hooked me up with a few of her girlfriends who have come over for fun. It's been really interesting
Thursday, May 2nd 2002 - 01:12:13 PM
Name: Dev
E-mail address: lokm@welq.net
Comments:A recent experience. My wifes friend came to town for a convention. When we picked her up at the airport she had on slacks and pumps I had no way of knowing she was wearing hose but I assumed she was. She is a hot latina with a hour glass figure soft almond eyes and pouty lips just smoking hot. The next day my wife went to work leaving me and her friend home. I was surfing the net when her friend who I will call Rosy came in asking what I was doing I told messing around she laughed and asked if I was looking for some pantyhose bondage. I smiled my wife told Rosy about my fetish and I am pretty open about it to some of our more understanding friends. Anyway I said why you want to see some she laughed and said no. I told her come on you always tease me about it. She looked at me ok she said show what you got. I took her to some sites especially the ones that had latina looking girls. Rosy was not really shocked by the content after all in fact she seemed to be somewhat interested asking me questions about bondage and foot detishes. I never knew how much my wife told Rosy but it seems she knew about my interest. It seems my wife had told her the most intimate parts of my fetish. Rosy told me flat out i don't know why your looking at this stuff according to what your wife said this is not really your style is it? I was stunned to say the least. I told her not really but I just like to surf around. She stood up and asked me to go for a walk with her. We walked and talked the next day Rosy went to her convention my wife went to work and I sat home surfing the net but finding myself thinking of Rosy tied and gagged with me rubbing her hose covered feet I wondered what her feet might smell like. As luck would have it Rosy came home early she had on a floral dress tan hose and black pumps her hair in a bun she looked stunning. She greeted me and saw that is was looking at a page of bondage she laughed and said you have bondage on the brain your wife better give you some before you burst into flames. We laughed at that and had some drinks she told me about her day and as I fixed dinner for us my wife called and said she was going to be late because some clients from out of town flew in and had to be given a sales pitch. She told me to take Rosy out to a movie or something. I told Rosy about the situation she said looks like your wife is going to be tied up by other things tonight. I asked what she wanted to do she said stay here and drink and play a game. I said what kind of game she giggled your nasty not what you think cards. Ok sounds good Rosy excused herself to freshen up before dinner. After dinner we drank listened to music played cards. Rosy stood up and said mind if I take off my shoes no go ahead she smiled and said of course you wouldn't mind in fact I bet you having been dying to see my feet! I smiled a bit but said nothing she said it's ok I won't tell she asked me again if i wanted to see her feet. I told her I did she then stretched her leg out go ahead take off my shoe my hands trembled I felt guilty but slipped off Rosy shoe and there right before my eyes her soft tan nyloned covered foot she had on reinforced toe hose my all time favorite my wife really ratted me out now I was uncomfortable she put her other leg up I removed her shoe she smiled and said you like my feet she wiggled her toes meekly i said yes she told she would love a foot massage it was then i got a whiff of her feet perfume and sweat I was excited she smiled asking if I was ok yes I said feeling weak she said I hope my feet don't smell to bad I had to wear these hose two days in a row since I ran my other pair. No they are fine I said she told me she knew i was dying to smell them she said your wife tells me you like to smell her feet so maybe you might like to try mine to see if you like them. I was trapped I felt like I was cheating on my wife but at the same time felt like i was set up by her so I gave in I smelled Rosys feet I kissed her soles rubbed her calves she was loving seeing me on my knees worshipping her feet she asked me to tell her I liked her feet. I felt so powerless and so excited but then i felt the need to regain my power and the only way I knew how was to get Rosy tied and gagged. I think she knew this was coming as she tried to back off but I was determined. She told me I bet rright now you wish you had me all tied up and gagged! I stood and said you are so right I really want to tie you up bad in fact since you seem to know all my secrets it makes sense to know your friend my wife is very much tied and gagged well i enjoy her feet so I think since you started this game then you should be willing to experience the real thing! Rosy looked at me and said ok then tie me up! I am not going to make it so easy for you I told her that's not how it goes she says well that's how we play tonight. I went and got my ropes and ballgag she was sitting still waiting for me i asked her to turn around she said no make me then we got into this mock power struggle she put up restiance to the whole thing especially when i tried to gag her she was a real brat by the time I had her tied and gagged she was struggling and mmpphing I was tired so I decided to show Rosy what a hogtie was and connected her wrist to her ankles pulling things pretty snug. Once hogtied i told her now she will behave she glared at me the ballfilled her mouth completely she grunted and I smiled I had my power back I tickled her feet she squealed then I spent the rest of the time working her feet over never unhogtying her until I was done. Once i was fullfilled I let her go she stood up a bit stressed out and thirsty but after a drink she told that was fun and maybe before she left she would let me do it again I hope! My new fantasy is having my wife and Rosy hogtied side by side and me enjoying both of there hose covered feet that would be some great
Tuesday, July 16th 2002 - 01:09:35 PM
Name: moto
Comments:I think this site has died for good but I decide to post one last story here. I tied up my next door neighbor Natlie last night it was so awesome. Well Natlie moved in a few months after I did. I could tell she was very snitty although she was about 5ft5 and 110 pounds she had a loud mouth. " She is why they make ballgags"! She would stand in her back yard and talk on her cell phone I could hear her every word it really annoyed me! I started to picture her with a nice big ball suffed in her mouth! Everytime I saw her I couldn't help but picture it! Well she gave me the cold shoulder so I was like screw you 2. I did happen to notice she wore lots of skirts and hose to work this keep me noticing her. She would just give me dirty looks. I was glad I was not her boyfriend since I figured she was one of these woman who tried to control everything. Anyway Saturday night her boyfriend cheated on her she busted him so they fought and broke up since I heard the whole thing because they were in the back yard! I was like good serves her right! Then I felt this strange feeling inside like hey dummy go make a play for her but I stayed in my house. Last night she came knocking on my door she had been crying and smelled of liquor she had on a short black skirt and short sleeve blouse and tan hose she looked all stressed out. She asked if she can come in and talk she was feeling lonely. So I let her in and began to try and sober her up she poured out her life story to me and she told me she was so sorry for being a bitch to me! I just listend and 4 hours later I got her to eat a late dinner and soon she was pretty relaxed and sitting next to me on the couch and we just started to make out. I knew in my mind this was probably going to be a one night stand so make the best of it. I stopped her before things got really deep and asked her if she was kinky she smiled a evil smile and said why you want to spank me or something! I told her well something. She said ok I try it as long as we get busy ok I had her come to my room and she took off her clothes leaving on only her pantyhose I told her she was a bad girl she wore no panties with her pantyhose she said oh I am so bad! I told her now she would have to be punished for her badness. She smiled oh please I was ready to lose my load already. I told her I would have to tie her up! She laughed when I pulled out the ropes she said ok sure. She held her hands out but I had her put them behind her back and tied her up good her wrists and elbows then I told her I had to gag her too she saw the ballgag and was speechless i had her open her mouth and pushed it in and once i buckled it I stepped around to see it I looked so good in her mouth! Now I had my wish come true I had her big mouth shut! I smiled she made some pouting sounds then I sat on the edge of the bed and put her over my knee and gave her a little spanking she seemed to be liking this so I laid her on her stomach and proceeded to hogite her she struggled a bit but soon she was drooling and seemed to be trying to stop it but couldn't. I took full advantage of her pantyhosed feet the smells and tastes were better then I imagined. Eventually I untied her and we took care of business she stayed the rest of the night and told me she would be over tonight after work so be ready! I have no idea where this is going to go but i am going to take what I can now before she decides to stop.
Monday, August 26th 2002 - 01:16:59 PM
Name: Master Mind
Comments:A co-worker of mine who I will call Jen use to flirt with me all the time. She is a hottie and I knew better then to flirt back or start anything with a co-worker. So I never played back and she never quit. Jen has very hot legs and always wore shiny nylons and short skirts. Sometimes she wore sexy blouses and sometimes large balky sweaters but always short skirts with her legs covered in nylon. Jen is a blue eyed blond 22 years old, standing 5’ 4” with 38c’s and weighted about 110 lbs. I’m a shade over 6’ 42 years old and in great shape biking over 25 miles a day 6 days a week. So I just completed my 21 year with the company and I’m taking an early retirement since I have more then enough money to last me and my portfolio had done very well even with the economy in the tank. So here we are almost a year ago now and I’m having a retirement party with 100 co-workers. Many of them years older than I and will have to work for the rest of their lives. As the party dies down and I getting into my new 2002 Winnebago Rialta that had been delivered from the factory that morning. I was leaving on a 6 month road trip that night. As I open the door Jen walks up. She was wearing a red silk button down shirt, black micro mini skirt, dark colored hose with black diamonds down the back and black high heels. She made my mouth water just looking at her. She said how about a ride in your motor home? I looked around and nobody was in view and Jen was oblivious to reality from all the booze she had been drinking. I said sure hop in and I’ll give you a ride. As we are going she slurred her speech asking me why I never made a pass at her. I told her I didn’t date co-workers and she probably wasn’t kinky enough for me anyway. Jen got real mad and said she was as kinky and anyone and she would prove it if I wanted. So I said fine I’ll stop at the adult store, run in and pick up a few things and we’ll see how kinky you are. FINE was her reply. When I got back she wanted to see inside the bag and I said not yet and we drive to a rest stop off the freeway with overnight parking and lots of room. I parked far away from everyone and dropped the auto leveling jacks. Jen excused herself and used the bathroom while I opened up the packages When she came out I told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. She did and I put leather cuffs on her and she laughed and said she been tied up before this was not very kinky. I told her to keep quite and slipped a black fur covered leather blindfold over her eyes. Next I pushed a bright red ball gag into her mouth and strapped it on tight. I asked her if she as okay and she grunted a yes. Next I pulled down that little skirt and found no panties only pantyhose. I directed her to the bed and laid her face down. Quickly into a hogtie using leather straps to bind her strictly. I rolled her onto her side facing me and slipped a radio controlled vibrating egg into the crotch of her pantyhose. Then I used up three roll of Bondage tape to wrap her from folded knees to her shoulders. She was totally helpless and ready for me to throw the switch on the variable speed vibrator. I popped a bondage video into the video player and then removed the blindfold. Her eyes were wide and looked scared. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she shook her head no. So I turned on the vibrator and enjoyed watching her squirm to several orgasms over the run on the hour video. After that I removed the ball gag that was rather wet with salvia. She was panting so hard she couldn’t speak. I unwrapped her and removed the hog tie and untied everything except her hands behind her back. I bent her over the bed while she was still standing on the floor and pushed her legs far apart. Using a small knife I cut the material along the crotch to remove the egg. This is the position she was in when I took her for the first time that weekend. I kept her bound for two days before I returned her to her apartment.
Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 12:57:43 PM
Name: BUddy L
Comments:I met Sara through a female friend of mine. At first sight I thought she was pretty but after a few minutes I started to dislike her she felt everyone owed her something! She was from a somewhat well to do family and I was just a poor working slob in her eyes. I did enjoy the sight of her hose covered legs. As the night went on listening to her brag and gloat of her haves and wants made me want to puke. My lady friend told me she was really sorry for trying to introduce me to her. She smiled and told me she owed me one. She had on some coffee colored hose and for the first time I allowed my mind to picture her tied up. She knew all to well of my interest in pantyhose and bondage. She had never given me the chance to tie her up but had let me massage her feet. The fact she had a steady boyfriend who she cared about kept her from trying this out. I knew she was curious every time she came over she would aks me if I had any new kink. I would show her any new stuff I came across she would be really interested. She would often tease me showing me her feet or asking me if I wanted her worn hose! I always wanted to take her up on the worn hose but was afraid if I said yes she would know all to well what I would do with them and or she might stop being my friend! So I let her tease me. Well I had enough of Sara and stood up to leave my friend saw this and she quickly asked if I coulc give her a ride home. Sara siad she would take her but my friend said no it's ok I will ride with Bud. Sara looked at her with a look of ok your going to cheat on your boyfriend who I found out on the ride home was Sara's cousin. My friend told me she was really sorry for introducing me to Sara. I told her it was ok. My friend asked me how she could make it up to me I smiled thinking let me tie you up and have your sexy feet. I stayed quite as she looked at me she told me I know what you have in mind your so kinky. I told her it was ok she owed me nothing she said no I do owe you. In fact I think I owe you a lot you have been in my life for a long time and have stood by me and protected me but I never really thank you for all you do for me. I told her that's what friends are for she told me that things are going to be different from now on! I looked at her she smiled and said tonight my friend you will get what you want I am going to let you tie and gag me like all those pretty girls you look at! I was stunned and excited she told me she would let me tie her up when ever she could. I told her she didn't have to do this she told me she did plus she was curious to find out what it was like to be tied up and wanted it to be with someone she trusted! So once we hit my house she took off her shoes and dress standing only in bra panties and pantyhose she said I am ready now. She looked so hot I trippedon the rug as I went to find my ropes and gags. She followed me and as I turned around there she stood looking at me she could see I was nerveous. She took my hand in hers and told me tonight she was mine to play with. So how do you want me. I asked her to turn around and tied her hands behind her then allowed her to try and get free and as I sat her on the bed after tying every rope I let her try and get free to roll around to feel the bondage that held her all that was left was to gag her and when I told her it time to gag her I gave her a safe sign and we agreed on a sound to release her then i slid the balll in her mouth I was great to watch her facial expression as the ball filled her mouth. Once it was buckled I told her she was free to move around and test her gag. She moved and sounded perfect I wished I had a video camera to tape her she looked so sexy and sounded even sexier soon she had some drool leaking from her mouth but she kept on moving she looked up at me with the biggest pleading eyes and whimpered as a string of drool slowly leaked out of the corner of her mouth! I think I almost came and passed out! But when she saw I was just standing there smiling she gave an indignit grunt and rolled on her back stomping her feet on the bed. Then it hit me I had not even tasted her sweet sexy feet! So i went to her rolled her on her stomach and pressed my nose against her feet and took in the sweet smell of success she was mpphing and slowly curled her toes around my nose as i smelled her feet i kissed her from the tips of toes to the small of her back! She was really into it she was more or less moaning and grinding her hips into my matress. I went to untie her as she had been tied up for a good half an hour she looked at me drool in her hair and sweat on her brow she had a glazed look in her eyes. I told I was going to untie her she told me as best she could no she shook her head. She hit me with her bond legs she was wiggling her toes. I said you want more she nodded yes. So I then decided to give her a little taste of being hogtied so i connected her up she didn't seem to care she wiggled her toes until she felt my face press against her soles I did everything I could smelling licking and nibbling on her toes and feet well she hummped and ground herself to orgasm on my bed. Once she was done I untied her and she had drool all over my bed and matted in her hair. She smiled and told me that was hot what i did she found it sexy that a guy would be so willing to smell and lick her dirty smelly feet. She told me the ballgag was kind of sexual too she said it was like having to suck on something. I was floored she told she wanted to see me get off then next time I tied her up. She told me I could retie her and get off on her chest as she wanted to see me get off! So I tied her to the head board then lifted her feet up and put her knees on her chest and tied her feet to the head board she was into it and I could see the big wet spot in the crotch of her pantyhose and her panties were soaked, I could smell the musky smell in the air. About 2 minutes later I covered her chest! Needless to say she and I play often even though she is still with her boyfriend she told even if she marry's the guy she will still come to play with me just because she can be free.
Tuesday, September 3rd 2002 - 12:31:09 PM
Name: Ross Jordan
E-mail address: glibber@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.debtmanagementservicesonline.com
Comments:Hi there, I stumbled across your site and must say I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work!
Monday, May 5th 2003 - 01:25:44 PM
Name: Virginia Farley
Homepage URL: http://www.4guests.com
Comments:Fantastic site.
Wednesday, May 7th 2003 - 11:09:38 PM
Name: David
E-mail address: elvyboy2002@yahoo.com
Comments:I called my friend Nikki on the phone the other day, I asked her if I could come over to visit? Nikki said yes we can have a few beers by her pool. At her house we had a few beers and talked about life and general things.I then asked her if she had ever been tied up before? she said she had and asked Why? I told Nikki about my fetish and asked her if she would liked to be tied up by me? No sex, just bound and gagged, she said ok. I told her to go into her bedroom and put on a pair of tan pantyhose over her panties and wear her bathing suit top, I went out to my car and retrieved my bondage bag (ropes) I walked into the bedroom and Nikki was sitting on the edge of the bed putting on her suntan pantyhose. Nikki is Japanese and very beautiful, large breasts and long black hair...she said to me "remember no sex" I said ok nothing will happen that you do not want to. I had Nikki stand up and turn around, her back to me, I crossed her slender wrists behind her back and looped the soft white rope around her wrists several times and tied it off. not to tight. I sat Nikki on the edge of the bed, her feet just touching the floor, I held her ankles together, slipped the rope over her nylon covered feet and around her ankles, pulling it tight together, I looped the rope around her ankles 5 times and tied it off behind her ankles. I laid Nikki on the bed, on her back and admired her body for a moment, I took some more rope and slipped it over her tied up ankles, over her knees and pulled it tight, forcing her knees together, I wrapped it several times around her legs and tied it off behind her knees. Next, I took some more rope and slipped it around her calves, I pulled it tight, and wrapped the rope around her calves and up to her lower knees, tying it tightly behind her legs. I asked Nikki to try to mover her legs, she struggled very hard but they were tied up very tightly. I took another piece of rope and wrapped it around her upper thighs, 5 times I went around her beautiful silky tan thighs, and tied the rope behind her legs again. Nikki could mover her feet, so I took the last piece of rope, a short piece, I laid her tied up ankles in my lap, felt her silky tan pantyhose over her feet, I ran my hands around her toes and felt the bottom of her feet, I took the rope and tied it around her arches of her feet, forcing them together very tightly, I tied it off on hte bottom of her feet. Now her legs were completly immoble. I asked Nikki to try to mover her legs and feet, she was unable to move them at all. I reached into my bag and produced a bandana, I told her this is your gag. Nikki opened her mouth as I placed the bandana inbetween her lips and teeth, I tied it behind her head. I rolled her over onto her stomach, she mpphp into her gag, it was so sexy. I checked the rope around her wrists to see if it was to tight, and took the opportunity to look at her tied legs and feet. I asked her to struggle a little bit for me and she complied by rolling around on the bed trying to get loose, mpph'ing into her gag. she looked so beautiful. I moved down on the bed to her feet and lifited them up so they were inbetween my knees as I sat on my haunches, I ran my hands over her feet and legs feeling the pantyhose and ropes around them. I gently kissed her pantyhosed toes and feet, kissing so softly around the ropes binding her feet and ankles, while my hands slowly carresed her pantyhosed legs. I took her toes into my mouth and gently sucked them through her pantyhose, Nikki was moaning and she seemed to be enjoying it very much, I was!! ..............more later
Tuesday, May 13th 2003 - 02:50:45 PM
Name: Jeff
Comments:I lease some office space from a warehousing company in the Southeast. There are a number of girls in the office, and dress is usually casual, but if a customer is scheduled to come through, everyone has to dress professionally. There is this one girl that brings me my mail every morning, and she is so hot! (I'll call her Kathy). She's about 5'4" and maybe 100-110 lbs, long blonde hair, cute face (she looks young, but her best feature is her legs. She likes to wear skirts, but her legs are usually bare with "sensible" shoes. The code for professional dress allows for slacks, but hose if dresses are worn. Anyway, I had stepped out of my office for a few minutes when she came in to deliver my mail. I had been surfing the internet, and there was a bondage site up. It was a bonehead thing to do, but I had the screen saver going, and I hadn't planned to be out long. She ended up bumping my mouse, and she saw the page just as I was walking in. It happend to be a "customer" day, and she was wearing a black knee-length skirt, a white blouse, tan hose and high heeled sandals. The picture that she saw was a "secretary in bondage" shot, and I felt extremely embarassed. I knew that she had seen my hidden fetish, so I tried to explain it away by saying it was an e-mail that someone had sent me by mistake. I don't think she bought it, but she just said "Oh, ok. Well, here's your mail." Then she smiled at me, winked, then she left. Kathy and I had never talked much, so I wasn't sure what she meant. After her workday was over, she knocked on my door and asked if she could come in. I let her in and asked her to take a seat in the chair across from my desk. I kept an eye on her beautiful legs the entire time as she sat and crossed her legs. I wasn't sure, but it seemed like she adjusted her skirt so that it would ride up a little higher. When I looked up, she was smiling at me again with a coy little look that I still didn't understand. She started by saying that she wanted to know me little better since she saw me every day. I told her a little bit about my company, that I was single, and some of my more benign interests. She paused and said "I noticed that you like looking at my legs," I swallowed hard "especially when I'm wearing pantyhose". I was waiting for some sexual harassment comment, but she went on to ask me if I thought her legs were really that nice. I replied by saying that I though she had the sexiest legs in the entire building, in fact, the sexiest that I had ever seen. Then she said "About that file on your computer I saw" I started to sweat " was no mistake then, was it?". "No" I finally said, "I looked it up myself". I was caught dead to rights. "Then you like looking at pictures of women that are tied up"? I nodded in defeat. I went on to explain my fetish to her to assure her that I wasn't a rapist or some deranged psychopath. She just continued to smile at me, then she said something that completely floored me. She said "Do you want to tie me up?". My heart skipped 20 beats as I slowly nodded yes. I wasn't prepared to tie anyone up at that time (no rope in the office), but that I could tomorrow. She said that tomorrow would not be a good time due to her schedule, but that this Friday was another "customer" day. She asked me what I would like her to wear, and I gave her some options. She said that she would bring some options for me to choose, then she left. Friday came (I found it difficult to work, as you can imagine), and Kathy delivered my mail as usual. She gave no indication of our "date" that evening, but before she left, she smiled then winked at me. The rest of the day was shot work-wise, but I was able to manage. I had brought several feet of 3/8" cotton rope, cloth strips, and a digital camera. 5:30 came and went, but Kathy had not shown up yet. I was tempted to call her desk, but I didn't want to raise any type of suspicion. She knocked on my door at 6:25 carrying one of those large canvass bags. She handed it to me and told me to pick out anything I wanted her to wear. I picked out a red skirt, red heeled, open-toed sandals (3.5 inches), a white short sleeved blouse, and a pair of dark tan panthose. She was wearing slacks today, but proceed to change into the outfit of my choosing right in front of me. I was sweating again, but I was able to stay coherent. After putting on the blouse and skirt, I asked her if she would take her panties off for me, and just put the pantyhose on instead. She said something about me being naughty, but I was too focused on her legs. This was because she was sliding on her hose at that particualar time. She did it oh so slowly, and she smoothed out her legs with her delicate hands each time. I don't think I blinked for the next 30 minutes. She reached for her shoes and told me that she only wore them for "special occasions", and that this will probably qualify. I watched the entire time as she slid each tiny foot into those sexy sandals, and as she first crossed the straps behind her ankles then brought them around the front to secure them. She then slowly crossed her legs and waited for further instructions. I had brought in a wooded chair from the break room (no easy feat since it was two floors down), and placed it in the center of my office. I asked her if she had ever been tied up before, and to let me know if she was uncomfortable in any way. She simply said "You just tie me up, and I'll figure out the rest." I said "Ok, you are now going to be the unwilling captive." She played the part perfectly. I started by telling her that her mistakes had cost the company money, and that I needed to teach her a lesson. "What are you going to do to me? Fire me?" "No, I'm going to have to tie you up for a little while". "Tie me up. I don't think you need to do that." Then she started to get up from her chair. I came up from behind her and clamped my hand over her mouth. She mmphed and struggled to get free, but I held her tight. I then made her sit in the wooden chair and told her to keep quiet, and that I wouldn't harm her. She nodded her head in agreement and I removed my hand from her mouth. "Put your hands behind your back" in instructed. She did timidly. I placed her palms together, and then I took a lengh of rope and proceeded to wrap them around her wrists a few times. I cinched her bonds and tied them snugly. She tested her bonds, but realized that she was not going to escape very easily. "It's too tight!" she protested, but I told her to keep quiet. I secured her tied hands to the back of the chair and she struggled some more. I then went around to her perfect legs. I started to stroke them as I commented on their soft silky feel, and she started to moan a little bit. I took some more rope and placed her ankles together and tied them tightly. I then ran my hands up her calfs to her knees and then to her thighs. I pushed her skirt up to the top of her thighs and tied her legs above her knees. I then took a length of rope and tied her ankles to the bar under the chair. She started to really struggle now, and I was getting even more aroused than I already was. She noticed this and started to struggle more. I then told her that it was time to gag her. "Please don't gag me" she pleaded, "you don't need to do that, I'll keep quiet". "I know" I replied. "Then why are you going to gag me?" she asked. "Because, I think that there is nothing sexier than a beautiful gagged woman. Open wide" I instructed. I then took a strip a cloth and proceeded to pull it tight between her lips. She mmphed in protest, but to no avail. I tied the gag over her hair, and knotted it tightly behind her head. I had gagged her so tightly that it stretched her lips at the corners of her mouth to its limits. I watched with complete awe as she squirmed, twisted, struggled, and mmmphed with such intensity, that I thought I was going to lose it right there. My dream had come true. I had a beautiful woman tied up, gagged, and struggling in my office wearing what I wanted her to wear. However, I wasn't finished. I figured that I had gotten this far, why not a little farther. I stood in front of her, placed my hands on her thighs, and pushed her skirt up as far as I could. I reached down between her legs and stroked the inside of her thighs. She moaned and struggled even more. I started to work my way up her thighs to where I could feel how wet she was. She was enjoying it as much as I was. After a while, I untied her. She gave me a long, hard kiss and said that it was the best "customer day" that she had ever had. We talked for a little while, and she said that when she was a kid, she was always the one that wanted to be the "damsel in distress" during their games. She had always liked being tied up, but had never been so as an adult. From that day on, "customer day" had new meaning for the both of us. I became our code word, and we say things like "I need a 'customer day' today. We live together now, and even use the code word at home. I do have other stories to tell, but this one had gone on long enough. I did take pictures, but Kathy won't let me send or post them. Maybe someday. Let me know if you want me to post some more.
Thursday, May 29th 2003 - 02:37:29 PM
Name: Zoey Michfierce
E-mail address: mrpuredw2@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.hairrestorationproducts.com
Comments:I wish you had more much deserved exposure. You are so beautiful.
Friday, May 30th 2003 - 03:43:48 AM
Name: bob
Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 05:29:58 PM
Name: bob
Comments:ionce had agirl who worked for me that i used to tie all the time.there was this onetime however sh came in wearing shorts and seethru blouse.under the blouse she was wearing a leotard and black tights. i was blown a way i wanted to tie her right away,but i had to do some work .i waited till the store was closed and locked the door and had hertake off blouse and shorts. im had her come into my office where i usually tied her. she knew what was next.i tied her wrists in front and then her knees and ankles. theni attatched a rope to the office door and stood her next to it i tied rope to her wrists and pulled them up over her head.i then took a paper towel and stuffed in her mouth and secured it with duct tape. i stood back and admired my workithen brought over a step stool it wasabout a foot and ahalf inheight picked her up and stood her on it all the while feeling her silky covered legs. i then took the rope attatched to her wrists and pulled on them tighter so her arms were over head and she was on tippy toes .i attatched it to door.i then held on to her and pushed away step stool and had her hang from there. i then blindfolded her,because i didnt want her to see me have an orgasm. she was wiggling around and hanging for about 20 minutes-i then let her go. man thatt was fun
Sunday, June 22nd 2003 - 05:47:44 PM
Name: Mr. M,
Comments: If anyone has read http://books.dreambook.com/wolfkeeper/main.html they may have read this story before but I hope more people read and enjoy. This is how Mrs. M. and I met; as I sat there I was of everywhere I could be in his mind at home, back at the office, back in the Marine Corp., or back basic training. Yes it was sad but true I was dying slowly of boredom this seminar was killing him me slowly if it would be at least interesting, but sales and marketing was so very dull as I thought it could be, and it was not getting any better. Just when I was ready to leave there she was taking the seat two over from where I was sitting she was a laser beam in the pitch Black I was in; an she was sitting two seats over from me her hair was jet Black as night an but shined like silk an was long about half way down her back. She was wearing a black suit the skirt was just above her knee but the slit on both sides and went up much further then I could see and that was when I was the HOTTEST set of legs he had ever seen they were in cased in a very very HOT looking jet black stockings with the seem down the back and I could see the Cuban heel over the top of her black 5" patent leather Stiletto heeled shoes she was wearing on her size 6 or so lovely looking feet. I looked around like there was a mistake I never have women this drop dead gorgeous fall into my lap I never thought I was bad looking but he usually had to work a little harder then this an there she was now what does he do? They sat there awhile she only gave him a glance or two he swears I was a smile in there one or two times. I could watch her hose covered legs all day but I thought that might turn her off she might think I’m just some kind of foot freak, OK OK so I was some kind of foot freak lets be honest. 1st women today don't wear hose every often if at all anymore especially the younger women 2nd they all wear those thick fat heels 3rd to have both these two sitting next to him was almost too much I thought I might mess my pants an have to go to my up to high priced hotel room to change my pants I keep saying to “keep it together”. She was crossing an uncrossing her legs he had to make himself not stair then I remembered the hidden video camera in my brief case if I put it under my seat an turned it on with it's remote I could tape this for later it only took a second to set up I new how to take aim. The time was now fling by I could hear her stockings rubbing as she crossed an uncrossed her legs she dangled her shoes a little here an there I was as hard as a rock if only if only I could get to see her slide off those spikes an see those lovely hose covered feet it was like weighting as they say for the other shoe to drop it was one of my favorite sayings. If only I could ask her 'Miss would you be so kind as to remove your shoes so I may see your love hose covered feet' then what the 'get lost creep’, or the 'SLAP' cross the face, or better yet 'pepper spray then the police'. Then after what seemed like an eternity she slid the toe of one shoe to the heel of they other and repeating for the other foot and off came those lovely hose cover feet it was like the sweet cherry on a sundae. Now time was fling by the session ended she didn’t slid back on her shoes right away, everybody was gathering up there stuff when I saw a hotel employ hand her a note she read it then seemed a little upset so I took the chance and asked ‘what was wrong and if I could help’ she looked at me for a second those eyes were like dark cool pools then said ‘I don’t know what to do they screwed up my reservations and my room wouldn’t be ready till sometime this evening, well wear am I supposed to stay or go in the meantime I got here late I’m tired and just want to relax’. I’m not the kind of guy who take advantage of a situation but I do whole heartedly believe in being a gentleman even if most women today don’t want to be ladies I introduced myself and told her I also an staying in the hotel and offered her my room to freshen up and lax I also said if she was afraid of being along with me we could leave the door open or I could go out and come back later, I know you think I’m taking quit a gamble but I lock up everything of value and she had a trusting face and manor. She thought then said she couldn’t I was being too generous, a pause then well I do need to kick off my shoes and relax but don’t leave I don’t know anybody here; anyway it is your room. We got to my Suit it was a very nice room very big it coast enough she went in the rest room right away so I mixed some drinks while I weighted when she came out of the restroom and she started telling me about herself and what she did and her family. I poured us some drinks she told me her feet were tired and slid her shoes off then she asked me what I did I told her I was a rep for a security company and we were trying to market some of our new products. She ask to see some of them I show her some of my samples she ask about them there was one sample that caught her attention she ask what it was I told her it it’s experimental it looked like an ace bandage but was stronger and could be fastened very quickly she said it didn’t look or feel that strong she doubted it would work. I told her it was experimental but it was quite strong and fast she then said I’ll bet you I could get out of this stuff, I asked her are you going, she said no if I use this stuff on her and she gets free I have to buy her dinner I asked what do I get she look at me and said “I’ll be tied up I guess you get what ever you want”. I had her turn around I quickly secured her wriest I then tied her at the elbows she was very flexible I asked if she was ok she said fine I knelt down and secured her slender ankles then just above the knees I asked again if she was ok she said great. I told her I was done and for her to try to get free she started to wiggle and tried to walk on toes I caught her a few times she almost fell then she wiggled and hopped like a bunny but the way she looked jumping around in her hose covered feet she sure wasn’t a bunny. This went on for about a half an hour when there came a knock at the door I told her to be quite I got a little spooked I don’t usually but I wasn’t expecting to have a beautiful women all tied up in my room since I send in as a single will she was the hummer in it right away and started to laugh saying “Oh no what will the think if you are found with a women in your room, maybe I should start calling for help…help…help” I knew she was joking so I decide to go along I picked up a clean handkerchief and stuff it in her mouth and tie it in place with my neck tie she “mmmmmmppphhhh” I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her in to the bedroom and laid her on the bed and closed the door. I answered the door it was a staff member of the hotel to tell her her room would be ready in an hour and it was right down the hall I told him she was in the restroom and I would tell her, I went back in the room she was rolling around the bed having a good time I asked her if she wanted to be untied she shaking her head no I watched her for another half hour. As I untied her it was clear to me that she really enjoyed being tied and gagged as I removed the gag from her mouth she grabbed my tie and pulled me close and planted a great kiss on me then said “You really do know how to show a girl a good time” I tied her up the rest of the night and have been doing it ever sense.
Thursday, July 24th 2003 - 04:48:39 PM
Name: Mr. M's little Slave
Comments:Hello my name is Heather I am Mr. M.’s sister-in-law And he smooth talked me in to posting this story about us He’s married to my older sister and is a hell of a guy. I wouldn’t let just any guy tie me up. He talked me in to this postings if I did it he would make me one of his awesome dinners. I came strait from work he greeted me at the door with a glass of my favorite wine, I am told to tell you what I am wearing I have on a white suit and taupe hose with 4”white pumps. He told me about this site and from what I see it’s great, the next thing I know he’s sliding off my pumps and giving me the best foot massage I’ve ever gotten I melt in his hands. He then tell me that he wants me to post just like my sister as I read he quickly returns with his bag of goodie’s as I read he slowly crosses and ties my ankles. Then ties another rope just above my knees, all the while rubbing and massaging my hose covered legs. Last and of course not lest he slides a knotted silk scarf between my red lips and I am gagged. I remember the one time I had car trouble and couldn’t afford to get my car fixed, I was talking to my sister Mrs. M. no the phone and telling her all about it. She said she would ask Mr. M. if he would do it for me I asked are you sure he’s kind of busy she said yes. We hung up and awhile the phone rang it was my brother-in-law he told me he would do it for me the next day I said GREAT but I didn’t have the money to pay for it he said not to worry about it I would have to drive my sister to work though if I wanted to use her car I said fine can I talk to her he said she’s a little tied up right now in the back ground I could hear the mmmm of my sister. The next day I dropped of my car for him to work on he told me it would be done later this afternoon I told him this was great and I owed him big so I took my sister and drove her to work using her car on the way I thanked her to and asked her what happened last night? She told me that she knew what would persuade Mr. M. he has these fantasies of tying up these women from TV like I dream of Genie, or Charlie’s angles, or Daisy duke. So she put on her belly dancer outfit and a blonde wig and play “I dream of Genie” him playing her master (I’ll let her tell this story) she also tells me he love to sneak up behind her with a rag in hand and pretend to knock her out like in the movies, he never really does it but he is very sneaky and can disappear and reappear just like in the movies it can freak you out if your not ready for it. I dropped my sister off at work and used her car for the day. It was getting to be later in the day when it hit me what to thank my brother-in-law for all his work. I came over with some china’s take out from one of our favorite places and a bottle of wine. When I got there my car was outside and all done fixed and my sister wasn’t home yet she was going to be a little late. My Bro. was relaxing with his eyes closed in his favorite chair I walked up to him as quietly as I could (with 4” heels on) but it’s impossible he always knows you’re there I say “Hi I bout you something to say thanks” I handed him the bag and the bottle he smiles and say thanks this is were I show him the real surprise I open my long over coat to revile my Daisy Duke outfit I had a light blue work shirt tied in front short sleeves, the shortest dark blue Daisy Duke’s on I mean not much left to your imagination, they have a snap on the bottom to help go to the bathroom or what ever and the sides for what ever, and suntan hose, and an awesome two tone pair of 4” pumps light and dark blue they looked great when I would wear denim like jeans and stuff. His mouth just fell open he looked me up and down he was speechless I finely asked if he was hungry he finely said yes so I made us up a couple of plates as we sat and ate I new he was watching me and I new the first time he saw me in heels that he was watching me doing my shoe play so I made sure to do some of that and off course kick off my shoes. Well we ate and talked and drank well I did most of the drinking so I was feeling pretty good I was rubbing my hose covered foot on him and telling him in a southern voice (like Daisy) how much I wanted to thank him for his help and what ever he wanted to just let me know. I got up to go get some more wine I swear I just turned my back a second and when I turned around he was gone I couldn’t believe my eyes I called out for him but no answer I slowly walked around the house but could not find him this was a little spooky. Then from out of nowhere a rag is placed over my nose and mouth and an arm is rapped around me pinning my arms to my sides and lifting me off the ground I turn and out of the corner of my eye I see my Bro. I then realize I’m being knocked out and at his mercy I play along with and put up a little fight with a lot of “MMMMMMPPHH” to go along with till I an expected to pass out. I go limp in his arms he has no trouble holding me up he puts me on a table near by face down but my legs are hanging off he pulls my hands behind my back crosses and ties my wrists I feel him going over up down and around it doesn’t feel to tight but as I fine out later I am very tie up. Next my ankles are also crossed and tied then another rope just above my knees just when I think he’s done he adds another rope to secure my elbows and the ropes are very soft but quite strong. He lifts me over his shoulder and takes me to lowers me onto the couch so I’m sitting up and my head flops backward but the couch is so soft and deep I have trouble staying up but do. I feel like I’m all safe and secure in the in a giant pillow he sits next to me I feel his hands massaging my hose covered legs I think it time to wake up I slowly come to with the good old “where am I, who are you, what…WHY AM I TIED UP?” He plays it great in a nice southern voice he says “now you just take it easy there little lady you know one going to hurt you and you just do what I say and this will go real easy” I say no and resist he then tells me he’ll be right back but first he pulls a cloth out of his pocket I say “what is that for?” he puts it up to my lips I say “ OH NO NO don’t gag me please don’t gag me I wouldn’t call for help” all for nothing as I “no no mmmmmmpphh” he then pulls out a roll of med tape and put two strips over my mouth so I am very gagged. It was then I was the knot keeping my shirt together in front is coming undone but the gag stops me from saying anything. He leaves the room this was when I realized I was really tied up I had never been so helpless so to keep in character I decided to try something pulling myself with my legs and feet I try to stand up dragging my heels on the floor kicking off my shoes I work my way to standing then try to hop the hopping only makes my top fall open and he can see I’m not wearing a bra. I then see him watching me out of the corner of my eye he’s got a big grin on his face he tell me he’s very impressed then put thoughts me over his shoulder and carries me in to the bedroom and lays me on the bed this time he lays me face down then hogties me now with my hose covered feet he starts rubbing them then even tickling them I laugh and kick to stop him but can do nothing else. He stop suddenly then tells me he’ll be right back I roll on my side so I can see the door then to my surprise in comes my sister still in her work clothes a gray pin strip suit taupe hose and matching sling back pumps. She see he on the bed and starts to laugh being gagged I can only “mmmm mmmppphh” she says “well I see you found the way to thank him, where is he oh sorry the gag makes it hard to answer, been there tried that, he’s great at hiding you weight here I’ll see if I can surprise him, what am I saying were can you go”. She leaves me I try to listen to what is going on I see my breast are fully exposed now then I here a laugh/scream then nothing a minute later I hear footsteps coming down the hall the door opens it’s my brother-in-law standing there with my sister bound and gagged with her over his shoulder I can see he’s used the med tape around her wrists, ankles, and her knees, I can’t see her face but from the sounds she is making I can tell she must be gagged. He’s taken off her clothes everything but her hose he puts her on the bed next to me and hogtied her he then say “hey this isn’t fair” and undoes the snaps on my Daisy Dukes so we are both naked. We laid side by side and tried to gag talk this was hilarious, well he spend the rest of the night tying us back to back laying down and sitting, he even untied me for awhile and we tortured my sister, I was then retied and gagged. Well we hope you like our adventures. He’s about to finish tying me up and my sister should be home and join me soon. Later
Sunday, August 10th 2003 - 08:38:55 PM
Name: JT
E-mail address: non@non.net
Comments:Great site been reading it off and on for a while. Here is my post. I just recently returned from a tour of duty overseas. I went to visit my brother and his long time girlfriend. It was during this visit my brother had told me he has gotten a promotion in the company he works for and is required to travel a lot. So he and his girlfriend Andera would like to know if I would be able to move in with them so she would have me around when he was gone. I told them I would love to move in but my job in the military also means I am gone for months and in the last case a year or more. He told me it's ok they still wanted me to move in. So the next day I went and got all my stuff which was not much at all. Andrea was happy since my brother was leaving that night for a few days and I would be there with her. Andrea is 38 and very pretty reminds me of the wife on "everyone loves raymond". She is a part time nurse and nursing teacher. She has always had a special place in my heart she in one of those women who does lot's of shoe dangling and often wears hose. We took my brother to the airport and as we drove home we talked she asked me what is was like over seas. I told her watered down version of things, she could see I was glossing over it. We got home and she made some dinner and we started drinking we talked about all kinds of things. It was during this she was sitting on the couch next to me flipping her sandal on and off her bright red toes and wrinkled soles were driving me nuts! I felt very uncomfortable have to watch this. Maybe she picked up on my uneasyness and kicked off her sandals saying she was sorry bad habit. I smiled it's ok I like to watch!! I realized what I said how stupid was I. She laughed oh really so I take it you like feet or shoes. I said feet she was like oh really. So all these years we have known each other you must have been in foot heaven seeing me play with my shoes. The booze was like truth serum I was telling her my secrets. She then said I wanna offer you a chance to live out a dream she put her feet in my lap and I massaged them she loved it but I loved it more. She said what else to you like to do with feet I told her that is one secret I can't tell she laughed. Well I opened up more and pretty much spilled my guts about pantyhose and bondage. She seemed to take it so matter of factly. Then she said I would like to try it sometime! She then said now if we do this tie up stuff that's it No Sex I love your brother. I told her she didn't have to worry about Sex because she would be dressed and I don't want to break up anything with my brother. We both knew my brother would freak out about me tying up his girlfriend in her pantyhose but it was not sex. The next day she was gone before I woke up so I had no way of knowing what she was wearing. She came home later that day she had on some dark brown hose brown skirt and blouse. We talked and drank a bit she then said oh my feet are really hurting bad do you know anyone who can help me. In moments I was massaging her sweaty smelly feet I was in heaven the look on her face was priceless. She jokingly said you give great feet! I then said feel like being tied up! She smiled and said ok I putty in your hands. I went and got my bag of rope and ballgag. I call it my overnight bag. I came back and had her stand and put her hands behind her back I crossed and tied them then sat her down and tied above and below her knees then her ankles side by side. Then I took out the ballgag she said oh on pulp fiction. She took it in her mouth. I buckled it in and gave her a sign of snapping fingers and or three grunts for release. I told she was to try and get free or I might tickle her soft feet! She squealed at that statement. She made one hell of a damsel like a pro. Her skirt hiked up and I was looking at her her pretty hose covered ass she didn't care. I did put her skirt down and rubbed and tickled her feet a little then I had to feel her feet on my face so I put my face between her feet and took some smells she curled her toes on my and when I stopped she wiggled toward me holding her legs up. You want me to do it some more she nodded yes so I dove in. I untied her a few minutes later and she has made some time for me to tie her up and enjoy her feet. She told me she likes to see me put my face betwen her smelly feet!
Monday, August 25th 2003 - 12:48:28 PM
Name: Tc justice
E-mail address: US@none.net
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Comments:Here is something that just happend to me. I just returned from a tour of duty overseas. My older brother and his long time girlfriend Andrea came to welcome me home. We went back to their house were they had made a little party for me. I tried to have a good time but I think I was still in shock. I was not in to much shock to notice several of the ladies weraing hose one had on a very sheer nude, another wearing black and Andrea had on some brown almost glittery hose. Around 2 am after the crowd had left and my brother who had to much party went to bed and Andrea followed him. I had the place to myself so I hopped on thier computer to catch up on all the pantyhose and bondage pictures and stories, I have missed over the past year and half. I was so into my hunt that I failed to notice I had company until I smelled some perfume then I turned to see Andrea standing outside smoking she was watching me! Now I felt really stupid wondering what to do should I just keep on surfing or shut off the computer and go explian to her. Before I could do anything she had come back in and stood next to me seeing the picture of a woman tied and gagged dressed in business woman outfit with her hose feet exposed. She said catching up on the old days I see. I said sorry and began to sign off their computer she said it's ok you could have kept on looking at your sutff. She said it was rude of me to butt in. I told her it was ok. She and I talked about lots of thing but mostly about me and my fetish she seemed very interested. I found myself interested in her glittery hosed feet as i talked I was picturing her tied up and me rubbing her feet. She might have sensed this as she asked me how long it's been since I have tied anyone up? I told her too long she laughed and said maybe I can you out. I was all ears she told me we would talk the next day after my brother left for his business trip. She left and I hopped back on the computer I was now way to excited to sleep. Well the next day my brother asked me to move in with them he and Andrea felt it was important I have a real home to live in and he would feel better knowing I was there to keep Andrea company. I told him it would be great but I have to clear it with my command. He left and gave me the keys to his car telling me to go out for a ride. Andrea was at work. I went shopping for some supplies! When I got home Andrea was already there sitting outside somking she was wearing a black floral dress and sheer black hose and pumps her brown hair was in a bun. She smiled when she saw me well are you going to move in? I told I would but had to get cleared too. She saw my bag what's in the bag I told her stuff she smiled and said like what rope! I was like yes. She then said before we do anything I want to talk to you about this. I told she didn't have to do anything but she told me she wanted too but we had to both agree there would be No Sex ever! I agreed then gave her two signals for release. Then I got started i had her stand in the middle of the living room and i tied her hands crossed behind her back then her elbows tying another rope around her upper body then walked her to the couch. Sat her down then tied her above and below the knees and her ankles side by side. Then I took out the new red ballgag I bought for her she saw it and said oh no pulp fiction! We both laughed and I put it in her mouth she gave me a mmpph as I buckled it! I asked her if she was ok she smiled and nodded yes, I told her I was done and she can try to get free if she wants! She rolled her eyes and tried to smile! I sat back enjoying the whole vibe of the moment she tugged and bounced on the sofa then she mpphed and gave me big doe eyes! I was so stunned she managed to loose her shoes and much to my suprise and delight her hose had reinforced toes. She had painted her toes bright red and wore a silver toe ring. To much for me I went and lifted her legs on to the sofa and put her feet in my lap and massaged them! She enjoyed it her mmmpphs turned into hmmmss The smell of her feet was intoxicating I really wanted to bury my face in between her feet and smell em. So I stopped removed her gag she looked suprised at this i then told her wait and I buried my face in her feet! I was in heaven she never said a word in fact she curled her toes on my face. I lost track of time but then when I realized like it had been a long time I untied her. We had a nice evening talking and I showed her my favorite sites and dreambooks. She told me she liked seeing my face buried in her sweaty feet. So the next day we played it again this time I hogtied her. And enjoyed her brown glittery hose from the night before!! Oh they were really ripe. So far she is into as much as me so hopefully I will be able to share more of our adventures
Tuesday, August 26th 2003 - 12:05:50 PM
Name: Tc Justice
E-mail address: US@none.com
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Comments:Glad to see you liked my post. As I said before Andrea seemed to enjoy the game she later told me my brother is very normal, compared to me she likes the fact I am sort of on the edge. Well I moved in and my brother was happy to see that I would be able to be there with Andrea when he was gone. Now she and I both agreed we would try any bondage when he was home. She would however leave her worn pantyhose under my pillow, I was suprised to see this but made sure I used them. Sometimes at night she would stop by my room to catch me doing what I do best looking for pantyhose and bondage. My brother left for another trip the other day and so I figured she would be ready for a game. She came home from work and found me by the pool, She had on khaki pants nude hose a pair of black mules and a whit short sleeve cotton shirt her hair in a bun. She sat next to me and said oh my poor feet are so sore, I wish i knew someone who would massage them for me. So I told lets go inside I would fix her up she went and laid on the sofa. I went and got my ropes and ballgag on the way to her I got her a glass of wine. I gave her the wine she smiled as I sat down she plopled her feet in my lap I slipped off her shoes and the smell! It was so strong she smiled and said something about these shoes really make my feet smell she said but they are my new favorite shoes! We laughed as I massaged her feet they were damp then she said slyly hey I want you to smell my feet now. She raised her foot I smelled it she smiled now kiss it I kissed her foot. She squealed I love it then the lowered her left foot and raised the right foot now this one. I stared at her as I smelled and kissed her feet she said if your a good boy I will let you pick out and paint my toes for me! I smiled as she finished her wine while looks like my wine is gone and you ready to tie me up. Yes I am so she stood up and then said ok do me. I grabbed a rope and tied her hands then her elbows then I tossed a few pillows on the floor and she knew what this meant. She giggled I must have been a bad girl. I helped her down and on her stomach and crossed and tied her ankles then connected her into a hogtie. I told her I wouldn't gag her since I was going to start dinner. She said while gag me and take me with you. I thought about it ok I can do that. So I went to the kitchen and laid a couch cushion on the table then went back and gagged her she mmpphed in delight as I picked up in my arms and carried her into her kitchen and set on the table. I then asked her if she was ok she nodded yes I went and got one more rope and tied the soles of her feet together. She mpphed and struggled a little. I made dinner it was hard to cook and not stare at her but then I noticed she had started drooling. I was turned on by this but went and cleaned her up and removed her gag. She asked me why I took out the gag I told her she was drooling she told me she saw I had pictures of girls drooliing and thought I would like it! I told it was nice of her but she didn't have to do anything more then she already is doing for me. I never regagged her we talked while I cooked she stayed hogtied for about a good 55 minutes. She never complained once. I untied her put everything back and we ate. After dinner she came back in shorts and handed me toe polish and I got to paint her toes. Then later after they were dry she slipped back into her hose and night gown and slippers for one last game in which I tied her to my bed and did some net surfing showing her pictures and reading her some posts from this site. I am sure the next few days will be good too
Friday, August 29th 2003 - 01:13:31 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:I was a little older then fourteen when my mom left my dad and I well not long after that they got a divorce. Dad is a surgeon and gets called away at all hours of the day or night mom couldn’t deal with that and trying to find herself but this is not what I’m here to talk about. I was sixteen when dad started dating Rhonda he had met her at the hospital but they didn’t work together. She was always very pretty even prettier then my mom put I still loved mom more, Rhonda was at least ten years younger then my dad and was five feet nothing about one hundred ten pounds, 36D-24-36 over the shoulder blond hair she reminded the singer Liz Phair today that is not then. She was very nice to me and I tried to get close to her also but it was a strange time for all of us. Her and my dad had been dating for over six months when she asked him to go to this big important costume party he agreed and asked if I wanted to come along I of course said ‘no it will be all old people acting weird and stuff’ you know like a kid. Well the night of the party came and you guest it my dad got a phone call and had to leave he tried to call Rhonda but could not reach her he said he would call but to tell her he was ‘sorry’ then saying maybe I would go in his place I said ‘yeah right’. About fifteen minutes after he leaves I hear Rhonda coming in the back door calling out ‘HELLOOO’ she had on a long black overcoat I could see she had on five inch black gold heeled pumps and suntan hose, she did wear heels and hose a lot she also had a strange kind of hat with what looked like a Vail on her head. We talked and I told her about my dad she was really disappointed then the phone rang it was dad they talked he said how sorry he was and she knew but this party was so important then I heard them talking about me I knew what was up. She hung up the phone them came over to me and started asking me to go with her she was really begging “Look I know you weren’t going to this party and that was ok because I had your dad but now he was gone and I need you” I just looked at her then she said “I’m in a ‘rock and a hard place’ she says “I’m begging you I’ll do anything …anything if you come to this party look” she opened her coat to show me her costume she look just like Jeanie on ‘I dream of Jeanie’ with tied top and open belly but in black and gold trim with legs opened down the side all the way down and tied at the ankle I hadn’t seen how good her figure look before but now I was speechless. She looked so HOT she then told me “Your dad was going as ‘the Master’ and me a ‘the slave’ this is a very important party for us I’ll be your slave if you be the master what good is a slave without a master” I bet she thought that I would just make her get me drinks a stuff boy was she in for a surprise. I agreed I was about five foot ten, one hundred ninety pounds so I fit in to my dads costume it was black and had a hat and I looked pretty good, I did not have any chains in my stash but did have some black rope and a black stain piece of cloth so I put it in my pocket and took it with me for my ‘slave’. I came downstairs she said I looked great I had my license and told her I could drive she agreed we got in her BMW she look at me with those baby blues I said ‘hey you know just sitting in this car when I stop or slow down my ‘slave’ could run away’ she said she wouldn’t but I said ‘as the master I must make sure so take off your shoes’ a big smile came over her face like she was enjoying this as she kick off her shoes then I said ‘weight I just can’t take any chances with my favorite slave getting away’ I took the long black rope out of my pocket she kind of laughed then said ‘What you’re going to do tie me up too? I don’t know about this what if we get pulled over or worse, what are you going to tell the cop when he see a women bound hand and foot in your car’? I said we wouldn’t get pulled over so that won’t happen as I slowly tied her wriest in front of her then with the rest of the rope tie her ankles I also made sure she wore her seatbelt. As I finished she ‘No gag yet there’s no way you’ll be able to explain me bound and gagged to a cop’ as we drove on I thought about having this hot women all tie-up next to me in a BMW, then I thought about her last words they told me a few things like she thought about being gagged, and knew it was next, and she didn’t say “no” to the gag she said “No gag yet” so I knew this was going to be a fun night even more then I had hoped for in my young life. We got to the party she said “Ok untie me so I can’t walk around the party this way, but you can tie a long rope between my wriest like a slaver but not me ankle I may fall after a few drinks” I asked “What about the shoes”? She looked at me with that same smile as before then said “I’ll wear them in scene’s I know you’ll be watch you see a lot of shoe play and after enough drinks they’ll be off completely ok” that smile again told me she knew what I was asking and that she wouldn’t disappoint me. Well we went in and to make a long story short I was pretty much right about what the party was going to be like though I did see a number of fine ladies in hose and heels and taking there heels off not to mention my red hot date on top of that she did have a little to much to drink and was snuggling with me the whole night. People keep kidding her about being with such a young man we just laughed she of course told then I was her boyfriend’s son. Well it was late and Rhonda had enough to drink so it was time to go home. I walked her to the car she could walk but I didn’t want her to fall she had put her shoes on then thought it might be safer without then so she kicked then back off she was telling me how great I was and cute I opened the door and help her get in the car and was just about to close the door when she said “OH NO NO NO you forgot I’m your slave so don’t you want to make sure I can’t runaway” she turned toward me holding out her wriest and her hose covered feet saying ‘you better tie me up again you never know I might run away” she was smiling ear too ear I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. I took a quick look around to see if anybody could see us and I saw no one I tied her up again the same way as I did on the trip to the party. We drove to my house I tried hard not to stair put she was rubbing up against me with her feet and legs, we finely got to my house I pulled in to the attached garage and remotely close the door behind us I open the my door when she says “You know a slaver wouldn’t take any chances with the slave his kidnapping calling for HELLPPPMMMMPPHH” I quickly gagged her with the one I had in my pocket I then untied her hands and pulled then behind her and retied them so she was hogtied in the front seat of her car now to get her in the house. I opened the door of the car and put her over my shoulder and carried her in to the house all the while she was kind of laughing and ‘mmmmmpphh’ as I carried her. I laid her on the couch she kind of rolled and her pretty blonde hair seemed to go everywhere she was still laughing under her gag I watched for about a half an hour she was really getting in to it, then she made some strange noise I came over and took off her gag and asked if she was ok she was on her stomach and kind of laughed and said “Yeah I just think that science I’m going to be tied-up awhile I should probably use the ladies room and change in to something else” I asked why she rolled over with a smile on her face to reveal that her Jeanie top had come untied and she was her lovely breasts hanging out there for me to see I could not help but stair for a minute then she said “Hello I’m not ashamed or in barest for you to seeing my breast but I’m not sure how your father will feel so I think it best I put something else ok”. I slowly came to and untie her she got up from the couch with her top still open look me in the eye and tenderly gave me a kiss and said I’ll be right back ‘sweetie.’ She went up to my dads room so I quickly went and got my bag of stuff I was about ten minutes later she called for me to come upstairs. I grabbed my bag and ran upstairs to my dads room I walked in she was in the bathroom she told me she just talked to my dad on the phone and he was sorry be this was going to be a long night and he didn’t know when he would be home. She came out of the bathroom she had on a long satin black robe and a full glass of wine in one hand she said down on the foot of the King-size bed she patted the bed motioning for me to sit next to her. I have no clue what she is going to say but as a teenager I assumed the worries and boy was I wrong. She put her hand on my knee and tells me how grateful she is for what I did tonight and that most people my age wouldn’t have done it. Then she says “I think we had a break through tonight between us a friends that took a lot of guts to ask me to take off my shoes and then to tie-me-up you are gutsy you didn’t know how I reacted I liked it when you took charge we have found a common ground tonight that we can work on I found out that you love ladies in hose and tied-up-and-gagged and I happen to be a lady of likes to wear hose and be all tied-up. I know I’m not your mother and I don’t want to even try to take her place but I think with this info I think we can build our only little relationship. What do you do think”? I paused for just a second then agreed to give it a try she smiled and gave me another peck on the cheek. She asked me if I ever tie-up my mom I said no I didn’t think she would let me or like it (that’s another story), and if I liked to play games like we did tonight or just tie-up the ladies? I said I really like playing game like cops-and-robbers, spies, or burglar, she said have you ever play kidnap the beauty queen, the bad secretary she said she would teach me them but she then told me that “This was to between us and only us I don’t want to have to explain this to your dad, and I’m not into pain so if it hurts and I say stop we stop ok, and this wasn’t going to be a ‘Mrs. Robinson’ thing (I had no idea what she meant but she explained) I’m not shy or in barest about my body but we only play tying-up-games I am faithful to your dad and don’t want to hurt him ok”? I was doing summersaults inside and couldn’t believe my ears of course I agreed she then asked me to look in my bag of stuff she look in and smiled then asked what next master? I thought as quickly as I could and said how about a burglar she said it sound like a good choice I’ll go back in the bathroom and when I come out you surprise me. So I went behind the bathroom door put a bandanna over my face and weighted for her to return she did I quickly grabbed her from behind and hand gagged her she let a gag scream. I told her to be quite and you would get hurt she was in character and was great “I just got home from work I don’t have anything….please please don’t hurt me take anything just don’t hurt me” I told her “I already have what I came for now to take care of you” I pushed her to the bed then let go of her she turned around I then said “Take off that rob and lay across the bed and put your hands behind your back” she open the rob to revile she was wearing a black satin G-string with matching bra under her dark suntan hose my mouth fell open again. She laid across the foot of the bed just as I told her to do and crossed her hands behind her back, for a second she came out of character and said “with all I had to drink I can’t promise I won’t fall asleep for awhile so if I do you don’t have to worry about untying me but you might not want to leave a gag on I might choke ok” of course I said. I tied her wriest then her elbows then moved to crossed and tied her ankles then another just above her knees she was back in character and said “OK I know you have to tie-me-up but PLEASE PLEASE don’t gag me I promise I would yell for help I promise” I stuffed a bandanna in her mouth and tied another over it to keep it in place. She was all over that bed struggling and “mmmmmpphh” the whole time, that was until I tied her feet to her hands and hogtied her she still fought just didn’t move around quit as much we played all night till we fell asleep then even more in the morning that morning I promised her a foot massage if she would wear hose and she did we stopped when dad got home but he was happy to see and hear we were getting along and wanted us to get even closer. This was just the start of our fun together we did become friends and she did let me tie her up almost anytime and anywhere. I hope you enjoy it I will post more if you want?
Saturday, August 30th 2003 - 09:16:47 PM
Name: Mr. M.
