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Dreambook for 'Last Night I Had A Dream...'

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If you have a minute, please add your entry to those below by signing my Dreambook!

Name: Teshia
E-mail address: bteshia@Yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://skurrt.webs.com
Comments:Rent is the hottest ish ever.,your webpaqe rules
Wednesday, May 19th 2010 - 04:33:12 PM
Name: Leila (RENTisLOVE)

Good site!
Wednesday, June 6th 2007 - 04:12:15 PM
Name: Leila
Comments:I really enjoy this site!! :D

Wednesday, May 16th 2007 - 02:36:20 PM
Name: Rachel Hancck
Comments:i had a dream about meating you and singing with you idina u r well amazing i want to meat you in person :)
Monday, April 23rd 2007 - 01:45:17 PM
Name: Anderson
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Friday, February 24th 2006 - 05:55:26 AM
Name: umeko
E-mail address: motokemu@gmail.com
I really enjoyed your website.
Keep it up.

Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 03:32:47 AM
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Friday, November 25th 2005 - 03:44:51 AM
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Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 - 03:38:26 PM
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Monday, November 21st 2005 - 09:35:43 AM
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Thursday, November 17th 2005 - 03:31:37 AM
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Tuesday, November 15th 2005 - 03:38:39 PM
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Saturday, November 5th 2005 - 09:39:53 PM
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Friday, November 4th 2005 - 09:32:11 AM
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Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 09:38:33 PM
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Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 09:43:20 AM
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Tuesday, November 1st 2005 - 09:38:57 AM
Name: Eponine
E-mail address: HA! I'm not telling!
Comments:Vive la republique!
Thursday, March 24th 2005 - 08:20:39 PM
Homepage URL: http://www.4guests.com

Tuesday, May 13th 2003 - 09:03:26 PM
Name: Toki Hanashi
E-mail address: toki@freemail.co.jp
Homepage URL: http://www.sharmarg.org/
Comments:Hey, a lot of people leave their homepage here and I want to do so, too: ficken!, thanks!
Tuesday, April 15th 2003 - 06:13:51 PM
Name: Nicole
E-mail address: nicole@nicolespictures.com
Homepage URL: http://www.nicolespictures.com
Comments:Really liked your site, good job, nicole
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 02:32:45 PM
Name: lucy
E-mail address: lucy@lucyspage.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lucyspage.com
Comments:Hi, just a quick buzz to say how much i liked your site, keep up the good work, lucy :-)
Friday, April 4th 2003 - 03:00:00 AM
Name: Chandra
E-mail address: chandra@australian-cattle-dogs.com
Homepage URL: http://www.australian-cattle-dogs.com
Comments:I really like your site!
Wednesday, April 17th 2002 - 11:14:17 PM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: Sew1h@hotmail.com
Comments:Hiya Kat,
I finally got around to signing, see sending tapes is nopt
the only thing I am useless at. Love the site especially
anything on Anthony Warlow!
Speak to you soon, xxx
Wednesday, September 19th 2001 - 02:59:28 AM
Name: Robert White
E-mail address: javirbert@hotmail.com
Comments:Yay! Finally I sign the guestbook!

What a cool site - I love it! And I'm not just saying that
because of the threat of physical violence...;-)

Friday, September 22nd 2000 - 04:34:26 PM
Name: Jackie
E-mail address: ange@musique.net
Homepage URL: http://apolloslyre.8k.com
Comments:Hiya, Kat! I'm returning the visit! This is a great site
with some really *great* musicals!!! So you love Anthony
Warlow too, eh? hehee . . . after listening to him on Les
Miz, who wouldn't? Doncha just *love* "Let others rise to
take our place until the earth is FREEEE!!!"? One of my
favorite lines!

Anyways, thank for signing my guestbook! I know it must
have seemed a bit confusing since I merged two of my web
pages into one guestbook (lazy me!).

Warm greetings from the United States!

<3 Jackie
Sunday, August 27th 2000 - 01:35:10 AM
Name: FANTINE2001

I like your page, I love RENT and Les Miz. You've done a
real good job here.

