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Name: Amanda
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It's been a long time since I have be to your homepage to review it. Will it still looks GREAT keep up the work that you have done on it. I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU ON IT!
Friday, March 26th 2004 - 10:52:21 PM
Name: Fuji
E-mail address: fuji@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.mensa.com
Comments:Kunichiwa Moses-san! This is a much better representation than your previous efforts since it has been the better part of 2 years since I last viewed your work. I must commend you on your efforts and hard work. I look forward to mentally 'sparring' with you again on a more suitable forum, perhaps via MSN Messenger. My work is beginning to allow me more 'free time', although the Linkin Park tour requirements, as well as the promotions for Metallica's Summer Sanitarium tour have kept me busy as of late. I will send you another 'trinket' from the road, perhaps an autographed guitar from Brad Delson or something. Farewell for now, until we speak again...
Tuesday, June 3rd 2003 - 10:08:45 PM
Name: Kristina
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Comments:Lovely web site. Enjoyable.
Monday, April 14th 2003 - 02:01:37 PM
Name: Grandma Moses
E-mail address: grandmamoses100@yahoo.com
Comments:Very nice home page. Liked pictures of you and Jake. We
don't know any Corneliouses.
Tuesday, July 31st 2001 - 08:42:48 AM
Name: steve
E-mail address: smsdobbs@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://laaz fan from boston
Comments:a laaz rockit reunion tour would be awesome i've seen them
several times and got to know them really good they are the
most dedicated band to their fans i stayed in contact with
the former drummer (victor agnello)after he left the band
that shows how dedicated they are their manager jeff weller
was the best manager to have in music he was just as fun as
the band they could party like the best

steve the biggest laaz rockit fan in boston
Tuesday, May 1st 2001 - 07:30:12 AM
E-mail address: wagners@netins.net
Comments:Nice job, Joe. Now come to school and finish mine!!
Friday, February 16th 2001 - 08:43:21 AM
Name: prettykitty_91764
E-mail address: prettykitty_91764@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://photos.yahoo.com/prettykitty_91764
Comments:hey joe your web site rocks!keep up the good work.i cant
look at all of it now but i seen most of it and i liked
what i seen. you seem like a cool guy hope i can chat with
you some othert time.i loved what you did with your web!;).

:x love Diana
Sunday, September 24th 2000 - 04:02:02 AM
Name: Misty
E-mail address: N/A
Comments:Joe! I like your webpage- you haven't done much with it,
since I've visited last. Maybe your job is too much stress
for you?????????
Monday, August 7th 2000 - 06:49:40 PM
Name: Travis O'Neal
E-mail address: tre_69@hotmail.com

Hey told u i would visit your website and it kicks ass very
nice cant wait till you get everything just the way you
want it
Monday, June 12th 2000 - 01:30:18 PM
Name: Angie Jacobs
E-mail address: tuff_n_up99@yahoo.com
I just checked out your web page for the first time!! It's now June 2000!!! Talk about being late! Huh? Anyway the page was awesome! You take care of yourself! I hope you get this. If ya do write me sometime. Later aligator!
Monday, June 12th 2000 - 11:59:24 AM
Name: Susan
E-mail address: susan_hauschild@hotmail.com
Comments:Well,this shed's new light on the Joe I used to know!
Wednesday, May 17th 2000 - 12:54:27 PM
Name: Amanda K.
E-mail address: nagelak@hotmail
Comments:I like your home page it's cool. I love the
Wednesday, March 15th 2000 - 04:05:46 PM
Name: marcus and dana
E-mail address: gizzards@webtv.net
Comments:hehe.. hello all you millions of web viewers. what is that snoring sound i always hear when i am up alone in the morning?? better than the shuffling sound (creepy) LOL
the homepage looks kewl and your "original" personality shines through hehe... thanks for the invite!
Thursday, March 2nd 2000 - 10:49:12 AM
Name: B-ROE
E-mail address: b_roe218155@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Joe your page kicked #*# it was very cool always remember ( just cuz your house has a basement doesnt mean you cant park your car in the bathtub)
Sunday, January 16th 2000 - 03:48:16 PM
Name: Molly
E-mail address: pfft@excite.com
Homepage URL: http://www.gurlpages.com/music/missyk/index.html
Comments:Hey, Joe! Your homepage is... err... Nice. Yeah, sure. And
evil and obnoxious. *grin* Just like you. :)
Love you anyway...
Friday, September 17th 1999 - 06:40:49 AM
Name: Cornelius T. Spudd Esquire III
E-mail address: cornelius_t_spudd@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ia/InsaneDirectory/cornelius.html
Comments:This is just an amazing, wonderful, superb, and simply
delightful homepage. I'm going to tell all my friends about
Friday, September 10th 1999 - 11:20:45 PM
Name: Sean Hogan
E-mail address: crow42069@hotmail.com
Comments:this is a pretty cool web page man, and i like where your
going with it. keep up the good work!
Monday, September 6th 1999 - 08:19:08 PM
Name: It's A Crazy World
E-mail address: Taz_Energy@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey! I said I would sign it & now I have. I would also like to know more about these reports you are turning into the at the top. How's it going with you & Sexy?
Monday, July 12th 1999 - 06:21:38 PM
Name: Hey JOEY!!
E-mail address: gzusrx@hotmail.com
This is LeeBoy! I totally dig your page. and I told you I'd sign your guesst book...or dream-book rather!! Take care bro!
Monday, July 12th 1999 - 04:57:26 PM
Name: Amanda
E-mail address: lilacs@mwt.net
Comments:Hey Joe. :) Love the page. Interesting pics.
Monday, July 5th 1999 - 03:39:21 PM
Name: Burke Schrader
E-mail address: bschrader@hotmail.com
Comments:this is a pretty cool homepage, best i have seen created by someone i know.
Thursday, July 1st 1999 - 08:05:57 PM
Name: Joe Moses
E-mail address: mosesj93@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/ia/InsaneDirectory/index.html
Comments:I'm glad you stopped by The Joe Moses Homepage. Sign my
guestbook and tell me what you think!
Wednesday, June 30th 1999 - 01:51:57 AM
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