E-mail address: A repost
Comments:This was one of those things that if I had asked for it it wouldn’t have even stood a chance but it fell in to my lap. I just finished a big job so to celebrate I would take my wife and her twin sisters Heather and Heidi out for a very nice dinner so we were all dressed up very nice I wore black double breasted suit, my wife had on a backless, and sleeveless satin cocktail some lovely 5” black satin sandals, with full fashions hose of course. Heather had wore a hot little red number it was also a cocktail short as you can imagine 5”red pumps with black full fashion stocking (I could see there garter) the seam in back and the Cubin heel. Now Heidi she was different from her sisters she was a little more quit about it but not that much she had on a long dark blue dress it looked like those china’s kind of dresses it was very low in the front and no back, slit up both sides her hose were dark blue but sheer and she had on dark blue satin slink back 4”pumps see different but sexy. We all went out to eat and every person watched us as we came and left. Well they love eat and drank and can these three drink there and when we got home, they started in with there sister/girl talk so I excused myself and went to watch the game (football GO PACK) I could hear them talking and laughing but didn’t really pay that much attention. The game was done and I had been going in there every so often to see what they were doing and take a peek at there hosed feet and legs they as usual did not disappoint me they all had there shoes off and were kicking back and they had polished off a large bottle of wine. So I was in my room watching the TV when I heard my name being called I thought it was my wife but it also sounded like my sister-in-laws voice so I went to see what this was all about. When I entered the room I was met with a lot of questions about my interest in bondage they of course all came from Heidi, why you might wonder well my wife was telling her about our interest in bondage and of course she had questions about my motives and my feeling toward women. This is how it went. Heidi: So how old were you when you started tying up girl? Me: I knew I liked it very young but didn’t understand it till I was much older about 13. Heidi: Do you think you respect women? Me: Yes if you mean because I want to tie and gag then that means I want to treat them like dirt or less human being you are very WRONG. My Wife: He treats me with very much respect and like a lady, he never hurts me or forces me to do anything I do want to, and if I don’t feel like doing bondage he will respect my feels no that too. Heather: It’s fun you give someone else the controls and go along for the ride and if you want to stop you can stop. Heidi: You too you mean your into bondage? Heather: YEAH its fun and I LOVE the way he and being bound make me feel. Don’t knock it till you try it, have you ever tried it given the reins to some one else and let then take control or do you think that will make you less a woman if you leave it to someone say a man? Well I this conversation was one of the weirdest I have ever been and I had no clue what to say or do next and just when I was going to Venter a guess Heather comes out with “OK Mr. M. go get your bag of toys and lets have some fun”. I paused for a second and looked at my wife with a twinkle in her eye she gave me a wink and her loving smile so I got my stuff Heather stood up and turned around and put her hands behind her back and said “Make me your prisoner Mr. M.” this time without a thought I started to cross and tie her wriest. What could I do I looked at my wife she smiled and gave me a wink I crossed and tied her wrists as I did I heard Heidi ask her “What do you hope to prove by having him tie you up”? she said “that this is our choose his hers (my wife) and my own, I’m doing this for myself most of all and don’t knock it till you have tried it have you ever”? Heidi doesn’t say anything but I can tell she is watching me and what I am doing, then after I finish my wife grabs my hand as she is sit close to us on the couch and say “why weight till later lets start our fun now” and then lays on the couch and puts her hands behind her back and starts crossing and playing with her legs and feet this is telling me she want her hands and feet bound so I go to work and the next thing my wife is hogtied on the couch. Heather says “Oh yeah my feet do my feet and a nice hogtie” I oblige her strait away. I turned and looked at my work then I saw Heidi was doing the same Heather and my wife were talking and having a pretty good time then they started in on Heidi to join in she hemmed and hawed and tried to make up excuses the one I thought might work was when she said “I can’t get tied up like that my dress is to tight” well I thought I could tie her up another way but be for I could my little slave spook up and says “Take it off, here on do my hogtie” so I did then with her hands and feet still tied she stands up I help her and she tells me to unfasten the back of her dress my jaw drops through the floor but I dew it right away, then my wife says that she wants to do the same what could I do I did what they wanted. My wife had on black French cut hose with no panties, and a black see through bra, my little slave had no bra or panties a garter and stockings. I couldn’t help but stair at these two loves of mine tied up sitting on the couch next to each other, that was when Heidi spook up I had almost forgotten she was there “ If I wasn’t your sister and knew the two of you like I do I wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing but I really don’t believe what I’m going to do now” she stood up and reached around to the back of her dress and unfastened it behind her neck then turned her back to me and asked if I would help her too I did enjoying every minute of it she also was wearing no bra but had on a black G-sting under her full fashion French cut hose. With her back still to me she then said well I guess I should do this next then she put her hands behind her back I crossed and tied them then walked her over to the couch next to my wife then knelt down and crossed and tied her ankles I could see she was testing to see if my tying was as good as she thought it was. This was more then a dream I had to just try to sit there and soak it all then my little slave said “Hey there is one thing missing here and I think you know what I mean Mr. M.” then a wink, I went over to my bag of goods and took out my assortment of gags not a word of protest from Heidi she most have know it was coming. I said “ladies it’s time and since I see you’re a little tied up right now I think I well make the choices tonight” I gave my little slave a mouth full of bandana (clean) then held them in place with a couple of strips of duct tape, I then stuffed another bandana into my wife’s mouth and cleave gagged her, now came Heidi she asked only one thing “do you have a ball gag I always wanted to try one of those” I of course fulfilled her wish she seemed to love it and took it in fully. Now I sat and watched let me tell you the three of then MMMMMing, and trying to get free, and the gag talk was more then I can tell you. This went on for the evening and I even got then all hogtie.
Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 03:21:19 PM
Name: Tc Justice
E-mail address: non@none.com
Comments:Well not much going on here except for me and the other guy posting. Well my brother took off for a week. I was going to go fishing with some friends when his girlfriend called me and asked if I would escort her to some banquet. I was a bit bummed I would not be able to drive with my friends to the fishing spot, but after all I felt I owed her big time! So I agreed she sounded excited promising to make it up to me. She then said one more favor can you wear your uniform, She was about to say please but I cut her off and said no problem since I didn't own a suit anyway. I called my friends and told them I would be a day late little did I know I was not going to make it at all! She came home and flew upstairs sqawking about being late and whatever else. I was dressed and ready to go. 20 minutes later she was coming down the stairs with one shoe on and then other in her hand. I noticed she was wearing some shiny nude hose and a black formal dress. She dumped her purse and grabbed things from the pile, she still had not put on her other shoe it was then I noticed her hose weren't really reinforced toe but I guess you could say enhanced toe. I stood in awe as she finally got her shoe on and her purse in order I grabbed her wrap and we were off. I have to say entering that room with her on my arm in my uniform felt good probably because there were a lot of people there who had no idea she was not my girlfriend. The girls there my age gave some hard looks to me and toward her she ignored them. The guys were mixed toward me some were cool others acted indifferent. We had a great time though we danced and partied, I couldn't help but think her her sexy sweaty feet, I was burning up inside. She must have picked up on my thoughts as she whispered in my ear I have been wearing these hose all day just for you! I almost exploded! We were pretty worn out when we got home so we crashed. I was bummed the next day as I was getting ready to head off fishing and missed out on her hot hose and bondage. I was about a half mile out when she called tonight dinner and then I will pay you back ok! I didn't have the heart to tell her I was on my way to meet my friends so I called them and broke the news they ribbed me about missing the big ones. I headed home and waited. She came home we went to eat and on the way home she told me she wore the same hose as she had on last night, she jokingly said they were standing in the corner this morning. We got home she excused herself then she came back wearing shorts her hose a white T shirt and her pumps. She looked hot she asked do we have any tape? I laughed and said why you need to tape something up! She smiled and said no but you do she held out her hands! I ran flew to my room and dumped out my camping gear and there was a full roll of 500 mile an hr tape or mil green duct tape. I went back to her she was sitting on the sofa dangling her shoe and sipping wine. She said great you found some! I had her stand I taped her wrists behind her I reversed the tape so It would not pull her skin when I cut her loose. I then had her sit on the sofa and taped her thighs and ankles I then put 4 pieces over her mouth. I am not really a tape gag guy but it did look good. She gave me some mpphs and then she stood up and started to hop away afraid she would fall I grabbed her picked her up and took her to my room. She was suprised but was into it I laid her on my bed and put her hands over her head and taped them to my head board. Then I ran my hands down her hose covered legs to her feet and slipped off her pumps as she mmpphed the pungent smell filled the room she was actually blushing when I looked at her! I smiled I love it and gave her the best foot worship I ever could do! She really enjoyed it as much as me. I asked her if I could do something I have never done before she looked at me and then looked down toward my groin. She nodded yes I dropped my pants and it was mila seconds and I came. She really got on it when I was doing me she mmpphed loud and struggled hard she bucked her hips, I never knew my bed squeaked until that day! I never made it fishing she and I have added a new element to our game. She told me she and my brother have had great sex since I moved in!
Monday, September 22nd 2003 - 12:06:15 PM
Name: Tc Justice
E-mail address: Onemore@.com
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:Well it's been sometime since I lasted posted and still nothing going on here. It's a shame this site has died along with the rest of them. This will be my last post here until maybe this place gets active again. My brother left for London. His girlfriend had went to visit some of her old college friends. It was nice having the place to myself for a few days, but I did however miss my time with her. I managed to pick up a girl who works at this resturant I like to eat at mostly because the ladies who work there are wearing hose black hose is better then no hose! Well she and I had a good time then she wanted to see where I lived so I took her to my place. She liked it I told her my brother and his girlfriend also lived there. She was still in her uniform and in my mind I was dying to find out what her feet smelled like. Well we sat down for some drinking and she played music we danced but she said her feet were killing her! I told her to sit down and I would make them feel better she blushed and said her feet probably smell gross and she would feel embarassed! I told her it's ok really trust me after 2 more minutes of yes and no she agreed to let me massage her feet. We sat down and she put her feet in my lap! I could feel the excitment in me build. I then slowly removed her shoes and like an explosion the smell of sweaty feet hit me and filled the room! She was blushing she was going to put her shoes back on I told no it's fine really by now I was fully excited! She went to pull her legs off my lap and brushed it. She stopped and pushed her foot forward on to my excitment then she looked at me and said what's that smiling. I Told her I am turned on by hosed feet! She said I can see and feel you are she then put her feet back in my lap ok foot lover work your magic! I massaged her feet and was enjoying the smell she watched me and sipped her drink your good she said now I am sure your not just about rubbing feet tell me what other dirty stuff you want to do to my feet. She raised her foot to my face, you wanna smell em she asked yes I said ok smell. She was lifting one leg for me to smell and with the other she pushed on my crotch! I was loving I held her leg up I saw the crotch panel of her hose which almost sent me off! She said I have an idea how about we get naked and play this game. We stood up I helped her off with her dress we made out as she took off my clothes. I was nude and she was only in her hose she had a smoking body. We made out and then I asked her if she was even kinkier she laughed and said why I told her I would love to tie her up! She laughed and said if she agrees what's in it for her! I told her I would make it worth her while and she said ok. We went to my room and I tied her to my bed and ballgagged her she looked so hot she mmpphed as I explored her body and then cut the crotch out of her hose! I went down on her she was enjoying it I removed the gag and she toold me to take her so I did. After that match I untied her she and I drank some more and then I asked to tie her again she agreed and I hogtied her and after the ballgag was in this time she drooled I sat in my desk chair and stared at her as she struggled and drooled for me I got myself to her she seemed to like that as well. I untied her and she stayed the night We have become close since that night.
Friday, October 10th 2003 - 05:35:41 PM
Name: tightropewalker
E-mail address: wontgiveit@nocom.com
Comments:This happened to me over the summer. My next door neighbor is a single ( divorced ) woman. She has a child, and is only 28 years old. She works as a secretary at a local office in town, and I see her in the mornings taking her daughter to day care. Normally when she does, she is in skirts or dresses, and always looks exceptional. One morning she came out, and began talking to me about the work I have done on my home, and how much she admires a man that takes pride in his work. she was dressed in a mid calf length tight black skirt, with a slit on the right side that went half way up her thigh. a sheer white blouse, Black sheer pantyhose, and very high black suede pumps. All the while we were talking she was doing her best to flirt with me, and made sure I saw her legs, and trust me, I was looking! finally she said she had to go to work, and when I asked where her daughter was she told me she was at her fathers home for the weekend. she walked to her driveway, and then turned. she asked me if I would like to come over for a drink after she gets home, I accepted, and couldnt wait. Her name is kim, about 5'3", long black hair, and a fantastic body for a woman who has had a kid. Jessica has deep brown eyes, and looks somewhat like Lucy Lui from "Charlies Angels". When she got home, she called me to tell me she was there, I asked if she needed time to change, she siad no, she was fine in her work clothes. I walked over to her house, and took a bottle of wine. She opened the door, and stood there in her tight skirt, and heels smiling at me. I walked in and we went into her living room. We sat there and drank the wine, and talked for a couple hours. we actually got deep into personal things, and she revealed to me somewhere in the conversation, she had been tied up before, and liked it, but her ex husband never really knew how to do it right. Being clever, I said " well I used to be a boyscout" she laughed and looked at me, then got a very serious look on her face, and said "promise you wont hurt me"? I was in shock, and looked at her. She was biting her lower lip, and seemed excited of the prospect of being tied up by me. I spoke up and said " I wont hurt you, but I get to tie you any way I want". She looked back at me and said, ok what do we do first. I told her to wait there, while I went to my house to get some rope. When I returned, she was waiting in the living room still, her legs tucked up under on the couch. I walked to her with an arm full of rope, and took her hand and helped her off the couch. she stood there in her stocking feet, I told her to slip her shoes on, and walk with me. she slowly slipped her heels on, raising her 4 or five inches in the air, and led her to the basement door. she went down the stairs first, and I watched her sway as she sauntered down the stairs. her basement isnt quite finished, with drywall, and a couple of support posts in the middle of the room. Kim looked at me and said, "this room makes it feel like I'm being held somewhere mysterious, against my will. I told her I could make it "Realistic" if she wanted. Kim smiled and just nodded her head yes. I grabbed her from behind, and clammped my hand over her mouth, she screamed into my hand and started struggling against me. I walked her to the middle of the room, and stood her with her back to one of the metal support poles, I released her mouth, and she went right into the "Damsel act", asking who I was, why I was doing this, I think I even saw a tear. I tied her hands behind her, and around the pole, she moaned, and even let out a bit of a scream, I quickly stuffed a wad of cloth I had picked up at my house, into her mouth, and tied another one around her head, stretching her mouth, and forcing her teeth to bite down hard on the cloth. I knelt down and tied her ankles very tightly. I even looped some of the rope under her heels so she couldnt kick them off. I then tied her knees, and then her waist to the pole. I wrapped her upper body neatly in ropes, and tightened them so her breaset arched out. all the while Kim struggled, and moaned, fighting the ropes. Then I unzipped the skirt, and slipped it off her waist. Her eyes bulging out when I did, I slipped it over her feet, leaving her standing there in her white blouse, and black sheer to the waist hose. watching her, I decided if I had goner that far, I should do a bit more, so I walked to her, and unbuttoned her bouse so her bra stuck out under the ropes. she was in full struggle mode, and fought like a tiger to get free. Then I decided to show her the usefulness of a crotch rope, and placed it nice and tight between her legs. I could feel kim was wet, and loved the feeling of the rope there. I watched her fight for quite some time, and finally walked over to her, and removed the gag. out of breath, she looked at me, and said "what will you do to me now"? I leaned in and kissed her, she loved every minute of it. she asked me to untie her because she wanted to change into something more sexy. I untied her, and we went upstairs. Kim went into her bedroom, and looked back at me. "Go get the ropes from the basement" she said with a smile. I went down and untangled the ropes from the pole, and returned upstairs. when I got there Kim was standing in the living room in a black satin body suit with ribbing, black sheer hose underneath, and her heels. She went right into her distress act, and ran tot he couch, asking what plans I had for her next. I showed her the ropes, and gag, and she begged me to let her go. I layed her on her tummy on the floor, and tied her hands behind her, then her elbows tightly. I then crossed her ankles, and tied them together.then her knees. I lifted Kim up to her knees, and tied her hands to her ankles, and another tight crotch rope. Kim was acting mad, calling me names, demanding I free her. I sat on the couch in front of her, and watched her struggle. Kim looked up at me, and said, "well at least you didnt gag me", I told her I was going to gag her, but not with cloth. I pulled her towards me, and grabbed a hand full of her long thick black hair, she knew exactly what I was doing, as I forced her mouth down on me. she moaned, and fought the entire time, but the look in her eyes was pure enjoyment. I kept Kim tied in several poistions for the evening. when we finally finished, Kim looked at me and said " My daughter is gone for the weekend, you think I could get kidnapped tomorrow too"? I smiled, and told her, yes..........but I'll just surprise you this time. Kim and I have continued this for the summer, and now into the fall. I'm sure I will have time her in the near future to let you all know about some of our other days together.
Thursday, November 6th 2003 - 09:09:51 PM
Name: Mr. M.
Comments:This happened during the summer I had a talk with my wife about her spending habits and how she has to stop spending so much she agreed reluctantly and not liking it one bit. A little more them a week later I came home really early and pulled in the garage and saw my sister-in-laws car was in there I wondered why it was there so I closed the garage door and went in the house quietly lessening to what I might hear and I hit the jackpot I heard my sister-in-law on the phone to my wife (I heard her call her by her name) talking about getting home before me so they can go shopping and she put her car in the garage to hid it. She laughed saying they were being “naught” and if I found out I would be pissed off, well they only knew the half of it I quickly thought of not getting mad but of course getting even. I heard her “Ok I’ll see you in an hour well hurry up by” I heard her hanging up the phone, so I went back to the door and thought of a plane I came up with one first I made noise like I was just come in I quickly went to were Heather was looking kind of surprised to see her put happy also, I also wanted to make sure she didn’t call and worn my wife I was home. She did her best to try to not look too surprised that I was home so I asked her why she was here so early she said she got off early and was going to hang out here by the pool and do some yoga with my wife. She was still in her work cloths a red suit with black pin stripes, sheer to waist black hose, I asked her were her exercise clothes were she just smiled and said “under my cloths” I knew what that meant. I told her to make herself comforted then I started my little plane I asked he if she wanted to make a bet with me she asked what kind of bet I smiled and said “I bet you fifty bucks (I had just gotten paid) I can tie you up hand and foot so you can’t get free using just a shoe string” I knew I had some long one in a kitchen drawer. The smile returned to her face but she seemed a little hasten I said I’ll double it if you do it in your workout outfit under your clothes, I knew this would get her so she agreed so she removed her clothes. This revealed her matching deep royal blue bra and no panties plus her French cut black hose, I then asked her to sit on the couch she did, I got the shoe sting and sat on the coffee table in front of her I ask her to put her hands out in front of her I then crossed and tied her thumbs making sure to tie then on top so she couldn’t reach it with her free fingers she thought it looked funny and wouldn’t be that hard to get free I then lifted her hosed legs and removed her shoes then taking her lovely hosed feet in my hand bring her hand down and her feet up at the same time I then tied her big toes together. I sat back and watched her she still thought this going to be simple I watched the look on her face change as she realized she was all tied up I wanted to watch more but I knew my wife would be home soon so no time to waste. I got quietly got my roll of duct tape from the drawer and went and sat in front of her and asked one simple little question “You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you” her eyes slowly rolled up to look at me then asked how I found out I just smiled and said it was a secret. I knew I didn’t have much time before my wife got home I peeled off two strips of tape and told her ‘don’t worry honey you aren’t in this alone and it’s more her then you but I am going to hid you and have a some of the same surprise for your sister’. As I placed the tape over her lovely red lips she let out with a ‘mmmmppphh’ but it was to late I now picked her up off the couch and carried her to my study and placed her on the futon then put headphones on her and tuned on the music keeping her in silences then a couple of small patches of tape over each eye. Well not five minutes later my lovely wife to come through the front door and you can only imagine the look on her face when she saw me instead of her sister she tried not to seem too disheveled but I knew her to well. “HI what are you doing home” she was smiling and trying to look around for her sister who was nowhere to be found, I told her I got off early so I came home why are you here she said she too had gotten off early and she thought her sister might stop by and ask if she was here already I looked around and said I didn’t see her do you. We both laughed but she was still trying to figure this all out, just to let you know she had on a white pants suit with satin golden blouse, and five inch sling back white pumps I could see she has on tan hose she was looking hot, I told her well ‘she was here and said she would come back later she said you two were going to do some of your yoga I would help you stretch out before she gets back if you want, or maybe a back rub to help you relax before she gets back”? I could see the look in her eyes she was wondering what I knew and how much, she resisted me at first saying that was ok so I decided to make my killer move I came up behind her and started to massage her shoulders she’s putty in my hands when it come to my massages from head to her sexy toes. I lead her to the bedroom and slowly striped off her clothes down to her suntan thigh-highs I laid her face down on the bed her head was facing the foot of the bed, I started my magic she was purring like a kitten I now start my play I made the same deal with her that I made with Heather and the same bet the difference with my wife was that I hogtie my wife unlike her sister who is tied in front. She had no clue as I sat there watching her try the bonds that her sister was about twenty feet away from her but they were going to be together very soon. I gave her a good amount of time to try I was getting horny more then mad watching these ladies struggle now my naked wife was really turning me on but I had to stick to my plane, so then got more duct tape ready to spring my surprise as I knelt down in front of her I asked her the same question “So has somebody been a bad girl” just like her sister her mouth opened and a look of shock came over her face she got the same treatment as her sister she wanted to say a whole lot more to say but after I stuffed a pair of her panties (clean) in her mouth and putting a duct tape over her mouth to keep them in place all I heard was “MMMMMM MMMPPPHH MMMPPHH” I told her not to worry I had a friend for her to play along I went in the next room and carried Heather back and placed her next to my wife they looked at each other and tried to talk be of course all that came out was “MMMMM MMMM MMMPPPHH MMMMPPHHH”. The next little part of my plane I could see Heather didn’t like the way she was tied I told her promise to be a good girl and I’ll tie you a differently but if your bad you stay that way she nodded yes. I cut her hands free from her hands free from her feet I had her lay next to my wife the same direction on the bed she did, I freed her thumbs then I then said she and my wife should wear the same outfit and also had her removed bra, I then tied her wrists with a piece of rope then and tie it to the post at they end of the bed I also free her toes and crossed and tie her ankles and tied then to the post at the top of the bed another rope just below her knees. Now it was my wife’s turn she also agreed to be good I the untied her thumbs rescued her wrists and tied them to the other post, doing the same with feet as her sister I untied her toed crossed and tie her ankles the tied them to the last lost another rope just above her knees just like her sister. This was a picture to behold the two of them didn’t know what I was up to they were still trying the gag talk to each other but to no avail, now we’re not really in to the B&D stuff but when someone need to be punished so I got an old ping pong paddle from our wreck room and told them “they were bad and needed to be punished” I gave my wife about four slaps on they ass then three to her sister. They let out with a “MMMMMMPPPHHH” after each whack I could see there asses were red now I asked them if they were going to be good they nodded yes I then laid a one hundred dollar bill in front of there gagged faces and said “If you two are good and don’t try this crap again, you can go shopping and I’ll pay for it, but first you have to buy something I want to see you in you know what I mean and it better be good, and second I will retie the two of you later tonight anyway and as long as I like”. They looked at each other then nodded yes as I untied them they were asking how I found out and they started fighting about the other one must have screwed up I told them to stop and they’d never figure it out so don’t worry about it. They went shopping and I took a nap I knew this was going to be a long night. They got home and gave me a little fashion show my wife bout a black Stretch Velvet Corset with matching stockings, and Heather bout a black LINGERIE HALTER TEDDY and matching stockings (I saw the names on the packages). We had a lot of fun the rest night of the night; hope you like my adventure more latter.
Thursday, November 13th 2003 - 12:29:28 AM
Name: Jen
E-mail address: none
Homepage URL: http://nonoe
Comments:My mane is Jen, I am 25 and 115 pound brown hair green eyes. I am a career woman and where I work they have a dress code so I often wear pantyhose to work. I never noticed it until today but most of my hose have reinforced toes or are slightly rienforced. I am currently tied to my desk chair wearing only my white reinforced toe hose and a white t shirt. My mouth is filled with a wash cloth wrapped in a soiled pair of my own hose it's tied in tight and several layers of duct tape a placed over it! Now my wirsts are cuffed in front of me so I may type this, but before that they were tied behind my back palm to palm. My ankles are tied together and cinched in the middle with a rope from them pulling them to a rope tied to the top of my thighs. also a rope is tied from my ankle rope and around the chair pulling my feet out to the side thenit was looped back and tied around my right foot to keep tension tight. My feet ar tingling as I type this. My upper body is also tied tight to the back of the chair. I can barely move! I was tied up like this by my boyfriend for breaking a promise and forgetting to pay a bill! This is the first time he has tied me up and I had no idea he was going to tie me like this. He told my part of my punishment it to type my post well he watches me! He also told me to say after I finish this I will be hogtied whatever that is I have no idea. He also said to say my feet will be punished too! Then maybe I might be released after some oral service! I really screwed up so far I honestly don't mind being tied up but the gag is starting to bug me plus having to taste my own crotch panel against my tounge is sort of gross. before gagging me he made me smell the feet parts of the hose and the crotchsince I never wear panties when i wear hose it was musky. I was also forced to smell my shoes and slippers! Then a pair of hose were pulled over my head with the crotch on my nose! He was loving every minute of his torture of me I struggled to get away but no luck and all my protesting got me was a mouth filling gag! He is laughing at me as i type this telling me he is loving having me tied and especially gagged the silence is golden. he told me to end this post now saying it was hogtie time and to also say i will made to post about my bound and gagged adventures!
Tuesday, January 27th 2004 - 11:42:01 AM
Name: Jen
E-mail address: Today
Homepage URL: http://nono
Comments:Well for those of you who have read my first post you know I was told to post by my boyfriend. Since I was being punished for messing up. Well I got into trouble again today. I was running late for work and my low gas light came on but since I was late I did not stop for gas. Well my car wouldn't start when I got off work and when my boyfriend got there and saw I had run my car out of gas. He got mad but said well I guess you know what your doing tonight! I knew I was going to tied up and made no attempt to plead my way out of it. He got my car going again and we drove home. He told me to strip to my pantyhose and get the ropes, he went and showered. I stripped down to my pantyhose, today I wore white reinforced toe Sears cling alon. They are my favorite brand well were the don't make them anymore:( I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for my man to give me my punishment. He got out of the shower and put on some shorts. He told me to go and get any dirty hose I have in my laundry basket. I went and got the four pairs I had worn my stomach felt jittery as i knew one of these nasty pairs were going in my mouth:( He came back in drinking his beer good girl now i want you to smell each pair and pick out the smelliest one!! I looked at him and began smelling my hose he said crotch panels too! I felt so humilated being forced to smell my soiled hose! I picked the brown pair I had worn. My first thought was to try and pick the least bad ones but my man would punish me worse since he then smelled each pair to make sure I got the right ones. Good you picked the best ones now guess where these go I said softly my mouth! He said good open I opened my mouth and felt the crotch panel touch my tounge as the rest were pushed in my mouth. He told me to close my mouth tight then he took out a roll of clear tape and taped my mouth shut over 10 pieces! He asked how I liked having to suck on my own sweaty crotch and sour feet! I made a face he laughed and told me to roll on my stomach, then he tied my elbows tight then my wirsts crossed then crossed and tied my ankles then completed my hogtie. He then took off his shorts showing me his excitment he laid next to me and clicked on Tv. My view was his dong. He watched Tv and drank his beer. I mpphed for him and struggled he would stroke his self. I really wanted him but there was no way I was going to get it. He decided I should smell more of my dirty hose so he picked up each pair and held the crotch and feet under my nose making sure i smelled them. He asked me if i liked smelling my dirty hose, I really don't but knew what I had to say. I said yes he said good. He then pulled a pair over my head making sure the crotch panel over my nose! He then stood and left only to return with what I had no idea. Until I felt a slight sting on my left cheek! He told me i was to be punished for today I was thinking was this not punishment enough! I was swatted on the butt and the soles of me feet! Then he tickled my feet taking a few sniffs. He then asked me if I was ready to suck him off. I mmpphed and nodded yes, thinking he was going to untie me. Well the hose were taken off my head and the gag was removed only to be replaced with his rod. He held the fly swatter in his hand lightly using it to keep my mind on my work. He rewarded me with his love I was then untied and allowed to clean up but told to leave my hose on. I came back to our room and was tied to our bed legs spread he took our massager and tied it to my crotch. He left me tied but not gagged well he went and cooked dinner I bucked against it as it pulsed and vibrated me to orgasam. I was then untied and told my punishment was over. Later that night we had sex and he stuffed my cum soaked hose in my mouth as he came! I guess he needed to make sure I knew he was in control at all times
Tuesday, February 3rd 2004 - 03:24:40 PM
Name: Frag Em
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Comments:Well Jen you have some great things posted here. Hope to read more. I have been into pantyhose and bondage since, I was in my teens. First it was pantyhose and some how the idea of bondage got mixed in. I guess I was lucky in one sense my mom and my older sister seemed to wear pantyhose and or tights a lot especially in the cold months. I am not really into tights as I like to see the painted toes. I felt strange stealing peeks at their hose covered feet but I couldn't help it. I searched out hose everywhere I went. My sister would have her friends over and sometimes I would be treated to the sites of their pretty hosed feet too! My sister had this one friend Barb she was pretty and seem to wear hose alot. I would think about her and touching her soft feet. Soon I was picturing her tied and gagged sometimes with pantyhose. I really had a crush on her my sister knew it and would tease me in front of Barb telling her I would jerk off and say her name. Barb didn't find this so flattering at first, she seemed to avoid me after that. This got me mad at my sister and for a while I really wanted to tie her up. Well some time passed and Barb gave me a chance of my life. She came over to see my sister after work but my sister had taken off with her boyfriend. So I invited Barb in to hang out with me. She agreed we watched some Tv and talked then Barb asked if she could take off her shoes since her feet were killing her! I was like sure she said you seem a little too excited. She slipped off her shoes exposing her brown hosed toes and feet! I wanted to jump for joy part of me wanted to dive on the floor and kiss her sweaty feet. Barb flexed her toes saying it feels better not having those shoes on. I was dying inside. Barb noticed my interest in her actions of curling her toes. She then said are you a foot guy? I said what she said you know one of those guys who likes feet? I was so wound up I said yes yes I am a foot guy! She smiled oh really so you like my feet she wiggled her toes! I said yes very much! She said I bet your lying. I said no I love your feet Barb! She was trying not to laugh as she said ok then if you love my feet then get on your knees in front of my feet! I was down in a flash she lifted her legs and planted her damp soles on my face, if you love my feet then you won't mind the smell of them right! She was trying hard to keep from laughing. I said your right I love you feet they smell great, my head was spinning I was so turned on. Barb made me smell her feet kiss and lick her feet. She was so blown away to see me so into her feet. After that day Barb made me her foot slave well so she thought. After a few months it decided to show Barb my other interest. Some tying up. So when Barb came by I knew her and I would be alone for several hours before my sister came home. Barb took off her shoes and sat on my bed little did she know I had my ropes under my bed waiting for her. I did some foot worship then took out one of the ropes and tied Barbs ankles she was like hey waht are you doing slave. I stood up holding a fist full of rope and said oh well this slave is turning the tables now it is you who will be my slave. She looked at me in amazement. I told her to put her hands out crossed I tied her wrists in front of her then tied a rope from them to my head board. She was saying this was not fair I tied her above and below her knees. lifted her legs on to the bed and tied a rope from her ankles to my foot board. Barb said ok now you got me tied up now what. I smiled well I guess I need to gag you! Her eyes got wide are you joking. Nope I reached for a roll of clear packing tape and cut three pieces she begged for me not to gag her I went to my sisters room and got one of her bandannas came back balled it up and held it one Barbs lips. She opened and I pushed it in and sealed her lips with 3 strips of tape. Barb looked hot I played with her feet she was so sexy laying on my bed mmpphing as I teased her. I told her from now on she would have to let me tie her up. Things just fell into place after that. Barb would let me tie her up and gag her she would bring old pairs of hose so I could use them to tie her up with. As we got more into too it she would strip to just her bra and pantyhose. It was really strange since we would do lots of bondage and pantyhose play but she and I never got sexual. I had a great time with Barb and it really bugged my sister to see Barb and I so friendly! My sister never had a clue until years later Barb told her all about our game. My sister confronted me I laughed and said it was true she called me a pervert freak and hasn't talked to me since and her and Barb also were no longer friends after that day. I still talk to Barb who is married and lives in another state. I told her I would love to relive the old days if she is ever in my part of the country. She said maybe?
Monday, February 16th 2004 - 05:48:18 PM
Name: J.A.
Comments:I hope more people will start to post there stories I have loved bondage and hose fore ever. It was not that long ago when I was a young man trying to find a woman to share my interests. The lovely lady I was focused on was Sara she was 5’ nothing maybe 100-110lbs she was built very nicely she looked a lot like Renee Zellweger even in her voice, she always dressed sharp and I notice she wore I always wondered if she knew I was watching her. I had wanted to date her for awhile well to make a long story short we finely went out. I tried not to show my interests in hose and tying up ladies too early I didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. It was our third date so I thought it was a good time to feel her out I arranged to go to places I knew she would dress up I told her I would take her out to dinner some place nice, then maybe dancing or the driven movie then I even said “Or I could kidnap you” she just said “we’ll see” my heart skipped a beat. Well I had car trouble so I told my parents we were going out my Dad asked if I wanted to use his VW van it’s a vintage and in great shape I agreed. As I was getting ready to go my Dad told me the van had everything in it even had curtains in the back for privacy, in case of emergency a spare tire, even a med. kit. He then handed me a hammer and a screwdriver then said “When you drive a VW you will only need three tools” I looked in my hands and said I only see two where’s the third he laughed “well that you have to get from your lady friend, ask your Mom I had to use hers once”. So I went to my Mom and ask what Dad was talking about she also laughed then told me “the old joke about VW’s was that all you need to fix then was a hammer a screwdriver and your girl or wives pantyhose in case the belt brakes, you want to take an old pair of mine just in case” I said no thanks. Well I pick up Sara she was wearing a white wrap around skirt and a silk white top that tied over her neck and in the back, with white 4”pumps and suntan shear to waist hose I also took a peek at her white thong panties she was looking as hot as ever. We went to dinner and it was great, I must tell you it was also very entertaining with her shoe play I had trouble not staring as she slid her pretty hose cover feet in and out of her shoes. She said that she felt like going to the driven there was a movie she wanted to see and we could be alone. When we got to the driven I drove to the back that’s were trucks and vans are supposes to park. I asked her if she wanted to sit in the back it would be more comfortable she grind and agreed I closed the curtains so we could be alone. We did watch the movie then she said her feet were tired from shopping today and took of her shoe saying “I hope they don’t stink too much for you” well before she could kick off her shoes I pulled her legs up on my lap and took off her shoes myself and started giving her a killer foot rub she was purring like a kitten. She asked me about the van and said she like it her parents use to have one I told her about it and then told her what my dad said about the tools I would need fix the van if we had trouble she laughed and said “well I have that part covered twice” I asked what she meant she said “well there’s the pair I have on then I have another in case I get a run in these” reaching in her into her purse and pulling out a package of the same colored hose. I reached over and grad the package from her and open it looking at the hose. I told her these had a lot of other uses she asked like what, I took the hose out of the package and crossed and tied her hose covered ankles out of the corner of my eye I could see her watching me. I could tell she was really into this, out of nowhere she pulls me close to her and lays a deep kiss on me so we were kissing and making out for awhile, we stopped for awhile I asked her if she wanted anything like popcorn or soda then to see what she would reply I added “kidnapping” I don’t know what she is going to say but to my surprise she say “yeah that sounds good” I can’t believe my ears so I ask which she wanted her answer “it all sounds good”. I knew she heard me so I went for it I pulled the necktie from around my neck then crossed and tie her wriest in from of her she watched seemingly unaffected thou I see her biting her lip and she is breathing heavier. Then she spoke “How about you go get the popcorn and soda and we can finish this some place else a little more private” I ask her where she told me “well my parents are gone for the weekend and you can keep me prisoner there the whole weekend” I said great I reached for the med kit pulled out some gaze and med tape she then said “I know where this is going but maybe we better weight for the gag if someone come by and see me bound and gagged they might freak and call the cops or something” I agree but leave her bound while I go get the popcorn and soda. When I get back we leave the drive-in with her bound hand and foot in the back even with her hands bound she is very at ease eating popcorn and drinking soda. As head toward her house she starts asking me questions “So are you into just tying up girls or is there more”? I felt very at ease suddenly talking to Sara about what I liked so I told her my love for her in hose she told me “I knew you were watching me and that you really got interested when I was wearing hose and heels so I wasn’t just imagining it was I” I told her she was right. We got to her house she told me to drive into the garage she said I could kidnap her now with no chance of us being bothered us I put the gauze in her mouth and then placed two strips over her ruby red lips to keep it in place. I put her over my shoulder and carried her into the house in gag talk she tells me to go to her room I lay her cross the bed and start massage and rub all over her legs she was purring like a kitten I started moving up her hot sexy body she was into this. I took off my shirt she then made a sound like she wanted to stop so I stopped she then wiggled her way off the bed still bound then stood next to the bed and points to her skirt I ask if she wants me to take it off she nods yes, then points toward her top the top and the back I do the same. I look longingly at my bound beauty her hot body is even hotter she stands there bound and gagged in nothing but suntan pantyhose and satin white g-string. I pull her closer and lay her on the bed. We had a great time that night and many more, I we’ll post more if anyone is interested.
Wednesday, March 31st 2004 - 12:16:12 PM
Name: J.A.
Comments:Well Sara and I started seeing each other right away but the weird thing was that when we were at school she didn’t want everybody to know. I thought she was ashamed of me scene she was in with the cool kids and I was just a jock. So I asked her to meet me in the library to ask her what was going on and was she ashamed of me she said “Are you kidding you’re the hottest guy here, I just thought it would be cool for just you and I to know about this for a while not all these people sticking there nose in other peoples business asking where we went and what we did. I’m not ashamed of you or what we enjoy doing but I thought if we kept it just between us we could play around and try not to get caught but honestly if you want I will tell the whole school I’m crazy about right now, there going to know some time if you want me to I’ll do it right now by laying a great big kiss on you right now?” I thought a second then agreed to keep it just between us for now. She asked me if I had looked at what she was wearing; she was wearing her little catholic she girl (it wasn’t a catholic school) black jumpers with very short skirt and a silk white top with over the over the knee white socks and black three inch heels, she wore the higher sexier just not to school very much her parents wouldn’t let her. Now I looked closely at her legs she was suntan hose a smile just came to my face. She told me her parents were not going to be home and she slips me a key then says “I would hate to go home and fine a burglar or thief maybe you can check that out for me” with a wink and a smile we went our separate ways. I left school early I know I wasn’t suppose to but my grades were ok and stopped at my house and got my bag of stuff. It felt like forever weighting for her to get home so I peek in her in her room at her stuff I found lots of hose, thong and g-string pants, and some stuff that might be used for bondage rope bandannas and med tape. As the song from Rick James was saying ‘She’s a very kinky girl’. I grabbed a pair of her tan pantyhose from the floor I knew that meant they weren’t clean that way I could smell her on them. I heard her talking to a neighbor outside so I quickly pulled the hose over my head I hid myself but I set up a trick to make her look one way while I grabbed her from the other. I hide were I knew she would walk by then made my distraction and it worked perfectly as she turned calling out “HELLOmmmmmpppffff” as I clamped my hand over her mouth I could feel her heart racing her knees kind of buckled I asked if she was ok she nodded yes I took her to her bedroom I could see she was still a little shaken so I laid her cross the bed face down she looked like she sank into the quilt on the bed she was quit for a second then said “you scared the crap out of me that was GREAT you caught me completely off guard I loved it, don’t stop now keep going make me your prisoner” she was face down and hadn’t seen my face she rolled over and saw the hose on my head when she saw he she said “Are those my dirty hose, you purr” the smile on her face told me she like it. We got back into our game I ordered her to stand up and strip she stood up and pretended asking me to ‘please take what you want just don’t hurt me I’ll do what ever you ask just don’t hurt me please’ as she took off her jumper and white silk blouse I could see in her eye she was really digging this, she was down to her strapless black bra and matching g-string she had just slid off her bra revealing her young perky breasts. I grabber her around the waist and pulled her close to me lifting the hose off my head I stuck my tongue down her throat she welcomed it. I then spun her around pushing her onto the bed climbing on top of her back pulling her hands behind her back I cross and tie then with some of my rope another piece of rope just above her elbows for good measure, I turned a to tie her ankles I see she still has her over the knee hi socks I slowly remove then they felt a little moist from her feet but the mix of leather and perfume was awesome this action revealed her sexy dark suntan shear to waist hose covered feet and legs. I cross and tied her ankles next I tie her at the knees then I took the sweaty socks rolling one up into a ball lifting up her head holding it in front of her mouth she said “Not my own sock you son of a hhhhhhhhhaaaammmmm” was all she got out as stuff her sock in her pretty little mouth I then used the other one to gag her and keep her some spitting the other one out. She was as hot looking as the first time, I hogtied her and started groping and feeling her I don’t know how long we had been. We were playing when I thought I heard some noise in the house I asked her if her parents were going to be home she nodded no I thought it was just my imagination so I got back to Sara on the bed I was in just my underwear I then heard a noise of her door opening and there stood her little sister Sherry, little is not the right word for Sherry she was only a year or so younger and looked as hot and sexy as her older sister I could see she too was wearing a jumper like kind of like her sisters hers was also black plus the knee socks and saddle shoes. My heart stopped I swear, I had know clue what to say or do with Sara bound and gagged she was no help right now so I said “Hey” she looked me up and down and kind of bit her lower lip, then looked over at Sara and just smiled Sara rolled over onto her side and motioned for me to take off her gag I did gladly. As I took off Sara’s gag her sister said ‘man you our two are in big trouble when Mom and Dad find out your missing school, and doing kinky stuff with some boy in the house alone” I didn’t know what to say but Sara did “You aren’t saying anything to anybody you liar, because if you say anything I’ll tell Mom and Dad all about that stuff you don’t want then to know like when I when you tied yourself up and I had to untie you, and your just jealous because I have a boyfriend and you don’t and he like to play like we use too”. Sherry looked a little sad I thought she might start crying then out of nowhere Sara asks “J.A. here is the best at tying you want to find out we’ll have a contest like we use to who every gets untied first wins” Sherry didn’t say no but she was quit then asked “wins what” I was my chance. I said “OK here’s the contest you both get bound and gagged if one of you gets untied she wins” Sara asked what the winner gets I said “I take both of you out to dinner the winner gets to pick where we eat” Sherry then asks “But just what if neither of us get untied or we both get untie, what happens who win what, and what do you win”? Now I set my rules “The first rule is ‘You both have to wear what I want while tied up and what I want when we go out for dinner, if neither of you get free I get to tie you both up again when ever where ever I want and you must again wear what I want no questions, and if you both get free we go to dinner and I buy you both the CD of your choice”. Sara liked the idea Sherry then asked what I meant by what kind of cloths or what I meant by what I wanted her to wear? Before I could say a word Sara said “J.A. likes hose and if you feel funny just wear one of your swim suits or you leotards, you aren’t shy about guys seeing you naked and I know it”. Sherry shot Sara one of those don’t say that in front of him looks then look at me I just smile and gave her a wink she paused a second “You guys were playing burglar weren’t you” I said yes she then said “Well then you have to do to me what you did to Sara and force me to do what you want”. I thought for a second I knew it was too late to surprise her so I said “AH OH I think I hear your parents Sherry you better check I’ll untie Sara in case” she said she didn’t hear anything but she would check. She left the room to check I quickly kissed and put Sara’s gag back in her mouth and putting my stocking mask back on, and then went to take Sherry prison. I saw she was looking outside to see if anyone was home she turned around saying I was wrong and heading back to Sara room but before she could reach the room I sprang into action pinning her arms with my one arm and clamping my other hand over her mouth before she can let out and noise. I tell her to ‘be quit and do what your told and you won’t get hurt you’ll just end up like your sister in the bedroom understand’ she nods yes I carry her into the bedroom. Sara gets into the act and starts trying to talk through her gag. I order Sherry to take off her clothes she again agrees as I watch her strip it only confirms what I knew was she was as hot as her sister as I watched her drop her jumper I then got another great surprise she too was wearing hose she turned to see the expiation even through my mask she could see my smile I knew that made her happy. She got down to her matching black bra and thong panty’s I then tied her hands and elbows like Sara making her breast really stand out she then made a motion with her head I asked what she wanted then the same motion I asked if she wanted her bra off and she nodded yes my heart must be strong because it was racing today at high speed today. I made myself stop staring and had her lay on the bed near Sara then tied her up the same as Sara then to be fair I gagged her the same way as her sister with her knee high socks, I now said you both have one half hour to get free and no cheating and helping the other one they both nodded ok. Well I spent the next half an hour watching my two bound honey’s rolled all over that bed I really think they wanted to beat each other more then anything else. Well I know it was a win win for me anyway you look at it, I took then out to eat that night they wear what I told then to and I even told then they had to take off there shoes during the meal. The three of have had a lot of fun together.I hope some other people start posting a well.
Tuesday, April 20th 2004 - 12:42:36 AM
Name: loaded gun
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Comments:Well glad to see this place come to life for a while. Really enjoyed all the new stuff and gotta say know that cheesy feet smell well:) I guess I should tell my story so here it goes. I got my start sort of like you Dismal things just fell into place. Now I was not so lucky to have an E ticket to tie my mom of sniff her feet but She was my first conquest in pantyhose and bondage. Nothing fancy a chair tie only I had her set her legs on our foot stool and tied them to it! I think she was wearing tan sandal foot hose pretty boring as I am also a big reinforced toe fan. Well she was doing the damsel thing then I knelt down and stared at her and she at me I got close to her feet which was not really needed as they were ripe! I just sniffed she sat frozen for the 30 seconds I sniffed her feet! After I untied her all she said was I was to old to being tying her up! I would raid her clothes hamper and drawer to fill in. I did manage to tie up my aunt in that same year, I tied her the same way I did my mom but since my aunt was a big mouth I gagged her with two cloths. I peeled off her flats and there before me black reinforced toes! "Yum" I Just started sniffing her feet my aunt just mmpphed a bit and wiggled aound, I think she was too high to care what was going on. I swiped some of her worn hose a few times. Turns out my mom and my aunt had pretty much the same foot smell. Well hit high school and a dry spell so the hose raider mangaged to swipe hose from family and friends got a little collection of bondage mags to get me by and had the strongest right hand in school! Got to college where things were somewhat free and lax. Had a few girls who let me tie up well wearing hose. They thought the foot smelling was sort of gross but never really objected. Sadly we had nothing else in common and they were both much more better people hogtied and ballgagged! I got through college and well along the way met my now ex wife. At was cool at first I told all about my fetish and she told me she liked wearing hose because she hated wearing panty's. Well everything was heaven I had my own set of cheesy feet no matter what type of shoes she wore and pantyhose o plenty as well. I tied and gagged her as often as I could we had a great sex life. After a few years things got old we got tired of each other and she would tell me I need help that my fetish was not normal! Turns out she was having an affair and wanted out well she got it and half of all I had! I did something silly and took all her pantyhose. I expected her to call me on it but hell she had half my cash so she could go buy new ones! It the day our divorce was final her sis Veronica shows up bottle of whiskey in hand. Thought you might like to have some company. Now to many you may say what the hell is his ex's sister doing celebrating with him. Veronica and my ex never really got along so much in fact my ex would often accuse me of having had sex with her sister during one point of our marriage. It didn't happen the truth is I snatched a soiled pair of Veronicas hose and well after pleasing myself foolishy forgot to hide them in my stash spot. My wife found them and saw they were worn and had some of my DNA on them. She blew up! Her sister wears and different size hose then my ex. Well it took a lot's of double talk and Veronica telling my wife off for all years of BS my wife was good at giving people! So Veronica and I got ripped and ate pizza. One small detail Veronica had just come from work which from my place was 10 minute drive. She had on a tan dress and suntan shiny hose brown pumps. Veronica is hot better looking then my ex by far I often wished I met Veronica first! Well she lost her shoes during our hanging out her red toes shown slighty through the reinforced toes of her hose. I pulled the let me massag you tired sore feet! She bought it and it was on the talk turned racy! Veronica it seems was well informed by my now ex about my little fetish's She jokingly said oh I better be careful or you will be tying me up next! I looked at her she smiled coy like and blabbed all the most personal things about me that my wife told her. Veronica said by the way you owe me 2 pairs of pantyhose to replace the ones you stole! I was flushed and aroused she looked so hot she pushed her feet in my crotch. Oh boy someone is ready to play hmmm. Next thing I know we are all over each other and I was asked to show her how I smell feet. I then said well it's one way but my favorite way she said well show me. I said are you sure yes she said! I went to my room and got ropes and ol trusty ballgag. Came back Veronica smiled and said well I see my sister was right. Veronica said well I want to be naked when you tie me up. Ok I stripped no problem she smiled nice. I said well since I am naked why don't you take off your dress and bra. She did and stood before me in just her hose no panty's under them! I quickly stepped up and tied her writs behind her and her elbows she got on her knees to try and keep me from finishing her tie up but she did find out how the ballgag fits and got hogtied as well. I smelled her feet they were really strong. I started to get off she was watching me mmpphed and shook her head no. She humped her hips on the floor and tried to hold her ass up. I got it she nodded. I strapped on a jimmy hat and untied her. I wanted to remove the ball she shook her head no. We got it on. The next day she came back and we used tying up as foreplay. I gagged her with yesterdays dirty hose she left for me. I enjoyed smelling her feet and shoes and she laid hogtied and gagged with her own hose. As some time passed I was gagging her with her own dirty hose and pulling an other dirty pair over her head with the crotch panel right on her cute nose. I would make her smell her own hose and shoes! She acted if she hated it but I think she liked me making her especially since I had her tied up. Veronica and I are Special friends as she calls it! We go out but it's nothing like when we get back home.
Thursday, May 13th 2004 - 02:26:10 AM
Name: JTP
Comments:I don't have a long story, but I think it fits the genre. I was dating a girl about 10 years ago that dressed rather conservatively. You know, dresses, hose, heels. Anyway, even after two months of dating, I had never brought up the subject of my fetishes and fantasies (which was to have her tied up, gagged, and struggling to get free). She was a peteite brunette with hair just past her shoulders, a cute face, and oh, absolutely perfect legs. Now, she usually wore nude or black or white hose, but I prefer your taupes and tans. One day, I bought her a pair of Suntan sheer to waist hose. She asked, "I don't like this color, could you take them back?" I replied "They're not for your enjoyment, they're for mine". You could actually hear the "?" in her mind. I told her to wear them for me on our dinner date tonight. She reluctantly agreed, and also wore a white dress and white ankle strap heels. We had a very nice dinner, and afterward we went to our usual spot by the river. It was a little chilly, so we just ended up staying inside my car and talking. She started asking me about the "hose thing", and started to tell her about some of my milder fantasies. Now, all during this time, I'm massaging her legs from her ankles to her thighs, so she was feeling pretty good. When the time was right, I asked if I could tie her feet together. The "?" wasn't as loud, but it was still there. "What are going to tie me with?" she asked. "Simple" I replied, and I started to loosen my necktie. She nodded her consent, and I placed her ankles together and tied them very tight. Her eyes opened a bit wider than usual, and she started to struggle a bit, but she remained calm overall. "Wow, that's pretty good!" she stated "Looks like you've been practicing." "No, just waiting for the right time." I answered. Then she gave me a coy little smile and said "Too bad you can only wear one tie at a time." "Why?" I asked her. "Because then you could really tie me up." I smiled back at her and reached behind me and pulled out a handful of ties. "You mean, with these"? She gave a little shreik and then giggled. I explained that I just usually take my ties off on my way home from work and toss them in the back seat. Resigned, she asked "Ok, now what?". I told her to put her hands behind her back with her palms facing each other. She did as she was told, and I bound her wrist together tightly. She grunted a little as I was tying her up, but otherwise said nothing. Then I folded one of my ties in half and told her to open her mouth as wide as she could. She obeyed, and I gagged her with a tight cleave gag. He eyes got really wide when I tied the knot off behind her head. She mmphed and squirmed a bit more, but there was no way she was getting free. I then placed her legs back on my lap (remember, we're sitting in the front seat of my car), and then tied her knees together. Every time I tied her, she gave a little grunt to let me know that it was really tight. She looked at me with an "Ok, now that you have me all tied up and gagged, what are you going to do with me" looks. I obliged her by first pushing her skirt up as far as I could. I could tell that she was not expecting this, and she proceeded to let me know by struggling and mmphing even harder. I then did something that shocked her to no end. I unzipped my pants and proceeded to rub her suntan pantyhose clad legs with my manhood. This drove her over the edge. I could tell that it was turning her on to no end, of course, I had been ready to go since she decided to wear the hose I bought her. Needless to say, we moved to the back seat (no easy task in a Nissan, especially when the girl is bound, gagged and struggling), and proceeded to finish off the evening in style. I did tie her up one other time, but that is for another time.
Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 04:03:57 PM
Name: JTP
Comments:Thanks for the nice comments. I'll try to remember as much as I can of the other time I had my girlfriend tied up. She was only about 5' 4" with about size 6 feet. If I recall, she did like wearing pantyhose and dresses and heels (why? Who the hell cares!). We hadn't been able to see much of each other for about a month after the first "adventure" due to conflicting work schedules. So, I decided that I would cook her a nice dinner at her place. After we ate, we sat on the sofa and started talking about work, and we also talked about the fact that we hadn't gotten together much since our last big date at the riverside. That let to me asking her what she felt about me tying her up. She told me that at first she thought it was a little strange, and that she never though that she would ever get into anything "kinky" like that. I asked her if she had ever been tied up before for any reason. She told me that when she and her sister were younger, they tied each other up to a chair to see who could escape faster, but that was it. She went on to say that when they played with the other neighborhood kids that she was always pick to play the "damsel in distress" roles. I asked her how she really felt when I had her all tied up and gagged in the car. She paused for a moment then said that at first it seemed like a game when I just had her ankles tied, but after I tied her hands behind her back, she started getting turned on. I asked her about being gagged. She said that she had never been gagged like that before, at least, not that tightly before, but that it seemed to get her going a little more. I asked if she was willing to give it another try. She looked down, smiled and said nothing. Then she nodded her head and asked me what she should wear. She was wearing a gray, knee length skirt with a high slit, a white short sleeved button down blouse, black pumps, and nude pantyhose. I told her that her outfit needed some "tweaking", but overall, she looked great. We went to her bedroom where I picked out some black high heeled sandals and soft brown, sheer to waist pantyhose. ...to be continued
Friday, May 21st 2004 - 11:46:44 PM
Name: JTP
Comments:Sorry that it's taken a while for me to continue my story, but work has been calling me away alot lately. Anyway, while my girlfriend (let's call her Debbie)was changing her clothes, I went to my car to get my gear. When I got back, she was ready. Now, Debbie was expecting me to use my neckties again, but I had a better idea. I first had her turn around and place her hands behind her back with her palms facing, then I tied her wrists together with some thin cotton rope. This took her a little by suprise, but she didn't complain. I tied her wrists rather tight and cinched them off well. I then told her to open her mouth nice and wide. I took a folded piece of cloth that I had been saving for this very occasion and pulled it back tightly between her full lips. I knotted the gag securely behind her neck. I had gagged her so tightly that every time she tried to tilt her head up, it stretched the corners of her mouth. She started to mmph and squirm a little bit at this point, so I figured that it was time to finish the job. I had her sit on the sofa, and then I took her ankles and tied them up using the same cotton rope. I tied them so tight that there was hardly a gap between her ankles at all. I then tied her sexy legs above the knees. Of course, I had to push her skirt up a bit, but I didn't mind. I then took some more rope and looped it around her petite little body both above and below her breasts. I then tied her wrists to her waist. I could tell that she was a little worried at this point, so I assured her that everything was going to be all right. I also told her that she was being kidnapped and that she had better to what I said. She nodded as best as she could and awaited my instructions. The first thing I told her to do was to try to get free. Believe me, she didn't disappoint. She squirmed, twisted, struggled and mmphed with such intensity. It was SO SEXY! She worked her way off of the sofa by sliding on to the floor. In doing so, she ended up pushing her skirt way up to her hips. I went toward her and started rubbing her thigh. When I did this, her struggling got even more intense, and her mmphs even more pleading. I told her to keep doing what she was doing. Once again she didn't let me down. In fact, I was just the opposite. I couldn't take it any more. I picked her up and bent her over her kitchen table. Her eyes got really big as I lifted up her skirt to reveal her tight little ass. She mmphed a little louder as I unzipped my pants and showed her just how much I was turned on by her. I proceeded to stroke her backside slowly, and I was able to see just how aroused she was also. Then I lowered her pantyhose and had my way with her. It was the best sex I had ever had, and during the whole time, she's squirming and mmphing. After I was done, I took her to the bedroom and slowly untied her. I stared with the ropes around her body, then her knees, ankles, and then her wrists. I was going to save her gag for last, but she shook her head when I went for the knot. I smiled at her and kissed her stretched lips. She fell asleep still tightly gagged. I got up and went home after she she was sound asleep. This was the last time that I had her tied up and gagged. Nothing happened to her or anything. We just ended up growing apart for various reasons. Things happen. I did find another girl that would let me tie her up, but I can save that for later.
Thursday, May 27th 2004 - 01:17:07 AM
Name: J.A.
E-mail address: Somewhere
Comments:Well Sara and I had been dating for awhile we still keep it to ourselves. Well I was at work when I got a phone call it was Sara she and Sherry were out shopping she was on her cell phone. She asked me if I wanted to go to her grandparent’s house for the weekend I didn’t know she sound like she really wanted me to I could hear Sherry in the background saying something like ‘tell him we have a surprise but don’t tell him what it is’. She did then tell me that they drive to her grandparent’s house then her parents and grandparent’s leave and go visit our aunt and uncle together and Sherry and I house sit so “please please you’ll love our surprise I promise, oh and we all have to dress nice if you know what I mean”. I agreed she then that her parents drive a huge RV so that they could drive up to there grandparents then to there aunt and uncles so they would just sleep in the RV rather then go to a hotel, otherwise we would have to ride alone with her parents I could hear that wasn’t what she wanted in her voice. I thought about her Mom and Dad they were ok her Mom who looks a lot like Lisa Robertson the hot looking chick on QVC (check her out if you haven’t) was hot and ware heels and hose all the time so I watched her shoe play a lot when I came over to there house. It then ran across my mind I was wondering of I’d ever get a shot at tying up her well that’s another story. So I put on a suit and tie and went to the girl’s house to pick then up I made sure I had a something packed for the weekend. I got to there house to pick them up I was greeted by there Dad he seem ok I mean not threatening. There Mom came in she was wearing a tan and white suit the skirt had a very nice slit up the side and with her shear suntan hose she was looking awesome I could also see she was still getting ready she didn’t have her shoes on yet it was hard not to stair. We talked a bit I watch the Mom slip on her four inch white with gold trim pumps. Then down came my ladies first Sherry she was a black what she told me was called an ‘X-back’ mini dress she told me what kind of dress it was, she was also wearing taupe hose and Wrap-Tie Sandals the kind that wrap up your calve. Than came down my girl Sara she was wearing a black corset velvet top and a black leather mini skirt my mouth hit the floor she was wearing five inch floor shin pumps with a silver heels, her hose were jet black with the seem up the back and the Cubin heel and RT I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. We talk a little while then we had to hide the road the Dad and Mom took the pilot and co-pilot seats this was a pleasant surprise. I got to sit with the to hot daughters and watch the Mom kick off her heels and stretch out her sexy hose covered legs on the dashboard I think she knew I was watching she would turn around a couple of times and give me a little smile. But my real attention turned to my two lovelies. They both sat really close to me and were rubbing up and down my legs with there shoes have on or off. Sara then said ‘let’s go in the back and listen to music and you can fix my shoes for me’ I then felt my tie being pulled as to make me fallow this was one of the reasons I hated wearing a tie. So the two sisters and I went to the back of the RV which was real a large bedroom I grabbed my black bag just incase we close the door the sisters jump on the bed and make there way to the top sitting with there legs in my direction. They talk a bit I of course lay across the foot of the bed looking up there dresses and watching there feet, I interrupted there conversation by asking what Sara meant by fix her shoes she tells me she wants to put something on her heels to save then and not ruin then and make them last longer. I take the liberty and slip off her shoes the smell of leather and perfume is fantastic she hands me the stuff to use I look it over as the two start talking again then I decide out of no where to remove Sherry’s shoes as well she offered no complaints. It was pretty easy to put the stuff on her heels but hard not to stair at the two sets of hose covered legs and feet in front of me. After I finished with the shoes I reached down into my bag and pulled out two lengths of rope and proceeded to tie there already crossed ankles. I’m not an‘s’ but I was down by there feet so I started playing with there hose covered feet and legs then Sherry says ‘What your stopping with our feet aren’t you feeling good’ I said ‘Well I didn’t think that with your parents right here I thought maybe we shouldn’t play’? The two snicker a little then tell me there not laughing at me then Sara comes down a little by me and pulls me up a little with my tie again and give me a deep kiss then tells me “There’s nothing to worry about Dads’ driving and won’t stop till we get there in four hours, and Mom is probable talking to him or on the phone or reading or even asleep so don’t worry” then Sherry says “And besides Mom might just want you to tie her up also” I ask what she meant she then reaches over to the night stand and opens the drawer looks around and pulls out a bunch of hose and bandannas and in one of the hose is a ball with lipstick on it we all kind of laugh but inside I know I won’t look at there parents the same. Sara was laying next to me so I sat up and reached into my pulled out a bunch of rope rolled her onto her stomach bring her hands behind her I cross and tie them she does this willingly. I see her sexy hose covered feet and legs are hanging off the edge of the bed so I turn her on her side pulling her feet toward her hands I hogtie her on her side with her short skirt I was getting more then an eye full. All the while her sister was watching now it was her turn, with still sitting were she was her bound hose covered feet were near Sara’s head I walked over to her with another length of rope I then got the idea when I looked up and saw a hook up on the wall so I crossed her wrist in front of her then lifted then up and secured then to the hook so her hands were over her head. Sara then says “I wondered why those hooks were there now I think I know”.
Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 07:17:10 PM
Name: J.A.
E-mail address: still
Homepage URL: http://Part II
Comments:I didn’t gag the girls right away but I did start tickling on the feet and on there legs they bagged me to stop they both told me they might peep if I don’t stop they were laughing so hard. Then out of nowhere I heard there Moms voice it sounded funny then I realized it was coming over an intercom she was asking for someone to bring her up her hand lotion she didn’t say a name both the girls started giggling and saying ‘We should tell her we’re all tied up right now Mom come get it yourself’ there Mom couldn’t hear them but I could. So I decided to take her lotion to her Sherry was saying “Oh his such a nice young maaaaannn aaaaaahhhhh” I had to draw the line somewhere, somehow, so stuffing a bandanna in her pretty mouth gagging my damsel to try to insure no guarantee no arguments then putting two strips of med tape over her mouth would keep it in place. Next I came over to my lovely Sara she smiles then says “I guess I’m next” but before I apply my lovelies gag I give her a deep kiss I could here a ‘MMMM’ from Sherry which I just shot her a smile and a wink, she then opened wide and I push a bandanna into her mouth and also sealed her lips with a couple of strips of med tape on leaving my beauties I told then not to go anywhere. I took the lotion to there Mom she was stretched out on the same couch where the girls and I were before her legs where up on the back they looked even hotter then before I stopped and watched for a second before I spook. I stood next to her and handed her the lotion she didn’t even turn her head but to see the lotion and say thanks I said “Your Welcome” she turned her head with quit a look of surprise and wide eyes to see he then a smile came across her face as she said in her surprise state “Well I didn’t expect to have you bring me my lotion did the girls make you”? I said “No they where all tie up in something they were doing so I said I would bring it to you” she told that was so nice of me and that I should sit and talk for a little while I said I didn’t want to bother or her husband she told me “Nonsense I want to get to know you and when my husband is driving he’s in his own world he doesn’t even know what is going on in the RV he leaves that to me watch” she calls him by name and with the driving and music his listening to he doesn’t even turn his head. I sit on the coffee table in front of her hose covered legs are still up on the back of the couch her skirt is covering but it is riding high and she knows I’m looking. She wants me to tell her about myself you know what is my daughter getting into stuff and I’m cool with that I told her about my planes and what I was going to do for a job. Then we started talking about her daughters and she asked me how I felt about Sara so I told her how special she was and how I want this to last. She then told me she saw what her daughter saw in me I asked her like what she told me all the stuff I won’t bore you with. I then jokingly added “oh and there’s my hands she loves my hands” a grin came over her again she then asked what was so special about my hands. I told her I give great messages I swear I saw a glint in her eyes she then asked “So what kind of messages do you give hum” I told her I do it all back, legs, feet she started biting her lips then said “Feet too…. it’s been along time scene I had a foot and leg message I see my girls are just like there Mother push over’s for a strong man with strong hands”. I told her I had to use the restroom and I would be right back but I went in by the girls and told then I was talking to there Mom and that I hadn’t forgotten about then I would come back soon they both let out with a “MMMPPHHH” I asked them if they want me to untie then Sara sounded off I removed her gag she told me you’re scoring point with Mom is ok just don’t forget about us” I kissed her then put her gag back in her mouth then went to Sherry removed her gag and asked her if she was she said “You better be back here in a half an hour and I want a GREAT message for this back, legs, and feet got it” Sara gag talked a ‘me too’ so I promised then both when I get back I got back to there Mom I didn’t know if I should say what I said next first because I still had my damsels all tied up in the bedroom and now I had there Mother almost asking me to message her hose covered feet and legs. So I did it I said “I would give you a message but I’m not sure it would be cool with your husband I don’t want him getting mad at me or something”. She thought a second then looked at me with that special smile “Are you sure because well the girls are back there and my Husbands well he’s in his own world driving…..but you don’t want to
Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 07:19:05 PM
Name: J.A.
E-mail address: DIDDO
Homepage URL: http://Part III
Comments:waste your time giving me a message do you”? I decided to show her how I can be a take charge kind of guy I just sat at the other end of the couch from her cupping her ankles in my hands I placed her feet in my lap she let out a “ooohh ah like I said before I see why my daughter like you so much you do take control” she laid there quietly for the next few minutes then she started really getting into it her eyes slowly closed and her head went back against the armrest of the couch. Her hose were silky soft and her feet and legs were as soft and she also smelled fantastic, I did a great job on her feet then slowly move up to her ankles and caves she still has her eyes closed but she tells me I should get a job doing this I ask ‘why then you’d have to pay me for this’ we laugh. I’m up to her knees now I began to wonder how far to go before I stop I don’t want to upset her so just above the knees I stop and work my way back down to her feet. She then lifts up her head like she has been caught but tries to look innocent saying “Well that was wonderful….I thank you for that…maybe you should go back by the girls and wasting your time here with there old Mom”. I tell her I enjoyed it as well I then complemented her on how nice her feet and legs are I then show her how small her feet and ankles are by wrapping my hands around her ankles so her couldn’t move she kind of giggled then I said “If I had some rope I could easily make you my prisoner” she smiled again like a little girl blushing then saying “What do you mean make me your prisoner, you mean keep me bound hand and foot and gagged at you mercy what would you do with me then” I just smiled trying not to let her feel my boner then said “I don’t know, have you every been hogtied, do you want to fine out” again like a little girl blushing then saying “well… some other time…. some other place maybe….you should get back to the girls”. I tried not to get to excited at what she said but she did say ‘some other time some other place maybe’ with a smile on my face I lifted her lovely hose covered legs off my lap and placed then gently back onto the sofa giving her a wink and a smile I headed back to my ladies but I did turn to see if there Mom turned to watch me leave and she did. I got back to my ladies I was kind of scared that they were both quit not making much noise at all I knew I had some major ass kissing to do any kissing some other things as well. I knew what would help cool then off first I undid Sara’s hogtie sitting her up I untied her hands leaving her feet tied I remover her gag she didn’t say much she did ask “well did you and my Mom have fun” I told her “look babe I was doing this for us too, I scored some nice points with your Mom she is almost as sweet as you, now do you want something that’s just for you and Sherry” she asked what? I took her hands and pulled then in front of her crossed and tie then I had her lay on the bed she told me to go lock the door first I did then she told me to unsnap her skirt and undo the back of her outfit she said she didn’t want the get it wrinkled I now saw how she was hiding with that sexy outfit and that was nothing but for her hose that was all she had on with mouth wide open I had her lay her head toward the foot of the bed I secured her wrist to the foot of the bed the her feet to the top of the bed. Now her sister who was pretty mad before I untied her from the hook I then remove her gag she was mad I leaned down and gave her a little kiss then she fallowed suit with her sister and asked for me to remove her dress as well the only difference in the undergarments is the color of there hose I didn’t disappoint her with my response was a duplicate to the one I gave her sister with my mouth wide open I then have her do the same as her sister she did I could tell she was feeling a little better I tied her the same way her as I had tied Sara.
Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 07:20:55 PM
Name: J.A.
E-mail address: DIDDO
Homepage URL: http://Part IIII
Comments:Next I started my magic on both my ladies first I started with there arms then I slowly move to there shoulders this of course leads to there back and when your messaging the back it’s not hard to have your hand move to the front even just a little there were no protests from my ladies. And as I move to there hose covered ass’s they both let out with ‘ooooOOH’ of course I spent a lot of quality time in this area with both ladies then on to there hose covered legs, and feet which are a great nerve center and effect every part of the body. I had more then made up for the neglect that they both had felt they both laid there motionless as if they had been more then sexually satisfied. I worked my way around to my bag and pulled out four scarves I lifted up there heads which were limp as they relaxed after giving both of then another kiss I pushed one of the scarves into there mouths then cleave gagged both of then. I keep then tied and gagged and messaging and groping my ladies for what turn out to be the rest of the trip they were purring like kittens. I found this out when there Mom called out other the intercom that “we will be arriving at grandma and grandpas in about a half an hour so straiten up back there. I of course untie my ladies and they put themselves back together and looked as hot as they did before. I straitened myself up not easy with watching these two lovelies messing around naked trying to get ready. Well I thought this was as good as it could get. Then out of nowhere Sara and Sherry push me onto the bed laying on top of me they are grinning like little school girls they asked if I had fun I of course answered “Hell yeah” they then told me they I would have to weight till later for my surprise. I said “What you mean, all of this wasn’t my surprise” they both just turned and looked each other and started to giggle. With a wink and a kiss from both of them I wondered what they had in mind then Sara turned to me giving me a real deep kiss and at the same time her hand is rubbing my groin I liked it but now I’m sporting a woody I was going to meet the grandparents. I excused myself and went into the restroom to try to compose myself (YES compose nothing else not with everybody weighting) for awhile then came out.
Wednesday, June 9th 2004 - 07:22:11 PM
Name: J.A.
Homepage URL: http://Part V
Comments:So I meet the grandparents and believe it or not there were pretty cool specially the granddad but looking at the grandma I could see where they got there looks from I bet she was hot when she was younger. All these women in hose in heels it was trouble knowing where to look but I knew my ladies wouldn’t disappoint me even Sherry with her ankle tied shoes knew I’d be watching. The granddad told the girls to take me on a tour of the house they put there shoes back on and off we went, first let me tell you this was one large house there must have been twenty five rooms. The girls were showing me the house when the grandma called Sara to come help her with something I think she wanted to ask about me before they leave, after Sara left Sherry grab my hand and said ‘come with me I’ll show you a secret’ she took me to a room witch it seemed like forever to get to. The room looked like a play room for little kids with stuffed animals, a chalkboard and a little set of chairs and table and a toy great big toy box Sherry tells me this was Sara and her play room. Sherry takes my hand and we walked over to the toy box this thing was big enough to put an adult person in she opens it and tells me to ‘look in there and see if I could find anything of interest’ so I looked in the box and there were lots of toy’s all kinds all girls stuff. But then I found in the corner of the box something that to most would not look unusual but I was sure this was what Sherry wanted me to fined jump ropes a whole lot of jump ropes some still tied in knots I turn and look in her pretty face she is smiling from hear to hear “Well you can guess what we use to us those for well I was always the one getting tied up and put in the toy box till I was about ten then we kind of took turns taking each other prisoner, oh yeah we even got to tie up grandma a lot and even got her in the toy box a few times the older we got the better we could tie her and we use to keep her tied and gagged a lot and if your wondering witch I know you are ‘yes’ grandma was from the generation that wear heels and hose all the time I guess that’s were we started liking it so much. We even got Mom a bunch of times and even got her in the toy box a few times, and Mom and Grandma together a few times well you know saw they both seemed to like it too”. I took the jump rope and crossed and tied Sherry’s hand in front of her she asks giggling “What are you doing you are so bad”? I told her she was going to fallow me, I didn’t want to take too much of a chance with all her family there. Sara can in saw Sherry and giggled as well, then said that Mom and Dad and the Grandparents we’re leaving and “we should go get some dinner” she sashayed her way up to me and asked me “my Grandpa buys us supper from this restaurant down the street if you (me) would when you get back we well give you your surprise just tell them my Grandpas name and you don’t have to pay anything just bring it back here ok”? Well of course I agreed and drove there Grandpas car it was a Cadillac and it was fully loaded. It took a longer to go there and get back then I thought it would, but when I got back I call out and there was no answer then I found a note it said ‘Leave food in kitchen and go site in den’ it had two sets of lip print on it so what could I do so I went to the den and weighted. I turned on the TV and was watching it when one of the girls put a plate in front of me like from out of no where I didn’t even hear the girls coming. I quickly turned to look at the two smiling faces of my ladies not only were they smiling to see me but they also were smiling because they were showing me there surprise my own personal ‘Hooters Girls’. I was floored to say the lest I turned and there were Sara and Sherry black skin tight Hooters shirt and shorts suntan hose, white socks and sneakers what could I say but “I must have died and gone to heaven and I see the best looking angles I could ever even imagine” they both started giggling. They sat at the table on both my sides Sara then told me “When we called you the other day we we’re just walking by Hooters and we saw there outfits and I said ‘OH I know J.A. would love those outfit and you know what he would want to do if I was in that outfit or should I say we we’re in those outfits’ so is this a surprise or is this a surprise”? The three of use eat, which to let you know was hot wings, we had a few drink, and I had trouble keeping my mind and eyes on the food. I knew what they were expecting but I didn’t want to be to obvious so I excused myself to go use the restroom and made a quick dash to grab my stuff and hide it now I had to find the right moment. It was getting toward evening we were talking I was rubbing there hose covered legs and had removed there sneakers and there socks and was messaging there silky hose covered feet. Then the phone rang Sara scampered off to answer I loved the view of her behind as she walked away Sherry told me “I bet it Mom she calls every time after they leave witch is ok but she has to talk to each of us and I swear for like ten to fifteen minutes some times longer and we’re like ‘yes Mom, yes Mom, yes Mom oh we love her but she drives us a little crazy”. So Sherry and I talked a bit and I massaged her covered feet and leg the whole time she was asking ‘what do you want to do tonight’ I said it would be a surprise and she would have to weight. I could hear Sara talking and laughing in the other room I then heard her say she would get Sherry on the phone I knew my chance was at hand she told me ‘well it’s my turn’ so I watch her scoot off as fine a all get out like her sister, now was my chance.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 01:07:53 AM
Name: J.A.
Homepage URL: http://Part VI
Comments:I took a pen and wrote a note then grabbed my bag from its hiding place then I found a place to hide where Sara wouldn’t see me but I could when she was in the right spot. I heard her come in the room calling my name then I saw her looking around and asking if I went to the bathroom I saw her look at the note that’s when I made my move I came from behind her wrapping one arm around her ad clapping my other hand over her mouth the only sound she could utter was a “oooh” she felt fantastic I knew for sure she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear and she smelled great I whispered in her ear “We’re going to play hide-an-seek so now I’m going to hide you and Sherry is going to look for you but I have to make sure you can’t help her can you guess how I’m going to do that” she started to giggle and nodded yes she then turn around still in my arms wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a BIG kiss on me it was awesome. I gently took her arms from around my neck we were still kissing and brought them behind her back crosses and tied then with a long piece of rope leaving some of it hang while we were still kissing. As we stopped kissing a smile came a crossed her face she then said “So where are you going to hide me, you know I can still do something’s even with my hands tied should I show you?” She then reached down the front of my pants and got a hand load of me even with her hands bound it was awesome but that would have to come later she then said “OH you better hide me before Sherry get off the phone, how about the play room or the back bedroom or upstairs or aaaaaammmm” that was enough I knew I had to gag her to keep her quit with one of my ball gags. We had to move quickly so I put Sara over my shoulder and carried her to the play room I sat her on the toy box I then tied her ankles side by side I then had her stand up I then opened the box I lifted her into the box I helped her sit down with her feet in front of her I then took the length that was hanging from her hands and attached it to her bound ankles she was then hogtied and I did it without having her roll over. Giving her a kiss on her gagged mouth and putting a pillow behind her to make her comfortable I closed the lid I took out the light bulb I know I didn’t want to leave her alone to long so I went looking for my next victim. I just got back to see Sherry looking at the note she was calling out for Sara and I, I could see her but she hadn’t seen me yet so now I had to watch and weight for her. She walked through the house calling for Sara and giggling nervously I could see the goose bumps she was nervous as she peeked around corners into the dark room of her Grandparents house. I was staying in the shadows she couldn’t see me she finely made her way to the playroom Sara was making a little noise to guide Sherry. She tried the light switch I took care of that she got really nervous and started talking out loud saying “oh my god oh my god where is he where is he J.A…… J.A ….Sara are you in here” she made her way over to the toy box and had just reached it I know she didn’t hear me behind her but I made my move.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 01:11:05 AM
Name: J.A.
Homepage URL: http://Part 7
Comments:Grabbing her from behind the same way I grabbed Sara she let out with a lot more of a scream then Sara had it was like “OOOOH MYMMMMMM” Sherry and Sara had on the exactly a like either of them was wearing underwear. As I grabbed her I carried her out into the hallway I could feel her heart racing she was breathing very heave I didn’t know what to do or say so I asked her if she was ok she nodded yes. I loosed my hold to let her catch her breath and before I knew what was happening Sherry turned around wrapped her arms around my neck and laid one hell of a kiss on me I mean I think her tongue went down to my feet I kissed back but then remembered Sara and tried to stop Sherry after pulling her off me I told her “Look Sherry I have feeling for you but I don’t want to ruin what I have with your sister and I don’t want to hurt you” she looked a little sad then said “I know you just bring this out in me, I don’t want to hurt my sister or loose you either, you better tie me up and gag me so I don’t do something I’ll regret”. She turned around and placed her hands behind her back I crossed and tied then I then turned her around gave her a nice kiss and said “You know how much you mean to me”? She said yes, I then ball gagged her like her sister I then knelt down and tied her hose covered ankles and took her into one of the bedrooms and laid her on a old King-size bed the kind with four heavy duty bed posts it gave me an idea, so I went back to get Sara. I was sure that Sara hadn’t heard what happened or what was said so I tried to make sure without letting on. I open the tool box her eyes meet mine the smile in them told me things were ok she is sitting there the same way I left her she is wiggling her hose covered toes and wrinkling her cute nose at me so I would leave it at that. I undid her hogtie and helped her standup and lifted her out of box I put her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom Sherry was in I stood her up next to the bed Sherry was hogtie on. I said “Now starts the fun” I untied her ankles giving her a smile slowly took off her shorts this proved I was right that she had no underwear her ass was ‘SMOKEN’ as I untied her wriest to finish stripping her as I took off her Hooters top seeing the rest of her ‘SMOKEN’ body she motioned to me that she needed to use the bathroom I asked her if she wanted me to remove her gag she shook her head no then went off to use the bathroom. I turned to Sherry and asked if she too ‘do you need to use the restroom also’ no big surprise she nodded yes I said “I swear you women can’t go to the bathroom alone” I was joking, but it’s true.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 01:12:53 AM
Name: J.A.
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Comments:I’m pretty sure I heard the two of them talking in the bathroom but I didn’t want to say anything. Sara came back first gag still in place I took her over to the foot of the bed with her back against the bedpost crossing and tying her hands behind the post I had her sit with her legs pointing toward the head of the tied her ankles side by side then tied another rope to the post at the other end of the bed so it lifted her feet off the bed I put a pillows under feet so not to hurt her. Next came Sherry I did the same to her I removed her shorts and let me tell you Sara and Sherry’s ass’s were like matching book ends I don’t know how I said ‘no’ I tied her the same way I tied Sara. Now you might think I was home free I started tickling them then I got some ice and rubbed it all over there breasts and back they loved it moaning and groaning. Then just as I was going to get to my business a knock at the door it was around one o’clock in the morning and this was a small town everybody should be asleep. I ran to the door leaving the girl tied up in the bedroom looking through a window it was the sheriff I freaked I ran back to the bedroom with the girls in it I told them who was at the door. I untied Sara’s hands and told her to untie herself then untie Sherry then come be me I’ll go talk to the Sheriff. I opened the front door and tried to be as cool as I could but not knowing what they wanted or what to expect I was nervous. The Sheriff got ‘a report from a neighbor that the lights were on over here they thought the girls might be here be they said they saw a mysteries man as well’ they asked who I was and did I have any ID, this went on for about fifteen minutes or more till Sara and Sherry finely showed up they hadn’t changed or put on any cloths though they were both wearing robes and just there hose underneath they tried to explain things to the Sheriff he asked us about drinking and drugs and all that fun stuff. Well by the time all was said and done he called the parents and checked with then and they had to talk to the girls as well so the Sheriff left. It was every late depending how you look at it and we were all really tired. I said I would make a fire in the fireplace if the girls wanted they said yes Sara said she would make some drinks Sherry said she would get us something to eat. I got the fire started I them opened a King size air mattress the girls told me about so we could lay in front of the fire together Sara and Sherry brought in there thing we sat and eat and drank we laughed about what happened. I moved the girls closer to me I was just in my shorts I open up there robes they cuddled up close to me they were both very comfortable. I noticed that Sherry was sound asleep I even tried to wake her and she was out like a light. Sara was getting sleepy as well but she told me she need to use the bathroom she then say as she drops the belt of her robe “just glad to know the cops are on duty in case someone breaks-in and tries to rob or kidnap me or my sister I’m going to use the ladies room”. I watched her slink off to the ladies room I knew what she meant. I quietly got up from the bed making sure Sherry is still out cold and she was so I grabbed Sara’s belt then Sherry’s as well on the way to my hiding place I went through the kitchen and grabbed a clean dishtowel. I weighted to hear Sara finish as she came out the door as before I hand gagged her and pulled her into this backroom I think it was a servant room but not now it did have a bed with post’s so I gagged her with the dishtowel she purred like a kitten ‘mmmmmm’ I took off her robe I then tied her wriest with one end of the rod’s belt and the other to the top of to bed post’s she was on her tepee toes to stand I then helped her knee on the foot of the bed I then gave her what she was weighting for and she groaned even lauder then she ever before I thought she might wake Sherry I said I was sorry I could only last twenty minutes well forty if you count foreplay. I do have some more to post about the girls and the mother but only if I see more people posting as well.
Monday, July 5th 2004 - 01:16:01 AM
Name: Ed McMann
Comments:High school was a great time for my bondage games. Pantyhose and nylons were the choice of weapons. Sue was babysitting for a bratty little 10 year old girl. Sue was my girlfriend we both were 17 at this time. I came over where Sue was babysitting for the night. I knocked on the door and April answered the door. It was 10 pm and April was wearing a long nylon gown that was blue with black strips on it. She had long blond hair down to her butt tied like a ponytail. I asked to see Sue and April starting laughing. When I asked why April took my hand and led me to the kitchen. There was Sue sitting in a straight back chair. Sue was wearing a red rayon blouse and a very short red skirt. She also had on red pantyhose and black strap high heels. Sue has brown hair to her shoulders and 38 d breasts. She was blindfolded with a silk scarf that I knew was hers. She had duct tape across her mouth and white cotton rope tightly wrapped above and below her breasts holding her to the chair. The top four buttons were undone and her red bra was showing with those lovely breasts nearly falling out of the satin cups. More cotton rope around her knees above and below and at the ankles. Her ankles were then tied to the rung on the chair. I asked April how she did that. April said she bet Sue she could tie her so she couldn’t escape and Sue let her tie her up. The bet was for $ 10.00. I asked where she got so good at it and April said she would show me if I didn’t tell anyone. So up to April’s bedroom we go and April reaches under her bed and pulls out a Bondage magazine. I asked where she got the book and she said from a girl at school who found it in the woods. They had been trying the ties on each other for months. I then stood up and opened her dresser until I found her tights in a draw. She asked me what I was looking for and I said something to tie her up with. She liked the idea so quickly I tied her hands behind her back then her ankles with the little white tights I found. Next I took another pair that was brown and used it to hog-tie her on her bed. Another pair of brown for a gag and a blue pair for the blindfold. Then I went down to See Sue. She looked so hot tied up like that. I played with her nylon covered legs for a bit then freed her breasts from the bra. After an hour of playing with her breasts I un gagged her and starting kissing her. As I untied her I keep playing keeping the blindfold on the whole time. I kept her hands tied behind her back and took her to the couch naked. In front of the fireplace I laid on the couch and she was placed on top of me. We did it like that until we both came then I untied her and removed the blindfold. About 2 in the morning we untied April and I went home.
Sunday, July 11th 2004 - 11:46:21 PM
Name: J.A.
E-mail address: More stories and maybe I'll post some more
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Comments:Well this was the time I got to tie up Sara and Sherry’s Mom this turned into a bet between the girls and me. I bet them I could do it and they both bet me I couldn’t are bet was that if they win I have to cater to there needs and you can guess what I would win. So I knew my age was against me I wasn’t a little kid who could come over and play Cowboys and Indians and Mom might think it funny and let me tie her up. So the girls and I talked they did help me figure out a plan then it was up to me to make it work Sara said “Mom always wanted to be an actress and tried to get us into acting we both have been in a number of school and community plays, ask her for help tell her your writing a play or a movie or something she will do it in a heart beat”. I thanked then and went home to work on my play/movie I came up with four scenes so not to make her think this was all I wanted but I knew she was smart enough to figure it out if she wanted to but I needed to use my boyish charm to win her over I hoped. The girls told me they had to go after school with there Dad somewhere and they wouldn’t be back till very late that evening I saw my chance. I asked when there Mom would be home they laughed and said you’re going to try it them aren’t you I said yes it sounded like the best chance to get there Mom alone and not worry about there anybody interfering. Well the day came I made sure the girls and there Dad were gone. I went home and got all my stuff and headed to there hose I knew when the Mom would be home so I kind of hide to make sure she couldn’t see me then when she pulled in the driveway I would pull up behind her before she knew what was happening. And she pulled in I came up behind her before she could even get out of the car as she got out of the car I saw she was wearing a silk white blouse a black suit she was carrying the coat she was also wearing jet black hose and five inch patent leather pumps, the skirt buttoned down the side but she only had it buttoned about half way up from the bottom. She looked to see who was in the car when she saw it was me thankfully a smile came to her face, I got out of the car she said “OH Hi it’s you I was wondering who it was in the car, the girls are gone they went with there Dad and won’t be back till very late so it’s just me” I tried to sound surprised and happy I said “Oh is that today, I was just coming over to show the girls the stuff I wrote well it’s kind of a play, or a movie, and they you’ve all done plays and stuff they told me you loved this stuff and I wanted to hear what they thought about it and maybe they would try some of the scenes with me just to see how they sounded or looked if we acted then out, but well I don’t want to bother you your tired and don’t want to see my silly little stuff”. This was the biggest gamble to see if she would stop me or let me go then just as I was about to close the car door she called to me “Really you write I would love to see what you have if you like if you want to weight for the girls ok but I would really like to see what you’ve written” I gladly agreed. We headed into the house she asked me to have a seat at the kitchen table while she poured herself a glass of wine, she had four before I knew it, and offered me a soda I sat at the end of the table she came and sat by me she asked me what my stories was about I told her ‘it was a mystery/action about a women lawyer who is investigating corruption in government and a corrupt company” she said it sounded interesting I gave her the first scene she read through it and made some suggestion but said she like it she then said let’s ready through “you should try to make it sound and feel as real as possible or else it won’t work” I thought it sounded cool so we acted through it. I again won’t bore you with the rest but if I had just handed her a scene with me tying her up you figure it out. We finely got to the good stuff I handed her the scene a smile came to her face she turned and looked kind of weird then said “What’s this scene” I told her the lady lawyer needs the hero to steal something she can’t get away from the bad guys without then knowing about it or they could killer. She stared at the pages said “So this lady lawyer fakes a burglary by having this guy come in tie her up and pretend to steal the documents” she paused and then looked at me then said “OK, but we better go in my office for this scene, do you have anything to tie me up with”? I said no she said “Alright I think I have some stuff so go in the office and I’ll be right there”. I was stunned I thought for sure she would say no but now to go looking for something to tie her up with and it didn’t take long she came back in and handed me a black bag telling me everything I need should be in there. So I looked and she was more then right. We first talked through the scene then she said the way she thought it would work I through in my two cents. Well we finely decided to act it out she did just as the scripted was written she played her part well “I need you to take these papers and make it look like a robbery” she came around the desk and hand me the rope “Now I want you to tie me up and gag me the way a burglar would” she turned around and placed her hands behind her back and crossed then she then tells me “Make it look good I have to be tied good and tight or when they find me they’ll know it wasn’t a robbery”. She was fantastic even improvising, I bound her wriest securely over and under this made her awesome breasts standout even more then they already did she then told me “Well you did a good job you must have done this before; we better go over to the couch for you to do the rest”. She went over to the couch it was awesome watching her walk with her hands bound she sat on the couch her breasts were really standing out now. I sat on the coffee table in front of her she lifted up her hose covered feet and legs and placed then across my lap a little sheepishly, I love the sound her chose made as she rubbed her legs together. I found myself staring at then longer then I thought I was she cleared her throat and said “Are you want to finish tying me up, before they fine out what’s going on” she was staying in character as I crossed and tied her ankles I trouble not stopping and feeling her silky hose the perfume and leather smell was to die for and more then arousing I hope she couldn’t tell. Then as I was tying her ankle she asked me to remove her she “please my feet are sore and tired” who am I to refuse a ladies request she then said “I hope my feet don’t stink”, I told her “Not at all”. I moved up to her knees when she spoke out of character “So who were you going to tie up Sara or Sherry or was this all for me” I didn’t know if I should stop or keep going or even hurry up before she tells me to stop so I kept going. My head turned in a slow motion as she said this. The look on my face most have been a funny she started to laugh then tried to compose her self saying “Don’t worry it’s OK it’s OK it’s me isn’t it, so you like to tie-up ladies do you like them to be wearing hose as well”? Well even stunned I kept tying her silky ankles I don’t know why and then moving on to her knees she then said “I was wondering when we were in the RV just how serious you were about tying me up and now I know you we’re very serious. I see you are very good at this been practicing on my daughters hum I know they wear hose a lot but scene Sara been dating you that’s all she wears, like her mother”? I was still nervous but trying to look cool again so I just shot her one of my boyish charm, and as I finished tying her silky legs and watched her test to see how good my work was I noticed she changed also. I think she realized she was helpless and there wasn’t much she could do to stop me now even if she wanted to she was in no condition or position to argue either. She look up and down at herself trying to move or if she could watch she couldn’t she then looked at me and said “Well in your scene I guess you leave now and I weight to be found” she knew that wasn’t the end. A big smile came across my face then said “OH yeah the gag, but I don’t know about being hogtie I mean I’m in a dress and this skirt is to tight for me to be hogtie in and we’re alone it just wouldn’t be right” I just said with that same big smile on my face “Oh come on you said ‘we should try to make it sound and feel real’ didn’t you” she paused then bit her lower lip she hated to go back on her word she then said “ OK, OK you can do what you want with me but we have to be done before my family gets home so do what you want with me” I swear I could hear the sound of my jaw hitting the ground, I was never that stunned before in my life I had to ask just what she meant by “do what you want with me”? She seemed different like she was looking at me differently she was deep in thought then looked me more seriously then before then said “Well I’m sorry it just that I get all turned on when I’m tied up…well it’s just that it’s been awhile… so long scene I have been….I meant I no one has tied me up for quite a…you better gag me go on gag me now before I say something really stupid, and then hogtie me yes do what you want I’m all bound and gagged I can’t and wouldn’t stop you…gag meeaaaaaahhhh”. As I stuffed the bandanna in between her pretty Rudy lips I then took another pulling it between her lips to keep the first bandanna in place I saw her teeth as she bite down on the gag and moaned with the sound of pleasure like I had only heard from the her daughters. She was really getting into this she started moving and moaning. I needed more rope so I went over to the bag I was looking in the bag when I heard her making more noise through her gag I turned around to look and there she was stand she made herself stand still bound up from the couch and was trying to get my attention the fact her blouse was wide open reviling her very low cut matching black bra which was more then enough to get my attention. With her bound hands she is pointing at something then in gag talk says “tttaaaakaa mmmii ssssskkkeeerrrttt aaaafff” I ask what then I think I know and ask “Your skirt you want me to remove your skirt” she nods her head yes. I on did the button on her skirt witch falls to the floor this reviles her black satin g-string I can’t help but smile and say “MAN you have a CHERRY ASS, oh sorry I hope you aren’t mad I said that” she turned to look at me her eyes were smiling and she gave me a wink then a “tttthhhaan yyyuuu”. She hopped back to the couch and sat down she kind of slumped to one side I came over with more rope in hand she just looked at the rope as I got closer I got I could hear her breathing getting heavier she then looked up at me I rolled her over onto her stomach on the couch. I tied one end of the rope to her wriest the pulling her ankles up I hogtied her. I think she was shivering I then said “Well I guess this is were the hero leaves the heroin and goes off into the night, or does he decide to stay and take some liberties with this bound damsel”. I sat on the coffee table next to the couch, she was looking forward then turn to look at me I slowly move my hands over her hose covered feet then moving to her calves then to her thighs she was silky smooth I remembered her words and moved to her cherry ass the only sound from her gagged mouth was one of pleasure ‘mmmmmm’. Here is where I got kind of bold with one hand I started messaging her ass moving my hand down in between her thighs and with the other I moved up under her blouse feeling her soft yet firm breasts. Her eyes rolled back into her head then closed she purred under her gag got even deeper and lasted longer she started to shiver I know it wasn’t cold. Then out of nowhere the phone rang we both looked at each other then the phone she said “AAAA MMMSSSNN” I think she meant the answering machine and two rings later it kicked in then we heard the message ‘Hi Hun it’s me the girls and I stopped at the store will be home in a hale an hour Sara said J.A. might stop over by” then a dial tone. We looked at each other again I nodded and she nodded as well. So I slowly untied her leaving the gag for last we sat there quietly for what seemed like forever, she then sat forward I thought she was just getting up she then gave me a very nice sweet kiss then said ‘weight here’ then scooted off to her bedroom. When she came back she was wearing black halter top and black slacks I could see she was wearing suntan hose underneath her clothes. I was sitting on the couch she came over and sat next to me well to be honest it was on top of me putting both of her legs across my lap and her arm over my shoulders she then told me “That was wonderful you don’t know how long it’s been scene….well I had that much pleasure. So did the girls put you up to this or was it your idea” I said both it was a kind of a bet I said I hope your not mad to my surprise. She said “No I’m not mad; I don’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t want this to turn into a ‘Mrs. Robinson’ kind of thing but just between the two of us well maybe the girls sometimes I bet that idea crossed your mind didn’t it” I just shook my head yes she said “I guess I wouldn’t mind have another take charge man in my life but this is as far as it will go, if you want this it’s fine by me but I don’t want to hurt my Sara or my husband but I do miss playing and having someone take charge of thing once and awhile if your game”? What could I say we agreed that once a week sometimes twice, other times once every other week, I would come over or we would meet somewhere and we would play games. And yes a number of times when the Dad was out of town the girls and the Mom and I played a game or two.
Saturday, July 17th 2004 - 01:29:22 AM
Name: P G
Comments:Hi everyone, I have read this site for ages and now have a story of my own to tell. This happened two nights ago and my head is still spinning and I still can't believe that it happened to me. I had been working late shift and it had been pretty stressful so I decided to call at a nice quiet pub on the way home and have a drink to unwind. I am tea total and don't drink alcohol so me going in a pub is a rare thing anyway, but I called in and ordered a J2O, APPLE AND MANGO. I sat quietly drinking it at a table mulling over the day at work when a ladies voice broke my silence, I was surprised because I did not hear her approach me and I startled a little. She apologised and said that she hadn't meant to make me jump. and asked if she could sit with me. of course please be my guest take a seat I said being the ever english gentleman. Thanks she said sitting down across the table, My names Jessica she said. Hi i'm Phil I replied pleased to meet you. She then said I hope you don't think me too forward but I'm a stranger to this place and I don't like sitting alone and you looked quite nice so I thought i'd ask if I might sit with you. thats fine I said I don't get in hear very often myself I told her it's just that i'm unwinding from a stressful shift at work. We started chatting about general things and got to know each other a little and I went to the bar and bought some more drinks for us and we chatted some more. eventually closing time came and we were kicked out so the landldy could lock up for the night. I walked Jessica out to the car park and told her that I had enjoyed her company and that she had made my evening pass very quickly. Jessica then said well if you have enjoyed your evening so far why should it end here. I ask what she had in mind and she said that she didn't live too far from the pub and if i wanted I caould follow her hame and carry on the evening at her place. I thought wow Phil go for it, so I said I would love to and for her to lead the way. She got in her car and I got into mine and I followed her back to her place. I could not believe her house it was in the countryside and was quite large with a large secluded garden. I got out of my car and walked over to jessica's car and opened the door for her to get out. Thankyou kind sir she said and gave me a peck on the cheek. I followed her into the house and she made us some drinks then lead me to the lounge where we sat and chatted some more. I was sat on a large settee and Jessica came and sat next to me. as she sat down she crossed her legs over and brushed my leg with hers as she did. I noticed that she was wearing very sheer tan coloured hose. my cock went rigid and I had to slightly adjust my posture.Jessica laughed and said do you like my legs then? I told her that she was a beautiful lady and that I liked everything about her but that i was a leg and feet man and loved hers from what I could see of them. Jess then turned and swung her legs up over my lap and said well if you like if you like legs and feet that much mine are sore and you can give them a massage for me if you like. In an instant I had her shoes off and started to massage her feet. Jessica laid back closed her eyes and started softly mewing. after a while I thought I would become adventurous and started to move my hands up her legs and massaged my wat slowly and gently up to her knees then I went higher pushing the hem of her dress higher as I went. I glanced at Jessica and she never tried to stop me she just laid back and relaxed and continued mewing softly. She had beautiful legs and I was wondering if there would be a chance of me tying her up, when she looked up and asked what I was thinking about. Oh I don't know if I should tell you I said. Why? she asked. Because I don't want to spoil things and have you send me home. I said. She laughed and said she wouldn't send me home she liked me and felt at ease with me. So I told her that I loved everything we had been doing and that I hoped she didn't think of me as a pervert but the fact was I was into bondage and I was dreaming of tying her up and teasing her. She said that she had never been tied up before but if I had some rope she woould like to try it. I asked if she was serious and told her a bit about bondage and what I was into and she said that she would let me tie her up as a reward for such a lovely evening. I told her that i had a bag in the car with all my stuff in and she told me to go and get it. i was out of that house and back in a flash with my gear. I asked again if she was really serious about it and told her I would not be offended if she changed her mind and she told me she was really excited about the thought of it now and wondered what it was going to be like to be helpless and inthe control of someone else. sorry this is so long but i am going to have to finish this later if anyone whats me too. bye for now.
Sunday, August 1st 2004 - 05:17:48 AM
Name: john
Comments:J.A. has been asking for more pantyhose bondage stories from people other than himself i have enjoyed his stories about the sisters and there Mom and would love to hear about one involving all three of them I will be posting stories about my wife and a few of the girl friends I have had that I have bound and gagged while they have been wearing pantyhose but just how graphic can i get??? if the moderator of the book would let me know i will post
Monday, August 2nd 2004 - 10:59:24 PM
Name: john
Comments:Well since it appears that there is no rules as to what is posted i will give you the very first time that i tied up my wife it was back in 1989 we were just moved in together and my wife had just come home from work being a person who grew up in the 70-80's my favorite show of that time was the Dukes of Hazzard and it was on the tube in re-runs she walked in just as Daisy was being tied up and made a comment that she didnt know how a few loose wraps around her wrists and ankles and a thin strip of cloth over her lips could make Daisy so helpless and if that was her she would be out in a heart beat. Well looking at my new sexy 20 year old bride i made the comment that i would take her up on that bet and i didnt even need to use rope i could use some of her ruined pantyhose i could make her totally helpless and that she could have 30 min to escape or she would have to be my bound slave girl for the night, and that if she could escape she would get dinner out at the restruant of her choice. Now more poor unsuspecting wife didnt consider that i had spent many years as a boyscout and have been tieing up the ladies for a long time she asked if she should change and I said of course you want to be ready to go to dinner dont you she smiled and changed. She came out of our bedroom in a red business suit with matching pumps dark tan pantyhose make up and hair perfect and asked how i wanted her. I took pantyhose and bound her wrists behind her then i hand her sit on the sofa and I bound her ankles. She said does the clock start now i said sure but i am not finished tieing you i then tied her legs above and below her knees and went for the elbows she started to protest so ball up panties went into her mouth with a thin piece of cloth over her lips to hold them in i then returned to the elbows bound them together to almost touching and hogtied her on the couch i look at her kissed her cheek and said you have 25 min left sweetheart before you are my slavegirl. Well strugle as she might she didnt even loosen a bond she conceeded and i told her that she would spend the evening in bondage and pleasuring me she proceeded to give me a wonderful bound blow job and i took her several times over the even when we woke up the next morning she was still tied and wearing her pantyhose although the crotch was missing. i was kind of half expecting to get a divorce very fast after that evening but over the last 14 years she has been a slave girl, the victim of a burglar a kidnap victim and everytime in pantyhose no panties i guess i am just a lucky guy
Thursday, August 19th 2004 - 02:37:49 PM
Name: PHB mom
E-mail address: none@none.net
Comments:Not really sure if my story will fit in here. It may sound like so many I have read at other sites. My love of pantyhose bound damsels started as a series of games that turned into bondage and pantyhose. I am not sure how old I was but have been told I used to love to touch hosed or stocking covered legs or feet if the shoes were off. Many ladies in our family and even some of their friends got felt on by me. Well that eventually led to the slipper game. I was probably 5 or so when this took off. Since my aunts and gramma's often wore slippers in the fall/ winter months and under those soft shoes were hosed feet. I would sometimes casually play near their feet and knock off one of their slippers, but most of the time I would just take them off of them! I recall staring at there feet and eventually getting those slight whiffs of that cheesy feet smell! I even noticed my grandma's seemed to always have on reinforced toe hose while my aunts were sandal foot types. Gramma's did the classic brown but aunts wore endless colors and patterns even some were thick. Well the slipper game and touching game rolled together. None of them seemed to mind in fact they teased me when I would touch their feet by saying oh no the stinky feet bandit is out tonight! I never tried this on my mom but little did I know she knew what was going on. Well a little bit later I somehow decided that I would like a better smell of their feet! They all seemed shocked and tried to tease me out of sniffing their feet. Inside I was hooked the feel and smell were amazing. So oddly enough they actually let me keep sniffing their feet. I never put my face against their feet but just close enough. Then one day one of my gramma's was watching her soaps and of course the time I looked up to see a bound and gagged lady who happend to be shoeless and yes wearing hose!!! I felt a tingle inside it was an exciting site I watched the rest of the show just to see this new thing. I am sure my gramma had a feeling what was about to happen next! The next time she came to sit for me I had two jump ropes ready. I setteled into my usual routine and before she realized it I had loosely tied her ankles. She laughed and told me if I was going to tie her up to do it right. Gramma taught me the ropes. Well next came my aunts and other gramma. Again all were ok with this and eventually I was even allowed to gag them with a scarf or cloth. Still no mom yet. Then my world exploded my parents were divorcing and mom was moving taking me with her. All my games stopped. I got mad and sad a lot, mom had no clue as to why. Then one day several years later. My mom got to experience what she had missed all those times. It started out as some dumb arguement over a stupid movie on the lifetime network. My mom is a bossy control freak who hates to be wrong. Well she found her self tied and gagged in her skirt blose and gray reinforced toe hose. I was in heaven seeing her helpless she had no idea I knew what I was doing. I was dying to sniff her feet though it was same smell I recalled from years ago. I held back. My mom not being one to admit defeat decided I got lucky so we would have a rematch. A few weeks go by and I come home from pratice and my mom is home already. She is wearing her jogging suit black slippers and yes classic brown hose! My interest is awake now as we do the formalites. Mom says after dinner Iif your up to the challenge we have our rematch! I about hit the floor oh I am up to it! I went and got my stash and met her in th living room. She gulped her wine and said this time I getting free you will see! I smiled ok. I had her put her hands behind her back and I crossed and tied them making sure she would not be able to touch the knot I tied her elbows she was talking tough not realizing even if I stopped she would not get loose! I had her sit on the sofa I tied her above and below the knees and her ankles side by side. I then reached down and removed her slippers tossing them aside. Glancing down I saw reinforced toes. Mom and I made eye contact as I stood to gag her she said slyly oh the no I have been kidnapped by the stinky feet bandit!!! I felt hot mom was laughing you knew of course I knew! It was my mom and sister you played with! I couldn't reach for the badannas quickly enough mom dodged me teasing me asking jokingly if I wanted to smell her feet and slippers. I was quite and got the gag in her mouth and tied it a bit to tight but she kept on trying to tease me! I told her I was done and since she was so tough maybe I should tickle her feet since I knew she was super ticklish. She got quite. And began trying to get loose I sat a watched her mostly her feet thinking of all the old games and now I have a chance to relive it once again. Soon mom was on the floor rolling around she gave up shortly there after. I took a rope and tied it to her ankles which she had her legs up already and connected it to her wrists. She just laid there I guess she figured I was out to show her up. I moved carefully to just above her feet and inhaled that smell. I paid to attention to the fact my mom who was wondering wht the hell I was doing behind her was looking back as best she could to see me. Well she gave me a good 10 minutes. Then she called my name and I untied her. It happend a few more times.
Tuesday, September 28th 2004 - 12:47:22 AM
Comments:I just found this site and think it is the best I have a adventure to tell. If you like it I will tell more if no one says anything I'll just keep it to myself. I was a little older then fourteen when my mom left my dad and I well not long after that they got a divorce. Dad is a surgeon and gets called away at all hours of the day or night mom couldn’t deal with that and trying to find herself but this is not what I’m here to talk about. I was sixteen when dad started dating Rhonda he had met her at the hospital but they didn’t work together. She was always very pretty even prettier then my mom put I still loved mom more, Rhonda was at least ten years younger then my dad and was five feet nothing about one hundred ten pounds, 36D-24-36 over the shoulder blond hair she reminded the singer Liz Phair today that is not then. She was very nice to me and I tried to get close to her also but it was a strange time for all of us. Her and my dad had been dating for over six months when she asked him to go to this big important costume party he agreed and asked if I wanted to come along I of course said ‘no it will be all old people acting weird and stuff’ you know like a kid. Well the night of the party came and you guest it my dad got a phone call and had to leave he tried to call Rhonda but could not reach her he said he would call but to tell her he was ‘sorry’ then saying maybe I would go in his place I said ‘yeah right’. About fifteen minutes after he leaves I hear Rhonda coming in the back door calling out ‘HELLOOO’ she had on a long black overcoat I could see she had on five inch black gold heeled pumps and suntan hose, she did wear heels and hose a lot she also had a strange kind of hat with what looked like a Vail on her head. We sat and talked it was then I really noticed just how hot she really was, and I told her about my dad she was really disappointed then the phone rang it was dad they talked he said how sorry he was and she knew but this party was so important then I heard them talking about me I knew what was up. She hung up the phone them came over to me and started asking me to go with her she was really begging “Look I know you weren’t going to this party and that was ok because I had your dad but now he was gone and I need you” I just looked at her then she said “I’m in a ‘rock and a hard place’ she says “I’m begging you I’ll do anything …anything if you come to this party look” she opened her coat to show me her costume she look just like Jeanie on ‘I dream of Jeanie’ with tied top and open belly but in black and gold trim with legs opened down the side all the way down and tied at the ankle her shiny suntan hose made her firm and soft an shapely legs stand out even more, and her breast’s seemed to defile gravity I had to make myself not stair at then I didn’t know what she might think of that or say, I hadn’t seen how good her figure look before but now I was speechless. She looked so HOT she then told me “Your dad was going as ‘the Master’ and me a ‘the slave’ this is a very important party for us I’ll be your slave if you be the master what good is a slave without a master” I bet she thought that I would just make her get me drinks a stuff boy was she in for a surprise. I agreed I was about five foot ten, one hundred ninety pounds so I fit in to my dads costume it was black and had a hat and I looked pretty good, I did not have any chains in my stash but did have some black rope and a black stain piece of cloth so I put it in my pocket and took it with me for my ‘slave’. I came downstairs she said I looked great I had my license and told her I could drive she agreed we got in her BMW she look at me with those baby blues I said ‘hey you know just sitting in this car when I stop or slow down my ‘slave’ could run away’ she said she wouldn’t but I said ‘as the master I must make sure so take off your shoes’ a big smile came over her face like she was enjoying this as she kick off her shoes then I said ‘weight I just can’t take any chances with my favorite slave getting away’ I took the long black rope out of my pocket she kind of laughed then said ‘What you’re going to do tie me up too? I don’t know about this what if we get pulled over or worse, what are you going to tell the cop when he see a women bound hand and foot in your car’? I said we wouldn’t get pulled over so that won’t happen as I slowly tied her wriest in front of her then with the rest of the rope tie her ankles I also made sure she wore her seatbelt. As I finished she ‘No gag yet there’s no way you’ll be able to explain me bound and gagged to a cop’ as we drove on I thought about having this hot women all tie-up next to me in a BMW, then I thought about her last words they told me a few things like she thought about being gagged, and knew it was next, and she didn’t say “no” to the gag she said “No gag yet” so I knew this was going to be a fun night even more then I had hoped for in my young life. We got to the party she said “Ok untie me so I can’t walk around the party this way, but you can tie a long rope between my wriest like a slaver but not me ankle I may fall after a few drinks” I asked “What about the shoes”? She looked at me with that same smile as before then said “I’ll wear them in scene’s I know you’ll be watch you see a lot of shoe play and after enough drinks they’ll be off completely ok” that smile again told me she knew what I was asking and that she wouldn’t disappoint me. Well we went in and to make a long story short I was pretty much right about what the party was going to be like though I did see a number of fine ladies in hose and heels and taking there heels off not to mention my red hot date on top of that she did have a little to much to drink and was snuggling with me the whole night. People keep kidding her about being with such a young man we just laughed she of course told then I was her boyfriend’s son. Well it was late and Rhonda had enough to drink so it was time to go home. I walked her to the car she could walk but I didn’t want her to fall she had put her shoes on then thought it might be safer without then so she kicked then back off she was telling me how great I was and cute I opened the door and help her get in the car and was just about to close the door when she said “OH NO NO NO you forgot I’m your slave so don’t you want to make sure I can’t runaway” she turned toward me holding out her wriest and her hose covered feet saying ‘you better tie me up again you never know I might run away” she was smiling ear too ear I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. I took a quick look around to see if anybody could see us and I saw no one I tied her up again the same way as I did on the trip to the party. We drove to my house I tried hard not to stair put she was rubbing up against me with her feet and legs, we finely got to my house I pulled in to the attached garage and remotely close the door behind us I open the my door when she says “You know a slaver wouldn’t take any chances with the slave his kidnapping calling for HELLPPPMMMMPPHH” I quickly gagged her with the one I had in my pocket I then untied her hands and pulled then behind her and retied them so she was hogtied in the front seat of her car now to get her in the house. I opened the door of the car and put her over my shoulder and carried her in to the house all the while she was kind of laughing and ‘mmmmmpphh’ as I carried her. I laid her on the couch she kind of rolled and her pretty blonde hair seemed to go everywhere she was still laughing under her gag I watched for about a half an hour she was really getting in to it, then she made some strange noise I came over and took off her gag and asked if she was ok she was on her stomach and kind of laughed and said “Yeah I just think that science I’m going to be tied-up awhile I should probably use the ladies room and change in to something else” I asked why she rolled over with a smile on her face to reveal that her Jeanie top had come untied and she was her lovely breasts hanging out there for me to see I could not help but stair for a minute then she said “Hello I’m not ashamed or in barest for you to seeing my breast but I’m not sure how your father will feel so I think it best I put something else ok”. I slowly came to and untie her she got up from the couch with her top still open look me in the eye and tenderly gave me a kiss and said I’ll be right back ‘sweetie.’ She went up to my dads room so I quickly went and got my bag of stuff I was about ten minutes later she called for me to come upstairs. I grabbed my bag and ran upstairs to my dads room I walked in she was in the bathroom she told me she just talked to my dad on the phone and he was sorry be this was going to be a long night and he didn’t know when he would be home. She came out of the bathroom she had on a long satin black robe and a full glass of wine in one hand she said down on the foot of the King-size bed she patted the bed motioning for me to sit next to her. I have no clue what she is going to say but as a teenager I assumed the worries and boy was I wrong. She put her hand on my knee and tells me how grateful she is for what I did tonight and that most people my age wouldn’t have done it. Then she says “I think we had a break through tonight between us a friends that took a lot of guts to ask me to take off my shoes and then to tie-me-up you are gutsy you didn’t know how I reacted I liked it when you took charge we have found a common ground tonight that we can work on I found out that you love ladies in hose and tied-up-and-gagged and I happen to be a lady of likes to wear hose and be all tied-up. I know I’m not your mother and I don’t want to even try to take her place but I think with this info I think we can build our only little relationship. What do you do think”? I paused for just a second then agreed to give it a try she smiled and gave me another peck on the cheek. She asked me if I ever tie-up my mom I said no I didn’t think she would let me or like it (that’s another story), and if I liked to play games like we did tonight or just tie-up the ladies? I said I really like playing game like cops-and-robbers, spies, or burglar, she said have you ever play kidnap the beauty queen, the bad secretary she said she would teach me them but she then told me that “This was to between us and only us I don’t want to have to explain this to your dad, and I’m not into pain so if it hurts and I say stop we stop ok, and this wasn’t going to be a ‘Mrs. Robinson’ thing (I had no idea what she meant but she explained) I’m not shy or in barest about my body but we only play tying-up-games I am faithful to your dad and don’t want to hurt him ok”? I was doing summersaults inside and couldn’t believe my ears of course I agreed she then asked me to look in my bag of stuff she look in and smiled then asked what next master? I thought as quickly as I could and said how about a burglar she said it sound like a good choice I’ll go back in the bathroom and when I come out you surprise me. So I went behind the bathroom door put a bandanna over my face and weighted for her to return she did I quickly grabbed her from behind and hand gagged her she let a gag scream. I told her to be quite and you would get hurt she was in character and was great “I just got home from work I don’t have anything….please please don’t hurt me take anything just don’t hurt me” I told her “I already have what I came for now to take care of you” I pushed her to the bed then let go of her she turned around I then said “Take off that rob and lay across the bed and put your hands behind your back” she open the rob to revile she was wearing a black satin G-string with matching bra under her dark suntan hose my mouth fell open again. She laid across the foot of the bed just as I told her to do and crossed her hands behind her back, for a second she came out of character and said “with all I had to drink I can’t promise I won’t fall asleep for awhile so if I do you don’t have to worry about untying me but you might not want to leave a gag on I might choke ok” of course I said. I tied her wriest then her elbows then moved to crossed and tied her ankles then another just above her knees she was back in character and said “OK I know you have to tie-me-up but PLEASE PLEASE don’t gag me I promise I would yell for help I promise” I stuffed a bandanna in her mouth and tied another over it to keep it in place. She was all over that bed struggling and “mmmmmpphh” the whole time, that was until I tied her feet to her hands and hogtied her she still fought just didn’t move around quit as much we played all night till we fell asleep then even more in the morning that morning I promised her a foot massage if she would wear hose and she did we stopped when dad got home but he was happy to see and hear we were getting along and wanted us to get even closer. This was just the start of our fun together we did become friends and she did let me tie her up almost anytime and anywhere. I hope you enjoy it I will post more if you want?
Wednesday, November 10th 2004 - 02:16:39 AM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Well thans Jeff I will post some more but I hope I hear from others as well. As Ronda (I should remind you she looks very much like Liz Phair) and I got closer she and I would talk about different games we wanted to play. We also played learning about each other games we would ask each other things like I would ask ‘what would you like more to be taken or to surrender’ she said ‘I don’t know I like both’. She asked me stuff like ‘what are your tope three fantasy women’ I said “Hooters girls, & cheerleaders, & sexy spies” she like all my suggestions. Well my story starts with my Dad having to leave and go to work (he’s a doctor), and Ronda (soon to be step mom) coming home from work she knew I was home and I suspect she knew I would strike when she got home from work but how was her real question and she liked it that way. I got ready for her I got on my spy in a suit black head toe plus I sit in the shadows to hide my face also a plastic gun not real, I decided to play the fear game she came in the house she was wearing gray suit with pin striped, with sheer black hose with a seam running up the back, and gray and black four inch pumps, a black silk sleeveless strapless top it was like she had dressed just for me. She was calling my name I left a note for her to find right when she comes in, the note says “I am right behind you and can see everything you are doing, follow my instruction and you wouldn’t get hurt” she then ask “Please don’t hurt me, were is Jake did you hurt him” I told her as I tried to change my voice and sound deeper and older, no I told her but I would if she fought me something bad would happen. She agreed “I’ll do what you ask just don’t hurt us” I told her to seat in the chair nearby she did, I through a black bag full of rope and bandannas and some silk scarves she gave me to use plus some different kinds of tape duct an med.. I then told her to cross and tie her ankles she did this with a nice piece of rope and I could tell she really did a good job wrapping it around a number of times before tying the rope off. I then told her to gag herself she took out two bandannas and to my surprise stuffed them between her rosé colored lips then tied a knot in the middle of one of the scarves a nice black one and finished gagging herself and then I told her to blindfold herself with another scarf she did as I told her very willingly. I then came up behind her I then helped her take off her suit coat she smelled fantastic and her skin soft and as smooth as silk I told her to stand up she did and almost lost her balance I caught her then crossed and tied her wriest in front of her. Next I bent forward and lifted her over my should she let out a ‘MMMMPPPHH” I then carried her up stairs to the master bedroom (mine was to small)all the way up the stairs I felt her hose covered legs, thighs, and ass she was silky smooth and smelled fantastic. I stood her next to the bed with her ankles still pound she had a little trouble standing at first so I helped her get steady then, I took off her top and her skirt to revile her satin Safire blue strapless bra and matching thong panties, I laid her on the king-size bed corner to corner and tied her to hands to one post and her feet to the post in the opposite post. I started in right away torturing her by tickling and groping her all over and feeling her hose covered legs from her hose covered toes up to the top of her hose she wiggled and ‘MMMMMPPPHHH” like mad, then the fun ended with the phone ringing no it wasn’t because of the phone it was because of who was on the phone I answered the phone and it was my dad I worried he was on his way home he said no he was still not the hospital then I heard a voice I hadn’t heard from the past.
Wednesday, November 17th 2004 - 05:48:37 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Thanks guys, yeah I did post this story before but I think this is really the perfect place for it. I well retell it and try to add some details this place will enjoy even more. Playah to answer your questions; real yes that’s what keeps you reading, did Rhonda and I get it on, well do you want me to kill the suspense or do you want me to tell you even more? Like what happened with Rhonda, or what about Nicole, or do I get a girlfriend and what about my Mom? Do you just want me to answer outright or do you want me to tell you about it?
Sunday, November 21st 2004 - 02:55:47 AM
Name: Big Jake
Homepage URL: http://Part 2
Comments:Jake HI it’s mom” I thought I was talking to the dead what could I say “oh hi” I did not know what ells to say I was in shock I looked at my damsel and she was laying there for me to return and it felt like a dream. Dad asked if I was ok I said yeah I looked over and watched as Rhonda struggled and was really torn between what to watch and what I was seeing, I asked if they were together dad said no he was at the hospital and mom was in her apartment this was a three-way conversation, I looked at Ronda and even though she was bound-and-gagged I knew she knew something was up the way she was listening. Mom told me that “we have a lot to talk about and over the phone isn’t the place and I wanted to at least go lunch and try to explain and try to say how sorry I am for everything and will do anything to try to show you how sorry I am and want to make it up to you” dad said “it’s up to you Jake I’m not telling you what to do if you want to I think you should, but if you don’t you don’t have to no one would make you” I thought a second then agreed to go to lunch the next day mom hung up and dad asked if I was ok I said yeah I guess so, he said we would talk when he got home I should weight up for him he then asked what Rhonda was doing I said she was ‘tied up in something she was doing’ I asked if he wanted to talk to her he said he had to go and we could all talk when he got home. Next I sat on the bed next to Rhonda she was still bound, then an “mmmmmm” I looked at my damsel for a second then another “mmmmmmm” I reached over and removed her blindfold the look in her eyes was one of wonder I then removed her gag she then asked me what had just happened. I told her about the phone call and that it was from my mom and dad, she asked if they were together I told her no and not to ever worry dad was crazy about you. She asked how I was feeling and what was on my mind; well let’s just say we talked about my mom and feelings the rest of the night, the I remember the most was that Rhonda stayed tied up the whole time till dad got home well I freed her from the posts but she never once asked me to untie her hands or feet. She even went to get something from across the room by hopping like a bunny then back to the bed to top it off and I could see her lovely perky breasts in all there glory while she was hopping back to the bed I think it loosened from all her wiggling and jumping up and down she blushed a little at first then we just laughed I always knew she had a killer body and she didn’t even put it back on. We had been talking awhile then Rhonda asked me a strange question “You told me you never tied up your mom right, why not?” I thought a second then said “well she never made me feel comfortable about myself like you do, and I thought she make me feel like a freak and a weirdo for even wanting to play tie up games, I know if we live to be a hundred years old you’d never do that to me or dad”. Rhonda lend over toward putting her bound hands over my head and lifting her hose covered feet and legs across my lap she pulled me closer toward her beautiful body she whispered in my ear “I think you should tie up your mother if she means she is willing to do what ever it take to bring you to back together” I looked deep in her blue eyes and said “You’re my damsel my one and only (I was young and corny) this game is just between us”. The look in her eyes was something new to me I thought she was going to cry she gave me a deep kiss then pulled me close I she must have know about my hard on then said “you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that, as long as I know you feel this way about me I feel fine about you doing something you’ve always want to try, all I’m saying is if you get the chance to tie up your mom I want you to take it.” We held each other for quit a while till we realized dad was going to be home I told her with a smile on my face she had to wear hose or I wouldn’t untie her she smile and called me a stinker then agreed so I untied her and went down stairs she got dressed she put on a purple velvet sweat suit with flip flop’s and I could see her suntan hose, it wasn’t very long dad got home. I wouldn’t bore you with the conversion, so the next day I meet my mom for lunch she had changed she seemed not as angry as when she was with dad and I, first to describe my mom she reminds me of Fran Drescher in how she looked not with the voice and she’s not Jewish either, though she was a built better then Fran Drescher most of the women dad dates have hot bodies, Mom had a way of making me feel like she wouldn’t relaxed or always uneasy this was why I never thought she would let me tie her up.