Hey if you have a few spare secs, you should go check out
the Official Kerry Butler site at

Its a great page but then I love Kerry Butler so I would
say that.
Monday, August 21st 2000 - 11:41:30 AM
Name: Anne Boleyn
E-mail address: AnnieBoleyn@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/annieboleyn
Comments:Some were skeptical - Could it really be done? Was it
really possible to merge Les Miserables and RENT into one
webpage? And the webmaster Kat proved the skeptics wrong.
And there was much rejoicing. >>Your page is brilliant, by
the way. C'est magnifique.<<
Friday, August 18th 2000 - 02:42:06 PM
Name: Eponine G
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/eponine_84_2000
Comments:great page!!!
Thursday, August 10th 2000 - 08:37:59 AM
Name: Lonely Gamine
E-mail address: onmyown@micron.net
Homepage URL: http://geocities.com/lonely_gamine
Comments:Hey, great page!! Les Mis is incredible! Good to see
another fan out in the Net. . .
Wednesday, July 26th 2000 - 02:22:23 PM
Name: Meri
E-mail address: meri_gilliatt@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/rueplumet_no.55/
Comments:Hi Kat! Nice Page, I loved the purity test, but I am afriad
I am not as obsessed with Les Mis currupt as I want to
be. : ( I will have to work on that. Anyway great page.
Talk to ya later.

Tuesday, June 6th 2000 - 10:32:22 AM
Name: Wei
E-mail address: wei_j@email.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ne/cessity/
Comments:Hey Kat!!

Just surfed on in from your link in the Miss Saigon forum -
keep up the great work on your page!!! I'm a die-hard fan
of RENT as well - we need to create a RENT forum somewhere,
somehow, someday...

Anyways, I'll stop rambling on now. Hope to hear from you
in the forum soon, and keep me updated on news from your

Love Wei xox
Saturday, May 27th 2000 - 03:59:24 PM
Name: Sarah Eldridge
E-mail address: sa_eldridge@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://mlfc.tripod.com/webegin.html
Comments:Hi Kat!

Thanks for sticking up for me on the RENT board. That was
very sweet of you. Hey you live in Flowerdale Victoria?
As in Australia? WOW! You should come to one of our Life
Support Meetings! It would be GREAT to meet you!

Anyhow, you have an amazing site! WELL DONE! Hey how did
you get that photo of Opell? I thought I'd seen all his
photo's but I haven't seen that one! That's way cool!

Well keep up the good work, and e-mail me if you ever get
the chance.

Viva La Vie Boheme!
Sarah xxxx
Sunday, May 21st 2000 - 09:11:12 PM
Name: Kat, the webmaster
E-mail address: maureen_johnson@rentheads.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/rentlm/index.html

Thanx for all your emails, folks. I changed my address (see
above) but you can still email me at my old one if you like.

As you've probably already seen, I added some neat stuff to
index page
- Tina the troubled teen, Uncle Hyman and
Today's Weather In Hell (that's my fave!). And I got me a
Certificate of Participation, which I think is cute!

RENTheads and Misfits can take my purity tests - href="http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/rentlm/purity.html">
the Les Mis one is here
and href="http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/rentlm/rpurity.html"
>the RENT one is here
. Please take the test and e-mail
me with comments if you have a spare second.

And, among other things, I now have a href="http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/rentlm/thought.html"
>Thought And Picture For The Moment
section, which us
real cute.


Saturday, May 6th 2000 - 04:23:08 PM
Name: LYSA
Homepage URL: http://NO PAGE FOR LYSA.
Saturday, May 6th 2000 - 04:12:46 PM
Name: Sue
E-mail address: Katrineol@fast.net
Homepage URL: http://www.users.fast.net/~katrineol/susan.htm
Comments:Hey! I love your site! Keep up the good work.
Friday, May 5th 2000 - 02:43:00 AM
Name: Ponine Maguire
E-mail address: original_eponine@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/azelma24601
Comments:Hi! You have a really great page here! I LOVE Les Miz
(it's my all-time favorite musical) but RENT is great too -
I have sections for both of them on my page! I also love
your sense of humor - when I saw the defaced picture of the
Dawsons Creek cast, I started cracking up! (I hate Dawsons
Creek too.) :) Well, your page is awesome! Keep up the
GREAT work! :)
Saturday, April 29th 2000 - 08:54:31 PM
Name: Merrie
E-mail address: AlbaEponine@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/or2/mycastle
Comments:Hi Kat!!!
LOVE the webpage!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the GREAT work :)
Friday, April 28th 2000 - 03:51:28 AM
Name: Corzy
E-mail address: Corzy@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://i.am/ajustinfan
Comments:What can I say? Your page is seriously awesome! Lotsa good
stuff to look at! :o) (Specially the one's with Justin Smith
included!) No, seriously, this page rocks, and so do you!!!
I'll be back again soon! :o)