Friday, November 26th 2004 - 05:28:10 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Thanks chito I will try to change the stories a just to suit this site more I like those details also.I alway wondered if anyone was reading my stuff on the other site, this page lets people like you let me know you are reading. I will add more where I left off. She was wearing a tan pants suit with black and tan four inch sling back pumps and I could see she was wearing black hose with a Cubin-heel and I found out later RT, her long black hair was pulled up in a bun, we talk and she tried to explain herself all the while I had trouble not watching her doing a little shoe play. I still had no cue how I should feel as we talked things did get a little easier she asked about me and how I was doing, she started to ask about Dad and Rhonda and I jumped in and said “I do not want to talk about then with you that is not what we are here to talk about we are here to talk about us you and I”. She seemed taken back with my answer then said “Well I see you’ve grown quit a bit and come to express your self quit well, like your father you like to take charge don’t you” I agreed, she ask if I wanted to meet some of her new friends and the people she works with tomorrow night she at a party at a friends house she would love to show me off to her new friends and we could go shopping and she and I could get some new clothes. To be honest I don’t know why I agreed but we went to the mall and she got me some new clothes then we looked at some clothes for her I was bored till I saw the different dresses she was looking at she picked up one I thought she would look awesome in it was a it was black backless and very short I never said anything to mom before about her clothes or how she should dress but something came over me and I spoke up for the first time “YES that’s the dress, get that dress” the look on my Moms face was of great surprise she said “You never seemed before to care what I wear why do you now”? I thought a second then said “You said it mom I am the take charge kind of guy so you just might as well get use to it mom” a smile came over her face and she nodded yes we went to look at shoes next I picked out a pair of black floor shine metal heeled stiletto pumps she look stunned then says “oh I don’t know honey…” I just smiled and said “yes” as we were checking out I saw and hand her a jet black hose with the seam up the back she just looked at me then said “If only your father had cared about what I wear this much we may still be together” I said “Never mind the past from now on I’ll be the master and you the slave, RIGHT” she said yes. I left her and told her just before I left “I’ll pick you up at 7:00, and be read” she said “I never knew you could be like this you really do take charge” I told her “Mom you haven’t seen nothing yet”. Well I was getting ready to leave Dad came in to ask what had happened and what I was up to, he said I should only do what I wanted to and feel no pressure. Few minutes later Rhonda came in she was acting coy she stood next to me and told me how sharp I looked she was in jeans and a tee-shirt tied in a knot in the front I could see her suntan hose covered feet she then laid on my bed on her stomach with her feet in the air almost taunting me. I asked what her and Dad were up to she said they were meeting some friends at some sports bar or some thing like that she then stood up and pulled a velvet black bag from behind her back and said here I think you might be needing this I looked inside there was some rope and bandannas and even some tape. I asked again “I don’t know if this is going to happen but if it upsets you I wouldn’t even try” she gave me those puppy dog eyes and said “I’m acting like a school girl, I’m just afraid that if you might start wanting to tie her up and forget about me” I said “never” she smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. I got to Mom’s a few minutes early but to my pleasant surprise she was pretty much ready I saw a half empty glass of wine and the bottle had even less, she looked hotter then I had ever seen her before her hair was up again I told her to take it down she did her black hair went over her shoulders in length and was very shiny. As she got ready to go Mom slipped her hose covered feet into new shoes she looked a little unsteady at first, those shoes made her legs look so sexy I hated I was looking at my Mom she then said “I don’t know I haven’t warn heels this high (5”) in awhile so I have to get use to them again well it’s like riding a bike you never forget it, and a dress this short for years, what do you think should I change”? I had to stop myself from staring and tell her “Don’t you change a thing just remind yourself I am the master and you are the slave” the stunned look/smile on her face was great she then said “Master? WOW are you are not a little boy anymore are you I’m sorry I missed out on this big change you skipped man and went to master, ok I master I would change but I can’t promise I’m keeping the shoes on all night is that ok”? I told her ‘if you’re a good slave I’ll give you a killer foot massage” she just looked at me as we got in the car I was driving I asked what she said “it’s like I never really knew the real you growing up are there any other surprises for me or should I just weight and see”?
Monday, November 29th 2004 - 02:19:51 AM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Part 4
Comments:Well I saw my chance for my first action so I took it “I would keep you weighting Mom” I then told her to take off her shoes it worked for Rhonda and I so I thought I’d try it again with Mom, she repeated the request wondering if she had heard me right I told “yes” she kicked off her shoes I told her the same thing I had told Rhonda that I didn’t want my slave to run away next I went for broke I pulled out a length of rope from my pocket and started to tie just her ankles I didn’t know what she so I just went ahead and did it I thought about doing her hands also but chickened out. Her mouth dropped open and more shock fell over her she asked “What…..what are you doing are you…..are you tying me up…..your tying me up….I don’t know about this first the outfit next the shoes now you want to tie me up, do you hate me or women or did you learn this from your Father’s girlfriend”? I think I hit my breaking point what I said next even caught me by surprise I looked her strait in the eye and said “Look Mom first let’s get this strait what goes no between me and Dad or Rhonda who happens to be one of the nicest sweetest people and a one of my best friends she is there for me and she listens and helped me through one of the hardest times in my life when you lift is non of your business ever, now first I want to tell you ‘I love you Mom’ but what you see here is me and you would have known this if you had cared I tried, scene I was seven I tried to tell you what I like and that I want to play these games with you do you wouldn’t listen you were always to busy or didn’t try to understand my feeling and help me understand these feeling I was having toward the opposite sex and why I want to tie them up and my love for women’s feet and legs in hose, because the first women I noticed in hose and want to tie up was my Mom and I thought she would call me a WIERDO if I tried to show her what I likes or tell her my feels so if this bothers you and you don’t really want you and I to get closer then go back in your apartment and change we’ll go to your party and after we’ll go back same old same old way it use to be between you and I ok”? My heart was racing a hundred miles and hour I thought I was going to pass out I weighted and watched to see what my Mom was going to do next she just sat there quietly looking down then out the window then she turned to look at me I thought she started to cry and said “I just realized now how sorry I am for this I won’t mention your Dad and your friend if you don’t want, I’m sorry I made you think there were things you couldn’t tell me how you felt and share your interests and not think you’re a weirdo, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about your Uncles (her three brothers)”.
Monday, November 29th 2004 - 02:21:59 AM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Part 5
Comments:Very busy I will try to post as much as I can. I was puzzled by her last regret I ask what about my uncles she wiped away the tears then told me “Well growing up with three older brothers and being the only girl guess who you think got tied up in all our games growing up I can’t think of a week that went by that I didn’t end up bound and your love of women in hose is strange at all I remember that your uncles love to tie me even more when I got older and was wearing hose and dresses to school or after church I knew I was going to end up some were in the bedroom the garage our dads car even the trunk bound and gagged, and do you want to know the truth I looked forward to it and I like it, they kept tying me up almost till I married your father, he never really liked it that much so I have played for a long time so I forgot what it’s like”. We sat there another minute in silence I was stunned to say the least well Mom broke the silence in “Nice job” I asked “What”? She said “you did a nice job tying my feet…but you know I’m not really tied up unless my hands are also tied” her crossed hands in front of her and her smile told me what to do next as I tied her wriest she told me “this is crazy, not the letting you tie me up part, it’s the letting you tie me up and drive me in a car we could get stopped or an accident….or I don’t know a scared, and no gag here this isn’t the time or the place for me to be gagged”. I never in my dreams imagined this it was more then a dream I was driving my mom all tied up and she was really into it speechless was an understatement when we got there she made me park out of site then untie her she then asked me “let me guess you love to watch ladies taking on and off there shoes” I said mostly off she said “Well I haven’t worn these high a heels for awhile so your going to see a lot of that from me here tonight”. We went into the party and the women I knew as Mom wasn’t there she looked like her and sounded like her but this women was on cloud nine happier then I had ever seen her before she introduced me to all her friends as “her main man Jake” or “the only man in my life Jake” she healed my hand or my arm and never let go, and kept her word on her shoe play she did a lot and she did kick them off as well. We left the party not too late but I could tell Mom had enough to drink so before she got to far we left I didn’t tie her for the return trip she said she was little nervous after the party and her drinking she did take her shoes off and snuggle up next to me. On the way back she told me “Jake you remind me of your Uncle Jeff I know all my brothers liked tying me up but like you he really like it when I was in hose, I remember one Sunday it was after church for some reason it was just the two of us at home we got home and I was wearing a pretty sundress it was blue with yellow flowers and it was really to short for what your uncle had in mind and a pair of white pumps as high as the ones you picked out plus I was wearing dark suntan or taupe hose, I was in the going to my room I walk by his room the door was closed so I went in to my room and before I could kick off my shoes your Uncle grabbed me from behind pushing me unto the bed half-on-half-off of course my legs were on the floor and with that dress I had on all the guess work was over my ass and panties were out there for the world to see (she was just kidding) and I was wearing a g-string which was maybe not what you should be wearing to church, so he’s tying my hands behind my back and I’m trying to tell him ‘my dress is riding up’ and I knew that if I didn’t pull it down it wouldn’t come down by itself, you won’t believe this but it didn’t brother me if my brother saw my ass I’m not really shy about the my body I hope that doesn’t bother you I was afraid your grandfather or grandmother might see us and get mad but he just keeps going my hands then my ankles I’m trying to ask him if he would at least let me put on shorts or another dress but next he’s stuffing a couple of bandannas in my mouth and tying another on over then to make sure I’m gagged and boy was I, he then lifts my legs on the bed ties my knees and then my elbows then to top it all off he hogties me next he takes off my shoes and starts tickling my feet and legs I’m just about to pee from all this tickling I mean I’m ‘MMMMMM MMMMM MMMPPPHH’ I think he liked the smell of my feet to but I never asked that’s kind of gross but oh well, after I don’t know how long this goes on he leaves me there I try my best to get free but it wasn’t happening he was ever good at tying, well he comes undoes the hogtie and tells me to ‘why don’t you come out to the living room and watch TV with me’ well he doesn’t untie me he just leaves me all tied up and well I took that as a challenge I worked my way to standing up from the bed witch was a feet in itself and hopped my way all the way to the living room and sat down on the couch next to him thinking he might untie me but NO he laid me down and massaged my hose covered feet and legs. How about that, well he did take my gag out the feed me and give me something to drink, and he did untie me to use the bathroom but then retied me right away I spend most of that day tied-up & gagged those were go times”. I couldn’t believe my ears was this my Mother or was she taken by aliens?
Sunday, December 5th 2004 - 09:22:55 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Sorry gang it's taken so long lot's of work and I have been adding to my story and I suck a typing. We got to her place she was singing and dancing we sat on the couch next to each other she told me how happy she was with all we had done tonight she laid back on the large pillows I reached down and lifted her legs and placed them on my lap she just rolled with it I removed her shoes and began massaging her hose cover feet she didn’t even raze her head be she did start cooing and telling me “oh Jake that feels FANTASTIC you have your Fathers hands”. I did this for about twenty minutes it was then it came to me I mean I looked at her just laying there in her dress and hose and saw what my Dad must have seen when they got married, don’t read anymore into this then the fact I was getting closer to my Mom, she then started to laugh I thought maybe I was tickling her feet she then started to tell me about the time her and my aunt Kim. Well let me tell you a little about my wonderful Aunt Kim who is married to my Uncle Jeff still , Kin was the first women to play tie-up games with me to tell you how she looked my Mom and her could have been sister’s same hair style and color, the way they dressed, I could why my uncle had such a thing for her height even eye color pretty much everything except my Mom was about a 36D and Aunt Kim was a 38DD. My Uncle Jeff was like my best friend and always gave me advice or listened to me when I needed someone to talk to he’s great. Well I finely got to talk to him about liking stuff like “playing tie-up games and he told me to give aunt Kim a try well the first time I asked about tying her up all she said was ‘there’s some rope and tape in the closet if you hurry you can be finished up in time for my soap’s’ I did and we watched her soap’s together with her bound and gagged. She want a real state person so she was always dressed nice heels and hose of course, I remember her asking uncle Jeff to help her go to this one house she was scared to go to by herself, I don’t know why, but Jeff couldn’t go because of work so he told her to ask me to ride along I so she did I said I don’t know so she bagged me and said ‘I’ll be very grateful and would owe you if you would come with me to this house’ well what could I say but of course. I remember she came to get me that day as I got in the car I couldn’t help but stair at what she was wearing a blue blazer, a pretty multi colored scarf around her neck, and a very short tan skirt, coffee or taupe hose and spiked navy pumps she greeted me with her killer smile and her lovely “Hi, thanks for coming with me today, you know most places don’t scare me but this one dose for some reason so I’m really grateful” I told her no problem but I then said “But you owe me” then we laughed. We talked as we drove she told me she was stiff a and sore and her feet hurt I reached over and put my hand on her neck and started to massage her neck she flinched at first then started purring and ‘OOOOHHH” all over the place she then told me “OH you have great hands OH BOY that feels wonderful” I then told her that I could give her a massage when we get there I told her she should kick off her shoes and drive without then she said it was illegal but she tried it and way she knew I was watching her legs all the way to the house. Well we got there it looked like an old barn renovated to a house we looked around it still was furnished the people were out of town. She then said she had some paper work to do and it wouldn’t take that long so she went and sat on a futon so I went looking around then her cell phone rang I was near her purse and she wasn’t so I answered it, it was my uncle Jeff he asked how things were going I told him fine he asked what she was doing I told him some paper work he then asked if she was ok I said yeah. He then asked what I was doing I said nothing he then said ‘well I’ll be there in awhile I didn’t tell Kim I was coming later to surprise her, go make your aunt have some fun with you, if any body can find a way to get her to have fun it’s you I’ll bet you twenty dollars you can do it’ I said you got it I then found some rope and bandannas.
Monday, January 10th 2005 - 12:47:39 AM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:So off I went to make my moves on my lovely aunt she was still sitting there doing her paper work she was really concentrating so she wasn’t really aware of what I was doing as I lifted her hose covered legs and feet and placed them a crossed my lap as I removed her spiked pumps and started massaging her hose cover feet she could not help but take notices of this she was butter in my hands she laded back and told me how fantastic this felt. I massaged her for about ten to fifteen minutes she just laid there with her eyes closed I now got up and stood over her and started taking off her jacket she asked ‘what’s going on’ I said I was going to give her the ‘full treatment’ she just complied as I took off her jacket I saw the blouse she was wearing was the kind that wrapped around her neck and her back but not her shoulders so it was backless. I started by rolling her over onto her stomach I startle her back she was just ‘oooh and aaaah’ so I did this for another fifteen minutes then when I knew she was ready for me to make my move so I slowly reached into my pocket and pulled out a length of rope then gently pulled her hands behind her back she put up no resistance then I could see a smile come across her face she then said “Honey you make me feel as good as you just did an you can tie me up, hogtie me and gag me anytime you want”. So I went to it and started with her wrist’s then her elbows next I crossed and tie her hose covered ankles then her sexy hose covered knees, it was here she complemented me on how good my rope work was she said “has your Uncle Jeff been giving you pointers you got me tied up really good looks like your in charge I’m not going anywhere” I just laughed. Next came time for the gag I was she had one of those kerchiefs in her coat pocket so I took that and then the scarf from around her neck I held the kerchief in front of her mouth she smiled at me then says “you men and your wanting your women gagged you better be glad I like this stuff” she then opened wide I stuffed it in her mouth then I then pulled the scarf between her ruby lips and securely gagged her, I sat back and admired my work as she tested her bonds she looked so HOT I had to hogtie her. I then started touching her no place bad I asked if this was ok she nodded yes she then rolls on her side to face me her breasts are standing out even more now , just feeling how soft she feels and to watch her struggle but just then the cell phone rang it caught me off guard I picked it up it was my Uncle Jeff he said he was going to be there in a little while he asked what was up I said ‘you owe me’ he then said ‘Your great Kiddo, now put the phone on speaker so I can hear your Aunt and she can hear me” I did as he asked “Hi Honey” he said then “Hun do you remember the other day when I said it would be fun to come home to find you weighting for me well this isn’t home but it will still going to be a nice surprise I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes” he then said “ Hey sport (me) double or doing you have enough guts to take off your Aunts skirt and blouse, and nothing else” Aunt Kim just let out with a “mmmmmpphhh” he then said “See you soon”. I looked at my Aunt I didn’t know what she was thinking so I asked her if she would be mad at me if I did what Uncle asked and if she would I wouldn’t so nod yes if it’s ok and no if it’s not she looked at me for a second then shock her head yes then rolls onto her stomach. This was so I can undo her blouse as I do I see she is wearing sexy see through Teal colored bra then I unbutton her skirt to revile her matching Teal see through thong she rolls back onto her side I can’t help but stair. Time seemed to go by faster then I knew it because suddenly my Uncle is coming in the house he walked in the room where I had Kim he was grinning from hear to hear he said “HI Darlin” to Kim he came by me patted me on the back handed me forty bucks then said “there’s a story about a quarter mile down the street why don’t you go get us all some soda’s” I go to the garage and take some I was in there. I knew what he wanted his shot at his wife so I left but what I never told him was I went around to the side of the house and watched them through the window he undoes her hogtie and does her from behind she moans into her gag. They go at it for about ten minutes he then removes her gag they talk a minute or two then he looks like he’s going to leave she show him her hand and feet he just laughs, she looks a little upset then he comes over and gives her a deep kiss he then replaces her gag wraps her in a blanket and heads for the door. I run for the door to get there just as he is leaving.
Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 02:33:25 PM
Name: Gary
E-mail address: none
Comments:hey, this is my first post here and a couple moths ago my mom came into my room while I was practicing a little self-bondage, I had tied myself a little too tightly and couldn't get loose when I heard the front door open and she walked in and saw me and simply untied me. She wasn't sure ehat to make of it but I told her that I had started to get into bondage but had no one to tie me up so I had to do what I could. About a month later christmas was around the bend. My dad had divorced my mom and re-married and I spent time with both parents but mostly my mother where we lived just the two of us. My stepmom and my mom are both beautiful thin women. My mom had just turned 40 and my stepmom was in her late thirties. Anyway, my dad was away on a business trip and my stepmom was about to spend the christmas by herself when my mom called her and asked her to spend the night and christmas day with us. My mom and my stepmom were pretty good friends. Anyway...christmas morning came, I got to sleep in and as I was just waking up in the late morning my mom came into the room. she layed down next to me on the bed, she was wearing a skirt a few inches off her knees, blouse, pantyhose, and high heels. She asked me if I would rather have her tie me up or if I wanted to tie her up. I told her that I wanted to tie her and up and she said to me that I should get my materials. I got some rope and a red ball gag with a black strap. I told her to stand up as I walked over to her, I unzipped her skirt and removed it. I also slid the pantyhose off her legs revealing a red lace thong and after I took her blouse I saw that she had a matching red lace bra but that was quickly removed. She had big firm tits that I couldn't help but squeeze and play with. She layed down on the bed and I used plenty of rope tightly tying her ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows so that there was no hope for escape. I told her to open wide and she did as I stuffed the big red ball behind her teeth, her lips didn't cover the ball as half of it stuck out and she looked great with it on. I turned her over face down on my bed with her hands tied securely behind her back. I heard footsteps coming from the hall and I hid behind my door...when my stepmom walked in she said, "what the hell?" but I quickly grabbed her from behind and wrestled her to the ground. I tied her the same way as my mom and stripped her of her clothes as well, like my mom she had on high heels but instead of red she had on a light purple thong and I used a white ball gag to fill her mouth and keep her quiet. I started rubbing both my stepmom's and mom's ass, and while my mom had the nicer bigger chest, my stepmom definitely had the firmest tighest biggest ass that I had seen...it was beautiful. I spanked them both until their butts turned bright red. After every spank both of them would let out high moans into their ballgags and I couldn't help but smile. I took off my boxers and showed them my hard penis and they both moaned again into their gag. My mom seemed like she was hungry so I took off her gag told her to be quiet and suck my dick. Needless to say she did as she was told and it was the best head ever. All christmas day they were my little slaves and I dressed them up in slutty outfits, tied them up in different positions...and uh, my mom was not the only one who had the privilege of sucking my dick. tell me what you think of my post please...
Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - 05:00:05 PM
Name: Carol
Comments:I believe you Gary, my son performed a similar routine on myself and my friend, not his stepmom but there were vast similarities between your story and my own. I think "A Reader" is simply jealous and has repressed sexual feelings.
Monday, January 31st 2005 - 02:36:11 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Sorry I have taken so long to post I had work then got injuried. I plan to post new stuff this week.
Monday, March 7th 2005 - 02:32:24 AM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Well I did make sure my parents never found out but the sadist part was that my Uncle and Aunt moved away about six mouths later, I’ve visited a number of times and we have played but let me tell you what my Mom told me. Well my Mom tells me that her and Kim wanted to go to a nightclub but they were both under age (they were seventeen) well my Moms parents were going out of town and left my Uncle Jeff in charge but before they left my Mom told them she was going to spend the night at Kim’s house, the same time Kim told her parents the same thing her parents called my Mom’s parent’s put they had left already and my Mom answered and pretended to be her Mom she sounded just like her so Kim’s parent’s knew nothing. Mom said “We meet at my house and we changed in our garage witch was kind of gross but we we’re determent girls wanting to have fun. So we were wearing very very short cocktail dress’s way to short and plunging my just like that dress J-LO had on that one time we were to young to be dressed like that, mine was shiny blue Safire, jet-black hose with the seam running up the back I had on five inch shiny black pumps with the strap around the ankle, Kim’s outfit was the same kind of dress her dress was ruby red also shiny she had on suntan hose also with a seam up the back and a cute of open toed sandals with the strap around the ankle that was the in style then. Well we were home free nothing could stop us our parents had no clue where we were and I found out my brother had gone out for the night since they thought I was at Kim’s. Well we got to the club the guy at the door let us in we meet some guy’s they bout us some drinks we were dancing and having a good time nothing could bring us down. Then out of no where we were sitting at the table talking and laughing and drinking we we’re pretty wasted with these guy’s. When from out of nowhere this guy comes up from behind us at the table and the guy’s with us ask if they could help him he said “No”. I slowly turned to look at Kim as she turned to look at me then we turned to look behind us and there stood my brother Jeff over us he look taller then he had ever looked before and he wasn’t happy. The guy’s tried to talk to him but he told them to beat it they said no then he told them are ages they felt quickly, he then told us to get are stuff we did. We were so wasted and scared we tried to talk to Jeff but he just smile an evil smile Kim just kept giggling I did a little but I was wondering what Jeff had in mind. So we got home we all walked in the house Jeff pulled out to of the chairs at the kitchen table and told us to sit Kim asked what was he going to do he said “It doesn’t matter what I want you two have lied to your parents, went to a club and your under age for and you were drinking, not to mention being with thus guy’s, so unless you both want your parents to find all of this out you both will do what ever I want and when ever I want and if you both know what’s good for you you’ll just be quit and do what your told”. We just looked at each other then sat in the chairs he left the room we asked each other what he was up to but he heard us and told us no talking he came back in the room he had he’s bag of stuff he put it on the floor came over tied our hands to the chairs then blindfolded us then left us and told us to keep quit. Now this was unusual he never just left us like that no gag’s not tying are feet or legs we wondered what he was up to.
Wednesday, March 16th 2005 - 06:20:52 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Hope your reading and liking this?
Comments:I don’t know how long we were sitting there a good fifteen minutes, he then came back and untied our hands but left our blindfolds on, he takes us both by the hand and tell us to follow him we do it felt like we we’re going into the living room. We are led to our spots and told to stand there and not remove our blindfolds till we are told to, a minute later he told us to we both remove our blindfolds we did and had trouble adjusting our eyes because the room was lit with candles we are standing by the loveseat (it like a couch but only big enough for two) my parents couch and loveseat were the deep kind with pillows like a the pit future when Kim and I sat back all the way on it our feet didn’t touch the floor. We asked Jeff what was going on he again said ‘no talking’ he then pointed out there was a bunch of rope on the coffee table different thing was it was all different colors black, red, and blue. He then instructed Kim to cross and tie my hands behind my back and do it good or else, well or else what could we do and well to tell you the truth we were both excided to is what Jeff had in mind and next to me Kim was the girl of got tied up the most next to me after her my Mom and beside I knew she always had a thing for Jeff. So I turned around and crossed my wriest she took a length of rope from the table and tied my wriest over under and around she did a good job tying me he then told me to sit and told Kim to cross and tie my ankles. I did as I was told and so did Kim the same good job as she had done on my ankles we look at each other we were thinking the same thing what was next. Well we found out soon enough Jeff now stood up and walked over to us he then instructs Kim to turn around she know what’s in store for her so she turns around and without being told what to do she places her hands behind her and cross’s then like I had done I could see he was real enjoying this very much. He next crossed and tied her ankles like mine. Kim and I look at each other still wondering what Jeff had in mind for us, next he tied another rope above our knees he saw feeling our hose especially Kim’s. Now things start getting interesting he comes next to me and he turns me so my back is up against the end of the loveseat he then lifts my legs so there behind Kim, and yes our little skirts are both riding way up high I mean we had no securities. He now moves me toward the back and lifts Kim’s leg so there next to me so were sitting with our legs rubbing against each other, he then made us lean forward and tied our elbows. He then ran a rope under the couch from our hands around the legs of the couch to our feet so we were tied I told him ‘you better hope Mom or Dad don’t find these holes’ he said “OK that’s enough out of the two of you” Kim and I just looked at each other knowing what was coming next he stuffed our months with bandannas and tied another over them so we were very gagged he then told us ‘there now you two can talk all you want’ which we did he loved to hear gag talk. So now we’re completely at he’s mercy and I know he’s not going to show us much mercy he next took off our shoes and started tickling us all over our legs and bodies he next blindfolds us again. He’s still tickling us mercilessly mostly on my feet and legs, then I hear some weird noises coming from Kim it doesn’t sound like laughter so I tilted my head back so I can see under my blindfold and there my brother is feeling up Kim and whispering in her hear and from what I could tell she was really into it she was moaning and groaning and shaking he head yes to everything he was saying. He’s hands were all over her he then took out her gag and they started necking he then took off her blindfold I was getting a little turned on myself, not with my brother but is her bound and then making out. The two of them were really going at it I think my brother knew I could see he would sometimes look at me and smile he untied her from the couch he helped her stand up still bound hand and foot but they still had there tongues down each others throats. The next I know she then told him to take off her dress he did and his mouth was wide open as it fell to the floor her see through bra and g-string panties looked hot, she told him “you can have me, put this isn’t just a one nightstand we’ve been play this ‘catch me if you can’ game for to long between you and I now like the song says ‘what’s it going to be boy yes or no”? Will I knew she felt about him now was his chance to tell her how she felt about him he paused and looked lost for what to do or say next but I knew inside he felt the same way so he told her he saw afraid to say because he didn’t know if she felt the same. Well they started kissing again and getting really hot and heavy so I stopped watching, so here I am still bound and gagged and tied to this loveseat with two hot and horny teenagers getting it on I tried to ask if they could untie me but all that I could say was “mmmm mmmm mm” and they weren’t listening.” This was when Mom got a weird look on her face and then tried to change the subject I asked her what happened she started to blush I was wondering more then ever now I bagged her to tell me she wouldn’t so I had to take matters into my own hand.
Tuesday, April 5th 2005 - 09:39:09 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Now & Then
Comments:Ok it's been awhile but I'm back work and life take to much time. If no one is reading maybe this will be my last? This was were Mom made a number of mistakes the first being to start and not finishing telling me this great story, the next was to start telling me this great story while she was bound hand and foot with me giving her hose cover feet a massage a the time, the next mistake was to wear to short a skirt that buttoned down the side and tight a blouse, and another mistake I sure didn’t see coming, for what was going to happen next which was of course what I had in mind was tickle torque. I started asking her to tell me what happened she wouldn’t so I slowly started out slowly on her hose cover solo’s just using one finger slowly I could see the hair on her arms kind of rise smile then ‘STOP’ as I started the tickling “NO STOP….(laughing & heavy breathing)……come on STOP”. Getting up I went to work on Mom moving up her hose covered leg the more tickling the louder Mom got you know what this led to “STOP come on STOP….(laughing)…….no please I’m going to pee myself no……PLEMMMMMPPPHH” that was the last I would let Mom say till she finished her story and I told her so as I placed the ball gag between her Rudy lips . I’m not sure how long I was tickling Mom but there was a lot of “MMMMM” and rocking and rolling all over the bed, all the time asking Mom if she was going to tell me the rest of the story. Then Mom gave in nodding her head yes and saying ‘MMM MMMPPP MMMPPHHH’ through her gagged mouth so I stopped. But Mom was laying on her stomach out of breath and still gagged Mom tried to say something but I couldn’t understand what it was then before I could remove her gag Mom rolled over to revile that the short buttons down the side skirt my Mom was wearing had come unbuttoned and was completely off and her blouse was unbuttoned and wide open I couldn’t help but see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I was shocked and thought I should turn away but I didn’t I saw my Mom breathing was heavy her chest which was already looking more pronounced then very was now heaving up and down making her breast look even larger. This along with her French-cut hose and no panties to boot made me stair like a deer in the head lights, I saw Mom was watching what I was looking at I then snapped out of my trance Mom motioned with her head to take out her gag so I did. Mom was still catching her breath when she did she then told me “Honey next time try putting a hole through the ball it will help me get more air” looking down at herself she said “I hope it doesn’t bother you to much to see your Mom like this but I’m to hot from all that tickling to cover-up back up right now you haven’t seen me like this scene you were a baby, ok so you want to know what happened next. Well I don’t remember how long I was hogtied there, but then I hear your Uncle and Aunt coming in the room and talking over me and he’s asking her what she has in mind she tell him not to worry and go get us something to drink at the store. I hear them kissing then he leaves now she turns to me she first undoes my hogtie then take off my blindfold she then helps me stand up I can see she’s naked excepted for her hose she still has her gag around her neck. I try to tell her to untie me but all that comes out is ‘mmmmmmpppphhh’ she just laughs. She then removes my dress so I’m standing there in just my underwear and hose I protest but she just laughs again she then reaches into her purse and pulled out her vibrate she smiles at me then say’s ‘Now that your brother and I are together I guess I won’t need this anymore there still a little life in these batteries’ she then pulls open the top of my pantyhose and puts it down there. She then put me back in a hogtie and tells he ‘just relax and enjoy yourself we’ll try not to be to long, well I’ll try to tell your brother my man, but I’m betting I’ll be a little ‘tied up’ and probably gagged so you’ll just have to be patient’ she then blindfolded me when my brother got back. I don’t remember how long I was tied there but the batteries died and I fell asleep waiting ok now untie Mom I need to use the bathroom”. I added this story to my original post I’ll be adding more plus the original stuff only if people are reading still. Now back to the original story.
Friday, September 16th 2005 - 09:57:26 AM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:This is where I tied up my Mom for the first time, after the party we went to together. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the rope I had used before I crossed and tie her ankles weighting to see her next reaction the smile on her face told me I wasn’t dreaming she sat up and looked at me and said “I hope you didn’t think I forgot we are going to play because I didn’t I was just enjoying your wonderful massage. So what should we do first do you like to play games like kidnap or burglar or caught spy? I have an idea it’s kind of late so you tied me up pretty nice in the car why do you show me how good you can tie me up first OK, what would you like me to do”? I first tied another rope just above her knees then told her to turn her back to me place her hands behind and cross then she remembered the position I wrapped the rope over and around and through, I tied her elbows with another rope she told me “Man your good” she then said “ok I guess it’s time for the gag you know what I remember liking about the gag was the helpless feeling it gave me and the gag talk trying to make someone understand what your trying to say” Rhonda had packed well for me three bandannas, she saw the three bandannas and a roll of med tape she said “hey I wonder if I can still if two of those in my mouth” I agreed and stuffed two of then and knotted the last one and pulled it between her open rude red lips those finishing my Mom’s gag. I sat there and watched her struggle awhile she was getting into it I then said ‘maybe you’d be more comfortable in the bedroom on the bed’ she thought a second then “MMMMPPHH” an agreement. Next before I knew it she was standing up and hopping her way to the bedroom I watched as her dress started riding up she turned to look at me and started laughing under her gag I watch with a lot of excitement, then saw that she almost fell and caught her before she could then I told her I would help and put her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom she made “mmmm MMMMPPHH” as I did this but put up no fight. I put Mom on the bed then watched her struggle her dress was riding up but she didn’t seem to really care so I just watched her for awhile I started tickling her hose covered feet and legs she really kick up a storm so I knew it was time for a hogtieing once again I am shocked at how flexible my Mom is and her hands reach her feet easily. I lost track of time I don’t know how long Mom stayed tied-up but she never once seemed to care ether, I just sat next to her enjoying the show Mom stopped her struggle and turned her head and from under her gag I heard her ask “mmmm” I just smiled and told her “I love you Mom even after you left me, and I want to see you and spend time with you and now if you now knowing what you know about me are you going to be cool know that at least every other weekend your probably going to end up wearing hose and tie up at least once during that weekend, do you think this is something you can live with”? She motioned for me to remove her gag I did she motioned for me to come closer she gave me a sweet kiss she then told me “First and for most ‘I love you with all my heart and always will regret leaving you” knowing how this makes you feel not including how it makes me feel I will look forward even more toward your visits I thought you might want to come over more often then every other weekend so we could spend ,ore time together I would love it if you might even move in with me, now honey could you untie me I need to use the bathroom”?
Tuesday, September 20th 2005 - 06:30:41 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Still More
Comments:I untied Mom and no sooner did I have her hands and elbows undone she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me another sweet sweet kiss she I finished untying her feet and legs she scampered off to the bathroom I thought about what she had asked and knew the answer but had to think of how to tell her no. So as Mom came out of the bathroom asking me what to do next I jumped her from behind clamping my hand over her mouth stuffing the bandannas in her mouth then placed two stripes of med tape over her mouth to keep them in place I then crossed and tied her hands behind her back then sat her in a chair crossed and tied her ankles then tied then to the rung of the chair and pulled then up so her hose covered toes were off the ground. I watched her for awhile then said “Mom I told you ‘I love you’ and I do but I have too much going on at home to move in with you with school, Dad and Rhonda, and my other friend. But you are right I finding out what we did tonight about each other I know I’ll be coming to visit more then every other weekend I will make a point of stooping by a lot more often”. I could see there was a look of disappointment across her face but even gagged she nodded yes, well we played for awhile longer I tied her up another time then I said I had to go it was getting late, I finished by giving by her another foot massage while she was bound and gagged on the bed she was still purring. Well I left Mom happier then I can remember seeing her in my life she couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me I promised I would be back soon she asked when I said two or three days. As I drove home I remembered that I was to call Dad just to let him know I was on my way he answered the phone and asked how everything went I told him pretty good he then told me he had to leave the was a bad car accident and they just called him in to help but Rhonda was still up to talk. Well I had to think of what I was going to say to Rhonda about how it went with Mom and the tying her up if I was completely honest I would be one dumb S.O.B. I don’t think she could handle the fact that my Mom was so into being bound and gagged, I think she was hopping Mom would reject the idea of me tying her up or she thought that Mom would try it and not like it or think this is ok or nothing of interest. I wasn’t sure of what Rhonda would feel if she found out Mom loved to be tied up so I decided to not tell her the whole truth no not lie but just don’t tell everything.
Tuesday, September 20th 2005 - 06:52:18 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: More Still
Comments:I got to my home and decided to see what if I could see what Rhonda was doing in inside I tried not to look like a peeping tom or a burglar so I didn’t want to take to long. I saw her there sitting on the couch with her leg stretched out and a blanket over them she was wearing her long dark blue velvet bathrobe and had the TV on but was reading a book also so she was really kicking back she didn’t look like she was ready to play but I thought I would give her a little start. So I was quitter then a church mouse as I snuck up behind her and clamped my hand over her mouth and pinned her arms with my other arm she lets out with a “MMMMPPHH” as I grab her I hold her for a minute then she make a “mm mmmm mmmm” I release my hand and she asks “So how was your night” I released her she put her legs on the floor and motioned for me to sit next to her I looked and saw white socks so I thought she must be cold. Well I sat next to her and told her what my Mom and I talked about and what we did (well not everything) she of course got around to asking “well what happened when you asked about tying her up”? I told her “Well to my surprise she didn’t hate it and was sorry I never told her I wanted to tie her up earlier in our relationship and she would understand if I wanted to do it again and would not say no if I did want to do this again” she then asked in a bite of a shocked voice “You didn’t tell her about us …did you”? I paused then said “Why wasn’t I suppose to” a look of shock comes over her face I breakout laughing and tell her of course not please have a little more faith in me then that she pauses a second then starts to laugh herself then gives me a gentle smack on the arm. We talk awhile longer she seemed to be happy, she then asked if I was hungry I said sure we go to the kitchen I take a seat at the kitchen table I ask what do we have to eat she said “your Dad and I brought some food home from our night out” we talked as she got me something to eat I then noticed my bag of stuff on the floor. I reached over and picked it up off the floor to make sure and it was my bag of ropes was surprised to see it lying there and before I can ask why Rhonda hands me a plate of food from behind I say “thanks” and look at it it’s a plate full of chicken wings I can’t believe they are one of my favorite. So as I turn to ask her were they went tonight there before me stands my own personal “Hooters Girl” Rhonda in a black Hooters tank top and matching satin Hooters short shorts with suntan hose and white ankle socks. My mouth is wide open I am speechless she moves around to the front of the couch to give me a better look, she asks me “if I like it” a second later I say “don’t take this wrong, but that is a dumb question, you might as well ask me if I like eating or breathing” she laughs then sits on the table in front of me crossing her legs (I love the sound of her hose covered legs rubbing together). The smile on her face says it all she starts to feed me I just try to keep the food in my mouth she then says something I don’t real understand she tells me “Well you have to finish up and get I’m all alone and have to clean up and lock up” I realize she is talking like a waitress I know she wants to play armed robbery she turns her back to me and stands at the kitchen counter I stand up and say “Well I’ll be getting but with all the money” I then put my finger in her back pretending it’s a gun she doesn’t move she simple says “There’s no money the manager took it with him so you might as well just go away” I tell her “I don’t believe you so I better make sure myself” I pull her hands behind her back cross and tie them telling her she’s coming with me I lead her to the master bedroom and ask where’s the safe she says she doesn’t know I lead her to the bed sit her down on it knee down cross and tie her ankles.
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 01:03:36 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Another One
Comments:I start looking like I’m looking for a safe or something she sits there trying her bonds I ask her where is it she says “I don’t know what talking about” I tell her I still don’t believe her she says “I don’t care just don’t hurt me” I pullout another length of rope and tare off two strips of med tape, I knee down and tie her just above the knees she says “OH COME ON don’t tie me up anymore, JUST take what you want and go I promise I won’t tell anyone anything I PROMISE” I then reach down and pull off her white socks reveling her sexy hose covered feet it was a tossup who’s legs and feet were sexier Rhonda or Moms I’m glad I never had to pick. As I’m lessening I am rolling her socks into a ball I then tell her “Well little Lady I’m not going anywhere till I have a look around but I’m not going to take any chances with you so….” she pretends to be very upset with what she knows is going to happen next “OH NO NO please NO gag I promise I’ll be quit just please please don’t gaaaaaaa”. That was her last word as I stuffed the socks in between her ruby red lips then finished gagging her with the med tape she let uot with a “nnnfff” I then finish by rolling her legs onto the bed and hogtie her to finish her off I blind fold her. I tell her to take care I’ll be right back. I go in the kitchen and get my food I then return and get ready to watch the show and boy did Rhonda put on a good show she was all over that bed I mean she was going all out to look like a damsel in distress. I ate as I watched her wrestle and wiggle all over the bed, then washed my hands and cleaned up I’m not sure how long she was rolling around but I think it was a good hour I thought I better give her a rest before she gets to tired. I thought I would play something different so I walk up calling out if there was anybody here I wanted to see her reply and she played along she start “MMMM MMMMM MMMM” as to try to get some ones attention I walked up to the bed and asked if she was ok she nodded yes I took off her gag and blindfold she says “OH thank you thank you this BIG BRUTE of a man robbed me then he tie me up and gagged me with MY OWN socks, so now you can untie me Mister if you please come on……please Mister…. what are you weighting for Mister” a smile rose upon my face as I started stroking her hose covered legs her mouth fell open she then asked “What are you smiling about….I’m not going to get untied right now am I”? I tell her “Well sense I did save you and this guy went to all the trouble of tying you up I just would HATE to see all that go to waste” I start moving my hand up and down her legs she asks “what …what are you doing…untie me I mean it…..untie me come on” I tell her “I know you’ll love this if you give it a try” I replace her tape gag with a cleave gag she tries to voice her disappointment but all that I hear is ‘MMMMPPPHH’ I start massaging I undid her hogtie she in gag talk says “mmm mmm” witch I think meant thank you I started massaging her legs up and down she purred like a kitten after what must have been an hour she snapped her fingers this was our signal to stop and ask what was up she told me she need to use the bathroom I of course agreed but asked if she would stay gagged she nodded in agreement. I untied her and loved to watch her scamper away to the ladies room I love the way she walks on her toes like she still has heels on, I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes it must have been about ten minutes when she came back to the bed. She tapped me and pointed to the gag she was asking me to remove the gag I did she told me she was tired and just wanted to just lay here and talk I agreed. She then said she was sorry for getting so jealous and felt like she was acting like a little girl she just was she just thought if I started to play with my mother I would stop wanting to play with her she just didn’t want to loose what we had and she knew I was going to find a girl and was going to tie her up as well and she understood all but just didn’t want to be forgotten so as we laid there next to each other holding each other I told her that wasn’t ever going to happen and I would never stop our games we fell asleep and woke up next to each other she made me breakfast and kept her hose covered feet bound the whole time.
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 04:44:31 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Even more
Comments:The next day Dad and Rhonda went out shopping so I was just remembering the day before like it wasn’t real I could never get a girl to let me tie them up anytime I wanted let alone a woman now I had two women who liked to play. So I was just knocking around the house when the phone rang to my surprise it was my Mom she sounded like she was on a cell phone she asked what I was doing I said nothing she then asked “What are you doing tomorrow for lunch” I said I had no plans she ask “Why don’t we have lunch together you can come down to my work at lunch time, the whole office is only working a half day so I can introduce you to some more of the people I work with like my best friend Nicole she wasn’t there the other night. I was a little hesitant that’s when my Mom tried bribing me “Come on honey I bout you a present” I hated sounding like a caver but I agreed to make her feel better…really. I did tell Dad and Rhonda where I was going he seemed ok and she seemed ok as well they we’re going to be gone most of the day, though Rhonda did come in my room a number of times making sure I’d see her in her hose covered feet and did make some mention of being “all tied up to day’ with things to do” I just laughed and gave her a wink. Well I got to my Moms work she worked in and office well it looked like it a huge old house but it was a office. I came a just about the lunchtime everybody was getting ready to leave her friend Nicole was there near the receptionist she knew me when I said who I was and introduced herself to me to let you know how Nicole looks she looks a lot like Jane Seymour but her super long hair was black as night her eyes were almost as dark and deep she is wearing a black pinstriped suit with matching mini skirt, jet black hose with five inch pumps. She showed me the way to my Mom’s office on the way she told me she was very happy to finely meet me my Mom had told her so much about me (of course I wondered just how much) we got in this old elevator just big enough for two, she tells me that since the day my Mom and I went to the party “Your Mom can’t stop talking about how better thing are so much better between the two of you and she is looking forward to things getting even better. She told me you’re quite the take the take charge guy” she then gave me a wink “I love those kind of men” she then put her hands on my shoulders and told me “OOO you are the strong one” I began to wonder just how much had Mom told her I mean was she cool with what happened or what did Mom tell her. She led me to my Mom’s office and yeah I liked the view Nicole must have been about the same age as Rhonda maybe even younger, there was my Mom behind the desk with a phone in her ear she motioned for me to come in and waved to Nicole. With a friendly wink as Nicole she looked me over one more time then “You take good care of your Mom like she say’s you do so well and I’ll be seeing you a lot more around here ‘Master’ ” well that answered a lot of my questions about how much she knew. Mom motioned for me to come around her desk and sit next to her still talking on the phone I had no real choice she had a chair next to hers behind her desk so I did. It was another minute before Mom hung up the phone I did notice that Mom was wearing a white suit her skirt wasn’t as short as Nicole’s but it was for what I was use to seeing Mom in and with a her dark tan hose and a pair of killer five inch white pumps my Mom was styling. She finely hung up the phone she quickly turned to me and asked “So you like” as she looked down at her outfit and showed me her shoes, I of course saidl. “OH YEAH” she then told me “I have some bad news about lunch something has come up and I have to take some phone calls and NO body else can take these calls well the boss could but he’s gone so it’s up to me to talk to these people, but I told you I have something for you” she reached around and picked up two box’s one little and the other much bigger. She then said “Here open this one first” she handed me the little one I opened it was wrapped like the other so I took off the wrapping and open the little box inside was a key on a keychain Mom just smiled and told me “that’s the key to my place if you want to stop by or surprise me sometime you have it to use” I thanked her with a hug and a kiss. Next was the much bigger box I unwrapped it and inside was a gym bag a nice leather I didn’t know what to say she then told me to open it I did and inside I found a whole lot of stuff all different colors of rope, a dozen scarves of different colors, a half dozen bandanas, duct and med tape, then I found a whole bunch of pantyhose. I couldn’t believe my eye’s my Mom watched to see the look on my face I most have looked in shock she then told me “I thought you could keep this at my place for when you come over and we play I looked on the internet and asked Nicole what you might like to use you know is that ok”? I smile and said it was great, “I hope you don’t mind I ordered lunch (Chinese) for us scene I can’t leave till this phone call’s are done when ever that is”? Just then the phone rang Mom reached over and answered it, I look through the bag some more I couldn’t believe she got all this for me to use to tie her up, Mom was talking on the phone and sitting facing me her legs were crossed and she was wiggling her foot I think it was just her way but with all this stuff and being the only two people in the building I had to test out my new stuff.
Thursday, September 22nd 2005 - 05:38:17 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Still more
Comments:I reached in to my new bag of goodie’s and pulled out a length of black rope I reached down a scooped up my Mom’s feet and placed then into my lap she went backwards in her chair but not to far. I removed her shoes reveling her RT she just smiled and covered the mouth piece and said “There new”(her hose) then gave me a wink. I placed her ankles side beside and tied them that way I looped a rope around the middle to secure then I love the way she wiggled her toes and rubbed her thighs together but of course next I had to tie her just above the knees I this would mean I would have to lift her skirt up a little but not to much I wondered what Mom might do when I tried this but I did it anyway. And to my surprise she may the OOO face but did not try to stop me so I figured it was OK I tied her thighs the same way, I knew with her on the phone I couldn’t do much more right now so I started giving her a really good feet and leg massage now that put a smile on Moms face it must have been about twenty or more minutes when we heard a door bell Mom look at me and said “the food” I asked what should I do she handed me the money I jokingly said “what about you why don’t you get it” she just smiled and cover the mouth piece and said “I’m a little tied-up right now”. So I went and got the food and made sure to tip the delivery person, I made my way back to my Mom’s office it felt like forever and when I got there I look at my Mom’s desk and she wasn’t behind it to my surprise she was over by the filing cabinet she had taken off her suit coat and with a cordless phone in hand and her hose covered legs still bound and she was on her tip toes she was look up files. She look at me and gave me a wink then pointed over to the couch to eat, this was a very nice big couch and was very big and very roomy. I put the food on the coffee table and Mom was still talking on the phone so I started getting lunch ready it was then I looked up to see Mom hopping across the room still talking on the phone she stopped just in front of the coffee table I had the food and said her goodbyes then was done making her way around the table she sat down next to me and told me she was done and now her attention was all mine. We sat and ate for awhile and talked I put Moms legs a crossed my lap she thought I might not be comfortable but I told her that I was very comfortable and not to worry. We talked about my school and her work and her friend Nicole I asked how much she told her about me Mom started to laugh them said she was sorry for laughing but I have nothing to be in barest about or feel bad Nicole thought it was great and said being tied-up was always one of her fantasies. Mom tell me I do every good at tying her up as she checks out her legs rubbing her hose covered legs and feet I love the sound that makes she then says “I know you want to finish the job but if you had finished tying me up, well I couldn’t have eaten with my mouth gagged, and with my hands tied you would have had to be feeding me’ it hit me like lighting I just stared at Mom for a minute when she looked at me then asked “oh you don’t want to….do you” I lifted up Moms legs from off my lap and laid them on the couch I reached into my new bag of stuff and took out some more rope and a bandanna. Mom leaned forward I crossed and tied her wrists she leaned back then looked at the bandanna in my hand an said “It’s going to be impossible to finish lunch with that in my mouth” I told her “It’s not for that it’s for this” and I use it as a bib so she didn’t mess her nice blouse she thanked me for that and we finished lunch Mom said she remembered feeding me and never thought I would be feeding her the same way so soon. I knew Mom was in no position to clean up so I decided to do it for her she told me I didn’t have to but I did for her, but first I would clean up Mom first I took her plate away and used the bandanna I used for her bib and whipped off any crumbs she looked at me and said “Thank you honey AAAAHHHHH” that’s when I used her bib for her gag she took it in ever nicely then weighted as I pulled out one of the scarves from my bag and pulled it between her ruby lips to keep it in place Mom was now gagged. I started cleaning up Mom sat there and tried her bounds a little and even “mmmm mmmm” a bit to let me know she was my prisoner. I finished cleaning then turned my attention to Mom so I decided to roll her over and hogtie her she made even more noise I then start massaging her feet and legs she really starts going crazy when I start tickling her this is when her skirt started hiking up also, it does feel very weird to think your Mom has hot legs but she dose so I enjoyed the show and she didn’t care as long as I didn’t touch the wrong way.
Friday, September 23rd 2005 - 03:10:27 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:I will finish my story but I have been very busy abd am very disapointed to see no one else has posted.This dosen't make me want to post any more if no one else is going to even try.
Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 06:35:43 PM
Name: orion
E-mail address: n/a
Comments:hello,i've had many enjoyable experiences tying and gagging female friends wearing pantyhose over the years.i am partial to reinforced toe hose,have been as long as i can remember.this is my first attempt at shareing my experienses so i'll be breif.(emily) and i worked together for a few years before she moved back home to be closer to family on the east coast. she always dressed in professional attire which means she almost always wore skirts of various lengths and hose. one day we were talking abouy our intrests and hobbies and i told her of my love of bondage games.(no nudity)you know like when i was a young boy and you played cops and robbbers or spy games.the girls we played with were always getting kidnapped or tied up as part of the games. emily told me that she had never been tied up but had a fantasy of being tied up in bed while under the covers as a youngster.anyway we had to attend a work funtion that was dress up one evening and it was around 11:30 when we got back to her place.she was wearing the classic little black dress black sheer hose ans matching pumps. since she had been in her heels since 5:00 she could'nt wait to slip out of her shoes. i took the opportunity and asked her if she wanted a foot massage and she jumped at it! while that was going on and i could see that she was relaxed and enjoying herself i took a chance at posssbly distroying our friendship and removed my tie and looked at her ankles and then at her a couple of times. she knew what i was up to and said if you tear my stockings i'll kill you.i didn't have to be told twice. i crossed her ankles and slippped the tie around them and continued to massage her feet and legs while we watched t.v. i thought so far so good,you hit a single why not try to hit a home run.i asked her if she wanted to live out her childhood fantasy of being tied up while sleeping? after some time and what seemed like a fifty second pause she sure i'll try almost anything once. i told her go get ready for bed but leave her hose on and she did! i then asked her if she had any older stockings or pantyhose i could use to tie her with? she gave me two pair and a role of packing tape to gag her with. she also had one rule since i was'nt spending the night. tie her so that if had to get up in the middle of the night or became feaked out after i left she could escape with out trouble.i agreed and would have suggested as well for safety purposses.she laid down on the bed ,i tied her hands in front of her palm to palm and cinched and tied her anlkles togather and cinched them as well .i then pulled the covers up over her tore off a piece of tape and pressed over her lips as she was giggleing..i told her to call me the next morning and tell me if her fanatsy lived up to reality.if you would like to more please let me know.thanks for time.orion. Thursday jan.19,2006
Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 11:22:18 AM
Name: Hanes lover
Comments:I've been attracted to hosiery since childhood. I would stare intently at the sight of nylon clad legs. I also had a thing for bondage, as well. The two fetishes soon merged. I didn't get much chance to indulge it until recently. I had spent some years on the east coast and moved back to a city near my home town. I had received an invitation to my high school reunion. It was an evening reception at a nice hotel. Since I hadn't seen anyone since high school, I went. I became reaquainted with old friends and classmates. One in particular caught my eye, Lore. I had been attracted to her in a big way, but was painfully shy in school. Several years in the militry had helped my shyness, so I decided to talk to her. She was a beautiful redhead with long legs and a trim figure. She was dresssed in a red suit, with a skirt that fell just above the knees, and matching red pumps. She had on the silkiest tan hose I had ever seen. She said hello and we caught up on old times. We sat down at a table and she sat next to me, with her sexy legs crossed. I would steal glances at those lovely legs as we talked. I delighted as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, adjusing her skirt as she went. Each time, I got an additional flash of leg. Lore was divorced and working nearby. She was amazed that I hadn't married and said I was still as good looking as in high school. I was very self-conscious in high school and never thought I was that good looking. Now, I was more confident and relaxed. I was feeling good talking with Lore and decided to go for it. "You know, you were always the prettiest girl in class. I had a huge crush on you." "I know. Why didn't you ask me out?" "I was to afraid,' I said. "You don't seem afraid anymore," she replied. I took this as a sign. "Well, I'd like to get reaquainted with you now. Are you seeing anyone?" "No, I haven't dated steadily since my divorce. They never seemed to workout." "Well, would you like to spend some time together this weekend?" "Sure. Why don't we start right now? Do you want to go somewhere quiet?" "I'd love to," I replied. "Well, I live not far away. I have some wine in the fridge." "Excellent. Let's go." We drove my car to Lore's place, a small house in a nice old neighborhood. We went inside and sat down in her living room. We opened the wine and talked. I began to feel bolder and leaned towards Lore. "May I kiss you?" I asked. Lore didn't answer. She just leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed back and we began to make out. I nuzzled the base of her neck as I caressed her arm. She traced the contours of my face and planted kisses on my cheeks, nose, and lips. She leaned back as I drew closer to her. I began to massage her legs and I lifted her skirt, relishing the touch of her silken pantyhose. She responded by placing her leg over me. "I love the feel of your hose," I said, losing all inhibitions. "Oh, a nylon lover, hunh?" "Yes," I whispered. "Be careful, they are my favorite pair." I began to rub my hands across her legs and into her crotch. I opened her blouse and loosened her bra, freeing her breats. I began to lick and suck on her nipples, while I caressed her legs. "Oh, you are good," she cooed, "Any other kinks I might like?" "How would you like to be tied up?" "Ooh, bondage! You got it, mister!" I kissed her lips again and felt her tongue. "But I don't have any rope." "How about more pantyhose?" Lore smiled at me and got up. She went to her bedroom and returned after several minutes. She had stripped to her hose, but kept her shoes on. She carried several pairs of hose and dropped them in my lap. "Just buy me a few new pairs tomorrow," she said. "Come sit by me," I commanded. She sat next to me and I turned her away from me. I pulled her hands behind her and tied her wrists with hose. I then tied two pairs around her arms and chest. I fondled her breasts while she tested her bonds. "I think I like this," she said. I tied another pair around her waist and drew them legs between her thighs and looped them over the waist loop in back; then brought them back to the front. I tied them in place. "What's that for?" she asked. "A little extra stimulation," I replied. I tied more hose above and below her knees and around her ankles. I kissed her mouth one last time, then wadded the panty of a pair of hose and stuffed it in her mouth. I wrapped the legs around her head and over her mouth, gagging her. I leaned Lore back and began to pleasure her body. I worked on her breasts and nipples as I massaged her crotchrope. Lore thrust her hips forward as I worked and nuzzled up against me. She had two orgasms before we really got down to buiness. I untied her legs and crotchrope and pulled down her hose. I positioned her over some pillows and entered her. We moved in unison, bringing ourselves into a frenzy. Time stood still as we made love. We climaxed together and collapsed on the couch. After a while, I got up and carried Lore, still bound, into the bedroom. We made love throughout the night, then fell asleep. I untied her the next morning. That was the beginning of a long adventure.
Saturday, January 28th 2006 - 12:39:12 AM
Name: Hanes lover
Comments:Lore and I started seeing each other regularly. We opened up to each other more and I told her about my fetishes. I told her how I used to love when she would wear my favorite red pumps and tan hose to school. Not too many girls dressed up, then, and it made my fantasies for years. Lore made certain that she always wore nylons when we were together. I made certain that she got special attention. Since we were growing closer, I told Lore my deepest secret. When I was young and lacked a partner, I would tie myself up and get myself off. I would steal pantyhose from my mother and put on a pair of pumps to create a surrogate. I tied myself with hose and would roll around on the floor until I came. Lore was intrigued by this idea and wanted to see me in hose. I hadn't done it in years, but agreed. She judged my size and bought me a pair of black hose and got a matching pair for herself. We stocked up on additional hose to use for binding. We went to my place and stripped off. I rolled up the hose and put it on, while Lore sat next to me and donned hers. Once we were both clad, we started to make out. We rubbed our hands all over each other's legs and ass. "I want to tie you up this time, "she said. "All right," I replied. "Move up on the bed," she comanded, patting the center of my bed. I scooted to the center and waited. Lore took a pair of hose and began to tie my wrists behind me. She looped more hose around my chest and arms. She then tied my legs together. She picked up the discarded hose that she had worn earlier and placed the panty in my mouth. She wrapped the legs around my head and knotted them. Lore rubbed her hands over my body, stimulating me. She kissed my chest and teased my nipples, while she rubbed my crotch. My cock stood up like a tent pole. Lore stopped what she was doing and picked up more hose. She sat on the bed and began to tie her legs. She would create a band around her limbs, then cross the hose in an 'x', stretching them across the length of her legs. She tied them just below her knees. She repeated this above her knees and up her thighs. She wrapped a pair around her arms and chest, then crossed the legs under her arms, tying them behind her back. She did this again with a second pair. She then created wrist coils and set them aside. She gagged herself with pair of hose, then slid her wrists behind her and into the bonds. She twisted the bonds until her wrists met. Lore squirmed around until we were against each other. She began to wiggle and rub up against me. The sensation was wonderful! We nuzzled our faces against each other as our groins rubbed together. When I couldn't take it any longer, I soaked my hose. When I was finished, I noticed a wet spot around Lore's crotch. Lore worked her hands free and untied herself. She then untied me and helped me clean up. She thanked me for letting her tie me up. "Any time. It's only fair since you indulged me." "Would you like to play with me now?" she asked. "Mmm-hmmm," I replied. I peeled off my soaked hose and repositioned Lore in the center of the bed. I tied her hands behind her and wrapped her legs. I took my soaked hose and shoved them in her mouth, tying them in place. She made a face at me. I propped pillows under Lore's stomach, raising her ass in the air. As she lay there, she wiggled her butt at me. I grinned and delivered a hard swat. Lore jerked and moaned. She wiggled it again. I delivered two swats this time. Another wiggle followed. Now I layed into her and gave her repeated spanks. She grunted and moaned as my hand connected with the flesh of her ass. I rubbed my hands over her pantyhosed ass. While Lore panted, I rubbed up and down her legs, enjoying the sensation of the texture. When I reached her feet, I began to tickle them. She thrashed around, very ticklish. I held her down as I tickled some more. I held Lore's feet up and began to suck her reinforced toes. She moaned at this. I licked the soles of her feet and she groaned in pleasure. I buried my nose in each foot, breathing deeply the musky scent. Lore wiggled her toes against my face. When I was ready, I pulled down Lore's pantyhose and inserted my cock. I thrust against her, driving her deeper into the pillows. Lore grunted with each thrust, her breathing coming more rapidly. Harder and harder I pushed, faster and faster she breathed. I pulled against her waist as I thrust forward. Lore began to whimper and gave muffled screams. Suddenly, there was a sharp intake of breath as climax hit her. I pumped harder, working myself to orgasm. I pulled out and sprayed her hosed ass. When I finished, I massaged it in. I kept Lore tied for the rest of the day, only untying her to use the toilet. I fed her dinner and held her close as we watched a bondage video from my collection. We made love again and fell asleep. Lore slept while tied. She found the hose to be comfortable when she slept. I released her in the morning and we showered together, making love again. We spent the day together, but didn't play. I didn't want to rush things and oversaturate Lore. We walked in the park and made out under a huge shade tree. We were falling in love.
Saturday, January 28th 2006 - 05:19:59 PM
Name: Hanes Lover
Comments:Lore and I soon becam engaged and we played together frequently. Our favorite methods were to use pantyhose and stockings as binding material, although we did experiment with other methods. I introduced rope bondage to Lore, and she especially delighted in the contrast between the white clothesline rope, and sheer black pantyhose. Sometimes, she would dress in all black to show off the rope. On one occasion, Lore and I had gone away for the weekend to a nice hotel. We had a quiet dinner at a nearby restaurant and then came back to the hotel for some fun. While Lore prepared in the bathroom, I laid out the ropes and gags. Lore emerged from the bathroom; she was stunning. She was wearing a long-sleeved black bodysuit with a high collar, sheer black Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose, black leather gloves, and black pumps. She came up to me and kissed me deeply, her tongue probing my mouth. When we parted lips, I drew her on he bed and placed her face down. I began by tying her wrist and elbows, then circling her torso and arms with rope. I finished with a bikini harness, tightening her chest ropes. I next tied on a crotchrope, ensuring that it was passed through her wrist ropes as well. I tied her legs above and below the knees and at the ankle. I finished by putting her in a strict hogtie. I finished with a ballgag and sleepmask blindold. Lore tested her bonds for a while and I let her roll around on the bed, watching her movements. When I was ready for some fun, I pushed her back on her stomach. I began by rubbing her legs, delighting to the touch of her silky hose. Lore looked back at me as I caressed her nylon thighs. She loves it when I massage her legs and feet. I removed her pumps and gave her a foot massage. She crinkled her toes as I rubbed her feet. I planted kisses on her soft soles, then sucked her toes. I continued for some time, making her hotter and hotter. Lore ground against her crotchrope while I teased her. She orgasmed twice before I was ready to move in. I released the hogtie and untied her legs. I placed her in a frog tie, with ankles tightly strapped against thighs, but legs seperate. This left her open for access. I unsnapped the bottom on the body suit and discovered a surprise. Lore was without panties, and had modified her hose by removing the crotch panel. Now I had access without removing her hose. I played around with her some more before mounting her. As I slid in, Lore clutched her thighs against my body. I began to thrust and relax, starting slowly, but entering deeply. Gradually, I built up speed and established a rhythm. Lore moaned beneath her gag as I pumped her. Drool slid down her cheek uncontrollably. I began to thrust harder aand harder; faster and faster. Lore's breath became rapid and she began to gasp. I started to hammer her pussy as she whimpered. She came in waves and I soon followed her. When I was finished, I withdrew and untied Lore. I retied her spreadeagle to the bed and began to play with her body again. I took out a vibrator and ran it over her tits and abdomen. I massaged her legs and feet some more, while leaving the vibrator against her nipples. When I was ready to go again, I took her once more. I came first this time, then finished Lore with the vibrator. I untied the ropes and replaced them with pantyhose, tying Lore's arms and legs together. She slept like this all night, gaining release in the morning. We put out the "do not distrub" sign and played all of the next day and night. Lore was kept tied the entire time and remained in her black hose. It was becoming ripe by the end of our trip. For our last session, I removed them and gagged her with them. She tasted her juices, while I ate her out. It was heaven. After that weekend, Lore discovered a good brand of crotchless pantyhose. It became a welcome addition to our game. Soon, she would add bodystockings, which I adored, as I could take in the feel of the nylon over her entire body. This would lead up to our wedding night, and our ultimate pantyhose bondage.
Wednesday, February 1st 2006 - 08:12:03 PM
Name: Hanes Lover
Comments:On our Wedding Night, Lore and I had the ultimate pantyhose bondage adventure. We had planned and talked about this for some time. We were staying in a luxury hotel for 5 days and nights. Lore had come to truly love bondage, and adored being tied wih pantyhose, while wearing stockings or hose. She began to experiment with styles and combinations and came up with a scenario that I couldn't wait to try: She wanted to be encased from head to toe in pantyhose, with her limbs bound, gagged and blindfolded. We assembled our supplies, along with the regular wedding details. The ceremony was beautiul and the reception great fun, but we couldn't wait to start our honeymoon. To get in the mood, I tied Lore in the limo to the hotel, which was in a nearby city. Lore still wore her wedding gown, but now she had her hands tied behind her, elbows secured, and knees and ankles tightly roped. I had her shoes off and was delivering a sensational foot massage, which had Lore moaning in pleasure through her ballgag. We kept the privacy partition up, but would do things behind the driver's head, such as when Lore's gagged face was pressed against the partition as I took her from behind. When we reached the hotel, I prepared Lore. Her gown had a cape accessory, which I threw over her shoulders to hide her bound arms. I hid her gag behind her bridal veil. I checked in then brought Lore up from the Limo, carrying her to the elevator. People in the hotel lobby clapped at the romantic sight, little realizing that she was tighly bound and gagged. I carried her into the suite and laid her on the bed. After tipping the bellboy, we got down to business. I untied Lore and she went to make preparations. I pulled out our special bag and laid out the bonds. Lore emerged from the bathroom as a vision in nylon. She was wearing a shear tan bodystocking with long sleeves and a scooped neck. It was crotchless for later. We kissed passionately before we started. I placed Lore's hands behind her and inserted them into the legs of a pair of hose. I wrapped her wrists, then folded the panty over her hands to further encase them. I cinched the bonds, then began on her elbows. When that was done, I rolled up a pair of hose. It was the largest size I could find. I Inserted Lore's bound hands into it and rolled it up to her arms, totally encasing them in a nylon single-glove. I used the other leg to anchor it in place. I tied more hose around Lore's chest and arms. I placed a crotchrope on Lore to stimulate her during the exercise. Then, I tied her ankles, knees and thighs, while making 'x' wrappings up her legs. I anchored the bonds to her crotch rope, then took another super-sized pair of hose. This pair I slid over her bound legs, sealing them in a nyon prison. I took the other leg and tied it around her waist. Now all that was left was her head. I stuffed the panty of a pair of hose in Lore's mouth, then wrapped the legs over it and tied it in place. I then blindfolded her with a black stocking. Next, I took the final super-size pair and pulled it over her head and down her torso. Lore was now totally encased in nylon hosiery. I picked Lore up and carried her to the bed, laying her gently on it. I admired Lore was she rolled back and forth, struggling against her bonds. I laid next to her and began to rub her body. Lore let out low moans as I massaged and caressed her body, from her cheeks to her chest, her abdomen to vagina, and the length of her legs. I pressed my body to hers and took in the sensation that the textre provided. I turned Lore over my lap and administered a light spanking to her hose covered behind, rubbing it before each swat. Her skin glowed crimson red underneath the material. I worked my way down Lore's legs to her wonderous feet. I massaged her feet, then sucked her toes. I ran my tongue down the soles of her feet, tasting the nylon. I moved back up and lingered at her breasts. I licked her nipples through the material, while I rubbed her crotchrope. Lore squirmed and wiggled under my manipulations. Her breathing was rapid, her bodyglove soaked in sweat. Her crotch was moist as she came the first time. I would continue until she had orgasmed three more times. I removed Lore's hood and gag and allowed her to service me. Her mouth enveloped my cock and her tongue teased it to climax. When I was spent, I regagged and hooded her. I brought out a vibrator and brought Lore to life again and again until I was ready. Then I pulled down her leg envelope and loosened her bonds. I positioned myself between her thighs as Lore wrapped her legs around me. I mounted her and began to thrust. Our bodies moved in sync, rising and falling as one. As Lore's moans deepened, my penetartions increased, bringing gasps of pleasure from her lips. I transformed into a human jackhammer and Lore was there to meet it. We climaxed together in wave after wave of rapturous pleasure. We lay together immobile, our energies spent. I eventually untied Lore and we cuddled together, carressing each other and whispering words of love. We fell asleep in each other's arms. We didn't leave the bridal suite for the 5 days, taking our meals inside; Lore bound and fed by me. We explored position after position, orgasm after orgasm. When the time was up, we headed off into our new lives together.
Thursday, February 2nd 2006 - 08:23:13 PM
Name: Hanes Lover
Comments:Lore and I threw a Superbowl party, this year. We invited over some friends, two couples: Jack and Debbie, and Bonnie and Steve. Lore decided to spice things up and put together a homemade Hooters outfit. She bought a T-shirt at a local restaurant and found some shorts on-line. We already had the pantyhose, one of my favorite styles. Instead of tennis shoes, though, Lore wore white pumps, another favorite of mine. She has several pairs and wore the 5 inch heeled ones. I love watching her ass wiggle as she walks in those, especially when she wears nothing else but pantyhose! But that was for later. Lore called up the girls and told them of her plans. They decided they wanted to spice things up too, so the hid some outfits to distract the guys later. They wore jeans and t-shirts to fool the men. Lore greeted our guests and the guys were ecstatic. Jack loves Hooters and we eat there after a round of golf. Steve asked Bonnie why she didn't dress like that? We guys settled down to watch the game. I'm a big Steelers fan, and Steve favored the Seahawks. I made them a bet. If the Steelers won, I got to tie up their wives (they know about Lore and I) and play with their feet. If I lost, they got to play with Lore (Jack and Steve are into bondage and hose, as well.). They eagerly agreed and we sat back to watch the game. Lore served snacks and teased the other guys, jiggling her breasts as she leaned over to serve bagel bites. Bonnie smacked Steve when he smiled at Lore, drawing laughs from Jack and I. Debbie hit Jack in retaliation. Then, the girls disappeared. Lore took them into our bedroom and they got ready for the half-time show. Lore had cooked up some entertainment. When half-time came, instead of Mick Jagger, we watched Lore, Debbie and Bonnie. Debbie was wearing fishnet hose, black pumps, and nothing else. Her nipples were covered with black electrical tape, but her breasts were bare! Bonnie wore a latex bra and low cut panties, a matching garter belt and shear stockings. She had on a leather motorcycle hat, like a soldiers peaked cap, and had knee high leather boots with platform heels. The guys whistled and hollered as the show began. Debbie covered her breasts and sang "Like a Virgin", simulating Madonna's original performance at the MTV Video awards, back in the 80's. We were all getting hot. Whe she finished, she helped Bonnie forced Lore on her stomach, on top of our coffee table, and put her in a strict hogtie. They ballgagged her and put a sleepmask over her eyes. Bonnie removed her shoes and then spanked her with a riding crop. Lore jerked as the stick came down on her firm, round ass. Debbie added her own hand to Lore's backside. They held Lore's feet for each of us to have a sniff. I finished by sucking her toes and massaging her legs. Then, Bonnie bent Debbie down and Tied her, standing over Lore. She tied her ankles to the table legs and gagged her with Debbie's own panties. She taped them in place. She handed jack the riding crop and he administered a spanking, while Bonnie sat in Steve's lap. When The half-time show was wrapping up, Steve tied Bonnie on her knees, kneeling over the coffee table, while Jack tied Debbie the same way. We watched the rest of the game with the ladies tied there, occassionally having a feel or delivering a smack on the rear. Finally, the game came to an end I got to claim my prize. As the guys watched. I lifted Lore onto the floor. Then, I put Bonnie and Debbie in hogties next to her. I proceeded to run my hands up and down their legs and asses. I kissed their feet and reveled in the different textures of their hose. Bonnie's was smooth and silky, like a whisp of a dream. Debbie's was rough and she rubbed against me as I felt her legs. Lore's was a bit in between, with the heavier weave of her pantyhose. I removed Bonnie's boots and Debbie's pumps and got down to some foot action. I invited the guys to take in the aroma, then took my pleasure. I started with Bonnie. Her boots had given her feet a leather aroma and I breathed deeply as I ran my nose up her soles. I licked them and sucked her toes. She moaned in appreciation. Debbie's feet were aired better, but the netting tickled her feet as I licked and sucked her digits. She giggled under her gag. I soent a lot of time massaging her round ass. She has a fuller figure and I love to to hold her curves. Lore was last and she was sweet. She thrashed as I ran my tongue along her soles, tickling the sensitive appendages. I sucked her big toe and she moaned deeply in her throat. I was getting hot, so I decided that she would service me. I removed Lore's gag and positioned myself under her. She took my cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. She swirled her tongue over the tip, like an ice cream cone. The guys felt left out, so they ungagged their mates and had them service their husbands as well. They all had smiles of satisfaction. I let the guys have a few sniffs, then went to their wives for my pleasure. We've all played together and everyone is cool with swapping. I wanted Debbie in the worse way, so I positioned her over the couch. Her hose were crotchless, so I didn't have to remove them. I rubbed my hands against her ass as I slid into her pussy. She moaned as I entered and began to thrust. I took my time, wroking in a slow rhythm. I gradually increased tempo, driving deeper and harder. Debbie was breathing like a racehorse as I pumped her, occassionally giving her some fast swats to those round cheeks. Jack smiled as he watched his wife orgasm. I pulled oUt before I came, then waited for the feeling to subside. I then positioned Bonnie next to her and entered her. I worked her into a frenzy, then pulled out. Again I waited. By now, my balls were starting to hurt. I moved Lore to the couch and pulled down her shorts and hose. I moved between the three women, tormenting them with near release, then cesation. I spanked them hardily before pumping them again. My groin was aching, so I decided to finish. I picked Bebbie and really laid into her this time. She was screaming in pleasure into her gag as I moved like a piston. I exploded in a wave of orgasm, as I came all over that curvaceous ass. When I was done, I untied Bonnie's legs and began to eat her pussy. She moaned and pressed her hips forward. She was hot and her juices flowed freely. Steve watched intently. When I was sated, I let the hisbands take their wives, while I finished Lore. When we were done, the losers' wives pleasured Lore, sucking her nipples and the other ate her out. Lore kissed them deeply as they fingered her to climax, then she made them go again. Lore used a dildo on Bonnie while she ate out Debbie. Steve put his cock in Debbie's mouth for her to service. Bonnie gave Jack a hand job. Finally, we untied the ladies and said our goodnights. When our guests had left, I made Lore strip down to just her hose and caried her into the bedroom for some more fun.
Sunday, February 5th 2006 - 10:19:17 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: NOW & THEN
Comments:Great to see more post's I have been very busy here is the rest of my story and I will post more. I stood her up in the elevator she was breathing heavy through her gag from trying to get away she leaned against me with her back toward me. I could feel her bound hands rubbing up and down against my groin she was moaning and purring through her gag she looked longingly into my eyes my manhood was standing at attention and she could tell. It was then the elevator door opened I didn’t know what to do but if I didn’t get back to Mom I didn’t know what Mom would say Nicole was giggling under her gag she knew she had me but she forgot I also had her as I lifted her up over my shoulder and carried her to my Moms office I put her in chair where Mom could see her but only if she turned her head and looked down and then she could only see my back from where I was sitting. They started gag talking right away all I could hear was ‘MMMMMM’ and ‘MMMMMMM’ from beneath my prisoners. Nicole could tell Mom couldn’t see much from where she was lying so she move a little forward in her chair this made her skirt move up big time she then lifted up her bound legs and placed them across my lap. I looked at her as she gave me a wink then wiggling her feet I then knew she wanted her shoes removed as I did she moved her legs and feet back and forth she even wiggled her toes then move her feet right into my groin and kept moving her feet and wiggling her toes I could tell her feet were soft as were her hose so she could feel my heard-on no trouble there. I was stunned for what seemed like a minute as she rubbed up and down my groin then the fact that my Mom was in the room took over I took hold off her soft lovely feet and legs giving her a wink and a nod then lifted then off of me and placed her gentle on the coffee table. I then on did Moms hogtie then helped her sit up with her feet on the ground. I then took Nicole and helped her hop to the other end of the couch as she did her and Mom were showing each other there bounces and the gag talk seemed endless. I moved her there so she and Mom were sitting with a nice space for me to sit between t my two lovely damsels. I lifted both of the bound feet and legs and placed them in my lap they started rubbing there feet together and playing footsy I watched this for awhile they were giggling like a couple of little girls, well I interrupted there fun then started giving both of then killer foot and legs messages they both rolled there eyes into there head and they both let out with a “mmmmmmmmppphhh”. After awhile there gags Nicole speaks first telling my Mom “This man of yours is so much more then I imagined first the way he took me and tied me all up gagged me and then he even carried me to the elevator I could feel how strong he was, and now a message as good as I’ve very had and I’ve had some very very good messages all I have to ask is what’s next”? Mom next said “Yeah he is my special man my take charge man, but I really hate to say this but Nicole and I have to go somewhere tonight and it’s time you have to un tie us nooooooowwww” that was enough out of both of then I but both of there gags back on they now we’re trying to gag talk even more I just laughed and said ‘when I’m ready, when I’m ready’ they got quit. Yeah I was going to untie then but my way I cleaned up a little more then untied there feet then there knees then there hands and of course there mouths were last. As we all got ready to go Mom said she need to use the rest room she couldn’t till now so off she went. Nicole wasted no time she came over to me next started rubbing up against me with her hands and wrapping her hose covered leg around me and rubbing her hose covered leg and foot up and down she tells me “I would love to come home some night an find a burglar in my place or someone to force me into my car or just someone to take charge, any idea who could do the job” as she is telling she is slipping her card into my pocket before Mom gets back she lays a deep kiss on me then tells me “Call me soon how about tomorrow night, lets finish what we started you kidnap me and have your way with me”. I was had as a rock and from where she was standing she could tell but I then had to tell her that I was going on vacation with my Dad to a family reunion and would have to call her when I get back I don’t know why I did what I did next but I reached around her and grabbed a hand full of her sexy hose covered ass and with my other hand get a hand full of her like the mucho guys in the movies pulling her toward me I then pressed our lips together and at the same time stuffing my tongue down her throat. This must have lasted a minute as I let her go she felt limp or weak like she was going to fall if I didn’t catch her a few seconds later she opened her eyes slowly look more timed then before all she could say was “call me” all I thought was WOW I didn’t know I had it in me. We said our goodbye’s and as I left I could see Nicole was watching me leave.
Wednesday, February 15th 2006 - 07:05:01 PM
Name: Hanes lover
Comments:Lore and I had been playing bondage games for some time since our wedding. She really enjoys the helpless feeling and loves when I massage her pantyhosed legs. We've accumulated quite a collection of hosiery for our games, from stockings and garter belts, to full body stockings. We mix up the bondage material, but we really prefer using pantyhose to bind Lore. Lore had met her friend, Marcia, for lunch and they got to talking. As the wine was flowing, they began to discuss the intimate details of their relationships. Lore told her about our bodage adventures and she was greatly intrigued. She descried how I had tied her up in a body stocking and totally encased her in nylon, after binding her limbs. "That is so kinky! How did it feel?" she asked. Lore smiled, "I loved it! the hose is so smooth against my skin and it's so comfortably stretchy, unlike rope. I felt like I was in a nylon glove the whole time." "That sounds like a blast. I had a boyfriend who tied me up with his neckties, once, but nothing like that." Marcia was hanging on Lore's every word. Lore studied her friend and decided to ask her a question. "Would you like to try it sometime?" "Seriously?" she replied. "Absolutely. I'm sure HL would love to do it. I'd kind of like to see you tied up myself," Lore said. Marcia blushed. "I don't know, I'm not certain I'm into a threeway." "We don't have to have sex. we can just be tied up. I you feel like going farther, we will. If not, we'll stop right there. You can signal a halt at any time." Marcia thought quietly for a few minutes, then spoke up, "All right; let's do it!" Lore arranged for Marcia to come over Friday night after work. We treated her to a nice meal and made sure she was comfortable. When she was ready, she signalled us. "OK, get me tied up," she said. Macia was wearing a shimmering dark green blouse and black skirt. She wore sheer black pantyhose and black ankle strap pumps. Lore was wearing a blue ploka dot dress and blue and white spectator pumps, along with a nice dark tan shade of hosiery. Lore helped Marcia undress, and then took off her own clothes. Marcia stood before me in a black ba and bikini panties, her pantyhose and heels. She bent down and unbuckled her shoes and removed them. Lore kicked off her pumps and removed her bra. "I though you said I could keep my lingerie on," Marcia said. "You can. I wanted to be topless," Lore replied. "Oh, what the heck!" Marcia said and she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She slid it of and revealed her firm, well rounded tits. Lore had Marcia sit on the floor and I began to bind her. Lore sat next to her, facing her and talked to her during the entire process to reassure her. I had Marcia insert her hands into a pair of hose, then wrapped the legs around her wrists, then cinched it tight. her hands were encased in the panty and she couldn't use her fingers easily. I then tied her elbows and applied chest bonds. She proved very flexible and her elbows touched easily. "Do you want to be crotch-roped?" Lore asked. Marcia nodded, so I began to apply one. Marcia stared into my face as I secured it in place. She gasped as I tightened it. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked. She shook her head no. I let Lore tie her knees, thighs and ankles. I then took further pairs and wrapped them around her legs. I wrapped a band, then criss-crossed them in an x, stretching them up her legs, finishing with another band. I did this up to her knees, then started again above her kness and up to her waist. I then took a pair of hose and wrapped it around each set of bands and x's, cinching them tighter. I anchored it to her crotchrope. "How does that feel?" Lore asked. "Secure, but comfortable." Marcia answered. Lore nodded and then held up a wadded pantyhose panty before Marcia's mouth. "Open wide," she instructed her friend. Marcia opened her mouth and Lore inserted the panty in her mouth, leaving the rest of the hose hanging out. She took the legs and stretched them over Marcia's mouth and around her head, eventually tying them in a knot. I took some cut off pantyhose legs and began to stretch one over Marcia's arms, up to her shoulders. I tied them in place, encasing her arms in a nylon sheath. Lore did the same to her legs. I then pulled another leg over her head. I tied yet another leg over her eyes as a blindfold. We took a large pair of pantyhose with one leg cut off and slipped the panty over Marcia's head. We guided her head through the leg opening, then stretched the queen sized panty down over her torso. We wrapped the remaining leg around her body, knotting it in place. Now Marcia was entirely encased in and bound by panyhose. I then proceeded to tie up Lore in the same fashion. When I was done, I laid her next to Marcia. The both began to struggle against their bonds. The elasticity of the nylon allowed them a lot of movement, but they were unable to free themselves. They rubbed up against each other, trying to free themselves. Their breathing was slow and labored as they pushed air in and out of the nylon mesh. Marcia began to moan as Lore rubbed her nylon covered tits against her. Marcia responded in kind. She was growing very hot. She began to rub her body against Lore's more forcefully. Soon I noticed a shudder ripple through her body as she began gasping. She was having an orgasm. When she was finished, I asked if she wanted to be untied. She shook her head no. She began to wave her chest at me. "Do you want me to loosen your bonds?" I asked. She shook her head no and wiggled her tits some more. They slid back and forth under their nylon prison. "Do you want to go further?" She nodded her head. "All the way?" Another nod. I reached down and began to run my hands over her body, massaging and caressing it. She began to moan again, and Lore rubbed up against her. I worked them both over, forcing them to squirm against their crotchropes. They soon had a mutual orgasm. I gave Lore some light spanks and Marcia rolled over and presented her rear. I started to spank Marcia. She really got into this and was orgasming again. I thrashed Lore some more and got her off. I decided it was my turn and lifted up Marcia's hood, raising it above her nose. I removed her gag and wiped the drool from her mouth. I whispered in her ear. "Ready to serivce me?" I asked. "Yes," she replied, opening her mouth. I inserted my penis in her mouth and she began sucking. Her head moved back and forth as she worked my shaft until I came. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever received. I regagged her and replaced her hood. I brought out some toys and used them on their bodies. I applied vibrators to their crotches until they had another orgasm. When I was ready, I unsheathed Lore's legs and loosened her leg bonds. She wore her crotchless hose with no panties, so I was able to ener right away. Marcia watched through her gauzy blindfold as I pumped my wife. Lore moaned loudly in her gag as I drove her insane with pleasure. Marcia ground her crotch against it's restraint as she watched and listened. I soon came and pumped my seed into Lore. When I was finished, I retied her legs and replaced her sheath. I went over to Marcia and began to lick her feet and suck her toes. She was ticklish and squirmed around. When I was ready again, I untied her legs and pulled down her hose. She spread her legs and nodded her head. I slowly entered her and began thrusting. She was positioned with her face resting against Lore and she rubbed it against her as I pumped her. She moaned and gasped as my thrusts drove her into Lore. I came quickly and so did Marcia. When I was spent, I untied Lore and watched as she played with Marcia. After a couple of hours, they switched places. Marcia was a quick study and soon had Lore begging for more. We finished the night with the ladies free, but still clad in their hose as we engaged in a threesome. From that point on, Marcia was a regular partner in our games, when she had the time.
Saturday, February 18th 2006 - 05:23:41 PM
Name: Angela
Comments:Recently, I ended a long relationship and had been feeling depressed. I was mopey at work and home. A friend was having a Mardi Gras party and encouraged me to come. She said there would be several single men and it would be a wild time, with costumes, masks, and "adult" games. I thought about it for a while, then accepted her invitation. I hadn't had time to get a costume, so I whipped something together. I wore a black leather mini-skirt, with a black sleeveless top (kind of like a vest), my favorite silky sheer black pantyhose and a pair of black velvet pumps with 5 inch heels. I picked up a mask at a party shop on the way home from work. It was black velvet, with peacock feathers and had a"diamond" at the center of the brow. When I arrived at the party, my friend Donna gushed. "You look fabulous," she said, "the guys will be swarming around you." I got a drink and mingled. Eventually, I met a dashing man in a pirate costume and black eye mask. He was really living the part. "Ok, everyone, it's time for some fun. Everyone get a partner, boy/girl or whatever turns you on!" We played several games, each more intimate than the last. At one point, we played a game where one person was tied to a rolling chair and blindfolded. They had to try to reach their partner, who would guide them from across the room. The catch was that everyone was competing at the same time and chaos ensued. My partner tied me very slowly and I found myself deeply aroused. His gentle hands moved over my body as he secured me to my chair. We ended up winning the game and played several more. As the evening progressed, we grew closer. Soon, we were making out and decided to go to his place. When we arrived we picked up where we left off. His every touch had me hot and I shuddered in anticipation. "Do you like a little adventure?" he asked softly. "Oh, yes! What did you have in mind?" I asked. "Something like at the party. Wait here." He rose from the couch and left the room. He returned a few minutes later, carrying coils of rope and scarves. "Ooh! I think the pirate wants to take a prisoner." I cooed. My partner, Simon, smiled and kissed me on my lips. Our tongues probed each other's mouths and our hands explored our bodies. Simon gently began to remove my top, slowly unbuttoning it in front. He looked at my lacy black ba and caressed the cups, squeezing my breasts and tracing the outline of the nipples underneath. Next, he stood me up and began to unfasten my skirt. I loved his gentle, but forceful manner. Simon unzipped my skirt and pulled it down, leaving me in my lingerie. I started to kick off my shoes. "Leave them on," he said. He kissed me again, while unclasping my bra. He slowly pulled it off, releasing my breasts. He massaged them and pinched the nipples. I moaned as his touch sent shivers up my spine. He turned me around and drew my hands behind me, tying them together behind my back. He followed by tying my elbows, drawing them closer until they touched. He circled my chest with ropes, above and below my breasts, then cinched it tight, drawing them together. He began to squeeze and pinch my tits, eliciting more moans of pleasure. Simon tied a rope around my waist, leaving part of it hanging in front. "What's that for?" I asked. He smiled, then drew it between my legs. I let out a gasp as it pressed into my mound. He drew it behind me, looping it through the waist rope, over my wrist bonds, then back between my legs, tying it in front. Simon finished by tying my legs above and below the knees, then at the ankles. He tucked rope under my heels, bringing it up to the ankle bonds, securing my shoes to my feet. He finished by slowly pressing a scarf into my mouth, then tying another over it, with the cloth pressed between my teeth. He tied a third over that, covering my mouth. For the final part, he folded another scarf into a square and held it over my eyes. He tied a last scarf over it, creating a blindfold. I was in complete darkness, silenced and bound. Simon gently lowered me to the floor. He began to rub his hands over my body, caressing my arms and chest, while planting kisses on my face and neck. He moved down to my breasts, giving them loving attention. He nibbled and sucked my nipples, bringing me to my first orgasm. He continued down my body. He played with my crotchrope, while nibbling my ears, bringing on another orgasm. He ran his hands over my nylon clad hips and thighs, his hand slipping between my bound legs. He caressed and massaged my legs, whispering in my ear. "I love your hose. They are so sexy and soft," he said. He tongued my ear as I moaned,his hands stroking my inner thighs. He brought me several more orgasms as he played with my body. I could only moan in response, my mouth silenced by the gags. I longed to see his beautiful eyes as he touched my body. My other senses were alive and my body jumped with sensation. He picked me up and carried me to another room, laying me on a bed. He continued to tease and caress my body as pleasure consumed me. He removed my gag and allowed me to speak. "I love what you are doing, but I want your cock in me so badly!" "Ask me properly," he said. "Please, may I have your cock in me, Master?" I couldn't believe my own words. "Yes, you may." I felt something touch my lips. I opened my mouth and took in his penis, my lips closing around his shaft. I put my mouth to work and my tongue worked its magic. I listened to my Master's breath come in long, deep gasps. I sucked and licked, willing him to come in my mouth. He gently, but firmly pressed against the back of my head as his breathing increased. Soon, I felt warm liquid splash into my mouth and slide down my throat. I consumed every last drop and cleaned his instrument. "Very good. You shall be rewarded for that." My gag was replaced with a hard rubber ball. I felt a strap being drawn tightly behind my head. I couldn't close my jaw and felt drool form around the ball. This was followed by a buzzing, then vibrations coursed over my body. Simon teased me again, inducing more orgasms. When he was recharged, he removed the vibrator and began retying me. My crotchrope was removed and my legs untied. My ankles were bound tighty against my thighs and I was positioned over a pile of pillows. Simon began to deliver a spanking, his hand rising then slapping against my ass cheeks. I found myself moaning as he tanned my rear. My cheeks were on fire as he stopped and began to caress them. He rubbed them up and down and in circles. He worked his way to my waist, then slid his fingers into my panties. He slowly slid them and my hose down my thighs, until he reached my leg bonds. Then, I felt the touch I had been waiting for, as he entered me. He worked slowly, drawing out his thrusts. I moved in synch with him, prolonging the sensation. He began to build a rhythm, thrusting harder and faster. His hands roamed my hips, thighs and back. He began to drive into me and my moans deepened. My breath came in gasps as I passed over the edge, exploding into a thunderous orgasm. He drove into me like a piston and soon came himself. His energy was great and my orgasm multiplied. Finally, he collapsed agaisnt me. We lay together for some time, then I felt him slide out. He replaced my panties and hose, then pulled me to him. He kissed my gagged mouth, then caressed my body, gently stroking my arms and chest. I was kept bound all night, as he brought me orgasm after orgasm. He held me tight as I slept into the morning hours. When I awoke, I was still in darkness. I was confused and began to panic. He whispered calming words in my ear and caressed my body until I relaxed. He removed my blindfold and I slowly opened my eyes. When they could focus. I could see the deep brown pools of his soulful orbs. He smiled at me and kissed me passionately. He released my limbs and gave me a sensuous massage, followed by a warm, luxurious bath. He washed my body and applied lotion to soothe my limbs. He wrapped me in a soft robe and carried me to his dining table. He fixed a wonderous breakfast and we hungrily devoured our food. This was to be the first of many sessions together. He treated me like a princess, but he was always in charge. I was always clad in hose or stockings, the silkier the better. Soon, I was his, in body and soul.
Sunday, April 16th 2006 - 07:18:17 PM
Name: Captain Nylons
Comments:My wife and I are big nylon fetishists, as well as bondage enthusiasts. On our first date, she wore sexy sheer black pantyhose and hihgh-heeled pumps. I told her she looked hot in them and she immediately said, "Oh, ho, a nylon lover!" I blushed but admitted it was true. "Great," she said, "I like showing off my legs!" Yes, she's a bit vain, but they are damn sexy! Our date went very well and I tied her up for the first time that night, at her request! We've always experimented, but we really got creative after marriage. We started doing body encasements after seeing photos on the web. I really enjoy running my hands over her nylon encased body. My wife first dons a pair of hose and pulls up the waistband as hgh as they will reach. Then, she puts her arms into an oversized pair and pulls it over her head (it has a hole cut in the crotch). Sometimes we add more layers, sometimes not. I tie her up with more pairs of hose, tying her wrists and elbows, above and below the knees, and ankles. Then, I take more oversized pairs and insert her bound legs into a single leg of hose, tying them in place. I do the same to her arms, like a nylon single-glove. Next, I add some chest bonds. I finish by gagging and blindfolding her. To gag her, I insert the panty of a pair of hose into her mouth, then tie the legs over it. I then blindfold her with another leg. When completed, I pull a pair over her head. She is now completely encased from head to toe and bound tightly. My wife loves to struggle and squirm as I caress her and use her vibrator on her. I give her foot massages and full body rubs, while also paying with her tits and working her over with the vibrator. Occasionally, I'll give her a few quick spanks. We're not into pain, but she doesn't mind a few playful swats. After she's been stimulated, my wife will take care of me. I lift up her stocking mask and remove her gag, then relax as she wraps her sensuous lips around my cock. She licks and sucks me to orgasm, then swallows every drop and licks my penis clean. When we're finished, I'll untie her and we will cuddle until we are ready to go again. Occasionally, we will both wear pantyhose, as I enjoy the sensation on my legs, and take turns tying one another up and fondling our bodies. I've even put myself into bondage after tying her and we will rub against each other as we struggle.
Thursday, August 24th 2006 - 09:12:43 PM
Name: Stacy
Comments:I discovered that my husband liked pantyhose on our 5th date. At that time, I didn't wear hose often, as bare legs were the style and I didn't have to wear them at work. However, we were going out to a fancy restaurant and I wanted to dress up. When I wore hose before, I usually bought the cheaper brands, like L'eggs and No Nonsense, to save money; but for this date, I had bought some sexy sheer department store hose. They were jet black and sheer to waist. They really made my legs look great. I wore a black velvet evening gown, with matching pumps. When my then-boyfriend arrived, he was overjoyed. He gushed over how beautiful I looked. We talked and laughed over dinner and he again complimented me. He told me he especially liked my hose and confessed he liked seeing sexy legs in pantyhose and stockings. We had a great dinner, followed by drinks and dancing. When we got back to my place, I invited him in for coffee. We never got to the coffee, as we began to make out on the couch. After several minutes, I stood up and asked him to undo my dress. He unzipped it and I let if fall, turning to face him in my lingerie. I came closer to him and began to remove his tie. He stared into my eyes and caressed my hips with his hands. He had a soft touch and it electrified my body. After removing the tie, I unbuttoned his shirt and then removed his trousers. He slipped off his soxs and shoes, and I bent down to remove my shoes. "Don't," he whispered. I looked up at him, puzzled, and he smiled at me. I returned it and stood back up. "I have another secret to confess," he said. He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to tie me up. He had been into bondage since he was a child and wanted to see me in ropes. I hadn't been tied up since I was a teenager, goofing around at a slumber party. The thought intrigued me. I quietly nodded. My boyfriend excused himself, pulling his pants and shirt back on and running down to his car. He soon came back holding a gym bag. He set it down and let me again remove his clothes. He then pulled out several ropes of varying length and some scarves. "You came prepared," I said. "I had hoped I might need them," he replied. He had me sit on the coffee table and clasp my hand behind my back. He picked up a lenth of rope and stepped behind me. He crossed my wrists, then circled them with soft rope. He wrapped them several times, then cinched them tight. Next, he slipped a rope around my body, just beneath my breasts. He circled several more time, both above and below my breasts. Then, he passed the rope underneath my arm and over my shoulder and behind my neck. He brought it over the other shoulder and back under the other arm, then tied it in place. He took the extra length and passed it through the loop behind my neck and down to my wrists. He lifted my wrists slightly and tied the rope to them, knotting it in place. My wrists were now supported by this "harness". John, my boyfriend, had me stand, briefly, while he tied a rope around my waist. He knotted it in front then left a long length dangling. "What are you going to do with that?" I asked. "You'll see," he replied. "I think you'll like it." John pulled the rope between my legs and slipped it over the rope in back. Then, he passed it through my wrist bonds and back between my legs, knotting it in the front. When I mover my body, it tugged on the rope and dug it into my crotch. This sent a tingle through my clit. I let out a gasp. "Ooh, this is good," I said, smiling. John had me sit back down as he proceeded to tie my legs. As he tied ropes above and below my knees, I flexed my hands and tested the bonds around my chest and arms. The motions caused my crotch rope to tighten and sent jolts through me. I was starting to see what John liked about this. After John tied my ankles, he slipped ropes underneath my shoes and secured them onto my feet. I was puzzled by this, then realized it was another form of bondage. I couldn't kick my shoes off and stretch my feet. He was a devil! John took a scarf and tied a knot in it. He then held it in front of my face. I opened my mouth and he inserted it, knotting the scarf behind my head. John then heped me stand and brought me over to the couch, placing me across his lap. He proceeded to massage my body and fondle my breasts. I loved the sensation. He took extra care while he caressed and massaged my legs. He had a delightful expression as he felt the texture of my hosiery. John reached up and pulled the cups of my bra down, exposing my breasts. he began to suck on my nipples, which drove me wild. I let out deep moans from beneath my gag. He gave equal attention to each breast, sucking and licking them. He soon brought me to my first orgasm. John continued to massage my body. He then pulled out a vibrator from his bag and began to use it on me. He slowly worked it down to my crotch rope, eventually settling it against it. The vibrations brought me another, more intense orgasm. I wanted to do something for John, so I motioned for him to remove my gag. He loosened it and pulled it down around my neck. "I want your cock," I said. John pulled out his cock and I wrapped my lips around it. I had never given head like this, but soon adapted. I used my tongue to tease the head of his cock, while my mouth worked his shaft. I sucked and licked it until he could contain it no longer and exploded in my mouth. I swallowed the streams of cum, then licked his penis clean. John retied my legs so that my ankle was tightly bound against the thigh, but with my legs apart. He used the vibrator on me some more until he was ready. Then, he slid my panties and hose down and took me from behind. I had never felt anything so Intense and came in a thunderous orgasm. John came soon after I did and collapsed against me. Afterwards, John released me and we took a shower together. We retired to the bedroom where we enjoyed unbound sex and fell asleep in each other's arms. We spent the next day together, with John taking me shopping for more hosiery and showing me more rope tricks. We stopped at an adult store and picked up some restraints and toys for further play. We began to play regularly and were eventually married. I spent my entire bridal night bound and gagged, in a white corset and matching gloves, stockings and pumps. I enjoyed every moment. Now I am John's partner and plaything. I have even used what he taught me on him. I had him slip into a pair of hose and teased him for a few hours. He had never tried it before, but found that he liked it.
Sunday, September 3rd 2006 - 01:47:51 PM
Name: St Dumas
Comments:I was working in my bookstore one day when I noticed this gorgeous woman scanning the shelves with a puzzled look. I walked up to her and asked if I could help. She hemmed and hawed, then finally admitted that she was looking for some erotica, particularly bondage-themed. She spoke in a whisper, obviously embarassed. I smiled widely and told her I knew just the thing. I showed her some books and told her I, too, was into bondage. We talked about books and interests and really hit it off. I revelled at the sight of her. She was tall, with a fine figure and great legs. She was dressed professionally, and wore the sexiest shade of tan hosiery, along with 4 inch stilleto-heeled pumps. I invited her out for a drink, as I was about to finish work. She happily agreed and waited for me. We went to a nearby restaurant and had a few cocktails and dinner. We talked about our bondage experiences, our likes and dislikes. We really hit it off and quickly progressed to kissing and other physical contact. We went back to my place, where we had some wine and talked and made out some more. Finally, my date asked if I would show her my technique. I smiled again and kissed her deeply, then went to get my equipment. When I returned, my date had stripped down to her bra, panties and hose, keeping her heels on. I had her sit on the couch and place her hands behind her. I soon had her tightly bound. Her hands were bound palm to palm, with her elbows tied tightly, until they touched. Her chest was circled in ropes, her breasts thrust forward. I added a bikini harness to emphasize them. A crotchrope formed a Y across her pelvis and was providing great stimulation. Her legs were securely fastened at the knees and ankles. I stood behind her and gently nudged her head back, with my fingers on her forehead. As she tilted her head back, she opened her mouth to receive the folded scarf I held. I stuffed it in, then slowly drew another between her lips, securing the stuffing in place. I circled her head with it twice. I finished by tying a third over her eyes. For a few minutes, I stood behind her as she tested her bonds. I hovered next to her ear, where she heard nothing but the sound of my breathing, as well as her own moaning. I whispered to her that she was beautiful and that she was all mine. I gently caressed her arms, then moved to her torso. She breathed deeper as I touched her breasts, letting out a low moan as I fondled them. I continued to move downwards, rubbing her stomach, then her crotch. I felt the texture of her silken hose underneath my fingers. I continued by massaging her legs, all the way to her feet. She moaned and whimpered at my touch, struggling seductively against her bonds. I held her close to me and laid back on the couch, pulling her against me. I slid a finger into the edge of her bra cup and slowly lowered it, exposing her firm, round breast and taut nipple. Then, I exposed the other. I fondled and squeezed her breasts and pinched and twisted her nipples. She gasped and moaned at my touch. I moved my other hands to her crotch, caressing it with my fingers and rubbing her crotchrope into it. I could feel the wetness. She moaned much louder and was breathing heavily. I continued my efforts until she arched back her body, letting out a series of gasps, and then shuddered as orgasm overtook her. After she had recovered, I brought out some toys and gave her more stimulation, until she had several more orgasms. I then removed her gag and unzipped my pants, so that she could service me. I placed her face down and let her envelop my cock with her mouth. She soon licked and sucked her way to my juices, swallowing every drop. I kissed her again and gave her some wine, then regagged her with a ballgag. I carried her into my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I untied her legs, then retied them so that each ankle was held firmly against the thigh, in a frog-tie. I stimulated her body some more to prepare her. Then, I arranged a mound of pillows and positioned her over them, he hips thrust upwards. I untied her crotchrope and pulled down her hose and panties. I inserted my cock into her waiting vagina and began to slowly thrust inwards. Her sighs and moans grew louder as I continued. She whimpered as I increased speed, entering her more forcefully. She grew louder as her pleasure grew and I worked towards climax. She was overcome by a series of orgasms, each more intense than the last. Finally, I came in an explosion of delight. I untied her and stripped off her clothes, then gave her a full body massage. We then showered together and made love again and again, this time without ropes. In the morning, we said our goodbyes, but would see each other again. Now, I am married to that woman, and she is currently standing with her back to the the bedpost, her hands tied behind it, her body bound tightly against it. Her head is pinned to the post by a gag, tied around her head and the post. She has a vibrator inserted into the waistband of her sheer-to-waist black hose. It is working its magic, as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. She is moaning with delight as I type these words. Soon, she will be tied on her knees, her arms stretched across the bed, her ankles crossed and bound. She will await my taking of pleasure from her, whe she recieves hers from me. Her breasts are swollen from their bonds and her nipples are pinched by clamps. There is a trickle of drool slowly falling from her ballgagged mouth. She is an angel in bondage.
Tuesday, September 5th 2006 - 06:13:12 PM
Name: MattJ
Comments:Hey everyone this is MattJ the admin. I can't believe it's been 6 yrs. since I started this page and it's still used on a somewhat regular basis. It's great to see that it's been treated well and people act like adults, unlike alot of sites. I've stopped every once and a while to make sure things where ok but I haven't had to police anything. Kudos to all of you for that. Keep up the great stories!
Sunday, September 24th 2006 - 07:31:43 AM
Name: Stacy
Comments:In anticiation of Halloween, I had a friend who sews help me with a costume idea for a party. My husband, John, had confessed to me that his bondage awakening had come from comic books, especially reprints of old Wonder Woman stories from the 1940's. Apparently, she was tied up a lot back then. He was a huge fan of the Lynda Carter tv series, which I had also enjoyed as a young girl. I liked the strong heroine, while he liked the skimpy cosume and her shimmering pantyhose, and the fact that she got tied up several times. I decided to surprise him with a Wonder Woman costume. My friend Amanda does medieval and rennaisance fairs and sews her own costumes, as wel as custom work for others. I told her about my idea and she said she could do it. After taking my measurements, she went to work. She gave me the name of a custom bootmaker, who created the boots for me. The whole thing turned out to be somewhat expensive, but well worth it. When Amanda said the costume was ready, I went over to try it on. she made the top like a corset, very tight, but it really helped my cleavage. The briefs were snug and showed off my behind, which I work hard to maintain. I searched 4 department stores before finding the right kind of pantyhose, with the sheen as the light passes over them. I tried the whole thing on, and my new boots. It was perfect. She adapted some costume jewelry bracelets and tiara for the rest of the costume. I really looked like Wonder Woman. Now to spring it on John. I raced home and donned the costume, adding the lasso to the belt. Amanda had dyed some white clothesline to make it. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. His jaw will hit the floor. I soon heard the garage door open and prepared to make my entrance. John walked in the door and closed it behind him tossing his keys on the kitchen counter. I peaked around the corner and saw him leafing through the mail. I took the stereo remote and pressed play, filling the house with the sounds of the tv theme, which I had downloaded. John lifted his head in reaction to the familiar music and I jumped in the doorway and struck a heroic pose: feet planted apart, chest thrust out (not a problem with the corset top) and arms akimbo. Sure enough, John's jaw hit the floor! "Where did you get that?" he asked in amazement. "I had it made," I answered, striking different heroic poses. John laughed and came over to me. we embraced and kissed deeply. When we parted, John lifted the lasso. "I've always wanted to do something with this,' he said, raising an eyebrow. I smiled and turned my back to him, crossing my wrists. John proceeded to wrap the lasso around my wrists, cinching them tight. He then led me to the living room and help me lay on my stomach on the carpet. He lifted my booted legs up and secured my ankles together with the other end of the lasso, placing me in a tight hogtie. He pulled out his handkerchief and stuffed it in my mouth, then slipped off his tie and used it to gag me. I struggled like the heroine I was, while the evil villain ran his foul hands over my helpless body. He carressed my shimmering legs, obviously excited by the touch and feel of my hose. He moved his hands up each leg to my behind, clenching each buttock. Then, he gave each cheeck a couple of sharp smacks, which brought a surprised grunt, followed by giggles from my gagged lips. John continued to fondle my body, although the top prevented him from much access to my breasts. John began playing the part of the villain. "Well Wonder Woman, it seems that I have you completely in my control. I know your lasso compells you to follow my every command, and I have a few for you," he said, as he began to remove his suit jacket. John removed his clothes and stood naked before me. I played my part, struggling and grunting in defiance. "Now, you will pleasure me," he said, "the lasso compels you." I acted like I was struggling against my will, as John removed my gag. He sat down before me, his legs spread apart and erect penis in front of me. My lips trembled as I slowly opened my mouth, fighting against the force that compelled me. I slowly lowered my shaking head and enveloped his swollen cock. I began to move my head up and down as I began to lick and suck. "That's a good superhero," John said, "Do a good job and I might please your body." I worked over John's penis as he moaned and panted. He loves it when I go down on him while bound. He soon came in an explosion in my mouth, which he commanded me to swallow. "That's it, every drop," he said. John replaced my gag and stood up, leaving the room. He soon returned with my vibrator and some more rope. John tied the vibrator in place over my crotch, then plugged it in. He slowly drove me crazy, turning it onn and off, increasing and decreasing the speed. I squirmed in delight as the sensations came through the cloth to my sensitive areas. John stopped before I reached orgasm. "we don't want to soil your lovely uniform," he said. John untied my ankles, then removed the vibrator. He lifted me up to the couch and bent me across it, then pulled off the costume belt and pulled down my briefs and pantyhose. He delivered a couple of swats to my bare ass, then spread my legs apart. "You will relax and enjoy the pleasure, " he comanded, still playing the role of the villain. I felt his again erect penis slowly slide into my vagina. I moaned as he pushed deeper inside. John pumped me like never before and I was practically screaming in ecstacy through my gag. I came in a blinding orgasm as John came for the second time. Loud, muffled moans came from my gagged mouth as John delivered his final thrusts. He collapsed in exhaustion against me. When he had recovered, John replaced my hose and briefs and stood me up. He walked me to a chair and sat me down. He left for a minute, then came back, dressed in a bathrobe, carrying some chains and locks. He wrapped the chains in an X across my chest and torso, securing me to the chair. He tied my ankles apart, to legs of the chair. Then, he turned on the dvd player and pulled out his Wonder Woman dvd set. He popped in a disc and setled back to watch the show, with his own Wonder Woman bound next to him. I watched the story unfold, finding myself lost in the show, until I realize that John was talking on the phone. He was ordering a pizza for dinner. I waited for him to release me so I could change before the pizza came. John just smiled at me and turned back to the show, ignoring my astonished eyes and pleading grunts. We were into the second episode, when the doorbell rang. John got up to answer it as I became still as a mouse. To my horror, John invited the delivery guy inside. At first, he saw just the tv, with the scene of Lynda Carter chained to a chair. "Oh, cool; Wonder Woman," the young man said. John took the pizza from him and set it down on the coffee table, giving the man a view of my bound form. He was stunned for a secod, then grinned and waived at me. I blushed, and did my best to smile around my gag. He turned to John, who handed him the money, plus a nice tip. "Oh, thanks man!" the driver said. "Thanks to you too, Wonder Woman," he said, still grining. "Have fun," he said to John as he turned to leave. He gave me another waive as he walked out the door. John walked over to me, a big smile on his face, and removed my gag so I could eat. "That was wicked," I said. "Well, I am the villain," he replied. "Besides, it will give him the best story to tell the other drivers." John smiled again and kissed me. He then fed me while keeping me chained to the chair. We finished the evening watching several more episodes, while I remained bound, then retired to the bedroom for more fun. I can't wait to see what he will do at the Halloween party!
Friday, October 27th 2006 - 01:00:23 PM
Name: Stacy
Comments:Well, John had a surprise for me, for Halloween. He had created a Snidely Whiplash costume for the party, complete with top hat, black suit, cape, and gloves. He had a theatrical handlebar moustache and died his hair black. He looked great as the evil villain. We decided to play the whole scenario for the party. John tied my hands behind my back, gagged me, then tied my Golden Lasso around my arms and chest. He helped me into the car and buckled me in. We drove to the party, through the busiest intersections he could find. When we were stopped at lights, people would glance over and do a double-take. Several waived and honked horns. John twirled his moustache for them and menaced me from behind. People laughed and pointed, and I just smiled back from beneath my gag. When we got to the party he helped me out and led me inside our friend's house. The hostess, who was dressed as Nicole Kidman from Moulin Rouge, laughed hysterically and called out to everyone. Everyone gathered around to tease me. John led me around the party, from room to room. He finally brought me to a chair and secured me to it. John chated with our friends and got me something to drink. He pulled down my gag and fed it to me, then allowed me to visit. He took me out to dance, which was quite different with my hands tied. Another friend who came as Bettie Page was soon bound and dancing next to me. We were made to dance together, for the benefit of the party. Later, Bettie acted out a scene with me, where she pretended to give me a spanking, like in the old films. Our friends are pretty liberal and had fun with this. Our hostess came up to me at one point and asked if I was truly under John's control. He told her to do what she liked to me. She reached up and grabbed me by the hair and planted a deep kiss on me! I had never kissed a woman romantically before, but I found that I liked it. I felt her tongue probe my mouth and returned the gesture. When our mouths parted, she whispered something to John and he nodded. The party dragged on until the early morning, then couples departed, but we stayed. John told me to sit quietly and replaced my gag. After saying goodbye to the last guests, our hostess came ove to me. "John has given you to me for my pleasure," she said. I was stunned and looked at my husband. He nodded and handed the lasso to the hostess. She led me to her bedroom. In the bedroom, the hostess unzipped my corset top and removed my briefs, leaving me topless, and in my pantyhose. She forced me to kneel on the bed, with my face down. John pulled up a chair and sat down. Our hostess removed her costume, stripping down to a lace push-up bra and matching panties, stockings, opera gloves and high heels. She picked up a riding crop from her nightstand and began to whip my rear. Each stroke stung like no other and I cried out beneath my gag. She whispered reassurances in my ear and rubbed my sore behind, then delivered another set. She began to play with my ears (which are very sensitive) and massage my behind. She eased me down on the bed and tied my ankles apart, to the bedposts. She untied my hands, then retied them to the headboard, leaving me face down and spread-eagled. She pulled down my hose and lubed my anus, then inserted a buttplug. She placed a pillow under my stomach, raising my ass. She replaced my panties and hose, then bean to work me over with a vibrator. She teased my crotch with it, then my sore ass. She rubbed her hands over my nylon-clad legs, rubbing her own stockinged thighs against me, which should have driven John nuts. After much teasing, she allowed me to climax, which sent shivers through my body. When I was done, she removed the buttplug and untied me, turning me onto my back. Then she retied me. She picked up some scissors and cut the crotch out of my hose and cut away my panties. She then put on a strap-on dildo and began to penetrate me with it. My eyes had clamped shut as the sensations came over me. I began to hear masculine grunting, which brought my eyes open in surprise. I discovered that John had mounted the hostess from behind and was thrusting into her as she pushed the dildo in me. I soon came, as did John, which brought loud cries from our hostess. We played a while longer, and I was forced to eat out my mistress, while John ate me out. Then, we fell asleep in each other's arms, after I had been released. We slept in late, then had brunch and said our goodbyes. It was ana amazing party!
Thursday, November 2nd 2006 - 01:03:25 AM
Name: Alex
Comments:This happened a while back, at a business conference. I was at said conference with my department head, Tina. She is about 4 years older, attractive, with dark hair and brown eyes. She has a fantastic figure and dresses smartly. Unlike her contemporaries, she always wears pantyhose, usually accompanying well tailored suits and skirts. We had been at the conference all day and decided to get some dinner in the hotel restaurant. It was just the two of us from our company, so we dined alone. We've always got along well and were laughing and having a great time, with wine flowing freely. As we laughed and talked, I felt a tingle in my leg. It was Tina's nylon covered foot rubbing against my shin. I looked into her eyes and she licked her lips and smiled. Her foot continued it's way up my leg, parting my knees. Soon, she was communicating her intentions. We decided to retire somewhere more private and paid the check. We kissed passionately in the privacy of the elevator as we made the journey to her floor. Once safely in her room, we began to make out more wildly, lying on her bed. We slowly undressed each other as we kissed and fondled each other. After removing her jacket and blouse, Tina stopped me. "Do you want to have a little fun first?" she asked. "What do you have in mind?" I replied. "How would you like to tie me up and fondle me?" I stared slackjawed for a moment, then smiled. "Sounds fun, just one thing...." "What's that?" she asked. "Strip down to your pantyhose," I replied. Tina's smile grew wider and she nodded. She unzipped her skirt and slid it down, stepping out of it. She pulled off her slip, then unhooked her bra. She stood before me is sheer black panthose, with bikini panties underneath, and her black high heeled pumps. She kissed me again, then went over to her suitcase. She rumaged around for a moment, then came back with coils of rope, scarves, and a roll of red duct tape. I pulled out the chair from the desk and had her sit down. I proceeded to tie her hands behind her back, cinching them tightly. I circled her arms and chest with ropes, knotting them tightly, then cinching them even tighter. "You've done this before," Tina said. I grinned and began on her legs. I tied them above and below the knees, then secured her ankles, always cinching them tightly. I secured her ankles to the cross leg of the chair, then tied rope across her waist. I kissed her deeply, tasting her tongue, then shoved a wadded scarf in her mouth. I applied several strips of tape, completely covering her mouth. Tina twisted and squirmed, testing her bonds. I added one final touch, blindfolding Tina with a last scarf. I stood back and watched as she struggled, twising to and fro. I knelt behind her and began to nuzzle her neck. Tina began to breath heavily, so I went further, nibbling at the nape of her neck. I listened to the hiss of breath from Tina's nose and the muffled moans from beneath her gagged lips. I reached around and began to fondle her breasts, softly rubbing the nipples and squeezing the firm flesh. Tina let out a low moan as I squeezed, so I began to pinch her nipples, bringing more moans. I slid my hand back, causing her to whimper, pleading for me to return to her breasts. Instead, I caressed her arms and chest, moving to her stomach. I soon returned to her breasts, bringing a return of the muffled moans. I soon moved to Tina's waist, then lower, slipping my hands between her thighs. I firmly pressed deeper and deeper into them, digging my fingers into her crotch. This brought a loud groan from Tina's taped mouth, and I slowly began to rub back and forth. I whispered in Tina's ear, "You're a naughty girl, aren't you?" Tina nodded quickly. "and do you know what happens to naughty girls?" Tina nodded again. "They get punished, don't they?" Another nod. I removed the ropes securing Tina to the chair, but left her wrists and legs tied. I retied the ropes around her torso, then looped another around her breasts, causing them to swell. I teased her nipples, licking the buds lightly, then slowly sucking them. I nibbled them, slowly driving Tina wild. I sat down on the bed and pulled Tina roughly across my lap, her ass pointed upwards. I massaged her cheeks, feeling the firm flesh under the nylon sheath. I gripped the muscles, kneading them, feeling the response. Tina was cooing, so I delivered the first swat. SMACK came the sound of my hand colliding with her buttocks. Tina jolted, then sighed. I did it again, harder. Then again and again. Tina's breathing came deeper and quicker, moans escaping her lips. Tina was soon lost in a world of pleasure. When I finished her spanking, I rolled Tina onto her back and removed her blindfold. I slowly peeled off the tape and removed the stuffing. We began to kiss, our tongues probig one another. My hands found her swollen breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching and twisting the nipples. "Oh, God, I want your cock in me now!" Tina gasped. I teased her some more, before untying her legs, then retying her ankles to her thighs, legs apart. I placed the pillow in the center of the bed, then positioned Tina over them, face down, ass in the air. I slid her panties and hse down below her hips, then inserted my cock. Tina whimpered as I entered her, gasping "Yes, oh God, yes! Deeper!" I smiled and picked up the scarf that had been in her mouth. I shook it loose, then tied it between her lips. I then began to thrust deeper and deeper into Tina. Tina's hips rose to meet me and we moved in time. Grunts and groans escaped both our lips, hers slightly slurred. Her cries became louder as I thrust harder and harder. Tina whimpered and cried, her breath coming in short gasps. She arched up and her body shuddered. I drove harder and harder until I too came in an explosion. We spent our energy then collapsed in exhaustion. I untied Tina and hed her close as we kissed and talked. She whispered in my ear, and I nodded. She soon found herself naked and tied spread-eagle to the bed. We worked ourselves up again and had even greater orgasms. For our final game, Tina found herself tightly bound, kneeling in front of me. She opened her mouth as I pressed my cock inside. She began to lick and suck, treating it like a popsickle. Her luscious lips worked up and down my shaft, until I came again. She swallowed every drop, licking my penis clean. I kissed her, then gagged her with her own panties and hose. I untied her legs and laid her on the bed. I parted her legs and pleasured her orally, bringing the loudest, muffled, cries of the night. The conference lasted for three more days, and Tina found herself bound every night.