Corzy. XOXOX
Tuesday, April 25th 2000 - 02:20:13 PM
Name: Manon
E-mail address: ang@mv.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mv.com/users/ang/
Comments:Great page. :) I love the purity test!
Monday, April 24th 2000 - 04:58:58 PM
Name: Jo Bo
E-mail address: sweet_baby_jo@hotmail.com
Comments:I CAME BACK! dont i rule? but nowhere near as much as you
kat! your page is STILL awesome and i LOOOOOOOVE all the
stuff you added - collins is a hunny! and the adam picture
in your pic for the moment is beautiful, as he always is!
stay cool. lots of love from joanna boyd
Friday, April 21st 2000 - 03:21:33 AM
Name: Delightful Dayna
E-mail address: idontwannawait@bigpond.com OR MORRISMONTROSE@bigpond.com
Comments:Hello dear Katharine,
Well, I must say that I am very impressed by this
wonderful site. The Dawson's picture is great! Seriously,
the RENT stuff is awesome, and I understand why you like
Mig so much, he's gorgeous, plus that song-'Each beat of my
heart'(is that right?) is beautiful! Anyway, I'll be back
soon to check out the new stuff plus some more Dawson's
stuff (wishful thinking!)
CHOW!(note the spelling)
P.S.I'll get a tat with you, I'm thinking a butterfly on my
ankle, or maybe the world from a long way away!!!
Friday, April 21st 2000 - 02:48:07 AM
Name: Jenelin
E-mail address: enjolras@jahoopa.com
Homepage URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/~barricade
Comments:Thanks for signing my guestbook! Thought I'd return the
favor...spiffy, neato, groovy (and so on) page you have
here! RENT, Les Miz, Anthony (swoon, drool, swoon
again!)! Fabulous stuff!
Tuesday, April 18th 2000 - 07:55:10 AM
Name: Laura Williams
E-mail address: peko4@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.lolathebear.cjb.net
Comments:Thanks for signing my guestbook. I thought I'd sign yours
since you asked me too...I haven't been to your page
before. How did you find out about my page just out of
curiosity? Anyway, great page!!
Love Laura
Sunday, April 16th 2000 - 09:02:23 AM
Name: JoAnn
E-mail address: jobun50@aol.com
Comments:Great Site! Thanks. Enjoy and I, too, am a RENT fan!
Going to see it for the 13th time in May. Take all my
neices and nephews to see it and they have become RENT fans
as well. No Day But Today!
By the way, Collins is my number one favorite. I watch him
now on Law & Order and love it.
Thanks, again.
Love, Jo Ann :)
Saturday, April 15th 2000 - 06:28:27 AM
Name: Renee Fisher
E-mail address: reneejfisher@hotmail.com


Just saw your e-mail and thought I'd sign in. Although I
live in Washington state, I am a big fan of David's and
others (Australian). In fact, I am part of a James
Blundell [another Aussie--what a voice!! He is/or was
labeled as "country" but he has done a lot of music that
isn't "country] discussion group and we are swapping tapes.
I put a lot of "Yesterday is Now" on the tape I am giving
out. I also have another person on the list who is
interested in hearing David, I have given her directions to
his sites. I am also a fan of "Fireworks" an Australian
jazz band from Melbourne. I met them at a Jazz Festival in
Victoria B.C.
Friday, April 14th 2000 - 07:56:58 PM
Name: Carla
E-mail address: jappygal@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://Pookie44.tripod.com/angel.html
Comments:Hey Kat!!!
Well, what can i say other than this is a FAB site!
Congrats!!! Yay you for including both Les Mis and RENT-
they both rock SO much!....although RENT more so...but i
won't get into that or i'll never shut up! *grins*
(oh, and extra big YAYS to you for signing my guestbook
BIG kisses
luv Carla
Friday, April 7th 2000 - 08:56:50 AM
Name: Kat
E-mail address: maureen_johnson@wouldilie.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/rentlm/index.html

Today I finally got around to doing some work on the Idina Menzel page. It now has some cute quotes, pics and links to the best Idina sites I've seen.

And my favorite addition of all is my Adopt-A-Bohemian!! The idea was to provide your Bohemian (in my case, Collins) with gifts and things to keep him/her happy! So I've begun, but there are stax more coming, so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Much luv,

Sunday, April 2nd 2000 - 10:03:40 PM
Name: Joanna Boyd
E-mail address: sweet_baby_jo@hotmail.com
Comments:ooh you are so popular kat look at all your signatures!
three. well its a start! your site is beautiful, thank you
very much for the la vie boheme translations, i need those!
luv you lots jo
Monday, March 27th 2000 - 07:37:57 PM
Name: Anna-Liisa
E-mail address: plenipotentia6@hotmail.com.au
Comments:Well, Well, Well
I actually followed instructions for once and I am signing
this. Do I have to write something intelligent? It is a
fantastic site, and Les Mis is the best book (this of
course goes without saying) Can't wait to see the finished

Monday, March 27th 2000 - 07:21:01 AM
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