Monday, December 4th 2006 - 07:42:05 PM
Name: My Sherry
E-mail address: none@njone
Comments:I have really enjoyed this dreambook since it began. I am glad to see that there is some renewed posting here hopefully we will see more. I had an experience with my roomates girlfriend. Sherry is about 5ft6in brown hair with highlights nice tone body with pretty size 7 1/2 feet. My roomate knows full well of my interests in pantyhose feet and bondage. He also told Sherry about my interests. She works in the corperate sector so she often wears hose and she seems to wear them often when they go out. I am a bit jealous since he is not at all interested in hose. Sherry has been fodder for my fantasy life since day two. As Sherry got to know me more and more she would joke with me about my fetish once on my birthday she lifted her skirt and showed me her tan hose and black french cut pantys. She asked want these? I was speechless all I could do was nod yes. She said only if your a good boy, she said I been wearing the pantyhose for 2 days straight so they are really stinky! Just hearing her tell me all that I almost lost it. Well I was a good boy and she left them on my bed later that night. They were smelly I got off hard. She would tell me about her pantyhose or girls at work who got runs anything pantyhose or feet related. She knew how to push my button my roomate would just laugh at my fustration. Things were about to change for me. We had this huge party for New Years. Lots of hosed legs there, I was in heaven. Some How during the night Sherry and my roomie got into a beef aout him getting too friendly with one of there co workers. Sherry soon found me and we hung out soon I was ready to leave. Sherry asked me if she could go with me when I asked about "J" she said screw that loser! Well As we drove home Sherry slipped off her pumps and wiggled her toes then placed her feet on my dash board. I was having a hard time driving. I noticed her black hose had reinforced toes my faves! Sherry complained about her tired feet and asked me if I wanted to rub them or sniff em? I looked at her how about both! She smiled your such a perv but I like it. We laughed I hoped she was really going to let me have her feet. Sherry said hey wait your into tying up too right. I said you know I am. She said are you going to tie me up! I said only if your willing. She said well I never been tied up like the pictures you have showed me but I guess I am willing. I smiled so your really going to let me tie you and gag you and rub and sniff your feet? She said why not you have always been a real sweetheart to me, I should have gone after you then that idiot "J". We arrived at my place went in Sherry went to fix herself up a bit. We had a couple beers and I massaged her feet she told me she was done with "J" this time. Then she said well I ready to give you your dream come true. We went to my room I shut and locked the door. Sherry laid on my bed she looked so hot then she stood up and dropped her skirt. Better she asked. Hell yeah your hot I said. She laughed and I got my ropes from my night stand. I asked her to her to grab the head board. I tied her wrists to each post then tied her ankles. I then took out my ballgag. She said I should have known you would have one of those! I said you know about ballgags. She said I do have a computer you know. I gagged her stepped back Damm she looked so Hot! She went for the mmpphing and struggling. I went for her feet I kissed each toe and smelled each foot that cheesy smell was awesome! She just watched me I rubbed her hose covered legs she cooed and hmmmed. I was so turned on by her I asked her if I could get off! She nodded yes I dropped my pants and boxers and got off as she watched she got into seeing me get off. It was hot she was drooling by then time I completed the act. I untied her removed her gag. She grabbed me and we kissed she told me that was hot but she wants more. Well we had time so we fooled around. I hogtied her and played with her until I was ready again. I then released her and we got it on. Sherry was great she told me the next morning as she got her things from "J"s room that I should call her in a couple days. J came home in the afternoon and told me he got it on with there co worker and he was dumping Sherry! It was hard not to feel happy. Well Sherry beat him to the punch and dumped him first. I waited two days and called Sherry she and I went out for dinner and back to her place for some pantyhose bondage. I moved out a few weeks later so I could see Sherry. J found out as Sherry told her supposed best friend. J ended our friendship. Sheery and I ended up married how could I not marry a woman who doesn't mind wear pantyhose in this day and age. She enjoys the bondage and thinks it's funny that I get turned on by her feet.
Thursday, January 18th 2007 - 01:27:05 PM
Name: No nonsense
Comments:My wife, Barb and I have been playing bondage games since we first met. I admitted my fetishes for bondage, hosiery, and high heels early on and she was cool with it, often gently teasing me about it. She has found herself on many occasions tightly bound and gagged, always attired in silky stockings or pantyhose. She surprised me on my birthday by placing herself in bondage, to our bed, while clad in cotchless black pantyhose, hands cuffed to the headboard, ankles tied there as well. I quickly showed her my appreciation. After perusing an on-line bondage and pantyhose site, I made a request of Barb. I wanted to try a full encasement bondage. I showed her photos and her only comments were "different, but ok. You have to get me off first, though." I quickly agreed. We went shopping the next day to prepare, buying several pairs of pantyhose in large sizes, as well as others for binding. Barb likes the softness of hosiery for bondage, provided it isn't stretched so tight it cuts into the skin. When the time came, Barb donned a silky pair of department store brand coffee-colored hose. Next, I helped her pull an oversized pair over her arms and chest, a hole cut out of the crotch to allow her head to pass through. Barb was now covered from shoulders to toes in nylon. I began the binding process. I used pairs of pantyhose to bind her, starting with her wrists and arms. After wrapping her wrists, I folded the panty over her hands to further encase them, then wrapped more turns and cinched the bonds. Barb found that she had limited dexterity. Barb is very flexible and her elbows nearly touched when I bound them. I then pulled a leg of hosiery over her arms, encasing them in a nylon single-glove, then tied it in place with the other leg. Next, I tied a crotchrope on her, knotting the legs around her waist and pulling them between her legs, up the back and over the waist wrap, then back to the front. Barb tested it and found that it provided good stimulation. It would come in handy for later. I began binding her legs starting at the ankles and working my way up. I used a pair to bind the ankles, then used another pair to wrap the rest of the length, to her knees, crossing them in an x pattern. I repeated at her knees and up her thighs. I finished by using a long pair to cinch each set of bindings, working my way up until they were attached to her waist rope, cinching the bonds tight and holding them in place during movement. I sheathed Barb's legs in a single leg of hose, as I had her arms, then tied it off. Next came the gag. I slowly stuffed the panty of a pair of hose into her mouth, delighting as her cheeks puffed out and her eyes widened. I crossed the legs over her mouth and wrapped them several times around her head. I then pulled a leg over her head, creating a nylon hood, and tied it to her shoulders. I completed with a black stocking tied across her eyes as a blindfold. When she was completely bound, Barb began to struggle. She whimpered and moaned as she stretched and contracted her limbs, rolling her body back and forth on the floor. I took great pleasure in rubbing my hands over her body, lingering on her full breasts. This alone made Barb cum, but I wasn't done yet. I helped Barb to her feet, then slung her over my shoulder and carried her to the computer room. I placed her in her massage chair (to relive muscle aches) and made her comfortable. Then, I pulled down her hose and positioned a vibrator. When it was in place, I pulled her hose back up and turned the vibrator on, followed by the chair. Barb was slowly driven mad by the pulsating sensations, squirming to and fro. She came again and again, her moans soon drowning out the buzzing. With her orgasms complete, I turned off the vibrators and placed Barb on her knees, on the floor. I undid and lifted her hood, exposing her mouth, then removed her gag. I replaced it with my cock and had Barb suck me off, keeping her partially hooded and blindfolded. When she was finished cleaning off my cock, I replaced her gag and pulled the hood back down. I carried Barb into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. I undid her leg bndage and stripped off her soiled hose, replacing it with a crotchless pair. I then undid her arm bondage and retied her to the bed, hands tied to the headbaord. I attached bonds to her ankles and folded her legs back, towards the headboard, and tie them in place. I teased her with the vibrator, then mounted her, penetrating deeply into her pussy. Barb moaned in ecstacy with each deep thrust, as she prefers this position for maximum effect. We came togather and I was glad Barb was gagged, to stifle her screams of joy. I removed her bonds and held Barb's nylon-clad form close to me, caressing the soft material covering her body. When we were ready to go again, we made love doggie-style, Barb still encased in pantyhose, but unbound. I was in heaven and Barb found it to be quite pleasurable and encasement has joined our repetoire.
Monday, February 12th 2007 - 11:28:57 PM
Name: bindertight
Comments:My wife and I have had a long love affair with bondage, and she indulges my desire to have her clad in sexy pantyhose and stockings. She's an enthusiastic victim, constantly struggling to get free. At first, her success rate was rather high, but as my skill grew, she found herself held prisoner more and more. My wife, Jenny, is very limber, with a willowy figure, and fantastic legs (my favorite feature, next to her eyes and brain). When she isn't struggling like a tiger, she poses seductively, enticing me to pleasure her. On a recent shopping trip, we stopped in a major department store to buy her some more hosiery (our fun can be rough on her nylons). We found an exquisite pair of black hose that we thought would be great for bondage. We bought several pairs to take home. When we arrived home, Jenny went to change into her purchases, while I prepared the ropes and gags. When she was ready, Jenny came into the room, posing like a model. I was in heaven. There was my luscious partner, her red hair framing her beautiful face, her fair skin glowing in the candlelight (perfect for some love bondage), and her long arms and legs sheathed in black. She wore black satin elbow-length gloves on her hands and arms and the silky black pantyhose on her legs. She wore black patent leather pumps with 5 inch heels. otherwise, her body was naked. Her pert breasts stood out proudly. She is a B cup, but they are nicely rounded. Jenny walked slowly and seductively up to me, draped her arms around my head and shoulders and brought her lips to mine in a very passionate kiss. Our tongues danced as my hands traced the curves of her body, taking in the texture of her silky hose-covered hips. When our lips parted, Jenny's hand went down to my stiffened crotch, rubbing it gently. "Does he want to come out and play?" she teased, looking up into my eyes, with a twinkle in her own blue orbs. I nodded, saying, "He'll have his chance, but it's time to teach you some manners." Jenny smiled and turned her back to me, bringing her hands together behind her back. I slipped rope around her slim wrists, tying them together, palm to palm. When I cinched them tight, I moved on to her elbows. As I said, she is very limber and her elbows readily touch. Jenny likes how this position throws out her bust. I finished by wrapping her arms and chest in a yoke harness. Jenny looked down at her encircled body, admiring the effect of the ropes. We kissed some more, my hands sensing her muscles at play, while she tested her arm bindings. We parted lips and I slipped a rope around her waist, then slowly pulled it down, stretching it tightly across her crotch. I pressed it into her and pulled it up behind her buttocks, slipped it over her waist rope and then back to the front. Jenny squirmed delightfully as my hands and the rope caressed her vagina. I knotted the rope behind her back, as I intended to hogtie her. I helped Jenny to lie on the floor, then crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together. I rolled her onto her back and tied her knees together, then rolled her back. I connected her wrists and ankles with a hogtie, bending her body back like a bow, her fingers able to touch her shoes. I turned her onto her side and began to findle her breasts, while tasting her tongue. Jenny's nipples were erect and I pinched and kneaded them between my fingers. I pulled back from her and turned her back on her stomach. For the final part, I placed my hand on her forehead and tilted it back. She obediently opened her mouth and I slid the red rubber ball of her gaginto her mouth. I watched as her lips closed around it, forming an "O". I gently, but firmly pulled the leather straps behind her head and buckled them tight. Jenny immediately began to moan and mumble. I watched as Jenny began to struggle, pulling against her bonds. Her hands and feet had a tug-o-war as she tried to loosen her bonds. She became more animated, shaking her body, twisting to and fro. She rolled from one side to another, whining as her frustration grew. She grunted as she struggled to shift her weight. I watched for several more minutes before I began my explorations. I ran my hands over Jenny's body, tracing her curves and rubbing the sensitive areas. As she lay on her side, I nibbled and sucked her nipples, while playing with her crotchrope. Jenny moaned deeply as pleasure came over her. her breathing grew heavy as I teased her to her first orgasm. I rolled Jenny back onto her stomach and began to rub my hands over her nylon-clad legs and hips. I massaged her bound limbs, while feeling the texture of the silky hose. Jenny gave a satisfied "Mmmmmmm" as I massaged her legs and hips. I smiled, then gave her a sharp slap on her right butt cheek. She let out a surprised yelp, then another as I spanked her left cheek. I gave her several more, each harder than the last. Jenny loves a good spanking and she introdced it into our lovemaking, even before I had tied her up. She wiggled and squirmed as I smacked her ass, moaning and whimpering from the stinging pleasure. I decided it was my turn to be pleasured, so I removed my clothes and sat down on the floor, about two feet awa from Jenny's head. My erect cock stood up like a flagpole and Jenny eyed it. I stayed where I was, Jenny would have to come to me. She wiggled and twisted her way, inch by inch, until her head was in my lap. I reached behind her head and unbuckled her gag. A large splash of drool feel over m crotch as I removed the ball from her mouth. Jenny stretched her jaw and licked her lips. Her tongue came out and she licked the head of my cock. Slowly, her lips closed around it and she began to move down the shaft. Her tongue caressed the head of my cock as she bobbed up and down. I felt the orgasm building in me and closed my eyes and let my head roll back as I felt my cock pusing. I erupted into Jenny's mouth and she swallowed my cum. Spurt after spurt shot into her mouth until I was spent. Jenny swallowed every drop and licked my penis clean. I released Jenny from her hogtie and led her to the bedroom, her arms sill bound. I placed her on the bed and retied her hands to the headboard, her legs to the foot. ankles again crossed. I tied a knotted scarf over her mouth and blindfolded her. Then, I began to work over her body with a vibrator. After several minutes, I pulled down the waistband of her hose and positioned the vibrator over her clit, then pulled the hose back in place to hold it there. Jenny moaned as the vibrations teased her, eventually giving her another orgasm. We made love for the rest of the evening, with Jenny tied to the bed in vaious positions. I took her in both orafices, then ate her out, while she was tied across the width of the bed. I released her after a final time, where her legs were pulled up to the headboard and tied, with her body folded. Jenny enjoys this position for sex, as it allows deeper penetration. She moaned through her tape gag as I thrust into her, bringing her to a final orgasm, while reaching my own climax. I untied Jenny and stripped off her garments, then we cuddled for awhile; eventually falling asleep in each other's arms. It was a beutiful end to a wonderful evening.
Wednesday, March 14th 2007 - 12:29:04 PM
Name: bindertight
Comments:My wife and I had some friends over for a dinner party. We like to dress up occasionally, and this was one of them. Jenny wore a white silk blouse and emerald crush-velvet miniskirt, with matching pumps. She had on the sexiest pair of black pantyhose and drove me wild with visions of her long legs. The party went well, with good food, wine, and good company. We talked and laughed well past midnight. Finally, the party started breaking up and the guests began leaving. While Jenny said goodbye to the last of them, I ducked into the bedroom to grab some rope. I had wanted Jenny bound all night and I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass. As Jenny shut the front door and turned around, she found my hand clamped over her mouth, her body pressed against the door. I whispered for her to be quiet, then roughly turned her around. I pulled her hands behind her and tied them. I spun her back around to face me and stuffed a ball gag in her mouth and buckled it tight. I marched Jenny towards the bedroom. She fought me and I grabbed her and tossed her over my shoulder. She kicked and squealed as I carried her into the bedrom. I dropped Jenny to the floor and pulled her tight against me. I began to nibble her neck and earlobes, which drives her mad. However, she continued to protest. I held her tight as I unfastened her skirt and tugged it down. I lifted Jenny out of it, leaving her standing in her hose. She mumbled protests as I unbuttoned her blouse and revealed her breasts, covered in a white satin bra. I fondled her through the soft material, roughly squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Jenny continued to protest as I untied her hands. She tried to hit me but I grabbed her and forced her down on the bed, while I stripped off her blouse. He bra came next and then I held her arm behind her back. I brought the other one behind her and placed them parallel to each other, then roped the wrists together. I circled her arms and chest in ropes, above and below her breasts, then created a yoke harness, the rope passing uner her arms and behind her neck. I looped the rope over the harness, pulling it down from the neck to her wrists. I looped it over her wrsists and back up, twisting the rope around itself and tying it off. This supported Jenny's arms for the long session to come. I forced Jenny to her feet and tied a crotchrope to her, looping it over her wrists before returning it to the front. Jenny soon found that the slightest movement sent ripples to her vagina. Next, I looped rope around her chest bonds, between her breasts and pulled them tight. I then split the ends and wrapped each breast seperately, then over her shoulders in a bikini harness. Jenny's breasts swelled under the pressure and her nipples became very sensitive. I licked, nibbled and sucked them, driver her wild. I wasn't done yet, so I pushed Jenny face down on the bed. I tied her legs above and below the knees, then at the ankles. Then, I put her in a tight hogtie. jenny struggled like a tiger and I gave her tight, round hips a few swats. Jenny wriggled and squealed as I spanked her. I blindfolded her with a sleep mask and continued to redden her ass. Eventually, I released Jenny from her hogtie, but not her torment. I placed clamps on her nipples and tugged on the chain. I tied her in a kneeling position on our four-oster bed, facing the headboard. Her nipple clamp chain was connected to the headboard,with enough tension that the slightest move pulled on her nipples. Jenny squiremed and wriggled as I teased her with a feather duster. Her hips ground against her crotchrope and she moaned and squealed from pleasure and pain. I untied Jenny from the headboard and freed her legs, then led her around the house, tugging on her nipple chain. I finally brought her back to the bedroom an forced her to kneel on the floor. I removed her gag and inserted my cock. Jenny went quickly to work. I held off as long as I could, then felt the juices erupt from my penis. I watched as Jenny swallowed the cum and licked my penis clean. I helped her stand and led her to the bed. I put her in a frogtie, ankles lashed to her thighs, legs apart. I used a vibrator to stiumlate her crotchrope, sending pleasurable sensations through her body. Jenny moaned as orgasm came over her again and again. When I was ready, I removed her crotchrope and pulled down her panties and hose. I placed her over a pile of pillows and proceeded to take her from behind, her hips rising to meet my thrusts. We climaxed in a wonderful orgasm and collapsed in exhaustion. I released Jenny and we fell asleep in each other's arms.
Sunday, March 25th 2007 - 11:36:24 AM
Name: Bill
E-mail address: roper527@aol.com
Comments:My love for hose and bondage My love for hose and bondage started at a very early age. I can remember when I was 6 or 7, tying up my grandmother with string. She always had on hose when I tied her too. When I got to around 10, I started using rope and gagging her. Then things changed. We moved to another town and to stay close to her work, my grandmother moved in with a friend. I was feeling pretty down about it. I played the normal tie up games with the neighborhood girls, but it wasn't the same since they were always in pants. Then one rainy day, my mom saw how bored I was and asked me if I would like to tie her up. I think my mouth hit the floor. She said she saw how much I enjoyed tying up my grandmother and since she didn't live with us anymore, she thought she would take her place. I asked her if she would wear dresses and nylons too and she said yes only it had to be our secret. My father was not to know. I agreed. She told me that since he worked late on Thursdays and Fridays, those would be the days we would play, but I also had to promise no touching except her legs. The next Thursday, I couldn't wait to get home from school. I walked in the door and there my mom stood wearing a red blouse, black skirt (knee length), tan nylons and black pumps. She asked if she looked okay and I shook my head yes. She told me to got get my ropes that she knew I had in my closet since she found them there one day and that she was ready to be my kidnap victim. I grabbed my stuff and went back into the kitchen. She had pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and was sitting on it. I put my box of rope on the table and asked her if she was sure about this. She said yes. She had never been tied up before, but when she saw her mother tied up, it kind of got her excited. I told her to put her hands behind the back of the chair and I tied them together. I wrapped rope around her waist and the back of the chair pinning her arms to it. I then moved around front and tied her legs together at the knees and ankles. I picked up a scarf and looked at her. She said I can't stop you from gagging me. And I did. I watched her struggle to get free for at least an hour. I took out her gag and she said that she had to make a rest room stop so I untied her. After the break, we went into the bedroom and I tied her up lying on her bed, but this time I also blindfolded her. Again I watched her for about an hour and then untied her. She said that was enough for tonight and that we could play more the next night. She said she had to start getting dinner ready. For the next 2 years I tied my mom up every Thursday and Friday night. As I got older I started to masturbate watching here struggle. She was blindfolded all the time so she didn't see me, but I'm sure she knew what I was doing. At age 15, when I got home from school one Thursday, my mom was dressed as usual, but my aunt was also there dressed in her nurse's uniform. This was the days when nurses wore white dresses, nylons and shoes. I was headed for my room when my mom called out not to forget to bring my box of supplies. I stopped in my tracks and looked at the 2 of them. My aunt said that she heard that I was quite a knot tier and that she wanted to join in. She was single and had been tied up by a couple of her past boyfriends. I went and got my box of ropes. I had added to it by this time and had plenty to tie up both of them. I went back into the living room where they were seated and my aunt stood up saying that I could start with her. She seemed a little taller than I remembered, but it didn’t click in my mind why. I was tying up my aunt and mom together. I tied her wrist together behind her back and then wrapped rope around her waist and pinned her arms to her body. I then wrapped rope around her upper body under her breast, careful not to touch them and then told her to sit down. It was then I saw why she seemed taller. Instead of her nurse shoes, she had on a pair of white high heeled sandals. I then tied her legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles. I started to gag her when she told me not to blindfold her till I had tied my mom up so she could watch. I tied my mom in the same way and had her sit down on the couch next to my aunt. I then blindfolded them both. By the way, my mom was dressed in a black dress, tan nylons and black pumps. I kept them tied for an hour and then let them loose for a break. While my mom was in the bathroom, my aunt called me over. She told me that being a nurse, she knew what the site of a helpless woman was doing to me and that I could touch her any way I wanted as long as my mom didn't see. My mom came back and my aunt went to relieve herself. By the time she got back, I already had my mom tied up on the floor and blindfolded. I tied up my aunt next to her and ran my hands all over her body. I masturbated and then sat back to watch. I untied them after an hour and the fun was over for that day. I have tied up many women since then and I have always insisted they be wearing nylons and a skirt or dress. I have also had a special place for those women in white since then too.
Sunday, May 25th 2008 - 01:28:37 PM
Name: sagitarium
Comments:Hi. I really like this dreambook. I'm a Danish guy who loves bondage and pantyhosed feet, and I 'd like to contribute, whith a true story about my ex-wife and our wedding night. My wife was dressed in a quite simple dress with a long sliky white skirt and a long shirt same fabric. With that she was wearing nice with shiny pantyhose and white heels. She was a sight for sore eyes, and for me with my love for pantyhosed feet. especially as she quite early on kicked of her shoes at the party. well finaly the party was over, and we could turn in for our first night as a married couple. she was standing in front of mein her stocking feet, so cute and good looking, and I grabbed her hands and held them behind her as we kissed. - we already stated playing bondagegames as we were dating, so she knew what was comming :-). I first tied her hands behind her tightly and then I tied her arms to her side framing her breasts. She moaned as I tightened the ropes. the i gagged her with a knotted scarf cleavegagging her. Then I had her lying on her stomach tying her legs above knees and her ankles tightly. I finished her of in a hogtie and savoured her tied and helpless feet wiggling up in to the air. I was so hot as I enjoyed her helpless struggles moaning in her gag and squirming on the bed. I pushed her on to her side and started to caress her and play with her.... in fact it was the wedding night of my dreams :-)
Sunday, June 29th 2008 - 05:37:48 AM
Name: Bobl
Comments:Caught by Drunk Diane I'm sitting here rock hard thinking about what happened over the weekend It couldn't have worked out any better, I had to stop by my in-laws on my way home from work around five o'clock to drop off a few things on my way home. I knocked on the door but did not get an answer; it looked like nobody was home. I went around to the garage to get the hidden key to let myself in. As I opened the door the phone was ringing I looked at the caller id and noticed that it was my wife calling from our house. I answered the phone only to find out that my mother-in-law must have just left about five minutes ago and my father in law would be over grandmas until at least tomorrow. I couldn't believe my luck, I was going to be alone at my in-laws for at least four hours, and I always wanted to check out Diane’s closet for her shoes. I’ve noticed that Diane had worn nylons most of the time I see Her, I was getting hard knowing that I could look through the closet with out being caught. I had seen most of her shoes on time or another, as I opened the closet door I caught the scent of leather in the air. Most of Her shoes were still in the boxes they came in, it was like Christmas. I had to open one box at a time to find out what shoes they were. I was looking for two different pair, the first were a tan pair of flats, and the second were a pair of modest black pumps. I looked through about ten different boxes until I found my prize. I first took off my pants and decided to borrow a pair of Diane grey nylons, I just love how nylons feel on my legs I was rock hard after I wiggled myself into the nylons and couldn't wait to fuck her shoes. I knelt at the door and pulled a shoe out of each box and took turns fucking it and smelling it. After about five minutes I had to shoot my load, I was fucking Diane black pump as I shot my load I came in waves because knowing what I was doing was not the things most people do. I calmed down and went to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean up the mess in the shoe, that’s when I noticed that the insole of the pump was cloth, not leather. It took a little longer to clean then I thought it would, I had to soak it a little bit to get everything out. I started to feel pressed for time so I just put back both pairs of shoes, got dressed, and hit the road. I left in such a hurry that I didn't realize that I still was wearing Diane’s nylons, how surprised she would have been knowing that I was in her nylons as I walked into my own house. Diane greeted me as I walked into my house. I got into the house and out of those nylons without my wife or mother in law finding out. I stashed them in a bag with my own nylons and high heels. I was still feeling a little shocked at seeing Diane while wearing her nylons and couldn't stop thinking of how much fun I just had. One of the nice things about my job is that I have Mondays off. When my wife works and my kid goes to school I sometimes like to put on some nylons and high heels and do a little selfbondage. On those days I get up out of bed wake myself up and dig out my box of play things with all of my nylons, high heels, rope and handcuffs, just getting the box out starts to get me hard. Because of the thanksgiving holiday I had an extra day off and with no one home it was only noon so I decide to have some fun. The first thing I did was to dig out Diane’s nylons that I was wearing yesterday and put them back on, next came my red 4 inch high heels, I instantly became rock hard again. I wanted to have some pictures of my bondage this time so I got out the tripod to set up my canon xti camera. I also needed to bring my laptop into the room so I could plug my camera into it and use the capture software, I can set it to take a picture at any set interval. Today I figured I would have it set at every twenty seconds. First thing I did was go into the freezer and get out my chunk of ice with the string froze in it, I had about six feet of string inside the ice with about a foot sticking out each side of the cube. There was an eyehook in the ceiling just above where my right hand will be tied so I can tie the key and a bell to one end of the string and the other to the eyehook. I have the bell on the string so I can hear when the key drops because I will be gagged and blindfolded. I now have the camera running and my release set I can get myself tied up good and tight. First thing I do is to loop a rope around each of the legs of my bed frame; I tie each ankle tight with it overhanging the edge of the bed by about six inches. Then I add a second rope to tie my ankles to each other, with them tied a two points I can hardly move them at all. I like it when my cock gets tied up also, I take a thin rope to wrap around my waist and make it a crouch rope then loop it around the base of my cock and balls, then finish off the job by just wrapping my balls nice and tight. With only my hands left to tie up I pull nylon knee high over my head and get out some duct tape to cover my eyes, the tightness around my head just intensifies the whole process. I already have my handcuffs around each wrist all I have to do is close the cuffs around the loop of rope I left at just the right length from each corner of the bed. I cuff my left hand first, I take my right hand and stroke my cock until I’m only seconds from cumming and quickly stop and cuff my right wrist, I am now tied until the ice melts. I always love the feeling right after I tie myself up, it’s usually almost enough to take my over the edge and cum to soon, that has happened in the past a couple of times and when it does my time tied up seems like it doubles. Another thing is when your blindfolded all of your other senses are much more acute and active, you start to hear and smell things that you normally don’t. I must have been tied up for about forty five minutes and my arms and legs are starting to get a little stiff from the lack of movement, the sound of the camera shutter was such a consent rhythm that when I heard a car door shut it seemed very loud and very close. It made me jump a little bit even though I knew I wasn’t going to get very far tied to the bed like this, I started to figure out how long I had until the ice melted when I heard the screen door open, my heart started to race a hundred miles a hour hoping it was just some kind of delivery. I really panicked when I heard a key being put into the door lock and someone trying to open the door. I hoped if I just stayed still that I could get loose before anyone would notice me. “Hello, anybody home, hello I brought some mail over” the voice cried out, it was my mother in law Diane. I knew I was going to be super humiliated after she saw me in my unusual state; my only hope was that she was just dropping off some mail, but I was not that lucky. I was really wishing I had dead bolted the door but I never thought anyone was going to come over. “I guess no one is here” Diane says to herself out load as she starts to walk. I can tell by the sound that she is wearing high heels from the clicking on the hard wood floor. “I knew I shouldn’t have had that fourth Mike’s hard lemonade aid so early in the afternoon, I have to use the bathroom again” she said as I just waited for her to find me, she must really had to go because I could tell from the clicking of her heels she was walking very fast, then I heard the bathroom door close. Now I am in total panic mode, I’m trying as hard as I can to get loose and not make any noise, then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the camera, the camera is still clicking away. Diane must not have heard it with the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor. “Hello, are you off work today? I thought you only had Mondays off? I guess I should have knocked instead of just letting myself in” Diane said as I heard her shut off the water in the bathroom sink and open the door. She just heard the camera and assumed it must have been me, I didn’t know what to say as I’m tied tightly to my bed wearing nylons and high heels, with a massive hard on from all of the action. I hear her start to walk again as her high heels make the lovable clicking sound on the hardwood floor, and then she stops. “Oh my god, what happened, why didn’t you call out for help when I walked in? Who did this to you? Are you ok? Oh my god let me get you out of that contraption.” I was almost starting to hyperventilate; I can’t believe that she thinks that this was done to be by someone else, I hope I can pull off this lie. “I guess I will have to take that thing out of your mouth before you can tell me anything” Diane says to me as she unbuckles the ballgag. “I’ll tell you how this happened, I forgot to get Kelly a birthday card on her birthday and she told me the only way I could make it up to her was to let her tie me to the bed in some nylons and high heels and wait here until she gets home.” I told Diane as she sat on the edge of the bed touching my wrist looking for a way to remove the handcuffs. I was glad I was still blindfolded because I felt my face getting red from all of the attention. “I can’t believe she would leave you like this, does she not release how unsafe it is? What if there was a fire or something? And why would she wrap that rope around your penis that way, it could really be damaging. I don’t think it can get any harder from the look of it.” Diane said as I heard a little ding from the bell of the rope, the key must have dropped a little bit. “What is this? I’m starting to think Kelly didn’t do this to you; you did it yourself didn’t you? I was wondering what kind of kinky daughter I raised but I guess it wasn’t her after all” Diane told me with an evil sound in her voice, as I felt her hand move away from my wrist and put it back just above my waist “ I’m think I might of had a little too much to drink but the way I look at it I can do whatever I want to and you’re never going to tell anyone, because you story would have to start with ‘I had myself tied to the bed wearing nylons and high heels when Diane can over and found me’ I don’t think you’re going to go there are you” Diane said to me and I knew I was in for some trouble. “It’s been a long time since I had a younger man at my disposal, to do anything I want with, any strange thoughts I might have in my head that I’m afraid to share with anyone else, I guess I just found the perfect person to share them with. Before I get started I’m going to copy all of those pictures from your camera and keep them in case I ever need any favors, or anything else I can imagine” Diane told me as I hear her open the camera and take out the memory card and walk into the other room. I am pulling and tugging with all of my might doing whatever I can to get loose but to no avail, I am working up quite a sweat and getting tired with all of my struggling. One thing that doesn’t get tired is my rock hard dick, it’s almost like it has a mind of its own, in fact I can tell that it’s just about ready to cum, I have to try to clam myself down before I make a mess and really embarrass myself. I decide to just slow down and try to take whatever Diane can dish out. “I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you, I now have everything copied nicely and put into my car for safe keeping, now what should I do with you? Or should I say to you” Diane said as I felt her drag her nails from my lips to right above my cock. I strained and tugged doing what I thought would help me get off, “Oh, I just love how hard you cock is, its wiggling so much with you trying to get loose, I wonder how much harder it can get? Maybe if I can get you to wiggle some more it might get ever harder.” Diane said as I felt her finger work their way into my side. I pulled away as far as I could to try to escape the tickling, I tugged and began to beg, “Pleeaassseee! Stop! Ha ha ha ha, you you you have to ha ha ha stop! It tickles way too much!” I said to her as I tried with all of my might to get loose but I have tied myself all too well. “If you sides tickle this much I wonder how ticklish the rest of your body is.” Diane told me in a devilish voice as she gave me a break and I felt her sit on the edge of the bed. I was still breathing pretty hard as I got it taken away again as Diane lightly touched my rock hard cock, she just lightly slid her nails up and down my shaft with just enough pressure to let me know she was there but not enough to let me cum. “Oh, do you like that? Do you think I should let you cum so quickly? I don’t think so with all of the effort you used to tie yourself up, it would just be a shame.” Diane told me as she started to use her other hand to lightly play with my balls. The touch was almost enough to bring me over the edge, but when Diane noticed that she turned thing into a new direction. “I think I may have to get a drink out of your fridge,” said Diane “I wouldn’t want my buzz to quit while I’m having so much fun. Do you want something to drink? You know what, that might not be a good idea right know” Diane told me as I felt her get off of the bed and walk down to the kitchen. The clicking of her high heels was driving me crazy knowing that after all of that was going on she never took off her shoes. I can tell she’s coming back as she begins to tell me. “I never would have guessed you for a guy who likes to wear nylons let alone high heels; I guess you learn something new about somebody every day. Did I ever ask you if your feet are ticklish? Because I think it might be time to find out after I put me drink down” Diane told me in a playful voice as I hear her set her drink down on the dresser next to the bed. “I think I will start with you left foot, it looks like it needs to be tickled” Diane told me as I felt her nail stroking the top of my foot, I tried to pull away and wiggle but it was no use. “My my my I would have never guessed a big strong man as you is so ticklish, I think you must really be liking it from the way you cock is rock hard, I wonder if I tickle both feet at once if I can make you cum? Do you think that’s possible?” Diane told me as I felt her fingers working on the souls of each foot through the opening at the side of my d'Orsay pumps; it was driving me mad and making me even hornier. ‘Please, just stop let me go and I will never tell anyone about what happened” I told Diane begging and hoping she would stop, I was pulling so hard trying to get loose I was getting light headed from all of the straining. I felt her move onto the bed and sit between my tightly tied legs. “I sure hope that’s not all you got trying to get loose because I’m not stopping until you get at least one limb loose, or until you cum, it’s all up to you” Diane told me as she dragged her nails up and down both legs at the same time, digging into each soul and then stroking my cock about five strokes then repeating the whole thing over and over. I was almost on the verge of cumming when all of a sudden she stops everything, argh I screamed as the frustration was driving me mad, I was about wore out when Diane told me, “I’ve read that if you ever have sore feet you should roll them back and forth over a hard wooden pole, I have a different kind of pole to use, I wonder how well it will feel?” as I hear her starting to remove the straps from her shoes. I can feel the bed moving as she takes off both shoes and wraps both of her feet around my rock hard cock, “You know they might be right, I think my feet are feeling better already” Diane tells me as I am becoming lost in this surreal moment. The smooth nylons and warm feet are about to take me over the edge as she leans back on the bed and begins to unbuckle the straps of my right shoe and tickles my tightly tied foot while not missing a beat, “I bet it won’t be long now until you cover my nylon covered feet in you hot cum, I think I am really getting a better workout then going to the gym or walking. It’s time for both shoes to be off and both feet tickled for the grand finale” Diane said as she was working my other shoe off. I was now going nuts wanting to cum, all of my senses were on full tilt as Diane worked her magic and just kept tickling my feet and stroking my cock with her feet. “I think you’re getting really close now, should I stop again or are you ready to cum?” Diane asked me. Yes, just ha ha ha do it already I can’t he he he take anymore please, pretty please I’ll do anything for you just let me cum already, I begged of her as she started to slow down the rubbing of her feet “Anything eh I’m going to make you an offer, I will finish my work here but at least once a month you my make yourself ready for me to come over and do as I please to you, I know that you have every Monday off by yourself so you don’t have any excuses about having to find a day when nobody home, what do you think? Do we have a deal?” Diane asked me, I didn’t need any time to think of an answer YES, please yes just please let me cum. “That’s great I think this is going to be a very good deal for both of us” Diane told me as her feet and hands went back to high speed. “I think this is it, are you ready?” She said as I began to spurt all over her feet and legs. I came in waves, Diane finally stop the tickling and just slowly stroked my cock with her cum soaked feet and then I felt her turn around and star to lick me clean, I was in heaven as she licked me clean and even through in a few rib tickles while she was at it. “You know I am thinking, how much fun would it be if Kelly comes home and finds you this way? I think I may tie you key in a knot, just out of reach of your hand that way when Kelly gets home she just thinks you got in trouble all by yourself” Diane tells me as I feel her move off the bed and over to the table with the handcuff key, retying it so there would be no hope of me getting loose by myself. “You had enough fun didn’t you why are you doing this to me?” I asked and she just laughed and said “I have a bunch of pictures that say I can do whatever I want to you, beside I think you are still wound up enough for round 2. In fact I’m going to type a note on the computer that say ‘Tickle me a whole bunch, I’ve been a very bad boy’ that might just be good for starters. Have fun I will be calling you soon about next time” Diane says to me as she works the ballgag back into my mouth and buckles it one hole tighter then I normally do then I feel her tickled my foot on her way out the door.
Monday, August 4th 2008 - 11:35:45 AM
Name: Grace
Comments:Once when I was much younger posibly 16 or 17 I had a boyfriend nammed Luke. One night it was just me and him at his house. We were watching t.v when out of the blue Luke grabs me and covers my mouth. He drags me into his mother's room where he ties my hands and feet with her pantyhose. The he takes a few more pairs makes them into little bals and shoves them in my mouth one by one befor cleve gagging me with another. After an hour of struggling I finaly got free and... repaid the favor.
Wednesday, July 15th 2009 - 02:58:25 PM
E-mail address: none@none.org
Comments:I found your site while surfing the net and decided after reading some of your posts to share some of my babysitting adventures. I am not sure really where to begin so I guess to describe myself I am just an average girl I have short brown hair in a bob type hair cut. I am about 5ft 6 in 2in heels and weigh about 125. I don't wear much makeup and I am not like most girls my age meaning I am not punk of prep any of that stuff just a normal girl. My experience started last year I was working as a candy stripper at one of the local hospital and also working off and on for my mom’s best friend Karen she owns a gift store. So I guess my reason for mentioning that is to say I have to wear pantyhose pretty much all the time. I also live in a place where it snows so wearing pantyhose is no big deal for me. My mom wears them all the time for work as do many other women I know and that live here. I actually like wearing pantyhose they make me feel very lady like. I just keep it to black and browns and my mom has gotten me into reinforced toes she says they last longer. So pretty much all my pantyhose now are reinforced toes. My girlfriends tease me for always wearing pantyhose. I often wear them in the summer under my shorts my friend Tina calls me Daisy Duke. Anyway back to my story it started last year one Friday Night I was working at the gift shop when Karen came in and looking distressed she asked me if I could babysit her son tonight? She and her husband had been invited to a very important dinner. I don't have a real social life so I agreed. She was happy and after my shift I drove over to their home. Karen was racing around getting ready and her husband David was sitting down watching Sports. He greeted me and thanked me for saving the day we chatted and then their son Jon came in and was happy to see me! Jon really enjoys giving his sitters a hard time all except for me we just get along. David asked me to sit down so we all sat down on the couch and kept chatting I noticed David kept glancing down and my legs. I paid no attention to it he said Jennie make yourself at home you must be tired after being on your feet all day? I said I was my feet were really sore. David says while kick off those shoes and put your feet up! I smiled and got a bit red and said maybe later he felt my awarkdness he said sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable Jennie. I said it was not you and blushing a lot said see my feet sweat a lot and I am afraid they might smell! Now David got red he said sorry again and said hold on he stood up and went into the other room and came back with a pair of pink slippers he said here Jennie I bought these for Karen and she never wears them she says they are cheap. I thanked him and slipped off my shoes and slipped on the slippers. I noticed David just watched me put the slippers on it was sort of funny that he was so interested in seeing me put on some slippers. "I had no idea what his interests were yet". Karen came in and they left. Jon and I had fun he basically played his video games and I did my home work the slippers felt great on my feet. The next day at work Karen asked me if I could take on watching Jon because she was going to have do so traveling and smoozing clients. She said she spoke to my mother and my mom had agreed to let me do it if I wanted too. So I agreed Karen told me she would pay me the same wage like I was working at the store. So I began to watch Jon and a regular basis and cooked and cleaned I was like a nanny more or less but I went home when Dave and Karen got Home. Once I was running late and showed up in my candy stripper uniform and Dave's expression was one of excitement. I guess he never seen me in my uniform. Dave was always very nice to me and would take up my cause if I needed it. They had grown up with my parents so we all spent a lot of time together. This day something odd took place. After getting Jon settled in and picking up the house Jon came in and asked me to play a game with him. This was not the odd part I said sure what game he said it's called hostage. I said hostage never heard of it he smiled and said it is new. I said well how you play it he said it is easy you’re the hostage and I am the bad guy holding you. I said sounds silly but whatever. He said that's not all Jennie there is more to it. I said well what else he said I got to tie you up so you don't escape and gag you so you can't call for help your know a hostage like TV. I said well we can try it but you have to untie me when I say so alright! He smiled cool deal he ran off to get his hostage gear. Now I was thinking how many other of his sitters found themselves in this situation with Jon. Now I trusted him and he knew I was not just some random sitter. He came back in with a black bag and said ok I am ready Jennie. I said well so am I am and he dumped the bag out and there on the coffee table was a pile of ropes and a roll of silver tape and a red bandanna. I was nervous but I just reminded him about my rule. He agreed and they took a stocking out of his back pocket and pulled it over his head and said ok lady I am a kidnapper and you’re going to be my hostage. I pretended to be scared and he had me turn and sit on the edge of the sofa and put my hands behind my back. He crossed my wrists and tied them. We acted our parts he tied my elbows. Now I had never been tied up before but I got the feeling Jon has tied some ladies up before. He would ask me if I am ok and when I say yes he go back into his kidnapper role. He then knelt and tied my ankles side by side. The rope on my pantyhose legs felt ok. He tied me above and below my knees. I was worried about him seeing up my dress but he never looked he did rub his hands on my legs. The he said now I got to gag you lady. I pleaded not to be gagged he grabbed the bandanna and gagged me. Then he said try to get loose so I wiggled around he smiled I am a good kidnapper right I agreed yes you are. He then turned on the TV and sat next to me. After a few minutes he said take off your shoes Jennie. I looked at him he was smiling he was sitting next to me when I told his dad about my feet. I said no he said come Jennie I want to see your feet hostages don't wear shoes! I looked at him and reluctantly managed to slip off my nurse shoes and he was smiling now put your feet on the table! I looked at him he said come on hostage I was a bit frustrated but did as he asked thinking this was part of the game. So I sat back and put my hosed feet up on the coffee table he took a pillow and slid it under my feet. Then he tied my feet down to the table. Cute red toes he laughed I sat there stunned seeing my smelly feet tied down to their coffee table. I looked at Jon he was still kneeling at my feet. Hey Jennie are you ticklish??? I was so I said yes Please don't Jon. He listened to me and didn't tickle my feet so there we sat watching TV. I had to chuckle when I would look over and see him with the stocking over his head but I saw my reflection in the TV screen. I thought if his mom or dad come home and see this it would be a hard explanation. Lucky his mom was out of town and Dave was working late. So this hostage game went on with Jon and me on a regular basis I felt ok with him tying me up and gagging me he made sure to let me go when time was up or I needed to do something. It was silly but sort of fun. Then a few months later Dave came home and found me tied and gagged in the living room my hosed feet again tied down to the coffee table. I sat there frozen as he came close to me I didn’t know whether to cry or scream or laugh. Dave had this huge smile on his face well looks like Jon has recruited you into playing hostage hmmm. I said yes. Dave said don't worry he ties his mom up and tries to tie up every sitter that we get hence our sitter problem. Dave leaned down and removed the gag. He said well I got too handed to the boy he does know how to tie someone up! I said he sure does! Dave says don't look like your getting loose Jennie! I said nope Jon has got skills! We both giggled and Dave said well let’s get you untied Jennie. Dave started with my feet and I noticed he touched my feet and legs as he untied me. It was sort of exciting. Jon came in his dad. There was no strangeness in the situation as he joined his dad in untying me. Dave said Jon you can't tie people up and leave them alone! I was in the bathroom dad Jennie said it was ok. I said he is right I told him to go. I found myself telling Dave Jon is a good kidnapper. We all laughed at my choice of words. So the games continued and it seems Dave would come home often to find me bound and gagged my hosed feet tied down to the table. I never put 2 and 2 together later. One night Dave says Jennie you really like wearing nylons don't you? I said yeah I guess I do they feel good on my legs. Dave said I think nylons make women look more professional. I said I agree. I had no idea what was going to happen next a few days later Jon hogtied me! No gag but I felt strange being tied like this lucky I had on jeans or he would have never talked me into being tied like this and like clockwork Dave comes home! Now instead of untying me like before he says hi Jennie you ok? I said yes I am he said how long you been hogtied? I was like what hogtied? Dave said that is the position Jon has you tied up in right now oh a few minutes. Jon came in hello dad and Dave said hello son good work. Jon smiled and said my dad taught me that. I said well you taught Jon well Dave. Dave may I take a look at the rope work Jennie? I said sure I am not in any position to go anywhere! Dave came over and inspecting Jons work said I got to agree with you Jennie you’re not getting loose anytime soon. Dave says I have an idea Jennie would mind if I joined in the game of hostage with you and old Jon? I was nervous and thrilled so I and sure a bit too excited! Dave smiled great well Jennie I like my hostages gagged unlike Jon so I am going to gag you now. He whispered into Jon’s ear and Jon dashed off and came back with the roll of silver tape and what was a pair of pantyhose. He said here dad. Dave said ok Jennie I am going take these 2 pairs of pantyhose one in going to be balled up and stuffed into your mouth the second pair will be tied between your lips and I will seal it all with this tape. Any questions Jennie before I gag you! I said very weakly you will untie right Dave laughed sure Jennie think you can stay like that 30 minutes? I said I think so Dave Jon said sure she can Dad. Dave said ok if you can't you grunt 3 times and he demonstrated for me. I tried it and then Dave said well open up Jen it's gag time. Dave gagged me like he said he would and he and Jon asked me to try and get loose and I found myself mpphin which they seemed to delight in. soon Jon left and there I was hogtied and pantyhose gagged next to Dave who was watching sports and rubbing my feet! He would ask me if I was ok and I would nod yes I was sore but was enjoying his hands on my feet. He said you know Jennie your right your feet do smell I turned red but he said between you and me I like the smell of your feet Jennie. He said I hope you don't mind me telling you this but I would smell your shoes when you would stay the night. I wish Karen’s feet smelled like yours do. You know her feet never smell! Then he leaned and sniffed my feet for about 5 minutes. You ok with me doing this Jennie? I nodded yes it seemed gross but what was I going to do. He said you like having your stinky feet smelled Jennie? I agreed it did sort of feel ok. Now heres the big one Jennie you liked being tied and gagged?? I thought for a moment and nodded yes and let out this strange sound! Dave said good and then untied me. Once I was untied and peeled off the tape and took the pantyhose out of my mouth. Dave asked me to remove my gags while he watched. He said I am sorry about doing that to you Jennie! I said doing what Dave he said you know what just happened. I said what smelling my feet? He said yeah that and keeping you tied up and gagged please don't tell Karen! I smiled and said why I would tell on you Dave so you’re a bit strange but you guys are not mean to me and you did untie me. Dave smiled and said Wow Jennie I didn't expect you to be like this. I said Dave I have no life other then school and work so this is fun and if you like to smell my stinky feet who am I to stop you after all I am your hostage right! He so surprised to hear me say this to him. He said so you will let me tie you up when Jon and Karen are gone? Sure Dave but the rules are just that tying up and foot smelling. No groping or other sexual stuff ever!!! I will always be fully dressed and when I want untied you untie me no questions!! Dave said agreed I would never expect you to do anything else Jennie. So it came to be I played hostage for Jon and Dave. I was Dave’s Hostage when Karen and Jon would go visiting family. Sometimes Jon would tie me up just before Dave came home so when Dave came in I was ready. I found the game exciting and found it funny how Dave would smell my feet it was like he was trying to smell the stink right off my feet. It's been 2 years now and I am in college and still get tied up by Jon when I come home from college and Dave likes to visit me at college for his sessions. The rules are still the same never challenged although they both enjoy seeing me ball gagged which I like better then tape and packing. Dave still loves smelling my feet!
Friday, October 16th 2009 - 03:35:59 PM
Name: Melissa
E-mail address: none@noone.com
Comments:I found this site while using my step brother Dereks computer. I was suprised to see he has never posted here! So I will post for him since has been tying and gagging me for a couple years now. I guess I should share all this came to be. Dereks mom walked out on him and his dad a few years ago and Dereks dad braced for Derek to just rebel since Derek was just 13 and took his mom bailing out very hard in fact there was incident at the local mall where Derek saw his mom with her new boyfriend and she walked pasted him like she didn't know him! Now this should have set Derek off but instead Derek withdrew and regrouped and got really into school and soon was in honors classes. Derek loved school and was just a normal kid so he just seemed to move along unseen. In fact he and his friends earned the nickname CIA as they just blended in so much so that no one seemed to notice them which they really enjoyed. Derek says he and his friends have no desire to be involved in high school drama. Now I attend the same school and I the co captin of our cheerleading team. So I am involved in the drama. My parents divorced when I was born so it never bothered me to not have a dad in my life. I felt bad for Derek but he seemed to focused to care or share his pain. The funny thing is when our parents started dating Derek and I were cool with each other in fact we hit off great which suprised and delighted our parents! I was 15 and ahead and Derek was just turned 14 and Derek seemed to find some common ground with everyone so know had any beef with him and some of my friends even thought he was cute. So Dereks dad asked my mom and I to move in with him and Derek which we were thrilled too do. Before we moved in however Dereks dad "Bill" did a complete remodel of his home my with my mom's help so she could feel this was really her home and not the home of Bill's now ex wife! Bill offered Derek his parents old room again so he and my mom had a new room. Derek was happy to accept this as his parents old room was huge and had he would have is own bathroom and the balcony. Now Bill told Derek he could redo the room to his liking so I was given Dereks old room and Bill had the wall rebuilt so I got the other bathroom in my room! So basically Derek and I owned the upstairs. Now I loved the way Derek set up his room his room lookede like a College Dean's office he choose and black leather couch with a sofa bed instead of a bed room set. He had a small dorm style refrig and a microwave and a built in entertainment center with a bookshelf. He had all his clothes in his walk in closet so when you walked in his room it looked like an office. I asked Derek if he minded if I stole his ideas for my roomand he said no and helped me set my room like his but mine was softer then his but similar. Now it was during this time I sort of noticed Derek seemed to be interested in pantyhose. He would often stare and my moms hosed feet when she would be relaxing after work and he would stare at my feet when I would wear hose or tights. It din't bother me or my mom as she had mentioned it to me when her and I were out doing the girl thing. Now because I am a cheerleader we ofetn wear shiny hose or dancers tights suntan browns. Now Derek seemed to really enjoy seeing me in my uniform with my shiny hose on especially when I was not wearing shoes! I spent a lot of time in Dereks room hanging out and believe it or not he would help me with my homework. We liked a lot of the same music. I was sort of a brat because when I would be wearing hose I made sure he saw me wiggling my toes! Derek just seemed to have a foot fetish because he liked see mine and my mom's feet. Then one day as we were hanging out Derek asked me how I felt about wearing pantyhose? I told him I wear when I have to they are ok I guess why? We proceeded to hav etalk about pantyhose and during this talk he let out his love of pantyhosed feet and legs. I giggled and told mom and I were well of his interest in our feet:) He turned a bit red and then said does it gross you out Mel? I said nope if you like girls feet you like girls feet if your into girls with pantyhose then so be it. I told him your just a normal guy. He smiled and said well I would not say normal because there is more to my passing interest in womens feet Mel. Now was like so tell what else is there. Derek paused and said I like to tie and gag girls wearing hose or tights. I shrugged my shoulders so once you got em tied and gagged then what? He said then nothing I like to watch them struggle and try and get loose. I said sounds weird but harmless, the I was curious to see who we may know that may have been some of his tie ups so I asked him tie up anyone I know. he smiled yes now I was dying to know who who I asked. Derek said now that will cost you Mel. I said cost me what Derek as if I didn't know what he wanted from me. He said let me tie and gag you and I will tell you everything! I ok but you see i am not wearing pantyhose he said I don't care Mel just wanna see you bound and gagged now. So Derek shut and locked his door just in case our parents came home early. he then went into his closet and came out with a red and blue nylon gym bag and inside was a buch of white ropes bandannas tape and 2 blue rubber balls. Derek said since this is your first time Mel I will keep it simple he tied my wrists behind me and tied my ankles and clevage gagged me. I was sitting on his sofa I said now waht he said you can sit there or you can move around whatever you want. So I sat there then said hey you said Derek smiled oh yeah sorry almost forgot. Derek proceeded to tell me his first tie ups were on his mom and he said I always bugged her when she was wearing pantyhose. She was ok with it. He then told me about 2 of my best friends he had tied up sometime ago! I was suprised to hear the names because these 2 girls are the biggest snobs I know! The thought of them bound and gagged was interesting and I am sure if I conforted them they would deny it but I always looked at them different after that day but not in a bad way. Derek told me I was the first tie up he has had in a long time. I think I knew why so he kept me tied up about an hour he took out the gag after 30 minutes so we could talk. I told him this is really no big deal Derek and if you don't feel weird about it you can tie me up when you feel the need just let me know and I make sure to wear some hose or tights for ya. He smiled sounds great as loong as your cool with it Mel I said I am cool with it. Derek said I am going to tie you up in different postions and gag you better in the future so just so you understand. I told I won't know until you do it right. He smiled I said just try not to run my pantyhose they can be expensive he laughed I buy you new ones if I do. So began my in home bondage experiences with Derek he was always so careful he never tied me up when our parents were home even when I wanted him too a few times just to feel the thrill of it. He had skills as well I had no idea he was used to be in the scouts or something like them. He made sure I was helpless and my mouth was taped good! After the first few times he would just go about his business while I was bound and gagged he would read or do his homework. While I laid there or sat bound and gagged near him he would glacne at me and ask if I was ok and when I nodded yes or gag talked yes he would say good and go back to his studies. I found it strange but soon figured out he wanted the fact of security knowing I was not going to leave him made him feel good. I really didn't mind it most of the time Derek would do my homework for me just so he could keep me tied up longer now that was a win win for me! If he wanted to keep me tied up longer he would remove my gag so we could talk. It was strange to sit next to him bound and gagged or ungagged but tied up watching tv! Now this still goes on between me and Derek but last year I was suprised at the following incident. Bill had to go out of town on business and my mom was in and out so I expected to be tied up a few times during this week. I was busy with school and cheer and Derek was into some school project so no tie ups. I told Derek he could tie me Friday after school I had cheer practice that day so shiny hose. Derek said cool looking forward to it I said me 2 I need to relax I said but do me one favor ? Derek said ok I said please no hogties today. He laughed no worries! So after practice some of my friends invited me to the hot Friday night party and so I had to go. I wondered if Derek would be bummed out but I figured I could make it up to him on saturday. I got home and told Derek and he said hey we live together there will other times. I got ready and waited for my friends they arrived the same time as my mom so I told her my plans she was ok with it and said she was just going to relax and maybe challenge Derek to a game or scrabble mom loved that game and derek was her only real competion. To make a long story short the party was LAME it was crowded but just LAME guys and boring so I got a ride home. It was around 9:30 pm when I got home the lights were all off I figured mom was crashed out in her room. I knew Derek would be up and when I went into the back yard I saw his light on and I was glad I had on some thick black tights tonight I wanted Derek to tie me up and gag me and put me in his walk in closet the door has a full length mirror so he can see me from his desk and I love looking at myself plus mom couldn't hear any of my mpphs her room was on the other side of the house. I walked in and was so excited to suprise Derek. I walked up stairs and Dereks door was slightly opened and as i was about to walk in I heard my moms voice. she said the following what no gag tonight Derek??? I was blown away NO GAG he had my mom tied up in his room I was dying to see so I snuck into my room and listened as Derek was finishing tying her up as he was asking her if she was ok. Mom said she was ok she joked I guess I shouldn't play scrabble with you anymore. They laughed I was so tripping out hearing this. Derek said while Sue I think you can realx now she said it seems I have no choice Derek seems you have me tied up again! Again Mom said again so he has tied her up before. Derek said please feel free to lay back and take off your shoes Sue. Mom laughed thanks Derek I will try to do it but the way you have my feet tied I might be a few minutes he said we have plenty of time Sue Mel won't be home till late. My mom said your right but how come no gag tonight Derek said I felt you might want to talk so I decided to not gag you plus I can keep you tied up longer. Mom said you know me to well Derek. He said I Know when you want to be gagged and blindfolded Sue. Mom said I guess you do. I had to see her so I took off my shoes and tip toed close to Dereks door and then laid on my stomach and peek inside and there was my mom tied up with a lot of rope I mean she had rope all over her it was crazy! Derek has never tied me up with that much rope and there was still a big heap of rope on the coffee table. Derek must have been at his computer he and mom takled mom was wiggling around I assumed trying to get her shoes off as Derek asked her how she was coming with the shoes. She said well I think I am getting one off he said while once you do I have another treat for you. I saw her look over at the rope she said well I don't think you can possibly tie me up anymore then you already have I am completely helpless Derek. He said we shall see when you lose the shoes Sue. I was sort of Jealous now I thought Derek was only tying me up. I also wanted to be in there tied up next to my mom but knew if I walked in the poop would hit the fane so to speak mom was very proper and I am sure she had her reasons for doing this! So I knew to give her space and just watch. Mom lost her shoes and then Derek walked over took a thin rope and tied the soles of moms feet she was was quite and then he took a black shoe lace form his pocket and said now the suprise he pulled her brown pantyhose up from her toes and then tied her big toes together then he took another thin cord and tied it between her bound toes and pulled her toes back toward her and tied the rope off on her knees rope. Mom said now Derek I think you have succeeded in tying everypart of me. He said I thought you might like some tight toe bondage Sue. She tried to wiglle her toes she said my feet and toes are tied tight Derek. He was happy to hear that mom struggled a alittle trying hard to work her toes and feet. She would stop and talk with Derek she asked Derek to turn on the Tv so she could watch her favorite Tv Show. so Derek turned on the tv and sat mom up and sat next to her and watched tv with her. She was tied up tight with a lot of rope she was tough because she never complained or asked to be untied Derek would give a drink of her wine of a piece of chocolate when she asked him for some. She looked so at ease he was smiling ear to ear as he sat with my bound mother. Derek said Sue you sure take a good tie up I mean look at yourself I have to tied up so tight with so much rope and you been tied a good hour already and not a complaint! My mom said Derek I hate to bust your buble hiney but your not the first guy to tie and gag me although your are one of the better ones. She said I hate sloppy bondage! I was so stunned my mom has has been tied up by other guys and she likes this! I decided the next time Derek ties me up I want him to tie me up like he did my mom my toes 2. I was gong to be better then she was i was jealous:( So I watched the them for another hour my mom was tied up a good 1 1/2 hours almost 2 hours by the time Derek had gotten her completly untied. Mom drank some wine and said look at these rope marks your good Derek I am gld you dad is not coming home tonight it would be hard to hide these rope marks. Derek said that's why I can't chance tying you up when dad is home this my private business. Mom then said Derek may I ask you something? He said sure you know you can? Mom asked so how often to do tie up my daughter Melissa??? He looked like a deer in the head lights. MMMMellisssa he studdered she said yes Derek Melissa. How often do you tie her up I know you tie her up I have seen rope marks on her and have heard her mpphing! She said I bet you been tying her up since we moved in hmmm is she does she take a good tie up Derek Mother Like Daughter! Derek said you have heard us my mom said Derek I have seen her tied up in your room. I have heard her. I have come home a few times and knew what you 2 were up too. I never stopped it because I know what your intentions are Derek if they were not what they are I would have ratted you out to your dad long ago she smiled:) So Derek told my mom the whole story and she was happy to know that her suspicions were confirmed and that nothing bad was going on! She made Derek promise to never ever over step his bounds with her or me and he swore to it. So that is the story of Derek and you better believe I got my turn on Saturday and Derek told me about my mom before and I told I already knew because I saw and heard you 2 last night! He was not suprised and now life goes on bound and happy
Tuesday, October 20th 2009 - 05:42:40 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:I agree ladies, I know you have more to share. I will post very soon too.
Sunday, October 25th 2009 - 01:26:13 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Blacknight454@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Hope you like
Comments:Hi there here got some emails asking to post again, I hope you like it. I got a message from Ronda, you might remember she looks a lot like a young Liz Phair, she need to talk to me she asked me to come home really soon I called her back but got voice mail. I called Dad but he said they just had a bad accident and he wasn't going to be home later and he knew what she wanted but knew she would want to tell me herself. I was sure the way she left the message meant she also wanted to play. Well I got home before her I made sure she couldn't see my car so I really could surprise her then I got my stuff ready and I was happy to see she arrived very soon after. I could see her getting out of the car she was wearing a gray pinstriped suit she had the coat off and over her arm and her briefcase in the other. Her long silky blond hair was pulled back in a bun and had one of those thing sticking through it. She was wearing a white silk halter top, the skirt she was long over her knee but a nice button slit up the side, her shoes were five inch spiked pumps gray with black pipping, her hose were shiny suntan. I could see her and hear her coming into the house those heels sounded was a turn on, she called out my name “Jake honey” I was quit, weighting for my chance to pounce. She came around the corner I noticed she had something in her hands but it was my chance so I wrapped my arm around her pinning her arms to her sides. She let out a 'oh' just before I clamped my hand over her mouth I could feel her feet were off the floor pushed her over the table in front of her and I told her “Don't make any noise or give me any trouble and you won't get hurt , now relax and you might like whats coming next” she nodded her head as I remove my hand I quickly filled her pretty mouth with a clean cloth then placed a few strips of tape over her mouth to keep her quit. Putting her hands behind her back I quickly tie them then at the elbows next I tie her silky ankles them I reached up under her skirt to tie her silky knees she was all mine seemed like old times. I stood there and admired my work she was breathing a little hard so I let her catch her breath, she then hopped her self around to face me she looked so hot and like she wanted to thank me. Reached over to pick her up over my shoulder when I was that thing she had in her hand was a letter on it was my name written on it. I picked it up and asked her 'for me' she nodded yes I said 'well lets finish you first then the letter'. I them picked her up over my shoulder and carried her to the couch standing her next to the couch. I undid the buttons on her skirt and remove it there this revealed her shiny suntan sheer to waist pantyhose I also notice her top is coming down so I help it her breasts are stunning I did drool a little. I sit her down and have her lay face down on the couch lifting her legs to help her I now hog tie her and remove her heels she is grunting and groaning the whole time after I remover the shoes and remove the stick holding her long blond hair, then I give her a good tickling she squirms and laughs like mad. Well I now have to find out what this letter was all about it did cross my mind that maybe she was going to tell me she didn't want to play anymore in witch case she may not like what just happened. But it didn't this is what it did say “Dearest Jake if you are reading this letter there is a great chance I am bound and gagged, my bet is a hog-tie or to the post of the bed. Well sense I can't tell you what I want to ask you I wrote it down my sister Ruby (she is three years younger the Ronda and looks a lot like her as will) called my and ask me for help. She sites up companies with 'Booth-Babies' and ask if I could do it for a weekend and if your dad could come along and help' I of course thought of you. So if you want to know more you will have to take the gag out of my mouth to do so, I'm also betting it we'll be back in soon enough. Love always Ronda. Want to know what happens next let me know.
Monday, October 26th 2009 - 11:11:38 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Part 2
Comments:Well you know what comes next I had to remove her gagged and find out what this was all about so I did. She said “Thanks, you know I was a little worried sense we hadn't played for awhile that maybe you didn't want to anymore and were afraid to tell me but, WOW you are getting better at tying because I don't think I could get out of this if I tried” I said yeah a little I didn't want to tell her about Mom and Sara. My first question was 'sounds cool, what does this have to do with me'? She told me 'I thought of you first but I had to ask your Dad and he said 'sounds like fun but I can't get away from work right now' then he said to ask Jake you two can go. She now filed in the blanks “Ruby told me OK so it's like a six or seven hour drive, I will be wearing really short sexy costume and like six inch pumps, shiny hose like I have on now and a black wig Rudy doesn't have to her hair is already black and I will make over a hundred dollars a day, we can stay in a hotel together”. I didn't say anything it was hard to concentrate with her hog-tied in her hose but I was listening. Well I came to my sense and asked her “What's in this for me, I mean what do I get out of this”? She turned look at me like she was about to laugh and saying “Well do you want the money” I said 'Oh you can do better then that now can't you”? She had that girlish look on her face it took a moment she then said “Well how about me all yours for four or five days, I'll wear what you want and you can tie me up all you want, well when I'm not working the show and if we hangout with my sister, go look in my wallet and you'll see a picture of Ruby, and I can't promise anything but my sister and I like most of the same thing even growing up and that includes being tie-up and hose she love to play and have fun. So if you want me to, and I haven't told what we do, I could ask her if she wants to play some with us”? I was doing somersaults inside and wanted to say 'HELL YEAH' but I didn't I played her game I said 'let me think about this, but first' I reapply her gag and watched her struggle and squirm then tickle her for a while. Just then the phone rings I answer it's Dad he ask me if I talked to Ronda I said yeah and that I would do it he was happy and told me he was getting some burgers for all of us and coming home. I sat in front of my captive looking loving my work she looked lovingly in my eye I said “Sound like fun and you know I will hold you to your word you will do what I want and say, yes” she nodded yes, a few more minutes and I started untying her when I finished I gave her a quick foot massage she was puring like a kitten after short time she said she had better get dressed before your dad gets here. While she was gone changing Dad got home we talked about things Ronda come back she is wearing a white teeshirt tied in a knot torn jeans and her hose are still on. Hope to see if people want more?
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Name: Boblivestwo
Comments:Tickled on the inversion table I have a story about a friend of my wife who's feet I got to tickle while she was using my inversion table. My wife Kelly and her friend Antinette were at Diner the other day when Antinette mentioned that her back and knees were still not feeling better no mater what she has tried, exercise, massage, her next option was something she saw on the home shopping network it was called an inversion table. "We bought one awhile ago, Casey used it all the time for about six months and it made him feel great, now he uses it about once every other week. Next time he has it out I will give you a call so you can come over and give it a try" Kelly told Antinette as they both continue to eat and drink. Antinette replied "I hope it's soon I don't know how much more pain I can take" as she took a big gulp of her drink. The two carried on with diner and drinks and after drinking more then they should have they shared a few secrets with each other. "I can't wait to get home" Kelly said "I've been in these heels all day and nothing feels better then getting home and having Casey wanting to pull off my shoes and rub my feet, he does such a good job all of my stress just flows away. The only bad thing is that sometimes he tickles me and nibbles on my toes not in a bad way.  Oh I shouldn't of said that you won't tell anyone will you?" Kelly asked but Antinette was way to interested in what she just heard. "I can never get Lou to rub my feet, plus I'm so ticklish I don't think I could stand it. It feels really good though? and did you say Casey bites your toes?" Antinette asked and wondered what it would be like to have her toes bitten. "I can't believe I said that, he's going to kill me if you ever say anything about it but I have to say it does feel awesome! Another nice side effect is that the smell of feet and leather alone will make him ready to go in a second! I've came home one time to see him thought the back window having my shoe pressed up agaainst his nose just loving the smell. I went back to the front door and made sure to take a little extra time getting in the house so he could have a chance to put them down." Kelly said turning a little red from embarrassment of saying something she shouldn't have. "Is that why he always wanted every girl to wear nylons and high heels? I remember ever time all of us were going out somewhere he would always tell all of the girls 'don't forget the skirt and high heels' He has a thing for feet and nylons doesn't he?" Antinette asked and Kelly knew that an answer had to be given. "Your telling me that Lou doesn't have a fetish of any kind" Kelly asked trying to avoid answering the question. "Well he does like to cum on my chest, I can't believe I just said that. I think we both have been over served I'm just glad we don't have to drive" Antinette said. It's been a couple of weeks since Kelly and Antinette were at dinner and I had the inversion table set up and that's when Kelly told me that Antinette has been wanting to try it. I was a little excited about the thought of my wife's best friend upside down feet pointing to the sky. I tried not to show my excitement about Antinette coming over and told Kelly I would stay to show her how to use it. My wife would of showed her but it made her a little motion sick whenever she had tried. It didn't take long for Antinette to come over after my wife called her. She was wearing some long knit pants, tennis shoes and a long but tight fitting shirt. Kelly and I showed her how the inversion table at work. First you have to adjust it for you height, next you put your foot onto the bar then the other and work them in between the padded ankle cuffs. When you have your ankles in place you pull on the latch to release the bar and push it tight against your ankles so you don't slip out. I leaned back and showed her that the safety strap was set to allow it only to incline to about a 35º angle from horizontal. "That's it? it doesn't look to bad at all, can I try?" Antinette asked and I leaned forward to bring myself off and give her a try. I step back and watched as she reset the bar for the height of the person and jump on, strap her ankles in and slowly raise her arms above her head to help her recline. "Ooooohhh, I can tell you already I think this is really going to help me, I can feel my back starting to stretch and not hurt as much" Antinette said. Kelly and I could tell how much that was helping her and we were glad we could help. "If you can come over ever other day for awhile it will really help a lot" I told her as I watched her laying there, eyes closed enjoying the temporary relief from the pain. "You guys are the best, I will have to think of some we to repay you" Antinette told us. It was after about two weeks of seeing Antinette coming and going to our house that I started to get use to see her on a regular basis. One day I came home to see her car there and my wife's gone. I figured they must of have gone out somewhere together so I was very surprised to walk in and hear Antinette say "Hello, who is it?"  It's just me I told her and asked where Kelly was, "She got a phone call and had to go back to work for a few hours so she said I could stay and use the inversion table, She said that you would be home around now. "OK. thanks for the update, How was work today?" I asked her. "I had today off because I got called for jury duty. After leaving there I just came over to get Kelly. I needed a drink after sitting downtown all day today so I brought some drinks over and I put them in the fridge. I'll join you for my third after I get done on this. I just love how much it has been helping me feel better" Antinette told me. I put my keys and phone down and went over to see Antinette and was shocked at what I saw, instead of wearing some sweats and sweatshirt she was dressed up from jury duty she was wearing dress pants, nice blouse and black nylons and high heels. High heels, I almost never see Antinette in high heels, my attraction to her high heels lead my to get myself a drink and go into the room to visit. I sat on the couch about five feet from her and was enjoying my drink when she asked me question. "Can you do me a favor? I think I can use another drink could you please be a sweet heart and grab me one? I'll even let you open it for me" Antinette asked in a playful manner. I got up and walked back into the kitchen to grab her a drink and as I passed her I noticed that her feet were at exactly eye level, I stared a little as I went by and hoped she didn't see me. I grab her another hard lemonade and made my way back into the other room. I had to get another look at those high heels so when I got next to her feet again I stopped and made some small talk. "I'm so glad this is working for you" I said "another side effect is that you'll be a little taller when you done." I move over and bent down to see if she wanted a drink while she was still upside down, "I think I can take a drink" Antinette said as she twisted sideways and took a drink I could tell by the look in her eye she was thinking of something "Could you do me another huge favor?" she asked "my feet are getting a little warm stuck in my shoes do you think you could take them off for me? I just can't reach them right now, and with how good I'm feeling right now I don't want to get up" I'm stunned, did she see my looking at her feet? Am I being paranoid? Can I keep myself from tickling her? I was just standing there going over all of these questions in my head when she asked me again "Is everything OK? I sure could use a little help with my high heels, my feet are also really tired it will be nice to wiggle my toes" Antinette said to me as I snapped out of my trance. I turned and set my drink down and move over to the ankle bar to help her out of her shoes. I was trying not to have Antinette see my rock hard cock as I reached up and tried to remove her left shoe first since that was the foot that was closest to me. I put my hand around the heel and gave it a little tug, it barely moved at all I tried to push it back on and pull it off again it wasn't going anywhere. "Try to wiggle your foot a little bit that might help, your heel seams to be stuck on the bar" I told her as I see her trying to get her foot loose. "It's no use, I would do anything if you could find a way to help me out" Antinette said in a playful voice. I told her I would have to get a wrench to loosen a bolt to take off the foot rest. I pulled her shoe as loose as it would get and let my hand drag across the top of her foot as I walked away. "Nooo, please don't touch the tops of my feet they are both very ticklish" she told me catching her laughter and stopping it. As I went inside to get some tools and I see my video camera sitting on the counter, I think to myself that the way this is going I might get some good video. I open the drawer and grab a wrench when Antinette yells to me to grab her another drink. "You might want to slow down I'm only half way done with mine and we started at the same time" I told her as I walked over and grabbed another from the fridge for her. I turned on the video camera before I walk back out into the sun room and set it on the table behind a few books peaking through pointing at Antinette. "Here you go I don't think you will be eating very much when you finely go out to eat" I told her as I walked over to hand her the drink I noticed that she was just relaxing with her eyes shut, "thank you very much you must let me repay you in some way, getting me drinks, helping me take off high heels, life is very good" she told me before she took a sip and set it down next to her and went back to closing her eyes. "I think your going to fall asleep before you know it the way your looking" I said as I took the wrench and loose the bolt to remove the footrest. I set the tools down and move back over to to end of the inversion table. The way the table is inclined Antinette's feet are right at the level of my my, I'm in heaven as I turn to walk back over that I see Antinette start to wiggle her feet now noticing that her feet are no longer trapped. "Oh I can't wait to stretch my toes, they feel like they been stuck in these shoes all day" Antinette said to as I raised my hands and and took my left hand and put it on top of her left foot and use my right hand to grab the heels and gently pull. I love the sound that's made when you pull off a shoe when someones wearing nylons, it's kind of a hollow sound from the suction of the shoe being pulled off of the foot. Another bonus of having my face so close is the wonderful smell that is released, I almost shot a load in my sweats when the aroma hit me. It's a mix of leather and sweat I started to get very excited. "OOOOoooo that feels great please take off my off my right shoe I want to give my left foot a break also" Antinette told me wiggling her foot and toes right in front of my face I was almost starting  to think she knew about my thing for feet. "Alright here comes the other one" I told her as I slowly removed her high heel but this time I did it a little different. As I was pulling off her shoe I gently slide it against the bottom of her foot, what a reaction I received "Ohh ssssttopp you Tic Tic Tickling MEEE Please SStop ha ha" Antinette said the best she could with all of her laughter. "Oh no please don't do that again I am so ticklish I can hardly stand to have my feet touched let alone after they been in shoes all day" she said to me as I set her shoe down on the floor. I apologized and grabbed my drink and slammed it trying to clam my nerves. "You have no idea how much that tickles, it just drives me mad. I think I heard somewhere that there are people that get turned on by feet and tickling, do you know anyone who does?" Antinette asked my point blank, I felt as I was reading to much into her statement, to much into my fantasy I knew I shouldn't but I felt that with how drunk she was she might not remember much of what I ask her. "Do you know anyone like that?" I asked her back hoping the conversation would continue. "I do have a very close friend who just told me the other day that she loved having her feet massaged, didn't even mind when he nibbled on her toes. He will even tickle her too but she said because of the great massage she really didn't mind at all, in fact she loves it. I was a little surprised when she slipped and told during our night out a few weeks ago" Antinette said to me and waited for me to say something. "I can't believe that Ron does that to your sister what else did she tell you?" I asked. "It's not Ron" she told me "Do you want to take another guess? you know him really well" Antinette told me acting very coy, I was starting to think I might be caught but how would Antinette know anything about my likes and dislikes. "Could you do me another big favor? I could really use one more drink, one more is all I need. I think after this one my back won't bother me at all" she laughed as she looked up at me knowing that she was really drunk. "Are you sure you want another drink I bet you can't even hardly stand up" I told her then she just kept staring at me with her big brown eyes and said "I don't need to stand up, not at least for another two hours I can just hang out hear and wait for Kelly to get back home right?" she asked me as I told her "fine you can stay as long as you want I don't care I didn't have any plans for tonight. Do you need anything else along with you drink? I need to go the the bathroom before I come back with your drink." I said. "I could use one thing. Can you grab my phone out of my purse and take my shoes and put them by the door, I will not need them for awhile" she said. "Sure" I told her as I reached down and grabbed her high heels and walked into the house. I was so wound up and excited about having her high heels in my hands and Antinette in the other room unaware of the fun I was about to have with her shoes. I went into my bedroom and closed the door most of the way behind me and began to smell and lick her high heels. The smell made me hard as a rock. The aroma was great, sweat and leather and still a little warm I had to shoot a load in them and I had to be fast. I slid down my sweat pants and took them off, my rock hard cock sprung out and throbbed already close to cumming. With one shoe over my face breathing in all of the wonderful smells and the other being pumped by my cock. It didn't take very long before I filled Antinettes shoe with a huge load of cum, I pumped my self dry into her shoe and was still hard as I turned to go into the bathroom to clean up myself and her shoe when I froze and must of turned beat red as Antinette stood there watching me with a shit eating grin on her face. "Didn't think I was getting off of the inversion table did you? Of course not other wise you might have closed the door all the way. Your the person who I found out how you love feet and high heels. I figured out what a better way to see for myself but to make a opportunity that was to good to pass up." Antinette said to me, kind of preaching but really enjoying herself in all of her drunken state. "I think with the way you feel right now I can have you do just about what ever I want so I don't tell Kelly what I saw" Antinette said and deep down I knew she was right. "I'll do what ever you want , whatever you need you just can't tell Kelly please she would never understand!" I begged of Antinette and I could tell she was hoping something like this might happen all along. "Well I guess I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't give you a chance to redeem yourself" Antinette said "I have a few ideas that you can do to earn my forgiveness and silence if your will to do me a few favors, what do you think?" she asked me as I stood there my cock still rock hard dripping with cum feeling a little foolish and trapped "If you do good I can even help you with that next time" as she pointed at my dick as she went into the bathroom. I didn't know what to do next, I went to the kitchen sink and cleaned myself off real fast and threw back on my sweats and took her freshly cleaned shoe back out to the sun room and waited for Antinette to return. I sat in the chair feeling a very silly and in big trouble when I saw Antinette turn the corner wearing only her nylons, bra and a pair on Kelly's almost six inch  highest heels I was shocked. "With how embarrassed you must feel I decided to help you feel better and let loose a little. You don't think Kelly will mind if I wear a pair of her shoes do you? I hope not I know I won't tell her and I don't think you will ever mention this to anyone ever" Antinette told me as she just walked right by and got her self back onto the inversion table, strapped in her ankles and reclined back and gave me an order. "You know how ticklish I am so what I want you to do is to do you best to give me a relaxing foot massage and not tickle my feet. If I think your really trying I may let you slip in a few tickles so you can enjoy yourself and I can see of I'm missing something about tickling" she said to me as I just sat there is a daze not believing my luck, wife's best friend in only bra, nylons and high heels asking me to give her a foot rub and she will forget everything that she saw today. I stood up and walked over to the foot of the table and stood as close as I could without bumping Antinettes feet with my face, the smells were great. I reached up to her right foot with both hands took off my wife's high heel shoe and gently but forcefully started to rub it. "You know I can start to see why so many people like this, it's so relaxing but it's keeping me a little on edge waiting to be tickled I keep wanting to sit up to stop you even thought I know your going to be nice" Antinette told me in a low sexy voice, that's when I thought I could take up her game a notch. "I think I have a way you can keep your mind on the massage, I can tie you hands up above your head that way you don't have to worry about trying to stop me you can just lay back and relax" I told her putting all of my cards on the table now hoping that it sounded good to her too. "If you think its a good idea, it doesn't sound like a bad idea at all just let me have another drink before we begin" Antinette told me as she reached over and finished off her drink. I was stunned at her response, I told her just wait there and I would be right back to get her all set. I was so excited that I felt that my face and dick were on fire. I hurried into my bedroom and grabbed a pair of my wife's nylons and a scarf and headed back out to see Antinette. "OK are you ready to really enjoy you time on the inversion slash massage table?" I asked her as I walked back into the room and headed over toward the the end of the inversion table where Antinettes head and hands are. I gently grabbed her right wrist and wrapped the nylon around it about four times and then began to loop it around the top of the table. I then moved over to repeat the same to her left wrist, I was hard as hell again as I finished tying her left hand. "Hows that? Are you doing OK? Its not to tight is it?" I asked her as she twisted and turned her wrists testing out her bonds "It's not bad at all, the nylons are really soft but I can tell I will never be able to get out by myself" she told me then asked "Why do you have the scarf? I hope you're going to use it to blindfold me that way I can totally relax and enjoy the foot massage." I take the scarf and wrap it around Antinette eyes, around the back of her head and another over the eyes and knot it off to the side so she an rest her head back on the table again then I take the last nylon and tie the top of the table to the base of the table so that without help there is not anyway she can get herself upright. I start to pull on my rock hard cock through my pants now that Antinette can no longer see what I'm doing as I walk back down towards her feet. I start again on her right foot. "It's much better now isn't it? You can just lie back and enjoy yourself" I told her as I was rubbing her foot. I was doing my best trying to make her happy when I could no longer stop myself and had to give he a little tickle. As I was rubbing I used my pinkey finger and dragged it slowly along the bottom of Antinettes foot "wooo what was that? That was no accident your trying not to tickle right?" she told me in a playful voice. "It was totally my fault I'm sorry what can I do to make it up to you?" I asked hoping to get her to play along and my hopes payed off. "If your really sorry you would give my foot a big kiss to say your sorry I don't think that's to much to ask considering the position I'm in. I'm a little stuck at the moment as you can see" she told me and I was happy to help her out with her request. I gently held her foot as I leaned forward and puckered up my lips and placed a kiss on the toes of her left foot. I could not believe I was kissing my wife's best friend foot! The whole moment at hand was blowing my mind, the softness of her foot, the scent, the whole thing was great. I moved my hands and lips over to her right foot and when I started to kiss those toes she pointed her foot and asked me "please, oh please suck on my toes!! It ha ha ha tickles but its making me so horny and it feels so good he he he ha ooh oh please don't stop" she told me and who was I not to do her that favor. I kept on licking and sucking on her toes when I took my other hand and started to lightly tickled her other foot, just enough to be noticed "Oh god oh god!! I never knew ha ha ha that so much pleasure could be had from someone playing with my feet!! If I knew how good this feels I wouldn't have waited so long to find out" Antinette told me in between laughs and gasps of air. I couldn't stand it any longer as I reached down and pulled on my rock hard cock as I was licking and tickling Antinette with my left hand my right got busy on myself. It didn't take her long to notice that my breathing was getting hard and my tickling of her nyloned covered foot was a little irregular and she asked me what I was doing. "I was starting to fondle myself again, I'm sorry but this whole thing is to much for my to take. I have to shot a load before I blow up, I'm really sorry if it bothers you" I told her as I took a break from her feet "I am still not sure if my sides or arms are ticklish. I think you should find out before you do anything to yourself" Antinette told me as I listened to her telling me that she still wanted to be tickled some more. I stepped out of my pants and walk over to the side of the table and reach over and gently started to lightly draw circles on her naked stomach. As I was lightly tickling her stomach she kept trying to wiggle out of the way but that didn't stop me, I just move my hands over to her ribs and started to squeeze them and then I move one hand up and into her arm pit "AAHhhh st st STOP IT!! aha haa I can't take much more of this" Antinette laughed at me as I decided to slow down and give her a little break. "I think you may have gotten yourself into a little trouble" I told her a I stood back watching her trying to regain her demeanor "I think I am going to go get my camera and take a few pictures of you and put them away for safe keeping, that way I know you will never tell anyone about our little encounter were having today" "You can't! I will never tell anyone anything I promise" Antinette swore to me but it didn't matter, I was going to get some good pictures let alone the video she had no idea about. "Please! I will do what ever you want, no questions asked and I can do a lot of good things I hate having my picture taken you know that. Look at how many times you have to take my picture before you get one that I like" she told me trying to persuade me into not taking any pictures as she was giggling like a little school girl who just found out her first crush really liked her. "I don't know" I told her as I played along "what do you have in mind?" I asked. "I know you have a thing for feet and tickling. How about the next couple of times I come over to use your inversion table you can be home and I will let you tickled my feet as much as you want. I promise I will come over early a few of those days when Kelly isn't home so you can even tied me up again so you can do what ever you want" she told me and that offer was to good to refuse. "I think we have a deal" I told her as I circled back up to her head and began to lightly drag my fingers up and down her arms making sure to leave them a little to long in her armpits. "I think I'm going to have to write up a contract and have you sign it before you change your mind. Do you need anything until I get back?" Antinette asked if I could untie one hand and get her another drink so at least she could enjoy herself until I came back. I released her left hand knowing that she was right handed and would never be able to get the knots out using only her left hand I sat down at the computer in a excited mess and wrote down a few rules of the contract. I Antinette do sign this contract of free will and will obey all rules set forth below. 1. I will wear nylons whenever I am going to be around Kelly or you 2. I will try to the best of my ability to always be wearing at least a 2 inch high heels when I think we might meet. 3. On days I plan on using the inversion table I will be wearing high heels with a minimum of 3 inches in height and nylons the whole day. 4. I will not tell anyone ever about this contract or anything or actions it covers. 5. I will allow myself to be tickled at your will. 6. I will allowed pictures to be taken and released if I ever break any part of this contract. 7. I understand this contract once signed is valid for no less than 2160 hours. 8. I must be ready to come over at least once a week before 4:00pm I Antinette agree by singing below ------------------------------------------------------------------- I printed the paper and grabbed it and a pen and went back out into the sunroom to have Antinette read and sign it. As I got closer to the door I heard a funny noise in the room and tiptoed the rest of the way to the door to see what Antinette was doing. I peaked my head around the corner to see her with her hand down her nylons playing with herself, and  she was really enjoying it. I knew that I could really take advantage of this by helping her along a little bit. I slowly walked up to the end of the inversion table where Antinette's feet were still locked in, I began to slowly lick and nibble on her left foot and lightly tickle her right foot up and down from the tips of her toes to the heel of her foot. As I kept it up I could hear her breathing start to really quicken up and that's when I started to really give her foot the once over with my mouth. "OOOHHhh My God!! I think I'm going to cum!! Please oh please keep doing what you doing it feels great!!" Antinette told me but I had to make sure she signed the contract before she changed her mind. "I think playtime is over" I told her as I grabbed her hand and began to tie it up to the top of the table again. I could tell she was close to cumming with how hard she fought me and with how sweaty she was. "Please please please I need to finish!! You have no idea how few times I have came in my life. You have to let me finish!! I will do anything for you!! ANYTHING!!" she told me almost in a scream. "I will let both of your hands go as soon as you sign this" I told her as I put the paper up to Antinette's face so she could read it. As I held the contract up after about a minute she said "Oh my god, give me a pen! I'll sign it then please let me cum!! Could you also please play with my feet again it makes me feel great" she asked me as I started to release her hands. After I untied both of her hands she went right to town an herself aging playing this time with her pussy and tits at the same time. I was in haven as I moved back down to the end of the inversion table and once again I began tickle both of her feet at the same time. "OOOoooo oh my god!! please stop no no no don't stop just tickle one ha hah ahha ha foot at a time and could you just suck on my other toes he he he PLEASE!!!" Antinette asked me and after giving them both a huge thirty second burst of tickles I moved in and began to lick and suck her toes. "Please don't stop I'm almost there just give me another few seconds that is all I will need please" she asked me and then it didn't take Antinette long to cum, and in all of the excitement with Antinette begging for some tickles and nibbling I whipped out my cock and brought myself up to another orgasm. The timing was perfect we both came within ten seconds of each other. I was spent and so was Antinette, we both recovered in silence as I stood there and caught my breath Antinette told me she was glad that Kelly had to go back to work today "I'm glad too and the good news is that we can do something like this next week again, remember your under contract for six months" I told her. "SIX MONTHS? How do you figure six months, the contract is for a little over 2000 hours" Antinette asked. Think about it, there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. that only 168 hours for the whole week. "I guess you should have done the math in your head before you signed it" I told her as I gave her a copy of the signed document and helped her back into an upright position. I think you may need one more drink before Kelly gets back and then I can tell you what I have planned for you next. To be continued 
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Name: District13
E-mail address: nothanks@lycos.org
Comments:I enjoy reading some of the posts here from time to time many of these dreambooks seem to have fallen by the ways side or are just a bunch of fools aruging about who knows what. While any how this is just a quick post about my now ex girlfriend Trisha. Trisha works for Hooters and that is where we met that is where I busted her cheating on me! Trisha and I dated about a year and I started to get the feeling something was up. Trisha always wanted to hang out with the "girls." One day out of the blue I get a call from Cyndi Trishas coworker she said come to Hooters tonight there is something you need to see. Now that night was Trishas night off so I was interested especially after hanging up with Cyndi and guess who calls to say she and her "girls" are going out tonight. I played it off and went to Hooters at the time Cyndi told me to and right there was Trisha holding hands and kissing on this guy! I wanted to go over there and kick dudes ass but Cyndi told me not to make a scene! Trisha had no idea I was in the kitchen watching her scam with dude. I was fuming when I left. So I went home and put all her crap in her suit case and was about to toss it out the door when my phone rings and it is Trisha who wants to come over and play! Her code for sex. I said sure come on over. Now Trisha had always let me tie and gag her so I decided tonight I would tie her extra special. She came in as she still had my extra key for now. She greeted me with a hug and a sloppy liqoured up kiss. She laid on the mushy stuff thick. The cool thing about Trisha was she always wore hose or tights when she went out. So this night she was wearing some nice shiny black hose which I was planning on ruining to. She playfully asked so you wanna tie me up now or after. Now there was not going to be an after because I had no clue what was in her a few hours ago. So I said I would love to tie you up first. She smiled wickedly and asked how do want me ? She knew what I was going to tell her so I said hogtie postion. She took off her dress and heels. She stood there in her black bra and pantyhose I noticed her bra was not buckled right it was hooked the fabric not the hook so it comfirms Trisha had her bra off. I also noticed she had a huge run on the inside thigh of her pantyhose and her knees looked dusty and red! I asked her about the run she tripped over her words and said it happend when she was pulling her hose up after going to the bathroom. She then quickly got down on my floor and rolled on to her stomach and said I am ready honey please tie me up I been a bad girl! I was thinking yes you have. so I went and got my bondage bag and came back she had dozed off! I was furious inside I kept picturing her on her knees pleasing that guy! So I straddled her and tied her wrists and she was awake and said hey that is tight babe. I told her to realx I tied her elbows and pulled them closer together then I usually do she was like shit your tying me really right tonight. I said I know your a bad girl remember she giggled and said I am so bad! Hearing that I grabbed a rope and for the first time crotch roped her tight I wanted her to feel that rope rub her when she tried to move! I then tied her thighs and purposely tore the run in her pantyhose more until it was down to the back of her knee. I then sat her up and tied her above and below her knees she was smiling like a drunk fool and saying I am a bad girl! Every time she said it the ropes got a little tighter. I finished tying her ankles and was tired of hearing her big mouth so I grabbed my 1 1/2 in ballgag I totally fills her mouth and makes her drool after only 30 second. I she opened her mouth really wide and being the nice guy I was made sure this time it went behind her teeth I strapped it tight she looked at me over her shoulder and she garbbled it's tight! I said I know your a bad girl she looked at me with puppy eyes thinking I was going to loosen that big wad of rubber in her mouth. Instead I told get back on your stomach now. She pouted and managed to get back on her stomach and I grabbed the connecting rope and I connected her into a strict hogtie I made sure she could feel the heel of her foot on her fingers. Trisha could take a good hogtie but I made sure this one was a little tougher! She was pouting and mmpphing drool was leaking out of her mouth like a facuet. I decided to add to her punishment I tied the soles of her feet really tight she was pouting and trying to struggle for me. I sat and watched her for a while as she was trying to avoid putting her face in her puddles of drool. She looked at me and I told her I needed some pictures of her she grunted because she knew I took my time taking pictures of her. I came back with my camera and video camera she saw the video turn on and I told her make it good if you want to get loose. She was a big wet mess she had drool in her hair and her pantyhose had runs and she was exhausted. I told you did great Trisha but there was one more thing she just looked up at me like really. I went to her suit case and got one of her stinky nasty running shoes she wore when she worked out and I knew she never wore socks so the foot sweat was strong. I walked over to her she was on her side looking up at me i took the shoe from behind my back and she knew where what I was going to do she was pleading but I knelt down and had her smell it then tied it around her face forcing her to smell her stinky shoe and I taunted her she grunted and was pissed off I took pics and video. I figured I had enough so I untied her and she laid there and then she said I hope your happy after all that. She stood up took off her hose and tossed them at me. She went to shower. I took the disc out of my camera and video camera and hid them. I threw away her nasty pantyhose and put the ballgag in her suitcase. She came out in a towel and said where are my things? She saw the suit case in the middle of the room and said what the hell! I told her what I saw at Hooters and about her bra and pantyhose and her knees which were still red! She looked at me and said so is that why you tied me up and had me smell my f ing shoes! I said well pay back is a bitch! She then told me she has been blowing him for the past 4 months. I told her well you have fun with you new guy now beat it. She throw the towel at me and put on her dress and grabbed her stuff and left. She had no idea I took my key off her key ring. The next day she called me and aked me what i did with the pictures and video of her. I told her I still have them I put them with the rest of the videos i have of you tied and gagged. She was suprised she always thought I erased the tape oopps gues i forgot. Called me a jerk and told me to have fun jerking off to them. I told you know I will.
Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 04:36:10 PM
Name: John PHB
E-mail address: phb@phb.org
Comments:Killer site nice post district 13. I have an experience I wanted to share that took place about a month ago. My wife’s best friend Tiffani who is an adventurous 5ft 5in 110 lbs cutie with pretty little feet. In fact I often joked about starting my own pantyhose bondage web site and she is more than willing to be my model. My wife knows it has been a day dream of mine for a few years is not too keen about me tying up strange women and taking pictures of them. She said she trusts me but not the women. I told she could be present at all times. She said seeing me tying gagging a strange woman she would most likely get jealous since she knows my pantyhose bondage foot fetish turns me on. Moving on Tiffani came to stay the weekend with us. She had tickets to a concert she wanted my wife to go with her. I was happy to have the house to myself. It gets kind of cold here at night so my wife wore my favorite kind of reinforced toe pantyhose in fact that is the only kind she buys now since she know I am reinforced toe crazy, she had on her faded jeans black suede boots her Zeppelin T shirt and her leather jacket she looked hot it almost made me want to go. Now Tiffani is one of those girls who only wore pantyhose for “special occasions”, however this night she asked my wife is she could borrow a pair of her pantyhose since she was going to wear a skirt and she did not want to be cold. I almost passed out when I heard this I was so excited to see her in pantyhose let alone a pair of my wife’s pantyhose which of course I knew had reinforced toes! My wife told her to pick whatever color she wanted Tiffani picked black since her skirt was black with purple trim and her pumps were also purple and black. Now Tiffani goes a bit heavy on the eye makeup which I have always found sort of a turn on. They both looked very sexy and I told them they looked great my wife kissed me goodbye and they left. Now I raced to the internet to watch some video clips of pantyhose and bondage. I could not help but wonder how Tiffani’s feet smelled or would smell after they got home. I went to our guest room and sniffed Tiffani’s sneakers but not much of a smell. I was a bit disappointed to say the least I even sniffed her socks now there was a faint smell of sweaty feet now I was hopeful. I really wanted to get my hands on those pantyhose she was wearing tonight! Now I saw this clip of these two women hogtied together side by side they both and big ballgags in their mouths and were gag talking and drooling big time. The guy that roped them up had tied a rope from one woman’s bound elbows to her friends and tied a rope around their thighs and tied a rope around their bound ankles! Their pantyhose toes pointed and wrinkled soles looked so tasty. Then the guy came in and blindfolded them both with leather blindfolds and tied the soles of their feet together. Then he had them look in the direction and you could hear cameras clicking. As those captives tried to follow his instructions they mmpphed and drooled uncontrollably those ballgags were big and tight in their sexy mouths. I dam near lost my load when I re watched the clip but only this time I pictured those chicks were my wife and Tiffani! I wished somehow I could make that really happen tonight! I tried to think of a plan but everything sounded stupid! About 1 am my wife and Tiffani came in and I could see they were buzzed and feeling really good! Now I was like this might happen after all I knew Tiffani would go for it as long as my wife went for it. So I joined them for a few drinks and then my wife asked me to come into the bedroom with her. I had no idea what she wanted she got on her knees and started giving me a blow job our bedroom door was wide open, if Tiffani decided to go to the guest room she would see my wife blowing me! After a few wonderful minutes my wife looked up at me and said I am all yours! I know you want to tie and gag me and sniff my stinky sweaty feet and get yourself off. She lay down on the floor and said hogtie position right. I told she was right and that she was a great wife and bondage sub she giggled. I got the ropes and was about to close the bedroom door she said just leave it open. I was shocked my wife said you’re only tying me up and I just gave you a blow job so what’s the big deal right. I jokingly said are you ok honey did you smoke a little something she giggled maybe. Now I was thinking I know Tiffani did as well I was so close to getting my fantasy tonight. I took off my wife’s boots and the smell of her feet rocked my world those boots made her feet really sweat! I hogtied her and sniffed her feet a bit then grabbed one of her ballgags and as I was about to gag her she called hey Tiffani come here and see this! My heart was pounding as my wife said ok gag me now. I gagged her and she mmpphed and called for Tiffani to help her. I was so excited to hear Tiffani’s hi heels making their way across our wood floors. Now my wife kept up her calls for help and then I saw Tiffani standing in the doorway to our bedroom she was smiling. So this is the noises I hear when I stay the night. My wife mpphed and nodded. Tiffani came in checked out my rope work and the ballgag in my wife’s mouth. She looked at me and said dam you got her really tied up good. I said well now is your chance to be bound and gagged to Tiffani. Now my wife rolled on her side and she nodded and winked at me my heart jumped for joy now Tiffani looked at my wife who gave her a nod and wink also. Then Tiffani said oh what the hell go ahead tie me up I have always been curious what it felt like. So I told her to lie next to my wife. Tiffani lies down on the floor and my wife back on to her stomach and Tiffani said you going to tie like Kelly? I said you know it sweetie. I roped Tiffani like my wife and grabbed another ballgag and gagged Tiffani now my wife looked at Tiffani. I soon noticed they were really checking each other out I think they were both getting aroused by seeing each other bound and gagged! I was totally aroused. My wife demonstrated to Tiffani how to be a damsel and soon she and Tiffani were struggling and mmpphing. Now I grabbed ropes and tied them together like the guy did in the video and they really got turned on as they rubbed against each other. At this point I took off Tiffani’s shoes and buried my face into her sweaty stinky feet that sweet sour smell just like my wife’s so I knelt behind them smelling their feet as they mpphed and curled their soles and wiggled their toes. I was in heaven so I went for it got our camera and took pictures of them laying there hogtied and even a few minutes of video. It was way too exciting but I had to untie them they both and been hogtied for a while and my wife longer than Tiffani. After they were untied they wanted to see the pictures and video they liked what they saw. My wife asked Tiffani if she had fun she smiled at my wife yes I did! My wife said would you be willing to join John and I in our bondage games when you come for a visit. Tiffani said I love too as long as it is ok with you. My wife smiled it is ok with me and it was fun being tied up with someone else instead of by myself. My wife said we don’t have to ask John what he thinks as I was sitting there thinking Jackpot!!! Tiffani said well I guess I need to buy some pantyhose now and make sure I have them on when I come for visits right John and I smiled and said yep.
Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 05:12:19 PM
Name: Big Jake
Comments:Oh it's GREAT to see more posts.I'll add to that too. Well it came time for our trip I of course had trouble sleeping that night and I could hear Ronda packing and getting her things together. I heard the phone ring it was Ruby they were talking over the details they sounded like school girls. Ronda called to me ask me to talk to Ruby say Hi, I did she said she was looking forward to meeting me and knew we would have fun Ronda had told her so much about me 'I feel like I already know you, see you tomorrow I know we're going to have a lot of fun, till tomorrow.' I woke early Dad was getting ready for work Ronda was getting her stuff ready I made sure I had everything I wanted and needed , I started packing the van, Dad came to me gave me some money, I did have my own but I couldn't say no he then told me he gave Rhonda one of his card for energies but only energies. We shook hands and a hug and he went to kiss Ronda goodbye and off to work. I finished packing the van it's was a little chilly out so I had on a jacket I noticed her coat was a long black suede coat. I looked around for her the first thing I noticed was her perfume it was great. Then I heard her, I turned around to see her, her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, she was HOT, she was wearing a black sleeveless V neck Sweater Dress, knee-hi Hi-heeled black Slouch Boot, Wolford Velvet De luxe 50 Tights in black also(If your wondering how I know all of this I asked her and she told me). I know she so hot but this stopped me dead she was grinning from ear to ear, I was just standing there with my mouth open she asked “Do you like I just bought this outfit I your father hasn't even seen it yet, and these hose are the best I've ever worn it's like I'm not wearing them, but there not cheap so please take it easy on them, or do you want me to change into something else 'Master” she gave me a wink, then spun around to show me the whole outfit. I was being my coolest but I'm not sure and my heart can not take this much happiness OK, I said 'No this will be just fine,just fine'. We talked a bit more I had trouble paying attention next thing being said she told me we could stop for lunch on the way. We got in the van I was driving it was like she slid in the the seat next to me I of course watched she knew. I was just about the car when she put her hand on my arm and whispered “Oh now weight you are my master and you can't take any chance on your slave running away now can you” it was like I had gone back in time to the first time we played. Cradling her silky hose covered legs in my hand I lift them to my lap I slide off her black hi-heeled boots the smell of her perfume and the leather was heavenly. After I remove them I reached into my bag of stuff and took out a couple pairs of black pantyhose I bind her ankles and then with the other pair I tie her above and below her knees, whole time I was noticing how great these hose feel. I stopped there she asked 'you know you can tie my hands and even gag me if you want to you in charge “Master”, I said 'we'll get something to eat and drink first then more later, unless you want to eat with your hand tied and your mouth gagged”? She smile and said “Na”. Next our rode trip.
Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 05:39:43 PM
Name: Jim and Nancy
E-mail address: one@notone.net
Comments:Wow this is a great site; I really enjoyed many of the stories here. I figured why not share an experience from last Friday night. I have a huge pantyhose and bondage fetish since I was a teen now in my 40’s it is still going strong. I am very lucky to have a wife who is more than willing to indulge me in my fetish which is great for me. My wife Nancy is 5ft 5in about 120 she keeps very fit she tells me she wants to look good for the pictures I sometimes take of her tied and gagged. Nancy has mid length brown hair with some blonde high lights. Nancy works in at a law firm so she is a heels and hose girl everyday plus she does the socks and tennis shoes with her skirt and pantyhose when she walks with her co workers to lunch. I was never a big fan of the socks and tennis shoes but when I saw so many of those pretty hose clad legs walking at lunch time I began to see it a sort of sexy. Next piece of the story is my wife has a co worker named Pat he is a cool guy he has been a friend of ours for a few years now. He and I have hung out when my wife had to go out of town and he has seen my collection of pantyhose and bondage pictures and videos. He found them interesting. Pat told his fetish was skirts and boots he said however the pantyhose make a nice touch. I had a few pictures of ladies bound and gagged in skirts and boots. He gave me his e mail and I sent him all the ones I had. He eventually got up the courage to ask me if Nancy permits me to tie her up. I was not sure how to reply but my ego replied for me and I said she sure does. Pat smiled and said she must look great tied up? I smiled yeah she does not knowing where this discussion was going to end up. Pat was photographer and made videos. That is his hobby which he often uses to make money. He has shown us some of his work but he showed me his collection of skirts and boots pictures he had a huge collection of some very pretty girls and some not so pretty. I often told him we showed start our own business skirts boots and pantyhose bondage. He is open to it but won’t make the leap. Last Thursday I was told by my boss I needed to present at this conference about 6 hours away on Friday. I told Nancy about it knowing she and I had plans and she took it very well because it was work. Friday morning came and I split for the conference not knowing what I was going to come home to later on. The conference was over I called Nancy to tell her I was going to be on my way after I had a bite to eat and gas up. She said be careful I hear a voice in the back ground it was Pat he said tell Jim I said hi. Nancy repeated Pats greeting she said her and Pat were just going to hang out. I was always cool with this as Nancy told me Pat was not her type. I started to drive home and found myself sort of day dreaming about Nancy bound and gagged then for some reason Pat popped into the day dream I pictured him tying and gagging Nancy in her skirt and boots. I must admit I found the thoughts very arousing so I let the fantasy run its course as I drove home. I got home around 11pm and I noticed Pats car was still there again which was not unusual. I pulled my car into the garage and walked into the house. Something told me not to call out. So I took off my shoes and then I heard clicking of a camera and could see the flash going off. I was curious as I heard Pat giving direction but did not hear Nancy then I heard it the familiar MMMMPPPHING Sound of Nancy’s! I thought no way I am hearing things but I heard it again MMMMPPHH MMPPPHH MMMPPH. I Wanted to bust in on them but instead I wanted to see what was going on my day dream was really unfolding in my living room. So I crept into the kitchen and got down on my stomach and crawled into the dining room and under our table I could see Nancy who was tied and gagged to one of the dining room chairs. He mouth sealed with a lot of black tape. She was wearing a black skirt and black hose and her favorite black boots and her black and white sweater. I noticed all her boots set up around her. Pat clicked pictures and then told Nancy to struggle when he said video. She would the go into struggling and mmmphing. I noticed she was a willing participant which made me feel good. Pat came over removed one of her boots and then took some pictures of her with one boot on and her foot. Then he took another boot and put it on Nancy’s foot and took pictures. He then untied her feet and put a new pair of boots on her then retied her feet. He then blindfolded Nancy with a leather blindfold he then said video she struggled as she was doing this Pat was sniffing her boots! Clever sucker she had no idea what he was doing. After this he untied her Nancy took off the gag and the wadding was a pair of her pantyhose! I dam near came by this time. Nancy went to the bathroom and then came back and poured some wine they drank it and Pat said Jim is going to love these pictures and video. Nancy said we got to make sure we have both my boots off at some point ok Pat. He smiled right. What is next Nancy she said Jim Loves hogties so you think you can hogtie me Pat. He smiled I think so Nancy lay on the floor and put her hands behind her back. Pat went to work and that Son of B roped her into a great hogtie. Nancy said for someone who never hogtied anyone you did a great job. Pat grabbed the ballgag and gagged Nancy then he took pictures and video Nancy looked great. Pat then untied her connecting rope and her ankles her took off one boot and retied her into the hogtie he blindfolded her again and said video she as she was mmmpphiing old pat was smelling her boot. He then stopped her took some pictures. Then he untied her connecting rope and ankles and removed her other boot and retied her ankles crossed and reconnected her into a hogtie again. He took pictures and then said video. Nancy began to struggle as Pat smelled her boot and gave her direction Nancy really worked her feet she knew this was what I loved. She looked great blindfolded and gagged Pat stopped smelling her boot and walked around her. He had Nancy hogtied a good 45 minutes give or take. He then stopped filming and untied her. She told him I think you have done some hogtying before Pat he smiled I never have. Nancy gulped her wine and went to the rest room and Pat could not keep his hands off her boots. She came back in and she said tie my hands behind me and ankles together and above and below my knees ballgag me and set me on the sofa. She told him get some good shots of my feet. Pat did as she said and set her on the sofa he clicked away some pictures and shot video. She nodded and Pat untied her she thanked him for the photo shoot. He told her Jim will love it he is a lucky man Nancy. She smiled he is then they then went to our office to edit pictures and video. I crawled back into the kitchen and banged around like I just came home. Nancy came out to greet me I could see the strap marks on her cheeks from the ballgag. She told me she had a big surprise for me. I grabbed a beer and she led me into our office and saw Pat sitting at our desk he smiled hey man how is it going? I told him good how about you he said great. I thought I know. Nancy said you promise you won’t get mad at me or us. I said I promise why Nancy said I had Pat take some pictures and video of me tied up. I said really who did the tying she said Pat did silly who else could do the tying? I smiled and said show me what you two came up with and Pat showed me the pictures he put them together like a slide show. They were really good dude knew his stuff. He worked on the video as Nancy made me something to eat. I could see rope marks on her ankles and a run in the calf of her pantyhose. I could not help but smile she asked me a dozen times if I was mad I told her no and she asked you like the pictures I said sure they are great. Pat said come on in the video is ready and dam if he didn’t make it look like something you would buy. I was aroused after seeing it. Pat put it all on a DVD for us. We thanked him and he left it was about 4 am. The next day we had a BBQ and Pat showed up and I asked him to talk in private he looked a bit nervous at first I told him don’t worry there is something I want to ask you. We went into our office and I closed the door. I told him I actually watched the whole shoot last night but I told him not to tell Nancy he agreed he turning red said you saw everything. I told him yes but don’t worry man your secret is safe with me he looked relieved. I said her feet smell good don’t they he said yes they do amazingly good. I laughed and said you know that business deal I am always bugging you about he said yes. I told him how would you like to do it privately just you me and Nancy in our home just take pictures and make videos for Nancy and I? He said he would like that and I told him and you can smell her boots all you want I promise we laughed deal.
Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 05:05:48 PM
Name: Big Jake
E-mail address: Part 3
Comments:My captive and I drove and talked for awhile she told me more about her two sisters Ruby, and Reba. She also told me about her Dad and Mom, she was almost positive that they use to play bondage games but she was to scared to ask till one day. Well my sisters and I use to play a lot of tie-up games mostly Ruby and I, and we where razed to dress and act like ladies “well we act like them at least”so we . She told me about the time Ruby and her were playing there favorite game was 'kidnap the beauty queen' “we would both go in our Moms room get her dresses, hose, heels, make-up everything then go into our room push the beds together. We would dress up head to toe then we get all are tie-up stuff which was a lot of jump rope some scarves, bandannas and a pair of handcuffs. So we sit on the beds and tie each other up first the ankles then the knees then the gags which we stuffed each others mouths then taped shut that was fun put we kept laughing so it took a little while, then we would play rock-paper-scissors to see who ties who's hands and who put on the handcuffs. Well this time she won so to speak, she tied my hands behind my back then she put on the cuffs and we act like we're kidnapped and trying to escape. Well we thought we were they only people home, so there we were having fun rolling around the beds shoes came off, clothes coming off too we had on underwear, you know just having fun. Well when who comes in the door but my Mom we both froze she's home early. She walked in the room and gave us one of those Mom looks and she just looks at us we don't know what to do and or try to say. Then she did something really out if the blue.
Friday, February 12th 2010 - 12:00:13 PM
Name: Amanda D.
Comments:Wow this site is something, my husband told me about dreambooks so i looked up this one.I guess i will tell you my story. My husband has always had a pantyhose bondage fetish. Every since we dated I have known this. He loves black or brown reinforced toed pantyhose, those are the only pantyhose i own. We have been married for 18 years now with no children and i have been tied up so many times I can't count, But he has always been so sweet and kind while i was tied, gagged and blindfolded. Well about 2 months ago he asked me to play a different kind of game with him. I ask what kind of game and he said he wanted to kidnap me and be rough with me. Well I told him not to hurt me and I would play along. He said that he would lay out my outfit and i would dress up and the game would start. I went into the bedroom and the outfit was on the bed so I got a shower fixed my hair and put on my makeup, then went to the bed and started to get dressed. I started by putting on my black reinfoced toed pantyhose, then my black floor length evening gown and my 3 inch strap on high heels. and last a pair of black elbow length opra gloves. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen and a hand was put over my mouth and a arm was wrapped around my waist and i was dragged across the kitchen to one of our table chairs and was thrown down into a chair and my hands were pulled behind the chair and tied tightly. A ball gag was shoved into my mouth and strapped on tight, next i was blindfolded, and my feet were tied together and was pulled under the chair and tied off. I screamed and struggled and all i heard was laughing. I was kept tied to the chair for a few hours while my husband rubbed my breast and my private areas. i also heard some pictures being taken as i was tied to the chair. Finally my while still tied together were untied from the chair and i was stood up and forced to hop while still tied ,gagged and blindfolded down the hall and into the bedroom then i was told by my husband that I was to be raped and even though i knew it was him i was still scared and i screamed and started to cry. I was pushed down onto the bed. He put me in the middle of the bed then my feet were untied and he took each foot and pulled them up into the air and tied each ankle to a rope that was attached to the headboard, so my feet were up in the air and then he tied a rope from the side of the bed to my knees. my private area was now open to him. I was left tied like that for awhile then i felt him get onto the bed. I was really scared at this point and i struggled and screamed. next i felt him rip the crotch out of my pantyhose and i was exposed to him. As i struggled I felt him enter me and then i was raped by him. My feet were then untied from the headboard and retied together and i layed there the rest of the night in his arms as he brought me back down from being raped. he removed my blindfold and gag and held me and kissed me all night as i lay there tied. I fell asleep in his arms and the next morning he untied me and now I can't wait until he kidnaps me again. It was so real and yet it felt so good.
Saturday, November 27th 2010 - 11:55:26 PM
Name: Michael
E-mail address: mburch9140@msn.com
Comments:My first experience is not as great as I was hoping but it was still really great! My girlfriend and I had not been together long but she got it out of me fast that I loved dancers for their sexy outfits mixed with their tights!!! She just happened to be a dancer and a beautiful body! Well this was after I graduated high school and had decided to take a year off. So soon after she found out about my tights fetish and bondage fetish she asked me when she could have that experience of being tied up. I told her that I would have to be a day that I was off and she didn't have school. So we set a day and I made sure that all my stuff was ready and so she came over and was not dressed she had packed the stuff just in case my parents came home early. So as she pulled up on the curb in front of the house I saw and readied myself. As she walked in, she closed the door and found a note saying to go ahead and get changed and to come upstairs to my bedroom. After she got changed in the downstairs bathroom she headed upstairs still wondering where I was and probably figured that I was in my bedroom waiting for her. What she didn't know is that I was hiding around the corner in the room across from my bedroom. AS she entered the hallway to my bedroom and had her back turned to the room I was in I quietly crept up on her and Megan at the time was the kinda woman to get scared really easily which made this even better! i snuck up behind her and right as she she was about to say my name I put one hand over her mouth and wrapped my big arm around her middle section keeping her arms at her side. She started screaming and struggling as I pulled her backwards taking her off her feet and began dragging her to my bedroom. She still hadn't realized it was me I was really getting turned with her sexy short skirt, tan tight but her tights came to and end at her ankles which was the only disappointment to me and she was also wearing a very sexy skin tight shirt! I threw her on my bed and before she had a chance to look to see who was doing this I got on top of her putting a blindfold on her and gagging her and at this point she was not being relentless with her screaming and squirming!!! I was extremely hard to the point that it hurt! I gagged her with one of my clean socks of a pillow case that I had on the bed and then handcuffed her hands behind her back! She continued to make as much noise as she could and squirm still not realizing it was me and i'm a big guy as a former defensive end in high school and we were not bad at all! I spread her legs as I was sitting between them and began to touch and rub her legs all over and after a few minutes I began to move my hands closer to her vaginal area and whispered in Megan's ear that it was Michael and that she didn't have anything to worry about. I wanted her to relax as I massaged her all over. I began massaging around her vagina through her tights and she became very quiet and started to moan and make a very sexy noise and she knew I wanted to do it right then and there!!! I decided to turn her over on her back and got my favorite knife out and cut a whole where her vagina was and she knew I was very good with knives and accurate so she never worried about my cutting the whole. I then ungagged her and put her on top of me and told her to suck me but to not go all the way. She did and man did I not want her to stop I wanted us both to build up to the ultimate orgasm plus it was fun to tease each other! I had a vibrator and put it to her vagina and the tights are great for keeping it in place and when I did this I then tied her ankles together as well as above and below her knees and then and after I was finished tying her she really started to moan and squirm a lot and this was when I gagged her again and untied both of her knee ropes and took the vibrator out and she really didn't like that one bit! she gave me the death stare and I loved it! After I retied her knees above and below the knees I pretended to walk out of the room but didn't and just sat there with her screaming for me to come back and was squirming but couldn't get up, I was enjoying myself quite a bit to1 I waited a bit to let her work up a sweat and then untied her and at that time we got under the covers and had such a great time if you know what I mean!!! and that was when we had multiple orgasms!!!
Tuesday, February 1st 2011 - 08:15:28 PM
Name: Dan denslow
Saturday, February 5th 2011 - 05:17:21 PM
Name: Oli fuller
Comments:Well I've always had this thing with tights, I found them so sexy it was unreal, I couldn't take my eyes of legs with tights on. I also had a obsession with bondage, I found it so sexy to tie girls up to a bed with there legs open, and I dreamt of playing with there pussy and legs. Then I discovered pantyhose bondage this was great two of my most favorite things combined.  The next year at my school the head master changed the school uniform, so the girls wore skirts and tights. Evan better than that the really FIT girl on my bus wore a skirt too and the most amazing tights ever!!!  Time goes by, and I enjoy great pleasure imagining tying Katie Durrent up and tickling her pussy and feeling those beautiful legs. About a month ago she came to my house to watch a movie and a sleep-over. I told her to wear her school uniform, she did, she asked why I said 'because you look sexy in those tights'. So there we where watching the move, well I was steering at her legs most of the time, she began to shuffle closer to me and rested her black shiny tights over my lap and asked me to masarge them. I couldn't believe this so I started to masarge her legs... About a hour passed and my tool was like rock. Then it suddenly clicked, my bed was set up with bondage gear... And my mum has a vibrator...  This was the perfect opitunity. I   Then said I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was really getting a cloth with knock out gas on it to knock her out! I I got it ready and went down stairs and sat back next to her. With the cloth in my hand I put my arm around her. Suddenly I grabbed her mouth and she screamed a little and was gone. I placed her on my bed and felt her thighs ohhhh it was good, I then positioned her on my bed spread-eagle with her arms either side of her and tied her up leaving venerable. She still had all her clothes on. I then got dressed into my own tights and I was ready.  About five minuets later she awoke, it took her at least ten second until she realised what was going on. She franticly jolted around trying to get free screaming for her Life, lucky I put a ball gagg on. She just wouldn't stop trying to escape shouting and screaming, as I felt her tights and I slowly made my way up to her pussy feeling around It and rubbing it and masarging it. At this point she was still jolting and moaning and arhh'ing trying to get free but couldn't. I noticed a wet patch on her tights from her pussy, I thought to my self now for some torture!!  I began by taking off her school shoes and began to tickle her feet, she was laughing under her gag and wriggling her feet and body. Pulling on the ropes holding her in place, just hoping to get free.  This went on for about an hour tickling her feet, legs, pussy, armpits and boobs, by this time she had worked up a sweat. So I decided to leave her there for an hour or two. I was down stairs and I could hear her trying to escape, shaking around, then I thought she had long enough and went back up to see her. As I went up I got my mums sex toy and brought it in to show her. She realised what it was and cried, trying to break free.  I move to the end of the bed to find a bigger wet patch on her tights. I pulled her skirt back and pulled down her tights to find a delicious clit hanging out. Then I forced the penis into her pussy, she moaned, and continued to wriggle around trying to stop what was about to happen. I turned on the sex toy and pushed it In Further, she really started to squeal and tug on the ropes. I put her tights over the toy and blind folded her and started to video her.  When she began to creep to orgasm I stopped the toy and took it out, she was relieved, but still tried to escape. I then decided to finger her through her tights, and moved on to shag her. She did not like being fucked one bit, it was her first time but I didn't go all the way.  When we where finished I thought that I would reposition her, so I knocked her out and retied her on her front with her legs spread and her arms Behind her back. By the time she woke up I had got my mums sex machine out and set it up directly up her pussy. She woke to a real surprise because I turned on the machine. Blind folded she did not know what was going on,screamed and wriggled to try to escape!!  I had put a gag in her mouth that opens it all the way, so I could put my cock in her mouth without her biting it. I did this while she was being fucked by the machine, she did joy enjoy it one bit but I did I was so horny. I hissed in her face. The night went on I must have made her cum at least 6 times. And in the end I drugged her, she forgot everything and woke up in my arms...
Sunday, February 6th 2011 - 04:00:36 PM
Name: Oli fuller
Comments:After my first story I was keen to make another about a really fit girl I know. I love to right stories from my imagination!! My next experience of pantyhose Bondage was at my sixteenth birthday party. It was the usual birthday party, friends come for party food, listen to music, chill out, Etc. But me and a friend called Beverly long had something els in mind. Well I did but she didn't know about it. On the day she was wearing a red skirt, with a belt, nylon tights, and red high heels, I was extremely turned on by this!  When the party finally came to an end, we decided that we where going to stay the night together. I had found out that she also liked being tied up and tickled in tights and she knew that I liked tights as well. She has always being teasing me by wearing really nice tights! It was about time I taught her a lesson!  Not knowing that this was going to happen we settled down to watch a movie, I could tell that her shoes where irritating her so I asked if she wanted me to masarge them. She obviously got the idea how keen I was about this so she let me. I started to rub her feet and i moved my way up her legs, the sensation was overwhelming, she began to moan a little.  After about half an hour, she asked me if I wanted to tie her up and fuck her, she knew I would say yes. I got my bondage gear form my room and went back down to find her beginning to undress. I told her to leave her clothes on, she did, and then told her to sit on the chair. As she sat down I put a cloth over her mouth, she was knocked out in seconds.  I began to tie her to the chair, it was an arm chair so I tied her arms to the arms of the chair. I used cable ties instead of ropes they where quicker and easier. I then tied her legs to the chair so they where open and she couldn't close them, I could see right up her skirt and noticed that she wasn't wearing knickers, this turned me on! I then placed a gag in her mouth and blindfolded her. I then placed more cable ties on her arms so she could not move them a bit, and I was ready... About fifteen minuets later she awoke with a shock that she could not move her body! She began to scream and wriggle and played her part. I then mentioned about her no wearing knickers, and began to stroke her legs and massarge her vagina. She moaned into her gag an continued to wriggle her body. I then got my mums vibrator and taped it to the chair so it was resting on her pussy. She was nervous because she didn't know what was going on, as she was blindfolded. I told her not to worry. I plugged in the vibrator and turned it on. In shock Beverly jumped and squealed  and struggled to  free from the chair l laughed and took the blindfold off. She looked around and looked at her pussy being humiliated and began wriggling he waist to move the vibrator. She was now beginning to cum and was really trying to get free and enjoying it at the same time. I could tell She has done this before, I sat there and played with her tights until she came. After that she hung her head in shame...  I began to creep towards her pussy with my hands, she wriggles trying to stop me! I ripped a hole in her hoes and began to finger her. She screamed furiously trying to get the gag out of her mouth and force herself off the chair.  I left her there helpless for a hour, and went back up to see her in the same position, crying. If that was bad she didn't know what was coming...  From my bag I pulled out some of my electric pads. I pulled down her shirt and she screamed! I placed  the pads on her boobs, she cried with hate-rid!! I turned on the electric and she jolted around in pain trying to stop this torture. I left it on for a few minuets until she went red with pain. I then pulled out another set of pads an placed them on either sides of her pussy, she didn't want this and tried to tel me to stop (playing her part). I turned on both pads and she cried with pain as I felt her tights.  I then took of the pads and placed them on her hands and feet, she shook them to try to get them off. Another five minuets passed on with screaming and crying.  After that I untied her and she said how much she enjoyed herself, then we made love under the covers. 
Monday, February 7th 2011 - 01:47:50 PM
Name: JB
Comments:New dreambook site made specifically for people who have foot fetishes www.books.dreambook.com/joeboy5/main.html
Friday, February 25th 2011 - 09:40:48 PM
Name: WD
Homepage URL: http://cal141.posterous.com/my-girlfriend-tied-me-up
Comments:Somewhere, some time ago, a young man makes plans to captured his girlfriend... One weekend, when our parents were gone, I planned a typical dinner and movie date for Friday night, with us going to her house afterwards for the weekend. There was no game planned. Or so she thought. "Hey, Timmy! You ready?" "I'm sorry, but something came up." "What?" "My boss asked me to work an extra shift. We have to cancel for tonight." "What? Is there any way you can leave?" "Believe me, I tried." She sighed. "Well, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow." "Yeah, sorry about that. Bye." "Yeah, bye." This was somewhat believable as my boss could be really strict. Now all I had to do was wait. She came out of the bathroom a little while later, sighed, and began to undress. I almost regretted what I was about to do, seeing all the preparation she had gone through. She tossed of her socks and shoes, pulled off her pantyhose, and began to unzip her jean skirt. I got ready. Continue this story @ http://cal141.posterous.com/my-girlfriend-tied-me-up
Wednesday, April 6th 2011 - 06:41:08 AM
Name: Miss Moss
E-mail address: annamoss1606@rocketmail.com
Comments:WARNING this story is made up My name is Izabel my first bondage happend when I was only 14 I was a typical schoolgirl I wore slip on shoes black tights a Tight skirt and a shirt I had black hair and long legs So anyway I was on my way 2 gymnastics after school one day when a kid called Jay stopped me he was one of the big kids if you now what I mean he tolded me I wasn't going tonight I asked why when suddenly he grabbed me and put a knife to my neck then I blacked out... Rest of story coming soon I apologise but I can only write for 10 mins a week
Wednesday, May 11th 2011 - 02:37:35 PM
Name: Avenger11
Comments:My ex sister in law Liz was a very attractive girl...after her and my brother divorced I kept in touch on a regular basis to see my neice and nephew. I used to take my nephew to the football and on taking him home after a mid week game I sat and chatted to Beth about this n that. Earlier that night she had dropped Jack off to save me travelling to hers as it was abt 20 miles away. She had just came from her work and still had on her work clothes. She was the manager in a delivery warehouse. She looked great n i took every chance to eye her up before she left, that night she had on a tight black v necked sweater,knee length black skirt nylons and high heels. I have always fantasised how she d look tied up and gagged. Beth hadnt changed from work when i took Jack back, she d had a glass of wine, after we got Jack off to bed we were chatting and the subject turned to a robbery I had been working on (I'm a police officer) Beth had always been really interested in stuff i got involved in at work. While we chatted I sat across from her n got a great view of her stockinged legs which Ive got to admit turned me on. I noticed when I was telling her about how the house holder had been tied up she seemed to become very interested......I couldnt believe it......could she be turned on by it! " I sometimes worry about being robbed at work.....I m sometimes there at night alone n there is cash in the office............say something was to happen what would u say i should do?" " How do u mean do?" I asked. " Well u said that woman had been tied up......if that happened would u suggest i just did what I were told or to try n resist" " Oh I'd say if it happened you d better do exactly what they tell u......why do you fear the thought of somebody tying u up?...anyway the chances of that happening a very remote......i ll come n rescue if it did" I joked with her." " God you here stories like that...they could do Anything to me..." I moved over beside her to reasure her " Listen dont worry......the way you are lokking tonight its more likely i ll tie u up..." the words were out before I realised...what was I thinking... She giggled n blushed slightly " Your terrible...." n slapped my thigh.I grabbed her hand by the wrist n pulled her over my lap pinning her wrists behind her back. She was laughing and squirming but she wasnt strong enough to get away. " You seem very interested in the fact that girl got tied up? you got a thing for it? I think we'll need to let you experience how it feels? what do you say?" " You wouldnt dare" she said almost dareingly. There was no way I was goin to let this opportunity pass. i got her to her feet n held her arms behind her back covering her mouth with my other hand. she must have knew I was aroused, she must have felt it. " Well my little robbery victim.........what are we goin to do with you.." I told her to lie down on the floor infront of the fire, she did it without complaint, " When i take my hand away you dont make a sound...understand" she slowly knodded "mmmmmhhhhmm" Within a couple of minutes I had her hands tied tightly n the small of her back n her legs tied at the ankles. i stood back to admire my handywork. She looked amazing bound n helpless. " Now just one final touch.....the gag....no sensible robber would leave a hostage un gagged now would they? cant have u calling for help beth" "I suppose not...." she said breathlessly. I found a clean white towel and tore of a strip knotting it in the middle. I sat beside her on the floor and noticed how she was constantly squirming testing how well she d been bound. " You can struggle all you want your not goin to get loose...trust me....Im not letting a chance like this pass by.." I picked the gag back up n brought it up towards her mouth " Open! " she did almost silently. The pushed the knot into her mouth and tied it round the back of her head twice pinning it tightly inplace. I knw she was turned on n enjoying it. I rubbed her breast through her sweater and she moaned behind the gag. For the next hour or so i forced her to cum twice.........
Tuesday, August 9th 2011 - 10:53:06 AM
Name: Paul
E-mail address: Ph1_MAn@yahoo.com
Comments:I know this is a long shot. But if there really are any ladies that like to be tied up while wearing pantyhose. Please email me. PH1_MAN@yahoo.com
Tuesday, August 16th 2011 - 03:38:26 PM
Name: Michael Burch
E-mail address: mburch9140@msn.com
Comments:My story is not real, just fantasy. So my girlfriend teaches dance and wears the most amazing uniform to work!!! She wears tights everyday, with a leotard, and sexy skirt and ballet slippers. Well one day I decide to surprise her in a way she's never been surprised... So I get home and prepare the house the her coming making sure that all the ropes and handcuffs and sexual toys were all ready and in place to use. About an hour before she left work to come home I sent her a text telling her that I was gonna go out with the guys and watch football and that I would be home late, thus she bought it. I parked my SUV down the road close enough for a quick walk but far enough to where she couldn't see it. the plan was to hide in the study which is the first room on the left, so that when she walks in and begins to head upstairs to change into her pj's I will sneak up behind her, grab her from behind wrapping one arm around her arms keeping them both in place and putting the other hand over her mouth so that she isn't able to make much of any noise. So by the time she got home I was already waiting for her, and everything was ready for her. As She walked in I heard the door, and heard her footsteps as she closed the door and began walking past where I was standing. I was still light out and if she had walked into the study would have easily seen me but the study wasn't her a place that she visited often. As she walked past getting closer to the stairs to head to the bedroom I began to walk up behind her without her hearing me, As soon as I put my arm around her arms grabbing her she began to scream and I covered her mouth. she attempted to look to see who had grabbed her but I wouldn't allow her to, I wanted this to be as real as possible for the time being. I quickly began dragging her body upstairs and her violently thrashing trying to get loose but my size to hers I was a much larger person to her thus she hadn't much chance to get away. I dragged her down the hall and into the bedroom, grabbed a ball gag and threw her on the bed pinning her down quickly lodging the ball gag into her mouth. Then I grabbed a bandanna that was already on the bed and blindfolded her with it. I then flipped her over on her back (she was starting to cry at this point), I tied her hands over above her head close to the head board and tied her ankles together. I then grabbed a pair of handcuffs and looped then around the roped in between her wrists and fastened thew other end to the headboard, then I took another pair of handcuffs and fastening one end around the rope in between her ankles and the other end to the footpost. I then began to feel her legs, they felt soo amazing and soft with her tan ballet footed tights on!!! I rubbed my hands all over her body and continued to hear try and scream as she was still crying. I then grabbed one of my hunting knives so as to get her top off without loosening any of the restraints. She really started to panic when I put the knife to her and began cutting away at her top. After I did that I then whispered into her ear... guess what? She responded... what? I said, this is your boyfriend John, And then silence came to her. I took off the blind fold and a since of relief came to her. And the she really got into it, I used all the toys and she used of of her tools on her person and we made the Fourth of July happen all over again and I did not regret one bit making it seem to her like it was the real thing!!! :) And she most definitely enjoyed it!
Thursday, August 18th 2011 - 11:49:39 PM
Name: avenger11
Comments:My ex sister in law Liz was a very attractive girl...after her and my brother divorced I kept in touch on a regular basis to see my neice and nephew. I used to take my nephew to the football and on taking him home after a mid week game I sat and chatted to Beth about this n that. Earlier that night she had dropped Jack off to save me travelling to hers as it was abt 20 miles away. She had just came from her work and still had on her work clothes. She was the manager in a delivery warehouse. She looked great n i took every chance to eye her up before she left, that night she had on a tight black v necked sweater,knee length black skirt nylons and high heels. I have always fantasised how she d look tied up and gagged. Beth hadnt changed from work when i took Jack back, she d had a glass of wine, after we got Jack off to bed we were chatting and the subject turned to a robbery I had been working on (I'm a police officer) Beth had always been really interested in stuff i got involved in at work. While we chatted I sat across from her n got a great view of her stockinged legs which Ive got to admit turned me on. I noticed when I was telling her about how the house holder had been tied up she seemed to become very interested......I couldnt believe it......could she be turned on by it! " I sometimes worry about being robbed at work.....I m sometimes there at night alone n there is cash in the office............say something was to happen what would u say i should do?" " How do u mean do?" I asked. " Well u said that woman had been tied up......if that happened would u suggest i just did what I were told or to try n resist" " Oh I'd say if it happened you d better do exactly what they tell u......why do you fear the thought of somebody tying u up?...anyway the chances of that happening a very remote......i ll come n rescue if it did" I joked with her." " God you here stories like that...they could do Anything to me..." I moved over beside her to reasure her " Listen dont worry......the way you are lokking tonight its more likely i ll tie u up..." the words were out before I realised...what was I thinking... She giggled n blushed slightly " Your terrible...." n slapped my thigh.I grabbed her hand by the wrist n pulled her over my lap pinning her wrists behind her back. She was laughing and squirming but she wasnt strong enough to get away. " You seem very interested in the fact that girl got tied up? you got a thing for it? I think we'll need to let you experience how it feels? what do you say?" " You wouldnt dare" she said almost dareingly. There was no way I was goin to let this opportunity pass. i got her to her feet n held her arms behind her back covering her mouth with my other hand. she must have knew I was aroused, she must have felt it. " Well my little robbery victim.........what are we goin to do with you.." I told her to lie down on the floor infront of the fire, she did it without complaint, " When i take my hand away you dont make a sound...understand" she slowly knodded "mmmmmhhhhmm" Within a couple of minutes I had her hands tied tightly n the small of her back n her legs tied at the ankles. i stood back to admire my handywork. She looked amazing bound n helpless. " Now just one final touch.....the gag....no sensible robber would leave a hostage un gagged now would they? cant have u calling for help beth" "I suppose not...." she said breathlessly. I found a clean white towel and tore of a strip knotting it in the middle. I sat beside her on the floor and noticed how she was constantly squirming testing how well she d been bound. " You can struggle all you want your not goin to get loose...trust me....Im not letting a chance like this pass by.." I picked the gag back up n brought it up towards her mouth " Open! " she did almost silently. The pushed the knot into her mouth and tied it round the back of her head twice pinning it tightly inplace. I knw she was turned on n enjoying it. I rubbed her breast through her sweater and she moaned behind the gag. For the couple of hours I played with her.......making her cum several times............tickle torturing her which i think is such a turn on. From then on I took the opportunity to tie her up as much as i could...she was very submissive and kinky
Wednesday, September 7th 2011 - 09:15:03 AM
Name: Sandra Bernabei
E-mail address: sandy.bernabei@gmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lincoln-shitting.com
Comments:She made me use a pair of nylons to tie her to the toilet again. Honestly, I don't know why she's so obsessed with it. She puts on pantyhose with runs in her stockings and makes me call her "Mrs. Lincoln" and always wears a black top hat. As soon as she's tied up, she has me put on pantyhose and fetch her a newspaper in my mouth like a dog. I always must kneel, in my pantyhose, when she pulls the paper out of my mouth. Then she pulls a Milkbone dog biscuit out of a box off the shelf and shoves it in my mouth. She doesn't make me eat it, but I must confess, I have on occasion and I don't much mind the taste. Oh, and in the background we usually have a home video playing of her stripping off her stockings at a GG Allin concert from his 1992 tour with the Murder Junkies. Mum says things along the lines of watch Mrs. Lincoln shitting and things like that. When she's ready to be untied, she yells, "I am freeing the slaves!" Then she straddles the toilet, which is my cue to untie her nylons and flush. She wants me to perform acts in front of her, with all of us wearing her black fishnet stockings, while she's on her "throne," but so far I've only found girls that are interested and I'd rather get involved with a guy. A guy who wears nylons. Had to get that out. I love this site. Anyone in the NY Metro area looking for fun?
Tuesday, October 11th 2011 - 10:36:05 PM
Name: Avenger11
Comments:I told you on this page how i got to tie up my ex sister in law. Well this became an ongoing situation. One of the most erotic games we played involved her getting overpowered ...it really turned her on..........in return she would dress up for me which always involved her wearing stocking. The senario she loved was for me to "break in" n grab her tie her up then interogate her before I made her cum and fucked her. She left the back patio doors open and as I stood outside i could see her sitting in the lounge. Now just to give u an idea Liz was very curvy.....5'7 dark hair, big breasts and great legs....she had on a figure hugging red dress with great heels...i dont knw what they are called but they have a strap round the ankle which showed off her sexy feet. I slid the door open n went in.....she really didnt hear me thou it was around the time we had arranged. I slipped in and stood out of sight in the doorway which joined the lounge and the dining room I had entered through, this then led to the open plan kitchen off the dining room. A couple of minutes passed till she made her way to the kitchen...she passed me n I came from behind her clamping my hand over her mouth n pinning her arms to her sides....she genuinely jumped for a second.......i held her close n spoke into her ear " not a sound my dear......do what ur told n u'll be fine...u understand" She struggled and tried to call out through my hand which was clamped over her mouth.I pulled her gently through to the lounge n took her to the floor......." no screaming when I take my hand away!" she slowly knodded. Within a few minutes I had her tightly bound...hands behind her back...legs bound at the ankles and knees......finally i gagged her.....a silk scaft knotted several times n the middle which silenced her quite well. I sat beside her n enjoyed her struggles to get free while she put on calls for help as she knew i loved it. i ran my hands over her n groped her through her clothes......I had a surprise instore for her......i had a small vibrator with me and i took care in inserted it inside her panties n turned it on...the reaction was amazing she squirmed n struggled as the toy stimulated her......within a couple of minutes I knew she had came.......she lay face down whimpering through the gag........my turn to play...... I slipped off her heels n touched her sexy stockinged feet.....she knew she was about to be tickled.... I played with her feet for ages .............i untied her legs n took her upstairs....her "ordeal" continued all night......
Monday, October 24th 2011 - 09:52:30 AM
Name: Dani
Comments:My name is Dani. I'm a brunette of medium height and average build. This story is one of many about the torture and humiliation I experienced at the hands of my older sister, Kat. Kat is taller than me, her hair lighter. She's always had the better figure. She's into all forms of bondage, although I had no idea of that at the time when I lost a bet to her. The stipulation of the bet was the loser would have to do anything the winner requested of them. The first thing Kat requested was to tie me up. It seemed harmless enough at first. Our parents were away visiting relatives and we had the house all to ourselves. She told me to go to my room and wait for her. I did and to my shock she came in with a whole suitcase that was loaded with rope, handcuffs, shackles, and all sorts of gags I had never seen before. I started having second thoughts but I lost the bet so I felt obligated to go through with it at least for a little while. She told me to lay on the bed on my stomach and to place my hands behind my back. I lay down and I felt my wrists being grabbed and I hear the snapping and locking of a pair of handcuffs. Then some nylon rope was removed from the bag. She took her time binding my legs. My ankles were tied first, then my knees. Since I was on my stomach, I couldn't always see what she was doing. But I had her rustling through the bag and next thing I know she's forcing this huge pink with straps into my mouth. I later learned this was a ballgag, as this was my first of many encounters with them. The straps were secured behind my head. This particular gag came with a little padlock used to lock the gag in place. She used it so that even if I got free I wouldn't be able to remove my gag without the key for the padlock. She got her camera and started snapping pictures of me in this embarassing position. I grunted and moaned through my gag, telling her I had enough already. But Kat had no plans of letting me go. She gave my bare feet a light tickle and told me she had so much fun in store for me. Kat had a thing for wearing nylons. She would often wear knee-high stockings under her pants instead of socks. She used to go to stores and buy the pairs that came in packs. She had a whole drawer full of them. One thing that was bad about was that the nylons didn't absorb sweat like socks do and her feet would smell as a result. I commented on this to her several times but she never seemed to care. Later on she came up and untied my legs so I could watch television with her in the living room. With my hands cuffed she led me downstairs. She sat me on the floor and removed the ballgag. But it was only to change the gag to something else. She had this strange device she explained to me was called a spider gag. Its sort of like a ring gag (another gag Kat would later use on me). She forced the metal parts of it into my mouth which held my mouth wide open. Then she adjusted it. This one adjusted while it was inside the mouth so you could make it wider or smaller. She made it as wide as it went at first. My mouth forced wide open and my jaw started to ache. Then she did something really mean. She was wearing tan nylons that she took off her feet. Seeing as how my mouth was forced open, she stuck one of her big toes into my mouth. Then she adjusted to gag to close it in so that her toe was enclosed in my mouth and it wouldn't be able to be removed unless she adjusted the gag again. She wiggled her big toe around in my mouth a bit before resting it against my tongue. The metal parts held my teeth in place so I couldn't bite down on it. She must have sweated a lot between her toes because her big toe tasted foul and salty on my tongue. She had her camera on her and took more pictures of me sucking on her big toe with the spider gag in my mouth. "Poor Dani" she said taunting me. "Sorry about the taste. Those nylons really make my feet sweat a lot. But you should get used to the taste. It's something you're going to be doing quite often." She freed me late at night so I could go to the bathroom. At first I refused to let her gag me or do anything to me again. But then she reminded me about the pictures and how they would make their way onto the internet if I didn't follow the rules of the bet. Her next orders were for me to strip down to my bra and panties in my bedroom. I did so after some hesitation. Then my hands were cuffed behind and my ankles and knees firmly bound with rope. She went into her room and brought her laundry hamper back with her. It was filled with all different kinds of worn knee-high stockings. She took two out and rolled them up. She instructed me to open my mouth. I refused until she clamped my nose with her fingers I had to open my mouth eventually to breathe. When I did she stuffed both worn nylons into my mouth. Then two more were rolled up and stuffed in. Then another two nylons were crammed in there. A muzzle gag was finally used to silence me completely. It had straps that went over and around my head and under my chin, and a huge black panel that covered my mouth and prevented any sound from escaping. This one also came with a padlock that she locked in place. Now, bound, cuffed, stripped down to my bra and panties, I could do nothing but lay there and munch on my sisters dirty nylons. To Be Continued
Friday, January 6th 2012 - 02:18:28 PM
Name: Jorge
E-mail address: jort_21@yahoo.com
Comments:Just want to say that I love stories about bound & gagged girls in nylons. I've read the story from Dani and it seems quite exciting from her sister's sweaty nylons in her mouth, please let us read some more about your ordeal.
Wednesday, May 9th 2012 - 07:00:57 PM
Name: christian
Comments:i did this to 8 year old female cousin last week.her name was marcela,she's 4'11,under 100 lbs. and mean.so the first night i watched her she said “shut up,stupid and etc.”.after an hour she was being so mean that i left the house,came back 30 minutes later and found her in her room dress in a red dress,kid size 5 high heels and pantyhose,so i came in through the back in black clothes,ski mask and i was carrying a bag.i made some loud noises that way she will come done and attack her. marcela:who's there?i have a bat,mmmmph. me:don't make any noise.(i hog tie her) marcela:i won't tell anybody please just don't do this. me:shut up girly your gonna get totured by me. marcela:no we don't have to do torture to me. me:pleae tell me what is your name?also,do you ticklish feet? marcela:marcela and no. me:thank you and i think your lying to me.(i pull both of her high heels off) marcela:don't take off my heels. me:why not,were going to have fun for the rest of the day. marcela:i wouldn't do this my cousin could be here any moment. me:oh i see but let me have my fun for the day. marcela:don't please hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha me:what about your ass is it ticklish as your feet? marcela:hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. me:oh i'm enjoying this. marcela:please stop. me:ok i've got a surprise for you any way. marcela:what is it? me:payback you slutty bitch! marcela:you son of a bitch,HELP MY COUSIN TIED ME UP AND IS TICKLE TORTURING MY FEET AND ASS! me:that should keep you quiet for the rest of the day. so i keep her tied up and gagged for 2 days straight she said “lets play this game again sometime”.i had fun too i'll do it again soon
Saturday, May 19th 2012 - 06:50:41 PM
Name: Sagitarium
Comments:I'm a very lucky man. I'm am today married to a really sweet girl, who love to be tied and enjoys being in her stocking feet and pantyhose. The way we meet is a bit unorthodox i have to admit. I was married at the time to another girl and it was not a very happy marriage. Fortunately she worked both evenings and night, so I went online chatting to people when she was at work. One evening I went into a chatroom calling myself the captivator or something like that (i don't really recall it's been years now since it happened). And there she was. At first she actually didn't answer my pm, but then at the second attempt she answered and we talked a little, and then she asked if I had a webcam,which i funny enough had bought the day before. We talked a bit and i told her about my fantasy of capturing and tying up girls in their stocking feet. She actually liked the idea, and then I asked her if she'd ever tried to tie herself up. She hadn't, I had dabbled a little, and liked the idea of trying to instruct her online by cam if she was game? She was, so we agreed that a few days later she was to go online in skirt, shirt and stocking feet, with ropes and a scarf and tape for gagging her. The next few days was very exciting. I could hardly wait, but finally the day was up, and I logged on to messenger to meet her. And there she was sitting in a silky shirt, black skirt and stay up stockings with no shoes on – her feet were beautiful, and I was all turned on at the sight. We soon started the instructions: First she was to tie her ankles crossed. I trembled as i watched her feet being tied. I had told her about my thing for stocking feet, so she taunted me a little wiggling her feet for my pleasure. Then she tied her legs above and below knees, and stuffed her mouth with the scarf and taped it shut. She moaned a bit and it was very efficient. Then I had her tie a rope about 1 meter to the back of her ankle, making a noose at the other end. Then i had her tie her arms to the side before she made a coil of rope for her hands, just large enough to get both hands in. When that was done I had her turn her back to the cam, so I could see her put the coil trough the loop and the hands on both sides of the loop. Then I told her to pull and the loop efficiently hogtied her. Those who are into selfbondage would recognise this as a wristcoil cinchnoose. I was breathless watching her lie there hogtied on the floor struggling on the floor, squirming and wiggling her stocking feet in the air. It was so hot and felt as if I had really tied her up myself. I had her squirm and struggle for quite a bit before I let her free her self from her bondage. We lived in different parts of the country, so this was to be our platform for bondage for the next 3 months before we meet for real for the first time. And it was a great way to play.
Wednesday, May 30th 2012 - 04:45:28 PM
Name: Dorothy
E-mail address: Dot1234@hotmail.com
Comments:It was late one night coming back from a super party. Jenny who was about 45, though didn't look a day over 30 was dressed to the nine's wearing a black silky skirt, with a split down the side, a red top and black shiny boots. As she was walking along the street, a young policewoman immaculately turned out in a skirt uniform and boots stopped her. "Excuse me Madam" she said "But we are doing spot checks for drugs. Would you mind stepping this way for a search" "Wow am I getting old or are these policewomen getting younger" she thought. The girl couldn't be over 20. As she was a policewoman, Jenny didn’t suspect anything and being a law abiding citizen stepped into the police van, where she was suddenly arrested. The policewoman clamped handcuffs on - pulling her wrists behind her back and proceeded to gag her most effectively. Jenny was kidnapped by this wippersnapper of a young girl. It appeared that she had been kidnapped to order - because as she arrived at her destination, the handcuffs were taken off and her hands wrenched behind her back in a reverse prayer mode and sadistically tied. Tears flowed down her cheeks with pain She was then injected with a sleeping drug and placed in a box bound for the Middle East. At the other end, she was unpacked from the box, still very drousy and found herself in the middle of a Middle Eastern bordel. She was quickly "broken in" by the owner, the local Sheik and given special treatment! She could be bought for "special services" by special friends of the Sheik's. Most of the time these "special services" would entail no more than being tightly tied up on the bed on her stomach with her legs spreadeagled, so they could "play" with her until they were sexually satisfied. Usually she was respected but not always. What made her so attractive to these men? I think it was to find a girly girl, skirted and booted in the desert and so I think she was rented out quite expensively. Yet she was given to some of the worst perverts as well. i) For example one day she was brought hooded into the room with Abdullah - she was generally only given to men. Abdullah then caught hold of one of her hands as she stretched her hands out to feel where she was. He then whisked her arm behind her back and forcing her to her knees as she squealed in pain. He placed his knee in the middle of her back as she was forced down on her stomach, wrenching the arm almost out of the socket as she howled in agony. Then he would demand the other arm be presented immediately - always giving a little "encouragement" by twisting the captured arm until she put the other behind her back quickly to ease the pain. She was then tied up - reverse prayer position I recall - and was fitted with a horse bit and harness (suited modified to fit a human head) with the bit fitted into her mouth. Abdullah placed her on a table and sat on her riding her. The pain in having the bit yanked in her mouth was such as to draw blood. ii) On another occasion she was taken to the buggy and harnessed to it her hands tied behind her - which made pulling the buggy far more strenuous as she has nothing to hold on - not even the harness she was pulling. She and one of the beautiful skirted and booted guards (obviously as a punishment) were harnessed together in a buggy and were taken for a ride - pulling a buggy with four twenty stone men in over rough terrain. The two woman were regularly whipped if they did not pull hard enough. This was exhausting in the heat and she and the tortured guard came back drenched after 3 hours. Both were stripped off and hosed down. The guard was then released but Jenny, (your wife Rowena), was then dressed in a fresh set of ironed clothes (skirt, jumper -oh the heat must have been unbearable-and boots). She was then hooded which made her plight even worse as she gasped for breath with her hands tied behind her - to stop her removing the hood. iii) On an other occasion, she was taken to the dungeon where she was suspended by her arms behind her back - for ten minutes - standing just on tiptoe. She told me that was agony as your muscles start to seize up. iv) Again on another occasion, she was strung up by her ankles and left hanging - hands tied behind her back with the skirt over her face and whipped for ten minutes - and I mean whipped. The man seemed to be turned on by her howls of agony v) There was one case only when she was given to a woman (or shall I say the woman was entertained while Jenny was present). Jenny's torso was tightly tied to a thick post in the middle of the room, the rope being tied to accentuate her breasts (after the blouse and jumper had been removed) but the skirt and boots would be free of rope so she would be "part of the furniture" while the clients took "afternoon tea". I remember Abdullah coming in and going up to her. Her face froze in absolute fear as he bent down and started licking her breasts and then started to bite them hard. She screamed as the blood flowed and a strong security guard had to be called to avoid Abdullah biting her breast off and killing her. I have never heard a woman scream so loudly and so fearfully and for so long as I did that afternoon. But then the breasts are the most senstive area of our body. vi) I don't know what it was with Abdullah - but as he was his father's favorite son, he persuaded the Sheik to give Jenny to him for his 25th birthday. She fell on her knees before him and wept that she would be obedient. She kissed his feet and said he could do anything he liked with her but please don't hurt her. Abdullah smiled and said; I know you will do anything I tell you becasue it won't be in your power to refuse. Her face was full of fear as she wimpered for mercy. I have never seen anyone so scared What caused Abdullah to be so sadistic to her, I don't know? Perhaps it was because he was brought up by white Governesses who were strict with him. Jenny was his pay back If you do find her alive, give her Dot's love and tell her I so wanted to help her but I was fearful of reprisals -especially from Abdullah Love Dot
Wednesday, June 13th 2012 - 11:09:25 AM
Name: Arman J Redman
E-mail address: AJR@hotmail.com
Comments:THE PRISONER IN THE CASTLE I lay on the mound outside the Castle looking through my binoculars into the Castle. No one knew what went on at the Castle, other than it was guarded by smart booted and skirted female guards. I had met Kate at a pub, attracted to her by the smart leather skirt and boots that she wore together with that beautiful red jumper. Nothing attracts me more than a beautiful womana skirted and booted. She worked at the Castle but told me what was going on was top secret and so couldn't talk about her job. And then she went missing - or should I say didn't turn up for our third date. So I decided to see if I could see her in the Castle I lay on a tartan blanket, wearing a thick black tartan kilt, boots (because it was cold) and a thick red jumper. I scoured the courtyard of the Castle and could have sworn I saw Kate, but she was handcuffed - with her hands behind her back - as she was led from one building to another. I was so engrossed in what was going on that I didn't notice the patrol until I felt the end of a rifle on the temple of my head and a voice saying: "And who do you think you are spying on?" With that a pretty woman dropped on my back, pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me. I was hauled to my feet,gagged and hooded. They led me down to their jeep, where I was forced inside. The woman sergeant on duty let us in and I was frogmarched to the cells. There I saw Kate hogtied, gagged and saw her being hooded on the floor of one of the cells. I was put in the next door cell and the cuffs were removed. But my freedom was shortlived as the company sergeant major - a tough veteran of 40 years of age wearing a midi long black skirt, boots and a red sweater twisted my arms behind me forcing me to cry out in pain She then pushed me to the floor where she proceeded to tie my hands behind me in a reverse prayer mode. It was painful. She then stood over me as I lay on the floor and reached over to get a hood and then hooded me. A young guard (they were only female) - was assigned to hogtie me which she did very efficiently. I was left there hooded, gagged and bound until the morning. The following morning Kate and I were de-hooded and led out into the courtyard - where I saw there were two poles. We were quickly tied to these, very efficiently. We were attached to the poles by a single rope around our necks that went around the pole, a single rope around our waists and the pole and a single rope around our booted ankles and the pole. It was surprising to me how these three ropes simply immobilised us totally The company sergeant major came and read our sentences. "Cpl Buxholme - for fraternising with the enemy, you will be taken out every day for a week and tied up out here from 7.30 to 6pm come rain wind or warm weather." "Young man for spying on us, you will be sentenced to a year as our prisoner and will join Cpl Buxholme being tied to the pole for the first week of her punishment after which you will be her "guest". A week later Kate was released but I was taken by Kate to the guardroom. Here she made me change into a black skirt and red top and then proceeded to tie my wrists together behind my back and then applied a strappado. As I stood there she came behind me and started to run her hands all over me, then turned me round, pushed me against the wall and started tongue kissing me. That sent me high but as soon as she had relieved her sexual emotions on me, she gagged me before I could go. I was then frogmarched to her bedroom where I was pushed on her kingsize bed - (face down) and my ankles locked into a spreadeagle. It is amazing but you just cannot turn on a bed when you feet are spreadeagled. And this was the effective way I was kept a prisoner for a year in the Castle. Of course they had their fun and games with me Do you want to hear more.............
Thursday, June 14th 2012 - 03:56:10 AM
Name: Arman J Redman
Comments:Having done my sentence at the Csstle I was released and, dressed again in my kilt, boots and sweater- the same as I had been wearing when I was first captured - I was taken back to my flat. I had been at my flat for about a week, when there was a ring at the door. I went to the door, dressed in a black tartan kilt, shirt and boots - as I was expecting my girlfriend Susie only to find Kate at the door. As I went to shake her hand, she grabbed mine and put me into a half nelson and marched me back into my flat. As it was painful, I went down on one knee to ease the pain. " I have missed you" Kate said "And was wondering if we could have some fun" Well given I was in a half nelson on one knee and the other girl with her (who was skirted ann booted like Kate) had grabbed the other arm and done the same, I was in no position to resist. I was on both knees in a full nelson, I didn't have much to bargain with. "OK?" Kate said as she pulled my arm up my back "Yes" I almost yelped. And with that they lowered me face down on the floor and tied my hands behind me. They tied a loop in the middle of the rope, then laid it on my neck and then wound the rope slowly down my arms. Once they had finished winding the rope around my arms, they then pulled my wrists together behind my back and tied them together. Then with the end of the rope, they fitted it through the loop and then pulled my wrists up to form a reverse prayer position. My girlfriend Susie, suitably booted and skirted because she knew how much I liked her in it) came to the door just as they finished gagging me and walked in. "You must be Kate" she said as she admired my predicament. "Nice job - he looks cool and so helpless" But as she said that, the other girl who knew Susie from the bondage club they were in (and that Susie loved to be tied up as much as to tie others up) took Susie's wrists and twisted them behind her back Soon Susie was tied like me and Kate connected us by a noose round each of our necks tied about a metre apart. We were then taken to a van just outside my flat and put into the back. My noose was removed and I was laid stomach down. Susie was made to sit on top of me - her hands still bound and her noose was attached to a hook on the roof of the van to make her sit upright on my hands. Ivana, the other girl with Kate got into the back and Kate drove. Ivana was a bit of a sadist and cut the front of Susie blouse open exposing her breasts. Then she started to pump them hard, then sucked them and in the end bit them so hard that Susie screamed as blood flowed. We were taken into the castle and when the sergeant saw what Ivana had done, arrested and handcuffed Ivana. She then put the arrested Ivana in the same cell as Susie - but significantly Susie was freed from her bonds. The sergeant said: "She yours to deal with as you like - we don't condone that sort of thing!" I was put into the next cell - but watched all night until I fell asleep -- my hands still tied behind my back as Susie got her revenge on Ivana. I never realised how inventive and sadistic Susie could be -but was she!!
Friday, June 15th 2012 - 09:11:56 AM
Name: J Ravenscar
Comments:It was my last year at Uni and I went over to my girlfriend Jenny's flat. She and her three close friends, Lucinda, Gemma and Cindy were there playing cards They were all beautifully dressed - skirted and booted as they were part of the Vixen's Club a Club dedicated to women always looking their best in skirts and boots - a reaction to the scruffy student jeans and teeshirt look. I sat down and got myself a coffee and we got talking. At some stage - I think it was Gemma who said it - "Why do guys always think of us as the weaker sex?" I replied " Because you are!" "Do you think so" said Jenny "Let's see, you vs Cindy" "Fine" I said "You're on" and I got up to wrestle. Jenny said: "Whoaa - it has to be fair. You have to wear exactly what Cindy is wearing. Like for like." I sat down "I have no intention of getting skirted and booted" "Chicken" they all said in unison. After teasing me a bit, I relectantly agreed and they got me the kit out A black skirt, tights, boots and a silk blouse. As I was about Gemma's size they were Gemma's clothes and surprisingly to boots fitted too. Just putting on the tights and then the skirt really was quite a turn on. The tights on the hairs of my legs was sensational. Gemma's boots had six inch heels that put me at a great disadvantage as I could not stand up easily. I came out into the sitting room and they all clapped. My long hair and lack of beard made me look quite girly and Jenny said: " You have to wear lipstick and mascara like Cindy too" So Jenny took some lipstick out and mascara and "dolled me up". "You look really sweet" Gemma said " I quite fancy you. By the way, the loser will be tied up for a couple of hours." I'd gone this far so I could hardly quit now. I was facing off against Cindy but what I didn't know was Cindy was a practised wrestler. Susie chimed the bell and we circled each other in the room - except I slipped in the 6 inch heel boots. Cindy was lightening fast behind me and put one arm around my throat and her knee into the back of mine. I fell on my knees, and she released the choke hold, pushed me on my stomach, and - as I fell - she sat on my back. It took the wind out of me and, as I placed my hands on the floor to lever myself up, she seized one of my wrists with both her hands and twisted it behind my back. It went into a hammerlock and she pushed it up into a " reverse prayer mode position". Wow it was pianful. "Tap" Cindy said " And I have won" The horrible girl applied more and more pressure until I could bear it no longer. I tapped. My other wrist was then brought behind my back and the wrists were tied and the excess rope tied around my waist. Lucinda then tied my feet and knees together - and then the four of them sat around me - having pulled my skirt down flat again - so tied up and played cards on my back. "Yes, I think I agree with him" Lucinda said "We are the weaker sex" and they all laughed. "Keep still" Cindy said as I wriggled to try to get loose and she put her hand under my skirt and pinched my bottom - really quite hard. " Do that again and you'll get more of that" " Funny girl " I said " You only won because I could walk in these boots" " He's talking too much" Jenny said " Let's gag him" And with that they took out a ball gag and said "Open wide or we'll pinch your nose" I had no choice and they fastened the ball gag in tightly. " Comfortable?" Cindy laughed and slid her hand under my skirt again and pinched my bottom. She then lifted the skirt up and gave me an almighty whack. "Behave yourself" she commanded And they played cards that afternoon. The winner Lucinda won me for the evening and night and took me to her bedroom tied and gagged. As Jenny went to bed, she knocked on Lucinda's door. "Mind if I give him a goodnight kiss" she said " Be my guest" Lucinda replied and grabbed my hair (as I was hogtied on her bed and twisted my head around to allow Jenny to kiss me.
Saturday, June 16th 2012 - 06:05:31 AM
Name: Hasmik
E-mail address: Hasmik.mardikian@yahoo.com
Comments:I love being tied up wearing nothing but my pantyhose.
Thursday, February 7th 2013 - 12:49:10 AM
Name: C Money
E-mail address: noone@none.org
Homepage URL: http://nada
Comments:I wanted to share about my mom. My parents used to play bondage games when I was growing up. I first discovered this when I heard these strange noises one night. I went to see what they were and discovered through a slightly open bedroom door that my mom was what I would learn later was hogtied and ballgagged. I still remember she was in her bra panties and black reinforced toe pantyhose. I was amazed at the sight of her especially her feet and toes wiggling and curling. I saw flashes and heard dad telling her to pose this way and that. Then I heard dad say action to her and she was struggling and mmpphing. Dad turns out videotaped mom. Which I would discover later on as well. What really blew me away was I saw dad come around and slide mom to the edge of the bed and begin to smell her feet! Not only had that but dad had a nylon stocking over his head! I was blown away watching dad smell mom’s feet and soon he dropped his pants and got off. After that I split back to my room but did not sleep everything I just saw went through my mind again and again. I found myself really curious to find out what moms feet smelled like and to touch her stocking feet. I was always interested in my mom’s feet and legs when she wore pantyhose. Mom worked in an office and she was as she called it "heels and hose" however seems dad had a house rule for mom which was she had to keep her pantyhose on when she came home from work and to wear pantyhose everyday when she was not working. She was only allowed to not wear pantyhose when dad gave her permission to not wear them. Again I would learn all this later on. I was on the lookout for a chance to smell my mom’s feet. One day I got my chance mom came home from work and fell asleep on the sofa. I moved in and even before I got my face close to her feet I could already smell that wonderful intoxicating aroma. A “sweet sour smell." I was hooked and without realizing it I had pressed my nose on her foot which woke her up! Turns out she had been watching me for a little bit. It was when she wiggled her toes I realized I was caught. She asked me what I was doing. If she did not know. I sheepishly admitted smelling her feet. She said what do you think of my stinky feet? My face felt so hot and I meekly said they smell good! She raised her eyebrows oh they do. I nodded yes and she said ok you want to smell my feet some more? I nodded yes and meekly said yes please. She giggled well go ahead and smell away. I was stunned and without hesitation buried my nose into her toes! She mumbled I wonder where you got this idea. I would often ask if I could "play" with her feet when dad was not around of course. She allowed me to do so. Every time I heard those noises I would sneak around the house to sneak a peek of my mom bound and gagged. I was really floored when I saw her encased from head to toe in pantyhose. I noticed dad always wore nylon over his head during their games. He always took pictures and video. I began to want to tie mom as well but never tried. I was afraid she would figure out I saw her tied up. A few years later my parents games seemed to stop all of a sudden. It was then my parents told me they were getting divorced. I was in my teens already and did not give it much thought. I had no idea that I was going to get my wish of tying up mom. It was during one of visitation weekends with my dad I would get a surprise of my life. I arrived at my dad's house after school and we chatted as I put my things in my room. I noticed my gym bag on the bed. My dad said your mom noticed you forgot your clothes so she stopped by to drop them off. Then dad said she is still here if you want to see her. I did not see her when I walked through the house. I thought she was in the restroom. Before I asked dad said she is in the basement. My dad had a tricked out finished basement so it did not strike me as weird that she was in the basement. I had no idea what I was going to see. Dad said we better go check on her. I followed dad and as we walked down the stairs I could hear those noises my heart began to race. Dad stopped me before we entered the room and said you’re going to see something really different and I want you to know your mom is ok she likes to play this game ok. I was almost speechless but said ok. We entered the room and there was my mom tied to the sofa bed she was dressed but her skirt was hiked up to the top of her pantyhose. Her shoes were off. She was tied spread out and a panel gag was strapped tightly in her mouth. A video camera was pointing on her. She saw me and her eyes got huge to say the least. She struggled pretty hard but soon just stopped as my dad sat me down and told me about how much my mom liked to be tied up and gagged. He told me that he knew I was smelling my mom’s feet all these years as well. Seems mom asked dad about my foot smelling interest. Dad told me I was free to take a sniff of moms feet if I wanted. Mom was just looking at us mostly at dad like he was nuts. Dad said I just tied your mom and she has agreed to let you join in our game today. Right Susan? Mom was blushing but nodded yes. Dad said see you mom is going to need to be tied up and gagged regularly and I figured you would be the guy to take care of her. Dad looked at mom right honey? Mom nodded yes again. So today I am going to teach you how to properly handle your mother only if you’re interested of course. I was nodding yes and stammering our yes before dad finished his words. Dad smiled good. He said your mom is going to tell you all the rules after I take out her gag. Dad walked over and took the gag off mom. Dad untied her as she told me all the rules of their games that is how I learned the pantyhose rule. She told me she would follow the same rules with me as well. I listened of course mom added a few new rules since I was her son. I agreed with all of them. Dad said to mom well you should go to the ladies room and freshen up we have much work to do. Dad taught me everything I needed to know that day and afterward we watched some videos of mom after she left. Dad even showed me some pictures he had of her. He even let me choose a few to keep. I could not wait to tie mom up by myself just her and I. I got my first tie up about a week or so later. I was so nervous but we had a good session. I also wore a tan nylon over my head during the game. It was part of the game it felt strange having a nylon over my head but at the same time I felt like the captor she wanted. I really enjoyed tying up mom and having her being my captive. Outside of game time she was mom the career woman but behind closed doors during certain times she was my captive. Mom took me on some business trips with her and it was pretty intense having her tied up in hotel rooms. Once I had just finished tying her to a chair and was about to gag her when someone began knocking at the door. Mom jumped and looked at me I clamped my hand over her mouth they kept knocking so I took the ballgag in my other hand and held it to her lips she looked up at me but opened her mouth and took it in. I buckled it and moved her and the chair out of sight. I walked to the door and peeked out. It was one of her coworkers I told her hold on a second as I realized I had the nylon over my head. That would have been an odd situation if I would open the door. I removed the nylon opened the door and she asked for my mom. I told her my mom was taking before we went to dinner. She handed me a packet of papers to give to my mom. Now mom decided to play the captive and started struggling and making little mpphing noises the dam chair was squeaking. The woman heard these noises and asked what those sounds were. I said oh the TV. She looked at me strangely and said ok and walked left. I shut the door and pulled the nylon over my head and I noticed mom had got the chair into the center of the room and she was in front of a mirror. I could not help but think if she saw moms’ reflection in the mirror. I removed her gag and she busted out laughing saying I wish I could have seen your faces when I started making noise. I bet you about shit. I told her she did freak me out but I think your coworker might have seen your reflection in the mirror. Mom said so what if she did what she is going to say. She saw me tied up and gagged. Who is going to believe it? That night at dinner she was sitting across from us and just stared at me with this strange look the whole night. The last day of my mom’s trip. Mom came back from a meeting and told me she needed to relax before the next meeting in a few hours. She added her feet were really sore. I took the cue went into the next room pulled on my nylon grabbed the rope came back ready to tie up mom. I told her a hogtie would help her relax. She rolled her eyes rolled over and said not to tie her to strict. I got her hogtied and got her shoes off and massage and smell her sexy brown reinforced toes. Mom asked me not to gag her since she had to go to a meeting and did not want any marks on her mouth. I was cool with that she and I actually talked about stupid stuff as I started smelling her feet. Dam if someone did not start knocking at the door. We thought it was housekeeping but they already cleaned the room. Mom said I bet you it is. We both knew and then as I stood up to go see mom said quick put the ball in my mouth but don't buckle it I will hold it in. I looked at her she smiled come on. I picked up the ball and she took it in her mouth. I walked to the door and sure enough it was who we thought. I looked at mom and she spit the ball out and said open the door! I looked at her she put her head down and got the ball back in her mouth. Now mom was hogtied on the bed pretty much in plain sight. Once I opened the door she would get a look at mom for sure. I said hold on and took off the nylon and opened the door. She had more papers for my mom. It was at this point mom began to struggle and mmpph she noticed the motion behind me. I shifted my weight slightly and she got a peek at mom for sure. She looked at me and her face was flushed and she was blushing she tried to explain the papers as mom keep up her little soft struggles. I shifted again as she was trying to peek around me and talk at the same time. This time I let her see better who it was. She looked at me with a blank look and just turned and walked away looking over her shoulder in disbelief. I shut the door and nylon over the head mom spit out the ball and we laughed our asses off. Mom said this is once conference that woman would not forget. Once on vacation mom and I hiked out to this remote spot she knew about from when her and my dad together. I put our tent and we did some outdoor tie ups that day. Mom's pantyhose were ruined by the time we got back to our cabin that night. I still remember how sweaty her feet were from her hiking boots! Mom and I had some really good times over the years. The last time she visited me we had a few tie ups. Mom is in her mid 50's now but still looks good bound and gagged for sure. Her feet still smell so wonderful and she still rocks those reinforced toes.
Monday, February 25th 2013 - 01:07:33 PM
Name: Happy Jack
Comments:I decided to share my pantyhose and bondage experience with and about my mom here. My mom and I started our bondage games when I was 23. Here is how it came about. My parents did their bondage thing when I was growing up saw mom tied a few times of course without my parents knowledge. Mom always wore pantyhose to work so I did not see it as a big suprise to see her tied up still wearing her pantyhose. Sometimes she would be in garters and stockings. Dad tied and gagged her really good from what I recall seeing. The craziest thing I saw was her encased in pantyhose from head to toe and white tape. She had this big cherry red ball strapped into her mouth. I could see drool leaking out of her mouth as dad took pictures of her. There came a point when he had to leave their bedroom for something so I hurried into my room. Seeing her bound and gagged on a pretty regular basis was exciting. When I was around 13 my parents got divorced. It sucked because I did not get to see anymore of mom tied up. I did see a few women my dad dated tied and gagged. They had pantyhose on. I had no idea until mom and I began our bondage games that after their divorce my dad had my mom tied and gagged in his house during my weekend visits with him. she told me that the first time it happend he had called her and told her I forgot to pack a bag of clothes for my visit. Mom packed a bag and dropped it off. Once dad had her in the house he told her she was going to stay with him for a couple hours. Before mom could process what he was saying dad took some rope and tied her hands behind her back. Mom said she did not protest because she did not want me to walk in on my dad tying her up. She said he led her to his bedroom where he tied her to his bed her hands above her head and ankles together attached to the footboard. He then gagged her with a thick plug gag. He told her his bed really squeaks and if she got crazy I would hear her and he would let me see her all bound and gagged. Mom said he keep her tied up in his room until early the next morning. She said he took pictures and videotaped her. The whole time I had no idea of what was going on in dad's room. I did think it was odd dad was back and forth out of his room. She told me that he told her if she wanted the pictues and video she would need to return for another session. Mom said she had to visit with dad as she called it 3 more times before he gave her all the pictures and videotapes. She told me that all 3 times were during my visits she said dad used me as leverage to keep her well behaved. I was blown away when she told me how dad bound and gagged her throughout those nights. She then in a bold move took out a little velvet bag and dumped the pictures he took of her so many years ago. I looked through them and found myself getting excited to say the least. I was thinking I would love to tie up mom right now but did not say anything. She said I still have the videos too maybe we can watch them sometime. I was speechless. Mom then said there is something else I want to tell you that happend to me. She then recounted how her long ago ex boyfriend after their break up used his spare key and waited for her to come home. She said once she was in the house he took her by suprise and bound and gagged her. She told said she never let him tie her up during the time they were together. She said after he had her bound and gagged he told her he found some pictures of her tied up and figured since she liked to be tied up that he would hang out and give her what she wanted. She said her had her strip to her pantyhose and tied and gagged her like the pictures he found of her. She said he also took pictures of her which he kept as insurance as he called it. She said her kept her for the whole weekend. She could see the concern on my face and said don't worry he never hurt me or did anything sexual. I was happy to hear that for sure. I had no clue what to say. Mom then gave me the verbal knockout punch. She said I was wondering if you would be willing to tie me up and gag me? My mouth hit the floor. She said you are the only guy I would trust to do this for me. Then she followed up with only if you want too. Now it was my turn to tell her about my pantyhose and bondage fetish. After I was done I said I would love to tie her up and gag her. I then asked her if I could encase her in pantyhose. She looked at me and said go for it I will be all yours. I told her if that was true then she could only wear reinforced toe pantyhose from now on. She agreed to wear whatever kind of pantyhose I wanted her to wear. we sealed the deal with me tying and gagging her that night. Now I never had any interest in smelling a womans feet before but I did take a few sniffs of mom's feet just something about the smell of her feet that night that now find enjoyable. After her visit mom went and sold her house and got a transfer to where I live. We bought a house and have nightly pantyhose bondage sessions. We try never to miss any sessions even when her friends or my aunt visit. Mom said it reminds her of when my dad would have her bound and gagged in his room. The only thing she has asked my to do is wear a nylon over my head or a ski mask during our sessions, she also likes to be videotaped. She says she loves being tied up and forced to watch videos of herself.
Monday, February 25th 2013 - 04:42:20 PM
Name: espama blowski
E-mail address: rblowsky@margueritelearningcenter.com
Comments:loji far enspielse
Monday, March 4th 2013 - 10:31:17 AM
Name: bad sonny boy
Comments:Frist I just had to say pretty cool dreambook nice to see a book for pantyhose bondage. This an experience that got me hooked on and made me a pantyhose bondage and a foot smelling fool. It started in my late teens. My mom wore hose everyday of the week for work and I saw her walking around in her bra panties and hose several times. I found see her like that very sexy. That got me into sniffing her worn hose while getting off. I thought about how good it would be to really bury my nose into her stinky swaety feet. I had also discovered my dad would tie and gag mom a lot. I happened upon this one night when I heard this odd mmpphing sound coming from the basement. I managed to get down the stairs and got a treat to see mom hogtied with a fat white ball in her mouth she was just wearing black reinforced toes. Dad had her tied with white rope and even the soles of her feet were tied. He had her bound with a lot of rope. She was struggling and mmphing on the sofa. I was really drawn to her bound soles and the fact only her toes were wiggling. I could hear dad who was getting off at the sight of her. He encouraged her to wiggle and curl her feet the best she could. I also noticed mom was drooling. I was blown away and after that I managed to catch a few peeks of them in action. I added me tying mom up and freely smelling her feet to my fantasy. I had no idea how our lives were going to change. I was not a very good student and rebelled a lot in school. One day mom was going through the mail and got a report about me failing 2 classes in school. she was pissed off needless to say and she let me know it when I got home. She gounded me which made no difference since her and dad worked different hours so I could still go out without them knowing. My dad who was a rebel in school gave me a lecture when he got home. We were due to take our annual family trip over spring break. The night we were due to leave my dad came into my room sat down and asked me if I was pissed off that mom grounded me. I never gave it much thought but to humor him I said yes not knowing why. Dad said how would you like to get some payback? I said sure how. Dad said I am going to ask you a very strange question but I feel your old enough now. He said you do not have to go with it if you don't want too. I was curious and said what is you question. Dad said how would you like to help me tie up and gag your mom from now on? The look on my face must have been suprised to say the least. Dad said only if you want too of course. I said are you serious you will let me tie up mom and gag her. Dad said you bet. I was like yeah I am down to tie her up. Dad said your mom is not going to like it but she will have to get used to it. Dad then explained all the rules of their game and told me mom's safe word and signal. I was excited to for sure. I asked dad with a grin when. He smiled and said tonight and throughout our trip. Dad said he planned to tie and gag mom and put her in the back of the conversion van he borrowed from a coworker. Dad said she will don't know it but I am goin to have her leave her pantyhose on when she changes from work which she will not think is odd. Once she is all packed and gets her sweats on I am goin to tie and gag her and put her in the back of the van. I will take hers and my bag and load the cooler while she is tied up. I know she will be pissed off since she knows your going but she will not have a choice but to accept the fact she is going to be our hostage for the ride. Dad said once I got everything loaded I will come get you and I will lock up the house and we will head off with our hostage safely in the back. After a few minutes I will give you a nod to go back and check on her. Check her ropes to make sure they are not to tight and hurting her and the strap on the gag. We want mom to be comfortable. Dad said I want you to sit back there with her in case she gives the safe word or signal. Dad gave me some safety scissors to cut her loose. He said she is going to be mad so ignore her unless she is really in trouble. He said we will untie her when we stop for a bathroom break and we will let her eat when we go thru the drive thru. After which we will reite her she will remained tied and gagged until we reach the cottage. I was so pumped up by all of this my fantasy is about to come true and I planned on smelling her feet since she would not be able to stop me. The time came and I heard dad moving about in their bedroom then muffled sounds and some mmphs as he must have been carrying her down the hall to the garage. Time seemed to drag on but it was only a matter of minutes in reality. Dad came in and told me lets go. I got into the passenger seat but was dying to go back and see my sexy mom al bound and gagged. Dad got in and we drove off. As soon as we got on the highway Dad gave me the nod. My heart was racing as I approached the back of the van and I could hear soft mpphs. I then saw her writs tied behind her back she was tied above and below the knees her ankles bound and the sole of her feet as well. I was treat to the beautiful sight of that white ball strapped in her mouth which contrated with the red lipstick she had on. I looked at her feet and saw her tan reinforced toes and red polished toes. She looked at me and began to mmpph and struggle loudly but dad turned up the radio. I approached her as she stared at me. I told her this is how I wanted her and now I have you all to myself. She wiggled and tried talking through her gag. I told her to relax that I was now going to be helping dad with tying you up now. She shook her head no and I smiled and said I am afraid so mom. I told her she better just accept it and I said from now on when dad is out of town I am going to tie and gag you. She stared at me and whimpered and put her head back on the pillow. I told her that is better your being a good hostage now. I checked her ropes and gag as dad told me too. I asked her if she was ok. She lifted her head and nodded yes then laid her head back down. I the told her I am going to do something I been wanting to do for so long. She looked at me and I told her how sexy she looked in pantyhose. I told her I am going to smell those stinky feet of yours. I then had her turn her body so I could rest my back against the bench seat and told her to lift her feet. She slowly lifted her feet and I began to sniff them. She stared at me as I told her how I loved the smell of her stinky feet. She mmpphed at me. I just sat there smelling her feet until dad turned down the radio and said untie our hostage we are stopping for the bathroom break. I had mom roll over and untied her hands then helped her up and removed her gag. I could see she had a strap marks on her cheeks. I then untied her knees and ankles and soles of her feet. Mom without saying a word as she put her tennis shoes on. Dad came back to see mom untied he told her we will use the bathroom here and then go get some burgers at the drive thru after. He said you can stay untied but sonny boy will be here with you the whole time until we reach the cottage understand, Mom nodded and said yes I understand. Dad said good now lets go hit the bathrooms. When we got back into the van mom told us their were 2 women staring at her. She said they noticed the rope marks on her wrists and gag mark on her cheeks. She said one of them said are you ok? She said yes and then the other said guess you have a kinky boyfriend or husband who is into role playing. Mom said she was blushing as she said yeah. The women left whispering. Mom dad said she should not care they were probably jealous. Mom laughed saying your right they were not lookers anyway. We then went through the drive thru we ate and dad gave mom a 15 minute more break. Then dad pulled over and told mom time to tie and gag her. Mom sighed and said how. Dad had her lay on her back on the air matress. Dad told me we are going to tie her to the cargo hold down hooks which would be like tying her to a bed. He had mom put her hands together and tied them and connected them over her head to the cargo hold down. Dad had me tire above and below her knees ankles together and he said you can tie the sole of her feet it you want. Dad then said we will cleavege gag her. He took out a bandanna had mom lift her head and open her mouth dad tied it tight. Afterward dad went to the front of the van and drove off.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 05:37:09 PM
Name: bad sonny boy
Comments:Leaving mom and I alone again. I removed mom's sneakers and told her time for me to smell her stinky feet some more. She sighed as I rubbed and smelled her sweaty feet. I then took a break and got close to hear ear and whispered dad said we are going to call you hostage but I see you as mom just between you and I. She stared at me as I said who is grounded now? She I told her I am going to enjoy tying, gagging and smelling her feet from now on mom. Stayed quite until I asked her if she is going to enjoy being tied up by me. She nodded yes. I smiled at her. I told her how sexy she looked all tied and gagged right now. I kept calling her mom the rest of the way I really wanted her to understand the fact she was going to be tied and gagged by her son. At one point I removed her gag and had her tell me how stinky her feet were and how she enjoyed my foot massages. I got her to admit she liked seeing me smell her feet as she had never had anyone smell her stinky feet. I regagged her. We got to the cottage and we unpacked everything and dad tols me to go untie mom. I went out and untied her and we called it a night or should I say an early morning. We would go out and do stuff during the day we made mom wear pantyhose which she was not to happy about since it was very warm. She complied though. We got rain one day and she spent the day tied and gagged off and on throughout the day and night. Every night after dinner we would tie mom up in some way. The day came to leave and mom got to ride home tied and gagged in the back of the van with me. I took liberty to tie her in a couple different ways. I found having her hogtied really cool plus it was easy to smell her feet. Mom got a break after the trip and she ungrounded me when we got home as well. I decided to get my shit together at school since I had mom to ply tie up with. She was impressed how my GPA went up 3.0. I helped dad a lot but I really loved when dad had to travel more. I had mom all to myself and could call her mom instead of hostage as dad called her. I am in my late 30's now and still get to tie up mom when she comes for visits. My wife has no idea of the games mom and I played or still play when she comes for visits. I even managed to sweet talk mom into letting me tie and gag her while my wife was alseep up stairs a few times. I tie and gag my wife in her pantyhose often but she does not like me smelling her feet which sucks for me. However her feet don't even come close to the smell of mom's feet.
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 05:56:33 PM
Name: c money
Tuesday, March 5th 2013 - 06:00:03 PM
Name: avenger
Comments:I was on a train journey back from a nightout on Friday when i met a friend of an ex girl friend..... Kim always looked good when she went out but looked so hot in a pink dress matching heels n nylons. We talked on the journey and when we got off she asked if I wanted to share a taxi. When we were close to hers she asked if I wanted to come in for a coffee....i looked at her and knew she didnt just mean coffee.... Once inside her house we sat on the sofa n one thing led to another n the conversation turned to her friend Id went out with..... "June told me you used to get off tying her up"? I was stunned for a second by the question but the cheeky grin on Kim's face gave me all the incentive I needed to reply matter of factly....."Yes.......did she tell you that?" "she told me loads of things ...n she knows loads that Ive done" My mind wandered to a time id tied June up and Kim had came to June's flat looking for her.......i wondered if she knew about that.......I wondered if Kim had evr been tied up?
Sunday, July 21st 2013 - 06:56:41 PM
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